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travel experience in resume

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How to include (and leverage) travel on your resume

How to add travel to your resume. Including tips like where to put travel on your resume, which skills to emphasize, and how to effectively list Worldpackers experiences on your resume.

travel experience in resume

Gabrielle Budget Travel With Gabby

Apr 01, 2023

leverage travel on your resume

With the competitive and intense atmosphere that sometimes accompanies finding a job in this day and age, young people can feel an insane amount of pressure while job-hunting. We want to create the perfect resume, nail the perfect interview and make the perfect impression on potential employers.

Some people may think that traveling is just a hobby, and therefore not a useful credential to include on a resume. But depending on the type of travel you have done, it may just be a special addition to an otherwise ordinary resume.

Traveling is one of the bravest, hardest and most eye-opening things a young person can do . 

Through traveling you can gain new knowledge of the world and its cultures, and you can gain valuable life experience. 

Research now shows what wanderlusters have known all along —  traveling changes you for the better . Especially if you travel using work exchange  experiences through Worldpackers , you can also gain international work experience , which always looks good on a resume .

Do you like? Read more about volunteer experience:  TOP 5 Reasons why you should volunteer abroad

Employers often look for people that are adaptable, well-rounded and confident. If traveling has made you more open-minded and helped shape you into a better person, chances are that will show in your future career.

So don't be afraid to add travel to your resume. Rarely does traveling detract from your list of skills; it supplements them. 

But you have to know how to add travel to your resume in a strategic manner so that it enhances your credentials in a professional way.

With this guide of how to add travel to a resume , I will explain how to include and leverage travel so it makes you look like a more valuable employee . 

I'll list 10 tips, including where to put travel on a resume, what types of experiences to share and which ones not to, types of travel skills to include, and how to effectively share  Worldpackers exchange experiences  on a resume. 

How to add travel to your resume

  • Share valuable travel experiences
  • Don't share travel experiences with no professional value
  • Where to put travel on a resume
  • Share special skills gained while traveling
  • Always include language skills on a resume
  • Share Worldpackers experiences effectively
  • Mention studying abroad on your resume
  • Include any digital media work experience
  • Account for gaps in your resume
  • Always keep the job you are applying for in mind

Representing travel on your resume

1. Share valuable travel experiences

Though all travel is valuable in some way, only list the travel experiences that have benefited you as a future employee in your career path. 

Sometimes we just travel for fun, and while that is an awesome life experience it isn’t useful to an employer. But traveling through eye-opening third world countries, volunteering abroad, and learning new languages and skills probably made you a more compassionate and culturally aware citizen of the world, so that is the type of thing you should highlight on a resume.

Maybe one trip you took opened your eyes to the field you are now trying to work in. Explain how traveling developed your passion and how you are now dedicated to that field of work. 

As long as your travel experience increases your value as a future employee, it can fit nicely into your resume .

2. Don't share travel experiences with no professional value

As I just mentioned, not all travel is beneficial to a career path. 

Traveling for fun without any sort of responsibility isn't appropriate for a professional resume. Don't write about trips where you just gallivanted around, partying and sunbathing. Employers don't care about your trip unless it gave you skills that will benefit their company.

So if you didn't learn anything new, gain any useful experience or feel like you matured or developed as a potential employee, don't write about it. Save that space on your resume for the valuable stuff.

3. Where to put travel on a resume

Where you include travel on your resume depends on the type of traveling you did .

If you actually worked, with set hours and a list of responsibilities and tasks, then include it in the " Work Experience " section. Even if it was volunteer work and you didn't get paid, but it is relevant to the job you are applying for, then include it under the " Work Experience " section of your resume. 

Employers want to see the most relevant information first, so if you volunteered somewhere that gave you similar experience to your potential new job, then list that at the top of your resume .

If you did international volunteer work that was very beneficial to you but still isn't relevant to the job, include it in a different section. 

You can always write a " Volunteer Work " section to list all your volunteer experience. Or if you did volunteer work that taught you a specific skill, you can include it under the " Special Skills " section of a resume.

4. Share special skills gained while traveling

Speaking of special skills, it is essential to note any skills that you gained while traveling the world . 

A huge part of learning how to add travel to a resume is learning how to showcase your skills in an attractive way to employers . 

To do this, you have to learn the difference between "hard skills" and "soft skills."

Hard skills are skills that can be taught , such as learning a sport, a craft or a language. They can usually be measured or graded and are very specific.

Soft skills are skills that you adapt throughout life , through interacting with other people and with certain life situations. Examples of soft skills include learning how to communicate, how to budget, how to organize a group, how to adapt, how to handle pressure or stress and how to negotiate.

Consider which skills are useful to the job and whether they should be mentioned on your resume . You should almost always mention hard skills, but sometimes soft skills aren't necessary .

For example, any leadership or organizational skills are usually valuable in any working environment, so you could mention those. Budgeting skills will only be useful if the job you're applying for has anything to do with money, otherwise it is irrelevant. Communication skills, like being a good speaker, negotiator, or writer, probably don’t need to be mentioned because they will become obvious through your interview and your resume itself.

Sometimes job listings have a list of skills or personality traits they look for in future employees. If traveling helped you develop any of these skills, you can mention them because the employer specifically asked for them.

5. Always include language skills on a resume

I included this tip as a separate point because language skills are incredibly valuable to any employer . The world is so international and multicultural these days, so you never know when language skills may come in handy.

Many businesses hire people specifically for foreign language skills, so any proficiency in a foreign tongue is a huge plus on your resume . 

When listing foreign language skills on your resume, include if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in speaking, reading and writing. Never exaggerate your language skills, just in case you have to prove your skills at work and can't live up to the high standard your resume set.

6. Share Worldpackers experiences effectively

Worldpackers exchange experiences are amazing ways to learn new skills and gain work experience. 

Because work exchanges are usually pretty laid back, you can often get accepted for a position with no prior experience, which rarely happens in the professional work world. Take advantage of this opportunity to work a new job with no experience and learn it all from open-minded people. 

A work exchange might just be the first step in a lifelong passion and career .

You can find work exchanges in hospitality, digital marketing, agriculture, permaculture, construction, sports instruction, teaching English and much more. These types of work can actually be followed as career paths, so it is easy to gain relevant work experience through Worldpackers.

As I mentioned earlier, volunteer positions that gave you experience in the same field as the job you are applying for should be listed early on in your resume. Highlight that your Worldpackers travel experience  taught you not only about different cultures, but gave you valuable work experience and skills. 

Emphasize the "work" part of your work exchange because work experience in a foreign country is just as impressive, if not more impressive than work experience at home .

7. Mention studying abroad on your resume

Studying abroad is often the first time young travelers leave home for a long period of time. Of course you should include education on your resume, but if you spent a semester or a year abroad make sure you highlight that.

Studying abroad shows that you were able to successfully continue your education in a foreign country with foreign professors . 

Adapting to a different culture and educational system can be challenging, so no doubt you learned some hard or soft skills from that experience.

All you need is one line detailing where and for how long you studied abroad, but make sure it is on your resume in the " Education " section.

8. Include any digital media work experience

If you are applying for any sort of job that includes communications, marketing, public relations, writing or journalism, make sure you include any blogging, photography or social media you may have done while abroad. 

I don't mean mentioning Instagram posts you shared while traveling; I mean sharing any time you did a work exchange involving digital marketing or photography, or any time your writing was published on a study abroad blog or travel website.

If you gained any digital skills through traveling and volunteering abroad, which can also be proved through published work or photos, put it on your resume . 

These days, every business needs social media and digital content if it wants to succeed in the modern world. So even if your job doesn't relate to communications, your business may need an extra hand with photography or social media.

9. Account for gaps in your resume

Even after these tips, if you are still struggling to decide which top Worldpackers travel experiences to include in your resume and which ones to leave out, ask yourself this: Does the traveling I did make me look like a better potential employer than the gap it leaves in my resume?

If you traveled for a few weeks and did lots of partying and sightseeing, that doesn't provide more value than a short gap in your resume. But if you took a few weeks off to do a Worldpackers work exchange in South America , practicing Spanish and learning new skills, that definitely looks better than the gap in your resume.

If you backpacked around the world for six months to a year, the soft skills you gained during that time add more value than a very long gap in your resume. Especially if you did a few Worldpackers experiences during that long gap, you can show the skills and experiences you gained in that time.

Basically, just use traveling to account for the gaps in your resume. Employers won’t mind if you took some time off from work to immerse in new cultures , gain valuable life skills, and experience travel as education .

You just have to explain how traveling benefited you just as much as working would have . 

And if you did work while traveling, then you definitely benefited from that gap in your resume.

10. Always keep the job you are applying for in mind

No matter what type of travel experience you had, long or short, working or relaxing, always keep the job description in mind. 

Employers use resumes to see how suited you are to their company. Will you benefit their business more than the other applicants? What can you contribute to their business?

Think of the role you are applying for, and explain how your travel experience makes you a good candidate for that role . 

What if you did a work exchange as a yoga teacher in Bali but you are now applying for an office job in business or finance? List your yoga teacher job under the " Volunteer Experience " section and explain how that role helped you learn how to organize large classes and lead with confidence. Explain how your yoga teacher position taught you about public speaking, about teaching and instructing others, and about working well with others.

Even the most random work exchanges and travel experiences can be shown as beneficial to employers if you highlight the relevant skills. 

Make sure you understand the job you are applying for and showcase your travels accordingly .

How to add travel experience on a resume

My final thought for readers is this: never be afraid to travel because you think you have to follow a career path instead. If you are intrigued by the thought of traveling, but nervous that taking time off will hurt your chances of finding a job in the future, you need to re-evaluate what you want in life. If you want a stable career more than anything else, pursue that. If you want to explore the world, do it. And do it now, while you're young.

If you do decide to travel, travel with Worldpackers . The diversity of hosts and experiences offered are unparalleled, and the many exclusive  benefits of Verified Membership  are more than worth the subscription cost. 

Yes, backpacking and partying around the world is fun but volunteering abroad is a unique and useful experience. While seeing the world, you can also save money by working and gain new skills that will probably benefit you in your future job searches. 

Work exchanges are in-depth cultural experiences that enrich your life and enhance your skill set more than breezing through the tourist attractions does.

So take a risk and choose travel. You never know, you might discover a new passion or career path, and you might gain some skills that impress your future employers.

Keep reading about personal development with Worldpackers: 

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  • 4 reasons why traveling can make you better

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Gabrielle Boucher

Budget Travel With Gabby

Hello! I am a 25 year old from the USA with a knack for traveling on a budget. I fell in love with traveling while studying in Europe, and that love grew even more when I started volunteering abroad in South America. Since then, I've worked odd jobs and volunteered all over the globe while cultivating passions for hiking, wildlife photography, food, wine, animals, permaculture, and more!

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travel experience in resume

Aug 02, 2021

Hello Sir/madam, I am Abdul Hamid Issaka from Ghana and I am a dump truck Oparetor and am searching for a job, please how will you help me to get something to do in life I completed my training since 2012 till now I have no job so please I need your help or any kind of machines am ready to operate if only the company will train me to oparete that kind of machines. Thank you

[email protected]

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travel experience in resume

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travel experience in resume

How (and Why) to Include Travel on Your Resume

travel experience in resume

Some articles on Rachel Off Duty contain ads and affiliate links. If you plan on buying or booking something I’ve recommended, please consider using my links, which help power this site at no additional cost to you! To learn more, read our Privacy Policy .

Some articles on Rachel Off Duty may contain affiliate links. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Rachel Off Duty: Why to include travel on your resume

So, you recently took some time off from school or work. Or maybe you’re thinking about a gap year or personal sabbatical to embark on a worldwide adventure. Or maybe the way you travel has taught you a lot of skills that you take with you into your everyday life.

If any of these sound like you, you’re in the right place! You might want to include travel on your resume, which can be a valuable addition to round out your professional experience. 

Some people may think that taking a little break to travel the world could be damaging to your career, but in an increasingly globalized world, taking a travel gap is becoming quite the opposite, and accepted by many employers today.

Being a well-traveled professional has its merits. Employers nowadays value worldly and diverse experiences that have helped in personal development and gaining unique perspectives. 

Adding travel to your resume doesn’t have to be a scary or complicated thing. In fact, you might be surprised that it can be a valuable way to demonstrate your adaptability, cultural awareness, and personal growth.

Whether you’ve embarked on an international work assignment, taken a gap year to explore the world, volunteered abroad, or simply nurtured a deep passion for traveling to new cities, these experiences can enhance your resume and make you stand out as a well-rounded candidate.

Read on to learn why it’s so valuable to include travel on your resume, and how you can incorporate your own experiences into your professional brand and/or job search!

How and Where Do I Include Travel on My Resume?

Well, that depends. Is your travel experience relevant to the job you’re applying for? How long is the gap in your resume–a few months or over a year? 

If it’s a short amount of time and not very relevant to the jobs you’re applying to, you can list travel in a section like “Additional Information” or write about it in your cover letter, explaining how enriching the experience was and what you gained from exploring a new place and culture.

Remember, relevancy is key –  you want to make your travel experience as relevant to the role or company you are applying for as you can.

Now, if your travel was over several months to a year-long, you can include it in the main “Work Experience” section, which is typically in chronological order. Add it in as if it’s another entry in your work history, with dates and detailed notes on what you did and what you learned or accomplished. 

Pro tip: Remember to focus only on the skill-building and perspective-broadening experiences that pertain to your job or career.

Employers don’t need to know about all the fun parties and bars you went to. Make sure to highlight and present your travel story in a professional manner.

Even if you didn’t do anything professional or any sort of work experience or volunteering, it’s almost impossible to travel and not learn something new and valuable. Highlight what you learned or personally accomplished, and frame it in a way that’s applicable to whatever role you’re applying to.

Different Types of Travel You Can Add to Your Resume

Rachel Off Duty: How to include travel on your resume

There are different types of travel that each deserve their own, unique approach when adding them to your resume. Here are some important ones to note.

International Work Experience

Working abroad can be a transformative way to include travel on your resume. Doing so exposes you to new cultures, work environments, and challenges, and shows that you’re willing to take risks in the pursuit of new experiences.

Employers often appreciate candidates with international work experience, as it demonstrates adaptability, cross-cultural communication skills, and a willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone. 

Adding work experience to your resume is a little more straightforward than some of the other travel examples below, as it’s just like any other work experience on your list. You can add it to your resume the same way you would add work experience gained from jobs and internships in your home country.

Highlight your responsibilities, achievements, and projects you worked on. You can also emphasize working with people who are from a different culture or speak a different language, learning new communication styles, and personal lessons that can be applied to another role.

Maybe you had to do something differently than how you normally would in the U.S. because of cultural differences.

Talk about how that helped you learn to adapt to different cultures and improved your communication skills overall. Play up all the valuable skills that you gained specifically from working abroad that you may not have had to learn from working in your home country. 

Pro tip: If you have a good working relationship with a supervisor, they can be a great reference to put on your resume as well. 

Example: Adding International Work Experience To Your Resume

Marketing internship – [company] – tokyo, japan – [dates] .

Spent 6 months in Tokyo working for a national social media marketing firm, where I was responsible for overseeing cross-channel syndication scheduling and ideating to accompany different client campaigns and product launches. During this experience, I gained: 

  • Valuable exposure to cross-cultural marketing strategies and sensitivity 
  • Proficiency in multicultural and multilingual marketing, effectively tailoring campaigns to resonate with diverse audiences from various background
  • Advanced skills in Japanese business communication
  • Strong project management capabilities by leading and coordinating multiple multi-departmental social media projects from concept to execution
  • Contributed creative ideas during brainstorming sessions and actively participated in marketing strategy discussions, making valuable contributions to campaign ideation and execution.

Languages : 

  • English (Native) 
  • Japanese (Professional Proficiency)

Gap Years / Travel Sabbaticals

Gap years and travel sabbaticals have traditionally been seen as a break from working. However, you can experience, learn and gain many new perspectives that will increase your value as a future employee.

During your time off, you might have honed problem-solving skills, self-reliance, and the ability to navigate unfamiliar situations. These are skills that any and every company could use in their employees, no matter the industry. 

You can list on your resume “Gap Year” or the name of the program you traveled with if you went through an organization. If you went on a gap year on your own, that also takes an immense level of courage and demonstrates that you’re a go-getter.

Either way, you can list the experiences and skills you gained along the way.

Ensure you mention any relevant learning experiences, such as language courses, workshops, or volunteering opportunities during your gap year. You never know when basic knowledge of a different language or other soft skills you may have picked up can help you out.

Example: Adding Gap Years or Travel Sabbaticals To Your Resume

Travel and personal development – january 2022 – january 2023 .

Took a 12-month gap year (aka personal sabbatical) after my first tenure working as an associate following law school. During this gap, I engaged in personal growth, self-discovery, and volunteering while basing myself in Ecuador. This experience armed me with: 

  • Language Acquisition : Committed significant time and effort to learn Spanish, achieving [mention your proficiency level].
  • Volunteer Service : Volunteered in Ecuador, collaborating with local communities on [brief description of your volunteer activities].
  • Adventure and Skill Acquisition : Pursued a passion for scuba diving, completing [number] certifications and refining my ability to trust my problem-solving and decision-making intuition. 
  • Developed Essential Soft Skills : Including self-reliance, adaptability, problem-solving, and increased empathy toward diverse perspectives through cultural immersion.

Relevant Skills : 

  • Conversational fluency in Spanish, enhancing my ability to serve both English- and Spanish-speaking clients.

Rachel Off Duty: adventure skills on resume

Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering is technically gaining work experience, even if you’re not being paid.

It can teach you so many valuable skills that employers love to see, such as caring about others and being passionate about causes outside of yourself.

This experience not only demonstrates your empathy and compassion but also showcases your ability to work in diverse teams and adapt to challenging circumstances. It also demonstrates an excellent work ethic to be contributing your time to something you feel strongly about without being paid. 

On your resume, list specific projects you are working on, what you accomplished, the positive impacts you made on the organization or community, and who you worked with, similarly to what you’d list in your work experience summary.

List the time you spent there, and what duties you had, and frame them in a way that could also be applied to the company you’re applying to. 

If you have any close co-volunteers or a group leader, they can serve as a reference on your resume as well.

Example: Adding Volunteer Work To Your Resume

Medical volunteer – sight international – nepal, spring 2021 (3 months) .

Volunteered abroad supporting free eye exams to underserved communities across Nepal. In doing this, I gained real-world experience collaborating with local healthcare professionals and patients, assisting in more than 600 eye exams in a 3-month period. My focus was on serving children and families, a skill I am proud of and that I want to strengthen even further as I continue my career in pursuit of starting my own optometry practice.

General Passion for Travel

Even if you haven’t had the opportunity for extensive travel experiences, you can still include a section in your resume that reflects your passion for travel.

In the “Skills” section of your resume, you can list travel and describe how exploring new places and meeting people from different backgrounds has broadened your horizons and instilled in you a desire for continuous learning.

This passion can translate into a willingness to take on new challenges and adapt to dynamic work environments.

Example: Adding Travel Interest & Skills To Your Resume

Other skills and interests:.

  • Travel writing and photography – [Portfolio site link] 
  • Global communication skills – proficient in English, Spanish, and French language and writing 
  • Cultural competence – the ability to liaise with and respect clients and colleagues across various backgrounds, belief systems, and life experiences 

Rachel Off Duty: include travel on your resume

Add Travel to Your Resume with These Soft & Hard Skills

One of the great things about traveling is how much you learn and pick up without realizing it.

Soft skills, which are basic people and communication skills like leadership, problem-solving, and independence, are skills that you can’t help but pick up when traveling abroad.

These skills are necessary, especially in the workplace, and traveling helps you practice and perfect them more than someone who doesn’t ever leave their comfort zone.

These are much harder to include on your resume without it sounding too vague or cheesy, but there are ways to show you have these skills by describing your reflections and experiences and including details on the interpersonal skills you learned through these accomplishments.  

And then, of course, you have hard skills, such as teaching, writing, learning a new language, or anything else that can be directly attributed to the profession you do (or seek). If you’ve acquired any experience learning skills that directly apply to your position, even better.

Here are some examples of soft and hard skills that travel can give you. You can use these and more on your resume or in your next interview to validate and expand on your travel experiences.

Soft Skills You Can Include on Your Resume

Adaptability: Traveling often involves dealing with unexpected situations, such as language barriers, cultural differences, and changing plans (and all without cell service, sometimes!). The ability to adapt quickly and stay composed in unfamiliar and challenging circumstances is highly valuable in the workplace.

Cross-Cultural Communication: Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds enhances your cross-cultural communication skills. This skill is crucial in this digital age where teams are often spread across different countries and cultures.

Problem-Solving: While traveling, you encounter various challenges that require creative problem-solving. Whether it’s finding your way in a new city or resolving travel logistics, these experiences develop your ability to think on your feet and find practical solutions.

Resilience: Traveling can be physically and emotionally demanding, but it also builds resilience and mental strength. Employers appreciate individuals who can handle stress and bounce back from setbacks.

Open-Mindedness: Exposure to different cultures and perspectives fosters open-mindedness, which is essential for fostering innovation and building inclusive work environments. Not to mention improve collaboration and conflict resolution.

Hard Skills You Can Include on Your Resume

Language Proficiency: If you’ve traveled to countries with different languages, you might have picked up some language skills. Proficiency in multiple languages can be a valuable asset, especially for companies with international operations.

Project Management: Planning and organizing trips require project management skills. Detailing your experience in coordinating itineraries, bookings, and budgets showcases your organizational abilities.

Customer Service: Interacting with people from various backgrounds during your travels can enhance your customer service skills. This is particularly beneficial for roles that involve client-facing responsibilities.

Crisis Management: Traveling involves assessing risks and handling unforeseen situations. These crisis management skills can be transferable to roles that require quick decision-making in high-pressure situations.

Cultural Competence: Exposure to different cultures fosters cultural competence, which is crucial in global business settings. Understanding and respecting cultural nuances can facilitate better collaboration with international colleagues and clients.

Incorporating travel experiences into your resume can provide a unique and compelling perspective that sets you apart from other candidates. Highlighting the different types of travel you’ve undertaken, whether it’s international work experience, gap years, volunteering, or a general passion for travel, can showcase your versatility and adaptability. 

Moreover, emphasizing the soft and hard skills acquired during your journeys demonstrates to potential employers the practical value of your travel experiences in a professional context.

So, don’t hesitate to take that next trip, and don’t worry that it’ll have a negative impact on your career.

Just make sure to include your valuable travel adventures on your resume, as they are as much a part of your unique story as the professional experience you bring to the table!

Do you plan to include travel on your resume? Let me know how you’ve done it in the comments below!

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Rachel Off Duty: Include travel on your resume

Hey there! I’m Rachel, a travel writer and a full-time advertising / marketing expert. In 2019, I traveled more than 25 times while working 9 to 5, and since then I’ve committed myself to living a more adventurous life, even if it means bringing my laptop along for the ride. Are you hungry to travel more, but overwhelmed with how to juggle work and play? You’ve come to the right place!

Recent Adventures:

travel experience in resume

Los Angeles Staycation Idea: Two Days in Palos Verdes, California

travel experience in resume

20+ of The Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Let's go places.

