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12 Best Adventure Motorcycle YouTubers Worth Watching (2023)

YouTube is blowing up with adventure riders everywhere and it’s these people who are inspiring the next generation of riders. They’re unbiased, raw and true storytellers who captivate the hearts of many aspiring adventure riders globally.

We’ve curated a list of the best YouTubers around for some genuine inspiration. These riders not only see their country but the entire world, and aren’t characters that you might expect. In fact, we’re featuring numerous adventure riders who are actually female.

Note: These aren’t listed in any particular order and are simply Frontaer’s preference. We may have even left the best until last! And besides – there are way more channels than these 12.

1. eveRide ADV

With more than 100,000 subscribers, eveRide ADV is a popular YouTuber who takes his viewers on extensive rides around North America and the world.

motorcycle travel vloggers

There are also in-depth and honest adventure motorcycle reviews which is a refreshing change. After all, most adventure motorcycling magazines of yesteryear were just too generous with their 15-minute audits instead of putting their bikes through the wringer.

2. On Her Bike

This is the personal motorcycling diary of Kinga Tanajewska. She started riding in Australia while studying here and fell in love with the sport. From there, On Her Bike was born into an epic YouTube channel with many fans.

motorcycle travel vloggers

She’s known for her raw and candid style while being humble and accommodating of others. Her accent throws off many of her viewers as she sounds Australian yet speaks multiple languages fluently.


If you want to truly learn adventure motorcycling , then pay close attention to MOTOTREK. Practically every lesson that you want to know is covered here and completely for free. It’s clear that Bret Tkcas really knows his stuff and has seen much of the world.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Today he spends his time as a professional ADV instructor; both creating YouTube content and sharing his love for adventures on courses and group rides. He’s certainly earned himself a reputation given the massive amount of ADV riders who watch the channel for advice towards becoming safer riders.

4. Alex Chacon

While not a full-on adventure rider, Jeremy Rhydes has certainly got a decent following of 330,000+ subscribers. He’s more of a general adventurer nowadays as opposed to an adventure rider, and combines the road with the pavement.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Jeremy became viral after several videos of him traveling the world with his GoPro and several motorcycles garnered massive attention. It’s where we first found him in 2013! While not for the older generation, many do enjoy his interesting content.

5. Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV

Australians have a knack for travel and nomatter where you go in the world, it’s pretty easy to find an Australian. Despite being a small population, the entire country is big on adventures given how much space they have to explore. In fact, the dirt biking community here in Australia is huge and growing year-on-year.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV (quite a mouthful, right?) is a raw and unfiltered look at a group of riders who love to see the country and the world.

6. Rosie Gabrielle

Much like Itchy Boots and On Her Bike, Rosie Gabrielle has a strong following who enjoy her adventures into somewhat dangerous countries. While she has created some controversey, she’s very authentic in what she shares on the channel.

motorcycle travel vloggers

With under 100 videos and over 400k subscribers, it’s clear that many people enjoy her content. It’s engaging yet raw and real. While there’s some sensationalism with her channel with draws some people away, it also draws some people to her who resonate with the message.

We have more information about Rosie Gabrielle here .

7. Sleipnir Adventures

For long-form story-telling, Sleipnir Adventures is the channel to follow. The videography is excellent and there’s hardly any audio. Just pure motorcycle adventures without the fluff.

motorcycle travel vloggers

There’s something to be said about YouTubers who keep it straight-edge and without the drama. Those that can tell a story without the words. If motorcycling on long-open highways feels like meditation to you, then this is the only YouTube adventure motorcycling channel you should be watching.

8. Jacob Laukaitis

Jacob Laukaitis isn’t a full-on adventure motorcycling guy. It’s a global traveler who just happens to have spent some time behind the handlebars. He’s certainly known for really going off the beaten track in search for true adventures into far-flung countries.

motorcycle travel vloggers

High risk is something that resonates with Jacob and his followers love to see his episodes. There is some drama which doesn’t resonate with the older demographic, but as for extreme adventures which are sometimes controversial, he’s the guy to follow.

9. Itchy Boots

Very similar to On Her Bike is Noraly who also spent some time working in Australia and is now hooked on traveling the world with her motorcycle. Many viewers of On Her Bike also watch Itchy Boots with many looking to see both riders spending a few episodes together.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Unlike many YouTubers, Noraly prefers to use long-winded episodes and a distinct lack of jump cuts and sensationalism. If you simply enjoy watching others ride with some audio commentary, then this is the channel for you.

10. RoadsUp

RoadsUp is increasing in popularity on YouTube. While they only have 10 videos, the husband and wife team genuinely know motorcycle travel very well.

motorcycle travel vloggers

You’ll find Peter and Claudia sharing their lessons learned and adventures frequently. Given the COVID-19 situation, their frequent travels appears to have relaxed yet they are certainly knowledable and routinely answer questions from their viewers.

11. Pedro Mota

For global adventures, Jake Bolles is certainly the guy to follow. He’s more of a remote-location rider with the occasional city road mixed in.

motorcycle travel vloggers

His trips certainly take him to far-flung places which are often beyond where others would be comfortable traveling. That said – he’s well rewarded and shares some advice to keep others safe on the journey.

12. Megan Kaptein

The 4th female rider on this list is Megan Kaptein who, with only 20 videos, shares her story with other female riders around the world. She ditched her glamor life for one behind the handlebars and hasn’t looked back.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Her channel is dedicated to her dear friend Gabriel Forest Khouth who sadly passed away when riding in mid-2019. This has motivated her (and indeed many of her followers) to make the most out of their short lives.

Most Inspiring Rider: Vanessa Ruck

We couldn’t help ourselves and had to add another rider, one who’s captivated our hearts through her inspirational story. This is Megan from The Girl On A Bike.

motorcycle travel vloggers

In 2014 her life changed forever when she was severely injured after being struck by a car. Coincidently, she’s #13 on our list…unlucky much?

Vanessa has since experienced 7 surgeries on the road to recovery and hasn’t let that stop her from getting a larger chunk out of life. She’s based in the UK but her various motorcycles have taken her across Europe and when she’s not riding, she’s tinkering in her incredible garage.

Don’t get too caught up watching YouTube channels, as they can sometimes be a little disheartening. The very thing that inspires us can also hold us back.

Use these channels as inspiration, but focus on planning your own journey in the next 3 to 5 years. Whether that’s your state, your country or even global expedition – the world is open to those who are prepared for the journey ahead.

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motorcycle travel vloggers

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14 Motorcycle YouTube Channels & Vloggers worth following

Saffy Sprocket

There are a lot of different Motorbike vloggers and Biker YouTube channels which in their own right are fantastic sources of entertainment. Since it would be a mammoth task to include absolutely them all, I have chosen a selection of some of the channels which consider worthwhile subscribing to. Whether you’re into custom builders, moto-vloggers, organisations or races, we have included something for every audience.

Motorcycle Vlogging Channels

1. saffy sprocket.

Saffy Sprocket Youtube Channel

Saffy Sprocket is an eccentric motorcycle maniac based in the North of England, Saffy Sprocket holds just under 10,000 subscribers on Youtube. Posting week at 6 pm, Saffy posts miniature motorcycle documentary-style motorcycle videos that focus on product reviews, how-tos as well as must-visit motorcycle roads in the UK. She occasionally posts casual vlog videos of her day-to-day motorcycle trips. Her videos often encompass high-quality professionally shot footage, dramatic landscapes and well-presented topic ideas – what’s not to love about that? So if you love uniquely shot motorcycle vlogs, make sure to check out her channel.

Some of Saffy Sprockets videos

44-teeth - motorcycle vlogger

3. TeaPotOne

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 months, then chances are you’ve heard of TeaPotOne and his insane adventures. After riding a Superbike 74,000 miles solo around the world, through 54 countries in 442 days, he now produces weekly vids every Tuesday at 8 pm GMT – usually something to do with motorbikes, and always reinforcing his mantra of “Live Your Life!’. His channel is certainly worth checking out.

4. UsernameKate

Username Kate - motorcycle vlogger

5. RoyalJordanian


This channel was set up back in 2006 and has grown substantially since. More than a thousand videos have before been uploaded to the channel, and 39 of those videos have over a million views each which are noteworthy. Around seven videos are uploaded every month to the track. The most popular videos include footage of different motorcycles being ridden around the London area in the UK and they are titled “Daily Observations”. There are more than 260 of these types of videos, so there is a lot to look at. Aside from these, there are also videos of motorcycle reviews and looking at custom motorcycles as well as many more.

6. On Yer Bike

Since launching in December 2013 On Yer Bike has more than 33,000 subscribers as well as more than 4.7million views. The most exciting fact about this channel is the content, it’ not your average motorcycle vlogger channel as they feature motorcycles that are not the “norm”. Pristine classics are featured as well as dirty off-road mopeds which is quite the contrast. The hosts state that they aim to be alternative in what they post about on their channel. They aim to upload two videos a week to their YouTube channel. This channel provides the viewer with a behind-the-scenes look into what happens at the Doghouse Customs garage featuring motorcycle updates and testing. Episodes can be as long as 50 minutes, but they do give a detailed overview making the longer viewing time worthwhile. They also have merchandise available on their channels website, so if you’re into that, you should check that out as there is plenty of choices.

7. Itchy Boots

ItchyBoots- motorcycle vlogger

8. Walteriffic

Walterific - motorcycle vlogger

Some have argued that Walteriffic is the current king of the biker blogger world. Unlike other motorcycle bloggers, he doesn’t tend to vlog about motorcycles themselves, but about his fun adventures on them.

Now the guy has some series bragging rights clocking in 2.4 million Youtube Subscribers. After checking out his youtube videos, it’s hard to understand why he’s so popular. From days out to adventures to crashes,  Walteriffics’s videos are always something different. He’s now moved from Kansas to Maryland, so watch out Baltimore!

9. CruzinMoto

Cruzzin Moto - motorcycle vlogger

Coming in at just under 30,000 subscribers, CruzinMoto is a fairly average-sized moto vlogger and is certainly worth a mention or two. However, he continues to create and post great content including riding through the hallways of MMI (motorcycle mechanics institute), catching his stepson sluffing/playing hooky, and much more. So make sure to check out his channel.

10. BaronVonGrumble

Baron Von Grumble - motorcycle vlogger

Racing related Motorcycle Channels

11. red bull motorsports.

Red Bull- motorcycle vlogger

With over 410,000 subscribers and even more views at 172,000,000, the Red Bull Motorsports is bursting with the footage. Their videos cover everything from MotoGP and Motocross to Drift, Rally and much more. Though these are not motorcycle-specific events, they are interesting to watch and listen to. Furthermore, you will also find events that you may not have heard of before, such as the Dakar Rally or the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Dougie Lampkin features some incredible POV shots and camera angles that showcase the nifty tricks and stunts from the best in the business. New videos on daily uploads mean you will never have anything new to watchkeeping you entertained with fresh videos on your feed. Having such a variety also means you will always have something different to look at rather than the same event every time. Additionally, the community section has regular updates to ensure that you are up to date with everything ongoing as well as what to look out for.

