Welcome to the Miller Brewery Tour, Where It's always Miller time!

Here in Miller Valley we define hospitality in a whole new way. From your personal tour guide to the ghost of Frederick Miller, you will experience over 160 years of brewing history with a modern-day twist.

International visitors and local guests alike experience something new with every tour. Gift shop keepsakes and an unforgettable exploration of the Milwaukee Brewery awaits you! More importantly, you will end every tour with our famous hospitality and what everyone is waiting for – ice cold beer! Relax and enjoy your brews in our Visitor Center, Bavarian-style Miller Inn or outdoor Beer Garden (seasonally) with friends and family at this historic Milwaukee landmark.

We hope to see you for your Miller Time soon!

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Miller Brewery Tour

4251 W. State St. Milwaukee, WI 53208

414-931-BEER (2337)

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Miller Brewery Tour (Milwaukee) – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

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So, you’re thinking about embarking on the Miller Brewery Tour , huh? Well, buckle up buttercup, because this isn’t your average walk in a barley-filled park.

This tour is like stepping into Willy Wonka’s factory – if Willy Wonka was a beer-loving German immigrant named Frederick Miller. Yes, my friends, it’s that magical!

But here’s the thing…

If you think the Miller Brewery Tour is just about guzzling down some frosty brews and calling it a day… oh boy! You couldn’t be more wrong.

Table of Contents:

The founding era and growth, the modern-day giant, an unforgettable journey – the miller brewery tour, starting point – the visitor center, the gift shop experience, the high-speed production line, the historical lowdown, caving in for a tour, melding yesteryears with the present, is miller still brewed in milwaukee, what happened to the miller brewing company, is miller owned by busch, who owns miller brewing, the legacy of miller brewery.

Let’s start with our hero, Frederick Miller. In 1855, he bid farewell to Germany and said hello to Milwaukee, where he established what was then known as Plank Road Brewery.

But Frederick Miller was no ordinary brewer. He had a vision for quality that transformed his modest brewery into an international sensation. And guess what? That vision lives on today as Miller Brewing Company stands proudly among the world’s largest brewers. Now that’s what I call leaving a lasting legacy.

In recent years, Miller Brewery has experienced some changes under new ownership from parent company Molson Coors. But fear not, they haven’t forgotten their roots. While evolving with the times, they’ve managed to keep Frederick Miller’s spirit alive.

Need proof? How about being named “Brewer of the Year” by Beverage World magazine?. If that doesn’t show the commitment and ardor for crafting beer, I’m not sure what does. It’s clear that Miller Brewery is constantly adding new chapters to Frederick Miller’s remarkable story.

All right, enough with the history lessons (although who knew learning could be this fun?). Time to experience the pleasure of beer-making first hand – a guided walking tour at the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee awaits. Get ready for an incredible indoor and outdoor guided walking tour at the iconic Miller Brewery in Milwaukee, where you’ll witness the magic behind your favorite brews come to life.

Key Takeaway:  Ever wondered about the roots of your favorite brew? Frederick Miller, a German immigrant, founded what we now know as the Miller Brewing Company back in 1855. Despite new ownership and modern transformations, this beer giant hasn’t forgotten its original vision for quality brewing. Take a walk through history with the unforgettable Miller Brewery Tour – it’s like stepping into a frothy

Hold on to your hats, folks. We’re embarking on an indoor/outdoor guided walking tour at one of America’s most iconic breweries in Milwaukee. Now, where does this adventure kick off? At the Visitor Center, naturally.

The Visitor Center isn’t just a meet-and-greet spot; it’s the beginning of your beer-filled journey. Packed with historical exhibits and friendly staff itching to answer all your brew-related questions, it sets the mood for what’s brewing (pun intended) ahead.

A trip without souvenirs is like a pub with no beer – unthinkable. Our gift shop offers exclusive merchandise that perfectly encapsulates your memorable visit. Picture yourself reminiscing about the tour while sipping from your very own souvenir glass– now doesn’t that sound splendid?

And speaking of glasses, don’t forget our popular beers like Miller Lite. They’re not only tasty but also serve as reminders of an extraordinary experience steeped in brewing heritage.

The Art and Science Behind Brewing at Miller

If you thought enjoying good old beer was fun enough, wait till you discover how those frothy delights are brewed using modern technology coupled with traditional methods right here at this historic brewery. Trust us; it’s nothing short of fascinating.

Ever wondered why every bottle tastes so darn consistent or been amazed by how quickly they appear on store shelves across the country? That, my friend, is all thanks to high-speed production lines contributing towards efficient beer production along with sophisticated tracking methods keeping tabs on inventory levels.

Intrigued yet? Buckle up because we’re diving deeper into ‘The Art and Science Behind Brewing’ next… Brace yourselves for some Brew house secrets and distribution center wonders…

Key Takeaway:  Ready to dive into the heart of American brewing history? The Miller Brewery Tour in Milwaukee is your ticket. Start at the Visitor Center, loaded with historical exhibits and knowledgeable staff. Grab a keepsake from the gift shop to remember sipping on iconic beers like Miller Lite. Marvel at traditional methods meeting modern technology in our brewery, and witness high-speed production lines that ensure

Travel back in time with a virtual time machine to when beer brewing was seen as an artistry, where brew kettles and high-speed production lines were the tools of these master brewers. Instead of paintbrushes or chisels, these brewing artists wielded brew kettles and operated high-speed production lines.

