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6 Epic Things to do in Roseau Dominica (During a Cruise Stop!)

Dominica is known to be one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean Islands. Famous for its incredible scenery, spectacular forests, and volcanic peaks, it’s an island of contrasts and dramatic vistas, where sulfuric, boiling lakes heated by underground thermals tower above beautiful beaches.

The capital of this scenic Caribbean Island is Roseau, and it’s the perfect place to be based in order to explore this unique island to the full. But more than just a base, Roseau is a destination in its own right.

With ramshackle streets that were first laid down in the colonial days, museums and old markets to explore. It’s a colorful, cultural and intriguing place to visit on Dominica.

To help you plan your trip to Roseau and to Dominica, here is our ultimate guide to visiting the city and the island. From exploring museums to hiking volcanic peaks, every day there’s a chance to experience something new on Dominica.

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Best Things to do in Roseau Dominica

Table of Contents

There are many great activities and sights to see in the city of Roseau and across the rest of the island of Dominica. Much of the charm of Dominica lies in the beautiful scenery, which is quite unlike many other places in the world, but there is also much to see and experience in the capital too.

View from Morne Bruce Roseau Dominica

1. Morne Bruce

When arriving in Dominica, the best thing to do first is to walk to the top of Morne Bruce, a small mountaintop that’s just outside of Roseau.

This is one of the best and most accessible viewing areas on the island, being just a short but steep walk to the summit, but offering incredible views over the city and the mountains behind to help you become easily orientated on the island.

Top Morne Bruce tours:

  • Roseau City Tour Including Botanical Gardens
  • Middleham Falls and Ti’tou Gorge Half-Day Excursion

Old Roseau Market

2. Old Roseau Market

Dominica’s old market in Roseau is an incredibly historic place. This was one of the major trading markets in the Caribbean, and unfortunately, was primarily used a slave-trading market for centuries.

Today, the market has found new life though as a center of arts and crafts on the island, showcasing local goods and giving traders and craftspeople a place to sell their unique cultural creations.

Champagne beach, Dominica

3. Champagne Beach

Just south of Roseau, can be found the strange yet beautiful spectacle of Champagne Beach. Off this beach, can be found a rich array of coral reefs and marine life, but what makes it special are the hot vents that continually emit volcanic gases, causing a weird ‘champagne’ effect as you swim or snorkel through the water.

Top Champagne Beach tour:

  • Mega Bite Volcano Snorkeling Tour

Roseau Botanic Gardens

4. Roseau Botanic Gardens

The Roseau Botanic Gardens are one of the most loved sights on the island. Established in the colonial days, these gardens are a source of life in the city, but also a reminder of the troubles the weather can cause here.

A devastating hurricane destroyed much of the gardens in the 1970s, and a large tree even fell on a school bus. The school bus and fallen tree are still on the grounds as a reminder of the fragility of island life during hurricane season.

Top Roseau Botanic Gardens tours:

  • Dominica Half-Day Tour: Freshwater Lake, Middleham Falls, Ti Kwen Glo Sho

Morne Trois Pitons National Park - Roseau Dominica

5. Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Dominica is famous for its natural, volcanic scenery, and the best place to experience this is in the magnificent Trois Pitons National Park. Named for the mountain peak, Morne Trois Pitons, which presides over the island, this is a spectacular area of beauty.

There are many hiking trails leading through different parts of the park, with many different difficulties and lengths.

Within the park are many beautiful waterfalls too, which are favorites among locals and visitors alike for their brilliant and refreshing plunge pools and year-round water, which make for a refreshing respite from the sticky, sweaty humidity of the surrounding forest.

The best waterfalls to travel to are the Emerald Pool, which is excellent for swimming and bathing, if a little frigid, and the large Middleham Falls, a long drop waterfall surrounded by lush green jungle

Top Morne Trois Pitons National Park tours:

  • Morne Trois Pitons National Park Hiking Tour to Boiling Lake
  • Canyoning Experience

Volcanic Boiling Lake in Dominica, Caribbean Island

6. The Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake is Dominica’s most incredible natural attraction, but also it is most dangerous. Found within the Trois Pitons National Park This huge freshwater lake is heated from below by the boiling gases produced by the violent volcanic activity below the surface of the island.

The lake is spectacular, but the hike there is an arduous 8-hour return slog, so it’s only for the fit and healthy. It’s well worth the effort to witness the continually boiling waters of this spectacle.

Top Boiling Lake tours:

  • Boiling Lake Challenge

Roseau, Dominica Travel Planning Guide

Roseau, Dominica

Where is Roseau Dominica?

Dominica is a small island nation located in the eastern Caribbean, with the islands of Guadeloupe found to the north and Martinique lying to the south.

The eastern side of the island faces out over the warm, calm waters of the Caribbean Sea while the western side faces out onto the stormier waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Roseau, the capital and largest city of Dominica, is found on the sheltered, southeastern side of Dominica.

Soufriere Bay, Dominica, Caribbean

How to Travel to Roseau Dominica

Traveling to Dominica is not as easy as traveling to other Caribbean islands in the region. Due to the rugged, volcanic nature of the island – which is the main reason many people visit! – the island has few suitable spots for airports.

The two airports on the island, one near Roseau in the south-east and the other in the northeast, one hour from Roseau along the coast, both have small runways that are only suitable for accommodating light aircraft from other regional islands.

To reach Roseau and Dominica, therefore it’s necessary to transit through other nearby Caribbean Islands. Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Martinique to name just a few, all have connections onto Dominica, and from there, it’s possible to fly further afield to more international destinations such as North America and Europe.

It’s also possible to arrive on the somewhat frequent ferries from neighboring Martinique and Guadeloupe, or of course, as is common in the Caribbean, via cruise ship.

Check out this guide if arriving by cruise ship:   Fodor’s Caribbean Cruise Ports of Call

Roseau Dominica Beach

Best Time to Visit Roseau Dominica

Dominica experiences a very stable, but hot, year-round temperature, with little to no fluctuations due to its southerly location near the equator.

There are just two different seasons, a dry and wet season, with the dry season running generally from December through to April and the wet season from May through to November.

The wet season is unpredictable and although some days the weather may be glorious, the next there may be violent storms.

Hurricanes have been known to hit the island too, especially during the Caribbean Hurricane Season, which coincides with the end of the wet season.

The dry season and particularly the period over Christmas and New Year, are the most popular and busiest times to visit, as the weather is great and many travelers from the north are looking for winter sun.

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Roseau Dominica

Where to Stay in Roseau Dominica

There is much accommodation to be found around the island, most of it on the low lying coastal regions, particularly on the more sheltered eastern side. Roseau has a great selection of hotels catering to different budgets and it’s a good choice for a stay on the island.

