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fast travel map morrowind

Fast travel from signposts to their locations if you have already been there before, using procedurally-generated target points. Includes an optional menu-based travel UI.

Inspired by the Witcher 3 fast travel system and Andromedas Fast Travel , automatically supports Tamriel Rebuilt and Skyrim Home Of The Nords if they’re installed as well, and borrows NPC travel features from Attend Me .

Requires OpenMW 0.49 or newer!

Part of this mod’s development was live streamed, please check it out !

  • Localization
  • Installation
  • How It Works
  • Configuration
  • Known Issues / Notes
  • Compatibility
  • Adding Support For New Signs
  • Lua Console Commands
  • Lua Interface
  • Report A Problem
  • Planned Features

Author: johnnyhostile

Lua Assistance: Pharis, urm, kuyondo, gnounc, ZackHasACat

Special Thanks :

  • Benjamin Winger for making DeltaPlugin
  • EvilEye for making CS.js (used to make the quest)
  • Greatness7 for making tes3conv
  • SGMonkey for making Andromedas Fast Travel
  • urm for making Attend Me and being cool with me using his follower teleport code
  • CDPR for making Witcher 3
  • The Morrowind Modding Community and the OAAB_Data Team for making OAAB_Data (where item assets are from)
  • The OAAB_Data Team for making Tamriel Rebuilt
  • The Tamriel Rebuilt Team for making Tamriel Rebuilt
  • The OpenMW team, including every contributor for making OpenMW and OpenMW-CS
  • The team for being amazing
  • All the users in the modding-openmw-dot-com Discord channel on the OpenMW server for their dilligent testing <3
  • Bethesda for making Morrowind

And a big thanks to the entire OpenMW and Morrowind modding communities! I wouldn’t be doing this without all of you.

→ Localization

DE: Atahualpa

EN: johnnyhostile, Atahualpa

PT_BR: Hurdrax Custos

Project Home

Source on GitLab

→ Installation

OpenMW 0.49 or newer is required!

Download the mod from this URL

Extract the zip to a location of your choosing, examples below:

Add the appropriate data path to your opemw.cfg file (e.g. data="C:\games\OpenMWMods\Travel\signpost-fast-travel" )

Add content=signpost-fast-travel.omwscripts and content=signpost-fast-travel.omwaddon to your load order in openmw.cfg or enable them via OpenMW-Launcher

  • If you’re also using Signposts Retextured , activate the PB_SignpostsRetextured.omwaddon and PB_SignpostsRetexturedTR.omwaddon (if also using TR) plugins that come with this instead of the ones that come with it.

→ How It Works

This mod will generate up to 100 spawn points (configurable, see below) in every named exterior cell you visit. When you activate a signpost, if you’ve been to the location named on the sign, you will be transported there using one of the generated points.

SPOILER ALERT BELOW!!!! (on the website, highlight with your mouse to see)

There is a semi-hidden menu-based fast travel system that allows you to visit any named exterior you’ve previously been to by activating any signpost. Doing this brings up a menu that lists each location you can travel to. In order to use this feature, the player must find a Mage’s Guild member in Nchuleftingth that can trade for a special item which enables this mode of travel. Full details will be explained by this NPC.


→ Configuration

Various aspects of this mod are configurable via the script settings menu (ESC >> Options >> Scripts):

  • Teleport followers ( on by default , auto-disabled when Attend Me is installed alongside this)
  • Time passes when traveling ( on by default )
  • Gold cost for travel per “unit” ( 5 gold by default ; set to 0 for free travel)
  • Allow travel when in combat ( off by default )
  • Show messages when traveling ( on by default )
  • Play footstep sounds when traveling ( on by default )
  • Using the travel menu costs an item ( on by default )
  • Show usage help in the menu ( on by default )
  • Cell scan interval in seconds ( 2 by default )
  • Initial scan delay in seconds ( 120 by default )
  • Max Points Per Cell ( 100 by default )
  • Max Tries Per Cell ( 10 by defualt )
  • Bethesda Mode ( off by default; set the keybind to use it )

