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What is the last chapter and what happens after I finish the game?

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June’s Journey Guide: 5 Tips & Cheats to Solve More Puzzles

By: Author Matt

Posted on Last updated: May 27, 2019

June’s Journey is a new hidden object game coming from Wooga, the creators of Pearl’s Peril. Available on iOS and Android devices, June’s Journey takes you to different stunning locations that are inspired by the 1920s era. The story revolves around the main character, June, as she tries to find out what happened to her missing sister. Your job is to help her solve this mystery by traveling all over the world with her. There are dozens of puzzles for you to crack, as well as different game modes that will keep you intrigued for hours on end. The game is divided into episodes and the story unfolds as you solve more puzzles. Can you figure out the mystery behind her sister’s disappearance? Make sure you rely on our June’s Journey strategy guide to help you solve all the puzzles!

1. Take A Step Back

june's journey tips

Hidden object games often tend to confuse players by making items of disproportionate size. The first few puzzles you play in this game are meant to introduce you to the mechanics so they will be easy to complete. After that, you will be surprised by the sudden increase in difficulty. A common mistake some players make is that they tend to focus too much on the intricate details of each puzzle. You would be zooming in to the small items trying to find what is hidden only to discover that what you are looking for is right in the middle of the screen. The best thing to do when you are stuck is to take a step back and try to look at the puzzle with a different perspective.

2. Think Outside The Box

When you are given the list of items to find, you will often come up with a mental image of what each object should look like. The game will try to take advantage of this by tricking you into looking for actual images of these objects. If you feel that the item you are looking for does not really belong in the current setting, then the chances are it would be different from what it normally looks like. For example, if you are asked to look for a seashell but the setting is an indoor living room, then you might want to check the decors of the furniture to see if there are any shells engraved.

3. Take Note Of Objects

Each location is replayed numerous times before you complete an episode. The list of things you need to find, however, changes after each level. It is a good idea to make a mental note of all the odd items you notice during your first playthrough. There is a good chance that those odd items will appear on your list the next time you play in that location.

4. How To Get A High Score

june's journey cheats

The game scores you based on how quickly you complete a puzzle. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t take your time in finding all the items you need. Since you can replay all the levels as much as you want, you can just play slowly during your first try then go back later to aim for a better score. Just don’t forget that you will be consuming energy with each replay so find the balance between progressing through the story and aiming for high scores.

5. When In Doubt, Tap Around

Since the setting of the game is in the 1920s, there is a good chance that you may not have any idea what some of the items are. If you have no idea what you are looking for, you can try to tap odd-looking objects around the map in hopes of stumbling upon the correct item. Be careful about tapping too much, though. The game will lock you out for a few seconds if you do it too often.

Solving puzzles is a lot of fun, especially if you rely on our June’s Journey strategy guide for help! Enjoyed this game guide? Or want to share your thoughts about the game? In any case, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area below!

lucille Traylor

Monday 5th of February 2024

How to get rid of Big Box being charged to amazon

How to rid hidden box

Saturday 13th of January 2024

i like june's journey except for the snakes that are in the puzzles so much

Sunday 20th of August 2023

WHY do I get. Negative number in the scene when I have earned what is needed to go to the next scene?????????

Friday 30th of June 2023

For months & months, the same person has been at the top of the leaderboard. Why is that?

june's journey ending

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Is 875 the last level?

Is 875 the last level? I am on 870. Getting close.

Yes, 875 is the highest level you can attain at this time.

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This article contains spoilers . Proceed at your own risk.

Click here to learn more about Jack's Deliveries .

  • 1 Personality
  • 2 Background
  • 3.1 Jack and June
  • 3.2 Jack and Marie
  • 4 Physical Appearance
  • 6 References

Personality [ ]

Jack Hayes is a brave and adventurous person, who sometimes acts too fearlessly and rash. He has a great sense of justice and doesn't like to back down on it, for example he is decidedly against complying with Kimiko's kidnapper even when his fiancé, Marie, asks him to.

Jack values family, and he worries about his relatives, however, he doesn't visit his parents and grandmother unless there is an occasion. This might be because Jack doesn't value his family's upperclass lifestyle and political ambition the same as them, which seems to put some distance between him and his family.

Jack's star sign is Taurus. He likes romantic gestures, taking to the sky and anything chocolate. Jack dislikes dishonesty, cheap whiskey and neckties. What makes him memorable is "that twinkle in his eyes and his way with words". [1]

Background [ ]

Jack Hayes was born as Avery Jackson Hayes III as the son of a prominent senator. Avery Hayes ' and Tippi Hayes ' marriage was arranged by Jack's grandmother Vivian Hayes , who wanted to make sure to add a valuable connection to this politically ambitious family.

Jack soon decided to not follow the footsteps of his ancestors and became a pilot. His frequent visits to his maternal grandparents' farm as a child influenced his decision.

Jack fought as a pilot during World War I. After the war ended, he suffered a trauma, which led to him and June breaking up. Most of the time he drowned his pain in alcohol.

