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Trek Bicycle Bracknell is your destination for the latest products from Trek, Electra and Bontrager, alongside service and tune-ups for bikes of any brand. Conveniently located in central Bracknell, we have access to excellent mountain biking in Swinley Forest and access to scenic, countryside road and gravel rides. We are proud advocates for helping our local community here in Berkshire, whether that's through the charities we support, our in-store clinics and classes or the frequent social rides and in-store events! Stop in for a coffee and meet our friendly staff, who are always happy to help. Keep up to date by following us on our social platforms for updates on the latest happenings and events. You can email us at [email protected]

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Project one customised paint.

Make your dream bike a reality with our Project One customised paint programme.

Drop it off today. Pick it up tomorrow.

We offer 24-hour service turnaround on bikes of any brand (excluding certain e-bike models). Our fast, friendly service team will have you rolling again in no time.


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Amazing rides in our area

Wondering where to ride? Check out our curated collection of the very best road, mountain and family rides in the area, complete with digital route maps.

Trek e-bike collection

Amplify your pedaling power with electric bikes for city, mountain, and road riding.

e-bikes: everything you need to know

We’re excited to get people riding e-bikes, and we know there are lots of questions about them. Check out the link below or pop in to talk with our experts to learn more about what electric bikes are all about!

Electra bikes

We’re proud to carry fast, fun and fabulous bikes from the Electra line-up. Stop in today to take a test ride!

Bike repair and service made simple Regular bicycle maintenance is key to keeping your trusty steed running smoothly ride after ride. That's why we offer 24-hour service turnaround on bikes of any brand* – no appointment needed. Stop by today and our expert in-store technicians will have your ride rolling like new in no time at all. *Excludes certain e-bike models. Call or visit your local retailer for more information. Here’s how we’ll do it:

We want to know about your concerns, learn about your riding habits and understand your goals. That way, we can provide exactly what you need to get the most out of your bike.

One of our service advisers will put your bike in the stand and run it through our professional inspection process. They’ll describe what they’re noticing and address any concerns.

From there, we'll discuss how we can get your bike back up to speed with a service package, on-the-spot adjustments or replacement parts. We’ll also create an itemised receipt to make sure you’re comfortable with repair costs before we get to work.

Get to fixin’

Leave your bike with us, and we'll do the rest! You'll receive an email and/or text when your repairs have been completed, and we'll be sure to give you a call if anything pops up along the way. Plus, if our turnaround time exceeds 24 hours, we'll set you up with a complimentary demo bike.

Our service packages

Want to learn more about what a bike tune-up includes? Explore our different service packages below.

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If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, bring it back within 30 days for a refund or exchange.

Low Price Guarantee

We’ll match any price for products we carry in-store or on

24-hour service for all makes and models

Our skilled technicians will service your bike within 24 hours, or we’ll give you a loaner for free.

Your new favourite bike shop

From first-time riders of every age to the seriously addicted, we’re here to help!

trek bicycle corporation uk

Trek reveals new UK ‘campus’ offices and consolidates warehouse into Europe

Trek Bicycle is relocating in the UK for the first time since the late ‘90s. Sticking in Milton Keynes, the new premises will be within a campus environment which is being extensively renovated in time for Spring 2024.

The new Trek campus in the UK will feature an improved office environment, more facilities for employees including an onsite café and wellbeing facilities, as well as maintaining access to green spaces and the considerable MK cycling network.

In a move that you could probably now call a trend, Trek will be consolidating its distribution for the UK into Europe, specifically its existing facilities in the Netherlands and Germany, which was added in 2022 to boost capacity and speed of delivery. It means the UK warehouse is closing.

Trek said the majority of its UK business is already supplied from distribution centres in continental Europe, adding that it believes that this consolidation will improve consistency of supply by giving Trek UK’s retailers and customers access to a wider pool of inventory.

“We’re committed to operating an effective long-term business in the UK that delivers the highest quality service to our valued retailers and customers,” said Nigel Roberts, Country Manager of Trek Bicycle UK. “After much careful consideration, we’ve taken the opportunity to relocate to a new office and streamline our distribution in the UK. This move will improve the facilities for our office-based staff, reduce complexity and elevate our ability to supply a broad range of bikes and accessories.”

Trek will continue to deliver UK based dedicated support and service to customers and retailers in the UK with Customer Care, Warranty, Retailer Services and Trek Store teams operating from the Milton Keynes Trek campus office, alongside marketing, finance, retail, and IT departments.

Trek recently became British Cycling’s Community Bike Partner , assisting community outreach programmes nationwide.

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  • Cycle to work storm brewing as ACT call on industry to unite

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trek bicycle corporation uk

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Trek road bikes: range, details, pricing and specifications

Cyclingnews' roundup of Trek road bikes available to buy this year

A white woman riding a red Trek road bike riding past a green background

Trek road bikes you can buy today

Trek's road bike range explained.

With a history spanning some four decades, the Trek Bicycle Corporation has become one of the foremost bicycle makers in the world, and a perennial staple in our list of the best road bikes . What started out as a small steel frame-building company operating out of a carpet warehouse in Waterloo, Wisconsin, has grown enormously into a global leader of bicycle design and innovation. The Trek road bike range is based around three anagrammatic models; Domane, Madone, and Emonda - nominally the endurance, aero, and climbing bikes respectively. All are available in an array of build options, with the Domane and Emonda also available in both carbon and aluminium guises.

