1. Prince Akishino visits cultural site for Japanese immigrants in Hawaii

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  4. Will More Japan Visitors Travel to Hawaiʻi?

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  1. Japanese Travelers Are Steering Clear Of Hawaii

    In fact, for the third quarter of 2023, the average Japanese tourist in Hawaii spent $249.50 per day here, compared to $226.20 per day for the average visitor from the U.S. West. Before the ...

  2. The story behind Japan's enduring love affair with Hawaii

    The number of travelers from Japan dropped by 95.2% for the first half of 2022 with only 34,925 visitors compared to the 734,235 in 2019. Japanese tourists spent $86.7 million in the first half of ...

  3. Hawaii Tourism Is Rebounding But Japan Remains A Barrier

    In 2019, about 12.6% of visitor spending and almost 1.6 million visitors came from Japan, according to Hawaii Tourism Authority data. On a typical day in March 2019, flights from Japan would bring ...

  4. Japanese visitors to Hawaii are trickling back

    Takahata said earlier this year the travel industry was forecasting that Japanese arrivals to Hawaii would be recovered by as much as 70% or 80% of 2019 by year's end. However, he said current market conditions are difficult to read. "If you are talking about 100% of what Hawaii had in 2019, then it's probably going to be 2026," he said.

  5. Why Are There So Many Japanese People In Hawaii?

    In fact, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, Japanese visitors accounted for nearly 20% of all tourists in Hawaii in 2019. The Japanese influence on Hawaii's tourism industry is evident in various aspects, from the availability of Japanese-language tour guides and signage to the presence of Japanese-owned hotels, restaurants, and shops.

  6. Why Japanese tourists' return to Hawaii has been slow: Travel Weekly

    Before the pandemic, Hawaii averaged approximately 4,000 Japanese arrivals per day, according to Uhero's forecast for May 2022. Compare that to this year, when during the month of May there was a ...

  7. PDF Japan Fact Sheet

    Japanese visitors went to O'ahu, 10.9 percent visited the island of Hawai'i, 3.0 percent visited Maui, and 1.6 percent visited Kaua'i • In 2018, 39.7 percent of Japanese visitors were True Independent who made their own travel arrangements. In 2019, the portion of Japanese True Independent visitors was 37.7 percent.

  8. What will it take for Japanese visitors to return to Hawaiʻi?

    Passengers on Japan Airlines flight 177 arrive at Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022. Travelers returned to Hawaiʻi in large numbers this summer — with one major exception: those coming from Japan. In July, about 4% of the state's overall arrivals came from Japan.

  9. PDF Japan Fact Sheet

    In 2019, spending by Japanese visitors rose 4.8 percent to $2.25 billion. Both visitor arrivals (+5.8% to 1,576,205) and visitor days (+4.7%) increased while daily visitor spending (+0.2% to $242 per person) was similar to 2018. The average daily census was 25,498 visitors in 2019, an increase of 4.7 percent compared to 2018.

  10. Hawaii may let Japanese tourists pass border checks from Japan

    The U.S. state of Hawaii is working with its national authorities and Japanese immigration to create a system that allows Japanese tourists to complete immigration and customs procedures before ...

  11. As Japan expands travel to Hawaii, experts say it's a positive sign

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Japanese visitors made up nearly 20% of arrivals and approximately $2.5 billion of the state's tourism revenue.

  12. The Return Of Japanese Visitors May Be Just In Time To Save Hawaii's

    Cory Lum/Civil Beat/2017. "Hawaii may well escape overall net job losses, thanks to the recovery of Japanese travel that is now finally underway," UHERO reports. The prediction came as ...

  13. Revitalization of Japanese tourism to Hawaii slower than expected

    According to numbers released by the the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), the state welcomed back just under 12,000 Japanese tourists in the month of June. Those travelers spending about $24.3 ...

  14. Japanese visitors to Hawaii are skyrocketing, are U.S. visitors next?

    Hawaii News Now reported last month that Japanese visitors are returning in their best numbers since the start of the pandemic. Nearly 63,000 Japanese tourists went to Hawaii in November 2023, a ...

