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Food & Culinary Tours in Vietnam

Tantalise your taste buds and sample the finest delicacies of Vietnam. With 18 food and culinary adventures lasting from 1 days to 15 days, you're sure to delve into culture and indulge in the traditional cuisine of Vietnam!

18 Food & Culinary tour packages in Vietnam with 80 reviews

10 Days Vietnam Food Tasting and Beach Relax Tour Tour

  • Food & Culinary

10 Days Vietnam Food Tasting and Beach Relax Tour

Vietnam Foodie\'s Paradise In 11 Days - Culinary Tour Tour

  • Christmas & New Year

Vietnam Foodie's Paradise In 11 Days - Culinary Tour

The hotels, tours and tour leaders were fantastic!
  • Book With Flexibility This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

Vietnam Food & Culinary Tasting 10 days Tour

Vietnam Food & Culinary Tasting 10 days

Great experience, the tour operator bestprice travel did a great job arranging all tours, flight connections and car transfers. Really happy.

Flavors Of Vietnam In 12 Days - Culinary Private Tour - 4 Stars and 5 Stars Option Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Flavors Of Vietnam In 12 Days - Culinary Private Tour - 4 Stars and 5 Stars Option

Es war eine sehr schöne Reise. Alles hat bestens geklappt und war sehr gut organisiert. Ich komme gerne wieder.

10 Days Vietnam Foodie’s Heaven from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi Tour

10 Days Vietnam Foodie’s Heaven from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi

A Taste of Vietnam - Halong Bay to the Mekong Delta Tour

A Taste of Vietnam - Halong Bay to the Mekong Delta

  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

12 Days Vietnam Luxury Culinary Tour

12 Days Vietnam Luxury Culinary

Epic Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City & Handmade Noodles Tour

Epic Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City & Handmade Noodles

Hanoi Egg & Coconut Coffee Tasting & Making with Untold Stories Tour

Hanoi Egg & Coconut Coffee Tasting & Making with Untold Stories

It was a good experience for learn to make a eggs coffee and other !

Saigon Food Tour by Bike Tour

Saigon Food Tour by Bike

Half-Day Hanoi Street Food Tour Tour

Half-Day Hanoi Street Food Tour

Thailand & Vietnam Culinary Adventure Tour

Thailand & Vietnam Culinary Adventure

Ginger and Lemongrass - Private Tour - Vietnam Culinary Tour 12 Days Tour

Ginger and Lemongrass - Private Tour - Vietnam Culinary Tour 12 Days

Well organised tour! Really tasting the local cuisine

Small-group Cooking Class with Market Visit in Hanoi and Free Pick up Tour

Small-group Cooking Class with Market Visit in Hanoi and Free Pick up

Rosie's cooking class is a must for anyone eager to enhance the culinary skills and embark on a gastronomic journey. We were picked up on time for local market tour and then transferred to a beautiful villa for cooking dishes. Rosie is our cooking instructor and her combination of expertise, hands-on learning, diverse recipes, welcoming atmosphere, and personalized attention sets this class apart. A group of 5 people is perfect and foods are delicious. Highly recommended!

Vietnam Real Food Adventure (8 destinations) Tour

Vietnam Real Food Adventure (8 destinations)

Great trip! Our guide, Thao, was fantastic. A great way to experience Vietnam.

What people love about Food & Culinary Tours in Vietnam

Going through Realistic Asia was fabulous! They took care of coordinating the lodging, all transportation, and guided activities. Of course food was included as part of the tour, as well as breakfast included with all the hotels. My coordinator, Long Pham, checked in on me daily to make sure everything was going well. This was such an amazing experience, and way more affordable to go this route as opposed to trying to do it all on my end. Way less stress, too! I highly recommend this tour and going through Realistic Asia for touring Vietnam!
Fantastic workshop and would recommend to anybody that loves coffee! Very friendly and accommodating staff, who are very passionate about what they do. I had lots of fun, the class was very informative and the coffee is delicious!

Regions in Vietnam

  • Southern Vietnam (6)

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  • Vietnam Travel Guide | All You Need to Know
  • What is the best time to visit Vietnam in 2024/2025?
  • Weather in Vietnam in 2024/2025

The Sights of Saigon

  • The XO Foodie Tour

Saigon by Night

Saigon through the lens.

SAIGON - XO Tours Vietnam

5:30pm – 10:00pm

(2,033,600 VND)

Our tours fill up fast,

so book early

to secure your spots!

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The Premiere Street Food Tour in Vietnam:

The xo foodie.

Sample the most amazing dishes that Vietnam has to offer! Taste your way through cuisine from North Vietnam, Hue and The South in one amazing street food city: Saigon!

The “XO Foodie” is the most acclaimed Vietnam food tour , and is designed to introduce you to the dishes and desserts that most food blogs and other tours don’t really touch upon!

We are also the only Vietnam food tour to be voted one of the top 9 food tours in the world by Forbes magazine and one of the top 10 city tours in the world by USA Today!

vietnam foodie tour

A Vietnam Food Tour for the Adventurous!

On the XO Foodie Tour we will take you to the most popular street stalls and hidden alleyways in the city and show you where the locals really love to eat! So save your appetite, delight your palate and let us fill your tummy with delicious and authentic Vietnamese food!

This world-renowned Ho Chi Minh City Food Tour focuses on street food dishes that most people outside of Vietnam have never had a chance to experience. Unlike most other Vietnam food tours, we won’t serve you Pho, Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Pancakes, or Banh Mi Sandwiches. We also won’t make you eat dog meat, bugs, organs, raw food or anything too weird.

The XO Foodie Tour is only available in the evenings when most of the street vendors open for business. All food drinks are included in the price!

How much food and drinks are offered on the XO Foodie?

  • At least 10 entrees (including lots of seafood)
  • Vegetarian/Vegan friendly
  • Drinks (beer, soft drinks, water & tea)
  • Generous portions
  • Full flow of food as long as you keep eating!

Don’t like seafood? Are you vegetarian/vegan?

Worried about booking the tour because you have food allergies?

Read our FAQ!

Live Like A Local in Saigon in 1 Amazing Night!

The XO Foodie is not just a gastronomic tour, but a great way to see parts of the city that the majority of tourists don’t get to see . Most visitors to Ho Chi Minh City are stuck in district 1. On this tour, we’ll take you to 5 other popular districts and show you how real Vietnamese people live, work and eat!

The XO Foodie Tour includes 2 unique sightseeing stops with 3 amazing food venues and lasts about 4.5 hours. The sightseeing stops provides you time in between each food stop in order for you to rest your stomach so you can eat more!

standing in front of the Binh Tay Market

“ The XO Foodie is not just a gastronomic tour, but a great way to see parts of Ho Chi Minh City that the majority of tourists don’t get to see.

How many people in a group?

Please note that this tour is offered on a join in basis, so there may be other guests joining you on the tour. Our maximum group size is 16 people . For guests that do not want to go in a group, we also offer a private tour option for an extra charge.

vietnam foodie tour

Want a cool momento to show off to your friends and family?

We can film your ride (for an extra 50USD) and create a special video of your Vietnam Adventure! We can also mix in a custom music track in your video upon request.

See Optional Services ↓

By far our most popular tour, “ The XO Foodie ” is great fun and the perfect way to discover some of the lesser known dishes that the locals love to eat.

What those “in the know” say about the XO Foodie

Not all motorbike tours are created equal!

To find out why we’re different, and why you should book with XO Tours

Our tours fill up fast, so book early to secure your spots!

Our other tours.

vietnam foodie tour

Over 7000 five star reviews! What our customers say about XO!

5-star rating

Click on the XO Tours logo below to chat with us on WhatsApp


You can also message us on iMessage at +84 93308 3727 or email us at [email protected]

Vietnam Food Tour

Vietnam Food Tour

Discover Vietnam food tour to Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, HCM City by joining to local cooking class and enjoying Vietnam street food tour experience...

  • Tour Type Cooking Tour Food Tour Intensive Culinary Tour One-Day Tour
  • Destination Ha Long Hanoi Hoi An Hue Saigon
  • Number of days 10 Days Tour and more 2-5 Days Tour One Day
  • Search Tours


Ha Long


Cao Lau - a kind of noodles to try in Hoi An food tour

Hoi An Food Tour 1 Day

The eminent Hoi An Food Tour covers the Vietnamese sandwich in the local style, Cao Lau (a kind of traditional noodle that only this ancient town has), the well-known, iconic Hoi An Chicken Rice, Banh Can (thick pancake with quail eggs), etc.

Cha Ca La Vong -Grilled fish dish in Hanoi

Throughout Vietnam Cooking Tour 12 Days

12-day Throughout Vietnam Cooking Tour will satisfy you all with exclusive cooking experiences. The complete discovery of the Vietnamese cuisine by 4 cooking classes in Saigon, Hoi An, Hue and Hanoi…

Pho - The Noodle Soup in Vietnamese Food!

Vietnam Intensive Culinary Tour 11 Days

Vietnam Culinary Tour 11 days had been specially designed for the intensive culinary trip in Vietnam. We offer you the cooking classes in the most authentic restaurants or schools in every destination.

Sweet and sour clam – popular street food in Saigon

Vietnam Food Tour Package 15 Days

Vietnam Food Tour 15 Days delivers one of the most authentic ways to feel the local highlights of food, destinations, and residents from the North through the Central to the South of Vietnam

Fine dinning at Bobby Chin Restaurant

Hanoi Culinary Tour Package 5 Days

Hanoi Culinary Tour Package 5 Days suits the need of somebody that would love to enjoy food and learn how to cook in both Hanoi and Halong Bay. Professional cooking class of Chef Didier Corlou…

Cooking Class at Saigon Cookery Center

Saigon Culinary Tour Package 5 Days

The charm of Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) is endless, and Saigon Culinary Tour Package 5 Days is the optimal opportunity for all foodies to discover the city through its cuisine and gastronomy…


vietnam foodie tour

Unique Experience

vietnam foodie tour

World Class Service

vietnam foodie tour

Best Price Guarantee

Vietnam food blog.

Delicious Dishes on Tet Holiday in Northern Vietnam

Discover Delicious Dishes on Tet Holiday in Northern Vietnam

Delicious dishes on Tet holiday in Northern Vietnam are prepared meticulously, delicately, and beautifully presented and decorated. According to folk beliefs, the Tet feast in the North usually has

10 Exciting Dishes in Ho Chi Minh City

A Gastronomic Journey Through 10 Exciting Dishes in Ho Chi Minh City

10 exciting dishes in Ho Chi Minh City are in the list of 100 interesting things of the city that has been recommended by tourists and professionals for next

Vietnamese Grilled Clay Chicken Recipe

Vietnamese Grilled Clay Chicken Recipe

The Grilled Clay Chicken Recipe in Vietnamese style is wanted by many cooks. Discover the culinary artistry of the Mekong Delta Vietnam with this renowned rustic dish – Grilled

Hue Beef Noodle Soup (Bun Bo Hue)

6 Hue Dishes Have Been honored as Typical Vietnamese Cuisine

Hue dishes – The Vietnam Culinary Culture Association (VCCA) has recently bestowed recognition upon six distinctive culinary delights from Thua Thien Hue, accrediting them as exemplary Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese fried spring rolls are among the most delicious shrimp dishes in the world

Vietnamese fried spring rolls are among the most delicious shrimp dishes in the world

Vietnamese fried spring rolls have gained worldwide recognition for their delectable shrimp-infused flavors.

In a recent culinary triumph, these scrumptious spring rolls earned a well-deserved spot

Vietnamese cuisine culture - Grilled pork

Unlock the Rich and Flavorful Culture of Vietnamese Cuisine!

Vietnamese cuisine is a unique blend of five fundamental tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy. These elements, as well as fresh ingredients, herbs, and vegetables, combine to create

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Vietnam Culinary Tours

Vietnam Culinary Tours

Best Foods Trips & Culinary Tours in Vietnam

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Food seems to be an indispensable part in any trip. Our selection of Vietnamese culinary tours and food packages bring you a real taste of Vietnam cuisine through various activities like farming, enjoying specialties, and cooking, etc. These tours are ideal for those who are passionate about cooking and cultural travel.

Come with us to Vietnam to experience an exotic gem, a country where nature and culture are matched only by the friendliness of the people; where every flavor is more pleasing than the last; and where Buddhism binds the culture seamlessly. Join us on our Vietnam food tours , you will enjoy mouth-watering Vietnamese cooking classes and market tours with expert chefs, explore the fascinating Viet culture, have private dinners in a colonial mansion and a royal garden house, and even take part in a street food tour when you ride on the back of a vintage Vespa!

Is Vietnam Food Tour for You?

Our Vietnam food tours are ideal for those wishing to enjoy Vietnamese cultural and culinary experiences both in the urban and rural areas. Unlike other Vietnam food tours, we do not limit ourselves to one location, so this is also the tours suitable for those wishing to relish a wide variety of Viet cultural experiences: the bustle of Hanoi, the charm of Hoi An, peaceful rural mountain villages, and always, the hospitality and friendliness of Vietnamese people. 

While our Vietnam culinary tours do not include physical activities, there will be relatively a bit of walking, including some on dirt paths and uneven pavement.

All of our food tours are packed with a rich combination of tasty ingredients, expert cooking classes, visit to vibrant markets and flourishing farms, and world-class cuisine.

Best Vietnam Culinary Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Culinary Tours

Vietnam cuisine quinessence is plentiful and diverse, showing the cultural identity of the three regions of the North, Central and South. Some places good for having a food tour are featured by: ► Northern cuisine: dipping dishes here usually use diluted fish sauce. Particularly, Hanoi is known for its culinary elite of the North and usually pays more attention to the color which must be showy, the flavor is commonly not too bold like sweet, spicy like the Central or South. ► Central cuisine: Hue, Hoi An food are often more flavorful, spicy and bolder than in other regions. The special characteristic of the dish is usually through the color, which is a mixture of different ingredients favoring natural red and dark brown.  ► Southern cuisine: Ho Chi Minh, usually blends from different regions, especially the influence of Chinese, Cambodian and Thai cuisine, so the dishes are spicier and sweeter than other regions. Most dishes have a little sugar and some coconut milk, making the dish more flavorful and frugal.

Vietnam is the real food paradise for gastronomic enthusiasts with an appetite for adventure and eating. Street food in Vietnam has an economical price because it is also made for local people. In regard to food safety, street food in Vietnam is generally safe to eat, but only if you use common sense and caution to suss out safe street food vendors.

The best food tours in Vietnam according to VietnamDiscovery are:  • Hanoi Half-day Cooking Tour with the Master Chef • Hue funny monkey tour for young travelers • Small-group Hanoi Seafood Tasting by Walking Tour • Culinary Adventure with Hanoi Snake Food Tour at Le Mat Village • Local Street Food Gastronomy in Hanoi • Hanoi Motorbike Night Street Food Tour ► See all food tours in Vietnam on VietnamDiscovery .

These hidden gems in Vietnam might have limited interaction with crowds: • Hue funny monkey tour for young travelers • Hue Cooking Class Tour at Thuy Bieu Village • Small-group Hanoi Seafood Tasting by Walking Tour • Culinary Adventure with Hanoi Snake Food Tour at Le Mat Village ► See all food tours in Vietnam on VietnamDiscovery .

Top Attractions in Vietnam

Hoan Kiem Lake |  Temple of Literature | One Pillar Pagoda | West Lake | Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex | St Joseph’s Cathedral | Hoa Lo Prison | Ho Chi Minh Stilt House | Hanoi Old Quarter | Cu Chi Tunnels | Saigon Cao Dai Temple | Notre Dame Cathedral | Reunification Palace | Saigon Central Post Office | Cholon Chinatown | Jade Emperor Pagoda | My Son Holy Land | Hoi An Old Town | Cu Lao Cham Island | Japanese Covered Bridge | Tan Ky Old House | Purple Forbidden City | Hai Van Pass | Perfume River | Lang Co Bay | Muong Hoa Valley | Ham Rong Mountain

Top Things to Do in Vietnam

Things to Do in Hanoi | Things to Do in Ho Chi Minh | Things to Do in Halong Bay | Things to Do in Da Nang | Things to Do in Ninh Binh | Things to Do in Sapa | Things to Do in Hoi An | Things to Do in Nha Trang | Things to Do in Phu Quoc | Things to Do in Mui Ne | Things to Do in Can Tho

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vietnam foodie tour

Top Vietnam Food Tour Packages

Whether you're a foodie, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking for an unforgettable adventure, our Vietnam food tours are sure to satisfy your cravings for both flavor and adventure.

