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2022 Trek FX 3 Review

  • by Riding With Ryan (Official)

2022 Trek FX 3 review

This 2022 Trek FX 3 review covers everything you need to know about the best hybrid bike for 2022. The 2022 Trek FX 3 checks all the boxes: disc brakes, 1X drivetrain, tubeless ready wheels and more! Its a fitness hybrid, which means you can ride it like a flat bar road bike while staying comfortable, or use it to commute around town.

The FX 3 is the best value in the FX series. The FX 1 is heavy because it comes with a steel fork. There are some models of FX 1 that still have rim brakes. The Trek FX 2 has a similar price point to the FX 3, but the upgrades on the 3 are worthwhile. (We dive into those upgrades below!) Regarding the front fork, the FX 2 comes with an aluminum fork, while the FX 3 has a carbon fork. Carbon reduces vibrations, meaning the 2022 FX 3 will provide a more comfortable ride.

Trek FX vs Trek Dual Sport vs Trek Verve

The three most common hybrid bikes in Trek’s arsenal are the FX, Dual Sport, and Verve. Depending on how and where you ride, each model offers a unique set of features. The Trek FX is the Five-Star General for several reasons.

First, in a weight comparison the Trek FX is the lightest bike of these three hybrid models. The Dual Sport comes with a front fork suspension adding a lot of weight. That front fork isn’t good enough to classify the Dual Sport as a mountain bike because it has limited travel. There is more room for wider tires on the Dual Sport than the FX, but again, you aren’t going to fit a set of 2.6″ Maxxis DHF or DHR tires to make a full mountain bike conversion. At best, the Dual Sport is an over-equipped gravel bike.

The Trek Verve is also a heavier bike than the FX, and it doesn’t come with suspension. It still has a similar weight to the Dual Sport. Depending on frame size you can expect your Dual Sport or Verve to weigh in approximately 31-33 lbs, depending on frame size. The FX 3 weighs just 25 lbs, which means climbing hills and going fast will be a lot easier on the FX.

Trek FX 3 Maximum Tire Clearance

Speaking of tire clearance, the Trek FX 3 maximum tire size is listed at 38mm per Trek. Trek believes you need 6mm of clearance on each side of the tire. I run gravel tires that are 40mm wide on my FX 3 during the winter and when I know I will be riding a lot of gravel trails. They provide plenty of traction in all riding conditions, and adding an even wider tire would simply add unnecessary weight to the bike.

All three models come with rack and fender mounts. The only area the Trek Verve has the advantage is in adjustability. The stem is adjustable to an upright position, and dropped for riding aggressively. The adjustment is made with an Allen wrench. On both the Dual Sport and FX, you need to flip your stem for any adjustability. Even then you aren’t getting the same amount of adjustment range offered by the Verve.

Trek FX 3 Upgrades

There are a few upgrades covered in this 2022 Trek FX 3 review that you need to make before leaving your bike shop. The three main touchpoints almost always need an upgrade with any new bike. They are grips, pedals and saddle. This is the first new bike I’ve purchased that I am not upgrading the grips. The 2022 Trek FX 3 comes with Bontrager Satellite IsoZone Plus grips that are lock-on and ergonomic. IsoZone is a vibration dampening technology and simply put… it works.

2022 Trek FX 3 grips

2022 Trek FX 3 Touchpoint Upgrades

When it comes to pedals, I am an advocate for clipping-in. Clipless pedals are a must have, but even cyclists that ride flats will want to upgrade pedals on their Trek FX 3. The Bontrager City pedals do not have a lot of grip, and they are cheap plastic that isn’t durable enough for even a casual rider. I don’t believe one clipless pedal manufacturer has an advantage over the other. You should use the pedals that are easiest to get in and out of. Most bike shops will let you test a few options to help you decide.

The saddle on this bike is nice. Most beginner cyclists will complain it is too hard, but the firmness of the saddle provides increased efficiency. Also, soft saddles become more uncomfortable on longer rides, and once you buy a Trek FX 3 you will go on some long adventures. Rather than upgrading the saddle, try a pair of cycling shorts. If your concerned about the look, you can always throw a pair of casual shorts over top. The built in chamois cycling shorts offer is the number one way to increase comfort on your bike. My personal favorite is the Escape Quest short from Pearl iZUMi. Its a durable cycling short that costs $50 or less. ( Check Current Price on Amazon Here ).

2022 Trek FX 3 Tire Upgrades

As I mentioned previously, a good set of winter tires is a must for this bike if you plan on riding in all weather conditions. I really love the 700×40 Donnelly Gravel Tires. If you plan on riding a lot of gravel I highly recommend a tan sidewall. They hide the dust better than all black tires, and they look great. ( Check Current Price on Amazon Here ). The FX 3 comes with tubeless ready wheels, and the Donnelly tires are tubeless compatible.

Tubeless wheels and tires allow you to run a lower tire pressure without having to worry about getting a flat. Tubeless setups are also lighter than running tubes, so you cut weight off the bike which adds to your efficiency. Converting to tubeless is something I recommend doing before you leave the bike shop.

2022 Trek FX 3 Drive Train

Another reason I upgraded from my 2020 FX 2 to this 2022 FX 3 is the drive train. Like it or not, the biking industry is moving to simplified drive trains. That means getting rid of your front derailleur. Your rear cassette is manufactured with enough range that 2X and 3X drivetrains are obsolete.

Shimano Deore 1X10 Trek FX 3 Drivetrain

The 2022 FX 3 comes with a 1X10 Shimano Deore drivetrain. Shifting is incredibly smooth, and there is plenty of range for climbing mountains in Colorado. With the high end drive train, carbon fork, and thoughtful upgrades the price is $150 more than the FX 2 (Read: Trek FX 2 Review ), but the upgrades make the FX 3 an incredible value. The carbon fork alone is enough to justify the added expense, and the upgraded drivetrain makes the FX 3 a no brainer.

With the upgraded drivetrain you need to be able to stop faster too. Stopping is no issue with this bike thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano. Disc brakes make stopping easier and faster in all weather conditions. There is no debate on the better brake, because disc brakes work better than rim brakes in every scenario.

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56 thoughts on “2022 Trek FX 3 Review”

' src=

Hello, I’m very interested in the FX 3 before I buy can I get the handlebars up a few inches with an adjustment or replacing the stem with a longer one. Btw Your video was great I will go tubeless as u recommend. Thank you , Charles

' src=

Yes there are stems available that sit higher, but if you want a gain of a few inches you will be better off replacing the bars. The amount of gain you get from adjusting the stock bars is only a centimeter or two.

' src=

Loved your review and ended you getting the bike, same color, thank you. Quick question, could you provide info on the water bottle holders? I love how they complement the FX3, both black and blue.

I went with the Bontrager Elite bottle cages because I knew the colors would match. I can’t remember the name of the blue, I just know it was NOT the Waterloo Blue.

' src=

The color is alpine blue.

Yes! Thank you!

' src=

Hi Ryan, Thanks for the review. I’m debating between FX2 and 3 (or even Dual Sport). Most of my rides will be on city roads, but my commute does have a few hills (yikes San Francisco!) and I do plan to ride on light trails and gravels occasionally. What would you recommend for this riding situation?

Thanks, Abota

I definitely recommend the FX 3. The Carbon fork on the 3 will be a big advantage over the FX 2 when you hit that occasional gravel, and the weight savings over the Dual Sport will serve you much, much, much, mmmmuuucccchhhh better than the Dual Sport on those hills. If you are worried about the comfort of the rigid frame you can always put a higher volume tire on the FX to get you more comfort.

' src=

Is this bike comfortable for uphill riding with stock tires ?

Yes, it definitely is.

' src=

Do you ever use fenders? I’m curious if fenders still fit with your 40mm tires, which Trek says is already above the max of 38mm without fenders. Thanks!

I don’t use fenders on my FX. I think with fenders it’s best to stick with treks recommendation because there isn’t as much extra clearance. I’m going off memory but I think with fenders max tire width is 35mm.

' src=

Hello Ryan, I am thinking of upgrading my 2022 Trek FX3 Disc to a 2x system. What are your thoughts?

To each their own. If you feel like your ride is less enjoyable because you don’t have enough gearing for your terrain, then it’s a good idea. I would challenge you to go for a ride and tell yourself before hand that you will enjoy your ride even if that means working a little harder or going a little slower. I think you will find after a handful of rides the 1x is pretty good.

Hello again Ryan, I got a bit of a paint chip on the top tube in the aqua blue part of my 2022 FX 3 Disc. Can this easily be fixed on your own or should I take it to a bike shop?

It depends on how you want it to look. Its really hard to color match and blend it yourself. If you take it somewhere it will probably cost a small fortune.

' src=

Ryan, I’m looking at doing my first solo cross-country back-packing trip this coming season, starting in San Francisco and ending in Hilton Head. Because of carpel tunnel, drop bars/road bikes are not an option because of weight and angle it puts the riders wrists at. This limitation is what brought me to test ride the 2022 Trek FX Sport 4 Carbon & 2022 Sport 3 at my local bike shop. Question, do you think either of these are capable of making the trip and if so which one? I’m 6’1″and 215 lbs. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

For a trip like that the carbon sport model will be better.

Correction on the second bike, I meant the 2022 FX 3 Disc.

Hello Ryan, two questions. Are you still using the stock seat or did you upgrade? Also, if you wanted to put a 12 cog rear cassette on, would there be enough room and what other parts would you likely have to change out. Thanks.

I use the stock seat. With cycling shorts on I’ve found I am comfortable on any saddle.

' src=

Very helpful review. After years riding and loving a road bike I decided to make a switch (I’m 68). I read your review, talked to my local, trusted LBS and purchased a FX3. Now for a twist…I also bought a Giant Escape 1. So far so good, and it’s too early to compare and contrast, but I’ll be back shortly after a few more rides.

' src=

I am 65 and just started biking. I bought the FX 3 and love it. You can ride nice and easy or make the ride challenging.

Ryan, any idea if the 2022 Trek FX Disc 3 can accommodate a 11 or 12 speed rear cassette?

It can be modified for sure, but in addition to a new cassette you would need new shift levers too. I think it’s a bigger project than it’s worth for a bike in this price range.

Two final questions Ryan. Can you recommend a pair of bike shorts that are not spandex? What kind of bike gloves do you wear while riding the FX3? I have a pair of Specialized gloves with padding on the inside and they don’t feel right with the ergonomic handlebars. Thanks again.

I love the Lycra shorts from Pearl Izumi. If you don’t like that skin tight feel try a pair of mountain biking shorts. My favorite are made by Zoic.

I go back and forth on gloves. With ergonomic grips I feel like I don’t need the gloves, but when I do wear them I wear either Pearl iZUMi or if I want full finger I wear Giro.

' src=

Is there a FX3 step through model?

Not a true step through or low step. They call it a stagger. The stagger has a much lower top tube but it won’t be as low as a true step through.

' src=

What’s the depth of the wheels rims if you know?

No clue on depth. I’ve always been more concerned with width. Looking at them I would guess internal is maybe 10mm. Seems to be about half the width anyway.

' src=

Bought my FX3 in August of this year to help get back into shape. At 60, with beat up knees, running wasn’t working for me. I love this bike and feel great after a few months of long rides. My only complaint was the non- adjustable handle bars as I was feeling too much pressure on my hands. I purchased Surly Sunrise handlebars and installed them at max height and rolled them back a bit to get more upright and haven’t had any issues yet. The extra weight doesn’t seem noticeable to me. Love this bike. Great article BTW. Thanks,

' src=

Hey Ryan, Great article. I am currently in the market for a new bike. I’ve only ever ridden mountain bikes and I’ve done what little I can to my full suspension Diamond Back to make it a smoother commute to work on city streets. I found an FX3 on offerup for a great deal, but im hesitant to pull the trigger. Can you advise as to what I would expect with that transition if I were to buy the FX3?

