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Is The Trek 8000 A Good Mountain Bike? [Trek 8000 Review]

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The Trek 8000 has always been regarded as a mid-range to high-end mountain bike that can be relied on for a long time.

2012 Trek 8000

It’s been over a decade, but it still belongs in the mid-range bike category in our opinion. With its light body weight and super-wide gear range, the Trek 8000 has gone through several iterations and is now my favorite mountain bike.

The descent and climbing performance, components, and specifications of the 2009 Trek 8000, as well as the other versions in the series, are detailed below.

2011 Trek 8000

Steep uphill climbs and fast descents are more than just a mountain biking challenge. It also serves as a test of the rider’s abilities.

While the Trek 8000 is not a professional speedy mountain bike, it does have a 100mm shock fork and 2.2″ wide mountain tires, and it descends at a slower speed on the flats with hydraulic disc brakes that are easily braked.

The steeper head tube angle provides more directional control. The roots and small rocks you encounter during the descent will be felt, but the bounces will generally take off.

However, when confronted with large obstacles, the sensation of throwing around becomes addictive.

Because of the lighter bodyweight, acceleration is slower when descending on longer trails.

The not-so-wide tires are not as smooth as today’s super-wide tires when riding through loose foliage or muddy downhill roads, but they are sufficient for an intermediate rider to ride wild in the mountains.

2009 Trek 8000

The climbing performance of the Trek 8000 impresses many riders on the road. The aluminum frame of the Trek 8000 has many of the features of today’s high-end mountain bikes and is lightweight. The pedals are also responsive.

On steep climbs, the 3X9 gearing configuration will not leave you struggling. The rapid ascent on trails is surprising.

With a 71° head tube angle, you can easily steer or go around obstacles in trails with more than 30° of incline and over small steps. All of this is difficult to accomplish on a low-end mountain bike.

The 8000-mile trek, on the other hand, can. Acceleration isn’t as slow as you might think, the dependable tires offer plenty of grip on technical climbing trails or rocky climbs, and there’s not much pedal swing.

As a result, if you ride the Trek 8000, you will enjoy the difficult climbing rides more.

General Terrain

Although the Trek 8000 is a hardtail mountain bike, it is designed to be abused on rough low-end rides at will.

These terrains are no problem at all, whether they are park steps or cobble-filled river beaches.

The Trek 8000 rides without much of an advantage on roads with little difficulty that a cheap mountain bike can do as well.

When riding on rough woodland trails, its aggressive geometry, grippy tires, carbon frame weight, 27 speeds, and finally faster acceleration make it a good trail performer when compared to the average gravel bike.

The Trek 8000 is also an excellent fitness bike for general terrain. Reliable accessories allow you to ride fast or allow you to ride at all.

Component Features and Specifications

Alpha red aluminum frame (4.5/5).

The Trek 8000 features the Alpha Red Aluminum frame, which is currently found on most Trek mountain bikes costing more than $2,500.

The 71° head tube angle is beneficial on climbs, and it also has a longer top tube. The use of hydroforming technology gives the frame a more even texture and makes it less likely to break over the course of up to ten years of riding.

The head tube has been reinforced, which is good for protecting the welded part and providing proper stiffness during technical singletrack or trail riding.

For a reason, the slightly bent downtube gives the frame a steep head tube angle.

The rear lower fork has a slight bulge to accommodate wider tires.

Quality mountain bikes are not always outfitted to the highest standard in their initial configuration, but riders who enjoy mountain sports are constantly looking for the best fit as they become more familiar with their bikes day by day in order to find the terrain they enjoy riding the most.

Of course, I’m complaining about the lack of cables that run through the internal alignment, as well as the fact that some of them are on top of the top tube, which isn’t very appealing.

Drivetrain (4.0/5)

The 3X9 drivetrain is made of a hard alloy, the Shimano Deore XT crankset is lighter in weight and the hard alloy can stand up to rough riding.

The front and rear derailleur are both Shimano SLX, which shifts without slipping gears on fast rides.

And there are no very big problems to be found in many reviews about this drivetrain. So the Trek 8000 drivetrain, in terms of performance and durability, is an accessory worthy of praise.

Shock front fork (4.0/5)

The RockShox Reba SL Dual Air shock fork is in the middle of the price range.

However, for a mountain bike from ten years ago, its configuration is relatively high-end, with 100mm of travel, just across the shock travel required for trail riding.

Having used the RockShox high-end fork, I don’t dismiss the shock absorption of a mid-range fork. Rough trail riding is frequently influenced by the performance of a mountain bike.

Air shock forks have better responsiveness and a better damping effect than spring shock forks at the same travel, but durability is slightly lower.

Bontrager Jones XR Tires (3.8/5)

This tire has an inner tube and is a more traditional 26×2.2/2.25″. With the correct tire pressure, it is easy to provide reliable grip on mountain riding.

26″ tires give you better handling feel when riding. The width of 2.2″, up to 26×2.35″, allows for slippage-free riding on wet surfaces.

Hydraulic disc brake (4.5/5)

The Trek 8000 also has the same hydraulic disc brakes found on mid- to high-end mountain bikes, as well as the mechanical disc brakes found on the Trek 8000 until 2009.

The 2009 Trek 8000, on the other hand, lacks braking efficiency. Hydraulic disc brakes have a shorter braking distance, giving the rider more time to react in the wooded singletrack.

Benefits of the Trek 8000

  • Light weight
  • Steep head tube angle for off-road climbing
  • 100mm travel shock fork for good shock absorption
  • Tires with strong grip
  • Precise braking with hydraulic disc brakes

What we don’t like about it

  • It a bit hard seat

Other versions of Trek 8000

2000 trek 8000.

The Trek 8000 2000 costs $1150. As far as cheap mountain bikes go, it does not appear to be well equipped.

Front tires: 26 x 2.125 inch Bontrager Jones AC, rear tires: 26 x 2.00 inch Bontrager Jones AC, mechanical disc brakes, and a shock fork with only 80mm of travel. The rest of the features are the same as in later versions.

However, the body weight has increased by 4 pounds to 29 pounds. Ideal for low-level mountain biking or rough trail riding.

2005 Trek 8000

At the time, the MSRP was $1540. The ZR 9000 aluminum frame is being used for the first time on this bike, and it’s a high-end frame that doesn’t fit well with other accessories.

