The 9 Best Men's Travel Shoes of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We ran 21 travel shoes through their paces

mens travel leather shoes

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Tripsavvy / Kristin Kempa

Traveling with more than a couple of pairs of shoes is difficult, so planning for a trip demands comfortable, practical footwear and a jack of all trades.

Different types of travelers will have different needs, and some folks may need to bring more than one pair, no matter how hard they look for the one perfect travel shoe. For example, business travelers often need a formal option but still bring athletic footwear to stay active away from home. To address as many types of travelers as possible, we’ve presented our top picks in a range of categories below.

Our testers took 19 shoes and boots and put them through their paces at home and while traveling to evaluate comfort, style, durability, and value.

Final Verdict

Other travel shoes we tested, how we tested.

  • What to Look For

Why Trust TripSavvy

Best overall, hoka men's clifton 9 running shoe.

Marshmallow-soft cushioning

Bold and neutral colorways

Regular width runs a bit narrow

The Clifton from Hoka One One is the running shoe that made the brand the footwear juggernaut it is today, and the plush comfort of the ninth iteration of the shoe makes it our top overall travel shoe pick. The shoe provides breathable all-day comfort and does double-duty as a training and running shoe while on the road. While Hokas gained popularity with runners at first, the legendary comfort has gained the brand devotees from outside the running community, and our tester appreciated the all-day comfort of walking around a city, exercising on a rec path, and even indoors.

The shoes haven’t lost any running cred—the rockered sole makes for efficient runs, and the durable outsole helps them last for more miles, whether walking through an airport or running park paths. They’re also great for general training, so you won’t need to switch shoes to hit the hotel gym. Hokas are known for a somewhat narrow fit, but luckily the wide sizes are readily available if you have a normal to wide foot or just want a roomier fit.

Sizes: 5 to 16 (regular and wide) | Materials: EVA midsole, mesh upper | Weight: 8.7 ounces | Sustainability: Recycled materials, vegan

Tripsavvy / Mariah Tyler

Best Overall, Runner-Up

Allbirds tree dasher 2.

  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5

Relaxed style

Carbon-neutral production

Easy to wear on long days

Lacks upper structure

Allbirds Tree Dasher is a running shoe, but the single-color all-fabric mesh upper disguises that fact enough that it doesn’t scream "running shoe" and can double as a casual fashion shoe perfect for travel. We also appreciate the company’s sustainability commitment, though you wouldn’t know from wearing it that the materials are all plant-based.

Our tester appreciated how breathable the TENCEL mesh upper (made from eucalyptus tree fiber) was and said they “almost feel like socks.” Because of this, our tester was concerned that the Allbirds might not be as supportive as a stiffer, more traditional running shoe, but we didn’t find any durability issues during testing.

At just above 10 ounces, the Tree Dashers are slightly heavier than the Hoka Clifton and don’t quite have the running pedigree of those shoes, but they also look less like a runner for those who want a less sporty look while traveling.

Sizes: 8 to 14 | Materials: TENCEL Lyocell upper, EVA midsole, rubber outsole, merino wool heel lining | Weight: 10.2 ounces | Sustainability: Climate Neutral-certified, bio-based, and recycled materials

Tripsavvy / Ivy Ford

Best Budget

Vans comfycush old skool.

  • Comfort 4 /5

Many fun styles/colorways

Improved, hardier model

Classic aesthetic

Mostly suited to urban terrains

While they look just like classic Vans, these are the Comfycush update of the original, which adds a springier foam midsole and padded heel collar and removes some rubber to make the shoes lighter. Our tester had owned several pairs of Vans in the past and said the Comfycush update was noticeable in terms of comfort but also made them feel more durable despite being a budget option.

The skate shoe style goes with anything (if your style is casual) and is light enough for all-day wear. The limitation of these shoes is that they aren’t great for running, though you could certainly wear them for a light workout. The waffle-pattern sole also doesn’t provide much in the way of off-road traction, but the rubber does offer good grip.

Sizes: 5 to 14.5 | Materials: Canvas upper, foam midsole, rubber outsole | Weight: 12 ounces | Sustainability: Not listed

Tripsavvy / Alessandra Amodio

Best for Running

On running men's cloud 5.

Versatile closure options

Waterproof version available

Slightly annoying design flaw

You’ve likely seen Swiss-engineered On shoes on commuters, in the gym, and at the airport, even if you don’t know the brand name. These are athletic shoes, and the brand calls itself a running brand, but the style and comfort have brought them to the masses for everyday wear and especially travel.

The Cloud 5 is the latest evolution of their core running sneaker, and our tester appreciated how lightweight they are even when running errands around town. We also liked how easily they slip on and off, which comes in handy when hustling through airport security. (The Cloud 5s come loaded with On’s speed lacing system but are also packaged with traditional laces.)

The signature CloudTec soles with their hollow cylinders are the defining characteristic of these runners and provide much of the comfort (along with the Zero Gravity foam midsole). But as anyone who’s worn On Cloud’s knows, these holes and the trench down the midfoot of the sole can pick up debris, such as rocks, while walking or running.

Sizes: 7 to 14 | Materials: Recycled polyester upper, foam midsole, rubber outsole | Weight: 8.8 ounces | Sustainability: 44 percent recycled materials

Best Hiking Shoe

Altra lone peak 7.

  • Cushioning/Knee Protection 4.4 /5
  • Comfort 4.5 /5
  • Responsiveness 3.8 /5
  • Stability 5 /5

Wide-foot friendly

Burly, all-terrain traction

Lack of incline is particular

Our outdoor gear editor calls these kicks the best travel shoes he's owned. And for good reason. These zero-drop shoes are super comfortable and allow room for foot swelling during long flights or road trips. They also serve as a do-everything shoe as certain colors look good enough for casual office and dining settings, and the trail-running nature of the shoe makes them ideal for hiking and off-road running. (They'll also work for running on pavement.)

The zero-drop (there is no difference in height from your heel to your front foot) may not be for everyone, but we dig the minimalist feel and design. But if you're looking for a shoe you can wear from the plane to the trail, we can't think of a better option.

Sizes: 7 to 15 (regular and wide) | Materials: Altra Ego midsole and Maxtrac outsole | Weight: 11 ounces | Sustainability: Not listed

Blundstone Men’s Classic 550 Chelsea Boots

  • Durability 3.5 /5

Timeless aesthetic

No break-in period

Easy to slip on and off

Can’t be re-soled

Tasmania, Australia’s Blundstone has been making boots like these for 130 years, so their classic Chelsea boots provide a proven, stylish design and a record of craftsmanship and quality. Unlike some urban boots that require weeks of heavy use to conform to your foot, our tester appreciated the “out of the box” comfort of the Blundstone Chelsea boots.

That comfort is thanks to a Shock Protection System (SPS) paired with a comfort footbed (they come with two different footbed options to select the one best for your foot shape). A TPU midsole paired with extra foam padding in the heel strike zone sets the Chelsea boots apart from many other urban boots that look cool but skimp on comfort.

Because of their classic style and comfort, these boots can be the only footwear you need for a trip. They obviously come up short for any athletic pursuits, though the lugged outsoles are capable enough for light hiking. But packing a lightweight pair of trainers might be the only addition to your luggage if you continue to train or run while on the road.

Sizes: 4 to 14 | Materials: Leather upper, TPU outsole | Weight: 16.9 ounces | Sustainability: Not listed

Best Hiking Sandals

Teva hurricane xlt2 sandals.

Active, capable fit for sandals

Solid traction

Limited to recreational activities

Sandals, in general, don't make great travel shoes. They might be comfortable for passing out on an airplane, but they show their shortcomings when walking between terminals or around a city. Teva first solved this problem in the 1980s with its distinctive hook and loop strap system, which secures the rugged sole to the foot and makes them an all-day option well-suited to warm temperatures and time in and around water.

The Hurricane is a classic Teva style, and the XLT2 is the latest update, incorporating recycled materials and comfort upgrades in the heel strap and sole. Our tester loved the fit of their hiking-shoe-like soles out of the box, which only improved with break-in time.

They're great for beach vacations, and our tester gave them a go on a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. Our tester appreciated their versatile comfort, especially on beach walks in coarse sand where bare feet hurt and flip-flops don't provide enough structure. The tester's biggest challenge was dialing in the strap system, and we recommend leaving the heel strap alone once you've found the ideal setting.

While the Hurricanes are great for travel, walking, light hiking, and water sports, they're limited in cooler temperatures, though you can always wear warm socks with them (embrace the dad look) to extend their practical range. They also aren't always appropriate for more formal occasions, dinners, and such, so you likely will need to travel with another piece of footwear unless you're on an exclusively casual trip.

Sizes: 5 to 17 | Materials: REPREVE polyester webbing, EVA midsole, rubber outsole | Weight: 10.3 ounces | Sustainability: Recycled polyester webbing, recyclable, vegan

Tripsavvy / Jason Horn

Best for the Environment

Allbirds wool runner mizzles.

  • Quality 4.5 /5

Thoughtful protective coating

Sock-like comfort

Relaxed athleisure appearance

Wool can get bunched up

Allbirds footwear is generally sustainability-first, and these wool casual running shoes are no exception, with recycled and bio-based materials throughout. They also offer great casual style and, as our tester exclaimed, "the comfort of a slipper without having the appearance of a slipper."

Allbirds calls these runners, but they're more like casual sneakers in a runner's style. For a running shoe, the soles are basic and smooth, and the soft wool upper lacks structure and support (though our tester noted that they lace up very securely). While you could run in them, and the SweetFoam midsole provides enough cushion, these are probably best for walking, an occasional light run or hike, and low-intensity training. Because of the slipper-like upper, our tester pointed out that the shoe developed some folding and wrinkling, and high-intensity exercise would likely only exacerbate the issue.

While merino wool is excellent for natural breathability and antimicrobial properties, it might not be your first choice for durability and weather protection. Thankfully, Allbirds addresses this with a bio-based waterproofing treatment to help keep your feet dry.

Sizes: 8 to 14 | Materials: ZQ-certified wool upper, EVA midsole, rubber outsole | Weight: Not listed | Sustainability: Climate Neutral-certified, bio-based materials, recycled materials, FSC-certified rubber

Best Splurge

Apl techloom tracer.

  • Comfort 4.3 /5
  • Value 3.5 /5

A trainer at the core

Sturdy construction

Cool, understated aesthetic

Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) is a “luxury performance” brand that sells $400 basketball shoes (banned by the NBA!) and a wide array of running and training shoes with premium proprietary materials and premium price tags to match.

Even though the TechLoom Tracer is more of a performance training shoe, you can see a bit of the basketball shoe roots in the shoe’s profile. While distinctly a sneaker, it may appeal to folks who like Nike style but want something more subdued and comfortable. (The APL logo is tastefully small and keeps the look neutral.)

The shoe is very structured compared to most running shoes and casual sneakers, which is a boon to performance and will likely help the shoes hold their shape over time and use, though dedicated runners may want to stick to actual running shoes. The aggressive lacing system also allows you to crank down a secure fit, making them an excellent option for people needing to stick with high-intensity training even while traveling. Our tester noted that the shoe initially felt stiff but broke in over the first few wears to settle into more all-day comfort.

The biggest hang-up on these shoes is the price tag. But if you don’t mind the spend and need a travel shoe that can stand up to wear and high-intensity training, the TechLoom Tracers may be worth the investment.

Sizes: 7 to 15 | Materials: Propelium midsole, Lycra collar, TechLoom upper, rubber outsole | Weight: 7.1 ounces | Sustainability: Not listed

Tripsavvy / Karen Chen

Setting the bar for comfort, the Hoka Clifton 9 is the newest version of one of the brand's classic running shoes. It doubles as a trainer and you'll appreciate it under your feet on those notoriously long travel days. Our runner-up, the Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 , is a stylish and sustainable pick.

Adidas Men's Ultraboost 22 Running Shoe : A good all-around athletic shoe, but our tester struggled to put them on and didn't appreciate slippage in the heel during use.

York Athletics The Henry Runner : Billed as the only shoe you need, these sneaker hybrids were comfortable, but our tester didn't love the "restaurant worker" appearance of the all-black model.

Kuru Atom Shoes : An all-around casual sneaker that didn't differentiate itself from its competitors in our testing.

Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoe: A Crocs-style sneaker designed by a sports podiatrist to provide comfort in a simple, injection-molded design. A more practical choice for athletic types who like the comfort of Crocs but want more of a sneaker for travel.

Thursday Boots Low Top : These dressed-up leather sneakers provide versatility in where and how they can be worn, but our tester didn't love the breathability and lack of support from the insoles.

Olukai Mōlina : We loved this waterproof hiker that's stylish enough to wear out but capable enough for rugged hikes. It may get warm/sweaty in certain environments.

Cole Haan Men's Howland Penny Loafer : An attractive shoe that's great for more formal trips but not ideal for all-day walking comfort.

ECCO Men's Sandals Multisport Outdoor Shoes : Though billed as a "multisport" sandal, our tester didn't feel they lived up to the billing in terms of fit and capability.

Our testing pool included more than a dozen testers from different areas of the country who tested 21 shoes close to home and on the road, from city streets to sandy beaches. We tested a range of footwear, from boots to penny loafers to running shoes, and evaluated each pair for the same criteria, including comfort, style, versatility, value, and quality.

What to Look For in Travel Shoes

Type of shoe.

For many people shopping for a travel shoe, the type of shoe they need will be the easiest way to narrow their search. If you normally travel by plane with nothing more than a piece of carry-on luggage and need a single shoe you can wear for travel, business meetings, and everything in between, a neon running shoe might not fit your needs. Conversely, a fashion-first boot isn't a great fit if you only travel for pleasure and like to stay active away from home. Weather is another easy way to eliminate contenders. If you live and travel in cold and snowy regions, boots are likely the only option, while tropical travelers will want to consider sandals or other lightweight, breathable options. Broadly speaking, most footwear that's in the running for a good travel shoe falls into a few categories: athletic sneakers, formal shoes, sandals, and boots.

For most people in the US, a reasonably fashionable sneaker is acceptable in most social settings and can serve multiple purposes for commuting, eating out, and more active pursuits. For this reason, our top recommendations tend to favor this footwear style since it can accommodate a broader range of travelers' needs.

Sport sandals are a great vacation option as they are walkable and play nice in the water while letting your feet breathe. In colder climates, boots are your best option, and they generally do double-duty as a more formal option for business travel. If you're mainly shopping for business trips, you may want to consider sacrificing some comfort to look the part, though, if you can afford the space, consider carrying two pairs of shoes: one for exercise and comfort while commuting and the other when you need to dress things up. Your feet will thank you.

Depending on the style, most shoppers can expect to pay between $70 and $200 for a good travel shoe. Cheaper options are available, but the savings will often be at the cost of comfort, style, or both. More expensive options usually fall into the formal shoe or boot categories, where you’ll pay a premium for style and quality. For the casual athletic footwear featured prominently in our top picks above, expect to pay between $90 and $150.


Most sneaker-style shoes are fairly comfortable directly out of the box and don’t require much break-in. If they aren’t reasonably comfortable on first wear, there may be a fit issue, and your best bet is to try another model that fits your foot better. If you have a store nearby where you can try several pairs of sneakers to compare fit and comfort, do it, even if you ultimately buy online.

Boots, especially leather fashion-first options, require more break-in and may not feel plush until you’ve logged some serious miles on them. That said, if comfort is a top priority for you, consider a boot with sneaker-like comfort, such as the Blundstone Chelsea boots we recommend above.

If you’re looking for footwear that can handle your athletic pursuits in addition to providing comfort on the road, you may want to start with sport-specific footwear such as the Hoka Clifton or On Cloud 5s we recommend above. They’re running shoes that happen to make great travel shoes as well.

Unsurprisingly, a good travel shoe is generally a lighter model. The caveat is that most of a shoe's weight comes from the midsole, which is the powerhouse of comfort and support. Therefore, the best travel shoes strike the right balance of weight and comfort. Not all manufacturers or retailers publish weights, but the Hoka Clifton 9 , for example, tips the scales at 8.7 ounces each. In comparison, the Blundstone 550 Chelsea comes in at about twice that (16.9 ounces to be exact, which for a sturdy boot is more than reasonable). Pro tip: If a weight is listed it is generally for a single shoe unless otherwise specified. Keep in mind that weight increases or decreases according to size.

Some people would say to bring as many as you can carry, while the more minimalist traveler might say you should only bring as many as you need. The ideal scenario, of course, is to have one pair of shoes that work for all occasions, and this is easier to do in certain climates and for certain types of travelers. Because shoes are generally space-eaters in luggage, we recommend trying to bring two to three pairs of footwear at most, if possible. Usually, most travelers can get by with two: one pair of sneakers for activewear and comfortable travel, and another pair to dress things up as needed. As veteran travelers, we can confidently say that you’ll be glad if you can minimize your outfits and footwear (and thus luggage weight and volume) while traveling.

Cleaning and care of footwear is going to be unique to the types of materials used, and you should always consult manufacturer recommendations for cleaning since they know exactly what materials are at play and what cleaning methods will be effective.

As a general rule, leather footwear needs fairly regular cleaning and treatment to get the best comfort and to extend the life of the shoes or boots. Saddle soap is a great all-around cleaner and conditioner that provides some water resistance.

Sneakers tend to use a mix of materials and are harder to clean, but there are lots of generic sneaker cleaners on the market. We like Pink Miracle for our sneakers, but you’ll want to be sure it works for your particular brand and model.

Simple footwear such as Crocs or Kane’s Revive shoes have the advantage of both not really showing dirt in the first place and being very straightforward to clean when they do. If you don’t want to go that bare bones for your travel shoes, look for shoes that are darker in color or are straightforward to clean and, ideally, stain-resistant.

Shoes and boots that slip on and off easily are your best bet for dealing with TSA protocols. We highlight this aspect of several of our picks above, including the On Cloud 5 running shoes and the Blundstone Chelsea boots. The worst choices for the airport are boots and shoes with complicated laces or those that need to be laced tight since you’ll need to undo them on one side of security and redo them on the other. It’s also nice to be able to easily kick shoes on and off when you get a moment to kick back.

Justin Park is a veteran traveler who has visited five of the seven major continents and used to log nearly a half-million miles in air travel annually for business. He considers himself a minimalist in travel but isn’t scared to check a bag and usually travels with two pairs of shoes. His current go-to travel shoes are Danner Trail 2650s , which are comfortable and sporty enough for hiking and running but not quite a sneaker in terms of style.

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The Packable Life

16 Tried-And-True Travel Shoes (for Walking All Day)

Three sets of men's travel shoes resting on the bumper of a van

Smart travelers know the value of great shoes. When you’re on your feet all day — whether it’s hiking a trail or walking neighborhoods in a new city — your footwear can make an enormous difference. That’s why I’m here to report on the best men’s and women’s travel shoes for walking all day.

I’m a minimalist and typically only take one or two pairs of shoes on the road. My ideal travel shoes are stylish, lightweight, and comfortable all day long. In the summer, I look for more breathable and lightweight shoes, and in winter, I crave warmth and durability.

I’ve worked at REI and traveled extensively in Europe for business and personal endeavors, so I know a thing or two about footwear that’s built for walking all day. I’m happy to share my findings on such brands as Allbirds, Lems, Xero, SeaVees, and Blundstone, as these companies make some truly stellar kicks.

This list includes sneakers, loafers, slip-ons, athletic shoes, and a few sandals that I’ve evaluated for comfort, style, packability, and other key factors.

Travel is back in a big way, so let’s dive headfirst into my list of the best men’s and women’s travel shoes money can buy.

Best Travel Shoes for Men & Women

  • Best All-Around: Allbirds Tree Runners
  • Best Slip-Ons: SeaVees Huntington Middie
  • Zero-Drop Barefoot Shoes: Lems Primal Zen
  • Zero-Drop Barefoot Boots: Lems Boulder Vegan
  • All-Purpose Sneakers: Reebok Classic
  • Ultra-Lightweight & Packable Slip-Ons: Xero Sunrise
  • Trail Running Shoes: Salomon Wander
  • Stylish Hiking Shoes: Merrell Burnt Rock
  • Tough Fitness Kicks: GORUCK Ballistic Trainers
  • Men’s Dress Shoes: Florsheim Oxford
  • Women’s Dress Shoes: Rothy’s The Point
  • Slip-On Chelsea Boots: Blundstone 550
  • Minimalist Barefoot Sandals: Luna Oso Flaco
  • Classy Slide-On Sandals: Birkenstock Arizona
  • Unbreakable Flip Flops: Rainbow Double Layer
  • Hiking Sandals: Teva Universal
  • Considerations for Travel Shoes & Sandals
  • Final Thoughts: Best Travel Shoes for Men & Women

Best All-Around Allbirds Tree Runners

Allbirds Tree Runners

I’m a huge fan of the Allbirds Tree Runners. They come in a wide variety of colors, and you’ll love their breathability and packability. You’ll have no problem squishing them down flat and tying them to the side of your backpack or even stuffing them into the water bottle pocket.

I criss-crossed Europe in my Allbirds and washed them several times. They held up great! The best thing about Allbirds is how lightweight they are. They’re perfect for walking all day, thanks to the stretchy material that molds to your feet.

If you’re looking for responsibly sourced and comfortable all-day shoes, I can highly recommend the Allbirds.

Best Slip-Ons SeaVees Huntington Middie

SeaVees Huntington Middie comfortable travel slip-ons

Want a slightly more stylish option than the Allbirds? The SeaVees Huntington Middie is my favorite slip-on shoe for travel. The high top and suede material make them easy to dress up or down.

SeaVees are perfect travel companions. I love the simple, minimalistic look they bring to any outfit, so they look great day and night.

Plus, they’re super comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Quite a few online reviewers say SeaVees aren’t just a travel shoe but also a go-to everyday casual shoe.

Zero-Drop Barefoot Shoes Lems Primal Zen

Black and gray Lems brand barefoot men's shoe

I recommend the Lems Primal Zens for the zero-drop traveler because they’re lightweight, versatile, and minimalist, making them excellent travel shoes.

Travel is hard on the body, and some people prefer the benefits of a zero-drop shoe with the natural fit and feel that promotes healthy walking habits. In comparison, traditional shoes can produce an unnatural gait that increases the likelihood of injury.

These Lems can handle anything – from running, hiking, working out, and walking. Their versatility and durability make them perfect for a new adventure every day when traveling.

Zero-Drop Barefoot Boots Lems Boulder Vegan

Lems Boulder Vegan barefoot boots

Traveling in the fall or winter? I’d opt for Lems’ Boulder Vegan Boots. The neutral colors go with any outfit, and they pack down to a size of a puff jacket, making them an easy must-carry.

Lems is a vegan-friendly Colorado brand that strives to make responsibly produced and sustainable footwear. They use recycled products to create new materials and also partner with a non-profit.

The Lems cork footbed molds to your feet and has a wide toebox, so this zero-drop style is perfect for travelers who are on their feet all day. You have a choice of materials to help you find the one that best matches your travel needs.

All-Purpose Sneakers Reebok Classic

White Reebok Classic all-purpose sneakers

If you’re a fan of sneakers, the Reebok Classic offers excellent support and comes in an array of colors and styles.

The downside to these shoes is their limited packability and versatility. Compared to others on this list, the Reebok Classics don’t pack down as small and don’t dress up as easily for attending those special dinner events.

I love these Reeboks because they’re highly functional and will take you to your destination in comfy sneaker style.

Ultra-Lightweight & Packable Slip-Ons Xero Sunrise

Grey ultralight slip-ons for travel

The Xero Sunrise slip-ons are the lightest and most packable shoe on this list. Weighing in at a ridiculous 5.6 ounces each (men’s size medium), these were designed for those who want a comfortable shoe to slide into when it’s time to chill.

Though I don’t recommend climbing a mountain in these or donning them during a 30,000-step marathon around the city, I do think they’d work perfectly for a relaxing night on the town, strolling around a farmers market, or kicking your feet up by the pool.

From experience, I can tell you these are about as comfortable, cozy, and convenient as travel shoes come these days. For my more relaxed trips, they’ll make it into my travel bag every single time.

Trail Running Shoes Salomon Wander

Black Salomon Wander footwear for trail running and high-volume walking

The Salomon Wander is made for trail running but also works quite well as a travel shoe. They’re versatile for active travelers who like to walk, run, and hike all day, every day.

These shoes have ample cushion that makes long walks in the city easier on your knees, but they aren’t quite as stylish as some and don’t dress up as easily.

Salomon is a trusted and well-reviewed brand, and their Wander is a fine addition to their respected product line. If you spend all day on your feet, look no further.

Stylish Hiking Shoes Merrell Burnt Rock

Merrell Burnt Rock hiking shoes

I love the Merrell Burnt Rock because they’re so stylish. These are ideal for travelers who like to hit the trail occasionally but also know they’ll spend most of their time in the city.

The Burnt Rock comes in various colors, and their earth-toned palette makes them about as versatile of a shoe as you’ll find on this list. The mixture of suede and mesh make them breathable like a sneaker, but with style.

Flip the shoe over and you’ll find a beautiful rubber outsole for reliable traction, yet these don’t look like hiking shoes.

Tough Fitness Kicks GORUCK Ballistic Trainers

GORUCK Ballistic Trainers

Are you an active traveler who pushes most shoes to their limits? Or someone who will work out CrossFit-style before racing off to see the sights? Then I wholeheartedly recommend the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers.

The Ballistic Trainers are designed for the traveler who puts their shoes through hell. They’re extra supportive, with tough nylon uppers and durable triple compound rubber. These shoes are seriously durable.

Not only are they built to last, but also are stylish and versatile enough for any casual travel. They’re low-profile sneakers in neutral colors that can be paired with any casual clothing. The GORUCK Ballistic Trainers make for a perfect travel shoe for the always-on-the-move traveler.

Men’s Dress Shoes Florsheim Oxford

Florsheim Oxford men's dress footwear

For men who like to travel in style, the Florsheim Oxfords are ideal shoes for looking good all day and night. I recommend these for business commuters who need to balance professionalism with their active lifestyle.

The Oxfords have a very classic, minimalist style. Their Ortholite X-40 rebound foam soles deliver non-stop comfort no matter how long you’re on your feet.

The Florsheim Oxford is a quality dress shoe that won’t break your budget. Traveling for work is often tiring, but these shoes will cushion your feet and keep the spring in your step.

Women’s Dress Shoes Rothy’s The Point

Rothy’s The Point slip-on women's dress shoes

Rothy’s is a high-quality brand that’s known for transforming recycled plastic bottles into simple, stylish shoes. They have classic silhouettes and a variety of styles to match your personality.

Why have I included them on this list? Not only are they simple and packable, but they’re designed to be washed. I’ve had mine for years, and even after several washes, they look as good as new.

While they cost a bit more, the material quality and durability are well worth the price. For businesswomen on their feet all day, these are the stylish flats you’ve been wanting.

Slip-On Chelsea Boots Blundstone 550

Blundstone 550 leather slip-on chelsea boots

These are my go-to winter travel shoes — versatile and stylish slip-on Chelsea boots that are easy to love. Yes, they’re one of the more expensive options here, but well worth the investment.

If I was traveling and could only bring one pair of shoes, I’d bring these. I can work, hike, or walk all day in them with no problem. Compared to the Lems, the Blundstone 550 are more durable and rugged. They do get a bit hot in warmer climates, so consider the low cuts.

Caution: Blundstone is an Australian brand, and AU and US sizes differ slightly. For example, at REI the boot size on the box is AU sizing but the size selection tool on the website is US sizing. Make sure you’re ordering the right size.

Minimalist Barefoot Sandals Luna Oso Flaco Winged Edition

mens travel leather shoes

If you’re traveling to a warm climate and have little need to dress up, I’d recommend the Luna Oso Flaco. In another post, I chose these as the top minimalist barefoot sandal , due to their many excellent qualities for active travelers on the go.

Weighing under one pound per pair, these are lightweight as well as super-compact. You’ll barely notice them in your suitcase or backpack.

The Oso Flaco sandals are the best zero-drop option for travelers who want to connect with the earth. Their lightweight and rugged sole makes them a great choice for your adventures.

Classy Slide-On Sandals Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstock Arizona comfortable slide-on travel sandals

Our favorite versatile slide-on sandals are the Birkenstock Arizonas. These are a classic style that has transitioned from dorky to stylish over the years.

I sometimes travel in summer with friends who also wear these shoes. We all agree that they’re ultra-comfortable and perfect for all-day treks in the city. Whether you wake up in hostels or highrise hotels, these are reliable urban cruisers.

One caveat, however: on hot, sweaty days in these sandals, my feet sometimes get blisters, so I’ll usually opt for sneakers instead. Other than that, I love my Birkenstocks for traveling.

Unbreakable Flip-Flops Rainbow Double Layer

Rainbow Double Layer flip flops

Rainbows are flip-flops built for the long haul. But be sure to break these in before your trip. They may be uncomfortable at first, but once they mold to your feet, you’ll never want to take them off.

I know people who have worn these for years and swear by them. As with some of the other shoes on this list, these are quite flat and packable. The two shoes sandwiched together are about the thickness of a paperback book.

The Rainbow product guarantee covers all manufacturing defects for life, no matter how old. This lifetime replacement policy is another reason to love these traveler favorites.

Hiking Sandals Teva Universal

Teva Universal sandal for men and women

Want a more substantial and supportive sandal than the Bedrocks? I’d point you to the Teva Universal Sandal — versatile, classic, and more affordable.

These come in several neutral colors that simplify dress-up. I had a pair with copper-colored straps that paired easily with dresses I wore for a summer in Italy.

Teva Universals are lightweight and can be easily stowed. Save space by using their Velcro straps to fasten them to the outside of your backpack.

Criteria for Travel Shoes & Sandals

Shoes flipped upside down showing black soles with the Lems brand logo

This list reflects several key factors you should consider before packing your suitcase with travel shoes. Some may be more relevant than others, based on your travel needs.

No matter where you’re going, your shoes must always be comfortable, especially when the steps start to pile up. Treat your feet right by carefully considering the cushioning and breathability.

An ill-fitting pair of shoes can be distracting and even painful at times, so do your do diligence as you research shoes, read reviews, and reference the sizing guide to ensure you get the right fit.

Styling is important if a shoe is to be truly versatile. I lean more towards minimalist sneakers if I’ll be going to museums all day followed by a relaxing dinner at night. Save space in your suitcase by packing a style that complements as many of your outfits and activities as possible.

