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The Best Travel Agency in Calgary, AB

For people looking to travel soon for business, leisure, and any other reason—you should look no further than the Consumers Choice Award winner as the Best Travel Agency in Calgary for the last 10years running. When travelling alone or with a group, there are many things you need to plan such as the itinerary for flight bookings, which location and what rating for hotel bookings, if you may need a car rental, or help booking local or regional tours in a destination, and most importantly Travel Insurance needs to make sure your investment and you are protected.

Finite details like cabin classes, meals on flight or destination, luggage needs, transfers, etc.… are some of the other items that most people don’t think about when making their plans. But small details like this can have a real impact on your travel experience. Relative to seat selection or meals request or special assistance requests we are able to adjust for single traveler to adapt on a whim. However, for multiple passengers or groups travelling for pleasure or business, these minor details are truly an essential item that our agents will help address and manage to ensure that your travelers can enjoy a relaxed stress-free journey to focus on the task at hand.

And whether it’s a destination wedding or sporting team travelling for a tournament…. we have checklists to ensure that all guests are covered…no matter what type of traveler you are!!

Let us take the stress out of travel.

It is essential to choose the right Travel Agency to ensure that all of your travel needs are looked after. We will make sure you take off with the right dates, to the right destination and help you with all the big and small details that can make all the difference. This truly separates the added value you would receive from Airline Ticket Centre the best Travel Agency in Calgary!

Travelling to Europe will also allow you to experience the sights and sounds of the continent, including culinary trips, fashion, shopping, culture, and history. If you want to travel to a place with a deep heritage, book your flights to Europe from Canada now!

What Makes the Best Travel Agency Calgary AB?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best travel agency for ALL of your travel needs.. The keyword here is ALL…

An excellent Travel Agency should have ALL the services you need when travelling. It is hard for people to switch from one travel agent to another just because one travel agency does not have a particular service that the person needs.

An excellent travel agency should offer services, such as:

travel agents in nw calgary

Travel Insurance

Just like any other industry, there are specifically tailored insurance coverages for travelers that have simply coverages for Cancellation and Interruption to more enhanced coverages that include medical coverages and EMERGENCY MEDIVAC. Travel Insurance protects purchases and additional costs such as Emergency Medical Coverage of Hospital and ambulance costs, due to a covered risk. Our Travel Insurance coverages can include protection on losses due to delayed luggage, trip cancellations, job loss or changes in government advisories.

travel agents in nw calgary

Luxury Travel

Want to travel in first-class, premium economy, or business class cabins, or Stay at the best hotels. With over 25 years of sales leadership and experience the Airline Ticket Centre can easily get you the best rates…even on luxury travel items. The best travel agent should have you covered whether you want to upgrade the whole travel itinerary…or just certain segments of the journey.

travel agents in nw calgary

Our Travel insurance policies are specifically tailored for travelers and consider risks that most travelers would experience. The travel insurance offered by the Airline Ticket Centre has premiums and comprehensive insurance plans that you would not find at your local bank or insurance broker. Whether you purchase your travel from us or not, we can help protect you and your travel purchase with the best plans available.

travel agents in nw calgary

Accommodation Booking

Hotel booking is also another service that the best travel agencies offer. However, booking a hotel is not just enough. A good travel agent will have a selection of the best hotels within your budget and centrally located or close to your specific meeting point.

travel agents in nw calgary

Car Rentals

Car rentals are another service that the best travel agencies offer. The goal of a good travel agent is to make the trip easy and enjoyable for travelers, and getting them the best services in unfamiliar countries will ease travelers into settling in and enjoying the sights and sounds of a new country or a domestic destination.

travel agents in nw calgary

Secure Checkout

Airline Ticket Centre offers the best deals and Cheap prices on tickets through our online booking engine at . And not only will you find cheap flights from Calgary at , but our website is also encrypted to protect your Data.

