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  • Quarantine : Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Immigration : Immigration Services Agency of Japan
  • Customs : Ministry of Finance
  • Animal Quarantine : Animal Quarantine Service
  • Plant Quarantine : Plant Quarantine Service

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Visit Japan Webサービス

入国手続き「検疫」、「入国審査」、「税関申告」、「免税購入」をウェブで行うことができるサービスです。 海外から入国される方のほか、日本に帰国される方もご利用頂くことができます。


  • 操作方法など、利用される方向けのご案内は Visit Japan Web をご覧ください。

Visit Japan Web Infoといった、Visit Japan Webサービスをかたる不審なアプリが見つかっております。

デジタル庁が提供するVisit Japan Webサービスは、アプリは提供していません。 また、クレジットカード情報の入力を求めることはありません。 万が一不審なアプリをダウンロードしてしまった場合は速やかにアンインストールしてください。

なお、デジタル庁が提供するVisit Japan Webサービスは、以下サイトにて提供しています。

  • Visit Japan Web サービス(
  • Visit Japan Web 入国手続オンラインサービス(


  • 詳細は Visit Japan Web をご確認ください。
  • 【重要】Visit Japan Web info といった不審なアプリが見つかっておりますが、当サービスではアプリは提供していません。万が一不審なアプリをダウンロードしてしまった場合は速やかにアンインストールしてください。(2023年9月14日)
  • 詳細は 厚生労働省ウェブサイト を確認してください。
  • 4月29日午前0時(日本時間)より「検疫手続(ファストトラック)」ボタンが削除されます。
  • Visit Japan Webロゴと訪日外国人客向け利用案内の配布を開始しました (2023年4月27日)
  • 免税用二次元コード情報インターフェース仕様書を更新しました (2023年4月20日)
  • 新しい機能「免税購入」をリリースしました(2023年4月1日)
  • 新しい機能「パスポートのOCR入力」、「VISA連携」、「第三者による代理入力」をリリースしました(2023年3月28日)
  • Visit Japan Web障害情報通知連絡先登録フォーム を掲載しました。(2023年3月23日)


There are now no Covid protocols for Japan. The Japanese government still recommends that visitors to Japan use the Visit Japan Web app, which replaces the paper arrival card and customs declaration, but you DO NOT HAVE TO USE THE VISIT JAPAN WEB APP.

On our last entry to Japan in October 2023, those not using the app actually moved faster through immigration and customs. So, it’s really up to you: use the app or just go old school and fill out a paper arrival card and customs declaration (and if you don’t get them on the plane, you can pick them up at immigration and customs).

Visit Japan Web

Visit Japan Web app

Time required to fill out and instruction manuals

When you first download the app and look at the instruction manual, you may get the impression that it’s going to take a long time to complete Visit Japan Web. In practice, it takes about 15 minutes and is pretty intuitive. I suggest using the simplified manual and quarantine section manuals linked below.

Three parts to Visit Japan Web

Note, Visit Japan Web actually consists of three parts: 1) immigration information (ie, disembarkation card information), 2) customs information (ie, customs declaration), and 3) tax-exemption section. When you successfully complete these sections, you will receive three QR codes. The first two you will show at the airport upon arrival. The third you will show at shops that offer tax-free shopping to tourists.

Important tip

You will need a charged smartphone with internet access for Visit Japan Web to work at the airport when you arrive. Japanese airports have free wifi, so connectivity is not an issue, but be sure to charge your phone before flying. Just in case something goes wrong with your phone or you cannot get online at the airport, it’s a good idea to do two things to print out your immigration and customs QR codes to show at the airport.

Important Visit Japan Web Links

  • Here’s the Visit Japan Web download site .
  • Here’s a detailed manual for using Visit Japan Web.
  • Here’s a simplified Visit Japan Web Manual (scroll down for instructions).

Kyoto Vacation Checklist

  • For all the essentials in a brief overview, see my First Time In Kyoto guide
  • Check Kyoto accommodation availability on – usually you can reserve a room with no upfront payment. Pay when you check out. Free cancellations too
  • Need tips on where to stay? See my one page guide Where To Stay In Kyoto
  • See my comprehensive Packing List For Japan
  • Buy a data-only SIM card online for collection when you arrive at Kansai International Airport (for Osaka and Kyoto) or Tokyo's Narita Airport . Or rent an unlimited data pocket wifi router
  • Compare Japan flight prices and timings to find the best deals
  • If you're visiting more than one city, you might save money with Japan Rail Pass – see if it's worth it for you
  • A prepaid Suica card makes travelling around Kyoto easy – here's how
  • World Nomads offers simple and flexible travel insurance. Buy at home or while traveling and claim online from anywhere in the world

Kyoto District Map

visit japan web chatbot

  • Central Kyoto
  • Northwest Kyoto
  • Northern Higashiyama
  • Southern Higashiyama
  • Downtown Kyoto
  • Kyoto Station Area
  • South East Kyoto

Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and World Nomads provides travel insurance for travellers in over 100 countries. As an affiliate, we receive a fee when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is information only and not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.

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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau JTB Corporation Kotozna


~This service will start on Monday, October 16 th , and will aim to improve hospitality for tourists by supporting 20 different languages~

 The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, a public interest incorporated foundation (located in Chuo-ku, Osaka City, President: Hiroshi Mizohata. Hereinafter referred to as the OCTB), will replace its existing AI chatbot on "OSAKA-INFO," * 2 Osaka's official tourist information website, with a generative AI chatbot capable of handling more than 20 languages, the first of its kind in Japan, in order to enhance multilingual acceptance capabilities for the rapidly growing number of foreign visitors to Japan.

 Kotozna laMondo, a multilingual AI chatbot provided by Kotozna Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Genri Goto, hereinafter referred to as Kotozna) in collaboration with JTB Corporation (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President Executive Officer: Eijiro Yamakita, hereinafter referred to as JTB), will be introduced to "OSAKA-INFO" from Monday, October 16, 2023, and will also be incorporated into "Discover Osaka," the official tourism application of the OCTB.