We’ve done our best to pick a wide array of shoes that will look good on anyone, and have strayed away from the dorky Rick Steves dad sneakers of the past. (Sorry, Rick.)

Laced vs. Slip-On

I often pack one pair of laced and one pair of slip-on shoes for ease of use and comfort (slip-ons) and athletic performance (laced). There are other styles to consider, too, like boots and sandals, so do your research and choose what’s best for you.

I usually wear my slip-ons for more leisurely activities and wear laced kicks for more high-intensity activities that call for more foot and ankle support.


When you’re a high-intensity traveler who puts in a lot of steps , you need a set of footwear that’ll release the body heat that your feet produce. Otherwise, you’re looking at clammy, sweaty feet that are prone to blisters. Gross.

We did our best to pick breathable shoes that will keep your feet dry and fresh as you pile up the miles, so long as you match them up with a capable pair of travel or hiking socks .

Have you ever had a pair of cheap shoes crap out on you midway through a trip? I haven’t, but I can imagine it’d be quite the pain in the butt to replace shoes in a foreign land. I don’t have such problems with my footwear since I always pick travel shoes that are durable and built for the long haul.

To ensure you buy a pair of durable shoes, read reviews, keep a close eye on the materials used to produce them, and only buy well-reviewed products from trusted brands.


As a minimalist traveler, packability is one of my top priorities. I wear my bulkiest shoes on the airplane while packing my lighter and more compact pair, as well as my sandals.

Saving space in your minimalist travel pack is a top consideration when hitting the road, so pick shoes that’ll pack down small if you intend on traveling light .

Weight and packability go hand in hand. And lighter shoes are better when you’re carrying a weekend backpack, duffle, or suitcase. Shoes tend to be among the heaviest travel items we carry.

Noel, the founder of this website, is an ultralight backpacker who nerds out over the weight of each piece of gear in his backpack. Maybe you should too.

Affordability is another key factor. I want all of the factors listed above, but not at an unfair cost. Remember that your shoes must endure cobblestones, dirt roads, train stations, and the occasional hike. That’s why you don’t see any cheap Amazon knockoffs on this list.

We did our best to recommend an array of well-reviewed shoes across a wide range of budgets.

Which Travel Shoes Will You Lace Up?

Man with blue jeans and black boots walking down a cobblestone road at sunset

This has been my take on the best men’s and women’s travel shoes for all day walking. All of these shoes are stylish, comfortable, durable, lightweight and breathable. With any of these, your feet will thank you for making their next travel adventure as comfy as possible.

Don’t waste a single precious travel day looking for new shoes (or band-aids) because you chose the wrong footwear. This list consists of quality brands like Allbirds, Lems, Xero, Reebok, Blundstone, and others that you can rely on. Please share your experiences in the comments section.

I’ve traveled extensively in Europe wearing several of these shoes and hope my experiences will help you more comfortably navigate all those airports, train stations, and city streets that await you in the future. May all your travel adventures be low-impact, smooth sailing, and on-time!

Last Updated on March 19, 2024

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9 Best Travel Shoes For Men – Better Adventures For 2024

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. Any products or services put forward appear in no particular order. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation.

The last thing you want to worry about while scrambling to pack for a spontaneous trip is an unreliable pair of shoes that might fall apart on you.

There’s a delicate art in picking the best travel shoes for men. You want something versatile, that can ideally work in casual and formal settings. If you’re flying, you need to take into consideration how easily your shoes can slip on and off when TSA inevitably rummages through everything you have.

You might already own some quality footwear in your collection, but do you have something to rely on when going from point A to point B? What you really need is a new pair of footwear to embark on your next excursion.

Luckily, an entire sub-genre of footwear has opened up on the market, designed to accommodate many travel necessities and then some. As travel becomes more prominent for work and life, so has the development of travel shoes. A great men’s travel shoe should be efficient to put on, comfortable to walk in, and great to look at.

All the shoes on this list check these boxes while bringing their own unique characteristics to the table. Whatever you might need, you can find it within this lineup. So, let’s break down 9 of the best travel shoes for men, to bring out your inner cosmopolitan.

Key Takeaways

The best option to accompany you on your next getaway is the Wilson loafer from Helm Boots. These loafers feature a modern take on the classic penny-loafer design, offering a ton of versatility no matter where you go and what you do.

The Original dress shoe from Amberjack is also one of the best travel shoes for men, balancing style and comfort in a single package.

  • What to look for

Final Verdict

Best outdoor: tropicfeel sunset sneaker.

If you’re planning to travel somewhere remote, you should bring a pair of shoes that can withstand the elements. The Sunset sneaker from Tropicfeel is just the solution for a nomadic trip in the wild.

While the Vessi sneakers are built to propel water, the Tropicfeel Sunset sneakers are built to embrace it–able to be worn fully underwater. The drainage holes in the outsoles allow water to exit the shoe without reentering. Once you come back to land, your feet should dry out in no time. If you’re wondering about wet socks, these sneakers act as a pair of socks too. It’s best to not wear any socks with these because you have the breathability and comfort of the mesh upper–one less thing to cram into your carry-on.

These shoes have sprint laces which means you can fit them securely to your feet in mere seconds. They also feature a drop-in heel which allows them to be slipped on easily and worn as slippers in even less time. They also lean toward a casual aesthetic, so throw them on with some cargo shorts, a boonie hat, and get exploring.

Material: 77% recycled polyester, 23% polyester | Sizes: 6-12.5 US | Colors Available: 5

Best Cold Weather: Cariuma OCA Therma High

While most of the suggestions on this list are geared toward warmer conditions, we haven’t forgotten colder climates. If you’re traveling somewhere a bit more unforgiving, try out the OCA Therma High sneakers from Cariuma.

These high-top sneakers are fully vegan, yes, even the Sherpa lining. Speaking of the lining, it’s integrated into the whole interior of the shoe–including the removable midsole. As Cariuma puts it on their site, these sneakers have been “winterproofed”. Not to mention, two trees are planted for each pair of shoes sold. This means you’ll be able to enjoy those trees whenever you finally decide to travel somewhere warmer.

While these high-tops might take a bit longer to slip on than a pair of loafers, once you have them on your feet, you’ll be comfy and cozy in the harshest climates. They can be worn casually with a comfy sherpa-lined flannel and beanie to brace the elements in style.

Material: 100% Vegan Suede | Sizes: 5-13 US | Colors Available: 2

Best on Amazon: Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt II Sneaker

Cole Haan is one of the most prominent figures in the fashion footwear monolith. Most notably, they hold a reputation for making comfortable shoes–this includes the Grand Crosscourt II Sneakers.

These fall into the classic, leather sneaker family. The external design doesn’t really do anything original, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. These sneakers feature springy, shock-absorbent insoles for high comfort. Combine that with their lightweight construction and tactile tread on the outsole, and you have a great pair of walking shoes to explore a new city.

The slim, minimalistic design makes these sneakers great for casual and business-casual attire. You can wear them with a blazer and slacks, but a tee and shorts would look just as clean.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 7-15 US | Colors Available: 9

Best Athletic: Merrell Trail Glove 7

If you’re the type of person who never takes a break from the gym, even when traveling, the Merrell Trail Glove 7 running shoes could be your new training partner. I’ve gone through three iterations of Merrell trail gloves over the years, and they’ve become my go-to workout shoe.

The zero-drop design, aka barefoot, is more anatomically natural compared to other cushioned, athletic sneakers. It may take an adjustment at first, but I’ve gotten so used to zero-drop runners that they’re the only shoes I use to run. If you’re not a runner though, use these for weightlifting, yoga, or whatever physical activity gets your blood pumping. The wider toe box improves balance and it means your toes have the space they need to prevent injuries.

Now, these shoes are far from formal, and you’ll have to dress super casually if these are the only pair you bring along for the ride. However, they’re so accommodating to your feet, you’ll be able to walk, run, and jump wherever you travel.

Material: Recycled Mesh | Size: 7-15 US | Colors Available: 4

Best Budget: Perry Ellis Tread Sneaker

Fun fact, the first boots I ever purchased were a pair of Perry Ellis chukkas. They were less than 50 bucks and, although the quality was admittedly poor, they lasted me throughout my senior year of high school.

Perry Ellis has made a name for itself as a designer brand offering goods at great value. The Tread Sneakers take key features from the best travel shoes for men and deliver them at an inexpensive price point. The base price is right under $100, but Perry Ellis products are frequently on sale and there are plenty of promotions you can cash in on to snag the best deal.

This particular model is made of a knit mesh material, making them breathable and super comfortable for long days of travel. Now, these should generally be worn in casual situations, but there are quite a few examples of these being dressed up–even with a suit. The profile is slim enough to accommodate a lot of different outfits, so experiment without breaking the bank.

Material: Mesh Knit | Sizes: 7.5-13 US | Colors Available: 5

Best Trending Option: Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons

Stop what you’re doing right now, open Instagram, and search up travel shoes. What do you find? Odds are, quite a few of the posts you’ll see are advertising Vessi sneakers. This brand has blown up recently and much of the online marketing has contributed to its trendy appeal.

The biggest selling point of Vessi sneakers is the breathable mesh material, porous enough to expel sweat but not large enough to let in water. Don’t ask me how it works, but you can find plenty of videos demonstrating their impressive water-resistance technology.

The Everyday Move Slip-Ons are particularly great for travel because of their sock-like design. They have a futuristic-ninja vibe, and if you’ll mostly be dressing casually, these are perfect for you. Complete the look with a full black, athletic outfit to embody the streamlined style.

Material: Vegan Knit Material | Sizes: 6-14 US | Colors Available: 7

Best Staple: Amberjack The Original

Ironically, one of the founders behind Amberjack was an ex-Cole Haan employee. This brand was born out of a desire to shake up the stale formal footwear market. Amberjack products resemble the outward style of a dress shoe but have more in common with sneakers on the inside. The Original takes the classic design of a derby shoe and modernizes it for a life no longer confined to a cubicle.

The dual-density rubber outsoles create the classic, stacked heel silhouette but make for a more comfortable walking experience. The heat-activated arch support keeps the foot in its natural position, even if you have flat feet. Oh, and the perforations on the vamp ensure proper ventilation no matter how hot it gets.

These shoes can obviously be dressed up with ease, but can quickly go casual if need be. Or, why not strike a balance between the two, and pair a sharp blazer with some nice jeans.

Material: Full grain leather/Italian Suede | Sizes: 7-13 US | Colors Available: 11

Best Luxury: Crown Northampton Everdon Wholecut Mid

There’s a very real possibility these sneakers might cost more than your plane tickets. However, Crown Northampton is a distinguished brand in the footwear world and shell cordovan is one of the most luxurious leathers money can buy.

For those who don’t know, shell cordovan is actually horse leather. Now, the morality of such a material is an entirely different discussion, but the fact is, it’s a highly sought-after leather. It goes through a much trickier tanning process and often comes out a beautiful burgundy color, aka “ Horween Color #8 ”. Oh, and the Horween Leather Company is also one of the most prestigious leather tanneries in the world.

All of this may sound like a bunch of gibberish to you, so to put it simply, these shoes are the highest of high-end. They’ll certainly be the star of the show with whatever outfit you decide to throw on. The high-top design also makes them great for warmer or cooler conditions, depending on where you travel. I’m sure if you do purchase a pair of these, they’ll only ever see first class.

Material: Horween Shell Cordovan | Sizes: 3-14 UK | Colors Available: 1

Best Overall: Helm The Wilson

Last summer, while on a trip to Austin, Texas, I had the pleasure of stopping by the sleepy, hole-in-the-wall Helm Headquarters. The employees were incredibly accommodating and this was the first time I got to wear the Wilson loafers. These shoes are downright excellent, and I feel the Helm brand is a criminally underrated player in the footwear market today.

It’s no surprise a loafer is at the top of this list, they’re a go-to for travel, but the Wilson is more than just a loafer. This shoe utilizes modern technology for maximum comfort in the reimaged body of a penny loafer. I personally think these shoes are stunning, especially in the burgundy color. The Helm signature white line on the midsole indicates an added layer of comfort and rigidity. Also, the leather outsole with rubber inserts ensures you have enough traction if you’re traveling somewhere stormy.

While these shoes may be a modern take on the classic design, you can still wear them like a normal pair of penny loafers. They’ll effortlessly compliment a nice pair of slacks or shorts . You also have the flexibility to wear them formally with a button up, or just throw on a nice polo for a casual look.

Material: Brush-Off Krumenauer Leather | Sizes: 6-16 US | Colors Available: 5

What To Look For In The Best Travel Shoes For Men

A critical decision when planning any trip is what type of shoes you will bring on the journey. If you’re flying, you need to deal with the hassle of TSA and probably want something that can come off easily.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll also want a ton of comfort for the inevitable walking you’ll do while sightseeing. Not to mention, you might need something formal if you’re traveling for work. The loafer fits all of these criteria flawlessly and is a go-to option for travel. A solid pair of simplistic sneakers or high-tops can also do the trick if you desire something more casual.


Material is also a major player when looking at a pair of the best travel shoes for men. Mesh sneakers and shoes are a great, modern design that allows for versatility in many situations. Leather options are sophisticated and the right kind will be just as comfortable–especially suede. Above all, shoes of quality material and construction can provide you peace of mind that your footwear won’t fall apart halfway through the trip.

Lastly, comfort is huge when searching for the best men’s travel shoes. While the location and occasion of your travel might restrict how comfortable you can get, there are still plenty of options out there for you. If you’re simply traveling on vacation, you don’t want to combat blisters and swollen feet the whole time. Pick what’s the most comfortable for you, so you can enjoy your temporary destination without any hiccups.

In short, you really can’t beat the beauty, quality, and versatility of the Wilson loafers from Helm. These shoes can get you through TSA in style and they’ll take you to countless new places. Amberjack’s The Original shoe is also a great choice for those seeking a classic look in a comfortable, sneaker-esque package.

Loafers are among the best shoes for travel. They offer a balance between formal and casual, all while being easy to slip on. They can also be worn with pants or shorts, making them great when alternating between two different climates.

Running shoes are another great option when leaving home. Most running shoes focus on comfort, as they’re built to endure heavy usage. Also, if you’re an active individual, you might only need to pack one pair of shoes to get your workouts in while away from the gym.

When it comes to air travel, the best shoe is ultimately one that can be taken off and put back on with ease. You really don’t want a pair of knee-high lace-up boots that take twenty minutes just to get off–sorry goths. Slip-on shoes are often best because they can get you through TSA in a breeze, and you won’t even have to think twice about missing the flight.

Ryan is a writer, filmmaker, and all around content creator. Over the years, he has written screenplays, short stories, and nonfiction informational pieces. Ryan is currently working to build up his YouTube channel (@ ryan-jamison ) via creative video essays that combine his love of filmmaking and writing. He also *occasionally* posts some photography on his Instagram (@ ryanjamison99 ). When away from the keyboard, Ryan loves running, hiking, reading, and he’s also a total boot nerd.

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Finding the Universe

Travel tales, photography and a dash of humor

Best Shoes for Travel for Men

Best Travel Shoes for Men + What to Look For

Last updated: April 7, 2024 . Written by Laurence Norah - 8 Comments

When you travel, the chances are you are going to be doing a fair bit of walking. We usually spend many hours on our feet each day of our trips, whether that be hiking or just exploring city attractions.

Given how much time you will likely spend on your feet, having the right travel shoes is really important. You want shoes that will be comfortable for prolonged time, but that are also suitable for the rigors of travel.

Shoes can also be heavy, so you generally don’t want to be bringing too many pairs with you as they can take up valuable luggage space.

The key thing is to find the right kind of shoes for the trip you are going on. Ideally these will be versatile, and able to be used in a variety of situations.

For example, you might find a pair of shoes that are comfortable enough to walk around in all day, which are also smart enough for a nice evening out.

We’ve spent years traveling for many months out of the year, often walking in excess of 20,000 steps a day researching destinations. We do everything from exploring cities to hiking up mountains, and our trips cover all sorts of terrain, from city streets to deserts to dirt and snow-covered trails.

Based on our experiences traveling (and wearing many pairs of shoes!), I’ve put together this list of the best travel shoes for men. We also have a guide to travel shoes for women here .

This post covers a wide variety of men’s travel shoes, from hiking boots to sandals, to versatile all-rounders that are as comfortable in a nice restaurant as they are walking all day in a city.

I’m also going to share some of the things you need to think about and look for when buying a pair of shoes for travel. Let’s get started!

Things to Consider when buying Travel Shoes


Versatility is important when it comes to travel shoes – ideally you want a pair of shoes that will fill a variety of roles, so you can minimize how many pairs you need to pack.

Having shoes that match and blend easily with the majority of your clothes is also useful. This means that whether you’re wandering the city streets during the day, or heading out for a night on the town, your shoes will work.

We think that sticking to neutral colors, like black, tan, navy, grey or brown, will help ensure that your travel shoes will go with whatever clothes you wear each day.

It might not seem like it sometimes, but your choice of travel shoes really can make or break your holiday.

Sometimes you have to make the investment to ensure that your sightseeing itinerary goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

We know that the price tag can really take the shine off a great pair of travel shoes, so we’ve tried to include shoes across a whole range of budgets.

However, do bear in mind that shoes can be a real investment. We have found that investing in a good pair of travel shoes or hiking boots that last for many years and offer great comfort is well worth it.

Space (in luggage)

The amount of luggage you plan to take on your trip is really going to impact how many pairs of travel shoes you can take with you.

If you choose to travel with a backpack or carry-on suitcase, chances are you’ll be limited to one pair, so it’s important to pick the right ones!

Although more luggage space means you can carry more shoes, sometimes one or two pairs of high-quality footwear is all you need if you pick the right ones.

With airlines cracking down on maximum weight allowance, less really is more when it comes to packing your travel shoes.

The lighter the shoes, the more pairs you can bring with you, or alternatively, the more space you will have for clothes & souvenirs.

It becomes a little bit more difficult during the winter months when you are traveling with heavy snow and hiking boots, but you should still keep weight in mind and search for the most comfortable, lightweight footwear you can find.

You may be tempted to pick up a pair of cheap hiking boots, but the lower the quality the less enjoyment you will get from your trip, and your shoes in the long term.

Trust me, you don’t want to be half way through a hike and suffering with wet feet or blisters because you cut costs on your hiking shoes.

Investing in your travel shoes is investing in your happiness at the end of the day. Look for qualities like grip, reinforcement around the toes, flexibility in the soles, and weatherproof features.

In our experience, a good pair of shoes from a well-known manufacturer will last for many years.

They might be the most stylish shoes you’ve ever laid eyes on, but if they are not comfortable, they certainly aren’t worth the pain they will inevitably cause you during your trip.

I would argue that comfort is the most important point on this list.

Big adventures can take their toll on your feet, with hours of walking everyday, climbing endless flights of stairs, and rugged mountain terrains, your feet deserve to be as comfortable as possible.

Once you’ve ticked the boxes for all of the above, it’s time to think about the overall style of your new travel shoes. A comfortable pair of stylish shoes will go a long way!

The style of the footwear impacts how many different types of outfits you can wear them with and how easily you can take your shoes from day to night.

We’ve included some of the most stylish travel shoes below to cover you for any travel occasion, at any time of the year.

Best Shoes for Travel for Men

Best Travel Shoes for Men

We’ve split our guide out into the various types of travel shoes available for men. Depending on the type of trip you are going on, you will likely need shoes from one or more of these categories.

Generally, our trips include both city walking and backcountry hiking. So I will usually pack a good pair of versatile travel shoes, and then, depending on the hiking and likely weather conditions, I will bring a pair of hiking boots.

If we are travelling somewhere warmer, I’ll also likely bring some sandals, which are lightweight and don’t take up much space.

Of course, which travel shoes you bring will depend on a variety of factors, but hopefully the options below should give you lots of ideas!

Best Versatile Travel Shoes for Men

If you’re simply looking for ‘the one’, the most comfortable, reliable, durable and stylish pair of shoes for many different types of travel, these are our go-to versatile travel shoes for men.

1. Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles

If you want something which is super comfortable for all day use and not too formal, then check out the range that Allbirds / Allbirds UK have.

mens travel leather shoes

I actually have five pairs of Allbirds shoes!

First, I have a pair of Allbirds Wool Runner-Up Mizzles (UK here ) which Allbirds sent me to test out.

I liked them so much that I’ve since acquired four more pairs of AllBirds shoes. For travel though, I think that the Allbirds Tree Runners (UK here ) and Allbirds Wool Runner-Up Mizzles are my favourites.

These shoes meet different needs for travel, and I’ll go over them both so you can see which might be best for your trips.

First, the Allbirds Wool Runner-Up Mizzles. These are made from merino wool which has a water-repellent shield, meaning they are pretty water resistant.

In my testing they will repel rain water for a while, so will withstand a rain shower. However, they’re not waterproof, in that you can’t stand in water for a long time and expect to have dry feet!

The Wool Mizzles are also incredibly comfortable, as you would imagine, given that they are made of merino wool. I’ve worn them for full day adventures around town, and they are really comfortable. They’re also smart enough for evening wear, if not perhaps in the same category of formal wear as other shoes on this list.

The Wool Runner Mizzles are great shoes if you want something which is a bit warmer and which offers rain protection. So a city visit in a cooler month for example is a good scenario.

The Allbirds Tree Runners are more of a sneaker style shoe, which are made from eucalyptus tree fibers. That makes them very breathable and lightweight, and ideal for travelling in warmer climates.

I’ve used them on a trip across East Africa as well as in Europe in summer during a heatwave, and they were incredibly comfortable even on days when we were exploring cities and covering 25,000+ steps in 35C / 95F + heat!

In fact, I liked the pair of Tree Runners so much that I’ve since bought multiple pairs in different colors!

Both these shoe styles, and most of the shoes from Allbirds in general, offer a number of features which make them awesome as travel shoes.

They’re machine washable, and they minimise odour so you can wear them with or without socks. There are also lots of little details, like the full sealed caps on the laces to stop them fraying, that show someone really took their time to get them right.

mens travel leather shoes

The Allbirds brand also has a strong focus on using responsibly sourced and renewable materials. They also have a focus on sustainability and a commitment to doing right by the planet, you can read more about that here . They also have vegan shoes available.

Allbirds have an excellent selection of men’s shoes which you can see here (UK here ), and I think they are definitely worth checking out for your next travel shoe.

You can also read our complete Allbirds review , which has everything you need to know about these shoes and the styles available.

2. Timberland Stormbuck Waterproof Oxford Shoe

My favorite shoes for travel when I want something a bit more formal looking are a pair of Timberland’s called the Men’s Carter Notch, but unfortunately Timberland has stopped making them.

However, they have something similar called the Timberland Stormbuck, which is what I’ll be buying if my current pair ever wears out!

Despite their relatively formal appearance, Timberland has managed to make a shoe that is also comfortable for walking around in all day as well as being fully waterproof.

mens travel leather shoes

The anti-fatigue footbed works to keep feet comfortable all day, and these shoes are just as comfortable in the city as they are giving a presentation or going out for a meal at a nice restaurant. The sole is designed to give maximum traction, and I’ve happily walked countless miles in mine.

For trips where I really just want to pack one pair of shoes, and where I know I’ll have some nights out at nicer restaurants, this would be my go-to pair.

Check price on Amazon here .

3. Merrell Freewheel 2

These stylish smooth suede sneakers are comfortable enough for all day walking and smart enough for an evening out.

Their EVA midsole and air cushion insole are ideal for comfort and stability, while the rubber sole provide the traction you need to hit up as many tourist attractions as possible on your travels.

mens travel leather shoes

On top of all of this, they are super stylish and can be paired with a pair of shorts during the day, or with a pair of jeans for an evening meal out. They have it all, comfort, support and versatility.

The only downside is that suede can be susceptible to stains, and isn’t waterproof. We would advise treating them with a suede waterproofing product like this .

Check price on Amazon here , and Zappos here .

4. Tropicfeel Canyon Shoes

If you’re looking for all round versatility, it’s hard to go wrong with the Tropicfeel Canyon shoe. This, and its sibling the Tropicfeel Monsoon, are my go-to shoes for casual wear and beachwear.

Tropicfeel Canyon

These shoes are incredibly versatile. I wear them around town, where they look like a good pair of sneakers. But they are so much more! They’re designed to be quick drying, ultra-light, and they work great as water shoes as well, as well as for general walking and hiking.

You can wear them with socks or without, and they have a powerful odour control system built-in so you don’t need to worry about them smelling.

I also love the elasticated lace system which basically means they slip on and off really easily, meaning they are my favorite shoes for air travel. Finally, the manufacturers are committed to sustainability – the shoes are actually made from recycled plastic bottles.

The main disadvantages are that they aren’t really smart enough for every evening adventure, and as they’re water shoes they aren’t water resistant. So they’re not ideal in the rain, although they do at least dry quickly.

Available direct from Tropicfeel here

5. Adidas Men’s Duramo 10 Running Shoes

To be mentioned as our ‘best travel sports shoes’ you need to combine durability, comfort and flexibility in one. 

mens travel leather shoes

If they happen to be as stylish as the Adidas Duramo 10 Running Shoes, that’s a bonus! These shoes are built with light mesh for breathability and a cloudfoam sole for extra cushioning during your activities.

On top of this, they are reinforced with ADIWEAR technology for extra resistance against wear and tear and the outsole grip is made with running and jogging in mind. They are a stylish all-in-one option for both sports and general sightseeing around the world.

6. Clarks Ashcombe Bay

Clarks have been creating high quality, reliable shoes for almost 200 years, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about how to build the ideal travel shoe.

mens travel leather shoes

Their Ashcombe Bay range is a perfect example of this. With dark brown leather upper, a waterproof membrane, lightweight feel and a durable sole unit with great grip, they really encapsulate style and comfort. Finished with a lace fastening for a secure fit, these shoes are perfect for exploring.

Best Travel Walking Shoes / Sneakers for Men

These shoes emphasise comfort for long periods of walking over anything else. They might not be quite as smart as some of our other options, but they will certainly keep your feet comfortable!

We covered these in our favourite shoes above, but wanted to include them here as well because we think they are a great pair of shoes.

The Wool mizzles are incredibly comfortable, and Allbirds have an excellent selection of men’s shoes which you can see here . I think they are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something a little less formal from your travel shoe that will be comfortable for all day wear. Check out their Tree Runners if you want something a bit cooler for hotter countries.

Again, if you are interested in Allbirds shoes we recommend reading our complete Allbirds review , which has everything you need to know about these shoes and the styles available.

2. Merrell Freewheel Lace

We’ve already mentioned this perfect pair in our ‘Most Versatile Travel Shoes’ section, so you can probably tell that we are big fans!

It doesn’t get much more comfortable when it comes to travel walking shoes, as these stylish smooth suede trainers are renowned for their lightweight support. Their EVA midsole and air cushion insole are ideal for comfort and stability, while the rubber inserts provide the traction you need to get the miles in.

3. Skechers Men’s 54601 Trainers

Skechers have really upped their game with their comfortable and affordable walking sneakers.

The Go Walk Max range is designed with athletic walking in mind, so you can be sure that their cushioned, supportive sole design will keep your feet going strong even after a long day of exploring.

mens travel leather shoes

Jess loves her Mary Jane Skechers for all day city exploration, and we are confident that these will be super comfortable for all day use too.

Check price on Amazon here , and  Zappos here .

4. Adidas Men’s Terrex Swift R2 GTX Cross Trainers

If you are looking for durability, these are a great option! Their GORE-TEX Upper ensures that the shoe is completely waterproof, while the snug fit and lace bungee helps to avoid awkward tangling so you’ll never have to worry about your laces untying while you’re on the go.

mens travel leather shoes

The ripstop fabric is light weight and excellent for durability, while the synthetic overlays provide extra support to the construction.

Best Travel Sandals for Men

If you’re travelling somewhere warmer, you might consider some travel sandals to keep your feet cool. These can be really comfortable too, with models offering good support and soles that are suitable for hiking and more casual use.

1. ECCO Men’s Yucatan outdoor offroad hiking sandal

You can always rely on ECCO when it comes to lightweight, supportive sandals. But you don’t have to take our word for it – their Yucatan sandals currently have over 1,300 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating!

mens travel leather shoes

It also helps that they come in every colour you could ever want. If you are on a mission to tackle the terrain, you will love their dual density footbed, made for added comfort and performance.

Check price on Amazon here , Zappos here , and REI here .

2. Skechers Men’s Louden Sandal

Comfort is key when it comes to travel sandals, so the more cushion, the better. Skechers take their padding pretty seriously with their memory foam cushioned footbed and 360 padded straps!

mens travel leather shoes

The Louden Sandal is part of their new ‘R elaxed Fit’ series, which offers a roomier and more comfortable fit.

3. Dockers Men’s Newpage Sporty Outdoor Sandal Shoe

If your itinerary is jam packed with sporting activities, you’ll want to find something that syncs up perfectly to your movement. 

mens travel leather shoes

The Dockers memory foam insole shapes to your foot for instant comfort and a more personal fit. The f usion footbed adds an extra layer of cushioning and the rubber outsole guarantees durability and grip for any outdoor activity.

4. Teva Voya Flip

If you just want a pair of relaxed flip-flops for beach use or for the pool, you probably don’t want a full blown sandal.

mens travel leather shoes

Instead, I think this pair of beach ready flip flops from Teva would be a great option. They’re available at a great price point and have thousands of happy customers, and they’re small and light enough to be added to any bag without taking up too much precious space.

Check price on Amazon here , Zappos here and REI here .

Best Travel Hiking Boots for Men

If you’re going to be doing any serious hiking on your travels, I highly recommend getting a good pair of hiking boots. These can definitely be pricey, but I urge you not to cut corners with good hiking boots, as they will last you for years.

1. Scarpa Men’s Kinesis Pro GTX Hiking Boots

These hiking boots are well built and designed to last for many years of hiking across a variety of terrains. I’ve worn Scarpa boots for decades, and these Kinesis Pro GTX boots are only my second pair!

mens travel leather shoes

This pair of Scarpa boots are waterproof with a full grain leather upper section, a Gore-Tex lining, an easy-lace system, excellent ankle support, and a comfortable Vibram sole.

These are fairly expensive, but hiking boots are definitely an investment, and this is a pair that we are sure will last you for years to come.

I’ve worn these hiking boots on hikes all around the world, including in Australia, Europe and the USA, in conditions from deserts to snow, and they haven’t let me down yet!

2. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Hiking Boots

Lowa are a well known brand for high quality travel footwear. These lightweight hiking boots have fantastic grip, a climate-control footbed and a outer layer of leather for warmth and weatherproofing.

mens travel leather shoes

It’s difficult to find such a lightweight, versatile pair of boots like these. Their flexibility and comfort is next to none – foolproof for a day out on the hiking trails whilst still being light enough to pack for travel.

3. Merrell Men’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

For a long time Merrell were Jess’s go to hiking boots, and in fact she wore a pair of Merrell boots when hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania .

mens travel leather shoes

The pair we recommend are the Moab 3 Mid Waterproof version, which offer a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry as well as all important ankle support. There are different versions of this shoe though, depending on your needs.

Check price on Amazon here

Best Travel Water Shoes for Men

If you’re going to be spending time on the beach or in the sea, you might consider a pair of water shoes. These are fast drying shoes specifically designed for water based activities, which will keep your feet protected.

1. Tropicfeel Monsoon

I already mentioned the Tropicfeel Canyon in my round-up of my favourite general travel shoes. Those are also very capable as water shoes, but I also wanted to give a shoutout to the other pair of Tropicfeel shoes I own – the Tropicfeel Monsoons.

mens travel leather shoes

Essentially, if you want a pair of water shoes that are just as handy for trail hiking or city streets, you’ll want to think about investing in a pair of Tropicfeel shoes.

These are also manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, and offer easy slip on and slip off comfort. They also have a quick dry system, so even after a day at the beach you shouldn’t have to worry about packing wet shoes away.

We use these on beach trips and when we think we’re going to be getting our feet wet a lot, such as on a hike to Havasu Falls .

2. Belilent Water Shoes

These non-slip water shoes have all of the key features required for a great day out on the water. They are soft and lightweight, flexible, have a breathable upper mesh and protective soles.

mens travel leather shoes

They’re ideal for all water sports, water-based activities and beach time, but also comfortable for other uses.

3. Sixspace Barefoot Water Shoes

If you are looking for fast drying water shoes, that are easy to pull on and off, these are the ones for you.

With tough padding around the sole, the Sixspace Barefoot water shoes protect you from sharp rocks and cuts while you’re out at sea.

mens travel leather shoes

Their stretchy upper and removable padded insole provides maximum comfort and flexibility, so you can enjoy any water sport without worry.

4. Sport.z Barefoot Shoes

The Sport.z Barefoot water shoes are made to last, with breathable ultra light weight fabric for fast draining and cross ventilation. Not only can you can wear them as water shoes, but also for walking or hiking, which adds to their versatility on your next trip.

mens travel leather shoes

Best Travel Sports Shoes for Men

If you like to be active when you travel, or just want to some really comfortable shoes, these sports shoes might be ideal for you.

They’re also generally fairly light weight, so won’t take up too much room in your bag, and can be useful for less challenging hikes in dry conditions.

1. Adidas Men’s Duramo 10

The best travel sports shoes should combine durability, comfort and flexibility in one.  If they happen to be as stylish as the Adidas Duramo 10, that’s a bonus!

These shoes are built with light mesh for breathability and a cloudfoam sole for extra cushioning during your activities. On top of this, they are reinforced with ADIWEAR technology for extra resistance against wear and tear and the outsole grip is made with running and jogging in mind.

They are a stylish all-in-one option for both sports and general sightseeing around the world.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus Running Shoes

Famous among the running community, you can always count on Asics to bring you high quality and durable sports shoes.

The GEL-Nimbus series were actually created with Marathons in mind (which can be quite similar to sightseeing if you ask me!). 

mens travel leather shoes

They have a visible gel in the back of the sole to make each step a little bit easier and much more comfortable. The ‘FlyteFoam’ bottom minimizes impact, and the mesh upper adapts to your foot for extreme comfort and excellent breathability.

It could be argued that these are the best on the market in terms of structure, support and affordability.

Best Travel Snow Boots

If you are going to be travelling somewhere where there is likely to be a lot of snow to walk through, you might consider buying a specially designed pair of snow boots rather than hiking boots.

Unlike hiking boots, these include additional insulation to keep your feet warm, plus they usually have protection against snow entering the boot from the top of the boot, which based on personal experience, is never a pleasant thing!

1. Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Shell Snow Boots

Mastering the perfect snow boot isn’t easy, it takes the right combination of grip, comfort, warmth and breathability. These guys have hit the nail on the head.

With a focus on waterproof protection, t he Merrell winter range has built an all-over defense from snow and rain to ensure all-around warmth in the coldest of temperatures.

mens travel leather shoes

Once you slip your feet inside, the insoles instantly mould around you to provide the flexibility, support and protected movement that you need.

2. The North Face Men’s Tsumoru Snow Boot

The North Face are famous for their high quality gear, and these boots will certainly make you understand why they have become one of the most trusted brands in the adventure travel world.

mens travel leather shoes

Lace them up right and nothing will be getting in or out of these snow boots! With features like the injection-moulded eva midsole along with their PU-coated, ballistic-mesh upper, these are the perfect travel snow boot to protect you from winter’s worst.

With high quality insulation, your feet will stay toasty warm, whatever the outside conditions!

Check price on Amazon here and Zappos here .

3. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus

If it’s warmth you’re after, these waterproof, cosy, cushioned Columbia winter boots will keep you warm and protected on winter days.

mens travel leather shoes

Best Travel Dress Shoes

If you need smarter shoes to travel with, you’ll want a pair of travel dress shoes. We’ve looked for shoes that are comfortable as well as being stylish, and also shoes that shouldn’t take up too much space in your bag where possible.

1. Clarks Men’s Cotrell Edge Oxford

If you’re looking for comfort and durability you really can’t beat a good pair of Clarks. Their Cotrell Edge Oxford shoes have a foam inlay, made from ‘open-cell Ortholite technology’ which helps with impact absorption with every step you take.

mens travel leather shoes

Treat them well and you will get years out of these shoes, as they don’t flatten under pressure or with wear. Highly recommend!

2. ECCO Men’s Luca Slip On Trainers

Ecco are known for their high quality mens shoes, and these slip on travel dress shoes are the perfect combination of comfort and style.

mens travel leather shoes

Wear them year round, from day to night, for a casual dressed up look. They are also lightweight, making them the ideal shoes to tuck inside your luggage.

3. Hush Puppies Men’s Moccasin

You can’t go wrong with a pair of these Hush Puppies. Their soft leather uppers mean that they can be easily stored in your bag without taking up too much space.

mens travel leather shoes

They also feature breathable microfiber lining and wrapped sock lining for a comfortable fit no matter what the temperature. Their durable rubber outsole provides ideal traction for exploring new cities for hours on end.

How Many Shoes Should I Pack for Travel?

I try to travel with no more than two pairs of shoes on most trips where possible, however, this varies depending on where we are travelling to and the types of activities we’ll be doing.

Normally, most of our trips include a combination of city travel and hiking. On those trips, I’ll wear my hiking boots to travel in as they are bulkier and heavier, and will pack either my Timberland shoes or one of my Allbirds pairs in my bag.

Of course, sometimes you will need to travel with more shoes for more specific activities, but we advise trying to keep it to three pairs as a maximum.

Best Travel Shoe Accessories for Men

It’s not all about the actual shoes of course. There are some accessories and items that we advise you also look into to improve your foot comfort when you travel.

1. Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks

A great pair of shoes won’t get you far without a good pair of socks inside them. I don’t know many people who put a lot of thought into their socks of choice, so don’t worry – we’ve found some that tick all the travel essential boxes.

mens travel leather shoes

Comfort, breathability, washability (is there anything worse than only getting 1 or 2 solid wears out of your socks before they start to fall apart in the wash?) and odor control.

2. Merino Wool Hiking Socks

If you are planning on doing any hiking, I highly recommend a pair of good hiking socks. I prefer merino wool socks for hiking as they are good at controlling both moisture and temperature.

mens travel leather shoes

This pack of socks comes with four pairs, which should be enough for most trips, plus you can always do laundry as you travel . They also offer a reinforced heel and toe for longevity.

3. SOUL INSOLE – Premium Orthotic Insole

With all of the walking, Jess and I have suffered from arch pain during our trips, and these have been a life saver! They slot right into the arch of your shoe for maximum comfort – even sandals and dress shoes.

mens travel leather shoes

They instantly r educe the pressure from my forefoot and heel by redistributing the pressure evenly across my entire foot.

A big bonus for me is the fact that they are w ashable and reusable so one pack will get you a long way. Their m edical grade gel is antibacterial, odorless, soft and flexible. I can’t recommend them enough!

4. Travel Shoe Bag

For ease of packing, and to save you the worry of having to get your shoes spotless before adding them to your bag, we recommend you pick up some shoe bags to travel with.

mens travel leather shoes

The Yamiu shoe bags are inexpensive, come in a set of 4 bags across two sizes, and are made of a waterproof material. When you’re not traveling, you can use them to store your shoes in a dust free environment, and being waterproof you can even use them as a toiletry bag if you don’t have four pairs of shoes to travel with!

5. Waterproofing Wax

If you buy an expensive pair of leather shoes or hiking boots, we can highly recommend buying a good after care product like this Nikwax Waterproofing wax.

mens travel leather shoes

This isn’t necessarily something you will want to travel with, but we recommend using it regularly on your leather products to maintain their waterproof capabilities and keep the leather in top condition.

Best Shoes for Travel for Men

Further Reading

That summarises our guide to the best travel shoes for men! Hopefully you found it useful. We’ve also put all the items from this guide into a list on Amazon for easy reference.

We also have a number of other relevant posts that we think you will find useful for travel planning.

  • We have a detailed Allbirds review , which has everything you need to know about these shoes and the styles available.
  • If you’re looking for specific packing tips, see our guides to what to pack for a ski trip , what to pack for Iceland , what to pack for London , and what to pack for winter in Finland to get started.
  • For gift ideas, see our guide to what to buy for photographers , travel themed home decor items , and our ultimate gift guide for travelers .
  • We also have lots of travel posts to help inspire and help you plan your next trip! These include our guide to the world’s best road trips , our guide to getting online when travelling , our guide to picking a travel router and more

And that’s it. We hope you found a pair of shoes you like, or at least some ideas for what to look for when buying your next pair of travel shoes.

Do you have a favourite pair of travel shoes you’d like to share, or a question about any of the above? As always, just let us know in the comments below!

A detailed guide to the best travel shoes for men. Covers a wide range of shoe types, including hiking shoes, dress shoes, sandals, sports shoes and more!

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19th October 2022 at 6:35 am

Hello Laurence, thanks for the list.

I’m going to be travelling to a few cities in Europe for the first time for about 3 weeks(Belgium, Germany, Austria), from mid november to early december, so i’m assuming i can expect a not extremely cold environment, but most likely colder than i’m used to as a south american haha, so i’m trying to figure out what would be some good pairs of shoes to bring to my trip. I’m mostly worried about rainy weather, since in the colder months I usually wear some pretty comfortable and breathable running shoes and switch to warmer socks and works well enough for me at around 8C(45~F), but i’m not sure if that strategy will work out this time since they’re very not waterproof haha, so what would you recommend? assuming it’s going to be an exclusively city walking trip.

Laurence Norah says

21st October 2022 at 1:43 am

It’s my pleasure. So my personal choice would be the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles. They are fairly water resistant and are what I use for most of our cooler weather trips. I’m wearing them around Chicago at the moment and it’s been pretty cold and they have been comfortable for the trip. They are not going to withstand standing in rivers or anything like that, but they are fine for general wet weather in my experience.

I hope this helps!

Have a great trip 🙂

14th March 2022 at 4:45 pm

Hi Laurence, Found this article after reading through some of your Iceland articles which have been very useful. Thoughts on what shoes my wife and I should pack for a 10 day winter trip? Spending time in capital, some hiking, baths, beaches, day tours, etc. Thanks!

14th March 2022 at 4:58 pm

Thanks so much. So personally I’d lean towards a good pair of hiking boots which is what we wear in Iceland in winter. Another option is snow boots, but those are a bit more specific. Waterproof hiking boots with a good grip should cover all your needs, along with some nice warm socks. You might also consider something like the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles for city use as they offer some water resistance and are quite warm too, but they wouldn’t be as good for hiking.

Let me know if I can help any further, and have an amazing time in Iceland!

24th August 2019 at 1:42 pm

This has been helpful. I am trying to find a pair of shoes for a 2 wk trip where I can just take the one pair as I don’t want to pack any shoes. The trip will to 3 cities in the USA so mostly a lot of city walking but also maybe some light walking/hiking on trails. I have wide feet so need a wide toe box and am prone to blisters. Thoughts on shoes and socks you would consider packing?

25th August 2019 at 2:45 pm

I’m delighted to have been of help! So my first tip would be around socks. If you are prone to blisters, what I have found to work for me is to wear two pairs of thin socks rather than one pair of socks. Then, if there is friction, it happens between the socks rather than on your foot. Another option is to rub vaseline into your feet, which can also help. The anti-blister socks are also a good idea, and I would also suggest packing some blister specific sticking plasters like this .

As you only want to travel with one pair of shoes for a city break / light trail walking I am guessing you might want something a little bit smarter that would work on an evening out as well. So I’d suggest maybe the Timberland shoes, which are what I have. They are smart enough for a night out, but they also work for city walking. I wouldn’t want to do any extreme hiking, but they are ok for trail walking.

If those are a bit formal, then I think the Adidas Terrex might be a good pick. If you are buying online, my suggestion would be to purchase some different options at different sizes so you can return the ones that don’t fit.

HAve a great trip 🙂

Brandon says

29th April 2019 at 4:57 pm

This has lots of good recommendations for men. I am heading on a trip soon that will include some city walking, museums, beaches, and snorkeling. I am guessing I will need two pairs of shoes…trying to fly carry-on only as short trip. Any thoughts? New to traveling and this is also my first time snorkeling so not sure if just flip-flops would be ok for boat or maybe water or reef shoes would be better?

30th April 2019 at 5:44 pm

Hi Brandon – it’s really up to you, but I would definitely say that reef / water shoes would be better. Flip flops can be a bit slippery, especially when wet, and you might find your feet slip out of them. Reef shoes are more grippy and offer better support and protection. The good news is that they are pretty lightweight and fold up fairly small, so you shouldn’t have any problem fitting them in!

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The Best Men’s Travel Shoes for Your Next Trip

Best Travel Shoes 0 Hero

By: Cameron Cardwell Published: Sep 29, 2023

By: Cameron Cardwell and Mike Bitanga Published: Sep 29, 2023


mens travel leather shoes

Traveling for endless miles all around the globe allows you to learn about yourself, communicate with people from all walks of life, and feast on the wonderful views nature provides. That’s why bringing the right gear is crucial to enjoying any trip. Although many people don’t pay attention to them unless they’re uncomfortable, break apart, or soaked, the most important piece of gear is your shoes . Travel shoes are oddly underrated, in that they carry you around and support every bone and joint in your body all day. While compiling this guide to the best travel shoes, we focused on overall comfort, packability, protection against the elements, and style.

Best Travel Shoes Rundown

Vans Classic Slip on Shoe

Best Budget Shoes

Vans Classic Slip-on Shoe

Teva ReEmber

Best Slip-Ons

Teva ReEmber

New Balance 574 Core

Best Sneakers

New Balance 574 Core

Nike Air Pegasus 83

Best Retro Sneakers

Nike Air Pegasus 83

mens travel leather shoes

Best Runners

Allbirds Wool Runners

Nike ACG Lowcate

Best Hybrids

Nike ACG Lowcate

mens travel leather shoes

Lems Boulder Boots

Lusso Cloud Nomad

Best Plane Shoes

Lusso Cloud Nomad

Vivo Barefoot Gobi III

Best Desert Boot

Vivo Barefoot Gobi III

Amberjack The Original

Best Formal Shoes

Amberjack The Original

Adidas Ultraboost Light Running Shoes

Best Lightweight Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost Light Running Shoes

What shoes are best for travel.

The right travel shoes depend on where you’re going and what you’re doing when you get there, and there’s not shortage of footwear able to handle various activities and terrain. Yes, you can grab a pair of sturdy, running shoes for all-around comfort and stability, but you can also go for a pair of lightweight slip-ons if you’re more concerned about comfort on the plane. At the end of the day, the itinerary of your trip should dictate the style of shoes you go for. But if you just want one pair to do it all, it’s safe to go with either hiking shoes or runners. We love traveling, and we know a pair of shoes can make or break the trip, so it’s important to bring the right pair (or two). 

What to Look for

Style: You probably have a style preference when it comes to shoes already (sneakers, runners, etc.), but you should go for shoes that can be used for the usual travel activities like walking tours, dinners, and hikes. If you’re more concerned about flight comfort, a soft slip-on is a great choice, and for walking, you almost always want to go for sneakers with solid arch support.

Portability: Lightweight shoes will be easier to pack and travel with, and are usually better for long-distance walking (which happens a lot when traveling). If you’re really short on space, a pair of easily collapsable/foldable shoes can be helpful as well. 

Comfort: No matter the style you go for, you want shoes with good arch support, solid cushioning, and a proper fit. If you’re only bringing one pair, make sure they’re designed for lasting comfort over style. 

Material: Shoes made of materials like leather, canvas, or synthetic blends are perfect for travel shoes, as you want something that will last but still look good. 

Vans Classic Slip on Shoe

  • Classic style
  • Versatile look
  • Not as much support as other sneakers

Best Budget Shoes: As one of the most iconic skate shoes (and slip-on sneakers in general), the Vans Classic Slip-ons are truly timeless , and have always been an affordable pick that gets the job done. You may not be getting the support you might get from running shoes, but they’re reliable, durable, and ready for anything. They’re made with canvas uppers with elastic sides for added stretch, and feature the classic waffle rubber outsole we all know and love.

Upper: Canvas Outsole: Rubber waffle Style: Skate

Teva ReEmber

  • Great for camping trips
  • Soft with a natural fit
  • Made with recycled materials

Best Slip-Ons: Teva has made many excellent sandals, but their talent extends to creating shoes too. Their ReEmber shoes provide the comfort of their sandals while having a sophisticated closed-toe style. Built using a majority of recycled materials, these shoes can handle it all. They have a natural fit allowing your feet to relax , and they’re super lightweight, so you have more freedom to move. It’s equipped with a 100% recycled ripstop upper, a 100% recycled polyester rib knit collar, and a 50% recycled polyester collapsible heel. On top of that, you get a grippy rubber outsole made of 50% recycled rubber and an antimicrobial treatment to keep things fresh.

Upper: Ripstop Outsole: Rubber Style: Slip-on

New Balance 574 Core

  • Very good arch support
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Minimalist style
  • Limited colorways

Best Sneakers: These iconic “dad shoes” have been making waves in the fashion industry, but don’t let their newfound fame fool you – these are still some of the comfiest sneakers you can get, and are perfect for long walks and plane rides. It starts with a suede and mesh upper connected to a soft ENCAP midsole (which combines soft foam with a durable polyurethane rim), providing you with all-day comfort, and they’re super lightweight, coming in at 327.4 grams. And as part of New Balance’s green leaf standard, the upper is made of at least 50% recycled material.

Upper: Suede and mesh Outsole: Rubber Style:  Sneakers

Nike Air Pegasus 83

  • Old-school style
  • Nike Air tech
  • Padding around ankles
  • Runs a bit narrow

Best Retro Sneakers: If you’re shopping for sneakers , you can never go wrong with Nike when it comes to both style and comfort. Especially when they have a retro style that goes with just about anything, and running shoe support that gives you the comfort needed on long walks. It sports a textile upper with suede accents, a foam midsole with the classic Nike Air technology (great for impact absorption), and a rubber waffle outsole for traction. Plush padding around the ankles gives you more support, and a large swoosh ties it all together. 

Upper: Textile and suede Outsole: Rubber waffle Style: Runners

mens travel leather shoes

  • Very soft and lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Water-resistant

Best Walking Shoes: Whether you’re going for a hike or hitting the bar to enjoy the town’s nightlife, Allbirds are all you need. Made with a superfine coat of New Zealand Merino wool, which is turned into Allbird’s own textile, these shoes feel like clouds on your feet. These temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, water-resistant kicks have 100% recycled laces with a design inspired by nautical rope. Their padded insoles are made with castor bean oil, which cuts down carbon output compared to petroleum-based foam. Topping things off, Allbird’s Wool Runners use a proprietary, low-density foam sole with a special S-curve tread to mirror the flexibility of your feet for ideal weight distribution.

Upper: Merino wool Outsole: Foam and rubber Style: Sneakers, walking shoes

Nike ACG Lowcate

  • Great for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Tuned lug pattern on the outsole for traction
  • Midfoot webbing for security
  • On the heavier side

Best Hybrids: Nike has designed a variety of shoes for just about every activity out there, and their ACG (All Conditions Gear) Locate shoes happen to be the perfect pair for wanderlust. Featuring a mixed material upper and comfy, lightweight cushioning for all-day support, these shoes are tough to beat. They’re made with a trail frame underfoot for a superior, supportive feel on your feet. Also, midfoot webbing keeps your feet locked in place, while the rubber outsole gives you dependable traction. Once you put these shoes on, you’ll never think about leaving the country without them.

Upper: Mixed material Outsole: Rubber Style: Hybrid

mens travel leather shoes

  • Durable yet flexible
  • Wide toe-box
  • More cumbersome than sneakers, but they can fold easily

Best Boots: Comfort is everything when you’re traveling, and that’s Lems’ main focus with their Boulder Boots. These boots are shaped for a natural fit, making them more than capable of handling any situation. Constructed using 1200-denier nylon and nubuck leather, these water-resistant boots will help you trek through the jungle on some otherworldly adventures. They also have injection-blown rubber (IBR) outsoles for insane flexibility, so you can fold them down and stuff them into your duffle bag, saving tons of space. Speaking of space, these boots have a wide toe-box design, giving your feet the comfort and freedom they need while you’re discovering the world.

Upper: Nylon and rubber Outsole:  Injection-blown-rubber Style: Boot

Lusso Cloud Nomad

  • Great for flights
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Stable midsole
  • Can be a little tight if you have wide feet

Best Plane Shoes: Whether you’re going for a stroll on some exotic island or keeping up with your workout routine on foreign ground, Lusso’s Cloud Nomads will protect you while you’re in motion with a super soft design. Constructed with recycled bamboo and lined with memory foam, these shoes are as comfy as they get. The soft midsoles and sole cushioning give you a comfortable fit you’ll be thankful for after a long day on your feet. Lastly, they’re finished off with IP-EVA outsoles for amazing traction.

Upper: Waffle-knit (recycled bamboo) Outsole: IP-EVA Style: Slip-on

Vivo Barefoot Gobi III

  • Formal look with a comfortable design
  • Puncture-resistant finish
  • Durable construction
  • No half sizes

Best Desert Boot: For a more formal look , Vivobafefoot has the elegant Gobi III shoes. Although they’re more dashing, they are as durable as any other Vivobarefoot shoes. Tested in various locations, including the Sahara Desert and the jungles of Borneo, the Gobi III shoes never failed. These shoes are made with a leather upper, removable anti-bacterial cork insoles, leather footbeds that mold to your feet, and thin TPU soles for stupendous durability. For added protection, the Gobi IIIs feature a puncture-resistant finish and a protective underfoot to keep debris out.

Upper: Leather Outsole: TPU Style: Desert boot

Amberjack The Original

  • Water-repellant
  • Made with Italian suede
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in Portugal

Best Formal Shoes: If your travels involve any kind of formal event or dinner, you may want to consider these suede shoes from Amberjack. It starts with a water-repellent Italian suede and sheepskin lining, giving you a sophisticated look that’s as comfortable as it is stylish . Inside, you get a heat-activated insole that feels like memory foam providing excellent arch support, and a TPU outsole using athletic technology. On the back, there’s some hiking boot material to add to the durable construction.

Upper: Italian suede Outsole: TPU Style: Dress shoe

Adidas Ultraboost Light Running Shoes

  • Super lightweight
  • Available in 29 colorways
  • Continental Rubber outsoles
  • A bit pricey

Best Lightweight Shoes: As one of the lightest adidas runners you can get, these Ultraboost Light Running Shoes feature a super lightweight BOOST midsole that provides comfort and solid energy return, and Continental Rubber outsoles for traction (even on wet terrain). Not only are these super comfortable, yarn in the upper is made with at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic and 50% recycled polyester, making this a sustainable pick as well.

Upper: PrimeKnit Outsole: Continental rubber Style: Runners

The Best Weekender & Duffel Bags for Travel

Best Weekender Duffel Bags 0 Hero

Now that you’ve got some supportive shoes, you may want a bag to accompany you on your trip. So check out our best weekender & duffel bags guide.

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Travel Europe on a Budget

The Savvy Backpacker

City Guides .\33 a132798-3f3b-4585-954d-7e70cf863447{fill:#231f20}

The best travel shoes for men | our picks for most comfortable and stylish men’s shoes for travel.

Keep your feet happy while still looking fashionable with these comfortable men's travel shoes.

mens travel leather shoes

Listen up guys: The most important travel rule is to wear comfortable shoes because your feet will take a beating. But you also want to wear cool-looking shoes so you don’t instantly stand out as a tourist. So to help you out, I’ve written this guide to the best travel shoes for men that are both comfortable and fashionable.

In this guide, I’ll help you pick what kind of travel shoes to pack, how many pairs of shoes you should bring while traveling, what styles of shoes are fashionable, and how to ensure your feet stay comfortable while traveling.

Table Of Contents

  • Travel Shoes: Comfort Vs Fashion

How Many Pairs of Shoes Should You Pack For Travel?

  • Best Men’s Travel Shoes and Sneakers
  • Best Men’s Low-Profile Travel Shoes
  • Best Men’s Waterproof and Weather-Resistant Travel Shoes
  • Best Supportive Men’s Walking Shoes For Travel

Comfort Vs Fashion (Yes, You Can Have Both)

mens travel leather shoes

Here’s the deal…

The average traveler walks 6-12+ miles a day while visiting urban destinations like Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, NYC, etc. I think I hit about 14 miles in a day during my last trip to Paris.

Even standing for a few hours at a museum can be a killer on your feet. And as soon as your feet start hurting, the rest of your body quickly follows. So comfort should be your top priority.


Yes, even the fashionable Parisians and Italians and New Yorkers wear sneakers. But they wear cool sneakers (which I’ll cover in-depth throughout this article). Just pair your cool sneakers with a well-fitting outfit and you’ll be good to go.

But, at the end of the day, you should always choose comfort over style.

NOTE: I’ve also covered some comfortable and stylish waterproof/weather-resistant footwear options in this guide if you’re traveling during the rainy/winter seasons.

mens travel leather shoes

I’ve done plenty of trips to Europe where I just brought one pair of shoes but I think most men can easily get away with two pairs.

I recommend one pair of comfortable sneakers that you’ll use during the day as you explore and then a pair of sleeker, more minimalist leather sneakers for the evening.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with higher-end dress shoes unless you’re a luxury-level traveler (which I assume you’re not if you’re reading this website).

The Best Men’s Travel Shoes and Sneakers

mens travel leather shoes

Alright fellas, let’s start off with my picks for the best athletic-inspired (aka “lifestyle”) shoes/sneakers.

As I mentioned previously, these will be your main pair of shoes that you’ll wear 90% of the time so they need to be comfortable. If you want maximum comfort, you might consider full-on legit running/walking shoes (but you might have to give up some “fashion” points.)

And all the sneakers listed below are very popular so you’ll see tons of locals wearing them (i.e. so you won’t look like a “tourist”). But, honestly, any pair of cool sneakers will work perfectly.

New Balance 574

mens travel leather shoes

When it comes to a pair of shoes for travel, you can’t go wrong with the classic New Balance 574 for comfort and style. They come in multiple colors so you can find something that fits your style and they’re one of the more affordable shoes on the market. New Balance also offers a few different variations on the 574 so you can find them in various materials and color combinations.

These do run small so they recommend going up a size.

New Balance 237

mens travel leather shoes

The New Balance 237 is a great choice if you’re looking for a travel sneaker with a bit more subdued retro styling than the 327—although it does still come in a few bold colorways.

New Balance 327

mens travel leather shoes

The New Balance 327 is a redesign of their 1970s classic running shoe and it’s been a huge hit for sneakerheads—it’s one of my favorite travel shoes. The New Balance 327 is comfortable, stylish, and “different-looking” without being too “different”.

The 327 comes in a ton of different materials and colorways so you can go subtle with your styling or go super bold.

New Balance 990

mens travel leather shoes

The New Balance 990 is the classic “it’s kinda ugly but it’s also actually cool and it’s so comfortable I don’t want to take it off” walking shoe from New Balance. People love this shoe (it’s one of New Balance’s highest-rated shoes) and it’s a favorite for many young and fashionable urbanites—it has also found its way into many runways and fashion weeks. This is a great men’s travel shoe if you have any kind of foot issues.

Nike Air Pegasus 83

mens travel leather shoes

The Nike Air Pegasus 83 is a 1980s retro-style running/lifestyle shoe that has cool looks and has extra cushioning in the soles thanks to its Nike Air technology. This shoe strikes a nice balance of having plenty of support while also staying fairly minimalist.

Nike Air Max 90

mens travel leather shoes

The Nike Air Max 90 is a much-loved sneakerhead classic that’s super comfortable and comes in a ton of different colorways. It’s a bit chunkier than a lot of other sneakers on this list but so this pair is more for someone who wants to show off their shoes.

Nike Air Max Pre-Day

mens travel leather shoes

The Nike Air Max Pre-Day is a cool mix of a 70/80’s style running shoe that’s paired with a modern Nike Air sole. It has a lot of bounce in the heel thanks to the dual airbags. It also comes in a large variety of colors that range from subdued to attention-grabbing.

Nike Waffle Trainer 2

mens travel leather shoes

The Nike Waffle Trainer 2 is another retro throwback sneaker with minimalist styling that can be worn casually or even dressed up a bit. The sole on the Nike Waffle Trainer 2 isn’t super thick so it doesn’t have quite as much cushioning and support as many of the other shoes in the section.

Adidas Ultraboost

mens travel leather shoes

The Adidas ULTRABOOST is a legit running shoe that is also one of the most popular street-style sneakers thanks to its comfortable sock-like upper and ultra-cushioning UltraBoost foam soles. A lot of people say these are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market so they make a great pair of travel shoes.

