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A Business Trip Approval Letter

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A Business trip approval letter is written to permit an employee officially for a business trip for which he has submitted a written request. Business trips are considered as a professional way to build up a strong relationship with your existing clients and also a chance to acquire new clients. They are generally regarded as a profitable way of expanding the business. Therefore the staff of the marketing department keeps on touring new places to acquire more and more business.

Trips like these are essential for the growth of a company, so companies do encourage their employees to take such trips. Once an employee has made a request for a business trip, the higher authorities check the details of the trip. If it’s relevant and suitable for the progress of the company, the higher authorities approve the business trip. 

While writing the letter of approval, it is mandatory to include further details of the trip and what is being expected from the employee. You can specify the budget for the trip and mention the people who will be accompanying the person. Letters like this should focus more on specific details rather than anything else.

A Business Trip Approval Letter Writing Tips

  • Firstly it is vital to be professional enough to write an approval letter on the employee’s request.
  • You must specify the budget to your employee so that he should not overspend and exceed the budget laid down by the company.
  • The tone of the letter should be formal.
  • The letter should be brief and concise.
  • Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for corrections, if needed.

A Business Trip Approval Letter Template

Use our free A Business Trip Approval Letter to help you get started.

From, _____________


Date _________ (Date on which letter is written)

To, _____________

Sub: ___________________________________________

Dear ________________ (Name of the person),

I, hereby, would like to inform you that after discussing with the ______ (Department name), management has approved your business trip to __________ (place) scheduled from __________ (date) to ________________ (Date). We all wish that you will bring some good amount of business to the company. Mr. __________ (name) would also be accompanying you in this trip as he is a Chief legal advisor and will support you if you need any legal help during the trip and with the clients.

Please submit all the relevant documents to the concerned departments once you return.

Yours truly, (_______________)

Sample Letter

From, Alexander Gomes Marketing Head ABC Inc.

Date: 2nd February 2009

To, Mr. Joseph Nicolas Marketing Manager ABC Inc. Atlanta

Sub: Approval for Business Trip

Dear Mr. Nicolas,

I am writing this letter to officially inform you that the management has approved the request submitted by you for a business trip to Germany. The decision has been taken in conjunction with the Sales department. It is scheduled from 10th December to 20th December, and we wish that in this period you will work as per the strategies and norms laid down by the company and will get business for us.

I would also like to inform you that Ms. Catherine from the Sales department will also accompany you on this trip and we wish that after returning, you should prepare a sale report as well as your expense report and submit to the concerned department.

Wishing you all the best,

Yours truly, Alexander Gomes

Email Format

The following is the Email Format that should be followed while writing a Business trip approval letter.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Business Trip Approval Letter

I, hereby, would like to inform you that after discussing with the ______ (Department name), management has approved your business trip to __________ (place) scheduled from __________ (date) to ________________ (Date). We all hope that you will bring a good amount of business to the company. Mr. __________ (name) would also be accompanying you in this trip as he is a Chief legal advisor and will support you if you need any legal help during the trip and with the clients.

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FREE 11+ Sample Travel Approval Forms in PDF | Excel | MS Word

travel approval form

Sample Travel Consent Forms - 10+ Free Documents in PDF, Doc

Sample travel allowance forms - 8+ free documents in word, pdf, travel request form samples - 8+ free documents in word, pdf.

However, some people require you to have the proper authorization before you can go anywhere. This is especially true for company employees who need to travel somewhere for a business trip.

These people will need the proper approval from their higher-ups, and the best thing that can help them with that are  Travel Approval Forms .

Travel Request Approval Form Sample

travel request approval form

Size: 66 KB

Travel Expense Approval Form

travel expense approval form

Size: 78 KB

Student Travel Approval Form

student travel approval form

Travel Tour Approval Form Example

travel tour approval form

Size: 68 KB

Academic Travel Approval Form

academic travel approval form

Size: 109 KB

The Different Type of Travel Approval Forms

There are various types of these forms that people need to have before they can go to certain places for different purposes. Here are some examples of these forms:

  • Travel Consent Approval Form s are usually used by parents whose children wish to travel from one country to another. This guarantees that the travel agency has the consent of the parents or whoever is traveling and that they will not be held liable for any problems that the traveler might encounter.
  • Travel Claim Approval Form s are especially useful for employees who were authorized to go on a business trip. These guarantee that the employee will be fully reimbursed by the company for all expenses incurred, assuming that they were authorized to accumulate these expenses on behalf of the company.
  • Academic Travel Approval Forms are usually used by students who wish to go abroad for academic purposes. These help them in making certain that their school understands the purpose of his or her travel and if green-lit, that student will be able to conduct studies that will prove beneficial to both parties.

International Travel Approval Form

international travel approval form

Size: 77 KB

Business Travel Expense Approval Form

business travel expense approval form

Size: 645 KB

Printable Team Travel Approval Form

team travel approval form

Size: 284 KB

Travel Preliminary Approval Form

travel preliminary approval form

Size: 236 KB

Travel Approval Form Free

travel conference approval form

Size: 84 KB

Simple Travel Approval Form

simple travel approval form

Size: 12 KB

Sample Travel Approval Request Form

sample travel approval request form

Size: 31 KB

The Importance of Having Travel Approval Forms

Travel Approval Forms or  Travel Authorization Forms  are especially important for those company owners who need any of their employees to conduct business trips that could strengthen the relationship of their company with another.

These even help them out in determining the purpose of their travel. An example would be that a student needs to travel to a different country because there’s a certain area that he thinks would improve his knowledge and that he can bring the knowledge back with him. The school will need to evaluate his purpose; if it is indeed a proper study, then the school has the authority to approve his request or not.

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Travel Request Forms and Templates

Travel request forms are forms filled by an employee who is bound to travel for business purposes. The purpose of a travel request letter is for a company to carter for the expenses during the entire travel period. This depends on the agreement of the employee and his or her employer. This article discusses the uses, purpose, and contents of a travel request form. Templates are also provided.

What is Travel Request Form?

This document incorporates all the details needed by a traveler to forward for approval from the management before commencing travel. The contents of a travel request form include destinations, travel dates, mode of transport, meals, accommodation, among others. The travel request form also shows a traveling place as well as the expenses incurred. This document can fulfill several purposes: securing permissions for travel or seeking approval from companies on behalf of the traveling employees.

Importance of Using Travel Request Forms

Just like any other business document, a travel request form carries significant importance.

These documents ensure that travels within the company are:

  • Feasible: Sometimes, the resources and funds within a company can be limited. This makes it essential to ensure that every available resource is put into good use. By doing so, the company’s finances will be stabilized.
  • Authorized: It is very important for travel requests to go through proper departments and channels before it gets authorized in a business.
  • Organized: These forms can also be kept and stored for future reference. Given that there is a form for every purpose, you need to ensure that these forms are organized to prevent confusion and clutter. It also allows easier access to documents when one needs them for reference.

Steps to Write a Travel Request Form

In order to write a travel request form efficiently, you simply need to follow two steps in a detailed manner.

These two steps are as follows:

Provide the details of the traveler

In the travel request form, including details of the traveler. This information includes the full names, contact information, designation employee id, email id, and fax number. Besides, don’t forget to mention why you are going on the trip. This should be indicated in the transfer request form.

Provide information regarding the trip

You must provide information relating to the trip. This includes the date and time of departure as well as the arrival time. Other things to write include the travel schedule, mode of transport, accommodation, travel itinerary, and meals.

Information to be Included in a Travel Request Form

For your travel request form to be composed in the most efficient manner, you must include the following information in it:

Personal information

This is the information belonging to the traveling employee. The Information needed to be filled in this document includes the individual’s name, contact information, job position, and respective department.

Travel request information

This is the information regarding the actual trip. It includes the date of travel, the purpose of travel, the duration of travel, destination, and estimated cost of travel. It is important to ensure that all these details are indicated in the letter. 

Indicate travel expenses and information regarding sponsorship

A travel request form should indicate the trip’s estimated expenses, including costs of meals and accommodation, transportation expenses, travel expenses, and car rentals, among others. If the trip is being sponsored, remember to include the contact information and details of the sponsors.

Mention the names of all the authorized persons

You cannot forward a travel request form unless a higher authority approves it. This is why you should mention all the names of authorized individuals, leaving a space for their signatures.

Ensure you incorporate all terms and conditions

To ensure that everything is working properly and meets all the transparency standards, incorporate all the terms and conditions. They should be clearly described in your form to avoid any inconveniences.

Put Accurate Information in a Travel Request Form

You must provide accurate information in your travel request form.

Here are some of the reasons why it is essential to do so:

Accurate information is crucial in a travel request form. In a company, you might not be the only individual asking for a travel request. To avoid mix up, you should indicate the details in your form. Make sure that the name is written, your destination, and other crucial details.

Furthermore, accurate information increases trustworthiness. When it comes to finances, don’t indicate inaccurate figures. Some people get tempted to indicate higher figures so that they can pocket the extra cash. For example, don’t allocate an inaccurate accommodation fee so that you can pocket the extra money. You should always provide honest and accurate information in your travel request form.

Download Templates

You can download our free travel request form templates. These templates can also be customized to fit your preferences.


Companies require receipts for employee expenses for two reasons: to confirm that employees are spending money how and when they claim and to back up deductions listed on the business’s tax return.

The comment section of a travel request form should include remarks on the importance of the trip. If you are applying, back your application up by giving reasons why the trip is important.

It depends on the policies of the company. In some companies, once the funds have been availed, it is impossible to cancel the request. In most companies, however, you can cancel the request even after it has been approved.

Travel request forms play an important role in organizations. For the best outcome, you can use our prepared available templates. They are easy to use and can be customized.

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Managing the business travel approval process: five things to keep in mind

1. consult all relevant business travel stakeholders.

  • Administrators: an office travel manager or executive assistant in charge of booking business travel
  • Line managers: the manager of the person going on the business trip
  • Executives: additional managers at the director or C-suite level
  • Finance: a representative from the finance department who handles business travel (from the perspective of travel costs)
  • HR: a representative from the HR department who handles business travel (from the engagement or compliance perspective)


Learn how to write a comprehensive business travel policy with our ebook.

2. create an organized business travel approval process.

  • Who’s in charge of booking business travel? Employees, managers, an administrative assistant?
  • Do travelers need to fill out a request form?
  • What "approvers" need to be consulted for corporate travel approval?
  • How does spending work when on a business trip? Who sets and controls the budget?
  • How much advance notice is needed to approve a business trip?
  • What happens if there’s a last-minute business travel request?
  • Are only certain types of hotels, flights, etc. approved for travel booking? For example, can a traveler book a three-star or four-star hotel?
  • Is there a certain cabin class allowed for flights (first, business, economy?)

Here's how travel policies are seamlessly integrated in TravelPerk

3. manage things all in one place during the approval process, 4. communicate the business travel approval process to people in your company, 5. automate your business travel approval process where possible, bonus: using travelperk for your business travel approval process, did you find this article useful.

Woman riding train

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How to make a business travel report + free template for 2024

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Navan India (Formerly Tripeur) - Expense Management & Corporate Travel Software

Corporate Travel Management Blogs

Creating the perfect travel request approval process.

Sajit Chacko

Sajit Chacko

Tripeur Travel Desk

Unfortunately, a persistent problem facing many with such aspirations is that they often find themselves in situations where the trips become a tiresome burden with exponentially higher costs than expected. 

Why is this, you wonder? Simply put, the chaotic, frustrating, and challenging task of working with outdated spreadsheet-based systems makes business travel nightmarish every step of the way. 

This problem is especially true for the archaic travel approval process, which makes trips unmanageable and unfeasible. We are here to tell the readers they don’t need to be.

This article will explore the travel request approval process, the challenges organizations face using older processes, and how creating a clear, automated workflow can help overcome these challenges. By the end of this article, you will understand why creating an ideal travel request approval workflow is essential to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

What is a travel request approval process?

A travel request approval process is a series of actions that an employee or traveler follows to acquire management consent to implement a trip. 

This process typically begins with the employee filling out a travel request form outlining the trip’s details, including the destination, purpose, dates, and estimated expenses. 

The employee then forwards the request to the assigned administrative authorities and stakeholders through outdated methods of communication, such as email, for review. The review process involves managers and admins checking compliance with travel policies, estimating trip feasibility, verifying budget availability, and obtaining approvals from the other relevant organizational stakeholders. 

Based on such considerations, the request is either sanctioned or denied. Once approved, the employee can purchase flight tickets, reserve accommodations, and perform other necessary tasks to carry out the trip.

Why do you need a travel request approval workflow?

A travel request approval workflow is an excellent way to simplify the outdated, inefficient, and problematic process that most businesses continue to follow even today. A streamlined workflow ensures compliance with the corporate travel policy, improves planning efficiency, regulates costs, enhances communication, and increases security. 

Moreover, implementing one further ensures that travel expenses are quickly approved, transparent, and well-planned. 

Here are some of the real-world problems several businesses face which necessitate a systematic travel request approval workflow.

Limited control over expenses

Proper internal controls make it easier for businesses to track trip expenses, maintain compliance, and impose spending constraints. The main problem behind the manual travel request process is that it fails to establish such controls for employee expenses, causing widespread policy non-compliance and overspending. 

The situation worsens when too many stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process. When this happens, it becomes a challenge to manage or keep track of the approved expenses, often resulting in travelers exceeding their allotted budgets. 

On the other hand, a travel request approval workflow provides travelers with a framework that helps them stay compliant and within their budgetary limitations throughout the travel process. 

The ideal workflow should enhance the business’s expense controls while leaving no room for misinformation or miscommunication. Even when the business trip involves multiple travelers, an excellent workflow allows consistent policy compliance and expense transparency between the travelers and their respective departmental heads, managers, and admins.

Key information doesn’t reach the right people

When using manual systems, employees regularly encounter numerous roadblocks between them and acquiring the necessary travel permissions. This situation is especially true when requests are sent to an unnecessarily large number of stakeholders regardless of their role or relevance in the travel request process. 

There are bound to be information gaps, miscommunication, errors, and delays when this occurs. And critical information sometimes does not reach crucial decision-makers on time, considerably slowing down the process. 

Moreover, manual systems make it nearly impossible for travelers to make quick, time-sensitive decisions that could drive down trip costs. 

Instead, an automated travel request workflow system can guarantee that critical travel proposals and information is sent only to those with the utmost relevance to the nature of the proposal. 

This way, essential stakeholders are routinely kept informed and updated on the decision-making process. Such a level of transparency dramatically improves communication and reduces the risk of misunderstandings. 

By assigning priority levels to requests, you also ensure that administrators get instantly notified and attend to critical requests without delays. 

Manual processes are inefficient

Implementing and managing business trips through manual processes is a tedious task with several redundancies that causes delays and human error. 

Here, the time it takes for the itinerary, travel costs, trip expenses, and relevant justifications to be approved generally takes several days or weeks to get accepted. By this time, trip costs may dramatically escalate. 

On the other hand, an automated travel request approval workflow can significantly reduce the time to process such requests from days to mere minutes. Additionally, since the requests only reach the relevant stakeholders, there will be no misinformation and confusion, ensuring enhanced compliance. 

An added advantage to an automated travel request system is mobile functionality that allows requests to be sent directly to the mobile device of the relevant authority, along with automated expense reports. 

How to create the ideal travel request approval workflow

Let us walk through the steps you must take to create the perfect travel request approval workflow.

1. Understand what you want to achieve 

A good practice before you design a travel request approval workflow is first to analyze your current processes and the challenges you face with them. This analysis helps you identify problematic errors, redundancies, inefficiencies, and other significant issues in your workflow. 

Once you identify these issues, you will better understand what components need to be cut, reworked, excluded, and improved. This way, you can eliminate any problems disrupting your travel implementation process and feasibility. 

When you have ample information on what’s wrong, you can envision how your new travel request approval workflow should be and what it must help you achieve. 

A noteworthy recommendation is to automate, rework, and improve your existing systems rather than a complete system rehaul. Enhancing and automating existing systems facilitates familiarity, resulting in lesser adoption resistance from your employees. 

The ultimate goal should be to plan a workflow that dramatically improves time management, efficiency, transparency, and visibility when filling, submitting, and handling travel requests.

2. Consult all relevant business travel stakeholders

tour approval format

Manual processes generally require the proposal to be approved by administrators, managers, C-suites, finance teams, and the HR department before its implementation. Each of these departments has team members, further expanding the proposal’s organizational exposure. 

The first step to creating a workflow perfect for your unique business requirements is identifying the stakeholders relevant to the travel-decision making process. A good practice is to restrict the number of administrators charged with viewing and scrutinizing the requests and their contents to the lowest number possible. 

Modern automated systems provide stakeholders with excellent internal controls on expenses and approvals while increasing their overall visibility. In such a system, there is no need to involve more than a few stakeholders. 

The number of administrators entirely depends on the organization’s size. Smaller organizations may need lesser administrators and decision-makers involved in the travel request approval process. On the other hand, larger organizations generally have more travelers than SMEs and a higher volume of requests and expenses that require administrative attention. 

Factor in these considerations and decide the optimal number of stakeholders to review trip requests. Remember, the number should be manageable for the administrator or manager.

3. Map out the travel request approval workflow

The next stage is automating and mapping the proposals’ flow for your new travel request approval workflow. Ideally, this should involve requests to flow through stakeholders relevant to trip planning and with expertise in improving the trip’s productivity. 

This map should specify each member’s role in the newly automated process.

4. Setup a single management tool for easy access

tour approval format

The first thing you should do for your new workflow is to restructure your processes to eliminate redundancies from the previous systems, including redundant communication channels or any other aspect that may confuse stakeholders. 

Once you have centralized and organized your business travel approval process, you must increase the corporate travel policy’s visibility to reach all stakeholders. Doing so ensures that all employees are completely aware of the policies, procedures, rules, and limitations. 

The goal of this stage is to ensure that there are no more delays or back-and-forth communications between travel and non-travel stakeholders. A centralized travel management tool such as Tripeur can help businesses effectively achieve this quickly. 

5. Choose which line items to include

Carefully planning and detailing the workflow’s line items allows you to specify to your employees what travel details require mentioning and what is irrelevant. Such a practice guarantees uniformity between all travelers filling out and submitting requests. Everyone involved in trip planning provides managers and administrators with all the relevant details. 

Typical line items to consider in your travel request approval workflow include the trip’s purpose, assignment details, location, duration, and list of participating team members. It is also good practice to detail a breakdown of the estimated costs, including airfare, accommodations, ground transport, meals, and the overall total. 

How detailed you want these forms depend entirely on the level of granular supervision you wish to maintain. 

Specifying that your employees upload receipts online after a transaction is also essential to automate expense reconciliation. This practice eliminates needing to maintain, carry, store, and submit physical receipts. 

An automated system enables businesses to achieve this with ease. Such systems also allow companies to finetune the workflow by adding and removing fields to suit a business’s unique requirements.

6. Communicate the travel request approval process with your employees

For your new travel request approval process to work, it must first be communicated transparently to your stakeholders. Maintain a single uniform communication channel and make it the primary mode of inter-office communications. 

By doing so, you guarantee that your new travel request approval process promptly reaches all relevant parties detailing what is expected of them at every stage of the refined process.

7. Implement a travel request approval workflow and continuously tweak it

tour approval format

Your first attempt at creating a travel request approval workflow may not yield the best results. This is normal, as it is an iterative process with plenty of room for improvement. Perfecting your new approval process requires periodic performance reviews to spot redundancies, missing items, and other erroneous processes to improve your workflow routinely. 

Once you do this, place internal controls for stakeholders and clearly define their access levels. The goal here is to allow access to only the relevant stakeholders for every travel step of the travel process. Also, restrict access to information from stakeholders irrelevant to the approval process.

Once the controls are in place, test the approval process to identify and mitigate any lingering issues. Carefully test and monitor the new approval process for a predefined trial period till you iron out all the kinks. A good recommendation is to automate the system, which is an excellent way to increase your new system’s efficiency and speed tremendously. 

In conclusion, you should be ready to create your travel request approval workflow to improve compliance, control costs, increase efficiency & accuracy, streamline communication, and enhance security. If you need clarification on how to do this, don’t worry. 

You can consult a professional service provider that can do it for you at a fraction of what you would have to spend to implement one in-house. 

Simplify and implement the travel request approval workflow with Tripeur

Think of Tripeur’s platform as the swiss army knife of corporate travel, where every tool you need for corporate travel management is available to you within one platform. Sometimes, no amount of workforce or capital can improve an outdated and broken travel approval system. 

Instead, Tripeur and its expense module helps keeps the finance department in the loop by sending stakeholders automated expenditure alerts and reports through all stages of the travel booking experience. Our travel request approval process will ensure it keeps all relevant stakeholders informed and involved in the decision-making process, improving communication and reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Better yet, our system supports e-receipts and automated reconciliation to help you create a seamless experience for travelers and other stakeholders. We provide you with all the tools necessary to develop a standardized process for examining if travel expenses align with its policies and regulatory requirements. 

With such a granular level of control, you will only authorize travel requests that comply with your organizational policies.

Our user-friendly software can tremendously simplify and improve your travel proposals system, where every approval will be instantaneously sent to the mobile devices of the right stakeholders. We can help you perpetually fix your corporate travel inefficiencies and simplify and implement travel request approval workflow while significantly lowering costs. 

For CFOs Consistent YoY savings by changing user behavior

For Travelers Superior experience for travelers with a virtual travel assistant

About Us Passionate about bringing the much needed change in Business Travel

It’s three-in-a-box corporate travel experience solution . Check it out


Trip approvals in business travel: what they are and why they’re important

When it comes time to approve trips, there’s a lot to keep in mind. That’s why we’re giving you a hand in understanding what they’re all about.

By Jessica Freedman

February 9, 2024

tour approval format

Trip approvals are an important but complex part of business travel. Having a comprehensive travel policy that allows your company to live up to its duty of care is fundamental to keep the control in your hands. Making the trip approval process as smooth as possible starts with creating a clear travel policy in which stakeholders know what to expect, and are clear on what is allowed and what isn’t allowed when it comes to business travel. Then by centralizing all this data in one place, you can be sure to not miss a beat.

We will look at the importance of trip approvals in business travel and how having the right travel management platform will help you manage and optimize business travel. We will also give you some tools to ensure that the whole process is streamlined. Before we get started it’s important to have in mind the following concepts: trip approval, duty of care and travel tracking, all of which are interrelated and help to improve the business travel experience.

What is trip approval?

Trip approval or pre-trip approval refers to approving elements of a business trip such as hotel reservations, flights, car rentals or trains prior to an employee being able to book their business trip. It’s a way businesses can keep their corporate travel policy under control, ensuring that a manager or supervisor has reviewed the travel policy and that each element of the trip is allowed as stipulated by the company’s guidelines. Trip approval is key for businesses to be able to enforce their policies, avoid overspending and keep travelers from going to high-risk destinations. 

What is duty of care?

Duty of care is about ensuring the safety or well-being of others. Employers have a duty of care to their employees to be sure they are happy, safe, and healthy when traveling and when at work in general. Trip approvals help managers and CEOs live up to their duty of care. Read more about duty of care.  

What is travel tracking?

Travel tracking or itinerary tracking is a way of monitoring travelers to make sure they arrived safely, which in turn helps companies live up to their duty of care. A corporate travel tracker is often built into a travel management platform allowing you to access a live traveler map so you can know where your employees are in the world and that they have made it safely to their destination. It’s a great way to keep in control and ensure that you fulfill your duty of care as an employer.

Managing the business travel approval process

The key to managing the business travel approval process is to find ways to stay in control and keep your travel spend on target. A great way to do this is by setting up a seamless travel approval process, which will keep travelers safe, keep them from traveling to risky destinations and ensure that you are able to keep an eye on how much your team is spending on flights, hotels, car rental and trains. 

Of course with the approval process comes some risks. For example, an employee may submit a trip for approval and then the price may go up, or the trip might expire before a manager can approve the request. With a travel management platform, the approval process can be easy.

When you automate your travel policy , you can also set up the process to suit you best with things like pre-trip green light, allowing travelers to ask for approval before they actually book. Travelers just need to enter information such as destination, dates, trip purpose, travelers and additional notes before submitting for approval. This way they can create trips from already approved requests.

How to stay in control of business travel

So now that you know the three most important elements of staying in control of your business travel program, let’s take a look at the 4 keys to staying in control.

company settings

1. Adapt the approval process to your company’s size

The business travel approval process can vary depending on the size and structure of your enterprise . Whether you’re an HR professional, an office manager , or from the finance department you will play a different role in the approval process, and also depending on how your company is set up. 

In a small company the process will generally be quite informal. In fact, it may just be the founder and a few employees who each represent a department but with no managers. In this case either the founder or the person in charge of finances might be in charge of approving trips. In a medium-sized company the office manager or HR department may set up the approval process, putting line managers in charge of approving their direct reportees trips.

The key is to adapt the approval process to your company’s size, involving as few people as possible to avoid any roadblocks. Once you’ve designated approvers, be sure that they all know and understand the travel policy. Definitely consider having pre-approval to avoid prices going up before someone has a chance to ok your trip.

2. Set up your approval process

Of course when setting up your approval process, it’s important to have a goal in mind, and to make sure to streamline the process. Think about how much you would like to spend on travel overall and designate a budget, and don’t forget to set up things like green light approval, which is like a pre-approval that makes it so travelers are pre-approved before they book.. Be sure to have a clear travel policy that makes it clear what is allowed and what isn’t. Don’t have a travel policy yet? Download now . 

travel check

Once you have your budget and travel policy designated, it’s time to make some decisions:  

  • Who’s in charge of booking business travel?
  • What does the process of getting a trip approved look like?
  • Who will be the approvers?
  • Who is responsible for creating the travel budget (this will often depend on the size of your company)?
  • What’s the time frame for approving trips (ideally you would set up green-light approval so that people are pre-approved for their trips and they don’t have to risk missing the approval time limit)?
  • Who is allowed to travel business class and who isn’t?
  • What hotel star ratings are allowed?
  • Will you allow or prevent refundable or non-refundable reservations?
  • Will you allow employees to pay extra to select seats?
  • What will your price cap be?

Finished answering all these questions? Then it’s time to move onto the next step.

educate employees

3. Educate about the protocol

Whether you have a 3 person company or a 300 person company, protocols are clear to ensure that everything is clearly laid out and that there is nothing that slips through the cracks. It’s important that each person knows their role in the approval process, and that if an employee needs to ask for approval, how it works. If you have a travel management platform like GetGoing then you can automate the whole process, which brings us to the next step. 

4. Set up approval process in your travel management platform

Small and medium enterprises, or any sized company for that matter, will benefit from having a clear business travel process and this is where a travel management platform comes into play. Being organized when it comes to business travel is about having a clear procedure and managing everything in one place. 

software set up

Once you’ve decided who the stakeholders are, have created a travel policy, educated your staff about the protocol, it’s time to set up your approval process in the travel management platform. In GetGoing this can be configured easily by anyone with admin access to the platform. It’s a question of minutes before you’ll be able to get going with your business travel plans.

How GetGoing can help with the trip approval process

With GetGoing the approval process is a piece of cake. Simply set the business rules by automating your travel policy so that all bookings follow your travel policy. You can set up approvers in the backend and configure the green light approval, which allows travelers to ask for trip approval prior to booking so you don’t have to risk change of fares while waiting for approval. This is especially helpful in small companies where multitasking is a must. After all, you don’t want to be caught with your employee’s ticket price going up or by having passed the 12 hour limit for approval, as in both cases the trip will be canceled. 

Plus, with GetGoing you can automate trip approval flows, making the whole process easier. Navigate to the policy page within the app and you can set up this feature so that travel admins have the last say in keeping travelers safe and at the same time ensuring that the travel policy is upheld. 

Get a helping hand in business travel

travel booking

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Travel guide:

Travel Approval Email Templates

First time setup completed

Book travel current

Travel not completed

Get reimbursed not completed

Step 2 of 4 Book travel

Jump to Step 2: Booking Travel >

Note about travel to a training, conference, speaking event, large team IRL, or international

Authorizing official approval is secured via the event request process , so you are all set as long as your travel is booked in Concur and is in SUBMIT TO APPROVER status. However, an email of approval is still required if you will be extending your trip at your own expense , flying to or from points that are not either your duty station or location of the event , or combining your event travel with travel for some other reason.

Email Template for Individual Travel:

Subject: Approval for travel between [dates] for , external, TTS-only, Budget name or Tock project name and ID #

I request approval to travel from [ home_location ] to [ work_location ]. I will depart the [ departure_date ], to arrive in time for [ work_to_be_done ] in service of [ TTS budget name ] (options available , external, TTS-only, here ) or [ Tock project + ID number ] scheduled for [ first_day_of_travel_work_date ]. I will return to [ home_location ] on [ return_date ]. The total should not exceed $[x,xxx.yy].

Please reply with your approval, or with any subsequent questions or clarifications you may have.

Many thanks,

[ requestor_name ]

Email Template for Group Travel:

Below is the travel cost break out for [ work to be performed ] for [ Budget name or Tock project name and ID# ]. The estimated total cost is [ total cost ], with the cost for each team member broken out below. Please reply with your approval, or with any subsequent questions or clarifications you may have.

[ Include the , external, TTS-only, completed travel expenses estimator pasted here, or another format of your choice, as long as origins, destinations, dates of travel, and estimated cost are clearly identified for each person traveling ]

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An official website of the U.S. General Services Administration

Free Project Approval Forms & Templates

By Kate Eby | March 25, 2022

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We’ve gathered the top project approval forms for project managers, board members, sponsors, and clients.

Included on this page, you’ll find a simple project approval form template , a project requirements approval template , a project approval request template , a project approval form example template , and a project approval process template . Plus, find tips on filling out a project approval form template.

Simple Project Approval Form Template

Simple Project Approval Form Template

Download Simple Project Approval Form Template  Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs | Google Sheets

Ensure that all project managers, sponsors, and other stakeholders agree on project deliverables with this simple project approval form template. This customizable template includes fields for project name and leader, as well as space to include the project summary, desired outcome, action to completion, benefits of project, projected schedule, projected budget, and projected team and resource requirements. The template also includes an authorized signature section for obtaining and recording official project approvals. 

For more helpful tips and resources, see our guide to approval processes and workflows .

Project Requirements Approval Template

Project Requirements Approval Template

Download Project Requirements Approval Template Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs  

This comprehensive project requirements approval template is an all-in-one document for your project’s business, functional, and compliance requirements. By using this template, you can rest assured that, upon approval, you have accounted for every aspect of your project. In addition to a Requirements Document Authorization Memorandum section, where project sponsors or clients can approve, accept pending changes for, or reject your project, the template includes a version history table for project approvers to accept revisions and add notes for desired changes.

Project Approval Request Template

Project Approval Request Template

Download Project Approval Request Template Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs

Use this dynamic project approval request template to provide project board members, clients, teammates, and other stakeholders with your project’s deliverables, tasks, scope, assumptions, and constraints. An Updated Estimates section provides you with the flexibility to alter your projected timeline, so key players have the most up-to-date personnel resources information. The template’s Approvals section enables you to enter stakeholder names, titles, and roles, as well as record the submission and approval dates.

Project Approval Form Example Template

Project Approval Form Example Template

Download Project Approval Form Example Template  Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Account for all elements of your project with this project approval form example template, which includes editable sample text to guide you through the project approval process. Enter your project name, sponsor, manager, start and end dates, and summary. A Project Roles and Responsibilities table enables you to list all key project stakeholders. The template also includes space to list project deliverables, expenses, and schedule details, as well as lessons learned, which you can use to improve your performance on future projects.

Project Approval Process Template

Project Approval Process Template

Download Project Approval Process Template   Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Map out your project approval process and present it to key stakeholders with this visually rich  approval process template. This customizable template includes a flowchart to guide you through the steps for acquiring necessary project approvals, so you can use the customized template as a blueprint for future projects. Project approvers can review and authorize this document to ensure that all of the organization's projects follow a clear protocol. By doing so, you can reduce costly and time-consuming one-off project planning efforts. 

For more details and helpful resources, see our comprehensive guide to project intake processes .

Project Approval Sign-Off Template

Project Approval Sign-Off Template

Download Project Approval Sign-Off Template  Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs

Keep your project stakeholders in sync with this simple project approval sign-off template. Simply fill in your project name, job location, project summary, desired-outcome details, actions required for project completion, project benefits, schedule, projected budget, and personnel and other resource requirements to solidify your project plan. Project board members or clients can then sign and date their approval of the project as you’ve defined it, so you and your team can commence project work with full project sponsor support.

Custom Project Approval Form Template

Custom Project Approval Form Template

Download Custom Project Approval Form Template  Microsoft Word | Google Docs

Use this streamlined, customizable project approval form template to sufficiently define your project for key collaborators and clients. This single-page template asks you to specify your project’s purpose, objectives, anticipated phases of work, and desired outcome, as well as your plan for monitoring and measuring project success. List project phases and associated tasks in the template’s Timeline table, including start and end dates, and solicit approvals to ensure you start and complete your project on schedule.  

Ensure that you’re optimizing your project intake process by reading our guide to project intake resources and templates .

Project Approval Checklist Form

Project Approval Checklist Form

Download Project Approval Checklist Form  Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Create a custom project approval checklist to fit your organization’s specific needs with this checklist template, or use the template as is with the sample items provided. The template includes columns for unique project deliverable ID numbers, descriptions, owners, due dates, statuses, and related comments. This template is a perfect solution for project managers, team members, and project sponsors who need to track the status of every to-do item for a project and ensure everything is completed within the project timeline.

Independent Project Approval Form

Independent Project Approval Form

Download Independent Project Approval Form  Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Project sponsors, project managers, and students undertaking independent study can all use this customizable independent project approval form to define a project’s summary, criteria, roles, and responsibilities. Use the template to list your project’s key deliverables, expenses, schedule, lessons learned, and recommendations upon project completion. An Approval section allows project sponsors to sign off on the project after they have reviewed the appropriate information.

Simple Project Proposal Template

Simple Project Proposal Template

Download Simple Project Proposal Template Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF | Google Docs  

This all-inclusive simple project proposal template provides project managers with an easy-to-fill proposal form to submit to project board members for sponsorship. Enter proposed project name, proposed start and end dates, project summary, desired outcome, action to completion, project benefits, schedule, projected budget, and projected team and resource requirements. This template provides everything that project sponsors need to assess a proposed project, provide approvals, and recommend changes.

Construction Project Approval Form

Construction Project Approval Form

Download Construction Project Approval Form  Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF  

For construction projects to succeed, project managers need a method for capturing project details so that project approvers, such as property owners or construction supervisors, can review all necessary information and feel confident providing approval. This template doubles as a construction work order request form, which enables you to detail construction project requests that contractors or other project team members need to approve prior to undertaking construction work.

What Is a Project Approval Template?

A project approval template is a form that helps project managers list a proposed project’s details, so project sponsors can review and approve the project. Use the template to capture your project’s desired outcomes, benefits, and anticipated resource requirements.

A project approval form provides project managers and other team members with a framework for capturing a project’s summary, action to completion, proposed schedule and budget, and personnel and other resource requirements. By completing a project approval form, you are showing project board members, clients, and other stakeholders that you have all of your proposed project’s details in order. With a comprehensive approval form in hand, project approvers can evaluate project benefits versus costs and determine whether to approve your project, so it can move forward. 

While project approval templates vary, most will include the following basic components: 

  • Acceptance of Proposal: Project sponsors or clients can provide their project authorizing signatures, and you record the date of project acceptance. 
  • Action to Completion: List the primary action or individual actions that must be assigned and completed in order for your team to successfully implement the project. 
  • Benefits of Project: List the benefits of the project. What is its purpose? What problem will it solve? 
  • Company: Enter the name of the company or individual for whom you are undertaking the project.
  • Desired Outcome: Detail the desired outcome of the project. If it were executed optimally, what would be the benefits of its completion? 
  • Project Name: Enter the name of the project for which you are seeking approval. 
  • Project Leader: List the name and title of the project leader. 
  • Projected Budget: Detail the costs associated with the project, including everything from pre-planning to project execution, needed for the successful completion of the project. 
  • Projected Schedule: Provide details of a proposed project schedule, including its expected duration and various work phases.
  • Projected Team: Provide information about the team members that the project would require upon approval. 
  • Resource Requirements: List the resource requirements, including personnel dedication and materials required for the project. 
  • Summary: Provide a broad-strokes overview of your project. Why should it be approved and undertaken?

Additionally, some project approval templates include the following sections to provide supplementary project details to project board members and other stakeholders, prior to project approval. These additional fields might include:

  • Deliverables: Detail the exact deliverables the project must successfully complete by the project’s deadline. 
  • Expenses: List the project’s projected expenses that must be covered while the team undertakes the project. 
  • Key Milestones: List key landmarks that the project must meet to help measure progress toward project completion. 
  • Monitoring and Measurements of Success: List any project-monitoring methods you will use to track project progress, as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs) you will apply to measure your project’s performance and to quantify its benefits. 
  • Project Roles and Responsibilities: List the project roles required for successful completion, the name of the individuals in each role, and their respective project responsibilities.

Optimize Your Project Approval Process with Smartsheet

From simple task management and project planning to complex resource and portfolio management, Smartsheet helps you improve collaboration and increase work velocity -- empowering you to get more done. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Discover a better way to streamline workflows and eliminate silos for good.

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About Workshop Registration Form Templates

Whether you’re hosting a workshop for cooking, writing, arts and crafts, or another fun activity, you’ll need a way to register participants for your event. With Jotform’s selection of free Workshop Registration Form Templates, you can quickly customize an online registration form, embed it on your website, and watch your signups increase! By taking your registration form online and making them accessible to all, you’ll have the perfect tool to grow class sizes and reach a broader range of potential participants.

Want to get people pumped up for your workshop? Be sure to give your Workshop Registration Form Template a personal touch by customizing it with our intuitive drag-and-drop Form Builder. Add your workshop logo, make your form extra powerful with over 300 unique widgets, and even collect registration fees online with a secure payment gateway! It doesn’t matter if you prefer Square, Stripe, or PayPal — with our 30+ payment integrations, there are plenty of options to suit your needs. Ready to save time on paperwork and see your registration rates skyrocket? Just choose one of our free Workshop Registration Form Templates to get started.

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  1. Business Trip Approval Request Letter (Free Templates)

    Format of a Business Trip Approval Request Letter. Follow these steps to write a professional business trip approval request letter. Choose your contact method. Based on your company culture, choose the right contact method- whether via email or a printed copy with a written signature.Write the date of submission of the approval request letter.

  2. PDF Tour Approval Format

    TOUR APPROVAL FORMAT . Employee Code : Name of Employee : Department : Duration of Visit : From…………………………….to………………………………

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    Learn how to write a business trip approval letter to permit an employee for a trip that benefits the company. See a template, a sample letter and an email format with tips and examples.

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    Find free and editable travel approval forms for various purposes, such as business, academic, or international travel. Download and customize these forms in different file formats.

  5. Business Trip Approval Template

    Create an online form to streamline your business trip approval flow with Jotform's free template. Customize the form, add approvers, set up notifications, and automate the process with drag-and-drop builder.

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  8. What is a business travel request form? (with free template)

    Travel request forms are designed to give management an overview of the intended business trip from both a cost and a strategic point of view. The fields that typically appear on a travel request form include; Employee name and contact information. The business purpose of the trip. Destination details.

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    Find the Tour Approval Format you need. Open it up using the cloud-based editor and begin adjusting. Fill out the blank areas; involved parties names, places of residence and numbers etc. Customize the blanks with smart fillable fields. Add the day/time and place your electronic signature. Click on Done following twice-examining everything.

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