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19 BEST Places to Visit in Taipei (2024 • MUST-SEE SIGHTS)

Taipei is the modern capital of Taiwan. The diverse city has a great infrastructure and it’s easy to explore the key places of interest in Taipei as well as travel to nearby cities and towns. From one of the tallest towers in the world and a globally renowned zoo to places of natural interest and terrific shopping, Taipei offers plenty for everyone.

Taipei doesn’t feature on many travellers’ radars, particularly people from outside of Asia, and is often overlooked in favour of other East Asian cities. It can be difficult to find information on what to see and do if you are planning a trip to Taipei, especially if you want to hit up more offbeat attractions and head off the beaten path.

With this ultimate list of the best places to visit in Taipei, you’ll be able to make sure to cover all the top attractions. No matter your age or travelling style you’ll find plenty of reasons to add Taipei to your travel wish list.

Warning: some of these best places to visit in Taipei are sure to surprise you!

Need a place quick? Here’s the best neighbourhood in Taipei:

These are the best places to visit in taipei, faq on the best places to visit in taipei, final thoughts on the best places to visit in taipei.

Datong, Taipei

Datong is the perfect place to stay if you are travelling on a shoestring budget. It is located just north of Zhongzheng and remains very central to explore Taipei’s many destinations.

  • Take a look at the humble features of the Confucius Temple
  • On the contrary, marvel at Bao’an Temple, one of Taipei’s most ornate temples
  • Try some local delicacies at the Ningxia Night Market

And now onto the fun stuff …my top picks for where to go in Taipei:

Ready for the breakdown of Taipei’s must-see places? Don’t miss these gems. These are the top things to see for crafting the ultimate Taipei itinerary!

taipei best tourist attractions

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#1 – Taipei 101 – One of the most amazing places in Taipei

Taipei 101 - One of the most amazing places in Taipei

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  • Eco-friendly structure
  • Among the world’s tallest towers
  • Rich symbolism
  • Sweeping views

Why it’s awesome: This is top of the Taipei places to visit list for good reason. Up there, you feel top of the world! Shaped like a traditional pagoda and standing at 508 meters (1,667 feet) tall, the soaring Taipei 101 was once the world’s tallest tower. It’s is still said to be the biggest green building in the world, both because of the coloured glass on its facades and due to its many environmentally friendly features.

Steeped in symbolism, the impressive tower has 101 floors. One hundred is usually viewed as perfection, so this gleaming modern tower goes one step beyond being perfect! There’s a large and luxurious shopping mall next to the tower and inside there are various offices, an observation level, displays, a conference centre, and a VIP Club.

What to do there: Ride in the super-fast elevators to reach the observation levels, with both indoor and outdoor viewing areas to enjoy. Feast your eyes on the sweeping city views and see interesting displays related to the tower’s construction, use, and symbolism. Spot various symbolic features around the tower and see many of the best places in Taipei from a completely different perspective.

#2 – Taipei Zoo – Awesome place to visit in Taipei with kids

Taipei Zoo - Taipei Zoo Awesome place to visit in Taipei with kids

  • Beautiful landscaping
  • Home to diverse creatures
  • Educational exhibits

Why it’s awesome: The largest zoo in Asia and one of the biggest zoos in the world, the modern and well-kept Taipei Zoo is often said to be among the best zoos on the planet. Spread over a large area, the zoo is home to an abundance of interesting species from across the globe.

Admission costs are low and it’s a fantastic place to spend a fun-filled day with the kids. Indeed, it’s one of the best places in Taipei for a family outing. There are various places to eat and drink throughout the zoo and the terrain is stroller friendly. Lush gardens, wide, open spaces, and educational displays add to the appeal.

What to do there: Plan to spend at least half a day (if not a whole day) exploring the large zoo. Seeing the cute pandas is often a highlight for many visitors, though don’t be disappointed if they are resting in the air conditioning! The children’s theatre, insectarium, and nocturnal animal house are also often popular with younger visitors.

#3 – Shilin Night Market – A must-see in Taipei for foodies!

Taipei Night Market - A must-see in Taipei for foodies

  • Array of items
  • Lively vibe
  • Lots of street food
  • Popular with locals and tourists

Why it’s awesome: Large and lively, Shilin Night Market draws many locals and tourists alike every day of the week. Stalls spread through a maze of streets, and you’ll find a great selection of local goods and international brands, usually at discount prices.

Some places have fixed prices and there are somewhere you can haggle so make sure you perfect your haggling skills . It’s especially worth asking for discounts if you’re buying in bulk. It’s not only a great place for shopping, though; Shilin Night Market is also one of the top spots in Taipei for delicious street food. It’s veritable foodie heaven!

What to do there: Stroll along the streets, letting your senses guide you as you sample a huge selection of local cuisine. Inhale the rich aromas, watch as vendors cook up dishes on the spot, and see an exciting array of delicacies set out to tempt the hungry.

Sink your teeth into things like fried buns, dim sum, stinky tofu, tempura, grilled meats, oyster omelet, and much, much more. Once you think it couldn’t get any better, pop into the underground Shilin Night Market Food Court for even more mouth-watering treats! It really is one of the best places to eat in Taipei.

Another famous night market in Taipei if you liked the Shilin Night Market is the Ningxia Night Market which is another great place to try some street food.

Discover Taiwanese culture and cuisine on this exclusive tour . Sample a variety of snacks including pineapple cake, grilled octopus, mango shaved ice and more to experience the flavours of Taiwan.

#4 – Longshan Temple – One of the most religious places to see in Taipei

Longshan Temple - most religious places to see in Taipei

  • Long history
  • Gorgeous architecture
  • Spiritual ambience
  • Ornate statues

Why it’s awesome: Built in the late 1730s by people from Fujian, Taipei’s Longshan Temple became a major spiritual and community centre for settlers from mainland China; it was built in honour of an ancient temple in their home province.

Still an active place of worship today, it is also one of the most significant religious landmarks in Taipei. The Longshan Temple features ornate and colourful details and the vibe is tranquil and serene. It’s a place to go in Taipei to have a breather from the city.

What to do there: Admire the striking building from the outside, feasting your eyes on the decorative pillars and roof, statues, and grand doorways. Step inside, where you’ll likely see people praying and making merit, inhale the sweet smells of incense, and see even more spiritual statues and artwork.

Wander through the grand halls and pause to take in the details of the various altars. There are shrines to various Chinese gods and goddesses as well as to the Lord Buddha. As far as cultural places in Taipei go, this is one of the best.

Explore the origins of Taipei, experience authentic Taiwanese culture, discover the fascinating stories of our folk gods and learn how they influence the lives of believers in Taiwan during this Taiwan Cultural Walking Tour with a local guide.

#5 – Danshui River Mangrove Nature Reserve – One of the most underrated places to see in Taipei

Danshui River Mangrove Nature Reserve

  • Interesting wildlife
  • Pretty views
  • Free attraction

Why it’s awesome: A short train ride from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Danshui River Mangrove Nature Reserve is an interesting and peaceful outdoor spot.

One of the coolest lesser-visited attractions in Taipei, there is no charge to explore the nature reserve. Also known as Tamsui River Mangrove Nature Reserve, the area protects the large Hongshulin mangrove swamp as well as all the creatures that call the salty swamp home.

What to do there: Step into the small but informative education centre to learn more about the swamp and its eco-diversity before wandering along the boardwalk. Peer into the mangroves to spot an array of flora and fauna. Some of the most unusual creatures to look out for are the curious mudskippers – fish that can walk on land.

You’re also likely to see crabs and many types of birds. The ambiance is calm and there are great views of city life in the distance.

#6 – Jiufen – A very cool place in Taipei to go for a day


  • Great shopping
  • Plenty of photo opportunities
  • Stunning vistas
  • Historical vibe

Why it’s awesome: Jiufen is an old gold mining town in the wider Taipei area. Built by the Japanese, it is perched on the craggy mountainside near the coast. Easy to reach by road and rail from the heart of the city, it’s one of the most picturesque places of interest in Taipei.

There’s an olde-worlde vibe and plenty to see and do. The covered shopping area is especially popular and the views are beautiful. The town has featured in a number of movies and TV shows and if you’re backpacking Taiwan , be sure to include Jiufen on your itinerary.

What to do there: Visit the ornate Chinese temple and soak up the sense of spirituality and stand at the nearby observation point to enjoy beautiful views out over the water. Explore the two main hillside pedestrian streets of Shuchi Street and Jishan Street, pausing to look in the assortment of shops filled with an array of goods.

Stop for refreshments in a charming tea house and refuel in one of the traditional restaurants.

Although no longer open to visitors, you can see the outside of the historic Taiyang Co. Ruifang mining Operation Office and the now-derelict Jiufen Shingpeng Theatre, which was one of the earliest theatres in Taiwan. Feeling active? Go hiking up Mount Jilong and enjoy the terrific vistas!

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#7 – National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall – Possibly one of the most important places to visit in Taipei

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall - one of the most important places to visit in Taipei

  • Magnificent building
  • Interesting and educational displays
  • Traditional guards
  • Beautiful grounds

Why it’s awesome: Among the most famous places in Taiwan, the National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall is a well-known city landmark and a popular tourist attraction. Located at one end of the large Liberty Square, the iconic blue and white building is an attractive sight.

Open since 1980, it was constructed to honour the memory of the late president. Inside there is a large bronze statue of Chiang Kai Shek, guarded by solemn-looking soldiers in ceremonial uniforms, as well as educational displays and a library.

What to do there: Climb the 89 steps that lead to the upper level of the memorial hall, noting that the number of steps represents the age at which the former leader died. See the large statue of the late leader and snap some pictures of the smartly dressed guards. Descend back to ground level to learn more about the leader and Taiwan’s history in the museum.

There are many interesting objects and artifacts and comprehensive information is provided in English as well as Chinese languages. It’s one of the best places to visit in Taipei to get more of a sense of the culture and history of Taiwan.

#8 – Fort San Domingo – One of Taipei’s coolest historical sites

Fort San Domingo - Taipei’s coolest historical site

  • One of Taiwan’s oldest buildings
  • Controlled by various powers throughout history
  • Informative displays
  • Pleasant gardens

Why it’s awesome: Located in Tamsui, the striking red-colored fortress of San Domingo stands on the site of an earlier wooden fort. The original fortress was built by the Spanish, while the present building was constructed in the 1640s by the Dutch. It was later expanded and fortified further by the Qing regime and served as the British consulate from 1868.

It was occupied by the Japanese during the Pacific War, then later passed back to British control. One of the oldest buildings in Taiwan, today it is a National Historic Site and among the most popular tourist attractions in Taipei’s district of Tamsui.

What to do there: Pay the reasonable admission fee and climb the shaded steps to reach the entrance to the historic fortress. See the flag flying proudly above before following the sightseeing route through the fortress’s diverse areas.

In addition to the red fort, the site also has the original gate that was constructed during the Qing era, leafy gardens, and the English-style former residence of the British Consul. You can learn more about Taiwan’s history and see varied displays, period furnishings, and artifacts.

#9 – Houtong – Quite the quirky place to visit in Taipei!

Houtong - my personal best place to visit in Taipei

  • Former mining town
  • Home to many cats
  • Unusual features

Why it’s awesome: A short train ride from the heart of Taipei brings you to Houtong, an old coal-mining town built by the Japanese that is now known for its many felines. The hillside town was abandoned when the mines dried up, leaving cats to roam free, multiply, and claim the space as their own.

Today, Houtong is a Taipei must-see for any animal lover, particularly those with a penchant for cats. Volunteers care for the animals and have created many cool and quirky cat-themed attractions. I dunno about you, but this is my personal best place to visit in Taipei!

What to do there: Get up close and personal with the friendly cats that call Houtong home. You can buy food to pamper the kitties, but don’t feed them human treats as it can make them sick.

See the feline-themed artworks that adorn many walls, spot the small houses built to afford shelter to the strays, and enjoy snacks and drinks in one of the quaint cafes. There are plenty of great photo opportunities and you can purchase a range of cat-themed memorabilia.

Cat town: top sight in Taipei!

#10 – Beitou – Great place to visit in Taipei for couples

Beitou - Great place to visit in Taipei for couples

  • Unusual sights
  • Diverse museums
  • Places of natural interest in Taipei

Why it’s awesome: Although soaking in hot springs may not be the most obvious choice of things to do when experiencing hot and humid conditions, taking a dip is surprisingly relaxing and soothing. Beitou Hot Springs has a number of well-maintained and clean hot springs, with private changing areas and lockers.

Signs clearly state the temperature of each pool. It’s one of the best public hot springs around the city, though you will also find some private hot springs if you want a more exclusive experience. Beitou also boasts stunning geothermal features and several interesting attractions.

What to do there: Melt your problems away! If you’re looking for things to do in Taipei to take your mind off all those measly problems you left back home, this is the place to go!

Marvel at the milky blue steaming waters of Beitou Thermal Valley, also known as Hell Valley (closed on Mondays), set in beautiful natural surroundings. Discover more about the area at Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Ketagalan Culture Center, and Beitou Library. Stroll through the scenic Beitou Hot Spring Park and Plum Garden, visit the small and secluded Puji Temple, and soothe away any aches and pains in the hot springs.

#11 – Ximending – A great place in Taipei if you love to shop!

Ximending - Great place in Taipei if you love to shop

  • Youthful vibe
  • Energetic at night time
  • Japanese influence

Why it’s awesome: Ximending is one of the best places to visit in Taipei if you’re looking for cool shopping with a trendy and youthful vibe. Lively by day and by night, it has a wealth of recreational and leisure options too. Made popular when there was a heavy Japanese presence in Taiwan , it has gone from strength to strength since the 1980s.

It’s easy to spot the Japanese influences still today, though there is also a strong local feeling too. Brimming with clothes shops and accessory stores, the area also has cool karaoke joints, cinemas, and eateries.