However, the bike’s longevity and weight are significantly reduced. The rest of the features are the same as on the Trek 8000 from 2000. Climbing rides are better suited.

2006 Trek 8000

The body color is burgundy, more stylish and bold. The price is slightly lowered to $1400. The fork is made of lighter aluminum-magnesium alloy, and the body weight is slightly lighter, but no other major changes are made.

2009 Trek 8000

This is also the main character of this review, the price was $1800. There are significant upgrades in components and specifications, such as hydraulic disc brakes and the use of a RockShox Reba SL Dual Air, 100 mm travel fork.

Making it more suitable for off-road riding and better performance in woodland singletrack.

2010 Trek 8000

The 2010 Trek 8000 iteration didn’t have much to offer, but instead went up in price by $200. The paint color is more youth friendly and the Bontrager Race Lite is 630mm long, 10mm longer than the previous version’s handlebars.

2011 Trek 8000

This is the latest Trek 8000 I’ve been able to get my hands on, with the Fox Alps fork and the same 100mm of travel. But it is a little more responsive on bumpy ground than the 2009 Trek 8000.

The 3X10’s drivetrain has been upgraded from the 2010 Trek 8000. Other features are not much improved.

2009 Trek 8000 Specs

  • What is the body weight of the Trek 8000?

The Trek 8000, produced in 2006 and later, weighs around 24 lbs.

  • What frame sizes are available for the Trek 8000?

15.5, 17.5, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5″.

  • What is the weight limit for the Trek 8000?

No more than 300 lbs (136 kg), which includes the weight of the rider and the weight of the cargo.

  • Is there a Trek 8000 mountain bike for sale?

The Trek 8000 mountain bike has been discontinued, so if you want to collect one, you can search for it on used websites such as Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

Comparison Table

Competition, trek x-caliber 8 mountain bike vs trek 8000.

Trek X-Caliber 8

The Trek X-Caliber 8 is just as light as the Trek 8000. Nonetheless, the Trek X-Caliber 8 weighs 3.5 pounds more than the Trek 8000.

And the now-popular 1X12 speed drivetrain, which provides riders with a wide range of gearing options. The front chainstay limitation has been removed, so shifting is no longer difficult.

Sturdy flywheel that is nearly impossible to damage. A more relaxed head tube angle to keep you from feeling strained while riding.

For touring rides, the Trek X-Caliber 8 has a shock fork that can be remotely locked to switch the suspension working freely between flat mountain and rough terrain. Save your valuable energy.

This is, of course, critical in long-distance off-road races.

When riding in the mountains, the 29×2.35″ (part of the frame is 27.5×2.35″) puncture-proof tires with no inner tube handle wet ground well.

The Trek X-Caliber 8’s components are superior for trail riding to those of the Trek 8000.

As a result, the Trek X-Caliber 8 is the premium mountain bike for faster riding, racers, or anyone else who wants to cover more ground in less time.

Learn more: Is The Trek X-Caliber 8 Worth Buying? [Trek X-Caliber 8 Review]

Trek Farley 7 Mountain Bike VS Trek 8000

Trek Farley 7

Frozen mountains don’t seem to fit with the Trek 8000’s riding style. The Trek Farley 7 Mountain Bike has you covered.

You’ll get 27.5×4.50″ (S, M frames with 27.5×3.80″) extra-wide tires, a Manitou Mastodon 34 Comp, an air spring fork, a 1X12 speed drivetrain, a lift seat post for lowering, and other features. Fat-tire mountain bikes that aren’t constrained by time or weather have emerged as a new favorite in recent years.

You can ride in the snow whenever you want if you wear warm clothes and protective gear. Even on slightly icy ground, fat tires provide excellent traction. You don’t have to worry about not having enough traction when climbing on ice.

The bike also has a lot of design details to ensure a smooth ride in snowy or sandy mountain terrain.

Learn more: Trek Farley 7 Review-Strong Contenders

YETI SB115 Turq T1 XT vs Trek 8000

YETI SB115 Turq T1 XT

The YETI SB115 is a pure race mountain bike that crushes the Trek 8000 in every way.

The YETI SB115 has a 130mm Fox Factory 34 Fit4 fork, making it suitable for riding on all types of off-road terrain, particularly in multi-day stage races, and it has excellent shock absorption with its 115mm Fox Factory Float DPS.

When it comes to long, sending forest singletrack, the Trek 8000 is a deterrent.

The YETI SB115 has a very generous head tube angle, excellent climbing performance, and gives you more confidence on descending trails thanks to Yeti’s patented Switch Infinity suspension design and fork, which reduces most of the initial impact and allows for a softer feel on deeper descents.

The C-Series carbon fiber is extremely light weight, providing the ideal balance of stiffness and suppleness. If you want to race long distances off-road, the YETI SB115Turq T1 XT Mountain Bike is a great mountain bike to try.

Schwinn High Timber VS Trek 8000

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

What mountain bike should I buy if I’m on a tight budget and primarily a commuter rider? With the Schwinn High Timber, a mountain bike for commuters or park trail riding, we’ve got you covered.

The Schwinn High Timber is a sleek and lightweight mountain bike with medium-sized 27.5-inch wheels that is suitable for both youth and adults. The cost is a fraction of that of the Trek 8000.

There isn’t much of a difference between riding on trails and riding in the neighborhood. A 3×7 drivetrain and enough shock forks to get you through enjoyable commutes.

Learn more: Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

Final Verdict (4.3/5)

The Trek 8000 with its a very light bodyweight and 3X9 drivetrain and steep head tube angle. Allowing riders to ride at will on generally difficult forest road singletrack or flat mountain terrain in hilly areas. It’s a great mountain bike. We gave this mountain bike a final rating of 4.3 out of 5.

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Trek 8000 Mountain Bike Review

November 20, 2023

Trek 8000 Mountain Bike Review | PedalChef

‍ Key Takeaways

  • The Trek 8000 mountain bike excels on a variety of terrains.
  • Its lightweight aluminum frame enhances maneuverability.
  • The bike's 18-speed gear system offers versatility.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power.
  • The Trek 8000 resource groups enrich the biking journey through knowledge sharing.

This article may contain affiliate links where we earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

‍ Uncover the Trek 8000 Mountain Bike's performance and features. Does it live up to the hype and excitement it has generated in the cycling world?