It will feel a lot faster, but it’s rigid so expect to feel more bumps.

' src=

Hi Ryan, I’m on the fence between this Trek FX3 and the Specialized Sirrus 3.0. The Sirrus has an aluminum fork and 1×9 Microshif. The brakes are Tektro. The advantage for the Sirrus is that is comes with 42mm tires and can run 45mm if you wanted to. Which bike would you pick? And do you think 42mm tires on the Trek would be possible for added comfort? Or perhaps the front tire could be 42mm and the back one 40mm? Thank you

42mm tires are definitely too big for the Trek. Both bikes are great. Trek will have more speed, specialized more comfort.

' src=

Having the ability to use a 2.1 tire is great I chose the DS3 2022, your statement about the narrow tires being faster is correct unless you hit a lot of sand like we have here in Florida then the narrow tires are going to let you down. Having the ability to mount wider tires or narrower and a carbon fork that can take up too a 2.0 700c on the DS3 makes it right on par with the FX but better because of having the option for running wider tires and something you can’t do on the FX.

' src=

Hi Ryan. I picked up the same bike last year (another n+1 added to the collection!) and for the most it’s great! Ended up upgrading pedals, grips , stem and tires (the LBS squeezed 42s on , so the bike essentially doubles as my gravel grinder). Question I have is if you have experienced any issues with the braking system? Particularly the rear brake stutters a fair bit with high speed braking or when I have my child in the Thule seat? I’ve read that it’s a bit common with the Promax brakes Trek substituted for the shimanos. Thought I would ask your experience this far. Cheers, Mike

I personally have not had any issues, but I know other commenters have reached out with complaints about Promax brakes. In this price range, I think the Promax brakes get the job done, but maybe I’ve just been lucky.

' src=

I have been riding a Trek FX 7500 for 20 years and now I am thinking about a new bike…I love my Treks I am thinking about a FX3 or a Verve 3. I am 74 years old and I am thinking about a more upright ride. What do you think? FX3 or Verve3?

Thanks Brian

I’m not a fan of the Verve, personally. The Verve 3 will definitely be more upright thanks to the adjustable stem, but you can replace the stem on an FX3 for the same result, it will just cost a little more. I think I would pay a few extra bucks on accessories that make the FX3 work versus buying the verve. The Verve is such a heavy bike weighing six pounds more than the FX.

' src=

I have a Verve 3 which is great for upright posture (which I need at 75); but I do not care for the drivetrain and weight. Can you specify how I could set up an FX3 to achieve the same posture and comfort? OTOH could I change the Verve 3 to a Deore or other drivetrain from Alevio/Acera?

Replace the stem and handlebars with something more upright. You might be able to get away with just a new stem too.

' src=

Hi Ryan. Am 54 not in great shape. Thinking of picking up cycling again to get in shape. Am from Malaysia and there seems to be a shortage of good bikes you see on internet. Now am suddenly faced with a choice of Specialized Sirrus 2 (gloss black) with Microshift set, Giant Escape 2 (cement) with the Altus set and Trek FX 3 with Deore set (matte black). The Trek is a thousand more in our currency making it the most expensive at MYR 3,899 (US 860) whereas the Giant and Specialized are around MYR 2,700. (US 650) we don’t even hv much color choices. Which of the 3 would you pick ?

The Trek. They all make a great bike but the Deore group set is the best in that bunch, by far.

Ok Ryan. Tqvm. Really good of you to reply. Decided am not going to do anything until I get your reply. Take care and all the best.

' src=

Hey, Great review.. Does the 1×10 drivetrain pick up as much speed as the 2×9 in the Fx2? I ride mostly flat trails and not much climbing. Thanks!

No, I’d say is the equivalent to having every other gear, so you are spending a little more time in each instead of ramping up quickly with multiple gears.

' src=

I found that I spinned out with the gearing and didn’t need the easier gears where I live… I replaced the crack with a 105 hollowteck .. the BB is compatible and got a 52t chainring … Of course you need a longer chain

Hello Ryan. What do you think of the FX3 for just riding down the highway on flat terrain?

Their are probably better bikes to do it more efficiently, specifically a road bike, but for just a casual rider strolling paved flat terrain the FX lineup is definitely sufficient.

' src=

Hi ryan About the FX3, 2023, with a 1×10, Would it be possible to maintain a good speed, let’s say 50 km/h, on a paved road without having to pedal like a crazy? Is the gearing low enough on a 1×10 compared to a 2×9 for example for fast riding?

Id say the 1×10 is going to feel lacking for maintaining fast speeds. It will feel like you’re missing that one extra gear.

' src=

Hi Ryan. Glad I found your page. For reference, I’m 73, 6’1″, 250 lbs working to drop 25 lbs, 1 knee replacement last Oct and the orher seems OK…for now Been out of cycling for about 10 years but wanting back in. Hoping to do both roads and solid trails…nothing to technical or extreme. I’ve been to all the local LBS and looked at most of the familiar mfrs offering. Now I’m down to the Trex FX3 and the Giant Fastroad AR. Not sure I need a 2x gearset here in SE Pennsylvania (Bucks Cnty) but I like the fatter tires on the AR. The FX is more comfortable for my tired old body. Your thoughts? TIA.

' src=

The gearset is a bummer really. Shimano 4100 Deore 10-speed A Shimano 5100 11-speed or 6100 12 speed would be a different league. agree?

It’s all relative. The group set is great for a beginner comparing their bike to one from a big box retailer. If you’ve riding high end bikes, it’s a lot harder to appreciate the quality and value of the FX.

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trek fx 3 women's review

Trek FX 3 Disc Review: All You Need to Know

trek fx 3 women's review

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If you’re after a bike that can handle your commute and take you on adventures at the weekend, then look no further – our Trek FX 3 Disc review is what you’re looking for.

Not everyone who looks for a mountain bike wants to go for tough dirt trails. Many people are looking to make a swap from driving to cycling when it comes to their daily commute – both for environmental and health reasons. Cycling for fitness is always a good idea, and there are plenty of gentler trails or cycle paths to explore.

The question is – does the FX 3 Disc tick all those boxes?

The bottom line:.

[September,2022 UPDATE: The Trek FX 3 20-21 version has been discontinued, but in its place, Trek has released the 2023 FX 3 Disc . This bike is nearly identical to its previous iteration but with an upgraded drive train and 10 speeds instead of 9. 

You can’t go wrong with this newer version; you’ll get everything you love about the Trek FX 3 in an upgraded and sleek package]

trek fx disc 3

We think the Trek FX 3 Disc is a great, multi-purpose bike that can get you where you need to go safely and quickly. It’s also comfortable enough to enjoy riding on the weekends, too.

If you want to know exactly why we like it so much, you’ll have to keep reading.

We’re going to be looking at:

  • If Trek is a good company and how it compares to its competitors
  • An overview of the FX 3 Disc
  • A more detailed look, including it’s materials, wheels, features, performance, specs, warranty, and price range
  • Who the FX 3 Disc is suited for (and who it’s not suited for)
  • What users think of the FX 3 Disc
  • The pros and cons
  • Some frequently asked questions
  • Our final conclusion about the FX 3 Disc

If you want to find out more about it, stick with us – we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

Trek FX 3 Disc | Trek Bikes

FX 3 Disc is a versatile hybrid bike that's primed for performance, comfort, and utility. It has features like a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fork, and powerful disc brakes that stop in any weather. It's a commuting pro if you want it to be, or the perfect fitness companion on pavement and rail trails.

How does Trek compare to other companies?

Trek was founded in 1976. They’re well-known for their work with Lance Armstrong in the late ’90s, and they have a good reputation in terms of designing and manufacturing excellent bikes. They were the first company to pay women the same amount as men for racing at a World Cup level.

They’re also starting to offer a range of eco-friendly products, designing bikes for those on a low budget to encourage cycling over driving. Overall, they’re a good company with a great track record.

They’re known for their generous lifetime warranties on frames and 2-year warranties on parts – which we’ll go into in more detail a little later.

Trek offers bikes across a huge price range – from around $450-$500 dollars, right through to $12,000 or more. That covers all skill levels – from beginner to pro – and they also make bikes for kids.

Trek offers a big range, so they’re not as specialized as, say, Evil (who produces a small range of bikes suited for tougher trails, like Evil the Wreckoning ). They’re quite close in terms of quality and price to Santa Cruz and Giant (you can read more about how Trek compares to Giant in our brand comparison here ).

You could also compare them to Diamondback in terms of quality, although Diamondback doesn’t offer as many entry-level options as Trek.

What kind of bike is the Trek FX 3 Disc?

The FX 3 Disc is a hybrid bike, designed to be used on your commute, on pavements, or on rail trail. It’s super-lightweight, which makes it ideal for public transport. It’s ideal if you want to get fit and get places quickly at the same time.

It has an entry-level price point. There are cheaper bikes out there, of course, but this strikes a nice balance between quality materials and a low price. It’s designed to be easy to use, with great brakes that work really well on pavements, even if it’s pouring with rain.

It’s a really simple-looking bike. If you want a bike that looks distinctive, or you’re after a ‘status symbol’ bike, this won’t be the one for you. If you want something that looks simple and sleek and functions well, it’s a good choice.

Trek FX 3 Disc

The main features of the Trek FX 3 Disc

Now, we’ll look at the FX 3 Disc in more detail.

What is it made from?

  • The frame is made from aluminum, which helps to keep it light. The whole bike weighs 11.74kg (or 25.88lbs) – that’s for the medium size.
  • There are five sizes to choose from, from S through to 2XL.
  • It comes in two colors – Dnister Black or Rage Red.

What are the wheels like?

The wheels consist of Bontrager Tubeless Ready Disc 32-hole rims, and Bontrager H2 Hard-Case Lite tires.

The tires are designed to work really well on pavements (even in slippery, rainy weather). They’re tough and puncture-resistant, so if you were to accidentally ride over something sharp, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a flat on your way to work.

What other features does it have?

The great thing about the FX 3 Disc is that it has a few extra touches that make it very convenient to use. It has ‘Blendr Stem’ technology – this is a system involving a stem, base, and mount, meaning you can easily install accessories onto your bike. Whether you want to attach lights, a GoPro, or a Satnav, they’ll be secured safely to the frame. You can also attach a water bottle mount and mudguards.

It also integrates a Bluetooth/ANT+ sensor. This allows you to track fitness routes with your computer or smartphone, with no external sensor required.

The frame looks sleek because it has the cables routed internally, which is a nice touch.

It also comes with built-in mounts, meaning you can easily add racks and fenders.

Trek FX 3 Disc

How does it perform?

It’s a very smooth ride on pavements, but it also performs well on gravel and grass.

The excellent brakes mean that users feel safe even if the pavements are uneven or slick with rain – even going downhill at a faster speed, the brakes work really well.

You can go pretty fast with the FX 3 Disc – it compares really well with a specialized road bike in that regard – but you can transition onto other types of terrain, too.

It doesn’t do well on very uneven surfaces – you won’t be able to hit the trail with this bike, as the suspension isn’t designed to deal with big dips or bumps. However, you should be able to deal with slightly bumpy terrain (like gravel or dirt paths) with no problems.

It’s designed to be easy to ride. You don’t have to be an expert with hours of practice to use the FX 3 Disc – perfect for those who want to make a swap for their commute, or those wanting to take up bike riding for exercise.

What are the specifications?

Here are the main specs for the FX 3 Disc:

  • Fork – FX Carbon, rack and fender mounts – flat mount disc
  • Crankset – Shimano MT210 46/30, chainguard, 170mm length (size S,M)/Shimano MT210, 46/30, chainguard, 175mm length (size L, XL, XXL)
  • Derailleurs – Shimano Acera T3000, 34.9mm clamp (front)/Shimano Acera M3000, shadow design, long case (rear)
  • Brakes – Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc, flat mount, 160mm rotor
  • Saddle – Bontrager H1

What is the warranty?