 In preparation for the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, the OCTB will use generative AI chatbots to improve the convenience of multilingual inquiries at tourist information centres and call centres, and to save labour in the management of tourist information, thereby improving hospitality for and satisfaction of foreign visitors coming to Osaka.


■Features of Kotozna laMondo Customized for the OCTB

1 Based on information from OSAKA-INFO and other websites that provide tourist information on Osaka, Kotozna laMondo answers travellers' questions in natural language. In addition, Kotozna laMondo is automatically updated when information is updated on the websites, saving the administrator from having to update information.

2 laMondo can link to specific web services and respond to information that is updated in real time, such as the weather.

3 Kotozna laMondo supports more than 20 languages, and since it automatically switches the display language according to the browser language, there is no need for travellers to configure their own language settings, which greatly improves the convenience of the system.

4 In the future, we plan to link this system with various other systems that will be beneficial to visitors, such as reservation functions for restaurants and transportation, and disaster prevention information.

■What is Kotozna laMondo?

 Kotozna laMondo is a multilingual AI chatbot provided by Kotozna utilizing GPT-4 * . Because it utilizes GPT-4, a generative AI, it is capable of natural conversational interaction. However, while these generative AIs are capable of human-like natural dialogue, they are not always accurate in answering specific questions.

 Therefore, Kotozna uses unique database learning and unique prompt engineering technology * 4 to teach ChatGPT specific information of a specific business immediately before responding, thereby providing accurate and reliable information related to the business. Furthermore, Kotozna laMondo is unique in that it supports over 20 languages * 5 (Click here for details: )

 Most chatbots that predate generative AI are rule-based and required preset answer patterns to anticipated questions. As a result, it was difficult to respond to questions that did not follow the expected sentences or were worded differently. There are high hopes for generative AI to resolve these issues.


■Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

 An organization established based on an agreement between the leaders of Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, and economic organizations in Osaka (Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kansai Economic Federation, Kansai Association of Corporate Executives) to strategically promote tourism in order to attract visitors under an all-Osaka structure. The organization aims to revitalize the local economy by utilizing Osaka's historical, cultural, and economic characteristics, and by conducting projects related to the promotion of tourism and the attraction and support of MICE events based on marketing strategies. The purpose is to contribute to the development of Osaka as an international tourism and cultural city open to the world, as well as to the improvement and development of the lives, culture, and economy of the people of Osaka and to international goodwill.

■JTB Corporation

 JTB's business domain is "Exchange Creation Business", and we are working to solve regional and social issues by designing connections for people, places, and exchanges. As a Gold Partner of the OCTB from 2019, we are committed to enhancing the attractiveness of Osaka by leveraging our internal and external resources and networks.

■ Kotozna Corporation

 Kotozna aims to overcome the language barrier by leveraging social innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Taking advantage of our capital and business alliance with JTB in 2020, we are working with JTB to strengthen hospitality for domestic and international travellers with solutions such as "Kotozna In-room" and "Kotozna la Mondo" specializing in travel technology.


■A demonstration of Kotozna laMondo will be held at CEATEC 2023 * 6 , one of the largest IT exhibitions in Asia. You will have a chance to experience how Kotozna laMondo works in OSAKA-INFO and for lodging facilities in the JTB Booth at CEATEC 2023 from Oct. 17~20.

*1 Researched by Kotozna (surveyed tourist information sites of major local government tourism associations and DMOs from July to August 2023)

*2 OSAKA-INFO is the official prefectural tourism information site, and is the most viewed prefectural official tourism website on PCs and the second most viewed on smartphones. (Quoted from Japan Tourism Promotion Association "2022 Tourism-related Site Viewer Ranking")

*3 GPT-4 is the latest version of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. It generates conversations on a wide range of topics. It utilizes a large amount of text data for training and is capable of generating natural language conversations similar to those of humans. Features include the ability to generate natural language using LLM (Large Language Model), released on March 14, 2023, which is more creative, more reliable, and more responsive to detailed instructions than previous versions.

*4 Prompt engineering is the process of structuring instructional text so that it can be interpreted and understood by a generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) model.

*5 English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian, Finnish, Swedish, Thai, Czech, Norwegian, etc.

*6 Information on CEATEC 2023 Booth

Dates: Tuesday, October 17 to Friday, October 20, 2023,

    10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Venue: Makuhari Messe (2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture) JTB Booth

Admission: Free *Online registration is required for admission.

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Yoon in Tokyo, Baidu launches AI chatbot, Japan eases mask rules

Your weekly lineup of Asia's biggest business and political events

Welcome to Your Week in Asia.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol will travel to Tokyo to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. It will be the first visit to Japan by a South Korean president since Yoon's predecessor, Moon Jae-in, went to Osaka as part of a G-20 summit in 2019 and the first bilateral visit since 2011.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is also due to hold talks with Kishida later this week, before the latter heads to India for a visit on Sunday.

China's National People's Congress will conclude on Monday as President Xi Jinping officially starts an unprecedented third term .

On Thursday, Chinese search engine giant Baidu is expected to launch Ernie Bot, the company's answer to AI-powered chat app ChatGPT.

Get the best of our coverage of Asia and much more by following us on Twitter @NikkeiAsia .

China's new premier meets media

Chinese Premier Li Qiang is expected to meet the press after the closing of the National People's Congress. Appointed over the weekend along with other top officials, Li will share his view on implementing social-economic policies amid growth slowdown.

AUKUS announcement in San Diego

U.S. President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will gather in San Diego to announce the details of a submarine deal agreed to in 2021. Supplying Australia with nuclear-powered submarines forms the core of the AUKUS pact, and the three partners have been conducting an 18-month consultation to determine how to proceed. The announcement, symbolically, is expected to be made aboard a submarine.

U.S. and South Korea joint military exercises

The U.S. and South Korean militaries will hold their first spring field exercises in five years as the allies bolster their readiness for a crisis on the Korean Peninsula. The Freedom Shield exercises will be held for 11 consecutive days. That will make them the longest uninterrupted exercises between the two allies, according to South Korean media.

