Destination Wedding Website Wording Examples

Creating a wedding website is common for most couples in today’s world, but for a destination wedding, a wedding website is even more critical. The content on the website should be thorough enough to answer all your guests’ questions about the event. But you also don’t want to provide too much information that guests are overwhelmed or miss important details. While a website for a destination wedding will have many of the same elements as a typical wedding, there are some additional details that are important to cover. This post will cover specific wording examples for destination weddings.

Destination Wedding Website Welcome Message Examples

This is likely the very first thing that guests will see when they land on your website. Its a great place to create excitement for your wedding, introduce what guests can find on your wedding site, and/or share more details as to why you’re having a destination wedding in the first place! You may also want to use this as an opportunity to let guests know there is no pressure to attend. Having writers block? No worries, here’s 5 great examples of destination wedding website welcome messages:

  • We’re getting married and we can’t wait to celebrate with all of you! The opportunity to have our family and friends in one place means the world to us. As our big day approaches, we would like to keep you informed of the event details. Be sure to check back for updates and get ready to head to Jamaica for our wedding weekend!
  • Welcome to our wedding website! We are so excited to announce plans for our wedding next March. It means a lot to have you all in Mexico to celebrate with us! We have always wanted a Destination Wedding (somewhere hot!) and so, with family and friends in both the US and South America, we thought Mexico is a good central location for everyone.
  • Welcome to our wedding website! If you received an invitation that means that you are important to us and we would love to have you join our celebration. However, we understand that a destination wedding is a big ask! As such, there is no pressure or expectation to accept, please come only if this is something that works with your availability. We would love to see you there, but completely understand for those of you that can’t make it.
  • Welcome to our wedding website – we’re so glad you’re here. We created this wedding website as an information hub for our upcoming celebration in Barbados. Here you’ll find hotel block details, travel tips, taxi, car rental, and things to do in the local area. You can find this all under the travel section. We’ve also outlined some extra events happening throughout the week. Here you’ll find our schedule of timings and venue directions.
  • Hi family and friends! We hope this site has the answer to all of your questions for our destination wedding in Mexico next May! Besides our ceremony and reception, we want our guests to enjoy a week-long celebration enjoying beautiful scenery, experiencing culture and relaxing under the sun with us. And that’s why Puerto Vallarta is the perfect wedding destination for us and our friends and family.

Destination wedding website welcome message wording example

Destination Wedding Website Travel Details

A detailed travel section helps avoid the overwhelm of guests reaching out with questions. If guests will be traveling to another country, you may want to include more beginner travel tips. While these sections may not be needed for seasoned travelers, it is possible that not everyone on your guest list has traveled internationally, so consider providing some of those basic answers and resources to help guide them! Here are wording examples of what to include:

Passport Information

If guests will be traveling internationally, we’d definitely recommend including some basic details on passports and any requirements that may be specific to your destination. Here’s a few examples:

  • Don’t forget your passport! Make sure your passport does not expire prior to JUNE 2023. It must be valid for at least two months after the date of departure.
  • Make sure you have your passport with you and double check that it is up to date! Kids, even babies, also require a passport. If you don’t have a passport and need to apply for one do it sooner rather than later (trust us on this one). Passports can take at least 3 months to arrive and can even take a month just to get an appointment to apply.

Weather Details

For out-of-towners, the weather at your destination may be a mystery! While they can do their own research, help guide them with some quick details about the typical weather, and how that my impact their planning and packing.

  • Example Answer (cold) – May in the Southern Highlands can be very cold, high temperatures can be between 15 and 20 degrees celsius. The ceremony and cocktail hour are planned to be held outdoors. Please come prepared for cooler weather.
  • Example Answer (mild) – September weather is usually mild with temperatures in the mid 60’s. Dress accordingly. The ceremony and reception will be held outdoors (weather permitting) but we do have an indoor space on property if needed.
  • Example Answer (warm) – Fall is beautiful in Napa. Please plan for warm to hot weather, averaging 75-90 degrees during the day, with slightly cooler evenings.

Wording guidelines to use travel agent’s site for accommodations

If you are working with a travel agent or destination wedding planner, you may have to direct guests to book through them directly. Here are some examples of how you can direct guests to book through your travel vendor:

  • Please contact the travel agent as soon as possible for our group rate and to customize your room choice while there is still availability. Our travel agent is the best person to talk to if you need more details on choosing your room, selecting travel insurance, or booking a flight. 
  • To secure our group discount rate please work with our travel partner.
  • As a reminder, for hotel bookings and travel needs we highly suggest you connect with our travel agent.
  • For all travel related inquiries, please contact our travel agent. She can assist with passport questions, airfare, lodging, and transportation.
  • Wedding guests are required to stay at [Hotel] to attend the wedding and participate in the wedding activities throughout the week. Guests will need to book accommodations directly through our travel agency by June 1st. **IMPORTANT: Please Do Not book directly with the hotel. We have secured discounted rates and a wedding room block with our agency.

Make sure to provide links and other contact information easily on the site to make sure guests can easily book through your vendor.

Destination Wedding Registry Wording

A gift registry is perfectly acceptable for destination weddings, as well as traditional weddings. Though asking for no gifts is particularly common for destination weddings where guests will be paying for travel expenses. Here’s a few examples of graciously sharing your registry details (or that no gifts are required):

  • Your presence is enough of a present to us! But for those of you who are stubborn, we’ve put together a wish-list to help you out. Since this is a destination wedding, we will not have a gift table or can take any physical gifts with us, please mail any gifts to the addresses provided by the wedding registry.
  • Hi everyone! Especially given that this is a destination wedding, your presence or best wishes is more than enough! We are extremely fortunate and truly do not need anything. However if you are still feeling compelled, any contribution you may want to make to our honeymoon may be done on our website.
  • You presence at our destination wedding is beyond enough! But if you can’t make it or if your love language is “gifts,” we just bought a home and it could use a bit of improvement with your help!
  • Your presence is more than enough of a present to us! But for those of you who are stubborn, we would be grateful for a cash gift. We’d use these funds to purchase much needed items for our new home together!
  • We are so grateful for the effort you’ll be making to join us for our destination wedding. So please, no gifts!

We hope that this guide gives you some inspiration for creating an informational destination wedding website. Looking for guidance on how to share your wedding website? Check out this guide next!

wedding website travel wording

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How to Write the Perfect Welcome Message on Your Wedding Website

A simple personal greeting goes a long way.

Prostock Studio/Shutterstock

Your wedding website isn't just a place to show off those pretty engagement photos, it will also serve as a hub where your guests can find important details relating to your big day. Depending on your wedding website template, you'll likely have to write a welcome message that serves as the first thing your guests will read when they arrive to your site. This message may seem like a throwaway, but it's actually pretty important—this message sets the tone for your wedding's vibe, so it's worth taking the time to write something simple yet meaningful and heartfelt. We're here to help you write your wedding website welcome message as you near your special day. 

What is a Wedding Website Welcome Message?

A wedding website welcome message is a short greeting that sometimes appears on the website's home page. It's the first thing your guests will read when they arrive to your site, and depending on your website design, this message often alongside an engagement photo and a countdown to the wedding day. Basically, you're welcoming your loved ones to your wedding website, expressing how excited you are for the big day, and asking them to review the site to find important information. A few wording tips as you write your wedding website welcome message:

  • Share the most important details up front: Your wedding date and wedding location (city and state is fine) should also appear alongside your welcome message.
  • Keep it short: Just two or three sentences will suffice. 
  • Keep it simple: No need for flowery or over-the-top language.
  • Avoid inside jokes: Remember, everyone on your guest list will see this welcome message. 
  • Provide updates as needed: Throughout your wedding planning process, you may need to add information to your website. You can add these updates to your welcome message, pointing out specific parts of the website you'd like guests to review. For example, "We just added information on our hotel room blocks —check out the accommodations section for more details!" 

Wedding Website Welcome Message Wording Examples 

Ready to start writing? A wedding website welcome message is basically written in three parts—welcoming your guests to the website, expressing your excitement about your upcoming nuptials, and encouraging them to read through the information on the site. Here are some welcome message examples that can inspire your own:

Thank you so much for visiting our wedding website. We're so excited to celebrate with you on the big day. Use this website to plan your weekend and let us know if you have any questions. Love, Jordan and Blake 

Welcome to our wedding website! We' re looking forward to celebrating with you in Colorado. Please browse our website to find everything you'll need to know to get ready for our big day. Love, Sam and Avery 

We're so excited to celebrate our special day with you. Please find important details about our wedding, including travel information, guest accommodations, and links to our registry. Thank you so much for your love and support! With Love, Kim and Joey 

After a year-long postponement, we can't wait to celebrate with you in Miami! Please continue to check our wedding website for the most up-to-date information. See you in October! - Leigh and Bryce 

​ The countdown is on! We cannot wait to have our friends and family join us in New Orleans to help celebrate our big day. On this website, you'll find our wedding weekend's schedule of events, travel and hotel information, and much more. See you soon! Love, Angel and Belen 

What Else Should Be Included in a Wedding Website?

