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simply didn't work

simply didn't work -- even as basic as flight bookings with the airline were never detected, and only about 1/3 of the hotel arrangements ever showed up. Cancelled the enrollment, may try again in another 10 years.

Date of experience : December 23, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Tripit is a great tool to organize travel plans.

I've used TripIt to successfully track multiple trips. The app tracks all segments of my plans, and lays it out in a convenient organized way, allowing me to add notes as needed. I can easily update any plans by forwarding confirmation emails, once I give permission it scans my email for any confirmation notifications as well, then adds it to the trip. I can easily modify any segment as well by easily editing it. This app has proven to be tremendously helpful in keeping track of complex travel of the best parts is that when on vacation and scheduling activities or events, you can pop that into the plans and it helps to keep me on track and organized.

Date of experience : February 09, 2023

Felt Like a Waste of My Time

Only imported 1 / 40 of my travel itinerary emails. Website was clunky and unfriendly to use when I tried to manually import information. I was also disappointed that I could only attach 3x files per trip on the free version as I feel this should be a free feature.

Date of experience : December 18, 2022

Have used this app many times

Have used this app many times, both the free and the pro version and it's brilliant, in the free version you forward your emails to the app and it automatically adds your plans to the trip. In pro, that is automatic, as are the flight updates. I would not, however, as some have done, trust a notification that my plane has been cancelled without checking for myself. Nothing is infallible. The only delay or cancellation alert I would trust is from the airline itself. Always double check. I love this app and have recommended it to many traveler friends who love it as much as I do. Thanks TripIt

Date of experience : August 31, 2021

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work. Lots of alternatives there and my company unfortunately decided on TripIt. Mixes up dates, trips and creates ridiculous itinieries. I have to forward every booking and even then, it doesn’t understand what’s what

Date of experience : June 05, 2022

Ridiculously loud office, neither of us could hear each other, and then the lady was brusque and pretty much told me to suck it up. At the end of me bellowing down the phone and repeating myself she told me there's nothing she can do, and"is there anything else you want?" Wow!!!

Date of experience : November 01, 2019

Helped me not miss my flights!

I use their pro service and have not been disappointed yet! They sort out all my itinerary into one place so I am not going through countless emails. I would give them 5 stars if they actually had a Windows 10 App.

Date of experience : March 30, 2021

Used Tripit pro for a 3 month Europe…

Used Tripit pro for a 3 month Europe trip and essentially it was bloody useless. its algorithm for dealing set material is fine - anything that is not spot on it can not deal with. Complete waste of money.

Date of experience : July 10, 2022

It should not be so hard to make this app work

It should be easy to scan an email text, look for a date and a time, maybe even a location and add it to a calendar. TripIt works about 50% of the time. I get pro for free so I am tempted to use it but I end up just copy/paste all my travel info into a document and take it as PDF or hard copy.

Date of experience : August 09, 2022

Have written to tech dept several times…

Have written to tech dept several times in the past 6 months. My apps still will not open up. All it said TRIP IT UNDER MAINTENANCE for past 6 months. No further respond from tripit help center after that. I believe they do not want to assist me any more. V Poor system

Date of experience : May 31, 2022


My soccer team is going on a trip and as the only one out of 25 people I can not connect with the app. I am using and iPhone 12 and 3 different emails. It doesn’t work. I have communicated with TripIt customer care but they can’t help. Disappointing.

Date of experience : November 06, 2021

Prices are half elsewhere

Flights are half the price elsewhere even without sales on. Hotels are half the price. The voucher literally makes you pay double.

Date of experience : November 20, 2023

TripIt only if you really need it

I've been using Tripit for a few years now, and while I appreciate the improvements that have been made, they seem to be happening at a disappointingly slow pace. The interface can be quite sluggish, and it's particularly frustrating when it comes to adding details of who is traveling on a trip. The app also has a bad interface for sharing trip details with others, and sharing via email can be a pain. Additionally, viewing trip details through WhatsApp isn't great either. Many ferry companies still aren't recognized, and the app doesn't seem smart enough to match the dates to the right trip, which means that I often have to manually merge it. However, I do appreciate the baggage claim notification and alerts during flights, which can be quite helpful. My work provides me with Tripit Pro, but I haven't found any particularly useful features with that. Overall, while there are some positives, I still find Tripit to be a frustrating experience, and I'm not sure I would recommend it to others.

Date of experience : May 09, 2023

Doesn't work

Doesn't work. The supposedly page comes up and disappears. Was looking forward for the first time for getting a planned trip thought this app

Date of experience : April 20, 2023

Best of the best

Best of the best, has saved me time and effort. The best feature is how it automatically adds my travel details to my calendar. Some have rated 'not worth it' - ha - it is free - the pro version is $49 a year and is amazing. I would not travel without this app.

Date of experience : July 29, 2021

Tripit Pro - Not Worth It

Tripit I received an alert showing that my flight had been delayed. The alert came at. It was a delay from 0700 to 1730. I caught a taxi to a nearby hotel. I came back to the airport at 1500. The airline said that the flight was not cancelled. I would have to wait until the next morning to catch the next flight. I then had to buy another ticket. I made a recommendation to add VERIFY or VERIFY WITH CARRIER/AIRPORT to the end of alerts like that. We all know that travelers can get quite tired. I told them that I didn’t want to know their sources, only why the alert was wrong in general with no specifics needed. Otherwise, I see it as their reputation that takes a hit, especially with your pro membership. I did not want to speak ill of this company, if I didn't have to. The only compensation that I got was a free year of Tripit Pro. Tripit said, “We do not release our sources for where we receive our travel alerts information but have passed your feedback on to the appropriate team to help prevent future issues.” There is no way to know if they actually did that. Expecting more, Jeffrey Dean

Date of experience : September 11, 2020

Unfortunately I had to give up using…

Unfortunately I had to give up using this product. After many attemps to renew my subscription with two different credit cards and several exchanges with customer service... no solution! Please advise which competitor can provide similar service.

Date of experience : April 09, 2022

Love the Boardwalk Grill on John's…

Love the Boardwalk Grill on John's Pass. My husband swears the fish & chips are the best he's ever eaten. I know the lobster roll is the best. Certainly not fancy, but a place we keep coming back to.

Date of experience : November 22, 2021

Marginally useful - Pro = Waste of money

I hate to give such low feedback. I've been using TripIt for many years. The free version is fairly useful, but buggy as all get out. All the time. The simplest thing is remembering your login. I always check the box to "Remember Me". Log in. I can then close my browser, reopen it and I have to enter my creds again. Same with the ios app. Frustrating but has been the norm for years. When I log in, it says "You have no trips". Then I click on the TRIPS tab, and there's all my trips. Things like that. Just now I reserved airport parking. Sent it to Tripit. Couldn't identify it. That's fine. I went in (had to log in again of course even though I JUST logged in minutes ago), entered all the info and selected the already set trip it belongs to and it says "Select a Valid Trip". Huh? I can duplicate all of these things over and over if anyone wants to contact me. As for the PRO version, I had it for a couple of years. For the entire lockdown too which was kind of dumb. A better company would have offered to extend the subscription since nobody was flying, but whatever. In pro mode, I had a flight booked from SFO to Paris via Barcelona. The Barcelona->Paris leg was discontinued several weeks before the trip. Luckily I was notified and made alternative plans. Tripit never once notified or even acknowledged that the flight no longer existed. It still showed in my itinerary for weeks as a valid flight until the day I left. It's probably still in there! What exactly am I paying for? The point tracker is somewhat useless as it only collects a handful of airlines. Others you must manually send them your statement. So in closing (sorry it's so long), I think if TripIt fixed up some of the many bugs, it would be worth using. I would like to see some way to graphically visualize a trip, but one thing at a time. And on the Pro version? If they offer it, you can see if it makes sense to you. Certainly don't rely on them to monitor your flights though.

Date of experience : October 22, 2021

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TripIt Review: Final look at the old app in a new era [2024]

TripIt Review: Final look at the old app in a new era [2024]

From one of the best travel planning apps out there to an outdated and pricey travel planner. If you're wondering if you should use their app for your next trip, you'll definitely want to catch up on what we really think of TripIt. Oh, we also provide better alternatives!

trip it reviews

Raeesha is an expert freelance writer who loves to tap into unique perspectives about heritage, art, wildlife, and outdoor adventures. Coming from a country famed for tourism, she also focuses on promoting sustainable travel choices to minimize environmental footprint. Besides the travel niche, she also writes about economics, business, and linguistics. You will find her guides informative and detailed, albeit with a pinch of dry humor.

The idea of a vacation after a long term of work or studies can easily excite any traveler. It’s all fun and games until you realize how exhaustive travel planning can be when it comes to scheduling and organizing tasks.

But, here's the good news: We've found these best travel planner apps that can help you create a full-fledged itinerary with just a few taps, so you don’t have to pull your brains out doing it yourself!

TripIt travel planner is one of them. While it's primarily used for business travel, it can be used for vacation travel as well. 

In this article, we are going to review this travel planner and find out whether it delivers what it promises! If you are looking for planning vacation travel, however, we recommend using Pilot , a great travel planner app we built specifically for vacation planning.

Let’s start the review of TripIt with what exactly are they.

TripIt travel planner app logo.

What is TripIt?

TripIt is a travel planning app that is designed to create itineraries by integrating all your travel details in one place. It helps travelers organize, manage, and track itineraries in a hassle-free manner. But if you know already, there are other travel apps out there offering similar services. 

So, how does the TripIt app stand out from the crowd?

As a travel planner, TripIt does a bit more than allow you to create itineraries for your favorite destinations. It makes sure you get to your destination on time and enjoy your tour by avoiding obstacles and making use of opportunities on your way. All and other additional useful features, with a pricey premium subscription, unfortunately.

Is the TripIt app worth your time, and should you upgrade to a TripIt pro if you’re an avid traveler? Let’s find out how and if TripIt is worth it!

Is TripIt free?

The short answer is "it depends". 

There are 4 different plans for TripIt depending on your needs. The basic plan is free to use but offers a limited-service of additional features that can benefit frequent travelers. So, how much does TripIt Pro cost?

TripIt Pro costs $49 annually, with per-user license plans for TripIt for teams and up. Below’s a rundown of TripIt’s subscription plans and the features that they offer.


TripIt Subscription Plans

Still not sure if you should get TripIt Pro or just stick to the basic plan? We'll give you a rundown of all the features that is covered in each plan so that you can be well informed before you make the purchase.

The basic plan is free to use. Its features are limited to gathering all travel-related details into an itinerary. It’s recommended for starters or people who don’t travel very often. Here are the features offered in their basic subscription:

  • Organized Trip planner + master itinerary
  • Cross-platform access
  • Auto-import plans straight from your inbox
  • Syncs plans onto your calendar
  • Group trip planner
  • Important travel information
  • COVID-19 travel guidance
  • Shows Transportation options (includes airport and terminal maps)
  • Shows neighborhood safety scores
  • Nearby place recommendations
  • Tracks and summarizes your travel stats
  • Carbon footprint and carbon offsetting options
  • Upload up to 3 documents per trip

TripIt Pro:

The paid version costs $49 annually and offers additional features that come in handy for regular travelers. The additional features that you can’t find in the basic subscription include:

  • Seats, fares, and points tracker
  • Real-time flight alerts
  • Check-in reminders + commute times to the airport
  • Shows terminal and gate reminders and security wait times
  • Airport and terminal/gate navigator
  • Country-specific information
  • Faster security lines with CLEAR membership
  • Travel your rewards program
  • Updates friends and family on your travel plans
  • Upload up to 25 documents per trip

TripIt for Teams:

The version is great for companies to create and share trip plans related to business trips with their employees. This version is more of a centralized control center for travel operations. 

TripIt for Travel Management Companies:

The specialized version is geared towards travel management companies (TMCs). If you are traveling with one of their partners, you’ll be able to access and change your plans through the TripIt app anytime on any device! You can also access your TMC contact information on the app and contact them for any questions.


What are the Major Features Offered by TripIt?

There are many features that TripIt and TripIt pro offers, but here are the major features that a subscription to TripIt gets you:

  • The ability to create multiple itineraries that include all travel-related details from flights, accommodation to car rentals
  • Displays interesting travel stats, total carbon emissions of your past flights, neighborhood score, and nearby attractions of places you visit

TripIt Pro has additional paid features that include,

  • Flight status, real-time alerts on flight delays, transportation options, and alternative flights 
  • Rewards point tracking, seat tracking, and VIP travel benefits to help you save money
  • Detailed maps of airports


How Does TripIt Work?

Once a user creates an account on TripIt, it will form itineraries based on confirmation emails regarding flights, accommodation, and other bookings. These details can be gathered automatically by the app from the inbox or manually forwarded to TripIt’s email address by the user. Once done, you can share it with other people, edit it, or sync it with your calendar. 

In order to view your trips, others need to have a TripIt account as well. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial to use Tripit Pro, but you still have to enter your credit card details.

How to send your itinerary to TripIt?

The first step to generating your itinerary from TripIt is to forward all of your bookings to their system. This step is super simple! After booking your flight, hotel, rental, or other tickets and reservations, forward the confirmation email to [email protected] . They will instantly generate or add the reservation or ticket into your own master itinerary.

You can also set up their auto-import email services so that they’ll be able to automatically scan through your emails for any reservation or tickets and add them to your itinerary! Find this feature on the home page of your TripIt app.

How to cancel your TripIt Pro Subscription?