This isn’t your typical assembly line. At Miller Brewery, bottles zoom by in a mesmerizing display of efficiency. They are swiftly filled with delectable brews like Miller Lite , capped, labeled, and packed faster than you can utter the words “I’ll have another.”

But it’s not just about speed; there’s also a scientific aspect to the process. Today’s brewing techniques are incredibly tech-savvy. State-of-the-art systems ensure that every bottle is filled with precisely what it should be: exceptional beer.

Brew House Operations & Brew Kettles

In the heart of the brewery lies the brew house operation area, where massive kettles work tirelessly. Barley and hops dance in hot water, creating wort – the soon-to-be beer after fermentation – all under careful temperature control to maintain consistency across batches.

Distribution Centers & Tracking Methods

Once our liquid gold (also known as beer) is securely bottled and ready to hit the road, tracking becomes crucial. Sophisticated methods are employed to monitor each bottle’s journey from distribution centers across America to your local liquor store shelf. It’s like having GPS for your favorite brews.

No exploration of Miller’s history would be complete without acknowledging Frederick J. Miller, the visionary who kick-started it all in 1855 by purchasing the Plank Road Brewery. Today, Miller Brewery continues to honor his legacy while embracing modern advancements. This successful blend reflects their innovative approach and commitment to crafting beloved beers like Miller Lite.

Alright, everyone, we’ve had a sneak peek at the magic that turns simple grain into our beloved drink. Now, let’s embark on an adventure down

Key Takeaway:  Step into the fascinating world of beer brewing at Miller Brewery, where art meets science. From high-speed production lines to tech-savvy brewing techniques and efficient tracking methods – it’s all about precision and consistency. All this magic is backed by a rich history dating back to 1855, showing that while technology evolves, passion for crafting beloved beers remains constant.

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Exploring Underground Caves & Rich History

Peering into the belly of these underground caves at the Miller Brewery, it’s hard not to feel a tinge of nostalgia. And hey, why wouldn’t you? These are more than just geological wonders; they’re milestones in Milwaukee’s brewing saga.

Imagine countless barrels filled with bubbling brews nestled within these limestone arms. Today, we see them as fascinating links between our love for quality beers and their humble beginnings.

Taking this tour is like hopping onto a time machine that whisks you straight back to those subterranean vaults where history was brewed. You can almost hear the clinking bottles being stacked high or hushed voices discussing fermentation secrets.

Your spelunking expedition isn’t complete without learning about traditional brewing techniques used by ol’ Freddie himself. To dig deeper (pun intended) into this topic, check out resources from sites like the Brewers Association .

This cave adventure masterfully marries education with entertainment as guides spin captivating yarns around facts rooted in centuries-old tradition, transforming it from another pit stop on your travel trail to an immersive journey through time.

You aren’t merely visiting a historic site but participating in an interactive showcase demonstrating how far we’ve come since those days when winter meant hauling ice down cave entrances.

FAQs in Relation to Miller Brewery Tour

Yes, Miller continues to brew beer at its historic location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The site is also home to the popular Miller Brewery Tour.

The company was acquired by Molson Coors in 2016 and renamed as Molson Coors Beverage Company. However, it continues to produce iconic beers under the “Miller” brand name.

No, contrary to common belief, Anheuser-Busch does not own the Miller Brewing Company. It is a part of Molson Coors Beverage Company.

Molson Coors Beverage Company currently owns and operates the historic brewery known for producing renowned beers like ‘Miller Lite’.

The Miller Brewery Tour offers a fascinating journey through the legacy of this iconic brewery. With a rich history and innovative brewing methods, Miller Brewery has become a global beer titan under the leadership of Frederick Miller.

Embarking on the Miller Brewery Tour is not just a visit, but an unforgettable adventure. The guided walking tours, both indoor and outdoor, provide a unique immersion into the world of brewing.

Visitors gain firsthand insight into the combination of modern technology and traditional techniques that go into brewing their favorite beers. Witnessing the high-speed production lines in action is truly awe-inspiring, as these lines churn out iconic beverages with precision and consistency.

One of the highlights of the tour is exploring the underground caves, which not only takes you back in time but also reveals fascinating tales from Frederick Miller’s founding vision. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

If this glimpse into the past and future of beer has sparked your interest, why not delve deeper? Follow our blog, Don’t Stop Trippin, to discover more exciting travel experiences around the globe. We are dedicated to bringing you the best destinations, including the legendary Miller Brewery Tour. Happy travels!

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From Miller to Lakefront, here are 5 brewery tours to check out in Milwaukee

miller brewery tours

Milwaukee is known as Brew City for a reason. Once home to some of the country’s largest breweries — Pabst, Miller, Schlitz and Blatz — today the city builds on that legacy with a burgeoning craft beer scene.

Many breweries in the city offer a chance to get a closer look at their history and brewing process through brewery tours.

We set out to go on some of Milwaukee’s best known tours and see what makes them great.

For this list we considered breweries that hold weekly public tours. Many smaller breweries in Milwaukee host tours a few times a year, or allow groups to set up private tours.

From the best brewery tours for families (yes, families, because this is Wisconsin) to where you can learn the most about beer, here are five brewery tours to check out in Milwaukee.