The Trek 8000 is a fantastic mountain bike that performs exceptionally well on rugged woodland trails. It offers aggressive geometry, grippy tires, a lightweight carbon frame, 27 speeds, and quick acceleration compared to the average gravel bike.

As a seasoned mountain biker with years of experience on the trails, I've consistently explored various bicycles' strengths and weaknesses to objectively analyze their performance. I've extensively ridden and tested the Trek 8000 mountain bike on various trails and terrains. So, let's dive deeper into the features and specs that make this bike stand out.


‍ Trek 8000 Mountain Bike Review

As a mountain bike enthusiast, I've always admired how well Trek bikes perform on the trails. We’ll discuss the Trek 8000 mountain bike and provide an overview of its specifications, features, and performance.

The Trek 8000 is a high-quality mountain bike designed for riders who seek lightweight and responsive performance. With its aluminum frame and impressive climbing abilities, this bike has been a top choice for many mountain bikers.

The brand has remained a trusted name in the mountain biking community, known for producing reliable and top-notch bikes.

This mountain bike features a ZR 9000 Alloy frame, which is lightweight and strong, ideal for tackling rugged terrain. It has a RockShox Reba SL front suspension with 100mm of travel, providing smooth rides and great control over rough trails.

The 3x9 gearing configuration ensures that you won't struggle on steep climbs, while the Bontrager Select wheels add to its overall performance and durability. Check out this video for a detailed overview of the Trek 8000.

Key Features and Components

The Trek 8000 Mountain Bike is undoubtedly a high-performing, lightweight bike designed for off-road performance. Its aluminum frame and thoughtful component choice make it an excellent option for mountain biking enthusiasts. Let’s explore its key features and components.

Frame and Build

The Trek 8000 boasts a ZR 9000 Alloy frame that is lightweight and durable. With a top tube, head tube, and chainstays built for efficiency and strength, this hardtail mountain bike offers both speed and sturdiness on the trails.

Braking System

Safety is crucial when cycling through rugged terrain, which is why the Trek 8000 comes equipped with reliable hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes provide excellent stopping power and modulation, ensuring consistent braking performance even in wet or muddy conditions.

Suspension and Comfort

Featuring a RockShox Reba SL fork with positive and negative air pressure, the Trek 8000 ensures a comfortable ride by easily absorbing impacts from uneven surfaces.

The fork also offers Motion Control, rebound, compression, lockout, and 100mm of travel for superior control on rough trails. Additionally, the saddle and seatpost are designed for added comfort during long rides.

Drivetrain and Gears

The bicycle's drivetrain components include a Shimano Deore LX crankset with a 44/32/22 gear ratio and a Shimano SLX shifting system for quick and accurate gear changes. The rear derailleur is a Shimano Deore XT, ensuring an efficient and smooth power transfer from the pedals to the wheels.

Wheels and Tires

The Trek 8000 is outfitted with Bontrager Select wheels and Bontrager Jones tires, offering excellent traction and durability on various surfaces. The front hub is designed for quick and easy engagement, while the tires provide an optimal balance of grip and rolling resistance.

Other Notable Components

Some additional features that enhance the performance of the Trek 8000 include responsive pedals, well-protected cables, and an uncomplicated switch for the suspension system.

These components contribute to the bike's reputation as an all-around performer in the XC and SL categories.

Performance and Experience

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Trek 8000 mountain bike and experience its performance firsthand.

The Trek 8000 is slightly lighter than other bikes in its category, which makes it an absolute pleasure to ride, especially when tackling steep climbs. The aluminum frame not only makes it light but also enhances its performance.

Its 3x9 gearing configuration ensures that you don't struggle even on the toughest inclines. The responsive pedals add to the smooth climbing experience.

The suspension fork on the Trek 8000 efficiently absorbs shocks from rough terrains, providing a comfortable ride. Riders notice improved confidence while riding at high speeds, thanks to the superior grip the bike offers in both dry and wet conditions.

The wet weather performance, in particular, captivates riders, as it doesn’t compromise on speed or stability. Check out this video for more insights on the performance of the Trek 8000.

Long-Term Durability

Durability is a crucial aspect of any mountain bike, and the Trek 8000 impresses with its long-term resilience. Crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering, this bike is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures, making it a dependable companion for years to come.

Moreover, the Trek 8000's reputation for long-term durability extends beyond its core components. Users often highlight the bike's ability to easily handle upgrades and modifications, allowing them to adapt it to evolving preferences and needs.

This flexibility further contributes to the bike's longevity, ensuring that it can continue to meet the demands of riders who seek both durability and adaptability in their mountain biking experience.

Comparison and Evaluation

Now, let's compare it with other mountain bikes in its class.

Below is a table that compares the Trek 8000 with similar models:

As seen in the table, the Trek 8000 mountain bike is slightly lighter than some of its competitors, offering an advantage in terms of reducing rider fatigue.

Its performance is commendable, although it may not be the best in its class. The trade-off for the Trek 8000 is its slightly aggressive geometry, which might not suit every rider's preference.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Maintaining and caring for your Trek 8000 mountain bike is essential to ensure its longevity and peak performance. Proper maintenance keeps the bike in optimal condition and enhances your riding experience and safety on the trails.

Regular cleaning is the first step in bike maintenance. Removing dirt, mud, and debris keeps the bike looking great and prevents premature wear and corrosion.

Use a gentle detergent and brushes to clean the frame, components, and drivetrain, being sure to rinse thoroughly and dry completely afterward.

Lubrication is another critical aspect of maintenance. Applying lubricant to the chain, derailleurs, and brake pivots reduces friction, extends the life of these components, and ensures smooth gear shifts and braking.

Remember to use the right type of lubricant for each application and wipe off excess to prevent attracting dirt and grime.

Where to Buy It

You can buy a used Trek 8000 from eBay , where individuals often list their pre-owned bikes for sale. eBay provides a platform for communication between buyers and sellers, allowing you to ask questions, negotiate prices, and gather more information about the specific Trek 8000 you're interested in.

Trek 8000 Community: Online Resources and Groups

When it comes to the world of cycling and, more specifically, the Trek 8000, being part of a community can greatly enhance your experience. We'll look at the Trek 8000 community, its valuable online resources and groups, and how they can benefit cyclists like you.

Online Forums and Discussion Groups

The Trek 8000 community thrives in various online forums and discussion groups. These platforms provide a virtual meeting place where Trek 8000 enthusiasts, riders, and owners share their experiences, insights, and knowledge.

