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Carnival Dream - Ultimate Guide. From room types to restaurants to activities.


The ultimate guide to the Carnival Dream. Everything you need to know about the Dream cruise ship, from staterooms to restaurants to activities.

Carnival Dream, the ultimate guide.  From the types of rooms available, to the restaurant and cruise foo options to the activities on board the Dream cruise ship.

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We sailed on the Dream when our kids were 12 & 14 years old. We had a fantastic time and loved this ship.

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Carnival Dream is one of 3 ships in Carnival’s Dream class of ships.

How big is Carnival Dream?

The Carnival Dream is 130,000 gross tonnes, 1,004 feet long and can carry 3,646 passengers in addition to 1,367 crew members.

For reference, Carnival Celebration which is scheduled to debut in 2022 is 180,000 gross tonnes, 1,130 feet long and can carry 5,374 passengers plus 1,735 crew.

Carnival Ecstasy and Carnival Sensation (two of Carnival’s older ships) are 70,367 gross tonnes, 855 feet long and can carry 2,056 passengers as well as 920 crew members.


Water park area with twister and drain pipe waterslide.

The Carnival Dream Waterworks area is fun for everyone. In addition to the 2 large waterslides, there are two smaller side-by-side racing water slides.

Serenity deck

On Carnival, the Serenity Deck is the adult only area with plush lounge chairs, some clam shell double loungers. Carnival Dream has 2 whirlpools in the Serenity area. Many people call them hot tubs, Carnival uses the term whirlpools, probably because they are never very hot.

Adults 21+ can access this quieter area free of charge.

Cloud 9 Spa with thalassotherapy pool and thermal suites

There is a charge to use the spa. The standard spa treatments such as massages and facials are offered. There is also a nice relaxation area with tile loungers and a thalassotherapy pool (like a hot tub or whirlpool).

The relaxation areas also have a charge unless you are staying in one of the spa rooms (more on those below). Weekly and day passes are often available but are limited.

Cloud 9 Spa thermal suites and halassotherapy pool

Guy’s Burger Joint

Guy’s burgers serves delicious poolside burgers (my family’s favorite). They are open for lunch and an early dinner. There is no cost to eat here.

Blue Iguana Cantina

Blue Iguana Cantina features yummy breakfast and lunch burritos as well as tacos. This is also another popular poolside food venue that is included in your cruise fare.

Carnival Dream has many more great features, these were just some of what I consider to be highlights.


Rooms on a cruise ship are more commonly known as staterooms or cabins.

There are several room types within each category (full details can be found on Carnival Cruise Line’s site ), but here are the main stateroom categories on the Dream.


Inside staterooms (also referred to as interior cabins or staterooms) are the least expensive rooms on a cruise ship.

They are located in the interior of the cruise ship and don’t have a window or a balcony. There are a select few inside cabins that have a small round porthole window or obstructed view, but for the most part if you are booking an inside cabin expect no window.

How big are inside cabins on Carnival Dream?

Most inside cabins (staterooms) on the Dream are 185 square feet, there are a few at 220 square feet.

Interior staterooms sleep 2-4 people depending on the exact category. See the deck plan for exact information.


The spa interior cabins on the Dream are the same size as the standard interior cabins (185 square feet) and are a little more expensive. They do however come with the added benefits of private spa access, priority spa reservations, free select fitness classes, unlimited access to the thermal suites and thalassotherapy pool, the use of a bathrobe and slippers for the duration of your cruise as well as upgraded toiletries.

Carnival Dream Cloud 9 Spa interior stateroom rendering.  Ultimate guide to the Carnival Dream cruise ship


Ocean view staterooms have a window looking out at the ocean. These windows don’t open. Some categories are “obstructed views”. These have windows but the view will be blocked by a lifeboat or other object.

Cloud 9 Spa ocean view rooms all have an obstructed view.

How big are Carival Dream ocean view rooms?

Ocean view staterooms (cabins) on the Dream are 220-230 square feet depending on the exact category.

The standard ocean view staterooms sleep a maximum of 3 quests while the deluxe ocean view rooms sleep a maximum of 5 people.

What is a picture window on Carnival cruise?

A picture window on Carnival cruise ships are windows looking out at the ocean but they do not open. Picture windows are found in ocean view rooms.


Cove balcony staterooms are located lower down on the cruise ship, closer to the water. The balcony enclosure is made of metal rather than glass like the standard balcony cabins.

How big are cove balcony rooms on Carnival Dream?

Cove balcony cabins on the Dream are 185 square feet of inside space plus a 45 foot balcony for a total of 230 square feet. Cove balcony staterooms can sleep up to 4 people.

Carnival Dream cove balcony room.  Ultimate guide to Carnival Dream.


Balcony staterooms on Carnival Dream are 185 square feet of inside space with balconies ranging from 35-75 square feet.

The standard balcony rooms have the 35 square foot balconies. These rooms sleep 2-4 people.

Some Dream balcony cabins are aft-view (back of the ship) with a 60 square foot balcony. The larger balcony cabins sleep 3 people maximum.

The Premium Vista balcony cabins on the Dream have a 75 square foot balcony and sleep just two guests.


The spa balcony staterooms are the same size as the standard balcony staterooms. The inside space is 185 square feet plus a 35 sq foot balcony. The Dream spa stateroom have the perks listed above under Cloud 9 Spa interior staterooms. These rooms sleep up to 4 people.

Spa balcony cabin on the Carnival Dream cruise ship.  Ultimate guide to Carnival Dream


All suites on Carnival Cruise come with the added perks of priority check-in, priority dinner reservations, two complimentary large bottles of water, and the use of bathrobes for the duration of the cruise.


Junior suites on the Dream sleep up to 3 people. They have a whirlpool tub and a walk-in closet.

How big are Carnival Dream Junior Suites?

Junior suites on Carnival’s Dream are 275 square feet inside plus a 35 sqaure foot balcony. The balconies in the junior suites are the same size as the standard balconies.


The ocean suites on Carnival Dream are 275 square feet inside plus a 65 square foot balcony for a total of 340 square feet.

Dream ocean view suites sleep up to 4 people, have a whirlpool tub, and a walk-in closet.

Carnival Dream Ocean Suite


The Cloud 9 Spa suites on the Dream are the same size as the ocean view suites, at 185 square feet of inside space plus a 65 square foot balcony for a total of 340 square feet.

The Dream Cloud 9 Spa suites have private access to the Cloud 9 Spa, priority spa treatment reservations, free select fitness classes, unlimited access to the thermal suites and thalassotherapy pool, upgraded toiletries, a whirlpool tub, a walk-in closet and VIP check in.

Carnival Dream spa suites sleep up to 3 people.


The grand suite on the Dream cruise ship offers 345 square feet of inside space plus an 85 square foot balcony. The grand suite sleeps up to 4 people and of course offers all the perks listed above.

Carnival Dream Grand Suite rendering.

Be sure to check deck plans and specifics as there are some staterooms in each category with variations.






There are an amazing selection of restaurants and a variety of food options on the Carnival Dream cruise ship. Many restaurants are included in your cruise fare and have no additional charge, while some of the specialty restaurants do have an additional charge.


There are fabulous restaurants on board that are included in your cruise fare – there is no extra charge to eat there. Woohoo!

You could spend your whole cruise vacation eating at just the included restaurants and be more than happy.


Guy’s Burger Joint is located poolside and is open for lunch. As the name suggests, they serve burgers and fries. They also have veggie burgers, although they aren’t on the menu. You just have to ask for them.

The burgers and veggie burgers are delicious!! This was my family’s favorite Carnival Dream restaurant. Actually, the first thing they ask when we talk about booking another cruise is – “is there Guy’s Burgers?”

You can’t cruise on the Dream without trying Guy’s Burgers – so so good!

Guy's Burger Joint on Carnival is a must try, it's absolutely delicious.  The best part is that there is no additional charge to eat there.


The Blue Iguana Cantina is open for breakfast and lunch. It is located poolside beside Guy’s Burger Joint. The Blue Iguana Cantina is another must try restaurant on the Carnival Dream cruise ship. Be sure to try both the breakfast and lunch burritos.

Carnival's Blue Iguana Cantina is open for breakfast and lunch and is included in your cruise fare.


Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que is included in your cruise fare and is open for lunch. It is located on deck 5, mid deck. Here you will find cruise food such as smoked beef, sausage, chicken, and mac and cheese.

Check out the Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que menu here .


Mongolian Wok is included in your cruise fare, therefore there is no additional charge to eat here. It is open for lunch. You will find the Mongolian Wok mid ship on deck 10. Here you can create your own delicious noodle bowls.


The Carnival Deli serves up sandwiches for both lunch and dinner at no extra charge. It is located on deck 10 in the Lido Marketplace.


Pizzeria Del Capitano serves delicious pizzas 24 hours a day for no extra charge. This is the perfect spot for a late night snack. You will find the Pizzeria aft (back) of the Lido deck (deck 10) near the sunset pool.


The Lido Marketplace is the big buffet restaurant you’d expect to find on a cruise ship. The Lido Marketplace serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is included in your cruise fare.


Scarlet and Crimson are the two main dining rooms on the Carnival Dream cruise ship. You will be assigned to one of them. Both restaurants offer the same menu and the menus change nightly. There is no charge to eat in Carnival Cruise Line’s main dining rooms.

When booking your cruise, you will be asked if you prefer early dining, late dining or “your time dining”. The time you select is just a request, however Carnival does do their best to honor it.

Early dining is at 6 p.m., late dining is at 8:15 p.m. and “your time dining” is any time between 5:45 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Scarlet Restaurant on Carnival Dream is one of 2 main dining rooms.  You will be assigned to the Scarlet or Crimson restaurant.  There is no charge to eat here.


Swirls is a soft serve ice cream station located just outside the Lido Marketplace buffet near the pool. While this isn’t a restaurant, it is till worth noting. There is no extra charge for the soft serve ice cream and it is available 24 hours a day.


The additional charge restaurants are often referred to as specialty restaurants or specialty dining.


Carnival dream steakhouse (extra charge).

The Steakhouse is a popular specialty restaurant on Carnival’s ships. The cost of Carnival Cruise’s Steakhouse (at the time of writing) is $38 USD per adult and $12 for kids 12 years old and younger. The price includes an appetizer, salad, entrée, side, and a dessert.

Reservations are highly recommended. You can make a reservation for the Steakhouse online once you have booked your cruise.

Carnival’s Steakhouse menu can be found here .

Steakhouse restaurant on Carnival Dream is one of the specialty restaurant options available for an additional cost.


Bonsai Sushi offers a selection of sushi, sashimi, rolls, soups and sides. It is open for both lunch and dinner. You do have to pay to eat here, prices are per item.

See Carnival’s Bonsai Sushi menu and price list here.


The Seafood Shack on the Dream is located by the sunset pool, aft (rear of) deck 10. This replaces the Tandori Grill that was there when we sailed in 2017. Seafood Shack is open for lunch and dinner and does have an additional charge.

You can see Carnival’s Seafood Shack menu and price list here.


Carnival Cruises’ Coffee Bar serves specialty coffees and teas, as well as delicious cakes and pastries for an additional charge. The Coffee Bar on the Dream is conveniently located on deck 5, the Promenade deck. Grab your morning specialty coffee and step outside for a stroll around the the Promenade deck. This was one of our favorite morning activities.

Carnival Cruise Line’s Coffee Bar drink menu can be found here.

