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British Columbia Bucket List: 18 Best Places To Visit In British Columbia

British Columbia Bucket List: 18 Best Places To Visit In British Columbia

Do you need ideas for your British Columbia bucket list? We’ve spent more than a year living and traveling in British Columbia, and we inevitably fell for Canada’s West Coast. How could we not? From the majestic Rocky Mountain to the Pacific Coast, British Columbia is a paradise for outdoor lovers, and you can experience truly wild and untouched nature here. Or good wine. Surfing beaches. World-class ski resorts. Unique cities.

In this post we show you the best places to visit in British Columbia. Most of them we’ve already visited, but there’s a few which are still bucket list items.

Get your BC road trip guide so that all the planning is done, you’re ready to go and enjoy BC.

Vancouver and its surroundings

Vancouver, BC, Canada

We’re lucky to live in one of the best cities in the world: Vancouver. (Biased opinion, I know, but we stand by it.) There’s a high chance you’ll start your BC adventure in Vancouver, anyway, and don’t make the mistake of immediately leaving it. Hugged by the ocean and the mountains, Vancouver is a perfect blend of a lively city and amazing nature.

Bike or walk around the Stanley Park Seawall , one of the best urban parks in the world, that has its own island. Visit some of Vancouver’s cool neighborhoods, like Gastown , Granville Island or Yaletown . Marvel at the waves on English Bay Beach or Kitsilano Beach . Go up to Vancouver Lookout for a 360 degrees panorama of Vancouver, the Burrard Inlet and the North Shore.

Flood Falls Trail, Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

just a random magical rainforest trail near Vancouver

But the highlights are not only in Vancouver Downtown, you can actually find just as fabulous places outside of it. Venture out to the parks in Metro Vancouver. Visit the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge Park , cross its 140 meters long suspension bridge, stretching 70 meters above Capilano River. Get impressed while hiking in Lynn Canyon . Try scuba diving in Whytecliff Park – or observe seals basking in the sun on Whyte Islet. Go kayaking in Deep Cove. Take the cable car to Grouse Mountain . Conquer peaks in the North Shore Mountains.

Read this post, too: How To Spend 3 Days In Vancouver?

Stanley Park Seawall, Vancouver, BC, Canada

What’s the downside? You can barely see anything if you only have a few days. But look on the bright side: even if you only explore Vancouver and its surroundings, you can experience some of the best things to do in British Columbia.

Victoria, BC, Canada

Canadian geese on the lawn in front of the British Columbia Parliament

The provincial capital of British Columbia is smaller than Vancouver, and it offers a different experience. The vibe in Victoria reminded us of European cities, and it has some wonderful pieces of Victorian architecture. The heart of the city is the Inner Harbor and the Fisherman’s Wharf. This is where you find the British Columbia Parliament building or the Fairmont Empress Hotel, which was built in 1908 for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

But there’s one thing in which Victoria is quite similar to Vancouver: nature is close. Take advantage of it! We liked the surroundings of Victoria even more than the city itself : the Butchart Gardens with its themed flower gardens and water features, East Sooke Regional Park, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, Sooke Potholes or the rushing waterfalls nearby.

Victoria, BC, Canada

Squamish is located at the end of Howe Sound, and – surprise, no surprise – it’s the surrounding nature that makes it so impressive. Squamish is a great base for adventure lovers: you can conquer the picturesque cliffs of Stawamus Chief (there are options for hikers and climbers, too), take the Sea to Sky Gondola for stunning views of Howe Sound and even more hiking trails at higher elevations, visit Shannon Falls or go whitewater rafting.

Al's Habrich Trail, Squamish, BC, Canada

If you drive the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler , Squamish is a worthwhile stop halfway. If you live in Vancouver (yeah, like us), Squamish will be among your favorite day trips.

The drive from Vancouver to Whistler is amazing, anyway, and each of your stops offer plenty of outdoor adventures.

Iceberg Lake, BC, Canada

Whistler is one of the best winter destinations in Canada, with a world-class ski resort that’s among the biggest ones in North America. At the foot of the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, skiing season is long here, but summer can be just as wonderful : with hiking trails to vibrant, turquoise lakes and glaciers (like Rainbow Lake, Iceberg Lake , Wedgemount Lake), mountain biking opportunities, golf courses and seaplane tours in Whistler Village. While I find Whistler wonderful in every season, summer is my true love. Passionate skiers and snowboarders will vote for winter though.

Green Lake or Lost Lake are easily accessible lakes with stunning scenery. Lost Lake is popular for swimming, as well, in the summer months.

Vancouver Island

Tofino, BC, Canada

Visiting Vancouver Island is one of the most popular things to do in British Columbia. It would deserve its own lengthy post, because this 290-mile stretch of land is a mix of fabulous beaches, dramatic coastline, pristine forest, tranquil lakes and artsy towns. No to mention Victoria and its surroundings. You can easily spend weeks here, but a few days will also impress.

However, don’t even try to see everything in a few days. It’s a long island with many remote areas, so choose one region and explore that if you have a very limited time.

Elk Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Some of our favorite places to put on your Vancouver Island bucket list:

  • Tofino : one of the best surfing spots in all Canada; it also offers easy, scenic coastal trails
  • Pacific Rim National Park : fabulous coastal scenery and old-growth forests
  • Juan de Fuca Provincial Park : wild beaches (several of them have waterfalls on the beach), untouched coastline
  • Elk Falls Provincial Park : one of the most impressive waterfalls on Vancouver Island
  • Strathcona Provincial Park : a remote park with endless pine forests, lakes, amazing waterfalls
  • Victoria and the nearby waterfalls, trails, coastal parks
  • Nanaimo : the main attractions are also the lovely coastal parks and waterfalls near the city

Sunshine Coast

Pender Hill, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

The Sunshine Coast is a somewhat isolated, idyllic coastal area with many tiny islands and inlets, backed up by giant, rugged mountains that cut if ott from direct road connections. It lies north of Vancouver, along the Strait of Georgia, and it can be accessed by taking a ferry, helicopter or plane.

Are you looking for easy coastal trails with jaw-dropping scenery? Then add the Sunshine Coast to your BC bucket list. (Don’t let the name mislead you though. The Pacific Northwest has a rainy climate for the majority of the year.)

Yoho National Park

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, Canada

Your BC adventures are not complete without the Rocky Mountains. Bordering Alberta’s famous Banff National Park, Yoho is smaller, but just as magical, with rugged mountain terrain, snow-capped peaks, rushing rivers and waterfalls, and crystal clear lakes. With quite some attractions located along the road, it’s a perfect stop on any Canadian Rockies road trip.

Yoho National Park is home to Takakkaw Falls (373 m), the second tallest waterfall in British Columbia, Emerald Lake , an alpine lake named for its magical color, or the picturesque Yoho Valley .

Kootenay National Park

Stanley Glacier Trail, Kootenay National Park, BC, Canada

Adjoining Banff and Yoho, Kootenay National Park is another of the seven national and provincial parks that form the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. Its main mountain range reaches 3000 meters, so this park also has a landscape with sawtooth peaks, dramatic ridges, glaciers and narrow gorges.

Kootenay National Park also has easily accessible attractions, like Marble Canyon, Numa Falls or the Paint Pots . My favorite hike there is Stanley Glacier Trail.

Glacier National Park

Marion Lake, Glacier National Park, BC, Canada

While you might have heard about Yoho and Kootenay, and visiting them are bucket list things to do in BC for many people, fewer know about Glacier National Park. What?! No, not the Glacier National Park of Montana, this is the Glacier National Park of British Columbia. With high peaks, about 400 active glaciers and one of Canada’s largest cave systems.

It lies in the northern Selkirk Range of the Columbia Mountains, and most of the park is very hard to access. There are some shorter nature trails, challenging, very scenic day hikes – and the backcountry. You have a chance to bump into mountain goats, black bears or grizzly bears, or even woodland caribous. The Trans-Canada Highway runs through the park, so you can enjoy the amazing scenery even from the car.

Glacier National Park, BC, Canada

Our favorite hike in Glacier National Park is Asulkan Valley Trail , a steep, picturesque valley that ends at a glacier. It’s also on the list of our favorite hiking trails in BC.

Mount Revelstoke National Park

Not far from Glacier National Park, here’s another gem that’s not so well-known, but so easily accessible: Mount Revelstoke National Park. You can drive straight up to the peak of Mount Revelstoke on 26 km long Meadows in the Sky Parkway.

You find several short trails in the summit area, and there’s a few longer ones. Miller, Eva & Jade Lakes Trail is one of the most scenic lake hikes in British Columbia.

Eva Lake, Mount Revelstoke National Park, BC, Canada

Actually, casually listing Yoho, Kootenay, Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks makes us realize just how lucky we are to live in a province that is so full of out-of-fairy-tale mountains. No, they don’t feel like they’re the same. Yes, they impress each and every time we get to see a piece of them. Don’t miss the mountains of BC – and prepare for the most epic alpine views you’ve ever seen!

The sleepy little town of Revelstoke is at the foot of Mount Revelstoke, and it doesn’t offer many sights, but it’s a prime destination for heli-skiing . The Revelstoke Mountain Resort has North America’s longest vertical descent at 5,620 feet (1713 m), and it also has plenty of powdery snow each winter. The Sutton Place Revelstoke Mountain Resort gives easy access to this ski paradise and perfect conditions to relax after a tiring day.

So there’s nothing in Revelstoke. Nothing but mountains. Like in most of BC. 🙂

Garibaldi Provincial Park

Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada

Sigh. I bet you’ve seen it on Instagram countless times: girls in pretty dresses posing at Garibaldi Lake. Just to make things clear: you need hiking boots and clothes to reach the lake , so carry the pretty outfit in your backpack if you want that picture.

But Garibaldi Provincial Park is more than Garibaldi Lake. It offers long, challenging hiking trails with unforgettable alpine scenery. It’s within day trip distance from Vancouver, which means that this park is very busy in the summer months. And it’s not really accessible for the rest of the year.

While we think Garibaldi Lake and this provincial park deserves the fame, avoid summer weekends. Check if you need a day pass – they’re free, but mandatory in the busiest period of the year.

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC, Canada

British Columbia is so rich in waterfalls! They’ll amaze you no matter where you go within the province. But there’s one park that waterfall lovers simply can’t miss: Well Gray Provincial Park, “Canada’s waterfall playground”.

It has 41 named waterfalls and an untamed wilderness, shaped by volcanoes and glaciers, dominated by powerful rivers and endless pine forests. The waterfalls are roaring, and quite a lot of them have an impressive size, but the lava rock bowls behind them, the basalt canyons, the crystal clear mountain rivers and the surrounding wilderness are all part of the magic.

Moul Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC, Canada

Helmcken Falls is the most famous waterfall in Wells Gray. It’s 141 meters (463 ft) high and can be seen from a viewing platform that’s a few minutes walk from the parking lot. Spahat Falls and Moul Falls are also on Murtle River – they make our TOP 3 waterfalls in the park.

The main area of Well Gray Provincial Park can be accessed from Clearwater. The road is paved until Helmcken Falls, after that it’s a dirt road all the way to Clearwater Lake. Road conditions vary, but you can usually get to Helmcken Falls all year. Wells Gray Provincial Park has some more remote areas, too, accessible on minor roads that are partly unpaved, or accessible exclusively on water.

Mount Robson Provincial Park

Overlander Falls, BC, Canada

3954 meters high Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, and it’s not even located in any of the national parks. It has its own provincial park though, bordering Alberta and famous Jasper National Park. You can admire the peaks from the road as you drive through, and there are a few short hiking trails by the road, but the main attractions of Mount Robson Provincial Park require long and demanding hikes.

We liked the short and easy trail to Overlander Falls. The trail to Berg Lake seems stunning, but it was not a realistic objective for us with a 3-year-old.

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Located right on the border of BC and Alberta, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park offers majestic, untouched mountain scenery. The pyramid-shaped peak of Mount Assiniboine is known as the crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies, but you find countless lakes and glaciers worthy of praise, as well.

This park is not for road trippers though. There’s no road into the park, only multi-day hiking trails – or helicopter rides. 5-6 days of backpacking is recommended to see some of the highlights in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, and definitely plan your routes and overnight stays in advance.

This park is one of the few places on this list where we haven’t been, simply because there are so many beautiful places in this province, and too many of them are much easier to access. It would be worth a visit, but it should be a well-planned, longer one.

Okanagan Valley

Kalamalka Lake, BC, Canada

While mountains impressed us, we expected to find them in BC, because we knew that most of the province is mountains. Okanagan Valley on the other hand was a true surprise. It was like stumbling upon a piece of the Mediterranean in Canada!

With hot, dry summers and hundreds of (not glacial-fed, so warm enough) lakes, the Okanagan Valley is the best beach destination in British Columbia. It’s also one of Canada’s premier wine-producing regions. The 120 km long Okanagan Lake is the heart of the region, with the city of Kelowna on its eastern shore. The scenery is spectacular even if you only drive through, but the countless wineries and beaches are surely worth some stops along the way.

Slocan Lake

Slocan Lake, BC, Canada

“Take the road less traveled.” The statement stands true for the Arrow-Slocan region, with about 20 small communities, scenic roads, farmland, rivers and crystal clear lakes with mountain backdrops. This was one of those regions on our BC road trip where we had most of the attractions to ourselves, or shared them with a few local families.

Slocan Lake is a huge, deep, wonderful lake in the Slocan River Valley. No major river feeds the lake, but several small streams bring cold water into it. Its water temperature is not nearly as pleasant as some of the lakes in the Okanagan Valley, but we could easily mistake it for the sea – so huge and perfectly blue. We had a few short swims, but hiking was our favorite activity here. Boating and fishing are also popular.

