Best Neck Wallet For Travel 2023 (Safe & Secure)

Looking to get a neck wallet for travel? Then you’re definitely in the right place because this detailed review features only the best neck wallets money can buy! 

At A Glance: Best Travel Neck Wallets

  • Best Slim Neck Wallet For Travel Zero Grid Neck Wallet Jump To Review
  • Best Colorful Neck Wallet ARTOVIDA Artists Collective Neck Wallet Jump To Review
  • Best Anti-Theft Neck Wallet Pacsafe Coversafe X75 Neck Wallet Jump To Review
  • Most Affordable Neck Wallet For Travel Yomo Classic Neck Travel Wallet Jump To Review
  • Best Mid-Range Neck Wallet Tarriss Anti-Theft Travel Neck Wallet Jump To Review

RFID safe neck wallets, slash-proof wallets, and travel pouches are all featured in this review of the best neck wallets for travel. We’ve got various kinds, sizes, materials, and shapes of travel wallets, so there are plenty of options for everyone!

Top Product Overview

Top products, zero grid neck wallet.

Zero Grid Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking, Water-Resistant, Shadow, Unisex

The Zero Grid Wallet is one of the best options out of the bunch if you’re looking for a slim and compact neck wallet. It’s big enough to fit passports, boarding passes, cash, cards, and even smaller phones, and it will keep all of them safe.

The wallet is made from water-resistant nylon and it features YKK zippers for excellent performance. It’s also an RFID-blocking wallet, so all your belongings will stay safe from thieves and scammers.

This passport neck wallet conceals perfectly underneath your shirt, for maximum safety when traveling. You can also wear it attached to your belt, but it’s not quite as safe. Another thing to note is that the Zero Grid wallet is excellent value for money. It’s one of the most affordable wallets out of the bunch, so it’s an option worth considering if you’re looking for something sleek and simple.

  • Very affordable
  • RFID-blocking material
  • Three zippered pockets
  • Small capacity

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 5.7” x 7.5”
  • Material: Water-resistant nylon
  • Weight: 6.3 oz

ARTOVIDA Artists Collective Neck Wallet

Artovida Crossbody Concert/Stadium Bag with Strap for Cash, Credit Cards, Makeup and Phone - Design by Monika Strigel (Germany) Elephant

If you want a functional travel wallet that’s also stylish and fun to look at, the Artovida Artists Collective wallets are by far the best option for you. They’re made in fun print and colors, with designs that really stand out. In case you find the classic travel wallet boring, this is definitely a good option.

The best thing about the Artovida wallets is that you’re not making any compromises when it comes to performance and safety features. It’s made from RFID safe fabric, it’s got a water-resistant exterior, and you get a total of five pockets for easy organization of your necessary documents

The wallet can also fit some smaller smartphones in the see-through pocket, allowing you to use your phone without ever taking it out of the wallet. There’s also plenty of space for passports, boarding passes, cash, and cards. The strap is adjustable and extra long at 28”, so you can wear this like a simple neck wallet or like a mini travel purse.

  • Interesting design
  • Five pockets for organization
  • Extra-long and adjustable strap
  • One of the more expensive options
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 6.25”
  • Material: Water-resistant and RFID safe fabric
  • Weight: 3 oz

Pacsafe Coversafe X75 Neck Wallet

Pacsafe Coversafe X75 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Neck Pouch, Black

The Pacsafe Coversafe X75 is easily one of the best neck wallets you can get your hands on, especially if you’re looking for the safest options. Pacsafe is known for its anti-theft bags and accessories, and they’re definitely one of the top brands in this market.

This neck travel wallet is entirely made from RFID-safe material and it features both Velcro and zippered closure. The main compartment is zippered, and big enough to fit a passport, an ID, some cash, and a few cards.

There’s another open slot for any other things you want to keep safe and it’s covered only by the Velcro flap. This wallet also features an adjustable neck strap, which allows you to carry it however you want. The best thing about the neck strap is that it’s made from slash-proof fabric, which is reinforced with wire.

The back of the slash-proof neck wallet is made from soft and breathable fabric so that it feels comfortable even when you’re wearing it next to your skin.

  • Soft and breathable back
  • Slash-proof neck strap
  • RFID protection
  • Not the best for organization
  • Dimensions: 7” x 5.5”
  • Material: 75D Polyester square dobby, 200D Polyester Lining
  • Weight: 2.1 oz

Yomo Classic Neck Travel Wallet

Passport Holder- by YOMO. RFID Safe. The Classic Neck Travel Wallet

The Yomo Travel Neck Wallet is a really good option if you want something with multiple pockets. It has two zippered pockets and a Velcro flap that covers the three open slots for cards and cash. The zippered pockets can easily fit passports and boarding passes, while the RFID protection keeps your cards safe.

This durable neck wallet is made from a waterproof fabric, for excellent performance in wet weather. Its backside is covered with soft and breathable material for next-to-skin comfort so that you’re always comfortable when you’re wearing the Yomo travel wallet around your neck.

The wallet is also one of the most affordable options here, so great for travelers on a budget.

  • Multiple pockets for better organization
  • RFID-safe pocket
  • Waterproof canvas material
  • The neck strap is quite short
  • Material is very rigid
  • Dimensions: 7.63” x 5.25”
  • Material: Canvas, Nylon Lining

Tarriss Anti-Theft Travel Neck Wallet

Tarriss Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking | Passport Holder to Keep Your Cash And Documents Safe | Peace Of Mind Traveling

The Tariss Neck Wallet is a lightweight but spacious option and it’s great for travelers who need to carry documents for several people. It’s made from water-resistant ripstop nylon for excellent protection in various weather conditions, and it has an adjustable neck strap.

This neck travel wallet has two large zippered pockets on the sides, as well as several smaller pockets for cards, cash, and a passport. It also has a flap cover with an additional zippered pocket inside, but you can still fold the bag so that it’s no bigger than a regular wallet.

The Tariss anti-theft travel wallet has an adjustable strap that you can wear in several different ways. You can wear it around your neck, as a shoulder strap, and you can just hide it away when you want to put the Tariss in a backpack or bag.

  • Water-resistant material
  • RFID safe compartment
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The passport fits only in one pocket
  • The adjustable strap loosens easily
  • Dimensions: 5.5” x 8”
  • Material: Ripstop Nylon Tricot
  • Weight: 2.7 oz

Venture 4th Travel Wallet

VENTURE 4TH Passport Holder Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking Nylon Lining - Hidden Neck Pouch for Travel (Green)

The Venture 4th travel pouch is a really good option for travelers who need bigger wallets. It has three separate compartments, one of which is big enough to hold passports, boarding passes, and a smartphone. The smaller pockets are great for storing cash and cards, and there are even a few small zippered pockets that can hold some change.

This wallet features an adjustable neck strap, RFID-safe materials, and breathable mesh fabric on the back. If you wear it underneath a t-shirt, your skin will still be able to breathe.

The other side of the neck wallet is water-resistant and it will protect your belongings in wet weather. It’s also reasonably priced at a little more than $20, making it an excellent neck wallet for travelers on a tighter budget.

  • Multiple pockets for easy organization
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Water-resistant and RFID safe material
  • Quite big - not invisible under the shirt
  • Not moisture-wicking
  • Dimensions: 8” x 6.25”
  • Material: Ripstop Nylon
  • Weight: 2.4 oz

Pacsafe Coversafe V75 RFID Blocking Neck Pouch Alpha

Pacsafe Coversafe V75 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Passport Holder & Neck Pouch/Wallet - Fits up to Four Passports (or iPhone X) plus Credit Cards, for Women & Men (Black)

The Pacsafe Coversafe V75 wallet is a good option if you’re looking for a small neck wallet This anti-theft wallet from Pacsafe fits up to four passports plus credit cards, and it’s made from RFID-safe and water-resistant materials.

It’s got only one zippered pocket but it’s spacious enough to fit most of the items you’d want to keep safe while you are traveling. Also, the part of the wallet that touches your skin is made from soft lingerie fabric, ensuring that you’re perfectly comfortable while you’re wearing it. The strap on the wallet is adjustable, so you have multiple ways of carrying the Coversafe V75.