As we mentioned earlier, Trek offers a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The lifetime warranty covers the frameset, main frame, and full suspension swing arms, as well as Bontrager wheels with carbon rims.

Then there’s a 2-year warranty on apparel, parts and accessories, rear suspension linkage components, Bontrager wheels with alloy rims, and paint and decals.

Subsequent owners are entitled to a three-year warranty from the date of purchase from the retailer.

For an extra cost, they offer Trek Carbon Care, to obtain discounts on replacement frames or components in the case of damages that don’t fall under the warranty conditions.

What is the price range for the FX 3 Disc?

The price range is around $800 . This makes it a pretty good entry-level bike. There are some things available at an extra cost – like the Duo Trap S, a sensor that enables pairing with your smartphone or computer.

The FX 3 Disc is suited for:

  • Workers wanting to lower their carbon footprint by switching from driving to cycling for their commute
  • People wanting a lightweight bike – for example, those that can’t carry a heavy bike, or those that foresee themselves transporting it often
  • People wanting to cycle for fitness purposes
  • Those wanting a bike that can deal with ‘fun’ rides at the weekend as well as commuting on pavements

The FX 3 Disc is not suited for :

  • Those wanting a hard-wearing bike that can handle tough trails
  • Those wanting a unique-looking bike – it looks nice, but it’s not distinctive in design

What do users think of the FX 3 Disc?

Users have great things to say about the FX 3 Disc. Those using it for commuting really enjoy how safe it feels, particularly when going downhill or traveling on rainy days. They find it to be a great bike for shopping or just cycling around town.

Other users enjoy it for exercise purposes. The Bluetooth functionality provided by the additional Duo Trap S sensor is a popular feature, with users finding it helpful to see the data after a long bike ride.

Most users were impressed with how well the bike switches between different types of terrain – it can handle mild bike trails, grass, gravel, and pavements equally well. Some people found the ride provided by the FX 3 Disc to be so smooth that they’ve decided to cycle more than drive – which is great!

Trek FX 3 Disc

The only drawbacks seem to be the seat, which some people decided to swap out for something a little more comfortable, and the fact that it doesn’t have a kickstand, which would be more convenient.

Some users found that the paint chipped and scratched a little when riding on gravel. You might find this is the case for a lot of bikes, but it’s still worth mentioning that the paint isn’t that resistant to scratches or marks.

The Pros and Cons of the Trek FX 3 Disc

Now let’s take a look at the good and bad points of the FX 3 Disc.

  • Really versatile – fun to ride in lots of different situations
  • Smooth to ride – great for swapping out driving for cycling
  • The brakes are really strong even downhill or on slippery surfaces
  • Decent price point
  • A clean, simple frame
  • The seat isn’t comfortable enough for some people
  • It doesn’t have a kickstand
  • The paint may get scratched if riding on gravel

FX 3 Disc Alternatives

There are a few bikes to look at that are similar to the FX 3 Disc:

Dual Sport 1 Gen 4

The Dual Sport Gen 4 is a great deal cheaper than the FX 3 Disc, but it packs all of the essentials into a stylish package. You can go from the sidewalk to a dirt trail without a second thought.

It’s perfect for the hybrid bike lover who needs a reliable bike for work and play but don’t want to spend over a thousand. 

Check out the Dual Sport 2 and 3 , slightly more expensive but with some worthwhile upgrades that will allow you to enjoy your adventures just a little bit more. 

Marlin 8 Gen 2

The Marlin 8 is a mid-range mountain bike with a lot of options. While it’s an overall simple bike, it’s perfect for both a daily commute and an adventure in rougher terrain.

It is a little bit more expensive and heavier than the FX 3, but it looks like it would be able to handle rougher terrain at a smoother pace. A more enjoyable adventure is often worth a little extra cash. 

The Haanjo 2 from Diamondback is another budget mountain bike that’s great for both on-road and off-road adventures. It’s sturdy and capable of handling most things you throw at it.

It’s great for someone who just needs a good reliable entry-level bike or someone who doesn’t want to spend 1000s of dollars just to enjoy one of their favorite hobbies.

I will say the overall style of the bike feels like it’s geared towards a younger audience. 

Trek Marlin

The Trek Marlin 5 is a great hybrid bike – it’s a good-quality bike aimed at beginners as well as more advanced riders, and it’s perfect for mild trails as well as the commute.   

Marlin 5 | Trek Bikes

Marlin 5 is a trail-worthy daily rider that's perfectly suited for everyday adventures, on and off the trail. A front suspension fork with 100mm of travel, 21 speeds, and mounts for a rack and kickstand make it an ideal choice for new trail riders or anyone looking for a comfortable, stable commuter with the ruggedness of a real mountain bike.

There’s also the Trek Marlin 6 , a more updated version of the Marlin 5, which is a great, sturdy bike, also versatile and great for beginners.   

Why Go With the Marlin 6? | Trek Bikes

The Marlin 6 is a GREAT budget pick to get started. An excellent all-around mountain bike, with room for plenty of cusomizations and upgrades later. Only if you need it.

Diamond Overdrive

If you want something that can handle some tougher trails as well as smoother terrains, you could try the Diamondback Overdrive – it’s not as commute-friendly, but good for those wanting to get into cycling for exercise.   

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike | REI

The classic returns this year with 27.5” wheels, 24 speeds, a plush four-inch Suntour suspension fork, and powerful disc brakes. Big knobby tires grip every root and rock, keeping you confident and in control as you explore the trail. Whether you're a diehard hardtail aficionado or looking for a solid starter mountain bike, the Overdrive doesn't disappoint.

Going back to Trek, you could try the Trek 920 – it’s an all-rounder that is a little bit ‘tougher’ than the FX 3 Disc, meaning it can handle some slightly harsher trails. A great bike for exploring and adventuring, and it has a decent price point, too.   

Trek 920 | Trek Bikes

920 is a go-anywhere adventure touring bike. It's built with drop-bars and 29er mountain bike wheels for balance and capability on any surface you'll encounter on a bikepacking expedition. It comes with front and rear racks for a ridiculous amount of carrying capacity, so all you have to do is pick a spot on the map and go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the FX 3 Disc:

Question: Where can I buy a Trek bike?

Answer : You can buy one from the Trek website , or from certified retailers – they have a store finder to find one close to you.

Question: Where are Trek bikes manufactured?

Answer : Some Trek bikes are assembled in Wisconsin, but most are made in Asia.

Question: What’s the maximum rider weight for the FX 3 Disc?

Answer : It has a maximum total weight of 300lbs.

Question: Is it suitable for both men and women?

Answer : Yes, although there is a women’s version available – the only real differences are that the women’s version weighs a little less, and it has a slightly different saddle.

Question: Are there older versions of the FX Disc?

Answer : Yes – there’s the FX1 Disc and the FX2 Disc, which are slightly older and cost a bit less than the FX 3 Disc.

The Final Verdict – is the Trek FX 3 Disc Really Worth It?

We definitely think so!

The Trek FX 3 Disc isn’t a perfect bike. You may need to make some swaps (for example, the saddle). You might find the extras you want, like the Blendr System technology to attach lights or smart devices, or the Bluetooth sensor for fitness tracking, bumps the price up quite a bit. It’s also not the cheapest bike out there – there are definitely lower-priced options available.

However, we still think it’s a great bike for beginners, and it’s worth spending extra for. The materials are good-quality, but still lightweight. We like the fact that there are fenders and mounts already installed, and the fact that the cabling runs through the frame makes it look sleek.

Trek FX 3 Disc

It’s a comfortable ride on most terrains, and we really like the fact that it’s safe – having good-quality brakes that can handle hills and slippery surfaces is really important for all bikes, but especially those commuting in high-traffic areas. 

We would recommend this bike for anyone, but particularly for beginners – it might just give you the cycling bug.

If you’ve used the Trek FX 3 Disc , we’d love to hear from you – let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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1 thought on “Trek FX 3 Disc Review: All You Need to Know”

' src=

I bought a Trek FX 3 last year as a commuter bike and have to say it’s been great. My commute is pretty flat so I mostly stay in the big ring and the middle of the cassette (gears 4 to 7), so it’s a smooth and easy ride. On the few occasions I’ve encountered hills I’ve gone up them without having to strain.

I opted to swap the stock tyres for Schwalbe Marathons because I’ve had good experience with those before; maybe an unnecessary upgrade but London roads can be a minefield of broken glass and debris, so I appreciated the extra confidence. Additionally, I added Bontrager mudguards, a Topeak rack to clip my panniers to and a kickstand. Definitely good investments!

The saddle is fine for me for the time it takes to get the office (about an hour), but I can imagine on longer rides it might start to feel hard.

My only complaint, which you mention in the review, is that the paint chips easily. I’ve not ridden it much on gravel – a couple of times, for less than a mile – and the down tube has several noticeable chips.

As I say, it’s a great bike and thoroughly recommended. But be aware that the new 2022 model has a different drivetrain, replacing the 2×9 set-up with 1×10.

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trek fx 3 women's review

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Is Trek FX3 A Good Bike? [Trek FX3 Review]

Table of Contents

In this review, we examine the Trek FX 3 Disc utility hybrid bike.

Trek FX 3 disc

  • Trek FX 3 Disc
  • Trek FX3 Price: $1,049.99
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 700c×32c

What we like:

  • 1. Versatile hybrid bikes built for performance, and comfort. Great quality bike for long distances on commuter roads, sidewalks or rail trails.
  • 2. Easy and convenient shifting, not only for commuter riding, but also the perfect fitness companion on sidewalks and railroad trails.
  • 3. Multifunctional Hybrid Bike.
  • 4. Designed for performance, comfort, and practicality.
  • 5. Great-looking, versatile, comfortable bikes built with quality parts to work on longer rides.

What we don’t like about it: 1. The 32c tire size is a bit of a hindrance for beginners to ride, but if you have the skills to ride it, it will go faster. 2. I found the saddle to be a bit stiff, the middle gap was missing, and the ventilation was poor.

Rating (4.7/5)

The newly upgraded Trek FX 3 Disc is one of the top choices for fitness enthusiasts and not just for commuter riders.

Despite the hybrid bike’s purpose of perimeter riding, we have tested it in rough terrain for 2 months and are always surprised at the results.

The Trek FX 3, which focuses on commuting performance, has a wider range of uses in terms of body weight and reasonable geometric design. Of course, my favorite is the 32c tire, which has been improved in terms of riding stability and comfort. Perfect balance.

Below is our detailed review of the Trek FX 3 Disc’s key road-riding and gravel features, components, and specs, as well as other editions in the range.

If you’re interested in the Trek FX series, we’ve also prepared a Trek FX 2 review for you.

Road Riding

Trek FX 3 disc

If you’re looking for a mixed-terrain bike and really enjoy riding in the seat, check out our review of the FX3. Our testers reviewed the FX3 by riding it on the road, pavement, and more.

According to our review, the FX3’s steeper seat tube angle (74°) keeps you upright and more comfortable when you’re riding.

If there is one downside that must be found, it is the lack of a dropper post, which can lead to more noticeable bumps in the face of rough roads with potholes, but at the same time, the 6.8Trail will make your steering more stable.

Let’s take a look at the FX3 tires, the 32c slender tires, what kind of experience will it bring to you?

During the two months of testing, I felt the wind brushing my ears. Of course, this has a lot to do with its lightweight body, but its 32c tires also play a role that cannot be ignored.

Although there is a certain gap with professional road bikes in terms of speed, its speed in the same type (such as FX2) will satisfy me.

Based on the interest of many cycling enthusiasts, we also specially went to the wet and muddy road for testing during the riding test. We thought it would be a great challenge.

Unexpectedly, the hydraulic disc of FX3 played its role to the extreme. Great effect, showing extremely stable characteristics in braking.

As we all know, in fast riding, shifting is an issue we have to consider. The 1×10 transmission system of the FX3 means more functions and easier shifting, which allows us to have a more concise shifting experience during riding.