Nestled between the West Kootenay and Valhalla mountain ranges, you can choose any trail on the steep shoreline of Slocan Lake to enjoy spectacular views. Bannock Point Recreation Site has short trails to scenic viewpoints, and Valhalla Provincial Park offers longer, more remote trails into the wilderness.

Slocan Lake, BC, Canada

This region is most likely quite out of your way though. Coming from Revelstoke, we had to take the Upper Arrow Lake Ferry, linking Shelter Bay and Galena Bay and providing free(!) ferry service, then drive down on Highway 6. But what a peaceful paradise we found!

Great Bear Rainforest

Finally, another place which is still on our BC bucket list: Great Bear Rainforest. It’s a temperate rainforest that covers 6.4 million hectares (roughly the size of Ireland) and is home to rich wildlife and marine life. Spirit Bears, unique white-colored sub-species of the black bear, can only be found here. No big cities, busy highways or anything of that sort around. Just nature – and nature is more than enough.

It’s a remote region, flying, hiking or sailing is the way to explore it. Bella Coola and Kitimat are two of the small communities that are great bases to immerse yourself in the solitude and beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Now, tell us what are your favorite places in British Columbia?

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Which are the best lesser-known hikes in North America?

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Wild About BC


by Wild About BC | Vancouver


Living in Vancouver is amazing, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love planning some weekend getaways from Vancouver. While city life is a lot of fun, it is still nice to plan weekend getaways in BC and discover all of the cool places to visit near Vancouver.

Whether you are just planning weekend trips from Vancouver, or you have a few extra days to plan longer Vancouver getaways, our guide will list all of the best getaways in BC that can be easily accessed from the city. All of the places we suggest for a Vancouver weekend trip can be enjoyed year-round. Whether you want a beach retreat in the summer or a ski holiday in the winter, our list of short trips from Vancouver will have you covered.

While we enjoy a lot of adventure on our getaways near Vancouver (think hiking, camping, snowboarding, and snowshoeing), we are confident you can enjoy each of these trips from Vancouver at a much more relaxed pace, if you prefer. There are also plenty of places to go near Vancouver that are perfect for spa retreats, great food, wildlife watching, storm watching, and an altogether much more relaxed time.

Choosing the best weekend trips from Vancouver is such a fun activity and we are spoiled with an abundance of fantastic choices. Having grown up in British Columbia, we have been on countless Vancouver weekend getaways and are always adding more to our list. Below are all of our favourite quick getaways from Vancouver!

Disclaimer – This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a small commission if you make a purchase at NO extra cost to you. This will never impact our reviews and we only recommend products and services we firmly believe in. Thanks for your support!

Jump ahead to:

The Best Weekend Getaways From Vancouver

1. Whistler – 1.5 Hours

Whistler - Weekend Getaways From Vancouver

Let’s jump straight into one of the most popular places to spend a couple of nights, which is Whistler . As it is only 1.5 hours drive from downtown Vancouver this is one of our favourite short trips from Vancouver and it is one of the best year-round destinations.

For obvious reasons, it is one of our favourite winter getaways from Vancouver. It is the largest ski resort in North America so you can enjoy world-class skiing and there is a huge area of terrain to explore. In the summer months, you can explore the endless hikes in and around Whistler or get the adrenaline pumping with some mountain biking.

Whistler’s Scandinave Spa is a fantastic retreat if you want to enjoy one of the more romantic getaways from Vancouver and there are so many amazing restaurants to choose from in the evenings. Even the shoulder season is an awesome time to visit as prices tend to be much lower, but you can still get out and explore the surrounding area.

Top Activity in Whistler

Asides from the obvious skiing and hiking, one of the best things to do in Whistler is to zipline through the untouched wilderness. Get an aerial view of the forest and flowing rapids as you fly through the trees and get your adrenaline pumping.

>>Book your Whistler Zipline here

Where to Stay in Whistler

The Crystal Lodge – Stay in the heart of Whistler Village, only a few steps away from the lifts that will take you up either Whistler or Blackcomb mountains. Location is so important when staying in Whistler and it doesn’t get much better than this. We also think the value is excellent for a room here compared to many other accommodations in Whistler.

>>See prices and availability for The Crystal Lodge

2. Tofino – 5.5 Hours


Whistler may be the most popular for vacations from Vancouver but our personal favourite has to be Tofino . This little surf town is tucked away on the west coast of Vancouver Island and is unlike anywhere else. There are countless beaches, many of which you can surf at, spectacular coastlines, numerous adventure tours, lots of wildlife, and some of the best food we have ever eaten.

In fact, we love Tofino so much that we have written a completely separate guide of things to do in Tofino . If you plan on visiting Tofino, our favourite of the Vancouver Island getaways, then you should check it out to help plan your trip.

Tofino is also the best of the beach vacations from Vancouver as there are so many beautiful beaches to choose from. Our personal favourites are Tonquin Beach and Mackenzie Beach and you should definitely check out Cox Bay if you want to surf or explore the Cox Bay lookout hike for unparalleled views over Tofino.

You’ll enjoy beautiful scenery, amazing food and cocktails, shop at the cute boutique shops, catch some waves in the Pacific Ocean, explore the many trails, and keep your eyes peeled for all of the wildlife. Check out our guide on how to get to Tofino from Vancouver as there are several different options.

Top Activity in Tofino

Surfing! Dip your toes in the Pacific and enjoy a couple of hours catching waves surrounded by the natural beauty of the west coast.

>>Book your surf lesson here

Where to Stay in Tofino

Tofino Resort and Marina – Stay on the edge of Tofino town centre so you can walk to all of the great restaurants and shopping that Tofino has to offer. Tofino Resort and Marina also has incredible views of the Tofino waterways, and the onsite pub, the Hatch, has the best patio in Tofino for sunset drinks.

>>See prices and availability for Tofino Resort and Marina

3. Gibsons and Sechelt, The Sunshine Coast – 2 Hours

Gibsons - Best weekend trips from Vancouver

A short ferry ride across Howe Sound from Horseshoe Bay will take you to the Sunshine Coast. This is still part of the mainland but is only accessible from Vancouver by ferry or by taking a short flight for the weekend. The towns of Gibsons and Sechelt are very quaint and they have lots of good restaurants, shopping and beautiful scenery making it an ideal choice for our list of quick trips from Vancouver.

One of our favourite things to do in this part of the Sunshine Coast is to try out the different breweries and cider houses, and there are plenty to choose from. Our favourite brewery is Persephone Brewing Company in Gibsons but you should also check out Tapworks, The 101 Brewhouse, and Batch 44. For those with a sweeter tooth try the Bricker Cider Company and Sunday Cider.

There are also several beaches, hikes, and walks to enjoy. The S kookumchuck Narrows is a really cool natural phenomenon that is worth visiting . As the tide rushes through the narrows it creates whirlpools and even large waves. The waves are often ridden by kayakers and it is a wicked experience to sit on the rocks and watch them riding this unique wave just a few metres away.

Top Activity in Gibsons and Sechelt

Explore the beautiful coastline from the water on a kayak tour. Departing from Gibsons, you will get the chance to spot coastal wildlife, witness the stunning landscapes and get out on the water.

>>Book your kayak tour here

Where to Stay in Gibsons and Sechelt

Davis Bay Bed & Breakfast – Stay in the Sechelt area and enjoy breathtaking views over the water and the mountains. This is a great location to explore the rest of the island and you can do so with a full belly after enjoying a full English or Irish breakfast.

>>See prices and availability for Davis Bay Bed & Breakfast

4. Cultus Lake – 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Cultus Lake - Place to go near Vancouver

If you are searching for short getaways from Vancouver or even just overnight trips from Vancouver, then Cultus Lake is an excellent choice. It is less than 1.5 hours drive from downtown Vancouver and when you arrive you get to enjoy the beautiful lake and surrounding mountains.

What’s really great about Cultus Lake is that most of the accommodation is a stone’s throw from the lake itself. This means you’ll probably get great views over the lake and it will only be a few seconds from your door to reach the edge of the lake for a swim. The accommodation is also very reasonably priced, making this one of the better cheap weekend getaways from Vancouver.

You’ll also find a small waterpark here that is open in the summer months which is a lot of fun for both the kids and the grown-ups. There is an excellent trail that circles the entire lake which is best tackled on a bike. You can easily spend a whole weekend here but this is one of our top choices for a one-night getaway from Vancouver.

Top Activity in Cultus Lake

Take a swim in the lake and bask in the sun on the beach.

Where to Stay in Cultus Lake

Cultus Lakehaus – We recently rented this house on Cultus Lake with some friends and it was perfect. The house is beautiful, has a rooftop patio, and a front patio that is covered with heaters.

5. Victoria – 3 Hours

Victoria Inner Harbour

The capital city of British Columbia is a really great place to spend the weekend exploring and another one of the epic getaways on Vancouver Island. We lived here for a while and loved the city centre which is situated around the inner harbour.

There are few cities that can boast such a spectacular setting right in the heart of downtown. The waterways here are buzzing with activity and you’ll be able to see water taxies, seaplanes, and boats constantly moving through the water.

There are plenty of fun things to do here ( read our full guide on things to do in Victoria here ), starting with exploring the city’s Inner Harbour and Fisherman’s Wharf. Walk along the water and soak in the fantastic views and make your way to the floating village of Fisherman’s Wharf where you may spot some friendly seals who seem to spend their day swimming underneath the wooden walkways.

You can also search for Fan Tan Alley, Canada’s narrowest street, visit the Butchart Gardens, go whale watching, look for the best brunch in Victoria , visit all of the craft breweries, hang out at the beach, and so much more. There will be no shortage of things for you to do here and you can easily extend this trip to be a long weekend. This is also one of our favourite romantic getaways near Vancouver and is one of the best getaways in BC for couples.

Top Activity in Victoria

Enjoy a half-day whale watching tour spotting orcas, humpbacks, and minke whales in one of the most spectacular settings anywhere in the world.

>>Book your whale watching tour here

Where to Stay in Victoria

Helm’s Inn –  Situated right on the corner of Beacon Hill Park and just minutes away from the inner harbour, this is an amazing location. The rooms are fantastic and select rooms also come with a kitchenette so you can cook your own meals.

>>See prices and availability for Helm’s Inn here

6. Squamish – 1 Hour

Murrin Loop and Quercus Viewpoint in Squamish

If you are after a weekend full of adventure then make the short trip up the road to Squamish. Whether you want to hike, mountain bike, kiteboard, or ride your dirt bike, this is the place to go. Squamish has endless hiking trails and some of our favourites are the Chief, Crooked Falls , Cheakamus Canyon , Slhanay trail , and Murrin Loop .

This is also an excellent choice for weekend trips from Vancouver in the winter. There are lots of good snowshoe trails and lots of world-class backcountry skiing to be enjoyed in the surrounding mountains. You’re also just a short drive to Whistler if you want to ski there but avoid the crowds and the high prices for accommodation.

Top Activity in Squamish

Ride the Sea to Sky Gondola – If you don’t fancy having to hike for hours to enjoy incredible views then take the Sea to Sky Gondola up the mountain instead. You’ll get jaw-dropping views over Howe Sound and there is a cool suspension bridge at the top too.

>>Book your Sea to Sky Gondola Tickets here

Where to Stay in Squamish

Howe Sound Inn & Brewing Company –  Is there any better place to stay than at a craft brewery? The Inn is in a fantastic location and has awesome rustic rooms. You can also hang out in the sauna or grab a massage after a full day of hiking.

>>See prices and availability for Howe Sound Inn here

7. Bowen Island – 1 Hour

Bowen Island - Short Trips From Vancouver

Bowen Island is such a quaint and pretty part of BC and even though it is only an hour from downtown Vancouver it feels like you are a million miles away. You can enjoy a much more laid-back and relaxed pace of life as you explore this wonderful island in Howe Sound.

Once you are on the island you can hike, cycle, and walk around or you can enjoy some great food and explore the boutique shops in Snug Cove. One of our favourite things to do on Bowen Island is to hike Mt Gardner . It is a challenging enough hike as you start right at sea level but the views from the top are worth all of the effort.

Top Activity on Bowen Island

Bowen Island Dinner and Zodiac Tour – Take in the sights of Vancouver and Bowen Island as you rush by them on a zodiac that will take you to Bowen Island. Once there enjoy a delicious dinner at Doc Morgan’s.

>>Book your Zodiac tour here

Where to Stay on Bowen Island

Artisan Suites on Bowen – Stay within walking distance of Snug Cove and enjoy easy access to the rest of the Island as well. You’ll also enjoy the beautiful views and tasty food from the cafe downstairs.

>>See prices and availability for Artisan Suites here

8. Pemberton – 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Joffre Lakes in Pemberton - Weekend trips from Vancouver

A short drive north of Whistler is the town of Pemberton, which is a small town surrounded by epic mountains. Like Whistler, this is a great place to come for some outdoor adventures in the mountains and it can be enjoyed year-round. The incredible backcountry skiing and backcountry lodges located nearby make this one of the best weekend getaways from Vancouver in winter.

While not in Pemberton itself, one of the highlights of any trip to this part of British Columbia is a visit to Joffre Lakes . This set of three glacial blue lakes is absolutely breathtaking and it isn’t too difficult of a hike. If you want to avoid the crowds at Joffre then head a few minutes up the road to Rohr Lake , another alpine lake that is a sensational blue colour.

There are also some hot springs that can be visited from Pemberton, although they are a bit of a journey to get to. This is an excellent place to spend the weekend, especially for adventure lovers.