Trek has a history of innovating in the world of bicycle manufacture, with a particular emphasis on pioneering new materials. Bonded aluminium and carbon construction was lifted from the aerospace industry in the '80s, creating the 2000 and 2500 framesets. The lessons learned from bonded carbon were then poured into the manufacture of the brand's first full-carbon frameset, the 5000. Nowadays it has its own patented in-house carbon fibre, known as OCLV (optimum compaction low void) which is on a par with aerospace-specific alternatives

Trek continues to disrupt the industry from a manufacturing standpoint, but first and foremost it makes bikes for riders; the manufacturing innovation is only a means to an end. For some that means the very best commuter bikes , for others that means the best touring bikes , and for a lot of riders that means racing at the highest levels. It's no great surprise that Trek has become a big player in the world of gravel cycling too, and it also features on our list of the best gravel bikes . Whatever your interests in cycling, Trek has options. If you are thinking about something from the Trek road bike range, keep reading to see all the details about what's available. 

Trek Domane

Specifications, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

The latest model of the Trek Domane has gone through a complete makeover. The comfort-enhanced model in the Trek road bike range picks up a number of aerodynamic details, along with an all-new Isospeed decoupler design (additional flex at the steerer and seat post) and space in the frame and fork for up to 38mm of the best road bike tyres you'd care to cram in. These are changes that make the Domane an incredibly versatile road bike. The lineup is perfect for all-day comfort and the new Domane+ LT, makes our list of the best electric road bikes too.

The Domane is available in three frame types. For the budget minded, you'll want to look at the aluminium Domane AL; it's the most accessible in terms of price, and the only option for fans of a rim brake. It's entry level but it doesn't leave off the performance and adds options for racks for commuters, though it can only fit 35mm tyres rather than the 38mm max on the carbon models.

Moving up the range, the next option is the mid-range Domane SL. Stepping up to the SL means a move to 500 series OCLV carbon fibre. That opens up access to a dual IsoSpeed decoupler system, not found on the alloy version, for comfort-enhancing vibration damping. It also means space for larger tyres and storage in the downtube. If you'd like to stick with rim brakes there aren't any options for a fully built bike in the SL range but you can still get a rim brake option of the frameset.

The top-tier Domane SLR is also carbon fibre but it's a lighter 700 series OCLV. It still carries the dual IsoSpeed decoupler, but it's an upgraded adjustable version also seen on the aero focussed Madone. Like the SL, there's no fully built rim brake option available but you can still get an SLR frameset in a rim brake format.

Depending on your taste, and budget, builds are available from Claris-level at one end, through to SRAM Red eTap at the other extreme, with most options in between available.

Trek Emonda

For years, the Emonda had been the lightweight option in the Trek road bike lineup, and one of the usual suspects in our lineup of the best lightweight bikes . This is the bike to grab when you want to head to the mountains. As technology has progressed though the modern climber's bike has somewhat disappeared; brands have been slowly moving away from labelling their lightest offering as a 'climbing bike', and instead pivoting to selling it as an all-round option, for both up hill and down dale. Trek is no different in this regard, with the Emonda filling its all-rounder spot. It's no lump though, if weight is your concern.

While the Emonda is still the bike you'd want to turn to on the steep uphill segments, it's more than that now. Aero-optimisation and disc brakes take it away from a bike only for the mountains to a much more well-rounded option. In some ways it's defined more by what it isn't than what it is. It's not the all-out aero bike and it's not an endurance bike. The Emonda is the lightest of the options but it's also a bike that does a little bit of everything.

Available models for the Emonda still cover a wide range in much the same way as the Domane, with an aluminium option at one end, with a rim brake frameset option, and two tiers of carbon above it. The SL represents the middle ground with a carbon frame at a more affordable price. Then, at the top of the range, sits the SLR with a new ultralight 800 series OCLV carbon construction. There's even an SLR frameset with a more aggressive geometry available for those competing at the highest levels or fans of ultra-responsive handling. 

Trek Madone

The Madone sits at the top of the range as Trek's most purebred race bike. It's aero optimised in every way, and features among our list of the best aero road bikes too. Being the range topper means that it's the most expensive option in the Trek lineup but that has more to do with a lack of low-end options rather than it necessarily being vastly more expensive. There are only SLR and SL models available, meaning no entry level aluminium choice to be had. 

After years of aero bikes carrying a reputation for being harsh and uncomfortable, Trek went in a different direction. It was the first to market its aero bike as not just aerodynamically fast, but also fast because of its comfort, primarily thanks to the addition of the IsoSpeed decoupler system lifted from the Domane.

Of course, comfort isn't the only trick for the Madone; integrated cables feature heavily, along with fully integrated cockpits on the top end models. Even lower models, without an integrated cockpit, look to cheat the wind, with truncated aerofoil tube shapes and aerodynamically optimised disc brakes. Tyre width is however much more limited than with other models, topping out at 28mm.

Trek Speed Concept

The Trek Speed Concept is the Trek solution for triathletes who want the very best. For years the design had been stagnant but that all changed at the end of 2021. The brand new 2022 Trek Speed Concept is all new and faster than it's ever been before. Compared to the previous version, Trek claims the new bike saves a full six minutes over the Kona full Ironman race course. 

Moving away from a solely wind-tunnel focus, Trek has sought to create a bike that works as an entire system, rather than simply a lab-optimised object. The system approach means hydration and storage helps make not only the bike faster, but also the rider. There's an available between-the-arms (BTA) bottle that enhances aerodynamics by smoothing air between the arms and a clip allows you to drink without leaving the aero bars. It's also easy to refill during a race with a port on the top that accepts the nozzle of another bottle. 