11. TT Races Official

TT official - motorcycle vlogger

It goes without saying that the TT Races Official Youtube is the place to be for everything TT Races related. Despite being launched not so long ago in Mid September 2018 the channel already has over 14,000 subscribers and over 2,200,000 views which speaks volumes on its own. Upon visiting this channel, you will have access to lots of exclusive interviews with your most loved TT racers both past and present. Highlights of every single one of the 2018 and 2019 TT races all featuring dramatic camera footage and commentary throughout. Regular updates as well as peak times in the run-up to the annual IOMTT and classic TT you won’t miss a single thing. If the TT is your go-to racing event, then this channel is the perfect one for you!

MotoGP - motorcycle vlogger

With a phenomenal 2,300,000 subscribers and more than 808,000,000 views since the launch in 2005, it is clear that this channel is arguably the most popular racing channel of its kind. They are featuring all the highlights of the latest MotoGP races from all around the world. These highlights are not just general highlights they feature so much more. Footage of the team’s performance and focusing in on the behind the scenes action gives you a better insight to the sport itself. MotoGP is so much more than just racers racing around a track for a trophy. Interviews with your most loved racers are also a feature on this page, including the likes of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez. New videos uploaded most days of the week always give you fresh content to watch and enjoy allowing you closer access to the world of racing.

Informative Motorcycle channels

13. motorcycle news.

Motorcycle News - motorcycle vlogger

Motorcycle News is most commonly known as the largest print and online motorcycle publication globally. The company also has a prominent motorcycle YouTube channel that was launched in 2006 and had more than 220,000 subscribers and 215,000,000 views. On average, six videos are uploaded monthly to the channel, these feature motorcycle reviews, comparing models and new motorcycle releases. Exclusive interviews with famous racers such as John McGuinness also feature on this channel.

A significant part of this channel is that they have videos full of tips and advice for both new and experienced motorcyclists. One example of such a video is the “How to complete your CBT”. Motorcycle news run events around the country such as the London Motorcycle Show, the film throughout the day and then create a video from the footage to upload to the channel. You may see yourself in such a video if you happen to attend such an event. 

14. RoadCraft Nottingham

Roadcraft Nottingham - motorcycle vlogger

Run by Russ, a fully qualified motorcycle instructor who has won several awards for his teaching, he has over 34 years experience in his field. More than 67,000 subscribers and more than 15,500,000 views since he made his channel in July 2010. On average, he uploads one or two videos per month; they primarily focus on teaching the viewer ways in which they can improve their riding and minimise the risk of riding their motorcycle on the road.

Using “point of view riding footage with the voice of the instructor over the top to inform the viewer of what is happening in the footage, the voice-over also tells the viewer what to and what not to do in each scenario. Aside from this style of the video, he also uploads reviews such as gadget reviews and alike. In addition, you can find Roadcraft Nottingham on Twitter and Facebook as well.

15. The Missenden Flyer

TheMissendenFlyer - motorcycle vlogger

Often abbreviated to TMF this channel has more than 135,000 subscribers and 36,000,000 views. They upload a new video every Monday and Thursday with occasionally uploading more throughout the week.

This channel is good at showing the viewer a little bit of everything, including guidance on looking after your motorcycle as well as riding your bike abroad.  A significant aspect is their monthly upload videos that they call “Bike News Monthly” where the viewer sees a host talking them through all the latest news that that’s been published that month.

Whether you’re a new rider or an enthusiast with years of experience, some videos will pique everyone’s interest. For example “Top 5 motorcycle cleaning products”. If you’re thinking about going to a bike meet and you’re not sure what to expect you can watch videos from bike meets, an exclusive video from the British and the Classics Bike Meet at The Plough Casden you can get a taste of what they are like. Also, TMF runs a merchandise store where you can buy branded clothing and accessories online.

14. Twinthing Custom Motorcycles

TwinThing - motorcycle vlogger

Their channel has more than 42,000 subscribers since they launched their YouTUbe channel back in April 2008. More than 6.8 million views and videos released they are arguably one of the UK’sUK’s top custom motorcycle channels. On their channel, TCM communicates that they design, reinvent, restore, customise and ride “kickass motorcycles”.

As they specifically deal with custom motorcycles, you see videos featuring some of the most eclectic and stunning custom motorcycles from exciting camera angles highlighting the unique aspects of each custom motorcycle. The most striking thing about these YouTubers is that all of their videos are short and straight to the point, each video is around 2 to 3 minutes in length which appeals to many people who like to search and watch what they want opposed to listening to much chat before the video gets to the point. By combining their two biggest passions of motorcycles and film its evident that these creators are exceptionally talented using both to create such an exciting and informative YouTube channel.

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10 Relatively Affordable Supercars You Can Buy Today

The most desirable chevy corvettes ever made, 10 fastest production motorcycles you can buy today.

For those with a passion for motorcycles that runs more than skin-deep, the ride doesn't truly ever end. They wake up thinking about their bike, ride to work, think about it during lunch, ride home and go to sleep dreaming of open roads, full tanks and open throttles. Their daily lives revolve around motorcycle content, be it shopping for parts or gear, planning routes and rides or watching videos online.

Since its invention, YouTube has rapidly become one, if not the most recognized and popular video content provider on the planet. But because it is so ubiquitous, it has become harder and harder to find quality content to watch. The same is true when looking for videos about, for and from motorcyclists. And while the dreaded, mercurial YouTube algorithm does its best to find the very cream of the crop for its viewers, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate massive view counts from actual worthwhile content.

In other words, just because a dashcam video of a bad motorcycle accident has millions of views, doesn't mean it's something worth watching. But it's not all glum news, as there are plenty of motorcycle content makers, bike vloggers and camera-friendly mechanics that have made themselves a nice home at YouTube. And whether you're looking for adventure trip videos akin to The Long Way Round , restoration videos of old forgotten Harley-Davidson bikes or in-depth motorcycle reviews, chances are you'll find something on this list that suits your watching needs.

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10 Motorcyclist Magazine

Motorcyclist magazine has been around for a hot minute. Over one hundred years, to be exact, having been started back in 1912. When publications via printed methods had become unsustainable due to the proliferations of the internet, the magazine pivoted into a digital format, as so many others had done. They also have a great YouTube presence, having spawned many a motorcycle personality along the way, such as Ari Henning and Zack Courts (more on them later) as well as Adam Waheed, their current and most prevalent video host.

The channel showcases many styles of videos, which can be found in helpful playlists. There's a heavy focus on reviews, be it track, dirt, touring, street or general first impressions. Adam has an easy, laid-back style that compliments his generous motorcycle knowledge.

9 Spite's Corner

You may recognize Jake, or Spite as he's been known in the motorcycling community, as a co-host of a different YouTube channel. Having successfully branched out on his own, Jake now produces videos that lean into his easy-going, humorous yet informative style. There's no definitive template for what the channel does, though viewers will find motorcycle reviews that range from every bike in the new Harley-Davidson lineup to vintage oddities like the Moto Guzzi California. He also does travel vlogs, collaborations with other bike YouTubers, off-road segments and motorcycle build and maintenance series.

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MotoGeo is the brain child of former racer Jamie Robinson and his wife, Ely. Together, the pair had built their YouTube channel into a shrine to adventure riding. With over 180 thousand subscribers tuning in to each, extremely well-produced video, Jamie explores deserts, forest, mountains and other terrains (and burgers) all over the world while riding the latest and greatest adventure and sport bikes, as well as his own custom machines. But it's not just trip videos, as his popularity on YouTube, and in his former life as a racer, has given him opportunities to review motorcycles such as the popular Royal Enfield Meteor 350. Come for the movie-level cinematography, stay for the delicious burgers.

7 The Bearded Mechanic

Truth be told, there are lots of bearded mechanics out there. But none may be more charming and knowledgeable than Craig. Originally of the Bikes and Beards fame, Craig struck out on his own, when that channel literally moved to a different state. And though it's tough starting from scratch, Craig's plowing full speed ahead with a more focused approach. Leaning into his strength, that being mechanical know-how, this bearded mechanic is pulling old, rusty Harleys and Hondas out of forgotten barns and attempting to not only get them running in one day, but ride them back to his shop. And even though he may not always succeed in getting a bike running, he'll at least make the process entertaining, clever and fun.

6 J & P Cycles

J&P Cycles is an aftermarket motorcycle commerce site, and is a sister shop to RevZilla and CycleGear. And though you may find the same parts and gear as you would at those other websites, J&P Cycles tends to focus more on cruisers, especially American-made ones like Indian and Harley-Davidson. But at the center of their YouTube presence sits only one man, and that is the very capable Patrick Garvin.

The videos on the J&P YouTube channel are well-produced segments on custom cruiser culture, third party parts reviews, motorcycle builds and maintenance tips. And if your tastes align with American V-twin muscle, choppers and baggers, then this channel will have just about everything you'll ever need.

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5 Motorcycle News

Motorcycle News is another magazine that had its start in the previous century. Based out of the United Kingdom, MCN began in 1955, and, unlike Motorcyclist, it continues to be available in print as well as digitally.

Their YouTube division maintains over 300 thousand subscribers and over 2 thousand videos. Most of the videos are of the news variety, though they'll periodically release reviews, long term tests, as well as comparison videos of various motorcycle models. The production level of the videos are top-notch, as to be expected from a publication this large.

If what you're looking for is information on vintage motorcycles, then Bart is the perfect place to land. Essentially a history channel, Bart creates lecture videos that dive deep into backstories of specific vintage models, weird motorcycle oddities and manufacturer timelines. These are compact, twenty-minute lessons, told via archival footage and easy-going, entertaining narration from the main creator. Imagine your favorite professor from college, who made every lesson into a fun story. So whether you're doing research on motorcycle prototypes, want something educational to listen to on a rainy day, or simply curious about that one crazy blue and pink sport bike, you'll find that Bart can bring the knowledge like no other.

3 Itchy Boots

If you'd seen all three of the Long Way motorcycle adventure series, and are thirsty for more, there's no better channel to stumble onto than Itchy Boots. Noraly has been just about everywhere and filmed it all, along the way. She's currently on season 7 of her series on YouTube, riding her way through Africa. Previous seasons had taken her from Indian to Europe, Patagonia to Alaska, Nordic Europe, Southern Africa and back to Alaska.

Along the way, she'd broken down multiple times, suffered injuries, seen amazing sights, and met some interesting people. And not only do you get weekly videos from her, she often ends up compiling them into feature length documentaries and releasing them on her channel as well.

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An online commerce juggernaut, Revzilla has become everything to every motorcycle rider in America. But it is that commercial success that allows their creative division to come up with some fantastic video and audio content. The channel has multiple series running concurrently, ranging from gear reviews, to essays on helmet laws and an occasional in-depth motorcycle review.

But it was the inclusion of the aforementioned Ari Henning and Zack Courts, the successful, best friend duo of Motorcyclist and Mototrend fame, that kicked Revzilla's YouTube channel up a notch. Whether it's Ari's maintenance-centric The Shop Manual series, or Zack's Daily Rider motorcycle review segment, the duo's contribution to the channel is the ultimate key to its growing success. Some of the best content, of course, pairs the two together for the Common Tread Experience (CTXP) and with Spurgeon Dunbar for their bi-weekly podcast Highside/Lowside.

If you have even a passing interesting in motorcycling, you may have already heard of Ryan F9, otherwise known as FortNine. A similar commerce website as Revzilla, albeit in Canada, their videos, nonetheless, are one of a kind. And though they tend to range in subjects, from motorcycle and gear reviews to scientific exploration of how different cylinder engines work, the end result is almost always educational, entertaining and subversively funny.