Best for comedy: Lakefront Brewery

Our tour guide Sergio "Serg" Sepulveda provided brewery information and well-delivered jokes on our Lakefront Brewery tour, as is the norm for this spot. Every Lakefront Brewery tour I've been on has a guide who easily pulls laughs from the crowd and keeps everyone engaged.

The tour started in a private taproom where attendees grabbed a beer, one of four 6-ounce pours that were included on the tour, delivered via beer token. Serg gave a history lesson on brewing from its origins in Mesopotamia to when Lakefront's co-owner, Jim Klisch, made his first batch of Riverwest Stein. Serg followed that with the history of Lakefront, one of Milwaukee’s largest craft breweries.

Weekend tours go through the production facility and lead to the historic Bernie Brewer's chalet that was in the Brewers' old home, Milwaukee County Stadium. Since we were on a weekday tour, it skipped that portion and went straight to the brewery's new canning area.

While canning was a worthwhile shift from bottling for the brewery — cans are infinitely recyclable and are helping the brewery boost shipping efficiency by 50%, cutting down on carbon emissions — it did take away a cherished "Laverne and Shirley" bit from the tour. Previously, tour guides turned on the bottling line and would pick an attendee who would put a glove on a bottle as it moved down the line, like in the show's opening credits.

While the guide still played the show's theme song and got our group to sing and dance along, the bit no longer includes the glove part because the canning line does not turn on as fast. Sometimes the tour attendee who most enthusiastically sings and dances along gets an extra beer token.

The tour did still include the bung hole bit. Go on one yourself to find out what that is all about.

  • Cost: $12 on weekdays, $15 on weekends; advance online purchase required; age 21 and older only unless supervised by a parent or legal guardian
  • Hours: Starts on the hour noon to 3 p.m. Sunday and 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and on the half hour noon to 7 p.m. Friday and noon to 6 p.m. Saturday
  • What you get: Four 6-ounce pours, Lakefront pint glass or key chain, and a coupon for a free Lakefront beer to be used at nearby bars within three days
  • Accessibility: The tour includes stairs, but there are ramps into the tour room and to the lower level for accessibility.
  • Location: 1872 N. Commerce St.
  • More information : lakefrontbrewery.com

Best mix of past and present: Miller Brewery Tour

I got to the Miller Brewery tour a little before 10:30 a.m., with the next available tour at 11 a.m. They are offered first-come, first-served on every half hour from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily.

While waiting, I checked out the connected gift shop and grabbed a complimentary bag of pretzels. I also learned about the history of the brewery from 1855 to today from a timeline that spans two full walls in the waiting area.

The tour started with the guides handing out a taster of Miller Lite while sharing information about the brewery in a theater room. It then moved outside for a three-block walk through the W. State St. campus to the brewing facility.

The only optional part of the tour was to climb 56 steps to view the tanks in the brewing facility where Molson Coors, Miller's parent company, makes beer for a 10-state region. The modern facility is across the street from the original brewhouse, visible from outside the brewing facility or after climbing the steps. The building was not part of the tour.

To cool off after walking in the brewing facility, which was hot in the upper level, the tour went underground to the historic caves that were created in the 1800s and sealed off in 1906. Frederick C. Miller, grandson of Miller founder Frederick J. Miller, reopened the caves in 1953, and they have been part of the tour ever since.

The caves were a unique view into how brewing was possible before electrical refrigeration, with tools that would have been used by brewers in the past.

The tour then went to a historical inn on campus that once sold Miller beer and had rooms for overnight guests; today it's used mostly for events. Fredrick C. Miller imported stained glass windows from Germany along with antique steins for the inn that are still there. It's also home to letters written by Fredrick J. Miller and a diorama of the current campus.

The tour wrapped up with stops at the bottling facility where 600,000 items are bottled daily and the warehouse where about 1 million cans and bottles of product are stored.

The tour ended at an outdoor beer garden where visitors could try various Molson Coors products for free.

  • Cost: $10; free for ages 20 and under (no beer samples)
  • Hours: Walk-ins only with limited space, running on the half hour from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday and Friday
  • What you get: Four 4-ounce pours and a Miller glass
  • Accessibility: The tour includes stairs, but accessible tours are available by calling (414) 931-3552 at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Location: 4251 W. State St.
  • More information : millerbrewerytour.com

5 breweries that made Milwaukee famous: Miller, Schlitz, Pabst, Gettelman and Blatz

Best for history: The Best Place at Pabst Brewing

This historic brewery doesn't actually brew in Milwaukee anymore, but the site where Pabst Brewery was founded is still worth checking out. Beer enthusiasts who take multiple tours on this list will also see Pabst’s influence in almost every one.

The tour stared in the historic brewing complex's Blue Ribbon Hall with a presentation on the history of the brewery and the option to enjoy a pint of Pabst or Schlitz, which is included in the ticket price.

The tour guide talked about how Pabst started as Jacob Best Brewery in 1844. Their original building on a historic plank road, today’s State Street, was sold to Fredrick J. Miller who started Miller Brewing.

The history lesson continued with a tour guide explaining how the brewery moved to the current campus, and how Captain Fredrick Pabst took over and grew the brewery to be the largest lager brewery in the world at one time.