Nike ACG Lowcate

mens travel leather shoes

The Nike ACG Lowcate is a retro-inspired hiking sneaker that also looks good on the streets. Its mixed material upper combines durability with easy styling while the heavy-duty traction pattern on the rubber outsole grips slick terrain. I’d say this is a good option for shoulder seasons when temperatures won’t be too warm but you also might run into some slippery streets.


mens travel leather shoes

The Allbirds Tree Dashers 2 is a super comfortable walking/running shoe offered by Allbirds that has a ton of support and cushioning. And while the Tree Dasher 2 isn’t as sleek or minimalist as some of Allbirds other offerings, this is the Allbirds model you want if you’re looking for maximum comfort while traveling. Read my Allbirds Review to get a more in-depth look at my thoughts on the multiple Allbirds models.


mens travel leather shoes

A sleeker, low-profile sneaker makes a great second pair of travel shoes because they can be dressed up a bit more while still being casual and comfortable.

However, minimalist shoes can sometimes lack arch support and cushioning so adding an insole can often help boost their comfort—but you still might not want to wear these all day.

Nike Killshot

mens travel leather shoes

Another great white minimalist leather travel sneaker is the Nike Killshot . These versatile retro tennis sneakers come in multiple accent colors and look good with a variety of outfits.

Nike Blazer Low

mens travel leather shoes

The Nike Blazer Low is another popular low-profile vintage sneaker that features crisp leather on the upper with soft suede accents. It’s a nice alternative to the Nike Killshot.

Nike Waffle One Leather and Nike Waffle One

mens travel leather shoes

The Nike Waffle line of shoes is another great low-profile sneaker that mixes retro style with a few modern design tweaks like the angular TPU heel clip.

There are multiple variations of the Nike Waffle. The Nike Waffle Leather has a fully leather upper so it has more classical styling. The Nike Waffle SE has a few options that have a mesh upper that allows your feet to breathe in the summer heat (and it looks cool).

New Balance Numeric Sneakers

mens travel leather shoes

New Balance’s skateboarding “Numeric” line of sneakers is a nice option if you’re looking for something sturdy and low-profile. They offer a number of colorways and styles.


mens travel leather shoes

Known around the internet as the “most comfortable shoes in the world,” the Allbirds Wool Runners & Tree Runners are the flagship models in the Allbirds lineup—I’ve written extensively about Allbirds so check out our  Allbirds Comparison guide to get a better idea about their full offering.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Allbirds shoes and think they make a great travel shoe option thanks to their minimalist styling and comfort.

Adidas Stan Smiths

mens travel leather shoes

The Adidas Stan Smiths is the undisputed “looks good with everything” sneakers and you’ll literally see them on the feet of everyone from 13-year-olds to fashionable 50-year-old Europeans. You’ll want to break them in first (plus they look best with a little wear and tear) and a pair of insoles will help with their comfort.


mens travel leather shoes

Traveling during the winter and rainy seasons calls for shoes that are either waterproof or highly weather resistant. Some people opt for boots but I think they’re often too bulky unless you’re traveling in snowy or extra-rainy conditions.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of waterproof/weather-resistant sneakers. As an added bonus, these kinds of shoes offer legit running-shoe comfort and they’re often fairly stylish so you can wear them all day.

Important Note: All waterproof and weather-resistant shoes will suffer from some breathability issues (some more than others) so these shoes will be hotter and your feet will get more sweaty—which leads to smelly feet. I highly recommend buying socks that are anti-odor and moisture-wicking. It’s also helpful to carry an extra pair with you and switch halfway through the day.

New Balance GTX Shoes

mens travel leather shoes

The New Balance “GTX” line of GORE-TEX sneakers are weather-resistant so they work well in rainy/snowy urban environments. They typically have a few trail-running shoe options that will offer a lot of support and a GTX version of their lifestyle sneakers.


mens travel leather shoes

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is a water-resistant version of the Pegasus. And while it’s not as waterproof as the Pegasus Trail GORE-TEX (see below), it is more breathable so it might be a better option if you’re only expecting light rain.


mens travel leather shoes

The Nike Pegasus Trail is a beefed-up version of the classic Nike Pegasus running shoe with added GORE-TEX weather resistance so it will keep your feet comfortable while also keeping out the elements. The Pegasus Trail also comes in a variety of colorways so you can go bold or more low-key. This is a great travel shoe if you’re expecting rain and light snow.

Nike React SFB Carbon

mens travel leather shoes

If you’re looking for a travel shoe that’s more “beefy” then check out the Nike React SFB Carbon—it’s basically as tough as a tactical boot but it has the comfort and similar styling as a sneaker. And it comes with a super comfortable Nike React cushioning sole and a full-length carbon plate to give it extra stability.


mens travel leather shoes

The Adidas ULTRABOOST COLD.RDY is another great choice if you want ULTRABOOST comfort paired with weather resistance.

Allbirds Wool Runners Mizzles and Wool Dasher Mizzles

mens travel leather shoes

For a more casual look, check out the Allbirds Wool Runners Mizzles—they’re warm and comfortable while offering a water-resistant lining and great arch support. Some people also recommend spraying them with a water-repellent spray for extra protection but these aren’t for crazy rain or anything.

The Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles is a water-resistant version of the Allbirds Wool Dasher running shoe. Since these are true running shoes, they offer a lot of cushioning and support so wearing them all day won’t be an issue.

Most Supportive Men’s Walking Shoes For Travel

For maximum comfort and support, you can’t beat a legit pair of walking/running shoes to keep your feet (and entire body) happy. Yes, you might have to sacrifice some style, but I’ve managed some find some great options that can actually look fairly fashionable.


mens travel leather shoes

Another awesome sneaker is the  Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit  which features top-of-the-line React Foam soles that give maximum cushion and the Flyknit material makes the shoe extra lightweight.

And while these shoes are legit running shoes, they also come in a range of colorways so they’re still stylish enough to look good when slightly dressed up.


mens travel leather shoes

The legendary Nike Pegasus  is Nike’s workhorse running shoe and it’s been the brand’s most popular running sneaker for years—so it is a great option if you’re looking for high comfort, stability, and cushioning as you travel. The Pegasus comes in multiple colors and configurations so you can find something to suit your style.

New Balance Shoes with Fresh Foam

mens travel leather shoes

Any New Balance with their Fresh Foam soles will offer a ton of support and cushioning. For max cushioning check out the  New Balance 1080 . If you’re looking for a little less bulk, check out the  New Balance 880  and  New Balance 860 . As an added bonus, most New Balance shoes come in wide and narrow sizes—which is rare for most brands.

best men's travel shoes - new balance 990

The New Balance 990 is the classic “so ugly that it’s actually cool and it’s so comfortable I don’t want to take it off” walking shoe from New Balance. People love this shoe (it’s one of New Balance’s highest-rated shoes) and it’s a favorite for many young and fashionable urbanites—it has also found its way into many runways and fashion weeks.

Other Products To Help Keep Your Feet Comfortable While Travelling

mens travel leather shoes

Here are a few other things you might want to pick up to help keep your feet comfortable during your travels.

Quality socks have a huge impact on the comfort of your feet as they can help stop blisters and foot odor. The main rule is to avoid cotton.

I recommend lightweight wool or wool/synthetic socks from Bombas , Smartwool , and Darn Tough since the addition of wool helps prevent odors. Quality running socks are also a good option.

Insoles can be helpful if you have foot issues or if you’re wearing a pair of low-profile sneakers like Nike Killshots. I recommend testing out your shoes for a couple of weeks before your trip to see if adding insoles will help. You can find plenty of insole options that cater to different food issues on Amazon and Zappos .

Band-Aids and Anti-Blister Products

It’s always smart to pack some anti-blister bandages or similar products just in case your shoes start giving you a blister. There are multiple types of anti-blister bandages available on Amazon .

More Helpful Europe Travel Tips From The Savvy Backpacker

mens travel leather shoes

Heading to Europe soon? Here are some more helpful articles I’ve written to help you plan your European travels.

  • Backpacking Europe Packing List
  • Travel Europe Packing List for Women
  • The Best Travel Backpacks and The Best Travel Backpacks for Women
  • Guide To Using Data Plans and Smartphone Phones In Europe
  • How To Buy A SIM Card and Mobile Data Plans in Europe
  • The Best eSIM Data Plans For Europe
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  • Recent Posts
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mens travel leather shoes

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The 27 Best Travel Shoes for Men

When traveling, shoes can make or break an adventure.  Uncomfortable shoes that aren’t up to the task will hamper the adventure. However, carrying too many shoes will weigh you down and stress you out. 

The key to finding the best travel shoes for you is to find the single pair of shoes that are likely to feel comfortable for your particular adventure, perform well for those particular activities you’ll be doing, and still look good according to your personal tastes. Keep that in mind in your hunt, and you undoubtedly find the best pair of footwear for your unique travels.

But with thousands of kicks out there, all claiming to be the best travel shoes for men, for adventure, for…anything, how do you filter through the noise and find the best kicks for you and your style? My suggestion – skip the big shoe brand and consider these traveler tested kicks

With this list of my favorite shoes for travel and the best travel shoes, by category.

Over three years flying, motorbiking, trekking, wandering and generally enjoying the world I’ve kept a running list of the shoes that consistently pop up as my unstoppable favorites as well as the shoes that other travelers consistently rave about. Every pair of shoes on this list has either been tested extensively by me (over more miles than I can keep track of), or recommended by other adventurous, minimalist travelers who demand comfort, style, durability and performance from everything they carry…even shoes.

Save yourself the trouble of wandering through the internet and start with this list of the best of the best.

Read on to discover the best shoes for every type of style and traveler recommended by consummate travelers in this Ultimate List of Travel Shoes for Men.


  • Quick Summary: The Top 5 Shoes for Travel
  • What to Look for in a Good Pair of Shoes
  • How Many Pairs of Shoes Should You Travel With?
  • Most Comfortable Men’s Walking Shoes for Travel
  • All Purpose, Minimalist Shoes
  • Stylish & Fashionable Shoes
  • Hiking Shoes for Travel
  • Athletic Shoes for Travel
  • Water Friendly Travel Shoes
  • Best Sandals for Travel
  • Other Excellent Recommendations from “The One Bag Crew”
  • Other classic shoes
  • Best Shoe Accessories


Though the “perfect travel shoe” doesn’t exist, because each traveler’s feet, needs, and adventures differ so much, there are a handful of shoes I’ve tested and noticed during my travels that they’re hard contenders for as the best travel shoe for men.  Which shoe is the best?  Well, they’re all durable, stylish, comfortable, high performing (for the activity they were designed for) and reasonably priced.

The best travel shoe for you depends heavily on your own style and style of travel, but I can absolutely say these are my 7 favorite shoes for travel to start out the list.  Or continue reading to discover the best shoes for travel by category .

A Quick List of My 7 Favorite Shoes for Travel

  • Altama OTB Maritime : The most all purpose shoes for adventure ever made
  • Lems Boulder Boots : The most comfortable shoe/boot I’ve worn. Great for hikes
  • Sperry Topsiders : (in black) Classy, low key, and excellent in tropic/wet environments
  • Scarpa Mojito : A hiking boot disguised as a comfy shoe
  • Xero Z-Trail : The only piece of footwear you’ll need in Southeast Asia
  • New Balance Minimus Trail 10 : Lightweight, packable atheltic footwear
  • Vessi Everday Sneaker : A…waterproof…sneaker?
  • Altama OTB Maritime

A shoe designed for swimming and hiking with the style of a classic canvas shoe.  Intended as “Over the Beach” assault shoes ready to tackle anything.  Quite possibly the most well-rounded travel shoe in existence.  Excellent for adventure travel.

mens travel leather shoes

Click to Read More on the Altama OTB Maritime Assault

  • Lems Boulder Boots

Possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes (or boots) I’ve ever worn, and the most packable too as well as the

Possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes (or boots) I’ve ever worn, and the most packable too as well as the best walking shoes on this list. Soft, supple leather with a fleece lined inner and an amazingly comfy sole that all compresses down into nothing.

on this list. Soft, supple leather with a fleece lined inner and an amazingly comfy sole that all compresses down into nothing.

mens travel leather shoes

Click to Read More on the Lems Boulder Boots

Sperry Topsiders

A classic, versatile shoe that looks good, does well in water and warm climates and is perfect for Europe and Southeast Asia travels.  Originally intended as a boat shoe with a sole designed for traction on ship decks and an easy draining design, this slip-on is perfect for beach life and tropical adventures. The lack of arch support pushes these shoes further to the “minimalist” side, but as long as you are comfortable with minimalist shoes, these shoes will be a near perfect option

mens travel leather shoes

Click to Read More on the Sperry Topsiders

  • Scarpa Mojito

A comfortable sneaker with the soul/sole of a hiking boot.  Scarpa’s rock climbing and hiking boot DNA make this shoe perfect for wearing continuously from city to crags and trails further out.  An amazing single shoe for trekking and mountain centric travel.

Click to Read More on the Scarpa Mojito

Xero Z-Trail

An adventure ready sandal that’s versatile and ultra-packable. Z-Trails were actually my running shoe of choice for years of travel.  Tested running, canyoning, trekking, motorbiking, and more.  For Southeast Asia and tropical locations, this could easily be your only piece of footwear.

mens travel leather shoes

Click to Read More on the Xero Z-Trail

New Balance Minimus Trail

A minimalist trail running and athletic shoe that’s insanely comfortable and lightweight, and packs down small enough for lightweight travelers.  The sole is one of the most efficiently small yet comfortable I’ve worn and the shoe hugs like no other.  I’ve put hundreds of miles on a few pairs of these shoes and they’re hands down my favorite athletic shoe for lightweight travel.

mens travel leather shoes

Click to Read More on the New Balance Minimus Trail 10


Make your shoe decision easy…, make you aware of some adventure ready travel shoes you hadn’t guessed….

With all of the “best travel shoe” lists out there, honestly most aren’t that helpful and the footwear recommends doesn’t stack up to the demands of real travel – lots of walking, hard use, and unexpectedly varied adventures.

This list delivers true travel ready footwear and aims to recommend “one bag” shoes, or a single pair of shoes that’ll last through all of your adventures helping you travel lighter, with a single bag – travels in which you walk and hike for miles, get wet, swim, wander, and more, ideally with a single shoe.  Travels in which you need durable footwear that performs through running walking and more and still looks good at night. 

Every piece of footwear on this list is vetted by minimalist travelers who aim to explore, wander, and keep their bags light.  We’ve organized the list (its pretty long) by category so can jump to the footwear that meets your needs.  comfortable walking shoes , minimalist shoes , hiking boots for travel , versatile athletic shoes , and more. 

  • Multi-purpose, Minimalist Shoes

Keep reading to discover the perfect footwear for your unique travels.


#1 Comfort: A comfortable footbed (insole and outsole) and soft uppers that mold to your feet are the base of good walking shoes that enable you for miles and hours of wandering

#2 Toe Box Fit (Length and Width): Aim for enough room for foot swelling (when walking and standing for hours) plus enough room that your toes don’t touch the front of the shoe when walking downhill to avoid bruising on long hikes

#3 Secure Heel Cup Fit: A good heel cup locks your foot, minimizing sliding movement within the shoe and minimizing blisters

#4 Good sole traction and performance for your activity: Traction in your chosen conditions (rain, rocks, trails, slick city streets) and the suppleness/stiffness for your chosen activity (running, walking, hiking on rocky terrain)

#5 Breathability & Moisture Management: Allowing sweat vapor from your feet to escape easily before accumulating and allowing your shoes to dry as quickly as possible when wet

#6 Durability: Durable uppers, solid stitching, sole molded from a single piece of rubber, and reviews of long term use add up to a reliable pair of shoes to purchase

#7 Neutral, Versatile Style: Classic designs with versatile style (canvas, loafer, chukka, athletic etc.) in neutral colors add up to a shoe that can be worn for any occasion, casual to classy.

#8 Versatile Performance: Good performance over varied activities means more comfort through your adventures with less weight (and fewer shoes) to carry

#9 Lightweight and Packable: Shoes that are easily packed away for carryon travel when you’re not wearing them make one bag, lightweight travel much easier

#10 You actually like them: Never EVER buy a pair of shoes that you don’t like, regardless of what reviews and other people say.  You’ll never actually wear them, and you’ll hate yourself when you do.


1 Shoe + 1 Sandal (+ optional athletic or hiking shoe)

First, a sandal and a shoe combo should be your base for travel.

Second, don’t feel ashamed if you take an extra pair of shoes just for running or hiking, if you’re a consummate runner/hiker.

A base travel shoe that is comfortable for walking and looks good should be the base of your travel footwear setup.   Low top options are best as they go just as well with shorts as jeans, and many low top options dress up better.

Then, add a good pair of comfortable, durable sandals to your setup.   Sandals are great in hot weather (you’ll wear them more than shoes in Southeast Asia), essential for tropical travels, and essential if you’re using shared showers.  Though flip flops do work, grabbing a trekking or running sandal, like Chacos or Xero Z-Trails adds an adventure ready set of footwear option that let’s foot breathe and is perfect for adventures on the water.

If you’re a consummate runner or hiker, don’t sell yourself short and completely skip the running or trekking shoes.

In my initial searches for the perfect “one bag travel” shoe, I attempted to force my shoes to do everything.  I ran and hiked in my Chuck Taylors, or I did traveler friendly Crossfit workouts in my hiking boots.  Though this option did work, it finally dawned on me – if I put that many miles on my running shoes or hiking boots, that’s a good thing and I shouldn’t necessarily pressure myself into leaving them at home.

Running, hiking, and working out are all healthy activities that enhance life in general, as well as travel.  If bringing a pair of minimalist running kicks or trek ready minimalist boots will resulting in you running or trekking more, and more enjoyably, just bring them.  Its worth it.

Personally, I still maintain one pair of shoes on short trips – either the Lems Boulder Boot, the Altama OTB Maritime, or the Sperry Topsider – and run in my Xero Z-Trails , but I’m comfortable with that.

Your shoe setup should keep you comfortable doing more of what you love, even if that means bringing extra shoes.


Unfortunately, there is no “perfect travel shoe” for men, women, or anyone in between.  While there are some fantastic “all-purpose shoes” for one bag travelers wandering the world for a year, most of us are better off planning our footwear based on our adventures.  If you’ll be in Europe and potentially wandering through the rocky, cool alps, plan accordingly.  If you’ll only be wandering tropical Southeast Asian countries mere miles from the ocean (and where no one wears shoes) plan accordingly. 

Ultimately, pick the footwear that fits what you’ll be doing. That’s it.

Read on to discover the best travel shoes for men broken down by category to help you find the footwear that suits how you’ll travel and adventure.


  • Solomon X 3D
  • Allbirds Tree Skipper
  • Clark’s Desert Boot


Possibly the most comfortable men’s walking shoes for travel.

The Lems Boulder Boot is a comfy, minimalist, travel boot that feels amazing, packs down small, and handles hiking, running, and working out with no problem.

Why:  The Lems Boulder Boot is one of the best travel shoes for men that are tat are feeling adventurous and plan to explore.  If you want to look good and be prepared to travel, but prefer boots over boat shoes and sneakers these are your choice. 

I’ve run, hiked, and worked out in these and loved them.  I will, however, take my Altama OTB Maritime shoes instead, simply because I like the look of the Altama OTB and its versatility over the look of Lems’ Boulder Boot. Additionally, the Altama OTB is much more durable, but the Boulder Boot is hands down more comfortable.

For most men, when heavy walking in the city is a possibility, they immediately opt for a shoe – as I’ve done. However, if you’re planning lots of time moving on your feet, I highly recommend the Lems Boulder boot as it is the most comfortable mens walking shoes for travel, hiking, and versatile adventures I’ve tested. I wear mine on motorbike rides, planes, treks, and more, just because they’re so reliably comfortable.

If you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet, its hard to beat the Lems Boulder Boot.

The Lems Boulder Boot packed - Best Travel Shoes for Men

Performance:  Minimalist soles are comfortable and feel great, but for long, multi-day treks, the wearer should fully comfortable walking in minimalist (e.g., thin sole, zero heel to toe drop) footwear

For the perfect setup for RTW travel, I recommend pairing these with the Xero Z-Trail sandals and  medium weight wool socks  to round out a shoe setup for all places and climates

mens travel leather shoes

Purchase the Lems Boulder Boot  at  Lems Online

Interested in the Lems Boulder Boot? Check out our full  Lems Boulder Boot Review for Travelers


These hard use shoes were designed for comfort and performance during trail runs and adventure races and staying comfortable every step of the way.

mens travel leather shoes

Because of this conscious overbuild, the Salomon X series becomes a perfect walking shoe for staying comfortable during those extended times on your feet while traveling – through airports, on walking tours – while having enough performance to be your go-to hiking and trekking shoe. 

If you’re a trekker and runner and want a dedicated shoe that can take on any run or hike in between your normal walks, check out the Salomon X 3D trail runner.

Available in a weatherproof, waterproof Gore-Tex option, or highly breathable, non-waterproof mesh. Between these two options the Salomon X Trail running series is suitable for anytime, any place.

Also Consider: The Salomon X Ultra GTX mid , for a higher top and a bit more ankle support

Click here to see styles and availability of the Salomon XA Pro 3D Trail Runner at REI

or click  here for prices on Amazon


The entire Allbirds line is touted by a handful of avid fans as being the most comfortable shoe they’ve ever worn, hands down.  Though Allbird’s most popular shoes are the wool runners, the eco-friendly Tree Runners are another comfy, lightweight, and walk ready shoe for your travel adventures.

mens travel leather shoes

These lightweight kicks with classic are actually made from Eucalyptus tree fiber knitted uppers (hence the “tree” skipper name) and as Allbirds describes is “…breathable, silky-smooth, and complete with a cooling effect to keep things breezy…” to give most of the same benefits as wool while being friendlier on the planet than plastic and petroleum based shoes.

The laces are made from 100% recycled polyester

The insoles are made of super-fine merino wool to keep your feet comfortably cool and dry, while the foam insole is made from castor bean oil (instead of petroleum based foams like other shoes) to make them even more eco-friendly.

mens travel leather shoes

Note that though wearers rave about Allbird’s comfort, some do complain about the wear life, and that they significant wear within a year if you’re a hard traveler.  This is somewhat of a known tradeoff and worth the comfort if you’re spending a ton of time on your feet.  However, if you plan to do an activity that applies a lot of force to your shoes (think sprinting and Crossfit) or your lifestyle will cause a lot of abrasion (think hiking on uneven terrain with bushes and jagged rocks) then opt for another shoe.

The Bottom Line on Allbirds Tree Skippers: if your travel style simply involves a lot of hours on your feet and lots of miles in concrete jungles (between museums and cafes) and you want something sleek yet comfortable, the Allbirds Tree Skippers may be what you’re looking for.

Click here to discover the Tree Skippers at

Also consider…Allbirds Wool Runners

The Allbirds WoolRunners are the OGs of the Allbirds line, and the shoe that got most Allbirds fans hooked. Superlight, flexy, and comfy soles combined with an all Merino wool upper create a comfy shoe that breathes insanely well and keeps your feet performing tops through most temperature and moisture conditions

mens travel leather shoes

Pair these with some solid ankle high or no show wool socks (I recommend the Darn Tough Tactical T4016 No Show Merino wool athletic socks )

Click here to discover more about the Allbirds Wool Runners at AllBirds


A classic pair of true traveler footwear since the 1700’s. .

mens travel leather shoes

Originally adapted and created in South Africa as kicks called “Veldskoens”, a similar piece of lightweight, desert friendly footwear worn by nearly everyone in South Africa, Nathan Clark eventually stumbled on this same boot in Cairo bazaar in the 1940’s.  He recreated the shoe into “Clark’s Desert Boot” which became the boot of choice for Army Officers during World War 2, and after that, the legacy stuck.

The shoe’s design roots, all of the way back to the Khoisan people of southern Africa add up to an all purpose, comfortable, and adventure-ready shoe.  Soft, breathable suede attached to a durable sole – previously rawhide or car tire rubber but now, soft and sticky yet durable crepe soles.

mens travel leather shoes

The Desert boot excels in all areas because it dresses up well with a casual touch but its DNA is all about walking long distances in hot climates, extreme durability, and comfort along the way.

Downsides of Clark’s Desert Boot: Note that the crepe sole (made of coagulated latex) provides great grip and comfort, they will get a bit dirtier over your travels than a normal sole and way a slight bit more than more techy shoes.  Accept those two items, and you have a great shoe for walking and wandering, especially in warmer climates.

Bottom Line: If you want a long lasting shoe that is foremost comfortable for walking but also dresses up well (enough), consider the Desert Boot.

Also Consider: The Vivobarefoot Gobi II which takes that classic desert boot design and updates it with the latest minimalist footwear tech.

Click here to discover the entire Clarks Desert Boots line of colors


  • Foresake Phil Chukka


Durable, good looking sneakers that swim as well as they hike.

The  Altama OTB Maritime  delivers a classic canvas style shoe look, in an extremely durable sneaker package capable of hiking, running, and working out once broken in. 

The result is a go anywhere, do anything shoes that looks just as good whether you’re in board shorts or Outlier slacks.  These shoes are some of the best travel shoes men planning for wet or dry adventure, like hiking, canyoning, and more, or casual outings, like rooftop cocktails or museums, could possibly take.

The uppers are made of 1000D Cordura Nylon and soles are made of rock climbing shoe rubber designed to maintain traction and wet and last through plenty of hikes. The look is muted yet timeless and classic allowing it to pair well with jeans, chinos, shorts, and more.

Best Locations to wear:  Everywhere.  Mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers, cities. The shoes are designed for military operations “Over the Beach” (hence the “ Altama OTB ” name) and in the water, so you can get them wet and they’ll dry quickly.

Strengths:  Looks great yet versatile (sporty vs. classy), extremely durable, designed for swimming in. 

Altama OTB Maritime Review | A Brother Abroad |

Weaknesses:  Durable materials take about 2 weeks to break in.  After that, these things are the perfect all-around travel shoe.

Performance:  Exceptional.  Performed well on 5 mile hikes, workouts, and walks through the city

Discover more in the full Altama OTB Maritime  Review


A “mountain town” shoe with rock climbing and approach shoes in its DNA, designed by a trusted boot manufacturer.

The Scarpa Mojito - Best Travel Shoes for Men

A hiking ready casual shoe with a reputation for durability.  Inspired by rock climbing and approach shoes, the Scarpa Mojito performs very well on the trail and looks decent enough to wear around town.

The  Scarpa Mojitos  give my Lowa favorites stiff competition as these shoes (supposedly) perform nearly as well while being fairly compact and understated.

mens travel leather shoes

A “one bag traveler” with a hiking addiction mentioned these as his only hiking shoe for 3 years of travel, and he loved them.  Scarpa’s product reputation and the low top cut of these shoes make them absolutely worth a look for lightweight travel. 

Best Uses and Locations:  Mountain adventures and treks everywhere.  GTX and waterproofing so there’s no climate or adventure these aren’t suited for.

Also Consider : The  Scarpa Margarita , another durable shoe from Scarpa with hiking DNA and a versatile look

The Scarpa Margarita - A great shoe option with hiking and rock climbing DNA


A classic, casual looking that’s durable and geared for comfortable walking and hiking thanks to its hiking boot sole.

Durable, waterproof leather uppers and the DNA of a hiking boot in the Chukka’s sole combine to create a functional shoe with a classic, versatile style.  The resulting adventure and travel shoe will grab rocks, dirt, and tree trunks on the trail while keeping your feet comfortable yet still fit with classy jeans or chinos for a nice happy hour that evening.  If you

Forsake Phil Chukka - Best Travel Shoes for Men

In my search for  the best  travel gear (especially shoes) the Phil Chukka popped up several times.  Travelers and trekkers rave not only about the comfort and style but how well it handles all things from city to trail with grime, weather, abuse, and everything else you can think of in between.

Several wearers admitted to going months at a time wearing  only  the Phil Chukka with no complaints. This shoe is not only stylish and comfortable but also great for treks through the forests on weekends. The soles perform like hiking boots. The style would fit into a party later that night, still looking good. 

That  is what we want from a good adventure-ready travel shoe. 

If you’re in the market for a durable, do it all, adventurous shoe, check out the  Forsake Phil Chukka at REI .

mens travel leather shoes


  • Sperry Top-Siders
  • Vivobarefoot Gobi II
  • Xero Ipari Hana
  • G.H. Bass & Co Monte Driver
  • Indosole Men’s Prahu


Timeless and stylish shoes for men that travel that look good and adventure well.  highly recommended in black.

The original Sperry Boat Shoe sole is designed with grooves in the sole that move with each step and maintain traction in wet and slippery conditions on boats, mimicking the paw of a puppy. 

The all-leather outsole and heavy-duty rubber outsole mean these shoes will last much longer than you think and lend a casual “loafer” look that pairs well with shorts, jeans, or chinos for the nightlife after the adventure. For an even more versatile look, go for black.

The result is a shoe with a classic loafer look with the added function and durability of an aquatic, activewear shoe.  Hot and humid, wet or dry, this shoe will excel, ready for shorter hikes, beach days and light adventures.

In locations, like Southeast Asia, where shoes are commonly taken off before going indoors, boat shoes give you the “slip on, slip off” convenience with more function than a flip flop.

If you’re looking for a single travel shoe for Europe or any predominately urban adventure, the Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoe might be the travel shoe for you.


The  Vivobarefoot Gobi II  and  Ra II  are the quintessential minimalist shoes in design and function, and great looking men’s travel shoes for “one bag packers”. The Oxford style low top and Desert boot style low boot cut round out two versatile, packable, and stylish boots.

mens travel leather shoes

Both shoes pack small easily and look good but are limited in how adventurous they can get. 

If you’re citybound or just want a classy, packable shoe the Gobi II and Ra II are great options and particularly suited to the “One Bag” travel crowd.

mens travel leather shoes

Weaknesses of the Vivobarefoot Gobii II and Ra II:  As a single travel shoe, reviews have reported that the shoe’s threads may begin to breakdown at the 9-month mark, with heavy wearing.  Extremely minimalist sole increases ground feel and will take adjustment to walk on concrete for extended periods. Do note that these shoes do have an unusually wide toe box, so you’ll need to accept that.

I recommend pairing either Vivobarefoot choice with the  Xero Z-Trail  or to round out your minimalist footwear setup – one for active and adventurous times (the Z-trail) and days in the city, and the  Gobi II  or  Ra II chill times and nights out

The Vivobarefoot Gobi II shoes are some of the best travel shoes for men because they look amazing and pack small


An understated and versatile, minimalist shoe, the  Xero Ipari Hana  is designed by the company that created my favorite running sandal.  The Hana is a minimalist and very packable travel shoe worth considering.

