Trek Verve+ 2 Low-step Ebike review: A well-behaved city ebike

The trek verve+ 2 is an easy ebike with for commuters who only want a little extra help getting to work.

Trek Verve+ 2 parked outside on gravel path

Tom's Guide Verdict

The Trek Verve+ 2 is a light and well-balanced electric bike with a responsive Bosch mid-drive motor. However, its relatively limited power assistance and high price makes it a tough sell among equally capable but lower cost ebikes.

Good balance and handling

Solid components

Responsive motor

Not much power assistance

No full-throttle mode

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Battery: 400 Wh Max estimated range: 60 miles (Eco mode) Max assisted speed: 20 mph Motor: Bosch Active Line 250-watt mid drive motor Gearing: Shimano Alivio 9-speed Wheel diameter: 27.5 inches max Weight: 52 pounds

Most riders will find the Trek Verve+ 2 a little underpowered, especially compared to some of the best budget electric bikes from the likes of Rad Power, Juiced Bikes, and Aventon. On the other hand, for those who think those ebikes are somehow outre and want something subtler, this mild-mannered ebike may be just the thing.

Designed to be a daily commuter and weekend daytripper, the Trek Verve+ 2 doesn't make any radical design statements or excessive power moves. This road bike is for those who want a no-hassle, low-maintenance easy rider with reliable components. Indeed, the low-step version of the Verve+ 2 we tested even makes it easy to climb aboard.

Trek Verve+ 2 Ebike review: Price and availability

Founded in the '70s in Wisconsin, Trek has a reputation for solid construction and reliability — a reputation for which the company hopes shoppers are willing to pay a premium. Sold through retailers, Trek offers an extensive line of bikes, ranging from $13,000 carbon fiber road racers to full-suspension mountain bikes, as well as a full line of ebikes. 

The $2,849.99 Verve+ 2 sits somewhere in the middle of the company's ebike line. Compare, for example, Trek's Domane+ ALR, which is a more serious distance road bike that starts at $5,049.99 and the Townie Go 8D EQ Step-Over bike for Sunday beach bathers that starts at $2,449.99.

Trek's bikes are not available directly online but are rather ordered through retailers. The benefit is that you won't have to skin your knuckles assembling it yourself.

Trek Verve+ 2 Ebike review: Design

The Trek Verve+ 2 is designed for casual riders and commuters. It's available in sizes from XS to L, the largest of which will accommodate riders just over 6 feet tall. The bike has an aluminum frame with steel forks and wide straight handlebars for commuter comfort. You won't find mountain-bike style front shocks on the Verve+ 2, but a foam Bontrager seat with a suspension seat post takes the edge off of potholes.

Trek Verve+ 2 seat post

Trek also includes a neat chain guard that runs nearly the full length and ensures you're not going to get a nice pair of pants or skirt mussied up in the gears. Furthermore, the essential power and brake wiring is fed through the down tube to keep things tidy and reduce the chances of damage. For convenience, front and rear quick release wheels are included.

Trek Verve+ 2 pedals

To provide power assist, the Verve+ 2 uses a Bosch Active Line 250-watt, mid-drive motor to deliver smooth support and eliminate surprise surges of power. The bike has a top pedal assist speed of 20 mph and includes a Bosch controller and a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain with a 400Wh removable battery. Rounding out the feature list are hydraulic disc brakes, puncture-resistant tires, a kickstand and front and rear lights, plus metal fenders.

Trek Verve+ 2 motor

The Verve+ 2 also comes with a rear rack that uses the Racktime clip-on system, which makes it easy to use with compatible panniers and bags. One missing item: a bell or horn is not included, though it does have a headlight and taillight.

Trek Verve+ 2 Ebike review: Performance

The Trek Verve+ 2 offers smooth electric pedal assist performance and predictable handling. Its relatively light weight (52 pounds vs. 70 pounds for some ebikes) also makes it more maneuverable so riders will feel like they're in control of the bike — rather than vice versa.

Trek Verve+ 2 parked outside on gravel path

Although there's no full-throttle mode, on city streets the mid-drive motor, which uses a torque sensor, is very responsive. The instant you apply pressure to the pedals you'll receive some electric assistance. That makes it more seamless than many rear-hub motor models, which tend to suffer from a delay or turbo lag. Consequently, the Trek Verve+ 2 helps you start off from a dead stop, and it's whisper quiet compared to rear motor designs. To bring everything to a halt, the bike's hydraulic brakes are responsive without being too touchy.

Trek Verve+ 2 gear shifter

Taking the Trek for trips in the countryside presented more of a challenge. The mild power assist even in the top Turbo mode may feel insufficient in helping me climb hills. And if you get caught in the wrong gear on an incline, you'll find yourself getting up out of the saddle. So if you're looking for help on the hills in San Francisco or Asheville, look elsewhere.

One advantage of the Verve+ 2 is that you can use it in full manual mode. Electric support is not necessary. Compare that to big gravel bikes like those from Aventon or Biktrix, which are so heavy you'll never want to be stuck somewhere without power.

Trek Verve+ 2 display

The Bosch controller for the electrics displays speed, range, amount of electric assistance selected, and the battery level. There's also a button for walk mode, but you're unlikely to need it unless you're pushing the bike up a steep hill. 

Trek Verve+ 2 parked outside on gravel path

We also found that the front headlamp could be brighter for daytime visibility (initially, we didn't realize it was on).

Trek Verve+ 2 Ebike review: Battery life and range

The Bosch controller on the Verve + 2 is a basic LCD display that allows you to choose between four power assist modes: Turbo, Sport, Tour, and Eco. As the nomenclature might suggest, you'll get the most range out of Eco mode--up to 60 miles, according to Trek--and then in descending order less distance the more electric push you ask for with Turbo mode rated for 25 miles.

Trek Verve+ 2 battery

Because we didn't find the lower power modes much of a help on hills, we primarily used Turbo mode during our weeks of testing. Facing significant hills and with a 170-pound rider aboard, we got an average of 23 miles out of Turbo mode. That's a reasonable result, given the challenging terrain. But depending on where you ride, how much you weigh, and how much electric assistance you prefer, your mileage may vary.

Trek Verve+ 2 Ebike review: Competition

If you're looking for an ebike for between $1,400 and $1,900, there are a raft of choices from reputable but relative newcomers, including the Rad Power Rad City5 Plus , and the Charge Bikes City , both of which cost $1,799. In this end of the market, you'll get more power for your money, but the bikes typically use a less-desirable rear hub motor and are heavier, intended for gravel and occasional off-road use.

Trek Verve+ 2 parked outside on gravel path

If you're considering the more suburban Trek Verve+2 and have the $2,800 to spare, there are plenty of choices from other established brands. Cannondale, for example, offers the Adventure Neo 4 for the same price and boasting nearly the identical powertrain and feature set. However, Cannondale's model has more style than the Trek bike, concealing the battery as part of its downtube, for example.

