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Journey – Raised On Radio 1986 Documentary DVD

Journey – Raised On Radio 1986 Documentary DVD

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Neal Schon Jonathan Cain Steve Perry with Randy Jackson Mike Baird

This is an MTV documentary about the band, Journey, after 18 months of the band not playing or touring and almost breaking up. This rock n’ roll documentary shows the bands reunion and the excitement of the crowds, with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Video is approximately 43 minutes long.

Interview Back Stage Scenes Girl can’t help it live Interview Back Stage Scenes I’ll be alright without you live Interview Back Stage Scenes Raised on Radio live Interview Back Stage Scenes Be good to yourself live Interview Back Stage Scenes

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Welcome to a journey with my favorite rockstars!

journey raised on radio tour dvd

The Story of JOURNEY’s “Raised on Radio” (1986)

Journey - September 3rd, 1981

The Years before “Raised on Radio”

the three

Steve Perry said so many times that while writing and recording “Street Talk” he had the time of his life and even considered leaving Journey for good. I can understand; after all, if you are as talented as Steve Perry and you found what makes you truly happy then there’s nothing wrong to pursue it. Same goes to Neal Schon who by the way is one of the most networked musicians of all time. It was keyboardist Jonathan Cain who somehow pursued Steve Perry to come back and finish with what was started years ago. That’s the short version of how “Raised on Radio” became a reality.

I am not one of those people who would say that Steve Perry was JOURNEY but I am one of those people who ask themselves whether there could be a JOURNEY without Steve Perry . I’m not going to go into details on who did what and who was given what before Perry came back to record “Raised on Radio” but ultimately, there was a line-up change, along with a shift in musical as well as leadership direction in the band.  We are here to talk about the music, though! I get that there might be some people interested in the “juicy” stuff but whatever happened happened. The results were more than satisfying so it’s time to focus on the content, rather than on its background.

“Raised on Radio”

“Raised on Radio” was out just in time for the hot summer of 1986. Steve , Neal and Jonathan were back to their usual songwriting days, except this time Steve Perry took over the production role as well. He did a marvelous job on his solo debut so giving him this opportunity was a justified decision, I think. A few tracks were written by Steve and Jonathan only; the majority of tracks were crafted by the trio.

journey raised on radio

In terms of commercial success, “Raised on Radio” couldn’t really match the enormous popularity and critical acceptance of the previous two albums of Journey . Nevertheless, it was certified 2xPlatinum and it did spawn a few mind-blowing singles that took over the charts.

One more thing you gotta know about this album is that Steve , Neal and Jonathan weren’t just the main songwriters of Journey . They were actually the only official members left. That’s right, “Raised on Radio” was done by those three, along with dozens of guest musicians. You might ask what happened with Journey ’s drummer and bass player and why was the band just trimmed down to a trio? Well, what can I say – sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. Don’t worry though, those two came back and are still rocking with Journey .

It’s a matter of opinion and fan devotion when it comes to this album. Some people strongly believe that “Raised on Radio” was just Steve Perry calling all the shots without being able to fill in that hole left by the two guys that got fired. To others, this album was Journey ’s natural progression, reflected by the time period. To me, this is just a piece of beautiful pop/rock fusion album that sounded just as good as “Frontiers” and “Escape” and to some extent, even better!

The song that introduced me to the greatness of this album was “It Could Have Been You” which is also a personally-relevant song. I fell for the lyrics, along with that somehow mellow (at least to me) vibe of the song. It’s difficult to describe it but I always felt so sad while listening to this tune, despite its uplifting grooves; I mean just listen to Steve singing: “I can’t wait all my life, on a street of broken dreams, It could have been you my love, where are you now…I still wonder if you remember the night, It could have been you…” – that’s just so heartbreaking.

“Girl Can’t Help It” – the third single from the album is definitely one of the catchiest, most uplifting songs of Journey ; there’s just so much life in that song. “I’ll Be Alright Without You” – the ultimate post-break up track is also another highlight on “Raised on Radio” . Excluding the fact that Steve Perry can turn any song into a memorable body/mind experience, this song is indeed quite affecting and empowering. “Suzanne” is another rhythmic, immensely atmospheric tune just waiting for you to go to the dancefloor. The rest is just as good – “Once You Love Somebody” which came out straight from a ‘80s action movie is a personal favorite and “Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever” is your typical world-spinning Journey ballad, so full of soul. The title song is absolutely stunning; Perry ’s sincere tribute to his rock&roll heroes who he grew up with at his parents’ radio station is a key track on “Raised on Radio” and one of Journey ’s best if you ask me. “Be Good to Yourself” is another spirited track that was actually written and recorded in a flash of inspiration on the day they were supposed to finish the record. Steve was going through some tough personal times and he was seeking for inner strength and affirmation.