In a world of cookie-cutter youtubers and influencers that will do anything for a buck, Ryan is a singular presence. He presents videos that are not only smart and educational, but are original in, not only the subject matter, but also in the style they're filmed and edited. No video on the channel is alike. Armed with a razor sharp wit, dirty innuendos and edgy dad jokes, FortNine produces content that, regardless of the topic, is considered by many to be a must-see event, each and every single time. Whether it's his brutally honest take down of Harley-Davidson, or a refreshingly raw take on Kawasaki's ZX-4RR, no subject is ever given anything but the best effort. And though recent months have seen the channel branch out by doing a wider variety of videos and including a secondary, though no less entertaining presenter, the videos continue to be produced with quality. Which in turns explains the 1.75 million, and growing, subscribers to the channel.

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13 Best Motorcycle YouTube Channels & Vloggers

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, we may receive a small commission (at zero cost to you). Please see our  full disclosure policy  for details.

Have you ever thought of the best motorcycle Youtube channels to find answers to all the questions you have about your motorcycle?

Whether you want to buy a new motorcycle or you’re thinking of fixing faulty, rickety, damaged motorcycle, we have carefully selected the best motorcycle Youtube channels where you get the best deals.

The Youtube channels that make our selection pass the criteria of high-quality video content, variety of motorcycles as well as motorcycle availability, quality, and popularity. In this selection, we also consider the richness of information about how you can fix bad motorcycles or get spare parts for replacement.


Motoryclce Channel

If you talk about one of the best YouTube Motorcycle channels, then takes the lead. Popular for being one of the earliest online marketplaces for motorcycles and scooters, this channel features a variety of motorcycles and scooters that are built to high taste and quality. It contains detailed video reviews on bikes from different manufacturers and brands, including Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, to mention a few.  They add about two videos per month.

2. Motorcyclist Magazine Motorcycle Magazine


Popular for being the only YouTube motorcycle channel that features new OTW episodes, the Motorcyclist Magazine channel provides useful and relevant new tips on motorcycle tech from MC Garage.  This channel is the home of ON TWO WHEELS and MCGARAGE, and its frequency of video is one per week.

3. Dirtbike Lunatic Motorcycle Videos


DirtBike Lunatic has been around since 2014, but the Bosnia and Herzegovina-based YouTube channel for motorcycles has been incredible for its frequency in crash videos of any type, model, or quality of motorcycle. You can get a new motocross, enduro & dirt bike crash compilation on this channel and feature at least 3 videos per week.

4. Royal Jordanian Motorcycle Touring YouTube Channel


With over a million followers and more than 1000 videos, this UK-based YouTube motorcycle channel gives every motorcycle enthusiast a reason to be passionate about what they love. On the Royal Jordanian channel, you find all the details about how vloggers, and the number and variety of bikes that he owns. Also, you’ll find answers to FAQs and Gear. The channel releases one video per week.

5. MCN


Followed by more than 200,000 YouTubers, MCM is a YouTube motorcycle channel for everything about print and online motorcycle publications. For high-quality video content, this UK-based channel features videos from the world’s most reputable motorcycling media brands. You can get MCN in print form or watch/read the digital edition weekly. The channel is available 24/7 on with about 3 videos per month.

6. Braydon Price

With over 300 videos and more than 600,000 followers, the Braydon Price YouTube motorcycle channel features a variety of motorcycles, including dirt bikes, four-wheelers, fishing, and truck stuff. You will get a little bit of every detail you need about as many motorcycles as you fancy. Braydon has been here since 2013.

7. FortNine Motorcycle Riding Videos

FortNine is a Canada-based YouTube channel for motorcycles and has more than 200 videos already, still counting. This honest channel creates high-quality motorcycle content without twisting stories or giving fake impressions. You can expect at least one video per month, and this includes travel documentaries, motor vlogs, gear reviews, motorcycle reviews, crash tests, and lots more.

8. Max Wrist

Launched in 2015, Max Wrist is one of the best YouTube motorcycle channels in the United States. Its primary focus includes video content about motorcycles and their gear and equipment. It boasts of over 600,000 YouTube followers and 100 videos.

9. SnewJ Motor Vlogger

SnewJ has been here since 2010 and has over one million followers…It boasts over a million YouTube followers and remains one of the best YouTube channels for motorcycle enthusiasts. Based in the US, SnewJ is popular for its crazy adventures. He also features a real experience through his high-quality camera lens. You can be sure of getting about 3 videos per month.

10. Snowcat Motorcycle Vlogger

motorcycle travel vloggers

If you’re looking for a Youtube channel for motorcycles with high-quality video content, then Canada-based Snowcat is the ideal channel to visit on Youtube. The channel gives you compilations as well as reviews, riding, trip series, track days, and lots more. Expect 1 video per month .

11. 6Foot4Honda


6Foot4Honda is a brand name on Youtube when it comes to channels dedicated to all things motorcycle. You’ll have video content on all the tricks you need when riding. You can watch about 1 video per month. The channel has over a million followers and more than 600 videos already.

12. Walterrific Motor Vlogger

Walterrific uses a high-quality (GoPro HERO4) camera to make all its video content on a motorcycle and edit them with Final Cut Pro X on a modern Mac Pro Pc. The channel is managed by a motor vlogger in Kansas, US. The channel manufactures its own motorcycle helmets. Get ready to watch about 1 video per week.

13. Tyle Monagan

Tyler Monagan is a YouTube channel for motorcycles based in the US with a YouTube following that has more than 500,000 videos and YouTube content of over 562 videos. If you want to watch exclusive videos and details about dirt bikes, builds, and events, then Tyler Monagan is the ideal place for you. With about 2 videos per week, you’re sure you get quality content.

Recent Popular Motorcycle YouTube Creators:

If you are looking for anything about motorcycles, these Youtube channels for motorcycles give you the best experience.

  • Top 7 Best Motorcycle / Dirt Bike Games For PS4
  • 12 Best Motorcycle Gadgets
  • 5 Best Motorcycle Earbuds Noise Cancelling

13 Best Motorcycle YouTube Channels

' src=

Hello, my name is Henry. Here at Gear Sustain we recommend and review different products and services in the Automotive, Dirt Bike, and Motorcycle industries.

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Best Motorcycle YouTube Channels for New Motorcycle Riders

Home » Best Motorcycle YouTube Channels for New Motorcycle Riders

motorcycle travel vloggers

Anyone whose ever been on two wheels knows it’s addicting… one minute you’re buying your first bike, and the next you’ve spent 9 hours cruising gear reviews and making a mental shopping list of all the cool new things you need (not want!). 

If you’ve already read our last blog on the Top Motorcycle Safety Statistics – And How to Avoid Becoming One , this blog will help you stay safer on the road so you don’t join the statistic.

Fortunately, we’re here to help grow your knowledge and enable your addiction by providing the TOP motorcycling gear, training, and all-around FUN channels that YOU should subscribe to. Check them out below! 

Top Motorcycle Channels for New Riders 

  • Fort Nine Motorcycle Riding — Training, Reviews, Travel + More 

This witty Canadian vlogger burst onto the YouTube motorcycle scene in 2016. His now hundreds of videos cover everything from gear reviews to safety drills, and contain a healthy dose of clever humor and Canadian culture.  

  • Motorcyclist Magazine — General Motorcycle Information

Motorcyclist Magazine is a part of motorcycling history. This publication has been providing the world with motorcycle news and reviews since 1912, and their YouTube channel is helping to keep up this tradition. Shop products and check out their new daily videos. 

  • It’s a Fine Line — Safety and Training 

This motorcycle safety Facebook page and YouTube channel contains an impressive variety of training content. Based in Washington State, their video hosts range from Motorcycle Safety Instructors to racers, and Law Enforcement Officers. This channel’s overall mission is to bring the number of motorcyclist deaths in Washington to zero through a combined effort of awareness and training. 

  • Revzilla — Gear and Motorcycle Reviews, Safety, How-To’s

Revzilla is known for being one of the best online retailers of motorcycling gear and products in the world, but they also have an impressive YouTube channel as well! Their videos include everything from thorough product reviews to informative motorcycling how-to’s. Be forewarned though — most review videos contain a link to buy their product, so hide your wallet!  

  • MotoJitsu — Training, Gear, and Motorcycle Movies  (YT) Street Riding Training

Based in San Diego, California, MotoJitsu is a motorcycling YouTube channel dedicated to inspiring riders to “wear full gear, take courses, and practice in order to reduce crashes on public roads.” This channel features an impressive collection of motorcycle training videos, covering topics like body positioning, cornering techniques, and group riding etiquette. 

  • Yammie Noob   — Motorcycle Culture + Education

“Where internet culture and motorcycle culture collide.” Don’t let the name of this channel fool you, Yammie Noob is arguably one of the most experienced, informative, and popular motorcycle YouTube channels out there. 

  • — Motorcycle Reviews 

One of the original online motorcycling resources, was founded in 1994 and boasts a YouTube channel full of high-quality motorcycle reviews. If you’re shopping for a new bike, curious about a product comparison, or just looking for more information — this channel covers virtually every make and model of motorcycle on the market. 

  • RIDE Adventures — ADV Riding + Tours

Motorcycling adventures can happen on the dirt just as easily as on the road, and that’s why RIDE Adventures is the perfect fit for any rider who’s interested in the ADV lifestyle. This channel is hosted by the worldwide Ride Adventures touring company, and focuses on showcasing incredible trips from around the world. Whether you’re new to dirt or a seasoned dual-sport rider, this channel hosts a variety of inspiring and educational videos. 

  • MOTORESS — Women’s Motorcycling  

MOTORESS is the ultimate lifestyle resource for the motorcycling world’s fastest-growing demographic — women! This female-focused website covers all things motorcycle related. Read stories, get tips, and even join the annual International Female Ride Day.

Page we recommend: International Female Ride Day 

  • MCrider — Instructor Based Training

This training and strategy focused channel features weekly videos that are hosted by former Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control instructor Kevin Morris. Kevin’s videos teach heavily on road-riding techniques and safety hazards, with a constant focus on continuing education and collision avoidance. 

11. The Girl on a Bike

Her life changed in 2014 when she was hit by a car. Since then, after 7 surgeries (including shoulder and hip reconstruction), she has set herself the goal of getting the most out of her life. Addicted to motorcycles with a passion for seeking adventure and perfecting her skills. On YT you will find it in the garage or in the saddle. Vanessa from the UK is a strong player who always tries new things with a smile, travels, reviews and has the garage you’ve always dreamed of.

Any motorcyclist knows that to stay safe while riding requires a combination of education, training, and effective gear. Subscribe to the channels above to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in motorcycling training, and check back in at Ride Vision often for product updates!

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  • What Is The Main Cause Of Motorcycle Accidents?
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  • Yamaha R6 Specs 1998-2002 (First Generation)
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Costzon 12V Kids Motorcycle, Licensed Aprilia Electric Motorcycle Ride On Toy w/Training Wheels, Spring Suspension, LED Lights, Sounds & Music, MP3, Battery Powered Dirt Bike for Boys & Girls, Red

The Ultimate List Of Motovloggers On YouTube

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What Is A Motovlog?