INT-V-FD04  4 Days Ho Chi Minh Food Tour

FAQs about Vietnam Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

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vietnam foodie tour

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vietnam foodie tour

All of the tours can be tailored for you. We consult your preferences to determine precisely how to build your dream travel.

vietnam foodie tour

Your safety comes first. Accompanied by licensed guides and experienced drivers, you can contact us with emergency calls during tours.

vietnam foodie tour

Providing afternoon snacks & unlimited cold filtered water during tours, and we are here to ensure your trip is pleasant and comfortable.

vietnam foodie tour

Our prices are upfront and in detail. This way, you can choose exactly what you need and remove what you are not interested in.

vietnam foodie tour

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vietnam foodie tour

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vietnam foodie tour

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Who is Vietnam Food tour?

Vietnam Food Tour is your enthusiastic, reliable friend in Vietnam, who loves to help you experience the lovely country. As a local, we know where are the highlights you should not miss, what are the authentic local food you should taste, how to avoid the tourist traps and the best way to experience cultures...

To help travelers immerge local culture while local people can earn living from their own tradition and custom, Vietnam Food Tour was born for those who wish to experience reality Vietnam and return home with knowledge, skills that will last a lifetime; it is also her love for charming Vietnam – her homeland.

IMAGES:Eating Vietnam food

View ours photos that were taken in tours to see what is Vietnam Food Tour experience? What to eat? View more photos here .

Why Vietnam food tour?

7 reasons to join our culinary tours

  • Taste great local food
  • Explore unique local highlights
  • Experience the real local culture
  • Stay in comfort
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  • Travel with conscious & friendly community
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vietnam foodie tour

Luxury Vietnam Tours

Introduction to Vietnam (7 Days) Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi

Highlights of Vietnam (9 Days) Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon & environs

Essence of Vietnam (12 Days) Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon & environs

Discover Vietnam (11 Days) Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Saigon & environs

Journey Through Vietnam (15 Days) Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Vinh Hy Bay, Saigon & environs

Vietnam for Foodies (11 Days) Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon & Mekong Delta

Romantic Vietnam (12 Days) Hanoi, Hoi An, Vinh Hy Bay, Saigon

Vietnam for Families (10 Days) Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Saigon & Mekong Delta

Hanoi & Halong Bay (6 Days) Hanoi, Halong Bay

Cultural Highlights of Vietnam (16 Days) Hanoi, Victoria Express Train, Sapa, Hoi An, Hue, Saigon & environs

Multi-country Tours

Introduction to Vietnam & Thailand (14 Days) Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai

Best of Vietnam & Cambodia (10 Days) Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi, Siem Reap (Angkor)

Active Tour of Vietnam & Cambodia (16 Days) Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap (Angkor)

Highlights of Vietnam & Laos (11 Days) Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi, Luang Prabang

Journey Through Indochina (15 Days) Saigon, Hoi An, Halong Bay, Hanoi, Luang Prabang, Siem Reap (Angkor)

Mekong Experience (17 Days) Hanoi, Hoi An, Saigon, Mekong Cruise, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap (Angkor)

Southeast Asia in Style (20 Days) Hong Kong, Hanoi, Hoi An, Saigon, Siem Reap (Angkor), Chiang Mai, Bangkok

Flavors of Southeast Asia (16 Days) Singapore, Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi, Chiang Mai, Bangkok

Journey Through Southeast Asia (26 days) Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi, Siem Reap, Bangkok, Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Luang Prabang, Chiang Mai

Vietnam for Foodies

(11 Days - Departs Daily on a Private Basis ) Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon & Mekong Delta

Continue to  Hue , the former imperial capital of Vietnam. Tour the Imperial Citadel, a large complex that includes the remains of the Forbidden Purple City, where the emperor and his family once lived. See the beautiful gardens and traditional architecture at the royal tombs along the Perfume River. Also visit colorful Dong Ba Market and, if desired, sample Hue's famed vegetarian and royal cuisine. Upon request, Artisans of Leisure can also arrange additional activities such as kayaking on the river, cooking lessons, philanthropic experiences, visiting a local children's center, or meeting with monks at a local pagoda.

Next, visit  Hoi An , an atmospheric port town and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stay at a luxury beachfront resort, and experience the best of this centuries-old town during private touring. Visit the vibrant morning market, where stalls are piled high with fresh fish and produce. Explore the colorful backstreets, and tour well-preserved historic homes, temples, the Japanese Covered Bridge and other interesting attractions. Perhaps visit a local tailor for custom-made silk clothing, a Hoi An specialty, and enjoy a boat ride on the river. Also visit the nearby Museum of Cham Sculpture, as well as the Marble Mountains, which contain Buddhist cave temples. One day, visit a farming community famous for vegetables, and learn how locals prepare them in a private home. Another day, enjoy a private cooking class focusing on regional specialties such as fresh spring rolls or cao lau noodles. Upon request, we can arrange additional activities in and near Hoi An, such as visits to local villages, an excursion to the Cham ruins in My Son, biking through the countryside, or a silk lantern-making lesson at a Confucian temple. There will also be time to relax and enjoy your resort's beautiful architecture, spa and beach.

Finally, travel to  Saigon  (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam's most dynamic city. One day, enjoy a private market tour and cooking lesson and learn to prepare southern Vietnamese culinary specialties. Another day, enjoy an evening street food tasting tour in different districts around Saigon. Also enjoy in-depth cultural touring. Visit interesting neighborhoods like Cholon (Saigon's Chinatown) and explore busy markets and temples. Learn about the city's history while touring French colonial-era landmarks, as well as the mid-century Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum. If desired, browse the boutiques of Vietnamese designers and renowned art galleries and museums. Along the way, enjoy opportunities to stop for a refreshing Vietnamese iced coffee, or snack on a typical Vietnamese  banh   mi  (baguette sandwich).

One day, visit the  Mekong Delta , a vast network of islands and waterways where the Mekong River flows into the South China Sea. Cruise by private sampan (traditional boat) through the canals, visiting floating markets, fruit orchards and rural villages. While there, enjoy riding bikes and meeting local farmers and producers of local items such as sweets, tea, honey and dried fruit.

Booking Information >

All Artisans of Leisure tours are private and depart daily.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding the above tour, or to begin customizing your own itinerary.

vietnam foodie tour

The Artisans of Leisure Style of Travel:

vietnam foodie tour


We cannot thank you enough. The guides in Vietnam were wonderful. Everywhere we went, we felt more like friends than clients. The hotels were terrific…We were treated like royalty.  ~ D.M., Philadelphia, PA

Our Vietnam trip was excellent. Everything was very well planned, and we felt catered to at every stop. Thank you for arranging for us to visit the home and studio of the renowned art dealer in Hanoi…Your attention to detail is exceptional. ~ A.R., Easton, MD

We can sum up our Vietnam trip in two words: fabulous and enlightening. The itinerary couldn’t have been more varied or interesting. The guides were excellent and the hotels superb.   ~ J.M., Bethlehem, PA


Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Vietnam

luxury Vietnam tour

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vietnam foodie tour

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A Tasting Tour of Hanoi

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  • Luxury Tours


  • Short Tours - Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam Foodie Tour (5 Days 4 Nights)

  • Join Boat Trip
  • Walking Street Food Tour
  • Cycling to Tra Que & Cooking Class

5 Days 4 Nights

Trip Highlights:

An ultimate choice for food lovers! Food tour from Hue to Danang and Hoian thoroughly uncovers best culinary delights and provides useful cooking approaches. Experience a real gastronomic outing like a local with an array of authentic Vietnamese food courts.

  • Take a boat trip to visit the symbol of Hue
  • Join a wonderful culinary journey in Danang and Hoian
  • Enjoy great walking food tour

Trip Itineraries:

Hue City Tour – Traditional Hue Cuisine (L)

Hue – Da Nang – Walking Street Food Four (D)

Da Nang – Hoi An (B, L)

Hoi An – Biking to Tra Que Village & Cooking Class (Group Tour/ B, L)

Hoi An Departure (B)

This program is not exactly what you're looking for?


  • Private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Local English speaking guide
  • Entrance fee
  • 1 bottled mineral water per person per day
  • 01 dinner (walking food tour)
  • Group tour cooking class in Tra Que village
  • 01 night hotel at Gopatel hotel and spa/ Superior room * daily breakfast (Or similar hotel) in Danang & 2-nights at Hoi An River Green Boutique Hotel/ Deluxe room * daily breakfast (OR similar hotel)


  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks & beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • All other services not clearly mentioned above
  • Hotel in Hue

When to go:

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vietnam foodie tour

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vietnam foodie tour

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Food tours in Vietnam

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with our Food tours, where you can savor the diverse flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. From street food tours to dining on the back of a motorbike, experience the vibrant culinary scene of cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hoi An, or explore local food traditions wherever you go in Vietnam.

Hanoi street food tour

Hanoi street food tour by night

street food in Hoi An

Hoi An street food tour

Hanoi cooking class, vietnamese coffee making class, local hanoi beer tour – taste craft beer & experience local nightlife, local hanoi coffee tour.

Hoi An cooking class

Hoi An cooking class & local market visit by bicycle

Tips for food tours in vietnam.

The best way to learn more about the Vietnamese culture is through her food. Because ask were a Vietnamese is the most proud of in their country and 9 out of 10 people will say its food. Doing a walking street food tour or a food tour on the back of a motorbike is one of the best experiences you can have in this country.

Street food in Vietnam is a very big thing. On every street corner in each city or even small villages, there is always a street food stall. And Vietnamese food belongs also to the best of the world. Lots of vegetables and fruit, often light in the stomach and extremely tasty. Each region of Vietnam has their own specialties and tastes. The food compared with north, central and south Vietnam can be very different. And even in each city within the region they use different flavours and have their own specialities.

You can of course go on the street and try some local street food by yourself. But the best way is to do a local street food tour. If you go by food tour you have a lot of benefits. First, a guide can explain a lot more background information about the ingredients and food. Also guides will bring you to local restaurants and food stall that you will never find by yourself. A healthy benefit is that all places were you are going to eat are tested and well known for locals, so you don’t have to worry about eating unhealthy or at an unsanitary places.

Then there is also the option to do walking food tours on food tours on the back of a motorbike. A walking food tour is a perfect introduction to the local food in a city, but a food tour on a motorbike gives an extra feeling to it, which makes it an unforgettable experience. Being on the back of a motorbike makes you feel you travel like a local. Driving like a local and eating at local places, you can’t make an experience more local. A small benefit is that with a motorbike tour you can also travel further and visit even less touristy places, were only the locals surround you.[/read]

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Discover Saigon’s Best Street Food From the Back of a Scooter

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It's one tasty journey.

vietnam foodie tour

David Bokuchava / Getty Images

Growing up, my mom implemented just two major rules: no motorcycles and no tattoos. Until the age of 29, I had obeyed both of these boundaries, but the motorcycle one seemed like a deal-breaker at this point. After all, I had just landed in Vietnam, and as Bourdain famously said, the only way to experience Hanoi is on a scooter.

While I was going to Saigon, not Hanoi, I felt that his point was still valid. Regardless, whenever I asked anyone for suggestions on what a tourist should do while there, one thing came up again and again: XO Tours , a motorbike tour through the city involving stops for street food along the way.

But as my trip approached, my itinerary was sparse, and I became increasingly nervous. How would I eat what locals eat? Sure, I’d be getting pho and banh mi, but where were the best snails, and bottom line, could someone please show me foods that I never knew existed? XO Tours turned out to be my ticket to all of that and more. 

I felt that familiar rush of excitement the moment my guide, a young woman named Han, greeted me with a wave outside my hotel, the Ramada Encore by Wyndham in District One . She told me to get on the back of her white Vespa, and as we cannonballed through traffic, I held onto the back for dear life but couldn’t help grinning. It seemed like being on a scooter in the city unlocked a whole other dimension (and this may be true in all cities, though I haven’t tried scootering them all yet). I was able to appreciate the sights — whole families piled on scooters, packages dangling dangerously from the back, helmet fashion, and even dogs balancing by their owners' feet. 

Huy Nguyen / Getty Images

It started out with soup, importantly, not pho. Instead, we had Bún Bò Huế. The bowl was massive, and even though we had at least three more food stops, I slurped down the entire mixture of spicy rice noodles and sliced beef, savoring each refreshing bite as the added lemongrass hit my tastebuds.   

Before I could properly wipe my mouth, we sped off again, this time to a market in Chinatown, one of the largest wet markets in the country. Everything was out on the street, there were carts filled with fruits, blankets covered with fish, and live animals being sold to be slaughtered. Our next stop was appropriately for a barbecue. 

Tableside, we grilled up goat breast while the very same goat hung from the rafters at the end of our table, being picked apart by the in-restaurant butcher. This was, I was told, to prove that it was a goat (a more expensive animal) and not a pig. Dipped in a garlic sauce, the goat tasted more or less like beef, and the spring onions and peanuts we gobbled down in between waiting for pieces to come off the charcoal paired perfectly with the (unlimited) beer.  

Next was a seafood stop, where we saw scallops shucked and then grilled before being smothered in nuts and sizzling scallion oil. Crab legs were cracked open at the table, and there was even an embryonic duck egg, which I was instructed to eat like a soft-boiled egg, cracking it at the top, then scooping out the innards. “I don’t look at it when I eat it,” my guide said, but I couldn’t help but stare. 

Filipe Lopes / Getty Images

Through it all, I white-knuckled the back of the scooter around twists and turns, roundabouts and alleyways, as we sped past neon signs and billows of smoke from carts filled with delicacies. There was, ever so thankfully, unlimited beer (included), which I slugged in order to keep up with the beads of sweat dripping from my chin to my thighs, thanks to the combination of the 100% humidity and my full belly.

Altogether, the tour was a magical one. It didn’t even really feel like a tour. Maybe all tours should be on the backs of scooters. And if you’re still worried about my mom, don’t be. I sent her a video of me on the scooter with a text that read, “Don’t worry, I’m wearing a helmet.”

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Vietnam Real Food Adventure

12 days | savour the flavour of vietnam, from hanoi to ho chi minh city..

Experience local food and culture on a Real Food Adventure in Vietnam

Sip, slurp and crunch your way through Vietnam, experiencing one of the freshest and most fragrant cuisines on the planet. From pho and ancient buildings in Hanoi, banh khoai and imperial citadels in Hue, banh xeo and lantern-lit streets in Hoi An and banh canh and pulsating markets in Ho Chi Minh City, experience Vietnam’s cuisine and discover its tightly woven place within this culture. Drink in cafes and beer halls that sprawl out over city streets, buy fruit from wicker baskets draped over a vendor’s shoulders and sit at market stalls as aromatic noodle soups are whipped up in front of you. Experience all of Vietnam’s iconic sights, spend time cooking some of the country’s top dishes and get a true taste of Vietnam on this delectable Real Food Adventure.

Trip overview

  • Embrace your adventurous side on a tour of Hue’s imperial monuments from the back of a motorbike (the local way of getting around). Then be treated to lunch, specially prepared for you by a chef who is the descendant of the royal family in the garden of their family home.
  • Don’t just taste your way around this foodie haven, don your chef hat and learn the recipes behind these incredible eats, too. Learn the secret spices directly from local chefs (often in their own homes) and be guided to the freshest ingredients in authentic local markets.
  • Explore the Mekong Delta – known as ‘Vietnam’s rice bowl’ for its abundance of rice paddies, fruit and flower orchards. Cruise on a traditional sampan, then meet fresh produce vendors along the way to your veranda-wrapped homestay for the evening.
  • A true bucket list experience - visit Halong Bay, set sail on the emerald-green waters, gliding between limestone karsts and stay on a traditional junk boat for the evening.
  • Discover the real flavours of Vietnam, digging into authentic eats like pho, banh mi, bun cha, bun bo Hue and a traditional seafood hotpot – a true feast for the senses.
  • The cuisine of Vietnam includes a lot of meat and seafood. For vegetarians and vegans we recommend reviewing the itinerary and inclusions to ensure that you will be able to fully participate and enjoy this trip. We also have many other trips to Vietnam which can accommodate a range of dietary requirements.
  • Depending on where you come from, the weather in Vietnam might be hotter and more humid than what you are used to. Please consider your suitability for the season you wish to travel in. Check out https://www.intrepidtravel.com/vietnam/weather-in-vietnam for more info.
  • In order to see as much as possible, this trip involves some long journeys, including by overnight train where the amenities are shared and basic. For more about what this experience is like, see our blog post here: https://www.intrepidtravel.com/adventures/what-to-expect-on-an-overnight-train-in-vietnam/ .
  • The motorbike tour of Hue has been assessed for safety and is closely monitored (helmets are provided and drivers are licensed). However, alternative transport can be arranged for those who would prefer not to travel by motorbike.
  • Facilities at the Mekong Delta homestay are quite basic. But an authentic, heart-warming experience of local Mekong life should more than make up for the lack of creature comforts.

View the itinerary for departures between 01 January 2024 - 30 April 2024

Xin chao! Welcome to Vietnam. Your adventure begins in the country’s capital – Hanoi. If you arrive early, maybe grab an iconic coffee – typically served with condensed milk, or for the more adventurous, egg! You’ll meet your group and leader for an important welcome meeting at 5 pm, then head out for your first introduction to Vietnam’s lively culinary scene. Your leader will take you on a street food tour around the streets, as the sun goes down and the city comes alive at night. You might sink your teeth into bun cha (a grilled pork and noodle dish that’s loved in Hanoi) or try some banh cuon (steamed rice paper rolls) and lau (Vietnamese hot pot).