What to do there: Spend hours browsing in a large variety of stores in Ximending, trying not to get swept away in the exuberant crowds. It’s an especially great place to shop in Taipei for alternative styles and items generally associated with various sub-cultures. Try out new fashions and perhaps add some funky pieces to your wardrobe. Stop for a bite to eat in one of the local restaurants and, as night falls, sing your heart out in one of the KTVs.

#12 – Ghost Mask Museum – One of the more unique places to visit in Taipei

  • Quirky attraction
  • Cultural and spiritual insights
  • Hand-made items
  • Lesser-visited museum

Why it’s awesome: The Ghost Mask Museum started life as one man’s private collection of hand-made ghostly masks. Nestled down a quiet alley, visitors can peer at some 1,500 unusual masks, with some that are rather grotesque and others that border on the comedic. Seeing the creepy collection of masks is definitely among the most unusual things to do in Taipei!

What to do there: Gaze in curiosity at the large collection of masks created by sculptor Wu Jyh Chyang and appreciate the effort and passion that must have gone into painstakingly creating each item by hand. Some masks are embellished with various items, including animal hair, cigarette butts, and scraps of cloth.

The museum provides insights into local ghost beliefs and some seek to teach valuable life lessons and warn of punishments that await one in the afterlife if people fail to live a righteous life. This may not be the top must-see in Taipei for those with a deep-seated fear of their own mortality… but I think it’s awesome!

taipei best tourist attractions

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#13 – Taipei Botanical Garden – One of the nicer places in Taipei to sightsee!

Taipei Botanical Garden - One of the nicer places in Taipei to sightsee

  • Centre for botanical research
  • Pleasant walking trails
  • Various gardens
  • Wide selection of plants

Why it’s awesome:   Switching gears from Taipei’s more morbid attractions, the Taipei Botanical Garden is home to some 1,500 species of plants… and super pretty! Established as a botanical garden by the Japanese in the early 1920s, there has been a garden at the same place for many decades. The pretty and peaceful garden is split between 17 different areas, with historical buildings, sparkling ponds, and well-maintained footpaths too.

What to do there: Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque botanical garden, admiring a wide range of plants and flowers from different parts of the world. There are species native to the island of Taiwan, as well as those from neighbouring nations and farther afield. Some species are rare and there’s good information provided about the various flora.

#14 – Taipei Fine Arts Museum – A great place to visit in Taipei if you are alone/traveling solo

Taipei Fine Arts Museum - Best place to visit in Taipei for solo traveler art lovers

  • Lovely building
  • Interesting art works
  • Activities for kids
  • Learning opportunities

Why it’s awesome: The Fine Arts Museum is a Taipei must-do for anyone interested in art. A great place for solo travellers to immerse themselves in visual creativity, the museum has been capturing people’s interest since 1983. It was Taiwan’s first art museum to focus on contemporary and modern art. Now located at Taipei Expo Park, it’s a cool place to go in Taipei to escape the heat and enjoy a few hours in air-conditioned comfort.

The building has interesting architectural elements and there are many thought-provoking and stimulating art pieces to enjoy. There are regularly changing temporary displays in addition to the permanent exhibits, and the museum often hosts a range of special events.

What to do there: Wander along the tube-like suspended corridors, soaking up the Chinese influences, peer out through the gigantic windows to see nearby landmarks and open spaces, and, of course, feast your eyes on an abundance of fascinating art. Pieces span from the start of the twentieth century to the present day and there are works by both local and international artists.

Aiming to take visitors through the history of art in Taiwan, the museum also houses a number of antiques alongside modern works. If you’re visiting Taipei with children, don’t miss popping into the Children’s Art Education Centre too because kids love museums of fine art!

If you want to visit some more sites in the area, the Taipei Confucius Temple is just a ten-minute walk away and is a really stunning Chinese temple that doesn’t take too long to see.

#15 – Yehliu Geopark – A beautiful outdoor place to visit in Taipei

Yehliu Geopark - A beautiful outdoor place to visit in Taipei

  • Natural attraction
  • Splendid views
  • Brilliant photo opportunities
  • Coastal setting

Why it’s awesome: Yehliu Geopark is a fascinating natural attraction to add to your bucket list when you travel to Taipei. Although fairly remote, it is easy to reach by bus, making it an ideal day trip from Taipei. There are many interesting geological formations, created by the mighty powers of Mother Nature over thousands of years. The unusual landscapes are photogenic and there are amazing views out over the ocean so make sure you bring your camera !

What to do there: Walk along the coast, soaking up the views and marvelling at the unusual rocky landscapes. The cape runs for around 1,700 metres (5,577 feet), and highlights include features named the Kissing Rock, Sea Candles, Ice Cream Rock, Elephant Rock, Fairy Shoe, and Ginger Rocks. Take plenty of pictures of the stunning Queen’s Head. You can also pay a visit to the nearby Yehliu Ocean World where you can observe an interesting selection of aquatic creatures.

#16 – Dahu Park – A cool place to see in Taipei with friends

Dahu Park Taiwan - A cool place to see in Taipei with friends

  • Enjoy being outdoors
  • Lake and mountain vistas
  • Varied activities
  • Home to local wildlife

Why it’s awesome: Located in the Neihu District of Taipei, Dahu Park was established in 1979. One of the city’s prettiest parks, it is known for its large and scenic lake. The park sits in the shadow of Mt. Bailushi. There are various leisure options and it’s one of the best Taipei vacation ideas for families and groups of friends looking for somewhere to unwind in nature.

Combining natural and man-made features, there’s plenty to keep you occupied for several hours and it’s also one of the best places to stay in Taipei . If you visit Taipei on the weekend you’ll likely find the park teeming with local families, but if you go on a weekday you can enjoy a quieter ambiance.

What to do there: Cross the pretty Jindai Bridge that spans the large Egret Lake and enjoy the views of the lake and the surrounding nature.

Follow nature trails through the park and spot diverse flora and fauna, relax in the traditional Chinese-style pagoda next to the water’s edge, have a go at fishing, unwind in the heated swimming pool, and enjoy a little TLC in the sauna and steam room. If you’re feeling active, climb Mt. Bailushi for terrific views over the area.

#17 – Taipei City Mall – The Underground Mall in Taipei

Taipei City Mall

  • A great place to shop for boutique clothing and souveniers
  • Easily connected to Taipei Main Station
  • The oldest market in Taipei
  • A cool place to pass the time

Why it’s awesome: Taipei City Mall is an underground mall between the Daan and Zhongzheng districts in Taipei City. It was the first underground market to open in Taipei City though it’s had its share of history. In the 90s, the government decided to knock down the original market and build a new one. It opened in the year 2000, eight years later, and provided shops for the 810 market stalls that originally stood there.

Now, the 825-meter long underground mall is composed of modern shops, filled with boutique brands and traditional stalls intertwined. It connects to Taipei Main Station and the metro, which is right underneath the mall. So it’s pretty easy to get to.

What to do there: shop until you drop! It’s a mall, so of course, it’s the place to be to buy clothing and souvenirs. You can find contemporary brands or something a little more traditional, or you can find a cafe or restaurant to relax in and enjoy some good food.

#18 – Yangmingshan National Park – The Most Beautiful National Park in Taipei

Yangmingshan National Park Taipei

  • One of the 9 National Parks in Taiwan
  • A great place to enjoy nature and being outdoors
  • Hiking and wildlife activities available
  • A quiet place to escape the busy city center

Why it’s awesome: The Yangmingshan National Park is one of nine national parks in Taiwan and is conveniently located between Taipei and New Taipei City. 

Historically referred to as Caoshan (which means Green Mountain in English) the national park is a breath of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are some nice scenic spots in the park to enjoy a nice picnic or you can just enjoy being out in nature.

You’ll find hiking trails that take you through stunning gardens, over rolling landscapes and past the hot springs. If you are staying in Taipei City for more than a week I would definitely recommend taking the trip up here.

If you don’t have a lot of time and you want to see some nature, consider checking out the Elephant Mountain hike. The Elephant Mountain is located within the city close to the Xiangshan MRT Station.

What to do there: As it’s a national park, the best thing to do here is to unwind in nature and just stroll around the hills and gardens. 

If you’re visiting on a weekend, you can only get to the national park by bus. From Taipei Main Station, take the 260 bus or the Red 30/208 from Jiantan MRT Station. These buses will drop you off at Yangmingshan bus station where it’s just a 700 meter walk to the park entrance.

#19 – National Palace Museum – The Largest Collection of Chinese Artifacts in The World

National Palace Museum Taipei

  • Largest collection of Chinese artefacts in the world
  • In a gorgeous building that’s worthy of Instagram photos
  • Located in the Shilin district, perfect for those who want street food after
  • A nice, quiet indoor activity to do when it rains

Why it’s awesome: The National Palace Museum is known for its permanent collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of Chinese artwork, relics, and artifacts. This is the largest collection of its type in the world. 

Spanning 8,000 years of Chinese history, mostly from the Ming and Qing dynasty, but also dating as far back as the neolithic age. The collection of high-quality pieces was usually collected by Chinese emperors, and they are now on display for public viewing. 

Many of the artifacts used to be housed in the Forbidden City in Beijing, but during the Civil War in China, many items were moved to Taipei to protect them from getting destroyed in the conflict.

A total of 2,972 crates of artifacts were moved from the Forbidden City, which was only 22% of the original number of crates due to be sent here, but it is said that the pieces that made it to the National Palace Museum represented some of the very best of the collection.

What to do there: Walk around and enjoy the incredible artifacts, from pottery and ceramics, weapons, paintings, clothing, and tools. There’s so much to see here, it could easily take you a whole day. 

The exterior is also one of the most beautiful buildings in Taipei City. You should take your time to admire the outside as well as inside. It’s also located in the Shilin District, so if you go in the afternoon, you can head to the night market for some food after.

taipei best tourist attractions

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taipei best tourist attractions

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Find out what people want to know about the where to go in Taipei.

What is a free place to visit in Taipei?

The Danshui River Mangrove Nature Reserve is free to visit and a beautiful area in Taipei.

How many days should I spend in Taipei?

Taipei is a city you can see in a long weekend. 2 or 3 days is enough to see all the main highlights, but you might want to hang around longer if you want to do the hikes too.

What is Taipei famous for?

Taipei is famous for being the capital of Taiwan and the birthplace to bubble tea.

Is Taipei an expensive place to visit?

Yes, Taipei is generally quite expensive. However, it is still cheaper than Japan.

So, Taiwan is awesome and so is the capital; Taipei is filled with beautiful places to see indulging in rich culture and vibrant history.

I’d even say that Taiwan is criminally unexplored when compared to its other East Asian neighbours.

There’s no shortage of secrets in the city if you’re aching to break away from Taipei’s tourist attractions. Even if you stick to visiting Taipei’s popular places, you’re still going to have an awesome time!

Taiwan is a fantastic little island and another gem of East Asia with its own unique history.

When you get there, make sure you soak it up. Go to some places, hit up Taipei’s best destinations, and, most of all, eat yourself into that mother of all food comas at one of the incredible night markets, because there are so many. Whether you go to the Shilin Night Markets, Raohe Night Markets or Ningxia Night Market, don’t be afraid to try some BBQ.

And, most of all, have a blast!

Pingxi Lantern Release - top thing to do in Taipei

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We haven’t heard about this. We don’t have anybody on the ground to go and check so if you find anything, please do let us know!

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30 Best Things To Do & Places To Visit In Taipei (Taiwan)

By: Author Jerric Chong

Posted on Published: May 18, 2019  - Last updated: October 17, 2023

Things To Do in Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan is an extraordinary place to visit.

It is a combination of cultural roots and modern beauty.

There are thirty exceptional places to visit in Taipei you will love.

To help you on your way, there is a description of each site below.

Table of Contents

1. The Sensational Views From Elephant Mountain

View of Taipei City From Elephant Mountain

Ariyaphol Jiwalak / Shutterstock

You will have a stunning view of Taipei, Taiwan from the top of Elephant mountain.

If you take your hike during the afternoon, you will witness a stunning sunset and the incredible evening view.

The hike generally requires fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the top.

You can rest at the landing area after about ten minutes. There are restrooms and facilities available. You will encounter a lot of stairs.

Do not miss the wonders of the nearby Tonghua Night Market.

Address:  Alley 342, Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

2. The Taipei 101 Observatory

taipei 101 view

MACHKAZU / Shutterstock

Taipei 101 was once one of the world’s tallest buildings. The observatory offers a panoramic view of 360 degrees.

People come to Taiwan from across the globe to see the night view from the 83rd floor observatory.

You can place a couple coins in the telescopes by the windows to see a spectacular view of Taipei below.

You will discover artwork featuring Taipei 101, souvenirs and postcards for sale on the indoor observation deck.

Address: 89th Floor, No. 7, Xinyi Road Section 5, Taipei City, Taiwan

3. Day Trip To Jiufen, The Santorini Of Taiwan

Jiufen Taiwan

NH / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Taipei is to visit Jiufen. The Japanese originally constructed this gold mining mountain town.

You will adore the maze of alleyways and lanes filled with rich culture. The buildings are a reflection of Japanese culture and architecture.

The town was originally an isolated and quaint village. There was a Japanese prisoner camp in the town during World War II. The prisoners were forced to mine gold.

Once the war ended, the town became a popular destination for tourists to celebrate the culture and history of Taiwan.

Address:  Jishan Street, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 224

4. The Scenic Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall

YUSHENG HSU / Shutterstock

The most famous waterfall in Taiwan is the Shifen Waterfall . Due to the horseshoe shape, the waterfall earned the nickname of Little Niagara after Niagara Falls.

The waterfall is forty meters wide, twenty meters high, extremely powerful and stunningly beautiful. You can walk almost to the bottom of the falls for incredible photographs.

The area encompasses two suspension bridges, exquisite green mountains, breathtaking landscapes, a gorgeous turquoise river, numerous photo opportunities and all the beauty of nature.