Relationships [ ]

Jack and june [ ].

Shortly after the war ended, Jack and June met in London and started a relationship that didn't last long. They remained best friends, but his love for her never died. Nevertheless, he supported June's marriage to Nicholas Bennett and comforted her after her divorce.

After Clare and Harry van Buren 's death, Jack confesses his feelings for June which remains unanswered by her. Even months from that she isn't aware of her own feelings for Jack. This causes her relationship with David West to break down. David accuses June of still being in love with Jack, which she then finally acknowledges.

Right after Marie and Jack break up, June still struggles to tell Jack about her feelings, even though she is aware of them by now. So the two part again. After she gets shot by a hired killer and almost dies she doesn't hesitate any longer. She confesses her love to him and they get together for "a serious relationship."

Jack and Marie [ ]

Jack began a relationship with Marie Hamada , an American-Japanese reporter, while June was dating David . Jack and Marie met when Marie covered the homicide of Ben Field , for which Avery Hayes was a suspect. They quickly grew closer and soon got engaged. Their wedding was planned to take place in Tokyo but they agreed to break up shortly before the wedding. Their break-up was provoked by Tetsuya , a childhood friend of Marie who's deeply in love with her. He informed a crew of reporters to take photos of Jack and June barely clothed after breaking out of a sauna. This led Marie to believe Jack cheated on her so she in turn cheats on Jack with Tetsuya. After Jack learns of her unfaithfulness they decide to break up quite amicably.

Physical Appearance [ ]

Volume 1 : Jack is an adult male with a muscular build. His brown hair is parted on the right side and above the shoulder length. He has a mustache and beard. He usually either wears an aviator jumpsuit or shirt and pants.

Jack Hayes, smiling

Jack's first appearance happens in Level 21, Vol. 1 , when June seeks him out to fly her to Cuba to find the kidnapped Virginia .

References [ ]

  • ↑ June's Journey Facebook, "Memorable Man of the Month": https://www.facebook.com/JunesJourney/photos/3137777303147967 , Feb 21, 2022.
  • 2 Orchid Archipelago

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June's Journey: Hidden Objects Will there be a volume 8 in Junes journey

How to take screenshots.

june's journey ending

To take a screenshot with your Mac, Command + Shift + 3 and then release all keys to captuer the whole screen, or press Command + Shift + 4 and press down and drag the mouse over the area you'd like to capture.


To take a screenshot with your iPhone or iPod Touch, press and hold the sleep/wake button and then click the Home button.

Take a Screenshot with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) just press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

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June's Journey

Why do I sometimes get a “PERFECT” at the end of a Scene in June’s Journey ?

june's journey ending

June’s Journey is an immersive hidden object game that captivates players with its intriguing storyline and challenging scenes. One aspect of the game that players strive for is achieving a “PERFECT” rating at the end of a scene. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind occasionally receiving a “PERFECT” and explore the significance of this achievement in June’s Journey.

  • 1 1. What is a “PERFECT” in June’s Journey?
  • 2 2. Benefits of Achieving a “PERFECT” Score
  • 3.1 a. Take your time
  • 3.2 b. Utilize zoom and pan features
  • 3.3 c. Pay attention to object descriptions
  • 3.4 d. Minimize miss-tapping
  • 3.5 e. Maintain focus
  • 4 4. Bonus Multiplier and 10-Coin Award
  • 5.1 a. Complexity of the scene
  • 5.2 b. Time limitations
  • 5.3 c. Object variety
  • 6 6. The Significance of Accuracy and Precision
  • 7 7. The Role of Hints in Achieving a “PERFECT”
  • 8 8. Player Satisfaction and Game Progression
  • 9 9. Examples of Unexpected yet “PERFECT” Endings
  • 10 10. The Concept of Satisfying Story Endings
  • 11 11. Honoring the Story and Characters
  • 12.1 How do people score so high on June’s journey?
  • 12.2 What happens when you finish the island on June’s journey?
  • 12.3 What is the secrets of June’s journey?

1. What is a “PERFECT” in June’s Journey?

In June’s Journey, a “PERFECT” signifies a flawless completion of a hidden object scene. It means that you have successfully found all the required objects without any mistakes or miss-taps, thereby showcasing your exceptional observational skills and attention to detail. When you achieve a “PERFECT,” you not only receive a high score but also unlock additional rewards that enhance your gameplay experience

2. Benefits of Achieving a “PERFECT” Score

Reaching a “PERFECT” score in June’s Journey comes with several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to maximize your overall score, which contributes to your progress in the game. Additionally, achieving a “PERFECT” rating earns you a bonus multiplier that boosts your score even further, allowing you to climb the leaderboards and showcase your expertise to fellow players.

Moreover, a “PERFECT” completion awards you with 10 Coins, which serve as the in-game currency. These Coins can be used to unlock additional features, purchase power-ups, or speed up certain aspects of the game. By accumulating Coins through “PERFECT” performances, you gain more opportunities

to enhance your gameplay and enjoy June’s Journey to the fullest.

