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Mount Vernon Estate Tickets and Tours

mount vernon tour cost

This post is a visitor's guide to Mount Vernon Estate, the home and final resting place of George Washington.

We provide tips on tickets, tours, directions, what you will see, and other planning advice.  

  • Plan Your Visit
  • Things to See and Do

mount vernon tour cost

Our guides have been offering tours of Mount Vernon for over a decade.

It is a staple for school groups coming to Washington, DC.

We don't just give tours to school group, we offer private tours of Mount Vernon to help with logistics of touring the grounds, the mansions, the education center and more.

It's a popular topic of discussion in our Facebook Travel Tips Group because it can be a confusing attraction, but it's also a location that we really love visiting.

My favorite part of Mount Vernon is the view from the porch, but my children (ages 5 and 7) love visiting the animals, especially in Spring when there are often babies.

The school groups I bring usually spend the most time talking about the re-enactors we encounter - from an enslaved person to Martha Washington herself.

Why Visit Mount Vernon?

A trip to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, is a great idea and will be a rewarding addition to any trip to Washington DC.

Washington wrote that he knew of no place that was more pleasantly situated than his plantation, and he may well have been right!

This place offers the opportunity to observe George Washington's transformation from a Farmer, Soldier, Statesman, and Husband – the qualities that earned him the title of being "the first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

Washington's home is amazing, the grounds are gorgeous, there is an interpretive education center that is second to none, and so much more!

mount vernon tour cost

Can you visit George Washington's Mount Vernon without tickets?

Tickets are required to enter the grounds of Mount Vernon, tour inside the house, and visit the Education Center and Museum Galleries.

You cannot walk around the grounds of Mount Vernon without paying for a ticket.

You do not however need a ticket to visit the gift shops or the on-site restaurant.

If you'll be visiting the area and are interested in the legacy of our first president, Mount Vernon is worth the visit.


Admission tickets are cheaper online ($2 less), so if you know what day you are going to go, it is definitely worth it to book in advance.

Must book 3 days in advance to receive discount.

General Admission Prices:

  • $28 - Adult (ages 12-61)
  • $15 - Youth (ages 6-11) - Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Free - Child (ages 0-5)
  • Book your tickets here .

Important: Tour tickets to the mansion require an additional $2 booking. A link to booking your mansion time will be in the voucher you receive immediately after booking.

Tickets for the same day can be purchased at the gate on a first-come, first-served basis, and they tend to be in high demand, particularly during weekends, often selling out quickly.

It is recommended to choose a mansion time 15-20 minutes after your arrival time.

Military members, first responders, and medical professionals are eligible for $3 off the admission price through

EBT card-holders can receive in-person discounts.

Also, if you purchase entry here within an hour before closing time, you can get your ticket authenticated which allows entry to the next day without any charge.

In addition to self guided tours of the grounds and the mansion, Mount Vernon also offers specialty tours.

mount vernon tour cost


In this section, we help you plan your time at the estate.

How long to spend at Mount Vernon?

You could easily spend an entire day enjoying Mount Vernon and its grounds, as there are so many great things to see and do. 

Most guests in our Washington DC Travel Tips Facebook Group spend half a day at Mount Vernon.

A common thing to do is visit Old Town Alexandria and/or Arlington National Cemetery before or after Mount Vernon and make a "Virginia day trip"

mount vernon tour cost

Hours of Operation

Mount Vernon is open 365 days a year.

From April to October it is open from 9 am - 5 pm (17:00). From November to March it is open from 9 am - 4 pm (16:00).

How to Get to Mount Vernon

There are 4 ways to get to Mount Vernon: drive there, take the Metro, on a bus tour , or on a boat cruise . Additionally, you can also take a rental bike to reach here.

It is located at 200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway Mount Vernon, VA 22121 in Northern Virginia, south of Washington, DC and a short drive from Old Town Alexandria .

Public Transportation - Metro

The estate is reachable by public transportation and the journey is rather simple, but it will take approximately 75 min to arrive.

How you transfer will depend on your starting point, so we recommend using this Google Maps link for directions . 

Be sure to read our guide on using the DC Metro trains .

Regardless of where you start from, you will end up on Metro's Yellow Line Train to the Huntington Station in the state of Virginia, the final stop of the line.

From the platform, head downstairs to the lower level. Follow the signs for (Huntington Ave.).

Board the Fairfax Connector Bus #101 (Fort Hunt Line) from Bus Bay E at Huntington Station for the 20-minute trip to Mr. Vernon's front entrance gate.  

Buses run about every 30 minutes Mondays through Saturdays and every hour on Sundays. 

You can use your DC SmartCard on the Fairfax bus system. 

If you are using a SmartCard, then the trip per person round trip should be approximately $10.50.  

For maps and schedules about the bus trip visit the Fairfax Connector Website .

Driving to Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is at the southern end of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

The drive should take you anywhere from 30-45 min to drive, depending on your starting point and barring any major traffic.

Parking at Mount Vernon is free, and there are two lots. If those lots fill up, you will be directed to an overflow lot.

If you are planning to drive during the busy spring break and summer months, then definitely arrive early as spots can fill up quickly.

Best Time of Year to Visit Mount Vernon

Updates on holiday-specific activities can be found on the Mount Vernon official tourist website .

From March to June and to a lesser extent in October, expect the grounds to be crowded with school groups in the morning as they are allowed in earlier than the general public.

An afternoon visit will be much quieter for individuals and families, but still, expect energetic 13-14-year-olds roaming around the grounds.

The closing hours are rolling as the last guest leaves the mansion.

Generally, grounds close 30 minutes after closing time and the museum and gift shop are 1 hour after closing time.

mount vernon tour cost

Tip: The visit is all about your mansion time .

A visit to Mount Vernon includes a grounds pass, which allows access to the historic area, outbuildings, gardens, tomb, and more.

A tour of the Mansion requires a separate ticket which can be purchased online in advance or at the gate when entering.

Whenever your mansion time is, make your timed ticket work for you, not against you.

If you arrive in the busy summer months and have a later mansion time, check out the Education Center or visit the tomb or Pioneer farm first, before heading to the line for the mansion.

An early mansion time is ideal at any time of year, but having a later time is not necessarily bad, it just means you will need to see some of the other things first if you arrive early.

Conversely, in the winter time, a later mansion time is a better idea, that way you can stay inside in the morning and be outside when the day is warmest.

mount vernon tour cost

Mount Vernon has a required bag check upon entering the Ford Orientation Center, right after your ticket has been scanned.

Large bags or parcels are not permitted, and below is a partial list of prohibited items:

  • All food and beverages (except bottled water)
  • Knives/blades, clubs, hammers
  • Spray paint, aerosol cans, paint, markers
  • Flammable liquids, gases, fireworks, explosive devices
  • Weapons that are not in compliance with Virginia state law
  • Eating at Mount Vernon

There is both a food court and a restaurant at Mount Vernon, so all of your dining needs are provided for as well. 

The food court has family fare such as pizza, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, coffee, etc.

You don't usually think of a food court as anything special, but us tour guides will abandon our groups to make sure we snag the famous croissant breakfast sandwich before they stop serving them at 1030am!

mount vernon tour cost

The Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant is a sit-down restaurant with colonially inspired food, in a beautiful space that will remind you of the mansion that you just saw!