The great thing about “Raised on Radio” is that there are tons of enjoyable and easy to fall for ear-candies. That’s not all, though. The album is in no shortage of genuine rock tunes, full of feelings and emotional backstories. Overall, this is a positive, eager and exceptionally well-written and produced album. I don’t necessarily think that “Raised on Radio” brought that much to the band; it didn’t really get them that higher. The general mood of the album seems a bit different from their previous work; it is energetic and enthusiastic but not on the same levels as before. Some songs are too sweet but since it’s Steve singing them, I’m totally cool with that!

Now, it’s your turn to listen and feel the great music on “Raised on Radio”…

“Girl Can Help It”

“It Could’ve Been You’

“I’ll Be Alright Without You”


P.s. i don’t own any audio or visual material used in this publication. all the rights and credits go to the owners and/publishers. the publication expresses my personal opinion and in no way is trying to make a generalized statement. please be kind and considerate when you read and/or comment. cheers~, feel free to share this with your friends....

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Journey " FRONTIERS & BEYOND 1983 " dvd

Keep shopping! :)

Legal imprint.

Classic Rock Review

Raised On Radio by Journey

Album Reviews 1986 Albums , 2011 Reviews , Album Reviews by Ric Albano , American Artists , California Artists , Journey 2

Buy Raised On Radio

Raised On Radio by Journey

After the 1983 album Frontiers and the subsequent stadium tour, the band took a bit of a hiatus to pursue different projects. Guitarist Neal Schon made the second of his two “experimental” solo albums, which prompted Perry to pursue his own solo album. Street Talk , released in 1984, contained the pop-rock and ballads that seemed a little too close to Journey’s signature sound for the other band members, causing some tension within the band. The five members of Journey, including Jonathan Cain on keyboards, Ross Valory on bass, and Steve Smith on drums, did re-convene to record a couple of songs for movie soundtracks later in 1984, but took virtually all of 1985 off.

Finally, the band wanted to record a new album, but Perry was hesitant to do so because his mother was ailing. When she convinced him to do the album, Perry was more determined than ever to take the reigns on the musical direction, something that he had slowly been doing as early as 1980, when founding member Greg Rollie departed. Perry’s idea for Raised On Radio (a title which he insisted on over the band’s original title of “Freedom”) was to forge a new sound that was a hybrid of traditional Journey and his solo own work. When early session work did not go over well, Perry convinced Schon and Cain to back him in firing Valory and Smith and Journey continued on as a trio.

Much of the album has a feel similar to Perry’s Street Talk . However, there is one element that makes this definitive Journey (and, in reality, saves the album from musical oblivion) and that element is Neal Schon’s guitar work. Mainly floating above the rhythm, Schon’s excellent guitars add the only truly interesting and uplifting sonic value to this album, with the exception of a few songs with great vocals such as on the opening classic “Girl Can’t Help It”.

Raised On Radio does get off to a very good start. “Girl Can’t Help It” is the best song on the album, with a direct and crisp sound with a just slight flange, a simple but memorable piano riff, and some counter-harmonic guitars to accent it all. The song morphs from the simple, melodic first section to a more intense second part with some excellent harmonies. “Positive Touch” follows with a definite 1986 sound that is still quite entertaining. Guest Dan Hull adds a great saxophone and the song also contains an entertaining outtro section, highlighted by Perry’s majestic high-pitched melodies. To this point Raised On Radio still feels like the natural progression of the Journey sound.

Unfortunately, the album then takes a serious downward turn. Although both were significant pop hits, “Suzanne” and “Be Good to Yourself” are sub-standard to most of the vast radio hits of Journey’s past. These are mostly disposable songs, with just small sprinklings of guitar excellence and vocal harmonies. The greatest disappoint here is Cain’s keyboard work, which has really fallen off from the bluesy piano ballads of Escape and Frontiers towards a cheap and cheesy synth sound on this album.

The rest of Raised On Radio is high-end mediocre at best. “Once You Love Somebody” contains a nice funky bass by future American Idol host Randy Jackson and the title song opens with a nice blues harp by Hull, but both of these are really average songs on the whole. “I’ll Be Alright Without You” is the best song on the second side, as a soft-rock adult contemporary ballad with harmonized vocals nicely complemented by Perry’s crooning and Schon’s slow walk-up to the signature guitar riff in the outro. “The Eyes of a Woman” is a little doomy with deep, long string synths and the closer “Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever” is an attempt to replicate past ballad smashes such as “Faithfully” that falls far short.