Aside from your welcome page, what else should your wedding website include? Well, a lot, it turns out. Here's a quick rundown of what your website can contain:

  • The basics: Your wedding date, time, and location—including your venue's address
  • Wedding registry  information and links—it's considered poor etiquette to include this info on your wedding invitations, so the website's your best bet to inform guests of your gift registry details. 
  • Details on travel and accommodations—flights, room block info, etc. This is particularly important if you're hosting a destination wedding or many out-of-town guests.
  • Directions and transportation information to and from your wedding venue
  • Dress code information
  • Details on other wedding events, if all guests are invited (welcome dinner, next-day brunch, etc.) 
  • A brief  love story , describing how the couple met, the proposal, etc. 
  • Bios of the wedding party members
  • Online RSVP, if desired
  • Song request form 
  • Health and safety FAQs

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wedding website travel wording

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What to Say on Your Wedding Website (for Every 2020 Scenario)

For all those tricky situations you’ve been avoiding

wedding website travel wording

  I f you’re in the middle of wedding planning, chances are you’ve struggled with your wedding website wording during *gestures* all this. We have written in the past about how to write the best copy for your wedding website, but nothing from the old world seems to apply anymore, so we decided it was time to tackle the subject all over again. Because if there is anything that folx in 2020 deserve, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Halfway through 2020 (already!?), your wedding plans have likely already changed, or you’re in the process of trying to figure out what’s going on (if like me, you got engaged more recently). And communicating with your people can feel wildly overwhelming. Should you make a wedding website? If you have one already, should you update it? What should it say? When you hardly know what the heck is going on with your plans, how on earth are you to tell anyone else what’s happening? I know how it feels to freeze up in the face of even small wedding decisions right now, so we’ve taken on some of the work for you and written up some copy that you can literally just steal and plug into your website.

Desktop computer showing a Squarespace wedding website

And now, back to the topic of what the heck your wedding website wording should be. If you’re looking for some very specific wording just for 2020 weddings and events, you’ve come to the right place… just borrow the wording we’ve created, and you’ll be well on your way to an actually helpful and informative website in no time.

Laptop showing wedding website wording of engagement story and image of two women with rings

Scenario 1: wedding website wording for When You’re Recently Engaged

So, you got engaged… in 2020… hey, me too! Congrats, and yay for silver linings in the weirdest year ever. Are you already feeling overwhelmed with questions from family and friends? Feeling like you can’t possibly make any decisions just yet? Or, perhaps you’ve already made a plan to have a micro wedding as soon as possible, and a big party when you can. No matter what your plans are shaping up like, or if they haven’t shaped up at all (hi, that’s where I’m at)… a wedding website will allow you to put all the information in one place and give you a place to send people so you don’t have to have the same convo on an endless loop. So hop over to Squarespace and build yourself a totally custom (and totally easy) wedding website, and steal some pre-written wedding website wording.

DON’T: Leave it blank. There’s no need to wait until you’ve got it all figured out to share your news. Everyone is curious about what you’re thinking, so you may as well give the people what they want.

DO: We’re so happy that you’re excited about our upcoming wedding. This year, we all need things to celebrate, and we’re currently enjoying the newly engaged glow. Unfortunately, COVID has presented us with some really big questions as we begin wedding planning. There are no plans set in stone just yet, but we promise to keep you updated right here as the plans unfold. (Hint: we’re thinking late fall 2021, and we can’t wait to party with you—hopefully without masks, and with lots of hugs!) Use this moment to ease everyone’s mind, share what you can, and keep it real. People will appreciate any hints you can drop, but will totally understand that you’re in a holding pattern right now.

PRO-TIP: Share your engagement and/or love story. You’ve got a website going, and you may as well fill it with some love and joy. You can share photos and videos, the story of how you and your beau met, and the details of how you got engaged. You know your Great Aunt Peggy wants to know the story anyway, so why not put your wedding website to work? Then you can come back once the details start to come together.

laptop showing wedding website with update pop up regarding date change

Scenario 2: wording for When You’ve Postponed

We’re so sorry if you’re in the large group of folx who’ve had to postpone their weddings. You had the whole thing planned, the outfits ready, and then 2020 came in swinging. Ugh. If you’ve postponed, or are preparing to officially postpone, your 2020 wedding we’ve got some tips just for you.

DON’T: Forget to update your wedding website . Honestly, at this point, possibly the worst thing you could do for your guests is leaving them hanging. As an invitee to a number of 2020 weddings, I can vouch… my calendar is marked and remains that way until I hear otherwise. Would I go to those weddings if they proceeded? Hard to say. Will I continue to keep a proverbial (Google Calendar) candle burning for them anyway? One hundred percent. So, I’m here to be your reminder… hop over to your wedding website right now and let everyone know what’s happening.

DO: Same time. Same place. Totally different date. We’re going to try this again… but, in 2021 this time. We hope you’ll toast to us on September 12, 2020, and save your dancing shoes for September 12, 2021! Keeping our family and friends safe is obviously our top priority, and we simply can’t dance the night away from 6 feet apart, so we’ve decided to postpone our wedding to next year. Thank you so much for your love, patience, and well wishes, we can’t wait to hug you really tightly… just as soon as it’s allowed. You can choose to be a little funny and light-hearted, or more formal, but one way or the other, it’s time to break the news to your friends and family. If you have a new date, share that now. There’s probably folx who will need to cancel or change their travel plans, and release reservations at a hotel—they’ll be grateful to know. If you don’t have a new date yet, it’s okay to be more vague, as long as you’re super clear in all your wedding website wording that the original plan is no longer happening.

PRO-TIP: Are you and your partner extroverts, do you feel like you need something joyful to look forward to? It might be fun to host a virtual happy hour on your original date. Share the details and the plan on your wedding website, and take a moment to say hi to all your people who were beyond ready to celebrate with you. Talk about a way to celebrate the date!

Simple thank you page of wedding website on laptop

Scenario 3: what to say on your website When You’re Having A Virtual Celebration

Did you decide to have a virtual wedding? Good for you! Are you going to invite your friends and family to join the celebration? Time to tell them.

DON’T : Leave any detail unclear.  While virtual weddings have gained in popularity in 2020, not everyone has attended one. You’ll want to be overly detailed, if anything, as you share when, what, and how. This is when you’re going to want your wedding website wording to be super clear… repetitive even.

DO: We’ve decided there is just no way that we can possibly have the wedding of our dreams with everyone six-feet apart. So, let’s be even further apart, but feel closer together. Since we can’t have the wedding we originally planned, we’re going to meet online on our same wedding date for a virtual celebration. We’ll be at home in our backyard, and you can be on your couch in pajamas (or a ball gown) if you want. We sure hope you’ll join us in making our day as special as can be. Hosting a virtual wedding may not be what you had in mind for 2020, but your friends and family will no doubt be overjoyed about the chance to watch you say ‘I do,’ and raise a glass to you and you both.

PRO-TIP : Read our guide to virtual weddings , and be sure to triple check, and test, all your tech details so that your grandparents can successfully join the fun. Make sure you include the details about when it’s happening, how to sign on, and if folx should prepare to share a toast, make a drink for themselves, or any other fun details that will help everyone feel close even from far apart.

Example of wedding website wording for a cancelled wedding

Scenario 4: wedding website wording for When You’ve Cancelled

For some people, the idea of postponing and essentially re-planning a wedding is just… not in the cards. You know what, I respect that. If you’ve landed on canceling your wedding, but simply don’t know how to tell the people, we’re here for you.

DON’T : Again, the main thing here is to not leave folx hanging. If you’ve made the choice to cancel, you’ll need to let people know as quickly as possible so that they have the chance to cancel their travel plans and adjust accordingly—don’t leave any room for misinterpretation of your wedding website wording.

DO: Friends and family, we hate to be the bearers of bad news (well, actually we’re going to blame that on COVID), but we have decided to cancel our big wedding party this fall. We were so looking forward to celebrating with all of you, and we are beyond grateful for your love and light during this time. We haven’t decided exactly what our nuptials will look like, but we wanted to be sure that you all were first to know about our decision to cancel. We’re sending you all well wishes and healthy vibes, and we hope that we can see you as soon as it feels safe. Love and (virtual) hugs. Be clear about your plans, and your intentions—don’t leave any questions in the air. Give your people the ‘out.’ For the example above, I created a pop-up so that it would be super visible to anyone who visited the website.

PRO-TIP: You might want to refer to our note below where you thank folx for the gifts they may have already sent, and leave the door open for further gifting. Hey, if people want to treat you to something nice… I say, let them.

wedding website on laptop sharing images from wedding

Scenario 5: wedding website wording for When You’ve Eloped

So, you and your partner have decided to run off and get married just the two of you, or have a micro wedding. Congratulations. If you’re looking for how to share the news with your family and friends, here’s how.

DON’T: Well, don’t do anything you don’t want to do. I tend to believe that your elopement will be intimate and magical, and you might not be ready to talk about it yet. And honestly, you don’t have to. If you’d like to share the details, the photos, or the plans… you should. But, if you would rather keep the details to yourselves, that’s totally okay, too. You’re allowed to use the ‘postponed’ or ‘canceled’ verbiage from above, and never tell anyone about your elopement, if that’s what you want to do.

DO:  Guess what? With all the change and sadness of 2020, we decided we just couldn’t wait for our silver lining. We decided to get married anyway! On June 20, 2020, we snuck away to City Hall, just the two of us, and made it official. If we could have changed one thing about that day, it would have been having all of our favorite people with us. But, in light of everyone’s safety and well being, we knew the best thing we could do was to play it safe. We sure hope you will revel in our joy with us because y’all… WE’RE MARRIED! If sharing some of the details of your special day is something you are both comfortable with, why not? It can feel daunting to figure out the wording for your wedding website when… well, the wedding kind of already happened. Just know that your family and friends will be overjoyed to learn this happy news, so share as much or as little as you’d like.

PRO-TIP : If you have any photos or videos you’re willing to share, this is the time. (You can see how Meg used her Squarespace website to share pictures after her anniversary party right here .) Most people are feeling pretty down and out about all the things in life that are delayed and canceled, so if you’ve got some good love juju… why not share? Your family and friends will surely be beyond excited to join in the joy. 

Example of Wedding Website Wording for registry information shown on desktop computer

SCENARIO 6: website wording for When You Still Want Some Registry Love

Whether you’ve eloped, postponed, canceled, or otherwise… you may have already created a gift registry full of things you’ve been eyeing and needing for a while now. Heck, you may have already started receiving some gifts leading up to your original wedding date. What now?

DON’T:  Give up on your registry completely. Registries take a lot of time and energy to create, and even if your original wedding plans have changed, it sure doesn’t mean folks won’t want to treat you to something special. In fact, they may be even more inclined to buy you that $200 gravy boat since they won’t be able to celebrate with you in person anymore. I say… let them.

DO:  We wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much to everyone who has been so generous and sent us such lovely and thoughtful gifts from our registry. We are beyond thankful for all of the beautiful items we have received that are making our time at home that much more comfortable. While our plans have changed, and our wedding is delayed, we didn’t want anyone to think that their thoughtfulness has gone unnoticed. There are some additional costs incurred with an adjusted wedding date. As such, we’ve added a cash gift option to our registry for anyone who might want to help with that. But mostly, we hope that you will all still be able to join us on our new wedding date. Truly, that will be the greatest gift of all.  Figuring out wedding website wording around registries is always hard, but especially during all the uncertainty of 2020. I think the best thing you can do is be totally honest.

PRO-TIP: The ‘rules’ of the wedding registry are sort of odd… you can’t exactly ask for gifts, or ask for no gifts. But you can just leave the option open for folx. Squarespace makes it super simple to link to your wedding registry, or build it right into your wedding website —you can even add a donation block to create your own cash registry for a honeymoon or those extra costs. That way it’s easy for people to find and shop, and you don’t have to come across as pushy or needy at all.

No matter where you’re at in your wedding planning, your wedding website will give you an easy and simple way to keep all your friends and family abreast to the changes and plans to come. Wedding planning in 2020 can be wildly overwhelming, but…. and I can’t stress this enough… don’t be the person who leaves your favorite people hanging. They’ve got your Save The Date on their fridge, and they are really looking forward to knowing what the heck is going to happen—whether or not they’ll be involved in your new plans, they’re going to be so happy to hear about it from you. Think of it this way: you’re either giving them an action plan, some great news, or something to look forward to.

Do you have something specific you need to share on your wedding website and just don’t know how? Ask us in the comments, we’d be so happy to help you craft a graceful way to update your family and friends. 

wedding website travel wording

This post was sponsored by Squarespace . In more peaceful wedding planning times and these more hectic times, a simple wedding website that you can update easily will help save you some stress. We’re so grateful to Squarespace for helping us share these tools with all you folx who are currently navigating weddings in 2020. Click here to get your website (of any kind) started today with a free 14-day trial from Squarespace. They have all the best templates , tools, and 24/7 help if you get stuck. APW readers get 10% off your first Squarespace purchase when you use the code APW2020 at checkout.

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VP of Operations & Managing Editor

Alyssa (she/her) is a queer woman who lives in Sacramento, CA with her wife, Trisha, the cutest nine-year-old, a fluffy pup, and two cats. Alyssa is the VP of Operations & Managing Editor at APW, which means she sort of runs APW these days. She also connects smart, innovative brands with APW’s audience. Before joining the team at A Practical Wedding, Alyssa worked as a wedding planner throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for nine years. She’s planned and executed weddings for many dozens of couples, been a bridesmaid at least eight times, and even holds a certification in wedding planning. In addition to her on-the-ground experience in the wedding industry, Alyssa also helped Meg research her second book and has contributed her expertise to numerous articles and events at APW. When she’s not planning epic events, you can probably find her eating ramen, buying plants, or in the mountains somewhere sipping coffee (or a glass of wine, let’s be honest).

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  • Guide to Writing a Wedding Website Welcome Message

Craft your perfect wedding website welcome message by following our comprehensive guide filled with tips, examples, and ideas of how to make it your own.

By Deanna deBara

Wedding Website image

There are plenty of details that go into wedding planning , many of which need to be relayed to the masses rather than on an individual basis. With that comes the creation of your wedding website .

Your wedding website helps to provide your loved ones all your wedding details—which can help them prepare for your upcoming nuptials. It can also act as a kind of digital wedding planner, helping you to keep all of your wedding ideas and information organized.

Your wedding website highlights where the wedding ceremony will be, what the dress code is, who’s in the bridal party, and even provides some background on the couple's personal love story. Most importantly, this is the place your guests will also go to get the location, details, gift registry, and other fun and pertinent information about your wedding event. But before you get to any of that, you have to construct your wedding website welcome message to guide guests through your website and build joyful anticipation around your big day.

Zola QR Code Promo

Where to Start

The first things you’ll need to do when creating your wedding website is choose a wedding website URL and the design of your website. The URL will tell people how to find your wedding website—and the design will shape the visual experience once they’re there. (Not a designer? Not a problem. Zola has plenty of wedding website templates to help you create a beautiful wedding website !)

Once you’ve locked in your URL and design, it’s time to start actually creating the content for your website.

To start your welcome message for your special day, give it a headline. This should be an announcement and invitation for guests to share your excitement for your upcoming celebration. Some welcome message wording examples include:

We’re Getting Married

We’re Making It Official

Can’t Wait for You to Join Us on Our Big Day

Celebrating Our Commitment of Love

After the headline, start with a greeting and a brief introduction that includes what to expect from visiting your wedding website. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, because as guests navigate from section to section, they’ll get the in-depth information they’re looking for with regards to location, accommodations, and events surrounding the day. And there’s no need to be as formal or deliberate as, say, wedding invitations wording; an informal, friendly sentence or two will sum it up nicely.

Below are some examples of wedding website welcome wishes:

Welcome, family and friends! We’re excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you.

Hello to our family and friends! We can’t wait to celebrate our wedding day with you. You’ll find all the exciting details throughout our site.

Welcome to our wedding site! We’re happy to share this exciting time with you and have created a space that shares everything you need to know about our big day. .

Share the Details

Put your own personality into the greeting and intro. Then, highlight a few key features of your website that provide information for your special day. For example, let guests know they can easily RSVP online (which also makes it easy for you!), point out travel accommodations, and share a few of your favorite things to do and places to eat for those who are visiting from out of town. These kinds of details are especially important for those who are planning a destination wedding.

Since your wedding guest list likely isn’t that familiar with the place you’ve chosen, give them a mini-tour of areas you like, where to stay, and why the destination means so much to you. Again, you can be thorough in the separate sections of the website, but tease out a few highlights for your guests in the welcome message with information that’s personal to you as a couple.

Lastly, sign off with a reminder about the date and a thank you for having your guests join you for your celebration. Use each of your first names or initials in closing. A sample wedding website welcome message may read as follows:

Welcome, family and friends! We’re excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. You’ll find all the exciting details throughout our site, including a link to the hotel where we’ve blocked off rooms, a place you can RSVP online, and a list of a few of our favorite restaurants around town. We’re regulars at < favorite place > and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We can’t wait to see you in < wedding destination > , and thank you for all your love and support! The countdown is officially on to < wedding date > . See you then!

Love, < couple’s first names >

You want to create a message that is warm and inviting, so it conveys your excitement, but don’t overthink it. Ultimately, short, sweet, and to the point is best. Once guests click the link that takes them to your website, they’ll be able to navigate through it at their own place. Plus, it serves as a resource for them to check again and again as the wedding day draws near.

Writing a Wedding Website Welcome Message

Taking Guests Through Your Wedding Website

Once you’ve sent out your welcome message and guests arrive at your website, the information should be laid out in a way that’ll be easy and fun for them to read. As mentioned, by choosing from over 300 wedding website design templates, you can customize the look and feel of your website to match your personalities and your overall wedding theme.

Each wedding website design has a main page, which includes a tagline, wedding date, plus stories of how you met and the proposal. This draws in your guests and puts them in a happy mood as they continue to navigate the site. From there, the following tabs house separate pages of information that will cover everything from online RSVPs to registry information for wedding gifts to the social media hashtags you’re planning to use to celebrate your big day. (You can even create a page to share your Save The Dates!) These separate pages keep the site from looking too cluttered with text—without sacrificing any of the information your guests to plan for the event.

  • Wedding Party
  • Things to Do

This allows all of your guests to get to know more about who’s involved in your wedding, where it’s taking place, and other important details. Since not every guest may be familiar with each other, it’s a way to start connecting people from both sides and generate excitement around your big day.

1.Wedding Party

Share the members of your wedding party with an anecdote or description of who they are to you as a couple. Aside from the two of you, they will be one of the main parts of your wedding day. Let others know why you’ve chosen them to stand up with you at the ceremony.

