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A 3D panorama view of the Temple of Dendur in the Sackler Wing at The Met

The Met 360° Project

This award-winning series of six short videos invites viewers around the world to virtually visit The Met's art and architecture in a fresh, immersive way. Created using spherical 360° technology, it allows viewers to explore some of the Museum's iconic spaces as never before.

Viewed more than 11 million times, this series affords an access and a perspective typically unavailable to the public. Viewers can experience the magic of standing in an empty gallery after-hours, witnessing a bustling space in time-lapse, or floating high above The Met Cloisters for a bird's-eye view. We strung cables, removed protective covers from works of art, and rigged cameras up high, all to allow viewers to explore The Met as never before.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we created the videos in a Digital Underground article written by Director/Producer Nina Diamond.

You may view these videos on YouTube on multiple devices:

  • On your smartphone: Move your phone up, down, and behind you to see all directions.
  • On your desktop computer: Use the mouse to scroll in all directions. (Note: For an optimal user experience, use Chrome or Firefox as your browser.)
  • On Google Cardboard or a VR headset

Be sure to turn up the volume to hear the music, too.

Architect Richard Morris Hunt designed this majestic space in 1902. He never could have imagined that today the Museum's main entry greets more than six million visitors a year. Now you can experience its Neoclassical grandeur in a way no one ever has before.

Come explore not just behind the scenes, but everywhere in 360°. This video lets you soar past the colonnades, up toward the oculus in the ceiling, and cast a look down over the Grand Staircase and balcony. Aren't you curious who creates those colossal flower arrangements when you're still asleep?

The Met Cloisters

Take to the sky to explore the majestic vistas of The Met Cloisters. This branch of the Museum in northern Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park is dedicated to the art, architecture, and gardens of medieval Europe.

Explore 360° views over the city, across the Hudson River, and high above two richly landscaped gardens. Inside, spin around to admire the medieval cloisters that form the core of the historic building, and listen to the resonant chimes from the bell tower, more than 100 feet above ground.

The Temple of Dendur

Immerse yourself in this 360° video capturing dawn to dusk in the Temple of Dendur. Built around 15 B.C. when the Roman Emperor Augustus ruled Egypt, the temple was a 1968 gift from Egypt to the United States in recognition of support given to save its monuments threatened by the Nile.

The temple's setting in The Sackler Wing was designed to approximate the light and surroundings of its original location in Nubia, including a reflecting pool that evokes the Nile.

The Met Breuer

On March 18, 2016, The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened The Met Breuer, its new space was dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

Whether you're a recent or longtime fan of the building's classic modernist design, or have just been struck by its bold form at Madison Avenue and 75th Street–here's your chance to enjoy a 360° perspective on architect Marcel Breuer's landmark 1966 creation. Scan up the jagged facade to the trapezoidal window with clouds above, or hover inside the entrance lobby over the sunken garden courtyard.

After four years, the Museum has now permanently closed its Breuer location. The Frick Collection will take over the building during the upgrade and renovation of its museum space at 1 East 70th Street.

The Charles Engelhard Court

Come explore the crown jewel of The Met's American Wing in spherical 360° video. Float in mid-air among the sculptures, including cheek-to-cheek with the gilded sculpture of Diana on its tall pedestal. Try tipping your view over the upper balcony's edge to witness the crowd below in time-lapse—all using your mouse, track pad, or smartphone. You can even peek at the easels of two artists at work.

Flanked by stunning Tiffany stained-glass windows, The Charles Engelhard Court in The American Wing houses some of the Museum's most iconic sculptures, mosaics, and architectural elements.

Arms and Armor Galleries

Visit The Met's distinguished collection of arms and armor from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and America. Experience the galleries from above and take a closer look at some of the key objects of sculptural and ornamental beauty—all in 360. This may be the only time you’ll ever get to stand in the middle of a parade of armored soldiers on horseback. No matter where you turn—from the flags overhead to the weapons gleaming below—you'll find unprecedented access to these masterpieces of original design and traditional craftsmanship.

Production Credits

Director/Producer Nina Diamond

Production Total Cinema 360 | Koncept VR (The Temple of Dendur in 360°, The Great Hall in 360°, The Met Breuer in 360°)

Koncept VR (The Charles Engelhard Court in 360°, The Met Cloisters in 360°, The Arms and Armor Galleries in 360°)

Composers Simon Fisher Turner (The Temple of Dendur in 360°, The Great Hall in 360°, The Met Breuer in 360°)

Austin Fisher (The Charles Engelhard Court in 360°, The Met Cloisters in 360°, The Arms and Armor Galleries in 360°)

Sound Engineer James Aparicio (The Charles Engelhard Court in 360°, The Met Cloisters in 360°, The Arms and Armor Galleries in 360°)

Graphics Natasha Mileshina

Special Thanks

Christina Alphonso, Massomeh Ansari, Seal Belair, Stephen Bluto, Olivia Boudet, Elaine Bradson, João Henrique Brandão, Libby Bressler, Kaelan Burkett, John Byck, Narsayah Chabilall, Marco Castro Cosio, Richard Carroll, Catherine Chesney, Jennie Choi, Skyla Choi, Jennifer Ciarleglio, Michael Cirigliano, Saul Cohen, Sheryl de la Pena, Cristina Del Valle, Michael Dominick, Tim Dowse, Kimberly Drew, Anne Dunleavy, Ariel Estrada, Kate Farrell, Sean Farrell, Dia Felix, Elizabeth Fiorentino, Jenny Foley, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Scott Geffert, Christopher Gorman, Sarah Higby, Staci Hou, Edward Hunter, Alexandra Kozlakowski, Donald LaRocca, Caleb Leech, Chad Lemke, Griffith Mann, Theo Margelony , Heather Masciandaro, William Necker, Lauren Nemroff, Taylor Newby, Christopher Noey, Leila Osmany, Michael Ostergren, Barbara Padolsky, Kevin Park, Diana Patch, Matt Pezzolo, Josh Phagoo, Stuart Pyhrr, Luisa Ricardo-Herrera, Lisa Rifkind, Jose Rivero, Maruf Rizaev, Catharine Roehrig, Amy Romero, Tom Scally, Rebecca Schear, George Sferra, Sean Simpson, Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, Sree Sreenivasan, Pari Stave, Emily Sutter, Loic Tallon, Pierre Terjanian, Phil Tharel, Thayer Tolles, Nick Torres, Elyse Topalian, Maya Valladares, Van Vliet & Trap - Event Design, Elena Villaespesa Cantalapiedra, Sheena Wagstaff, Andrew Winslow, Sheralyn Younge, Sylvia Yount, Julie Zeftel, Seth Zimiles