The Xero Ipari Hana are a contender as the Best Travel Shoes for Men

The  Xero Ipari Hana  shoe builds off of the  Xero Z-Trail  running sandal sole to create an enclosed shoe that is still packable and minimalist.  The look is understated.  The lacing system is simple.  The sole warranty is still 5,000 miles.  Beat that.

Weakness:  A cotton canvas upper means these shoes will take longer to dry and have less of a place for “one bag packing” that the Altama OTB Maritime – but this still puts them on par with the Vivobarefoot Gobi II and Ra II, with a little more casual look.

A fellow traveler who owned the Xero Ipari Hana shoes for a year reports them as being in great condition and “durable but dirty”, which means they will likely meet our standard for a reliable city shoe.  The Ipari Hana definitely isn’t suitable for running.  You may be able to make a quick getaway briefly, but don’t wear them to any bank robberies.  The Ipari would be suited for walking and any city activity but not heavy trekking

The  Iparai Hana  is available at  or

Find the  Xero Ipari Hana  on  Amazon  and get free shipping via the  Amazon Prime Free Tria


If you want a comfortable walking shoe that dresses up, it’s hard to do better than the Monte Driver. 

mens travel leather shoes

A soft leather loafer with sewn moccasin-style construction and a rubber outsole designed for traction make this an excellent choice if you need to stay comfortable while on your feet with the opportunity to go a little more classy than casual.

Also Consider: The Mario Driver from Bass ** if you want the loafer look without the penny keeper.

mens travel leather shoes


The Indosole Prahu** is a very solid, eco-friendly, and more budget-friendly alternative to your normal boat shoes while being more durable than the comfy Tom’s original shoes thanks to solid welting and a car tire outsole.  All for ~$60 (often $40 on discount).

mens travel leather shoes

A repurposed car tire sole is attached to a 100% canvas upper making for a shoe that’s both durable and machine washable.  As much as I love my Sperry Topsiders a major problem with going cockles for months at a time in the Southeast Asia heat is those shoes get fuuuuuuuunky , and washing/drying can be difficult.  Though the Prahu’s use simple canvas, which could be a downside, being able to throw them in the washer without fuss and dry in the sun balances things out, making these another great travel shoe.

mens travel leather shoes

The style is low key and absolutely casual but looks good enough for most occasions.

To boot, Indosole is a pretty awesome company that focuses on upcycling and recycling (car tires, plastic bottles, etc.), responsible manufacturing practices, and putting out good gear to boot (I love their basic Indosole ESSNTL Flip Flops and they’re currently my fave on the market).

Downsides: Canvas uppers aren’t the techiest or foot-friendly, but the breathability makes these good for hot, tropical climates.

Super comfy, lightweight (each pair clocks 12.28 oz / 384 g), compressible, and durable soles that’ll last more miles than you’re likely to walk.

Click here to head to the Indosole website to check out available colors and styles


Hiking is an excellent addition to your travels, and even an excellent reason to travel.  If you intend to spend a solid of time on the trails, then be kind to your feet and be sure to pack a pair of trail-ready travel kicks. 

The following hiking boots and shoes are the best travel-ready options that will stay comfortable on jagged trails, look good enough to do double duty in the city, and some even pack down enough to maintain the extra pair for pure, carry on travel.

  • Lowa Renegade GTX Low
  • Xero Denver
  • GORUCK MACV-1 Gen 2
  • Palladium Pampa
  • Timberland Earthkeepers

Don’t forget to check out our full list of travel boots for men

Possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes (or boots) I’ve ever worn, and the most packable too. Soft, supple leather with a fleece lined inner and an amazingly comfy sole that all compresses down into nothing.

( Click to Read More on the Lems Boulder Boots in the “Most Comfortable Shoes for Travel” section )

A remake of a retro classic alternative to heavy hiking boots while still being entirely geared for the outdoors. 

mens travel leather shoes

The new Danner Jag includes upgrades from the last 30 years of shoe innovation (since the original shoe’s inception). 100% waterproof with a breathable mesh lining makes these ready for any weather and the robust build and durability that make Danner a legendary bootmaker.

mens travel leather shoes

The Danner Jags might not pack down easily into your bag, but the solid 80’s aesthetic, comfort, and trail performance might make them the only boot (or shoe) you need on your journey.

Click here for the Danner Jags prices and availability

Also Consider: The Danner Jag Low Tops


The  lowa renegade gtx lo  is an overperforming hiking boot with an understated look that feels exceptional right out of the box.

mens travel leather shoes

When clean, these boots could pass for a chunky pair of trainers, especially when purchased in black.  This gives the Lowa Renegade GTX Low versatility in terms of look, and you can sneakily get away with wearing them at night – as long as you’re not pairing them with the kinds of skinny jeans that will make your kicks look like SUVs strapped to your feet. 

In my search for the best travel shoe for men, the Lowa Renegade emerged as the best hiking shoe for me.

For 6 months I hiked at least once a week and often multiple times per week, and this was my boot of choice.  For the 8 days/72 miles of the Everest Trek and through the 3 days of the Inle Lake Trek in Myanmar I tried to beat down the Lowa Renegades, but to no avail.  I haven’t once had a blister, hotspot, or uncomfortable point in these shoes, and they have fit comfortably from the moment they came out of the box. 

These may not be the best travel shoes for men, because of their bulky size but they are exceptional hiking boots.  The understated look is just a bonus.

Bottom Line on the Lowa Renegade GTX:  If you’re adventuring enough on your travels that dedicated hiking boots are a must, take the  Lowa Renegade GTX Lo  hiking shoes.

Available on  Amazon  or from REI

Read our Review on the Lowa Renegade GTX Hiking Shoes


A weatherproof, minimalist boot perfect for lightweight, carry on only travel.

mens travel leather shoes

The Xero Denver is a minimalist boot following in the line of the minimalist Xero Z-Trails sandals, but with some trail-ready, “all-purpose shoe” upgrades.

The Xero Denver follows in the footsteps of the Lems Boulder Boot in function and style.

A more durable car tire sole, common to all Xero shoes, is the base of the Xero Denver, making way for miles and durability.

Fleece-lined inner and heat-reflective insoles make the shoes more comfortable and winter-ready – sole plan on buying new inserts to use these shoes year-round.

For travelers, the compressible, foldable, and packable nature of these light boots makes for easy packing and lightweight traveling.

Lastly, breathable, water-resistant canvas that performs well at repelling the wet rounds the Denver out as a great minimalist boot.

Bottom Line on the Xero Denver: A great pair of weather-resistant, all-terrain ready , and stylish boots that are suitable for lightweight, adventurous travel.

Check out the styles and colors available for Xero Denver

Also Consider: The just as lightweight, just as travel-friendly Xero Daylite Hiker , better suited to warmer climates, but just as many adventures


Lightweight, durable, and stylish (if you like military-inspired design).

mens travel leather shoes

Extremely light and extremely comfy from the start, with an old school 1970’s style military “jungle boot” look.   The MACV-1  was designed to be a tough, ready for anything  rucking and hiking shoe – light and comfortable enough to walk in for miles and tough enough to stand up to abuse.  All of this adds up to another versatile travel shoe that packs down easily.

mens travel leather shoes

The smooth,  black MACV-1 boots  are great for those that can work the look of military-inspired look well.

If you prefer the classic tan “rough out” look of Timberland boots, the  MACV-1 in Coyote brown  could make a city suitable and adventure-ready shoe option.

In either case, these boots are an upgrade for travelers, in look and weight, from your average multi-colored hiking boot.

mens travel leather shoes

The latest evolution of the MACV-1, the “Gen-2” incorporates a deeper treaded sole for a lightweight boot for fast movement that still grabs well on any terrain

Read more in this  MACV-1 Review  or  click here to check GORUCK MACV-1 prices and availability in Coyote Suede  and  Black


Cheap, comfortable from the start, and stylish with “chuck taylor” cues.

mens travel leather shoes

If you’re on a budget and need an affordable yet fashionable boot (I mean…they’re French boots) that is comfortable enough to hike in, the  Palladium Pampa  and  Pampa Waterproof  may be perfect for you. 

These Chuck Taylor’s styled hiking boots were initially worn by the elite French Foreign legion, meaning adventure is in their DNA.  An extremely comfy and soft rubber sole and canvas uppers make these a true “zero break-in period” shoe, meaning they’re comfortable and ready to hike in the second you put them on.  The old school canvas shoe look makes them versatile enough to stay stylish in most situations too.

Click here to see the Palladium Pampa  and  Palladium Waterproof Pampa options


mens travel leather shoes

Click to Read More on the Scarpa Mojito and Margarita in the “Best Multi Purpose Shoes for Travel” Section


Sustainable, comfortable, durable, adventure-ready, and stylish.

mens travel leather shoes

The  Timberland Earthkeeper Originals  are an out-of-the-box comfortable pair of high top boots with a rugged look and ready to explore.  The Earthkeeper’s “anti-fatigue technology” makes them perfect if you want a shoe that will keep your feet fresh after miles and hours of walking and standing on city tours, waiting in line, or scrambling on trails.  And as long as there’s no suit and tie affair, these comfy boots will look good anywhere you go.

Click here for the Timberland Earthkeeper’s Original Boot prices and styles


For those that need a relaxing run or a solid Crossfit workout while traveling to stay grounded, its worth bringing a dedicated pair of athletic shoes, or at least a pair of travel shoes that double well as athletic shoes.  Additionally, a good pair of trainers can be the perfect shoe for walking and hiking through the city during travels.

The following shoes first and foremost high performing shoes and secondly look good enough to be worn outside of your run/gym without detracting from your travel.  Last, a select few pack down unnoticeably small, so you can add them to your existing luggage without overpacking or tipping the scales.

  • GORUCK I/O Trainers
  • New Balance Minimus
  • Merrel Trail Glove
  • Brooks Ghost 12
  • Vessi Waterproof Sneakers


A tough, rucking boot inspired shoe designed for Crossfit style cross-training, and fast hiking with weight.  The GORUCK “Inside / Outside Trainers” take the hard use and lightweight focused base design of the “GORUCK MACV-1” and minimalist style military boots and roll them into an athletic shoe designed for hiking fast with heavyweight and high intensity activities like Crossfit and strength training.

mens travel leather shoes

The high-quality leather and abrasion-resistant/breathable 1000D Cordura nylon canvas uppers mold to your feet and deliver the same breathability and durability you get with the Altama OTB Maritime shoes, making for a shoe that molds to you and lasts through the adventures.  A wide toe box allows for natural foot movement and spread and allows space for natural foot swelling that takes place over a day of walking and hiking.

mens travel leather shoes

Vietnam era Jungle boot style speed lacing makes for a fit that is easy adapt to the bridge of your foot, while a 2” webbing reinforcement adds midfoot support and stability, while still keeping the shoe on the “minimalist” side.  A suede heel counter locks your heel in place, and combined with the speed lacing system, keeps your foot from sliding, avoiding blisters and staying comfortable.

Bottom Line on the GORUCK I/O Trainer: A tough, minimalist, military hiking boot design packed into the function, comfort, and aesthetic of an athletic shoe package.  If you want a low key shoe that will last for miles of walking, doubles for hours of training, and has a classic “tennis shoe” design, the I/O trainer is it.

Click here to learn more about the GOPRUCK I/O Trainer at


Minimalist running shoes with a very comfortable sole and pack down small.

The extra cushy sole (for trail) gives just enough comfort on any terrain (off-road or on concrete) to be comfortable for long periods.  The lightweight mesh breathes and dries well.  The anti-microbial footbed can stand months (literally, I’ve tried it) off sweaty, sockless wear without smelling like death.  The midfoot wrap and flexible sole let the shoe hug your heel and midfoot while the subtly wider toe box allows for natural splay, all while preventing sliding and blisters/hotspots

mens travel leather shoes

To boot, the muted aesthetic makes these shoes wearable in most casual circumstances without any odd looks – especially if you opt for all black.

Best of all for travelers, these shoes collapse down nearly as well as the most minimalist shoes on this list (Xeros, Vivobarefoot), making them a great “extra shoe” option for runners and hikers and generally great for travel

Downsides of the New Balance Minimus: Because of the comfort and softness of the soles, I’ve never gotten more than a year out of my New Balance Minimus shoes when I’ve used them in hot climates (i.e., Afghanistan) or extremely rocky terrain.  I’ve ripped the soles off sprinting or doing Crossfit workouts, but that never happens before a year of wear.  However, the tradeoff of how comfortable my feet were during that year of use and how easy these shoes are to pack is a reason I still keep a pair. 

Bottom Line on the New Balance Minimus: Highly recommended for runners and athletes considering bringing an extra pair of shoes for running during travel.  Just ensure you’re comfortable with minimalist (low heel drop) footwear before fully committing.

Click here to check out the wide variety of colors and styles available for the New Balance Minimus


Another extraordinary piece of minimalist footwear, the Merrel Trail Glove has been another favorite of mine. 

mens travel leather shoes

Originally intended to be a minimalist hiking boot/shoe but adapted over time as more of a trail running shoe, the Trail Glove delivers more durability that the New Balance Minimus (appropriate for rockier trails and harsher terrain) while giving the same foot-hugging, minimalist feel.

mens travel leather shoes

Whereas I’ve destroyed most of the shoes I’ve owned, busting stitches and literally ripping the tread off during workouts, the Merrel Trail Glove is the only athletic shoe I’ve down until the tread was bald…and nothing else was wrong.

I’ve gone on multi-day treks with this shoe and even ran a marathon in it (accidentally) and it performed well through it all.

Highly breathable and quick-drying uppers keep your foot comfortable and dry or at least drying quickly.  The heel cup and lacing system lock in your heel and midfoot well, while the room toe box allows for foot splay without looking awkward.  A durable, jagged trail-ready Vibram outsole tops of the package a solid, minimalist trail running shoe.

mens travel leather shoes

For travelers, the tiny size (when compressed) and low weight make it another easy option to pack as extra shoe dedicated to running and wandering trails.

Downsides: In exchange for durability, the Merrel Trail Glove does have a noticeably denser, and less soft, sole.  On the trail it won’t matter much, but running on concrete will take a slight adjustment and be slightly less comfortable than with the New Balance Minimus Trail 10.  However, if you’ll be on the road adventuring for an extended period (6+ months) and want a minimalist athletic shoe you know will last, this is your shoe.

Click here to see available colors and styles for the Merrel Trail Glove


When I canvased trail runners and ruckers for their favorite shoes all around, the Brooks Ghost came up continually…and then popped as a favorite with other travelers as well. Light, flexible, responsive, and with just enough cushioning to make a run (or walk) of any length unnoticeable to your feet.

mens travel leather shoes

Over 12 generations this shoe has adapted from a high performance running shoe, to a neutral cushioning do it all athletic shoe with some effective shoe tech in the soles. 

The running shoe DNA will still serve you very well on those long transits through airports, walking tours, and impromptu hikes.

Bottom Line on the Brooks Ghost 12: If comfort running, walking, standing, and hiking is your primary concern, consider the uber cushioned (yet responsive) Brooks Ghost line for your travels.

Click here to see available colors and styles of the Brooks Ghost 12


A 100% waterproof and breathable knit sock is layered on an antibacterial sole (for sockless wear) and a lightweight, grippy outsole make for a lightweight, waterproof, and comfy sneaker for exploring.

mens travel leather shoes

A fantastic alternative to the commonly suggested Allbirds, if you’re specifically looking for a versatile, comfortable, and practical sneaker for traveling through cityscapes, the Vessi Everyday Sneaker is a great option.

mens travel leather shoes

Also Consider: The Vessi Slip-On sneaker, for an easier wearing, slipper styled

Click here to explore the Vessi Everyday Sneaker’s available style and colors


  • Vibram 5 Fingers
  • Sperry Top Siders

Click to Read More on the Altama OTB Maritime Assault in the “Best Multi-purpose Travel Shoes” Section


If you can get beyond the “unique” look of the Vibrams Five Fingers you can experience them for exactly what they’re meant to be – a do it all water-friendly shoe that keeps the wearer in touch with the ground.

mens travel leather shoes

The FiveFingers were originally designed by Vibram as a “deck shoe” meant for crew members on sailboats to wear on wet decks, allowing them to maintain traction and better feel on the decks of boats.  Since then, the FiveFingers grew into a monster taking on a new life as a “barefoot shoe”.  Though the craze of barefoot shoes and barefoot running has passed, the FiveFingers are still extremely useful.

If you plan to spend a lot of time adventuring in wet conditions – whether canyoning in Vietnam or island hopping in the Philippines – and don’t want to be bothered by taking shoes on and off or losing sandals, the FiveFingers are an excellent option.  Additionally, if you’re used to minimalist running, the FiveFingers make a solid running shoe.

Even better for travelers, the FiveFingers pack down to nearly nothing, as small as any other travel-friendly footwear I’ve seen (flip flops, Vivobarefoot shoes, Xero Z-Trails) making them a great extra shoe option for your travels.

These days, I even use my FiveFingers KSO EVO as a reef shoe while surfing – worn on those low tide days when I don’t feel like cutting my feet on the reef.

All in all, if you’re adventuring hard and plan to spend a lot of the time wet, and don’t mind the unique look, the Vibram Five Fingers are another excellent choice.

The FiveFingers line has tons of variants, such as insulated, neoprene (wetsuit material), etc.  However, I’ve found the mesh FiveFinger KSO EVO shoes to be perfect for everything from running, to surfing, to swimming (back to my board after wipeouts).  If you want an all-around performer, get the KSO EVO.

Downsides: Outside of the unique look (considered ugly to some) if you plan to run in these, make sure accustomed to running in minimalist footwear first, or look up a good beginner’s minimalist running plan to start.

The Bottom Line on the Vibram FiveFingers: An excellent activewear shoe for adventures, both wet and dry.  Give your body the time to adapt to minimalist running and you’ll have a true, do-everything shoe on your hands.

Click here to explore the Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO in available colors, and other FiveFinger styles

mens travel leather shoes

Bottom Line on the Vessi Everyday Sneaker for Water: Though this is a waterproof sneaker, its best for rainy weather, puddle hopping, and the occasional wetness that happens in citylife.  However if you’re on a live aboard cruise or soaking up beach life, we recommend the Sperry Topsiders , Altama OTB Maritime , or the Xero Z-Trails instead as they allow water to flow through drain ports and dry while wearing.

Also Consider: The Vessi Slip On sneaker, for an easier wearing, slipper styled

Click here to explore the Vessi Everyday Sneaker in available styles, as well as the Vessi Cityscape and Slip

As boat shoes by design, water performance is in the DNA of these shoes, hence why they’re my favorite for Southeast Asian destinations like the Thai islands, Bali, and the Philippines.

A classic, versatile shoe that looks good, does well in water and warm climates of the tropics, but with a muted, classy look that is just as suited for Europe.  Originally intended as a boat shoe with a sole designed for traction on ship decks and easy draining design, this slip-on is perfect for beach life and tropical adventures.

Click to Read More on the Sperry Topsiders in the “Best Stylish Shoes for Travelers” section


Sandals are quite possibly the most essential and versatile pieces of footwear for travel. From the hot climates of the Caribbean and Southeast Asia to relaxed bars across the globe – a good pair of sandals can take you anywhere and keep you comfy every step of the way.

This quick list of great, travel-worthy sandals provides some durable, comfortable, and stylish options – some perfect for adventure, some perfect for chilling, but there is most definitely a perfect pair for your unique trip.

  • Xero Z-Trails
  • Indosole ESSENTL Flip Flop
  • Chacos Z-Cloud
  • Luna Oso and Mono
  • Teva Hurricane

For a deeper look into these and my other favorites, read our full list of the best sandals for travel .


Functional enough to run and hike yet minimalist enough to look good and pack small

The Xero Z-Trail - The Best Travel Sandals for Men

The Xero Z-Trail – A highly capable sandal designed for running, but ready for hiking, adventuring and even relaxing

After 6 months of adventure wear, I highly recommend the  Xero Z-Trails  as your go-to travel sandal.  The Xero Z-Trail minimalist running sandals fashioned after the footwear of a Mexican “running tribe” (the Tarahumara), meaning they’re rooted in travel and adventure as their purpose. The sandals are very packable, lightweight and minimalist and deliver amazing function, well worth the space in your pack.

The  Z-Trail  differs from other running sandals in that the front strap goes over the toes, instead of between them, holding the sole to your toes while running.  Also, the Z-Trail soles are designed with a 3 piece blend of car tire rubber for long life and durability and proprietary “Trail Foam” for health and comfort on rocky trails.  No other running sandals or minimalist adventure sandals incorporate a similarly well-engineered sole while staying minimalist.

mens travel leather shoes

When considering the best shoes for travel men  usually  jump straight to hiking shoes or boots. Though could be perfect for all trekking adventures, the choice can make your pack heavier and leave your feet sweaty in the hot, humidity of Southeast Asia. A perfect balance between no shoes and overdoing the footwear is an adventure-ready, minimalist sandal like the Xero-Trail. Durable, grippy, adventure-ready, lightweight, and comfortable.

The Z-Trail’s minimalist and lightweight design not only make packing easy but also helps the sandals to hug your feet enough for you to swim, run, and workout in them easily – that’s something the bulkiness of Tevas, Chaco’s, and other non-minimalist adventure sandals keep them from doing.

Best travel destinations for the Xero Z-trails:  In Southeast Asia, you could easily and comfortably wear the  Xero Z-Trails  and nothing else for your entire travel.  Southeast Asia, beaches, hot & humid climates, and everywhere else are perfect for the Xero Z-Trails or any other running focused minimalist sandal.  The Z-Trail excels in places like Asia where the weather is hot and most making your feet uncomfortable, but there are too many adventures for flip flops

Z-Trail Feel True Soles

Strengths:  Durability and a “5,000-mile warranty”, versatility (running, hiking, swimming), and minimalist design makes the Z-Trails look a lot better with casual attire than other adventure sandals,

Performance:  The Z-Trails was my only workout and running shoe for a year, and my go-to shoe for warm weather adventures, from hiking to riding

Other worthy Sandals:  Other great travel sandals for men include the  Luna Mono 2 ,  Luna Oso 2  and  Luna Origen 2 , or Bedrock brand and Shamma brand running sandals – all of which lace between the toes instead of over, Like the  Xero Z-Trails  and Z-Treks.  All 4 brands are highly reviewed by the minimalist sandal and running sandal crowds

Check out the latest Xero Z-trail  sandal styles, available on  or . 

For more on my experiences with the Xero Z-Trails checkout the  Full Review – The Best Travel Sandals on the Market: A Review of the Xero Z-Trails


Indonesian born and produced by a fellow Californian, Indosoles were inspired by the Indo practice of taking old car tires, stripping the tread, and cutting them into sandals that last nearly forever.  The Indosoles founder and team recognized that upcycling flip flops from car tires is not only an eco-friendly practice but creates tough sandals with a fairly long life – and I love them.

mens travel leather shoes

The sole of Indosoles is made of reconstituted car tires with a hefty tread pattern that’s good enough for light hiking – if you’re used to hiking in flip flops.  The footbed is made of a softer rubber that’s durable but molds to the shape of your foot, hugging it more over time.

If you’re in the market for flip flops, I highly recommend the  Indosole ESSENTLS Flip Flops  as they look great, and are a great value for the money. Both the flip flops, and the slides if that’s your style

mens travel leather shoes

For the ladies looking for something a little different, the  Indosole ESSNTLS Slides  are solidly comfortable and just as great.

mens travel leather shoes

Click here to check out the entire Indosoles collection


A hiking boot sole with an adventure sandal top.  Comfy. Grippy. 

mens travel leather shoes

The  Chacos Z-Cloud  is essentially a hiking boot sole with straps attached to keep it sticking to your foot.  The result “sandal” gives the protection and comfort you need to explore any warmer weather terrain, wet or dry.

Chacos were designed by a rafting guide working in the Grand Canyon.  Today, they’re a hiking staple.  If you want your feet to be free and breathe while you hike, Chacos are a great option.

Click here to see prices and availability for the Chaco’s Men’s Z-Cloud


Another hiking sandals option for those that like sandals “between the toes” instead of over.

mens travel leather shoes

The Luna sandal line, including the  Oso  and the  Mono , continues the design and function of barefoot hiking sandals that Xero does – except the Luna sandals lace between the toe (instead of over the top of the foot like  Xero sandals ).  Additionally, Luna’s different lines ( Oso  and  Mono ) differ in sole thickness (for comfort) and tread style (to perfectly match your chosen terrain), allowing you to pick the sandal that’s best suited for your pack, feet, and trails.

Click here to check out the Luna Oso and Luna Mono prices and availability

Initially designed for whitewater rafting guides, now perfect for adventures, wet or dry

Slightly lighter than the  Chacos Z-Cloud  but still just as adventure-ready, the  Teva Hurricane sandals  are another hike-ready set of footwear that keeps your feet free.

Click here to view the Teva Hurricane style options

Also Consider: Teva Original Universal or the Terra Fi

Other Geat Shoe Recommendations from “The One Bag Crew”

  • The Lem’s Primal 2 : Proclaimed as “The Best ‘One Shoe’ Ever!”
  • Adidas Ultraboosts
  • Vans UltraRange and UltraRange 3D: Breathable, old school skater upper with a comfy midsole and durable outer designed for trekking and adventuring
  • Johnston and Murphy Waterproof sneakers
  • Vivobarefoot Primus Swimrun FG Mesh
  • Arcteryx Aerios FL GTX Mid
  • Astral Loyaks
  • Allbirds Wool Runners
  • Shammas All Browns: Minimalist leather sandal, inspired by “barefoot runners”
  • Glyphs Shoes
  • Softstars Runamoc
  • Suavs Zilkers
  • GORUCK Ballistic Trainers
  • GORUCK Jedburgh Boots


Some designs never go out of style, and despite that these shoes are the most “techy”, they’re still good looking and functional enough to literally be your only shoe for travel, so don’t dismiss them

  • Vans C&L Era 59
  • Converse Chuck Taylors


These Vans Classics, the ERA 59s are generally a good investment for your wardrobe (especially if you don’t already have a canvas pair).  A versatile classic look means you can wear them anywhere from a bar in the Caribbean to a night out on the town with a suit (if you’re feeling bold).

mens travel leather shoes

They’re as comfortable and practical as any shoe you’ve worn but if we’re being honest, these shoes are about aesthetic versatility.  Pair them with a set of minimalist, activewear footwear (like the Xero Z-Trails or the New Balance Minimus Trail and you have yourself a good, onebag shoe setup for any occasion.

Click to explore all styles and colors of the Vans Classic Era 59’s


The GOAT – in my humble opinion.  They’re not the most beautiful.  They’re not the most durable.  They’re not the most high performing.  They’re not necessarily perfect for travel.  But they are awesome.  And they are classics.

During the first portion of my initial travels through Southeast Asia, through Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, I wore my Chucks to death .  After four months I had literally walked, hike, and motorbiked the soles out of them.  But I still love them, because they can do nearly anything, they can be worn with anything, and if you break them, you can replace them in any country for $40 new, or $10 for knockoffs. 

Keep in mind that the traction isn’t the best under wet conditions, so I don’t recommend hiking too much in them, but these shoes are still fantastic classics.

If you’re strapped for cash and want a single shoe that you can wear through most adventures and won’t be too hard on your shoes, go classic and get the chucks.  Chucks are always a good choice.

Click to explore all of the available styles and colors of my faves, the Converse Chuck Taylors


So now that you have (hopefully) picked the perfect you for your travels, what next?

I recommend you consider the following extras to keep your feet happy and packing easy.

  • Foot Powder
  • Denture Cleaner Tablets

Nothing enhances how well a pair of shoes perform like a pair of wool socks.  The natural sweat-wicking effect keeps your feet drier even in the sweatiest conditions and the loftiness of wool (and comfort it creates) lasts miles longer than synthetic or cotton footwear.

Even more, wool is naturally antimicrobial, fighting bacteria growth and funk for longer between washes.  With a good pair of wool socks , or a good wool shirt , I’ve been able to go days between washes when I was in a pinch and moving too quickly to do laundry while traveling .

Check out this list of best wool socks for hiking and travel to find a short list of my favorite wool socks that I wear and recommend.

Having a dedicated bag to put your shoes in makes it a lot easier to pack, especially if you’re packing everything tightly.  And you don’t have to worry about getting the grime and nastiness of the ground and street on the rest of your luggage.

On the cheap end, even a large, heavy duty Ziploc bag will do – and I actually recommend always bringing a few.

Beyond this, REI stuff sacks are reasonably priced, and perfectly sized for a pair of shoes, and can be used as organizers for anything else in between.

I personally use my GORUCK Tough Compression Bag .  It straps easily to the bottom of any bag with webbing on the bottom (for sleeping bags) and is so tough its outlasted all of my other stuff sacks.  Works well as a shoe bag, dirty clothes bag, or impromptu grocery bag/beer holster.  Highly recommended.


If your feet naturally get pretty funky, be honest with yourself (mine definitely do) and pack a small, travel-sized bottle of foot powder. Good foot powder will keep your feet dry and comfy, and prevent the nasties from growing as quickly.  Additionally, on long periods without showering (red-eye flights or trekking in the backcountry) foot powder will keep you fresh longer.

I always carry a travel-sized bottle of Gold Bond foot powder or body powder as its highly effective and hasn’t failed me yet.  A plus of body powder over foot powder is you can use it on your armpits and other funky places to stay pseudo-fresh on extended dirt baggish travels.

As nasty as it sounds, that little bottle will extend the “fresh-scented” life of your socks and shoes by more time than you think.


An unsung hero amongst dirt bags everywhere – denture cleaner tabs are the lazy man’s way of cleaning anything .  I started using denture cleaner tablets to get the old smells – beer, old orange juice – out of my Nalgene bottle, and it worked like a charm.

I branched out and now clean my shoes quickly with denture cleaner tablets.  Simply put them in a sink or bucket, drop a tablet into each shoe, then fill the shoes and bucket with water and wait for 30 minutes.  The antibacterial properties of the tabs kill everything in your shoe that makes it smell funky, and you’re quickly back to new.


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Carlos is a nomad, slow traveler, and writer dedicated to helping others live abroad and travel better by using his 7+ years of experience living abroad and background as a management consultant and financial advisor to help other nomad and expats plot better paths for an international lifestyle. Click here to learn more about Carlos's story.