Japan eases mask guidelines

Japan will relax its COVID-19 guidelines regarding mask-wearing in schools and aboard public transportation. It has been three years since Japan first declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 to impose curfew restrictions. Even after the emergency measures were lifted, the policy of wearing masks when seeing people has been a social rule in Japan, but for the first time since the pandemic outbreak, masks will be left to individual judgment.

Earnings: Pegatron

Samsung Electronics AGM

Samsung Electronics hosts its annual general shareholders meeting. This is the company's first AGM since Lee Jae-yong was promoted to chairman in October. Samsung is struggling to cope with low demand for semiconductors and smartphones in the global market as the economic downturn deepened due to the war in Ukraine and high inflation.

Japan 'shunto' wage negotiation results

The government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida holds a tripartite meeting with representatives of businesses and labor unions to coincide with the announcement by large corporations of pay raises for the year starting April. The results may fall short of union demands of a 5% pay raise, including a 3% increase in base wages, but Kishida wants to use the meeting to encourage both the unions and the employers to work together toward a positive cycle between higher wages and domestic demand-led growth.

China's Consumer Rights Day

China will mark the World Consumer Rights Day with the "315 Gala," an annual live TV broadcast that exposes defective products and services based on undercover investigations. In the past, foreign brands including Volkswagen and Muji were put in the line of fire, sending executives scrambling for damage control.

China releases data on industrial production, retail sales and jobless rates

Earnings: Foxconn, Prudential

Yoon visits Japan

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol makes a two-day visit to Japan for a summit with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Yoon is the first South Korean leader coming to the neighboring country in four years. Yoon's trip comes after South Korea announced a plan last week to settle the wartime labor issue with Japan, which has been the biggest stumbling block in bilateral relations. The two leaders are expected to discuss a wide range of issues, including the bilateral security cooperation.

Baidu announces AI chatbot service

Baidu is set to reveal its Ernie Bot , the Chinese search giant's domestic answer to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, the conversational chatbot that has taken the tech world by storm. Baidu's founder Robin Li is expected to showcase the bot at a presser, though currently no one knows exactly what it can do. Ernie Bot is based on Baidu's large language model Ernie, launched in 2019. Some industrial experts have expected Ernie Bot to lag far behind ChatGPT.

China publishes February house prices index

Earnings: Xpeng

GDP: New Zealand

Monetary policy: Indonesia

Scholz visits Japan

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit Japan and attend an intergovernmental meeting on Saturday. Leaders and ministers from both countries are expected to discuss topics like the situations in Ukraine and East Asia. Germany's visit comes ahead of the Group of Seven summit to be held in Hiroshima in May and as the European nation increases engagement in the Indo-Pacific region.

Kishida visits India

Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will visit India on Sunday to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As chair of this year's G-7 summit in May, Kishida will discuss with Modi, who is chairing this year's G-20 summit, various issues including the Ukraine war. Both countries are part of the Quad grouping along with the U.S. and Australia.

U.S. eyes trilateral deterrence talks with Japan and South Korea

South korea's yoon to visit tokyo next week for kishida summit, baidu's ernie bot garners love from investors, skepticism from experts, chatgpt rush kicks u.s.-china ai race into higher gear, tiktok's u.s. woes grow as efforts to lobby washington falter, bollywood's gender revolution: women are rewriting the rules, latest on your week in asia, china 'two sessions', asean-australia summit, malaysia rate decision, cobra gold military exercise, south korean birth rate, india gdp, singapore airshow, japan-ukraine conference, cambodia senate election, sponsored content, about sponsored content this content was commissioned by nikkei's global business bureau..

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visit japan web chatbot

AI-powered chatbot Miko to guide your next Japan vacation

' src=

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visit japan web chatbot

It is the star of the Japan Trip Navigator – a new smartphone app created by Microsoft in partnership with two Japanese companies – travel agency, JTB Corp., and navigation firm, NAVITIME Co.

Miko (pictured left) acts like virtual travel concierge who is constantly learning about what’s hot and where to go. It answers questions by drawing on JTB’s extensive knowledge resources and learns from the input of information and images from other travelers who use the app. Users will also be able to make hotel and other bookings on the app.

NAVITIME’s technology in the app helps vacationers find their way around whether it be walking through the laneways of Tokyo or getting the most out of Japan’s extensive public transportation systems. 

Miko and the app’s other AI technologies let travelers get more out of their experiences. Miko is integrated with image recognition functions on Microsoft’s Cognitive Services AI platform, enabling it to recognize, search out, and provide information related to photos from app users.

Japan Trip Navigator already includes more than 100 model sightseeing-travel plans in five areas surrounding Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa, with information on more than 3,600 popular spots. This list will grow as more tourists use the app and upload information and images about their trips as they use the app to create their own personalized itineraries.

Miko is learning all the time. The more travelers use Japan Trip Navigator, the smarter and more knowledgeable Miko becomes. A record 28.69 million foreign tourists visited Japan last year and about 80 percent traveled on their own, the Japan Times reported.

VISIT the Japan Trip Navigator website

READ the media release

 “We have created Japan Trip Navigator to help individual travelers plan their trips, depending on their needs,” JTB’s Yasuhiro Tsuboi said at a recent news conference. “This app supports them before and while they are visiting to make their trips more enjoyable.”

The Japan Trip Navigator is currently available in English for iOS. Other languages are to be added in the near future, with Chinese slated to be next. And, an  Android version of the app is planned for release later this month.   

READ more about chatbots in Asia: Learning to love AI

Tags: AI , chatbot , Japan , JTB , tourists , trveler , vacation

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Please note that we do not handle domestic or international travel arrangements of any kind . We ask for your kind understanding that any inquiries received on weekends or holidays will be handled on the next business day.