From the main floor of the hall the tour moved to the balcony, while passing a section of the building that is being refurbished. Paystubs and letters on the wall on the way up showed the brewery's more recent history before it left Milwaukee in 1996.

The tour was peppered with interesting facts about the nearly 170-year-old brewery, like how Pabst did not want his name on the beer, and that the employee's union successfully bargained to get a free pint of beer per shift.

Next the tour moved to the Great Hall, which is not often open to the public but is popular as a wedding and event space.

It has stained glass, ornate wood finishes and Fredrick Pabst's original office. Below that is a speakeasy with a jail cell. According to our tour guide, it was for Pabst employees who may have had more than their single free beer during their shift and became drunk and unruly.

The tour then passed the courtyard which has a statue of King Gambrinus, the patron saint of beer, and ended in the guest center that has German saying along its walls.

  • Cost: $14 for adults, $12 for students, military and seniors (age 60 and older); free for kids 13 and under
  • Hours: On the hour at noon, 2 and 4 p.m. Monday, Thursday and Sunday; noon through 4 p.m. Friday; 12, 2 and 4 p.m. Saturday
  • What is included: A pint of Pabst or Schlitz beer or soda, with $4 refills
  • Accessibility : The tour includes stairs with elevators available for those who need assistance.
  • Location: 917 W. Juneau Ave.
  • More information : bestplacemilwaukee.com/tours

Best for learning about brewing: Pilot Project

This new Milwaukee brewery tour might not be on many people's radars yet. My co-worker and I went on a Friday at 6 p.m. and were the only ones on the tour. Regardless, our guide gave an informative and entertaining tour.

Chicago-based Pilot Project is new to Milwaukee after they moved into the former Milwaukee Brewing Company space in late 2022 . They are a brewery incubator, meaning they help start-up breweries get to market, assisting them with supplies, marketing, canning and more.  

I'm not sure if it was because there were only two of us, or because they don’t push a singular brand, but I learned the most about brewing on this tour.

The tour started at the back bar where we could sample one of the five breweries that are currently their partners. We then moved to the balcony of the back space for a slideshow of their current partners and more insight into their diverse lineup.

Next, the tour moved to the tanks where we got an up-close view of the hot water tanks used to make beer, including a peek into the mash tuns where ingredients are brewed.

From there we moved to the fermenting tanks where we got a better view of the warehouse and brewing equipment.

One interesting artifact hanging there is a large neon Pabst Brewery sign that was found in the building. Pilot Project's space was the last building Pabst Brewery constructed before they left in 1996. The large sign was once used at the Pabst-sponsored stage at Summerfest.

The tour then went through the canning facility and ended in cold storage where beer is stored along with a variety of supplies. There the tour guide spoke more about those supplies and the different varieties of yeast, hops and malts that go into making beers.

  • Cost: $18, for ages 21 and up only
  • Hours: 6 and 7:30 p.m. Friday; 1, 2:30 and 4 p.m. Saturday
  • What's included: Five 5-ounce pours and tasting glass
  • Accessibility : The tour includes stairs, with elevators available for those who need assistance.
  • Location: 1128 N. Ninth St.
  • More information : pilotprojectbrewing.com/milwaukee

Best for families: Sprecher Brewing

Sprecher Brewing is popular not only for its local brews, but also its non-alcoholic root beer and cream ale. While there are limits on the beers included in the tour, there is unlimited soda for all. Children on our tour excitedly cycled through the new sodas on tap at the bar. They even had flights of soda, like ones that are usually used for beer.

The beers and sodas were poured in the main hall where tour-goers waited.

The tour started with the guide giving a history of the brewery as it moved into a hallway with photos and trophies from the brewery's various awards. Randy Sprecher opened the brewery in 1985 after being a brewing operator at Pabst.

The guide explained how Sprecher was hesitant to get into soda production, which began with root beer in 1989. It was a good business move as root beer alone makes up 75% of their sales and beer only 10%.

The tour then went through the production facility. Our tour was on Thursday, which is the only day the tour goes through the facility while it is operating. Because of the loud machinery, it was sometimes hard to hear the tour guide. It was interesting, though, to see brewing in production and people moving ingredients from trucks to tanks.

The tour then returned to the main hall where people could resume drinking while learning about the bottling process. There was also the option to walk single-file into the canning facility to get a more up-close view, before returning the main hall to enjoy the rest of the free beer and soda.

  • Cost: $12 for adults, $5 for ages 20 and under, free for ages 5 and under
  • Hours: 2, 3 and 5 p.m. Thursday; 2, 3, 5 and 6 p.m. Friday; noon, 1 p.m. and on the hour 3 through 6 p.m. Saturday; on the hour noon through 4 p.m. Sunday
  • What you get: Four 8-ounce pours, Sprecher pint glass, unlimited soda
  • Accessibility : The tour does not include stairs and has space for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Location: 701 W. Glendale Ave.
  • More information : sprecherbrewery.com

Beer Near A guide to Wisconsin breweries

Miller Brewery Tour

miller brewery tours

Top ways to experience nearby attractions

miller brewery tours

Most Recent: Reviews ordered by most recent publish date in descending order.

Detailed Reviews: Reviews ordered by recency and descriptiveness of user-identified themes such as wait time, length of visit, general tips, and location information.


Also popular with travelers

miller brewery tours

Miller Brewery Tour - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

  • Featured Tours

Miller's brewhouse in Milwaukee

State Trunk Tour logo

State Trunk Tour

Pick a road and GO!!

Ice Caves at the Miller Brewery Tour, Milwaukee

Miller Brewery Tour

One of the largest and most popular brewery tours in the nation, the Miller Brewery Tour covers the grounds of MillerCoors’ Miller Brewing plant, Wisconsin’s largest with an output of over 10 million barrels per year.  The brewery sits on land purchased by Frederick Miller back in 1855 and fermentation has been happening here ever since.

Beers such as Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Miller Genuine Draft, and Milwaukee’s Best have been churned out for decades here; with mergers and acquisitions, Leinenkugel’s and Coors products are brewed in the Miller Brewery, as well as a ton of “old school” brands by contract: Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz, Old Style, and more all still exist as brands but are brewed by Miller.

Miller Brewery Tour kettles

Tours cost $10 and include a souvenir glass and beer samples along the tour. If you’re not of legal drinking age, well, they’re free – but you don’t get beer.

Residents and anyone else with a Wisconsin state-issued ID get half off, so for state residents the tour is $5.

In winter, tours run six days a week (closed Sundays) from 10am to 3:30pm, kicking off every half hour. In summer, tours run 10-6 Monday-Wednesday and 10am – 7pm Thursday-Saturday. On Sundays in summer, there are no tours but the beer garden is open from 10am to 4:30pm. Call 414-931-BEER for details or go here for the latest updates.

In December, you can enjoy the "Holiday Lights" on a Miller Brewery Tour.

Miller Brewery Tour and Visitors Center Address:

4251 W. State Street Milwaukee, WI 53208 414-931-2337 Website

You can access State Street easily from the Highway 175 freeway, just about a mile north of I-94 and Miller Park. Follow State Street east just a few blocks and you’ll see the Visitors Center right there. U.S. 18 is also right there, passing by via Wisconsin Avenue with a view of the whole complex from the bridge leapfrogging the Menomonee River and “Miller Valley.” You can access Miller’s Visitor Center from U.S. 18 via Highway 175’s connections to State Street or by connecting directly to State via 35th Street, which U.S. 18 follows between Highland Boulevard and Wisconsin Avenue.

Miller Brewery Tour

Back To Wisconsin Breweries

Back to StateTrunkTour.com

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Miller Brewery Tour

Photo of Miller Brewery Tour - Milwaukee, WI, US.

Review Highlights

miller-brewery-tour-milwaukee photo Oc9YAfI19ZUOlF9wxRdsRA

“ The tour lasted about an hour and ended with not one, but three free beer samples with some pretzels. ” in 65 reviews

miller-brewery-tour-milwaukee photo BVot7Xg5kgI2Z3satN8LEw

“ Then you walk over to The Miller Inn , a wood rich tavern like area to sit take a minute to pick a beer to enjoy. ” in 18 reviews

Location & Hours

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4251 W State St

Milwaukee, WI 53208

Miller Valley

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Ask the Community

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When will you reopen?

Hi,there are a group with 20 more people want to visit Miller Brewery Tour at July 19th and July 23rd. Can I preorder this?

I'm sure you could

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Photo of K L.

We're not beer drinkers and really enjoyed this tour. We brought a toddler in a carrier. The tour moved along at a speed that was appropriate for all ages. Anna our tour guide was knowledgeable and upbeat. The samples were bigger than I anticipated and the variety was just right for us. Great family oriented tour.

Photo of Jana B.

It's a free tour so why the hell not? The tour was a lovely way for us to end our trip to WI. The guides were great and had a ton of historical value to share when it came to The Miller Family. Put this on your family-friendly list!

miller brewery tours

I had family in from out of town and my brother in law asked if Miller had tours. Yes ! The guide did a great job... Even my nephew enjoyed it A great FREE thing to do

miller brewery tours

Only $5 per person if you have a Wisconsin ID!!! It is a must see! They make so much more than just Miller beer. You get 4 sample beers! Plus a voucher for another free beer when you leave!! So much fun and informative!! Highly recommend!! Hannah was the best tour guide!!

Photo of Lisa M.

This is a must when you visit Milwaukee. Great tour and it's free! We went on a Saturday around noon. The wait was not long because the tours start every 20 minutes. The entire tour was about an hour. Very interesting to hear the history of Miller beer and see the production side of the business. Free beer at the end for 21 and over. Our whole family enjoyed it which included my husband and I and our three kids ages 19, 16 and 13. Fun for the whole family!

miller brewery tours

Everyone is here for the beer, so it was appreciated that it was a short and sweet tour. At the end we got 3 samples to try - Miller lite, Miller high life, and a Blue Moon (sans orange). And the picture they took of us at the beginning of the tour (for purchase) was a nice touch. This tour is free, so I was impressed with how much beer they gave us. It was the best organized brewery tour we went on in Milwaukee.

Photo of Gregory B.