Top Activity in Pemberton

Horseback Ride in Pemberton – Explore the Pemberton Valley on horseback and take in all of the beautiful surroundings with your expert guide.

>>Book your horseback ride here

Where to Stay in Pemberton

Pemberton Valley Lodge – Relax in the outdoor pool and hot tub or enjoy the mountain views while sitting by the fireplace in your room.

>>See prices and availability for Pemberton Valley Lodge here

9. Kelowna and Big White – 4 Hours

Big White - Winter Getaways From Vancouver

Explore slightly further afield and head into the interior to visit Kelowna. The city is located in the Okanagan which is renowned for producing some of the best wines in Canada. The wineries are scattered throughout the region and trying all of the local wineries is a brilliant way to spend a weekend.

Kelowna is perched on the shores of Okanagan Lake and you can enjoy swimming in the lake, or take your boat with you and spend some time out on the water. With the hot summers the Okanagan experiences every year, a dip in the lake is a great way to cool down.

Kelowna is also situated near Big White Ski Resort which is home to some of the best snow anywhere in the world. We were fortunate enough to do a winter season here and we can confirm that the champagne powder that they advertize lives up to its name. With excellent snow and little to no lift lines, this is a great alternative to the likes of Whistler when you are considering winter getaways near Vancouver.

Top Activity in Kelowna

Wine Tour – It’s one of the main reasons people love to visit the Okanagan and it should be top of your list of things to do. Plus, you can take plenty of wine home with you to enjoy for the rest of the year.

>>Book your Kelowna wine tour here

Where to Stay in Kelowna

Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort – Stay in the heart of downtown and just a few steps from the beach in this beautiful resort. Take your choice of swimming in the lake or the swimming pool.

>>See prices and availability for the Grand Okanagan Resort here

10. Pender Island – 3 Hours

Pender Island - Vancouver Getaways

While we recommend visiting as many of the Gulf Islands as possible, we wanted to pick out a couple that we favour above the others. Pender Island is an awesome island getaway and a couple of days here is plenty of time to explore.

One of the best things to do here is to play disc golf in Golf Island Disc Park in North Pender Island. There are several routes you can follow through the forest and it is a really fun course to play on for beginners and experts alike.

Mount Norman is a relatively short hike with incredible views from the top over the surrounding islands. There is a really cool wooden viewing platform at the top which is a great place to watch the sunset. You can also check out Twin Island Cidery and Sea Star Vineyards. Twin Island Cidery is particularly cool as they have a tiny tasting room where you can try their delicious ciders before you buy (we are huge fans of their Forage Fine Perry pear cider).

Top Activity on Pender Island

Disc Golf – It’s fun and free, plus if you don’t have your own discs there are some available at the information board for you to borrow.

Where to Stay on Pender Island

Woods on Pender – Make this one of the more romantic getaways in BC by staying at the Woods on Pender . You can stay in airstreams or a small cabin and each unit has its own private hot tub making this an ideal couples getaway from Vancouver.

>> Check out our full blog post on the Best Things to Do On Pender Island .

11. Salt Spring Island – 2.5 Hours

Salt Spring Island - Vancouver weekend trip

Another of the Gulf Islands that you should definitely consider visiting is Salt Spring Island. This offers a similar experience to Pender Island but is also unique in its own way. Kick-off your weekend by sampling wines from local wineries , Garry Oaks Winery and Salt Spring Vineyards, which are all made with locally produced grapes.

Then head over to Salt Spring Wild Cider House to taste their delicious range of ciders. Chances are you have tried some of it before as it is widely available across BC. But there’s nothing like a flight of ciders from where it is actually made and the tasting room is situated on a hillside with beautiful views over the surrounding countryside.

Ruckle Provincial Park is a great spot for easy to moderate hikes and many of the trails are right along the impressive shoreline. Keep an eye out for any whales swimming close by and look up to try and spot eagles which are commonly spotted here.

There are quite a few cute cabins tucked away in the woods so this is a great spot if you are looking for cabin getaways from Vancouver.

Top Activity on Salt Spring Island

Visit Salt Spring Wild Ciders – Ice cold drinks with a view, do we need to say any more?

Where to Stay on Salt Spring Island

The Cottages on Salt Spring Island – Stay in these cute cabins on the edge of Bullocks Lake and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while still having easy access to the rest of the island.

>>See prices and availability for the Cottages here

12. Powell River, the Sunshine Coast – 4.5 Hours

Powell River - Weekend getaways in BC

Head further north on the Sunshine Coast and you will find the town of Powell River. This is a long journey and we would recommend taking an extra day or two to make this a long weekend unless you choose to fly up here. But once you arrive you will find plenty of cool things to do in Powell River .

The main reason that we visited Powell River was to check out the Tin Hat Hut , one of the huts along the Sunshine Coast Trail. The hike up here is moderate, even with a backpack, but it is 100% worth it. This is one of our favourite hikes in BC as the wooden hut perched on the rocks, overlooking the lakes, forest, and the ocean is phenomenal.

This hike can be done as a day trip, a quick overnight trip or as a multi-day trip to explore more of the trail. The Sunshine Coast Trail is a 180-kilometre backcountry trail so there is plenty to explore here.

We also highly recommend visiting Savary Island when you are up this direction as it is quite close by. It is home to a unique community, connected by one main gravel road. You’ll find lots of cool cabins, forest trails, and beautiful beaches on Savary Island and you may be lucky enough to spot some whales on the ferry ride over like we did.

In Powell River itself, you can head to Townsite Brewing Inc, check out the Hulks, visit Inland Lake Provincial Park, or hang out at Willingdon Beach.

Top Activity in Powell River

Hike to Tin Hat Hut – Take your overnight gear up and spend a night in the Tin Hat Hut. The sunsets up here are ridiculous and you won’t regret spending a night up here. Keep an eye out for black bears on your drive in and out from the trailhead.

Where to Stay in Powell River

Beach Gardens Resort Powell River  – There aren’t too many options to choose from in terms of hotels in Powell River, but the Beach Gardens Resort and Marina is probably the best choice. It is in a great location, just a short drive from the town centre and it is right on the water so you’ll get nice views out over the water. Like most accommodation in Powell River, it is also very reasonably priced so it is a good option for cheap getaways from Vancouver, BC.

>>See prices and availability for Beach Gardens Resort here

13. Seattle – 2 Hours 45 Minutes

Head south of the border into the United States and spend a weekend in the funky city of Seattle. Sitting right on the edge of the water and with mountains in the background, Seattle is a pretty city to visit and not unlike Vancouver in this regard. But it is the culture that seems to attract people to visit Seattle.

There is a vibrant food, arts, and music scene here, and city explorers will love wandering around this quirky city with so many hidden gems. You can visit the original Starbucks location, shop around at Pike Place Market and watch fishmongers toss the fish to each other, visit the Space Needle, or catch a baseball or football game.

Many Vancouverites love a visit to Seattle when the Toronto Blue Jays are playing the Seattle Mariners. It is much easier to watch Canada’s only Major League Baseball team by making the short trip to Seattle, rather than flying over to Toronto.

Wandering around the city is so interesting and you’ll stumble across some cool places like the Fremont Troll and the Post Alley gum wall. This is a great trip for those that want more of a city escape and even though it is across the border it is an easy drive or a short flight.

Top Activity in Seattle

Pike Place Market Food Tour – Explore this iconic public market on a walking/food tour. Learn all about the history of this market while sampling some delicious food along the way.

>>Book your Pike Place Market Food Tour here

Where to Stay in Seattle

Hotel Theodore – When you come to Seattle you want to stay in the heart of Seattle so you have easy access to all of the cool sites. Hotel Theodore puts you right in amongst the action and you will be a few minutes’ walk from most of the top attractions, including Pike Place Market.

>>Click here to see prices and availability for Hotel Theodore

14. Parksville and Qualicum Beach – 3 Hours 10 Minutes

Parksville & Qualicum Beach - Vancouver Weekend Trip

Having grown up in Qualicum Beach, I love sharing my love for this small town. The Parksville and Qualicum Beach area is another beautiful part of Vancouver Island. If you are after somewhere with a bit more to do on your doorstep then I would recommend heading to Parksville, the busier big-brother to Qualicum’s sleepy style.

Parksville is much larger and has lots of shops, restaurants, and other fun things to do. Parksville Beach is an awesome spot to spend the day soaking up some sun and swimming in the water to keep cool. This side of the Island has calm and relatively warm water compared to the west side of the Island. You can also explore Rathtrevor Provincial Park and explore some of the cool trails or hang out at the beach here.

Qualicum Beach is a much smaller town and is ideal if you are looking for a more peaceful getaway. The beach here is beautiful and is rarely that busy. In town, you’ll find boutique shops to peruse and a few good places to eat. One of the best additions to Qualicum in recent times is Fern + Cedar Brewing Company. Here you can grab some delicious beers and the food is excellent too.

The surrounding area for both these places is amazing and you’ll find plenty of hikes, waterfalls, and viewpoints to enjoy. A couple of our favourites are Little Qualicum Falls and Englishman River Falls. While you’re in the area keep an eye out for whales swimming by in the ocean. We’ve been lucky enough to spot orcas swimming right past Qualicum Beach.

Top Activity in Parksville and Qualicum Beach

Spend the day lazing on the beach at either Parksville or Qualicum Beach. If the beach isn’t your thing, there are tons of golf courses to check out!

Where to Stay in Parksville and Qualicum Beach

The Beach Club Resort – If you are going to come to a beachfront town you may as well stay right on the beach. Walk out of the front door of your hotel and right onto Parksville Beach. You can also get stunning views out over the water from your room.

>>See prices and availability for the Beach Club Resort

15. Port Renfrew – 4.5 Hours

Mystic Beach Vancouver Island Camping

Another of our favourite spots on Vancouver Island is the southwest coast. We have it listed as Port Renfrew but we really mean this whole stretch of the coast down to Jordan River. This is a rugged and beautiful part of the island and there is so much to explore here.

The Juan de Fuca Trail and all of the beaches along it are the main highlights of any trip here. Plus, you can camp on many of the beaches along the trail which makes for an epic adventure. You can check out Mystic Beach , surf and discover the hidden waterfall at Sombrio Beach , relax at Sandcut Beach , and check out the tide pools at Botanical Beach.

If you head a short drive inland from Port Renfrew you can check out the Fairy Lake Bonsai Tree , which is an unusual natural phenomenon. Exploring this section of Vancouver Island is mostly about enjoying the outdoors and seeing nature at its finest. Make sure to drop in at the Renfrew Pub for unbeatable views and one of the best burgers in BC.

Top Activity in Port Renfrew

Surf – Catch some waves at Jordan River or head to Sombrio Beach. There are plenty of waves to go around and far fewer people surfing here than the likes of Tofino.

Where to Stay in Port Renfrew

This is one place we highly recommend camping, especially at Mystic Beach. If you don’t fancy camping check out our top accommodation recommendation below.

Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottages – Stay right on the water, wake up to amazing views every morning and relax on their private beach.

>>See prices and availability for Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottages here

16. Kamloops and Sun Peaks – 4 Hours 30 Minutes

Kamloops is another good place in the interior to spend a long weekend. As it is a bit further out we recommend taking an extra day or two to make the most of your trip out here. You’ll find a wealth of hiking and mountain bike trails close to the city and there are plenty of breweries to explore in town.

While a summer trip here is worth taking, we recommend this as one of the best winter getaways near Vancouver as you have access to Sun Peaks Ski Resort. This is the second-largest ski resort in Canada, with Whistler being the only bigger ski resort. With lots of terrain to explore and the light, fluffy snow interior BC is known for, you’ll have an amazing time riding here.

Top Activity in Kamloops and Sun Peaks

Skiing and snowboarding – Visit in the winter months to experience world-class skiing and snowboarding on the second biggest ski hill in Canada .

Where to Stay in Kamloops and Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre – If you are coming in the winter then you have to stay in Sun Peaks village so you can enjoy ski-in ski-out riding. Staying at the Grand Hotel puts you just 100 metres from the lifts so you have the best access on the mountain.

>>See prices and availability for Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre

17. Harrison Hot Springs – 1 Hour 50 Minutes

Harrison Hot Springs - Quick Getaways From Vancouver

Looking for romantic getaways from Vancouver? Then why not head to Harrison Hot Springs and enjoy a weekend by Harrison Lake. This is a great couples getaway as you can spend some time relaxing in Harrison Hot Springs Spa. Soak in the naturally heated pool and get a massage for the ultimate day of relaxation.

This is also a great getaway for families, especially in the summer as there are lots of activities you can enjoy on the lake. The best of these is the inflatable water park on the lake . Spend a couple of hours playing on this giant, inflatable water park that is fun no matter what age you are. You can also relax on the beach, rent jet skis and tour the lake, or play golf at one of the two local courses.

Top Activity in Harrison Hot Springs

Relax in some hot springs – Whether it is at the spa, the local pool, or you explore deeper into the wilderness to find some hidden hot springs, this is the best way to relax and enjoy your weekend.

Where to Stay in Harrison Hot Springs

The Lodge on Harrison Lake – Relax on your private beach and enjoy the views in this waterfront location just outside the town centre.

>>See prices and availability for the Lodge on Harrison Lake here

Final Thoughts

We are incredibly lucky to live in such a magnificent part of the world and have easy access to so many other amazing places to spend the weekend. Whether you are searching for outdoor adventures or you prefer to spend your weekend eating and drinking, there are plenty of options for everyone.

Personally, we think you should start at the top of your list and work your way down as all of the locations we listed are worth visiting at least once, while others should be visited every single year (this is Tofino for us)!