The Observation Point offers truly exquisite views. Unfortunately, a lot of people remain unaware of this breathtaking sight.

Address: No.11, Gankeng, Pingxi District, New Taipei City 226, Taiwan

5. Majestic Mount Keelung

Mount Keelung

Taiwankengo (Night view from Mount Keelung)

You can see Mount Keelung when you first enter Jiufen because the mountain is 588 meters tall.

The 45 to 60 minute climb is an adventure filled with stone steps set right into the mountain.

As you hike, you will pass three pavilions. The view of Taipei is extraordinary.

The hike is strenuous but worth every single step. Once you reach the top, the panoramic views of Taipei will take your breath away.

Standing on top of Mount Keelung will make you feel as though you have conquered the world. Your night view of Jiufen is one of the most beautiful sights imaginable.

Address:  Qiche Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 224

6. A Trip Into The Past At Bopiliao Old Street

Bopiliao Old Street

Sanga Park / Shutterstock

Bopiliao Old Street is a representation of the Qing Dynasty beginning in 1644 and concluding in 1911. The Japanese colonial period is represented from 1945 through 1949.

You will love the unique stores including a Chinese medicine store, a public bathhouse, a clock store, a Taoist shrine, a rice company and a tea house.

If you are interested in the history of Taipei, visit the Heritage and Culture Center. The three main buildings are the Story Hall, the Medical Hall and the Education Hall.

The models of old-fashioned Taipei homes, Confucius Temples and ancient boats are enchanting.

You can visit a classroom from the past and view an amazing assortment of Chinese herbs.

Address: No.101, Guangzhou St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan

7. The Glorious Sunset At Fisherman’s Wharf (Danshui)

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf sunset

Carlos Huang / Shutterstock

You will find Danshui on Taiwan’s northern coast, approximately forty minutes from Taipei. You will be enveloped in the unique cultures of both Japan and Taiwan.

Taipei tourists are drawn to the architectural and cultural attractions. Fisherman’s Wharf is just outside of Taipei, and renown for sunsets, party boats and amazing seafood.

The sunsets are spectacular. You will also find a variety of restaurants, traditional performers, street performers, shops, cafes and hawker stalls.

This is the entrance to the scenic North Coast of Taiwan.

Taking the time to visit the Tamsui Customs House Museum, Hongmao Cheng, the Hobe Fort and the Tamsui Museum is well worth the effort.

Address: Yuren, Tamsui Dist ,  New Taipei 22072,  Taiwan

8. The Crest Of Fort San Domingo

Fort San Domingo

asiastock / Shutterstock

No trip to Taipei is complete without visiting the most recognized monument in Tamsui. The Spanish built the monument in 1629.

The original intention of Fort San Domingo was to enable the Spanish to rule the Chinese in northern Taiwan.

In 1642, the Spanish were forced to flee the island when it was taken by the Dutch and replaced with a stone fort.

The British completely renovated the fort in 1867. The red tiles used for the roof combine with the red brick veranda for an incredible burst of color.

The scenery at the crest of Fort San Domingo is incredibly attractive when the sun sets. The fort is located in New Taipei City, overlooking the Tamsui River.

Address: No.1, Lane 28, Zhongzheng Road,Danshuei District ,  New Taipei 25158,  Taiwan

9. The Natural Wonders Of Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan national park

Han-Lin / Shutterstock

Yangmingshan National Park can be found in northern Taipei City. The area houses several parks, famous hot springs, hiking trails and an exceptional variety of wildlife and plants.

You will discover numerous warm temperate and subtropical climate zones as you explore.

The influence of the Japanese is obvious due to the hot springs, Formosan sweet gum and black pines.

The spring is welcomed with cherry blossoms and rhododendrons covering the mountain. The weather of the summer is amazing with southwest winds and showers.

The red maple leaves and silver grass arrive by October. Winter in Taipei is a fairy tale world of drifting clouds. The Han Chinese once cultivated tea plantations in the area.

Address: Jhuzihhu Rd, Beitou District ,  Taipei 112,  Taiwan

10. The Hualien County

Hualien Taiwan

You can take a train from Taipei to Hualien County. One of the best representations of Taiwan are the phenomenal views found on this sensational island.

This is the largest county in Taiwan with a population exceeding 350,000. This is also one of the first destinations for travelers once they reach Taipei.

The azure skies, majestic peaks, diversity of the culture, scenic views and friendly local are delightful.

You will enjoy spending your days here visiting Taroko National Park for the amazing gorges and the East Coast National for the breathtaking natural landscapes.

The name Hualien comes from the beauty of the swirling currents as they kiss the sea.

11. National Palace Museum In Taipei

National Palace Museum in Taipei

vichie81 / Shutterstock

In 1965, the National Palace Museum opened their doors in Taipei. The quality of the museum has been compared to the Prado and the Louvre.

There is a collection of art from the emperors of China including porcelain, paintings and calligraphy.

One of the most spectacular pieces found in the Taipei museum are pieces of jadeite carved into cabbage.

The oldest pieces include loop earrings and a stunning jade necklace. These pieces have been dated back in excess of 8,000 years.

A simple jade cup from the eastern Zhou dynasty is marbled with exquisite veining. The morning dew was sipped from this cup to secure immortality.

The porcelain pieces include Qing vases, Ju ware from the 11th century and Ming vases.

Address:  No. 221, Sec 2, Zhi Shan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

12. Celebrate Lunar New Year On Dihua Street

Dihua jie shopping street taipei

Charlesimage / Shutterstock

The Lunar New Year is celebrated on Dihua Street in Taipei, Taiwan. You will be excited when you see hundreds of stands selling everything from trendy to classic.

The food trucks offer local delights while the chefs spend the weekends showing how they prepare their dishes for the New Year in Taipei.

You can take photos wearing adorable dog costumes or Vintage style garments. You can have a lot of fun making New Year’s banners and red envelopes with your family.

You can indulge in a delectable assortment of food or visit the Ningxia Night market or the Rongbin Shopping District.

This is your chance to immerse yourself in the history of Taiwan.

Address: Datong District ,  Taipei 103,  Taiwan

13. The Historic Heritage Of Taipei At Liberty Square

Liberty Square In Taipei

THANAN / Shutterstock

Liberty Square is an enormous plaza located in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei. The square is dedicated to Chiang Kai-Shek.

This is where many of the public gatherings in Taiwan are hosted. Foreign dignitaries are greeted by the President of Taiwan in lavish and exciting red-carpet ceremonies.

The square fills with large crowds for the Taipei concerts and festivals. More than 800 events are hosted every year. You will find an event here nearly every time you visit.

There are ponds and colorful parks surrounding the beautiful paths of the square. Liberty Square serves as a poignant reminder of the Democratic progress made by Taiwan.

Address:  Democracy Blvd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

14. Releasing Sky Lanterns On Pingxi Old Street

Pingxi Old Street Sky Lanterns

TungCheung / Shutterstock

You need to visit Pingxi Old Street when you visit Taipei, Taiwan. You will be delighted by the collection of street snacks and shops right by the Pingxi railway station.

The street is unique because it was built right into a hill. The overhead train track passes through the center where there are shops offering gifts and local foods.

You will be amazed by the shops constructed during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

You should take a moment to stand right on the tracks so you can release a traditional sky lantern at dusk and make a special wish.

Make sure you take a look at the wooden houses, originally built when the Japanese occupied the area.

Address:  Pingxi Street, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 226

15. Rock Climbing At The Long Dong Dragon Cave

Long Dong Dragon Cave Taiwan


There is a rocky stretch of coastline in Taiwan, about an hour’s drive from Taipei. The curves of the coast will make you think of a dragon.

The area is gorgeous with sandstone cliffs above the sea and thick green vegetation blanketing the valleys and hills. The setting is magnificent.

The area has become extremely popular for scuba diving in the crystal clear waters, hiking and rock climbing.

The rock originated during the Miocene Era over 3.5 million years in the past.

The thick sandstone is a natural for rock climbing. Protections have been placed for traditional and sport climbing.

Address: Longdong Street, Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

16. Beitou Thermal Valley

Beitou Thermal Valley

T.Dallas / Shutterstock

One of the most unique things to do in Taipei is visit Beitou Thermal Valley. This is one of the suppliers of the local hot springs.

The Beitou rocks contain radium, the only mineral on the globe named after a place in Taiwan.

The valley is covered with sulfuric steam. This is why it is referred to as Ghost Lake.

During the Japanese Occupation, Thermal Valley was deemed one of the twelve greatest sights of Taiwan.

No other Datunshan volcano group has temperatures as high as Thermal Valley.

You do not have to worry, the water is protected so you will not be able to fall in accidentally.

Address: Zhongshan Road, Near Wenquan Road ,  Taipei,  Taiwan

17. Incredible Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou Hot Spring swimming pools

Nowaczyk / Shutterstock

Beitou is located in Taipei. This area provides natural hot springs for the city.

The three types of hot springs in Beitou are the Ding Beitou transparent springs of iron sulfur, the milky white sulfur springs and the green sulfur you can only find in Akita, Japan and Beitou, Taiwan.

There are rules for every bath regarding the separation of genders you must follow. While you are enjoying Beitou, you may want to stay at one of the lovely resorts.

Once the waters have traveled from the main pond, they are cooler and the resorts enable you to enjoy the springs.

18. The Surreal Escape Of Daan Forest Park

Daan Forest Park

Keitma / Shutterstock

The Beitou Dann Forest Park is lined with beautiful trees including maple, cajuput, camphor and ficus.

You can lose yourself in the lushness of the flower beds and bushes all over the park. You will feel as though you have entered a grand forest.

The park is Taipei’s biggest green space offering a skating rink, several exercise areas and a charming playground.

If you travel to Taipei, Taiwan during the holidays, you can watch a show for free at the amphitheater.

Take a stroll through the park for an incredibly peaceful experience.

Address: No.1, Sec. 2, Xinsheng S. Rd., Da’an District., Taipei City, Taiwan

19. The Attractions Of Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

The Creative Park is located in the Taipei Zhongzheng District. This is considered the primary art center of Taiwan.

You will enjoy the performances, theater productions and large exhibits hosted here. This is where the artists come when they want to work on their creations.

Take the time to discover the indie brand shops, interactive and digital museums and bookshops. This area of Taipei offers amazing desserts and coffees.

The young musicians of Taipei provide mini concerts outdoors for those who truly love music.

Address:  No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

20. Yehliu Geopark Rock Formations

Yehliu Geopark

Suchart Boonyavech / Shutterstock

One of the most gorgeous destinations in new Taipei, Taiwan are the rock formations of the Yehliu Geopark . The formations are part of the Daliao Miaocene.

You will adore the different formations such as Queen’s Head, Sea Candles, Kissing Rock, Ginger Rocks and Princess Head.

You will discover Yehliu Ocean World right next to the Geopark.

The Taipei oceanarium offers you an enjoyable afternoon with performances by sea lions and dolphins as well as numerous ocean exhibits.

You will also learn about the sea life of Taipei during your adventure.

Address: No.167-1, Kangton Rd.  |  Yeh Liu Village ,  New Taipei 207,  Taiwan

21. The Ximending Experience

Ximending street market in Taipei

tristan tan / Shutterstock

One of the coolest areas in Taipei, Taiwan is Ximending. This neighborhood does not sleep and is known for their exciting nightlife.

Begin your day with a fantastic meal in a traditional breakfast shop.

There is a section of Emei Street with boutiques offering a nice selection of clothing to fill your afternoon in Taipei.

Once the sun has set, there is an amazing variety of food stalls and restaurants to tempt your taste buds.

There is a square not far from Red House with over twenty little cafes and bars. You can enjoy the local liquors and beers all night long.

22. The Infamous Wufenpu Shopping District

Wufenpu District in Taipei

FotoGraphic / Shutterstock

You will be breathless when you enter this wholesale clothing market in Taipei, Taiwan.

The enormous bargain outlet is a shoppers paradise with the best deals you will find anywhere in Taipei.

The lanes crisscross to form a maze of delights filled with clothing racks and shops.

You will need hours to look at the latest garments, trends and accessories. You will discover something for every gender and age.

Once you have finished shopping, have a quick bite at any of the delicious food carts or satisfy the largest of appetites at the Raohe Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan.

Address:  Alley 9, Lane 443, Yongji Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

23. The Underground Mall At Taipei Main Station

Underground Mall Taipei Main Station

TK Kurikawa / Shutterstock

There are several underground malls located at the Taipei Main Station. This is the connection point for Shuanglian Station, Zhongshan Station and the Taipei Main Station.

In addition to amazing shopping, you should take a look at the lovely works available at the free art gallery.

The Taipei Book Street portion of the mall is the longest underground book street in Taiwan. Your senses will be captured by the expanded inventory and the modern vibe.

There is even an area with a stage for teenagers to practice different types of dance and cheerleading.

Address: B1,No.100, Section 1, Shimin Avenue ,  Taipei,  Taiwan

24. Amazing Food Tour At The Shilin Night Market

Shilin night market

This is one of the most famous and biggest night markets in Taiwan. There is a superb selection of street foods to experience.

Try some of the local favorites offered at the food stalls or one of the fantastic restaurants.

The fish balls are deep fried and placed onto a skewer prior to being dusted with just a touch of fine pepper. Another favorite is the blow-torched steak.

After being diced into cubes, the steak is grilled then blowtorched for a unique and succulent flavor experience. The meat is enhanced with a nice smokey flavor.

Address: No.101, Jihe Road., Shilin District., Taipei City 111, Taiwan

25. Visit The Famous Longshan Temple

Mengjia Longshan Temple in Taipei

Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

The Mengjia Longshan Temple is one of the most popular in Taipei, Taiwan. The temple was originally constructed by Fujian settlers in 1738 as a gathering place.

The temple was built in the old village section of Taipei. The Longshan Temple has survived several wars and natural disasters.

The temple is not dedicated to just one religion or deity. The Confucian, Buddhist and Taoists faiths all worship here.