  • Can I bring my e-cigarette and vape liquid?
  • Please send me maps/brochures.
  • I understand that liquids cannot be brought onto the airplane, so how can I apply for tax exemption for cosmetics and so on?
  • Do I need an International Driver's License to drive in Japan?
  • Any restrictions on entering Japan?
  • General Information
  • Climbing Mt. Fuji
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  • Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Safety Information

COVID-19: Practical Information for Traveling to Japan


実際使ってみました!Visit Japan Web への登録方法、利用方法をわかりやすく解説

visit japan web chatbot

2022年11月1日より海外から日本に入国・帰国する全ての方、 Visit Japan Webへの登録が必要です 名称がvisit japanですが、日本のパスポートをお持ちの方も必要 毎度機内で書いていた黄色いカード税関申告書がデジタル化! ワクチン接種証明も登録できとっても便利に 羽田空港、成田空港、関西空港で利用した感想あり

Visit Japan Webとは

Visit japan web登録 準備するもの, visit japan web 新規アカウント登録, パスポート情報,、本人情報登録, 日本入国・帰国の予定の登録, 免税手続きqrコード(外国籍のみ表示), 日本入国時 qrコードの表示方法.

  • 税関申告 荷物を待っている間に端末で読み取りましょう

おすすめ海外旅行 旅ログ

visit japan web chatbot

以前は日本入国時に書いていた黄色の携帯品・別送品申告書がオンライン化 また外国籍の方向けの免税手続きと検疫システム(必要時のみ)をまとめたサイトです。 VISIT JAPAN WEBにはアプリはありません。ウェブサイトです。 事前にアプリのダウンロードは不要、手書きでの記入も不要! とっても便利になります。 個人情報、アカウントの作成は1度入力すれば、今後繰り返し使用できるので毎回入力ではないです 登録内容をQRコード化し、検疫時などかざすだけ 尚、日本人、外国人、国籍如何に関わらず日本入国時には登録は必要です リンクはこちら Visit Japan Web

  • 日本入国時の携帯品など



登録の順番は下記の通りですが、いっきにしなくても問題なし。 時間があるときにステップごとにわけて入力しておいてもOK

日本入国6時間前 までに全て終わらせておきましょう

visit japan web chatbot

初めて使う方はアカウント登録していきましょう 一度登録すれば日本入国時、新たに登録する必要なし!

visit japan web chatbot

この記事の上記に掲載のQRコードからトップページへ ログイン画面から新規アカウント作成から進んでいきます 同意にチェックすると次へ、アドレスとパスワードを設定して メールアドレスに認証コードが送られるので入力したら登録完了で

visit japan web chatbot



本人(自分)の分を登録していきます 日本のパスポートをお持ちの方は 「はい」 です デフォルトで「いいえ」についているのでご注意を ⚠️英語入力は大文字で小文字不可!でも小文字入力ができてしまうので注意 ⚠️1度登録済でも、パスポートを更新した方は番号など変更になっているのでご注意下さい

visit japan web chatbot

登録はパスポート表記通りに氏名、生年月日記入(漢字不可) 国籍・性別はドロップダウンメニューから選択、パスポート番号を登録 ⚠️英語入力は大文字で小文字不可!でも小文字入力ができてしまうので注意

visit japan web chatbot

写真で登録すると内容が表示されます 次頁で日本の住所など登録していきます 郵便番号検索で表示されない住所も 英語大文字 で登録です 内容を確認し間違いがなければ完了 ホーム画面に戻ります 同伴家族とは 乳幼児 を指しています。 細かな年齢は記載がありませんでしたが、スマホがない、操作できないお子様が対象です 同伴者(乳幼児)がいらっしゃる方は同様に一人一人情報を登録してください

セキュリティ面でログインの2段階チェックを推奨しています 別途、アプリをダウンロードし利用する方法です

visit japan web chatbot

ダウンロードはこちらから Google Authenticator APP store            Google play

Microsoft Authenticator APP store Google play



visit japan web chatbot

航空会社を選ぶのに並びが航空会社コード(2桁)です 例えばANAの場合はNHで探してください

visit japan web chatbot

既に本人情報を登録しているので、情報が反映されます 便名が間違っていても登録できてしまうので、確認してください。

以前VISIT JAPAN WEBを利用したことがある方は以前の記録から情報を引用することができます

visit japan web chatbot



ここまで一旦終わる場合はホーム画面へ 引き続き検疫手続・入国審査・税関申告を行う場合は入国・帰国の手続きへ

税関申告 携帯品・別送品申告の登録

visit japan web chatbot

ホーム画面から入国・帰国の予定リストから該当を選び 携帯品・別送品申告の登録をタップします 基本的な情報は反映されているので、出発地のみ入力します。 ここは英語でも日本語でも可能

visit japan web chatbot

同伴人数はアカウントに登録している人数が表示されます。登録されていない場合は「0」です 日本の滞在先については登録内容が反映されます。 黄色の申告書に✓していた項目の「はい」、「いいえ」で8項目を登録 4項目目が煙草、酒、香水類です。免税対象より多くお持ちの場合は記入してください。

visit japan web chatbot


たばこ、酒類の持込については「はい」と回答した場合確認ページの前に数量など入力ページがあり、 確認ページに移行します Visit Japan web の登録についてはデジタル庁の 操作説明書 P64~68に携帯品の申告内容について詳細な説明あります

※2022年12月 追記 黄色い紙の申告書でも対応はしているようですが、到着後時間短縮にもなるようなので事前登録をお勧めします

こちらは日本国内で消費税の免税を希望される方が使用する項目で、 外国から免税品を持ち込んで登録するのではありません。 日本国籍の方はほぼ使うことができない機能ですが紹介だけ(いつか海外在住日本人も使えるようになるかもなので) 消費税免税について2023年4月1日より制度が変更になりました。 外国籍の方はこちらに上陸許可書を登録しておくと便利になります(但しパスポートは毎回提出が必要) 日本国籍でも日本国外在住者2年以上のみ対象で且つ在留証明書もしくは戸籍謄本を所持の方が対象となります