Planning a weekend getaway? Check out some of our more in-depth destination guides here:

  • TIN HAT HUT HIKE | Sunshine Coast Trail

Best Weekend Getaways from Vancouver

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Uncovering British Columbia

10 Perfect Weekend Getaways in BC

If you are looking for the perfect weekend getaway in BC and want some fresh ideas, you can find great destinations just a few hours from the city. Since British Columbia is filled with so many great destinations that means there are so many ideas and options when it comes to weekend getaways in BC.

Maybe you want a couples weekend getaway, a road trip with kids, a solo adventure, or a fun girls trip, these weekend getaways in British Columbia are sure to give you the break from the everyday!

Pack up the car, pack up the kids (and perhaps the dog) and get out and explore. These weekend getaways include the outdoors (hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding , skiing) but also luxury and relaxing escapes (hot springs, spa, great food, wildlife watching, wine tastinge).

These weekend getaways in BC can easily be explored in a weekend, but if you have a week off, USE IT! This resource is not just for locals. Are you visiting British Columbia and want to know where else to explore? These trips are all excellent and worth checking out on your holiday as well.

10 Weekend getaways in British Columbia.

Perfect Weekend Getaways in BC

In This Article

  • 1.1 Victoria
  • 1.2 Harrison Hot Springs
  • 1.3 Revelstoke
  • 1.4 Kelowna
  • 1.5 Squamish
  • 1.6 Whistler
  • 1.7 Salt Spring Island
  • 1.9 Nanaimo
  • 1.10 Kamloops

As the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria has so much to offer for everyone on a weekend getaway! It is not just a tourist destination! Book a hotel for the weekend and visit the many beaches, parks and outdoor activities to explore! Whether it is feeding seals on fisherman’s wharf,  geocaching, taking a horse-drawn carriage around downtown, whale watching , or spending an afternoon at the Royal BC Museum, or Butterfly World or the Bug Zoo, there are plenty of activities for all interests!

For foodies, I recommend taking a local food tour to give you insight into Victoria’s culinary delights!

Walk the Galloping Goose Trail, or conquer Mount Finlayson if you are a hiking enthusiast. You can do this any time of year! And if the weather does not cooperate, do not despair, we have a great list of what to do in the rain here .

Summer is the busiest time of year in Victoria, but it can be enjoyed any time of year. Due to the current travel climate and shortage of workers, I would highly recommend making a reservation on BC Ferries before you travel. When you only have a weekend to visit, you do NOT want to be sitting at the ferry terminal for hours!

A super unique idea is to book a local photographer on your weekend getaway! It is easy! If you believe that memories make the best souvenirs, then book a photo shoot before your trip! If you use the code LINDSAY you will get $25 off your booking as well! Click here to search and book a photoshoot while in Victoria (or many other locations in BC)

Planning your Trip: Victoria at Christmas , Book your whale watching tour here, Fun things to do in Victoria in October , How to spend one day in Victoria.

Where to stay in Victoria:

LUXURY:   Delta by Marriott Victoria Ocean Pointe  or  Fairmont Empress  or  Sheraton Victoria

MIDRANGE:   Accent Inn  or  Best Western Inner Harbour  or  Hotel Zed

BUDGET:   Island Travel Inn  or  Ocean Island Backpackers

How to get to Victoria from Vancouver: Catch a BC Ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay and then follow the highway south to Victoria. Takes about 30 minutes to drive from the Swartz Bay terminal to downtown Victoria. Or take a seaplane from downtown Vancouver with HarbourAir or fly from YVR to YYJ.

Victoria Harbour Coastal town in British Columbia with whale watching boat and empress hotel.

Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs is known as one of the best day trips from Vancouver, but it is also one of the great getaways in BC that you can easily visit in a weekend. The drive from Vancouver is about 90 minutes (except in the afternoon rush hour where you should add at least 30 minutes to your drive. Friday of a long weekend, add an extra hour!)

The Harrison Hot Springs Resort is a popular choice to stay in and offers great amenities for family travellers. Whether you are visiting Harrison Lake with friends, as a romantic getaway or with your family, you will find plenty of activities to keep you as busy as you would like to be! This weekend trip from Vancouver boasts watersports including boating, fishing or paddling. Harrison Hot Springs also offers spas, golf courses and great hikes!

If you are visiting Harrison Hot Springs in the summer, you have got to try the inflatable course on the lake ! It is a ton of fun (make sure you get the wet suit rentals as the lake is very cold, even in the summer!) Harrison eco-tours is the place to rent e-bikes or take a kayak tour! Read more things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

Where to stay in Harrison Hot Springs: Harrison Hot Springs Resort , Rowena’s on the River, the Lodge on Harrison Lake

Driving Time and Directions from Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs: Head east out of Vancouver on the 1 towards Abbotsford/Chilliwack and Harrison Hot Springs. Take exit 135/Bridalveil Falls and follow signs north to Harrison Hot Springs. Driving time is about 90 minutes. Add 30 minutes at rush hour and add an hour on Fridays of long weekends in the summer.

Harrison Hot Springs - Kayaking tour

For those who like a bit of a drive, Revelstoke is one of the perfect summer weekend getaways in BC. The Revelstoke Mountain Resort has plenty to keep outdoor lovers busy for the weekend and is also full of attractions for those looking for some fun! It features the famous mountain coaster but there really is so much more to see! Take the Gondola up and do some hiking at the peak of the mountain, try some disc golf, enjoy axe throwing and then wind down in the pool!

Planning your trip: How to get from Vancouver to Revelstoke

Where to Stay on your BC getaway: Sutton Place on Revelstoke Mountain ,

Driving time from Vancouver: 6 hours with no traffic getting out of the city.

Driving Directions: take Highway 1 out of town and when you get to Hope, hop onto HWY 5, the Coquihalla Highway, which will take you to Kamloops. From Kamloops, you get back onto HWY 1 and that will take you right to Revelstoke.

Revelstoke Mountain Coaster

An easy highway drive or just one hour flight from YVR makes Kelowna a popular place for a BC getaway. It draws those who love wine and it also has a ton of great foodie restaurants. While in town consider not only a wine tour, but a food tour !

Where to stay in Kelowna on your BC getaway: Hyatt Place Kelowna

How to Get to Kelowna from Vancouver: Follow the 1 eastbound out of Vancouver until you reach Hope. From here take the 5 northbound and switch to the 97c signposted to Kelowna. Driving time is 4.5-5 hours in good weather and without major traffic congestion.

Kelowna - Wine tasting getaway

Looking for some outdoor adventure, Squamish is the perfect place to be on our list of BC getaways! Go horseback riding , or white water rafting , hike the Stawamus Chief, go sailing and take the Sea to Sky Gondola up for epic views of Howe Sound.

Where to Stay in Squamish on your BC getaway: Sandman

Getting to Squamish: From Vancouver take Highway 99 out of town and head through North and West Van. If you are looking for somewhere to stop along the way, consider Brittania Mine Museum . The drive from Vancouver without traffic is a little over an hour.

Britannia Mine Museum National Historic Site British Columbia

Whistler is one of the best resorts in North America and the number one resort in Canada. It definitely earns that title and offers so many things to do any time of year. Its pedestrian-only village vibe, its epic snowflakes, its laid back attitude, and its wealth of seasonal activities all contribute to making it one of the best mountain vacations you can take in the summer and in the winter! It is less than 2 hours from Vancouver and the perfect BC weekend getaway.

If you are coming in the summer months to this popular BC getaway destination, a fun day on the water is paddling the river of golden dreams, and swimming in nearby lakes or taking on the rafting of green river . There are tons of bike paths so pack your bikes (or rent them) and enjoy hiking all over the village as well as up in the alpine. If you are looking for some adrenaline tryout Whistler Superfly Ziplines (it is very high and scary and awesome – trust me!) or the Whistler Via Ferrata

In the winter months indulge in the Scandinave Spa (well you can do that in the summer too, but it is very cool in the snow), spend a day on the slopes, try the Whistler tube park (perfect for a visit with kids that are not too into skiing) and enjoy the apres ski on a patio.

Did you know you can book a local photographer on your weekend getaway? It is easy! If you believe that memories make the best souvenirs, then book a photo shoot before your trip! If you use the code LINDSAY you will get $25 off your booking as well! Click here to search and book a photoshoot while in Whistler (or many other locations in BC)

If you are coming up to Whistler for the weekend with a group of friends, try the hour long axe throwing!

Where to stay in Whistler on your BC weekend getaway:   Four Seasons Whistler  , Delta Hotel Whistler ,  Aava Hotel Whistler , Pangea Pod Hotel  

Planning your trip: How to get from Vancouver to Whistle r, Whistler packing list , Things to do in Whistler with Kids , Whistler in Summer, Whistler at Christmas .

Whistler - Green Lake Green River Rafting Wedge Rafting TAG Adventures

Salt Spring Island

If you have never experienced British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, Salt Spring Island is a great place to start! Like other destinations on this list of Vancouver weekend getaways, it is an outdoor-lovers paradise. You will find kayaking, whale watching, hiking and biking trails as well as eclectic shops in the centre of town: Ganges. You will not find traffic lights on the island, and amenities such as car rentals are limited. Salt Spring Island features some amazing B&B’s but no large hotel chains. Make sure to visit the Saturday Market in Ganges where you will find local arts, crafts and locally made cheeses and other treats!

Saltspring is perfect for foodies, make sure to visit the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company, drink plenty of Salt Spring Island Coffee and stop into Barb’s buns!

Getting to Salt Spring Island: BC Ferries leave from Tsawwassen to Long Harbour regularly throughout the day. There is also a thoroughfare that requires two boats which goes first from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay (Victoria) and then you can transfer to a smaller boat that goes into Fulford Harbour. Float planes also land in Ganges Harbour from Richmond Airport.

Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast and pristine beaches are part of what draw visitors plan a BC weekend getaway to Tofino. What awaits is one of Canada’s best road trips, a drive past lakes, over mountains, and through old-growth forests, not seen in much of the rest of British Columbia. In 2020 Tofino saw a huge growth in visitors, and it has now slowed down since. What used to be a summer season town now sees a lot more visitors year round. But if you haven’t been yet, don’t despair, Tofino is still a hidden gem for even many Canadians, and now is the perfect time to explore this natural paradise on Canada’s west coast.

Tofino is full of amazing places to eat! It is perfect for West Coast foodies. Check out where to eat in Tofino when you are planning your getaway!

A super unique idea is to book a local photographer on your weekend getaway! It is easy! If you believe that memories make the best souvenirs, then book a photo shoot before your trip! If you use the code LINDSAY you will get $25 off your booking as well! Click here to search and book a photoshoot while in Whistler (or many other locations in BC)

Where to stay in Tofino on your BC weekend getaway:

MIDRANGE:  Duffin Cove Resort   Duffin Cove is newly renovated and is right in Tofino. They have a few A frame cabins right on the water that you can book as well. The nice thing about staying here is that you can leave your car and walk into town. Parking can be busy in town in high season. 

MIDRANGE:  Hotel Zed Tofino  Hotel Zed is right off the highway and less than 500m from Chesterman Beach. It is 1.1 km from Mackenzie Beach. Your stay includes free parking and there is a restaurant on site. Hotel Zed is known for its eclectic styled accommodations. You cannot miss it! Pets are welcome at Hotel Zed.

MIDRANGE:  Shoreline Tofino   Shoreline Tofino offers a rustic feel with A Frame loft style cabins. it is close to the downtown core of Tofino and on the harbour side.

LUXURY:  Pacific Sands Beach Resort   Pacific Sands is the epitome of luxury. Featuring townhouse style accommodations and jetted tubs with a view, few other properties can walk right out to Cox Bay beach! Depending on your accommodation type, you can have a full kitchen and multiple bedrooms. If storm watching or walking the sandy beaches are your thing, choose Pacific Sands! It is perfect for families and getaways with friends!

LUXURY:  Long Beach Lodge Resort   Long Beach lodge features oceanfront rooms as well as cabins with hot tubs. There are surfing rentals and lessons right on site. It is situated on Cox Bay beach

AIRBNB:  I have a post on the   best Tofino AirBNB locations .

Planning your trip: How to get from Vancouver to Tofino , Nanaimo to Tofino or Victoria to Tofino , Tofino packing list

Nanaimo lies on the East Coast of Vancouver Island. A perfect BC weekend getaway for those living in the Metro Vancouver area or even those in Victoria. Nanaimo offers excellent hiking, boating and scuba diving. It is the gateway point to exploring most of Vancouver Island such as Tofino, on Vancouver Island’s West Coast, to Mount Washington as well as accessing the cities and islands on the northern part of the Island. Nanaimo offers a small town feel, despite its over 80 000 residents.

More Planning info: Fun things to do in Nanaimo in October

I chose Kamloops as one of my cheap weekend getaways in BC only because it does not involve a ferry ride or expensive activities. But the price of gas these days does mean you are likely going to have to buck up for a tank in order to visit. The hotels are decently priced in Kamloops and the activities are well worth the price paid. Our favourite place with kids was the BC Wildlife Park  which features animals native to British Columbia.

On this BC weekend getaway, you will find countless outdoor activities from hiking to golfing to fishing to horseback riding. In the winter, strap on your snowboard and hit the slopes of SunPeaks Resort. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Kamloops this spring, and realized that Kamloops is not a small town at all, but a bustling city with all the amenities you need and so much space to explore!

BC Weekend Getaway Useful Planning tips and resources:

  • Book your ferry sailings in advance as they do sell out.
  • If you need a rental car, check out prices here
  • Book hotels in advance in peak periods, especially in the smaller towns where accommodations are limited.