It is a beautiful place for a quick meal, a romantic meal or a special lunch with your family.

If you want to eat at the restaurant, definitely make reservations in advance, as they tend to be very busy.

Handicapped Accessibility

Mount Vernon has done a great job making the historic area as handicapped accessible as possible.

All of the newer buildings, the Ford Center, the Education Center/Gift Shop/Restaurant are all wheelchair accessible.

There are ample handicapped parking spaces in the lots on either side of the entrance, and dropping off in the traffic circle is always an option.


Mount Vernon is large - you can easily spend all day here. We suggest the following route to get the most out of your visit:

Orientation Center

  • Mansion & Outbuildings
  • Education Center & Gift Store

Additional sites to see are the:

  • Pioneer Farm & Waterfront

Gristmill & Distillery

Upon arrival at Mount Vernon, the first place you will enter will be the Ford Orientation Center.

There are plenty of maps in the Orientation Center and docents to help you interpret them.

Mount Vernon Orientation Center

Definitely use the bathrooms while you are here, once you get up to the mansion, bathrooms are harder to find. 

The highlight of the Orientation center is the miniature Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon in Miniature is an incredibly detailed, handcrafted model of the mansion that you are about to see.

It was a gift from the State of Washington, and took 50 people over 5 years to complete!

Mount Vernon in Miniature

The miniature has walls that move and shift so that you can see the inside of the rooms, some of which you will see on your tour. 

It also details some rooms you can’t see in real life, like closets and storage spaces, as well as back passages for servants.

It has furnishings based on the real pieces in the mansion, and artwork on the walls meant to represent Washington’s real artwork.

There is even miniature wine chilling in buckets waiting for a dinner party!

Orientation Films

Directly behind the Miniature are the theaters showing the orientation film. The films run in a continuous loop and take about 25 minutes together.

The first film is an orientation film with Pat Sajak telling you about Mount Vernon and what you will see while you are there.

Tip: Skip the small gift store in the Orientation Center

There is a small gift store in the Orientation Center, but most of the stuff they have is also available in the much larger and better main gift store in the Education Center.

The Mansion and Out Buildings

After the orientation films, it is time to head up to the Mansion. As you exit the theater, you will wind around a path toward the mansion.

A separate ticket is required to tour the mansion.

It really is an essential part of the visit to Mount Vernon.

mount vernon tour cost

The mansion tour itself takes about 15-20 minutes once you get to the front of the line.

You will be escorted through many of the public rooms where George Washington lived, dined, and visited with his many guests.

One of the things to note in the main hallway is a key to the Bastille, which was presented to Washington by the Marquis de Lafayette after the American Revolution.

The tour continues upstairs into several of the bedrooms on the upper floor, including the room where Washington died in 1799.

The mansion tour concludes with his office and then exits out through the main kitchen.

Tip: Ask Questions

Perhaps the most common complaint about Mount Vernon in the summer months is that the guides in the mansion don’t have a lot to say.

While it can be crowded, the guides are historical interpreters, not guards or docents, so make sure to ask them whatever questions you have.


Once you have exited the mansion from the kitchen, you will find yourself presented with the backyard of Mount Vernon on your left-hand side, and a series of smaller buildings on your right.

The buildings on the right are called outbuildings and were used for various purposes.

Visiting Mount Vernon

In Washington’s day, anyone who could afford to have several of these outbuildings next to their main house, anything that was smelly, or potentially hazardous was taken care of in one of these buildings to keep such odor or hazard away from the main house,

So, kitchens were usually detached from the main house, as well as food storage areas, and animals.

Sometimes you can even watch the Blacksmith working in his shop.

mount vernon tour cost

Feel free to check out as many of these buildings as you want.

The yard at Mount Vernon is also a wonderful area to explore, enjoying the amazing view that Washington would have looked out at every day!

Feel free to sit on the chairs on the back piazza, or walk right out onto the lawn.

mount vernon tour cost

The area on the other side of the river was purchased by a non-profit organization Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union, or simply known as Mount Vernon Ladies Association, to preserve the view that Washington would have known, so there is no construction allowed across the river.

And to do so, they rely on private contributions and doesn't accept government funding.

Washington's Burial Site and Family Tomb

For an extra special treat, visit the tomb at 10 am or 3 pm during the summer season (winter it is at 12 pm) Wreath laying ceremonies take place here to honor the memory of General Washington.  

  After seeing where Washington lived, you can also pay your respects at his final resting place, which is also on the Mount Vernon property.

In fact, Washington has two tombs, and you can visit both of them.

The reason that he has two tombs is that there were plans to create an elaborate tomb for Washington, but he died earlier than expected, so he was buried on the Mount Vernon property (the Old Tomb), while his current tomb was being prepared.

George Washington's Tomb

While there is nothing in the Old Tomb any longer, it is definitely worth a visit, and it's also close to the current tomb.

At the current tomb, Washington is buried next to his wife Martha Washington, and in the back of them is a crypt filled with Washington’s relatives.

There are several obelisk markers outside the tomb for members of the Washington family, including his nephew, John Bushrod Washington who was the last family member to own Mount Vernon.

mount vernon tour cost

The Slave Memorial at Mount Vernon

Behind Washington's tomb, there is a path toward a marker of a different kind, the Slave Memorial at Mount Vernon.

The Slave Memorial was added in 1983. It marks the spot where freed and enslaved persons were buried, often in unmarked graves. If there were any markers, they did not survive meaning that the identities of those buried there have been lost.

Though this cemetery was acknowledged from the beginning in the 1920s, it was overgrown and often skipped part of the grounds until the 1980s when a proper memorial was established.

A short column, representing a life unfinished stands at the center. Three circles around it and three steps leading to it represent Faith, Love and Hope.

Local legend has it that the enslaved Africans were buried facing east, indicating their wish to return to Africa.

Washington inherited 10 enslaved people from his father as a child. At least 577 enslaved people lived and worked at Mount Vernon during Washington's life.

Upon his death, the enslaved people he directly owned were to be freed after Martha Washington's death.

Washington's evolving views on slavery and his direct involvement with it are discussed at Mount Vernon through the various Slavery at Mount Vernon exhibits.

Education Center and Gift Store

One of the highlights of any visit to Mount Vernon is a trip to the fascinating Donald W. Reynolds Education Center which is full of immersive programs and museum galleries.

The Education Center is very close to the Ford Orientation Center, where you entered the property. 

If you have already been up to the mansion, you will get to the Education Center by heading back the same way you entered and following the signs for it.

The Education Center can take up several hours all on its own, so definitely budget your time with that in mind.

mount vernon tour cost

There are so many exhibits, movies, hands-on learning, and a Museum so there is something for everyone.

The newest exhibit is fun for all ages.

Be Washington is an interactive experience with a 30-foot screen playing out different events and touch screens for the viewer to receive new information and make split-second decisions.

At the end of the exhibit, you can see what decision Washington made (and that others in your group have made).

Of particular interest, especially with kids, will be the main movie: Revolutionary War, which is a 4-D movie!

The movie is an incredibly immersive experience, involving the rumble of cannons, and "snow."