現状のVISIT JAPAN WEBでは日本のパスポートをお持ちの方は登録できません 。

visit japan web chatbot



visit japan web chatbot

飛行機を降りると、検疫(通過するだけ)、入国審査へ 自動化ゲートは羽田、成田、関西、中部、福岡、新千歳、那覇など導入されています パスポートの読み取り端末で自動化でも、有人でもいずれでも可能 預け荷物がある場合は荷物を引き取り税関手続きへ

visit japan web chatbot

携帯品・別送申告書のQRコードを表示するので、スマホを準備。インターネットに接続してVISIT JAPAN WEBにアクセス! QRコードを表示というボタンがタップできるようになっているので、そちらからQRコードを表示可能です。

税関申告  荷物を待っている間に端末で読み取りましょう


visit japan web chatbot

読み取り端末に税関申告のQRコードと、パスポートをスキャンさせ、マスクを外して顔認証 荷物を引き取ったら専用レーンへ(スマホのQR画面は不要。マスクなどは外しておきましょう) 一人づつゆっくり機器の前を通りぬけると顔認証がされ日本入国です👏 入国審査以降は写真撮影禁止区域のため図解できずすみません。 空港の所用時間ですが、外国籍の方は羽田、関空、成田ともに1時間ほどかかったという意見が多い(2019年当時もめっちゃ並んでた) 日本籍の場合は15分だったとか待ったなどの意見が散見されます 前後の到着機にもよると思いますが最後の税関手続きはコードかざす機械の台数が空港によって少ないようです また、荷物受取後は並ぶので荷物引き取る前にされることをお勧めします 【関西空港】時期にもよるが日本人は比較的スムーズに進み待ち時間もあまりないようです

【成田空港】 やはりちょっと歩く距離はあるようですが、検疫検査、入国審査、税関申告とも専用レーンでするする~~っと抜けられるので使用することをお勧めします。

また航空会社によりますが、飛行機にチェックインの際にVIST JAPAN WEBに登録がすんでいるかどうかチェックされます。 カウンターでQRコードを表示してくださいと言われるので、搭乗チェックインの際にもログインできるように準備しておいてください。

<更新2022年12月28日> 事前検疫検査の部分が大幅に手順が削減されていたので変更いたしました。 かなり楽になりました。 <更新2023年3月7日> 外国籍の方の免税登録が追加と画面構成が一部変更になったので変更しました。

<更新2023年4月28日> 4月29日より検疫システム(ワクチン接種証明登録不要)になったので削除、税関申告部分の追加しました

日本入国日の前日までには終わらせておいた方が無難。 手書きの税関申告はなくなるのでそれは大変楽になります 海外から日本に入国、帰国される方は登録しておくといつでも使えるので便利!

Visit Japan Web解説書ダウンロード用はこちら


visit japan web chatbot

【韓国・済州】久々の海外は韓国のハワイへ!2泊3日で行く癒しの海外リゾート | Kabu tabi @ Funliday 旅ログ、おすすめコース、旅行計画


visit japan web chatbot

はじめての台湾旅・永康街の外さない店15選 | otona taiwan @ Funliday 旅ログ、おすすめコース、旅行計画


visit japan web chatbot

スナップが最高に楽しいニューヨーク | てんちゃん @ Funliday 旅ログ、おすすめコース、旅行計画

この予定が気になったら、アプリは画面右下、スマホ版は紹介文の「コピー」で情報をまるごとストック! ストックしてから自分用にアレンジもできます

visit japan web chatbot

詳細なFunliday の使い方はこちら


visit japan web chatbot


visit japan web chatbot


visit japan web chatbot



閲覧いただきありがとうございます 顔写真はVIST JAPAN WEBに登録する必要はございません パスポートの顔写真が載っているページのアップロードが必要です ファイル形式がJPG、PNG、PDFで5MB以下のみです 顔写真、名前や生年月日、コード部分など反射して読み取れないと登録できません。 反射しないで撮影するのはけっこう難しいので、あらかじめスキャンアプリや反射しないように撮影しておかれることを推奨します

新規アカウント登録 個人情報登録」(①本人情報 ②同伴家族登録) 日本入国・帰国の予定の登録 以上は登録しましたが、その他の登録は未済です。 スマホより行ないましたが、再度、残りの登録をするにはQRコードから 情報を確認する方法が解りません 尚、スマホからアイコンを探す方法を教えて下さい

閲覧いただきありがとうございます。 ご質問の件ですが、個人情報登録、日本の入国、帰国の予定まで終了されたのこと承知しました。 再度VISIT JAPAN WEB にログイン いただき、入国・帰国の予定で登録されたリストから該当の日本入国予定をタップされると 免税申告、検疫事前登録にお進みください。 尚、こちらはウエブサイトになりますのでアプリではございませんのでアイコンで探すことは難しいかと存じます

拝読させて頂きました。 一つ質問をさせてください。 とてもわかりやすく、無事手続きができ検疫手続き事前登録画面も青色になりましたが、入国2週間以内とあったので2週間前に手続きをしたところ、 QRコードの下に登録受付終了まで●●時間という表示がされました。 入国日時から考えると3,4時間前にこの有効時間が切れてしまうのですが、 このような場合どのようにすればよいでしょうか?


閲覧いただきありがとうございます こちらの時間は記事内の質問票の登録3にて一番右端の画面でしょうか? 表示時間までに全ての登録を済ませて下さいという「有効期限」になります。 ワクチン接種証明など登録済でしたら、問題ございませんのでご安心下さい。

とてもわかりやすい説明で、登録できそうです。一つ質問ですが、visit Japan webにおいては、ワクチン接種していない高校生の子供が、ワクチン接種済みの監護者(引率者)と帰国する場合、同伴者として登録可能でしょうか?登録できたとして、入国審査に通るでしょうか?