Simply put, motovlogging is when you attach a camera to yourself or your motorcycle and record your ride.  Wikipedia defines it as:

A motovlog is a type of video log recorded by a person while riding a motorcycle. The word is a neologism and portmanteau derived from “motorcycle”, “video” and “log”. A rider who creates video blogs known as a moto blogger, and the action of making motovlogs is called motovlogging. Most motovloggers upload their videos on YouTube, and the network of motovloggers here is known as the motovloggers community.

Who Was The First MotoVlogger?

While it’s specifically documented when the first motovlog was created, the earliest motovlogging channels on Youtube is M13 which started in 2006.  


Mordeth13 - First Motovlogger

Are you looking for motovloggers to follow?

Since then the motovolgging community has exploded. Each rider has a different style of riding, a different sense of humor, and a different style of teaching. 

While I’m positive this isn’t a complete list, I’m sure you’ll find a channel here that will peak your interest.  Make sure you check back frequently because I’ll be adding to this list. 

If you’re a motovlogger that would like to added to this list simply follow me on YouTube and fill out my contact form and I’ll get you added! 

Check Out These Articles:

  • The Ultimate List Of Female Motovloggers
  • The Ultimate List Of Motovloggers Part II

Shout Out To PhatboyR6 and No.Bumpers for helping me come up with this collection of motovloggers. So here they are in no particular order! 

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

motorcycle travel vloggers

Rough Rider

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

Oliver Castle

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

Fly-by Kyle

motorcycle travel vloggers

Aeolus rides

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

Buff condor

motorcycle travel vloggers

Pandarant moto

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

Prairie Boy77

motorcycle travel vloggers

2wheel Nasty

motorcycle travel vloggers

Fire blade Pilot

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

1bike 1hooligan

motorcycle travel vloggers

Joel Sweatman

motorcycle travel vloggers

Kaptain Granite

motorcycle travel vloggers

Willmatic 84

motorcycle travel vloggers

Rick and Moto

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

Desert echo

motorcycle travel vloggers

P 196 motovlog

motorcycle travel vloggers

That guy ken

motorcycle travel vloggers

Deep South Motovlogs

motorcycle travel vloggers

Filthy Frenchfry

motorcycle travel vloggers

Brinkmann videos

motorcycle travel vloggers

Fbomb bike life

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

Hunter Honda

motorcycle travel vloggers

Do It With Dan

motorcycle travel vloggers

Jake TheGardenSnake

motorcycle travel vloggers

Yammie Noob

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

Delhi DownShift

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

Mainstream Moto

motorcycle travel vloggers


motorcycle travel vloggers

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How To Start A Yamaha R6

How To Start A Yamaha R6

Starting a motorcycle is easier than it used to be, thanks to technology. While there are various kinds of bikes, starting a Yamaha R6 or other fuel-injected motorcycles is more or less then same across the board. 

Here is how you start a fuel-injected motorcycle, like the Yamaha R6: 

motorcycle travel vloggers

Starting The Engine of a Yamaha R6

You can find this information in the owner’s manual of your bike, too. Before starting the bike, make sure you have done the following: 

  • The transmission is in neutral. 
  • The transmission is in gear, the clutch is pulled, and the kickstand/sidestand is stowed. Some modern models, Yamaha included, have a safety feature that will prevent the bike from starting if the sidestand hasn’t been raised. 

Next, follow these steps precisely: 

  • Insert the key into the ignition. 
  • Turn the key to the ON position. Make sure the engine stop switch is set to the correct position. 
  • Coolant temperature
  • Fuel level 
  • Shift timing 
  • Engine problems
  • Immobilizer system 
  • Shift the transmission into neutral. The light should come on. If not, you might have an electrical circuit problem. 
  • Start the engine with the start switch. 
  • In the event of failure, wait a few seconds and try another start. Don’t draw out the time trying to start the engine to preserve battery power. Do not extend for more than 10 seconds. 

General Instructions for a Fuel-Injected Motorcycle

Here’s some instructions to follow if you don’t have the make/model mentioned above: 

How To Start A Motorcycle

  • Put the motorcycle in neutral. Neutral is always located between 1st and 2nd gear. 
  • Put the key in the ignition if necessary. * Note: Fuel-injected motorcycles have an engine management system. This means you don’t have to worry about using the choke lever. Only a small amount of throttle will be needed, regardless of engine temperature. 
  • Start pulling the clutch near the left handlebar. Some riders choose to pull the clutch and front brake simultaneously, but the choice is yours. 
  • Press and hold the start button. You will find this on the right handlebar. Maintain your hold on the clutch. 
  • The motorcycle should automatically catch and start. 
  • If the engine doesn’t turn over and start immediately, you can try using the throttle while pressing the start button. Make sure you are holding the clutch. 
  • Remember to never crank the engine for more than 10 seconds clips at a time. Otherwise, you’re wasting battery power. 

Now, you’re ready to ride!

How To Start A Yamaha R6

Final Thoughts

Unlike carburetor motors, fuel injection systems rarely fail. To prevent the pump from failing, do some routine maintenance. Get into the habit of listening to the bike and know what a healthy running engine sounds like. That way, if something unusual happens, you will be able to tell whether or not something is wrong with the pump fuse by sound alone.  Modern fuel-injected motorcycles are easy to start. Follow the instructions in this article, and you will have no problem.  For more information about how to start, ride, and care for your motorcycle, check out my YouTube channel. Hit the subscribe button for notifications whenever there’s an update.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Viking Cycle – Warlock Textile Motorcycle Jacket Review

Finding a great entry-level cycle jacket - viking warlock jacket review.

When critiquing motorcycle jackets, we have a tendency to judge them by the standards and needs of long-term, experienced cyclists. The unfortunate truth is that, for those just getting into motorcycling, these criteria may be a good bit different. For one thing, beginners will tend to spend somewhat less time on their bikes as they’re still getting a feel for them, and they’re less likely to be out there in the more extreme temperatures of high summer and mid-winter. 

This means that some forgiveness in fitting and materials is called for when looking at a prospective first motorcycle jacket. In the case of the VikingCycle’s Warlock jacket , this may work out pretty well.

Nomad Motorcycle Jacket for Men, Ironborn Biker Jacket, Cruiser Sportsbike Enduro Mens Riding Jacket with Armor Protection Large Black

The Look Of The Warlock Jacket

Well, let’s be honest with ourselves, we’re always going to demand that our jacket look really cool. It won’t do to look unstylish on our bikes, no matter if we’re a novice or a years-experienced rider. If the jacket doesn’t look good, nothing else matters. Maybe this isn’t the most prioritized way to think of things, but that’s just how it is.

While not the classic cruiser style so iconic in pop culture, this jacket does have a very modern classic vibe to it. It achieves a contemporary, unassuming but stylish look that blends many of the safety and comfort features of sport/street jackets, with the gentle form hugging and sleek nature that makes those cruiser jackets so beloved in the first place.

Moving forward, this even blend of these two styles will probably be somewhat timeless, which gives this jacket a unique future proof nature.

motorcycle travel vloggers

How The VikingCycle Warlock Jacket Feels

Comfort in a motorcycle jacket is a delicate balance. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic in the jacket, but at the same time, something too loose would have obvious problems. Similarly, you don’t want it to feel too bulky or heavy, but you want to feel like you’ve got something on. Finally, you want this balanced comfort to also provide good wind-cutting power, especially when it’s chilly out. Remember, the faster you go, the colder that air is going to be. 

This jacket checks all but one of these boxes rather nicely. I felt like I had a solid jacket on, but I never felt claustrophobic, encumbered nor weighed down by it. The adjustable sleeves and collar meant that I didn’t feel like my circulation was cut off, but it still sealed me up well enough against the elements. 

Unfortunately, the wind-cutting power of this jacket isn’t phenomenal, even with the liner in. It’s far from the worst, but in particularly chilly weather, the wind is still going to bite right into you with this jacket. 

Motorcycle Jacket Safety

Safety is of course a big concern, especially for a beginner. This jacket manages to be pretty well-padded and abrasion-resistant, without feeling cumbersome. Granted, it’s not as fortified as a racing jacket, but I felt very safe in this jacket, especially thanks to the waist zipper that fastens to pants to provide a unified layer of protection. 

It definitely passes my standards for safety, no question there. 

VikingCycle’s Signature Rain Gear Fabric is a 100% 600D Polyester coated by PU (polyurethane). The 600D Polyester coated by PU, is also wind and water resistant so it will provide great protection against cold wind and rain and it will not sag and creates less wrinkle overtime. The fabric is light weight but highly resilient against abrasions to provide more resistance between the body and the road for your protection, and also stands against wear and tear for product durability.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Bells and Whistles

Finally, we come to the additional accoutrements this jacket offers. It’s not the most elaborate design out there, but it’s not without its charms. 

  • Large zipper tabs make it easy to operate the zippers with gloves on – something that can be exquisitely frustrating. 
  • Plenty of inside pockets for your phone, your wallet, etc. where they’re protected from the elements and impacts. 
  • Removable liner makes this jacket comfortable for warm and cool riding. 

Warlock Jacket Textile Motorcycle Jacket Overview

motorcycle travel vloggers

Pros and Cons

  • This is an affordable jacket, especially for the quality, which is a major deciding factor for the beginner motorcyclist. 
  • The inside pockets are a nice touch. 
  • The neutral, non-aggressive style is timeless, contemporary and pairs with any style of bike. 
  • The zippers are phenomenal.
  • Removable liner takes most of the inner pockets with it, and doesn’t cut wind well. 
  • Velcro is used in stead of button clasps – this is a noisy material that wears out and accumulates “fuzz”. 
  • There are synthetic materials in the cuffs that may be less durable. 

Warranty Information

VikingCycle takes the highest pride to provide the best motorcycle gear craftsmanship and material in the world. We always stand behind all our product quality. If you experience any manufacturing defects on any of our items, please let us know and return it for a replacement within 1 year of purchase.

This warranty does not cover any item damage due to normal wear and tear or improper care. Normal wear and tear is unavoidable and it is a sign that the product has been worn, such as small scratches or color change.

To claim any manufacturing defect warranty and to get your replacement as soon as possible, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] with your order number and a photo of the product defect.

This jacket’s not perfect, but then, is anything ever truly perfect? As a seasoned rider, I’d personally purchase this jacket. It is affordable, comfortable and a stylish first jacket for a beginner? I’d definitely be happy recommending the Warlock jacket.

HJC C91 Helmet (Large) (SEMI-Flat Black)

To learn more about choosing the ideal motorcycle jacket for your needs, subscribe to my YouTube channel today !

Yamaha R1 vs R6: Which one is right for you?

Yamaha R1 vs R6: Which one is right for you?

When it comes to sport bikes, Yamaha has a reputation for producing some of the best in the market. Two of their most popular models, the R1 and R6 , are often compared and debated among riders. Both bikes are powerful, sleek, and designed for high-performance riding, but there are some key differences that may make one a better fit for you than the other.

