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Experience the European harbor capital in a unique way, combining next level architecture with an explosive history. On May 14th 1940, the city centre was destroyed by German bombs. Unshakeable -like its people-, the city rose from its ashes to become the cultural hub it is today. Join the next tour and discover why our tour remains the #1 walking tour in our beloved city.

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Dive into the history of Rotterdam and find out why this native of the city had a university and a bridge named after him. See where he lived and learn how he still ties scholars from around the world to our city.

walking tour rotterdam

When the nazis invaded the city on 14 May 1940, most of the city center was brought to the ground. Discover how the bombardment has affected the history  and  future of both Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

walking tour rotterdam

Sometimes referred to as Manhattan on the Meuse, there is something unique and exhilarating about the architectural style across the city. Gaze at towering skyscrapers, peculiar buildings and learn about the logistic troubles that came with the more unconventional constructions of the city.

walking tour rotterdam

Europe’s largest harbor plays an essential role in the history of our city, transforming a small fishing town into the industrial hub it is today. Stride along the throbbing artery that pumps into the Meuse and the Rhine & into the waterways of Western Europe.

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Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour

By: Author Sophie Nadeau

Posted on Last updated: 24th October 2022

Categories Netherlands , walking tour

Last Updated on 24th October 2022 by Sophie Nadeau

Rotterdam is like no other city in the Netherlands. Or, for that matter, the rest of Europe. During the Blitzkrieg of WWII, the city was near flattened, leaving behind little. Rotterdam became a blank canvas on which a modern metropolis has since been constructed. All concrete jungle and metal skyscrapers, here’s a free and self-guided Rotterdam walking tour you’ll want to follow:

The Best Day Trips from The Hague, The Netherlands: Here are the very best excursions from Den Hague, Holland. UNESCO world heritage sites, gourmet/ foodie experiences, and tulip museums.

Rotterdam walking tour

Rotterdam centraal station, picasso sylvette, cool district, erasmus statue, grote of sint-laurenskerk, cube houses, overblaak, maritime museum, erasmusbrug, enjoyed reading this free and self-guided tour of rotterdam pin it now, read it again later:.

Rotterdam is the kind of city that you’ll need to dedicate an entire day to exploring. Whether it be as a day trip from The Hague , Amsterdam, or as an overnight stop, there’s no shortage of things to see and do when it comes to Rotterdam.

If you’re looking to see a number of attractions while in Holland (museums, paid parks, etc), then you may well want to consider investing in a Holland Pass . In order to work out if the pass is worth it or not, add up the cost of the individual attractions you want to visit and see if it’s more affordable to buy them separately or purchase the pass.

When booking your route, be sure to arrive in Rotterdam Centraal as opposed to one of the other stations in Rotterdam (you’ll thank me later!) In order to undertake this walking tour, you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes that you’re able to walk a fair distance in. Rotterdam , like much of the rest of Europe, is not a place for high heels or brand new shoes.

Alternatively, it’s perfectly possible to rent a bike for the day and explore the city on two wheels. Bicycle parking is available throughout the city and exploring via bicycle means that you’ll be able to explore the fringes of the city which might otherwise be too far to traverse on foot.

For those who are looking to get a bite to eat en route, I highly recommend finding somewhere in the Cool District. This area of Rotterdam is known for its many bars and restaurants and, despite what you may think, although plenty of tourists wander around the area, there are still some great eateries to be found. For even more inspiration, be sure to check out our suggestions for one day in Rotterdam .

Walking time: 1 hour 8 minutes

Distance covered: 5.5 km

 Free and self-guided Rotterdam walking tour. Looking for the best things to do in Rotterdam the Netherlands in one day? here's a guide!

Suggested stops on this Rotterdam walking tour

This walking tour begins where most journeys to Rotterdam start: Centraal Station. All modern architecture and glinting metal, the Centraal station is to be your first taster of the architecture of the city and a glimpse of what lies beyond its modern façade.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

While it’s pretty apparent that Rotterdam is a hub for modern era architecture, what you may not know is that there is a Picasso statue in the heart of Rotterdam, not far from the Centraal Station.

The concrete Sylvette was acquired by the City of Rotterdam following a seven-year deal and weighs some 46,000 kilos. There are plenty of other unique attractions to see in the city. Here’s a guide to the best hidden gems of Rotterdam .

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

With ‘cool’ in its name (pronounced ‘coal’ in Dutch) , you know that this district is going to be a place worth hanging out in. Home to many of the best bars, bistros, and brasseries in Rotterdam, the Cool District is where all the locals hang out. While in the Cool District, be sure to wander along the Witte de Withstraat strip.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

The most famous resident in the history of the city is a certain Desiderius Erasmus, a scholar and Dutch Christian humanist who lived from the 15th to 16th-centuries. Those who have studied abroad within Europe have likely heard of the man before as one of the top study abroad programmes in the world is named for him.

Located just steps away from the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk, this is the fifth incarnation of a number of such statues of Erasmus in the city. So influential of a man was Erasmus that he was the first non-royal to have had a statue created for him in the Netherlands.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

One of the only buildings to have survived the Blitz of Rotterdam during WWII is the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk, though it’s worth noting that this ecclesiastical building too, was badly damaged by the bombing. Dating all the way back to the 15th-century, this church is the sole reminder of Rotterdam’s medieval past.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

The largest archway in Europe also happens to house the largest artwork in the Netherlands (a piece which is known as the Horn of Plenty) , as well as being a great place to stop off for a bite to eat.

Located somewhere between the Old Church and the Old Harbour, the market hall (known as Markthal in Dutch) is home to stall upon stall of Dutch fast food, local produce, and bites to eat from all over the world.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

If you’ve ever seen a photo of Rotterdam on Instagram, you’ve likely spied the cube houses. Designed by award-winning Dutch architect Piet Blom and built in the 1980s, there are forty cube ‘dwellings’ in total.