And if you want a truly no-fuss, sophisticated ebike commuter, our first choice is still the Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB, although it's considerably more expensive ($4,249).

Trek Verve+ 2 Ebike review: Bottom line

It's difficult to make a value case for the Trek Verve+ 2. Among the best electric bikes and best budget electric bikes , there are many available with comparable abilities and much more power — for a lot less money. On the other hand, lighter casual riders will find the Verve+ 2 more manageable and maneuverable than many of those less expensive models. Furthermore, Trek is sold through traditional brick-and-mortar retailers versus models that are only sold directly online, so buyers don't have to face the annoyance of putting the bike together themselves.

John R. Quain

John R. Quain has been reviewing and testing video and audio equipment for more than 20 years. For Tom's Guide, he has reviewed televisions, HDTV antennas, electric bikes, electric cars, as well as other outdoor equipment. He is currently a contributor to The New York Times and the CBS News television program.

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trek electric bike reddit

Easy E-biking

Trek e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

Last Updated on February 6, 2024 by Igor Karni

Easy E-Biking - TREK electric bicycles, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The Trek Bicycle Corporation was founded in 1975 by Bevil Hogg and Richard Burke in Waterloo, Wisconsin. It’s safe to say that it’s a brand that stays true to its Wisconsin roots, having only transferred its present headquarters to Milwaukee through the course of its entire operation. 

Table of Contents

If you’ve already been biking and e-biking for a good number of years, you’ll probably agree that Trek is one of those brands that belong up there in the shortlist of companies that have long gotten their baptism of fire in the industry. This undoubtedly accounts for the brand’s longevity and respectable know-how in both bike and e-bike design. 

Much like most successful, long-enduring companies, Trek was founded as a response to an opportunity not to be missed. The 1970s saw a great upsurge in demand for bikes among the US public, and the two partners simply seized the opportunity it presented. 

During the early years of its operation and even up to the present, Trek made sure to stick to its “Made in the USA” domestic manufacturing policy. 

As its name readily suggests, it’s a company that favors traveling and adventuring. 

Trek e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

Is trek a good e-bike brand to buy.

Unsurprisingly, Trek mostly manufactures e-bikes you can take out on most kinds of off-trail journeys and can conquer mountainous terrain without much difficulty. Nonetheless, it does have a few notable city models and cruiser offerings as well, spearheaded by the Verve and Allant lines. Electra, its subsidiary, does well to cover these categories, too.

Since Trek mainly specializes in offroading, it has made its models more amenable to most riders’ requirements when it comes to that type of riding. Comfort is guaranteed through ease in shifting when negotiating inclines, stable power with every pedal stroke, and simply making the riding experience better through components. 

Easy E-Biking - e-bike rider mountains, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Even so, Trek models showcase versatility, too. Many of its eMTB and city models could easily fall under the hybrid category, for they can tackle urban roads and dirt and rough trails without difficulty. And the brand manages to achieve this without going overboard with its pricing (at least, for most of its mid-range, non-eMTB models), which only seals the deal for the average e-bike rider. 

The richness of each of its e-bike lines readily exhibits the considerable mileage the brand has accrued through decades of operation. Without a doubt, it also serves as a testament to the high demand for Trek models thanks to the value for money they can guarantee. 

Trek E-Caliber eMTB Model Line

The E-Caliber line, along with the Rail line, represents the high-end group in the Trek catalog. However, what’s notable about the E-Caliber is that its price range dips to almost half its average thanks to the E-Caliber 9.6. Obviously, it may seem like the more “watered down” version of the three other models in this line, but it’s no less impressive since it still sports the standout qualities of this electric mountain bike.

Easy E-Biking - Trek E-Caliber electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The unifying advantage of the E-Caliber is that its models are mostly lightweight. You can immediately feel the difference in riding this makes, and for any kind of eMTB, this is always a must-have. The 9.6 is the heaviest of the four, topping at 40 pounds (18 kg).

This lack of extra heft allows the E-Caliber to function as a more versatile eMTB that won’t have a lot of the usual issues eMTBs have with regards to handling downhill rides and conquering varying terrains typical of cross-country riding. 

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The 9.9 XTR and the 9.9 XX1 AXS, given the small difference in their prices, share plenty of components and overall riding experience. The maximum range of 50 miles (80 km) is decent, and we just love the big difference the lightweight build makes. The frame, inspired by the Trek Supercaliber, is obviously built with mountain biking in mind.

Almost every component contributes to keeping the weight down, from the seat post and handlebars to the rims and saddle rails. The wider handlebar improves the quality of the ride further, and it doesn’t skimp on the tech as well, with the inclusion of a Bluetooth-compatible drive system with its own app as well as the whole nine yards of details regarding your ride, plus GPS navigation. 

There’s no better way to describe the E-Caliber line than being an eMTB that addresses the long-standing issues involved when one marries electric bikes and mountain biking. 

Take a closer look at the Trek E-Caliber eMTB e-bikes .

Trek Powerfly Mountain E-Bike Model Line

This line functions as the entry-level eMTB line of Trek, as proven by the relatively affordable models in it, especially if we’re going to look at the Powerfly 4. It, as well as the pricier Powerfly 9, has a full suspension version. The additional components included in the Powerfly FS 9 Equipped, particularly, the fenders, lights, and rack, are well worth it, considering the solid performance of the Powerfly in general. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Powerfly electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

After all, it’s a very versatile line as it is, with an impressive riding range of up to 95 miles (150 km). Despite being “entry-level” it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of its components, with tech that you still expect from high-end eMTBs even though they might fail in comparison to other Trek eMTB lines. The addition of fenders and racks is remarkable, to say the least since not a lot of full-suspension models have them. 

Read also: How to select the best road e-bike (with examples)? – and also in this article . And, How much does a good road e-bike cost ?

We also love the evident power of the hydraulic brakes, which is pretty much a ready plus for any kind of mid-travel eMTB. The drivetrain is also notable for its 12-speed options that only proves this line’s versatility. It’s hard to ignore the well-positioned kickstand and headlight, too, which only affirms the mastery in design. And who among us doesn’t love removable batteries in our e-bikes?

Take a closer look at the Trek Powerfly mountain e-bike line .

Trek Rail Mountain E-bike Model Line

The Rail line is pretty much on-par with the E-Caliber line, but it’s obviously the more all-encompassing of the two, as far as pricing and appeal to different types of riders go. It’s the most prolific line in Trek’s eMTB category, after all, with a total of 8 versions available having prices that can be considered as high-end and mid-range, and even low-end. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Rail electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

What sets the line apart is that it’s the “purer” mountain e-bike out of three lines. It’s Trek’s long travel eMTB line, basically, and this rings true whether you are opting for the cheapest model Rail or the more formidably priced Rail 9.9 X01 AXS. 