While the BTA bottle is a separate purchase, the downtube bottle comes with every Speed Concept bike. Capacity is 750 ml and, like the BTA bottle, it also enhances aerodynamics; the system is 14 per cent faster when the bottle is in place. 

Outside of hydration there are two additional storage solutions onboard and included. The two bottles cover opportunities to enhance aerodynamics so the storage doesn't make the bike more aero. Instead, the bento box and the flat repair storage take advantage of the increased frame space to hide from the wind. 

The once-simple exercise of choosing a bicycle has become an appreciably complex decision owing to a plethora of new riding disciplines and technological advancements.

There are four different types of road bikes available in Trek’s current catalogue — aero, endurance, time trial, and climbing/do-it-all, each of which differs based on design and function.

As the name suggests aero road bikes are designed for speed while still retaining some form of compliance and comfort. Climbing bikes are ideal for hilly/mountainous routes and are pretty decent all-rounders. Endurance bikes offer a combination of durability and comfort while time-trial bikes are more outlandish-looking in their appearance and built for speed.

Trek offers a wide selection of specifications for each of the models in its range. Most of the brand's road frames are available in three different types of carbon, as well as aluminium and denoted by SLR (Trek's lightest OCLV carbon), SL (mid-range OCLV carbon) or AL (Aluminium).

Different geometry options are also available on certain models, with the majority featuring regular H2 geometry and some offered in the more aggressive H1 geometry, designed specifically for racing.

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Aaron Borrill

Aaron was the Tech Editor Cyclingnews between July 2019 and June 2022. He was born and raised in South Africa, where he completed his BA honours at the University of Cape Town before embarking on a career in journalism. Throughout this career, Aaron has spent almost two decades writing about bikes, cars, and anything else with wheels. Prior to joining the Cyclingnews team, his experience spanned a stint as Gear & Digital editor of Bicycling magazine, as well as a time at TopCar as Associate Editor. 

Now based in the UK's Surrey Hills, Aaron's life revolves around bikes. He's a competitive racer, Stravaholic, and Zwift enthusiast. He’s twice ridden the Cape Epic, completed the Haute Route Alps, and represented South Africa in the 2022 Zwift eSports World Championships.

Height: 175cm

Weight: 61.5kg

Rides: Cannondale SuperSlice Disc Di2 TT, Cannondale Supersix Evo Dura-Ace Rim, Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra Di2 Disc, Trek Procaliber 9.9 MTB 

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trek bicycle corporation uk

Trek bikes have long been a favourite here at Wheelbase, not only do they offer outstanding bikes across road, mountain and all other platforms, but they boast some serious market leaders and award winners.

Trek’s mountain bikes are loaded with features and are some of the most technologically advanced on the market, including the Fuel EX , the 150mm travel Remedy and the Slash 29er. Their road bike offering includes the Emonda , the lightest production road bike available, and the aero Madone .

Be it entry level Alloy or top end OCLV Carbon we are confident that Trek have an option for everyone to consider regardless of your chosen Men’s, Women’s, Road, Mountain or Leisure needs.

trek bicycle corporation uk

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Trek Fuel EXe 9.9 XTR 2024

Trek Fuel EXe 9.9 XTR 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 9 AXS 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 9 AXS 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 9 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 9 2024

Trek Madone SLR 7 2024

Trek Madone SLR 7 2024

Trek Domane SLR 7 Etap 2023

Trek Domane SLR 7 Etap 2023

Trek Fuel EXe 9.8 2023

Trek Fuel EXe 9.8 2023

Trek Domane+ SLR 7 AXS 2023

Trek Domane+ SLR 7 AXS 2023

Trek Domane+ SLR 7 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 7 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 6 AXS 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 6 AXS 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 6 2024

Trek Domane+ SLR 6 2024

Trek Fuel EXe 9.7 2023

Trek Fuel EXe 9.7 2023

Trek Slash 9.8 GX AXS 2024

Trek Slash 9.8 GX AXS 2024

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Trek bicycle corporation.

Trek Bicycle Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of bicycles sold by specialty retailers. Founded in 1976, the company sells close to a million bikes a year, as well as full lines of bicycle accessories and clothing. In addition to bicycles bearing the Trek brand name, the company also markets a line of mountain bikes named after Gary Fisher, one of the inventors of the mountain bike, and a line of bikes named for racing star Greg LeMond. Trek has several European subsidiaries, and its equipment is distributed in over 60 countries across the globe. In the United States, Trek maintains five Wisconsin manufacturing plants and four distribution centers. In addition to its manufacturing operations, Trek sponsors a number of racing teams, an on-site repair program, and an annual fund-raising ride for Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer.

Early History

Trek was established in 1976, at the peak of the 1970s bicycle boom. Its founders were Dick Burke, president of Milwaukee-based appliance and electronics distributor Roth Co., and Bevill Hogg, the proprietor of a chain of bike stores, one of which was located in nearby Madison. With financial backing from Roth's parent company, the Brookfield, Wisconsin-based Intrepid Corporation, Burke and Hogg launched Trek in an old warehouse in Waterloo, Wisconsin, located halfway between Milwaukee and Madison. With a work force of about five, the company began making high-quality, lightweight steel bicycle frames by hand.

From the outset, Trek committed itself to selling bicycles primarily through specialty bicycle stores, rather than through general retail outlets. This decision helped the company to maintain its image as a supplier of equipment for serious bicycling enthusiasts. Trek quickly became a favorite brand among that connoisseur market, and independent bicycle shops have remained Trek's most important outlet.