It’s an extremely lightweight wallet, weighing less than 2 oz. You will forget you are wearing it. Additionally, the wallet is big enough to hold an iPhone, but in that case, you won’t be able to fit passports inside.

  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • RFID-safe fabric
  • Only one zippered pocket
  • Dimensions: 7.3” x 5.9”
  • Weight: 1.8 oz

Lewis N. Clark RFID Travel Neck Wallet

Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet, Travel Pouch + Passport Holder for Women & Men, Gray, One Size

The Lewis N. Clark RFID-safe neck wallet is a great affordable option for travelers that prefer bigger wallets. It has multiple zippered pockets, open pockets, and a Velcro flap that protects all those open pockets. There’s enough space to hold passports, boarding passes, cards, and cash for one traveler.

You can even fit documents for two travelers, but that’s going to make the wallet bulky and noticeable underneath your shirt. It’s also got a breathable and moisture-wicking lining in the back, for maximum wearing comfort.

The wallet is made from RFID blocking materials that will keep your belongings protected at all times. It’s also got enough pockets that you can easily keep everything neatly organized and visible for easy access. The neck strap is adjustable and wide enough you can wear the wallet around your waist.

  • RFID blocking materials
  • ID pocket has no closure
  • Dimensions: 8” x 5.5”
  • Material: Ripstop nylon
  • Weight: 1.6 oz

Eagle Creek Undercover Silk Neck Wallet

eagle creek TRAVEL GEAR Women's Undercover Silk Neck Wallet, Black, One Size

The Eagle Creek neck wallet is a good option if you want a mid-sized wallet. It’s got two zippered pockets, an adjustable neck strap, and an extra open pocket in the back. The back pocket doubles as storage for straps, in case you want to carry this in a purse or a backpack.

The back of the wallet is made from natural silk, but there aren’t any specifics on the kind of silk used for the back. It is soft, breathable, and comfortable, plus it shouldn’t irritate your skin even after hours of wearing the wallet around your neck.

The major downside of this travel neck wallet is that it lacks RFID protection. If that’s not something you’re worried about, the Eagle Creek wallet is still an option worth considering. It’s particularly a good choice if you prefer sleek and simple wallets without Velcro straps.

  • Very slim and lightweight
  • Multiple zippered pockets
  • The straps can be stored away
  • No RFID protection
  • Won’t fit all smartphones
  • Dimensions: 5.5” x 7.5”
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 1 oz

Vantamo RFID Protected Neck Wallet

Neck Wallet Travel Pouch and Passport Holder, RFID Protected, Fits Passport with cover, Includes Global Recovery Tags. Passport Holder Neck For Men and Women (Classy Black/Gray)

The Vantamo wallet is a simple and affordable solution that can work for most travelers. It’s a bigger neck wallet so it can fit a good amount of stuff, but at the same time, that means it won’t be totally invisible underneath your t-shirt.

The wallet has a Velcro flap and three zippers, so the organization within the Vantamo is going to be effortless. The largest pockets will easily hold a passport and a boarding pass, while the smaller pockets are better suited for cards and cash.

You can fit more than one passport inside the main pocket, but that’s just going to make the wallet bulkier and more noticeable underneath clothing.

The multiple pockets are great for organization and easy access, mostly because it means you can find everything at a glance.

The Vantamo travel neck wallet also features a moisture-wicking material in the back, YKK zippers, and RFID-safe pockets. It should be able to fit a smartphone in one of the bigger pockets, but that mostly depends on just how large the phone is.

  • Affordable neck wallet
  • Multiple pockets (zippered and open)
  • Visible under a t-shirt
  • Dimensions: 7.8” x 6.1”
  • Weight: 4 oz

Alpha Keeper Neck Wallet for Travel

Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking passport holderl for Men/Women - Super slim Travel Pouch to Protect Your Important Papers and Cash, Soft Innovative

The Alpha Keeper neck wallet is a good option if you want a sleek and slim travel wallet. It’s made from a water repellent material that has RFID protection, for excellent performance and safety while you’re traveling.

This wallet also has several pockets for better organization, with both zippered and open pockets. There’s a Velcro flap to protect those open pockets, one of which can even fit most smartphones. The wallet also has a small coin pouch, which is convenient and not often included in these kinds of wallets.

Another thing to note about this travel neck wallet is that it features high-quality SBS zippers. There’s also a breathable soft mesh in the back, which feels great against the skin. The wallet will be comfortable enough to wear for long periods, and since it’s moisture-wicking it won’t absorb any sweat and get stinky.

  • Soft and breathable mesh in the back
  • Water repellent exterior
  • Several pockets
  • Doesn’t hide well under clothes
  • The neck strap is very thin
  • Dimensions: 6” x 8”

What To Look For

Size and capacity.

How big does the travel neck wallet need to be, or in other words, what are you trying to fit inside it?

You can choose between travel neck wallets designed to carry one person’s belongings or larger travel neck wallets that can fit up to four passports. The latter is a good option if you’re the dedicated travel organizer in your group and you usually carry other people’s documents – so a dad.

It’s worth noting that the larger travel neck wallets are usually a bit bulkier particularly when they have both zippers and Velcro flaps. This means that they won’t stay quite as invisible underneath your shirt.

The smaller neck wallets will mostly stay invisible, especially those that are shaped like pouches and designed to stick to your skin. Most of the smaller wallets are capable of holding a passport, boarding pass, cards, and cash of one traveler.

Anti Theft Features

Are there any anti-theft features that you are certain you need on the wallet? If so, look for wallets that have that specific feature and ignore most of the others.

The most common anti-theft feature in neck wallets is RFID protection. This means that your travel neck pouch or just one small zippered pocket on it is RFID-safe. The stuff inside will be safe from scammers and thieves, who might try to scan your cards and ID from afar.

RFID protects against money and identity theft, but it’s not such a common occurrence that the lack of RFID blocking needs to be a deal-breaker.

You should also look for features that keep you safe from old-school thieves, like multiple zippers and flaps, lockable zippers, and even slash-proof fabrics. Some of the best brands in the anti-theft gear business make bags and wallets that are impossible to cut through, and they’re great if you want ultimate peace of mind when you travel.

Pockets And Organization

Would you rather have a wallet that’s just one big pouch or something with multiple pockets?

Pouch wallets are usually slimmer and more easily hidden, but they’re not great for organization. You’d have to rummage through the pouch whenever you need anything, whereas with pockets everything is visible at a glance.

The downside of the wallets with pockets, especially when they have zippers and flaps, is that they’re not as invisible underneath t-shirts. Be aware of what style you prefer to make finding the right wallet for you easier.

Also, wallets that have several pockets usually have just one wallet that’s RFID safe, whereas a pouch wallet made from RFID-safe fabric will protect everything inside it. Although neck wallets with more pockets are generally better for staying organized and accessing your belongings easier, pouch wallets are usually the safest option.

Best Neck Wallet For Travel: Our Top Picks

Still not sure which travel wallet is the best option for you? Then go with one of our top three picks, depending on what exactly you are looking for in your ideal travel wallet!

Pacsafe Coversafe X75 is undoubtedly one of the best and safest neck wallets for travel. It’s built from soft and comfortable material that’s RFID-safe, it features a wire-reinforced neck strap that is slash-proof, and weighs only 2 oz. The wallet is pretty small so it can’t fit too many items, but if you need something for just the essentials, this is by far the safest option out of the bunch.

  • Discreet, soft, and secure, neck pouch with rfid blocking technology; designed to be worn under or over clothing
  • Rfidsafe blocking material built into neck pouch helps protect ids and credit cards from hacker scanning

In case you’re looking for the most affordable solution, go with the Yomo Travel Neck Wallet . It’s not one of the best travel neck wallets in terms of materials, but it is the only option you can get for less than $10. The wallet has multiple pockets, an RFID-safe compartment, and an adjustable neck strap, so it performs just as you would expect. For travelers on a tighter budget, this neck wallet offers the best value for money.

The Tarris Neck Wallet is a good option if you want something simple and affordable. It’s made from quality materials, it has an RFID-safe compartment, and it can be worn in several different ways thanks to the foldable body. The wallet has a few different pockets so you can easily organize your essentials, but at the same time it’s quite slim and it won’t be very noticeable underneath your t-shirt.

  • COMFORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND WATER RESISTANT PASSPORT AND VACCINE CARD HOLDER designed to offer you a safe and secure location to store valuables, passports, and credit cards.
  • EASILY ORGANIZE YOUR DOCUMENTATION AND VALUABLES; Our Travel Wallet features three smart storage, including two zippered pockets, one velcro closure patch, and an ID window for boarding passes allowing easier security checks The travel pouch comes with adjustable hook, strap and loop fastener.

Head over to Amazon to see the prices and more photos of all the neck wallets featured in this review. In case you’re not thrilled by any one of the wallets in this review, you can find even more awesome options in our related posts!




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girly travels logo

The 9 Best Travel Neck Wallets [BUYING GUIDE]

Kristy Smith

  • Updated: May 5, 2022

travel neck wallets

Picking a travel neck wallet might seem simple. You just want one that holds all your stuff, right? Well, there’s a little more to it than that. When you travel, you want the perfect wallet to complement your style. At the same time, you want it to be durable and suited to your activities.

Our top pick for the best neck wallet for travel is the Lewis N. Clark RFID wallet . With five refined colors to choose from, you can find an option to suit your personal style. There are also four convenient compartments including a window for your ID.

Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Wallet

The 9 Best Travel Neck Wallets

Lewis n. clark rfid neck wallet.

travel neck wallet

I love this neck pouch because it combines fashion with versatility. It’s available in five colors, which means that it’ll match any outfit or aesthetic. Each of the colors is refined and muted. This comfortable stash comes with four separate compartments, including an ID window. I’d have loved to have this the last time I flew!

The strap is adjustable for increased convenience. You can hang the pouch around your neck like a necklace, allow it to hang lower like a purse, or even hide it underneath your shirt. It’s the perfect place to stash your important accessories. No more digging through an overcrowded purse trying to figure out where your identification is!

What We Like

  • Best overall choice for organization and RFID protection
  • Five neutral colors to choose from
  • Four different compartments that include an ID window
  • Adjustable strap for maximum convenience and discretion
  • Comfortable to wear during long trips

What We Don’t Like

  • Not available in any bright, vibrant colors or patterns

Venture 4th RFID Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

I’m in love with the flat and simply-organized design of this neck pouch. It’s another one available in five colors. Unlike the previous entry of neutrals and grays, you can pick this pouch up in a purpose, pink, or red. The black is sleekly professional and guaranteed to match any outfit.

This pouch is meant to store your passport, identification, credit cards, and valuable items. The wallet has been lined with frequency shielding material. This blocks technology from non-consensually scanning your items, so you know that your personal information is always safe from electronic thieves. 

Featured in the wallet are three storage compartments that organize your valuables and documentation. Two of these are zippered pockets, along with one Velcro-closure patch and an ID window for easy boarding identification.

  • Best RFID neck wallet for those concerned about security
  • Available in black, purple, pink, and red
  • Three storage compartments
  • Two secure zippered pockets and a Velcro-closure pouch
  • ID window makes it easy to board a train or plane
  • Too few storage compartments for people with tons of objects

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Venture 4th RFID Neck Wallet

Peak Gear Store RFID Gear Wallet

travel neck wallet

Hide your valuables and personal information using this well-organized neck wallet. It comes in both beige and black, ensuring it’ll match any travel outfit. The design is meant to be comfortable. I love the strap, which is softer than traditional lanyards, perfect when you need to wear the wallet for a while. There’s also moisture-wick backing, keeping you from sweating when the wallet rests against your skin.

The organizer is meant to fit multiple US passports, so if you have travel companions, you can keep all of their personal information safe. The RFID liner blocks scanners from picking up personal information, so you’re safe from electronic theft. The company also offers insurance against theft, along with lost and found tags in case you misplace your information.

  • Stylish modern design that’s great for on-the-go professionals
  • Soft, comfortable strap can be worn for hours
  • Moisture-wicking backing keeps your skin dry when the wallet sits against it
  • Enough compartments to accommodate an entire family’s passports
  • Manufacturer offers theft insurance policies as well
  • May be bulky and cumbersome for single travelers

Peak Gear Store RFID Gear Wallet

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Art of Travel Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

Another convenient wallet with RFID lining technology to keep your personal information safe! I’m especially a fan of this one because of the funky and fun prints that each wallet comes with. It’s great for traveling with the family or friends. Each of the prints focuses on one particular country, so it’s ideal if you’re going on any international adventures. The original designer artwork complements any outfit, whether you’re wearing muted tones or bold patterns.

One feature I’m a big fan of is the clear pocket for your smartphone. You don’t need to remove your phone from the pocket to use it. Instead, you can easily text and check your emails while ensuring you don’t forget or misplace your phone. Five extra-roomy pockets let you fit envelopes, larger currencies, and heavier valuables.

  • Funky, colorful prints will appeal to the most eclectic artists
  • Every print is based on a specific country
  • Clear smartphone pocket lets you use your phone without removing it
  • Five oversized pockets for large papers and valuables
  • Easy to find a design that fits your personal style
  • No neutral or professional tones available

Art of Travel RFID Neck Wallet

The Zero Grid wallet functions as an RFID blocking piece of security. It’s available in colors ranging from brown to gray to black and green. Like with other RFID designs, the nylon lining blocks hackers from scanning your credit cards and passport. There are seven unique RFID blocking sleeves included to protect your individual cards outside the wallet.

The design is built for international travelers who spend a lot of time in crowded areas. It uses durable ripstop nylon that’s so lightweight you can barely feel it. The water-resistant material can protect your personal information from a bad weather spell, but keep in mind that it’s not totally waterproof.

The fabric wicks moisture away to keep you from sweating, and the breathability ensures that your skin stays cool and dry. The interior has three compartments, all with zippers.

  • RFID protected wallet with 7 individual RFID sleeves to protect your cards
  • 3 interior zippered compartments to store your currency and phone
  • Lightweight nylon fabric wicks moisture to prevent discomfort with long wear
  • Company offers reimbursement of up to 300 dollars if a theft occurs
  • ReturnMe stickers included as part of a global lost and found program
  • No ID window for easy boarding at the airport

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Zero Grid RFID Concealed Neck Wallet

This passport holder from Yomo has a laid-back and academic look. It’s also available in colors ranging from black to red to yellow, so you can find something to suit your personal taste. The design uses lab-tested RFID technology, and the manufacturer guarantees that it blocks scanning.

The five interior pockets can organize your cash, phone, and ID. There’s even a specialized phone compartment that can fit all iPhone models. At the same time, the wallet folds compactly against your skin. The manufacturer uses a special soft lining and soft strap to prevent your skin from becoming irritated with long wear.

The company has a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues with the wallet whatsoever, you can get your money back without any fuss or hassle.

  • Lab-tested RFID tech is guaranteed to block scanners
  • 5 pockets for maximum organization
  • Specialized phone pocket fits all iPhone models
  • Soft lining and strap are comfortable against the skin
  • Money back guarantee from the manufacturer if you’re unsatisfied for any reason
  • No ID window for easy boarding
  • Fabric might get sweaty over time

YOMO RFID Neck Wallet

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Tarriss Anti-Theft Wallet

travel neck wallet

This anti-theft wallet uses a nylon lining for RFID blocking. It is one of the most versatile items on the list thanks to the folding design. The adjustable strap allows you to wear it below the clothes, over your clothes, or across your body. You can even fold it up to be a traditional wallet instead of wearing it around your neck.

Though it’s mainly designed for small cards and cash, you can also use this wallet to hold your passport. The back is made with specialized breathable fabric that keeps your skin cool. The company is so confident in their materials that they have backed this wallet with a lifetime warranty.

  • Adjustable strap lets you wear it wherever you want
  • Can be folded into a traditional travel wallet instead of worn on the neck
  • Breathable backing keeps you comfortable as you travel
  • Can double as a passport holder
  • Lifetime warranty included with the purchase
  • Not many interior organization features included

Tarriss Anti-theft Neck Wallet with RFID

Alpin Rivers Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

This stylish neck wallet comes with five extra RFID sleeves. You can protect your individual credit cards when they’re taken out of the wallet. The neutral-toned and slim design is nearly invisible under the clothes. In addition, the design uses breathable ripstop nylon with a high level of water resistance.