You will enjoy the experience, the friendly locals and the ability to take photographs while walking through the temple. It is important to be respectful to the locals.

Address:  No. 211, Guangzhou Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10853

26. The Ornate Bao’an Temple

Bao An temple in Taipei Taiwan

Richie Chan / Shutterstock

The Bao’an temple is an exquisite structure in Taiwan filled with outstanding examples of traditional decorative arts.

If possible, visit Taipei from march through June during the yearly Baosheng Cultural Festival.

The celebrations include a birthday celebration for the Gods’, Taiwanese opera, parades, lion dances and Chinese medicine clinics.

Quanzhou immigrants from the Fujian province established the temple in 1760.

Address:  No. 61, Hami Street, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103

27. Wishing At The Confucius Temple

Taipei Confucius Temple

Robert CHG / Shutterstock

Wang Yi-shun is the famous craftsman responsible for creating this beautiful temple in Taipei, Taiwan.

You can learn about the history of Confucius including the Six Confucian arts such as riding and archery.

The confucius temple offers fun and interactive activities for both children and adults, an incredible plafond ceiling in Dacheng Hall and a 4D theater with a Confucius theme.

Do not miss the blooming flowers overflowing the vases in the Yi Gate courtyard during your trip to Taipei. You can even make a wish in the temple.

Address: 275 Dalong Street, Datong District ,  Taipei,  Taiwan

28. The Guandu Temple Of Taipei

Guandu Temple

The Guandu Temple of Taipei, Taiwan is a gorgeous, multi-story temple built in 1661. The temple was constructed into the side of the mountain.

The numerous tunnels are amazing and run directly through the mountain.

You will see two flights of steps at the back of the temple. Both offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the riverscape of Tamsui.

The temple features a jiannian rooftop and stone columns from the Qing era in the worship hall.

Stop by the food court on the riverside to sample a variety of delicacies from Taipei.

Address:  No. 360, Zhixing Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112

29. The Xingtian Temple Of Taipei

Xingtian temple

The HippoZoom / Shutterstock

The Xingtian Temple is visited more than any other temple in Taipei, Taiwan. Although the temple is classified as Taoist, Confucianism and Buddhist cultures are also observed.

The temple is dedicated to the red-face General of the Three Kingdoms Period in China, Guan Yu. This is the patron saint of businessmen.

This is the newest temple in Taipei, built in 1967. You should experience one of the most popular activities here, fortune telling.

Fortunetelling Street offers you a choice of numerous fortune telling stands. Many Chinese look for solutions through traditional religion.

Address: No.109, Section. 2, Minquan E. Road., Zhongshan District., Taipei City 104, Taiwan

30. The Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo

LMspencer / Shutterstock

The Taipei Zoo is a zoological garden located in the Wenshan District of Taipei.

Not only is this Taiwan’s most famous garden, it is the leader in recreation, education, conservation and research.

The zoo began with two pandas from China and an Asian bull elephant affectionately called Grandpa Lin Wang. The zoo has since greatly expanded.

The Taipei Zoo now features animals from Africa, Australia, Taiwan, the desert and the tropical rainforest of Asia.

You will be charmed by the Children’s Zoo and the 12,000 birds in the aviary.

The additional exhibits include a panda exhibit, a koala habitat, a reptile and amphibian house, a penguin habitat and a display of nocturnal animals.

Address: No. 30, Section.2, Xinguang Road., Wenshan District., Taipei City 11656, Taiwan

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  • 20 Must Visit Attractions In...

30 Must-Visit Attractions in Taipei

Raohe Night Market, Taipei

Taipei 101 and night markets are attractions that come to mind when you mention Taiwan’s capital city. But there’s so much more to this vibrant city than the former tallest building in the world . From arty hubs to steaming craters, here’s our guide on where to go in Taipei.

1. chiang kai-shek memorial hall.

Memorial, Building, Park


2. Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Memorial, Park

3. Elephant Mountain

Hiking Trail

4. Bopiliao Old Street

5. grand hotel.

people cheering on a mountain

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6. Martyrs' Shrine

7. shilin night market.

Market, Bubble Tea Shop, Street Food


8. National Palace Museum

9. danshui old street.

Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark

A wonderful street in the old fishing village of Danshui (which is now more of a town), Danshui Old Street ticks all the boxes for quaintness, food and souvenirs. One end of the street opens on to a wharf which is one of the nicest Taipei tourist spots to take in the sunset.

10. Fort San Domingo

11. hobe fort, 12. lover's bridge, 13. longshan temple.

Buddhist Temple, Shrine


14. National Taiwan Museum and 228 Memorial Park

Building, Memorial, Museum, Park

15. The Presidential Palace

16. huashan 1914 creative park.

Bookstore, Park, Winery

17. Miramar Ferris Wheel

Park, Building

18. Yangmingshan National Park


19. Taipei 101


20. Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence

Memorial, Building

21. The hot springs at Wulai

Swimming Pool

22. Maokong Gondola

Architectural Landmark


Maokong is a tea-growing district on the outskirts of the city not far from Taipei Zoo . Ride the MRT to the zoo and then take a cable car up over the mountain into Maokong. Here, visitors can sit and enjoy locally grown tea while taking in the views of the city in the local tearooms and restaurants . Try to visit in the late afternoon so you can enjoy the sunset in the early evening and get some great night shots of the city.

23. Eat street food anywhere

Market, Taiwanese

Taiwan is well known for its incredible cuisine , and while there are many amazing restaurants to visit in the city, some of the tastiest treats can be found on the side of the street. Street food in Taipei is nothing short of world class, and the choices available beggar belief. Head to any local night market or simply walk down any street, and you’ll soon find vendors selling everything from the infamous stinky tofu to fried chicken on a stick. Enjoying a pancake stuffed with beef from a paper bag doesn’t sound too enticing a prospect, but it really is an experience worth trying. Join a street food tour to find the best places to eat.

Unusual Things to Do in Taipei

Eat from a toilet bowl.

Eating food that looks like the chef has produced it in the most unhygienic way is actually a thing in Taipei. In fact, the restaurant that started it all, Modern Toilet, has three branches. All the menu’s delicacies (not quite the right word) arrive at the table in miniature toilet bowls, cisterns, and even urinals. And to say the chocolate ice cream is a sight to behold is something of an understatement.

Stroke a cat at a cat cafe

Taipei is a city full of rented apartments, many of which have landlords that enforce strict no-pet rules. So the animal-loving city dwellers have no option but to turn to cat cafes for a few stress-relieving hours in the company of felines. At these cafes, cats enjoy a life of privilege with customers eager to shower each with attention and treats from the menus.

Enjoy 5-star karaoke

The karaoke bars in Taipei have lobbies that would put a five-star hotel to shame. These luxury 24–hour establishments offer rooms with large screen TVs, private bathrooms, and an endless songbook of cheesy sing-a-long tunes. They even provide food and alcohol around the clock, and many see them as the perfect place to finish off a night of clubbing.

Let a bird tell your fortune

Taipei’s Longshan Temple is one of the first stops on many a tour of the city, but it is not the only attraction in this neighbourhood. This is where many locals come to have their fortunes told – and quite often it’s a feathered friend that’s doing the telling. Birds hop along tables choosing slivers of bamboo or picture cards that indicate the paying customer’s future luck or lack thereof. A strange custom and one that has to be seen to be believed.

Escape down a slide

There were always rumours that Taipei’s most iconic hotel, The Grand Hotel , had a secret escape route designed for the former president, Chiang Kai-shek. A fire and subsequent safety check at the hotel in 1995 not only revealed its existence, but also the fact that one tunnel had an escape slide. The hotel sometimes offers tours to the public, but these are few and far between, making this a once-in-a- lifetime experience.

Buy a book at 1am

Reading is a popular pastime in Taiwan as is evident by the many small comic libraries and stores dotted around Taipei. But perhaps the most telling sign of their affinity with books is the fact that one of their largest bookstores, the Dunhua branch of Eslite, is open 24-hours a day. 1am book cravings are now a thing of the past.

Go shrimp fishing

Fishing is an activity usually associated with flowing rivers or large bodies of water. Not so in Taipei where there’s a range of 24-hour shrimp fishing establishments. Yes, that’s right, customers sit around a large man-made pool and fish for their dinner which they then throw on the barbecue by their side. Fun? Perhaps. Odd? Definitely.

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Like a gentle and friendly lovechild of Hong Kong and Japan, Taipei combines some of the best elements of those destinations—a juxtaposition of skyscrapers and majestic greenery, amazing sushi, natural hot springs, efficient subway lines, bustling districts, and side streets packed with hidden gems, and plenty of neon lights and street food to start, plus its own distinct identity, cuisine, and culture.

It's also the most LGBTQ-friendly destination in Asia (and home to a major annual Pride celebration), so there's an openness and creativity that makes this an even more unique metropolis that is family-friendly to boot. Here we've rounded up 15 musts for your visit, be it first time or (eventually!) repeat!

Take in the Soaring Views from Taipei 101

Anchoring the buzzing Xinyi district, the 101-floor Taipei 101 skyscraper currently ranks as the 10th-tallest building globally (at 1,667 feet high, it was number one when it opened in 2004). Instantly iconic, with its stacked-containers-like shape, the 101 draws plenty of visitors for its lower levels' luxury shopping and excellent dining (there's a Din Tai Fung), but its observation deck is its must-see attraction. Occupying the 88-91st floors, which includes an outdoor observatory on the 91st, its views of the cityscape and surrounding nature are unbeatable but don't miss the interior's impressive "Super Big Wind Damper," a gold-hued, suspended 660-metric ton steel sphere that keeps the building safe and secure when swaying due to high winds and earthquakes!

Go Street Food Grazing at a Night Market

Street food rules at Taipei's many night markets, where locals flock to get their evening and late-night dining and shopping on (from electronics and clothing to craft beer!). It's good to check out several for a compare-and-contrast and widest selection of things to gorge on (you'll notice some items, like the self-explanatory stinky tofu and oyster omelets, seem to appear at every market). In its impressive guide to Taipei, launched in 2019, Eater sagely recommended Raohe , located behind Ciyou Temple, as one of the current best - it features a few Michelin guide recommended spots to boot —and Tonghua is also a worthy stop with Michelin-cited stalls for sesame and peanut dumplings , fried and tempura treats, and more . Meanwhile, two of the most famous, tourist-friendly night markets, Shilin and Huaxi, are certainly good for some photos.

Visit One of Taipei's "Creative Parks"

Repurposed industrial buildings and complexes serve as the hubs for Taipei's "creative parks," comprised of art galleries, shops, cafes, and temporary art and pop culture-themed attractions for all ages, plus plenty of space to stroll, sit, and mingle. Japanese art superstar Yayoi Kusama had a pop-up cafe and gift shop at one of the best-known, Huashan 1914 , while Songshan Cultural and Creative Park even boasts a boutique hotel from bookstore chain Eslite and arthouse cinema. 2018 saw a new addition to the scene, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) , in the former Air Force Command Headquarters.

Explore Taipei's Contemporary Art Museums and Galleries

Housed in a former elementary school, the Datong district's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Taipei is a fantastic two-level venue showcasing mostly Taiwanese work, including tech-forward multimedia. Don't miss the outdoor installations while at it. There's more modern work and exhibitions to be seen at the Taipei Fine Art Museum , while there are plenty of smaller yet notable galleries peppered around the city, including Aki Gallery , Liang Gallery , Galerie Grand Siecle , and Wild Flower Bookstore , the latter bursting with local artists' self-published (and sometimes provocative) books, magazines, and craft items.

Savor Seafood at Addiction Aquatic Development

Oliver Propst / Creative Commons

As Eataly is to Italian food, Taipei's Addiction Aquatic Development is to seafood. From live seafood to a series of restaurants, and especially sushi and sashimi—offered in varying pre-packaged to-go selections to a standing-room omakase—this is a heaven for fish and shellfish fans (the bulging containers of fresh uni at affordable prices alone will have some drooling).

Dive into History at the National Palace Museum

Initially slated to close for a massive, three-year renovation in 2020, plans have changed, and this sprawling, four-story museum will stay open during the process. A good thing, since this massive 700,000-plus item collection of Chinese artifacts and art is impressive and includes a couple of iconic yet deliciously oddball (to Westerners, at least) attractions: specifically, the "Meat Shaped Stone," which perfectly resembles a succulent hunk of stewed pork belly, and jadeite cabbage. You can buy souvenir reproductions, from fridge magnets to coasters, which you can peruse via the online shop as well.

Shop, Walk, and Eat in Xinyi

With the Taipei 101, chic W Hotel , and Grand Hyatt as anchors, the Xinyi district has become one of the most buzzing, trendy, and shiny retail and entertainment hubs (and transportation: its bus station serves cities across Taiwan and the airport). Its 24-hour, department store-style Eslite bookstore carries endless Taiwanese brands of lifestyle goods, while 2019 saw the opening of the sleek Breeze Nanshan , filled with hotly desired local and international brands (e.g., Blue Bottle Coffee) with a particular focus on Japanese food and goods, from a branch of Tokyo's Sarutahiko Coffee to a Wagyu steakhouse on the 47th floor.

Go Bubble Tea Crazy

One of Taiwan's most famous, accessible culinary exports—and still spreading around the globe to places like Krakow, Poland —bubble (or boba ) tea originated in the 1980s when chewy tapioca starch pearls were added to milk tea ("Q" and "QQ" signify perfection of bouncy, toothsome texture). Now, Taiwan's offerings run the gamut from beverage to types of boba (small? large? clear? brown sugar boiled?) to extras galore, and chains and boutiques are ubiquitous. The Zhongzheng district's Chen San Ding perfected "brown sugar boba," a warm scoop of brown sugar-stewed boba served just with milk and shaken, although as of 2020, it's seeking a new location. Chain 50 Lan conveniently has locations throughout Taipei, is consistently good (they deserve a "Q"), and offers both small and large bubbles. And for a unique full-on dessert take on bubble tea, Ice Monster serves a delectable milk tea Taiwanese shaved ice with a side of absolutely perfect warm boba.

