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Meet The Cast Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

star trek cast latest

| September 8, 2021 | By: Matt Wright 285 comments so far

A new promotional video was just shared with the Star Trek Day audience. In it we are re-introduced to Anson Mount(Pike), Ethan Peck (Spock), and Rebecca Romijn (Number One), who we saw in Discovery season 2 and Short Treks , and then the new cast members are introduced.

Internationally viewable version

Most of the new cast members were announced in March but not their characters—now we know who they’re playing, and there are some familiar character names among them:

●  Jess Bush is Nurse Christine Chapel ●  Christina Chong is La’an Noonien-Singh ●  Celia Rose Gooding is Cadet Nyota Uhura ●  Melissa Navia is Lt. Erica Ortegas ●  Babs Olusanmokun is Dr. M’Benga ●   Bruce Horak is Hemmer

In this new video, we can see that Number One’s full name is Una Chin-Riley, which had been used in some novels, and is now canon.

Other things of interest: the last name Noonien-Singh, a rather infamous name because of Khan, but we weren’t given any more context there. And Hemmer appears to be an Aenar , a subspecies of Andorian. Aenar are usually blind and rarely leave their isolated region of Andoria. Actor Bruce Horack is an eye cancer survivor who is blind in one eye and has severely limited sight in the other.

New sets and uniforms

As we had heard before, the sets and uniforms were not going to be identical to the ones seen in Discovery season 2, since new sets were built in CBS’ new studio space in the Toronto area (Mississauga).  We get our first look at the transporter room behind the actors and a look at the new (more comfortable-looking) take on early TOS uniforms.

star trek cast latest

Anson Mount as Captain Pike in his new uniform

star trek cast latest

Ethan Peck as Lt. Spock in new uniform, and a haircut more like Spock in “The Cage”

star trek cast latest

For reference here’s Spock in “The Cage”

Transporter room

We see the transporter room from a few different angles. The new set seems to have a blend of influences from TOS, Discovery , and the Kelvin movies.

star trek cast latest

Ethan Peck on the transporter room set

star trek cast latest

Melissa Navia on the transporter room set

More to come

There is much more to come on this big Star Trek Day, with more announcements expected. So stay tuned to TrekMovie for  our full Star Trek Day coverage .

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Watch The Star Trek Day 2023 Special

Another character named Noonien-Singh? Are they still trying to find Roddenberry’s lost friend named that?


I know long time not comment… I still lurk, but this brought me out!! I am soooo excited about this show.

Small universe, heh?

This is a bit of my issue with stuff like this. As much as I love classic Trek, why are they so beholden to it? Haven’t we seen that starfleet is a huge organization? Isn’t civilization spread out throughout the galaxy at this point?

Ditto, I hope they don’t turn Trek into Star Wars, where literally everything revolved around the Skywalker family.

Skywalker/Palpatine family. The prequels hinted at Anakin being the son of Palpatine. And Disney made Rey Emperor Palpatines daughter and granddaughter. Its really messed up.

Yeah. Not thrilled about that at all. Wonder what the connection is.

Another point no one else has made. Though I’m glad to see better East-Asian representation (obvious reference to a recent movie), it seems as though Indians (also Asians???) are getting a raw deal yet again.

Three ‘Noonien Singhs’ so far (I think). One played by a Mexican Actor (the best incarnation). One by a White-British Actor. And now an East-Asian Actress. I get that with descendants they can be of any ethnicity. It just seems as though the ‘Noonien Singhs’ are going the way of ‘Captain Nemo’. A little uncomfortable to watch given all the rightful emphasis on representation these days.

Anyway, looking forward to this show, but to steal a Doctor Bashir phrase:

”I hate the uniforms. I do”.

These are a slight upgrade over the DSC unis, but surprisingly, the Kelvin uniforms still look better. Of all the things you didn’t need a huge visual retcon from the original series (and i’m a big advocate of updating the visuals), it’s the uniforms. Give them a bit of texture for HD cameras, maybe a stiffer fabric, and you’re golden. I might have retconned them to be tuck-in shirts with a belt like TNG, but otherwise, no need for unecessary detail.

I like the Discovery version of the colourful uniforms better.

agreed. I am not a fan of the Kelvin movies and I HATE the JJ-Prise, but they did a fantastic job with the uniforms. They look exactly like what the TOS uniforms might have looked like had it been shot in 4K.

I loved Ryan Church’s design, i only wish that had been translated to film. For some reason the changes they made when translated to a 3 dimensional cgi model ruined the concept. Not sure who wanted those changes JJ, or if ILM did them.

I had less of a problem with the design itself as I did with how radically different it was from the TOS Enterprise. I mean just because something is old doesn’t mean you throw it away. But the bridge? That I seriously couldn’t stand.

The Star Trek Beyond uniforms were excellent; like so much else, the ST09 uniforms were off, resembling baseball jerseys.

I did like the Beyond uniforms, but the collar was a little funky (but I did like it). My ideal would be the TNG uniforms, withou tthe black top or sleeves: a single color top, and a black color. I like the shape of it, and that it’s tucked into a belt.

The thing that bothered me about the original uniforms (and this followed through to the JJ movie) was that the top is just shapeless– it hangs like a t-shirt, and with the vibrant colors it makes them look like they’re wearing pajamas. Fitted tops, tight like TNG S1 or otherwise, don’t work.

Which is another strike on DSC: you’d think after season 1 of TNG, they’d have learned that those extremely tight fitting tops don’t look good.

Oh God…. I missed that. Had to go back and look at the clip to be sure. Good grief…. For the love of God WHY???????

I’m flabbergasted as well, ML. My level of interest has plummeted. Everything leads back to Khan, he is the Darth Vader of Trek.

So, has Mr. Mount been working on his monologuing skills? He’s gonna need them for log entries, and of course, the intro.

I’m sure he has been.

Anson does a really good podcast called The Well, so I think his voiceover skills are at the top of their game.

it truly is an excellent podcast.

Loving the uniforms. Surprised about the younger versions of Uhura and Chapel.

Thank Kahless they did away with those weird Discovery collars. Just never needed to be there. And I also have a feeling now all the Discovery uniforms will have just suddenly disappeared completely for these uniforms, but I’m ready to be proven wrong (but REALLY hope I’m not ;)).

Yep and even Discovery crew themselves no longer wear them in the 32nd century.

Those uniforms never seemed practical and so many of those wearing them seemed very uncomfortable to the point that their movements looked awkward.

I’ve got cosplay with the blue DSC uniforms. It’s actually one of the most comfortable ones I have. Well, except for my Saru cosplay, the boots are murder.

I always said they’d update the uniforms for SNW and I’m glad they have. For the sake of continuity I’d be happy to still see a few Discovery uniforms from time to time. I never actually disliked the actual outfit I was just disappointed with the way they attempted to visually reboot the franchise in season one but the idea of multiple uniforms being in use has been there from very early in Star Trek.

I don’t mind seeing the DIS uniforms either, just as long as they are no longer the main ones going forward.

The uniforms are way better than the disco enterprise uniforms. The collars on those were superfluous and too busy

The collars were less of an issue than the “too much bling” factor on the sides and shoulders.

They keep saying it’s filmed in Toronto. It’s filmed in Mississauga. The ‘sauga never gets any love……….

“Perky ‘Canada’ Has Own Laws, Government”

Haha poor Mississauga! Remember the audience is not only the US, but also a global one. When I lived down in the States, almost everyone knew Toronto but nobody knew about Etobicoke which is where I was from so of course I would always say I was from Toronto. Pretty cool that CBS built that studio out by the 401 and Dixie – I will have to drive by there sometime to check it out.

I’ve been waiting for a USS Mississauga or a Mississauga-class ship.

C’mon Lower Decks show the fam up at CBS Stages Mississauga some love!

Is Missiassauga a suburb of Toronto, or a completely separate town in its vicinity?

Distinct separate city but is attached to Toronto separated by “Etobicoke Creek”

I didn’t even know that and I live in Ottawa. We call all that Toronto too :D

Mississauga is a separate city, adjacent but in the County of Peel.

It includes Toronto Pearson International Airport just to be extra confusing.

Toronto was amalgamated in the 90s to be one huge city such that a lot of towns (Etobicoke included) were rolled in. When people refer to the Greater Toronto Area or GTA, adjacent municipalities, Mississauga, and all of Peel, would be included.

Mississauga used to be the butt of running jokes as Canada’s 4th largest city that was really suburbia and the land of car dealerships.

Now, the ‘sauga has fallen to sixth in population but looks urban. It has astonishing tall modern towers and the car dealerships are lobbying for zoning protection from things like movie and television studios.

comment image

I mean, no more confusing that DCA (which is in Arlington) or SFO (which is owned by the City of San Francisco but is physically in Burlingame).

I live in Skokie which is so close to Chicago I can be there in less than 10 minutes. Anyone outside my area I just say I’m from Chicago which is known worldwide

Mississauga has more than ten times the population of Skokie and is the sixth largest city in Canada.

It’s not quite the same thing.

It’s a suburb. It’s exactly the same thing. Mississauga isn’t known worldwide, Toronto is.

It still doesn’t look that urban (I live in the GTA, too).

I actually don’t live in the GTA, and never have for more than a month here or there for a project.

So it’s not loyalty…more just frustration that we’re expected to know about Santa Barbara or San Diego or Brooklyn or the Bronx, but it would be too much to suggest that it might be the same for Mississauga.

To me that’s a little like people from Orange County whining that they get lumped in with Los Angeles. The fact is Orange County is part of the LA area just as Mississauga is a part of the greater Toronto area. So deal with it.

Super excited! glad to see legacy characters, but not totally surprised. Looking forward to it!

Thanks. Just had to throw my jacket in my lap…🚀

Laurie called it.

Dr. M’Benga! Yeah!

Pretty cool.

M’Benga made a good impression on me during the two episodes he was in; I’m very happy that they’re adding his character.

They really need more Asian characters, though. Asians are like a third of Earth’s population, so on a human-heavy ship, there should be lots.

(No, I’m not Asian. It’s just that I can count. :-D)

Gene Roddenberry had tentative plans to spin-off a hospital show with Dr. M’Benga as the lead. That’s why they gave him so much to do. Too bad that show never happened, sounds like it would have been a cool concept for a 60’s show.

Ah, interesting! I didn’t know that. I’ve read that Booker Bradshaw was asked to play doctors frequently and was rather bored with that, so maybe it’s good the spin-off didn’t happen. :-)

The 60’s and and 70’s was full of hospital shows in the US. Setting one in space wouldn’t be so Surprising. I think the UK had a sci-fi show like that. Got canceled I think.

I’m not sure how the actress playing La’an identifies, but her father is of Asian descent.

Yes, but one out of all those characters is not one-third…

Is it too much that they actually cast a Sikh, or even a non-Sikh Punjabi, actor to play a descendent of Khan Noonian Singh?

Agreed on Asian characters. And Southeast Asian.

I recall being kind of against the idea of Olusanmokun playing M’Benga principally because the actor is about a decade older than the guy who originated the role and he’s playing a version of said character that is almost a decade younger than when we last saw him. That ships sailed now though with this announcement and to be honest I no longer care, I’m just really exited to learn more about M’Benga.

Inconsistensies like that are just opportunities to tell a cool story. Maybe M’genga encountered some strange energies that rejuvenated him? Not like that’s never happened on Star Trek :D

To be fair I was only basing this argument on the actors actual age when he played M’Benga but in my opinion he did look older than 27 so I guess I can just ignore it. You never know though, they could factor it into that story. For all we know it might not even be that M’Benga but an older relative although the marketing certainly seems to be stating that they are one and the same.

It’s a tv show. They picked the best actor for the roll. Think of TOS as a rough draft of ST.

It’s kind of cool that they recast BOTH Majel characters.

Now, I’m waiting for Lwaxana Troi to time travel back in time and meet Nurse Chapel and Number One/Una..

And the voice of the computer.

Well, then. They’re bringing in quite a few more legacy characters than I’d expected. I was thinking maybe Yeoman Colt or some other such characters from “The Cage”, but Uhura? M’Benga? Chapel? Also someone named Noonien-Singh, and we all know the connection there…

I regret feeling so ambivalent. If I didn’t have my own personal history reaching back decades experiencing these characters and the others we already know (most especially Spock), I’d probably be super-excited. As it is, I can’t help but feel like this show will feel like an interpretation of the “real” thing (even if a lot of these versions will likely be far more fleshed-out than the incarnations we see in TOS and the other older productions, Spock excepted). But if I were a newcomer to the franchise, I’m sure I’d be over the moon right now.

I’m afraid they’re going to ruin Spock. Avika Goldman wants to use the emotional Spock we saw in “The Cage,” and that will totally destroy the meaning of the character.

Spock was emotional in “The Cage” because Number One was the emotionless character back then. When the second pilot was written, that lack of emotion was transferred to Spock. The human-Vulcan hybrid who was determined to act completely Vulcan no matter what is now going to be playing with emotions? That’s NOT who Spock is!

Also, Ethan Peck’s ears look ridiculous. They need to get a better prosthetic maker to re-do his ears ASAP.

So much fake melodrama.

What a mean thing to say. What did I ever do to you?

Yea, that was uncalled for. Mods need to step in on that person — lot’s of personal snarky comments like that from them lately.

You have a legitimate opinion. If someone disagrees then they should tell you why.

Oh, give it a rest.

Nothing at all, and I wasn’t saying anything mean. I was agreeing with you. There will likely be a lot of fake melodrama involving Spock since they’re basing this on the overly emotional version of the character from The Cage. We even saw that in season two of Discovery. Sorry if my comment somehow seemed mean, but it was actually meant to agree with you.

I misunderstood your comment; I thought you meant my concern about their approach to Spock was melodramatic! Sorry for the confusion.

Wow Lorna Dune. You’re treading on thin ice. Been seeing lots of unpleasant things from you recently. Consider this your warning.

Wait, what? I don’t understand what I said that was unpleasant. I was agreeing with Corylea. There will likely be a lot of fake melodrama involving Spock since they’re basing this on the overly emotional version of the character from The Cage. We even saw that in season two of Discovery. So I fail to see how my agreeing with a comment is mean, unpleasant or cause for a warning.

LOL! Nice move. Still time to use the same apology to Brennon in the Prodigy thread. He might have “misunderstood” you too when you said the exact same thing to him ;))

I don’t know what that response refers to.

Corylea was actually voicing concerns. To which you replied “So much fake melodrama.” I’m not sure what you thought was going on there, but that looked like you’re telling Corylea they were being “fake” and “dramatic.” Please try to be aware of how your reply looks to others before posting.

OK, so noted. But this has all been taken entirely out of context. I know she was voicing concerns, and I was agreeing with her. Anyway, I’m just going to walk away now, perplexed.

You have a record on this board of calling members melodramatic or odd and you are perplexed if they take that as an insult? I don’t have an issue with your snarkiness but your hypocrisy and pretended innocence is a little hard to take serious.

I have no idea who you are, odradek, so your opinion of me and my supposed “record” doesn’t matter in the slightest.

I think he looks a lot like Nimoy in Where No Man Has Gone Before . Not quite the look Spock finally ended up with.

The hairstyle, yes, and I assume that’s deliberate, though I wish they hadn’t done it. The ears, no; the ears are just bad.

I’m with you on this. Supposedly, this takes place after the events in Discovery.. the Spock from the Cage has already progressed beyond that stage. You could see that in Discovery. Doesn’t mean he can’t struggle with his human side still. I’m holding out judgement but Akiva’s comments along with little things like his hairstyle in this trailer, make me wonder if they’re trying to make him regress. That, or perhaps they are going further back than the events of Discovery.. I’m just not sure. Either way, I just have concerns that they’re not honoring what has been portrayed before the same way they did that on Discovery. I would love to be wrong and hope that I am.

Remember this is Akiva Goldsman we are talking about the guy who wrote Batman and Robin. So I think a little trepidation goes a long way with him.

Even when he won the Oscar, I couldn’t get past that he was the writer on those two Batman movies… because of those I groaned when it was announced he was coming over to Trek.

His Involvement with Star Trek Discovery doesn’t help his standing very much either.

Yeah. I’m happy for them to flesh out Uhura and Chapel and M’Benga however they want, because those characters weren’t very well developed during TOS. But we KNOW who Spock is! They really need to honor the TOS portrayal of his character. Leonard Nimoy’s acting was good enough to show us that Spock DID have emotions, but Mr. Nimoy was so very good at being subtle that they were only hinted at, and the audience had to pay attention to see them. I would hate to see Mr. Nimoy’s excellent work undone.

Mr. Nimoy worked very hard — not just on his acting, but with lots of behind-the-scenes memos — to keep Spock IN character. I doubt Mr. Peck has the clout to force the producers to keep Spock in character, even assuming he wants to.

In some ways they already have. Spock’s story in Discovery is not well weaved into the Spock we know. The biggest, to me, is how they try to supplant Kirk with Burnham as being the impetus for his journey forward. Is their room for both? Maybe.. but it really devalues Spock’s friendship and growth as a character to retread ground already told.

I agree; I didn’t care for their trying to make Burnham be the most important thing in Spock’s development. She’s already saved the universe; she can leave Spock alone. :-)

Right. I don’t mind that Burnham was a lost sister of Spock’s that we have never heard of before. But what I do mind is that Kirk never knew of her if she was THAT important to Spock. It just ring true to me.

As I said MANY times, everyone should know who Burnham was and her history in Starfleet, at least if you were IN Starfleet at the time, being both the first mutineer and supposedly started the Klingon war on top of it. She would be infamous at this point.

I agree from the perspective she started the Klingon war. But that doesn’t bother me nearly as much as how an entire division of StarFleet (section 31) was completely lost a mere 80+ years later.

We could go on and on with all the problems with the Burnham character. And you are correct in your assessment here too. One of my many issues is the fact that Spock actually says there’s never been a mutiny when his own adopted sister was known to have lead one. I know there are liberties to be taken with this sort of thing but when a major line of dialogue openly contradicts what you do in your “prequel” then you have a problem. And as we have all seen, there is a laundry list of problems.

Really?! The same Kirk who didn’t even know that his First Officer’s father was the Vulcan ambassador?

(Which, truth be told, was some pretty poor writing on the part of the usually awesome D.C. Fontana, who should’ve understood better than anyone that storytelling logic shouldn’t be sacrificed for a cheap, melodramatic hook before the opening credits.)

Whatever the real-world reasons for Spock’s behavior in “The Cage,” the performance nevertheless has been filmed canon for going on sixty years now, not only as an unaired pilot but as a two part, Hugo-winning episode. I don’t know what rationale they’ll come up with for exploring Spock’s more emotional side, but have no objections to it on principle if it’s done well.

Which is, of course, a big ‘if.’ Mount said it himself: SNW is a real high-wire act, and whatever they do some fans will be unhappy. But I can say that I thought Ethan Peck did a very credible job with Spock on Discovery, all things considered. With the rare exception of an Arlene Martel or Mark Leonard, many of the actors portraying Vulcans have been just terrible. Peck was far better than most, including (at least for my money) Zack Quinto.

That was an excellent post, Blondie-Wan. You summed up my feelings pretty exactly, there. I too feel ambivalent, and as you suggested, perhaps it’s just because my own decades-long relationship with the franchise is coloring everything coming now for me as simply a flashier remake of what’s come before. And the fact DSC has disappointed me so much. I’ll give this a chance, though.

I’m a little disappointed it looks like we aren’t getting Colt. 3 legacy characters does feel like a bit much. Especially when the one that fist the best wasn’t even among them! (Scotty)

I’m curious as to who is going to be the Chief Engineer.

That has always been an important character on Trek starships.

Not on Discovery. For a show that focuses on science and engineering there is a very odd discomfort with the idea of showing the engine room.

On the other hand, there’s been a semi-tradition on Trek series to only confirm the chief engineer some ways into the first season. Perhaps there’s someone more to come.

But Star Trek Discovery is weird in that they seem to have NO senior staff. We have yet to see the CMO (unless what’s her name is is) or a Chief Engineer. When the captain gets his staff together it’s the show characters and no department heads. That was always weird. But then, Star Trek Discovery has decided that “sense” (among other things) was something they didn’t seem to care about.

I’m guessing Hemmer or Ortega at the moment.

Except in TNG prior to LaForge taking over as Chief Engineer.


OMG, crazy! Most people assumed that was Uhura but I didn’t expect Chapel at ALL!! And even M’Benga is there who I admit I utterly forgot about as a character until my grand rewatch of TOS earlier this year! So welcome aboard brotha! This is pretty amazing! I was already excited about the show but now much more hyped for it!

No one should kid themselves thinking we weren’t going to get more TOS characters on this show. All these new shows are basically fan service for the old ones lol. It was 100% guaranteed just like we are getting more TNG and VOY characters on the other shows. I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I haven’t looked any other place yet but I’m guessing the news is blowing up everywhere.

Kirk will show up in the second season

Or sooner maybe. Ethan Peck made some cryptic comments about Spock’s established relationships with characters being explored in SNW.

I fully expected that. Can’t wait to read all the angry comments. :)

OOOF, I don’t know. Kirk is a hard one to pull off. Pine has way more power over his character IMHO than Quinto has over Spock. But then again CBS and Paramount are merged now so I guess anything can happen.

Like a few folks I called Uhura. Really surprised by the others. I never would have guessed they would bring back a fairly minor character like M’Benga.

Yeah I was pretty certain that was Uhura too. As far as Chapel, it’s funny how I never even considered she would be on this show, but yeah nothing stops it either (and not being played by the same actress helps ;)).

As for M’Benga, as said, I honestly completely forgot who he was until recently and I been watching the show since the late 70s lol. But that’s probably why they brought him in, he has a ‘name’ to the hardcore fans (VERY hardcored ;)) but was just in two episodes so they can literally do anything they want with him, like Pike himself basically. It’s smart to make him the head doctor on the show although it may be a Culber situation and he’s not the CMO himself, but kind of is. ;)

Don’t ask me which, but I think M’Benga got some love in a few novels.

Yes! I found him in some novels too and didn’t know who he was. I recognized him in TOS afterwards.

I don’t think him being the CMO is a good idea. It raises some questions. None are good for M’Benga. I brought them up in my initial post which should be below…

I was also one of those that called Uhura. I didn’t get Chapel though, I’d guessed Colt for that particular actress and whilst I conceded there was a possibility of M’Benga I was against that casting at the time because this actor is a lot older than the guy who played him in TOS was at the time.

Honestly I didn’t see this coming. They could have gone with all new characters (aside from Pike, Spock and Number One) but that’s already basically happening on Picard, Discovery, Lower Desks, and soon Prodigy, so I was blown away by all these legacy characters who I honestly have wanted to know more about. Along with this being more episodic Trek (which I loved about the old shows) and the high production value (which I love about the new shows). My anticipation level is at a fever pitch now. If we get a teaser trailer anytime soon I’m going burst lol

My personal preference was to have Scotty be the only legacy character. To me he makes the most sense. If he was already on board under whoever was the actual Chief then he gets promoted when Kirk takes over it fits with his odd love of the big E. He would have spent years working on her and then to finally be responsible…. It just fits better than anyone. Even Chapel.

M’Benga, Uhura and Chapel all served with Pike before? I know nothing contradicted that but it sure seemed like only Spock had any attachment to him in the Menagerie. Maybe those other 3 were secretly helping Spock take Pike to Talos offscreen…

I don’t remember Uhura or Chapel playing a large role in the Menagerie. Have to go back and look sometime.

Unless this is set before the events of Discovery, this is a few years after The Cage .

discovery season 1 takes place in 2257 the cage takes place in 2264 and the first 2 episodes of discovery take place in 2256 so there is only a year between the cage and discovery and from what has been siad before this picks up were season 2 of discovery leaves off which is 2258

The Cage was 13 years before The Menagerie according to dialogue, and The Menagerie was in 2265 or 2266. That puts The Cage at 2252 or 2253. If Discovery Season 2 is 2258 as you say, that is five or six years later.

nope the cage took place in 2254 that has been extablished as canon even the canon discovery novels say as much so does everyones favorite resource memory alpha says 2254 and only the final 2 part episode of discovery season 2 takes place in 2258 the rest of the season 2 takes place in 2257 like most of season 1 except the first 2 episodes which take place in 2256 and the menagerie two part tos episode takes place in 2267

Novels are not canon. Canon by definition is what is depicted on screen.

Where are you getting that The Menagerie (in the middle of Season 1) was set in 2267?

Where are you getting that there was a one-year time jump between Through The Valley Of Shadows and Such Sweet Sorrow ? Or do you mean the final few minutes (where Pike, Spock and Una say the Discovery was destroyed) was a year later? Even that is debatable, since that means they were still being debriefed about those events a year later.

they state the years in thew show with the stardates

also cbs viacom and the creators of the shows have siad the discovery and picard novels and comics are canon tie ins and they had to delay the picard comic so it it was accurate to the show since it was a last minute decision to have la forge survive the destruction of utopia planetia in the show the reason is they are using the books and comics as canon tie-ins is the same as disney uses thier star wars novels,comics and games as canon tie-ins to give back stories to characters and events from the movies and shows

Yes I know when the show takes place. I just don’t recall any significant Pike/Uhura interaction.

This is why I come to this forum. To be corrected on mistakes I never made. It’s fun.

I was just pointing out that a few years have passed since the Talos IV incident. Plenty of time for Uhura or Chapel to have come aboard the Enterprise while Pike was still Captain.

The post mentions The Menagerie (Pike in wheelchair, Commodore Mendez etc) — not The Cage.

Uhura and Sulu (in xenobiology not as pilot) were on board before Kirk arrived. So it’s canon that they serves with Pike, but not as to when they joined the crew.

That has never been said onscreen, no.

Nope. Nichelle Nichols did not appear in either “The Cage” (the first pilot) or “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (the second pilot.) Her first appearance was in “The Corbomite Maneuver.” So it wasn’t canon that she served with Pike until SNW put her there.

Sulu was in WNMHGB but was not in “The Cage,” so it’s also not canon that he served with Pike. And Sulu wasn’t a xenobiologist; he reports himself as being in Astro Sciences in WNMHGB.

You’re right about Uhura. Also Chapel says she signed up with Starfleet fairly recently in the hopes of finding her fiancé Roger Corby in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”, so she shouldn’t be on SNW either. However, there’s grey area with Sulu. Remember The Cage (2254) and WNHGB (2265) are separated by 10 years. DSC S2, and thus SNW, takes place a few years after The Cage. So while I don’t love more legacy characters being included, Sulu actually could have served with Pike during his second 5 year mission.

I’m not saying that they COULDN’T have been on Pike’s ship; I was responding to TG47’s saying that it’s CANON that they WERE. It is not canon that they were … at least, it wasn’t until SNW came along. :-)

Ahh gotcha.

These won’t be the only original characters we see. Sulu or someone similar will probably show up at some point, even if they don’t become series regulars. I don’t think this braintrust running the show can help themselves. To me, Scotty seems the most logical as we get closer to the time Kirk takes over. I’d bet real money that this series ends with the transition to Kirk, and we get him.

Well Scotty is the oldest and has served the longest so he makes the most sense. I hope if he shows up they adhere to the canon of the career he had prior to the Enterprise established in Relics.

My thoughts exactly. A Lt Scott on the Enterprise who reports to the Chief Engineer works perfectly. And flows best with what we know of the character. I was kinda hoping they find a way to get him in but with 3 other legacy characters I now think it will be overkill,

But still hoping the show works.

We were specifically responding to the above comment “ Uhura and Sulu (in xenobiology not as pilot) were on board before Kirk arrived. ” even though no canon stories ever said they were.

I suppose it’s true that Sulu could have been there and I can’t refute canon. I just grew up assuming that just like Leonard Nimoy was the only actor that came over from the original pilot, Spock was the only crew member from Pike’s command to stay under Kirk’s command.

Uhura could have been on a different shift in WNMHB and SNW is after The Cage. I think she was actually on the Enterprise under Cage in the novel Enterprise.

Yes, she COULD have been on the ship; I was replying to TG47’s statement that it’s CANON that she was on the ship. It isn’t. Or at least, it wasn’t until SNW came along. :-)

That’s the beauty of prequels….now it is! ;D

I have a disturbing doubt. the presence of Uhura in this period of time gives space to the love story with Spock. it’s a possibility that scares me!

Uh. No. No way. Let’s leave that in the Kelvin Universe HOWEVER they could have some origin story regarding Chapel developing her crush on Spock…

Chapel is supposed to be engaged, so her crush on Spock before “What Are Little Girls Made Of” is kinda strange to begin with, unless she’s polyamorous.

I don’t see the conflict, actually. I think it could set up some interesting love triangle kind of thing. Could be just an attraction that is never consummated or really acted upon, but palpable and conflicting for her (to me, that’s the most interesting, and most logical. I don’t see Spock intentionally violating someone’s relationship), or they disregard anything already established and have it be some sort of romance, even if she is canonically married prior to this show airing.

She did try to flirt with him in several episodes of TOS, and Goldsman’s saying that they could include relationships that were only hinted at during TOS makes me think that may be where they’re headed.

I never considered that but ouch I hope not. An officer so should not be dating a cadet. So illogical.

She’s still only a cadet in SNW so it doesn’t necessarily follow that she would be get the Enterprise when she graduates Starfleet Academy but she likely would aspire to get back there. Now if SNW goes multiple seasons like Discovery then they’ll have to cross that bridge and if she remains on the show then she would realistically have to be assigned to the ship but then again she might only be on one season of the show for all we know. Interestingly Kurtzman brought up the Starfleet Academy project when being interviewed by Wil Wheaton for Star Trek day and he reiterated that this is a concept that they remain excited about. For all we know this might be being developed as another TOS prequel show and Uhura could transfer onto that series.

All that could be true but I have a feeling they aren’t thinking that hard about it. My guess is Uhura will just stay on the ship through the end. If so, she and Spock will be the Kolbe Bryant of Starfleet and their entire career will be on one ship (OK, technically two ;)).

uhura is a cadet in strange new worlds so she is either 3rd or 4th year much like how tilly was serving on the discovery as a cadet

I would think it would be more like Nog being a cadet and serving on DS9. Which I thought was a bit weird that he would be there for very long as he still has his studies to deal with.

Just like Chekov played a role on season 1 of TOS. 😉

Will Spock have Ponn Farr on Strange New Worlds? Will Pike help him deal with: Una, Uhurah and Chapel? Are there other choices?

Will Spock have a relationship be with M’Benga that is sort of “straight” as an alternative to the humor of his relationship with McCoy? Or just nothing special?

IIRC there was a bit of flirtation between Spock and Una in one of the Short Treks so maybe something will come out of that

Chapel doesn’t make an appearance in “The Menagerie” at all. Uhura actually has a fair amount of screen time by the standards of the character, but there’s little in the episode to suggest that she has any personal connection to its events.

Crew on a ship of that size would rotate in and out, and there would be multiple shifts. Ops would likely have crew cross train, so it would be possible any given crew member could be serving anywhere on a large ship, depending on circumstances.

And that is another reason why I feel like too many legacy characters could be a bit of a continuity problem.

Wish there was a teaser trailer. Yet with these streaming shows they don’t release trailers until 6-8 weeks before release start date. Wonder if they’ll make minor design changes to the Discoprise Enterprise.

going by a produxction crews shirt they gave the enterprise tmp refit pylons and might have moded the nacelles a bit but the rest looks relitivly the same

Yeah the biggest disappointment. THIS was the trailer everyone was hoping to see. But knowing Paramount, they will probably drop one 2 days later or something just to throw people off. ;)

Is there some in universe explanation for why the Discoprise becomes the actual Enterprise of Shatner Kirk, or its just because its modern day and they like to do a modern take. It would be hilarious if the 60s design was the first refit.

they have visually updated the 60’s designs and they used the tmp refit/1701-a as a reference for the basis for the visual update while keeping certian elements to the 60’s design in it

Yeah. Say what you will about the Discoprise, it is orders of magnitude better than the Kelvinprise which just looks utterly ridiculous. Both of them.

Agreed. I still prefer Matt Jeffries’ original, but can easily live the Disco interpretation of it. The broad strokes are mostly fine; it’s the lighting and texturing of the model on Discovery that I had a problem with. Hopefully, as with the uniforms (and, it appears, the bridge lighting) SNW will take a different approach.

I think the notion that the look of Star Trek was part of canon was thrown out the window the second Discovery aired. Canon had always honored the look of TOS up until then. Some say it never was, but if that was the case, why was Archer on a faithful looking Defiant? Why did Scotty stand on an accurate TOS Bridge in TNG? Why was DS9 so faithful in Trials and Tribulations? I get the need to update the look, but I do think they aren’t faithful enough. The sets look great, including the Enterprise Bridge. I appreciate the effort they made to pay homage to the TOS design, but I also think they went to far. The design of the model Enterprise in Discovery was baffling to me in the liberties they took to make it look different that they didn’t have to. I think they could have done better.

*Should read “I don’t think they are faithful enough.” sorry… typo

I totally agree. I get this isn’t 1960’s and you can’t make sets out of cardboard and jellybeans and ships are CGI, etc… But you can be more faithful to the iconic TOS design than they are being. But I will say they did a great job with the bridge. The exterior of the ship (esp the nacelles and the slanted pylons) not so much.

Wish it wasn’t geolocked! As usual,all the Trek stuff is just for the US. Oh well,might check it out one day,lol.

The official site has the promos and should be region free:

Thanks Matt,will try that. Sometimes they work,sometimes they don’t. Great that you post a few pics from these though. Thanks for that too!

I was hoping to see a trailer but the cast intro was just as good. We not only saw some great legacy and new characters but we got a first peek at the new uniforms (I am sure many will be happy they got rid of those collars) and a look at the slightly revised bridge. Can’t wait to take a closer look when they release a video we can pause haha. This was definitely worth checking out on Star Trek Day and I hope they can give us a premiere date soon.

well i don’t think the cgi vfx are finished yet the show just finished filming a month or two ago they explained that all the computer monitor displays on the sets are live and react to the cast tapping and pressing on the screens

I am so, so, so, SO happy they got rid of those strange collars. There were so many ‘what were they THINKING???’ ideas they did in Discovery first season that is now thankfully being fazed out between both shows, especially DIS being throwing a thousand years into the future and all.

Like many (or everybody ;)) I was hoping for a trailer too, but we’ll live. We are getting a lot in general on all the shows, so it’s fine. I haven’t really went back and looked at the SNW sets yet since I’m still watching but can’t wait to hear all the analysis over the tiniest bit of minutiae we come to know for decades! ;)

Oh wow!! Very different from what I’d thought it would be… Especially the uniforms. Uhura and Chapel… Didn’t see that one coming either. nevertheless, very exciting.

Especially their haircut. Very strange (new world) to see Uhura which such short hair.

An Aenar! That’s awesome!

The most awesome part about that being that this time they’re using an actor who is actually blind. From a representation standpoint, that’s honestly great.

That said, I wish they weren’t bringing back all these legacy characters with new performers. Honestly, I wish they just had a totally different ship and a crew we’ve never met before in some other era. But oh well. I’m sure the cast will be great and all.

I’m fine with it all if they truly forge ahead and don’t keep trying to recreate TOS. A little dipping in to characters we know and love can be ok, but coming from this group of creatives, some of the character choices in this are concerning to me… not because they are there, but because the people behind Discovery have, so often, delved into Trek’s past at the expense of propelling the show forward. Trying to be reverent is a fine line. I hope I’m wrong.

I agree with you on these new announcements, but exploring Pike’s era is a part of Trek lore that I believe is warranted, coupled with Mount’s performance of the character. He was the best part of Discovery so far, and I do want to see more. If he can bring what he brought to Star Trek in Discovery, and they build off of that, then I remain hopeful.

Honestly, I’m in the camp that Akiva Goldsman as the driving force behind this series may be the biggest problem with being full on optimistic about this. I’m not her to bash Akiva.. I just think he’s over reliant on the past of Star Trek in the wrong way.

OMG, wow that IS cool! I didn’t catch that. I just thought he was an odd looking Andorian. LOVE to see more and more Enterprise canon making it onto the shows. I don’t love prequels but that is the one cool thing about them, that, if done right, it bridges aliens and old story lines more. In this case, a new prequel building on the previous prequel.

He might be an Aenar (sorry the spelling may be wrong) who decided he wanted to see the outside world.

Well, experience the outside world, anyway.

Haha yes so true and I forgot that they are blind.

I noticed that and didn’t comment on it. I HOPE they know he’s not blue! But my main deal with the Andorrans is that their antenna move with their emotional state like they did on Enterprise. That was the best classic alien upgrade I have ever seen!

The actor Bruce Horath is one of a very few legally blind actors. He is completely blind in one eye and has very limited vision in the other.

More, his blindness was caused by a childhood cancer that clouds the visible portion of the eye like the Aenar were depicted in Enterprise.

So, this seems like very fortuitous and intentional casting of an Aenar to represent people with visual limitations in-universe.

I would really hope to see the animatronics back in the antenna too. I’m trying to recall though if that was as much a thing for the Aenar though. Their antenna were different than Andorians and serves different purposes.

I don’t remember if their antennae showed emotions, but they definitely moved around when they were reading people’s minds.

Man, Anson Mount is HANDSOME, Ohh Myyy! Exciting that we get to see young Uhura, how cool for that actress to be stepping into such an iconic role! Awesome that it appears that they’ve hired a blind actor to play a blind character – can imagine that that will be really empowering and inspirational for a lot of people out there. And very glad to hear that it’ll be more episodic in nature – hopefully in the same vein as The Mandalorian was episodic in that each episode featured a unique chapter in the journey that can be enjoyed on it’s own, but also connected to a larger story and always keeping it simple and character driven. Would love to see that type of approach here, and mixed with this cast I’m sure we’ll all be very happy with the results. LLAP

 Jess Bush is Nurse Christine Chapel!!!! Celia Rose Gooding is Cadet Nyota Uhura!!!! Babs Olusanmokun is Dr. M’Benga!!!! Transporter room looks good. ANDORIAN ON THE SHIP!!



It’s going to be fun to have TOS characters on this show and TNG era characters on the others again. And then there is Discovery. ;)

Once they confirmed Uhura was showing up my excitement level jumped even higher than it was! Chapel was just the extra icing needed.

It’s an aenar played by a blind actor!

Do I really gotta be the one to point out how annoying it is when writers shoehorn in connections to future stories as nostalgia bait? Noonien Singh, really?? And young Uhura too? For crying out loud, not every character in a show has to be connected to the shows we’ve already seen. This means, what, we get exactly 2 new characters in this entire show? I’m so sick of this… Despite all its claims to the contrary, Star Trek in its current iteration has become a conservative, regressive show. Instead of taking chances, it falls back on the familiar like every other media franchise in production today. Discovery is rooted in nostalgia, Picard even more so. Lower Decks is entirely referential. These writers know nothing except how to take established characters and change them into their own hollow interpretations. I was so excited for SNW to show us a new crew of the Enterprise, and literally we’re getting exactly what we had before or someone with some completely unnecessary connection to Khan, because everything in Star Trek has to connect back to Khan somehow, it was the movie that everyone loved so it’s gotta be about Khan. God I hate our modern media diet… Rant over 🖖🏼

Dude, I’m so with you on this. This franchise and its creatives cannot get past Khan. Every single movie from TNG forward can’t seem to get away from the villain motivated by revenge format.. or directly trying to recreate the character, which is damn near impossible… so now we see this character name and have to wonder… why? And not wondering why in an intriguing way.. why in a “WTF does that mean” way. The obsession with Khan and recreating Star Trek II is the one thing they really need to get away from.

Rant appreciated, actually. All good points. I really wish I had any faith at all in the writing teams at Kurtzman & Co.

Fully understand the frustration. I am with you to a point. I agree with SH constantly hardening back to what Trek has done before. Unfortunately they do it because it’s usually safe with most fans. Most fans love the call backs. Just look at this board when they brought in Talos and the Guardian of Forever. Many ate it up. I knew they would have a call back and at least one legacy character. But was hoping for fewer.

And the Singh thing…. Good grief. I really hope there is no relation.

Okay, now I officially miss the strange DSC uniform collar. Their necks look naked without it :-)

Concerning the characters: I only guessed Uhura right.

M’Benga? Chapel? Those I had thought to be Clark Terrell and Carol Marcus.

But instead of those TWOK characters we get… a Noonien-Singh??? La’aaaaaaaan! La’aaaaaaaaaaan!

The only huge disappointment is the name Erica Ortegas. I was so much hoping they’d call her Macha Hernandez, Tasha’s original name from an early TNG draft.

But yeah, hit it! Let’s fly…

Oh man… having Clark Terrell and Carol Marcus would have been awesome too!!! Dr M’benga I think had to be there now. That being said still think we should see Dr. Boyce, Lt Tyler and Colt… hope they show up..

Carol Marcus? I dunno. I don’t think everyone in Kirk’s life needs to have had to have come from the Enterprise.

Wow, never thought they’d include Dr M’benga but that is cool. I always thought he was an underrated character in TOS. Including Uhura and Chapel were unexpected but I knew these producers couldn’t help themselves to include legacy characters. They always take the easy way out. By the way is the actress playing Uhura related to Cuba Cooding Jr? It would have been fun if Rebecca Romijn had actually played the Chapel role as well, but probably too much work so it didn’t happen.

Of course not. We all knew the second SNW was announced, half of TOS will probably show up before first season is over. I joke, but…

The people making Trek today are ultimate fanboys and girls. It’s why we have everything from Q to the Guardian of Forever back (I still want them to team up like the strangest buddy cop story in history). It’s ALL coming back kids. All of it by the time they are done.

As far as the actress being related to Cuba Gooding Jr, since it hasn’t been brought up once since she was first announced, doubtful. But you know I’m usually wrong. ;)

But when is it starting? After Picard in mid/late 2022?

They didn’t say, but based on production/release schedules I would guess starting shortly after Picard in late April/early May 2022.

So I will hold out on subscribing to Paramount+ until then. SNW is the only Star Trek show I am looking forward to, so I will wait until then to subscribe. I will watch the other shows then, but I can be patient with those.

Same here, VZX. I’m in no hurry to sign up for yet another service as it is.

knowing picard comes out on either febuary 17th or 24th 2022 depending on if discovery season 4 has 13 or 14 episodes in season 4 that would put strange new worlds coming out either april 28th 2022 or may 5th 2022 since we know picard will have 10 episodes

I’d say 22.2.22 (or 2.22.22) would be the perfect date. As long as it’s not February the 29th… :-P

:D Would be nice date!

But right after Picard S2, would make it to first half of 2022, would be great! Nevertheless its like 3/4 of a year :o

Anyone knowing, if they are already working on scripts for a S2? Maybe it would give them enough time, to take enough care on the details and logic.

What about Dr. Boyce who was seen in The Cage? Or Dr. Piper in Where no man has gone before? (A bit offtopic, but interesting: in the german dubbed version, which was notorious for getting things wrong, they made it right and presented Dr. Piper as “replacement for Dr. McCoy” ;-) Also with the eugenic wars which were placed in the 2090s and almost with the time period of TOS: “it’s the year 2200”)

This is years after The Cage, so Boyce could be retired or even dead. But we still might see him. At the very least they will probably reference him in some ways. Dr. Piper is the complete opposite, he didn’t show up until years later, so I don’t it matters much.

Even though its wrong, it would actually make a lot more sense if the Eugenic wars took place in the 2090s. Or at least be the direct cause of WW 3.

At the very least they will probably reference him in some ways. 

Maybe again in the german dubbed version “I’m the replacement for Dr. Boyce”. ;-) (No, not really… it’s not 1972 anymore, when german viewers didn’t have any knowledge about the original version.)

Oh I see what you mean now. But as said it was dubbed wrong. And of course, they may just ignore stuff. Everyone is trying to piece together every little thing, but this is the group that skipped over the part about visiting Talos IV warrants the death penalty or pretends Sybok never even existed (or maybe I’m wrong and he shows up next season ;)).

Other words, they know most won’t care about every obscure piece of minutiae, especially something from a single episode that didn’t have any real story basis.

The uniforms can never alligne anyway. The Cage and WNMHGB had the same uniforms. Doesn’t matter. That’s production history.

I’m more concerned with SNW being called the “maiden voyages” of the NCC-1701. There was Robert April before Pike and that is canon due to TAS…

Discovery had Robert April as one of Saru’s inspiration’s for commanding a ship.

The German dubbed version :-) Oh my, we got Sol Drive instead of Warp Drive back then and Gary Seven was called Felix Sevenrock because of a ZDF guy named Siebenrock :-) They only broadcast half of the TOS episodes in the 70s with the other half to arrive in the 80s… Amok Time was depicted as a dream and Patterns of Force premiered in the late 90s…

Funniest thing about the German dubbing is Picard’s voice. First three and a half seasons and in the movies he had that old man’s voice that would NOW perfectly fit for older PIC Picard (the great voice actor has sadly passed though). Seasons 5-7 had that spot-on younger Stewart’s voice…

Piper was only in WNMHGB because DeForrest Kelley, who Roddenberry wanted, wasn’t available to play the ship’s doctor. So the character became a historical footnote. But it was the actor’s connection to Trek which landed him a similar role on “Battlestar Galactica” a dozen years later, which I’m sure was much appreciated.

Interesting Cast, but i feel a bit disappointed because Kurtzman ignored the Wish to hire Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Boyce.

Nah, I’m glad that it’s not Jeffrey Combs as Boyce as a regular CMO.

But I am hoping that Shran is still alive and that we’ll see him.

The Aenar population was so small in the 22nd century and Shran both married into the community and lived with them for a period. In a community of few thousand everyone knows everyone.

So, it would be actually unexpected that Hemmer didn’t know Shran. More, Shran would not be able to resist keeping tabs on an Aenar serving on a ship named Enterprise.

I the guy playing M”Benga the charcter we know from TOS or that character’s father? Because beside not looking anything like him, regarding his age he has to be his father. Dr M”Benga would be in his early twenties.

The last scene of the series finale:

(INT.) Enterprise bridge

The turbolift doors open and all hands look to see who is entering the bridge.

Enter the new boy: CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK, confident and cocky along with his friend, the new ship’s physician DR LEONARD MCCOY. Striding to the captain’s chair as if he has been on this ship his whole life, KIRK sits, leans back, and surveys his new crew one by one. He is ready to begin his new adventure.

KIRK: Helmsman, take us out. Half thrusters.

SULU: Aye, sir.

SULU turns back to the helm and begins piloting the ship. The rest of the bridge crew turns to look at the viewscreen as the structure of the drydock passes from view and is replaced by a field of stars.

SULU: Captain, we have cleared spacedock. What is our heading, sir?

KIRK: (Smiling) Helmsman’s discretion. Let’s see where destiny takes us.

MCCOY: (Mutters sarcastically) Oh boy, this is gonna be good.

SULU: Course plotted, sir.

KIRK: Ahead, Warp Factor five.

SULU: Warp Factor five, aye.

KIRK: Engage!

The stars on the viewscreen rush by ever faster until there is a flash of white, and…

This is what I love about message boards, the show hasn’t started yet and fans are already thinking how the last episode will play out lol. And sure, I can see something like that playing out. But I have a feeling we may see both McCoy and Sulu before then, even if they are not on the ship.

Where is Yeoman Colt? She should have been in the show, perhaps at a higher rank.

But this cast looks great! This is the only Star Trek show I am looking forward to.

Agreed… I’d have her start low and work up the ranks. Also fun to have a noncommissioned officer on the crew, plus aren’t there unresolved feelings between her and Pike?!?

Not on Pike’s side.

So whats Dr. M’benga do to get demoted from CMO so that McCoy can take over?

Perhaps he was never CMO. After all we already have Boyce and Bryce.

Why does he have to get demoted? Maybe he’s just transferred after Pike retires and McCoy takes over at the request of the new Captain?

Absolutely. The length of time that senior officers stay with the hero ships on Star Trek shows is really unusual.

I expect that Mbenga is CMO and off doing other things at a new posting during TOS. The acting when he covers for McCoy is an acting role during the absence of the officer who holds that role rather than an acting rank.

My thought is M’Benga goes to Vulcan for a tour, having learned about the Vulcan Science Academy from Spock.

He may not be the CMO, just on staff like Culber is in Discovery.

All very good points, could’ve went to Vulcan, could just be a doctor on staff, after all they just said he was playing dr. M’benga, mayyyyybe there’s a smalllll chance that Boyce will be a recurring character playing by our favorite recurring character actor…

As a TOS fan, this preview gave me goosebumps throughout. I love that they are honouring TOS characters both well known and less so. So looking forward to seeing an actual trailer.

Why can they not stay away from trying to tie everything in and revisit stuff? This is the show I’m most looking forward to. As excited as I am to see a character like Uhura.. is she really necessary? Are they painting the franchise into a corner? But the single most puzzling and potentially maddening? The Khan reference. On one hand, If the Noonien-Singh name is an Easter egg, that kind of lack of imagination is frustrating to see. If it’s a relative, that’s downright concerning at this early stage. I really hope they don’t screw this up. After Discovery and Picard, I was hoping this would be the Trek that would quench my thirst. There is a lot to like about this (Anson Mount as Pike, the episodic format) but this seems less fresh and new than It should be after the cast announcement. God, I hope I’m wrong.

Maybe Uhura is a recurring character or is assigned to a another ship that Enterprise encounters on its way. I agree with you about having too many legacy characters but I also think we should be patient and see if the writers/producers surprise us. Also now that Q is officially part of Kurtzmans Trek universe I believe he/it can be the grand deus ex machina that sets everything (all the continuity problems etc….) to as it was at the very end of all these series.

I’d probably feel different if the creative braintrust hadn’t let me down before…. if this were truly brand new. I’m hoping I’m wrong, and I guess my point is I don’t have a warm and fuzzy that they’re forging ahead. That’s all. I will be open minded as I watch this new series.. I promise.

A main character being named “Noonien-Singh” is too big of a thing to be an easter egg. A descendant is really all she can be. With maybe .001% Augment DNA in her. Enough that she doesn’t display any abilities and can serve in the fleet. But it wouldn’t stop people from showing her resentment. That’s my take anyways.

Interesting to see that the uniforms have been given a few tweaks since what we saw on DISCOVERY.

But just as I prefer to view ‘The Cage’ pilot episode as being an ‘alternate universe’ storyline of different characters and elements to the main TOS show crew to allow for the differences (I happily skip the ‘The Menagerie’ two-parter during a rewatch to allow for this, by the way)….I’m also going to look on STRANGE NEW WORLDS as being an ‘alternate universe’ show to TOS too.

Looking forward to some good new characters and stories hopefully!

Well, if you think so. But I think they did an awesome job with those uniforms. The zipper jackets actually have some sort of collar. And with at least three sets of uniforms, it’s easy to imagine the Cage uniforms being there or having been there as well…

Is this the first year ever that we may get Trek year round, from October to October, perhaps with small breaks in between?

-Prodigy in October -Discovery in November -Picard in February -Strange New Worlds in May -Lower Decks in August

Pretty exciting.

Yeah seems that way. We may get a few weeks break between whenever SNW airs and a new season of LDS but it may not be that long at all.

And its a bit surprising Prodigy and Discovery will be airing the same time as each other. They kept saying they didn’t want any of the shows to overlap but I’m not complaining. ;)

I love the idea of having at least 1 Trek show airing at every point of the year.

José Tyler must have gotten killed somewhere along the way. Or transferred. It will be interesting to see if any of the other Cage characters (Tyler, Boyce, Colt) are referenced in this new show.

Continuity question now that we have Nurse Chapel. I’m completely convinced there is going to be a Roger Corby episode somewhere in this series. There is much to elucidate since she is in a relationship with her professor and by today’s standards, this would be inappropriate and perhaps a warning sign for them both.

So my question is: would an episode set during SNW be set after they were engaged? After they broke up? How does that fit with the backstory in TOS that she too was doing research with him?

This was the best part of the whole Trek Day show. Our friends around the country were watching the same thing were were but once the character reveal happened. My phone exploded with text messages. My wife was happiest that Uhura was back on board. So…. doers this mean we will see more TOS characters in the various episodes? Lt Kirk on the Farragut? Scotty on one of his other ships? Sulu in the Astrophysics Dept? Maybe even Dr Boyce serving Pike a chilled martini.. the possibilities are endless.

I’m so in for this! Everything looks on point, and Mount is an excellent captain.

TBH the one TOS character I was most expecting to see was Scott. He’s the oldest and most experienced in TOS, and even at that point the old girl was at least as much his as Kirk’s.

In the penultimate episode we’ll see the death of the chief engineer, and in the last scene of the finale, a ship will arrive with new personell, and the the transporter chief will read out the name, “It’s our new chief engineer, Captain. Name? Looks like…(beat) Mr… S…C…(looks up at Pike)…O.T.T…

Cut to black. Cliffhanger.

The more I think about it, the more I think I’d prefer a wholly original crew for Pike and to explore how they grew and left. In some ways, a fresh Kirk coming aboard and taking over Pike’s last crew kind of diminishes him a bit. Kind of like a new manager taking over a massively successful football team.

I wouldn’t mind Scott being there, or Bones in a lower medical role, as they are older characters (age wise). But the younger ones being there before Kirk? We largely got to see Picard choose his team in Encounter at. Farpoint.

They are adding unnecessary questions to those that already exist. Existing: why does Commander Chin-Riley not become Captain? Why does M’Benga not become CMO? Why does the name Noonien-Singh not ring a bell even before Space Seed (they recognise it quick enough in that episode)?

Yep, I know I’m griping before I’ve watched a scene, but this was the show I was looking forward too. I wanted Boyce, Colt, and Tyler.

The only point I do get is M’Benga not becoming CMO… The other issues I do not share at all…

Cpt. Chin-Riley may either die at some point or get another command. Since we don’t see her on TOS, that isn’t an issue at all yet.

La’an bearing that infamous name may be adressed directly. Khan could have had many offsprings. Maybe she’s even an augment created from his DNA. That may be illegal but that could be the whole plot point. Who knows? It offers great opportunities.

Boyce probably has retired, Colt is an outdated role model and Tyler… well, he may be there, but not as a main character. There were many recurring characters on TOS…Probably didn’t do him because there already has been a Tyler on DSC…

M’Benga could have transfered to Vulcan for a tour, maybe further his studies at Vulcan Science Academy while Mc’Coy elsewhere becomes a hot shot MD. Plus Kirk could have requested McCoy from his past command.

Given that Mbenga was a specialist physician who McCoy asked to come back to the Enterprise to cover for him during an absence, it actually makes sense that he had previously served on the ship.

He could already be the CMO, and comes back to act. Bringing back former department heads for an assignment is often better than promoting someone on an acting basis in cases where specialized expertise or experience are crucial.

There’s no reason expect that he would have stayed on as CMO with a new captain. As a Vulcan specialist, he would want to be somewhere with more than one Vulcan patient in the long run, like the medical base that has been envisaged in the TOS back door pilot.

I’m coming around to the logic around this one.

I wonder if this series takes place after the events of the Cage. Boyce has retired, M’Benga will be “acting Chief Medical Officer” while they await the arrival of new personel. I said it jokingly in another comment but the finale could see new crewmembers arrive, including Chief Engineer Scott and CMO McCoy.

Give us something big to look forward to.

They already said the show takes place after the events of Discovery season 2. It would basically box them in if they started before that season or some crazy time jump later.

Yeah there are a lot of possibilities they could do.

Chin-Riley (not loving that name so far, but fine) could just be a Riker situation and get her own ship by the end of the series. Or yes, just die, but I think she will just get an opportunity to start fresh somewhere else. Or here is a CRAZY idea, maybe she just leaves Starfleet and does something else? I know seeing so many characters through the years where being part of Starfleet is basically like being part of a religion is almost sacrilege to leave, but yeah in the real world some people would just leave and do other things. Not exactly sexy I know but yeah that is actually possible (but no I don’t EVER see it happening lol).

Or this being Star Trek get lost in another universe or time period. ;)

M’Benga just may decide he doesn’t WANT to be CMO. I mean not everyone in life is concerned about moving up to the next rank or position. Maybe he just likes doing what he does and more concerned about his research instead of running sick bay on his own. It could just be that simple but it’s not exactly hard to find a reason for a character not being promoted.

La’an Noonien Singh now that’s not very simple and launches a huge can of worms lol. You can’t really get around that too much. IF Space Seed was just an obscure episode the way the episodes M’Benga showed up in TOS, then maybe they can just retcon whatever they wanted and no one cares. I know A Private Little War is famous, but it’s pretty self contained in general. But in this case they have to somehow tow the line that she is somehow related to Khan (and obviously she is or what would be the point) and yet surprised by who Khan is when he shows up in 10 years or whenever.

Honestly this is one of those things where you wonder WHY do they do this to themselves? Why give yourself this kind of extra work that is not needed? But we also know these people are real fanboys and girls and they clearly want a way to bring up Khan even in the vaguest ways possible so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Many are wondering will she be an augment herself, but I don’t see how that could be possible seeing how much Starfleet is so against genetic engineering. Up through the 24th century they are literally still jailing people who dabbles in it, but again we’ll see.

I didn’t really think about it that much because I was so excited for Uhura and Chapel coming back but yeah this one will be interesting for sure.

But most of these are not huge deals. The reality is with the exception of Spock NONE of these characters are developed much, even Uhura and Chapel. Their entire backgrounds are based on a few lines they said on the show mostly. The others were literally in just 1 or 2 episodes, so yeah. Like they done in every show they will probably just ignore or retcon a few things but overall they can do basically what they want for most of them.

I hope they bring in Boyce, Colt, and Tyler.. if only as minor characters on another shift. Colt for sure, she could have been a Tilly but as a non-commissioned officer. Maybe have an arc where Starfleet ends up not being her thing yet she endures because of her family legacy or something and finds happiness on a colony. Also I am pretty sure The Cage set it up where she had unresolved issues with Pike!

Uhura, Chapel, M’Benga wow! This looks great, what a thrill. I can’t stop smiling.

Excited and fascinated of the choice to bring back the Aenar and cast an actor who is blind in the role.

I must admit it’s the original characters more than the legacy ones that I’m looking forward to. Having more than half the cast be legacy characters seems overkill.

I’m also looking forward to see if any of the other bridge crew that we saw on the Enterprise in Discovery’s S2 finale are brought back.

Yes me too TG47!

In a weird way seeing an Aenar aboard got me the most excited lol. Because we still don’t know THAT much about them and it will be really fun to see how they are developed. When they appeared on Enterprise, they were really a fascinating species. Related to Andorians but have also evolved differently from them. The fact some have telepathic powers also made them more distinct.

It never occurred to me we would even see them again because they have been completely ignored in both the Kelvin movies and Discovery. That’s the beauty of Star Trek, eventually everything comes back again. It may take years, even decades lol, but it can happen.

I’m still looking for the day to see the Xindi show up again, maybe on this show or even on one of the 24th century shows or Discovery!

Agreed, having an aenar and developing the character grows the universe while having too many legacy characters just makes the universe smaller. I think M’ress or Arex would have worked better instead of Noonien-Singh and Uhura.

I really like having the opportunity to get to know new characters, but perhaps a fresh take on the episodic format will allow these characters the chance to lead the occasional episode.

Uhura and Chapel were mostly background in TOS. While Uhura got more line and time in the movies, it was actually TAS where she was given the opportunity to lead and shine.

So, depending on how they’re used it could work, especially as 10 episode seasons don’t give much opportunity to build out a large number of new characters. The creators may have felt that starting with characters that are somewhat but not deeply known would avoid the first season drag that Star Trek series often suffer from.

Interesting tidbit about Una Chin-Riley having some connection to another “legacy character”… If she was born a Riley married to a Chin she may actually have some relations to Kevin Riley from TOS. His parents were killed by Kodos on the Tarsus colony so maybe she’s his sister and an orphan, too.

La’an Noonien-Singh is also pretty exciting. Maybe she’s an offspring of Khan or of those 22nd century augments on ENT. Maybe she’s on a covert operation for Section 31. They have a thing for augments.

Also excited about Hemmer being played by an actual blind actor. The Aenar are blind, too, so this is yet another stance of authentic representation. The sad aspect: the actor has got the MUCH better name for a Star Trek character. I wish it was Horak played by Bruce Hemmer :-)

And as far as puns go: Horak is almost as near to Hulk as Bruce Hemmer is to Bruce Banner ;-)

I hope she’s not a direct offspring of Khan. She would have to be over 300 yrs old and even for an augment that is OLD. And also augments should not be serving in Starfleet.

How long before the hate starts pouring into this show? I can already see the dripping.

Why would I want to “hate” THAT show? It’s the closest thing to classic Trek one could ever hope for. Minor canon-violations, should they occur, don’t bother me at all.

I also do not “hate” DSC, especially after they have arrived in the future to be explored and fleshed out. The two issues I had with DSC were tech issues and the Klingon redesign…and some grizzly stuff in S1…

LDS is a mixed bag for me as my mind doesn’t “get” animated comedy. It’s so frantic and superficial. But I’m beginning to like the characters for what they are.

PIC is a bit of an issue, both stylistically and content-wise. The writing of S1 was just all over the place and the TV-MA aspects felt forced and overdone. The cursing admiral, Icheb, drinking smoking, taking drugs…It didn’t feel very Trek-ish. S2 quite obviously tries to get around those issues by placing it in an alternate timeline and in our present. That way, they can get down and dirty without contaminating the primeverse any further with their TV-MA shenanigans…

But SNW and PROD are the shows I’m looking forward to the most. The one brings back classic Trek, the other one appeals to my inner child… where is the pew-pew-pew-button :-)

JJ Trek is the best Classic Trek in my opinion. You haven’t seen anything of this show yet. This reminds me of when the first trailer of Picard aired.

This +1 If it’s action/adventure on the final frontier where inperfect people confront challenges – I am all in. Especially love when a starship is something special, not a dime a dozen, where they are on their own, and response from Starfleet Command is days away let alone reinforcements and any screw up on their part and half the quadrent ends up learning to speak Klingonese. I think shows with perfect people who play holodeck in hotels when they aren’t taking marching orders or having whatever they did made obsolete by reset buttons deserve some hard defendable scorn for being generic forgetable snoozefests.

I don’t think SNW will be perfect and frankly I wouldn’t be too shocked to see some of the same issues that plague both DIS and PIC seeing its by the same people. BUT I do think they have at least learned from their mistakes they made in DIS a lot more, at least in terms of how they deal with the prequel setting. Again, don’t expect it to be perfect…but better.

And yes DIS is just a better show being in the 32nd century. It should’ve been a post-Nemsis show from the start, but they wanted the TOS tie ins. Now they have the best of both worlds. SNW can REALLY tie in to TOS as much as they want basically and it won’t feel so forced while DIS can just be its own thing and actually create new canon the way TNG did when it premiered. And if you still hate that show it’s VERY easy to ignore it now lol. For me however, I’m just happy to finally see a new time period explored and going forward again.

That’s what is fun about all these shows though, they really can be their own thing on one hand but dig into nostalgia or canon when they want, especially all the 24th century shows. Between the three of those, they have an embarrassment of riches of taking whatever they want from the TNG era in terms of characters and storylines but STILL be their own thing.

And since none of them take place at the same time as each other they can put their own stamp on whatever they want (well SNW still can’t as much but that’s OK too now).

Uniforms are such an improvement

Hoping this is good, but very disapointed there seems to be no Dr. Boyce. His relationship with Pike was well established and memorable.

I’m pumped for this, now we need a premier date.

nice…looking forward to this one.

Surprised at how excited I am for this given TOS is well, it’s a product of its time, but Pike, Spock and Una were such highlights of Discovery season 2 that it’ll be a joy seeing them again.

Hopefully there’s a nice juicy lost era plot.

Could the new series’ timeline might be happening before Pike and company met the crew of Discovery? Or do we know for sure this will follow after Discovery disappeared?

I just don’t see it taking place before season 2 of Discovery. They would have to do a time jump at some point and they would have to adhere to stuff like the DIscovery uniforms (not the crew but Starfleet in general). I’m pretty sure its after Discovery jumps through the wormhole.

And we know Uhura or Chapel wasn’t on the ship then.


The costumes look great — and Peck looks so much better as Spock here (love the hair). I kind of hoped they wouldn’t have red for security, as per the first twoTOS pilots – but it looks fine.

The sets look brighter/cleaner than the Disco versions, from the little shown here –which is great.

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Published Mar 15, 2022

Paul Wesley Joins the Cast of Strange New Worlds

An Original Series favorite is set to return for season two

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - Paul Wesley

Marni Grossman/Paramount+

Paramount+ announced today that Paul Wesley has joined the season two cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as James T. Kirk, the iconic character originated by William Shatner in Star Trek: The Original Series . “Paul is an accomplished actor, an astonishing presence and a welcome key addition to the show,” executive producer Alex Kurtzman and showrunners/executive producers Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers said in a joint statement. “Like all of us, he is a life-long Star Trek fan and we are excited by his interpretation of this iconic role.”

Wesley starred in eight seasons of the CW’s The Vampire Diaries , one of the network’s most watched shows. He also was featured in Paramount+’s series Tell Me a Story , as well as other projects including upcoming horror film History of Evil . An accomplished director and producer as well, Wesley has directed episodes of The Vampire Diaries , Roswell, New Mexico , and Legacies .

Teaser Trailer | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds follows Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) and his crew in the years before Kirk rises to the Enterprise ’s captain’s chair. Other cast members include Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Spock. Season two has recently started production, with season one set to premiere on May 5 exclusively on Paramount+ in the United States, Latin America, Australia, and the Nordics.

James Kirk is a role that is beloved by audiences and is an exciting addition to the season two cast of Strange New Worlds . Excited to see Kirk’s return to the Star Trek Universe? Let us know @StarTrek on social media!

I am deeply humbled and still a little startled to have been given the honor of playing the inimitable James T Kirk. Ever since I was a kid, I have been awed by the imaginative world Gene Roddenberry created. Recently, I boarded a flight to LA to discover that the man in the — Paul Wesley (@paulwesley) March 15, 2022

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and the Nordics. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada with additional international availability to be announced at a later date. The series is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 + complete series box set arrives on Blu-ray & DVD in August

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Star Trek receives prestigious Peabody Award for franchise’s impact on American broadcasting

A second Star Trek: Strange New Worlds novel coming April 2025

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57-Year Mission set to beam down 160+ Star Trek guests to Las Vegas

57-Year Mission set to beam 160+ Star Trek guests down to Las Vegas

star trek cast latest

John Billingsley discusses what he’d want in a fifth season of Enterprise, playing Phlox and this weekend’s Trek Talks 2 event

Veteran Star Trek director David Livingston looks back on his legendary career ahead of Trek Talks 2 event

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56-Year Mission Preview: William Shatner, Sonequa Martin-Green and Anson Mount headline this year's Las Vegas Star Trek convention

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The Picard Legacy Collection, Star Trek: Picard Season 3, Complete Series box sets announced

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrives on Blu-ray, 4K UHD and DVD this December

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrives on Blu-ray, 4K UHD and DVD this December

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds "Hegemony" Review: An underwhelming end to the series' sophomore season

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 finale "Hegemony" preview + new photos

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 finale “Hegemony” preview + new photos

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 209 "Subspace Rhapsody" Review

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 209 “Subspace Rhapsody” Review: All systems stable… but why are we singing?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds "Subspace Rhapsody" preview + new photos

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds “Subspace Rhapsody” preview + new photos

Star Trek Day 2021 To Celebrate 55th Anniversary Of The Franchise On September 8 With Live Panels And Reveals

Star Trek Day 2021 to Celebrate 55th Anniversary of the Franchise on September 8 with Live Panels and Reveals

Paramount+ Launches With 1-Month Free Trial, Streaming Every Star Trek Episode

Paramount+ Launches with 1-Month Free Trial, Streaming Every Star Trek Episode

Paramount+ To Launch March 4, Taking Place Of CBS All Access

Paramount+ to Officially Launch March 4, Taking Place of CBS All Access

STAR TREK: SHORT TREKS Season 2 Now Streaming For Free (in the U.S.)

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Star Trek: Lower Decks “The Inner Fight” Review: Lost stars and hidden battles

New photos from this week's episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks

New photos from this week’s episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Warps to Netflix in July

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Warps to Netflix in July

Star Trek: Prodigy begins streaming on Netflix on Christmas day

Star Trek: Prodigy begins streaming December 25th on Netflix

Revisiting "Star Trek: Legacies – Captain to Captain" Retro Review

Revisiting “Star Trek: Legacies – Captain to Captain” Retro Review

The Wrath of Khan: The Making of the Classic Film Review: A gem for your Star Trek reference collection

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Star Trek: The Original Series “Harm’s Way” Book Review

William Shatner's New Book 'Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder' Review: More of a good thing

William Shatner’s New Book ‘Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder’ Review: More of a good thing

Star Trek: Infinite release date + details on Lower Decks­-themed pre-order bonuses

Star Trek: Infinite release date + details on Lower Decks­-themed pre-order bonuses

'Star Trek: Infinite' strategy game revealed, set to be released this fall

‘Star Trek: Infinite’ strategy game revealed, set to be released this fall

Hero Collector Revisits The Classics In New Starfleet Starships "Essentials" Collection

Hero Collector Revisits The Classics in New Starfleet Starships Essentials Collection

New Star Trek Docuseries 'The Center Seat' Announced, Coming This Fall

New Star Trek Docuseries ‘The Center Seat’ Announced, Coming This Fall

Star Trek Designing Starships: Deep Space Nine & Beyond Review: A Deep Dive Into Shuttlecraft Of The Gamma Quadrant

Star Trek Designing Starships: Deep Space Nine & Beyond Review: a Deep Dive Into Shuttlecraft of the Gamma Quadrant

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook Review: Terok Nor Deconstructed In Amazing Detail

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook Review: Terok Nor Deconstructed in Amazing Detail

Robert Beltran Is Officially Returning To Star Trek As Chakotay On 'Prodigy'

Robert Beltran Is Officially Returning to Star Trek as Chakotay on ‘Prodigy’ + More Casting News

Robert Beltran Says He's Returning To Star Trek In 'Prodigy'

Robert Beltran Says He’s Returning to Star Trek in ‘Prodigy’

Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating talk Enterprise and how they honor the Star Trek ethos with Shuttlepod Show, ahead of this weekend's live event

Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating talk ‘Enterprise’, their relationship with Star Trek in 2023 and their first live ‘Shuttlepod Show’

John Billingsley Talks Life Since Star Trek: Enterprise, Going To Space And Turning Down Lunch With Shatner And Nimoy

John Billingsley Talks Life Since Star Trek: Enterprise, Going to Space and Turning Down Lunch with Shatner and Nimoy

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Cast Revealed, Including Legacy Characters

' data-src=

The cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has been revealed. Joining Anson Mount (Captain Christopher Pike), Rebecca Romijn (Una Chin-Riley/Number One) and Ethan Peck (Spock), will be Babs Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga, Christina Chong as La’an Noonien Singh, Celia Rose Gooding as Cadet Nyota Uhura, Jess Bush as Nurse Christine Chapel, Melissa Navia as Lt. Erica Ortegas, and Bruce Horak as Hemmer.

The announcement was made during the Star Trek Day Strange New Worlds panel.

Check out the video below.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds cast announcement

Star Trek: Strange New Wolds cast

Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was first ordered last May and is being produced by CBS Studios, Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds , Star Trek: Discovery , Star Trek: Picard , Star Trek: Lower Decks , Star Trek: Prodigy , and more.

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' data-src=

September 9, 2021 at 4:31 am

Awesome, looking forward to seeing this one!

' data-src=

September 9, 2021 at 11:27 am

Gezz, got enough females on this one ?! This better not be another Star Trek Diversity dumpster fire.

' data-src=

September 9, 2021 at 12:09 pm

4 males, 5 females. Pretty proportional. Or you just want a big sausage party?

' data-src=

Steve Foerster

September 9, 2021 at 1:17 pm

Don’t worry all the same incels complaining about this now will soon move on to making gross graphic descriptions about what they’d do with those actresses given the chance.

' data-src=

September 10, 2021 at 12:51 pm

No Sulu? Would’ve liked to have seen him in the early days, back when he was in the Science Dept before he became the helmsman.

' data-src=

September 13, 2021 at 12:13 am

.. thank the stars they fixed spock’s hair! I may actually give this one a real chance. I read the studio is not allowing kurtzman as much control as he did for the others. Perhaps Star Trek has come back to tv finally!

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New photos + a sneak peek at Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 9 "Lagrange Point"

Preview: Star Trek: Discovery 509 “Lagrange Point” With the finale of Star Trek: Discovery just over a week away, today we have a clip...

New photos + video preview from Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 8 "Labyrinths"

New photos + a sneak peek at Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 8 “Labyrinths”

Preview: Star Trek: Discovery 508 “Labyrinths” As we near the end of Star Trek: Discovery’s fifth and final season, the 8th episode “Labyrinths” will...

New photos + a sneak peek at the Star Trek: Discovery series finale "Life, Itself"

Preview: Star Trek: Discovery 510 “Life, Itself” Star Trek: Discovery concludes this Thursday with the series finale “Life, Itself”. Today we have a clip...

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 + complete series set arrives on Blu-ray & DVD in August

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 and complete series box set coming to Blu-ray and DVD The final season of Star Trek: Discovery, which ended...

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‘Star Trek’ Cast, Including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, Returning for Fourth Film

By Adam B. Vary

Adam B. Vary

Senior Entertainment Writer

  • DC’s Green Lantern Series ‘Lanterns’ Picked Up as HBO Series for Eight Episodes 2 weeks ago
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoff ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ Begins Filming as ‘The Crown,’ ‘True Detective’ Actors Join Cast 3 weeks ago
  • Jordan Peele’s Next Movie Gets New October 2026 Release Date 3 weeks ago

Star Trek Chris Pine Karl Urban Zachary Quinto Simon Pegg

They’re boldly going back.

Paramount is planning to enter negotiations for “ Star Trek ” stars Chris Pine , Zachary Quinto , Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho and Simon Pegg to return to the Enterprise for their fourth tour of duty in the venerable sci-fi franchise.

The announcement was made by J.J. Abrams during the Paramount Investors Day Presentation on Feb. 15.

“We are thrilled to say that we are hard at work on a new ‘Star Trek’ film that will be shooting by the end of the year that will be featuring our original cast and some new characters that I think are going to be really fun and exciting and help take ‘Star Trek’ into areas that you’ve just never seen before,” Abrams said. “We’re thrilled about this film, we have a bunch of other stories that we’re talking about that we think will be really exciting, so can’t wait for you to see what we’re cooking up. But until then, live long and prosper.”

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The six actors first stepped into their respective iconic roles as Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Bones, Sulu and Scotty in 2009’s “Star Trek,” directed by Abrams, which reset the “Trek” timeline and allowed for the reboot to exist unencumbered from the hundreds of hours of “Trek” continuity that had come before. The actors returned in two sequels, 2013’s “Star Trek Into Darkness,” also directed by Abrams, and 2016’s “Star Trek Beyond,” directed by Justin Lin.

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Abrams is producing the new, as-yet-untitled film through Bad Robot, with Matt Shakman (“WandaVision”) directing from a screenplay by Josh Friedman (“Avatar 2”) and Cameron Squires (“WandaVision”) based on a earlier draft by Lindsey Beer (“Sierra Burgess Is a Loser”) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (“Captain Marvel”).

Paramount was close to bringing back this cast once before: In 2018, S.J. Clarkson (“Jessica Jones”) had signed up to direct a sequel that would have reunited Pine’s Kirk with his late father, played by Chris Hemsworth reprising his performance from the 2009 “Star Trek.” That film never materialized, however, after Paramount reportedly couldn’t close a deal with Pine and Hemsworth.

Since then, insiders say the studio has done market research to determine audience interest in the rebooted cast, given the long wait period between “Beyond” — which lost money for Paramount — and a prospective new “Trek” film. Execs determined that there was still lasting audience enthusiasm for Pine, Quinto and the rest of the cast in their established roles, which allowed the studio to feel comfortable with moving forward with bringing them back.

Paramount has also explored several other avenues for “Trek” features, none of which seem to have ultimately borne fruit. Quentin Tarantino reportedly cooled on a “Star Trek” script he was pursuing with “The Revenant” screenwriter Mark L. Smith. In late 2019, Paramount tapped “Fargo” and “Legion” creator Noah Hawley to write and direct a “Trek” movie that Hawley planned to feature new actors playing new characters. But when Emma Watts became president of the Paramount Motion Picture Group a few months later, insiders say she paused all “Trek” development, including Hawley’s film , to decide how best to move forward with one of the studio’s crown jewel franchises. With Watts’ departure from Paramount in September, it’s unclear what the current “Trek” film portends for other development for the franchise, including a screenplay by “Fear the Walking Dead” co-executive producer Kalinda Vazquez .

Bringing the 2009 “Trek” cast back could prove a challenge given they’ve all had busy schedules since “Beyond.” Pine added the “Wonder Woman” franchise to his resume and he’ll next appear in Olivia Wilde’s thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” and the black-ops film “Violence of Action.” Quinto headlined the AMC series “NOS4A2,” and starred in the Broadway revival of “The Boys in the Band” and its 2020 Netflix film adaptation. Saldana continued her run as Gamora in several Marvel Studios films, including “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and “Avengers: Endgame”; she’ll star in “Avatar 2” this year and in “Guardians Vol. 3” in 2023. Urban appeared in 2017’s “Thor: Ragnarok” and he’ll continue his performance as Billy Butcher on Season 3 of Amazon’s “The Boys” in June. Cho starred in acclaimed indies “Columbus” and “Searching,” and he starred in Netflix’s live-action adaption of the anime series “Cowboy Bebop.” And Pegg starred with Nick Frost on Amazon’s horror comedy series “Truth Seekers,” and he’ll reprise his role as Benji in “Mission: Impossible 7” in 2023.

One member of the 2009 “Trek” cast, however, sadly cannot join them. Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov, died in an accident in June 2016, a month before “Beyond” opened in theaters. At that film’s premiere at San Diego Comic Con, the cast, filmmakers and invited guests sat in a full minute of silence in tribute to the late actor.

Brent Lang contributed to this story.

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Where You've Seen The Cast Of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Number One looks right

Returning to the early days of the starship Enterprise, "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" reunites the original crew that creator Gene Roddenberry first dreamed up for the franchise way back in the 1960s. Though Pike and Number One would be jettisoned in favor of Captain Kirk and others for the eventual series that we've all come to know and love, they were never quite forgotten. Now they're back in a prequel series that has been met with  near-universal critical acclaim  and love from fans for its engaging stories, compelling characters, and return to episodic adventures. 

The series brings back a number of old favorites like Pike, Number One, Spock, Uhura, and more. But there are also plenty of new characters that flesh out the bridge of the original 1701. And just like its cast of characters, the roster of actors on "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" features a mix of well-known names, rising stars, and fresh-faced newcomers. 

So prep a landing party and recharge the primary energizing coils, because this is a full rundown of the cast of "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds."

Anson Mount

Captain Christopher Pike is first officially seen in the 1966 "Star Trek" episode "The Menagerie." That episode  used recycled footage from an unaired pilot and starred actor Jeffrey Hunter as the hitherto unseen captain of the Enterprise. Replacing him in the role in the 21st century is "Strange New Worlds" star Anson Mount, who made his first appearance as Pike in the second season of "Star Trek: Discovery." 

A longtime leading man on television, Mount is best known as the former outlaw Cullen Bohannon on the hit AMC Western, "Hell on Wheels." There he starred for five seasons opposite "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" star Colm Meaney, who played corrupt railroad owner Thomas Durant. But that's certainly not the only role you'll recognize Mount from. In 2017, he was the star of the much-maligned ABC series "Inhumans." In that series, he played a superhero known as Black Bolt, whose voice can topple buildings. Though "Inhumans" bombed, Mount's voiceless performance drew praise and Marvel stunned fans when they brought Mount back for a cameo as Black Bolt in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" in 2022.

Prior to all of that, Mount was a series regular on "Conviction," a short-lived spinoff of "Law and Order," and had memorable guest appearances everywhere from "Ally McBeal" and "Sex and the City" to "Smallville" and "Lost."

Rebecca Romijn

Taking over the role of Pike's first officer Number One — originally played by creator Gene Roddenberry's eventual wife Majel Barrett in that same unaired pilot episode from the 1960s — is actress Rebecca Romijn. Sci-fi fans will recognize Romijn by her name, if not necessarily by her face, from her part as the villainous mutant Mystique in the original "X-Men" trilogy from the 2000s. Covered entirely in blue body paint, you may not have realized it was Romijn appearing in all three films — although she looks more like herself in a cameo from the 2011 relaunch, "X-Men: First Class." But if you're too young to remember the 2000s, you may remember Romijn from her more human-looking role as the lead adventurer in four seasons of the family drama series "The Librarians," Eve Baird, a character she has compared to Number One (via  Collider ).

Before "The Librarians," Romijn joined the main cast of the television adaptation of the classic Jack Nicholson fantasy comedy "The Witches of Eastwick" in 2009. Though the series, simply titled "Eastwick," was cancelled after barely a season had aired, Romijn was a highlight as one of the three witches. As a guest star and recurring character on television, Romijn's appearances include roles on "Ugly Betty," "Chuck," and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." 

A self-professed Trekkie, at least according to her husband in an interview with Entertainment Weekly , Romijn may have found her favorite role yet in Number One.

Along with Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck debuted as the new Mr. Spock in Season 2 of "Star Trek: Discovery" before making the jump over to "Strange New Worlds." Though it certainly wasn't his first acting role, it was definitely his biggest, as Peck was largely unknown to most fans at the time of his casting as the Enterprise's resident Vulcan. But taking over a role associated with someone as famous as Leonord Nimoy was nothing new for Peck, as his biggest role prior to putting on the pointed ears was high school bad boy Patrick Verona — originally played by the late Heath Ledger – in the television adaptation of "10 Things I Hate About You," which ran for a single season following its 2009 premiere.

Outside of that one role, Peck was mostly a journeyman actor who appeared across a number of other series, with small roles in "Madam Secretary," "Gossip Girl," "That '70s Show" (where he played a younger version of Ashton Kutcher's Kelso), and "The Drew Carey Show" all the way back in 1999 when he was barely a teenager. But Peck's projects included more than just TV, as he also had bit parts in some major feature films including the Justin Timberlake thriller "In Time," and the teen fantasy drama "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." Suffice to say that now that he's this generation's Mr. Spock, he may not have to settle for bit parts any longer.

Christina Chong

British import Christina Chong stepped onto the bridge of the Enterprise in "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" to play the ship's chief of security La'an Noonien-Singh. Fans of science fiction likely recognize Chong from her small but key role in "Doctor Who" where she played mercenary soldier Lorna Bucket in 2011's "A Good Man Goes to War" or her part as Tamsin in the "Black Mirror" episode "The Waldo Moment." But those are hardly her only roles; in fact, those are technically some of her smallest parts.

Outside of the U.K., where she has made recurring appearances in crime dramas "Whitechapel" and "Case Sensitive," audiences may know her as Mariana in "24: Live Another Day," the 2014 miniseries revival of Kiefer Sutherland's "24." You might also have seen her in Season 2 of "Dominion" as Zoe Holloway, one of Vega's Archangel Corps. Her biggest role, though, wasn't on TV at all, as she was part of the main cast of the X-Box Live miniseries "Halo: Nightfall" alongside "Luke Cage" star Mike Colter. Chong came very close to completing the trifecta of appearing in the three biggest sci-fi franchises — including "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who" — when she filmed scenes for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" that were ultimately cut from the film. Nevertheless, it all worked out, as her role as La'an in "Strange New Worlds" is far bigger than any cameo she may have had in "Star Wars."

Babs Olusanmokun

The chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise is Joseph M'Benga, a role that originated in a pair of episodes of the original "Star Trek" where he was played by Booker Bradshaw. In "Strange New Worlds," M'Benga is played by Nigerian American actor Babs Olusanmokun, who genre fans might recognize from his small role in Netflix's "Defenders" miniseries. In the Marvel team-up show, Olusanmokun played Sowande, an African warlord and member of The Hand who is ultimately beheaded in a gruesome scene by Daredevil mentor Stick. Like Christina Chong, the actor also had a role in an episode of sci-fi anthology series "Black Mirror" where he played Clayton Leigh, the holographic man at the center of the acclaimed episode "Black Museum," which also features "Short Treks" actor Aldis Hodge and "Black Panther" star Letitia Wright.

Outside of the sci-fi realm, Olusanmokun has appeared in the DC Comics crime drama "Gotham," the NBC James Spader hit "The Blacklist," Tom Sellek's "Blue Bloods," and the cult favorite "Veronica Mars."  He also had a multi-episode role as Kunta Kinte's father in the remake of "Roots," which was produced by original star and "Trek" veteran LeVar Burton. But Olusanmokun has shined outside of television, as he has also made memorable appearances in big screen outings like Paul Bettany's "Shelter," Guy Ritchie's "Wrath of Man," and the 2021 Denis Villeneuve science fiction epic, "Dune."

Bruce Horak

The first actor on our list that you had likely never heard of before "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds," Bruce Horak plays Hemmer, who is a member of  the Aenar, a subspecies of one of the classic "Trek" races, the Andorians. Hemmer's people hail from the subterranean ice caves of Andoria and lack eyesight while wielding powerful telepathic abilities. The producers thought it was important to cast a visually impaired actor to play a blind character, and Horak lost almost all of his eyesight due to a childhood illness (via  CBC ).

Before "Strange New Worlds," Horak had just a handful of TV and movie credits to his name, with a part in a 2010 episode of the sci-fi comedy "Warehouse 13" where he played Philo Farnsworth in the episode titled "Beyond Our Control." Horak also had a two-episode stint on the CW series "In the Dark" just prior to "Strange New Worlds," but acting was never Horak's first love. In fact, Horak is an artist by trade .

Celia Rose Gooding

A surprise addition to the cast of "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" was a younger version of the iconic Uhura, once played by Nichelle Nichols. Though we've previously seen her future-self serve as the Enterprise's communications officer, in "Strange New Worlds" Uhura is still a Starfleet cadet played by 22-year-old actress Celia Rose Gooding in her first ever onscreen acting role. 

During the years prior to Gooding joining the "Star Trek" family, she focused her career on live theater. In 2017, when she was just 17 years old, she appeared as one of the leads, Frankie Healy, in the Broadway production of "Jagged Little Pill," an original musical inspired by the songs of Alanis Morissette. The cast performed parts of "Jagged Little Pill" live on a few TV shows — "Late Night with Seth Meyers," "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," and "Good Morning America." After being nominated for a Tony Award in 2020 for her part as Frankie, Gooding received a Grammy Award for best musical theater album for her part in the "Jagged Little Pill" stage production's soundtrack.  

Melissa Navia

A new "Star Trek" character making her debut in "Strange New Worlds" is Erica Ortegas, operations officer on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. A snarky, wise-cracking straight shooter, Ortegas is played by actress Melissa Navia, an active Twitter personality who is just as lively and opinionated as her character. Though she's new to "Trek," if you're a big movie and TV watcher, you've probably seen Navia before.

You might know her from appearances on TV shows like "Billions," "Homeland," and "Bull." On the latter, she appeared just before her debut as Ortegas, playing the recurring character of Tidal, a devious hacker with dubious motives. Though "Strange New Worlds" is her first leading role in a series, Navia did have a seven-episode stint on the web series "Common Charges," and a leading role in the 2016 psychodrama "Hymns." Her screen debut in 2011 was also in a leading role, in the indie drama "Love Eterne," where she played a young woman who faces a turning point in her life and must look to her friends for support. But with her breakout role in "Strange New Worlds," Navia has finally found the spotlight she deserves.

Another character that originated on the classic 1960s "Star Trek" series, Nurse Christine Chapel was — like Number One — originally played by Gene Roddenberry's future wife, actress Majel Barrett. Now, more than five decades later, Chapel returns to "Trek" as a main cast member of "Strange New Worlds," this time as a civilian researcher on assignment aboard the USS Enterprise. Here, Chapel is played by Australian actress Jess Bush, who puts on an American accent so convincing that you'd never know she was from Down Under if you weren't familiar with her previous work.

But if you are familiar with Bush's pre-"Star Trek" career, you're probably not among the majority of American Trekkies. In 2011, her showbusiness career began when she almost won the "Australia's Next Top Model" contest. It wouldn't be until 2017 that she'd take her first official acting role — a recurring character on "Home and Away," a soap opera that's practically a rite of passage for every actor who originates from Australia, including the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, and Naomi Watts.

While she made a handful of appearances in shows like "Playing for Keeps" and "Secret Daughter," the new "Star Trek" series marks Bush's first major role.

Actress Gia Sandhu made her mark on "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" as the recurring character of T'Pring, Mr. Spock's betrothed on Vulcan. While the character appears previously in the classic episode "Amok Time,"  played by Arlene Martel, Sandhu has already eclipsed the original's screentime, appearing in three episodes of the first season of "Strange New Worlds." Though Sandhu's career has been varied and wide, she might be most recognizable to viewers in her native Canada where she performed in a number of television projects.

Sandhu had a small but recurring role in the comedic crime miniseries "The Indian Detective," which starred Russell Peters alongside fellow Canadian and godfather of "Trek" William Shatner. Sandhu also made appearances on Canadian shows like "Heartland," and "Kim's Convenience," where she played a woman pursued by Simu Liu's character. More recently, she starred in "The Mysterious Benedict Society" on Disney+, but her biggest role before "Star Trek" might have been a project that never came to fruition. In 2018 she was to have starred opposite Hannah Simone in the remake of the 1970s superhero comedy "The Greatest American Hero."  Thankfully, on "Strange New Worlds," Sandhu has become a recurring actor who's made a real impact and is likely to return in Season 2.

Adrian Holmes

The fabled first captain of the USS Enterprise , Robert April finally makes his first live-action appearance in the premiere episode of "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds," played by actor Adrian Holmes. The character had been mentioned, but only ever seen on one occasion in the 1970s animated series. For longtime Trekkies, April's emergence on "Strange New Worlds" was both a stunning and familiar sight, at least for those who'd seen the actor's prolific body of previous work. Certainly, comic book adaptation fans might recognize him from his role in "The Boys" where he played Dr. Park in one 2020 episode, but it's even more likely they'd remember his recurring character Frank Pike, a police captain in Star City, on the DC television series "Arrow."

Before those appearances, Holmes was known mostly for the Steven Seagal action series "True Justice" and a recurring role in "Smallville." The actor also may be recognized from an important role in the "Battlestar Galactica" prequel web series "Blood & Chrome," as well as a variety of guest spots on any number of well-known TV shows like "Supernatural," "Letterkenny," and "Stargate SG-1." Suffice to say, Holmes has been around the block, and he's one of those faces you've probably seen whether you realize it or not. Here's hoping he gets his own spinoff series, and we get to see him in action as Robert April, former Enterprise captain.

Dan Jeannotte

Dan Jeannotte joined the series in the final moments of the premiere episode of "Strange New Worlds" as the punchline of an episode-long gag. The imminent arrival of a "Kirk" was teased early in the episode, potentially setting up the reveal of the legendary James T. Kirk, only for it to be James' brother George "Sam" Kirk played by Jeannotte in all his mustached glory. Though originally appearing in the '60s series, where William Shatner played him while wearing a fake mustache, many viewers may have recognized the actor playing this new version. Jeannotte may not be a household name, but he's been seen in plenty of places outside of "Trek."

Jeannotte got his start with guest spots on "Being Human," "Dark Matter," "Fargo," and "Beauty and the Beast" while making background appearances in big films like "RED 2" and "Death Race." But he took bigger roles in more recent years, with a recurring role as James Stuart on the CW historical drama "Reign." Jeannotte was also a cast member of the Hallmark fantasy drama "Good Witch" for its first two seasons, then continued to appear as recurring character Brandon Russell throughout the rest of its five-season run.

From 2017 to 2021, the actor played freelance writer Ryan Decker on the Freeform drama "The Bold Type." With "Strange New Worlds," he's finally found his first franchise.

Jesse James Keitel

"Star Trek" is a franchise well known for its guest stars, with famous names like Joan Collins, Kelsey Grammer, Iggy Pop, and even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson making major appearances over the course of its various series. "Strange New Worlds" had its best guest thus far in the episode "The Serene Squall" in the form of visiting Dr. Aspen, who is revealed to be a deadly space pirate named Captain Angel there to lure the Enterprise into a trap. Angel was played by guest star Jesse James Keitel, who has made a name for herself on the TV series "Big Sky" and earning serious accolades along the way.

Beyond her role as Jerrie Kennedy on "Big Sky," audiences might know Keitel for her recurring part as Ruthie, a transwoman and high school English teacher on the 2022 reboot of iconic comedy drama "Queer as Folk." But despite all the dramas that Keitel has starred in, "Strange New Worlds" isn't her first foray into science fiction. In "Forever Alone," she played a time-traveler facing a new personal mission.

In "The Serene Squall," we learn that Captain Angel has a connection to Mr. Spock as the lover of his half-brother Sybok, so there's a very real chance she'll return in Season 2.

André Dae Kim

A lesser-known returning character who first appears on the original "Star Trek" series, transporter Chief Kyle made a comeback on "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" in Season 1, played by actor André Dae Kim. Trekkies may not recognize the actor if their viewing habits limit them to more adult fare. But for many years, Kim starred on the hit teen drama "Degrassi: The Next Generation," where he played the snarky whiz kid Winston Chu in more than 50 episodes.

Outside of "Degrassi," Kim has appeared in a variety of guest roles on genre shows, including the horror drama "Locke & Key" and the supernatural drama "American Gods" from "Star Trek: Discovery" creator Bryan Fuller. Alongside "Strange New Worlds," Kim is a main cast member on the 2022 Peacock original "Vampire Academy" where he also plays a previously established character — this time Christian Ozera, played by Dominic Sherwood in the "Vampire Academy" film.

Sage Arrindell

The youngest star of "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds," little Rukiya M'Benga is in many ways the heart and soul of the series' first season. The center of the most emotionally charged season-long subplot, Rukiya suffers from an incurable and terminal illness that drives her father Dr. M'Benga to search for answers among the stars. Rukiya was played by actress Sage Arrindell, and if you're thinking that someone so young wouldn't have many other acting credits on her resume, think again. 

Outside of "Star Trek," Arrindell has voiced a number of animated roles, most notably the recurring role of Julia on the Nickelodeon animal adventure "PAW Patrol." She also played two different characters in "Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum," created by graphic novelists Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos. There she voiced child versions of two famous real-life figures — poet Maya Angelou and 19th century archaeologist Mary Anning.

In live action, Arrindell joined a different long-running franchise in 2021, appearing in an episode of the TV series "Chucky," based on the big-screen horror icon.

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‘star trek: strange new worlds’ casts captain kirk: paul wesley to play iconic character.

The 'Vampire Diaries' actor will step into the sci-fi role made famous by William Shatner.

By James Hibberd

James Hibberd


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There is a new James T. Kirk.

Star Trek : Strange New Worlds has cast actor Paul Wesley in the iconic sci-fi role.

The Vampire Diaries actor will join the upcoming Paramount+ series in the show’s second season, which is in production in Toronto. In an unusual move, the second-season casting is being announced before the first season has debuted.

Above is a first-look image of Wesley in character on what’s presumably the U.S.S. Enterprise bridge.

“Paul is an accomplished actor, an astonishing presence and a welcome key addition to the show,” said executive producer Alex Kurtzman and co-showrunners Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers in a statement. “Like all of us, he is a life-long Star Trek fan and we are excited by his interpretation of this iconic role.”

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Kirk was first immortally first portrayed by William Shatner in 1966’s Star Trek and across many films. The character was also played by Chris Pine in the newer Trek feature films.

Strange New Worlds follows Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) as he leads the U.S.S. Enterprise. The show is billed as a return to the classic planet-of-the-week space exploration format of The Original Series . It also stars Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock.

The series is a spinoff of Star Trek: Discovery , which introduced these new iterations of Pike, Number One and Spock during its second season.

While Pike is the ship’s captain, and Kirk will eventually be the ship’s captain, Mount will continue as a series regular on the program in season two.

Wesley is best known for his leading Vampire Diaries role across eight seasons. He also starred in the series Tell Me a Story and the miniseries Medal of Honor . He will next be seen in the film History of Evil .

Previously, Goldsman confirmed that one of the CBS Studios series’ new castmembers has a link to the show’s most iconic villain, the infamous Khan Noonien-Singh. Actress Christina Chong was announced as playing a series regular named La’an Noonien-Singh in the show. Goldsman hinted that Khan might eventually appear on the show, but not in its debut season.

Strange New Worlds launches May 5 on Paramount+. Here’s the trailer:

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The star trek cast is returning for another adventure, and more movie news, lotr goes anime, new projects for tom hanks, simu liu, kate mckinnon, and john cena, and paramount announces a slew of new projects, including tmnt , transformers , and spongebob squarepants ..

star trek cast latest

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This week’s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering new titles such as BioShock , Star Trek 4 , and Wonder Twins .


Anton Yelchin, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Zoe Saldana in Star Trek (2009)

(Photo by ©Paramount Pictures)

One of the biggest differences between modern TV production and film production is that television tends to move much faster than film development does. Let’s consider, for example, the last few years of Star Trek . The current Star Trek streaming renaissance began just five years ago with Star Trek: Discovery (already four seasons in), which was followed by Star Trek: Picard , the animated shows Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy , and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds , which is coming later this year. By contrast, in the time that all of those Star Trek shows have aired, there have been exactly zero Star Trek feature films, and there have only been three in the 12+ years since the “Kelvin Timeline” started in 2009 with J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (Certified Fresh at 94%). Fans of Chris Pine (Kirk), Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Zachary Quinto (Spock), John Cho (Sulu), Simon Pegg (Scotty), and Karl Urban (Bones) can finally rejoice, as the full crew is expected to return when Star Trek 4 starts filming in late 2022. The as-yet-untitled film is being written by Josh Friedman ( Snowpiercer ) and Cameron Squires ( WandaVision ) and will be directed Matt Shakman ( WandaVision ). The premise of the new film is not yet known, including how the sequel will address the absence of Chekhov following the 2016 death of actor Anton Yelchin . In related news, Variety also published a lengthy article this week delving into Quentin Tarantino’s apparently shelved Star Trek project, including the premise and setting, which would have been heavily influenced by 1930s gangster movies.


Still from Sonic the Hedgehog

Once upon a time, “Investor Day” events, even for Hollywood studios, were relatively boring news items during which not much new was actually announced. The Walt Disney Company wasn’t the first entertainment company to use an Investor Day to reveal new projects, but in 2020, they sort of “dropped the mic” by revealing dozens of projects all in one day , mostly for the Disney+ streaming app. This week, ViacomCBS (which also formally changed its name to Paramount ) attempted to replicate Disney’s big day with several big announcements for some of their most popular franchises or properties. Let’s start with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 , which is already in development , two months before Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is even released on April 8, 2022. In addition to that third film, Paramount+ is also developing a spin-off series for Knuckles, to be voiced by Idris Elba. In addition, Paramount also announced that the upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (6/9/2023) will be followed by Transformers 8 and Transformers 9 , forming a new trilogy. Another franchise getting several new films announced is SpongeBob SquarePants , which will continue with a fourth film , as well as three spin-off films on Paramount+. There’s also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , which is set to be rebooted (again) with Seth Rogen’s TMNT (8/4/2023). That film will be followed by multiple spin-off feature films on Paramount+ about the various TMNT villains (one can safely guess this might include villains like Krang, Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady). Finally, the Paramount+ announcement also included Blue’s Big City Adventure , the first major feature film adapted from the popular children’s TV program Blue’s Clues , which will feature all three previous human hosts (Steve Burns, Joshua Dela Cruz, and Donovan Patton).


Karl Urban in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

(Photo by New Line Cinema courtesy Everett Collection)

In the lead up to last weekend’s Super Bowl, one of the hotly discussed new trailers was for the Amazon series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power , which is scheduled to start streaming on September 2, 2022. What’s mildly misleading about the title is that it’s not actually an adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but rather the various stories set thousands of years earlier found in The Silmarillion , Unfinished Tales , and The History of Middle-earth . Meanwhile, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema continue to assert that they retain the film rights to The Lord of the Rings , and as part of that effort, they announced a new Lord of the Rings feature film, which, like the Amazon show, is also a prequel, but with a more recent setting. New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Animation are partnering on The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim , an anime-style feature film from anime director Kenji Kamiyama ( Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex , Blade Runner: Black Lotus ), set hundreds of years before The Lord of the Rings during the reign of the Rohan king, Helm Hammerhand (whom the Lord of the Rings setting Helm’s Deep was named after). Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings co-writer Philippa Boyens is executive producing The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim , which is scheduled for a theatrical release on April 12, 2024.


A Quiet Place

(Photo by Paramount Pictures)

Actor-turned-director John Krasinski directed both A Quiet Place (Certified Fresh at 96%) in 2018 and its pandemic-delayed 2021 sequel A Quiet Place Part II (Certified Fresh at 91%), which starred his wife Emily Blunt, but he won’t be returning for the third movie , an untitled spin-off to be directed by Michael Sarnoski ( Pig , Certified Fresh at 97%) that Paramount has scheduled for September 22, 2023. Whatever that movie ends up being titled, the movie actually called A Quiet Place III (which will therefore be the fourth film despite the title) is now scheduled for release sometime in 2025. Krasinski was at the ViacomCBS Investor Day to announce the film, but it is not yet confirmed whether he will be returning to write or direct it. Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe were also not announced as returning cast, but their involvement in the sequel seems likely.


Tom Hanks

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis first collaborated in 1994 on Forrest Gump (Fresh at 70%), which went on to be nominated for 13 Academy Awards and won for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Forrest Gump led to Hanks and Zemeckis working together again on Cast Away (Certified Fresh at 89%), The Polar Express (Rotten at 56%), and the upcoming Disney+ movie Pinocchio . Absent from all of those projects was Forrest Gump screenwriter Eric Roth , who spent much of that time collaborating with directors like Michael Mann ( The Insider , Ali ), Steven Spielberg ( Munich ), and most recently, Denis Villeneuve ( Dune ). The project that will finally bring all three back together after almost 30 years is Here , an adaptation of a 2014 graphic novel by Richard McGuire . Here is set within a single room and “chronicles the events that have occurred in that space over the course of hundreds of thousands of years.” Despite what sounds like a rather limited setting, Here is reportedly seen as a “big ticket film with a lot of heart.” Besides Pinocchio , Hanks’ upcoming slate also includes Elvis (6/24/2022), the trailer for which debuted online this week; Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City ; and A Man Called Ove , which was recently acquired by Sony Pictures for $60 million .


Megan Thee Stallion

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while, a movie will be initially announced with a highly dubious title ( as was the case with 2011’s No Strings Attached , which was formerly titled “ F–kbuddies “). As such, we don’t really know what to do with an R-rated musical called F*cking Idential Twins being produced by A24 , the indie distributor best known for both its award-winning dramas like Lady Bird and The Farewell and its indie horror movies like Midsommar and The Witch . That provocative title refers directly to the musical’s premise, which is a spin on The Parent Trap . The film will feature an ensemble cast that includes rapper Megan Thee Stallion, Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang, Broadway star Nathan Lane, and Megan Mullally (TV’s Will & Grace ). F*cking Identical Twins will be written by comedians Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp (both from The Opposition with Jordan Klepper ), who were also the stars of the play when it was a two-man show , and they will also star as the two titular identical twins. The film will be directed by Larry Charles , whose impressive comedy resume includes TV’s Seinfeld , HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm , and three of Sacha Baron Cohen’s films, including the first Borat (Certified Fresh at 90%).


Cover of BioShock

(Photo by 2K Games)

In the grand schme of things, 2007 is “only” 15 years ago, but because Hollywood has been trying to make a BioShock movie since 2008, almost as far back as when the first video game came out in 2007, there is a sense that it has been in development for a very, very long time . The director that was attached to BioShock for the longest time was Gore Verbinski , who is best known for the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. We can finally see the end of the long road to a BioShock movie, and the savior of the film, as is often the case when it comes to “dead projects” getting rescued, is Netflix. There are no writers, directors, or cast for the eventual BioShock movie, but it is in official development once again as Netflix and video game company Take-Two Interactive have reached a formal agreement to develop the film. BioShock is a multi-game franchise that takes place mostly in an underwater city called Rapture that was built in a retro-futuristic 20th Century as a utopian society, but has since devolved into a violent and chaotic environment inhabited by giant cyborgs called Big Daddies.


Simu Liu and Kate McKinnon

(Photo by Steve Granitz, Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Another film that has spent a great deal of time in development is Mattel’s Barbie , which has, in the last 10years, reportedly taken a few different forms, including the time when it would have starred Amy Schumer as a toy from the world of Barbie who comes to life in the real world. The star of Barbie has been, for a few years now, Margot Robbie, and while the film has had a few different directors and writers involved (including Elizabeth Banks), the director who has been attached for a while is Greta Gerwig ( Lady Bird , Little Women ). Robbie is going to play Barbie, and Ryan Gosling will play Ken, but it wasn’t until the last week or so that we knew any of the other actors who would co-star in the film. America Ferrera (TV’s Ugly Betty and Superstore ) signed on to Barbie last week , and this week, she was joined by Simu Liu ( Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ) and then, Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnnon ; we still don’t know who any of them is playing. Barbie is expected to start filming in early 2022 for a release date by Warner Bros. sometime in 2023.


John Cena on Today

(Photo by NBC/Getty Images)

We frequently point out exactly how long some movies have been in development, but some waits are longer than others, and then there are cases when development has been ongoing without anyone being aware of it. An example of the latter is Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes spinoff Coyote vs Acme , featuring Wile E. Coyote’s battle with the company that supplies all of his weapons against the Roadrunner. The origin of this project is a 1990 satirical piece in The New Yorker ( which you can read right here ), which was subsequently sort of mentioned “in passing” in various pieces about Warner Bros. Animation in the 1990s before it disappeared into the ether during the 2000s and 2010s. Coyote vs Acme eventually came back to life in 2018 , and it now appears to actually be closing in on production with the announcement of a human movie star. John Cena, who is hot at Warner Bros. because of both The Suicide Squad (Certified Fresh at 90%) and his HBO Max show Peacemaker , which just completed its Certified Fresh first season this week, has signed on to star in Coyote vs Acme as the CEO of the titular fictional company. It’s not yet known who will voice Wile E. Coyote, or if the world they live in will feature cameos from other Looney Tunes characters (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc).


Wonder Twins on Super Friends

(Photo by Everett Collection)

Although many DC Comics characters have been around since the 1940s (or in the case of Superman, the 1930s), there is an argument to be made that one of the most influential vehicles for their superheroes was not their own comic books but the long-running ABC Saturday Morning cartoon, Super Friends . Consider, for example, that the reason that Aquaman, of all DC Comics superheroes (and there are hundreds), is considered one of DC’s biggest stars is because he was one of the four core heroes on Super Friends . In addition to characters from the comics, Super Friends also introduced new heroes (the less said about those the better) and sidekicks (like Gleek, Marvin, and Wendy). The two characters that exist in both spaces are the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, who were aliens in purple body suits whose faces and hairstyles sort of resembled Vulcans (or Romulans) from Star Trek , and who had shapeshifting powers. HBO Max is now developing a Wonder Twins movie , giving the characters their own spotlight for the first time in TV or film. Wonder Twins will be adapted by Adam Sztykiel, a screenwriter who also worked on the Shazam! anti-hero spin-off movie Black Adam (7/29/2022). Wonder Twins is now the second DC Comics feature film being exclusively developed for HBO Max, after Blue Beetle graduated from the streaming service to being a theatrical release.

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star trek cast latest

Star Trek: Voyagers Kes/Seven Of Nine Swap Was More Unique Than You Know

  • Kes and Seven of Nine's swap in Star Trek: Voyager was unique due to the franchise's consistent casts.
  • Other character swaps in previous Star Trek shows didn't accomplish their switch in the same way, usually leaving it off-screen.
  • Modern Star Trek series, like Discovery and Picard, have a different approach to swapping characters, focusing on serialized narratives.

Although it wasn't the franchise's first character swap, Star Trek: Voyager 's Kes (Jennifer Lien) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) switch was more unique than character changes in other Star Trek projects. Voyager 's cast of characters stayed mostly the same throughout the show's run, except for the departure of Kes and the introduction of Seven at the start of season 4. The swap happened over season 4's first two episodes, "Scorpion, Part II" and "The Gift," and was accomplished well, all things considered.

During "The Gift," Kes's latent mental abilities began to evolve rapidly thanks to Species 8472, to the point where she was a danger to the USS Voyager and her crew. As a result, Kes voluntarily left the ship and ascended to a higher plane of existence. She left behind Seven, who had just been rescued from the Borg Collective, and was convinced by Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) to embrace her transition back to humanity at the end of the episode. While it may seem surprising, this type of on-screen, narratively accomplished transition was rare for Star Trek TV shows .

The Complete Star Trek Timeline Explained

Star Trek's timeline spans a thousand years of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, with alternate realities and time travel galore.

Star Trek: Voyagers Kes/Seven Of Nine Swap Was Different From TNG And DS9

Voyager accomplished its character swap in a unique way.

Previous character swaps in other Star Trek projects had either happened off-screen or not been about switching one unique character for another . The two biggest character changes that happened in the franchise before Voyager were Dr. Pulaski (Diana Muldaur) taking over for Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) in season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Ezri Dax (Nicole de Boer) replacing Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . Both of these swaps had some similarities to Voyager 's Kes/Seven swap, but Voyager was distinct from both in a few important ways.

The on-screen, plot-supported switch of two characters hadn't happened in a Star Trek series before Voyager , and continued to be rare in the 1990s era of the franchise.

Dr. Pulaski's transition to and from the cast of Star Trek: TNG happened entirely off-screen both times. She was introduced without much fanfare in the first episode of season 2 and was gone by the first episode of season 3 in the same fashion. Likewise, although Ezri Dax was a different character from Jadzia Dax, she was also more of an extension of Jadzia than a completely unique character. The on-screen, plot-supported switch of two characters hadn't happened in a Star Trek series before Voyager , and continued to be rare in the 1990s era of the franchise.

Why Modern Star Trek Takes A Different Approach To Main Cast Rotation

Modern star trek series do things differently.

Unlike the classic Star Trek shows, however, newer series take a much different approach to swapping characters in and out of their main casts. Both Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard went through several drastic main cast changes during their respective five and three seasons. While some key members of Discovery 's core cast of characters remained the same, many other members came and went, especially after the show's time jump to the 32nd century. Similarly, Picard completely overhauled its main cast in season 3 to bring in the former stars of Star Trek: TNG .

This seems to be the result of focusing on a serialized narrative rather than episodic storytelling . If certain New Trek characters were or were not important to the central plot of a season, they would be swapped in or out to accommodate. This is less the case with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds , but even that show's more episodic narrative has seen some cast changes, like the death of Hemmer (Bruce Horak) in season 1. Modern Star Trek made a lot of changes to the franchise, and regular cast swapping similar to Star Trek: Voyager is one of them.

Star Trek: Voyager

Cast Jennifer Lien, Garrett Wang, Tim Russ, Robert Duncan McNeill, Roxann Dawson, Robert Beltran, Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo

Release Date May 23, 1995

Genres Sci-Fi, Adventure

Network UPN

Streaming Service(s) Paramount+

Franchise(s) Star Trek

Writers Kenneth Biller, Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller, Brannon Braga

Showrunner Kenneth Biller, Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller, Brannon Braga

Rating TV-PG

Where To Watch Paramount+

Star Trek: Voyagers Kes/Seven Of Nine Swap Was More Unique Than You Know

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Cynthia erivo & ariana grande tease ‘wicked’ release with message to uk audiences in moments worth paying for campaign.

  • ‘Resident Alien’ Star Sara Tomko & ‘Star Trek’ Actress Terry Farrell To Lead Feature ‘The Glass Mind’

By Andreas Wiseman

Andreas Wiseman

Executive Editor, International & Strategy

More Stories By Andreas

  • UK Election Analysis: Labour’s Landslide Victory & Reform’s Right-Wing Surge Redraws The Political Map
  • Brittany O’Grady & E.J. Bonilla Lead Genre Pic ‘In Our Blood’ With Duncan Jones & Morgan Freeman Among Backers; Watch First Footage

star trek cast latest

EXCLUSIVE : Sara Tomko ( Resident Alien ) and Terry Farrell ( Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Becker ) are attached to lead cast in genre feature The Glass Mind .

Writer-director-producer SJ Creazzo ( Skipping Stones ) is behind the feature, which is aiming to shoot this fall in upstate New York. Director of photography is Rick Cook.

In The Glass Mind , a psychologist proclaiming to be the very first Demon makes a young mother a dangerous offer she dare not refuse.

Dreamality Entertainment is producing and handling sales. Gabrielle Kalomiris is also among cast.

Tomko is represented by Bohemia Group and Prototype Talent Agency.

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Biden dodges calls for cognitive test in abc interview: “i’m running the world”.

star trek cast latest

$112M 5-Day July 4 Holiday Debut In Reach, Ahead Of Tracking

Bankrupt redbox parent gets preliminary ok to restore staff pay & benefits, keir starmer enters downing street; culture secretary set; analysis.

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Full cast & crew.

star trek cast latest

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Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, Tower of God season 2, and more new TV this week

Plus: Nier, Hard Knocks Offseason, and more

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A character from Star Trek: Prodigy looking up at the sky and going “ooh”

If you’re in the States, then this week is July Fourth. If you’re not in the States, then this week is just July 4 — congrats to all who get to mark the day however they are, wherever they are! No surprise, but: I think we should all celebrate by watching TV. Particularly if you’re in for anime, there’s a lot of premieres this week on Crunchyroll, meaning you can roll right through the long (or regular!) weekend with a blitz of new programs.

Here’s the best new TV premieres (and just a few of the anime previews) this week.

New shows on Netflix

Star trek: prodigy.

Genre: Star Trek (animated YA adventures edition) Release date: July 1, with all episodes Showrunner/creator: Kevin and Dan Hageman Cast: Brett Gray, Ella Purnell, Jason Mantzoukas, and more

Prodigy has survived cancellation (read: was in production for season 2 when it got axed by Paramount) and has jumped over to a new network (read: was subsequently picked up by Netflix). That means that if you liked what Prodigy was putting down in season 1, you will probably like it when it makes its way to Netflix.

New shows on Max

Hard knocks: offseason with the new york giants.

Genre: Docuseries, sports drama Release date: July 2 Cast: The players and staff of the New York Giants

The New York Giants are entering their 100th season. It’s quite an accomplishment, but they (like all NFL teams) won’t settle for anything less than a Super Bowl slot. Will they get it? Who’s to say — but now we can at least watch what they’re saying during the offseason.

New shows on Crunchyroll

Nier: automata ver1.1a season 2.

Genre: Sci-fi action Release date: July 5, with one episode Studio: A-1 Pictures

Fans of the Nier: Automata , rejoice: The gorgeous anime adaptation of the hit game is finally making its return this summer with a second season following the first’s protracted and troubled development. Hopefully A-1 Pictures has ironed out all the details for this new season so we won’t be waiting weeks or even months between episodes.

The second “cour” (the term for a production block of anime averaging between 10 and 14 episodes) will pick up immediately after the first, with 9S having learned the shocking truth behind Project YoRHa after defeating the alien robots Adam and Eve alongside 2B. We’ll have to wait until July 5 to see just how much Nier: Automata Ver1.1a will diverge from the story of the original game. —Toussaint Egan

Tower of God season 2

Genre: Fantasy action Release date: July 7, with one episode Studio: The Answer Studio

There’s a (in-universe) six-year gap between seasons here, and while we’ll be following up with Bam, Rachel, and the rest of the season 1 crew — along with their rankings! — season 2 is also bringing in some new protagonists. Meet Wangnan and Jyu, who are a little more advanced in the tower’s levels than we’ve seen so far. Time to find out what new challenges this mysterious tower can bring!

My Deer Friend Nokotan

Genre: Slice-of-life comedy Release date: July 7, with one episode Studio: Wit Studio

Based on the 2019 manga by Oshioshio, My Deer Friend Nokotan is a comedy that centers on the misadventures of Torako Koshi, a former “yankee” (see: delinquent) girl trying to keep up her appearance as a ideal student at her new high school. That becomes significantly more difficult after she saves Noko Shikanoko, a self-described “deer-girl hybrid” who begins to follow Torako around and get up to all sorts of shenanigans.

The trailer looks ridiculous, with realistic CG depictions of deer juxtaposed with Noko’s chibi-like appearance. There’s even a cute callback to the ending of 1984’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind , with Noko being lifted above a marching herd of deer while surrounded by an aura of light. We’ll see how the actual series holds up when it premieres this weekend. —TE

Wistoria: Wand and Sword

Genre: Fantasy action Release date: July 7, with one episode Studio: Actas, Bandai Namco Pictures

Based on the fantasy adventure manga by author Fujino Ōmori and illustrator Toshi Aoi, Wistoria: Wand and Sword centers on Will Serfort, a young student who enrolls at a prestigious magic academy with hopes of achieving his dream of becoming one of the most powerful magic users in the world. However, much like My Hero Academia ’s Izuku Midoriya or Solo Leveling ’s Sung Jin-woo, Will has a critical roadblock: He can’t cast even the simplest of spells to save his own life!

That’s not gonna stop him, though, as he descends into the dungeons beneath the school to slay vicious monsters as an alternate way to earn academic credits. He’s like Naruto ’s Rock Lee, only instead of being terrifyingly proficient in taijutsu, he’s an absolute beast when it comes to sword fighting.

I’m not familiar with the source material myself, but I am intrigued by the fact that Tatsuya Yoshihara, who previously worked as the action director on 2022’s Chainsaw Man and the chief director on the final season of Black Clover , is the director on Wistoria: Wand and Sword . Which means, at the very least, audiences can expect some exquisite action sequences. —TE

star trek cast latest

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Emelie in Genshin Impact, a short-haired blonde woman wielding a spear

Genshin Impact version 4.8 livestream codes

A figure whose head is masked in sackcloth and sort of hairy, maggoty bits stands, arms crossed, before a desolate fantasy vista in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Latest Elden Ring patch still doesn’t address performance issues

Colorful cover art for NES games Cobra Triangle, Solar Jetman, Golf, and The Mystery of Atlantis

Nintendo just dropped 7 NES curios on Switch Online for the holiday weekend

Messmer sits on a throne in front of a giant tree in key art for Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree guides and walkthroughs.

  • Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree guides and walkthroughs

Prepare with our shadow of the word-tree

A Furnace Golem in Elden Ring

How to get Hefty Fire Pots and Hefty Furnace Pots in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

A Tarnished warrior performs the O Mother gesture at a headless statue in Bonny Village in a screenshot from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Where to find the O Mother gesture in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Screen Rant

Star trek reveals wesley crusher has been to j.j. abrams' kelvin timeline & gave it a new name.


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Star Trek 2009 Cast & Character Guide

Star trek's original prodigy returns showrunners explain wil wheaton's wesley crusher comeback, star trek’s new protostar continues 2 classic starfleet traditions.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2, Episode 9 - "The Devourer of All Things, Part I"

  • Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 introduces Wesley Crusher's cosmic abilities as the Traveler and he mentors the USS Protostar crew to save all Star Trek timelines from the Loom.
  • In the Kelvin Timeline, Wesley Crusher reveals a new name for J.J. Abrams' alternate reality, calling it the "Narada Incursion."
  • The Temporal Wars allowed more contact between the Prime Universe and the Kelvin Timeline, with the Travelers engaging in the conflict and visiting the alternate reality.

Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) has been to the alternate reality of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movies, and Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 reveals Wesley even gave Star Trek 's Kelvin Timeline a new name. Written by Jennifer Muro and directed by Sung Shin, Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2, Episode 9 - "The Devourer of All Things, Part I" introduces Wesley Crusher and his cosmic abilities as the Traveler . Wesley mentors the heroic young crew of the USS Protostar as part of his expansive plan to save every Star Trek timeline from the reality-eating threat of the Loom.

In Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2, Episode 9 - "The Devourer of All Things, Part I", Dal R'El (Brett Gray), Gwyndala (Ella Purnell), Zero (Angus Imrie), Murf (Dee Bradley Baker), Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzoukas), and Maj'el (Michaela Dietz) expect to find the USS Protostar in a hidden world, but inside an ancient ziggurat, the Starfleet hopefuls instead find Wesley Crusher. Manic, scatterbrained, and talking a mile-a-minute, Wesley gives the kids a quick info download about who he is, what the Travelers are, and the concept of Star Trek 's Multiverse , which is under an existential threat from the Loom. Wesley reveals the existence of Star Trek 's myriad alternate timelines, but what the Traveler says about J.J. Abrams' Kelvin Timeline is shocking.

J.J. Abrams' Star Trek relaunched the movie franchise and reintroduced audiences to Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise.

Wesley Crusher Has Been To J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Kelvin Timeline & Gave It A New Name

Of course, no one in the star trek universe calls it the "kelvin timeline".

Star Trek: Prodigy 's young Starfleet Academy hopefuls initially didn't know who Wesley Crusher was, nor had they heard of the Travelers, but Wesley gave the kids a helpful rundown. Wesley explained his mission of protecting every Star Trek timeline from the Loom. As a Traveler, Wesley has jumped across time, space, and realities, and he not only revealed that he has visited J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Kelvin Timeline, but Crusher calls it by a different name . Wesley tells Star Trek: Prodigy' s heroes:

"Quantum timelines, alternate realities, planes of existence, take your pick, I've been to all of them . There's the Prime Universe we're in right now, there's the Mirror Universe, the Narada Incursion , Fluidic Space, the Mycelial Plane... Ooh, you're not supposed to know about that."

J.J. Abrams' alternate reality was dubbed the "Kelvin timeline" because in Star Trek (2009), the Romulan villain Nero (Eric Bana) and his starship, the Narada, time-traveled from 2387 in Star Trek 's Prime Universe to 2233. The Narada's destruction of the USS Kelvin, and the death of acting captain Lt. George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth), the father of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), created an entirely new alternate reality.

J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot production team internally referred to the new Star Trek movie universe they created as the Kelvin Timeline, but, of course, no one in-universe in Star Trek would call it that. Thanks to Wesley and Star Trek: Prodigy , viewers now know that the Travelers call Nero's time travel the "Narada Incursion".

Every Time Star Trek’s Prime Universe Connected WIth J.J. Abrams’ Kelvin Timeline

The temporal wars opened up more contact with j.j. abrams' alternate reality.

In Star Trek: Prodigy 's late-24th century time frame, Starfleet is aware of alternate realities like the Mirror Universe, but travel to and from different timelines is still relatively uncommon and usually happens by accident . This changed during Star Trek 's Temporal Wars when the different realities were breached and warring factions weaponized time. Wesley Crusher referenced the Temporal Wars in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, indicating that the Travelers also engaged in the conflict, which did cross over into J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Kelvin Timeline.

In J.J. Abrams' Star Trek (2009), the creation of the Kelvin Timeline was a one-sided event, and only Nero in 2233 and Ambassador Spock (Leonard Nimoy) in 2258 crossed over from Star Trek 's Prime Timeline.

Obviously, the Travelers were aware of the 'Narada Incident', and Wesley Crusher says he visited J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movies' alternate reality. In Star Trek: Discovery 's 32nd century, Dr. Kovich (David Cronenberg) revealed that Yor, a time soldier from the 24th century, crossed over from the Kelvin Timeline and died in Star Trek 's Prime Timeline. It's unclear when Star Trek 's Prime Universe Starfleet becomes fully aware of the Kelvin Timeline's existence, but perhaps it's because Wesley Crusher told the young Protostar crew about the 'Narada Incident ' in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2.

Star Trek: Prodigy

*Availability in US

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Star Trek: Prodigy (2021)

July’s New TV Releases, From 'Snowpiercer' Season 4 to 'Cobra Kai' Season 6


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Whether you're looking to beat the heat at home or watch something during vacation, there's a television series for everyone this July — especially since some of Hollywood's biggest stars are coming to our small screens. Natalie Portman plays a journalist in the 1960s true crime thriller Lady in the Lake on Apple TV+. Anthony Hopkins oversees the Roman Empire in Those About to Die , while Forest Whitaker leaves his children with a complicated legacy in MGM+'s dramatic thriller The Emperor of Ocean Park .

Comedian Seth Rogen 's anthropomorphic foodstuffs return in Sausage Party: Foodtopia , a sequel to the original Sausage Party movie. Time Bandits arrives courtesy of creative trio Jemaine Clement , Iain Morris , and Taika Waititi . Over on Apple TV+, Rashida Jones 's Sunny solves a murder mystery with a domestic robot friend, while Women in Blue tells a story inspired by Mexico's first female officers. Plus, Cobra Kai , Vikings: Valhalla , Futurama , Star Trek: Prodigy , and Snowpiercer return with new seasons, and Season 1 of Sylvester Stallone 's Tulsa King airs on CBS.

Star Trek: Prodigy

Originally a Paramount+ original cancelled by the streamer, Netflix rescued the Emmy Award-winning Star Trek: Prodigy for a second season. A spiritual sequel to Star Trek: Voyager , the animated series stars a group of young Starfleet cadets (sort of — they're troublemakers, and therefore honorary officers) as they investigate what happened to the crew of a vanished spaceship. Original Voyager cast members Kate Mulgrew and Robert Picardo return to voice their characters Admiral Kathryn Janeway and the Doctor, respectively, with Fallout and Arcane star Ella Purnell along for the ride.

Produced by Apple TV+ and A24, Sunny follows Suzie Sakamoto (Rashida Jones) after her family's death. Suzie's husband, roboticist Masa Sakamoto ( Hidetoshi Nishijima ), left her with a sentient robot named Sunny ( Joanna Sotomura ). Designed to be Suzie's domestic companion, Sunny instead helps Suzie discover the truth about her husband's passing. Inspired by author Colin O'Sullivan 's novel The Dark Manual , this mystery dramedy runs for 10 episodes.

All American: Homecoming

The CW's All American: Homecoming returns for its final season, and Simone Hicks ( Geffri Maya ) is going out with a bang — technically, a swing. Simone's junior year at Atlanta's Bringston University sees her more determined than ever to dominate the tennis court and enter the pro athlete arena after her graduation. How Simone will resolve her love triangle with Lando Johnson ( Martin Bobb-Semple ) and Damon Sims ( Peyton Alex Smith ), however, remains undecided.

Sausage Party: Foodtopia

Frank the Sausage (Seth Rogen) and his friends have successfully overthrown humanity. Now thriving in their city of Foodtopia, life feels like a paradise. Unfortunately, a flood flattens Foodtopia and leaves its survivors stranded. Faced with extinction, Frank must join forces with food's greatest enemy: a human named Jack ( Will Forte ). Sausage Party: Foodtopia 's all-star cast includes Kristen Wiig , Michael Cera , David Krumholtz , Edward Norton , and Sam Richardso n , and streams on Prime Video.

Vikings: Valhalla

Netflix's epic drama Vikings: Valhalla sets sail for one last voyage. In the third and final season of this spin-off of the original Vikings , Harald Sigurdsson ( Leo Suter ), Leif Eriksson ( Sam Corlett ), and Freydís Eiríksdóttir ( Frida Gustavsson ) must fight for their lives against encroaching English threats and decide where their home really lies — on Norway's shores, or somewhere unknown across the sea.

The Emperor of Ocean Park

As Talcott ( Grantham Coleman ), Kimmer Madison ( Paulina Lule ), and Addison ( Henry Simmons ) mourn their death of family patriarch Oliver Garland (Forest Whitaker), his dark secrets come to light. Judge Garland knew dangerous people, and the sins of the father might fall on his children. MGM+ and creator Sherman Payne adapt the novel of the same name by Stephen L. Carter , with Tiffany Mack and Bryan Greenberg co-starring.

Before Season 2 hits Paramount+ in September 2024, you can make The General's acquaintance on CBS. After 25 years in prison for murder, Mafia capo Dwight Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone) leaves New York City behind to set up a criminal empire in Tulsa at the behest of his syndicate, the Invernizzi family. Even though Oklahoma is new territory for Dwight and provides new challenges, he's an old hand at this. All nine episodes of Tulsa King Season 1, originally a Paramount+ exclusive, will air weekly on CBS.

Hold onto your sunglasses: things are about to get wild again. Unlikely superhero duo Monkey ( Fred Tatasciore ), a talking monkey assassin, and his partner in crime Bryce ( Jason Sudeikis ), also an assassin but who happens to be a ghost, continue taking New York City by storm. Killing might be what they do best, but both seek redemption for their checkered pasts. Joining the fun for Season 2 are Bryce's estranged daughter Iris ( Cristin Milioti ) and Bryce's old agent ( Leslie Jones ).

Things just got even more complicated for humanity's last hope. After Season 1's devastating cliffhanger left The Ark 's mission — finding a habitable planet for our dying Earth to colonize — in shambles, the ragtag crew must hunt for a new place to call home. Led by Lt. Sharon Garnet ( Christie Burke ), Lt. Spencer Lane ( Reece Ritchie ), and Lt. James Brice ( Richard Fleeshman ), The Ark 's surviving residents traverse the galaxy and become a family.

It's time to break the cycle. In Season 2 of Hulu's UnPrisoned , Paige Alexander ( Kerry Washington ), a therapist, social media star, and single mom, takes on new challenges. She's getting back in the dating game (maybe), rebuilding her relationship with her estranged father, Edwin ( Delroy Lindo ), a formerly incarcerated man, and literally wrestling her feelings out with her son, Finn ( Faly Rakotohavana ).

All good things must come to an end. Cobra Kai closes its dojo's doors in its sixth and final season, but not before the group recovers from their Season 5 loss and sets their sights on new, even harder tournaments. Dojo founder John Kreese ( Martin Kove ) returns after successfully faking his death, but Daniel LaRusso ( Ralph Maccio ) and Johnny Lawrence ( William Zabka ) never back down without a fight.

Those About to Die

Let the games begin. Emperor Vespasian (Anthony Hopkins) rules over Ancient Rome with an iron fist. While he and his sons keep consolidating power and outwitting political rivals, Tenax ( Iwan Rheon ) runs the gladiator games from the shadows. Inside the arena, the enslaved Scorpus ( Dimitri Leonidas ) becomes a famed charioteer and Kwame ( Moe Hashim ) fights for survival and the chance to see his mother Cala ( Sara Martins ) again. Peacock's Those About to Die is inspired by the non-fiction book of the same name by Daniel P. Mannix .

Lady in the Lake

Release Date : July 19 on Apple TV+

Discovering a woman's dead body in a Baltimore lake forces privileged 1960s housewife Maddie Schwartz (Natalie Portman) out of her emotional paralysis. Embolded and frustrated, she divorces her husband to pursue investigative journalism. As she does, two seemingly separate murders collide: an 11-year-old girl and Cleo Sherwood ( Moses Ingram ), an activist within Baltimore's Black community. Based on the bestselling novel by Laura Lippman , which was in turn inspired by real-life crimes , Y'lan Noel , Mikey Madison , and Noah Jupe round out creator Apple TV+ and Alma Har'el 's Lady in the Lake .


Snowpiercer has found a new home with AMC for its last season. Starring Jennifer Connelly , Daveed Diggs , and Sean Bean , Season 3 saw the massive train's passengers torn between those willing to stay onboard and those willing to risk building a home in the arctic dystopia outside. There's also the mystery of who launched a missile, and why. Snowpiercer is inspired by Parasite director Bong Joon-ho 's 2013 film of the same name.

61st Street

"We've got to try to turn everyone away from darkness toward the light." Courtney B. Vance 's 61st Street moves from AMC to The CW for Season 2. Franklin Roberts (Vance), one of Chicago's only "honest lawyers," emerges from retirement to defend young Black athlete Moses Johnson ( Tosin Cole ) from criminal accusations. In so doing, both men find themselves fighting against the larger forces of police corruption and racialized violence.

Time Bandits

Director Terry Gilliam 's 1981 movie gets a new life in this serialized remake on Apple TV+. Kevin ( Kal-El Tuck ) loves history, so imagine his delight when he crosses paths with a crew of time-traveling thieves. Penelope ( Lisa Kudrow ), the group's leader, lets Kevin tag along throughout time and space as they steal from historical giants — and avoid their old boss, the Supreme Being ( Waititi ). The cast includes Charlyne Yi , Tadhg Murphy , and Roger Jean Nsengiyumva .

The Decameron

Welcome to the party. A collection of 14th-century short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio becomes series creator Kathleen Jordan's Netflix tale The Decameron , a tale of delight, debauchery, and death. A group of noble Italian families try to hide from the Black Plague by passing the time indoors, but they can't ignore reality when it comes knocking. Zosia Mamet , Saoirse-Monica Jackson , Tanya Reynolds , Amar Chadha-Patel , Leila Farzad , and Tony Hale star.

After a variety of wacky adventures last year, the eternally lazy Fry ( Billy West ), the stubborn Leela ( Katey Sagal ), and the trigger-happy robot Bender ( John DiMaggio ) are back for more in the second half of Futurama 's 12th season. Who knows what wild nonsense they'll encounter this time? Having been resurrected after several cancellations, creator Matt Groening 's Futurama is the sci-fi sitcom that never dies.

Women in Blue

Release Date : July 31 on Apple TV+

It's 1971 in Mexico, and the Tlalpan Undresser serial killer has murdered three innocent women. When the police make an open call for any interested woman to help the investigation, four ignore the sexist backlash and join the department. María ( Bárbara Mori ), Gabina ( Amorita Rasgado ), Ángeles ( Ximena Sariñana ), and Valentina ( Natalia Téllez ) all have different skills and experiences, but they'll stop at nothing to capture the perpetrator before he strikes again. Fernando Rovzar is Women in Blue 's creator, showrunner, and director.

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star trek cast latest

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Missy Elliott Hits the Stage in Canada, Plus Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and More

From Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between, see what your favorite stars are up to

star trek cast latest

Alexandra Schonfeld is a features writer at PEOPLE. She has been working at PEOPLE since April 2022. Her work previously appeared in Newsweek .

star trek cast latest

Stars have been everywhere this week, from Missy Elliott sparkling on stage in Vancouver to Taylor Swift continuing her Eras Tour in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, Katy Perry closed out a Dolce & Gabbana celebration in Italy, while Chaka Khan received an award in London.

Here, the best photos of celebs out and about this week. Come back tomorrow for more of the latest A-list outings!

Sparkle Motion

Missy Elliott shines on July 4 while performing in Vancouver, Canada.

Aldara Zarraoa/Getty

Taylor Swift continues the Amsterdam stop of her Eras Tour at Johan Cruijff Arena on July 5.

Silver Belle

Cynthia Parkhurst

Katy Perry brings it while performing at the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Party at Forte Village in Sardinia, Italy, on July 4.

WIth Honors

Chaka Khan poses with the Global Live Music award at the Nordoff and Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards 2024 at London's Grosvenor House Hotel on July 5.

Here to Help

Seth Trouwborst

Actor and NASCAR driver Frankie Muniz meets volunteers from veteran-led humanitarian organization Team Rubicon ahead of the NASCAR Chicago Street Race on July 5.

Thirst Trap

John & Joseph Photography

Kim Kardashian sips on a Raspberry Rose poppi soda while at sister Khloe's 40th birthday party in Los Angeles.

Seoul Searching

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty

A happy Hugh Jackman greets fans in Seoul, South Korea, for the premiere of Deadpool & Wolverine on July 5.


Ice Spice gets to the point while hitting the stage at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark July 4.

Andy Von Pip/ZUMA Press Wire/SplashNews

Shania Twain spends her July 4 performing at the Lytham Festival in England.

Okay, So You're Brad Pitt

Vince Mignott/MB Media/Getty

Another day, another visit to the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain for Brad Pitt , who makes his way to Silverstone Circuit on July 5 in Northampton, England.


Also at the Deadpool & Wolverine premiere in South Korea on July 5: Jackman's costar and friend Ryan Reynolds .

Karwai Tang/WireImage

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes take their seats on July 5 at day five of the 2024 Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London.

Suit Yourselves

Jordan Pettitt/PA Images via Getty

Dustin Hoffman and wife Lisa get all dressed up for day five of the 2024 Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London.

Kristina Bumphrey/Shutterstock

Fantasia Barrino brings her vocal talents to PBS's A Capitol Fourth concert in Washington, D.C., on July 4.

America's Pasttime

Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/Getty

Chloë Grace Moretz delivers the iconic "Play ball!" announcement before the July 4 game between the Atlanta Braves and San Francisco Giants at Truist Park in Georgia.

Masked Moment

Ivica Drusany/Shutterstock

Grace Jones gives another iconic performance during a concert at SRC Salata in Zagreb, Croatia, on July 4.

Across the Universe

Justin Bieber arrives in Mumbai, India, on July 5, ahead of his reported performance at the wedding of Indian Billionaire Anant Ambani.

White of Way

Brooks Nader arrives in her all-white ensemble for Michael Rubin's annual White Party in The Hamptons, New York, on July 4.

Gotham/GC Images

Also rolling up to the White Party in The Hamptons on July 4: newlyweds Don Lemon and Tim Malone .

Concert Crew

Dave Hogan/Hogan Media/Shutterstock

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis keep close at Morgan Wallen 's concert during BST Hyde Park on July 4 in London.

Tour Takeover

Carlos Alvarez/Getty

Taylor Swift performs during her Eras Tour at Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on July 4.

A Friendly Wave

GTres / SplashNews

Ricky Martin hangs out in Sevilla, Spain, on July 4.

Sunglasses and Stripes

Shay Mitchell strolls the streets of New York City on July 4.

Tiny Moves in N.Y.C.

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press Wire/Shutterstock

Jack Antonoff of Bleachers performs on Today in New York City on July 4.

Jayce Illman/Getty

Brad Pitt is in his best racer attire as he attends the F1 Grand Prix previews in Northampton, England, on July 4.

Two Hands, One Heart

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman 's friendship is on full display while promoting Deadpool & Wolverine in Seoul, South Korea, on July 4.

Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Elba arrive hand-in-hand for a dinner in London on July 3 celebrating the 20th anniversary of Maria Sharapova's Wimbledon title.

Painting the Town Red

Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Headliner Doja Cat rocks the festival mainstage in Roskilde, Denmark, on July 3.

Toast from the Royal Court

Jane Barlow - WPA Pool/Getty

King Charles III and Queen Camilla have a whisky taste test in Edinburgh, Scotland, on July 3 to commemorate the city's 900th anniversary.

Centre Court Chic

Antony Jones/Getty

Recently married Talulah Riley and Thomas Brodie-Sangster look posh attending day four of Wimbledon in London on July 4.

Print It on a T-Shirt

A casual Camila Cabello goes for a walk about London on July 3 after releasing her fourth studio album C,XOXO .

An Act of Service

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

LeAnn Rimes honors the U.S. Army with a performance in Philadelphia on July 3.

Kicking Off the Show

Kevin Mazur/Getty

Opening for Maroon 5 on their summer East Coast tour, Maren Morris performs in Wantagh, New York, on July 3.

Rita Ora leaves a London function with her bags and husband Taika Waititi (not pictured) on July 3.

Boys' Trip

Romeo Beckham keeps it casual for the third day of championships at Wimbledon in London on July 3.

The Happy Couple

Ernesto Ruscio/Getty

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler stop for a photo at the 64th Globo d'oro Awards in Rome on July 3.

Summer Style

Marco Bahler

Halle Bailey shows off a gorgeous summer gown at the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show in Sardinia, Italy, on July 2.

Hannah Waddingham is captivated by the game while at the Wimbledon championships in London on July 3.

Birthday Boy

Tom Cruise gives a friendly wave on the set of the latest Mission: Impossible film on his birthday in London on July 3.

Straight Faces

Jeff Spicer/Getty

Emma Weymouth and Damson Idris make an appearance at an event by IWC Schaffhausen in London on July 3.

Smile and Wave

Eva Longoria shows off her figure at the ELLE Gourmet Awards 2024 in Madrid on July 3.

Mariano Regidor/Redferns

Anitta gives a stellar performance in Madrid on July 3.

Jake Gyllenhaal and girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu walk out hand-in-hand on the streets of New York City on July 2.

Award Show Moment

Jerritt Clark/Getty

Teyana Taylor , Lena Waithe and Joi Brown pose for a photo at the Culture Creators Leaders & Innovators Awards Brunch in Los Angeles on June 28.

Like Riding a Bike

Trevor Noah keeps it casual as he bikes through New York City on July 2.

Dave Benett/Getty

Lewis Hamilton celebrates a new launch from his brand +44 in London on July 2.

At the Court

Maria Sharapova accessorizes her all-tan getup with a green, patterned clutch at a Wimbledon match in London on July 3.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty

VEDO celebrates BET Weekend 2024 in Los Angeles on June 29.

Beverley Knight and Mel C are all smiles as they pose for a picture during the Wimbledon championships on July 3 in London.

Prince Among Men

Jane Barlow - WPA Pool/Getty 

Prince William attends the Order of the Thistle Service at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland, on July 3.

Out and About

Peter Cruz/SplashNews

Jennifer Lopez pairs a cutesy crop top with a fuzzy pink cardigan while on a walk in New York City on June 1.

Give a Wave

VCG/VCG via Getty

Hugh Jackman promotes his latest film Deadpool & Wolverine at a press conference in Shanghai on July 2.

Foreign Visit

Also in Shanghai, Ryan Reynolds wears a multicolored jacket at the press conference for Deadpool & Wolverine on July 2.

Game, Set, Match


Maria Sharapova and fiancé Alexander Gilkes watch a second-round match at the Wimbledon Championships in Wimbledon on July 3.

Portrait Mode

Ash Knotek/Shutterstock

Rita Ora makes an appearance at an intimate concert by Girls Aloud at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London on July 2.

Swish, Swish

Ethan Miller/Getty

Vivica A. Fox enjoys a basketball game between the Indiana Fever and the Las Vegas Aces in Las Vegas on July 2.

Opening Day

Liam McBurney/PA Images via Getty

Russell Crowe attends an opening for the brand home of Muff Liquor Company in Muff, Colorado, on July 2.

Pretty in Pink

Tom Dulat/Getty

Kim Cattrall is pretty in pink as she poses at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships on July 3.

Marco Bahler/Dolce&Gabbana

Naomi Campbell shows off an ethereal white gown at the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show in Sardinia, Italy, on July 2.

On the Town

Lucy Hale heads to a dinner date in Los Angeles on July 1.

Flower Power


Kelly Rutherford rocks floral at the Marc Cain Fashion Show Pure Radiance at Berlin Fashion Week on July 2.

Andy Von Pip/ZUMA Press Wire/Shutterstock

Janelle Monáe is adorned in flowers for the first night of her residency at Factory International's Aviva Studios in Manchester on July 2.

Wined and Dined

Tibrina Hobson/Getty

Hilarie Burton stops by City Winery Nashville on July 2.

Dave Benett/Getty 

Hannah Waddingham raises a glass at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships in London on July 3.

Also at Wimbledon, Grace Jones cheers the players on while in the stands on July 2.

GloRilla parties with Megan Thee Stallion at CMG's Glow Up Los Angeles on June 30.

Strike a Pose

Ravinia Festival/Kyle Dunleavy

Ben Platt gives a showstopping performance at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, Illinois, on June 28.

Justin Palmer/SplashNews

Camila Cabello sports baggy jeans and a black top for her album release party in London on June 2.

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Sarah Jessica Parker poses in a pair of paint-splattered overalls on the set of And Just Like That ... in New York City on July 2.

Summer Whites

Andreas Rentz/Getty

Kate Winslet smiles in an all-white look at the CineMerit Award event during the Munich Film Festival in Germany on July 2.

Playful in the Park

Sophie Turner and her boyfriend Peregrine Pearson attend a polo match on his family's West Sussex estate in England on July 2.

Running Man

Tom Hiddleston goes for an early morning run in London while filming scenes for The Night Manager season 2 on July 2.  

Cute with Cats

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Image

Logan Marshall-Green holds a cat in his arms while on the set of And Just Like That ... in New York City on July 2.

Smile for the Camera

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Kylie Cantrall and Malia Baker strike a pose outside the Good Morning America studio in New York City on July 2.

Mike Djordj / SplashNew

Nicole Scherzinger dances on a yacht in Portugal with fiancé Thom Evans while celebrating her birthday on July 1.

Racing Face On

Simon Galloway / LAT Images

Brie Larson is all smiles during the Portland E-Prix I in Oregon on June 29.

Strutting in Shades

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis hit the set of Freaky Friday 2 in Los Angeles on July 1.

Hand In Hand

IPA / SplashNews

Harvey Keitel and Daphna Kastner hold hands while shopping in Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, Italy, on July 2.

Rain or Shine

Kelly Ripa , Caroline Rhea and Mark Consuelos have a ball during a segment for Live with Kelly and Mark in New York City on July 2.

A Glamorous Exit


Heidi Klum and husband Tom Kaulitz leave the Hotel Ritz in Paris on July 1 after watching the Paris Pride parade.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty 

A retro-chic Cardi B attends the Marc Jacobs fall 2024 fashion show in New York City on July 1.

Serving Up Looks

Tennis fan Rebel Wilson beams on day two of Wimbledon in London on July 2.

Rebecca Sapp/Getty

Common stops by the GRAMMY Museum on July 1 in Los Angeles ahead of his collaboration album with Pete Rock (not pictured).

Peter Summers/Getty

King Charles III kicks off an abbreviated Royal Week schedule with the Ceremony of Keys in Edinburgh, Scotland, on July 2.

Audience Commentary

James Veysey/Shutterstock

Dave Grohl and his wife Jordyn Blum watch a Wimbledon match from Centre Court's Royal Box in London on July 2.

Meshing Well

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Lourdes Leon dons a revealing look for the Marc Jacobs show in New York City on July 1.

Woman in Black

Gotham/GC Image

Dressed in black from head-to-toe, Nicole Ari Parker shows off her silhouette at the Marc Jacobs show in New York City on July 1.

Happy to Be Here

Model Karen Elson is all smiles as she attends the Marc Jacobs show in New York City on July 1.

Hello, Hilton!

Fashion designer and socialite Nicky Hilton Rothschild waves to the cameras as she enters the Marc Jacobs show in New York City on July 1

An Eye for Art

Lucy North/PA Images via Getty

Princess Beatrice attends French street artist Mr. Brainwash's unveiling event in central London on July 1.

On the Grounds

Duran Duran 's Simon Le Bon suits up for day two of Wimbledon in London on July 2.

An Early Morning

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Music legend Chaka Khan talks about her 50-year career on the United Kingdom's This Morning in London on July 2.

Looking Fresh

Emily Ratajkowski steps out wearing a produce-patterned dress in New York City on July 1.

Concert Close-Up

Action Press/Shutterstock

On his Too Close for Comfort tour, Alice Cooper performs in Nuremberg, Germany, on July 1.

He'll Be Back

Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger goes on a brisk stroll in Los Angeles on June 30.

Out of Costume

Splash By Shutterstock/SplashNews

Eddie Redmayne forgoes the elaborate makeup of his Tony-nominated Cabaret role in favor of a casual look in New York City on July 1.

Clown Studies


At The Bozeum in Elgin, Illinois, David Arquette takes a look at Bozo the Clown memorabilia with the help of "Bozologist" Tom Holbrook on July 1.

Award-Winning Smile

Amy Sussman/Getty

The Ms. Pat Show 's J. Bernard Calloway grins from ear-to-ear on the carpet of the BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 30.

Romancing the Camera

Neil Mockford/GC Images

Camila Cabello strikes a cute pose while arriving at HMV Oxford St for an album signing for C, XOXO on July 1 in London.

Tristan Fewings/Getty

Bridgerton' s Golda Rosheuvel and Martins Imhangbe are ready for Wimbledon as they attend the first day of the championships in London on July 1.

Day at the Courts


David Beckham is spiffy as ever as he sits on center court on the first day of the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club in London on July 1.

All Dressed for the Game

James Blunt attends Wimbledon as a guest of Emirates on July 1 in London.

Tennis Girlie

Lucy Boynton channels some tennis core fashions at Wimbledon on July 1 in London.

Waving Hello

Neil Mockford/GC Image

Jameela Jamil attends day one of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club on July 1 in London.

Playing It Forward

Courtesy Mattel

Jennifer Garner is locked into the fun while at the Fourth Annual Play It Forward Global Volunteer Week celebrated at Mattel HQ in El Segundo, California on June 26.

Movie Screener

Cinespia / Kelly Lee Barrett

A smiling Jack Quaid attends the Cinespia-hosted screening of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Posing with the Host

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA

Andra Day and Ayoni pose with Alicia Keys as she — along with Mercedes-Benz — hosts an experiential culinary event celebrating innovators and creators in L.A. on June 28.

Honoring a Legend

Andy Henderson

Mariah Carey poses with the cast of MJ the Musical after catching a performance on Broadway.

International Star

Offset brings the energy while performing live at the San Siro Hippodrome in Milan on July 1.

Priceless Moments

Xochitl Gomez and her mom are pictured in a joyful moment as they cheer on the LAFC on June 29 at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles.

Broadway Fan

Bruce Glikas

Jojo Siwa is ecstatic while posing with a Playbill for Back to the Future: The Musical after seeing the show in N.Y.C .

Salute to You

Andrew Schwartz / SplashNews

Star Trek alumnus Wilson Cruz flashes parade goers the Vulcan peace hand gesture during the annual New York City Pride March on June 30.

Happy Pride!

NDZ/Star Max/GC Images

Frankie Grande delivers a showstopping performance at the New York City Pride March on June 30. 

Thickening the Plot

Jose Perez / SplashNews

Cynthia Nixon is pictured filming scenes for And Just Like That... alongside Dolly Wells on July 1 in New York City.

Strolling on the Beach

Larsa Pippen shows off her curves in a swimsuit while vacationing in Turks and Caicos.

Hostess with the Mostest

Leon Bennett/Getty

A smiling Taraji P. Henson is caught backstage as she hosts the 2024 BET Awards at Peacock Theater on June 30 in Los Angeles.  

Back On Stage

Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty

Will Smith gives a passionate performance while on stage at the 2024 BET Awards at Peacock Theater on June 30 in Los Angeles.

Bennett Raglin/Getty

Teyana Taylor looks cool while at the 2024 BET Awards at Peacock Theater on June 30 in Los Angeles.  


Blac Chyna and Ray J pose for photographers while at the 2024 BET Awards on June 30 in Los Angeles.

Showing Love

GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion share a big hug after performing at the BET Awards on June 30 in Los Angeles. 

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