Whether you're a beginner looking for advice on bike maintenance or an experienced rider seeking route recommendations, these forums offer a wealth of information and friendly assistance.

User-Generated Content

One of the standout features of the Trek 8000 community is the abundance of user-generated content. Cyclists often post detailed reviews, ride reports, and modifications they've made to their bikes.

This user-generated content can be a goldmine of practical tips, real-world experiences, and creative ideas that can enhance your Trek 8000 ownership.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Support

Have a technical issue with your Trek 8000? Need guidance on routine maintenance tasks? The community has you covered. You'll find dedicated sections or groups focused on bike maintenance and troubleshooting.

Cyclists willingly share step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and expert advice to help you keep your Trek 8000 in top shape.

Route and Trail Recommendations

Exploring new routes and trails is a thrill for cyclists, and the Trek 8000 community is an excellent resource for discovering exciting riding destinations. Members often share their favorite routes, complete with details on terrain, difficulty level, and scenic highlights.

Whether you prefer road cycling or hitting the trails, you'll find route recommendations that suit your preferences.

Buy and Sell Marketplace

Looking to buy Trek 8000 accessories or parts? Or perhaps you have some items to sell? Many Trek 8000 community platforms feature buy-and-sell sections where members can trade bike-related gear.

It's a convenient way to find that elusive component you've been searching for or to pass on items you no longer need.

A Sense of Belonging

Being part of the Trek 8000 community goes beyond practical benefits. It creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among like-minded individuals who share a passion for cycling and the Trek 8000.

You'll find a welcoming and supportive network that encourages you to explore new horizons and make lasting connections with fellow cyclists.

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Danny Lawson

Danny Lawson

Mountain biking is more than just a hobby for me - it's a way of life. I love the challenge and excitement that comes with it, and I'm always pushing myself to go faster and ride harder. Some people might think that mountain biking is dangerous, but I see it as the only way to live.

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Trek 8000 LT 2000 Technical specs and features

General specs of trek 8000 lt bicycle, wheels and breaking system, frame and body specifications, gearing specs, trek 8000 lt fork system data, other specs of trek 8000 lt, trek 8000 lt picture, 8000 lt bike comparison.

Trek 8000 LT competitors and comparison tool online specs and performance

Trek 8000 LT VS Marin Eldrige Grade (02)

Norco Sasquatch competitors and comparison tool online specs and performance

Trek 8000 LT VS Norco Sasquatch

Schwinn Homegrown (04) competitors and comparison tool online specs and performance

Trek 8000 LT VS Schwinn Homegrown (04)

VooDoo D-Jab LX/X-Vert competitors and comparison tool online specs and performance

Trek 8000 LT VS VooDoo D-Jab LX/X-Vert

Trek 8000 LT bike review

Trek produced the 8000 LT bike in 2000 and can be classified as a Mountain bike bicycle, this exact model costs in american market arround $1,639.99. 8000 LT bike is available in many sizes such as Small , Medium , Large and Extra large . Trek Mountain bike 8000 LT can be found in a few colors, among these colors Metallic Slate . This bike is equiped with Front: 26 x 2.10" Bontrager Jones tires and DT stainless steel spoke wheel while the rims are manufactured by Bontrager Corvair. Trek equiped this exact model with Hayes Hydraulic Disc brakes, Hayes levers braking system and Alloy disc hubs. To guarantee the comfiest ride Trek used Alpha SL aluminum material for the frame. ICON Onyx high strength material is used on the handlebar of this 8000 LT to ensure the perfect handling while the stems are made of ICON Onyx. For the smoothest biking experience ICON Onyx, 22/32/44 teeth is used on this bicycle linked to 1/2 x 3/32" chain that is easily replaceable as stated by Trek , the whole system is connected to a high reliability Shimano Deore LX RapidFire SL gear shift levers.

  • Get The best price of Trek 8000 LT
  • Find Trek 8000 LT parts and accessories

Trek 8000 LT competitors

Marin Eldrige Grade (02) Technical Data

  • Rocky Mountain
  • Specialized
  • YT Industries
  • Allied Cycle Works
  • Black Market
  • Diamondback
  • Early Rider
  • EVO Bicycles
  • Growler Bikes
  • Guerrilla Gravity
  • iGO Electric
  • Intense 951
  • Juiced Bikes
  • View all brands
  • Production Privee
  • Rad Power Bikes
  • Rambo Bikes
  • Riese & Müller
  • Soul Fast E Bikes
  • Spark Cycleworks
  • State Bicycle Co.
  • Structure Cycleworks
  • Surface 604
  • Van Nicholas
  • Vintage Electric
  • We Are One Composites

Cross Country mountain bikes

  • Cross Country

Trail mountain bikes

  • All Mountain

Enduro mountain bikes

  • AUS $ NZD $ USD $ CAD $ GBP £ EUR €

Size / 15.5", 17.5", 19.5", 21.5"

At a glance

Where to buy.

Trek Logo


  • Frame Alpha Red Aluminum w/internally and externally relieved head tube, hydroformed bi-axial down tube and top tube, wishbone seat stay, hydroformed chainstays, forged and relieved disc ready dropouts
  • Wheels Bontrager Race
  • Wheel Size 26"
  • Tires Bontrager Jones XR, 26x2.2/2.25"; 60 tpi, folding
  • Crank Shimano Deore XT 44/32/22
  • Bottom Bracket BSA, 73mm, threaded
  • Front Derailleur Shimano Deore LX
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore XT "Shadow"
  • Shifters Shimano Deore LX, 9 speed
  • Brakeset Avid Juicy 5, hydraulic disc; 185mm front, 160mm rear rotor
  • Handlebar Bontrager Race, 0mm rise, 31.8mm
  • Saddle Bontrager Race
  • Seatpost Bontrager Race Lite
  • Stem Bontrager Race, 7 degree, 31.8mm
  • Headset Aheadset Slimstak w/cartridge bearings, sealed, alloy

Q: Where to buy a 2008 Trek 8000?

The 2008 Trek 8000 may be purchased directly from Trek .

Q: What size wheels does the 2008 Trek 8000 have?

The 2008 Trek 8000 has 26" wheels.

Q: What size 2008 Trek 8000 should I get?

