Top 10 Travel Makeup Brush Sets

These makeup brush sets are the internet's top picks for traveling.

These Makeup Brush Sets Are The Internet's Top Picks For Traveling

Packing for a trip always has the potential to create more anxiety than it should, especially if you’re a makeup fanatic. Besides making sure the size of each product doesn’t go above TSA guidelines, deciding what to bring in the first place can be daunting. Some things are non-negotiable and others need to be replaced with airplane-friendly versions of themselves. Makeup brushes certainly fit the bill. For one, they make all the difference when it comes to application because while using your fingers is time-efficient, it can get messy very quickly. Still, quality makeup brushes are major must-haves that you won’t want to leave behind in a hotel or airport bathroom. In this case, investing in a travel makeup brush set means you can keep your trusty everyday tools safe and sound at home.

They also make dependable companions for other places, like your work desk, backpack, or glove compartment. You never know when a last-minute occasion will pop up, and that’s just too much pressure for one brush set. There are no rigid rules for choosing a travel makeup brush set—simply find a combination that best suits your routine. A simple, no-makeup-makeup look only needs a few brushes, while an elaborate beat, with, say, a smoky eye, requires multiple eye tools.

We’ve found some of the best-rated sets out there, and they satisfy a spectrum of makeup needs. From space-conscious minis to boldly designed, Instagram-ready tools, these travel makeup brush sets are as fashionable as they are functional.

How We Found The Best Travel Makeup Brush Sets

As always, this roundup was created with the help of our proprietary algorithm, which identifies our top picks using data from word-of-mouth recommendations, expert reviews, best-seller lists, and more. Keep reading to discover each standout.

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January 26, 2022

Product Expert: Georgia Jones

The Rankings

More Than Magic Brush And Bag Set

More Than Magic Brush And Bag Set

Overall Score

13 User Reviews

Best Seller

Industry Recognition

Social Buzz

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In order for any product to be featured on Rank & Style, it must first meet the requirements set by our algorithm—a vetting process that allocates points based on consumer and industry data to score and rank products within a given category.

WHO IT'S FOR: If you're a makeup novice who's practicing an everyday, low-maintenance look, consider this ultra-cute and affordable set.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes a powder brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, and an angled brush. 

Moda Brush Total Face 7pc Travel Sized Makeup Brush Set With Travel Flip Case

Moda Brush Total Face 7pc Travel Sized Makeup Brush Set With Travel Flip Case

54 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: If you want to perfect your smokey eyes and arches, this seven-piece set has you covered.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes a powder brush, foundation brush, angled eyeshadow brush, smoky eye brush, pointed lip brush, and travel-friendly case. 

More Colors

E.l.f. Cosmetics 11pc Brush Collection

E.l.f. Cosmetics 11pc Brush Collection

796 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: Look to this kit when you want to go all out for special occasions—think your BFF's wedding.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes a large powder brush, tapered foundation brush, tapered eye crease brush, tapered flat concealer brush, soft rounded eyeshadow brush, angled eyeliner brush, and an eyebrow brush.

IT Brushes for Ulta Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set

IT Brushes for Ulta Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set

200 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: From last-minute date nights to Youtube tutorials, this high-quality brush set is perfect for anyone in need of the basics.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes a large face powder brush, dense foundation brush, narrow crease brush, flat concealer brush, rounded eyeshadow brush, and an angled eyeliner/eyebrow brush.

Sigma Beauty Multitask Brush Set

Sigma Beauty Multitask Brush Set

9 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: Want to save space and maximize a small brush collection? Meet your match.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes a detail blending brush, eye shading brush, tapered face brush, large angled contour brush, and a multitasker brush.

Real Techniques Travel Essentials Makeup Brush Set With 2 In 1 Case & Stand

Real Techniques Travel Essentials Makeup Brush Set With 2 In 1 Case & Stand

126 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: For those who are all about the five-minute makeup look, this three-pack of brushes couldn't be more perfect.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes a foundation brush, shadow brush, multitasking brush, and a case that can also function as a brush stand.

BK Beauty Travel Brush Set With Pouch

BK Beauty Travel Brush Set With Pouch

103 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: If you want a skin- and animal-friendly approach to makeup on the go, look no further than this beautiful brush set.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW:  This set includes a foundation brush, flat blush brush, defined crease brush, shader brush, and pencil blender brush, all made with vegan fibers.

Sephora Collection Deluxe Brush Set

Sephora Collection Deluxe Brush Set

73 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: The beauty influencer who's all about the details will definitely appreciate this all-inclusive brush set.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes 10 brushes: five for the face, four for the eyes, and one for the brows.

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set

17501 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: If you're a makeup fanatic on a budget, Real Techniques has you covered with this set.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes four everyday brushes, along with a makeup sponge and sponge case.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mini Brush Set

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mini Brush Set

29 User Reviews

WHO IT'S FOR: If you like to blend fashion and function, Charlotte Tilbury has you covered with this gorgeous makeup brush set.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set includes four mini brushes: face powder, eye smudger, eye blender, and precision, all inside a stylish clutch case.

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Makeup Brush Sets for Creating the Perfect Looks

Options for makeup experts and beginners alike.

Makeup brushes are seen backstage at the Tokyo James Fashion Show during the Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 on September 24, 2022 in Milan, Italy.

Caring for Your Makeup Brushes

  • What to Look for

Best Makeup Brush Sets

Meet the expert.

Gabrielle Ulubay

When it comes to applying an impeccable face of makeup, your brushes are crucial. Think of yourself as a painter and of your face as a pristine canvas: The tools you're using are bound to impact the thickness, saturation, and depth of the colors you apply. That's why, when investing in a makeup brush set, you should pay attention to details like brush types and bristle quality to ensure that you have the best products possible to achieve your ideal look.

But with all the types and brands of makeup brushes on the market, you can easily feel overwhelmed while trying to find the best makeup brush set for you. Thus, I've asked celebrity makeup artist Elaina Badro for her top tips on how to select, use, and care for your makeup brushes. Plus, we've combed the internet to bring you makeup brush sets that are well worth your investment.

Badro reminds us that makeup brushes don't last forever, but you can get more bang (and years) for your buck by investing in premium products.

"Cheap quality makeup brushes barely last due to poor quality bristles and handles," she explains. "They tend to break and shed much more. Quality makeup brushes can last anywhere from two to five years. Some individuals take such good care of their brushes, or barely use them, that I've heard of them lasting for even seven years, although I would opt for new ones by then!"

No matter the quality of your brushes, though, she says that you should learn how to take care of them, especially if you want them to last. "Keeping makeup brushes clean allows for the longevity of the bristles," she says, "especially because it will prevent mold growth as well."

And caring for makeup brushes doesn't just extend their shelf life—it also keeps your skin clean and clear.

"It’s essential to wash makeup your brushes!" stresses Badro. "Opting out from washing your makeup brushes can cause blemishes, allergic reactions, and can even result in an infection." In that vein, she also advises, "To help avoid skin infections, do not share your makeup brushes!"

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

When it's high time to clean your brushes, you're going to need to do more than a simple rinse. We asked Badro about the best strategy for thoroughly cleansing makeup brushes, and she delivered.

"Wash your hands first," she begins, and advises that you then "pour mild shampoo into the palm of your hand or into a bowl, then run bristles under lukewarm water." One the brush is soaked, she says to "dip bristles into the shampoo and swirl in a circular motion. Lather repeatedly to ensure that all makeup residue comes off." Be sure to repeat until your water starts running clear!