This is the worst tour I've ever been on. I can't believe the 4-star reviews. It's not just that they don't care to show you how things work, it's almost like they're making a point of making you feel stupid for wasting your time there. Part of the tour involved sitting quietly for ten minutes in a saloon. (I AM NOT JOKING.) Then after that we walked into a "cave." It's not a "cave" it is literally an underground room that IS NOT USED FOR ANYTHING. There is a painting at the end of the short tunnel of a guy making beer. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. The first part of the tour we walked up 5 flights of stairs to the top of the vats where the beer brews. She rattled off how the process works (she spoke too fast for anyone in our tour to understand a word she said, but I don't want to disparage the whole tour because of one bad guide) then we went back down. That was IT for learning how beer is made. We didn't SEE anything, and I can't for the life of me figure out why we walked up 50 stairs to stand in the corner looking at tubes for five minutes while she told us about a process that SHE WAS NOT SHOWING US. The tour ended in a gallery above the packing plant. That was the only time in the tour we actually got to see something working. It was what you would want to see, lots of conveyor belts, but all we saw were some cases of beer rolling by. Then she said, "sorry you can't really see anything. Here is a video explaining the process." The video was so stupid I can't believe it. At one point the video actually explains how "sell by" dates work. It actually said this, and again I am not exaggerating. It actually said, "The first three letters represent the month. The next two digits represent the day." "Don't tell me, let me guess!" I cried, but he concluded apace, "and the last two digits represent the year." UNBELIEVABLE.

Photo of Julia B.

Fascinating history and just enough beer samples along the way to keep you happy. Tour guides were very informative with a quirky sense of humor, fun. Remember to get your free beer mug from the gift shop after the tour.

Photo of Alison W.

Free tour. Tour starts in a theater to watch a video. Tour guides file people through like cattle. You leave visitor center to walk to the bottling facility but you really don't see anything except another video. Crowd moves into another room in the storage area before going back outside to walk to the Miller Inn to sample first beer. Not really any interaction with tour guides. Tour group moves outside again to cross the street to another sample room. You get 3 beer samples. Tour was ok. It is something to see if in town but not the best tour we have been on.

miller brewery tours

See all photos from Alison W. for Miller Brewery Tour

Photo of Nicole L.

I only have the Anheuser-Busch brewery tour in St. Louis to compare to this one, so I'd say that one was better, although this one had its bright spots too. Beware that this tour is ALL walking, however, so be prepared, because they don't tell you that until you've already signed up and are ushered into the theater to watch their large "commerical" before the tour begins. The tour ends in their beer garden which is a good three blocks away from where you began so be prepared to walk back to your car when you're done with your beer samples. Oh, and another complaint I have is that they said they have non-alcoholic drinks for those who are underage or do not drink but when we walked past the beverage area I didn't see any. I did, however, see people with soda, so I'm guessing you have to ask? In all it could have been a little clearer where to get the drinks. St. Louis did that part so much better. Visited: May 18, 2012

Hot as all heck in the room with these tanks.

Hot as all heck in the room with these tanks.

miller brewery tours

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miller brewery tours

Before Luke Combs plays in front of the 'best fans' for his Milwaukee concerts this week, he tours Miller Brewery and even shotguns a beer

B efore Luke Combs kicks off his "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old" tour in Milwaukee this week, he went on another kind of tour. One that is quintessentially Brew City.

Combs, one of country music's biggest stars, is playing two shows at American Family Field : One Friday and another Saturday. But ahead of that, he took a tour of the Miller Brewery . And, we got to tag along.

Yes, he was every bit as kindhearted, down-to-earth and genuine as he seems. And yes, he shotgunned a beer just like he does on stage. Except this time, he was hanging out on a brewhouse rooftop with the iconic giant red Miller sign and the Milwaukee Brewers' ballpark as his backdrop.

Get daily updates on the Packers during the season.

Not only did Combs — a longtime Miller Lite fan and years-long partner — see where the magic happens, he also checked out the specialty packaging on cases and cans that's coming out in honor of his blockbuster tour.

"It's just surreal, you know?" Combs told the Journal Sentinel. "I feel like I get to live so many amazing, surreal moments. And, I'm really thankful for that for sure. It's crazy. It's crazy."

Here's what we learned about Combs' tour and what he got into on the Miller tour. And, how about his eight Academy of Country Music Awards nominations that were announced earlier this week? We asked him about those, too.

Luke Combs talks about his 'Growin' Up and Gettin' Old' tour and why he's kicking it off in the Midwest

A or A+ shows don't cut it for Combs. He's shooting for A++.

"I try to do everything I can do to take care of my voice, take care of myself, make sure that we're doing everything we can," Combs said. "People that come are the only reason we get to do what we do. Putting on an A++ show is really important to me."

About to embark on his 25-date stadium tour, he's excited — and "a little nervous."

"You feel like you're standing at the bottom of a mountain and you're looking at the top a little bit," he said.

But after last year's "Luke Combs World Tour," he said he feels more prepared for what's ahead of him.

"We've played everywhere all over the world," Combs said. "But, the Midwest, it feels like home to me. So, good place to start it."

HOW TO AVOID TRAFFIC: Luke Combs concerts could cause delays on I-94 this weekend

Combs, who grew up in North Carolina, hadn't been anywhere close to Milwaukee when he started his music career — his first plane ride came at age 25. But, he remembers his earlier stops up here fondly.

He opened for Blake Shelton at Summerfest in 2018 and made an appearance at Farm Aid at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in 2019.

"The Midwest is like the best fans in the world," Combs said. "I mean, honestly. People probably say that all the time."