There are three zippered compartments for organizing your sensitive information. There’s also a large rear pocket that lets you store valuables close to your heart. The design can be worn under your clothing, around your neck, or attached to your belt loop. Every purchase includes a one year money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • Sleek and stylish design with RFID blocking
  • Concealed rear pocket lets you store valuables safely
  • Three zippered pockets for organizing your items
  • Comfortable and durable nylon fabric stands the test of time
  • Includes three credit card and two passport RFID blocking sleeves as a bonus
  • Pockets aren’t super easy to access since they’re zippered

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Alpin Rivers Neck Wallet

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Kinzd Leather Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

Minimalism is all the rage these days. If you’re a firm believer that less is more, you’ll probably appreciate this slim leather wallet. Unlike the other options on this list, this wallet is made for traditional use. But it has a lanyard loop, so you can attach it to a strap around your neck.

The wallet has an ID window, 6 credit card slots, and a zipper pocket for currency. You can easily carry this wallet in a pocket of your dress or in your bra. Like the other options on the list, this design is outfitted with RFID blocking technology to keep your information safe. There’s also a one year warranty, so you can get a refund or replacement if the wallet is damaged in that time.

  • Compact and versatile leather wallet
  • Can be used as traditional or neck wallet
  • ID window and six credit card slots
  • Can be tucked into your bra or pocket
  • Comes with a one year warranty including a refund or replacement guarantee
  • You need to attach your own lanyard to the included keychain

Kinzd Slim Leather Neck Wallet

How to Wear Travel Neck Wallets

Wear it around the neck.

The traditional way to wear this type of travel wallet is around the neck. A neck wallet allows you to keep your ID, passport, credit cards, and cash all in the same place. Since it’s worn around your neck, it’s much more difficult to pickpocket than your regular wallet.

Wallets like the Lewis N. Clark come with adjustable straps. You can increase the length to conceal it underneath your clothes, or decrease the length to access the contents more easily. Some women conceal the strap of their travel wallet underneath a scarf, so potential thieves don’t even realize it’s there.

Attach Your Neck Wallet to Your Bra

You can also attach the wallet to your bra for added security. This is a great choice if you’re concerned that your neck strap might break, or if you want to conceal the wallet completely below your clothes. To attach a wallet to your bra, you’ll want a strap that can clip onto your clothing.

Just fasten the strap of the wallet to the strap of your bra. You can tuck the wallet itself between your bra cups, so it’s easy to access but very difficult to steal. It’s also possible to attach a wallet to your belt loops if the bra method isn’t comfortable.

Wrap It Around Your Ankle

This method probably won’t work well if you’re wearing flip flops. But for girlies traveling to colder climates, it’s a great way to conceal your things. Chances are, you’re wearing tall boots or at least high-top sneakers. Tuck the wallet between your ankle and the shoe where it can’t be seen.

One thing to keep in mind with this method is the weather. If it’s going to be wet, you’ll need waterproof boots. Otherwise, the precipitation might mess up your cash, ID, or passport.

Travel Neck Wallets FAQ

What is the best neck passport holder.

The best neck passport holder should be comfortable, easy to organize, and secure. The right one for you just depends on your personal style.

Does a passport need RFID protection?

In the US, there are no longer passports issued without an electronic chip. To prevent digital theft, RFID blocking tech is best as you travel.

Are all passports the same size?

Though different countries have different designs, passport rules are standardized through the International Civil Aviation Organization. They are all 88 by 125 millimeters.

Kristy Smith

Kristy Smith

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7 Best Neck Wallets (2024 Reviews)

best neck wallets for travel

A good Neck Wallet can save you from the nightmare of having your lifelines (e.g., phone, passport, bank cards, and cash) stolen in a foreign country. A good Neck Wallet should be: 1) Able to be worn comfortably and securely, 2) Neatly hold all the essentials, and 3) Keep pickpockets and e-thiefs at bay.

Leading with those three core characteristics, we vigorously tested dozens of neck wallets and found the best ones for just about every type of traveler.

From stylish to practical, spacious to minimalist, we’ve narrowed down the best neck wallets for every travel style. Bon voyage!

1. Quick and convenient access to documents on the go

When you travel, it is ideal to have your documents in close proximity to you. Gone are the days of fumbling around in your bag and freaking out because you can’t locate your passport or card while your flight is boarding. Avoid the added stress at airports by using a neck wallet so you always know where your documents are . Simply place your passport and boarding pass in the neck wallet and find them quickly, safely, and with ease.

2. Less likely to misplace your valuables

Travel is notoriously hectic. And when things turn hectic, the chances of you misplacing your phone, credit card, ID, or passport are at an all-time high. When we aren’t organized, it’s easy to leave boarding passes or passports lying out in the open with the intention of putting them away in our luggage later, but that’s how things get lost! Don’t let something so easily preventable ruin your trip. By having a neck wallet, you’ll have a designated space on you at all times for your most valuable travel items – no more worrying about losing your valuables when you’re in a rush.

3. Prevent theft while traveling

Best neck wallets, 1. hero neck wallet, (best value).

Why it’s great: The Hero Neck Wallet is the Swiss Army Knife of neck wallets – it does it all. Made of durable nylon with RFID-blocking technology, it holds your phone, passport, bank cards, cash, and tickets in a comfortable and adjustable fashion, either around the neck or as a crossbody. It includes all the best features a neck wallet could have in one place. It also comes in many colors, from hot pink to black.

We found the ripstop nylon and premium YKK zippers hold up trip after trip. One killer perk: the Hero Neck Wallet comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee . In the unlikely event that it breaks, their US-based customer service is very friendly and will send you a free replacement even if it’s outside of Amazon’s return window.

Keep in mind: It fits most body types, but the strap may be too short to wear as a crossbody bag for plus-size guys and gals.

Hero Neck Wallet

View on ➜

2. Eagle Creek

(most streamlined).

Why it’s great: The Eagle Creek Neck Wallet is a neck wallet after the minimalist’s heart. With one velcro pocket and an interior mesh divider, its streamlined design keeps things simple and lightweight. It’s spacious enough to hold a passport, bank cards, cash, tickets, and depending on the size, a phone.

Like the previous neck wallet, it’s made with premium materials like durable ripstop nylon, YKK zippers, and RFID-blocking technology to prevent e-theft. The neck strap can be adjusted to different lengths and even extended to be worn as a crossbody.

Keep in mind: Since it has just one pocket, things can get crowded. It might be too tight to fit larger phones like an iPhone Pro or Max.

Eagle Creek

3. Cotopaxi

(most unique design).

Why it’s great: The Cotopaxi Maigo Neck Pouch is truly one of a kind. The employees in the Philippines that make these neck wallets choose unique color combinations for each neck pouch using excess fabric so nothing goes to waste, meaning you’ll receive a pouch with a surprise colorway special for you!

This no-fuss neck wallet has a small pocket on the back and one main velcro pocket that will hold bigger items like passports or phones and even has a key hook so you don’t waste time digging around for your keys.

Keep in mind: Since the neck strap is more of a cord, some may find that it doesn’t distribute weight as comfortably as the previous neck wallets on this list. It also may be too short for some to wear as a cross-over.


(Designer Leather)

Why it’s great: While the Coach Phone Crossbody technically isn’t a neck wallet, it can still do a lot that a neck wallet does, just more stylishly. It’s an all-leather wallet with a leather and metal strap that will keep the slash-and-grab pickpockets from cutting this crossbody loose. Wear it over the shoulder or as a cross-over.

It has an outside pocket to slide slim phones in and a zippered compartment for IDs, bank cards, and cash. If you’re someone who prefers to carry only the essentials, this premium wallet is a chic option.

Keep in mind: The slip-pocket was made for slim phones, so if you have a bulkier phone or phone case, it may not fit. Since it’s all leather, it’s the heaviest wallet on our list.


5. The North Face

(best for outdoor adventure).

Why it’s great: The North Face Bozer Neck Pouch lets you bring the brand’s legendary ruggedness along on your travels. It’s made from water-resistant recycled polyester to keep valuables like passports, phones, tickets, and cash dry while you’re out exploring without weighing you down.