Competing primarily against European and Japanese manufacturers, Trek began to have an impact quickly, gaining industry attention both for the quality of its bikes and for being an American company. Trek bicycles were especially popular in the Midwest, the company's own backyard. By 1978, however, Trek was distributing to both coasts, as well as to other bicycling hotspots, such as Colorado. After only three years in business, the company's annual sales had grown to $750,000.

By 1980, Trek had outgrown its original plant. The company moved to a new facility in Waterloo, and there it began mass-producing bicycles. Sales were so brisk that Trek also contracted a Taiwanese firm to produce some of the company's bikes. Among bicycling enthusiasts, Trek was quickly gaining a reputation as a producer of the very highest caliber of bicycles available, and its sales reflected that reputation. During the early 1980s, sales virtually doubled each year.

The Age of Mountain Bikes

In 1983 Trek became a fairly early entrant into the mountain bike market, with the introduction of its 850 model. Developed in California in the late 1970s, mountain bikes featured more comfortable seats, fatter tires, and more gears than the ten-speed road bikes that dominated the market at the time. Fueled largely by the surging popularity of mountain bikes, Trek sold more than 45,000 bikes in 1984. The company also launched its Trek Components Group that year.

During the 1980s, Trek was one of the very few American companies that stood in the way of an all-out takeover of bicycle manufacturing by Taiwanese factories. Although even Trek continued to import some of its bikes from Taiwan, the company found that it was able to offset the somewhat higher costs associated with manufacturing in America by saving on ocean shipping and cutting out other middlemen. Even labor costs proved to be a relatively minor problem, since making bikes was seen by young employees, many of them avid bicycling hobbyists themselves, as a fairly glamorous job, and those employees were therefore willing to work for rather modest wages. As Trek expanded its facilities over the next several years, it was able to rely less and less on imports.

After a conflict with cofounder Burke, Hogg left Trek in 1985 to start his own bicycle company in California. In spite of the changes, Trek continued to grow at an impressive rate. In 1985 the company introduced its first aluminum road bike, Model 2000. Its first carbon composite road bike, Model 2500, hit the market the following year. By 1986 sales had soared to $16 million, and surging demand led to the addition of 75,000 square feet to the company's Waterloo manufacturing facility.

A New Philosophy for the Late 1980s

Ten years of startling growth did not come without problems, however. As Burke explained in a 1996 Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) interview, "In all fairness, Bevill [Hogg, company cofounder] was more of a dreamer than a manager." Although sales remained solid, Trek began to experience difficulties in a number of areas. Unsold inventory began to pile up, and as a result the company was losing money. With morale nearing rock bottom, Burke decided to take over the day-to-day management of the company. He instituted a "back to basics" approach, emphasizing sensible business practices and quality service. His new mission statement had four components: "Produce a quality product at a competitive price, deliver it on time in a positive environment."

Burke's new approach began to pay off quickly. Improved efficiency and marketing, combined with Trek's ongoing reputation for turning out quality products, breathed new life into the company's sagging bottom line. Sales doubled in each of the next three years. In 1987 Trek successfully introduced a new line of mountain bikes, and their popularity helped the company sell a total of about 100,000 bicycles in 1988.

Trek continued to find innovative ways to make money during the last years of the 1980s. In 1988 the company introduced a line of bicycling apparel. The following year, Trek entered the stationary bicycle market with Trek Fitness bikes. In 1989 the Jazz line of children's bicycles were introduced, and the company opened subsidiaries in Great Britain and Germany. Within five years, international sales accounted for about 35 percent of the company's business. By 1990 mountain bikes made up nearly half the bicycles sold in the United States, and Trek was prepared to claim a strong share of those sales. The company sold 350,000 bikes altogether that year. Trek's sales grew to about $175 million for fiscal 1991, and the company had about 700 employees by that time.

The High-Tech 1990s

During the first part of the 1990s, Trek remained at the technological forefront among bicycle manufacturers. Throughout the 1980s, the company had succeeded in developing advanced materials that enabled it to maximize the lightness and strength of its bicycle frames. These breakthroughs led to the 1992 development of the Optimum Compaction Low Void (OCLV) carbon fiber lamination process. Using the OCLV process, Trek was able to make the lightest production frames in the world, weighing in at a mere 2.44 pounds. Trek's first OCLV carbon road bike, Model 5500, was introduced in 1992, and its first OCLV carbon mountain bikes, Models 9800 and 9900, were unveiled a year later.

Meanwhile, another expansion project took place at Trek's Waterloo plant, which now measured 140,000 square feet. During the early 1990s, the bicycle industry in the United States experienced a bit of a sales slump. To compensate, Trek looked to boost its sales in other areas. The company continued to emphasize international growth during this period. Sales in Japan, for example grew by about 40 percent per year from 1991 through 1993. Trek also concentrated more on sales in Europe, where it was gaining a solid reputation among bicycle buyers who had long thought of American bikes as heavy, clunky monsters built for kids.

In addition, the company began to focus more on the sale of bicycling accessories. Beginning in 1992, Trek assembled helmets at a new plant in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, out of parts purchased from other companies. By 1993 the plant was making helmets at a rate of about half a million a year, double its total from 1992. Trek also launched a small line of tandem bikes in 1992. Although a relatively small market, the tandem bikes proved popular among family fitness buffs.