This is the place where you’ll list the date, time, and location of the wedding venue. This includes the ceremony itself, a cocktail hour, and reception. Many couples also have additional events that all guests are invited to, such as a welcome party or a brunch scheduled for the day after the wedding.

Map out the logistics to make it easy for guests who are traveling from out of town. Let them know the closest airport, as well as any accommodations where you have reserved a block of rooms. Additionally, if you’ve prepared any special travel between the ceremony and the reception, include that information here as well.

4.Things to Do

Create a list of fun things to do and places to eat that you like as a wedding couple. Invite guests into your world with your unique insights and recommendations. It’ll be helpful for guests who aren’t as familiar with the location and can serve as a reminder for locals, too.

This section populates the items you’ve registered for through the Zola website and makes it easy for guests to see what’s available to purchase online. They can browse by categories, such as furniture and kitchen, as well as browse through your chosen experiences and gift cards. Rather than worrying about traveling with a gift or bringing it to the reception, guests can have one shipped directly to your home through your wedding registry .

This is where you’ll answer all of the burning questions friends and family have been asking since you got engaged. Many common ones are if plus-ones and children are allowed, if there is a dress code, and if there are any travel accommodations they need to know about for the day of the wedding. It’s nice to have a go-to resource for everyone to reference as they please.

Giving guests the opportunity to RSVP online may take off the pressure of sending in their responses by mail. Add a deadline request to this page to let people know when you’d like to hear from them. The feature also allows people to respond for themselves and a guest or for their entire group.

When in Doubt, Spell It Out

Add as much information as you’d like to each of these sections to make sure guests have all the details they need to feel prepared and excited to celebrate your big day. Having a central place for them to get this information will help to alleviate the stress of responding to multiple people individually about similar questions. It’ll be readily available to them whenever they want.

But Don’t Stress

The website can be updated as you go, or you can wait until you have all the details in place before you decide to launch it. The good news is that by using a website builder design template, it gives you an outline of where you need to fill in the information. Once you’ve crafted your wedding website welcome message, take the rest section by section, or tackle it all at once. Soon, you’ll have everything you need to share the exciting details of your big day.

Writing a Wedding Website Welcome Message

Zola, Your Best Wedding Website Option

Creating a beautiful wedding website doesn’t need to be a hassle! At Zola, we have everything you need to design the perfect wedding website, including a huge library of wedding website templates to help you design a website that feels true to you, your partner, and your style. And not only can we help you create a wedding website, but with Zola, you can also set up your wedding registry—and add it to your website with a click of a button. (And if you don’t get all the gifts off of your registry? Not to worry—Zola offers a 20% discount on all registry items for six months following your wedding date.)

Ready to get started? Set up your wedding website and wedding registry at Zola today!

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  • Why Your Wedding Website Is the Ultimate Stress-Saver
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  • 4 Beautiful Wedding Story Examples for Your Website
  • Destination Wedding Website: Help Your Guests Prepare For Your Wedding
  • How to Create a Wedding RSVP Website
  • How to Build a Wedding Website: Guide + Tips
  • When Should I Make a Wedding Website?

wedding website travel wording

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Destination Wedding Details

Destination Wedding Details

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wedding website travel wording

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette and Examples

Finding the perfect destination wedding invitation wording can prove to be a real challenge.  For someone planning a very formal, traditional, hometown celebration, it makes sense to use the old’ tried & true invitation wording, “Mr & Mrs Jones request the honor of your presence as their daughter Judy Jones joins Thomas Smith in marriage ‘blah blah blah’…”

But a destination wedding is anything but traditional and the thought of that very stuffy wording might just give you the heebie-jeebies!  Not to mention that there’s a lot more information to communicate in a destination wedding invitation.  Throw in a post destination wedding reception and you might be scratching your head wondering where to start.

The ideal destination wedding invitation wording will excite your guests and inspire them to book that flight!   What you say, and how you say it will also reflect the romance , fun or uniqueness of your celebration while setting the tone for the level of formality – or lack thereof.   So in this post, I’m sharing some tips and examples of invitation wording that accomplish all of the above!

First & Foremost, K.I.S.S.

Provide a clear call to action, destination wedding invitation wording for rsvp card, wording for pre and post destination wedding events, how to address the issue of “no kids” or “adults-only” in your destination wedding wording, destination wedding invitation wording to indicate you want no gifts, destination wedding invitation wording:  inviting guests to a hometown reception after the dw, destination wedding invitation wording: sending invitations to a hometown reception before the dw, destination wedding invitation wording example 1, destination wedding invitation wording example 2, destination wedding invitation wording example 3, destination wedding invitation wording example 4, destination wedding invitation wording example 5, destination wedding invitation wording tips.

wedding website travel wording

When you first start thinking about your destination wedding invitation wording , you’ll quickly realize that there’s a lot of information to communicate.   Not only do you need to let your guests know the time and venue– but also when, where, and how to book their trip.  Perhaps you’re planning pre-wedding events or a post-destination wedding hometown reception and want to also include that in your invitation wording but don’t know how to.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

Keep it simple & special. The last thing you want is to confuse your guests or overwhelm them with way too much information jammed into one card.  For destination weddings, your best bet is to send multi-card invitation suites or a multi-page booklet style invitation that allow you to break up all the details.

In addition to the basic information, your main invitation card can include a few words that (a) excite your guests about the location with mentions of the ocean, sea, sun, sunsets, or travel and (b) inspires them to make the trip by emphasizing why their presence is so important to you.

It sounds harder than it is.  Just check out some examples of invitation wording below to see what I mean.  The key is to keep it short . We live in a busy world.  People want to quickly skim through the text, get the point, and be told what to do  – which brings me to my next point…

Don’t just write some really cutesy wording and leave them hanging wondering what to do next! Tell them what to do.  For example, tell them to call your travel agent or RSVP via your destination wedding website .

RSVP cards for traditional weddings can be pretty bland.  But like everything else, you can get really creative and have some fun with your destination wedding invitation RSVP wording.  Here are just some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

“We are looking forward to celebrating with you. The courtesy of a reply is requested by May 25, 2025.”

  • “Yes, I am packed and ready to celebrate in person!”
  • “No, I will be there in spirit and will forever regret this decision.”

“Kindly RSVP by the First of June, 2025.”

  • “ Yes! Save us ___ beach chairs. “
  • “ Sorry! We will be toasting from a distance. “

Are you planning pre or post-destination wedding events at your destination?  If you don’t have enough room to include details in your invitation, just direct guests to your wedding website URL for more info.  For my own destination wedding, I planned a welcome cocktail reception and rehearsal dinner. I included those details in my destination wedding invitation wording.  Boarding Pass invitations and Passport invitations are perfect for this.  

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette

It’s common for destination weddings to take place at adults-only all-inclusive resorts. So how do you tell parents that their little bundle of joy is not invited to travel to your wedding? This is never easy and can be a really sensitive topic. And you have to approach it as such.

Most etiquette experts will tell you that simply addressing the invitation envelope to “ Mr & Mrs Johnson ” should imply that little Johnny Jr. is not invited. But what if that’s too subtle for some people?  You can always drop another hint with the wording used to communicate the name of the resort.

For example: “We’ve secured a discounted group rate at the all-Inclusive adults-only resort, Sandals.”  

Then make sure you enlist the help of parents and the bridal party to spread the word verbally.

I hear this question over & over again  “Our guests are already spending so much money on our destination wedding…or we’ve been living together for so long that we don’t need pots and pans. What’s the best invitation wording to let them know that we’re not expecting gifts?”

It’s a common sentiment.  I went through this exact dilemma when I was tying the knot.    So, what’s a gal/guy to do?

Avoid printing “ no gifts”  on the invitation.  Instead, you can carefully word the invitation with a gracious sentence such as: “ Your presence is the only gift we wish to receive .”   Sounds nice, huh? Not only do you get the message across that you don’t want gifts, without having to come out and say it, but you also flatter them in the process.  After all, who doesn’t want to feel like their mere presence is a gift?

But what if you just know that some of your guests will insist on bringing you a gift?  Come up with a fun poem asking them to contribute to a honeymoon fund, which you can include on a separate card. Here is an example .

Are you having a hometown reception after your destination wedding?  You’ll need to send an invitation for your hometown reception that doubles as an announcement for your destination wedding.   I cover this in more depth in this blog post about post destination wedding invitations .

Example of a Hometown Invitation Sent After the Destination Wedding

They got their feet wet and played in the sand And oh yes, they joined their hands! Michelle & Luis were joined together in marriage on July 13, 2024 in Aruba In celebration of their union, please join us for a post destination wedding reception on October 15, 2025 at 5:30 PM

Maybe you want to send out an invitation to the hometown reception before you even have your destination wedding.  You have to be careful to not confuse your guests into thinking they’re invited to the destination wedding also.   Here’s an example of wording you can use.  This example is for a cruise wedding but the wording can apply to any destination wedding.

Invitations Sent Before the Destination Wedding

We’re about to depart on a romantic trip which is only the start Lisa Smith and John Jacobs will tie the knot on November 18, 2024 Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Please join us for a reception when we return November 30, 2024 at 6:00 PM Jacobs Estate 111 East Hamilton Road Austin, Texas 78739

More Destination Invitation Wording Etiquette

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

Here are just a few more examples of destination wedding invitation wording to help inspire you.