Following the release of Raised On Radio , Journey embarked on a tour which was initially very successful, but in early 1987 Perry suddenly and unexpectedly pulled the plug and the band was forced to cancel the rest of the tour and went on an indefinite hiatus. Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain teamed up with Cain’s ex-Babys’ band mates John Waite and Ricky Phillips to form Bad English in 1988 while Ross Valory teamed up with Gregg Rolie to form The Storm . They would not again reconvene as a band for nearly a decade, when the five members who made up Journey prior to Raised On Radio had a short-lived comeback. But the classic band was never again the same.

1986 Images

Part of Classic Rock Review’s celebration of 1986 albums .

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' src=

Huge Journey fan, having followed their music since 79. The ROR album does have unique sounds for the era. There is a saxophone piece towards the end of “Suzanna” that brings back the very early Journey when Steve Perry joined the band reference “Good times” e.g. There is a song, however that did not get the pub it needed. The song is called “Happy to Give” Perhaps the best song on this album and marks the beginning of the end of Steve Perry’s incredible range. IMO, all albums sung (afterward), does not have this range advertised. Listen to his next album (FTLOSM) and then Trial by Fire (1996) for his range degradation.

' src=

Agreed Alfred. Happy to give is awesome. This album is great and deserves a better review. I do wish Steve Perry had smoked fewer cigarettes going forward.

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Ultimate Classic Rock

How Journey Pared Down, Then Hit Again With ‘Raised on Radio’

Nothing lasts forever — not even the incredible streak of hits Journey started in the '80s. And as the second half of the decade dawned, the band was falling apart.

In addition to the traditional wear and tear of the recording/touring cycle that Journey had been on since the early '70s, the mid-'80s proved particularly trying on a personal level for singer Steve Perry , who had to cope with his mother's terminal illness just as the band was gearing up to record the follow-up to 1983's Frontiers . Emotionally drained by the looming reality of a loved one's death, Perry nonetheless took on the responsibility of producing the band's next album — a step many on the outside saw as a sign of his complete creative takeover, but one he insisted had everything to do with protecting their musical identity after years of multi-platinum success.

"It was not easy for her, her sickness, as it was not easy for me with the pressure of the album and the pressure of producing it," Perry told the Journey fan club in a 1985 interview. "It was a conscious decision by the band to have me produce it; they wanted me to do it. It really wasn't anything else, like some people thought. It wasn't that Steve Perry was coming back into Journey to change things. It's the other producers that we were afraid would change the band's sound."

The band's sound, at this point, was largely identified with three things: Perry's vocals, Neal Schon 's guitar and Jonathan Cain 's keyboards. Not coincidentally, the trio had also cemented itself as Journey's primary songwriters — and although the group had always been a collection of talented and distinctive players, it was Perry, Cain and Schon who drove the development of the new LP.

It was a process that would ultimately see bassist Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith squeezed out of the lineup and replaced by session musicians — a move Smith later attributed to the advent of recording technology allowing for machine-driven demos that dictated parts to musicians who'd always been able to allow their playing to develop organically.

Watch Journey Perform 'I'll Be Alright Without You'

"I couldn’t play with a click track well during that time. It was new for me, a new experience," Smith told . "The problem was they wrote all the music with the technology. And that was a big shift — a paradigm shift — of how we did business. We used to write organically. But that record was written in Jonathan’s music room with machines — without Ross and me there. So by the time we came into it, it was hard for us to get ourselves not only invested but physically into it to the point where we could own the parts. It was the first time that they had written for us."

A handful of Smith's performances would be held over for the final product, but for most of the record, drumming duties were handled by Larrie Londin, a prolific pro who'd worked with Perry on his Street Talk solo LP. Valory, meanwhile, was primarily replaced by session ace and future American Idol judge Randy Jackson. With a handful of other personnel — including engineer Jim Gaines, who served as an associate producer alongside Perry — the band tracked the new material at Bay Area studios throughout late 1985.

The end result, titled Raised on Radio , couldn't help but sound somewhat different from the Journey fans had come to love — and yet with Perry at the mic, Cain at the keyboards and Schon on guitar, it was more than close enough for most listeners. Fans turned out in droves for the new LP upon its arrival on May 27, 1986, sending the record to No. 4 on the charts and giving the band yet another platinum album in the process. Radio programmers were similarly enthused, helping Journey notch four more Top 20 singles — "Be Good to Yourself," "Suzanne," "Girl Can't Help It" and "I'll Be Alright Without You" — while the title track earned additional heavy rotation on rock stations and "Why Can't This Night Go on Forever" turned into a midsize adult contemporary hit.