The movie is about 20 minutes so the lines can be long in advance of the movie. The movie is shown in the Revolutionary War Theatre.

If you're short on time, head there first to get in line and watch the film, then spend the remainder of your time visiting the exhibits.

The Education Center also contains Washington’s false teeth, which, as you will learn, are not made of wood.

In the same building as the Education Center is the main Gift Shop at Mount Vernon, down a hallway toward the front of the building, and it is not to be missed.

The Gift Shop consists of two large rooms, on either side of the main walkway that leads out of the building.

It is chock full of clothing, books, jewelry, and much more.

There is plenty of food and candy made right at Mount Vernon, as well as beer and wine made from grapes grown on the property!

You can even buy toys that are similar to the kind used in Washington’s day.

Pioneer Farm

Washington considered himself a gentleman farmer. The grounds of George Washington's home include a variety of farms, plantings, orchards and more.

The Pioneer Farm is open at Mount Vernon in the summer months and it is well worth a trip to see.

It is down the hill at the wharf and is a full working farm designed to replicate the kind of farm that Washington would have had at Mount Vernon.

There are live demonstrations, animals to see, and a slave cabin that you can walk through to see how slaves lived at Mount Vernon.

There is also Washington’s 16-sided barn, his own invention to aid with the treading and preparation of wheat, which was his biggest crop.

The Pioneer Farm is included in the admissions price to Mount Vernon and is about a 15-minute walk from the Mansion.

There is a shuttle that runs from the Education Center down to the Farm, but if you’re going to walk it, be aware that it is down the hill, and what goes down must eventually come back up.

The Gristmill was built in 1770-1771 and can be found on the far side of the Mount Vernon grounds.

As it's nearly 3 miles from the main gate, it's a good stop before or after you visit the grounds.

mount vernon tour cost

You can drive to the Gristmill & Distillery located at 5514 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309

Admission to visit the Gristmill & Distillery is included in the regular admission cost.

mount vernon tour cost

It still works to this day! You can taste Rye Whiskey made using the General's recipe at the Mount Vernon Inn or buy a bottle to take home at the gift shop.

These two sites are open seasonally, Saturdays and Sundays Apr-Oct 10 am - 5 pm, and are closed during winter months. You can visit them for $10 without a ticket to Mount Vernon.

Things to do with Kids

Mount Vernon is a great idea for kids, there are so many things to do and see.

The Hands on History Center is a big part of the Education Center and will teach your children all about George Washington and allow them to learn for themselves.

Children’s programs are held Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Activities are designed for children ages 5-10. Children must be accompanied by an adult; space and supplies are limited.

Also in the Education Center is the 4-D movie and lots of information about the efforts to forensically recreate Washington and his life at Mount Vernon.

For outdoor activities, there are so many grounds and gardens to walk around and check out, as well as the Pioneer Farm, which is sure to entertain your kids.

They have demonstrations of what farming was like in Washington’s day, as well as farm animals who would love to meet your kids!

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mount vernon tour cost


Thing to Do

George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Estates

Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

The white brick entrance to the Mount Vernon Estate.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Estates is located on a hill along the Potomac river. Mount Vernon, named after a British General, was originally much smaller than the spacious mansion we see today. Built in 1735 by Washington’s father Augustine, the original building was a one-and-a-half story farmhouse. George Washington raised the roof in 1758 to its current height of two-and-a-half stories.In 1774 Washington drastically increased the floorspace, adding the two wings, the piazza, and cupola.

Washington was an innovator and explored many different ways of integrating new technology and equipment into the construction and operation of his estate. He gave personal attention to Mount Vernon’s operations, and his attentiveness to detail is still reflected in the maintenance and restoration of Mount Vernon today. For example, the room formerly known as the “Nelly Custis Bedchamber” has recently been restored to a more faithful interpretation of the room during its use in Washington’s day. It has been aptly renamed “The Chintz Room.”  

 Most of the Mount Vernon estate sites are available by wheelchair . Many of the paths to different buildings and features on the estate are uneven, but there is a wheelchair path leading from the the Ford Orientation Center, Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Eduation Center and also the Mount Vernon Inn.   However, the Mansion’s upper floor is accessible only by stairway. Non-motorized wheelchairs and wheeled walkers are available free of charge in the Ford Orientation Center.

A map of accessible paths is available on the Mount Vernon Accessibility Page .

Small hand-held devices are also available for those who are blind or have low vision , and audio tours are available for those hard of hearing. There are also ASL tours available for the main estate and auxiliary grounds (such as the Gristmill and Distillery) the by calling or emailing beforehand and requesting an ASL tour guide for the grounds ahead of time.

If you have further questions, please send your emails to [email protected] or call 703-780-2000.

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Last updated: August 1, 2017

mount vernon tour cost

Everything You Need to Know to Visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Virginia

Picture of Jason Barnette

By Jason Barnette | Travel writer and photographer with 15+ years of road tripping experience

  • Last Updated on May 13, 2024
  • Published on February 10, 2020
  • Interstate 66 , Interstate 95
  • US Highway 1
  • George Washington Memorial Parkway

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Affiliate Disclosure here .

After the brief but thrilling tour through the house I returned to a long row of wooden chairs on the covered porch of George and Martha Washington’s Mansion. I could see the wide Potomac River down the hill. It wasn’t hard to imagine what it was like when Washington lived here in the 18 th century because not much had changed at all in this peaceful neck of the woods.

mount vernon tour cost

It was a sweltering day in September, in the midst of a bona fide heatwave, when I arrived at the main gate to the Mount Vernon estate. I was thrilled to finally be able to explore the home of George and Martha Washington, but the intense heat and humidity kept me from most of the outdoor exploration. In this post I have compiled everything I learned that day with my four-hour visit to Mount Vernon.  

With admission starting at $20 for adults and $12 for children you get lot of bang for your buck. General Admission includes a guided tour inside the Mansion, access to all the walking trails through the gardens and historic area, the museums, and the Distillery & Gristmill located off-site. The general admission alone will keep you busy for a few hours and give you a wonderful insight into our first president.

Here is everything you need to know to visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Virginia.

How much time will you spend at Mount Vernon

It entirely depends on how much you want to do. The minimum amount of time necessary for the guided tour of the Mansion and a walk through of the gardens and museums is about two hours. Expect to add at least one hour for each specialty tour. I recommend at least three hours to experience Mount Vernon and five hours for an experience you’ll never forget.

mount vernon tour cost

The Mansion

If you look really closely when you visit you can just make out the outline of the original one-and-a-half story house built by Augustine Washington in 1734. When George Washington took over the plantation in 1754 he began a series of renovations and expansions. After nearly 50 years of tinkering he settled with the 21-room Mansion he called Mount Vernon .

The only way to see the Mansion is with a guided tour included in the price of admission. The house has been meticulously restored over the years and offers an absolutely stunning look into an authentic 18 th century home. Not a recreation, but the actual home of George and Martha Washington. The architectural details designed by Washington himself are stunning. The fact present-day Mount Vernon has maintained them so well is nothing short of astounding.