Say you’ve upgraded your TripIt to their TripIt Pro Subscription and are not impressed with the features that come with your subscription. It’s super easy to modify or cancel your subscription. Here are the steps

  • Make sure you’re signed in to your account
  • Click on your username.
  • Go to “Settings”, then “Billing Information”

In this section, you’ll be able to modify your billing information as well as cancel your current subscription to TripIt Pro. TripIt will not offer you a refund of your annual fee, so make sure you cancel your subscription or turn off auto-renewal before the renewal date!

If you’re on the TripIt Pro free trial and would not like to get charged the annual fee, make sure you follow the steps above to cancel your subscription before your free trial ends.


Is TripIt Pro worth it?

If you’re a frequent traveler and would like to have the added benefit of real-time alerts and updates to your travel plans, it’s definitely worth it! 

However, for 49$ a year, the features that come with TripIt Pro subscription does not seem worth it to us. For example, we’ve found that many of the alerts that TripIt sends out are a mere duplicate of alerts airlines sent to travelers. These TripIt alerts can also sometimes be inaccurate, which may lead to frustrations.

There are other alternatives out there that offer more document uploads, group planning, trip updates, and organized itineraries, such as our Pilot travel planning app!

Here's a rundown of all the pros and cons of TripIt in detail.

What We Like About TripIt

Automation .

With the auto-import feature, you have to invest little to no effort to create an itinerary because TripIt will handle most of it. This is an impressive feature for busy professionals who don’t have time to sort emails and send them to TripIt manually.


We think TripIt does a great job in bringing all vital details regarding your trip into one place. You don’t have to go through the hassle of rummaging your bag to find out reservation receipts or scour through emails to retrieve flight information as everything is there in the app. 

Useful Features

TripIt walks an extra mile in certain aspects. Its features like neighborhood safety score help you stay clear of shady areas or be more vigilant when you are touring in cities like Mexico. It also tracks your flights’ carbon footprint and suggests ways to offset them, which is awesome.

Prompt Alerts

For TripIt premium users, the app is really useful when it comes to receiving real-time notifications on flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes – sometimes, even before the airlines! It even alarms users when the departure time is close, so you won’t miss the flight.

Ability to Plan Trips in Groups

You can invite your friends and family members to join TripIt and plan your travel journeys together. Users can share their itineraries with others and grant access to contribute or edit details. It also makes it easy to share important trip-related details with multiple people.


Why TripIt is Outdated

Premium version is expensive.

If you are not a frequent traveler, the TripIt premium version may not be a cost-effective option because the free version is equipped with most of the essential features of a trip planner. In comparison, most more modern travel planning tools, such as Pilot, are a free service.

Too Many (Annoying) Emails

Some users have complained TripIt spamming the inbox with excessive and unnecessary emails about every single update. It can be annoying as the whole purpose of using a travel app is to minimize clutter. But, you can manage it by changing the settings via the desktop app. TripIt is owned by SAP, a large and old company that isn't exactly known for being "customer-centric."

It isn't "fun"

TripIt was built for business travel, not vacation travel, meaning it lacks a lot of features that would have you replacing Google Docs, Spreadsheets, etc. You're frankly still better off using those tools than TripIt in its current iteration (that's why we built Pilot). It can be useful, but there's little delight or fun in using the tool, since it wasn't built for that. 

That's fine if that's what you're looking for, but we believe that travel planning should be a fun experience given the anticipation for your trip!

Issues with Auto-Import 

Although the app works well most of the time, users have encountered some issues where the app has failed to import confirmation details automatically, especially if it’s a small hotel or rental service. In this case, you have to enter the details manually.

Dull and Dated Web Interface

Compared to the mobile version, the web app is particularly outdated. It can certainly shine better with a good upgrade. It can be useful, but it's certainly not "cool". This unfortunately also results in a subpar user experience compared to more modern apps.

Inaccurate Alerts (sometimes)

There tends to be rare inaccuracies related to flight delay alerts and information related to alternative flights. But, this is a small percentage of users. As a rule of thumb, it’s always better to double-check with the airlines regarding these matters – so you won’t miss a flight.


Is TripIt Worth it?

Now for the final question, is TripIt actually any good, and if so, should you pay for their pro subscriptions?

TripIt is a great app if your main concern is having all travel confirmation and reservation details organized in one place, especially with regards to flights.

But, if you are looking for a more modern trip planner that focuses on the “experiences” of your trips like where to go, what to see, and do, then you need a better option. Besides, the antiquated look doesn't really match the excitement of traveling!

I certainly think there are better free options to use than TripIt, so for that instance, We believe that you should not sign up for its pro version unless you're a frequent or business traveler looking for a way to stay organized.

Our Rating: 3.8/5 

  • Automated itinerary.
  • Convenient all-in-one itinerary
  • Cool and useful extra features
  • Instant alerts
  • Group trip planning is available.
  • Expensive premium subscription
  • Bland design and user experience
  • Very “official”, lacks fun
  • Spams emails with notifications.
  • Issues with auto-import and inaccurate alerts.

A newer alternative to TripIt

We also didn't think TripIt was enough. That's why we've created our own social trip planner, Pilot!

You won’t want to plan trips any other way!

Make organizing your trip easier and more fun with Pilot, whether you’re saving up or ready to book.

Pilot - A Social Trip Planner - Banner

Disclosure : Pilot is supported by our community. We may earn a small commission fee with affiliate links on our website. All reviews and recommendations are independent and do not reflect the official view of Pilot.

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Satisfy your wanderlust

Get Pilot. The travel planner that takes fun and convenience to a whole other level. Try it out yourself.

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The trip planner that puts everything in one place, making planning your trip easier, quicker, and more fun.

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Tripit Pro Review: The Must Have Travel Organizer App

Let’s get straight into it. What does it do?

TripIt organises your travel arrangements in a neat, easy to read, and consistent format. 

Tripit is a travel booking and itinerary application from Concur designed to let you “instantly organize” all your travel plans in one place.

I’m a big fan of apps that help me cut down on administration tasks. Logging into airline portals and managing flights should be simpler. Tripit offers a solution to the multiple-itinerary logistics issue that many travelers have to deal with.

And while you’re evaluating Tripit, check out this slick new competitor as an alternative flight management app: App In The Air .

Why should you use it?

Use Tripit Pro to organize trips, save time, and easily view all your schedules. Tripit now offers COVID-19 travel guidance in the app so you can find out what kind of restrictions you might have to deal with.

How do I set it up?

For people who want to jump straight in, download the TripIt app from the App store here and Google Play.

Once you’ve downloaded the app (or are using the website) you will need to enter some details to start your account. You can sign in with an email account and password or use a social media account.

I chose to use my e-mail address for login access. I am not a big fan of connecting my social networks to mobile apps. The social media login is a bit more streamlined (no password required) so you might prefer to use that.

You also have to allow the app access to your email service’s inbox in order for it to automatically import travel itineraries and booking for you, so make sure you use the e-mail address you typically have all your travel info sent to when you make plans for a trip.

Is TripIt Pro Worth It?

There is also a Pro subscription option for an additional annual fee that adds useful features frequent travellers will love such as Seat Tracking, Check-In Reminders, Rewards Point Trackers, Flight Status Alerts, Check-in Reminders, Alternate Flights, and more.  At a very reasonable $49 a year, it’s definitely worth the money.

In the interest of getting into the best of what Tripit Pro had to offer, I took the plunge and signed up for the 30-day Tripit Pro trial. You do have to enter a credit card in order to get access to the free trial, but the trial is 30 days, which should give you plenty of time to decide if the Pro features are worth the annual cost to you when you travel. After I verified my email to finalize my login credentials via mobile web, I fired up Tripit from my apps screen. 

Trips list in TripIt Pro App For Mobile Phone

To book a trip manually, a large friendly orange and white plus sign button right on the app’s home screen gets you started. Tapping the button pulls up a blank form with all the necessary details for your trip such as destination, travel dates, a name for the trip (If I travel for work I might name the trip with a project name for tracking expenses), and a description section for any notes about the trip you may want to jot down.

There are also two switches to mark the trip private to keep it unshared, and to mark if it is a business trip or not, which really comes in handy for deducting business expenses come tax time each year.

Once you have entered and selected all pertinent trip information, you just need to tap the light blue floppy-disc-shaped Save button in the top right corner, and the trip now appears in your home screen with your travel dates, in addition to the length of the trip and how long until you depart for the trip.

When you tap on the trip itself in the list, it opens up the Plans screen, where you can add your more specific travel information. Since I had not set up any of that information yet, I had to tap the Add Plans button to enter it manually. I tapped on flight first, and then entered in some potential flight information for my outbound flight.

As soon as I had saved the flight numbers for the first two legs of the trip, Tripit immediately added them to my Plans screen and displayed the current status of each flight as well, both of which were showing All Clear with no delays. It also had the option to use the Pro features like Seat Tracker and Alternate Flight right on the Flight screen for easy access.

Trip Report - Review of yearly trips

Tripit Pro also had another extremely convenient feature I had not previously encountered in a travel app: at the bottom of the flight screen was a row of side-scrolling buttons with a map of the departing airport, a list of lounges at the departing, a map of the arrival airport, its lounges, and available ground transportation at arrival.

In short, with just two taps, I could quickly access all the important information I needed to navigate both airports right from where my flight information was listed.

I tend to struggle with airport navigation and finding a place for a quick snack or drink doesn’t often work well for me since I am not able to find and get to my gate fast enough before departure to enjoy any R&R in a lounge. However, if I can map out my transition in advance, this allows me to schedule extra time for that brief break before my next flight.

After looking at the handy navigation tools in the flight screen, I proceeded to add car rental and hotel stay information to get an overall idea of what a complete travel plan looked like in the app.

Everything was neatly listed with times, dates, important information, shuttle times from the destination airport to my hotel, and literally everything I would need to know from my doorstep to my destination lodging.

It even had the hotel address and car rental addresses listed to make navigating via Google Maps a breeze. Best of all, there was not a single hiccup in the operation of the app the entire time, and all information pertinent to my trip available from other sources updated near instantly after I clicked save for each entry. 

How Well Does It Work?

In order to test out all features completely, rather than book and cancel travel plans for myself I asked a colleague to forward me their booking emails from their upcoming trip out of town for business. Sure enough, the app immediately added a trip to my Not Traveller column of the home screen, and I was able to view real-time flight and travel updates regarding this co-workers trip.

I was also able to edit the way in which the trip displayed information according to my preferences for flight, car rental, and hotel. The convenience and speed with which this app operates is nothing short of astonishing, and I could instantly access or share every detail of my trip and my co-workers trip with just a couple taps on my phone. Now that I had real data to play with, it was time to test the Pro Features .

Seat Tracking

I started with Seat Tracker. This handy Pro feature allows you to set alerts for seating availability and any changes in seating in real time so that you can select the best possible seat or change your seat if a better one opens up. When I added a Seat Tracker, the app pulled up a diagram of the aircraft for the flight I had listed, and highlighted my currently booked seat.

I then entered my preferences for a better seat using the Select Seat Preferences menu and tapped save. If a better seat opened up, it would pop up an alert on my lock screen that a better seat had been found and I would be able to contact the airline to make the seat change for my ticket.

The only part that took a little while was loading the diagram of the aircraft for my specific flight. But selecting an alternate seat to keep an eye out for was quick and easy, and once the aircraft diagram was downloaded for that flight number it loaded near instantly after that.

Alternative Flight Options

Next, I decided to test out the Alternate Flight utility. This Pro feature lets you check listings for alternate flights departing on the same date or in the same time frame as you current flight, thus allowing you to search for earlier or later departing flights directly from your mobile device. The default search is for an alternate flight in the same time frame for the same airline, which yielded no results on my first search.

Once I altered the search criteria using the Search button, I was able pull up a full list of flights departing the airport all day from my starting location and browse to see the number of available seats, as well as which specific seats were still available. It did not list the difference in fares, but when you need to make a flight change and want instant access to what else is available, you can worry about pricing out the best flight when you contact your airline for a refund or go to book an alternate flight time with another airline. 

The flight monitor feature can easily save you the cost of your annual Tripit Pro subscription with just one flight refund

The speed at which Tripit pulled up flights and departure times was very satisfying though, and the ability to near-instantly browse  available flights and seats when your flight has been cancelled or delayed and you are on a tight schedule is a level of convenience I never knew existed. Generally, if I needed to choose alternate flights in the past  I would have to go from airline to airline and ask them to search for me, or I’d need to break out my laptop and browse for flights that way. 

Cheaper Flight Monitor

The final Pro feature I looked into was Flight Refund Monitoring. The way this feature works is by constantly scanning airline prices regularly in order to see if a better price for your fare comes along that is lower than what you paid when you booked your flight. If Tripit Pro deems the difference in price claim worthy, you get an alert on your phone letting you know to contact your booking agent or carrier to file for a refund.

This feature can easily save you the cost of your annual Tripit Pro subscription with just one flight refund, so it is definitely worth configuring and using for each and every flight you take.

Overall, this app is an incredibly powerful and convenient tool for regular travellers who need to keep their colleagues and loved ones in-the-know about travel plans while maintaining access to all of their travel information at the mere tap of a smartphone screen. I really liked the way that the widget can be configured to allow access to updated travel information right on your phone’s home screen or additional app screen without having to find and tap the app’s icon.

It’s like having an instant memory recall for all of your information with just a couple taps.

Furthermore, the TripIt Pro subscription service will save you in time and money a great deal more than their asking price for a year, especially if you are a frequent flyer who is on the road or in the air most of the year. I also cannot emphasize enough how simple the app interface is to use and how easy it is to add and edit trip information.

I find that the older and busier I get the more absent-minded I become, and having all my important travel information like my flight numbers, gate numbers, and ticket numbers readily accessible in one place on one lightning-fast app is an absolute lifesaver.