Here are a few great options to consider when planning your trip to Roseau Dominica.

  • Luxury hotel: Secret Bay  
  • Mid-range hotel: Hibiscus Valley Inn  
  • Budget hotel: Jacoway Inn  
  • Hostel: Sea World Guest House  

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Roseau Dominica

Language in Roseau Dominica

Although everything in Dominica appears named in the French language, the official language is, in fact, English, as the island was won by the British after it was first colonized by the French.

To confuse matters even more, many of the locals do still speak a French Patois dialect, although most will also speak excellent English too.

Roseau Dominica

Safety in Roseau Dominica

Dominica is a very safe island to visit within the Caribbean. Locals in the city and outside are all very friendly and welcoming, as there is an increasing reliance on tourism in the economy.

Always travel safely though, be careful of your belongings, especially on public transport, and in the rainy season, be careful in the mountains and on the roads.

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Roseau, Dominica, December 4, 2011. A panorama of Roseau, capital of Dominica.

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Woman walking down Jacko Steps to Layou River, Dominica.

Few islands in the Caribbean can compete with the sheer dramatic majesty of Dominica, with its boiling lake, rainforest-shrouded volcanoes, sulfurous hot springs and superb diving.

Best Things to Do

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Go from dreaming to planning with trip planning options made to help you craft your ideal itinerary.


Must-see attractions.

Dominica, Calibishie, Batibou Beach.

Batibou Beach

Easily Dominica's best beach, this gorgeously wild coconut-palm-fringed crescent has good swimming and snorkeling, and there's an (often unmanned) beach…

Middleham Falls

Middleham Falls

The trail to one of Dominica’s highest waterfalls (200ft) traverses thick rainforest with towering trees and ferns. Although well built and not terribly…

DOMINICA - APRIL 23: Ancient cannon in Fort Shirley, 18th century, old British outpost on the island of Dominica, Cabrits National Park, Dominica. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Cabrits National Park

The star attraction of this small national park on a forested headland a mile north of downtown Portsmouth is Fort Shirley, an impressively restored 18th…

Traditional basket weaving, Carib Heritage Village, Kalinago Barana Aute, Dominica

Kalinago Barana Autê

This re-created traditional village on the Crayfish River near the Isukulati Falls is a good spot to get an overview of Kalinago history and culture. The…

TiTou Gorge, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica

Ti Tou Gorge

The short swim from a swimming hole through a narrow gorge to a powerful waterfall is charmingly spooky; it's dark down there with steep vine-clad lava…

Trafalgar Falls

Trafalgar Falls

Just beyond the visitor center here you'll find a viewing platform with full-on views of the two side-by-side falls: the 125ft 'Father' fall and 75ft …

Freshwater Lake

Freshwater Lake

Shimmering shades of blue and green, Freshwater is the largest of Dominica’s four lakes and the source of the Roseau River. It is easily reached via a…

Touna Kalinago Heritage Village

Touna Kalinago Heritage Village

Created by former Kalinago chief Irvince Auguiste, this living village on the Pagua River was created to introduce visitors to the way of life of Dominica…

Top picks from our travel experts

The 8 best things to do on dominica.

Waitukubuli National Trail

Waitukubuli National Trail

The first long-distance trail in the Caribbean links Scotts Head in the far southwest with Cabrits National Park in the northwest, hitting all the key…

Champagne Reef Dive & Snorkel

Champagne Reef Dive & Snorkel

Right at the famous Champagne Beach, this outfit rents snorkeling gear for US$19, including the US$2 marine reserve fee, and also organizes boat dives,…

Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool

This lovely swimming hole is fed by a 40ft waterfall and hemmed in by sumptuous foliage which gives it its distinctive green tinge. It's one of Dominica's…

Old Market

This cobblestone plaza has been the center of action in Roseau for more than 300 years. It’s been the site of political meetings, farmers markets and,…

Dominica, Roseau, elevated town view, morning

Morne Bruce

Dominica’s president is among the residents of this rather exclusive hillside enclave above the Botanic Gardens. The main reason to venture up here is for…

Boiling Lake in the Valley of Desolation is the second largest solfatara, a volcanic vent emitting only sulphurous gases, water vapour or mud.

Boiling Lake Hike

Dominica’s preeminent trek, and one of its hardest, travels 4 miles to a 207ft-wide boiling lake, which is actually a flooded fumarole – a crack in the…

Dominica Museum

Dominica Museum

This small but interesting museum above the tourist office right near the cruise-ship pier provides an overview of the history of Dominica and its people…

Pointe Baptiste Estate Chocolate Factory

Pointe Baptiste Estate Chocolate Factory

Meet Alan Napier, whose grandparents came from Scotland to found the Pointe Baptiste Estate, and who took it upon himself to start making Dominica's first…

Point Baptiste Beach

Point Baptiste Beach

This beautiful quiet beach at the foot of a massive rock face has reddish sand, shallow waters and lots of shady coconut palms. You can snorkel right off…

Morne Trois Pitons Trail

Morne Trois Pitons Trail

At 4672ft, this dormant volcano is the highest elevation within the eponymous national park. The hike to the top is challenging, as it cuts through…

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Nov 15, 2022 • 14 min read

Known as the Nature Island, Nasha Smith shows you how to unwind in four dreamy days in Dominica.

CP7J5A A female walker negotiates the slippery rocky coastal section of Segment 13 of the Waitukubuli National Trail in Dominica

Oct 12, 2022 • 7 min read

Young woman using laptop at a cafe

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le voyage dominica

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A large sea turtle makes it way onto the sand after emerging from the sea

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le voyage dominica

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le voyage dominica

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le voyage dominica

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Dominica and beyond

Downtown Roseau

A view of a colourful tropical village near the sea in Soufrière, Dominica

The Perfect One Week Dominica Itinerary – Including Hotels for Every Budget

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Fully updated in January 2024

Dominica truly is a hidden gem among Caribbean destinations. Beautiful black sand beaches , impressive waterfalls , great hiking opportunities , unusual natural attractions and a fascinating traditional culture all combine to make this one of my favourite islands in the Lesser Antilles .

A red plant in front of a mountainous backround on Dominica

Despite the small size, you should spend at least one week on this beautiful and multifaceted island, to see the highlights, get a feel for the place and settle into its special groove. Read on for my personal guide on how to make the best of your stay in this tropical paradise!

This post may contain affiliate links, and I might earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. For more info, click here .

le voyage dominica

The Perfect One-Week Dominica Itinerary

  • Day 1: Roseau

Given the number of impressive natural attractions on Dominica, Roseau might not be the most spectacular place on the island, but I found it to have a certain charm and in my opinion it definitely deserves at least a few hours of your time .

le voyage dominica

For one, there are plenty of pretty historical wooden buildings , especially on King-George-V.-Street and in the French Quarter. Apart from that, Roseau has a some beautiful Botanical Gardens, and if you hike up Morne Bruce , you’ll be treated to an awesome view of the town and the surrounding bay.