The guided tours are admittedly brief, and quite frequently my group bumped into either the group behind or in front of us. Mount Vernon is one of the most-visited presidential homes in the country so I can’t entirely blame them, but my entire tour lasted only 20 minutes. It was an amazing twenty minutes, however, with each room uniquely painted and adorned with paintings, furniture, and artifacts from Washington’s time.

About midway through the tour my guide pointed to a bed on the upper floor of the Mansion and said, “This is where George Washington died in 1799.” To realize I was standing in the very room where Washington passed away was one of the most profound moments of travel and history in all of my adventures.

When you purchase an admission ticket online (recommended) or on site you will be asked to pick a time for the Mansion Tour. The time you pick is when you need to be in line at the Mansion. Wait times can be around 5-30 minutes for the tour to begin. It is important you make it in time; if you have to reschedule your time it could be hours before you could begin the tour.

mount vernon tour cost

Historic Area

Surrounding the Mansion at the heart of Mount Vernon is the Historic Area dotted with outbuildings, gardens, and trails. I found this to be the most peaceful part of my time at the estate with no rush to get anywhere and very thin crowds compared to the house tour.

The Historic Area includes the Spinning House, Blacksmith Shop, Slave Quarters, and more than a dozen other buildings. Each was fully set up as it would have been during Washington’s time on the plantation and open to the public to pop in and explore. My favorite building at Mount Vernon? The Necessary . It was just the outhouse, but I found the name hilarious (and reminded me of the necessary chairs I found at The Charleston Museum in South Carolina).

There are three gardens to explore at Mount Vernon: Fruit Garden, Lower Garden, and Upper Garden . The Lower Garden is beside the animal enclosure where animals typically used on the plantation are kept for viewing today. My favorite was the Upper Garden with a peaceful walk along a crushed gravel trail through the formal garden beside the Greenhouse.

Bring water! It can get quite hot and humid at Mount Vernon during the summer months. There aren’t many places to get water through the Mansion and historical areas, so please bring your own water. And please bring a reusable water bottle like the CamelBak Chute that I love so very much.

Washington’s will stipulated that upon his death a new tomb should be built at Mount Vernon where he, his wife, and his family would later be interred. Today visitors can explore the old and new tombs on the estate.

When George Washington died in 1799, he was initially interred in the Old Tomb . But before his death Washington realized this old tomb was in bad condition. Today visitors can see the location of the Old Tomb.

The New Tomb was completed in 1831 and the bodies of George and Martha Washington where interred there forever. Visitors can walk to the tomb located south of the Fruit Garden, about ten minutes from the mansion.

mount vernon tour cost

National Park Week 2024

Learn about the annual celebration of the National Park System and read my travel guides to national park units across the country.

Reynolds Museum and Education Center

Hot and humid? Raining? Just plumb tired and need a rest? The Reynolds Museum and Education Center is the perfect place for you! With a whopping 23 galleries, the Revolutionary War 4D Theater, and an interactive theater, you’ll certainly have a lot to do there.

The museum was an amazing walk through Washington’s life. Hundreds of artifacts and entire scenes from history were on display in the museum. One of the coolest scenes was the life size George Washington on an equally life size horse from the Revolutionary War. But my favorite piece in the museum was a simple painting depicting George Washington’s first expansion of the original house built by his father.

One of the most popular indoor attractions at Mount Vernon is the Re volutionary War 4D Theater . Prepare yourself for canon fire, harmless smoke, and snowflakes as the fourth dimension comes to life during a thrilling experience. It is a recent addition to the estate so the video and effects were top notch.

Distillery and Gristmill

The distillery and gristmill are located on a satellite portion of the estate about three miles from the main entrance along Mount Vernon Memorial Highway. Access to the site is included in the price of general admission. If you don’t want to drive or didn’t drive to begin with there is a shuttle to take visitors between the sections of the estate.

You can visit the Distillery and Gristmill on your way to the estate. You can either buy your tickets online or when you arrive at the distillery. I recommend doing this first because you’ll be more exhausted after finishing the tours of the Mansion, Historic Area, and museum.

Once there you’ll see authentic recreations of the gristmill and distillery once used by George Washington on the plantation. The gristmill is a gorgeous stone building with a ginormous wheel that you’ll frequently find turning under the power of water. Step inside for one of the most in-depth looks at how a gristmill functions in the country.

The distillery was the most surprising thing I discovered at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. I had no idea Washington made whiskey and sold it to the general public! The fully-function recreation of the distillery shows you how whiskey was made in the late 18 th century!

Did you know

George Washington began a commercial distilling business in 1797. By 1799 the distillery produced 11,000 gallons of whiskey, almost 20 times more than the average Virginia distillery, making his business venture one of the largest distilleries in the country.

mount vernon tour cost


Great news! The vast majority of everything to see and do at Mount Vernon is fully accessible. There are some limits, but for the most part this is one of the most accessible historic sites I have come across yet.

Begin with the curbside drop off directly in front of the main entrance to the estate. There are no shuttles between the parking lots and entrance, so this is the best option for those with wheelchairs and walkers.

The Ford Orientation Center, where your adventure at Mount Vernon begins, and the Reynolds Museum and Education Center are fully accessible. However, only the first floor of the Mansion is accessible. This will still allow you to see about 70% of the tour, but unfortunately you will miss the bedroom where Washington died.

Through the Historical Area there are a few accessible paths. The primary route is beside the North Garden directly to the Mansion. Other paths around the outbuildings and through the formal gardens are passable on a surface of crushed gravel but be careful on wet days.

Just in case you need it Mount Vernon offers free non-motorized wheelchairs and walkers for visitors.

mount vernon tour cost

Getting to Mount Vernon

The most direct route to Mount Vernon is along Mount Vernon Memorial Highway at U.S. Highway 1 in Alexandria. There are a few exits you can take off Interstate 95 to reach this highway.

But my favorite way to get to Mount Vernon is to take the 25-mile George Washington Memorial Parkway . The National Park Service parkway begins at Exit 14 off Interstate 495 west of Washington, D.C., continues along the Potomac River through Alexandria, and ends at the roundabout at Mount Vernon. Along the way the Parkway passes several other NPS monuments and memorials, Gravelly Point Park, and Jones Point Park.

But the absolute coolest way to visit Mount Vernon? Take a three-hour scenic boat ride! Spirit Cruise’s Spirit of Mount Vernon cruise boat departs Washington, D.C. just after 8 a.m. for a two-hour cruise along the Potomac River, and then leaves Mount Vernon around 1 p.m. for a two-hour return cruise.

A more affordable and quicker option is to ride on the Mount Vernon Cruise with the Potomac Riverboat Company . This 50-minute cruise departs Alexandria, makes a stop at National Harbor, and then sails down the Potomac River to Mount Vernon.

If you choose to drive to Mount Vernon one the greatest advantages of this historic site is the free parking. There are two massive parking lots on either side of George Washington Memorial Parkway with about a 5 to 15-minute walk to the main entrance. There is a curbside drop off area in front of the main entrance to make it easier for accessibility and families. Sorry, dads, but you have to walk back from the parking spot.

Where to Eat

Take a guided tour, sit on the front porch watching the Potomac River, and go for a walk through the gardens and the next thing you know you’ll be hungry. Fortunately, there are two great places to eat on the property so you don’t have to leave when the rumble in your belly starts.