travel agents in nw calgary

Corporate Travel Services

Being a business hub and technical hub, many businessmen and women in Calgary travel to connect with customers, enrich or reward their team, etc.… Whether it’s only one time a year or frequently our team of travel specialists can assist with anything from a single flight around the world to a conference for a thousand members to join. We have access to all of the special corporate deals and the knowledge and understanding of the needs of the business travellers. Let Calgary’s Best Travel Agency take the stress out of travel so you can concentrate on your business task at hand. Just reach out to us and let us show you how we can save your company time and money.

travel agents in nw calgary

Competitive Prices

The best Travel Agency in Calgary should always look out for its customer’s pocketbooks. We pride ourselves and our reputation on providing the best value for Travel services. Our experienced team of Travel agents knows tips and tricks to get you the best prices on Flights, Vacations, Hotels, Tours, Cruises and More.

The Best Travel Agency in Calgary should offer the most competitive prices on flights, Vacation Packages, cruises, tours, hotel bookings, and car rentals. Also, after 25years of business excellence, our agents are amongst the most reliable with the best airlines our pricing is hard to beat.

travel agents in nw calgary

Easy Flight Search and Booking

With continuous focus groups our website was created to make your experience as quick and easy as possible. Aside from easy navigation our website is connected directly to the airlines’ systems for full connectivity. Also, all of our suppliers have agreed to offer their products with the commission amount reduced. This further ensures that you will receive the best cheap fares on airline tickets, vacation packages, car rentals, and cruises directly from our website. And for those looking to visit our office, you can find the best travel agency in Calgary at 916, 16th Avenue NW.

Our travel agency and travel agents are consistently recognized as the best for providing travel service to Calgarians. For individuals who want the best prices and most services and deals to choose from, there is only one place where all of this is possible— Airline Ticket Centre .

travel agents in nw calgary

All-Inclusive Vacation Deals/Cruises

The best travel agencies include a diversified product line, and for many travelling on a beach holiday there is no better way to go than an all-inclusive travel deal. Or for those savvy travelers looking to explore multiple destinations without unpacking each time…we have access to phenomenal deals on River Cruises, Yachting ships, Exploration ships (Arctic expeditions), or mainstream Cruise ships.

Knowing that you will stay onsite a majority of the time many of the All-Inclusive properties are well maintained and endowed with extra services to ensure that guests have no reason to leave. And bundling Flights/Hotels with meals and drinks and non-motorized watersports…will not only let you save on travel…it really is easy to budget for as most of your costs in the destination are covered. Many passengers love to save money when travelling, and there is no better way to save time and money than having all-inclusive travel deals from the best airlines and hotel chains from the Best Travel Agency in Calgary.

travel agents in nw calgary

Group or Family Vacation Deals

Booking flights for a group or family is pretty challenging!! Coordinating to ensure everyone’s needs are addressed…while ensuring that everyone can attend for the same dates/time can be a tedious task. With limited flight options, different spending habits, medical or dietary needs, our agents will coordinate and manage each traveler. Families or groups travelling together usually don’t think about the seating until they get to the airport which can lead negative experience. We will not only help get the best deals on the airline tickets… but we will also help with seating and special assistance like wheelchair assistance. The best travel agencies will help with the big and small details to ensure that everyone is looked after.

travel agents in nw calgary

Destination Wedding Packages

Destination Wedding packages are a great way to celebrate nuptials and have a vacation at the same time. We have many different destinations with a range of hotel properties to help make that celebration a holiday event never to forget. And we have been doing it for 25years+ now, so we know a thing or two about getting the best deal on Destination Wedding Packages. We are the Consumers choice award winners for the BEST TRAVEL AGENCY in CALGARY 10years running. When you book with the Airline Ticket Centre we will be with you every step of the way.

Our worry-free destination wedding packages can take care of everything such as receiving guests, planning parties for any stage, arranging group excursions in destination, and including a wedding planner to make that special day or days unforgettable for not only the bride and groom… but also the guests.

Airline Ticket Centre

Fortunately, there is one travel agent with years of experience that knows and offers all of the services people will ever need when travelling alone, with a group of friends, with family, with children of any age, even for people with disabilities, and many other unique travel situations!!! You name it and chances are we have already helped countless others with their unique travel needs !