  • Hotel (1 night)
  • Hanoi - Street Food Experience Urban Adventure

It’s very important that you attend the welcome meeting as we will be collecting insurance details and next of kin information at this time. If you are going to be late please let your travel agent or hotel reception know. Ask reception or look for a note in the lobby for more information on where the meeting will take place.

This morning, hit the road for the spectacular World Heritage-listed site of Ha Long Bay. The harbour, with approximately 2000 limestone islands rising from the turquoise waters of Bac Bo Gulf, spans an area of about 1500 square km and is dotted with beaches and grottos. When you arrive, you’ll set sail on the emerald-green waters, gliding between limestone karsts to take in the incredible scenery from the best outlook of them all – the water! Then, you’ll explore Surprise Cave, one of the most striking caves in the bay, covering an area of more than 12,000 square m. In the afternoon, you’ll return to your boat and enjoy a delicious feast prepared by an onboard chef. Tonight’s stay is something special as you’ll be sleeping on the traditional boat, letting the water lull you to sleep and really taking in the beauty of the surrounding bay.

  • Boat (1 night)
  • Halong Bay - Overnight Boat Cruise
  • Halong Bay - Kayaking Tour - VND250000

Your travel time today will be approximately 4 hours.

It is recommended to pack a smaller overnight bag to take to Ha Long Bay for ease of boarding and disembarking. You can store your main luggage in Hanoi for tonight.

Swimming in the bay from the boats is banned by the local authority. Kayaking is restricted to designated zones within the bay.

There are increasing restrictions on the number of boats permitted to stay overnight in Ha Long Bay, which can sometimes result in a shortage of available vessels. To ensure all Intrepid travellers continue to enjoy the experience of a night on the water, occasionally you will stay on a larger boat (with approximately 12 cabins) and share your boat with another group. In this instance, the route taken and inclusions on board will remain the same.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were still dreaming when you wake up on the bay this morning. If you’re an early riser, you might like to organise an optional kayak experience before you head back to Hanoi this morning. When you arrive, you’ll board an overnight train bound for Hue. Although conditions are basic, overnight trains are a rewarding experience. It's an efficient way to travel long distances and a great way to get a sense of the country. Most trains have a dining carriage serving simple food, but maybe ask your leader for advice on which local salty and sweet snacks to stock up on before departure.

  • Overnight sleeper train (1 night)

Your travel time today will be approximately 3.5 hours. The overnight train will take approximately 12 hours.

Sleeper trains typically have four berth compartments (occasionally six berths, depending on seasonal variations and group configuration) with bench seats that convert into sleeping bunks. A sheet, pillow and blanket are provided, although some travellers prefer to bring their own sleeping sheet. Passengers of different genders may sometimes be required to share a compartment and there will be occasions where you'll be sharing with local travellers or travellers who are not part of your group.

Arrive in Hue this morning – Vietnam’s former royal capital, where the cuisine is considered by many as the best in the country. The food is influenced by its imperial heritage (small dishes and a focus on aesthetic presentation) and its strong Buddhist heritage, reflected in the high proportion of vegetarian restaurants. After leaving your luggage at your hotel, embark on a tour of the city’s imperial monuments from the back of a motorbike. Stop past Thien Mu Pagoda, an active Buddhist monastery since 1601, where you'll see a car that belonged to one of the self-immolating monks of the 1963 protests. After some time exploring, it's time to eat! You’ll enjoy a plant-based Buddhist meal specially prepared for you by a chef who is a descendant of the royal family, in the garden of their family home. After, visit the royal tomb of Emperor Tu Duc, then visit the Imperial Citadel, which includes the Forbidden Purple City. The latter was almost totally destroyed during the Vietnam War's Tet Offensive, but the foliage-covered ruins are still atmospheric, and the gaping holes left by bombs give an idea of the destruction wreaked upon the country during the war. Tonight, maybe ask your leader for the best place to try imperial street specialties like banh hue (rice flour cakes stuffed with shrimp, pork and spices).

  • Hue - Royal tomb of Emperor Tu Duc
  • Hue - Highlights & back streets by motorbike
  • Hue - Imperial City entrance and guided visit
  • Hue - Thien Mu Pagoda

The motorbike tour has been assessed for safety and is closely monitored. To participate please ensure your travel insurance covers riding pillion on a motorbike up to 125cc. If you prefer not to participate, please let your leader know and they will arrange car transportation (cost included).

After a local breakfast of bun bo hue (a spiced beef noodle soup), you’ll go to a local coffee house where three generations of Hue locals are living together. Admire the traditional house and gardens before meeting your host, Mr Khoa. Learn about his passion for coffee with a demonstration of how to make Hue’s traditional salt coffee, from the bean roasting process to the secret ingredients. Maybe even have a go at making it yourself! After, head south by bus through coastal rice paddies and the mountainous Hai Van Pass to Hoi An. This beautifully restored city retains the feel of centuries past, making it the sort of place that grows on you the more you explore. After some time to settle into your hotel, you’ll make your way to a special beachside restaurant for a seafood hotpot dinner with your group. This is a particularly popular meal amongst the locals in Hoi An!

  • Hoi An - Seafood hotpot dinner
  • Hue - Salt coffee

Today, you’ll really get to know Hoi An – first up, your leader will take you on an orientation walk around the Ancient Town. Then, you’ll discover Reaching Out Tea House – a non-government organisation that supports the local deaf and mute community by providing employment and vocational training. The peace and quiet of this café stands in stark contrast to the bustling streets outside. While here, you’ll sip delicious teas in total silence – a tranquil experience you won’t soon forget. After a little time to relax, you’ll get ready for a cooking class with a local chef this afternoon. You’ll be escorted to a local market to shop for fresh ingredients and then taken through a culinary journey with hands-on demonstrations. Your local chef will even share the stories behind the yin and yang elements, unveiling the secret of home-cooked Vietnamese meals. Feast on your delicious creations, dishes that highlight the cooking of the Pho Hoi people.

  • Hoi An - Tea Tasting in Silence
  • Hoi An - Old Town walking tour
  • Hoi An - Cooking class with local chef
  • Hoi An - Market tour and garden visit

This morning after breakfast, you’ll visit a village to see the production process of Vietnamese rice whiskey (made from plain boiled rice). Learn about the history of this traditional practise and see how it's made, with a sample or two as you learn. We have worked with local house who making ricewine for lunch arrangement. But in case that we could not use it, the alternative lunch will be at a home-run restaurant for local specialties: wrap & roll. Please consider to present the content. Head on to Quy Nhon – a coastal city flanked by super clear waters, traditional fishing boats and sandy beaches. Tonight, maybe watch the sunset at Ky Co Beach or ask your leader for the best dinner spots.

  • An Nhon - Rice winemaker
  • An Nhon - Home-cooked lunch

Your travel time today will be approximately 6 hours.

Early this morning, you’ll visit the local market with your trip leader for a wander around and a fruit tasting of some local produce. Then, stop for a caffeine hit (or a cold drink to ease the morning heat). Follow that up with a light meal where you'll try the region's popular crab noodle soup or banh xeo tom nhay - fresh shrimp pancake. After, you’ll have free time and the use of a day room to rest, relax or explore at your own pace. Tonight, you’ll hop on an overnight train to Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Quy Nhon - Market visit

Your travel time on the overnight train tonight will be approximately 12 hours.

Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City this morning, then join a walking tour to get a feel for the city's frenetic, fascinating blend of old and new, East and West. You’ll notice a strong French influence here, which means excellent coffee and baguettes! Stop past the General Post Office and Notre Dame, then visit the War Remnants Museum to learn about the city’s sobering past. For lunch, you’ll take part in a cooking class where you'll learn some contemporary twists on traditional Vietnamese dishes with a passionate chef. Sit down and enjoy the delicious feast you've prepared over lunch and then enjoy a free afternoon to continue your explorations.

  • Ho Chi Minh City - War Remnants Museum
  • Ho Chi Minh City - Cooking Class with local chef
  • Ho Chi Minh City - City tour

After breakfast this morning, kiss Ho Chi Minh City goodbye and make your way to the Mekong Delta. The delta is known as ‘Vietnam’s rice bowl’ for its abundance of rice paddies, fruit and flower orchards. When you arrive, you’ll hit the water and cruise up this mighty river, stopping at tropical fruit gardens and local cottage industries to sample honey, coconut candy and fruit, right at the source. Enjoy being paddled slowly along the quieter backwaters in a sampan, one of the most common forms of transport in these parts. Continue to your homestay for this evening. Meet your hosts and take some time to wander the garden, relax or lend a hand with dinner preparations. Enjoy a southern Vietnamese feast on the wide veranda overlooking the garden as the sun goes down.

  • Homestay (1 night)
  • Mekong Delta - Boat cruise with visits to local producers

Today’s driving time is approximately 2.5 hours.

At this guesthouse, you'll sleep on a simple camp bed in a dorm-style arrangement. Bedding and mosquito nets are provided. Shared toilet and bathroom facilities are basic, with cold water only.

Enjoy the freshest fruit of the Mekong Delta for breakfast, then head back to Ho Chi Minh City. When you arrive, take a guided walk around one of Vietnam’s most pulsing markets – Ben Thanh. This is the perfect place to pick up any last-minute snacks, cooking utensils, ingredients, or presents for friends and family. Then, stop for a delicious crispy pork banh mi for lunch. The rest of the day is free to explore at your own pace. Tonight, you might like to get together with your group and toast to a great trip over a farewell dinner.

  • Ho Chi Minh City - Ben Thanh market visit
  • Ho Chi Minh City - Banh mi

With no activities planned for today, your adventure comes to an end after breakfast. If you wish to spend more time in Ho Chi Minh City, just speak to your booking agent.

9 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 5 dinners

Private Vehicle, Taxi, Overnight sleeper train

Hotel (7 nights), Homestay (1 night), Overnight Boat (1 night), Overnight Sleeper Train (2 nights)

Dates and availability

Important notes.

1. A single supplement is available if you’d prefer not to share a room on this trip. The single supplement exclude Day 2 (Overnight Boat), Days 3 and 8 (Sleeper Train) and Day 10 (Homestay) where you will be in shared accommodation, and is subject to availability. Please speak to your booking agent for further information. 2. While we endeavor to cater for specific dietary requirements, some meals and food activities are set in advance and may be difficult to adjust. Please advise us of any dietary requirements at the time of booking so that we can ensure you’ll enjoy this trip. 3. Please provide your full name exactly as it appears on your passport at the time of booking (including any middle names listed on your passport) for transport tickets. Ticketing fees may apply for amendments to details within 45 days of departure, and in some cases, you will be required to cover the cost of issuing a new ticket if an amendment occurs.

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A Foodie’s Guide to Vietnam: 15 Incredible Cooking Classes & Culinary Tours

Vietnam is an absolute treat for the taste buds! This post shows you 15 incredible Vietnam culinary tours , including the best cooking classes in Vietnam, street food tours, and unique foodie experiences for chocolate, craft beer, coffee and cocktail lovers.

There’s no disputing that Vietnam is a foodie’s paradise. As you eat your way from north to south , you’ll notice that every city, town and province has its own culinary traditions , specialty produce and heritage recipes.

Hands-on foodie experiences are a great way to learn a new skill while deepening your knowledge on Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

As well as the obvious cooking classes in Hoi An , market tours in Hanoi and street food tastings in HCMC, I want to show you some of the best foodie experiences you might not have considered before.

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Discover the best city guides, itineraries, travel tips & hidden gems in my Vietnam Travel Guide.

This post brings together 15 of the best Vietnam culinary tours and experiences in Hanoi, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Hoi An and Hue.

The best Vietnam culinary tours & cooking classes in Vietnam – plus unique foodie experiences, from chocolate-making workshops to tea ceremonies, bia hoi to cocktails.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you make a purchase by clicking a link (at no extra cost to you). Learn more.

Vietnam essentials

Here are the booking sites and services I personally use whenever I travel to Vietnam .

FLIGHTS: Find affordable flights to Vietnam using Skyscanner .

VIETNAM VISA: Use iVisa to check if you need a tourist visa for Vietnam and apply for an expedited e-visa online. Use OneWayFly to obtain proof of onward travel/hotel reservation if required.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Insure your trip with HeyMondo , my preferred provider for single-trip and annual travel insurance.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Pre-book a private hotel transfer from Hanoi Airport or Ho Chi Minh City Airport via Get Your Guide.

SIM CARD: Buy an eSIM and data package for Vietnam online before you go. My top choice is the Asia Link Regional eSIM by Airalo (10 GB for 30 days).

ACCOMMODATION: Find the best hotel deals in Vietnam on Agoda or book a Vietnam hostel .

TRAIN TICKETS: Reserve your Vietnam Rail tickets for the train to Sapa , Da Nang, Hue or Saigon via 12GoAsia.

BUS TICKETS: Buy your domestic bus or plane tickets in advance using 12GoAsia or Bookaway .

FOODIE EXPERIENCES: Find the best cooking classes and foodie experiences in Vietnam on Cookly. Here are my top 15 Vietnam food experiences to help you decide.

DAY TOURS: Find the best city tours and day excursions in Vietnam on Get Your Guide. Check out my top 10 best Vietnam day trips for more inspiration.

HALONG BAY: Consult my comprehensive Halong Bay guide to find the best cruises & tours.

VIETNAM GUIDEBOOK: Pick up a copy of the latest Lonely Planet guidebook for Vietnam .

Quick reference: Top 15 Vietnam foodie experiences

  • Hanoi street food tour – a walking tour of Vietnam’s street food capital
  • Bia Hoi adventure with a Hanoi local – discover this Hanoi tradition one keg at a time
  • Vietnamese egg coffee workshop in Hanoi – learn from a barista how to prep this unusual but historically significant beverage
  • Good Morning Hanoi breakfast tour – wake up with the locals
  • Night food tour of Saigon by scooter – a foodie quest through HCMC by night
  • Master Chef-style cooking class in Saigon – a chance to cook inside the kitchen of Australian-Vietnamese celebrity chef, Luke Nguyen
  • Craft beer tour of Saigon – sip (or skull) Vietnam’s best artisan brews
  • Bean-to-bar chocolate workshop in the Mekong Delta – working with Vietnamese cacao from revived French plantations
  • Pho masterclass in Hoi An – master the art of the delicate pho broth
  • Rice paper workshop in Hoi An – roll with the pros
  • Rice paddy experience & farmer’s feast in Hoi An – a true field-to-plate experience
  • Hoi An noodle factory visit & other hidden gems – discover Hoi An’s fascinating history through its food
  • Secret cocktail experience in Hoi An – clandestine cocktail bars and speakeasys
  • Royal cooking class in Hue – cuisine worthy of a king (or an emperor, in this case)
  • Traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony in Hue – the art of steep and sip

Best Vietnam culinary tours in Hanoi

Looking to escape the chaos of Hanoi's Old Quarter for an afternoon? Truc Bach is one of the coolest and most interesting places in Hanoi. Here's my guide to Truc Bach Lake and neighbourhood—including the very best things to see, eat and drink.

1. Hanoi Street Food Tour

A walking tour of Hanoi, Vietnam’s undisputed street food capital, is a must-do for first time visitors. This 3-hour street food tour will see you sample half a dozen Hanoi delicacies with a focus on back-alley restaurants in the Old Quarter.

I love this tour because it caps groups at an intimate size. And because there are departures every 30 minutes between 10am and 6.30pm, you can easily fit it around your Hanoi itinerary. Pick up from your Hanoi accommodation and all you can eat (and drink) is included up front in the price.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to the best Hanoi food , this is it. Armed with the knowledge of what to eat in Hanoi (and how to order), you’ll have no trouble getting your fill for the rest of your stay in Vietnam.

via Get Your Guide

2. Hanoi Bia Hoi Adventure

Bia hơi is in Hanoi life and just as much a part of the local culture as street food is. If you’ve never heard of bia hoi before, it’s fresh beer drawn from a keg and served in small glasses – and it’s usually drunk huddled on low plastic stools on a street corner.

The beer is very diluted, which explains why it goes for as little as 20 cents a glass! You don’t come to bia hoi for the taste necessarily, but rather for the experience.

Most tourists head to ‘Bia Hoi Corner’ in the Old Quarter , but local bia hoi joints are often much more atmospheric. During this tour, you’ll visit 4 or 5 family run bia hois that have been operating for generations. You’ll learn to bia hoi like a local, and soon discover that some of the tastiest food in Hanoi is served at these modest drinking holes.

This tour is an Airbnb Experience run by Hanoi local, Thanh.

via Airbnb Experiences

A glass of iced coffee on a table.