But, that doesn't mean pulling out of the driveway Tuesday night wasn't hard after the "amazing" time he spent with his "awesome" wife Nicole and their two sons — Tex and Beau — these past few months. Fortunately, he won't have to miss his other half too long. She'll be headed up this way this weekend.

What will always make it onto Combs' setlist this time around? "The songs that people would expect," Combs shared.

"Playing all the hits," he said. "That's why people are there, and I want to give them what they want."

But, each night of the tour will have a different vibe.

Combs' opening acts Friday — in the order they'll hit the stage — are the Wilder Blue, Charles Wesley Godwin and Cody Jinks.

"Friday's more in the Americana, singer-songwriter world," Combs said. "So, our set reflects that a little bit. But, obviously, still playing all the hits."

Saturday's openers will be Colby Acuff, Drew Parker, Mitchell Tenpenny and Jordan Davis.

"Saturday night is more mainstream, Top 40 country stuff, which is what I do, really," Combs said.

Combs loves watching Jinks and Davis perform — they keep him honest, he said — and he knows they're going to kick some you know what.

The first opener will start at 5:45 p.m. Friday and Saturday, with gates opening at 5 p.m.

The parking lots will open at 3 p.m. Friday and 2:30 p.m. Saturday. Tailgating will be permitted. Give yourself plenty of time to drive in and get through security.

There also will be a "Bootleggers Tailgate Party" at 3 p.m. Saturday with two up-and-comers picked by Combs and Nashville-based concert series Whiskey Jam: Ryan Larkins and Graham Barham. It'll take place at Am Fam Field's Third Base Plaza, and will be free to attend for Combs concert ticketholders, with food and drinks available to purchase.

Luke Combs' love for Miller Lite and his visit to Miller Brewery

After getting into Milwaukee Wednesday morning, Combs hung out at the Brewers stadium for a couple of hours, worked out, then was off to the Miller Brewery.

How long has Combs been a fan of Miller Lite? "Forever, probably."

"My dad's been drinking it for a long time," Combs said. "It was always around the house."

If his music career never worked out, he said, he would still be sporting a Columbia fishing shirt and drinking a Miller Lite somewhere in the world.

"That's what I would be doing anyways," he said. "So, I really wanted to go after things that I was already passionate about that felt natural and authentic to me. So, I'm very thankful for (Molson Coors) being receptive to have me on board. I feel super lucky."

Sporting a Brewers Barrelman hat, Combs and his team walked into a conference room on the brewery's complex Wednesday. He was met by a small group of longtime brewery employees and other Molson Coors staffers. The beer cases and cans with his new specialty packaging were displayed on tables.

The design features a ribbon that says "Beer Never Broke My Heart" wrapped in between the tuning pegs of a guitar. Combs' name is at the top of the headstock.

LUKE COMBS IN MILWAUKEE: Country superstar introduces heartbreaking new baseball-tinged song at American Family Field

After everyone went around the room introducing themselves, they were instructed to suit up in PPE — yellow safety vests, glasses, hard hats, toe caps and headsets.

On Combs' VIP tour of the brewery, he got a first-hand — and at times, hands-on — look at the operations with facts and history lessons along the way.

The first stop was a packaging plant, where Combs met machinist Jeff Malecki who has "But they ain't seen us together" from Combs' song "Forever After All" tattooed across his arm.

The two shook hands and got a picture together. That would become a reoccurring scene throughout Combs' visit.

It seemed like every employee who crossed paths with Combs received a handshake. And, if they wanted a photo or autograph, they got those, too, without any hesitation.

In the warehouse, Combs saw cases with the specialty packaging sliding out of a machine — he pulled his phone out to document that — and stacks of those cases getting carried off on a pallet via forklift.

At one point, Combs stood in front of what looked like a mountain of the cases. "Get this one," he said to a photographer as he hugged the cases as far as his arms would stretch.

Later, he'd get to snag one of the cans right off of a quick-moving line.

He got a taste of that and a few different brewery roles, including one that involved flipping a cardboard box filled with unconstructed cases into place. A few cases snuck out the back, but not too shabby for a first-timer.

"Thanks for letting me do that," Combs said to the workers as he shook their hands. "Thanks for letting me be in the way."

Combs also tried his hand at adding hops, one of which was liquid. "Have y'all seen 'Superbad'?" Combs asked with a bucket of hops in hand.

It reminded him of the scene when McLovin was trying to buy booze at a liquor store and said to the cashier: "You know, I heard they recently decided to add more hops to it."

Toward the conclusion of the tour, Combs said he had a "truly amazing" time. But, his favorite part had to be the grand finale.

He got to go up on a brewhouse rooftop with striking views of the city, the home of the Brewers and that big red Miller sign.

Up there is where he shotgunned a beer in under 5 seconds, and had the honor of sampling an exclusive maturation stock that not many get to try.

"To be standing up here is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Combs said.

How about those eight ACM Awards nominations

The 59th Academy of Country Music Awards nominations were announced earlier this week. Combs leads the nominations with eight , including entertainer of the year, male artist of the year, album of the year, song of the year, single of the year and music event of the year.

"It's really awesome," he said. "Always surprising, I think ... In a lot of ways, it feels like I've been doing this a lifetime. And, in a lot of ways, I feel like I've been doing it for six months. So, I feel like sometimes I'm so conflicted with knowing what to feel or think ... It's an honor. It's my wildest dreams coming true. So, I'm a very lucky guy every day."