In 1993 Trek acquired the Gary Fisher Mountain Bike Company, the company founded by and named for the originator of the mountain bike. Gary Fisher's sales increased tenfold in its first year as part of the growing Trek empire, from $2 million to $20 million. Altogether, company sales reached $230 million for 1993, a $20 million increase from the previous year. That modest increase was impressive considering that it came during a period so difficult for bike makers that it saw longtime industry giant Schwinn sink into bankruptcy. Having passed competitors Specialized and Cannondale, Trek was now the clear market leader in specialty bike shop sales. By this time, exports generated $80 million of Trek's sales, and the company maintained seven overseas distribution operations--one in Japan and the other six in Europe.

Trek passed the $250 million mark in sales in 1994. By that time, the company was manufacturing 65 different models in its Wisconsin plants, including road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, and tandem styles. Trek expanded its children's bicycle business that year with the introduction of a line called Trek Kids. A number of major developments took place at Trek in 1995. That year, the company opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Whitewater, Wisconsin. The Whitewater plant, capable of producing 3,000 bicycles a day, dwarfed the company's other factories.

Acquisitions in the Mid-1990s

Trek also bought out two smaller niche-market competitors in 1995--Bontrager Bicycles, based in Santa Cruz, California; and Klein Bicycles of Chehalis, Washington. Those companies' plants remained in operation after the purchases. On top of those additions, Trek also signed a ten-year licensing deal with bicycle-racing superstar Greg LeMond to use his name on a line of road bikes. Additionally, the company introduced a new line of mountain bikes featuring an innovative Y-shaped frame. Trek's Y-frame received an "Outstanding Design and Engineering Award" from Popular Mechanics magazine, and the U.S. Secret Service even bought a few Y-frame bikes for patrolling the grounds of the White House.

Largely on the continuing strength of mountain bike sales, Trek's revenue grew to $327 million in 1995, a jump of nearly 19 percent. In early 1996, the company announced plans to add another 45,000 square feet to its Oconomowoc distribution center. It also announced its intention to build a distribution center in Atlanta to go with its existing centers in New Jersey and Southern California. Around the same time, Trek revealed that it was joining forces with Volkswagen of America to form a professional mountain bike team. The Trek/Volkswagen alliance went further yet, with the introduction of the Volkswagen Jetta Trek, a car that comes equipped with a mountain bike and rack.

In 1996, Trek also began planning a retail "superstore" on the west side of Madison, Wisconsin. The announcement did not sit particularly well with the specialty retailers already selling Trek bikes in the area. Although the company had dabbled in retail operations before--Trek has another retail store already operating in Madison, and flirted briefly with part ownership of a chain of stores in northern California--Burke insisted that it was not about to plunge into retail as a major part of their operation.

Meanwhile, Trek continued to beat out much of the competition in terms of quality and service, as it sought to solidify its position at the front of the high-end bicycle pack. Its ability to thrive during a period in which the bicycle industry as a whole was more or less stagnant suggests that Trek is poised to maintain its dominant position.

Principal Subsidiaries: Fahrradhandel Gesellschaft GmbH (Austria); Bikeurope BV (Netherlands); Trek Denmark; Trek Bicycle GmbH (Germany); Trek Japan; Bike USA S.L. (Spain); Trek Fahrrad AG (Switzerland); Trek UK.

Source: International Directory of Company Histories , Vol. 16. St. James Press, 1997.

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trek bicycle corporation uk

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Trek Bicycle

Trek Bicycle

trek bicycle corporation uk

About Trek Bicycle

Employee demographics.

  • <2 years - 43%
  • 2-5 years - 34%
  • 6-10 years - 10%
  • 11-15 years - 6%
  • 16-20 years - 2%
  • Over 20 years - 5%
  • tenure presents 43% of the workforce" class="tooltip">
  • 2-5 years tenure presents 34% of the workforce" class="tooltip">
  • 6-10 years tenure presents 10% of the workforce" class="tooltip">
  • 11-15 years tenure presents 6% of the workforce" class="tooltip">
  • 16-20 years tenure presents 2% of the workforce" class="tooltip">
  • Over 20 years tenure presents 5% of the workforce" class="tooltip">

Company Culture at Trek Bicycle

The employee experience below at Trek Bicycle, compared to a typical company.

Working at Trek Bicycle

trek bicycle corporation uk

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trek bicycle corporation uk

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Trek Bicycle

Fortune Rankings

  • Trek’s inclusion model is aimed at giving people at all levels of the company the opportunity to learn with programs like Level 5 leadership training.
  • The Trek Health Center at HQ provides wellness services like primary care, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and mental health consultations.
  • After one year at the company, all Trek employees are automatically enrolled in an employee stock ownership plan.
  • Trek recently added two weeks to its paternity leave plan.
  • Trek offers education assistance programs, reimbursing education expenses for GED, associate, undergraduate, and graduate work up to $30,000 over an employee’s lifetime.

trek bicycle corporation uk

  • Updated : 4/4/23
  • Country : U.S.
  • Headquarters : Waterloo, Wis.
  • Industry : Leisure Products
  • CEO : John Burke
  • Website :
  • Company type : Private
  • Revenues ($M) :
  • Profits ($M) :
  • Market value ($M) :
  • Number of employees :
  • Years on list : 1
  • Employees (as of March 2023) : 3,718
  • Job openings (as of March 2023) : 117
  • Year founded : 1976
  • 100% health coverage : no
  • Subsidized childcare : no
  • Compressed work weeks : did not disclose
  • Option to work remotely : yes
  • Minimum requirement in-office attendance (days per week) : none
  • Percentage of health care premiums covered : 70
  • Mental health coverage : yes
  • Free mental health sessions (per year) : unlimited
  • Maximum $ amount covered for fertility services : did not disclose
  • Fully paid maternal leave (days) : -
  • Fully paid paternal leave (days) : -
  • Fully paid adoptive leave (days) : -
  • Maternal leave in addition to regular time off (days) : did not disclose
  • Paid days off for volunteering : yes
  • % Women : -
  • % Minorities : -
  • % African-American/Black : 2%
  • % Asian : 3%
  • % Caucasian/White : 78%
  • % Hispanic/Latino : 10%
  • % Native American/Alaska Native : 1%
  • % Two or more races : 4%
  • % Unknown ethnicity : 2%
  • Founded : 1976
  • U.S. Employees : 3,494
  • Sites : 257
  • HQ Location : Waterloo, Wis.
  • Web Address :
  • Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential) : May 9, 2023