3. Learn how to Make Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Cà phê trúng , or egg coffee, is one of Hanoi’s most iconic beverages. Born out of necessity during wartime when rations were low, the recipe was first developed at a coffee house in the Old Quarter – although there is an ongoing dispute about who made it first!

This short experience with an award-winning barista takes place at a rooftop bar overlooking downtown Hanoi. You’ll learn how to prep this unusual but historically significant drink – and I’ve heard the finished product is the best egg coffee in Hanoi .

via Cookly – get 10% off when you use the coupon code EMILYLUSH

4. Hanoi Breakfast Food Tour

If there’s one meal you want to get right in Hanoi, it’s breakfast . It may be tempting to default to the hotel buffet, but it’s worth it to venture a bit further!

After visiting my favourite Hanoi neighbourhood (and my old stomping ground) Ngoc Ha, this private Good Morning Hanoi tour pairs you with a Hanoi local who’ll show you what’s best in the way of breakfast fare. You’ll visit sit-down eateries, street stalls and markets as you see the different ways people start their day in Vietnam’s capital.

Aerobics optional!

Not only will you get to eat heaping upon heaping of delicious food, you’ll also beat the crowds to see Hanoi as she rises for another day – by far my favourite time to explore.

Best Vietnam culinary tours in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Small pancakes cooking in individual cast iron pans.

5. Saigon night Food Tour by scooter

Seeing Ho Chi Minh City by night, all dressed up in lights, as you whiz through on a motorbike is an unforgettable experience. For this Saigon food tour, you’ll ride pillion with an experienced driver so you don’t have to worry about road safety or missing out on photo opportunities.

On the back of a vintage Vespa, you’ll crisscross Vietnam’s largest city to seek out the best street food markets and local drinking holes.

Dinner is included, along with the services of an English-speaking guide who will show you exactly what to drink and eat in Ho Chi Minh City.

6. Master Chef-style Cooking Journey

Ever dreamed of sharing a kitchen bench with Australian-Vietnamese celebrity chef, Luke Nguyen? Here’s your chance! Well, sort of.

This one-of-a-kind Vietnam cooking class is hosted at Grain, Nguyen’s Saigon cooking studio. Billed as a ‘cultural and culinary experience’ that defies run-of-the-mill cooking classes, there’s a heavy focus on learning about the history of Vietnamese ingredients and recipes.

After a fish sauce tasting, you’ll get to work preparing 5 classic dishes from market-fresh ingredients. Assistants are present, but overall the class is quite hands-off to encourage you to spread your wings and express yourself.

The highlight, of course, is sitting down with your colleagues to eat what you made.

A person pulls a glass of beer.

7. Craft Beer Tour of Saigon

If Hanoi is all about the bia hoi, then Saigon is definitely craft beer territory. On this tour, you’ll sip (or skull) your way through Vietnam’s best artisan brews.

On foot and on the back of a scooter, you’ll discover some of the city’s best craft beer bars that tourists normally overlook.

Like every Vietnam culinary tour on this list, there’s a strong emphasis on connecting food and drink with Vietnamese culture, history and heritage.

In the case of craft beer, this means learning about Saigon’s fusion of Eastern and Western influences – something that sets the city firmly apart from Hanoi.

8. Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Workshop

When Vietnam was part of French Indochina, cacao grew abundantly in high-altitude plantations. Then, like Kampot pepper in neighbouring Cambodia, coffee in Dalat and countless other colonial pursuits, Vietnam’s cacao industry collapsed.

In recent years, entrepreneurs have gone about reviving a number of the country’s old cacao plantations to kickstart an artisanal chocolate scene. This half-day workshop takes place at one such farm, Alluvia cocoa garden in Cho Gao in the Mekong Delta, 90 minutes south of Saigon.

It includes a farm tour, chocolate tasting, and make-your-own chocolate bar masterclass. There’s no need to temper your expectations – this is some of the best cacao in the world.

Best Vietnam culinary tours in Hoi An

There's way more to Hanoi than the Old Quarter. If you want to experience Hanoi like a local, check out Ngoc Ha Village—Hanoi's most charming inner-city neighbourhood. Here's a quick guide to Ngoc Ha's green spaces, street food, local markets and temples.

9. Pho Masterclass

Many people choose to do their Vietnam cooking class in Hoi An because there are so many well-regarded culinary schools to choose from. This specialised class will teach you to master the most ubiquitous yet tricky of dishes, delicate pho broth.

Learn the secrets of a closely guarded family recipe in this 4-hour Hoi An cooking class, which includes making pho noodles from scratch.

As part of the itinerary, you’ll also visit two villages by car and boat to see how farmers raise their crops – and walk around Hoi An market for a close-up look at the aromatics and sauces that give pho its balanced flavour.

10. Secret Cocktail Experience

Hoi An is known for its lantern-lit laneways. You might not notice on first glance the hidden bars tucked away down the UNESCO Old Town’s side streets.

On this tour, you’ll be treated to 5 exclusive cocktails, all mixed with local ingredients and quintessentially Hoi An flavours. A selection of clandestine cocktails lounges and speakeasy bars feature on the 3-hour after-dark itinerary, which is hand-crafted by a long-time Hoi An resident.

As you saunter and sip your way through the whimsical Old Town, you’ll hear about the different cultures and kingdoms that left their mark on Hoi An throughout history to make the city what it is today.

on The Secret Eats

A person rolls ricepaper rolls on a banana leaf.

11. Rice Paper Workshop

Want to roll with the pros? Another of Vietnam’s most ubiquitous dishes, the fresh spring roll or nem ran may look humble, but there’s an art to making these tasty parcels.

Held in Tra Que, a small village on the city’s outskirts that’s known for its sprawling organic herb gardens, this 3-in-1 Hoi An cooking class is fantastic value for money and suitable for kids (a great option if you’re travelling with children in Vietnam ).

After pick-up from your hotel, you’ll transfer by car or bicycle to the village to tour the 300-year-old gardens. Lend a hand watering the fields, ride a buffalo, and learn how to make delicate rice paper sheets. As a reward, you get a foot massage!

That’s all before the cooking class even starts! For the main event, you’ll cook two dishes , rice paper rolls and ban xiao pancake, to accompany a feast of clay pot fish, papaya salad and dessert prepared by the resident chefs.

12. Rice Farming Experience

Rice is kind of a big deal in Vietnam – especially in the countryside around Hoi An. For a true field-to-plate experience, this rice paddy experience and farmer’s feast is all about taking you behind the scenes of the country’s biggest export.

It starts with an idyllic bike ride through the countryside, after which you’ll meet a local rice farmer and have a chance to chat to them about daily life in the fields.

Tea is served in the middle of the rice paddy – and then it’s time to get to work. Dressed in traditional garb (conical hat and all), you’ll hit the muddy fields for a hands-on lesson in rice planting and ploughing.

The 4-hour tour culminates with a home-cooked lunch or dinner with tea at the farmer’s home.

A spread of food on a bamboo table.

13. Hidden Gems of Old Hoi An Food Tour

Hoi An Ancient Town holds many secrets – from local markets to home kitchens. Discover some of the best on this special Hoi An walking tour that visits the oldest Cao Lau noodle factory in town – and many other hidden gems.

Along the way, you’ll taste 5-7 local delicacies, each of which tell part of the story of Hoi An’s fascinating history and the mix of cultural influences that make it what it is today.

Best Vietnam culinary tours in Hue

Banh canh savoury pancakes, a popular street food in Central Vietnam.

14. Royal Cooking Class

Hue’s Imperial City is a perfect backdrop to this unique cooking class, which focuses on ‘royal cuisine’ – the Emperor’s favourite dishes devised in the kitchens of the royal court.

Some of the recipes and flavour combinations are totally unique in Vietnam and can’t be found outside of Hue.

After a 60-minute market tour, you’ll work on benches set in a pretty outdoor courtyard to prepare a selection of royal favourites. Imperial recipes have influenced Hue’s modern food scene in interesting ways.

Through this tour, you’ll see how flavours of past and present mingle – a truly wonderful experience for serious foodies.

15. Traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

Just as Japanese tea ceremonies are steeped in tradition (pun intended), Vietnam has its own time-honoured tea rituals. Before the French introduced the humble coffee plant to Vietnam’s highlands, it was a tea-drinking nation .

Experience the pomp and pageantry of the ceremony and taste 4 different types of Vietnamese tea on this 2-hour tea lover’s tour.

With a local expert as your guide, you’ll be privy to the history of tea cultivation in Vietnam and the different elements that go into making the perfect cuppa. With the Perfume River as your backdrop, you’ll swig your way to true relaxation.

And what is a cup of tea without a sweet snack? That’s where the banh Hue , Hue-style cake, comes in.

And there you have it – 15 wonderful Vietnam cooking classes, workshops and hands-on tours that any foodie will love. Have you ever done a food tour or had a special culinary experience in Vietnam?

Best Vietnam culinary tours: Pin it!

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vietnam foodie tour

Vietnam Chef-Designed Small-Group Gourmet Food Tour with Michelin-Starred Dining, Five-Star Stays & Ha Long Bay Cruise

Luxury Escapes Tours logo

Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City

After the success of our first-ever Signature Series Tour – designed in collaboration with two of Australia's most beloved food critics, former Masterchef judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan – the ultimate small-group Vietnam foodie tour is here (max. 20 travellers). Travel from pavement to penthouse in Hanoi, hunting down prime street food and savouring a classic teahouse experience at Michelin-Starred Tầm Vị. Cruise through Ha Long Bay's emerald waters, exploring limestone coves and secret beaches on an all-inclusive cruise. In Hoi An, spend a full day indulging in utter relaxation after dining at the spectacular Morning Glory Signature. Finally, in Ho Chi Minh City, visit the city’s most notable banh mi stalls and spend an unforgettable evening at Anan Saigon, holder of the city’s first and only Michelin Star.

Based on the original Signature Series adventure, this jam-packed itinerary offers extraordinary dining, insider experiences and world-class stays – after all, food this good demands accommodation to match, and this tour delivers. You’ll stay in the country's best five-star hotels, with names like Caravelle Hotel Saigon, The Oriental Jade Hotel in Hanoi and Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery all making the list. Vietnamese foodies rejoice – this voyage is unlike anything else in the world.

Your tour takes you to: Hanoi – Ha Long Bay – Hoi An – Ho Chi Minh City.

Please Note: Roundtrip international flights from Australia are not included in your package and must be purchased separately.

vietnam foodie tour

Xin chao and welcome to Vietnam! Your journey begins in Hanoi, the nation’s ever-hungry northern capital. The culinary scene here is legendary, backed by centuries of tradition and a gastronomic philosophy committed to showcasing the region’s spectacular produce. You’ve entered pho territory: bowls of the rice-noodle ribbons and soup can be found on any street corner, and the street food scene here is unlike anything else in the world.

On arrival at Hanoi International Airport (HAN), you’ll be transferred to your accommodation, The Oriental Jade Hotel. This evening, meet with your fellow travellers for a welcome meeting at 5pm before enjoying a welcome dinner – with two drinks included per person – at the hotel's onsite Thang Long Signature Restaurant.

After breakfast at the hotel, meet your group in the lobby for a day of exploration, moving from pavement to penthouse in search of Hanoi’s freshest flavours.

Start with a city tour, venturing to the city’s intriguing Old Quarter, a spellbinding blend of ancient ochre stonework, traditional Vietnamese architecture, hidden alleyways and cosy-cool coffee shops. Originally partitioned into 36 guild streets – each dedicated to a particular industry or craft – the district still thrums with the spirit of Old Hanoi. Stops include the historic One Pillar Pagoda, built in 1049 and regarded as one of the country’s most iconic temples, and Ho Chi Minh’s Stilt House, offering a unique insight into the life of Vietnam’s beloved late president.

Between stops, you’ll gain insight about the differences between Northern and Southern pho, the preferred fashion of drinking local coffee (iced and with a splash of condensed milk) and all about banh cuon, or rice paper rolls, with stops to sample each.

Take lunch at the exceptional teahouse Tầm Vị (one Michelin Star), specialising in classic Northern Vietnamese dishes ranging from crab soup to escargot served with fresh herbs and vermicelli noodles – the perfect introduction to the city's staggering culinary heritage. After lunch, return to The Oriental Jade Hotel for a chance to enjoy the rooftop swimming pool or a visit to the onsite spa.

After a day spent romancing Hanoi, the evening is just as filled with action as you embark on an evening tour of the city's most delicious street food. Guided by a local expert, seek out all things delicious during this insider investigation into the city’s market culture.

Returning to the magnificent Old Quarter, try a bowl of steaming pho: the hallmark pork broth here is spiced with cinnamon, cardamom and star anise. You’ll also tuck into a plate of bun dau – vermicelli noodles, tofu, fresh herbs and umami-soaked shrimp paste plated individually to form a rustic dish beloved by locals. Explore Hang Than Street, where ceremonial cakes are proudly displayed; Hang Cot Street, renowned for its fruit; and Phung Hung Street, where painted scenes of the modernisation of the city are harmoniously woven with its longstanding commercial tradition.

The tour ends at approximately 7.30pm – enjoy the rest fo the evening at leisure.

Please note: The street food tour itinerary is subject to change.

Meet in the hotel lobby at 6.30am for an optional early-morning walk around Hoan Kiem Lake. One of the city’s most cherished stretches of greenery, it’s also a place infused with the mythology of ancient Vietnam. Legend has it that after ousting the invading Ming, Emperor Le Loi returned his magical sword to the dragon dwelling beneath these very waters. As you walk, watch the city begin to stir in the daylight, as locals join to practise tai chi, yoga, games and ballroom dancing on the lake’s shores.

Return to the hotel for breakfast, but be sure to leave room for 'bun cha' – a classic Hanoian treat – served at a local restaurant specialising in the cherished delicacy. Minced pork shoulder is seasoned, rolled into large meatballs and grilled over an open flame to crispy perfection, glazed constantly with a rich caramel glaze as it cooks. The resulting salty-smoky-sweet delight is served on a bed of rice vermicelli noodles and fresh herbs and served with a mandatory dipping sauce of lime and fish sauce – each bite is like dynamite.

After breakfast, there's something very special in store – a cooking class at Hanoi's KOTO ('Know One, Teach One'). Vietnam’s first social enterprise and passion project of Vietnamese-Australian Chef Jimmy Pham, KOTO has worked tirelessly over more than two decades to give over 1,200 at-risk and disadvantaged youth fundamental skills in hospitality, transforming their lives. Learn how to cook three quintessential Vietnamese dishes while uncovering this country’s vibrant history and culture through its cuisine.

Next, it's time to turn in your apron and visit Hanoi’s Temple of Literature, established in the 11th century as Vietnam’s first university. As you wander through the carefully manicured courtyards, scholar’s gardens and open pavilions, it’s easy to imagine a time when hundreds of young students – aspiring to the ranks of the Dai Viet bureaucracy – gathered in these solemn halls for strict examination.

After your explorations, return to the hotel for a chance to freshen up before dinner at the acclaimed Press Club Hanoi. Since opening in 1997, this establishment has quickly proven itself a staple of the city's mixology and fine dining scene. Expect peerless service, exceptional French cuisine with brilliant Vietnamese flourishes and a cocktail menu that is classically inclined but bursting with whimsy.

After an early breakfast, meet in the hotel lobby to depart for Ha Long Bay. Travelling by coach, the journey to Vietnam’s lush coastline takes approximately 2.5 hours – but there will be a chance to stop and stretch your legs at a local charity-run souvenir shop.

After arriving at Tuan Chau Marina Port, board your ship and take time to inspect your cabin before meeting the cruise manager and crew for a safety briefing. Lunch will be served as you set sail through the bay’s strikingly emerald waters – an enduring symbol of the eternal beauty of Vietnam.

It’s easy to become spellbound as you glide past jungle-topped limestone karsts, mysterious islands, narrow coves and traditional wooden vessels across the water. Spend the day exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site, stopping at caves, floating farms and beaches with your cruise guides.

As evening falls, the ship will drop anchor in a sheltered part of the bay and dinner will be served onboard. Don’t forget to look up – with Lan Ha Bay so far removed from the city, stargazing here is considered some of the best in Vietnam.

Enjoy dawn on the expansive sundeck with fresh tea and coffee. Connect breath to movement as you energise your body and soul during a tranquil tai chi class, watching the sun rise over the bay.

Return to Tuan Chau Marina, disembarking at 10am and travelling via coach to Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) for your onward flight to Da Nang, and a stop for pho along the way. After a little over an hour in the sky – the perfect time to go through photos you’ve taken so far – transfer to your next accommodation in the historic town of Hoi An (approximately a 45-minute drive).

This evening, either get to know Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery and grab your included dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants, or head out and explore the city’s storied streets.