  15. Reopening Japanese Tourism in Hawaii: Is it Safe?

    In this short policy brief, we aim to answer four questions. 1. Will Japanese tourists coming to Hawaii be COVID-19 free after taking a pre-departure PCR test? 2. Are some Japanese tourists likely to be infected in Hawaii and bring COVID-19 back to Japan? 3. Will the combination of a pre-departure test and a quarantine […]

  16. Japanese in Hawaii

    The Japanese in Hawaii ... To show their allegiance to the U.S., many Nisei and Sansei intentionally avoided learning Japanese. Japanese Tourism in Hawaii. Hawaii was an attractive dream destination to Japanese people for over a century, but the tourism boom began in 1964. As Japan opened for travel abroad, huge numbers of Japanese citizens ...

  17. Japanese tourism trickling back to Hawaii

    A big indicator of Japanese tourism in Hawaii is the Honolulu Marathon, which has online registration. More than 5,200 entries from Japan were confirmed as of Tuesday, Nov. 29 — well below the ...

  18. Japanese tourists make their Hawaii comeback

    JTB, Japan's largest travel agency, began sales of Hawaii package tours on Friday, April 15. "As the pandemic slows down and Japan travel moves toward a positive direction, we are pleased to ...

  19. Hawaii Is Still Waiting for Big-Spending Japanese Tourists to Return

    Tourism to Hawaii is back, but visits from Japan remain down 90%. State officials are counting on a return of Japanese tourists to stave off a downturn next year.

  20. PDF Japan Fact Sheet

    In comparison, there were 289,137 visitors (-93.5%) from Japan in 2020, and 1,576,205 visitors (-98.8%) in 2019. Total visitor spending in 2021 was $65.1 million, a 97.1 percent drop from $2.25 billion in 2019. Comparative 2020 visitor spending data was not available. In 2021, there were 529 scheduled flights with 131,766 seats from Japan.

  21. Golden Week sees slow but steady return of Japanese visitors to Hawaii

    Hawaii businesses are still waiting for the full return of Japanese visitors, one Hawaii's most valuable tourism markets. By Annalisa Burgos Published : Apr. 13, 2023 at 4:22 PM HST | Updated ...

  22. Hawaii may allow Japanese tourists to pass border checks from Japan

    Japanese tourists to Hawaii spent $1.65 billion between January and September 2019, but $608.5 million in the first nine months of 2023, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority. "Japanese tourists have traditionally been among our best tourists because they are very thoughtful about the culture and also spend a great deal of resources," Green ...

  23. Slow gradual rebound expected for Japanese visitors

    JATA Chairperson Hiroyuki Takahashi said that he expected Japanese visitors would return to Hawaii in 2022 at 40% of the numbers seen in 2019 before the pandemic, which was more than 1.54 million ...

  24. One Of The Largest Japanese Gardens Outside Of Japan Is A ...

    Japan and Hawaii have long had a special affinity — you might be surprised to learn that more than 20% of Hawaiians claim Japanese ancestry, according to a report by the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism for the State of Hawaii.Here in the gardens, the combination of Japanese design and the Hawaiian climate makes for a particularly lush and verdant landscape.

  25. Police reveal how a Japanese visitor obtained 2 inert grenades that led

    A Hawaii Police Department spokeswoman told Island News that Akito Fukushima, 41, of Kanazawa, Japan purchased the inert grenades at an Army Navy surplus store on the Big Island. He

  26. Travel + Leisure Readers' 20 Favorite Resorts in Hawaii of 2024

    Travel + Leisure readers found beauty, ... Kona Village, A Rosewood Resort: Island of Hawaii, Hawaii. In 1965, Johnno and Helen Jackson founded a much-beloved resort known as Kona Village. It was ...

  27. Our Readers' Favorite Islands in Hawaii of 2024

    Travel + Leisure Readers' 5 Favorite Islands in Hawaii of 2024 . From the peak of Mauna Kea to the depths of the Molokini Crater, readers found a lot to love in the Hawaiian Islands, as told by ...

  28. This is the best time to visit Hawaii for an unforgettable trip

    Waikiki Beach - This is probably one of Hawaii's most famous beaches and is located in Honolulu's tourist district. One warning: If you're looking for a quiet, uncrowded beach, look elsewhere.

  29. TSA finds 2 grenades at Hilo International Airport

    HONOLULU (KHON2) — Early morning travelers at Hilo International Airport on Hawaiʻi Island had a rough start to their travel day after TSA officials discovered two grenades in a carry-on. The ...

  30. Why are flights canceled, delayed? Global outage prompts ground stop

    A global IT outage caused delays and cancellations for air passengers around the world. Several U.S. carriers, including American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines, issued ground ...