  • Updated on: September 13, 2023

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travel experience in resume

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Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer

How to Represent Travel on Your Résumé

A woman standing in nature taking photos with a professional camera

What do you do when you come back home? How do you explain the gap in your employment to the hiring person in front of you? How do you make travel seem like a win? Those are all valid questions people who take a career break have so I invited career break expert Sherry Ott to tell us when (and when not) to use travel to boost our resume.

You’ve just finished your life-changing travels and now you’re back home and considering how you are going to find work again. Whether you’re travels were a career break, gap year , or sabbatical, you will need to figure out how you account for the time and experiences on your résumé.

Normally you need to account in some way for the time spent away from work. If employers see a gap in your resume that isn’t explained, you may not make it through the first cut of résumés.

I often work with travelers who are re-entering the workforce and are faced with the following questions when trying to update their résumé.

Travel: Where should it go on my résumé?

It depends. Do you think the experiences you had traveling apply to you finding a new job in your field? If so, then place it in the main part of your résumé. If you don’t feel like it applies, then it probably belongs in a section reserved for “Additional Information” or “Hobbies.”

Kristin Zibell of Take Your Big Trip is a frequent career breaker and she keeps her résumé flexible, saying, “I found the recruiters and hiring managers were looking for the professional story in my résumé. Every statement on my résumé needed to support this story and show the situation, action, and results. If my travels and experiences had a direct relationship to the position, like my blogging or volunteering abroad, then I listed it like a position: ‘ Travel Blogger’  or ‘English Teacher.’ Most of the time, I found that travel was an interesting fact about me and explained the time gaps, but not directly related to the positions. In this case, I placed my travel experiences at the bottom in an ‘Additional Activities’ section that colored who I was and what I had done.”

Kristin’s résumé highlights her travels as international experience:

  • Ten months of travel to India, Nepal, Southeast Asia , the Middle East, and Europe , from October 2008 to May 2010.
  • Activities included volunteer work at Mother Teresa Mission Charities in Kolkata with disabled women and teaching English to street children in Jaipur.
  • Designed and authored three travel blogs during these multi-month solo trips. Currently editor of Takeyourbigtrip.com.

What type of information should I share?

It’s probably not  a good idea to put that you were a beach bum for 12 months, or that you traveled the Full Moon Party circuit. Instead, think about what you did on your travels that had to do with education, skill building, volunteering, and business, and highlight them in a professional manner. But there are some other skills you might want to consider:

1. Volunteering One should always represent any volunteering done while traveling on a résumé. For me it demonstrated my commitment to education, giving back to other cultures, and global experience. You should always include where your volunteering took place, what your responsibilities were, and if there was any end result. The end results could be tangible things such as building a house, cleaning up after a natural disaster, or restoring wetlands. Example:

  • Extensive international travel background, comfortable working with and in different cultures.
  • Volunteered with Cross-Cultural Solutions in New Delhi, India, teaching computers, conversational English, and interview skills in order to assist young adults entering the workforce.

If not covered somewhere else in your résumé, also consider including any résumé-building, intangible results, such as improved leadership skills, proven ability to take initiative, and listening and communication skills. Finally, if your volunteering was for an extended period of time, such as six months to a year, then consider putting this experience in your work or education history.

Sherry Ott standing in front of picturesque mountains

I highlighted my various work experiences as international work experience:

ESL Instructor: ILA Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Teaching adults English as a Second Language (ESL)

Consultant: CAMENAE, Singapore

  • Delivered a usability analysis of the e-commerce site and led subsequent redesign
  • Conducted tests and created a regression test plan
  • Consulted with owners on their business vision and ensured that it can be supported on the site. Offered guidance on short- and long-term business plans and their technical implementation.

3. Blogging Did you blog , write for publications , or do photography ? All of these things illustrate that you took your travels seriously. Think about the new skills you learned when maintaining your blog. Did you increase your knowledge about search engine optimization, marketing or sales of affiliate programs, coding, or social media tools?

Laura Keller did a career break with her husband Ryan and blogged about it at Round We Go . She represented her blogging in the following way:

Digital Entrepreneur, Travel Blogger & World Explorer

  • Expanded economic and cultural views while exploring 20 countries in 14 months of extensive travel across six continents
  • Created, launched, and hosted the travel website RoundWedGo.com, attracting 10,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Governed online traffic, social media, and SEO to create advertising and sponsorship revenue for RoundWeGo.com
  • Contributed travel articles to leading lifestyle and travel websites and blogs

Be sure to talk about the soft skills

Even if all you did was lounge around a beach all day and drink beer, you picked up some business skills while traveling around the world. It’s hard to think about mundane day-to-day experiences as skill building, but they are.  There are a lot of business skills you can learn without actually having gone to business school. In fact, these “business skills” are simply important life skills that can give you an edge:

Negotiation skills – All that time spent in markets haggling over the cost of a magnet was beneficial. You were exposed to and employed various negotiation tactics that can be highlighted. Businesses want people who are sharp negotiators and can make deals, not people who are pushovers.

Budgeting and planning – You most likely had to plan and save for your career break. In addition, you continued to monitor your budget and assessed any financial risks.

Adaptability – When you travel, things go wrong, plans change, there are mudslides that you can’t predict. As a traveler, you are forced to change plans constantly. You handle the issues that hurdle your way quickly after a few months on the road. In the ever-changing world of business, the ability to adapt is important.

Communication skills – When trying to converse in foreign cultures, verbal and nonverbal communication is necessary to overcome language and cultural barriers. This skill is helps you deal with people, which is an important aspect of any job. Workers with good communication skills are the ones who rise fast.

All of these new skills belong on your résumé. And when you are asked about them in an interview, you’ll be able to share an amazing story about “that time in  Vietnam …” when a skill came in handy and how it can help you in your job. As Kristin Zibell says, “In an interview, I used travel stories to illustrate soft skills, like dealing with adversity or ambiguity. I shared my travel experience as a part of my professional story. This technique made me a more memorable and interesting candidate.”

Use your travel to make you stand out. Keep in mind that many of these experiences, if described in a professional manner, will make you stand out from other candidates.

Don’t hide your travel when searching for a job — embrace it!

Sherry Ott is a long term traveler, blogger, and photographer at Ottsworld . She’s also a co-founder of Meet, Plan, Go!, a website and national travel event teaching you how you can take your very own traveling career break or sabbatical.

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How To Include Travel Experience On Your Resume

Published: November 18, 2023

Modified: December 28, 2023

by Alfi Benn

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Whether you’ve backpacked through Europe, volunteered in a remote village, or embarked on a solo adventure across the globe, your travel experiences can be more than just cherished memories. They can also be valuable assets to include on your resume. In today’s competitive job market, employers are not only interested in your education and work experience but also in the unique qualities and skills you possess. Your travel experiences can demonstrate these qualities and give you a competitive edge.

In this article, we will explore how you can harness the power of your travel experiences and incorporate them into your resume. By effectively highlighting your adventures, you can showcase your adaptability, cultural competency, and diverse skillset to potential employers. Whether you’re pursuing a career in hospitality, marketing, education, or any other field, travel experiences can make your resume stand out.

So, if you’re wondering how to include travel experience on your resume in a meaningful way, read on. We will provide you with actionable tips and strategies to maximize the impact of your travel adventures and impress hiring managers.

Benefits of Including Travel Experience on Your Resume

When it comes to crafting a standout resume, including your travel experience can offer numerous benefits that set you apart from other candidates. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Demonstrates adaptability: Traveling involves stepping out of your comfort zone and navigating new situations. This demonstrates your ability to adapt to unfamiliar environments, handle challenges, and think on your feet. Employers highly value adaptability, as it is a crucial skill in today’s dynamic and ever-changing workplaces.
  • Shows cultural competency: Experiencing different cultures firsthand can expand your understanding and appreciation of diversity. This exposure enhances your cultural competency, allowing you to work effectively with individuals from various backgrounds. In a globalized world, employers value employees who can navigate cross-cultural interactions and contribute to diverse teams.
  • Develops valuable transferable skills: Traveling often requires planning, budgeting, problem-solving, and communication skills. These transferable skills are universally sought-after by employers. By highlighting these skills through your travel experiences, you can demonstrate your ability to take initiative, work independently, and manage projects effectively.
  • Displays independence and self-reliance: Traveling, especially solo travel, showcases your ability to be self-sufficient and make decisions autonomously. This illustrates your independence, self-reliance, and confidence in unfamiliar situations – qualities that employers value in candidates who can take ownership of their work and make sound judgments.
  • Highlights language proficiency: If you have acquired proficiency in foreign languages during your travels, it can be a valuable asset to include on your resume. In an increasingly interconnected world, multilingual employees are highly sought after, as they can bridge communication gaps, build relationships, and open doors to international opportunities.

By leveraging these benefits, you can effectively position yourself as a well-rounded candidate with diverse experiences and a global perspective, making you an attractive prospect to potential employers.

How to Incorporate Travel Experience into Your Work History Section

When it comes to incorporating travel experience into your work history section, it’s important to highlight the skills and accomplishments you gained during your travels. Here are some tips on how to effectively showcase your travel experience:

  • Include relevant work-related experiences: If you worked abroad or participated in any professional experiences during your travels, make sure to list them in your work history section. Highlight your roles, responsibilities, and any notable achievements. This demonstrates your ability to adapt to new work environments and contribute effectively to diverse teams.
  • Focus on transferable skills: While your travel experiences might not be directly related to the job you’re applying for, you can still emphasize the transferable skills you developed during your adventures. For example, highlight your problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and ability to work independently or in groups.
  • Quantify your achievements: If you achieved specific targets or milestones during your travels, quantify them to showcase your accomplishments. For instance, if you managed to visit a certain number of countries or successfully completed a challenging trek, mention the numbers to give your experiences more impact.
  • Use action verbs: When describing your travel experiences in your work history section, use strong action verbs to make your resume more engaging and dynamic. Verbs such as “collaborated,” “managed,” “adapted,” and “problem-solved” can help paint a vivid picture of your abilities and experiences.
  • Highlight any leadership or managerial roles: If you took on leadership or managerial roles during your travels, whether in group excursions or volunteering initiatives, be sure to emphasize them in your work history section. This showcases your leadership abilities and ability to take charge in diverse settings.

Remember, the key is to focus on the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for. Tailor your descriptions to emphasize the qualities and abilities that the employer is seeking in a candidate. By effectively incorporating your travel experience into your work history section, you can show potential employers that you possess the skills and qualities they value.

Highlighting Transferable Skills Developed Through Travel

Traveling is not just about exploring new places and cultures; it also offers the opportunity to develop valuable transferable skills that can benefit you in your professional life. These skills can be a significant asset to highlight on your resume, regardless of the industry you are targeting. Here are some key transferable skills that you can showcase:

  • Communication: Traveling involves interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures, often in environments where you may not speak the local language. This experience hones your communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. It demonstrates your ability to effectively convey information, navigate language barriers, and adapt your communication style to different audiences.
  • Problem-solving: Traveling often presents unexpected challenges and obstacles, such as missed flights, lost belongings, or language barriers. Successfully navigating these situations requires quick thinking, resourcefulness, and problem-solving abilities. Emphasize on your resume how your travel experiences have honed your ability to think critically, find creative solutions, and handle high-pressure situations.
  • Adaptability: Travel pushes you outside of your comfort zone and encourages you to adapt to unfamiliar environments and cultures. It fosters flexibility, resilience, and the ability to quickly adapt to new situations. Highlight on your resume how your travel experiences have enhanced your adaptability, demonstrating your ability to quickly adjust to changes in the workplace and be comfortable in fast-paced and dynamic environments.
  • Cultural competency: Immersion in different cultures provides firsthand exposure to diverse perspectives, customs, and ways of life. This experience boosts your cultural competency, including your understanding and appreciation of diversity. Employers value individuals who can effectively navigate cross-cultural interactions and contribute to inclusive and diverse teams. Mention on your resume how your travel experiences have developed your cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Resilience and self-confidence: Traveling often involves stepping outside of your comfort zone, dealing with unfamiliar situations, and overcoming challenges. This process builds resilience, self-confidence, and the ability to handle ambiguity and unpredictability. These attributes are highly desirable in the professional world. Showcase on your resume how your travel experiences have shaped your resilience and self-assurance.

Remember to provide specific examples and anecdotes that highlight how your travel experiences have helped you develop these transferable skills. By effectively showcasing these skills, you can demonstrate to potential employers that your travel experiences have equipped you with valuable qualities that are applicable to a wide range of roles and industries.

Showcasing Cultural Competency and Adaptability

One of the key advantages of including travel experience on your resume is the opportunity to demonstrate your cultural competency and adaptability. In a globalized world where cultural diversity is increasingly valued, showcasing these qualities can greatly enhance your chances of securing a job. Here are some ways to effectively showcase your cultural competency and adaptability:

  • Highlight cross-cultural experiences: In your resume, emphasize any experiences you had that involved immersion in different cultures. This could include living in a foreign country, studying abroad, volunteering in diverse communities, or engaging in cultural exchange programs. Describe how these experiences exposed you to different customs, traditions, and perspectives and how they have broadened your understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.
  • Illustrate language proficiency: If you have learned a new language or enhanced your language skills during your travels, be sure to mention it on your resume. Language proficiency is highly valued by employers as it demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively across cultures and languages. List the languages you speak and indicate your level of proficiency (e.g., “fluent,” “conversational,” or “basic”) to showcase your linguistic abilities.
  • Emphasize adaptability to new environments: Travel inherently requires adaptability to new environments, whether it’s navigating unfamiliar cities, adjusting to different time zones, or immersing yourself in local customs. On your resume, highlight specific instances where you demonstrated adaptability, such as successfully handling unexpected changes in your travel plans or quickly adjusting to cultural norms. This showcases your ability to thrive in dynamic and ever-changing work environments.
  • Showcase cross-cultural communication skills: Traveling exposes you to diverse communication styles and norms. Highlight on your resume how your travel experiences have improved your ability to communicate effectively in cross-cultural settings. This includes being sensitive to cultural differences, listening actively, and adjusting your communication approach to ensure effective understanding and collaboration with individuals from different backgrounds.
  • Share experiences of cultural immersion: If you participated in activities that provided deep cultural immersion, such as staying with local families, engaging in volunteer work, or participating in cultural festivals, be sure to share these experiences and the learnings you gained from them. This demonstrates your ability to adapt to new cultural contexts and effectively engage with local communities.

Remember to provide specific examples and highlight the outcomes or impact of your cultural experiences. By showcasing your cultural competency and adaptability, you present yourself as a candidate who can thrive in diverse and global work environments.

Including Education and Volunteer Experience from Abroad

When it comes to including travel experience on your resume, it’s essential to highlight any education or volunteer experiences you gained abroad. These experiences can demonstrate your commitment to personal growth, global awareness, and community engagement. Here’s how to effectively include your education and volunteer experiences from abroad:

  • Education: If you pursued formal education while traveling, such as studying at a foreign university or participating in language courses, be sure to mention it in your resume. Include the name of the institution, the program of study, and any relevant coursework or projects. Highlight how your international education has expanded your knowledge, skills, and cultural understanding.
  • Volunteer experience: If you engaged in volunteer work while abroad, whether it was teaching English, building homes, or assisting in community development projects, highlight these experiences on your resume. Describe the organizations you volunteered with, the duration of your service, and the specific tasks and responsibilities you undertook. Emphasize the impact of your volunteer work and how it demonstrated your commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.
  • Language proficiency: If your education or volunteer experiences abroad helped you develop proficiency in a foreign language, make sure to showcase this on your resume. Include the languages you speak and indicate your level of proficiency. Being bilingual or multilingual is a valuable asset in many industries, and it demonstrates your ability to bridge communication gaps and work effectively in diverse settings.
  • Relevant coursework or research: If your education abroad included coursework or research directly related to your career goals, highlight these experiences on your resume. Mention the specific topics or projects you focused on, any notable achievements, and how these experiences have equipped you with relevant knowledge and skills that can benefit your future employers.
  • Cultural immersion and intercultural experiences: In addition to formal education and volunteer work, include any cultural immersion experiences or intercultural programs you participated in while abroad. This could include living with a host family, participating in cultural exchange programs, or engaging in local traditions and festivities. These experiences demonstrate your ability to adapt to new cultural environments, embrace diversity, and navigate cross-cultural interactions.

When including education and volunteer experiences from abroad, ensure that they are relevant to the job or industry you are applying to. Emphasize the skills and knowledge you gained from these experiences, and how they align with the requirements of the positions you are seeking. By effectively showcasing your education and volunteer experiences from abroad, you will demonstrate your commitment to personal and professional growth, as well as your global perspective to potential employers.

Mentioning Language Proficiency Acquired During Travel

One valuable aspect of travel experience to highlight on your resume is the language proficiency you acquired during your journey. Being bilingual or multilingual is a highly sought-after skill in today’s interconnected global marketplace. Here are some tips on how to effectively mention your language proficiency:

  • List your language skills: In the skills section of your resume, clearly state the languages you speak and indicate your level of proficiency for each language. Use recognized language proficiency levels, such as “native,” “fluent,” “advanced,” “intermediate,” or “basic.” This provides employers with a clear understanding of your language abilities.
  • Highlight language certifications: If you have obtained any language certifications, such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or DELE, be sure to mention them in your resume. These certifications can lend credibility and provide evidence of your language proficiency to potential employers.
  • Specify language use in professional settings: If you have used your language skills in professional contexts, such as conducting business negotiations or interpreting for international clients, include these experiences in your work history section. Describe the specific situations where you utilized your language skills and highlight any achievements or successful outcomes.
  • Showcase language proficiency through relevant experience: If you have worked, volunteered, or studied in a country where the language is spoken, mention these experiences in your resume. Describe how these experiences enhanced your language skills and provided practical application of the language in real-life scenarios.
  • Provide examples of language use: To further substantiate your language proficiency, include specific examples of situations where you successfully communicated in the language. This could be engaging in conversations, writing reports, delivering presentations, or translating documents. These examples demonstrate your ability to effectively use the language in practical contexts.

Remember, when mentioning language proficiency on your resume, it is important to be honest and accurate in assessing your abilities. Avoid exaggerating your language skills, as this could lead to potential difficulties in the workplace if you are unable to meet the language requirements expected of you.

By highlighting your language proficiency acquired during travel, you position yourself as a valuable asset to potential employers who are seeking candidates with the ability to communicate across cultures, build international relationships, and contribute to global business environments.

Utilizing Travel Experience in the Skills Section of Your Resume

When it comes to showcasing your travel experience on your resume, the skills section provides an ideal opportunity to highlight the valuable abilities you gained during your adventures. Here are some tips on how to effectively utilize your travel experience in the skills section:

  • Adaptability: Traveling requires the ability to adapt to new environments, cultures, and situations. Highlight your adaptability as a valuable skill in your resume. Mention how you successfully navigated unfamiliar territories, adjusted to different customs, and embraced diverse perspectives.
  • Cross-cultural communication: Traveling exposes you to people from different backgrounds and languages. Showcase your cross-cultural communication skills as a core competency. Mention your ability to effectively communicate, actively listen, and bridge cultural gaps to build rapport and understanding.
  • Problem-solving: Traveling often presents unexpected challenges, from navigating transportation systems to resolving language barriers. Highlight your problem-solving skills by showcasing specific instances where you successfully solved problems and overcame obstacles during your travels.
  • Language proficiency: If you acquired proficiency in a foreign language during your travels, include it as a skill in your resume. Specify your level of proficiency (e.g., beginner, intermediate, advanced) and any relevant language certifications you have obtained.
  • Planning and organization: Traveling involves careful planning and organization, such as itinerary creation, budget management, and coordinating logistics. Demonstrate your planning and organizational skills by mentioning how you efficiently managed your travel arrangements and ensured smooth operations throughout your journey.
  • Interpersonal skills: Traveling allows you to meet and connect with people from various cultures. Highlight your interpersonal skills by showcasing your ability to build relationships, collaborate with diverse individuals, and work effectively in multicultural environments.
  • Resilience and self-confidence: Traveling can be challenging, requiring resilience and self-confidence to navigate unfamiliar situations. Highlight these qualities as strengths on your resume, mentioning specific instances where you demonstrated resilience, remained composed under pressure, and took initiative to overcome obstacles.
  • Time management: Traveling often involves juggling multiple activities and coordinating schedules. Emphasize your time management skills by highlighting how you efficiently organized your time, prioritized tasks, and met deadlines during your travels.

Ensure that the skills you mention align with the job requirements and target industry. Tailor your descriptions to highlight the skills that are most relevant to the positions you are applying for. By effectively utilizing your travel experience in the skills section of your resume, you demonstrate to potential employers the unique qualities and abilities you have developed through your adventures.

Presenting Travel Experience in the Summary or Objective Statement

Your summary or objective statement is the first section of your resume that hiring managers read, making it a prime opportunity to showcase your travel experience and highlight the unique perspective it brings to your professional profile. Here are some tips on how to effectively present your travel experience in the summary or objective statement:

  • Emphasize global perspective: Start your summary or objective statement by mentioning that you are a globally-minded individual with a passion for travel and a broad worldview. This immediately signals to employers that you possess a unique perspective and cultural awareness that can add value to their team.
  • Highlight unique experiences: Briefly mention some standout travel experiences that have had a significant impact on your personal and professional growth. For example, mention volunteering in a remote village, backpacking through different continents, or working on a sustainability project abroad. This helps to capture the attention of hiring managers and demonstrate your adventurous spirit.
  • Showcase transferable skills: In your summary or objective statement, mention the transferable skills you have gained through your travel experiences. This can include adaptability, problem-solving, cultural competency, and communication skills. Clearly state how these skills make you a valuable asset to employers in any industry.
  • Connect travel to career goals: Articulate how your travel experiences have influenced your career goals and shaped your professional aspirations. Explain how your exposure to different cultures and diverse environments has motivated and inspired you to pursue a particular field or industry.
  • Highlight language proficiency: If you have acquired language proficiency during your travels, mention it in your summary or objective statement. State the languages you speak fluently or at an advanced level, emphasizing how this linguistic capability enhances your ability to connect with various stakeholders and work in multicultural settings.
  • Show enthusiasm and passion: Convey your excitement and enthusiasm for leveraging your travel experiences in your professional life. Express how your global adventures have not only broadened your horizons but also ignited a desire to contribute to the multicultural and diverse nature of the workplace.

Remember to keep your summary or objective statement concise and impactful. Focus on the highlights of your travel experiences and the skills that make you stand out. By effectively presenting your travel experience in the summary or objective statement, you set the tone for the rest of your resume and capture the attention of hiring managers right from the beginning.