It comes with a few different pockets so you can keep things organized and easy to find. It’s the perfect companion for travelers who will likely find themselves spending a lot of time outdoors or on hikes because it’s small, lightweight, and water-resistant.

Keep in mind: Premium features like rip-stop nylon, YKK zippers, and RFID-blocking technology are forgone in this neck wallet to keep it small and lightweight for the active traveler.

The North Face

6. Lapinchen Hidden Bra Wallet

(best for solo-female travelers).

Why it’s great: The Lapinchen Hidden Bra Wallet is a novel way to keep your valuables out of sight from potential thieves. This clever wallet latches on to any bra or belt and discreetly tucks away. It’s perfect for solo-female travelers who don’t want to draw attention to themselves as potential targets for pickpockets. And for times when you need the wallet at the ready, it has a neck strap so you can wear it like a usual neck wallet.

This single-pocket wallet is made from breathable fabric that’s soft and lightweight so it’s comfortable against the skin. We love it for concealing small essentials like IDs, bank cards, and cash when exploring crowded sites.

Keep in mind: This bra wallet is not intended to fit passports or phones.

Lapinchen Hidden Bra Wallet

(Most Athletic)

Why it’s great: The Adidas Neck Pouch is one for athleisure fans. You get the quality you’d expect from any Adidas product in a compact sporty pouch that is popular with men, women, and teens. It has one main, spacious pocket and a smaller pocket with room for a phone or passport.

The drawstring cord can be worn around your neck or as a crossbody. It has a carabiner clip to secure it to a backpack or anywhere else when not in use. It’s a great neutral option to carry the basics.

Keep in mind: The main pocket is closed with just a snap button, so there are gaps where small things like change or keys could fall out when not resting upright.


Hero Neck Wallet

The Hero Neck Wallet is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

Hero Neck Wallet

Other Accessories

1. packing cubes.

Are you looking to become a more organized traveler? Packing cubes can set you in the right direction. Easily pack belongings in a desired location and have a spot for everything. Make packing hassle-free, and spend less time digging in your bag and more time exploring the world.

Packing Cubes

2. Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

Stay hydrated and reduce waste with a reusable water bottle. A Brita bottle comes with a built-in filter to considerably improve the taste of tap water due to chlorine and other chemicals. For safety, always check with accommodation to see if the tap water is safe to drink or if they offer potable drinking water.

Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Protect your online identity, web activities, bank accounts and credit cards when connected to public wifi. Whether you choose to use your laptop or flick through Instagram on your phone, it’s important to be aware of hackers that can steal your sensitive digital information when connected to wifi in hotels, airports, and cafes. A VPN will allow you to work or communicate online within a safe network that is impenetrable to online thieves.


View options at NordVPN ➜

4. Universal Travel Adapter

Keep your electronics charged in 100+ countries with the help of a universal travel adapter. Avoid getting ripped off at airports and come prepared with this strong and dual-action adapter. Charge three devices at once and keep them safe from power surges with the built-in fuse protectors.

Universal Travel Adapter

5. Waterproof Phone Pouch

Losing a phone to water damage is a nightmare when traveling – it happened to me in Colombia on a rainy trek to their tallest waterfall, so now I make sure to travel with a waterproof phone pouch. Its universal design will protect just about any phone from accidental encounters with water as well as intentional ones since it’s submersible up to 75ft – perfect for taking underwater photos while snorkeling! This one was designed in Hawaii so you know it was built for water-filled adventures.

waterproof phone pouch

6. Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen, and while you don’t want to think about the worst when you’re on vacation, it’s better to be prepared. From lost luggage and canceled flights to doctor visits, travel insurance can save you money, time, and effort.

However, most insurance providers are stuck twenty years in the past, having you fill out endless amounts of frustrating paperwork without guaranteeing a payout. With Faye , everything from finding coverage to making claims and getting reimbursed can be done right from their mobile app on your phone without any daunting paperwork. And in the case of emergencies, they can reimburse you instantly so you’re not left to fend for yourself in a tough situation.

Travel Insurance

Get a quote in less than 60 seconds with Faye ➜

7. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

If you want to be extra secure and safe while traveling, think about a strong and durable pair of luggage locks. Whether you’re a backpacker in a hostel or a family with checked luggage, these locks will make sure your belongings are always secure. The 4-digit combination is 10x harder to crack than a standard 3-digit lock, and they’re TSA-approved so you won’t have any setbacks going through security.

TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

8. Jet Lag Relief

For long overseas trips, we can’t recommend this jet lag relief enough. It’s a homeopathic blend of herbs to naturally combat fatigue and stress from jet lag. Since there are no harsh stimulants like caffeine, you won’t experience any side effects. I always take them when flying to Europe or Asia – they work wonders to help me adapt to new time zones.

Jet Lag Relief

9. Windproof Travel Umbrella

It’s good to bring your own umbrella so that you’re not left buying an overpriced, crappy one in a gift shop when the rain catches you by surprise. When it comes to quality, this travel umbrella is my absolute favorite. The reinforced fiberglass ribs will withstand strong winds, and the canopy has a waterproof coating for extra protection. It even comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee – that’s when you know it was built to last!

Windproof Travel Umbrella

10. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Don’t cut a day of adventuring short because your phone has a shorter battery life than you do! Stay charged while you’re out discovering new restaurants and historical landmarks. This lipstick-sized charger can fit in most neck wallets on this list and will come in handy when your phone is running low on power and needs a pick-me-up without having to go back to the hotel to recharge.

Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

11. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

A travel towel is the most versatile item in my travel arsenal. Besides being good for drying off, it makes a great picnic or beach blanket, packing cushion, sweat rag, airplane blanket, and sun shade. I love how quickly it dries and that you can use it over and over before washing it without it smelling bad. It’s super lightweight and comes with a convenient stuff-bag so it will fit just about anywhere.

Quick-Dry Travel Towel

12. Hanging Toiletry Bag

An organization staple, a hanging toiletry bag will help you maintain your self-care routine even when traveling. It can easily hang on any towel rack, door, or shower rod to maximize space in small bathrooms. The plastic zippered compartments will keep liquids contained in case of any leaks or spills. It comes in medium and large so you can pack as little or as much as you need.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

FAQs about Neck Wallets

1. does wearing my neck wallet under clothing really hide it.

Yes, it does. Hiding a neck wallet under loose clothing does hide it from the common eye, thus making it easy to disguise while traveling. Whether you’re in an unfamiliar situation or shopping in town, a hidden neck wallet can make any situation safer.

2. What is RFID blocking technology, and why should I have it in my neck wallet?

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification, and it is pretty important in Neck wallets. Owning a neck wallet with RFID-blocking technology means that hackers and scammers can not easily access your accounts, especially for credit cards and passports. RFID technology ensures your information is safe. Without it, a neck wallet is far less secure.

3. Do neck wallets make traveling safer?

You’ll be a less likely target for pickpockets and it will make you feel better when out and about. Avoid the risk of getting robbed and keep your personal belongings within reach and in a confined, safe location. Always be aware of your surroundings and double-check a location’s safety before visiting so you are always knowledgeable.

4. Are neck wallets waterproof?

A lot of neck wallets are water-resistant. While a waterproof neck wallet would be incredible, it’s not exactly their primary focus. A neck wallet was created to keep your most valuable documents, like cash, credit cards, and passports, safe while traveling. Make sure whichever water resistance Neck Wallet you choose is nylon and includes a watertight pouch.

Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to conquer the world or jet-set with friends and family, a neck wallet is an essential item to own. Easily access documents, carry cash safely in markets or streets around the world, and keep your belongings secure while out and about. Leave the stress at home and stop worrying about e-thieves, pickpockets, and other worst-case scenarios with the help of one sturdy product. Stay organized, have fun, and keep your precious belongings close to you while you are on the move!

travel neck wallet

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Best Neck Wallet: We Compare 7 of the Best Travel Wallets

This article may contain compensated links. Learn more in our disclaimer .

You need a travel wallet. A neck wallet. And now you are looking for the best neck wallet for money?