Living in a house such as this is said to take some practice since only a quarter of the living space is actually habitable! Constructed over the Blaak overpass, the tilted cubes are designed to be like urban treehouses.

For those who want to catch a glimpse of what it might be like to live inside one of the cube houses, it’s possible to visit the Show Cube for a price (though, after I visited the house, I did feel like the entrance fee was on the pricier side of things).

If you’re staying in Rotterdam for a little longer than a day, then you may well consider staying in a Cube House for yourself. Stay Okay Hostel can be found in one of the few larger cubes on site and the accommodation is generally pretty well reviewed.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

Filled with tall ships and set against the backdrop of the iconic Cube Houses, the Old Harbour of Rotterdam is where all the locals come to hang out. After all, it’s here where you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants, including the award-winning Noah Cocktail Bar and Restaurant.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

One of the first tall buildings in Europe is that of the Witte Huis. Situated on the fringes of the Oude Haven, the Witte Huis (quite literally translated as ‘White House’)  was built between 1897 and 1898 in an attempt to replicate the Art Nouveau architecture that the architects had so fallen in love with in New York.

Now a National Heritage site, the Witte Huis stands at over forty metres tall and comprises of ten floors. Today, Witte Huis is easily one of the most beautiful buildings in Rotterdam and its ground floor functions as a café and restaurant.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

For all things maritime-related, the Maritime Museum was founded as early as 1874 by Prince Henry of the Netherlands. If you want to visit the Maritime Museum, then it’s even possible to purchase your ticket in advance .

For those who are unsure as to whether they want to pay the entrance fee, the adjacent Maritime Museum Harbour features all kinds of open-air installations and attractions.

If you want to see even more of the harbour, together with a knowledgeable tour guide, then you may well consider booking this 90-Minute Harbor Cruise with Live Guide.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

Nicknamed the swan (and once in front of the bridge it quickly becomes apparent why!), the Erasmus Bridge is named for the most famous Rotterdammer. While in front of the bridge, be sure to check out de Rotterdam.

This set of three towers are connected via small glass bridges on the upper floors and their construction was only finalised in 2013. One of the best places in Amsterdam from which to admire the Erasmusbrug is from Willemsplein, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

Free & Self-Guided Rotterdam Walking Tour, Holland, the Netherlands. How to spend one day in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! (Cube Houses, Markthal, Oude Haven, etc)

Sophie Nadeau loves dogs, books, travel, pizza, and history. A Francophile at heart, she runs when she’s not chasing after the next sunset shot or consuming something sweet. She splits her time between Paris and London and travels as much as she can! Subscribe to Sophie’s YouTube Channel.

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One day in rotterdam: a perfect itinerary (+ map).

Are you wondering what to see in Rotterdam in one day?

Then you’ve come to the right place. I loved my solo trip to The Netherlands’ Capital of Cool and am excited to share my 1-day Rotterdam itinerary.

Whether you are on a day trip from Amsterdam, visiting as part of a cruise or staying overnight, it includes the best things to do during one day in Rotterdam. You can use this itinerary as a self-guided walking tour and I’ve included a map to help you on your way.

cube-buildings-and-pencil are some of the best things to do in rotterdam in one day

Some articles on this website contain affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases . Read the full disclosure here .

yellow geometric cube houses in rotterdam in front of pointed tall modern building


  • Visit the iconic Cube Houses
  • Stop for lunch at Rotterdam’s market hall
  • Stroll around Rotterdam’s Old Harbour
  • Admire Rotterdam’s modern architecture
  • Walk along the Maas Riverfront



  • Rotterdam bike tour
  • Rotterdam Walking Tour and Harbo u r Cruise
  • Rotterdam Segway Tour

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: citizenM Rotterdam Hotel


Why Visit Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a city that rose like a magnificent phoenix from the ashes.

The Netherlands’ second-biggest city was flattened in a Nazi bombing raid on May 10 th  1940. Only a handful of historic buildings survived the onslaught.

Enlightened town planners and architects used the reconstruction of Rotterdam as an opportunity to build a strikingly modern city that pushed the envelope of urban design. What we see today is an architectural showcase designed by the great and the good of contemporary architects.

There are boldly futuristic apartment buildings, office towers, libraries, bridges, market halls and subway stations. But as a nod to Rotterdam’s past, remnants of the city’s few surviving historic buildings are tucked between its more contemporary creations.

Better still, Rotterdam is one of  the best European cities to visit as a solo traveller .

geometric yellow and grey blocks of cube houses of rotterdam

Is One Day in Rotterdam Enough?

One day in Rotterdam is enough time to hit its highlights with ease. As most of its main attractions are grouped close together, this is a very walkable city. 

Stay for an extra day if you prefer a slower pace of travel or want to see a few of the places outside the city centre, such as Delfthaven.

Rotterdam Self-Guided Walking Tour and Map

You can visit the city’s key sights on my self-guided walking tour. This walk starts at the central railway station (Rotterdam Centraal) and ends at the Old Harbour. It is around  3 miles  long.

To help you along your way, here’s an interactive map of this Rotterdam walking tour. If you need directions, simply click here or on the image.


If you would like to use public transport to help you see these sights, fast forward to later in this article for tips on how to get around Rotterdam (-> here ).

rotterdam walking tour opt in

Rotterdam 1-Day Itinerary & Best Things to See

1. rotterdam centraal train station.

Our walking tour starts at  Rotterdam Centraal train station,  a modern architectural gem.

Opened in 2014, Rotterdam’s futuristic central train station is massive, spread over 430,000 square feet under a cathedral-like roof. Before you start your walk in earnest, you might want to pick up a city map from the train station’s  Tourist Information Office .