Some hotels are themselves works of art. Inspired by Hoi An’s vibrant melange of historic influence, Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery offers a timelessly elegant stay in the heart of one of Vietnam’s most cherished cities. With an Art Noveau facade, romantic views over Thu Bon River and traditional French and Japanese flourishes, every corner of this hotel has been masterfully designed to take your breath away. Sample high-end sushi and yakitori at onsite restaurant Wakaku, head to The Deck – Hoi An’s highest rooftop bar – for inventive cocktails and unbeatable views or laze by the hotel’s magnificent mosaiced pool.

Your package includes:

  • Daily lunch or dinner at Faifo Cafe
  • One 60-minute massage per adult
  • Nightly hour of free-flow drinks at The Deck or River Bar

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s all-day restaurant, Faifo Cafe, the morning is yours. Every street in this peaceful port town is a treasure, but you'll find the best exploring Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed district that preserves the synthesis of cultures that led this city to flourish. It’s a 15-minute walk from the hotel, and the way offers countless chances to sample iced coffee, sticky rice and more.

Once a bustling trading port, the city is still a powerful melange of influences and traditions. Marvellously preserved, ancient Japanese merchant houses and historic Vietnamese trading warehouses rub shoulders with grand Confucian temples and modern offices to form a colourful tapestry.

Alternatively, relax at the hotel. This is the perfect place to rest and recoup as Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery’s facilities are among the best in the country, and your package here includes lunch today.

This evening, join your fellow travellers for dinner at Morning Glory Signature, a massive, double-storey establishment boasting wonderful views of the streets below. The free-wheeling menu bounces between Chinese dumplings, traditional Vietnamese fare and inventive vegan plates – and with two drinks per person included, wherever your mood takes you, you're in for a treat.

Optional Activities:

  • Half-day Hoi An city tour (from A$77 per person, minimum two people)
  • My Son Cham sanctuary tour (from A$100 per person, minimum two people)
  • Ba Na Hills full-day tour (from A$174 per person, minimum two people)
  • Hoi An countryside half-day tour by electric scooter (from A$95 per person, minimum two people)

With a full day in Hoi An at leisure, now’s the chance slow down, relax and take it easy. Your tour includes one 60-minute massage at the hotel’s Woosah Spa – and there’s no better time to take it than today (advance booking recommended).

Alternatively, spend the day by either of your hotel’s two masterpiece swimming pools, or ascend to the eighth floor for tapas and tipples at The Attic, the hotel’s speakeasy-inspired cocktail bar. Your package includes an hour of free-flow cocktails and what better place to enjoy them?

After breakfast, meet your fellow travellers in the lobby and depart for Da Nang by coach bus, where you’ll check-in for your approximately 70-minute flight to Ho Chi Minh City.

Take time to understand Vietnam’s dazzling southern metropolis and it will reward you: the streets and thoroughfares run loud and fast, and the marketplace hustle is a haggler’s delight. Here, tradition improvises with modernity, coffee culture is a way of life and there’s something new to see and eat around every corner.

After touchdown, you’ll transfer to your next handpicked accommodation, the magnificent Caravelle Hotel Saigon. Located in the heart of historic District 1 – still affectionately referred to as ‘Saigon’ by locals – Caravelle Hotel was, upon opening Christmas Eve in 1959, hailed as the tallest and most impressive building in Vietnam. During the hectic years of the Vietnam War, it was home to the Australian Embassy. Today, Caravelle Hotel Saigon’s hospitality is still impeccable, and the dining is second to none. Be sure to check out Saigon Saigon Rooftop Bar – one of the city’s oldest sky bars, popular even during wartime.

After settling in, head out to savour a meal at Anan Saigon, one of Vietnam's most acclaimed restaurants. With Ho Chi Minh City’s first (and only!) Michelin Star and a place on the coveted Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2023, Anan Saigon is indisputably the city’s finest restaurant. Anan translates to ‘eat, eat’, and the restaurant’s tasting menu, taking you from Vietnam’s north to south, leaves none hungry. Farm-to-chopstick ingredients, timeless French tradition and a pinch of molecular gastronomy guarantee you’re in for an unforgettable feast.

Please Note: Anan Saigon is closed on Mondays. If Day 8 falls on a Monday, this dinner will be moved to Day 9 and the Saigon by Night Vespa Tour will occur on Day 8.

Today, you’re tasked to embark on a mission discovering the city’s best banh mis. Begin with an intimate history of Vietnam’s tour de force between the bread, including the different types and fillings utilised and why it’s eaten in the country's south, before embarking on a tour of the city’s historic districts.

Depending on your group, you’ll visit one or two of the city’s most iconic shops in the morning, followed by the remaining of these top three after a sightseeing tour:

  • Banh Mi Bay Ho: Open since 1930, this humble pushcart was featured on Netflix's Street Food and its 90-year-old recipe contends for the title of 'city's best sandwich'.
  • Banh Mi Chao Hoa Ma: Renowned as Ho Chi Minh City’s very first banh mi stall, this family-owned shop has served up some of the city’s best baguettes daily since opening almost six decades ago.
  • Banh Mi Huynh Hoa: This takeaway-only sandwich shop is built on a foundational, 30-year-old family recipe, with particular emphasis placed on an overload of cold pork cuts, lightly pickled, ultra-fresh vegetables, fresh-baked bread and a delicious spread of French-style butter.

In between banh mis, enjoy seeing the city’s highlights – including Saigon Central Post Office and the Opera House – before finishing at Garden Coffee shop behind Independence Palace, the site of the Fall of Saigon and end of the Conflict.

Return to the hotel in the afternoon for a little time at leisure before enjoying another once-in-a-lifetime highlight – a 'Saigon by Night' Vespa tour! Buckle your helmet and see Ho Chi Minh City’s renowned street food at its finest hour. Travelling by vintage Vespa – seated behind an accomplished, professional driver-guide – this is your chance to see the city like a Saigonese. Beginning with lubrication at a local rooftop bar, you’ll glide towards a historic eatery serving shrimp-stuffed banh xeo crepes, fresh seafood done up streetside, a late-night coffee shop and a live music venue brimming with the spirit of modern Saigon.

Please Note:

  • If you are unfit for or do not feel comfortable embarking on the Saigon by Night Vespa Tour, a fine dining experience at Mandarine Restaurant will be provided. Please contact the Tours Concierge at [email protected] prior to departure to arrange.

After a delicious breakfast, meet in the hotel lobby at 7.45am for a market adventure hosted by the chefs of acclaimed Hoa Tuc restaurant.

Begin today's culinary adventure with a trip to Tan Dinh Market, an enclosed market hall that caters to Ho Chi Minh City’s local families and cooks. Guided by your chef host, you’ll hear about the flavours that set Vietnam’s cuisine apart from other Asian gastronomic traditions and learn to identify the freshest produce. Then put your study to practice with a cooking class at the restaurant. Hidden within a shaded terrace, the establishment is a spectacular example of old-world Saigon design. While the menu is seasonal, one thing’s guaranteed – you’ll always finish with a mouth-watering dessert.

The rest of the afternoon is yours until the evening’s event. It’s the perfect time to explore District 1’s shady boulevards on foot. You might also visit Maison Marou, a Vietnamese chocolatier chain considered one of the world’s best, with locations peppered conveniently about the city.

At 5pm, head to Caravelle Hotel Saigon’s rooftop bar for a farewell event with your fellow travellers, including one hour of free-flow beer, wine and soft drink. Take a moment to toast your delicious escape over canapes and say ‘tam biet!’ to friends you’ve made along the way.

This final evening in Ho Chi Minh City is yours at leisure, but we recommend making a reservation at one of two acclaimed restaurants (additional cost):

  • Vietnam House Restaurant: With a menu designed by Vietnamese-Australian chef Luke Nguyen, himself no stranger to MasterChef Australia, this converted colonial cafe ensures you’re in for a good time. Expect traditional Vietnamese cuisine plated with no shortage of modern flair.
  • AKUNA: Helmed by acclaimed Australian chef Sam Aisbett, AKUNA dazzles with a free-wheeling menu showcasing unabashedly Aussie fare, backed by Vietnam’s unique produce. Expect the unexpected – watch as ingredients like vegemite and crocodile become transformed.
  • Saigon Saigon Rooftop Bar has planned renovation works in June – August 2024. For departures at this time, an alternate venue will be arranged.

Bid farewell to your fellow travellers as your delicious Vietnamese journey comes to an end. After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) for your flight home.

Vietnam Chef-Designed Small-Group Gourmet Food Tour with Michelin-Starred Dining, Five-Star Stays & Ha Long Bay Cruise route map

Vietnam’s culinary scene has been making waves in the Michelin Guide, and Tầm Vị earns its Star-rating by masterfully balancing tradition and innovation in a picture-perfect setting: a Hanoian heritage teahouse, reimagined for the busy lunch service. Intimate, unpretentious and softly lit, the restaurant specialises in classic North Vietnamese dishes – think savoury-sweet caramelised pork belly and light salads of beef and edible jasmine flowers. It’s an extraordinary introduction to Vietnam’s deep culinary legacy.

With Ho Chi Minh City’s first (and only!) Michelin Star and a place on the coveted Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2023, Anan Saigon is indisputably the city’s finest restaurant. Anan translates to ‘eat, eat’, and the restaurant’s tasting menu, taking you from Vietnam’s north to south, leaves none hungry. Farm-to-chopstick ingredients, timeless French tradition and a pinch of molecular gastronomy guarantee you’re in for an unforgettable feast.

  • Ten nights of accommodation in five-star hotels, including Hotel Caravelle Saigon, The Oriental Jade Hotel in Hanoi and Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery
  • 26 meals included – 10 breakfasts, seven lunches, eight dinners and one optional lunch or dinner
  • Discover the soul of Hanoi with a both street food and city sights tour
  • Enjoy an evening of sumptuous French haute cuisine at Press Club Hanoi
  • Uncover the secrets of Vietnamese cooking with classes at Hoa Tuc Restaurant and KOTO
  • Savour every course at Hanoi's Tầm Vị (one Michelin Star)
  • One 60-minute massage, plus daily lunch or dinner and free-flow drinks hour during your stay at Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery
  • Cruise overnight in Ha Long Bay, taking time to stop and visit its UNESCO World Heritage-listed islands, shores and grottoes
  • Spend an unforgettable evening at Anan Saigon (one Michelin Star)
  • Visit three of Ho Chi Minh City's most iconic banh mi shops
  • Explore Ho Chi Minh City's bustling street food scene during a Saigon by Night Vespa Tour
  • Roundtrip airport transfers and two domestic flights within Vietnam
  • The services of local English-speaking tour guides and drivers throughout
  • All taxes, service charges and fees as per the itinerary

Update 30 January 2024, 9.45AM AEDT: Note added to Fine Print regarding maximum weight restriction for vespa tour.

Booking Summary: After you book, please follow the instructions in your booking summary email and ensure you complete your traveller information details in full.

  • Luxury Escapes asks that you please complete your Traveller Details form within 7 days of booking. Following its completion, our Tours Concierge Team will be in touch to assist with any additional arrangements – including flights.
  • Traveller Details are required in full to confirm all arrangements for your tour. Please complete the Traveller Details form as soon as possible in your ‘My Escapes’ account. Failure to complete the form within 60 days of departure may result in losing your spot on the tour.
  • If your booking is on a non-guaranteed departure, this initial email is not your tour confirmation. Tours often require a minimum number of travellers to go ahead, so your departure may not be guaranteed immediately.
  • Please note that for guaranteed departures, a minimum of two people are required to book. In the event that only one passenger has booked, you will be given the opportunity to move your departure to another date.
  • Once there is an update on the status of your tour, you will be contacted via email by the Luxury Escapes’ Tours Concierge Team, and they will advise if the tour has been confirmed. Please do not book flights or make any non-flexible arrangements until you receive this update.
  • Should you require assistance with your tour, please contact our Tours Concierge Team at [email protected], who will be happy to assist with any of your queries and who will support you right up until you return from your journey.

7-Day Change of ‘No Questions Asked’ Refund Guarantee:

  • Things don’t always work out. Our 7-day Change of Mind Guarantee is there to help. Bookings (except for cruise bookings and flights which are subject to the cancellation terms of the relevant supplier) may be cancelled with a full refund if cancellation occurs strictly within 7 days from the date of purchase and provided that the cancellation is made no less than 90 days prior to the departure date.
  • All booking Deposits are non-refundable.
  • After final payment is received, bookings are non-refundable unless otherwise provided for in our refund policy.
  • Where Luxury Escapes Tours may allow a cancellation due to exceptional circumstances (and at its sole discretion) and where a cancellation/credit is not otherwise permitted, a service fee of A$300 per person will apply.
  • For Trusted Partner operated tours, additional fees may apply.

Date Changes

  • Any changes or cancellations made within the 7-day Change of Mind Guarantee, where applicable, will not incur any fees unless otherwise restricted to the product Fine Print. Booking changes may include, but are not limited to, name changes or name corrections.
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  • If the request is a change from a tour of higher value to a tour of lesser value, any difference in the tour prices will not be refunded.
  • Changes are not permitted once the final payment has been collected.
  • Date change conditions listed above do not apply to flights or pre- and post-tour accommodation booked with us. Flight fulfilment and changes are governed by the airline(s) selected at the time of booking. For your air travel, you are bound by the terms and conditions and fare rules of the selected airline(s). For pre- and post-tour accommodation, these reservations are not directly linked to your tour and may require a separate cost to change, as stated in your ‘My Escapes.’

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  • You will be responsible for any associated costs or will otherwise have the right to a refund (less any costs incurred or paid to third parties).
  • After completing your booking, your tour cost may be subject to additional surcharges due to factors beyond the control of Luxury Escapes.
  • Where the cost of delivering your selected tour materially increases between the time of purchase and delivery, we reserve the right to increase the balance due. Increases may be related to currency fluctuations, taxes, airfares, fuel surcharges, tour costs, or government changes due to health and safety restrictions. A material increase will be considered one in excess of 10% of the package price.

We reserve the right to modify prices for marketing and commercial reasons. Please note that full terms and conditions apply. Refer to website’s terms and conditions.

Accommodation for the duration of your tour is included in the Tour package.

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Please note:

  • Accommodation is subject to availability and may be substituted for a hotel of a similar or higher standard without notice.
  • Rooms will be made available after 3pm on the day of arrival. Checkout is required by 10am. Early check-in and late checkout may be available upon request. Subject to availability. Additional fees may apply.
  • Maximum room capacity (Twin Share) is two adults. Maximum room capacity (Solo) is one adult.

Pre- & Post-Tour Accommodation Pre- and post-tour accommodation can be booked to extend your stay before or after your tour by contacting our Tours Concierge Team at [email protected] .

Luxury Escapes uses a range of accommodation partners. For pre- and post-tour accommodation options where we can offer the same hotel as the start and end of your tour, your pre- and post-tour accommodation will be booked independent of your tour. If the hotel for your tour changes, this will be independent of your pre- or post-tour accommodation booking. In this instance, change fees may apply on your pre- or post-tour accommodation, if you choose to change; change fees can be found in your ‘My Escapes.’

For pre- and post-tour accommodation bookings, you may be required to check out of your room and check in again on the first or last day of your tour. You will need to confirm these details directly with hotel.

Please contact the Tours Concierge Team at [email protected] for further information.

  • Return international flights
  • Single supplement
  • Meals/drinks not stated in the itinerary
  • Optional activities/tours, personal expenses/transfers not mentioned
  • Travel insurance (required)
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Dining inclusions do not include drinks (unless otherwise stated). Menus are subject to change without notice.

Baggage Restrictions

  • Passengers are permitted one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 20kg on tour.
  • Passengers are permitted one additional, smaller hand-piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 7kg on tour.
  • Arrival and departure transfers are available on the first and last day of your tour only.
  • If you have booked your pre- and post-tour accommodation through Luxury Escapes, transfers may be available for select tours (not available for Trusted Partner operated tours).
  • If you have booked pre- or post-tour accommodation outside of Luxury Escapes, you will forfeit your complimentary airport transfers.
  • Please note ‘Private Transfers’ refers to transfers that are exclusive for your tour group and may be shared among other members of your group if arriving on the same flight or another flight arriving within a 30-minute window.
  • Accommodation for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 may vary depending on departure date. You will be advised of your hotel in your travel documents.

Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance is required on all our tours, which (at a minimum) covers medical expenses and repatriation. You may not be permitted to join the tour group if evidence of travel insurance is not provided prior to your trip. If you are unable to obtain travel insurance for whatever reason, you may be required to sign a waiver and/or provide a letter from a medical practitioner which confirms you are fit for travel. For any enquiries regarding travel insurance, please call 1300 88 99 00 or email  [email protected] .

Passports & Visas

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Travel Styles

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Your tour begins at Hanoi's Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) and ends at Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN), with roundtrip airport transfers.

Roundtrip flights are not included in your package and must be purchased separately. ** If your chosen tour departure date is guaranteed at the time of booking, you may be able to purchase flights immediately. If your tour departure date is not yet guaranteed (still pending minimum numbers), flights should not be booked until you receive an update on the status of your tour.**

Please book your flights to arrive at Hanoi's Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) by 2pm on Day 1 and depart from Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) after breakfast on Day 11.