The best part about Tripit though is automated importing directly from your e-mail to a well-designed, easy to use, and useful travel organizer that keeps you on time and arms you with all the latest information affecting your trip in real time so you can make smart travel decisions on the go. Give the Tripit app a try for free, and if you are travelling in the next thirty days, try out Tripit Pro to see how much time, headache and anxiety it can save you. Safe travels!

I trialled the app on both a Samsung Galaxy and an iPhone 5. The software performed equally on both platforms.

When connected to 5G WiFi, I downloaded the Tripit app directly from the Google Play Store in under a minute and created a free Pro account directly from my phone. Easy

What are some Tripit alternatives?

The best alternative Tripit Pro is App In The Air . In fact, it’s currently my go-to app for managing flights.

One alternative to Tripit worth a look is Kayak Trips .

Tripit Pro Review | The Best Travel Organizer

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trip it reviews

TripIt Pro Review: The Must-Have Travel App

So when you’re freshly back from a trip away, what’s the first thing you do? Have a hot bath? Order a delightfully unhealthy takeaway, because you’re “too tired to cook”? Sadly weep over your souvenirs? Well, I do all those things too, but after my trip to Prague, I added “write a TripIt Pro review” to my list. Because this is something that every traveller needs to own in order to make your trip completely stress-free, and if you suffer from travel anxiety, it’s an absolute MUST .

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “but isn’t TripIt just some travel organizer app? I’m really organised anyway! I even have all my fluids in a plastic bag before I get to the airport! Why do I need an organizer app?” Well, I can understand where you’re coming from – that’s what most travel organizer apps out there do. You enter your flight details, and the app records them… and that’s about it. However, TripIt Pro completely blows this out of the water, by providing so much information which is going to be useful for you before you leave, when you’re at the airport, and once you get to your destination. Seriously, I’m never travelling without it again. Prague was by far the smoothest, most successful travel experience I’ve ever had .

Let’s look at all the ways that TripIt Pro is going to make your life much easier!

TripIt Pro: Before You Leave

Obviously you’ll want to download the app first of all – find it here on  TripIt’s website!

Now, before you sign up to the Pro features, consider this – do you own or work for a company which uses SAP Concur? Because if you do, you may already have a complimentary subscription to TripIt Pro! Which makes your life even easier; yay! All you have to do is visit the SAP Concur App Center to connect your account; check out all the details  here .

TripIt Pro review screenshot - itinerary

Easy trip imports

Next, you’ll be wanting to import your trip details. You can do this manually, by entering your departure and arrival airport, date of travel, and flight numbers – but really, wouldn’t you like to save that time? So TripIt Pro makes it easy for you. You can enter your email address into the app, and after giving it authorization, it’ll scan your emails for your flight confirmations and automatically import it into the app. It’s ridiculously simple! It even found my hotel booking confirmation and added that too, which gave me some BRILLIANT local information specific to where I was staying – but I’ll get to that in a minute!

If the idea of an app scanning your emails sounds kinda scary, please don’t be put off – it’s totally secure. It’s an automated process which only looks for emails from travel-related companies, so there won’t be some person looking through your receipts for leopard-print mankinis. Your secrets are safe! Plus, if you want, you can let it scan your emails until it finds the details and imports them, then go to Settings and flip a switch to turn the scans off until you next need it.

You can also forward your confirmation emails to an address at TripIt, which will then add it to your itinerary, so you have plenty of options!

TripIt Pro review screenshot - inner circle

Sharing with friends and family

There’s some other awesome options you can use here. Firstly, you can set up the app to share with your Inner Circle. So if you want to keep loved ones updated with your flight progress, or just make your friends insanely jealous, TripIt Pro will send them nifty updates on how you’re getting on. No more struggling to find a phone signal to send that “I’ve landed!” text message! You can also keep track of all your flight reward points, you frequent traveller you.

TripIt Pro review screenshot - neighborhood safety score

Busting travel anxiety

Now, on to one of my very favourite features, and a big reason to why this app is an absolute must for travel anxiety sufferers. One of the big anxieties when travelling is whether you’re going to be safe. You can look at the hotel reviews on  TripAdvisor  and see all kinds of glowing reviews, only to find that the area around it is  awful . We’ve all had that one trip where the hotel is fine, but it’s in a sea of strip joints, surrounded by dark streets with shady types hanging out on them. The kind of area where you you start keeping a good grip on your  personal alarm  when you return to the hotel at night.

Well, TripIt Pro does away with this. By scanning your hotel information, it gives you a Neighborhood Safety Score. It looks at the crime statistics for the area your hotel is in, and breaks it down into categories, such as physical harm, crimes against female travellers, and more. Guys, this is AWESOME . It takes away that anxiety of not knowing what to expect: if your hotel looks to be in a dodgy area, you can make other arrangements, or at least know what to expect and budget taking public transport or taxis to deliver you closer to your door. This feature alone makes gives it my immediate and complete recommendation – and I haven’t even started on all the other anxiety-saving features yet!

TripIt Pro: On The Day Of Travel

As much as I love the features you can use when you first book your trip, TripIt Pro completely kicks ass in the hours before you leave, and on the day you’re travelling. Why, you may ask? Well, let’s have a look!

Flight Status Alerts

Firstly, make sure that your flight status alerts are switched ON. You do not want to miss out on these, because they’re about to make your life oh so easy !

TripIt Pro review screenshot - flight status alerts

Check-in alerts

I love this, because I’m the kind of fool who’ll forget to do an online check-in, then turn up all at the airport only to queue for an age. No chance of that with TripIt Pro looking after you: it’ll send you an alert that online check-in is available (which is awesome, because it often varies from airline to airline), and you can tap a button to take you to the appropriate page. It’ll even tell you what the weather is going to be like , so you don’t turn up wearing that cute sundress and sandals when there’s two feet of snow on the ground. How handy is that?

TripIt Pro review screenshot - check in alert

Go Now alerts

Not sure when you need to leave for the airport? Enter your location, and it’ll tell you when to start driving . If you’re going by public transport, it’ll give you a list of transport options, plus the price, in order for you to navigate your way there.

TripIt Pro review screenshot - Go Now

Airport maps

I think we can all agree that airports can be one of the most confusing places in the world, especially when you’re trying to find something in a hurry. First you need to find your check-in desk or bag drop, then there’s finding somewhere to get a bottle of water after security, then there’s the toilets, then there’s that last-minute purchase of a hat which you totally won’t use. Or it could just be the layout – for example, I was really confused at Prague airport, because the security checks were located right by the gate, rather than after the passport checks. One look at TripIt Pro’s airport maps eliminates all that pesky worry!

TripIt Pro review screenshot - airport map

They’re brilliant, detailed maps . Plus, on larger airports (I’ve used London Heathrow as my example), you can filter it down to a single terminal, rather than having to squish an entire airport map on to your screen. You can also zoom in as much as you please, should you want to really examine that luxury airport lounge. And speaking of…

Airport lounges

TripIt Pro gives you you chance to live the high life, by detailing all of the airport lounges which may be available to you, the price of entry, and all the nifty gadgets you can find within. No more looking wistfully at the closed-off Eden that is an airport lounge, staring at relaxed travellers calmly working on their laptops in comfy chairs, whilst you perch on your backpack surrounded by wailing babies. This is definitely a feature that I’ll be using on future travels, especially as my boyfriend gets quite stressed by loud noises and general hectic activity. Even better, TripIt Pro provides you with a $25 credit for LoungeBuddy, so you can have a relaxing time courtesy of the app!

TripIt Pro review screenshot - airport lounges

Live flight alerts

Even if you use no other feature on the app, TripIt Pro is completely worth it for the flight alerts. They are SO FAST. Trust me, if your flight is delayed, or if your gate changes, TripIt will let you know even before the airport monitors do . When I flew to Prague, I could only find a seat in the terminal from which I couldn’t see any of the screens (it was in a bar though; don’t feel too bad for me). No problemo. I put my phone on the table in front of me, and when TripIt alerted me as to which gate I was flying from, I was one of the first in the queue.

TripIt Pro is downright magnificent when you’re at the airport. It’s like having a guiding hand which is keeping an eye on you with every step. You won’t be late, you won’t get lost, you won’t get stressed. It’s as perfect an airport experience as you can have .

TripIt Pro review screenshot - delay alerts

TripIt Pro: When You Arrive

Thinking that your TripIt Pro experience ends as soon as your flight takes off? Not so! The app still has some tricks up its sleeve which will make your life easier on arrival !

Baggage carousel location

I. Freaking. Loved. This.

One of my big anxiety points when flying is finding the correct baggage carousel. I hate the waiting, having to stop in the middle of a busy terminal to check a screen and find out which number carousel my bag will be on, getting trampled by people who are desperate to be off and on the way to their hotel. Anything that makes this part of flying easier will be a-ok with me.

Imagine my surprise when on landing, I switch my phone off airplane mode, and have a message pop up from TripIt Pro telling me which carousel to go to . I haven’t even got off the plane (indeed, it was still moving), and I know exactly where to go already.

If you could marry an app, then I would’ve done so at that point.

TripIt Pro review screenshot - baggage claim

Destination tips

TripIt Pro is still looking after you, even after you reach your hotel!

My favourite feature is the Navigator – you can simply tap one button, and it’ll tell you how to get from your current location to your hotel . This is soooo useful – not only can you use it to get from the airport to your hotel (it gave me exact directions for the bus and tram journey I needed to do), but every time afterwards during your trip. Wandered off the beaten path, and need to get back? One tap, and you know the way! And if it involves public transport, it’ll tell you how much cash you’ll need to part with.

But what about if you’re at your hotel, or anywhere else in town, and you need something? Maybe an ATM, or a grocery store? Or even a bar or restaurant for a quick pit stop? TripIt Pro has even got your back covered here. Give those icons a quick tap, and it’ll calculate where your nearest ones are , and show you on a map.

TripIt Pro review screenshot - navigator

TripIt Pro: The travel app you won’t want to travel without

My trip to Prague was the first time I’d used TripIt in any capacity, and I just instantly fell in love with it. Even though it’s a paid subscription, which I usually hate, I can see myself subscribing to the Pro features for many years to come. It costs only $49 per year, and it just makes everything so much easier! So many features just blew me away with their usefulness and practicality , just as the flight alerts and baggage carousel info on landing. They’re real time savers, and anything that simplifies the airport experience has to be good. Plus, there’s features such as refunds and alternative flights which I haven’t even had to use yet – judging by the quality of the rest of the app, I have no doubt that they’ll be simple to use and convenient.

But what struck me in particular is how this can be a real life-saver for anxious travellers . A lot of people are completely freaked out by airports, or the thought of getting lost or attacked abroad. My own mother is one of them; my boyfriend generally despises airports even though he loves travelling. TripIt Pro completely eliminates those fears. Neighborhood checks, in-destination navigators, airport maps, lounge access – these are all things with have a massive value to an anxious traveller.

I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone who has anxiety, and particularly suffers during the chaos of travel. By smoothing out the hectic events, the unknown, the random elements of travel, you can significantly improve your experience and your life simply by downloading an app.

Give TripIt Pro a try (you can do a 30-day free trial if you’re still not sure), and you’ll never look back!

Disclaimer: the lovely people at TripIt gave me a complimentary copy of the Pro app so I could test it out, but I’ve received no payment for this review. So you can be assured that everything I’ve said here is my honest opinion! Yay!

Enjoyed this review? Want to share it with your loved ones, pals, or arch nemesis? Click those shiny share buttons, or pin the below image to Pinterest!

TripIt Pro review - this app will change the way you travel. Seriously. Make you travel life easier, and read our in-depth review of TripIt's pro features, including flight alerts, maps, tips, and more! #travel #apps #best #tripit #pro #review

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'  data-srcset=

I love using Tripit! It’s so great for keeping my whole travel schedule in one place, and for storing notes on all my different destinations. It also makes it SO easy to share my travel itinerary with my Mom, because she always asks for it. The only issue I’ve ever had is that the online version tends to shut down regularly and you lose anything you haven’t saved yet.

'  data-srcset=


Same with my mother! I’m going to have to download it to her phone, so she can watch my progress next time! 🙂

'  data-srcset=

This was such an insightful article! I have never used this app but I am surely going to give it a try.

'  data-srcset=

Alright, you convinced me 🙂 I downloaded it! Going to play around with the features. I needed a travel organizer. Thanks so much for sharing this app.

'  data-srcset=

This app has so many useful features including unheard baggage carousel location. It seems I have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

'  data-srcset=

I have never heard of this app before, but you’ve convinced me for the airport maps and travel alerts alone! That looks soooo useful! 😀

'  data-srcset=

Michelle Stelly

I used to always use this app but I have stopped. It looks like it has been updated with awesome features! I will have to redownload it. 😀

'  data-srcset=

elena nikolova

Interesting I usually use the standard app, but I like the idea of having the airport map on my phone since i always miss some shops I want to check out. 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Jessie Festa

One of my all-time favorite apps! I never travel without it. 🙂

'  data-srcset=


It looks like something very useful and worth installing will be trying it out.

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Travel Anxiety: How To Stop The Fear Of Terrorist Attacks

trip it reviews

Prague Souvenirs: 11 Awesome Gifts, and Where to Find Them

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TripIt Review

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A detailed review of TripIt's travel management software with pricing, comparisons to competitors, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on January 6th, 2023

The SMB Guide is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

TripIt is travel management software that automatically organizes users' travel information into a single application to help ease the experience of traveling for business trips, family vacations, or weekends away. TripIt allows users to easily access travel documents, itineraries, flight details, and travel statistics across multiple devices.

Also Consider

Zoho expense.