The Food Court Pavilion is located near the main entrance across from the Ford Orientation Center. The pavilion offers food throughout the day including breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Papa Johns has a shop set up inside where you’ll also find hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. There is plenty of indoor seating with large tables.

The Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant is located next door to the pavilion. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner throughout the week and brunch on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. The diverse menu includes everything from hamburgers and sandwiches to pork chop and roasted duck. The dining room at the restaurant is quite gorgeous with patterned wallpaper and white linen tablecloths.

Where to Stay

There is actually so much to do at Mount Vernon that I strongly recommend spending the entire day exploring it. The historic site does not offer two day passes so you might as well do everything in one trip! Okay, maybe not everything. But you can try and you’ll be tired afterwards.

If you want to make a weekend trip out of visiting Mount Vernon, I recommend staying in nearby Alexandria about twenty minutes away.

My first night in Alexandria I stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites on Richmond Highway. This is my top recommendation for hotels in Northern Virginia because of easy access, outstanding room, and proximity to everything. The hotel includes an outdoor swimming pool, free on-site parking, and a fantastic breakfast.

The Alexandrian is a top-rated posh hotel in Alexandria’s Old Town historic district. It’s located within walking distance of many attractions in the city and takes only minutes to drive out of town.

Closest to Mount Vernon

The Best Western Mount Vernon is just four miles from Mount Vernon. With comfortable rooms, free on-site parking, and a decent breakfast in the morning, it is a no-frills great place to spend the night.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott across the street is a step above with an outdoor swimming pool, free on-site parking, and a One Bedroom King Suite with a sleeper sofa that makes it better for traveling families.

I am always a fan of Hampton Inn hotels and this one makes a great place to stay. It has a rather nice indoor swimming pool and fantastic breakfast in the morning. In fact, that breakfast is exactly why I was late getting to Mount Vernon when I stayed there!

Picture of Jason Barnette

2 Responses

I enjoyed your article! I’ll be in Georgetown for a wedding in a few weeks and have a full Sunday free to visit Mt. Vernon with my husband, daughter and her boyfriend. Do you think it’s worth it to hire a half day private guide to take us around the premises, or can we easily navigate on our own? We are very interested in history, so I thought it may be worth it to be able to ask questions and get more out of the day. I would appreciate your thoughts!

Hi Laurie! Mount Vernon is a very easy property to navigate on your own. However, if you want the most immersive experience with a docent or guide who will really dive deep into the history of the property, I absolutely recommend the half-day tour. I hope you enjoy the wedding and trip to Mount Vernon!

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George Washington's Mount Vernon logo

Open 365 days a year, Mount Vernon is located just 15 miles south of Washington DC.

There's So Much to See

From the mansion to lush gardens and grounds, intriguing museum galleries, immersive programs, and the distillery and gristmill. Spend the day with us!

Farmer, Soldier, Statesman, and Husband

Discover what made Washington "first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen".

Did You Know?

The Mount Vernon Ladies Association has been maintaining the Mount Vernon Estate since they acquired it from the Washington family in 1858.

For Your American History Class

Need primary and secondary sources, videos, or interactives? Explore our Education Pages!

The Library of the First President

The Washington Library is open to all researchers and scholars, by appointment only.

Mount Vernon Admission Discounts

Whether you are traveling to DC on your vacation or live just up the street, there are many ways to save on your visit to Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon participates in various programs that offer special discounts on your visit to George Washington's home and other attractions in our region.

Government Shutdown Federal Employee Discount

Government Shutdown Federal Employee Discount

During the government shutdown, federal employees receive 50% off admission to Mount Vernon. To redeem this discount, show your federal employee ID at the gate.

This discount is available in-person only and cannot be redeemed online. Valid for one discounted grounds pass per federal employee.

Mount Vernon Membership – Free Admission

Mount Vernon Membership – Free Admission

Become a Mount Vernon member and receive free daytime admission for one year, plus discounted tickets for Mount Vernon events and 10% off food and gift shop purchases. View all membership benefits.

Advance Purchase Discount

Advance Purchase Discount

Buy your daytime admission ticket online 3 days in advance and save $2 on admission. The discount will be applied automatically.  Buy your tickets online.

Military Members, First Responders, and Medical Professionals

Military Members, First Responders, and Medical Professionals

Save $4 when you log in with Learn more about our discounts.

Purple Heart Recipients

Purple Heart Recipients

Recipients of the Purple Heart receive free admission to Mount Vernon year-round. Available in-person only; this offer cannot be redeemed online.

Potomac Banks Savings Pass

Potomac Banks Savings Pass

Get access to Potomac Banks attractions, including Mount Vernon, with the Potomac Banks Savings Pass . The pass includes admission to Mount Vernon and George Mason’s Gunston Hall.

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer Card) Holders

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer Card) Holders

Present your EBT card at the gate to receive up to 4 daytime admission tickets for $2 each. Available in-person only; this offer cannot be redeemed online.

Key to the City Pass

Key to the City Pass

Purchase a $20 Key to the City pass to get 40% off admission at Mount Vernon. The Key to the City pass can be purchased at the Alexandria Visitor Center. Must be redeemed in person.

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Tips For Family Trips

Tips For Family Trips

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Tips for Touring Mount Vernon with the Family

Virginia , Washington D.C. / August 10, 2016 by Katie / 7 Comments This article may contain sponsored content or affiliate links.

A trip to the nation’s capital should definitely include a visit to George Washington’s estate, which is why I take all my out-of-town guests to tour Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon gets a shout-out for being one of the most family-friendly historical sites you can enjoy with children of any age.  My two-year-old loves running around the grounds as much as my teenager enjoys the interactive museum.

mount vernon tour cost

When to Tour Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is open 365 days a year, so pick your day!  Spring is the busiest season, with many school groups touring from mid-March until the end of May.  If you plan to go in the spring, most school groups come early and leave by lunchtime so an afternoon tour might be better.  

The busiest day of the year at Mount Vernon is President's Day, which is a free day. Holiday weekends, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's are usually very busy times. Typically, Mondays are the least busy day of the week.

Mount Vernon handles crowds well, and timed ticket entry to the house saves guests hours of standing in line on busy days. On busy days, guides will move you through the mansion tour more quickly than on slower days.

Related: 3 Days in Washington DC With Kids

Save on tickets

There are a couple of ways to save on your Mount Vernon tickets. The first is to buy your tickets through the official website in advance. You'll save $2 per ticket over gate price and get a better selection of times to tour the house. You'll also find a lot of additional tour options and add-ons online.

The Go Washington DC Pass  is another good way to save up to 47% at Mount Vernon and other popular DC attractions. For $59, you can take the Round Trip Mount Vernon Cruise from Alexandria, spend a few hours at Mount Vernon and then take a Big Bus hop-on hop-off tour the next day. You'll save $28 with the 3-Choices option.

Click the button below to learn more about the Go Washington D.C. Card.

mount vernon tour cost

Related: How to Get the Most from Your Go Washington DC Pass

Getting there

We usually drive our own car from our home in Northern Virginia, but if you are visiting Washington D.C., there are several good ways to get to Mount Vernon. Allison's family took a water taxi from National Harbor, Maryland. You can also bike to Mount Vernon, take public transportation or take a bus tour from Washington D.C.