Roundtrip airport transfers are included in your tour on the first and last day only, unless you have booked your pre- and post-tour accommodation through Luxury Escapes. Please note, arrival and departure transfers are included between the hours of 6am and 6pm. If you arrive outside these hours a supplement may apply.

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Need flights?  Our dedicated flights concierge can assist with all your flight requirements (subject to availability). Contact [email protected] .

Important Destination Information:

Time zone: GMT+7

Telephone: +84

Currency: Vietnamese dong (VND)

Accessing money: ATMs are widely available with credit cards widely accepted within the city. Cash is advised when visiting rural areas.

Language: Vietnamese

Climate: Vietnam has a tropical climate which is dominated by the monsoon season. The temperature in Vietnam typically ranges between 21°C and 35°C throughout the year.

Dress code: Relaxed but respectful, especially when visiting religious institutions.

XO Foodie Tour Saigon Review

Ho Chi Minh City , the bustling metropolis located in the south of Vietnam, is famous for its vibrant and diverse food.

But sometimes tourists find it difficult trying the variety of foods Vietnam has to offer. That’s why we think a food tour is essential for any Vietnam first-timer.

And when it comes to food tours, the XO Foodie Tour is the best. It’s the perfect way to experience the local cuisine, learn about the culture and history of the city, and meet new people along the way.

So grab your chopsticks and come on a culinary adventure with us as we explore the best food that Ho Chi Minh City has to offer.

XO Foodie Tour Saigon Vietnam guide

About XO Tours

With almost ten years of experience, XO Tours has become Saigon’s most trusted food tour and was the first to feature all-female bike drivers.

We tried their premier tour – The XO Foodie – listed as one of the top nine food tours in the world by Forbes Magazine .

This tour offers a unique and authentic look into the lives of the local people and lets guests try some of the not-so-well-known Vietnamese dishes .

What to expect on the XO Foodie tour

We were picked up from our hotel by our designated tour drivers, Hang and Hong, and we instantly felt like we were in good hands.

Our guides were total pros, and they made us feel safe and secure the whole time. They spoke excellent English and were incredibly knowledgeable about the areas we were driving through.

And they didn’t just point out the sights, they really engaged with us, telling us stories and answering all of our questions.

First Stop – Introductions

Our first stop was to meet the rest of the tour group, including our charismatic tour leader, Sang.

He introduced all of us by name and gave us a warm welcome to the tour. We were all so excited to get started.

Throughout the tour, Sang was not only our guide, but our friend, sharing his own stories and experiences with us as we explored the city together.

Xo Tour Saigon Bun Bo Hue

We first tried a special soup, Bún Bò Huế , known for its balance of spicy, salty, and umami flavors.

Sang explained all the different elements that goes into this superb dish, from the fragrant lemongrass to the tender beef and delicious noodles.

It was clear Sang was passionate about the food of his country, and it made the experience all the more special.

Second Stop – Chinatown

We then rode into the bustling heart of Chinatown. The moment we entered this vibrant community, we were struck by the colorful architecture and lively atmosphere.

Everywhere we looked, there were shops and vendors selling all sorts of wares, from traditional Chinese decor to modern electronics. The signs were all written in beautiful Chinese characters, making us feel like we were in a completely different world.

We stopped for a moment to take it all in, and that’s when our tour leader, Sang, give us a little history lesson. He explained the significance of Chinatown and the role it has played in the cultural melting pot of Ho Chi Minh City.

Third Stop – Barbecue and Beer!

We hopped back onto our bikes and headed to the next district, feeling excited for more tasty local food. Our guides had promised us some of the best barbecued meats in the city, and we were ready to dig in.

XO Foodie Tour Saigon Vietnam

We arrived at a local restaurant that was bustling with locals, and we knew we were in for a treat.

The aroma of grilled meats was mouth-watering, and we eagerly awaited our plates. As promised, there were plenty of options to choose from, including some unique meats that we’d never tried before.

Also, at this stage, the beer and shots came out! Our guides made sure we were well-hydrated with cold, refreshing drinks.

grilled food

Trying new and unusual foods is one of the highlights of the XO Foodie tour , so we were thrilled to sample grilled frog, a dish that we never would have tried on our own.

We were pleasantly surprised by the taste. The meat was tender and flavorful, with a unique texture similar to chicken or fish.

Of course, there were plenty of other unique dishes to try, but we don’t want to spoil the fun for by giving away too many details. Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed!


The food and drink just kept coming, and we ate until we were completely stuffed. But everything was so tasty we couldn’t help ourselves. We left the restaurant with happy stomachs and a newfound appreciation for the incredible flavors of Ho Chi Minh City.

Fourth Stop – ‘Little Singapore’

As we continued on our food tour, we arrived at a more upscale neighborhood in a central district. Our tour leader, Sang, was quick to give us the inside info on this unique part of the city.

“This district is like a little slice of Singapore in Saigon,” Sang explained. And as we looked around, we could definitely see the similarities. The neighborhood had a more modern, cosmopolitan feel to it, with wide streets and a distinct lack of motorbikes.

Instead, we saw plenty of luxury European cars. It was fascinating to see how this part of the city differed from the others we’d visited, and we soaked up all of Sang’s insightful details about the area.

Last stop – Seafood Finale

If you’re a seafood lover, then get ready – the next stop on our food tour was our favorite! We headed to a district that’s famous for its seafood, and our taste buds were in for a real treat.


We sat down at a bustling restaurant packed to the brim with locals. As we looked around, we could see everyone tucking into giant platters of fresh seafood – it was clear that this was the place to be for any seafood lover in Saigon.

XO Foodie Tour Saigon Vietnam guide

And once our own dishes arrived, we knew we were in for a real treat. We feasted on succulent crab, perfectly seared scallops, and juicy, flavorful clams. One of the standout dishes was a spicy soup with deliciously plump clams – it was pure heaven in a bowl.

But even though our stomachs were already filled to the brim, we couldn’t resist trying some traditional Vietnamese desserts to finish. It was the perfect end to a truly unforgettable meal.

Why you should try the XO Foodie tour

There are so many reasons why you should try in the XO Foodie tour :

  • Tour drivers and guides that are incredibly attentive and make you feel safe at all times – even when navigating the chaotic traffic of Saigon!
  • Unlimited food and drinks (with plenty of encouragement to ask for more!), and even the chance to try some more unusual dishes that you might not otherwise have tried on your own.
  • Photographs are taken throughout and emailed to you later, so you can relive all the delicious food and fun memories even after you’ve returned home.
  • Any vegetarians or vegans will be happy with plenty of options available to suit their needs.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance is included in the tour – something you won’t find with other tour companies.

XO Foodie Tour Saigon Vietnam

How to book the XO Foodie tour

Booking the tour is easy and only takes a few minutes. Visit the the XO Foodie booking form , and follow the few simple steps. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with all the details you need.

If you’re someone who likes to be spontaneous and hasn’t planned ahead, you’ll be happy to know that XO Tours are very accommodating and will do their best to help you book a tour on short notice. Their team is always ready to answer any questions you might have.

After booking your tour, you can start looking forward to your exciting food adventure. The XO Foodie tour will take you to some of the city’s best and most unique street food destinations, and you’ll get to taste a wide variety of delicious and authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Whether you’re a foodie, a traveler, or simply someone who enjoys good food, this tour is an experience you won’t want to miss!

Ha is an avid traveler and writer with a background in marketing & hospitality. She's lived in a few countries and traveled to more than 30. When she's not traveling or writing, Ha loves trying new recipes.

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THE 10 BEST Vietnam Food Tours

Food tours in vietnam.

  • Ports of Call Tours
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Up to 1 hour
  • 1 to 4 hours
  • 4 hours to 1 day
  • 5.0 of 5 bubbles
  • 4.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • 3.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • 2.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Likely to Sell Out
  • Special Offers

vietnam foodie tour

  • The ranking of tours, activities, and experiences available on Tripadvisor is determined by several factors including the revenue generated by Tripadvisor from these bookings, the frequency of user clicks, and the volume and quality of customer reviews. Occasionally, newly listed offerings may be prioritized and appear higher in the list. The specific placement of these new listings may vary.

vietnam foodie tour

1. Private Street Food Tour by Motorbike/Car with Local Students

vietnam foodie tour

2. Private Street Food Evening Walking Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

vietnam foodie tour

3. Private Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour With Real Foodie

vietnam foodie tour

4. Saigon By Night and Street Food by Motorbike and Scooter

vietnam foodie tour

5. Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Street Food - Small Group Tour

vietnam foodie tour

6. Evening Walking Food Tour in Hoi An

vietnam foodie tour

7. Daily Street Food Tours in Hoi An Ancient Town

vietnam foodie tour

8. Hanoi Street Food Tour with local delicacies

vietnam foodie tour

9. Private Hanoi Motorbike Sightseeing and Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

10. Hoi An Street Food Walking Tour with Tastings

vietnam foodie tour

11. Private Street Food Motorbike Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

vietnam foodie tour

12. Da Nang Local Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

13. Saigon Evening Walking Street Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

14. Hanoi street food tour (small group)

vietnam foodie tour

15. [Hi-end] Private Hanoi Street Food Tour With Real Foodie

vietnam foodie tour

16. Unstoppable Gourmet Gastronomic Tour

vietnam foodie tour

17. Small Group Hanoi Street Food and Drink Tasting up to 10 Guests

vietnam foodie tour

18. Award-winning Saigon Food Tour with GirlPower Drivers | Kiss Tour

vietnam foodie tour

19. Dalat Street Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

20. Hoi An Night Market - Ancient Town street food tours by Night

vietnam foodie tour

21. Hanoi Food Lovers Walking Tour: Street Food Experience with 5 Food Stops

vietnam foodie tour

22. Walking Street Food Tour Ho Chi Minh City

vietnam foodie tour

23. Vespa Female Ao Dai riders Night Street Food + Train Street Tour

vietnam foodie tour

24. Hue Flavor Street Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

25. Da Nang Backstreets Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

26. Danang Private Walking Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

27. Saigon Evening Food Tour by Scooter

vietnam foodie tour

28. Afternoon Saigon Unseen Street Food Tour By Motorbike and Scooter

vietnam foodie tour

29. Hoi An Walking Street Food - Private Tour

vietnam foodie tour

30. Half-Day Guided Street Food Walking Tour at Hue

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Vietnam food tour

The Vietnam Food Tour that Foodies Will Love!

Punchy, vibrant, fresh; three words that perfectly sum up the cuisine of Vietnam. Known as the ‘Kitchen of the World’, Vietnamese food is full of complex and contrasting flavours, textures and ingredients that complement each other resulting in a plethora of mouthwatering dishes that vary from region to region. 

When you think of Vietnam, images of proud farmers tending to their fields in conical hats, fresh markets abuzz with locals collecting their ingredients for the day, and street vendors serving up local cuisine come to mind. A huge part of Vietnam’s culture is expressed through food. 

Vietnam’s history is embedded in many of its dishes. From the recipes that have been perfected over the years as each new generation takes over the family street food stall, to the country’s colonial heritage that remains prevalent in its cuisine today. Vietnam’s French colonial past can be seen in one of its most popular dishes, banh mi (a crusty bread sandwich). However, like many of the country’s dishes, Vietnam put its spin on the typical western sandwich by adding pate, pickled vegetables and of course, fish sauce. 

Like adding fresh herbs and leaves to pho , a brothy noodle soup, Vietnam cuisine is all about contrasts and a variety of scents and herbs that go together effortlessly. It’s hard to imagine the dish without them. 

On a food tour of Vietnam, you’ll find that each region boasts its own specialities and staple dishes; light, tasty seafood on the northern coast, contrasts with the sweet dishes of the south and even more so with the spicy cuisine of the central region. 

If you can, not only should you make room in your itinerary for a street food tour of Hanoi but food tours in every region of Vietnam! A Vietnam food tour , led by a local, is the best way to experience the tastes and flavours of this beautifully enigmatic country.  

Hoi An Food Tour

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Hanoi Food Tours & More – Why You’ll Love This Foodie Trip of Vietnam

Is this vietnam tour right for you, a brief culinary history of vietnam, what to expect on your vietnam culinary tour, day by day breakdown of your vietnam culinary tour, what’s included in your food tour in vietnam, want to create your own vietnam food tour.

Join one of our trusted Local Designers, Hai, as you journey deep into the culture of Vietnam, tasting -and cooking- your way from north to south. 

Beginning with one of the best food tours in Hanoi, you’ll journey to Halong Bay spending a night on the water, tasting seafood delicacies and visiting the floating villages calling these turquoise waters home. Before your belly has the chance to grumble, you’ll find yourself in the little yellow-painted, UNESCO town of Hoi An at a cooking class amongst the rice paddies. 

Moving south, you’ll embark on an after-dark Vespa adventure on a Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) food tour, whizzing down tiny alleys from one local speciality dish to the next!

Of course, the excitement doesn’t end there. After your Ho Chi Minh food tour, you’ll find yourself navigating the riverside laneways of the Mekong Delta and cooking up a storm in a local village!

This 12-day Vietnam culinary tour gives you unparalleled local access to sample, savour and sip your way through the ‘Kitchen of the World’.

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vietnam foodie tour

A Vietnam food tour from Hanoi or Saigon is ideal for travellers who are passionate about exploring a country and learning about its culture, history and traditions through its food. Whilst Vietnam tours from north to south, or vice versa, can seem a little hectic, the ease of travel in Vietnam means that moving every couple of days is no hassle. 

Tours centred around the cuisine of a country enable you to see more of it and gain a deeper insight into its culture whilst enjoying delicious food!

Of course though, if a food tour isn’t for you, you can browse our range of fully-customisable trips to Vietnam to find one that is!

vietnam foodie tour

Emperors, colonisation, revolutions and wars; Vietnam’s history is both complex and fascinating. Travelling back in time, taking a look at how these events in history shaped the country that we know today, you’ll soon discover the lineage of Vietnamese cuisine.

With Vietnam’s first known history dating back to 12,000 BC, and its agriculture advances becoming evident 6,000 years later, indigenous people of Vietnam sustained life through hunting and harvesting rice. Vietnam’s fertile lands have long provided the perfect conditions for growing rice, herbs and plants as well as raising animals; its rivers and coastline provided fresh fish and seafood. Today, these staple foods remain at the heart of Vietnamese cuisine. All that has changed is the cooking tools following the influence of stronger neighbouring countries. 

In the second century BC, Vietnam was largely considered an extended Chinese province. A by-product of the dynasties that ruled Vietnam for over 1,000 years was the birth of noodles into Vietnamese cuisine. Interestingly, whilst you may assume different, pho , one of Vietnam’s most famous dishes, was only created in the 20th century in Northern Vietnam. 

From 1887 to 1954, Vietnam was part of French Indochina. This period is where strong French influences that we see in Vietnamese food today began. The Vietnamese noodles and herbs combined with the French penchant for a meaty brothy was the likely birth of pho . But the Vietnamese took the French influence further with dishes like banh mi ( pain de mie ), a French baguette filled with signature meats, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs and pate. 

The Vietnam-American war brought considerable poverty, destruction and famine to its lands. For years, Vietnam was considered one of the poorest nations. However, agile Vietnam came through a remarkable transformation and managed to become one of the biggest exporters of rice in the world. Today, the country is at the forefront of sought-after cuisines. 

Hanoi food tour

A Breakdown of Your Vietnam Food Tour

Embark on a truly fascinating 12-day Vietnam food tour and experience the culture of this intriguing country as you eat, cook and explore your way through it. 

As a true foodie, a Vietnam street food tour on the back of motorbikes in Hanoi will be how you start your trip. Then, as you journey through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An, you’ll taste specialities, be invited into cooking classes with local chefs and immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. 

Journeying from north to south, a Ho Chi Minh street food tour will be your second-to-last port of call before you finish your trip cycling along the waterways of the Mekong Delta. 

This is your opportunity to delve into the food paradise that is Vietnam!

Come with an open mind, an empty belly and a passion for trying everything, and you’ll leave with a contentment that is only achieved through Vietnamese hospitality and the unique flavours, textures and contrasts of its cuisine. 

On a Vietnam food tour with a local guide, you’ll be taken to secret spots, on market tours with local chefs and into the homes of those who can tell you the story of their ancestors. This trip goes beyond a regular sightseeing tour and invites you to learn about this culture through your taste buds!

vietnam foodie tour

Day 1 – Welcome to Hanoi

You’ll get acquainted with the city on your own before your adventure truly begins the next day. 

Day 2 – Vietnam Motorbike Food Tour

You’ll head off on a special Hanoi food tour through the backstreets and narrow alleyways, accompanied by a symphony of sounds, smells and tastes. You’ll visit the sights of Hanoi and try a variety of local dishes, finishing the day off with an egg coffee in the Old Quarter. 