See the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

One of Taipei's most iconic and historical attractions, this former site of a military base now entails a 62-acre park, National Concert Hall, National Theater, photogenic gates, and the namesake Hall, commemorating the late President of the Republic of China.

Experience Elevated Taiwanese Flavors at Taipei's Edgiest Restaurants

Courtesy of Logy

Taiwanese flavors and terroir have been elevated and highlighted thanks to creative and avant-garde chefs in recent years, with big thanks due to trailblazing fine dining restaurants RAW and MUME , which opened in 2014 and still churn out incredible and artful seasonal tasting menus and hold both Michelin star and Asia's Top 50 Restaurant status. Newer venues include Chef Kai Ho’s Tarroir , logy (deeply Taiwan-centric sister venue to Tokyo's Florilege), and fusion spot Gen Creative .

Do a Starbucks Crawl (Seriously!)

The Taiwanese love Starbucks, and some locations boast incredibly distinctive merchandise (especially changing seasonal and holiday-themed mugs), items, and absolutely stunning and historic surroundings. Essentially its own gated compound, the Shilin district's Tianyu Starbucks is a two-level brick stone and glass affair with a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic (think MUJI) and outdoor seating, while the Wanhua district's Bangka Xiyuan is a multi-level 1932 home that preserves most of its gorgeous architecture (and there's a dedicated mug for this location!).

Chill Out at One of Beitou's Hot Springs

Taipei's northernmost district is a lush, mountainous haven of natural sulfur hot springs (and a Hot Spring Museum !). Accessible via MRT and taxi, you can make a few hours or overnight trip and relax splurge at one of the many facilities. For the latter, Grand View Resort (they offer a free shuttle from the MRT) features stunning views, rooms, and an assortment of gender-segregated private and public white sulfur baths and pools, while the budget-friendly green sulfur Beitou Public Hot Spring is open to all (and requires a bathing suit since it's co-ed).

Get Lost in the Sidestreets of Da'an

Taipei is full of hidden gems—shops, cafes, galleries, and street food stalls—tucked down its endless lanes and sidestreets. In particular, the Da'an District, home to the Gongguan and Linjiang night markets, is worth getting lost in for a treasure hunt of sorts. A few worth marking the map with: cheeky contemporary hotpot restaurant Mr. Meat , world-class, futuristic molecular cocktail speakeasy ROOM by Le Kief , a taproom for Taiwan's creative craft beer brewery Taihu , and if you want to make Da'an your home base, the Kimpton Da'an and Hotel Proverbs .

Get Loose With a Legit Taiwanese Foot Massage

According to foot reflexology practitioners, the way to someone's heart—and every other organ—is through their feet, and getting a foot massage for health is routine maintenance for many Taiwanese. Venues range from inexpensive and bare-bones to atmospheric and luxurious, and some are open 24 hours. A more medicinal-style massage can be a little punishing for newcomers, loosening up a tightness you never realized existed, but some massage spots will go much more gentle on non-Chinese clients.

Experience Asia's Biggest LGBTQ Pride

Taiwan is widely regarded as Asia's most gay-friendly destination thanks to its massive annual Pride celebration in late October, legalization of same-sex marriage in 2019 , and an open-air nightlife complex known as the Red House /Red Mansion. If you can't make it for Pride, definitely swing by the two-level Red House in Ximending, which is host to dozens of LGBTQ bars and cafés for almost every crowd, clothing and accessory shops, and more. If the weather's good, grab a seat outdoors and savor the vibe!

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Top Ten Reasons to Visit Singapore

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21 Exciting Things To Do In Taipei: Must-See Attractions Every First-Timer Needs to Experience

taipei best tourist attractions

Can’t say you’ve visited until you’ve experienced these 21 exciting things to do in Taipei.

Taipei 101 - Things To Do In Taipei

I’ve always pegged Taipei as the go-to destination for bubble tea obsessed teenage girls. But hey! Turns out, Taipei has so much more to offer.

From the iconic Taipei 101 and breathtaking views at the Yehliu Geopark to partying hotspots at Ximending, the capital of Taiwan has a little bit of everything. It’s even perfect if you just want to kick back and wind down, with relaxing sites like the Beitou Hot Springs or artsy places like Huashan Creative Park — Taipei really has it all!

This list contains 21 exciting things to do in Taipei whether it’s your first or 10th time to this charming city. 😉

P/S. The best way to get around Taipei for first-timers is with the Taipei Fun Pass , which offers free unlimited public transport and entrance fees to some attractions — but more on that later!

Breathtaking Must-Sees in Taipei

1) enjoy the beautiful skyline at taipei 101.

Taipei 101 skyline - Things to do in Taipei

You can’t travel to Taipei and not visit the most iconic attraction. Standing at 508m high, Taipei 101 was the world’s tallest building from 2004–2010 (since overtaken by the Burj Khalifa ) and boasts an unbelievably scenic view, especially at night!

It’s not just one of those observation decks though — it’s also a high-end shopping mall, and you can also witness the building’s wind damper that stabilises it during strong winds or earthquakes.

Entrance Fee: NT$600 (Free with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours: 11AM – 9PM (Mon – Fri), 10AM – 9PM (Sat – Sun); last admission at 8:30PM How to get there: Take the MRT to Taipei 101 Station. Observation decks are on the 88th and 89th floors, with an outdoor deck on the 91st floor opened on some occasions, weather permitting.

2)  Marvel at the natural wonders of Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark - Things To Do In Taipei

Photo credit: Maryjoy Caballero  via  Unsplash

The park is known for its unique rock formations that jut out the land’s surface, looking like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. If I had to imagine what Pluto or Uranus looked like, this would be it!

The most iconic structure at Yehliu Geopark is the Queen’s head that’s supposedly named after its likeness to ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti . Unfortunately the neck of the Queen’s head is showing signs of erosion, and the head may fall off by 2020 or even sooner ☹️. So if you’re planning to go here, go soon!

Entrance Fee: NT$80 (Free with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours: 8AM – 5PM How To Get There : Take the MRT to Tamsui Station, and then take shuttle bus 862 to Crown Northern Coastline.

3) Get lost in Jiufen Town

Jiufen Town - Things To Do In Taipei

Take a trip back to ancient Taiwan at the Jiufen Old Street . Its cobblestone pathways, historical architecture and pretty lights alone make the trip out well worth the travel.

But most people really come here for the street food — from classic Taiwanese sausages to chewy taro balls!

For a more detailed list of must-eats in Jiufen, check out our Shifen & Jiufen guide !

How to get there:  Take Bus 965 from Banqiao Station and drop off at either Jiufen or Jinguashi.

4) Hike up the Elephant Mountain to catch the sunset

Elephant Mountain - Things To Do In Taipei

Hands down, this is the best vantage point to catch the sunset (and get a shot of Taipei’s skyline with Taipei 101 actually in it).

The hike up Elephant Mountain is relatively easy (the physical activity is well worth it!) — a 20-minute walk up will get you there. Make sure you reach the peak a little before sunset so you get to see the buildings gradually light up!

How to get there:  Take the MRT to Xiangshan Station and walk out via Exit 2. Then, follow the signs to the start of the trail.

5) Ride a gondola up Maokong Mountain

Maokong Mountain - Things To Do In Taipei

Another way to experience the city skyline is by taking this 25-minute gondola ride up Maokong Mountain , where a quaint village famous for locally brewed tea is at. It’s the perfect respite from the bustle of the city for some peace and quiet!

taipei best tourist attractions

Photo credit: Where Food Takes Us

To experience the glass-bottomed carriage, get onto the “Eyes of the Maokong” gondola.

Cost:  NT$120 one way (Two free one way tickets with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours:  Generally 8:30AM – 9PM, closes 10PM on Saturdays. Check weather conditions on the  official website  before going. How to get there:  Take the MRT to Taipei Zoo Station. Then, follow the signs leading to the gondola (the gondola makes three stops to get to Maokong).

6) Hop on Miramar Park’s ferris wheel for sick views

Miramar Park - Things To Do In Taipei

If you’d like to soak in the city skyline in a more intimate setting (couples, we’re talking to you!), Miramar Park ‘s ferris wheel does the trick! The 95m-high wheel goes around for 17 minutes — enough for a romantic private proposal against the sunset, perhaps?

Entrance Fee: NT$150, NT$200 on weekends (Free with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours: 11AM – 11PM, closes 12AM on Fridays and Saturdays. How to get there: Take the MRT to Jianna RD station and leave from exit 3.

Exciting Things to Do in Taipei

7) go on a satisfying food crawl at shilin night market.

Shilin Night Market - Things To Do In Taipei

Passion Fruit Cheese Oyster

There are way too many night markets to keep track in Taipei (Taipei is, after all, synonymous with street food), but if there is one you have to visit, it’s the Shilin Night Market boasting over 500 street food vendors. So time to put on your big boy/girl pants because you’ll need to make room!

Besides the passion fruit cheese oysters (pictured above), I personally enjoyed the princess cheese potato (mashed potato generously topped with nacho cheese, corn and bacon) and coffin bread as well (grilled buttered toast stuffed with savoury fillings). Just go crazy and try everything!

Opening Hours:  5PM – 12AM How to get there: Take the MRT to Jiantan Station and walk 100m from Exit 1.

Read also: 11 Food to Eat in Shilin Night Market, Taiwan

8) Explore Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan National Park - Things To Do In Taipei

Photo credit: Get Your Guide

Another piece of evidence that Taipei is both a city destination and nature getaway at the same time. Yangmingshan is the only park in Taipei, and arguably the most popular one in Taiwan due to its hot springs and sulphur crystals!

Go hiking at Xiaoyoukeng to get to the park’s highest peak, and dip your feet into the hot springs at Lengshuikeng afterwards. You’ll want to make it to Qingtiangang by sunset though, for the best view!

Entrance Fee:  Free Opening Hours:  9AM – 4:30PM, closed on last Monday of every month How to get there: Take bus 260 from Taipei Main Station or the Red 30 or 208 from Jiantan MRT Station and will drop you directly to Yangmingshan National Park bus station. From there follow to signs to the park.

9) Make new furry friends at the Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo - Things To Do In Taipei

People won’t normally think about visiting Taipei Zoo , but as one of Asia’s largest zoos it’s worth a visit if you have extra time to spare with 14 exhibition areas housing pandas, koalas and penguins (and rare species like the Sika Deer and Swinhoe’s Pheasant). It’ll be a hit with couples/families with young kids!

Entrance Fee:  NT$60 (Free with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours:  9AM – 5PM, last entry at 4PM. Animal exhibits close at 4:30PM. How to get there:  Take the MRT to Taipei Zoo and walk out from Exit 1.

10) Party it up at Ximending

Ximending - Things To Do In Taipei

One of the best things about visiting a city is that it never sleeps, and therefore neither should you! Ximending is where locals party with bars and clubs that run till the wee hours of the morning.

If you’re not a hardcore clubber like me and prefer chilling with a few beers, I recommend heading to Driftwood, that’s owned by Taihu Brewing . It serves great local Taiwanese beer that went down my throat smoother than water (drinks from NT$200).

Driftwood Opening Hours:  5PM – 11:30PM Address: No. 46 Kunming Street, Wanhua Dist., Taipei

11) Shop till you drop at the Di Hua District

taipei best tourist attractions

Photo credit: calinite17 via  Flickr

The Di Hua district is a fusion of modernity and tradition. Row after row of rustic brick buildings and narrow lanes, you’ll find many small boutique shops selling clothes, handmade soaps, delicious food, bags, souvenirs, and more! The charming, unassuming streets managed to rob quite a bit of my cash but I was happy with my buys.

The Taipei Fun Pass lets you score some deals around the area, like 10% off your bill from dining at Muhills Restaurant and complimentary cake at Lee Cake . Opening Hours:  10AM – 10:30PM How to get there: Take the MRT to Beimen Station. Then, take Exit 3 and walk down Tacheng Street until you reach Dihua Road about 1km away.

12) Get your fortune told by birds at Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple - Things To Do In Taipei

Photo credit: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Longshan Temple holds a special spot in the hearts of the Taiwanese. It’s almost 300 years old and managed to survive the infamous destructive raid during World War II where 3,800 bombs were dropped onto the city.

The architecture of the building is marvellous, and the entire place is filled with so much culture and history. I spent a few hours wandering around the temple getting lost in the serenity of it all. And If you’re in the mood for a whacky adventure, there’s a booth at the Longshan Temple Underground Bazaar that offers fortune telling services by birds (From NT$1,000).

Longshan Temple Entrance Fee: Free Opening Hours: 6AM – 10PM How to get there: Take the blue line of the metro to Longshan Temple Station.

Relaxing Things to Do in Taipei

13) visit taipei’s own niagara falls — shifen waterfall.

Shifen Waterfall - Things To In Taipei

At first glance, Taipei appears to be a concrete jungle with its skyscrapers and many shopping malls, but look deeper and you’ll find a ton of hidden gems. One of them is the 40m-tall Shifen Waterfall that’s been dubbed the Little Niagara of Taiwan!

How to get there: From Taipei Main Station, take a northbound train ( except  Keelung-bound trains) and alight at Ruifang Station. Then, transfer to the Pingxi Line and alight at Shifen Station. From the station it is a 20 minute walk, there are English signs along the way for you to follow!

14) Take a dip in Taipei’s Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou Hot Spring - Things To Do In Taipei

Just a stone’s throw away from Taipei city centre, the Beitou district has an entire day’s worth of attractions to offer. The two main highlights are the Millenium Hot Springs and Thermal Valley !

The former is a public bath (four of them, to be exact) while the latter, also known as Hell Valley, is basically a turquoise-coloured pool in a crater that stays boiling hot. Beyond just being absolutely beautiful to look at and walk through, the water has the radioactive element radium, that’s said to boast healing properties.