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Trek 8000 Disc (SG) review

With Lance and his legion not taking up all their time, Trek's mountain bike division seems to have come alive this year and even the long-running 8000 disc gets a whole new lease of life for 2007.

Jonathan Gawler©.

Guy Kesteven

trek 8000 lt

Well, it's actually the name that's long running, as the Alpha frame itself is totally new and showcases the latest hydroforming techniques. Starting with a neatly reinforced head tube, both double butted main tubes are curved and flared for maximum welding area and direction-appropriate stiffness at either end. The top tube slopes down slightly for increased standover clearance before 'trumpeting' up to boost vertical stiffness at the seat tube. The down tube is curved for fork clearance and then squashed flat for maximum bottom bracket support.

Chainstays are tapered multi-section pieces too, but the real showpiece is the flowing wishbone seatstay setup. As well as the smooth centre-seamed top looking stunning, it leaves masses of mud room. There's no brace on the chainstays either, so this bike should run unhindered on even the dirtiest days.

All cables and pipes run along the top side of the top tube (with a centre hose guide to stop it looping up) and there are twin bottle cage bosses for thirsty days.

Disc-specific design adds to the tidiness and flow of the rear end and even the scalloped disc mount is pretty, too. No rack or mudguard mounts though, so there's nothing for the bag ladies among you.

There's a big leap between sizing on Trek bikes, with the medium being shorter than you'd normally expect and the large long enough to land a plane on. This means plenty of racer-friendly stretch though, which fits the performance hardtail bill here perfectly.

With its long stretch and remarkably low overall weight (this was a large sample, after all) the 8000 just screams off down the trail from the first pedal stroke. The speed just keeps building too, thanks to a back end with a great balance of direct drive, but enough give to ride out the ripples and rocks. Having ricocheted around on a string of proper hard arse hardtails already this year, the extra grip and control was extremely welcome. The slight trace of flex is really encouraging and fun too, rather than just ruthlessly efficient.

While it's pretty stretched, the weight is really well balanced, so it slid just right through the corners even when we couldn't move our weight much to control it. The stretch also helps to keep you oxygenated when you're gunning for the finish line or summit though, and it keeps the front wheel well anchored on technical climbs.

The 8000 just screams off down the trail from the first pedal stroke

The wide bar setup also copes pretty well with technical situations too, although a shorter stem (we run a 90mm on our Fuel long-termer) would really dial it in for proper chuck-around childishness. You'll definitely have to change the tyres though, as the cheap plastic original equipment Bontragers were all over the place in wet conditions. The same tyre in aftermarket 'GumBi' dual compound is a decent all-rounder though, and Bontrager Mud Xs are superb wet rubber, so see if you can do a deal from your Trek dealer when you buy.

Trek's kit choice isn't just race restrictive though, it's all-round trail friendly. A perfect example are the flat bars, which keep the nose low (if you take out the big stack of spacers) but at 630mm (25in) wide, they still give plenty of power steering leverage. In this case, the 110mm stem is a reasonable length for a large-sized bike, too. RockShox Reba forks are totally dependable and durable performers, with a controlled response to the full bump range that just gets better the more you ride them. These SLs get a sprint/Tarmac-friendly Pop Loc remote lockout too, which is super simple to use and ultra durable.

LX Dual Control shifting takes a bit longer to get used to, but the action is superlight once you've mastered it and the LX brakes are smoothly controlled. The XT rear mech is a nice ego boost, while the LX cranks are excellent. Bontrager Race disc wheels are reasonably light and durable, with the added bonus of easy upgrading to tubeless if a bit of Latex takes your fancy. Bontrager Jones ACX tyres need care in the wet though, as these are hard compound cheapies not stickier aftermarket ones - but they roll and cushion pretty well.

The rest of the kit is Bontrager Race gear too, which is all sorted and secure with the exception of the seat post. Set up your saddle and then crank the single bolt down as hard as possible or prepare to have your perch pointing skyward after the first compression thump.

There's no doubt that this is a bike that's well worth investing in and upgrading as time goes on, as the new Alpha frame is one of the best XC hardtail bases we've ridden in recent months. Not a small deal when you consider that this one comes fully equipped to complement its performance, whether you're crossing whole map sheets, heading for an Enduro podium or just out exploring with mates. A proper performance XC trail classic and a welcome return to form from Trek. Guy Kesteven

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trek 8000 lt

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Trek 8000 LT and BB-UN55 - help me blind order

  • Add to quote
tonered said: Well, you'd have to count me as a tool also. Ha! Click to expand...

Top Contributors this Month


trek 8000 lt

trek 8000 lt

  • ALL (130 Forums)

Trek 2000 8000-SLR Hardtail Bike

trek 8000 lt


Super light, easy to climb up hills

Spokes broke off during ride, but was fixed under warranty....

Great bike for South Florida conditions were you don't really need a back shock. I recommend this bike to anyone serious about Mt. Biking, former BMX'ers who are in there 30's or 40's.... Don't buy it if you are not planning to hit the trails. (unless you catch a good deal on one second hand one).... Rides very smooth and comfortable

lights weight, durable

original pedals I

this bike rocks I still ride it till this day. the frame is super strong and is still considered a top end frame. I am a big guy and this bike can take a beating. it is super light even with some of the weaker stock components. I definately recommend picking one up. two thumbs up

Similar Products Used:

Light Weight Frame and Plush front shock--Climbs extremely well--a nimble handler in tight single track with rocks and roots.

Basically None. A minor isssue was that the front shock initially squeaked but that was fixed by popping out XXX seals and filling with 5wt fork oil as decribed at Fork has not squeaked since.

Great bike! This is hands down the best bike that I have ever owned. Since upgrading to this bike I climb easier and also seem to have more control on the downhill descents. The frame is rigid and light and the front shock soaks up the bumpy roots, rocks and ruts with ease. Also, the transmission shifting is crisp and clean--comfortable spacing betweem gears with 27 speeds. I changed the stock bars to riser bars because I have short arms and the race geometry of the frame has a long top-tube. I like this longer top tube but the bars were just a tad too low. With the riser bars though my position is perfect. The Rolf Wheelset was actually very good although I was sceptical at first. I found the bearings to offer very low rolling resistance, they were light, and stayed true (180 lb rider). I changed the wheelset only so that I could add disc brakes. The Avid V-brakes were excellent but when wet the power decreased slightly. All the guys I ride with have Hayes hydraulic brakes and eventaully I have in and upgraded. I love the hydraulic brakes as they modulate well and are extremly powerful. My only complaint was that they squealed during the first 60-100 miles of the break in period.

Schwinn Moab, Trek 4500, Trek 4900

great bike for price good overall componets

pedals that came on it suck

I have raced the 8000 for three seasons now and plan on getting at least two more out of it. It climbs like crazy and handles great in the tight stuff out here in the midwest. With the original componets it was a tad on the heavy side but that was the fault of cheap bontreger parts not the frame. Great bike for the price

stumpjumper, trek 4900, klein attitude

Everything; Frame, wheels, gear setup... (I have had no tubble with the pedals what so ever!, My opinion is that they're great) Looks! :)

It depends on how high your demands here are some weaknesses that is suitable if you gonna use it for everyday-training as a cross country bike: The Bontrager Jones tires have great grip, but they weigh a bit to much... I hade a little trouble with the up-rigt position, so I changed the stem to a Profile, witch is longer and has less angle, BUT is much heavier (180g vs 260g :( ) The Rock Shox Judy is really heavy-duty - too heavy. The total weight of the bike is a little bit to high. Tip!: Change the tires and saddle to lighter ones and the bike will loose alot of weight without you loosing alot of money.

Don't worry about the brakes because they are not Shimano, the work exellent. Potent bike at a good price. A bike who fits everyone from a weekend warrior to a compettitor. With the competition-style frame you can keep the bike for a long while and just upgrade it, and it will still be a compettitive cross country bike. You won't be disapionted, when you feel the stiffness and precision of the bike. Have fun!

Light weight. Good buy for it's price. The RochShox Judy is great.

I wanted to buy the TREK 7000, but with an extra $200 I got myself this bike with TREK's lightest Aluminium frame. I love this bike. This bike climbs very fast and the Judy works great on all kinds of terrain. Some advise, tune the Judy to 100mm.

Climbs like a mountain goat, light for a stock bike, brakes stop like disc if you dial 'em really good, inspires confidence in all skill level riders.

I can't say I cared mmuch for the RE-1's that came with the bike, that's why I have the ATAC's now. I snapped the factory handlebars, but that was my fault for confusing the SLR with a dirt jumping BMX.

Great bike! I know everything about bikes is basically a matter of opinion, but if you want a bike that feels rock solid regardless of how hard you ride it or what you ride it's your winner. I plan to replace a few things, but it's just for weight reasons. Yes, I am a gram gremlin. I'm replacing the fork with a SID Race for a loss of 1.3lbs, and replacing the wheels with Rolf Propels for a loss of about 1.2lbs. Anyway, the bike stock weighs somewhere around 26lbs +/- a pound. If you don't mind it, stock will work fine. If you have any questions feel free to write. Now go ride! FIVE Flamin' Terds!

Trek 6000, Specialized A1

Frame is very stong. 2001 model offers Rolf Satelite wheels they seem to be stong and light, nice combination. Almost race ready at a great price.

Pedals should be a little nicer maybe ATAC, and it should have come with bar ends

All in all a great bike at a great price. Very strong and it comes with a great setup. Climbs like a champ and hauls ass on the trails. A great deal!

Light, agile and supple. I absolutely love this thing! I know it's from a mass producer, but I think Trek got it right when they designed the 8000 SLR.

Minor issue with the Bonty Jones tires in mud.

I know I got a smokin' deal on this bike at $750. I was prepared to spend up to a K, but since I had some kayshe left over, I bought the suspension seatpost. If you're not set on FS, I would look hard at this ride.

Schwinn Mesa GS

This bike is light. The upgrade from the 7000 to 8000 is worth the extra cash. The frame on the 8000 is stronger, lighter and a better ride. Out of the box this bike rides like a dream. I was nervous about the Rolf Wheels but am now a fan after putting them through some rock gardens. Don't listen to the others who complain about the Bontrager pedals, if you adjust them they work great.

Buy this bike. When shopping for a bike I set a limit at the Klein APC. After riding a few bikes in a comparable range I settled on the 8000 and have been thrilled ever since.

Trek 7000 Klein Attitude Pulse Comp A few Kona's Schwinn Homegrown

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Thousands Protest In Moscow Against Plan To Raze Soviet-Era Housing

  • By Tom Balmforth

Demonstrators march on May 14 during a protest in Moscow against the city's controversial plan to knock down Soviet-era apartment blocks and redevelop the old neighborhoods.

MOSCOW -- Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Moscow to protest the proposed demolitions of Soviet-era housing blocks in the Russian capital.

The May 14 protest, held on a wide central Moscow street named after Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, marked a large showing of grassroots anger less than a year before a planned presidential election in which President Vladimir Putin is expected to secure a new six-year term.

Backed by Putin, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin plans to knock down 4,500 prefabricated buildings erected on an industrial scale across Russia in the 1950s-60s to ease a housing crisis.

Supporters argue that the 3.5 trillion-ruble ($62.1 billion) project is vital, as it will replace the aged buildings with high-rise housing in a city that faces rising rents and a housing crunch. But opponents say the program, due to start in September, is an assault on their property rights.

"People don't quite understand the correlation between freedom and wages. But when you attack the last thing they have, they will of course protest," Nina Braginskaya, a 66-year-old philology professor, told RFE/RL at the protest.

Braginskaya held a placard that read: "I won't give away an inch of my home!" Other protesters held anti-Sobyanin signs, such as "I support the demolition -- of Sobyanin," "Hands off my property," and "Moscow is not a separate kingdom. Sergei Sobyanin -- respect federal laws."

Sergei Velichkov, a 42-year-old IT worker, told RFE/RL that the proposed demolitions "could lead to armed confrontation." "I'm prepared to buy a rifle, and if they break down my door, I'll shoot. I'm a completely peaceful person.... They've pushed me to this. I'm going to defend my home," he said.

Organizers of the protest, which was not spearheaded by the political opposition, claimed from the stage that 60,000 people had participated. Moscow police, who are regularly accused of undercounting the size of antigovernment protests, put the figure at 8,000.

White Counter, an independent activist group that tracks turnout at demonstrations, estimated that there were 20,200 people present inside the designated demonstration area.

Moscow authorities gave permission for a demonstration of no more than 5,000 people.

People were required to pass through security checkpoints to attend the rally.

Russian authorities in recent years have tightened restrictions on public protests, including with a law criminalizing participation in more than one unsanctioned protest in a 180-day period. Critics say these efforts are specifically aimed at clamping down on the political opposition, whose requests to stage demonstrations are frequently rejected by municipal authorities.

The May 14 protest in Moscow was a rare public showing of substantial grassroots outrage, though social issues -- such as other housing-related matters and the rights of car drivers -- have triggered occasional large demonstrations during Putin's 17 years in power.

The event was organized by local activists who met one another through their opposition to Sobyanin's demolition plan. They explicitly decided not to allow opposition politicians to speak at the demonstration so as to avoid politicizing the rally.

Opposition leader Aleksei Navalny arrived at the protest with his wife and son and attempted to reach the stage, but police intercepted them and led them away from the platform.

WATCH: Russian Police Ban Navalny From Moscow Protest

The protesters' anger was mostly directed at Sobyanin, while there was little or no criticism of Putin, who approved the renovation program in February. Speakers on the stage at the protest repeatedly called for Sobyanin's firing.

Dinara Yakusheva, a woman introduced as Sobyanin's representative, was invited to speak on the stage after Moscow City Hall apparently asked the organizers for permission. As Yakusheva tried to speak, demonstrators booed, whistled, and shouted "shame!"

Andrei Dukhonin, a 46-year-old real estate agent who attended the rally, told RFE/RL that the protest "is very important, because if similar things do not take place in the future, the authorities will simply continue with their impudence and lawlessness."

Sobyanin said in a May 14 tweet that city hall would take into account all " substantive announcements " made during the protest, "including those made by opponents of the program."

The housing blocks were designed for rapid assembly, and some versions were considered to have a shelf life of only 25 years.

The outcry has elicited a reaction from Putin, who told ministers that "it goes without saying that this should be done in such a way and with such means and methods so as to not breach the rights of citizens."

Amid mounting public pressure, Moscow authorities earlier this month decreed that apartment blocks listed for "renovation" will only be demolished if two-thirds of apartments in a building vote in favor. Activists, however, are worried about possible falsifications and that those who fail to vote will be considered to have voted "yes." The voting was scheduled to kick off on May 15 but was launched by city hall hours after the protest on May 14.

Legislation related to the plan passed its first reading in Russia's lower house of parliament with almost unanimous support on April 20. Lawmakers have promised to push for changes in later readings. Parliament has postponed the second reading of the bill until July.

OVD-Info, a nongovernmental organization that tracks detentions and arrests at public demonstrations, reported that two people were detained during the protests, one of whom was later released.

With reporting by AFP, the Financal Times, Current Time TV, and TASS

16x9 Image

Tom Balmforth

Tom Balmforth covers Russia and other former Soviet republics from his base in Moscow.

16x9 Image

Russian Police Ban Navalny From Moscow Home Owners' Protest

Moscow's Plan To Raze 'Khrushchyovki' Sparks Anger, Confusion Ahead Of Elections

Moscow's Plan To Raze 'Khrushchyovki' Sparks Anger, Confusion Ahead Of Elections

Farewell Khrushchyovki? Putin Backs Fresh Push To Raze Ramshackle Soviet-Era Housing

Farewell Khrushchyovki? Putin Backs Fresh Push To Raze Ramshackle Soviet-Era Housing

Startup 3D-Prints Russian Home, Hopes To Expand 'To Mars'

Startup 3D-Prints Russian Home, Hopes To Expand 'To Mars'

Editors' picks.


Kim Jong Un's 'Infidel' Hairstyle A Fashion Sin Under New Taliban Rules

How War With Japan 120 Years Ago Accelerated The Fall Of The Russian Empire

Breaking Language Barriers, Uzbek Love Songs Conquer Central Asia

Breaking Language Barriers, Uzbek Love Songs Conquer Central Asia

Otabek Sattoriy looks out of the defendant's enclosure during his trial in March 2021.

Uzbek Rights Defender Given Rare Access To Imprisoned Bloggers

Donkeys Bring Solar Power To Remote Kyrgyz Village

Donkeys Bring Solar Power To Remote Kyrgyz Village

The Week Ahead In Russia

Top Trending Russia

How a russian fighter-jet manufacturer continued to import western aviation parts despite sanctions, why did the russian il-76 crash what we know, and don't know, about a major aviation disaster , moscow accuses kyiv of shooting down plane with ukrainian pows on board, russia imported more than $1 billion worth of microchips made in u.s. and europe in 2023, live briefing: russia invades ukraine, podcast: what xi jinping did -- and didn't -- learn from the collapse of the soviet union, moldovan foreign minister resigns; two new ministers appointed, russia, ukraine make conflicting statements about whether there was warning before plane crashed, mean streets: despite wagner mutiny, russia still honoring convict-mercenaries killed in ukraine, recommended.


  1. Trek 8000 LT Specs, Dimensions And Price

    trek 8000 lt

  2. Trek 8000 LT

    trek 8000 lt

  3. Trek 8000 : Trek 8000 LT

    trek 8000 lt

  4. Trek 8000 : Trek 8000 LT

    trek 8000 lt

  5. ***18 inch (large) Trek 8000 LT mountain bike (refurbished)*** for sale

    trek 8000 lt

  6. Trek 8000 : Trek 8000 LT

    trek 8000 lt


  1. Trek/Re-Trek: Star Trek TOS Episode 27 "The Alternative Factor" Review & Discussion

  2. टंकी का Most Popular सवाल || Pipe and cistern by Gagan Pratap sir #shorts #ssc #cgl #chsl #mts #cpo

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  1. Is The Trek 8000 A Good Mountain Bike? [Trek 8000 Review]

    The Trek 8000 has always been regarded as a mid-range to high-end mountain bike that can be relied on for a long time. It's been over a decade, but it still belongs in the mid-range bike category in our opinion.

  2. Trek 8000 Mountain Bike Review

    Updated November 20, 2023 | Danny Lawson ‍ Key Takeaways The Trek 8000 mountain bike excels on a variety of terrains. Its lightweight aluminum frame enhances maneuverability. The bike's 18-speed gear system offers versatility. Hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power.

  3. Trek 8000 Bike Bike 1998 or Older

    DESCRIPTION Trek 8000 USER REVIEWS Next 10 Showing 1-10 of 74 [Jan 30, 2021] fitlady OVERALL RATING 5 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Strength: I had one and absolutely loved it. Some had more expensive newer bikes in a club I ride with initially looking down on mine until.they saw me fly, always up front with the fastest then they all started to want one.