Day 3 – Hanoi Street Food Tour & Cooking Class

Stroll through local markets, understand more about the Vietnamese way of life and learn to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes on this hands-on foodie tour. On this tasting tour, you’ll try some of the most popular dishes in Hanoi including banh ran (sticky rice pancake), bun cha (Hanoi-style ‘bun’ noodles with grilled pork) and banh mi (stuffed french baguette with vegetables).

Day 4 – Halong Bay Cruise

Travel to Halong Bay and savour fresh seafood as you sail out between stunning limestone karsts in this mystical bay. As night falls, you can try your hand at squid fishing off the boat. 

Hoi An tour

Day 5 – Journey to Hoi An

Begin your day with tai chi on the top deck followed by brunch as you cruise back to shore for your flight to Hoi An. 

Day 6 – My Son Sanctuary & Hoi An

You’ll take a day off from food tours and cooking classes to venture deeper into Vietnam’s history. My Son is a series of intricately-designed temples that document the spiritual origins of the Champa Kingdom (now known as Central Vietnam) between the 4th and 13th centuries.

Day 7 – Hoi An Vietnam Food Tour

Don your chef’s whites once again to take part in a special cooking class with dishes from Central Vietnam. After visiting the bustling early morning market, you’ll take a boat cruise to the cooking school to prepare a variety of local dishes that you’ll then enjoy for lunch.

Day 8 – Wet Rice Farming Tour, Fly to Saigon & Cultural Show

It will be a big day beginning with a rice tour learning about the whole process of harvesting rice before flying down to Ho Chi Minh City and attending a cultural show based on Vietnam’s agricultural history.

Day 9 – Cu Chi Tunnels & Vespa Food Tour in Saigon

Head out of the city in the morning to visit the fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels and return in the evening for a Ho Chi Minh City food tour on the back of vintage Vespas. Navigating the small alleys, you’ll see the real life of the Saigonese, stopping frequently to visit local restaurants to be introduced to dishes like the Vietnamese pancake, spring rolls and BBQ skewers.

Day 10 – City Tour & Saigon River Dinner Cruise

Spend the day ticking off the top sights of the southern capital and in the evening, embark on a Saigon dinner cruise absorbing the luxury fine dining atmosphere. You’ll be serenaded by Vietnamese folk music as you sail along the river. 

vietnam foodie tour

Day 11 – Mekong Delta Food Tour in Vietnam

Head out of the city to discover the waterways of the Mekong Delta, visit the Cai Be Floating Market and take part in a cooking class. You’ll prepare a variety of dishes using ingredients you have picked up from the market. 

Day 12 – Your Memorable Culinary Tour in Vietnam Comes to an End

You’ll enjoy your last breakfast before you are whisked off to the airport.

  • 11 breakfasts
  • Airport transfers
  • Domestic flights from Hanoi to Da Nang and Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City
  • Ground transportation in the form of a private car and driver


  • 3-star centrally located hotel in Hanoi
  • 5-star cruise in Halong Bay
  • 4-star resort in Hoi An
  • 3-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

Included Activities

  • Hanoi Backstreet Life and City Highlights Tour on Minsk Motorbikes
  • Hanoi Cooking Class
  • Old Quarter Tour by Cyclo
  • Hanoi Street Food Tour
  • Halong Bay Cruise and Activities
  • My Son Sanctuary Tour
  • Red Bridge Cooking Class in Hoi An
  • Hoi An Wet Rice Farmer Tour
  • AO Cultural Show
  • Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Ho Chi Minh After Dark by Vespa Scooter Tour
  • Ho Chi Minh City Tour
  • Dinner Cruise on Saigon River
  • Mekong Delta Cooking Class

vietnam foodie tour

Whilst this 12-day Vietnam food tour may offer almost everything you could want; you may want to connect with one of our Local Designers in Vietnam to customise this tour.

Alternatively, you can browse our range of food tours in Vietnam , customising any on to your liking, or you can design your own tour from scratch by specifying your budget, travel style and desired activities and letting our Local Designers do the rest!

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At my desk, you'll find me tapping out inspiring adventures, finessing incredible trips designed by Local Designers and focussing on all things content. Having lived in Southeast Asia between Vietnam and Bali for three years, I'm now keeping toasty with a cuppa in a little English town planning future adventures for which I have constant inspiration. Offline, there's nothing I enjoy more than long cycle rides, fueling the foodie in me and seeking out new spots - preferably all at the same time. Find me on LinkedIn or Instagram and keep an eye out for travel inspiration here!

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vietnam foodie tour

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Vietnam Food Tour in 2021

Travel guide

Vietnam food tour: everything you need to know.

The locals’ eating habits and the country’s food facts might urge foodies to fly and book Vietnam Food Tour in 2021. While some food connoisseurs are keen on the way the Vietnamese eat and cook, the others are interested in Vietnam’s culinary culture. You should always come and see for yourself how delicious the food is, how interesting it is to use the chopsticks, and how friendly the residents are.

About Vietnam Food Tours

There are Vietnam Food Tours to Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Da Nang, Saigon, Mekong Delta, etc., which opens chances for foodies all over the world to explore the taste and eating etiquette. In a typical food tour, tourists will visit the local markets for a glimpse of the street food, ingredients, local merchants, and market practices. There will be also the ideal time for relishing the outstanding street food served by the street vendors. In Hanoi, make sure you treat your stomach with Hanoi Pho, noodle with grilled pork (Bun Cha), spring rolls with crabs (Nem Cua Be), pyramidal rice dumplings (Banh Gio), and cake with shrimp (Banh Tom). A simple walking in Hanoi Old Quarter will turn to be a happy culinary tour. You can try sitting on a plastic stool, order your food, and eat the whole.

Besides, Hoi An food tours are rich in the traditional dishes namely Cao Lau (noodles served with dark pork broth), steamed rice cakes, chicken rice, white rose dumplings, etc. The old town is filled with restaurants and street vendors that exhilarate people to eat and drink, which results in excitingly culinary episodes. Especially, Hoi An travel often includes a cooking class for hands-on practices. If the package begins after the sunset, it would take around 2.5 hours. If the tour has a cooking class, it would start in the early morning so that you can visit a local market, buy fresh ingredients for the class. Anybody with dietary notices and food allergies should notify the operators in advance. By learning and practicing how to cook, participants would receive the recipe for later practice at home. This kind of culinary adventure in the Old Town will be an unforgettable experience for all food connoisseurs. They will then agree that Hoi An is a paradise for foodies.

Furthermore, how about Hue Food Tours? The one-day package will take you to Dong Ba Market, the oldest and biggest wholesale market in Hue. You will meet the locals and can buy some goods. For breakfast, let’s try noodle soup with beef (Bun Bo Hue) and using Vietnamese chopsticks. In the next minutes, get on a cycle for a tour toward Trang Tien Bridge. The three-wheel vehicle will keep taking you to Hue Citadel, shops, and some quiet streets. Also, if the program includes a cooking class, you are likely to get the session in Y Thao Restaurant for learning how to make spring rolls, banana flower salad, and pancakes. After the class, go out and explore the specialties of mussel rice, pork grilled on lemongrass stick (Nem Lui), Vietnamese crepe made of rice flour (Banh Khoai), etc. The Hue street food will never fail to enchant travelers. None neglects Hue during their time in Da Nang and Hoi An as three destinations form a complete package.

Some guests might travel due to their interest in a variety of Vietnamese noodles. If it is your case, add these names to the list: Hanoi Pho, Hue beef noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue), Cao Lau Hoi An, noodle with grilled food (Bun Thit Nuong), noodle soup with crab meat (Bun Rieu Cua), and vermicelli with shrimp paste (Bun Dau Mam Tom). If you travel south, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is a paradise of street food. The city is filled with many street vendors serving many kinds of noodles. Oftentimes, people appreciate the Saigon rule that “the more crowded the eatery is, the better the food and the price are.” Saigon nightlife and street food tour on a scooter is an interesting package for foreigners to go for a drive in Saigon streets and eat like the Saigonese.

Enjoy food tour in Hoi An with Vietnam Culinary Travel Agency

Special Vietnamese Eating Habits to Note

First of all, they have three major meals a day, but each comes with no fixed time. The major course must have rice, most of the time. And, people in the countryside eat very early. The frequently-consumed breakfast items are Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh Mi), beef noodles (Pho), and sticky rice (Xoi). Hence, try any of these options in your morning in the country and say how it is. Next, if you go on a group tour with other travelers in Vietnam, you should expect to see that food is often served in a single bowl or tray, from which food will be shared. Sharing a meal is a common concept in the country. And, if there are elders in the group, the younger people should respect their seniors by letting them take the food first.

Going on a food tour in Vietnam, you’re likely to taste the fried, stewed, and steamed dishes as they are the most common cooking methods. In that sense, let’s savor the fried fish, steamed chicken, and stewed pork. Besides, veggies are often boiled or stir-fried with garlic. When it comes to dining time, people would not stress any strict rules or rituals. Therefore, the homestay culinary experience will be enjoyable and cheerful. It’s comfortable to talk during mealtime, and the common topics would be the weather, work, school, or news. What’s more, take an opportunity to figure out the Vietnamese fish sauce – the irreplaceable condiment in almost any meal.

Discover Saigon street food

Vietnam owns a beautiful culinary culture that can enchant foodies nationwide and worldwide. Do not miss the roadside food stalls serving the hot dishes while you can also taste the top food included in the tour, not to mention the interesting services of a cooking class, the visit to tourist attractions, and the chance to communicate with the locals. Each step you go on Vietnam food tour in 2021, there is always a good chance to find a yummy dish.

Go to the popular eateries to eat street food

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Top 5 Hanoi Food Tour: Discover Vietnam’s Culinary Capital


You’ve come to the right place — as we have traveled around Vietnam since 2015!

Welcome to Hanoi, the culinary heart of Vietnam ! This vibrant city has got your taste buds covered, with flavors so diverse, they’re as colorful and intricate as the city’s history.

Embarking on a food tour in Hanoi isn’t just about satisfying your stomach, though that’s a big part of it! It’s a journey – a delicious adventure where each bite tells a story of tradition, culture, and love for food. 

It’s a sensory experience that transcends beyond just ‘eating’, taking you deep into the heart of the city’s heritage.

When in Vietnam, particularly Hanoi, food is the ultimate ice breaker between locals and visitors. Engaging in food culture is a perfect way to peel back the layers of this exotic destination, revealing the rich tapestry of its history, its people, and the incredible blend of flavors that the city is known for. 

So, pull up a tiny plastic stool, pick up those chopsticks, and get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic journey! It’s time to experience the real Hanoi, one dish at a time!

The Heart of Vietnamese Cuisine

Hearty Pho

The Richness of Hanoi’s Food Culture

Have you ever stopped to think about the story behind that bowl of pho ? The depth of Hanoi’s food culture is as vast as the Red River flowing through it.

Hanoi’s culinary scene is like a living history book. Its diverse flavors are a reflection of the city’s past – marked by Chinese, French, and Southeast Asian influences. 

Each wave of influence has left a unique stamp on Hanoi’s food, transforming it into the flavorful feast that we relish today. 

From the hearty Pho that combines Chinese-style noodles with local spices, to the iconic Banh Mi sandwich which is a delicious blend of French baguette with Vietnamese fillings, Hanoi’s food is a beautiful fusion of cultures.

In the North, where Hanoi is located, the food is more traditional and subtle in flavors compared to the food in the southern and central regions. This variance makes dining in Hanoi a unique experience, as it allows you to taste a piece of Vietnam’s rich and layered food history.

Essential Ingredients in Hanoi Cuisine

Handfuls of Fresh Mint, Cilantro, and Basil

Now, let’s take a closer look at the building blocks of Hanoi’s mouthwatering dishes. Rice and noodles form the backbone of most meals, providing a comforting base for a variety of toppings and sauces. 

But it’s the herbs and spices that truly make Hanoi’s food stand out. Imagine handfuls of fresh mint, cilantro, and basil that add a vibrant freshness to every dish. And don’t forget the piquant chillies, tangy lime, and the unmistakable fish sauce, that lend a distinct depth of flavor.

Then there’s the star of Hanoi’s food scene – the humble street-side BBQ . Grilled meats, especially pork, are marinated with traditional Vietnamese spices, resulting in succulent, smoky bites that will make your taste buds sing!

So, if you’re in Hanoi, get ready for a culinary journey that’s not just about tasting, but also about understanding the culture and history behind every bite. Because that’s what makes Hanoi’s food scene so very special.

Top 5 Best Food Tours in Hanoi

Embarking on a food tour in Hanoi is like stepping into a magical culinary maze, where each turn reveals a new flavor, a new aroma, and a new gastronomic delight. 

Here, we’ve curated the top 5 food tours in Hanoi, each offering a unique perspective of the city’s vibrant food culture:

1. Old Quarter Street Food Tour

Old Quarter Street Food Tour

⭐ Rating: 4.8 out of 5 |📌 Address: 47 P. Hang Bong, Hang Gai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi |💵 Check rates and availability

We had a wonderful tour with Dante, who was friendly and informative. He also took care to ask about dietary restrictions and order smaller portions to let us try many different things. Some of the things we tried: banh mi with pate and sausage, pho ga and dry pho, banh cuon (steamed rice noodle rolls), coconut ice cream with sticky rice, and egg coffee. Amanda, (Read more reviews)

Embarking on a food tour in Hanoi’s Old Quarter offers a delightful array of dishes, from spicy noodle soups to delectable sweet desserts, all while soaking in the vibrant ambiance of bustling food stalls. 

Alongside satisfying your palate, this tour enriches your understanding of the historic Old Quarter and its cultural landmarks under the guidance of a knowledgeable English-speaking guide, making it a perfect blend of culinary and cultural immersion.

2. Hanoi Evening Motorbike Street Food Tour

Hanoi Evening Motorbike Street Food Tour

⭐ Rating: 4.9 out of 5 |📌 Address: 47 P. Hang Bong, Hang Gai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi |💵 Check rates and availability

Met with 4 enthusiastic, friendly & young Hanoian, Rachel, Austin, Martin and Bucky. Enjoyed the tour very much. Austin was especially knowledgeable. And we love the food that they introduced to us. 👍👍👍 Wai S. (Read more reviews)

Starting from your hotel in the Old Quarter, this tour takes you to key landmarks like the Ho Chi Minh Complex and West Lake before bringing you back to the heart of the city where you’ll meander through old streets, sampling renowned Vietnamese delicacies such as their world-class coffee, mixed fruits, and dried beef salad. 

This half-day tour from 8:00 AM – 12:00 NN or 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM promises a fulfilling experience for both your cultural curiosity and gastronomic desires!

3. Romantic Hanoi Sunrise/Sunset Vintage Minsk Motorbike Tour

Romantic Hanoi Sunrise/Sunset Vintage Minsk Motorbike Tour

⭐ Rating: 5 out of 5 |📌 Address: 3B Hang Tre Street, Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem Ward, Hanoi |💵 Check rates and availability

It is great experience with a solo driver who can take you around the Hanoi in the morning. you can explore the Hanoi life in the early morning and can hunt the sunrise as well. Then, enjoy Pho and coffe after all. Thiện Tâm Tour Guide Mac K. (Read more reviews)

This comprehensive tour includes visits to key attractions like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Tran Quoc’s ancient Buddhist and Taoist temples, Temple of Literature, the French Quarter, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, Hanoi Opera House, and the Long Bien Bridge. 

Sunrise tour is from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM and sunset tour is from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM. 

The experience also features a taste of local cuisine with dishes like Vietnamese spring rolls, kebab rice noodles, and the legendary egg coffee.

4. Rose Kitchen Cooking Class with Local Market Tour in Ha Noi

Rose Kitchen Cooking Class with Local Market Tour in Ha Noi

⭐ Rating: 4.8 out of 5 |📌 Address: Ngoc Ha market: 52 Son Tay, Ha Noi |💵 Check rates and availability

The host Dana was very friendly, lively and explained a lot about the local market and some history of Hanoi through the cooking class. She also keep checking to ensure we are okay with the lesson and enjoying ourselves. She’s made the class a delight and joy to attend. Highly recommended! Xiao F. (Read more reviews)

Step into the rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture and cuisine with a unique cooking class and tour that blends education and exploration. 

Under the guidance of your instructor, unravel the secrets of creating wholesome Vietnamese dishes such as Bún Chả, Nem, and the beloved Vietnamese egg coffee and enjoy your handcrafted meals. 

Complete with complimentary wine tasting and round-trip transfers within the Old Quarter area, this tour provides an immersive, intimate glimpse into the heart of Vietnamese culinary traditions.

5. Hanoi Vegan Food Tour

vietnam foodie tour

⭐ Rating: 4.8 out of 5 |📌 Address: Craft Viet Shop, 41 Luong Van Can St., Hanoi |💵 Check rates and availability

AMAZING food and so much of it! I had a very authentic Vietnamese experience, going down alleys and stopping at places only locals would ever find. I was so grateful to be shown how to find vegan food and have a tour completely catered to me! I also had plenty of leftovers to take home with me! 🙂 Paige A. (Read more reviews)

Embrace the allure of Vietnamese street food, tailored to vegan preferences, with this insightful half-day tour through Hanoi’s Old Quarter. To enhance the enjoyment, bottled water, coffee, and beer are provided, and you can choose between an afternoon or an evening tour.

Must-Visit Food Spots in Hanoi

Here are some must-visit spots where you can embark on a memorable food tour based on Google reviews:

🔪 Tung’s Kitchen : 2 P. Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

“We ordered the Vietnamese pancake and stir fried noodles, both vegetarian and they were great :-)”

🥕 Hoang Cuisine (Vietnamese Restaurant & Vegetarian Food) : 54 Hang Buom Street, Hang Buom Ward, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

“I would highly recommend Hoang Cuisine to anyone looking for a top-notch Vietnamese dining experience. The food was outstanding, the service was exceptional, and the atmosphere was perfect for a cozy and relaxing dining experience.”

🍽️ Sen Trang An Vietnamese Restaurant : 43 P. Hang Be, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

“If you are looking for a very traditional, wholesome Vietnamese meal, this is the place to come! I had a vegan meal (the pork sausage) and my partner had a meat meal (bun cha) and both were amazing”

🍴 Poke Hanoi : 11B P. Hang Khay, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

“ I went with the spicy tuna and shrimp as well as all the toppings and it was phenomenal (190k dong per bowl). The fish was good quality and the sauce was just the right amount of spicy.”

🍹 Hương Việt Vietnamese Drink & Food : 13 P. Hang Ca, Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

“ We ordered barbecue pork and vegetable with steamed rice, and fresh beef spring rolls, avocado smoothie, orange juice and lemon tea. The food is amazingly good!”

🫑 Madam Tran Restaurant & Cooking Class Best Vietnamese Restaurant & Vegan Foods : 42B P. Dao Duy Tu, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

“Great prices. We paid will less than $20AU for our meals (two mains and a side, plus a beer each) and couldn’t finish it all! Air con, polite and a dipping sauce that was lovely.”

🍜 Hong Hoai’s Restaurant : A gem in the heart of Hanoi, Hong Hoai’s serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.

Iconic Dishes to Try on Your Hanoi Food Tour

Pho, oh glorious Pho! Imagine this: you’re seated on a tiny stool at a street-side stall, steam rising from a bowl of soup in front of you.

You catch a whiff of the aroma – it’s rich and complex, a symphony of s immered beef bones, star anise, cloves, and cinnamon . Thin slices of tender beef or chicken adorn the top, while soft rice noodles swim below.

You take your first sip and boom – flavor explosion! This, folks, is Pho, Vietnam’s treasured noodle soup and Hanoi’s culinary icon.

Bun Cha

Bun Cha is another Hanoi staple you simply must try! Picture grilled pork patties and belly served with a tangy dipping sauce, fresh herbs, and rice noodles .

It’s a harmonious balance of sweet, salty, and smoky flavors that dance on your palate.

Ah, the Banh Mi, a testament to the fusion of Vietnamese and French cuisines. Picture a crusty French baguette , sliced open and filled with layers of cold cuts , pickled veggies , coriander , chili , pâté , and a swipe of mayonnaise . Each bite delivers a delightful crunch and a burst of flavors that are surprisingly complex yet comforting.

These iconic dishes are the heart and soul of Hanoi cuisine. Savouring them is like stepping into the essence of Hanoi itself – rich, diverse, and undeniably delicious.

As you embark on your Hanoi food tour, let each bite tell you a story, and let the flavors of Hanoi become memories you’ll cherish long after your journey. Happy feasting!

An Immersive Experience: Hanoi Cooking Classes

The sizzle of a hot pan, the chop-chop-chop of the knife against a wooden board, the aroma of fresh herbs and spices in the air… that’s right, we’re diving into the delightful world of Hanoi cooking classes . Who says the fun ends after tasting the food? Let’s kick it up a notch!

Learning to cook local dishes isn’t just about filling your stomach (although that’s a great bonus!). It’s about experiencing the culture in the most hands-on way possible. It’s about understanding the locals’ love and respect for their ingredients, the time-honored techniques they employ, and the stories behind each dish.

You’ll come away not just with a belly full of good food, but also a deeper appreciation of Vietnamese culture, a new skill, and hey, maybe even some new friends!

Cultural Etiquette to Keep in Mind on Your Hanoi Food Tour

Oh, the excitement of trying out new foods and immersing yourself in a foreign culture! But let’s put on the brakes for just a second.

Remember, we’re guests in Hanoi, and it’s super important to be mindful of the local customs and manners. It’s not only polite, but it also enhances the authenticity of your experience. So, let’s dig into some do’s and don’ts for your Hanoi food tour!

🍜 Vietnamese Dining Norms and Expectations

You’re probably itching to slurp that Pho, right? Hold on, buddy! In Vietnamese culture, there’s a bit more to it. First, if you’re dining in a group, always wait for the elders to begin eating first . It’s a sign of respect. Oh, and about the chopsticks – never leave them sticking upright in your bowl; it’s considered bad luck.

And yes, slurping is totally okay ! It’s actually seen as a compliment to the chef. So, go ahead and make some noise!

📸 Respecting Local Customs during the Tour

Taking photos of your food is fine, but remember to be mindful of the people around you. Not everyone wants to be in your snapshot. Always ask for permission if you’re taking a picture that includes locals or other tourists. And if they say no, respect that.

Also, when you’re navigating through the bustling streets of Hanoi, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. But remember to keep your voice down , especially in the early morning or late evening. Many people live right above the shops and restaurants in the Old Quarter, so let’s avoid waking them up!

Lastly, remember the golden rule of travel (and life in general): treat others the way you’d want to be treated. Show respect, be polite, and keep an open mind . You’re here to learn, explore, and enjoy!

Keep these tips in mind, and you’re set to have a culturally respectful and unforgettable food tour in Hanoi!

Practical Tips for Your Hanoi Food Tour

Embarking on a food tour in Hanoi is a guaranteed fun-filled adventure. To ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible, here are some handy tips and advice that’ll keep you one step ahead.

⏲️ Best Time to Go

When’s the best time to explore Hanoi’s food scene? Well, there isn’t a wrong time really! Hanoi has a tropical climate, which means it’s pretty warm all year round. However, for cooler weather, consider visiting between October and December when the temperatures are more moderate.

If you’re a fan of Pho (who isn’t?), consider an early morning tour. The locals believe it’s best served for breakfast. If you’re an evening owl, try the Bun Cha, usually enjoyed during lunchtime, or the street barbecues that pop up at dusk!

😋 Health and Safety

Hanoi’s street food is tantalizing, but do keep an eye out for hygiene . Stick to busy stalls where the food turnover is high – it’s a good indication the food is fresh. And don’t forget to stay hydrated ; carrying a bottle of water is always a smart idea.

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, make sure to let your tour guide know in advance. The good news is, Vietnamese cuisine is quite accommodating to various diets, with numerous vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available.

🍴 Navigating the Hanoi Food Scene

Most locals in Hanoi are friendly and willing to help, even if there’s a language barrier. It helps to learn a few Vietnamese phrases though, such as ‘Cảm ơn’ (Thank you) and ‘Tôi muốn đặt…’ (I would like to order…).

In terms of currency, Vietnam uses the Vietnamese Dong (VND) . It’s useful to have some small bills for street food vendors. As for tipping, it’s not a common practice in Vietnam. However, if you feel the service was exceptional, feel free to leave a small tip .

And there you have it! With these practical tips, you’re ready to dive into the vibrant and diverse culinary scene of Hanoi. Happy tasting!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hanoi Food Tour

Is hanoi food tour worth it.

Absolutely! A food tour in Hanoi is a fantastic way to discover the city’s vibrant culture and history through its rich culinary scene. You get to taste diverse local Vietnamese food and have a fun night.

What food is Hanoi known for?

Hanoi is famous for a variety of dishes but most notably Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), Bun Cha (grilled pork with rice noodles), Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich), and Ca Phe Trung (egg coffee). Make sure to also try the Banh Cuon (rice noodle roll), Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepe), and the Xoi Xeo (sticky rice with mung bean).

Is street food popular in Hanoi?

Yes, street food is an integral part of Hanoi’s culture. Locals and tourists alike enjoy hundreds of street food sellers spread across the city. The city’s Old Quarter is particularly known for its bustling street food scene.

What are 5 popular street foods in Vietnam?

Some of the popular street foods in Vietnam include Pho (noodle soup), Bun Cha (grilled pork with rice noodles), Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich), Goi Cuon (spring rolls), and Banh Xeo (sizzling pancake).

All in all, embarking on a Hanoi food tour is a taste-bud tantalizing adventure that offers a unique perspective into the city’s rich history and culture. 

Whether you’re slurping down a comforting bowl of Pho, savoring a tangy Bun Cha, or mastering local recipes in a cooking class, the experiences you gain will surely add depth to your Vietnam travel stories. 

Pack your appetite and curiosity, and get ready for an unforgettable culinary journey in the heart of Hanoi!

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Going deeper than ever into Vietnam’s enticing food scene

By: Luke Abrahams

vietnam foodie tour

In search of untouched culinary gems in the lesser-visited regions of Vietnam, the strange and beautiful country, by Luke Abrahams

When you think of Vietnamese food, chances are you’d be hard-pressed to name anything more than a bowl of pho or a bánh mì baguette. It’s okay, don’t be too hard on yourself: London, as richly flavourful and cosmopolitan as it is, only offers a mere smidge of the flavours Vietnam has to offer. I first realise this in Hanoi, capital of this welcoming socialist republic. I am sitting in Café Giang in the city’s Old Town, a small hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that serves one of Hanoi’s finest inventions: egg coffee.

The thick and creamy espresso-sized cup of java was the brainchild of Nguyen Van Giang, created in response to milk shortages during the first Indochina War in 1946. It’s since become a nationally acclaimed staple, mostly made of egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and exceptionally strong robusta coffee. Despite its mind-altering strength, a third-generation Giang tells me the stuff is also good for me; apparently, a morning cup of egg coffee can help stabilise blood sugar, increase metabolism and even boost your mood. I’m sold, wired and ready to cancel my Pret subscription.

Heck, even Michelin finally got the memo about Vietnamese food after releasing its first foodie guides to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh last summer. Aside from its newfound Michelin buzz, a dazzlingly good exchange rate and the sheer variety of cuisine are attracting travellers to this culinary hinterland. Sipping another cup of yolks, I look to the streets around me, and this complex country’s food makes a little more sense. Scooters scramble for the right of way amid the explosive thunder of blaring horns, and all around there are the complex architectural layers of French, Chinese and Japanese colonisation. Remnants of this cultural mishmash still prevail, especially in the food, and the result is some of the best and most innovative fusion cuisine in the world.

Vietnam travel: tour company Original Travel take you deeper than ever

Endless cookery classes and food-themed walking tours make it easier to discover the country’s culinary heritage, but it’s the local street food scene where my love affair with Vietnamese food is forged.

Found on practically every street corner of the Old Town and French quarter, I try canh chua, a refreshing sweet and sour soup made with fish, pineapple, tomatoes, and vegetables including okra and elephant ear; ban xeo, a delectable crispy fried crepe stuffed with pork and shrimp; banh bao, large steamed buns stuffed with minced meat, quail eggs, Chinese sausage and veg; banh trang tron, one of the most popular street food snacks made from shredded rice paper, chilli powder, dried shrimp, and fried shallots; and for desert, a mouthful of mung bean cake, mixed together with ground mung beans, sugar and grapefruit flower essential oils… all washed down with green tea, naturally. All of the above, and more, cost less than £25.

vietnam foodie tour

Then there’s the bánh mì. What you get in the UK is nothing in comparison to the vast variety of baguettes you get here. The bread is softer. The pâté richer. The fillings grander. And depending on which part of town you are in, the garnishes even more fiery. I find the Elite Banh on an unassuming street corner just by the city’s famed St Joseph’s Cathedral. The line for the small cart is mammoth, with a mix of locals and western folk like me. A product of French colonial rule during the Nguen dynasty, my baguette is filled with layers of pork, pâté, cucumber, fresh chilli and carrots. The defining difference from what we get back home? It’s unusually toasted. I ask the owner why and he says: “Because we like it like that. Everyone has their own version and this is how we eat it at home. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.”

A short ride downtown to Bún cha Huong Liên, which I’m told serves the finest bowls of the popular grilled pork noodle dish. It’s a local gaff, first made famous by former US President Barack Obama who once dined here with the late American chef Anthony Bourdain during a state visit in 2016. Since Obama’s visit, the restaurant has literally preserved the table they sat at, commemorating their meal as the “Obama combo”.

I am served a broth of small patties of seasoned pork and slices of pork belly, both grilled over charcoal and marinated in a bowl of nuoc cham–based sauce. The secret ingredient? I have no idea. The waitress says it’s so secret she’d rather die than tell me. Whatever it is, it’s fermented over 25 years and it makes all the difference.

Familial generational secrets hold the key to some of Vietnam’s most delicious bites. Down in the city of Ninh Binh, I find the cuisine gets way more local, and way more country. A short two-hour or so drive south of Hanoi, the landscape morphs from chaotic city streets to giant, moss-flecked limestone mountains that rise up from the lotus flower-flecked paddies.

It’s what the locals dub ‘Ha Long Bay on land.’ Very few Western tourists go here, and while it’s all beautiful, the most raw and authentic part of this Avatar-esque landscape is the nature reserve, Van Long. Less polished than the more touristy area of Trangh An, it is where most of the locals call home.

I join Marie for a typical lunch. Set on the Red River Delta that snakes just outside her home, we feast on a medley of bites served on banana leaves. There’s banh cuon, delicate rice noodle rolls loaded with minced beef, and mushrooms and topped with shallots; seared chicken garnished with fresh chillies handpicked from her garden, nut-mixed vermicelli stir fry noodles made fresh by her friend in the hills; and cha gio, fried spring rolls loaded with freshly cooked ground pork. Everything and she means quite literally everything, should be dipped in homemade fish and chilli sauce, as per “the Ninh Binh way.” Driving, full and a little weary, I stop off at a roadside cart selling the area’s most famed delicacy: roasted mountain goat. The beast, like a pig on a spit roast, is cooked whole, face and hooves charred. Some even have their eyes still intact. You can either buy it as is or select cuts to take home to pop in a broth or curry.

My next stop is Hoi An. Once a key exchange post on the spice route linking the Orient to the occident, this ancient Central Vietnamese city has always been a melting pot of cuisines. To make the area’s signature chewy noodle dish, cao lau, locals use water straight from the archaic Ba Le well, a chasm of pure brown H2O just off the coast of the city. Topped with sliced pork, crunchy rice crackers, aromatic spices, and a handful of fresh coriander and lettuce, it’s an incredible assortment of flavours and textures. Thanh Cao Lau Restaurant in the New Town serves the OG. It’s really a local street food joint, so expect no trimmings and service without the BS. You see everything cooked from the comfort of your own stool. Magic.

By the time I arrive on the coast, the foodie offering gets wildly spiritual. At Amanoi, perched just outside the small fishing village of Vin Hy near the town of Cam Ranh, I discovered the cuisine of the Cham people. The journey starts at dusk with a brisk walk to a hidden spot within the hotel’s nature reserve. Before we feast, we are blessed in an ancient Vietnamese tongue by a Cham Master who utters various mantras to rid our spirits of any black magic and bring us good fortune.

vietnam foodie tour

Once cleansed, we eat. Everything has been foraged within a few miles of the hotel. I try papaya salad with marinated octopus, tamarind broth with chicken, chargrilled beef topped with herbs, stir-fried prawns with chilli salt, braised fish fillet with turmeric and pumpkin custard for dessert. It’s a banquet that’s been 800 years in the making since the first Cham dynasty crossed into Vietnam from their native India.

I toast out my culinary odyssey of Vietnam down in Ho Chi Minh City with Original Vespa tours. Sped around the city gorging on oc (snails), bánh canh cua (crab tapioca noodles) and a bowl of pho for good luck, I finally admit that after 10 days of feasting, I’m a little full. While Vietnam’s cerulean seas and breathtaking vistas will always draw the crowds, it’s the food that gives the country its soul. Each region has its own specialities rooted in the legends of tribal communities and forged through decades of invasions. Wherever you go, you’ll always encounter something wildly different, and that’s the allure.

Visit Vietnam yourself

Original Travel offers a ten-night trip to Vietnam. Prices start at £5,095pp based on a two-person trip, including direct Vietnam Airlines flights, all transfers, tours and hotel accommodation, with a two-night stay at Amanoi

Read more: As tourism returns, we say: ‘Good morning Vietnam!’

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