Carnival's Coffee Bar There is an extra charge but worth checking out.


There are so many fun things to do on a Carnival cruise, something for everyone. Here are just some of the activities on the Dream. Don’t forget also that your cruise vacation will include stops in multiple destinations for you to explore.


* Waterworks waterslides

* Mini golf

* Relax by the pools

* Partake in poolside games

* Bingo (additional cost)

* View art exhibit or take in an art seminar

* Play volleyball or basketball

* Go to the fitness gym

* Take a fitness class (additional cost)

* Play ping pong

* Mixology competition (select day and time)

* Browse the onboard shops

* Casino (additional cost)

* Enjoy a Cloud 9 Spa treatment (additional cost)

* Relax in the Cloud 9 Spa thalassotherapy pool or termal suites (additinal cost)

Carnival Dream - Ultimate guide.  From rooms, to food, to activities.


The Carnival Dream gym is free to use and is located on deck 14. You will find a selection of cardio machines and weights. Fitness classes are available but there is a charge for most of these. Carnival Dream has a jogging track that is free to use 24 hours a day.


* Enjoy live music (there are several options nightly)

* Deck party – the evening deck parties are a lot of fun and not to be missed.

* Dive-in Movies – lounge poolside watching a movie on the big sreen, complete with blankets and popcorn.

* Comedy Club

* Take in a musical production show

* Casino (additional charge)

* Piano bar

* Night club – The Carnival Dream night club is called Caliente and is open to those 18+ years old.

Enjoy a drink listening to live music on a cruise ship.


* Waterslides

* Basketball

* Volleyball

* Dive-in Movies

* Ping pong

* Arcade (extra cost)

* Build a Bear Workshop (extra cost)

* ZSpa teen spa treatments (extra cost) – see menu and pric e list here.

* Carnival Cruise Club O2 teen club for ages 15-17 year olds

* Carnival Circle C kids club for ages 12-14 year olds – see link to detailed post below

Carnival Cruise Line’s Circle “C” Program 12-14 year olds

The above are just some of the things to do on the Dream for teens.

The drainpipe waterslide on Carnival's Dream ship is fun for the whole family


Fun things to do on Carnival Cruise’s Carnival Dream for kids

* Seuss-A-Palooza story time

* Carnival Camp Ocean kids club for ages 2-11

* Waterslides and water park

* “Zumbini” a program for kids 2-5 to get them moving

* Build-A-Bear Workshop (extra cost)

* Green Eggs & Ham breakfast (extra $)

* Mini Golf

.Mini golf on Carnival is a fun family friendly activity.

Activities can change and some aren’t offered everyday. This is meant only to give you an idea of what types of things there are to do on a cruise.

Carnival Dream - Ultimate Guide.  Everythng you need to know about this cruise ship including room types, restaurants, and activities.

The Dream is a fun ship with something for everyone.

Carnival Dream – 13 Things to Know Before Sailing

6 Ways to Carry Your Cruise Card

Carnival Cruise Circle C kids club for 12-14 year olds. A club where younger teens can gather, meet new friends and take part in age appropriate activities.

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Carnival Dream

About Carnival Dream

Live the dream on Carnival Cruise Line's 130,000-ton, 3,690-guest Carnival Dream. Exciting amenities and activities, a host of enticing dining choices and spacious accommodations make her a perfect choice for a multigenerational cruise vacation. Stroll along the promenade, a 20-foot wide outdoor walkway with an outdoor seating area that opens up to one of the ship's highlights — Ocean Plaza, filled with live music, dancing, bars, and a variety of food venues.

Highlights also include the adults-only, outdoor two-level Serenity area for a delightful retreat where you can melt your cares away. Start the day with a dip in the Thalassotherapy pool followed by a massage at the Cloud 9 Spa that will leave you feeling new and rejuvenated. Find a favorite souvenir at the boutiques and browse the duty-free shops. Soak up the sun at three swimming pools and delight your senses in whirlpools that extend over the side of the ship providing unforgettable views. Thrills galore away at the WaterWorks aqua park with an exhilarating four-deck spiral slide.

Family-friendly throughout, Carnival Dream offers Camp Ocean, where kids ages 2 to 11 are kept busy with lots of fun ocean-themed activities and entertainment designed just for them according to age. "Seuss at Sea" and the character parade will give ear to ear smiles.

Bring your appetite because out-of-this-world cuisine is served on Carnival Dream, which boasts a myriad of fabulous dining choices , including casual, formal and al fresco options. International dishes and American favorites are served at the two-level main dining rooms, Crimson and Scarlet, where you can dine in beautiful settings. Head to the popular Lido restaurant called The Gathering, which features pizza, burrito and pasta stations, a New York-style deli, Indian Tandoor, Mongolian Wok and more. Classic steakhouse fare is offered at The Chef's Art and savory delicious sushi is offered at Wasabi. Convenient room service is also available 24/7.

Make yourself at home in spacious and comfortable accommodations — many with ocean views and balconies. Special "cove balcony" staterooms offer "up-close" sea views and more interior space. Guests in Cloud 9 Spa staterooms and suites have additional in-room, spa-related amenities, as well as a soothing and relaxing spa theme.

Enjoy conversation and your favorite drink with friends at various fun lounges and watering holes, such as the popular RedFrog Rum Bar, where you can try Carnival's very own ThristyFrog Red Beer. Other chic venues include the always popular BlueIguana Tequila Bar and Sam's Piano Bar where you can hear your favorite tunes. Dance at the popular Liquid Nightclub and watch a show at Ovation, the main lounge. Try your luck at the aptly named Jackpot Casino. You will be dancing in your seat at Playlist Productions and watch a movie outdoors at the huge screen at the Carnival Seaside Theater. Sing your heart out at The Song Karaoke bar and settle in for a delightful night under the stars at Dive-in Movies where blockbuster films are shown on an immense poolside screen. Let your dreams come true on the Carnival Dream.

Carnival Dream cruises to the Caribbean.

Carnival Cruise Line

Grand Suite

A Grand Suite aboard Carnival Dream features even more space than the standard suite — plenty of room in your room! This stateroom is loaded for an unparalleled experience: VIP check-in, a huge balcony, and even a convenient dressing area with vanity.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code SS (Cloud 9 Spa Suite)

Cloud 9 Spa Suite

A Cloud 9 Spa Suite is the ultimate in both stateroom and spa accommodations. There's room for you and your things — with a large room and balcony — and a walk-in closet. The soothing in-room whirlpool tub will help you stay relaxed after your relaxing spa treatment. And like all suites, a Cloud 9 Spa Suite features VIP check-in, which lets you easily get right up to your amazing stateroom.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code OS (Ocean Suite)

Ocean Suite

A Carnival Dream suite is the ultimate way to cruise. With more space for stretching out indoors, plus a large balcony for kicking back outdoors, try an Ocean Suite to experience private, luxurious relaxation. Ocean Suites also include VIP check-in, walk-in closet and bathroom with whirlpool tub.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code JS (Junior Suite)

Junior Suite

As you step into a Junior Suite aboard Carnival Dream, you can't help but feel that you're stepping into full-size luxury in a smaller package. Featuring a standard-size balcony, in a Carnival Dream Junior Suite you'll find everything else there is to love about a suite, including VIP check-in, a walk-in closet; and even a whirlpool tub for relaxing.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 9C (Premium Vista Balcony)

Premium Vista Balcony

Premium Vista Balcony staterooms were designed to wrap around the aft corners of Carnival Dream, giving you a unique vantage point from which to enjoy luxuriously panoramic views of the sky and the sea — and yes, take in even more of that sunshine.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 8S (Cloud 9 Spa Balcony)

Cloud 9 Spa Balcony

Whether you're warming up for your spa appointment or winding down after your treatment, there's no better place to do it than on your Cloud 9 Spa Balcony. Breathing is important — take the ocean breeze in, then let it out — you're already getting the hang of the whole spa thing!

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 8P (Cloud 9 Spa Balcony)

Aft-View Extended Balcony

Aft-View Extended Balcony staterooms feature a larger balcony for more lounge-around room, more kick-back space; not to even mention some of the best stern-side views you'll find anywhere. Get ready to relax as you gaze upon Carnival Dream's gentle wake from your spacious balcony.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 8M (Aft-View Extended Balcony)

Balcony Stateroom

Balcony staterooms were designed for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views, so look to a balcony if you're looking to cruise aboard Carnival Dream. Any time you're in your room, you're just steps away from your own personal outdoor oasis, featuring the sort of sea view you can also feel.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 8F (Balcony Stateroom)

Cove Balcony

Love the sea? Carnival Dream's Cove Balcony staterooms are the best way to see the sea — these rooms get you close to the waterline, and feature balconies that let you make the most of your location. Enjoy things from a whole new perspective: one amazing up-close view of the wake and seafoam as the ship cruises along.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 6S (Cloud 9 Spa Oceanview (walkway view))

Cloud 9 Spa Oceanview (walkway view)

The best way to enjoy the relaxing, invigorating Cloud 9 Spa while on a cruise is in a spa stateroom, and this one fits the bill, providing comfy accommodations and convenient, priority access to treatments and services at the Cloud 9 Spa. (Note that rooms of this type have obstructed views.)

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 6N (Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom)

Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom

On Carnival Dream, Deluxe Ocean View staterooms are a great choice for families who want to let the sun shine in as they sail. Rooms of this type feature great views, a full bathroom — plus a separate washroom — and while stateroom configurations vary, certain Deluxe Ocean View rooms have space to sleep up to five cruisers.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 6M (Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom)

Deluxe Ocean View

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 6A (Oceanview Stateroom)

Oceanview Stateroom

A picture window gives you views of scenery you won’t find anywhere on land, all from the comfort of your stateroom.Dedicated stateroom attendant, Soft, cozy linens, Plenty of closet and drawer space, In-room safe for valuables, Television, Stateroom climate control.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 4S (Cloud Spa 9 Interior)

Cloud Spa 9 Interior

We've taken the warm essence of our Cloud 9 Spa and infused it into your room, plus you’ll get exclusive spa perks for maximum relaxation. Dedicated stateroom attendant, Soft, cozy linens, Plenty of closet and drawer space, In-room safe for valuables, Television, Stateroom climate control.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 4J (Interior with Picture Window)

Interior with Picture Window

Your picture window gives you a view beyond your stateroom, to the observation deck outside, including a great sky view. Dedicated stateroom attendant, Soft, cozy linens, Plenty of closet and drawer space, In-room safe for valuables, Television, Stateroom climate control.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code PT (Porthole)

A pair of round windows in your room give you the classic seafarer’s view times two, a view of the ocean without breaking the budget.Dedicated stateroom attendant, Soft, cozy linens, Plenty of closet and drawer space, In-room safe for valuables, Television, Stateroom climate control.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 4H (Interior Stateroom)

Interior Stateroom

This is an affordable way to cruise without leaving out the comfort or convenience! Great for curling up after a long day of fun.Dedicated stateroom attendant, Soft, cozy linens, Plenty of closet and drawer space, In-room safe for valuables, Television, Stateroom climate control.

Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 4G (Interior Stateroom)

Interior Upper/Lower Stateroom

These staterooms are great for a pair of cruisers on a budget, creatively maximizing space with a different layout — featuring one Twin bed, and either an upper Pullman or sofa bed.

View Deck Plan

Plan for 15 Sky Deck

Scarlet Restaurant

Decks: 3 Lobby 4 Atlantic

Scarlet Restaurant.