Latest news on Trek Bicycle

How trek bicycles has kept a great culture rolling in a fast-moving 2020, trek bicycle in fortune rankings.


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Trek Bikes Review — History, Models, and FAQ

trek bicycle corporation uk

Trek Bicycle Corporation is a bicycle and cycling products manufacturer whose headquarters are located in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

Trek bicycles are marketed through 1,700 dealers across North America . They have distributors in more than 90 nations across the world with subsidiaries in Asia and Europe.

Only a small percentage of their bikes are manufactured in the USA while the remaining 99% are manufactured in other parts of the world including Germany, China, and the Netherlands.

Over the years, this manufacturer has distributed bikes under brand names like:

  • Diamant Bikes
  • Klein and LeMond Racing Cycles
  • Trek, Villiger Bikes
  • Gary Fisher
  • Electra Bicycle Company

Trek Bikes History

Trek Bicycle Corporation Logo

Over the last 42 years, this company has continually worked to refine and improve its products and persuaded the world to join in and take the journey towards better health and fitness.

The Early Years

  • Trek’s story began in December 1975 in a barn when Dick Burke invested a sum of $25,000 to manufacture steel touring frames to battle those produced in Japan and Italy.
  • Initially, the idea was to make the world’s best bikes but it was not until 1982 that they managed to actually manufacture their first complete bike as a company after acquiring more space and building a factory. In 1983 , they made their first mountain bike.
  • Later in 1984 , they launched aftermarket parts and accessories line, Trek Components Group (TCG) .
  • The period between 1985 and 1991 could be described as the technology frontier for Trek. In 1985, they borrowed from aircraft and other bike companies’ technology and introduced their first bonded aluminum bike frame in 2000.
  • Later in 1986 Trek followed up the success of 2000 with a 3-tube carbon composite model, The Trek 2500.

This was Trek’s entry into the world of carbon fiber. That same year, to keep up with rapidly growing sales, they added another 75,000 sq ft (7,000 m 2 ) of manufacturing space to its Waterloo headquarters.

  • In 1988 , Trek bikes introduced “ Trek Wear ,” which strongly indicated the company’s entry into the cycling apparel business. A year later, Trek ventured into foreign markets, opening subsidiary offices in the UK  and in Germany.

That same year Trek introduced its Jazz brand of bicycles, a collection of entry-level and kids’ bikes designed by Trek but manufactured in Taiwan. Jazz bicycles were discontinued in 1993.

Trek 2500

The famous Trek 2500

  • In 1992 , They launched their first bikes built with a full-carbon frame, the 5500 and 5200 which featured Optimum Compaction Low Void ( OCLV ) frames. These went on to become the world’s lightest production bikes with a frame weighing around 1.11kg.

The company further expanded its space to accommodate the new OCLV manufacturing facility.

  • In 1992 , Trek also introduced their first full-suspension mountain bike, the 900 series which featured the T3C suspension system. In 1993, Trek also acquired Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes, named after Gary Fisher , one of the inventors of the mountain bike and one of the most popular names in off-road cycling.

Fisher had founded Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes in 1983 and sold his company in 1991 to Taiwan’s Anlen company, remaining on as President.

The Later Years

  • From there it has been all systems go for Trek bikes with a various event marking their success such as introducing a full suspension Y bike in 1995 and signing three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond to get LeMond Racing Cycles on its feet (1995), although the relationship with LeMond soured in 2008 as both sides alleged breach of contract.
In 2006 Trek launched the “ 1 World 2 Wheels ” campaign. The idea was to encourage Americans to swap their cars for bikes on trips of two miles or less.

Today their mission is to “Help the world use the bicycle as a simple solution to complex problems” such as easing traffic congestion, improving health, seeing the world, and combating climate change.

They’ve cut their coal emissions to nil and parking spaces at their headquarters are allocated for carpoolers only.

Trek Bikes Model Range

Today, Trek produces everything from high-end road, mountain, and triathlon bikes to hybrid, comfort, cruiser, and kids’ bikes. These products are available at a range of prices; the high-performance bikes will require you to dig deeper into your pocket while other bikes are more affordable.

They have also designed bikes and accessories to fit female riders since 2000 and they have a custom bike program called Project One, where customers can choose their own paint scheme and component mix.

Trek Mountain Bikes

Trek Powerfly LT 9 Plus

Trek’s mountain bikes are made for off-road adventure, fun, and competition. Among their extensive range of 13 models, you can find something to take on any off-road conditions and fit every budget and rider preference.

They categorize the bikes into four groups: six cross-country models, four trail models, two downhill models, and one fat bike model. Additionally, there are electric mountain bikes which we discuss below.