3. How to Achieve a “PERFECT” in a Hidden Object Scene

Obtaining a “PERFECT” score in June’s Journey requires a combination of keen observation, focus, and strategic thinking. To maximize your chances of achieving a “PERFECT,” consider the following tips:

a. Take your time

Don’t rush through the scene; take your time to thoroughly examine the environment and locate each object carefully. Patience and a systematic approach can significantly improve your accuracy.

b. Utilize zoom and pan features

The zoom and pan features in June’s Journey allow you to explore the scene more closely. Utilize these functions to spot hidden objects that may be concealed within the intricate details of the artwork.

c. Pay attention to object descriptions

Read the object descriptions provided at the bottom of the screen. They often contain valuable clues that can guide you towards the objects you are looking for.

d. Minimize miss-tapping

Avoid tapping randomly on the screen, as miss-tapping penalizes your score and hinders your chances of achieving a “PERFECT.” Ensure that your taps are accurate and intentional.

e. Maintain focus

Concentration is key in hidden object scenes. Avoid distractions and create a conducive environment that allows you to immerse yourself fully in the game.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase your efficiency and accuracy, ultimately improving your chances of attaining a “PERFECT” in June’s Journey.

4. Bonus Multiplier and 10-Coin Award

Achieving a “PERFECT” rating not only grants you a sense of accomplishment but also provides additional rewards. When you complete a scene flawlessly, you receive a bonus multiplier that amplifies your score. This multiplier encourages players to aim for perfection and allows them to outperform their previous records, fostering a spirit of healthy competition among June’s Journey enthusiasts.

Furthermore, a “PERFECT” performance rewards you with 10 Coins. These Coins are a valuable currency within the game, enabling you to unlock special features, acquire power-ups, or progress faster. By consistently achieving “PERFECT” scores, you accumulate more Coins, empowering you to enhance your gameplay experience and delve further into the captivating world of June’s Journey.

5. Factors Influencing a “PERFECT” Rating

Several factors contribute to the successful completion of a hidden object scene with a “PERFECT” rating. These elements are designed to test your observational skills and challenge your ability to spot well-hidden objects. Some factors that influence your “PERFECT” rating include:

a. Complexity of the scene

The complexity of the scene directly affects the difficulty level and the time required to find all the objects. Scenes with intricate details and cleverly concealed items present a greater challenge but offer a more rewarding sense of accomplishment when completed flawlessly.

b. Time limitations

In certain scenes, you might face time constraints that add an extra layer of pressure. Managing your time effectively while staying focused on finding objects is crucial for achieving a “PERFECT” score.

c. Object variety

The diversity of objects in a scene can influence the difficulty level. Scenes that feature objects with similar shapes or colors may require heightened attention to detail to avoid overlooking any items.

By understanding and adapting to these factors, you can improve your chances of successfully completing scenes with a “PERFECT” rating.

6. The Significance of Accuracy and Precision

In June’s Journey, accuracy and precision are essential for achieving a “PERFECT” rating. The game rewards players who can distinguish between similar objects and tap with precision, avoiding miss-taps that could lower their score. By training your

observational skills and practicing meticulousness, you enhance your ability to achieve a flawless completion in each scene.

Maintaining accuracy and precision not only affects your score but also contributes to the immersive experience of June’s Journey. By engaging with the scenes attentively and tapping accurately, you become fully immersed in the game, appreciating the intricacies of the artwork and the carefully crafted challenges.

7. The Role of Hints in Achieving a “PERFECT”

Hints serve as a valuable tool in June’s Journey, assisting players in locating challenging objects. However, it is important to note that using hints during a hidden object scene prevents you from achieving a “PERFECT” rating. While hints can be beneficial in progressing through the game, their use comes at the cost of missing out on the additional rewards and sense of accomplishment that accompany a “PERFECT” completion.

To maximize your chances of attaining a “PERFECT” rating, it is advisable to rely on your observational skills and strategic thinking rather than depending solely on hints. By sharpening your abilities and immersing yourself in the gameplay, you can experience the satisfaction that comes from conquering each scene without external assistance.

8. Player Satisfaction and Game Progression

The pursuit of “PERFECT” ratings in June’s Journey not only adds excitement and challenge to the game but also contributes to player satisfaction. Achieving a “PERFECT” score provides a sense of accomplishment and validation of your skills as a hidden object enthusiast. It allows you to push your limits, outperform yourself, and showcase your expertise among the June’s Journey community.

Additionally, “PERFECT” performances contribute to your overall game progression. As you accumulate high scores and unlock additional rewards, you advance through the game’s levels, unlocking new scenes, storylines, and challenges. This progression provides a sense of advancement and discovery, further enriching your gaming experience.

