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Star Trek: Picard Season 4 Release Date Rumors: Is It Coming Out?

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The possibility of a Star Trek: Picard Season 4 release date is on the minds of Star Trek and Patrick Stewart fans following the conclusion of the third season on April 20, 2023.

Here’s all the Star Trek: Picard Season 4 release date information we know so far and all the details on when it could be coming out.

Is there a Star Trek: Picard Season 4 release date?

There are currently no plans for a fourth season of Star Trek: Picard to be made.

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This is because Patrick Stewart, who plays the lead character of Jean-Luc Picard has recently acknowledged the strenuous nature of a contemporary television production schedule. Moreover, Patrick Stewart developed an undiagnosed heart disease while taking part in the three-season production of Star Trek: Picard, after which he was rushed to the hospital. He then underwent a major surgery to save his life.

However, Stewart has also expressed interest in making one final film alongside the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast. Moreover, Stewart has also expressed interest in appearing in Star Trek: Picard producer Terry Matelas’ new spin-off series, which has been dubbed Star Trek: Legacy. Interestingly, the events of Legacy were set up in the Star Trek: Picard Season 3 episode “The Last Generation”.

Star Trek: Picard’s cast includes Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc-Picard, Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker, Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine/Annika Hansen, Alison Pill as Dr. Agnes Jurati, Evan Evagora as Elnor, Santiago Cabrera as Cristobal “Chris” Ross, Brent Spiner as Dr. Adam Song, Isa Briones as Soji Asha, and Jonathan Frakes as Captain William T. Riker, among other cast members.

Where is Star Trek: Picard Season 4 coming out?

Star Trek: Picard Season 4 isn’t confirmed to be released on Paramount Plus.

The official synopsis for Star Trek: Picard reads:

“Set twenty years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, we follow the now-retired Admiral Picard into the next chapter of his life.”

For more Star Trek: Picard content, check out why Patrick Stewart did not want the whole cast and crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation to return to the series . Also, check out Jonathan Frakes’ thoughts on the possibility of Star Trek: Legacy .

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The post Star Trek: Picard Season 4 Release Date Rumors: Is It Coming Out? appeared first on ComingSoon.net - Movie Trailers, TV & Streaming News, and More .

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Star Trek: Picard Season 4: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

Star Trek Picard

Does the possibility exist for Star Trek: Picard Season 4 ? And can the franchise continue to feature its iconic title character and his crew?

After it seemed like the voyage of Patrick Stewart 's Jean-Luc Picard had come to a close following appearances in four Star Trek movies from 1994 to 2002, Star Trek: Picard debuted on Paramount+ in 2020 with Stewart back in the franchise. 

The most recent season saw Patrick Stewart reunite with Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, and LeVar Burton, all of whom reprised their Next Generation characters.

Now, with that series having released its third season in 2023, could there be room for Picard’s journey to continue?

Season 4 for Star Trek: Picard?

Star Trek Picard group poster

First things first, Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard was repeatedly billed as being the last outing for the show.

Now, just because it was stated that the third season served as the show’s finale, doesn’t necessarily mean that a Season 4 will not happen. Producer Akiva Goldsman has gone on record (via TrekMovie ) saying that Season 3 needn’t be the final one if Stewart was game for more:

“Yeah, I think that think three [seasons] is the story as imagined. For me, as many seasons as Patrick Stewart wants to do, that’s as many seasons of Picard there should be.“

However, Goldsman said this in 2021, ahead of the Season 2 premiere, so his comments could possibly be outdated. Furthermore, from the outset, Star Trek: Picard was indeed envisioned and planned as a three-season series.

But Sir Stewart himself indicated in January 2023 (via Deadline ), prior to Season 3, that he would be open for a potential Season 4:

“There is still enormous potential for matters in what we can do and there are doors left open and we didn’t close all of them,”

At this point though, it seems unlikely that Star Trek: Picard will continue on for more seasons in its current form. But by no means does the story have to end.

The Continuing Adventures of Jean-Luc Picard

Never one to rest on his laurels, Patrick Stewart has made no attempt at hiding the fact that he would like to do more Star Trek .

In fact, in his recently published memoir Making It So , Stewart included the following passage (via Time Magazine ), intently expressing his eagerness to star in a Picard movie:

“I am gently pushing Paramount to let us do one single ' Picard' movie. Not a ' Next Generation' movie, as we have already done four of those. This would be an expansion and deepening of the universe as we’ve seen it in ' Star Trek: Picard .' I’ve discussed this with Jonathan, Brent, and LeVar, and they are all game. Jonathan is my first choice to direct it.”

Frakes, who of course played Jean-Luc’s first officer Will Riker, helmed two Trek features already, 1996’s First Contact and 1998’s Insurrection . As such, he is heavily invested in the Star Trek universe both behind and in front of the camera.

Another movie led by Picard, Riker, and crew is a fine idea, but Picard Season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas has his eyes set on a different prize.

A New Legacy for the Next Generation Crew

Star Trek Picard poster

Speaking to SFX Magazine (via TrekMovie ) in January, Akiva Goldsman acknowledged the potential for elements of Star Trek: Picard to become pieces of future standalone content:

“Are there things in ‘Picard’ that could be their own storytelling arc? Or their own storytelling spines? Yeah, for sure. Is that the direction of the expansion of the Star Trek Universe? That turns out to be above my pay grade.”

Additionally, Terry Matalas has not been shy with his desire to spin Picard off into another series which, in his mind, would be titled Star Trek: Legacy . This series would pick up with the crew of the USS Enterprise-G, with Jeri Ryan’s Captain Seven of Nine in command.

Picard concluded with Seven in the Enterprise’s captain’s chair. Also along for the ride was Jean-Luc and Beverly Crusher’s son Jack, as well as several new other characters introduced in Star Trek: Picard .

What’s more is that Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and more have thrown their names onto the pile of potential guest stars who could pop into this new spin-off.

Frakes spoke on a continuation of what was laid down in Picard back in late 2022 (via Den of Geek ):

“As you’ll see by the end of the season, it’s ripe for a continuation of some version of what we’ve established in the show. Not more ‘Picard’, but certainly, ‘Next Gen’ is alive and well.”

So, Legacy would be set up to follow this new crew and their voyages aboard the Enterprise in the 25th Century. Only, it’s currently far from greenlit. Paramount+ is running a business with its streaming service and there’s only so much money to go around for new Trek projects.

However, given the enormously positive audience response to Picard Season 3, getting Star Trek: Legacy made seems like a no-brainer. No official word on its development has been spoken though.

The entirety of Patrick Stewart’s 36-year run as Jean-Luc Picard (including Star Trek: The Next Generation , Star Trek Generations , Star Trek: First Contact , Star Trek: Insurrection , Star Trek: Nemesis , and all three seasons of Star Trek: Picard ) can be streamed on Paramount+.


Marvel Prevented These 4 Superheroes from Appearing In What If Seasons 1 & 2

star trek picard 4

Will there be a Star Trek: Picard season 4?

There have been conflicting statements about whether season 3 really is the end for Picard and his crew.

Michael Dorn as Worf, Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher, Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker, Patrick Stewart as Picard and Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi in Star Trek: Picard

  • James Hibbs
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The third season of Star Trek: Picard has now wrapped up, bringing to an end the most recent adventure for Patrick Stewart's captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The most recent season saw Picard reuniting with his old crew from The Next Generation, while he also made a shocking discovery that altered his life forever.

With season 3 now concluded, fans will surely be wondering if and when they will get to see Picard and the rest of his crew again. But is a fourth season on the cards?

Read on for everything you need to know about why Star Trek: Picard won't be coming back for a fourth season.

Michael Dorn as Worf and Patrick Stewart as Picard in Star Trek: Picard

At this time, it seems that there won't be a fourth season of Star Trek: Picard. It has been repeated time and time again that the series was planned as three seasons, with cast members and creatives going so far as to call season 3 the "final season".

More like this

In 2020, Star Trek: Picard co-creator Akiva Goldsman told Collider : "I mean, I think we have discussed it as both a three season show, a five season show, a 'let’s just keep going forever' show. Star Trek: Picard in my view will go as long as Patrick Stewart wants to do it.

"As I’m sure you know, he was not interested in coming back. And we did a lot of really good collaborative story breaking and talking and you know and I think he’s particularly delighted in a good way about having come back. And we will rely on that good will until he feels he’s done."

In February 2022, Goldsman then told TrekMovie that while "the door is always open for a season 4", the series "was always planned to be three seasons."

He continued: "If some combination of CBS and Patrick [Stewart] and the world all said 'season 4', I’m sure we would engage it, dare I say? But no, currently it remains a three-season object."

Then, in March 2022, it seems that the news was fully confirmed . Seven of Nine actor Jeri Ryan took to Twitter after filming on season 3 had finished, and said: "That’s a series wrap on #StarTrekPicard. So surreal since season 2 has just started airing.

"I can’t wait for you all to see what’s to come in season 3! Huge love to our incredible cast and crew. What [a] journey this has been…"

When asked whether this meant there were no more seasons in the works, Ryan replied: "Nope, it was always intended to be 3 and done."

However... earlier this year fans got a glimmer of hope. Speaking at a TCA panel, as reported by the AV Club , showrunner Terry Matalas said the series was ending as the team wanted to give Picard and his team a proper send-off.

He added: "What better way to end the journey than to look back at the beginning, and bring some Next Gen friends? The storyline has a strong sense of conclusion."

Despite this, Patrick Stewart said at the same panel: "There’s still enormous narrative potential for what we’ve been doing, and doors are left open."

He also added that he didn't want Picard to look like a three-season-long Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion, because "that would simply be stepping back".

Alex Kurtzman went on to confirm that a three-year plan had always been discussed with Stewart, but "that being said, anything is possible".

When would Star: Trek Picard season 4 be released?

Patrick Stewart stars in Star Trek: Picard season 3

It's hard to say just when a fourth season of Star Trek: Picard would be released, if one was ever commissioned. As of April 2023 it still seems as though the series will be ending with season 3.

However, if another season were to be commissioned, it seems unlikely we would see it back on our screens until Summer 2024 at the very earliest. We'll keep this page updated as soon as any further information is released.

Will Patrick Stewart or the Picard cast be back in other Star Trek projects?

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, Patrick Stewart as Picard, Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker in Star Trek: Picard

Should Star Trek: Picard not return for a fourth season, it certainly seems that a number of the cast would be interested in a return in another project, whether this be a film or series.

At New York Comic Con 2022 , Stewart said at a panel for the series that "we could still make a movie" after the show has finished airing.

Subsequently, in February 2023, Matalas told TrekMovie : "There’s no question that this will feel, by the time it’s over, like the final voyage of the Next Gen cast. And without going into spoiler-ific detail, that doesn’t mean to say that a kind of 'Next Next Generation show' couldn’t continue with legacy characters. A kind of 'Star Trek: Legacy' if you will, where these characters can continue to interact with a whole new generation.

"And when I say that, I also mean characters from Deep Space Nine and Voyager as well. But again, I will remind fans, this is just my dream of dreams. And it’s not currently in development in any way. But should it ever be, I would be there in a New York minute."

Following up on the potential for a Legacy series, Matalas later told Den of Geek that he would "love nothing more" than to make a spin-off set in the 25th Century focused on Seven of Nine and Raffi.