Once you no longer see pigment coming off of the brush, Badro says, "Rinse the bristles under lukewarm water. Steer clear of immersing the entire brush, as this can cause the adhesive/glue to break down, resulting in the ferrule to disassemble from the bristles and/or handle."

Once you're sure that the brush is clean and that the water is running clear, Badro says, "Squeeze the water out of the bristles. You can also use a paper towel to squeeze out excess water."

Finally, it's time to let dry! "Shape and smooth the bristles with your fingers to make sure they are not bent and/or warped," says Badro. "Lay each brush flat to dry horizontally on a paper towel or towel, ensuring that they are not touching each other. Refrain from placing wet brushes in a vertical container. This can also cause the adhesive/glue to dissolve resulting in the ferrule to disassemble from the bristles and/or handle."

What to Look for In a Makeup Brush Set

When shopping for a makeup brush set, it's important to consider a number of factors. First, shoppers should realistically assess how many makeup brushes they need in their sets. For instance, someone who doesn't wear much makeup or who likes a pared-down routine might not opt for a set with over 10 brushes in it. On the other hand, if you like to blend, contour, and experiment, it may be best to look for a set with more brushes in it so you can achieve the exact look you're going for.

One should also know what kinds of brushes they need. Makeup brushes can be used for the face, eyes, or brows, and you can find collections that focus on one particular part of the face as well as ones intended to meet every need.

Brushes for the Face

If you're in need of brushes for face makeup like foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighter, there are a few options that Badro says you should start with.

"The best types of makeup brushes to cater to your blush, bronzer, and highlight should be an angled multi-purpose brush," she says. "The angled brush allows you to sculpt and define the facial features." Foundation brushes , meanwhile, are wider, focused less on precision and more on distributing product for an airbushed look.

Brushes for the Eyes

"Eye brushes that are smaller allow for precision, which are ideal for smaller eyes," says Badro—but that doesn't mean that eye makeup brushes are one-size fits-all. There are several types of eye makeup brushes on the market, each of which has a particular use.

"Shader brushes help to pat shadow onto the lid and/or brow bone," Badro explains. Meanwhile, flat tip brushes are made for precision.

"If you have hooded eyes, use flat tip brushes that will allow you to create a 'cut-crease,'" she says. "Typically, the tighter the bristles on the brush, the higher the coverage."

And when it comes to eye makeup, Badro stresses, "It's very important to blend, blend, blend!" Therefore, she says, "Blending brushes are great for the crease of the eye"—this way, your makeup looks soft and smoky rather than jarring.

makeup brush set

"The best type of brush for applying foundation depends on what you want the finished look to appear like," says Badro. "For instance, smaller foundation brushes while stippling can help to create more coverage. Duo Fiber Brushes are great to thoroughly blend foundation without leaving harsh  lines." She adds that, to create an "airbrushed" look, users can apply their cream or powder foundation in a circular motion using these brushes.

Pros: expert-approved; soft bristles; good for blending; different sizes allow for application to different parts of the face (i.e., the smaller brush is great for the under-eye area)

Cons: small set

makeup brush

If you love luxury and are in the market for a new set of brushes, Badro recommends checking out Tom Ford’s collection . The brushes are sold separately rather than in pre-curated sets, but that just makes it easier for you to customize your purchase by choosing from their line of 10 premium, synthetic hair options. In particular, Badro recommends including this bronzer brush in your repertoire. "The Tom Ford #05 Bronzer Brush is a bit pricey, but it truly is great for all over bronzy-look," she says. “This is because the bristles are synthetic and allow for a sheer coverage. Less is more when it comes to luxury makeup brushes.”

Pros: expert-approved; luxurious; long-lasting; customizable set; ergonomic handle

Cons: expensive

Sublime Perfection Brush Duo

When it comes to concealing and highlighting in particular, Badro recommends this set of brushes from beloved makeup brand Pat McGrath. “Pat McGrath's ‘Sublime Perfection Brush Duo’ is great for concealer,” says Badro of the set of thin, precision- oriented brushes. “These brushes are wonderful for layering and building makeup.” With their angled design, they’re also made to cater to the unique contours of the face, so you don’t need to worry about getting makeup in places where you hadn't intended.

Pros: expert-approved; precise; great for layering

Cons: some users say the bristles aren't soft

Customer Review: "Bristles are a little prickly but otherwise very well functioning brush. Both brushes are great for concealer and my liquid highlighter." -Pat McGrath

makeup brush set

For a complete brush set that includes options for both your face and eyes, consider this vegan, PETA-approved set from Hourglass. It includes a number of their bestsellers, including Badro’s favorite, the Veil Powder Brush. “The ‘Veil Powder Brush’ by Hourglass is a great brush!” she gushes. “Who doesn't love a double sided brush?! Although I suggest throwing it in your bag, as it doesn't stand up on i's own for obvious reasons. The smaller side is great for setting the under-eye area, while the larger side can really be used all-over.”

Pros: includes options for both face and eyes; expert-approved; comes in a carrying case; vegan; cruelty-free

Cons: expensive; large

Customer Review: "The brushes themselves are nice and there is a good variety of them. However, I am not sure why this is marketed as travel size. The bushes are all their usual sizes and the case is nice but certainly not compact in any way." -Sephora

six piece makeup brush set

This brush set from Badro’s eponymous brand is a great value, filled with brushes for both the face and eyes, including a number of bestsellers. Highlights include a foundation brush, contour brush, and four unique eye brushes, one of which is the blending eye brush, which Badro calls a top seller. She explains, “The design of the brush was created with functionality in mind—it allows for a seamless blend.” Plus, she adds that the ferrules on these brushes are “made of copper, so overall you have better blending and less shedding!”

Pros: expert-approved; includes both face and eye brushes; big value

Cons: not as many face brushes as eye brushes

Morphe X Ariel Signature Look 12-Piece Face & Eye Brush Set

This set from Morphe is an incredible value, with 12 premium brushes coming in at under $100. It contains both face and eye brushes, including options for foundation, blush, setting, concealer, bronzing, and more. Some of the brushes are best for powder products while others are intended for cream products, so this is perfect for the makeup aficionado or for anyone who loves experimenting and mixing their routine up. The set even includes a soft blending sponge. 

Pros: includes eye brushes, face brushes, and a blending sponge; long-lasting

Cons: some users find the bristles brittle

Customer Review: "The brushes are the perfect density and softness where my makeup always comes out looking airbrushed on my face! I have had them for a year and they still are in perfect condition." -Ulta

Everyday Eye Essentials Makeup Brush Set

If you love going hard on your eye makeup, this is the set for you. It includes shading, creasing, and defining brushes that work on both powder and liquid eyeshadows, so you can create smoky eyes, contoured lids, or dramatic works of makeup art. Plus, the set includes a fine liner brush for liquid or gel eyeliner, a smudge brush for creating grunge-y and effortless looks, and even a lash separator for banishing pesky mascara clumps.

Pros: affordable; clean; cruelty-free; vegan; sustainable packaging

Cons: some users say the brushes shed easily

Customer Review: “These brushes are a must. The bristles are so soft creating the perfect match for blending. Not to mention the grip they have to be able to motion them back and forth with ease.” -Ulta

makeup brush set with case

This makeup brush set is simple, small, and minimalist, making it perfect for travel, for keeping in your desk at the office, or for stowing away in your purse for emergency touch ups on the go. It includes a foundation brush, powder brush, and eyeshadow brush, all of which are made from soft bristles that are easy to use and to blend with. Plus, the set comes in an adorable makeup bag that you can use to store all your other makeup essentials. 