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  • Budget Accommodation Tip: St. James Guesthouse or Ma Bass’ Guesthouse (Tel. +1 767-448-2999)
  • Midrange Accommodation Tip: Sutton Place Hotel
  • Luxury Accommodation Tip: Fort Young Hotel

Day 2: Soufrière

Soufrière on Dominica’s south-western coast is one of the prettiest villages on the island , with loads of cute brightly-painted houses and a great location near the famous snorkelling destination Champagne Reef .

le voyage dominica

We came to this part of the island to hike part of the spectacular Waitukubuli National Trail , which starts in nearby Scott’s Head and leads through some attractive landscapes. If you plan on doing the same, Soufrière’s warm sulphur springs are a great way to end your day and relax your aching bones.

See also: Hiking part of Dominica’s Waitukubuli Trail from Scott’s Head to Soufrière

  • Budget Accommodation Tip: Soufriere Guesthouse or Rodney’s Wellness Retreat (Camping)
  • Midrange Accommodation Tip: Rodney’s Wellness Retreat (Cabin) (Tel. +1 767-613-3417)
  • Luxury Accommodation Tip: Jungle Bay Dominica

Day 3 and 4: Trafalgar and Morne Trois Pitons National Park

In my opinion, Dominica’s lush centre is the best thing about the island , and Morne Trois Pitons National Park is without a doubt the most attractive region of the country . To explore the area, we based ourselves in small Trafalgar, which we found to be the perfect place to linger for a couple of days.

le voyage dominica

I suggest staying there for at least two nights and using the village as a base for hikes to the surrounding natural attractions, like the unique Boiling Lake and the Valley of Desolation , the cute Titou Gorge, or the atmospheric Freshwater and Boeri Lakes .

Trafalgar itself is also home to a set of impressive waterfalls and is located close to the village of Wotten Waven, which is a great place to recover from a day of strenuous hiking by taking a dip in some of the many warm springs .

See also: What to do in Trafalgar, Wotten Waven and Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica

  • Budget Accommodation Tip: Anthurium Apartment in Wotten Waven or D’Auchamps Cottages (Firefly Cottage) in Trafalagar
  • Midrange Accommodation Tip: Cocoa Cottage in Trafalgar
  • Luxury Accommodation Tip: Papillotte Wilderness Retreat in Trafalgar

Day 5: Rosalie and the Southeast

Next, you should make your way to the wild East Coast of the island, maybe stopping at the enchantingly beautiful Emerald Pool near Pont Cassé on the way. I found the tiny village of Rosalie on the southeastern coast to be the perfect base for exploring the surrounding area.

le voyage dominica

Must visit attractions in the area are the impressive Victoria Falls , the cute Secret Beach near Riviere Cyrique, as well as Wavine Cyrique , a magnificent waterfall going straight into the ocean, which can only be reached by a very adventurous hike.

During my time here, I stayed at the awesome 3 Rivers Eco Lodge , which is run by British expat Jem and his amazing staff. It’s a super friendly place and Jem is very knowledgeable about the surrounding area. Highly recommended!

See also: What to do in southeastern Dominica

  • Budget Accommodation Tip: 3 Rivers Eco Lodge (Dormitory or Camping)
  • Midrange Accommodation Tip: Rosalie Bay Eco Resort
  • Luxury Accommodation Tip: Citrus Creek Plantation

Day 6: Calibishie

Make your way up the eastern coast of Dominica. I suggest making a stop at the Kalinago Barana Aute Open Air Museum in Crayfish River , where you can learn about the fascinating culture of the native Kalinago People .

le voyage dominica

Afterwards, continue to pretty Calibishie Village , where you can check out the impressive Red Rocks , the atmospherically overgrown ruins of an old sugar mill and beautiful Hampstead Beach , which isn’t just my favourite beach on the island, but one of the most amazing black sand beaches I’ve ever visited anywhere in the world.

See also: Hampstead Beach and other things to do in Calibishie, Dominica

  • Budget Accommodation Tip: Louislyn Apartments or Douglas Guest House (Tel. 767-445-5253) (both in Portsmouth).
  • Midrange Accommodation Tip: Seacliff Eco-Cottages
  • Luxury Accommodation Tip: Oceanfront Villa

Day 7: Portsmouth

Dominica’s second city is the perfect place to end your tour of the island. At the historic Fort Shirley, you’ll be able to get a glimpse into the country’s colonial history while exploring the restored main complex and wonderfully overgrown ruins of the officer’s quarters.

le voyage dominica

Another cool thing to do in Portsmouth is to take a boat tour of the Indian River , which is surrounded by dense vegetation and populated by countless birds, crabs and lizards. It was also used as a filming location for the second Pirates of the Caribbean Movie, and there’s even a small reconstruction of the hut of Tia Dalma from the film.

From Portsmouth, it’s just a short drive down the coast to Roseau, where you can board ferries to the nearby islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe to continue your explorations of the Small Antilles.

See also: The Indian River, Fort Shirley and other sights in Portsmouth, Dominica

  • Budget Accommodation Tip: Louislyn Apartments or Douglas Guest House (Tel. 767-445-5253)
  • Midrange Accommodation Tip: Riverside Hotel
  • Luxury Accommodation Tip: Secret Bay Dominica

le voyage dominica

If you Have More Time

Ten days or two weeks on Dominica allow you to take a slower approach. You could spend more time in some of the places mentioned above. Trafalgar and Rosalie both make good bases for exploring the respective surroundings and definitely merit an extra day or two.

Otherwise, you could add some additional destinations. Pont Cassé in the centre of the island is a great base for some more adventurous hikes, for example to the top of Morne Trois Pitons and to Jacko Steps , location of a former camp of escaped slaves.

le voyage dominica

You could also spend a night in Crayfish River instead of just stopping by on your way to Calibishie, giving you more time to get familiar with Kalinago Culture . Most importantly, a couple of additional days give you more time to soak up the unique, relaxed atmosphere of the island.