Lindsay Nieminen is the creator of UncoveringBC.com. She grew up and still lives in the suburbs of Vancouver with her family. She aims to inspire inform, and educate others about traveling in her home province of British Columbia. She is also the creator of carpediemourway.com  which aims to show parents how to seek out adventure at home or abroad, with their children in tow!

2 thoughts on “10 Perfect Weekend Getaways in BC”

Just FYI it’s the Saturday market on Salt Spring not Sunday 🙂 great information….time for a local staycation

thanks for the keen eye! Cant wait to get back there this spring!

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Epic Travel Plans

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BC romantic getaways, beautiful British Columbia Canada vineyard and Okanagan Lake

61 BC Romantic Getaways: Best Cabins, Hotels, Spas (MAP)

British Columbia Canada has SO many romantic weekend getaways for couples. Cozy mountain chalets. Elegant spas nestled among vineyards. And treehouses overlooking the ocean. Here are the BEST hotels, resorts and cabins for romantic getaways in BC.

Even narrowing this list down to 61 romantic places was very difficult. I’ve spent a lot of time in BC but still have so much I want to experience. So, this list includes personal recommendations and a hefty bucket list!

When planning a romantic getaway, the MOST important thing is to pick a fabulous place. A place you’ll want to spend time in. For more tips, check out How to Plan a Romantic Getaway .

These romantic getaways in BC include the elegant, the off-grid and the unusual. All have excellent guest reviews.

BC romantic getaways

Let’s start these romantic getaways in BC Canada on Vancouver Island and then move east:

  • MAP of BEST Romantic Getaways in BC
  • 4 Romantic Hotels IN VICTORIA BC | Vancouver Island
  • 17 Romantic Getaways NEAR VICTORIA BC | Vancouver Island

4 Romantic Getaways NEAR VICTORIA BC | Nearby Islands

  • 3 Romantic Hotels IN VANCOUVER
  • 14 Romantic Getaways NEAR VANCOUVER  
  • 9 Romantic Getaways in OKANAGAN VALLEY | BC Interior
  • 7 Romantic Getaways in KOOTENAY ROCKIES | BC Interior
  • 3 Romantic Getaways in NORTHERN BC | BC Interior

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MAP of BEST Romantic Getaways in British Columbia

Yup, I know that 61 BC romantic getaway hotels, resorts and cabins is a little intense. Here to help you out is a map, courtesy of Wanderlog. Wanderlog is a helpful trip planning tool to try on your next adventure!

Note: The order is the same as below but the numbers don’t match up perfectly, as some cabin locations have been combined for ease.

4 Hotels for Romantic Getaways IN VICTORIA BC | Vancouver Island Getaways

Vancouver Island is an enchanting romantic getaway in BC Canada. Its obvious main attraction is the ocean. There’s plenty of whale watching, sea kayaking, sailing and surfing. Plus, gorgeous sunsets. You’ll also find stunning gardens, spas, caving and golf. Vancouver Island has Canada’s warmest climate.

In Victoria, you’ll find many beautiful places to stroll hand-in-hand. Explore Butchart Gardens’ magnificent displays, Beacon Hill Park’s ponds and Abkhazi Garden’s tea house. Soak in maritime culture along the Inner-Harbour Pathway and Fisherman’s Wharf. Or head inside many fabulous museums, the historic Craigdarroch Castle and boutique shops in Fan Tan Alley.

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Magnolia Hotel and Spa in Victoria | Romantic Weekend Getaways BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels in victoria BC, spa

Magnolia Hotel and Spa is an elegant hotel for weekend getaways in Victoria BC. It’s near Inner Harbour and the shops and restaurants at Market Square. Comfortable rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and plush bathrobes and slippers. Book a room with a fireplace and private balcony overlooking the harbour.

Onsite amenities include a restaurant, bar and full-service spa. Price includes wifi. Parking is available for a fee (CAD 30 per day).

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Oak Bay Beach Hotel | Romantic Getaways in Victoria BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels in Victoria BC Canada, resort spa getaways for couples

Oak Bay Beach Hotel is a very pretty property right on the ocean in Victoria BC. All rooms have a fireplace, sitting area, large tub, kitchenette and balcony. Absorb the panoramic ocean views in your luxurious bathrobe and slippers.

Enjoy the onsite spa, steam sauna and outdoor mineral baths. Plus a restaurant, bar and nearby Victoria Golf Club. Price includes wifi and underground parking.

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Pendray Inn and Tea House in Victoria | BC Weekend Getaways

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels in Victoria BC Canada, historic inn

Victoria BC oozes romance with its historical Victorian architecture. So you know you’ll find a beautiful boutique inn for your BC weekend getaway! Take a look at the super cute Pendray Inn and Tea House built in 1897. Some rooms feature poster beds, chandeliers, and claw-foot tubs. Plus, private balcony views of the nearby Inner Harbour.

I LOVE that they host a traditional afternoon tea at their restaurant (Monday and Tuesday)! And after tea, stroll the nearby Beacon Hill Park. Price includes wifi, breakfast and local shuttle. Parking is available for a fee (CAD 12 per day). 

Abigail’s Hotel | Romantic Getaways in Victoria BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels in Victoria BC Canada, historic inn

I love the cozy library at Abigail’s Hotel ! Built in 1930, Abigail’s Hotel features Italian marble and antiques, including claw-foot tubs. Abigail’s Hotel is an adults-only boutique hotel. Relax over evening appetizers, books, movies and games in the lovely library lounge. Doesn’t that sound perfect for romantic getaways in Victoria BC?

Located near the Royal BC Museum, legislature building and Victoria Clipper ferry to Seattle. Price includes wifi, parking and gourmet breakfast.

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17 Romantic Getaways NEAR VICTORIA BC | Vancouver Island Getaways

Beyond the charming capital of Victoria are many amazing BC romantic getaways. Vancouver Island has the warmest climate in Canada, so you’ll find year-round outdoor activities like hiking and surfing. Plus, awesome storm watching, whale watching, dolphins, sailing, kayaking, caving and golf.

And some incredible resorts, spas, hotels and cabins to make your BC romantic getaway perfect.

Romantic SPA Getaway on BRENTWOOD BAY near Victoria BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, resort spa getaways for couples

Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa is an adults-only luxurious spa getaway near Victoria, only 30 minutes from downtown. The onsite restaurant features fresh seafood on heated outdoor patios. Other amenities include a full-service spa, bar, marina, pool and hot tub. Go kayaking (yay!!), scuba-diving and on an eco-tour.

All rooms feature ocean views from your balcony, fireplace, spa bath and separate shower. Plus, luxurious bathrobes, slippers and soundproofing. Price includes wifi and parking.

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5 Oceanfront Getaways near Victoria | Romantic Getaways BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, resort getaways for couples

About 45 minutes west of Victoria is the seaside artisan town of Sooke. Sooke is a restful place to stay while exploring the dramatic coastline and pretty beaches near Victoria. It also has excellent hiking at Sooke Potholes Provincial Park. Sooke is popular for kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, fishing and windsurfing. And you have some fabulously unique places to stay right on the ocean! 

Here are my favorite oceanfront romantic getaways near Victoria:

  • SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort (Sooke): A lovely oceanfront resort, with gorgeous views from every room. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, with beautiful tubs and glass showers. Be sure to book a room with a balcony! Guests love these views. Price includes wifi and parking.
  • Owl’s Perch Treehouse (Sooke): Take in the stunning views on your romantic cabin getaway, from 30 feet above ground! Owl’s Perch treehouse gives you the privacy of glorious cedar and maple trees, with a large deck to take in the views. This treehouse includes a full bathroom and kitchenette.
  • Beau Mountain Oceanview Cottage (Sooke): Enjoy the views from nearby cliffs, your rooftop patio or fire pit … with alpacas! Hand-feed the alpacas, and enjoy dinner from your outdoor kitchen.  Rent inflatable kayaks or book a tour or fishing charter with your hosts.
  • 3 Legged Bear Cabin (Jordan River): Features a private sauna with spectacular panoramic ocean views. And it’s nestled among old-growth forests. Explore hidden beaches nearby, and cozy up in front of the indoor or outdoor fireplace.
  • Jordan River Cabin (Jordan River): A modern cabin with a private wood-fired cedar hot tub. Floor-to-ceiling windows. A wrap-around deck. Outdoor shower, Bluetooth speakers, and indoor and outdoor fireplace (firewood included). Enjoy the upstairs sundeck, rainshower heads, large soaker tub, and BBQ grill. Note: there’s limited wifi, no TV and no cell service; property has a landline for emergencies.

Romantic cabin getaways near Victoria BC Canada, oceanfront, unique treehouse getaways for couples

Lush Wetlands Inn in CENTRAL Vancouver Island | Romantic Weekend Getaways in BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, unique getaways for couples

About two hours north of Victoria is the Qualicom National Wildlife Area and surrounding wetlands. This Central region is a wonderful BC weekend getaway for those who love birdwatching. Inn the Estuary borders the Qualicom National Wildlife Area, with beautiful lush gardens of its own to explore.

Every room features a fireplace, large windows and private balcony with an outdoor soaker tub. Enjoy views of the ocean, estuary and mountains! Price includes wifi and parking.

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Oceanfront SPA Getaway in CENTRAL Vancouver Island BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, resort spa getaways for couples

Looking for a spa getaway near Victoria BC? Take a look at the beautiful Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa in Courtenay, just under 3 hours from Victoria. Onsite amenities include an outdoor pool, spa tub, steam room and sauna, only available to those 13 years and older. The spa offers a variety of services, and the beautiful grounds feature outdoor fireplaces. You’ll also find two restaurants, a bar and bike rentals onsite.

All rooms feature a balcony, and plush bathrobes. Price includes wifi and parking. You might also want to take advantage of the airport and ferry shuttles (for a fee).

3 Romantic Cabin Getaways in CENTRAL Vancouver Island BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, private accommodations

Would you prefer a private cabin for your weekend getaway near Victoria BC? Here are my top three in Central Vancouver Island:

  • The Rainforest Yurt (Courtenay): A year-round glamping option for romantic getaways in BC. This lovely yurt features exposed beams and skylight windows to sleep under the stars! Enjoy the large deck overlooking the forest. Features a hand-carved spiral staircase inspired by Lord of the Rings!
  • Tiny Home (Courtenay): This lovely tiny house is surrounded by excellent wooded walking trails. Enjoy your coffee on your private cedar deck. Has wifi. 
  • Waterfront Suite (Campbell River): Right on the beach, with a balcony and cozy stone fireplace to enjoy the sunrise over the ocean! Plus, a kitchenette, BBQ and large tub overlooking the ocean. Although this suite has no guest reviews at the time of writing, the host is experienced and highly rated for other properties.

3 BC Romantic Getaways in UCLUELET

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, resort spa getaways for couples

Ucluelet was named one of BC’s top 10 small towns! It’s a welcoming coastal town with awesome scenery and lots of outdoor activities for your romantic getaway in BC. Ucluelet is about 4 hours drive north of Victoria, through Nanaimo. 

Here are my favorite for romantic getaways in Ucluelet BC:

  • Black Rock Oceanfront Resort : An iconic oceanfront resort for storm watching. Has an outdoor plunge pool and hot tubs overlooking the ocean. Plus, views from the restaurant’s outdoor patio and the lounge’s floor-to-ceiling windows and cozy fireplace. Price includes wifi.
  • Water’s Edge Shoreside Suites : A peaceful, calm waterfront property right on the Ucluelet Inlet and bordering the marina. All suites feature a full kitchen, dining room, living room and fireplace. Borrow games at reception for a cozy night in! Price includes wifi.
  • The Sapling Cabin : Perfect for romantic cabin getaways in BC. It’s a cozy two-storey space among the hemlocks, with a private hot tub, outdoor rainshower and king bed in the loft. You’re within walking distance of the Pacific Rim National Park and its Florincia and Half Moon Bay Beach trails.

3 Romantic Weekend Getaways in TOFINO BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, resort getaways for couples

About 40 minutes from Ucluelet is the famous year-round surfing community of Tofino. You’re also near incredible ancient rainforests, perfect for exploring. Tofino is a popular spot for couples looking for a getaway.  

Here are my favorite places for romantic getaways in Tofino BC:

  • Duffin Cove Resort : A rustic resort with a private beach and nearby hiking trails, and a tour desk to help you plan your romantic adventures. All rooms have a balcony with fabulous views, and some have a kitchen. Plus, wonderful rainshower heads. Price includes wifi and parking. 
  • Pacific Sands Beach Resort : Right on Cox Bay, with beach activities and sunset walks through the rainforest. Every room has a stone fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows, full kitchen and balcony. Plus, bathrobes, soundproofing and board games. The resort features daily surf lessons, bike rentals and help with arranging whale watching and wilderness tours. During storm watching season, they even provide umbrellas and raincoats! Price includes wifi and parking.
  • Cox Bay Cottage : A beautiful cedar beam cottage, perfectly cozy for BC romantic getaways. It’s nestled among old-growth forest, with a fireplace, outdoor shower, BBQ and fire pit. Enjoy the heated floors in winter, too! Includes wifi.

There are thousands of islands surrounding Vancouver Island. Many have frequent ferry access from Victoria, making it easy to reach these spectacular BC romantic getaways. They OOZE romance! 

Cob Cottage on Mayne Island | BC Romantic Getaways

Romantic cabin getaways near Victoria BC Canada, unique getaways for couples

Cob Cottage on Mayne Island is SO COOL!! Truly a one-of-a-kind earth house you have all to yourselves. This gorgeous house features a fireplace, window seating, and winding staircase to your loft bed and balcony. Outside, enjoy a fire pit and hammock. 