When you’re traveling often you quickly understand that keeping all your boarding passes, passport, credit cards and cash together is way better than putting them in separate pockets in your luggage.

Not everything-everything, of course. But you got the idea.

This is where money belts and travel neck wallets come into play. They are built for this purpose. To help you organize your stuff better.

Most of the best neck wallets , same like most of the best travel wallets in general, now come with an RFID protection. Some say it’s bullsh*t , others keep praising the technology. What does this RFID protection do? It protects you from unwanted scanning of your documents and possible identity theft. Sounds almost like a line from sci-fi?

A person camping

And, well, is it a real threat? It doesn’t really matter. Because most of the best neck wallets nowadays are lined with RFID-blocking fabric anyway. So you are getting it anyway.

All wallets mentioned in this article come with an RFID protection.

Read on to find out more about travel neck wallets and which ones are the most popular ones right now.

Table of Contents

Best Neck Wallet

Now let’s take a look at the list of the best neck wallets!

To read more about every one of them scroll down. For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the neck wallet.

Best Travel Neck Wallet: Basics

1. what is a neck wallet.

A neck wallet is a small flat bag that can be worn around your neck to carry documents, such as passport and ID card, credit cards, boarding passes, cash, coins, smartphone, etc.

For maximum safety, neck wallet should be worn under your clothing. In that way your documents will stay safe from pickpockets. Thus a neck wallet is great for traveling, festivals, concerts, and other crowded places.

Not only a neck wallet protects your items from pickpockets but also it protects your passport, ID and credit cards from unwanted scanning and identity theft. Most of the best neck wallets are lined with radio frequency shielding material which blocks unwanted scans, ensuring that your personal information stored on microchips of your passport, credit cards and ID cards is safe. They are known as RFID wallets.

Most of the best RFID neck wallets are made of durable water resistant rip stop nylon.

Mostly they have several pockets and compartments.

Kaspars with his Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack - Best Carry on Backpack

2. How to Wear a Neck Wallet

Wear a travel neck wallet under your clothing close to your chest.

If you are not comfortable, try to wear it like a crossbody bag. But also under your clothing.

Some of the travel neck wallets have also a belt loop. If you don’t want to wear it around your neck or like a crossbody bag, hook it around your loop and tuck it inside your pants.

A travel neck wallet won’t be visible if you wear it under your hoodie or sweater. However, it will stand out if you are wearing only a t-shirt or shirt. In this case scarf can be used to conceal a neck wallet completely.

It is not advisable to wear it on the exterior of your clothing. Unless you are in a safe place, such as the airport.

All of the neck wallets mentioned in this article are RFID-blocking wallets.

3. Material and RFID-Blocking Feature

Most neck wallets are made of ripstop nylon fabric.

Most are lightweight and also water resistant. The best neck wallets have moisture wicking back panel which draws moisture from your body and won’t feel too hot on your skin even if worn under clothing.

Have you ever heard of identity theft and unwanted scanning of person’s documents? Electronic thieves with RFID readers theoretically can activate the RFID chips embedded in passport, ID cards, driver’s license and credit cards and extract personal information without your knowing.

Most of the best travel neck wallets are lined with RFID-blocking fabric, used to protect you from electronic pickpocketing, also known as RFID skimming. Such wallets create a shield around RFID equipped items. So personal data stored on your passport and ID card, also your credit card numbers stored on your credit cards will be safe.

Some RFID-blocking neck wallets are fully lined with RFID-blocking material, others aren’t. Those are only partially lined, or only one pocket is RFID-blocking.

If it matters you to, pay attention to this when buying a neck wallet.

Credit cards on the table

4. Compartments and Capacity

Most neck wallets have several compartments. All neck wallets have at least one large pocket for passport and phone, and a couple of smaller pockets for ID cards and credit cards.

Passport pocket (main compartment) usually can be either zippered or it has a Velcro closure.

Card pockets usually are zippered.

A neck wallet may have a clear ID window.

Most neck wallets have several compartments.

Even though neck wallets are slim many are spacious enough to store several passports, smartphone, cards, cash, coins, keys, and boarding passes (folded).

5. Main Advantages of a Neck Wallet

– It’s convenient. All your documents, credit cards and money are close to you, and are kept in an organized way. You don’t have to dig through your luggage to find them.

– It can hold cash. Bills and also coins.

– It’s safe. Simply because all your essentials are close to you. Apart from that most of the neck wallets are RFID-blocking wallets. RFID blocking material is creating a shield around your ID, passport and bank cards to protect them from unwanted scanning.

– It’s roomy. Most of neck wallets are thin enough to be concealed under your clothing but spacious enough to hold several passports, smartphone, credit cards, ID card and money.

6. Main Disadvantages of a Neck Wallet

– Strap is not slash proof.  It’s easy for thieves to cut it and run away with your neck wallet.

– It’s quite visible to everyone. Unless it’s under a jumper or a scarf to hide it completely.

7. Other Uses for Neck Wallets

Mostly travel neck wallets are used as they are supposed to be used. For travel. But some people buy them for different purpose.

Some people buy neck wallets to use it as a sewn in pocket for winter jackets. Due to the RFID blocking feature and low profile they can make great and safe pockets. As most of the neck wallets have several pockets of different sizes it will keep items in an organized way.

Some women use travel neck wallet as a stash pocket for their winter boots.

Money on the table

Best Neck Wallet: Best RFID Neck Wallet Reviews

1. venture 4th rfid-blocking travel neck pouch review.

travel neck wallet

Looking for a neck wallet that will last long and protect you from identity theft? The Venture 4th definitely is a good choice!

It’s lightweight, very durable and well-made, yet still inexpensive .

The Venture 4th RFID-blocking wallet is also water resistant. So your documents will stay safe if you get caught in the rain.

The Venture 4th travel neck wallet is made of durable ripstop nylon. It’s lined with radio frequency shielding material which blocks unwanted scans, ensuring that your personal information stored on microchips of your passport, credit cards and ID cards is safe. The whole neck wallet is RFID protected except the clear window on the front.

The back of the Venture 4th neck wallet is lined with breathable, moisture wicking material .

This travel wallet has 4 compartments: a large pocket with a Velcro closure (with inner mesh pocket), 2 zippered pockets, and a transparent pocket (ID window). The Velcro pocket is where your passport and phone goes. Zippered pockets can accommodate ID and credit cards.

The Venture 4th neck wallet is roomy enough to store several passports. Good news for those who travel with kids and family.

The Venture 4th travel neck wallet can be comfortably worn around your neck, under your clothing. Keeping your documents safe also from pickpockets. Which makes this travel neck wallet a great choice also for festivals, concerts and other events.

Dimensions: 8” x 5.5” (20 x 14 cm).

2. Zero Grid RFID-Blocking Travel Neck Wallet Review

travel neck wallet

The Zero Grid travel neck wallet is what I’ve been using for around 2 years.

The wallet is made of durable and lightweight 210D ripstop nylon, which is also water repellent. The wallet also has a breathable, moisture-wicking back that eliminates uncomfortable moisture and heat.

The Zero Grid neck wallet has several zippered compartments: a large zippered compartment with vertical zipper, and two smaller zippered pockets at the front of the wallet. There’s also an open slip pocket for quick grab items at the back of the wallet.

The large zippered compartment can accommodate my passport (without a case) and a small smartphone like iPhone SE in its cover easily. Looks like a larger phone (such as iPhone 7) would fit in this pocket, too. The largest of the pockets at the front also can accommodate a passport (without a case). The smallest front zippered pocket can hold credit and ID cards.

Is the Zero Grid travel wallet the best neck wallet? For some it definitely is.

What I like about this wallet is that almost all of the compartments are zippered, except the back mesh pocket. So everything is stored safely, and nothing will fall out. The wallet also features a belt loop.

Just like the Venture 4th travel neck wallet the Zero Grid neck wallet is worn around your neck, under your clothing. It both protects your documents from pickpockets and also from unwanted scanning and identity theft. The three zippered pockets are lined with RFID-blocking material.

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 5.75” (19 x 15 cm).

3. Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Travel Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

Simply great RFID neck wallet for travel. Durable and well-made.

Just like the other neck wallets also the Lewis N. Clark is water resistant.

The neck wallet is made of strong rip-stop nylon. Special lining blocks unauthorised RFID scans. The travel wallet also has durable, self-repairing zippers. The TravelDry fabric on wallet’s back wicks away moisture as well as resists odors, keeping you comfortable.

The Lewis N. Clark neck wallet has a large Velcro pocket with an internal mesh pocket for your passport and phone. Then there are two zippered front pockets for credit cards, and an ID window.

The ultra-slim design helps to keep the neck wallet concealed under your clothes, thus securing your documents from pickpockets.

Dimensions: 8″ x 5.5” (20 x 14 cm).

4. Art of Travel RFID-Blocking Travel Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

A cute and well-made travel wallet.

If you want something different, then this is for you. It’s a colorful wallet and you can choose from some interesting designs.

The Art of Travel neck wallet is made of nylon, which is durable, lightweight and water resistant. The neck wallet has durable water resistant zippers.

Another thing that makes this wallet unique is its clear smartphone pocket. Text, browse and check your mail through the clear front pocket while keeping your phone safe close to you.

The neck wallet has 5 pockets: clear pocket for a smartphone at the front of the wallet, two pockets under a Velcro flap, one zippered front pocket, and one zippered pocket at the back of the neck wallet.

The clear phone pocket can hold a large smartphone, such as iPhone 7 Plus. The middle pocket (one of the pockets under the Velcro flap) is RFID safe.

Is the Art of Travel wallet the best travel neck wallet? For some it will be. What I, personally, like about this wallet is that it’s colorful instead of being plain black, grey or beige. There are several bright prints to choose from. My girlfriend says, that it’s also cute enough to be used on everyday basis – like a small crossbody bag. I’ll trust her opinion on this.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 6.25” (22 x 16 cm).

5. Yomo RFID-Blocking Travel Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

A classy looking travel neck wallet that is slim, yet very spacious.

The Yomo wallet is spacious enough to hold a couple of passports, large smartphone, a few credit cards, boarding passes, coins, and keys. This neck wallet is made of durable water resistant canvas. It has soft nylon lining, which makes it easy to slide in your passport, phone and cards.

The Yomo neck wallet has 5 pockets: a pocket for passport and smartphone, two slip-in pockets for credit cards and IDs, side zippered pocket, and a small zippered pocket on the Velcro flap. The largest pocket is roomy enough to hold any iPhone.

And last but not least – this travel neck wallet is lined with RFID blocking material.

That means that whole wallet is RFID blocking, not only one pocket.

6. Tarriss Travel Gear RFID-Blocking Travel Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

A versatile neck wallet thas is perfect also for everyday use.

It can be worn as a neck wallet or used as a regular wallet since it can folds to become wallet-size.

The Tarriss Travel Gear neck wallet is made of water resistant ripstop nylon, and has a breathable backing for maximum comfort.

The has several pockets which will help to keep your documents organized. There’s a pocket for passport and phone, two zippered side pockets, small pocket on the flap for coins, ID window, and open slip-in back pocket.

The Tarriss Travel Gear neck wallet is RFID blocking. Note that this shielding does not cover small zippered pocket on the flap.

Is this the best neck wallet? It will be for some. For example, for those of us who are traveling with kids. What I like the most about this neck wallet is that it’s versatile. And you can wear it as a neck wallet or use it as a regular-size travel wallet. The wallet is RFID blocking.

Dimensions: 8″ x 5.5″ (20 x 14 cm);

Dimensions (Regular wallet mode): 5.5″ x 5″ (14 x 12.7 cm).

7. Inspiring Adventures RFID-Blocking Travel Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet

An inexpensive, yet durable travel neck wallet.

The Inspiring Adventures neck wallet is made of 210D rip-stop nylon, and has durable laminated water resistant zippers.

Unfortunately, only the front part of this wallet is lined with radio frequency shielding material, so only front zippered pocket is RFID blocking. If you want to be on the safe side, put your passport in an RFID blocking sleeve.

The Inspiring Adventures travel neck wallet is available in two sizes: regular size and large .

Neck wallets feature several pockets: 2 zippered pockets for credit cards, 1 slip-in pocket (with an inner mesh pocket) for a smartphone and passport.

Large models also include a moisture wicking back mesh pocket, belt loop, and a key holder.


Regular size: 6.5″ x 5.5″ (16.5 x 14 cm);

Large: 8″ x 6.5″ (20 x 16.5 cm).

What travel wallet do you use? What’s the best travel wallet for your needs?

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travel neck wallet

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Travel + Leisure / David Hattan

Tap-to-pay technology adds convenience to shopping experiences , allowing you to make quick, contactless payments in a moment’s time. But unfortunately, it can also be an open invitation for high-tech thieves.

Enter RFID-blocking wallets, here to save your sensitive info from digital pickpockets. They create a digital force field, keeping your credit cards, passports, and whatever else safe from unauthorized snooping. The best RFID-blocking wallets act as a bodyguard for your digital identity, while also looking attractive and making it easy for you to grab any cash or documents you might need to reach for during your travels.

When researching the many products currently available, we prioritized several key features: digital safety, organization, appearance, practicality, and price. Taking these into consideration, we've compiled this list of the best RFID-blocking wallets to keep your identity safe while on the go.

Best Overall

Zero grid travel neck wallet with rfid blocking.

RFID-blocking sleeves, recovery tags, and super secure construction make this simple and affordable bag perfect for protecting your items on the go.

This bag is meant to be worn around the neck or as a crossbody, so it might not make the best choice for those looking for a traditional wallet.

Our top pick for an RFID-blocking wallet is a simple one, which favors function and durable materials to keep your valuable information safe during travel. Crafted from waterproof rip-stop nylon and YKK zippers, you don’t have to worry about potential fabric tears or loose pockets with this affordable neck wallet by Zero Grid. The wallet’s design is also sleek, making it easy to wear underneath a sweatshirt or jacket for added security.

If you decide to walk around for the day and don’t feel like bringing the entire bag with you, the RFID sleeves can also be removed for independent use — perfect for sticking in your pocket or within the compartments of another bag you’re using, like a backpack. Something else unique about this neck wallet is the inclusion of lost and found coverage, which would reimburse you up to $300 if your items are stolen.

The Details: 7.5 x 5.7 inches | Nylon | 7 sleeves

Travel + Leisure / Alexander Huang

Best Budget

Zoppen passport holder travel wallet.

Convenient and stylish, this wallet securely keeps everything you might need for your travels in its place, from your credit cards to your passport.

Larger than your average wallet, consider that you might want to stash this in a larger bag for everyday use, or utilize the included wrist strap.

This super affordable travel wallet is the definition of organized, with tons of helpful slots and pockets for all of your cards and documents — ensuring that your important items stay in their rightful place at the airport and beyond. There are compartments for multiple passports and folded notes and tickets, plus slots for your cards and ID. Your debit and credit cards are also kept safe by RFID blocking technology, and we love the additional compartments not seen from most travel wallets, such as a smartphone holder and even a pen holder. Lastly, it’s available in 15 different colors and comes with a convenient detachable wrist strap.

The Details: 7.75 x 12 inches | Faux leather | 8 card slots

Best Minimalist

The ridge minimalist slim wallet.

It’s durable yet incredibly sleek, with a profile so slim it can fit in most pants pockets.

It’s not large enough to carry a passport or other travel documents.

The makers of the Ridge wallet claim it’s made to last a lifetime, and we might actually believe them thanks to its durable aluminum construction and easily replaceable parts, like its elastic, screws, money clip, and cash strap plate. This slim and sleek wallet is meant to eliminate unnecessary items that can weigh your typical wallet down, like faded receipts and unused cards. It can fit up to 12 cards without stretching out, protecting each one with RFID-blocking technology, and includes an external money clip for securing your physical dollar bills. Keep in mind that you’ll need somewhere else to stash larger documents such as your passport or boarding passes.

The Details: 2.13 x 0.24 x 3.39 inches | Aluminum | 12 card slots

Best Luxury

Bosca leather bifold wallet.

This handcrafted wallet looks luxurious, while also keeping your cards safe from RFID hackers.

If you have a large collection of cards you’d like to carry around regularly, this might not be the right option.

RFID security meets handcrafted luxury in this leather wallet by Bosca, featuring safe card pockets and a clear ID window, two full-length bill pockets, and hidden pockets to keep other important documents secure and out of sight. Made from hand-stained leather in a small factory outside of Florence, Italy, it's also a great value considering the quality of materials and construction. This wallet has fewer card slots than others on this list, and therefore might not be right for you if capacity is your top consideration.

The Details: 3.5 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches | Italian leather | 5 card slots

Best Organization

Bellroy rfid travel wallet.

It has designated sections for your passport, tickets, bills, and up to 10 cards.

Larger in size and constructed without a strap, it might not be great for everyday use.

This folio by Bellroy combines functionality and style: it’s crafted from high-quality leather with a durable, minimalist design and tons of compartments for organizing your cards and documents. Dedicated compartments for passports, cards, and cash help keep everything organized and easily accessible, with RFID-blocking technology for safeguarding your identity. We love the unique design of this wallet’s built-in micro pen as well, which is perfect for filling out travel documents. Its slim and compact design ensures it won't add unnecessary bulk to your travel essentials, and it's available in four classic colors: tan, dark brown, black, and navy blue.

The Details: 8.07 x 4.13 inches | Leather | 14 card slots

Travel + Leisure / Taylor Fox

Best Money Clip

Hayvenhurst slim wallet.

It’s slim and high-quality with a convenient push-up feature for your cards.

This wallet’s rigid metal material might make it uncomfortable to store in your back pocket.

The compact and slim design of this wallet makes it ideal for travel, easily fitting into pockets without adding bulk, while the durable metal construction ensures longevity and protection for your valuables. The inclusion of a money clip adds a practical touch for organizing bills, allowing for quick access to cash when needed. We also love its sleek and stylish appearance — despite being able to hold up to 12 cards at one time, it can easily fit into your front pocket or small bag. To access cards, a small divot at the bottom of the wallet is designed for your finger to push them up.

The Details: 0.75 x 3.43 x 4.29 inches | Aluminum | 12 card slots

Best Crossbody

Pacsafe rfidsafe rfid blocking tech crossbody.

It’s sleek and convenient with great organization features.

The crossbody design may be less suitable for those who prefer traditional wallet styles.

Crafted from post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET), this crossbody wallet by PacSafe repurposes the equivalent of eight recycled plastic bottles. The bag's thoughtful construction not only incorporates RFID-blocking technology, but also several useful pockets and slots for your passport, credit cards, and more, including a pen loop and an internal attachment point for your keys. We love that it's less like a bag and more like a true wallet, with a crossbody design that makes it easy to access your important documents during your travels.

The Details: 8.66 x 4.92 x 1.38 inches | Recycled polyester | 5 card slots

Best Rugged

Pelican g5 personal utility rf field wallet.

It’s practically indestructible.

Its hard shell can make it difficult to pack in a small bag, and it doesn’t fit a passport.

Going somewhere off the beaten path, or simply want to make sure your cards and cash are safe from the elements? This field wallet by Pelican features an aircraft-grade aluminum RFID-blocking shell, and is both crush-proof and waterproof. Like all products by Pelican, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll never have to worry about having to replace it on your own dime if something happens to it. Inside, find an elastomeric strap and mesh organizer for cards, cash, and keys plus a rear rubber strap on the exterior for quick-access items. Our main gripe is that it doesn’t have room for a passport, so you will need to find somewhere else to stash that during your travels, but it’s a great option for once you’ve made it through the airport and arrived at your final destination.

The Details: 5 x 3 x 0.80 inches | Aluminum | 4 card slots

Best Handsfree

Travelon anti-theft active waist pack.

It keeps your valuables secure to your body without giving up use of your hands.

Only the card and passport slots are RFID-blocking.

When you’re on the go, a good fanny pack is the perfect option that combines convenience, safety, and mobility. This one by Travelon takes the security of a waist pack and doubles it with RFID-blocking technology integrated into its inner card and passport slots, protecting you from theft in multiple ways. Made with lightweight durable nylon and slash-proof breathable mesh panels, it’s a no-brainer way to keep your cards and documents organized while running around an airport or a new city. Bear in mind that only the card and passport slots are RFID-blocking, though, so you shouldn’t let any of your cards sit loose in the main compartment if you want to take advantage of that feature.

The Details: 8.75 x 2 x 6 inches | Nylon | 3 card slots

Royce Vaccine Card and Passport Wallet

Despite having a dedicated slot for your passport, it isn’t bulky.

It isn’t the most spacious option on the list.

While many RFID-blocking wallets prioritize function over form, this one by Royce has both in spades. Crafted from high-quality leather and available in 11 attractive colors from bright cobalt blue to taupe, we love that this wallet can fit not only credit cards and your vaccination card, but also a passport, all without a bulky design. Besides offering a wide variety of colors to choose from, Royce also provides monogramming free of charge, letting you personalize your wallet for both safety and aesthetic appeal. Keep in mind if you have several credit cards you like to keep with you during your travels, this might not be the best option.

The Details: 5.6 x 4 x 0.25 inches | Leather | 3 card slots

Travel + Leisure / Hildara Araya

Best Compact

Pioneer passport wallet.

It’s designed specifically to keep your passport safe.

It’s slightly pricey for a small, non-leather wallet.

This compact wallet by Pioneer is perfect for the high volume traveler looking for something they can easily stick in their pocket while on the go. While most travel wallets seemingly include a passport strap or pocket as an afterthought, we love the thoughtful design of this one, which features a 3D molded passport slot. Waterproof and crafted from sturdy technical materials, Pioneer’s 10XD super fabric is ten times stronger than steel per weight, and is blended into a fine nylon ripstop. The wallet’s price is a bit hefty in our opinion considering it isn’t leather, but we love that it is pliable and engineered to break in with use and time, similar to leather.

The Details: 4.06 x 5.31 x 0.16 inches | 10XD polyethylene/nylon blend | 8 card capacity

Tips for Buying an RFID Wallet

Consider your storage needs.

When selecting an RFID-blocking wallet for travel, it's crucial to carefully consider your storage needs to ensure both functionality and security. Begin by assessing the number of cards and essential documents you plan to carry, such as credit cards, passports, and identification cards. Opt for a wallet with sufficient card slots and dedicated compartments for passports and travel documents. Look for a design that allows easy access to frequently used cards while keeping sensitive items secure. Some RFID-blocking wallets also offer features like zippered pockets, pen slots, coin compartments, and billfold sections, providing versatility for organizing different currencies.

Opt for durable materials

Prioritizing long-lasting materials is also essential while picking out a wallet that you depend upon to safeguard your most sensitive items. Opt for wallets constructed from robust materials such as high-quality leather, nylon, or other RFID-blocking fabrics. These materials not only provide a sleek and stylish appearance but also offer resistance to wear and tear, ensuring the wallet can withstand the rigors of frequent travel. Additionally, look for wallets with reinforced stitching and secure closures to enhance durability.

RFID, or Radio-frequency Identification, is the technology that enables data to be transmitted wirelessly through embedded chips, allowing for the quick transaction time that we now love. While this technology makes checkout a breeze, it has also paved the way for a new breed of cybercrime known as RFID skimming. RFID-blocking technology protects your cards and passport against RFID skimming by employing materials that create a protective barrier.

RFID-blocking materials, like those integrated into specialized wallets, consist of a conductive layer that disrupts the radio signals, preventing them from reaching the RFID chips in your cards. This type of theft is rare and difficult to pull off since RFID technology is used to emit a one-time wireless signal only, and the signal becomes useless after each transaction. However, if you want to be extra protected, opt for a wallet with this technology inside.

Nope, RFID blockers cannot interfere with the functionality of your credit cards. Since RFID chips are passive, they require energy from a scanner to be active, and the technology in RFID-blocking wallets and other accessories simply keep your info from being tapped into.

It depends on what you're carrying with you. If you carry valuables that contain RFID technology, such as contactless credit cards and a smart passport, then an RFID-blocking wallet is highly recommended as a layer of added security. Also, if you're a frequent traveler and want to make sure your personal information is protected, then it’s a worthwhile investment to get a passport wallet with RFID-blocking technology built in.

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