With decades of experience in travel the Airline Ticket Centre is a trustworthy travel agency in Canada. And whether you are travelling from Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal or any other place in Canada or the entire globe—Airline Ticket Centre should be your go-to travel agent!

Well, if you want to pass on the best prices, the best services, and the most accessible flight search and booking system—you can go anywhere else. But if you are looking to travel stress-free without hurting your wallet, Airline Ticket Centre is the place to be.

Why Choose Airline Ticket Centre?

travel agents in nw calgary

Easy Booking

With our fast and innovative flight search system, passengers can look for flights with flexible dates, prices, and to any destination and point of origin in a matter of seconds. Families can book flights with their children of any age with ease. All they need to do is put the place of origin, destination, the date they wish to travel, and wait for countless search results with the best prices.

Airline Ticket Centre offers travel insurance, destination weddings, all-inclusive tour packages, and a lot more. Plus, passengers can fully customize flights, depending on their needs—and we have a team of experts to help each and every passenger. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Our employees thrive on good customer service and feedback. And this is the driving force for success and continuous recognition received from our customers and our peers in the industry. Every day we love to do what we do best— provide excellent customer service, get the best flight deals, and more!

travel agents in nw calgary

How We Do It

Having been in operation for 25 years we have learned a thing or two. We use our experience to obtain the best value for all of our customers. And we know that not necessarily is the lowest price the best option…we listen to your needs and provide a travel solution accordingly. Being on top of our sales game has also given us the leverage to haggle with airlines to provide us with the best deals—which then we can offer to our customers and loyal patrons. Plus, our team works around the clock to ensure that the flight booking system is always here to serve you—whether you are looking for a solo flight package or all-inclusive deals for you and your loved ones.

travel agents in nw calgary

The Only Travel Agent You Need

Not only can we help with almost anything in travel, we have the best prices, and applied with our experience and advice there is no need to book anywhere else. The Airline Ticket Centre offers only the best deals for luxury travel, business travel, leisure travel, and many more. No matter your budget range booking at will help you find the best flight and enjoy an unforgettable holiday vacation!

Want to learn more about Airline Ticket Centre? You can call us at (403) -289-6656 or send us an email at [email protected] or if you prefer, come on down to our office at 916 16th Avenue NW in Calgary. Our customer service team will be happy to chat with you, whether you have questions, comments, suggestions, or if you are ready to book the cheapest flights with the best travel agency Calgary.


Toll Free: +1 (888) 289-6660

Phone: (403) 289-6656

Email (after hours emergency service): [email protected]

Maritime Travel

travel agents in nw calgary

  • Payment Plans

12 Easy Payments

travel agents in nw calgary

  • Sustainable Travel

Travel the World Lightly

travel agents in nw calgary

Gift Registry

Give the Gift of Memories

travel agents in nw calgary

Entry Requirements

Know Before You Go

Holiday Club Deals

Receive the latest and greatest deals and some great vacation ideas!

Best Price Guarantee

No service fees on vacation packages & cruises, pricing same as online, round the clock customer care, all inclusives:.

  • Travel Deals
  • Book Online
  • Travel Partners
  • Ocean Cruises
  • River Cruises
  • Specialty Cruises

Specialty Travel:

  • Solo Travel

Tours & Groups:

  • Custom Escorted Vacations
  • Make Your Own Group
  • Wedding & Honeymoons
  • Sustainable Tours
  • Tour Partners
  • After Hours Assistance
  • COVID Entry Requirements
  • Travel Insurance
  • Park’N Fly Coupon


Tour & groups:.

travel agents in nw calgary

The Travel Lady


The adventure begins – because planning is half the fun., explore travel escapes, popular destinations around the world, commitment to our clients, why book with the travel lady, avoid stress & save time and $.

Our team of travel experts search for the best deals and incentives, combined with incredible destinations and itineraries.