閲覧いただきありがとうございます 高校生のお子様の場合、同行者ではなく個人で登録が望ましいようです。 ワクチン接種については18歳未満の場合は、ワクチン接種証明は「無」で画面は黄色のままですが、 保護者の方と一緒に検疫は通過してください

わかりやすかったのですが、ワクチン接種証明書のアップロードうまくできません。 画像のサイズが大きいのでしょうか?接種アプリの証明書を画像として保存から、保存 しました。

閲覧いただきありがとうございます。 ワクチン接種証明書のアップロードがうまくいかないとのことですが 画像がJPEG、PDF,pngで4MB以下が望ましいようです。 また、質問項目に未回答があると先に進めません 質問は証明書の有無、英語もしくは日本語、ワクチン接種メーカー3回分、3回目の接種日、証明書のアップロード、 登録者の接種証明です ご確認のほどよろしくお願いいたします。

タイで日本人の高齢者向け(40人程度)ボランティア活動を行っているものです。 色々なサイトの説明を見ましたが、このサイトの説明が一番分かり易く、この説明を使って、会員へ説明を行いたいと思っています。 私からのお願いですが、貴社の作成した資料を説明時に活用したいと思います。 説明はOHPのみで行い、資料等を配布したりはしません。 資料を活用することへのお断り 勝手に使用しますが、決して営利目的でなく、皆様に役立ちたいとの意思でやってます。ご了解頂けると有難いです。

閲覧いただきありがとうございます。 ご丁寧にご連絡いただきありがとうございます。 説明に使用される旨、承知いたしました。 お役に立てて光栄です。


来週帰国予定でとても参考になりました。 0歳と5歳の子供と日本入国する予定で、子供の検疫部分について記事とコメントから、ワクチン接種証明書と72時間以内の検査結果証明書は「無」として登録すれば問題ないとわかりました(色は黄色)。 税関申告(携帯品・別送品申告)については、同行する大人が登録しておけば、子供は未登録のままでよいでしょうか。 すみませんが、教えていただけると助かります。

閲覧いただきありがとうございます お子様6歳未満お二人とのことですので、弊記事の携帯品・別送品申告の登録2にあるように 既に同伴家族として個人登録を行っている場合は、人数が表示されます。(6歳未満に2と表示されているはずです) 未成年者は免税の対象にはならないため、改めて記入する必要はありません。


ご回答ありがとうございました。 お礼が遅くなり申し訳ございません。

回答を拝見して安心しました。 改めてお礼申し上げます。



ご主人様がスマホをお持ちの場合、新たにアカウントを作成し登録していただく形がよろしいかと存じます。 お手数ですがご確認お願いいたします


閲覧ありがとうございます 同伴者の登録についてですが、利用者登録のところでしょうか?こちらは削除できません。 携帯品申告の際にに同伴者を数を「0」にすると、同伴者の内容は反映されません。 そえぞれ携帯品の申告、検疫の登録をいただければ問題ありません


閲覧ありがとうございます。 数量が免税範囲内の場合は7ページの設問に対して「NO」、「いいえ」と回答。数量の申告はありません。 免税範囲外を持ち込む場合は携帯品、別送品申告の7ページで「YES」、「はい」と回答 12ページに入国時に持ち込むものについてというページで数量など詳細を記入するページがございます。



閲覧いただきありがとうございます。 返信が遅くお詫びいたします。 陰性証明のアップロードは日本入国6時間前までに終了してください。


お忙しいところコメント失礼いたします。 とてもわかりやすいサイトで、とても助かっております!

この度、アメリカ本土へ旅行します。 7歳の子供同伴の場合、 親が子を同伴者で登録すれば また別で子供だけ登録する必要はないということでしょうか?

【親がワクチン2回のみ+現地にて陰性証明を取得しなければいけない場合】は 入国条件に適用されるのでしょうか….? もしご存じであれば教えて頂けますと幸いです。

閲覧ありがとうございます。 お子様の登録は親御様の同伴者として登録が可能です。 またワクチン3回未接種でも、親御さんが3回接種済であれば同等とみなされるので陰性証明は不要です。


わかりやすく助かっております 15歳の息子が単独渡米することになり、visit Japanの登録をすすめようとしています。ワクチン接種証明書が不要になりましたが、税関申告の簡略化というメリットがあるため登録したほうがよいでしょうかvisitJapan公式HPの代理申請説明ではよくわからず…;) よろしくお願いいたします。

閲覧いただきありがとうございます。 登録しなくても大丈夫といえば、大丈夫ですが、日本入国時に記入したりする手間は省けるので作成をお勧めします。 お子様単独なので新規でアカウントを作成し入力を進めれば問題ないかと。 代理申請などの欄などはみあたりませんでした(外国人の方の申請で使われるものかと) 登録後お子様にログインメールアドレス、パスワードを共有されれば大丈夫です 単独渡米とはすばらしいですね。楽しい滞在となりますように

参考になりました。ありがとうございます。 一点、ご教示いただきたいのですがよろしいでしょうか? VJWに利用者登録しておけば特段の入国手続きを行うことなく、自動化ゲートを通れば済むということでしょうか? 日本人で税関申告なしの場合です。

閲覧いただきありがとうございます 入国審査は今まで通りの自動化ゲートをご利用いただいて、税関申告の際に (羽田空港と他の空港がシステムが若干違うようですが、)紙を書いて見せることなく機械にQRコードとパスポートをスキャン、そのまま到着出口に向かってください。

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コメントを残す コメントをキャンセル

メールアドレスが公開されることはありません。 * が付いている欄は必須項目です


Visit Japan Web

Visit Japan Web

The app allows users to register for a trip to Japan. It helps to pass immigration control at the airport. There is a Tax-free shopping feature for tourists. 

Visit Japan Web is an Android application to plan a trip to Japan. It is possible to complete all immigration and customs procedures in advance. You can receive a QR code to clear customs.

The application allows you to create an account with an email address, a plane ticket, and a passport. There is identity verification via SMS for security. You can add a family member to your account, such as your children, parents, husband, or wife.

It is possible to register a trip with information such as arrival date, schedule, visa, and more. The utility helps you to issue a customs declaration via the Internet, similar to QuickZoll . You can get a QR code to pass immigration control at the airport faster. It allows making electronic declarations through the terminal.