Pros: small enough for travel; vegan; comes with a carrying case

Cons: doesn't contain as many brushes as other, fuller sets

Customer Review: "I love it, they are a perfect size to keep in your bag, their bristles are soft." -Sephora

mini brush set in case

This is another great makeup brush set for the makeup enthusiast on the go. It comes in a handy case made from luxurious velvet, and includes four brushes—two for the eyes and two for the face. One brush is designed for applying powder formulas to the face, such as setting powder, and another has a more precise design that’s ideal for applying highlighter, bronzer, or blush. Meanwhile, the eye brushes, one of twitch is for smudging while the other is for blending, are great for creating a myriad of soft, smoky, or monochromatic looks.

Pros: includes both face and eye brushes; comes in a carrying case

Cons: carrying case isn't big enough to fit other brushes; brushes are limited

Customer Review: "I did think this was expensive but I just had to have it and I am not disappointed because I LOVE it. The colour of the pouch is gorgeous, the set looks very classy and the brushes are great. Perfect for people like me who like to travel." -Bloomingdale's

dual ended makeup brush set

Although I own a lot of beauty products, from skincare to tools to makeup, I do like to keep things as pared down as possible. That means opting for products that have more than one use and therefore save some much-needed space, and a great example is the dual-ended makeup brush. These brushes, unfortunately, can’t be stood up, but they’re great for travel, for consolidating makeup products, and for streamlining one’s makeup routine. This set from Jenny Patinkin includes option for the face, for applying eyeshadow, and even for applying eyeliner and brow products. Plus, they come in a compact, travel-ready case.

Pros: brushes are dual-ended; saves space; large number of bristles on each brush

Cons: brushes can't be stood up

Elaina Badro

Elaina Badro is a makeup artist from Southern California who has worked with celebrities, fashion brands, and magazines. She founded her eponymous beauty brand to include high-quality tools and skincare, including makeup brushes, and is committed to providing beauty enthusiasts with makeup tips that bring results. She is currently based in California.

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Gabrielle Ulubay is a Beauty Writer at Marie Claire. She has also written about sexual wellness, fashion, culture, and politics both at Marie Claire and for publications like The New York Times, Bustle, and HuffPost Personal. She has worked extensively in the e-commerce and sales spaces since 2020, including two years at Drizly, where she developed an expertise in finding the best, highest quality goods and experiences money can buy. As a film school graduate, she loves all things media and can be found making art when she's not busy writing.

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best travel brush set


How To Pick & Pack The Best Travel Friendly Makeup Brushes

08 dec how to pick & pack the best travel friendly makeup brushes.


So, you’ve got your travel size makeup and your skincare packed onboard for an in-flight pamper, but your makeup brushes are a mess. Well, here’s a solution.

The makeup you pack for your holiday will only get you so far if you don’t have the tools to apply it. Whether you want a sun kissed beachy glow on the Mykonos shores, or a brown smoky eye in the Ibiza clubs, knowing which makeup brushes to travel with can be a bit of a hassle. But we’ve got you covered.

From singular portable makeup brushes, to travel brush sets, we’ve found the best travel friendly makeup brushes. These tools will have your makeup looking effortless on the go, and your makeup bags looking orderly. Read on!

Learn How To Pick Travel Friendly Makeup Brushes:

  • Find Retractable Travel Makeup Brushes
  • Look out for Multi-Tasking Makeup Brushes
  • Try Mini Makeup Travel Brush Sets
  • Get A Travel Makeup Case To Protect Your Brushes
  • Importance Of Packing Your Makeup Brushes Properly

1. Purchase Retractable Brushes

If you are not able to purchase a makeup case with pockets and separators, then opt for retractable brushes. These are great if you want to avoid your makeup brushes touching and spreading germs and bacteria.

best travel brush set

Retractable Face Brush

Nude by nature.

The Nude By Nature Retractable Brush is a perfect face brush for travel . You can use this multi purpose brush for your bronzer, setting powder or blush, because its bristles are dense which to help apply as much product as you desire. Additionally, this brush comes with a cap, therefore limiting the chance of the brush grabbing onto dust or bacteria in your bag.

best travel brush set

Retractable Lip Brush

Bobbi brown.

This Bobbi Brown retractable lip brush makes applying your favourite lipstick a piece of cake. Its fine, flat hairs gives you clean precision.

Its small enough to throw in your bag, so you can touch up on-the-go, and you have peace of mind knowing it won’t get dirty whilst you travel.

Portable & Concealer Brush 150

Fenty beauty.

This portable Fenty brush is every contour lovers dream. The bristles are soft synthetic, making it gentle on the skin, and are cut to ensure precision and even blending. It’s multi-purpose use as a concealer brush makes it perfect to touch up and hide any imperfections on the go. Moreover, its magnetic cap ensures that your makeup brush is protected and easy to travel with , ready to conceal away your jetlag and chisel out your cheekbones.

2. Look For Multi-Tasking Travel Brushes

Why have one brush when you can have two or three!

best travel brush set

Double-Ended Complexion Brush

The Hourglass brush is a great 2 in 1. With its high-grade synthetic fibers, this dual ended brush gives you flawless application. It’s secured with brush caps, keeping it hygienic in your luggage. The smaller brush end is perfect to conceal under your eyes and the larger brush is perfect to buff in foundation and powder to achieve that perfect base wherever you are!

best travel brush set

T-Kit 3-in-1 Brush Set

Trinny london.

A three in one stackable brush set for defining lips, brows and eyes. With cruelty-free synthetic, quick drying fibers, this portable brush kit needs to be in your travel makeup kit when you need to pack light. They also all stack together quickly with a magnet fit, making it quick to apply and go!

best travel brush set

Retractable Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush

This eyeshadow brush the ultimate on-the-go tool. Featuring dual retractable ends with a cap so you know the powder wont litter all over your cosmetic bag. Apply both creams and powder eyeshadow and even use it for concealer if you wish.

The soft and silky bristles will last forever with proper care and washing, a worthy investment for the regular jetsetter.

3. Try A Mini Makeup Brush Set

Mini kits are usually smaller versions of their large sized counterparts but made from the same materials.

A hot tip: Store them in your carry on luggage so they’re a bit more protected & you can also freshen up on a long-haul flight if you need.

best travel brush set

Voyager Travel Brush Set

This mini travel brush set is perfect for your travel bag. Whether you want to get glam’d before you hop off your flight, or have limited room in your luggage, you’ll be prepared for anything. It comes with four soft brushes; a concealer brush, two eye shadow brushes and a brow or liner brush.

It’s perfect for touch ups throughout the day and to blend your makeup seamlessly! The small brush handles gives you more control of your application and it even comes in a mini travel case.

best travel brush set

Most-Wanted Brush Set

With a combination of face and eye brushes that were made to be easier to hold, these brushes can create that flawless foundation appearance and softened eye look for any occasion.

This set includes a blending brush, a pencil brush, a tapered blending brush, a tapered highlighter brush and flat kabuki foundation brush. A brush for every step of your makeup routine.

4. Buy a Separate Case to House Your Travel Makeup Brushes

Purchasing a good makeup case that has separate compartments will ensure your makeup brushes stay clean throughout your travels. Firstly, make sure they are cleaned prior, so that they start off fresh. Allow them to dry before packing (this could take a day) because water can cause damage to the end of the brush it it seeps through. It can loosen bristles and build bacteria, making you worse off than where you started.

best travel brush set

4-Way Professional Travel Makeup Bag

If you’re a makeup lover, then this travel makeup case is large enough to store everything you own. This sturdy case has a handy brush holder compartment that is dirt-resistant and water-resistant, making it hygienic and easy to clean.