The Crimson Restaurant

The Crimson Restaurant

Decks: 4 Atlantic 3 Lobby

Feast on culinary pleasures and choose to your heart’s delight, as well as your palate’s.

The Gathering Lido Restaurant

The Gathering Lido Restaurant

Deck: 10 Lido

Plaza cafe

Deck: 5 Promenade

Plaza cafe.

The Chef's Art Steakhouse

The Chef's Art Steakhouse

Deck: 12 Spa

Turn your special vacation in the direction of delicious — book a table for an unforgettably delectable evening at the Steakhouse. Our menu features mouthwatering premium cuts of beef cooked to your exact specifications, as well as a fantastic selection of seafood, entrées, gourmet appetizers and an extensive wine list. The atmosphere pairs remarkably well with — and perhaps even enhances — the culinary creations of our gourmet chefs.

Pizzeria Del Capitano

Pizzeria Del Capitano

On Carnival ships, the captain tends to be kind of a big deal — almost a celebrity. On a few select ships, they’ve even got their own pizza kitchen. The best part? Pizzeria del Capitano is open to everyone, 24 hours a day! And since our captains tend to be Italian, you know the quality of the ingredients truly pass muster. (Sorry, nautical pun.) Hand-tossed dough, made from imported Italian flour, plus fresh mozzarella form a solid base, and a choice of toppings put the finishing touches on this piping hot, fresh-from-the-oven mealtime — or anytime — classic. (Also, try our caesar salad

Grand Buffet

Grand Buffet

Grand Buffet.

Mongolian Wok

Mongolian Wok

Chow down on some delicious Asian goodness. First, select your noodles and veggies. Then tell one of our chefs which sauce and meat you want in the wok. Will it be mussels and Szechuan? Beef and Thai barbecue? Chicken and black bean? Don’t worry, the decision doesn’t have to be final — you can come back to Mongolian Wok and try all the combos your heart desires!

Blue Iguana Cantina

Blue Iguana Cantina

Nobody knows Mexican dining like a blue iguana. Well, our blue iguana, at least. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the BlueIguana Cantina features freshly made tacos and burritos stuffed specially for your enjoyment. Throw our homemade tortillas and salsa into the mix, and you have a casual dining experience that will make you say “mmmm” (which is actually Iguanese for “more, please”).

Guys Burger Joint

Guys Burger Joint

We went looking for someone to help us grill up the best burgers at sea, and we found just the guy. Carnival has teamed up with best-selling author, restaurateur and Food Network personality Guy Fieri to bring all the authentic appeal of a roadside burger shack to Guy’s Burger Joint, the cool poolside spot for hot burgers and hand-cut fries. Try a fresh-off-the-grill burger Guy’s way, or take it off-road to our toppings bar and truly make it your own.

Bonsai Sushi

Bonsai Sushi

So maybe you’ve had sushi on a cruise before, but you’ve never had it like Bonsai Sushi, our onboard seafood-and-soy-sauce spot. Dine amidst expertly-pruned bonsai trees while enjoying sit-down service and an affordable menu of delectable sushi and sashimi… plus rolls, soups, sides, sakes and desserts. So the next time you’re taking an onboard stroll, stop at Bonsai Sushi for a little something satisfying.

Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse

Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse

Seafood Shack

Seafood Shack

Seafood Shack.


Deck: 3 Lobby

The Gathering

The Gathering

Deck: 11 Panorama

The Gathering.

Crimson Lounge1 & 2 Restaurant Annex

Crimson Lounge1 & 2 Restaurant Annex

Traveling in a group? Reserve this space as your own private dining room.

Encore Main Lounge

Encore Main Lounge

Decks: 4 Atlantic 3 Lobby 5 Promenade

Encore Main Lounge.

Jackpot Casino Non Smoking

Jackpot Casino Non Smoking

Jackpot Casino Non Smoking.

The Page Turner Library

The Page Turner Library

Deck: 4 Atlantic

With wall-to-wall activities, most people wouldn’t think of their cruise vacation as a great time to read a book, but you’ll find the bibliophilic faithful stretched out on deck chairs, enjoying the sun, sea breeze… and a page-turner

Carnival Waterworks

Carnival Waterworks

Carnival Waterworks.

Sunset Pool

Sunset Pool

Sunset Pool.

Waves Pool

Think palm trees, a cool breeze and relaxing with your favorite drink in your hand. Now make that a reality and head on over to our new Resort-Style Pool -- Swim or just chill out.

Mini Golf

Carnival's Seaside Theatre

Carnival's Seaside Theatre.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Art Gallery.

Upper Dream Street Promenade

Upper Dream Street Promenade

Upper Dream Street Promenade.

The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery.

Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions

The best way to fill your day on shore is to explore our vacation destination's hot spots.

Club O2

Your parents deserve a nice vacation… but then again, so do you. So let’s let them go do their thing while you do yours. Where to? Club O2. Hang out and do stuff like watch movies, listen to music from this decade, play sports and video games, join karaoke jam sessions… maybe even have a pool party or two, all with other high schoolers ages of 15 to 17.

The Warehouse Video Arcade

The Warehouse Video Arcade

If you love to play video games, you’re in luck. Our video arcade boasts a huge array of games, and is open to players of all ages, all night and all day. So get some tokens from the vending machine and let the fun times begin. Challenge your friends to a game, or just see if you can beat the top score. After all, with the video arcade open 24 hours and an entire cruise ahead of you, you have plenty of time to try.


Decks: 15 Sky 11 Panorama 10 Lido 5 Promenade

Cloud 9 Spa staff are masters (or, maybe more like artists) trained in the craft of simply helping you chill. What’s their secret? Massages, facials, body wraps, thermal suites and more — plus, on certain ships, the amazing Thalassotherapy Pool — these are the tools of the trade. And the trade is ultimate relaxation.

Ocean Plaza

Ocean Plaza

Ocean Plaza.

Sam's Piano Bar

Sam's Piano Bar

Sam's Piano Bar.

Burgundy Aft Lounge

Burgundy Aft Lounge

Burgundy Aft Lounge.

Rendezvous Club Lounge

Rendezvous Club Lounge

Rendezvous Club Lounge.

The Lanai Promenade

The Lanai Promenade

Breathe in the salty sea air as you relax in the jacuzzi, stroll along the half-mile-long promenade and get spoiled by views, each more intoxicating than the last.

The Dream Atrium

The Dream Atrium

Decks: 11 Panorama 10 Lido 9 Vista 8 Verandah 7 Empress 6 Upper 4 Atlantic 5 Promenade

The Dream Atrium.

The Dream Lobby

The Dream Lobby

The Dream Lobby.

Dream Team Basketball Court

Dream Team Basketball Court

Deck: 14 Sun

Dream Team Basketball Court.

Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio.


A trip to the salon is an opportunity to relax, to chat with others, to focus on yourself. It’s about more than just getting your hair or nails done… but it’s definitely about getting your hair or nails done! Even though you’re on vacation, you won’t have to settle for anything less than the salon style you’re used to back on land. And these good looks go beyond the usual — we even offer services like teeth whitening… great for taking those ‘I’m on vacation and I’m looking great!’ smiles to the next level.

Treatments Room

Treatments Room


Jogging Track

Jogging may not immediately come to mind when you think of things to do at sea, but it probably should. You don’t have to walk on water, you just have to get on a Carnival cruise. After all, if you’re going to jog, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place to do it with a more scenic view, or a more refreshing breeze — both of these are available in abundance when you go for an open-air jog on the upper-deck. Jogging tracks are available on all Carnival ships, and are even padded for long-distance comfort.

Relax Lounge

Relax Lounge

Thermal Suite Tepidarium

Thermal Suite Tepidarium

Thermal Suite Tepidarium.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool.

Camp Ocean

Camp Ocean.


Blue Iguana Tequila bar

BlueIguana Tequila Bar is the onboard spot to chill and enjoy a slushy tequila drink or an ice-cold Mexican cerveza. The menu offers up Mexican favorites, including several brands of tequila and a slew of Mexican brews. There’s a lineup of frozen concoctions, cocktails and margaritas served by the glass or by the pitcher, and even a special Mexican beer cocktail (yes, really). Where can you find this little slice of Mexican paradise? Next to the pool, of course. So stay cool and take in the bar’s vacation vibe while you kick back on your cruise – that’s what official bar mascot Blue the Iguana would tell you.

Redfrog Rum Bar

Redfrog Rum Bar

Guests have told us we hit on something special with the cool Caribbean chill of the RedFrog Pub. We've taken the best parts and brought them poolside with the RedFrog Rum Bar, where the frog keeps the fun hopping day and night with all the island flava you know and love. Join the party at this poolside bar featuring a great selection of frog-approved Caribbean rum-based concoctions available by the glass or pitcher, plus plenty of Carnival’s signature private-label draft beer, ThirstyFrog Red.


Decks: 5 Promenade 4 Atlantic 3 Lobby

The Song Jazz Lounge

The Song Jazz Lounge

The Song Jazz Lounge.

Caliente Dance Club

Caliente Dance Club

Alchemy Bar

Alchemy Bar

Alchemy Bar.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Decks: 5 Promenade 3 Lobby

Dance Floor.

Jackpot Bar

Jackpot Bar


Cherry On Top

A cruise is the perfect time to treat yourself to something sweet, and Cherry On Top happens to be the perfect place. You'll find this well-stocked candy-and-more-store not only great for enjoying some of your confectionery favorites, but the place to pick up food and apparel gifts for that special someone, even if — admit it — that someone happens to be you!

The Fun Shops

The Fun Shops

The Fun Shops.

Dream Bar

Guest Services


Criental steam Bath

Criental steam Bath.

Coed Sauna

Coed Sauna.

Aroma Steam Bath

Aroma Steam Bath

Aroma Steam Bath.


Decks: 14 Sun 15 Sky

The Lanai

Lower Dream Street Promenade

Lower Dream Street Promenade.

Aft Atrium

Aft Atrium.

Carnival Adventures

Carnival Adventures

Jackpot Casino

Jackpot Casino

Jackpot Casino.

Sunset Bar


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Carnival Dream - Cruise Ship Profile

Carnival Fun Ship Lives Up to its Name

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Launched in 2009, the Carnival Dream is a large cruise ship with lots of fun spaces, entertainment, good dining options, and plenty of onboard activities for all ages. The ship is beautiful, and its exciting new features, cabin categories, and dining options are sure to be a hit with those who love large ships and a fun-packed holiday. Carnival Cruise Line's goal is to sell fun vacations and create memorable experiences at a great value. The company has certainly exceeded its own expectations with the Carnival Dream .

Carnival Dream - Facts and Figures

Here are some fun facts and figures for the Carnival Dream.  

Carnival Dream Size

  • Gross Registered Tonnage - 130,000
  • Length - 1,004 feet
  • Beam - 122 feet
  • Beam at Pool Decks - 158 feet
  • Maximum Draft - 27 feet
  • Number of Guest Decks - 13
  • Passenger Space Ratio - 36

Capacity (2 persons per cabin) - 3,646 Capacity (including upper berths) - 4,631 Staff - 1,367 Speed - 22.5 knots

Carnival Dream Accommodations

  • Penthouse Suites - 12
  • Suites - 58
  • Ocean View with Balcony - 817
  • Ocean View Family Cabins (no balcony) - 193
  • Other Ocean View Cabins (no balcony) - 65
  • Interior Cabins - 678

Each year on the Carnival Dream, guests are served 242,000 chocolate melting cakes, 346,000 pizzas, 145,300 cappuccinos, and 2 million pieces of pillow chocolates.