In conclusion, on smooth and less technical roads, we think the Trek FX3 is adequate.

Trek FX 3 disc

In this review, we came to the relatively flat gravel trails, and the gravel of the road surface made us a little worried about the various performances of the FX3. Surprisingly, the FX3’s overall light body gave our testers great control over some big obstacles.

If you want to show off your riding skills in such terrain, the FX3’s tight chainstay length allows you to lift the front half of it with ease (our testers also experimented with it).

Although I live in a remote place, because I love cycling, even though the road has a very difficult country trail for me at the beginning, I still ride my bike to work (after all, it is very environmentally friendly) .

As soon as I started trying to get into the saddle and start up, I experienced that it wasn’t too slow, and the FX3 Shimano RT26’s hydraulic disc brakes were steady and fast on those slippery muddy trails Open your mouth wide.

But when facing the lip of the road, I expected too much from it (because of previous performance), in fact, I should have thought about it, the compact body, and the thinner tires may not be very good in this regard good at.

Based on my own personal experience and testing, the FX3’s solid performance on flat gravel and country trails, and its ability to adapt, we applaud the car.

Main Feature

Trek FX 3 disc Frame

At the beginning of the test, I even had an illusion that the FX3 and FX2 have more similarities, so during the road test, I just felt that the comfort has improved a little, and I feel that it is not worth it for his submitted price.

But once we got into the gravel roads, we were more impressed by the Trek FX 3’s geometry and lighter frame.

Speaking of the FX3, I have an oolong and I almost mistook the FX3 for the FX2 because the frames are all aluminum and they have a more or less streamlined design.

In terms of color, the FX3 has a Matte Dnister Black. Some people think that Matte Dnister Black looks dark gray in the official picture, but it may actually be pitch black.

The black branding blends in with the background so much that the Trek letters are unrecognizable, and the overall look is a bit bland. In fact, FX3 also has the color Alpine Blue to Deep Dark Blue Fade.

Personally, I prefer to choose Alpine Blue to Deep Dark Blue Fade, because the gradient color makes it look more mysterious.

Let’s take a closer look. The FX3 has a built-in mount. If you need to travel, you must bring your camping equipment. This user-friendly design brings you convenience.

In addition, it has two water bottle mounting holes, so that you will not be interrupted by lack of moisture during the ride.

The overall FX3’s internal cabling design gives us the impression it’s clean and tidy, and it’s easier to keep it clean.

The FX3 is a hybrid bike built for comfort and utility, so its geometry is relatively fixed among comfort-focused bikes. However, the Fork used by the FX3 is the FX Carbon, which is lighter in weight.

Jumping up to the FX3’s head angle (71.5°), I also had my own experience that this steeper head angle made my ride on flat terrain feel sharper (probably my illusion).

If you are a rider who is more concerned with riding comfortably.

We found that the FX3’s Effective top tub, the relatively compact Effective top tub, can flex the arms for riders with longer arms, which is not good for long rides.

So look carefully at the size chart when choosing an FX3 to choose a bike that fits your body.

Not only that, the looser seat tube angle allows our testers to easily maintain an upright ride while riding, which appeals to me.

In addition, we also measured the length of the Chainstay length of the FX3, the compact Chainstay length of the FX3 (45cm), this does not have much effect on short uphill, but the long uphill road will cause some obstacles, of course, in my opinion, More than 90% of commuter roads do not have such troubles.

Trek FX3 Components and Specifications

Shimano deore drivetrain.

Trek FX 3 disc - Shimano Deore Drivetrain

When we look at the Shimano Deore 1×10 drivetrain, one might think it doesn’t have the wide speed range of the FX2, but we have to mention that it reduces messy shifting by ditching the front derailleur, allowing the FX3 Shifting is easier to operate.

I personally think it’s a laudable improvement for those who use it for commuting and fitness.

Compared with the 1X11 drivetrain, the Trek FX2’s 1X10 drivetrain, with a maximum sprocket of 46 teeth, has some impact on the transmission efficiency, so in the eyes of the rider who wants the hybrid bike to ride faster, this is a component that needs to be lifted.

The daily commuter rider didn’t mind the 1X10 drivetrain and thought it was a very reasonable drivetrain configuration. Of course, given its intended use, we also consider it an excellent component for the price of the Trek FX2.

While one might think the 11-46 cassette would be a bit difficult for long climbs, on a daily commute it probably won’t be that much, so I guess it’s irrelevant.

While I’m happy with the FX3 drivetrain, it would have been better if it could be increased to 1×11, or a little more.

Shimano RT26 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Shimano RT26 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Equally important is the bike’s braking equipment, this FX3 uses Shimano RT26 hydraulic disc brakes. It may not seem advanced now, but at this price, the Shimano RT26 is second to none.

We spent at least two days testing the effectiveness of Shimano RT26 hydraulic disc brakes, because in our opinion, good brakes guarantee adequate stopping power in any situation.

As the more advanced hydraulic brakes out there, the Trek FX 3 uses a Shimano RT26, which isn’t a very good component. But since it’s on a $1,000 budget, it’s an option you can’t go wrong with.

On a slippery rainy day, when the speed increased to 35Km/h, the road braking distance was only extended by 40%, and we were satisfied with the result.

Of course, the most difficult thing is that under full load, due to gravity, it can also provide sufficient braking force, which undoubtedly makes us believe that it can be a touring bike.

The difficulty of adjustment is also very low. We check the manual of the bicycle and simply turn the adjustment screw, which is not a very difficult task.

Therefore, in terms of braking, the FX3 is not only sensitive in braking response, but also extremely simple in operation. We think it is a bike of the same type and with similar price braking that is more prominent.

Tires and Wheels

Trek FX3 Tires and Wheels

The 700c×32c tires on this FX3 bike are fast on the pavement and are also great for long or short rides on city trails and light gravel.

It’s worth noting that the FX3 uses a Bontrager H2 Comp, which is a tubeless tire. So it is relatively heavy. But its 30tpi makes it softer in character, which will make up for the shock of not having a dropper post.

At the same time, because it is a wire bead, it has puncture protection and good wear resistance, and the updated tread design provides confident traction for smooth rolling.

If you are a fan of changing tires, then the quick-release function of FX3 is absolutely suitable for you. Its quick-release function will make it easier and more convenient for you to change to the right tire.

At the same time, the 32c tire width will allow you to experience wind-like speeds in smooth road riding.

However, on steep and gravel roads, it may have difficulty for beginners. However, this is a commuter and fitness-focused hybrid bike, and I think you’ll be riding it on the road by the coast, blowing the sea breeze, looking at the ocean for aerobics, imagine a scenario like this, I might It will ignore the problem.

Other versions of Trek FX 3

Trek FX 3 Disc Stagger

For this review, we tested the Trek FX3 Disc model, which features an aluminum frame, FX Carbon fork, Shimano Deore 1×10 drivetrain, and Shimano RT26 hydraulic disc brakes.

It’s a hybrid bike that combines fitness and commuting. At $1,049.99, it’s a good value bike, in my opinion, relative to its component upgrades.

Of course, in the Trek FX3 model, there is also a version of the FX 3 Disc Stagger. The FX 3 Disc Stagger is a versatile hybrid bike that adds a design touch to the exterior that is attractive.

What do we like about it?

  • The Trek FX3 Disc is a hybrid bike better suited for pavement and flatter gravel roads.
  • Built-in mounting holes make it easy to install shelves and carry more luggage, and two water bottle mounting holes can carry plenty of water.
  • A looser seat tube allows you to ride comfortably upright.
  • Carbon fiber front fork, allowing you to experience a lighter body

What do we not like about it?

  • For long climbs, some beginners may have some difficulty, although I think its main core is commuting and fitness, which can be ignored.
  • No dropper post-shock, bumps may be felt on extremely rough gravel roads (soft tires will give some absorption)
  • What is the body weight of the Trek FX 3 Disc ?

The M model of the Trek FX 3 Disc is 25.09 lbs / 11.38 kg.

  • What is the size of the largest tire on the Trek FX 3 Disc?

38c without fenders, 35c with fenders.

  • Does the Trek FX 3 have original pedals?

Trek FX 3 Disc features Bontrager City pedals.

  • How many speeds Trek FX3?

1×10 drivetrain, 10-speed.

Trek FX 3 Disc Size Chart

Comparison chart, trek fx3 dsic vs trek fx2 disc.

Trek FX2 Disc

If we don’t test, just look at FX3 and FX2 with our own eyes, except for the change of color appearance, other changes are not big.

Through the test, we can get that the FX3 32c tires make it faster than the FX2 when riding on the road. Some people may think that the stability of the 32c tires may be lacking, but in our test, there is no problem.

From the perspective of the transmission system, the FX2 2×9 transmission system makes the speed selection range wider.

While the FX3 may be a bit inferior in terms of the speed range, the FX3 1×10 shifts are easier to maneuver and will give you a smoother feel for commuting and fitness riding.

Of course, the price of the FX2 will be relatively low, but for just a little more money, you can get better components (eg: carbon fiber forks). If you want a more advanced component experience, you can give it a try.

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Trek FX 3 Disc VS Bulls Sharptail Street 26”

2022 Bulls Sharptail Street 26”

Bulls Sharptail Street 26” cool colors, and 26” tires will be suitable for youth riding.

I really like the Trek FX3 Disc’s disc brakes. When we tested the Bulls Sharptail Street 26”, it braked a little too slowly when facing downhills, cornering, or requiring hard braking.

The FX3’s disc brakes were a bit slow in this situation. , it gives me peace of mind, fast and easy braking, even in the rain, I don’t have to doubt its braking too much.

But the Bulls Sharptail Street 26 has good grip tires, in the face of rough and variable On the road, its performance is also stable.

Now that I’m at this point I have to say that one complaint I have with the FX3 is that its saddle hurts my hips on long rides, it’s too stiff for me.

All in all, we think both bikes are good options for different riding needs, but I personally prefer the FX3 for better braking. Of course, the choice is up to you.

Trek FX3 Dsic VS Fuji Traverse 1.3

2022 Fuji Traverse 1.3

The Trek FX3 is a hybrid bike for fitness and commuting, and it has some component upgrades from the previous series to give it more skills. (a bit repeated above)

Fuji Traverse 1.3 is also a bike that integrates sports and commuting. At the same time, its gear allows it to take into account the function of climbing, and its front fork and 63mm of front travel allow it to face more bumpy roads. better absorption capacity.

The FX3 also performs better on smooth gravel roads and on dual track.

If you’re a rider who likes a little more paint options, then maybe the FX 3 would be a better fit, as the Fuji Traverse 1.3 only comes in one color.

Fuji Traverse 1.3 is made of Fuji A2-SL custom-butted alloy, which is a material that reduces low-stress areas and is a lightweight frame that is extremely durable.

Of course, the aluminum frame of the FX3 is also very good, and the carbon fiber fork of the FX3 also reduces the weight of the bike, making it lighter.

The transmission system of FX3 Shimano Deore 1×10 will give you a smoother and easier shifting experience, but the speed selection of Fuji Traverse 1.3 2×9 will be wider, and it may be difficult for beginners to shift relatively.

In short, if you are near a relatively smooth gravel path, and more for commuting and seaside fitness and leisure, it is recommended that you choose FX3.

If you are near a large gravel path with relatively more climbing, it is recommended that you experience Fuji Traverse 1.3.

Trek FX3 Dsic VS Liv Rove 2 Disc

2022 Liv Rove 2 Disc

The Trek FX3 comes in two colors and six sizes to choose from, there’s always one that fits your needs. In this regard, the Liv Rove 2 Disc is too monochromatic (only one color) and has relatively few sizes to choose from.

The Liv Rove 2 Disc, though, is a hybrid bike with a hardtail that’s better suited for longer touring. You might think that its hardtail design would not have great shock absorption, but it has 63mm of front travel and a fork design, which is nothing to worry about, and it has a good cushioning effect downhill.

This is somewhat similar to our Fuji Traverse 1.3 above.

Of course, the FX3’s aluminum frame will make the body lighter, and while driving on smooth roads, the FX3 32c tires perform better than the Liv Rove 2 Disc 42c tires. Under the same conditions, the Liv Rove 2 Disc will fall short of the FX3.

The Liv Rove 2 Disc features a women’s-specific saddle and handlebars, and an approachable mid-step frame makes getting on and off easily. If you are a smaller rider, I recommend you to try the Liv Rove 2 Disc; if you are a rider who likes to go faster, I recommend you to go for the FX3.

All in all, we recommend that you can choose a bike that is more suitable for you based on your habits and body type. If you want to see more reviews, you can follow our other reviews.

Learn more : Is Liv Rove 4 Disc A Good Bike? [Liv Rove 4 Disc Review]

Its versatility and value for money always impress in our reviews. With the majority of those who buy it being commuter riders as well as fitness riders, the Trek FX3 Disc is a worthwhile hybrid bike if you’re looking for a proper exercise bike.

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Trek FX3 Disc Review (A Good Investment?)

Photo of author

Bikes , Hybrid bikes , Other , Road bikes , Senior cyclists

Updated: April 25, 2023

Disclosure: I may receive referral fees from purchases made through links on BicycleVolt. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you’re trying to decide whether the Trek FX 3 Disc is the right bike for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Picking a new bike is never easy, so I’ve got a range of information in this guide to help make the process easier for you – a one-stop-shop for everything you need to make the right decision for you. I’ve got a full specification list for the FX3 , so you can see the details of every single component. I’ve then got a full write-up for the bike, including my own thoughts on the FX3.

First though, a spoiler:

Need to make a fast decision to either buy or not buy the FX3 Disc? Here’s my topline recommendation. If you want a light bike to go fast on smooth pavement or roads, then this could well be the perfect bike for you . I’ve looked at the FX in detail and it’s an awesome range of bikes and you can’t go wrong with any model in the range. I’ve compared the FX to the Dual Sport (which is perfect if you want a hybrid that can also go off-road occasionally, downside is that the DS is heavier than the FX). I’ve also compared the FX3 to both the FX4 , and the FX2 , and in both cases my favorite bike was the FX3 Disc.

If you’ve got time to stick around for some more in-depth analysis on the FX3 Disc, let’s dive in and take a look.

Trek FX overview

Trek’s FX range of bikes are a type of bike known as a ‘hybrid bike’ or ‘fitness bike’. I’m a huge fan of this bike type and, in particular, the Trek FX.

If you’re new to hybrid bikes, then it might be helpful to imagine a spectrum of bikes which goes from road bikes at one end to mountain bikes at the other. Road bikes are the type you’ll see that have very skinny tires. Their riders will probably be wearing tight spandex outfits and will be hunched over the handlebars zipping at high speeds along roads and pavements. Mountain bikes, at the other end, are much more rugged. They’ve got big gnarly tires, suspension on the front and maybe back wheels, and their riders will have loose-fitting bike outfits possibly teamed with a full-face motorbike style of helmet. They’ll be negotiating rocks and roots on steep uphills and downhills along backcountry trails.

Hybrid bikes occupy the large center area between these two. They’re bikes that are great for a wide range of activities. Family weekend bike rides with the kids in the park, picking up groceries, trips to the beach, commuting to the office. They’re versatile. Hybrid bike riders might be wearing anything: button down and slacks for the office, short and T-shirt, swimsuit and flip flops for the beach. Great for anything and you don’t have to get all dressed up to go out riding on one.

Sure, you might not go as fast as on a road bike (although you might if you’re on the FX6 ) but anyway you’ll be much comfier and most folks don’t look their best in spandex. You might not even be able to go onto the gnarliest of single-track near-vertical bike trails. But then you don’t have a death wish either.

To my mind, hybrids are bikes with lots of upside and very little downside.

The FX range comprises 14 different variants, with different specifications and various frame styles, including unisex/male, low-step, and women’s. At the top of the tree you have the FX Sport 6 (highly-responsive, light on its feet, and very, very fast – but not cheap) right along to the entry-level FX1 (which punches above its weight for the component list vs the price). Let’s take a look at the FX3 Disc and see if it’s the bike for you.

Trek FX3 Disc review

trek fx 3 women's review

The FX3 seems to me to the hit that sweet spot in the FX range where the component upgrades vs the entry-level bikes aren’t met with price hikes. It’s like the Trek team said to themselves, “Let’s cram in a whole pile of extra cool features on the FX3 and hope no-one notices we haven’t upped the price to match”.

Can you tell I’m a fan?

I often finish up a review by talking about the colors that a bike is available in. But this time I’m going to kick off with them because I love them so much. There are are two colorways for the FX3, Dnister Black and Rage Red. Here’s the thing, these two colors, by themselves are the biggest difficulty I have in hitting Buy Now right away on this bike. Dnister Black? Looks awesome. Suave and yet beautifully understated (much like myself, ahem). But I also love the Rage Red. It’s vibrant. It’s powerful…It’s a tough choice either way, frankly.

Under the hood of those two classic paint jobs we’ve got a component list to-die-for.

The frame is Trek’s Alpha Gold Aluminum. The aluminum is light and flexible and one of the biggest factors in bringing down the FX3’s overall weight to sub-26 lbs. The bike’s geometry (a fancy way of describing the frame size and shape) gives a riding position that is upright, without the hunched over style that you see road bikers having to hold. This, teamed with the flat handlebars, makes for a very comfortable position that is easy to maintain for mile after mile.

Arguably the biggest upgrade that the FX3 has over the FX2 is the front forks. The alloy forks on the FX2 having been swapped out for a carbon set. This, for me, is one of the biggest reasons to get the FX3 and justifies the price difference over the FX2. The carbon strips out a decent amount of weight from the bike and that lightness allows you to pedal even faster. At the same time the carbon has more flex to it and this has the benefit of soaking up more of the unevenness in the road surface. All told, that gives you a smoother and faster ride.

Next up, let’s take closer look at the drivetrain. This is a significant upgrade for the FX3 Disc with a move up to a Shimano system. This is smooth-running set with all the gears you’ll need for easy cruising up hills and fast flats and descents. There are 18 gears – 2 cogs at the crank and 9 on the rear hub. This is worth highlighting as it’s a step up from the FX2 which has 3 cogs at the crank. That may not sound like much but it has two benefits. Firstly, it helps cut out weight and, more importantly, it makes maintenance easier as it’s an easier job to adjust the front derailleur so that it catches 2 cogs rather than 3.

When you’ve got a bike that is light, responsive, and capable of going as fast as you want it to, you also need a brake system that can get you out of trouble when vehicles swerve in front of you or squirrels dart across the road in your path. For that, Trek have fitted the very squirrel-friendly Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes. The entry-level FX1 has linear-pull brakes (which are effective but can be impacted by rain and mud). The FX2 moves to a more superior system – mechanical disc brakes. The FX3 then brings out the big guns with hydraulic discs.

Linear-pull brakes have a hard time in wet conditions because the brake pads pull against the wheel rims and these can get slippery in puddles, snow and mud. Not so with disc brakes as the brake pads pull on a separate disc which is up high near the wheel hubs. Mechanical brakes use a cable to pull the brake pads, but a hydraulic disc system uses brake fluid which is both more responsive and lighter (so it saves on bike weight).

The FX3 Disc is a 25.88 lbs thing of beauty.

It’s a great bike. But is it for you? Well, if you’re going to riding on smooth pavement or roads then a hybrid bike is an awesome choice for you. There’s no need for any suspension here because the terrain is smooth anyway. If you like riding in an upright relaxed position, then a hybrid is also great – why be hunched over when you don’t need to be? Leave that for the road bikers. The FX3 is the one to choose if you like all that and you like getting places quickly – that might be the office, or it might be outpacing the kids on a family cycle. Smooth, stylish, powerful. And that could be the bike or the rider I’m talking about.

Of all the FX range from Trek, my favorite is the FX3 Disc . You can see from the spec list that you get a whole heap of bang for your buck. Aluminum. Carbon. Plenty of Shimano. And all this at a price tag that’s around $150 less than the next model up, the FX4.

I like the FX3. I like it a lot. And I think you will too.

Happy cycling.

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trek fx 3 women's review








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Best women's hybrid bikes 2024 and how to choose between them

Our top picks of the best women's hybrid bikes, with lots of helpful advice on how to find your ideal bicycle for mixed terrain riding

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Best women's hybrid bikes main image is of a women riding a bike on a path between two fields with man on a hybrid bike behind her

Capable of tackling tarmac or heading off piste, the best women's hybrid bikes take their influence from both road and off road bikes. They are a great option for anyone who is looking for two wheeled adventures, but who doesn't want to be committed to just one style of riding. 

Choosing a women’s specific bike is not for every female rider, and cycling brands have even flip-flopped over the years in their manufacturing of them. Our guide includes genuine hand picked options that we think make ideal women's specific hybrid bikes, as well as lots of helpful hints and tips on how to find your perfect match. 

Just because a bike isn’t labelled as a 'women’s bike’ doesn’t mean it can’t be ridden by a woman, we've even got a whole page on Is ‘women’s specific geometry’ still relevant? However, there are certainly benefits to be gained from purchasing a women’s specific bike. It's likely to have features like a women's specific saddle , shorter cranks or narrower handlebars for more comfortable riding.

As well as this, certain models will adjust the geometry of the bike so that it is more suited to the shape of the average woman. That includes, for instance, shortening the top tube, as traditionally bikes have been manufactured with long top tubes to accommodate men’s proportionally longer arms compared to their legs.

Best women's hybrid bikes 2022

You can trust Cycling Weekly. Our team of experts put in hard miles testing cycling tech and will always share honest, unbiased advice to help you choose. Find out more about how we test.

  • Best men's hybrid bikes
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Trek FX 3 disc women's hybrid bike

Specifications, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

Performance, comfort and utility can all be found in Trek ’s versatile FX 3 hybrid model. It has an aluminium frame and a lightweight carbon fork that is designed to absorb vibrations, giving you a smooth, controlled ride over rougher terrain.

With a 46/30 chainset and an 11-36 cassette, the 2x9 Shimano Acera drivetrain provides more than enough gears to tackle the steepest of hills. However, with the wide range cassette you may find yourself stuck between gears at times.

The FX 3 has reliable and controllable braking power in all conditions, thanks to Shimano’s MT201 hydraulic disc brakes it’s fitted with. Complementing this, the Bontrager H2 700x32c tyres offer sufficient grip for poor conditions, without compromising rolling speed.

This model is also fitted with a women-specific design saddle which is engineered to fully support the female anatomy.

Boardman HYB 8.8 women’s hybrid bike

Our expert review:

Coming in nearly 1 kilogram lighter than the previous Boardman HYB 8.6 model, the HYB 8.8 boasts lighter and better components to complement its reliable alloy frame and carbon forks. It was one of our Editor's Choice picks in 2021.

The 8.8 model is fitted with Shimano Deore 1 x 10 gears to ensure quick, smooth and reliable gear shifting. With one chainring at the front and a 11-42 tooth cassette at the rear, the drivetrain is lighter with less to go wrong or to maintain. The wide range cassette means there is still ample gearing for most situations.

Boardman have tailored this ride to the needs of females by kitting the bike out with narrower bars, shorter stems and a women’s specific saddle.

Mounts for mudguards and a pannier rack are also included in this model that delivers great versatility.

Read more: Boardman HYB 8.8 Women's bike review

Carrera Subway 1 women's hybrid bike

For just over £300, this is a value for money option that will give even nervous riders confidence with its predictable handling and the stopping power of its mechanical disc brakes.

The Carrera Subway 1 comes with a subtle frame geometry tweak—a dropped top tube—for the women’s specific build.