2017 Webby Award, Best Culture & Lifestyle Video (Juried Award and People's Voice Award)

2017 Shorty Award, Best Cultural Institution

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VR Times Square

Experience New York City in virtual reality

Explore some of the city’s most popular and gorgeous attractions, and their history, in full 360-degree views

Just when you think you’ve seen most of New York City, it can still manage to surprise you.  Time Out New York teamed up with Inception , a creator of virtual reality entertainment, to produce incredible 360-degree videos and tours of some of New York City’s most iconic institutions. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Guggenheim, travel through the decades in Times Square and discover the secrets of Grand Central Terminal . You can check out the videos right here, but to get the full virtual reality experience, head over to Inception , download the app and view the video on your VR device at home. And stay tuned for more VR experiences in the future!

Time hop in Times Square

Times Square hasn’t always been glittering billboards and retailers as far as the eye can see. The popular gathering spot has been through a lot over the years! Watch this to learn about an epic blizzard, a smoking billboard and that iconic kissing photo. For the VR experience, download Inception

new york 360 tour

Explore the secrets of Grand Central

New York's Grand Central Terminal has got a lot more magic to it than your average train station. See the hub’s details—like the famed constellations painted on the ceiling, the whispering wall or the treasure hidden in plain sight—up close. For the VR experience, download Inception

new york 360 tour

World  /  North America  /  United States of America  / Grand tour of Manhattan, New York, USA

new york 360 tour

Grand tour of Manhattan, New York, USA

New York is the most famous city of the USA, and Manhattan is the most famous part of New York. It all started 400 years ago when the most famous and profitable in human history real estate deal was made: the Native Americans sold this 'not so useful' piece of land to Europeans for 24 dollars.

Since that time the island has changed dramatically. For 24 dollars one can probably buy a ticket to the Empire State Building.

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

Present day Manhattan is the most populated island on Earth. The land itself costs about 40 billion US dollars, and the cost of the entire Manhattan, including its real estate, reaches over 3 trillion US dollars.

This remarkable part of New York City is best to be discovered on foot – not only because of the infamous New York traffic or cost of parking in New York. There is a joke in New York that only wasteful people can afford driving in New York, because the time one spends on finding a parking spot sometimes equals the time it takes to drive from one side of Manhattan to another.

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

New York is known to be a financial capital of the world, and the island of Manhattan is where all the banks, offices, largest insurance companies and corporations are located – literally one on top of another. Basically the rest of New York, and eventually, the rest of the United States, work for Manhattan, making sure that this gigantic «city inside of the city» continues its mission – processing the wealth of the whole world.

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

Besides a large number of museums, almost every building in Manhattan has a historical value. Old buildings harmoniously coexist with the best examples of the modern architecture. Most famous New York attractions are located in Manhattan, including Empire State Building mentioned above, Central Park and Times Square. There is also colorful China Town and bright Broadway – they are all located on this island. It is a shame not to bring a photo of Manhattan from your trip to New York!

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

Photo by  Dmitry Moiseenko  and   Sergey Semenov

8 September 2023

Manhattan from above

Open Gallery

new york 360 tour

Virtual Travels in 360°

new york 360 tour

tobias rivera, Bahrain

I love Manhattan, and my favourite place on this beautiful city is Time Square, is a place where filmed a lot of famous movies

Nerea Álvarez Jorge, Spain

My favorite place in Manhattan is the Statue of Liberty it’s my favorite because of its history and I think it’s the most iconic place

Mathew Steyn, USA

JFYI there are no golf clubs in Central Park New York City. Your panorama shows American baseball fields just west of the Met. Museum of Art.

Susan Lynn, USA

Susan, thank you very much for your comment. We've corrected the mistake.

Varvara, AirPano

pleas come to iran iran is beautfull coutry you can take photo panorma wanderfull you can win in this dision

masoud hamidi, Iran

very very.......very beautiful place..!

awnar hamza, Algeria

yes right. super.

meral şen şen, Canada


Ernesto Buenaventura, Colombia

very beautiful place...

daryoosh langari, Iran

una pasada de fotos .solo te hace las ganas de estar ahi.por lo menos nos dais la oportunidad de conocer bonitos lugares .gracias por hacer algo tan bonito.a . que galicia tambien es una pasada..

jose español villarino, Spain

Extraordinario, merece la pena admirar de este modo estos lugares, aunque se visiten con posterioridad.Gracias.

César Abarca Landete, Spain


Its truly a Beautifull peace of work. It shows the work Man can accomplish. A city that doesn't sleep and full of Life. Thank you for the memories. I shall visit again one day soon. I also would like to add that all the beautiful places in Portugal yet even Vietnam beat it with pictures… maybe we will see Lisbon some day or the Algarve.