31 Best Walking Shoes for Travel: The Sneakers, Boots, and Slip-Ons Our Editors Always Pack

By Madison Flager

31 Best Walking Shoes for Travel The Sneakers Boots and SlipOns Our Editors Always Pack

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Finding the best walking shoes for travel can be tough. You want something comfortable enough to get you through a full day of wandering around, but not so comfortable that it screams “I'm a tourist!” And since nobody wants to tote around a bag (checked or otherwise) filled with shoes, the ones that do make the packing list cut need to be versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits.

Knowing that a bad pair of shoes can ruin an otherwise lovely travel day, we asked Condé Nast Traveler writers and editors (as well as shopping writers from other Condé Nast titles) to share their tried-and-true kicks, so you don't have to take a gamble on whether they'll actually be comfortable or not. Whether you're looking for sneakers , boots , flats , or sandals , we have recommendations for you. Below, more than 30 of our favorite high-quality, easy-to-pack walking shoes for travel—all cushy, supportive, and versatile—that will take you just about anywhere. Scroll through to see all of our favorite walking shoes, or jump straight to the category you're looking for below.

Athletic shoes

Slip-ons and loafers.

This article has been updated with new information since its original publish date. Additional reporting by Elaheh Nozari.

mens travel leather shoes

Susie Plotkin, who works on Condé Nast's global email team, calls these platform boots “the perfect shoe.” She's had them for about three years, and has taken them everywhere. “My boyfriend lives in Switzerland, and they’re the shoe I wear to sightsee around Zurich. I've spent 12 hours walking around Venice in them, and regularly stomp all around Brooklyn in them. They’re a little heavy but super comfortable and can slide on and off so easily.”

mens travel leather shoes

A cold-weather favorite of senior commerce editor Madison Flager , these Blundstone boots required no break-in time, and are a great all-purpose boot for fall or winter trips. The pull tabs make them easy to get back on, the shock absorption keeps your feet feeling good even after a few hours on the move, and the double stitching, durable leather, and tough outsole mean you won't be replacing them a few trips later.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, Shoe, High Heel, Boot, and Riding Boot

Former Traveler editor Meredith Carey wears these waterproof Blondo boots almost all winter long, and brings them along on any fall and winter trips. “They look and feel like leather but I can wear them in snow and rain—I don't have to worry about my shoes surviving when I'm tromping around day-to-day in New York or a new city,” she says. They come in a host of color options, from black to brown leather to snakeskin.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, Boot, Shoe, and High Heel

Senior editor Megan Spurrell is a fan of Vagabond's lug sole boots, and recommends a style with a wider toe for maximum comfort on long days of walking. Best for city trips, these Chelsea boots are on the bulkier side, so wear them through security to cut down on suitcase weight.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, Shoe, Riding Boot, and Boot

Spurrell has waxed poetic about Frye's Melissa Chelsea boots before: They're her go-to for any city trip. They look good with jeans, leggings , or dresses, pack down well, and over time, have become as comfortable as sneakers. Plus, they last for years and are sturdy enough to navigate cobblestone streets. What more could you want?

mens travel leather shoes

New Balance sneakers have made a major comeback. This style of the cool dad shoes are frequently worn by associate commerce editor Meaghan Kenny , who says this: “These sneakers are just as comfortable as they are cool. I’ve had them for about two years now and they’ve come with me on a weekend trip spent walking around Boston , to the airport for a few flights, and on my very long commutes to the office. They’re a perfect balance of sporty and stylish—they don’t hurt my feet after hours of walking and the neutral shade always matches a variety of outfits in my carry-on. Besides my classic white sneakers , these are my most worn shoe. Bonus: I’m not very cautious about getting my sneakers dirty, but these have somehow stayed clean and in excellent condition—so don’t worry too much about its light hue.”

mens travel leather shoes

Hop on the New York City subway and you're bound to see a pair of Vejas or two on your fellow passengers' feet. Global digital director Arati Menon was first drawn to Veja because of the sleek, minimalist design and the company’s commitment to responsible sourcing. She landed on the Campo because of its chunkier sole—both an aesthetic preference and a practical one, as it offers more support. “The biggest criticism with Vejas are that they’re stiff when you first buy them, and this is somewhat true—but I’m generally cautious not to overuse new shoes for the first few times, breaking into them little by little,” she says, noting that the Campo is more comfortable out of the box than other Veja styles. “I’ve taken my Campos on rugged national park adventures and European city breaks, and use them as workwear staples. I just retired mine after years of use, but I’m sure I’ll buy another at some point.” To clean, Menon recommends a combination of mild dishwashing liquid on a damp cloth and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser .

mens travel leather shoes

The Adonis is a newer style for Naot—a podiatrist-approved footwear brand —that dropped earlier this year. The sock-style slip-on is made with a removable cork and latex footbed that promises all-day comfort. Flager is a fan of the easy-to-match white and light pink style, and recommends them for city trips. (Pro tip: Bombas's cushioned no-show socks are just the right size to wear underneath.)

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Sneaker

There's a reason why the Adidas Stan Smith has evolved from a tennis shoe to a streetwear classic (and can be found on multiple Traveler editors' shoe racks): They're too comfortable to ever want to take off. If you're going on a short trip and only have room for one pair of shoes, wear these—they can handle anything from a day of sightseeing to an impromptu hike, are easy to slide on and off at airport security, and will make you look chic, without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Allbirds are a great pick for most every vacation thanks to their versatility and true all-day comfort. These Tree Runners come highly recommended by contributor Lauren Dana Ellman and are available in a half dozen colorways and just as many limited-edition hues. Like all of the brand's shoes, they are machine washable, which means lighter colors are easy to keep looking new.

Read a full review here .

mens travel leather shoes

Recommended by Glamour and Teen Vogue commerce director Brie Schwartz , this playful spin on the classic Converse low-top will add a bit of fun to your travel day. The sneakers are relatively lightweight thanks to the canvas upper, and the vulcanized rubber sole helps with traction.

mens travel leather shoes

Look down in an exercise class or marathon and you're bound to see, at minimum, a few pairs of Hokas around you. Glamour 's senior commerce editor, Jenifer Calle , is partial to the brand's Kawana style: “I wore these sneakers when I was in San Antonio last year and they were a lifesaver for my feet,” Calle says. “I did a lot of walking during this trip and was not prepared for the Texas heat. (At one point my partner and I had to step into an H&M to cool off.) Luckily, my sneaks were very bouncy and breathable, so my feet never felt tired or sweaty.”

mens travel leather shoes

For those who live in Lululemon athleticwear, the brand's running shoes are a natural extension to your travel wardrobe. Traveler contributor and runner Rachel Chang tested these out when they launched in 2022, and was immediately impressed by the fit (designed specifically for a woman's foot), breathability, and smart features, like a reflective backing.

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, Running Shoe, and Sneaker

Editorial assistant Charlie Hobbs wears these shoes everywhere: “To the gym, to the park, to the rave—I sometimes have to remind myself that I own other shoes. You don't have to tie them, just pull a cord [to secure them]. They are so comfortable and easy.”

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Running Shoe

Former Traveler editor Scott Bay is a fan of this Arc'teryx hiker : “To me, it's technical enough to tackle any moderate hike, while being super comfortable all day, and I have been known to wear them to nice restaurants or shows.” Other perks: They last forever and you can throw them in the wash when they're in need of a polish.

mens travel leather shoes

Recommended by Calle, these On sneakers boast the brand's biggest layer of CloudTec ever for top-tier cushioning and energy return, as well as reduced muscle fatigue. “I’m not a runner by any means but I like to do a steady three-mile jog around Liberty State Park when the mood strikes,” Calle says. “I’ve been using old Nike sneakers for the last few years, but gave On shoes a try last year, and let me tell you, I didn’t know my feet could feel so much relief while running. I love that the rocker bottoms feel like they give me an extra push during my jog. I’m never going back to regular minimalist sneakers.”

Allbirds Tree Dashers

Allbirds' sneakers are known for being comfortable, but the Tree Dashers—the brand's first pair made specifically for runners—ups the ante. The thick sole will cushion your feet on the longest of days spent exploring, and if you are someone who jogs on vacation, you can pack one less pair of shoes to do so.

mens travel leather shoes

Known as the most popular hiking shoe in the world—more than 25 million pairs have been sold since it debuted 15 years ago—Flager was excited to put the new third generation model of the Merrell Moab to the test. “I brought them along on a recent trip to Iceland, which involved some moderate hikes and city walks on wet roads; the shoe held up nicely on both occasions. The shoes have great traction, fit comfortably, and didn't take up tons of room in my carry-on—I can see why they're so beloved.” Jake Smith , a commerce writer for Glamour , is a big fan of the shoe, too: “I've worn them for three years, and while they're nice for hiking, I really love them as walking shoes,” he says.

mens travel leather shoes

Emma McDonald, who works on the digital marketing team for Condé Nast, recommends these recovery shoes from Kane. “I have had them for about six months and use them at my standing desk all day long, and while running errands.” The cushiony shoe is made out of Brazilian sugarcane, with raised footbed nodes that are designed to activate blood flow in key pressure points on the sole of your foot.

mens travel leather shoes

Malia Griggs , Glamour 's commerce editor, is a big fan of these SeaeVees clogs. “I thought they’d just be rain boots , but I end up wearing them all the time because they’re so easy to slip on, are comfy, and perfect for any sort of drizzly days when I’m out and about in the city,” she says. “This summer, I spent a week in the North Carolina mountains and brought them with me since they’re good plane shoes (easy on and off at security!) and also durable and waterproof enough for walks on little trails. I appreciate that they have enough of a backing to not slide all the way off when I’m walking.”

mens travel leather shoes

Another favorite of Schwartz, these leather lug loafers are fairly light at just half a pound each, with a comfortably low heel height of 1.1 inches. Basic black goes with everything, but for a pop of color, order them in red or emerald green.

mens travel leather shoes

These colorful Sabah slip-ons come highly recommended by articles director Lale Arikoglu , who calls them “a permanent fixture on my packing list.” They come in dozens of colors, in either a butter soft leather or suede, and are hand stitched by one of the 10 shoemakers who comprise the Sabah Workshop in Gaziantep. “The more I wear them, the better they fit, molding to my feet like a glove—almost as if they were designed just for me,” she says.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Shoe, Footwear, and High Heel

This black and white Cole Hahn shoe toes the line between loafer and sneaker perfectly—it's nice enough to wear into the office after hopping off a plane, but casual (and comfortable) enough to wear during a day of sightseeing. If you own enough basic black, you can get the pair with an off-white, gold, or silver leather top, too. Either way, the shoe is made for long days: There's traction on the bottom to keep you from slipping on smooth museum floors, footbeds meant to mold to your feet, and cushioned padding on the heel to prevent rubbing.

mens travel leather shoes

Kenny has slipped on these loafers to head to work, go out to dinner—in general, any situation where she wants to look polished but doesn't necessarily want to put on a heel. Made with a soft, merino wool upper, they come in onyx black, teak herringbone, or ivory, shown above, and have a chunky 1.5-inch sole. Best of all, they are fully machine washable.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, and Sandal

Wearing sandals for an extended period of time can be tricky, but former Traveler editor Sarah Ratner swears by good ol' fashioned Birks, with their suede-covered cork-latex footbed that practically molds to your feet over time. The Arizona slides come in every color under the sun and can be purchased in regular or narrow sizes to better fit your feet. Plus, they're easy to match with almost any outfit.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, and Sandal

Tevas are the kind of shoe that once you own a pair, you're a fan for life. They'll come in handy on so many occasions—light hikes through Arizona (find more intense hiking shoes here ), sightseeing through dusty roads in Israel, swimming in rocky reservoirs in Austin . The trail sandals, which Flager recommends, have a bit more arch support than the classic style, meaning they'll be even more comfortable both in cities and on trails.

Image may contain: Clothing, Footwear, Sandal, and Apparel

A second Birkenstock option with a ringing endorsement: The Arizona Big Buckle style. “I am very loyal to my Birkenstocks,” says Arikoglu. “I walked 10 miles in one day in Barcelona in them and they never rubbed.”

mens travel leather shoes

Another favorite of Kenny's, these Rothy's slides are a welcome update to some of the brand's previous iterations of sandals, which, while cute, offered little when it came to support. “When I put these new slides on from Rothy’s, I immediately knew they will be my go-to summer sandal for beach excursions and vacation days that require a decent amount of walking while also looking put together,” Kenny says. “A durable yet comfortable sandal is always tricky to find, but these have a pretty thick sole and give a lot more support than the flat pair of flip flops I’m always tempted to pack. I went for the neutral beige color that I know will match any midi dress or linen pants I pack this summer.”

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, Sandal, Accessories, Accessory, and Belt

Another one of Spurrell's go-to's , these Tevas are slightly less grippy than the Trail sandals, but are still plenty comfortable for all-day wear. Spurrell has worn them on bike rides, long walks, beach days, and out to dinner in New York—proof of their range, and value on your packing list.

Birdies Starling flat

It can be nice to have a good pair of flats tucked away in your suitcase for a fancy dinner or evening stroll after a long day in sneakers, especially given how easy they are to pack. We like Birdies' The Starling flats, meant to be a modern take on the classic smoking slipper. They're built to last, and to keep your feet comfortable: Inside, there's seven-layer cushioned footbed with elevated arch support, plus a little extra cushion in the heel to prevent it from rubbing. Order them in suede, faux fur, or velvet fabrics.

mens travel leather shoes

While Rothy's makes a classic ballet flat , too, we love the more sophisticated look of the Point Flat. Available in more than a dozen colors from lollipop red to boysenberry and dark emerald, there's a hue for every kind of traveler and outfit. All of Rothy's shoes are made out of recycled plastic, and cut using the same technology as Suav, meaning there's less waste throughout production. The shoes were recently redesigned to be even more comfortable thanks to a cushier insole and more spacious toebox.

The 10 Best Travel Shoes for Men

We found the best footwear for staying comfortable and lightweight while you transit, sightsee, and relax at your destination.

best travel shoes

Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Why Trust Us?

You likely can't fit your entire shoe rack from home , so we found the best travel shoes for men to keep you comfy walking on cobblestone streets for tours of European cities, dry after taking a plunge in the water, and looking good for date night at the resort.

Whether you have an itinerary in place for the trip or prefer to go with the flow and see where your destination takes you, you’re going to be on your feet and exploring once you get there. Travel shoes should be comfortable enough to run from TSA to your gate, kick off in the camper van when you’re not driving, and look stylish when you’re taking all of those vacation pics. The best travel shoes for men are comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

What to Consider

Comfort is key, especially when you're traveling and don't have the space for an array of footwear options for each activity you plan on doing. Think about the shoes you wear most when you have to be on your feet all day—you need a pair that gives you good support, while remaining lightweight for both walkability and packing purposes.

Sneakers offer more cushioned insoles than boots, but beware of flat sneakers like Converse and Vans as these work for some but lack arch support and may cause pain for those with high arches. If you find that you need more support but love the style of flat shoes, consider using a pair of insoles if there's a big day of walking planned.

Destination and Materials

Keep in mind the destination. An easy pair of canvas slip-ons will work great for a beach getaway, but if you're going to be out sightseeing you'll want soles that can handle slick pavement and uppers that can get wet without soaking through to your socks.

Materials like synthetic knit-mesh are good for warm places because they're breathable and dry fast, but these materials typically aren't water-resistant, so if you're caught in a city downpour you'll be dealing with wet socks. Weatherproofed leather is a good all-purpose material and—in the case of the Blundstones we recommend—it's available in lighter weights than rigid leather boots like these Red Wings . It's worthwhile to check the weather of your destination before you leave—comfy suede sneakers are great in transit, for instance, but a bummer if you plan on walking a rainy city for the next couple of days.

After figuring what you need comfort-wise, you can decide the style of shoe you ought to pack. They should be versatile enough to go with what you’re going to wear on the different activities you have planned—trips usually mean pictures, and while a pair of slippers may be the most comfortable on the plane, you probably don’t want to wear them in the annual family photo. Taking two pairs of shoes will see most people through a vacation: one sturdy pair for physical activities like walking and hiking, and one casual pair for exploring city spots like museums, nice restaurants, or theaters.

How We Selected

We considered the different ways people travel and what they look for when packing for weekend getaways or extended trips abroad. Noting pairs that were frequently recommended from reputable travel outlets like Tripadvisor and Travel + Leisure, we gathered a variety of shoes that are comfortable, versatile, and fit for different destinations from mountain hikes to beaches to city plazas.

We pared it down based on hands-on experience with a range of men's shoes for travel and made sure to include different price points and styles. I've personally tried almost all of these shoes on the list except the Crocs (I'm a man of style, after all) and can speak to the comfort, functionality, and versatility no matter your destination.

Blundstone Original 500 Boot for Men

Original 500 Boot for Men

When someone says, “This is the only blank you’ll need,” I typically roll my eyes, because variety is fun—but the Blundstone 500 boots really could be the last I ever wear. They’re lightweight, require no break-in period, and are durable enough to last through years of trips—for me, more than six years.

These boots are comfortable enough for walking the city (although you might want to throw some insoles in there if you have high arches) and they hold up to day hikes. The laid-back style is easy to dress up or down and slip on and off for airport security or giving your feet a break on long car rides.

They're a bit cumbersome to pack so I typically wear them in transit, but if they need to go in a bag you can lay them down and fill them with smaller items like socks, underwear, or tees.

I've worn my 500s walking around city squares in Spain, hiking in Greece, and dirt biking in New Mexico. They're a little beat up after all that wear, but I won't be getting rid of them anytime soon since they're still my go-to travel shoes.

Crocs Classic Clogs for Travel

Classic Clogs for Travel

Crocs used to be house shoes, but you've probably started noticing them in airport terminals and at vacation resorts because they're easy to kick off and comfortable enough for long travel.

The heel strap offers more support and stability than regular sandals, but they're breathable thanks to the perforated design. Even better, they keep your toes covered at the same time, offering more protection from dust or rocks and airline food cart wheels. They work great as water shoes, but make sure to use that heel strap to keep them from floating off your feet.

They're available in almost 40 different colors so you can go as loud or subdued as you want. There's also an all-terrain model if you want to use them on a short hike or as daily shoes. It upgrades the original by adding a rugged sole for extra tread, along with better arch support, while staying lightweight and breathable.

These only thing stopping me from traveling in my Crocs is my personal style hang-up, but if comfort and convenience are at the top of your list, these extremely comfortable shoes are a great option.

Hoka Clifton L Suede Men's Sneakers for Travel

Clifton L Suede Men's Sneakers for Travel

Hoka is known for making great running shoes, but its ingenuity in design and comfort carries over to its lifestyle sneakers as well. The Cliftons are one of the brand's most popular running shoes, and here it's tweaked the model for a comfortable pair you'll want to wear everyday.

It has a high, plushy EVA footbed that feels more comfortable than any other casual shoe I've tried. They feel as lightweight as the Rincon 3s I run in, but offer noticeably more cushioning. The suede uppers and monochromatic details make them easy to wear with jeans, trousers, or shorts, so they're perfect for trips when you want one pair of shoes that can take you from a day of sightseeing to a night on the town.

Their grippy sole doesn't slip on slick crosswalks when I get caught in the rain, but the suede is a drawback on these, since it'll get ruined in the rain. The classic lace-up style may be a hassle for some, but I keep them laced loose and pull them on and off with the heel pull-tab.

Merrell Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

Slip-on shoes are convenient for travel, but many options lack support. The Jungle Mocs have the same support you'd expect from tennis shoes, but with a beefed-up outsole and extra cushioning in the heel—perfect for lots of walking.

The leather uppers have two small elastic panels on either side of the instep for pulling them on and off easily, and reviews report you can slip into them “single-footedly” without bending down.

They come with a pair of removable insoles so you can throw in your own if you prefer. The Jungle Mocs give you the convenience you want from a slip-on with the support you need.

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruzv1 Reissue Men's Walking Shoes

Fresh Foam Cruzv1 Reissue Men's Walking Shoes

New Balance’s trademarked Fresh Foam midsole is extra cushiony and offers more support than other mesh sneaker options. The grippy gum sole gives these sneakers a retro look that pairs easily with casual wear, and the flexible mesh upper makes them easy to stuff in your bag.

These shoes are super lightweight, but the upper’s mesh material isn’t suited for rough terrain, so don’t take these out if you plan on hiking any rocky paths. They’re great for cities or beaches, and their breathability makes them a good option for warm weather.

These fit smaller than my regular sneaker size, so I’d suggest sizing up a half size. Some customers say they prefer the snug fit as they like to wear them without socks, which works since they’re airy and flexible enough to prevent heel rub blisters.

Vans Classic Slip-On Travel Shoes for Men

Classic Slip-On Travel Shoes for Men

Many people have their favorite style from Vans’s expansive selection, but the classic slip-on is its most travel-friendly. You can wear these with or without socks, they’re easy to pack, and last a surprisingly long time for their simple construction.

The canvas uppers last a few years, and when it's time to replace them, they won't hurt your wallet too much. If you have high arches, these don't provide enough support for long walking days. They're also narrow, so we don't recommend them for folks with wide feet. Adding some insoles improves support if you want to wear these for the bulk of your trip.

I use mine in transit, but I need more cushion if I'm going to be on my feet sightseeing. They're a great airport shoe and easy to pull on for pit stops while roadtripping, but I prefer more support if I'm wearing them for a long period of time.

Birkenstock Boston Clogs With Super-Grip Sole for Traveling

Boston Clogs With Super-Grip Sole for Traveling

Birkenstock's Boston clogs are often styled as house shoes or casual wear because they're both comfortable and versatile. Both the leather upper and the cork footbed mold to the wearer's foot over time, providing a custom fit that can be worn with or without socks. This model adds a heavier-duty sole than the original style for added traction and durability.

Bostons are packable and easy to kick on and off, so traveling in them is a breeze. They provide enough support if you plan to land and immediately start knocking out some must-see spots.

The cork footbed does require a short break-in period, so if you want to travel with these, you should wear them around first so the footbed can mold to your foot. Since your heel is exposed, these won’t do well in the rain, so only wear them if you know you’re in for good weather.

Clarks Desert Chukka Boot

Desert Chukka Boot

Anthony Bourdain typically sported a pair of Clark's desert boots while filming his show Parts Unknown , and the man knew what he was talking about when it came to versatility and comfort.

The soft leather uppers don’t need to be broken in on these boots, and they fold over for easy packing. The simple, two-eyelet lacing gives you a secure fit, but they’re easy to kick off and back on in a snap. The crepe sole—made of coagulated latex—is comfortable and pliable, but doesn’t offer a lot of traction, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing them when it rains.

I have a pair that’s a half-size smaller than my typical size to account for the suede stretching over time, and after breaking in, they fit perfectly and I can wear them comfortably all day long. These aren’t work boots, but they’re surprisingly durable and shockingly lightweight.

I wear mine casually, but I’ve toted them on a couple of camping trips, and after nine years they’re still going strong. I’ve only needed to replace the laces a couple of times, but they are the weakest point of these shoes. If you want something that'll hold up better in rain try the Bushacre chukka as it has a rubber sole and leather uppers.

Teva Hurricane XLT2 Sandals

Hurricane XLT2 Sandals

The Hurricanes are the perfect sandal for adventuring because they can serve as a water shoe, are comfortable for short hikes, and have a grippy traction sole. The straps have a hook-and-loop closure that ensure a secure fit but that are easy to take on and off, and the padded heel strap gives your ankle extra support.

Since your toes are exposed you shouldn't use these for any treacherous terrain where you'll be dealing with jagged rocks, but they're a great choice for day hikes or anything that's around water. They can also easily be thrown into a backpack if you plan to only use them once you get to where you're going.

Allbirds Wool Runners

Wool Runners

All-birds uses a eucalyptus fiber for mesh knit uppers that feel smooth on the skin and allow for maximum breathability. They're lightweight for travel and customers say the insoles and midsole provide enough support to be comfortable on your feet all day.

Merino wool is known for it's moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties so your feet won't overheat. When it comes time to clean them you can simply throw them in the wash and let them air dry. Some customers found that these run small and suggest going up a half size.

Headshot of Danny Perez

Danny Perez is a Commerce Editor for Popular Mechanics with a focus on men's style, gear, and home goods. Recently, he was coordinator of partnership content at another product journalism outlet. Prior to that, he was a buyer for an independent men's shop in Houston, Texas, where he learned all about what makes great products great. He enjoys thrifting for 90s Broadway tees and vintage pajama sets. His spare time is occupied by watching movies and running to impress strangers on Strava.

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a pair of white shoes

The 10 Best Shoes for Comfortable, Chic Travel

Because yes, you can have it all.

When selecting your travel shoe, you will want to consider support and style. Most likely, your trips are going to involve quite a bit of walking . Or sprinting to the gate if you're one of those folks who still working on traveling time management (*raises hand*). Therefore, make sure the shoe you choose has ample cushion and stability. Then, think about your next destination. Do you go from the plane to the hotel gym? Pick up a pair of sneakers . Are you going straight from the train to the office? Go for a soft leather pair that still has structure. From suede kicks to streamlined loafers , there's a shoe for every type of traveler out there.

Cityverse Sneakers

Best Lightweight Sneakers

Lululemon cityverse sneakers.

Desert Boot

Most Timeless Shoes

Clarks desert boot.

Soul Star Sneakers

Best Suede Sneakers

Golden goose soul star sneakers.

Lace Up Sneakers

Best Leather Sneakers

Thousand fell lace up sneakers.

Cloud 5

Best Workout Sneakers

Pinch Weekender Penny Loafers

Best Business-Casual Loafer

Cole haan pinch weekender penny loafers.

Air Force 1 '07

Most Iconic Shoe

Nike air force 1 '07.

Chelsea Boots

Best Chelsea Boots

Blundstone chelsea boots.

Tuscan Low Profile Sneakers

Best Retro Shoe

Todd snyder tuscan low profile sneakers.

The Driving Loafer

Best Driving Loafer

Rothy's the driving loafer.

Ready to choose the companion to join you on your next adventure? Check out the 10 best travel shoes right here.

Lululemon recently entered the men's footwear world , and it did so with a bang. We have always been fans of the brand's clothing (we're looking at you, ABC pants ), so we had high expectations for the sneakers. And let us tell you this, they did not disappoint. Extremely lightweight yet still supportive, you won't want to take this pair off.

The Desert Boot goes way back. Like 1950s back. There's a reason the minimalist suede design is still alive and kicking today, and it's called craftsmanship. From the sand suede upper to the breathable leather lining, this attention to detail is impeccable. Plus, when you get where you're going, they can dress up or down with ease.

These days, it seems like Golden Goose has a sneaker for almost every occasion. Our favorite for traveling are the Soul Stars, which come in this suede low-top iteration that teeters at the intersection of chic and casual. The scuffed soles create the brand's signature worn-in look that makes these feel like they've been in your shoe rotation forever.

This pair isn't just comfortable and breathable, but it's entirely recyclable. It's so recyclable, in fact, that you even get credits if you follow the brand's trade-in program. With structural details made from coconut, sugarcane, and palm, it's better for the environment. And with a sleek, white upper that goes with nearly anything, it's better for your travel wardrobe, too.

Specifically made for travel and everyday wear, On's beloved sneakers have been re-engineered with 44 percent recycled content for a more eco-minded design. Zero-Gravity foam delivers ample cushion, and a molded heel keeps your foot secure.

Whether you're headed on a business trip or merely prefer a more sophisticated look, you can't go wrong with Cole Haan's loafers. The premium leather and classic styling create a slip-on that feels truly timeless.

There's a reason why Air Forces have been a wardrobe staple since 1982. The simple leather look, iconic Swoosh, and subtle cushioning make this pair a no-brainer.

If you don't have TSA Pre, then you understand the pain of having to remove your shoes for security. Instead of fuddling with the laces of your sneakers, opt for a pair of Chelsea boots, from Blundstone in particular. The elastic side coupled with heel and front tabs will help you breeze through security.

Todd Snyder's vintage-inspired sneakers take on a mixed media craftsmanship that juxtaposes two-tones of leather and suede. Throw on a some simple slacks with the low-profile silhouette for an effortless fit.

Extremely flexible and durable, this Rothy's loafer is a fan favorite. Knit from about 21 plastic bottles, sustainability is at the core of the design. The raised nubs on the outsoles produce extra grip to combat those slippery airport floors.

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Vessi Men’s Everyday

24 Comfortable Men’s Travel Shoes (that Actually Look Good)

Travel by its nature often involves being on your feet a lot. Whether you’re racing through airports to catch a flight, traipsing up and down stairs to get to your accommodation, or exploring the sights. And there are a lot of great men’s travel shoes out there. But sometimes there’s a sacrifice in style for comfort. And that doesn’t need to be the case. So here’s a solid list of comfortable travel shoes (that actually look good).

How many pairs of shoes should I pack?

Space is at a premium in luggage and shoes are often bulky. So plan to take two pairs at most. One pair to wear and one pair packed in your luggage. To maximize space and reduce packing weight, wear the heavier shoes and pack the smaller/lighter pair.

What are the best shoes for traveling?

The less you pack, the lighter and more agile you can travel. So when selecting the best sneakers, runners, or shoes you want a pair that can do it all.

Not only should they be comfortable (because, hey, you’ll be covering serious miles) but versatile in their looks too – shoes that can dress up (look good in a restaurant) and work well with a casual tee are a perfect combination.

And even better, if your shoes are built for performance, be it trail running, hiking or athletics, then that means you can exercise and kick off on awesome outdoor adventures, without packing an extra pair.

Find that weight to durability balance

A lighter shoe is always easier to pack. But there’s generally always a trade-off when it comes to durability. So if you know you’re going to be beating up your shoes with trails and rugged terrain, then trail running or hiking shoes will be your best option.

Less bulk = more packing space

Shoes that can pack down flat are a dream when space in your pack is limited. Features such as compressible uppers and bendable outsoles all play a role in keeping shoe bulk down.

So with the above in mind, we’ve selected a range of comfortable men’s travel shoes that might be just right for you. Versatile in their style, kind to your feet, and flexible to handle various environments and activities…

Vans Old Skool Pro (US$51.95)

mens travel leather shoes

One of the most iconic Vans designs gets an update on both the durability and comfort front, welcoming reinforced Duracap underlays as well as improved cushioning to keep you comfy during high impact use. And don’t be distracted by the name; you don’t need to be a skater to benefit from this tough, comfy shoe with plenty of urban style and an affordable price tag too.