Among the styles, you can find hardtails, full-suspension gravity bikes; 29″, 27.5″, mulleted wheels; aluminum, steel, and carbon frames; and a range of options from a beginner hardtail to a World Championship-winning beast.

The Trek Slash 9.9 XX1 enduro is the most expensive in the range, with an RRP of over $12,500; at the other end of their range, you have the sub-$500 steel-framed Trek 820 cross-country bike.

Interesting design technologies include Trek’s  advanced OCLV Mountain Carbon frame and progressive sizing geometry. Other innovative MTB technologies from the company include Active Braking Pivot, IsoStrut shock—structural suspension, IsoSpeed frame-integrated suspension, and Mono Link adjustable geometry.

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Trek Road Bikes

Trek Émonda SLR 7

Trek is most widely recognized for its exceptional road bicycles, used by the World Tour team Trek Segafredo. Their road bikes are made for speed and efficiency on paved surfaces and gravel.

The company makes four distinct styles of road bikes in a range of builds:

  • Aero (Madone) – Most popular racing bike for its aerodynamic tubing
  • Lightweight all-rounder (Emonda) – The all-rounder lightweight climbing choice
  • Endurance (Domane) – Built for comfort over long distances, with more relaxed, stable geometry and 38mm tire clearance
  • Gravel – A fast off-roader with mounts for accessories and more tire clearance

You can find Trek road bikes with OCLV Carbon or Alpha Aluminum frames and SRAM or Shimano groupsets, depending on the price, which ranges from just over $1,000 for the cheapest Domane AL 2 to over $12,500 for the highest spec version of each.

Some exciting technologies used on Trek’s road bikes include invisible cabling design, IsoCore vibration dampening, and adjustable IsoSpeed micro-suspension.

Trek also mentions its aim to make each bike as effective as possible for both sexes, eliminating the need to find a women-specific model.

Trek Hybrid Bikes

FX Sport 6 black

Urban & Commuter / Fitness / Dual-sport / Recreation / Women’s / Kids’

Aluminum / Carbon

Trek hybrids are another hugely popular range of bikes among casual cyclists. These urban bikes are designed for versatility and benefit from the trickle-down of technology from the brand’s most innovative models. These hybrids include:

  • FX 1-6 – This is a speedy fitness bike with a rigid fork
  • Dual Sport 1-4 – A suspension fork hybrid built to tackle off-road terrain or function as a fully-equipped commuter
  • Verve 1-3 – This is the ultimate comfortable hybrid bike with upright geometry and a low-step option available

These bikes come in various builds, including OCLV Carbon or Alpha Aluminum for the frames; step-over, step-thru, or low-step designs; IsoZone handlebar-integrated suspension, IsoSpeed Decoupler for endurance comfort, and mounts for a rack and fenders.

These bikes range from around $500 for the cheapest FX 1 to over $2,000 for the most expensive FX 6 Carbon and can be paired with various accessories to customize the bikes for your diverse urban or commuter needs.

Trek Electric Bikes

Trek Verve+ 3 electric bike

Each of Trek’s traditional bike ranges has a selection of e-bikes to complement it. This includes eHybrid, eMTB, and eRoad.

  • Allant+ and Verve+ – Two fully equipped urban hybrid electric bikes, the Allant being the more sporty of the two
  • E-Caliber, Rail, and Powerfly – Three full-suspension e-mountain bike options. The Rail is a long-travel MTB, and the E-caliber is a super lightweight XC bike
  • Domane+ – Trek’s endurance road model goes electric with a lightweight and comfortable design that makes all-day riding a breeze

All of their bicycles use Bosch e-bike systems. Bosch produces some of the most innovative systems on the market with stylish integration, powerful mid-drive motors, and large-capacity batteries.

Trek uses the design technology found on their traditional bikes on many of their electric ranges, such as the IsoZone, IsoSpeed suspension, and premium frame engineering.

In addition, Trek’s subsidiary brand Electra has two comfort-focused “Recreation” electric models, the Townie Path Go and Attitude Go, and one hybrid, the Vale Go.

These e-bikes cover a wide price range, comparable to the standard bikes, beginning at around $1,600 for the entry-level Electra Townie up to $12,500 and $13,500 for the top-end road and MTB models.

Shop Trek E-Bikes

Where are Trek bikes made?

Trek bikes are made in China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Germany. Most of the manufacturing of Trek’s bikes and accessories takes place in China and Taiwan, as with most major bicycle brands. However, very select models are still produced at their Wisconsin factory.

Are Trek bikes good?

Yes, Trek bikes are good. They have worldwide recognition for high-quality, long-lasting bicycles across the whole price range. Trek also sponsors and manufactures bikes for the highest level of professional cycling, including Trek Segafredo road cycling and Trek Factory Racing mountain biking.

Where to buy Trek bikes?

You can buy Trek’s bikes at physical and online retailers worldwide, both online and in-store. Trek has its own physical stores and ambassador bike shops that mostly stock or only Trek bikes. You can find a list of all their online and physical retailers through the website.

How much is a Trek bike?

A Trek bike can cost as little as $450 to $13,500. Each Trek model has various spec levels which change the price incrementally, meaning you can find a Trek bike in any price range. The company’s most popular models like the FX, Domane, and Powerfly have many pricing levels.

What size Trek bike do I need?

The size Trek bike you need depends on the model you buy, your body measurements, and preferences. Each of Trek’s products has a corresponding sizing chart on its web page to help you find the correct size. You can also use Trek’s network of Precision Fit technicians professional fit.

When did Trek stop making bikes in the USA?