Henry Matias, Canada

fantastic, de neimaginat, daca nu vezi.Este o realizare de varf.Chiar daca esti acolo, nu poti cuprinde totul.Un documentar imens, usor accesibil, permite delectarea, dar si studiul.

Petre Mateescu, Romania

Even though I live in the US now there are so many cities that I have not seen. New York, Manhattan is on my bucket list

Randall Lakey, Canada

Beautiful...My dream.

jean weastler, Colombia

gilan area in iran is very beautiful than this pictures.what you have not pictures from iran?

peyman karimi, Iran

I love N.Y. Beautiful works!. Congratulations.-

John Malvaso, Argentina

very nice -

hamed azimi, Iran

Thanks for the nice

Ramin amirafzali, Iran

very nice but iran is very very wonderfull than america.....

farzin sarvari, Iran

Awesome visual experience, totally off the hook.

Gerald Kelder, Australia

Wonderfull city.Y love New York

Nelson Bernardo, Brazil

very niceeee

parisa khojaste, Iran

Thank you so much!! I heart NYC and I have been three times, only!! I am so longing to this most beautiful, livley, soulful place on earth. Your pics satisfy my hunger for the moment, I will be back soon !!!

Sonja Stendera, Germany

Many thanks, Sonja! You're always welcome on AirPano!

I love NYC, riprese fotografiche fantastiche.

Julian Roberto Rocchetti, Italy

Just LOVE...

Arman amadin, Iran

I am now a old man and never traveled outside the USA. This is truly a magic carpet showing me the world I would never have seen. What you have done it truly a miracle. I can't believe how perfect everything works. I have only spent an hour here and I know I will spend many more here in the future. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Wallace Carlson, USA

Dear Wallace, thank you for your kind words! We'll be glad to see your comments again!

Wow! Truly stunning - thank you for sharing. x

Lisa Harmsworth, United Kingdom

Simply awesome :)!

Maria Castaneda, Colombia

The only thing I can say, is that this is outstanding. The views that we get on this site, is like being there, only we save the airfare, and hotel. No, I must say it is even better than being there!!!

Joe koncur, USA

Wonderfully!!!!!.God created man in his own.

Mirta Campi, Argentina

Wonderful pix!I feel like I am there! I loved it when I was there in 2000, just 11 months before 911,and,being beneath the Twin towers?we decided to go up some other visit. how ironic!Pat in U.K.

patricia davies, United Kingdom

very beautiful city.thank you

ibrahim mohamadi, Iran

mohamad mezergi, Iran

Wonderful place... I would like to visit it one day. :)

Ivan Asić, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Roland Viotti, Spain

Quite an incredible accomplishment. Congratulations for showing us New York and Manhattan - I've enjoyed the photographs and information very much indeed! Thank you.

Carol Dreyer, South Africa

Luciano Tomalino, Italy

Ces photos sont vraiment très belles et la prise à 360°donne un bel effet.

Jean-Luc Christmann, Benin

Beautiful,awesome NEW YORK city! congrats, great job!


I love New York it really is very beautiful

jessica zheng, China

The photography, the video, the music, pure artistry. The panorama from space, set to music, simply brilliant. I appreciate seeing so many positive responses from all around the world. I'll be back again and again. Thank You. Arizona.

Randy Jones, USA

Thx, this is the best thing i ever see. Better then TV or Movie. Thx.

Roger Ischi, Switzerland

I have traveled around the world with your photography great job

Hampton Gould, USA

Not bad for a 360 view..!Not bad for a city..! Just kiding...! Who doesn't love NY..? Splendid..! J'adore NY! Vakis, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece.

Akrivos Stergiou, Greece

Fantastic, just fantastic. Thanks.

Marcus Almgren, Norway

J'étais aussi à NYC 8 j en Février 2007, bien que montée à l'Empire State et la Statue de la Liberté, je n'avais pas vu la ville sous cet angle SPLENDIDE !

Josette CATILLON, France

I want to thank and congratulate you! Your photographs are really breath taking and your creativity is above everything!

Fernanda Puente, Mexico

wonderful, like a bird in flight ïðåêðàñíî, êàêî ïòèöà âî ëåò

Dimche Ackov, Macedonia

Enjoyed every bit of it. More beautiful than reality

Eirik N, Norway

hermoso trabajo para nosotros que no hemos podido verlo en persona

Ramon Burgos, Dominican Republic

mi comentario es que es una maravilla la oportunidad de disfrutar un viaje increíble ,conocer cercanamente gracias a ustedes.

jessica carrillo, Chile

Awesome Panorama of Manhattan and NYC, My Home that I so dearly miss. Auburn Al." New York," New York so nice they named it twice"

Jose Correa, USA

bellisima cita, o passato il capodano a new york , e un sogno avederlo..2013

robert alla, Albania

daniel cohen, Israel

Uma visita normal a NY (Manhattan)não é suficiente para se conhecer toda a beleza que a cidade encerra. Fantástico tour fográfico desta magnifica cidade

Jorge Marques da Silva, Portugal

Last July, I spent six days in Manhattan, the first time in US.To is an unforgettable experience! Through these images, I can see how grandiose the Constitution of the Manhattan hotspots. Fascinating, congratulations! ZELJKO CROATIA


i will visit this summer.

Evelyn kendi, Kenya

Perfect! Fantastic work! p.s. It would be cool to make 360 panorama of plains of Iowa or somewhere...

N. Babic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stunning! Your work can help as therapy for relief from fear of heights. Awesome!

Strukar S, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I like very much ,someday i ll visit it

vicky pitsiou, Greece

Visually stunning and adds a completely new dimension to my memories of visiting this iconic city. Truly a labour of photographic love. Thank you.

Penny Haywood, United Kingdom

The boyz and LOVED this.

Grand Ma, Australia

Awesome! every view is wonderful. Was there with my children in 2010. Will be back!