9. Examples of Unexpected yet “PERFECT” Endings

In the realm of literature, there are instances where stories conclude in ways that readers did not anticipate, yet the endings are still considered “perfect” in their own right. For example, some novels conclude with bittersweet or ambiguous endings that defy conventional expectations but resonate deeply with readers. These unexpected endings challenge readers’ perspectives and leave a lasting impression, sparking contemplation and discussion.

10. The Concept of Satisfying Story Endings

Conventional wisdom suggests that story endings should align with readers’ desires and expectations to be considered satisfying. However, it is essential to recognize that this notion is not universally true. An ending can deviate from readers’ expectations while still honoring the story and the characters in a way that resonates deeply.

Unexpected endings have the power to evoke strong emotions and provoke thought. They challenge readers to reflect on the narrative, explore alternative interpretations, and draw personal conclusions. By defying expectations, such endings open doors to profound discussions and interpretations, enriching the reading experience.

11. Honoring the Story and Characters

An unexpected yet “perfect” ending honors the essence of the story and the development of its characters. It might defy traditional conventions or challenge the status quo, but it remains true to the themes, arcs, and emotional journey of the narrative. By staying loyal to the story’s core and respecting the characters’ growth, an ending can resonate with readers and create a lasting impact.

In literature, as in June’s Journey, the ability to create a memorable and fulfilling experience lies in striking a delicate balance between surprising readers and staying faithful to the narrative’s integrity. By crafting an ending that defies expectations but still connects with readers on an emotional level, authors and game developers can leave a lasting impression that lingers in the minds and hearts of their audience.

How do people score so high on June’s journey?

A High Score can be obtained by beating your own personal high score in the hidden scenes. You can only receive 1 high score per scene

What happens when you finish the island on June’s journey?

Once you have opened every space on Orchid Island, you will have the ability to begin decorating Sunflower Island.

What is the secrets of June’s journey?

Secrets is a time-limited event that combines hidden object gameplay and never-before-seen storylines, with a twist.

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El Salvador Decimated Gangs. But at What Cost?

What was one of the world’s most violent countries has become incredibly safe. it has transformed more troubling ways, too..

This transcript was created using speech recognition software. While it has been reviewed by human transcribers, it may contain errors. Please review the episode audio before quoting from this transcript and email [email protected] with any questions.

From “The New York Times,” I’m Sabrina Tavernise, and this is “The Daily.”

El Salvador has experienced a remarkable transformation. What had been one of the most violent countries in the world has become incredibly safe.

Today, my colleague, Natalie Kitroeff, on the cost of that transformation to the people of El Salvador, and the man at the center of it — President Nayib Bukele, who claimed victory in an election on Sunday.

It’s Wednesday, February 7.

Natalie, hi.

Hi, Sabrina.

It’s nice to have you back on the show as a guest and not a host.

It’s great to be here.

So Natalie, you’ve spent the past few months reporting on El Salvador. Tell us what you’ve been finding in your reporting.

Yeah, so I’ve been really interested in El Salvador since I became the Bureau Chief in Mexico City. I mean, this is this tiny country, the smallest country in Central America, that now has this broad resonance across the region, because it has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last few years. Now, to really understand the magnitude of this change of what’s happened, you have to remember that El Salvador was long known as one of the world’s most violent countries.

Government troops in El Salvador — nowhere in the world today is there a fiercer, bloodier battle for control of a nation.

This is violence that traces itself back to this bloody civil war that the country fought that ended in 1992. It sent hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans fleeing to the United States, where they developed these street gangs.

In El Salvador, they fight against each other, but in Los Angeles, they stand side by side on street corners, hoping to find a day’s work.

The MS 13 gang, the 18th Street gang —

This government video shows some of the arrestees getting on a plane, being deported.

And when the US started deporting Salvadorans back home —

— in this case, back to El Salvador, and leaving the plane free of handcuffs and leg chains.

— they brought the gangs with them, and they grew them. These gangs — they started to dominate vast swaths of the country, and they really divided the country up into their own fiefs. And they ruled over their turf with extreme violence. I mean, the level of brutality that people were subjected to was just remarkable.

The Central American nation of El Salvador has seen a terrifying surge in violence this year.

And they kind of created these invisible borders across the country. I mean, if you lived in a neighborhood controlled by one gang, you could not cross in to a neighborhood controlled by the rival gang, even if you had no gang affiliation. Because doing so could get you killed.

And people I talked to in El Salvador said they couldn’t go to the police. The police were seen as untrustworthy, in some cases, corrupt. If you went to the police, people told me, the police would point you out to the gang, and that could get you killed. So for many Salvadorans, they really felt they had absolutely no recourse.

But now, in the past two years, you’ve seen this total transformation of the country, and the gangs that used to dominate have been decimated.

So it’s open warfare among the gangs, and this is misery for the population of El Salvador. And now, you’re seeing this remarkable transformation, as you just told me. How did we get here from there?

Well, a lot of it comes down to this one guy.



Nayib Bukele.

He’s an unlikely kind of political phenomenon. He’s the descendant of a family of Palestinian migrants.