Meanwhile, Riker star Jonathan Frakes told the publication that "as you’ll see by the end of the season, it’s ripe for a continuation of some version of what we’ve established in the show. Not more Picard, but certainly, Next Gen is alive and well."

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When talk of a Star Trek: Legacy series, focussed on the Next Generation characters' children trended on Twitter, Frakes told TrekMovie that he is "an eternal optimist" and that "given what’s going on on social and trending, it seems to me that somebody’s got to address it."

He continued: "You’ll see that by the end of the show, it’s set up. The legacy characters – the two LaForges, Worf’s got a kid, Riker and Troi have a daughter who’s brilliant, and Jack Crusher is a brilliant character. And he’s on the bridge now. Jeri Ryan is there as a captain. Everybody loves Shaw.

"There’s a lot of the pieces of the puzzle for the Legacy show, in my humble opinion."

So it seems the potential is certainly there for a follow-up to Star Trek: Picard, even if it isn't in another season of the series on Prime Video .

Star Trek: Picard season 3 is available on Paramount Plus in the US, and on Amazon Prime Video in the UK – try Amazon Prime Video for free for 30 days .

For more news, reviews and features, check out our dedicated Sci-Fi page or find something to watch now with our TV Guide and Streaming Guide .

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star trek picard 4

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star trek picard 4

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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Might Not Be the Final Season After All: ‘There Are Doors Left Open,’ Patrick Stewart Says

Dave nemetz, west coast bureau chief.

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All you Trekkies out there mourning the upcoming final season of Star Trek: Picard : There may be new life (and new civilizations) out there after all.

Season 3 of Picard has already been announced as the final season , but executive producer Alex Kurtzman now says the show could actually continue. “When we started the series, Patrick [Stewart] and we all talked about really wanting it to just be three years, feeling like we could really tell a complete story with the season you’re now seeing as our endpoint,” he told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Monday. “That being said, anything is possible. If a show blows the doors off the place, as we’re certainly hoping it will, and we’re very, very proud of Season 3, who knows?”

So would Patrick Stewart be open to returning for another season as Jean-Luc Picard? “If we can maintain the work that we did on Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Picard , then absolutely, yes,” Stewart says. “Because there is still enormous potential for narrative in what we’ve been doing, and there are doors left open, still. We didn’t close all of them.”

Season 3 — premiering Thursday, Feb. 16 on Paramount+ — brings back Stewart’s Next Generation co-stars Michael Dorn (Worf), LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) and Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher). Their fellow TNG alums Jonathan Frakes (Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Troi) will return as well after a Season 1 guest spot, with Brent Spiner returning as… not Data, but his android brother Lore.

Would you want to see Picard return for another mission after Season 3? Beam down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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They could always hire Ruin Johnson to write and direct a fourth season where Picard is just in a coma.

Then why oh why in the everloving frak would they hire him? Compared to Catty Kennedy, the Trek folks are running a beautifully tight ship.

True. Star Trek is smart enough to stay away from Ruin Johnson, destroyer of franchises.

They got Abrans and Kurtzman so they win the stupidity wars easily.

Bring it. I have enjoyed Picard and missed the TNG folks so much. It will be a fun reunion.

Did not mean to be a response.

this, too, isn’t meant to be a response.

Why can’t they combine more of the other series characters of Voyager, Deep Space Nine and others? Lots of possibilities. Its all Science fiction.

Naw. It’ll be revealed that the crew of Archer’s Enterprise is testing a holodeck prototype and Picard S1-3 were all a long simulation.

HAHAHAHAHAHA – They would totally deserve that.

and Moriarty ends up actually being a living being all along! TNG was on the desk in a memory matrix one level up. Matrix you say?? “…it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself”

super pumped for Picard 3

I hope they make something to follow on from season 3 of Star Trek Picard because I have thoroughly enjoyed this series with the next generation crew

Um he is now in an artifical body would be kinda hard for him to be in a coma.

So looking forward to season 3. If they want to continue afterwards, I’ll be there for it.

I’d be perfectly content with a Seven & Raffi spin-off (though I’d prefer a tighter 8-episode season).

a Seven & Raffi spin-off?

Could Seven suckle seacow milk like a grumpy hermit? And could Raffi be in a coma? That’s how Ruin Johnson would do it.

Kid all you want, but Rian Johnson’s Knives Out movies were fantastic.

No, they weren’t, but I’m glad you like them.

I preferred the second to the first but both movies were excellent. Top notch.

Glass Onion was beyond stupid and made no sense. Screenplay was awful and an autopsy would’ve honed in the fact she died my suspicious means. Police wouldve checked out her emails right after and found motive and suspects. Case solved. Just so dumb.

So were his Breaking Bad episodes, but they weren’t watched by immature man-children.

^ Ain’t it the truth, @TheTruth. You’ve got to wonder at the mental acuity of someone who posts four times about a person who has zero connection to any Star Trek franchise.

I would watch it…

Yes please!

Seven and Raffi would be cool. Although I’d much rather see Seven in her Fenris Rangers days. Also, more Rios, but that’s a long shot considering how season 2 ended. Likewise for Elnor.

I’d be content with any tv show that had ALL seven of nine content! Go Jeri Ryan.

That awesome news.

I don’t mean to spoil anything, but it’s been a couple of years, so here it goes… Picard is dead. He died in season 1. His story is over. How are the writers of the show the only people who don’t remember this?! I really don’t think that many Trekkies are upset about this show ending. There are rumors that season 3 might he ok, but what we have had so far is nothing short of an abomination. Putting aside whether or not it qualifies as Star Trek (nope), the writing has been horrific. The acting has been awful. Visually, it has been… it’s just bad, in my opinion. I’m sure that some people like it, and I hope it goes on forever, for your sake. But to me, Star Trek is dead. It kills me to not even have hope for a future for the franchise, but it’s just done. I don’t see how it comes back from the past few years.

100%. He died and then the writing was so vague / bad that it didn’t really have any ramifications. Season 2 was just terrible by the end. I wish the series arc plan and scripts had been given to the Orville team, at least they can write lol

Yeah, it was a really sad and pathetic way for an iconic character to die. He withers away, and then he isn’t even mourned. They just copy and paste him onto an android body and his friends completely forget that he died in the first place. As you say, The Orville team would have done better. Black Mirror did a story like this better. I don’t see how any TNG fan can watch the show without feeling extremely sad about this. Even crappy Nemesis smacked us in the face with the fact that B4 wasn’t Data just because his memories were backed up.

But his android body is programmed to wither and die of old age when his time comes. Picard did not want to go past his life expectancy. So in effect he is not dead but in a body of his choosing till his rightful time to die. So I consider him still alive. he hasn’t blinked an eye about his own body in the show and I am sure Patrick Steward Approves.

I’m not a boomer. Have people forgotten what that means? Because saying it to someone who isn’t a boomer doesn’t even come across as an insult. If you’re not going to counter my comments, at least just call me stupid or something that might actually insult me. As it is, it seems like you sent your comment to the wrong person. Do you need directions to an actual boomer’s location? Check Facebook. They probably have a lot of boomers over there. Or just retire the line entirely.

Lol. Um. No, not a boomer lol. Probably younger than you lol

Did you ever consider that ‘The New Frontier’ was responding to ‘Kyle’ and not you? My kids do that a lot. They think everything is being said to them. There’s a phrase for that…

I totally disagree with everything you have said. I have several hundred students who adore Picard. It appeals to a wide audience and the seasons have been emotional and given depth and more meaning to the character. A season 4 would be absolutely loved.

So it’s not perfect, Kyle. Nothing will ever be like the original, and you shouldn’t be comparing to the original.

Just enjoy the fact that Jean Luc Picard is here once again for us to enjoy. Who cares if he “died” in season 1? Besides, what is the definition of death in that future, anyway?

Glass half full, my friend.

But Picard isn’t here for us to enjoy. He died, and nobody cared enough about him to be bummed out about it. And sorry, but the writers seem to have gone out of their way to brutalize the legacy of the franchise. What they did to Icheb (not even played by the same actor) was disgusting, and not in a “compelling storytelling” way. Seven doesn’t even resemble Seven of Nine in terms of character (though Jeri is beautiful as always). Plots make absolutely no sense. The characters are horrible (and sometimes tend to murder people in cold blood)… This show has not one single redeeming quality. I’m not looking for perfection. TNG wasn’t perfect. I’m just looking for sober writers who have actually seen Star Trek before.

I hate to break it to you, but Picard is not dead. Just his body is dead. His soul was transferred into an artifical body. So no he is not dead. Just his physical body died….. Put that in your pocket.

This update is certainly better than all the cancellation news lately

Looks dumb. TNG was a show about an idealistic future that thoughtfully talked about issues and problems. This just looks inane. Loved TNG, but 21st century television is just plain stupid.

Even in the main show, there were forces that tried to disrupt that idealistic approach and turn it into something darker and more militaristic. It would make sense for those voices to get louder (just like in real life) and for folks to have to continue to fight to uphold that idealism, especially after so many battles where the Federation had to become more war-like to survive. In the same way that the TNG crew stood up against the admiral (and most of Starfleet) in Insurrection, it would be a great starting off point for storytelling.

I hope season 3 fixes the issues that made season 2 not work for me – mostly that there didn’t seem to be much of a “hurry” for anything. Everyone just stood around talking and not acting or trying to solve things. It felt like bad soap opera, to me. I love emotional storytelling, but the Picard arc felt quite hollow and badly written to me. Let alone the performance issues in the flashbacks. Overall, there was so much treading water!

I really looked forward to Picard bc it was a post TNG-DS9-Voy show. Picard being retired but still having to galavant around the cosmos bc thats who Picard is. Not happy unless hes exploring. I liked the potentional of S1, where Picard was dealing with some of his past in a todays world, as an old man reflecting, trying to make things right before he passed. All while introducing new characters.

Did not like S2 however. His childhood could of been dealt with in episodes as a reflection of a modern times story, not a time warp back to the past trying not to step on the butterfly. A whole season of it was boring and I did not like the way they discarded the majority of his new crew. Im sure some will disagree.

Im am looking forward to S3. Although it sounds like a TNG reunion ssn for which im not keen on. I really like that we get some post TNG updates on the characters tho. I hope they mention or have cameos for some DS9-Voy characters as well although im sure they wont or will be very minor.

I would really like a spinoff after this series if they do not continue on with it. Does not have to be with past characters. Some new characters just set in this timeline exploring new worlds and civilizations, or even revisiting some, would be nice, who run into a few TNG-DS9-Voy characters along the way. (I guess Prodigy is this in some ways but not what im after).

I really hate prequels and reboots. Why every writer wants to re-write whats already been done perplexes me. Cant figure out original ideas I guess. I prefer sequels or spinoffs myself. Move on, expand.

But thats just me. Im sure we’ll get a Picard when hes 20 series before long. They already cant get past Kirk after all yet the Federation spans thousands of years.

Can’t wait.

I have not seen any seasons of Picard. After I read they killed certain characters and the whole storyline of Picard dying and not really being exactly dead, it didn’t sound interesting to me. I’m curious about season 3, however there’s a huge rumor about it that doesn’t make sense. If they go that route, it really would be like a soap opera.

TNG was the series that got me hooked into Star Trek. Enjoyed DS9 and Voyager as well. In order to fix it, someone has to change the timeline, bring back the characters that were killed off in season 1. Timeline should also fix season 3 soap opera storyline.

what rumor?

Rumor is Dr.Crusher and Picard finally had a romance. no one has seen her for 20 years and she’s keeping a secret that makes Picard mad and happy at the same time. She got pregnant and had his son.

Yes absolutely I find Patrick steward to be 1 of the best actor not just for star trek he is brilliant. I would love to see more seasons of picard.

Yes, I would. I love STAR TREK: Picard. So, why are you getting rid of a TV show for some reality show that’s scripted?

Absolutely. I adored Next Gen and Picard has been absolutely magnificent.

Definitivamente ,Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

I’ll watch Picard as long as Stewart wants to/can do the show. Sooner, rather than later, as Mr. Stewart is in his golden years.

I was so excited when this and all the other versions of Star Trek came out and I hope they keep going with Picard, I’ll be watching until I’m dead

I really hope we will have another season of Picard. Every year I binge all of the Star Trek series starting with the original. It always feels like going home. The new series – both Discovery and Picard have become the perfect finishing touches to my visits.

Of course want him to continue and all the other stars . Loved seeing Wesley on last one he is a time traveler. Great on jeopardy. I loved seeing Whoopi but I do love always watching her. The show can continue as long as many stars in the universe . Star Trek should never die it’s life to think about a bright future.

I definitely want Star Trek Picard to continue past season 3. I hope there are multiple more seasons.

Yes yes yes to season 4..5..6..Bring in all our old favorites from all the Trek franchises!! Loving it so much I don’t 2ant it to end!! There’s too few good Scifi series on tv today! We Trekkies NEED another season!!!

I’m not a trekkie but I am a fan of great content. From a non critic view, this show feels like what firefly could have been. Patrick Stewart demands my attention when he takes the screen, and nothing pleases me more than a great story with an amazing surrounding cast like you have with this series. Please continue this story, open it to more than just paramount (create partnerships with other content suppliers), and I’ll be one happy supporter enjoying every second of my escape from the “real” world.

Either way, thank you to every person involved to deliver such a masterpiece. I hope all of you are successful in all your future endeavors.

Well said :)

Yeesss! Star Trek Picard should STAY ON!!

Been a Trekie since

Been a Trekie since 1966. Will die watch anything they release! Love all of them!

I’ve been a star trek fan for a long time now . And ever since I heard about star trek Picard I got so excited. And I can’t wait for season 3 to come out . I know Patrick Stewart only wanted to do 3 season but not for me but the star trek fans out there . We would love the story to continue for a couple more . There’s is so munch more to tell . Like they said. space is the final frontier.

Hello, this is Jordan Peterson. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you are not me. You are an imposter who is using my name and likeness to post comments on a Star Trek fan site. I don’t appreciate this kind of deception and misrepresentation. You should stop pretending to be someone you’re not and find your own identity and voice.

I’m also curious why you chose me as your target. Do you admire me or resent me? Do you agree with my views or oppose them? Do you have any genuine interest in Star Trek or are you just using it as a platform to spread your message? What is your message, anyway?

I have been a fan of Star Trek since I was a child. I find it a fascinating exploration of human nature, morality, and the unknown. I have written and spoken about Star Trek on several occasions, and I have even met some of the actors and creators of the franchise1. I think Star Trek has a lot to offer as a source of inspiration, education, and entertainment.

However, I also recognize that Star Trek is not perfect. It has its flaws and limitations, both in its storytelling and its worldview. It sometimes falls into ideological traps and clichés that undermine its own ideals and values. It sometimes fails to address the complexity and diversity of reality and human experience. It sometimes contradicts itself and its own canon.

That’s why I think Star Trek should be approached with a critical and open mind, not with blind devotion or dogmatism. Star Trek should be a starting point for discussion and debate, not a final authority or a sacred text. Star Trek should be enjoyed and appreciated, but also challenged and questioned.

So, if you are a real fan of Star Trek, I invite you to engage with me in a respectful and honest dialogue about the show and its themes. If you are not a real fan of Star Trek, I suggest you find something else to do with your time and energy. Either way, please stop impersonating me and respect my identity and reputation. Thank you. The real Jordan Peterson.

Ps. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. But the one must also have the courage to make a difference. And the difference must be made with logic, compassion, and curiosity.

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Is ‘Star Trek: Picard’ season 4 in the works?

Season 3 was originally billed as the finale, but now the cast and crew aren’t so sure

star trek picard 4

The third, and reportedly final, season of Star Trek: Picard premiered last week – but it seems a season 4 is possible.

The Star Trek spin-off was first announced back in 2018 with season 1 being released in 2020, with a second season airing in 2022.

A third season was “informally” green lit back in 2020, so it could be filmed back-to-back with season 2 before Sir Patrick Stewart officially confirmed the season in 2021, with filming wrapping in March 2022. Paramount confirmed that Star Trek: Picard season 3 would be the last though.

Star Trek: Picard is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video , with new episodes available every Friday . US viewers can watch Star Trek: Picard the day before, on Paramount+.

Will there be a Star Trek: Picard season 4?

Star Trek: Picard

“When we started the series, Patrick and I talked about really wanting it to just be three years, feeling like we could really tell a complete story with the season you’re now seeing as our endpoint,” said series producer Alex Kurtzman (via TVLine ) earlier this year.

“That being said, anything is possible. If a show blows the doors off the place, as we’re certainly hoping it will, and we’re very, very proud of season 3, who knows,” he added.

Stewart is apparently also up for a return “if we can maintain the work that we did on seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Picard .”

“There is still enormous potential for narrative in what we’ve been doing, and there are still doors left open. We didn’t close all of them,” he explained.

What about other Star Trek spin-offs?

Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard brings back several characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation which ran from 1987 to 1994 and featured 178 episodes over seven seasons. Four films followed between 1994 and 2002, though The Next Generation was ultimately cancelled after the poor reception to 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis .

While Star Trek: Picard is, according to showrunner Terry Matalas, a “ send-off ” to those characters, Gates McFadden (who plays Dr. Beverly Crusher) disagrees. “I read all those 10 scripts and I didn’t see it as a send-off as much as we are engaged in the present of the world,” she told Rotten Tomatoes . “It’s a new world, things have changed, and there is so much yet to be done.”

“You can do anything you want to do [with Trek],” added Michael Dorn, who plays Worf. “You never know what’s in studios’ minds, but it seems like it’s the right thing [to continue with the characters.]”

Last year, Executive producer Alex Kurtzman confirmed further Star Trek spin-offs were in the works. “Anything’s possible and, without revealing too much, you can certainly expect to see more Star Trek shows with female leads,” he added (via Entertainment Weekly ).

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Star Trek: Picard Episode 4 Recap / Review - "Absolute Candor"

The gang are finally all here as picard works to achieve escape velocity..

Scott Collura Avatar

Star Trek: Picard Photos

star trek picard 4

Jean-Luc Picard: The First Duty Gallery - Comic Con 2019

Click through for all the photos from the Star Trek: Jean-Luc Picard - The First Duty. Gallery at SDCC 2019.

  • It turns out space is super boring.
  • The use of the Romulan greeting “jolan tru” is a nice callback to Next Generation’s Romulus two-parter “Unification,” among other Trek stories.
  • Patrick Stewart is apparently so reluctant to wear the Starfleet uniform that even in the flashbacks here he goes with a safari look (with combadge!) rather than the red and blacks.
  • “I hate that f#@king hospitality hologram.”
  • Speaking of which, I didn’t realize last week that there were two different EMHs on Rios’ ship. Actually, an EMH and an ENH (Emergency Navigational Hologram). And now there are two more -- hospitality and a weapons officer (Emmet), all with different personalities and accents! And they’re all hilarious.
  • Picard blew up on personal com traffic on Vashti this week, which is kind of like what happens when Patrick Stewart tweets about one of his rescue dogs on Earth!
  • There’s so much back story and exposition on this show, and yet I’m still not clear on how many Romulans survived, and how many perished, in the supernova incident.
  • When Picard makes his stand against the racist Romulans on Vashti -- presumably believers in the “Romulan Rebirth” movement that Raffi mentions -- it also allows for Elnor to show off some sweet sword-fighting skills. “Choose to live!”

After a slow couple of weeks, Star Trek: Picard benefits from its core cast of characters finally all getting together in one place and interacting like the dysfunctional team that they are destined to become. The episode still suffers from the series’ overall preoccupation with backfilling information by the scene-full, but a couple of nice action turns from director Jonathan Frakes (who returns next week behind the camera as well), a good dash of humor, and the cliffhanger arrival of Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine all give this segment the boost it needs. For more on “Absolute Candor,” listen to Scott Collura's Transporter Room 3 podcast review here .

Star Trek: Picard Episode 4 Review

Scott Collura Avatar Avatar

More Reviews by Scott Collura

Ign recommends.

Enshrouded Early Access Review

Star Trek: Picard season 2 episode 4 review: "Seamlessly blends social commentary with laughs"

Star Trek: Picard season 2, episode 4

GamesRadar+ Verdict

Totally getting to grips with the show’s 21st century setting, ‘Watcher’ seamlessly blends social commentary with laughs and some affectionate nods to previous Treks. The leaps of logic may feel implausible at times, but the mysteries about where this excellent season will go next make it all worthwhile.

Why you can trust GamesRadar+ Our experts review games, movies and tech over countless hours, so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about our reviews policy.

Warning: This Star Trek: Picard season 2, episode 4 review contains major spoilers – many of them set to stun. Boldly go further at your own risk…

Back in the ’90s, the previous era of peak Star Trek, there was an element of interchangeability about the various shows. Sure, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager had different crews and their own unique mission briefs, but there was a uniformity of vision across the franchise. An uncharitable viewer may even have called it samey, but you had an idea of what to expect.

Fast forward to the present, and that’s no longer the case. In fact, it’s remarkable that two shows bearing the Star Trek name, released within months of each another, could contrast so much.

With Discovery set in the 32nd century and Picard taking an extended jaunt to 2024, their vastly different positions in the Star Trek timeline are clearly a factor, but they’re not the whole story. Because where Disco’s recent fourth season was a muddle, over-stretching its Anomaly threat way past breaking point, Picard’s second season arc has a clear sense of purpose, as well as some memorable antagonists. Perhaps more importantly, however, its characters are three-dimensional and wonderfully, humanly flawed – which is particularly good news now that the show has broadened its focus beyond the man with his name in the title. Who knows, maybe Rios is onto something, and season 3 will be renamed Picard and his Ragtag Group of Misfits ?

Having transported the crew of La Sirena back to 2024 last week, ‘Watcher’ finds its footing in the 21st century. The balance between the comedy and the social commentary feels more assured second time out, the references to past Treks (of which there are many) feeling integral to the story rather than in-jokey. 

That said, the joyous exception to the rule is Seven of Nine and Raffi’s encounter with a noisy punk on an LA bus. Not only does Kirk Thatcher reprise his memorable cameo from Star Trek 4, he’s updated the song blasting out of his stereo – and this time he’s genuinely apologetic about the disturbance when Seven calls him out. Spock’s Vulcan neck pinch clearly had a lasting effect.

It’s an unashamed moment of fan service, but Lea Thompson’s direction is confident enough to segue directly into a genuinely tender moment between Seven and Raffi. As they realize they’re trapped in a world they don’t understand (or like much), their outsider’s view of our world proves remarkably powerful stuff. Because although the episode is far from subtle, it’s not afraid to ask difficult questions about US immigration policy and homelessness, while also plunging the duo into their own high-octane version of Lethal Weapon, where their bickering powers a memorable double act – while Seven’s exasperated, “How about you drive and I hold the map?” could feel like a tired married-couple gag from the distant past, in context it manages to hit the spot.

Unfortunately, things are less fun for Cris Rios, whose lack of official documentation has left him struggling to catch a break with the authorities. With his story about being a starship captain from the future carrying little weight with law-enforcement officers, he’s soon on a bus carrying him towards likely deportation – not the best time for La Sirena’s transporters to lose the ability to lock on to moving objects.

It’s a little fortuitous for the drama, perhaps, but the ship’s cloaking device is fully functional, leaving Jean-Luc free to explore Chateau Picard – and have plenty of Edith Piaf-soundtracked flashbacks to his mother – free from any concerns about messing up the timeline. Not that there’s anyone there to violate the Prime Directive with, seeing as the house has been empty since the Second World War.

The derelict building has something of an Escape Room vibe, with Jean-Luc’s past/future (delete as appropriate) home littered with the sort of random objects that only come in handy in movies or TV shows. Thought it was just a coincidence that Agnes Jurati subconsciously selected 15 on an abacus, flicked through the 15th volume of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and picked up a 1915 vintage bottle of wine? Not the case for Picard, who instead makes an implausible leap of logic by deducing that everything’s pointing to the upcoming April 15 – just three days away – as the all-important day the world is irrevocably changed. “Look at you, Dixon Hill,” Jurati jokes, referencing the fictional private eye Picard played on numerous occasions in the Enterprise holodeck.

Perhaps it’s the fact the clock’s now ticking – or just that he was denied the chance to explore much of the 21st century in First Contact – but Picard doesn’t hesitate to leave Agnes alone on La Sirena with the Borg Queen. It’s a highly questionable move, considering the Borg Queen has already got inside (literally) the scientist’s head, and wants to continue the assimilation process.

Once again, Annie Wersching is a standout as the endlessly quotable, joyously Machiavellian leader of the Collective, skilfully toying with Jurati’s ego and self-esteem. But Alison Pill proves every bit her equal as Jurati, as the scientist agrees to the most Faustian of pacts by volunteering to resume the assimilation process in exchange for the Queen’s help with repairs. She obviously thinks she’s got the better of her adversary, but you can’t help feeling the upper hand will be short-lived

Meanwhile, there’s a reunion of sorts for Picard, who finds himself transported once again to a bar at number 10, Forward Avenue, Los Angeles – albeit 400 years before his previous visit. It turns out that the staff turnover at this particular establishment is remarkably low, because a younger version of Guinan (played by Ito Aghayere) is already the proprietor. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to long-term Trek fans, as The Next Generation episode ‘Time’s Arrow’ established that she’s been in California since the 19th century. Nonetheless, this is a very different version of the El-Aurian, who’s become (understandably) disillusioned with the human race, and is subsequently planning a trip off-world. Indeed, she’s so skeptical that Picard has to resort to telepathy – inducing a bout of the ‘time sickness’ that previously told her something was iffy about the timeline in ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ – before eventually telling the truth to get his old friend on side.

One thing this prequel version of Guinan is not is the Watcher the Borg Queen has been going on about. Instead, she’s a mere messenger, whose role in the season’s rich tapestry is seemingly limited to escorting Picard to the succession of fleetingly possessed ordinary people who can lead him to the Watcher. The resulting reveal is a genuine WTF moment, as even viewers who’d clocked Orla Brady’s name in the opening credits are unlikely to have deduced this mysterious figure would look a lot like Laris.

It’s a meeting that turns the entire season on its head, and makes you question everything we’ve seen so far. Are the Watchers a higher power, charged with monitoring the timeline? (If this isn’t a previously unseen branch of the MCU multiverse, Marvel’s lawyers may soon be in touch…)

Or maybe there’s another layer of reality at play? It feels remarkably convenient that so many pivotal elements of this new timeline are lifted directly from Picard’s experiences, or the history of the show – even ‘The Pallid Son’, the title of the Dixon Hill novel in the episode’s final scene, feels like a reference to Data. (Just to add to the melange of Trek references, the fictional book’s author is Tracy Tormé, who wrote the TNG episode that introduced Hill.)

And then there’s the Question of Q, utterly exasperated that his famous finger snap can no longer rival that of Thanos. Is the game Picard’s unwittingly playing one of Q’s creations? Or is the omnipotent trickster dealing with higher powers even he can’t comprehend? If the answers are as good as the questions, Star Trek: Picard’s brilliant second season may be about to get even better.

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard season 2 beam onto Paramount Plus (US) and Crave (Canada) on Thursdays. Viewers elsewhere can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video on Fridays. For more Trek action, check out our reviews of Star Trek: Discovery season 4 .

Richard is a freelancer journalist and editor, and was once a physicist. Rich is the former editor of SFX Magazine, but has since gone freelance, writing for websites and publications including GamesRadar+, SFX, Total Film, and more. He also co-hosts the podcast, Robby the Robot's Waiting, which is focused on sci-fi and fantasy. 

The Last of Us season 2 adds directors from Succession, Loki, and more

Masters of the Air release schedule: when do new episodes come out?

Spider-Boy attempts to write his own theme song in this preview of Spider-Boy #3

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Star Trek Actor Reveals What It Will Take To Get A New Picard Spinoff Made

A Star Trek Picard spinoff could be made after the Starfleet Academy, but Michelle Hurd says there's only one thing fans must do for it to happen.

  • Star Trek fans want a spinoff called Star Trek: Legacy, and there's a chance it might happen, according to Michelle Hurd.
  • Hurd, who portrayed Commander Raffi on Picard, expressed her love for the character and hopes for the spinoff's future.
  • While the future of Star Trek: Legacy is uncertain, there is hope that it will be approved, with plans to explore new storylines and bring back beloved characters.

Star Trek fans have been clamoring for the Picard spinoff Star Trek: Legacy , and there are still chances that it might happen, according to Michelle Hurd.

Hurd portrayed Commander Raffaella "Raffi" Musiker in Picard . Star Trek fans love the series so much that they want a spinoff after it wrapped up after three seasons. However, its spinoff, Star Trek: Legacy, hasn't received a green light yet despite multiple projects on the way from the franchise. However, fans should not fret because there are still chances that the anticipated spinoff will see the light of day, depending on how many fans would love to see it.

Star Trek: The Terran Empire, Explained

TV Insider caught up with Hurd on the red carpet for Law & Order: SVU 's 25th season celebration. The actress had been part of the series before she left in its second season. At the event, she was asked about the chances of fans possibly seeing her again as Raffi, and she didn't deny how much she loved to reprise the role. However, she admitted that at present, the future of the Picard spinoff titled Star Trek: Legacy is still uncertain, but, just like fans, they are also hoping for it to materialize. Hurd teased that if fans still wanted to see the Picard spinoff by then, the production would start working on it.

We have hands, fingers, everything’s crossed for Star Trek: Legacy . I know that right now they’re working on Section 31 for Michelle Yeoh. And then they’re going to do Starfleet Academy . That’s going to be a series. And then if the fans still want it, they’ll start working on Star Trek: Legacy

Although Hurd did not give a concrete update about the future of Star Trek: Legacy , her words gave fans hope that the anticipated Picard spinoff would eventually be approved, as the actors were as thrilled as fans about it. Also, executive producer and showrunner for Picard , Terry Matalas, revealed that he already had an idea of what to do with the characters and storylines in the anticipated spinoff. He plans to use a "mix and match" style and return to the spirit of Star Trek: The Next Generation , suggesting that Star Trek: Legacy will have limited serialized arcs. TNG would sometimes feature two-part episodes and focus on exploration and smaller problems.

Many characters and storylines haven't been addressed in Picard due to the lack of time and budget. Legacy will make a perfect avenue to develop those plots and make new Star Trek stories and adventures for Seven of Nine , Ensign Jack Crusher, and the Enterprise's First Officer, Raffaela Musiker. Aside from the expected brand-new stories, fans are clamoring to see the return of some characters who didn't make it into the final Picard season, including those who did, like Brent Spiner's Data and Jonathan Frake's Will Riker. So, hopefully, fans will win and get the anticipated Picard spinoff, Star Trek: Legacy .

Star Trek shows and movies are available on Paramount Plus.

Star Trek is a space exploration franchise created by Gene Roddenberry. The series has spanned shows like The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Voyager. More recently, developer Scopely came out with Star Trek Fleet Command, a mobile title where you get to be captain of your own ship.

Star Trek: What Happened to Thomas Riker?

Source: TV Insider


Supported by

Star Trek: Picard

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: A Sinking Ship

In this week’s “Picard,” the crew of the Titan is powerless in more ways than one.

  • Share full article

star trek picard 4

By Sopan Deb

Season 3, Episode 4: ‘No Win Scenario’

All the world’s a stage, and all the cadets are merely players.

Jean-Luc Picard, on some level, has been playing a part. That much is clear in this week’s “Picard.” When he sits down with his haddock and regales the eager cadets with stories of his biggest professional successes, he is putting up a front. The purposeful blocking makes this clear: The lunch table is the stage. The cadets are the audience. And in a brilliant bit of acting by Patrick Stewart, you can see that he’s hamming it up for the cadets. Underneath it, there’s a loneliness.

It’s an interesting window into Jean-Luc: He likes the attention, but especially because he doesn’t get it from other places. It’s not ego. It’s insecurity.

In that same bit of theatrics, Jean-Luc blithely discusses high jinks he got into with Jack Crusher’s namesake and smiles as he describes himself as being “a little bit reckless” in those days.

So later in the episode, when the cadets part to reveal a younger Jack at the bar asking Jean-Luc about a life outside of Starfleet and “a real family,” it’s a visual “Let’s cut through the garbage” moment. Jean-Luc’s answer: “Young man, Starfleet has been the only family I have ever needed,” followed by applause from Starfleet cadets. But that’s not as revealing as the visual: They are applauding him, but Jean-Luc is eating alone.

One can understand why Jack didn’t feel the need to have Jean-Luc be a part of his life. Jack is established to be a teenager when he shows up to this bar. He learns that Picard never cared about having a family and views the death of the man Jack is named after as an amusing story to be used to charm cadets. It surely rings hollow to Jack on the holodeck in the present day story line when Jean-Luc remarks to Jack, “I think we all need connection, don’t we?”

In some ways, Jean-Luc and Jack are very alike: They are both putting up a front about not needing other people and mostly focusing on work; Jean-Luc on his career in Starfleet and Jack on his medical supply runs.

Meanwhile, Riker and the rest of the crew’s situation on the Titan is quite bleak. The ship is sinking in a gravity well and losing power rapidly. The officers on the bridge inform Riker that the situation is nearly hopeless. So hopeless that Riker tells Jean-Luc to get his affairs in order and that everyone is essentially about to die. Jonathan Frakes puts in a wonderful performance describing the death of Riker and Troi’s son, and how it created a gulf between grieving parents — one who thrives on sensing emotion, and the other trying his hardest to be numb to the pain.

“This is the end, my friend,” Riker tells Picard. “And if I were you, I’d take the next few hours to get to know your son.”

I would put Frakes’s work in this episode among the best of any he has done as Riker, including the movies and “Next Generation.”

But when Jean-Luc takes his son to the holodeck for some father-son bonding, it’s an extraordinarily distracting plot point. One of the first scenes of the show features officers talking about the hopelessness of the situation because the power is draining from essential systems. Yet, Jean-Luc and Jack go to a perfectly functioning holodeck to have a drink? Jean-Luc waves this away by saying the holodeck relies “on a small, independent power cell for this very reason so that in times of distress it can be a kind of sanctuary.”

In other words: plot armor. No one thought to tap into the holodeck for extra power when they are so desperate?

(The Picards can handle their whisky. In the “Next Generation” episode “Relics,” Picard throws back a glass of whisky with Scotty as if it is absolutely nothing .)

As Jean-Luc and Jack bond, they are interrupted by several crew members who arrive to commiserate. Uh, hey Titan crew? Your ship is falling. Maybe the bridge crew could use a hand with repairs? Or you know, anything? Why are you in a bar?

This goes double for Shaw. Seven recruits him to help find the changeling, which is, on its face, a great idea. But why is Shaw in his quarters rather than on the bridge of the ship he is supposed to be commanding ? If he’s well enough to perform a complex maneuver to save the ship, why isn’t he well enough to, you know, be captain?

And that’s before does he go to the holodeck himself to hang out! In the previous three episodes, Shaw has been painted as putting the concerns of his crew above all. So the notion that as the ship is rapidly losing power, he would just go chill at the bar to yell at Jean-Luc while his bridge crew and Riker try to figure out a way out feels ridiculous.

But let’s leave that aside — because I don’t want my head to explode — and examine the big reveal here: the reason for Shaw’s antipathy toward Jean-Luc and Riker. Shaw angrily (and unprofessionally) yells to the whole bar that he was at Wolf 359, and saw many of his fellow crew members die as a result of Locutus, a.k.a. Captain Picard. (Benjamin Sisko was angry at Picard for similar reasons in the pilot of “Deep Space Nine.” ) Jean-Luc is accustomed to adoring crowds in bars. He’s not used to being confronted about all the deaths that he — or a version of himself — caused.

Todd Stashwick does a nice job conveying Shaw’s righteous anger at Jean-Luc, but it is a bit odd that he selected Seven to be his first officer. Unless she was thrust upon him, he chose a former Borg to be his most trusted commander. (Then again, people are complicated. Maybe he wanted to see past that, and that’s why he insists she go by Annika.)

Odds and Ends

A cadet asks Jean-Luc about an encounter with the Hirogen. The Hirogen were a predatory species that Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrant, and I am certainly curious how Jean-Luc’s Enterprise would have encountered them.

Riker offers to keep Seven in an “unofficial capacity” to root out the changeling, rather than reinstating her command. You can see how much more comfortable Seven is with an off the books arrangement rather than playing by the rules.

Jack mentions offhand to Jean-Luc in the holodeck that he’s been to M’Talas Four, a “vile place.” Raffi has been doing intelligence work at M’Talas Prime this season, and one wonders if these two things are connected. (I’m not entirely clear what M’Talas Four is.)

I am also wondering if Vadic’s boss — obscured by, uh, changeling goo — is someone we will find familiar in the future. It demands that Vadic go on a suicide mission, while also making clear the Shrike does not matter in the grand plan.

Beverly’s solution of moving “with the wave,” and seeing the old “Next Generation” pals work together to get out of the sticky situation had the feel of the old show. Beverly had the best line: “Look where we are. Here, all of us in this moment. So let’s do what we spent our entire lives learning to be great at.”

Does anyone want to command the Titan? Shaw hands it off needlessly to Riker for no discernible reason in a previous episode. In this one, Riker hands it to Jean-Luc for no reason.

An earlier version of this article described in error a scene in “Star Trek: Picard.” Jean-Luc Picard did not discuss the accident that killed Jack Crusher Sr. while speaking with cadets. He talked about a different incident.

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Star Trek: Picard Recap: Space Womb

Star trek: picard.

star trek picard 4

Our connection to our families, our friends, our found families — they’re what make life worth living. And in the fourth episode of  Star Trek: Picard , “No Win Scenario,” our connections to each other (and to this cast!) are front and center.

Let’s get right to the holodeck scene. It’s moving for many reasons: the re-creation of Ten Forward as a holodeck program, Jean-Luc working behind the bar — clearly, it’s a place he’s comfortable. But what got to me most was Picard finally making a real effort to get to know his son, Jack.

It plays out about how you’d expect, with a little banter and a few jokes. Some honest questions, but Jack shuts off once they start getting too deep. He explains to his father (oh, that feels  weird ) that he doesn’t really need the connection. Jean-Luc doesn’t need to put on this act for him. In a rare moment of emotional honesty, Jean-Luc admits  he  needs this. “We all need connection,” he says, as the Titan crew members begin streaming in to be with each other before the end.

It’s a weird episode when you step back. It’s fantastic to watch because the pause in action allows for some really strong character moments, but there’s something strange about watching an episode of  Star Trek  that feels like it’s just people sitting around waiting to die. It’s antithetical to what we know of this group, who fight to live with the very last fiber of their being.

But they also take their cue from their captain, and both Riker and Shaw are not in a good place right now. Captain Riker is having a crisis of faith after the extremely uncomfortable (I’d even call it devastating!) fight he had with Picard on the bridge of the Titan at the end of the third episode. Here, they have a bit of a heart-to-heart. Riker admits that he’s lost his way. The Titan is bleeding power, they don’t have enough to save themselves, and Will doesn’t know how to save this crew, let alone help himself.

Jonathan Frakes is doing some of his best acting in the series (and he’s directing on top of it!). Frakes beautifully portrays Riker as a man who hasn’t fully processed the trauma from his past. It’s why he reacted like he did to Jean-Luc and opted to flee rather than fight. I’m not sure he was wrong, but this tendency to do whatever is safe isn’t typical of Will. Now we know why. At a time when he needs connection the most, Will is alone. His wife and daughter are across the quadrant, and he doesn’t even know how to begin to close the gap between them. Riker tries to send a farewell message to Deanna, but he can’t find the words. He doesn’t know how to come to terms with all of it. It’s why he told Jean-Luc to connect with his son before it’s too late.

But it’s not just Jack Crusher that Jean-Luc connects with. A still-injured Liam Shaw also makes his way to the holodeck, and we finally begin to understand where he’s coming from. He interrupts Jean-Luc and Jack’s attempts to build a relationship with his own story: the first time  he  met Jean-Luc Picard.

If you know  The Next Generation  well, you probably reacted like I did. I stiffened up and  immediately  went on high alert — I knew what was coming.

It’s the specter that has followed Jean-Luc Picard around for decades: Locutus of Borg. The Borg kidnapped him and used him as a tool to destroy his own people. It seems like everyone in Starfleet has a Wolf 359 story, and Jean-Luc has had to bear witness to pretty much all of them. (Remember Commander Sisko in the series premiere of  Deep Space Nine ?)

It’s a harrowing story, and Todd Stashwick’s delivery is perfect. You can see how traumatized he continues to be by what happened. Even though he’s basically attacking Jean-Luc for something that wasn’t his fault, you can’t blame him here. Even when he’s being an absolute dick, he comes across as sympathetic — a testament to the writing and Todd Stashwick’s performance. “The only Borg so deadly they gave him a goddamn name” is a line that will stick with me for a long time. It also immediately explains (but doesn’t excuse!) his animosity toward Seven of Nine.

To his credit, Jean-Luc is gracious. If we’ve seen this confrontation repeatedly onscreen, it must have happened endlessly offscreen. At this point, he knows the best answer is just to bow out. Thankfully, Jack comes looking for him, but Jean-Luc is ready just to brush it all off and welcome the end alone. But Beverly arrives just at the right second, and together, they do what they do best: figure out how to save everyone.

It’s notable that when the three of them go to Will with a semblance of a plan, his inclination is still to say no. He wants to preserve the ship and their memories in case someone comes looking for them. It’s not until Beverly brings up Deanna that Will softens and listens to her. It’s about connection, but it’s also about trust. Can Will find it within himself to trust these people after everything he’s been through?

It’s clear that Will has always feared the part of himself that feels nothingness. In hindsight, it may be tied into why he broke up with Deanna in the first place, before they were assigned to serve on the Enterprise-D together. He wanted to focus on his career, yes, but he also didn’t want to face this void. Now he has to, will he surrender, or will he fight?

Will finally chooses to fight, and Seven does the same off the bridge. She goes to Shaw to find out how, exactly, she can hunt a changeling, and he gives her great advice. This scene between them feels like the first honest one they’ve had. He admits he underestimated Seven. It’s amazing how much the character of Liam Shaw has redeemed himself since the first episode.

Seven finally catches up with the infiltrator, who disguised themself as a transporter officer and then heads with Shaw to nacelle control. It seems this isn’t a nebula but some sort of space womb. The energy pulses affecting the ship are timed like contractions, and when the space creature gives birth, they can ride the energy wave out. To absorb that energy, though, they have to manually open up the nacelles, which only Shaw, our resident dipshit from Chicago, can do.

It’s a tense scene, as Jean-Luc takes the conn, and they manually fly out of the nebula, throwing some rocks at the Shrike on their way out. And speaking of Vadic’s ship, it’s increasingly clear that she’s specifically after Jack Crusher — alive — and whoever she is working for doesn’t care if the entire crew of the Shrike dies accomplishing their goal.

Speaking of Jack, he’s not doing well. He’s having hallucinations or visions — could this be related to why the changelings want him? Or has he inherited Irumodic Syndrome from his father?

Things are looking up for the Titan, but there’s still a lot to figure out. Will has a nice heart-to-heart with Deanna (I noticed Jean-Luc didn’t check in with Laris after his brush with death). Jack isn’t doing well, though. It seems he’s having hallucinations or visions — could this be related to why the changelings want him? Or has he inherited Irumodic Syndrome from his father? For now, though, at least this crew has each other. That’s enough to give them hope.

Captain’s Log

• Legacy character count: Four! (Five if you count Ten Forward!) Deanna was just on the view screen, but I’ll take it. I missed Worf, but hopefully, we’ll see him again soon.

• “I need your help despite the fact that you are indeed a dipshit from Chicago” will go into the history books as an all-time great Trek line.

• Why do the changelings look like a cross between raw meat and the goo from  Ghostbusters 2 ?

• Jack Crusher and Sidney LaForge? That’s a legacy spinoff show I’d watch (after Captain Seven, of course).

• The “Encounter at Farpoint” callback was really well done here. Fan service? Yes. Lovely? Also yes.

• I appreciated the frankness with which Jean-Luc asked, point blank, why Jack didn’t choose to get to know him.

• I also appreciate that all changelings apparently come with their own bucket. Is it a standard issue thing when they’re leaving the Great Link?

  • star trek: picard

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‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Truth and Consequences

Picard and Jack finally get a long-overdue bonding moment in "No Win Scenario."

With its fourth episode, entitled “No Win Scenario,” Star Trek: Picard Season 3 delves into the tenuous relationship forming between Picard ( Patrick Stewart ) and his newfound son Jack ( Ed Speleers ), which plays out against the backdrop of the dire situation that the crew of the Titan finds themselves in, after Picard’s impulsive decisions in Episode 3 . While the family drama plays out aboard the starship, Captain Shaw’s ( Todd Stashwick ) distaste for Picard and the Borg finally comes into focus, with revelations about the last time Shaw crossed paths with Picard.

Following last week’s tense closing moments, Episode 4 opens in a far more upbeat manner, with a flashback to five years ago. While Picard nurses a drink at 10 Forward, a gaggle of starry-eyed Starfleet cadets approach him—all eager to hear his triumphant tales from his travels out amidst the stars. One of them asks about his encounter with the Hirogen, which Star Trek: Voyager fans may remember from their numerous appearances in the series, and he launches into a rather eloquent recollection about the event, which he turns into a neat little teaching moment too. He explains to the cadets that his encounter with the Hirogen taught him that when the time comes, you must remain steadfast to your crew, no matter how dire the situation is. Which is a perfect segue into the predicament that Picard finds himself in, in the present storyline.

RELATED: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3: Who Are the Changelings?

With Shaw incapacitated, Riker ( Jonathan Frakes ) is forced to make life-or-death decisions for the crew of the Titan , and unfortunately at the top of the episode, it looks like the only decision he has been left with is a quick death or a slow death. Their shields are no longer able to handle the debris they’re colliding with as they sink further and further into the nebula, and nearly every single one of their systems is facing critical minimums—including life support. On top of that, the nebula is also causing weird bioelectrical waves, which is putting further strain on the starship. With things looking beyond dire, Riker goes to find Picard and eat a little crow. As death looms over the crew of the Titan , Riker recognizes that Picard wasn’t wrong when he called him out about his fear of loss: he does, in fact, fear the nothingness of death. Riker pushes Picard to spend the final hours they have alive with Jack, before it's too late.

Picard heeds Riker’s advice and heads straight to the Sick Bay, where Beverly ( Gates McFadden ) and Jack are tending to the injured crew members. Picard reports that their situation does not look good and asks Beverly for a few moments alone with Jack, and of course, she’s quick to say yes. Jack, on the other hand, seems less than thrilled about spending a little alone time with his old man, even though Picard makes strides to be as casual as possible by using the Holodeck to take them to 10 Forward. But perhaps it’s because Picard asks Jack if he’s ever been to 10 Forward, and he’s quite clearly lying when he says he hasn’t.

While it may seem surprising that the Holodeck is still perfectly functional, when the rest of the ship is running on fumes, Picard reveals that the Holodeck is designed to pull energy from a separate power system for just such an occasion: a nice diversion from the inevitable. If Jack is the rock n’ roll to Picard’s classical tastes, it’s not surprising to learn that Jack is the whiskey to Picard’s wine. To Jack’s credit, he does try to lighten the dour mood by asking about the elephant in the room: when is his hair going to go? These interactions really underscore how well-crafted Jack Crusher’s character is, in addition to highlighting what perfect casting Speleers is for the role.

Elsewhere on the Titan , Seven of Nine ( Jeri Ryan ) continues investigating the Changeling situation and discovers that the Transporter Officer that the Changeling was masquerading as had been killed days before Picard and Riker boarded the ship or brought Jack on board—meaning the plot to sabotage the vessel was in place long before Picard even received the message from Beverly. She immediately reports her findings to RIker who cautions her to keep them to herself, because they might kill what little morale remains onboard the ship. He also decides not to reinstate her, since she is more help in an unofficial capacity because she can kill the Changeling without jumping through Starfleet’s hoops.

Despite Riker’s advice to keep her investigation under wraps, Seven goes to Shaw with her discovery and asks him for his help: which is a surprise to both of them. Seven recognizes that out of everyone on board, Shaw knows his crew better than anyone else. If anyone is going to recognize a Changeling, it’s going to be him. Shaw imparts what little knowledge he has about Changelings to Seven, and sets her off on a mission to find the Changeling’s pot—but not the fun kind.

On the other side of the nebula, Vadic ( Amanda Plummer ) reports to a fellow Changeling about the search for Jack Crusher and calls it a suicide mission to attempt to follow the Titan into the nebula, but that is of little consequence to the other Changeling. Vadic is, apparently, expendable—and not at the top of the food chain. This brief interlude creates even more questions about what the Changelings want from Jack, and by extension Picard.

Speaking of Picard, the episode’s second flashback picks up on the tail end of Picard’s war stories, which have attracted even more star-struck cadets. One of the cadets asks him about his various exploits with the late Jack Crusher, which prompts Picard to dive head-first into a story about a “no-win scenario” which is where the episode’s title hails from. As he tells his tall tales of heroics and reckless antics, Picard is entirely unaware of the fact that it isn’t just cadets listening to his story.

Meanwhile, back on the Holodeck, more crewmembers are slowly filtering into 10 Forward, looking for an escape from reality. Picard and Jack are more than happy to share the Holodeck, especially Jack who seems very over the father-son bonding time. Jack admits that he doesn’t need this, and he isn’t trying to be harsh about it—it’s just the facts. In a rare moment for Picard, who has been so very good at keeping a safe distance from everyone around him, he admits that he’s the one that needs this moment with Jack. Jack might be fine with not needing a connection, but everyone needs them, especially Picard.

Later on, as the Holodeck continues to fill up with wayward crewmembers, Jack asks Picard about what the worst jam he has ever been in was. This leads to Picard relaying the same story he told to the cadets in 10 Forward five years ago. Picard admits that even though it may seem like an odd choice for Beverly to name him after her late husband, Picard would have done the same because Jack Crusher was his very best friend. As Picard revels in the memory of how the two friends inched their way home after screwing up big time on an unsanctioned trip, he realizes that Jack has definitely heard the story before—there’s something very knowing about his expression. He assumes, incorrectly, that Jack knows the story because his mother told it to him. Before Jack has the opportunity to correct him, Captain Shaw makes his grand appearance on the Holodeck.

With the crew of the Titan ’s lives hanging in the balance, it’s safe to finally admit that Captain Liam Shaw was actually right all along. Sure, seeing Picard and Riker rescue Beverly and her son is what audiences want to see, but morally speaking—risking hundreds of lives for two lives isn’t the right call. Especially not after two legendary heroes turned up under false pretenses, commandeered an escape pod, and used essentially hijacked a starship and its crew for their own personal mission. But to really drive the stake right through the heart, Shaw delivers a harrowing speech to the crew that reveals exactly why he has such an issue with Picard and, by extension, Seven of Nine.

Seizing on Picard’s tall tales, Shaw begins to tell the story of when he first met Picard, back on board the U.S.S. Constance , when Starfleet went up against the Borg cube. Of course, it wasn’t Picard that Shaw encountered—it was Locutus, and he was raining down fire and hell on the crew. Left with only one life pod, with only ten seats, Shaw and his forty-nine fellow crewmen were forced to wait and be given orders which would decide who would live and who would die. Shaw points out that every single one of those crewmen was his Jack Crushers—they were his friends, and they were made to wait and see who would live because of Picard. Ultimately, he was picked to live, even though he was just some dipshit from Chicago. Jack attempts to stand up for his father, but Picard pacifies him because he gets it. He knows what he did as Locutus, and it isn’t something he can run or hide from. But he does get up and leave, which prompts Jack to follow after him, leaving Shaw surrounded by horrified looks.

While all of this has been going on throughout “No Win Scenario,” Beverly has been carefully keeping track of the bioelectric pulses that the nebula has been giving off. She has deduced that there is a pattern to them and that they are, essentially, exactly like contractions. She goes straight to Picard and Jack with her theory, and in turn the three of them go to Riker with a plan to use the energy being created by the pulses to divert power to the thrusters to escape the gravity well. Riker is skeptical about the plan but willing to give it a try considering they have no other options but waiting for their deaths. Jack points out that, just like Picard’s story with his namesake, they’ll have to slowly navigate their way out of the nebula while harnessing its power, which ties everything together very nicely.

In order for the plan to work, Picard and Seven have to pay Shaw another visit. Even though the Titan has been updated to be state-of-the-art, they still need a grease monkey who can hot-wire the old engineering parts. Shaw and Seven head to engineering, and within seconds of arriving and getting to work they’re joined by Sidney La Forge ( Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut ) who claims she’s been ordered to assist them. Only she hasn’t. In last week’s episode, they smartly showcased Seven and Sidney's friendship, and the second that she calls Seven by Commander Hansen—Seven realizes that she’s dealing with a Changeling. Shaw asks Seven how she knew, and she reveals that Sidney has always called her “Commander Seven” as a sign of respect, which forces Shaw to think about the way he has refused to call her by the name she prefers.

Back on the bridge, Picard enlists Jack to help him inch the Titan through an asteroid field and, at the eleventh hour, their plan works. The nebula manages to give them just enough of a power boost to not only get them out of the gravity well, but supply them with enough power to kick-start all of their systems. When they emerge they come face-to-face with the Shrike, yet again, but this time they show them a taste of their own medicine by chucking an asteroid at them, the same way Vadic threw a ship at them.

As the crew of the Titan celebrates their victory, Jack watches all the connections—new and old—that have been forged around him. As Picard watches him, and his voice from five years ago begins to bleed into the present scene, he realizes that he has seen Jack before. The final flashback picks up with Jack listening in as Picard tells the Starfleet cadets, “You’re only ever as good as those around you. Your crew becomes part of you. Completes you. They lift you up to accomplish the things you could never do alone.” The real sucker punch comes when Jack interjects and asks him if he’s ever had a life outside Starfleet or a real family. Picard tells him, “Starfleet has been the only family I have ever needed.” This is exactly why Jack chose not to forge a connection with his father when his mother gave him the chance years before fate forced them to meet.

Later, after the dust has settled on their harrowing adventure, Riker finally reaches out to Deanna ( Marina Sirtis ) to reconcile. Earlier in the episode, he had attempted to record his final message to her, in case they died, but he couldn’t find the words he needed to say. Now, after everything they went through to survive, he realized that he needed to actually discuss things with her. This moment feels like a taste of what is to come with this pair, especially with so many episodes left in this season . “No Win Scenario” ends on a rather ominous beat, with Jack once again faced with the terrifying red tendrils, the red door, and a mysterious voice whispering “find me.” What could all of this mean, and why do the Changelings want him?

Like the first two seasons of Star Trek: Picard , Season 3 has been an exceptional study of the fallacy of man and the reality of being a living legend within the constructs of the Star Trek universe. As Riker so astutely and simply put it in the previous episode: everyone is faulty. Picard is no more a perfect character than he was a perfect captain—he made mistakes, and he owns up to the mistakes he made, even if he often got through them without serious repercussions.

“No Win Scenario” may be the title because the crew of the Titan finds themselves in a no-win scenario, but it also has overarching connotations. Picard has found himself in a no-win scenario with his son, which is largely caused by his own machinations—past and present—whether he fully recognizes that yet, and Riker has similarly found himself in an impossible situation with Deanna. In both situations, they recognize the error of their ways, but forging forward can’t truly atone for past mistakes. There’s really no way to start over or make up for the lost time. These imperfect decisions, made by imperfect characters, and the fallout of those choices, make for engaging television. It adds drama, intrigue, and a degree of nuance that is often missing in modern storytelling.

This is also showcased in the relationship between Shaw and Seven. He may have a completely rational reason to loathe the Borg and everyone associated with them, but he still chose Seven to be his Number One for a reason—even if he does give her a hard time. Shaw may be flawed, and with good reason, but that’s what makes him a great captain. He could’ve iced Seven out and denied her an opportunity to rise through the ranks in Starfleet, but he didn’t. And we see in the episode that they work very well together and they both hold great respect for each other.

The first four episodes of the final season of Star Trek: Picard are streaming now on Paramount+.

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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 4 Review – No Win Scenario

A life or death threat brings out the best in Star Trek: Picard's characters.

star trek picard 4

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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 4 Review

This Star Trek: Picard review contains spoilers.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 4

Star Trek: Picard ’s “No Win Scenario” feels like the closest we’ve come yet to an old-school Star Trek: The Next Generation episode on the Paramount+ series, complete with a main story that highlights the necessity of collaboration and teamwork, a textbook inspirational captain’s speech, and a reminder that the vast and wondrous potential of the universe is the real reason this franchise exists in the first place. There are life and death stakes, a seemingly unsolvable problem, a surprise revelation about the season’s Big Bad, and more than one surprising heart-to-heart talk between legacy characters reflecting back on a lifetime in Starfleet and what its mission has both cost and meant to them. 

Of course, the whole “impending death by gravity well” thing is technically the least interesting part of the hour, possibly because we know the threat only goes so far. This is the fourth episode of the season, after all, and there won’t be much show left if Picard, Riker, and young Jack Crusher all bite it in the middle of what’s essentially a black hole. They’ll be fine, we all know it, and the episode deserves praise for at least being relatively creative in finding a way to get them out of their predicament while rightly keeping the bulk of its attention on other things.

The hour is primarily dominated by its smaller, more emotional moments: Perhaps most impressive is the way that “No Win Scenario” weaves two timelines together, as Picard, via flashback, recounts a previous mission to a rapt crowd of young cadets at 10 Forward while the present-day version of the character struggles to connect with the son he never knew by telling the same story about his namesake, Jack Crusher. That the lessons of his tale—the necessity of community, the strength of the bonds that form between a captain and his crew, the power of believing in and trusting others—are the same reasons that the U.S.S. Titan manages to fight its way back to freedom is thematically lovely and honestly works better than it has any right to, narratively speaking.

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But there’s also Captain Shaw ’s bitter and traumatized recounting of escaping the Battle of Wolf 359 when 11,000 other souls perished, Riker’s confession of his loss of faith in the wake of his son’s death that has nearly destroyed his marriage, and Seven’s embrace of the fact that she’s never going to be the textbook Starfleet officer some people insist she should be. (And that’s okay.) And, of course, there’s Picard, Riker, and Dr. Crusher’s group decision that if they’re going out, they’re going out as the best versions of themselves. “No Win Scenario” is full of emotionally rich character work, the sort of stuff that’s compelling precisely because of the pre-existing history at work, both between individual characters and within the world of the show at large. Heck, I don’t even like Jack Crusher that much, and the revelation that he did actually try to find out if Admiral Picard’s life had space for both him and Starfleet was still an emotional gut punch.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Just Became a Deep Space Nine Sequel, Too

Starbase in Star Trek: Picard Season 3

The Unproduced Star Trek Next Generation Spinoff That Influenced Picard Season 3

That said, the more action-oriented aspects of the hour also have a lot to recommend. This is the second episode in a row directed by Jonathan Frakes—a surprise, to be sure, given how much he appears on screen in both—and he does an exceptional job balancing those genuinely moving emotional beats with explosions and life-or-death threats. Plus, once again, everything about this episode looks great, and we love Paramount+ for not skimping on any of the cinematography or effects budgets here. 

The Titan’s ultimate escape from the gravity well is tense and thrilling, as Picard pilots the ship blind through the nebula and Riker literally throws an asteroid at Vadic and her Shrike . The sequence is topped off by the nebula essentially giving birth to a new species of beautiful jellyfish-like creatures in the vacuum of space, providing everyone with a timely reminder that the reason they started all this in the first place was to seek out new life and new civilizations. (Plus, an “Encounter at Farpoint” shout-out !!) Truly, how does anyone who has ever watched a single episode of The Next Generation not love the heck out of this?

In fact, it’s all so compelling that I suspect I’m not the only person who didn’t even realize until the final credits rolled that “No Win Scenario” completely ignores the Raffi and Worf subplot. This move was probably for the best, given that that particular story often feels like it’s happening on a completely different show at the best of times, though last week’s episode made it fairly obvious (portal tech, echoes of the Dominion War) that the two stories will converge in the weeks to come. Instead, it is left to Seven and, strangely, Shaw to advance the Changeling story as they fruitlessly search the Titan for whoever has been sabotaging the ship. 

Jeri Ryan and Todd Stashwick have excellent, vaguely antagonistic chemistry with one another, and the grudging almost respect Seven and Shaw seem to slowly develop over the course of the hour is even more satisfying when you realize that, of course, the reason he has been nasty toward her is that she’s a former Borg, and he has a whole lot of lingering and clearly unprocessed PTSD from his admittedly extremely traumatizing experience at Wolf 359 . That they learn (albeit begrudgingly) to work together (resigoo!) is maybe predictable, but it’s also exactly the kind of story that Star Trek excels at telling.

As for the Changelings, the biggest reveal this week is likely the fact that Vadic herself is one, working for a mysteriously powerful boss who wants Jack Crusher badly enough to send the Shrike back into the gravity well to get him. The strange PTSD-esque vision (flashbacks?) Jack experiences at the end of the episode indicates that trying to find his father isn’t the only life experience that the youngest Picard has been lying about. The reason for the Changelings’ interest in him remains a mystery whose answer could be anything—Did he see something he wasn’t supposed to? Steal something that wasn’t his? Find a cure for a rare species-specific illness they can’t survive without? All of the above? —and something only future episodes can solve.

Of course, none of those guesses explain why he’d be hearing—or remembering, it’s not entirely clear—disembodied voices telling him to come and find them, but I think we have to assume that the answers to those questions will somehow tie into the rogue group Raffi and Worf are chasing, what they’ve been doing since the end of the Dominion War, and why they’ve chosen this moment to take on the Federation again. Here’s hoping, anyway.

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4.5 out of 5

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New 'Star Trek' movie featuring Picard is on the way, Patrick Stewart says

Three seasons wasn't enough of an epilogue it seems for nostalgia's favorite Starfleet admiral.

 This is beginning to feel like the "Police Academy" sequels. Can't we just start with something new?

Patrick Stewart isn't ready to give up being Jean-Luc Picard.

The third season of the "Next Generation" spin-off " Picard " centered around the titular Starfleet captain ended in April of last year after successfully polarizing "Star Trek" fans. Many were turned off from the final season because it was very much a cookie-cutter carbon copy of the last two, relying heavily, once again, on attempting to remain suspenseful by applying a what's-in-the-box?! style of storytelling. 

But it turns out we may be seeing more of Jean-Luc. Stewart appeared recently on an episode of the podcast Happy Sad Confused , hosted by  Josh Horowitz to discuss the experience of playing the role of Jean-Luc Picard. 

"After we finished recording our seven seasons of 'Next Generation' we made four Star Trek movies of varying qualities, the best one being ['First Contact'], directed by Jonathan Frakes. He was one of the people who had the most influence on me on the show because of his experience and his understanding of the complexities and how bringing different qualities onto the stage was very, very important in diversity and change," Stewart said. 

As he continued, however, Stewart made a surprise statement, saying that there was a "Star Trek" movie script being written with him in mind. 

"So it's an ongoing procedure for me. I heard only last night about a script that is being written, but written specifically with the actor, Patrick [Stewart], to play in it. And I've been told to expect to receive it within a week or so. I'm so excited because it sounds like the kind of project where the experimentation that I want to do will be essential for this kind of material. It's good at 83…"

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The recording took place in November at about the time that Stewart was promoting his new memoir, "Making It So" and this is the latest "Star Trek" movie rumor to circulate as The Hollywood Reporter ran a story just a day or so ago that Toby Haynes, who directed episodes " Andor " will helm a new feature, with Seth Grahame-Smith writing.

The plot is said to take place within the Kelvin Universe, decades before the events of 2009’s Star Trek, which J.J. Abrams directed and Bad Robot will produce the movie.

Then there are the circulating rumors involving the new TV shows, like the Section 31 and Starfleet Academy spin-offs.

"What was so interesting about Picard, and the main reason why I decided to commit to three seasons of it was that Akiva Goldsman talked to me about the changes that had happened in my life in the last 20 years. And he said, 'Were there any?' and of course, I said yes there were lots and lots and new journeys and new experiences and relationships," said Stewart.

"And he said, 'Exactly! Well that has also been Jean-Luc’s experience.' He’s not the same man. He’s no longer captain of the Enterprise. He was made an admiral. It became really desk work, which is not what he ever wanted to do. And now he’s back at home, living on his vineyard and seeming to be reasonably content. All that was an act. All that was Jean-Luc trying to pretend, as I think my father did, that everything was all right. But it wasn’t," Stewart added.

The full interview is on YouTube here .

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The fifth and final season of "Star Trek: Discovery" airs sometime in April and "Discovery" and every episode of every "Star Trek" show — with the exception of "Star Trek: Prodigy" — currently streams exclusively on Paramount Plus in the U.S. "Prodigy" has found a new home  on Netflix . 

Internationally, the shows are available on Paramount Plus in Australia, Latin America, the UK and South Korea, as well as on Pluto TV in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland on the Pluto TV Sci-Fi channel. They also stream on Paramount Plus in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In Canada, they air on Bell Media's CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave.

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  • crazywater Not sure what the author is referring to but the final season of Picard was what the first two seasons should have been. Seasons 1 and 2 were embarrassingly bad and not Star Trek. Season 3 was terrific. Thank God Patrick Stewart was removed from creative control. If he gets that role back for this movie it will probably revert back to the garbage from the first two season. Reply
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Roddenberry’s Star Trek TNG Data Concept Was Fulfilled By Picard Season 3

  • Lt. Commander Data's journey to discover his humanity was one of the best parts of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Data's arc throughout TNG fulfilled Gene Roddenberry's original plan for the character to become as close to human as possible.
  • Star Trek: Picard season 3 fixed the problematic emotion chip storyline and allowed Data to experience real emotions without parody.

Star Trek: The Next Generation 's Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner) finally became everything Gene Roddenberry wanted him to be in Star Trek: Picard season 3. Soon after TNG began, Data became one of the show's most popular characters, and his journey to discover his humanity became one of the best parts of the show. As an android, Data was unable to experience human emotions, but he still grew to care about the people around him in his own way. Data had a lovely and subtle story arc over the course of TNG's seven seasons , but it wasn't until Picard season 3 that the android got his ultimate wish.

Star Trek: The Next Generation primarily focused on stand-alone episodic stories, and Data's quest to be human was one of the few arcs that lasted throughout the entire series. Although Data took steps backward in a few episodes (such as TNG season 4's "In Theory"), he generally became more human-like as TNG progressed. Picard season 3 finally saw the culmination of Data's quest for humanity , but Brent Spiner felt Data's TNG arc still fulfilled Roddenberry's original plan for the character. In the Star Trek oral history, The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years by Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross, Brent Spiner discusses Data's story arc on TNG . Read his full quote below:

It was Gene’s concept from day one that Data would begin as a blank tablet and, from being around humans, he would absorb their qualities and idiosyncrasies through osmosis. By the end of the entire experience, he’ll be as close to being human as possible—and still not be one. I think we’ve been successful at that. If you ran the whole series from day one to the last episode, you would see that occurring naturally. Maybe it would occasionally slip once or twice, but for the most part it was a clean arc toward Gene’s idea."

Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast & Character Guide

Picard season 3 fixed data's questionable emotion chip storyline, data is now as human as he can be..

Although Data had a wonderful story arc on Star Trek: The Next Generation , the TNG movies undid much of the character's progress . Data's emotion chip was introduced in TNG season 4, episode 3, "Brothers," when the android visited his creator, Dr. Noonian Soong (Brent Spiner). Dr. Soong had created the chip as a way to give Data emotions, but Data's evil brother Lore stole the chip for himself. After Lore was eventually dismantled, Data kept the emotion chip , but didn't install it until Star Trek Generations . Generations turned Data's emotional journey into a series of gags, making the feelings generated by the emotion chip feel like a parody of the real thing.

Thankfully, Star Trek: Picard season 3 fixed this problem, not once mentioning any kind of emotion chip. When Data returns in Picard season 3, he not only has a newly upgraded synthetic body, but also the ability to experience emotions organically. Data becomes as close to human as he could ever hope to be , and his Picard season 3 storyline feels right for the character. Data gets to experience real feelings, without his emotional reactions being played merely for laughs. Picard season 3 builds on Data's Star Trek: The Next Generation storyline without sacrificing any of the characteristics that made the character so great in the first place.

Star Trek: The Next Generation & Star Trek: Picard are available to stream on Paramount+.

Source: The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years: From The Next Generation to J. J. Abrams: The Complete, Uncensored, and Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek by Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cast: Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Wil Wheaton

Release Date: 1987-09-28

Genres: Sci-Fi, Superhero, Drama, Action

Story By: Gene Roddenberry

Writers: Gene Roddenberry

Network: CBS

Streaming Service(s): Amazon Prime Video

Franchise(s): Star Trek

Directors: David Carson

Showrunner: Gene Roddenberry

Star Trek: Picard

Summary: After starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation for seven seasons and various other Star Trek projects, Patrick Stewart is back as Jean-Luc Picard. Star Trek: Picard focuses on a retired Picard who is living on his family vineyard as he struggles to cope with the death of Data and the destruction of Romulus. But before too long, Picard is pulled back into the action. The series also brings back fan-favorite characters from the Star Trek franchise, such as Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Worf (Michael Dorn), and William Riker (Jonathan Frakes).

Release Date: 2020-01-23

Cast: Santiago Cabrera, Alison Pill, Orla Brady, Michelle Hurd, Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, Harry Treadaway, Rebecca Wisocky, Evan Evagora, Isa Briones, Patrick Stewart

Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama, Action, Adventure

Story By: Akiva Goldsman; Michael Chabon; Kirsten Beyer; Alex Kurtzman

Writers: Terry Matalas

Network: Paramount

Streaming Service(s): Paramount+

Directors: Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, michael dorn

Showrunner: Michael Chabon

Roddenberry’s Star Trek TNG Data Concept Was Fulfilled By Picard Season 3

Screen Rant

Best star trek: tng episode of each uss enterprise-d main character.

All of the main characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation get their moment in the spotlight, and these are the Enterprise-D crew's best episodes.

  • The characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation became iconic and beloved in the world of science fiction, thanks to the love and respect the cast members had for each other.
  • Each main character of TNG had their individual chances to shine throughout the series, with several episodes dedicated to their personal growth and development.
  • The standout episodes for each character, such as Wesley Crusher, Deanna Troi, Geordi La Forge, Beverly Crusher, Worf, Commander Riker, Data, and Captain Picard, showcased their unique journeys and added depth to their characters.

With its generally episodic style of storytelling, Star Trek: The Next Generation had many episodes that focused on one particular character. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the crew of the USS Enterprise-D explored the galaxy, they learned just as much about themselves as they did the universe around them. Throughout seven seasons, the characters of TNG became some of the most iconic and beloved characters in all of science fiction. And it's these characters, as well as the actors who play them, that have made the show such an enduring success.

Over the course of Star Trek: The Next Generation , the main TNG cast members become close friends , and their love and respect for one another shines through their characters. While they work brilliantly as an ensemble, each of the main Enterprise-D crew members had their individual chances to shine throughout the series. TNG combined standalone stories with more serialized elements to create a show where the characters and plot progressed, and entire episodes could be devoted to the progression of one or two characters. Some characters, like Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), may have gotten more main character moments than others, but every main Enterprise-D crewmember got their moment in the spotlight.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast & Character Guide

8 wesley crusher (wil wheaton), "the first duty" - tng season 5, episode 19.

Wesley Crusher left the USS Enterprise-D to attend Starfleet Academy in Star Trek: The Next Generation season 4, and some of his best episodes came after that. In "The First Duty," the Enterprise returns to Earth to find that Wesley has been involved in an accident at the Academy that took the life of one of his fellow cadets. As Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew investigate the accident, they realize that Wesley and his friends lied about the circumstances of the crash. Picard confronts Wes, delivering a powerful speech that convinces the young cadet to come forward with the truth. "The First Duty" offers a fascinating look at life at Starfleet Academy , and offers the first hints that Wesley may be destined for a future that doesn't involve Starfleet.

Honorable Mention: "Final Mission" ( TNG Season 4, Episode 9)

The events of TNG 's "The First Duty" come back to haunt Starfleet in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4, when the disgraced Starfleet cadet responsible for the accident, Nick Locarno (Robert Duncan McNeill), returns seeking revenge.

Picard's 10 Best TNG & Star Trek Speeches

7 counselor deanna troi (marina sirtis), "face of the enemy" - tng season 6, episode 14.

Counselor Deanna Troi is an interesting character who does not often get the most interesting storylines. "Face of the Enemy" finally gives Deanna the chance to be the main character , and Troi (as well as Marina Sirtis) certainly steps up to the task. After Troi is kidnapped by Romulans and altered to look Romulan herself, she works to help the Romulans who want to defect to the Federation while also striving to keep her identity hidden. "Face of the Enemy" continues the serialized elements of TNG , following up on Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) work with the Romulans in the "Unification" two-parter, while also humanizing the Romulans in a fascinating way.

Honorable Mention: "Disaster" ( TNG Season 5, Episode 5)

6 Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton)

"the enemy" - tng season 3, episode 7.

When Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge finds himself trapped on a dangerous planet with a Romulan named Bochra (John Snyder), the two enemies must work together to survive. Radiologic storms on the planet begin causing neurological damage, rendering Geordi unable to see through his VISOR and impacting Bochra's ability to walk. Like most Starfleet officers, Geordi does not trust the Romulans, but he and Bochra develop a grudging respect for one another as they help each other survive. As Chief Engineer of the Enterprise-D, Geordi often deals with crises from the ship's engine room, but La Forge proves to be just as capable on this away mission that quickly turns deadly.

Honorable Mention: "Relics" ( TNG Season 6, Episode 4)

5 Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden)

"remember me" - tng season 4, episode 5.

Dr. Beverly Crusher is one of Star Trek's best doctors , but her character did not star in TNG episodes as often as many of the other characters. In "Remember Me," Dr. Crusher begins noticing that crew members on the Starship Enterprise are disappearing, but no one else finds anything amiss. The crew of the ship continues to shrink until Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard are the only ones left. Eventually, "Remember Me" reveals that Dr. Crusher has been inadvertently caught in a warp bubble created by her son, Wesley. Beverly proves she's skilled at more than just medicine as she searches for answers, eventually realizing the truth in time to jump through the vortex Wes and the Enterprise crew have opened for her.

Honorable Mention: "The High Ground" ( TNG Season 3, Episode 12)

The Traveler (Eric Menyuk), returns in "Remember Me" to help rescue Dr. Crusher. After being first introduced in TNG season 1, episode 6, "Where No One Has Gone Before," the Traveler took an interest in Wes, saying that he was destined for great things.

4 Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn)

"redemption" - tng season 4, episode 26 & season 5, episode 1.

Many of Worf's best episodes come after he moves over to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , but he still had some great moments on TNG . One of the serialized elements of TNG that runs through most of the show involves Worf's relationship with the Klingon empire and how it sometimes conflicts with his duties as a Starfleet officer. In "Redemption, Part 1," Worf resigns from Starfleet to aid the newly installed Klingon Chancellor Gowron (Robert O'Reilly), after Picard helped Gowron achieve the position. While the "Redemption" two-parter has stand-out moments for Picard and Data as well, it's Worf who takes center stage, as more information is revealed about Klingon culture and Worf's place in it.

Honorable Mention: "Parallels" ( TNG Season 7, Episode 11)

3 Commander Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes)

"frame of mind" - tng season 6, episode 21.

Jonathan Frakes gets to show off his acting chops in thi s TNG unsettling episode, which finds Riker questioning his reality. "Frame of Mind" begins with Riker performing a play on the Enterprise, when his reality shatters, and he finds himself in a mental institution. From that point on, Riker jumps between the Enterprise and the asylum, with neither he nor the viewer knowing for sure which one is real. Riker's situation is genuinely frightening, as he fights against his own madness and the outside forces trying to control him. "Frame of Mind" also uses unique shatter effects to create an episode structure that mirrors Riker's experience, leaving the viewer feeling uncertain and disoriented.

Honorable Mention - "Pegasus" ( TNG Season 7, Episode 12)

2 Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner)

"the measure of a man" - tng season 2, episode 9.

Not only is "The Measure of a Man" a quintessential episode of Star Trek , but it's a profoundly important step in Data's journey to find his humanity. While Data's sentience may have seemed obvious to those who had been following the android's journey, not everyone at Starfleet views him the same way. When Dr. Bruce Maddox (Brian Brophy) visits the Enterprise-D, he wants to take Data back to Starfleet Headquarters and dismantle him to see how he works. Since it was Starfleet that found Data years ago, Maddox views the android as Starfleet's property rather than his own person. Throughout "The Measure of a Man," Maddox refers to Data as an it, and it's jarring every single time.

Honorable Mention: "The Offspring" ( TNG Season 3, Episode 16)

Star Trek's Best Courtroom Episodes Ranked

1 captain jean-luc picard (patrick stewart), "the inner light" - tng season 5, episode 25.

As the captain of the USS Enterprise-D, Captain Picard is arguably the main character of Star Trek: The Next Generation , but that does not mean he is at the center of every episode. Of the episodes that do focus on Picard, it's difficult to place any above "The Inner Light." When the Enterprise picks up a strange probe, Picard experiences an entire lifetime very different from his own in a matter of minutes. Throughout TNG , Jean-Luc had always asserted that he was not a family man, but "The Inner Light" proves that he could have been if his life had taken a different course. Despite the episodic nature of S ta r Trek: The Next Generation , Picard's experience in "The Inner Light" has a profound effect on him that reverberates through the rest of his life.

Honorable Mention: "Darmok" ( TNG Season 5, Episode 2)

Star Trek: The Next Generation is available to stream on Paramount+.


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