Still, as commercially successful as the record was, the personal and creative attrition Journey had suffered between Frontiers and Raised on Radio took its toll. By the end of the tour in early 1987, Perry in particular was, as he'd later put it, " toasty " and ready for a break. Unsure of what he wanted to do next but desperate to take an indefinite period away from the spotlight, he walked away from Journey, sending the group into a hiatus that would last for a decade.  

The Best Song From Every Journey Album

Think You Know Journey?

More From Ultimate Classic Rock

Journey’s Jonathan Cain Says Donald Trump Will Be a ‘Legend’ if Reelected in Jail

journey raised on radio tour dvd

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Raised On Radio

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journey raised on radio tour dvd

Raised On Radio

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Journey raised on radio tour book 1986 concert program, part 10.

journey raised on radio tour dvd

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    journey raised on radio tour dvd

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    journey raised on radio tour dvd

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    journey raised on radio tour dvd


    journey raised on radio tour dvd

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    journey raised on radio tour dvd

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    journey raised on radio tour dvd


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  2. Journey " Raised On Radio Tour 1986

    Journey " Raised On Radio Tour 1986 " dvd/Only For Collectors Quality 8/10 $9.99. Shipping to United States: Free $3.99. Loading Add to cart Ask a question JOURNEY DATE : 8/86 VENUE : TOUR DOCUMENTARY SOURCE : PRO SHOT FORMAT : NTSC MEDIA : DVD-r DISKS : 1 FEATURES : MENU & CHAPTER SELECTION AUDIO : DOLBY 2.1 QUALITY : 8/10 ...

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    Vacation's Over Tour. (1998-1999) The Raised on Radio Tour was a concert tour by the American rock band Journey. The tour was the last with lead singer Steve Perry. It was the only tour with Randy Jackson on bass, while Mike Baird played drums. The band's previous rhythm section, Ross Valory and Steve Smith, were fired during recording ...



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    Journey - Greatest Hits DVD 1978-1997 (Music Videos And Live Performances) Label:Columbia Music Video - CVD 56032: Format: DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC ... Live, Raised On Radio Tour, Mountain Air Festival, Angels Camp, Ca) 13: Open Arms (1981 - Live, Escape Tour, Houston Tx) P.A. Board Mix: 14: Just The Same Way (1980 - Music Video) 15: Stone In ...

  15. Journey Raised On Radio Tour Book 1986 Concert Program, part 2

    The 1986-1987 Raised On Radio Tour was 5 months long spanning from August 23, 1986 until January 31, 1987. The band didn't play in Los Angeles during this tour and I never saw them. Glass Tiger was the main opening band for this tour across America. There was no European stops and only 2 in Japan. The Tour Book continues with some great photos of the "new" band. In keeping with the theme of ...

  16. Journey

    Journey's tenth album, released in April 1986, and Journey's first album as a trio following the firing of drummer Steve Smith and bassist Ross Valory: session musicians played most of the rhythm parts on the album. The style of Raised On Radio is more accessible and akin to pop/rock, primarily as a result of Steve Perry taking more control of ...

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    This week's part of the "Raised On Radio" Tour Book is four complete pages of Steve Perry! The "Raised On Radio" album took over 2 years to create. The last Journey album, "Frontiers" was released in early 1983, over 3 years before the release of "Raised On Radio". When the "Frontiers Tour" ended in late 1983, the band decided to take a year or so break before recording the next album. Each ...

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    Journey performed 74 concerts on tour Raised On Radio, between Neal S. Blaisdell Arena on January 18, 1987 and Hard Rock Cafe on May 3, 1986

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    Artist: JourneyAlbum: Raised on RadioTrack: 07Released: 1986Official site: http://www.journeymusic.comiTunes:

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    Journey - It could have been you [lyrics] (HQ Sound) 3:38. Journey - The eyes of a woman [lyrics] (HQ Sound) 4:34. Journey - Why can't this night go on forever [lyrics] (HQ Sound) 3:41. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1986 CD release of "Raised On Radio" on Discogs.

  22. Journey Raised On Radio Tour Book 1986 Concert Program, part 10

    The Raised On Radio Tour started out as Journey greatest Tour ended with the breaking up of what was left of the band. Through all these years since 1973, Journey has proved to be a great band with four members. Journey has proven to be one of the World's greatest bands with five members. This attempt with three members though, will soon prove to be a disaster. At the end of the Raised On ...

  23. Journey

    Journey - Raised on Radio performed in the US from the 1986 tour of the same name.Lyrics:Stagger Lee, can you Do The LocomotionLucille I hear you knocking bu...