The Trek Rail 9.9, which is easily the representative model of the line, also features a removable battery, that is just as easy to remove (no bending required). It’s built for riding in any kind of terrain, as proven by its general design and components and the right tech. 

Nevertheless, if we’re going to be talking about its most outstanding feature, we don’t need to look further than the motor. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor pretty much proves that it’s the perfect partner for mountain biking with the beefy assistance it can provide thanks to its 75Nm of torque. It makes most climbs a regular walk in the park at best. 

Read also: How to select the best gravel e-bike (with examples)? And, How much does a gravel e-bike cost ?

Overall, we recommend this line for anyone who wants to have a more purpose-built, high-quality eMTB that’s guaranteed to impart a solid performance in most mountain biking endeavors.

Take a closer look at the Trek Rail mountain e-bike line .

Trek Domane+ E-Bike Road Model Line

Road e-bikes almost always connote high-performance models with all-road capabilities, and the Domane line pretty much fits that label to a tee. It’s adaptable in that it seamlessly offers suitability with any kind of riding habit, whether you prefer racing or riding.

This quality basically shows in all the models that bear the Domane+ seal, the only difference being that you are guaranteed more power, speed, and high-quality materials the more expensive the model of your choosing. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Domane+ electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Since that’s the case, a Domane+ model can either be a stupendous bargain or woefully overpriced, so we highly suggest that you pay attention to the components and specs of each model to see whether the additions are worth it. 

On the whole, most Domane units stand out with their easy-to-attain 28-mph speed limits even when traversing hilly terrain, thanks to their powerful Gen 4 Bosch motors. Their extensive riding ranges also deserve recognition for the 500W batteries average close to 60 miles (95 km) even though the entire ride consists mostly of inclines. 

A lot of models assure a relatively noise-free ride, and the frame angles and adequate weight pave the way for better overall control compared to other high-end road e-bikes. It offers the kind of control you want from all-trail e-bikes, that much is certain. These pluses are especially true in the Domane+ HP models, which we’ve found to be vastly superior to the pricier LT units that cost just as much as the infinitely better Trek eMTB lines. 

Take a closer look at the Trek Domain+ Road e-bike line .

Trek Allant+ City Model Line

What’s good about Trek’s city/commuter lines like the Allant and Verve is that they also integrate plenty of power and versatility the brand is known for. This is why we won’t really be surprised if you feel the urge to use any model in the Allant line on roads well past your local city’s borders. Without a doubt, it’s why Trek is more than willing to label them as hybrid e-bikes as well.

Easy E-Biking - Trek Allant Plus 9.9S electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Most Allant models also represent the higher-end models in Trek’s city category. They’re adequately equipped for all-around riding in urban streets and even regular light trail escapades. A lot of mid-range models like the Allant+ 7 already come with durable fenders, a nifty rear rack, reflective tires, and potent hydraulic disc brakes, which makes for a solid city hybrid. 

The patent Trek RIB casing makes batteries easy to remove and handle. The Allant+ 9.9S, the priciest model in the line, uses a zero-drag Bosch 350W Performance Speed motor, which is basically one of Bosch’s most powerful, lightweight offerings that can easily reach speeds of 28mph and provide 75Nm of torque. 

Read also:  How to select the best commuter e-bike (with examples)? – also in this article . And, how much does a commuter e-bike cost ?

You can get up to 75 miles (120 km) of range from it, which only proves its capabilities as an off-trail e-bike line. The integrated tech tells more in-depth information like the degree of effort and directions. Even entry-level models in the Allant line can compete in the high-end urban riding arena for their focus on quality and balance of tech and features. 

Take a closer look at the Trek Allant+ city e-bike line .

Trek Verve+ City Model Line

Trek’s entry city models like the Verve+ 2 and Verve+ 3 are no pushovers, and their relative popularity among riders only proves this. They’re the most affordable models, after all, and despite that fact, they still manage to impart impressive riding ranges and power. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Verve+ electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The Bosch Active Line Plus motor still readily connotes quality, with better overall torque and assistance than what was integrated with previous incarnations. In the Verve+ 3, you get Shimano MT200 hydraulic brakes that are as noiseless as they are ever-reliable in stopping power.

Another notable advantage of this model over the Verve+ 2 is that its battery offers more range while cleanly integrating into the downtube, which lends it a more traditional look besides reducing the risk of theft. 

Read also: How to select the best city e-bike (with examples)? – also in this article , and this article . And, How much does a good city e-bike cost ?

The Purion display is ubiquitous in most Electra models also figures in the Verve line. It’s a responsive display because it’s minimalistic and not a pain to read compared to other displays in the market. 

For its above-average specs and satisfactory performance, the Verve model lineup can put a lot of city models with the same price point to shame. 

Take a closer look at the Trek Verve+ city e-bike line .

What Do Most Riders Think of Trek E-Bikes?

Trek will probably maintain its image of a bike and e-bike company that has a model for everyone. Their extensive e-bike lines and highly varying price ranges only drive this point further. 

Additionally, if you go for Trek, you almost always go for value for money. As an American consumer, it’s a brand that you know you’ll be paying extra because you are guaranteed the best materials e-bikes can incorporate. Ultimately, it’s Trek’s significant experience in the biking industry that has allowed it to make such praiseworthy eMTBs, road, and city e-bikes in the first place. 

As in most brands, company experience will always serve as a solid gauge of quality. So much so that many riders like to compare it, favorably if we might add, to another recognized brand like Specialized. 

What Countries Does Trek Ship To?

Trek is available for shipping in all states in the USA as well as most countries and regions in the world. The latter is especially true if you rely on a package or shipping forwarder in your transactions. 

Read also: Check out the most popular e-bike brands .

Take a look at this quick video introduction of Trek E-Caliber :

Igor Karni

Igor is a sustainable mobility and green energy advocate. His mission for Easy E-biking is to help make electric cycling simple, practical, and fun. Follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn .

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trek electric bike reddit

Trek Dual Sport+ 2 Electric Bike Review

Trek’s hub motor electric bike with a torque sensor.

The Trek Dual Sport+ 2 Stagger is Trek’s first electric bike with a hub drive motor and torque sensor. This is a lightweight electric bike looking towards the entry level rider. The Dual Sport+ 2 is built out with a nice component spec and ready to ride home, right out of a Trek store.

trek electric bike reddit

The Trek Dual Sport+ 2 Stagger is a class 1 electric bike with pedal assist up to 20mph. It has a 250 watt hour battery internally mounted in the frame. This powers the 250 watt hour rear hub motor that has 40nm of torque. There is a torque sensor to activate the motor. A torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedaling to determine how much electric power to push to the bike. The harder you pedal, the more power it gives to the motor.