Reebok Walk Ultra 7 DMX MAX (US$70)

Men's travel shoes: Reebok Walk Ultra 7 DMX MAX

That feeling of walking on air? Well, you really get it with these shoes. The design features DMX cushioning that moves air from the heel to the forefoot and back again as you walk, providing all-day comfort. The design adapts to city or trail use, with an understated leather and textile upper and grippy rubber outsole.

adidas Fluidflow 2.0 (US$80)

Men's travel shoes: adidas Fluidflow 2.0

The adidas Fluidflow 2.0 does double duty as a running and day-to-day shoe. The knit textile upper aids in breathability and keeping the weight light, while the bounce midsole brings comfort to your runs and laidback meanderings alike.

Nike Flex Experience Run 10 (~US83)

Nike Flex Experience Run 10

As the name suggests, Nike’s Flex Experience Run 10 shoes are a solid pick when it’s time to eat up the miles at pace. But their comfy build and low-key aesthetics make them a good choice for general about-town use too. They feature a breathable knit upper, midfoot support, heel cushioning, as well as flex grooves in the outsole designed to accommodate the natural movement of your foot.

Native Shoes Mercury 2.0 Liteknit (US$89.99)

Men's travel shoes: Native Shoes Mercury 2.0 Liteknit

Native’s Mercury 2.0 Liteknit takes a stride in the right direction for eco-conscious footwear that doesn’t sacrifice style or comfort. The lightweight, breathable shoe uses a recycled polyester upper featuring 3D Liteknit technology that keeps production waste to a minimum. The vegan-friendly shoe also features a high rebound Dynalite midsole and an Elastilite insole made from upcycled EVA waste.

Vans ComfyCush Old Skool (~US$97)

Vans ComfyCush Old Skool

Old-school style with modern-day comfort? Step right up and check out the Vans ComfyCush Old Skool. The shoe welcomes added cushioning comfort, along with a moisture-wicking lining and added arch support. And depending on the colorway you choose, you can pair them with a slightly smarter outfit or keep things casual.

Salomon Outline Gore-Tex (US$130)

Men's travel shoes: Salomon Outline Gore-Tex

If you’ll be venturing off the beaten track or taking on an outdoor trail or two, Salomon’s Outline Gore-Tex shoes are a solid addition to your packing list. The lightweight shoe weighs just 330g and offers a host of outdoor-ready features such as grippy Contagrip® MD outsole lugs, a toe cap, and a Gore-Tex membrane. And while the shoe is ready for the outdoors, it remains comfy and versatile enough for urban wear too.  

Reebok Nano X Shoes (US$130)

Men's travel shoes: Reebok Nano X Shoes

The Nano X marks the Nano’s 10-year anniversary in style with a Flexweave® woven textile upper, high-density foam collar, and lightweight EVA foam cushioning. The shoe has a minimal drop outsole for stability and suits a range of active uses, making it a great pick for a versatile workout shoe that can also hit the sightseeing spots with you.

Vessi Men’s Everyday Sneakers (US$135)

Men's travel shoes: Vessi Men’s Everyday Sneakers

They might not look it, but Vessi’s Everyday Sneakers are a performance shoe disguised in sleek, urban style. They pack a range of features into their design, including sustainable construction, a 100% waterproof and breathable knit upper, cushioned antibacterial insoles, and four-way stretch. If you’re after a go-almost-anywhere urban shoe that isn’t afraid of the elements, this is a worthy pick for your packing list.

Vessi Men’s Weekend (US$155)

Men's travel shoes: Vessi Men’s Weekend

From work trips to weekend adventures, the Vessi Weekend sneakers are up for the challenge of keeping your feet dry, comfy, and stylish on the go. The breathable, 100% waterproof knit upper keeps the elements at bay. And anti-odor, molded insoles keep your feet fresh and comfortable throughout the day. Able to be dressed up or down, the shoes are also machine washable for easy care too.

Lems Trailhead Sneakers (US$130 )

Comfortable men's travel shoes: Lems Trailhead Sneakers

From outdoor trails to city pavements, these men’s travel shoes are ready to roam. They have a low-profile rubber tread that provides grip on trails but also the durability to handle everyday, everywhere use. The low heel drop offers a more natural walking position, while an EVA midsole keeps your feet comfortably cushioned. A lightweight, quick-drying upper rounds off the vegan-friendly design.

adidas Terrex Agravic Flow (US$130)

Comfortable men's travel shoes: adidas Terrex Agravic Flow

The adidas Terrex Agravic Flow is an adaptable running shoe that can handle pavements and trail runs alike. The grippy Continental™ Rubber outsole provides confidence on both wet and dry terrain. And the Boost midsole provides cushioning comfort and energy return with each step. If you don’t want to miss out on your runs during your travels, consider packing this flexible shoe.

ECCO Men’s Soft 7 Tred GTX Tie (from ~US$150)

Comfortable men's travel shoes: ECCO Men’s Soft 7 Tred GTX Tie

Understated urban style, protection from the elements, and all-day comfort are the name of the game with these shoes. The shoe combines a suede and nubuck leather upper with Gore-Tex construction for weather protection and a lugged PU and rubber outsole for grip in wet conditions. Add in its low-key design and you can venture from dinner out to city strolls all with one shoe.

VEJA V-10 CWL (~US$160)

Comfortable men's travel shoes: VEJA V-10 CWL

Looking for men’s travel shoes with sustainable construction and sleek urban style in one? These shoes may look like leather but they’re actually Cotton Worked as Leather. A vegan-friendly material featuring 100% organic cotton canvas that’s coated with PU, corn starch and ricinus oil. The sustainable construction doesn’t stop there, with a 59% bio-sourced and recycled outsole, a lining made from 33% organic cotton and 67% recycled plastic bottles, and an insole made from sugar cane, Amazonian rubber, organic cotton and recycled EVA.

Arc’teryx Norvan SL 2 Shoe (US$160)

Comfortable men's travel shoes: Arc’teryx Norvan SL 2 Shoe

The trails are calling your name and you want to answer that call – at speed. This is where the Norvan SL2 comes in. Weighing just 170g (6 oz) per shoe, this highly lightweight and breathable trail running shoe is designed to take on challenging technical terrain. Add in the hydrophobic TPU mesh upper that folds down for easy packability, and you’re all set for trail adventures with minimal packing bulk.

On Cloudnova (US$160)

Comfortable men's travel shoes: On Cloudnova

Sometimes you simply want men’s travel shoes that will handle a variety of situations well. Perhaps a morning or evening jog, with comfortable all-day wear for daily use too. The On Cloudnova delivers that flexibility with a breathable mesh upper, Zero Gravity foam midsole cushioning, and a CloudTec outsole that offers great energy return and protection from impact.

VEJA Condor 2 (US$160)

VEJA Condor 2

The Condor 2 soars as a sustainably made running shoe that works equally well for casual, day-to-day wear too. Every element is carefully considered for minimal environmental impact, from the mesh uppers and lining made with 100% recycled plastic bottles, to the grippy outsole that features fair-trade rubber and rice waste. If you prioritize sustainably made, flexible design for active or casual use, this shoe is well worth checking out.

Arc’teryx Aerios FL GTX (US$170)

Arc’teryx Aerios FL GTX

Arc’teryx brings their technical know-how to hiking trails with the Aerios FL GTX. Taking inspiration from trail running footwear but designed for fast and light hikes on varied terrain, the Aerios FL GTX keeps you stable and agile with a Vibram® Megagrip outsole and comfy EVA midsole. A Gore-Tex membrane provides protection from the elements while enabling breathability. And there’s also an integrated TPU shank, plus a TPU toe cap for added abrasion resistance.

Nike React Miler Shield (~US$174)

Comfortable men's travel shoes: Nike React Miler Shield

Wet weather shouldn’t stop you from missing out on runs. So Nike developed their React Miler Shield running shoe to keep you dry, stable and protected during wet weather runs. The Storm-Tread outsole is designed to provide grip on wet surfaces. The shoe also has a water-repellent construction with a DWR finish, a comfy Nike React foam midsole, a wide forefoot to accommodate toe-splay and swelling, as well as reflective detailing.

adidas Ultraboost 4.0 DNA Shoes (US$180)

adidas Ultraboost 4.0 DNA Shoes

Inspired by adidas’s Ultraboost running shoes, the Ultraboost 4.0 DNA shoes serve up performance and comfort for everyday wear. The shoes feature a Primeknit upper and utilize Primeblue in their construction, a recycled material made partly with upcycled plastic waste. adidas Boost technology enables great energy return while moving, and the lightweight build adds to the all-day comfort.

ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid 3 (US$199.99)

ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid 3

Looking to get in a round of golf during your travels? The ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 is a golf shoe featuring BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® Technology  for enhanced walking comfort and stability. The ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip™ outsole features three zones that enhance stability, durability, and rotational support. The shoe is made with an ECCO YAK leather upper and utilizes a Gore-Tex membrane for breathable water protection.

Arc’teryx Norvan LD 2 GTX (US$200)

Arc’teryx Norvan LD 2 GTX

These trail running shoes are designed for long-distance running even in wet weather. Gore-Tex construction offers waterproof yet breathable comfort, while the Vibram® Megagrip outsole is both durable and grippy. Both lighter and more durable than the original design, the shoe incorporates Vibram® LiteBase technology and a new midsole material for durable performance with reduced weight.

Casca Designs Avro (US$228)

Casca Designs Avro

Looking for the ultimate everyday sneaker that moves effortlessly from work to play? This might just be it. The shoe features Casca’s waterproof and breathable Avro leather, made from full-grain U.S leathers at their award-winning sustainable tannery. Casca’s triple-thick insoles provide excellent bounce and don’t flatten with use, so you can enjoy excellent long-term comfort. And tough, grippy outsoles keep you stable and secure on the go. If you want even more enhanced comfort, you can also upgrade to SmartFit™ custom-fit insoles that deliver a personalized fit.

North-89 No-2 Midnight Weatherproof 2.0 (US$248)

North-89 No-2 Midnight Weatherproof 2.0

If suave European styling for your feet is music to your ears, the North-89 No-2 Midnight Weatherproof 2.0 sneakers should be on your shortlist. Designed in Stockholm and handcrafted in Portugal with Italian leather, they bring refined tennis shoe styling and weatherproof construction to everyday environments. Casual-chic, practical, and comfortable, they’re a luxurious treat for your hardworking feet.


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The 12 Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

From stylish loafers to supportive boots, we tested the best dress shoes for men to determine which are the most comfortable.

mens travel leather shoes

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  • Our Top Picks

Our Testing Process

  • Others We Liked
  • Tips for Buying

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Travel + Leisure / Joy Kim

Nobody likes uncomfortable shoes. We’ve all experienced them — stiff dress shoes we pull out of the closet once or twice a year to attend a wedding, or when the big company boss is in town, then we come home with sore feet and blisters on our heels. The wrong pair of shoes can wreak havoc not only on your feet, but on your posture, throwing your back out of whack and causing soreness up and down your body.  Luckily, buying a stylish pair of dress shoes does not mean you need to compromise on comfort.

We tested 23 pairs of shoes to find the most comfortable men’s dress shoes on the market. We analyzed out-the-box comfort; comfort after two hours of wear; comfort after a full day’s wear; and overall comfort, fit, quality and value. Ultimately, our top pick went to the Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip Derby, a fantastically comfortable shoe that looks smart, as well.

Best Overall

Cole haan original grand wingtip derby.

  • Comfort 4.6 /5
  • Quality 5 /5

It looks like a derby, but wears like a sneaker.

The sneaker sole may read a little casual for some workplaces.

Cole Haan has been synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and excellent shoemaking for nearly 100 years. These Cole Haan classics are a best seller for a reason: they have a buttery smooth, yet supportive fit right out of the box, and are equally as pleasant for short strolls as they are for long walks.

Our reviewer appreciated the quality of the leather uppers and herringbone stitching, and admired the comfortable but supportive fit. The only area where this shoe lost a fraction of a point was for the comfort rating — because the rubber sneaker sole has a slight degree of support instead of just pure marshmallowy bounce back. But a little bit of support goes a long way and still secured the top spot for this pair of shoes. Our reviewer was able to wear them all day long and feel their back was supported, too. A removable cushioned insole adds even more comfort.

They’re also, simply put, a beautiful pair of shoes. The brogue detailing lends a heritage feel, and the grooved rubber sole offers a distinctively modern approach to a classic silhouette.

The Details: 7 to 15 | Leather upper, rubber sole

Thursday Boot Co. Cavalier Chelsea Boot

Thursday Boot Co

  • Comfort 5 /5

It has a versatile silhouette for formal and casual occasions alike.

A cork midsole means it takes a bit of time to break these shoes in.

These shoes are stylish without being stuffy. The Cavalier has a classic Chelsea boot silhouette from Thursday Boot Co., with sleek lines, balanced proportions, and an elasticized heel band so they slip on and off with ease. They’re crafted with a cork midsole that forms to your foot over time, and the soft, hand-finished leather upper will burnish and mold to your foot shape as well. They’re comfortable out of the box, but will grow even more comfortable after a few weeks of wear.

Our tester loved the comfort of the elastic side bands, noting that his large feet are typically tricky to squeeze into a Chelsea boot. That wasn’t the case here but he still suggested ordering a half-size up from what you typically wear. Conveniently, these shoes offer a wide range of sizes, running from 6 to 16.

The Details : 6 to 16 | Leather

Travel + Leisure / Daniela Galvez

Best Splurge

Magnanni corey oxford shoe.

  • Comfort 4 /5

This is a quintessential, classic men’s shoe, executed to perfection.

The price is a bit steep.

Is there any men’s shoe more classic or versatile than an Oxford? This luxe pair from Magnanni is just about as good as heritage shoemaking gets, too. Made in Spain, hand-painted for a burnished finish, and crafted with a historic “Bologna construction” technique, this is a very light and flexible shoe.

This pair is extremely comfortable — not quite as plush as a loafer or sneaker, but fantastic nonetheless for the style. These shoes are expensive-looking and refined, so while the price might be higher than some Oxfords, you can rest assured it’s money well spent. The brand also offers complimentary shipping and returns, so it’s a low-risk purchase if they don’t end up being the perfect pair for you.

The Details : 7 to 15 | Leather

Travel + Leisure / Karen Chen

Best Loafers

Magnanni ramiro ii penny loafer.

We love the expensive-looking, hand-painted finish.

These shoes are on the expensive side.

Comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to men's loafers , which are often worn without socks. This pair from Magnanni scored highly when it came to out-of-the-box comfort. They’re crafted from high-quality calfskin leather and handmade in Spain, resulting in a luxe, buttery-soft feel. We love that the Ramiro II is a classic, versatile penny loafer with a modern shape. Rubber soles provide an additional level of cushion, flexibility, and comfort, and are constructed in such a way that pebbles and rocks don’t easily get stuck.

This pair got high marks for the softness and comfort of the leather uppers, and we noted there was no break-in needed. After going through a full day of events, our feet still felt great. For a penny loafer that has a broken-in feel from day one, this is a solid option.

The Details : 7 to 14 | Leather

Most Comfortable

Mephisto edlef slip on.

We appreciate the rubber outsole with a shock-absorbent heel.

They have a very casual, relaxed look that may not work well for the office.

If ever there was a shoe designed for comfort, it would be the Edlef from Mephisto. The brand, founded in Sarrebourg, France in 1965 – and still headquartered there – has made its mission to produce comfortable, elegant shoes for men.

Straight out of the box, they have that soft, supple, worn-these-forever feeling. Our reviewer gave especially high marks for the quality of the leather, and noted that the toe area is not restrictive, making this a great option for guys who want a little more space in the front of the shoe. When worn with socks, we didn’t feel any hot spots or blisters forming, and felt more than comfortable spending hours on our feet wearing them. It’s worth noting that customers often hail Mephisto for producing particularly well-crafted shoes, often lasting for years and years.

The Details : 7 to 13 | Leather

Travel + Leisure / Hang Pham

Best Plain Toe

Ecco city tray plain toe derby.

  • Quality 4 /5

It’s a highly functional, wear-anywhere shoe.

The heel might feel a little formal for some men.

A plain-toe derby is one of the most versatile shoes a man can buy. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it to work, wear it to a wedding — this shoe can go everywhere. We especially loved that this City Tray derby is built with Fluidform Direct Comfort Technology , a type of comfortable-yet-supportive sole that’s lightweight and plush while still feeling anatomically supportive. It has the look of a dress shoe but the feel of something much more easygoing.

While we didn’t find this shoe exactly form-fitting out of the box, it didn’t feel overly stiff. There were no hot spots or blisters after several hours of wear, but we did feel that these are more geared toward an occasional special event, noting that guys who wear dress shoes every day might gravitate toward something a little more casual like a penny loafer. But all in all, these are a solid and reliable option in a highly flexible style.

The Details : 5 to 13 | Leather

Travel + Leisure / Danielle Yersin

Best Fit Out of the Box

Ace marks cap toe griffin oxford.

These shoes offer a perfect fit right away, with no need to spend weeks breaking them in.

They're a little pricey.

Have the Cinderella moment you deserve with the Griffin Oxford from Ace Marks. We noticed that while the leather seemed a little stiff at first, it felt perfectly broken in after just a few hours of wear. These shoes have a fit and feel that quickly become like something you’ve worn for years.

These stunning Italian dress shoes are handmade from 100 percent premium calfskin leather, with a classic cap toe that makes them appropriate for any office setting – yet casual enough for everyday wear. And while some shoppers might balk at the high price tag, the Ace Marks’ direct-to-consumer model cuts out the middleman, so these shoes have the quality and comfort of a much more expensive pair. In short: they deliver excellent quality and comfort for the price.

The Details : 5.5 to 15 | Leather

Travel + Leisure / Art Silverio

Best Casual

Dr. scholl's sync oxford.

  • Quality 3 /5

These shoes are so smooth they almost feel as comfortable as your favorite sneakers or slippers.

Their appearance is a bit casual when compared to the other shoes on our list.

The name “Dr. Scholl’s” is synonymous with foot comfort. While this pair isn’t made from leather, it certainly has the look and feel of it. These shoes are very supportive and we didn't have any issues with them being too tight or causing blisters, even after wearing them for a whole day. The soles are breathable and mold to your feet for the perfect fit.

Considering the more casual look of these shoes as well, travelers could easily pack them to be worn for daytime sightseeing or heading out for an evening dinner. Plus, these shoes are completely machine washable, so you can keep them looking clean and new with little fuss.

The Details : 8 to 15 wide | Synthetic

Travel + Leisure / Jennifer May

Best Oxfords

Stacy adams dickinson cap-toe oxford.

They're incredibly stylish and supportive.

You may experience a bit of chafing on the heel and less breathability than with the other shoes on our list.

Stacy Adams has been producing comfortable men’s dress shoes for over 100 years, and this Cap Toe Oxford is a perfect summation of the brand: timeless, stylish, and above all, comfortable. We noticed they were comfortable right out of the box — not too stiff, and very flexible once we put them on. The sole is more plush than other dress shoes and could easily be worn all day long or out to an event.

We felt these shoes were most comfortable with thicker socks that protected the heels from chafing, but after breaking them in we had no issues. Made from fine leather and carefully hand burnished, these are a high-end statement shoe at a surprisingly affordable price.

The Details : 7 to 16 wide | Leather

Travel + Leisure / Alessandra Amodio

Most Versatile

Amberjack the original.

They feel sturdy and supportive.

The suede may stain if they get wet.

If you're a regular at the office or on the wedding scene, these stylish suede shoes are the perfect addition to your footwear collection. Not only are they comfortable, but they only have a short break-in period, so you can feel your best right out of the box. They also feature adjustable lace-ups so you can wear either thick or thin socks, depending on your preference.

With 11 colors to choose from and either a suede or leather exterior, you can find the style that perfectly fits your needs. After regularly wearing for three months, we did note that moisture from rain and snow left marks on the outside of the suede.

The Details : 7 to 13 | Suede | Water-repellent

Best Formal

Ace marks chelsea boot.

  • Durability 5 /5

The high-quality leather elevates any look.

The sizes run large, so be sure to carefully read all of their measurements.

These handcrafted Italian leather boots are perfect for formal events throughout every season. The high ankle provides comfortable support and warmth for colder months, but are easily concealed for a sophisticated loafer look in the warmer months. While these certainly aren't an everyday shoe, we love how the hand dyed and burnished leather instantly adds to any outfit, making the wearer feel their best. They may be on the pricier end, but the boots also come with their own durable shoe horn and cloth storage bag to make sure the materials don't deteriorate over time, ensuring you will look your best for all formal occasions for years to come.

The Details : 5 to 18 wide | Leather

Travel + Leisure / Taylor Fox

Best Budget

Clarks tilden cap oxford shoe.

This is a great shoe at a great price.

You’ll likely need to order a half-size up.

This pair of dress shoes is an absolute steal. The Tilden Cap Oxford from Clarks delivers everything you want from a dress shoe — great color, quality stitching, a sturdy yet comfortable sole — and they're extremely soft right out of the box. These are a great choice for city commuters and anyone getting dressed for a formal event.

Our reviewer especially loved their versatility, pairing these shoes with a variety of dress pants for the office as well as his favorite chinos and blue jeans for off-duty use. Regular sizes may fit a bit snug, so it might be best to order half a size up. Overall, however, this is a great shoe offered at fantastic value for the price.

The Details : 8 to 13 | Leather

The T+L team tested nearly two dozen pairs of men’s dress shoes, wearing them at least three times, and testing for out-of-the-box wear, two-hour wear, and all-day wear. We took note of attributes like whether the shoes were rigid or soft out of the box, if they rubbed or chafed anywhere, and whether the fit was true to size. We judged shoes on breathability, and whether our testers found them comfortable enough for all-day wear. We wore them around the house, in cars, on city streets, to work meetings, and weddings to see how they would perform.

In the end, shoes were ranked using a points system based on comfort, fit, quality, and value. Extra points were assigned for additional features such as waterproofing, memory foaming, arch supports, and overall design. In the end, the highest-ranking pairs were selected for this roundup.

Other Men’s Shoes We Liked

Two other pairs of comfortable men’s shoes we tested didn’t quite make our list, but had noteworthy features that are still worth mentioning.

Clarks Atticus LT Lace Shoe: These shoes are light with a comfortable and supportive sole. However, at first wear, we found them to be a little stiff. The inside of the shoe needed about 12 hours of wear before they were broken in enough to be considered comfortable.

Travel + Leisure / David Engler

Allen Edmonds McAllister Wingtip : This is a traditional wingtip shoe handcrafted from high-quality and durable leather. They're comfortable enough for all-day wear, but do have a firmer sole and a high price point that may not be suitable for all shoppers.

Tips for Buying Men’s Dress Shoes

Prioritize comfort and support.

Nothing will ruin a wedding or a day at the office faster than a pair of shoes that don’t fit properly or aren’t comfortable. There are so many options out there these days that you don’t need to compromise when it comes to blending comfort and style. Look for dress shoes that offer plenty of arch-support, a roomy toe box, and soles with plenty of traction to help you stay on your feet all day without causing foot, ankle, or even lower back pain.

Consider your intended activities

Are you going to be dancing up a storm? Go for something with a softer sole. Will there be lots of pictures, or perhaps you want to impress the boss? Opt for something a little more conservative. There’s a shoe out there for every occasion. If you live in a place known for unpredictable weather or are planning a trip during the shoulder seasons, a versatile shoe can round out a transitional weather pack list nicely . When in doubt, ask a salesperson at your local retailer for their input.

They should be snug enough so your heel doesn’t come up when you walk in them, but they should also be roomy enough so your toes have space to wiggle freely. Anything that feels constricting is too small; anything that slides around is too large. Just keep in mind that certain materials such as leather will also stretch out just a little over time, so a snug (but not tight) fit at the beginning is ideal.

There’s no shortcut or magic potion for breaking in a pair of dress shoes. The best method is simply to wear them. If you want to make sure they’re broken in before an event like a formal wedding, we suggest wearing them around the house for a day or so until they start to feel more comfortable.

Make sure to let them completely air dry before returning them to your closet, especially if you’ve been wearing them for many hours or have been sweating in them.  For exterior scuffs on leather shoes, buff them out with a bit of leather polish and a soft, clean cloth. If there’s dirt in the sole, use a damp cloth, well wrung-out, to flick off any dirty bits before returning the shoes to your closet.

There's no perfect dress shoe for everyone, but overall, a shoe with a wide sole and good arch support should keep you comfortable even when standing all day. To enhance the comfort of even the nicest dress shoes, you can also add a cushiony insole for additional support.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this story, commerce writer Todd Plummer combed through market research, in-house testing insights, and referenced product descriptions to create a comprehensive roundup of the best comfortable men’s dress shoes available today. Plummer has tried many of the above brands himself, including Mephisto, Cole Haan, Ace Marks, and more.

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mens travel leather shoes

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Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us?

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Our experts recommend shoes from Hoka and Asics.

"All [walking] shoes should feel snug around your foot, have good arch support, the heel shouldn’t slip around, and there should be adequate room in the toebox," recommends Mark J. Mendeszoon, DPM , a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon.

Best Walking Shoes

GEL-Pulse 15

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Asics gel-pulse 15.

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Hoka clifton 9.

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Keen wk400 waterproof.

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Hoka arahi 7.

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Kuru footwear atom trail.

Cloud X3

best shoes for city walking

On cloud x3.

Glycerin 21

best neutral walking shoe

Brooks glycerin 21.

One crucial lesson we've learned from Mendeszoon is to not only focus on shoe length when determining your ideal fit. According to him, it's equally essential to consider shoe width . Many brands now offer a wide range of width options, so understanding your foot anatomy is key to the right fit. "Wear the same socks you wear when you walk when trying them on and remember that our feet expand while walking."

Once you find the right pair, keep in mind that you should replace them after you've racked up some miles. "It is important to realize that shoes are generally good for 500 to 600 miles," says Mendeszoon. Even when you're primarily sporting them for walking.

The more you wear your walking shoes for everyday activities, the faster they'll wear out. Therefore, having a couple of well-fitting walking shoes in your rotation is always a smart move. Ready to step into action? Explore our selection of the top 10 men's walking shoes, thoroughly tested and vetted by fitness trainers, editors, and podiatrists.

What to Consider

Whether you're a casual stroller, an avid walker, or a fitness enthusiast, finding the right pair of walking shoes is essential for optimal performance and foot health. Let's delve into the key factors to consider to help you make an informed decision.

Look for walking shoes with support and stability features labeled for your specific foot type. "Consider your foot type and [walking] gait," Schaeffer advises. ""The goal is to keep your lower body in alignment as much as possible." Features such as a firm heel counter, a supportive midsole, and a secure lacing system can provide the stability you need for comfortable walking and to keep your feet properly aligned.

If the shoe itself doesn’t offer enough support, Schaeffer recommends adding an insert. Dr. Scholls, for example, makes great over-the-counter options for sports. If you want a step above, go to a board-certified podiatrist for custom-made orthotics.

"Cushioning absorbs shock and helps to avoid tissue irritation and damage," explains Schaeffer. It's important to choose walking shoes with sufficient cushioning to absorb impact and shock with each step. Look for shoes with cushioned insoles and midsoles made from materials like foam or gel to ensure a comfortable walking experience, especially for longer walks or on hard surfaces.

Decide if you prefer soft cushioning for impact absorption and comfort or a more responsive feel. Some shoes offer a balance between the two, so choose based on your preferences and walking style.

If you're in the market for a walking shoe to take you long distances frequently, be sure the models you're considering are relatively lightweight. Unless we're talking about a stability or trail shoe, which feature additional materials for added durability and support, that means under 11 ounces.

Pay attention to the upper material of the walking shoes, as it can affect comfort, breathability, and durability. Opt for shoes with breathable and flexible uppers made from materials like mesh or knit fabric to help keep your feet cool and comfortable. Additionally, keep an eye out for features like padded collars and tongues for even more comfort and support.

How We Selected

Our team of Men's Health Fitness editors, writers, and medical advisors embarked have collaborated extensively to identify the best walking shoes for men. Over the past few years, we've researched and tested more than four dozen athletic shoe models from various top-rated brands including Asics, Hoka, Brooks, On, New Balance, and more.

Led by experts including our Senior Fitness Editor Brett Williams, NASM, and podiatrists Bradley Schaeffer, DPM , and Mark J. Mendeszoon, DPM , we meticulously evaluated contenders based on factors such as fit, comfort, support , weight , and cushioning. Additionally, considerations such as price point were factored in, recognizing that some walking shoes offer better overall value than others. Through rigorous testing and consultation with fitness and podiatry professionals, we've curated a selection of the best men's walking shoes, ranging from iconic straightforward classics to supremely cushioned options, ensuring that only the highest-quality products make it to this comprehensive guide.

Let's start with the most attractive thing about this shoe: the price point. At just $100, this is an entry-level shoe that offers tremendous value. If your primary need is a comfortable, supportive, durable, and cushioned walking shoe without breaking the bank, this is the one. Mendeszoon concurs, stating, "You really can't beat the price point for this type of entry-level walking shoe."

One noteworthy feature lies in the elevated midsole toward the center, which boosts support and cushioning throughout impact points. While the lightweight foam in this shoe tends to be firm, resulting in a less plush ride, the addition of a small gel insert in the midsole makes for great impact absorption. This combination makes the shoe particularly well-suited for activities like daily walks, where maximum energy return isn't the primary focus.

Despite its focus on comfort, the Gel-Pulse 15 doesn't compromise on stability. Motion control is achieved through design elements including bumpers on the sides forming a heel cup to balance the foot during landing and takeoff. The rigid heel counter and sides provide further support, minimizing excessive movement of the heel and ankle.

For casual walks and everyday wear, the Gel-Pulse 15's double-layered engineered mesh upper provides a comfortable fit, although it may not be the most breathable option for intense runs or hot weather. Nonetheless, the large, soft cushioned pads in the tongue and heel collar add to the overall comfort of the shoe.

Read more: Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Another crowdpleaser (and best seller) from Hoka. And another great walking shoe that is recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Hoka is known for high-stack foam and cushioned rides, and the latest iteration of the Clifton doesn’t disappoint in providing both—each stride in them is a satisfyingly plush step.

"I come back to the Clifton every year because it's such a solid shoe. The 9 is a great example of this: It's cushioned, but not overly soft; it feels snappy off the road, but it's not an overpowering energy return for an everyday running shoe," says Williams. "I lace these up for everything from hard treadmill workouts to, yes, long walks."