He grew up in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. He was educated at an elite bilingual school. He started out as a publicist on political campaigns and really gets his start —

— at the age of 30, when he becomes mayor of a small town. But his rise is meteoric.

He soon becomes mayor of the capital, San Salvador. He’s this backwards-hat-wearing, digital guy. I mean, he understands social media. He understands marketing. He is able to sell himself super effectively.

And in 2018, he decides to run for president. And he really bills himself as this change candidate.

You know, he is going to break with the corrupt politics of the past.

Bukele capitalized on disenchantment with the country’s two main parties, which have been in power for nearly three decades.

And one of his key promises is, he’s going to address the crime problem.

And in 2019, he’s elected by a pretty significant margin.

So what does he do once he gets into office?

So one of the first things we hear about on buckells crime strategy is that Salvadoran media reports that his government is actually negotiating with gang leaders in prison. And this is later confirmed by US officials. They say that Bukele’s administration negotiated with gang leaders in prison for a reduction in homicides in exchange for prison benefits and other financial incentives.

Now, murders go down, and that actually helps his popularity, which is sky-high at this point. And he starts to consolidate power. His party wins a supermajority in 2021 in the legislative assembly, and that allows them to make pretty radical changes.

They dismiss top Supreme Court judges. They dismiss the attorney general, who was investigating his government for corruption. It gives Bukele a lot of control over the country.

And is this because he was able to make this deal with the gangs? Like, kind of buying them off in a way?

Well, that’s what the local media and the US government says. I mean, he denies the charge that he negotiated with the gangs, but it’s very clear that the security situation, which has calmed down at this point, is a big part of his appeal. But that calm is broken in March of 2022, when there is an explosion of gang violence over one weekend.

62 homicides on Saturday — the most in one single day in more than 20 years.

The gangs just went on a killing spree. Some theorized that maybe this pact that he allegedly came to with the gangs broke apart. But in any case, the result is that his administration responds with force.

What do they do?

They impose a state of emergency. And this is a really extreme situation.

An increased army presence on the streets in El Salvador.

The government sends soldiers onto the streets and launch a campaign of mass arrests.

The president and Congress passing a temporary move to impose restrictions on assembly, extend police detentions, and allow the intercept of communications like phone calls.

The government suspends key constitutional rights indefinitely.

They say they’ve arrested over 6,000 suspected gang members, tracking them in neighborhoods, inside homes, and even hiding underground.

Thousands and thousands of people who are put behind bars with no due process.

Nayib Bukele and the national police touting the efforts on social media all week, using the hashtag, #WarAgainstGangs.

And as you can imagine, this really quickly transforms El Salvador.

It transforms El Salvador into what sounds like a police state. What did that feel like for people in El Salvador?

So I’ve gone to El Salvador several times over the last two years to try to understand that question, Sabrina. And in my most recent trip in January, I met this family that really encapsulates the complexity baked into how people feel about this.

I met them at their home, this modest house — three rooms — just outside of San Salvador —

— and sat down there with Irma, who’s 56 —

— and her husband, Mario. And they have two sons.

Irma has lived in El Salvador her whole life. She makes and sells corn tortillas for a living, and she really lived through the worst of this country’s violence.

She says the community where she lived, which was gang-controlled, was just a nightmare.

She says gang members would enter her home without asking for permission when they were hiding.

They would run on top of the roofs. She showed me her room, which is next to the window. She says she was afraid that bullets would come in.

But even with all of that, what weighed on her the most is that she said it was too dangerous for her to go visit her mom, because her mom lived in a neighborhood controlled by a rival gang.

And so when Bukele enters the scene —

— she says she has a lot of hope. She voted for him.

And when the state of emergency gets announced, she said she noticed her community just radically change.

And things got better really quickly. But then a month later, this war on the gangs really comes to her doorstep.

Her son, Mario, who’s 26, had come over to help her wash the corn and prepare the dough that she needs to sell her tortillas.

And he tells her that he’s going to go get a haircut, because he’s looking kind of shaggy, and he has work the next day.

And a few hours later, her husband gets a call from Mario saying that he’s been arrested. And so her husband rushes to the scene.

He asks the police for answers. He begs for answers. Why is my son being taken away? What is going on? The police brush him off and brush him off, and then they directly tell him —

Look, stop asking questions, or else we’re going to detain you, too.

And was there a chance he was, in fact, a gang member?

Well, Irma is adamant that, no, he’s not involved with the gangs.

She showed me documents showing that he worked at a call center, that he had no criminal record. But at the time, remember, these were mass arrests, and there was no due process. This is the other prong of Bukele’s security strategy, which is that there is a suspension of constitutional rights.

Human rights groups say that there were thousands of people who were not gang members who were still thrown behind bars, and that’s of more than 75,000 who’ve been arrested during the state of emergency. There have been reports that prisoners have been tortured and deprived of food inside prisons. And really, what happens is that you get arrested, you disappear into the prison system, and you’re never really heard from again. I mean, this is the case for Irma and her family.