It has a Shimano 9 speed drive train and uses Hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors for strong and effective stopping power. The controller is a simple three button layout with LED indicators to tell you what mode you are in. There are three pedal assist modes you can choose from which can be custom tuned by a Trek Dealer. There is an integrated headlight and tail light that turn on with the bike. The wheels are 27.5” wheels with 2” tires mounted on them and there are mounting points for a rear rack as well.

The size medium weighs 38.1 pounds and has up to 35 miles of range. You also have the option to use an 250Wh range extender you can purchase separately. This step through model of the Dual Sport plus 2 costs $2,399.

250Wh Battery

9 Speed Shimano

27.5″ Wheels

There are a lot of things we liked about the Trek Dual Sport+ 2 Stagger . When we first picked it up and loaded it into the car we noticed that it was light in weight. Coming in under 40lbs it made loading it into the car nice and easy.

The Dual Sport+ 1 also has a sleek look with the battery integrated seamlessly into the frame. It looks like an analog bike at first glance, you don’t see any of the rear hub motor since it is hidden behind the large rear cassette. The motor is also nearly silent, when pedaling in the lowest settings you hear no motor noise, and barely any in the highest setting. The 9 speed Shimano drive train pairs well for this bike, giving you a good range of gears throughout the 9 speeds.

The torque sensor which activates the motor assist on this bike is very smooth and gives a very natural bike ride feel to it. Having the torque sensor, that measures the pressure you are applying to each pedal stroke, versus a cadence sensor, which just senses pedal movement, makes this feel a lot more like an analog bike would feel just with some extra boost. The harder you pedal, the more assist you get, so you get a nice workout as well.

The wheel and tire spec make this comfortable on rough roads and can handle a gravel road or trail with ease. The Stagger edition is also very convenient when having to get on or off the bike as well as at stops, There is still a cross bar which helps with the stiffness of the bike, but it does not get in the way when stepping forward.

Having a support system from a brand like Trek that has many physical shops is also very beneficial. We had an issue with the lights when we first got it so we called a Trek shop in the area and they told us to bring the bike in and they were able to troubleshoot the problem and get it taken care of right away. Having in person help with from a shop makes a big difference in the overall experience of owning a bike. The shop can also custom tune your pedal assist levels to your liking, they mentioned many people turn down their first pedal assist for maximum range, 2 for normal cruising and then turn up pedal assist 3 for maximum hill climbing power.

trek electric bike reddit

There are just a few things on the Dual Spot +  2 stagger plus that we would have liked to see on it. . One of the things is that it does not have a display screen to show you speed/battery percentage/range. There is a thumb controller with LED lights to indicate battery levels and pedal assist mode, but it is nice to be able to see your speed/range on an actual screen. 

It’s nice that there is an option for a range extender to double the battery capacity, but this will take up the water bottle cage mount and then you will not have a place to mount a water bottle. It would be nice to have a place for a bottle if you are doubling the distance you can pedal.  It does not come with fenders so you will have to get some aftermarket ones if you live in a wetter climate.

trek electric bike reddit

The Trek dual sport + 2 is great for someone who is looking to get a nicely priced electric bike for their commute to work,or just leisurely rides around town. Add a rear rack to it and it would be a great grocery getter. Adding the torque sensor to this rear hub motor bike keeps the price point down compared to a mid drive electric bike and gives it a really nice natural pedal assist feel and you’ll get a bit of a work out doing so.

trek electric bike reddit

Price: $2399 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large Weight: 38.1lbs Website:

trek electric bike reddit

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' src=

I agree a small lady screen be nice to tell speed & mileage.

' src=

Is there a rider weight limit?

' src=

There is a combined weight of bicycle, rider and cargo limit of 300 pounds for this bike.

' src=

While I can see this technology as advancing cycling, it’s too damn expensive. But, consumers has been convinced to believe that they need it. Pedal on America, pedal on.

' src=

“Analog bike” is a silly term. No bicycle is an analogy of anything. “Manual”, “unassisted”, or “conventional” are all better terms for non-motorized bicycles.

' src=

Ha, thanks. I guess we get lost in guitar world a bit too much.

' src=

There is a free trek app which shows speed, range, has GPS with bike trail defaults, etc. Works well. The bike also has a walking assist feature so it’ll creep along when you want to walk with it.

' src=

I have a Garmin 1030 GPS device that I use on all my bikes, it gives lots of info including speed, distance, grade, etc. It can be mounted on the handle bar or using a stem mount from Amazon for ~ 15 bucks.

Good info! Thanks for sharing, not everyone has a computer like that, but yes, you definitely could get a computer for a bike without one.

' src=

Is there a way to increase my speed? A friend of mine has chipped his cube and is much faster now

' src=

I agree with Michael A, it is pricey. And, its capabilities are wildly overstated. I just purchased a Dual Sport + 2, have put 300+ miles on it and I’m sorry I bought it. Its Achilles heel is actually its main feature, i.e., the electric motor. Peddle Assist level 1 works, on average, of 20 minutes before the motor shuts down and the handlebar mounted controller (HMI) goes into error mode (3 flashing red lights). In level 2, it shuts down after about 10 minutes and in level, about 3 minutes or less. I live in a hilly area and my rides are punctuated with this motor giving up and leaving me on the side of the road waiting for the motor to reset. I contacted both Trek and Hyena (who makes the motor, controller and battery) and they seemed clueless as to why the motor stopped working (and they’re supposed to be the experts). A rep at Trek actually said, “I’m guessing that you’re peddling too hard.” After numerous back and forth email exchanges, both Trek and Hyena threw in the towel and directed me back to the dealer who sold it to me. After a long discussion with the dealer, they commented that the Trek Dual Sport + 2 with its 250 watt battery and 40nm motor isn’t capable of tackling hills and is only suitable for errands around town on flat or mildly elevated terrain. So, much like EV passenger vehicles whose range is inflated to increase sales, this Trek Dual Sport + 2’s capability is also exaggerated by its manufacturer and also by those being paid to write glowing articles on its performance.

' src=

I use your dual sport +2 primarily on the American River Trail (Historic Folsom to Discovery Park, Sacramento). It makes the 26 mile trip with battery power remaining. I installed a dropper seat post so that I could lower the seat as I came to a stop and put my feet on the ground. The control cable fits inside the frame tubes, but is a tight fit and takes time and patience to do. The gearing is too high for me, so I installed a 32 teeth chain ring. The rigid front fork really takes a hit when rolling over the tree roots which make “speed bumps” on the asphalt, so I installed a Rockshox ParagonSL suspension fork (100mm travel). I had to use a steerer tube extender in order to attach the handlebar stem. The suspension fork raised the front end up too high, so I installed a 24 inch front wheel. The bike is finally “perfect” for me. I smile a lot when riding the bike, At age 90 I am greatful for every day I am alive.