This home was hand-sculpted with local and sustainable natural materials. Make the most of farm-fresh produce available onsite, and tips on what to see on Mayne Island.

SPA Getaway on Pender Island | Romantic Weekend Getaways in BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, resort spa getaways for couples

Looking for that perfect BC weekend getaway at a rejuvenating spa? Check out Poet’s Cove Resort and Spa on Pender Island. Poet’s Cove Resort and Spa has a full-service spa, two outdoor pools (one year-round), restaurant, bar, and full-service marina. Activities include yoga classes, fishing and a basketball court. Every cottage and villa has a fireplace, kitchen and large windows with harbour views. Price includes wifi and parking.

Pender Island has a lot of beaches (though the waters are chilly!). It’s excellent for kayaking, fishing, boating, cycling and hiking at Gulf Island National Park . Plus, golf, wineries and horseback riding.

2 Romantic SPA Getaways on Salt Spring Island near Victoria BC

BC romantic getaways, romantic hotels near Victoria BC Canada, resort spa getaways for couples

Salt Spring Island is the largest and most populated of the Southern Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. It has a bit of everything for your perfect BC romantic getaway. Beaches, fishing, paddling adventures, cycling, hiking and golf. Farms, wineries, restaurants and pubs. Artisan shops and spa retreats.

Here are my two favorite romantic spa getaways on Salt Spring Island BC:

  • The Sanctuary Retreat and Spa : These spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows will make you feel one with the forest! Incredible exposed wood. Fireplaces with ocean views beyond. Wrap-around balconies. Oversized tubs with views. Enjoy board games, hiking, yoga and a massage. This is a fantastic BC getaway for couples, tucked away but still central and close to town. Price includes wifi and parking. Breakfast available onsite (for a fee).
  • Wetherly Inn and Spa : An adults-only spa getaway in BC. There’s SO much to do here! Beautiful gardens to explore, with ponds and lots of private outdoor sitting areas. A seasonal outdoor pool and hot tub. Games and yoga. Nearby are mountain trails for hiking, golf and wineries. Rooms are lovely and spacious, some with a jacuzzi, fireplace and balcony. Price includes wifi, breakfast and parking.

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3 Romantic Hotels in VANCOUVER BC

Romantic hotels in Vancouver BC Canada, luxury spa getaways for couples

My favorite area to stay in Vancouver is downtown. Staying in Downtown Vancouver puts you close to nearly everything you might want to do on a romantic getaway in Vancouver Canada. And it’s home to super classy, romantic hotels in Canada. Explore high-end shops on Robson Street and excellent waterfront dining, both only blocks away. And you have easy access to nearby Stanley Park and the eclectic Granville Island for your BC romantic getaway.

The most romantic hotels in downtown Vancouver Canada are:

  • Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver : I can personally give this place a raving review. Hands down, my favorite romantic hotel in Vancouver. Luxurious rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Top-floor outdoor pool, bar, spa and private yoga and Pilates classes. Two blocks from fabulous shopping on Robson St and three blocks from the waterfront restaurants and galleries.
  • Fairmont Waterfront : Couples love the Fairmont Waterfront for comfort, service, location and views. Features an onsite restaurant, hot tub, steam rooms, and heated outdoor pool with harbour and mountain views. Make the most of this lovely hotel by booking a corner room overlooking Stanley Park and the port.
  • Central downtown Vancouver apartment : Look at this VIEW!! If you’d rather have a place to yourself for your BC weekend getaway, this is a fantastic apartment to consider. I love lofts, and this is a beauty. Bright and spacious, with 16-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and an electric fireplace. Price includes wifi. Parking is available for a fee. Note: No air conditioning; cooled with lots of fans.

BC romantic getaways in Vancouver Canada, private apartment getaways for couples

14 Romantic Weekend Getaways NEAR VANCOUVER BC

Maybe you love Vancouver but want a romantic weekend getaway outside the city. Vancouver is surrounded by mountains, rainforests and of course, the ocean. You have MANY options for romantic getaways near Vancouver Canada.

GLAMPING near Vancouver | Romantic Getaways BC

Romantic cabin getaways near Vancouver BC Canada, riverfront, unique tent getaways for couples

Love the idea of glamping for BC romantic getaways but still want to experience Vancouver? Check out Golden Ears Tent , a stylish extra-tall tent with a private deck overlooking the woods and river below. You still have a full bathroom with indoor and outdoor showers, kitchenette and BBQ, and electric fireplace. Relax on additional decks, including one right on the river.

Activities include fishing, floating on the river, and hiking. The perfect weekend getaway from Vancouver that’ll make you feel miles away!

Lovely Guesthouse in Abbotsford | Romantic Weekend Getaways BC

Romantic cabin getaways near Vancouver BC Canada, riverfront, unique guesthouse getaways for couples

Abbotsford is another relaxing BC weekend getaway near Vancouver, about an hour away. It’s known as “A City in the Country,” with excellent wineries, breweries, eating, fishing, and hiking. Stroll around pristine Mill Lake for a completely rural experience in the mountains. Pick apples and get lost in the corn maze at Taves Family Farm. Or test your nerves with GT racing or skydiving.

While visiting Abbotsford, a romantic place to say is Shining Rose Studio guesthouse . Shining Rose Studio is a custom-built music studio with vaulted wood ceilings and a grand piano! Plus, a river rock fireplace, glass shower, screen and projector with a movie library. Also enjoy shared use of the hot tub and saline pool. The guesthouse has full private access and is separate from the main house. 

3 Romantic Cabin Getaways near Vancouver: BOWEN ISLAND BC

Bowen Island romantic getaways near Vancouver BC Canada

About an hour north of Vancouver’s downtown is an island escape paradise for BC weekend getaways. Head up to Horseshoe Bay and take a 20-minute ferry ride to be transported to another world. Check out Artisan Square for cute shops. Take a variety of tours, like eco hikes through lush greenery or kayaking tours with spectacular mountain views. Or just relax in your cozy cabin.

Here are three quite different romantic cabin getaways on Bowen Island BC:

  • Seaview Cabin Farmstay : beautifully decorated tiny home. Get a variety of experiences here: hobby farm, lush woods, ocean views and mountain views. Features a comfortable loft bedroom, oversized soaker tub and full kitchen. Includes wifi. Located 7 minutes from town and the ferry.
  • Waterfront Cottage : A lovely waterfront cottage with a private hot tub and covered deck overlooking the ocean. Also includes large windows, fireplace, kitchen, BBQ and wifi. Located 5 minutes from town and the ferry.
  • Wildwood Cabins (three available): Your classic “cabin in the woods” experience, with direct access to hiking trails. Features a private deck, wood stove, loft bedroom, kitchen and firepit. Five private cabins onsite, with daily yoga classes. Includes fresh-ground coffee, farm-fresh eggs (seasonal) and wifi. About 10 minutes from town and the ferry.

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2 Romantic Cabin Getaways near Vancouver: SQUAMISH BC

Romantic cabin getaways near Vancouver BC Canada, private oceanfront getaways for couples

You’ll get spectacular scenery pretty much anywhere along the BC coastline, but Squamish BC is special. It’s less than an hour north of downtown Vancouver, right along the coast. And it’s right at the end of a long, narrow inlet, surrounded by rainforest, mountains and waterfalls. 

Squamish has tons to offer couples looking for active BC weekend getaways near Vancouver. Like kayaking, kite and wind surfing, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Explore Shannon Falls and take the Sea-to-Sky gondola. Plus, excellent restaurants, bars, shops and galleries.

Here are two excellent romantic cabin getaways in Squamish BC:

  • Tea Tree House Guesthouse : Nestled in the trees, with breathtaking views of Howe Sound and calming sounds of the nearby creek. An open-concept artist’s studio with 10-foot ceilings and private covered deck. Includes a basic kitchen, BBQ and wifi. Note: No TV or air conditioning.
  • Waterfront Cabin : A rustic wood cabin right on Howe Sound. Private beach, floor-to-ceiling windows, loft bedroom, wood stove and private deck with BBQ. Includes use of two stand-up paddle boards, canoe, life jackets and wifi.

Interested in an incredible video of Shannon Falls? Check out Best Waterfalls in Canada !

5 Romantic Cabin Getaways near Vancouver: BC SUNSHINE COAST

Sunshine coast romantic getaways near Vancouver BC Canada

More incredibly romantic cabin getaways in BC are accessible by ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale. Here you’ll find more incredible coastal scenery and mountainous parks, but much fewer tourists. This area has fantastic hikes, waterfalls and the Skookumchuk, the fastest tidal currents in North America. 

Check out these five fantastic cabins near Langdale ferry:

  • Seaside Farmhouse (Gibsons): A beautifully decorated open-concept studio space in a farmhouse, within walking distance of Lower Gibsons. Includes a kitchen, BBQ and wifi.
  • Cedar Bluff Cabin (Witherby Point): Perched on a cliff, with forest around you and awesome views of mountains and Howe Sound. Features include a gas fireplace, sliding glass doors from the bedroom to living room, covered deck with BBQ, fully-equipped kitchen. Plus, washroom has heated floors and an oversized glass shower. Fast wifi. Located 8 minutes from the ferry. 
  • Oceanside Hot Tub Suite (Sechelt): A lovely waterfront cabin with a private hot tub, dock and three decks. Also features a fully-equipped kitchen, BBQ, bright living space, king-sized bed and wifi. 
  • Five Firs A-Frame Cabin (Sechelt): Another pretty A-frame cabin getaway a short walk from the ocean, with the property all to yourselves. A short walk to the ocean, with 25-foot ceilings, loft bedroom with king-sized bed, well-equipped kitchen, partly-covered patio with BBQ, firepit, and high-speed internet. Includes use of board games, books, vinyl records (awesome!), guitar and yoga mats.
  • Alfie the A-Frame Cabin (Sechelt): A pretty loft cabin, only a 3-minute walk from the beach. Loft bedroom has a balcony, plus claw-foot tub, kitchen, BBQ and wifi.

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Romantic SPA Getaway in Whistler BC

BC romantic getaways near Vancouver Canada, luxury spa getaways for couples, mountain resort

Continue north past Squamish to reach the beautiful mountain village of Whistler. Whistler is about two hours from downtown Vancouver. Here you’ll find Whistler Blackcomb, one of the largest ski resorts in North America. Plus, Whistler Mountains and the 2010 Olympic Park. Ski jumping is popular here (love watching ski jumping!!). And all the skiing, snowshoeing and sledding you could want. While Whistler is obviously the perfect BC weekend getaway in winter, there’s plenty to do here year-round. With excellent skiing comes excellent hiking and biking. Beaches. Plus, ziplining, mountain-top dining, and gondolas, including a special glass-bottom and peak-to-peak experience.

My favorite place to stay for a BC romantic getaway in Whistler is the gorgeous 5-star Fairmont Chateau Whistler . Every room has a sitting area with mountain or village views. Access to the indoor pool, hot tubs, saunas, and Eucalyptus steam rooms. Plus, a full-service spa, multiple restaurants, and live entertainment in the lounge. Ski-in/ski-out access at Blackcomb Mountain. Price includes wifi.

Quiet Mountain Getaway near Vancouver | Weekend Getaways BC

Romantic cabin getaways near Vancouver BC Canada, unique tiny house getaways for couples

Want a more intimate mountain retreat for your BC weekend getaway? Lytton is about 3 hours north from downtown Vancouver. It’s a railway corridor in the Fraser Canyon where the Thompson and Fraser rivers meet. And it’s a great spot for hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, dirt biking, and hang-gliding. Heli-hiking and heli-biking, too. Plus, windsurfing, sailing and river rafting. You’ll also find a ton of history here. Lytton is one of the oldest continuously settled communities in North America. Go gold-panning, and learn about the Canadian National Railway.

Here’s a cute mountainside Tiny House , within walking distance to Lytton. This secluded cabin getaway is surrounded by fruit trees and berry bushes you can enjoy. Take in the mountain views from your private deck. Includes a loft bedroom, air conditioning, fresh-roasted coffee and wifi. Note: No TV.

9 Romantic Getaways in BC Interior: OKANAGAN VALLEY

Venture about 4 hours from Vancouver to reach idyllic BC romantic getaways in the Okanagan Valley. I love touring the award-winning wineries and beautiful orchards. Boating on Okanagan Lake. It’s also a fantastic spot for golfers and skiers. 

2 Romantic Beach Resorts in OSOYOOS BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, resort spa getaways for couples in Canada, Okanagan Valley

Driving through the spectacular scenery of Osoyoos is one thing; staying here is even better! Right on Okanagan Lake, this area is known for its warm waters and beaches. Plus, vineyards, farmer’s markets, hiking and horseback riding. Osoyoos is about 4.5 hours from Vancouver, making it a doable weekend getaway from Vancouver BC.

Now, I couldn’t choose between these two romantic getaway hotels in Osoyoos BC, so you get to! Both of these Osoyoos beach resorts are right on Osoyoos Lake with a beach, wine bar and spa services. Check them out:

  • Watermark Beach Resort (West Osoyoos): Has a seasonal outdoor pool with a waterslide, outdoor patio, hot tubs and steam room. Enjoy views of the lake, mountains or city from your private balcony. Located at the public Gyro Park beach and surrounded by shops and cafes. Price includes wifi and parking.
  • Walnut Beach Resort (East Osoyoos): An all-suite hotel with an outdoor pool and steam room. A quieter resort getaway for couples, on a private beach and two minutes off the Highway and from Osoyoos amenities. Price includes wifi and parking.