25+ Years of Travel Experience

Founded in 1995, South Travel Inc o/a The Travel Lady Agency is one of the leading travel agencies in Calgary & Southern Alberta.

Rely on a Travel Expert

We are passionate about travel! Our travel team has expertise planning and customising travel escapes all over the world.

Client Support & Commitment

Our team communicates with you directly on all your travel needs. In the event of an unexpected issue, we are there to help resolve.

Explore Recent Travel Escapes

Yokohama (tokyo) to singapore silversea luxury cruise.

  • Ocean Cruise

Northern Europe and British Isles Luxury Cruise with Silversea Cruises

Spain, portugal, and morocco adventure – small group tour.

  • Guided Trip

Remote Shores of New Guinea & Indonesia Luxury Seabourn Expedition Cruise

The travel lady's bucket list, it's on my bucket list, what about you.

Our agents have customized trips all over the world and would be happy to put together a custom trip, day by day to suit your needs.  Your trip, your way!  5 star, 4 star, 3 star – you decide!

Cappadocia Turkey

Göreme national park and the rock sites of cappadocia.

Located in central Turkey, Cappadocia is a stunning region famous for its fairytale scenery, cave dwellings and remarkable rock formations, Wakeup at sunrise to a remarkable sight, with hundreds of hot air balloons soaring in the sky.

Machu Picchu Peru

Unesco world heritage site.

Discover one of the world’s most incredible archaeological sites. Dating to the mid-1400s, Machu Picchu is a marvel of mortar-free limestone architecture perched on a high plateau deep in the Amazonian jungle.

Jerusalem Israel

Dome of the rock.

Extraordinary beauty and elegance, the gold-plated Dome of the Rock, is the enduring symbol of the city of Jerusalem and one of the most photographed buildings on earth.

Bled Slovenia

Nestled in the julian alps.

Discover the charming resort town of Bled, Slovenia. With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water.

Celebrity Cruises

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Life is short book the trip, armour travel: fortifying your journeys, every step of the way., armour travel is a corporate & luxury travel agency specializing in destination weddings and high-end travel experiences. our team of travel experts is dedicated to providing personalized services for couples looking to celebrate their love in beautiful destinations. we assist with flights, accommodations, tours, and other travel-related needs to make your special day unforgettable in paradise. contact us today to start planning your dream wedding, business travel or luxury experience., @armourtravel on instagram, selection  of our accreditation, air canada university - specialist dominican republic ministry of tourism islands of  the bahamas - specialist atlantis ambassador jamaica tourist board - specialist viking cruise certified expert these are a selection of our certifications.  our travel advisor spend over 10 hours a week on education. there is always a new interest to pursue.  .

Untitled design-15.png

Affordable Luxury at Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres: April/May Deal

travel agents in nw calgary

 Elevating the Vegas Wedding: How to Plan a Classy Affair in the Entertainment Capital

travel agents in nw calgary

Sailing Solo: Why Norwegian Cruise Line is Perfect for Solo Travelers

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Cheap flights, exclusive hotel offers, and discounted getaways from Sunwing, WestJet, Sunquest, & Air Canada Vacations. Get more when you book here! Simply earn up to $200 in bonus rewards to choose your own gift like airport parking, private transfers, an excursion, a new luggage set or beach outfit and lots more from our rewards partner . 

travel agents in nw calgary

Book Your Vacation Here

Villas & homes   | car rental  | travel resources, real people..

As your neighbourhood travel gurus, we pride ourselves in offering tailor-made assistance at every step of your journey. Guiding you through the exciting realm of travel, we are here to make your experience seamless and stress-free. Choose to book with us or conveniently online, and enjoy our unparalleled round-the-clock support from real humans.

Real Deals.

Our commitment is straightforward: when you make a reservation, we assure you the best available rate, devoid of any booking fees. Yes, that's correct - our genuine round-the-clock human assistance comes at no additional cost. Moreover, as our way of expressing gratitude for supporting local, we proudly present Book Local. Get Rewarded. (Online Bookings Only)

Why Book Anywhere Else?