The official Mount Vernon website gives more information on all these options. If you visit by bus or water taxi, your Mount Vernon ticket and tour time will likely be included in the tour price, so you won't need to buy another ticket online.

Related: Best Museums in Washington DC for Families

Where to eat

Bottled water is the only food you can bring in with you, so I usually feed my kids a snack in the car on the way there or buy lunch at the food court.  

Yes, Mount Vernon has a food court. You won't find familiar chains, but you will find a variety of reasonably priced food available for purchase.

Start in the visitor’s center with the 18-minute movie about General George Washington. When you purchase your ticket, you will get a timed entry ticket to the tour the house, so you can plan your day around it. Depending on when your entry for the house is, wander through the outbuildings and see the nearby gardens before touring the mansion.

Make sure to spend a few minutes in the comfortable rocking chairs on the back porch overlooking the Potomac River to enjoy a view you will never forget.

Walk down to the tombs of George and Martha Washington, the slave memorial, and to the wharf on the Potomac. You will find a working farm with a few farm animals near the water. The paths are generally stroller friendly (I’ve taken one down and back up many times), but prepare to sweat a bit or take the shuttle back up the hill.

Related: 15+ Ways to Save Money in Washington DC

Highlights of the Museum and Education Center

Mount Vernon has a beautiful new Museum and Education Center with lots of interactive exhibits and audio-visual features. Here are some of the highlights.

  • 3 theaters and 10 short films.  I teared up watching the tender film about the Washington's love letters.
  • George Washington's false teeth. They aren't made of wood.
  • Hands-on History room for young children, with dollhouses, hand puppets, storybooks and puzzles.
  • Wax models of George Washington at ages 19, 45, and 57.

Tour Mount Vernon with the Family |

Crowds at Mount Vernon

If the visitor’s center is crowded, see the grounds first and then come back to watch the 18-minute show about General George Washington at the end of the day.  The upside of the busy season is that they often set up their living history tents, which are enjoyable if you can elbow your way in. We watched chocolate made from roasted cacao beans and also saw a demonstration on different herbs and spices grown on the grounds.

Related: 10 Fun Things to Do in National Harbor, Maryland

Mount Vernon at Christmas

After several visits, I was excited to tour Mount Vernon at Christmas to see the home decorated for the holidays and see the 3rd floor of the mansion, which is only open between Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. Expect period decorations on the mansion, such as greenery and a few extra candles.  I was glad to see the 3rd floor of the mansion, but it looks quite similar to the 2nd floor, which is open year-round. You can see every room in the house in a detailed miniature in the visitor’s center.

The amazing gingerbread house in the visitor’s center was the highlight of my holiday visit to Mount Vernon. The aroma of gingerbread and the intricate candy detail on the house was definitely worth seeing!

Tour Mount Vernon with the Family |

What to Bring

  • Wear good walking shoes.
  • Dress for the weather as most of your time at Mount Vernon will be outdoors.
  • Bring bottled water.  Plan to purchase other food and drinks in the food court.
  • Bring a stroller, but be prepared for rugged terrain.

Good to Know

Where: George Washington’s Mount Vernon is located roughly 15 miles south of Washington, D.C. and 8 miles south of Alexandria, Virginia on the banks of the Potomac River, at the southern end of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

When: Mount Vernon is open 365 days of the year. Hours vary by season.

How Much: $20/adult (ages 12-61), $12/child (ages 6-11), children 5 and under are free. Specialty tours are available for an additional cost.

How Long: Minimum of 3 hours, but I would recommend 4-5 hours, or perhaps an entire day.

Amenities:  Free parking, bathrooms, food court, and the best gift shop in all of D.C. Plan to buy souvenirs here.


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June 27, 2013 at 1:04 pm

When I visited the D.C. area as a teenager I didn’t get a chance to go in, we didn’t have time. It sounds really fantastic! Since you’re a local I’d be interested in what else you consider a “must see” when visiting the area, including restaurants. Also, how far is this from downtown? Great post!

July 1, 2013 at 9:12 pm

Hi Jana. Mount Vernon is about 30 minutes outside of Washington D.C. by car. I will work on a “must-see” post for visiting D.C. So much to see and do here!

June 18, 2019 at 8:05 am

Does anyone know how much a cab/taxi charges to take you from hotel Harrington to Mount Vernon? Its a 30-40 min drive. Thanks

June 18, 2019 at 10:10 am

Hi Zayira. I can’t say for sure what a taxi charges, but Uber and Lyft estimate about $32 one way via UberX or basic Lyft (not shared, standard vehicle) for Hotel Harrington to Mount Vernon. In Washington D.C., we found that taxis didn’t charge much more than Uber/Lyft. Have a great trip!

June 2, 2017 at 1:09 pm

Thank you for such a thorough and helpful review!

October 19, 2017 at 4:27 pm

Its so nice to be able to see where George Washington lived after all these years, you are still able to come into his home and experience a bit of what life was like back then, and is definitely a must-stop destination if you are visiting Virginia!

May 1, 2019 at 6:35 am

Nice tips, I will try to follow these tips for new Family Trip. Thanks!!!

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mount vernon tour cost

Washington DC Tours

Washington DC Tours

Don't leave your tour guide on a bus.

mount vernon tour cost

Mount Vernon Tour

Mount Vernon & Arlington Cemetery Tour

See Arlington Cemetery, Old Town Alexandria, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate on the OnBoard Mount Vernon & Arlington Cemetery Tour. There’s no better Mount Vernon Tour. Your tour guide will escort you through Mount Vernon, telling you about all of the attractions there and the history of George Washington’s home on the Potomac River. The entry pass to Mount Vernon is included. You will drive through Old Town Alexandria on the way, and see the charming old town. Afterwards, we’ll take you to Arlington Cemetery and your guide will walk you through to see the Tomb of the Unknowns for the changing of the guard, the Kennedy grave sites, and a view of Custis-Lee Mansion.

Mount Vernon is THE thing to do in DC!

George Washington’s Estate, known as Mount Vernon, is located in Mount Vernon, Virginia, along the Potomac River and is probably the most scenic attraction in the Washington DC area. Mount Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington, is the most popular historic estate in America. Guests to Mount Vernon can visit the 21-room Mansion, more than a dozen original structures, Washington’s Tomb, and nearly 50 acres of his extensive plantation. The estate also includes a working blacksmith shop and the Pioneer Farm site, a 4-acre demonstration farm with a reconstructed slave cabin and 16-sided treading barn.

You’ll learn everything you want to know about George Washington’s life in the Ford Orientation Center and Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center featuring more than 500 original artifacts, 25 galleries, interactive exhibits and inspiring films.

They have videos and other galleries with information about the life of the first American President. There is a food court and a fantastic gift shop. Check it out on the OnBoard DC Mount Vernon & Arlington Cemetery tour.

See Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery Tours

Headstones at Arlington Cemetery

After Mount Vernon, we’ll take you to Arlington National Cemetery. Your guide will walk you through the Cemetery and show you its high points, including the Tomb of the Unknowns, the Changing of the Guard (if time allows), a view of Custis-Lee Mansion, and the Kennedy grave sites. You can learn more about Arlington National Cemetery here . Your tour guide will tell you about how the Cemetery started when one of Abraham Lincoln’s generals started burying Union soldiers in Robert E. Lee’s wife’s flower garden.

Mount Vernon & Arlington Cemetery Itinerary

Guided walks take you to: Mount Vernon Estate Washington’s Tomb Arlington Cemetery Tomb of the Unknowns Changing of the Guard Kennedy Grave Sites

Also see: Custis-Lee Mansion, Old Town Alexandria, and much more! Monday-Thursday Adults: $79.99 Children: $69.99

Friday-Sunday Adults: $89.99 Children: $79.99

Book the Mount Vernon Tour

Ready to book? We guarantee you’ll be glad you chose OnBoard Tours for your DC visit. You can conveniently book now online (by hitting the big red button) or call us at: 301-839-5261 .

Book Mount Vernon Tour Today!

Refund Policy: In an effort to keep our prices low all sales are final. If you’re uncertain of your travel plans and feel they might unexpectedly change, please purchase our optional Tour Insurance.

  • Mount Vernon & Arlington Cemetery Tour See Arlington Cemetery, Old Town Alexandria, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate on the OnBoard Mount Vernon & Arlington Cemetery Tour. There's no better Mount Vernon Tour. Your tour guide will escort you through Mount Vernon, telling you about all of the attractions there and the h

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Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

Historical South

Share the post "Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour"

Did you know that at Mount Vernon the National Treasure Walking Tour is EPIC! How else would you get to explore George Washington’s basement?!

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

One of our kids is absolutely obsessed with presidents and so visiting Mount Vernon in Virginia (George Washington’s home) was top on our list. Unfortunately as you can see above they were remodeling so we didn’t get the best view of this historical location.

However our little Sarfari Ltd. TOOB George Washington Bust came along which made it more fun for the kids. You should also know ticket prices are a little steep ($17 / adults and $9 for kids) so keep that in mind if you’re on a tight budget or have a larger family.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

The day we went it was 96*, HOT, and fairly miserable because of it! We’re still glad we went but if you’re going be prepared for a LOT of walking (it’s a huge area!) and a lot of waiting for any tours you are going on. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing your tickets for everything at least 2 weeks in advance as the National Treasure Walking tour sold out while I was actually purchasing tickets 2 weeks before we visited.

Thankfully we got the last set of tickets for that day but there were a lot of unhappy people who tried to buy tickets while they were visiting. There are MANY options for specialty tours but at the very least you have to visit the house.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

Unfortunately no photos are allowed inside of George Washington’s house during the tour and the tour itself is surprisingly short. You walk through a few rooms with narration from a tour guide and you find yourself right out the back door on the amazing porch with a view of the Potomac River. (also a location featured in the National Treasure movie)

All rooms on the main floor are included in this tour (but NOT the basement – if you want to go down there you’d better grab those National Treasure Walking tour tickets (only $5 per person and worth it for the price).

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

On the property there are plenty of shady locations to stand under on a hot day which is nice but make sure you carry along some water as the closest drinking fountain is in the museum area. The actual house tour is handicap accessible but not the basement tour.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

There are many beautiful trails on site to walk down and although we did not get to all of them because of the heat we had to make a stop at George and Martha’s grave where every day they have a wreath ceremony.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

Continuing further down one of the trails you arrive at the Potomac River on your way to the on site farm.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

There are animals out on the farm as well as a several large gardens and workers to talk with as you walk through the property. If you’re not up for quite as much walking you can jump on the free shuttle bus that Mount Vernon provides to help you go to each location.

National Treasure Walking Tour:

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

Our favorite part of our visit to Mount Vernon however was going down into George Washington’s basement on the National Treasure Walking Tour. We let the kids watch National Treasure for the first time on our drive over from Iowa so they were thrilled to see some of the same historical locations they saw in the movie.

While the movie had a section based in George Washington’s basement the actual filming location was rebuilt and filmed elsewhere. What you see above is the entire basement from one end to the other with small cellar rooms off to the side.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

Although not the original cornerstone “LW” stands for Lawrence Washington, George’s brother. Our tour guide was absolutely phenomenal and gave us a historically packed tour full of information not only about filming scenes and tips from the movie but also accurate historical information that you won’t hear about on the main house tour. It was just fascinating.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

We had plenty of time to roam around the basement during the tour which we were thankful for because it was so hot when we visited! We even learned that there was a secret passageway way from the basement that led straight into Washington’s study!

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

The kids thought it was pretty cool to bring our George Washington bust into the basement with us.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

Although the walk is not for nor difficult it takes you around different locations on the property where National Treasure was filmed or referred to including the original ice box – a hole dug down into the cliffside and modified in the movie to show a “getaway tunnel”.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

 There are daily additional tours and events for free at Mount Vernon so make sure to check the schedule before you visit. We made sure to schedule our tours and activities around the children’s time where our kids were able to create their own tri-corn hats and help sew the American flag.

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

Before we visited Mount Vernon we read the book  George Washington’s Teeth   which is an absolutely fantastic children’s book. It’s hilarious and quite clever and teaches kids about the myths and truths surrounding George Washington’s famous toothaches and supposed wooden teeth.

After reading this book actually viewing one of the only remaining sets of George Washington’s teeth were high on my children’s list. In fact they pretty much ran through the museum searching for them.

Wearing George Washington's Teeth at Mount Vernon

If you stand behind the display and stand in the right spot it looks like you are wearing George Washington’s teeth! Best photo opp ever for kids! The museum was actually split into two different sections. George Washington’s personal things (photos were OK here) and Washington’s historical timeline (no photos allowed).

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

Another fun idea for kids that we did as we visited all of the top presidential sites in the Virginia and Washington, D.C. area was to let the kids take photos of themselves holding up president masks. We got these at Oriental Trading .

Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

A few more ideas that we bought for the kids other than the President TOOB , George Washington’s Teeth and presidential masks were presidential ducks , president fact bracelets , and the children’s book Let’s Play Soldier George Washington .

' src=

About Crystal

I'm the product of a family who never travelled and now I can't get enough! Please leave a comment or send me a message with some of your favorite lesser known places to visit - my bucket list in the USA is always expanding! My passion for travel motivated me to drag along my husband and 3 kids until now they are as eager as I am to hit the road! What should we visit near you?

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November 9, 2018 at 12:33 am

I am a visual artist and needed a picture of George Washington’s teeth for a piece of art I am working on. You have taken a wonderful photo and I am asking your permission to use it as reference in my art. IF you do allow – how would you like to be credited? Will there be any compensation due? Thanks in advance! By the way, I live in Charleston and urge you to visit if you haven’y been here yet.

' src=

November 12, 2018 at 2:51 pm

Simply credit back to the site – that would be great!

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    Mount Vernon is the historic home of America's first president, George Washington, just a short drive from Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA. (12+) $28 (6-11) $15 (0-5) $0 Adults (12+) $28 Youth (6-11) $15 Children (0-5) FREE Buy Your Tickets Online General admission includes one-day admittance to the Mount Vernon estate and an audio tour. While we recommend at least three hours for your visit ...