Formatting and Organizing Travel Experience on Your Resume

When it comes to including travel experience on your resume, it’s important to format and organize this information in a clear and concise manner. Here are some tips on how to effectively format and organize your travel experience:

  • Create a separate section: Dedicate a section specifically for your travel experience. This can be titled “Travel Experience” or “International Experience.” By having a distinct section, you ensure that your travel experiences stand out and are easily noticeable by hiring managers.
  • Include relevant details: For each travel experience, provide relevant details such as the destination(s), dates of travel, purpose of the trip, and any significant activities or accomplishments during your travel. This helps provide context and showcases the diversity of your experiences.
  • Use bullet points: Format the details of your travel experiences using bullet points. This makes the information more scannable and reader-friendly. Each bullet point should highlight a specific aspect of your travel experience, such as volunteering, language immersion, or cultural immersion.
  • Showcase achievements and outcomes: If you achieved any notable milestones or accomplishments during your travels, be sure to highlight them. This could include completing a challenging trek, successfully navigating a foreign city, or receiving recognition for your volunteer work. Including achievements demonstrates your ability to set goals and achieve them.
  • Quantify when possible: Where applicable, quantify your travel experiences to add impact. For example, mention the number of countries you visited, the duration of your stays, the number of people you interacted with during volunteer work, or the amount of money you fundraised for a charitable cause. Quantifying your experiences helps to provide a tangible representation of your achievements.
  • Focus on transferable skills: When describing your travel experiences, emphasize the transferable skills you developed. This can include adaptability, problem-solving, communication, cultural competency, and leadership skills. Clearly articulate how these skills were honed through your travel experiences and how they can be valuable assets in the workplace.
  • Order chronologically: Organize your travel experiences in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent experience at the top. This allows employers to see the progression and development of your travel experiences over time.
  • Keep it concise: While it’s important to provide sufficient detail, ensure that you keep the descriptions of your travel experiences concise. Use concise and impactful language to convey the key aspects of your travel experiences.

Remember, the formatting and organization of your travel experience should align with the overall structure and design of your resume. It should be visually appealing, easy to read, and clearly highlight the key aspects and skills gained from your travel adventures.

Additional Tips for Highlighting Travel Experience Effectively

When it comes to highlighting your travel experience on your resume, here are additional tips to ensure you effectively showcase the value of your adventures:

  • Relevance is key: Tailor your travel experiences to align with the job requirements and the industry you are targeting. Emphasize the aspects of your travel that are most relevant and valuable to the positions you are applying for.
  • Highlight cultural immersion: If you lived with local families, participated in cultural exchange programs, or engaged in activities that allowed you to deeply immerse yourself in the local culture, be sure to highlight these experiences. They showcase your ability to adapt and appreciate different cultural perspectives.
  • Showcase travel-related projects: If you undertook any projects during your travels, such as conducting research, volunteering in community development initiatives, or documenting your experiences through photography or writing, mention these projects. They demonstrate your initiative, creativity, and commitment to personal growth.
  • Mention travel-related certifications or courses: If you have obtained certifications or completed courses related to your travel experiences, such as cultural competency training, language courses, or local cooking classes, include these on your resume. They show your dedication to self-improvement and acquiring new skills.
  • Provide relevant references: If you formed professional relationships or received positive feedback from individuals you encountered during your travels, consider including them as references on your resume. These references can provide additional credibility and highlight your ability to build rapport and foster connections.
  • Use travel-related vocabulary: Incorporate travel-related keywords and terminology throughout your resume. This not only demonstrates your familiarity with travel and global contexts but also helps optimize your resume for online searches within the travel industry.
  • Integrate your travel experience into your cover letter: While your resume provides an overview of your travel experience, your cover letter offers an opportunity to go into more detail and explain the specific ways in which your travel adventures have shaped your skills and character. Use your cover letter to tell a compelling story and connect your travel experiences to the job you are applying for.
  • Keep the focus on professional growth: While it’s important to highlight the personal growth and enriching experiences gained from your travels, always tie them back to your professional growth and how they make you a stronger candidate. Show how your travel experiences have not only broadened your horizons but also developed skills and qualities relevant to the workplace.

By incorporating these additional tips, you can effectively highlight the value of your travel experiences and position yourself as a unique and compelling candidate to potential employers.

Incorporating travel experience on your resume can be a powerful way to stand out from the competition and demonstrate the unique qualities you possess. By effectively showcasing your travel adventures, you can highlight your adaptability, cultural competency, transferable skills, and global perspective to potential employers.

Throughout this article, we’ve provided various strategies and tips for including travel experience on your resume. From incorporating it into your work history and skills sections to showcasing cultural competency and language proficiency, each aspect plays a crucial role in presenting your travel experiences in a compelling and relevant manner.

Remember to tailor your descriptions to the specific job or industry you are targeting, focusing on the skills and experiences that align with the position requirements. Use concise and impactful language, quantifying achievements whenever possible to provide tangible evidence of your capabilities.

In addition, don’t forget to emphasize the personal and professional growth gained from your travel experiences, showcasing how they have shaped you as a well-rounded individual with valuable qualities and a global perspective.

Lastly, integrate your travel experiences smoothly into your resume, ensuring they flow naturally within the overall structure and design. Use appropriate formatting, organize the information logically, and consider using bullet points to make it reader-friendly and scannable.

In conclusion, by effectively presenting your travel experience on your resume, you can impress hiring managers and demonstrate the unique qualities and skills that make you a standout candidate. Highlighting your travel experiences can open doors to exciting opportunities and show employers that you possess the diverse background and global mindset that is highly sought after in today’s professional landscape.


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A great resume is the first step on a successful professional journey. LiveCareer’s travel resume examples, crafted by our team of certified resume writers, map out exactly how to write, design and organize a resume that will get the attention of hiring managers.

When you are ready to craft your document, use LiveCareer’s Resume Builder, which suggests pre-written, professionally-written text for every section of your resume. Here are some suggestions our builder might make for your travel resume:

  • Discussed benefits of travel insurance with clients and offered competitive rates, increasing repeat business by 7%
  • Maintained and updated corporate traveler profiles with current information
  • Worked closely with the management staff of the DMC to create new and lucrative tours
  • Guided groups of 20 people on vineyard tours
  • Do tailor your resume for each job application. Utilize keywords and phrases from the job description to help your resume and cover letter reflect your targeted travel position. Research the companies for an understanding of their specific needs and the audience they appeal to for the proper perspective.
  • Do add soft skills. Provide examples of interpersonal skills that show how well you work with travel agents, tour companies and customers. These skills are critical to include since they are indicators of your flexibility and ability to collaborate with others toward common goals.
  • Do quantify your achievements. Providing data and metrics on your resume helps employers understand exactly how effectively you work. For example, if the average travel agent sale in your office was $899 but yours was $1,500, mention that your sales averaged 66% higher than your colleagues. If sales of a tour increased 20% after you swapped a dinner cruise with a castle tour, provide those details.


  • Don’t leave off travel-related certifications. ITMI, CLIA and ACC certifications indicate a higher level of expertise and experience. Travel agent (and related) training programs add to your credibility. If you are applying for an adventure guide position, adding first aid training or wilderness first responder courses can give you an edge.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of brand recognition. Recruiters look for expertise with specific travel-related tools such as Sabre, Rezdy, Tourwriter and TrekkSoft. If you have experience with specific consortiums such as Virtuoso, Ensemble Travel Group or Signature Travel Network, that can also be beneficial.
  • Don’t forget about your travel experience. If you decided to become a tour manager or travel agent because you love to travel, mention your applicable personal experiences. For example, if you find American history fascinating, you might have taken trips to Gettysburg, New York City, Boston and Atlanta just to learn more about local historical events.

To reduce the number of applications, many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS), which review resumes for job-relevant terms and reject those lacking qualifications. This kind of software is particularly popular with larger organizations such as airlines and international tour companies, but even independent hotels or tour coordinators may use them.

With the help of LiveCareer’s Resume Builder, you can create the right mix of travel-specific skills that are in demand with many employers. Here some examples our builder may offer your resume:

  • Travel insurance
  • Client amenities
  • Local history
  • Tourism development
  • Public speaking
  • Contract negotiations
  • Procurement operations

Entry-Level Travel Resume Example: Student Tour Guide Assistant

It is common for job seekers applying for entry-level positions to not have much on-the-job experience. In these cases, a functional resume format is appropriate. In this example, the applicant uses their skills section to highlight how they utilized transferable skills in previous positions. Even though two of these three roles had little to do with travel, they still made regular use of relevant talents and traits like interpersonal expertise, business acumen, and marketing.

Mid-Career Travel Resume Example: Tourism Manager

In this example, the resume uses a combination resume format, which places equal emphasis on the job seeker’s skills and employment history. While the work history lists specific job duties, the skills section has been moved to sit just above that, letting hiring managers know what other relevant talents they possess, even if they haven’t been utilized in a related work setting before.

The job seeker made sure to still include a brief education section and professional summary and the bottom and top of the page, respectively, since these belong on every resume regardless of format.

Executive-Level Travel Resume Example: Corporate Travel Manager

This example applicant has extensive experience in the travel industry, so the resume uses a chronological resume format. This format places the most focus on work history, which is in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent position.

The job seeker first uses their professional summary to demonstrate overall experience and incorporate effective phrases such as “years of success” and “working closely with business executives.” The work history section shows a strong career progression from assistant to consultant to travel manager.


Resume Success Stories

The median pay in 2020 for these job titles is as follows:

Travel Agent

Corporate travel manager, source: payscale, average bonuses, the average bonuses in 2020 for these job titles are as follows:, average commissions, the average commissions in 2020 for these job titles are as follows, job outlook (2018-2028), source: bls and o*net, gender composition, average age, source: datausa, racial and ethnic diversity, popular job titles.

Many positions fall under the general the Travel sector:

  • Travel counselor
  • Tour coordinator
  • Historical interpreter
  • Museum guide
  • Tour escort
  • Cruise counselor
  • Tour director

Source: O*NET

Entry-level degree required, source: o*net.

*As seen in :

How to Include International Experience on Your Resume

by Jennifer Lachs - Last updated on October 12, 2023

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  • After Your Life Abroad

Do you dream of traveling the world in search of adventures, delicious food and exotic cultures, but your allocated vacation days are never enough to cure your wanderlust? Do you worry that an extended trip would look bad on your resume? Or perhaps you’ve finished the trip of a lifetime and are now faced with job applications, with no idea how to include this life-changing international experience on your resume? Sadly, many aspiring travelers never take the leap to travel the world because they’re worried that an extended gap in their resume could hinder their careers when they return.

How to include international experience on resume

Working abroad can be a major highlight for your resume.

The good news is that times are a-changin’ and many employers now favor candidates with international experience. With a little thought, planning, and by using our top tips, you’ll be able to make travel look good on your resume and stand out from the crowd.

What is the value of international work experience?

In an increasingly globalized world, employers are favoring candidates who are comfortable engaging with different cultures and people from different backgrounds. Navigating a new country, often in a foreign language, immersing yourself in a new culture and adapting to new customs shows that you’re resilient, respectful and resourceful.

Living and working abroad leads to personal and often professional growth. Even if your work abroad was in a different field to your current career, it will still have added a range of new soft and interpersonal skills to your skill set.

How to include international experience on resume

Find the perfect job abroad—one that lets you explore new interests or pad your resume for future opportunities

Having lived and worked abroad also shows an employer that you are willing to move out of your comfort zone, that you can integrate into a new work environment and build a new network. As with any experience, the value of international work experience depends on the job you’re applying to, so make sure to always customize and adapt how you describe your experience for each position. 

10 steps to include abroad experience on your resume

Now you know that international work experience doesn’t need to be a hindrance to your future career and can even add significant value to it, follow these 10 steps to find out how to include international experience on a resume like a pro: 

1. Be selective

Not all travel is created equal, so while it can add a lot of value to your resume, you must be selective in what you include and what you leave out. If you’ve been lazing around on beaches for the past 6 months, you’ll need to be quite creative to convince an employer that this was relevant experience. Only include experience that is actually relevant to the role you’re applying for on your resume. 

For example, if you’re applying for a teaching position and have spent time abroad teaching English as a foreign language, then this is definitely relevant experience, even if you’re not applying to teach English. It shows that you’ve learned to adapt to new classroom environments, taught in a foreign culture, and bridged language and cultural barriers. 

2. Find the right place

As important as it is to know what to include on your resume, it is equally important to know where to add abroad experience on your resume. If the experiences you had traveling are directly relevant to your job application, then definitely include them in the main body of your resume, just as you would with work experience at home. However, if it is not directly applicable, you should include it in a different section, possibly under ‘Other Activities’ or ‘Other Experience’.

Every resume should always tell your professional story. That’s why it’s important to add your travel and work abroad experience in the right place, to allow the story to progress naturally.

How to include international experience on resume

Teamwork and leadership skills can be a major resume showstopper

For example, if you’re an accountant and you volunteered abroad helping a non-profit with their bookkeeping and accounting, this is very relevant experience and should be included under ‘Work Experience’. On the other hand, if you had worked as a street fundraiser, you could still put skills learned from this experience (e.g. resilience, communication, sales) under ‘International Experience’ or a ‘Soft Skills’ sections instead. 

3. Include hard and soft skills

If your abroad experience is not directly relevant to the job you’re applying to, it could still add value to your resume. In addition to hands-on skills you may have learned and practiced while working abroad, travel also teaches a lot of soft skills.

Hard skills are abilities that can be taught, such as your language skills or technical skills. Soft skills are a little harder to quantify because they are related to interpersonal skills, such as communication, leadership skills or being a great team player.

Any hard skills you acquired abroad should be added to your resume if applicable to the job you’re applying to. And any language skills should always be included, no matter the role. Employers will also always look for the right soft skills in suitable candidates, so make sure you include them to your resume and add specific scenarios and examples to highlight them.

Your soft skills might not be immediately apparent, so think about different challenges you’ve faced while traveling and living abroad. If you’ve traveled as a backpacker, chances are that you had to plan and maintain a budget in multiple currencies. You probably also had to navigate local public transport systems in foreign languages, haggle at markets to get the best deal and coordinate trips for yourself and new travel buddies. These alone could translate to budgeting, problem-solving, negotiation, leadership and organizational skills. 

4. Always include languages

Languages are always highly valued by employers, so make sure to include all language skills you’ve learned while abroad.

If language skills are not directly required for the role you’re applying to, you would most likely include it in the ‘Skills’ section of your resume. But if the job is directly related to the foreign language you speak, you should highlight it some more. For example, if you’ve used your foreign language in job roles abroad, add it to your ‘Work Experience’.

How to include international experience on resume

The secret’s out: Working abroad isn’t only productive—it can be a great time too!

If you’ve studied any foreign languages, whether at a study abroad program or at a language school , make sure to include this under ‘Education’.

 As with anything resume related, you should always be honest about your level of fluency. While even basic foreign language skills can make you stand out from the crowd, exaggerating your skills can easily turn into an embarrassing situation during an interview, or even later in the job itself. 

5. Don’t forget study abroad

While work abroad experience can be of huge value on your resume, don’t forget to include study abroad programs you’ve participated in. Studying abroad challenges students in many different areas and can demonstrate your real-life application of language and communication skills.

Don’t forget about the different projects and programs you participated in while studying abroad. Even if they’re not hard skills, they can show how flexible and adaptable you are, or that you’re a team player and happy to step out of your comfort zone. 

6. Include volunteer experience

If you don’t have any work or study abroad experience to include on your resume, international experience can also come in the form of volunteer opportunities and can be just as valuable to potential employers. 

Whether you’ve volunteered for a non-profit, taught English in a school or even exchanged your skills for board through programs like Workaway , think about all the skills you’ve used and developed. 

7. Include it in your cover letter

Some experiences are hard to summarize in bullet points and statistics, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t include them in your job application. Instead of adding them to your resume, you can include them in your cover letter.

How to include international experience on resume

Ask friends and colleagues to review your resume for errors or feedback.

Your cover letter offers more flexibility and creativity than your resume, so be creative and think of engaging ways to use travel anecdotes and experiences to tell your story. This is the place where you can show your personality and really stand out from the crowd. Of course, you should always stay professional on your resume, and global experience is no exception.

8. Plan ahead

Make sure you get a good head start on your resume and job applications. If you’re still abroad, you can ask current employers or volunteer program coordinators to write you a reference. You can show your future employer that you treat your overseas experience seriously by getting references translated into English if necessary.

 If you’re still in the planning stages of your travels, make sure to keep your career advancement in mind. Are there any internships or volunteer opportunities you could apply to in countries you’d like to visit? Or, if you’re studying abroad, could you try to get some hands-on experience by finding some extra research work abroad? 

Planning in advance might not sound as spontaneous and adventurous as you might have imagined your time abroad to be but being prepared and well informed can lead to some incredible opportunities.

9. Expand your network

Nowadays, having an extended personal and professional network can be a big advantage when applying for jobs. Having lived and worked in multiple countries instead of just your home country means you’ve built and expanded your network internationally. This can be a great asset, especially for jobs where networking and communication are required. 

A large international network is more likely to be relevant if you’ve worked in the same field abroad as the job you’re applying to, so make sure you only include this if applicable.

10. Back-up your experience in the interview

So, you’ve managed to integrate your international experience seamlessly into your resume and have wowed the HR people. If you’ve been invited to an interview, this is the next opportunity to shine using your travel experience. Think of concrete stories to back up the facts and skills you’ve stated on your resume.

Travel makes you more interesting, and you’ll probably have a few great stories and adventures to weave into the interview that show your personality and skills. Never use travel as a way to boast though. No employer will like that. But, if you can use your travel tales to demonstrate situations that you handled well, this can be a huge asset.

Bonus: International experience resume SAMPLE

Now that we’ve covered the theory, let’s take a look at some real-life international experience resume samples:

Sample #1 " class="wysiwyg-hashtag"> #1

How to include international experience on resume

This candidate highlights their Spanish language skills and the adaptability required to navigate a foreign country and language. [ source ]

Sample #2 " class="wysiwyg-hashtag"> #2

How to include international experience on resume

This candidate highlights the classroom skills she developed in a foreign country and language. [ source ] 

Sample #3 " class="wysiwyg-hashtag"> #3

How to include international experience on resume

This candidate highlights how working in a culture very different to their own has improved their communication skills. [ source ]

You’re ready to get HIRED

How to include international experience on resume

Figuring out how to include international experience on your resume isn’t rocket science!

Before you jump right in and apply to a whole bunch of jobs, make sure you prepare first. Sit down with a pen and paper and make a list of all the experiences you’ve had abroad. Include all the places you’ve traveled to, whether you worked there, studied, or volunteered. Then make a list of all the different skills you’ve had to use and new skills you’ve learned in each place and each role. Remember both your hard skills and soft skills; you’ll be surprised how many there are!

For each job you want to apply for, go through the requirements carefully, at least two or three times and highlight all the various hard and soft skills the position requires. Now pair all the skills from the list you made earlier with the required and desired skills list. Make sure you add context and use concrete examples and scenarios to highlight your international experience. 

Customizing your resume to each position will put you ahead of the masses and will impress any potential employers. Long gone are the days when travel and time spent abroad looked bad on your resume. If you play your cards right and follow our top tips, you’ll be able to wow future employers with the skills and experience you gained aboard. And let’s face it, if an employer doesn’t approve of travel, would you want to work for them in the first place? Probably not!

Now go ahead, make a list and create an impressive resume! Be proud of your international experience!

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Best Travel Resume Examples

Kellie Hanna, CPRW

  • 30% higher chance of getting a job
  • 42% higher response rate from recruiters

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Our customers have been hired at: * Foot Note

The travel industry is a vital sector of the global economy, encompassing a wide range of businesses and services that facilitate travel and tourism. This industry includes airlines, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and other related businesses. The travel industry plays a significant role in generating revenue and creating employment opportunities worldwide. It also contributes to the growth of local economies by promoting cultural exchange and supporting local businesses. 

The industry has faced numerous challenges in recent years, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which has severely impacted travel and tourism. However, with the gradual easing of restrictions and the rollout of vaccines, the industry is expected to recover and continue to play a crucial role in the global economy.

Whether you are an entry-level job  candidate or an experienced professional, we can help you craft a compelling resume that will help you stand out from the competition and secure a rewarding travel job.

We’ll help you build the perfect travel resume or CV and create an effective travel cover letter to accompany it. Plus, we offer some great travel resume examples , CV examples and cover letter examples to get you started.

More travel resumes by job title

  • Corporate Travel Consultant Resume
  • Travel Agent Resume

CV examples for top travel jobs

  • Tour Manager CV
  • Travel Consultant CV

Our customer reviews say it best

Our resume builder makes it easy to craft an impressive, ats-friendly resume in just minutes..

  • Free professionally designed templates .
  • Expert suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Start a resume from scratch or edit your existing resume.

Travel resume FAQ

What are some common job roles in the travel field.

The travel industry encompasses a wide range of job roles, each with its own unique set of responsibilities and requirements. Some of the most common job roles in this industry include travel agents, tour guides, hotel managers and airline personnel. Travel agents are responsible for helping clients plan and book their trips, while tour guides lead groups of travelers on sightseeing excursions. 

Hotel managers oversee the day-to-day operations of hotels and resorts, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Airline personnel, including pilots and flight attendants, are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers during air travel. These job roles require a combination of skills, including strong communication, organizational and customer service abilities, as well as a passion for travel and a willingness to work flexible hours.

How can I tailor my resume for a travel job?

When seeking employment in the travel industry, it is essential to tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for. Begin by researching the company and the job requirements to understand what skills and experiences are most relevant. Highlight your relevant experience and education, including any coursework, licenses, or certifications related to the field. 

Use industry-specific language and keywords to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Additionally, emphasize any volunteer work or extracurricular activities that showcase your passion for travel. Finally, proofread your resume carefully to ensure it is error-free and presents a professional image.

What are some key components to include in a travel resume?

Your travel resume must have the following essential sections: a professional summary or objective statement , relevant work experience , education and skills . Your professional summary should provide a brief overview of the of your travel job-relevant qualifications. Use a resume objective in its place if you are applying for your first job or changing careers. The work experience section should show off your relevant accomplishments in your current or previous roles. In the education section of your resume, showcase your knowledge and expertise in the field. Review our travel resume examples for guidance.

What are some important skills to highlight in a travel resume?

The travel industry is a highly specialized field that requires a unique set of hard and soft skills.

Hard skills potential employers in this industry look for include proficiency in a foreign language, knowledge of travel booking software, familiarity with travel regulations and laws and experience in itinerary planning.

Hiring managers in the travel industry also look for key soft skills, including excellent communication skills, the ability to work well in a team, adaptability, problem-solving skills and a positive attitude. Cultural sensitivity and language proficiency are highly valued in the travel industry, as they enable individuals to connect with customers from diverse backgrounds and provide a more personalized and enjoyable travel experience. 

Review our energy resume examples page for more ideas. 

How can I demonstrate my experience in travel on my resume?

To demonstrate your experience in travel on your resume, use bullet points to highlight your quantifiable achievements from your current job and previous travel work. Focus on areas where you have excelled and the impact you made and emphasize any leadership roles held and the successful completion of projects or initiatives.

What are some tips for writing an effective travel resume?

Follow these tips to help your travel resume stand out:

  • Tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for, highlighting your relevant skills and experience.
  • Use action verbs to showcase your skills and accomplishments
  • Use industry-specific keywords and phrases can help your resume get past ATS software and get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Include quantifiable achievements and the results of your work for other companies.
  • Format your travel resume for your experience level and goals.
  • Use travel resume examples for ideas and guidance.
  • Proofread your resume for errors at least twice.

How we reviewed this article

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Travel Resume Resume Examples

Are you looking for a job, but don’t know how to showcase your experience and skills? A travel resume can help you stand out from the competition. Having a well-crafted travel resume can be a critical step to finding success in the competitive job market. A travel resume helps you to highlight and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and experience you’ve gained while travelling. In this blog post, we’ll provide travel resume examples, along with tips and tricks to help you write a successful travel resume. Our writing guide will cover everything from understanding what a travel resume is to creating a resume that will get you the job you want. With our tips and tricks, you can start crafting a travel resume that will put you ahead of the competition.

