1. Studio Backlot Tour complete walkthrough

    backlot tour universal studios orlando

  2. Universal Studios Backlot

    backlot tour universal studios orlando

  3. The Universal Studios Backlot

    backlot tour universal studios orlando

  4. Studio Backlot Tour complete walkthrough

    backlot tour universal studios orlando

  5. Studio Backlot Tour complete walkthrough

    backlot tour universal studios orlando

  6. Studio Backlot Tour complete walkthrough

    backlot tour universal studios orlando


  1. Backlot Whobilation on the Studio Tour

  2. Universal Studios Hollywood

  3. Universal studios backlot tour 60th anniversary

  4. Jaws backlot Tour Universal Studios Hollywood


  6. FULL BACKLOT TOUR 2018!!! Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. Does Universal Studios Florida have a studio tour like Hollywood

    Universal Studios Florida is the place where I can take the Studio Tour on the backlot and see movies being filmed, right? Wrong, but…

  2. Studio Tour

    Take a tour of the world-famous Universal Studios backlot - one of the world's biggest and busiest filmmaking destinations in the world. As you board a tram with a live guide, you'll take a journey through a variety of Hollywood sets, soundstages, and attractions that you can only experience in Hollywood. Sights include Universal's large collection of soundstages, various streets of ...

  3. Universal Studios Lot

    Explore the iconic Backlot of Universal Studios, featuring sets, locations and props for various film and TV productions.

  4. Hollywood backlot inside Universal Studios Florida

    There's no place like Tinseltown, and guests visiting the Hollywood backlot at Universal Studios Florida will step right into the heart of the Entertainment Capital of the World. Featuring historic Hollywood landmarks, including Schwab's Drug Store and Mel's Drive-In, Universal's Hollywood brings the magic of the movie town to the heart of Central Florida.

  5. Free Behind the Scenes Tours at Universal Orlando

    Universal Orlando offers several free, unpublicized tours of attractions inside and outside the parks. These tours usually last 10-20 minutes and include behind the scenes information, story explanations, secrets, and visits to areas guests normally cannot access for anyone who asks.

  6. Studio Tour

    The Studio Tour (also known as The Backlot Tour) is a ride attraction at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Universal City, California near Los Angeles. [1] Studio Tour is the theme park's signature attraction. It travels through a working film studio, with various film sets on the Universal Studios Lot. Guests sit on multi-car trams for the duration of the ride and looking behind ...

  7. Universal Studios Orlando: Experience the movies

    Universal Studios Florida™. Universal Orlando Resort. Universal Studios Florida™ is a real working motion picture and television studio that enables guests to jump right into the action of their favorite films and TV shows 'on-set' of a variety of fully dressed backlot locations. Get to the Fun Faster with a Universal Express™ Pass.

  8. 2024 Universal Orlando VIP Tour

    And, the private VIP tour at Universal Studios Hollywood includes guests a backstage tour of the famous Universal Hollywood backlot, free parking, an unlimited Universal Hollywood express pass with priority seating for select shows, light snacks and refreshments in the morning, and a gourmet meal for lunch.

  9. The Universal Orlando Fan's Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood

    The Universal Orlando Fan's Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood. by Leap on May 8, 2023. Los Angeles. Hollywood is the land of palm trees, red carpets, movie stars and movie studios. If you are making your first trip to "Tinseltown," you'll want to take a day to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. This working movie studio got the cameras ...

  10. VIP Guided Tours

    VIP Guided Tours | Universal Orlando™

  11. What Really Happens on a $3,000 Universal Studios Private VIP Tour

    A Universal Studios Orlando Private VIP Tour provides your group (up to five people) eight-hours of Universal Studios walk-on ride access, meals, backstage short-cuts, a knowledgable guide, valet parking, photos and a ridiculously easy and over-the-top theme park experience — in addition to other perks, such as complimentary strollers.

  12. What to Know About Universal Studios Hollywood's Studio Tour

    In Universal Studios Hollywood's studio backlot and front lot, there are about 30 film sets and 35 working sound stages where hundreds of famous movies and TV shows have been filmed. In fact, these sets comprise most of the tour. Some of the most notable films made on the lot include "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," "Back to the Future," "Jaws ...

  13. Universal Studios Florida

    Universal Studios Florida is a theme park located in Orlando, Florida, that opened on June 7, 1990. Owned and operated by NBCUniversal, it features numerous rides, attractions, and live shows that are primarily themed to movies, television, and other aspects of the entertainment industry.

  14. Guide to The Best Seats on the Studio Tour at Universal Studios

    A good portion of the tour is spent traveling down streets designed to look like any city but Hollywood. This is where the history of filmmaking on the Universal backlot comes alive with facades everywhere. Because this is a working studio, the route can vary day-to-day!

  15. Soundstage 33 Event Venue

    This private backlot location, offers over 8,500 square feet, and provides an outside courtyard for receptions and registration. Soundstage 33 offers customizable entertainment options for anything from presentations to over-the-top events.

  16. Universal Studios Hollywood

    Discover the magic of movie making on the Studio Tour, the signature attraction of Universal Studios Hollywood. See the sets, props, and effects of your favorite films and TV shows, and experience the thrill of riding along with King Kong, Fast & Furious, and Jaws. Don't miss this unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of Hollywood's most famous studio.

  17. The World Famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood

    The World Famous Studio Tour is Universal Studios Hollywood's best attraction. This one-hour tram tour takes you around the backlot of one of the oldest active movie studios in the world. This is a real, working movie studio. As such, you'll see some of Hollywood's most famous filming locations and sets from your favourite shows...

  18. Universal Studios Lot

    Stages and Backlot Operations. 818.777.3000. (not associated with the Theme Park) [email protected].

  19. 2024 ULTIMATE Guide to the Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot Studio

    Are you ready to take a ride on the World-Famous Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot Studio Tour?

  20. Guide to the Studio Tour 60th Anniversary Celebration

    That's what's on the docket for the Studio Tour 60th Anniversary celebration at Universal Studios Hollywood! What's your favorite part of the backlot tour?

  21. Universal Studios Is Making Changes to Its Iconic Backlot Tour This

    Universal Studios Hollywood plans on updating its World-Famous Studio Tour later this year to celebrate the attractions 60th anniversary.

  22. Studio Backlot Tour

    The Studio Backlot Tour was an attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It was a combination of a walking and tram tour of the backlot area of the park.

  23. Backlot

    The Backlot at Universal is full of memories and history. Every corner you turn on the Studio Tour trams reveals another familiar view. Below you can find more in-depth information than the tour guides have time to give. Steven Spielberg Gives A Tour of Universal Studios - Behind The Scenes of Movie Magic. Watch on.

  24. Universal Studios' backlot tour celebrates 60 years: Take a look!

    Universal Studios has been giving backlot tours to the public since 1964, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at movie-making magic. Now, to celebrate its 60th anniversary, the company is making the ...

  25. Universal Orlando Resort tips to make the most of your first trip

    The only year-round shows with dedicated seating are at Universal Studios Florida: Animal Actors On Location!, The Bourne Stuntacular, and Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show, which is more ...