This shoe boasts a thoughtful balance of soft and light. In fact, at just under 9 ounces, it's one of the lightest shoes on this list. The brand's signature curved outer sole helps to rock you forward with each step, keeping you comfortable so you can enjoy walking more.

"The Hoka Clifton is back for its [ninth] edition and is lighter and softer than ever," says Dr. Mendeszoon. "The Clifton has a re-done upper and the same plush ride that we have come to expect from Hoka, which feels great underfoot when walking."

Read more: Best Hoka Shoes for Walking

Fashion meets functionality with this shoe. It showcases a stylish design while seamlessly integrating waterproof features, exceptional durability, and a rocker bottom that ensures a buttery-smooth walking experience. It not only performs well, but looks good doing it.

It's explicitly designed for outdoor activities, making it an ideal choice for those who do most of their walking in nature. Thanks to its waterproof attributes, my feet stay snug and dry, even in the face of challenging weather conditions. Whether I'm trudging through rain-soaked paths or navigating puddles, these shoes provide unwavering protection for my feet.

Let's talk Keen's newly patented "constant curve" construction. This design is engineered to encourage a forward momentum to the wearer's stride, similar to most Hoka models. The rocker bottom facilitates a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off, which Keen hopes can make walking a more enjoyable for wearers. Based on my personal experience with these shoes, I'd say they've succeeded. I find myself walking faster and expending less effort, especially during long or uphill treks.

Although some reviewers have pointed out a rubbery off-gassing scent when the shoes are fresh out of the box, it's worth noting that I didn't find this to be particularly noticeable (and I'm pretty sensitive to smells).

Read more: Best Treadmill Running Shoes

Over the years, Asics has continually improved the Gel-Nimbus series, and the 26th version is a standout. The addition of new lightweight foam cushioning technology in the midsole provides a plush, protective, and soft ride that keeps your feet comfortable during long walks. They also offer excellent energy return and a pretty snappy feel, making them one of our favorite shoes to run it, too.

The highlight in this shoe, after all, is its maximum cushioning in the forefoot and rearfoot. "Added Gel in the heel makes for a great walking shoe," says Mendeszoon. Complemented by foam cushioning and a 10 mm heel drop that slightly pitches the foot forward, each step forward feels cushioned and propelled in these shoes.

The outsole of these shoes has been upgraded for improved durability, and I can attest that this pair lasted me longer than the 25s. Plus, the tread design provides a reliable grip, even in wet conditions.

The adjusted toebox offers more room than most neutral shoes, which is ideal for those who constantly feel like their toes are crammed while walking.

These shoes are classified as having neutral support, meaning they're ideal for individuals with a neutral gait. If you struggle with overpronation or adequate arch support, you can easily insert customized insoles in these for a perfect fit and added stability.

Read more: Most Cushioned Running Shoes

For individuals like me who grapple with overpronation and the resulting knee pain, the Arahi 7 is a staple in the walking shoe rotation. It's designed for stability, but it doesn't compromise on serious cushioning. "This shoe is a bit of a zebra," as Mendeszoon puts it, meaning it's a rare find. It keeps my feet supported in the right position during each stride, much like a stability shoe, while also offering a high stack and a ton of cushioning.

The Arahi incorporates Hoka's J-Frame technology, which you can think of like supportive bumpers around the sides of your foot, to help guide your foot in a more efficient and stable way. It's called a "J-Frame" because the shape of the support roughly resembles the letter J. and is particularly helpful for those who overpronate (roll their foot inward excessively) while walking or running.

Despite its maximalist appearance, the Arahi surprises me with a lightweight feel for its size. The upper materials make it a fairly breathable shoe, ensuring my feet stay cool and dry even in hot weather. The relatively wider toebox, at least for Hoka standards, accommodates those who need more room in the forefoot.

Plus, it boasts the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association, indicating that a committee of discerning podiatrists rigorously tested and found that the design promotes good foot health.

Read more: Best Stability Running Shoes

Two defining features set Altra shoes apart: a roomy toe box and a zero-drop platform. This combination ensures an anatomic fit and promotes a natural gait. Your feet enjoy greater freedom to move naturally, allowing your toes to flex and bend as you walk, which encourages better biomechanics and can reduce strain on your foot's structures.

The Via Olympus 2 elevates comfort with its super pillowy midsole and updated, wide-base footbed. What makes this shoe stand out from other Altra shoes we love is its maximalist approach to cushioning. The midsole delivers an unexpected level of bounce, making the shoe feel lighter than its listed weight. It excels at providing maximum cushioning for my daily walks, ensuring each step is comfortable and well-supported.

"I love super high stack shoes like this, and Altra’s dedication to extra-roomy toeboxes make the Via Olympus 2 even more comfortable," notes Williams. "The rocker shape is less pronounced on my walks than when I run in them, but it’s still noticeable for turnover on each step."

If you're planning long walks, you'll appreciate how the shoe's roomy toe box accommodates the natural expansion that occurs during extended physical activity.

In the words of Mendeszoon, "The Altra Via Olympus 2 combines an anatomical toe box with ample cushioning, making it a perfect choice for those who crave both comfort and space. It may take some time to get accustomed to its unique zero-drop, max cushioned design, but the benefits it offers for your feet are well worth it."

Read more: Best Wide Toebox Shoes

Our heels endure a lot of stress during walks, especially on challenging terrain, and this shoe prioritizes their protection with the brand's patented midsole technology, which flexes with each step to hug and protect your heels. It surpasses standard heel cradles and cushioning in shoes I've tested by offering more flexibility and a snug fit, which allows the shoe to move naturally with your foot.

Durability is a paramount consideration for trail shoes, and this one doesn't disappoint. It boasts hard-wearing materials, including robust TPU overlays that shield against wear and tear.

The gusseted tongue design effectively keeps debris out of your shoes, too. This shoe is built for the long haul, and with proper care, it'll accompany you on countless adventures. It's a wise investment in the long term.

Mendeszoon puts it best: "This is a true traditional trail shoe that provides great support, comfort, and protection against the elements and uneven and challenging terrain." Our only qualm: it's a little heavy and not particularly responsive, which is why we wouldn't recommend running it. But it excels in what it's meant for—trail walking.

Read more : Best Trail Running Shoes

Lightweight shoes for paved sidewalks and city walking? Yes, please. The Cloud X3 stands out with its flexible build and feather-light 243-gram weight. These sneakers excel not only in walks but also look good for casual wearing.

The roomy toe box ensures your toes can splay naturally and comfortably, regardless of the walk's length. It's no surprise that the Cloud X3s are widely popular—they boast a sleek appearance and consistently deliver outstanding performance for all types of walking.

Despite the inclusion of bouncy Cloudtec cushioning, which consists of individual hollow chambers made of a special foam material, you'll notice that the shoe maintains a relatively firm feel. Don't anticipate the plushiness of a max cushioned trainer, but do expect these to adapt to your specific stride to provide a customized level of support.

The laces on this model do tend to run a little long, which is no biggie, but can be annoying for those with narrow feet like mine.

Read more: Best On Running Shoes

The star of the Glycerin 21 show is its super-soft foam cushioning and perfectly neutral fit. Mendeszoon highly recommends it for neutral gaits, and here's why.

This shoe falls into the category of neutral shoes because it doesn't rely on traditional stability methods. The sole maintains a wider profile, and the midfoot a reasonable width, contributing to a somewhat more stable platform by design.

Overall, the shoe delivers a highly neutral ride. It's not inherently unstable, but it doesn't provide substantial stability either. As a result, individuals who don't require extra stability, such as neutral runners, may find this shoe to be a good match.

The Brooks Glycerin series has been a consistent favorite among runners and walkers alike for over 20 years. Much like the Asics GEL-Nimbus, this shoe offers great cushioning, thanks to its nitrogen-infused, soft foam midsole. This material also makes for a fairly quick response, making your transition from ground contact to toe-off efficient and smooth.

It's also a very durable shoe. I've been walking and running 10-20 miles per week in these shoes for five months, and have yet to see any serious signs of degradation.

Read more: Best Workout Shoes

commerce breaker

How to Determine Your Foot Type

Understanding your foot type is essential for finding the right walking shoes that offer optimal comfort and support. There are three primary arch types based on arch height: neutral, high, and flat. To determine your arch type, you can start with a simple ' wet test ', Mendeszoon recommends. Wet your feet and stand on a surface like concrete, sand, or a flattened paper bag. Examine the imprint left by your foot.

If your foot leaves a complete, flat imprint, you likely have low arches and would benefit from arch support or stability shoes. If the imprint shows the heel, outer side of the foot, ball of the foot, and toes, but not the arch, you might have a neutral or high arch.

While the wet test provides a basic idea, factors such as weight, biomechanics, and overall fitness also contribute to determining your arch type accurately. For a more detailed analysis, consider visiting a local chiropractic clinic, podiatry practice, or high-quality running shoe store. Some locations offer foot scans that provide intricate information about your feet and arches.

Todd Sinett from Tru Whole Care in New York highlights a special machine called the Foot Levelers Digital Foot Scanner , which identifies specific pressure points on your feet that could be linked to back pain. This advanced tool offers precise measurements for customized orthotics, ensuring tailored support for your unique foot structure.

Are Running Shoes Good for Walking?

Yes, running shoes can absolutely be worn for walking, according to Mendeszoon. In fact, they may offer some added benefit compared to conventional walking shoes.

Running shoes are designed to absorb the impact of running, which means they can also provide good shock absorption when walking. Many people choose to wear running shoes for walking because of added support and flexibility, too.

One downside: Running shoes tend to be heavier and less breathable than walking shoes due to a more durable design. So, it's important to note that they may not be the best choice for long-distance walking.

How to Know When it's Time to Replace Walking Shoes

It's important to replace your walking shoes regularly to ensure adequate support and cushioning, probably more frequently than you think. As a general rule of thumb, it's recommended to replace walking shoes every 300 to 500 miles (or every 3 to 5 months for those who walk 45 minutes at least 3 times per week).

The specific lifespan of a given shoe depends on a few factors, including frequency and intensity of use, quality of the shoe, and the type of surface you typically walk on. There are a few signs to look out for that may indicate it's time to replace your shoes:

Visible wear and tear : Check the soles of your shoes for signs of wear, such as thinning or holes. Also, check the upper part of the shoe for any tears or holes.

Reduced cushioning : If your shoes no longer feel as cushioned as they once did, it may be a sign that the midsole has worn down and it's time to replace them.

Pain or discomfort : If you're experiencing foot or joint pain when walking, it could be a sign that your shoes are no longer providing adequate support.

Unpleasant odors : Over time, shoes can accumulate moisture and bacteria, which can lead to unpleasant odors. If your shoes have a persistent odor that can't be eliminated, it may be time to replace them.

Ultimately, it's important to listen to your body and pay attention to any signs of discomfort or pain when walking. If you notice any of the above signs, it's a good idea to start looking for a new pair of walking shoes.

Can You Lose Weight Walking?

Powerlifting legend Mark Bell is a huge fan of walking to lose weight, as is Will Smith . This guy lost 60 pounds with walking and bodyweight workouts. And this guy lost 200 pounds by walking and eating a CICO diet. It's all about starting to add to your daily step count, and really sticking with it.

“Starting slow and working your way up is better than overdoing it and giving up,” Chris Gagliardi , a certified personal trainer at the American Council on Exercise, previously told Men's Health . An easy way to approach it: Commit to going for a quick, 10-minute walk after dinner, and slowly increase the time as you become more comfortable with daily movement.

Step counting also helps. “If you’re only getting 3,000 steps on a typical day, don’t try to get 10,000 steps the next day. That can be really discouraging. Aim for 5,000 every day for a week. Then go up to 7,000 the next week,” walking coach Michele Stanten, founder of and author of The Walking Solution , previously told Men's Health .

Read more: Best Shoes for Men

Why You Can Trust Us

At Men's Health , we take great pride in providing our readers with reliable and trustworthy product recommendations. We believe that our readers deserve the best, which is why we always make sure to conduct thorough research and testing before making any recommendations. Our writers and editors are experts in their own right, using their informed opinions to select products and ensuring that our content is of the highest quality. For this story, we spent hours testing shoes, researching, and interviewing podiatrists.

Our product recommendations are purely editorial, and while we may receive free products to test and review, we only recommend the products we are most impressed by. We never let retailers or public relations contacts dictate our content or product coverage, which is why you can always trust us to provide reliable and unbiased product recommendations.

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Headshot of Brett Williams, NASM

Brett Williams, a senior editor at Men's Health, is a NASM-CPT certified trainer and former pro football player and tech reporter. You can find his work elsewhere at Mashable, Thrillist, and other outlets.

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Claudia Looi

Touring the Top 10 Moscow Metro Stations

By Claudia Looi 2 Comments

Komsomolskaya metro station

Komsomolskaya metro station looks like a museum. It has vaulted ceilings and baroque decor.

Hidden underground, in the heart of Moscow, are historical and architectural treasures of Russia. These are Soviet-era creations – the metro stations of Moscow.

Our guide Maria introduced these elaborate metro stations as “the palaces for the people.” Built between 1937 and 1955, each station holds its own history and stories. Stalin had the idea of building beautiful underground spaces that the masses could enjoy. They would look like museums, art centers, concert halls, palaces and churches. Each would have a different theme. None would be alike.

The two-hour private tour was with a former Intourist tour guide named Maria. Maria lived in Moscow all her life and through the communist era of 60s to 90s. She has been a tour guide for more than 30 years. Being in her 60s, she moved rather quickly for her age. We traveled and crammed with Maria and other Muscovites on the metro to visit 10 different metro stations.

Arrow showing the direction of metro line 1 and 2

Arrow showing the direction of metro line 1 and 2

Moscow subways are very clean

Moscow subways are very clean

To Maria, every street, metro and building told a story. I couldn’t keep up with her stories. I don’t remember most of what she said because I was just thrilled being in Moscow.   Added to that, she spilled out so many Russian words and names, which to one who can’t read Cyrillic, sounded so foreign and could be easily forgotten.

The metro tour was the first part of our all day tour of Moscow with Maria. Here are the stations we visited:

1. Komsomolskaya Metro Station  is the most beautiful of them all. Painted yellow and decorated with chandeliers, gold leaves and semi precious stones, the station looks like a stately museum. And possibly decorated like a palace. I saw Komsomolskaya first, before the rest of the stations upon arrival in Moscow by train from St. Petersburg.

2. Revolution Square Metro Station (Ploshchad Revolyutsii) has marble arches and 72 bronze sculptures designed by Alexey Dushkin. The marble arches are flanked by the bronze sculptures. If you look closely you will see passersby touching the bronze dog's nose. Legend has it that good luck comes to those who touch the dog's nose.

Touch the dog's nose for good luck. At the Revolution Square station

Touch the dog's nose for good luck. At the Revolution Square station

Revolution Square Metro Station

Revolution Square Metro Station

3. Arbatskaya Metro Station served as a shelter during the Soviet-era. It is one of the largest and the deepest metro stations in Moscow.

Arbatskaya Metro Station

Arbatskaya Metro Station

4. Biblioteka Imeni Lenina Metro Station was built in 1935 and named after the Russian State Library. It is located near the library and has a big mosaic portrait of Lenin and yellow ceramic tiles on the track walls.

Biblioteka Imeni Lenina Metro Station

Lenin's portrait at the Biblioteka Imeni Lenina Metro Station


5. Kievskaya Metro Station was one of the first to be completed in Moscow. Named after the capital city of Ukraine by Kiev-born, Nikita Khruschev, Stalin's successor.


Kievskaya Metro Station

6. Novoslobodskaya Metro Station  was built in 1952. It has 32 stained glass murals with brass borders.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 5.17.53 PM

Novoslobodskaya metro station

7. Kurskaya Metro Station was one of the first few to be built in Moscow in 1938. It has ceiling panels and artwork showing Soviet leadership, Soviet lifestyle and political power. It has a dome with patriotic slogans decorated with red stars representing the Soviet's World War II Hall of Fame. Kurskaya Metro Station is a must-visit station in Moscow.

mens travel leather shoes

Ceiling panel and artworks at Kurskaya Metro Station


8. Mayakovskaya Metro Station built in 1938. It was named after Russian poet Vladmir Mayakovsky. This is one of the most beautiful metro stations in the world with 34 mosaics painted by Alexander Deyneka.

Mayakovskaya station

Mayakovskaya station

Mayakovskaya metro station

One of the over 30 ceiling mosaics in Mayakovskaya metro station

9. Belorusskaya Metro Station is named after the people of Belarus. In the picture below, there are statues of 3 members of the Partisan Resistance in Belarus during World War II. The statues were sculpted by Sergei Orlov, S. Rabinovich and I. Slonim.


10. Teatralnaya Metro Station (Theatre Metro Station) is located near the Bolshoi Theatre.

Teatralnaya Metro Station decorated with porcelain figures .

Teatralnaya Metro Station decorated with porcelain figures .

Taking the metro's escalator at the end of the tour with Maria the tour guide.

Taking the metro's escalator at the end of the tour with Maria the tour guide.

Have you visited the Moscow Metro? Leave your comment below.

' src=

January 15, 2017 at 8:17 am

An excellent read! Thanks for much for sharing the Russian metro system with us. We're heading to Moscow in April and exploring the metro stations were on our list and after reading your post, I'm even more excited to go visit them. Thanks again 🙂

' src=

December 6, 2017 at 10:45 pm

Hi, do you remember which tour company you contacted for this tour?

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The Best Walking Shoes for Men, According to Testing

From max cushioning to stability shoes, we found the most comfortable sneakers to wear all day.

best walking shoes for men

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

Men's Gel-Cumulus 26 Running Shoe

Best Overall

Asics men's gel-cumulus 26 running shoe.

Men's Charged Assert 10

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 10

Men's Fresh Foam X 1080 V13 Running Shoe

Best for Wide Feet

New balance men's fresh foam x 1080 v13 running shoe.

Men’s Glycerin 21 Neutral Running Shoe

Best for Plantar Fasciitis

Brooks men’s glycerin 21 neutral running shoe.

Agility Peak 5

Best for Hiking

Merrell agility peak 5.

Endorphin Pro 4

Best for Long Distances

Saucony endorphin pro 4.

Clifton 9

Best Cushioned

Hoka clifton 9.

Athens Hands Free Mens or Womens Sneakers

Best Slip-On

Kizik athens hands free mens or womens sneakers.

Unisex Nano X4 Sneaker

Best Cross Trainer

Reebok unisex nano x4 sneaker.

Men's Cloud 5 Sneakers

Best Lightweight

On running men's cloud 5 sneakers.

Whether you're lacing up your sneakers for a walk or run, you need the right footwear. Without the proper support and cushioning, every step you take has the potential to lead to discomfort and even injury. The best walking shoes for men are lightweight, offer superior foot support and cushioning, and, above all, are comfortable during extended wear.

In our walking shoe tests, ASICS sneakers continue to be top performers. The Gel-Cumulus line offers neutral support with ample cushioning that's still sleek, making for an attractive sneaker that's comfortable to wear on walks and runs. The foam cushioning is gel-infused for improved shock absorption. Designed for added comfort and ankle stability, this pair features a padded back tab by the heel. This shoe is designed for those who underpronate (foot rolls outward) or have neutral feet; if you overpronate, this isn't the best shoe for you.

"I love the cushioning and look of these sneakers," reported one tester who wore this pair on brisk walks. Testers liked that they were easy to slip into while still feeling secure. One GH analyst said, "They felt just as comfortable out of the box and after wearing them for 10,000 steps."

While most walking shoes cost over $100, this pair costs about half that. This pair from Under Armour has a classic design with a soft, sock liner and a breathable upper for a comfortable, airy fit. Available in 23 colors, including red, blue and gray, this pick has an impressive size range with standard, X-wide and XX-wide widths.

Because of the ample cushioning around the collar and midfoot, one tester reported, " All that cushioning made my foot feel comfortable during casual wear —running errands and such." He also added that they are "excellent shoes for standing at my standing desk for long periods of time." The compression-molded foam in the midsole is designed to improve the shoes' durability, but testers found the foam firmer than other shoes. One tester found this pair "too clunky" for longer runs or walks.

a tester wearing pair of black and white under armour charged asset 10 sneakers as part of good housekeeping's testing for the best walking shoes for men

Shoes need to fit properly not only from heel to toe but also from side to side. Opting for wide sizing can help ensure you have enough room in the toebox to prevent pinching or rubbing. These New Balance shoes have wide and extra-wide sizing options for a comfortable fit. Testers with wide feet applauded these shoes for their excellent fit with a stretchy knit upper to accommodate bunions too.

The brand's signature foam is plush for a cloud-like feel without adding extra weight. This pair features a rocker design for smoother transitions from heel to toe. Testers were especially impressed with its comfortable cushioning. One tester, who wore these sneakers on 2-mile walks, said, " The extra foam definitely puts a pep in my step. The extra bounce is almost a mood changer." He also liked the appearance of these sneakers compared to his previous walking shoes. Some sizes are only available in limited colorways.

a person wearing bright blue new balance fresh foam 1080v13 sneakers as part of good housekeeping's testing for the best walking shoes for men

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you know how difficult it can be to find shoes that properly support your arches and prevent heel pain. Brooks shoes continue to be top performers in our tests for their unparalleled arch support and stability. This pair has super soft cushioning for walkers who prefer a pillowy feel . With neutral support and maximal cushioning, this pair is designed to be lightweight and responsive for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

"They haven’t flared up my plantar fasciitis at all, even after many hours of wear and several miles," reported one tester. He added, "I especially like how these shoes offer more arch support compared to all of my other sneakers." He found this pair to be comfortable right out of the box too. "For me, the plush feel is unbeatable." Some testers noted they looked a bit clunky and would have preferred a sleeker appearance.

a tester wering a pair of black and white brooks glycerin 21 sneakers on a grey carpet as part of good housekeeping's testing for the best walking shoes for men

When walking on trails, you need a pair of shoes that offer sufficient traction without feeling too heavy or bulky. These Merrell hiking sneakers have a rugged outsole with a toe cap that helps provide enough traction on all types of trails, wet or dry, while protecting you from debris. With thicker cushioning in the midsole and a padded collar, these shoes are designed to feel comfortable mile after mile. The brand also offers a GORE-TEX waterproof version.

"The sneakers have more than enough cushioning for a rocky trail hike and easily transition to city sidewalk walking," said one tester who wore this pair when walking on trails and commuting to work. He said they looked great "with jeans, athletic clothes or casual work clothes." He added that they are "very comfortable shoes for a wide variety of purposes."

a tester wearing a pair of brown and orange merrell agility peak 5 sneakers in an office as part of good housekeeping's testing for the best walking shoes for men

These Saucony sneakers are designed to feel cushiony and light on your feet even after 10+ miles. This is the only style included in this round-up with a carbon plate, which helps return energy back to your feet for a more comfortable feel when covering longer distances. The shoe is designed to help propel you forward with responsive foam. Some testers even reported that they felt like they could run faster in these shoes. We like the sleek sock liner and stretchy, integrated tongue for immediate comfort as soon as you put the shoes on. Note that these shoes are only available in limited colors and sizes with no wide widths.

Popular for feeling lightweight with comfortable cushioning, these shoes received high marks from walkers and runners. One tester said, "I enjoy running in them and due to the large cushioned sole, I feel very light on my feet."

When we asked testers which brand of sneakers they were currently wearing, Hoka was the most popular answer. The thick cushioning on this pair may seem intimidating initially, but the foam midsole creates a responsive feel, ideal for anyone with joint pain. The early stage meta-rocker helps propel you forward for smoother heel-to-toe transitions. "They felt immediately comfortable from the first wear," said one tester. He added that they "don't flare up my plantar fasciitis and my feet feel actively supported during long periods of exercise."

Designed with comfort top of mind, this pair has a padded collar and tongue to prevent painful rubbing or blisters. The stretchy knit upper allows excellent airflow, but testers did note that water easily soaked through in rainy weather.

a tester wearing a pair of black and white hoka clifton 9 sneakers on grey tile as part of good housekeeping's testing for the best walking shoes for men

Kizik designs slip-on shoes that don't sacrifice style, like these sneakers with a classic, athletic design. This sneaker features the brand's signature flexible cage at the heel of the shoe that springs back into place when you step in, ideal for anyone with mobility concerns. We appreciate that this hands-free, gender-neutral sneaker is sold in a wide range of sizes from a men's 4.5 (women's 6) to a men's 15 (women's 16.5).

One tester with Parkinson's reported that Kizik sneakers are easier for him to get on than any of his other shoes. Another tester shared, "I'm always rushing out of the house, so slip-on sneakers are a total game-changer." Some testers noted that these shoes don't offer enough support for running and only recommend wearing them on casual walks.

If you love walking as a warm-up to gym workouts, a cross-trainer sneaker is ideal. Our testers were impressed by how comfortable these Reebok cross-trainers were when lifting weights and jogging on a treadmill. "These shoes are incredibly supportive through the midsole and heel. You almost feel locked in," said one tester who wore this pair on brisk walks and during gym workouts. He added, " I really enjoyed how breathable they were — my feet tend to run pretty hot and I didn't run into any moisture or stink issues." He reported that the toebox felt wide and comfortable without any pinching. The flat bottom helps provide stability when weightlifting but may be too stiff for longer walks or runs.

a tester wearing a pair of grey reebok nano x4 sneakers outside on the sidewalk as part of good housekeeping's testing for the best walking shoes for men

Avoid lugging around heavy shoes with these lightweight sneakers from On Running. This pair comes with either traditional or stretchy laces, so you can easily slip them on. The brand's CloudTec cushioning is popular for soft landings without a bulky foam midsole . Because they lack stability features and thicker cushioning, they are less suited to someone with foot or joint sensitivities. There is also a waterproof version of this shoe.

"The shoes are impressively lightweight and I thought they wouldn't offer enough support, but they were surprisingly comfortable," said one tester. Another tester said, "I like the flexible design of the sole, [which] allows the shoe to be a bit more responsive to whatever is underfoot." He added, "They have a great look to them and feel very sturdy on my foot!" Multiple testers applauded how well this pair works for both walking and gym workouts.

a tester wearing grey and yellow on cloud 5 sneakers on a brick sidewalk as part of good housekeeping's testing for the best walking shoes for men

Columbia Men's Konos TRS OutDry Shoes

Men's Konos TRS OutDry Shoes

Avoid uncomfortable wet socks with a waterproof shoe that doesn't feel stuffy. This pair of hiking sneakers from Columbia features OutDry technology with bonded construction between the waterproof membrane and the outer shell to keep water out of the shoe. This technology allows these sneakers to be both waterproof and breathable.

With thicker cushioning, these shoes are designed to take you from hiking to commuting. The molded footbed helps support your feet and arches while cradling your heel to help reduce impact. To prevent slips in wet conditions, the outsole has deep grooves for excellent traction. "They are supportive and substantial but still lightweight and breathable," said one tester. He gave perfect scores across the board for comfort, fit and traction. "They’re very comfortable and convenient to wear for a long walk or quick errand," he added. His only concern was they looked "a bit boring and clunky." There are more sizes and colors available on Columbia's site .

How we tested the best walking shoes for men

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The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab regularly evaluates shoes for their performance in daily activities from walking to running and hiking. We depend on our network of consumer testers with varying shoe sizes and foot shapes to provide feedback on the comfort, aesthetics and utility of shoes as they use them in their day-to-day lives. We combine this feedback with in-Lab data, assessing the construction, materials, and durability.

In our latest walking shoes test, we put 25 shoes to the test with testers ranging from a men's size 8 to a men's size 13. Each tester wore the shoe for at least 3 hours (culminating in over 250 hours of walk testing!) on different terrains, including sidewalks, hiking trails, roads and even at the gym. Here are the main factors we considered before making these recommendations:

  • Comfort: We noted how comfortable each shoe was right out of the box and after wearing it all day. Each tester rated how comfortable the shoes felt and if they caused any noticeable pain in their feet or joints.
  • Fit: All testers tried on the shoes in Lab and gave notes about fit, including the length of the shoe, size of the toebox and more.
  • Cushioning: We evaluated each pair's cushioning to see if it was soft or firm. Testers rated the cushioning to ensure it was even throughout the sole and helped absorb shock on walks.
  • Stability: For shoes designed for overpronation or underpronation, we evaluated whether they helped improve walkers' gaits.
  • Value: Because walking shoes from top brands tend to be expensive, we compared each pair's cost to its performance to ensure it is a quality buy.

What to look for when shopping for walking shoes

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There are a few items to consider when looking for walking shoes:

✔️ Check in with your podiatrist or physician: If you're experiencing foot pain or have recently sustained an injury, check with your podiatrist or orthopedist for recommendations or their thoughts on a pair of shoes you're considering. Their knowledge of the foot's anatomy and your specific needs related to pain/injury will help you make the right decision.

✔️ Comfort: Dr. Johnson advises that comfort is of utmost importance when selecting a walking shoe. Be sure to try on a pair and make sure that it feels good on the feet before locking in your purchase. If you're shopping online, choose retailers that allow returns in case the fit isn't just right.

✔️ Weight: Generally speaking, lighter-weight shoes will offer more comfort and be easier to walk in for extended durations. The exception is if you have a specific foot concern, which may require the greater support of a heavier shoe.

✔️ Traction: We recommend taking a peek at the shoes' outsole before purchasing. Look for treads and grooves to ensure they'll offer sufficient traction. If you enjoy walking on rugged terrain or trails, opt for hiking-specific sneakers.

✔️ Waterproof: Most sneakers aren't waterproof because waterproof shoes are less breathable and can feel sweaty after extensive wear. We recommend only wearing waterproof sneakers in rainy weather or muddy conditions and sticking with more breathable options regularly.

Headshot of Nikolas Greenwald

As a data engineer in the Good Housekeeping Institute , Nik (he/him) works with all of our Labs to develop testing protocols and manage data collection and analysis. Before joining Good Housekeeping in 2022 , Nik worked in the labs of MIT and Regeneron, working on projects ranging from chemical inventory and reporting to the development of bioassays. He holds a degree in chemical engineering from Northeastern University.

Headshot of Emma Seymour

Emma Seymour (she/her) is a senior product analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute 's Textiles, Paper and Apparel Lab, where she has led testing for luggage, pillows, towels, tampons and more since 2018. She graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of science in fiber science and apparel design and a minor in gerontology, completing research in the Body Scanner Lab on optimizing activewear for athletic performance. 

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