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    An audio tour that covers more than 29 stops on the estate is included with the cost of admission. Audio Tours. Take the Enslaved People of Mount Vernon Tour. ... Visit our museum exhibit, Mount Vernon: The Story of an American Icon, to discover the history of Mount Vernon and its landscape. There, you can see the original bust of Washington ...

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    Yes, Mount Vernon offers free admission to employees of historic homes or museums (with identification). We do not offer discounts for federal government employees or law enforcement. Please call (703) 780-2000 or email [email protected] to request tickets.

  4. Mount Vernon Tickets and Tours

    It is located at 200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway Mount Vernon, VA 22121 in Northern Virginia, south of Washington, DC and a short drive from Old Town Alexandria. Public Transportation - Metro The estate is reachable by public transportation and the journey is rather simple, but it will take approximately 75 min to arrive.

  5. George Washington's Mount Vernon

    It took 30 mins and cost US$45 Grounds pass $26 Mansion tour $2pp National treasure tour $10pp enSlaved people tour $0 Many other tours available Grounds passes include Mount Vernon's self-guided audio tour of over 30 locations in the Historic Area .

  6. In-Depth Tour · George Washington's Mount Vernon

    During this 45-minute guided tour, explore the Mansion, including areas not generally accessible, and discover more than 250 years of history at Mount Vernon. Buy Tickets Add to Calendar 03/09/2024 11:15:00 03/09/2024 12:15:00 America/New_York In-Depth Tour

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    George Washington's Mount Vernon and Estates. George Washington's Mount Vernon and Estates is located on a hill along the Potomac river. Mount Vernon, named after a British General, was originally much smaller than the spacious mansion we see today. Built in 1735 by Washington's father Augustine, the original building was a one-and-a-half ...

  8. Grounds Pass

    Your Schedule at George Washington's Mount Vernon. As you select tours and other items, we will build out a suggested schedule that will appear here. ESTATE HOURS. 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. $0.00. Menu . Back to calendar. $0.00. Login. Buy Tickets. ... MANSION TOUR. ENHANCEMENT ITEMS. ADD ONS. DISCOUNTS.

  9. Everything You Need to Know to Visit George Washington's Mount Vernon

    The view across Bowling Green of the Mansion at Mount Vernon. The Mansion. If you look really closely when you visit you can just make out the outline of the original one-and-a-half story house built by Augustine Washington in 1734. When George Washington took over the plantation in 1754 he began a series of renovations and expansions. After nearly 50 years of tinkering he settled with the 21 ...

  10. Mount Vernon Admission Discounts

    Open 365 days a year, Mount Vernon is located just 15 miles south of Washington DC. The Estate. Mansion Historic Area Gardens Tombs Farm Distillery & Gristmill Museums Virtual Tour. The Estate There's So Much to See. From the mansion to lush gardens and grounds, intriguing museum galleries, immersive programs, and the distillery and gristmill. ...

  11. Mount Vernon, Washington DC

    Browse education exhibits at the onsite museum, and visit the tomb where George and Martha Washington were buried. Learn about the legacy of slavery at Mount Vernon in the slaves' quarters, then tour the beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds before returning to D.C. 5 hours. Free Cancellation. from. $99.00.

  12. George Washington's Mount Vernon

    3. Alexandria: Full-Day Bike Tour to Mt Vernon w/ Optional Boat. Beginning in Alexandria VA, enjoy a full-day bike ride to and from Mount Vernon on the banks of the Potomac River, or rest your legs on the return journey and travel by boat to the Wharf in Washington DC. Meet in Old Town Alexandria to pick -up your bike, helmet and map.

  13. George Washington's Mount Vernon Gardens & Grounds Admission

    from $740.00. Per group. Washington DC, USA. Museum of the Bible Admission Ticket. 156. from $29.99. Washington DC, USA. Night City Tour with Optional Air & Space or Washington Monument. 1,778.

  14. A Visit To Mount Vernon: The Best Things To See And Do

    George Washington's Mount Vernon is a must-visit if you have even a little time to venture outside the Washington, D.C., area. ... it's absolutely worth the time, effort, and cost to travel about 15 miles south of the nation's capital to spend a day at Mount Vernon. ... General admission to Mount Vernon includes a guided tour of the mansion ...

  15. Tips for Touring Mount Vernon with the Family

    When: Mount Vernon is open 365 days of the year. Hours vary by season. How Much: $20/adult (ages 12-61), $12/child (ages 6-11), children 5 and under are free. Specialty tours are available for an additional cost. How Long: Minimum of 3 hours, but I would recommend 4-5 hours, or perhaps an entire day.

  16. George Washington's Mount Vernon by Potomac Riverboat

    Overview. Cruise on the Potomac River to Mount Vernon on this day trip from Alexandria. Listen to informative narration on board the boat, and then take a self-guided tour of George and Martha Washington's estate. Admission onto grounds only is included. Narrated sightseeing cruise along the Potomac River.

  17. Private Guided Mansion Tour of George Washington's Mount Vernon

    About. Get a VIP look at George Washington's 21-room residence as you're led through the mansion by a private guide. During this 1-hour private walking tour, you'll go behind-the-scenes as you hear expert commentary about the United States' first president and his historic estate. This tour includes some of the gardens and grounds.

  18. Washington DC Half-Day Mount Vernon Tour 2024

    Visit George Washington's historic home and estate with a 6-hour tour of Mount Vernon from Washington, D.C. Get a glimpse of the President's life and work as you explore an elegant mansion furnished with period antiques and Washington's personal belongings. Browse education exhibits at the onsite museum, and visit the tomb where George and Martha Washington were buried. Learn about the ...

  19. Mount Vernon Tour

    You can conveniently book now online (by hitting the big red button) or call us at: 301-839-5261. Book Mount Vernon Tour Today! Refund Policy: In an effort to keep our prices low all sales are final. If you're uncertain of your travel plans and feel they might unexpectedly change, please purchase our optional Tour Insurance.

  20. Visiting Mount Vernon and the National Treasure Walking Tour

    National Treasure Walking Tour: Our favorite part of our visit to Mount Vernon however was going down into George Washington's basement on the National Treasure Walking Tour. We let the kids watch National Treasure for the first time on our drive over from Iowa so they were thrilled to see some of the same historical locations they saw in the ...

  21. Na 74 Not Applicable, Mount Vernon, IL 62864

    Jefferson County. Mount Vernon. 62864. Oak Grove Village. Na 74 Not Applicable. Zillow has 2 photos of this $20,300 3 beds, 1 bath, 980 Square Feet manufactured home located at Na 74 Not Applicable, Mount Vernon, IL 62864 built in 1992.

  22. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival starts early, as three local farms open

    Tulip Valley Farms is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily at 15245 Bradshaw Rd. in Mount Vernon. Garden Rosalyn tulip farm will not open until April 1, but offers a variety of tulip fields, intricate ...

  23. Corporate Housing in Mount Vernon WA

    26031 72nd Ave NW, Stanwood, WA 98292. Videos. Virtual Tour. $1,750 - $2,800. 2-3 Beds. Dog & Cat Friendly Dishwasher Refrigerator Kitchen In Unit Washer & Dryer Walk-In Closets Balcony Range Maintenance on site. (360) 654-7572. The Lodge.