Resume Examples by Job-Title

  • Corporate Travel Consultant
  • Senior Travel Consultant
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Tour Manager
  • Tour Operator
  • Travel Assistant
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Travel Counselor
  • Tour Director

Travel Resume Headline Examples

A great travel resume headline is an important part of any travel resume. It gives potential employers a glimpse into your professional experience and qualifications. It also serves as a way to stand out from the crowd of other applicants. When writing your travel resume headline, focus on your unique skills and experiences that make you the best candidate for the job.

Some tips for writing an effective travel resume headline include highlighting any relevant certifications or awards you have earned, emphasizing your experience in the travel industry, and using keywords related to the job you are applying for. Additionally, make sure that your headline is concise and straightforward, as employers won’t want to read long and complicated headlines.

When crafting your travel resume headline, it’s important to focus on the specific skills you have that are relevant to the job. If you have experience in customer service, make sure to include this in your headline. If you have extensive knowledge of the local area you are applying to, you may also want to highlight this in your headline.

To make sure your headline is eye-catching, consider using an action-oriented verb such as “managed” or “created”. Doing so will help to make your travel resume headline stand out among other applicants. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your headline is relevant to the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a job as a tour guide, your travel resume headline should focus on your experience and qualifications in this field.

Finally, make sure to use keywords throughout your travel resume headline. This will help employers understand your qualifications quickly and easily.

Travel Resume Career Objective Examples

When crafting a travel resume, it’s important to include a career objective that clearly articulates your professional goals, as well as any relevant travel experience or expertise. A strong career objective can help you stand out from the competition and provide a better understanding of your career goals. When writing a travel resume, it’s important that you include career objectives that are tailored to the job you are applying for.

When creating a travel resume, consider what your ideal job is and how you could use your travel experience to help you reach your goals. For example, if you’re applying for a job as a travel agent, you’ll want to highlight any customer service skills and any prior experience working with customers. Your career objective can also demonstrate your ability to think critically and take initiative, since travel agents often need to be able to make quick decisions in order to provide the best possible customer experience.

When writing your career objective, focus on showcasing your unique skills and experiences that set you apart from other candidates. You can also demonstrate your knowledge of travel destinations or the industry in general, which can be helpful when applying for a travel-related job. As you write your career objective for a travel resume, be sure to use clear and concise language that will help employers understand the type of role you are looking for and the value you can bring to their organization.

Travel Resume Summary Statement Examples

.A travel resume summary statement is a powerful tool to help elevate your resume to the top of the pile. It is the first thing employers and recruiters see when reviewing your resume, so it is essential that you make it stand out from the competition. It should succinctly highlight your most valuable experience and skills related to travel.

When crafting your travel resume summary statement, make sure to include your relevant certifications and qualifications. If you have traveled to multiple countries or continents, include that in your summary statement. Mention any awards or recognition you have earned from past travels. Most importantly, emphasize any specialized skills you may have that would make you stand out among other travelers.

Your travel resume should also include a list of specific countries or regions you have visited. Additionally, include any jobs or volunteer work you have completed while on your travels. This will help demonstrate your commitment and flexibility in a variety of situations.

Finally, be sure to mention any specializations or training you have that relate to travel. This could include language training, specialized safety skills, or even knowledge of certain cultures. Including this information in your travel resume summary statement can help demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and qualifications to excel in the travel industry.

By taking the time to craft an effective and comprehensive travel resume summary statement, you can ensure that your resume will be noticed and stand out among the competition. With the right information and presentation, you can easily demonstrate your qualifications and experience in the field to potential employers.

How to write Experience Section in Travel Resume

When crafting your travel resume, one of the most important sections to include is the experience section. This is the section where you highlight the different travel positions you have had and the skills you have acquired as a result of your travels. The experience section is an invaluable tool that can help to set you apart from other applicants and make you a more attractive candidate.

In order to make the most of your experience section, it is important to focus on showcase the skills most relevant to the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a position that involves managing travel-related events, then this is the time to highlight your experience in event planning and organization. If you have experience in customer service, be sure to emphasize your ability to handle difficult situations and maintain a professional working environment.

It is also important to provide details about the specific duties and responsibilities you had in each travel position. Be sure to include the geographic areas you traveled to, the length of stay and the size of the organization you worked for if applicable. Additionally, include any awards or recognition you received for your work in order to demonstrate your value as an employee.

Finally, don’t forget to highlight any special skills or qualifications you may have acquired during your travels. Examples can include languages you are fluent in, certifications you have obtained, or any other skills you have acquired that are relevant to the position. This can help to demonstrate the breadth of your travel experience and the value you can bring to the position.

By paying attention to the details in your experience section, you can make sure your travel resume stands out and helps to land you that perfect position.

Travel Resume Writing Tips

When writing a travel resume, it’s important to make sure that you highlight your skills and experience with the travel industry. Having a well-written travel resume can help you stand out from the competition and make a great impression on potential employers. Here are some tips to help you craft a resume that will get you noticed.

First, make sure to include specific information about your experience with the travel industry. This should include any travel related certifications you may have, as well as your past experience in activities such as planning trips, booking flights, and working with customers. Additionally, any travel writing or blogging experience should be included.

Second, make sure to include details about any specializations you may have in the travel industry. This could include a specialty in destination weddings, travel planning for seniors, or experiences with luxury travel. Mentioning any specialized travel experience can help you stand out to employers.

Third, use strong, clear language in your resume. Make sure that your sentences are concise and easy to read. Additionally, focus on the essential points in each section of the resume. This will make it easier for potential employers to quickly scan through your resume and find the important information they need.

Finally, don’t forget to include references in your travel resume. This can help employers gain an understanding of your skills and experience in the travel field. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to list any awards or recognitions you may have received in the travel industry. These can help you stand out and make a great impression on potential employers.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your travel resume is well-written and professional.

Travel Career Prospects in the Industry

Traveling is an exciting and rewarding career prospect for those who enjoy exploring different cultures and places. Not only do you get to visit interesting places, but you also develop a deep understanding of different cultures. There are many different types of travel jobs available, ranging from tour guide to photographer. With the right training and qualifications, you can launch a successful career in the travel industry.

For those looking to get into the travel industry, there are several qualifications you can obtain to showcase your knowledge. Depending on the type of job you’re looking for, you’ll need to have a certain level of experience and knowledge. That’s why it’s important to build a travel resume showing off your skills, qualifications, and experience.

A travel resume should highlight your qualifications, experiences, and skills related to the travel industry. It should also include details such as any volunteer or internship experience you have, any special skills you possess, or any special certifications you have obtained. You should also include any awards you’ve received that are related to the travel industry.

When it comes to the travel industry, it’s important to be organized and have a good sense of customer service. This is especially true for those looking to become a tour guide or travel agent. Being organized means you’re able to plan trips for customers quickly and efficiently and make sure customers are satisfied with their experience. Additionally, excellent customer service goes a long way in the travel industry, as customers will appreciate your help and guidance during their travels.

No matter what type of job you’re looking for in the travel industry, having a great travel resume is essential. Your resume should accurately showcase your skills, qualifications, and experience.

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing a travel resume. What works for one person may not be as effective for another. However, there are some tips and tricks that can make it easier to craft a unique and impressive resume that will land you your desired position. By following the key advice outlined in this guide, you can create a resume that stands out and helps you get the job you want.

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5 Ways to Leverage your Travel Experience on a Resume


In addition to holding on to a lifetime of memories, Greenheart Travel Alumni can also use their experience abroad to land your next dream job .  The first step in looking for a job is making sure your resume is on point.

Here are five ways to leverage travel for professional growth:

Show Concrete Accomplishments from Your Travels

List your travel experience as either a professional or volunteer position on your resume and think about your accomplishments.

  • What unique contributions did you make while abroad?
  • What interesting cross-cultural projects did you work on?
  • Who did your program positively impact?

List 2-3 points under your title that will make you stand out to an employer. Here are some great examples we’ve seen our alumni use on their resumes:

Example #1:

English Teacher

Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Co-taught intermediate English reading and writing comprehension skills to seventh grade students with a native Thai teacher at a local school.
  • Maintained a safe and respectable learning environment in and out of the classroom, while creating unique lesson plans and innovative techniques for gauging students’ growth.
  • Developed and implemented varied teaching styles to accommodate multiple learning abilities and utilized discipline strategies that weigh heavily on positive reinforcement.

Volunteer at Ecological Reserve

San Carlos, Costa Rica

  • Assisted with conservation projects at an animal rescue center in Costa Rica , which uniquely focuses on rehabilitating animals and releasing them back into the wild.
  • Lived with a local volunteer host family, cooked traditional Costa Rican foods, and conversed in Spanish daily.

Teach English in a Homestay tutor

Sicily, Italy

  • Designed and taught personalized English lessons to two children aged 11 and 13 for 15 hours a week.
  • Lived with a local volunteer host family, cooked traditional Italian foods, and conversed in Italian daily.
  • Gained a deeper sense of cross-cultural communication and Italian values.

Demonstrate Relevant Skills Gained from Travel

Your resume can also demonstrate your character and personal development. Include a relevant skills section, which highlights both your job-specific skills and your overall character strengths.

Your “soft skills” are often put to the test when traveling alone in a foreign country. For instance, what communication or conflict resolution skills did you improve or gain from your program abroad? Later, in the job interview, you will be able to expand on how your travel experiences further shaped these skills.

Many Greenheart Travel alumni also receive TEFL certification . For this type of certification and any other specific skill you may have gained from your program abroad, consider listing it underneath as an accomplishment of your program. However, if it directly relates to the position you’re applying for, then go ahead and list it under relevant skills.

Show Off Your Communication Skills 

Many Greenheart Travel participants like to blog and take photos during their program overseas. While it may seem like just a personal project at the time, these examples of your writing and photography skills may be very attractive to a future employer.

Consider sharing the link to your blog in your resume and on your LinkedIn profile, which allows employers to learn more about your writing and your travels. If you’re interested in journalism or design consider making a portfolio of your travel photos.  This will not only demonstrate your creative side, but also your organizational skills and your ability to self-promote your work.

Articulate Your Leadership Skills

Again, think about how you can articulate concrete examples of the skills you developed while traveling. Were you a recipient of a scholarship for your program abroad? Scholarships demonstrate dedication and hard work, and may further validate your travel experience to employers as a real program and not just a vacation. You may list these under a special section called “Awards and Recognition.”

Also, make sure you mention any public recognition for your program abroad such as media coverage (even if it’s your hometown paper) or a host country community event in your honor.

Lastly, if you were the first person to go on a new program or to a new location with Greenheart Travel, consider that an honor in itself (ex. “I was selected as one of the first participants to volunteer at a new cultural exchange program in Sri Lanka”). An employer will appreciate these accomplishments and see you as a candidate who goes above and beyond what is normally expected and not afraid to take risks.

Make Sure You Stand Out with a Second Opinion

When listing your travels on your resume, consider reaching out to someone in your desired field such as an acquaintance, friend or family member for help. Having a second pair of eyes on your resume will ensure that your points are coming across clearly and will resonate with an employer.

Simply rearranging the order of your resume, or changing how you phrase an accomplishment while abroad, could make a big difference. Lastly, please remember to be your biggest fan. You resume should give you confidence and be a place to brag about all the amazing things you have done in your life!

We hope these tips help you land your next job! For further support, join Greenheart Travel’s Alumni Network on LinkedIn and see how your peers are sharing their travel experiences.

Want to gain travel experiences for your life and resume?

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5 Travel Agent Resume Examples Made for 2024

Stephen Greet

Travel Agent Resume

  • Travel Consultant
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Travel Manager
  • Travel Agent No Experience
  • Write Your Travel Agent Resume

When people need help booking flights, planning itineraries, or fielding last-minute curve balls, you’re there to help keep everything in order. You also might provide recommendations for other amenities customers or executives hadn’t thought of, like the ideal hotel accommodations or vehicle rentals.

But how should a travel expert like you express your abilities on a resume ? How can you tell recruiters precisely what they want to know about you as a candidate?

Hey, we’ve got this. After years of helping professionals like yourself in the travel industry, we’ve coordinated our travel agent resume examples to help you plan your trajectory!

or download as PDF

Travel agent resume example with 4 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • In this regard, achievements such as a 16% reduction in booking time, a two-minute decrease in document processing time, and more are music to the ears of recruiters.

Travel Consultant Resume

Travel consultant resume example with 8 years of experience

  • Like Seraphina, go for an official format that allows you the room to showcase your achievements without adding clutter between bullet points.

Travel Coordinator Resume

Travel coordinator resume example with 6 years of experience

  • How about creating a one-page travel coordinator resume? You heard that right. This strategy makes it easy for the hiring team to scan your piece without having to go to the next page.

Travel Manager Resume

Travel manager resume example with 9 years of experience

  • As you do this, use a reverse chronological order to illustrate your industrious journey rising through the ranks. To boost your application, pick and share the most impactful achievements in your previous roles.

Travel Agent No Experience Resume

Travel agent no experience resume example

  • Find a role such as a customer service representative and use it as your anchor to sell your skills and potential to employers.

Related resume examples

  • Event planner
  • Hospitality
  • Customer service
  • Receptionist
  • Real estate agent

Tailor Your Travel Agent Resume to the Job Description

Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

So, are you applying for a job involving more consultation or managerial duties? Make sure your resume emphasizes the most relevant skills you have to the original job listing!

Basically, the magic potion here is the mix of “skills you already have” that overlap with “skills the job description wants”. Do they ask more for clerical skills or in-depth consultation abilities?

Match your know-how with the same niche that the job requirements highlight, and switch out which skills you feature for each job description to ensure that section is always top-notch!

Need some ideas?

15 popular travel agent skills

  • Itinerary Planning
  • Zoho Expense
  • TravelWorks
  • Concur Travel
  • FlightAware

travel experience in resume

Your travel agent work experience bullet points

While the job description is a priceless source of insight when it comes to what the company’s looking for, recruiters want to see your ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

In other words, don’t just repeat the job requirements as experience points. Frame your experiences as “Here’s how I did this!” and not “Yeah, I can do that.” Look at the organization’s website if you need additional inspiration for current obstacles that are similar to issues you’ve solved before, and set your success off with active verbs and language.

And don’t forget to substantiate your awesome work experience with metrics! Quantifiable data can transform the credibility of your travel agent resume, especially since you work with so much of it each time you budget for a trip or organize notes for an itinerary.

  • ROI improvements show your ability to optimize travel budgets
  • Savings in dollars highlight your budgets skills, too, alongside your ability to boost profits
  • Increased return percentages demonstrate how you keep clients coming back next trip!
  • Positive customer feedback ratings show off your soft skills and professionalism

See what we mean?

  • Reduced customer complaints by 17% through proactive customer engagement and issue resolution
  • Collaborated with the sales team to generate leads that contributed to $252.1K revenue growth
  • Managed a travel budget of $2.4 million, ensuring compliance with financial guidelines and achieving a 98% budget utilization rate
  • Utilized Deem’s expense management system to track and reconcile travel expenses, resulting in a 36-hour reduction in reimbursement processing time
  • Enhanced booking accuracy by meticulously verifying and cross-referencing flight information using FlightAware

9 active verbs to start your travel agent work experience bullet points

  • Collaborated

3 Tips for Writing a Travel Agent Resume if You Have Limited Experience

  • If you’re just starting out as a travel agent, you might need an itinerary of your own. Consider using an objective statement on your resume! This concise paragraph should outline why you want the job and provide some excellent scheduling and interpersonal skills that qualify you for it.
  • Of course, you’ll want to mention a degree like Tourism and Hospitality Management, but you can also list relevant accomplishments from school. If you have an excellent GPA, took additional relevant courses, or earned any academic achievements, these can help make up for limited experience.
  • The same idea from our previous tip also applies to internships! Let recruiters know if you completed any internships, similar activities, or even volunteer initiatives related to travel or hospitality. Not every qualification has to be a paid job to still count in your favor!

3 Tips for Writing a Travel Agent Resume if You Already Have Some Experience

  • You don’t want an overcrowded resume any more than you’d want to overbook someone’s travel calendar! You want to have a little breathing room, so limit your work experience section to just three or four of your most relevant jobs.
  • If you’ve had a few years of experience as a travel agent, consultant, or similar role, you don’t need to depend as much on academic experiences for credibility. Focus more on your professional achievements in the workforce and highlight examples of how you’ve overcome relevant obstacles!
  • Now’s a good time to weigh the pros and cons of a resume summary . If you’ve had plenty of experience in one role (or several similar ones), you might be able to eliminate some redundancy and tie it all together with a summary. But if you have many diverse experiences demonstrating your prowess, you might not need one.

We know it can be tough, but keep to a one-page resume ! You probably have loads of stories to share about how you knocked that one travel budget out of the water, but recruiters crave brevity. If you’re having trouble staying within the one-page limit, set some experiences aside for a cover letter.

Your metrics should fortify the final impact of your skills. What results did you create with your ability to book flights quickly and find the perfect little Airbnb just in time? Look for quantifiable data that strengthens your final point and avoid free-floating numbers like headcounts or booking quantities.

Yes, please! Whether you have just one or several, include additional credentials like a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) or a Certified Cruise Counselor (CCC). Not only do they emphasize your industry niche, but they demonstrate your ambition as well.

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StandOut CV

How to include travelling on your CV

Andrew Fennell photo

If you’ve been away travelling the world, you might be wondering if you can add any of these amazing experiences to your CV.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you definitely can.

In fact, travelling can be a great way to strengthen your CV and make yourself more attractive to employers.

So, this guide will show you everything you need to know about including travel on your CV and even has 7 examples of real-life CVs with travel sections added to them.

CV templates 

Should you add travel to your CV?

You might be concerned that adding travel to your CV will make employers think you’ve just been off work, having a nice time in the sun.

However, there are a number of reasons why adding your travels to your CV can help you get hired.

Traveling experience can actually help you to gain and strengthen a number of transferable skills that will appeal to hiring managers.

For example, if you’ve travelled across the world, it can show that you’re organised, confident, and adaptable. Not only this, but it proves you can immerse yourself in new groups and cultures, as well as communicate with people from across the globe – a great selling point for any CV.

If you worked or volunteered while you were abroad, this is even better! This can be a particularly great way for students or junior professionals to highlight their skills and experience despite being new to the working world.

5 examples of travel on a CV

Here are 4 examples of job seekers who have successfully added travel to their CVs.

Gap year in Asia

Travel in CV - Gap Year

Volunteering in Africa

Travel on CV - Volunteering

Backpacking through South America

Travel in CV - Backpacking

Working for a school in mainland Europe

Travel in CV - Working abroad

Studying for 6 months in Japan

Travel in CV - Studying abroad

What skills can travel demonstrate on a CV?

Traveling requires a range of skills and abilities that can be transferred to the workplace. Here are a some of the best ones to include in your CV.

  • Organisation – Planning a trip requires careful organisation , particularly if you’re going for a long time or to multiple locations. Skills like budgeting, packing, planning itineraries, and booking transport, can easily be helpful into the workplace.
  • Communication – Whether you’re making friends, chatting with the locals, or asking for help, communication is a vital skill while traveling. Showing you can communicate with people from all walks of life is a very desirable trait for employers.
  • Adaptability – Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan while you’re traveling, and the same applies to the workplace. So, if you can prove your ability to adapt accordingly to different situations, you’ll make yourself more attractive in the job market.
  • Confidence – It takes courage to travel to unknown places and experience new things, particularly when you’re far from home. Showing this courage can prove you’re confident in new situations and around new people – a great trait for starting a new job.
  • Social skills – Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, it’s likely that you’ll meet fellow travellers along the way, as well as locals. Being able to converse with a broad range of people proves you have the social skills require for the workplace.
  • Cultural understanding – Spending time with people from different backgrounds, races, religions, and experiences can help to boost your cultural understanding. You can show empathy, respect, and intrigue for cultures that differ from your own.
  • Languages – If you travelled to a country where the locals speak a different language to your own, and you’ve taken the time and effort to learn some key phrases, this can look great on your CV.
  • Resourcefulness – When you’re presented with tricky situations whilst thousands of miles from home, you have to learn to navigate them and solve problems as best you can – another excellent ability that can be used in any job.

What type of travel should you include in your CV?

Of course, when we talk about adding travel to your CV, we don’t just mean the week-long family holiday you went on last summer, where you sat by the pool all day.

CV-worthy travel needs to consist of meaningful experiences that contributes to your personal development and which have relevant applications to the working world.

So to ensure the travel experiences in your CV actually help to get you hired, include the following type of travel:

A gap year gives you a chance to take some time out after your studies to refresh, find out more about yourself, and gain some valuable life experiences.

With a whole year to travel, you can fully immerse yourself in new places and cultures, you can even take the opportunity to work or volunteer, and you’re bound to come away with a new perspective, as well as some new skills.

Therefore, a productive and interesting gap year can be a great addition to your CV and can give you lots of talking points during the interview stages.

CV builder


There are lots of different ways to travel, but backpacking, in particular, is one style of travel that can really boost your skills and give you lots of talking points for interviews.

Often, these trips will last for a few months at a time and will test skills like flexibility, organisation, budgeting, and compromise more than traditional travel will.

Being able to highlight how you implemented and strengthened your skill set whilst living out of a backpack can be great for your CV and is a testament to the type of person you are.

Working abroad

Highlighting valuable experience is always important on your CV, but if you’ve worked abroad, you could actually give yourself a competitive edge. This is particularly true if other candidates on similar footing have no such experience.

This is because working in another country can show your personal and professional growth, as well as showcase the different skills required to work in a country that isn’t your own. For example, being able to speak another language or even just having the confidence and drive to work internationally.

This is even better if the job you did abroad is related to your chosen field and gives you lots of relevant talking points.

Volunteering abroad

Volunteering looks great on your CV, as it proves that you’re proactive, caring, and you teaches you tons of valuable transferable skills. These are all desirable qualities in an employee and can boost your chances of getting hired.

So, if you’ve gone abroad to volunteer, this is a great way to show that you are kind and compassionate and you want to engage and help those from different cultures. It also shows you didn’t just travel for fun; you wanted to do something positive, and learnt some skills along the way.

Studying abroad

When you study abroad , you’re not just learning about your chosen subject but also about adapting to new surroundings and cultures. You’re expanding your knowledge, and you’ll also gain lots of other practical skills along the way. Of which, language skills are often some of the most beneficial.

Not only this, but you’ll meet lots of people from different walks of life and grow your personal and professional skills set as a result.

Proving you’ve got the skills needed to live and study away from home can be very desirable to employers.

What travel should you avoid putting in your CV?

  • Short holidays – Some types of travel won’t add any value to your CV, and a short trip is one of them. Although you might have gone to a lovely destination, it’s unlikely that this trip was designed to boost your skills or immerse yourself in the culture. After all, people take holidays all the time to unwind, and telling recruiters about your 2 weeks in the Canary Islands sipping Mojitos is unlikely to bag you an interview.
  • Stag/Hen party trips – Similarly, you might have gone on stag or hen trip to blow off some steam and hang out with friends, and that’s OK. But even if you did go somewhere interesting, this experience doesn’t really belong to your CV or present itself as a career gap that needs filling, so it’s best to leave this out.

Where should you add travel on your CV?

If you’ve got some exciting travel experiences to share on your CV, you need to make sure you present these effectively and put them in the right place.

In your CV profile

For any experiences that you’re particularly proud of or that you think show skills closely related to the job you’re applying for, you could lead with these in your CV profile . For example, if your travels allowed you to practice your language skills and these are going to be important in the role, add a few words about into your profile.