Free plan for up to 3 users

Expense automation and customization

Robust integrations


Launched in 2006, TripIt allows users to easily organize and consolidate all their travel plans through one application. The software makes it easy to organize bookings and travel plans by syncing with users' inboxes. The platform also features navigation tools, travel statistics, and check-in notifications.

TripIt is more affordable than most competitors thanks to its free plan; however, certain key features are only available with the paid version, including check-in notifications and airfare and seat notifications.

  • TripIt's basic service is completely free to use.
  • TripIt organizes travel plans into a mobile itinerary on a single platform that is available across multiple devices.
  • The platform syncs with your inbox and calendar to automatically add travel plans to your itinerary.
  • TripIt provides the latest COVID-19 guidelines, restrictions, and requirements for destinations.
  • The software tracks and tallies users' travel statistics.
  • The platform provides a single location for all travel documents, including photos, QR codes, and PDFs.
  • TripIt Pro provides notifications for better airfare prices, flight seats, and check-in reminders.
  • The platform is compatible with thousands of different airlines, lodging, car rental, cruise, rail, events, restaurants, and booking partners.
  • TripIt Pro's Partner Perk feature allows users to speed through security lines with a discounted CLEAR membership.
  • The app provides a navigator that includes airport maps, nearby places, and neighborhood safety scores.
  • The platform lacks live chat support.
  • Since TripIt for Teams' retirement, the platform caters primarily to small business trips and family vacations.
  • The free version lacks key features, including notifications, country-specific travel info, and security fast-track.
  • The platform lacks expense tracking features.


Favorable reviews on TrustRadius and G2 cited the ease-of-use, reminder notifications, email and calendar sync, and real-time flight tracking features as highlights. Travelers included its costly price point, integrations, and outdated user interface as downfalls.

TripIt has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store and a 4.6-star rating on Google Play, with most users praising the convenience of the application. However, some users complained about the affordability of the Pro version and certain application glitches — opinions that were shared by users on Trustpilot .

*TripIt Pro features a 30-day free trial on its website only.

Standout Features:

1. mobile itinerary:.

TripIt's key feature is its ability to consolidate all travel information into a mobile itinerary that is accessible across multiple devices. Travel plans can automatically be synced from users' inboxes, and the app provides a single platform for travel stats, booking details, carbon footprint tracker, and travel documents.

2. Navigation:

During a trip, the application provides a navigator to guide users from one waypoint to another. Detailed airport maps help users easily find their terminals, and the platform also provides the location of nearby places and neighborhood safety scores of the places that users are visiting.

3. Tracker & Notifications:

Exclusively a feature of TripIt Pro, the tracking functionality allows users to track better airline seats, more affordable airfares, tally reward points, and access country-specific travel information. The platform also provides users with check-in reminders, flight statuses, alternative flights, and security fast-track.

TripIt vs. Wanderlog:

TripIt and Wanderlog are similar platforms that organize travel itineraries in a convenient location. Both platforms offer a free version of their software and feature similarly-priced premium plans. A key difference between the platforms is that Wanderlog offers suggestions on accommodation and activities, which TripIt lacks.

TripIt vs. Wanderlog Comparison:

Tripit vs. tripcase:.

TripCase and TripIt are similar platforms for organizing and managing travel itineraries. One key difference between the platforms is that TripCase is completely free, whereas TripIt offers both free and paid options. However, many of the advanced features are only available with TripIt Pro. Only TripIt syncs with users' email and calendars.

TripIt vs. TripCase Comparison:

Tripit vs. roadtrippers:.

Roadtrippers is designed for overland trips, whereas the latter works for international trips and flight management. Unlike TripIt, Roadtrippers provides suggestions for attractions and activities en route. However, TripIt stands out as the more advanced platform for comprehensive travel plans.

TripIt vs. Roadtrippers Comparison:

Key information:, what happened to tripit for teams.

TripIt for Teams was retired on January 31, 2022.

What is TripIt used for?

TripIt is used to organize users' travel information and documents into a single platform that is accessible across multiple devices.

Is TripIt free to use?

Yes. TripIt's basic services are completely free. To access the more advanced features, users can try TripIt Pro's 30-day free web trial. Thereafter, TripIt Pro costs $49.00 per year.

How does TripIt make money?

TripIt makes money through their subscription plans for TripIt Pro, as well as through advertising services.

How safe is TripIt?

TripIt enforces a number of security measures to protect its users' information safe. These include storing data in highly secured data centers, data encryption, and passcodes.

What is the best trip planner website?

TripIt is a good option for users' looking to organize their travel itinerary into a single location. The platform has good ratings from many sources, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

What are some alternatives to TripIt?

  • Wanderlog .
  • Roadtrippers .
  • TripActions .
  • SAP Concur .
  • Emburse Certify .
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Serious Insights

Serious Insights

Research and reviews from strategist, futurist and analyst Daniel W. Rasmus

TripIt Pro and TripIt Review: One Essential App to Rule All Your Travel Info

June 7, 2022 by Daniel W. Rasmus Leave a Comment

trip it reviews

I received an evaluation copy of TripIt Pro several months ago. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the first trip after that. And the one after that as well. But I have had time to explore the latest version of TripIt Pro, which now sits ready to support a trip in July 2022. Earlier versions of the service proved valuable in trips across the globe. TripIt offers value before trips and during them. The services insights help subscribers realize how many adventures they have shared. A free version will serve for most, while a Pro version at $49 will likely find more than one way to pay for itself.

TripIt Downloads

For iOS download here . For Android download here . Amazon Fire download here .

What is TripIt?

TripIt is the ultimate travel companion for travels, either business or casual. I find it not only the ultimate travel companion but an essential one in these days of travel uncertainty.

TripIt Icon

At its root, TripIt put all travel documents in one place. No need to find e-mails, screenshots or anything else. Just open TripIt and the content is there.

That all of your content exists in TripIt presupposes you placed it there. TripIt makes capturing traveling information easy by tying personal e-mail addresses to a profile. Simply send itineraries to  [email protected] and most of the time, TripIt’s content parsers populate the database for the trip. Based on days and locations, TripIt combines information, such as airfare, hotel, and rental car, without manually bringing them together.

To make it even easier, TripIt also connects to inboxes, scanning them for travel information and putting that information into the database without the owner’s intervention.

The typical name for a trip starts off with either the destination or the starting point and destination plus the dates, depending on which document creates a new record. All of that information is easy to edit.

The remainder of the documents, from maps or photos or PDFs, can all be integrated with TripIt manually. Sometimes I travel so much that I forget which room I’m in on any given night. I take a picture of the door when I get to the hotel and associate that with the hotel reservation. 

TripIt also offers a doubly secure section that requires a second long-in or facial recognition to access and capture all of the data associated with one’s driver’s license and passport.

TripIt is a service, not just an app. So, if all of your documents are stolen, along with your phone, you can still recover all of your information, including your passport information, by logging into your TripIt account.

The service also offers travel insights, some critical, some for fun, or for personal information. For current travel, its COVID-19 Travel Guidance offers the latest information on restrictions and requirements at destinations, starting at the local airport.

On the fun side, TripIt delivers travel statistics. They have slowed appreciably over the last two years but will hopefully pick up soon.

Tripit travel stats

And for environmentally conscious travelers TripIt offers a view of a flight’s carbon footprint.

And with TripIt no more manually typing travel entries into your calendar. Simply subscribe to the TripIt feed and all travel plans show up on a Google or Microsoft calendar.

How well does TripIt work?

I have never had TripIt fail me on the road. Everything I put into TripIt was easily accessed. I had every number and reference, so it didn’t matter what the hotel, rental car company, car service, or airline I was looking for, I had it.

Some features do require basic setup, but most of it consists of either entering an e-mail address or cutting and pasting a string. TripIt is not a tool that requires technical prowess beyond casual familiarity with the target operating system.

iPad users will enjoy a rich, landscape experience that understands the value of the iPad’s real estate and honors it with a native app rather than a stretched iPhone app.

Can TripIt be improved?

TripIt and parent company Concur are constantly updating their product. Recent months updates include the launch of a Spanish version, offered different alert languages, an update to their itinerary logic for shorter trips, implemented dark mode on Android, UI updates for clarity, and visualized travel statistics. Those updates demonstrate customer listening and a continued commitment to new features and quality improvements.

The only thing I find annoying in TripIt is the lack of deep integration with its records. For instance, when I’m putting in my birthday for a passport or driver’s license, I should only enter it once, ideally in my profile (that is, the profile should be extended to include this kind of common metadata—even better, it should connect with the owner’s record in the contact app). 

trip it reviews

The same is true of travel contacts, which should default to pulling them from the contacts database on the device.

TripIt’s setup experience would improve with metadata updates focused on the traveler. I’d also like to see image fields on records like passports, TSA letters, and licenses, so travelers have a complete record of their documents should they be lost.

On the services side, some reservation formats don’t work well with the parser. Don’t assume that if you sent a document to TripIt that it was automagically put into the database. Read the messages from them. Some will indicate that the document was captured but could not be read. When that happens, you need to manually intervene to create the write record type and input some metadata. 

This issue occurs rarely, and usually with content from smaller companies that TripIt doesn’t see as often as it does a Marriott or an American Airlines. Documents that can’t be read show up in the unfiled section of the app for disposition.

Beyond that, TripIt delivers on its promises with a solid experience.

Why should I go TripIt Pro?

Although I did not take my last two trips, Tripit Pro caught price changes (Fare Tracker) on both trips. When I called Alaska Airlines they confirmed the price changes and credited me back the difference. That feature alone is worth the pro upgrade even for infrequent travelers.

Other TripIt Pro features include Go Now, which looks at traffic to the airport and at the airport, providing a comfortable window to arrive at the airport and get through the various lines.

For those who need to rethink a booking, Alternative Flights, right in the travel record, offer information about alternative paths.

And in reference to paths, arriving at a new airport often equates to frustration that gets exacerbated especially after getting lost. TripIt Pro helps subscribers navigate an unfamiliar airport.

TripIt Pro panel

And if you like a good seat, Pro offers Seat Tracker to let you know when a better seat becomes available. TripIt will not change the seat for you, so it is incumbent on the traveler to make the change. More legroom is always a gift.

TripIt Pro will also prompt travelers for check-ins, automatically share travel information with groups of friends, family, or colleagues, tracks travel reward points, and provides background information on international destinations.

Flight price reductions will certainly make TripIt Pro useful to occasional travelers, but meaningful price reductions will likely be rare and non-predictable, so it may not prove its worth in all instances instantaneously. For frequent travelers, however, seat changes alone may make TripIt Pro a worthy upgrade, with all of the other management features gravy on the legroom (I’m sticking with that metaphor regardless of what Grammarly recommends).

TripIt Pro: The Bottom Line

Every traveler should use the free version of TripIt. Having all your travel documents in one place offers peace of mind. Frequent travelers should have no issue justifying the $49 annual fee for Pro. With extra seat costs and frequent price changes, a single upgrade or refund easily covers the cost—and of course, if you travel frequently, the $49 is probably also a tax write-off.

I just booked a trip to San Diego for Comic-Con International where I will be leading a panel on the science in science fiction. I hope that this trip takes place. And if it does, you can rest assured that TripIt will play a key role in making the trip as smooth as possible.

For more serious insights on software, click here .

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TripIt Review: Your Personal Travel Assistant

Reed Sutton Dec 24, 2023 / How-To , Trip Planning / Leave a comment

trip it reviews

Travel Tutorials

by [author_plus] | Published May 5, 2023 | Edited [modified_date]

How-To , Trip Planning




Categorized: Travel Tutorials

Are you someone who frequently travels for work or leisure? Do you find yourself juggling various travel bookings, itineraries, and confirmation emails? If so, TripIt may be a good travel organizing app for you to streamline your trip planning process. 

TripIt aims to make travel planning and management as seamless and stress-free as possible, by consolidating all your travel details in one place. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at TripIt’s features, user experience, and pricing.

Basic Features

Booking details, all in one place.

One of the standout features of TripIt is its ability to automatically pull in booking confirmations from email accounts, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Once you have a TripIt account, you can simply forward your confirmation emails to TripIt ( [email protected] ), and the app will automatically parse the relevant details, such as flight or hotel reservation numbers, dates, and times. 

Once the app has compiled your travel details, it creates a comprehensive itinerary, which can be accessed offline and shared with others.

trip it reviews

The app’s ability to automatically parse travel details is impressive, and in our testing, it correctly identified booking confirmations from a range of airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. You can store information within your TripIt account on:

  • Flight bookings
  • Hotel and accommodation reservations
  • Car rentals
  • Restaurant bookings 
  • Meetings 

Do note that when you first import your flight and hotel bookings into the app, it will often fail to assign them to the same trip (particularly the case when you’re traveling to multiple countries and/or on multiple airlines. 

However, you can easily remedy this with the ‘Merge Trip’ feature, under the ‘More Options’ dropdown on the overview dashboard or individual trip details page.

trip it reviews

I did appreciate the app’s ability to combine multiple bookings into a single itinerary, such as a flight and hotel reservation for the same trip. This means that all your travel details are in one place, making it easier to manage and stay organized.

However, there are a few features here that are missing for me, including the ability to view your trip on a calendar layout, or the automatic import of attachments from the email.

Syncs Plans to Your Digital Calendar

TripIt offers multiple ways to integrate your trip itinerary into your calendar, including both a static calendar file and a dynamic calendar feed. The latter is a feature I find very useful.

To use this feature, view your Trip Summary page, then click More Options → Export trip to calendar.

trip it reviews

From there, you can download the static calendar file  (.ics), which WILL NOT reflect any changes made on the TripIt app from that point forward (not ideal).

Instead, click on the small hyperlink ‘set up Calendar Feed’ (or find this option separately on the TripIt settings page). 