*Pro-tip: Towels are not provided so bring your own!

Entrance Fee:  NT$40 (Millennium Hot Springs), Free (Thermal Valley) Opening Hours:  5:30AM – 7:30AM, 8AM – 10AM, 10:30AM – 1PM, 1:30PM – 4PM, 4:30PM – 7PM, 7:30PM – 10PM How to get there: Take the MRT Tamsui-Xinyi Line to Beitou Station and transfer to the Xinbeitou Line, and alight at Xinbeitou Station. Upon exiting station, Xinbeitou Station. walk straight on either side of the park to find the hot springs.

15) Explore the secluded Heping Island-Park

Heping Park - Things To Do In Taipei

The Heping Island Park looks out over the undulating rocks and sandy slopes that eventually stretch out into the Pacific Ocean. It’s the perfect place to stroll along the shore, or even settle down for a nice picnic and relaxing swim!

Entrance Fee:  NT$80 (Free with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours:  8AM – 6PM (May – Oct), 8AM – 5PM (Nov – Apr) How to get there: Take the MRT to Tamsui Station on the red line. Then, take the Coastal Keelung Shuttle Bus (T99) to Peace Island-Park.

Explore the Artistic Side of Taipei

16)  soak in the culture of taiwan at the national palace museum.

National Palace Museum - Things To Do In Taipei

The National Palace Museum is home to 690,000 pieces of ancient Chinese art spanning across 8,000 years worth of history, and arguably hosts the world’s largest and finest collection of Chinese art!

Look out for the famous Jadeite Cabbage , a piece of jade carved into the shape of a Chinese cabbage and the Mao Gong Ding , a cauldron with the longest inscription on any ancient Chinese bronze.

Entrance Fee:  NT$350 (Free with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours:  8:30AM – 6:30PM (Sun – Thu), closes 9PM on Fridays and Saturdays. How to get there: Take the MRT to Shilin Station, then walk out from Exit 1 to take Bus 30.

17)  Feel like a giant at the Miniature Museum of Taiwan

Miniature Museum

The Miniature Museum , also known as the museum of dreams, is the first museum in Asia to collect miniatures. Famous places like the Buckingham Palace and Rose Mansion are exquisitely replicated here, and even the smallest functioning television in the world!

Entrance Fee:  NT$200 (Free with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours:  10AM – 6PM, closed on Mondays How to get there: Take the MRT to Songjiang Nanjing Station, and take Exit 4.

18) Take quirky photos at Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan Creative Park

Rows upon rows of dystopian-looking buildings have been repurposed to become an artsy space at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park , and is now filled with cute cafes, boutique shops, local bookstores, galleries and even art exhibitions.

Lays Exhibition

The quaint district felt almost magical, a drastic change from the fast-paced city life of Taipei, with few people strolling the streets and quirky exhibits scattered all over. When we visited, there was even a Lay’s exhibition (pictured above)!

Entrance Fee: Free Opening Hours:  9:30AM – 9PM, closes 10PM on Fridays and Saturdays. How to get there: Take the MRT to Zhong Xiao Xing Sheng Station. Take Exit 1, then walk straight. When you see an underpass and a giant red diamond, cross the street.

19) Visit world renowned artist Juming’s work at the Juming Museum

Juming Museum

Juming is a world renowned local artist in Taiwan whose main medium of expression is through sculpting. A lot of his work is a reflection of what he had seen growing up, either inspired by his interaction with the war or just the culture around him. As you walk into the exhibition space, you’ll see an interesting row of sculpted soldiers from the Civil War marching towards the entrance.

I really enjoyed this museum because the art was very accessible, and that I at least learnt something about Taiwan as I left.

Entrance Fee:  NT$350 (Free with Taipei Fun Pass ) Opening Hours:  10AM – 6PM (May – Oct), 10AM – 5PM (Nov – Apr) How to get there: Take the MRT to Tamsui Station, and then take shuttle bus 862 to Crown Northern Coastline.

20) Take Instagram-worthy photos at Graffiti Lane

Graffiti Lane

Photo credit: Taipei Expat

Also known as America Street, Graffiti Lane is an open-air art gallery of legal street art. The Taipei Youth Art Centre manages the artworks in this lane by reviewing proposals from both local artists and the property owners themselves. Come prepared with some swanky outfits for that perfect Instagram shot!

Entrance Fee:  Free Address: No. 19, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108 (This address will take you to the Taipei Cinema Park . Graffiti Lane is in the alley behind).

21) Catch a performance at Ximending’s Red House

Ximending Red House

The Red House is considered Taiwan’s most iconic location in the cultural and creative industry. Constructed in 1908 by Japanese architect Kondo Juro, it was the first public market in Taiwan that’s now home to creative art shops, cute cafes and a fully equipped performance space.

Come during the weekend to experience the outdoor bazaar set up in front of the building, where up-and-coming artists sell their work/products!

Opening Hours:  11AM – 9:30PM, closed on Mondays Address : No. 10, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

Save time and money with this Taipei essential — the Taipei Fun Pass

Taipei Fun Pass

We made use of the Taipei Fun Pass for this trip, which comes really handy especially if it’s your first time to Taipei and want to visit all of the city’s best attractions.

There are three different passes to get, but I got the 3-Day Unlimited Card that’s probably the best of the lot. For NT$1,900, I could visit up to 16 attractions for free, on top of unlimited rides on public trains and buses. I easily covered the cost of the card by just visiting eight attractions (incl. transport there), without even needing to rush around.

Another perk of the Taipei Fun Pass is scoring discounts at shops and restaurants around Taipei (there are over 200 of them), like Fleish Cafe , No.01 Food Theatre Restaurant , Red 99 Spicy Mala Hot Pot .

On top of cost savings (and not having to worry about topping up my card for public transport at all), you also save time with the pass by jumping the queues at attractions and entering them directly!

The best introduction to Taiwan — Taipei

Miramar Entertainment Park Ferris Wheel

Taipei is an extremely multi-faceted city, and a gift that keeps on giving. Just when you think you’re done exploring the city, you discover a whole other side to it! Beyond just its city-life allure with late night partying and beautiful city skylines, Taipei doubles up as a nature getaway, a relaxing vacation spot and an arts hub. I’ve never been to a country where I genuinely believed that it had something to offer for everyone.

Read also: 4D3N Taipei Itinerary — Insider guide to exploring Taipei and its outskirts like a local

We hope this exciting list of things to do will help you plan your Taipei adventure! Let us know in the comments if we missed out on anything.

This post was brought to you by Taipei Fun Pass .

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Taipei is such an exciting place to see in Taiwan! Great list on what to do in Taipei for the first-timers! Very detailed and interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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14 Places to Visit in Taipei and Taiwan + Things To Do

14 Places to Visit in Taipei and Taiwan + Things To Do

Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is your gateway to experiencing the best of the country. It is home to impressive attractions and unique activities that make the vibrant city, a melting pot of cultures, one of the best destinations in Asia.

Towering at 508 meters, Taipei 101 proves to be one of the most popular city attractions. But Taipei is more than just about the building, once the tallest in the world. It also has several other sights worth visiting. Check out Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Ximending, National Place Museum, Lungshan Temple, and Martyr’s Shrine are famed for their cultural and historical values. If you love nature, check out Taipei Creative Park and Elephant Mountain. For some adventures, snack till you drop at Taipei Night Markets, soak in thermal waters at Beitou Hot Spring or ride a bike along the Riverside Parks.

Taipei is a bustling city with wonderful natural beauty. This destination is well-served by cheap flights from major Asian cities, coursed through the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Traveling from Singapore, Manila, Kota Kinabalu, Busan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and other destinations is hassle-free.

To help with your trip planning, I’ve added links to the locations on Google Maps. Feel free to click/tap on the links posted below. Then, use the “save” feature on the Google Maps app for easy reference. But before you start ticking goals off your bucketlist, here are travel essentials & discounts you’ll need to check. Pre-book online for a hassle-free trip!

Taipei travel essentials

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Humble House Taipei

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1. Taipei 101

Location : 110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, 7號89樓 . Save on Google Maps .

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Taipei Night Market, Fine Dining & Temple Tour

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2. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Location : No. 21號, Zhongshan South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100 . Save on Google Maps .

Taipei Double Decker Bus Tour

Explore Taipei City Tour

taipei best tourist attractions

3. Jiufen Old Street

Location : Jishan Street, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 224 . Save on Google Maps .

Taipei-Jiufen Village & The Northeast Coast Day Tour

Jiufen Shuttle Bus from Ximen

One Day Traditional Qipao Rental in Jiufen

4. Ximending

Tianhou Temple

Places to see in Ximending

Tianhou Temple

The Red House

Presidential Office Building

Beimen-Taipei Old North Gate

Location : Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108 . Save on Google Maps .

5. Martyr’s Shrine

Martyr's Shrine

Location : No. 139號, Beian Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491 . Save on Google Maps .

6. National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

Location : No. 221, Sec 2, Zhi Shan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111 . Save on Google Maps .

7. Elephant Mountain

Taipei 101

8. Lungshan Temple

Lungshan Temple

Location : No. 211, Guangzhou Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10853 . Save on Google Maps .

9. Taipei Night Markets

Shilin Night Market

Top night markets in Taipei

Shilin Night Market

Raohe Night Market

Keelung Night Market

Ningxia Night Market

Huaxi Night Market

Linjiang Street Night Market

Taipei Night Market Tour

Keelung Midnight Fish Market Adventure

10. Taipei Creative Parks

Taipei Cinema Park

Taipei Cinema Park

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Songshan Creative Park

More places to go near Taipei

11. Yehliu Geopark

Yelhiu Geopark

Location : 207, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Wanli District, 港東路167-1號 . Save on Google Maps .

Taiwan Northern Coast Tour

12. Shifen Old Street

Shifen Old Street

Location : 226, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Pingxi District . Save on Google Maps .

13. Shifen Waterfall

Location : 226, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Pingxi District, 乾坑10號 . Save on Google Maps .

14. Zhongshe Flower Market

Location : No. 333號, Section 5, Sanfeng Road, Houli District, Taichung City, Taiwan 421 . Save on Google Maps .

What places have you added to your bucketlist? Have you been to beautiful places in Taipei that should be on this list? Feel free to share your thoughts!

Places to visit in Taipei

Taipei tourist spots, things to do in Taipei, where to go in Taipei & more.

Note: Destinations featured above are not listed by rank.

Where to Stay in Taipei

The areas of Ximending and Taipei Main Station are the perfect base for your sightseeing tour, especially if you are looking for highly rated budget and mid-range accommodations. Book your hotel or hostel near MRT stations for easy transfers to/from the airport and popular tourist spots in the city.

If you are set on a splurge, the best hotels can be found in Xinyi neighborhood, Taipei's cosmopolitan business district where you can find Taipei 101.

Where to book

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Must-see attractions in Taipei

Palace Museum at night

National Palace Museum

Home to the world's largest and arguably finest collection of Chinese art, this vast hoard covers treasures in painting, calligraphy, statuary, bronzes,…

500px Photo ID: 132008549 - A Dragon and a Phoenix (Fenghuang  fènghuáng / 凤凰 / 鳳凰 or August Rooster kūnjī / 鹍鸡 / 鶤雞) on the roof of Mengjia Longshan Temple (艋舺龍山寺 nee Lungshan Temple) in Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan. Golden Hour, dramatic clouds in background. Temple is of Chinese folk religion.

Longshan Temple

Ximending & Wanhua

Founded in 1738 by Han immigrants from Fujian, this temple has served as a municipal, guild and self-defence centre, as well as a house of worship. These…

Stairway at Dihua Street Market

Dihua Street

This former 'Centre Street' has long been known for its Chinese medicine shops, fabric market and lively Lunar New Year sundry market. It has attracted…

Taipei 101 Tower

Towering above the city like the gigantic bamboo stalk it was designed to resemble, Taipei 101 is impossible to miss. At 508m, Taipei 101 held the title…

taipei best tourist attractions

National Human Rights Museum

This former detention centre, court and jail was where political prisoners were incarcerated and tried during the White Terror period (1947–87). The…

Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This grandiose monument to authoritarian leader Chiang Kai-shek is a popular attraction and rightly so. It is a sobering feeling to stand in the massive…

City street with green house with ivies under blue sky in daytime in Huashan Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan, Asia.; Shutterstock ID 78818179; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; GL account no.: 56530; Netsuite department name: Online Design; Full Product or Project name including edition: Digital Content/Sights

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Borrowing from western urban-regeneration models, this early-20th-century wine factory has been restored as Taipei's most retro-chic venue. Remodelled…

Magnificent  "Baoan" temple in Taiwan; Shutterstock ID 28079899; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; Project no. or GL code: 56530; Network activity no. or Cost Centre: Online-Design; Product or Project: 65050/7529/Josh Vogel/ Destination Galleries

Bao'an Temple

Recipient of a Unesco Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for both its restoration and its revival of temple rites and festivities, Bao'an Temple (also called…

Zhongshan Hall in Taipei city

Zhongshan Hall

This handsome four-storey building, constructed in 1936 for the coronation of Emperor Hirohito, is where the Japanese surrender ceremony was held in…

Taiwan, Taipei, Shilin night market

Shilin Night Market

Taipei's most famous night market is hugely popular with travellers – and many young locals – who come to enjoy the carnival of street-side snacking,…

About 1km beyond Fort San Domingo on Zhongzheng Rd is the turn-off for Hobe Fort, built in 1886 when then governor Liu Ming-Chuan was attempting to shore…

Treasure Hill

Head down to the river from the Museum of Drinking Water, turn left, and you'll soon come across this charming art village. It was founded in the late…

National 2-28 Memorial Museum

This graceful memorial to the victims of the 2-28 Incident is housed in a beautiful Japanese building dating back to 1931. The excellent permanent…

Oxford College

Oxford College was the first western university in Taiwan and founded by Presbyterian missionary George Leslie Mackay. The original building, built in…