E.g “Conversational Spanish learnt from my year working in Barcelona”

CV profile

In the work experience section

There are several reasons you might want to include traveling in your work experience section;

Firstly, it explains any gap in your career, which is vital if you’ve been away travelling for 3 months or longer.

Secondly, if you had a job or did some volunteering during your travels, then it is perfectly suited to be included the work experience section as job. That way, you can then go into more detail about what you did and the skills involved.

Work experience CV

In the additional information section

If you’ve got other relevant experiences to talk about that feel more important, but you still believe your travels can boost your application, then you might wish to include them under the additional information section.

This way, you don’t take up valuable space in your employment history or CV profile, but you can still showcase your skills and experiences from your time abroad.

Hobbies and interests

How to include travel on your CV

Now you know where to include your travel experiences on your CV, here’s how to write about it in a way that will engage and impress recruiters.

Structure the experience like a job

When adding this to your work experience section, you should format this the same as you would a job. For example, put ‘traveling Asia’ or ‘gap year’ as your title and follow this with the dates you were away.

You can then add bullet points underneath that showcase your most important and relevant experiences and the skills you used.

Role descriptions

Draw out workplace skills

Never just list the places you went to or the cool things you did there. You need to make sure you’re always drawing out the workplace skills and making these relevant to the role.

An example of this could be ‘had to quickly adapt and arrange new travel plans after disruptions due to dangerous weather conditions’.

Show contributions and achievements

Showing and quantifying your achievements is always important in your CV, and this still applies when including your travel experiences. Wherever you can, you should provide figures that show your contribution and what you have achieved.

For example, if you volunteered to teach English in a local school, how many pupils did you teach? Or if you had to do three months on a tight budget, what money-saving hacks did you use, and how much did you save?

  • Travelled across South Asia for 3 months on a budget of £2,000, visiting a total of 9 countries.
  • Learned a good level of conversational German in 6 months of living in Berlin

Tailor toward your target jobs

Make sure that when you’re picking highlights, skills, and achievements to include on your CV, these are as relevant to the role as possible.

If the employer is looking for someone organised, explain how you planned your itinerary, or if they want someone confident, discuss how you travelled solo for two months before meeting a group of like-minded travellers and asking them to join you.

Mapping Megan

With fierce competition for the same jobs these days, it’s very easy to get swept up in the mindset of “I’ll travel later”, not wanting to leave a gap in your resume.

It’s long been thought that a large gap in your resume will mean being treated unfavorably by a prospective employer – especially if your explanation for the gap is “I was traveling the world”.

Though here’s some news – travel may actually boost your employability . As long as you can explain the benefits of your travel experience to a potential employer it could actually help your resume stand out, and improve your chances of being shortlisted for an interview.

But travel isn’t as novel as it used to be, so how can you properly market your time abroad to make your skills and experiences look good?

Screenshot of my actual personal resume, after traveling for 7 years, is at the end of the post.

Pro tip: Some countries are now offering special visas to digital nomads, allowing them to work legally while exploring a new destination. If you’re interested in joining the growing community of digital nomads, it’s important to find the right remote work opportunities. One helpful resource for finding remote work is Lensa remote jobs , where you can browse through a variety of remote job listings and find the perfect job to support your digital nomad lifestyle.

5 Ways to Make Travel Look Good on Your Resume

Make it relevant to the job.

For travel to look good on your resume, your experiences and skills should have a direct relationship with the position you’re applying for. It needs to be relevant to the job.

Sit down with the job criteria, and identify which skills could be matched with the experiences you’ve gained abroad.

For instance, are they looking for a candidate who has excellent skills in communication, negotiation, or cross cultural understanding? Is self sufficiency and independent decision making required?

Your resume should create a professional story , and every statement you make needs to support this. If you don’t feel like your travel applies to the job description, put it in the section of your resume for additional information, or hobbies, as opposed to the main section.

Creating an eye-catching resume that fits the job position you are applying to may be overwhelming considering there are many ways to summarize your experience into one document. Sifting through good resume examples will empower you to find the most suitable resume for the industry you want to work in.

Tell a Professional Story

Putting together a resume is all about marketing yourself, so you should think about the type of information you share, and they way you share it. As we mentioned above, your resume needs to tell a professional story.

For instance, highlighting a gap in your resume as “International Experience” sounds a lot more noteworthy than calling yourself a world explorer.

You should always aim to keep the information you’re sharing as professional as possible, and use your travel experience to demonstrate situations, actions and results.

“Remember that 90% of your travels aren’t really “experience,” but soft skills you picked up on the road: people skills, confidence, and independence. Though you may be tempted to write that stuff on your resume , don’t. You’ll sound cheesy and as though you are just putting in useless filler.” – Matador Network.

International Experience

  • Ten months of travel to India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, from October 2008 to May 2010.
  • Activities included volunteer work at Mother Teresa Mission Charities in Kolkata with disabled women and teaching English to street children in Jaipur.
  • Designed and authored three travel blogs during these multi-month solo trips. Currently editor of Takeyourbigtrip.com .

Example:   Kristin Zibell

Know the Difference Between Hard and Soft Skills

So what’s the difference between hard and soft skills ?

Hard skills are teachable, like having learnt a language  ( definitely  highlight any language skills) .

Soft skills are subjective interpersonal skills, like communications, leadership, or motivational skills. These skills are important, but much harder to quantify.

People like students, who take a gap year after graduation, may find they have more soft skills than hard skills, so when you’re highlighting things like self growth, make sure that these experiences demonstrate situations, actions and results.

And do highlight them; studies have shown that employers do want to know about your soft skills, and that experiences like a gap year can have a positive effect on your CV and employability. For example:

Other Experience

Gap Year 2007-2008

  • Developed negotiation skills through daily contact with sellers in markets and vendors throughout Asia.
  • Learned how to adapt to unanticipated situations and improvise new plans due to periodic travel mishaps and unexpected events.
  • Developed budgeting and planning skills by financing, planning, organizing my year around the world. This involved using various spreadsheets and keeping a record of expenses.
  • Cultivated language and communication skills through contact with people from around the world. Learned to use non verbal and verbal communication to overcome communication and language barriers.

Example: Matt Kepnes

Work Experience and Volunteering

If you’re traveling for a long period of time, there may come a point where you need to work abroad to pick up extra cash . And many popular jobs, like working at a hostel reception, teaching English as a foreign language, or working as an au pair, often have skills that are directly transferable.

So include any and all relevant work experiences on your resume; even if it was an unpaid work exchange. It’s a good habit to get into to ask your boss to write you a reference before you leave the job.

Volunteer work will also earn favor from employers because it demonstrates your commitment to education, and shows that you have a strong motivation and work ethic to be contributing your time without pay.

If you’re not keen on volunteering, or jumping on a plane without work in place, many careers have opportunities for work exchange, which will allow you to continue your career in another country and give you the opportunity to travel at the same time.

Start Your Own Digital Business

Get Xolo

Another option if you’re traveling for a while, is to set up and start your own digital business. This has never been easier with the technology we have access to these days, and it won’t leave a gap on your resume. 

Digital Nomads are increasingly common, where you work for yourself, remotely. This allows you to freely travel the world, while working from your laptop, and there are remote business opportunities available for almost every skill set.

For instance, jobs that may allow for this lifestyle could be teaching English as a second language, content creation like social media or blogging, or publishing an ebook. If you have professional skills in accounting, design, etc you can set up a business in those fields.

This is so common that companies like Xolo will set up your remote business for you , handle all your paperwork, invoicing, accounting – you need zero experience to set up a business these days and everything is now done online.

Xolo is great for one-person-businesses like designers, copywriters, translators, software developers and consultants, and they take care of everything from business set up to accounting. But even if you want to develop your own brand and own a real company, they’ll get you set up with a real EU company registered in Estonia (no need to travel since company setup and management is done 100% online).

Xolo Go vs Xolo Leap

Get Xolo

Click here to read more about easy business set-up.

I’ve been blogging for 7 years now, while traveling, I’m registered as a sole trader business, and that space on my resume is filled as 7 years of ‘Digital Marketing and Content Creation’. You can view my actual resume here on my Linkedin page  (screenshot below).

Get Xolo

A Gap on Your Resume Looks Worse Than Travel…

When it comes down to it, you might still be apprehensive about listing your travel experiences on your resume. But don’t be. Many companies are quite happy to employ someone who has been traveling.

Use the above tips to make your international experience a positive part of your CV; ultimately, “it looks worse to have nothing shown for a long period of time than it does to say you were travelling the world.”

If you do list travel on your resume, some employers may ask you in your interview why you no longer want to travel. They will want security in knowing that you’re not planning on taking off on them anytime soon.

So have a good answer to this ready … because you will get that interview!

➡ Use Xolo for setting up a remote business while you’re traveling to avoid gaps in your resume.

➡ Feel free to check out my own resume on Linkedin . My resume (below) now only includes work experience from the time I’ve been traveling, being that I’ve been creating content while traveling full time for 7 years.

Should you put travel on a resume (1)



#Travel isn’t as novel as it used to be, so how can you properly market your time abroad to make your skills and experiences look good on your #resume?

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travel experience in resume

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Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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' src=

Awesome advice. I’m gearing up to take some time away from full time work, and one of the things that kept me from doing this for so long was my fear of a gap on my resume. Travel is relevant to what I do and so much of my travel is about having experiences that I will later bring into my professional life. It’s not just about going on an extended vacation!

' src=

Glad the post was helpful for you! Yes, absolutely, don’t be put of from travel for fear of the dreaded gap on the resume, especially if the experience is relevant to what you do. There are so many situations where travel experiences can be beneficial to a career nowadays :)

Happy travels!

' src=

thank you for the great tips! never thought about adding travels to my CV, but you are totally right, it looks better than gaps.

You’re welcome, I’m glad that the post was helpful! And absolutely, there are quite a lot of ways to list travel as a positive boost to a CV, so no reason to leave a gap :)

' src=

Lovely employment tips for travelers, Megan! Although I have no plans to be employed again (at this time), I still get the importance of being marketable and ‘desirable’ for potential employers. You’ll never know if the corporate world will start calling you again. :D

This is so good to know, especially for people who are going through gap years or maybe taking a break from all the hustle and bustle a 9-5 work brings you. I think volunteering is such a great way to still be socially active and aware as well as picking up odd jobs now and then. This will make your CV more favourable as it will see how responsible you are.

Thanks Marvi, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I’m probably in the same boat as you – now that I’ve been working as a digital nomad for a couple of years I hope I don’t need to be filling out a resume anytime soon! But there are definitely ways to make them see your break from the traditional world of work as a positive thing :)

Volunteering really is such a fabulous experience to mix into your travels every now and then. And, bonus, it looks good on your CV :D

' src=

This is a very relevant post for me. My day job is not related to travel or blogging, but I have been working as a freelance contractor (in IT) for over 15 years and have always tried to take anything from a few weeks to several months off between contracts, if I can afford to. Because of what I do, it’s unlikely I can paint the travel in such a way that it is relevant for my job, and thus far I’d not included it, but thinking it may well be worth adding it under a Hobbies area, to make it clear that the periods not working were not through lack of being able to find work but a deliberate decision to take time off for non-work projects and travel.

It can definitely be something you add to a hobbies section if it’s not directly relevant to your job. A lot of employers recognize that people have hobbies outside of their career, and if you can show that you’ve been working reliably for the past 15 years while maintaining travel as a hobby, I don’t see how that would be seen as a bad thing. If anything it makes you interesting! :D

And you’re right – it answers any possible questions about why there might be continued gaps there :)

' src=

Although these are some really great tips Meg, and I completely agree that a gap in the resume looks worse than travelling and talking about the soft skills you’ve acquired, unfortunately in certain markets such as India, ‘travelling’ is still frowned upon as something that you do in your leisurely time and it does not really add to you in any way. I have struggled with some many hiring people to explain to them how key it is, for people to venture out of their routines and comfort zones, to explore new places, meet new people, open their minds but things are still not there where people in Indian companies can consider that as a positive thing. Basically, it’s as bad as a gap in your resume. I hope it can change soon though!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the working culture in India Medha. Sorry to hear that travel hasn’t become recognized as a positive experience yet. I guess cultural mindsets of a society will always differ, and perhaps I should have made mention to my experience coming from a US / Aus / Europe perspective.

I hope that mindsets in India towards travel will change soon too :)

' src=

I have had the same experience in India, people have still looked at it negatively

I really hope this perception changes, unfortunately widespread societal attitudes like that never seem to change overnight though :(

I guess in that situation it would be making a decision as to whether you think travel or a gap in the resume would put you in a better position.

' src=

It’s so great that you wrote this! When I first quit my job in marketing to travel, I was really worried about the gap in my resume. Especially since I was trying to break into freelancing and it was taking much longer than expected…but I’ve totally embraced it as part of my life experience. Totally agree with the last point especially!

Glad the post was helpful Sofia! And congrats on embracing your travel experiences as life experience – ultimately we only live once, and we’re not born to just pay bills and die! Two cliches there into one, but I live by both of them :D

' src=

I’ve never really thought of adding travel to my resume, to be honest. I work as a translator and only now I realize that being able not only to translate literally but also to understand the slang and localize the stuff I’m translating, thanks to my international experience, can definitly boost my activity as well. I will be adding more soft skills to my resume, thank you!

As a translator I would think that travel experiences would be highly relevant to your job, especially if you can use it to demonstrate using your fluency. Obviously there’s a difference between being fluent in a language and as you said, being fluent enough to account for the local slang. So I would definitely list it on your resume :)

' src=

A really educational and informative guide especially the part of the hard/soft skills and how to highlight them! It really helps when it comes to preparing a good Resume.

So glad that our tips are helpful for you Efthimis! Hope it helps you draft an awesome resume!

' src=

Such a great set of ideas to combine travel into work experience…I guess it is all a matter of perspective! :D

Absolutely Rachael – glad the post was helpful for you!

' src=

What an interesting topic! Things that can be included are 1) direct work experience in a private company, 2) volunteer work at an NGO, 3) stringent management of time and finances on a self-financed trip, 4) sponsored trip due to special skills and perspective, and/or 5) travel writing in a professional blog or freelancing. You are so right…better than an unexplained gap.

Thanks Carol! Glad the post was interesting for you :) And absolutely, all your points make for valid things to list on a resume. There’s always a positive spin!

' src=

Meg, this is such a useful and practical post! I know when I was looking for a part-time job back in New Zealand a few years ago, I struggled to answer the questions about why they should hire someone who loves to travel so much. I wish I had your post back then. I know a lot of people struggle with this topic too. Great post!

Thanks Anita, so glad you enjoyed the post! The biggest thing is to be confident in your travel experience and not doubt that you don’t deserve the job because of it :) Definitely a positive life experience, and something employers do value!

' src=

Being from a Marketing background, I can definitely vouch for this. Travel does look good on your resume. The interviewer will perceive you as a person with more exposure and hence this can tip the scales in your favour. The other important aspect is that gaps do look bad in a resume. If you can account for it with travel, then it not only plugs the gap but enhances the resume as well.

Awesome Sandy! Fabulous to hear from an employers perspective :)

' src=

Amazing article!! actually now a days companies hiring those candidates who fits their work culture by checking hobbies and interests as key indicator on resume and i think you have enlisted some nice and interesting hobbies which will be very helpful for job seekers. Thank You. Going to bookmark this for sure.

Thanks Ritesh, glad you enjoyed the post! I agree, I think that now that the workplace has become so competitive, hobbies are actually what make you stand out from the crowd, and give you a personality.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions when drafting your resume :)

' src=

Thank you for the great advice.

You’re welcome – glad the post was helpful :)

' src=

This is an interesting article.

I have been working for the last 3 years after graduating from my masters and have just qualified as a Chartered Surveyor. I am going to be taking a 12-month break from work to travel the world (14 countries in total) and am quitting my job with the intention of applying to another job in the same field when I return.

Admittedly, I am slightly concerned about how this will look on my resume after leaving my job having been qualified for less than a year, but in all honesty taking the time out and seeing / exploring the world will teach me so much more than just sitting at my desk for the next 12 months.

Hopefully any future employer will recognise this and understand that doing such a thing can only serve as a benefit in the long-run.

After all, I have the next 30 years to sit at a desk and become more experienced in the field!

Thanks for reading Jack, so glad you enjoyed the article.

Congrats on making the decision to take a career break! Ultimately traveling truly does teach you so much more about the world in general, and I do think that travelers come back more grounded, well educated people, ready to dive back into work and be more productive employees.

I think the employment culture is starting to move towards acknowledging that a work / life balance is necessary for a positive work environment, and with so many people nowadays taking career breaks it’s becoming a pretty normal thing to do.

Have an amazing time overseas! Thanks for sharing your story :)

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  • • Promoted Travel Program to ensure employees' understanding of policies and procedures resulting in a 10% increase in compliance towards online booking and advance ticket purchasing.
  • • Developed strong working relationships with Travel Management Company (TMC), Airlines and Hotels, resulting in a 20% increase in usage of preferred suppliers.
  • • Compiled and analyzed reports for leadership showing travel trends, costs, and policy compliance, resulting in cost savings of 15%.
  • • Managed over 150 corporate clients resulting in an 80% retention rate and $2 million in sales annually.
  • • Developed strong relationships with stakeholders, resulting in a 25% increase in client referrals.
  • • Provided exceptional customer service, resulting in a 95% satisfaction rate among clients.
  • • Sold over $500,000 in travel packages annually, resulting in a 10% increase in sales revenue year-over-year.
  • • Provided exceptional customer service, resulting in a 90% satisfaction rate among clients.
  • • Maintained accurate records and documentation, resulting in a 100% compliance rate with company policies and procedures.

5 Travel Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Customize this resume with ease using our seamless online resume builder.

Resume Guide

How to write a travel manager resume experience section, travel manager resume skills’ tips & tricks to impress recruiters, travel manager resume header: tips, red flags, and best practices, travel manager resume summary best practices, listing your education, certifications and courses, how to write a travel manager resume, other sections to include in your resume, travel manager resume: how to make yours more creative & stand out, what makes a great travel manager resume: key takeaways, reservations manager, travel consultant.

Travel Manager resume example

Top travel manager sections that make the best resume

  • Professional summary
  • Experience (with numbers and results)
  • Relevant skills
  • Certifications

what to write in your resume experience section

Travel manager resume's job experience checklist:

  • Use 4-6 bullet points per job title;
  • Don’t go further than a decade behind when describing your job history, unless you’re applying for an executive position;
  • Combine job responsibilities as well as achievements with numbers in results when you describe your past work;
  • Start each sentence with a power verb and avoid overused buzzwords;
  • Use either C-A-R or S-T-A-R methodology, when describing your experience.

The work experience samples below come from real Travel Manager resumes that got people hired at top companies. You can use them as an inspiration to build your own resume:

  • Experienced managing an appointed Travel Management Company (TMC) to ensure consistency with policies and procedures
  • Teams with the global travel manager to ensure all travel contract obligations are met (air/hotel/car etc.)
  • Works in partnership with other Regional Heads of Travel to share best practice and ensure the consistent implementation of the global travel program in line with Group expectations and targets
  • Knowledge and experience with T&E reporting and processing workflows
  • Manages travel and expense software tools, such as Concur Travel & Expense experience which includes user support and program enhancements
  • Reconciliation of travel service and forex monthly reports and logging of travel service and forex credits/invoices
  • Monitor travel industry trends, develop and execute strategies within the region
  • Implement global initiatives in the region and provide regional input into global initiatives
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office, in particular, Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Ability to work in a fast paced and often ambiguous environment, and navigate organization structures with sensitivity and finesse
  • Strong interpersonal, time management and organizational skills along with excellent professional written and verbal communication capabilities
  • Experience with managing travel agency and online booking tools with strong knowledge of airline, hotel, ground transportation and travel and expense policy
  • Work with appropriate corporate sponsors, frequent travelers, and travel vendors to maintain a travel program that supports travel needs for the company and enables compliance with the corporate travel policy
  • Managing the travel program globally to ensure we are receiving best in class services, maximizing discounts, minimizing costs and ensuring traveller safety
  • Strive for continuous improvement to align with policy changes, savings opportunities and travel industry updates
  • Corporate deals negotiated with the airlines to work out for better fares and discounts for frequently travelled destinations
  • Ensures the accurate compilation, analysis and reporting of travel data
  • Ensure compliance in all aspects of travel program and procedures
  • Experience in managing service levels and action with remediation plans
  • Launched Getthere.com online travel booking system in UK resulting in transaction fee savings of 60%
  • Awarded "highest initial adoption rate" for achieving 50% use in 6 months
  • Negotiated and communicated first transaction fee pricing
  • Co-led negotiation of travel agency selection process
  • Led first global hotel negotiation programme with in-house travel agency
  • Undertook regular seminars for travellers to identify traveller/travel arranger issues and share changes to the travel programme
  • Manage the budget/Expenses/Invoices to ensure accurate expense management and staying within cost.
  • Develop marketing plans that drive business relationships
  • Responsible for team travel. a series of processes from planning to travel to completion.
  • Customer and Vendors Management.
  • Calculate the salary of employees in my department

In writing your Travel Manager resume, you will no doubt want to list your previous duties - as you should. But steer clear of just listing your duties, instead of your achievements. Make your resume stand out by communicating what you have done, and not merely what the job needed you to do.

Action verbs for your travel manager resume

Target Illustration

Recommended reads:

  • Resume Without Work Experience: 6+ Sections to Demonstrate Impact
  • How to Describe Your Resume Work Experience

Resume skills section checklist:

  • Ensure your hard skills section (including technologies) are exactly matching the job description.
  • Don’t simply list your soft skills. Apply the “show, don’t tell” principle - let your job achievements speak for themselves.
  • Find a way to showcase your skills beyond the skills section.
  • Your resume’s skill section is important to ATS systems - so don’t skip it.

Top skills for your travel manager resume

Numerical skills

Invoice development

Customs documentation

Inventory management software

Distribution management

Quality assurance

Supply Chain


Perspective Taking




Add a Talent Section to your resume, where you can pick your top 3 soft skills and describe how you used them to complete a project or balance departmental communication.

  • Hard Skills on Resume: Top Hard Skills by Industry Sector

what to write in your resume header

CHECKLIST For Your Travel Manager Resume Header

  • Your name and surname in a legible and larger resume font
  • The job title you’re applying for or your current job title as a subheading to your name
  • Link to your portfolio or online profile, such as LinkedIn
  • Address (City and State for the US; just your city for rest of the world)
  • Email address
  • Headshot (required or welcomed in the EU; not required and sometimes frowned upon in the US)

Stick to popular email providers such as Gmail or Outlook. And use these professional formats to create your username:

Some companies, states, and countries have policies about identifying information like photos on your Travel Manager resume. Be sure to check all the relevant rules before submitting yours. If you’re in doubt, you can always try contacting the company’s HR department to ask for their policy.

what to write in your resume summary

Checklist: What to include in your Travel Manager resume summary:

  • Years of experience;
  • Highlight top 3 skills and proficiencies;
  • One big professional accomplishment you’re most proud of, that you can tie with the aforementioned skills;
  • Use short, direct sentences - but no more than three - to keep the HRs interested.

Resume summary formula:

You’re not going to get hired simply because of a good summary or objective. However, your recruiter can bump you up in front of similarly experienced candidates who didn’t demonstrate such passion and drive.