Fintan Clones, Ireland

Beautiful picts. I wanna go to Manhattan. It is my dream!

Matt Shollc, Czech Republic

Great job!awesome....thanks jk

Johan Kus, USA

this is awesome

karem samy, Egypt

rigoberto arana, Colombia

very beautiful,,,,one day i will be visiting with my some one special.........thank you

rahul khan, India

they are fantastic

saeed imani, Iran

Beautiful pictures!

Julio NYC, USA

Congratulation amazing Job, Beatifull display,NEW YORK the best city in our word.America for North and south American


ahmed amzil, Morocco

amazing photography of wonders of the world; much appreciated!

Joseph Potomski, Australia


Very very nice thank you Please also put pictures of Iran

sajad asadi, Iran


Valdecir Jose Zilli Biff, Brazil


Its marvelous.

samir kallini, Egypt

Your Job is the best¡¡¡¡¡. Congratulation and thank a lot.

daniel garcia rusca, Argentina

Beautiful display of skill and creativity. The Manhattan Island is so flat and low lying that any slight change of the earth movement could cause disaster. I have never been here because the thought of threats from a tidal wave or a rise in sea level due to the melting snow or a sudden earth tremors is too frightening.

Siti Faridah Md Noor, Malaysia

new york 360 tour


New york 360°: discovering manhattan, brooklyn and harlem.

new york 360 tour

Klarna Available.

The trip in a nutshell

Where better to explore in the United States than New York City. We will discover the heart of the East Coast that always seems to be one step ahead of the rest of the world while maintaining a timeless charm.

We start with Manhattan, the beating heart of the city, where skyscrapers touch the clouds and the streets are busy with taxis, cars, bicycles, electric scooters, and people heading towards squares, parks, museums, art galleries, and shops. … Can we keep up? We'll stroll between Grand Central Station , the Flatiron Building , and the Empire State Building , and then Broadway to Times Square, Little Italy, Soho, and Chinatown . Then we'll head towards the Brooklyn Bridge and reach Dumbo , and then, we take the ferry to Ellis Island , passing the Statue of Liberty , a symbol of this multi-faceted city. A jump to Harlem , another to Central Park , and then the last one to Ground Zero , a true symbol of the city's rebirth: where an unearthly silence reigns. We will admire the Pools and the Freedom Tower , which soars high at 541 meters, remembering that New York is always ready to get back on its feet, despite whatever is thrown its way.

360º - it's our great classic that allows you to discover the destination in all its aspects. We recommend packing a backpack rather than a suitcase as there will be lots of moving around.

Physical rating

LOW - this itinerary is easy-going and any extra sports or activities are entirely optional - minimum physical effort is required.

Entry requirements

For UK nationals, please visit the website. For all other passport holders, please refer to your national government website.

Arrival and departure

This trip will begin and end in  New York.  Aim to arrive on the first day by 5pm - on the last day you are free to leave whenever!

What's included

5 nights accommodation in shared rooms

Local Experience: entrance to a skyscraper in Times Square area (choice between: the Edge and Top of the Rock )

Visit iconic landmarks, from Brooklyn Bridge to Times Square

Explore the iconic Central Park

Excursion to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

Entrance ticket to the Empire State Building

Free cancellation with 100% refund up to 31 days before departure

Welcome to New York!

From times square to brooklyn, harlem, broadway and central park: art, culture and fun, ground zero, statue of liberty and wall street, manhattan's neighbourhoods, time to say goodbye.

new york 360 tour

The travel coordinators

Our travel coordinators are chosen because they are people like you. Not only are they the best travel buddy you could hope for, but they're trained professionals guaranteed to show you a travel experience like never before

Info to know

Our trips are led by a Travel Coordinator who has been specifically trained by us to lead group travels to ensure you have the best time. A WhatsApp group with all travel participants will be created two weeks prior to departure by your Travel Coordinator.

Visas and Vaccinations

Before booking, please make sure to check what documents, visas and vaccinations are required to enter the country. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Arrival and Departure Times

We always advise trying to get to the meet-up point for the first day of your tour by 5pm. On the last day of the tour you are free to leave whenever you want!

Backpacks are mandatory to allow easy transfers - we recommend a 45L backpack for our trips.

Available dates

new york 360 tour

  • New Account / View Pricing
  • 360° Video Gallery
  • Editors' Picks
  • 360° Stereoscopic Panoramas

new york 360 tour

Central Park

  • Recent Images

new york 360 tour

Sam Rohn 360° Photography

360° VR Panoramic Photography & Virtual Tours

Gulfstream G550 :: 360° Virtual Tour

new york 360 tour

Granary Island, Gdansk

new york 360 tour

Pritzker Pavilion :: Chicago

new york 360 tour

Tribute in Light :: 9/11 Memorial :: NYC

new york 360 tour

Diamond Horseshoe :: NYC :: 360° Virtual Tour

new york 360 tour

St. Anne’s Church Bell Tower :: Warsaw

new york 360 tour

Ralph Lauren NYC Flagship – 360° Virtual Tour

virtual reality

Parrish Art Museum – 3D Virtual Tour

new york 360 tour

New Victory Theater :: 360° VR Panorama

new york 360 tour

Barcelona Skyline :: 360° VR Panorama

new york 360 tour

Frick Collection, NYC :: 360° Virtual Tour

new york 360 tour

Wynwood Walls, Miami : 360° Virtual Tour

new york 360 tour

Anamorfosis :: Barcelona :: 360° VR Tour

new york 360 tour

Beacon Theatre, NYC :: 360° Virtual Tour

new york 360 tour

Radio City Music Hall :: 360° Virtual Tour


Fire Island Beach House – 360° Virtual Tour

new york 360 tour

One Hanson – Williamsburg Savings Bank :: 360° Virtual Tour

new york 360 tour

Planet New York :: Empire State Building :: 360° Panorama

new york 360 tour

De Buck Gallery, NYC – Shimamoto

new york 360 tour

Valley of Fire :: Nevada, USA

new york 360 tour

Milk Studios NYC :: 360° Virtual Tour

View all 360° panoramas & virtual tours.

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Fun Facts about Times Square

  • Every year, approximately one million people pile into Times Square to celebrate New Years Eve.
  • The theater district around Times Square is home to dozens of theaters with nightly performances.
  • Today, Times Square is home to 27,000 residents and attracts 26 million visitors each year.
  • In April 1904, Longacre Square was officially renamed Times Square.

Times Square is located smack in the middle of midtown Manhattan. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Times Square is the famous place where the ball drops on New Years Eve, where music fans have cheered for their favorite artists outside the MTV studios, and where people come to secure discount Broadway theater tickets. In recent years, Times Square has had one significant change: parts of it are now closed to traffic and lawn chairs have been set up for both locals and visitors to take a seat and soak up the atmosphere.

Many travelers set foot in Times Square and wonder how it became the fascinating destination that it is today. The square made its premiere in 1904 when the name was changed from Longacre Square to Times Square in celebration of the opening of the new headquarters for the New York Times. The reputation for theater in Times Square dates back to World War I, when there were 113 productions in the 43 theaters during the 1914 – 1915 season. Today it is still an incredible center for the performing arts in New York City.

Must-See Sights

Central Park Some travelers wonder what is there to see in and near Times Square beyond the big billboards and neon lights. From this central location in Manhattan it is possible to wander and see some of the city’s best-known sights. Central Park is a short stroll away. Here you can enjoy a relaxing picnic in the Sheep’s Meadow or check out a memorial to John Lennon. Other popular things to do in Central Park include taking a horse-drawn carriage ride, ice skating in the winter, or visiting the Central Park Zoo.

Rockefeller Center Rockefeller Center is a particularly popular attraction during the winter season when visitors flock here for the chance to go ice-skating and admire the massive Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It is also possible to take an elevator up to the “Top of the Rock” for incredible 360 degree views of Manhattan, rivaled only by the Empire State Building. One reason to check out Rockefeller Center early in the morning is to watch (from outside) a live taping of NBC’s “Today Show.” During warm weather months, there are often outdoor segments and special music performances.

Broadway Shows near Times Square Many Broadway shows are also located within a short walk of Times Square. Whether you want to see the latest hit show or a classic Broadway musical, you will find both options in the theater district. Each day, discount tickets are available at the TKTS booth in Times Square. You can also go directly to the box office of one of the dozens of theaters in this district if you’re looking for last-minute tickets to a particular show.

New Years Eve

Times Square is a popular New York destination all year long, but New Years Eve is the single biggest night to hit these streets. Every year, an estimated one million people fill Times Square to be a part of the annual celebration of bright lights and cheering festivities. Many visitors wonder what else happens on New Years Eve beyond the ball dropping. If you’re planning a visit to Times Square on New Years Eve, you will also enjoy live musical performances, an incredible lights display, and one of the biggest celebrations of balloons and confetti on the planet.


Virtual Tour of New York City

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs for this week. We are always here to post your favorite virtual tour content!

Last week, we did a Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour which is located in an iconic city in the United States– New York City! So I thought to myself, how about for this week, why don’t we do a general Virtual Tour of New York City?

New York City is personally my favorite city on this earth. I cannot even tell you the amount of times I have visited; but what I can tell you is there is so much to see that the opportunities are endless! Since I consider myself a New York City guru, I am going to give you my NYC itinerary but virtual tour style!

Alexa, play Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys; it is time to start our Virtual Tour of New York City! Should we walk or take the subway?

CitizenM Bowery Hotel

It is check in time! I know this is the city that never sleeps, but in reality, we need a place to sleep during our time in New York City. Now, I have stayed in many hotels here in New York City, but nothing can compare to CitizenM Bowery Hotel .

CitizenM is a Netherlands-based hotel chain. There are so many of them all around the United States! New York City was lucky enough to be blessed with two locations; one in Times Square and the other in, of course, Bowery. I stayed at both hotels, but I typically prefer the Bowery location since it is near SoHo and all of the amazing places to eat. The Bowery location takes the crown as the world’s tallest modular hotel.

The front of the CitizenM Bowery Hotel is really nice and modern. It gives you that red and black aesthetic with the red wall art on the side of the entrance, the red tables and chairs, and the black color exterior of the tall building.

Virtual Tour of New York City

Walking inside, you would think you are in a museum! On your right is the check in area and front desk. Then, on the left you will notice there is a lounge area to do your work, eat, or just chill out. It is huge! There are beautiful hanging lights from the ceiling and so much art on the wall that you could be looking at it all day. Another amazing thing about this lobby are the tables and chairs. There are places to sit at ground level, but there are also elevated seating areas along the wall. I know, it sounds confusing but it is a great concept!

Behind the check in area is a bar. Here, you can order food, have some amazing drinks, or can just simply chill out here! Of course you can still see some more modern art here.

There is also a unique spiral stairwell that leads you to the hotel rooms, but don’t panic, they have elevators.

Speaking of the elevator, let’s take that up to the hotel’s rooftop bar. Yes, you heard me right, a rooftop bar called CloudM. Here, you can enjoy the view of the city and vibe out. On the inside, there is an L shaped bar, colorful seats, high top tables and chairs, and beautiful modern lights that hang from the ceiling. Now, let’s go outside and look at this astonishing view! There are red tables and chairs (similar to the ones at the outside entrance), a greenery wall, and that nice view of the city; you can get some great pictures here!

Alright, now to the most important place inside the whole hotel, the hotel room! The cool thing about the CitizenM Bowery Hotel is you can either get a view of Manhattan or Brooklyn; whichever you choose, they are both breathtaking. I am not going to lie to you, the room feels like it is the size of a parking space, but once you are inside you will forget all about it. In this room, it is mostly all white with some red. You have your all white XL king sized bed along the wall with a huge window with your view, a flat screen tv hung up on the wall in front of the bed, a desk and chair, a small bathroom, and a sink directly outside the bathroom. The best feature about this room is that it is controlled by an iPad, literally everything! The lights to dim and change colors, the curtains/blinds, the TV, and so much more.

Virtual Tour of New York City

The CitizenM Bowery Hotel is for sure an interesting hotel. Now that we have secured a place to stay, it is time to branch out and continue this Virtual Tour of New York City!

Welcome to the Edge ! This is New York City’s newest observation deck. If you are looking to do something fun in New York City, then I highly recommend visiting the Edge. The Edge is an Observation Deck located in Hudson Yards. You are able to see the city 1,100 feet in the sky with a 360 New York City view. This is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

Virtual Tour of New York City

When walking in, you scan your ticket for entry. On the other side is a gift shop to purchase souvenirs. Getting to the observation deck can take some time; depending on how crowded it is and just simply the way how it is set up.

As we make our way to the observation deck, we need to walk through these dark halls. The sides of the walls are playing videos and have an amazing surround sound.

Next, we need to take a 60 second elevator ride. During the elevator ride, it plays a video of a timeline of how New York City was constructed. You can feel your ears popping when going up!

We made it to the top! Here is the beautiful view we have been waiting for. You are getting a full 360 view of New York City. The cool thing about this is the glass along the sides; it is slanted out to give us that more realistic effect. It is like you can lean out and touch what you are looking at. There is one corner of the observation deck that takes you to the literal edge and it is amazing. There is also transparent glass on the ground to see what the city looks like below you. You can even stand on the stairs outside to get an even higher view.

Virtual Tour of New York City

There is also a bar located inside. Yes, you can take your drink outside to enjoy the views! It is pretty cool if you ask me.

There is another gift shop up here. You can find souvenirs for both the Edge and Hudson Yards.

As we take the elevator back down, it gives you a 60 second video of a tour of Hudson Yards; it feels like you are flying!

It is always a great time visiting the Edge. This is a once (or multiple) in a lifetime opportunity. The views you get at the Edge cannot compare to anywhere else. That was honestly amazing, but we are heading to the next stop on our Virtual Tour of New York City.

Hello from SoHo ! Soho is an amazing neighborhood in New York City that is filled with amazing shopping stores, art, and unique buildings. SoHo gets its name from South of Houston Street.

One thing that is cool about SoHo is that a lot of the buildings are built out of cast iron which gives it that unique look to it. It is definitely a must see!

Virtual Tour of New York City

You can’t spell Shopping without SoHo! When you are on Broadway, or off streets like Prince Street and Mercer Street, you will notice many retail shops that you are familiar with such as:

  • Bloomingdales
  • Luxury Brands like: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, and more!

A really cool thing about shopping in SoHo is the way the stores are lined up and down on the streets. It makes it very convenient and organized when shopping.

There are also some amazing places to grab a bite to eat in SoHo! Shopping can get tiring. You can find food places from a quick grab-and-go to a sit down and order. Your options are limited!

Art is a big deal in New York City in general; but you can find some amazing art in SoHo! You can check out the Yard-Nasse Gallery that provides a variety of art. There is also the famous museum of Ice Cream. This is a popular spot where people come to eat good ice cream and get some great photos, it is definitely worth checking out.

Virtual Tour of New York City

SoHo is a great place to spend your day and money! It is never a dull moment here in SoHo. I don’t want to leave, but we have one last stop on our Virtual Tour of New York City.

Nobu Downtown

So, who is hungry? Owned by famous actor Robert De Niro, Nobu is a very popular Japanese restaurant in New York City. Located in the Financial District, this is a sushi restaurant and bar. There are many Nobu restaurant chains internationally and is also a hotel company too!

When walking inside, you will notice how beautiful the aesthetic is. It has dim lighting to give it a relaxing look.

There is also a big sushi bar where there are chefs preparing the food. There are seats surrounding the sushi bar so the guest can watch while waiting for their order.

Virtual Tour of New York City

On the other side of the restaurant are tables to dine at that is away from the bar area.

The interior design is amazing! There are lots of red, orange, and black colors that make it pop out. The ceiling of Nobu has a 3D effect with the wood color panels making it have a unique look. There is also some stone along the wall too.

Virtual Tour of New York City

If you love sushi and cocktails, come to Nobu! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Final Words

Thank you so much for going on this Virtual Tour of New York City with me! Now, I could have been pretty basic by showing you the typical tourist spots like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, etc; but I wanted to give you a Virtual Tour of New York City with places that would not even come to your head when visiting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the tourist hot spots, but there is much to New York City than you think. I hope it gave you a good idea for your next visit there!

As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!

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The best rooftop bar in Manhattan: Explore The Highlight Room with Our 360 Tour


230 Fifth | Rooftop Bar

new york 360 tour

By far the most known and most spectacular Rooftop bar in New York!

To admire Manhattan at dusk you either stand back or height …

Located on the 20th floor of a building, the 230 Fifth offers one of the most incredible views of Manhattan , especially on 5th Avenue and the Empire State Building located 10 blocks away .

If you are visiting NYC make time to go have a cocktail !


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Gracias a ustedes, por el buen servicio, atención y profesionalismo

Por supuesto que hasta la próxima Gerardo!! Gracias a ti hemos conocido la ciudad y sus gentes de la manera más agradable y divertida posible. Estamos agotados pero TODOS repetiríamos otra vez cada uno de los Tours contigo, muchas gracias!! 🙋🏽‍♀️🇺🇸

Gracias Gerardo. Hemos disfrutado la ciudad a lo grande con tus toures y gracias a tus explicaciones, conocido mejor a las gentes de esta ciudad en su gran diversidad. Nos ha encantado y volveríamos a realizarlo en las mismas condiciones. Tal cual. Fue perfecto. Hasta siempre y quizás algún día nos volvamos a ver. Mucha felicidad para ti y tu familia.

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Una Maravilla de Tour Acompañadas de Gerardo, Gran persona, Gram profesionalidad, siempre atento a nuestra comodidad y dando el maximo de explicaciones, Absolutamente Recomendable.

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in the garden

Your Chance to Snoop: It’s ‘Open Days’ Season in the Garden

This year, more than 360 private gardens across the country are opening to visitors. Don’t miss your chance to learn from some of the best.

A lush garden with colorful flowers surrounds a Colonial house painted in neutral colors.

By Margaret Roach

I was at my station, a folding table dressed up with a burlap cloth, checking in visitors at a Garden Conservancy Open Days event maybe 10 years ago and answering questions from those who had already explored my garden, when I saw someone across the yard taking a photograph.

But of what, I wondered — what’s over there? There was nothing in that spot, I felt certain.

And then I realized that there was no way I could know exactly what the subject was. Because it was my garden, as someone else sees it.

Sharing a garden with others is an eye-opener — and it’s not just the visitors who draw inspiration from the experience. Make like a public garden for a day, and you may grow as a gardener, too, by watching and listening (in between fielding questions and identifying the same show-off plants over and again).

This growing season, the owners of 363 private gardens around the country are doing just that, acting as Garden Conservancy Open Days hosts in the country’s largest garden-visiting program. This year’s events, which began in March and will continue though October, are part of a tradition established in 1995 by the Garden Conservancy, a nonprofit based in Garrison, N.Y. Last year, about 31,000 people visited 286 gardens, said Horatio Joyce, the conservancy’s director of public programs and education.

Hosting an open day “is a conversation starter,” Dr. Joyce said. “It allows you to build community around a garden.”

Neighbors you hardly know may come to visit, for instance — or volunteer to help.

“People are asking you about your work, work that you’ve been doing mostly on your own,” he added. “It’s intoxicating, in a good way. It’s affirmation.”

Among the landscapes represented are what Dr. Joyce calls “the marquee gardens,” like the interior designer Bunny Williams’s, in Falls Village, Conn., and Fred Landman’s Sleepy Cat Farm, in Greenwich, Conn.

But the potential for inspiration doesn’t correlate to the size of a garden or its full-time staff, he said. Something closer to the scale of your own D.I.Y. backyard may offer more takeaways.

A California Condo’s Garden Rooms

In Palm Springs, Calif., Jeffrey Herr and Christopher Molinar were among this year’s 110 first-time hosts in March, welcoming more than 200 visitors to the modestly sized garden around their condominium. It was also the first time that Palm Springs has participated in Open Days.

Adding to the sense of newness, the couple’s garden is in relative infancy. It was only three years ago that Joseph Marek, their landscape architect, laid out a series of themed spaces, forming an L-shaped journey around their condominium.

Mr. Marek’s concept, Mr. Herr said, was “an enfilade of rooms, divided by surface material or delineated by plant material.”

One garden room highlights citrus; another is a fountain court. There is a space with raised planting beds, and also a cactus garden that incorporates some of the couple’s collection from their previous garden near Los Angeles.

Once the design was in place, they did the planting themselves, and some of the hedges haven’t reached full height yet. But that sense of a work in progress proved part of the appeal to guests, who wanted to know what size plants they had started with and other logistics, Mr. Molinar said.

“I think the fact that our garden was growing in intrigued people,” he said. “Because they could see that ‘Oh, this is a garden that I could maintain myself.’”

The clever use of borrowed scenery was noted repeatedly, as was one somewhat smaller view. “Where did you get a mirror that big?” guests wanted to know about a reflective feature in the outdoor room the couple call the atrium.

The trick: They upcycled a closet-door mirror.

But maybe most intriguing was the album of before-and-after photos on display, showing their progress from the tangled mess they bought to what Mr. Herr described as “the scorched-earth look” of the cleared-out site before the new garden was planted.

A Xeriscape in Suburban Denver

As the curator of alpine collections at Denver Botanic Gardens, Mike Kintgen is a veteran of gardening for the viewing public. But welcoming visitors to his home in southeastern Denver, or to the garden of alpine and Western native plants at his higher-elevation weekend place north of Steamboat Springs, feels different.

For one thing, he said, there are no colleagues to compare notes with.

“I prep pretty hard,” he said. But he is so familiar with the landscape, he may not notice everything, and he craves a second opinion.

“I try to have someone else come through the garden before and just look at it with a critical eye to see what I’ve maybe missed,” he said. “It’s always good to have that other set of eyes — just walk in and be like, ‘OK, Mike, what were you thinking here?’ Or, ‘This looks great. Don’t touch anything. You’re ready to go.’”

His Denver home is on a corner lot, and the front yard, which gets little, if any, supplemental watering, is “a xeric planting of Western natives,” he said, “but also things from similar climates to Colorado.”

The lawn of buffalo grass (Buchloe dactyloides) is enlivened with spring bulbs. “I wanted to show that xeriscaping could fit into a regular suburban landscape here on the front range of Colorado,” he said.

Apparently, it worked: Neighbors now affectionately call his yard Denver Botanic Gardens East.

At Skatutakee Farm, in Hancock, N.H., Eleanor Briggs has participated in Open Days numerous times since 2005. The next date her garden will be open is Aug. 24.

The landscape around her 18th-century farmhouse has some formal elements, including a 48-foot-long koi pond filled with lotus, waterlilies and canna. But “it is not a formal garden,” Ms. Briggs said. “There’s no boxwood, no topiary, none of that sort of thing.”

The layout, conceived about 30 years ago by Diane Kostial McGuire, a landscape architect who died in 2019, is intended to blend into its rural New England setting of forests and fields. A parallel pair of long borders, as well as a woodland border, give Ms. Briggs places to play with each new must-have plant as she discovers it, like a flashy Ajuga (Ajuga incisa Bikun) with holly-shaped leaves edged in cream color from Issima nursery.

“I love plants that make you gasp,” she said.

There’s No Motivator Like a Looming Tour Date

Whatever their region, style or years of experience welcoming visitors, Open Days participants seem to have similar reactions.

All confessed to worrying that the weather might dash their best-laid plans, of course. But they also emphasized that making a commitment to open their gardens offered a great benefit.

It set a mental timer, establishing a motivating deadline.

“I use the garden tours, too, as an excuse to do some projects — that oomph to get over a hurdle, like, ‘Oh, I need to do that,’ but I don’t quite feel like it or I don’t maybe have the budget to do it right now,” Mr. Kintgen said. “And then it’s like, ‘Well, the garden tour is coming, so let’s whip this into shape.’”

“To me, one of the huge parts of Open Days is the run-up,” Ms. Briggs said. “It almost forces me, in a good way, to really improve and see what I want to do next. It’s an I’d-better-have-something-to-show-people-and-it-had-better-be-good kind of thing.”

Everyone wants to make the best impression, but should all of the blemishes and in-process projects be disguised or hidden?

“I also use my home garden as an experiment sometimes, to just see if the plant will even live here in Colorado,” said Mr. Kintgen, who welcomed visitors on June 1. “So sometimes I have some things that actually don’t look fabulous, but I’m learning from that.”

With any luck, that provides one more thing for guests to ask about and learn from, alongside him. Not all such test-drive efforts read clearly in visitors’ eyes, though.

Ms. Briggs experimented once, inspired by John Gwynne and Mikel Folcarelli, of Sakonnet Garden , in Little Compton, R.I., who used to spray-paint faded alliums’ heads after they had bloomed. “I sprayed mine orange one year,” she recalled, “and everybody asked what on earth that plant was.”

Mr. Molinar praised the sense of community that comes from hosting a tour or viewing a garden as a visitor. He and Mr. Herr “enjoy not only seeing other gardens,” he said, “but the camaraderie and trading war and horror stories over, ‘How did you get that plant to grow? It didn’t do well in my garden.’”

And even professionals like Mr. Kintgen acknowledged the value of visiting others’ gardens for tips. “Someone’s growing a plant better than I can,” he said, “and it’s like, ‘OK, what are your secrets? What have I been doing wrong?’”

Garden tours, it seems, are all about transferring knowledge.

“It dawned on me after the whole thing was over and you exhale,” Mr. Herr said. “This is giving a master class. The only people that you have there are extremely interested, pay attention and ask great questions, and it’s really rewarding to have that kind of focus. And it’s on the garden — not really on the gardener, but on the garden.”

Interested in Visiting a Garden, Volunteering or Becoming a Host?

Open Days schedule and tickets

How to become a host or a volunteer

At 45 gardens this year, there is a Digging Deeper feature: a workshop, talk or demonstration. Here’s the lineup .

Margaret Roach is the creator of the website and podcast A Way to Garden , and a book of the same name.

If you have a gardening question, email it to Margaret Roach at [email protected], and she may address it in a future column.

The Joys of Gardening

Whether you’re limited to an apartment window box or looking to start a backyard vegetable garden, these tips can help..

Digging holes can be both a workout and mood booster. Here’s why gardening is so good for you .

You can grow enchanting potted topiaries. You just have to follow a few simple rules . (Also, forget about going away for the weekend.)

Is y our garden missing something ? An imposing work of pottery can be as important to the design of a landscape as any well-placed plant. And no, not just flower pots.

Want to create a living fence? Or maybe you’d like to produce a harvest of leaves and twigs to feed livestock, or simply enliven the landscape with color? There’s a willow for that .

Are you thinking of growing onions from seeds? Here’s what you need to know .

Gardening Products Recommended by Wirecutter

Trying to cut down on weeding time? This Craftsman stirrup hoe  can help.

Garden hoses are unremarkable when they work well, but if they underperform, they’ll drive you insane. These are the best ones on the market .

If you want to build your own raised garden beds, consider investing in planter wall blocks .

To make all that hard work in the garden easier, you will need the right gear. Here are some must-have items , from a sun hat to comfortable sandals.

Find more useful gardening tools here .


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    View Panorama. By far the most known and most spectacular Rooftop bar in New York! To admire Manhattan at dusk you either stand back or height …. Located on the 20th floor of a building, the 230 Fifth offers one of the most incredible views of Manhattan , especially on 5th Avenue and the Empire State Building located 10 blocks away .

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    TOUR VIP EXCLUSIVE 360. El Tour Vip Exclusive 360 incluye el Tour Vip Alto y Bajo Manhattan + Tour Vip de Contrastes + Tour Vip Nocturno será el mejor tour que podrás hacer en la Capital de Mundo. $140 ... Hemos hecho una selección de los mejores Tour que podemos ofrecerte desde la ciudad de New York a diferentes rincones con un ...

  25. Your Chance to Snoop: It's 'Open Days' Season in the Garden

    This growing season, the owners of 363 private gardens around the country are doing just that, acting as Garden Conservancy Open Days hosts in the country's largest garden-visiting program. This ...