→ Known Issues / Notes

  • Some simply don’t have a related exterior and are ignored.
  • In this case, an internal map is kept that points these to the appropriate name.
  • Time doesn’t actually pass when traveling, so any active spells or other potentially timed things won’t be affected. This can be resolved when OpenMW-Lua adds a way to pass time.
  • The engine silently turns activators with no “name” into statics. This means mods that remove the name for immersion purposes will break this mod (see Compatibility below). This can be resolved when OpenMW-Lua adds a way to see nearby statics in the same way it does activators.
  • Paying money to the signpost is a tad strange, but I felt that dropping NPCs at every signpost was more strange. The current implementation is a compromise that gives a cost to travel without the extra burden and potential awkwardness of NPCs.

→ Compatibility

This mod should be compatible with any replacer that preserves the “name” of the signpost activators. Mods known to be incompatible due to this:

  • Patched plugins are included with this mod, they restore the “name” field which also restores the name tooltip when you look at the signs

→ Adding Support For New Signs

This mod comes with an interface that can be used to add support for more signs via a third party mod. Please note that a valid sign should be an activator with a name field that matches some named exterior cell or cells.

To do this, two files are needed:

  • YourAddonName.omwscripts with the following contents:
  • scripts/YourAddonName/global.lua with the following contents:

File layout:

Note you should change YourAddonName to match your mod’s name and the IDs used to match the IDs you want to add.

The SFT variable gives you direct access to the Signpost Fast Travel interface. You can use whatever script and path names you like, but it must be a global script .

→ Lua Console Commands

You can use these from the in-game console to test the functionality of this mod.

  • Press the ` key to open the console
  • Type luap and press Enter
  • Type I.SignpostFastTravel.Forget("Some Name") and press Enter to delete all of the stored travel points for the given location (not reversible!)
  • Type I.SignpostFastTravel.ForgetAll() and press Enter to forget all travel targets (not reversible!)
  • Type I.SignpostFastTravel.ShowPoints("Some Name") and press Enter to travel to a print points for the given location to the console (F10)
  • Type I.SignpostFastTravel.P() and press Enter to print your list of found targets and their points to the console (F10)
  • Type I.SignpostFastTravel.TravelTo("Some Name") and press Enter to travel to a random stored point in the given location
  • Type exit() and press Enter to exit the Lua console when done

→ Lua Interface

The following may be used in another mod when installed alongside this one:

  • I.SignpostFastTravel.GetPoint("Some Name") returns a random point for the given location as a util.vector3 if there is one, nil if not

→ Report A Problem

If you’ve found an issue with this mod, or if you simply have a question, please use one of the following ways to reach out:

  • Open an issue on GitLab
  • Email [email protected]
  • Contact the author on Discord: @johnnyhostile
  • Contact the author on IRC: johnnyhostile

→ Planned Features

  • Random chance to interrupt travel with a fight at some location in between the travel source and destinations
  • Allow adding to the cell naughty list via the interface
  • Some (probably) Lua-based way to hide the tooltip on the signpost activators (while preserving their functionality as activators), for immersion when using mods like Signposts Retextured
  • Use pathgrid path vs a straight line
  • Factor player stats such as speed into time cost
  • Factor timescale
  • Optional add-on to place signposts in regions where they may be scarce
  • Reset travel points in cells that are changed by quests when they reach a certain point in the quests’ progress

[Close Help]

  • Link to Current Map
  • Show Cell Grid


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  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series
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  • fast travel
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
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Screen Rant

Why morrowind's fast travel is so much better than skyrim's.


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Today's Connections Hints & Answers For July 21, 2024 (Puzzle #405)

Elden ring player makes neat inventory discovery after 1200 hours of playing, marvel's spider-man 2 player discovers a secret way to beat the sand people.