  • 83 Resume Summary Examples & How-To Guide

resume education section checklist:

Top certifications for your travel manager resume.

certification image

Practical Travel Hacks: Sensible tips for intelligent travel

How to make the most out of your travel goals

certification image

Travel Hacking: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing

A step-by-step system for using award travel to pay for all your future trips and vacations

certification image

Solo Female Travel: See the World Safely, Cheaply, Epically

The ultimate guide for women who want to have safe, solo adventures around the world & create epic memories on a budget.

certification image

How to get Paid to Travel The World in 2022

Build an online brand from scratch and get paid to travel the world Full Time

certification image

Travel to Rise - A how to guide for Solo-Female Travel

Learn to travel solo and become the best version of yourself. This course teaches how to plan your trip abroad and more.

Recommended reads"

  • Perfecting the Education Section on Your Resume
  • Can You Put GPA On A Resume? And What's Wrong With GPA Anyway?

There are dozens of certifications that you can claim as a Travel Manager. But, some are more effective than others. That’s why you mustn’t include every certificate other applicants might have. Try instead to earn and list a few of the difficult ones.

There are three basic resume formats you can choose from:

  • Reverse-chronological resume format ;
  • Functional resume format ;
  • Hybrid (or Combination) resume format ;

The most optimal format for your particular case will depend on your years of experience, as well as whether you’re switching industries or not.

Reverse chronological resumes are best suited for experienced individuals who are sticking to their industry. The experience section takes a central place, and its bullets contain your responsibilities and achievements, coupled with numbers and results.

Functional resumes are used by less experienced jobseekers or career changers. Note that it’s not a format that recruiters prefer, as most are used to the classic chronological alignment. Instead of a list of job titles, functional resumes focus on your skills, and through what experiences you gained them.

Hybrid resumes are great for both experienced and entry-level candidates, as well as career changers. They combine the best of both worlds - most often in a double column format, where one side of the content is focused on your experience, whereas the other - on your skills, strengths, and proudest moments.

hybrid (combination) resume format built on Enhancv platform

Here are more resume tips regarding your layout and style :

  • Clear and legible 12p resume font size;
  • Use 10’’ resume margins - that’s default for a great resume design;
  • Use a one-page template resume length if you’ve got less than 10 years of experience; otherwise, opt for a two-page resume ;
  • Save your resume as PDF before sending it to the recruiter.

To take it a step further, check out how your resume can stand out without leaning too much on the creative side.

  • Resume Sections: Everything You Need to Know
  • Targeted Resume: 3-Step Process to Win Any Recruiter Over

Test your draft Travel Manager resume by sending it out to peers and mentors in your circles. Ask them to review it as if they are hiring you for a project and implement the feedback afterwards.

Depending on the type of company (corporation or start-up; innovative or traditional), job seniority level and your location, you may want to include more sections to your Travel Manager resume:

  • Language skills
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Volunteer work
  • Publications

When you send your resume to a potential employer, chances are it's the fiftieth one they've seen that day. That's why you need to make your Travel Manager resume stand out for the right reasons. That means showing your personality, not just your professional experience. Employers are far more likely to remember a candidate who seems like a genuine person and not a robot. Do this by including your passions (which is also a great place to demonstrate skills on a resume), share your favorite books, or even what your usual day looks like.

day of my life on resume   Enhancv resume section

  • Choose a resume layout that sends the right message across and fits your current career situation;
  • Create a resume header that shows your desired job title, and easy to find contact numbers;
  • Be specific about your experience, accomplishments and future goals in your summary;
  • Feature detailed metrics and specific examples that show the impact you made in your previous roles when describing your experience;
  • List soft skills backed by examples;
  • Add all of your technical skills and certifications that you have and match the job description;
  • Show off a dash of personality in your resume that will demonstrate your culture fit and the right mix of hard and soft skills.

Travel Manager resume examples

Explore additional travel manager resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

Reservations Manager Resume Example

Looking to build your own Travel Manager resume?

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How to Accept a Job Offer Professionally

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Travel Specialist Resume Sample

The resume builder.

Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Work Experience

  • Provides support for customers needing assistance with SAO travel related inquiries
  • Provides World Class Customer Service to internal and external customers at all times
  • Answers phones or email relative to travel related inquiries and forward to appropriate staff
  • Provides support and access information to new users for the TeamWorks Travel & Expense System
  • Monitors activities of the contact center for compliance with established processes and procedures
  • Recognizes, documents, and alerts the manager of trends in customer calls
  • Uses computer software applications to document calls made and received
  • Attend training and/or staff meetings to stay up-to-date with policies and procedures
  • Adheres to KPI performance metrics, working in a structured environment
  • Effectively communicate verbally including a good speaking voice, active listening skills and a pleasant and courteous manner
  • Analyze the customer’s request or complaint, evaluate issues and determine the correct course of action
  • Go beyond a customer’s expectations, being persistent in satisfying a dissatisfied or irate customer
  • Compliance of T&E report: checking expense receipts provided by Cargill employees, according to company/ local regulations and follow-up with employees in case of non-compliance on expense claim process i.e. review of relevant docs, check for compliance, approve and forward to TRPC team for execution
  • Research, Training: Research statements, outstanding balances research and other miscellaneous mail, imaged and hard copies. Follow-up with Cargill Employer, BDC, Amex EMEA team and TRPC Fargo team needed
  • Supervises travel operations and support staff; interprets travel policies and procedures; resolves issues and ensures compliance
  • Coordinates travel training and travel-related communications for university faculty, staff, and students
  • Serves as liaison with the university’s travel vendors and the State contracted travel agency
  • Audits travel vouchers, approves travel requests and hotel authorizations, and reviews travel expense reports and university travel card documentation
  • Performs additional required review of the President’s travel, and coordinates required approval with the Chancellor’s Office
  • Assists with cashiering operations and staff, and customer service
  • Performs annual change fund audits
  • Runs weekly reports and prepares required cash reporting to the IRS
  • Prepares monthly travel reports required by the State and other reporting as required by auditors and management
  • Employees’ expense reports proceeding - ensure accuracy and policies compliance of submitted documentation, timely and proper processing of employees claims
  • Related customer service experience
  • Two years’ experience working directly with services such as dining, shopping, hotels, and tours in key destinations, and the ability to make contacts in all destinations
  • Two years’ experience working as a hotel concierge

Professional Skills

  • Strong communicative and good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, with high attention to detail
  • Possess the ability to listen and evaluate client needs and have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction and follow through skills, combined with polite, friendly and knowledgeable phone demeanor
  • Previous experience of working in team environment with strong understanding of information sharing among co-workers
  • Apply detailed knowledge of excel and powerpoint skills, applying analytical thinking processes to the role
  • Good problem solving skills with a dedicated mindset

How to write Travel Specialist Resume

Travel Specialist role is responsible for travel, software, analytical, interpersonal, procurement, customer, microsoft, powerpoint, purchasing, auditing. To write great resume for travel specialist job, your resume must include:

  • Your contact information
  • Work experience
  • Skill listing

Contact Information For Travel Specialist Resume

The section contact information is important in your travel specialist resume. The recruiter has to be able to contact you ASAP if they like to offer you the job. This is why you need to provide your:

  • First and last name
  • Telephone number

Work Experience in Your Travel Specialist Resume

The section work experience is an essential part of your travel specialist resume. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. This section, however, is not just a list of your previous travel specialist responsibilities. It's meant to present you as a wholesome candidate by showcasing your relevant accomplishments and should be tailored specifically to the particular travel specialist position you're applying to. The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

Representative Travel Specialist resume experience can include:

  • Experience in handling travel accounts (flights), background on travel agency, and/or tourism graduate (with or without experience)
  • Validate the expenses - validate the receipts, the expenses categorization according with our travel and expenses policy
  • Strong experience working with data analysis tools (SAS; Hadoop; Tableau, R; Python; SQL; Excel)
  • International knowledge and skills
  • Relevant experience demonstrating increasing responsibility
  • Experience using a case management or ticketing system

Education on a Travel Specialist Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your travel specialist resume. If you’ve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your travel specialist experience. For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Master’s degrees go next, followed by Bachelor’s and finally, Associate’s degree.

Additional details to include:

  • School you graduated from
  • Major/ minor
  • Year of graduation
  • Location of school

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.

Professional Skills in Travel Specialist Resume

When listing skills on your travel specialist resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical travel specialist skills:

  • Excellent organizational, business writing and communication skills, enabling effective and professional interaction with all levels of associates
  • Your attention to detail, promptness and effective communication skills are excellent
  • Basic knowledge of travel and expense claims processing and excellent administrative skills
  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills; positive attitude; calm and personable under pressure; resilience to change
  • Detail-oriented with good analytical and organizational skills
  • Prioritize assignments, resolve issues independently and work effectively

List of Typical Experience For a Travel Specialist Resume

Experience for travel & expenses specialist resume.

  • Two to four years experience in bookkeeping or related field
  • Strong emphasis on customer service, meeting goals, approval of reports on time to ensure no financial impact to company or employee and achieving results
  • Experience living in the US, Canada or the European Union is required
  • Working experience in Travel Services or related filed
  • Excellent command of the written and spoken English language (Advanced level)

Experience For Travel Product Specialist Resume

  • Experience in business visas arrangement for the EU, USA and Canada
  • Good knowledge of the MS Office suite and ability to learn quickly different PC programs
  • Engage employees, Managers and HR owners for validation for claims and for approvals
  • Provides advice and guidance to ensure cost effective use of the travel dollars
  • Good written and spoken command of English
  • Experience in creating professional presentations for varying audiences
  • Experience in a customer service setting
  • Demonstrated history of building positive and collaborative relationships in the workplace

Experience For Travel & Expense Processing Specialist Resume

  • Proven sales track record 4-5 years in a global, B2B multi-channel sales leadership role
  • Extensive client management experience.-
  • Strong sales and negotiation-
  • Knowledge and experience of corporate sectors
  • Cruise and Tour experience desired
  • Systematically evaluate current processes; prepare and present recommendations to make processes more efficient and effective

Experience For Senior Specialist, Travel Operations Resume

  • Experience in the travel/hospitality industry
  • Reviewing accounts: Plan and execute business reviews and act on short-falls
  • Selling travel products and tour packages
  • Sourcing products and destinations to meet consumer demands for bespoke travel and sustainable tourism
  • Taking part in familiarization visits to new destinations to gather information on issues and amenities of interest to consumers
  • Monitoring our Travel Compliance policy internally as well as with the TMC's

Experience For Travel & Expenses Query Resolution Specialist Resume

  • Auditing of Travel Claim for Honeywell Globally in line with the Travel policy
  • Have thorough knowledge and understanding of the payment processes that apply for confirming hotel reservations, to approving expense reports for reimbursement
  • Serve as liaison among client, travelers, and suppliers by listening, problem solving, and communicating both verbally and written
  • Time management, professionalism, building relationships, delivering quality service, feedback and learning
  • Computer literacy and internet savvy, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs
  • Conduct training for the travelers and travel arrangers on the Company’s online travel booking tool, in conjunction with the US Travel Team
  • Assist with writing and updating the communications and content posted on the Company’s Travel Portal
  • Adhoc Reporting and supporting Audit initiatives to build a robust control from a process as well as system perspective
  • Play a key role in identifying process issues, non-compliance areas etc and working with the Process lead and Assistant Manager to close out identified gaps

Experience For Travel & Expense Reimbursement Specialist Resume

  • Adheres to Arthrex standards in delivering customer service including telephone/email etiquette, and follows prescribed customer service escalation procedures
  • Collation of New Hire Training information for rooming and ground lists
  • Provide assistance to Meeting Event team as requested, e.g. rooming lists, ground transport
  • Assess customer needs through relevant questioning during initial telephone contact
  • Basic understanding in using electronic spreadsheets, data analysis and reconciliation

Experience For Travel Expenses Processing Specialist Resume

  • Swag and branding planning
  • Business training or college level courses in accounting
  • Success with working in a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment
  • An understanding and appreciation of the media / gaming sector would be beneficial
  • Works with the rest of the team to improve or develop local procedures and processes on Expense reporting and AP

Experience For Travel Accounting & Accounts Payable Specialist Resume

  • Perform regular process controls according to Takeda's compliance standards
  • Assist with traveler’s needs, bookings, concerns, issues and approvals while providing exceptional service to all travelers
  • Create and update employee expense reports in Concur, the University’s travel and expense reporting system
  • Apply federal sponsor policies to Concur expense reports, including the U.S. Office of Management & Budget A-21 Circular
  • Follow U-M SSC protocols for creating expense reports
  • Manage employee hotel reservations that require attention and obtain confirmation communicating to employee timely
  • Participate in client networking events

Experience For Specialist, Travel Accounts Payable Resume

  • Work with various internal team on operational issue and take ownership on closure of any open / pending issues
  • Mentor new hires and deliver training on need basis
  • Responsible for one or more EMEA Functional Services Lines . (e.g. Environnent, Reporting, Ventures & Acquisitions)
  • Create and update employee expense reports in Concur or other University travel and expense reporting systems
  • Apply federal sponsor policies to expense reports, including the U.S. Office of Management & Budget A-21 Circular
  • Confidence interfacing with all levels of internal and external contacts
  • Ownership of administrative tasks (invoicing, agreements, etc.)

Experience For Sourcing Specialist for Travel Services Resume

  • Travel Communications and Content planning
  • Adopt a highly organised approach to multitasking in order to organise and schedule people, rooms, travel and other resources to support the business
  • Assist new and existing Distributors, for the creation and support of travel profiles within Concur
  • Work independently exercising discretion and judgement
  • Global Accommodation planning

List of Typical Skills For a Travel Specialist Resume

Skills for travel & expenses specialist resume.

  • Effective mathematical skills and ability to develop, analyze and interpret financial and operational
  • Excellent customer service skills and the ability to take member calls if necessary
  • Experience providing excellent customer service to a variety of types of customers, each with unique needs and varied abilities to communicate those needs
  • Able to work effectively accross all types of teams
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills to handle sensitive issues in professional and courteous manner

Skills For Travel Product Specialist Resume

  • Prior experience training users on processes/systems
  • Prior experience on a help desk or in a support role
  • Proven track record of success and experience in Corporate/Business Travel.-
  • Experience of dealing with internal and external clients, including communicating to a variety of personalities and personas
  • Experience with GDS, preferably Sabre, making reservations, faring and ticketing
  • Experience in travel reimbursements, general accounting or bookkeeping
  • Experience applying federal sponsor policies to expense reports, including the U.S. Office of Management & Budget A-21 Circular

Skills For Travel & Expense Processing Specialist Resume

  • Experience with reading and negotiating contracts
  • Excellent communicator both in writing and verbal
  • Experience of working directly with multiple countries and cultures in a finance capacity, AP process desirable
  • Develop and build strong client relationships globally working with Regional travel and Expense Managers
  • Detailed knowledge and experience in large scale events with extensive budget and forecasting management
  • Experience in providing specialist support and assistance
  • Time management and experience of short-term task planning

Skills For Senior Specialist, Travel Operations Resume

  • Experience creating expense reports in Concur
  • Experience managing cases in ServiceLink
  • Experience applying U-M’s travel policies to expense reports
  • Experience within a travel or event planning
  • Experience in reporting/analytics desired
  • Skill in gathering data in order to develop cost comparisons and reports
  • Skill in using an automated travel system in order to prepare travel authorizations, secure travel arrangements, and process reimbursement

Skills For Travel & Expenses Query Resolution Specialist Resume

  • Experienced in working in an international matrix organization.-
  • Create, validate, automate, and distribute travel reports & dashboards, both recurring and ad-hoc
  • Excellent problem solving and solution orientated
  • Two years’ experience making travel reservations as either a Travel Agent or Concierge and have key contacts in the Travel Business
  • Five years direct experience working with customers in a luxury environment

Skills For Travel & Expense Reimbursement Specialist Resume

  • Customer service, administrative experience
  • Relevant travel and expenses experience
  • Experience with technology clients
  • A hands-on approach to project management with extensive experience to support informed decision
  • 3 to 5 yrs. travel industry experience in supplier relations, preferably with Hotel Suppliers
  • Practices effective, appropriate communication; both written and verbal
  • Organization and time management, prioritization

Skills For Travel Expenses Processing Specialist Resume

  • Strong intermediate-level competence in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint
  • Experience with obtaining travel approvals for government travel
  • Experience as a travel specialist
  • Experience with SharePoint, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Excel and Project
  • Working level skill in the use of Microsoft Office computer application software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
  • Experience with Concur Travel & Expense

Skills For Travel Accounting & Accounts Payable Specialist Resume

  • Travel industry experience in account management or travel management role
  • A highly resourceful, strong investigative nature
  • Work with other members of the U-M SSC T&E Processing Team to service customers in an organized, timely and effective way
  • Create and provide reporting on program effectiveness, compliance, cost and opportunities and other KPIs
  • Creating and maintaining the contracts management from the accounting perspective

Skills For Specialist, Travel Accounts Payable Resume

  • Accounting background with invoice review and coding required
  • Ensuring compliance of documents with local regulation, ensure taxable benefits are identified in the expense reports and correct accounting is driven
  • Having all documents related to services provision – attendance lists, passing rate for trainings, statement of works, reception minutes, etc
  • Being independent in performing daily tasks
  • Keeping the travel profiles in Concur up to date with new credit card, hotel and car frequent numbers
  • Working knowledge of MS Office tools (especially Excel)
  • Speaking and reading proficiency in French, Spanish, or Arabic helpful; and
  • Having all documents related to services provision attendance lists, passing rate for trainings, statement of works, reception minutes, etc
  • Measuring and reporting results: Monitor, track, and report on objectives and indicators

Skills For Sourcing Specialist for Travel Services Resume

  • Promoting and marketing the business, sometimes to new or niche markets
  • Managing budgets and maintaining statistical/financial records
  • Liaising with travel partners, including airlines and hotels, to manage bookings and schedules, often one year in advance
  • Dealing with customer inquiries and aiming to meet their expectations
  • Overseeing the smooth, efficient running of the business
  • Developing: identify program goals and outline strategies to achieve objectives
  • Implementing: Create and carry out action plans to implement program objectives

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Travel Specialist Resume

Responsibilities for travel & expenses specialist resume.

  • Strong intermediate-level competence in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
  • Assist with writing of business policies and procedures, and arranging and conducting offsite training sessions with campus personnel when necessary
  • Provide administrative support for business line leadership by managing calendar, correspondence, scheduling and handling meeting logistics
  • Provide support to accounting through research and troubleshooting
  • Ensure all overseas travelers receive pre-travel medevac insurance information and briefing information according to established Duty of Care standards
  • Receive and process new vendor requests to get new vendors set-up in system for purchasing requests, orders, invoicing
  • Checks the correctness and completeness of identifying information and supporting documents

Responsibilities For Travel Product Specialist Resume

  • Posts vouchers and credits and debits accounts according to double entry bookkeeping methods
  • Performs a variety of clerical tasks, including sorting records alphabetically and numerically
  • Provide monthly travel data analysis to leadership in define cost saving initiatives, monitor KPIs for the travel program with reporting
  • By leveraging the global, regional travel resources and market/industry best practice, define the cost saving opportunities and lead the implementation
  • Provide support in using the online booking tool for travellers
  • Perform complex reconciliations of transactions and balances to confirm accounting is correct and complete and prepare journal entries as needed

Responsibilities For Travel & Expense Processing Specialist Resume

  • Assure that all transactions ready for processing are input to the next weekly bill cycle
  • Provide multi-faceted customer service to campuses, assisting with various problems and questions as needed
  • Assist with any other required pre-trip planning or preparations (hotel, ground transportation, etc.); and
  • Travel Arranging for the Hybrid Travel Office
  • Assists university travelers in areas related to travel, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, cost efficiency and acceptable travel accommodations
  • Prepares documents summarizing the justification for travel requests and vouchers

Responsibilities For Senior Specialist, Travel Operations Resume

  • Maintains general and subsidiary records according to established account classifications
  • Oversee corporate events including vendor selection, negotiations and logistics
  • Advise business leaders on travel expenses for annual budget cycle and provide monthly reporting to show travel budget usage
  • Facilitate communications on product-specific details as described within the marketing materials to the travel sales force (Travel Agents)
  • Drive Travel policy optimization and compliance monitoring
  • Business support and cost saving initiatives
  • End-to-end support of approving Honeywell Travel claims globally
  • On time Approval and Meeting Month End Cutoffs Globally
  • Support Travel Product Managers in relation to agent communication, compilation of data, tracking and associated tasks related to the FAM Program

Responsibilities For Travel & Expenses Query Resolution Specialist Resume

  • Assist during irregular operations as needed
  • Basic knowledge of Finance and Accounting principles and processes
  • Two years in maintenance and processing of fiscal records
  • Expert knowledge dealing with multiple vendors simultaneously
  • Knowledge and application of business management, strategic planning and project management principles and practice

Responsibilities For Travel & Expense Reimbursement Specialist Resume

  • Some knowledge of accounting processes
  • Train and provide assistance to all levels of employees on using electronic travel systems
  • Schedule hotel accommodations, train, car rental, car service and flights including private air transportation
  • Design and coordinate travel for complex travel requests including international travel
  • Lead the daily administration and customer service supporting the global travel program
  • Handle all travel related requests such as inquiries, feedback, car accidents, car services issues, shuttle services and responding to queries from employees

Responsibilities For Travel Expenses Processing Specialist Resume

  • Function autonomously and be accountable for delivering all outputs
  • Numerical ability – Especially relevant to the auditing of employee expense claims
  • Highly motivated individual looking to continuously deliver and exceed
  • A hospitality and service orientation
  • Work weekend and holiday hours
  • The AMEX process for statutory purposes
  • Monitoring and analyzing P&L and Balance sheet transactions and ensuring their correctness; dealing with eventual discrepancies; reviewing and confirming the overall correctness of P&L and BS statements
  • Audit T&E documents (receipts, respect of company policy, VAT)

Responsibilities For Travel Accounting & Accounts Payable Specialist Resume

  • Support employees with travelers tools such as Corporate Card Program, Travel Policy and T&E software
  • Ensure timely reimbursement to employees in accordance with company policies and service level agreements
  • Contact with the internal stakeholders from EUCAN and META regions
  • Language courses and trainings
  • Other European language would be an asset (Italian/Spanish/French/German)
  • Successfully handle multiple tasks, goal oriented
  • Concur & SAP knowledge would be an asset
  • Responsible for thorough review of both employee and student travel reimbursement claims, assuring that all disbursements comply with District travel policy and guidelines as well as facilitate resolution of instances of noncompliance
  • Responsible for accurate and timely posting, in ERP system, of travel encumbrances as well as employee/student travel reimbursement requests

Responsibilities For Specialist, Travel Accounts Payable Resume

  • Serve as an expert resource for campus administrative assistants and bookkeepers regarding travel policies/procedures of the District and related accounting processes
  • Responsible for processing of manual checks, when necessary, with proper documentation and approval
  • Maintain, record, and monitor accounts receivable (rental, transportation, restitution, etc.)
  • Research and recommend improvements to LISD systems
  • Troubleshoot issues/errors related to activity fund; help ensure proper budget code usage
  • Identify product/destination gaps, research competition’s product offerings and offer suggestions to enhance assigned product line(s) to management
  • Responsible for the successful completion of travel arrangements within Arthrex as well as Advamed guidelines, meeting the standards of excellent customer service
  • Use available online resources to ensure compliance with corporate travel policy

Responsibilities For Sourcing Specialist for Travel Services Resume

  • Hold T&E presentations for new hires
  • Coordinate all contacts and arrangements with Tetra Tech ARD’s external travel agent
  • Handle all airline ticket purchases and re-ticketing for staff and consultants in accordance with the firm’s internal procedures, and obtain necessary approvals prior to ticketing
  • Make hotel, rental car and other necessary travel arrangements
  • Complementary tasks as deemed appropriate and necessary
  • High level of proficiency in MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and other web and mobile travel applications
  • Energetic, positive and enthusiastic collaborative team player

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Travel Analyst Resume Samples

The guide to resume tailoring.