Your brushes will remain protected with a covering and the brush slots are made to withstand turbulence. If you’re headed for a 6 month holiday, you can store your whole life in this travel case!

best travel brush set

Jet Set Vanity Bag

Mecca cosmetica.

This brush bag is the perfect size to store your brushes and other essential travel products. You can store your makeup brushes protectively on one side, and store skincare in the zipped pouch.

This is a jet setters dream, as the same suggests, as it keeps all your items separated and clean.

Why Is It Important To Store Makeup Brushes Properly When Travelling?

Protecting and properly storing your makeup brushes when travelling is important, as they can get dirty amongst the dust and junk at the bottom of your bag.

Dirty makeup brushes can lead to clogged pores, premature aging and can cause breakouts from different bacteria build up on your brushes.

Try not to throw your brushes in with your makeup, store them separately in a different bag, preferably one with slots so that you can separate your brushes individually so bacteria doesn’t transfer between brushes. Make sure to clean them often to improve its longevity!

Keeping your makeup brushes clean when travelling can be easy once you’ve picked the right products.

If you want to make sure your makeup brushes make it to the other side, it all comes down to maintaining and caring for them as you would your makeup products. Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes will improve their life, as it avoids a build up of bacteria, which can ultimately damage your brushes.

When travelling, store your brushes in a makeup case that has individual brush slots. This will stop the transmitting of bacteria to each brush.

Do you have any other tips for makeup brushes? Let us know!

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best travel brush set

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Every product on this page was chosen by a Harper's BAZAAR editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

best makeup brush sets 2023

The 21 Best Makeup Brush Sets to Upgrade Any Collection

If you're reading this, it's probably time to buy some new makeup brushes

Ultimately, your makeup look is only as good as the tools you decide to sweep, swirl, and blend products on your face with.

Shop the Best Makeup Brush Sets

Makeup Brush Set

Most Popular Makeup Brush Set

Bs-mall makeup brush set.

The Mini Brush Kit

Best Makeup Brush Set for Travel

Jones road the mini brush kit.

24-Piece Professional Brush Collection

Best New Makeup Brush Set

Hannah martin x ciaté london 24-piece professional brush collection.

The Brush Collection

Best Every Day Brush Set

Saie the brush collection.

Women's Sustainable Luxury 6-Piece Dual-Ended Makeup Brush Set

Best Foolproof Makeup Brush Set

Jenny patinkin women's sustainable luxury 6-piece dual-ended makeup brush set.

Magic Mini Brush Set

Best Every Day Makeup Brush Set

Charlotte tilbury magic mini brush set.

Artistique Brush Trio

Best Makeup Brush Set for Definition

Surratt beauty artistique brush trio.

Professional Brush Set

Best Ergonomic Makeup Brush Set

E.l.f. cosmetics professional brush set.

Tami Professional Makeup Brush Set

Best Grippy Makeup Brush Set

Laruce tami professional makeup brush set.

Black Bag Bundle 4

Most Gift-Worthy Makeup Brush Set

Artis black bag bundle 4.

And as an added shopping bonus, many of these tools are available for under $100, which means you're getting a little more bang for your buck. These natural- and synthetic-hair brush bundles are so luxe, we won't blame you if you decide to scoop up a couple sets just for yourself—and put off cleaning your most-loved brushes a little longer.

Here, the best makeup brush sets that can make just about anyone feel like a pro.

Related: The Best Makeup Gift Sets For the Ultimate Beauty Lover

This complete makeup brush bundle—which includes a number of essentials for the face and eyes—has over 125,000 satisfied customer reviews from Amazon shoppers, with nearly a five-star rating. And did we mention the 14-piece set is available for under $10?

Customer review:

"I love this set. If you are looking for a complete, everyday makeup brush set, I highly recommend this one, especially if you're a beginner wanting to learn all the little brush functions without spending a fortune to play around with techniques. I was pleased to receive the brushes in their own travel case and individually wrapped. The bristles are soft enough for a smooth application and firm enough not to leave streaks, which is always desirable." — Latosha R.

You'll find mini versions of Jones Road's blush, detail, eye blending, and eyeliner brushes in this small but might set, which happen to be developed by a makeup legend . The Italian-made bundle also happens to make a great beauty gift for anyone who likes to keep their application simple.

"The Jones Road brushes are the best! And the minis are easy to work with." — Marsha C

Ciaté London collaborated with celebrity makeup artist Hannah Martin to create this limited-edition, professional-level brush set. In addition to buttery vegan hair fibers and FSC-approved wood handles, the set also nicely includes a handsome vegan carrying case.

If you're a fan of Saie's makeup best-sellers, we're betting you'll love applying them with this four-piece brush set from the brand. In addition to essentials for your base makeup and cream or balm products, the set also includes brushes specially designed for your powder, along with a dual-ended option for highlighter, concealer, or bronzer.

Since each of the brushes in this set—which include two for face, one for brows and liner, and more—are dual-ended, it's almost like they're getting two for the price of one.

If you're gifting a friend or family member who isn't one to spend a ton of time crafting their cheek and eye contours, surprise them this streamlined and travel-ready brush set from Charlotte Tilbury.

"This is an absolutely stunning set. Beautiful red velvet case with perfect size brushes." — Candlelover20

This set of three pro-level brushes include staples to define cheek contours, blend out eyeshadow, and emphasize you lash line with ease. And to get the most out of your natural hair brush set, try washing your them once a week with a conditioning shampoo.

Beauty enthusiasts are raving about this ergonomic 12-piece set from e.l.f, with one satisfied customer writing, "Already in love with e.l.f products but their brushes are so freaking amazing! They are soft and great quality, they are very durable, super easy to clean, and helps blend makeup smoothly! Definitely going to buy another set."

This five-piece set of synthetic complexion brushes is perfect for blending out creams and powders, and their signature handle designs ensure they won't accidentally slip out of your fingers mid-swipe.

This ergonomic brush set nicely contains all the essentials—from the makeup brushes themselves to the thoughtful brush cleaning wipes—making it an extra ideal gift for the artist in your circle.

Luxie Beauty Brush Set in Rose Gold (30-Piece)

Brush Set in Rose Gold (30-Piece)

Take your pick of 30 different brush options in this well-rounded set. And since its zippered carrying case contains a number of compartments for each type—including eye, complexion, blending, and more—you can easily stay organized as you apply your makeup.

Rae Morris Personal 8-Brush Set and Plate

Personal 8-Brush Set and Plate

Here's a professional-level brush collection that's made in Japan, and sophisticated enough for of any countertop. The set even includes its own magnetized plate that makes keeping track of your tools a breeze.

It Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101

Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101

Here's a fluffy, five piece set that's meant to mimic the effect of airbrush makeup, and contains designated brushes for your foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and powder.

EcoTools Vibes Makeup Brush Set

Vibes Makeup Brush Set

If you're looking to live more sustainably , consider this best-selling brush set from EcoTools. Not only are the brushes made from recycled aluminum and plastic with bamboo handles, but its bristles also feature rounded edges for easy makeup application.

"Great gift—got these for my friend for Christmas and she loved them! Super soft!" — Mykenzie

Hourglass Cosmetics Vegan Brush Collection (Limited Edition)

Vegan Brush Collection (Limited Edition)

Here's an all-inclusive set from the pros at Hourglass that makes it seamless to replicate your favorite TikTok or runway beauty look. In addition to 17 tools to choose from, many of these brushes are dual-ended for added extra blending power.