Hobbit Hole near OSOYOOS | Unique Romantic Getaways BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, glamping yurt, unique weekend getaways for couples in Canada, Okanagan Valley

Here’s a really fun and unique weekend getaway in BC Canada. How would you like to stay in a hobbit hole?! The Hobbit House is about half an hour east of Osoyoos, tucked inside a mountain on Courtenay Ranch. Amenities include a small kitchen, outdoor grill and firepit, and indoor fireplaces. SO fun!

Note: There’s no TV or wifi.

Romantic SPA Getaway in SUMMERLAND BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, resort spa getaways for couples in Canada, Okanagan Valley

About an hour north of Osoyoos sitting on the west side of Okanagan Lake is the town of Summerland. Summerland has many of the benefits of larger centers in the Okanagan Valley. Like excellent Okanagan Valley wineries, golf, beaches and skiing. But you won’t find near the size of crowds.

If that sounds like the perfect spot for romantic getaways in BC Canada, take a look at the lovely Summerland Waterfront Resort . Summerland Waterfront Resort is a lovely full-service spa getaway for couples. It’s at a secluded spot with a private beach right on Okanagan Lake. This all-suite hotel features a kitchen, fireplace, soaker tub, plush bathrobes and balcony. Plus, a seasonal outdoor pool and year-round hot tub. 

Nearby activities include equipment rentals to get you out on the lake. Price includes wifi and parking.

PRIVATE SUITE in Peachland | Romantic Weekend Getaways BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, weekend getaways for couples in Canada, Okanagan Valley

Here’s another weekend getaway in BC’s interior with incredible lake views, this time in beautiful Peachland. Peachland Eagles Nest Bed and Breakfast has a private covered deck, shared with the many birds in the trees around you. Enjoy the views along with your outdoor fireplace. Amenities also include a BBQ.

Inside greets you with a cozy cottage vibe, stone fireplace, TV, fully-equipped kitchen and air conditioning. The washroom features heated stone floors, skylight and glass shower. Includes wifi, beach chairs and ingredients to prepare breakfast. You can also hire a personal driver!

Note: The Treehouse Suite is attached to the main house, but is self-contained and private.

VINEYARD on Okanagan Lake | Romantic Getaways BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, vineyard getaways for couples in Canada, Okanagan Valley

Opposite Summerland on Okanagan Lake is the small, quiet waterfront community of Naramata. Naramata is where you’ll find a lovely romantic getaway in BC right on a vineyard!

Therapy Vineyards has quite a modern inn with suites overlooking the vineyard and Okanagan Lake beyond. Enjoy expansive views with oversized windows and patio doors, and from the gorgeous oversized tub, firepit and hot tub. Cozy up next to the fireplace in your luxurious bathrobe and slippers. Price includes wifi, parking and breakfast.

2 Hotels for Romantic Getaways in KELOWNA BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, resort spa getaways for couples in Canada, Okanagan Valley Kelowna

Kelowna BC is in the heart of all Okanagan Valley has to offer. Apparently it’s a golfing mecca, but I come for the wine and the beach! Downtown Kelowna is my favorite area. It has lots of cute shops, excellent restaurants and bars, the marina with various watersport rentals, and Kelowna City Park. Waterfront parks come alive in summer with all kinds of buskers and festivals. 

Wineries (and golf courses!) are spread out in the surrounding Kelowna area, though. Hire a driver or tour, or get a designated driver. You’re going to love these BC wines!

Here are two hotels for romantic getaways in Kelowna BC you should consider. They’re literally side-by-side, with the same beautiful setting. Next to lovely garden pathways, a nice little beach and Rotary Marsh Park. An onsite casino, shops and restaurants. And only a 15-minute walk along the waterfront boardwalk, past the marina, to Kelowna City Park beach and excellent shops, cafes and bars. Perfect for BC weekend getaways, too.

  • The Royal Kelowna : Comfortable suites with a fireplace, spa bath and balcony views of Okanagan Lake. Plus, a fantastic rooftop infinity pool and hot tub, complete with views! Price includes wifi and airport shuttle. Parking is available (CAD 24 per day).
  • Delta Grand Okanagan Resort : My family stays here regularly, with consistently excellent experiences. Rooms are comfortable and washrooms are fantastic, with an oversized tub and glass shower. Amenities include a spa, indoor pool, outdoor pool and hot tub, excellent restaurant, wine bar, lounge, and shops.

Romantic Cabin Getaway near SHUSWAP LAKE BC

Romantic cabin getaways in northern BC Interior, mountain getaways for couples, private hot tub

About two hours north of Kelowna is another spectacular lake area to explore. Technically north of the Okanagan Valley, the Shuswap Lake area has many of the same excellent activities. Like vineyards, golf, incredible hikes and various water sports. But it’s less busy, and has a great houseboating scene! 

I had SO much fun houseboating on the Shuswap with my best friends. But watch out for the train bridge as you set out. And get the insurance. ( Definitely a story I’ll have to share!) The company we went with isn’t renting out houseboats anymore, so I’d check out Google reviews.

For a weekend getaway cabin near Shuswap Lake, check out The Broken Tine Cabin at White Lake. White Lake is a quiet community tucked in between the arms of Shuswap Lake. This lovely woodsy cabin has a wood fireplace, full kitchen and private hot tub. Large windows look out at the tree tops, with glimpses of White Lake. You can sleep on the main queen bed, or climb the vertical ladder up to the suspended double!

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7 Romantic Getaways in BC Interior: KOOTENAY ROCKIES

The Kootenay Rockies have a lot for couples looking for romantic getaways in BC’s mountains. Think: thundering waterfalls, shimmering rivers and lakes, and stress-relieving hot springs. You won’t find high energy here. This is where you go for small towns and super cozy romantic getaways in Canada.

Mountainside Hotel in ROSSLAND | Romantic Getaways in BC Interior

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, ski mountain resort, Kootenay Mountains

Rossland is a pretty little city in central southern BC that’s known for excellent skiing, mountain biking and hiking. It also has cute cafes and boutique shops, and hotels perfect for romantic getaways in BC’s interior. My favorite hotel in Rossland BC is The Josie .

The Josie offers ski-to-door access at Red Mountain, a restaurant, bar and shared lounge in a very lovely setting. It’s super charming, with large rooms, nice sitting areas, cozy bathrobes and some with a balcony. You can also rent ski equipment and bikes right here. SO convenient.

Price includes wifi. Private parking is available (CAD 25 per day).  

2 Romantic Mountain Getaways in NELSON BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, ski mountain resort, Kootenay Mountains

Nelson is a fun little mountain city full of character right on Kootenay Lake. It has excellent boutique shopping, bookstores, galleries, restaurants and live entertainment. Also, Nelson has more than 350 heritage buildings. Enjoy skiing, hiking, biking and kayaking (my favorite!).

Here are two excellent places to stay in and near Nelson BC:

  • Savoy Hotel : A very cozy, tastefully decorated romantic hotel in Nelson BC. I love the exposed brick, balconies and jacuzzi tubs. Plus, it has a rooftop hot tub, sauna and spa. Rent bikes or get discounted Whitewater Resort tickets at the hotel. Price includes wifi and parking. 
  • Modern cabin : A cute cabin getaway in the Kootenay Mountains 10 minutes outside of Nelson. It’s bright and minimalist but comfortable, with large windows and a deck providing lake and mountain views. Warm things up with the electric fireplace. 

Browsing our special offers for later? Act now and enjoy at Palace Resorts.

Tiny House in KIMBERLEY | Weekend Getaways BC

Romantic cabin getaways in BC Interior, mountain getaways for couples, Kootenay Rocky Mountains

Kimberley BC is known for its Kimberley Alpine Resort. And pretty gardens and an underground mining experience. It’s a great BC weekend getaway for hiking, biking, paddling and golf. 

A cute and cozy cabin to check out near Kimberley BC is the Skylight Unit Tiny House . Ski-to-door access, Bluetooth speaker, balcony and fireplace. Plus a shared hot tub, BBQ and three dry saunas on the property.

The Skylight Unit is a 20-minute walk to downtown Kimberley and a 2-minute drive to Trickle Creek Golf Course.

Driving from Kimberley to Radium? Here are two stops I recommend along the way:

  • Lussier Hot Springs are completely natural and remote, literally right next to a cold and pretty mountain stream. The small tiered pools have different temperatures, too. Access this cool spot by a (bit sketchy) cliff’s edge forestry road. It’s kinda smelly, but SO worth the stop.
  • Fairmont Hot Springs has an onsite resort and lots of nearby amenities and activities, like horseback riding. But it’s never been crazy busy when I’ve been here. I’d probably recommend Fairmont for family getaways instead of couples, but it’s still a fun stop on a road trip.

Golf Resort in RADIUM | Romantic Weekend Getaways BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, golf resort getaways for couples in Canada, Rocky Mountains

Radium Hot Springs is a little village tucked right up against the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. The actual hot springs are surrounded by peaks, along a beautiful winding road.  

On the plain below, along the lovely Columbia River, is the highly rated Bighorn Meadows Resort . It’s located on a golf course and features a seasonal outdoor heated pool, hot tub and cozy lounge and library. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, some with a fireplace and balcony. Price includes wifi and parking.

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2 Romantic Cabin Getaways near GOLDEN BC

BC romantic getaways, BC Interior, private hot tub, glamping yurt, unique getaway for couples in Canada, Rocky Mountains

Looking for adventure? A fantastic BC mountain getaway for couples is Golden, about an hour north of Radium. Golden BC is surrounded by three mountain ranges where two heritage rivers meet. And Golden gives you easy access to FIVE national parks. In winter, it’s fantastic for skiing, heli-skiing, ice climbing and snowmobiling. As things warm up, this changes to hiking, biking, fishing, paddling and incredible whitewater rafting. 

Here are two romantic cabin getaways near Golden BC:

  • Kicking Horse Yurt : You have all you need, including a high-end kitchen and wifi. Plus a cozy wood stove, luxurious linens and incredible views from your hot tub.
  • Luxury Cabin : A lovely private cabin with outdoor private hot tub, deck, fully-equipped kitchen and wood-burning stove. Plus, luxury bedding, and a fire pit including the fire wood! Large living area, BBQ and wifi, too. 

Want to explore the area? Check out Things to Do on your Drive from Banff to Jasper Alberta ! 

3 Romantic Getaways in BC Interior: NORTHERN BC

Northern BC has thick woods, dramatic peaks and peaceful rivers. Plus, hot springs and plenty of stunning waterfalls. It’s perfect for fishing, hiking, climbing and paddling. Here are four fantastic romantic getaways in northern BC.

Hillside Cabin in NORTH THOMPSON | Romantic Getaways BC

Romantic cabin getaways in northern BC, getaways for couples in Canada

Just under 1.5 hours north of Kamloops, along Highway 5, is Wells Gray Park. Wells Grey Park is known for breathtaking waterfalls, Myrtle Lake, biking, hiking and skiing. Other nearby activities include horseback riding. Wells Gray Park is certainly a BC romantic getaway on its own. But it’s also the perfect stop on a road trip from BC to Alberta. 

Hillside Haven Cabin is a cozy cabin near Wells Gray Park. Nestled in thick forest, it has a kitchen, private deck, BBQ and firepit. Plus, decent wifi, TV and a short walk to the river. It’s only 5 minutes off the highway.  

Interested in an incredible video of Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Park? Check out Best Waterfalls in Canada !

Creekside Treehouse in LIKELY | Romantic Weekend Getaways BC

Romantic cabin getaways in northern BC, getaways for couples in Canada

Continue north of Lac la Hache for another 1.5 hours and you’ll reach Likely, BC, one of the few remaining Gold Rush settlements. Likely BC is only about 350 people, but it has all you need, with restaurants, the local pub and general store. Likely is on Quesnel Lake and near Cedar Point Park, with a nice little heritage museum, protected swimming area and boat launch.

And where should you stay? In a TREEHOUSE, of course! The secluded Shaky Knees Treehouse is a unique BC weekend getaway perfect for making memories. Shaky Knees Treehouse is 7 meters up in the trees, but has a level entrance. It features a wrap-around deck complete with hammock, loft bedroom, and full bathroom. Enjoy sounds from the nearby creek and small waterfall. 

Note that there is NO cell service or wifi; a landline and wifi are available at the main house.

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Romantic Spa Getaway in PRINCE GEORGE BC

Romantic getaways in northern BC, spa getaways for couples in Canada, Prince George

Love the idea of a northern BC getaway but prefer spas over cabins? Keep going to Prince George. Prince George is the fourth largest city in BC, so it comes with all the urban amenities you’d expect. But it’s right where the Nechako and Fraser Rivers meet, and is surrounded by tiered wooded areas. I loved how much natural beauty you can experience just driving through the city. Nearby areas to explore include Eskers Provincial Park and Fort George Canyon Provincial Park. 

For a relaxed BC romantic getaway in Prince George, check out Coast Prince George Hotel by APA . It’s a 4-star hotel with that luxury spa, three restaurants including a fun Japanese steakhouse, and onsite shops. Plus many more shops nearby. Also onsite is a relaxing indoor pool, whirlpool and sauna. Rooms are spacious and comfortable. Price includes wifi and parking.

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BC romantic getaways

Featured photo credit (Okanagan Valley): Mike Benna from Unsplash.

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Best Vancouver Day Trips & Weekend Getaways

Best Day Trips & Weekend Getaways from Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is perfectly situated for a wide range of day trips and weekend getaways. The Best Vancouver Day Trips take you to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Pacific Northwest, to some of North America's top ski and snowboard resorts, to picturesque villages and historic cities for shopping and strolling, and to the best spots for outdoor recreation, including camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and more.