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the travel analyst job. It’s actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

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Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Resume Builder

  • Verify and approve electronically received expense reports in accordance with agreed service standards and ensuring compliance to T&E policy. Review attached images and itineraries for clarity and entry verification. Collect any missing or unclear items and attach to reports Daily monitoring and correction of import/Export errors and provide root cause analyses
  • Provides team members with information regarding travel procedures and assists with ensuring compliance with the Global Travel and Expense Policy
  • Verify and approve electronically received expense reports in accordance with agreed service standards and ensuring compliance to Travel & Expenses (T&E) policy. Review attached images and itineraries for clarity and entry verification. Collect any missing or unclear items and attach to reports Daily monitoring and correction of import/Export errors and provide root cause analyses
  • Conducts training or assists in developing and presenting training for online and offline use of Concur
  • Assist the Travel team by consolidating the Service Level Agreement statistics from the global travel management companies servicing us worldwide 2. Support the Technology Travel Specialist at HQ by monitoring the use of technology and reporting on opportunities to increase/enhance (profile completion, mobile applications, online booking tools) 3. Support the Airline Travel Specialist at HQ to ensure that all Airline contracts are loaded correctly worldwide 4. Support the Hotel Travel Specialist at HQ by following up with hotels where it has been identified that rates are not correctly loaded 5. Support the Agency Travel Specialist with monitoring the edits on the corporate card data to ensure that corrections are done within 48 hours 6. Monitor agency feedback system to ensure all offices are responding to customer feedback within 72 hours 7. QC Agency MIS Data and identify opportunities for improvement 8. Maintain a master Global TMC List with contact information, GDS, IATAN #’s, PCC’s, etc. 9. Monitor agency billing to assist in the QC of the invoices, confirming that the billing is consistent with the contractual terms 10. Assist with the ongoing management of the Global Hotel program, including managing the annual RFP process, the development of the hotel directory and ongoing optimization of the program
  • Prepare regular system generated reports including monthly and quarterly management reports. Review scheduled reports to make sure no errors in the runs. Identify newly requested reports not in existence and send to Supervisor for approval and creation request.. Maintain desk procedures
  • Apply operational excellence/lean tools to make continuous improvements to processes
  • Ensuring data/records are kept up to date through accurate data checking, classification, reporting, input, filing and database management
  • Effective management of outsourcer, ensuring Nestle get value for money and proactively look for process efficiencies
  • Ensure alignment with Infineon TE Processes, Guidelines and Working Instructions
  • Efficiently and effectively execute the auditing of expense reports ensuring adherence to company policy
  • Execute quality controls and payment run process
  • Support and assist in the filing process
  • Running the audit controls around the process for all in scope processes. Highlighting cases noted outside policy and ensure these are resolved directly with the claimer
  • Assist in driving KPI improvements through training and business support activities
  • Assist with reconciliation of system data Workday, Concur, and ERPs
  • Monitor T&E policy compliance, communicate non-compliance issues to management, and address issues through training and process management
  • Quality assurance in the Audit process of expense reports performed by the T&E Analyst
  • Coordinate due process for Termination and Delinquency with the T&E analysts performing them
  • Monitor general performance in the P-Card, Fleet and GAR processes
  • Setting up new users and roles in the Concur System and new PA in the banking platform
  • Ability to work across multiple levels within the organization. Strong integrity and ability to handle sensitive situations discreetly
  • Proficient in time management; the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities
  • Strong Excel, skillsAbility to compare data from various data sources and identify inconsistencies or variances
  • Knowledge of travel industry terms and procedures
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Proficiency with ERP computer systems
  • Ability to stay calm and resolve problems ensuring that communication channels are maintained at all times
  • Attention to detail,
  • Previous experience in a customer focused role to allow the team to support customer queries in a professional and timely manner

15 Travel Analyst resume templates

Travel Analyst Resume Sample

Read our complete resume writing guides

How to tailor your resume, how to make a resume, how to mention achievements, work experience in resume, 50+ skills to put on a resume, how and why put hobbies, top 22 fonts for your resume, 50 best resume tips, 200+ action words to use, internship resume, killer resume summary, write a resume objective, what to put on a resume, how long should a resume be, the best resume format, how to list education, cv vs. resume: the difference, include contact information, resume format pdf vs word, how to write a student resume, travel analyst resume examples & samples.

  • Experience with Intelligence Community (IC) computer networks
  • Experience with targeting and analytics
  • Ability to find all pieces of information available on a case
  • Ability to use multiple IC databases to analyze information and independently produce written reports which are clearly organized, make effective use of data, and present clear bottom lines, containing proper grammar and punctuation and can be given to audiences with little editing
  • TS/SCI clearance with a polygraph
  • BA or BS degree with 2+ years of experience in the IC
  • Verify and approve electronically received expense reports in accordance with agreed service standards and ensuring compliance to T&E policy. Review attached images and itineraries for clarity and entry verification. Collect any missing or unclear items and attach to reports Daily monitoring and correction of import/Export errors and provide root cause analyses
  • Follow up on queries for report statuses. Provide guidance on processing expense reports, travel expense policies and statement reconciliations
  • Participate in monthly & quarterly training for new travellers
  • Analytical skills and capabilities
  • Inquisitive mind-set

Lead Accounting Analyst, Travel & Expense Resume Examples & Samples

  • Handles the day to day interaction and collaboration with our offshore vendor partner regarding all issues related to employee expense reimbursements
  • Assists and handles resolution of escalated issues related to employee expense reimbursements and corporate credit card from our offshore vendor partner
  • Will be responsible for maintaining consistency to the T&E and Corporate Credit Card policies and processes
  • This role is expected to effectively enforce T&E and Corporate Credit Card policies across the entire enterprise
  • Periodic review of Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Policy and Corporate Credit Card Policy and process with recommendation and implementation of process improvement and efficiencies
  • Serves as Corporate Credit Card administrator acting as liaison between the company and our credit card company
  • Acts as an Interface and liaison for escalated Corporate Credit Cardholder issues with immediate resolution, i.e. past due notices, fraud, limit adjustments, etc
  • Responsible for the running and analysis of monthly and quarterly policy compliance reports and making recommendations to senior management based off of findings
  • Will be responsible for periodic review and revision of management reports to adjust for and meet current needs of senior management requirements
  • Development and creation of new reports as needed
  • Independently review and analyze processes; recommend, propose and implement process improvements
  • Interact and collaborate with systems business analysts and system support technical staff on system issues or enhancements
  • Counsel and assist persons from other departments regarding expense report questions and system related questions and problems
  • Responsible for and reviewing of monthly account reconciliations
  • Quarterly review and sign off of Desktop Procedure Manuals (DPM’s) used by our offshore vendor partner
  • Bachelors degree in Accounting or equivalent education/experience
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience, with degree
  • 3-5 years of Accounts Payable and/or Employee Expense Reimbursement process
  • Supervisory experience managing an Accounts Payable or Expense Reimbursement team preferred
  • Process improvement implementation
  • Above average communication skills both verbal and written
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • The ability to manage multiple tasks and assess team strengths
  • Ability to work under pressure and consistently meet daily, monthly, quarterly and year end deadlines
  • Good decision making skills and project management skills

DR Measurement Analyst, Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Deep expertise in statistics and data analytics
  • Conduct in-depth standard and custom research studies for Facebook partners, leveraging internal data collection and data analysis tools and help position us as a thought leader in the industry
  • Analyze advertising effectiveness via a combination of internal and external measurement tools
  • Communicate complex research results to a general audience
  • Partner closely with cross-functional teams, including the sales team, to deliver a strong experience for advertisers on Facebook’s platform
  • Partner with and train sales teams to drive flawless execution and delivery of standard measurement techniques

German Travel Expense Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Combination of customer service and administration position where you get to use your language skills. This is not a call centre role!
  • You will be providing administrative support to business clients with administration, speaking to clients directly regarding any issues or changes
  • Working in an international and dynamic team
  • Full training provided - all you need is the willingness to learn and progress within a global company
  • Fluent or native level of German and fluency in English
  • Quick learner
  • Excellent communication and administration skills
  • Office based or face to face customer service experience
  • Good knowledge of standard computer applications as Ms Office, Outlook

Rrt-travel Operations Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Travel Analysis
  • Post audit and Corrective actions management
  • Overpayment Recovery
  • Travel Tier 2 Case Management
  • Resolve travel account variances
  • Provide pre-audit back-up support when necessary

Senior Travel Industry Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3+ years of data analysis experience
  • Outlook, All Microsoft based programs, internet, WEBEx, Excel, Access
  • Strong business acumen
  • Verbal and written communication skills including active listening and questioning skills
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • Proven knowledge of statistical software packages such as SAS
  • Proven knowledge of data visualization/business intelligence software such as Tableau
  • Demonstrate ability to extract and assimilate data from multiple sources and communicate analysis in a concise, easy-to- understand and actionable format
  • Demonstrated ability to interact at various levels in the organization
  • Excels in a collaborative team environment
  • Access, SAS based solutions, SABRE, Tableau
  • Proven expert in advanced SAS & Tableau
  • Proven knowledge of travel industry Revenue Management and/or Pricing experience in travel industry

Senior Travel Systems Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for understanding and following all TWDC policy’s & Executive Guiding Principles
  • Program and manage for TWDC Online Travel Booking Tool: Desktop & Mobile version
  • Design, build and maintain templates and custom sites based on Partners feedback, market, traveler’s needs; maintain all open sites with policy edits/ vendor / travel / price changes, and legal disclaimers as necessary; perform timely maintenance
  • Collaborates and partners with DTSS in designing/maintaining HR/SAP interaction with TraveLink sites
  • TraveLink system Administrator & vendor liaison. Manage sites for TWDC current user base. Many of whom rely on TraveLink to facilitate their business travel needs. Maintain proper solution-based focus, timely interactions, and prioritization for all areas
  • Responsible for managing day to day TraveLink Customer Service Team. Train users on use of booking tool; evaluate pain points for current users and re-design as needed
  • Manage/respond to IT Help Desk TraveLink Application Group RMs
  • 3 – 5 years data & program systems for Travel related businesses
  • Sabre GDS-5 Years Minimum
  • Online Booking Tool Admin
  • Microsoft Office
  • Hospitality Industry Knowledge
  • HTML Knowledge
  • Sabre Auto Ticket
  • Time Management
  • Profile Management Tool
  • Problem solving sills
  • Knowledgeable of travel industry standards and best practices
  • Demonstrated ability to champion projects from initiation through implementation
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret a wide array of information including guest research, business periodicals, professional journals, etc
  • Demonstrated problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Demonstrated strategic and creative thinking ability
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks and clients
  • 6+ years experience in Travel Industry Systems

Travel Process Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Higher School Diploma
  • English - Intermediate
  • English - Fluent

Travel & Expenses Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Adhere to policies and procedures in relation to all aspects of the role
  • Handle confidential information and maintain the security of all records and files
  • Sorting and distribution of incoming post
  • Any additional ad hoc duties that may arise
  • Strong IT Skills, such as knowledge of Microsoft Office, Internet and Email
  • Knowledge of Concur an advantage
  • A willingness and ability to consistently provide quality, friendly service to customers
  • A proactive approach to work and assisting others. They must be a self-starter
  • A flexible attitude in adapting to new and varied work requests
  • Good communication skills, written and verbal. Including good telephone manner
  • Fluent in both spoken and written French
  • 2+ years of experience in the intelligence community
  • Experience with cable writing for intelligence community clients
  • Knowledge of CCD and TIDE
  • Knowledge of the visa process
  • Ability to use multiple IC databases
  • Experience with targeting or analytical expertise

DOD Travel System {dts} Functional Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Performs a variety of administrative and analytical tasks serving as defense travel specialist in support of a DoD language program
  • Monitors tasks to meet contractual/ project requirements for assigned program
  • Monitors and reports performance against plans to ensure contractual; cost; and schedule objectives are met
  • Provides full logistical and support services to federal employees relative to federal travel; regulations; visas; official passports; supplies; and processing and disposition of federal vouchers
  • Monitors and tracks all travel; transportation; equipment/supplies and cost/pay for federal employees before; during; and after assignment CONUS and OCONUS
  • Coordinates and facilitates Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) actions
  • Interacts regularly with customers; federal employees; and other government representatives to ensure conformance to customer requirements and other regulations
  • Prepares and submits accurate initial cost estimates in preparation for CONUS and OCONUS federal travel
  • Prepares accurate financial estimates to reconcile federal travel with customers
  • Maintains current knowledge of DoD travel system (DTS) and regulations (JFTR/JTR) and other related federal regulations; including updates regarding visas and passports
  • Participates as active member of Mission Support Teams and Training/Orientation Team in preparation for federal member CONUS or OCONUS deployment
  • Some travel may be required
  • Ability to work effectively in a dynamic; high-paced team operational environment ? Effective problem-solving skills and resourcefulness to find solutions when faced with new challenges ? Strong attention to detail ? Effective organizational skills ? Effective time-management skills ? Ability to work independently and as part of a team ? Demonstrated professional and effective communication skills to interact cross-functionally with individuals at all levels in the organization ? Demonstrated strong customer service skills to interact effectively with federal customer and a diverse group of federal employees. ? Proficiency in the use of MS Office applications including Excel; Word; PowerPoint; MS Project; and other business and web applications. ? Ability and willingness to work with individuals from different cultures. ? DoD clerarance a plus

Team Lead-travel Expense Analyst / Auditor Resume Examples & Samples

  • A subject matter expert with Concur Expense to support employees with expense reports and payment inquiries. This will include reporting functions and maintenance in the Concur system
  • Expense auditing and work with Amex card teams
  • Compiling metric reports for audit team
  • Act as administrator for the Concur system (set up new employees, change passwords, change approvers, etc.)
  • Assist employees with expense related questions concerning policies and system usage
  • Audit employee expense reports for compliance with company policy
  • Respond to emails in the shared expense mailbox
  • Reconciliation of American Express accounts
  • Make online American Express payments

Corporate Travel Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Day to day individual corporate cardholder resolution issues, applications, credit limit, transaction report analysis
  • Review the report to ensure all invalid charges and employee data is researched and resolved in a timely manner
  • Develop monthly, quarterly, and annual spending reports to drive improvement and direct more spending to our preferred strategic vendors in order to improve the relationship and drive financial benefits
  • Develop, deliver, maintain, and improve all miscellaneous and ad-hoc reporting for the Corporate Card and Travel Programs to executive stakeholder community
  • Perform fraud and risk analytical reporting and analysis
  • Interact with all members of the Citibank operations team and management to resolve issues and educate employees
  • Update procedures, continuously improve processes and ensure adherence
  • Timely and effective resolution of Travel and Expense issues to ensure business travel is not impacted
  • Research and resolve all aged unassigned charges, denied reports, and composing reports
  • Communicate with the Internal Audit and General Accounting departments to produce an effective overall program
  • Work closely with the treasury team to ensure that accounts are current; resolve delinquent accounts, and meet contractual obligations to CitiBank
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field and 2-5 years Bank/Financial Services/Card experience, or equivalent
  • In depth, end-to-end operational understanding of an individual bill/company paid expense management model
  • Strong analytic and Excel skills and ability to assimilate and conceptualize information
  • Process and problem solving orientation: Demonstrates initiative, analyzes situations, evaluates alternatives and implement solutions. Ability to adapt or modify processes in response to changing circumstances
  • Strong project and time management in a deadline driven environment
  • Customer-centric mindset, professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor and discretion, ability to influence and drive behavioral change
  • Consistently demonstrates ability to work with and communicate with a wide range of people including: employees at all levels, the public, vendors and others
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as the confidence and interpersonal skill to influence behavior and/or provide corrective feedback to those over whom there is no direct authority required
  • Proven subject matter expertise administering Concur and/or CitiManager systems and tools strongly preferred
  • Prior administrative experience with Egencia “Company Tools”, BCD “Decision Source” Reporting, and Cornerstone “iBank” Reporting desirable
  • Bachelors degree holder
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Accuracy in data input and analytical qualities
  • Proven record of building internal relationships
  • Competent in using MS Excel & MS Outlook
  • Knowledge of Concur online booking system
  • Knowledge of project management methods and techniques
  • Excellent problem solving, team and time management skills managing multiple deadlines for self and others
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to technical and non-technical audiences of various s levels in the organization (e.g. executive, management, individual contributors)

Travel, Expense & Cards Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support the overall Travel Expense and Card (TEC) program/process by providing insight into the quality and effectiveness of our support programs
  • Assist in maintaining active and growing community support groups
  • Provide training to teams about program specifics, policies, and best practices
  • Create and review daily/weekly/monthly reporting to ensure compliance with all Facebook guidelines
  • Reconcile items noted for correction and assist in driving to resolution
  • Support in ensuring quality internal and external customer experience
  • Assist in the research and analysis of audit issues raised by external and internal audit
  • Assist in special projects and other duties as assigned
  • 4+ years of TEC finance support experience, with emphasis on reporting and data analysis
  • Experience working with business stakeholders
  • Experience with the full TEC program in identifying process opportunities through day-to-day issues
  • Experience in Excel, Visio and Powerpoint
  • Finding a resolution to queries and act as an interface to the rest of the business where the outsourcer cannot
  • Being the direct outsourcer on process resolution on all expenses aspect
  • Being the direct outsourcer on systems resolution on expenses
  • Being the champion of information on the Service Portal for expenses
  • Ensuring aged payables are kept to a minimum, managing employees with blocked accounts

Business Travel Account Analyst Singapore Market Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ensure all Corporate Clients receive Global Servicing Network Customer Service, processing organizational/client enquiries regarding BTA products and services for the Singapore market
  • Liaise with clients via phone and email to deliver exceptional service embracing the servicing ethos, Relationship Care®
  • Monitor and prioritise workflows to ensure targets and service standards are met
  • Build expertise in reconciliation process and payments and conduct ongoing training with clients
  • Regular client contact via email/phone to check understanding of the reconciliation process and payments are arranged on time
  • Following up with re-educating clients that are late in submitting payment
  • Build subject matter expertise and knowledge by proactively engaging in production service delivery
  • Timely and responsive reaction to customer queries with other Amex business units and develop relationship networking for the long term benefit of the client
  • Escalate relevant relationship issues to Senior and Team Leader
  • Observe privacy act at all times when dealing with customers
  • Ensure set aging, quality and productivity targets are met
  • Educational: Professional Education Level or University Degree
  • Foreign Languages: English – at a proficient level; any other European language would be an advantage
  • Work experience: 0-1 year of experience in a similar context (it would be considered relevant experience also internships programs)
  • Exposure in SAP or ERP environment
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and drive results
  • Ability to work in a multicultural and diverse environment

SAP Master Data Functional Analyst Remote With-travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • *This is a virtual/remote role based in the United States which will require up to 5-10% travel
  • Analyze customer business goals, objectives, needs, and existing infrastructure, to develop appropriate solutions and strategies
  • Troubleshoot and resolve Master Data issues
  • Perform configuration adjustments
  • Develop functional specifications, test proposed solutions and document the resolution
  • Interact with client managers on a daily basis
  • Manage customer demands, provide progress reporting and status utilizing a service desk ticketing system (such as Remedy)
  • Work to identify additional solutions in client organization
  • Complete deliverables according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets
  • Work cross-functionally with peers across leveraged resource environment including offshore/on-shore staffing models
  • Familiarity with system tools for creating RICEF items: CATT, LSMW, ABAP Query & Report Writer
  • Work experience in a Big 5 consulting organization
  • Knowledge of ITIL concepts and practices

Travel System Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Currently possess an active Secret clearance
  • High School Graduate required with progress toward an Associate or Bachelor degree preferred. Applicant shall have a good working knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft 2000 office products as required to meet DTS support
  • Extensive knowledge of all applicable directives that pertain to Temporary Additional Duty (TAD), when using DTS such as the JTR, Dod FMR and the MCO 4650.39 A
  • Able to communicate in a clear precise manner over the phone and in written format
  • Independently trouble shoot common DTS systems errors and create DTS Tier 3 Helpdesk trouble tickets when required
  • Provide support as the SME in coordination with the Organizational Defense Travel Administrators (ODTA) abroad for emergency and unusual travel circumstances not of a routine nature
  • Ability to work under stress and complete short fuse requirements
  • Must be able to travel to countries in the CENTRAL Command Area of Responsibility
  • Applicant selected will be subject to a Government security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information
  • One year experience working with the Defense Travel System (DTS) Program
  • Experience working with Marine Corps travel orders process and DTS support preferred
  • An Administrative and or Disbursing background on Marines Corps policy and procedures is a plus
  • College degree in Business, Hospitality, Psychology, or equivalent fields, or 5+ years of relevant experience
  • In-house travel experience for a major company is a plus
  • Ability and experience to translate travelers’ needs and wants into pragmatic solutions

Junior Travel Profile Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist in supporting the integrity of Traveler Profiles and global HR data feed transmitted to BCD for the management of Cargill employees and Non-employees (Board Members, WayCrosse, NatureWorks, Provimi, etc) travel profiles
  • Under the direction of the Profile Integrity Manager control and monitor travel profiles in the TS:PM database and monitor profile error logs and logical access ensuring the integrity of the profiles
  • Responsible for managing and monitoring the Global Travel Mailbox and the setup and onboarding of employees authorized to be “responders”
  • Responsible for analysis, submission and escalation of any access issue of the OLBT/Portal to BCD/IT
  • Support the Sustainment Manager and the Profile Integrity Manager in executing business processes
  • Support managing names of employees authorized to approve travel for a group or country and business rules for pre-trip approval
  • Support testing of HR feed & any IT related upgrades
  • Support data and system management activities and update systems content and Portal pages
  • Report on Issue types coming through the Global Travel Mailbox – monitor issue completion and escalation for resolution
  • Bachelor Degree (4 year degree) or business experience
  • Total business experience of one- two years in general business, or similar experience including data analysis & reporting and/or customer service support
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills; can translate user requests into defined business rules
  • Business Analysis/ understanding of IT
  • Ability to engage & influence end users and stakeholders
  • Communicates effectively with both business users and technical teams
  • Familiar with analytic data structures
  • Understands the system extract process
  • Ability to maintain business processes in a sustaining solution
  • IT troubleshooting skills
  • Exposure to a dynamic international environment
  • Process of Travel and Expense claims including validation of receipts/invoices
  • Monitoring timely TE expense claim
  • Monitoring timely delivery of missing information/documents to ensure reimbursement to employees
  • Ensure the quality of data in expense claims
  • Graduate with 2-3 years of experience in travel industry
  • Degree/Diploma in Travel - Air Fares & Ticketing
  • Working knowledge of GDS - Sabre. Exposure to Ticketing & Travel Processes
  • Sound Knowledge of fare calculation end to end knowledge of travel business will be an added advantage
  • Effective communication skills, result oriented and self-motivated
  • Should be able to work under pressure
  • Flexible to work in 365 Days & 24/7 Environment (especially US Shifts)
  • Fair knowledge of MS-Office, specially Excel and PPT multi-tasking and effective time management skills
  • Knowledge of AMEX Travel Systems: Sabre/Central Command will be an added Advantage
  • Language: English