For almost two years, they have not heard from or seen Mario. They have no idea how he’s doing. And that includes his eight-year-old son, who asks about Mario all the time and misses him a lot.

It’s been a huge wound for the family.

Her son’s house is just, like, a few houses down from hers.

And we went there and looked at it, and it’s like this time capsule. They’ve barely touched it since he was taken away.

We’re here in Mario’s room, where he has drawings by his son of a coffee mug and a blue blob. And —

It’s all dusty. I mean, she says she can’t even go there.

And while we were there, she just broke down.

And Natalie, what does she say about Bukele? I mean, she voted for him, right?

Well, that’s the thing. This whole time, I’m wondering, what does she think about the president who, in many ways, is responsible for her son’s arrest? And the thing is —

— she doesn’t blame him.

In fact, she says she supports everything the president does.

We’ll be right back.

So Natalie, help me understand this here. She’s still supportive of Bukele, despite the fact that she has lost her son, whom she says is innocent.

Yeah. I think Irma represents how a lot of Salvadorans feel. I’ve heard this sentiment a lot in my trips to the country. And the way she explains it is that first of all, she kind of takes it out of Bukele’s hands.

She says, look, what Bukele said was to go after guilty people. He wasn’t the one actually making the arrests. There were other people on the ground doing this. And if mistakes were made by them, well, those were mistakes that they made, not Bukele. It’s not his fault.

It kind of reminds me, Natalie, of Russia and the way Russians see Putin — that he’s floating above it all. He knows best. It’s just his kind of corrupt minions who are bungling the job when they carry it out.

Yeah, she has absolute faith in Bukele’s intentions and in what he wanted to do.

And that kind of explains the other piece of this for Irma.

She’s a very religious person. She sees all of this as part of God’s plan for her. I mean, she sees herself as suffering the consequences of a broader direction for the country that is overall good.

I mean, she basically refers to herself as collateral damage to this bigger kind of change in the country. And that change is one she really supports. And so this thing that happened with her son is causing her a lot of pain, but it doesn’t make her question the bigger purpose of it all.

Wow, that is extraordinary. I mean, she’s choosing her community above herself. And it’s probably also a measure of the sheer desperation that Salvadorans had to escape lawless violence, right? That state of being that was so painful for them for so many years.

Absolutely. This is a population that was living under extreme violence for years and years and years. And to now have that removed from the picture — I mean, for many people, that’s worth the price of unjust arrests or of having the military on the streets. And when you look at what Bukele has done, it really goes way beyond the state of emergency.

His party replaced supreme court judges, who then reinterpreted the country’s constitution to allow him to run for re-election. Legal scholars say this is explicitly banned in the constitution. But he did it anyway.

And so people inside the country and outside are looking at what Bukele’s doing and saying, this is chipping away at the foundations of democracy. They’re wondering, how democratic is the country anymore?

But when you ask people who lived in communities that were really kind of war zones in the past, they sound a lot like Irma.

And what was Bukele’s response to the accusations that he might be tugging the country away from democracy, that the system of democracy in El Salvador was in danger under him?

Well, right after I talked to Irma —

— I went to the residence of the Vice President, Felix Ulloa. He’s a 72-year-old politician. He’s someone who’s been in this world for a long time. And I wanted to ask him about these criticisms. And we sat down, and the first thing we talked about were cases like Irma’s.

How the government justifies sweeping up so many people that are not gang members.

What he said was, we’re in a war, and in a war, there’s collateral damage.

There is a margin of error. So he’s acknowledging that mistakes have been made, essentially, but saying, this is the price of something that is changing the country.

And he’s saying, look, the innocent people will eventually be released. The government has released 7,000 people from jails, but human rights groups say thousands more remain behind bars and are not gang members. And when I asked him about the charge that his government was undermining democracy, he told me something pretty remarkable.

What he said was, what democracy?

What democracy did we have in this country that left us with tens of thousands of dead, that just served to benefit corrupt politicians? That’s the democracy you’re so concerned about?

He said, to the people that say that we are dismantling democracy —

— I say, yes —

— we’re not dismantling it, he said. We are eliminating it. He said the system that existed before was rotten, corrupt, and bloody.

“New York Times.”

And Bukele was asked about these comments in a news conference on Sunday, shortly before he claimed a resounding victory in the election. The votes are still being counted, but his win looked decisive. And he said —

— we’re not eliminating democracy, because El Salvador has never had democracy.

He said this is the first time the country has ever had democracy.

OK, which is not actually true, because obviously, they’ve had elections. So what’s he talking about? What does he mean there?

I think it really comes down to how this government defines democracy. You know, critics point out that there are really no checks on his power, nothing stopping him from doing whatever he wants in the country. But he says, look, this is the will of the people.

We have popular support. We won re-election. And when you ask people on the streets, people will say, look, these are the results we have been craving. This security situation for us is priceless.

And it’s not just in El Salvador that he has this appeal. Bukele has become a model across the region, a reference point. You have politicians in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia — folks promising to emulate his model and, in some cases, putting pieces of it to work in their own countries.

Which makes me wonder, Natalie, how is El Salvador being seen by the US right now? I mean, I imagine one fewer democracy in its backyard is probably not a great thing. Is the Biden administration talking about this?

I mean, in the beginning of Bukele’s term, the Biden administration was very vocal pushing back on some of what we’re seeing as attacks on democracy. But over the last year or so, not so much. Part of the issue here is that the security situation, analysts say, has contributed to a real drop in illegal migration from El Salvador, which is something that the Biden administration cares about a lot, right?

You have fewer Salvadorans going to the US border. That’s a factor. And I think there’s a broader understanding that, look, people are voting for this. So what is it going to look like if we start criticizing it from the outside? I mean, at the same time, there are people, former officials, who are telling me, we are enabling a one-man authoritarian state to develop in this region.

And this leads to the broader point, right? Which is, it’s true that people did vote for him. He is popularly elected. People are choosing him, because they’re so glad to feel safe, even if they’re living in a police state. But I guess the question is, what happens when they have a different thing they want to solve for at the ballot box?

Well, yeah, I mean, that’s a really big question, Sabrina, and I don’t think anybody knows the answer. But the fear, especially among critics of Bukele, is that by the time that people become satisfied with safety, and then maybe have some dissatisfactions with other things, what happens when people start to get frustrated with the lack of job opportunities?

Or maybe they grow tired of a situation in which all these people are being arrested. Or maybe they grow tired of the military being on the streets. The fear is, by that point, there won’t be any avenues for real dissent. How will people really be able to exercise their opposition to a government that maybe they’re not so happy with?

Right, it’ll be too late.

That’s the fear.

Natalie, thank you.

Thanks, Sabrina.

Here’s what else you should know today. On Tuesday —

On this vote, the yeas are 214, and the nays are 216. The resolution is not adopted.

In a stunning defeat for House Republicans and their leader, Speaker Mike Johnson, the chamber rejected impeachment charges against Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary. The vote failed after a small group of Republicans broke with third party and refused to support what amounted to a partisan indictment of President Biden’s immigration policies. The rejection was especially embarrassing for Johnson, who had expressed confidence that it would pass, and because Republicans had been promising the impeachment for more than a year.

And a federal appeals court rejected Donald Trump’s claim of immunity in the case of his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. A three-judge panel in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled unanimously that Trump must go on trial, marking an important moment in American jurisprudence as the first time an appeals court had ever answered the question of whether former presidents can escape being held criminally accountable for things they did in office.

Today’s episode was produced by Carlos Prieto, Clare Toeniskoetter, and Will Reid. It was edited by Lexie Diao and Michael Benoist, with research help from Susan Lee, contains original music by Rowan Niemisto, Marion Lozano, Dan Powell, and Diane Wang, and was engineered by Chris Wood. Our theme music is by Jim Brunberg and Ben Landsverk of Wonderly.

That’s it for “The Daily.” I’m Sabrina Tavernise. See you tomorrow.

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El Salvador has experienced a remarkable transformation. What had once been one of the most violent countries in the world has become incredibly safe.

Natalie Kitroeff, the New York Times bureau chief for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, discusses the cost of that transformation to the people of El Salvador, and the man at the center of it, the newly re-elected President Nayib Bukele.

On today’s episode

june's journey ending

Natalie Kitroeff , the New York Times bureau chief for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Nayib Bukele stands next to his wife in an ornate room. He is speaking into a microphone and gesturing with his hands.

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El Salvador Decimated Its Ruthless Gangs. But at What Cost?

He Cracked Down on Gangs and Rights. Now He’s Set to Win a Landslide.

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Natalie Kitroeff is The Times’s bureau chief for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. More about Natalie Kitroeff


The Plain Dealer  Cleveland

The many twists and turns of Ohio State defensive end Dominic Kirks’ journey to the Buckeyes

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Dominic Kirks and his family weren’t sure an Ohio State football scholarship offer was coming.

Kirks committed to Washington on June 30, but elected not to sign during the football early period on National Signing Day in late December. He called it a better decision for him, and as it turned out, that allowed the Buckeyes’ interest in him to heat up.

Then, suddenly, things happened rather quickly.

Former Washington coach Kalyn DeBoer was hired as Alabama’s coach on Jan. 12. That night, Kirks decommitted from the Huskies, and that weekend, he was in Columbus for a visit.

Just a week after that, he committed to Ohio State and ended a rollercoaster recruiting process that had his friends and family dressed in scarlet and gray and smiling on Wednesday at Riverside High School’s official signing day ceremony.

“I’m blessed to be in this position,” Kirks said. “Before I was with Washington, and their coaching staff and stuff changed, and I’m happy for the coaches at Washington and their families for taking on new jobs and stuff like that. But I’m blessed enough to receive the opportunities that I have. (Ohio State had) been recruiting me, they’ve been watching me.”