Real Techniques Eye Shade and Blend Duo Pack

Eye Shade and Blend Duo Pack

We're betting this is the best $9 you'll ever spend on a set of makeup brushes (and did we mention they're on sale?). Blend your cut crease like an expert with this three piece brush set that's ideal for powder, cream, or liquid-based eyeshadows.

"This is a great set of makeup brushes at an affordable price. It’s amazing the difference that using good brushes makes when applying makeup. The process and the results. These brushes are my second favorite set." — Sally

Tarte Cosmetics Secrets From the Amazon Brush Set

Secrets From the Amazon Brush Set

This limited-edition, gilded brush set for eyes and face is almost too pretty to use, and makes applying pigmented blush or well-placed shadow a total breeze.

"Handles are long and easy to hold." — Katy W.

Sigma Beauty Essential Brush Gift Set

Essential Brush Gift Set

Whether you opt for no makeup-makeup or decide to try something a little bolder, this well rounded set from the cosmetics experts at Sigma Beauty has you covered. Not only does it contain tools for foundation, concealer, and powder, but you'll also find a mix of large and small angled options (plus a couple eye specific brushes) to seamlessly complete your next look.

"I love these brushes. So soft and work perfectly. Worth the price—also love the range of brushes in the set! :)" — Lizzie

Westman Atelier Westman Atelier Essential Mini Blending Brush Collection

Westman Atelier Essential Mini Blending Brush Collection

Makeup icon Gucci Westman created this streamlined set of synthetic brushes that feature domed, pointed, and kabuki-shaped bristles to expertly blend out your makeup.

"I’ve had these brushes for quite some time now and I have to say, they’ve applied my makeup so effortlessly and was able to utilize just these brushes for the entire face. So they will definitely be great for travel as well as they don’t take up too much space in my makeup bag." — liezljoie

Real Techniques Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials

Add some variety to your makeup tools with this top-rated brush set—that over 1,100 Ulta customers love—which nicely contains a bonus angled sponge for optimal blending.

"These brushes are amazing and so easy to work with—absolutely a must." — Lexie

Tiffany Dodson is currently the associate beauty commerce editor at Harper’s Bazaar, where she specializes in trend forecasting, building relationships with major and emerging brands, and crafting shopping stories—from holiday gift guides to product road tests. Tiffany's work has previously been featured in outlets like SELF, Bustle, and Teen Vogue, and she's been quoted as a commerce and beauty expert in publications and platforms like The Business of Fashion and NPR’s Life Kit podcast.

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Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these bestselling brush sets will help you achieve flawless results.

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one of the best makeup brush sets on an orange background

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, WWD may receive an affiliate commission.

Updated January 19, 2024: This article on the best makeup brush sets was updated with tips on choosing makeup brush sets and additional information on how to clean makeup brushes, as well as new makeup brush set selections and product testing notes.

An artist is only as good as their tools, and we’re not just talking about painters. The same rule applies in the realm of cosmetics: Your makeup can only be as good as your applicators, which is why you should upgrade your collection to include the best makeup brush sets to ensure that your every beauty need is met. 

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Bold brows, bitten lips and pin-up hair: backstage at dior fall 2024, l'oréal usa names silvia galfo president of luxe division.

“I love a good brush set because it can encourage you to start experimenting with new techniques that you might not have otherwise considered,” Vincent explains. “For example, an angled eyeshadow brush can be used in many more ways than a standard flat brush. You might learn to create a color wash with the wide section of the brush, and then use the narrow side to create an accent with a darker color.”

It also helps that there’s “usually a price break,” when you opt to purchase an entire set versus individual blush brushes , bronzer brushes , and eye makeup brushes, Vincent adds. “Even if one of the brushes doesn’t become a favorite, you’ll likely make use of most of them, so the value is there.”

The best set of makeup brushes for you depends on your everyday beauty preferences, the types of bristles that work with your skin, and other special features like weighted handles for shaky hands. To create this list of the best makeup brushes sets, we spoke with Vincent, as well as celebrity makeup artist Linda Hay , celebrity makeup artist and Jamie Makeup founder Jamie Greenberg , makeup artist Neil Scibelli , and global makeup artist for Jane Iredale Nechelle Turner . Ahead, eye makeup brush sets, travel makeup brush sets, and professional makeup brush sets with all the tools you need for everyday or special-occasion glam.

Top Makeup Brush Sets for 2024

  • Editor’s Choice: It Cosmetics Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set
  • Best on Amazon: BS-Mall Premium 18-Piece Brush Set
  • Best Affordable: EcoTools Start The Day Beautifully Brush Set

Real Techniques Everyday Essentials

  • Koccido 22-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Hourglass Vegan Face & Eye Travel Brush Set

  • Best for Travel: Charlotte Tilbury Magic 4-Piece Mini Brush Set
  • Best for Eyes: Morphe Eye Obsessed Brush Collection

Luxie Bronze and Glow Makeup Brush Set

Eigshow jade series 15-piece makeup brush kit, mac cosmetics brush with greatness travel set, saie the brush collection, sigma beauty essential kit, bestope makeup brush set.

  • Best Professional: Shany The Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set
  • Best for Beginners: Sephora Collection Complete Brush Set

Sigma Beauty Basic Eye Brush Set

E.l.f. cosmetics flawless face brush collection.

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BS-Mall Premium 18-Piece Brush Set

The BS-Mall Premium 18-piece brush set is one of the best makeup brush sets on Amazon. With over 28,000 reviews (the majority of which are 5-star) to date, it’s also the best rated makeup brush set with customers raving that the brushes are “soft,” “high quality,” and “comparable to high-end brushes.” Pros prefer brushes like this as well, with Scibelli noting that he tends to opt for synthetic brushes (similar to these ones) since they’re easy to clean and more durable. “The hairs tend to last longer and don’t shed as much,” he confirms. The 18-piece Amazon makeup brush set includes both precision eye makeup brushes, as well as chunky kabuki brushes for blush, bronzer , foundation , and other face product applications. As a bonus, these brushes are made of high-quality alloy and durable wood, to help ensure your set is long-lasting. What testers say: “The BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set in A-Champagne is truly a gem in the world of beauty tools. With 18 meticulously crafted pieces, this premium synthetic brush set caters to all your makeup needs – from flawless foundation application to precise eyeshadow and blush blending. The bristles are incredibly soft, providing a luxurious feel on the skin.” Price upon publish date of this article: $9.98

EcoTools Start The Day Beautifully Brush Set 

If you’re looking for one of the best makeup brush sets on a budget, try the EcoTools brushes. This (as its name would suggest) eco-friendly tool set is constructed from 100 percent recycled, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free materials, and the collection comes packaged in tree-free paper made from cotton and bamboo fibers. It also contains all of Scibelli’s necessities. “A set of all the basics are important,” he explains. “[That includes] a synthetic foundation brush, a powder brush [and] a few dense eyeshadow brushes.” The Day Beautifully Brush Set consists of the brand’s core collection of five brushes (including an angled foundation brush, blurring brush, defining crease brush, angled liner brush, and full blush brush), as well as three how-to beauty look cards to help simplify your routine. What testers say: “Bought this as my first makeup brush set, and I’ve continued using this ever since! The value is great for beginners looking for an affordable yet versatile set of brushes. I don’t use the metal box this comes with since I find it quite clunky, but I do use the brushes often. They are soft, easy to clean, and durable. No problems with them so far!” Price upon publish date of this article: $7.98

