electric travel rollers

When you're traveling, two of the most precious commodities are time and luggage space. That's why in order to find the best hot rollers for travel , you’ll want to consider how fast the rollers heat up and how easy they are to take-on-the-go.

Depending on how much time you have while traveling, you may want to first think about how long it takes for the rollers to heat up. While some options will take as long as five minutes to heat up, others can be ready in as little as 90 seconds, (I’ve included one such pick in my list below). If you like to keep a packed itinerary, you may want the quickest option possible so you don't add any more strain to your schedule.

You’ll also want to be aware of how compact and portable your hot rollers will be. Sets vary in design, from soft pouches to hard cases. Soft pouches are easy to store and carry but may need to be handled with a little extra care. Hard cases, on the other hand, may keep the rollers more protected but the downside is that they're not flexible, so they often take up more room in your luggage.

After researching products and reading through Amazon reviews, I’ve put together a list of the best hot rollers for your hair . My picks range in size and style, but all of them are designed to give you perfect curls anywhere you go. Read on to find the best set for your next trip.

The Overall Best

Remington Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers

What's great about it : These Remington compact ceramic rollers check off all the boxes for traveling. Equipped with worldwide voltage, this set is also super compact and affordable. With an impressive 90-second heat-up time, all 10 rollers feature "cool touch" tips for easy handling. They're ideal for large and medium-sized curls, with five 1-and-1/4-inch rollers and five 1-inch rollers. On top of all that, the ceramic and ionic technology allows your hair to stay shiny without any unwanted frizz.

What fans say : "I've used these curlers for years. They work really well and last a long, long time. So happy to find them online. They are excellent for international travel."

The Most Cost-Effective Set

Studio 35 Beauty Travel Curlers

What's great about it : For the price, these Studio 35 Beauty travel curlers are an amazing option. The 10-piece set comes in a soft pouch that's heat-resistant. Like with my previous option, the rollers in this set include 1-inch and 1-and-1/4-inch sizes. Also, they feature "dots" that indicate when they're ready for use, and there's an on/off light to let you know when they're plugged in. The tips of the curlers remain cool, too, so they can be easily handled without burns. The tradeoff: these rollers can take up to five minutes to heat up, and you may need an additional travel adaptor if you're taking them abroad.

What fans say : "Love these. Heat up quickly. Though compact, I use daily. Inexpensive, yet better than my $55 set."

The Best For Smaller Curls

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers

What's great about it : For those who like to have a larger set of rollers, these Conair instant heat compact rollers are a great choice. This set of 12 includes eight 1-inch and four 3/4-inch rollers, for slightly smaller curls than my previous two picks. The rollers use ceramic technology, which allows them to heat up fast and evenly distribute heat throughout your hair. This set features dual voltage, too, and the carrying pouch is soft, making it easy to pack up in your luggage or carry-on.

What fans say : "I've had these for so many years I couldn't even tell you! I would say it's got to be 15 or more years. My curls last for a long time. What I love about this set is you can travel with it easily, it is so small. I keep the curlers in my hair for approximately 15 minutes or longer and then spray my curls with hairspray and they last all day long...my hair is medium thickness. I hope [Conair] always has this curling set because I don't know what I would do without it!"

The Best For Larger Curls

Conair Instant Heat Travel Hot Rollers

What's great about it : If you prefer your curls a little bigger, these Conair instant travel heat rollers are a great find. The set includes five 1-and-1/2 inch rollers, plus it features dual voltage and will only take about two minutes to heat up. This set features a velvet material around the rollers, which helps add more protection from heat for all hair types. Since the rollers are only one size, it's not ideal for those who like to switch up the size of their curls. Also, this set comes in a hard case instead of a soft pouch, which may take up more room in your suitcase.

What fans say : "This really helped save time in doing my hair in the mornings! It warms up very quickly so it is very warm after I’m done blow drying my hair - I plug it in once I start to blow dry my hair. I do take it with me on travel and it fits into a carry-on [bag] with everything else."

Also Great: This Travel-Friendly Curling Iron Brush

SwanMyst Curling Iron Brush

What's great about it: If bringing rollers are too much of a hassle, this SwanMyst curling iron is a great alternative. Although it's a bit pricier, it's a great investment to have while on-the-go. Not only will it be able to give your hair that bouncy curl, but it also straightens and combs. Its design allows it to easily glide through hair, and the ceramic technology helps keep moisture in your curls. On top of that, it's equipped with dual voltage, making it extra travel-friendly.

What fans say: "I have tried several different curling iron brushes over the last 10 years. Some have had the bristles break off. I kept turning off another brand when I was using it and would have to turn it back on and wait for it to heat up again. The SwanMyst curling brush makes my hair smoother and shinier than any of the other brands. It's technology of locking the temperature is a must! I highly recommend this curling iron brush over all the other curling iron brushes on the market!"

Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.

electric travel rollers


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The 5 Best Hot Rollers of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Get ready to roll.

electric travel rollers

Byrdie / Tamara Staples

Hot rollers are like regular hair rollers, except they heat up to provide faster, longer-lasting results. The technology isn't anything new—it's been around for nearly 100 years. And while the process might look like something from a 1960s sleepover, it remains one of the best ways to achieve voluminous curls, coils, and waves. The kits can look intimidating, but compared to their unheated counterparts, hot rollers are pretty user-friendly and efficient. They won't make your arms as tired as using a curling iron, either. So, which sets stand out from the rest?

To help you narrow down your options, we researched and tested standout sets that promise efficiency, body, and bounce. After trying them out in The Lab , our Manhattan testing facility, we asked our team to be brutally honest. We then scored each set of hot rollers based on easy they are to use, how well they hold in hair, and how smooth the removal is. Then, we compiled the rankings and landed on the seven best options.

Final Verdict

  • What To Look For

How We Tested

Why trust byrdie, best overall, conair xtreme instant heat ceramic hot rollers with heated clips.

Reasonably priced

No tension or snaring

Heated clips

Minimal features

Temperatures aren't specified

Our number one pick is Conair's Xtreme Instant Heat Rollers. After trying them out firsthand, we found them to be pretty impressive in terms of manageability, curling ability, and smoothness after removal. The set comes with 20 rollers and includes three sizes ranging from 0.75 to 1.25 inches in diameter. While the heat-up time isn't specified in the product description, they took about 10 minutes to get hot. You can choose from 12 heat settings using the old-fashioned dial on the front of the caboodle, though the exact temperatures aren't specified, either. Each ceramic barrel is covered in velvet flocking, which our testers said helped prevent tension and snaring. Additionally, heated clips ensure no strand is left out of the action, and the plastic tips help you avoid burning your fingers.All in all, this set was impressive. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of pricier options, our team was satisfied with the design and overall results. They said it gave them bouncy, well-defined, long-lasting curls, plus it works well with various hair types and textures.

Material: Ceramic, aluminum | Amount: 20 | Diameter: 0.75, 1, 1.25 inches | Features: Velvet flocking, heated claw clips, 12 heat settings

BaByliss Pro 20 Roller Hairsetter



Clips are hard to attach

Temperature isn't adjustable

We also liked the Nano Titanium from BaBylissPro. Our testers gave it a perfect score for comfort, noting that the rollers didn't put pressure on their scalps and weren't too tight or loose. This set also clocked fives across the board for curling ability and comfort during removal, as it didn't cause noticeable damage or change the hair's texture. It comes with 20 ceramic-titanium rollers ranging from 0.75 to 1.25 inches in diameter. While the clips required a little force to get on, they worked well, were painless to remove, and didn't cause snaring.

Material: Ceramic titanium | Amount: 20 | Diameter: 0.75, 1, 1.25 inches | Features: Velvet flocking, butterfly wire clips, infrared heating

Byrdie / Alex Jiang

Best for Natural Hair

Caruso ionic molecular steam setter.

Compact system

Frizz-free results

Minimal damage

Finicky fasteners

Complex instructions

The best option for natural hair is the Caruso Steam Setter, which earned really positive scores during testing. While we loved everything about this set, from how compact it is and how pretty (and frizz-free) the results were, we noticed a bit of a learning curve as it pertains to the fasteners. Once we got the hang of it, though, we were pleasantly surprised with the crease-free results. The curls looked defined and voluptuous, and since the steaming process doesn't use heat, it's less damaging to the hair.

Material: Plastic, foam | Amount: 30 | Diameter: 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5 inches | Features: Steaming device

Best for Volume

Remington ionic conditioning hair setter.

Secure hold

Color-coordinated pins

Kink-free curls

Not ideal for long hair

If it's volume you're after, the Remington Hair Setter has your name on it. Our testers gave this affordable kit rave reviews, noting that there were no kinks in sight. These ceramic rollers come with color-coordinated metal pins that match the different barrel sizes and offer a super-secure hold. Once they pulled them out, our testers were thoroughly impressed with the long-lasting body and definition.

Material: Ceramic | Amount: 20 | Diameter: 0.75, 1, 1.25 inches | Features: Metal J-clips, velvet flocking, cool-touch ends

Best Splurge

T3 hot rollers.

Lots of features

Lasting curls

Sleek design

Only eight rollers

If you can swing the steep price, you won't regret investing in a set of T3 Hot Rollers. While it only comes with eight rollers, there's a lot to love about this feature-rich kit. The ceramic barrels are coated with velvet flocking, and the ends have a cool-touch grip to prevent burning. After pulling them out, our testers said the condition of their hair didn't seem to be negatively affected, and they left large, glammed-up curls in their wake. Our team also preferred the sleek, modern display stand over the retro-looking caboodles.

Material: Ceramic, aluminum | Amount: 8 | Diameter: 1.5, 1.75 inches | Features: Velvet flocking, crease-free clips, cool-touch ends, two heat settings, auto-shutoff

The best option overall is the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers . This reasonably priced, user-friendly set offers a secure hold without any snaring and delivers well-defined, long-lasting curls. Having said that, if you're open to splurging on a high-end option that delivers on its promises, the T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers won't let you down. Flaunting a sleek design and ensuring voluminous, kink-free curls with lasting hold, we were impressed by these splurge-worthy rollers.

Meet the Expert

  • Anthony Nader is a celebrity hairstylist and the salon owner of Raw Anthony Nader in Sydney, Australia.

What to Look For in Hot Rollers

Smooth coverings.

According to Nader, the best kinds of hot rollers have soft velvet flocking over the metal barrels. He explains that this prevents kinks, creases, and indentations you'd often get with the kits of decades past. We like the T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers , a set of hot rollers that features ceramic barrels coated with velvet flocking. Plus, the rollers have a cool-touch grip to prevent burning during removal.

Nader says it's best to opt for rollers that fasten to the hair with metal pins. "These secure to the hair beautifully compared to using a hair clip with claws," he tells Byrdie. On the other hand, claw-style fasteners can be a bit easier to attach, though they don't always offer the most secure hold. The Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter comes with color-coordinated metal pins that match the different barrel sizes and offer a super-secure hold.

Multiple Sizes

Nader recommends getting a set of hot rollers that contains at least two sizes of barrels—even better if it's three (we like the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers ). This will allow you to create a multitude of looks. "You'll also then have the choice to give your hair extra body by using the smaller rollers if needed," he says.

According to Nader, wait until the rollers are properly heated and then wrap sections of hair around each one. Leave them in until completely cooled, then use a boar bristle brush to break up curls and give the hair a smooth, sleek, glamorous finish, he says.

It varies among sets. Hot rollers usually take at least 10 minutes to work, though it's usually not longer than a half-hour. For the best results, leave them in until they've cooled down entirely. 

According to Nader, the rule of thumb is "the smaller the roller, the tighter the result." However, when you've only got a few inches of hair to work with, you won't be able to wrap them completely around a larger barrel. In other words, smaller rollers are generally best for shorter hair.

It ultimately depends on the type of curl you want. Hot rollers are the better option for big, loose curls, while a curling iron is ideal for achieving tighter, smaller curls.

In our quest to find the best-of-the-best hot rollers, we took our time looking into today's offerings, researching different types of rollers, combing through user reviews, and interviewing experts. We purchased several sets to try out in The Lab, our in-house testing facility in Brooklyn, where our team awarded each product a score between 1 and 5 (with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst) based on ease of use, curling ability, hold, and smoothness.

Byrdie contributor Theresa Holland is a freelance commerce writer specializing in beauty. With expertise from a stylist in mind, she compiled our testing insights from The Lab, combed through product specs, pored over user reviews, referenced peer-reviewed studies, and rounded up our top picks. She has tried hot hair tools from multiple brands on this list, including Conair, T3, Remington, and Chi. Theresa covers haircare, skincare, makeup, and wellness products at Byrdie.

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The 8 Best Travel-sized Hot Tools — From Curlers to Straighteners

For overnight trips and destination vacations alike, keep your hair styled and sleek with these mini hot tools.

Amy Louise Bailey is a freelance content creator and media specialist. Her work has been published in Vogue , Harper’s Bazaar , Elle , Condé Nast Traveler, Bloomberg Pursuits , and Robb Report .

In This Article

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  • Our top picks
  • Tips For Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

TL / Amazon / Saks Fifth Avenue

Even the most beautiful hotels can have lackluster hairdryers, so if you want a salon-worthy blowout, it’s best to pack your own tools. Thanks to a wave of innovation, there are effective stylers that are compact enough to fit into your carry-on, or even your handbag if you’re upgrading to Balmain’s Cordless Straightener (which isn’t much bigger than an iPhone). There are upgraded travel-sized tools for creating bouncy, ’90s-supermodel-esque curls, ceramic irons for a glossy finish, and foldable hair dryers that speed-dry without causing damage. 

We spoke with some of New York City’s leading stylists to get their insights, and trialed some of the market's bestsellers. Our favorite is GHD’s Unplugged Styler for its versatile styling capabilities, cordless construction, and quick heat-up.

Whether you’re heading away for a weekend escape or embarking on a longer intercontinental journey, these are the best mini hot tools to elevate your hair's potential.

Best Overall

Ghd unplugged cordless flat iron.

It’s portable and heats up in 45 seconds.

It requires frequent charging.

Before GHD blasted onto the hair scene in the early 2000s, my girlfriends and I had been using actual irons on our hair. Suffice to say the condition improved greatly after we upgraded to GHD’s revolutionary ceramic tongs. Since then, GHD has released various iterations on its original model, including tools designed for travel, like this Unplugged Styler, which renowned Manhattan stylist John Barrett describes as “top of the line and easy to use.” It’s designed for 20 minutes of cordless styling and is set to an optimum temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Ryan Trygstad of Mark Ryan Salon is also a big fan. “You can flat-iron, curl, and create flat-iron waves with it,” he says.

Best Mini Flat Iron

Kristin ess nanoblack defining detailing mini flat iron.

It has universal voltage, so you can easily use it abroad.

It has a single heat setting.

Developed by a celebrity hairstylist, this mini flat iron is designed for quick yet effective styling.

“I tend to reach for this when I want to smooth a fringe, touch up edges, add texture to super short hair, or quickly retouch a hairstyle,” Kristin Ess herself explains. It quickly heats up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically shuts off after 30 minutes. Plus, it delivers negative ions to reduce frizz and enhance shine. 

Best Foldable Hairdryer

T3 afar travel size hair dryer.


It has technology that reduces static frizz. 

It doesn’t get quite as hot as other hairdryers.

“A versatile and compact blow-dryer that I have been liking lately is the T3 Afar,” celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger says. T3 has become the brand du jour in the hair world, and the Afar is our favorite portable hair dryer . The design of the dryer is as appealing as its technical features; it has an ion generator that dries hair rapidly without creating any static frizz, instead smoothing the hair cuticle for a glossy finish. It has five different speed and heat combinations — ideal for those who want to minimize further damage. We also love the long cord (perfect for use when sharing a hotel room) and the lightweight design that makes it a perfect choice even for over-packers.

Best Hot Roller Set

Conair travel hairsetter with jumbo rollers.

They’re effective and affordable.

There are only five, so you’ll need to space them out sparingly.

Heatless curlers are popular for travelers, but if you just can't go without your hot tools, these hot rollers from Conair are ideal for travel. The compact kit contains five velvet-covered jumbo rollers that come with strong-hold claw clips to set them in place. They only take two minutes to heat up and they have dual voltage, so they’re suitable for use in different regions.

Best Compact Heated Brush

Moroccanoil ceramic heated brush.

It is designed to minimize damage and maximize shine.

The buttons are placed around the handle, so it can turn off while styling if you’re not careful.

Moroccanoil is a leader in nourishing hair products, and its repair-focused philosophy extends to its heated styling tools. Rendered in the brand’s signature blue, this heated brush combines the smoothing benefits of a flat iron with the convenience of a paddle brush. It has beveled edges to smooth right up to the root and it has ceramic cool tip bristles to minimize excess thermal exposure. Another plus? It heats up in less than 60 seconds and allows you to easily style your hair in around three minutes.

Best Splurge

Balmain hair couture cordless straightener.

Saks Fifth Avenue

It’s cordless and is compact enough to pack in a handbag if you’re going out after work (or for a pre-landing touch up).

It has a designer price tag.

Ultra-luxe beauty is having a moment and Balmain is the first major fashion brand to venture into the hair industry. Inspired by backstage secrets from the world’s best stylists, this cordless straightener was made for quick and effortless touch ups on the move, so it’s a jetsetter’s dream. As you would expect with a luxury product, it has superior features with three preset settings (ranging from 320 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit) and advanced titanium floating plate technology that provides a silky finish.

CHI Tourmaline Ceramic 3-piece Travel Set

These lightweight styling tools are just as powerful as full-sized alternatives and already come in a thermal case.

Both the flat iron and curling iron only have one heat setting available.

These CHI tools may look small but they’re as powerful as the full-sized versions, and feature the brand’s ceramic technology for even heat styling. Both the curling and flat irons have tourmaline plates which release negative ions to fight humidity. The hair dryer emits infrared heat, which locks in moisture and seals the cuticles for less frizz. All three tools are double voltage and already come in a thermal travel bag, making the packable set a good option for your next trip.

Best Curling Iron

Conair infinitipro curl secret auto curler.

It leaves you with beautiful curls without tiring out your arms.

Users with longer hair may experience tangling as they get used to using this curler.

For an easy-to-use and lightweight curling iron that even the newest hair stylists can use, consider the Conair InfinitiPro Curl Secret Auto Curler. Simply slide your hair into the slot and push start and your hair will wrap around the barrel of the iron without you having to hold the ends to ensure it's properly styled. This device even beeps when your hair has been sufficiently styled for optimal, long-lasting curls. With three curl types, three curl directions, and five heat settings to choose from, every user can find the perfect style for their hair type.

Tips for Buying Hair Tools for Travel

Prioritize portability.

Look for tools that are compact and lightweight. All of the above comfortably fit into a carry-on suitcase with enough room for outfits and TSA-friendly beauty products . If you need something super portable for a multi-event day, go for a cordless option so you can take it in your handbag.

Understand voltage

As anyone who has blown a hotel fuse knows, not all hair dryers and styling tools are designed for travel. Hotels, especially those outside of the United States, don't always support the same amount of voltage as your home. While the standard voltage in the U.S. is 120, many other counties use 220/240 volts, so if you're traveling with a high-powered hair tool, you should always pack a power converter . You should also be sure to carefully read your device's packaging and instructions before traveling with (and using) even a mini hot tool.

Consider your desired style

Think about how you want to style your hair: Are there any particular outfits that you want to complement? Perhaps flowy waves with a floral dress? Sleek straight hair paired with an edgy LBD and heeled mules? Let that determine whether you invest in a classic ceramic flat-iron or a curling tool to add volume. 

“Always use a great conditioner to maintain the hair's moisture levels and a great heat protectant is also key when using irons or blow dryers,” Trygstad explains. Dr. Barbara Sturm , Oribe , R+Co , and Kerastase each have excellent nourishing masks that leave hair silky smooth and primed for styling. Kevin Murphy’s blow dry collection is also top of the line, and if your hair needs an extra boost, do a K18 or Olaplex treatment to rebuild the bonds.

Yes, if you buy quality brands the reduced size shouldn’t matter. The optimal temperature range is 380 degrees Fahrenheit – look for a heat range in that zip code.

According to TSA , there are no restrictions on packing hot hair tools in carry-on or checked luggage (just ensure that it’s switched off, and ideally, keep it in a case). But do note any exceptions for cordless devices with lithium-ion batteries inside.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, T+L contributor Amy Louise Bailey used research and her own personal experience as a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle writer to roundup the very best mini hot tools for travel.

She also spoke to well-known hairstylists, including:

  • John Barrett , a renowned Manhattan-based hairstylist
  • Kristin Ess , celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Kristen Ess Hair
  • Sally Hershberger , celebrity hairstylist and founder of Sally Hershberger Salon
  • Ryan Trygstad , celebrity hairstylist of Mark Ryan Salon in Manhattan

Love a great deal? Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week.

electric travel rollers

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

Best heated rollers for different hair types, tested by the GHI

Here are the curl-creators that performed best on test

best heated rollers

If you lack the time to spend hours curling your hair , consider investing in some of the best heated rollers. Our enthusiastic team of testers have found the top sets for long-lasting, voluminous results that cause minimal damage. The winners are:

Best heated rollers for 2023

BaByliss Boutique Salon Ceramic Rollers

Joint best heated rollers

Babyliss boutique salon ceramic rollers.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe

Remington PROluxe Heated Rollers

Best for big, bouncy curls

Remington proluxe heated rollers, what are heated rollers.

Heated rollers are a type of hair tool used to create bouncy curls and waves. Some look like traditional velcro rollers while others, known as 'pods', are smaller and made of rubber.

These heat-conducting pods and rollers are stored in a case that warms up when turned on. They often come in different sizes, depending on the type of curl you want to achieve. The smaller the size, the tighter the curl.

Do you use heated rollers on wet or dry hair?

Heated rollers are suitable for use on dry or mostly dry hair . Wet hair is more fragile and prone to damage.

Can heated rollers be used on all hair lengths and types?

Yes, but the results will differ. Heated rollers will add volume to short hair but may struggle to produce a defined curl. Hair stylists recommend using heated rollers on straight or slightly straight hair to produce a smoother, kink-free finish. If you have curly hair , rollers can help loosen your curls for a softer style.

How do you use heated rollers?

Section your hair into small pieces, before wrapping them around the barrels, once they've heated up. Wind each barrel up towards the head and secure it in place. Most rollers come with clips, while pods pop inwards to stay put.

How long do I keep heated rollers in for?

How long to keep hot rollers in for depends on the look you want to achieve. Unfurl them after 10 minutes for waves or keep them in for up to 30 minutes for tighter corkscrew curls. If in doubt, check the brand’s instructions.

Do heated rollers damage your hair?

Like all heated styling tools, heated rollers can damage your hair if not used correctly. To keep your hair looking and feeling soft and healthy, use a heat protection spray first.

Are heated rollers better than straighteners?

Hot rollers reach high temperatures, but they generally use less heat than straighteners and tongs, making them kinder to your hair. Fine hair in particular will thank you for reaching for the rollers instead of your curling iron. Rollers can also be more convenient, as you can put on your makeup or paint your nails while they work their magic.

How we test

We asked 50 women to put five sets of heated rollers to the test. They rigorously assessed them looking at the clarity of the instructions and the ease and speed of use. The design of the rollers was also considered, as was their overall performance and end results.

Score: 71/100

Our testers found these rollers joyfully simple to use — almost all said they didn’t need to look at the instructions before use. The results were equally as pleasing – the rollers produced big curls that added volume to hair. This set heats up quickly — in approximately 60 to 90 seconds — and comes with 12 rollers. Being picky, some testers with longer, thicker hair would have liked more rollers to cover their entire head.

Key specifications

Our top-scoring T3 set of eight rollers impressed us overall, with most testers finding them easy to use. Quick to heat up, many said they added volume and left a bouncy curl. They gripped the hair well and proved simple to remove, thankfully without any snagging or tangling. The only downside is that the 'on' indicator isn’t clear enough.

Score: 70/100

This set has a mixture of 20 medium and large rollers, which testers felt was enough to cover even thicker hair. Heat-up time was quick (90 seconds) during testing, while hair looked well-styled after use, leaving our panel happy. Some testers were unsure when to use the rollers, as there was no indication light, and some commented about how hot they got — so be careful!

Headshot of Florence Reeves-White

Florence is our Senior Beauty Writer, specialising in expert-tested beauty and grooming reviews — from toothbrushes to the latest skincare launches. She’s committed to sharing recommendations for products that truly work and make people feel confident and healthy. Prior to this she was at Tropic Skincare, where she worked closely with biochemists in the lab, delving into the functions of each fresh, natural ingredient and conveying its efficacy to her audience in easy-to-digest terms. 

With over five years’ experience in beauty and health journalism, Florence has written for ELLE , Women’s Fitness , Sister Magazine, National Geographic Traveller and many more, with a strong sustainability angle thread through much of her work.

When she isn’t packing for a trip away, working out, eating out or reading up on retinol serums, you’ll probably find her experimenting with her film camera and building her portfolio of portraits. Florence’s photography can be found at florencereeves-white.com , her Instagram is @florencereeveswhite and her twitter is @floreadsnwrites

Headshot of Denny Poku

Denny is our Beauty and Grooming Tester and has an in-depth knowledge and background in beauty and PR. She has spoken on panels with Cosmetics Executive Women (CEW) and has worked with many beauty brands as a commercial model.  Since joining in October 2022, she has worked on numerous testing categories including over 18 different brands for vitamin C serums, scalp scrubs, shampoos for dry hair and many more. She has over 20k followers on TikTok where she shares beauty and fashion tips otherwise better known as Denny Daily.

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The 9 Best Hot Rollers for the Curls of Your Dreams

This is how we roll.

girl with curly hair from using hot rollers

  • Kinds of Hot Rollers
  • Number of Hot Rollers

Best Hot Rollers

How to use a hot roller, meet the expert.

Samantha Holender

Say “hot rollers” and your mind might go straight back to the ‘60s. But over the past few decades, this old-school beauty tool has come a long way on the technology front. The best hot rollers of 2023 are efficient, compact, and, most importantly, user-friendly. Take it from the world’s most uncoordinated person: Hot rollers are far easier to maneuver than a curling iron with a clamp or a round brush . And the results? It doesn’t get much better. “Hot rollers give you a lot of volume, a lift at the root, and bounce,” hairstylist Jennifer Matos from Rita Hazan explains.

Alas, hot rollers aren’t one size fits all. While there are great options for every hair type and texture out there, the size of the barrel and number of rollers required is going to differ from person to person. To get a better idea of what to look for—and shop the best hot rollers on the market—keep scrolling. We’re sharing our editor-approved favorites tools, and sharing a guide on how to use hot rollers, ahead. 

  • Best Overall Hot Roller: Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers
  • Best Hot Rollers for Damaged Hair: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter
  • Best Jumbo Hot Roller: InfinitiPRO By Conair Jumbo Ionic Roller Set
  • Best Hot Roller For Long Hair: Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hot Rollers
  • Best Hot Roller For Short Hair: Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers
  • Best Budget Hot Roller:  Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers

What Kind of Hot Roller Should I Use?

When looking for a hot roller, there are a few deciding factors: a) What look do you want to achieve? b) What’s your hair type? And c) How long is your hair? 

“The smaller the roller, the more of a bounce you’ll get,” explains Matos. “The larger the roller, the less bounce you’ll get. It will be more of a looser curl.” 

With that in mind, hair rollers with smaller diameters will typically be preferred for fine hair types, as a tighter curl will last longer. When it comes to length, just make sure to manage expectations. Those with short hair will likely get lift and volume, whereas those with longer hair can expect full-blown curls. 

How Many Hot Rollers Do I Need?

At minimum, you’re going to need at least five hot rollers. “If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, you can do a half head of rollers, which would be three on top and two on the sides,” explains Matos. 

A full head is going to require about 10 rollers, depending on the length and texture of your hair, though obviously someone with thick, long hair is going to need more hot rollers than someone with a fine bob.

These velvety wonders have it all: A wide circumference for maximum body, cool edges for easy handling, snag-free velvet flocking, and a steady and strong heating element. They're also fairly customizable. While they work across all hair types and textures, you're able to control your heat setting to ensure a damage-free styling session. An added bonus? The set automatically turns off after 90 minutes so you don't have to worry about burning the house down. 

Pros: Velvet flocking; 90-minute auto-off; stylish storage case

Cons: Bulky clips, not great for super thick hair 

No, this set was not an extra in the film adaptation of Hairspray . What looks rather old-school actually represents effective, modern technology in the form of gentle infrared heat. What does this mean exactly? You're going to get a quicker curl and cause less damage to the hair. This set comes with 20 different sized rollers, so you can add a mixture of tight and loose curls depending on your mood. 

Pros: Generates far-infrared heat; ready-to-use indicator light 

Cons: Curlers at least 15 minutes to heat up

There's nothing more frustrating than filling your head with hot rollers only to unravel and discover a crease where your clip sat. That pain point is null and void with this innovative set. Chi created a custom clip that works in tandem with the rollers to leave you with a crease-free, smooth finish. This nine-roller set comes in two different sizes too, so you can decide if you want tight or loose curls. 

Pros: Great on all hair types; velvet finish for tangle-free curls

Cons: Bulky clips

If you want to refresh your blowout on the go and don't need to do your entire head, try this set of five rollers from Conair. Each roller is one and a half inches, so you're going to get a bouncy, full finish. This is also a great option for anyone who wants to give their curtain bangs or face-framing layers a little extra oomph. 

Pros: Great for travel; easy to use

Cons: Not great for shorter hair; can leave creases; only five rollers in the set

This teeny-tiny kit from Remington holds 14 rollers (five large and five medium) and is guaranteed to fit in your carry-on at only seven inches long. It also promises to heat up in just 90 seconds, so it's great if you're running around on vacation. 

Pros: Ionic and ceramic technology reduces static and frizz; great for travel

Cons: No auto shut-off feature; heavy rollers 

While some of these other sets are capable of creating a true curl, this set of eight is designed for those who just want body and volume. Each roller has a two-inch barrel, which makes it perfect for adding bounce, movement, and lift to the root. A full head of these babies will mimic a professional blowout—sans the round brush. 

Pros: Easy to use; base cools quickly; great for fine hair

Cons: Flimsy clips 

Despite their jumbo size, these rollers from Conair heat up in only 85 seconds. We love efficiency! They come in two, large sizes, so your long hair can get a mix of waves and loose curls when all is said and done. The roll up is smooth (no snagging) and the release is always flawless thanks to the ceramic barrel.

Pros: Great for thick hair; even heat transfer; lightweight

Cons: Hair can get caught in slits used to heat the rollers

A whopping 12 heat settings means that you can dial in the temperature that works for your texture, length, and desired end result. That also means it can be a less damaging process for the hair—just keep the temperature as low as possible. This set gets extra points for its ceramic construction and an ionic port system, both of which work to minimize frizz and damage.

Pros: Ready-to-use indicator light

Cons: Not great for fine hair; difficult to get clips on rollers 

Tugging and pulling can cause breakage and frizz. But thanks to this set's ceramic composition and anti-tangle design, rolling the hair up—and releasing it—is a smooth, snag-free process that leaves hair feeling and looking as shiny as possible. Seal the deal with some shine spray and you're bound to get stopped on the street. 

Pros: Compact case; ceramic technology reduces static and frizz; minimal maintenance

Cons: Not great for short hair; doesn't get very hot

While the whole kit and caboodle may look intense, rest assured that using hot rollers is actually pretty easy: 

  • After giving your rollers a good 10 minutes to heat up, spray your heat protectant and section your hair. “Section in a mohawk section, from mid-eyebrows to the crown of your head. Ideally, there’s three rollers there,” advises Matos. 
  • Then, you’ll want to section out the sides of your hair (two rollers per side is perfect). “For the back, grab whatever hair is left and do it in sections. The number of sections depends on the hair texture, but usually three to four is plenty of sections.” (Pro tip: Always roll away from the face.) 
  • Then let the rollers sit for as long as the instructions suggest, roll ‘em out, and finish off your look with a hairspray. 

If you ask Jennifer what she thinks is the key to satisfying her clients, she’ll say “listening”. Jennifer earned her title as a stylist with Rita Hazan after years of extensive training. Her unequivocal talent is matched with the knowledge of her profession, courtesy demeanor, and sweet personality that is loved by all.

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Samantha Holender is the Beauty Editor at Marie Claire, where she reports on the best new launches, dives into the science behind skincare, and keeps up with the latest trends in the beauty space. She has previously written for Us Weekly, Popsugar, Makeup.com, Skincare.com, and Philadelphia Wedding. Follow her on Instagram @samholender. 

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electric travel rollers

The 8 Best Hot Rollers for Perfect Curls and More Volume in Minutes

Your grandma knows this trick.

supermodel adriana lima with her hair in curlers backstage b

Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter

Best Amazon Hot Roller Set

Babylisspro nano titanium roller hairsetter.

Ceramic Flocked Hot Roller Set

Best for Long Hair

Infinitipro by conair ceramic flocked hot roller set.

Hair Setter & Rollers

Best for a Budget

Remington hair setter & rollers.

Xtreme Big Curls Hairsetter

Best for Beginners

Conair xtreme big curls hairsetter.

Volumizing Hot Rollers

Editor's Choice

T3 volumizing hot rollers.

Body & Shine Smooth Waves

Best for Short Hair

John frieda body & shine smooth waves.

Compact Hairsetter

Best for Travel

Conair compact hairsetter.

Professional Molecular 30-Piece Multiple Size Steam Hair Setter

Best for Fine Hair

Caruso professional molecular 30-piece multiple size steam hair setter.

Whether you have fine, thick, curly, or stick-straight hair, you can use hot rollers to achieve more bounce and volume. It all comes down to the barrel size and amount of curlers you use. For thick strands, you may need extra barrels to catch all your hair. Remember, the smaller the barrel size, the tighter the curls. Here, find the eight best hot rollers—tested by our editors or top-reviewed and approved on sites like Sephora and Ulta—that you need to get instant volume.

With 20 rollers in a set, even folks with thick hair will be able to cover a full head in these easy-to-use rollers. They come in small, medium, and large-sized barrels so you can vary the sizes of your curls and look more natural.

Numbers of rollers included : 20

Barrel sizes : .75", 1", 1.25"

Amazon rating : 4.2/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says : “These work great. I have so much volume. Would def recommend this item.”

With 20 rollers, this set is perfect for anyone with a ton of hair who wants bouncy curls. You can be sure that you won’t miss a spot with a set this big.

An Amazon reviewer says : “I really searched for the right hot rollers for a while and thought I’d give these a try. I love that they are sponge and very comfortable to wrap.”

Remington Hair Setter & Rollers

It only takes five minutes to see results from this hot roller set. Because lower heat is distributed evenly over a longer period of time, you’re really locking in a style, so it will last for days.

Numbers of rollers included : 10

Barrel sizes : 1", 1.25"

Amazon rating : 4.3/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says : “I think these hot rollers are great! They’re way less damaging than a flat iron, and I think once I learn how to use them properly, they’ll give great volume and that blowout look that is super in right now.”

If you’re looking for a voluminous, slightly wavy look, go for jumbo rollers. The barrel is 1.5” thick, so it’ll yield a ton of body in a flash.

Numbers of rollers included : 12

Barrel size : 1.5"

Ulta Rating : 3.7/5

An Ulta reviewer says : “I was so excited to find these, I absolutely love them. I plug them in the minute I get up so they’ll be nice and hot, roll my hair, leave them in finishing up my morning until I’m ready to leave then take them out. I run my fingers through my hair and they give me the perfect beach waves I was looking for!”

Lopez is a fan of these rollers because “the velvet flocking doesn’t tug or pull on the hair and also seals in incredible shine.”

Numbers of rollers included : 8

Barrel sizes : 1.5", 1.75"

Sephora Rating : 3.4/5 stars

A Sephora reviewers say : “Do not hesitate to buy these rollers, I had salon-quality results within 30 minutes. I tested the rollers on long, thick hair that hasn’t been washed for a week, and my hair looked SO good that I did not even want to wash my hair!”

John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves

For mega bounce, this kit comes with five two-inch rollers and clips to make the entire process super easy. The result? Runway-esque waves that offer more volume than you’ve ever seen.

Numbers of rollers included : 5

Barrel size : 2"

Amazon Rating : 4/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says : “I can honestly say that this is the holy grail of jumbo hot rollers.”

If you’re looking to try out hot rollers but don’t know what size and aren’t totally committed to the lifestyle, grab this compact variety pack. In this set you get eight medium (3/4 inch), six large (1 inch), and six jumbo (1 1/4 inch) rollers that won’t take up too much space in your bathroom.

An Amazon reviewer says : “I’ve been using this for months and it’s reliable! I love how it curls the hair of my daughter!”

This unique system uses steam to heat rollers individually. Wait for a roller to steam up, take it to a section of hair, clip it, and repeat all over your head. It’s quick and, most importantly, damage-free.

Numbers of rollers included : 30

Amazon rating: 4/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says : “I’ve used Caruso Curlers for over 15 years and they’re great. There are 4 roller sizes, which is great for tight or loose curls. The steam heat adds shine and makes the hair soft. Best of all it takes no longer than 15-20 to set the curls. Great product!”

.css-1wfsl5s{font-family:SaolDisplay,SaolDisplay-fallback,SaolDisplay-roboto,SaolDisplay-local,Georgia,Times,serif;font-weight:normal;margin-bottom:0.625rem;margin-top:0.625rem;text-align:center;}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-1wfsl5s{font-size:2.375rem;line-height:1.2;}}@media(min-width: 48rem){.css-1wfsl5s{font-size:2.375rem;line-height:1.2;}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-1wfsl5s{font-size:3rem;line-height:1.2;letter-spacing:-0.0225rem;}}@media(min-width: 73.75rem){.css-1wfsl5s{font-size:3rem;line-height:1.2;}}.css-1wfsl5s b,.css-1wfsl5s strong{font-family:inherit;font-weight:bold;}.css-1wfsl5s em,.css-1wfsl5s i{font-style:italic;font-family:inherit;} Meet the Expert

This is an image

David Lopez is celebrity hairstylist, beauty educator, and beauty influencer.

How long should you keep in hot rollers to avoid damaging hair?

This is an image

If you are looking for a low-damage way to style your hair, hot rollers are the solution. “You can’t leave hot rollers in long enough to damage your hair. In terms of heat damage, it’s fool-proof,” Lopez says. “It takes an average of 12 minutes to cool down, although I have seen results after five minutes. For style longevity, leave in the hair for about 15 minutes to get the style retention you’re looking for.”

How do you prep your hair for hot rollers?

This is an image

Rough-drying your hair to start is key, Lopez suggests. “I like to use the T3 Cura Luxe on low speed and high heat while rough-drying in order to keep the elasticity of the hair,” he says. “Once dry, prep the hair with a medium styling mousse. The heat from the rollers will activate this mousse and give the look a stronger memory. Finally, before I wrap each section around the hot rollers, I spray with hairspray and brush through.” His go-to duo includes Kenra’s Medium Hold Mousse and IGK’s Intern Flexible hairspray.

Can all hair types use hot rollers?

Great news: almost everyone can benefit from hot rollers. “Yes! Although for curly and natural hair types, you want to smooth hair first and then use the hot rollers,” Lopez insists. “The hot rollers won’t straighten or completely smooth out naturally curly hair.”

Any other tips you have for using hot rollers?

“Sometimes, I wrap the hair around the rollers like I would an iron because it can give you more of a loose wave look,” Lopez says. “If you have long hair, pick up a one-inch roller and wrap a section around the roller like a curling iron and clip it vertically. Once cool, release the roller and you will achieve a long, loose curl.”

Are hot rollers better than curling irons?

Hot rollers are a great choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add curl and volume to your hair. While curling irons can require a little more skill, you do get more versatility with a curling iron. As for which one is better, it all depends on your personal preference! “With hot rollers, I have greater control over style longevity and bounce of the hair. It’s also extremely gentle on the hair, so it’s great if you’re worried about hair damage : color-treated hair, over-processed hair , etc.,” says Lopez. “Although they are extremely gentle, you still get a big result!”

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Best Hotrollers Today Logo

Best Travel Hot Rollers 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Imagine you are on your vacation or work trip and you have to attend an event, but your hairs are not styled perfectly; isn’t it a horrific situation to be at?


Featured Image Of Best Travel Hot Rollers Small Version

And to save yourself from this type of scenarios, it’s always the best idea that you carry a teeny-weeny, travel hot roller set with you every time you travel out of the town.

To suggest you the best travel hot rollers set that you can buy in your budget and according to your hair type, we have done extensive market research and, after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that the Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Setter is the best model in the market based on its weight, compactness, dual voltage feature, construction material, and technology.

This roller kit is so lightweight and small that you can carry it with you anywhere and everywhere you travel without having to kill your luggage space. To add more, these heated rollers enable you to style your precious hair locks with different types of curls and waves avoiding any kind of hair damage on all hair lengths and types; be you have short or long and fine or thick hairs, with these rollers you will never be out of style.

Quick Review

Disclosure Notice

  • 1. Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Setter
Lightweight and compact set of rollers

This dual voltage model from Conair comes with 10 multi-sized curlers that enable you to create different types of waves and curls in both your long and short hair lengths. The plastic body, the starter strips and the ribbed finish of the rollers not only grabs hair strands quickly but also releases the hairs easily after styling without any hair pulling and tangling. Even though plastic rollers heat up fast, they don’t damage hair because of the ions released by the ionic generator that not only protects hairs but at the same time makes them smooth and shiny.

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers

  • 2. Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers
Affordable set of travel curlers

The H1015 Compact Hair Roller kit from Remington comes with 10 ribbed rollers of two different sizes along with 10 exclusive J-Clips that help to hold the rollers in place for long time period for better styling results; from big curls to perfect waves, you have the freedom to style your hairs as you desire with this roller kit without having to fear about damaging your locks.

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers - V1 Nov

  • 3. Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers
For Smooth, Shiny, Frizz-free Curls

The pure tourmaline constructed salon grade heated rollers of this set not only gets hot quickly for a faster styling process but also ensures the health of your precious tresses by releasing plenty of negative ions to them. The negative ions also lock in moisture to make your manes smooth, frizz-free and while styling them with your favorite curls and waves. With its 1-inch and ¾ inch rollers, you can create versatile curls, ringlets, and beachy waves in your short to medium tresses quickly yet perfectly without cutting deep into your pocket.

Revlon Curls-to-go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers

  • 4. Conair Instant Heat W/Ceramic Hair Setter
Creates fabulous curls and waves

With its 12 heated curlers of 2 different sizes, this Conair styling kit is great for styling your short to medium hair locks with different types of curls and waves without even damaging your precious hairs; the ceramic construction and the ionic technology styles hair strands safely so that you can enjoy your travel without any worry.

Conair Instant Heat w/Ceramic Hot Rollers

Travel Hot Rollers Buying Guide

  • 5. Infiniti Pro By Conair 2-Inch Hair Rollers
  • 6. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter

Pro Tips for Travelers

What are travel hot rollers.

In simple words, travel hot rollers are a set of curling rollers that you can travel with easily. They are the most lightweight and compact set of hair stylers that can fit in your bag or luggage effortlessly and you don’t have to worry much about how and where to carry them; more specifically, with a travel hair setter box, you don’t have to think about killing your luggage space in order to enjoy the perfectly set hair on your vacation .

Everyone wants to look their very best on vacation or even on a work trip and therefore, it is very important for them to carry a set of hair stylers to look oh-so-beautiful everywhere they go.

You might be wondering about the difference between a regular set and a travel set and why it is better to carry a travel set while you are on the run. Below, we have discussed in detail about the difference between travel hair setters and regular hair setters and also tried to list all the features that you should look for while buying a set of travel rollers for yourself.

Caruso C97953 Banner

Difference and Similarities Between Travel and Regular Hot Rollers

Travel and regular rollers don’t have vast differences. In fact, these two categories of rollers must possess some core features and aspects in order to make the styling process quick and harmless; ionic technology is one such feature that is a must for both these categories as it not only ensures damage-less styling but also is responsible for resulting in silky, shiny hair locks. The negative ions released by the ionic generator inside each roller helps to saturate the balance between positive and negative ions of the hair and make them smooth and shiny while reducing frizz and heat damage by several notches.

On the other hand, the basic differences that both these roller categories and what features should be considered as “must haves” for travel heated rollers are as follows:

Important Features of a Travel Hot Roller Set

  • Technology: Ionic
  • Material: Ceramic or tourmaline
  • Weight: Maximum 2.5 pounds
  • Voltage: Preferably dual voltage
  • Number of rollers: Maximum 12 rollers of different sizes
  • 1-inch and less for short to medium hair lengths
  • More than 1-inch for long hairs

Best Travel Hot Rollers Set

If you want to look photoshoot ready even when you travel, it’s always advisable to carry a set of rollers with you anywhere and everywhere you go. We suggest that you buy a roller kit that is sleek, lightweight and compact because these rollers take up very little space in your luggage and because of the weight; they are extremely easy to carry around.

Among several different models available in the market, we have selected a few and compared them to find the best travel hot rollers that you could buy:

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Setter

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers - V1 Nov

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Suitable to Style All Types (Fine and Thick) and Lengths (Short and Long) of Hairs

The reason this Conair Instant Heat Compact set landed a position in this list is that:

  • The rollers are all constructed using ceramic material which is suitable to style both fine and thick hair locks without damaging them.
  • The ionic generator incorporated in each of the curlers releases plenty of negative ions for safe styling as well as silky, shiny, salon quality locks.
  • Conair included 10 multi-sized rollers to this kit with which you can style both long and short hair lengths hairs with dynamic small tight ringlets, perfect beach waves and voluminous big curls for more versatile styles every day.
  • This styling kit is extremely lightweight and you won’t find it hard to carry around with you.
  • The dual voltage facility of this Conair Hair Setter makes it suitable to use in abroad also.
  • To add more, the hot curlers of this set feature a patented design and come with starter strips that grab hair strands quickly and easily for a more secure grip.
  • Moreover, Conair included a soft, zippered pouch with this set that not only holds the rollers while heating but also helps to carry the roller with ease while traveling.
  • 90-second heat-up time for quick heating and instant styling results
  • Suitable for all types and lengths of hair
  • Produces shiny, silky curls and waves
  • At 8 x 4.8 x 3.8 inches dimensions, this set is small, sleek and compact
  • The carrying pouch is heatproof and therefore, it’s very safe and secure
  • All the rollers feature ribbed finishes that roll out of the hairs easily without tangling and pulling
  • The kit also comes with 10 metal clips to hold the rollers securely in place
  • This roller set is moderately priced and has a very budget-friendly price tag
  • Conair offers a 1-year Limited warranty on this model
  • Some might not like the pretty pink color

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Suitable for Medium to Long Hair of Both Fine and Thick Hairs

The H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers from Remington scored the second place and couldn’t top the list only because all the 10 heated rollers of this hair setter are 1-inch and more in diameter which is amazing at creating lustrous waves and big voluminous curls in your medium and long hair locks; but the rollers cannot create small curls and are also not suitable to style super short hair locks and hence, it didn’t come as our first choice.

Aside from this minor gripe, the Remington H1015 Hair Setter is an absolute blessing to carry with during your travels as:

  • The ceramic construction makes the rollers absolutely perfect to use on both fine and thick hair locks without having to worry about any heat damage.
  • For added protection, the rollers are adorned with a built-in ionic generator each that, aside from hair protection, also makes hair smooth and frizz-free.
  • It is super lightweight and compact; at 9 x 4 x 4 inches dimensions, this set is one of the most compact set you will find in the market with such varieties of versatile features and a very competitive price range.
  • The rollers feature dual-voltage facility which makes this heated curler kit even more convenient for International travelers.
  • Additionally, the ceramic ribbed rollers are color-coded so that you don’t have to spend more time figuring out the size of the roller you want to use; moreover, the ribbed surface also saves time as they get out of hair easily and you don’t have to struggle with tangling and hair pulling.
  • Moreover, to make this styler more travel-friendly, Remington incorporated the rollers in a smart pouch that not only holds the rollers for heating but also makes them easy to store and easy to carry around anytime and anywhere you wish.
  • Remington added 10 exclusive J-Clips to this H1015 set to ensure better hold and less creasing; the clips are also color-coded for maximum convenience
  • All the rollers have cool touch end that offers plenty of safety and heat protection to the users
  • The set comes with a user manual to provide more information about the rollers and how to use them properly
  • This roller set is covered by 2 years Limited warranty period
  • Some might look for butterfly clips as well

Note: This model name is renamed from H1015 to H1016.

What our tester says

This Remington hot roller set has been my travel companion for the longest time. It is not only easy to pack and travel with but these rollers also create the most lustrous curls even on the go. Jayme Burns

Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers

Revlon Curls-to-go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers - V1 May

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Suitable to Create Versatile Curls and Waves in Short to Medium Tresses (both Fine and Thick)

We consider this Curls-to-Go heated roller set as one of the best options to create various curly hairstyles in your short to medium length hair locks when you are on the run because:

  • This heated curler set comes with five ¾ inches and five 1-inch rollers , that can create versatile styles like small, tight ringlets to big, bouncy, voluminous curls and messy, beach waves in medium to short (even super short) hair locks super effortlessly.
  • But as this set doesn’t include rollers of more than 1-inch diameter , it is not suitable to style long length tresses and therefore, it couldn’t grab the top position in our list, even after offering some really amazing features to its users.
  • One such incredible feature of this professional quality curler set is that it is suitable to use on both fine/thin and thick hairs ; Revlon constructed these heated rollers with pure tourmaline material with 3x ceramic coating ( a hybrid combination of material that is suitable for all types of tresses) that heats up super quickly with an adequate amount of heat for a quicker styling session (because you don’t have all day to style your tresses when you are on a trip) but at the same time also makes sure that your precious manes don’t suffer from burns and hot spots and has uniform styling results by distributing the heat evenly all over your hairs.
  • The ionic technology incorporated by Revlon in these Curls-to-Go rollers also ensures your hair’s healthy by releasing plenty of negative ions to the tresses through the ionic generator that locks in hairs natural moisture and nourishment to fight disturbing frizz and flyaways from your delicate manes as well as also form a layer over the hair strands so that the high heat cannot damage or harm them beyond repair.
  • Furthermore, the dual voltage feature (110/220 V) of this styling kit not only makes it suitable to use inside the US but at the same time also makes sure that you can use it on your international destinations without having to carry any additional voltage converter and make your luggage heavier.
  • Another great feature of these professional caliber rollers is its compactness; at 3.2 x 7.2 x 5.1 inches dimensions , this Revlon heated roller set is considered as one of the most compact and lightweight (1.25 pounds of weight) hair styling toolset available in the market which takes a very little space of your bag and can be traveled with conveniently to anywhere you go.
  • Besides all the incredible features, the ribbed bodies of these curlers along with the ergonomically designed metal clips also play a pivotal role in creating uniform, sexy curls by securely holding the rollers in place so that they don’t slip off of your hairs even when you are not sitting stick straight.
  • The rollers come with a red dot indicator to signal when they are ready to use
  • Each roller is adorned with “Cool Touch Tips” to provide maximum safety to the users
  • The rollers are packed in an alluring plastic pouch for easy storage as well as easy traveling
  • The separate on/off indicator light for safety as well as convenience
  • Revlon provides a 3 Year Limited Warranty period to ensure the durability of the set
  • Not available in a whole lot of sizes

Conair Instant Heat W/Ceramic Hair Setter

Conair Instant Heat w/Ceramic Hot Rollers - V1 Nov

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: Suitable for Styling Short to Medium Lengths of Both Fine and Thick Hairs

This Conair Instant Heat Compact Rollers came as our fourth preference because, At 2.16 pounds, this heated curler set still manages to be a bit heavier than the Revlon curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers which is just 1.25 pounds. This slight change in weight might have a great impact if you are a light packer.

We have listed this model because:

  • The 12 rollers of this set measures 1-inch and less which are great for creating an array of dimensional curls ranging from teeny-tiny to big voluminous and fabulous waves in your short and medium length hairs but not as suitable to style your long hair strands.
  • The ionic generator in all the rollers releases a large number of negative ions to ensure that your hair locks remain damage-free and also static-free; negative ions also makes hair silky and smooth.
  • Conair constructed the curlers with a ceramic material to makes sure that people of different types of hair, from thick to fine and thin, can use the rollers avoiding the fear of hair damage from heat.
  • The dual voltage benefit assures that this heated styler can also be used on your various international trips outside the USA.
  • In addition, the rollers are color-coded and come in a fabric pouch to provide the user with maximum convenience and ease of use; with this curler kit, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to find the size you want to use. Moreover, 12 pieces are enough to cover your full head at once.
  • This curler set also includes 12 color-coded clips to keep the rollers in place for better hold
  • The curlers feature ribbed finished bodies to ensure tangling-free, easy removal
  • The soft fabric pouch is easy to clean and easy to dry
  • The rollers are adorned with unique starter strips for better styling
  • This kit is available in 2 different color schemes for you to choose from
  • Backed up by Limited One-Year Warranty
  • Might not get as hot as any other rollers

Reasons for Not Choosing the Following Models

Infiniti Pro By Conair 2-Inch Hair Rollers

Infiniti Pro By Conair 2-Inch Hair Rollers

This set comes with some really amazing features and is great at creating big curls and waves. But we still couldn’t include this model in our best list because of the following features:

  • The rollers don’t incorporate ionic generator and hence they do not release negative ions to the hair locks to make the super smooth and lustrous.
  • Constructed with an aluminum core, these rollers heat up super quickly with a high amount of heat which might be harmful to your hair locks.
  • This roller set weights a tad bit more than the others and weight is a great factor for the travel set.
  • As all the rollers are 2 inches in diameter, they are not suitable for all types of curls and hair lengths; these rollers can only style long hairs with big, voluminous curls and perfect wave.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter - V2 May

This BaByliss PRO Hair Setter is one absolutely compact and lightweight hair styling kit that had the potential to secure its position in our list, but for the following gripe, we couldn’t conclude it to be one of the best travel-friendly set:

This set contains only 5 extra-large rollers of size 1 ½ inch that are not perfect for styling your hairs with small, tight curls and also are not suitable to use on short and medium hairs.

What to do if you already have a regular roller set? Should you buy another roller set just for traveling purpose? Would that be wise?

The answer is No.

If you already own a set, then our advice is not to buy a new set altogether; instead, you could buy a voltage converter and a universal plug socket if you plan to travel outside the US and want to carry your heated rollers with you.

The Bonazza All in ONE World Travel Plug Power Adapter 2000 Watts Voltage Converter would make a great voltage converter for you as it is small, compact and extremely lightweight which makes this converter super travel-friendly.

Bonazza All in One Travel Adapter and Voltage Converter

Interestingly, this converter also works as a universal plug socket that would help the plug of your roller set to fit in any socket so that you don’t have to buy an extra plug socket for you International travels.

Moreover, it comes with a LED light to act as a power indicator and built-in short-circuit and surge protector to ensure the highest amount of safety during your usage. This power adapter can be used over 150 countries Worldwide.

  • 3. Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hair Setter
  • 4. Conair Instant Heat w/Ceramic Hair Setter

Each and every kit we have suggested above were handpicked by our experts after severe careful considerations as they all deliver everything and more than they have promised to the users. Even though these roller sets are compact and small, they do not lack in quality; they assure you eye-catching style even when you are on the run with their amazing features and styling abilities.

User Review

  • Conair Compact
  • Remington H1015
  • Revlon Curls-to-Go
  • Conair W/Ceramic


Everything you should know about travel adapter and voltage converter, an ultimate guide to travel with your curly hair, the power adapters you need to buy before going to your next travelling, 14 beauty travel essentials you need pack; make-up, skincare and haircare, 11 comments.

What about the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair setter? Is it good for traveling?

Thanks for asking.

This BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair setter (BABNTHS10) is also an excellent travel hot roller’s set.

It is lightweight and comes in a waterproof carrying pouch for carrying it conveniently. Furthermore, this set features a dual voltage heater to make it suitable for international use also.

But if you have fine/thin hairs, we won’t suggest this set to you because the Nano Titanium material can burn your hairs and ruin your trip.

The 1 ½ inch rollers are also not suitable for short hairs and creating tight, bouncy curls.

Great article! Very informative writing

Just a friendly advice

You should have suggested a few more roller sets to give your readers more choices.

We are glad that you liked our article.

And thank you very much for the suggestion. We would definitely keep this mind in the future.

Can I use my travel rollers even when I am not traveling? Like at home?

And which rollers are best for medium fine hairs?

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for asking dear!

Definitely, you can use your travel rollers at home also. These rollers have all the qualities to create the curls and waves you want, anywhere and everywhere.

All four models that we have mentioned above are totally suitable for medium fine hairs. You can buy any one of them for the perfect curling and waving outcomes.

I always love how you cooperate with your readers.

It’s a very helpful review. I would suggest everyone to once read this article before purchasing their travel hair tools. It comprises the best of best travel rollers of the market.

Thank you Fastwinner.in for such sweet words.

Amazing! This has helped me out so much!

Great! Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

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The Very Best Hot Rollers

Portrait of Rachael Griffiths

In this article

  • Best overall
  • Best for beginners
  • Best for professionals

Best for thin hair

  • Best for short hair
  • Best for long hair

Hot rollers bring together the best parts of a curling iron and a non-heated roller set . You get that big bouncy curl, and you don’t end up with sore arms or the crick in your neck from holding up a curling tong. “When I think hot rollers , I think Hollywood glamour or goddess,” says Greg Ruggeri , stylist and founder of Salon Ruggeri. “One of the main advantages of hot rollers over other styling devices, such as a round brush or curling iron, is that they can create curls and waves that last longer,” says Maria Elizabeth, founder of Salon deZen . Hot rollers heat hair from the inside out, setting the curl more firmly. “This means that the style can last for days,” Elizabeth adds, “without needing touch-ups.” No matter your hair type, there’s a set of hot rollers for you — but to get the best results, you’ll want to blow out and smooth curly hair before use, says Siobhan Benson, a stylist at CutLoose . Stretching natural, detangled hair before applying a lightweight serum should work, too, if you’re avoiding heat.

They might seem intimidating, so we’ve found a selection of the best sets of hot rollers whether you’re a professional, a beginner, or someone who has dabbled on and off for years. If you know which type of rollers you’re looking for, use the handy links below to jump straight to that section. Otherwise, read on for seven recommendations from nine experts who style with hot rollers both at work and at home.

What we’re looking for

Heat-up time.

Fairly self-explanatory but important: You’ll want to wait only so long for your rollers to reach the right temperature. We’ve outlined each set’s heating time — chances are that the less time they take to heat up, the more convenient you’ll find them. But some materials take a little longer to heat up and leave you with a lasting curl.

Hair-length suitability

A hot roller’s barrel size will better suit certain hair lengths. Larger barrels — over two inches, generally — will work better on longer hair, and vice versa for shorter hair. We have a couple of separate picks tailored to hair length but have noted throughout which sets would typically best curl a particular length. In many cases, a mixture of barrel lengths makes the set suitable for all hair types as well.

Best hot rollers overall

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers

Heat-up time: Two minutes | Hair-length suitability: All hair lengths

These rollers from T3 were recommended by three stylists and by Marcia Rhodes , who has used hot rollers at home for a decade. “I have fine, limp hair and find that hot rollers are the best way to add volume that lasts all day,” she says. After trying several brands, she keeps coming back to T3. Both Lauren Kunijo , stylist and co-owner of Kenna Kunijo salon , and Ruggeri say the T3s are really user-friendly. “Simply turn them on and let them sit for a moment. If you are a bit nervous to use them, take them out when the roller is warm to the touch,” says Ruggeri. With natural and textured hair , it’s easier to wind up to the scalp from the ends of dry, detangled, and sectioned hair. For other hair textures, you can either wind up or wrap your hair around the roller, securing it with a clip or a pin. “Let the rollers cool down for about ten minutes, and there you have it,” Ruggeri says.

Best less expensive hot rollers

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Professional Hot Rollers

Heat-up time: One minute | Hair-length suitability: All hair lengths

Andrew Fitzsimons , a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Madonna and the Kardashians , often uses this less expensive set. The rollers’s titanium plates heat up quickly, and the three barrel sizes offer styling versatility. “With them, you can achieve a standard blowout, beach waves, tight curls, or big ringlets depending on the size of the curlers you use,” he says.

Best hot rollers for beginners

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers

Heat-up time: 75 seconds | Hair-length suitability: All hair lengths

Caleb Backe, a hair expert at Maple Holistics, and Ghanima Abdullah, stylist and beauty consultant at the Right Hairstyles , say that most people initially struggle to get the hang of hot rollers. “There is a learning curve when you’re first starting out,” Abdullah says. For that reason, Fitzsimons also recommends these Conair rollers for first-time users. A plastic cap at either end of each roller protects your fingertips from getting singed. You may need a bit of time and patience to set each roller in place with the clips . And though having 20 rollers in the set may seem like overkill, the variety of sizes will help you try out different looks. “Once you get comfortable with using hot rollers, your options are really limitless,” Fitzsimons adds.

Best hot rollers for professionals

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Professional Hot Rollers

Heat-up time: Three minutes | Hair-length suitability: All hair lengths

Two of our stylists recommended these hot rollers for a professional to keep in their kit . Like the Conair rollers, “this set comes with differently sized rollers so that a stylist can easily use them on short, medium-length, or long hair,” says Abdullah. They heat up fast, and evenly, since they’re made of titanium and ceramic. As a result, Abdullah says, “they hold the heat better and consistently create great curls on different heads of hair.” Elizabeth of Salon deZen agrees and says that the different barrel lengths give you the flexibility to style almost any client.

Conair Instant Heat Travel Rollers

Heat-up time: Two minutes | Hair-length suitability: Short hair

“This set has five rollers, which makes it just enough to style thin hair, ” says Abdullah. “The rollers are pretty large, at 1.5 inches, so they’re big enough to create current styles with loose curls.” Abdullah also notes that the set’s compact size makes it a solid option for travel (and at under $30, you can’t really argue with the price).

Best hot rollers for short hair

CHI Smart Magnify Small Ceramic Rollers

Thanks to the slimline shape, this nine-roller set is a great choice if you have short hair (or, alternatively, if you’re trying to give your longer hair tighter curls). “I’ve been experimenting with a few different hot-roller sets for years now, and these are my secret recipe when I want to create a soft, voluminous, and effortless-looking hairstyle,” says Yvey Valcin, founder and master stylist at Yvey salon .

Best for thick or long hair

Conair InfinitiPro Hot-Roller Set

Heat-up time: 85 seconds | Hair-length suitability: Long hair

Most personal hot-roller sets contain five barrels, Abdullah says, but this one from Conair goes up to eight to allow for thicker and longer hair : “These are two-inch rollers, so they will still create loose curls on long hair.” Abdullah explains that the flocked nature of the rollers (their velvety coating) allows the hair to be locked in, and that leads to longer-lasting curls.

Our experts

• Ghanima Abdullah, stylist and beauty consultant at the Right Hairstyles • Caleb Backe, hair expert at Maple Holistics • Siobhan Benson , stylist at CutLoose • Maria Elizabeth, stylist and founder of Salon deZen • Andrew Fitzsimons , celebrity hairstylist • Lauren Kunijo , stylist and co-owner of Kenna Kunijo • Marcia Rhodes, VP at Amendola Communications • Greg Ruggeri , stylist and founder of Salon Ruggeri • Yvey Valcin, founder and master stylist at Yvey

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LEGO Spring Festival Auspicious Dragon Buildable Figure

The 13 Best Hair Rollers for Major Volume with Minimal Effort

The retro hair tools are decidedly back

best hair rollers

Every product on this page was chosen by a Harper's BAZAAR editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Thanks to TikTok, tons of age-old beauty tricks are getting a second life. One of them? All kinds of hair rollers, which lend natural-looking curl and volume with very little effort.

Which Hair Rollers Should You Use?

There are several different roller options to choose from. Trygstad says the ever-popular hot rollers “can be used for any length and will create the most curl of any roller,” adding that they’re “great for creating a Cindy Crawford, ’90s supermodel body wave.”

Then there’s the ever-popular Velcro roller, which holds itself in the hair. “Velcro rollers are more to maintain volume and use during blow-drying to ‘set’ the style or maintain volume to each section,” Trygstad explains, mentioning that these rollers can also be used to style curtain bangs.

To cover your bases, try an option that includes multiple sizes of rollers. “I would recommend getting a pack with different sizes to experiment with,” Trygstad says. “Larger rollers will create less volume, while smaller will create more volume.”

How Do You Use Hair Rollers?

“Hair rollers are used on dry hair,” Trygstad says. “You should wrap the ends of the hair around the roller and roll them to the root.” How much hair you put on each roller depends on your hair type, as well as the roller itself. “Most clients can use three to five rollers to set the hair throughout the crown while blow-drying,” the stylist advises, adding, “This is also a great way to keep your hair out of your face while doing makeup.”

Ready to (hair) roll? Keep scrolling for staples we love, no matter what type of tools you’re on the hunt for.

Related: The Best Hair Tools for All Your Styling Needs

Kitsch Ceramic Thermal Hair Rollers

Ceramic Thermal Hair Rollers

These ceramic rollers hold heat as you blow-dry for extra sleekness, and the set of eight includes three sizes.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE for Volume, Body and Shine

Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE for Volume, Body and Shine

Stylists love these hot rollers, which provide smooth, shiny curls and take only a few minutes to set.

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers

High Tops Self-Grip Rollers

These no-fuss, self-gripping rollers are great for adding lift to bobs and other shorter hairstyles.

Goody Self-Gripping Multipack Rollers

Self-Gripping Multipack Rollers

This set of 31 rollers—in five color-coded sizes—is ideal for beginners (and The Home Edit binge-watchers).

BATOUDE Heatless Curling Rod Headband

Heatless Curling Rod Headband

Wear this heatless, headband-style curler overnight and it reveals the easy, voluminous waves of your dreams when you wake up.

Kitsch Satin Heatless Pillow Rollers

Satin Heatless Pillow Rollers

Pillow curlers are like mini versions of the satin rod; rather than wrapping all the hair around a single rod, they’re wrapped in small sections for more control, then secured overnight.

CHI Smart Magnify Small Ceramic Rollers

Smart Magnify Small Ceramic Rollers

Just like the brand's cult-favorite flat iron, this set of ceramic hot rollers from Chi are designed to give your hair salon-level results. Since they're lined with velvet, the rollers can hold heat for up to 15 minutes at a time, and include accompanying clamps to hold your style in place.

Hot Tools Soft Foam Rollers

Soft Foam Rollers

Former cheerleaders may have flashbacks when they see these babies, but if this TikTok (with more than one million views) is any indication, these inexpensive rollers punch way above their weight class when used the right way.

senlinlv Hairdress Magic Bendy Hair Rollers

Hairdress Magic Bendy Hair Rollers

If you have bangs, it’s basically a prerequisite to add these easy-to-use, inexpensive clip-in curlers to your cart.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hot Rollers

Nano Titanium Hot Rollers

This set of five jumbo hot rollers is great for home and travel alike. But if that won’t quite cut it, you can also choose from options with additional rollers.

Hot Tools Spongy Rod Rollers

Spongy Rod Rollers

Roll hair around these flexible rods, then shape as desired; they’ll stay put without pins or clips, then just as easily release when you’re ready to style.

Conair Magnetic Rollers

Magnetic Rollers

Although they aren't actually magnetic, they're so named because they easily adhere to damp or dry hair (like a magnet), while the vents allow for quick drying. This set contains a whopping 54 rollers—plus 20 clips and a comb—all for less than $15.

Conair Jumbo and Super Jumbo Ceramic Hot Rollers

Jumbo and Super Jumbo Ceramic Hot Rollers

These rollers come in two sizes—1.5 inches and 1.75 inches—both of which lend themselves to shoulder-length-or-longer hair. If you're worried about heat damage, don't be: The velvet flocking keeps the heat extra gentle (still, it never hurts to use a heat protectant !).

Chi Smart Magnify Small Ceramic Rollers

Smart Magnify Small Ceramic Rollers

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The 5 Greatest Electric Hair Rollers

Hair rollers have been around long before curling irons and curling wands. Now we have electric hair rollers! Hair rollers were created to effectively curl hair in a fast and easy way, while giving your hair a great styled look.

Through the innovative changes made to the curlers, today we have the electric hair rollers to create even better hair styles. Check out our reviews of the best electric hair rollers on the market today.

Electric Hair Rollers – Our Top 5 Products

Each of the below reviews includes features and functions of each of our electric hair rollers to help you make the right decision.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers

Conair xtreme instant heat multi-size hot rollers, calista tools ion hot rollers long style set 12 base, conair xtreme instant heat jumbo hot rollers, remington professional style jumbo curl setters.

A hair roller can be described as a small tube, and which is used to style hair by rolling it into one’s hair curling it. After the rolls are in place a hair dryer is used to heat the hair which causes the hair to curl. To fix the curls in place longer hair spray is commonly applied.

Traditionally, hair rollers were small rollers with Velcro used for styling and curling hair, and with the use of a blow-dryer. However, after extensive use of the Velcro rollers the extensive damage to hair caused by the routine application of heat became well known, and so a number of alternative, heat-free hair rollers have been manufactured for the market.

In 1966, Panasonic produced the first electrically-heated hair rollers, and released them in Japan. Soon thereafter by popular demand electric hair rollers made it to the US markets. Electric hair rollers are designed to be heated in an electric chamber before one rolls it into the hair.

For those who already have naturally curly or wavy hair you might be thinking that electric hair rollers aren’t for you, electric hair rollers can still be of a beneficial use in your daily styling needs. By using them, you will understand that using electric hair rollers gives your hair some definition, allowing you to create great new hair styles that you simply couldn’t before! There are some unanticipated perks to using electric hair rollers. For example, you will get that frizzy hair in fact relaxes into the beautiful curls, also wavy hair will becomes beautiful glossy curls.

If the above benefits weren’t enough, electric hair rollers are also safe for both your hair and fingers. Unlike the hot roller with omits heat, but the low heat emitting from the electric roller doesn’t get hot enough to damage hair as curling irons and flat irons do. In fact electric rollers are built for touch. Knowing that you must use your hands to roll hair, electric hair rollers are manufactures using special materials so you won’t burn your fingers.

By using the various sizes of rollers there are many different styles that you are able create – ranging from tight-ringlets to relaxed waves. Electric hair rollers are offered in different sizes depending on one’s hair length and style preferences (the diameter of rollers range in size from approximately 0.8 inches (20 mm) to 1.5 inches (38 mm)).

Stylists recommended that ladies with shorter hair use thinner hot rollers and ladies with longer hair use thicker hot rollers. However, where it comes to this type of styling there are no set rules on what to do, which really makes styling hair a true art form that is open to experimentation. Using small rollers on long hair, and vice versa, you can experiment with creating new styles. In closing I must make one correction, there is one rule you must follow: “Have fun, get creative!”


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remington 20 piece ionic protective hair setter h5600g

Remington® Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

Pro Pearl Ceramic Hair Setter

REMINGTON® Pro Pearl Ceramic Hair Setter

Compact Hot Rollers/Hair Curlers For Long and Short Hair - H1018

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electric travel rollers

Which Are The Best Travel Heated Rollers In The UK?

Heated rollers are an easy way to achieve that glam runway look without having to wrestle with a curling iron. Depending on the size of the rollers, you can create anything from boyish ringlets to graceful waves.

Heated rollers are especially handy for when you are travelling. Instead of spending an hour in your hotel room trying to use a curling iron, heated rollers just need 15 minutes to transform your hair. And they are much easier to use.

But you have to be careful about the type of rollers you buy. You need rollers that are easy to use, work fast and offer some versatility. It’s also important that they be travel friendly. That means a nice travel bag and universal voltage.

Top Rated Travel Heated Rollers In The UK

So we went out and looked for heated rollers that meet these conditions. We compared different models and brands based on various factors including usability, effectiveness and styling options. If you are thinking about buying heated rollers either for travel or using at home, we have picked the best options for you.

1.  Nicky Clarke NHS005 Compact Heated Rollers

electric travel rollers

A stylish travel bag allows you to take this pack of a dozen rollers with you on the road. No matter where you are headed, the multi voltage kit will work without any issue.

The thermoplastic rollers come with clips so that you can easily keep hair in place once you wrap it around each roller. The bag heats six of the rollers at a time.

Wait until the indicator light turns from red to white before using them. They leave behind long-lasting curls while also eliminating frizz.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use for different hair types.
  • Stylish travel bag.
  • Can be used in different countries.

2.  Carmen C81009 Travel Flexi Styler

electric travel rollers

The Carmen Velcro-closure travel case packs 12 flexible heated rollers with which you can create different types of curls from bouncy waves to tight curls. The kit is multi voltage so you will be able to use it in almost any location.

To use it, just plug it in and wait for the rollers to heat. When they are ready, secure sections of your hair around each roller. Leave the rollers in for the amount of time specified by the manufacturer.

The resulting curls will last for quite a while.

  • Multi voltage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides versatile styling options.
  • Ultra compact travel case that you can easily fit into a suitcase or travel bag.

3.  TRESemme 3039U Volume Rollers

electric travel rollers

If you love large wavy curls, this pack of 10 heated rollers is perfect for you. They are thicker than usual, giving your hair more volume and producing gentle wavy curls. For easy use, it includes 10 pins.

A simple travel case easily fits all 10 rollers. It’s small enough that you can easily stuff it in your suitcase. It can also heat all 10 rollers simultaneously, so no need to wait around for half the rollers to be ready before heating the rest.

  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Great for thick and long hair.
  • Pins are included.

4.  Nicky Clarke Desired Heated Rollers

electric travel rollers

If you are after something a bit more luxurious, try this one. The main heating unit can only heat one roller at a time but that shouldn’t worry you. Each roller takes just 30 seconds to be ready. By the time you finish wrapping your hair in one roller, the next one will be ready.

Even better, there are several different roller sizes to cater for different hair types. These include two 25mm rollers, two 32mm rollers and two 38mm rollers. There are also six pins included.

Unlike the usual rough rollers you may be used to, these are soft and velvety. This ensures they don’t snag on your hair.

  • Luxurious style and design.

5.  The Aurora Band Night Roller

electric travel rollers

This roller actually does not use heat. It’s a band around which you wrap your hair before going to sleep. In the morning when you unwrap your hair, it should be smooth and wavy. This extremely popular band roller (featured also on Dragon Den) doesn’t work for everyone and is especially problematic for those with long and thick hair.

But it works well for other hair types. It’s great for travelling since you don’t need to plug it in or carry extra batteries.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions for best results.

  • Minimal damage to hair since no heat is involved.

Key considerations when buying travel heated travel rollers

Most heated rollers are simple devices without many fancy features. But there are still a few differences between various brands that you should consider. One of them is size.

If you have thick hair, you’ll need extra thick rollers that can hold up your hair properly and form nice curls. Thicker rollers are also good because you just need a few to curl your hair. With thin rollers, you’d spend forever wrapping your hair in a dozen of them.

Also check whether the rollers come with heat settings. Most rollers have just one temperature level that cannot be changed. More expensive ones may have low, medium and high heat settings. If you have thin or fragile hair, consider buying rollers with changeable heat settings.

Finally, consider how travel-friendly the rollers are. Make sure they come with a travel case that you can just pick up when hitting the road. Even more importantly, make sure the rollers are multi voltage. This guarantees that you can still use them even when you travel to a different country.

It’s also a good idea to check for any extra features. For instance, some rollers use ionic technology to eliminate frizz in your hair. Your tresses come out soft and silky. Others such as the Nicky Clarke Desired Heated Rollers, are made from a soft and smooth material to prevent tangling and provide smoother curls.

But as long as the rollers are effective, they are the correct size for your hair and are travel friendly, the bonus features are not a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: how to use travel heated rollers.

Depending on the size of the roller, you will be able to create different types of curl in your hair. Travel heated rollers however, are usually a bit smaller, as they are designed to fit in your bag as you jet about the place, so you may find that smaller, tighter curls are your main option.

You can get around this by not winding the hair as tightly, or by not leaving the curlers in for as long. That being said, most travel heated rollers come with a selection of rollers so that you can play around with different styles.

  • The first step is to plug your rollers in and leave them to fully heat up.
  • Next, take a section of your hair – you should always start with the top and front of your hair and work your way down – the longest part of your hair is the last bit you want to be curling.
  • Start at the end of the section of hair and roll the roller up to the top of your scalp, then clip it in place.
  • Repeat for all the other sections of hair around your head
  • Leave the rollers to cool down – usually around 30 minutes – before you start un clipping them.
  • Run your fingers through your hair to tease out the tightness of the curls and create a beachy, wavy look.

As a tip, make sure that you position all the curlers as horizontally as you can, to create a uniform look to your curls.

Also, if you have layered hair then it is a good idea to run some smoothing serum through it, to keep the layers together and allow the curls to take. If you want tighter, more vintage looking curls then don’t comb your hair too much with your fingers afterwards – just a quick flick through to make a more natural look.

Q: What styles can you achieve with travel heated rollers?

Travel heated rollers are very versatile, and you can achieve the same looks with them as you can with the stay-at-home version.

They usually come with a selection of different sized curlers, meaning that you can experiment with tighter or looser waves, but you won’t have the same variety as you would with a non travel version, as it has to be small enough to pack into a bag.

If you want a natural, beachy, wavey look, then go for looser curls with the larger curlers, and tease the waves out well with your fingers afterwards.

If you like to have tighter, more vintage looking curls then go for the smaller rollers, and don’t comb out the curls beyond loosening them to make them look natural.

You can also experiment with your travel heated rollers; removing them before they have completely finished cooling down will make for a looser, more natural look (although doing this may well mean that the curls don’t stay in as well and your wave is gone by the end of the night!)

You can buy different kinds of heated rollers that do different things; for example some will offer you a better selection of rollers for long, thick hair, while others are more suitable for those with short or fine hair. Whatever your curling requirements, you are sure to find the perfect travel heated rollers for you!

Q: Where to buy travel heated rollers?

You can either ask your stylist what would be the best option for your travel heated rollers, ask your friends for recommendations, or search around online for the best version for you.

If you know exactly what you are looking for then this is the best option, as you should be able to just input the make and model you are looking for into a search engine then watch all the available options pop up. If you are less sure then you will need to do a bit of shopping around before you make your decision.

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    FRCOLOR 40 Pcs Hot Roller Clips Electric Roller Clips Hot Curler Replacement Clips Metal Clips for Hot Roller Heated Roller Clips Hot Curler Pin Hair Pin Heating 304 Stainless Steel ... The jumbo rollers instant heat travel hairsetter heats up in just 2 quick minutes and is ready to style in no time. the kit includes 5 1.5 inch jumbo rollers ...

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    19.99. 5.0. (8) SHOP RETAILERS. ADD TO CART. Shop the best selection of professional hot rollers & electric hair curlers to craft the perfect look. FREE shipping with $50+ purchase.

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    1. Nicky Clarke NHS005 Compact Heated Rollers >> Click to see price on Amazon A stylish travel bag allows you to take this pack of a dozen rollers with you on the road. No matter where you are headed, the multi voltage kit will work without any issue.

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