  4. Trek 8000 LT Specs, Dimensions And Price

    Trek produced the 8000 LT bike in 2000 and can be classified as a Mountain bike bicycle, this exact model costs in american market arround $1,639.99. 8000 LT bike is available in many sizes such as Small , Medium , Large and Extra large . Trek Mountain bike 8000 LT can be found in a few colors, among these colors Metallic Slate .

  5. Trek 8000 reviews and prices

    MSRP: $1,600 #18 out of 340 Hardtail bikes Brand: Trek Frame - ZR 9000 Alloy Front Suspension - RockShox Reba SL w/positive and negative air pressure, Motion Control, rebound, compression, lockout, 100mm Wheels - Bontrager Select Crank - Shimano Deore LX 44/32/22 Rear Derailleur - Shimano Deore XT Rider questions

  6. 2008 Trek 8000

    The 2008 Trek 8000 is an Cross Country Aluminium / Alloy mountain bike. It sports 26" wheels, comes in a range of sizes, including 15.5", 17.5", 19.5", 21.5" and a Shimano drivetrain. The bike is part of Trek 's 8000 range of mountain bikes. Where To Buy Trek Trek 8000 Loading more... Specifications Frameset Frame

  7. Trek 8000 (SG) review

    Trek make two ZR9000 aluminium framed hardtails that cost more than this: the 8500 at £1,400 and the 8900 at £2,000. They use the same frame as the 8000 and, as complete bikes, are only slightly ...

  8. Trek 1999 8500 LT Hardtail Bike

    60 REVIEWS 4.4 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ OUT OF 5 Own this? Help your community and rate it. (Hover and click on a star) 5 4 3 2 1 ?/5 DESCRIPTION 1999 Trek 8500 LT, mountain bike, front suspension, Mountain Mix components, Rock Shox Judy C, 4.0" travel fork USER REVIEWS Next 10 Showing 1-10 of 60 [Dec 30, 1999] phil Racer Strength:

  9. Trek 8000 XC Hardtail user reviews : 4.2 out of 5

    fast, light, shifts smooth, looks sweet, great bike. I have crashed this bike so many times and it still works like brand new. Brakes stop on a dime. this bike rails corners. I have a 19.5 frame and with pedals and cages this bike weight about 25 lbs (but it fells like 15) its a bumpy ride but it goes fast.

  10. Trek 8000 Disc (SG) review

    With Lance and his legion not taking up all their time, Trek's mountain bike division seems to have come alive this year and even the long-running 8000 disc gets a whole new lease of life for 2007 ...

  11. Trek Bike Models by Year and Color

    (This is a work in progress.) Additional Trek Models/Years/Colors information and bike specifications for years from 1993 to the current year, are on the site. The table contains information from 1976 through 2005. The table starts with model names that begin with numbers.

  12. Trek 8000 review

    Strengths: + solid components Weaknesses: Price in store Summary: quality bike, model hard tail and aluminum frame, which has a reasonably high price but which delivers and has never fallen so far. good response and with relative steep angle, it is very easy to work in more difficult / rocky terrain. on a soft surface, the organ covers are all OK but when it starts to dry up and get quite hard ...

  13. Trek 8000 Mountain Bike Review : Compare Prices on

    The Trek 8000 is a hardtail mountain bike which takes a non-nonsense approach to off-road performance. It is kitted out with suitable components for its price bracket and benefits from a surprisingly light alloy frame that has plenty of professional touches apparent.

  14. Trek 8000 LT and BB-UN55

    tony b 2000 Trek 8000 LT 2016 Mongoose Dolomite. Reply. Save. Like. 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. Please consider creating a new thread. Insert Quotes Quotes Post Reply. Enjoy banner ad-free browsing with Mountain Bike Reviews Forum Plus.

  15. BikePedia

    Frame Construction: TIG-welded: Frame Material: Alpha SL aluminum: Fork: Rock Shox Judy Race, 2.5"-4.0" adjustable travel: Fork Materal: Aluminum/magnesium, triple-clamp crown

  16. Bicycles

    This is a Trek 8000 mountain bike. This is a terrific starter bike for someone looking to get a little more serious. Would make a great trainer as well. Packs a serious punch and you get some serious bang for your buck with this model. I believe it is a 1995 model year ... more but am not totally sure.

  17. Trek 2000 8000-SLR Hardtail Bike

    Trek 2000 8000-SLR Hardtail Bike REVIEW SCORE 17 REVIEWS 4.8 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ OUT OF 5 Own this? Help your community and rate it. (Hover and click on a star) 5 4 3 2 1 ?/5 USER REVIEWS Next 10 Showing 1-10 of 17 [Sep 07, 2003] Rafael Curquejo Strength: Super light, easy to climb up hills Weakness:

  18. Katyn massacre

    Map of the sites related to the Katyn massacre. The Katyn massacre was a series of mass executions of nearly 22,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia prisoners of war carried out by the Soviet Union, specifically the NKVD ("People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs", the Soviet secret police) in April and May 1940. Though the killings also occurred in the Kalinin and Kharkiv prisons ...

  19. BikePedia

    Component Group: Mountain Mix: Brakeset: Avid 1D-20 brakes, Avid SD-1.9 L levers: Shift Levers: Shimano Deore LX RapidFire SL: Front Derailleur: Shimano Deore LX, top-pull/clamp-on 35.0mm

  20. Nikita Khrushchev

    Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (15 April [O.S. 3 April] 1894 - 11 September 1971) was the first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, and Chairman of the Council of Ministers (premier) from 1958 to 1964. During his rule, Khrushchev stunned the communist world with his denunciation of his predecessor Joseph Stalin's crimes and embarked on a policy of de ...

  21. [4K] Walking Streets Moscow. Moscow-City

    Walking tour around Moscow-City.Thanks for watching!MY GEAR THAT I USEMinimalist Handheld SetupiPhone 11 128GB for Street https://...

  22. Thousands Protest In Moscow Against Plan To Raze Soviet-Era Housing

    Demonstrators march on May 14 during a protest in Moscow against the city's controversial plan to knock down Soviet-era apartment blocks and redevelop the old neighborhoods. MOSCOW -- Thousands of ...