Guandu Temple

Dating back to 1661, this gawdy, grand, massive multistorey temple (one of Taipei's oldest) is built right into the side of a mountain. In fact, a 100m…

Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Built in 1913 as the Beitou Public Baths, this handsome building is a copy of the bathhouses in Shizuokaken Idouyama in Japan. It is also a good example…

Thermal Valley

Throughout the Japanese era this geothermal valley was considered one of Taiwan's great scenic wonders. The area has been much altered since, so it isn't…

Set in a restored heritage house at the top end of Dihua St is this permanent exhibition showcasing the history of Taiwanese 'comfort women' – sex slaves…

Taipei Confucius Temple

Taipei Confucius Temple

Constructed by the famous Fujian craftsman Wang Yi-shun in the late 1920s, this temple is a beautiful example of Minnan-style architecture and of Taiwan's…

Qingshan Temple

Along with Longshan, this elegant temple, first built in 1856, is one of Wanhua's top houses of worship. There is an abundance of top-quality wood, stone…

Land Bank Exhibition Hall

Evolution is the theme at this museum, set in a 1930s former bank: evolution of life, evolution of money and banking, and evolution of the bank from the…

Maokong Gondola

This 4km-long, 30-minute gondola ride is as much an attraction as a mode of transport. On clear days and nights the views across Taipei and up the lush…

National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

This striking red-and-white building, with its circular neoclassical Chinese-style roof, dates back to just 1956. It now houses the Craft Research and…

Yinshan Temple

This dainty two-hall temple was constructed in 1822 by Hakka immigrants from Guangdong province. The resident deity, the Dingguang Buddha (the guardian of…

Tianhou Temple

This small, atmospheric temple appears from the outside as a narrow, elaborate shopfront in the Ximending area. But walk through the gate and you'll find…

Botanical Gardens

An oasis in the city, this 8-hectare park has well-stocked greenhouses, literature- and Chinese-zodiac-themed gardens, a lotus pond and myriad lanes where…

Su Ho Paper Museum

Fulfilling the lifelong dream of Taiwanese paper-maker Chen Su-ho, this stylish four-storey museum displays a working traditional paper mill and temporary…

Tamsui Cultural Park

This handsome and serene collection of old brick warehouses, just behind Tamsui MRT on the riverside, was once the Shell Tamsui Warehouse: as in Royal…

Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Set in a former tobacco factory (or more accurately an industrial village) from the 1930s, this lovely park is part lush gardens, part frog-filled lake,…

Puji Temple

This Japanese-style wooden temple was built in 1905 and is dedicated to Guanyin. It's home to a couple of nuns and is beautifully preserved. Check out the…

Cixian Temple

Dedicated to the worship of Matsu, this 1927 reconstruction of the original 1864 design sits at ground central for Shilin Night Market. It's worth a visit…

Ciyou Temple

This 18th-century triple-tiered temple is dedicated to Matsu, the black-faced Chinese goddess of seafarers. It marks the start of the Raohe Street Night…

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

Very bright, very modern, and often fun and very experimental art is showcased here. The long red-brick building dates back to the 1920s. It started life…

Longshan Temple is one of five Longshans in Taipei, and as such is devoted to the Guanyin Buddha. Built in 1738 and then rebuilt in the 1850s, the temple…

Minsheng Community

This is the place to watch Taiwan's hipsters while enjoying a street-side coffee or browsing upcycled designer wear or exclusive art galleries. It's a…

Bitan Suspension Bridge

This 200m-long bouncy pedestrian bridge was built by the Japanese in 1937. It offers a great vantage point from which to gaze towards the forested hills…

traditional building in a park in Taipei, taiwan

2-28 Peace Memorial Park

Established in 1908, this was the first urban public park in Taiwan built on European models. Known as Taihoku (Taipei) Park under the Japanese, then…

Architectural detail of the EXPO hall in Taipei

Taipei Expo Park

This expansive park covers three linked-up sections – stroll around or take a YouBike. It has a lively food court called Maji Square, and Eco Ark (a giant…

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

National Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

The hall and its surrounding gardens occupy an entire city block. The latter are well used by picnickers, kite flyers, breakdancers and the early morning…

Lake at Daan Forest Park in Taipei, Taiwan.; Shutterstock ID 383533513; Your name (First / Last): Lauren Gillmore; GL account no.: 56530; Netsuite department name: Online-Design; Full Product or Project name including edition: 65050/ Online Design /LaurenGillmore/POI

Da'an Forest Park

This is Taipei’s Central Park, where the city comes to play. And play it does, from kids rollerblading to teens shooting hoops to old men engaged in…

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Dragon and Tiger pagodas

Things To Do In Taipei

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taipei best tourist attractions

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Near Daan Station

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1. National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

8 km from city center 1 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

Historic museum with an enormous collection of Chinese artefacts and artworks from more than 10,000 years ago.

2. Taipei 101

Taipei 101

0 km from city center 2 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

Taipei 101 is a symbolic piece of architecture. It was the tallest building in the world when it was opened back in 2004 and is a major attraction in the city today.

3. Chaing Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Chaing Kai-shek Memorial Hall

5 km from city center 3 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

A national monument erected in the memory of Chiang Kai-shek, the first president of the People's Republic of China which was founded in 1949. It is one of Taiwan's most popular landmarks.

4. Ximending


6 km from city center 4 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

A bustling pedestrian neighbourhood in Taipei, full of options to shop, eat and party.

Top Hotels In Taipei

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₽ 1,222 onwards

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₽ 2,423 onwards

₽ 1,680 onwards

5. Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple

7 km from city center 5 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

One of the oldest temples in Taiwan, in the district of Wahua. The temple area is also very popular due to it's markets.

6. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

1 km from city center 6 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

This memorial hall was dedicated to the 'Father of the Republic of China', Dr. Sun Yat-sen. It hosts a number of events and serves as an important landmark.

7. Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market

7 km from city center 7 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

Shilin district's night market is the most popular and the largest night market in Taipei.

8. Xinbeitou Hot Springs

Xinbeitou Hot Springs

13 km from city center 8 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

Xinbeitou is the northernmost district of Taipei and is popular getaway from the rush of the city, most famous for it's hot springs.

9. Dadaocheng Wharf

Dadaocheng Wharf

6 km from city center 9 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

Dadaocheng Wharf used to be Taipei's prime trade location and today has been converted into a beautiful park along the Tamsui river.

10. National Taiwan Museum

National Taiwan Museum

5 km from city center 10 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

The oldest museum in Taiwan, showcasing the natural and humanitarian history of the country.

11. Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo

4 km from city center 11 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

The Taipei Zoo has exhibits on animal and bird species all over the world and is the largest zoo in all of Asia.

12. National History Museum

National History Museum

5 km from city center 12 out of 12 Things To Do in Taipei

The museum was built back in 1955 and houses some important collections of Taiwanese history.

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taipei best tourist attractions

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Places to Visit in Taipei

  • Places To Visit

Tourist Places in Taipei

Here is the list of best places to visit in taipei:.

Taipei 101

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Top Experiences To Do in Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall Tickets, Singapore

Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain

Best of Hong Kong

New Year in Hong Kong 2023- Things to Do, Fireworks, Parties

Bopiliao Old Street

Bopiliao Old Street

Martyr's Shrine

Martyr's Shrine

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

Best of Manila

 Places to Visit in Manila, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Chiang Kai Shek Shilin Residence

Chiang Kai Shek Shilin Residence

Danshui Old Street

Danshui Old Street

Fort San Domingo

Fort San Domingo

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Lovers Bridge

Lovers Bridge

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple

National Taiwan Museum & 228 Memorial Park

National Taiwan Museum & 228 Memorial Park

Top Experiences To Do in National Taiwan Museum & 228 Memorial Park

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The Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace

Best of Kaohsiung

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Miramar Ferris Wheel

Miramar Ferris Wheel

Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan National Park

Xinbeitou Hot Springs

Xinbeitou Hot Springs

Best of Taichung

 Places to Visit in Taichung, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

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10 Taipei Attractions & Popular Places to See in Taiwan

Taipei attractions offer the perfect mix of diverse history, rich artistic culture, mainstream shopping opportunities, fine dining restaurants, and night markets that introduce visitors to the fun and quirky side of the city. While visiting Taipei , you can stroll through cherry blossom-laden parks, soak up rich minerals in a milky natural hot spring, discover the pungent scent of stinky tofu, and shop until you drop into your hotel bed at night.

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Huashan 1914 Creative Park

1. Taipei Attractions | Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Once a privately owned winery during Japan’s rule over the city, Huashan 1914 Creative Park is now a picturesque recreation spot complete with perfectly manicured lawns, art centers, and more. This is a place that inspires creativity and encourages locals as well as guests to explore their inner artists and learn about the culture of Taipei .

Huashan 1914 Creative Park is located at No.1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District and offers a variety of activities that are geared toward the artistic mind. Whether you want to discover an up and coming artist, or learn how to create works of art like the residents of Taipei do, you are sure to discover something fascinating when you visit this park. Be sure to check the park’s website when planning your trip to see if there is an event or concert going on while you are in town.

Check In to Humble House Taipei , Step Out to Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Humble House Taipei

Discover more hotels and apartments around Taipei

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

2. Taipei Attractions | National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Standing tall in the center of the city, National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall is an iconic monument of the city that pays tribute to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen – the founder of the Republic of China. This stunning building represents a historic period when Taiwan was ruled by the Qing Dynasty, and it invites visitors to take a closer look inside.

Adorned in ornate architecture that showcases the Chinese influence of the area, National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall was constructed in 1972 and is a hub that hosts cultural activities and events throughout the year. Within the building, you will find an assortment of artifacts and displays that tell about the history and accomplishments of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen throughout his life. National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall is located at No. 505, Section 4, Ren’ai Road, Xinyi District, and has manicured lawns, colorful adornments, and pristine gardens that beg to be explored further.

Check In to Eslite Hotel , Step Out to National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Eslite Hotel

3. Taipei Attractions | Shilin Night Market

A true culinary and unique gift wonderland for those who want to explore the inner depths of the Taiwanese culture, Shilin Night Market is an extraordinary experience that will not disappoint. If you have ever wanted to explore the iconic night market scene of Taipei , this night market is the place to go. It is the biggest night market the city has to offer and is most popular with international tourists to the area.

Shilin Night Market is located at No. 101, Jihe Road, Shilin District, and opens at 4pm daily for your shopping and dining pleasure. This particular market has around 540 vendor stalls that sell everything from cheap baseball caps to air dried fish and stinky tofu snacks. When visiting this night market, you will want to ensure you have at least a couple of free hours to spare so you can take it all in. Shilin Night Market offers a large assortment of homemade food items that will call upon you to try them all.

Check In to Shihlin Home , Step Out to Shilin Night Market

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Shihlin Home

4. Taipei Attractions | National Palace Museum

Home to one of the largest historic artifact collections in the world, the National Palace Museum is an attraction you do not want to miss. This museum is home to over 700,000 pieces of history that date back to ancient times and is a place where people of all ages can learn something new. Whether you are into art, historic hand tools, cooking memorabilia, or something in between, there is an exhibit within this museum that will make you stand in awe.

The National Palace Museum is open daily from 8:30am-6:30pm, and offers special extension hours during the peak travel seasons. You will find the museum at No. 221, Sec 2, Zhi Shan Rd, Shilin District, in the heart of the city. The National Palace Museum is made up of several branch buildings that you can explore on your own or take a tour with an expert historian. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make it through all of the fascinating exhibits located at this museum. Once you are done exploring the inside, you can head out to the gardens that make up the property and reflect on history while you relax in nature.

Check In to Mellow Fields Hotel , Step Out to National Palace Museum

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Mellow Fields Hotel

5. Taipei Attractions | Longshan Temple

Regarded as the captivating prized-possession of the city of Taipei , Longshan Temple is famously decked out in detailed architecture that will take your breath away. The temple was constructed in 1738 and features a variety of intricate design work and colorful embellishments and art.

Longshan Temple is located at No.211 Guangzhou Street, Wanhua District, in the heart of Longshan District and attracts visitors from near and far each year to marvel at its exquisite beauty. You can explore the temple for free, but it is recommended that you bring a monetary donation with you to contribute to the ongoing care and upkeep of the facility. Once inside, you can explore the two buildings and check out the religious artifacts contained within.

Check In to Eastin-Taipei Hotel , Step Out to Longshan Temple

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Eastin-Taipei Hotel

6. Taipei Attractions | Snake Alley

Known for its seedy pornographic history, unique assortment of local delicacies, and a flair for the bold and bizarre, Snake Alley is for those who want to experience all of the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas style night while visiting downtown Taipei . Snake Alley is frequented among tourists who want to be impressed by over the top attractions and those who are looking for an authentic Taiwanese meal in a coveted night market setting.

Snake Alley is located at Huaxi Street, Wanhua District, and opens at 4pm daily. Locals to the area, also refer to this market as Huaxi Street Night Market. At the market, you will find vendors selling flavorful bowls of snake soup, as well as an assortment of skewered food and snacks encased in fried breading. After getting your fill on the local cuisine, you can wander into one of the many shops and get yourself some cheap clothing, enjoy a Chinese massage, or even have a fortune teller give you a glimpse into the future.

Check In to Your Hotel , Step Out to Snake Alley

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Your Hotel

7. Taipei Attractions | Mengchia Chingshui Temple

Built in honor of the God Qingshui Zushi, who saved the city of Taipei from drought during ancient times, Mengchia Chingshui Temple is a must see attraction for those who have a profound love of history and beautiful things. This temple is smaller in size than some of the other famous temples of the city, but is still impressive none the less.

Mengchia Chingshui Temple is located at No.81 Kangding Road, Wanhua District and is open until 9pm daily so you can visit it at a time that works best for you. The temple features an ornately carved roof and exterior facade that has architecture that pays tribute to the Qing Dynasty. Once you go inside, you can learn about the famous God in the temple’s honor and check out historic relics from centuries ago.