As one of the best makeup brush sets for beginners, the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials kit covers all of the basics with its pro-curated pairings. “[Beginners should] shop for a condensed, small brush kit of the necessities,” explains Scibelli. “You can really start small, and then work your way up.” Featuring brushes for the face, cheeks, and eyes, the set includes the brand’s RT 400 Blush, RT 300 Deluxe Crease, RT 402 Setting, and RT 200 Expert Face brushes, plus the Miracle Complexion Sponge. Testers cite the brushes as being durable and easy to work with. What testers say: “This set was just what I needed. I loved how they are such good quality brushes without having to break the bank. I adore my sponge. I typically only use beauty blenders however for the price I will never order another Beauty blender again. This performs just as nice as the 20 dollar beauty blender. I am in love with this set!” Price upon publish date of this article: $18.79

Kiccido 22-Piece Makeup Brush Set

A number two bestseller in its category on Amazon, the Kiccido makeup brush set has earned rave reviews from over 11,000 five-star reviewers. With a whopping 22 brushes and tools, the set will have you covered from skin prep to the final dusting of setting powder , as it includes a silicone lip exfoliator to slough dry spots before you apply your best lipsticks , as well as a silicone paddle tool to apply face masks and skin care products like face serums . On top of these tools, you’ll get a makeup brush cleaning pad, four makeup sponges, and 13 brushes for your eyes, brows, lips, and complexion. What testers say: “I’ve used them for a few months now and washed them multiple times with none of the brushes shedding. The fibers are soft on the skin, and there’s nearly every brush size you need. I do wish there was a large dense/flat brush and a smaller fluffy brush, but especially for the price, this was a good purchase!” Price upon publish date of this article: $9.99

“Brush prices and styles can really range but the great news is that they’ve become so much more accessible,” says Scibelli. One of the reasons affordable brushes are easy to get a hold of lately? There are so many quality picks on Amazon. A number-one bestseller on this mega-retailer is the Bestope Makeup Brush Set, which is stocked with 16 brushes that cater to the face, lips, and eyes. Available in five colors and featuring soft and dense synthetic fiber-made brushes, this versatile set of makeup brushes ensures that you have everything you need to contour, highlight, and blend. What testers say: “I was very happy with these brushes! The colors are so pretty, and the texture/tactile nature is very nice. The bristles are nice and soft, the handles easy enough to grip and use. I was also very happy that I didn’t notice any weird smells from product or packaging. I’m really happy especially with the eye brushes, as they all disperse the makeup very evenly, and they hold the shadow very well when transferring from case to face. They also blend very nicely, nothing comes out unevenly due to awkward or uneven bristles.” Price upon publish date of this article: $8.99

It Cosmetics Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set

It Cosmetics’ makeup brushes are a popular choice, with over 201 million views on TikTok — shoppers can’t get over how beautifully the brushes blend face makeup. The brand’s bestselling Heavenly Luxe powder brush costs $50 alone, so this budget-friendly set is a major deal, with four brushes for just $51. Where some travel makeup brush sets include mini tools, this one features full-sized face and eye makeup brushes with a handy sunglass case-sized carrying pouch. Editor testing and review notes: “This It Cosmetics makeup brush set is an editor’s choice pick for its value and quality. During testing, I was highly impressed with the feel of the brushes given the $50 price point — each of the tools applied product smoothly without streaks, and I didn’t experience any bristle fallout during a six-month testing period. The bristles also snap back to like-new after washing, where other fluffy bristled brushes can loose their soft feel after multiple washes. The edit of brushes has me covered for every step of a full-glam routine, including flat to fluffy eyeshadow brushes for different looks and a powder and foundation brush that covers my base makeup beautifully. An included carrying case is the cherry on top for limiting clutter on my vanity countertop.” — Senior beauty and lifestyle commerce editor Claire Sullivan Price upon publish date of this article: $51

Hourglass is renowned for its luxury makeup brushes, with celebrities like Hailey Bieber using these tools for everyday glam. Each brush has bristles made of PETA-approved Taklon, a synthetic fiber that mimics the feel of boar hair, delivering streak-free makeup application and no irritation on sensitive skin types. On top of these silky-soft bristles, Hourglass makeup brushes have weighted metal handles that are ideal for those with hand shakes or tremors. Hay says she can’t live without her Hourglass makeup brushes, explaining that they are beautifully engineered and “become an extension of your hand, making the application process a breeze.” Individual Hourglass makeup brushes range from $39 to $72 a pop, making this seven-piece makeup brushes set a bargain at $320. You’ll get four brushes for finessing your foundation, concealer , best red lipsticks , and face makeup, as well as three eye makeup brushes and a vegan leather carrying case. Editor testing and review notes: “I’ve owned my Hourglass makeup brushes for four years, using them regularly with cream and powder products. Throughout this testing period — and with weekly or biweekly washing — the bristles have remained as fresh and soft as they were the day I opened them. The bristles have a unique density to them that makes them particularly great for cream eyeshadows and liquid blushes . I find that I need less product to get my desired color payoff when I use these brushes, too.” — Sullivan Price upon publish date of this article: $320

Charlotte Tilbury Magic 4-Piece Mini Brush Set

Another Hay-approved brand for makeup brushes, Charlotte Tilbury’s tools are created with high-quality synthetic bristles and wood handles. This mini four-piece set is our pick as the best travel makeup brush set for the tools’ petite size that makes touch ups and full makeup application easy on-the-go. This particular set includes two essential brushes for eyeshadow application, a foundation and concealer brush, a fluffy powder brush, and a velvet carrying case. Editor testing and review notes: “Charlotte Tilbury’s complexion makeup brushes are the ones I reach for the most when I use a brush to apply my best foundations and concealers — the bristles deposit and blend the pigments smoothly and without streaks. I love that this set slips into a shoulder bag with ease, and despite the small handles, they’re easy to work with.” — Sullivan Price upon publish date of this article: $55

Morphe Eye Obsessed Brush Collection

Eyeshadow palette -lovers know that Morphe makes some of the most extensive, colorful options on the market. So leave it to the brand to create a stellar eyeshadow makeup brush set. Ideal for those who like to make a statement on the lids, the Eye Obsessed Brush Collection comes with 12 makeup brushes, including full, fluffy options as well as ones with pencil-like precision. The set includes a mix of natural bristles (white-tipped brushes) and synthetic bristles (black-tipped brushes), with each designed to go gentle on your eyelids while you’re etching a cat eye in place or diffusing eyeshadow for a daytime look. What testers say: “Since I work only part-time, I don’t use these brushes every day. I bought them because they are Morphe and because the price was right. I have used them for about 3 months and just recently washed them. Overall, I have seen maybe 3 bristles fall out of one of the white brushes. The brushes are easy to handle and balanced in weight while using.” Price upon publish date of this article: $32

Otis Batterbee Total Face Makeup Set

London-based beauty tool brand Otis Batterbee is a cult-favorite for cruelty-free makeup brush sets, counting celebs like Gwenyth Paltrow as fans of the brand. Makeup artists also can’t get enough of the line; Greenberg called them some of the most underrated makeup brushes out there in a recent TikTok . What’s so special? Despite the cutely-colored handles, it’s all in the bristles. These brushes features PETA-approved bristles that feel like silk on your skin — and make any makeup you apply go on seamlessly. The Total Face Makeup Brush Set comes nicely curated, with a six brushes for foundation, setting powder, concealer, eyeliner, and eyeshadows. What testers say: “These make all my other brushes look sad and dull! It took me a few days to start using them — I wanted time to just look at them, they almost deserve to be displayed in a vase on the mantelpiece! So soft, they do an excellent job, so well designed and so very pretty. I’m just delighted, would highly recommend.” Price upon publish date of this article: $80

If you prefer a soft, diffused makeup look, Luxie’s Bronze and Glow Makeup Brush Set has the tools you need for the job. These brushes feature soft, fluffy synthetic bristles across the board, which makes any makeup product you apply go on smooth and subtle. This set also includes two sponges for your base makeup, including a mini sponge that’s handy for stippling concealer into the inner corners of your eyes. Editor testing and review notes: “I’ve tested Luxie makeup brushes for three years, and throughout this extended testing window, I’ve come to rely on the powder and eyeshadow brushes for my daytime makeup looks. Where some brushes deposit a lot of pigment for bolder looks, these ones deliver a gorgeously subtle result for a no-makeup makeup look. With lots of testing and washing, I’ve only noticed a few bristles falling out.” — Sullivan

Bridal and celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello says this Eigshow makeup brush set is one of the best makeup brush sets for beginners available on Amazon. “The brushes are affordable and good quality,” Lovello says, adding, “they don’t shed or fall apart.” The brand’s 15-piece Jade Series kit includes all the tools needed to create precise, flawless looks, from a foundation brush to various eye makeup tools. The brushes are made with vegan-friendly bristles sourced from corn silk fibers and birch wood handles, and come packaged (and separated) in a cosmetic bag made from recycled clothing and linen fibers. What testers say: “I bought this set about 2 years ago and have used it frequently. The eyeshadow brushes are the real gems in this set. They have are so soft that they make diffusing eyeshadows in the crease a dream. They have held up very well to washing and maintain their shape.” Price upon publish date of this article: $26.99

A gorgeous makeup brush set is a spot-on gift for women , whether it’s a surprise for mom or a present for your wife . Mac Cosmetics’ Brush With Greatness Travel Set woos with its special-edition artwork and cashmere-soft synthetic bristles. The set includes a fluffy powder brush, a slanted brush for liquid blushes or foundations, a blending eyeshadow brush and an angled brow brush. These travel-sized brushes are great to stash in an overnight bag or work bag for touch-ups while traveling or at the office; it comes with a color-coordinated storage pouch. What testers say: “Exactly what I was looking for. Compact size but full size performance.” Price upon publish date of this article: $50

Saie makeup brushes are TikTok phenomenons — searches for the tools have tallied over 368 million views on the app. The Big Brush (second from left) gets the most attention on BeautyTok, with testers showcasing how it effortlessly applies cream and liquid products for a skin-mimicking result. With this top makeup brush set, you’ll get that TikTok-famous beauty tool along with a complexion brush, double-ended eye brush for highlighting and contouring, and a fluffy brush for powder. Price upon publish date of this article: $96

Makeup brushes sets are ideal for replacing tattered tools in one fell swoop, rather than purchasing individual replacements. Sigma Beauty’s Essential Kit is a full makeup brush set, complete with brushes for eye and face makeup. Each brush in the 12-piece set of makeup brushes is crafted with cruelty-free synthetic bristles that’ll last you years of use without shedding. Its range of simple and specific brushes cater to everyday glam or more creative looks that involve more tight-lining, blending, and buffing. What testers say: “I wasn’t crazy about spending this much money on a set of makeup brushes but I thought I would try. Wow! I have older Chanel, Mac, Bobbi Brown brushes. I took great care of them. These brushes really do make a difference when depositing makeup. I never thought I would be able to tell the difference. A good brush really does mean everything, and I use them all. I’m now able to toss some of my old brushes. These are the best and definitely worth the price.” Price upon publish date of this article: $160

Shany The Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set

Fully stocked with 24 makeup brushes that cover the face, cheeks, eyes, lips and brows, the Shany The Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set was designed for professional makeup artists and glam enthusiasts who want a full range of brushes and tools at their disposal. In addition to filling the holes in your makeup brush collection, this best makeup brush set for professionals also comes with a leather roll-up pouch and storage box for added convenience. What testers say: “The brushes are so soft and well made! I had only minimal shedding from one or two of the brushes when I washed them before use. One was the fan brush and another was one of the Kabuki brushes. All the rest of the brushes have worked beautifully for me.” Price upon publish date of this article: $47.99

Sephora Collection Complete Brush Set

Designed to achieve a flawless full-face glam, the Sephora Collection Complete Brush Set is one of the best makeup brush sets on a budget. It comes equipped with seven brushes, covering the face, eyes, and brows. “I think a set of all the basics are important,” says Scibelli. “A synthetic foundation brush, a powder/bronzer brush [and] a few dense eyeshadow brushes.” These vegan, cruelty-free synthetic brushes meet all of Scibelli’s kit requirements and seamlessly blend makeup to deliver airbrush-level results. And for the environmentally conscious, you’ll be pleased to know this Sephora makeup brush set is sustainably developed and comes in recyclable packaging. What testers say: “My brushes were very old and needed replacing. These are so soft and having a complete set is great. They do what they are meant for easily and wash well.” Price upon publish date of this article: $49

Created with the eyes in mind, the Sigma Beauty Basic Eye Brush Set features seven brushes designed for eyeliner, eyeshadow and brows. Made with the brand’s exclusive synthetic antimicrobial fibers, securing them as one of the best vegan makeup brush sets on the market, these quality brushes are engineered to better hold, apply and blend products. The set includes the E40 Tapered Blending Brush, the E55 Eye Shading Brush, the E60 Large Shader Brush, the E70 Medium Angled Shading Brush, the E30 Pencil Brush, the E65 Small Angle Brush and the E05 Liner Brush. What testers say: “I hate buying brushes — too many to pick from. I needed professional quality for bridal makeup this past summer. Women need eye brushes. One just isn’t enough. This Sigma eye collection has it all. With these brushes you will have amazing results. Must buy.” Price upon publish date of this article: $77

Designed with the face, cheeks and brows in mind, the E.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Face Brush Collection includes the Concealer Brush, the Eyeshadow “C” Brush, the Small Angled Brush, the Small Stipple Brush, the Eyebrow Duo Brush and the Ultimate Blending Brush. Most notably, reviewers rave about the affordability of this set, which comes at a much lower price point than many other options on this list. What testers say: “These Elf brushes are amazing. The blender is smooth and leaves makeup looking light and fresh. Also easy to clean.” Price upon publish date of this article: $15

Why Do I Need Makeup Brushes?

That’s not the only reason brushes should be an essential part of your at-home makeup kit. Scibelli notes that those who rely on their fingers for makeup application should be proceed with caution. Fingers can leave trails of oil, bacteria, and even fingerprints on the skin, which can ultimately lead to breakouts. So, keep things hygienic with sanitized makeup brushes.

The Best Makeup Brushes to Look for in a Set

Despite what you may see on TikTok, you don’t need an overwhelming number of brushes to achieve a professional-level look. According to Greenberg and Hay, your kit should include a mix of the following types of makeup brushes:

  • Foundation brushes to apply and blend your face makeup. Hay recommends keeping two: One for applying foundation and the other for polishing the skin.
  • Angled brushes for brows and eyeliner.
  • Eyeshadow brushes in various sizes. Hay recommends options that range from the tiniest point for fine work up to big, fluffy eyeshadow brushes for buffing and blending shadows.
  • Pencil brushes for the lower lash line and a more concentrated shadow color in the outer corner of your eye.
  • Concealer brushes for smaller, more targeted applications.
  • Powder brushes for applying setting powder to the T-zone, as well as blending powder bronzer or blush onto the skin.
  • Angled contour brushes for bronzer and contour sticks .
  • Lip brushes to detail richly pigmented lip colors, like red lipstick , and to blend and diffuse lip liner.