At Travel Gurus, we take immense pride in being Alberta's most acclaimed independent local travel agency. Our multitude of accolades is a testament to our unwavering dedication to impeccable service. With our team of knowledgeable travel gurus at your disposal, we are poised to transform your vacation aspirations into concrete reality.

travel agents in nw calgary


Canada tour deals, alberta tour deals, orlando florida canadian discounts, cancun/mayan riviera tour deals, nashville music tour deals, new york city tour deals, search more experiences.

travel agents in nw calgary

Welcome to Think Travel

Enjoy the freedom.

Our experienced agents will access multiple suppliers and speciality fares for all your travel needs and provide you the best prices and service for the trip of your choice.

Find Your Trip

Think Travel is a leading travel agency that offers excellent tour & travel services at affordable prices. Being a recognized travel specialist, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include tours, safaris, cruises, air fares and more. Our services are available for individuals as well as groups, so you can contact us to get the best prices for all your travel needs. If you want to book your trip, we warmly invite you to contact us anytime. We are available 7 days a week to help you with your unique travel needs. For more than 30 years, our agents have been consistently serving our esteemed clients with outstanding and customized tour & travel services. We can say with full confidence that your experience will be both enjoyable and memorable, and will remain with you for a lifetime.

Why Choose Us

We only list whole homes.

Expert vetted listings ensure over 95% customer satisfaction

Book with Peace of Mind

Your money is only transferred to the host 2 days after check-in

We're Always There for You

Our customer service is available 24/7

Exclusive Holidays for Any Travelers

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  • 403-230-0220 Primary
  • 403-230-1511 Fax

travel agents in nw calgary

Cava Travel

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travel agents in nw calgary

Explore New Horizons with Travel Far & Beyond

Total Travel Service

Plan your next family vacation or business trip with Travel Far & Beyond. Located in Calgary, we’re a small travel agency offering full services and specializing in travel to Asia . We’ve been in business for 24 years and bring to the industry over 3 decades of experience. Book flights, schedule trains, reserve hotels, plan tours and more all through our agency.

Catering to Families, Workers & Businesspeople

Traveling, especially to another country, can be an intimidating venture. Not only do you worry about booking flights, hotels and cars, but filling out visa applications and purchasing insurance. Trust our experts to organize your travel plans efficiently, finding you the lowest prices. Our agency caters to everyone from families to businesspeople. We also handle all documents for workers traveling to and from Asia. Don’t let confusing application forms or itineraries hinder your travel plans. We take care of it all!

A Professional Reputation

With 38 years of experience in the travel industry, Travel Far & Beyond knows how to find you the best fare in town. Trust our experience to handle any problems that may arise in planning your travels. Our agency isn’t simply looking for one time business. Both professional and friendly, we want to be your agency. We want to be the first ones you call when planning travel to Asia.

Let us be the agency you recommend first to your friends and family. Book an appointment with us today.

[email protected]

900 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 3K2

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 5:30PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

We help plan your travels to and from Asia. - Browse services

  • 110-790 Coventry Drive NE
  • 403-453-9194
  • Mon-Fri: 9:00am to 7:00pm
  • Sat: 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Sun & Holidays: 11:00am to 5:00pm

travel agents in nw calgary

By Blue Whales Travel Group

We offer direct billing on most insurance plans.

Coventry Pharmacy

We fill prescriptions & also offer immunizations including travel-related vaccines, as well as free COVID-19 and Flu vaccinations for all Albertans.

Calgary Travel Clinics

We are Calgary’s premier one-stop-shop travel clinic! Our services mean that you can book your dream trip without compromising on your health and safety! We offer a complete range of services including consultations, bookings, immunization recommendations, & more.

Coventry Medical Clinic

Our top-class doctors and medical staff ensure that patients are provided with an environment that allows for personalized, complete, & compassionate care.