From this page, you can copy a calendar feed URL for use with various calendar applications including iOS, Android, Apple, Google, and Microsoft Outlook. 

trip it reviews

Calendar feeds set up in this way will automatically sync with what is displayed in the TripIt app, giving you one place to update all your trip plans!

Sharing and Group Trip Planner

TripIt offers a few ways to share your trip with others, for example with people who may be traveling with you or just need to know where you will be. 

If you click on ‘Manage Sharing’ from the Trip Summary page, you will see two options, Participants, and Public Sharing. 

trip it reviews

With Public Sharing, you get a link that provides view-only access to your Trip Summary. Great for family trips!

On the other hand, you can invite participants to your trip with View or Edit access to modify the trip details and add to the itinerary. This is a perfect feature for travel companions who may also be helping you with bookings or scheduling. 

TripIt Pro – Pricing

The basic version of TripIt is free, and includes all the app’s core features outlined above, such as automatic itinerary creation and real-time flight alerts.

However, for users who want additional features and customization options, TripIt offers a paid version through the TripIt Pro subscription .

trip it reviews

TripIt Pro costs $49 per year (USD) and includes several additional features beyond the free version. For example, TripIt Pro includes a feature called “Seat Tracker” which sends you a notification if there is a better seat available for your trip.

Another feature included in TripIt Pro is lounge access information. This feature provides information about airport lounges and their amenities, as well as recommendations for the best lounges based on your itinerary and loyalty programs.

Other features included in TripIt Pro include a points tracker, which helps you keep track of loyalty program points and miles, and VIP travel assistance, which provides 24/7 access to a team of travel experts who can assist with travel emergencies, such as flight cancellations or lost luggage.

Overall, the pricing of TripIt and TripIt Pro is reasonable and competitive compared to other travel organizing apps and services on the market. The basic version of TripIt provides a solid set of features for free, while TripIt Pro offers additional features and customization options for a reasonable annual fee.

You can do a TripIt Pro free trial for 30 days, risk-free. Just cancel before the 30 days are up or you’ll be charged for the year.

Learn about the paid features of TripIt Pro in detail, in the next section.

TripIt Pro – Features

The following set of features is non-exhaustive, but what I consider to be the most important standout features of TripIt Pro. For a full list of features, see the TripIt website .

Note: some features of TripIt Pro web application currently require you to navigate to the ‘Old Website’, when using the web application.

Real-time Flight Alerts

A standout feature of TripIt Pro is its real-time flight alerts. Once you’ve added a flight to your itinerary, TripIt will monitor the flight status and send you notifications about any delays, cancellations, or gate changes. This feature can be particularly useful for business travelers with tight schedules (or points travelers who’ve strung together a set of complicated connecting flights to experience a particular business-class product 😅). It allows you to stay informed and make alternate plans if necessary.

trip it reviews

You can choose to receive TripIt flight alerts via email, push and SMS.

Seats, Fares, and Points Tracking

TripIt Pro can be configured to let you know the airfare for a particular flight drops significantly, allowing you to get a refund or credit. 

trip it reviews

You can also specify in the ‘Seat Tracker’ you want an alternate seat that isn’t currently available and TripIt will monitor and notify you if it opens up. 

trip it reviews

These features could be potentially useful for cash-rate flights, but probably not useful for award bookings. 

On the other hand, TripIt Pro has a Points Tracker, which functions similarly to Award Wallet . This requires you to provide your login credentials for the given program’s website, which may be a bit disconcerting for some.

trip it reviews

Like Award Wallet, TripitPro will tell you when your points are set to expire and give you a reminder as the date approaches.

Reminders and Recommendations

Check-in reminders, terminal/gate reminders, and commute times.

Within the TripIt app, you can configure ‘Go Now’, which will alert you when it’s time to leave for the airport based on your flight departure time. You can set how many hours before that you want to arrive at the airport, and TripIt will use your location to determine commute time and calculate what time you should leave. TripIt can even send you push notifications regarding what Terminal and Gate your flight departs from. 

Interactive Airport Maps

Only available in the TripIt app, you can find detailed interactive maps of all major airports, including notable landmarks, lounges, restaurants, parking, and so on.

trip it reviews

This function can be particularly useful when in a large busy airport that you’re not familiar with. Surprisingly, many airport facilities are not easy to locate, such as when you’re looking for a specific lounge in a specific terminal.  

Apparently, the iOS version of the app is more functional, with a 3D view and automatic adjustment of the level of detail based on zooming in/out. Alas, poor Android users like myself.

Transportation Options and Place Recommendations

You can use a feature called ‘Navigator’ to identify transportation options and costs to destinations on your trip itinerary. For example, you can select a taxi and then immediately be presented with phone numbers for various taxi companies.

trip it reviews

The app integrates with popular ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, allowing you to easily book transportation to and from your hotel or airport. 

Furthermore, when viewing a particular location on your trip itinerary, TripIt will provide a browser of nearby places, including restaurants, hospitals, parking, convenience stores, and so on.

Frankly, I find these features have too much overlap with what Google Maps can do, but for anyone who isn’t an advanced maps user, these could have some utility.

Document Upload

While TripIt Free does allow document upload, it only allows 3 documents per trip, which is rather limiting. With TripIt Pro, you can upload up to 25 documents per trip.

Free vs Pro Feature Comparison

Overall user experience.

In terms of user experience, TripIt is a well-designed and easy to use travel app. It has a clean and intuitive interface, with a home screen that displays all your upcoming trips and their corresponding itineraries. From the home screen, you can quickly access trip details, such as flight times or hotel addresses, or view your travel history.

One area where TripIt could improve its user experience is with its app navigation, particularly for its Pro features. While the app’s home screen is straightforward, it can be difficult to find certain features, such as flight alerts or adding a new booking manually. Many of these features require you to switch to the ‘Old Website’ using a button in the top right corner of the screen. It would be helpful if these features were more prominently displayed or linked to from the ‘New Website’, or if there were a more comprehensive menu that included all app functions. 

Another minor issue I encountered with TripIt was occasional syncing errors between the app and email accounts. While the app generally did a good job of automatically parsing booking confirmations, there were a few instances where I had to manually enter booking details. Additionally, I noticed that some flights or hotel reservations were missing from our itinerary, despite being included in the original confirmation email. These syncing errors were relatively infrequent, but they did require some additional effort on my part to correct.

I find TripIt is useful for one simple purpose: consolidating all of your already planned trip information into one location, including transport, accommodation, and activity details. However, as a platform, TripIt is ultimately still a bit inflexible and not customizable for my advanced needs as a points and miles user. 

I would like to see a calendar itinerary view, automatic document upload, and features related to price and costs, to mention a few.

Instead, I’m personally still going to be using Notion to do my detailed trip planning and itinerary building tasks (and hope to share how others can do the same in an upcoming article).  

In the meantime, I think TripIt still has a role for those who want simple consolidation and don’t require too much customization in their trip-building process.

Frequently Asked Questions

TripIt is a travel planning app that helps you organize and manage your travel plans in one place.

TripIt automatically creates an itinerary for your trip by pulling in information from your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. You can also manually add plans and information.

There is a free version of TripIt, but there is also a paid version called TripIt Pro which offers additional features like real-time flight alerts, seat tracking, and much more.

TripIt is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web.

Yes, TripIt uses industry-standard encryption to protect your information and keep your data private.

Yes, you can easily share your itinerary with family, friends, or colleagues.

Yes, TripIt can be used for personal and business travel.

Yes, TripIt Pro can automatically track your loyalty program points and notify you when they are about to expire.

TripIt uses real-time flight data to provide accurate flight information, but it is always a good idea to double-check with the airline.

Yes, you can easily make changes to your itinerary in TripIt and the app will automatically update your plans.

Yes, TripIt integrates with several travel apps like Airbnb, Lyft, and more.

Yes, TripIt is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The app’s interface is intuitive and straightforward.

TripIt is known for its ability to automatically create itineraries from confirmation emails, which sets it apart from other travel planning apps. However, each app has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to evaluate your specific needs when choosing a travel planning app.

Whether or not the Pro version is worth the cost depends on your specific needs. If you frequently travel and value real-time flight alerts and other additional features, then the Pro version may be worth the cost.

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Wanderlog blog

The BEST travel planner apps summarized (2021)

August 18, 2020 6 min read

trip it reviews

If your trip planning process still consists of opening up a million tabs on your browser and documenting everything in Google Sheets or Google Docs – there’s an easier way!

Yes, there are tons of travel planner apps for planning your trips and building itineraries out there, but there are almost as many different types of travelers. We recognize that different apps work better for different planning styles. To help you navigate this crush of apps, we went out and tested all of the top-rated iOS and Android trip planning apps that help you build itineraries and discovered which ones work best for each type of traveler.

We did the work so you don’t have to!

Our approach to finding the best trip planners for each type of traveler included:

  • Looking at the top 30 apps that show up for “trip planner” in both the iOS and Android app stores
  • Downloading the ones that appeared to have an itinerary builder feature and a user rating of over 4 stars (i.e., removed niche apps focused on flights, lodging, etc.)
  • Testing out each app by creating our own itineraries
  • Documenting strengths & weaknesses of each app and grouped ones most similar to each other
  • Verifying our findings with app store reviews from other users

Whether you’re looking for trip inspiration for your next vacation with friends, or you’ve planned your next family vacation and just need somewhere to store your reservations – find the trip planning app for you below!

Summary of our favorite travel apps if you…

  • …love ideating and collaborating on plans : Wanderlog (over Funliday, Tripn, Pebblar, Mapify, TripHugger)
  • …rely on reviews and research : Tripadvisor (over TripScout, Culture Trip, Guides by Lonely Planet)
  • …just want to a no-frills place to organize details : TripIt (over Tripsy, CheckMyTrip)
  • …need road trip-specific recommendations : Roadtrippers (over inRoute, Road Trip Planner, Fotospot)

For the dreamer and collaborative planner: Wanderlog

trip it reviews

Who would we be if we didn’t believe in our own app? Wanderlog is the best place to build, organize, and map your itinerary with friends and family. 

  • Don’t know where to start? Sort through hundreds of guides from the web or curated by other Wanderlog users and add places you like to your plan. Also share your plan with friends to collaborate!
  • Still in the brainstorm phase? Create different categories (e.g., restaurants, museums) and as you add places, the app pulls up key context info like photos, a brief description, and ratings (from Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google, and more).
  • Ready to plan by day? Organize ideas into itineraries, complete with scheduled activities and estimated transportation time between places. 
  • Ready to travel? Export your places to Google Maps and get going!

You can see the map along with your plans on both the website and the app, so you can easily reorganize places to minimize travel time and maximize fun! Sections are color coded so you can quickly see which places are tied to which sections on the map. Best part is that it syncs in real-time making it easy to collaborate with others… and unlike Roadtrippers and TripIt (mentioned later), it’s completely free!

If you’re looking for a pre-made template to fill in, this may not be the app for you. Instead, it is an incredibly flexible and comprehensive planner. You can make itineraries down to the hour, or just use it as a long list of places to visit, making it great for international excursions and domestic road trips. Get creative and start planning!

We chose Wanderlog over:

  • Funliday – can ‘discover’ places and collaborate with others on itineraries, but it only provides guides written by Funliday or other users and the search feature was slow 
  • Pebblar – it also uses a map for planning, but it costs $10 per itinerary or $10 / month for unlimited itineraries
  • Tripn – a simple easy-to-use itinerary builder that views everything on a map (Apple Maps), but lacks: guides for inspiration, routing capabilities, collaboration abilities, and ability to use on Android or desktop (iOS only)
  • Mapify – while it also helps with discovering attractions and making an itinerary, you can’t see your itinerary on a map to see how it all ties together.
  • TripHugger – more geared like a social network; great for group trip planning, including a chat feature, but you can’t use it to navigate or export your places and it’s not available on desktop

For the planner who lives off reviews: Tripadvisor

trip it reviews

There’s no doubt that Tripadvisor is one of the top sources for reading travelers’ reviews. But, did you know that you can also use it to plan trips? As you go through different guides and lists, you can save places and tag them to a specific trip. When you’re ready to organize your activities, you can sort all the saved places into different days. You can even book activities directly from the platform. One of the most convenient features is that you can save items offline, so you can reference them regardless of your internet connection abroad. 

While Tripadvisor is great for ideas and saving favorite places, its map is tougher to use. For instance, you can see all the places saved on a map, but you can’t distinguish which places are tied to which days – everything is displayed at once. You also can’t use it to navigate from one place to another – there’s no map routing or ability to export places to other mapping apps.

We chose Tripadvisor over:

  • TripScout – while it has interesting and curated content, its planning capabilities are narrow (e.g., if you want to plan by day, you have to specify dates) and the app is only available on iOS (no desktop access & sorry Android users!)
  • Culture Trip – another great resource for guides and booking experiences (e.g., tours, etc.), but while you can bookmark restaurants or things to do, you can’t build an itinerary or reorder activities at all
  • Guides by Lonely Planet – excellent resource for curated guides all around the world with handy features like visualizing everything on a map and accessing info offline, but access will cost you $5 / month or $40 / year, and you are still limited to just bookmarking places instead of building out full itineraries

For the no frills planner: TripIt

trip it reviews

Chances are, if you’ve googled ‘trip planner,’ you’ve come across TripIt. It’s a no frills trip planner that organizes flights, car details, and reservations. You’ll need to have a good idea of what you want to do before using the app. If you’re looking for inspiration and a fun user experience, this is the wrong place. It doesn’t look up places or pull up information for you. But if you know where you want to be and when, you can organize all of your logistics in one place.

If you need to stay up-to-date on any travel changes, there’s also TripIt Pro for ~$50 / year, which gives you alerts and notifications during your travels, which is especially helpful for air travel.

Note: Recently, the website performance has been slow and the app has been crashing. However, TripIt does have tens of millions of users for a reason, so even with the recent bugs, which will hopefully be fixed soon, we had to include it in this list! Wanderlog (mentioned above) also lets you store your hotel and flight reservations, so if you’re not looking to use some of TripIt’s more advanced features, it could save you juggling an extra app.

We chose TripIt over:

  • Tripsy – although we like this UI better and it’s easier to pull up places, it still doesn’t display any context info and it’s only available on iOS (no desktop access & sorry Android users!); has lots of potential though!
  • CheckMyTrip – while still very useful for organizing activities and getting flight alerts, there’s no accompanying map view, making it difficult to visualize and navigate on your trip

For the road trip planner who needs breaks: Roadtrippers

trip it reviews

Road trips are on the rise, especially in the United States, as we figure out how to safely navigate these COVID times. If you have to get somewhere and anticipate a long trip ahead, Roadtrippers will help you route and find relevant points of interest along the way. 

It’s easy to use – type in where you’re coming from and going, and indicate what you’re looking for in between (attractions, gas, food, etc.). Roadtrippers will recommend different places that fit your bill and you can add stops along the way. The catch? If you want to add more than 5 stops in between, you’ll have to pay $30 / year. If you’re heavy into saving places, you may want to still stick to Google Maps or Wanderlog (mentioned above).

Don’t need to go anywhere but looking for a fun weekend drive? You can also use Roadtrippers to look at guides and ideas for nearby road trip routes.

We chose Roadtrippers over:

  • inRoute Route Planner – more complicated user interface and no desktop version; has features that are best for drivers in non-traditional vehicles (e.g., motorcycles), like weather alerts and elevation info; also $30 / year to create routes with more than 5 waypoints in between a route
  • Road Trip Planner & Road Trip Planner Viewer – while the functionality seems to be there, it has 2 different apps (need to pay $4.99 for Road Trip Planner and then can view plans on the Viewer); it’s only available on iOS and mapping is solely based on Apple Maps (not Google Maps)
  • Fotospot Road Trip – great for finding cool photo-worthy spots nearby or along your route, but doesn’t have any itinerary building capabilities

What else didn’t make the list

  • Rome2rio : Great for providing transportation options between places and activity recommendations, but doesn’t have features to build and save an itinerary
  • Trip Plans : You can’t use this to build your own plans – it’s just an app to view plans created by your travel agent
  • Welcome – AI itineraries : We love the idea of automating suggested itineraries for those who don’t want to plan, but we tested it out for a few cities we were familiar with and didn’t agree with the itineraries provided – maybe it just needs some more time to finetune its recommendations!

Think an app deserves to be on this list? Email me at [email protected] .

' src=

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The 8 Best Alternatives to Google Travel Trip Summaries

' src=

You will never travel without this app again

' src=

Announcing our seed funding from General Catalyst and Abstract…

' src=

The Process Hacker

TripIt Review 2024: Best Business Travel App & Trip Planning Tool?

' src=

Have you ever shown up for a business trip, ready to conquer the world?

But, only to scramble around at the last minute trying to remember where you were supposed to stay and what time you needed to leave for the arrival airport?

Or you’ve planned a meticulously scheduled multi-city itinerary only to have your flights canceled at the last second due to weather, throwing all your plans into disarray.

If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my  disclosure  page.

If any of that sounds familiar, then you’ll definitely want to read this TripIt review.

As a road warrior entrepreneur who’s spent more time airborne than most birds, I can confidently say that TripIt Pro is the Swiss Army knife for frequent travelers! It will save you countless headaches and make you look like a travel pro, no matter how complex your travel itinerary is. 

Keep reading to discover how this little app became my secret weapon for seamless business travel!

Tripit app logo

TripIt is a comprehensive travel organizing app that simplifies travel planning and management. It’s particularly beneficial for those who travel frequently, whether for business or leisure.

TripIt Pros & Cons

When considering a travel app and trip planning tool, it’s essential to weigh TripIt’s pros and cons against your specific needs and preferences to make the right decision.

  • Unmatched Itinerary Organization
  • Real-Time Travel Updates
  • Seamless Integration with Travel Services
  • Potential Miscommunication
  • Premium Features at a Cost

TripIt Pros

  • Unmatched Itinerary Organization : TripIt shines when it comes to organizing your travel plans. With this app, you can consolidate all your bookings into one easy-to-follow itinerary, making your travel experience smoother and less stressful.
  • Real-Time Travel Updates : Stay informed with real-time updates on flight delays, gate changes, and other crucial travel-related information. This feature allows you to adapt quickly to changes and avoid unnecessary hiccups during your journey.
  • Seamless Integration with Travel Services : TripIt works harmoniously with various travel services, allowing you to manage all aspects of your trip in one place. This feature saves time and reduces the hassle of switching between multiple apps or websites.

TripIt Cons

  • Potential Miscommunication : While TripIt Pro aims to provide accurate and timely travel updates, there might be instances where information may not be fully up-to-date or accurate. However, these instances are rare and generally quickly resolved.
  • Premium Features at a Cost : The basic version of the TripIt account is free, but some of its most compelling features, like real-time flight alerts and seat tracking, are reserved for the Pro version, which requires a subscription fee. Nonetheless, the investment can be worthwhile for frequent travelers who value these advanced functionalities.

Quick Verdict – Is TripIt Worth the Money?

After spending countless hours organizing trips and experiencing the convenience of the TripIt app, I can confidently say that, yes, it is worth the investment.

TripIt Pro stands out for its ability to simplify and streamline your travel planning. It brilliantly consolidates all your travel details, from flights to hotel bookings, into one cohesive itinerary. Its real-time alerts ensure you’re always up-to-date with flight changes or delays, a feature that has personally saved me from missing important meetings more than once.

You may think paying for a travel app isn’t necessary when free alternatives are available. However, consider the amount of time and stress you’ll save with TripIt. The peace of mind knowing that all your travel details are in one place and up-to-date is well worth the small investment.

One minor critique of TripIt Pro is that getting used to the app’s layout and features takes some time. But don’t let this deter you. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it intuitive and user-friendly.

If you’re ready to simplify your travel planning and stay informed every step of your journey, try TripIt Pro. You’ll be glad you did!

Who is TripIt for?

You’ll love TripIt if

You’ll love TripIt if:

  • You’re a frequent business traveler: If you find yourself constantly moving for work, TripIt will be your ally. It keeps all your travel plans neatly organized and accessible, making it easier to juggle multiple trips.
  • You value timeliness and efficiency: If punctuality and well-coordinated plans are paramount for you, the real-time updates and alerts from TripIt ensure you’re always in the loop about your travel schedules.
  • You enjoy hassle-free planning: If you prefer having all your travel details in one place without the hassle of sifting through emails and papers, TripIt’s automatic itinerary generation from your booking emails is a game-changer.

You won’t love TripIt if:

  • Flexibility is your travel philosophy: TripIt excels at streamlining pre-planned trips, but it’s not a genie for spontaneous adventures. Consider more adaptable solutions if unplanned detours and a free-spirited approach are your travel style.
  • Technological fluency is a challenge: While user-friendly, TripIt thrives in the digital realm. If technology gives you pause, consider alternative methods that align with your comfort level.

What is TripIt?

TripIt: Your travel information at your fingertips, right when you need it

What is the key benefit of having TripIt?

TripIt: Get where you need to be confidently

The unique selling point of TripIt Pro is its exceptional itinerary management feature. It collates all your travel details into one streamlined, easy-to-access itinerary that’s available even when you’re offline. This means no more frantic searching through emails for flight details or hotel bookings.

How does TripIt work?

How does TripIt work?

Once you’ve booked your travel – flights, hotels, car rentals, and more – you simply forward your confirmation emails to TripIt Pro. The app then automatically creates a master itinerary for each trip, which you can access anytime, anywhere, on any device. It also provides real-time alerts for flight delays, gate changes, and other critical travel information.

How is it different from competitors?

How TripIt is different from competitors?

While there are many travel apps out there, TripIt stands out with its automated itinerary creation and real-time updates. Unlike other apps that require manual input, TripIt Pro simplifies the process by doing the work for you. 

Plus, with its Pro version, you get additional features like VIP travel benefits, alternate flight suggestions during delays, seat tracking, and a point tracker for various loyalty programs. It’s a comprehensive tool that caters to the needs of both casual vacationers and frequent business travelers.

Reasons I Recommend TripIt to Everyone

Reasons I Recommend TripIt to Everyone

#1) Manage Your Travel Itineraries With Ease

Remember the days of juggling paper confirmations, frantically searching for boarding passes, and sweating through flight delays? 

TripIt Pro throws those worries out the window. It’s like having a personal assistant who magically transforms your travel emails into a real-time, dynamic itinerary. 

No more sifting through endless inboxes – everything is beautifully organized, with flight updates, gate changes, and essential details readily available at a glance.

Just forward your travel confirmations (flights, hotels, car rentals, you name it!), and TripIt Pro does the rest. I recently had a trip with four flights, two hotels, and a rental car, and TripIt seamlessly integrated everything into a single, easily accessible itinerary. It was a game-changer!

Speaking of game-changers, remember when I was stuck in a massive airport delay, stressed out, and lost? TripIt to the rescue!

It instantly notified me about the delay, offered alternative flights, and even provided a map of the airport with nearby restaurants to chill in. It was like having a calm, collected friend guide me through the travel turbulence.

#2) Your TripIt Account Can Be Accessed Offline

Let’s face it: Airport Wi-Fi is not so reliable. But with TripIt, you’re never left stranded. Your entire itinerary, including boarding passes, directions, and even maps, is stored offline, accessible anytime, anywhere. No more panicking about losing internet access or watching your phone battery die just as you need to board.

I once transferred through a busy airport with notoriously spotty internet. TripIt was a lifesaver! I had everything I needed downloaded beforehand, from my boarding passes to the directions to my hotel. It was like having a travel guide in my pocket, guiding me through every step of the way, even without a signal.

No more printing out those bulky boarding passes that always seem to get lost in the abyss of my carry-on. With TripIt, it’s a simple tap on the screen, and voilà!

Your boarding pass is displayed and ready to be scanned. The little things make a big difference, and TripIt is full of them.

#3) TripIt Pro Unlocks the Ultimate Travel Experience

While the free version of TripIt is fantastic, the Pro version takes things to the next level. Real-time airport alerts, seat tracker upgrades, lounge access information, and even fare refunds – it’s like having a travel fairy godmother at your fingertips.

As a frequent flyer, the real-time airport alerts have been a game-changer. No more nervously checking the departure board every five minutes. TripIt lets me know if my flight is delayed and which gate to head to, and it even suggests alternative options if needed. It’s like having a personal airport concierge looking out for me.

And let’s talk about those lounge passes! I recently used my TripIt Pro credit to access an airport lounge during a long layover. Comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, and delicious snacks – it was a travel oasis in the midst of the airport chaos.

TripIt Pro has definitely made my travel experiences more enjoyable and relaxing.

What You Might Not Like About TripIt

#1) boring user interface compared to other apps.

One of the less impressive features of TripIt is its user interface, which can feel outdated and plain, especially compared to some of the more visually appealing travel apps out there. 

The functionality is top-notch, but if you appreciate a more modern and vibrant travel planning app aesthetic, TripIt’s interface may be lacking. 

During my use, I sometimes wished for a more engaging and visually stimulating experience, especially since many apps today emphasize design as much as functionality.

#2) Requires Confirmation Emails & Manual Inputs

Another aspect that might be a downside for some is TripIt’s reliance on confirmation emails and occasional manual inputs. 

To get the most out of the travel organizer app, you must ensure that your booking confirmations are sent to the email account linked with TripIt. Sometimes, the app doesn’t automatically capture every detail, requiring manual input.

This wasn’t a significant issue for me, as the overall time saved by the app outweighed these moments of manual updating. However, this might be inconvenient for you, especially if you prefer a completely hands-off approach to itinerary management.

TripIt Pricing

TripIt Pricing

TripIt Free Version

TripIt operates on a freemium model, which means you can use the basic version of the app at no cost. The free version offers features such as creating itineraries by forwarding confirmation emails and accessing these itineraries offline.

TripIt Pro Subscription

If you’re looking for more advanced features, consider TripIt Pro, which costs $49 per year. With TripIt Pro, you get real-time flight alerts, reward program tracking, VIP travel benefits, and more. This is a great value, especially if you travel frequently.

TripIt App: Key Features Breakdown

TripIt App: Key Features Breakdown

Let’s break down the key features of TripIt and delve into the details of each feature:

Trip Itinerary & Information

Trip Itinerary & Information

TripIt’s core feature is its itinerary-organizing capability. Simply forwarding your confirmation emails to the app creates a detailed, easy-to-follow itinerary for your trip. This includes flights, accommodations, car rentals, and even restaurant reservations. It’s like having a personal travel assistant in your pocket.

What makes this feature special is its simplicity and efficiency. There’s no need to switch between multiple apps or search through dozens of emails to find your booking details. Everything is consolidated into one streamlined itinerary.

As for my own experience, this feature has been a game-changer. It’s saved me so much time and stress, especially when I’m juggling multiple bookings. Plus, having all my information in one place has helped me stay organized and focus more on enjoying my travels rather than worrying about logistics.

Travel Details & Reservation Details

TripIt Travel Details & Reservation Details

One of the standout features of TripIt is its ability to consolidate all your travel details and reservation information. This includes everything from flights, hotels, car rentals to restaurant bookings. It organizes all your booking confirmations into a single, easy-to-access itinerary.

The special aspect of this feature lies in its integration capabilities. It smoothly pulls together information from various sources, eliminating the need to manually organize all your travel details. This seamless organization is something that sets TripIt apart in the crowded travel app market.

Speaking from personal experience, this feature has made a significant difference to my travel experiences. It has relieved the stress and confusion of managing multiple bookings.

By having all my details in one place, I’ve been able to focus on the joy of travel rather than getting bogged down by logistics. It’s like having a personal travel assistant that ensures I never miss a beat during my trips.

Flight Status Alerts & Information

TripIt Flight Status Alerts & Information

Flight Status Alerts and Information is a real-time feature that updates you about your flight details. It sends you alerts regarding any changes in the flight schedule, gate changes, or delays. This ensures you’re always up-to-date with your travel plans and can adjust accordingly.

What sets this feature apart is its proactive nature. Unlike other apps where you might need to check for updates constantly, TripIt sends alerts to keep you informed. This means less time spent worrying about changes and more time enjoying your trip.

In terms of personal experiences, this feature has made travel much smoother. I remember a time when there was a sudden gate change, which I was unaware of.

Thanks to TripIt’s alert, I could reach the correct gate on time. It saved me from the stress and potential missed flights – making my travel experience seamless and hassle-free.

E-mail Address Forwarding

TripIt E-mail Address Forwarding

E-mail Address Forwarding is a unique feature of TripIt that allows you to forward your travel confirmation emails directly to the app. This includes flight bookings, hotel reservations, car rentals, and more. Once you forward the email, TripIt automatically organizes the information into a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate itinerary.

This feature is special because of its ease of use and convenience. Simply forward an email, and all your travel plans will be sorted and presented in order. You don’t have to manually input any details, saving you precious time and effort.

From my own experience, E-mail Address Forwarding has been nothing short of a lifesaver. I’ve found myself in situations where I had multiple bookings and confirmations to manage.

Being able to forward these emails to TripIt and have them organized instantly relieved me of great stress. It’s like having a personal assistant handle the tedious parts of my travel planning.

FAQs about TripIt

Does tripit integrate with other apps.

Yes, TripIt seamlessly integrates with other apps like Google Maps, Airbnb, and more. This makes it easier to access all your travel information from one place.

Can I share my TripIt itinerary with others?

Absolutely. You can share your itinerary with others directly from the app. This feature is handy if you’re traveling in a group or want to keep family and friends updated about your travel plans.

How safe is TripIt?

TripIt employs several security measures to keep information safe, including storing data in highly secured data centers, data encryption, and passcodes.​

Can TripIt handle complex itineraries with layovers and multiple destinations?

Absolutely! TripIt thrives on complexity. It seamlessly weaves multi-city journeys into a cohesive itinerary with layover details, onward flight information, and even transportation options. No more juggling multiple apps or deciphering cryptic airport maps.

Where can you use TripIt?

TripIt is designed for global use. You can access all your travel details and receive updates anywhere worldwide. It’s also available offline through Android, iOS, and Mac apps, although internet access is needed to update the app information.

Also, TripIt supports various languages, including U.S. English, British English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, with language preferences easily adjustable on their website.​

Final Verdict – to Buy TripIt or Not to Buy TripIt?

TripIt App logo

After thoroughly experiencing and reviewing TripIt, I wholeheartedly recommend this app to any frequent, especially business travelers. The convenience of having all your travel plans in one place cannot be overstated.

TripIt excels in organizing and managing travel itineraries, a feature that I personally found invaluable during my numerous business trips. The ease of having all travel details in one place, combined with real-time updates and alerts, significantly enhances travel efficiency. While the user interface might not be the most visually appealing and depends on confirmation emails, these are minor issues compared to the overall benefits.

However, the cost of upgrading to TripIt Pro for additional features like real-time flight alerts and reward program tracking might not be worth it. But considering the peace of mind and convenience it offers, especially for frequent travelers, it’s an investment worth considering.

If you’re still hesitant, considering the subscription cost or the occasional need for manual input, remember that the time and stress saved by this app can be invaluable, especially when juggling multiple travel plans.

Stay tuned for our next section to explore alternatives to TripIt if you want to weigh your options further.

TripIt Alternatives

If $49 is too much for you to stomach right now or you need a different solution, you might like one of these alternatives.

#1) Wanderlog

Wanderlog positions itself as a comprehensive travel planner that’s free to use. While TripIt shines in itinerary organization and real-time updates, Wanderlog takes it a step further by incorporating a feature that allows you to plan and visualize your trip on a map. This can be a game-changer for you if you’re a visual person who likes to see your entire trip at a glance.

However, Wanderlog falls short compared to TripIt in its automatic organization features. With TripIt, you simply forward confirmation emails, and the app does the rest. Wanderlog requires a bit more manual input, which might be better if you’re after efficiency.

Wanderlog may be more suitable for those who enjoy detailed planning and are okay with spending a bit more time inputting information. If you’re a casual traveler who values cost over convenience, Wanderlog could be an excellent pick for you.

#2) TripCase

TripCase is another robust travel app that offers itinerary organization similar to TripIt. One key difference is that TripCase provides a feature called “Alternate Flights,” which shows other flight options when your current flight is delayed or canceled. This could be a lifesaver in stressful situations and is a feature that a trip TripIt lacks.

On the other hand, TripCase doesn’t offer the same level of integration with other travel services as TripIt. For instance, you won’t be able to sync your Airbnb bookings or Google Maps with TripCase, which could be a deal-breaker if seamless integration is important to you.

TripCase is best suited for frequent flyers and would benefit from the “Alternate Flights” feature. It’s also a good choice if you are okay with manually adding other travel details outside of flight information.

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It's no Joy Behar on a waterslide in Baha Mar , but The View cohosts escaped reality — for a brief, fleeting moment — on Thursday morning when they asked producer Brian Teta if they could take a one-week vacation to board a cruise ship, but were hilariously brought back down to the Hot Topics table.

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"I would do it. Brian, can you give me nine months off? Because I would do it," Behar said of the $54,000-per-year trip. "It sounds like such a great trip."

Sara Haines admitted that she would "come back two sizes up and hungover," so the idea of spending nine months on the open ocean didn't sit well with her — and yet, Goldberg persisted.

"You should have a conversation with us and see if we can get anyone who can handle it to go take as much time as they could on the ship," Goldberg said to the organization behind the boat.

"Can we go for a week, Brian?" Sunny Hostin turned to ask Teta, while all of the other cohosts looked on with glee.

"No," Teta replied. "I want to go," Behar said. Teta, too, persisted, hilariously digging in his heels to keep the table of vacation-ready ladies grounded.

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The View  airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on  ABC — and not, at least for the time being, on the Serenade of the Seas ship.

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Motor mouth: the problem with evs isn't the medium, it’s the messaging, long-lost iconic 1960s show car uncertain-t finally found, yso slo: 12 oddball plates rejected by icbc in 2023, 2024 porsche macan ev offers 630 hp, 500-plus-km range, road trip: camping out in the 2024 land rover defender outbound.

Sleeping bag, snacks, and a beer fridge you can’t legally use

Article content

Sleeping in cars isn’t necessarily my favourite way around, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Whether bunking in my AMC wagon for a vintage weekend at Mosport or in the seat of an Acura NSX across a two-week road trip , I’ve worked car camping to something of an art — a helpful efficiency in this era of writers’ thinning pay. 

Road Trip: Camping out in the 2024 Land Rover Defender Outbound Back to video

Such was the plan for a recent trip to visit some weird-car friends in southern Vermont — friends coincidentally located right near a Land Rover Experience off-road centre. And so it came to be that I set south not in my tinnitic Lada 4×4, but instead in the air-ride comfort of a 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound .

The Defender Outbound is a curious rig. First, of course, is that it’s a long-tail 130 without a third seating row fitted. This shouldn’t matter too much to the single-occupant commuter, but that occupant will surely note the second quirk: plastic-panelled rear windows, which subtly restyle the rig in the spirit of an old-fashioned breadvan. Utility, visibility—eh, who cares when you look this cool. 

Learn more about the cars

2024 land rover defender.

MSRP  $72,550 to $141,550

The Defender has become a major product for the brand, abandoning its niche agrarian origins for reincarnation into a luxury-adjacent status symbol. Introduced in 2019 more as a new model than a new generation, the ‘L663’ Defender has become Jaguar-Land Rover’s top-selling product and embodies a strong if imperfect step into the modern market. 

Racking up the Defender’s mileage

Full Screen is not supported on this browser version.

You may use a different browser or device to view this in full screen.

The Land Rover Defender is marketed as an off-roader, but the new model is largely prepared as a highway cruiser. This serves the Defender well on long journeys, with a smooth, reasonably quiet, and steady ride thanks in part to that long 119-inch wheelbase shared with the 110 model. 

The Defender 130 is a big package though, and it drives like it. Longer and heavier than its predecessors, the D130 tacks more than a foot and some 450 pounds onto the 110’s tail to grow its cargo capacity at the further expense of in-town maneuverability and cornering steadiness. Powerful as the 3.0L might be, the Defender 130 feels heavy under acceleration and even heavier under braking; fly around a highway ramp and the rig will hold, but its height and mass will absolutely make themselves known.

What powers the Land Rover Defender?

That power comes via Rover’s mid-range powertrain, the modular ‘Ingenium’ engine in 3.0L straight-six guise. Turning 395 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque through the same standard ZF eight-speed automatic transmission seen in everything from Jags to Dodges to BMWs, Rover rates this setup for 3,000-kilo towing. Now also fitted with a 48-volt mild hybrid system, the P400 claims NRCan fuel economy figures of 14.9 L/100 km city, 12.8 highway, and 14.0 combined. Averaged across some 1,300 oh highway-heavy mixed driving, the Outbound actually bested these estimates with a tested average of 12.7 L/100 km. 

Noise is surprisingly well managed, particularly for a vehicle without dual-pane windows. Though riding cleaty all-terrain tires in this trail-ready Outbound trim — typically a droning upgrade — the road noise is minimal. Wind noise can make itself known at highway speeds, but JLR’s Slovene assembly seems to be getting better at sealing the trucks’ cabins. 

Unwelcome noises are another matter. I have experienced rattles in every Jaguar – Land Rover product I’ve tested in the past three years, and though this (brand new) unit initially seemed to have broken the cycle, mid-volume treble soon coaxed a buzz from the driver’s door panel. This isn’t a complaint I like to make, but it just keeps happening. 

Audio, fortunately, is solid (if not groundbreaking), as are its controls through JLR’s latest-generation ‘Pivi’ infotainment system. Linking up for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Defender’s infotainment switches easily between native and projection environments, and finally offers worthwhile inbuilt services as well. 

Inbuilt navigation — handy when you don’t want to pay for cross-border data — integrates into the instrument cluster for map display and even HUD integration for turn-by-turn directions. These directions extend to detailed lane- and sign illustrations for highway junctions.

Unfortunately this slick infotainment- and cluster experience doesn’t quite extend to the Defender’s advanced driver assistance functions. Adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping are fitted, but remain more reactive than some of today’s slicker systems from Volvo and Hyundai-Kia. Adaptive cruise is especially disappointing here, feeling like a new driver who applies too much throttle and then hesitates. This condition is particularly noticeable when climbing hills, and it makes the Defender feel like it’s stumbling even when cruising in a straight line without other vehicles around. 

Suspension is one of the Defender’s marketed strengths, but there are some asterisks. The Defender is independently coil-sprung from standard, though X trims upgrade to electronically controlled air suspension. This air setup enables dynamic height settings, lowering the Defender for easy access and more aerodynamic highway cruising, raising it for off-road clearance, and levelling it when pitched back by a heavy load. Steady as it is though, air suspension should not be taken to suggest the airy ride you’d expect in a Range Rover. Still, it’s a neat trick — if a little worrisome to the inner Murphy. 

Off-roading the Land Rover Defender

Arriving in Manchester, Vermont however, that tricky suspension reminds of its worth. 

It’s not the roads, weathered and winter-heaved as many of them are, but the presence of a Land Rover Experience Centre. 

Rover’s Experience Centres dot the United States, each with a staff of off-road instructors and a roster of current product. Our Graeme Fletcher has been to this particular facility before, as I have its mate in North Carolina for Land Rover’s ‘Trek’ competition. And as in Trek, I hopped into a Defender 110 to see what I could twist through. Best not to return my new 130 with forest pinstripes, after all. 

The Vermont Experience Centre weaves a web of trails below the Green Mountains, enabling a free-form progression through obstacles of different types and difficulties. Rocks, mud, waist-deep water, shelves, and opposed moguls — all sculpted, of course, just within safe thresholds for the vehicles. With a kindly instructor in the passenger seat, I set off looking to learn. 

I’ve learned well enough not to quip that the mall-chic Defender has fallen soft, but the rigs still consistently exceed expectations on the trail. Even on milder Wrangler all-terrain tires than my D130’s Duratracs, the D110 

There are the usual tricks, of course: flipping through terrain modes remaps throttle, traction, and suspension settings to best maintain traction and momentum across a variety of intuitively named hard, soft, or slick conditions. 

Mud & Rut mode is the go-to out here, slightly smoothing throttle response and readying the centre- and rear lockers, along with affording just enough wheelspin to clear any mud from the tires’ tread cleats. Sand mode, should we have wandered into one of the adjacent country club’s traps, enables snappy throttle response and plenty of tail-throwing wheelspin, while a dedicated Wading mode closes HVAC intake vents and holds light brake pressure to clear the rotors. Rock Crawl and Grass-Gravel-Snow settings round out the roster, along with a customizable mode and the usual Automatic reactive default. 

The Defender 110 is, of course, slightly better suited to the trail than the D130 — if not quite as gifted as the ‘ultimate’ two-door Defender 90. This is because of the 130’s extended tail, which compromises the D110’s hard-fought (look at those cropped tailpipes!) departure angles; wheelbase and breakover angles are the same between the two. The shorter Defender 90 achieves the same approach- and departure angles, but with a more aggressive breakover angle thanks to that shorter wheelbase. If you can leave the kids at home, the D90 is the trail toy you really want — just make sure you get those sweet throwback steel wheels while you’re at it. 

For the nerds, those respective approach, departure, and breakover figures for the Defender 130 max at 37.5º, 28.5º, 27.8º; Defender 110 records 38º, 40º, 28º; Defender 90 pulls 38º, 40º, 31º. Coil springs get you 8.9 inches’ clearance, while upgraded air stretches those legs to 11.5 inches and the angles to the aforementioned maximums.

Creeping up and down steep and blind grades, the Defender deploys its blasphemous modernity to helpful effect. Switched into 4-Low, the nose- and 360-view cameras can be fed through the centre display to help the driver see through the Defender’s tall nose, or to precisely trace the wheels around obstacles without scraping their faces. Breaking over, a tap of the cruise-control button enables hill-descent control, managing steady braking to keep the Defender from running away on you. You can manually flip the eight-speed automatic transmission down into first or second to throw some engine braking too.

The crowd pleaser in these constructed courses will always be the moguls. Effectively a series of deep holes and opposing mounds staggered like the teeth of a zipper, these courses are useful demonstrations of modern rigs’ torsional rigidity — but still with the thrill of plenty of creaks and groans as 2.25 tons of premium SUV teeter on opposite corners. Keep moving though: the Ingenium engines run wet sumps, so best not to loiter with the vehicle steeply pitched and the oil all pooled to one side. 

Plunge into a hole on one side and you’ll eventually feel the opposite rear lift. Climb slowly forward and the floater will eventually find terra firma , but a front wheel will soon take its place in the air — at least until you tip the balance, slowly teetering the whole rig back into the air and onto the other end. It’s the sort of exercise measured in metres per hour, but at the height of senses along the way. 

Mogul exercise are a fascinating way of experiencing the breadth of modern rigs’ adaptability, and a great visual for the value of lockers. More than this, however, they viscerally demonstrate the rigidity of modern unibodies. Creak as the interior might across each transition, this is to be expected as panels flex and parts rub in new ways. Whereas old ladder-frame trucks like the original Defender are only as strong as their core frame rails, a unibody distributes torsional responsibilities across the whole structure and even deploys its skin to keep everything set square. I’m still a ladder purist, but there’s a begrudging respect for these modern vehicles’ ability to take such loads, and all without cracking those massive glass roofs from corner to corner. 

Sleeping in the Rover

“Job” done, the D130 soon carried me back to the company of old friends. There’s a problem, however: the centre-console beverage cooler — impressively chilled by the A/C, it must be noted — is within reach of the driver. That means you aren’t allowed to chill your beers in there on the way to the function — why, Rover, why? 

We made it through though, and come the end of the evening I unfurled my sleeping bag and readied my bunk. That extra foot at the tail is plenty welcome here, affording just the right amount of space for my 5’8 frame to stretch straight out with room for plenty of pillow. 

Another hiccup though: the Defender 130 doesn’t get the 110’s flat-folding second row! Seat bottoms fixed firmly in place, the bench backs fold most of the way down but still pitch up a few degrees. This isn’t the end of the world: park with the nose slightly downhill to split the difference and you settle into a steady enough vee without sliding one way or the other, but it’s not the lay-flat luxury of my Volvo wagon. Sad! 

The ‘Outbound’ makes up for some of this with its ‘Hard Top’ side panels, which afford a little extra privacy in the back. Play your packing right, and the Defender 130’s 1,329 litres of seats-down cargo space afford plenty of space for a single sleeping bag or even a two-person air mattress if you’re bringing a friend. Thanks, privacy panels! 

Attentive readers will notice, however, that behind those panels are the usual glass panes — indeed, while not fitted with a third-row bench, all of the usual cabin-side accoutrements are still there. This is excellent for car camping, with plenty of spots and slots for devices, toiletries, and south-of-the-border snacks. No interior handle on the hefty cargo door means you’ll have to climb forward to get out through the sides, but there’s even a handy razor holder on the back bumper, and it doubles as a recovery point. That’s the sort of utility I expect for my $99,400. 

Still, ~$100k is a lot to pay for the off-roady version of a luxury reimagining of an off-roader. Approached as an alternative-luxury lifestyle lease, the Defender 130 offers a whole lot of vehicle with a far greater ceiling than most shoppers will ever realize. Fortunately our hours on the road have shown that it’ll still prove plenty pleasant across even the most pedestrian of transits. As for the truly curious, however, you’re only some humility and an instructor or off-road club event away from discovering a lot more than you’ve probably ever realized there is to learn. 

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Online Editor,

Trained researcher and writer

10+ years of experience as a working photographer

H.BA, History — Wilfrid Laurier University

Elle Alder earned an Honours BA in History from Wilfrid Laurier University, with focuses on Soviet industrial planning and the modern Middle East. Between coursework, Alder worked as a Research Assistant both for faculty members and under third-party contract.

While a student, Alder also co-founded the University's International Students Overcoming War Scholarship Fund. Funded through an administration-matched student levy, this initiative partners with NGOs in regions of conflict to offer full scholarships to students whose studies have been impacted by war. ISOW remains a student-managed program a decade on, and has continued to grow its staff, budgets, and student rosters.

Educated in History, Alder's resume spans international archival research, skilled trades, humanitarian organization, photography and videography, freelance writing, copy editing, and editorial content planning and assignment.

Having picked up a camera as a distraction from oft-gloomy subject matter in University, Alder's combination of photo skills and writing ability caught the attention of Canadian automotive publishers. Starting with classic-car special-interest stories in Porsche Provinz and Autostrada magazines, Alder later went on to photograph galleries for Driving before being hired as a staff editor.

As a full-time automotive journalist, Elle Alder's professional scope has broadened from the romance of classic motoring to the utility of modern consumer- and performance vehicles, as well as to on-camera presentation of vehicles for video audiences. Alder also contributes as a videographer for other Driving contributors, and has sought mentorship to continue to expand on all of these skills.

Off-hours, Elle Alder drives and maintains a small collection of classic vehicles including a 1983 Porsche 944, 1997 Lada Niva, 1983 AMC Eagle wagon, 1959 Citroen ID 19, 1952 Tucker Sno-Cat, and a 1971 Massey-Ferguson Ski Whiz. Further hobbies include film development, fountain-pen- and typewriter restoration, and model railroading.

Contact info

Email: [email protected]



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‘Good One’ Review: A Carefully Measured Indie Traces How a Father-Daughter Camping Trip Goes Subtly Awry

India Donaldson's debut feature is unassuming but perceptive regarding the shifting power dynamics as parents reckon with their nearly-adult children.

By Guy Lodge

Film Critic

  • ‘Black Box Diaries’ Review: Shiori Ito’s Courageously Candid Documentary Account of Her Own #MeToo Battle 12 hours ago
  • ‘Look Into My Eyes’ Review: Psychics Shed the Mystique in a Funny, Compassionate Doc Portrait 1 day ago
  • ‘It’s What’s Inside’ Review: Roleplay Games Spiral Out of Control in an Increasingly Hysterical Horror Comedy 5 days ago

Good One

Premiering in the U.S. Dramatic competition at this year’s Sundance festival, “Good One” is modest but assuredly perceptive independent filmmaking that makes no grand claims for itself over a slim 89-minute runtime. Instead, the film invites viewers to look closer, to identify consequential fault lines and points of identification in what might outwardly seem a low-stakes narrative. Perhaps it’s accidental that Donaldson’s premise recalls Kelly Reichardt’s 2006 miniature “Old Joy” as if replayed two decades on — with a new, nearly adult interloper muddling the once-comfy dynamic between two middle-aged friends on a woodsy retreat. But there’s certainly some resemblance here to the quiet, subtext-led simmer of Reichardt’s filmmaking, in which throwaway lines and actions acquire unspoken weight as hours, and then days, and perhaps even years, go by.

But that’s getting ahead of the film and its tight three-day timeframe — a mere snapshot of longstanding relationships, but long enough to discern tensions that have been brewing, and affections that have been shifting, for quite some time. Fiftysomething contractor Chris (James Le Gros) appears to be on great terms with Sam (Lily Collias), his only child, who takes his dad jokes and occasionally clumsy lines of personal questioning with good grace; he’s a sincerely loving and interested parent, and has evidently accepted her out-and-proud queerness without difficulty. There may be flickers of pique on her part stemming from her parents’ divorce and Chris’s blameful role therein, but by and large, she’s matured and let go of youthful resentments.

Sam doesn’t mind — it’s her nature not to. But there’s a growing sense of imbalance to the way these two bluff older men converse with this quiet young woman, often using her as a sounding board for their middle-aged grievances and self-pity, and praising her for her perspicacious responses in a way that feels both condescending and a little conditional. Sam is permitted, to a point, to be jovially critical of their blundering masculinity, but on their terms only: She’s either blanked or cautioned when she gets too candid for their liking.

As the trio pick their way across rocks and rivers, their chatter rambles smoothly and cheerfully enough that you don’t initially notice how one-sided it is: A full day passes before anyone asks Sam anything meaningful about herself. And when, one night by the campfire, a jokey exchange between Sam and Matt veers discomfitingly over the line, it soon becomes clear that, despite Chris’s own growing irritation with his friend, she’s one against two — and once again expected to be the younger-but-bigger person in the face of her elders’ flaws. Donaldson’s keen-eared script deftly avoids the head-on confrontations that can be so much easier to initiate in the movies than in life, as the characters instead test and admonish each other via passive-aggressive gestures and politely loaded observations.

First seen two years ago in a secondary role in “Palm Trees and Power Lines,” Collias impresses in a role that doesn’t grant her any great extremes of expression. Sam’s temperate demeanor may simply be her nature, but Collias’s tautly wired performance shows how it’s also a defense; Wilson Cameron’s camera gazes at her long enough in soft, sun-dappled closeup that we eventually see the clenched muscles behind the calm. A superb Le Gros mirrors her composure while also enjoying the luxury of outward-facing, alpha-male surges of anger and irritation; McCarthy offers a louder slacker loucheness that gradually creates more tension than it breaks.

The friction between these three conflicting energies builds to a climax that some viewers might find unduly low-key — an open-ended impasse perhaps more characteristic of short film structure — but that also feels true to the characters and their ongoing lives. It takes more than a weekend for a “good one” to assert their more demanding complications, but Donaldson’s sly, watchful debut brings Sam to the brink of something — not just adulthood, but a revised view of her childhood, a realization more seismic than any shouting match.

Reviewed at CAA, Los Angeles, Jan. 12, 2024. (In Sundance Film Festival — U.S. Dramatic competition.) Running time: 89 MIN.

  • Production: An International Pigeon production in association with Smudge Films, Tinygiant, Baird Street Pictures. (World sales: CAA, Los Angeles.) Producers: Graham Mason, Diana Irvine, Wilson Cameron, India Donaldson. Executive producers: Sarah Winshall, Neil Champagne, Veronica Diaferia, Sara Eolin, Jaques Black, Lethe Black, Riccardo Maddalosso, Roger Donaldson, James Le Gros. Co-producers: Olivia Mastrangelo, Sarah Wilson, Allison Bunce. Co-executive producers: Rose Willey, Jack Pearkes.
  • Crew: Director, screenplay: India Donaldson. Camera: Wilson Cameron. Editor: Graham Mason. Music: Celia Hollander.
  • With: Lily Collias, James Le Gros, Danny McCarthy, Sumaya Bouhbal, Diana Irvine, Sam Lanier, Peter McNally, Eric Yates.

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" October was a wonderful month to visit Peru! "
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" For two+ travelers, book the colonial double rooms that are near the courtyard and have more space. The price is just marginally higher. "
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COSTA DEL SOL WYNDHAM CUSCO $86 ($̶1̶2̶9̶) - Updated 2024 Prices & Hotel Reviews - Peru


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    For $49 a year, you can subscribe to TripIt Pro, which is TripIt's highest tier of service. I can't speak to this tool, but many frequent flyers love the service. TripIt Pro is geared specifically toward road warriors and business travelers. If your company uses SAP Concur, you can get TripIt Pro for free, too.

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    Pros and Cons. Real-time updates to changes in flight plans. Entire itinerary in one place. Ability to automatically import plans, bookings, and tickets from email. TripIt Pro can be expensive. Ability to add more profiles for family members on the same account. Ability to sort personal and work trips better.

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    Need a reminder when it's time to leave for the airport? Not sure where to eat in the airport or near your hotel? TripIt has you covered. Download the TripIt app "My favorite business travel app so far is TripIt. Carrying all of my itineraries, it saves me during my 'Where am I, what do I do next?' panic attacks." - Phil D. More from our blog

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    TripIt's core feature is its itinerary-organizing capability. Simply forwarding your confirmation emails to the app creates a detailed, easy-to-follow itinerary for your trip. This includes flights, accommodations, car rentals, and even restaurant reservations. It's like having a personal travel assistant in your pocket.

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    Now $86 (Was $̶1̶2̶9̶) on Tripadvisor: Costa Del Sol Wyndham Cusco, Cusco. See 1,599 traveler reviews, 1,390 candid photos, and great deals for Costa Del Sol Wyndham Cusco, ranked #55 of 382 hotels in Cusco and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor.