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20 Best Ticket Websites for Booking Tours, Activities, Excursions, and Attractions in 2024

Best Websites for Activities, Excursions, Tours and Tickets

Tours, guided activities, and excursions are, for many travelers, one of the best ways to experience a new destination. Often, a local guide will take you around, show you the sights, and let you in on local-only know-how. You get more info than you might from a guidebook or travel blog. And the best part? You hardly need to do any planning. Just book your tour or activity online and you’re done. So, all that’s left on your end is to show up. 

However, you do have to do the work of finding that great tour or excursion. Therefore, for that, we look to some of the travel industry’s best ticket websites. There are a lot of them out there. 

Go with one of these 20 best options. That will ensure you’re purchasing tickets from reputable sellers only. (And that way, you’re not left stranded in a foreign country! You won’t be wondering where your guide’s gone off to!)

Table of Contents


Screenshot: viator.com

Owned by TripAdvisor, Viator is one of the more popular options for booking tours and excursions . You can find experiences and tours at a very wide range of attractions. There are an impressive number of international and national destinations. 

Viator doesn’t operate its tours, though. Instead, it’s more of the middleman that connects you with the local tour operators in a given destination. That does come with a little risk. However, Viator is known for being very reputable and trustworthy. Therefore, it’s not as much of a risk as you might think. 

Cancel Policy: The Viator cancel policy will differ. As such, this difference is according to the experience you book. The policy will range from free cancellation to “strict.” Under free cancellation, you get a full refund if you cancel at least 24 hours before your ticket’s start time. Under the “strict” policy, you have to cancel seven full days before your experience’s start time. If you do, you’ll get a full refund.

  • Many tickets come with free cancellation. 
  • Viator offers 24/7 customer support.
  • A Reserve Now & Pay Later feature allows you to do just that.
  • This is one place where you’ll find a LOT of options.


  • The “free” cancellation isn’t necessarily 100% free (time limits apply).

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Viator

2. GetYourGuide


Screenshot: getyourguide.com

GetYourGuide is very similar to Viator. As such, it focuses on a lot of tours and experiences. It’s not just about straight-up attraction tickets. Unlike Viator, though, GetYourGuide isn’t just a third-party booking site. It also offers its own collection of experiences. These are called GetYourGuide Originals. These tours are more customized. Frankly, they’re better than what you might find elsewhere. When you book one of these tours, you get more flexibility in rescheduling and canceling. The tours are also capped at 25 people. 

GetYourGuide offers tickets for more than 60,000 experiences around the world.

Cancel Policy: Most GetYourGuide experiences come with a 24-hour cancellation policy. This means you can cancel up to 24 hours before your ticket’s start time.

  • This site offers lots of tour and experience options, all over the world.
  • You can find special, GetYourGuide Original tours for an upgraded experience. These are not third-party.
  • The third-party providers, however, must be legal, insured businesses, to list on the site. This may give you a little more peace of mind. 
  • GetYourGuide offers 24/7 customer service.
  • You’ll notice that GetYourGuide Original tours are capped at 25 people. That’s intended to be … intimate? In other words, if you like small tours, you might not find them as easily here.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at GetYourGuide

The Vacationer Tip

While you are planning your excursions, tours, and activities for your trip, please read our other guides:

  • Best Websites to Book Cheap Flights & Airfare
  • Best Websites to Book Cheap Rental Cars


Screenshot: tiqets.com

Tiqets is a good third-party option to buy tickets for specific attractions. However, it’s not a good option for booking tours. Instead, think of museums, historic sites, etcetera. Don’t expect to find customizable, one-on-one tours or bookable airport transfers here. 

Furthermore, Tiqets is a good option if you want to browse various attractions in one destination and do all of your ticket bookings in one place. (Versus going to each attraction’s website individually and booking that way.) 

Cancel Policy: When you purchase a ticket through Tiqets, you’ll have the option to choose a “free cancellation” ticket. If you book this, you’ll have free cancellation up to midnight the day before your reserved ticket.

  • Easily book all of your attraction tickets for one destination in one place.
  • Access all of your tickets from your phone.
  • Enjoy flexible cancellation that a particular attraction might not otherwise offer.
  • Tiqets offers 24/7 customer support.
  • You can buy some tickets without set dates. This lets you be more flexible with your travel itinerary.
  • Tiqets only really offers tickets in major international destinations. 
  • For free cancellation, you have to choose the “free cancellation” option. This is available when making your ticket purchase.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Tiqets


Screenshot: stubhub.com

Third-party ticket provider StubHub focuses on events . As such, this can be great if you’re looking to attend a concert, theatrical show, or sports game. However, do note that StubHub sells tickets from existing ticket holders. The tickets are not directly from the venue or event. Accordingly, this comes with its pros and cons. On one hand, you might pay more for a particularly in-demand event. A ticket holder might be attempting to flip their ticket for a profit. On the other hand, if someone’s desperate to sell a ticket they don’t plan on using, you could get your ticket for a great deal. 

Cancel Policy: You cannot cancel, or receive a refund on, a transaction on StubHub once it’s been completed. In response, the website recommends reselling your ticket on the site if you decide you no longer want or need it.

  • You can sometimes snag great deals on StubHub. You can likewise find tickets to sold-out events.
  • All ticket sellers are verified. You’re not relying on unscrupulous scalpers.
  • There are no refunds and no cancellations.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at StubHub

5. TripAdvisor Attractions


Screenshot: tripadvisor.com

We know what you’re thinking. “TripAdvisor? Attractions? You told me that Viator sold tickets for TripAdvisor!” 

And while that’s true, TripAdvisor also has its own, separate third-party ticket marketplace. It operates very similarly to Viator. But, it comes with all the benefits of TripAdvisor. When you view an available activity on TripAdvisor Attractions , you’ll see all the need-to-know info about an attraction or tour, plus reviews. If you decide you want to book something, you can do so in literally a matter of seconds. 

Cancel Policy: Most tickets allow for a full refund up to 24 hours ahead of your experience.

  • Firstly, there are lots of options to choose from, in a lot of destinations, even small ones.
  • Secondly, you can get free cancellation in most cases.
  • Thirdly, you’ll see that most listings include reviews and substantial info on any attraction you’re considering.
  • TripAdvisor Attractions does lump in non-ticketed attractions with its ticketed attractions. Things can get confusing.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at TripAdvisor

6. Expedia Activities


Screenshot: expedia.com

You likely know Expedia as the place to go for booking flights and hotel rooms. However, did you know that Expedia also offers tour booking and event tickets? 

Unfortunately, the third-party provider’s activities section isn’t quite as searcher-friendly as you might hope. This is because everything is grouped by destination, not necessarily tour types. 

Additionally, you won’t find many experiences in small destinations on offer. However, what you will find is very affordable. In fact, costs are as low as $7 per ticket in some cases. 

Cancel policy: Cancellation policies differ according to the activity you book. As such, some activities offer free cancellation within a certain period. However, some charge you an additional fee for canceling.

  • Find cheap experiences in mid-size and large destinations.
  • Browse for activities at the same time you book your flight and hotel.
  • You won’t find attractions in many small destinations. 
  • The booking platform (at least where activities are concerned) isn’t that user-friendly.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Expedia

7. Kayak Things to Do

Screenshot: kayak.com

Similar to Expedia, Kayak also offers “things to do” tickets . This is in addition to the flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and train and bus tickets the site offers. Further reading: See our complete guide to booking travel with Kayak .

Likewise, Kayak does offer more experiences in off-the-beaten-path destinations. You can search for available experiences based on a range of factors. Beyond just location, you can also look for experiences based on accessibility and safety measures. 

However, since the travel aggregator is a third-party ticket provider, it doesn’t always help you with the booking side of things. For booking an experience, you’ll be redirected to whatever individual tour provider is offering the tour. Once you’re there, you can find more information. Sometimes, though, that information differs from what Kayak provides.

Cancel policy: Kayak only points you to experience and tour operators. As such, it does not help you book. Because of this, the cancellation policy will entirely depend on the individual provider.

  • You can search for a wide variety of experiences in a wide variety of destinations.
  • You can look for things to do at the same time as you book the rest of your travel.
  • You can’t book your experience directly on Kayak. You have to book elsewhere.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Kayak

8. Travelocity Activities


Screenshot: travelocity.com

Owned by Expedia, Travelocity similarly offers an “Activities” booking feature. 

Many of the above ticket booking platforms allow you to browse through a range of options, to get inspiration. You don’t need to pick a destination. Travelocity, however, does force you to pick where you’re going, as well as dates. This is a bit limiting. That’s especially the case if you’re in the middle of planning your trip and are pretty flexible.

Still, if you pick your date and city, you’ll find … That you’re led to a booking page that’s almost identical to what Expedia offers on its Activities page. You’ll find the same tours and the same prices. Using one or the other all comes down to whether you prefer Travelocity or Expedia.

Cancel policy: Just like with Expedia, cancellation policies differ. The difference is according to the activity you book. Because of this, some activities offer free cancellation within a certain period. Some, though, do charge you an additional fee for canceling.

  • You can find an array of cheap activities and tours in top travel destinations.
  • You won’t find many available tours or activities in lesser-known destinations.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Travelocity

9. Orbitz Activities


Screenshot: orbitz.com

Likewise, Orbitz , another Expedia-owned travel aggregator, features an identical setup. You pick where you’re going and the dates you’ll be there. Orbitz will show you the same tour options in the same format. You’ll also see the same search functionality. 

So, again, whether you choose to use Orbitz, Expedia, or Travelocity, you’re going to have the same experience across all three platforms. The only reason why you might choose one over the others is if you’ve already booked other parts of your travel with one of them. Then, it makes sense to continue booking your experiences with that platform. That way, you have all of your travel details in one place.

Cancel Policy: Cancellation policies differ according to the activity you book. Some activities offer free cancellation within a certain period. Some charge you an additional fee for canceling.

  • You can find an array of cheap activities and tours in top travel destinations. 
  • Additionally, if you’ve already booked your flights and hotel with Orbitz, booking your activities here will keep things streamlined.
  • You’re out of luck finding something to do unless you’re staying in a known travel destination.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Orbitz

10. Musement


Screenshot: musement.com

You can probably take a quick look at this platform’s name and guess exactly what it specializes in. Musement focuses on museums , of course. Then, it also offers tours and tickets to attractions like theme parks. You can choose between open tickets and set time tickets, depending on the attraction. Some tours even include transportation services.

Cancel Policy: Musement is a third-party booking platform. Cancellation policies are left up to the individual service provider.

  • Find thousands of experiences in top destinations all around the world.
  • Custom tours are available. 
  • Customer service is available 24/7. 
  • Many experiences are available in multiple languages. Some include other fun perks like skip-the-line.
  • Musement requires you to print your tickets. This isn’t exactly convenient while traveling.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Musement

11. Civitatis


Screenshot: civitatis.com

Civitatis was originally founded as a tour and experiences provider for Spanish-speaking travelers. However, now, you can find a range of experiences available. 

This is a third-party platform. 

Depending on where you are in the world, you’ll notice that the platform pushes experiences in your supposed language. This makes the platform a good option for those who travel abroad quite frequently. More specifically, it’s good if you need experiences in a certain language. 

The platform mostly specializes in typical tourist activities in major international destinations. One cool feature, though? You’ll find free tours and activities. These are in addition to the paid options. 

Cancel Policy: The cancellation policy will differ according to the individual tour or activity provider.

  • Find activities in your language in major destinations.
  • Browse and book free tours and activities.
  • You won’t find that many options in smaller destinations. You also won’t find many off-the-beaten-path activities.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Civitatis

12. Ticketbar


Screenshot: ticketbar.eu

Go to the Ticketbar website. There, you’ll automatically notice a difference between this booking platform and some of the other options on this list. Ticketbar is admittedly a little outdated. However, with its European focus, you can find a wealth of activities in smaller European destinations. Think from Andalusia to Delft. You might not find these on the bigger, international platforms.

Looking for private tours, combo tickets, attraction tickets, nightlife experiences, or airport transfers? They’re all available via this third-party seller. Many are available for a discount.

Cancel Policy: The cancellation policy will differ. The difference is according to the experience you book.

  • Find tours and discounted tickets in both large and small European destinations.
  • The website is a little clunky. There’s not a ton of information on it. Just in the planning stages of your trip? You might not find all the info you need here, before booking.

13. TourScanner


Screenshot: tourscanner.com

Want to compare and contrast various tours and travel activities on one platform? TourScanner is a good place to go . The travel aggregator compiles tour and activity tickets. It pulls the available options from more than 30 different booking sites. From there, you can pick the best activity and the best price for your trip.

TourScanner is a third-party platform. This means you do have to book your activity directly with the provider, not TourScanner. You’ll also be subject to their cancellation policies and their rules. TourScanner is just the place to go for your research and window shopping.

Cancel Policy: The cancellation policy will differ according to the experience you book. As a result, the policy will be the provider’s cancellation policy, not TourScanner’s.

  • Find activities and tickets from more than 30 other sites, in one spot.
  • You can’t book with TourScanner directly.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at TourScanner

14. TourRadar


Screenshot: tourradar.com

TourRadar is a great place to go if you’re looking specifically for multi-day, guided tours. You can browse tour options based on location and dates. You can also browse by tour types. Tour type options include themed experiences such as trekking or cultural, or even river cruises. There are tours available all over the world. You’ll likewise find frequent tour sales and private tours available. 

TourRadar is a third-party platform. However, it does work with a variety of operators who are vetted and well-reviewed. 

Cancel Policy: The cancel policy will differ according to the tour provider you book with.

  • Find multi-day tours all over the world. Additionally, many are from vetted tour providers.
  • You’ll get access to 24/7 customer service. Furthermore, the customer service has been highly reviewed as some of the best in the travel biz.
  • Enjoy access to frequent tour sales and a best price guarantee.
  • If you’re not looking for a multi-day experience, go elsewhere.

15. Klook Travel

Klook Travel

Screenshot: klook.com

Originally started in Asia, Klook Travel now offers a growing number of experiences and travel services. They are available in a range of worldwide destinations. Go beyond just booking tours and experiences. Klook also allows you to purchase car rentals, train tickets, airport transfers, and even WiFi and SIM cards. 

In addition to the website, there’s also an incredibly convenient Klook app. 

Cancel Policy: The cancel policy differs according to what experience you book. Many offer free cancellation within a certain timeframe. That might be 48 hours ahead of your experience or 72 hours ahead of your experience.

  • Klook offers the ability to book way more than just experiences. The platform probably has the greatest variety of offerings out of any of the platforms on our list.
  • The Klook app makes booking and managing your travel even easier.
  • You’ll mostly find offerings in Asia and Europe. There is, though, a growing number of activities in major international destinations elsewhere.

Click Here to See Cheap Activity, Excursion, and Ticket Deals at Klook Travel

16. WithLocals


Screenshot: withlocals.com

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, WithLocals might be one of the better travel experiences for you. With hosts in more than 100 worldwide cities, WithLocals provides experiences and tours led and hosted by locals. The experiences and tours are always private, too. Hosts focus on off-the-beaten-path, personalized experiences. It’s not about the tourist traps. Think of a private food tour in Amsterdam or a neighborhood tour of Paris’s Montmartre. 

Cancel Policy: You can reschedule your experience, multiple times, up to the day of your experience. You can cancel entirely for free and receive a 100% refund up to seven days before your experience.

  • Enjoy private, personalized tours and off-the-beaten-path experiences.
  • Tours are only available in limited cities and the cancellation policy is a bit strict.

17. Thrillophilia


Screenshot: thrillophilia.com

Third-party platform Thirllophilia will connect you with more than 12,000 activities. These are from more than 5,000 suppliers in more than 125 destinations. However, it is worth noting that the site heavily focuses on Asian countries. So, this is a great place to go to find experiences if you’re heading to that side of the planet. It’s not so great if you’re traveling elsewhere. 

Thrillophilia partners with an admirable range of reputable providers. These might include national tourist boards or Uber, Airbnb, or Marriott. In addition to booking activities and tours, the platform also gives you the option to book rentals and staycations. It also offers a handy gifting feature. 

Cancel policy: All purchases and reservations are final and non-refundable. This is according to Thrillophilia’s terms and conditions.

  • Find a huge number of activities and experiences in Asian countries. 
  • This is one of the only tour and experience-booking platforms where you can gift an experience to a fellow traveler.
  • In addition to booking experiences, you can also book homestays and rentals.
  • You won’t find many experience options outside of Asia.
  • The cancel policy is unforgiving, to say the least.

18. Manawa by Adrenaline Hunter


Screenshot: manawa.com

Manawa by Adrenaline Hunter is a niche third-party provider. But, if you’re looking for its particular niche, you’re in luck. This is your place to go to book high-energy, intense, extreme activities. Think shark diving, skydiving, caving, or heliskiing. 

Of course, not everything is quite that extreme. You can also find more low-key adventures, like sailing or fat biking. However, in general, everything will be an active adventure. There are more than 5,000 bookable experiences in destinations all over the globe.

Cancel policy: The cancel policy ranges from super-flexible to super-strict, depending on what you book. If your activity has the “super-flexible” policy, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your activity and get a full refund. If your activity has the “super-strict” policy, you must cancel 90 days in advance of your activity to get a full refund. If you cancel less than 30 days in advance of your activity, you’ll receive no refund. Any cancellations between 30 and 90 days will warrant refunds in varying amounts.

  • Find niche adventure experiences all over the world. 
  • If you’re not into this niche, you’re not going to find much of interest.

19. Airbnb Experiences


Screenshot: airbnb.com

If you already use Airbnb for booking your travel accommodations, you might want to check out the platform’s various bookable experiences. You can book not only local-hosted experiences in a travel destination but also online experiences if you want to go the virtual route. 

Experiences range vastly in terms of both price and subject matter. From goat cuddling to sailing, food tours to cycling tours, you’ll find a bit of it all. Tours and experiences are either private or in small groups. The focus is often on things you wouldn’t be able to do on your own, as a traveler in a new destination. 

Cancel policy: To cancel your experience and get a refund, you have to go through your experience host to request a refund. If they do not grant a refund or if they do not grant a refund in an amount to your satisfaction, you’ll have to submit a claim to Airbnb.

  • Many travelers already have experience booking accommodations with Airbnb, so booking an experience is a comfortable next step. This is especially the case if you’re wary of working with a provider that you may not have heard of before.
  • You’ll find unique tour and activity options, led by locals, in small or private settings.
  • Canceling your experience can be a really big hassle that will depend on your host and how agreeable they may or may not be.

20. Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura

Screenshot: atlasobscura.com

You know Atlas Obscura. It’s the place to go for all your random, weird, travel facts and tidbits. But this publication also offers guided trips, with multi-day tours focusing on a range of topics, from arts and culture to wildlife and nature. 

Each trip is carefully crafted to zoom in on what makes a destination special. Each brings in the local history and culture as much as possible, so you go deeper than just the surface-level tourist stuff. 

Trips are conducted in English only and groups are kept small. A lot of the people who participate in the trips are solo travelers. The trips are a good fit for those who maybe want to explore with others, but who maybe don’t have anyone in their lives right now who’s up for an adventure.

Cancel Policy: You can cancel without penalty within seven days of booking, up until your final payment for the trip’s due date. After that final payment is made, you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee.

  • Enjoy small group travel tours led by a trusted travel publication. 
  • Tours are kept as sustainable as possible. 
  • You can easily make your entire trip one of these multi-day tours, for easier travel with less planning on your end.
  • These tours are mostly designed with younger, solo travelers in mind. They’re not a suitable option for families. 
  • The tours can be on the pricier side, especially if you consider yourself a budget traveler.

When planning your trip, if you already know you want to visit a certain attraction — like a museum or theme park — booking your tickets in advance can save you time during your trip. (Because who wants to wait around in line when there’s travel fun to be had?)  Additionally, when you book with one of the above platforms, you can often save money by booking the best deals. You’ll also get to see the full range of options available to you, including some you may not have even known existed!

If you hate itinerary planning and just want to show up at a destination and have a great time, a multi-day tour may be perfect for you. The pros do all the work, so you have a unique and enjoyable experience, without the hassle of researching and booking everything on your own. Additionally, if you’re a solo traveler or a couple or a few friends who like to meet other travelers on your journeys, you’ll enjoy the small group environment a multi-day tour often provides.

If you like to go at your own pace, without any strict timelines or itineraries, you might not enjoy the structure of a multi-day travel tour. Likewise, if you don’t care about getting to know fellow travelers and like to go it alone, you may find the multi-day tour environment annoying. Additionally, some travelers just love all the planning and research leading up to a trip. If that’s you, you may have more fun planning your journey on your own.

Holly Riddle Headshot

By Holly Riddle

Holly Riddle is a freelance travel, food, and lifestyle journalist who also dabbles in ghostwriting and fiction. Her work appears in publications ranging from Global Traveler to Golf Magazine, Mashed to Forbes, and Bloomberg. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring the mountains near her home in the Adirondacks. Her favorite travel destinations include Chicago and New Orleans.

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Special offers, the collette difference.

Collette Difference 400x400 expertlydesigned

Expertly Designed

We get it. You’re not the homebody type. We aren’t either. Your passion, needs, and desires have shaped our business. Destination experts hand-craft transformative experiences designed specifically with you – our fellow traveler – at heart. We wouldn't trust your experience with anyone else.

Collette Difference guided touring reimagined

Guided Touring Reimagined

We know you want to explore and also dive in. We’re curious travelers, just like you, so rest assured, you’ll experience must-sees and connect with the people and culture that define the destination. You’ll eat in locals’ homes, take cooking classes, travel by trains and tuk tuks, explore cities with food tours, and stay in igloos, castles, and chateaus.

Collette Difference value

Value Beyond Price

Your time is one of your most precious commodities, so you should spend more of it in the destination, not driving between places. We design tours that spend the fewest hours on the coach. One-night stays are a rarity. This is your trip, and you shouldn’t feel rushed. With choice, flexibility, and free time, take it all in – this is your tour.

Confidently Collette

Travel with trust. Because this is your trip - something you've planned for and dreamed about. You should feel confident in your journey every step of the way.

Industry-Leading Travel Protection

Cancel for any reason (bad hair day applies) up to 24 hours before your tour leaves and get a full money-back refund. Collette issued a record-breaking $185 million cash back to travelers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experience & Expertise

We've been doing this for a long time. Since 1918, in fact. Collette is the most experienced and longest-running tour operator in North America. You choose...

Traveling Well

Our team is on the pulse of world events and protocols, so you are kept fully aware and feel well-prepared for your trip.

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Service Rating


Why Guided Travel

You're a traveler with places to go. We'll take care of the details. You embrace the journey.

why guided deskt v2

Social Connections

Meet a group of people who share your love of travel. Learn from locals. Forge friendships in the coolest places.


There's plenty of time built into our itineraries, plus optional tours, Choice on Tour excursions, and more. It's your trip, your way.

Expertly Planned

You know what you want to see and do - let a team of experts handle all the details from the must-sees to centrally-located accommodations and local lessons.

The Best Pacing

Don’t rush – this is your time to see the world. Get more time in the destination, and enjoy an ideal balance of included excursions and free time.

Our Best Moments

When you go, capture all those incredible moments, and use the hashtag #GoCollette so that we can share your joy!

2023 travel weekly readers choice

Featured Tours

Collette travelers choose from 160 tours across all 7 continents, as well as 5 travel styles including small group touring and destination spotlights. Check out some trending tours for inspiration on your next adventure.


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African Safari: Kenya and Tanzania

website for tours

Alaska's Northern Lights

website for tours

Tuscan & Umbrian Countryside featuring Italy's Charming Hill Towns

website for tours

Winter in Croatia featuring Plitvice Lakes and the Adriatic Coast

website for tours

Icelandic Adventure

website for tours

Costa Rica: A World of Nature featuring Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano & Manuel Antonio National Park

website for tours

Mediterranean Coastal Journey Spain, France & Italy

website for tours

The Best of Ireland featuring the Wild Atlantic Way

website for tours

Exploring South Africa, Victoria Falls & Botswana

$3,299 pp* $3,699 pp, historical greenbrier featuring washington d.c. & williamsburg, $2,299 pp* $2,499 pp, spotlight on northern italy featuring venice, verona & the dolomites.

website for tours

Spain's Costa del Sol & Madrid

Find a travel agency.

Once you've found the perfect Collette tour, your local travel agent can assist you in making reservations. To find a preferred travel agent in your area, please enter your 5-digit zip code, then click Search.

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How much do vacation packages cost?

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How to find cheap vacation packages?

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How to vacation on a budget?

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How to get great vacation deals?

Vacation deals are common with Expedia, as we offer plenty of discounts on great packages, with packages already being a deal compared to booking hotels and flights separately.

How to find last-minute vacation deals?

To book last-minute vacation trips, simply input your travel dates into the search and see what's available at that time for your destination. You can still filter based on virtually anything you can imagine, including amenities, price, star rating, and more.

Where should I go on vacation?

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Thanks to feedback from our guests, we're pleased to introduce Smaller Group departures averaging 15 guests. Limited space still available.

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A Closer Look At Tauck

Travel with the "world's best", named to the travel + leisure® "world's best awards" list for 26 consecutive years.

In each of the last 26 years, Tauck has been honored in the Travel + Leisure "World's Best Awards," celebrating the very best in luxury tours, river cruises, hotels and more. Over nearly a century, as a family-owned travel company, our values and vision have remained true to our founding tenets – and we're extremely grateful for the recognition our guests and the industry have awarded us.

Awards & Accolades

England, Scotland & Wales

The best of the british isles.

A royal look at landmark sites and countryside gems in three storied countries. Discover the best the British Isles have to offer on this two-week journey… the pageantry, the poetry, the timeless traditions, and the wondrous landscapes.

Italian Cuisine with Olga Cuckovic

An exclusive insidetauck event.

Watch a recording of our recent insideTauck event with our resident foodie, Olga Cuckovic, for a presentation of Italian culinary magic, where she'll explore authentic dishes, the differences between regional cuisines, and unique meal and beverage customs – like why Italians don't drink cappuccino after a meal.

Remembering Normandy

As we honor the 80th anniversary of D-Day, discover the stories that define Normandy's past and present, and see how this iconic region continues to captivate visitors with a blend of wartime history, solemn memorials, cultural richness, natural beauty and culinary delights.

Land Tours & Cruises

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website for tours















What's Trending

Northern spain, rioja valley and madrid.

The perfect blend of art and architecture, natural beauty, historic treasures and delectable cuisine.


Journey into the Alps, climb mountains by cogwheel train, and stay in historic hotels in world-famous resort towns.

A Week In… Ireland

Hidden gems and must-see sights from coast to coast, including two nights at 16th-century Dromoland Castle.

Classica Italia

The perfect journey through Italy… the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Rome, Venice, and Florence.

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18 Best Websites & Apps to Find Local Tour Guides

Websites to book local guides

  • 5 Pinterest

If you are looking at this page you are probably looking for recommendations on where to find local tour guides . There are many websites and apps where you can book local tour guides and can sometimes be difficult to find. To save you some time, we have curated a list of websites in order to help you find the best local tour guides who will surely give you an enriching experience.

Websites to Find Local Tour Guides – Worldwide

For an even more convenient way to find local tour guides and compare their deals, check out TourScanner !

  • Find local tour guides

Don’t hesitate to comment below if you wish to recommend other websites for local tour guides. Wishing you an excellent time and travel safe!! 🙂

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This Rare Earth

A travel resource for the adventurous and often-solo female

The 17 Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers

Tips & Resources , Blog / July 4, 2023 by Monica / Leave a Comment

Looking for the best trip planning websites for your next vacation? Or, on the hunt for the best websites for flight deals, hotel deals, or ways to travel smarter? I’ve got you covered. Here are the top travel planning websites that I repeatedly use for every trip.

Pin Me for Later!

The 17 Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers Pinterest pin.

I am so excited to share the best of the best trip planning websites with you!

Every single site listed below are ones that I have used personally and have had continuous positive experiences with.

From the best travel planning websites for hotels, hostels, rental cars, security, and more. Be sure to bookmark this page on your web browser so you can use it each time you plan a trip.

I love helping my community plan amazing trips. When booking these services, consider booking them through the links below. Without any extra cost to you, you will be supporting This Rare Earth .

Thank you so much!

🏠 Get the best hotel prices here!

🛏️ Find a hostel bed here!

🚣 Book your favorite tours and activities here!

🚗 Get the best rental car prices here!

⚠️ Keep your personal data secure here!

⚕️ Get a quote for travel insurance here!

🗣️ Start speaking a new language here!

💻 Shop my top Travel Essentials here!

Table of Contents

The Best Trip Planning Websites for Accommodations

Monica overlooking the overwater bungalows in Moorea - which you can book on The Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers.


I find all of my best hotel deals on this site ! Seriously – it is the one I use the absolute most, probably around 90% of the time.

Why? Because a) they are very competitively priced . And b) you can download the app and have all of our bookings on your phone, no matter where you are in the world. Easy.

Booking also covers all levels of accommodations, meaning you can find everything from budget rooms to luxury hotels. And, you’ll even see some rental homes and hostels on there, too.

The website has a “Genius Loyalty Program” that comes with rewards for using their platform. You can get a 10% discount just for signing up ! Then, the number of stays you book determines your level and rewards.

Currently, once you book five stays within two years, you have lifetime Genius Benefits of up to a 15% discount at select hotels, free breakfasts and room upgrades. I have personally gotten all of these upgrades at one point or another, so I can confirm that they are real.


Traveling on a budget? Or, just prefer to make friends on the go? Then you should head to the best hostel booking website in the biz.

Hostelworld has an extensive network of listings across seemingly endless countries. Read through extensive reviews so you don’t have any unwanted surprises. Easily see if you can book dorm rooms, private rooms, female-only rooms, and more.


I have to be honest with you – I almost never use AirBnb nowadays. In the USA, or at least on the west coast, AirBnb prices have been absolutely insane for years now. They are almost never cheaper then hotels and the fees have gotten out of hand.

Enter, Trivago.

Trivago is a site helps travelers compare prices for not only hotels but also alternative accommodations – like vacation rentals and unique homes – in 190 countries .

Filter your search results by price, distance from parks, attractions, or beaches.

If you have also been feeling disappointed by AirBnb lately, give Trivago a try.

The open road at sunset.

The Best Trip Planning Websites for Rental Cars

I use each of the following sites to find the best rental car prices for any trip. I will order them from my most used site to my second most used site.


Looking to rent a car for less? RentalCars.com consistently offers me one of the lowest car rental prices in the biz. I compare prices for almost every trip I take, and more often than not, they beat everyone else.

On their site, you can specify the type of car you want and filter them by feature. For example, do you need 4WD? Or a tiny compact car?

Whatever it is you need, you will find it here .


Newer on the scene, I am a recent user of DiscoverCars. They also offer competitively priced vehicles and every once in a while will beat out the site above.

My advice? Compare both sites’ rates and then book the best one!

Dune Bashing in the Arabian Desert - which you can book on The Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers.

The Best Trip Planning Websites for Tours and Activities

I highly recommend two tour booking platforms. They each are more and less strong in different countries. So, I use them both equally, though the one I choose depends on my destination.


Get Your Guide is a top trip planning website for booking tours and activities . It is a great place to search what excursions and tours are available in any given destination before arriving.

Get Your Guide has extensive offerings across the globe and they keep adding more. And, you can even purchase gift certificates for friends, too.

Viator is my other favorite tour booking platform . Again, neither is better or worse in general, but they both have strengths and weaknesses in different countries.

Viator is easy to navigate and has loads of reviews. I’ve used them all over the globe, from Moorea to Tbilisi and more.

The Best Trip Planning Websites for Security

A laptop depicting internet security - which you can get on The Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers.

I’ve been using ExpressVPN for several years now, and I have no plans to discontinue anytime soon.

VPNs are “virtual private networks.” If you have never used a VPN, consider it to be a “shield” in several ways.

VPNs protect you from being spied on, which helps keep your bank account info and passwords safe. They make it much tougher for unwanted intruders to be able to hack into your network and steal your date. They also protect you from censorship in other countries.

For example, let’s say you want to watch Netflix on a trip to the Middle East . But, the country you are visiting does not allow hold any Netflix rights, or, they don’t hold the same ones you have at home.

Turning on your VPN makes it look like you are in any country that you choose – from the USA to Canada to Brazil to Spain – so that you can access the shows from your home region, even though you are not there.

Bonus, if you run into any issues or technical snags, you can easily reach a representative via chat or phone to find a solution. They are so helpful.

FYI, ExpressVPN works on both your computer and phone! For both internet security and entertainment while traveling, I can’t recommend ExressVPN enough. Love them!

The Best Websites for Travel Insurance

Monica bungee jumping in Nepal - which you can book on The Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers.

World Nomads

While I don’t necessarily book travel insurance for every trip I take, it is wise to book it for the following:

  • trips that involve high risk activities, like bungee jumping, paragliding, and cliff-jumping.
  • for trips including trekking and hiking.
  • if you are accident prone or headed to a destination with lackluster medical options.
  • offering flight cancellation coverage or lost luggage protection.

World Nomads representatives are willing to answer questions about your coverage and – while I have thankfully never needed to file a claim personally – I have heard nothing but good reviews from friends who did.

World Nomads offers simple and flexible travel insurance. Buy at home or while traveling and claim online from anywhere in the world. Get a quote today!

website for tours

The Best Trip Planning Websites for Safety

Monica exploring the Middle East, in front of two towers.


I almost always research my destinations on the United States State Department website before traveling.

Here, you can look for any recent security issues within any given destination as well as any safety alerts issued by the US government. You can even look at a visual map that is color-coded to depict levels of safety around the globe.

And, if you are worried about unrest in an area you plan to travel to, consider enrolling in the STEP program to receive specific updates on that country.

Check out these US safety resources here!

The Best Website for Language and Communication

A couple in traditional dress in the United Arab Emirates.

Google Translate

Google Translate is the best site for translating any media in a destination’s language that you cannot read.

I have used this for booking everything from ferries to researching attractions. And, it always makes things much more clear and decipherable!

Google Translate also has an app (check out my best travel apps list here !) so you can translate on the go while in your destination. You can’t beat it!

Use Google Translate now!

The Best Trip Planning Websites for Money Matters

Ready for adventure subscribe today..

Unsubscribe at anytime.

XE Currency

I use one site and one site only for currency needs, and that is XE.

It is the best currency conversion app in my opinion, and has been useful to me in just about every country I have traveled to.

In cases where the conversion rate is more complicated or requires mental gymnastics, XE is for you. It’s great to have on hand when you are grocery shopping or counting your change in another currency, among many other situation.

Check out XE now!

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A flight taking off which you can book on The Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers.

The Best Travel Planning Websites for Flights

I have two main website suggestions for flight booking.

Particularly useful for my friends over in Europe and Asia, Skyscanner is a great resource for cheap flights!

Explore flight information from many different airlines and find affordable routes. You can easily find the quickest route and cheapest route, depending on what your priority may be.

You also can use the awesome “Everywhere” feature in the search box to find flights to destinations you may not have considered. Love that most of all!

Check out Skyscanner here!

Google Flights

I find Google Flights to be better for travel originating in or ending in the United States, over Skyscanner.

I can easily find the best deals to just about every location, and can even search entire region or use the map view. Google Flights is my number one flight research tool for US travel.

Check out Google Flights here!

The Best Trip Planning Websites for Getting Around

A girl using a paper map on a road trip.

Google Maps

You likely are already familiar with Google Maps. But did you know that it was super useful for travel, too?

They have a pretty extensive database across the globe. Personally, I use the app to download offline maps (read more about that here) and to bookmark places I plan to visit.

Check out Google Maps here!

If you are a hiker, you should definitely be using AllTrails to plan your hikes. It is the most comprehensive website I’ve found for trails within the USA and abroad.

Check out AllTrails here!

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The Best Website for Specialty Food Needs

Bright pink beet root soup is vegetarian - which you can find if you use The Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers.

For all my vegetarians and vegans out there, this one is a gem!

If you are headed to a destination that is difficult to navigate as a vegetarian or vegan, this website will help.

You can look up restaurants across the entire world and see where you can find a sit down meal. I’ve used it in many countries and find it very helpful.

Check out Happy Cow here!

So, there you have all my top trip planning websites for just an=bout any destination I am headed!

Are there any other websites that you would add to the list? If so let me know below!

More Trip Planning Resources:

  • Long Haul Flight Essentials
  • A Pre Travel Checklist for Any Vacation
  • The Best Travel Apps
  • A Tropical Vacation Packing List for Women
  • How To Plan A Roadtrip Alone (Checklist Included!)

The Best Trip Planning Websites for Travelers Pinterest pin.

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  • Cancun vs Cabo: Which is Better, Los Cabos or Cancun?
  • 10 Tips for Visiting Joshua Tree National Park
  • The Ultimate Guide to Visiting El Matador Beach, Malibu
  • The Perfect Day Trip to Malibu: A One Day Itinerary [2024]

website for tours

About Monica

Monica has been a solo female world traveler for over 15 years. She is an expert on outdoor adventures, solo female travel, and off the beaten path destinations. She is the founder of This Rare Earth and is a firm believer that the world is not as scary as the media might have you think! Learn more about her here . Connect with her on Instagram .

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Monica in the Egypt, UAE, California and New Mexico deserts.

Tourpreneur Travel Business Community

10 Best Online Tour Booking Sites To List Your Tours, Activities and Experiences.

When you’re in the business of selling tours, the most important thing to do is get your service seen by the right people. But where and how do you find your audience? Matt Davison of  Travel Tractions gives his insights.

website for tours

When you’re in the business of selling tours, the most important thing to do is get your service seen by the right people. But where and how do you find your audience? 

Thankfully, the web is already filled with online tour booking sites where tour operators (or  tourpreneurs ) can list and sell their tours. There’s a long list of these places. 

You’ll find area-specific sites, as well as tour websites for specific niches. So where do you start when it comes to Online Tour Booking Sites? 

Running your own tour business is hard, there are a million and one things to do, so it’s important to focus on what works. We’re a big fan of the 80/20 rule, so we’ve handpicked this list offering 10 of the best Online Tour Booking Sites These sites target audiences from around the world and offer the best opportunities to get your tours seen and booked by thousands of people each month.

These sites target audiences from around the world and offer the best opportunities to get your tours seen and booked by thousands of people each month.

These OTAs are not listed in ranking order. You decide which is the best online tour booking site (OTA) for you.


The site lists all kinds of tours, from all over the world, from city passes to guided walking tours. 

You do need a legally operating business as well as an insurance policy. It’s free to sign up and list your tours, and commission is only paid on successful bookings. The website has helpful resources for tourpreneurs to upload, edit, and manage their listed tours.

Sign up here:  https://supplier.getyourguide.com/

Viator and Tripadvisor Experiences

The great thing about signing up with Viator is that they’re connected to Tripadvisor Experiences as well. So you’re getting two listings in one. 

On these platforms, everyone is welcome. So even smaller tourpreneurs stand the chance to benefit from the 350 million visitors each month. They also offer some pretty  handy features . On Viator, you also get full control of your tours. Images, descriptions, and your price (minus the commission) is added by you. 

Sign up here:  https://supplier.viator.com/sign-up-info

Another big site to list your tours on is Expedia. They see over 140 million visitors each month and have a considerable portfolio which includes Travelocity and Orbitz.  

Expedia has what they call Destination Managers, who will contact you and approve your listing. They’re also available to help you with the process, great if you’re not familiar with it. For every tour booked on their platform, Expedia takes a percentage in commission. 

Sign up here:  https://join.localexpertpartnercentral.com/signup

Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb has already allowed many people to open their homes, meet travelers, and make some money along the way. Now, passionate tourpreneurs can list on Airbnb Experiences. 

Almost anyone can start here, so if you’re an aspiring tourpreneur this may be your chance. You do, however, need to fit in with the  Airbnb standards . You can add your tours for free, but there is a 20% service fee on each experience booked. 

Sign up here:  https://www.airbnb.co.za/host/experiences

Musement offers 24-hour support to all of their tourpreneurs, as well as a straightforward platform to advertise your tours. 

You have control over your listings, and can add and edit tours whenever you need to. And the website works to translate all of the text as well. 

This site also offers free sign up and only takes a commission on successful bookings. They’ll give you a personal account manager, too. So you’ll always have help and advice when needed.   Sign up here:  https://business.musement.com/register/

This one is a little more tricky. While TourRadar offers fantastic opportunities for many tourpreneurs, they’re not  always  ready to accept new listings. They do have a waiting list, though, which is worth signing up to. 

Once you’re accepted, your tours will benefit from the 3 million monthly website visits and 2 million email subscribers. They also have great customer service, and their app makes things smoother as well. 

Sign up (or join the waiting list) here:  https://operators-news.tourradar.com/list-your-tours

If you’re a new tourpreneur, just starting out, this may be the exact platform for you. WithLocals matches local tour guides with tourists visiting their cities. Their list of tour operators includes freelancers and established local agencies. 

Their tours are big in Asia and Europe, but they’ve started branching out to the rest of the world as well. You won’t pay the site for listing your tour, a charge is made to the users who book instead. 

Sign up here:  https://www.withlocals.com/become-a-host/

Klook started – and has become quite popular – in Asia. But now, they’re expanding globally. While there are still a few destinations not yet reached, it’s just a matter of time.  

They target an audience of visitors to both Asia and parts of Europe, with quite a chunk of users being in the USA. They also have a convenient mobile app which makes things so much easier for both partners and customers. 

When you sign up for free to their partner program, you’ll be contacted by one of the team to discuss a commission structure. It’s still a very personal experience. 

Sign up here:  https://www.klook.com/partner/


Award-winning and far-reaching, Thrillophilia provides a space for your tours to be seen by millions of travelers. They’re well-known and loved by both users and partners. 

There are many categories for tours, including a range of activities, day tours, and even rentals. So there’s bound to be a spot for your tours. A definite bonus of listing with them is their convenient mobile app, allowing tours to be booked and managed on the go.  

Sign up here:  https://www.thrillophilia.com/suppliers/

Adrenaline Hunter

For tours that offer excitement and action, Adrenaline Hunter is the best place to list them. They list everything from shark diving to rock climbing, in over 100 countries. 

Get your tours seen by more than 400,000 visitors each month and benefit from a global audience. You’ll have full control over your guests and their bookings, including the ability to approve and decline bookings. 

Sign up here:  https://providers.adrenaline-hunter.com/en-GB/

Time To Start Your Tour Advertising & Selling

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many channels of distribution in the tourism industry, you just have to know which ones to use. Sites like Getyourguide, Viator, Tourradar are great starting points. 

The fantastic thing about listing your tours online is that you don’t have to pick just one. None of the above-mentioned tour sites holds you to any contract which prohibits you from listing your tours anywhere else. 

So take a few hours and list your tours on as many as you can. You’ll get more exposure and have a much higher chance of securing bookings. 

  • KAYAK for Business NEW

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Search Vacation Packages

Featured travel.

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Book your flight and hotel together, and together, we can make it happen.

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Get More Bang for Less Buck.

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Discover airfare

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Travel advice and inspiration from the experts

website for tours

A road trip for every season

In a country as vast and geographically diverse as the USA, it’s ALWAYS road trip season somewhere. 

website for tours

The best glamping in all 50 states

There’s nothing like immersing yourself in nature on a woodsy getaway where days are wiled away outside. 

website for tours

Let's find your ideal travel companion

Knowing up front whether or not you’re travel compatible can save a lot of heartache. 

Deals designed for you

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website for tours


website for tours

Solo traveler

Destination ideas to plan your next trip, beach vacation destinations.

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Destination deals

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  • Vacation package deals
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  • Last minute travel deals
  • Best vacations by country
  • Travelocity reviews
  • USA vacation packages


14 best travel and tourism websites to inspire your own

  • Kylie Goldstein

Travel website of Villa Aphrodite showing a sunny destination

While the pandemic affected many industries, it irrevocably changed the travel and tourism sector. As the World Economic Forum reports , “In 2020 alone, the [tourism] sector lost $4.5 trillion and 62 million jobs, impacting the living standards and well-being of communities across the globe. Moreover, the halt in international travel gave both leisure and business travelers the chance to consider the impact of their choices on the climate and environment.”

That being said, airline ticket prices are starting to rise again and airports are struggling to keep up with demand. Furthermore, amid current economic and environmental shifts, more travelers are seeking sustainable tourism options—and the industry has begun to adapt.

Whether you’re new to tourism—curating local experiences or renting out your home—or a travel veteran who has weathered the storm of tourism woes, there’s no better time to create a website for your tourism and travel types of businesses - its the perfect service business idea . We’ve compiled a list of some of the best travel websites, plus a few tips on what to include on your own.

Read Also: How to start a business

What is a tourism and travel website?

The tourism and travel industry has become more accessible than ever. The internet has made it easier to research, plan and book trips, all with just a few clicks. You can find everything from flights, hotels, and restaurants to car rentals and local experiences online.

A tourism or travel website serves as an information hub for prospective travelers planning a getaway. Today, people travel for a range of experiences—babymoons, staycations, voluntourism or bleisure—you name it. So, provide as much relevant information as possible to help users plan their trips.

When creating a travel website, entice travelers with blogs or video content that offers insider tips and local secrets. You can discuss practical information like local currency, customs and expectations, or review or rating popular destinations. You can also supply average local prices for travel necessities, offer tips for transportation or even add a Google Map of your favorite spots.

Tip: You can understand how to plan your website , then make your hotel website with Wix, complete with ready-made travel and tourism templates .

Best travel website examples

Let’s explore a range of tourism website examples, all built with Wix:

Inward Travel

Tourism Richmond Hill

Echo Fitness

African Empire Tours

Champlain Tours

Bella Vista

Home Sweet Home

Immanuel Wilderness Lodge

Sea Breeze Panormos

Jon's Carmel Marketing Cooking Class and Food Tour

The Berlin Storyteller

All Inclusive Vacations

Twende Zetu Kilimanjaro

01. Inward Travel

Creator Noå runs Inward Travel to “take the opportunity of lifelong learning, to improve quality of life and performance by consciousness and exercise.” The company curates unique cold water experiences, sweat-dripping-exercises and leadership trails in destinations like The Netherlands.

Inward Travel’s minimal one-page website highlights the relevant information clearly and concisely. The enticing video strip in the first fold of the website instantly paints a picture of the experiences offered. The simple color palette aligns with the brand messaging and the site effectively uses his logo, including the favicon.

Inward travel website homepage showing natural landscape in the Netherlands

02. Tourism Richmond Hill

Canadian-based Tourism Richmond Hill’s informative website includes thorough details for both locals and visitors alike, paired with eye-catching visuals and clear language. A clear menu leads users to navigation options like ‘restaurants around town,’ ‘where to stay,’ ‘things to do, and ‘useful links’. Additionally, their ‘Shop Local, Support Your Community,’ section expands their potential visitor pool, encouraging residents to treat their hometown like a tourist destination.

Tourism Richmond Hill homepage with images of a chef preparing food

03. Echo Fitness

Don’t let the name fool you, Echo offers much more than just a fitness website . The homepage gives a brief description of all of Echo Fitness’s services, including active holidays, fitness retreats, personal training and ski instruction—all based in Zermatt, Switzerland—with clear CTAs to learn more. Each section includes a thorough description, complete with sample itineraries of previous trips or retreats. The travel website also gives a clear breakdown of plans and pricing, with a clear Book Now button for easy requests. Echo Fitness’s social media bar also includes a link to TripAdvisor, using this external platform to establish trust from previous travelers’ reviews.

Learn more: Travel business names

Echo fitness travel website showing tranquil mountains and forest

04. African Empire Tours

African Empire Tours immerses travelers in the culture, architecture and natural splendor of Asante, Kongo, Songhair, Zulu and Ethiopia. The tourism website clearly outlines the five tour destinations and gives a clear itinerary example.

African Empire Tours also smartly includes a clear Subscribe form above their contact information to engage with prospective travelers in the research/deciding phase of trip planning. Adding a subscribe form can help you keep visitors up to date on your business offerings.

Homepage of African Empire Tours with welcome message and background of giraffes walking

05. Champlain Tours

Champlain Tours puts their pre-arranged group and customizable private tour options front and center, so prospective visitors can easily find what they want. They also include links to their social media profiles, including their YouTube channel which showcases video content of what visitors can expect when on tour with the company. They also prominently display previous travelers’ customer reviews as social proof to establish trust.

Champlain Tours travel website showcasing mountain backdrop

06. Japan Time

Japan Time’s Tom and Stav share their first-hand experiences with a range of thoughtful blogs, guides and tips for other travelers looking to make the most out of their experience. They break down the essentials like travel budget, transportation, food as well as holidays and cultural traditions in the land of the rising sun. The travel site also includes experiential tours like a “Culinary evening in Osaka” or “Ikebana techniques” that visitors can directly book online.

Japan Time travel website homepage with mountains in the background

07. Bella Vista

Ciao Bella—arriving at Bella Vista’s vacation website offers an instant escape into the Sicilian countryside. Parallax scrolling brings the hotel to life; from a close up shot of a mouth-watering cannoli to the gorgeous view their property boasts, visitors will want to book a vacation and sign up for Italian lessons, too. This is one of the best hotel websites we've come across, as the captivating photos take you on a beautiful Italian getaway.

Bella Vista travel website homepage with overhead view of Italian terrace and table set with breakfast

08. Home Sweet Home

Sometimes when vacation planning, you want a home away from home rather than a big to-do. Well, at France’s Home Sweet Home, you can choose from three uniquely styled rooms fit for comfort, relaxation and fun. Take a closer look at the photo gallery for every room and start to feel that vacation vibe seep in. Our favorite part? Their on-site private spa services.

Home Sweet Home tourism website with pool and patio landscape

09. Immanuel Wilderness Lodge

For those seeking adventure, consider Immanuel Wilderness Lodge, located in the Namibian Savannah. This family-run lodge has earned a collection of rave reviews and well-deserved TripAdvisor awards. For those who prefer to know exactly what to expect before arriving, their amazing 360° virtual tours show off their accommodations, lobby, restaurant and surrounding property.

Immanuel Wilderness Lodge poolside with lawn chairs in the shade

10. Sea Breeze Panormos

Is there anything more exotic than a Greek vacation? After browsing their travel website, you’ll know why the four properties comprising Sea Breeze of Mykonos offer a quintessential vacation spot. Look at the romantic views, pristine accommodations and learn about what this magical island offers.

Using a teal Book Now button pops out amid the muted gray background, helping users know exactly what to do upon entering the site.

Sea Breeze in Panormos Mykonos travel website on white stone backdrop

11. Jon’s Carmel Market Cooking Class and Food Tour

Almost any traveler to Tel Aviv knows that a visit to the Carmel Market is a must. Jon’s Carmel Market Cooking Class and Food Tour’s clear and direct website makes it incredibly easy for travelers to navigate through the famously bustling market. Jon, the owner, includes a short, captivating video that lets visitors know what a typical day in the market looks like. He also provides a detailed itinerary and a strategically placed CTA for Book Now.

Jon also uses a Wix pro gallery to showcase the vibrant colors and flavors of the food market. His contact information is easy to find, and includes links to all his social channels, including his TripAdvisor rating.

Jon's Carmel Market cooking class and food tour homepage with Jon wearing a red hat and apron

12. The Berlin Storyteller

Dennis Behnke, a Berlin native offers his tour services and in his own words, “Be it on foot and public transportation, be it on bike or in a van, let me help you create your perfect Berlin private tour.” His thoughtful and well-organized tourism website includes a clear list of his unique tours with detailed descriptions and lengths. Behnke has native experience and insights into the diverse city.

He includes his TripAdvisor rating directly on his homepage alongside a personalized explanation of his experiences, effectively reinforcing his brand name as the Berlin Storyteller. Working as an independent tour guide is a great service business idea. It can be a great side hustle or full-time venture if you have detailed knowledge of a city or specific destination.

Berlin Storytell tour guide website showing The Reichstag dome in Berlin

13. All Inclusive Vacations

This travel website asks users a simple yet profound question upon entry—where to? For those who connect with this spark of wanderlust, there’s a relevant questionnaire to fill out and to receive a range of all-inclusive vacation packages.

This travel website also offers visitors drone video content, providing a bird-eye’s view and immersive look into each exotic getaway. In addition, All Inclusive Vacations includes their team’s photos, letting prospective travelers know who they’re talking to while planning their trips. A chatbot provides instant responses and efficiently handles incoming questions as well.

All Inclusive Vacations travel website with a tropical beach

14. Twende Zetu Kilimanjaro

For hikers looking to experience iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, this travel website offers practical information including medical details, experiential knowledge, trip schedules and trail guides. Users can easily navigate the clearly laid-out information, helping them to understand the most relevant information before such an exciting hike.

Twende Zetu Kiliminjaro travel website with the face of Mount Kilimanjaro

What to include in a tourism and travel website

Every tourism or travel website will vary depending on the destination and target visitor. However, most travel websites should include the following:

Easy-to-use scheduling software

High-quality photography and images

Relevant information about nearby attractions—including museums, arts, cultural events, restaurants and shopping

Packing advice

Maps and directions

Public transportation information (note if users need to download apps in advance)

Air travel and airport information

Language guidelines and local slang

Clear links to social media channels

Contact information

Reviews or testimonials

An online store to buy branded or local merchandise (use an online store builder  for this)

Ready to create a blog  for your travel website?  Make one today. Or read more about how to start a travel blog .

Travel and tourism website design tips

Whether you have created a hotel website  starting from scratch or you are updating your current travel website, keep these design tips in mind.

Include a logo.  A logo can help establish consistency for your brand’s online presence. A good logo should communicate the crux of your destination, tour company or rental and help visitors make a positive association with your business before they even arrive. You can use a free logo maker  to design a logo for your travel website, plus use it for business cards, brochures, branded merchandise and social media channels.

Ensure a cohesive design.  Select a representative color palette for your brand and stick to it throughout your travel website’s visual identity. For example, if you run a natural spa getaway, stick to tranquil and calming colors over rugged and earthy tones that better match an extreme sports tour guide. With Wix’s editor's site and theme design , you can customize your website colors, fonts and images and maintain a cohesive look with automatic theme updates across your site’s pages. Also check out some of these general website examples  for inspiration.

Use images.  For prospective travelers planning their future getaways, high-quality images can immediately transport them to your destination. We recommend ​​using  JPEG ,  PNG  and GIF files for images to appear their best on your site.

Don’t overload pages.  Travel is all about the escape. Make your site’s user experience just as relaxing as traveling should be—don’t overload it with superfluous content or features. Tip:  Build your travel website with Wix website performance  at its core. Sites offer better page load speed plus Wix’s site speed dashboard  to test, analyze and optimize your site’s performance for both desktop and mobile.

Think about site hierarchy.  As visitors explore your site, you want them to receive relevant information and experience your offering efficiently. Prioritize your main pages and create menus, headers and subheaders that clearly reflect this hierarchy. Not only will this create a better user experience (and hopefully convert visitors to customers), but it will also make it easier for Google’s search engine robots to scan and index your pages.

Make it mobile friendly.  Mobile accounts for approximately half  of web traffic worldwide, meaning potentially half (or more) of visitors will explore your website via their devices. Creating a mobile-friendly travel and tourism website will ensure a better experience, regardless of device. Tip:  The Wix Editor automatically creates a mobile version for every website  it designs.

Lean into templates : Templates are a great way to create a design-friendly travel and tourism website in an efficient way. Here's a selection of our favorite travel and tourism templates from Wix: Travel services templates , Travel agency template , Food and travel website templates , Travel blog template , Travel documentary templates , Hotel and BnB website templates.

Villa Aphrodite homepage on desktop and mobile showing Grecian landscape and white buildings

Consider SEO.  If you optimize your travel website content to rank on search engines, you can increase your traffic. How? First, target specific keywords. For example, think of your prospective travelers: what questions or phrases might they search for that could lead them to your tourism website? Integrate these keywords into your website content. Tip:  Check out Wix SEO features  or the Wix SEO hub  for more detailed steps that’ll help your travel website perform better on search engines.

Maintain your travel website . Just as you care for your hotel or tours, you need to apply the same TLC to your website. Fresh and up-to-date content (like prices and current links) can help users get the most out of their experience.

Try out new technologies.  Following the latest travel technology trends , try integrating a chat bot for quick responses and user engagement or use 3D/AR viewer  to give users a virtual tour of your destination.

Travel and tourism websites FAQ

What are some famous examples of travel websites.

There are many: Skyscanner, AirBnb, Kayak amongst others.

What are the different types of travel websites to create

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60+ Best service business ideas

15 best hotel website design examples plus tips for creating your own

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Tour of Do Dham - Yamunotri & Gangotri for 7 days from 10.05.22 to 16.05.22 Overall arrangements were very good. Our Darshan of both Yamunotri & Gangotri was very nice. Hotels arranged were good. Mr. MANAVENDRA of Tour My India coordinated the entire tour very nicely & he was kind enough to meet us personally at Dehradun.

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We are Tour My India's repeat customers. We just love to deal with Manvendra and we find him and his suggestions really genuine and trust worthy. We recently toured the entire of J and K along with Leh Ladakh. It is tailor made for our requirements. Manvendra ensured that the vacation stayed with in our budget. There were absolutely no hiccups and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip all along. I will definitely start planning my next trip with Tour My India guided by Manvendra.

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Amazing Jungle Safari Experience at Ranthambore National Park

We used Tour My India to visit Ranthambore National Park. Our contact person was Mr Naveen who was very thorough in answering my questions and providing information before and during our tour. Our driver to and from Jaipur was Mr Vikas. Driving in India can be a little wild, so we appreciated his safe driving. Our train out of Jaipur was later in the evening, so Mr Naveen arranged with Mr Vikas to take us to a restaurant for lunch and then be available to take us to the station. We appreciated this extra care attention to what we needed! Although we did not get to see any tigers, we did enjoy our visit to Ranthambore National Park!

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Now an Intangible Cultural Heritage Under UNESCO, Gujarat’s Garba Shares the Global Stage

About incredible india.

Interesting and Intriguing, India offers incredible holiday experiences through its cultural, topography, and wildlife diversity. With these amazing and unique experiences, this south Asian country conveniently finds its way into the world tourism map as one of the finest destinations for a holistic vacation. India establishes its identity as the country of architectural masterpieces, making it an ideal travel destination to plan a heritage tour in the world. While Taj Mahal makes for the major draw on an India tour, there are a plethora of monuments and edifices in every India travel guide displaying the fine architecture and grandiose of different eras in the country.

The diverse Indian topography adorned with the impressive Himalayas; long stretches of coastline; expansive hot, cold and white salt deserts; dense forests; alpine meadows and lakes; and scenic waterfalls pique the tourists’ interest. Along with the best nature sightseeing tours, India offers an opportunity to visitors to have a little adventure of their own. The numerous spell-binding and less-trodden trails give trekking tour opportunities in South Asia unlike any other.

India Tours offers a chance to explore its biodiversity in the country's many national parks and wildlife reserves. An enthralling experience entails in the India wildlife tour packages that take tourists to the habitats of Royal Bengal Tigers, one-horned rhinos, and snow leopards amongst many rare, endangered, and unique species of flora and fauna.

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India Climate & Season

India experiences a diverse climate and weather conditions due to its vast size and geographical features. The country is characterized by five main seasons: Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter. The Summer season, from April to mid-June, brings scorching temperatures, especially in the northern plains. The Monsoon, from mid-June to September, brings heavy rainfall, crucial for agriculture. Winter, from November to February, varies from mild to severe cold, with snowfall in some regions. Autumn and Spring provide pleasant weather with moderate temperatures. India's climate is influenced by the Himalayas, oceans, and geographical variations, resulting in a rich and varied weather pattern.


India's Summer season spans from April to mid-June, bringing sweltering temperatures across the country, particularly in the northern plains. During this time, the scorching heat can be intense, and people often seek refuge in cooler places or use air conditioning to beat the heat. The temperature ranges between 40–45°C.


The Monsoon season in India is a vital climatic phenomenon that occurs from mid-June to September. It brings much-needed rainfall to the subcontinent, essential for agriculture and water resources. During this season, the country experiences heavy showers and occasional thunderstorms, cooling down the scorching summer heat. The temperature range varies, but generally, it becomes more pleasant compared to the summer season. The Monsoon season plays a crucial role in shaping India's landscape and economy.


The Winter season in India spans from November to February and varies in climate across regions. In the northern parts, it can be quite cold, with temperatures dropping significantly, especially in the Himalayas where snowfall occurs. This period is a popular tourist season in India, attracting visitors to enjoy the pleasant weather and explore the snowy landscapes. Winter offers a great opportunity for various winter sports and activities, making it a favorite destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Visa Information

Obtaining a visa for India is an essential step for foreign travelers planning to visit the country. India offers various visa categories, including tourist visas, business visas, and e-visas. The tourist visa allows visitors to explore India's rich cultural heritage, historical sites, and natural beauty. The e-visa is a convenient option that allows travelers to apply for their visa online, streamlining the process and reducing the wait time. To apply for an India visa, travelers need to submit necessary documents, such as a valid passport, travel itinerary, and recent photographs. Planning ahead and adhering to the application guidelines ensure a smooth visa process for a memorable trip to India. For the latest information about getting a visa for India, visit the official website at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/.

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From fertile terrains to barren deserts, North India is a region known for its great diversity and popular tourist places. It includes Rajasthan with its scorching temperatures, reaching extremes, and Kashmir with its hill stations and frozen lakes in the majestic Himalayas. It narrates the story of our fight for freedom through its monuments and memorials, and takes us on a journey through time with its food and architecture. North India is an ideal destination for those who travel for leisure, adventure, or to explore historical sites of the past. There is so much to discover on a North India tour. Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh constitute the northern part of India. A blend of forts, havelis, and domed structures, North India speaks for itself with its rich heritage and cultural significance. It also houses a number of holy pilgrimages of Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist origins, such as Kashi and Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, and Sarnath in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The allure of the Himalayas and the enchanting beauty of North India make it a must-visit destination for travelers from all around the world.

Some of the Most Popular Tourist Destinations in North India Region are:

Uttarakhand is very famously known as "Devbhumi" or the "Land of the Gods", owing to its status as a popular pilgrimage site for Hinduism and its followers. Uttarakhand Tourism is prominently centered around its religious significance. One of the most sought-after and holy pilgrimages that devotees embark on is the "Char Dham Yatra", which involves visiting the four sacred sites located in the state: Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. These destinations hold immense spiritual importance and attract a multitude of devotees and tourists from far and wide.

Jammu & Kashmir (UT)

Ladakh (ut).

hills image

Exploring South India is an enriching experience that allows you to delve into a melting pot of diverse cultures, ranging from colonial influences to the ancient heritage of India. This vibrant region not only aims to be a haven for popular tech hubs in the country but also captivates travelers with its plethora of top visiting places, including mesmerizing hill stations and picturesque beaches. The architecture in South India is a testimony to its rich history, boasting a beautiful blend of French, British, Islamic, and Dravidian styles that add to its unique charm. The Southern part of India comprises the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and the Island territories of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep. Embarking on a South India tour allows you to explore the diverse landscapes, historical landmarks, and vibrant cultures of these states.

From tranquil backwaters in Kerala to the majestic temples of Tamil Nadu, and from the bustling tech cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad to the serene beaches of Puducherry, this region offers a perfect tropical vacation for all kinds of travelers. Additionally, the thrill of engaging in water sports amidst such scenic surroundings will surely entice you to return for more unforgettable experiences. Experience the wonders of South India and create memories that will last a lifetime on your journey through this captivating region.

Some of the popular tourist destinations in Southern India for hill stations, heritage, spiritual, and beach holidays are-

Kerala, also referred to as "God's Own Country," is considered paradise on Earth and is a prime destination for India Tourism. With its beautiful coconut and palm trees, tranquil beaches, and enchanting backwaters, Kerala is where you want to be. The state is blessed with its diverse wildlife, scrumptious cuisine, classical art performances, and the practice of Ayurveda. Explore the wonders of Kerala and immerse yourself in the beauty and cultural richness that this captivating state has to offer.

Home to one of the popular hill stations, Ooty, Tamil Nadu is a beauty. Located along the Bay of Bengal, the state is best known for its temples, beaches, classical dance forms, textiles, and food. Speaking of Ooty, it is a popular tourist attraction in the state. Once serving as one of the summer headquarters of the East India Company, the area comprises various tea estates, waterfalls, and lush greenery all around.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a group of islands in the Bay of Bengal. The islands are known for their pristine beaches, clear waters, and their significant role in India's fight for freedom. Access to the islands is available through either flights or ships.

Karnataka is the land of the esteemed Vijayanagaras, blessed with history and artifacts. The state has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a hill station to cool off, a beach to take long walks on, or maybe you are just a history buff who is enamored by the saga of the once powerful Vijayanagar Empire, Karnataka has it all.

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The East & Northeast part of India tells a captivating story of its past with its rich and intricate architecture, along with its ancient caves. It is a land of diverse experiences, offering nature tourism with its abundance of wildlife, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks. This region also serves as a celebration of multiple religions, housing some of the prominent pilgrimage sites of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Moreover, cultural tourism thrives in this area, as the handicraft and the tribal culture distinguish this region and make it stand out from the rest. The vibrant festivals celebrated by various tribes add to the cultural richness of the East & Northeast part of India. If you're an avid traveler seeking unique experiences, consider embarking on a North East India tour, where you can explore the fascinating architecture, delve into the spiritual aspects, immerse yourself in the natural beauty, and witness the captivating tribal culture and festivities.

Some of the Popular Tourist Destinations in the East & Northeast Region of India Are:

West Bengal is a land of promising hill stations, mountains, beaches, and rich wildlife. It is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers in the Sunderbans. The state attracts a number of tourists every year who want to indulge in the natural landscapes of the region, such as the popular hill station and tea estate Darjeeling. It is one of the prominent tourist destinations, known for its lush and misty mountains, as well as the world-famous Darjeeling tea.

The eastern state of Odisha, adorned with a beautiful coastline on the east, comes alive with its rich history. It is not only a site of various monuments and inscriptions from Ancient India that attract history buffs and tourists alike, such as the Ashokan Rock Edict in the capital city of Bhubaneshwar, a site of the Archaeological Survey of India, but also a significant pilgrimage trail. Odisha tourism offers a diverse range of experiences, from exploring historical sites to embarking on a spiritual journey along its pilgrimage trail.

Home to Mount Khangchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world, Sikkim is a state with numerous mountain ranges, valleys, glaciers, high altitude lakes, and waterfalls, making it an ideal destination for Sikkim Tourism. The state is best known for its trekking activities, monasteries, wildlife, and adventure tourism. Exploring Sikkim in Northeast India promises a thrilling and memorable experience as you immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of its natural landscapes and indulge in various exciting activities.

Meghalaya, literally meaning "dwelling of clouds," is home to Mawsynram, the wettest place on Earth. This northeastern state has abundant hills, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and dense and sacred forests, making it a nature lover's paradise. The state is a peaceful residence of tribals belonging to the Khasi, Pnar, and the Garo community, preserving their unique cultures and traditions.

 sikkim image

The Western part of India, known as the West India Region, is home to prominent wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. It serves as a testimony to the past with its historical sites and caves. The West also adorns a number of religious sites, such as temples and various churches constructed during the colonial period. The states and union territories of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, and Goa make up this vibrant region of Western India, as seen on the India tourism map. With its architectural style influenced by its colonizers, the place has its story to tell, making it an intriguing destination for those visiting West India. The peaceful and beautiful beaches of these coastal territories also offer a variety of water sports for those who are up for it. Whether you are exploring the wildlife sanctuaries, diving into the history of ancient caves, or enjoying the serene beaches, West India has something special in store for every traveler.

Some of the Popular Tourist Destinations in Western India Include -

Home to the prominent freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat has its own marvels to enjoy. Gujarat prides itself on having the longest coastline in India, among many other things. The state has numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, with the most popular being the Gir National Park, which houses the Asiatic Lion along with various other animals like crocodiles, Chital, and leopards.

The state of Maharashtra, renowned for Maharashtra tourism, is situated in the western part of India. It is a land with beautiful mountains, rivers, and charming coastlines, making it a favorite among tourists. According to the last census, Maharashtra is the second most populous state in the country. With a myriad of tourist places to explore, Maharashtra offers a diverse range of experiences, from its bustling cities to serene hill stations, historical landmarks, and picturesque beaches. Whether you're seeking adventure, culture, or relaxation, Maharashtra has something special to offer for every traveler.

Goa, known for its vibrant tourism, is the smallest state of India, famous for its pristine beaches, delectable seafood, and lively nightlife. Beyond the coastal allure, it also boasts various temples, churches, and wildlife sanctuaries, offering a rich blend of cultural and natural attractions. Having been a Portuguese colony for about 450 years, Goa's architecture carries a distinct charm and heritage, reflecting its colonial past. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in western India, Goa attracts travelers from all around the world seeking relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences. Its beautiful beaches, coupled with a lively atmosphere, make it an ideal getaway for all types of visitors. Whether you are strolling along the sandy shores, exploring the fascinating temples and churches, or indulging in the pulsating nightlife, Goa promises a memorable and diverse experience for every traveler.


The centralmost part of India consists of the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, making it a significant hub for tourism in central India. Madhya Pradesh originally was a single state until the year 2000 when Chhattisgarh was carved out from it to form a separate state. Both states hold a treasure trove of amazing historical sites, temples, waterfalls, forests, and wildlife, making them ideal destinations for tourists looking for places to visit. Filled with various tribes, the folk art, and culture in this region are reminiscent of its rich heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into its diverse and vibrant traditions. Moreover, this region of the country holds some of the prominent wildlife sanctuaries of India, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and wildlife diversity. Additionally, it is noteworthy for its important mineral mining sites, adding to the economic significance of the region. Whether you're an art and culture enthusiast, a nature lover, or an adventure seeker, central India has something special to offer for every traveler.

Madhya Pradesh, lovingly known as the "Heart of India," is a state in Central India, and it offers a delightful experience for Madhya Pradesh Tourism. The name literally means "Central State or Central Region," and it lives up to its name by being a central hub of cultural and natural attractions. Adorned with numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, the state provides ample opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers to explore its diverse flora and fauna.

In addition to its natural wonders, Madhya Pradesh boasts a rich historical heritage with its collection of historical monuments. From ancient temples and majestic forts to impressive palaces and intricately carved structures, these tourist attractions take visitors on a captivating journey through the state's glorious past. With its perfect blend of nature and history, Madhya Pradesh presents a compelling destination for travelers seeking a truly enriching and memorable experience. Whether you are exploring the dense forests and wildlife reserves or marveling at the architectural wonders, Madhya Pradesh offers an enchanting and diverse range of attractions for every traveler.

The state of Chhattisgarh is considered one of the newer states of India, having been carved out of Madhya Pradesh in 2000 to become a separate state. The state prides itself on being home to forty-two tribes, contributing to its rich cultural diversity. With its abundance of rivers, waterfalls, and dense forests, Chhattisgarh makes for a perfect travel destination, offering a serene and picturesque setting for travelers to explore and enjoy.

fort image

Trekking is the way of engaging with nature at its best, isn't it? India is at the top of the world tourism map when it comes to adventurous trekking and hiking activities. The country offers some of the best locations and adventurous treks for enthusiasts. With a long belt of the Mighty Himalayan range covering North and North-eastern India, plenty of treks will put you in awe with their panoramic views and heartwarming mountain peaks. The Himalayan states of India, like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, and Sikkim, offer some of the best trekking trails for beginners as well as professional trekkers. In fact, you will never run out of options, as each one seems more amazing than the previous.

You can start your trekking journey from the low-lying treks such as the Triund Trek and Chopta-Chandrashila Trek, which are suitable for beginners. For those seeking more challenge, there are moderate treks such as the Great Lake Trek and Har Ki Dun Trek. Furthermore, the Himalayas behold some high-altitude treks like Pin Parvati and Chadar trek, which are perfect for experienced trekkers seeking a thrilling adventure. India's diverse landscapes and majestic Himalayan ranges offer an unparalleled trekking experience, making it a dream destination for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts from around the world. Whether you are looking for breathtaking vistas or a test of endurance, India's trekking trails have something to offer for everyone.

Trekking in Uttarakhand

Trekker's paradise, Uttarakhand, stands out among all the Himalayan states in India, offering the most trekking trails that become increasingly adventurous as you move on to the next. The state boasts some of the most beautiful and scenic treks, such as Har Ki Dun and Kedarkantha, as well as pilgrimage treks like Tungnath-Chandrashila and Kedarnath trek. For extreme trek lovers, Uttarakhand also offers high-altitude treks like Roop Kund, reaching an altitude of more than 5000m.

Trekking in Himachal

Ideal for backpackers and flashpackers, Himachal Pradesh is no less than a heaven for trekking. The state has already gained high popularity among the youth and Gen Z for trekking and other adventures, as the hill stations are easily accessible and well-equipped with all facilities. Adorable mountains, adventurous terrains, and economic options are the qualities that will make Himachal Pradesh your next adventure getaway.

Trekking in Kashmir

Kashmir is an unbelievably beautiful wonderland in India, offering some of the most breathtaking scenic treks that people from around the world come to enjoy. It tops the list of many adventure travelers and trekking enthusiasts for its unparalleled and distinctive treks. Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, and Yusmarg are the main bases that provide treks showcasing the Kashmir valley from within and from deep within its heart.

Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh challenges trekkers in its own unique way but rewards them with the opportunity to witness the enormous beauty of its gigantic mountains, an experience not everyone can be a part of. Although the terrain is rough, dry, demanding, and gritty, trekking enthusiasts conquer it time and again. Unlike treks in other Himalayan states, treks in Ladakh are mostly at high altitudes. While there are several short treks, there are more long and intense ones. However, the best part of all is exploring this remote location while disconnecting yourself from the rest of the world.

Trekking in Sikkim

Nestled in the might of the enormous Kanchenjunga, Sikkim boasts some truly majestic trekking routes, offering unparalleled beauty amidst nature. The trails are enveloped by lush green wildlife, occasionally granting lucky trekkers sightings of beautiful creatures like musk deer and the exotic red panda. With nearly fifteen treks to choose from in Sikkim, each one promising a unique adventure, including the mighty Kanchenjunga, never fail to enthrall and captivate trekkers, making it an unforgettable experience.

trekking image

Wildlife adventure exploration is one of the top activities to embark on during an Incredible India tour. Just the thought of venturing into the wild is enough to send shivers of excitement down your spine. India is blessed with a treasure trove of wildlife, scattered throughout the nooks and corners of the country. Exploring the wondrous beauty of the wild not only captivates photographers and wildlife enthusiasts but has also become a new favorite for honeymoon couples and family travelers. In the wildlife safaris, you will have the opportunity to encounter some of the most magnificent and endangered species thriving in India, such as the Indian one-horned rhinoceros, Barasingha, and Royal Bengal Tiger. Nature and wildlife lovers, as well as photographers from across the globe, find themselves drawn to India's exotic yet thrilling national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, where they can have their next extraordinary encounter with nature and the wild.

The Rajasthani royal dignity, Ranthambore National Park , is an excellent wildlife destination for safaris, wildlife experiences, and, of course, spotting the Bengal Tigers. The park boasts a good density of these big cats, but spotting one wandering around is still a matter of luck. Ranthambore is also home to many other species of flora and fauna

Kanha National Park , in case you didn't know, was the jungle that inspired the famous novel "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling. This renowned national park in Madhya Pradesh is well-known for its diverse wildlife, featuring many special attractions such as Barasingha, Panther, Blackbuck, Chital, Sambar, and Barking deer, yet your eyes won't stop seeking Bengal Tigers. Fortunately, there is a fair chance of spotting tigers here, as the park has a high density of almost 7 tigers per 100 sq. km.

"You are lucky if you spot tigers, but unlucky if not in Jim Corbett National Park." On the bucket list of many, Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest and well-known national parks in India. A perfect paradise for wildlife and nature lovers, the park is blessed by mother nature and offers great chances for tiger sightings. Along with the highest number of tigers, the park also boasts beautiful landscapes and is home to many other remarkable species, such as sloth bears, Asiatic black bears, jungle cats, elephants, wild boars, chitals (spotted deer), barking deer, and nilgai (Indian antelope).

Bandhavgarh National Park , with a gigantic area spanning 1500 sq. kilometers, is perpetually a remarkable forest in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. This vast forest is filled with small and large animals, each with its own captivating tales. The majestic sounds of nature and the wild speaking of its existence will amaze you while being in Bandhavgarh National Park. You will find plenty of wild animals in the vicinity, including Leopards, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Gaur, Chausingha, and Chinkara, as well as the Asiatic jackal, Bengal fox, striped hyena, jungle cat, leopard, and the Bengal tiger.

A feeling of thrill upon entering the gates, a sense of connection while driving through the forest and encountering wild creatures, and the captivating experience of spotting tigers are what make your trip to Tadoba National Park truly memorable. Located in central India, Tadoba National Park boasts thriving wildlife, offering abundant sightings of animals such as leopards, Jungle Cats, Sloth bears, Sambars, Spotted deer, and around 190 species of birds.

wildlife image

An exhilarating adventure for thrill-seekers and a daring challenge for their friends, river rafting is one of the top things to do in India's adventure tourism. It's an amazing way to connect with nature and experience its glorious ways. India, featured on the top of world adventure tourism map, is home to a plethora of rivers flowing down great mountain alleys, carving heart-pounding courses of ups and downs, rapids, and falls in their streams. Once aboard a raft, no one looks back or loosens their grip on the paddles, as the rafting adventure takes them through an adrenaline-pumping ride. White water rafting in India has gained popularity among tourists as a safe adventure sport, suitable for both newbies and expert rafters. While Rishikesh remains the most popular destination for rafting enthusiasts, there are countless other spots spread across the expansive Himalayan states, each offering its own unique and thrilling experience. So, for those seeking an adrenaline rush and a chance to embrace the raw power of nature, river rafting in India promises an unforgettable and exhilarating journey, making it a must-try adventure in the country's diverse tourism offerings.

River Rafting Uttarakhand

The city of sages, spirituality, and serenity, Rishikesh, known as "The Yoga capital of the world," is one of the most popular destinations for adventure lovers in Uttarakhand. River rafting along the rapid flow of the Ganga River makes it a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Other places to experience river rafting in Uttarakhand include Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Mori, Chakrata, and Chamoli. Each of these locations offers different levels of rapids, with Rishikesh having the most extreme level of rapids up to level V. On the other hand, the other locations mostly have rapids ranging from level I to III, making them highly enjoyable for beginners and families.

River Rafting in Himachal

Himachal is among the most suitable locations for river rafting after Uttarakhand. With many rivers originating from Himachal Pradesh, the state offers some popular rafting circuits that attract adventure tourists. The most sought-after rafting courses are found on the four rivers, including the mighty Beas River, Chenab, Ravi, and Satluj, located in Kullu & Manali, Lahaul, Chamba, and Shimla. Most of the rapids here are between levels I and III in difficulty, making them ideal for inexperienced rafters and families.

River Rafting in Sikkim

Sikkim offers rafting courses on two rivers, the Teesta and Rangit. While the river Rangit has some extreme rapids and drops in the course, it is highly pursued by highly enthusiastic adventurers who are experts in white water rafting. On the other hand, the River Teesta has rapids ranging from easy to intense, making it compatible with families and those with intermediate rafting experience. Moreover, the rafting circuits pass through scenic surroundings and lush green forests, making it a perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts who love nature.

River Rafting in Arunachal

Arunachal, along with being an excellent place for nature and sightseeing lovers, is also a great destination for adventure buffs due to its stunning rafting courses. One of the most thrilling experiences is river rafting in the mighty Brahmaputra River and its tributaries. Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh takes you through some isolated areas and offers wonderful views amidst forests, presenting a number of challenges such as drops, rapids, and riffles.

River Rafting in Ladakh

Ladakh, a landscape paradise nestled in the mountains of India, offers great river rafting experiences in the Indus and Zanskar rivers. Famous among adventure enthusiasts, Ladakh has intermediate to intense levels of rafting courses to cater to different experience levels. While enjoying the thrill of rafting, make sure not to get too distracted by the enormously beautiful scenes of the mountains surrounding you. Stay focused and enjoy the exhilarating ride!

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Another top activity for Incredible India explorers is nature sightseeing. Escaping the course of regular life and immersing oneself in the enormous beauty of nature and its breathtaking sights is something no one would say no to. Nature sightseeing in the Indian hill stations has captured the hearts of tourists from around the globe. The majestic Great Himalayas never fail to catch the eye of every passer-by. From Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and other regions across North to South, East to West, there are some of the most preferable locations to experience the pleasing topography of nature. It's not just the mountains, but also the incredible natural diversity that makes the environment irresistible, enticing people to come back again and again.

Uttarakhand Hill Stations

In the meadow of the Great Himalayas, lies the enormous beauty of Uttarakhand, showcased by its captivating hill stations. Uttarakhand is loved by adventure and nature tourism enthusiasts for the thrilling experiences it offers amidst the tranquil environment - quite quirky, isn't it? The state is spread from the foothills of the Himalayas to the high summits of the mountains, offering a diverse range of landscapes. From Rishikesh, the low-lying adventure hub, to the stunning topography of Auli, Uttarakhand is home to many adorable hill stations that cater to various preferences and interests. Whether you seek thrilling adventures or seek solace in the lap of nature, Uttarakhand's hill stations have something special to offer.

Himachal Hill Stations

Himachal Pradesh has been playing the role of a summer healer for the people of the North Indian plains for a long time, spreading its charisma and calming their minds from their daily hustle. The state is home to plenty of beautiful hill stations, aboding quaint and scenic towns with pleasant landscapes. Peaking to the Himalayan peaks all the time, Himachal Pradesh, along with being the "easiest to access" of all Himalayan states, has more than many reasons to be next on your list of destinations to visit.

Kashmir Hill Stations

Nothing needs to be proven when it comes to Kashmir. It is one of the most praised locations for mountain lovers, often referred to as the "Switzerland of India," gathering travel buffs from around the globe. The beauty that is often seen in pictures can be witnessed firsthand in the adorable hill stations of Kashmir. Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Srinagar, Yusmarg, and many more hill stations will leave you in awe with their stunning vistas and natural charm.

Sikkim Hill Stations

To the peaks of the Himalayas and the forests of the Western Ghats, Sikkim boasts an enormous collection of beautiful experiences within its picturesque boundaries. Sikkim's hill stations are captivating, offering a blend of stunning mountain ranges, murmuring water streams, lakes reflecting the sunshine, and cascading forests. Sikkim looks at its best throughout the year, and some of the popular hill stations here include Pelling, Gangtok, Aritar, Lachen, Namchi, Mangan, and more.

Arunachal Hill Stations

The untouched beauty of Arunachal Pradesh is a landscape that showcases great wildlife amid the enormous beauty of the mountains. It is the perfect place to experience mother nature at its best, as Arunachal Pradesh Hill Stations lie on the eastern edge of the country. The once-anticipated and challenging terrain now boasts accessibility to every nook and corner of the state. Hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh, providing the essence of the "Land of the Dawn," include Tawang, Bomdila, Itanagar, and Pasighat.

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India comes as one of the most promising countries when it comes to heritage tours. Heritage tourism is an important element of Incredible India's top things to explore in its tourism campaign to attract both international and domestic travelers. From the majestic Taj Mahal to the intricate carvings of ancient temples, India's cultural and historical tourism sights serve as a feast for heritage and history buffs. The epics of great dynasties and rulers are evident through their architectural monuments, making everyone wonder and transporting them to the bygone era. India's long history carries the stories of each era, scattered throughout the country, memorizing the presence of old happenings on the land.

Recognized as the face of India globally, the Taj Mahal is a beautiful epitomical structure dedicated to one of the wives of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. This majestic art of beauty incepts the clinging feelings of every lover to reality. This incredibly redefined white beauty never runs out of tourists, as the Taj Mahal remains a main attraction for international tourists visiting India.

Ajanta & Ellora Caves

The earliest evidence of Buddhism in India, Ajanta and Ellora caves, showcases the beautiful work of the Buddha monks from around 2000 years ago. These caves are meticulously carved in the rock, displaying an amazing understanding of art and architecture that defines the culture and beliefs of ancient India on the walls of these caves.

Khajuraho Temples

The temple complex of Khajuraho is a testimony to the rich heritage of ancient India. Located in Madhya Pradesh, these 25 temples depict the culture and understanding of that time regarding prominent human life. During this heritage walk, you will witness beautifully carved sculptures throughout the temple walls, roofs, and even on the floors. All of these details in the buildings hold architectural significance and brilliance, making it an adorable heritage site.

Konark Sun Temple

At Konark Sun Temple, the language of stone surpasses the language of man. The temple is dedicated to the deity Sun and is one of the most amazing works of architectural depictions from the Kalinga Dynasty. The temple is designed in the shape of a chariot and features six horses carved on one side of the temple. It is considered one of the largest Brahmin sanctuaries and is a UNESCO world heritage site. A heritage walk to the Konark Sun Temple will amaze you and leave you in awe.

Hampi Ruins

Situated in the Vijayanagar district of Karnataka, this site is a UNESCO world heritage site. Once a part of a prosperous kingdom, it now lies in ruins; nevertheless, it remains an amazing site to witness. You can see a collection of Dravidian-style architecture temples and other structures, all displaying intricate architectural detailing and carvings that make us wonder about the artistic significance of the old days.

heritage image

Renowned for its deep-rooted spirituality and diverse religious significance, India is a prime destination for spiritual souls. A plethora of sacred sites and revered temples scattered throughout the country offer profound and transformative experiences to the pilgrims. From the holy city of Varanasi, where the Ganga River is worshipped, to the yoga center of the world, Rishikesh, where people come in search of serenity and immerse themselves in devotion, India offers spiritual sanctuaries for believers of all religions. India has visiting the sacred city of Haridwar, the iconic temples of Ujjain and Puri, the Golden many religious sites to explore for Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs. Whether Temple of Amritsar, or the monasteries and Buddhist temples at Sarnath and Bodhgaya, India will be your place in your soul-stirring journey of devotion and spirituality.

The spiritual capital of India, Varanasi, is one of the fondest places to visit for spiritual and pilgrimage tourism. No place could compare to the inclusive beauty and serenity of this city. One of the oldest cities in India, Varanasi is also known by other popular names like Banaras and Kashi. The sounds of chanting, temples, people, and worship everywhere are what make the scene perfect in Banaras. Also, don't miss the evening Ganga Aarti on the Ganga Ghats.

The gateway to pilgrimages in India, Haridwar is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the country. Located on the foothills of the Himalayas, this sacred city is picture-perfect for spiritual journeys. The swiftly flowing Ganga, people making holy dips on the banks, and the markets full of religious artifacts create a natural and beautiful atmosphere in Haridwar. There are many temples to visit, but nothing should be prioritized over witnessing the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti.

The yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh, is no wonder one of the top pilgrimage destinations in India. Rishikesh used to be the place for meditation and daily yoga sessions of sages of India. The adorable Lakshman and Ram Jhula (Suspension bridges), Beatles Ashram, and Shivpuri are must-visit places here.

Situated on the banks of the holy Shipra river, Ujjain has plenty of pilgrimage sites to make up your tour. Also, being the home of one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Mahakaleshwar, Ujjain welcomes many spiritual seekers to it. The serene and hospitable environment makes it a preferable place for some offbeat experiences in Madhya Pradesh. Similar to Varanasi, Ujjain too lets you dive into spirituality amidst the crowd of people.

Puri Odisha

One of the four holy shrines (Char Dham) of Hindus, the Shree Jagannath Temple is the main attraction of Puri. It attracts a lot of pilgrims due to its significance in the Hindu religion. Puri is also home to many other significant temples, making it a must-visit destination for a pilgrimage tour. You can explore the local culture and tradition by visiting markets and talking to the locals.

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When it comes to adventure tourism, India offers a plethora of adventure activities, catering to both new and expert adventurers. India stands at the forefront of adventure tourism on the global tourism map. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas to the pristine beaches of Goa, the country provides endless opportunities for adrenaline enthusiasts. Whether it's trekking the low and high hills, exploring the mighty Himalayan peaks, experiencing breathtaking views of valleys, rafting through the streams of the Ganga, snorkeling in the Andaman Sea, or engaging in thrilling cycling tours, each activity offers captivating experiences. These activities have become increasingly popular among people in India. Whether you are a beginner in the adventure world or seeking more thrilling experiences, India has a wide array of options waiting for you to explore.


Why always keep looking up at the mountains when you can gaze down from the high skies while paragliding? One of the most adventurous sports out there, paragliding is a must-do activity if you want to experience something exceptional. And the best part is, it's totally safe as you'll be accompanied by an expert who ensures all safety measures are taken. Mussoorie, Manali, Bir Billing, and Sanasar are some of the best-known places to enjoy this thrilling activity.

Who glides swiftly over the ice? Definitely, you should enjoy this thrilling adventure sport while in the mountains. The snow-capped landscape and the chilly yet exhilarating winds make skiing an unforgettable experience. The best locations to try this activity are Pahalgam and Gulmarg in Kashmir, Solang, Kufri, and Rohtang Pass in Manali, and Auli in Uttarakhand.


Mountaineering is becoming more and more popular and is undoubtedly one of the adrenaline-pumping sports you can enjoy in adventure tourism in India. It offers something out of the box, something worth remembering - a moment that could stay with you for a lifetime. Though the peaks are tough to conquer, enthusiasts won't give up. The best places to start your mountaineering experiences should be Manali and Sikkim as they have some low peaks suitable for beginners. For intermediate and experienced climbers, Ladakh, Nanda Devi, Garhwal, and Himachal (Kullu, Spiti & Kinnaur) are excellent choices.

How long has it been since you last rode a bicycle? Guess what, it won't be long before you start again. Cycling is a new trend in the adventure tourism world that is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Riding with friends by your side and witnessing beautiful sights along the way is a truly memorable experience. The best part is, you are in charge and can go wherever you want. Not to mention, cycling is not only the safest but also the healthiest adventure activity. So, get ready to step on the pedal and say, "Let's Go!" Some of the tracks that you should consider for cycling through great landscapes are Chennai to Puducherry, Somnath to Diu, Coorg to Munnar, Shillong to Cherrapunji, and Manali to Leh.


India is also one of the top destinations for snorkelling adventures. You got to see what is below the water's surface? Well, snorkelling is the thing you need. The amazing underwater world is just below our feet to explore. Snorkelling is swimming on the surface of the seawater at shallow depths, keeping half of the body submerged in the water. This allows us to see marine life right before our eyes. The top places to do snorkelling in India are Andaman, Lakshadweep, Goa, and Pondicherry.

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Northern India, a marvellous wonderland region of India, holds some of the greatest places to explore. This region comprises the majestic Himalayas in the north, the Thar desert in the west, and the vast plains in the rest. Undoubtedly, the mountains offer rare landscapes to explore, as do the royal state of Rajasthan and the pilgrimage hub of Uttar Pradesh. A North India tour boasts a diverse culture, encompassing the most important Sikh pilgrimage site, The Golden Temple, significant Hindu pilgrimages like Char Dham, and Islamic mosques such as Jama Masjid. Northern India is adorned with the beauty of nature and culture, reflected in its vibrant array of colors.

Some of the must-visit tourist attractions on a North India tour are:

Taj Mahal - Agra, Uttar Pradesh

The more you see it, the more beautiful it looks. The Taj Mahal is undoubtedly a masterpiece dedicated to love, which continues to evoke the emotions felt by many who are in love. As a UNESCO World Heritage site and India's most famous monument, it remains a timeless place to spend time with your loved ones. It is a must-visit place in any North India travel guide.

Jaipur - The Pink City, Rajasthan

Renowned as the "Pink City" for its buildings painted in pink, Jaipur , the capital city, boasts a wealth of historic splendors. It showcases some of the finest architectural marvels from the royal era, including magnificent forts, palaces, and impeccably designed buildings that captivate the eyes. From the enchanting mornings to the golden sunsets, Jaipur turns everything into gold, resembling the mythical philosopher's stone. It is a highlight of India tourism.

Varanasi - Spiritual City on the Banks of the River Ganges, Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi , the oldest city that has preserved its ancient charm, takes you on a journey back in time. Situated along the banks of the revered Ganges River, Varanasi is known by various names such as Banaras and Kashi. It is renowned for its serenity and is home to the Jyotirlingas, a significant Hindu pilgrimage site including the Vishwanath Mandir. Witness the rituals performed on the ghats, including cremations, and experience the incredible spirituality of the place. Incredible India.

tajmahal image

South India is a captivating region of India that offers a plethora of awe-inspiring sites for travelers. With its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural wonders, it presents an irresistible charm. The architectural marvels of South India , such as the grand temples of Tamil Nadu, the intricate carvings of Hampi in Karnataka, and the magnificent palaces of Kerala, leave visitors in awe. The region's diverse landscapes are equally mesmerizing, from the serene backwaters of Kerala to the lush tea plantations of Munnar, the breathtaking hill stations of Ooty and Kodaikanal, and the pristine beaches of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. South India spoils travelers with a variety of stunning vistas. Whether exploring ancient temples, indulging in rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments, embarking on wildlife safaris, or simply immersing in the serenity of nature, a South India tour promises a truly remarkable travel experience that lingers in the hearts of travelers long after their journey ends.

Some of the Most Popular Tourist Places in the South India Travel Guide

Munnar - Kerala

Welcome to the picturesque hill station of munnar , nestled amidst the mist-shrouded mountains of Kerala, India. Beyond its breathtaking landscapes, Munnar offers a plethora of immersive experiences that will leave you spellbound. Embark on a tea plantation tour and delve into the fascinating world of tea production, from plucking the leaves to savoring a freshly brewed cup. Indulge in the serenity of a spice garden, where fragrant aromas infuse the air, and learn about the diverse spices that make Kerala cuisine so irresistible. Take a leisurely stroll through the vibrant local markets, engaging with friendly vendors and sampling delectable street food. Finally, surrender to the tranquility of Munnar's cascading waterfalls, where nature's symphony soothes your soul. Munnar is a sensory delight, offering unforgettable experiences at every turn. Plan your visit to Munnar in Kerala, South India for an incredible journey.

Meenakshi Temple - Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Visiting the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai , Tamil Nadu is an immersive journey into a world of divine splendor and architectural brilliance. The ornate gopurams beckon with their vibrant sculptures, leading you into a sacred realm. Inside, a labyrinth of halls and shrines adorned with intricate carvings awaits, evoking a sense of awe. The Hall of Thousand Pillars mesmerizes with its grandeur. Chants, incense, and devotional music fill the air, heightening the spiritual ambiance. This cultural hub is not only a place of worship but also a celebration of traditions and festivals. A pilgrimage to the Meenakshi Temple is an experience that nourishes the soul and leaves an indelible mark. Plan your India tour for a religious vacation and explore the rich heritage of temples in India.

Hampi - Karnataka

Welcome to Hampi , a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled in the heart of Karnataka, India. Prepare to be transported to a bygone era as you wander through the remnants of a once-flourishing Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi's surreal landscape, dotted with majestic boulders, ancient temples, and crumbling ruins, creates a mesmerizing setting. The Virupaksha Temple, with its towering gopuram, stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance of the past. As you explore the scattered remnants of palaces, step wells, and monolithic structures, you'll feel a sense of wonder and reverence for the history and artistic marvels that unfolded here. Hampi is a captivating destination that immerses you in a captivating tapestry of heritage, spirituality, and breathtaking landscapes. Plan your Hampi South India Heritage Tour and explore the rich history and cultural treasures of India.

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Tourism in Eastern India is a treasure trove of diverse and enchanting experiences that will leave any traveler spellbound. From the misty hills of Darjeeling to the vibrant culture of Kolkata, and from the pristine beauty of the Sundarbans to the spiritual aura of Puri's Jagannath Temple, this region offers something for every wanderer. The stunning landscapes of the Northeast, with its cascading waterfalls, emerald-green tea plantations, and mesmerizing valleys, beckon adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. In Meghalaya, one can explore the living root bridges and hidden caves of Cherrapunji, while in Arunachal Pradesh, the mystical town of Tawang showcases ancient monasteries and breathtaking vistas of the Eastern Himalayas. The serene beauty of Sikkim's Gangtok, with its monastic charm and panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, is a visual delight. A North East India tour allows travelers to explore the unexplored, embrace diverse cultures, and revel in the breathtaking beauty of nature. It is a journey that not only ignites the senses but also nurtures the soul, leaving a lasting impression of the region's captivating allure.

Some of the Best Places to Visit in East & Northeast India Travel Guide Itinerary-

Darjeeling - West Bengal

Darjeeling , nestled in the picturesque hills of West Bengal, offers a delightful array of sightseeing opportunities. The town is renowned for its breathtaking views of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world. The iconic Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, takes visitors on a memorable journey through quaint tea gardens and charming hillside villages. The vibrant Mall Road is a bustling hub of shops, cafes, and restaurants, offering a taste of local culture and cuisine. The Japanese Peace Pagoda and the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, known for its red pandas, are popular attractions. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in trekking, paragliding, and river rafting. Darjeeling's tea estates invite visitors to savor the world-famous Darjeeling tea, while the sunrise at Tiger Hill offers a mesmerizing spectacle. Darjeeling truly encapsulates the beauty of the Himalayas and provides an enchanting experience for all who visit. With its popularity as one of the popular tourist destinations in India, a Darjeeling West Bengal tour promises an unforgettable journey through captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Sundarbans National Park - West Bengal

The Sundarbans National Park , located in West Bengal, is one of the main wildlife attractions in East India. This exclusive and captivating destination draws visitors from around the world. As the largest mangrove forest in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park's unique ecosystem offers a home to the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, making it a prime tiger habitat. Exploring the dense mangrove forests on a boat safari allows visitors to witness the rich biodiversity, spot various species of birds, and even catch a glimpse of the elusive tigers. The interconnected network of waterways creates a surreal ambiance, with the serene beauty of the mangroves adding to the allure. Spending a holiday in Sundarbans National Park offers a rare opportunity to experience the mystical charm of a mangrove forest and encounter one of nature's most iconic predators. It truly is an exclusive and unforgettable place to visit.

Jagannath Temple, Odisha

The Jagannath Temple , located in Puri, Odisha, is the most visited religious attraction in Eastern India. This holy site is awe-inspiring and spiritually significant, making it truly worth a visit. Dedicated to Lord Jagannath, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the temple holds immense religious importance for devotees. The architectural grandeur of the temple is breathtaking, with its towering spires and intricate carvings showcasing the rich heritage of Odisha's craftsmanship. The annual Rath Yatra, or Chariot Festival, attracts millions of devotees from all over the world, making it a vibrant and culturally significant event. The temple's sanctity, coupled with its vibrant festivities and religious rituals, creates an atmosphere of devotion and spirituality that leaves a lasting impact on visitors. It is not only a remarkable architectural masterpiece but also a place where one can experience the fervor of devotion and immerse themselves in the rich cultural traditions of Odisha. The Jagannath Temple in Odisha is undoubtedly one of the top 10 tourist points of interest in the state, reflecting its significance and appeal to both religious and cultural enthusiasts alike.

tea gardens image

The western region of India holds immense significance for travelers, offering captivating tourist attractions, a blend of history, culture, and natural wonders. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the architectural marvels of Gujarat and the serene beaches of Goa, the region offers a myriad of experiences. Mumbai, the financial and entertainment capital of India, serves as a melting pot of cultures, showcasing the vibrant spirit of the country. Gujarat, with its rich heritage, beckons travelers with magnificent palaces, stepwells, and ancient temples. Goa, known for its pristine beaches and lively nightlife, remains a favorite destination for both domestic and international travelers. The top things to do in a Western India tour include vibrant festivals like Navratri and Diwali, indulging in lip-smacking street food, and experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals. The western region of India offers an enchanting travel experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Some of the top places and attractions to visit on a West India tour are:

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Embark on a whirlwind adventure through the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai , Maharashtra, where the pulse of India beats in harmony with the rhythm of life. Feel the energy surge through your veins as you navigate the bustling streets, where a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and aromas engulfs your senses. Explore the historic landmarks like the iconic Gateway of India and the majestic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, witnessing the amalgamation of colonial and contemporary architecture. Indulge your taste buds with mouthwatering street food, from spicy vada pav to delectable pav bhaji. Lose yourself in the vibrant markets of Colaba and Crawford, where treasures await at every turn. And as the sun sets, revel in the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, catching a glimpse of the stars on Marine Drive. Visiting Mumbai is an exhilarating experience that will leave an indelible imprint on your soul, a symphony of chaos and charm that defines the spirit of this extraordinary city. Mumbai, Maharashtra is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring India.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves - Maharashtra

Embarking on a journey to the ancient wonders of Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Aurangabad , Maharashtra, is akin to stepping into a mystical time capsule. As you approach these awe-inspiring rock-cut caves, a sense of anticipation and wonder will fill your heart. Inside, you will be transported to a bygone era, where masterful craftsmanship and artistic brilliance unfold before your eyes. The intricate carvings, vibrant murals, and grand sculptures will evoke a profound sense of awe and admiration. Wandering through the dimly lit chambers, you will feel a deep connection to the past, as if the stories of the gods and goddesses depicted on the walls

Goa - Beaches and Portuguese Architecture

Embark on a journey to the vibrant paradise of Goa , where sun-kissed beaches, pulsating nightlife, and a laid-back atmosphere merge to create an unforgettable experience. Feel the warm sand beneath your feet as you stroll along the pristine shores, with the rhythmic waves serenading your senses. Indulge in thrilling water sports, from surfing to parasailing, or simply bask in the glorious sunshine and soak up the tropical vibes. Explore the charming streets of Old Goa, where colonial architecture and ancient churches transport you to a bygone era. Admire the intricate details and grandeur of Portuguese-inspired buildings, a testament to Goa's rich historical heritage. Lose yourself in the narrow lanes and vibrant markets, where a blend of Indian and European influences creates a unique cultural fusion. As night falls, immerse yourself in the infectious energy of Goa's legendary parties, where music fills the air and carefree spirits come alive. Dance the night away under the starry sky, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Goa is a symphony of relaxation, adventure, and endless possibilities, leaving you with memories that will linger long after you've bid farewell to its enchanting shores. As you plan your West India travel, make sure to include beach tours in India and refer to the comprehensive West India Travel Guide for an unforgettable Goa experience.

beach image

Touring Central India, specifically Madhya Pradesh, means stepping into a distinctive world ruled by wilderness and history. This vast land, predominantly dedicated to wildlife, makes it a favorite and almost a paradise for nature, wildlife, and adventure enthusiasts, especially those who adore tigers. Moreover, the "Heart of India" holds great historical significance. It is adorned with remarkable historical structures and captivating tales that leave you wanting more. Additionally, the spiritual significance of Central India cannot be overlooked, with sacred ghats in Ujjain, the Kumbh Mela on the Shipra River, and ancient Buddhist stupas in Sanchi. Visiting Central India promises an unforgettable tourism holiday experience.

Here are some of the most recommended places to visit in the Central India travel guide:

Khajuraho Temples - Madhya Pradesh

The architecture of these 1000-year-old temples still withstands the force of nature to the fullest. This great site, spread over 20 square kilometers, will surely amaze you. Known for their temples built with marvelous architectural sense and geometrical references, they showcase intricate sculpture designs all over, including walls, pillars, and the ground. The artwork is so precise that people are unable to notice the little details made in the carvings. These temples are dedicated to the deities Shiva and Shakti, and they depict the essence of human life through their architecture. In terms of India Tourism, Khajuraho temple could be referred to as an underappreciated marvel of the ancient civilizations.

Kanha National Park - Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park , located in central India, is one of the most admired places for wildlife and adventure lovers. It is truly a grand paradise. The park is rich with diverse flora and fauna, and it serves as a habitat for many endangered and rarely seen animals. Additionally, it is a tiger reserve, boasting a population of over 100 Bengal Tigers within its expansive area spanning more than 2000 sq. km. Other major species that can be found here include Barasingha, Leopards, Wild boars, Bears, and Indian pythons, among others. Kanha National Park is a popular destination for wildlife tourism, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Gwalior Fort - Madhya Pradesh

The Gwalior Fort , a gigantic fortress in Gwalior, is said to have been dedicated to a sage named "Gwalipa" by King Suraj Singh, after the sage cured them of leprosy. However, beyond the legends, the fort dates back to the 6th century and has witnessed numerous attacks and wars, yet it still stands strong. Perched on an elevated hill, high above the city, Gwalior Fort provides a commanding view of all the other attractions in the vicinity. Gwalior Fort is a significant heritage tourism site, attracting visitors who are eager to explore its historical and cultural importance.

Through various dance forms, music, paintings, and literature, we are better able to learn more about the practices and beliefs of a culture. Art is just one aspect of the culture of a community. Art and culture are essential for the survival of a civilization, but they also function as a means to understand history. Talking about the country of India, it is one of the largest countries in the world, both in terms of area and population. It also has one of the most diverse mixes of cultures, which makes every region of the country stand out. The region of North India has been at the forefront of India's fight for freedom. The various states in the area, with their different topographies, bring in different variations in culture even though they are in close proximity to each other. For example, if we look at the mountainous region of Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh, they create and wear traditionally woven beautiful Pankhi and Pashmina Shawls, which keep them warm during the harsh winters. Himachal is also known for its Angora wool Shawls, made from the soft coats of Angora rabbits. On the other hand, the Kota Doria fabric of Rajasthan is more suitable for the state's weather, being a light and airy material perfect for summers.

Rajasthan is also known for its puppetry art or "Kathputli," originally used for entertainment, which later became a medium to depict various socio-cultural issues as well. Rajasthan is also home to another famous fort called the Bandhavgarh Fort, infamous for being one of the haunted places in the country! Known for its display of sound and emotion, the Ragamala Paintings of the state are also highly cherished.

The philosophical practice of Yoga is said to have originated in the Himalayas, with Rishikesh in Uttarakhand widely known as the "Yoga Capital of the World." One of the prominent classical dances of India, Kathak, originated from the traveling storytellers of North India during the era of the Bhakti Movement, and includes epics and stories of Indian mythology.The earliest form of modern chess was also created during the reign of the Gupta Dynasty to help the young princes better understand military strategy. The double-edged sword of Khanda, primarily used by the Rajputs, also seemed to have been in use since the Gupta period. Along with the Khanda, the Chakram is also a weapon native to North India, made by Sikh warriors who also developed the martial art of Gatka. The practice aims to coordinate the mind and body to defend oneself and others.

This mix of arts, cultures & history in this region of the country is also visible in its monuments like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Agra Fort, Jantar Mantar, Golden Temple, Hawa Mahal, and memorial places such as the India Gate and the Jallianawala Bagh.

tajmahal image

The Southern region of India is enriched from an arts, culture, and history perspective. It is home to a number of classical dances such as Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, and Mohiniyattam, each showcasing its own unique style and narrative. The region is also famously known for its exquisite Kancheepuram, Ikat, and the white and gold Kasavu Silk sarees, which are admired for their craftsmanship and elegance. The renowned painter Raja Ravi Varma also hails from Southern India, specifically from Kerala. His paintings are still cherished today for their display of Indian storytelling through European art and aesthetics, capturing the essence of mythological tales and cultural scenes. Originating in the 16th century in India, the Deccani style of miniature paintings grew in popularity during the Islamic reign and showcased the Persian style of art in its initial stages before Indian artists took over, resulting in a fascinating fusion of influences.

South India is also known for its various handicrafts, such as the Aranmula Metal Mirror, Coir work, Palm leaf work, Seashell carving, and the fragrant Sandalwood carving. The region is also famous for creating the Urumi Whip Sword, a unique bladed weapon designed like a whip, known for its complexity and challenge in maneuvering. It originated in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and is presently used in the native martial arts of Kalaripayattu. Tamil Nadu and Kerala also celebrate prominent harvest festivals of the region, Pongal and Onam, respectively, which showcase the cultural richness and traditions of the southern states.

Being the land of Dravidian architecture, South India boasts numerous historical temples and monuments, such as the iconic Hampi of the Vijayanagar Empire in present-day Karnataka, the revered Tirupati Balaji Temple, the magnificent Ramanathaswamy Rameshwaram Temple, Vithala Temple, Suchindram Temple, and the awe-inspiring Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. The influence of being a colonial land is also visible in the regions of Puducherry and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which display their own French and British architectural styles of buildings. Puducherry, having been a French colony for around 158 years, still retains French as one of the spoken languages in the union territory.

Though being part of the same country, the scripts of North and South India vary immensely. Their origins in the Brahmi language caused variations along the way, as the script travelled upward from the South. Different mediums used to write the script are attributed to this difference. For example, the rounded lettering of Southern languages is due to them being written on leaves, whereas the use of cloth and birch bark as mediums allowed for the angular lettering of the North to be written more effectively.

kathakali image

The states of Odisha, Jharkhand, and West Bengal in the eastern part of India are among the top five states with the highest coal reserves in the country. Home to the buildings of Nalanda Mahavira, East India is a marvel with elaborate and beautiful structures such as the Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Bihar, which is a prominent site of Buddhism, built during the reign of Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire. The Konark Sun Temple of Odisha is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dedicated to the Sun God Surya, the temple is built as a Chariot with twenty-four wheels led by horses. East India is also known for its popular classical dance known as Odissi, along with its folk dances of Jat-Jatin and Santhali. Jat-Jatin is performed by women in the Mithila region of Bihar during the monsoon season, whereas Santhali is performed by the Santhal tribes of Jharkhand. Also famous is the Chhau dance of West Bengal. It is an open-air dance/performance with its origin in martial arts and tribal traditions. It depicts instances from epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. Talking about martial arts, Odisha has its own martial art known as Paika. Chhau uses movements from this art.

Paika is a very old form of martial arts and can be compared to the Kalaripayattu of Kerala and foreign martial arts like Wushu and Judo. Bihar in East India is known for its Madhubani wall paintings as well. Originated in Mithila, it dates back to the age of the Ramayana. The themes of the paintings vary but revolve around love and fertility and include deities, sun, moon, flora, and fauna, etc. Although it is a style of wall painting, these are now painted on various mediums. Another art form of this region of the country is the Patachitra art form, known for its bold lines and strokes, and painted on a scroll to present a story. The Batik art style of West Bengal is a unique one with its usage of dyes and wax to paint a picture.

North East is home to one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, with its mighty mountains and quaint valleys sure to charm you. Manipuri of Manipur and Sattriya of Assam are the famous classical dances belonging to the region. Assam also has the folk dance of Bihu, performed during the harvest festival under the same name, by men and women while wearing the traditional clothing of the state. Bardo Chham of Arunachal Pradesh is a dance performance where dancers wear colorful masks and represent the result of performing good deeds over evil. Cheraw, more commonly known as the Bamboo Dance of Meghalaya, is a dance where the dancers dance in a rhythmic beat played by the bamboo placed in a criss-cross formation. The state of Manipur is the originator of the Thang Ta martial art form. It is a kind of martial art based on the usage of external weapons along with the internal practice of physical control. It is more than just fighting; it includes physical control and breathing methods. Some forms of Thang Ta are ritualistic in nature and are performed at special rites such as funerals.

The North eastern region is also well-known for its crafts made of bamboo, cane, and reeds. It is also known for weaving some of the finest silks, such as the Eri, Muga, and Pat silk types. Eri silk, made in Assam, is often called "Peace silk" because of the way it is produced. It is extracted from the cocoons of moths who have already emerged, unlike other methods where the cocoons containing the pupae are boiled. In this method, no insects are killed, hence the name "Peace silk." The North East also has some wonderful and historically prominent sites, such as the Urgelling Gompa in Arunachal Pradesh. This monastery is considered important for the followers of Buddhism since it is said to be the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama. Manipur's Kangla Fort is also of immense significance to the people of Manipur. Kangla used to be the state's capital, a major political and religious center, and is highly regarded by the Manipuris as a major landmark in their history. Next is the Water Palace or the Neer Mahal. It is a royal palace built by the Manikya Empire from Tripura.

It is situated in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake and is a beautiful display of Hindu and Islamic architecture. Apart from these, truly marvelous to behold are the living root bridges of Meghalaya. These bridges are made by the indigenous people of the Khasi and Jaintia tribes over centuries, using the roots of trees. They make it possible for them to travel and are helpful during the monsoon season when most rivers overflow. Prominent living root bridges in Meghalaya are the Nongriat and the Cherrapunji root bridges. These bridges are a display of the harmony between nature and people. Another fascinating concept from the Northeast is the Nghah Lou Dawr. At a distance of 65 kilometers from Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram, there are shops called Nghah Lou Dawr. These shops sell vegetables, fruits, and regional eatables. What makes these shops special is the absence of a shopkeeper! These shops do not have a shopkeeper but have prices listed and expect the customers to pay for whatever they buy honestly. These shops are need-based, as many of the owners are farmers who do not have help to run both the farm and the shop. Despite there being no surveillance, these shops work well due to the trust the farmers have in people.

mahabodhi image

This region of the country boasts about having the longest coastline in the country, which is in Gujarat. The state of Maharashtra is famous for its celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, a weeklong festival during which the idols of Lord Ganesha are welcomed and worshipped in homes for four to five days, after which they are immersed in a water body during the time of Visarjan. Maharashtra is also known for its high-quality Paithani Silk sarees, which give off a kaleidoscopic appearance due to their intricate weaving. The Kolhapuri chappals, a kind of footwear made out of leather, are also famous handicrafts of the State, originating from the Maharashtrian town of Kolhapur. Gujarat in western India is recognized for its Bandhani printed Fabric made using the Tie & Dye technique. Along with these, the coastal town of Diu is known for its jewelry made out of tortoise shells, which are sustainable in nature since these shells are found in abundance on the town’s shores.

Popular folk dances of the region include the Garba and Dandiya of Gujarat and Lavni of Maharashtra. Garba is a traditional folk dance performed during the festival of Navratri in honor of Goddess Durga. Garba is performed prior to the worship, and Dandiya, played with a pair of sticks, is performed after. The Maharashtrian dance of Lavni was originally considered an erotic dance and was considered derogatory. But over time, it has evolved into a performance art from what it originally was.

Western India is home to a number of monuments and historical sites with a large tourist footfall as well, such as the Gateway of India, and the Ajanta and Ellora caves. The Ajanta sculptures are a UNESCO World Heritage Site contained in caves that depict Lord Buddha’s life and Buddhist deities. The Ellora caves are famous for the intricately built Kailasa Mandir, which is a tall temple carved out of a single rock, making it a truly magnificent structure. West India also contains one of the temples of the Char Dham, The Dwarkadhish Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is a multi-storied temple and is considered to be thousands of years old. Apart from temples and caves, Daman and Diu have some of the most beautiful churches built by the Portuguese during their occupation of these towns. These include the St. Paul’s Church and The Bom Jesus Basilica.

ganesh chaturthi image

The central part of India, containing Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, is home to the largest number of tribals in the country. The region hosts a five-day Lokrang Festival every year to honor and celebrate the rich tribal and folk traditions of the country. Although the region does not have its own classical dances, folk dances like Panthi, Maanch, Jawara, and the Matki Dance are quite popular. The state of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its fabric of Chanderi Silk, a light yet strong material made by weaving together a blend of Silk, Chanderi cotton, and Silk cotton. The region is also of importance to followers of Buddhism, due to the presence of the Sanchi Stupa and the Ashoka pillar.

The natural limestone caves of Kutumsar and the caves of Bhimbetka are also popular. The Bhimbetka caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contain paintings dating back to the prehistoric age, which are considered the earliest evidence of art in South Asia. Madhya Pradesh also houses another UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is the Khajuraho Group of Monuments. Erected by the Chandella Dynasty, they carry sculptures representing the manifestation of Shiva and Shakti, the Yin and the Yang.

The states of North India are hugely varied in their topography, consisting of snow-clad mountains and blazing deserts, fertile valleys, and metropolitan cities. This variation allows for different temperatures and the existence of a variety of flora and fauna. Given such differences, the region is home to a number of cultures with their own languages, traditions, and ways of living life. They have their own rites and rituals, along with distinct ways of celebrating them. There are a number of fairs and festivals that take place in North India each year. Here are some of the must-see festivals in North India.

Bikaner Camel Festival, Rajasthan

An important part of life for the people of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, camels are held in high regard. They are referred to as the "Ship of the Desert," making commuting through rough terrains easier. Organized by the Department of Tourism, Rajasthan, this two-day festival is held in January every year in Bikaner, Rajasthan, honoring the beauty and resilience of camels. The festival, a must-attend festival in Rajasthan , commences from the Junagarh fort with parading camels adorned with fancy necklaces, anklets, and bridles. A camel pageant is held, consisting of various games and competitions for the camels. Not just for the camels, various games are also held for the visitors, like tug-of-war and kabaddi, among others. The festival concludes with a beautiful display of fireworks lighting up the night sky, until next year.

Hemis Festival, Ladakh

The Hemis Festival is a must-visit festival in the Leh district of Ladakh during your Leh Ladakh tour. Held on the tenth day of the fifth month according to the Lunar Tibetan calendar, it honors Guru Padmasambhava, revered for popularizing Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayan region. The two-day festival, celebrated since 1730, features the vibrant Chaam dance or Mask Dance, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. Accompanied by the mesmerizing sounds of drums, cymbals, and bells, the festival holds great significance for the Buddhist and Tibetan communities of the area.

Kumbh Mela in Haridwar & Prayagraj

The Kumbh Mela is a prominent religious festival for the devotees of Hinduism. It happens every three years, rotating between four pilgrim cities situated on four sacred rivers: Haridwar on the River Ganga, Ujjain on the River Shipra, Nashik on the River Godavari, and Prayagraj on the Triveni Sangam, which is the confluence of Rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. The attendees, which include ascetic saints, sadhus, and visitors, take a dip in these holy rivers, which is believed to wash away their sins. These sites are prominent due to the legend revolving around Lord Vishnu, in which he was said to be carrying a pot of holy nectar, and four drops were spilled during a scuffle. The places where the drops spilled are these pilgrim sites and are therefore considered sacred places to attain salvation.

Jaipur Literature Festival, Rajasthan

If you are a bibliophile or a literature fanatic, the Jaipur Literature Festival is something that you must experience at least once. Started in the year 2006, the festival is a five-day affair that takes place in the beginning of the year and features talks, discussions, and interactions between authors and readers. The gathering had only around 18 speakers and about a hundred attendees when it first began, but now the Jaipur Literature Festival is considered to be one of the most important literature festivals globally, attracting people to fly to the pink city just to be a part of it. The festival includes a number of Indian as well as foreign authors. It also features musical artists and dance performances, creating a soothing ambiance and paying homage to the classical arts of India.

hemis festival image

The south of India is as vibrant as the north when it comes to its traditions and values. Known for its beaches and backwaters, the states in this region are also known for their blend of cultures. Even after centuries, the remnants of the past still remain. A celebration of history, religion, and culture is what makes the festivals of South India memorable. Let's take a look at some of the most popular fairs & festivals celebrated in Southern India.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Kerala

Named after the former Prime Minister of the country, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Nehru Trophy Boat Race is an annual event held in the Punnamada Lake of Kuttanad, Kerala. It is a must-see festival in Kerala, held on the second Saturday in the month of August. Long snake boats rushing on the waters are the main attraction of the event. The race transforms the otherwise tranquil lake into a lively place with the fervor of the oarsmen and the cheering crowd. It was in 1952 when the former Prime Minister visited the state. He was so mesmerized by the long snake boats that he leaped onto one, disregarding his security. Later, he gifted a silver trophy shaped like one of the boats as a token of his appreciation, hence the name.

Hampi Festival, Karnataka

Organized by the government of Karnataka, the Hampi Festival or the Hampi Utsav is held annually for three days. It is a must-attend festival on South India Festival & Cultural Tour, celebrated on the ruins of the city of Hampi, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 1336, the start of the Vijayanagara Empire, the festival has been cherished with fervor and enthusiasm to recreate the charm of the once-mighty empire. It focuses on the prominent monuments of the city, which are lit up during this time. Various song and dance performances called the Janapada Kalavahini also take place. Another highlight is the Jumbo Savari, a procession of beautifully decorated elephants resembling the mighty military of the Vijayanagara Empire. Along with these, various competitions such as photography and rangoli making are also organized. Visitors can indulge in delicacies from the food court and enjoy puppet shows and other street performances.

The harvest festival of Pongal is an important festival in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. It is a must-attend event on the South India Festival tour. The festival is celebrated to give thanks to Lord Suryanarayan, the Hindu God of Sun and Mother Nature. It marks the beginning of the Tamil month of Thai and is a four-day-long celebration. The four days of Pongal include Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal, and Kaanum Pongal. The second day, Surya Pongal, is considered to be the main day of Pongal celebrations, dedicated to the Sun God. Women wake up early to create beautiful Kolams in front of their doorsteps using rice flour and prepare the sweet dish made out of rice, milk, and jaggery, also called Pongal, as an offering to the Sun God. Another important event of Pongal is Mattu Pongal, a day dedicated to cattle such as cows, bulls, and oxen. They are washed, their horns painted and decorated, and offered Pongal. Traditional bullfights known as Jallikattu are also a special feature of this day.

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Eastern India is a prominent region for the devotees of religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. From Nalanda Mahavira in Bihar to the Jagannath Temple in Odisha, East India is truly a marvel to behold. It celebrates its festivals with crazy enthusiasm and passion, making it a delightful event for the attendees. The region has historic and religious significance, with its dark, interesting caves, and tranquil beaches. The northeastern part of India truly feels magical with its mist-covered mountains, lush green valleys, and raging waterfalls. Abundant with wildlife and diverse flora and fauna, this region of India is an example of sustainable living. The states here are composed of numerous tribes who proudly flaunt their culture. These tribes are what make the northeast so special, with festivities as unique and special as their own cultural practices.

The celebrations of these states are well-known among the people. Here are some of the popular festivals celebrated in the east and northeastern regions of India:

Durga Puja Festival

The festival of Durga Puja is celebrated on a large scale in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, every year during the period of Navratri. It is a ten-day-long festival that illuminates the whole city. The idols of Goddess Durga are brought home or placed in public Pandals, which are open for visitors to seek blessings. Goddess Durga is highly revered in the state as the Mother Goddess, created by the energies of various Gods to defeat the demon Mahishasura. The festival of Navratri is celebrated in commemoration of the fight between the Goddess and the demon. The Pandals housing the idol of the Goddess are decorated based on certain themes, ranging from mythological epics to social issues. These Pandals are also known for serving delicious food to the visitors, a true testament to the city's love for their culinary delights. The ten-day festival culminates with the ritual called Visarjan, where the idol of the Goddess is immersed in the river bodies.

The Poush Mela takes place every year on the 7th day of the Bengali month of Poush. It is held in the town of Shantiniketan in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. This rural carnival celebrates the state and its culture. The fair is inaugurated with folk songs and music to kickstart the event. Various artists from Bengal perform folk and tribal dances such as Baul, Santhali, and Mundari. The fair also features numerous stalls selling fabrics and handicrafts made from jute, conch shells, etc. Moreover, it offers amazing Bengali food, including Alur Dom and Sondesh.

Hornbill Festival

Organized by the Government of Nagaland, the Hornbill Festival is an annual event. It is named after the Hornbill bird, which is featured in the tribal folklore of the state. The festival takes place at the Kisama Village in Nagaland. The major tribes of the state participate in this event and showcase their own songs, dances, and other performances. The festival beautifully depicts the tribal culture preserved by these tribes despite modernization. Besides the captivating performances, visitors can also indulge in various traditional Naga cuisines available during the festival.

Assam Tea Festival

Home to one of the major tea-producing regions of the world, Assam loves its tea. The tea festival is celebrated in Jorhat, Assam, and is promoted by the state's tourism department. During the festival, visitors can explore the nearby tea gardens and estates to learn about tea farming and even purchase some quality tea to take back home. There are various types of tea offered, including white, green, oolong, and the famous black tea of the state. Apart from these, visitors can also indulge in activities like golfing, rafting, and trying out local Assamese food. Additionally, guests are encouraged to visit the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre. So, enjoy your visit to this beautiful state in the northeast while sipping on your cup of garam chai.

durga-pooja image

The western region of India houses temples and churches of religious and historic importance. With the remnants of the past, West India has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Ajanta and Ellora caves of Maharashtra, the Dholavira caves and Rani ki Vav of Gujarat, and the St. Augustine Tower and the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa. Festival tourism in West India is also thriving, with the region hosting popular events, fairs, and festivals. Apart from these monuments and their history, these states also host some amazing festivals as well. The vibrant and diverse culture of West India comes alive during these festive celebrations, offering a unique opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and customs of the region. From colorful and lively processions to mesmerizing folk dances and music performances, these festivals showcase the true spirit of West India. Visitors can experience the joy and fervor of festivals like the Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra, Navratri in Gujarat, and Carnival in Goa. Each festival is steeped in local beliefs and customs, making it a fascinating cultural experience. Tourists from all over the world flock to West India during these festive occasions to witness the splendor and excitement that these events bring. In addition to the religious and historical attractions, festival tourism in West India has become a major draw for travelers seeking a unique and unforgettable experience. The fusion of heritage, architecture, and vibrant festivities makes West India a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the diverse cultural tapestry of this incredible region.

Ganesh Chathurthi

The festival of Ganesh Chathurthi is a prominent celebration in the state of Maharashtra. It takes place during the Hindu month of Bhadrapada every year. The ten-day festival honors the homecoming of the Hindu God Ganesha, who is revered as an epitome of wisdom and prosperity and is often referred to as Vighnaharta, the one who clears obstacles. The festivities commence with bringing the idol of the God to homes or Pandals for public viewing and worship, which are organized in most areas. Throughout the duration of the festival, the idol is worshipped and offered food offerings or prasad. On the tenth day, the idol is carried with songs and praise and then immersed in a water body, such as the sea, river, or a well, in a ritual called the Visarjan. Pandal hopping is a common activity during this time due to the numerous Pandals set up across the state. Additionally, a special sweet known as Modak holds significance during the festival and is a popular delicacy enjoyed by many. The Ganesh Chathurthi festival brings communities together, fostering a sense of joy, devotion, and cultural unity as people come together to celebrate and seek blessings from Lord Ganesha. It is a cherished time for people in Maharashtra and is marked by colorful decorations, lively processions, and heartfelt celebrations.

The Rann Utsav is a cultural festival held every year in Kutch, Gujarat, to celebrate the natural beauty of the white desert of Rann. The Rann of Kutch is a vast salt marshy land located in the Thar desert in the western state of Gujarat. The festival showcases the cultural and folk beauty of the people of Kutch through a display of art forms, including dance and song performances, traditional handicrafts, and more, all while hosting visitors with their warm hospitality. Especially enchanting are the cultural performances held against the backdrop of the white desert under the moonlight. Paramotoring, horse and camel rides, meditation, and yoga are among some of the activities visitors can indulge in during the festival. The Rann Utsav offers a unique opportunity for travelers to experience the vibrant culture, traditional art, and rich heritage of the region. It attracts people from all over the world, providing a memorable and immersive experience in the mesmerizing landscape of the Rann of Kutch.

Sunburn Festival Goa

If you are someone who loves dancing to loud music while enjoying the view of the setting sun at a fascinating beach, then the Sunburn festival is for you. The Sunburn Festival is a three-day event held at Vagator Beach in Goa every year. It is considered to be one of the largest music festivals in Asia. This EDM (Electronic Dance Festival) fest attracts a crowd of thousands each year and features numerous Indian as well as international music artists. Sunburn creates an extravagant ambiance with its enthusiastic crowd, amazing music, and unforgettable performances, which will leave you with a plethora of memorable experiences.


This part of India not only contains historic monuments and temples but is also abundant with wildlife. Central India is culturally blessed to house the most number of tribes in the country. The state governments encourage the traditions and beliefs of the tribals and work hard to preserve their culture in this fast-moving economy. The diversity and fervor of these tribes can be observed in the way they celebrate their festivities. Some of the most popular festivals of the central region of India are:

Lokrang Festival

Home to the largest amount of tribal population in the country, Madhya Pradesh is also known for its Lokrang Festival. The festival is celebrated to honor the various tribes and their folk culture that make the state what it is. The five-day festival, held annually, is an important event in the state. It features classical and folk dances of the tribes, art and craft exhibitions, theatrical performances, and even book exhibitions showcasing books related to culture and literature. The aim of the festival is to preserve the various folk and tribal traditions of India and prevent them from going extinct.

Khajuraho Dance Festival

Held at the site of the Khajuraho group of monuments, the festival takes place annually in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This seven-day event, organized by the state's department of culture, encourages the classical arts of India by providing them with a stage amidst the glorious Khajuraho. It aims to keep alive the age-old heritage of Indian classical dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, etc. The mesmerizing performances are held on an open-air stage in front of the Chitragupta and Vishwanatha Temples of Khajuraho.

The Khajuraho Dance Festival is a captivating celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh and a testament to the artistic brilliance of Indian classical dance forms. This cultural extravaganza is a highlight of Madhya Pradesh Tourism and a must-attend event for anyone looking to experience the diverse and enchanting facets of Incredible India. Visitors from around the world gather at Khajuraho to witness the spellbinding performances and immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of these ancient dance forms in the historic backdrop of Khajuraho's magnificent temples.

khajuraho dance image

North India, a region steeped in history and culture, houses numerous exceptional museums that offer deep insights into its diverse heritage. These museums in North India serve as a treasure trove for art enthusiasts, history buffs, and curious explorers, featuring collections from various periods and genres. From the iconic National Museum in Delhi, the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh, to the Allahabad Museum in Uttar Pradesh, each repository tells its own unique story. These popular museums to see provide an engaging and enlightening experience, showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian history, art, culture, and civilization.

The National Museum, Delhi

India is known for its diverse culture and history, but it's rare to find it all encapsulated in one place. However, you can do just that at The National Museum, Delhi. Situated in the heart of the city, this museum is undeniably a destination for anyone wanting to explore the history and culture of ancient India. The museum is divided into different sections, each displaying specific types of artifacts from various eras. These artifacts are thoughtfully arranged in chronological order to illustrate the transition from early Indian civilizations such as the Harappan and Mauryan periods, through to modern India.

Visiting Hours - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Closed on Mondays and National Holidays.

Ticket Prices - 20 Rs for Adults. 650 Rs for Foreign Nationals, which includes an audio guide.

*Please note that ticket prices are subject to change.

Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II The City Palace Museum (MSMS II Museum), Jaipur

Transformed from a palace to a museum, the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II The City Palace Museum (MSMS II Museum) in Jaipur continues to exude its grandeur through its marvelous architecture and the inseparable remnants of the former rulers. As the descendants of the royal family still inhabit the City Palace, only the first floor has been converted into a museum for tourists. This museum now showcases the opulent relics from the royal era. Alongside the preserved architecture and Indian art, visitors can view wartime weapons including pistols with ivory handles, cannons, chain mail, and swords

Timings : 9 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee : Rs.75 for Indians & Rs.300 for Foreigners

Himachal State Museum, Shimla

Timings : 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Entry Fee : Rs 20 per head for Indian citizens & Rs 50 per head for foreign citizens.

delhi museum image

South India's rich historical and cultural tapestry finds an elegant display in its diverse museums. Home to an array of historical artifacts, cultural relics, art, and natural history, the museums in South India offer an immersive experience into the region's past and present. Must-visit destinations include the Government Museum in Chennai, known for its Bronze Gallery, and the Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad, housing one of the largest personal collections in the world. Other popular museums to see include the Napier Museum in Thiruvananthapuram and the Visakha Museum in Visakhapatnam. Each provides unique insights into South India's heritage, making them a must for history enthusiasts and curious travelers.

Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad

The Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad, one of the largest museums in India, was once the personal collection of the Salar Jung family, former rulers of Hyderabad. Opened to the public in 1951, the museum houses some of the most antique artifacts from India and around the globe. The expansive area of the museum is divided into three blocks, each showcasing artifacts from different regions. The eastern block contains rare items from East and Middle Eastern countries, the western block displays antiques from Western countries, and the Indian block exhibits Indian antiquities.

Timings: Monday - Saturday (10:00 AM to 5:00 PM). Closed on Fridays.

Entry Fee: ₹20 for Children, ₹50 for adults, and ₹500 for foreign travelers. (₹50 per Camera/Smartphone)

The Government Museum(Madras Museum), Chennai

Preserving the history of Tamil Nadu, the Madras Museum, officially known as The Government Museum, is notably the second oldest museum in India, after Kolkata's Indian Museum. This museum is a treasure trove, boasting a unique collection of artifacts from the southern states. It not only houses a wealth of ancient sculptures and relics but also highlights the region's zoology and natural history.

Entry Fee: For Indian nationals - ₹10 for children and ₹15 for adults. For foreign nationals - ₹125 for children and ₹250 for adults.

The KDHP Tea Museum, Kerala

Think you know how to make tea? Test your knowledge at the KDHP Tea Museum in Kerala, nestled amidst picturesque tea gardens. The museum offers a glimpse into the bygone era of tea production and transportation, displaying wooden bathtubs, vintage furniture, and tea rollers. Visitors can also explore old technology used in tea production and see the rail engines and wheels once used for transportation. Don't forget to purchase some tea, available in various flavors, as a souvenir from the museum.

Timings: Open every day except Mondays and Good Fridays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Entry Fee: ₹75 per person for adults and ₹35 per person for children.

hyderabad-museum image

Steeped in history and culture, East India offers a plethora of museums that provide a peek into the region's vibrant past and diverse heritage. These museums in East India range from the Indian Museum in Kolkata, the oldest in the country boasting vast collections of artifacts, to the unique tribal museums of Odisha showcasing indigenous art and culture. The region's museums, such as the Don Bosco Museum in Shillong or the Patna Museum, hold collections spanning natural history, archaeology, art, and ethnography. Visiting these popular museums is an enriching experience, allowing one to delve deeper into East India's multifaceted cultural tapestry.

Indian Museum, Kolkata

Strolling through the endless galleries of the Indian Museum in Kolkata, one is reminded that it is indeed the largest museum in India. It showcases a myriad of artifacts, many thousands of years old. This three-story building is distinctly divided into six sections: Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology, and Botany. Visitors can find sculptures from various historical periods and regions of India, including South India, Bengal, Bihar, and more. Understandably, many visitors may not have time to explore all the artifacts in detail, but multiple visits can help enrich the experience.

Timings: Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Entry Fee: For Indian adults and children - INR 75 and INR 20 respectively. For foreign travelers - INR 500.

Odisha State Museum

For those interested in delving into the culture and history of diverse regions, the Odisha State Museum is a must-visit. Boasting a vast array of artifacts, coins, sculptures, plates, stone inscriptions, tools, armor, and other historical items, this museum paints a rich tapestry of Odisha's past. Among its eleven sections, the Sculpture Gallery and the old currency and coin collection, featuring over 10,000 coins from different periods, are particularly popular with tourists. The museum also hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, offering an enriching opportunity to learn about the state's history.

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday (10 AM to 5 PM), Closed on Mondays.

Entry Fee: For Indian adults and children - INR 10 and INR 2 respectively. INR 100 for foreign travelers.

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Before you even enter the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, you're captivated by the sight of the stunning white marble edifice, nestled in a 64-acre garden. The Memorial houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from the colonial era, effectively chronicling India's historical narrative. It showcases Indian textiles, manuscripts, and royal memorabilia, which were once integral to the British Empire's courts. Each item within this grand structure tells a unique story of India's history, heritage, and art.

Timings: Tuesday-Friday (10:00 AM to 6:30 PM), Saturday and Sunday (10:00 AM to 8:00 PM). Closed on Mondays.

Entry Fee: INR 50 for Indian adults, INR 20 for Indian children, and INR 500 for foreign tourists.

kolkata-museum image

West India offers an intriguing array of museums that celebrate its diverse history, rich culture, and unique artistic traditions. The museums in West India range from iconic institutions like the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya in Mumbai, known for its vast collection of artworks and artifacts, to specialized museums such as the Auto World Vintage Car Museum in Ahmedabad. Other popular museums include the Goa State Museum with its eclectic mix of cultural and historical artifacts and the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai. These destinations offer an immersive journey into West India's past, making them a must-visit for travelers interested in the region's heritage.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Admiring the beautiful Indo-Saracenic style of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum, sets the tone for an enriching day ahead. This museum, one of the most frequented in the country, hosts approximately 50,000 exhibits spanning Art, Archaeology, and Natural History. These are spread across three sections within the museum's three-story space. Given the volume and variety of its collection, visitors often find that a couple of hours are barely enough to appreciate all that it offers.

Timings: Open every day from 10:15 AM to 6:00 PM, except on mandatory holidays in Maharashtra.

Entry Fee: ₹85 for Indian adults and ₹20 for Indian children. ₹650 for foreign adults.

The Calico Museum of Textiles, Ahmedabad

India's rich textile history finds expression in the Calico Museum in Ahmedabad. Founded by industrialist Gautam Sarabhai in 1948-49 to showcase exquisite Indian textiles, the museum features a collection of Shaminas, carpets, wall hangings, and Kashmiri shawls that took three years to make, along with a South Indian collection. Visitors can explore fabrics used by followers and rulers during the Mughal and Jain eras. The museum also displays regional arts and paintings, miniatures, religious textiles, 19th-century textiles, sculptures, temple relics, and furniture.

Timings: 10:15 AM to 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Entry Fee: Free Entry (Pre-registration for tours is available at www.calicomuseum.org)

Museum of Goa

The Museum of Goa (MOG), a hub for artists and art lovers, excels in bringing together diverse people and art forms under one roof. This museum showcases the rich history of Goan art and culture to visitors. Furthermore, it hosts a variety of programs and events such as music concerts, plays, puppet shows, and art workshops. These interactive experiences offer participants a deeper understanding of Goan art.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Closed on Mondays.

Entry Fee: ₹200 for Indian adults and ₹100 for Indian children. ₹300 for foreign adults and ₹150 for foreign children.

calico-museum image

Central India, rich in historical significance and diverse cultures, boasts a variety of fascinating museums. These museums offer glimpses into the region's vibrant past, from prehistoric times to the modern era. The State Museum in Bhopal, for instance, houses a fine collection of sculptures, paintings, and artifacts reflecting the state's heritage. The Tribal Museum in the same city offers insight into the life and traditions of the indigenous tribes. In Indore, the Central Museum displays artifacts from the prehistoric period to the late medieval era. These museums in Central India form a crucial part of any cultural exploration of the region.

Central Museum, Indore

Timings: 10 AM-5 PM every day, except on Mondays and other public holidays

Entry Fee: INR 10 for Indian citizens and INR 100 for foreign travelers.

State Museum, Bhopal

Situated on Shyamla Hills, the State Museum of Bhopal is an architectural beauty in its own right. Divided into several galleries, each segment highlights a distinct aspect of Madhya Pradesh's history and culture. One of the most visited galleries is the Tribal Gallery, exhibiting the art and culture of the various tribal groups inhabiting Madhya Pradesh. The displays offer an enlightening glimpse into the richness and diversity of these cultures. Another crowd favorite is the Archaeology Gallery, home to artifacts from ancient cultures including sculptures, pottery, and jewelry, offering insights into the historical lifestyles and interactions of these societies.

Timings: Open all days except Mondays and public holidays, from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Entry Fee: INR 20 for Indian adults and INR 400 for foreign travelers. Entry is free for minors, soldiers, and people with disabilities.

State Archaeological Museum, Gwalior

Nestled within the imposing Gwalior Fort, the Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum, also known as the State Archaeological Museum or "Gwalior Fort Museum," houses a fascinating array of sculptures, inscriptions, and artifacts dating back to ancient and medieval times. The Gwalior Fort, a historical spectacle in itself, is further enriched by the museum's presence. The museum's collection spans various periods in Gwalior's history and includes sculptures, pottery, jewelry, weapons, and armor, as well as an array of paintings and manuscripts. Among the highlights are the 9th and 10th-century Jain sculptures and the 16th and 17th-century Mughal paintings.

Timings: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

indore-museum image

Travel Information

best time to visit in india

Best Time To Visit In India

The best time to visit India for holidays depends on the type of experience you seek. The tourism season in India varies across regions due to its diverse climate. The peak tourism season in India starts from September to June. For wildlife enthusiasts, winter is ideal as national parks are open, and wildlife sightings are abundant. Hill stations are most enjoyable during summer to escape the scorching heat of the plains. For trekking and hiking adventures, winter, monsoon, autumn, and spring offer pleasant weather. Plan your trip according to your preferences, and you'll discover India's incredible beauty and cultural richness, making it an unforgettable holiday destination. September to April can be considered an ideal time to explore India for tourism holidays.

bus image

How to get around in India?

Traveling to India is a seamless experience, thanks to its well-developed transportation network. The country is easily accessible through various modes of transport, ensuring a smooth entry for tourists from around the world. India boasts an extensive road connectivity, making it convenient for travelers to explore different regions. The rail network, with an extensive network of trains, offers a scenic and comfortable journey to various destinations.

India is well-connected by domestic and international airports, offering direct flights from major cities like the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, and others. Each region of India, whether North, South, East, or West, has good international airports, easing travel for international visitors. Within India, traveling from one city to another is convenient and cost-effective. Most major cities have efficient metro systems, providing hassle-free transportation within urban areas. Buses and cab services are readily available, offering options for intercity and intra-city travel.

For shorter distances, auto-rickshaws are a popular mode of transport, providing a unique experience while navigating through busy city streets. Additionally, India's transportation options cater to various budgets, making it accessible to all kinds of travelers. Whether you wish to explore the historical sites of Delhi, the serene backwaters of Kerala, the majestic palaces of Rajasthan, or the scenic landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, getting around in India is easy and efficient. With its diverse transportation options, India welcomes tourists to embark on unforgettable journeys, immersing themselves in its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality.

travel tips image

Must-Follow Travel Tips for Exploring India

When visiting India, it's essential to check out important travel tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. Follow recommended guidelines for packing, cultural respect, local transportation, and staying safe. These tips will help you make the most of your India tour and have a memorable experience.

  • Research and Plan Ahead: Familiarize yourself with India's culture, climate, and popular destinations. Plan your itinerary well in advance to make the most of your trip.
  • Obtain Necessary Visas: Apply for the appropriate visa type and ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates.
  • Pack Wisely: Pack lightweight, breathable clothing suitable for the weather. Don't forget essentials like sunscreen, a hat, comfortable footwear, and insect repellent.
  • Respect Local Customs: India is culturally diverse, so be respectful of local customs, traditions, and dress codes, especially when visiting religious places.
  • Stay Hydrated: Carry a water bottle and stay hydrated, especially during hot weather. Use bottled or boiled water for drinking and brushing your teeth.
  • Eat Wisely: Enjoy the delicious Indian cuisine but be cautious with street food. Choose restaurants with good hygiene practices to avoid foodborne illnesses.
  • Negotiate Prices: Bargaining is common in markets, so negotiate prices for souvenirs and services to get the best deal.
  • Stay Safe: Be vigilant in crowded places and watch out for pickpockets. Use reputable transportation services and avoid traveling alone at night.
  • Use Local Transport: Experience India's culture up close by using local transport like trains, rickshaws, and buses.
  • Respect Wildlife: If visiting wildlife sanctuaries, maintain a safe distance from animals and follow park rules for a responsible and enjoyable experience.
  • Stay Connected: Get a local SIM card or international roaming plan to stay connected with family and access maps and travel apps.
  • Carry Cash: While credit cards are widely accepted in cities, have some cash on hand for smaller establishments and remote areas.
  • Mind the Monsoon: Be prepared for heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, and plan outdoor activities accordingly.
  • Respect Photography Rules: Always seek permission before taking photos of people or religious sites, as some may be sensitive to photography.
  • Embrace the Chaos: India can be bustling and chaotic, but embrace the vibrant atmosphere, and you'll be rewarded with a truly unforgettable travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about india tourism & holiday packages., what is the best time to travel to india.

The diverse topography of India comprises mountains, beaches, and deserts. The large size of the country also blesses it with different climatic conditions, which means that, while some places in India may have the mercury rising in the summers, there are some, where the weather is cool and pleasant. Therefore, the best time to travel to India depends on the places a tourist would like to visit in the country. However, it is also safe to say that the winter season (October - March) is mostly preferred by the tourists while visiting India.

For wildlife sightings, both summer (March-mid June) and winter seasons are favourable. While the winter season is best for sighting animals basking in the sun during the day time, summer is the time when they can be seen frequently paying a visit to the water holes.

What kind of clothes do I need to carry while traveling to India ?

Two things to keep in mind while packing for India are:

1. Season : Since India experiences hot summers (in most of the parts) and chilly winters, travellers should pack according to the month they are planning a visit in. If the trip is planned in the months between March and September, carrying light woolens (in the hills) and cotton clothes (in other areas) will be enough. On the other hand, if the trip is scheduled between October and February, carrying heavy woollens for North India and light woollens for South India is advisable.

2. Special Interest Tour : If you have booked your tour for trekking in India or wildlife safari or any other specific activity, then the clothing has to be carried accordingly. For wildlife safari, camouflage clothing, or clothes of green and brown shades are recommended. For trekking, clothing varies according to the place, altitude, season and difficulty grade. Though carrying clothes for layering; a down jacket; a good pair or trekking shoes; a sun hat; a woollen cap, muffler; socks; and a pair of gloves are required.

Is India a safe place to travel with kids?

Yes, it is safe to travel to India with kids. While you can travel with kids almost anywhere in the country, there are some places that make for better family travel destinations, with their good hotels, plenty of activities for kids, clean air and safer environs.

Is payment through credit card accepted in India widely?

Yes, in all major cities and towns in India, credit card payments are accepted in hotels, restaurants, and shops. Visa and Master Cards are widely accepted around the country, while some places also accept American Express, besides other types of cards.

What currency should I carry while traveling in India?

India's currency is Indian Rupees; it is advisable to exchange your currency at the airport or any foreign currency exchange before travelling to India.

I don't know English, how to deal with it while traveling to India?

While English is spoken and understood by a large number of people in India, it isn’t an absolute necessity. Instead, focus on learning some Hindi words that come in use in daily lives. You can also book a tour with Tour My India that offers tour guides who are proficient in different languages and can be mediators between you and other people you encounter in the country.

Is the Internet easily available in India?

Yes, the internet is easily available in India. All the major cities and towns, hotels, restaurants, and cafes in the popular destinations in India offer free Wi-Fi to their guests.

Do I need to take any medical precautions before going on a tour to India?

The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for India: Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza.

While most of the vaccines mentioned are optional and depend upon the country you are visiting from and your personal health status, it is recommended to get Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccinations along with Cholera, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, and Yellow Fever as precaution.

Do I need a Visa to go to India?

All nationals, except nationals from Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives need a valid visa to enter in India. Maldives National need an Indian visa only when stay in India is longer than 90 days and Nepali nationals only require it, if they are entering India from china.

Can I get an Indian Visa on arrival?

The Visa on Arrival facility is only for the nationals of Japan, South Korea and UAE (only for such UAE nationals who had earlier obtained e-Visa or regular/paper visa for India).

How can get Indian Visa?

You can either apply for E-visa or you need to apply for it through the nearest Indian consulate/embassy in your country.

Who is eligible for E-Visa?

The following are the eligibility conditions for availing e-Visa services:

I. Nationals of countries listed on the e-Visa website https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/ are eligible to apply for e-Visa Services.

II. Foreigners whose sole objective for visiting India is:

  • Recreation and sightseeing
  • Casual visit to meet friends and relatives
  • Attending short term yoga programme or short term courses on local languages, music, dance, arts & crafts, cooking, medicine etc. which should not be a formal or structured course/programme (courses not exceeding 6 months duration and not issuing a qualifying certificate/diploma etc. to the participants)
  • Voluntary work of short duration (for a maximum period of one month, which do not involve any monetary payment or consideration of any kind in return)
  • Medical treatment, including treatment under Indian systems of medicine
  • As attendant to e-Medical visa holder
  • Business purpose
  • Attending a conference/ seminar/ workshop.

III. Passport should have at least six months validity at the time of making application for grant of e-Visa and a re-entry permit, if that is required under the law of the country of nationality of the applicant.

The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer.

IV. The foreigner should have return ticket or onward journey ticket, with sufficient money to spend during his/her stay in India.

V. Foreigners of Pakistani origin or having Pakistani Passport are not eligible for e-Visa. Foreigners who are not Pakistani nationals, but whose parents or grandparents (either paternal or maternal) was born in, or was permanently resident in Pakistan, are also not eligible for e-Visa. They may apply for regular Visa at Indian Mission.

VI. Not available to Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders or Laissez-passer/ international travel document holders.

VII. Not available to individuals endorsed on Parent's/Spouse's Passport i.e. each individual should have a separate passport.

How can I apply for Indian E-visa?

For details regarding procedure for applying, please visit our website: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/

When should I apply for E-visa?

I. For e-Tourist Visa (01 year / 05 years), e-Business Visa, e-Medical, e-Medical Attendant and e-Conference visa, applicants of the eligible countries/territories may apply online minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival. Such application can be made 120 days in advance from proposed date of travel.

II. For e-Tourist Visa (30 days), applicants of the eligible countries/territories may apply online minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival. Such application can be made 30 days in advance from proposed date of travel.

For updated information please visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/

Do Infants need E-visa?

Yes, all the children need E-visa and a separate application must be filled for each passport. Please ensure that your child?s passport is valid at-least for next 06 (six) months from the date of arrival in India.

If I have valid Indian E-visa, Can I enter India from any of the entry point?

No, you can enter in India through below airports and sea ports:

28 designated Airports i.e. Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur,Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Port Blair, Pune, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum, Varanasi & Visakhapatnam, 05 designated seaports (i.e. Cochin, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai and Mumbai seaports). You may depart from any of the Indian Immigration Check Posts (ICPs).

For updated list please visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/

What is the validity of Indian E-visa?

The validity of e-Visa would be according to the e-Visa service you have requested in the application form as -

For e-Tourist Visa (01 year / 05 years), the validity would be 365 days / 05 years from the date of grant of ETA with Multiple entries and continuous stay during each visit which shall not exceed 90 days except nationals of USA, UK, Canada and Japan. In case of nationals of USA, UK, Canada and Japan, continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 180 days.

For e-Tourist Visa (30 days), the validity would be 30 days from the date of your first arrival in India. Double entries will be granted within the e-Visa validity period stamped on your Passport. Your first arrival must be between the date of issue and expiry of ETA.

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India Overview

India, officially known as the Republic of India, is a vast and diverse country located in South Asia. It is bordered by Pakistan to the northwest, China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north, and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. To the south, India is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, making it a peninsula. With its unique geographical location, India is often referred to as the "subcontinent". India is a federal union comprising 28 states and 8 union territories. Each state has its own distinct culture, traditions, and languages, contributing to the rich tapestry of India's diversity. The country's population is one of the world's largest, with over 1.3 billion people, making it a vibrant and dynamic nation.

The climate and weather in India vary greatly due to its vast size and diverse topography. From the snowy peaks of the Himalayas in the north to the tropical beaches in the south, India experiences a wide range of climatic conditions, including tropical, subtropical, desert, and alpine climates. India's history is steeped in ancient civilizations and has witnessed the rise and fall of various empires and dynasties. The country is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, reflecting its rich historical and cultural heritage. The Himalayas, the world's highest mountain range, are a prominent feature of India's geography. These majestic peaks not only add to the country's scenic beauty but also hold significant cultural and spiritual importance for various religions. Religion plays a vital role in India, with Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism being some of the major religions practiced here. The country celebrates a multitude of festivals and cultural events, making it a year-round carnival of colors and traditions.

Essential Information about India: Quick Facts and Highlights

Discovering india: states and their capitals, union territories & their capitals.

For travelers, India is a treasure trove of exploration and experiences. From the bustling cities to serene rural landscapes, India offers a diverse range of attractions, such as historical monuments, palaces, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and beautiful beaches. The country's tourism industry attracts millions of visitors every year who come to witness its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. Visiting India is a journey that promises unforgettable memories, providing a blend of ancient traditions and modern advancements. Whether exploring the bustling streets of Delhi, marveling at the beauty of the Taj Mahal, or meditating in the peaceful foothills of the Himalayas, India offers a truly magical experience that leaves a lasting impression on every traveler.

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Top Website Tour Examples To Learn From In 2023

10 min read

Top Website Tour Examples To Learn From In 2022

If you’re creating a user onboarding flow for your SaaS company, you’ll want to look at website tour examples from other businesses before you start.

We can learn from their mistakes, as well as follow the best practices they’ve established for teaching customers how to use their product. Having helped thousands of SaaS teams with onboarding, we can assure you that other web apps have faced the same challenges that you have.

Let’s get right into it.

  • SaaS businesses use website tours as a way of showing new users how their products work.
  • Website tours are valuable because they make users activate faster and more consistently, leading to a higher rate of retention in the long-term.
  • A typical website tour is built out of modals , tooltips , hotspots and driven actions.
  • To maximize the odds of your website tour being a success, ensure that you segment your user s and keep your tour as interactive and personalized as possible.
  • Don’t code your product tour from scratch . Use Userpilot instead. Get a free demo today!

What is a website tour?

In many cases, website tours are interactive, requiring the user to actively engage with your product. That’s because learning by doing is a more effective means of user education than merely passively reading tooltips.

When users visit your app for the first time, it’s unwise to simply leave them to their own devices and let them figure out your product in their own way.

Ultimately, the risk of churn for SaaS companies is just too high to do something like this. We’re talking about an industry where Day One churn rates often exceed 70% or 80%!

Many businesses solve this problem by giving users a product tour that highlights their web app’s key features.

What constitutes “key features” is subjective, depending entirely on what a particular user group finds valuable.

So a CEO will likely have a very different set of product needs than an intern at the bottom of the hierarchy, for example.

trello website tour

I’ve seen plenty of businesses attempt new user onboarding with passive tours as well, but I don’t advise it.

Types of UI patterns used in product tours

Most product tours are built out of the following elements:

  • Tooltips : brief text snippets that walk users through one individual product feature
  • Modals : larger, rectangular elements that grab users’ attention with striking graphics
  • Hotspots: small circles that flash softly to illuminate one particular part of the UI
  • Driven actions: focus the user’s attention on a specific action such as a click or an input

Userpilot UI element creation

Userpilot will let you build all of these UI patterns from simple templates, without facing the hassle of having to code. Get a free demo today!

Other patterns include:

  • Lightboxes: similar to modals , but smaller and less disruptive to the user’s sense of flow
  • Banners: long, thin, rectangular elements displaying an important message, often at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Sliders: similar to banners, but they slide in from the sides of the screen

So you now know what a website tour consists of, but why should your business care about creating one, when there are so many other things you could be spending your time on?

Why use product tours in your user onboarding process?

Put simply, serving your new users with a high-quality product tour is positively correlated with all the most important SaaS metrics .

For example:

Website tours reduce Time to Value

It’s in the commercial interests of all SaaS businesses to ensure that their customers experience value from their products as soon as possible.

Partly, this is due to the high-dopamine, low attention span world that we live in.

But it’s also about fulfilling the promises you make to your users. If they’ve come to your app to experience a particular benefit, they’re likely to churn if they don’t receive what they were looking for.

So imagine if you signed up for a new product and were greeted with an empty state like this:

empty state

Not exactly very motivating, is it?

By contrast, social media scheduling tool Kontentino greets new customers to their app in a friendly, engaging way:

kontentino welcome screen

And they follow this welcome screen with two tooltips that guide users towards connecting their social media account and scheduling their first post:

kontentino tooltip 1

Out of these two examples, I can assure you that Kontentino’s customers will be the ones more likely to stick around and experience value .

Customers that experience a website tour are more likely to activate

Arguably the most important milestone in any new user onboarding journey, activation is the moment when a customer personally experiences the value of your product for the first time.

A typical product tour is designed to highlight the features that are most important to each particular user segment.

Generally, this is achieved by giving the user a checklist of tasks to work through, like this:

userpilot checklist

By the time the customer has worked through the checklist, activation is almost certain.

That’s because you can use onboarding software like Userpilot to define a custom event that equates to activation on your app, and then guide users towards it with modals , tooltips and hotspots.

If you want to create custom events for your app that will help your customers to activate, get a Userpilot demo today!

User onboarding product tours drive more user retention

Imagine you’re a new user who’s using a web app for the first time and you’re overwhelmed at the amount of value you receive.

You had signed up to find a way to organize your team’s work projects more effectively, and the product tour you experience shows you multiple ways of doing just that.

You experience the core value of the product through engaging with different features.

Do you leave and check out competing products?

Of course not!

Since it’s given you exactly what you wanted and the website tour made it so easy to use, there’s a good chance you’ll stay with this app for a long time.

From the perspective of the SaaS business who made this app, this translates into a high retention rate and multiple recurring subscription payments.

Now that I’ve got your attention…

Top tips for effective website tours

Every product tour is different, but there are some best practices that can be applied to just about any SaaS business, regardless of niche.

Don’t code your product walkthroughs from scratch

If this is your first SaaS product, it might be tempting to think that you can easily create a bootstrap tour on your own.

Think again.

The simplest UI element used in almost every product tour is a tooltip . Here’s how much code you need to make one:

tooltip code

Now imagine that multiplied by the number of UI elements in your entire product tour.

But that’s not all!

Your developers will also need to edit your tooltips every time your product marketers want to run a product experiment , perhaps to change the tooltip’s color or shape to see if that affects performance.

Maybe you have investors with deep pockets, but given how expensive developers are and how little time they normally have, that sounds like a risky strategy to me.

A better strategy is to use code-free user onboarding software like Userpilot. That way, your product marketers can build product tours to their hearts’ content, without having to bother your devs.

But don’t take my word for it. Get a Userpilot demo today to see how it works!

Ensure your website tour is interactive

Do you remember that boring old professor at college that used to lecture you back in the day?

I’m prepared to bet that he lectured students 30 years ago in exactly the same way. Right?

The worst thing you can do is to create a product tour like that . I’m talking about a website tour that

  • goes through the same product features
  • in the same order
  • to every single customer, regardless of use case
  • in a dry, non-interactive way

This is called a linear product tour. And users consistently hate them !

linear product tour

This is why Pendo’s tooltip-based product tours don’t work, by the way. They’re just too linear and repetitive.

A better approach is to create an interactive walkthrough, like Kommunicate did here:

To the user, this feels more like a two-way dialogue than a boring lecture.

The product tour asks them to try out one of the core features , the user does so at their own pace, and then they get served with another interactive task that’s directly linked to their particular use case.

All the while, the website tour has tooltips and modals guiding users towards the features that they need.

Don’t forget to segment your users and personalize your website tours

As we mentioned earlier, what your customers find valuable about your product tour is subjective.

It will depend entirely on their particular use case. For example, if your product is an SEO tool:

  • Senior management will look at the bigger picture of their business
  • SEO managers will be interested in higher-level analytics to see how their team is performing
  • Link builders will generally only care about specific metrics such as domain authority and domain reputation

So it would be foolish to serve the same website tour to each of these user segments.

The solution?

Segment your users, and deliver an individualised product tour to each segment .

A great place to segment is on the welcome screen . You can ask your users questions that assess how they want to use your product, and then use software like Userpilot to personalize the subsequent product tour based on their answers.

This is how Postfity segmented their users:

postfity segmentation

If you want to see how Userpilot can help you segment your customers, get a Userpilot demo today.

Website tour examples that follow best practices

Now that you know what a website tour is and what the signs of a good tour are, let’s look at some guided tour examples from other businesses.

Website tour example #1: Rocketbots

Rocketbots have a web app that allows you to connect all your messaging systems on one platform.

After the user logs in, they initially see this welcome screen :

rocketbots welcome screen

Observe how Rocketbots is addressing me by name and how it’s already looking to personalize my user experience at this stage of the process.

This form is also extremely minimalistic, which shows that Rocketbots want to keep their website tour brief and get their users to activate as quickly as possible.

Once you’re done with the welcome page, the software serves you with an onboarding checklist , which looks like this:

rocketbots checklist

It’s notable that the checklist includes the tasks “Connect a Channel” and “Create a Space.”

These are the two most important activation tasks that Rocketbots requires of its users.

Their software won’t work if you don’t have a “space” to put all your inboxes in, and you won’t experience any value until you’ve connected your first inbox (or “channel”) to your space.

Rocketbots used Userpilot to create a series of tooltips that walk users through these two activation tasks.

Here’s what the tooltips look like for adding your first channel:

rocketbots tooltip

Once this is complete, activation won’t be far away.

Website tour example #2: Tallyfy

Tallyfy is a project management tool. It has two main functionalities: documenting business processes, and then automating them.

Tallyfy’s tour consists of the following two tasks, both of which require action from the user:

tallyfy product tour

The first task is simple enough. Simply follow the instructions and click “Open.”

Giving users a fast win like this is often a good idea when building your onboarding process . That way, your users will be more motivated than if you had a long, linear product tour .

The second task is rather more playful. If you click “Open,” you’re asked to choose between sand, bacon or cheese.

tallyfy gamification

Adding a light touch of gamification is a great way that Tallyfy keeps its users engaged.

Once you’re done with these two trial tasks, Tallyfy finishes up by prompting you to create your own task.

tallyfy next steps

There’s just the one CTA here, so it’s very clear where to go next after this website tour.

It seems to me like Tallyfy have listened to their user feedback and discovered that their product tour needn’t be any more complicated than this in order to get users to activate.

Website tour example #3: Demio

Demio is a webinar hosting service.

Their website tour is perhaps the very definition of interactivity . You are asked to join a fake webinar, and then handed over the reins to control it.

The webinar initially looks like this:

demio webinar

When the host passes control to you, you’re given dummy data and a slideshow to ensure that you have something to talk about.

If you’re anxious that this is some kind of a test, fear not! There is a fake audience who will chat in the sidebar and appreciate whatever you say!

demio gamification

There’s an element of playfulness to this website tour which makes it memorable.

And since it’s a fake webinar, there’s no risk to you if things go wrong. So it will be good practice for when you come to deliver a real webinar to real users.

If you take one thing away from this article, let it be that you consider using Userpilot to build your website tour!

It really is so much faster and cheaper than coding everything yourself, and Userpilot has templates for all the UI elements you’ll need.

Get a demo today and you’ll see what I mean.

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Aazar Ali Shad

Disneyland Railroad Guided Tour

All aboard .

Get a look into Walt Disney’s love for trains and discover the impact it had on the Disneyland Resort. On this eye-opening, 2-hour tour sure to delight both Disneyland fans and railroad enthusiasts alike, you’ll:

Start with a Treat Enjoy a beverage and a pastry to steam power your journey through Disneyland park.

Step into the Past Walk through the park listening to stories about where the idea behind Walt’s train creations first started. Understand the impact trains had on Walt Disney’s dreams—from animation and film all the way to the theme parks.

Catch a Rare Glimpse of the Disneyland Park Roundhouse This is where “the magic happens” for the historic Disneyland Railroad system and it’s not typically viewed by the public. You’ll learn more about the Imagineers that look after the Disneyland Monorail and trains.

Take a Special Ride During your guided tour, climb aboard Disneyland Railroad’s special Presidential Car, the Lilly Belle. Take the scenic route along the Rivers of America to see landscapes inspired by 4 of America’s majestic rivers: the Mississippi, the Columbia, the Missouri and the Rio Grande. Each are carefully recreated, complete with indigenous rock formations, natural forests, wildlife and 5 picturesque waterfalls.

Riding in the Lilly Belle is dependent on weather and availability.

And Enjoy a Special Keepsake A memento to remember your tour is included.

website for tours

Know Before You Go

Required Park Reservation and Admission


Late arrivals may not be able to join the guided tour. Please be prepared to present your reservation confirmation, photo ID and the credit card provided at the time of booking.

This tour is only available during regular park hours at Disneyland Park.


There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. Full price will be charged and forfeited if Guest cancels within one day or is a no-show for the reservation.

Riding in the Lilly Belle

Guests utilizing wheelchairs must be able to transfer from their mobility device to a wheelchair provided at the attraction.

Guests younger than 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older during the entire experience.

Important Details

All prices, experiences, information and offerings are subject to restrictions, change or cancellation without notice.

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website for tours

RBC Heritage

RBC Heritage

Harbour Town Golf Links

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina • USA

Apr 18 - 21, 2024

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Enter for your chance to win a trip for two to California to see the final show of The Rolling Stones ‘Hackney Diamonds’ North American Stadium Tour!

Stones Tour 2024

... plus, walk with The Stones to the stage!

The Rolling Stones are going back on the road with a brand new tour in celebration of their latest album, HACKNEY DIAMONDS... and SiriusXM has your chance to see them perform in Santa Clara, CA on July 17, 2024!

One Grand Prize winner  will receive round-trip airfare, hotel, 2 front row tickets including backstage passes and a VIP package with special merch! Winner and guest will also get to take a walk to the stage as The Rolling Stones take the stage.

For more information on The Rolling Stones HACKNEY DIAMONDS tour, click here .

The following information will be subject to the SiriusXM Privacy Policy . See Official Rules for details and eligibility requirements.

COVID-19 Notice :  Winner and their guest must comply with all health and safety laws and event venue rules, which are subject to change at any time.

I have read and agree to the Official Rules and acknowledge the promotion is open only to current subscribers on or prior to April 3, 2024.

NO ADDITIONAL PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Open only to active SiriusXM subscribers on or prior to April 3, 2024 (self-paid or introductory trial). Must be a U.S. resident, 18 years of age or older to enter. Subject to the Official Rules available here . Void where prohibited.

Michelob Ultra

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15-year-old Miles Russell makes Korn Ferry Tour history with unreal record

Miles Russell, a freshman in high school who hails from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, made history on the Korn Ferry Tour.

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Miles Russell, LECOM Suncoast Classic

Miles Russell started playing golf at two years old and first broke par at the age of six.

Nine years after shooting under par for the first time, Russell made the cut in a Korn Ferry Tour event, becoming the youngest player ever to do so.

“That’s pretty cool, I did not know that,” Russell said after making the cut at the LECOM Suncoast Classic.

“That’s a cool [record] to have.”

Russell shot a 3-under 68 in the opening round and carded a 5-under 66 during Friday’s second round—a round that featured a pair of eagles on the opening nine.

“I’m kind of speechless. The goal was to make the cut, and we made it, so we’ll see where the weekend goes,” Russell added.

“It’s a cool record to break. People are getting so good, so young. It could hold out for a week. You never know, but it’s pretty cool right now.”

Only one other player under the age of 16 has ever made the cut in a PGA Tour-sanctioned event. At the 2013 Masters Tournament , Guan Tian Liang of China—at 14 years old—made it to the weekend. He also made the cut at the 2013 Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

Nevertheless, Russell surpassed the Korn Ferry Tour record set by Gipper Finau— Tony Finau’s brother—at the 2006 Utah Championship. At the time, Finau was 16 years old.

LECOM Suncoast Classic

Now, Russell—the number one ranked player within the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA)—has had a tremendous opportunity to see how his game compares to that of professionals.

“I knew it was going to be a good test to see where I am against some of the best,” Russell said.

“It’s definitely something I’ll remember, even when times get hard. I’ll remember it when that happens and go with the flow.”

So far, Russell has passed the test with flying colors. Despite his young age, he looks the part of a future star.

His calm demeanor is just another reason why Russell has had so much success in Florida this week.

“Kind of keep trying to do what I’ve been doing,” Russell said Friday.

“I don’t know what the weather looks like in the next few days, but I think it’s pretty much the same. I mean, have a day like today, maybe make a few fewer mistakes, and see how it goes.”

With Russell making the cut, he has his sights set on another goal: finishing in the top 25. That could lead to another opportunity on the Korn Ferry Tour next week at the Veritex Bank Championship in Texas, but Russell is not getting ahead of himself too much—just like a seasoned pro.

Still, further opportunities will surely present themselves to this budding young star.

Jack Milko is a golf staff writer for SB Nation’s Playing Through. Be sure to check out @_PlayingThrough for more golf coverage. You can follow him on Twitter @jack_milko as well.

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  • RBC Heritage: Scottie Scheffler growing rivalry with Ludvig Aberg has fans in a tizzy
  • Tiger Woods batting practice vs. John Smoltz story told with hilarious outcome
  • Sir Nick Faldo doubles down on Jon Rahm disdain amid Masters debacle

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Cannes film festival celebrates japanese filmmaker akira kurosawa with 2024 poster, breaking news.

Taylor Swift Fans Bilked Estimated £1M By Ticket Scammers For UK Eras Tour Concerts, Lloyds Warns

By Nancy Tartaglione

Nancy Tartaglione

International Box Office Editor/Senior Contributor

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  • ‘Godzilla X Kong’ Roars Past $436M WW; ‘Kung Fu Panda 4’ Tops $450M; Latest ‘Detective Conan’ Huge In Japan – International Box Office

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour

Lloyds Bank is aiming to help Taylor Swift fans in the UK avoid a cruel summer. The bank has issued an “urgent warning” over ticket scams for the upcoming UK leg of the superstar’s Eras Tour, finding that Swifties are being “targeted by a wave of concert ticket scams flooding social media.”

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Matt Healy

Taylor Swift's "Diss Track" Sees Pop Star Ex's Family Speak Out In His Defence

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Reunites 'Dead Poets' Stars Ethan Hawke, Josh Charles For 'Fortnight' Video

The institution further estimates that industry-wide across the UK there are likely to have been at least 3,000 victims since tickets went on sale, with over £1 million ($1.25 million) lost to fraudsters so far.

More than 90% of reported cases start with fake ads or posts on Facebook, which includes Facebook Marketplace, according to Lloyds, with dozens of unofficial groups set up specifically for people looking to buy and sell tickets for Taylor Swift concerts. 

Lloyds warned, “With all UK dates now sold out, many more fans are likely to fall victim to ticket scams in the coming weeks and months, both leading up to the tour and once the concerts begin in June.”

In its research, Lloyds found that the number of reported scam cases relating to concert tickets more than doubled last summer compared to the same period a year earlier (up by 158%). Among the other major artists most commonly targeted last summer were Coldplay, Harry Styles and Beyonce.

Liz Ziegler, Fraud Prevention Director, Lloyds Bank, said, “For her legion of dedicated Swifties, the excitement is building ahead of Taylor’s Eras Tour finally touching down in the UK this summer. However, cruel fraudsters have wasted no time in targeting her most loyal fans as they rush to pick up tickets for her must-see concerts. It’s easy to let our emotions get the better of us when we find out our favorite artist is going to be performing live, but it’s important not to let those feelings cloud our judgement when trying to get hold of tickets.”

Ziegler suggested, “Buying directly from reputable, authorized platforms is the only way to guarantee you’re paying for a genuine ticket. Even then, always pay by debit or credit card for the greatest protection. If you’re being asked to pay by bank transfer, particularly from a seller you’ve found on social media, that should immediately set alarm bells ringing.”

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‘Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert’ Sequel In Works With Original Stars

Renewal status report on bubble dramas ‘the cleaning lady’ & ‘alert’, ‘outer range’ showrunner charles murray: the film that lit my fuse.

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In Pennsylvania, Biden slams Trump as he calls for a fairer tax code.

In Scranton, his hometown, the president discussed tax policy in terms of economic fairness, arguing that Donald Trump’s tax cuts benefited billionaires.

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President Biden speaking in Washington recently.

By Nicholas Nehamas

Reporting from Scranton, Pa.

President Biden kicked off a three-day tour of Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground state, with a speech on Tuesday that focused on taxes and aimed to contrast his policies with those of former President Donald J. Trump.

In Scranton, his hometown, Mr. Biden spoke about the tax code in the frame of economic fairness, arguing that Mr. Trump’s tax cuts had benefited billionaires while his own agenda had helped working- and middle-class families.

“A fair tax code is how we invest in the things that make this country strong,” he said. “Health care, education, defense and so much more.”

Speaking about lessons of hard work and fairness he said he had learned growing up in Scranton, Mr. Biden suggested that Mr. Trump had learned different lessons. “He learned the best way to get rich is to inherit it,” he said.

It was standard election-year fare, but the backdrop to Mr. Biden’s campaign swing could not be more unusual. In an unprecedented trial, Mr. Trump is spending most of this week, and much of the coming month or two, in a Manhattan courtroom facing criminal charges. Democrats hope that the contrast of Mr. Biden campaigning and carrying out the duties of a president while Mr. Trump’s lawyers plead his innocence will highlight the choice voters face in November.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, did not answer when asked if Mr. Biden was watching the Trump trial or being briefed on it.

“His focus is on the American people,” she said during a briefing with reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Scranton.

On Tuesday, the day after Tax Day, Mr. Biden promoted his plans for changes to the tax code, including expanding the child tax credit, instituting a tax credit for first-time home buyers and making permanent tax credits for those who buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

He often asks his audiences on the campaign trail: “Does anybody think the tax code is fair?”

Pennsylvania is a key target for both the Biden and Trump campaigns. Mr. Biden’s easiest path to re-election involves him winning Pennsylvania, as well as Michigan and Wisconsin, the so-called blue wall states. In 2020, he narrowly defeated Mr. Trump in Pennsylvania by about 80,000 votes. Polling shows that another tight race is likely in the state, the nation’s most populous battleground.

Mr. Trump held a major rally in eastern Pennsylvania on Saturday. Both he and Mr. Biden, who spent much of his childhood in Scranton, have sought to highlight their ties to the state. “I went to school here, right?” Mr. Trump, a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, reminded his audience. “I went to school in Pennsylvania. I love Pennsylvania.”

While Mr. Biden’s campaign has invested heavily in opening offices and hiring staff members around the state, Pennsylvania Democrats have urged him to broaden his travel beyond Philadelphia, a major hub of Democratic votes that is also logistically convenient for him to visit. They say it is imperative that Mr. Biden campaign in western Pennsylvania, as well as swing areas like Erie County, which Mr. Biden flipped in 2020.

This week, Mr. Biden is doing just that. After leaving Scranton, he will visit Pittsburgh on Wednesday to give an official address at the headquarters of the United Steelworkers. Unions are a major constituency for Democrats, and Mr. Biden has signaled opposition to an effort by a Japanese company to acquire U.S. Steel, a move also opposed by the steelworkers union, which has endorsed him.

On Thursday, he will campaign in Philadelphia.

Although the economy is Mr. Biden’s focus during his tour, Democrats are also trying to keep the issue of abortion front and center, seeking to tie Mr. Trump directly to bans on the procedure in many states, most recently in Arizona .

Ahead of Mr. Trump’s visit to Pennsylvania over the weekend, the Democratic National Committee unveiled billboards in the eastern part of the state.

“Because of Trump, over 20 states have extreme abortion bans,” the billboards said in English and Spanish. “If he gets his way, Pennsylvania could be next.”

Abortion is legal in the state until 24 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions after that and, with a Democratic governor in office, restrictions seem highly unlikely. Democrats have argued that Mr. Trump would sign a federal ban on abortion if he were re-elected. Mr. Trump said last week that he would not, reversing a position he held during his term in the White House.

Michael Gold contributed reporting from Schnecksville, Pa.

Nicholas Nehamas is a Times political reporter covering the re-election campaign of President Biden. More about Nicholas Nehamas

Our Coverage of the 2024 Election

Presidential Race

President Biden’s campaign has featured initiatives aimed at young people , union workers and environmentalists  as well as calling for tariffs on Chinese steel , but it is not clear that they will be sufficient  to rekindle support in those groups.

American voters absorbed their first view of a split-screen campaign:  President Biden sprinting across one of the country’s top battleground states and former President Donald J. Trump sitting in a New York courtroom.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he had secured a spot on the ballot in Michigan, as more than a dozen members  of his family endorsed  President Biden. Additionally, activists who worked with Kennedy at an environmental nonprofit group urged him to drop his presidential bid .

A Generation Gap: Many older Black voters see moral and political reasons to vote, but younger Black voters feel far less motivated to cast a ballot for Democrats or even at all .

Vice-Presidential Calculations: As Trump sifts through potential running mates, he has peppered some advisers and associates with a direct question: Which Republican could best help him raise money ?

Embracing the Jan. 6 Rioters:  Trump initially disavowed the attack on the Capitol, but he is now making it a centerpiece of his campaign .

Mobilizing the Left: Amid the war in Gaza, the pro-Palestinian movement has grown into a powerful, if disjointed, political force in the United States. Democrats are feeling the pressure .

Green Bay, Brown County optimistic about chances coal piles will move as White House official tours site

website for tours

GREEN BAY - The Port of Green Bay applied for a $25 million federal grant to cover higher-than-expected costs to build a new port facility, a project key to ongoing community efforts to relocate the coal piles out of the central city.

The port in February applied for a U.S. Department of Transportation RAISE Discretionary Grant to close a budget gap in a plan to develop a new multipurpose port facility on the former Pulliam Power Plant site at the mouth of the Fox River. Cost estimates last fall showed improvements and infrastructure work on the site would cost about $48.7 million , about $19 million more than originally expected.

The RAISE grant program has about $1.5 billion to award in 2024.

Port Director Dean Haen said the community's application included letters of support from 40 businesses, legislators and Gov. Tony Evers that "make our case why it's very important to Green Bay." He said the grant is necessary to ensure construction starts in 2025 on the new port facility along the west shore at the mouth of the Fox River.

Senior aide to President Joe Biden tours Green Bay coal piles site

The port won't find out until summer whether it receives the grant, but a senior White House official toured the coal piles site during a visit to Green Bay on Thursday , giving local officials the opportunity to drive the point home that the city, county, and C. Reiss Coal Co. are "all aligned," said Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich.

The tour, as much as the guest of honor, carried some import in itself — It was the first time C. Reiss Coal Co. representatives joined city of Green Bay and Brown County officials to tour the site and publicly discuss the relocation since the community first identified an opportunity to relocate the coal yard in 2021.

Keith Haselhoff, CEO of C. Reiss Coal Co. , met with senior adviser to President Joe Biden and Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs Tom Perez, Genrich, Haen and other city and county officials. Perez also toured City East Center , a city- and state-funded affordable housing development and new home of the Brown County United Way .

Perez said the collaborative work of the city, county, business community, and C. Reiss Coal is often a key to securing grants, though he personally does not judge any applications.

"I see potential, remarkable potential," Perez said after touring the C. Reiss site. "There's obviously leadership here."

'We're optimistic this can be a success'

Haselhoff said C. Reiss continues to take its cues from the city and county as they pursue the money necessary to pull off the port expansion, relocation of C. Reiss and redevelopment of the coal yard site. But he said the company is optimistic at this point and continues to discuss its operational needs with the community partners.

"We're optimistic this can be a success," Haselhoff said. "New beginnings are always exciting."

The company has not said much publicly, but that does not mean it hasn't been closely involved, Genrich said. He called the company a "constructive partner" since the county and city got serious.

"They've never said, 'No, we're not interested,'" Genrich said. "They've been at the table figuring out how to make it work for themselves and the community."

Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach said the community and company efforts to date have positioned the region to, after 25 years of talks, "reimagine what the next 100 years will look like" for the riverfront site.

After 4 years of work, Green Bay, Brown County, C. Reiss have community close to plan to relocate coal piles

Brown County in 2021 paid $2.7 million to Wisconsin Public Service Corp. for the former J.P. Pulliam power plant site. WPS generated electricity on the 43.7-acre site from 1927 until 2018 when WPS shut down the two coal-fired power plants and began demolishing them.

The county saw the property as an opportunity to expand port operations in an industrial area of Green Bay on a site with room to relocate the coal piles, a goal community leaders have pursued for decades now. The riverfront site has been a coal yard since 1900, C. Reiss officials said.

Genrich has called the relocation a "once-in-a-city's-lifetime" transformation of the community's waterfront.

But first, the port expansion site needs a lot of costly work and port officials have so far secured about $30.8 million in funding:

  • $15 million in American Rescue Plan Act dollars via Gov. Tony Evers .
  • $10.1 million federal Port Infrastructure Development Program Grant .
  • $500,000 Idle Sites Grant  from Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. to help buy the property.
  • $3.2 million in Brown County American Rescue Plan Act dollars.
  • $2.1 million in WisDOT Harbor Assistance Grants.

The funding and engineering work to design the port expansion enabled the community to accelerate discussions with C. Reiss Coal Co. about relocating the coal piles.

In Depth: A port, a power plant and partnerships: How Green Bay and Brown County could finally relocate the coal piles

What's the Port of Green Bay expansion project?

The site needs improvements and upgrades on land and in the Fox River in order to potentially facilitate a variety of maritime deliveries and pickups. This site would be publicly owned in contrast to the 14 current port terminals that are privately owned and operated. The new port facility on its own could bolster the port's economic impact by as much as $87 million.

A major component of the project would involve dredging along the site and installation of a steel dock wall to enable ships to dock at the site. Construction plans include:

  • Dredge the Fox River along the site and install a steel dock wall to enable ships to access the site.
  • Construct a rail spur.
  • Fill in the docking slip on the Pulliam site.
  • Build a stormwater detention basin.
  • Add mooring facilities and crane pads for port operations.
  • Repair the sea wall.

While some road and infrastructure construction could start still this year, Haen said the community needs to win a RAISE Grant if it wants to start construction on the port-specific improvements in 2025.

Coal piles site could become housing, port site and ... Green Bay's Amtrak station?

City and county officials envision a port/industrial operation, housing and, possibly, an Amtrak station on the coal piles current site. The overall goal would be to activate the riverfront and develop a mix of uses that complements the Shipyard Redevelopment Area housing and recreational amenities coming together just north of the Mason Street bridge.

The northern 10 acres of the site, closest to Mason Street, would be marketed to housing developers.

The southern 20-plus acres would be used to create a new port site to facilitate some industrial uses in order to further bolster the port's current $217 million economic impact .

And with northeastern Wisconsin being awarded $500,000 to study passenger rail expansion from Milwaukee north to Green Bay , Genrich also pitched the coal piles site as a potential location for a new Amtrak terminal. He touted the site as well-located between downtown Green Bay and the rapidly developing Lambeau Field stadium and entertainment district.

"(A train station) can a lot of times be a pretty catalytic presence. We'd love to have a station located here as well," Genrich said.

Contact Jeff Bollier at (920) 431-8387 or [email protected] . Follow him on Twitter at @JeffBollier .


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