With Kenda tyres designed with an extra Kevlar layer for puncture proofness, mudguard and pannier mounts, the Subway 1 is certainly versatile. Complementing this, its 2x8 gear set up is robust and has a broad range. But it is also not as comfortable as other options, so we’d not recommend it if you’re going on long adventures.

Read more: Carrera Subway review

Pinnacle Lithium 3 women’s hybrid bike

The Lithium 3 can handle any terrain you dare to ride with ease, as a do it all hybrid. Pinnacle, the in-house brand at Evans Cycles, has combined a rigid 29er mountain bike with 40c tyres for ample rolling ability on tarmac. This bike provides controllability over rough terrain and speed down the streets.

With wide clearance and space for 2.2” MTB tyres, the Lithium is built with versatility in mind and can be easily adapted to explore local trails, fields and forests.

Coming in at 12.5kg, the Lithium’s alloy frame and steel fork doesn’t make for the lightest of bikes. But, equipped with Shimano Acera triple chainset (44-32-22) and a 11-32 tooth cassette, you shouldn’t struggle up the hills. The only noteworthy issue with weight comes when trying to carry the bike.

Read more: Pinnacle Lithium 4 women’s hybrid bike

Ribble Hybrid AL women’s hybrid bike

Ribble’ s Hybrid AL range of comfortable and reliable bikes starts with the commuter edition at £799, but as with all Ribble's bikes you can choose between a range of specs and use the Bike Builder online to customise the bike to your desires. 

With hydraulic disc brakes, you can ride with confidence whatever the terrain. There's even a beefed-up Trail spec if you want to use the bike predominantly off-road.

With a 2x9 speed drivetrain and 11-32 tooth cassette the AL comes with sufficient range of gears, low maintenance and reliability. 

Ribble’s customisable Bike Builder gives you the option of four women’s specific saddles giving you freedom for comfort. The base-level spec even comes ready-fitted with mudguards and a rack for commuting duties.

We've reviewed the electric version of Ribble's hybrid, which was an Editor's Choice pick in 2020.

Read more: Ribble Hybrid Al E review

Cannondale Quick Women's 4 Hybrid Bike

Staying true to its name, the Quick range are Cannondale ’s machines for speed and confidence when commuting and leisure riding.

Sitting in the middle is the Quick 4, which is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a 9 speed drivetrain.

Fitted with a chromoly fork, this bike is designed to withstand the demands of city riding by reducing road vibrations. While the alloy frame has Cannondale’s OutFront Steering Geometry to provide added stability for sweeping your way across town.

The Quick 4, like all other Quick models, features bright 360° reflective components as an important safety measure. This model has also flat handlebars for a comfortable and stable upright riding position, which is useful when keeping an eye on traffic.

B'Twin Riverside 920

The B'Twin Riverside 920 from Decathlon is a relatively lightweight hybrid with an upright riding position and a comfortable ride. 

The Riverside 920 comes with a Suntour suspension fork. This has a lockout, so you can use the suspension on rougher surfaces, but disable it on smooth surfaces for a quicker, more efficient, less bouncy ride. 

There's hydraulic disc braking too, for assured stopping power, while the 11-speed SRAM drivetrain gives plenty of range and ratios. The Riverside 920 comes with quality Mavic wheels too. It's a high value package for the money.

Read more: B'Twin Riverside 920 review

Anatomy of a women's hybrid bike

At first glance, the sheer range and variety of hybrid bikes can seem overwhelming but they do have many features in common.

Key features to expect in a hybrid bike are listed below. In the women's specific models, you'll expect a women's saddle, and narrower handlebars as well as a spread of sizes more suited to shorter riders.

Mounting points for panniers and mudguards

Carrying weight on the bike is more pleasant than on your back as it takes the weight off your shoulders and lowers your centre of gravity. Using panniers also saves getting all sweaty from where the backpack touches your skin. However do bear in mind, backpacks are more versatile and can prove useful if your journey involves sections which are not done on the bike.

Mudguards are important in helping to keep you drier when it’s raining as you won’t be flicking additional water onto yourself. But significantly, and often overlooked, they also keep you dry when it’s not raining and there’s still water on the roads.

You will find points for mounting the panniers and mudguards by the front and rear axles, at the top of the seat stays and at the crown of the fork.

Clearance for wider tyres for comfort

As your only direct contact point with the ground, tyre choice has a large effect on the comfort of your ride and the terrain you can ride on. Wider tyres provide more grip and don’t sink into soft surfaces—like mud and gravel—to the same extent as narrower tyres. In having a greater volume of air over narrower tyres, they also are better able to absorb bumps and potholes and provide greater comfort.

A good starting point is to look for a tyre that is at least 35mm wide, although you can get tyres that are up to 60mm wide on some machines, although they tend to be better for off-road use and may slow you down on tarmac due to higher rolling resistance. 

Upright position for comfort and better view in and around traffic

A more upright position puts less pressure on your hands, as your weight is transferred to your sit bones instead. It can be more comfortable to be more upright if you have a backpack, as when you are bent over with a backpack it can be quite unstable and flop from side to side.

Another benefit of a more upright position is that it provides you with a better view of the traffic, helping you to safely navigate around the cars on your commute.

Flat handlebars for control, comfort and price point

With flat handlebars the shifting and braking are straightforward, which is especially useful if you are not used to a road bike set up.

There is the added benefit that the brakes and shifters are significantly cheaper for flat handlebars than the integrated brakes and shifters of road bikes. This keeps down the initial cost of these bikes and saves you money on any future repairs.

Wide range of gears

Gears are the way that your pedal strokes are converted into efficient forward motion. Given that there is a relatively narrow range of cadences that are comfortable to ride in (70-100rpm), but the speeds that we commonly travel at can range from 10kph to 60kph, it’s important to have a large range of gears so that we can ride at our preferred cadence, whatever the speed.

But absolute range is not the only consideration. Small and even gaps between the gears help us to fine-tune the gear we are riding in and prevent us from being stuck between two gears, one too big and one too small.

A triple crankset with an 8 speed cassette, for example, provides an affordable way of getting enough absolute range whilst still having acceptable jumps between the gears. While a double with a wide range 10 speed cassette is pricier, it is also lighter weight and provides a similar range with similar jumps to the 3x8.

If you are only riding on the flat and not carrying heavier loads, you will be able to do with a smaller range of gears, which will simplify riding and maintenance and save a little weight.

Disc brakes for controlled and reliable braking

Disc brakes provide greater power than rims brakes, and the price of this increase in braking performance is dropping all the time—so we are seeing far more hybrid bikes at all price points coming with disc brakes. Where disc brakes particularly excel is stopping in the wet. This is an important aspect for a hybrid that is being used for commuting as it is likely going to be needed in all weather conditions.

Hydraulic disc brakes also provide better modulation and have a significantly lighter lever action, so they are far easier to use than other braking mechanisms and they're a sealed system so there should be less maintenance needed.

Rugged tyres for fewer punctures

The last thing you want to be doing when commuting or on a leisurely cycle is to be having to change an inner tube. Although the more rugged tyres don’t roll as fast and are a little heavier, these are small trade-offs for the inconvenience of a puncture.

Many hybrid bikes are now coming with tubeless ready wheels and tyres, which help to lower the risk of being stopped by a puncture.

High spoke count for robust wheels

If you want to carry heavy loads, a high spoke count will help with that as less tension is put through each of the spokes, leading to a more robust, durable wheel.

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Hannah was a successful road and track racer herself, competing in UCI races all over Europe as well as in China, Pakistan and New Zealand.

For fun, she's ridden LEJOG unaided, a lap of Majorca in a day, won a 24-hour mountain bike race and tackled famous mountain passes in the French Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites and Himalayas. 

She lives just outside the Peak District National Park near Manchester UK with her partner, daughter and a small but beautifully formed bike collection. 

Can the blood glucose monitor help riders with depleted immune systems who are susceptible to colds and sinus infections or are we better off washing our hands regularly?

By Adam Jones Published 6 February 24

Fredy Alexander Gonzales Torres is accused of "possession of a substance or method prohibited for use by an athlete" during the 2020 Tour de France

By Tom Thewlis Published 6 February 24

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trek fx 3 women's review

Bikepacking Alliance

Trek FX 3 Disc Review

Are you in the market for a new bike and considering the Trek FX 3 Disc? Before you make your purchase, it’s important to have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

This review will provide you with an in-depth look at the Trek FX 3 Disc, highlighting its features, performance, and overall value for money.

Choosing the right bike can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available on the market.

Trek FX 3 Disc Review

The Trek FX 3 Disc is a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

With its sleek design and advanced features, it promises to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride.

If you’re looking for a versatile bike that can handle various terrains and provide a comfortable riding experience, the Trek FX 3 Disc might be the perfect fit for you.

So, let’s get started and find out if the Trek FX 3 Disc is the right bike for you.

Trek FX 3 Disc Review

– Lightweight and durable frame made from high-quality Alpha Gold Aluminum.

– Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide consistent stopping power in all weather conditions.

– Wide range of gears from the 1×10 Shimano Deore drivetrain for easy and efficient pedaling on different terrains.

– Smooth and responsive handling for confident riding.

– Comfortable and ergonomic design with an upright riding position.

– Integrated mounts for racks and fenders, allowing for easy customization and added functionality.

– Reliable and efficient drivetrain for smooth shifting and minimal maintenance.

– Bontrager H2 Comp 700x32mm tires provide stability and traction on rough roads and trails.

– Versatile and adaptable for various riding styles and purposes.

– Trek’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship ensures a long-lasting and enjoyable riding experience.

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Trek FX 3 Disc Review

One of the standout features of the Trek FX 3 Disc is its lightweight frame, which is made from Alpha Gold Aluminum.

This material not only provides durability but also ensures that the bike remains lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

The bike also features a carbon fork, which further enhances its performance by absorbing vibrations and providing a more comfortable ride.

Trek FX 3 Disc Review

Equipped with a 1×10 Shimano Deore drivetrain, the Trek FX 3 Disc offers a wide range of gears to tackle different terrains and inclines.

Whether you’re cycling on flat roads or climbing steep hills, you can easily find the right gear to maintain a steady and efficient pace.

The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, ensuring that you can ride with confidence and have full control over your bike.

Trek FX 3 Disc Review

The Trek FX 3 Disc also boasts a comfortable and ergonomic design.

It features a Bontrager H1 saddle and grips, which provide excellent support and cushioning for long rides.

The bike’s geometry is designed to promote an upright riding position, reducing strain on your back and neck.

Additionally, the bike comes with rack and fender mounts, allowing you to easily add accessories for commuting or touring purposes.

Trek FX 3 Disc Review


When it comes to performance, the Trek FX 3 Disc delivers exceptional results.

The bike’s smooth and responsive handling allows for easy maneuverability, whether you’re navigating through traffic or taking on off-road trails.

The 32mm wide tires provide stability and traction, ensuring a confident ride on various surfaces.

The bike’s overall construction and components make it a reliable option for both leisurely rides and more intense workouts.

Trek FX 3 Disc Review

In terms of value for money, the Trek FX 3 Disc offers a great package.

With its high-quality components and versatile performance, it is competitively priced compared to other bikes in its class.

Whether you’re a casual cyclist or a dedicated rider, this bike offers a balance of affordability and performance that is hard to beat.

In conclusion, the Trek FX 3 Disc is a top-notch bike that delivers on all fronts.

Its lightweight frame, reliable drivetrain, and comfortable design make it a great choice for cyclists of all levels.

Whether you’re commuting, exploring new trails, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, this bike will exceed your expectations.

So, if you’re in the market for a versatile and reliable bike, the Trek FX 3 Disc should definitely be on your radar.

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trek fx 3 women's review

Cannondale Quick 3 vs Trek FX3 Disc

In this article, we’re taking a look at two popular mid-range commuter/fitness bikes from two reputable manufacturers,  Cannondale and Trek. They are the Cannondale Quick 3 and the Trek FX3 Disc.