Pack your bags! Together with their families Melissa Jones and Max Richardson Request the Honor of Your Presence January 2, 2024 at Five O’clock in the evening at Palm Cove in Maui, Hawaii

Together with their parents Danielle Brown & Danny Cramer Invite you to bury your feet in the sand soak up the sun and raise a glass in celebration of their marriage Friday March 13, 2025 Moon Palace Resort Cancun, Mexico Contact our travel agent to book 800-000-0000 RSVP at

Love is a Journey Please join us in celebrating the beginning of a beautiful adventure at the marriage ceremony of Lisa Smith and Jonathan Jones March 12, 2025 At Three o’clock in the afternoon Jellyfish Restaurant Punta Cana, DR Visit to RSVP

Our Quest to Find True Love Ends Our Journey to Cherish True Love Begins Danielle Brown & Danny Cramer Look forward to sharing with you The sun, the sea, and the memories of their wedding ceremony Negril, Jamaica Sunday, the fifth of May Two Thousand Twenty Four Negril, Jamaica at five o’clock in the evening Moon Palace Beach Resort For accommodations, travel and other details visit our wedding website

You are cordially invited to a wedding weekend getaway starring Daring adventures, delicious meals, Dancing & laughter all night with Annie Williams and Drake Fulbright From September 4th to 7th Beginning Cancun, Mexico with a 7PM Sunset Welcome Dinner in Tucker’s Point Bermuda Travel Details Enclosed

wedding website travel wording

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Example 6 Like a precious pearl our love is nurtured and grows Please join us as we share our vows With the sand between our toes in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the wonderful destination wedding of Catherine Michaels and Paul Johnson June 5, 2024

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Example 7

Our wedding will take place In the sun’s warm embrace at our special place  of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico we Trisha Hudson and Brad Rose Would love you to join us

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Example 8

Because you have shared in our lives Angela Pinero and Jose Ruiz invite you to share in a celebration of love As we exchange our vows On April 23, 2025 In Cancun, Mexico

See More Invitation Wording Samples

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wedding website travel wording

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Wedding Website Wording Examples and Ideas

When should i start my wedding website, how to get started.

wedding website travel wording

How to get your website out there?

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With built in to-do list, guest list planner and online RSVP

What other information goes on a wedding website?

Wedding registry wording examples, destination weddings, start your (free) wedding website.

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20 of the most inspiring wedding website examples

  • Emily Shwake

wedding website examples

So, you want to create a wedding website for your upcoming nuptials. Where should you start? Just as you’d peruse wedding magazines and blogs for dress inspiration, venue ideas and other tips, a good place to start when learning how to make a website is to get inspiration from others.

Checking out examples of wedding websites will give you a good idea of what type of information to include, what sort of features to incorporate and so on. You’ll also get a sense for how other couples used unique visual styles, colors, fonts and imagery to set the mood for what’s to come. From buttoned-up formal affairs to casual get-togethers in the country, a wedding website helps to set expectations while getting family and friends excited for the big day.

Below are 20 inspiring wedding website examples. From entertaining, one-page invitations to dreamy event websites , you’ll likely find one that matches your vision.

Create the perfect site for you with Wix's website builder .

20 wedding website examples for inspiration

When you’re planning a wedding , you want to get caught up in the details of your nuptials, not in building the website (see best wedding website builders ). The good news is that it’s easy to build a website in a matter of hours.

Many of the sample wedding websites below are based on Wix wedding website templates , but each one looks unique and polished. Let’s discuss the features and design choices each couple took to help you create a wedding website of your own.

Abby & Will

Alex & Bailey

Andrew & Amanda

Ansley & Jonathan

Calyani & Matthew

Charlotte & Will

Will & Kaitlin

Chaslyn & Kevin

David & Stephanie

Denise & Chuck

Emily & Ari

Jared & Hallee

Sabrina Joy & Matt

Kiki & Sam

Mark & Jacob

Marysa & Zachary

Nick & Lindsey

Ronnie & Ashley

Sulay & Anne

Theresa & Jeremy

01. Abby & Will

With the soft-toned engagement photos, earthy color palette and calligraphic typography, this wedding website example exudes a sense of warmth and calm. The one-page website layout is easy to explore, and the call-to-action (CTA) buttons clearly indicate to visitors what to do next.

Abby & Will's wedding website example

02. Alex & Bailey

This is a great example of a wedding website that primarily uses visuals to communicate. The beautiful engagement photography serves as the basis for a lot of the imagery, but wedding guests will also find relationship-timeline photos, headshots of the wedding party and descriptive icons throughout the site. The couple also takes advantage of special features—like parallax scrolling, image hover effects and slide-in text animations—to give their site extra personality.

Alex & Bailey's wedding website example

03. Andrew & Amanda

With a brutalist website design and a groovy aesthetic, you won’t find another wedding website that looks like this one. We love the animation effects on the vector graphics and the retro typography treatments.

Check out the creative navigation setup for this one-page website. While the header bar is static (i.e., it disappears from view when you scroll down), a button-like anchor menu sticks to the right side of the page. This choice reduces the clutter so that the couple has plenty of space for maximalist design choices.

Andrew & Amanda's wedding website example

04. Ansley & Jonathan

The slogan “Keep Austin Weird” that appears at the top of the “Things to Do” section just about sums up the theme of this website. With baby cupid graphics, a Glen Campbell cutout and a variety of funky fonts, the site suggests that this wedding will be one to remember.

Aesthetics aside, this site is really well-structured. If you’re looking for a way to share a lot of details without overwhelming your guest, model your layout after this one.

Ansley & Jonathan's wedding website example

05. Calyani & Matthew

This one-page wedding website is really well-composed. For starters, the sticky navigation on the left makes it easy for guests to find whatever they’re looking for while giving each page an attractive, asymmetrical dynamic.

Every style choice this couple made beautifully complements the dreamy, cinematic feel of their engagement photos. They used Cormorant Garamond, a delicate, refined serif font that is subtly glamorous. To create the text strip backgrounds, they mounted an ivory, oblong shape on a pine-green strip. That soft pop of color pairs beautifully with the photography.

Calyani & Matthew's wedding website example

06. Charlotte & Will

This elegant-looking website design fits well with the yacht-club setting of this wedding. Every detail of the site has been perfectly crafted to fit this sophisticated style. For instance, the floral monogram logo matches the flowery touches throughout the design. Also, the blue accent color isn’t just built into the page design; the couple also wears the color in their engagement photos.

Charlotte & William's wedding website example

07. Will & Kaitlin

If you’re looking for a good example of how to design a wedding website without photos or videos, check this one out. The only image is a picture of the hotel where they have room blocks. Otherwise, the background is filled with floral patterns and dusty colors.

Will and Kate’s website is also a good example to follow if you just want to create a short site in lieu of a save-the-date. All you need is a single-page website like this one and a clean, well-organized layout that breaks down key details about when and where the wedding is, the day’s schedule, travel information and registry links.

Kaitlin & Will's wedding website example

08. Chaslyn & Kevin

This couple has skillfully incorporated videos to establish the ambiance for their wedding, achieving a delightful blend of sophistication, flirtiness and joy. Separating the video frames with barebones strips creates a beautifully stark contrast and gives the eye a place to rest.

The photo gallery page is designed with equal consideration. Visitors can either scroll through the grid or click on a photo to open the photo slider, which allows viewers to savor each image individually at their own pace.

Chaslyn & Kevin's wedding website example

09. David & Stephanie

This couple has a real knack for website design. They’ve effortlessly balanced aesthetics and usability, making the site a breeze to explore. Click the hamburger icon for a good example of this: doing so opens a gorgeous pop-up menu that not only features the section links but also a landscape photo and the wedding’s key details.

The site is overflowing with other thoughtful details. We love the countdown clock and the fact that the RSVP page features a list of the attending guests.

David & Stephanie's wedding website example

10. Denise & Chuck

This website serves as an excellent demonstration of utilizing a theme to craft design elements. The gold-and-black color scheme and the sun-kissed photo filters seamlessly align with the desert motif, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing design.

The website's text exhibits a delightful and personable tone. One notable instance on the home page involves the couple playfully describing the wedding party as “some of the most dangerous, unpredictable, and downright insane characters you'll ever meet.”

Denise & Chuck's wedding website example

11. Emily & Ari

Here’s another website that uses a specific locale to serve as the theme for the design. In this case, it’s a small town in Colorado that looks like something out of an old western film.

The headline font has just as big and airy of a personality as the locale does. The earth tones color palette and ample white space additionally play nicely into this theme.

Emily & Ari's wedding website example

12. Jared & Hallee

The design of this wedding site exudes a wholesome charm. Considering these lovebirds are high school sweethearts, the design is a nice homage to their love’s innocent beginnings.

Jared and Hallee dubbed their site the “Ney Love Club,” which is a cute touch. The bottom section of the site incorporates unique and thoughtful elements, such as a live chat bubble and a “Shuttle RSVP” button in the footer. The latter choice is particularly special, since it demonstrates a dedication to their guests’ convenience and comfort.

Jared & Hallee's wedding website example

13. Sabrina Joy & Matt

This website is a nice example of how to show your creative side while still creating a website that is easy for your guests to use. To start, the couple displays their clever hashtag (#JOYfulMATTtrimony) in the header so guests remember to use it when posting pictures on social media. Furthermore, they share a video of the proposal on the “Our Story” page to make guests feel included in their story.

You can find another sweet touch on the “Wedding Party” page: When you hover over a photo, a blurb about the party member appears, allowing guests to get to know those who will be playing a large role in the festivities. The slideshow of their junior party also helps to increase the aww-factor of the site.

Sabrina Joy & Matt's wedding website example

14. Kiki & Sam

In many of these wedding website examples, we see a lot of themes based on location or personality. This wedding, however, revolves around the holiday, Dia de Los Muertos.

The couple has set the mood for what’s to come at this themed wedding with rich color palettes. Solid black backgrounds provide the perfect backdrop for vibrant illustrations, holiday imagery and text. Lighter strips provide the perfect space for lengthier sections of text.

Guests are invited to get in on all the themed fun. The “Wedding” page invites them to dress up according to the theme and provides them with helpful tips for doing so.

Kiki & Sam's wedding website example

15. Mark & Jacob

Once your wedding is over, you have a couple of choices. One option is to delete the website if you have nothing further to announce; another is to hold onto the website and use it as a digital photo album of the festivities.

That’s what Mark and Jacob have done with their wedding website. It’s covered with beautiful photography and videography from the wedding. Relevant details about the couple’s relationship remain as well to provide context for the stunning and joyful imagery.

Mark & Jacob's wedding website example

16. Marysa & Zachary

The design of this site is gorgeous. The dark design ensures that every detail stands out beautifully against the backdrop. Oversized white lettering, gold texturizing illustrations and black-and-white photos of the couple contribute to the memorable design.

The site’s forms are also noteworthy. For instance, there’s an RSVP form that collects relevant details about guests and their dietary preferences. The couple even added some personality to the form with custom “Yes! Can’t wait to party!” and “No. Partying in spirit” options. There’s also a separate form for music requests so that the couple have plenty of ideas for their DJ.

Marysa & Zachary's wedding website example

17. Nick & Lindsey

Spend some time looking around this site and you’ll notice what care the couple took in putting it together. The header is a prime example of this. Rather than try to fit as much info into a small handful of pages, Nick and Lindsey created a page for each topic, including accommodations, the registry and an FAQ. They even included a login button at the top so that people with access to the site (like the webmaster or guest party) have a convenient way to log in.

Nick & Lindsey's wedding website example

18. Ronnie & Ashley

This wedding website is downright beautiful. It’s minimal in design and full of class. Some of the sections have a textured background resembling the paper that of a printed invitation. In addition, there are background videos in some sections that look as though a tree branch is slowly swaying in the wind.

Ronnie & Ashley's wedding website example

19. Sulay & Anne

If writing isn’t your forté, take a look at this wedding website example. The couple stuck to the need-to-know details and let their stunning photos and design speak for themselves. We love that this site has plenty of white space and that the fonts and graphics match the muted coloring of the photography. Sulay and Anne even went as far as to remove the backgrounds from the outfit inspiration images to maintain the clean look. If you like this choice, try out Wix’s cut-out tool , which makes it easy to remove the background from images.

Sulay & Anne's wedding website example

20. Theresa & Jeremy

This website has a very modern-feeling design. For starters, they made a stunning logo with a thin-line drawing of rolling hills to use as their homepage button. Moreover, we love that the color palette of creamy peach, muted blue and warm brown pairs beautifully with the beach engagement photos. Another thing to take notice of is the cutout shapes used across the site. It’s like the couple is giving us a peek inside their world with these creative shapes and portholes.

Theresa & Jeremy's wedding website example

Quick tips for creating your own wedding website

A wedding website can do more than just be a digital version of your printed invitation. A website can help you plan your wedding . The trick is to take full advantage of the technology of a website so it can do things for you like serve as an online invitation , share registry info and host a livestream of your ceremony.

Now that you’ve perused the inspiring site samples above, here are some quick tips to help you design the perfect wedding website:

Find a website builder

Choose the perfect website template

Personalize the look of the site

Incorporate your own imagery

Add relevant event details

Create an FAQs section

Collect RSVPs

Share your registry links

Pick a custom domain name and publish the site

Share the website with guests

What makes a great wedding website?

A great wedding website is a one-stop shop for guests to find all the information they need about your wedding.

Here are some tips for creating a great wedding website:

Choose a template that reflects your style. There are many different wedding website templates available, so take some time to find one that matches your personal style. You can find templates that are elegant, rustic, modern or anything in between.

Keep your guests informed. In addition to the basics like the date, time and location, be sure to include other important information like your wedding hashtag, dress code, transportation details and registry information. Keep your website up-to-date, too. As your wedding plans change, be sure to update your website accordingly. This will help ensure that your guests have the most accurate information possible.

Make it personal. Share your love story, your favorite memories together or why you chose to get married at your chosen venue. These personal touches will make your website more meaningful to your guests. You can also add a little personality to your wedding website with fun fonts and colors.

Wedding website FAQ

How much does it cost to make a wedding website.

It doesn’t have to cost anything. For instance, you can make a free wedding website with Wix. If you decide to upgrade to get access to premium features, you’ll pay $16+ a month for as long as you want to keep the website online.

Do you need to be tech-savvy in order to create a website for your wedding?

What information should you include on your website, what features does a wedding website need, should you make your wedding website public or private, related posts.

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wedding website travel wording

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Wedding Website Wording Examples for Tricky Situations


A wedding website is one of the best ways to communicate with guests and set expectations in the lead-up to your event. This also includes the ability to brief guests on those trickier situations that could be an otherwise awkward conversation in person!

Whether you’re hosting a child-free celebration, have a specific dress code or would prefer cash instead of gifts on the day, a wedding website is a great platform to get the message across to your guests and ensure everybody is on the same page.

But how do you gently set these expectations and guidelines, without coming across as a total Bridezilla?

We know how difficult it can be trying to find the right wording to tackle these trickier situations. Luckily, wedding websites are what we do best , so we’ve compiled some helpful wording tips and examples to get you started!

From gift registry information to rules regarding kids and plus-ones, keep reading for some of our top wedding website wording examples to combat those complicated scenarios.


Wedding Website Registry Wording Examples

When it comes to the wording you use to convey your gift or registry information, it’s important to be polite, considerate and appreciative. This rule applies whether you’ve opted for an online registry, a wishing well on the day, or even if you’d prefer no gifts whatsoever.

You should also make sure your wording emphasises that gifting is not expected or necessary in any way. You’re simply giving your guests an option if they would like to do so.

The following wording examples are a great guide for broaching the subject of gift-giving:

If you’ve created an online registry…

“Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. However, for those who have expressed an interest, we have registered online at (insert wedding registry link)”

“We are already blessed with nearly everything we need to begin this new chapter together. However, if you do wish to celebrate our union with a gift, we’ve registered online at (insert wedding registry link) for the items we’d find the most useful!”

“Your company, love and laughter on our wedding day is the only gift we require. However, after being asked by friends and family for gift suggestions, we’ve registered online at (insert wedding registry link) for your convenience”

If you’ve organised a wishing well on the day…

“We are lucky enough to already have everything we need for our home, and your presence at our wedding is present enough! However, if you do wish to gift us something special, we have organised a wishing well to help us begin this new chapter”

“Celebrating with you on our wedding day is the greatest gift we could ask for! However, if you do wish to surprise us with a gift, a contribution towards our honeymoon would be most appreciated”


If you don’t want gifts…

“Please, no gifts – celebrating with our family and friends on our special day is the only thing we require!”

“We are blessed with everything we need for this new chapter. So please, no gifts – just bring your company, your appetite and your dancing shoes!”

Remember to keep it short, sweet and gracious. As long as you word it tactfully, your guests will honestly appreciate the option to choose a gift that they know will be well-received!

Child-Free Wedding Wording Examples

Planning an adult-only reception ? Whether your venue is unable to cater for children, or you simply want all of your guests to let their hair down and dance the night away, the topic of kids at weddings can be a delicate one.

Most parents will be completely understanding (and maybe even grateful!) about a child-free wedding, but it’s important to convey this tactfully on your wedding website to avoid any awkwardness.

Keep your wording simple and to-the-point. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you might want to subtly explain your reasoning behind the decision, whether that’s venue or budget restrictions.

However, don’t elaborate too much or feel like you need to justify yourself – this may turn it into a bigger issue than it needs to be. A simple sentence will allow you to get the message across without causing confusion.

Take some inspiration from the following examples:

“Although we love your little ones, please note our wedding reception will be an adult-only affair”

“To allow all of our guests the chance to let their hair down, this is an adults-only celebration. Thank you for your understanding!”

“Unfortunately as our venue is not suitable for little ones, this will be an adults-only reception. We hope this will allow you a much-deserved night off to celebrate with us!”

Of course, you may have exceptions to this rule such as nursing mothers with newborns. In this case, it’s best to approach these parents separately rather than singling them out on your wedding website.


Dress Code Wedding Wording Examples

Although your wedding venue will generally be a pretty good indication of the expected dress code, it always helps to prepare your guests when it comes to appropriate wedding day attire.

Nobody likes feeling under or over-dressed, so a heads up on your wedding website will ensure your guests are comfortable on the day. But there can be a fine line between helpfully suggesting appropriate attire and flat-out telling your guests what to wear!

Whether you’re planning a black-tie affair or a rustic barn reception, a guide to your dress code can be explained in a short sentence or two. You may also want to include any practical notes regarding things like footwear or the weather – basically, anything that will help your guests feel comfortable!

Some helpful examples to consider include:

“We can’t wait to dance the night away with our favourite people. Dress to impress in your best cocktail attire!”

“This will be a low-key celebration with just our nearest and dearest. No suits or ball gowns required!”

“Our wedding reception will take place on the lawn – please bear this in mind when choosing footwear and dress comfortably!”

“Although we have arranged heaters, our venue does experience cool breezes at this time of the year. A warm jacket is recommended!”

Unplugged Ceremony Wording Examples

Unplugged ceremonies are a great way to encourage your guests to be truly present in the moment, while also allowing your photographers to get uninterrupted shots from the proceedings.

However, excited guests do have a tendency to get snap-happy without realising that they may be causing a distraction. So, how can you gently let your guests know that their electronic devices aren’t welcome until after your ceremony?

Our advice is to keep things short and sweet while also allowing your guests to understand why you’ve opted for a camera-free ceremony. Take some cues from the following wording examples:

“We invite you to be truly present with us during our nuptials with an unplugged ceremony. We kindly ask that phones and cameras remain out of sight until the ceremony conclusion!”

“We can’t wait to tie the knot in front of our favourite people! We hope that you can enjoy this special moment with us camera-free, so please, no photos until our ceremony conclusion”

“Please note that our ceremony will be a camera-free celebration of love. Thank you in advance for your understanding – we are so excited to share this special moment with you!”

“We have 2 experienced photographers capturing our day so kindly request an unplugged ceremony. We will happily share our professional images with you after the wedding!”

Giving your guests some insight into the sentimental reasons behind an unplugged ceremony is a great way to get them on the same page. You can also re-use this same wording on the day of your wedding with a sign positioned at your ceremony entrance.


Plus Ones Wedding Wording Examples

Possibly one of the trickiest topics you’ll have to tackle is the delicate issue of plus ones!

Although you will have already acknowledged this in the wording of your wedding invitations , a gentle reminder on your wedding website can be a good idea if you’re still worried about unexpected guests.

The best approach when it comes to wording for plus ones is to reference external factors like the venue or guest list restraints. This helps to take the emotion out of the issue, and allows your guests to understand it was a practical, rather than personal, decision.

You might want to consider the following wording examples:

“Due to space constraints at our venue, we are regrettably unable to extend invitations for additional plus ones. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to celebrating with you!”

“We would love to share our special day with as many people as possible, but due to venue restrictions, we are unable to accommodate plus ones. Thank you for your understanding!”

Your wording should be factual and to-the-point, but it’s also polite to convey your apologies and thank guests for their cooperation. Keep in mind that the majority of your guests will be completely aware of the costs involved in planning a wedding, and should totally understand your position!


Wedding Website Etiquette

Wedding websites are such a useful platform when it comes to planning a seamless event. However, it’s important to be mindful of your wording and etiquette , particularly around those trickier topics like kids, registries and plus ones.

Although you might be tempted to steer clear of these complicated issues altogether, remember that it really does help your guests prepare for the big day – and truly, they’ll appreciate it.

So simply keep these wording examples handy and you’ll have no problems creating a practical resource for your guests to refer to, without ruffling any feathers in the process!

8 Reasons You Need a Wedding Website

8 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Website

From managing your guest list to tracking your RSVP’s, there are many reasons why wedding websites are becoming an essential tool for modern couples.

wedding website travel wording

What to Include on Your Wedding Website

Sitting down with your partner to create…


Wedding Website Do’s and Don’ts

It’s no secret that having a wedding…

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27 Examples of Beautiful Wedding Websites

Last Updated January 29 2024

Written By Juhil Mendpara

I looked through hundreds of wedding websites to find the most stylish and informative examples.

Here are the keys I discovered to a great wedding website:

  • Keep It Simple — Try not to let aesthetics get in the way of ease of use. Keep your wedding website simple so that it’s clear to guests where to find directions, the RSVP, gift registry and more.
  • Be Informative — Think about common questions guests will have: Do you accept cash gifts? Are children welcome? Is there parking? Is the venue accessible?
  • Celebrate the Moment — Photography of the couple should be front and center. That’s who guests are here to celebrate!

Hopefully, this collection inspires you to create your own website.

‘My First Website’ Challenge

  • • Build your first website in one week.
  • • One 10-minute lesson per day.
  • • Free email course.

wedding website travel wording

1. Mary Jo & Adam

Mary Jo & Adam are getting married in June 2024. They have created a clean, modern-looking wedding website for guests to find all the needed information.

The website hero features a large, high-quality image of the couple with the Chicago skyline in the background. It immediately sets the scene for the wedding location and gives a personal touch. The wedding date is also mentioned right there.

Next in the visual hierarchy is a split navigation bar, with the right side dedicated to the RSVP button and the left side with items to access important pages (our story, travel, things to do in Chicago, registry, and FAQs). All pages have relevant photographs and minimally-written stories/information — for example, here’s the ‘our story’ page:

wedding website travel wording

The site’s soft light blue background that gently contrasts with the white text gives it a serene and welcoming look. The elegant serif font for titles and names and the sans-serif font for other details provide a modern, legible, and easy-to-navigate website. Additional images of the couple embedded within the content add to the narrative and visual interest of the page.

Other details I liked :

  • Personal Touches : The website includes personal notes such as “We hope you can make it!” which adds warmth and makes the invitation feel more intimate. So does the page dedicated to things they like to do in Chicago.
  • Map Links : Each event section (located below the homepage hero section) provides a map link, making it convenient for guests to find the locations and ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Clarity in Details : Each event has a brief description and an exact address.

2. Shail & Yusuf

Shail & Yusuf’s wedding website design is minimalistic and elegant.

  • A consistent color scheme that combines a deep green background with white text creates a sophisticated and inviting look.
  • A clean, serif font for the names of the couple at the top, along with a simple sans-serif font for other details, achieves a balance between elegance and readability.
  • Ample whitespace around the text and between elements gives the design a clean and uncluttered look.
  • I also love the beautiful floral motif used at the top. It adds a decorative touch without being too distracting.

At the same time, the website has a structured, easy-to-follow layout:

  • The navigation bar takes you to the important pages/sections.
  • Important information, such as the wedding date, is highlighted in a larger font size, drawing attention to it.
  • The schedule is presented in a timeline format, with icons that visually represent each event:

I love this!

  • The RSVP button is prominently displayed at the top and at the end of the landing page (making it a natural endpoint after visitors have reviewed all the information).

Plus, of course, there are photos of the beautiful couple. I’d have loved to see more pictures or even a gallery of photos (especially the wedding ones since they married in December 2023), but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a well-designed, elegant wedding website.

3. Chloe & Jack 2024

Chole & Jack’s wedding website is likely professionally designed.

The use of a sepia-toned backdrop with red accents gives the site a vintage and classic look. So does the retro font used for the big text headings — the HWT Aetna, a Roman style of wood type font. The central image, a black-and-white photograph of the couple, reinforces the retro theme.

The design style, of course, doesn’t come in the way of functional effectiveness:

  • The navigation bar at the top provides easy access to different sections of the site.
  • The site uses arrows and clearly labeled sections to guide visitors through the information.
  • The Details page gives all the information concisely + also has map links to the function locations.
  • Details like the pet’s image at the bottom add a personal and intimate feel to the site.

4. Rush & Danit

The homepage of Rush & Danit’s wedding website is unique, not in its design but in its content. They use their childhood photos instead of your typical beautifully shot couple photos — it’s an idea you might like to use in your wedding website, especially if you met as kids :)

The inside of the website is like your typical, well-designed wedding website. Good fonts, a nice logo, beautiful pictures, and easy navigation to RSVP, Gifts, and more make up this wedding website.

wedding website travel wording

5. Our Dumb Wedding Site

Most of the sites on this list are elegant and sophisticated, which is the norm (and a safe bet for wedding websites). But this site has personality: It doesn’t look modern (likely because it was made 5 years ago), nor does it have those curvy fonts or professionally shot photos. But it feels personal, which is, in a sense, the highest compliment for a wedding website.

It’s quirky throughout — from the site title being “our dumb wedding site” to the wedding ceremony location described - “France…lol jk, it’s in Baltimore.”

For pretty much any other type of website , an unclear/twisted description of something essential like the location is a big NO, but it’s fine here.

6. Emily & Manuel

Emily & Manuel are getting married in April 2024, and they have waited 2,994 days for the moment — which they mention above the fold on their website. I like it.

I also like the “party accordingly” phrase that’s right after — it hints at a big, enjoyable wedding party. The “I’ll Be There” CTA, instead of having two buttons that read “RSVP,” is also clever yet clear — I like that too.

7. Alex and Bailey

Alex and Bailey are getting married in 2024, 199 days from today (4th October, 2024) — congrats to the couple! How do I know that? Well, that’s one of the first things you see on the website: “[Number Of Remaining Days] DAYS TO THE EVENT”.

Other things you see at first glance include a beautifully shot photo of the proposal and a well-designed menu bar that takes to the important sections of this one-page website (Home, Our Story, The Details, Gallery, Wedding Party, Travel Guide, FAQs, Registry).

All sections look excellent, but I particularly like this simple ‘Our Story’ section:

wedding website travel wording

8. Abby & Will Wedding

Beautiful photos, beautiful fonts, a beautiful story, and a beautiful couple make this beautiful wedding website.

The website, of course, also has the obvious:

  • The functional side of the web design includes a clear visual hierarchy, simple navigation, and clear CTAs.
  • Guests can learn about the best nearby hotels, things to do, what to wear, and where to come, among other things.

9. Heather & Jon

Heather & Jon’s wedding website features pictures that are bright and exciting. The font and color scheme also go nicely with the website theme, making for an overall aesthetically excellent website.

On the functional side, the site uses an obvious layout with topbar navigation to important pages - Our Story, Travel, and Wedding Festivities. There’s also an RSVP CTA (Call-to-action), so the visitors can quickly confirm that they’re coming!

If you want to quickly put together a beautiful wedding website, this is the one to replicate. They use the Squarespace wedding website template Sori .

10. Brittany & Nick

The site has clean, neutral colors and a splash of fun with candid photo reels. It’s super easy to navigate and full of information for their big day that makes accommodations easy for guests.

The Music Requests! page on the website is a nice touch!

11. Alex and Andrew

This website is minimal but not in the traditional sense, i.e., it doesn’t have plenty of whitespaces or anything. Though it has to-the-point text for each page (in the form of a story ), showcased alongside big, full-sized photos of the couple — which I consider minimal.

12. Sam + DJ

Sam and DJ’s love story is as modern as it gets: It started with a right swipe on Tinder. And therefore, this beautiful, modern website not only looks great from a web design perspective but also fits their story well.

13. Humayra ❤️ Henri

This site has awesome photography of everything — from the couple and their beloved dog, Layla, to hotel rooms and locations. And all pages are filled with photos! Overall, it’s sophisticated and functional.

14. Kelly and Alexei

Kelly & Alexei’s wedding website doesn’t have the classic “wedding website” feel to it, yet it manages to do what the website is supposed to: take RSVPs and give important information.

I am not a big fan of the styling choice, but I do like the functional effectiveness:

  • Call to Action : The RSVP section is clearly emphasized with repeated calls and a large pink button, making the action step stand out.
  • Schedule Clarity : The schedule is detailed with specific times and activities, providing clear guidance for guests.
  • Additional Information : Hotel options and attire suggestions are included, which is helpful for planning and setting expectations.

15. Razia and Aazib

Razia & Aazib’s wedding website is also unique but in a different way. They have converted the traditional wedding card design into a website form + have web elements like an online form for RSVP.

16. Jess and Chris

Jess and Chris have a bold-colored, somewhat illustrated wedding website. Details from their past, present, and future can be found in high-quality photography.

As an outsider, you might find the details and stories of each bridesmaid and groomsman a bit overwhelming, especially because everything’s on a single page, but there’s sentimental value + quick navigation right at the top for those who want to quickly RSVP or see wedding party details.

17. Zach & Mel

Another wedding website with great pictures, a good color scheme, and essential pages. (They probably didn’t need people to RSVP so it doesn’t have any CTA).

The special thing about this website is it’s a free website , unlike most others.

18. Jake & Alex

A unique, likely professionally-designed website with great fonts and flow. I especially love this “The history of the love world” story section:

wedding website travel wording

19. James and Laura

James and Laura show off their eclectic and vintage taste with fun photos of themselves, and of the venue as well. Guests can envision the ambiance for what the wedding itself will be like in beautiful London.

20. Kati and Patrick

I like this website — it uses a curvy font up top to make it look elegant and uses the classic Garamond font for other details to maintain legibility. And, of course, it has beautiful photos and clear navigation that achieves the website’s goal.

21. Tori & José

Tori and José are getting married in September and have started wedding preparations early. Among other things they’re already done, they’ve built a nice wedding website and registered a solid domain name:

22. Rebekah and JP

This wedding website is organized page by page, providing all the necessary information for their guests. Beautiful engagement photos and the website itself, both have a moody ambiance.

The website design is modern…if you can’t tell just by a look at it or the wedding date, the “Join us online via Zoom” might help ;)

23. Sarah and Stephen

This wedding day website features a single scrolling page broken up into the necessities, and then some. Their bubbly engagement pictures are emphasized with pink tones and a pop quiz for guests to test who knows the couple best.

On tiny criticism: The top menu is not clearly visible, but hey, the loved ones will find it!

24. Andrew and Delphine

Andrew and Delphine created a website that is clean-cut and well-designed. The layout, high-quality pictures, and quirky writing make it a fun reflection of who they are as a couple.

The website is as functional as it is beautiful. The top bar menu has links to all the important pages for wedding guests - Livestream, Wedding day info (dress code, location, etc.), Gift registry, and seating chart (which also serves as a guest list). And, on the opposite side of the menu is an easily visible RSVP button.

25. Joyce and Ben

This website looks like an information website — there’s no story or anything personal; just information the guests might need. The font also doesn’t look very wedding-y. But it’s a good, unique website layout you can replicate for your site.

26. Rachel and Dan

Let’s finish with a website that showcases how important the couple’s photos are (by eliminating them).

Rachel and Dan are getting married on August 17, 2024. They have a gorgeous website with nice artwork, a well-designed logo, lovely typography, and all important details - events, stay, things to do, registry, etc.

However, they don’t have their photos, which makes the website incomplete, in our opinion.

As we mentioned in the introduction, one of the things that makes a great wedding website is: “Celebrate the Moment — Photography of the couple should be front and center. That’s who guests are here to celebrate!”

27. Madi & Renoir

Madi & Renoir’s short, one-page wedding website succinctly gives all the details to the guests at a glance, including date, location, and attire. RSVP is streamlined with an embedded form right on the homepage. Extra information, such as parking and accommodations, is also provided.

This website uses a monochrome color scheme with a muted background image to create a sophisticated feel (I am not sure how much of it is achieved though). Bold modern fonts provide high readability, and the clean layout strikes a good balance between text and whitespace for an uncluttered presentation.

End Note :. We update this collection with new, well-designed wedding websites from time to time, but…

People tend to let their wedding websites expire, so some of the websites we have featured above might not be available at the time you are reading the article. You can let us know of such instances and we’ll remove/replace them ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put wedding website on save the date.

Yes, you should put the wedding website link in the save-the-dates. It helps guests in finding more information about the wedding.

When should I start my wedding website?

You can start creating your wedding website as soon as you have set the wedding date and booked your wedding venue.

What information goes on a wedding website?

From a functional point of view, a good wedding website includes the schedule of events, locations for those events, travel info, dress code details, accommodations, registry, and RSVP. Apart from that, it should have images of the couple and their love story. Everything else is optional.

Which is the best wedding website builder?

From the ones we've tested, Squarespace is the best because of its beautiful templates and ease of use. However, we haven't tested more niche builders like The Knot, WeddingWire, Minted, Zola, etc., so we can't comment on any of those.

wedding website travel wording

Best Website Builders for 2024

wedding website travel wording

Can I Build a Website for $0?

wedding website travel wording

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wedding website travel wording

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wedding website travel wording

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    01. Abby & Will. With the soft-toned engagement photos, earthy color palette and calligraphic typography, this wedding website example exudes a sense of warmth and calm. The one-page website layout is easy to explore, and the call-to-action (CTA) buttons clearly indicate to visitors what to do next. 02.

  18. 41+ Beautiful Wedding Website Examples For Your Inspiration

    24. Laurel & Samuel. I 'love' love, and this website will make you want to fall in love over and over again. Laurel & Samuel is a breathtaking website that makes your heart melt at first glance. The beautiful image, the classy background, and the clean, simple fonts synchronized to give a stunning wedding website.

  19. 22 Creative Wedding Website Examples

    These couples used their wedding website to share their love stories with their guests, melting our hearts one webpage at a time. 11. Proposal Video. Eilish and James used their website welcome page to share their proposal video. Let guests join you for your entire wedding journey, from "yes" to "I do.". 12.

  20. Wedding Website Wording Tips: How to Write Your About Us Story

    Keep it short and sweet - your About Us story doesn't have to be an essay! Between 100 - 250 words is usually ideal to give your guests a brief summary of your relationship journey so far. Make sure your story is easy to read. Instead of lumping all of the details into one long, winding paragraph, include a break after every 2-3 sentences.

  21. Free Wedding Website Builder: Examples & Templates

    Beloved Floral - Red. Romantic Calligraphy. Elegant Glow - Blue. Wedding Invitations. Vera Wang x The Knot. New Save the Date Formats. Personalized Free Samples. Budget-Friendly Invites. Cushion Cut.

  22. Wedding Website Wording Examples for Tricky Situations

    Take some inspiration from the following examples: "Although we love your little ones, please note our wedding reception will be an adult-only affair". "To allow all of our guests the chance to let their hair down, this is an adults-only celebration. Thank you for your understanding!".

  23. The 27 Best Wedding Website Examples in 2024

    1. Mary Jo & Adam. Made With Squarespace. Mary Jo & Adam are getting married in June 2024. They have created a clean, modern-looking wedding website for guests to find all the needed information. The website hero features a large, high-quality image of the couple with the Chicago skyline in the background.