A 2024 win via Combs nomination for entertainer of the year would clinch the coveted triple crown award, which consists of an entertainer of the year win plus wins in an act's respective new artist (male, female, duo, or group) and artist (male, female, duo or group) categories, a USA TODAY report said.

The event will air on Prime Video and the Amazon Music channel on Twitch live from Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas, on May 16.

Piet Levy of the Journal Sentinel staff and USA TODAY contributed to this report.

This article originally appeared on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Before Luke Combs plays in front of the 'best fans' for his Milwaukee concerts this week, he tours Miller Brewery and even shotguns a beer

Luke Combs takes a tour of Miller Brewery in Milwaukee on April 10, 2024. The country music star is kicking off his "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old" tour in Milwaukee April 12.


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    Miller Brewery Tour. 4251 W. State St. Milwaukee, WI 53208. 414-931-BEER (2337)

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    Welcome to the Miller Brewery Tour, Where It's Always Miller Time! Here in Miller Valley we define hospitality in a whole new way. From your personal tour guide to the ghost of Frederick Miller, you will experience over 165 years of brewing history with a modern-day twist. International visitors and local guests alike experience something new with every tour.

  3. Miller Brewery Tour

    About. The Miller Brewery Tour offers an 80 minute indoor/outdoor guided walking tour of Miller Valley, home to over 155 years of brewing history. Experience everything from Fredrick Miller's arrival in Milwaukee to the high-speed production lines used today. Our tour begins with beer education and a journey back in time in our Historic Caves ...

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    The Miller Brewery Tour offers a fascinating journey through the legacy of this iconic brewery. With a rich history and innovative brewing methods, Miller Brewery has become a global beer titan under the leadership of Frederick Miller. Embarking on the Miller Brewery Tour is not just a visit, but an unforgettable adventure.

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    The Miller Brewery Tour made some changes last month. Yes, samples are still included. By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Oct 12, 2018 at 6:46 PM Photography: Royal Brevvaxling.


    The Miller Tour was the main reason we drove from Chicago to Milwaukee. Living a few miles from the Irwindale plant, we always wanted to tour the brewery but they do not do tours. Large private parking lot. Tours run all day, wait time is usually not to long. Tour costs $10. Takes almost the entire 75 minutes. No strollers allowed!


    262 reviews of Miller Brewery Tour "This is another thing that put Milwaukee on the map. I prefer the Miller High Life beer over any of their other products with MGD coming in a close second. Cheers!"


    During my mid west trip, I got a chance to go visit the miller brewery, The tour was about an hour long and it was worth it. The tour guide was very friendly and detailed. It nice to see how beers are packed and learning about miller history started. At the end of the tour, everyone get to have 3 cups of sampled beers with pretzel.

  11. Miller Brewery Tour

    The Miller Brewery Tour offers an 80 minute indoor/outdoor guided walking tour of Miller Valley, home to over 155 years of brewing history. Experience everything from Fredrick Miller's arrival in Milwaukee to the high-speed production lines used today. Our tour begins with beer education and a journey back in time in our Historic Caves and ...

  12. Miller Brewing Factory Tour in Milwaukee, WI

    Miller Brewing Company also gives tours and has a gift shop in Tumwater, WA (call 360-754-5217), and the Miller Marketplace and Brew Kettle Museum in Ft. Worth, TX (call 817-568-BEER). Gift Shop: Girl in the Moon Brewery Shop sells clothing, caps, glassware, steins, mirrors, tap handles, and other Miller-logoed items.

  13. Miller Brewery Tour at MillerCoors, Milwaukee

    Miller Brewery Tour and Visitors Center Address: 4251 W. State Street. Milwaukee, WI 53208. 414-931-2337. Website. You can access State Street easily from the Highway 175 freeway, just about a mile north of I-94 and Miller Park. Follow State Street east just a few blocks and you'll see the Visitors Center right there.


    Start your review of Miller Brewery Tour. Overall rating. 263 reviews. 5 stars. 4 stars. 3 stars. 2 stars. 1 star. Filter by rating. Search reviews. Search reviews. James G. Chicago, IL. 0. 22. 2. Jan 19, 2020. This tour is not bad. The Miller campus is pretty huge, and you get plenty of beer. One cool thing is that they give you a token that ...

  15. In town to kick off his tour, country star Luke Combs tours Miller Brewery

    By Bobby Tanzilo Senior Editor/Writer Published Apr 11, 2024 at 3:44 PM. Country music star Luke Combs is in town to kick off the U.S. leg of his "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old" tour with a pair of ...


    Start your review of Miller Brewery Tour. Overall rating. 264 reviews. 5 stars. 4 stars. 3 stars. 2 stars. 1 star. Filter by rating. Search reviews. Search reviews. Jana B. Austin, TX. 99. 135. 431. Nov 11, 2015. 4 photos. It's a free tour so why the hell not? The tour was a lovely way for us to end our trip to WI. The guides were great and had ...

  17. Luke Combs' love for Miller Lite and his visit to Miller Brewery

    Combs, one of country music's biggest stars, is playing two shows at American Family Field: One Friday and another Saturday. But ahead of that, he took a tour of the Miller Brewery. And, we got to ...