Engine and Performance

  • The R1 is powered by a 998cc, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine that produces 200 horsepower and 82 lb-ft of torque. This engine is designed for high-performance riding and can propel the R1 from 0-60 mph in just over 2 seconds.
  • The R6, on the other hand, is powered by a 599cc, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine that produces 120 horsepower and 43 lb-ft of torque. While still a powerful engine, the R6’s power output is more manageable for those new to sport riding.
  • The R1’s engine is also equipped with Yamaha’s crossplane crankshaft technology, which gives it a unique and distinct character, and allows for smooth power delivery.
  • The R6 also features advanced engine management system, which includes YCC-T, Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle, that allows the rider to experience a smooth and natural throttle response, making it easier to control.
  • The R1 is geared more towards experienced riders who are looking for a high-performance bike that can handle the demands of track riding and fast-paced riding on the street. Its powerful engine and advanced features can be difficult to handle for those new to sport bikes.
  • The R6, on the other hand, is more suited to those who are just starting out in sport riding or who prefer a more manageable power output. Its engine is designed to deliver a balance of performance and control, making it easier for riders to handle.
  • Ultimately, the choice between the two engines will come down to the rider’s level of experience and their desired riding style. The R1’s engine is designed for experienced riders looking for a high-performance bike, while the R6’s engine is designed for those just starting out or who prefer a more manageable power output.

Getting to Know the Yamaha R Series

Handling and Suspension

When it comes to handling, both the R1 and R6 are equipped with advanced suspension systems that provide a smooth and responsive ride. However, the R1’s suspension is slightly more advanced, with fully adjustable 43mm inverted fork and a link-type rear suspension that offers a wide range of adjustability. This allows experienced riders to fine-tune the suspension to their personal preferences and riding style.

One of the main differences between the R1 and R6 in terms of handling is the wheelbase and riding position. The R1 has a longer wheelbase and a more relaxed riding position. This makes it more stable at high speeds and allows for more control during straight-line riding. The longer wheelbase also helps to reduce the bike’s tendency to wheelie, which can be a concern for some riders.

The R6, on the other hand, has a shorter wheelbase and a more aggressive riding position. This makes it more agile in tight corners and better suited for sport riding. The shorter wheelbase allows the R6 to turn more quickly and with less effort, making it more responsive to rider inputs. The riding position also puts the rider in a more forward-leaning position, which can be more comfortable for some riders during long rides.

In summary, both the R1 and R6 have advanced suspension systems that provide a smooth and responsive ride, but the R1’s is slightly more advanced. The R1’s longer wheelbase and relaxed riding position make it more stable at high speeds, while the R6’s shorter wheelbase and aggressive riding position make it more agile in tight corners. The choice between the two will come down to the rider’s personal preferences and riding style.

How To Start A Yamaha R6

Design and Features

When it comes to design, the R1 and R6 have different looks that appeal to different riders. The R1 has a more modern and aggressive design, with sharp lines and aerodynamic features that give it a futuristic look. The R1 also has a more aerodynamic bodywork that helps to reduce wind resistance and improve stability at high speeds.

The R6, on the other hand, has a more traditional sport bike look, with a sleek and minimalist design. The R6’s design is more classic and timeless, which some riders prefer. It has a more understated look that does not shout for attention. The R6 design is focused on providing a smooth and aerodynamic riding experience.

When it comes to features, the R1 comes with a range of advanced features such as a quick-shifter, traction control, and a slipper clutch. These features allow riders to experience a more advanced level of riding and can help to improve performance and safety. The R1 also comes with a range of electronic rider aids, such as selectable power modes and launch control, that allows riders to customize the bike’s performance to their personal preferences and riding conditions.

The R6, on the other hand, has a more basic set of features. It comes with features such as ABS and a standard clutch. It’s more suited to riders who want a more traditional sport bike experience and prefer a more minimalist approach to features.

In summary, the R1 has a more modern and aggressive design, with a range of advanced features that cater to experienced riders, while the R6 has a more traditional sport bike look, with a sleek and minimalist design, and a more basic set of features. The choice between the two will come down to the rider’s personal preferences and riding style. Some riders prefer the advanced features and modern design of the R1, while others prefer the more traditional look and basic features of the R6.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Price and Value

When it comes to price, the R1 and R6 have different price points. The R1 is the more expensive of the two, with a starting price of around $16,000. This puts it in the higher end of the sport bike market. The R1’s higher price tag can be attributed to its advanced features and higher performance capabilities.

The R6, on the other hand, has a more affordable price point, with a starting price of around $12,000. This makes it more accessible to a wider range of riders, especially those on a budget. The R6’s more affordable price point does not mean that it’s any less of a bike, it’s still a great option for sport riding enthusiasts, and it’s still a great value for its price.

While the R1 may have more advanced features and higher performance, the R6 offers a great value for its price and is a great option for those who are looking for a sport bike that won’t break the bank. The R6 is a great choice for those who want to experience the thrill of sport riding without having to spend a lot of money.

In summary, the R1 is more expensive than the R6, and it has more advanced features and higher performance capabilities. However, the R6 offers great value for its price, and it’s a great option for those on a budget. Both the R1 and R6 are great sport bikes that cater to different riders, and the choice between the two will come down to personal preferences, riding style, and budget.

In conclusion, both the Yamaha R1 and R6 are excellent sport bikes, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The R1 is geared towards experienced riders looking for high performance and advanced features, while the R6 is a great option for those just starting out or on a budget. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to your personal preferences and riding style.

5 comments on The Ultimate List Of Motovloggers On YouTube

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Hello. We are in the process of building our YouTube Channel, but we are doing well on Facebook. Do you have a Motovlogger list for Facebook. If so, we would love to be on it. ~Momma Badger Find us on FB @ The Badgers and The Biker Lifestyle 🙂

' src=

I didn’t see Suburban Delinquent or bakerXderek

' src= great off road riding adventures

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motorcycle travel vloggers

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Yamaha R6 Specs

  • Yamaha R6 Specs 98-02 (First Generation)
  • Yamaha YZF-R6 Specs 03-05 (2nd Generation)
  • Yamaha YZF-R6 Specs 06-16 (3rd Generation)
  • Yamaha YZF-R6 Specs 2017 (4th Generation)

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motorcycle travel vloggers

motorcycle travel vloggers

10 Best Motovloggers to Watch When You Can’t Ride

motorcycle travel vloggers

It’s riding season again—but something is a little different in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic , many riders are choosing to play it safe and refrain from hitting the streets like they normally would. Even small events like local bike meetups, to say nothing of large motorcycle rallies, seem like a distant dream.

While watching motorcycle videos will never truly be a substitute for getting out there and riding, these ten motovloggers are doing a great job of creating interesting and engaging content for riders of all experience levels. From scenic rides to customization tips, check out these YouTube channels for hours of outstanding bike content until it’s safe to enjoy motorcycles as a community again.

1. Knucklestv

If it’s loud, has tons of horsepower and is crazy fun, you can probably find it on knucklestv . This jam-packed channel includes everything from bike reviews to ride videos and travel diaries, including gear reviews of must-have gadgets like Bluetooth motorcycle helmets . Finally, you’ll also find his visits to Powersports rallies and car shows around the US, all of which are full of eye-popping, custom vehicle designs.

The Canadian rider known as M13 (also known as Mordeth13) was among the very first motovloggers when he started his channel in 2006. While he’s no longer the only game in town, he still makes awesome videos that many riders will enjoy. Like many motovloggers, he covers numerous subjects outside of riding, from airsoft guns to being a new parent. M13’s channel is particularly good if you’re interested in riding in East Asia, as he resides in Taiwan and covers the surrounding scene.

3. BaronVonGrumble

Another prolific, longtime contributor to motovlogging is BaronVonGrumble . BVG’s beautiful and well-edited videos feature his collection of drool-worthy bikes, like the Yamaha R1M. The Baron even has access to some highly exclusive bikes that you won’t find on many other channels, such as the utterly insane BMW HP4. His channel is a great one to check out if you want to observe some gorgeous machines in action.

4. RoyalJordanian

RoyalJordanian has you covered if you’re looking for a motovlog with great bikes and lovely views of London. RJ’s Daily Observations series is a fun and calming chronicle of his journeys around London and with over 270 videos in the series, a patient viewer can observe a good chunk of the UK’s capital. The rumble of his signature Husqvarna Nuda 900R is music to the ears of riders who love great sounding bikes, and he’s even done a crossover video with BaronVonGrumble.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Source: Lukas Gojda/

5. MaxWrist

Wanna see a BMW S1000RR street race against a Ferrari on a twisting mountain road? If you think other Powersports vloggers seem a little tame in what they’re willing to attempt, MaxWrist is for you. This YouTuber and his riding group make extreme sportbike riding into a way of life, with many well-edited videos of crazy highway stunts executed at terrifying speeds. And if you’re a big fan, his channel offers MaxWrist merchandise to show off your allegiance to the king of gonzo motovloggers.

6. Her Two Wheels

Regrettably, it’s not nearly as easy as it should be to find female motovloggers, but Her Two Wheels is giving us hope for the future. Jess, an Ohioan and owner of a Harley Dyna, makes motovlog videos in which she talks frankly about cycling from a woman’s perspective. Her Two Wheels’ fun and informative vlog entries include gear reviews, bike reviews, scenic rides and more. Her content is especially geared toward women who are just entering the world of motorcycles for the first time.

7. RidingWithTom

Adventure riders with a taste for exotic locales will love RidingWithTom (RWT), an Australian vlogger who films his travels in the wild deserts of the Outback and beyond. Although RWT rides and reviews many different types of bikes, dirt bikes are his passion. His riding adventures on desert trails are deliciously gnarly. Viewers love his signature self-deprecating sense of humor—his channel description invites viewers to “watch [him] ride motorcycles terribly.”

Don’t be fooled by the name—the YouTuber known as snowcat isn’t a snowmobiler, but rather one of America’s most influential motorcycle vloggers. Snowcat is especially well known as, shall we say, an aggressive advocate for safe driving and the compilations of him excoriating drivers who don’t know how to respect motorcyclists are legendary viewing material. He’s also a burgeoning globe-trotter who has posted his rides and road trips in locales from Vancouver to Las Vegas to India.

9. CycleCruza

CycleCruza ’s channel is a great resource for motorcycle newbies and veterans alike. Many of his most popular videos deal with hot topics in the cycling community and provide expert guidance on topics like the best bikes for beginners, how to break bad riding habits, essential riding gear and more. Just don’t expect the Swiss Alps when it comes to scenery—nearly all of CycleCruza’s videos are filmed in his home state of Ohio.

10. Do It With Dan

Do It With Dan is a channel with tons of variety to keep you on your toes. This vlogger first became known for his fun-loving, down-to-earth personality on his motovlogs, but his channel has expanded to include everything from home improvement to cooking. One day, you can watch him redo his shop floor with epoxy, and the next day he’s riding a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300—that’s just how it goes. His channel is also great for all kinds of gearheads, with project build series like a Honda Shadow Bobber and a ‘73 Camaro restoration.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Source: Sorranop/

These ten motovloggers are only the beginning—YouTube has thousands more. Just don’t go down the motovlogging rabbit hole while you’re supposed to be working from home, or you’re almost guaranteed to spend the next hour listening to killer pipes and watching wheelie videos.

motorcycle travel vloggers

Just A Guy Thing is a men's lifestyle magazine focused primarily at guys wanting to better themselves.