Carnival Dream - Interior Common Areas

The ship has many lovely, special public rooms. Filled with reds and golds, the Carnival Dream features expensive Murano glass, wood veneers, and custom made tiles. The estimated cost of the ship was $860 million, and it looks it. The ship's soaring atrium is one of Carnival's largest, and anyone who comes onto the ship for the first time is impressed by the exciting atmosphere it creates. Many Carnival Dream guests love the Ocean Plaza, a hub with day and night entertainment, coffee bar, and a full bar.

Carnival Dream - Lounges and Bars

Carnival prides itself on its "fun ships," and the Carnival Dream has several lounges, all featuring live or musical entertainment sure to keep everyone laughing and having fun. Burgundy is a 425-seat comedy club that features a wide variety of comedians, offering both family-friendly and adults-only performances each night. Each 7-day cruise has 24 comedy performances. For those who love to be in on the action, the Caliente Dance Club has a large dance floor and modern decor. Or, music lovers can enjoy The Song for karaoke or Sam's Piano Bar for their favorite tunes. The largest lounge on board is Encore!. Each week, guests are treated to three spectacular reviews, with singers, dancers, and the Fun Force acrobats.

Carnival Dream - Exterior Common Areas

Carnival cruisers love outdoor deck areas, and the Carnival Dream was designed with lots of public space outside for both kids and adults. I love the half-mile promenade that laps the ship on deck 5. It's a great place to walk, sit, or enjoy the whirlpools that extend over the sea. All adults can enjoy Serenity , the adults-only retreat forward on decks 14 and 15. It has its own bar, a tranquil atmosphere, and very comfortable seating. Kids (and some adults) want to spend all their time at WaterWorks , which features some spine-tingling water slides and wet fun for everyone. Other outdoor activities include an 18-hole miniature golf course and basketball and volleyball courts. Carnival Dream has two outdoor pools and several whirlpools.

Carnival Dream - Camp Carnival for Kids 11 and Under

Camp Carnival on deck 11 is divided into three sections, each for a different age group. The first area (ages 2 to 5) features an arts and crafts center and a variety of age-appropriate toys and games. The second area, aimed for ages 6 to 8, offers video game consoles such as PlayStation 2 and Wii. The third (ages 9 to 11) includes a karaoke machine, air hockey and foosball tables, and PlayStation 2 and Wii video game consoles. A reception desk provides parents with a convenient venue to check their kids into and out of the program. There's also a guard who keeps an eye on the entrance when the facility is open. The activities planned for the kids are fun, but also include an educational element related to the ship's Caribbean itineraries.

Carnival Dream - Circle C for Kids 12 to 14

Circle C is found on deck 4 and focuses on the tweens ages 12 to 14. This is a fun place, with dance floor, DJ, video jukebox, and Internet workstations. The room is 1,075 square feet, and kids love the modern design and hip furniture. Circle C has a dedicated director who oversees the tweens' activities, including late-night movies, video game contests, and pool parties.

Carnival Dream - Club O2 for Teens 15 to 17

The Club O2 Teen Club is adjacent to Circle C. It is a 2,740-square-foot club where teens can network and dance to all the latest hits. Designed as a place for teens to chill, the room includes a dance floor, soda bar, music-listening stations, and a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. Like Circle C, the Club O2 programs have a dedicated director who oversees the activities. Next to Club O2 is The Warehouse, an expansive game room featuring the latest video and arcade games. Teens can also enjoy the Carnival Dream's Y-Spa youth spa program, which offers a variety of soothing treatments.

Carnival Dream - FunHub

Kids and adults alike will be impressed by the FunHub, a comprehensive shipboard intranet portal that includes an onboard social network, along with access to a wide variety of information on the ship's services, facilities, daily activities, weather, and next port of call. The FunHub is accessible via 36 computer stations located on decks 3, 4, and 5. These stations provide guests with free and convenient access to the Carnival Dream intranet and social network on a 24/7 basis. Guests who have their own laptops along or who rent a netbook on the ship can access the sites anywhere on the ship.

Carnival Dream - Cabins and Accommodations - Cove Balcony Cabin

The Carnival Dream offers all the standard type of accommodations , including interior cabins, oceanview cabins, balcony cabins, suites, and penthouse suites. These cabins have plenty of storage space and offer all the standard amenities. In addition, the Carnival Dream introduces two innovative types of staterooms. The first cabins are the "cove" balcony staterooms on deck 2, much closer to the water than traditional balcony cabins. The open area of the balcony is smaller and can be closed with a hatch if the weather is very bad. Although the opening is smaller, the balcony is more private and still allows marvelous views. The cove balcony cabin interior is the same layout and size as a standard balcony cabin.

Carnival Dream - Cabins and Accommodations - Family Quint Oceanview Cabin

The second type of new stateroom is the "family quint," which sleeps five. In addition to twin beds that convert to king-sized, the cabin has two bunk beds and a sofa bed. What's interesting about these 193 oceanview staterooms is the bathroom configuration. Like the family cabins on the Disney Cruise Line ships, the Carnival Dream family quint cabins have two baths. One is a full bathroom (sink, toilet, shower), and the second bath has a junior tub, shower, and sink. I think this layout is better than Disney's, which has a sink and toilet in one bath and a tub/shower and sink in the second. The Carnival Dream also features 65 spa staterooms and suites, which are located near the Cloud 9 Spa and have extra amenities/privileges.

Carnival Dream - Dining and Cuisine - The Lido Restaurant

The food flavors and variety of cuisines offered at the Lido Restaurant  are very good to excellent. This buffet features stations serving diverse cuisine like the Mongolian Wok , salad bar, chef's choice, and deli. Pizza and ice cream are available 24/7.

Carnival Dream - Dining - Main Dining Rooms

The two main dining rooms on the Carnival have a red theme and are appropriately named "Crimson" and "Scarlet." They feature two traditional seatings at 6 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. as well as "Your Time" dining from 5:45 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Scarlet Restaurant is also open for breakfast and lunch with open seating.

Carnival Dream - Summary

The Carnival Dream is a great addition to the Carnival fleet and a good value for cruise travelers. Family groups, couples, and singles who love big ships with lots of activities, excellent entertainment, and good, diverse cuisine will love the Carnival Dream. After all, it's a "fun" ship!

Carnival Dream's Cabins and Suites

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ship menu

Carnival Dream Decks and Cabins

  • 5 Promenade
  • 11 Panorama
  • Click here for ALL
  • Small Interior
  • Interior with Picture Window
  • Deluxe Oceanview
  • Cove Balcony
  • Premium Balcony
  • Ocean Suite
  • Grand Suite
  • Ship info and tracking
  • Cabins Check

ship icon

Built in 2009, the Carnival Dream cruise ship weighs 130K tons and has 1823 staterooms for up to 4558 passengers served by 1369 crew . There are 14 passenger decks, 9 with cabins. You can expect a space ratio of 29 gross tons per passenger on this ship. On this page are the current deck plans for Carnival Dream showing deck plan layouts, public venues and all the types of cabins including pictures and videos.

Carnival Dream ship profile picture

Carnival Dream

Last Drydock: Mar 2022 (Wet Dock)




Grand Suite diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 7297

Sleeps up to: 4 12 Cabins Cabin: 345 sqft (32 m 2 ) Balcony: 85 sqft (8 m 2 )

Click for    

More Info [+/-]

Deck locations, stateroom cabin features, stateroom cabin perks, more diagrams of this cabin type.

Penthouse Suite diagram


Ocean Suite diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to OS cabin 7279

Sleeps up to: 4 40 Cabins Cabin: 275 sqft (26 m 2 ) Balcony: 65 sqft (6 m 2 ) * Size may vary, see details below.

 Accessible Info [+/-]

Important size information.

Suite diagram


Premium Balcony diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 7458

Sleeps up to: 4 8 Cabins Cabin: 185 sqft (17 m 2 ) Balcony: 75 sqft (7 m 2 )

Premium Balcony diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 6396

Sleeps up to: 4 713 Cabins Cabin: 185 sqft (17 m 2 ) Balcony: 35 sqft (3 m 2 ) * Size may vary, see details below.

Balcony diagram


Cove Balcony diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 2338

Sleeps up to: 4 110 Cabins Cabin: 185 sqft (17 m 2 ) Balcony: 45 sqft (4 m 2 )


Deluxe Oceanview diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 1272

Sleeps up to: 5 193 Cabins Cabin: 220 sqft (21 m 2 )

Deluxe Oceanview diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 1218

Sleeps up to: 4 28 Cabins Cabin: 220 sqft (21 m 2 )

Oceanview diagram


Interior with Picture Window diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 6203

Sleeps up to: 4 23 Cabins Cabin: 170 sqft (16 m 2 ) * Size may vary, see details below.

Picture diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 1205

Sleeps up to: 4 6 Cabins Cabin: 170 sqft (16 m 2 )

Porthole diagram

Floor Diagram Standard Layout

Sleeps up to: 4 661 Cabins Cabin: 185 sqft (17 m 2 )

Interior diagram


Small Interior diagram

Floor Diagram Similar to cabin 1202

Sleeps up to: 4 29 Cabins Cabin: 160 sqft (15 m 2 )

Small Interior diagram

Carnival Dream Deck Page Menu

Click deck pictures to go to individual cruise deck plan pages where you can see all the public areas, venues and stateroom cabins categories for each deck.

Carnival Dream Quick Stats

Big picture carnival dream decks.

Opens in new window (warning: large file)

Carnival Dream Links

  • PDF of all the decks
  • PDF (choose your own decks)
  • Carnival Dream DECK DRAG
  • Carnival Dream Cabin Check


CRUISEDECKPLANS.COM Use the input buttons above to go to the main page for a Cruise Ship or Cruise Line.

  • CruiseMapper

Carnival Dream deck plans

Deck layouts, review of facilities, activities, amenities.

Carnival Dream cruise ship

Carnival Dream deck plan review at CruiseMapper provides newest cruise deck plans (2024-2025-2026 valid floor layouts of the vessel) extracted from the officially issued by Carnival Cruise Line deckplan pdf (printable version).

Each of the Carnival Dream cruise ship deck plans are conveniently combined with a legend (showing cabin codes) and detailed review of all the deck's venues and passenger-accessible indoor and outdoor areas. A separate link provides an extensive information on Carnival Dream staterooms (cabins and suites), including photos, cabin plans and amenities by room type and category.

Carnival Dream (2009-built, last refurbished in 2021 July) is one of the largest Carnival cruise ships and the first of three Dream-class liners - together with Breeze and Magic . To the same class belongs also Costa Diadema .

Carnival Dream cruise ship deck plan shows a total of 1823 staterooms for 3646 passengers (max capacity is 4558) served by 1367 crew-staff. The boat has 14 passenger decks (9 with cabins), 22 lounges and bars, 3 swimming pools (one with a retractable roof), 9 outdoor Jacuzzis (6 cantilevered), 18 elevators. Cabin decks have a total of 70 Suites, 817 Balconies, 258 Oceanviews, 678 Inside cabins, Self Service Laundromats (passenger use launderettes).

Laundry facilities are at extra-charge - $3,25 (per washer or dryer load) and $1,5 per box (detergent/water softener, dispensed from the vending machine in the room). Launderettes (open between 6:30 am - 12 midnight) are located on all cabin decks. Each laundry room is equipped with 2-3 washers, 2-3 dryers, 1 ironing board/iron. All laundry machines are coinless (can be operated using S&S cards only). While the ship is in port, washing machines are closed (only dryers and irons can be used). Valet laundry service is handled through the cabin steward. Prices are per item - wash-and-press ($2 - $7,50) and dry-cleaning ($3 - $10,50).

Carnival Dream drydock 2021

In 2021 (July-August) Carnival Dream was drydocked at Chantier Naval de Marseille (CNdM Shipyard in Marseille France ) for mainly general maintenance works.

During the drydock, the liner's old hull design (white hull, with a red line running its entire length) was replaced with the new trademarked livery (red-white-blue) introduced on Mardi Gras.

Carnival Dream deck plan changes 2017 refurbishment review

The list of deck plan changes after the 2017 drydock refurbishment (January 30 - February 11) in Freeport Bahamas included:

(Promenade Deck 5) "Guy's Pig & Anchor Barbeque Smokehouse" is a complimentary, open-air complimentary restaurant located on the Lanai Promenade. The Smokehouse is designed by Guy Fieri (Food Network). Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse's menu features BBQ favorites, like pork butt, blue ribbon chicken, sliced smoked beef, smoked Andouille sausage, Guy Fieri's traditional sides and gourmet burgers, a variety of BBQ sauces, hot sauce bar. Signature menu items are named Mac Daddy Mac'n Cheese, Old Skool Potato Salad, Scratch-Made Slaw, Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey, Molasses Baked Beans with Bacon and Burnt Ends.

(Lido Deck 10 / portside, replacing the "Pizzeria" poolside bar) BlueIguana Cantina is a complimentary poolside Mexican-cuisine eatery. Among the specialties are fresh-made burritos and tacos on homemade tortillas, salsa bar, a huge selection of toppings.

(Lido Deck 10 / starboard, replacing the "Grille" poolside bar) Guy's Burger Joint is a complimentary poolside premium burger bar.

(Promenade Deck 5) Alchemy Bar is the Carnival's "cocktail pharmacy"-themed lounge with professional mixologists (dressed in lab coats) "prescribing" traditional and exotic (moniker) concoctions from a variety of liquors and ingredients.

(Promenade Deck 5) Bonsai Sushi is a premium sushi restaurant offering sushi, sashimi, "bento ships", plus popular Japanese beers, sakes, cocktails.

(Lido Deck 10) Pizzeria del Capitano offers 5 different varieties of hand-tossed pizzas - Margherita, Quattro Formaggio, mushroom, prosciutto, pepperoni. It is complimentary, and open 24 hours a day. All pizzas are traditionally oven-baked.

The ship's drydock in June 2021 (at Chantier Naval de Marseille shipyard in Marseille France ) included mainly general maintenance works as well as repainting of the hull.

Deck layouts

Deck 01 - riviera-cabins, deck 02 - main-cabins, deck 03 - lobby-dining, deck 04 - atlantic-teens, deck 05 - promenade-lounge-casino-shops, deck 06 - upper-cabins, deck 07 - empress-cabins, deck 08 - verandah-cabins-bridge, deck 09 - vista, deck 10 - lido-pools-cabins, deck 11 - panorama-cabins-kids, deck 12 - spa-sports-waterworks, deck 14 - spa-sports-serenity1, deck 15 - sky-serenity.

Carnival Dream deck plans are property of Carnival Cruise Line . All deck layouts are for informational purposes only and CruiseMapper is not responsible for their accuracy.

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A Guide to All 27 Carnival Cruise Ships

With 27 ships and hundreds of itineraries, there’s a Carnival cruise for everyone.

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Courtesy of Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise Line offers numerous cruise options worldwide with a fleet of 27 ships. Their cruises include all the hits: celebrity chef-driven restaurants, onboard rollercoasters, dedicated kids venues, serene spa moments, adults-exclusive pool decks, and exciting destinations. Carnival has it all — and can be relatively affordable. But which ship is right for you?

After sailing on eight Carnival cruises, including voyages on its oldest ship, Carnival Elation , and the newer Carnival Celebration, I’ve learned that sailing on newer ships is generally more expensive, and older vessels are more budget-friendly. However, I often consider more than the total cost before booking a cruise. I look at the ports of call, the space-to-guest ratio, the amenities and onboard activities, and the launch point.

When I select a sailing, I book through Carnival Cruise Line’s reservation number to see if I can snag an exclusive deal not listed online. Carnival's free-to-join loyalty program, the Very Important Fun Person (VIFP) Club, offers deals like reduced deposits, onboard credit, and room upgrades. The more you book with the cruise line, the better your deals will be. 

Before committing to a cruise, I break down the price per person per night, particularly if I need multiple cabins because I'm traveling with a group. I recommend you take advantage of Carnival's convenient 24-hour reservation hold, which displays the total cost, itinerary, and a countdown timer so you know when to purchase to secure the locked-in price.

Here, find guidance on every Carnival cruise ship, from the newest to the oldest.

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Carnival Firenze

Inaugural Year: 2024

Ship Class: Venice Class

Ship Capacity: 4,126 double occupancy; 5,245 total guests

Standout Amenities: Amari bar for a peritivi and digestivi ; Serenity Adult-Only Retreat when you need time away from kids; and Pizzeria Del Capitano for hand-tossed pizza made with imported Italian ingredients  

Originally debuted in 2021 as part of the Costa Cruises fleet (an Italy-based subsidiary of Carnival), the Firenze will set sail as a Carnival ship — with an Italian twist — in Spring 2024. Across Firenze , you’ll see touches of Italy; think cute cafe set-ups that look like they were picked up from a Florence sidewalk. Terrazza staterooms access a private sun deck with whirlpools and a bar. Carnival’s fan-favorite dining options and amenities, like Guy’s Burger Joint and WaterWorks, will be on board.

Carnival Jubilee

Inaugural Year: 2023

Ship Class: Excel Class

Ship Capacity: 5,374 double occupancy; 6,631 total guests

Standout Amenities: BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster rollercoaster; relaxing Cloud 9 Spa thermal suites with adjustable humidity and temperature; pickleball courts for challenging family and friends

Carnival Jubilee is the newest Excel-class ship in the fleet, sailing from Galveston, Texas. The massive ship offers Camp Ocean, the onboard kids club. Adults also have their own space at the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat with swaying hammocks and a bar.

Carnival Venezia

Ship Capacity: 3,934 double occupancy; 4,977 total guests

Standout Amenities: The Gondola Lounge, themed after Venice's beautiful canals; a pool area with a retractable roof

Initially built in 2019 for Costa Cruises, this ship joined the Carnival fleet in 2023. Carnival Venezia is ideal if you’re looking for a ship that celebrates one of Italy’s most iconic cities. Venice is the inspiration behind the indoor and outdoor areas, including the atrium, modeled after Piazza San Marco, and the Carnevale Lounge, inspired by Venetian masquerades. Don't miss the Venetian Toast, where the ship’s captain greets guests and crew don Venetian masks.

Carnival Celebration

Inaugural Year: 2022

Standout Amenities: Space Cruisers, a kids camp in partnership with Kennedy Space Center; The Golden Jubilee Bar for vintage cocktails; BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster

Carnival Celebration is all about never-ending good times. During my recent sailing, I found all the Carnival classics, like the Alchemy Bar and Guy’s Burger Joint, a thrilling ropes course, dive-in movies, and plenty of themed deck parties. If you’re looking to relax, it has that, too. Rent cabanas or lounge in the ocean-view whirlpools at Loft 19, where attentive staff take care of everything, like delivering you fruit and chilled towels. My favorite spot to hang out was the aft Patio Pool because it wasn't ever super crowded, and the view of the ocean was unmatched. 

Carnival Luminosa

Ship Class: Spirit Class

Ship Capacity: 2,260 double occupancy; 2,826 total guests 

Standout Amenities: Carnival fan-favorite Alchemy Bar; Circle “C” tween club; Cloud 9 Spa hydrotherapy pool for rejuvenating soaks

Carnival Luminosa (formerly the Costa Luminosa ) is for you if you want to sail to destinations like Alaska and Australia. It also offers occasional itineraries through scenic transpacific spots like Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, and Japan. The ship has all of the brand’s classic amenities, like the RedFrog Rum Bar and Punchliner Comedy Club, plus an array of dining options, including sushi, pizza, ice cream, and an over-the-top brunch.

Carnival Mardi Gras

Inaugural Year: 2021

Ship Capacity: 5,282 double occupancy; 6,456 total guests

Standout Amenities: BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster for adrenaline junkies; Havana Bar for Cuban drinks and live music; Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse and Brewhouse

Carnival Mardi Gras is a nod to Carnival’s first ship, also named Mardi Gras, which was launched in 1972. The vessel has six onboard zones where families can have fun together, including the Ultimate Playground, where BOLT and the SportsSquare are located. Of course, there’s no Mardi Gras without New Orleans, so the French Quarter zone is where you’ll find Big Easy-inspired amenities like an Emeril Lagasse restaurant.

Carnival Radiance

Inaugural Year: 2021 (formerly Carnival Victory , which set sail in 2000)

Ship Class: Sunshine Class

Ship Capacity: 2,984 double occupancy; 3,873 total guests 

Standout Amenities: BlueIguana Tequila Bar for great margaritas; ZSPA for teens who want a spa day; an outdoor gym on the ship's top deck

Carnival Radiance has culinary delights and family fun in spades. If you're a foodie, try Guy’s Burger Joint for loaded burgers straight from Flavortown or Shaq’s Big Chicken for the basketball star's incredible fried chicken sandwiches. Kids will love seeing The Cat in the Hat characters during activities like character parades, story time, and character breakfasts.

Carnival Panorama

Inaugural Year: 2019

Ship Class: Vista Class

Ship Capacity: 4,008 double occupancy; 5,146 total guests

Standout Amenities: Sky Zone trampoline park where families can bounce and play games; Skyride, a suspended bike on the top deck with great ship and ocean views; Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse and Brewhouse featuring Carnival Cruise Line exclusive craft beers

Carnival Panorama is smaller than today's mega-ships, but it packs a ton of fun into its 15 decks. Rooms are spacious; some come with exclusive perks like access to the Havana Pool area or unlimited use of the spa’s thermal suites. Kids will also love that there’s an onboard waterpark, kids club, and a Build-a-Bear Workshop at Sea.

Carnival Sunrise

Ship Capacity: 2,984 double occupancy; 3,973 total guests

Standout Amenities: Cloud 9 Spa cabins with access to the thermal suites; Lucky Bowl restaurant, which is only on Carnival Sunrise and only open for lunch

Carnival Sunrise  (formerly Carnival Triumph ) features an exciting splash zone for kids and a piano bar where adults can sing along to their favorite songs all night. The ship sails on two to five-night and six to nine-night cruises from Miami, Florida, to the Bahamas.

Carnival Horizon

Inaugural Year: 2018

Ship Capacity: 3,960 double occupancy; 4,977 total guests

Standout Amenities: IMAX movie theater for a family night out; Dr. Suess Bookville for family story time and character appearances; volleyball court where adults can test their skills or just hit the ball around

Carnival Horizon has all the makings of a fun family vacation. The kids clubs have dedicated counselors who ensure children are always having fun, and parents can slip away to an adults-only bar for a cocktail or the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat to catch some sun. Then, as night falls, you can come back together for a special meal in the main dining room or JiJi Asian Kitchen, which specializes in regional Asian cuisine.

Carnival Vista

Inaugural Year: 2016

Standout Amenities: The thrilling SkyRide suspended bike for great ship and sea views; Thrill Theater for a 3-D show with water, lighting, wind, and chair movement effects; RedFrog Pub & Brewery, the first brewery at sea in North America

Carnival Vista is perfect for new cruisers. Sailings range from two to nine days out of Port Canaveral, so you can get a taste of what a cruise is like without committing to a more traditional weeklong sailing. Expect an onboard brewery, incredible restaurants, and family-friendly fun.

Carnival Sunshine

Inaugural Year: 2013

Ship Capacity: 3,002 double occupancy; 3,758 total guests

Standout Amenities: Carnival WaterWorks with multiple slides and water features; BlueIguana Tequila Bar for poolside libations; an onboard steakhouse with a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for its exceptional wine list

Carnival Sunshine (formerly Carnival Destiny ) is 10 years old and a fan favorite. The lower guest capacity, at just over 3,000 for double occupancy, means you won’t have to fight hoards of people to get to and from activities. Families who want even more cabin space should book one of the aft-view extended balcony rooms with great wake views and ample private outdoor space.

Carnival Breeze

Inaugural Year: 2012

Ship Class: Dream Class

Ship Capacity: 3,690 double occupancy; 4,724 total guests 

Standout Amenities: Cloud 9 Spa for next-level relaxation; Mongolian Wok lunch restaurant; pickleball courts to get competitive with your family; waterslides

Carnival Breeze is ideal for a short cruise out of Galveston, Texas. The ship has plenty of activities throughout the day, including bingo, trivia, and live performances in the comedy club.

Carnival Magic

Inaugural Year: 2011

Ship Capacity: 3,690 double occupancy; 4,724 total guests

Standout Amenities: Cloud 9 Spa; a thrilling ropes course; Chef’s Table dining experience

Carnival Magic sails for a week or more from Miami, Florida. The ship debuted the restaurant Cucina del Capitano, which is now onboard multiple ships in the fleet. It’s also home to the original Guy’s Pig & Anchor. I sailed the Carnival Magic years ago, but I vividly remember spending an entire day enjoying the amenities at the Cloud 9 Spa and eating at the Mongolian Wok quick-service restaurant almost every afternoon for lunch.

Carnival Dream

Inaugural Year: 2009

Ship Capacity: 3,646 double occupancy; 4,631 total guests

Standout Amenities: Ocean Plaza, a multi-use entertainment venue that’s family-friendly during the day and a nightclub after dark; Guy’s Burger Joint for standout smash burgers; Cloud 9 Spa for adults to relax

Carnival Dream is known for exciting entertainment and food and beverage offerings, including Alchemy Bar, a vintage-themed cocktail "pharmacy." The ship sails from Galveston, Texas, on six to nine-day cruises. I loved playing the onboard mini-golf course.

Carnival Splendor

Inaugural Year: 2008

Ship Class: Splendor Class

Ship Capacity: 3,012 double occupancy; 3,734 total guests

Standout Amenities: Masala Tiger Indian restaurant, which is only open for lunch and only on this ship; a mini-golf course; a pool with a retractable cover

Carnival Splendor sails the Southern Hemisphere around Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific on cruises that range from two to 10 days. The ship has Carnival’s only quick-service Indian restaurant and boasts a pool with a retractable roof, so you can swim without worrying about the weather.

Carnival Freedom

Inaugural Year: 2007

Ship Class: Conquest Class

Ship Capacity: 2,980 double occupancy; 3,754 total guests

Standout Amenities: Space Cruisers kids program in partnership with Kennedy Space Center; RedFrog Pub, with Key West-inspired food and drinks; Dr. Seuss Bookville, a kids library that's themed after the famous author’s characters

Carnival Freedom is ideal for first-time cruisers because of the lower guest capacity and the smaller ship size. But don’t let the numbers fool you; this ship is packed with high-energy activities for all ages; from the kid's clubs to the casino, there’s no lack of fun to be had.

Carnival Liberty

Inaugural Year: 2005

Ship Capacity: 2,974 double occupancy; 3,576 total guests

Standout Amenities: Punchliner Comedy Club for family-friendly laughs during the day and adults-only fun at night; SkyBox Sports Bar to keep up with the big games back home; Mongolian Wok, a prime lunch spot with custom bowls

Looking to relax? Prefer a high-energy vacation? Carnival Liberty can do it all. Head to the main theater for enchanting live performances and shows every night, enjoy tacos and burgers on the pool decks, or find a lounge chair around the pool and soak up the sun.

Carnival Valor

Inaugural Year: 2004

Ship Capacity: 2,980 double occupancy; 3,756 total guests

Standout Amenities: Dive-in movies where you can catch a family-friendly flick under the stars; BlueIguana Tequila Bar for tequila and Mexican beer-based cocktails; Scarlett’s Steakhouse, where perfect steaks and impeccable sides await

Carnival Valor is almost 20 years old and still showing cruisers a good time. The ship's home ports are New Orleans, Louisiana, and Barcelona, Spain, and it offers two to over 10-night sailings. Don’t miss the epic Seaday Brunch, where you'll find all kinds of treats like huevos rancheros, french toast, loaded burgers, and chicken and waffles.

Carnival Miracle

Ship Capacity: 2,124 double occupancy; 2,680 total guests

Standout Amenities: Serenity Adult-Only Retreat where the 21-plus crowd can enjoy a kid-free space; pickleball courts that have great views of the ocean and ports of call

Fantasy worlds and elements inspired Carnival Miracle . Around the ship, you’ll find spaces like Phantom Lounge and Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab, where you can see shows or dance the night away. When you’re ready to soak up the sun, find a lounge chair at the adults-only pool deck or splash down on one of the slides at WaterWorks.

Carnival Glory

Inaugural Year: 2003

Standout Amenities: Camp Ocean kids club for children ages two to 11; AquaTunnel waterslide; 24-hour pizza delivery to anywhere on the ship

Carnival Glory is a vibrant ship inside and out. Think nightly dance parties in White Heat Dance Club, movies under the stars on the pool deck, and tacos from BlueIguana Cantina. The ship sails around the Bahamas, Caribbean, and more on two to 10-day itineraries.

Carnival Legend

Inaugural Year: 2002

Ship Capacity: 2,124 double occupancy; 2,610 total guests 

Standout Amenities: White Hot Night Party; jogging track with panoramic ocean views; Build-A-Bear Workshop at Sea where kids can make a new friend to bring home

Carnival Legend, themed around legends and lore around the world, has two pools and plenty of places to grab a bite, including the Golden Fleece Steakhouse for a stunning multi-course dinner. You're sure to return home with tales.

Carnival Conquest

Standout Amenities: Pickleball courts so you can keep up with weekly family matches; '80s Rock-In-Glow Party for an evening of throwback fun; Guy’s Burger Joint for tasty and quick meals between activities

Carnival Conquest takes cruisers to the Bahamas and the Caribbean on two to 10-day sailings. Special programs allow kids to see their favorite Dr. Seuss characters at sea, and adults can enjoy the enticing Alchemy Bar for one-of-a-kind cocktails.

Carnival Pride

Inaugural Year: 2002 

Standout Amenities: Mid-ship pool with a retractable roof; Heroes Tribute Bar, which recognizes each branch of the American military

For an extended cruise from Tampa, Florida, or Baltimore, Maryland, look to Carnival Pride . The ship has something for every type of traveler, including three kids clubs, adult-only spaces, and over a dozen different dining options.

Carnival Spirit

Inaugural Year: 2001

Ship Capacity: 2,124 double occupancy; 2,610 total guests

Standout Amenities: Domed swimming pool; two-deck fitness center; a pizza window open until 4 a.m.

Carnival Spirit sets sail from home ports around the United States to Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Panama Canal. The ship offers a wide range of entertainment options, including mini-golf, a jogging track, kids clubs, and adult-centric entertainment.

Carnival Paradise

Inaugural Year: 1998

Ship Class: Fantasy Class

Ship Capacity: 2,052 double occupancy; 2,606 total guests

Standout Amenities: Serenity Adult-Only Retreat when you need a place without kids; twin racing waterslides for all ages

With two to nine-day cruises from Tampa to the Caribbean and the Bahamas, Carnival Paradise literally takes cruisers to paradise islands. The ship brims with fun amenities like the WaterWorks splash zone and the relaxing Cloud 9 Spa.

Carnival Elation

Ship Capacity: 2,052 double occupancy; 2,606 total guests 

Standout Amenities: Duke’s Piano Bar for nightly sing-a-longs; Alchemy Bar for custom cocktails; BlueIguana Cantina for breakfast and lunch options with a Mexican twist

Carnival Elation is currently the fleet's oldest ship, debuting in March 1998, and the only cruise ship from any cruise line that sails from Jacksonville, Florida. Even though the ship is small, with a total guest capacity of 2,606, it’s ideal for a quick weekend away if you want a mix of relaxation and high-energy activities. I've sailed the most on Carnival Elation since the ship sails from my hometown of Jacksonville. Even though it's the oldest in the fleet, I love that the sailings are short weekend trips where I can sit outside in the sun enjoying a Guy's Burger Joint smash burger before heading inside to see a show or play bingo. And because the ship is so small, it's easy to navigate, and I always end up making friends with the delightful crew onboard.

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Inside an $11,000-Per-Night Cruise Ship Suite

inside carnival dream cruise ship

By Rachel Wallace

Image may contain Boat Transportation Vehicle Cruise Ship and Ship

In 2023, 31.5 million vacationers boarded massive cruise ships teeming with all-you-can-drink piña coladas (if you got the beverage package) and all-you-can-eat shrimp cocktails. The industry is growing steadily, with the Cruise Lines International Association predicting that 35.7 million passengers will board a cruise ship in 2024, and Forbes reporting that the industry brought in $13.6 billion in revenue last year.

If you’ve been on a cruise, you know that cruise culture very much exists. By word of mouth and online (such as in Facebook groups where travelers mix and mingle with the people who will be aboard their next jaunt), cruisers love to compare notes on different ships and share tips and tricks for life aboard. Many of these revolve around saving space in small cabins—the most widely discussed being the over-the-door shoe rack hack.

To a non-cruiser, the idea that you need space-saving hacks to travel comfortably at sea could be off-putting, but not all cruise lines and cabins are created equal. Aboard ships from Regent, Oceania, and other high-end lines, the focus is less on waterslides and roller coasters (yes, three Carnival ships feature one on board) and more on comfort. On the newest ship from Regent Seven Seas, the Grandeur, which embarked upon its maiden voyage in late 2023, even the most basic suite features a private balcony, queen-size bed, and sitting area, but for passengers with even deeper pockets looking for the utmost luxury, behold the Regent Suite.

Image may contain Home Decor Architecture Building Furniture Indoors Living Room Room Chair Cup Table and Art

A sofa, matching lounge chairs, and coffee table from Holly Hunt , a Sollos rocking chair, a Pouenat chandelier, and a custom Jaime Stern rug anchor the main living space. A drawing by Pablo Picasso called Les Ménines et la Vie hangs on the wall to the left.

Image may contain Fireplace Indoors Home Decor Rug and Hearth

A mirror-polished bronze sculpture by FP Art decorates the marble faux fireplace in the living room of the suite.

Located on the top deck away from all other berths, the 4,443 square foot suite holds two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, and opens out onto a 1,227 square-foot veranda with a private hot tub. Designed by Miami-based Studio DADO , the suite is swathed in so much Italian marble—nine types in the primary bathroom alone—that one wonders how the ship stays afloat. (Don’t worry, trust modern engineering! The vessel was built in Italy by Fincantieri .)

Image may contain Indoors Floor Interior Design and Flooring

The primary bathroom in the suite is a spa unto itself, complete with Cocoon fixtures, a jetted bathtub, separate shower, and heated lounge area.

Along with Regent art director Sarah Hall Smith, Studio DADO aimed to “create a suite that really puts art at the forefront,” said founding partner Yohandel Ruiz while speaking to a group of journalists aboard in December. “It is like a suite for an art connoisseur somewhere in New York or London.” The drawing hanging on the living room wall— Les Ménines et la Vie by Pablo Picasso—helps achieve this, as do other contemporary pieces by artists like Ricardo Mazal, Leigh Wells, Jane Puylagarde, Bastian Woud, and more.

As chef Joshua Weissman welcomes AD into his Austin home in the latest episode of Open Door, he jokes that he doesn’t actually live in a kitchen.

inside carnival dream cruise ship

“Every piece in that suite, from the lighting to the shower experience to the dining experience, everything was elevated to an art form,” said Ruiz. This is especially true of the bed in the main bedroom: In between its four posters lies a Hästens Vividus mattress, which is handmade using horsehair and retails for $315,990 . ( Drake sleeps on a similar model.)

Image may contain Architecture Building Dining Room Dining Table Furniture Indoors Room Table and Home Decor

The dining room features a Henrytimi dining table surrounded by Baker chairs under a pendant light that was custom-designed by Studio DADO and manufactured by Patrizia Volpato . The space opens into a private solarium where guests can stargaze on chaise lounges custom-designed by Studio DADO, made by Elledue , and upholstered in burnt orange Mokum alpaca velvet.

Image may contain Furniture Bed Bedroom Indoors Room Lamp Plant and Canopy Bed

The main bedroom in the Regent Suite contains a Hästens Vividus mattress.

Of all the accoutrements, however, the best part of staying in an elite suite such as this just might be the perks, which include free air fair, a pre-cruise hotel package, in-suite spa services, and private elevator access to a hidden 12-person dining room located inside Prime 7, the onboard steakhouse (where you’ll find three more Picassos). Guests shelling out for this suite will have little use for hacks.

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  • Port-Canaveral

Port Canaveral (Orlando), FL

inside carnival dream cruise ship

  • Carnival Freedom
  • Carnival Glory
  • Carnival Liberty
  • Carnival Venezia
  • Carnival Vista

* Coming Soon

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Buckle up for big adventure on the Space Coast when you book a Carnival cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida. Fun in the sun is a mission easily accomplished in Port Canaveral: before or after your cruise, take time to blast off from the Kennedy Space Center, hug the turns in a stock car at the world famous speedway, and zoom through the screaming roller coasters of Orlando's theme parks. In addition to all these man-made thrills, cruises from Port Canaveral depart from a coastline of sugary sand beaches and protected islands for native wildlife.

  • See a rocket up close at the Kennedy Space Center ™ .
  • Walk the bustling Cocoa Beach boardwalk before your cruise from Port Canaveral.
  • Encounter exotic animals and exciting adventures at Disney's Animal Kingdom ® park.
  • Enjoy an exciting wildlife and alligator tour by airboat.

Gotta see Port Canaveral (Orlando)?

We have a few ideas for you.

* Taxes, fees, and port expenses are additional per person.

Music cruises to set sail on the high seas in 2024 and 2025

MEDITERRANEAN SEA - AUGUST 18: (L-R) Nalle Colt, Ty Taylor and Rick Barrio Dill of American R&B group Vintage Trouble performing live on stage during the Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea event on board the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship in the Mediterranean, on August 18, 2019.

Editor's Note

Rocking and rolling is not how most people prefer their cruise ships. However, if you're sailing on a music-themed cruise, rock 'n' roll is the vibe you want as you soak up some sun and cruise the world with thousands of like-minded music fans.

Music-themed cruises cover a wide array of styles, including rock, metal, country, Broadway, disco and blues. They offer a complete immersion into the world of each genre. You'll enjoy close-up encounters with your favorite artists during performances and meet-and-greets and find a sense of community from being with other fans for multiple days at sea. (Not to mention, you'll get to visit beautiful destinations in the process.)

For more cruise news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter .

Note that these specialty music cruises sell out — often as soon as cabins are made available. All sold-out cruises we're featuring offer a waitlist you can join. You'll be notified if someone cancels, as well as be among the first to be alerted of on-sale dates for future sailings.

Below are 11 music-themed cruises in 2024 and 2025 that are bound to create epic memories, whether your vibe is crowd-surfing during a rock show or belting out show tunes with Broadway's best.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, cruise fares are per person, based on double occupancy, and include cruise basics like meals, select nonalcoholic beverages (water, juice, coffee and tea) and use of the fitness center, hot tubs, pools and casino, among other onboard amenities.

Soft drink and alcohol packages are available for an extra fee. Theme cruise events, such as concerts, are included, though some limited-access special events often cost extra. Fares were valid as of writing but are subject to change based on availability.

Malt Shop Memories Cruise

Cruise ship : Nieuw Amsterdam Date : Oct. 27-Nov. 3, 2024

The good ol' days can now be found sailing the Caribbean on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise. Set to take over all decks of Holland America 's Nieuw Amsterdam, the '50s and '60s music cruise will sail from Fort Lauderdale to Phillipsburg, St. Maarten, and Tortola, British Virgin Islands, with four days at sea.

Favorites set to perform on board include The Beach Boys, The Four Tops, Chubby Checker, The Coasters, Darlene Love and The Chantels. Highlights among the ship events range from a senior prom and a sock hop to game shows and karaoke.

The Malt Shop Memories Cruise is filling up fast. Rates for available cabins start at $2,349 per person for an inside cabin.

How to book : Reserve a cabin for this cruise on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise website or by calling 844-855-6258. If your preferred cabin category is currently sold out, you can join the waitlist here .

Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Cruise ship : Independence of the Seas Date : Dec. 9-14, 2024

Maybe one stop in Jamaica isn't enough, and reggae vibes are calling your name. If so, the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise might appeal to you. This five-night cruise on Royal Caribbean 's Independence of the Seas, organized by Jamrock Productions and Rose Tours, will travel round trip from Miami to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios in Jamaica.

The entire list of performers for the December 2024 voyage hasn't been released as of this writing but so far will include Stone Love, Steelie Basement, Westafa, Seani B and Spexdaboss.

You can also take part in themed parties, soccer and domino tournaments and Jamaica-themed film screenings when you're not enjoying ship amenities like a FlowRider surf simulator, a rock climbing wall, waterslides and a bar arcade.

Welcome to Jamrock's prices start at $1,359 per person for an inside cabin, not including $399 in additional fees and taxes.

How to book : Reserve a cabin for this cruise on the Rose Tours website or by calling 215-663-8800.

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Cruise ship : Carnival Magic Date : Jan. 19-25, 2025

For fans of rock and metal music, ShipRocked is a popular sailing organized by Ask4 Entertainment. The 2025 edition aboard Carnival Cruise Line 's Carnival Magic will start in Miami and include stops in St. Thomas and Half Moon Cay, the line's private island in the Bahamas.

There will be multiple stages for performances throughout the ship. The 2025 lineup will be announced soon, though top bands like Dead Poet Society, Black Stone Cherry, Highly Suspect and I Prevail performed during past cruises. Fans can enjoy one-on-one time with their favorite groups at scheduled meet-and-greets with all the bands.

Prices for ShipRocked's 2025 cruise start at $1,600 per person for an inside cabin. The fare includes access to all performances and meet-and-greets with artists.

How to book : Although this cruise is sold out, there is a waitlist. For future sailings, book through the Ask4 Entertainment Reservations portal or by calling 888-402-2754. A deposit is required to secure your spot. Ask4 Entertainment strongly suggests buying travel insurance.

Groove Cruise

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Cruise ship : Allure of the Seas Date : Jan. 23-27, 2025

Electronic dance music fans 21 and older can turn up on this early 2025 Whet Travel sailing from Miami aboard Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. The cruise visits the line's private beach, Labadee, in Haiti.

The lineup for the EDM sailing hasn't been announced, but previous performers include major headlining acts Tiësto, Diplo and John Summit, plus a remarkable list of dance music stars, such as Aly & Fila, Boris, Craig Connelly, Disco Lines, Haliene and Joel Corry.

Along with multiple music sets, Groove Cruise hosts fun theme party nights focusing on everything from an '80s prom to fire and ice.

Cabins on Groove Cruise start at around $1,549 per person for an inside cabin.

How to book : At the time of writing, the ship was mostly sold out, with fewer than 200 cabins available to book. To add your name to waitlists and be among the first to know about future sailings, head to Whet Travel's website or call 877-438-9438.

The Country Music Cruise

Cruise ship : Nieuw Amsterdam Date : Jan. 19-26, 2025

Adding more than a bit of boot-scootin' country to the cruise life, The Country Music Cruise takes over Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam for a weeklong jamboree at sea. The voyage leaves from Fort Lauderdale, with stops in Key West, Florida, and Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico.

The artist lineup of country music favorites includes John Michael Montgomery, Deana Carter, The Bellamy Brothers, Neal McCoy and Lacy J. Dalton. This is your chance to meet and greet the country stars, join in on jam sessions and attend panel discussions. If you like to kick up your heels, you'll have plenty of opportunities for line dancing, Texas swing and two-stepping.

Cabins for The Country Music Cruise are sold out, but you can add your name to the waitlist. Rates start at $2,399, plus taxes and additional fees totaling $365, per person for an inside cabin.

How to book : To join the waitlist, head to StarVista Live's website or call 866-476-2879.

Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Cruise ship : Norwegian Gem Date : Jan. 31-Feb. 4, 2025

Wrestling and rock fans will love this Sixthman cruise with wrestler and musician Chris Jericho. For the fifth installment of Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea, cruisers will sail on Norwegian Cruise Line 's Norwegian Gem from Miami to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

The 2025 lineup hasn't been announced yet beyond two musical guests, Fozzy and Kuarantine. The sailing will offer autograph sessions and host four days of wrestling matches featuring wrestlers from All Elite Wrestling.

Rates for Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea cruise start at $1,100, plus taxes, per person for an inside cabin.

How to book : Cruisers eager to jam and sit ringside can learn more on Sixthman's website or by calling 877-379-9174.

Outlaw Country Cruise 9

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Cruise ship : Norwegian Gem Date : Feb. 22-28, 2025

If you're a little more country than rock 'n' roll, maybe a cruise with a country twang is the right vacation for you. In February, Norwegian Gem will host the ninth installment of the popular Outlaw Country Cruise. This Sixthman voyage will sail from Miami and stop in Nassau, Bahamas, and St. Thomas.

The ship features five different venues where notable country acts like Old Crow Medicine Show, John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and Carlene Carter will perform. Along with endless concerts, passengers can enjoy activities like yoga classes and film screenings.

The cruise is sold out and is waitlist only. Rates start at $1,465 per person for an inside cabin.

How to book : For more information or to join the waitlist, check out Sixthman's sign-up page or call 877-379-9189.

Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea X

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Cruise ship : Norwegian Gem Date : March 21-26, 2025

For blues and jazz fans, Sixthman also offers the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea X cruise, which sails from Miami and stops in Harvest Caye, Belize, and Costa Maya, Mexico. Aboard Norwegian Gem, passengers will have access to ship amenities like pools and a casino in addition to special music events.

The lineup for the cruise features musicians like Joe Bonamassa, Samantha Fish, Eric Gales, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Larkin Poe and Thunderstorm Artis. More artists will be announced closer to the sail date.

There will also be collaboration shows from some of the artists on board, as well as autograph sessions for fans to meet their favorite musicians.

Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea X is sold out and waitlist only. Join the waitlist, as cancellations do occur. You'll also be among the first to be alerted about future sailings. The rates for the 2025 cruise start at $1,630 per person for an inside cabin.

How to book : To join the waitlist, visit Sixthman's sign-up page or call 877-379-9170.

The Broadway Cruise 3

Cruise ship : Norwegian Gem Date : March 31-April 4, 2025

Tony Award-winning Broadway stars are coming aboard for Sixthman's third Broadway Cruise, which will sail round trip from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico. Aboard Norwegian Gem, passengers will have access to ship amenities like pools and a waterslide, a climbing wall and a casino, plus many special concerts, events and insider panels.

The lineup for the 2025 Broadway Cruise hasn't been announced yet, though last year's cruise featured Tony Award winners like Christian Borle, Matt Doyle and Santino Fontana, as well as Broadway A-listers Phillipa Soo, Norm Lewis and Daphne Rubin-Vega.

Expect plenty of fun Broadway-themed events, including a Broadway pub crawl and show tune singalongs, plus autograph sessions for fans to meet their favorite Broadway stars.

Prices are not published as of this writing, but expect them to hover around $1,600 per person for an inside cabin.

How to book : To join the presale, visit Sixthman's sign-up page or call 877-379-9172.

'70s Rock & Romance Cruise

Cruise ship : Celebrity Summit Date : March 15-22, 2025

The best of the '70s lives on as music icons from that rockin' era show they've still got it on the '70s Rock & Romance Cruise. This weeklong getaway on Celebrity Cruises ' Celebrity Summit, organized by StarVista Live, will sail from Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel and Costa Maya in Mexico.

The lineup of '70s rock legends includes Air Supply, Kansas, The Guess Who, Melissa Manchester, The Family Stone and Dire Straits Legacy. They'll be performing, hosting events and attending special meet-and-greets.

The top-tier music acts join a long lineup of rock 'n' roll icons. The cruise will feature days filled with concerts, artist Q&A sessions, panel discussions and game shows.

Available rooms start at $2,449, plus taxes and additional fees of $365, per person for an inside cabin.

How to book : To book a cabin, head to StarVista Live's website or call 844-466-7625.

Ultimate Disco Cruise and Beyond

inside carnival dream cruise ship

Cruise ship : Norwegian Pearl Date : Feb. 19-25, 2025

Jam out at sea to the greatest disco anthems as Ultimate Disco Cruise and Beyond returns for a fifth year in 2025. The six-night cruise is an immersive, nonstop music festival with legendary music acts performing and hosting events throughout Norwegian Pearl. The round-trip itinerary from Miami includes port stops in Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico.

The 2025 lineup includes Kool & The Gang, Shalamar, Lisa Lisa, George McCrae, Boogie Wonder Band, Rose Royce and other classic disco acts. In addition to more than 40 live performances, entertainment will include dance and costume parties, theme nights, dance contests and game shows. Passengers will appreciate the opportunity to go behind the music as artists sit for intimate Q&A sessions, panel discussions and meet-and-greets.

Prices for Ultimate Disco Cruise and Beyond start at $1,799 per person for an inside cabin, not including $300 per person in taxes and port fees.

How to book : Head to Ultimate Disco Cruise and Beyond's website to reserve your cabin soon, as the ship is filling up fast.

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7 amazing cruise itineraries to book in 2024

I don't know about you, but each year, as the weather turns cold, I start daydreaming about getting out of Dodge — or, in my case, Pennsylvania. My mind wanders to cruises that will take me to places where the temperature is warmer, but I also take a hard look at the (exceptionally lengthy) list of places I'm longing to visit.

After digging through what's new for 2024, I've come up with a shortlist of sailings that I think are noteworthy. They range from a standard Bahamas voyage with a new twist and an extended Alaska sailing that includes a foray across the Arctic Circle to more far-flung destinations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dream on, dear reader, and add these to your list of 2024 cruise itineraries.

Note: All prices listed are per person, based on double occupancy, unless otherwise noted. Fares do not include taxes and fees.

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Seabourn's 'Kimberley Expedition: Waterfalls and Wandjinas' itinerary

Last year, the Australia and New Zealand cruise region gained momentum following the pandemic shutdown. In 2024, the hardly populated Australia region of The Kimberley is gaining popularity. Luxury cruise brand Seabourn will be offering a series of six 10-night voyages between Broome and Darwin on expedition vessel Seabourn Pursuit during what will be early winter in the southern hemisphere.

The line's " Kimberley Expedition: Waterfalls and Wandjinas " will take passengers to places along the coast few passengers are able to visit to see the stunning teal waters and horizontal waterfalls of Talbot Bay, sample wines in the Hunter River Region and check out nature preserves in Wyndham.

Details: The first sailing, from Darwin to Broome, embarks on June 12. The final voyage, from Broome to Darwin, departs on Aug. 1. Prices start from $6,134 per person ($613 per person, per night), double occupancy, for the July 2 cruise. All accommodations are suites with balconies.

Celebrity's 'Best of Japan' and 'Vietnam and Thailand' cruises

The number of voyages in Asia was trending upward notably prior to 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic brought cruising in the region to an extended halt. And it's once again on the rise. Following that curve, Celebrity Cruises will be running new 11- to 13-night Asia sailings in 2024 on two ships — Celebrity Millennium and Celebrity Solstice — that bring stops in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.

What's notable about the offerings is that they will aim to immerse passengers further into the destinations by including overnights in a total of 11 ports across all itineraries. That means more time to explore Hanoi's Old Quarter as the sun sets, indulge in nighttime gastronomy in Hong Kong, visit one of Bangkok's many markets, or learn why Osaka is known for street food.

Details: Celebrity Millennium's " Best of Japan " cruises run from early mid-March to early October. At press time, the least expensive fares — for a 12-night sailing — start from $1,330 per person ($111 per person, per night) for an inside cabin. It travels round-trip from Yokohama and visits Hiroshima, Pusan and other ports, including Osaka, where the ship will overnight.

Celerbrity Solstice's Vietnam and Thailand cruises kick off in mid-January and run through March. The ship will resume them again in the fall of 2024 and run through the winter season. Prices start from $1,255 per person ($105 per person, per night) for an inside cabin. The voyage sails from Hong Kong to Singapore with stops in Da Nang and Koh Samui, plus overnights in Hanoi and Bangkok.

SeaDream's 'Yachting the Adriatic & Greek Isles' sailing

Here's one to put on your radar if you're looking to book — but not necessarily sail — in 2024. It's a new Mediterranean itinerary that doesn't start up for nearly three more years, in 2026. The SeaDream routing brings stops at seven ports that are rarely visited by cruise passengers. During the seven-night voyages, there will be calls at Primosten, Croatia; Cesme, Turkey; Cetubal, Portugal; and Kythira, Kythnos, Syvota and Tinos, Greece — making these sailings unique and well-suited to anyone who loves the region but who's looking for new places to experience.

SeaDream's small ships, each of which carries just 112 people, are able to reach locales about which passengers on megaships can only fantasize. Couple that with excellent service, and you'll be visiting the Our Lady of Loretto statue in Primosten, touring the Cesme Castle and lounging on stunning Greek beaches from a home base that puts you squarely in the lap of luxury.

Details: An itinerary that includes three of the seven new ports is the 11-night " Yachting the Adriatic & Greek Isles " itinerary from Venice, Italy, to Athens, Greece, departing on Aug. 8, 2026, on SeaDream I. Prices start from $10,399 per person ($946 per person, per night) for a room with a porthole view.

Holland America's 'Alaska Arctic Circle Solstice' Legendary Voyage

Alaska is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys the vastness of untouched wilderness, the wildlife it houses and adventurous pursuits it provides. (Think whale-watching, hiking on glaciers and salmon fishing.) However, Holland America 's Westerdam is hosting a 28-day sailing that's anything but your standard cruise to the Last Frontier .

Passengers will visit the usual Alaska ports, such as Ketchikan, Sitka and Juneau, with scenic sailing through the Inside Passage, past Hubbard Glacier and to Glacier Bay. But they can also expect less-common stops at places like Nome, Kodiak, Anchorage (with an overnight) and Homer. Plus, about halfway through, this cruise crosses the Arctic Circle — a rite of passage for many travelers.

Details: Holland America's 28-day " Alaska Arctic Circle Solstice " cruise — one of the line's Legendary Voyages, known for longer durations and a unique mix of port calls — sails June 9-July 7, round-trip from Seattle. Inside cabins start from $5,299 per person (about $189 per person, per night).

Silversea's summertime French Polynesia cruises

Another consideration for future travel is Silversea Cruises , which is featuring its first full-summer season in French Polynesia in 2026. Silver Whisper will offer two immersive itineraries, including overnights, across 17 voyages between April and September.

Passengers can choose seven-night sailings that visit idyllic favorites like Tahiti, Moorea and Huahine and which also include overnights in Bora Bora. Or, they can cruise for twice as long by selecting a 14-night voyage that calls on the same ports as the seven-night option but with Fakarava, Nuku Hiva, Fatu Hiva, Atuona and Tahuata added.

Details: Silversea's seven-night voyages begin April 6, 2026, and start from $5,650 per person ($808 per person, per night) for an ocean-view cabin.

The line's 14-night sailings start on April 20, 2026. Fares start from $10,450 per person ($747 per person, per night) for ocean-view accommodations.

New Bermuda voyages on Carnival Venezia

Beginning in May of 2025, Carnival Cruise Line 's Carnival Venezia will sail a series of eight four- and five-night cruises to Bermuda from New York. These itineraries are notable because the line is aiming to increase its presence there but also because the style of the ship is new to even most of the brand's most dedicated passengers.

In 2022, Carnival announced its Costa by Carnival concept after revealing it would be transferring ships from its Costa sister brand to the Carnival fleet. Now, when travelers visit the Gibb's Hill Lighthouse or check out the island's renowned pink-sand beaches during a sailing on Carnival Venezia, they can enjoy both the Italian style of the ship and Carnival's fun atmosphere and high service standards.

Details: Voyages kick off on May 22, 2025. Prices start from $429 per person ($108 per person, per night) for an inside cabin on a four-night cruise departing Sept. 18, 2025.

Disney Cruise Line's Lighthouse Point itineraries

Disney Cruise Line 's new Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point , a private destination on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera, is set to open in June with a three-night preview sailing on June 6 aboard Disney Magic. Following the initial voyage, the line will run regular three- to seven-night voyages to Lighthouse Point on Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream.

The island will feature a dedicated family beach and water play area, an arts and culture pavilion focused on Bahamian culture, 20 family cabanas, an adults-only beach and a selection of shore excursion options.

Details: Prices for itineraries that include Lighthouse Point start from $624 per person ($208 per person, per night) for a three-night cruise on Disney Magic. The cruise departs Nov. 5 and sails from Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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