Check In to Caesar Metro Taipei , Step Out to Longshan Temple

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Caesar Metro Taipei

8. Taipei Attractions | Taipei 101

Once known as the tallest building in the entire world, Taipei 101 is a relatively new building to the world’s massive skyscraper scene, and features a postmodernist look and feel to it. The building was constructed in such a way that it brings the best of classic Asian design with modern Western influences. This building is home to 101 above ground floors that host offices, restaurants, business centers, observatories, and more.

Taipei 101 is located at No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, right in the heart of the city. No matter where you are coming from, you will not miss this majestic cascading structure. If you have a love of shopping and hanging out at the mall, the base of the tower is comprised of a modern shopping mall that is filled with upscale stores and fine dining opportunities. You can ride up one of the supercharged elevators and check out the observation deck on the 89th floor, the whole ride will take you less than 45 seconds. Once you get to the observation deck, you will be mesmerized by the view you are in for! This attraction is a must for your itinerary when you visit the city.

Check In to The Sherwood Taipei , Step Out to Taipei 101

Taipei attractions_The Sherwood Taipei

9. Taipei Attractions | Beitou Hot Springs Museum

Constructed in honor of traditional Roman bathhouses, Beitou Hot Springs Museum pays tribute to the art of natural healing and beauty treatments in the region. The building the museum sits in was constructed in 1913 and is adorned in traditional Japanese architecture that embodies the essence of the Japanese rule of the time. The museum is meant to be a relaxing retreat for travel weary visitors.

You will find Beitou Hot Springs Museum at No. 2, Zhongshan Road, Beitou District in the heart of the mountains that overlook the city. This region is filled with bathhouses and relaxation spas that utilize the natural milky spring water of the area. The Museum is free to all, and is open daily for you to stop by and pay a visit. Once inside, you can take in a lecture or an event in the auditorium, partake in an art or cultural event, check out the exhibits, or even relax in the lobby. Be sure to check out the mineral room on the first floor of the museum as it is a local treasure.

Check In to Royal Seasons Hotel Taipei , Step Out to Beitou Hot Springs Museum

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Royal Seasons Hotel Taipei

10. Taipei Attractions | Fagushan Nongchan Temple

A place of utter and complete zen, Fagushan Nongchan Temple is a place where you can go and pay respects to a former monastery society that lived completely off the land. It is an interesting fortress where you can learn about culture, religion, and the pursuit of personal purity. The building and surrounding wall were dreamed up in the 1960s and became a reality to the region by 1975. It was to be a place where traditional Buddhist teachings were practiced.

You will find Fagushan Nongchan Temple at No.89, Lane 65 Daye Road, Baitou, and the temple is open from 9am-5pm daily. The temple and surrounding structures are constructed on concrete materials and it boasts a modern zen like atmosphere that is perfect for promoting relaxation. Learn how religion was taught though the art of self sustaining practices when you visit this temple.

Check In to Tango Hotel Taipei XinYi , Step Out to Beitou Hot Springs Museum

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-Tango Hotel Taipei XinYi

Best Time to Visit Taipei

Taipei enjoys a tropical environment, much like other countries in Asia. If you are planning a trip to this city, it is best if you plan your trip during the fall, winter, and spring months when the temperatures are cooler. Taipei has summers that are hot and humid, and may be uncomfortable for those who are sensitive to heat. When the weather is cold and snowy in many areas of the globe, you will get to bask in temperatures that rarely go below 55°F during the winter months.

When you plan your trip to Taipei during the fall and winter months, you will avoid all of the tourist traffic that is prevalent during the spring and summer months. Taipei is gaining popularity among “summer vacationers” in pursuit of a warm weather getaway that is cheap on the pocketbook. Plan your trip during the tourism off-season and you are likely to save a lot of money on airfare, hotels, attraction entrance fees and more.

Taipei attractions_Taiwan-restaurants-food

Restaurants in Taipei that Deserve your Attention

Are you looking for something delicious to eat while you are visiting? Perhaps you would like to know the secret spot where all the locals eat? Whether you are a self-proclaimed foodie or just want to fully immerse yourself in the culture of Taipei there are several delectable restaurants that deserve your attention!

Located at 110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Yen Taipei is an authentic Taiwanese restaurant that does not hold back when it comes to flavor and food presentation. This is a fine dining restaurant where you will need reservations just to get in the front door. The dress code is clean casual and the ambiance of the restaurant is modern, yet elegant. You can dine on local favorites like Dim Sum, rib-eye steak and asparagus, or even taro steamed custard cake. The restaurant is open until 9pm daily.

Balle Balle Indian Restaurant and Bar

Dolling out piping hot flavorful dishes in fine metal pots, Balle Balle Indian Restaurant and Bar focuses on good food served up in a relaxed and intimate setting. Balle Balle Indian Restaurant and Bar is a budget friendly family restaurant where the food is made with heart. This restaurant is located at No.12 Guangfu North Road, Songshan District, Taipei 105, and it caters to many different diets including those who are vegan. The food at this restaurant is meant for sharing, and the setting is meant to be fun and relaxing. While you are there, try the handmade naan bread, tikka masala, and vegetable curry.

Founded culinary masterminds who believe that food should be an experience for the senses, Mume is an upscale and modern restaurant where the chefs play with the food. At Mume you can enjoy small plate foods that are just as nice to look at as they are as good to eat. Mume is located at No. 28, Siwei Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 and opens nightly for dinner. The restaurant features a very modern urban chic appeal and is packed with guests who have a profound love of artistic food. At Mume you will find an ever changing menu where the food is always made with fresh and local ingredients.

Mountain and Sea House

For the health conscious eater, or those who want to support local farming and fishing practices, Mountain and Sea House is a fun concept restaurant that specializes in fresh and organic menu items. At this fine dining establishment, you will only find menu items that are in season as all of the ingredients are locally sourced. Mountain and Sea House is located at No. 16, Lane 11, Section 2, Zhongshan N Rd, Zhongshan District and specializes in banquet and group eating food.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to start your day out right, look no further than Fu Hang Dou Jiang . This delicious casual haunt specializes in traditional breakfast foods of the area and dolls out heart proportions for rock bottom prices. Fu Hang Dou Jiang is tucked away at Zhongzheng District Taipei City, Taiwan 100 and serves up everything from deep fried breads to mini shrimps and pickled vegetables. Fu Hang Dou Jiang opens at 8am daily and has a relaxed casual atmosphere.

A traditional Taiwanese eatery that is open from 11:30am to 9:30pm daily, My specializes in comfort foods served up at affordable prices. My is a casual dining restaurant where you will find spiced meats over rice and an assortment of flavorful vegetable dishes. The restaurant is located at No. 9-1, Lane 100, Songjiang Rd, Zhongshan District Taipei City, Taiwan 104, and is adorned in traditional paper decor.

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  1. 19 BEST Places to Visit in Taipei (2024 Guide)

    Historical vibe. Why it's awesome: Jiufen is an old gold mining town in the wider Taipei area. Built by the Japanese, it is perched on the craggy mountainside near the coast. Easy to reach by road and rail from the heart of the city, it's one of the most picturesque places of interest in Taipei.

  2. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Taipei

    Taipei Zoo. 3,227. Zoos. The largest zoo in Asia, this was original a private zoological garden. The giant panda house, Formosan animal area, koala house and Asian tropical rainforest area are of particular note. See ways to experience (5) 9. TAIPEI 101 Observatory.

  3. Perfectly Taipei

    TAIPEI 101 Observatory. Must-see: One of the tallest buildings in the world; Taiwan's "window on the world". Taipei's cityscape has never looked better! Catch the high-speed elevator (the world's fastest [2004-2015] according to the Guinness Book of World Records) to the 89th floor observation deck.

  4. 30 Best Things To Do & Places To Visit In Taipei (Taiwan)

    Once the war ended, the town became a popular destination for tourists to celebrate the culture and history of Taiwan. Address: Jishan Street, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 224. 4. The Scenic Shifen Waterfall. YUSHENG HSU / Shutterstock. The most famous waterfall in Taiwan is the Shifen Waterfall.

  5. 30 Must-Visit Attractions In Taipei

    This is by far and away the best Taipei tourist spot from which to get a bird's eye view of the city and the Taipei 101 skyscraper in particular. It's a short and not too taxing hike to the top, which is a perfect location for taking a few snapshots of the city skyline. ... We couldn't name the top attractions and leave out Taipei 101. It ...

  6. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Taipei (Updated 2024)

    9. TAIPEI 101 Observatory. 2,615. Points of Interest & Landmarks. Sky-high observation decks on the 89th and 91st floors provide panoramic views and an open-air experience, complete with a cultural exhibition on the engineering marvel of a wind damper. See ways to experience (7) 10. Dalongdong Bao An Temple. 414.

  7. 8 of the best things to do in Taipei

    8. Visit the National Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. For a different insight into Taiwan's past, visit the National Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, a tribute to the man who many see as the father of the Republic of China. He was a physician, revolutionary and political leader who helped overthrow the Qing dynasty in the late 1800s.

  8. Top 15 Things To Do In Taipei

    Phone +886 2 2343 1100. Web Visit website. One of Taipei's most iconic and historical attractions, this former site of a military base now entails a 62-acre park, National Concert Hall, National Theater, photogenic gates, and the namesake Hall, commemorating the late President of the Republic of China. 10 of 15.

  9. 35 Best Things to Do in Taipei on Your Next Vacation

    Then Elephant Mountain is the place for you. The hiking trail of the mountain is located near Taipei 101, and only takes about 20 minutes to go to the top. What's more, there is no charge for it, and you can enjoy the magnificent view both day and night. 2. And then head up to the observatory inside Taipei 101.

  10. THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Taipei (2024)

    See ways to experience (38) 2023. 7. Taipei Zoo. 3,225. Zoos. The largest zoo in Asia, this was original a private zoological garden. The giant panda house, Formosan animal area, koala house and Asian tropical rainforest area are of particular note.

  11. 22 Best Things To Do In Taipei

    Address: Lane 180, Binjiang Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491. 7. Thrift for branded vintage clothes at Zhongshan District. Yes, wholesale garment market Wufenpu still exists in Taipei. But for a more sustainable option to retail therapy, thrifting at Zhongshan District might be your best bet.

  12. 43 Fun Things to Do in Taipei On Your Taiwan Adventure

    Planning a trip through East Asia? Digging into all the best things to do in Taipei is a must! Although lesser-known than other Asian cities, Taiwan's capital is filled with exciting tourist attractions, from night markets to ornate temples. First-time visitor? Start with the basics. Zip atop Taipei 101, one of the world's tallest buildings.

  13. 25 Best Things To Do In Taipei, Taiwan

    Lungshan Temple. Arguably one of the country's most famous temples, this should definitely be on your list of things to do in Taipei. Dating from the mid-1700s, it was built as a community center of sorts for Chinese immigrants. The stunning and detailed architecture is a sight to behold and definitely worth a visit.

  14. THE 10 BEST Tourist Spots in Taipei 2024: Things to Do & Places to Go

    Taipei Zoo. 3,226. Zoos. The largest zoo in Asia, this was original a private zoological garden. The giant panda house, Formosan animal area, koala house and Asian tropical rainforest area are of particular note. See ways to experience (5) 9. TAIPEI 101 Observatory. 2,615.

  15. 21 Exciting Things To Do In Taipei: Must-See Attractions Every First

    P/S. The best way to get around Taipei for first-timers is with the Taipei Fun Pass, which offers free unlimited public transport and entrance fees to some attractions — but more on that later! Breathtaking Must-Sees in Taipei 1) Enjoy the beautiful skyline at Taipei 101 . You can't travel to Taipei and not visit the most

  16. THE 30 BEST Places to Visit in Taipei (UPDATED 2024)

    It is the second tourist night market in Taipei. ... Other Top Attractions around Taipei. 2023. YehLiu Geopark. 2,210. 25 km away. Wanli. Bodies of Water. 2023. Chiufen (Jiufen Old Street) 5,649. 34 km away. Ruifang. ... Taipei 101 Top Floor Tour and Dinner at Din Tai Fung. 4. Full-day Tours. from ₹18,394.

  17. 14 Places to Visit in Taipei and Taiwan + Things To Do

    Taiwan's capital, Taipei, is your gateway to experiencing the best of the country. It is home to impressive attractions and unique activities that make the vibrant city, a melting pot of cultures, one of the best destinations in Asia. Towering at 508 meters, Taipei 101 proves to be one of the most popular city attractions.

  18. Must-see attractions Taipei, Taiwan

    Taitung. Discover the best attractions in Taipei including National Palace Museum, Longshan Temple, and Dihua Street.

  19. Best things to do in Taipei 2024

    Nearby attractions worth exploring include the beautiful Liberty Square, the National Theater, and the National Concert Hall. Overall, the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall offers a glimpse into Taiwan's history and is a must-visit for any traveler in Taipei. Explore activities. Raohe Street Night Market.

  20. 12 Best Things to do in Taipei Taiwan 2024

    3. Chaing Kai-shek Memorial Hall. 4.2 /5. 5 km. from city center 3 out of 12. Things To Do in Taipei. A national monument erected in the memory of Chiang Kai-shek, the first president of the People's Republic of China which was founded in 1949. It is one of Taiwan's most popular landmarks.

  21. 20 Places to Visit in Taipei, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

    Tourist Places in Taipei. Taipei 101, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Elephant Mountain, Bopiliao Old Street, Martyr's Shrine, Shilin Night Market, National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence, Danshui Old Street and many more. There is no shortage of the best places to visit in Taipei that will give ...

  22. 10 Taipei Attractions & Popular Places to See in Taiwan

    8. Taipei Attractions | Taipei 101. Once known as the tallest building in the entire world, Taipei 101 is a relatively new building to the world's massive skyscraper scene, and features a postmodernist look and feel to it. The building was constructed in such a way that it brings the best of classic Asian design with modern Western influences.