Kirks, who transferred to Riverside for his senior season, had battled through a knee injury that kept him out for about a month during the season. That kept interest tepid, especially considering Ohio State had three defensive line commitments at one point during the season — including two five-stars in Eddrick Houston and Justin Scott. The latter decommitted to flip his decision to Miami.

But the Buckeyes and defensive line coach Larry Johnson kept tabs on Kirks, the 6-foot-4, 255-pound end that is still growing — both literally and figuratively — into the football player he can be. And by January, an Ohio State offer made sense for both parties.

“Ryan Day, when we met with him, he didn’t let on anything,” Kirks’ father, Damon, said. “He kept saying, ‘Yeah, wherever you go, wherever you go.’ And I’m looking like, ugh. And then he said, ‘Coach Johnson may want to say a few more things before you get out of here.’ We went back to (Johnson’s) office, and he was talking, and he says, ‘Well, we want to offer you.’”

Damon, grinning ear to ear and dressed in Ohio State gear, said he had to step out of the room to compose himself once the offer came through. He’s been an Ohio State fan his entire life, and had always dreamed of playing as a Buckeye. Now he was finding out that his son had that chance.

“When we got invited for the visit, that was it,” Kirks’ mother, Tiffani, said. “That was like, oh shucks, this is getting real. We’re going on an official Ohio State visit. Not an unofficial, but an official. During the visit I was nervous — we’ve been on plenty of visits before, but this was one was The Ohio State. I was extremely excited, and that whole weekend was amazing.”

It was also, admittedly, a bit of a relief to the family to have Kirks play his college football so close to home. Flights from Cleveland to Seattle are a shade over five hours long. The drive from Painesville to Columbus is just two-and-a-half hours.

“He’s from Ohio, so every little kid playing football at his age wants to play for Ohio State,” Tiffani Kirks said. “His dream has come true, my dream has come true being a Buckeye mom. I’m just so excited for the future for him.”

That future for Kirks is exciting, but still uncertain.

He’ll join an Ohio State defensive line is loaded to the brim with budding NFL talent and players that put off professional dreams and elected to return to Columbus for another season.

“I know a lot of guys coming back, and I think that’s good for me — to learn from the guys ahead of me,” Kirks said. “Especially guys like J.T. (Tuimoloau), Jack Sawyer, those are some great dudes. That’s probably the most important thing, development-wise, how they can develop me as a player. (Johnson is) a coach, but he’s more of a teacher, teaching you lessons throughout life.”

He credited Johnson for helping build the relationship with him, which played a major part in his decision to commit to Ohio State.

“I knew about the program, I knew how great they were, I knew how many people they put in the draft,” Kirks said. “That’s important, but more importantly, it was building those relationships and putting that trust in people. Coach Larry Johnson and coach Day really do a great job with it.”

Kirks also said that the Buckeyes view him as a defensive end as it stands, but eventually, as a three-technique defensive tackle that can rush the passer. And in order to do that, he’ll have to put on some significant weight in the first year or two of his time with the Buckeyes.

He tries to model his game after Nick Bosa and Myles Garrett, both players who Kirks says he watches film of every day to study their technique.

“I feel his ceiling is still extremely high from when he came to us as a transfer, to what we were able to coach him up on in just a very short time,” Kirks’ coach, Dave Bors, said. “... There’s still a lot of things that he can improve on, and that’s not a negative, it’s just a high ceiling. I view it as an extreme positive. I think they got an extremely high ceiling with this kid and just even his frame and being able to fill out.”

No matter what position he ends up at, Ohio State adding the No. 162 player in the 247Sports composite rankings so late in the process feels like a major win for a Buckeye defensive line that needed both quality and quantity in the 2024 recruiting class.

It happened in a unique way, but no one was complaining on signing day.

“I think when Dom came down, you quickly see that this is what he wanted,” Day said at his Wednesday press conference. “He wanted to be a Buckeye. He’s from the state of Ohio. He understands the rivalry. There’s a lot that was positive there. He knows he’s going to have to work and compete.”

The recruiting journey for Kirks ended on Wednesday when he put pen to paper, but even amongst the happy family members and photo sessions, there was still an emphasis from both he and his family that another journey is just beginning.

“It means everything to me, I know it means everything to him,” said Dez, Kirks’ twin brother. “I’m proud of him. I’ll always be proud of him.”

The process took a lot of twists and turns, and it had its fair share of curveballs. But Kirks ending up in Columbus was never a complete surprise to everyone.

“I remember we were in the kitchen one day and I was cooking,” Tiffani Kirks recalled. “He said, ‘Mom, did you ever think that we would get here?’ And I said, ‘Where?’ And he said, ‘Where we’re at now. With me going to Ohio State.’ And I looked at him and I said, ‘Absolutely, baby.’”

©2024 Advance Local Media LLC. Visit cleveland.com. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Dominic Kirks (second from left) poses with his mother (Tiffani), father (Damon) and twin brother


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