Both of these bikes are aimed at fitness enthusiasts and commuters, who are looking for a reliable new bike and are willing to spend more than the entry-level offerings in exchange for better, more reliable components.

Let’s start with the price, which is pretty similar. The FX3 Disc comes in at $899.99, while the Quick 3 sets you back $925 . The extra 25 dollars isn’t a significant difference to decide for one or the other.

They are also pretty similar in the choice of materials . Both of them come with aluminum frames and carbon forks. It’s nice to see internal cable routing on both bikes, which results in cleaner-looking lines.

trek fx 3 women's review

FX 3 Disc is a versatile hybrid bike that's primed for performance, comfort, and utility. It has features like a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fork, and powerful disc brakes that stop in any weather. It's a commuting pro if you want it to be, or the perfect fitness companion on pavement and rail trails.

Trek FX 3 Disc

Both the Trek and the Cannondale come in 5 sizes , and range from small to extra-extra large, but there is a significant difference in the maximum weight each of these bikes can carry.

The Trek has a maximum total weight limit of 300 lbs (136 kg), which includes the combined weight of the bike, rider and the cargo, while the Cannondale can carry a 300 lb (136 kg) rider and 30 lbs (14 kg) of luggage not including the bike’s own weight . This is good news for heavy riders looking for a bike in the XXL range.

Both bikes are available in women’s versions , which means different color variations and in the case of the FX3, it also has women specific saddles for better comfort for female riders. Both the Quick 3 and the FX3 are also availabe with low step through frames in case you don’t fancy throwing your legs over the rear wheel and the saddle when getting on and off the bike.

Sadly, if you opt for other than the standard Cannondale version, you’re going to pay a higher price. Here’s a comparison chart of the differences.

In terms of groupsets and other components used, both bicycles are quite comparable.

trek fx 3 women's review

They both come with 9 speed cassettes and double cranks, resulting in a wide gear ratio, but with a difference offered in the lowest and highest gear ratios .

Cannondale’s highest gear ratio is going to provide a faster speed at the same pedal revolution , concentrating on faster speeds, while Trek’s more focused on the lower gear ratios, and helps tackle steep hills better .

trek fx 3 women's review

The Cannondale Quick 3 uses Shimano Altus shifters, Acera front derailleurs and Alivio rear derailleurs. For brakes it uses Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors at the front and 140mm rotors at the rear. Even with the smaller rotor at the rear, it provides sufficient stopping power for its intended use.

The Trek FX 3 is equiped with Shimano components both for the brakes and the for the drive train. It uses Shimano Acera shifters and front derailleurs and Alivio rear derailleurs . It’s not a huge upgrade over the Quick 3, but it’s nice to see a higher end shifter for less price. The FX 3 uses Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors both at the front and the rear, which again, is slighly better than the Cannondale offering.

Income School

In terms of weight, the Cannondale manages to keep it under 25 lbs, while the FX 3 comes in at just under 26 lbs . It’s not a huge difference, especially for the type of use these bicycles are intended, but it’s always nice to have a lighter bike, especially if you need to carry it up the stairs.

One area where Cannondale offers a bit more comfort over the Trek is the tire size, which is 35 mm against the 32 mm of the latter . The 3 mm difference translates into a smoother riding experience on uneven roads, and it makes getting up curbs and hitting potholes a little safer, reducing the chance of a pinch flat.

I also love that Cannondale offers Schwalbe Spicer tires with reflective strips on the wheels . They offer excellent puncture resistance (number 5 on Schwalbe’s scale, which is on par with the Schwalbe Marathon, and runs up to 7). These tires perform very well on urban roads, but they don’t offer much traction off road.

The Trek comes with their own manufactured Bontrager H2 tires, which aren’t terrible, but they definitely offer significantly less puncture protection compared to the Schwalbe. If you want to eliminate the chance of flats , this is something you should probably upgrade as soon as you get the bike.

trek fx 3 women's review

Both bicycles have mouting points for two bottle cages, fenders and racks, and the FX 3 also includes additional eyelets on the front fork.

Ergonomic grips and comfortable saddles are included in both packages . These are great for getting started, and if you spend a lot of time in the saddle, you may want to upgrade those down the line.

Both bikes come with basic plastic pedals . The Cannondale is a little more versatile, while the Trek is more geared toward city riding. Again, they are fine just to get started, but you will probably want to replace them if you use your bike a lot.

There are two additional nice details from Cannondale, which are not present in the Trek.

One of them is the inclusion of their integrated wheel sensor , which they developed together with Garmin. It pairs up with your smartphone, and provides you information about your bicycle, service intervals, speed and other useful details. Although it’s not essential, but it’s certainly nice to have.

The second bonus is that the Cannondale paintjob includes 360° reflective details, which makes it super safe to ride at night because it’s virtually impossible to not notice. This, combined with the reflective strip of the Schwalbe tires, is a winning duo.

When it comes to comfort and bike geometry, there are lots of similarities, and some differences too. Let’s see some of them taking the L size bikes in from both manufacturers.

The Quick 3 has a slightly longer wheelbase, which translates to a marginally more stable ride, while the FX 3 is a little easier to steer and turn.

The FX 3 has a slightly longer chainstay, which means that you may be less likely to bump into heel clearence issues if you use a pannier than you are with the Quick 3. The difference is only 15mm, but sometimes that can be the difference between hitting a pannier or not.

The Cannondale is slightly more oriented towards speed, while the FX 3 is a more balanced, and a slightly more upright bicycle .

These differences are quite subtle and probably not very noticeable to a beginner, but one would notice the difference if he sat on one after using the other one for some time

Which is the better choice for you?

If you are committed to spending a lot of time in the saddle, and you want to ride at fast speeds, you should probably opt for the Cannondale Quick 3. It is better for performance riding and offers some other benefits, such as great puncture protection and the integrated wheel sensor. If you weigh more than 263 lbs (120 kg), and you intend to carry some stuff with you, the Cannondale is the only option you have between these two.

If you’re not too concerned about a marginally higher top speed, and you’re looking for a more upright bicycle that can get you up steeper hills, and has slightly better components, the FX 3 won’t disappoint.

Either way you choose, the main thing is to get on your bike and ride it often. The best bike you can own is the one that makes you want to ride it every time you see it.

Happy pedaling!

Sam Benkoczy

Hi, I'm Sam. I own and maintain 6 e-bikes, 15 regular bikes (road bikes, folding bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes among others). I learned about bikes from my local bike mechanic as well as from bike maintenance courses. I love being out there in the saddle, and using my bike as a practical means of transportation. You can also find me on my YouTube channel at youtube.com/bikecommuterhero Say hi to me at [email protected].

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Trek FX 3 (2016) Review

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Bicycle Frame

The frame is beautifully constructed.

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A genuinely performance oriented aero forks which drastically reduces the weight of the bicycle.

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These brakes were reactive.

Bicycle Tires

The bead-to-bead woven construction means that the sidewalls of the tires are as tough as the portion of the tire that is hitting the ground, reducing sidewall cuts.


Technical Specifications


Trending Products

Firefox Meteor 700C

Trek have been quiet with new releases for a brief period in India. Just maybe the wait was worth it. Trek have launched their famous FX hybrid series of bicycles and even though they all have the same basic concept which has been retained over the years, the build technology has always been constantly evolving to create a better cycling experience. From the 2016 range we got the opportunity to test ride the Trek FX 3 hybrid bicycle and here is what we thought.

  • Not the best of designs

Frame, Fit and Comfort

Trek FX 3 (2016) Frame, Fit and Comfort

As expected at this price there is a carbon fork on the FX 3 2016. This Bontrager Nebula carbon fork isnêt just a component to tick the box, but is a genuinely performance oriented aero forks which drastically reduces the weight of the bicycle. They blend in nicely with the bicycleês cockpit to make handling an easier affair.

Trek FX 3 (2016) Design

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they say and that is quite true when it comes to the design and graphics of the Trek FX 3 2016. Trek have gone with a single colour for the whole bicycle, a sky blue. There is also a pure white colour variant for this bicycle. The elegant frame shapes and the welds arenêt glaringly visible which makes the bicycle look neat. The internal cable routing on the top tube and the bottom tube makes itês a less messy environment around the middle of the bicycle. Other than the legible Trek text on the bottom tube there is no other big brandings or graphics anywhere on the frame or the forks.

Trek FX 3 (2016) Gearing

The gearing department in the Trek FX 3 2016 is taken care of by a differential range of Shimano MTB range, Alivio at the rear and Acera at the front. It is common to use MTB gearing for hybrids as they provide more depth and range for varied ranges of inclines and downhillês which one might encounter in urban conditions. Shimanoês Alivio and Acera worked seamlessly together. I tried varied types of gear changing during the test ride, ranging from quick rapid shifts for burst speeds to gradual increase while declining from a city flyover. These derailleurs did not throw up any niggles during any of these rough gearing test which I put this bicycle through. The Shimano EF65 Rapidfire plus 2 x 9 gear shifter gave a precise and consistent shifting performance throughout the test ride.

Brakes and Steering

Trek FX 3 (2016) Brakes and Steering

This is a component which will raise a few questions in the Trek FX 3 2016. Mainly due to its Tektro alloy linear pull brakes which are being offered for the steep price. These brakes were reactive and had a sizably lengthy brake pads to hold on to the rims quickly and in a balanced manner. Yes there were the usual niggles of braking in wet conditions and the imbalance while jamming the brakes but these are all the limitations of a linear pull brake. These smaller niggles aside it is fair to expect a minimum of mechanical disc brakes at this price range and Trek have made a debateable decision going for the cheaper alternative.

Bontrager's Satellite Plus IsoZone Handlebar with Satellite inForm Grips is a great set of handlebars and grips in one package. This system offers excellent comfort by providing suspension for your hands with Bontragerês built-in IsoZone elastomer inserts in the ends of the bars. The inForm grips have an ergonomic shape for excellent support and to eliminate pressure. The 31.88 mm length and 15mm raise makes the riding posture slightly aggressive but still open chested for a pain free and comfortable ride.

Ride Quality

Trek FX 3 (2016) Ride Quality

The Trek FX 3 rolls on a pair of Bontrager Hard Case Lite 700C x 35C tires. The triple flat protection is the selling point for the Bontrager Hardcases. The bead-to-bead woven construction means that the sidewalls of the tires are as tough as the portion of the tire that is hitting the ground, reducing sidewall cuts. There is an anti-pinch rib, protecting against pinch flats and there is a Kevlar belt, virtually eliminating punctures. During the test ride I found the Bontrager Race Lite Hardcases to offer the perfect combination of reliability and comfort on flat tarmacs. The Bontrager Nebula saddle brings inForm technology to the hybrid rider. It's designed for a more upright riding and is one of the first custom fit hybrid saddles inn the market. The overall ride quality was smooth and comfortable on flat tarmacs.

The FX 3 is among the top end Hybrid bicycles in the market and when it comes to performance it shows why this bicycle deserves to be right on top with the best Hybrid bicycles out there. Trekês frame building experience with top notch components gives us a bicycle you will never want to stop riding. As an average rider would think, disc brakes and certainly a missing component which could have been offered at this price. With a price tag of Rs.54,690 the Trek FX 3 2016 is a performance packed Hybrid bicycle for anyone looking to commute and also to take it on long weekend rides.

Prices are subject to change by the brand, without due notice.

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Endurance mountain bikes

Trek FX 3 Disc

  • AUS $ NZD $ USD $ CAD $ GBP £ EUR €

At a glance

Where to buy.