' src=

Well done Russ, Sounds like you have created the ideal commuter for you. Cycling has been a saviour for my fitness and longevity also – very blessed to have got into cycling when I was young, and now have chalked up 50 years of riding and still love it. All the best of health and happiness to you.

' src=

The torque sensor can adapt to your pedaling effort, providing just the right amount of electric assistance, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable. It’s a smart technology that enhances the synergy between the rider and the motor, ensuring a more natural and intuitive feel.

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Learn everything you’ll need to know about electric bikes right here. Click on a category you’re curious about, and we’ll show you all the frequently asked questions and answers under that topic. Not finding what you're looking for? Get in touch with us to get all your questions answered.

Electric bike basics

What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes (also known as e-bikes and electric assist bikes) amplify your pedaling power thanks to an electric drive system. There are many different kinds of e-bikes, but all of them use an electric motor and battery to help you power your bike. Most have what’s called a controller that lets you choose the amount of power the system provides.

Is an e-bike right for me?

Electric bike vs regular bikes Yes! Regardless of your cycling skill level, e-bikes open up new doors for navigating your city. E-bikes ease all the small hassles of getting around: the motor flattens climbs and eases headwinds so you can measure your efforts to keep from sweating through your clothes. You don't have to hunt (or pay!) for parking, just find the nearest bike rack. You can put a rack on your e-bike and load up on groceries or run other errands. A scooter can't do that. Electric bikes vs electric scooters Electric scooters are compact and easy to maneuver in the city. Scooters shine on short, intra-city trips when you want to get somewhere faster than you can walk, but they won’t necessarily replace car trips. Plus, they’re more dangerous and less regulated than electric bikes, and they aren’t always available when you need one. Electric bikes vs cars Cars can take you on much farther and faster trips, you have to worry less about weather conditions, and you can haul a lot. But cars are much worse for the planet than e-bikes are, and cars are more expensive initially and over time—consider maintenance, gas, licensing, and insurance costs. Plus, you aren’t getting exercise and you have to deal with traffic and parking.

Anatomy of an electric bike

E-systems across brands generally consist of a few similar components: the motor, controller, battery, and sometimes a display. While these are the most obvious visual elements, there are also some things going on behind the scenes to ensure the e-bike performs as expected like a power or torque sensor, sensors monitoring speed, and sensors monitoring the system overall.

How do electric bikes work?

Pedal assist e-bikes work by amplifying the power you put into the pedals. The motor will not activate unless you are pedaling, and the degree to which the motor assists you is determined by the assist level you choose (often in increments like Eco, Sport, Turbo)

How fast do electric bikes go?

The e-assist will shut off at either 20mph (25kph in Europe) or 28mph, depending on the model and where it is being sold. You can still pedal the bike to a faster speed, but the motor will not be assisting you.

What are electric bike classes?

Electric bikes are divided into three main types or classes based on what sort of motor they have, whether or not they have a throttle, and how fast they go. It’s important to know which classes of e-bikes are legal in the areas where you’ll ride. Class 1 electric bikes (low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle) A bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph.

Class 2 electric bikes (low-speed throttle-assisted electric bicycle) A bicycle equipped with a motor that may be used exclusively to propel the bicycle, and that is not capable of providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph.

Class 3 electric bikes (speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle) A bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches 28 mph.

How far can e-bikes go?

Electric bike range is dependent on several factors and can be very complicated to calculate. Some factors you can control, and some you can’t. Controllable factors include the size of your battery, the efficiency of your motor, the level of motor assist you select, and how much weight you’re carrying. Uncontrollable factors include wind, weather, temperature, and terrain. How batteries affect range The bigger your battery, the more capacity you have to go farther or go faster. Battery power is measured in watt hours (Wh), the higher the Wh the bigger the battery capacity. How motor efficiency affects range The efficiency of your e-bike’s electric motor impacts how much of your battery’s energy it uses. A high-quality, efficient motor will draw less energy from your battery, while an inefficient motor will draw more energy and reduce your overall range. How level of pedal assist affects range What assist mode you select directly affects your range. For example, eco mode provides the least amount of assist, and draws the least amount of power from the battery. Turbo mode provides the most assist, and draws the most power from your battery. Therefore your range in eco mode is longer than in turbo mode since turbo will drain the battery more quickly. Long range electric bikes Long range e-bikes are e-bikes designed for long-distance rides and trips. They typically have large capacity batteries, such as 500Wh or 625Wh, and efficient motors that help you maximize your range. Some Trek e-bike let you add a second battery to further increase range! Insert links to: Bosch RangeBoost batteries, TQ auxiliary batteries, Hydrive auxiliary batteries. The general range estimate for an e-bike varies from 20-100 miles on a single charge. Yes, it’s really wide! That’s because there are so many factors that can determine your range. We recommend using Bosch’s range finder to help you figure out a more accurate range estimate for your potential e-bike and the conditions you'll ride in. Already have an e-bike? Use the Trek Central App or the Bosch eBike Flow app to get range estimates based on your route, assist level, and current battery percentage!

What kinds of electric bikes are there?

Electric hybrid and commuter bikes look like "a regular bike" with flat handlebars for intuitive control and an upright riding position for a commanding view of your surroundings. Some are offered in a "step-thru" frame option as well, allowing you to step through the frame to mount the bike instead of having to swing a leg over saddle. They often feature wider tires and lots of mounts for things like racks, bags, and fenders, offering more utility for replacing car trips.

  • Learn more about Electric Hybrid Bikes
  • Shop Electric Hybrid bikes

Electric road bikes are made for longer rides, and feature curved handlebars that allow you to get comfortable by changing hand positions mid-ride, or getting lower in the handlebars to get out of the wind. While entry level models may come with mounts for bags and racks, higher end road e-bikes forego some of these utilitarian features in favor of light weight and speed.

  • Learn more about Electric Road bikes
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Electric mountain bikes allow you to get up the mountain or farther into the trail system easier, and reduce the need for a shuttle. Trek makes several different styles of e-MTB. Rail is a high-power, long-travel mountain bike with lots of torque. Fuel EXe uses a smaller, much lighter motor that doesn't produce as much torque, but feels a lot more like a standard mountain bike on the trail. Powerfly is Trek's e-MTB with the least amount of travel, and can be set up with fenders and racks for use as very capable "SUV style" hybrid.

  • Learn more about Electric Mountain bikes
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How’s the ride?

Trek e-bikes simply amplify your pedaling effort. They pedal like a regular bike, but the wind is always at your back and hills melt away.

Electric bikes are basically just electric-powered motorcycles, right?

No, electric powered motorcycles use a throttle to engage the power. Trek e-bikes are pedal-assist, so input to the pedals and selected ride mode determines the level of assist. Riding an electric bike with pedal-assist is incredibly intuitive, and anyone who can ride a bike will immediately feel comfortable on one.

What’s the best part about an e-bike?

Electric bikes break down barriers to riding like hills, hot weather, and fitness. Most importantly, they are incredibly fun. Ride farther, carry more, see more, and explore the possibilities that come with a little extra power.

What’s a Watt hour?

A Watt hour is a measurement of battery capacity. Think of it as the “size of the gas tank.” The more Watt hours, the more energy is stored in the battery.

Can ebikes work in the rain / get wet?

Every e-system in Trek's lineup is made to be ridden year-round in all weather conditions. We do recommend that you wait to charge your e-bike until it is dry.

How much do ebikes weigh?

Weights on ebikes have a broad range. We always provide weights in the specification chart for every one of our bikes.

Battery questions

How do you turn the battery on/off?

Typically your on/off switch is on your controller on your handlebars. This will activate your whole e-system and battery. The battery is connected to the system and turns off when the system is off.

How long does it take to charge?

It takes approximately 3-5 hours to charge an ebike battery, depending on the state of the battery prior to charge and which charger is being used. The bigger the battery, the longer it takes to charge.

How to charge ebike battery?

The ebike battery charges like any personal computer or cell phone: plug the charger into a wall outlet and connect the charger to the battery. Trek e-bikes don’t require you to remove the battery to charge, but it’s always an option - if you lived in an upstairs apartment and didn't want to take the entire bike up to your floor, for example. Lights on the display or side of the battery indicate when it is completely charged.

Is the battery waterproof?

All batteries are sealed to stop water ingress from any kind of wet weather you could encounter on a ride, but do not submerse your battery.

Can I lock the battery?

Yes, the battery is either locked to the bike and a key must be used to remove it, or it is built into the bike in such a way that removing it would require removing several other components.

What if I lose my battery key?

Battery replacement keys are available through your local retailer.

Does pedaling an electric bike charge the battery?

No. You can only charge via a standard outlet and approved charger.

Will the lights still work if the battery is dead?

Yes. The battery management systems stop the motor from drawing power when the battery’s capacity reaches a certain point, but there is still enough power to operate lights and shifters for a short period of time.

Will it cost money to recycle my battery?

When you buy a new e-bike or an e-bike battery, you pay a $15 recycling fee, so all you have to do is drop off your battery when it's time to recycle.

E-bike battery replacement

Replacement batteries are available from your local Trek retailer.

Buy. Ride. Recycle. How it works

Why it’s important.

In the United States, over 12 million electric bikes are estimated to be sold between 2020 and 2030. That means 12 million batteries will go directly into our landfills if they aren’t responsibly recycled.

How do I know when my battery needs to be replaced?

You’ll know your battery has reached its end of life when it doesn’t work as effectively as it used to. You might notice your battery doesn’t charge as quickly, isn’t as powerful, or doesn’t take you as far as it did when it was new. This degradation happens gradually over the life of the battery.

What if I already have an e-bike?

If you already bought your e-bike, we’ll happily recycle your battery free of charge.

Flying with ebike questions: batteries often can’t be checked when flying (depending on size, check with airline), shipped (or are ridiculously expensive to ship)

Due to airline and government safety regulations, the large batteries found on e-bikes are incompatible with air travel. However, some airlines allow you to carry on a battery up to 160Wh - the size of the TQ HPR Range Extender battery. This means you could remove the 360Wh internal battery from your TQ equipped bike, check your battery-less bike, and carry on the 160Wh Range Extender battery. Please confirm this strategy with your airline before buying tickets.

Increase your range

All Trek e-systems give you the ability to purchase and mount a range-boosting auxiliary battery. TQ and Hydrive's range extenders are water bottle sized batteries that simply slot into a bottle cage. Bosch offers a whopping 500Wh RangeBoost battery that mounts seamless onto the downtube on some models.

  • TQ Range Extender
  • Hydrive Range Extender
  • Bosch Range Extender

How much farther can I go?

Compare the capacity in Watt hours (Wh) of your current e-bikes internal battery to the Wh on top for a given Range Extender battery. For example, if you ride a Bosch e-bike with a 500Wh battery and you buy a 500Wh Range Extender battery, you'll double your distance!

Are Trek Ebike Batteries safe:

Yes! All of our e-bike batteries can safely be charged and stored in your home. Here are a few ways our batteries meet and exceed industry standards: TIER-ONE CELL SELECTION Lithium ion batteries are everywhere these days, so you won’t be surprised to know there are many suppliers and manufacturers. And like anything that’s manufactured, there are companies that do it right and companies that do it quickly and cheaply. The batteries on Trek e-bikes come only from Tier 1 manufacturers, which means they’re supplied by companies that have the highest requirements for quality, the best documentation, the longest qualification timelines, and the most experience manufacturing. BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Every battery you’ll find on a Trek e-bike has a sophisticated battery management system (BMS), which is like a communication pipeline between the battery’s cells. It’s constantly monitoring and regulating, ensuring each individual cell is performing with top-level efficiency without overheating. BMS is crucial for safer battery operation, and it’s also important for ensuring you get the longest possible life out of your battery. TESTING BEYOND CERTIFICATION The e-systems on all Trek e-bikes are third-party tested to meet leading e-bike safety standards, and we’re proud to say we only use systems that pass stringent UL 2849 certification. The testing required to obtain this certification is extensive and rigorous. From temperature to shock to vibration, our e-bike components go through the ringer to make sure you get a safer, high-quality e-system.

Motor questions

What’s the advantage of mid-drive motors?

This configuration keeps weight centered and low for predictable handling and improved ride quality. They ride more like a regular bike.

Do you have details on the Bosch components you are using?

The specific Bosch parts we use can be found on each bike's page under the Spec section. More details are available in the Service tab.

Do you have details on the TQ components you are using?

The specific TQ parts we use can be found on each bike's page under the Spec section. More details are available in the Service tab.

Controller questions

How many assist modes are there?

That depends on which e-system you go with, but there are typically several levels of assist, starting with a low-assist, energy saving "Eco" mode and usually going up to a sporty "Turbo" mode. You can use the Trek Central App or Bosch eBike Flow app to customize the motor to your preferences.

Assistance level customization

Customize assistance levels using the Bosch eBike Flow app for Bosch bikes or the Trek Central App for Hydrive and TQ bikes.

How do I turn walk assist on? / Does the bike have walk assist?