Trek stopped making bikes in the USA in 2017. According to sources inside the company, they then moved the final 1% of US production to their overseas factories. However, 99% of the production was already in China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Germany.

How do I tell what year my Trek bike is?

You can tell what year your Trek bike is by finding the serial number on the underside of the bike’s frame, next to the bottom bracket. Then, contact your local Trek dealer or get in touch with the company’s customer service and provide them with this number to find out.

Who owns Trek bikes?

Trek Bikes is a privately owned company. Initially, the parent company was called Intrepid Corporation. However, Intrepid changed its name to Trek Bicycle Corporation in the 1990s and stopped its non-bicycle-related business due to the incredible success of the biking giant.

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4 thoughts on “ trek bikes review — history, models, and faq ”.

Got a 1989 Trek 1400 road bike, I love that thing, it was converted to STI brifters, and the bike itself even for today’s standards is so light!

I haven’t had the privilege to ride it, but the bike looks great! I’m sure it rides like the wind 🙂

Please doble check when you buy a Trek bike! For self experience, I bought one 10 month ago (all stock) and the chainring start touching the frame. I thought it was normal because I think they put correct components. But that was not the case they put a 36t and 26t xt crankset. My frame is completely damaged and I was worry because I do not want to get a accident. I went to the shop and they tell me was my fault they don’t give me any guaranty so that what I think this bike it’s worst do not buy repeat.

Oh man, sad to hear. What model was it?

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TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED is a Private limited company (Ltd.) company based in 9 SHERBOURNE DRIVE TILBROOK, United Kingdom, which employs 173 people. The company started trading on 6 March 1989. The company registration number is 02355933, It’s main line of business activity is Other business support service activities n.e.c, and the company is listed as Active. According to the latest confirmation statements submitted on the 2021-01-02, there are currently 138 directors.

Contact information

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United Kingdom


According to TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED latest financial report submitted on 2021-01-02, the company has a Turnover of £124M , Gross-Profit of £28M while the Cash is £1M . Compared with the previous year, the company reported a Turnover increase of 29.24% , which is an equivalent of -36167088 . At the same time, the Gross-Profit went up by 29.72% , or by -8206742 .

Consolidated A/cs

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Turnover 2021

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£ 5.8 million

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£ 8.6 million


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TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED currently employs 173 people. Compared with the previous year, the company has reported a staff increase of 27% , which is an equivalent of 37 employees. In order to view contact information, including emails and phone numbers for all the employees working at TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED and to export them in XL or to your existing CRM, you can subscribe to our platform here .

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TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED is a subsidiary of TREK BICY******** which is a holding company, with the following registration number 02355933 . The holding group consists of a total of 4 companies, including TREK BICY******** , TREK BICYCLE CORP*************** , CONCEPT STOR********** , STAN JONES & ************ .


There are currently 5 people with significant control at TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED . One of of major shareholders of TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED is TREK BICYCLE CORP. , which owns 175000 A REDEEMABLE PREFERENCE shares, with a total value of 175,000 GBP and TREK BICYCLE CORP. , which owns 99327 ORDINARY shares, with a total value of 99,327 GBP and TREK BICYCLE CORP. , which owns 175000 B REDEEMABLE PREFERENCE shares, with a total value of 175,000 GBP and TREK BICYCLE CORP. , which owns 175000 D REDEEMABLE PREFERENCE shares, with a total value of 175,000 GBP and TREK BICYCLE CORP. , which owns 175000 C REDEEMABLE PREFERENCE shares, with a total value of 175,000 GBP .




Walgreens boots alliance services limited, camelot global services limited, atkins limited, prepay technologies limited, trek bicycle corporation limited news & activities:.

TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED has submitted new account statements and has reported a turnover of £124M, a 29.24% decrease year-over-year.

The TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED-based company said the adjusted EBITDA is now £11M, compared with the previous year of 17.2 million.

TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED number of employees has increased by 27% compared with previous year and now represents a total number of 173.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED

Where is trek bicycle corporation limited registered office.



You can call TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED at the following number +441908******




According to the latest account statement, there are currently 173 of employees working for TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED.

How much revenue does TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED make?

Based on the latest financial accounts submitted on 2021-01-02, the company made £124M for 2021, which went up by 29.24%.


For 2021, TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED has reported an EBITDA of £11M, which went up by 57.74% compared to previous year.

What is the Business Credit Score of TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED and how reliable is the company?

In order to check the business credit score of TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED, you can request a credit report. You will view the latest credit limit information, ownership, group structure, court judgements and much more.

Does TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED pay their invoices on time?

By requesting a Business Credit Report for TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED, you will be able to gain more insights about the TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED payment trends.

Who is the Ultimate Parent of the TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED?

Information about the ultimate beneficial ownership TREK BICY******** of TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED is available when you order a business credit report.

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Company number 02355933

  • Company Overview for TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED (02355933)
  • Filing history for TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED (02355933)

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    According to TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED latest financial report submitted on 2021-01-02, the company has a Turnover of £124M, Gross-Profit of £28M while the Cash is £1M. Compared with the previous year, the company reported a Turnover increase of 29.24%, which is an equivalent of -36167088. At the same time, the Gross-Profit went up by ...


    GOV.UK Find and update company information Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filed (link opens a new window) ... More for TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED (02355933) Registered office address 9 Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8HX . Company status Active

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    View PDF Confirmation statement. made on 6 March 2017 with updates - link opens in a new window - 7 pages. (7 pages) 1. TREK BICYCLE CORPORATION LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity.