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We were booked into the Dawn, sailing from Mauritius, but were unable to sail for the first two days as there was potential Cholera onboard. NCL did put us up in a hotel with $75 per person per night allowance, plus offered a pro rata refund. This should have been refunded within fourteen days of our claim going in. None of the crowd we met on the cruise have received the refund yet, now 2 months later. We are all appalled as this spoiled our holiday - missed Mozambique and Madagascar and no refunds. Please get this sorted out - we are a very disgruntled crowd.

Date of experience : February 24, 2024

The cruise its self was good having…

The cruise its self was good having said that be careful of using a credit card as payment on board use cash and settle up on the last day , they took two payments of the same amount leaving us in a real awkward position overseas and a empty credit card. Contacting this company is almost impossible its a never ending circle of " not our department and customer service after the cruise is email only no phone number" with a unto 30 days for a reply. Be careful how you manage your money

Date of experience : April 03, 2024

Loss of shore days on NCL Pride of America Hawaiian cruise

We had a Hawaiian cruise which was to include 2 days on Maui, 1 day at Hilo, 1 day at Kona, and 2 days at Kauai. Due to a technical issue with the ships backup generator, the boat was unable to leave from Hilo to Kona. Someone said the Coast Guard wouldn't let the ship sail. We had to stay in Hilo and didn't get to see Kona. As Hilo and Kona were on opposite sides of the same island, we decided to rent a car and drive from Hilo to Kona when we found out we wouldn't be going there. Unfortunately, the captain told us around 8 AM of day 2 on Hilo that everyone needed to be back on the ship by 1 PM to leave. Therefore, we had to cancel our plans to drive to Kona. The ship ended up leaving the next morning and sailed all day which was the first day we were supposed to be in Kauai. Thus we got cheated out of another day of seeing the islands. We had to wait in line at the excursions desk a couple of times to get the credit for the canceled excursions that we prepaid for. We also had to talk to guest services to get a bar bill corrected. To make up for the loss of 2 days island experiences, NCL gave us $200 credit and the offer of 20% off our next cruise if used by December 31, 2025. As we don't have any plans to take another cruise, this offer was meaningless to us. The entertainment that was offered on the ship wasn't that great and certainly didn't make up for the loss of excursions to the islands. We also didn't think the food was anything special. We did enjoy the suite we were in in.

Date of experience : April 13, 2024

We boarded and by 2:00pm our rooms were…

We boarded and by 2:00pm our rooms were not ready. Seriously you would think they could get that done but instead it's go eat there, go sit there etc. Etc. Instead of your room is ready. Watch what you pack on, you will be carrying it around with you.

Date of experience : April 29, 2024


BAIT and SWITCH! we have traveled Norweigen for years reaching sapphire status and can confirm that the quality has been steadily declining. After the pandemic they apparently discovered they could save money and make money by cancelling ports. this has happened on each of the last 5 cruises and the port that is cancelled is always the most popular one and the cancellation is always after they have taken your money with no chance of refund. the reason given on the last cruise was wind but this was not supported by the forecast and there were also 2 other cruises headed to that destination when they made that statement

Date of experience : April 06, 2024

NCL has become such a low-quality…

NCL has become such a low-quality cruise line in the past few years that I will not sail on NCL again. They nickel-and-dime you to death. The free-at-sea promotion is a scam, and how they advertise this is deceptive. The benefits do not equal the cost. Shore excursions are more expensive than any other cruise line, and their service is deplorable. In addition to the lower quality of service, the food in their main dining room has become so bad that it's reminiscent of a High School Cafeteria. Low-quality food at a full cruise price.

Date of experience : April 01, 2024

They just refused to compensate

I have been on many different cruise ships and NCL was the worst earlier this year. Three countries port visits were cancelled. I booked the holiday specifically to visit these countries. It’s like ordering a new car and when it arrives it’s a van. Not fit for purpose. NCL wouldn’t compensate me for that. My advice, don’t go anywhere near them!!

Date of experience : March 04, 2024

Never travel with you

Where do I start? We missed 2 malgascia,the cabin was shocking,the entertainment??? Are you havin a laugh… The same act for 45 minutes each night, For the price we paid for our first cruise was £6000, And then at finding out at the end of our unpleasant and miserable unforgettable experience that we then had another £400 for services charges i.e bedding changed which we never asked for!!! Also paying the price what we paid where was the English tea bags n also you the serve the worst coffee n when we tasted the coffee we had to pay for a proper coffee at Starbucks, all inclusive you are havin a joke,Also we are getting charged for food which we are not paying

Date of experience : March 11, 2024

Think twice before NCL Encore

I was not impressed with NCL Encore or her crew. Bar staff was rude and it took forever to get drinks. Food at the buffet was ok at best. Food was better at some of the restaurants. Nester at Guest Services was HORRIBLE. Found out that the Encore is usually an Alaska ship, WHY would you use it for a Caribbean cruise. There was ONE pool (and a kids pool) for everyone. Guest shops onboard are a joke. EVERYTHING is an added fee. I did not find the ship to be "user-friendly" in gettting around.

Date of experience : March 03, 2024

Had a cruise May of 2023

Had a cruise May of 2023. We had them setup all our travel arrangement. Our flight was delay, we contact the Cruise line and travel arrangement. We lost 1600.00 because they said we canx our cruise. We tried to explain that they made our travel arrangements. Wouldn't recommended this Cruise line to anybody. Norwegian cruise line wasn't helpful at all

Date of experience : May 06, 2023

Disappointing trip

On a recent Caribbean cruise we were genuinely shocked by the quality of the experience. First, the pros: Our cabin was spacious and had plenty of storage space. The service was great from all the staff with whom we interacted. Our cabin steward, Gilbert, was fantastic. Our room was cleaned every day and Gilbert was very responsive to any requests that we made. Since we ate in different places, we did not develop any relationships with particular staff. However, Alvin, a server in Tankards and Rachel the bartender in Sugarcanes were right on top of things. They knew us by name and by drink every time we stopped by their facility. Not so good things: The bathroom in our cabin had a bath tub/shower combination which was both unsafe and uncomfortable. In addition to the height of the side of the tub, there was a 3-4 inch addition to accomdate the shower door. All of our group was over 70 and two were over 80. Getting in and out of that tub was the low point of the day. Once in the tub, you could not stand with your feet side by side. The floor of the tub was so narrow that you had to stand with one foot in front of the other making it very hard to maintain your balance. All in all, the bathroom was unacceptable because of that tub. In addition, there was an ashtray permanently fixed to the wall by the toilet! How long has it been since anyone was allowed to smoke in their cabin? The food was barely acceptable. The salad bar in the buffet consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, corn, onions, ham and cheese. No veggies, no olives, no croutons, just this sad assortment. One night in La Bistro, two of our group ordered dover sole and found it to be inedible. Dry, grainy, and tasteless was how it was described. We did enjoy a few dishes in the other specialty restaurants. The lamb shank in the Italian restaurant was delicious as was the pasta. And Cagney's produced one of the best steaks I've ever had. Lunch and dinner in the Grand Pacific was hit or miss. Nothing really terrible but at best "meh" was all you could say. For breakfast some ordered the bagel and smoked salmon . Out came a half a small, dried bagel that some one put two glancing blows of cream cheese on, a few capers, virtually no tomato, and some sliced onion. We had to change the order for the bagel to two orders (so we could have a whole bagel) extra cream cheese, and a sliced tomato on the side. The portion of smoked salmon served was good and had a great flavor. Sides (other than french fries) were miniscule, maybe a tablespoon of slaw with the barbecue. Very sad state of affairs with the food generally. Communications were spotty if not nonexistant. In disembarking, for example, many of us headed to Deck 4 which had been where one left the boat for all excursions. Somehow, on disembarkation day, we needed to exit on Deck 7. Unfortunately there were no signs or staff directing people to the right deck and many of us spent too much time just trying to figure out how one got off the boat! Very disappointed with so much of this cruise that we don't think that we will use NCL again.

Date of experience : April 09, 2024

Beyond your expectation

I’d like to write a review for NCL EPIC cruise because it gave me & my wife a fantastic vacation that we’ve never experienced before. The followings are reasons based on my real situations. 1. I booked an inside cabin and requested a shower stool for myself after booking. NCL EPIC offered me beyond my expectation--- an accessible wheelchair cabin. 2. My wife forgot her coat after onboard buffet eating one night then, we got it back without any difficulty at customer service counter of NCL EPIC next morning. 3. CBP(US Customs & Border Protection) had been thinking we were overstay in the US because we entered New York by airplane and cruised with NCL EPIC for Europe next day. They were so wrong about it and I needed to correct this CBP record, in order to clean my name. NCL cruise line was very helpful on this issue as provided me with required documents after the voyage. I finally made CBP to acknowledge their mistake in Nov. 2023. In one word, choosing NCL and you got it all.

Date of experience : April 22, 2023

DO NOT BUY Trip insurance from…

DO NOT BUY Trip insurance from Norwegian Cruise line. We did and ended up having surgery before our planned cruise. Norweign uses ION insurance which denied our claim stating it was pre existing condition. Why I would schedule a 10 day cruise with lots of walking when I had a preexisting condition with my knee is beyond me....

Date of experience : December 15, 2023


We have been longtime advocates for Oceania Cruises but our most recent experience has soured us forever. We will never take another cruise on Oceania or its parent company's ships due to the apparent lack of conCern for SAFETY on destination shore excursions. We wereon a ship-based land tour and the guide never showed up so the bus driver attempted (poorly) to be guide but to do so he had to shift with the same hand he was using to hold the microphone on the very small island of Dominica with very very narrow, curvy, steep, hilly switch-back roads. It was INCREDIBLY SCARY. When I reported this to Destination Services, after reviewing for ten days, they denied any safety issues and refused to even refund our tour expense. THE LACK OF CONERN FOR PASSENGER SAFETY IS UNBELIEVEABLE!

Norwegian air promotion is worthless, and it causes you loss of free stateroom upgrade

The air promotion Norwegian offered is worthless. They put us on indirect flights which take many more hours than direct flights. Also, they can only book flights with 2 days before and after the cruise departure and arrival. With 200 dollars more, we can buy much better two round-trip flights with more flexibility. What made it even worse was that the air promotion eliminated us from free upgrade of stateroom. We ended up with paying 2 times more than the current cost of the cruise resulting from making reservation 6 months in advance. I would suggest that you should not book in advance and not use their air promotion. With this type of service, we are so disappointed at Norwegian.

Delay with deposit refund

In early 2023 my wife and I booked a cruise around the Greek Islands for August 2024 on the Norwegian Epic. Due to circumstances we had to cancel the cruise. I notified them in October 2023 and was informed that I was entitled to a full refund. Today 5/4/24 I finally received the refund of my deposit in full. It took 6 months and numerous unanswered emails to get the deposit back. I'm sure that if I had not pursued this matter I would not have seen my money again. I have never in my life had to deal with the incompetence and ignorance of a company as I have in this time. I was promised in writing that the refund was being processed only to find that it was not. We plan on booking a similar cruise at a later time but it will definitely not be with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Date of experience : April 05, 2024

Worst cruise line to be honest 0/10

I regret to say that my experience with this cruise line was deeply disappointing. The crew's attitude was consistently poor, with minimal effort to provide satisfactory service. Most facilities, including the bar and common areas, were inexplicably closed for the majority of the voyage. While the food was passable, it failed to make up for the overall lack of quality service. I would never recommend this cruise line to others. Glad I know now and will never step on this cheap cruise line again.

Date of experience : March 29, 2024

OK cruise ruined by overcharging and uselesss Guest Servuces

We enjoyed our Australia and New Zealand cruise with hard-working and happy staff. Unfortunately, I had a very minor bladder infection This would have been a 20-minute doctor consultation in the UK with an antibiotic and maybe paracetamol prescribed plus an instruction "drink plenty of fluids". Onboard I went to the Medical Centre who 'went to town' with antibiotic and omeprazole injections, intravenous paracetamol plus saline drip, blood samples for liver and kidney tests, monitored my condition for two hours and gave me a bill for $3,000. They would not deal directly with our insurance company so we paid this, along with a few hundred dollars of other expenditure, prior to disembarkment in Sydney. Then the problems started. Our credit card was declined when we tried to pay for lunch with the message 'short of funds' which we knew we were not. We checked our bank statement online to find that the final bill had been paid but also there was a ‘hold’ for the medical expenses bill which meant we had effectively paid this twice. We tried to contact NCL Guest Services which was almost impossible though they did eventually come back with a statement to the effect 'We value your comments and will try to get back to you within 30 days'. Useless. I also contacted my bank and Iglu travel agent, who responded within 24 hours and at least tried to help. When NCL Guest Services eventually replied, after we got home, they sent a standard letter stating that we had agreed when we signed up with them, to them putting 'holds' on guests' bank accounts to cover expenditures as they occurred and these funds would be released after up to 30 days. NCL implied that this was the bank’s fault but I now realise it was theirs. Had they put a hold on the original $3,000 and then marked the same $3000 as collected, the bank would have matched the two up and cancelled the hold. However because the total bill was different to the hold amount, they were unable to do so. This is difficult to explain but it would have been so easy for NCL to do this correctly and I suggest they should do so in the future to prevent the same thing happening to future guests. Comments please NCL?

Date of experience : February 21, 2024

Our cruise was delayed by 2 disappointed days in…

Our cruise was delayed by 2 days in Mauritius! Lack of communication from start to finish, we still not having communication from them after returning home! 3ports cancelled and we went into all industrial ports! If this had been our first cruise it certainly would be our last! We have cruised with them before and had a good experience but we should have known when they cancelled the Brazil cruise. So NEVER again with ncl

Date of experience : February 25, 2024


I agree with the recent posts about them not helping at all with concerns, especially with flights. We have been looking forward to our cruise for so long and also asked to travel as a family. They originally booked us on the same flights, but then randomly rebooked my kids on a flight pattern six hours apart from ours. My son has anxiety when traveling which I have explained multiple times. They don’t seem to care and no one will help me. All I want is for them to put my kids back on their original flight. There was no reason to change them and I had already reserved seats for us to sit together. This is ruining our vacation when all they need to do to make it right is simply move them back. They were happy to take my money and seem to sadistically enjoy the fact that they have the power to ruin our experience. It’s easier to do the right thing NCL!

Date of experience : April 04, 2024

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How To File A Complaint With Norwegian Cruise Line

Published: December 20, 2023

Modified: December 28, 2023

by Aridatha Siegel



Cruises can be a fantastic way to relax, unwind, and explore beautiful destinations. However, sometimes issues or concerns may arise during your cruise experience. Whether it’s a problem with accommodations, food quality, service, or any other aspect of your trip, it’s important to know how to file a complaint effectively.

One popular cruise line that attracts travelers from around the world is Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). With a wide variety of ships and destinations, NCL offers unforgettable experiences to its passengers. If you have encountered an issue during your NCL cruise and want to file a complaint, this article will guide you through the process step by step.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your complaint is properly addressed and increase the chances of a satisfactory resolution from the cruise line. It’s important to remember that not all complaints will have the same outcome, but being assertive and organized will help you present your case effectively.

So, let’s get started and learn how to file a complaint with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Step 1: Gather Information

The first step in filing a complaint with Norwegian Cruise Line is to gather all the necessary information related to your issue. This information will help you provide clear and concise details when you communicate your complaint to the cruise line.

Here are some key pieces of information you should gather:

  • Booking details: Have your booking confirmation number, dates of travel, and any other relevant information readily available. This will help the cruise line locate your reservation and assess your complaint more efficiently.
  • Date and time: Note down the date and time when the incident occurred. This will provide a reference point for the cruise line to investigate your complaint.
  • Location: Specify where the issue took place on the ship or during a specific activity, such as a dining area, cabin, or excursion. Providing precise details will assist in addressing your complaint accurately.
  • Description of the issue: Take time to write down a detailed account of the problem you experienced. Include specific instances, interactions, or conversations related to the issue. This will help the cruise line understand the severity and nature of the complaint.
  • Supporting evidence: Collect any evidence you may have, such as photographs, videos, receipts, or witness statements, to corroborate your complaint. These pieces of evidence can strengthen your case and provide substantial proof of the problem.

It’s important to be organized and thorough when gathering information. Having all the necessary details prepared in advance will make the complaint process smoother and increase the chances of a successful resolution.

Once you have gathered all the required information, you are ready to contact Norwegian Cruise Line and communicate your complaint. In the next step, we will discuss the various methods you can use to reach out to the cruise line.

Step 2: Contact Norwegian Cruise Line

After gathering all the necessary information, the next step is to contact Norwegian Cruise Line directly to voice your complaint. NCL provides multiple avenues for communication, ensuring that you can reach out in a way that is most convenient for you.

Here are a few ways to contact Norwegian Cruise Line:

  • Customer Service Phone Number: Norwegian Cruise Line offers a dedicated customer service phone line for general inquiries and complaints. You can find the phone number on their official website or in your booking confirmation.
  • Email: Another option is to send an email to NCL’s customer service team. Craft a detailed email outlining your complaint and include all relevant information. Make sure to provide your contact information so that they can reach out to you for further clarification if needed.
  • Online Contact Form: NCL provides an online contact form on their website. Fill out the form with accurate details and submit it to register your complaint.
  • Social Media: Norwegian Cruise Line is active on various social media platforms. You can try reaching out to them through their official social media accounts by sending a direct message or publicly posting your concern.

When contacting NCL, it is essential to remain calm, polite, and professional. Clearly explain the issue you encountered and express your expectations for a resolution. Providing all the gathered information will help the cruise line better understand your complaint. Be sure to note down the name of the representative you speak with or any reference number provided for future reference.

Remember to keep a record of all your communications with Norwegian Cruise Line, including dates, times, and a summary of the conversations or correspondences. This documentation will serve as valuable evidence if you need to escalate your complaint or seek assistance from external consumer protection organizations.

In Step 3, we will discuss how to write a formal complaint letter if you prefer written communication for your complaint.

Step 3: Write a Formal Complaint Letter

If you prefer written communication or if your initial contact with Norwegian Cruise Line did not resolve your complaint, you can write a formal complaint letter. A well-crafted letter can help present your concerns in a structured manner and demonstrate your seriousness about finding a resolution. Follow these steps to write an effective complaint letter:

  • Use a professional tone: Address the letter to the appropriate department or individual at Norwegian Cruise Line. Maintain a polite and respectful tone throughout the letter.
  • State the facts: Begin the letter by briefly summarizing the issue and stating the relevant details, such as the date, time, and location of the incident.
  • Provide a detailed account: Clearly and concisely describe the problem you encountered. Include specific examples, conversations, and any supporting evidence you have collected. Use bullet points or numbered lists to organize your points for better readability.
  • Express your expectations: Clearly state what resolution or compensation you are seeking. Be reasonable and realistic in your requests.
  • Set a deadline: Specify a reasonable timeline within which you expect a response or resolution. This will provide a sense of urgency and emphasize the importance of your complaint.
  • Include your contact information: Provide your name, address, phone number, and email address so that Norwegian Cruise Line can easily reach out to you.
  • Keep copies: Make copies of the complaint letter for your records.
  • Send the letter: Send the complaint letter via registered mail or certified mail with a return receipt requested. This will ensure that you have proof of delivery.

By writing a formal complaint letter, you are providing a clear and documented account of your concerns, indicating your commitment to resolving the issue. Keep in mind that it may take some time for Norwegian Cruise Line to review and address your complaint. In the next step, we will discuss how to document your complaint to support your case further.

Step 4: Document Your Complaint

When filing a complaint with Norwegian Cruise Line, it is crucial to document your complaint thoroughly. Proper documentation provides evidence of the issue and helps support your case. Here are a few tips on how to effectively document your complaint:

  • Take photographs or videos: If applicable, capture visual evidence of the problem you encountered. This could include issues with accommodations, facilities, food, or any other relevant aspect. Make sure your photographs or videos clearly show the issue and provide context.
  • Save receipts and records: Keep copies of any receipts, bills, or invoices related to your complaint. These records will serve as evidence of any additional expenses or losses you incurred due to the issue.
  • Keep a journal: Maintain a detailed record of all interactions and communications you have had with Norwegian Cruise Line regarding your complaint. Note down dates, times, names of representatives spoken to, and a summary of the conversation or correspondence.
  • Collect witness statements: If other passengers or crew members witnessed the problem, ask them to provide written statements or testimonials regarding what they witnessed. Their statements can add credibility to your complaint.
  • Obtain medical records (if applicable): In cases where your health or well-being was compromised, seek medical attention on board or after the cruise. Keep copies of any medical reports or records that document any injuries or illnesses related to the issue.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence: Maintain copies of all emails, letters, or other written communication exchanged with Norwegian Cruise Line. This documentation will serve as proof of your efforts to resolve the issue.

Having thorough documentation strengthens your case and provides a clear picture of the problem you encountered. This evidence will be vital if you need to escalate your complaint or involve external consumer protection organizations.

In the next step, we will discuss how to follow up on your complaint to ensure that it receives the necessary attention from Norwegian Cruise Line.

Step 5: Follow Up on Your Complaint

After filing a complaint with Norwegian Cruise Line, it’s important to follow up to ensure that your complaint is being addressed. Sometimes, a timely and proactive follow-up can expedite the resolution process. Here are some steps to follow up effectively:

  • Keep track of time: Note the date when you filed your complaint and set a reasonable timeline for a response from the cruise line. This will help you determine when to follow up.
  • Follow up through the same channel: If you initially contacted Norwegian Cruise Line via phone or email, follow up using the same method. Reference your complaint and briefly explain that you are following up for an update on the status of your complaint.
  • Be polite and persistent: Remain courteous and polite in your follow-ups, but also be persistent in seeking a resolution. If you don’t receive a response within the expected timeframe, you may need to escalate your complaint to a supervisor or higher-ranking representative.
  • Ask for a timeline: In your follow-up communication, politely request a specific timeline for when you can expect a resolution or further updates on your complaint.
  • Consider alternative methods: If you haven’t received a satisfactory response after multiple attempts at following up, try reaching out through different channels such as social media or seeking assistance from consumer protection organizations.
  • Maintain records of follow-up: Keep track of all follow-up attempts, including dates, times, and a summary of the communication. These records will be valuable if you need to escalate your complaint or seek further assistance.

Remember to remain patient but persistent throughout the follow-up process. It may take some time for Norwegian Cruise Line to fully investigate your complaint and provide a resolution. If, despite your best efforts, your complaint does not receive a satisfactory response, you may need to seek assistance from external consumer protection organizations, which we will discuss in the next step.

Now that you understand the importance of following up on your complaint, let’s move on to Step 6, where we explore seeking assistance from consumer protection organizations if needed.

Step 6: Seek Assistance from Consumer Protection Organizations

If your complaint with Norwegian Cruise Line has not been resolved to your satisfaction, or if you are facing challenges in reaching a resolution, you may consider seeking assistance from consumer protection organizations. These organizations can provide guidance and support in resolving disputes with businesses, including cruise lines. Here are some steps to seek assistance:

  • Research relevant consumer protection organizations: Look for consumer protection organizations that specialize in the travel and cruise industry. They may have specific resources and services to assist you with your complaint.
  • Contact the organization: Reach out to the consumer protection organization either through their website, telephone, or email. Explain your situation and provide all the relevant details of your complaint.
  • Cooperate and provide documentation: Cooperate with the organization and be prepared to provide any documentation or evidence related to your complaint. This may include correspondence, receipts, photographs, or witness statements.
  • Follow the organization’s process: Each consumer protection organization may have its process for handling complaints. Follow their instructions and provide any additional information they may request to support your case.
  • Be patient: Resolving complaints through consumer protection organizations may take time, as they will need to investigate and mediate between you and the cruise line. Stay patient and maintain open communication with the organization.
  • Consider legal assistance: In severe cases where your complaint remains unresolved, you may want to consult with a lawyer who specializes in travel or consumer law. They can provide legal advice and guidance on your options moving forward.

Consumer protection organizations can act as intermediaries between you and the cruise line, advocating for your rights as a consumer. Their involvement may increase the chances of reaching a satisfactory resolution.

Remember that seeking assistance from consumer protection organizations should be a last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted. Most cruise lines, including Norwegian Cruise Line, prioritize customer satisfaction and will attempt to address your concerns before involving external parties.

After seeking assistance from consumer protection organizations, continue to follow up with both the organization and Norwegian Cruise Line to ensure that your complaint continues to receive attention. Remember to stay proactive and persistent throughout the process.

With these steps, you are well-equipped to file a complaint with Norwegian Cruise Line effectively. We hope that your complaint gets resolved to your satisfaction, allowing you to enjoy smooth and memorable cruise experiences in the future.

Safe travels!

Filing a complaint with Norwegian Cruise Line can be a complex process, but by following these steps, you can increase the likelihood of a successful resolution. Remember, the key to a successful complaint is to be organized, clear, and persistent throughout the process.

Start by gathering all the necessary information related to your issue. This will help you present a clear and comprehensive account of the problem you encountered. Contact Norwegian Cruise Line directly, either through their customer service phone line, email, online contact form, or social media channels. Maintain a professional and polite tone in your communications, clearly expressing your concerns and expectations.

If necessary, write a formal complaint letter, providing a structured account of the issue and clearly stating your expectations for a resolution. Keep thorough documentation of your complaint, including photographs, receipts, journal entries, witness statements, and copies of all correspondence for evidence.

Follow up on your complaint regularly, politely seeking updates and a timeline for resolution. If your complaint remains unresolved or you are facing challenges in reaching a resolution, consider seeking assistance from consumer protection organizations specialized in the travel industry. These organizations can provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Remember, patience and persistence are key when filing a complaint. It may take time to address and resolve your concerns. Stay proactive, continue to follow up, and consider seeking legal assistance if needed.

We hope that these steps help you navigate the process of filing a complaint with Norwegian Cruise Line smoothly. Ultimately, our goal is for you to have the best possible cruise experience and for your concerns to be resolved in a satisfactory manner. Happy cruising!


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Norwegian Cruise Line has a rating of 1.31 stars from 245 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers complaining about Norwegian Cruise Line most frequently mention customer service, cruise line, and next day problems. Norwegian Cruise Line ranks 44th among Cruises sites.

  • Service 133
  • Shipping 34

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Critical highlights

  • In conclusion, my experience with Norwegian Cruise Lines has been nothing short of disappointing and frustrating.
  • Customer service is terrible after you book your cruise!

“No insurance for cruise that was leaving in 3days”

Our NCL trip was leaving 3 days after we made the final payment. Therefore we did not purchase insurance we were going to get on the cruise no matter what. We did use a travel agency which I will not name just yet, unfortunately the airline contacted us by email 3 hours prior to departure to let us know they canceled our flights. They had almost 20 something hours to still get us to our destination, but we're unable to do this. This meant we had no way to get to the ship. Now I know Airlines delay or change flight Etc but I did not know they could completely cancel 3 hours prior and not get you on another flight. Therefore over $6,000 just on the cruise is completely gone Norwegian will not credit or help us with another Cruise, my agent claims they have spoken to them I also have tried myself but with no luck. The money was saved by family which took a lot of hard work and saving and now the kid and grandkids will not be able to have that experience. Unfortunately without Norwegian Cruise Line offering some type of credit or a similar Cruise the children will not get this opportunity and unfortunately financially it would be many many years from now if that chance becomes available again. Therefore I am just saying please do not go with Norwegian Cruise Lines this has been a devastating blow to the family and it would be horrendous for this to happen to someone else. I am only hoping that my review can help someone avoid this. I will include photos unfortunately Norwegian will not send me the current email with the price of the cruise just the fact that I had a cruise set and I will send this along with this review. Thank you Lisa H

“Wants at least credit for another trip”

I think it's crazy that due to weather the airlines cancelled our flights, there was no other way to make the ship. Close to $5000 dollars worth, and we can't even get a credit. I would love it if management would do something about this, cause time is to hard to lose all that money. Left a bad taste in my mouth, We're looking forward for this trip Res#53157951

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Horrible experience with Norwegian Prima. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my kids. Instead, we hated the service, the food, the experience in general. We couldn't wIt to get off of that miserable ship. You couldn't pay me to go back on that stupid ship!

Tip for consumers: Book with anyone other than Norwegian Prima

Products used: Cruise vacation

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  • Follow Tracy L.

Worst customer service I have EVER seen. We had issues with a flight and our personal cruise consultant never returned emails or phone calls. Asked for a supervisor to call me and that never happened either. We are a group of 22,14 have never cruised before and do not want to cruise norwegian in the future. We will definately choosing a different cruise line for our next trip.

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About the business

Norwegian Cruise Line operates cruise boats throughout the world. The company was started in 1968 and is based in Miami, FL and controls about 8% of the world wide cruise market, as of 2010.

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  • New York City, NY, United States
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Norwegian Cruise Line Review

Tuesday, April 30th

2024 Cruise Line Reviews

Norwegian Cruise Line Review

  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Best for large-ship sailing, especially in Alaska
  • 18 ships in the fleet
  • Ships accommodate anywhere from 1,900 to 4,000+ passengers
  • Private island in the Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay
  • Exciting amenities on board, like go-kart tracks and climbing walls
  • No required or recommended gratuities
  • Freestyle cruising plus "Free at Sea" promos can make your cruise flexible and affordable

Norwegian Cruise Line, commonly referred to as NCL, is a popular cruise line that was founded in 1966 by Knut Kloster and Ted Arison, who also co-founded Carnival Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and is currently part of the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., which also includes Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Solid option for a Caribbean cruise during spring break

Norwegian had several available itineraries in our apples-to-apples comparison, looking for a trip in March within the Caribbean and booking about a year in advance. Prices were about average, starting at $599 per person for a 5-day sailing out of Miami to Great Stirrup Cay (NCL's private island) and Cozumel, and going up to $1,319 for a 7-day sailing from Puerto Rico to Barbados, Antigua, and St. Lucia. Interestingly, a 12-day cruise out of Punta Cana and visiting Barbados, Curacao and Aruba was less expensive, with a starting fare of $1,079 per person. At the time of our review, NCL had a promotion in place offering free airfare for the second guest on the booking, which could be a pretty significant savings depending on your departure port.

Great choice for Alaskan cruises

For what it's worth, we've also heard really good things about NCL for anyone looking to sail to Alaska: among the big ships, travel agents and travelers alike say that the experience is top notch when you use Norwegian.

How about a themed cruise?

In addition to its regular cruise itineraries, Norwegian Cruise Line offers several themed cruises throughout the year. For example, the "Sail Across the Sun" cruise is a music-themed cruise that features live performances by popular bands and musicians, while the "Wine, Dine, and Music Cruise" offers guests the opportunity to sample world-class wines and gourmet cuisine while enjoying live music performances. Themed cruises on NCL aren't just for the more, ahem , seasoned travelers either: check out EDSea "as the magical world of EDC meets paradise" with immersive art, performers, themed stages, non-stop music and more - but at least when we checked, EDSea sells out quickly so you'll have to book well in advance (or join the waitlist).

Exciting onboard activities

One of the standout ships in Norwegian Cruise Line's fleet is the Norwegian Joy, which was launched in 2017 as part of the Breakaway Plus class (along with the Escape, Encore, and Bliss). The ship features a number of unique amenities, including a two-level go-kart track, an open-air laser tag arena, and a virtual reality arcade. NCL's most exciting amenities are found in the ThrillPlex activity zones, available on both Breakaway Plus and Breakaway class ships. Just be aware that some experiences come with an extra cost: $15 per session for go-karts (or pay a one-time fee for unlimited use, typically $199 for a 7-day sailing), $9.95 per session of laser tag, and so on.

Best Cruise Lines

High-caliber shows

Another feature that sets Norwegian Cruise Line apart from other cruise lines is its onboard entertainment. The cruise line offers a variety of shows, ranging from Broadway-style productions to comedy acts and live music. One of the most popular shows on Norwegian Cruise Line is "Burn the Floor" , which is a dance show that features world-class dancers performing to a range of music genres, including ballroom, Latin, and contemporary.

No gratuity required or recommended - but not refused, either

Unlike the majority of big-ship cruise lines, Norwegian doesn't require tipping or even recommend an amount for it, beyond the 20% automatically added for spa and salon services plus beverage purchases. But, they do point out that they encourage their staff to "go the extra mile" and that their employees are allowed to accept cash gratuities for outstanding service. So, it's up to you, but know that your stateroom attendant, the counselors in the kids' club, and your dining room servers would probably not turn down a tip.

Be sure to understand Freestyle vs. Free at Sea

Not having to pay gratuities is part of what Norwegian likes to call "Freestyle Cruising" . That also includes having no assigned dining times: you're free to choose where and when you want to eat, dress it up or stay casual, it's up to you. But, don't confuse "freestyle cruising" with NCL's "Free at Sea" promotions. Depending on when you book, you might be offered the latter as a perk, with five options you can choose for customizing your cruise experience:

  • Free Unlimited Open Bar: This option offers guests the opportunity to enjoy unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout their cruise.
  • Free Specialty Dining: This option provides passengers with free access to Norwegian's specialty restaurants, where they can enjoy a variety of cuisines and dining experiences. (Two meals, valued at approximately $180 per traveler)
  • Shore Excursion Credit: This option provides guests with credit towards booking shore excursions, allowing them to explore the ports of call and participate in various activities (typically a $50 credit per guest).
  • Free Wi-Fi: This option provides passengers with free access to the ship's Wi-Fi, allowing them to stay connected and share their experiences on social media. (Usually about 150 total minutes across a 7-day sailing)
  • Extra Guests Sail Free: This option provides families and groups with a great opportunity to save on their cruise vacation, with the third and fourth guests in the stateroom sailing for free.

Free at Sea Plus upgrade might be available

But wait, there's more! You may also have the option of upgrading to "Free at Sea Plus" , which would give you extra specialty dining, extra credit towards excursions, unlimited Wi-Fi, and a premium beverage package. As you'd expect, the cost for that upgrade will depend on what promotions are in place, your itinerary, and the length of your cruise, but it's safe to anticipate paying anywhere from $99 to $899 per person (the lower amount being for a three-day cruise and the higher amount being for sailings longer than seven nights).

Best Cruise Lines

Not the most sterling safety record

But, we give Norwegian somewhat of a downgrade for its safety record. The cruise line has had several incidents in recent years, including a fire on one of its ships in 2019 and a mechanical issue on another ship in 2018. The company has faced criticism for its handling of these incidents. While no cruise line is completely immune from problems, there are several that have never experienced a major incident and that invest heavily in safety training and technology. We wouldn't say Norwegian is unsafe, per se, but it's one area where some of its rivals outpace its track record.

Online experience leaves room for improvement

We also weren't overly impressed with the online booking experience and the NCL website overall. When we went to get more information on the Freestyle vs. Free at Sea vs. Free at Sea Plus differences, every result link we got when we searched gave us a 404 Not Found error. And, when we went to reach out for help via live chat, it took a long time to connect with an agent - and even when we did, the chat was super-slow and we waited over 10 minutes to get an answer to our one question.

Great option for most destinations served by larger ships

Still, there's a lot to love about Norwegian, especially with all of the "free" aspects of their sailings (even if it can be a chore to work out what exactly they mean by it). This cruise line absolutely offers fun for guests of all ages and adventure levels, and if there's a destination you've been dying to visit, chances are good that NCL can take you there. Don't hesitate to put Norwegian Cruise Line on your list of options if large-ship cruising - with all of the associated amenities - is what you're after.

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The 15 Best Cruise Lines

Which cruise line is the best.

Cruising is a popular way of traveling for many people, offering a unique experience that combines the convenience of a floating hotel with the excitement of visiting multiple destinations in one trip. In an average year, over fifteen million people say "all aboard" and set sail on an amazing vacation.

There are many different cruise lines to choose from, and each one offers a different type of experience. Some are geared towards families, while others are more focused on luxury or adventure. What would you like to see and do while you're onboard? Is a casino a must-have or a rather-avoid? Would a Broadway-caliber show tip the scales for you? Do you need a wide range of activities to keep the kiddos happy while the adults live it up or relax? The onboard activities and amenities can really make or break your vacation, so be sure you know what you're getting.

The Best Cruise Lines

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Another factor that can influence which cruise line you choose is the itinerary. Cruise ships travel all over the world, but some cruise lines may not have destinations available where you're hoping to go. You should also consider the size of the ship: larger ships offer more amenities, but smaller ships can access ports that bigger ships can't.

Speaking of amenities, make sure you understand what you'll get as part of your fare and which extras will come with an additional cost. For example, most cruises offer drink packages for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but a few have drink stations where you can get complimentary lemonade, coffee and tea. Other amenities that might be important to you are Wi-Fi, spa services, babysitting, fitness classes, and upgraded dining experiences. You can usually get a decent discount if you sign up for an amenities package before you sail, so keep an eye out for promotions in the months leading up to your sailing.

When you take a cruise, it's almost always expected that you'll tip the crew members who have attended to your needs while onboard: your cabin steward ( who probably leaves your towels folded into fun shapes every night ), your servers at your nightly meals, and the head waiter. Cruise lines have a recommended gratuity to cover all three of those staff members, usually $15-$20 per traveler, per day; the total gratuity amount may be charged automatically to your account, or you may be given envelopes to make cash payments.

While it usually isn't mandatory to pay those gratuities - you can ask to have them removed if they're applied automatically, especially if you've received poor service - it's typically considered in poor taste not to tip at the suggested levels (because crew members' salaries, much like servers at your local restaurant, are based on the expectation of tips paid by guests). And, if you receive service that goes above and beyond, adding to the recommended gratuity is always appreciated. Be aware that tips for bartenders, poolside servers, and professional services provided in the spa or elsewhere are not included in the daily suggested gratuity and may be charged automatically at the time of service.

Now that you have a good overview of the cruising experience, which cruise line should you choose? Beyond the points we already covered, here are a few additional criteria that might make it easier to pick:

  • Embarkation port. You could get a great deal on a cruise, but what will it cost you to get to the port? That could involve airfare, an overnight stay or two in a nearby hotel (so that you're less likely to be affected by travel delays), and transportation from the airport or hotel to the port. This is especially true if you're taking a cruise that departs from an international destination.
  • Perks for repeat cruisers. Like frequent flyer programs on airlines, most cruise lines offer benefits the more you sail. If you find yourself absolutely loving cruise vacations, it can be advantageous to put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Rewards programs can include casino benefits, complimentary meals at the upgraded dining experiences, exclusive sail-away parties with free cocktails and tchotchkes, early-access booking on future cruises, and much more.
  • Reputation. It's a really smart idea to see what other travelers have said about their overall experience with a cruise line before booking your trip. The ads on TV may make that private island look amazing, but someone who's been there might point out that you'll pay extra to get on that waterslide. Or, previous cruisers could tell you that despite having several formal nights on the schedule, a particular cruise line has no problem with people showing up to dinner in flip-flops and swimsuit coverups. Find out if the cruise line you're considering lines up in reality with what they advertise.

Here at Top Consumer Reviews, cruising is one of our favorite ways to travel and experience new things. And with so many different cruise lines to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But, don't worry: take a look at our in-depth analysis of today's most popular options, find the one that's the best match for your vacation ideas and your travel party, and book that trip you've been dreaming of. Bon voyage!

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Norwegian Cruise Line Review: The Prima

Tiffani Sherman

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To celebrate a milestone birthday for me and an anniversary for my parents, the three of us took a cruise on Norwegian Prima, the first in what Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) says will be a “new class of ships designed to elevate every expectation.”

I had cruised NCL three times before and was a silver member of the Latitudes rewards program when I booked.

After 12 nights on the Prima going from London to Barcelona via several stops in France, Portugal and Spain, we discovered there was a lot to like about the ship, but there were also several quirks.

» Learn more: The complete guide to Norwegian Cruise Line

Booking the trip

My family chose this ship and cruise line because of a great itinerary. There were a variety of port stops as well as a day at sea for some relaxing and recharging. As it turns out, one of the port stops we were looking forward to was changed. A few weeks before the cruise, NCL replaced a stop in Porto, Portugal, with one in Vigo, Spain.

Booking can be a bit of a game since cruise lines always seem to have sales and offers they say are for a limited time. On NCL’s site, there’s often a countdown clock showing how long a particular offer will last.

norwegian cruise line complaints

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy, but it’s important to make sure the deal works for you.

On our booking, we had NCL’s Free at Sea offer, which includes perks such as a “free unlimited open bar” and specialty dining. Here’s the catch: The free open bar isn’t exactly free, and neither is the specialty dining. You have to pay 20% gratuity on what NCL says is the value of the package.

So, for example, an upcoming cruise on the Prima — a seven-day trip from Galveston, Texas, to the Caribbean in February — is about $2,400 per balcony cabin (with two people). Then you add on gratuities for the open bar at $305 and specialty dining of about $40. You’re paying $345 in gratuities for the “free” stuff.

So, if you’re not much of a drinker, you might want to consider declining the free open bar and just ordering and paying for drinks as you want them. That drops that charge for gratuities off your total cruise cost.

I chose to upgrade my package to NCL’s Free at Sea Plus because I needed unlimited Wi-Fi and wanted to have water and Starbucks drinks included as part of my drink package. Those are part of the upgraded package but not part of the basic one. With the upgrade, I also ended up with two more meals in specialty dining restaurants.

After looking at the non-suite cabin types, which include inside cabins, outside cabins with just a window, and balcony cabins, we booked two balcony cabins on deck 12 midship. I need fresh air, and I love the sounds the ocean makes when we’re at sea.

Keep checking on the rates until you make your final payment. If they drop, you can sometimes take advantage of a better deal by modifying the booking.

» Learn more: The best travel credit cards right now

Online check-in

After booking, it’s time to start planning. Through the NCL website, you can look at and book shore excursions and some specialty dining reservations and entertainment reservations.

Exactly 21 days before sailing, you can check in and will likely receive an email telling you to do so.

norwegian cruise line complaints

To check in online, you’ll need your passport and a credit card to put on file for anything you purchase on board. You’ll also need a photo of your face to upload for security purposes. I had some issues doing this because the photo I tried to use did not meet the parameters, but if the upload doesn’t work, an employee can take a photo at the pier.

During check-in, be ready to pick a time when you want to arrive at the port to get on board. Time slots began as early as about 9:30 a.m. and continued for a few hours.

About a day after filling everything out, you can go in and download the eDocs, which serve as your boarding pass. You’ll need either a printed or mobile copy to show at the embarkation point.

One more thing about check-in: Each piece of luggage you want the porters at the pier to deliver on board to your stateroom needs a luggage tag. If you want personal tags that are pre-populated with your name and stateroom number, you must print them at home.

The button to print them wasn’t obvious, so I had to look for it a bit.


norwegian cruise line complaints

Boarding area/Southampton. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Our cruise was leaving from Southampton, England, a short ride from London, where we had spent a few days. I always arrive at least one or two days before a cruise leaves to give myself some cushion in case a flight is delayed or there is another travel issue.

When I was checking in, I chose a 12:30 p.m. embarkation time because I didn’t feel the need to arrive super early, and cabins usually aren’t ready until at least 1 p.m. anyway. I hate dragging my hand luggage around a busy ship with me.

When we arrived, there wasn’t much of a line, and what was there moved quickly. We handed off our checked luggage to the porters, who put it in a giant pile to eventually go on the ship.

I always take a photo of my bag before I leave it behind so I know what it looks like and how to describe it in case it gets lost.

After a security check and a brief health questionnaire, we were on board and heading to lunch with our carry-on luggage in tow.

» Learn more: How much luggage can you take on a cruise?

norwegian cruise line complaints

The Prima’s atrium. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The Norwegian Prima was built in 2022 and has a capacity of 3,099 guests at double occupancy and 1,506 crew members.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The Prima docked in Lisbon, Portugal. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The Prima looks a bit different than other NCL ships I had been on in that it is more understated elegance than in-your-face opulence. There were many decorative touches I wouldn’t mind having in my house.

There are two main sets of elevators on the ship, one midship and another forward. A third set is available only to guests who are staying in The Haven , an exclusive area with a private concierge, butler, restaurant, bar, lounge, pool and other perks.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The Haven private area. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

You can look at the triangles on the carpet on the decks with cabins to know which way is forward and which is aft. The triangles face forward.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The triangles on the carpet face forward. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

NCL loyalists know the carpets on other ships have fish, which are always swimming forward. On the Prima, triangles replace the fish to help orient passengers.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Deck 8 with a small pool and seating areas. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Another big difference on this ship versus others with NCL is the pool deck. It’s near the back of the ship on deck 17, and it’s small compared to other ships, where the pool area takes up the majority of a deck.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Splash park. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

There is an aqua park for kids, a waterslide and a few hot tubs and smaller pools and lounging areas on other decks, but no one large gathering place for water and sun fun.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Infinity pool. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

norwegian cruise line complaints

Balcony cabin. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

I had a balcony cabin on deck 12 fairly close to the midship elevators. It was somewhere between 231 and 358 square feet with a balcony between 45 and 69 square feet.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The cabin seemed very spacious because the bed was by the balcony, which left a big open space in the cabin. While this was nice, anyone sleeping next to the balcony would have a difficult time getting out of bed without hitting the sliding glass door or the bed.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Hooks on the wall. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

There was a ton of storage both in the cabin and in the bathroom and hooks to hang things on.

One problem for me was that the safe was not big enough for my laptop. On a new ship, this surprised me. I also didn’t like the fact the bed didn’t have a bed skirt and I was always looking at my empty luggage I stored under the bed.

One plus, though, is there were several plugs and USB connections throughout the cabin, including in the bedside lamp so I could plug my phone in near my bed.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Lamp with USB charging ports. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

One problem my parents noticed, though, is there was only one electrical plug near the bed, which could be a problem for people with sleeping machines or anyone else vying for power.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Bathroom. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The bathroom had a lot of space and a walk-in shower.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Balcony. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The balcony had two comfortable chairs and a small table.

Cabin service is once a day, which means no turndown service or towel animals, but you can call the cabin steward if you need anything. Each evening, the steward delivers the Freestyle Daily, which is a printed copy of the next day’s activities and offers.

An electronic panel near the door allows you to turn on a light outside the door telling the steward to make up the room or “Do not disturb.” The same panel controls the temperature. It was nice to have an AC system that actually responded. When I turned the AC down, it actually got cooler in the cabin.

Food and drinks

Norwegian touts its Freestyle Dining as a way to have freedom and flexibility about where and when you eat. There are no set dining times, and while that sounds great, you can’t just walk up and go wherever you want.

I don’t love the idea of having to think ahead about where and when I want to eat when I am on vacation, but I made a reservation for each night so I had somewhere to go.

You can make reservations for specialty dining venues and the main dining rooms before embarkation and while on board at either a dining desk or on the TV system in the room. The TV system allows you to make a reservation, but not cancel one, so I had to wait in the dining desk line anyway.

Only a small percentage of specialty dining reservations are available before getting on board so it seemed like everything was booked. It wasn’t. Once passengers are on board, the remaining reservations open up.

With a reservation, the dining venue holds your space for 15 minutes and then gives up your table, which we learned the hard way one night when we arrived late. Our table was gone, forcing us to wait about 45 minutes for another one.

The Prima has a combination of complimentary and specialty dining, and I did both.

The two main dining rooms, Hudson’s and The Commodore Room, are the free options. They had the same menu, which changed nightly, and the food was good. The menu was a combination of starters, mains and desserts, and you could order whatever you wanted.

They were open at different times, with one also serving breakfast and lunch in addition to dinner.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The breakfast menu at The Local. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The Local Bar & Grill was open almost all day and had pub-like food. We went there often for breakfast and lunch.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Outside the Indulge Food Hall. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

My favorite was Indulge Food Hall with its take on a food truck rally.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Food stations in Indulge. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

There were several stations, some even looking like food trucks.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Tablet ordering system (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Ordering was done on a tablet that had photos of all the items, and a server delivered the food to your table.

The variety was great since there were several stations like Indian, BBQ, Mexican, Asian, Spanish tapas and more. The dates wrapped in bacon with blue cheese and the guacamole were my favorites.

Then there was the buffet, the Surfside Cafe & Grill, which was tremendously undersized, always incredibly busy and without enough seating options. While the food was good, the traffic flow was not, and once you had your food in hand, finding a place to eat it was not easy. For breakfast one morning, I balanced my plate on the waitstaff’s cleaning area and ate there.

Now, for the specialty dining options, the Prima has eight where the food and presentation are elevated.

For this 12-night cruise, the Free at Sea package included three meals at specialty dining venues. Additional meals were available as an upgrade — $99 for two more, $139 for three more, and $30 more for each additional meal you wanted after that. The upgrades are per person, so you cannot buy a two-meal package and share it with another person, giving each of you one additional meal.

At most of the venues, the package included a starter, a soup or salad, a main dish and a dessert. If you choose to dine at a specialty restaurant without a package, the pricing is à la carte, with entrees about $40 and appetizers about $20. So if you know you want to dine at many specialty restaurants, the package upgrades are a good deal.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Outside a specialty restaurant. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

I ate at Cagney's Steakhouse, Hasuki for teppanyaki, Le Bistro for French cuisine and Palomar for seafood. The food at all of the specialty restaurants was wonderful, and I was definitely stuffed afterward.

Room service is available 24 hours a day but has an extra cost.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Bar. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The Prima has several bars and lounges scattered throughout the ship. Each had a slightly different feel, from The Local Bar & Grill with its huge TVs, beers on tap and bar food to the aft-facing outdoor Soleil Bar and Indulge Outdoor Lounge with comfy chairs, hammocks and cabanas.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The Starbucks on deck 7 in the main atrium. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

There are even two Starbucks locations that serve up all of the favorites you can find on land.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The Starbucks inside Indulge Food Hall. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Starbucks was part of my upgraded drinks package, so I ordered a lot of the things I had been wanting to try but hadn’t wanted to spend the money on in case I didn’t like them.


You may be used to lots of entertainment in the form of singing and dancing on cruise ships, but the Prima doesn’t have a lot of it. If you like game shows and smaller venues for comedy and music, as well as thrills like go-karts, slides and escape rooms, this ship is for you.

“Summer: The Donna Summer Musical” was the only musical production show on the ship and was offered on two nights of the cruise. It was in the main theater, a venue that transformed into a dance club and other things throughout the cruise. Reservations were required, and people started lining up about a half-hour before the show began, since the theater is relatively small for the size of the ship.

A house band often performed in the main atrium area, but there wasn’t much room for large groups to gather and enjoy it. There was also a DJ who rotated between a few locations.

norwegian cruise line complaints

“The Price is Right” in the Prima Theater. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The theater also had game shows like “Deal or No Deal” and “The Price is Right,” which had high production value and audience participation.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The exterior of Syd Norman’s. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Smaller venues like Syd Norman’s Pour House were often packed and rocking.

The upper decks had lots of mostly daytime entertainment options, especially deck 18.

Taking up part of decks 18, 19 and 20 was the Prima Speedway, a racetrack where, for $15, you can zoom around and race others. Sometimes, you could hear the sound of the cars from other decks.

norwegian cruise line complaints

The slides. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Deck 18 also has high-tech mini-golf and darts, as well as the starting points for the two slides, The Drop and The Rush.

Because this cruise was so port-intensive, I didn’t take part in any of the entertainment because all I wanted to do after a day of touring was eat dinner and go to sleep. My parents went to see “The Donna Summer Musical” and “The Price is Right” and thought both were entertaining.

Spa and gym

norwegian cruise line complaints

The entrance of the spa. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

A highlight of the Prima is the Mandara Spa & Salon. It’s huge and beautiful.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Therapy pools with a two-story waterfall. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

To access most of what it offers, including the saunas, pools, salt room, steam rooms and heated loungers in relaxation rooms, you need to buy a pass either for a day or a full voyage.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Salt room. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The number of available passes varies based on the length of the cruise. For this cruise, the pass cost $399 for the full voyage or $99 for a day.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Relaxation room. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Having a spa treatment like a massage does not allow you access to the thermal suite. I had a nice treatment that included a body brush and massage.

norwegian cruise line complaints

If you’re not picky about the treatment you want or when you want it, keep an eye on the Freestyle Daily. During my cruise, the price of specially curated 75-minute treatments went from about $199 down to $139 toward the end of the cruise.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Cardio equipment. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

The Pulse Fitness Center is also large with lots of weights and machines, as well as cardio equipment that faces the bow, giving exercisers a great view while working out. Access is free. Let’s just say I went in only to take a few photos.

The Norwegian app is available to download on mobile devices and is the place to keep track of things like dining times, activities and expenses. To use it on board, you don't have to pay for Wi-Fi, but you do have to be on the ship’s Wi-Fi network.

The Free at Sea package included 300 minutes of Wi-Fi for this entire 12-night cruise, meaning I had to remember to log off to keep from using minutes. My father quickly learned logging off was not the same as just turning off the Wi-Fi on his device after a bunch of his allotted minutes went away fairly quickly when he wasn’t doing anything.

As part of my upgraded Free at Sea Plus package, I had unlimited Wi-Fi, which wasn’t exactly speedy but allowed me to do what I needed, like check and send emails, upload photos and look at social media.

Off the ship

For me, European or other destination cruises are different from Caribbean cruises in that I spend most of my time off the ship. The ship is basically for eating and sleeping.

The ship had a small shore excursion desk where the staff mostly sold ship-sponsored excursions and offered limited information about the ports themselves.

On this trip, I did one ship-sponsored shore excursion to Normandy and the D-Day beaches, which was on the first day. My Latitudes status gave me a 10% discount on the tour itself, and the Free at Sea perk gave me $50 in onboard credit after completing the excursion.

My shore excursion ticket was in my room when I first got into my cabin, and it told me when to meet in the theater. At the specified time, someone called the number of the tour, and I went to the front of the theater to get a sticker with a group number on it and got off the ship.

Soon I was on my way for a daylong tour on a large and full bus. I returned to the ship in plenty of time to shower and get ready for dinner.

For two tours in Granada and Seville, Spain, I joined a small group using a private tour company. I liked the smaller tours and saved some money because they were a bit cheaper than the ship’s tours.

My slight disappointment came in the ports where I had nothing planned. The shore excursion desk didn’t have much information about the ports themselves or what was available.

In Ibiza, I decided to take the $20 ship-sponsored shuttle bus into the center of town. But instead of a drop-off in the city center, the bus stopped in the middle of a road about a 15-minute walk from anything.

In Valencia, several passengers were looking for the hop-on-hop-off bus stop, but nobody could help us find it. Overall, I would have liked a bit more information about the ports from the shore excursion desk.

In all ports, the disembarkation process was smooth and simple. I just had to tap my ship’s card to sign out, and when I returned, I had to go through security like in an airport and tap my card again.


A couple of days before the cruise ended, I had to choose a disembarkation time and collect appropriate luggage tags from the guest services area.

The earliest time was for people who wanted to take all of their luggage off the ship themselves.

The other times were based on flight time and whether people had a ship-sponsored tour of the city.

I selected 8:45 a.m. because I was staying in Barcelona for a few days and had nowhere to be and no time I had to be there.

Each time had a corresponding color-coded luggage tag. I put the purple tag on my suitcase and left the bag outside my cabin door for the stewards to gather and take off the ship. Again, take a photo of your bag sitting in front of your cabin in case it goes missing.

The Prima was scheduled to dock in Barcelona at 5 a.m., and disembarkation was set to begin as soon as local authorities cleared the ship.

Announcements began at about 5:45 a.m. and continued about every 15 minutes after that.

After a breakfast in the crazy-crowded buffet and one final check of the cabin (which I evidently didn’t do well enough because I left a pair of my good compression socks in one of the drawers), I dragged my carry-on luggage through the hallways and off the ship.

norwegian cruise line complaints

Large crowd in the disembarkation area in Barcelona. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Claiming our checked bags was a disaster. The 8:45 a.m. time slot was last call, so everyone who was still on the ship had to get off. This led to hundreds of people filing down escalators and into a small area where luggage was coming by on a moving belt one suitcase at a time.

This seemed to be more of a port facility issue and not something the ship’s staff could have done anything about except to maybe hold people on the ship for a bit instead of having them disembark into an already crowded area.

Lots of people in a small space got really hot and disorganized, but soon my parents and I had our luggage and were out the door and into a taxi.

People were already lined up to board the Prima for the next cruise. They were ready to get their vacation started.

Overall observations

norwegian cruise line complaints

Ocean Boulevard on deck 8. (Photo by Tiffani Sherman)

Overall, I had a great time on the Norwegian Prima. It had tons of outdoor spaces, but not many large spaces for people to gather. I thought the decor was beautiful and slightly upscale.

The crew was amazing, and after just a few days, the ladies at Starbucks were calling me by my first name when I approached the counter. Most crew members usually had a smile on their face and were willing to help.

I enjoyed too much good food in the free and specialty restaurants and did not spend nearly enough time in the gym or spa.

I didn’t miss the lack of entertainment options because I was spending most of my time either in port, eating or sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping, the beds were amazingly comfortable and the cabin was nicely furnished with plenty of room and storage.

The best part was spending time with my parents and making memories. Cruising is a great way to do that because there are a variety of activities and options available, and everyone does not need to be together all the time.

I’d definitely sail again on the Prima and her almost identical twin, Viva , which debuted in 2023.

(Top photo courtesy of Tiffani Sherman)

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norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Cruise Line

norwegian cruise line complaints

Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line |

norwegian cruise line complaints

Find a Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line

with a cruise advisor

Norwegian Cruise Line is known for its fun, laid-back ambiance and inventive "freestyle cruising" concept, which features no enforced dress codes, no fixed dining times, and a plethora of onboard entertainment and family-friendly activities. Norwegian's 19-ship fleet sails all over the world, with itineraries lasting anywhere from three to 21 days. The cruise line is also planning to add longer sailings, fewer sea days and more days in port in the winter 2024 and 2025 seasons and in the summer of 2025. Norwegian’s destinations include Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and more.

During your voyage, you can catch live shows like "The Choir of Man," the award-winning musical “Six”  and “Beetlejuice: The Musical” on the line’s newest ship, Norwegian Viva.  Meanwhile, youngsters and teens can spend time at onboard aqua parks, race tracks, and kids clubs, and play virtual reality games at Galaxy Pavilion.

When it comes to dining, Norwegian's options are varied. The cruise line's Freestyle Dining program allows you to nosh in globally inspired eateries, such as a French-style bistro, a Brazilian Steakhouse and a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. You can also choose to have your meals at a traditional cruise buffet or dine in a formal dining room. Notably, the main dining rooms don't feature fixed dining times or assigned seating. Guests on board the new Prima class ships, Norwegian Prima and Viva, will also find Indulge Food Hall. The complimentary internationally inspired venue features dishes from India, Italy and Latin America along with comfort food like hearty Texas barbeque.

Norwegian Cruise Line's ships are large mass-market ships, carrying between 1,936 and 4,266 passengers, but they also offer an element of luxury, especially in The Haven, the line’s ship-within-a-ship concept. While Norwegian's vessels can feel crowded in certain venues, such as the main pool deck and at the buffet restaurant, they maintain a ratio of approximately one staff member per every two or three passengers – even when ships are filled at double occupancy.

U.S. News Insider Tip: For time away from the kids and the crowds, look for adults-only or mostly adult venues (these vary by ship) like Vibe Beach Club, Spice H2O, Infinity Beach (Prima class ships) and Mandara Spa. If you book accommodations in The Haven (the line’s ship-within-a-ship concept), the Haven Sundeck is reserved for guests 16 and older. – Gwen Pratesi, Contributor

Pros & Cons

No fixed dress codes

Wide variety of onboard restaurants, entertainment and activities

Some ships offer stateroom options designed for solo travelers

Long lines may occur at dining venues and venues for evening entertainment

Some onboard activities are not included in cruise rates

Meals at specialty restaurants cost extra

  • Expert Rating » 3.9
  • Traveler Rating » 3.8
  • Health Rating » 4.6

Norwegian Cruise Line has been ranked based on an expert evaluation of the line's level of luxury, as well as an assessment of user reviews and health ratings.

  • # 4 in Best Cruise Lines for Families
  • # 8 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money
  • # 8 in Best Cruise Lines in the Caribbean
  • # 9 in Best Cruise Lines in the Mediterranean

Explore Photos

Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Joy

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Jewel

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Bliss

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Prima

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Encore

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Breakaway

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Escape

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Pearl

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Dawn

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Sky

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Jade

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Getaway

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Sun

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Spirit

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Viva

norwegian cruise line complaints

Pride of America

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Gem

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Star

norwegian cruise line complaints

Norwegian Epic

norwegian cruise line complaints

Before You Book

  • Deposits for Norwegian cruises vary by cruise length and cabin category. Final payments for all cruises must be made 120 days prior to sailing.
  • Cancellation policies vary greatly by room type, cruise length and timing. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to Norwegian Cruise Line. For more information about cancellation policies, visit . 
  • Passengers with medical issues or special needs should notify Norwegian between 90 days (for those who need an interpreter) and 45 days prior to departure. Those with service dogs must notify the cruise line at least two weeks in advance. You can call 1-866-584-9756 or email [email protected] for more information.

Before You Board

  • You must provide all necessary travel documents depending on the itinerary, including a passport valid for six months after the completion of your cruise or a government-issued photo ID coupled with a birth certificate, an original certificate of naturalization or an original U.S. citizenship certificate if you are visiting non-U.S. ports of call. If your port of call requires a visa, it is your responsibility to secure it beforehand. It’s important to know that even on a close-looped cruise (a cruise sailing roundtrip from a U.S. port) if you had to depart unexpectedly from a foreign port, you would need to have a passport. Refer to NCL’s website to make sure you have the proper documentation before booking your cruise.
  • You must complete your online check-in at least three days prior to sailing to view and print your eDocs. The documents will no longer be available within 72 hours of your sailing. Vaccinations may be required for travel to certain international destinations. For updated information on required immunizations, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  and  World Health Organization . 
  • You should arrive no earlier than one hour before your scheduled embarkation time and should board the ship at least two hours prior to your scheduled departure time (both times will be noted in your eDocs). You can complete your online check-in and reserve your port arrival time as early as 21 days prior to your sail date. Keep in mind that check-in must be completed prior to arriving at the terminal.
  • Norwegian allows cruisers to bring up to two pieces of luggage on board. Suitcases may not exceed 50 pounds each. Be sure to have luggage tags attached that are clearly marked with your name, address and contact information.
  • You can pre-request shore excursions up to six months in advance of your scheduled sail date on Norwegian Cruise Line's website or by calling 1-866-625-1167.
  • You can make reservations at specialty restaurants on Norwegian's website starting 90 days before you board.

Disclaimers about ship ratings: A ship’s Health Rating is based on vessel inspection scores published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If a ship did not receive a CDC score within 22 months prior to the calculation of its Overall Rating, its Health Rating appears as N/A; in such a case, the ship’s Overall Rating is calculated using the average Health Rating of all CDC-rated ships within the cruise line. All ship Traveler Ratings are based on ratings provided under license by

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norwegian cruise line complaints

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Royal Caribbean International

If you make a purchase from our site, we may earn a commission. This does not affect the quality or independence of our editorial content.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL email for complaints?

By orwell-g , February 11 in Norwegian Cruise Line

Recommended Posts

Cool Cruiser

how do you reach NCL if you dont want (or can not) call them?

I am just off the NCL Dawn from Mauritius to South Africa and this was by a wide margin the worst cruise I've been on (out of like 30+ cruises).

literally everything from check-in, the cruise itself, immigration, all shore excursions and the debarcation were horrible cluster fu*ks.

somebody needs to be held accountable for this... but it seems NCL makes sure the only contact details public are US phone numbers

Link to comment

Share on other sites, iriebajan54.

Don't know the email address but I'm curious to know if the ship was at capacity? Seems that regardless of how many times NCL screws up, people are still rushing to book.

decrepit old man

I hope you're not complaining about cookies



25 minutes ago, orwell-g said: how do you reach NCL if you dont want (or can not) call them?   I am just off the NCL Dawn from Mauritius to South Africa and this was by a wide margin the worst cruise I've been on (out of like 30+ cruises). literally everything from check-in, the cruise itself, immigration, all shore excursions and the debarcation were horrible cluster fu*ks.   somebody needs to be held accountable for this... but it seems NCL makes sure the only contact details public are US phone numbers

Issues needed to be addressed while on your voyage. After the fact, there is little anyone can do. 

Here's the link you seek:

Traveling Fools

Traveling Fools

11 minutes ago, BirdTravels said: Issues needed to be addressed while on your voyage. After the fact, there is little anyone can do

Sometime issues addressed while on the voyage do not get addressed.  We just sent a letter regarding an unresolved issue to:

Senior Vice President, Guest Services, Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL Corporation Ltd.

7665 Corporate Center Drive

Miami, Florida 33126

I will wait for a written response from NCL before generating a post regarding that issue.

I sent an email to Katty with an issue on our last cruise.  I am sure she had someone else send response which I got in 2-3 days.  A lot of i am sorry but a credit for our next cruise.


3 hours ago, Traveling Fools said: Sometime issues addressed while on the voyage do not get addressed.  We just sent a letter regarding an unresolved issue to:   Katty Byrd Senior Vice President, Guest Services, Norwegian Cruise Line NCL Corporation Ltd. 7665 Corporate Center Drive Miami, Florida 33126   I will wait for a written response from NCL before generating a post regarding that issue.      

If you get a response, it will say something like:

thank you for,your correspondence 

end of letter back to you

1 hour ago, dpepper64 said: I sent an email to Katty with an issue on our last cruise.  I am sure she had someone else send response which I got in 2-3 days.  A lot of i am sorry but a credit for our next cruise.
22 minutes ago, zqvol said: If you get a response, it will say something like:   thank you for,your correspondence    end of letter back to you

Responses like that will be a major factor in determining our future loyalty to NCL.

Holiday Sharing

Anoynmous Phoenix

If you have SKYPE you are able to call any NCL US Toll Free number there at NO cost.   From anywhere in the world.

Try it, it works; I always contact Reservations, Shore Excursions and the Ambassador Desk that way.

I have just read through your post on another CC Thread.

We did Dubai to Cape Town 14 months ago on the first time that NCL had visited many of those ports.   I said then that NCL had NOT done "due-diligence" for most of those ports.   It sounds as if things are no better 14 months later.   Still no "due-diligence" and it sounds like no follow up to all the complaints.

I hope that no one on your ship was as adversely affected in Richard's Bay as people were on our cruise.   We had a high wind all day and the air was thick with cold dust.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Review – Ships, Destinations, Dining, and More

Katie Seemann's image

Katie Seemann

Senior Content Contributor and News Editor

343 Published Articles 51 Edited Articles

Countries Visited: 28 U.S. States Visited: 29

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Norwegian Cruise Line Review – Ships, Destinations, Dining, and More

Basic Information

Departure ports, featured shore excursion, onboard activities, complimentary dining, specialty dining, bars and beverages, accommodations, latitudes rewards, final thoughts.

We may be compensated when you click on product links, such as credit cards, from one or more of our advertising partners. Terms apply to the offers below. See our Advertising Policy for more about our partners, how we make money, and our rating methodology. Opinions and recommendations are ours alone.

Norwegian Cruise Line has been around since 1966. Since that time, it’s grown to be one of the largest cruise lines in the world. It has been an innovator in the cruise industry by being the first cruise line to eliminate set dining times with their Freestyle Cruising program.

A Norwegian ship is easy to spot since each one’s hull is adorned with bright artwork, some of which have been done by world-famous artists like Peter Max, Guy Harvey, and David “Lebo” Le Batard.

Norwegian Breakaway Peter Max artwork

With 17 ships sailing to over 450 destinations across the world, there’s a Norwegian cruise to suit every traveler’s dreams!

Name: Norwegian Cruise Line

Parent Company: Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (which also owns Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

Number of Ships: 17

Destinations: 450+

Loyalty Program: Latitudes Rewards

Credit Card : Norwegian Cruise Line ® World Mastercard ®

Norwegian currently operates 17 cruise ships:

  • Norwegian Bliss
  • Norwegian Breakaway
  • Norwegian Dawn
  • Norwegian Encore
  • Norwegian Epic
  • Norwegian Escape
  • Norwegian Gem
  • Norwegian Getaway
  • Norwegian Jade
  • Norwegian Jewel
  • Norwegian Joy
  • Norwegian Pearl
  • Norwegian Sky
  • Norwegian Spirit
  • Norwegian Star
  • Norwegian Sun
  • Pride of America

Norwegian Encore, built in 2019, is the newest ship in the NCL fleet. In 2022, the new Leonardo class of ships will be introduced.

Hot Tip: Think you can’t use miles and points to book a cruise? Think again. Check out our ultimate guide to booking a cruise using miles and points.

Norwegian sails to over 450 destinations from 17 departure ports across Europe and North America.

Private Ports/Islands

Norwegian Cruise Line has 1 private island in the Bahamas called Great Stirrup Cay. Activities offered on the island include snorkeling, kayaking, zip-lining, paddle boarding, and more!

Great Stirrup Cay

If luxury is what you’re after, you can rent a private villa at Silver Cove. Each villa comes with a private bathroom, a TV with on-demand movies, air conditioning, a retractable glass wall, and access to the upscale Silver Cove buffet.

Silver Cove at Great Stirrup Cay

You won’t go hungry during your day at Great Stirrup Cay. You can make your own tacos at Abaco Taco, grab a quick bite at the food truck, Tropic Like It’s Hot, or enjoy lunch at the Jumbey Beach Grill. You’ll also find 3 bars on the island — Bacardi Bar, Bertram’s Bar, and Patron Bar.

If you’d prefer to explore beyond Great Stirrup Cay, you can book the exclusive shore excursion at this port to visit the famous swimming pigs! Your excursion includes round-trip transportation to Treasure Island to interact with these playful piggies.

Hot Tip: Want to make sure you’re getting the best price on your cruise? Check out our list of the  best websites to book your cruise  at the lowest price to get started.

There is so much to do on a Norwegian cruise! In addition to cruise ship staples like pools, a casino, art auctions, Broadway-style shows, and a spa, Norwegian also offers lots of unique and thrilling activities including:

  • Kids’ Aqua Park
  • Ropes course
  • Virtual reality
  • The Waterfront oceanfront promenade
  • Waterslides: Ocean Loops, Free Fall, The Epic Plunge, The Whip

Note that some of these activities may come with additional fees, and not every activity is available on every ship.

Norwegian cruise line waterslides

Hot Tip: When booking your cruise, make sure you’re using the right credit card to maximize your benefits. See our guide to the  best credit cards to book cruises  for some guidance.

Dining and Beverages

Norwegian Cruise Line was a pioneer with its Freestyle Dining program. There are no set dining times or assigned seats, as is customary with “traditional” dining on many cruise lines. You can dine whenever and where ever you wish. Plus, there is never a formal night requirement.

  • Main dining rooms (up to 3 per ship)
  • O’Sheehan’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill
  • Asian Fusion
  • 24-hour room service

Norwegian Star Main Dining Room

Norwegian offers a selection of specialty dining restaurants that come with an additional cost (some offer à la carte pricing while others come with a flat per person charge). Not all of these locations are available on every ship.

  • Bayamo by Ocean Blue
  • Cagney’s Steakhouse
  • Food Republic
  • Margaritaville
  • Moderno Churrascaria
  • Pincho Tapas Bar

Hot Tip: You can purchase specialty dining packages ahead of time so you can enjoy these restaurants without having to worry about payment. Packages start at 3 specialty meals for $99.

A Norwegian ship can feature up to 22 different bars and lounges including:

  • 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar
  • Bliss Ultra Lounge
  • Great Outdoors
  • The Humidor Cigar Lounge
  • Magnum’s Champagne and Wine Bar
  • Maltings Beer and Whisky Bar
  • O’Sheehan’s Bar and Grill
  • Shaker’s Martini Bar
  • Skyy Vodka Ice Bar
  • Sugarcane Mojito Bar
  • Vibe Beach Club
  • Waves Pool Bar

As typical with many cruise lines, some beverages aren’t included in the cost. If you would prefer to pay for your drinks upfront, you can purchase a beverage package:

  • The Corks and Caps Wine and Beer Package includes soft drinks plus beers and wines by the glass. The cost is $65 per person per day.
  • The Premium Beverage Package includes soft drinks, select spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass, and bottled or draft beer up to and including $15 each. The cost is $99 per person per day. 
  • The Premium Plus Beverage Package includes soft drinks, beers, spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass and select bottles of wine with dinner, plus sparkling water, energy drinks, and specialty coffees. The cost is $128 per person per day.

For the 3 packages above, you must be 21 years old or older to purchase. If 1 person purchases a package, everyone (over 21 years old) residing in the same stateroom or additional staterooms that were under the same form of payment is required to purchase it. Anyone under 21 years of age on the same reservation will be required to purchase the Soda Program.

  • The Soda Program provides endless fountain soda throughout your cruise. The cost is $5.95 per person per day for ages 12 and under. For anyone over the age of 12, the cost is $7.95 per person per day.

Bottom Line: Beverage packages must be purchased for the entire length of the cruise . A 20% gratuity and beverage service charge will be added to all beverage package purchases.

Norwegian offers many different types of staterooms to accommodate all kinds of travelers. Whether you’re traveling solo or with the whole family, on a budget or looking to splurge, you’ll find a stateroom that will suit your needs.

Here are some of the highlights:

If you’re traveling by yourself, check out the Studios on Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Bliss, and Pride of America. These 1 person accommodations are designed for the solo traveler — and priced accordingly.

At approximately 100 sq. ft., these mini rooms have just the essentials, but you’ll also get access to the Studio Complex and Lounge, a shared space where you can relax, order room service, watch TV, and meet your neighbors.

Norwegian studio for solo travelers

A Family Balcony Stateroom comes with a location that’s near the kid-friendly action, including the youth program and pool deck, and it sleeps up to 4 passengers.

If a spa experience is what you’re after, consider booking a Spa Suite, Mini-Suite, or Balcony Stateroom . These relaxing rooms are located close to the Mandara Spa and include access to the Thermal Spa Suites, sauna, hydrotherapy pools, steam room, and heated loungers.

For the ultimate in luxury at sea, try out The Haven by Norwegian . The Haven collection features the most luxurious staterooms located at the top of the ship. You’ll have access to a concierge and 24-hour butler, plus the private sundeck (complete with pool and hot tub) reserved just for Haven guests. Select ships also offer a private Haven bar and restaurant.

Courtyard Penthouse With Balcony - Norwegian Haven

Hot Tip: Make sure you don’t forget anything — check out our  printable cruise vacation packing list!

Latitudes Rewards is Norwegian Cruise Line’s loyalty program. Each tier is determined by the number of points you have earned.

  • You’ll earn 1 point for each cruise night (for example, you would earn 7 points for a 7-night cruise)
  • Earn an additional 1 point per night when you book a Concierge, Suite, or Haven stateroom
  • Earn an additional 1 point per night if you book a Latitude Rewards Insider Offer

Latitudes Rewards perks vary by tier — here are some of the highlights (each level of status includes all benefits offered by lower tiers):

  • Bronze: Priority check-in at the pier, a bottle of sparkling wine in your stateroom, free artwork for attending the art auctions
  • Silver: Exclusive onboard cocktail party, discounts on shore excursions, photos, and spa treatments while in port
  • Gold: Priority tender tickets, discounted laundry service, priority disembarkation
  • Platinum: Priority embarkation, dinner for 2 and a bottle of wine at Cagney’s or Le Bistro, free internet minutes
  • Platinum Plus: Dinner with ship officers, priority restaurant and entertainment seating.
  • Ambassador: Complimentary 7-day cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line has been a cruise industry leader since the 1960s. Whether you want to sail the Caribbean, explore Europe, or journey through exotic destinations in Asia, Norwegian has you covered.

It was the first cruise line to eliminate the traditional set dining times when it introduced Freestyle Dining, allowing guests to eat at any time at up to 28 different locations on each ship.

Plus, if you sail with Norwegian multiple times, you’ll be able to take advantage of their loyalty program, Latitude Rewards, which offers benefits like priority check-in, discounts on shore excursions, priority tender tickets, and even a free cruise!

Whether you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing room for 1, or are living it up with a big group, you’ll find lots of different staterooms to choose from on a Norwegian ship.

Norwegian is among the world’s largest cruise lines and offers everything from simple, budget-friendly vacations to all-out luxury sailing. The choice is yours!

Interested in other cruise lines? Check out of fact sheets of Carnival , and Princess Cruise Lines to see what other options are awaiting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best norwegian cruise ship.

The idea of the “best” ship is subjective, but the biggest and newest ship is Norwegian Encore, which debuted in 2019. Norwegian will be introducing the new Leonardo class of ships in 2022.

Where does Norwegian Cruise Line cruise to?

Norwegian Cruise line sails to over 450 destinations across the world in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Is Norwegian Cruise Line all-inclusive?

Norwegian Cruise Line isn’t totally all-inclusive, but it’s close. Each ship will have numerous restaurants to eat at that are included in your fare. However, many beverages require an additional charge, and there are always restaurants available that come with either à la carte pricing or incur a per person charge. A majority of the activities on board are included, so you are definitely able to have a great vacation without paying anything extra on board.

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norwegian cruise line complaints

10 Adult-Only Cruise Lines, Ranked By Passenger Review

  • Looking for an adults-only cruise experience? Check out cruise lines like Virgin Voyages and P&O Cruises, which offer exclusive, luxurious getaways without kids.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line and Marella Cruises have adult-only spaces and activities, perfect for adults seeking relaxation or adventure at an affordable cost.
  • For couples seeking a romantic escape, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line offer adult-only havens, serene decks, and luxurious amenities, ensuring an unforgettable getaway.

Want to spend some quality time with a partner without worrying about the kids and their chaos? Or, planning a seafaring escapade with a gang of grownups or retirees? There are many cruise lines that cater exclusively to adults (above the age of eighteen), offering an incredible, luxurious, and experience-filled seaside holiday.

Children are not allowed on board certain cruise lines, like Virgin Voyages, which offer an entirely adult-only adventure. However, other cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, have adult-only spaces and recreational opportunities on board , so adults can enjoy themselves without the interruption of children. Why wait? Check out these adult-only cruise lines with the best reviews and plan the next unforgettable vacation complete with amenities, entertainment, and recreation, and, of course, without the kids.

All cruise line ratings in this article have been sourced from , a TripAdvisor company. The cruise lines listed in the article are either all adults-only, have adult-only cruise ships, or offer cruises with designated adult-only areas and activities.

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P&O Cruises

Rating: 3.5/5.

P&O Cruises is a British cruise line with seven ships in its fleet, two of which, Arcadia and Aurora, are only for adults . With outstanding amenities and activities created with guests 18 years of age and older in mind, both of these ships offer the ultimate seafaring escapes. With multiple fine dining options, bars, and entertainment areas, in addition to pools, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, and spa services, these ships offer everything an adult needs for an amazing cruise getaway. To top it all off, both ships take passengers to some of the world's most breathtaking locations, and the cruise line has a 3.5 rating .

  • Amenities and Activities: Fine dining venues, The Playhouse cinema, theater, bars, library, art gallery, Masquerade, Vanderbilt’s card room, lounges, pools, whirlpools, spa
  • Destinations: Canary Islands, the British Isles, Norway, Iceland, U.S., Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and Canada
  • Minimum age required: 18 years

Norwegian Cruise Line

Rating: 3.6/5.

One of the most affordable cruise lines for 2023, ranked by cost , the Norwegian Cruise Line is yet another great choice for adults looking for a fun-filled or relaxing vacation on the waters. The 3.6-star cruise line has three adult-only spaces (18 and older) on its ships, including the Vibe Beach Club, Norwegian Viva, and Posh Beach Club (different spaces on different ships), all of which have decks, bars, hot tubs, and numerous other adult-specific facilities. Additionally, there are sundecks reserved for adults, single-occupancy studio cabins on the ship, fitness centers, casinos, and late-night entertainment options like bars, nightclubs, live shows, dance parties, and much more!

  • Amenities and Activities: Beach clubs, bars, fine dining venues, entertainment venues, dance parties, live shows, studio cabins, adult-only decks, nightclubs, Broadway and West End shows, deck parties
  • Destinations: Alaska, Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe, Canada, Hawaii, New England, South Pacific
  • Minimum age required: 6+ months

Marella Cruises

Rating: 3.7/5.

While the Marella cruise line is not just for adults, its cruise ship, Marella Explora 2, is designed just for adults and is only available to those who are at least 18 years old . The ship can accommodate almost 1,900 guests and has excellent adult-only onboard amenities, including ten bars, nine restaurants, and a pool, as well as entertainment and fitness classes. The cruise line has a rating of 3.7 and offers an all-inclusive experience, meaning that, for a low price, visitors can take advantage of meals, drinks, flights, transfers, luggage, tips, and even service charges.

  • Amenities and Activities: Spa and beauty salon, The Veranda, The Coffee Port, Mini Golf, pool, multiple dining venues, bars, West End-style shows, fitness classes, a large spa, a chic bar-club-casino
  • Destinations: Canary Islands, Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean

Saga Ocean Cruises

This UK-based cruise line caters to the mature population ( those 50 and older with a partner over 40), giving them a trip filled with thrilling adventures and a taste of active adulthood before retirement. The cruise line specializes in running small-ship voyages and features great adult-only all-inclusive amenities, including free Wi-Fi, meals, drinks, premium spirits, fitness centers, jazz music, cabaret-style entertainment, and more. With just two ships in its fleet, Saga is a small cruise line, yet it offers mature guests a boutique cruise experience and has a 3.7 rating .

  • Amenities and Activities: Return UK chauffeur service, fine dining, all-inclusive drinks, own balcony accommodation, included excursions, free Wi-Fi, multiple entertainment venues, lectures from guest speakers, theater productions, recitals, fitness classes, swimming pools, hot tubs, spa
  • Destinations: Baltics, Canaries, British Isles & Ireland, Mediterranean, Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Caribbean, Americas
  • Minimum age required: 50 years (40 to second passengers)

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Carnival Cruises

Rating: 3.8/5.

Carnival Cruise Line features Serenity Adult-Only Retreat , a serene paradise tucked away from busy venues and family-friendly action, making it a good option for adults. For travelers 21 years of age and older, entry to the area is free. There, visitors can unwind on loungers, daybeds, and whirlpools while soaking in the beautiful scenery. Couples can also consider Carnival Cruises because of its 3.8 rating and a fantastic selection of adult-only areas and activities, such as multiple bars, nightclubs, a spa, a casino, and many others. Plus, its Half Moon Cay is an exotic stopover .

  • Amenities and Activities: Cloud 9 Spa, SkyRide, Serenity, The Golden Jubilee, multiple dining venues, bars, cafes, casino, entertainment venues, studio, theater, comedy club, karaoke, live shows, movies
  • Destinations: Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Europe, Canada, Hawaii, Transatlantic, Transpacific, Australia, Asia, South Pacific
  • Minimum age required: 12 months

Princess Cruises

For couples seeking an unforgettable getaway, Princess Cruise Line , with a 3.8 rating , is unquestionably the best option, offering a variety of romantic experiences in addition to The Sanctuary, an adults-only haven (for 18 years and older) . All Princess Cruises ships have this tranquil top deck area called Serenity, where adults can enjoy themselves without children. It has luxurious lounge chairs, a spa-like atmosphere, and Serenity Stewards. For an incredible experience, cabanas are also available. Lotus Spa treatments also add to the fun factor. Couples visiting Princess Cays, the cruise line's private island in the Bahamas , can also enjoy a romantic escape in an adults-only Sanctuary Bungalow.

  • Amenities and Activities: Discovery at Sea Program, spa, multiple dining venues, bars, gaming, destination-themed activities, culinary demonstrations, wine tastings, auctions
  • Destinations: Alaska, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Canada, California, New England, Caribbean, Hawaii, Japan, Europe, Mexico
  • Minimum age required: 6 months or 12 months, depending upon the cruise

Holland America Line

Rating: 3.9/5.

Holland America Line, another of the best cruise lines for couples , is a big draw for affluent adults who don't mind spending money on luxuries. Famous for Alaska cruises, it also visits Australia, Mexico, Canada, and Antarctica, among numerous other destinations. With excellent adult-specific amenities such as spas, bars, fine dining, cooking classes, and mixology workshops, this 3.9-rated cruise line primarily caters to adults (though children are welcome but are rarely on board). The shore excursions range from animal encounters to bike tours and even helmet diving, making the trip exciting and adrenaline-pumping.

  • Amenities and Activities: Multiple dining and entertainment venues, bars, clubs, live entertainment, cooking classes, mixology workshops, spa
  • Destinations: Americas, Bahamas, Transatlantic, Canada, Alaska, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii

Related: 10 Tips For Minimalist Packing Before Taking A Cruise

Royal Caribbean International

Even though Royal Caribbean is known for providing enjoyable family and child-friendly cruises, this cruise line has many cruises that are ideal for adults, too , such as Oasis and Quantum! Since all Royal Caribbean cruise ships feature venues and areas exclusively for adults, they are perfect for a kid-free cruise vacation. So, whether one is looking for a relaxing experience, there is an adult-only (18+) Solarium , or they want to try their luck in a game, there is a casino, or they are interested in nightlife, exquisite cuisine, or drinks, Royal Caribbean has everything to please adults, plus a 3.9 rating .

  • Amenities and Activities: Premium in-stay facilities, 20+ dining venues and bars, casinos, pools, hot tubs, The Solarium, spa, lounges, entertainment venues, open-air AquaTheater, live shows, late-night comedy shows, karaoke, bar-raising cocktails
  • Destinations: Caribbean, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexico, Cozumel and Cancun, Alaska, Europe, Asia, North America, South Pacific, Transatlantic, World Cruise

Virgin Voyages

Rating: 4.1/5.

With three ships in its fleet —the fourth is about to launch by the end of 2023— Virgin Voyages is an all-adult cruise line catering to only over 18-year-old guests. The cruise line offers a range of amazing amenities to entertain its guests, like free Wi-Fi, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, 20+ dining venues (inclusive in fare), and activities such as drag queen brunches, epic dance parties, late-night comedy shows, and more. Alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, and shore excursions are paid amenities. The best attraction is for 18- to 21-year-olds, as they can drink on board in international waters (illegal in the USA) . Plus, the cruise line sails to amazingly beautiful destinations and has a 4.1 rating , making Virgin Voyages one of the best in the world ranked by reviews .

  • Amenities and Activities: Free Wi-Fi, 20+ dining venues, multiple lounges, bars, and clubs, spa, fitness center, nightclub, multiform theater, casino, live performances, DJ nights, drag queen brunches, dance parties, comedy shows
  • Destinations: Caribbean, Europe, Australia, South Pacific, Transatlantic, Asia, and the Middle East

Viking Ocean Cruises

Rating: 4.6/5.

Considered the world's leading small-ship cruise line, Viking offers adult-only ocean cruises that are jam-packed with all-inclusive luxuries and culturally immersive experiences. Along with its river cruises , the cruise line is well-known for its brand-new Octantis expedition cruises, which visit the Great Lakes and the Great White Continent . Viking cruises provide enticing amenities, like free Wi-Fi throughout the ship, verandas for every cabin, destination-focused dining, one free shore excursion at each port, Nordic Spa, and much, much more, that make an adult sea vacation both relaxing and indulgent. In addition, the amenities and services rank the cruise line first in Best Cruise Lines for Couples at and have a 4.6 rating at .

  • Amenities and Activities: Multiple lounges, performance theater, movie theaters, pools, library, cultural enrichment program, guest lectures, destination performances, cooking classes, destination-focused dining, Nordic-inspired spa, salon, fitness center
  • Destinations: Europe, Scandinavia, America, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia, Australia, world voyages

10 Adult-Only Cruise Lines, Ranked By Passenger Review


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    Additional Complaint Information. Customer Complaint: Per Norwegian Cruise Line's Guest Ticket Contract # 10 (b), an arbitration process has been established through the National Arbitration and ...

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    Contact Guest Experience. Thank you for taking the time to contact us! Please submit one case per reservation (not per guest) to avoid delays in processing your request. For the above referenced reservation number, did you purchase travel protection insurance. If yes to the above, please check this box if you were denied compensation through ...

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    The air promotion Norwegian offered is worthless. They put us on indirect flights which take many more hours than direct flights. Also, they can only book flights with 2 days before and after the cruise departure and arrival. With 200 dollars more, we can buy much better two round-trip flights with more flexibility.

  5. How To File A Complaint With Norwegian Cruise Line

    Step 2: Contact Norwegian Cruise Line. After gathering all the necessary information, the next step is to contact Norwegian Cruise Line directly to voice your complaint. NCL provides multiple avenues for communication, ensuring that you can reach out in a way that is most convenient for you. Here are a few ways to contact Norwegian Cruise Line:

  6. Really bad reviews on Getaway

    Posted October 16, 2023. On 10/16/2023 at 9:45 AM, FredZiffle said: I'm not one to sugarcoat problems on a ship, but having sailed on the Getaway three times, the most recent earlier this year, I can tell you my experience. Yes, there are lines sometimes, which is not uncommon on any megaship on any cruise line.

  7. How to file a formal complaint with ncl?

    Here are a few problems with the posting: 1-as a retired TA I can assure you the air schedule, even going through the cruise line is set by the air line. Believe me when I say, some of worst problems I ever had was booking air packages. The prices are good, but that is where it stops and this isn't only NCL.

  8. Expert Review of Norwegian Getaway

    4.5. Very Good. Overall. Brittany Chrusciel. Contributor. Although Norwegian Getaway doesn't sail from Florida as often as it used to, the ship was built to ooze Miami, starting with the hull ...

  9. Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews

    Overview. Norwegian Cruise Line has a rating of 1.31 stars from 245 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers complaining about Norwegian Cruise Line most frequently mention customer service, cruise line, and next day problems. Norwegian Cruise Line ranks 45th among Cruises sites.

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    Norwegian Caribbean Cruises: Read 21,685 Norwegian Caribbean cruise reviews. Find great deals, tips and tricks on Cruise Critic to help plan your cruise.

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    Norwegian Cruise Line. Best for large-ship sailing, especially in Alaska. 18 ships in the fleet. Ships accommodate anywhere from 1,900 to 4,000+ passengers. Private island in the Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay. Exciting amenities on board, like go-kart tracks and climbing walls. No required or recommended gratuities.

  12. Norwegian Cruise Line: The Complete Guide

    You can find cruise bargains for as low as $350 on four-night cruises, but if you want to splurge and do a longer cruise, expect to pay as much as $4,600 or more (especially if you book a suite or ...

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    Norwegian Cruise Line Review: The Prima. A 12-night cruise reveals delights and drawbacks, ending with memories of port excursions, an impressive ship, friendly staff and delicious food. By ...

  14. Norwegian Encore Reviews from Travelers

    4.9. Verified review. Great Cruise! Really fun Ports of Call! by UtahMom. Sail date: Mar 24, 2024 / Traveled as: Family (older children) Ship: Norwegian Encore. A fun, solid, overall cruise experience. Our group included young adults and mid 50's and we all had a lot of fun.

  15. Norwegian Cruise Line: List of Ships, Reviews & More

    Norwegian's 19-ship fleet sails all over the world, with itineraries lasting anywhere from three to 21 days. The cruise line is also planning to add longer sailings, fewer sea days and more days ...

  16. Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews, Ships & Photos

    Find Norwegian Cruise Line reviews, top Norwegian Cruise Line itineraries, ship details, photos, and more! Check out our guide on why you should sail Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line sails 20 ships. Check out 67227 candid photos, 38958 reviews and advice real cruisers. Compare prices to find the best deal.

  17. NCL email for complaints?

    After the fact, there is little anyone can do. Sometime issues addressed while on the voyage do not get addressed. We just sent a letter regarding an unresolved issue to: Katty Byrd. Senior Vice President, Guest Services, Norwegian Cruise Line. NCL Corporation Ltd. 7665 Corporate Center Drive. Miami, Florida 33126.

  18. Norwegian Cruise Line Review

    The cost is $5.95 per person per day for ages 12 and under. For anyone over the age of 12, the cost is $7.95 per person per day. Bottom Line: Beverage packages must be purchased for the entire length of the cruise. A 20% gratuity and beverage service charge will be added to all beverage package purchases.

  19. Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Ship Review

    Editor Rating. 4.5. Very Good. Overall. Cruise Critic. Staff. Norwegian Cruise Line long has been a pioneer in creating a contemporary cruising experience, most notably with its Freestyle ...

  20. Contact Norwegian Cruise Line Services

    This web page lists the contact information and phone numbers for various departments of Norwegian Cruise Line, such as reservations, dining, marketing, and more. It does not have any specific complaints or feedback from customers about the cruise line or its services.

  21. Norwegian Cruise Line reviews and complaints

    The latest review Lack of shore excursion opportunities was posted on Mar 30, 2024. The latest complaint unethical behavior was resolved on Oct 26, 2012. Norwegian Cruise Line has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 317 reviews. Norwegian Cruise Line has resolved 26 complaints.

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    Read the Norwegian Getaway review by member MrsToms from March 31, 2024 of the 7 Night Bermuda (New York Roundtrip) cruise. ... Our partners (travel agencies and cruise lines) provide prices, which we list for our users' convenience. does not guarantee any specific rates or prices. While prices are updated daily ...

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    Norwegian Cruise Line Rating: 3.6/5 One of the most affordable cruise lines for 2023, ranked by cost, the Norwegian Cruise Line is yet another great choice for adults looking for a fun-filled or ...

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