Trek Logo


  • Frame Alpha Gold Aluminium, DuoTrap S-compatible, internal cable routing, flat-mount disc, rack and mudguard mounts, 135x5 mm QR
  • Fork FX Carbon, rack and mudguard mounts, flat-mount disc, 405 mm axle-to-crown. ThruSkew 5 mm QR
  • Hubs Formula DC-22, alloy, 6-bolt, Shimano 8/9/10 freehub, 135x5 mm QR
  • Wheels Bontrager Tubeless Ready Disc, 32-hole, Presta valve
  • Spokes 14 g stainless steel
  • Tires Bontrager H2 Comp, wire bead, 30 tpi, 700x32c
  • Chain KMC X9
  • Crank Size: S, M, Shimano MT210, 46/30, chain guard, 170 mm length; Size: L, XL, XXL, Shimano MT210, 46/30, chain guard, 175 mm length
  • Front Derailleur Shimano Acera T3000, 34.9 mm clamp, top swing, dual pull
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano Alivio M3100, long cage
  • Shifters Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Shimano Acera M3000, 9 speed; Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Shimano Acera M3000, 2 -speed
  • Brakeset Shimano hydraulic disc, MT201 lever, UR300 calliper
  • Handlebar Size: S, M, Bontrager Satellite Plus IsoZone, alloy, 31.8 mm, 15 mm rise, 600 mm width; Size: L, XL, XXL, Bontrager Satellite Plus IsoZone, alloy, 31.8 mm, 15 mm rise, 660 mm width
  • Saddle Bontrager H1
  • Seatpost Bontrager alloy, 27.2 mm, 12 mm offset, 330 mm length
  • Stem Size: S, Bontrager Elite, 31.8 mm, Blendr-compatible, 7-degree, 90 mm length; Size: M, L, Bontrager Elite, 31.8 mm clamp, Blendr-compatible, 7-degree, 100 mm length; Size: XL, XXL, Bontrager Elite, 31.8 mm clamp, Blendr-compatible, 7-degree, 110 mm length
  • Grips Bontrager Satellite IsoZone Plus, lock-on, ergonomic
  • Headset 1-1/8'' threadless, sealed cartridge bearings

Q: How much is a 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc?

A 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc is typically priced around £775 GBP when new. Be sure to shop around for the best price, and also look to the used market for a great deal.

Q: Where to buy a 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc?

The 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc may be purchased directly from Trek .

Q: What size 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc should I get?

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trek fx 3 women's review

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When do new episodes of 'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans' come out? See full series schedule

The latest Ryan Murphy project has officially premiered on FX .

" Feud: Capote vs. The Swans ," an eight-episode limited series and the latest installment in Murphy's "Feud" anthology series, premiered with two episodes on Wednesday night.

According to FX, the series is based on the bestselling book "Capote's Women: A True Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Swan Song for an Era" by Laurence Leamer and focuses on the relationship between Truman Capote and the group of rich, glamorous women he surrounded himself with and nicknamed "the swans."

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FX notes in its series synopsis the season sees Capote become "ingratiated" into the women's lives, "befriending them and becoming their confidante, only to ultimately betray them by writing a thinly veiled fictionalization of their lives, exposing their most intimate secrets."

The first season of the series, " Feud: Bette and Joan ," premiered on FX in 2017 and focused on the rivalry between Joan Crawford, played by Jessica Lange, and Bette Davis, played by Susan Sarandon, during their collaboration on the 1962 film "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"

Here's what to know about "Feud: Capote vs. The Swans," including the full episode schedule and cast.

'Capote vs. The Swans' review: FX's new season of 'Feud' is deathly cold-blooded

When does the next episode of 'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans' come out?

The next episode of the series comes out on Wednesday, Feb. 7 on FX, and can be streamed on Hulu the next day.

'Feud': Stream the series on Hulu

'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans' episode schedule

  • Episode 1: "Pilot" - Jan. 31
  • Episode 2: "Ice Water in Their Veins" - Jan. 31
  • Episode 3: "Masquerade 1966" - Feb. 7
  • Episode 4: "It's Impossible" - Feb. 14
  • Episode 5: "The Secret Inner Lives of Swans" - Feb. 21
  • Episode 6: "Hats, Gloves and Effete Homosexuals" - Feb. 28
  • Episode 7: "Beautiful Babe" - March 6
  • Episode 8: Phantasm Forgiveness" - March 13

'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans' cast

Tom Hollander stars as Truman Capote in the series. The "swans" are played by Naomi Watts (who also serves as an executive producer on the installment), Diane Lane, Chloë Sevigny, and Calista Flockhart.

The series also stars Demi Moore, Molly Ringwald, Treat Williams, Joe Mantello and Russell Tovey.

'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans': Who plays Truman Capote and his 'Swans' in new FX series?

'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans' trailer

FX released the latest trailer for the series on Jan. 18.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: When do new episodes of 'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans' come out? See full series schedule

Demi Moore as Ann Woodward in "FEUD: Capote Vs. The Swans".

trek fx 3 women's review

  • Rider Notes

2018 Trek FX 3 Women's Disc

trek fx 3 women's review

A 700c aluminum frame women’s fitness bike with mid-range components and hydraulic disc brakes.

For This Bike

View more similar bikes →

Based on frame geometry and build specs.

A bike with lower gearing will be easier to ride up steep hills, while a higher top end means it will pedal faster down hills.

FX 3 Women's Disc

Similar Bikes


Add custom gearing


Nov 2018 · Ian Osborne

High-class fitness bike with proven road technology and a classy component package. Buy if you want a capable, high-spec yet sensible-handling bike with a flat bar

Comfortable-yet-fun ride, IsoSpeed decoupler, lightweight, Shimano 105

Cost is the biggest one, funky-looking grips, only available in black

Read Review

99 Spokes on YouTube

Last updated 15 February Not listed for 2,181 days

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    Some frequently asked questions Our final conclusion about the FX 3 Disc If you want to find out more about it, stick with us - we'll tell you everything you need to know! Trek FX 3 Disc | Trek Bikes FX 3 Disc is a versatile hybrid bike that's primed for performance, comfort, and utility.

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    Rating (4.7/5) The newly upgraded Trek FX 3 Disc is one of the top choices for fitness enthusiasts and not just for commuter riders. Despite the hybrid bike's purpose of perimeter riding, we have tested it in rough terrain for 2 months and are always surprised at the results.

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    First though, a spoiler: Need to make a fast decision to either buy or not buy the FX3 Disc? Here's my topline recommendation. If you want a light bike to go fast on smooth pavement or roads, then this could well be the perfect bike for you.

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    Overview Specifications Related Discussion 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc Women's hybrid Compare Size / MD, LG Manufacturer Website At a glance The 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc Women's is an hybrid aluminium road bike. It is priced at £775 GBP, comes in a range of sizes, including MD, LG and a shimano drivetrain. The bike is part of Trek 's FX range of road bikes.

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    Ride Feel Based on frame geometry and build specs. Learn more → Rider Position relaxed aggressive FX 3 Disc Women's Other Fitness bikes Gearing A bike with lower gearing will be easier to ride up steep hills, while a higher top end means it will pedal faster down hills. Learn more Lowest gear used for climbing FX 3 Disc Women's Similar Bikes

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    Ride Feel Based on frame geometry and build specs. Rider Position relaxed aggressive FX 3 Disc Women's Other Fitness bikes Gearing A bike with lower gearing will be easier to ride up steep hills, while a higher top end means it will pedal faster down hills. Lowest gear (climbing) FX 3 Disc Women's Similar Bikes Highest gear (descending)

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    70 Reviews / Write a Review Model 585818 Retailer prices may vary. FX 3 Disc Women's is a versatile hybrid bike made for performance, comfort, and utility. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fork, and powerful disc brakes that stop in any weather. Compare Color / Voodoo Trek Black Select a color Select size What is my size?

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    Boardman HYB 8.8 women's hybrid bike. Coming in nearly 1 kilogram lighter than the previous Boardman HYB 8.6 model, the HYB 8.8 boasts lighter and better components to complement its reliable ...

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    Performance. When it comes to performance, the Trek FX 3 Disc delivers exceptional results. The bike's smooth and responsive handling allows for easy maneuverability, whether you're navigating through traffic or taking on off-road trails. The 32mm wide tires provide stability and traction, ensuring a confident ride on various surfaces.

  13. Cannondale Quick 3 vs Trek FX3 Disc

    Let's start with the price, which is pretty similar. The FX3 Disc comes in at $899.99, while the Quick 3 sets you back $925. The extra 25 dollars isn't a significant difference to decide for one or the other. They are also pretty similar in the choice of materials. Both of them come with aluminum frames and carbon forks.

  14. My First Day Review of the Trek FX 3 Disc 2022 : r/TrekBikes

    My First Day Review of the Trek FX 3 Disc 2022. I've been looking forward to getting this bike for a while, replacing another hybrid which was steel. I was getting a bit tired of the weight on my shoulder going up and down stairs and wanted something lighter in general. I read a lot of reviews before buying and while waiting so I thought I ...

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    Montra Trance Pro (2022)₹31,825. Trek FX 3 (2016) : ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review. Trek have been quiet with new releases for a brief period in India. Just maybe the wait was worth it. Trek have launched their famous FX hybrid series of bicycles and even though they all have the same basic concept which has been retained over the years ...

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    378 Reviews / Write a Review $999.99 $1,049.99 Model 5258681 Retailer prices may vary. FX 3 Disc is a versatile hybrid bike that's primed for performance, comfort, and utility. It has features like a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fork, a 1x drivetrain, and powerful disc brakes that stop in any weather.

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    36 Reviews / Write a Review Model 585827 Retailer prices may vary. FX 3 Disc Women's Stagger is a versatile hybrid bike made for performance, comfort, and utility. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, a classic stepthrough geometry that's easier to mount and dismount, a carbon fork, and powerful disc brakes that stop in any weather. Compare

  18. 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc

    Reviews 2021 TrekFX 3 Disc A 700c aluminum frame fitness bike with mid-range components and hydraulic disc brakes. View on trekbikes.com Learn about Trek Report data problem Add to Comparison Where to Buy Pre-Owned $599 $899 Trek FX 3 Disc - 2021, Large In Stock: LG Pre-Owned $599 $899 Trek FX 3 Disc Women's - 2021, Medium In Stock: MD Pre-Owned

  19. 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc

    Discussion 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc hybrid Compare Size / LG Manufacturer Website At a glance The 2021 Trek FX 3 Disc is an hybrid aluminium road bike. It is priced at £775 GBP, comes in a range of sizes, including LG and a shimano drivetrain. The bike is part of Trek 's FX range of road bikes. Where To Buy Trek Trek FX 3 Disc Leisure Lakes Bikes

  20. FX 3 Women's

    FX 3 Women's - Trek Bikes FX Specs Sizing Geometry Service Reviews Frameset Frame FX Alpha Gold Aluminum, DuoTrap S compatible, rack & fender mounts Fork Bontrager Nebula, carbon Wheels Front hub Formula FM21 alloy Rear hub Alloy Rims Bontrager Tubeless Ready, 32h Tires Bontrager H2 Hard-case Lite, 700x32c Drivetrain Shifters Shimano EF65, 9 speed

  21. When do new episodes of 'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans' come out ...

    According to FX, the series is based on the bestselling book "Capote's Women: A True Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Swan Song for an Era" by Laurence Leamer and focuses on the relationship between ...

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    Overview Features Specs Sizing Geometry Service Reviews Product details Lightweight frame for a fast, efficient, enjoyable ride Comfort that counts: IsoZone bar and ergo grips DuoTrap S compatible: track your fitness, map your miles Rack and fender mounts make it easy to accessorize

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    2018 Trek FX 3 Women's Disc ... FX 3 Women's Disc. 57 km/h. Similar Bikes. Highest gear (descending) Add custom gearing. Reviews. Trek FX Sport 6 review. Nov 2018 · Ian Osborne. High-class fitness bike with proven road technology and a classy component package. Buy if you want a capable, high-spec yet sensible-handling bike with a flat bar ...

  24. FX 3 Women's

    58 Reviews / Write a Review Model 534036 Retailer prices may vary. Compare Color / California Sky Blue Select a color Select size 15 17 15 (step-through frame) 17.5 (step-through frame) 20 (step-through frame) What is my size? This product is no longer available online, but it could be in stock at your local Trek shop!