When you exit the station into the plaza, turn around and look back at the station to admire its flying saucer-shaped roof, with its tip in harmonious juxtaposition with the adjacent buildings.

rotterdam-centraal-station rood against adjacent blue towers

2. Rotterdam’s Shopping Zone

Korte Lijnbaan forms part of  Lijnbaan , a fairly unremarkable network of pedestrianised shopping streets, but one with a claim to fame.

Lijnbaan was the first pedestrianised downtown shopping area to be developed in Europe. As such, it was a huge tourist attraction in the 1950s when such developments were novel.

Today, it has lost its shine and its shops are a little down market. Nonetheless, this cycle-free zone is pleasant and you don’t run the risk of cyclists approaching you from behind you like silent assassins!

When you reach the statue of the rasslin’ bears, take a right, and when you reach the tram tracks take a left. You are now in  Beustraverse , another shopping street.


Carry on straight and you will reach  Hoogstraat , which was at the heart of Rotterdam’s downtown area pre-1940.

Are you now ready for a pit stop?

If so, then grab a prized pavement table at  Poffertjessalon Seth  (Hoogstraat 147)  and order a portion of their tiny traditional pancakes, smothered in butter and dusted with icing sugar. They are like little sweet clouds of heaven.

Now on a sugar high, head toward the steeple of  St. Lawrence Church .

3. St. Lawrence Church (Laurenskirk)

exterior of st lawrence church in rotterdam with tall bell tower at centre

St. Lawrence Church  is one of the few buildings that survived the WW2 bombing raid. Completed in 1525, this imposing Gothic building is Rotterdam’s oldest.

I didn’t go inside, but if you fancy a peek it will cost you €3 (2023 price). You can check opening hours here . The church also hosts concerts.

If you have a head for heights, you can climb the tower from Tuesday to Saturday from March until October.

Have you heard about the Erasmus programme? This is a European exchange programme designed to enable students to gain experience in another country, either as part of their degree programme or as a work placement.

Meet the man who inspired this. The statue of Rotterdam native,  Desiderius Erasmus  (1469 – 1536) graces the plaza in front of St. Lawrence Church.

Erasmus was a Renaissance humanist scholar who studied extensively abroad to avoid the fate of his like-minded friend, Thomas More, who had his head chopped off by Henry VIII.

Erasmus Statue & St Lawrence Church, Rotterdam

Other Rotterdam landmarks are also named after him. We’ll come across at least one other in this walking tour.

But, for now, continue to the end of Hoogstraat and straight ahead you will see a white building with yellow tubes. Head towards this building which is Rotterdam’s  City Library .

5. The City Library

If you love funky architecture don’t skip Rotterdam’s City Library. Often compared to Paris’ Pompidou Centre, it is in keeping with the French building’s aesthetic of “form follows function”, celebrating the guts of a working building.

city library rotterdam interior staircase

I took the escalator all the way up to the top floor to fully appreciate this space and loved the funky 1970s-style lampshades.

Exiting the City Library, walk back across the plaza towards the modern dome-shaped building which is Rotterdam’s  Market Hall.  

6. Rotterdam Market Hall (Markthal)

If you only have one day in Rotterdam, its Market Hall is a must-see.

It is not like any other market that I have come across on my travels. Gleaming and modern, this cathedral of food is covered by a spectacular 36,000 sq ft ceiling mural, featuring fruits, vegetables and other market goods.


Beneath this domed ceiling is an extensive food market with over 100 retailers, restaurants and fast-food stands.

If you are ready for lunch, this is one of the best places in Rotterdam to stop for a drink or a quick bite to eat.

Back outside, you will be able to spot the distinctive tower block dubbed “ The Pencil ” by Rotterdammers because of its shape. Make your way toward it and you will arrive at the  Cube Houses .

7. The Cube Houses of Rotterdam

For many, the Cube Houses are the stars of Rotterdam’s architectural show. Designed and built in the late 1970s by the architect Piet Bloom, these innovative buildings have achieved iconic status.

This urban forest of 39 identical yellow cubes sits on hexagonal poles, their walls tilted at a precarious 54.7-degree angle. Each cube houses a single family on three levels. The lower triangular level is the living room; the middle level is for sleeping and bathing; and the upper level is an additional sleeping or living area.


For a closer look, follow the signs to the museum to enter a series of courtyards around which the Cube Houses are clustered. You can enter one of the houses themselves by paying to visit  Kijk-Kubus Museum House .

Alternatively, if you are after a more immersive Cube House experience, you can stay in one at the  Stayokay Hostel (Overblaak 85-87). Dorm beds and private rooms are available.

From the Stayokay Hostel, take the steps down to Rotterdam’s  Old Harbour . This is the endpoint of our Rotterdam walking tour and we will return here. But if you want to refuel you can do worse than take a seat at one of the harbourside bars and restaurants.

If you want to carry on, walk around the left-hand side of the harbour, cross the main road and then go under the bridge’s flyover to reach the  Maas riverfront .

8. Maas Riverfront

The red bridge to your left is the  Williams Bridge (Willemsbrug) .

With your back to the Williams Bridge, stroll along the riverfront boardwalk. In around 15 minutes you will arrive at the  Parade of Flags , 200 of them representing the nationalities of those making up Rotterdam’s multi-ethnic population.

Remember Erasmus from earlier in our walking tour? Here is another Rotterdam landmark that bears his name, the spectacular 800-meter-long  Erasmus Bridge (Erasmusburg) .

The graceful shape of its 139-meter-high pylon has given it its nickname, “The Swan.”


The Erasmus Bridge is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful bridges and it forms part of the city of Rotterdam’s logo.

To continue our walking tour, turn right to head away from the river and up  Schiedamsedijk . Then turn right to reach the  Maritime District .

If you fancy putting your feet up and relaxing for an hour or so, why not take a harbour cruise from Willemsplein? This will allow you to see Rotterdam from another perspective and you’ll learn more about the city, its shipyards and docks.


9. Leuvehaven

A hundred years ago,  Leuvehaven  was a busy commercial port. Today it’s a harmonious blend of the old and the new, with a few remaining historic harbour buildings sprinkled amongst new tower blocks. It is an open-air venue for all things related to nautical history.

It is also home to Rotterdam’s  Maritime Museum . In the plaza behind the museum is the symbolic  De Verwoeste Stad (The Destroyed City)   statue, commemorating the city’s WW2 destruction.


Follow the road (Blaak) around to the right at the Maritime Museum and just past the Blaak metro station you will find yourself back at the  Old Harbour.

10. The Old Harbour (Oudehaven)

Rotterdam’s  Old Harbour  is a modern recreation of what the harbour would have been like, had Hitler not had his way with the city. With its outdoor bars and restaurants and a handful of historic ships, it is a very pleasant area to stroll and sup.

Old Harbour with Williams Bridge and the Old Customs House in the background

It must be time for that cold drink now. You deserve it and where better to end your day in Rotterdam?

If You Have More Than One Day in Rotterdam

If you are in Rotterdam for more than a day, I recommend visiting Delfshaven  and  Luchtsingel . You will need to hop on the city’s metro system but they are both well worth the journey.

Time permitting, try to see the city’s street art and a few of Rotterdam’s subway stations .

Mercifully saved from the destruction wrought by the WW2 bombing campaign, Delfshaven is a very well-preserved area of Rotterdam and gives us a glimpse of what the city would have looked like in its golden age.

As its name suggests, Delftsaven was actually the port for  Delft , six miles northeast of Rotterdam.

Lined by historic buildings, Voorhaven canal is crisscrossed by bridges and has a working windmill in the distance. It doesn’t get much more Dutch than this.

Buildings lining the canal of delfshaven shoud be seen if you have nore than one day in Rotterdam

Don’t miss the  Pilgrim Fathers Church (Oude de Pelgrimvaderskerk) , near the main drawbridge. It was here that the Pilgrims prayed the night before they set sail for the New World on 1 st  August 1620. The rest, as they say, is history.

To get to Delftshaven, take metro line A or B toward Schiedam Central, or line C toward De Aakers, and alight at Delfshaven.


Images of this 390-metre-long footbridge, slightly east of the main train station, grace many an Instagram feed. This bright yellow walkway connects Rotterdam North to the central area and has revitalised a once-neglected area.


Each of the 8,000 wooden planks forming Luchtsingel is inscribed with the name of the person who funded it, or with a message of the funder’s choice.

If you get a chance to visit, take a peek at the community area. It’s not often that you see sheep waiting for a train that will never arrive!

Rotterdam’s Instagrammable subway stations

Rotterdam’s architectural treasures can also be found underground. My favourites were  Marconiplein  and  Blaak .


If you visit Blaak station, look out for the remains of Rotterdam’s city walls which are suspended over one of its platforms.

Rotterdam’s street art & Witte de Whithstraat

The street art scene in Rotterdam is centred around  Witte de Whithstraat , which is the city’s hipster central. This lively street is lined with restaurants that represent Rotterdam’s ethnic diversity, boutiques, art galleries and even a Dutch “coffee shop”.


If you head to Rewriters Rotterdam, you can download a free downloadable  Rotterdam street art map . An app is also available.

How to get to Rotterdam

Thanks to its superb connections, getting to Rotterdam is a breeze.

I flew to Rotterdam – The Hague Airport  which is located 3km from the centre of Rotterdam. The flight time from London City Airport was a mere 45 minutes. The ice in my G&T barely had enough time to melt.  

To reach the centre of Rotterdam by public transport, take  bus #33  from the terminal.  A bus leaves every 10 – 15 minutes during the day and it will take you all the way to Rotterdam Centraal. Buy a two-hour ticket from the machine as you exit arrivals.

Alternatively, catch the #33 bus going in the opposite direction to the nearby Meijersplein metro station, five minutes away, and then hop on Line E. The two-hour ticket will cover you for both journeys.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport serves a greater number of destinations. A direct train can whisk you to Rotterdam Centraal station is less than 30 minutes.

Rotterdam is also well-served by trains, including a Eurostar train  from London St. Pancras. However, this direct train service is due to be suspended for up to 11 months starting in 2024.

Thanks to efficient rail connections, it’s east to visit Rotterdam as a day trip from cities in The Netherlands and Belgium , incuding Amsterdam, Leiden , Delft and Brussels .


If you arriving in Rotterdam on a cruise, reaching the city centre is a breeze.

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam  is centrally located at Wilhelmina Pier, at the southern end of the Erasmus Bridge. The nearest metro station is Wilhelminaplein, a five-minute walk away. From here, it’s four stops north to Rotterdam Centraal on Line D or Line E.

The cruise terminal is also served by trams #23 and #25.

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How to Get Around Rotterdam

Thanks to its integrated and efficient public transport network, getting around Rotterdam is easy. Your ticket choice will depend on how much you anticipate using the city’s transport system over a set time period.

For a one-off journey, buy a  two-hour ticket . If you plan to do a lot of travelling within Rotterdam during the course of a day then a  day ticket is your best bet.

A  Tourist Day Ticket is also available. The difference between this and the day pass is that it gives you free travel within the South Holland region, from the  tulip fields of Lisse  in the north to Dordrecht in the south. 

If you are planning to use public transport in other Dutch cities, an  OV-chipkaart  may be more convenient. Similar to London’s Oyster Card, you preload this card with credit or add a specific travel product. 

There is also a tourist card, the Rotterdam City Card , which provides unlimited travel on all RET metro, tram, and bus lines and discounts for many of the city’s top museums and attractions. It is available for 1 – 3 days.


Guided Tours of Rotterdam

If you want someone else to take care of all the arrangements for you or want to benefit from the knowledge of a local guide, why not join an organised tour?

A tour can be particularly useful if you are travelling alone. Many solo travellers fear being lonely , and joining an organised activity can be excellent for making friends while you are travelling.

Here are a few highly-rated options to consider:

Rotterdam bike tour | BOOK HERE

Do as the locals do and explore Rotterdam on two wheels. This 2.5-hour bike tour takes in many of the attractions listed in this article in the company of a local guide.

Rotterdam Walking Tour and Harbor Cruise | BOOK HERE

Get the best of both worlds with this 3-hour guided walking tour followed by a harbour cruise.

Rotterdam Segway Tour | BOOK HERE

Conquer the bridges of Rotterdam on a fun-filled 75-minute Segway tour

Where to Stay in Rotterdam

Rotterdam offers a broad range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. As each district has its own charm and personality, there is no single best area to stay in Rotterdam.

The lively city centre, right in the thick of things, is divided into sub-districts. Here are a few areas that are worth considering:

  • The  Cool District  around Witte de Withstraat Street  – brimming with bars, restaurants, boutiques and galleries
  • The  Triangle area , near Blaak Square and the Market Hall. From here, it is easy to visit most of Rotterdam’s attractions
  • Oude Haven  – for a dose of Dutch culture and history

citizenM Hotel   – I stayed at the funky four-star hotel in the thick of things, alongside the Old Harbour and across the road from Blaak station. Recommended.

two chairs and a lamp as part ofOne of citizenM Rotterdam's living rooms

READ THIS NEXT: citizenM Rotterdam Hotel: Affordable Luxury?

Here are other options that I have found that may suit different budgets:

PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam   – these stylish, serviced apartments near the central train station have garnered rave reviews.

Sparks Hostel  – Close to Rotterdam Centraal station, this hostel offers dorm beds and private rooms.

>>> None of these places take your fancy? Discover other great accommodation choices in Rotterdam .

Thanks for reading this Rotterdam itinerary

I hope that it helps you have the best day in Rotterdam.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, take a look at my other Netherlands guides:

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Articles on this site reflect her first-hand experiences.

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Rotterdam City Walk: a route to see all the highlights

  • August 21, 2019
  • Travel tips


This Rotterdam city walk solves a number of dilemmas for you. What is an ideal walking route to see all the sights in the city centre? How do I get from the Market Hall to the Witte de Withstraat? How far is the walk from Central Station to the Cube Houses? Don’t worry! We give you the best route for a city walk.

This route is largely based on our popular Rotterdam Free Walking Tour and private Rotterdam Highlights Tour . This route is designed to make it easy to see all the sights without a guide. If you want to know more about the sights, you are of course very welcome to join us on one of our tours.

1. Rotterdam Central Station

Many visitors arrive at Central Station. That’s why we choose to start our Rotterdam city walk here. It is also great to start here because the station from 2014 is state-of-the-art architecture. It has a beautiful design and especially the roof catches the eye. Rotterdammers call the station the ‘Shark’s beak’ and that’s because of the shape of the roof.

Walk straight ahead toward the city centre. After a minute walk, you’ll see a big white street art on your right with ‘West-Kruiskade’ on it.

2. West-Kruiskade

The beautiful white street art shows that this is where the tropical West-Kruiskade starts around the corner. This is the most multicultural street in the centre of Rotterdam. Here you can taste Surinamese, Chinese and other exotic delicacies. If you’re on a tight budget, this street is highly recommended. For €10-€15 you can score an excellent (spicy) main course here.

This Rotterdam city walk does not literally take you to the West-Kruiskade, because we are heading towards the city centre. So do not turn right towards the West-Kruiskade, but turn left. You are now walking in the direction of De Doelen. Cross over in the direction of the Albert Heijn and stop for the big black stone.

3. Fire Boundary

The large black stone shows the history of Rotterdam and the great bombardment of May 14, 1940. Here you can see the devastation after the German bombardment during the Second World War. A little further on you can see the Fire Boundary in the ground. These are tiles that light up red in the evening and that mark the points to which the fire came with the big bombardment.

Walk towards the cinema Pathé and walk all the way through the Lijnbaan towards the green dome of the town hall. You walk through the shopping part of the Lijnbaan and you are in the direction of the town hall for about 5 minutes.

4. Town Hall

This is one of the few buildings you will encounter during the Rotterdam city walk that survived the bombardment of the Second World War. The former post office next to it is also a pre-war building. Tip: you can visit the town hall during the week. Enjoy the beautiful courtyard garden and the beautiful interior of the town hall.

If you are standing in front of the town hall, walk right over the pavement on the Coolsingel and then cross over in the direction of the McDonalds. Walk straight ahead over the street which is called ‘Meent’. When you pass the restaurant Dudok, turn right and walk along the water. On your left, you’ll see the St. Laurenskerk.

5. St. Laurenskerk

What is a Rotterdam city walk without visiting the beautiful St. Laurenskerk ? Of course, you can experience the church from the outside, but you can also visit the church from the inside. The entrance fee is at least €2 per person. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the thrill seekers can also climb the tower for €5.

Walk along the right side of the church. You also walk past the blue-white house with the image of Erasmus. Walk straight ahead until you reach the Binnenrotte. Then turn right and you’ll see the Market Hall on your right and the Cube Houses on your left.

6. Market Hall

This five-year-old multifunctional building is the new major attraction of Rotterdam. On the outside, you can enjoy the special architecture. Foodies can enjoy themselves indoors. Here you will find numerous stalls with food, from European to Asian and South American cuisine. Take a look upstairs and enjoy the large colorful painting.

Walk from here towards the Cube Houses. Walk up to a few stairs and walk under the Cube Houses towards the Old Harbour.

7. Cube houses

The crazy yellow Cube Houses should not be missed in a Rotterdam city walk. These creations by architect Piet Blom from 1983 still amaze everyone. Are you curious what these crooked houses look like on the inside? Then visit the Kijk Kubus Museumwoning.

Walk straight ahead through the passage of the Cube Houses towards the Oude Haven. Don’t forget to take some nice pictures of the Cube Houses and the view of the Old Harbour.

8. White House and Oude Haven

Here at the Oude Haven you can take a break during your Rotterdam city walk. With the many cozy cafes at the waterfront, you’ll have plenty of choice for a drink. Be sure to pay attention to the monumental White House. This building from 1898 is also one of the few buildings that survived the big bombardment.

Walk past the White House and walk straight ahead on the street called ‘Wijnhaven’. Walk straight on for 5-10 minutes along the water. At the end of the Wijnhaven you will find the war memorial The Destroyed City with its characteristic arms up.

9. The Destroyed City

This monument by Ossip Zadkine is the most famous monument in Rotterdam related to the war. The desperate figure depicts the devastated Rotterdam after the great bombardment. Also note the hole in the body. This symbolizes the heart of the city that was bombed from Rotterdam.

The monument of Zadkine is the end of our Rotterdam city walk. We give you two more options to continue from here. You can walk straight ahead the small port (Leuvehaven) on your left side and then you will arrive at the iconic Erasmus Bridge. If you are hungry in the meantime, walk to the Witte de Withstraat. This is the most famous street in the city when it comes to restaurants and bars. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun in Rotterdam!

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Free Walking Tour Rotterdam - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

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All-in-one Walking Tour of Rotterdam

All-in-one Walking Tour of Rotterdam Netherlands — #1

Overview of the tour in Rotterdam

Free Walking Tour of Rotterdam is the best way to Embark on a dynamic journey through the captivating streets. Explore the iconic landmarks, starting at Stationsplein, and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Architectural Marvels: Witness the innovative Cube Houses and the striking Erasmusburg Bridge, offering stunning river views. Culinary Delights: Indulge in Rotterdam’s diverse cuisine, from savory haring to delectable stroopwafels. Retail Discovery: Uncover unique finds at De Bijenkorf Rotterdam and the bustling Lijnbaan shopping district. City Hall Charm: Admire the grandeur of City Hall Rotterdam, a true emblem of the city’s history. Enchanting Sights: Stroll through charming Oude Haven and marvel at the breathtaking skyline. Join us in this immersive Free Walking Tour of Rotterdam as we reveal Rotterdam’s essence through its history, architecture, local culture, and mouthwatering flavors. Our guides will lead you to hidden culinary gems, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Let us be your guide as you explore Rotterdam’s of Netherlands hidden treasures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

This activity includes:

  • De Bijenkorf Rotterdam
  • Albert Heijn To Go Stationsplein

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Stationsplein, 3013AL

Find our Guide with an umbrella open in front of Stationsplein.

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Walking in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a lovely city to explore on foot. You can take in an abundance of sights on a short stroll or long city walk. The options are endless, and if you want, you can use an app, or a map or join an official guide who will show you all the highlights. There are plenty of interesting sights to discover. Wander through the beautiful streets or admire the many works of art in public spaces. If you head a little further away from the centre, you can venture through Historic Delfshaven, around the lake in Kralingse Bos, across Katendrecht or along the beach at Hoek van Holland. You can also opt for a city walk or tour with a guide.

Discover Rotterdam Walking Routes

To make things easier for you, we created the ‘ Discover Rotterdam ’ brochure with two unique walking routes. The first walk, the ‘Waterfront Stroll’, is 13 kilometres long and offers stunning views of the banks of the Nieuwe Maas River, which divides Rotterdam in two. The second walking route, the ‘Food, Fashion & Design Tour’, is 9 kilometres long and takes you past the best restaurants, breweries, boutiques and galleries of creative Rotterdam. Besides these two city walks, which you can divide into shorter sections, the guide also includes two cycling routes. Order or view the brochure online (free) or pick it up at one of the Rotterdam Tourist Information locations for a small fee and explore the city on your own.

Explore Rotterdam with a professional guide

If you want to explore Rotterdam in a fun, smart, and authentic way, then consider booking an arrangement with a professional guide or tour guide! There are plenty of options to choose from, including De Rotterdam Tours , Inside Rotterdam , Around010 , Tourguys , UrbanGuides and Bike & Bite (Hike & Bite). A guide from one of these companies will provide you with more information and inspiration, and also share background stories of the locals. This will make your visit even more meaningful! In addition to unique walking tours, many of these tour guides also organize bike routes, culinary tours, and other themed explorations.

Out and About with a Local Guide

Inside rotterdam, bike & bite, de rotterdam tours, rotterdam routes.

If you would prefer to step out of your comfort zone and explore Rotterdam on your own, you can choose from a wide range of city walks and walking routes and let the diversity of the city surprise you. Whether you decide on a historical walk, an art walk past sculptures and street art or to enjoy the peaceful nature at the edge of the city, Rotterdam offers something for everyone. Get inspiration from our selection of routes and make the most of your walking adventure without a guide.

  • BKOR offers 5 art routes spread throughout the city. Explore Rotterdam with the Art Route from Zuidplein to Rotterdam Central Station, the Art Route from Westersingel to Wilhelminapier, Light Route Rotterdam, Monumental Feijenoord and Singeltracé in Rotterdam-Noord. The routes are free, download them or pick up the route maps at our locations .
  • You can admire even more art, mainly street art, on the 6 different routes on the Rewriters App . The routes can be downloaded via Wi-Fi, so you can use the app without an internet connection during your walk. Through text and audio, you will learn all about the artworks and the artists.
  • The Port of Rotterdam is surprisingly full of nature and perfect for walking and cycling. Diverse routes take you past all the well-known and lesser-known highlights of the port. Check out the various routes on the Port of Rotterdam website .
  • For walking routes through nature or the countryside around Rotterdam, be sure to visit Natuurmonumenten . Enjoy a walking route from the city to the Rotterdam countryside or a walk around the Ackerdijkse Plassen, near Rotterdam. (Please note: these routes are only offered in Dutch).
  • Zuid-Hollands Landschap also offers walks through wonderful – sometimes hidden – places. Like the route across the Eiland van Brienenoord or towards the coast, the Naval Heroes Walking Route, in Hoek van Holland. (Please note: these routes are only offered in Dutch).
  • The Rotte is a beautiful river that meanders its way from Rotterdam’s backyard to the bustling city centre. You can stroll and relax along its lively quays and green banks. Interested? Explore the routes offered on the website of Ook dit is de Rotte. (Please note: these routes are only offered in Dutch).
  • The  NS  (Dutch Railways) also offers the most beautiful walking routes from the various NS stations: through the city and nature and from short to long distances. In Rotterdam, the NS walking route is called ‘Rotterdam Maasstad’, and in Schiedam, choose the walking route ‘Schiedam Jeneverstad’. (Please note: these routes are only offered in Dutch).

Click here for more walking and cycling routes in Hoek van Holland.

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Cycling in and around rotterdam, rent a bike, guided tours & routes.

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Highlights bike tour

Rooftop tour, rotterdam food tour.

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  • Bike Tour Rotterdam

Rotterdam Walking Tour

Street art tour – private, architecture tour, rooftop tour – private, tower climb.

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Trend Tour Rotterdam

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Street Art tour

Street Art tour

Apr-Oct • Saturday @3pm • Street art tour guides share the origins, inspirations, meanings and motifs of brilliant street art. In collaboration with the Rotterdam Street Art Museum.

Winter Rooftop Tour

Winter Rooftop Tour

Winter Special! • for groups • In the winter of 2023/2024, led by a fun rooftop guide, visit three multi-purpose rooftops with a special story. Tour includes drinks and snacks.

Street Art tour – Private

All year • for groups • Street art tour guides share the origins, inspiration, meanings and motifs of stunning street art. In collaboration with the Rotterdam Street Art Museum.

Food ‘n Route – Walking tour

Food ‘n Route – Walking tour

All year • up to 6 persons • A Rotterdam food tour that will surprise you! Self-guided walking tour. Available every Thursday through Sunday.

Rooftop Tour

Apr-Oct • Saturday @2.30pm • Up on the rooftop. Visit special rooftops, hear all about innovative rooftop use and enjoy Rotterdam’s spectacular skyline.

Rooftop Tour – Private

All year • for groups • Up on the rooftop. Visit special rooftops, hear all about innovative rooftop use and enjoy Rotterdam’s spectacular skyline.

Rotterdam Food tour

All year • for groups • A very tasty food tour of the city. Be surprised by local and worldly bites. Visit the best local entrepreneurs and get to know Rotterdam better.

Tower climb

All year • for groups • Climb the tower of the iconic Laurenschurch and enjoy spectacular views of Rotterdam. An enthusiastic guide tells “the story of the tower” during the climb.

Architecture tour

All year • for groups • A very nice tour through the center of Rotterdam. Inside and outside the box. Highlights, history, architecture and more are all covered!

Customized Tour

All year • for groups • On a customized tour, we customize the tour entirely to your needs. Perfect for a corporate event, a bachelor party or a family outing.

Trend Tour Rotterdam

All year • for groups •

We let you experience Rotterdam in an original, playful and in-depth way. With a small team of inspired and knowledgeable guides, we know how to make tours special for every group, both private and business. We also find it important to make a positive contribution to local life, with an eye for the environment.

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Free Walking Tour Rotterdam

Discover rotterdam with a local friend from free walking tour rotterdam, free  rotterdam walking tour.

Rotterdam is an excellent city for a Free Walking Tour, because of its great architecture and its many different stories.

The city was bombed heavily in the Second World War but was built up quickly during and after its fall. Pre-war buildings are now replaced with stunning modern architecture and a new Rotterdam has arisen from the ashes. 

This makes Rotterdam great for a walk with a local friend, getting up close under its skyline and showing you the city landmarks. 

Yet, there is more to Europe’s architectural capital than a number of flashy skyscrapers… Who was Erasmus of Rotterdam and why did the philosopher become so famous for the student exchange program?

How does a relatively unassuming city boast the former biggest harbor in the world? Still serving as the gateway to Europe, it is the continent’s biggest industrial area.

Although it would be impossible to see the whole area in two hours, we will tell you the stories that will sail you across its grandness. Part of the tour is spent in the Museum Harbour, giving you a feel of the size.

Join us, for an entertaining tour with lots of humor and inspiring stories. Book a spot before you go, to keep the tours personal and high quality we accept up to 15 people per guide. As it is an outside activity, it is Corona-proof. 

See you soon!

Free Walking Tours Rotterdam Team

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View of Rotterdam

view of Rotterdam

Free tour Rotterdam

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Free walking tours in Rotterdam

Erasmus from Rotterdam - photo taken on our free walking tour

Cube houses free tour Rotterdam

cube houses in Rotterdam

Street art of Rotterdam

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Top 5 peculiar landmarks in Rotterdam

Check out the 5 most peculiar landmarks that grace the skyline of Rotterdam, from strangely built tilted houses to towering futuristic structures.

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Amsterdam dims the Red Light in the Wallen district

The Red Light District of Amsterdam has banned all guided tours. How has this affected the area and what are future plans?

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Will you still be able to buy Marijuana in Amsterdam in the future?

Amsterdam is the most liberal city in the world. Our liberal city is famous for its tolerance drug policy, but for how long?

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Architecture Walking Tour Rotterdam

Tourists from all over the world come to see the unique landmark architecture of Rotterdam. Thanks to the exciting architecture Lonely Planet choose Rotterdam as one of the 10 best cities in the world to visit.

Rotterdam is the perfect place for anyone fascinated by innovative and modern architecture. Rotterdam was already before the Second World War before the devastating bombardment , the capital of the ‘Nieuwe Bouwen’ – modernist architecture. The best example of this period is the brilliant UNESCO Van Nelle Factory , situated outside the city centre and for that reason not included in this architecture walking tour. From the superb Central Station and the Groothandelsgebouw (a fine example of the Rotterdam reconstruction architecture) to the Timmerhuis, the Cube Houses and the Markthal , you can expect a great variety. Our architecture guide will lead the way through all these architectural treasures of Rotterdam and the great Rotterdam architects like Rem Koolhaas.

More information?

+31 10 2900032.

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Guided Architecture Tour

Group 1-15 persons per guide

Duration 2 hours

Price per group € 170 (this is a private tour for 1-15 persons)

Departure We start at the Central Station or at the Market Hall (flexible)

Book the Architecture Walking Tour

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If you signed definitively, we send you an invoice which can be paid by bank.

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    Free Walking Tour of Rotterdam is the best way to Embark on a dynamic journey through the captivating streets. Explore the iconic landmarks, starting at Stationsplein, and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant atmosphere. Architectural Marvels: Witness the innovative Cube Houses and the striking Erasmusburg Bridge, offering stunning river views.

  10. Walking Tours in Rotterdam

    Rotterdam Architecture Walking Tour. Our Architectural Walking Tour is ideal for lovers of modern architecture. This tour will lead you to the architectural highlights in the centre of Rotterdam. You'll also learn about the typical Rotterdam 'wederopbouwarchitectuur' (reconstruction architecture) and famous Rotterdam architects like Rem ...

  11. Walking in Rotterdam

    The first walk, the 'Waterfront Stroll', is 13 kilometres long and offers stunning views of the banks of the Nieuwe Maas River, which divides Rotterdam in two. The second walking route, the 'Food, Fashion & Design Tour', is 9 kilometres long and takes you past the best restaurants, breweries, boutiques and galleries of creative Rotterdam.

  12. Rotterdam Walking Tour

    Rotterdam walking tour for all small or big groups. Choose between: Street art, Highlights, Architecture, Food, Rooftoptops and more. All tours; School groups; Gift voucher; About us; Contact +31 (0)10 30 70 280; [email protected]; NL; €35 Highlights bike tour.

  13. Free Walking Tour Rotterdam

    Free Rotterdam Walking Tour. Rotterdam is an excellent city for a Free Walking Tour, because of its great architecture and its many different stories. The city was bombed heavily in the Second World War but was built up quickly during and after its fall. Pre-war buildings are now replaced with stunning modern architecture and a new Rotterdam ...

  14. City Rotterdam Tours

    Walking Tours Rotterdam. The best way to discover Rotterdam is via a private walking tour. We offer a wide range of walking tours varying from Highlights Centre, Architecture, Historic Delfshaven, Oude Noorden, Fire Line Boundary to complete tailor made tours. See all the Rotterdam walking tours.

  15. A self-guided Rotterdam walking tour: Architecture and art

    This Rotterdam walking tour takes you right by it anyway, if you want to cross the Erasmus Bridge. While the Inntel opened on this site in 1989, this unusual tower wasn't built until 2007. The two topmost floors (15th and 16th) are used for meetings and events. The theme of the hotel is "sight on water," referring to its location ...

  16. Rotterdam Small-Group Walking Tour 2024

    Explore the highlights of Rotterdam on this small-group guided walking tour. See key architectural landmarks such as the Central Station, Groot Handelsgebouw, Luchtsingel, Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk, Market Hall, Cube Houses, the Old Harbor, and more, and learn more about the history and significance of the buildings from your guide.

  17. Free Walking Tour Rotterdam

    Join Free Tours in Rotterdam and discover how the second largest city in the Netherlands arose from the ashes! Walking the city center, travelers can't miss the romantic Old Harbor, the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk (the only remains of Rotterdam's medieval past), Rotterdam Centraal Station, Erasmus Bridge, the super iconic Cube Houses, and the ...

  18. Rotterdam Introduction Walking Tour (Self Guided), Rotterdam

    Tour Duration: 1 Hour (s) Travel Distance: 1.3 Km or 0.8 Miles. Self-guided walking tour: Rotterdam Introduction Walking Tour in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The detailed walk route map can be downloaded to your mobile device for turn-by-turn travel directions.

  19. Rotterdam: 2-Hour Guided Walking Tour

    Located conveniently inside the Rotterdam Central station under the distinctive 'meeting cloud', let's now turn our attention to the pricing and availability of the Rotterdam Walking Tour. Compared to other guided tours in Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Walking Tour offers a competitive price starting from $97.34 per person.

  20. Architecture Walking Tour Rotterdam

    Guided Architecture Tour. Group. 1-15 persons per guide. Duration. 2 hours. Price per group. € 170 (this is a private tour for 1-15 persons) Departure. We start at the Central Station or at the Market Hall (flexible)

  21. Rotterdam: WWII Walking Tour

    The WWII Walking Tour in Rotterdam offers a captivating exploration of the city's history, providing visitors with a deep understanding of the devastating impact of the war and the remarkable resilience of its people. Led by knowledgeable tour guides, this tour not only delves into the events of World War II but also showcases the unique ...