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14 Motovloggers Whose Vlogs Will Make You Wanna Go On A Ride

14 Motovloggers Whose Vlogs Will Make You Wanna Go On A Ride

Vlogs is a concept that is relatively new in India but is growing bigger by the day. These days influencers have the advantage of finding their niche and vlogging what they are passionate about. One of such highly engaging niche is motovlogging . Multiple content creators who are enthusiastic about bikes and other vehicles create vlogs that are all about product features, reviews, their riding experiences and much more. Motovlogging takes a lot of effort and it caters to a specific type of audience. So if you are a motorcycle enthusiast or an aspiring vlogger , here are some names you should definitely get familiar with before you start your journey!

Here they are:

1. mohammed salim khan a.k.a msk.

MSK is one of the most amazing motovloggers in the country! He loves travelling around the country on his motorcycle and exploring new places with his friends. Apart from motovlogging , he also has the sharpest editing skills, which makes his videos super interesting. Moreover, we love how his content is not restricted to motovlogs , he also shares his day-to-day experiences and creates lifestyle specific content.

2. Ogden Fernandes a.k.a Oggy F

Oggy F is one helluva unique motovlogger . He is based out of Mumbai and is known for promoting road safety and adhering to traffic rules. He has more than 360 videos up on his channel and is mostly about his group and solo biking adventures. We love how he is extremely particular about traffic rules and doesn’t hesitate before calling someone out for breaking them.

3. Nikhil Sharma a.k.a Mumbaiker Nikhil

Nikhil is one of those motovloggers who believes in documenting his candid journey and experiences. He is popular for his adventures in the terrains, product reviews and his daily vlogs . He has also successfully completed a biking ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari , amazing isn’t it? Moreover, his YouTube channel has more than 3.32 million subscribers at the moment!

4. Anny Arun a.k.a GoPro Man

GoPro Man is a talented motovlogger who is all about exploring new places and finding unknown lands. He has ridden his bike along the beautiful ghats of Karnataka and successfully completed Bangalore-Ladak-Bangalore ride and the Rann of Katch ride. If you are looking to check out some fantastic visuals, his channel is the place to be!

5. Vishakha Fulsunge a.k.a @ridergirlvishakha

Vishakha is an adventure traveller and an avid motovlogger. She documents her journey and trips as vlogs and shares with everyone through her YouTube channel, which currently has more than 450k subscribers! She has featured in multiple magazines for her solo trips, experiences and overall journey as a vlogger .

6. Motor Beam

Motor Beam is a vlog that specifically caters to moto enthusiasts. Its is a brain baby of Faisal Khan a.k.a @fasbeam . It includes product reviews, reveals, videos explaining new models and much more. Their videos are really insightful and easy to follow. If you are a motor junkie, their channel is your one-stop destination for everything.

7. Priyanka Kochhar

Priyanka is a girl who loves motorcycles and fast cars! You will frequently see her travelling to new places and exploring different terrains with her motorcycle. She is also an expert in this sector of automobiles and creates YouTube videos on the latest cars and motorbikes.

8. Vikas Rachamalla

An enthusiastic motovlogger from Hyderabad , Vikas has a long list of superbikes. In his videos, you will often see him in various motor racing circuits riding his bike. However, he not only vlogs about riding superbikes but also talks about road safety. We absolutely love it when he shares DIY segments and informative clips.

9. Prabhjot Singh

He is an enthusiastic lifestyle and motovlogger with more than 14 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. Prabhjot has biked on many dangerous terrains and believes in exploring new routes. His channel has some of his greatest experiences and mind-blowing visuals.

10. Jasminder Singh

Jasminder Singh a.k.a Jaysn is a motovlogger who has inspired many people and creates extremely entertaining content! He is an entrepreneur who started his own YouTube channel called JS Films in 2013. This channel has nearly 2.4 million subscribers and his videos cover adventurous trips on his many bikes and biking lifestyle. His passion for motorbikes really comes through in his content.

11. Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta (Source: Facebook | @xtrememotoadventure)

He is a Delhi-based motorcyclist with over 632K subscribers on his YouTube channel called Xtreme Moto Adventure . There is no doubt his adventures are extreme! Deepak loves exploring undiscovered places and as a photographer himself, his shots are absolutely extraordinary!

12. Arati Tawde

With 61.4K subscribers on her Youtube channel called Aarti’s life , Aarti quit her job as a software engineer to pursue her love for wheels. Her videos are super unique and her personality works great with her audience. Her motovlogs are passionate and are a joy to watch!

13. Dino’s Vault

Dinesh Kumar’s Youtube channel is motovlogging 101! He is a massive motorcycle enthusiast and has been fascinated with them ever since childhood. His channel is all about his experiences, product and riding reviews. We love how his videos help us learn new things but also keeps us entertained.

14. Mohit Manocha a.k.a The Travelling Desi

Even though he is not a conventional motovlogger , he explored different places in his motorhome and has documented them all. Moreover, he is all about exploring the best travel practises for people. So if you are interested in budgeted trips and backpacking tours, then his channel is all you need to see to become a pro!

There you go! These vloggers are making us feel like we should learn more and more about automobiles. It is amazing to see that they have a wide fanbase who are super interested in all things motor! Tell us about your favourite motovlogger , we’d love to know more about them.

Follow @missmalinitrending to know more about your favourite influencers and content creators!

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Top 10 Motorcycle YouTube Channels & Vloggers

There are loads of great motorcycle YouTube channels to choose from which made it difficult to choose only ten (plus a few bonus channels that we couldn’t not give a mention!). We’ve gone for a selection of motovloggers, custom builders, races and organisations to ensure there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for Isle of Man TT highlights or to get behind the scenes of a custom builders garage, read on!


BaronVonGrumble has over a quarter of a million subscribers and more than 39,500,000 views after being introduced in December 2011. He is one of the UK’s most successful motorcycle vloggers, updating his channel with roughly one new video a month. Video views vary, with some on around 25,000 and others with over 400,000 watches.

The videos themselves feature everything from new bike reviews and POV track sessions at famous circuits such as Jerez, to tackling bike theft and touring the world. It must be said do not visit this site if you are offended by foul language, as BaronVonGrumble is known for the odd swear word here or there. Watching this channel gives you a good insight to all things biking from the host who clearly loves his motorbikes. Some videos centre more on cars, which may appeal to those that simply love high speed vehicles!

BaronVonGrumble is well known throughout social media, with over 23,000 followers on Twitter and 25,000 Likers on Facebook. These sites are used to share his thoughts on the latest motorcycle news, as well as inform followers of any new videos being uploaded onto the channel.


If you can’t get enough of BaronVonGrumble, then you need to check out 44teeth. One of the hottest motorcycle YouTube channels right now, 44Teeth is bought to you by Alastair Fagan and Baron Von Grumble. 44Teeth are known for creating epic motorcycle content, especially with the Budget Bike Battles that are always amusing with the duo. Originally launched in November 2014, the channel now has over 199k subscribers – pretty impressive! Between these biker nuts, they’ve got plenty of knowledge with Fagan being a road tester for a big bike magazine for over a decade, and with Grumbles artistic technological talent as well as a passion for speed – they make the perfect match.


The unbelievably popular RoyalJordanian YouTube channel has over 1,200,000 subscribers and more than a quarter of a billion views. The channel was set up in October 2006 and has grown remarkably since then. With over 1,100 videos uploaded since its introduction, a remarkable 39 of RoyalJordanians videos have over one million views. This channel is updated regularly, with an average of around seven videos added each month.

These popular uploads include videos of various motorbikes being ridden around London, these episodes are called ‘Daily Observations’ with over 260 of them featuring on the channel. Other videos include bike reviews, a look at custom bikes, as well as maintenance advice.

You can find out a little more about the motorcycles being ridden and the creator of this channel on the Royal Jordanian website . The slogan for the site is ‘riding a bike is my relief, my medicine, in this crazy world…’ and there is something quiet therapeutic about watching the rider enjoy a blast around the streets of London.

Motorcycle News is known for being the biggest print and online motorcycle publication in the world. It comes as no surprise that such a big brand also has a leading motorcycle YouTube channel, with over 220,000 subscribers and 215,000,000 views. As the subscriber and viewing figures suggest, this channel has been around for a while, dating back to July 2006.

The channel is updated with new content regularly, with roughly six or seven videos being added each month. These videos can be seen to feature bike reviews, looking at new bike releases and comparing models, such as the Honda RC360 against the Ducati V4R. You will also come across exclusive interviews with legendary racers including John McGuinness , Chris Walker and Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne.

This channel also uploads videos to help new and experienced riders, with tips and lessons in riding, an example of this being the ‘How to complete your CBT’ video. This is a great channel to visit if you’ve attended an MCN event, such as the Festival of Motorcycling or London Motorcycle Show, as they upload a round-up video which you may even spot yourself in!

The Missenden Flyer

This channel has over 135,000 subscribers and more than 36,000,000 video views, having joined YouTube in July 2008. TheMissendenFlyer, often abbreviated to TMF, posts a new video every Monday and Thursday and sometimes in between.

TMF offers a little bit of everything, from looking after your motorbike to rides at home and abroad. The ‘Bike News Monthly’ episodes see the host talk you through all of the latest news featured in publications such as MCN. There’s plenty of content for you to watch if you’re new or returning to motorcycling, such as ‘How to choose your first motorcycle’ and ‘Top 5 motorcycle cleaning products’. You also get a look around bike meets, with an exclusive video from the British and Classics Bike Meet at The Plough in Cadsden.

If you really enjoy TMF’s videos and become a fan, why not check out their online merchandise store ? It features a cool range of TheMissendenFlyer branded clothing and accessories!

On Yer Bike

Introduced in December 2013, On Yer Bike has over 33,000 subscribers along with more than 4,700,000 views. This is the place to be for out of the ordinary motorcycles, from pristine classics to down and dirty off road mopeds. On Yer Bike is described by its hosts, Craig and Paul, as the alternative YouTube motorcycle show, with one or two videos uploaded every week.

Episodes on the On Yer Bike channel are full of custom motorcycle builds, reviews, ride outs and, of course, banter. This channel gives you a behind the scenes look at what goes on in the Doghouse Customs garage, with bike build updates and tests. Some episodes can stretch to around the 50 minute mark, so you are sure to get a detailed account of the motorbikes and how they were made.

If custom and classic bikes are for you, we’re sure this is the YouTube channel you need to subscribe to! The support does not have to stop there, with On Yer Bike merchandise available on the channels website where there are plenty of designs to choose from.

Red Bull Motorsports

The Red Bull Motorsports channel has over 410,000 subscribers and more than 172,000,000 views. These videos feature all things MotoGP, WRC, Rallycross, Hard Enduro, Motocross, Endurance, Dakar Rally, Drift and more! You may notice these are not all biking events, but they are still great to watch and listen to.

This channel has plenty to feed your motorsport appetite; you will see some off-road racing events you may never have heard of such as the Red Bull Romaniacs and the Dakar Rally. Cool stunts and tricks from the best in the business, like Dougie Lampkin, also feature with some amazing camera angles and POV shots.

Videos are uploaded daily so you will never get bored, with plenty of variety in the content shared. The Community section of the channel is also updated regularly which keeps you up to date with what’s going on and what to look out for on the channel. Take a look!