We also offer travel consultation and vaccinations for children of all ages! From flu season to summer holidays and everything in between, we’ll help keep your family safe and healthy.

travel agents in nw calgary

Create a personalized all-in-one TSA & CATSA compliant travel kit for your travels, Click Here!

Grab one of our pre-made kits directly if you're in a hurry, premier destinations, choose from some of our top travel destinations.

  • Hajj & Umrah
  • North & South America

travel agents in nw calgary


travel agents in nw calgary

Hajj and Umrah

travel agents in nw calgary


travel agents in nw calgary

South Africa

travel agents in nw calgary

Recent Posts

travel agents in nw calgary

The Flu (Influenza)

What is Influenza (Flu)? Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. It can cause

travel agents in nw calgary

Dengue Disease

What is Dengue Disease? Dengue fever is a mosquito virus affecting more than 390 million people each year. While the disease is generally mild and it

travel agents in nw calgary

Travel Vaccine Checklist

Travel Vaccine Checklist Do you dream about the white sands at the beach or travel around the world? Have you ever dream to go on an African safari?

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790 Unit 2, Coventry Dr NE, Calgary, AB T3K 4K4

Tel: 403-453-9194 | Fax: 403-453-9195

travel agents in nw calgary

Pharmacy License Download (PDF)

Patient Concern Poster Download (PDF)

Pharmacy License Manager

Muhammad Maqbool Ahmed, #9383

Coventry Pharmacy, Licence No. 3826; 110-790 Coventry Drive NE, Calgary, Alberta T3K 4K4; Phone: (403) 453-9194; Fax: (403) 453-9195; Pharmacy Licensee: Muhammad Maqbool Ahmed, #9383, Pharmacy Licensee Email: [email protected]

The licensee is required to provide, on the request of a patient, the name and practice permit number of any regulated member who provides a pharmacy service to the patient or who engages in the practice of the pharmacy with respect to the patient.

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Guide to the NHL’s Final Four for Calgary Flames fans

With the stage now set for the NHL’s semifinal showdowns, who should Calgary Flames fans be cheering for?

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Article content

The field has been whittled to four. The stage is now set for the NHL’s semifinal showdowns, with the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers battling for bragging rights in the Eastern Conference and the Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers still in the running for best in the West.

Guide to the NHL’s Final Four for Calgary Flames fans Back to video

The winners will, of course, compete to leave their fingerprints on the Stanley Cup.

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So, Flames fans, who ya got?

Are you on Team Tanev? Would you … gasp … cheer for the arch-rival Oilers?

Are you rooting for a Calgary-raised wrecking ball or ready to forgive a former Saddledome star who forced a trade out of town?

Here is everything you need to know — or darn close to it — to determine who you’ll support in the third round and beyond …

New York Rangers

Every time the Rangers visit the Saddledome, Adam Fox receives an earful. The standout defenceman is booed mercilessly whenever the puck is on his stick, proof that fans in Calgary still hold this grudge, and for good reason. Fox was, after all, selected by the Flames in the 2016 NHL Draft but was ultimately traded away after his reps relayed that he wasn’t willing to sign with the club. Those scars are so deep that there always seems to be panic that any American prospect might refuse to ink a contract in Cowtown — or “pull an Adam Fox,” as it is often referred. Thankfully, in the case of Matt Coronato and then

, those fears were unfounded.

So C of Redders should definitely be rooting against the Rangers, right? Not so fast. A lot of folks in Calgary will be pulling for local lad

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who has become an immediate fan fave in the Big Apple. The 21-year-old Rempe, a graduate of the Northwest Warriors minor-hockey program, has appeared in seven playoff games so far and could wind up in the spotlight against the Panthers, a crew that doesn’t mind some roughhousing.

The connections don’t end there. Rangers assistant coach Phil Housley spent parts of five seasons with the Saddledome-dwellers, leading the team in assists in three of those. Chris Drury, who constructed this Presidents’ Trophy-winning roster as general manager in New York, donned the Flaming C for one winter during his own playing days.