There is a Tax-free shopping service for tourists who have come to Japan. Foreigners can make tax-free purchases in stores using a QR code. Please note that not all institutions support this feature. In addition, it is possible to enter your travel insurance details for emergency travel assistance.

Instructions and chatbot

The platform has a detailed user manual to register your data for immigration to Japan. Moreover, there is information and recommendations for customs clearance at the airport. The chatbot allows you to get answers to your questions.

  • you can issue a customs declaration;
  • it is possible to use a QR code for electronic declaration;
  • instructions and chatbot is provided;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.


It is an app which allows you to increase productivity in work and study. You can set a timer and add intervals. There is an option to receive notifications.

Zoho Books

The app is an accounting platform that offers a lot of options for small businesses. This utility allows users to manage their finances, inventory, and invoices.

Mobile Scanner

An app allows you to scan documents, extract and edit text with OCR, as well as organize and manage your files. Synchronization with cloud services is provided.


The application is an essential platform for anyone committed to sustainable living. It helps you measure, learn, and reduce your environmental impact.


It is an app which allows you to communicate with foreigners using a translator. You can choose different languages and dialects such as English, Chinese and so on.

HuaWise Fit

It is an app which allows you to track your physical activity. You can measure your heart rate. There is an option to receive notifications about calls and messages.

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' class=

1. Hotel/Place of Stay in Japan:

I will be staying in three different hotels in Japan, but I entered the name and address of the first hotel where I'll stay first (overnight stay). Is that okay?

2. Enter the address of your accommodation for isolation after arriving in Japan (hotel, home, etc.). * Enter the address of your lodging or destination facility (hotel, etc.). If you will be isolating at home, please enter your address in Japan. on mysos app.

I don't get this question. I don't think I'll need to stay in some isolation facility in Japan because I'm submitting the vaccination certificate that states that I have took the three doses of WHO approved vaccine. Anyways, again I entered my airport hotel details here. Is that okay?

3. Point of embarkation and flight number

I'll be taking the flight from New Delhi, India to Hong Kong and then the connecting flight with the same airline from Hong Kong to Narita Internation. I entered Hong Kong as the pint of embarkation. Will it work?

I know you guys don't work for immigration department and all, but would love to hear your opinion. Thanks :)

7 replies to this topic

visit japan web chatbot

1. All you need to put down is the address and phone # of the first hotel.

3. That should be fine.

Thank you Dr. Shibuyakko. I just got an email that they've received and accepted my vaccination certificate. Now the quarantine questionnaire screen turned blue from green. It was pretty fast.

You're all set! Enjoy your trip🎉

' class=

I intend to stay at a capsule hotel for the first night. But would that be appropriate for the quarantine question?

Hello, can anyone provide me guidance on what is the correct way to enter the hotel, place of stay on the VJW form? I am in the process of filling it out and have tried to enter the name of the hotel and copy/paste from the Google listing of the hotel name but I keep getting an error telling me to check the hotel name, place of stay box. Is there something else I should be entering in that box other than the name of the hotel? TIA for your time and help.

>> copy/paste from the Google listing of the hotel name

Maybe you are copying too much garbage information, like an extra space or tab in front. Not sure why you need to copy+paste from google listing. You have the hotel name and postal code from your booking confirmation. Just type those in.

Thank you for the response. I tried everything from manually typing to copy/paste and taking out extras and even tried to copy/paste the Japanese name of the hotel. It would not take the hotel name as I kept getting an error message to confirm my hotel name. I used another hotel that I will be staying at and it worked.

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visit japan web chatbot


  1. Meet Bebot, Japan's First AI Chatbot for Hotels, Now Available at

    visit japan web chatbot

  2. How to use the Visit Japan Web for Entering/Returning to Japan

    visit japan web chatbot

  3. How to Fill Visit Japan Web to Enter Japan

    visit japan web chatbot

  4. How to use the Visit Japan Web for Entering/Returning to Japan

    visit japan web chatbot


    visit japan web chatbot

  6. Sendai Airport trials AI-powered chatbot to help English-speaking

    visit japan web chatbot


  1. 📱 Chat de servicio al cliente

  2. Transforming ChatGPT-Generated Dialogues into Natural Japanese From Robot-Like to Human-Like

  3. In Japan Playing Mobile Games #shorts

  4. Make AI Chatbot for your website in less than 60 seconds! FREE

  5. deployment web chatbot

  6. #2 Learn Japanese from a Short Skit via ChatGPT


  1. Chatbot

    Visit Japan Web サービスQ&A チャットボット Powered by ObotAI 日本語 日 English En 简体中文 简 繁體中文 繁 한국어 한 About Visit Japan Web Using Visit Japan Web About Immigration Procedures About Quarantine About Immigration Inspection About Customs Declaration About Tax Exemption Procedures About proxy input

  2. Visit Japan Web

    Visit Japan Web Login is a web service that allows you to register the information needed for entry procedures (immigration, customs declaration) when you visit or return to Japan. You can use it on your smartphone or computer and save time and hassle at the airport. Visit Japan Web Login is provided by the Digital Agency of Japan.

  3. Chatbot

    This is an inquiry chatbot. Please refine the item you are looking for from the categories below, or enter your question directly. vjw 3:31:34. ... About Visit Japan Web Using Visit Japan Web About Immigration Procedures About Quarantine About Immigration Inspection About Customs Declaration About Tax Exemption Procedures About proxy input. Send

  4. Visit Japan Web

    This is a web service that allows you to perform immigration procedures (immigration inspection, customs declaration). This service can be used not only by those entering the country from overseas but also by those returning to Japan. Register the necessary information for immigration procedures in advance.Please create a 2D code on this web ...

  5. Visit Japan Web|Digital Agency

    Please see the Visit Japan Web Landing Page for information on how to use it. Important information. A suspicious app showing Visit Japan Web Info that pretends to be a Visit Japan Web service has been discovered. The Visit Japan web service provided by the Digital Agency does not provide any app.