TQ mountain bikes: cycle up to the WALK mode using the handlebar mounted controller, then press and hold the UP button to activate walk mode Bosch smart system bikes: Hold down the DOWN button on the LED remote until the display indicates walk mode, then move the bike forwards, backwards, or sideways to start the motor. The motor will stop when your remove your finger from the DOWN button. Hydrive: Hold the DOWN button on the controller for two seconds to activate walk mode. Once activated, hold the UP button while pushing the bike to use walk mode. When finished, hold the DOWN button for about half a second to turn off walk mode.

Display questions

What apps work with my ebike? How do these apps work?

Trek e-bikes using Bosch motors can be used with Bosch's eBike Flow app. All other Trek e-bikes connect to your phone via the Trek Central App. Both of these apps allow you to do things like update firmware, customize your motor settings, and get range and route data.

What about the Trek App?

Electric bike laws

Where can I ride my electric bike?

You can ride an electric bike on many trails and bike paths, but be sure to check with your local authorities for clarification. Speed e-bike regulations vary by country, state, and city. In the US, check out People for Bikes’ state-by-state guides and resources here.

Do electric bikes require a license or registration?

Depending on where you live, speed e-bikes (those that can reach 28mph/45kph) may require licensing or registration. The rules are changing quickly, so it’s best to check with local authorities for clarification, or check out People for Bikes’ state-by-state guides here.

Street Legality

Depending on where you live, speed e-bikes (those that can reach 28mph/45kph) may require licensing or registration. The rules are changing quickly, so it’s best to check with local authorities for clarification, or check out People for Bikes’ state-by-state guides here. Always ride with respect for other road and path users, and never exceed posted speed limits.

Registration and insurance of ebikes

To register your Trek ebike, visit our Registration page.

Electric bike care and maintenance

What service is required?

Maintenance is generally the same as with any other bicycle. Lithium ion batteries perform better at room temperatures and battery life degradation may occur if left outside in extreme temperatures, so we recommend storing them indoors. The e-system itself doesn't require any maintenance besides periodic firmware updates via the Trek Central App or the Bosch eBike Flow app.

  • Learn more about ebike care and maintenance
  • Trek Central
  • Bosch eBike Flow

Can I take my e-bike somewhere for service?

Any Trek electric bike retailer.

Which car racks work with my ebike?

There are several e-bike racks for cars. Check out our handy rack finder for tips and recommendations.

What precautions should I take when traveling with my ebike on a car rack? (battery terminal plugs, dummy batteries, saran wrap, temperature, etc)

While not a requirement, if your e-bike's battery is easily removable, we recommend taking that off and storing it in the car to reduce the bike's weight, making it easier to get on and off the rack. Once the bikes are on the rack, ensure that all accessories and the battery (if you choose to leave it on) are secure. Your e-bike is made to be outside in the elements, so you don't have to worry about covering anything up.

Winter storage: state of charge, temperature, is my battery removable

Your battery likes to be stored at room temperature. For long-term storage, keep the charge level at about 50%.

Can I access my bike's diagnostics, or do I have to go to the retailer? (This can lead to what will my retailer charge to plug my bike in to diagnostics?)

Yes, we'd advise you take it to your local Trek retailer to have then run diagnostics on your bike.

Can I/my retailer change the max assist speed?

No. Max assist speed is set at the factory to follow your local laws, and cannot be changed.

How do I set up my suspension on my e-mountain bike

Setting up suspension on an e-mountain bike is easy - just plug a few details into the Trek Suspension Calculator and you're good to go.

Electric bike tips and tricks

Tips for safer e-bike riding

E-bikes look like regular bikes, but pack a lot more power. Watch this video for some practical tips for safer e-bike riding. The basic tips: 1. Start slow 2. Brake sooner 3. Brake lightly and evenly 4. Ride with extra care 5. Follow the rules of the road

  • Watch the video
  • Learn more about ebike commuting

Know your route

One of the many awesome things about using electric bikes for commuting is that you can choose a longer route on safer roads (or a more scenic route!) and still get where you’re going on time. It’s best to plan your route ahead of time, and maybe even ride it on a weekend or day off to see how long it takes, how much battery is consumed, and whether or not you like it. Research your route using the Trek Central App which allows you to map out your ride while showing you how far you can make it with your preferred assist mode and current battery level. Also, consider getting a handlebar mount for your phone or GPS if you want turn-by-turn directions. Pro tip: you can always stop into your local bike shop for route advice!

Optimize your e-bike range

Besides simply using a lower level of assist, there are a couple tips you can use to optimize your e-bike's range on every trip: Find a comfortable cadence that works for you and your e-bike. The lower your cadence, the harder your motor is working. Find that juuust right balance. Just like gas mileage in a car, starting and stopping is a battery life killer. Try to pick routes that have fewer stops. When you do need to stop, be sure to shift into an easier gear so your motor can get moving again without needing to use as much torque. Finally, keep your tires inflated and your chain lubed!

Know how to pack for your ride

Every ride should include a few essentials: Front and rear lights, a flat kit, and a cell phone. When you're heading out for a longer trip, don't forget about ride snack and water, warmer clothes and/or rain gear, and some cash for the post-ride ice cream stop.

Properly secure your e-bike

Protect your investment and all its parts. Buy a good bike lock and use it! Make sure the lock goes through the frame when you're locking your e-bike to a bike rack - don't just lock a wheel, as the wheels are easily removable. Park your e-bike in a well-lit area, if you have an easily removable battery, bring it inside. Bosch e-bikes with smart system are compatible with extra security features like the eBike Alarm and ConnectModule. These components are sold separately and require a yearly subscription, but let your find your bike via GPS if it is ever stolen.

Compatible rack/fender questions

Many Trek e-bikes come stock with fenders and racks, and if they don't, nearly all have mounts for fenders and/or racks. Adding fenders and racks to your e-bike increases its utility, allowing you to ditch the car even when there are puddles on the road or you have more than backpack-full to carry. Any rack or fender designed for a standard bike will also work on an e-bike.

Warranty information

What’s the warranty?

Like all Trek bikes, the frame is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. As far as e-system warranties: Bosch offers a warranty of 2 years or 500 cycles; TQ and Hydrive offer a warranty of 2 years.

Purchasing questions

How will I get my ebike?

All our bikes will be fully assembled, tuned, and ready for pick up whether you shop in-store or online. Some of our dealers offer home delivery as well.

Need to get your bike home on your own vehicle? Make sure to take a look at our car rack finder to match your vehicle with perfect bike rack.

Why should I buy a Trek ebike?

Which ebike is right for me, where can i buy an electric bike.