Bethesda's  The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowwind has the best fast travel system in the series.  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim might have been efficient when it comes to traveling, but it lacks the design elements present in  Morrowind.  Traversing the world of an  Elder Scrolls game is a key aspect in their entertainment, as they are designed to encourage discovery and exploration.

Skyrim gives players the option to essentially teleport to any location on the map that has been previously uncovered, which is great in its own right. However, without that instant travel players are forced to learn the lay of the land and remember what every route leads to in  Morrowind 's overworld . By today's standards this method is rather inconvenient, but it's also creates another layer of gameplay.

Related: Elder Scrolls: Why Morrowind Is STILL Nearly Everyone's Favorite

There are a few options for traveling in  Morrowind aside from walking. Players are able to commute via a network of silt striders, boats, and magic. The thing is, these aren't all linked together and transports don't go to every area on Morrowind's  map. What this does is it creates a sense of distance in the game and gives landmarks that players can recognize during their journey. Instead of hopping around the map at a moment's notice (ignoring those pesky load times) players must remember where they are going, where they are coming from, and where they are currently. It means more work for the player, but it also means a richer and more meaningful experience. Anyone that has played  Morrowind  will have a hard time forgetting the image of those massive bug-busses on the outskirts of the city.

Why Morrowind's Travel Is Better Than Skyrim's Teleporting

Some might argue that Skyrim has a much better fast travel system because players can go anywhere at the drop of a hat. These worlds are beautiful and deserve to be seen, but 15 minutes of in-game walking can get old quickly.  Skyrim 's system is more efficient, however it fails to create a sense of familiarity which ultimately further immerses the player - although Skyrim  provides various loading screens to help with the brief intermission from gameplay, turning items around over and over isn't terribly engaging.

In  Morrowind the loading screens are simple black screens with a loading bar at the bottom, but players are traveling from one transport location to another. It's akin to learning the routes of the Chicago train system. It can be frustrating at first, but it's part of the overall experience. That's the point and why the people at  Bethesda designed these systems  the way they did.

Skyrim  has a network of carriages that carry players to known and unknown major locations for a fee, something that is likely inspired by  Morrowind's  system . That said, it's not the fast travel system the game is known for and it's unlikely players would choose this option over a free teleport. In Morrowind , every method of travel costs money just as it does in the real world. Whether it be a silk strider, boat ride, teleportation scroll, or paying the mage guild, every transport is an investment.

It's the intention of the developers to bring players into their world to the best of their ability. That subtleness is often replaced with convenience as technology advances, and that's certainly the case in these two titles, which is why  The Elder Scrolls III:  Morrowind 's fast travel is so much better than  Skyrim 's.

Next: Useful Morrowind Spells That Would Make TES6 Better Than Skyrim

  • Game Features
  • The Elder Scrolls

CrowdStrike deploys fix for issue causing global tech outage

  • Medium Text

Don Mueang International Airport Terminal 1 amid system outages disrupting the airline's operations in Bangkok

Sign up here.

Reporting by Deborah Sophia in Bengaluru; Editing by Krishna Chandra Eluri and Sriraj Kalluvila

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. , opens new tab

Pedestrians walk past a Microsoft Experience Center, following a global IT outage, in New York

Microsoft says about 8.5 million of its devices affected by CrowdStrike-related outage

CrowdStrike helped develop a solution that will help Microsoft's Azure infrastructure accelerate a fix, Microsoft said.

fast travel map morrowind



Speed is the governing Attribute for Athletics , Hand-to-hand , Short Blade and Unarmored . It affects:

  • How fast you move in the game world, which includes swimming.

Character Creation [ edit ]

The starting values for Speed vary by race and gender:

The following classes have Speed as a favored attribute and receive a +10 bonus:

  • Assassin , Barbarian , Nightblade , Rogue , Scout , Thief

The Steed birthsign also grants a +25 bonus to Speed.

Spell Effects [ edit ]

These spell effects affect Speed:

  • Absorb Speed
  • Damage Speed
  • Drain Speed
  • Fortify Speed
  • Restore Speed

Artifacts [ edit ]

These artifacts have a constant Fortify Speed effect:

Notes [ edit ]

  • With higher Speed, you can travel around the game world more quickly. Since Morrowind has fewer fast-travel options than other games in the series, Speed is especially relevant.
  • Speed increases the distance covered when jumping forward, allowing someone with a high Speed value to jump over wide gaps without the need for magic effects such as Levitate or Jump .
  • Movement speed is heavily affected by a character's weight . Heavier races like Orcs and Nords can move surprisingly fast despite their low starting speed. Since weight remains fixed, these races have the highest maximum movement speeds at 100 Speed and Athletics.
  • The unique Boots of Blinding Speed are a popular means of significantly increasing your Speed for an extended duration. See the related quest for details on obtaining the boots and dealing with their peculiar flaw. Note that Khajiit and Argonians cannot wear boots.
  • OpenMW does not fix this glitch, as it would cause noticeable gameplay changes for magical combat.
  • Morrowind-Attributes

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What We Know About the Global Microsoft Outage

Airlines to banks to retailers were affected in many countries. Businesses are struggling to recover.

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Video player loading

By Eshe Nelson and Danielle Kaye

Eshe Nelson reported from London and Danielle Kaye from New York.

Across the world, critical businesses and services including airlines, hospitals, train networks and TV stations, were disrupted on Friday by a global tech outage affecting Microsoft users.

In many countries, flights were grounded, workers could not get access to their systems and, in some cases, customers could not make card payments in stores. While some of the problems were resolved within hours, many businesses, websites and airlines continued to struggle to recover.

What happened?

A series of outages rippled across the globe as information displays, login systems and broadcasting networks went dark.

The problem affecting the majority of services was caused by a flawed update by CrowdStrike , an American cybersecurity firm, whose systems are intended to protect users from hackers. Microsoft said on Friday that it was aware of an issue affecting machines running “CrowdStrike Falcon.”

But Microsoft had also said there was an earlier outage affecting U.S. users of Azure, its cloud service system. Some users may have been affected by both. Even as CrowdStrike sent out a fix, some systems were still affected by midday in the United States as businesses needed to make manual updates to their systems to resolve the issue.

George Kurtz, the president and chief executive of CrowdStrike, said on Friday morning that it could take some time for some systems to recover.

fast travel map morrowind

How a Software Update Crashed Computers Around the World

Here’s a visual explanation for how a faulty software update crippled machines.

What was affected?

It is more apt to ask what was not affected. Everything from airlines to banks to health care systems in many countries was hit.

In Australia, passengers were stuck in long lines at Sydney airport as information screens went blank, and programming was disrupted at the national broadcaster. Airports in Britain, Germany and Taiwan had long delays at check-ins and flights were delayed or canceled. At an airport in South Korea, handwritten boarding passes were being slowly handed out.

How the airline cancellations rippled around the world (and across time zones)

Share of canceled flights at 25 airports on Friday

fast travel map morrowind

50% of flights

Ai r po r t

Bengalu r u K empeg o wda

Dhaka Shahjalal

Minneapolis-Saint P aul

Stuttga r t

Melbou r ne

Be r lin B r anden b urg

London City

Amsterdam Schiphol

Chicago O'Hare


B r adl e y

Cha r lotte

Reagan National


1:20 a.m. ET

fast travel map morrowind

Flights continued to be disrupted at some U.S. airports into the morning because of the cascading effect of flight delays and cancellations. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that ground stops and delays would be “intermittent” at some airports as airlines grapple with residual technology issues.

The outage affected emergency 911 lines in multiple states, the U.S. Emergency Alert System said on social media — but most if not all of the emergency system problems appeared to be resolving themselves by midmorning.

A few hospitals in Germany said they would cancel elective procedures; and in Britain, some doctors in the National Health Service were unable to gain access to systems. Kaiser Permanente, a medical system that provides care to 12.6 million members in the United States, said all of its hospitals’ systems were affected, and it activated backup systems to keep caring for patients.

At some banks, including JPMorgan Chase, there were delays in processing trades because bankers could not log into their work systems. TD Bank, the 10th largest in the United States, said customers complained that they could not access their online accounts.

But the problems were not uniform. London’s Heathrow Airport said that its flights were still operating. The London Stock Exchange said that it could not publish news updates but the exchange, where trades take place, was working as normal. The auction system at the Norwegian central bank was briefly interrupted, but other major central banks, the European Central Bank and Bank of England, said there was no effect on their systems.

In some cases, issues were resolved relatively quickly. In Ukraine, Sense Bank and the mobile operator Vodafone reported brief problems with their services. At Dubai International Airport, two airlines switched to alternative systems, allowing operations to resume.

Major grocery chains in the United States appeared largely unaffected, with most stores operating as usual. But the world’s biggest logistics companies, including United Parcel Service and FedEx, did report disruptions, causing delivery delays in some regions. A spokesman for UPS said the company’s computer systems in the United States and Europe were affected.

Who’s to blame?

Mr. Kurtz said CrowdStrike took responsibility for the software bug, sent in a system update, that caused the outage. He said in a post on X that Mac and Linux users were not affected.

The incident was not a cyberattack, Mr. Kurtz said, adding that customers remain “fully protected.” But Mr. Kurtz warned on NBC’s “Today” show that the fix could take some time to put in place.

“We understand the gravity of the situation and are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and disruption,” Mr. Kurtz said. Microsoft offered suggestions to users to help resolve the issue, including restoring backup systems.

While CrowdStrike is at fault for the software bug, J.J. Guy, chief executive of cybersecurity company Sevco, said poor resiliency of Microsoft’s operating system is to blame for extent of the damage.

“Bugs happen all the time and are unavoidable, the result of business complexity and technology,” Mr. Guy said. “But this became a catastrophic incident because of the remediation procedures. The resiliency of the operating system was not sufficient to mitigate the risk of that.”

Microsoft did not immediately respond to requests for comment on its operating system. The company’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, said in a post on X that Microsoft is working with CrowdStrike to offer customers technical guidance and bring systems back online.

Eshe Nelson is a reporter based in London, covering economics and business news for The New York Times. More about Eshe Nelson

Danielle Kaye is a business reporter and a 2024 David Carr Fellow, a program for journalists early in their careers. More about Danielle Kaye

Mass IT outage: here's a list of companies and operations affected

  • A huge global IT outage is disrupting flights, banks, retailers, and media outlets.
  • The widespread disruptions have been linked to an issue with the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.
  • Operations affected include airlines in the US and Europe, supermarkets, and some 911 lines.

Insider Today

A mass IT outage has hit flights, banks, retailers, and media outlets around the world.

The issues appear to be linked to the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike .

Microsoft also acknowledged the issue in an X update early Friday, writing, "Our services are still seeing continuous improvements while we continue to take mitigation actions."

Here are some of the companies and operations affected.

Numerous airlines grounded flights early Friday morning, including the big three US carriers: United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines. In statements, they all cited technology issues.

Delta and American had both canceled their ground stops by 7 a.m. ET.

A United spokesperson told Business Insider that it was holding all aircraft at their departure airports while it works to restore systems. "Flights already airborne are continuing to their destinations," they added.

American has blamed the issues on CrowdStrike, saying they were because of a "technical issue with Crowdstrike that is impacting multiple carriers," according to BBC News.

The budget airlines Frontier, Allegiant, and Spirit also issued ground stops which were later canceled.

Frontier's was issued on Thursday night. "Flight operations are currently being impacted by a major Microsoft technical outage," it said in a statement.

Spirit said it was unable to rebook affected customers because of the outage.

Disruption also extended to Europe. The continent's largest airline, Ryanair, advised passengers to arrive early as the outage caused "disruption across the network."

KLM also said it had to "largely suspend operations" as the outage made "flight handling impossible."

British Airways, Wizz Air, Turkish Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa, and Qantas were also among those who said they were affected.

According to a Facebook post from Alaska State Troopers , emergency lines in the state are also affected.

The post said: "Due to a nationwide technology-related outage, many 911 and non-emergency call centers are not working correctly across the State of Alaska."

"We appreciate your patience and will update you when we know more," the statement added.

The major UK airports Heathrow, Gatwick, and Luton have reported issues, with some warning of delays and disruption.

Related stories

An X post from Gatwick Express , a train service for the airport, said the company was unable to access driver diagrams at certain locations, "leading to potential short-notice cancelations, particularly on the Thameslink and Great Northern networks."

A spokesperson for Belfast International Airport confirmed to BI that whiteboards were being used to handwrite flight information before systems were later restored. Whiteboards were also used at Singapore Changi Airport.

Hospitals and doctors' surgeries

Several hospitals and doctors' practices appear to have been affected by the outage.

In the UK, the NHS' EMIS system, which doctors use to book appointments, view patient notes, order prescriptions, and make referrals, appears to be having issues .

A spokesperson for the NHS told BI in a statement: "The NHS is aware of a global IT outage and an issue with EMIS, an appointment and patient record system, which is causing disruption in the majority of GP practices."

They said that long-standing measures were in place to manage disruption and that there was no known impact on 999 or emergency services, so people should use these services as normal.

"Patients should attend appointments unless told otherwise and only contact their GP if it's urgent, and otherwise please use 111 online or call 111," they added.

Two German hospitals canceled elective operations scheduled for Friday, Reuters reported.

NYCT Subway

Commuters in New York City and DC may also face delays Friday morning.

In an X post, the NYCT subway said: "Train arrival information is unavailable for A/B/C/D/E/F/G/J/M/N/Q/R/Z/Rockaway Park Shuttle/Franklin Av Shuttle due to a worldwide technical outage. Train service is unaffected."

The post said the tech outage also impacted Subway officials' ability to see train locations.


Sky News also appears to have been hit by the outage. The UK news channel has been showing archive footage and briefly displaying an error message.

The news site appears to be up and running at the time of writing.

London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange's website was also experiencing issues.

"RNS news service is currently experiencing a third-party global technical issue, preventing news from being published on ," the company said in a statement.

"Technical teams are working to restore the service. Other services across the group, including London Stock Exchange, continue to operate as normal," it continued.

Retailers and fast-food giants

Bloomberg reported that McDonald's Japan suspended about a third of its stores in the country on Friday. The issue was with the stores' cash registers, the report said.

The grocery-store chain Woolworths told BI that some stores had "been impacted as a result of the global IT issue." All but six stores were open for business, but some had fewer functioning checkouts.

Delivery delays

FedEx and UPS are warning of delivery delays because of the outage.

In a statement on the company's website , FedEx said it was experiencing "substantial disruptions throughout our networks due to a global IT outage experienced by a third-party software vendor." The company said parcels due to be delivered on Friday might face delays.

A UPS spokesperson told BI that it continues to operate effectively but there may be some service delays due to third-party outage "impacting some UPS computer systems in the U.S. and Europe."

Some US state driver services are down

Drivers in some states are unable to access services because of the outage.

Georgia's Department of Driver Services posted on X that "due to the global Microsoft/Crowdstrike outage, DDS services are unavailable at this time."

Tennessee's Department of Safety and Homeland Security said some Driver Services Centers may not be able to process transactions, according to a post on X.

North Carolina's Department of Motor Vehicles driver license and plate agencies are also impacted and unable to assist customers, according to a CNN report.

Bloomberg reported that at the Ocean Park Marriott in Hong Kong, staff were using pen and paper to check guests in and said the outage was affecting their systems globally.

Marriott International later told CNN in a statement that "certain hotel systems" have been affected.

"We are actively working with our vendors to resolve issues that have impacted certain hotel systems," the company said in a statement to the publication. "We apologize for any inconvenience that guests may experience."

Watch: Global computer glitch grounds flights, knocks out 911

fast travel map morrowind

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    My favourite fast travel map. Clean and simple. Real Morrowind player knows every route from the birth and navigates freely even when blinded by the Boots of Blinding Speed. You're welcome. Disclaimer: Not originally made by me, I just added the connections to Solstheim and Mournhold. Ah the simple one.

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    UESP Maps . Morrowind Satellite Map — A high-resolution map of Vvardenfell and Solstheim using the Google Maps API. Vvardenfell — Game map (also shown at right). Quick-travel routes — A map showing fast-travel options, including Mournhold and Solstheim. Almsivi Intervention map — A map showing the destinations of the Almsivi ...

  7. Fast Travel in Morrowind

    Quick overview of the basic methods of fast travel in Morrowind(Propylon's not covered here, keeping it simple for newcomers)

  8. Signpost Fast Travel

    Email [email protected]; Contact the author on Discord: @johnnyhostile; Contact the author on IRC: johnnyhostile; → Planned Features Random chance to interrupt travel with a fight at some location in between the travel source and destinations Allow adding to the cell naughty list via the interface

  9. Fast Travel for Tamriel Rebuilt at Morrowind Nexus

    About this mod. Adds 3 spells and a teleport "map" to anywhere on Morrowind, including the full map of Tamriel Rebuilt. This mod is a remake of Yacoby's original Fast Travel, modified to cover all of Tamriel Rebuilt's map. - Map - Open : Open the teleport map where you can chose your destination.

  10. Steam Community :: Guide :: How to Fast Travel in Morrowind

    But, there is a system in-place in Morrowind that enables you to achieve the same objective of getting to your destination fast. The easiest way to show you would be to view this video, but if you prefer to read (or just wanted a more in-depth look into fast travel), just continue down below.

  11. Steam Community :: Guide :: How to fast travel in Marrowind

    This is a guide on fast travel. As you may know, there is no offcial fast travel system in Marrowind created for the end user. However, via the debug console, you can easily travel between towns, anywhere in the world. How To Do This: To use this method, follow these steps: 1. Press the "~" button on your keyboard. This will open the console.

  12. UESP:Morrowind Map v2

    Pan - Use the arrow control in the upper right or "drag" the map using the mouse. Zoom - Use the zoom control in the upper right or the mouse scroll wheel. Center - Double-click a map location to center it on that location. Reset - Use the Reset Map link at the top of the page or perform a manual page reload. Cell Grid - Click the "Show cell ...

  13. Any fast travel mods? :: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind General

    if you feel travel is bad i can give you a few tips. Mark/Recall. you can find Mark/Recall amulets pretty commonly. Mark: marks a spot. Recall: Recall will goto wherever mark was last cast (you do not need to cast Mark after recalling to keep it marked) a VERY helpful tip i found for Mark/Recall is put it in the Balmora Mages Guild next to the ...

  14. Andromedas Fast Travel at Morrowind Nexus

    The idea is something my girlfriend Shelley (aka Andromeda) had. The idea was to add some form of simple fast travel into Morrowind. The mod is intended as an immersive form of fast travel, allowing the player to travel to whatever location is shown on a signpost. If you see a road sign you can click on it, be prompted with a menu confirming if ...

  15. fast travel

    There are a number of fast travel mods, including one that allows you to travel anywhere on the Morrowind map, including Milk, Assurdirapal, and Dun Ahhe. Check out Planet Elder Scrolls for more information. It's always cheating, in a story, to kill off the person who prevents the happy ending.--Mary Stewart. Kujja 12 years ago #8.

  16. Morrowind:Vivec (city)

    The Silt Strider port here offers fast-travel to Balmora, Molag Mar, Seyda Neen and Suran. A small harbor with connections to Ebonheart, Hla Oad , Molag Mar and Tel Branora is located here as well. Located on the Plaza level of the Foreign Quarter, Flacassia Fauseius serves Vivec's Mages Guild as a guild guide, and provides transport from the ...

  17. New to morrowind. Is fast travel necessary? : r/Morrowind

    Morrowind's fast travel feels a lot more like a subway map than a "point-click-go" fast-travel. It also leaves vast swaths of the island unconnected to fast travel requiring walking every time unless you set up your teleportation very carefully. There's a plot-important locale between Khuul and Valenvaryon / Falasmaryon.

  18. Fast Travel at Morrowind Nexus

    Note: you can change this at any time by typing into the console: set yac_map_costtravel to -1 Then activate the brown bar twice and you should find you have a new spell, "Map - Open". Cast it and you will be taken to a map of Morrowind. To move around on the map, use the keys you use for moving your character (by default w, a, s, d).

  19. Why Morrowind's Fast Travel Is So Much Better Than Skyrim's

    Why Morrowind's Travel Is Better Than Skyrim's Teleporting. Some might argue that Skyrim has a much better fast travel system because players can go anywhere at the drop of a hat. These worlds are beautiful and deserve to be seen, but 15 minutes of in-game walking can get old quickly. Skyrim 's system is more efficient, however it fails to ...

  20. 2024 CrowdStrike incident

    This article documents a computer systems outage. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses, and initial news reports may be unreliable.The latest updates to this article may not reflect the most current information. Feel free to improve this article or discuss changes on the talk page, but please note that updates without valid and reliable references will be removed.

  21. fast travel & map arker mods? :: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

    terror923 Jun 8, 2018 @ 9:26am. if you want fast travel just use the console command "coc". otherwise if you want good advice on getting to places quicket put a mark down at any mages guild teleporter then recall there when you need to go somewhere you can pretty much get anywhere fast doing that. #3. Tomatosaiyan Jun 8, 2018 @ 10:41am.

  22. CrowdStrike deploys fix for issue causing global tech outage

    Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has deployed a fix for an issue that triggered a major tech outage that affected industries ranging from airlines to banking to healthcare worldwide, the company's ...

  23. Morrowind:Speed

    Notes []. With higher Speed, you can travel around the game world more quickly. Since Morrowind has fewer fast-travel options than other games in the series, Speed is especially relevant.; Speed increases the distance covered when jumping forward, allowing someone with a high Speed value to jump over wide gaps without the need for magic effects such as Levitate or Jump.

  24. Fast Travel : r/Morrowind

    Ironically, Balmora is one of the best fast travel ports in the game. The Imperial Fort (teleport to via Divine Intervention) lets you teleport to the temple (via Almsivi Intervention) and right outside it is the Mage's Guild (teleports to all major cities), and a Silt Strider that also goes to major locations (one having a boat nearby). 42.

  25. What We Know About the Global Microsoft Outage

    Across the world, critical businesses and services including airlines, hospitals, train networks and TV stations, were disrupted on Friday by a global tech outage affecting Microsoft users.

  26. Trump may only be alive due to the shooter's bad wind estimate

    Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, said 5mph wind was enough to displace the bullet by two inches. Donald Trump was "not saved" by the US Secret Service's "brilliance," the former Navy SEAL ...

  27. Is there a good Fast Travel Mod out there? : r/Morrowind

    Once had a teleport ring mod that teleported you to any city, master trainer, mudcrab merchant and a few other places of interest. Could probably just knock that up in the construction set. Reply. ProfArmitage. •. Andromeda's Fast Travel lets you fast travel to cities and towns by clicking on the signposts. Reply. computer-machine. •.

  28. Mass IT Outage: List of Companies and Operations Affected

    Retailers and fast-food giants. Bloomberg reported that McDonald's Japan suspended about a third of its stores in the country on Friday. The issue was with the stores' cash registers, the report said.