Florida Panthers

and Sam Bennett were supposed to be franchise cornerstones in Calgary. Instead, they’re looking to lead the Panthers to a second consecutive berth in the Stanley Cup final — and to author an alternate ending after a heartbreaker in 2023.

Tkachuk’s success in the Sunshine State is hard to stomach for a lot of folks in this city. The skilled and snarky winger had already ascended to superstar status when he informed the Flames in the summer of 2022 that he wasn’t planning to stick around long-term, providing a short list of approved trade destinations. Since Johnny Gaudreau had just bolted for Columbus, it turned out to be a double whammy. Still only 26, Tkachuk has been everything they hoped for in Florida — the tone-setter for a tenacious troupe and the team scoring leader through two rounds this spring — and fans in his first NHL city will always wonder what might have been if he’d been willing to stay put.

The highest draft pick in Flames’ history,

in Calgary, although he always seemed to be at his best in the biggest moments. He is now a valuable supporting-caster in Florida and was a major factor in a second-round ouster of the Boston Bruins, scoring a controversial tying goal and injuring Brad Marchand with what some insist was a sneaky jab.

Ryan Lomberg, who started his pro career in the Flames’ system and is now a depth piece for the Panthers, rarely misses an opportunity to stir things up when he is in the lineup.

Dallas Stars

, for all the same reasons that he was beloved in Calgary and in Vancouver before that. Tanev, a soon-to-be unrestricted free agent who was traded to Texas in late February after telling Flames GM Craig Conroy that he wanted to chase a championship, is one of the NHL’s most stingy shutdown defenders. He is a selfless teammate and a fearless shot-blocker. He is the kind of guy who would offer his house to a dude he’s never met — like he did when the Flames claimed Joel Hanley off waivers — and would miss only a few shifts as doctors peeled back and stitched up his lip after it had been smushed over his remaining teeth. Ouch.

Tanev, 34, has been a big help in the Big D, winning his even-strength matchup against Jack Eichel in the first round and against Hart Trophy frontrunner Nathan MacKinnon in the Central Division final. Four more wins would also be a big help to his former team. Based on the conditions of the trade, the Flames will receive a bonus draft pick — a third-rounder in 2026 — if the Stars advance to the Stanley Cup slugfest. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Jeff Reese, the goaltending coach in Dallas, was the Flames’ backup when he set the NHL’s single-game record with three assists — most ever by a masked man — in a blowout victory over the San Jose Sharks in 1993. The Stars also have a couple of connections to Calgary’s championship squad from 1989. Gary Suter’s nephew, Ryan, is a regular on the blue-line, while Jiri Hrdina is a member of the amateur scouting staff.

Edmonton Oilers

Listen, we’re not going to try to convince you to cheer for the Oilers. For many who live south of the imaginary border in Red Deer, A.B.E. (Anybody But Edmonton) will always be a guiding principle. Chances are, you have a friend or co-worker or neighbour who would never let you forget it, even if you rooted for the provincial rivals for just a few short weeks and even if it’s only because you’re sick of hearing about Canada’s Stanley Cup drought, which has now spanned three-plus decades.

While you might have preferred to see

, Nikita Zadorov and the Vancouver Canucks emerge from the Pacific Division, there are some storylines that could at least lessen the sting if Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and the Oilers continue to cruise along.

from 2016 to 2018 and still has a lot of friends in the Stampede City. Gulutzan is now in his sixth season as an assistant in Edmonton, where he oversees a star-studded power-play. Derek Ryan’s stint with the Flames included a nod as winner of the Peter Maher Good Guy Award, while defenceman Brett Kulak has also skated on both sides of the Battle of Alberta. And youngster Dylan Holloway, who was stellar in Game 7 against the Canucks, was raised in Bragg Creek, played minor hockey in Springbank and starred for the Junior-A Oilers in Okotoks.

In a strange twist, Edmonton’s starting puck-stopper, Stuart Skinner, was drafted at No. 78 overall in 2017, a third-round slot that was originally owned by the Flames. That pick was initially traded to Arizona in the swap for Michael Stone.

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