A Two Week Itinerary for Dominica

If you indeed have two weeks to explore the island, I’d suggest the following itinerary:

  • Day 2: Hike Section 1 of the Waitukubuli Trail from Scott’s Head to Soufrière
  • Day 3: Travel to Trafalgar, Visit Trafalgar Falls and Papillon Gardens
  • Day 4: Trafalgar (Hike to Freshwater Lake and Boeri Lake)
  • Day 5: Trafalgar (Hike to Boiling Lake and Titou Gorge)
  • Day 6: Trafalgar (Middleham Falls and Warm Springs in Wotten Waven)
  • Day 7: Travel to Pont Cassé, Visit the Emerald Pool and Spanny Falls
  • Day 8: Pont Cassé (Hike to Jacko Steps or Morne Trois Pitons)
  • Day 9: Travel to Rosalie, Visit Wavine Cyrique Falls
  • Day 10: Rosalie (Visit Victoria Falls)
  • Day 11: Travel to Crayfish River, Visit the Kalinago Barana Auté
  • Day 12: Travel to Calibishie, Visist the Red Rocks and Hampstead Beach
  • Day 13: Travel to Portsmouth, do the Indian River Boat Tour
  • Day 14: Explore Fort Shirley National Park and Return to Roseau

This is almost exactly how we spend our time on Dominica and we were very happy with what we managed to see of the island in our two weeks.

If you Have Less Time

If you’re island-hopping and can really only afford a couple of days on Dominica, you can still see some of the essential sights the island has to offer.

Boeri Lake - A mountain lake surrounded by green hills on Dominica

For example, if you have three days, I would suggest that you move straight to Trafalgar and spend 2 days exploring the most important natural attractions of Morne Trois Pitons National Park (Boiling Lake, Freshwater and Boeri Lake, Titou Gorge, Middleham and Trafalgar Falls). On the third day, move up to Portsmouth to take a boat trip on the Indian River and explore historic Fort Shirley.

Accommodation on Dominica

If you want to base yourself in one part of the island for your explorations, check out my guide on Where to Stay on Dominica . You can browse for more than the suggested hotels and cottages in the map below:

Everything you need to know about visiting Dominica

How to backpack Dominica on a budget

How to get to Dominica by boat from Guadeloupe and Martinique

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Dominica is a Caribbean island country. It is referred to as the "Nature Island of the Caribbean" due to its spectacular, lush, and varied flora and fauna, which are protected by an extensive natural park system. The most mountainous island of the Lesser Antilles, its volcanic peaks are cones of lava craters and include Boiling Lake, the second-largest thermally active lake in the world.

Understand [ edit ]

Administrative divisions . 10 parishes: Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Joseph, Saint Luke, Saint Mark, Saint Patrick, Saint Paul, Saint Peter.

Climate [ edit ]

Tropical; moderated by northeast trade winds; heavy rainfall. Flash floods are a constant threat; destructive hurricanes can be expected during the late summer months and well into the fall.

Terrain [ edit ]

Rugged mountains of volcanic origin. Highest point Morne Diablotin 1,447 m

History [ edit ]

Dominica was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonized by Europeans, due chiefly to the fierce resistance of the native Kalinago people (called "Caribs" by Europeans). France ceded possession to Great Britain in 1763, which made the island a colony in 1805. In 1980, two years after independence, Dominica's fortunes improved when a corrupt and tyrannical administration was replaced by that of Mary Eugenia Charles, the first female prime minister in the Caribbean, who remained in office for 15 years. Some 3,000 Kalinago Indians still living on Dominica are the only pre-Columbian population remaining in the eastern Caribbean.

Tourist information [ edit ]

Talk [ edit ].

Languages  : English (official), French patois.

Cities [ edit ]

le voyage dominica

  • 15.3 -61.383333 1 Roseau — Capital
  • 15.573611 -61.459722 2 Portsmouth — The second largest town in Dominica. Ross University, a large American medical school was situated nearby but moved to Barbados after Hurricane Maria in 2017 and has not yet returned.

le voyage dominica

  • 15.2125 -61.366667 3 Scott's Head — Beautiful village at the end of the road on the southwest corner. Scott's Head wraps around the lip of a gently curved bay that happens to be the ancient crater of a volcano. Luckily for divers you can bring your own snorkel or scuba gear and walk out and admire what remains, a 160 meter deep coral lined hole that stretches for hundreds of meters. Several quaint shacks serve decent fare for decent prices. Villagers are curious as visitors are few. The main road ends at a small point on a hill that provides stunning views of both Scott's Head below and Roseau to the north.
  • Calibishie — Stretching from the rugged mountains of Pennville, through the picturesque fishing village of Calibishie to the crashing surf of the Marigot beaches, the Calibishie Coast is one of the few areas in the world where you can travel from the seashore to the littoral forest to the rain forest in little more than a mile. Experience palm-fringed beaches, freshwater rivers with secluded bathing pools, tumbling waterfalls and the soft wonder of the rain forest with its exotic birds and lush vegetation, all in a days' walk.
  • St. Joseph — Situated halfway up Dominica's West Coast, St. Joseph is one of the more urbanised villages on the island. Historically called "Senjo," the village is known for its fishing, cricket playing and vibrant festivals. While not typically on the tourist trail, it is near the popular Mero Beach and Layou River. St. Joseph was featured in the 1988 Demi Moore movie, The Seventh Sign .

Other destinations [ edit ]

  • 15.533333 -61.3 1 Marigot (Dominica) Melville Hall
  • Hampstead (Dominica)

le voyage dominica

  • 15.266667 -61.283333 2 Morne Trois Pitons National Park — A UNESCO World Heritage Site , it contains many attractions such as the Boiling Lake, the Freshwater Lake, Boeri Lake and Middleham Falls. Boiling Lake is a 12-mile round trip hike (8 hours), very steep mostly on steps and switchbacks. A guide is recommended for inexperienced back country hikers, the terrain is rough especially when wet (which it almost always is). The trail is well marked most of the way. The trail is indistinct in the Valley of Desolation but picks up again where vegetation begins. The hike is stunning and the bare volcanic mountain tops make for unforgettable views of rolling mountain tops and steamy volcanic vents. Trail ends at the Boiling Lake, a 100 meter wide lake that is being heated by a volcanic vent and is boiling.
  • Champagne — A snorkelling spot on the southern coast, underwater volcanic vents emit continuous streams of bubbles making the place feel like a giant glass of champagne. The fish and coral are slightly below average.
  • Glassy — An incredible and short 2-3 hour day hike in the southeast of the island. The trail begins nicely enough through some farm land and then plunges into a deep jungle valley then approaches the coast skirting steep cliffs to one side (not for those with vertigo). The trail ends on an old volcanic flow that juts into the ocean, waves roll all around crashing on all sides, little ponds collect some of the water from the crashing waves and some coral and fish make the ponds their home. When approaching the edges of the cliffs be aware waves have been known to throw people against the rocks or worse yet pulled them into the ocean to their certain death.
  • Jaco Steps — Ford the creek in Belles and hike into the a rain forest up the side of a nearly inaccessible forest plateau. In 30 minutes you will reach the Jaco Steps. There is not a clear consensus of why these steps were constructed many decades ago. To do a circular route by following the river upstream will add an hour at least to your journey and will involve multiple crossings of the river en route.
  • Central Region — The lushly forested and hand-farmed central region is sparsely populated and considered by many to be the most beautiful region. It consists of several villages:
  • Dleau Gommier
  • Jacco Estate : a rain forest with a few small farms, previously a coffee plantation, and prior to that, the headquarters of the Maroons.