TwinThing Custom Motorcycles

TwinThing Custom Motorcycles has over 42,000 subscribers accumulated since joining YouTube in April 2008. With over 6,800,000 views and videos released, this is one of the UK’s top custom motorbike channels.

When stating what they do, TwinThing Custom Motorcycles explain they “design, reinvent, restore, customise and ride kickass motorcycles”, and after watching their videos, it’s hard to disagree! By visiting this channel you will see some of the best and most attractive custom bikes being ridden, with cool short cuts and amazing camera angles. Unlike most of the other channels featured in this Top 10, TwingThing keep their videos short and sweet, usually lasting around 2 to 3 minutes.

The content creators explain they are simply combining their two passions, motorcycling and film. This becomes evident straight away as they are amazing at both! If you want to find out a little more, head to the TwinThing website .

TT Races Official

This one needs little introduction, the TT Races Official YouTube channel is the home of amazing Isle of Man TT videos and clips. The channel has little over 14,000 subscribers and more than 2,200,000 views, which is quite amazing considering it only launched in September 2018.

By visiting this channel you will find tonnes of exclusive interviews with your favourite Isle of Man TT racers, past and present. As well as this, highlights of all of the Isle of Man TT 2018 and 2019 races, each with amazing camera angles and commentary.

The TT Races Official channel is updated regularly, with peak times coming in the build-up to, during and after the IOMTT and Classic TT . If you’re looking for a bit of TT magic to get you through the day, you’ve got to check out and subscribe to this channel!

Roadcraft Nottingham

This channel has a different aim and approach when compared to the other YouTube channels we have featured. Roadcraft Nottingham is run by a fully qualified award winning motorcycle instructor with over 34 years teaching experience. This channel has more than 67,000 subscribers and over 15,500,000 views, having been introduced in July 2010.

Channel host Russ uploads roughly one or two videos a month, with most focussing on teaching the viewer how they can minimise risk of riding on the road, as well as improve their riding. The videos are usually POV riding clips with the riding instructor talking over the top to let the viewer know what is going on, and what to and not to do in each situation.

These are not the only videos on the channel however, with bike and gadget reviews and track days also on offer for your viewing pleasure. You will find Roadcraft Nottingham on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with video releases and latest news.


Lover of adventure? You need to subscribe to the Itchy Boots YouTube channel then! The channel was started by Dutch rider, Noraly back in November 2018, after she decided to quit her job and sell all her belongings, and followed her passion of motorcycles and crazy adventures.

Itchy Boots has 436k subscribers already – incredible! Noraly began her motorcycling jorney in 2015 when she finally got her licence has bagged her first bike – a second-hand Ducati Monster 796. After gaining many miles and lots of experience, this wis when Noraly decided to take the leap and begin her solo motorcycle adventure and she decided to sell her beloved Ducati and invested in a brand new Royal Enfield Himalayan and hit the road heading from India to Malaysia.

So far Itchy Boots has completed two series of her travels so far which you can watch right now. As well as handy tutorials and top tips on keeping your bike well maintained when travelling through different countries.

Trust us when we say it was a tough job just picking our top 10 motorcycle Youtube channels, but there’s plenty more to try including:

With a remarkable 2,300,000 subscribers and over 808,000,000 views since its introduction in October 2005, this track racing channel is ever popular.

As you might have guessed, this channel features all of the highlights of the latest MotoGP races from around the world. These are not your basic highlights however, with different videos focussing on team’s performance, a look behind the scenes and the best action. You can also feast your eyes and ears on exclusive interviews with your favourite MotoGP racers like Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi, and check out cool clips such as riders meeting football stars.

This page is extremely active, with new videos uploaded near enough every day. By subscribing to this channel you will get more of an insight into the famous track races than ever before.

Allen Millyard:

Get a real insight to the nitty-gritty of anything mechanicalwith Allen Millyard. The channel was launched in August 2009 and sits with 62.2k subscribers. From learning to restore an old classic to building his mountain race bike – Millyard uploads content on a regular basis and always generates lots of questions and comments for his ever-growing fan base.

Devitt Insurance:

It’d be rude not to wouldn’t it? We’ve only recently started uploading our bike release reviews, with Alan Dowds and Rob Hoyles talking you through some of the best machines on the market. As well as this, we post the occasional video from motorcycle shows around the country as well as new campaigns such as tackling bike theft.

Let us know your favourite motorcycle YouTube channel in the comments below…

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4 comments on “Top 10 Motorcycle YouTube Channels & Vloggers”

You need to add SaffySprocket to the list! She’s the best UK youtuber online at the moment. Proper down to earth

March 22, 2022 at 4:37 pm

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May 10, 2022 at 10:24 am

Nathan Barden!

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Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers | Indian Bikers Magazine

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers | Indian Bikers Magazine

Two Wheeler Traffic Rules In India 2022 (Click Here)

Top 15 indian moto-vloggers.

A top 15 list would also be featured that actually rates and ranks the Vloggers content.  

1. Mumbiker Nikhil

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers | Mumbiker Nikhil

Nikhil Sharma , who has a YouTube channel by the name Mumbiker Nikhil, is one of the most popular moto-vlogger in India. At the time of writing, his vlogging channel had over 3.14 million subscribers. Additionally, the total views across all of his videos are staggering millions! He was one of the firsts to make moto-vlogging famous in India. Here is something about the top moto-vlogger of India.      

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers Oggy F

The only reason Ogden Fernandes started riding a motorcycle was because he wanted to cut down the travel time between his home and the workplace. He soon developed a passion for motorcycles and decided to start vlogging and documenting his rides on YouTube four years ago through his channel,  Oggy F

The Mumbai moto-vlogger started to gain popularity through a video series on his channel titled   Bad Mumbai Drivers ,   where he showcases drivers and motorcyclists putting others–as well as themselves–at risk and not following basic traffic rules. He also began posting riding vlogs and product reviews too. “I realized there are not a lot of people that ride sensibly, and these videos are starting to make a difference to the younger generation who are just starting to ride motorcycles,” Fernandes says. “I felt a lot more responsibility on my shoulders all of a sudden.” - Rolling Stone India

3. JS Films

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers Js Films

   JS films  is a YouTube channel run by Jasminder Singh AKA Jaysn . Jaysn is a classic example of an 'extrovert on a bike', with an amazing ability to connect with his audience with his quirky jokes and Desi style.   moto blogging which is exploring the culture of different regions of India with his Pro Bike Skills and traveling different places through a road trip and inspiring   Indian youth bikers.  He is also Top Indian Moto-Vlogger. - Digitalbiopic

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers MSK

MSK vlogs  are one of the famous Indian Vlog bases YouTube Channel, which is created and run by Mr.  Mohammed Salim Khan  (MSK).MSK is an Indian Blogger, Traveler, and Filmmaker.  He belongs from Mumbai, Maharashtra and currently, he lives in Mahim,  Mumba i. In the present time, he has got 1.15+ subscribers on his  Youtube  Channel.  He is the popular Bike Rider from Mumbai. He has his own KTM Duke 390, YAMAHA R1 , Triumph Tiger 800, and Volkswagen Polo bikes which he uses several times on his videos. 

5. Vikas Rachmalla

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers  vikas rachmalla

Another moto-vlogger from Hyderabad, Vikas Rachamalla has a long list of bikes, including the Yamaha YZF-R1 , Suzuki GSX 1100F, and a KTM Duke 390. In his videos, Rachamalla is often seen on motor racing circuits with his motorcycles. He usually vlogs about riding superbikes, does safety videos, DIY segments, and informative clips. - Rolling Stone India

6. One World One Ride

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers Debashish Ghosh One World One Ride

One World One Ride  in 270 Days. Biker Debassish   Ghosh  becomes the first Indian to complete a bike  ride  originating and culminating in India covering 35 countries, 5 continents in 270 days covering 68,000 km. His amazing achievement was recognized through a grand homecoming at the Royal Challenge, Goregoan in Mumbai. 

7. Jatt Prabhjot

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers Jatt Prabhjot

A software engineer by profession, JP showcases his passion for motorbikes through his YouTube channel,  Jatt Prabhjot,   which has currently 1.22M subscribers. His Instagram page,   jatt_prabhjot , enjoys equally significant popularity with 272k followers.

8. Chintamani Jaipuri

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers Chintamani Jaipuri

9. Art of Motorcycle

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers  Art Of Motorcycle Murthaza Junaid

Murthaza  Junaid , an Automobile Engineer runs a famous  Art of Motorcycle  Workshop in Bengaluru with his Brother. ... He owns Triumph Tiger too, he named the  bike  "Maya". He has won 70 trophies in Royal Enfield Races all over the country and he holds the record for the fastest uphill Royal Enfield ride on Nandi Hills.

10. Mallu Traveller

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers Mallu Traveller

Mallu Traveler from the southern Indian state of Kerala. 

Mallu traveler's name is " Shakir Subhan " . Shakir's passion is traveling & experiencing world different cultures & experiences about new world adventure on their own motorcycle.


        11. Xtreme Moto Adventure

motorcycle travel vloggers

12. Sriman Kotaru

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers Sriman Kotaru|

Hyderabad-based  Sriman Kotaru  is one of the most popular moto vloggers in the country. His knowledge about bikes, his passion to help fellow bikers and his way of speaking has attracted a loyal group of followers on YouTube

13. Born to Ride

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers  Lakhshay Ananad Born to Ride

Lakhshay Anand  aka  Born To Ride  was an Indian moto vlogger and a bike rider from west Delhi, India. He inspired to start riding and vlogging from the great Indian Moto Vlogger  Mumbiker Nikhil . Now he was very popular after his Kashmir To Kanyakumari ride on a scooter which was TVS Jupiter with his friend Sharoon Khan. Lakhshay Anand was very active on his social media account like  Facebook ,  Instagram ,  Twitter

14. Big Bang Biker

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers  Big Bang Biker

15. Dino's Vault

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers   Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar Gunasekara, a.k.a Dino, of  Dino's Vault  is a name to reckon with when it comes to vlogs and reviews on automobiles across various social media platforms. Be it Instagram or YouTube, the automobile content that Hyderabad-based Dino posts is right up there among the best in the business.

Popular Female Moto Vloggers

1. rider girl vishakha.

Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers Rider Girl Vishakha

RiderGirl Vishakha . She is  25  years old  and was born on  3 rd Nov 1993  in   Mumbai, India.  She is  Indian  by Nationality. H er mother has been a constant source of inspiration for her. An MBA by profession, she was a stunt rider but due to injuries, she left stunt riding and now participates in drag races and goes on long solo rides.

It is the popular  Female Bike Rider  from   Mumbai . She is the  1ST FEMALE  MOTOVLOGGER  in India. She started Bike riding with the aim to  Break All Stereotypes  about being a Girl .

Read More 


First female riders duo to ride andaman and nicobar island,           2. arati's life.

Popul ar Indian Motovloggers

Vlogging as a concept is rather new in India, But It is growing! There are many new moto vloggers adding to the list every day, it takes time and a lot of efforts to do the moto vlogging. Following new and old moto vloggers : 

1. Buffmoto

2.  Heartbroken Biker

3. Ride with Rahul

4. Bulu Biker

5. BRS Shoib

6. Zohair Ahmed

7.  The Everyday India

8. Gopro Man

9. Tollfreetraveller

10.Vignesh P T

11.Fakira Riders

12. Number Plate

13. Cherry Vlogs

14. Vijay Mahar

15. Rev It Up 

16. Raghav Vlogs

17. Aashish Chandratreya

18. Heartbroken Biker

19. Gaurav Prabhu

20. Ride with Raj

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motorcycle travel vloggers


If you have any doubts, Please let me know.