Travel & Expenses Analyst With German Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with Amazon suppliers, mostly in Germany to ensure correct balances are being accounted for on both sides
  • Ensure our suppliers are aware of their liabilities against Amazon for running marketing agreements and goods returned to them
  • Continually look at ways to improve the vendor experience
  • Earn the trust of your vendors and internal customers thereby building long-lasting relationships to reinforce Amazon’s customer centricity
  • Work with the commercial side of the business to ensure we are serving our customers in the most effective manner
  • Analysis of vendor returns and marketing agreements and the cooperation with our sales, supply chain and retail finance to ensure proper setup
  • Being a helping hand for our internal business partners in Munich, to enable them to make educated decisions
  • Acting as a communication liaison between our vendors, retail finance department, accounts payables and accounts receivables
  • Very dynamic and fluent German & English language skills
  • Passion for financial operations, open communication and comfort around higher management
  • Communicative, willing and able to sort issues and financial data interchange through phone, email and face to face
  • Able to present in front of different audiences
  • Previous Account Receivables, Customer Care, or other customer facing department experience
  • Previous experience in remote teams, being in contact with customers through phone and/or email

Travel & Living Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support Travel product offering in MENAT region and develop wing to wing expertise on Travel enterprise standard
  • Lead global initiatives in the region and drive simplification opportunities
  • Ensure adherence to GE T&L policy & procedures, work closely with business to ensure clear understanding on policy and requirements for expense reporting on concur
  • One point of contact in MENAT for escalations of T&L related queries on processes, reimbursements, and corporate card
  • Work with Global Travel Team in T&L query resolution for both policy & process and proactively identify trends to fix root causes of the issues
  • Manage corporate credit card application process for all employees in MENAT region under concur platform
  • Interface with global team & Amex to trouble shoot/fast-track any issues regarding card issuance, blocks, renewals and off-boarding
  • Working closely with Corporate card issuance company to address issues faced by employees
  • Monitor the travelers delinquency and escalate aged submissions to employees, manager and controllership/compliance
  • Work with country leads and document retention teams in MENAT for proper T&L records and documents maintenance as per local statutory requirements in the country
  • Work with global team on regular reports for the region and leadership updates
  • Continuously work on improving T&L & corporate card process in the region to drive standardization & efficiency in compliance with GE T&L policy
  • Drive CONCUR implementation for acquired businesses and conduct regular trainings
  • Develop wing-to-wing expertise for the T&L enterprise standard and drive simplification
  • Work with sourcing for travel vendor relations ensuring adequate coverage for the region
  • BS college degree in accounting or business administration
  • Excellent influencing skills in order to operate effectively in a team-based environment requiring cross-functional interaction
  • Strong interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication skills, professional approach. Fluent Spoken & Written in English
  • Highly motivated, self-starter, confident, able to work without supervision
  • Strong Computer Skills (Excel, PowerPoint and Words)
  • Ability to work with teams in different time zones
  • Remains current with industry best practices and brings relevant issues and recommendations to the attention of senior management
  • Responsible for Concur management including providing complete, accurate, timely Concur user set-ups and de-activations
  • Performs audits to ensure compliance with the Global Travel and Expense Policy
  • Responsible for department presentations on travel services, supplier relationships and travel industry specific issues
  • Identifies system needs and enhancements and tests functionalities and/or enhancements
  • Designs and analyses travel data reports for review by senior management. Identifies trends, summarize results and makes recommendations based on findings, generating creative or innovative solutions regarding travel spend, patterns, opportunities for improvement and cost savings
  • Acts as the operational contact for our global travel management company, Concur and all other travel vendors
  • Ensures that all traveling team members have evidenced their understanding of and commitment to adhering to the Global Travel and Expense Policy
  • Updates the Global Travel and Expense Policy in accordance with the changing needs of the business
  • Uses various methods to communicate with consultants of the travel program, which will include presentations, writing emails, announcements, telephone conversations and communications regarding team member travel
  • Leads and/or participates in departmental projects and special projects as required
  • Acts as the subject matter expert for travel specific projects and research
  • Ensures compliance with contract terms for all travel vendors and holds quarterly business reviews
  • Adapts to cultural differences and works in a global environment
  • Audits policies and procedures and takes appropriate action
  • Completes all required Company trainings and compliance courses as assigned
  • Adheres to Company standards and maintains compliance with all policies and procedures
  • Performs other related duties as assigned
  • A minimum (1) year of experience in the accounts payable field required
  • No supervisory experience required
  • This position does not include any supervisory responsibilities
  • Knowledge of global travel industry and operations, and exposure to Concur or other travel management systems
  • Ability to manage business process, reporting development and data analysis for domestic and international travel
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills with varied audiences
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality, manage conflict and maintain flexibility
  • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Understands how to develop and implement business strategies
  • Ability to interpret and create policies, procedures and manuals
  • Ability to take initiative and effectively adapt to changes
  • Recognizes an emergency situation and takes appropriate action
  • Able to establish and maintain a cooperative working relation
  • Ability to interpret and create spreadsheets
  • Able to use sound judgment; work independently, with minimal supervision
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Able to perform a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature, with impending deadlines and/or established timeframes
  • Competent in public speaking
  • Performs well with frequent interruptions and/or distractions

Travel & Expense Business Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Have knowledge of IBM company structure globally or prior experience working with an international business process
  • Be able to easily identify and interact with IBM business units, subsidiaries, countries, and stakeholder organizations (including Human Resources, IT, Finance and Business Controls), and third-party vendors
  • Be familiar with travel and expense (T&E) reimbursement processes
  • Have a working knowledge of how software-as-a-service (SaaS) is deployed within a global company
  • Have experience developing application requirements to support business processes
  • Be comfortable on cross-functional, cross-border teams
  • At least 5 years experience with Business process analysis, process improvement or process management experience
  • At least 3 years experience with SaaS technology
  • Master's Degree
  • At least 3 years experience with business travel and expense subject matter (e.g., expense reimbursement, T&E policy)
  • Experience with international business travel to at least 2 other continents
  • Familiarity with Concur Travel and Expense

Travel & Payable Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Associate’s degree or equivalent experience required. Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in an accounting environment is required
  • Subject matter expert in Concur Expense application and the company’s Travel and Expense Guidelines
  • Concur Expense Administrator experience required
  • Experience with general ledger, expense type mapping and posting journal entries
  • Strong time management and organizational skills are required
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to collaborate and partner with a diverse client base is required
  • Intermediate level skills with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and Access as well as Accounts Payable databases are required
  • Commitment to the YMCA character development values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility is required
  • Perform the full day–to-day administrative functions for applications supporting the Corporate Travel and T&E programs (Concur, credit cards)
  • Audit expense reports based on expense audit rules and ensure compliance with Corporate Travel and T&E Guidelines
  • Primary contact for Concur processes and employee expense report inquires
  • Ensures all necessary documentation and approvals are received related to employee reimbursements and adherence to travel and Y-USA policies
  • Prepare, present and maintain training materials providing an overview of the Concur, Credit Cards and Accounts Payable procedures at New Employee Orientation
  • Issues and terminates credit card accounts to employees and departments
  • Acts as Y-USA’s contact for Best Travel (preferred travel agent) related to business travel accounts
  • Monitors account balances and reports any delinquent credit card balances
  • Manages travel rewards program in conjunction with employee credit card accounts
  • Prepare and maintain the signature approvals handbook
  • Handles the day-to-day accounts payable functions and processes check payment requests, Wires and EFT transactions for weekly disbursements
  • Maintains recurring payments reference handbook and prepares related payments and reports
  • Reviews files for purchase orders, hotel contracts and other contracts as needed
  • Maintains IRS Form W-9 submissions
  • Maintains outstanding check report and prepares monthly letters to vendor’s
  • Audits and follows-up with staff regarding audit exceptions and prepares related weekly post check run reports
  • Creates reports/spreadsheets using Excel and other appropriate software for Finance and other departments, as needed
  • Interacts with employees and executes projects in a manner that portray a positive image of the department and Y-USA
  • Acts as department contact for FedEx/Kinko’s house account
  • Enters journal entries into Financial System
  • Cross-trains and acts as backup for other department duties
  • Performs other duties as assigned by Senior Accounting Manager, Disbursements
  • Oversee operations and manage activities of the corporate card program to ensure on time delivery, maintain quality standards and take corrective action when necessary
  • Work with Travel Manager to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of all related policies and procedures
  • Responsible for the daily monitoring and maintenance of the corporate card program
  • Process approved corporate card applications
  • Manage the cardholder delinquency management process to ensure cardholders’ account balances are current
  • Monitor employee termination reports to ensure timely close of all corporate card related accounts
  • Provide optimal customer service support for employee corporate card concerns
  • Assist employees with reconciling, opening and terminating accounts as well as resolving fraud cases
  • Understand and apply all related policies to answer employee questions concerning travel and expense reimbursement compliance
  • Educate employees regarding policies and corporate card program initiatives
  • Contribute to the development, implementation, and maintenance of the corporate card policies, procedures and program metrics
  • Create and distribute internal reports, provide ad-hoc reports as needed to ensure program compliance
  • Audit transactions and analyze Juniper’s corporate card spend
  • Partner with Accounts Payable in performing payments to the vendor and ensure that payment information to banks is applied to employee accounts
  • Create and maintain profiles within Concur and the bank’s application and reporting site
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of corporate card program vendors to ensure cost management and efficiency
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree preferred. Major in Finance, Business, Economics or Accounting
  • Basic knowledge of financial accounting principles and procedures required
  • 3-4 years of experience with corporate credit card program
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
  • Demonstrates a highly professional attitude and personal presentation in all verbal, written, and listing communication skills
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Strong team and interpersonal skills
  • Strong conflict resolution skills
  • Strong analytical and decision making skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to handle confidential information with the utmost care and professionalism
  • Ability to work in a virtual team environment
  • Ability to effectively work with employees at all levels within the organization
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and within a team environment
  • Ability to adapt to a fast paced, continually changing business and work environment and manage multiple priorities effectively
  • Support the development of educational training and communication of the corporate card program
  • Experience with Concur and Cognos Reporting is preferred

Analyst, Travel & Entertainment Resume Examples & Samples

  • OHSA-Ensure compliance of Occupational Health & Safety Act (section 25,26,27 and 28) per Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd Policy-Management-Supervision-Worker Safety Responsibilities
  • Administering of the MasterCard program to North American employees who frequently travel and purchase on behalf of the Company
  • Assist in creating and providing training to users on the T&E process and proactively enhance knowledge of the process across the business
  • Providing Customer Service to North American employees by responding in a timely manner to phone inquiries and emails
  • Reconciliation of Concur extracts to the accounts payable subledger as required
  • Ensure that cards are issued/cancelled/suspended as appropriate and credit limits in place
  • Ensure Concur set up properly reflects the Corporate policies
  • Provide subject matter guidance to team members in resolving various issues with employee credit card, being the first point of contact for resolution
  • Work closely with T&E staff and multiple layers of management to define and review trends, issues and opportunities within the department
  • Monthly analysis and reporting
  • Analyze the group’s key metrics to identify trends in department performance and to evaluate potential process improvements that can drive improved results
  • Create and prepare Concur business reports and perform ad-hoc analysis/reports to support business operations
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Advanced working knowledge of Concur is an asset
  • Advanced working knowledge ls in Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint
  • Knowledge of an ERP, preferrably Enterprise One
  • 2-4 years’ experience in a similar environment
  • Ability to meet deadlines (overtime required at month end)
  • Must be able to thrive in and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and challenging the status quo
  • Must be able to deliver high quality results to a strict timetable
  • Must be able to work well in a team environment
  • Must have basic project management skills
  • Responsible for coordinating domestic travel and lodging for a high paced contract
  • Inputting work requests into the company’s scheduling system
  • Sets, updates and maintains employee work schedules in the company’s scheduling database
  • Responsible for creating daily and weekly work schedules while maintaining enough flexibility to meet project demands
  • Acts as a liaison between the employees and the Supervisor regarding changes in policy and requests for time off
  • Ensures the employee’s training status and certifications are current and alerts employees if expiration dates are approaching
  • Provides Deputy Program Manager and Training Specialist a list of employees who require refresher or additional training
  • A Favorable credit check for all cleared positions
  • Successfully passing a background investigation
  • Book flights, ground transportation, and hotel/rental car as required
  • Review travel itineraries
  • Coordinate with third-party travel vendors as required
  • Track transport movements during transports using MVM's proprietary system

Senior Analyst, Global Online Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead the overall analysis, requirements and project delivery for key roadmap initiatives
  • Ability to communicate complex, technical issues and topics, both written and verbal, to multiple audiences
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple activities, workloads, and objectives
  • Must have a well-developed analytical skill set and excellent problem solving skills
  • Must be able to develop and maintain collaborative relationship with various business units and technology partners
  • Effective interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent working knowledge of travel benefits available to Cardmembers
  • Be proactive, take initiatives to self-start, and ask questions
  • Experience with travel online platforms and working knowledge of travel reservations systems (Sabre, Apollo and Amadeus) preferred
  • Experience in Agile project management is a plus
  • Bachelor degree is required
  • Preference that this role be based in NYC

Travel & Expense Card Administration Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Application forms (review, process, follow up)
  • Travellers support
  • Support to clear the account and resolve issue for active and left employees
  • Support team of T&E auditors
  • Manual payment creation
  • Maintaining relationship with American Express
  • 3+ years of work experience in a similar field
  • Experience in card management is desired
  • Experience in travel industry is welcome
  • Other foreign language is an advantage
  • Support with Concur upgrades, enhancements and issues. Support on all projects, particularly during the scoping and testing phases
  • Identify exceptions and anomalies relating to expenses and credit card usage, including highlighting potential misuse of credit cards. Carrying out investigations as necessary
  • Provide support and resolution for complex problems and issues relating to online expense reporting system and credit card usage, and ensure late fees and delinquency of credit cards is managed and communicated appropriately
  • Collation and verification of BU Billing data from suppliers
  • Collation and processing of Amex settlements
  • Provide training and training material for new hires and refresher training on Concur and the Travel Policy
  • Adheres to and supports Sox Controls and Sox Audits
  • Involvement with Senior Audit on an annual basis
  • Tracks travel-related Remedy ticket trends to identify possible cost savings
  • Supports with annual hotel negotiating, provides list to Global Travel for update to CMI Preferred Global Hotel Directory
  • Educates/communicates exceptions to travellers and managers
  • General reporting on travel and expenses to meet business needs
  • General travel support, as identified by Travel Services Manager
  • Ability to review information and analyze data to identify trends and compile reports,
  • Ability to negotiate and influence customers and suppliers as appropriate
  • Collaborative working style is required to engage other teams and customers
  • High standard of IT literacy. Experience with Concur would be beneficial
  • High standard of excel ability including pivots and Vlookups
  • Minimum of Maths and English GCSE/ GCE Grade C and above
  • Ability to multi task in a fast paced environment

Defense Travel Forensics Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3+ years of experience in an accounting or finance department
  • Experience in working with ERP software and SAP solutions, including funds, financial, and cost management, project systems, and procurement
  • Knowledge of using and applying internal controls, including control environment, risk assessment, control activities, or monitoring
  • Knowledge of federal financial management, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), or statement of budgetary resources
  • Knowledge of DTS and other legacy finance systems
  • Experience with accounting or finance departments in the US Army or DoD
  • Experience with performing financial audits as part of an internal audit department
  • Experience with CDFM, CGFM, internal controls, audit readiness and preparedness, Sarbanes–Oxley, GAAS, GAAP, FAR, or DFAR
  • Knowledge of the Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)
  • Knowledge of business intelligence tools and SAP business intelligence and business objects
  • Possession of excellent client management skills
  • BA or BS degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field
  • Handle Concur Expense administration and provide support toemployees with expense reports and payment inquiries.This will include reporting functions and maintenance in the Concur system
  • Provide training and oversight of expense auditing and Amex card teams
  • Compile metric reports for audit team
  • Responsible for making online American Express payments
  • Experience withConcur software system required
  • Audit experience needed
  • Supervisory experience is highly preferred
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel (using pivot tables, vLookups)
  • Strong communication and customer service skills - both written and verbal
  • Ability to perform accounting tasks with high attention to detail and strong organizationalskills
  • Must be an innovative, self-starter who is detailed oriented
  • Ability to manipulate large volumes of data
  • Must successfully manage tasks against priority and deadlines
  • Must be analytical, detailed oriented, dependable and proactive
  • Must exhibit proven success as a team player

Business Intelligence Analyst Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Implement standard reporting system based on business needs/requests for travel EMEA
  • Review and validate data as it is collected & presented
  • Set up reports in tableau
  • Monitor analytics and metrics results
  • Implement new data analysis methodologies & support the supply / demand teams on data/report requests
  • Review data to ensure integrity of data collection and utilization
  • Perform data profiling to identify and understand anomalies
  • Ability for data collection & visualization
  • Application of statistical analysis
  • Prediction calculation skills
  • Analytical skills to identify trends
  • Identify weaknesses through data in the business
  • Provide technical support with existing reports/dashboards for the business

Travel / P Card Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • GL Responsibilities
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting or equivalent work experience
  • Strong technical skills with an Accounts Payable background (retail experience a plus)
  • Very strong Excel skills - VLOOKUP, INDEX, PIVOT, ETC. Visual Basic knowledge a plus

AEE Dalian Business Travel Services Senior Analyst Level Resume Examples & Samples

  • Consolidate travel expenses and budget analysis
  • Assist preparation of regular reports to analyze employee expenditure and industry spending related to travel services
  • Assist managing/resolving travel finance suspense items
  • Drive activities to meet requirements (e.g., timelines, quality, and costs)
  • Drive improvements, Innovations and new practices
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Degree in Travel / Business / Finance
  • 5+ years Travel or Business or Finance Operation experience
  • Ability to communicate (both written and verbal in English) in a logical, clear, concise manner when presenting information
  • Process Management Experiences
  • Innovation; Issue Identification Analysis and Solving; Knowledge Sharing
  • Sustaining Relationships; Team Leadership; Teamwork and Collaboration; Work planning/Estimating
  • Maturity in dealing with sensitive and confidential matters
  • Strong attention to detail with an ability to demonstrate analytical strengths
  • Ability to work well in a team environment by setting a good example as well as willingness to assist other team members in completing related tasks
  • Ability to prioritize and/or work on several tasks at once and to change focus at a short-time notice

Travel & Expenses Senior Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Education: Professional Education Level or University Degree
  • Foreign Languages: English – at a proficient level and French at an intermediate level
  • Work experience: 2-3 year of experience in a similar context (it would be considered relevant experience also internships programs)
  • Customer orientation and attention to details will represent an asset
  • Good analytical skills and attention to details required
  • Ability to manage and prioritize own workload

Accounts Payable Travel & Expense Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review all expense reports for accuracy and completeness through the SAP ERP system
  • Follow up on all open, approved and rejected expense reports over 90 days old
  • Perform random audit of expense reports in accordance with Cameron policies and procedures
  • Provide copies of expense reports for all companies within Cameron Group for internal/external audits when required
  • Process all application requests and issue credit cards for T&E card program in accordance with Cameron policies and procedures
  • Cancel cards when directed to by AP Accountant in accordance with company policy
  • Assist customers with invoice and monthly statement requests, or fraud/chargeback inquiries
  • Respond to Helpdesk inquiries regarding all T&E policies and processes , and educate internal users on the use of the online training and information as needed
  • Responsible for monitoring all exception reports and reporting exceptions to AP management team in a timely manner
  • Maintain accurate and current documentation and files, understanding each Finance Hub supported country’s legal requirements for document storage
  • Ensure strict compliance with SOX
  • Perform special projects or other tasks as required
  • Participate in process improvement projects as requested
  • Fulfill any task assigned by the direct supervisor in accordance with the professional experience and area of expertise
  • 2+ years of finance and accounting experience in a multinational company/shared service center with emphasis on processing travel and expense reports
  • 1+ years of SAP or other ERP system application
  • Proficient working with Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Ability to handle high-volume of data in a face paced environment
  • Adaptable to learning new software applications
  • Strong written, oral communication and interpersonal skills
  • Language requirements: Fluent in English (comprehension, written and speech). Other languages a plus
  • A disciplined self-starter with an eye for detail and accuracy
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to multi-task, work independently, and prioritize in a fast-paced, high volume work environment
  • Familiar with accounting standard concepts, practices, and procedures
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Professional and has a service-oriented approach
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal errors
  • Proves intercultural adaptability and sensitivity
  • Loyalty, commitment, engagement and confidentiality of any information pertaining to the company or its employees
  • Capacity to perform highly, both individually and within a team
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work with all organizational levels
  • Required to manage a large volume of work and data entry

Travel Risk Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Current enrolled student pursuing a university degree with the ability to take on this role for at least 6 months
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English; knowledge of another language is a plus
  • Interest in international politics and world affairs
  • Proficient in Windows and MS Office tools
  • Basic HTML knowledge and experience updating websites
  • Strong organizational skills, are able to work independently and prioritize multiple tasks/deadlines

Travel & Expense Senior Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage Concur through SAP
  • Continuous interaction and relationship with the Banking partner assigned to T&E
  • Responsible for policy oversight; ensuring policies are up to date and being upheld
  • Guidance and support over 2 analysts
  • Ability to communicate well with multiple regions across the Americas
  • Manage emergency/ crisis situations as they relate to T&E
  • Value added taxes and foreign exchange experience REQUIRED
  • Manage the travel site for a GLOBAL organization and be subject matter expert for all unique requests and scenarios
  • Quality assurance in the Audit process of expense reports performed by the T&E Analyst
  • Monitor Service Now daily metrics for tickets assigned to the T&E Analysts
  • Coordinate due process for Termination and Delinquency with the T&E analysts performing them
  • Ad-hoc Concur Intelligence reporting
  • Support in the Accounting reconciliation tasks for the SAE and Pay Extract
  • Ensure VAT receipt collection and submission to processing team
  • Contributing in new cardholder On Line applications; issuing and cancelling cards; and resolving issues related to spend limits, declines, MCC restrictions, and fraud activity, and other card provider activities in accordance with company requirements
  • Maintain employee master data on Concur to ensure all users have access to the system and costs are recorded accurately throughout Concur and ERP’s
  • Be a strong advocate and subject matter expert in relation to expense submission process and general use of Concur
  • Utilize Concur Inteligence Reporting to generate month-end reporting including corporate card accruals, ad-hoc and KPI data
  • Experienced with Concur, bank platform, call center ticketing tool
  • Experience in a corporate setting a plus
  • Experienced in coordinate teammates to achieve goals and SLA compliance
  • Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to handle complaints, provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits and follow up to ensure resolution
  • Associates degree in Business administration, Accounting or related finance field is mandatory
  • Advanced written and oral English Language Skills
  • 1+ year specific travel and expenses experience
  • Intermediate Microsoft Office Basics
  • Demonstrate Thermo Fisher Scientific values – Integrity, Intensity, Innovation and Involvement

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