Use this list of the Best Vancouver Day Trips & Weekend Getaways to get the most out of living in or visiting Vancouver.

See also: Romantic Getaways from Vancouver

Whistler, BC

The number one destination for Vancouver day trips and weekend getaways has to be Whistler, one of North America's best ski and snow-sport destinations. Located about two hours north of Vancouver (via the famously scenic "Sea to Sky" highway), Whistler is home to the the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort , plays host to major music and cultural festivals, including the World Ski & Snowboard Festival , and is just as fun in the summer months, when families can zip line, hike, or take ecological tours.

  • WInter Snow Sports in Vancouver & Whistler
  • Summer Ziplining in Whistler  
  • Whistler - Blackcomb BC - Top Things for Families

Grouse Mountain

Tourism Vancouver

Situated just 15 minutes north of Downtown Vancouver, Grouse Mountain is another Vancouver Day Trip that's equally popular with visitors and locals: it's a ski-and-snowboard destination in the winter and an outdoor adventure and entertainment venue in the summer. Facilities on top of Grouse Mountain include restaurants and hotels, sports and recreation, a mountain bear refuge, lumberjack shows, and incredible views of the city.

You can combine your trip to Grouse Mountain with other North Vancouver attractions, including the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge (see below): Top 5 Attractions in North Vancouver.

Deep Cove / Indian Arm

Located about 30 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, Deep Cove is one of the most beautiful destinations in all of the Lower Mainland (the southern portion of British Columbia). Best in summer, kayaking in Deep Cove brings you close to nature--eagles, seals and sea lions are common--and keeps taking your breath away with the sheer glory of this tranquil spot.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Just a short drive away in North Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most popular and unique Vancouver Day Trips. The swaying, scenic suspension bridge, which stretches 137 metres (450 feet) across and 70 metres (230 feet) above the Capilano River, is amazing to cross, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is home to a lots of family activities, including rainforest trails and treetop adventures.

Steveston Village & Richmond, BC

Tourism Richmond

About a half-hour drive south of Vancouver, Richmond's Steveston Village is a great Vancouver Day Trip for anyone looking for local salmon flavour. The quaint fishing village has reinvented itself as a foodie destination in the summer months, hosting the annual Canada Day Salmon Festival (July 1) as well as artisan and food markets, cannery tours, and live music.

Richmond, BC, is a great day-trip destination, too:

  • Guide to Historic Steveston Village
  • Best Things to Do in Richmond, BC

Vancouver Camping

Vancouver camping season runs from mid-May through September and is an enormously popular way to enjoy an inexpensive weekend getaway. There are lots of options for camping within a two-hour drive of Vancouver, including gorgeous provincial parks with lakes, hiking trails, fishing, and more.

  • Guide to Camping in Vancouver

Victoria, BC

As the capital of British Columbia and the biggest city on Vancouver Island (see below), there's so much to see and do in Victoria that it makes a better weekend getaway than Vancouver Day Trip, though you can get there and back (by ferry) in a day (if you squeeze ). Among its many attractions, Victoria is home to the famous Butchart Gardens, the historic Fairmont Empress Hotel--where you can indulge in high tea--and loads of antique shops and bookstores, perfect for strolling.

  • Guide to Victoria, BC - How to Get There, Attractions, Accommodations & More

Vancouver Island

Prince of Whales Whale Watching Tours

Victoria is not the only place to visit on Vancouver Island. In fact, there is so much to see and do on Vancouver Island that you could easily spend two weeks exploring it!

There are luxury spas in Tofino, 800-year-old trees in Cathedral Grove, wine tours of Cowichan Valley, gorgeous beaches, outdoor sports, and, of course, whale watching, among the many, many Vancouver Island attractions.

  • Top Destinations & Attractions on Vancouver Island

Best Beaches near Vancouver

TripSavvy / Alisha McDarris

Along with Deep Cove (above), there are several incredible beach and waterfront destinations around Vancouver, including sandy beaches and warm-water beaches (on Savary Island and Hornby Island), that make ideal weekend getaways. Top nearby beaches include beaches on Vancouver Island, along the Sunshine Coast, and along Indian Arm.

Best Beaches near Vancouver, BC

Seattle & Washington State

Crossing the southern border into the U.S. is a popular way to spend the day or take a weekend getaway from Vancouver. (Passports are required; so be prepared !) The drive from Vancouver to Seattle is about three hours, or you can take the scenic Amtrak Cascades train or Quick Shuttle bus . Enjoy Seattle's nightlife and shopping or explore the beauty of Washington State's coasts, mountains, and state parks.

  • Washington Travel Guide & Photo Galleries
  • 4 Ways to Get from Vancouver to Seattle, Ranked
  • Budget Shopping in Seattle & Bellingham, WA
  • Vancouver to Seattle: Guide to Crossing the Canada/U.S. Border

Skiing, Snowboarding & Snow Sport Resorts

Cypress Mountain

Cyrpress Mountain is just 30 minutes from Vancouver. Cypress has 52 ski trails, served by 9 lifts, and has the highest vertical rise of the North Shore Mountains. Cypress also has one of the most diverse cross country ski areas near Vancouver, as well as night skiing and riding.

Cypress Mountain is just one of five world-class skiing and snow-sport destinations near Vancouver. Use my guide to the Best Skiing & Snowboarding Resorts Near Vancouver for details on Cypress Mountain, North Vancouver's Mount Seymour, and resorts on Vancouver Island.

Sun Peaks Resort

Located in the B.C. interior, Sun Peaks Resort is one of the top ski and summer sports resorts in B.C. About a five hour drive from Vancouver--or a short, 40-minute flight from Vancouver to Kamloops--Sun Peaks offers an amazing array of winter and summer activities in a charming, family-friendly atmosphere. In winter, skiers and snowboarders can enjoy ski-to-door access and lifts without wait times. In summer, visitors can choose from an array of outdoor adventure options, from fabulous downhill mountain biking to golf, canoeing, horseback riding, kayaking, and hiking.

  • Guide to Sun Peaks, BC

Complete Guide to Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC

Your Trip to Vancouver: The Complete Guide

The Best Vancouver Day Trips

Guide to Snowshoeing Near Vancouver

Skiing and Snowboarding Near Vancouver

5 Best Things to Do at Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia

12 Top Things to Do in Vancouver in Spring

19 Best Things to Do in Vancouver, BC, on a Budget

The Top 10 East Coast Winter Destinations

Getting Around Vancouver: Guide to Public Transportation

15 Los Angeles-Area Road Trips and Getaways

How to Plan the Ultimate Ski Vacation to Whistler, British Columbia

Where to Take the Kids in October

The 28 Best Day Trips From Seattle

Banff National Park: The Complete Guide


Best Bets for Spring Getaways from Vancouver

travel best bets bc getaways

The thought of sunny days and spring flowers may just have you ready to get out and explore BC. Maybe you didn’t make any concrete spring break plans but with summer a ways off yet, there are plenty of options for quick spring getaways from Vancouver that are within close range. These trips run from an hour’s drive to a relaxed crossing by ferry boat. If it’s been a while since you travelled, you may not be sure which destinations are most appealing to you right now. Check out a few of our favourite spring destinations near Vancouver…

Ideas for Spring Getaways from Vancouver

There’s no wrong time to take a visit to the province’s capital but spring might just be the best season to head over: blossoms and blue skies, crisp winds off the harbour, green buds on every tree. What’s not to love? Check out the Royal BC Museum for an afternoon of history and learning, hop on a water taxi for a trip across the harbour, or head to Fisherman’s Wharf for some fresh seafood. Fan Tan Alley and Chinatown should be the top of any must-see list. And don’t forget the Rogers Chocolate shop on Government Street. And if you’re coming by ferry, make a pitstop on the way into town at the world-famous Butchart Gardens, where spring is a botanical explosion of colour and beauty.

Sunshine Coast

This region is on the mainland of BC but since it’s only accessible by ferry (or plane), it has that island life vibe. For an escape from city life, it can’t be beat. Find a cute motel or a private cabin to rent for a few days, and then explore from Gibsons, through Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, and up to Pender. Rent a kayak or bike, check out the many local artisan shops (pottery is a particular highlight in this region), and do some beachcombing. On that note, check out Gibson’s Landing, where the fictional TV show The Beachcombers filmed for almost two decades.

Harrison Hot Springs

Head east past Abbotsford and Chilliwack, then north past Agassiz to the tiny community of Harrison Hot Springs . Known primarily for its biggest hotel – the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, which features unique hot springs pools – there are actually a dozen or more options for accommodations in the area. Take a long walk along the lake, swim in the local public hot springs pool (the pools at the resort are for guests only), or head another 40 minutes up the road to Sasquatch Provincial Park for some fishing lakes and walking trails. In spring, it’s not quite warm enough to swim in the lake just yet (it’s one of the coldest in the province) but sunny days make for a perfect time for the season’s first stop at one of the town’s great ice cream shops or to get a burger-to-go for a lakeside picnic.

Whistler is a world-famous winter destination – but those-in-the-know come all year round because there’s fun to be had in every single season. Featuring a large alpine-style village, full of shopping, restaurants, spas and much more, for visitors to shop, eat, be pampered, or simply walk and wander. Later in spring, the hiking and biking trails are ready for visitors and local lakes, trails and forests offer plenty of outdoor exploration.

A hop, skip and a jump from Vancouver, Seattle is the closest major metropolitan city in the US – and it’s full of great travel fun for the whole family. From Pike Place Market, to local trails and outdoor adventures, Seattle has long offered British Columbians a destination for a big-city experience without an airplane flight.

Downtown Vancouver

Skip the driving altogether and enjoy a staycation in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Use one of the discount “surprise” hotel websites – select the price and the star rating without knowing exactly which hotel it is – or splurge on a favourite destination with amenities you know you’ll enjoy. Then take in the sights like a tourist in your own town: Stanley Park, Gastown, the great restaurants, and more.

Gulf Islands

Like a string of jewels along a necklace, the Gulf Islands are gems waiting to be admired – and explored. From Salt Spring to Galiano, Bowen to Denman (just to name a few), these west coast wonders are a great destination for spring getaways. Each island has its own flavour and personality – stay in one or visit a few. Be sure to pre-book those ferry trips: some islands only have one or two boats a day to visit. With farm markets, artisan shops, local eateries and of course endless miles of beach, there is no shortage of fun to be had.

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    Tofino, BC: Best Western Tin Wis Resort. Valid until November 30, 2024. 3 nights hotel and breakfast daily. Rates are per person based on double occupancy. from. $599 + $65 tax. from. $599 + $65 tax. Victoria, BC: Seaside Getaway.

  8. Victoria, BC: Seaside Getaway

    Please contact [email protected] for photo credit information. BPCPA #3287. Nestled on the shores of the Pacific Ocean near Victoria, BC - the Oak Bay Beach Hotel is a luxury boutique resort like no other. Our facility overlooks the Juan de Fuca Strait and offers breathtaking ocean views of snow-capped Mount Baker in the distance.


    The Best Weekend Getaways From Vancouver. 1. Whistler - 1.5 Hours. Let's jump straight into one of the most popular places to spend a couple of nights, which is Whistler. As it is only 1.5 hours drive from downtown Vancouver this is one of our favourite short trips from Vancouver and it is one of the best year-round destinations.

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    Travel Best Bets, Burnaby, British Columbia. 22,247 likes · 121 talking about this · 46 were here. Founded by Global TV's Travel Expert, Claire Newell, Travel Best Bets is one of Western Canada's top...

  11. 10 Perfect Weekend Getaways in BC

    Harrison Hot Springs. Harrison Hot Springs is known as one of the best day trips from Vancouver, but it is also one of the great getaways in BC that you can easily visit in a weekend. The drive from Vancouver is about 90 minutes (except in the afternoon rush hour where you should add at least 30 minutes to your drive.

  12. 22 Absolute BEST Places to Visit in British Columbia (Suggested by a

    Fernie Alpine Resort is Fernie's local ski hill and one of the best in Canada. The resort is huge and home to over 2,500+ acres of skiable terrain as well as 10 chairlifts, a 1,082 meter (3,550 feet) verticle rise, 140+ runs, and its longest run is over 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).

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    Travel Deals in BC. Explore the latest special offers and deals in British Columbia. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Share. Category: Accommodation. Adventure & Outdoors. Arts & Heritage. Attractions & Sightseeing.

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  15. 61 BC Romantic Getaways: Best Cabins, Hotels, Spas (MAP)

    46. Plan your ROMANTIC getaway with our eBook, available in our TRAVEL PRINTABLES store. This MASSIVE list of the best romantic getaways in BC Canada has it all! Private cabins, luxury spas and awesome hotels for weekends away.

  16. Best Vancouver Day Trips & Weekend Getaways

    Address. 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1, Canada. Phone +1 604-985-7474. Web Visit website. Just a short drive away in North Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most popular and unique Vancouver Day Trips. The swaying, scenic suspension bridge, which stretches 137 metres (450 feet) across and 70 metres (230 ...

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    Sooke. Sooke is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island just a 38 km drive from Victoria. With local artisans, cafes and extensive parks and hiking trails, Sooke is a great option for a seaside family getaway. The Prestige Oceanfront Resort offers breathtaking views of the Sooke Harbour and has a spa, restaurant, and luxurious guest rooms.

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    Gulf Islands. Like a string of jewels along a necklace, the Gulf Islands are gems waiting to be admired - and explored. From Salt Spring to Galiano, Bowen to Denman (just to name a few), these west coast wonders are a great destination for spring getaways. Each island has its own flavour and personality - stay in one or visit a few.

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