Mumbiker Nikhil , Nikhil bhai has always been my favourite vlogger/ motovlogger. Although he is been criticized by his fans that he doesn't ride that much. It is because of his health problem i.e shoulder problem. That happened because he used to ride very often and very seriously before. In this lockodwn period, he is uploading quite regularly despite he lives alone. Thus, my respect towards him has always been at the top. Love you MN...❤❤❤❤

motorcycle travel vloggers

Hello Dear Admin, There is no name of Bhayya Sunny Yadav, he is having more followers than sriman kotaru, you people only considering mumbai and delhi people, other parts of Indian riders are not?

motorcycle travel vloggers

The List was not about having more subscribers list... Sriman Kotaru has best quality videos than Bhayya sunny...

motorcycle travel vloggers

Thank You We Update List Soon..

This is insane there should be bayya sunny yadav best moto vlogger in South India

Sriman Kotaru is the best Moto Vlogger as compared to other. Put his name on top of the list.

Yes, Thanks You We Update List Soon...

Every motovlogger is from North only listed...But in South also having huge and crazy motovloggers....In South my favorite motovlogger is Bayya sunny yadav ( ) a telugu motovlogger...And Bayya sunny yadav present reached 666k subscribers....i hope he will reach 1M soon....Plz my request add him in top motovlogger list...From Ganesh(suryapet, telangana)

Thanks You We Update List Very Soon.

Mine favorite motovloger is . Mumbai secrets Revealed Biker. . he is a unsung hero.. I bet nobody makes such of real and live videos on bike.. .Due to him many criminals have been mobilized.. He risks his life shooting these kind of videos. Just watch his videos. .he don't vlog in restaurants eating good food and publish.. He shootreal videos. Don't reveal his face. During night he rides and publish live videos.. He isa real motovloger, but still don't get that eye from YouTube.

Mumbai secrets revealed biker. a real hero of Indian motovloging

Mumbai secrets revealed biker... N k raina..

Apna MSK is best motovloger....

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Top 10 Moto Vloggers in India

Table of contents, introduction:.

India has an ever-growing motorcycle culture, which is being fueled by a passionate community of riders and a rapidly emerging trend of moto vlogging. These moto vloggers are capturing the essence of two-wheeled travel and sharing it with the world. From epic road trips to thrilling adventures, they are inspiring riders nationwide. If you’re looking to explore the Indian motorcycle scene through the lens of some of the best moto vloggers in the country, then you’re in the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 moto vloggers in India, highlighting their unique styles, popular content, and contributions to the motorcycle community.

Moto Vloggers in India

The Rise of Moto Vlogging in India:

India’s diverse landscapes, bustling cities, and vibrant culture provide the perfect backdrop for motorcycle enthusiasts to explore and share their adventures. This section will provide an overview of the growing popularity of moto vlogging in India, highlighting the role of social media platforms like YouTube in connecting riders and inspiring a new generation of moto enthusiasts.

Criteria for Selection of Top 10 Moto Vloggers:

Before diving into the list of top 10 moto vloggers in India, it’s essential to establish the criteria used for selection. Factors such as content quality, engagement with viewers, frequency of uploads, subscriber base, and overall impact on the motorcycle community will be considered in determining the top moto vloggers in India.

List of Top 10 Moto Vloggers in India:

(1) mumbiker nikhil (nikhil sharma):.

Mumbiker Nikhil (Nikhil Sharma)

Nikhil Sharma, popularly known as Mumbiker Nikhil, is one of the most prominent Moto vloggers in India. With his infectious energy, captivating storytelling, and epic motorcycle journeys, Nikhil has amassed a massive following on YouTube. From solo rides across India to international adventures, Mumbiker Nikhil’s vlogs offer a glimpse into the thrill of motorcycle travel.

(2) MountainTrekker (Varun Vagish):

MountainTrekker (Varun Vagish)

Varun Vagish, better known as MountainTrekker, is a seasoned traveler and moto vlogger who specializes in documenting his motorcycle adventures across India. With his insightful commentary, breathtaking cinematography, and in-depth exploration of offbeat destinations, MountainTrekker’s vlogs inspire viewers to embark on their two-wheeled adventures.

(3) JS Films (Jasminder Singh):

JS Films (Jasminder Singh)

Jasminder Singh, the man behind JS Films, is a talented moto vlogger known for his high-octane motorcycle stunts and adrenaline-fueled adventures. With his daredevil spirit and passion for motorcycles, JS Films’ vlogs capture the excitement and thrill of pushing the limits on two wheels. JS Films’ vlogs never fail to impress, from epic wheelies to heart-pounding rides.

(4) Mohammed Salim Khan (MSK):

Mohammed Salim Khan (MSK)

Mohammed Salim Khan is a rising star in the Indian moto vlogging scene. With his passion for motorcycles and captivating storytelling, Mohammed’s vlogs offer a fresh perspective on motorcycle travel. From thrilling rides to scenic road trips, Mohammed’s vlogs inspire viewers to explore the beauty of India on two wheels.

(5) Sourav Joshi:

Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi is another emerging talent in the Indian moto vlogging community. With his engaging personality and adventurous spirit, Sourav’s vlogs take viewers on a journey through the vibrant streets of India. From urban explorations to countryside adventures, Sourav’s vlogs offer a unique blend of excitement and inspiration.

(6) Ayush Verma:

Ayush Verma

Ayush Verma is a moto vlogger known for his informative and entertaining content. With his unique perspective and engaging storytelling, Ayush’s vlogs provide valuable insights into the world of motorcycle travel. From gear reviews to travel tips, Ayush’s vlogs offer something for riders of all levels.

(7) Legal Banjara (Suraj Verma):

Legal Banjara (Suraj Verma)

Legal Banjara is a moto vlogger who combines his love for motorcycles with his passion for exploration. With his laid-back style and insightful commentary, Legal Banjara’s vlogs take viewers on a journey through the hidden gems of India. From off-road adventures to cultural experiences, Legal Banjara’s vlogs showcase the diversity and beauty of India’s landscape.

(8) UK07 (Anurag Dobhal):

UK07 (Anurag Dobhal)

UK07 is a moto vlogger known for his high-energy videos and adventurous spirit. With his dynamic riding style and thrilling stunts, UK07’s vlogs offer an adrenaline-fueled experience for viewers. From group rides to solo adventures, UK07’s vlogs capture the excitement and camaraderie of motorcycle travel.

(9) Miss Varu (Vishakha Fulsunge):

Miss Varu (Vishakha Fulsunge)

Vishakha Fulsunge, also known as Miss Varu, is a moto vlogger who brings a unique perspective to motorcycle travel. With her passion for photography, love for motorcycles, and adventurous spirit, Miss Varu’s vlogs offer a visual feast for viewers. From stunning landscapes to candid moments, Miss Varu’s vlogs capture the beauty and excitement of motorcycle travel in India.

(10) Bikewithgirl:


Bikewithgirl is a moto vlogger who combines her passion for motorcycles with her love for adventure and exploration. With her dentistry background and adventurous spirit, Bikewithgirl’s vlogs offer a unique blend of adrenaline-fueled rides and insightful commentary. From solo trips to group rides, Bikewithgirl’s vlogs inspire viewers to break free from their comfort zones and embrace the thrill of motorcycle travel.

Honorable Mentions and Rising Stars:

In addition to the top 10 moto vloggers listed above, there are several honorable mentions and rising stars in the Indian moto vlogging community who deserve recognition for their contributions to the industry. From up-and-coming vloggers to established names who continue to push the boundaries of motorcycle travel, these creators are shaping the future of moto vlogging in India.


The top 10 moto vloggers in India are redefining the motorcycle scene with their captivating content, inspiring adventures, and infectious enthusiasm. From epic road trips to heart-pounding stunts, these vloggers offer a glimpse into the thrill of motorcycle travel and inspire riders across the country to embrace the open road. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycles, these vloggers are sure to ignite your passion for two-wheeled adventures.

Read more- Top 10 Automotive Influencers on YouTube in India

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Krasnodar Krai and Adygea

motorcycle travel vloggers

  • 2 Other destinations
  • 3.1 Krasnodar Krai
  • 5.1 Krasnodar Krai
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  • 10.1 Krasnodar Krai
  • 10.2 Adygea
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Krasnodar Krai is a region in Southern Russia , bordering Crimea to the west (across the narrow Strait of Kerch), Rostov Oblast to the north, Stavropol Krai to the east, and Georgia and Karachay-Cherkessia to the south.

Adygea , officially the Republic of Adygea , is an autonomous region in Southern Russia completely enclaved within Krasnodar Krai. Adygea is ethnically distinct, as Circassians are about 25% of the population while ethnic Russians represent 60% of it. However, for geographic reasons, we cover this republic along with Krasnodar Krai. Krasnodar Krai offers travelers Russia's premiere beach resorts as well as some of Europe's tallest mountains in its Caucasian south.


  • 45.033333 38.983333 1 Krasnodar — capital and principal city of Krasnodar Krai
  • 44.6 40.083333 2 Maykop - the capital of Adygea and its biggest city
  • 43.428889 39.923889 3 Adler
  • 44.894444 37.316667 4 Anapa — an ancient Pontic Greek port, now a small, family-friendly Russian beach resort town
  • 44.560833 38.076667 5 Gelendzhik — small beach town east of Novorossiysk
  • 44.716667 37.766667 6 Novorossiysk — Russia's main Black Sea port, a must for World War II buffs, but it also has some nice sandy beaches
  • 43.585278 39.720278 7 Sochi — a big resort city located in a simply beautiful area, where Russians come for fun in the sun (and in the nightclubs!)
  • 44.1 39.083333 8 Tuapse

Other destinations

  • 43.678611 40.205278 2 Krasnaya Polyana — a Western Caucasus ski resort and personal favourite destination of President Putin
  • Sochinsky National Park

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  16. J4

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  17. Top 15+ Indian Moto Vloggers

    A top 15 list would also be featured that actually rates and ranks the Vloggers content. 1. Mumbiker Nikhil. Nikhil Sharma, who has a YouTube channel by the name Mumbiker Nikhil, is one of the most popular moto-vlogger in India. At the time of writing, his vlogging channel had over 3.14 million subscribers.

  18. Top 10 Moto Vloggers Revving Up India's Motorcycle Scene

    The top 10 moto vloggers in India are redefining the motorcycle scene with their captivating content, inspiring adventures, and infectious enthusiasm. From epic road trips to heart-pounding stunts, these vloggers offer a glimpse into the thrill of motorcycle travel and inspire riders across the country to embrace the open road.

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    Krasnodar Krai is a region in Southern Russia, bordering Crimea to the west (across the narrow Strait of Kerch), Rostov Oblast to the north, Stavropol Krai to the east, and Georgia and Karachay-Cherkessia to the south.. Adygea, officially the Republic of Adygea, is an autonomous region in Southern Russia completely enclaved within Krasnodar Krai. Adygea is ethnically distinct, as Circassians ...

  26. MSN