Get in [ edit ]

The following persons do not need a visa to enter into the Commonwealth of Dominica:

Persons from the following countries wishing to enter into the Commonwealth of Dominica for a period not exceeding six months: Member States of the Commonwealth, CARICOM member states, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, United States of America;

Persons from the following countries wishing to enter into the Commonwealth of Dominica for a period not exceeding three months: Argentina, Belgium, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico Netherlands (including Netherland Antilles), Norway, People's Republic of China, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, United Kingdom and Venezuela

Passengers on tourist vessels, or any in-transit passenger or bona fide tourist, who is in possession of a return ticket and satisfies the Immigration Officer that he/she does not intend to remain in Dominica for longer than 21 days, are also exempt from visa requirements.

By plane [ edit ]

There are two airports in Dominica , Melville Hall (Douglas–Charles Airport) ( DOM  IATA ) and Canefield ( DCF  IATA ). Most commercial flights land at Melville Hall. However, the airport cannot accommodate jet aircraft. The island can be accessed through San Juan , Antigua , Barbados , St. Maarten , Martinique , Guadeloupe and other Caribbean hubs.

By boat [ edit ]

The most extensive official service is operated by Express des Isles , which runs services to Martinique and Guadeloupe ferries on most days of the week. Arrival in Roseau. E.g. one way to Martinique (July 2019) is €69 online + EC$86/US$33/€35 harbour tax payable in cash only at ferry terminal.

Cruise ships increasingly visit. A large pier serves many directly in front of the downtown area. If already occupied, ships dock at the industrial port about 1.5 miles away.

Get around [ edit ]

As far as freedom of movement and exploration a car can be invaluable. Though small, the island's tightly turning mountain roads make for relatively long journeys and a hair-raising experience. Driving is on the left hand side of the road and there are various car rental agencies at both airports.

  • Honk horn on hairpin turns especially during the day.
  • Beware of large trucks as their width forces other drivers off the road.
  • Watch for large pot holes and crumbling asphalt as roads can be in very poor condition.
  • Ask directions if lost, the locals are very friendly and informative.
  • When in mountains in torrential rains, consider stopping for a bit or at least going very slowly.
  • A compact is sufficient for most situations but a small 4x4 might also be nice. A large 4x4 would be cumbersome on the small streets.

Other travel options include bus or taxi. If you are on a low budget and have plenty of time then hitch-hiking or the bus will be fine (except on Sundays), although sitting in a bumpy bus for long trips on winding mountain roads is not the most comfortable thing to do. Taxi is more comfortable than the buses and may not be expensive, particularly if the fare is shared with 2 or more travellers. Whether you use the bus or taxi, make sure that you clearly agree to the destination and price before you start the trip.

See [ edit ]

le voyage dominica

This lush Caribbean island is called "the nature island" for a reason. Its beautiful, tropical natural riches are by far its main attraction. Where other Caribbean destinations pride themselves most on their white, palm-lined beaches, Dominica shows another side of the region. Head to the mountain village of Laudat for a hike through the UNESCO listed Morne Trois Pitons National Park . It encompasses some of the island's finest mountainous terrain in a 17,000-acre protected area. A proper hike will reward you with gorgeous misty lakes, waterfalls, rivers, hot springs and fumaroles in a setting of volcanoes and thick jungle. Enjoy the sight and take a swim at the Emerald Pool or explore the Titou Gorge.

From the gorge, true hikers should set out for the challenging six-hour hike to the boiling lake , the second-largest of its kind in the world and an amazing sight.

The capital of Roseau is a pleasant place to explore, with many restaurants, small shops and wonderful views of the mountains (to the east) and the Caribbean Sea (to the west). The town hums with the sounds of vehicles, Caribbean accents, and minor commerce (e.g. sidewalk BBQs, vendors selling clothing in street stalls). Head to the Botanic Gardens to get away from the hussle or sip a coffee in a gallery.

An old British Fort is on the north-west coast at Portsmouth. A small fee may be charged. Expect to spend 1-2 hours at the site. A guided tour through the recreated village of Kalinago Barana Autê in the Carib Territory gives an interesting insight in traditional Kalinago culture.

Scotts Head is a small isthmus on the southern tip of the island. It is also the name of the small community that is there. It takes about one hour to drive from Roseau each way. Scotts Head is a great place to hike up the steep outcrop, which offers a wonderful view of the south-west coast of Dominica and the Caribbean Sea (and even the island of Martinique to the south).

The Sisserou Parrot , best known as the Imperial Amazon, is endemic to Dominica. As a critically endangered species, it inhabits in mountain forests at 2,100 feet. The bird is the island's official national symbol and is featured on its national flag.

Do [ edit ]

le voyage dominica

Snorkelling is particularly good at Champagne, south of Roseau , and at Scott's Head . Scuba Diving, waterskiing, jet skiing, kayaking or other water sports are also possibilities. Note that kayaking or canoeing provide an alternative to the ocean and lets you experience the rivers and inland bodies of water throughout Dominica.

Whale watching, dolphin watching, or boat tours can be arranged from Roseau .

  • 15.25 -61.27 1 JC Ocean Adventures , Mero Village, Dominica , ☏ +1 767-449-6957 . varies . US$50-750 .  

Dominica's waters are also home to three species of marine turtles (Leatherback, Hawksbill, and Green turtle), and these gentle giants can be seen coming in to nest on shore during the months of April to October. Protected viewing sites are set up throughout the island, such as at Mangrove Bay on the Woodford Hill beach in the north east, or on the beaches of Portsmouth in the north west.

Hiking trip, biking, ATV tours, or zip lining are popular in forest areas. Hiking is one of the best ways to see Dominica and there are many wonderful hikes around the island of easy to challenging.

  • Middle Ham Falls . The waterfall is a wonderful reward at the end of this moderately difficult hike. Be careful on the trail as it can be a bit challenging in parts. The start of the trail is a fair distance north-east of Roseau so expect to spend about an hour driving each way. The hike may take about an hour each way. You'll want to spend at least 30 minutes enjoying your reward for the hike at the Middle Ham falls and pool.  
  • Valley of Desolation/ Boiling Lake . Make sure to leave yourself time to travel to/from this destination in addition to the lengthy and challenging hike. Expect to take a at least 8 hours round trip (including driving) - but it's worth the effort. Stunning scenery.  

Dominica rock climbing and canyoning is an encouraging and motivating experience. It tests strength and agility while experiencing some of the most breathtaking views of Dominica.

Dominica is known for their many island events and festivals. The Caribbean Islands love food, music, and celebration. Whether it’s a cultural gathering or a music festival Dominica offers it.

Many of Dominica’s resorts offer spa vacation services on the premise for a convenient way to get rejuvenated for the next day of activities.

  • The Kalinago Barana Autê , ☏ +1 767 445 7979 , [email protected] . Daily from 9AM to 5PM . This site shares history and traditions of the Kalinago people (caribs) from hundreds of years ago. It is located along the banks of the Crayfish-River near the Isukulati Falls in the Carib Territory of Dominica. The site consists of a reception center, snack bar and gift shops. To begin your tour, a footbridge crosses the river and gives way to a circular trail leading to a series of small huts throughout the village. There is a Karbet which is used for cultural and theatrical performances. Kalinago (carib) traditional activities at the village include canoe building, cassava processing, basket weaving and herb collection and preparation. The kalinagos (caribs) are the indigenous people of Dominica. Entrance fees are US$10 per person for a 30-45 minute guided tour .  

Buy [ edit ]

Money [ edit ].

The currency of the country is the East Caribbean dollar , denoted by the symbol: " $ " or " EC$ " (ISO currency code: XCD ), which is also used by seven other island nations in the Caribbean. The EC dollar is subdivided into 100 cents. It is pegged to the United States dollar at an exchange rate of US$1 = EC$2.70.

Coins circulate in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 cents and 1 dollar. Banknotes circulate in denominations of 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollars.

Shopping [ edit ]

le voyage dominica

The best local handicrafts are Kalinago-made baskets . The earth tone colors come from burying the fibers in the ground for different lengths of time. U.S. citizens (likely others) need to ensure that the materials from which they are made allow them to be taken back home.

Dominica is also well known for its music , so be sure to buy some local music while you are on the island. Genres range from jazz, reggae-dancehall, calypso & soca, to Cadence-lypso and Bouyon and which are popular Dominican genres. Visit during the last weekend in October and be treated to the World Creole Music Festival [dead link] or if you can't make it, ask for the best local artistes, and be aware of pirated copies!

Many kiosks and vendors line the shore at the main cruise ship dock. One excellent leather store faces the dock on the other side of the road. Just a short block inland lies a packed, open-air market with perhaps the island's best selection of souvenirs.

Look out for cacao sticks to make cocoa tea as a nice souvenir to take back home.

Eat [ edit ]

  • Black Boys Bar , Newtown ( end of Newtown before Castle Comfort look for sign on road ). 8AM - midnight . Eat and drink local food and rum at this waterside local-style bar. Try fried plantains, codfish and bakes, fried fish and tamarind balls under the coconut trees with BlackBoy's choice of reggae music.  

Drink [ edit ]

le voyage dominica

Freshly squeezed grapefruit is ubiquitous and is perfect with every meal. Coconut water is cheap and readily available by the side of the road. Another local specialty is sorrel. This red refreshing drink is brewed from the flowers of an hibiscus species common also in Jamaica. The popular locally brewed beer is Kubuli. Ask your hotel to set up a tour of the brewery.

There are many vendors of fruit juice in Roseau. Almost without exception this is non-pasteurized fruit juice with water and sugar added. The added water is usually chlorinated tap water. A juice vendor known as Pal sells his juice by the area where one can find a bus to Portsmouth. Pal is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable fruit vendors on the island. He sometimes has juice from rare fruits.

Quenchi is a local soft drink which comes in many different flavors. It can be found in every village (with diet varieties at the IGA in Roseau).

Sorrel, known as the Christmas drink for its red colour (and because it only flowers around Christmas) is made from boiled flowers. It tastes heavenly.

Avocado pear juice can be purchased in some small cafes and is certainly worth a try. Other flavours include soursop, passionfruit, grapefruit, orange, lime, beetroot.

The coffee is usually not very good, as most locals seem to prefer tea and juice, with the occasional exception. There are also a few coffee shops around the major towns.

Sleep [ edit ]

Many accommodations on the island are outside of the towns. For in-city accommodations, see the respective city articles.

  • 'Jungle Bay Resort & Spa' . Choose from 35 treetop cottages at this 'barefoot luxury' resort. Try the popular ' Jungle Spa Adventure Package' for the best value!  
  • Veranda View A small guest house in the north part of the Island, Veranda View is an ideal location to base yourself to tour the island. Located 15 minutes from the Melville Hall Airport, the guest house is easy to find on the main road in Calibishie.
  • 'Pointe Baptiste Villa and cottage' . Historic wooden houses on 25-acre property next to Calibishie includes lush coastal forest, landscaped garden, 2 beaches and numerous coves, wild fauna. Organic fruit, vegetables and herbs grown on the property.  
  • 'BareFoot Travel' . Offers a choice of over 30 properties in Dominica. Diving and Adventure Packages.  
  • '3 Rivers Eco Lodge' . Individual cottages, dormitory style accommodation, tent rental, as well as a bamboo tree house and two traditional carib Indian jungle huts made from local sustainable materials. The tree house and jungle huts are about 15 minutes hike into the rain forest out on the property.  
  • 'Beau Rive' . Stunning cliff views in Carib Territory, rooms are large and airy. Mark, the proprietor, is a charming host and points visitors to some lesser known attractions nearby. Ideal for independent travelers with a vehicle. The food and atmosphere in the dining room is impeccable and reflects the owner's cosmopolitan origins.  
  • 'Papillote' . Deep in the jungle built atop bubbling hot springs this little enclave puts you at the foot of the hike to Trafalgar Falls and considerably closer to the Boiling Lake trail head. On site there are two waterfalls, wild fauna, four beautifully set hot spring pools, resident chickens and peacocks. The kitchen serves excellent straightforward healthy fare with a decidedly Caribbean touch.  
  • 'WindBlow Villas' . Wind Blow Estate is a villa consisting of three separate suites, each offering total privacy and a full range of amenities for guests. The upper (Suite #1) and lower (Suite #3) feature one bedroom and one bath, a well-appointed kitchen and a spacious living room. The middle (Suite #2) features two bedrooms and two baths, full kitchen facilities and a spacious living room. Wind Blow is designed as a self-catering facility, though you may also wish to enjoy several of our excellent restaurants in the village of Calibishie, an easy 20 minute walk from Wind Blow.  

le voyage dominica

  • ' Nature Island Eco-village' , possibly the cheapest travel option. Only for adventure travellers. The site is only accessible by foot, including a river ford or zip line. Work trade can be arranged in some cases to cover cost of stay. Offers a hands on course in subsistence farming, organic farming and permaculture principles.
  • 15.27 -61.28 1 Sunset Bay Club & Seaside Dive Resort , Batalie Beach, Coulibistrie , ☏ +1 767-446-6522 . Check-in: 2PM , check-out: noon . A beachfront hotel which includes 8 double standard rooms, 4 quadruple standard rooms and 1 stand alone suite as well as an on-site restaurant, bar, dive centre, pool and sauna. varies .  
  • Manicou River Eco Resort , Everton Hall Estate ( Turn right at Poonkies retsuarant, Tanetane ), ☏ +1 767 616 8903 . Check-in: 1PM , check-out: 11AM . 99.00 .  
  • Serenity Lodges Dominica , Concord ( Marigot ), ☏ +1 7672855739 . Check-in: 3PM , check-out: noon . Stunning Mountain View Lodge offering affordable accommodation in a natural surroundings. Perfect for bird/nature lovers. Catering also for those seeking a more private personal experience. Meals are mainly organic and very tasty. River pools are 2 minute walks. Nature hikes, shops and wateralls are short distance. Spanish, English and French spoken. 37USD up .  