1. You can stop into your local Trek retailer and chat with us in person, test ride, and get hands on help.

2. You can shop all our bikes online, see what’s in stock locally, and purchase bikes from your local Trek retailer. We'll ship your bike to your local Trek retailer where our expert technicians will assemble, inspect, and prep your bike for pick up. All for free. Some of our shops even offer delivery to you at home.

  • How to buy a Trek bike online
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  • Home Delivery Details

How much are electric bikes?

The cost of electric bikes ranges from brand to brand. Trek e-bikes cost more because they are built to a higher safety standard - literally. Every e-system in Trek's lineup is certified to UL-2849, an international standard offering electrical and fire safety certification by examining e-bikes’ electrical drive train system, battery system and charger system combinations. The parts on Trek e-bikes are also higher quality, from powerful hydraulic disc brakes ensuring you can come to a stop safely to frames we guarantee to last a lifetime, everything is made to handle the increased stresses of e-bike service.

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2023 Trek Fx+ and Dual Sport+

  • Thread starter Richard Stallard
  • Start date Jun 25, 2022

Richard Stallard

Active member.

  • Jun 25, 2022

The Dual Sport+ is your lightweight, go anywhere e-bike - Trek Bikes (AU)


Well-known member.

  • Jun 26, 2022

its not going to be a hill climber for sure and the batteries would be too small for that job. it may have torque sensing since it says its smooth power.  

Stefan Mikes

Stefan Mikes

Richard Stallard said: Trek Australia are advertising the Dual Sport+ 2023 model ebike which is a new lightweight (17 kg) model with rigid forks and rear hub drive. It looks like it would suit many riders although the range would be limiting for some. I haven’t seen any reviews of this model. I wonder how the rear hub drive would cope with hills compared to mid-drive models. The Fx+ looks very similar but comes with rack and mudguards. The Dual Sport+ is your lightweight, go anywhere e-bike - Trek Bikes (AU) The Dual Sport+ is a lightweight, versatile and comfortable multi-surface e-bike for wherever you roam. Click to expand...
  • Jul 8, 2022

After delving a bit deeper on the Trek website, I discovered that the Dual Sport+ and similar FX+ have drive systems made by Hyena in Taiwan. I haven’t been able to find any reviews of the Hyena rear hub drive systems. There is some general info at . The Trek bikes do incorporate a torque sensor in the bottom bracket so they potentially offer a better riding experience than rear hub systems without a torque sensor. My local Trek store has some bikes in stock so I might have a look sometime although I am not considering a purchase of another bike.  

  • Jul 9, 2022

I found a Trek/Hyena quick start guide for the new lightweight e-bikes. See Also, Service Manual at https://retailerassetsprd.blob.core...=UogJIteiFltPX66np2M0a3esSu1uZzABYHTFInUlT/o=  


Looks like an attempt by Trek to keep the weight and price to a minimum. For example, it looks like no display. Might not be a bad deal.  

  • Jul 12, 2022


  • Jul 16, 2022

That range seems really short, but I wonder what conditions it's based on. That is, would this be riding in the Eco-type mode, or with a medium level of assistance? As we all know, this makes a huge amount of difference on an e-bike (and any EV for that matter). My wife can do far better than the advertised rating on her Verve+ when riding in Eco on our flat terrain, but of course going into Touring or Sport brings the range down quite a bit. Maybe 35 miles is a very conservative estimate? In any case, the look like nice bikes at a very competitive price (especially with the Trek name on them).  


i like the balance of weight, power, range on bikes like this. more than enough for most (obviosuly not all) functional/casual purposes. might take one for a test ride to see if it could replace my current commute/utility bike.  

rochrunner said: That range seems really short, but I wonder what conditions it's based on. That is, would this be riding in the Eco-type mode, or with a medium level of assistance? As we all know, this makes a huge amount of difference on an e-bike (and any EV for that matter). My wife can do far better than the advertised rating on her Verve+ when riding in Eco on our flat terrain, but of course going into Touring or Sport brings the range down quite a bit. Maybe 35 miles is a very conservative estimate? In any case, the look like nice bikes at a very competitive price (especially with the Trek name on them). Click to expand...
Richard Stallard said: The battery is 250 Wh, which is smaller than many comparable bikes (400 Wh for the Verve+). The relatively small capacity obviously minimises the weight, cost and bulk of the battery. Click to expand...
Stefan Mikes said: Vado SL battery is 320 Wh, and the motor is a mid-drive. Vado SL 5.0 non-EQ weighs 15 kg, and Vado SL 4.0 EQ is 17 kg. A 160 Wh SL Range Extender weighs 1 kg, and the SL Cable is 100 g. I think only an uninformed person would buy the new Trek e-bike, especially as Trek even does not mention the motor brand. Click to expand...
  • Jul 24, 2022

I have been for a couple of short rides on my wife’s Trek Fx+ and I think I am starting to understand more how it works. It seems the torque sensor controls the motor assist by on/off switching rather than varying the assist in proportion to the rider’s effort. In effect, the bike behaves more like one with just a cadence sensor, in that you only have to turn the pedals and apply gentle force in order to get relatively strong boost, based on the selected assist level (1-3). There is a delay of about half a pedal rotation before the assist commences, and a delay of a second or two when you stop pedalling before the motor assist fades. The assist builds and fades fairly quickly but smoothly. The overall conclusion is that the motor assist is not as natural as either the Specialised Vado SL or the Trek Verve+ 2. Nevertheless, my wife prefers the Fx+ over the Verve due to its lighter weight.  


pmcdonald said: Bear in mind it's nearly half the price of a Vado SL 4 here in Australia, Stefan. I scratched my head at first too when I saw the email from Trek. But there's very few other options around that price locally. Perhaps the Lekker Amsterdam... can't think of much else. There's a niche for lightweight, relatively affordble commuter bikes that the Trek neatly fills. I see the Fx selling in reasonable numbers. It won't set the world on fire - climate change is seeing to that - but it will fill a market void. Glad to hear the motor has omph enough. Toughen up those tyres and you shouldn't have to drop the rear wheel for repairs much. You'll get top notch support with Trek Australia too. Click to expand...
  • Jul 26, 2022

If they sold these in the U.S. I would by one.  

Jimmy666 said: If they sold these in the U.S. I would by one. Click to expand...
Richard Stallard said: I wonder if Trek are selling them in Australia to test the market and the bikes, before releasing them in other countries? Click to expand...


Stefan. The reason for my question is that I have been surprised that no-one else on the forum appears to have taken delivery of one of the new Trek bikes. It is relatively common for multinational companies to test a new product in a small country/area prior to wider release. The Australian pricing is AU$3,500 for the Trek Fx+ and AU$6,000 for the Vado SL 4.0 EQ, so the Trek is relatively cheaper than the Vado SL (58% in Australia vs 69% in Poland.). The non-EQ Vado SL in not available in Australia.  

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