  6. Visit Japan Webサービス

    Visit Japan Webサービス. 入国手続き「検疫」、「入国審査」、「税関申告」、「免税購入」をウェブで行うことができるサービスです。. 海外から入国される方のほか、日本に帰国される方もご利用頂くことができます。. このページではシステムに関連した ...

  7. Instruction Manual

    Chapter 2 Registering Visit Japan Web Account 11. 2-1 Creating Account 12. 2-2 Login / Logout 17. 2-2-1 Log in with Initial Settings for Multi-Factor Authentication (optional) 18. 2-2-2 Login after Select Whether to Set up Multi-Factor Authentication 21. 2-3 Change Password 24.

  8. A Guide to the Visit Japan Web app and Japan Entry Procedures

    Note, Visit Japan Web actually consists of three parts: 1) immigration information (ie, disembarkation card information), 2) customs information (ie, customs declaration), and 3) tax-exemption section. When you successfully complete these sections, you will receive three QR codes. The first two you will show at the airport upon arrival.

  9. Introducing Japan' First Generative AI-poweredMultilingual Chatbot for

    Hereinafter referred to as the OCTB), will replace its existing AI chatbot on "OSAKA-INFO," * 2 Osaka's official tourist information website, with a generative AI chatbot capable of handling more than 20 languages, the first of its kind in Japan, in order to enhance multilingual acceptance capabilities for the rapidly growing number of ...

  10. Yoon in Tokyo, Baidu launches AI chatbot, Japan eases mask rules

    Welcome to Your Week in Asia. South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol will travel to Tokyo to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. It will be the first visit to Japan by a South Korean ...

  11. AI-powered chatbot Miko to guide your next Japan vacation

    Next time you go to Japan take Miko along to help you plan your vacation and see the sights. Miko is a super-smart chatbot, which is fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) and designed to take the guesswork out of traveling. It is the star of the Japan Trip Navigator - a new smartphone app created by Microsoft in partnership with two Japanese companies - travel agency, JTB Corp., and ...

  12. Login

    Visit Japan Web Login is the official website where you can register and access the online services for immigration, customs, tax-free shopping and quarantine procedures in Japan. You only need your flight ticket, passport and email address to sign up and enjoy a smooth and convenient travel experience.

  13. Does Visit Japan Web still need to be completed?

    Apr 10, 2023, 11:05 AM. Save. Once you have booked the flight and have a valid passport for the trip, you can process the Visit Japan Web anytime, and this procedure will continue even after May. However, the quarantine section will likely be dropped from the list and replaced by an option for duty-free. Reply.

  14. how to fill up Visit Japan Web app?

    It can only be used if you arrive at a Japanese airport. From the visit Japan web chat bot : "If you are using a ship, please use the conventional paper-based procedures for Immigration (Japanese, foreigners with a re-entry permission are not eligible) and Customs Declaration."

  15. FAQ TOP

    Top 5 FAQs. Can I bring my e-cigarette and vape liquid? Please send me maps/brochures. I understand that liquids cannot be brought onto the airplane, so how can I apply for tax exemption for cosmetics and so on? Do I need an International Driver's License to drive in Japan?

  16. Is it worth it to use Japan Web for faster immigration?

    Mar 25, 2023, 5:51 AM. Save. If you have completed all your details on Visit Japan Web, including quarantine, travel details, and customer declaration, in that case, all you need to do once you arrive in Japan are show your Visit Japan Web and go directly to immigration. Otherwise, you manually fill out all the forms when you land in Japan, so ...

  17. 実際使ってみました!Visit Japan Web への登録方法、利用方法をわかりやすく解説 Funliday

    実際使ってみました!. Visit Japan Web への登録方法、利用方法をわかりやすく解説. 2024-01-03 34件のコメント. 2022年11月1日より海外から日本に入国・帰国する全ての方、 Visit Japan Webへの登録が必要です. 名称がvisit japanですが、日本のパスポートをお持ちの方も ...

  18. Japan's Conversational Commerce Market to Showcase 18.8%

    Dublin, Feb. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Japan Conversational Commerce Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook - 75+ KPIs on Conversational Commerce Trends by End-Use Sectors ...

  19. substitute Login

    Substitute entry of customer details. Login. This is the login screen for substitutes.

  20. 일본 관광 입국 및 Visit Japan Web 안내

    2022년 11월 1일부터 검역 패스트트랙과 입국심사 및 세관신고의 기능이 MySOS (어플·웹) 에서 Visit Japan Web 으로 통합됩니다. 해외에서 입국하시는 분, 일본에 귀국하시는 분들도 이용이 가능합니다. 빠른 수속을 위해 VJW 등록을 적극 권장합니다. 스마트폰 사용이 ...

  21. Wanderbot

    AI update your trip for you. Easily Book your flight and hotels. Hotels will. Discover the future of travel planning with Wanderbot, our AI-powered trip planner. Create personalized itineraries, view your entire journey on an interactive map for a clear overview, and effortlessly plan, book, and share your adventures via email, Twitter, and more.

  22. Visit Japan Web

    The statement seems to point to a fishing app rather than an unsecured connection. "A suspicious app showing Visit Japan Web Info that pretends to be a Visit Japan Web service has been discovered. The Visit Japan web service provided by the Digital Agency does not provide any app. Additionally, we will never ask you to enter your credit card ...

  23. Visit Japan Web

    Download. Visit Japan Web is an Android application to plan a trip to Japan. It is possible to complete all immigration and customs procedures in advance. You can receive a QR code to clear customs. Services. The application allows you to create an account with an email address, a plane ticket, and a passport. There is identity verification via ...

  24. Did I answer the questions correctly on Visit Japan Web?

    1. All you need to put down is the address and phone # of the first hotel. 2. They're asking this just in case you have a high fever and turn out to be covid positive or something upon arrival in Japan. Again put down the first hotel info. 3. That should be fine. 2.