Work [ edit ]

All work permits are valid for one-year duration and can be renewed. An application involves the submission of two completed copies of the relevant form together with the following supporting documents;

  • Medical certificate;
  • Two testimonials;
  • Banker's financial reference/statement;
  • Police record/statement;
  • Proof of return ticket;
  • Two passport size photographs;
  • Marriage certificate (where applicable);
  • Letter stating duration and type of employment;

Work Exchange at Nature Island Eco-village Tourist permits do not permit work for money, however, work trade is not forbidden.

Stay safe [ edit ]

  • Dominica is one of the safest places to travel in the region.
  • There are no poisonous snakes or insects in Dominica

Take usual precautions when travelling around Dominica. Although rare, petty crimes are most likely to happen around Roseau. Elsewhere the island is extremely safe.

Stay healthy [ edit ]

le voyage dominica

Tap water is safe to drink, but since it is sometimes drawn straight from Dominica's many rivers, it has a tendency to turn brown after heavy rainfall. It's better to drink the bottled water available almost anywhere.

Basic healthcare is available at Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau.

North Americans moving to Dominica often experience boils for the first time and fingernail and toenail fungi. Stomach problems are rare among travellers.

Towns are sprayed with insecticides periodically to control the mosquitoes responsible for spreading Dengue fever. However, the spraying may not be done at the scheduled time and pesticides may drift into your home if the windows are open.

In the high lands and uninhabited central regions water is gathered at roadside springs. Sometimes the bus will stop and passengers will fill their water bottles. Locals prefer the taste of this water to bottled water.

Public water is bacterially safe to drink due to heavy chlorination and has the expected chlorine flavor.

Connect [ edit ]

Area code is 767, on the North American exchange.

Digicel [1] [dead link] is a local cellular company which provides prepaid plans for those visiting for short periods. Cable & Wireless and Orange also provide cell service.

le voyage dominica

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Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud

World renowned chef Daniel Boulud, our Global Culinary Ambassador, has created his first signature restaurant at sea—Le Voyage SM  by Daniel Boulud. Just as the name implies, travel is the inspiration for Chef Boulud’s tasty dishes. The global flavors he has infused into his menu are designed to give you a taste of the places that inspire him. To accompany the culinary experience is the most awarded wine collection at sea.

From the moment you step inside Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud, your experience will be so much more than a meal. The ambiance of the restaurant is the result of Jouin Manku’s Parisian creative talents—the duo architect-designer, Sanjit Manku and Patrick Jouin, responsible for the bars and restaurants of La Mamounia Marrakech as well as our own extraordinary Grand Plaza on all our Edge® Series ships. This imaginative duo draws inspiration from a multitude of cultures and merge cutting-edge technology with old-world craftsmanship. For Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud, the aesthetic is intimate and upscale, featuring soft tones, private banquette seating, and a stunning entryway.

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Dominican Daze


Unrivaled beauty in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Daze sails to the snow-white shores of the Dominican Republic from Miami, for plenty of time to lay by the beach and explore the city streets. Add a full day and night spent at the exclusive Beach Club in Bimini, Bahamas.

Dominican Daze • 5 Nights

Sailing on Valiant Lady

  Day 1

Departs at 06:00 PM, All aboard 2 hrs before departure

  Day 2

  Day 3

Puerto Plata

10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, local time

  Day 4

  Day 5

Beach Club at Bimini

08:00 AM - 07:00 PM, local time

  Day 6

Arrives at 06:30 AM. Please allow up to an hour for the Gangway to open to disembark

The Virgin Voyages Experience

From captivating coasts to laid-back island vibes, the exclusively adult cruise vacation of your dreams is here.

Terminal V at PortMiami

Uniting the energy of Miami with nautical nods to the history of sailing, we’re infusing our own terminal with the same incredible ethos as our ships.

Hassle-free embarkation

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Discover Taino Bay

Explore a new world-class cruise terminal packed with shops, restaurants, and entertainment — plus direct access to Puerto Plata’s historic center.

Exclusive access to The Beach Club at Bimini

From beach bonfires to private cabanas and floaty pool parties — all in a resort-like experience where you can actually let your salty hair down.

The places you'll go

From the Wynwood art scene to the world-renowned shores of Miami Beach, the Magic City is a perfect collision of relaxation and cultural exploration.

Tucked between the Cordillera Mountains and the Atlantic coast, this charming Dominican port embodies geographical duality at its best.

Besides exploring the islands’ incredible biodiversity, relax at our private beach club experience, Virgin Voyages Beach Club at Bimini.

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Welcome to Nature's Playground

A lush, low-key hideaway that has other caribbean islands green with envy. .

When it came to describing the island of Dominica, Columbus was lost for words. Asked by Queen Isabella of Spain for his account of the new discovery after his second voyage into the new world, he took a piece of paper, crumpled it, and tossed it onto the table. “That is Dominica,” he said. Over 500 years later, the Nature Island’s dramatic peaks, ravines, and adventure-filled terrain are still leaving visitors speechless.

Check below for all the many ways you can shed your cares and refuel your passions, here in Nature's playground. World-class diving, eco-trekking, lazy afternoons on airy verandas—no matter what your appetite or desire, your adventure awaits you on Dominica.


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  1. The Windrush Generation Looks Ahead

  2. Extrait du Documentaire sur Gilles NEPLAZ. Philomen Dupigny (sous titré en Français)

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  5. Returning To Dominica The Unspoiled Island

  6. Top 3 Ecolodges Around the World


  1. E Voyage Dominica

    Posted on Sep 11, 2022. E Voyage Dominica is excited to announce the release of our re-branding of you tour company in Dominica. Our cruise ship, hiking, yacht and rainforest tours are the perfect way to see the best of this beautiful island. Discover Dominica's rich heritage, culture and beautiful landscape with our pr...

  2. 6 Epic Things to do in Roseau Dominica (During a Cruise Stop!)

    Dominica Half-Day Tour: Freshwater Lake, Middleham Falls, Ti Kwen Glo Sho. Middleham Falls and Ti'tou Gorge Half-Day Excursion. 5. Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Dominica is famous for its natural, volcanic scenery, and the best place to experience this is in the magnificent Trois Pitons National Park.

  3. E Voyage Dominica

    E Voyage Dominica, Laudat. 132 likes · 6 talking about this. Elvis/E Voyage Dominica offers a variety of excursions and tours in Dominica, from rainforest hikes,

  4. Dominica travel

    Dominica. Caribbean. Few islands in the Caribbean can compete with the sheer dramatic majesty of Dominica, with its boiling lake, rainforest-shrouded volcanoes, sulfurous hot springs and superb diving.

  5. Experience Dominica, The Caribbean Island for Nature Lovers

    An adventure all your own. Whether you're looking for the best diving in the Caribbean, a hiking trip through the rainforest, or simply to soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh rainforest air, Dominica welcomes you! The Nature Island has everything from extreme sports to eco tours, from spas to whale watching, plus the Morne Trois Pitons ...

  6. The Perfect One Week Dominica Itinerary

    1 The Perfect One-Week Dominica Itinerary. 1.1 Day 1: Roseau. 1.2 Day 2: Soufrière. 1.3 Day 3 and 4: Trafalgar and Morne Trois Pitons National Park. 1.4 Day 5: Rosalie and the Southeast. 1.5 Day 6: Calibishie. 1.6 Day 7: Portsmouth. 2 If you Have More Time. 2.1 A Two Week Itinerary for Dominica.

  7. E Voyage Dominica

    E voyage Dominica is an exclusive personal tour company created in 2018 by Elvis Stedman, a professional and Island-Wide Tour Guide who enjoys showing travelers the best of his home country. About ...

  8. Dominica: Discover the Caribbean Island of Dominica

    the island. show more. Visit the Island of Dominica, immerse yourself in nature & adventure, and discover why Dominica is the best kept secret in the Caribbean.

  9. Dominica Travel Guide

    Get information on Dominica Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your Vacation hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and activities. Read the Fodor's reviews, or post your own.

  10. Dominica

    1 Marigot (Dominica) Melville Hall. Hampstead (Dominica) Boeri Lake in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. 15.266667 -61.283333. 2 Morne Trois Pitons National Park — A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it contains many attractions such as the Boiling Lake, the Freshwater Lake, Boeri Lake and Middleham Falls.

  11. Dominica: Places to Stay on the Island of Dominica

    Places that suit your nature. Dominica offers an array of places to stay as varied as its terrain. Guests can choose from spots that specifically cater to hiking and diving enthusiasts, ecotourism, or those seeking relaxation and restoration, or simply choose from a variety of high-end boutique villas, resort living, modest hotels, or simple ...

  12. Dominica 2024: All You Need to Know Before You Go

    About Dominica. Welcome to the Nature Island. Remote, affordable and, as yet, unspoiled, Dominica deserves more than a day's visit from your cruise ship. Spend a week (or more) exploring mountains covered by tropical rainforest, endless hiking trails, some 40 dive sites and black-sand beaches. You'll soon be plotting ways to return every year.

  13. History of Dominica

    The first written records in the history of Dominica began in November 1493, when Christopher Columbus spotted the island. Prior to European contact, Dominica was inhabited by the Arawak.Dominica was a French colony from 1715 until the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763, and then became a British colony from 1763 to 1978. It became an independent nation in 1978.

  14. République dominicaine : les incontournables

    Avec routard.com, toutes les informations Incontournables pour préparer votre voyage en République dominicaine. Carte République dominicaine, formalité, météo République dominicaine ...

  15. Voyage République dominicaine

    Préparez votre voyage en République dominicaine : incontournables et itinéraires, infos culturelles et pratiques, idées voyage, photos et forum. ... Punta Cana voyages papiers Posté le 21-04 ...

  16. Dominica: Guest Houses : Discover Dominica, the Nature Island

    Dominica Guest Houses. Want to delve into Dominica and really feel like a part of the country instead of someone just visiting? Then a guest house rental is the perfect choice. Combining all the cozy comforts of home with the luxuries and perks of a hotel, each charming property offers a totally unique and authentic way to experience the Nature ...

  17. Sustainable Luxury

    Coulibri Ridge is a sustainable, well-appointed, offgrid eco-resort located in Petit Coulibri, Dominica. Designed from its inception as a sustainable and resilient project, Coulibri Ridge offers all modern comforts in 200 acres of lush, secluded wilderness.

  18. Le Voyage Restaurant on Beyond

    Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud. World renowned chef Daniel Boulud, our Global Culinary Ambassador, has created his first signature restaurant at sea—Le Voyage SM by Daniel Boulud. Just as the name implies, travel is the inspiration for Chef Boulud's tasty dishes. The global flavors he has infused into his menu are designed to give you a taste ...

  19. We Just Dined at the Most Expensive Celebrity Cruises Restaurant

    Le Voyage is open nightly for dinner from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and the restaurant requires reservations. We strongly recommend booking pre-cruise, as it fills up quickly due to the limited capacity. The restaurant offers an a la carte menu for $75 that includes one starter, entrée, and dessert. Although, you can probably persuade the ...

  20. Entry Requirements

    Entry Requirements. A valid, up-to-date passport is required and must be presented to immigration and customs officials, along with your government-issued identification card (such as a driver's license). Be sure to make copies of your passport and I.D., and keep them in a separate location in case your documents are lost or stolen. Immigration ...

  21. Cruise from Miami to the Dominican Republic

    Dominican Daze. 5-NIGHT ROUND-TRIP SAILING FROM MIAMI. Unrivaled beauty in the Dominican Republic. Dominican Daze sails to the snow-white shores of the Dominican Republic from Miami, for plenty of time to lay by the beach and explore the city streets. Add a full day and night spent at the exclusive Beach Club in Bimini, Bahamas.

  22. Dominica: The Voyage

    The Voyage. Make your breakfast and your dinner 'unique'. Place your order and enjoy our worldwide cuisine. Every morning, we will offer you the "Daily menu". Let us know your intentions and be surprised by our "French touch" that we will adapt to your preference. Vegetarian, gluten free, we can daily cook for you.

  23. Dominica: Things to do on Caribbean Island of Dominica

    When it came to describing the island of Dominica, Columbus was lost for words. Asked by Queen Isabella of Spain for his account of the new discovery after his second voyage into the new world, he took a piece of paper, crumpled it, and tossed it onto the table. "That is Dominica," he said. Over 500 years later, the Nature Island's ...