What to Look For In the Best Makeup Brushes Sets

While makeup brush sets are an excellent investment, like anything else, not all sets are created equally. Ergo, when shopping for the best makeup brushes, there are some key details to consider.

Synthetic vs. natural hair

Synthetic brushes feel more like natural hair brushes and are nonporous. As such, they “pick up and distribute more product onto the skin for a more defined and more precise application,” Turner says. That being said, because synthetic brushes pick up and distribute more product, Turner advises using a lighter hand. It’s also worth noting that synthetic brushes which are stiff or have a shiny coating can result in a streaky makeup application, so you want to look for fluffy, softer bristles.

Hay uses a mix of natural and synthetic bristled brushes on her celebrity clients, and she notes that the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. “The quality of synthetic bristles has come such a long way,” Hay explains, noting that Hourglass makes options she loves to use.

“In either case, look for shedding,” Turner warns. “Shedding or lack of shedding bristles is a good indication of the quality of the fibers in both cases.”

Number of makeup brushes

Be realistic about how many brushes you need and how many brushes you’ll actually use. “If you’re advanced and like to try new techniques and looks, then a larger set with a wide range of variety will suit you best,” Vincent explains. “If you’re relatively simple with your makeup, then an edited set will be great for you.”

“A basic brush set for the minimalist might be a five- to eight-piece brush set with foundation, blush, powder, lip, and eye shadow brushes,” says Hay, who notes that double-ended brush sets are handy, as a five-brush set with dual-ended bristles gives you 10 brush options to work with.

Handle material and length

As for handle material, there are two options: wooden or plastic. “This may not be important for everyone,” Vincent prefaces, “but specifically for natural brushes, I prefer a beautiful wooden handle and brush hairs that have been hand cut and tied. This usually means high attention to detail has been taken with the taper and placement of the brush hairs, which I find translates to a more refined lay-down of powdered products.”

With sets geared towards beginners, pros, and every mastery level in between, the best makeup brush sets accommodate a wide range of beauty abilities with their basic, essential, and expert brush pairings. Below, find the best makeup brush sets that will satisfy every beauty buff’s skillset and budget.

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

“In general, clean brushes will give you a cleaner result,” explains Hay. While she washes her brushes on a daily basis, Hay explains that how frequently you wash your tools depends on how much makeup you use. “For example, if you’ve given yourself a smokey black eye one day and plan on doing something bronzy and natural the next, you may need to wash and refresh them.” Hay uses Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends cleaning makeup brushes every seven to 10 days at a minimum to prevent bacteria growth. Luckily, it’s not a terribly time-consuming task, and the steps to properly cleanse your makeup brushes are relatively easy:

  • Fill a bowl with warm water and a few drops of a gentle shampoo. Hay recommends using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo , which she likes for its antibacterial properties and gentle formulation.
  • Place the brushes bristle side down in the bowl of water and let them soak for three to five minutes.
  • Then, “address each brush individually,” says Hay. She recommends placing a dollop of shampoo in the palm of your hand, massaging the bristles into the soap, then thoroughly rinsing the bristles. Brushes exposed to concentrated pigments like eyeshadows or eyeliners may need to passes for a thorough cleanse.
  • When clean, it’s crucial to rinse your brushes extremely well, as soap residue can interfere with makeup application as well as irritate the skin. 
  • The last step is to take a clean microfiber towel and gently squeeze out excess water, reshape the brushes, and lay them flat over the sink’s edge to dry. “Laying flat ensures no water seeps into the handle and damages your brushes,” explains Vincent. “I also ensure brushes are bone dry before storing upright, for the same reason of preserving the life of my beautiful brushes.”

Why Trust WWD?

Since 1910, WWD — often referred to as “the fashion bible” — has been the leading industry voice of authority for senior executives in the global women’s and men’s fashion, retail and beauty communities, while also informing the consumer media that cover the market. Today, WWD’s breaking news and trend coverage continues to be a trustworthy resource for both fashion insiders and consumers alike. Our shopping editors continue to uphold WWD’s editorial standards and values with quality, expert-backed product selections. Learn more about us here.

Meet the Experts

Linda Hay is a world-renowned makeup artist known for her down-to-earth personality and her uncanny ability to highlight what is unique within all her subjects. A painter since childhood, her deep fascination with color, texture, and technique was the start of her artistic passion. Linda has collaborated with legendary fashion photographers including Peter Lindbergh, Arthur Elgort, and Walter Chin, and her work has graced the covers of magazines around the world such as  Vogue Italia ,  Interview ,  W ,  Elle  and  Allure . She has been tapped by some of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces including Heidi Klum, Selena Gomez, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore and Naomi Watts for red carpet events.

Neil Scibelli is a leading fashion & celebrity makeup artist in NYC, Scibelli has trained under renowned makeup companies (specifically Kevyn Aucoin, Laura Mercier, and Yves Saint Laurent!) and now focuses his years of training on creating looks on clients ranging from supermodels to recording artists.

Danielle Kimiko Vincent is the founder of the ultra-popular makeup brand KIMIKO. Vincent is a makeup artist and brow expert who has rightfully earned her spot as an industry authority in the world of beauty. Her work has been seen in various national publications and she’s known for her less-is-more approach to makeup.

Nechelle Turner is a global makeup artist for Jane Iredale. Turner has worked in the industry for over 26 years. She creates flawless looks for her clients (many of who have walked the red carpets of both the Grammys and BET awards), while also educating other makeup artists about her craft. 

Meet the Author

Julie Ricevuto is a beauty and wellness journalist who’s written for outlets like Seventeen, Allure Magazine, The Today Show, Glamour Magazine, and more. Julie brings the latest cosmetic news to the forefront, along with how-tos, scientific study breakdowns, and expert interviews.

Claire Sullivan is the Senior Beauty and Lifestyle Commerce Editor for Footwear News and WWD, where she writes and edits beauty, fashion and lifestyle stories. She has over six years of experience as a writer and editor for national media outlets including Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle, and Byrdie. She keeps her finger on the pulse of all things related to beauty and wellness, including top makeup brush sets for different types of glam. Sullivan has reported on and tested makeup brush sets for six years, and her expertise contributed to the writing and editing she made to this article for its January 2024 update.

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best travel brush set

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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The 9 Very Best Makeup Brushes and Makeup-Brush Sets

Portrait of Kitty Guo

In this article

  • Best overall
  • Best less expensive
  • Best for complexion
  • Best for eyes
  • Best travel set

While you can always use your fingers and sponges to apply makeup, the best makeup brushes and makeup-brush sets can be a game changer — especially if your goal is to create a seamless, blended finish. For that reason, I use makeup brushes almost exclusively, which is how I’ve come to try just about every complexion brush out there. What I’ve learned is that good makeup brushes are an investment — cheaper ones tend to shed, so it’s worth being discerning when you’re shopping. With that in mind, I reached out to top makeup artists to find out the brushes they swear by.

Best overall | Best less expensive | Best for complexion | Best less expensive for complexion | Best for eyes | Best for brows and eyeliner | Best blush brush | Best set with a sponge |  Best set for travel

What we’re looking for

“The shape and size of the head is what determines where the brush is meant to be used and what types of products it’s designed to be used with,” says makeup artist Robin Black , the founder of Beauty Is Boring . The handles can vary, too, but a good grip is important. Ulta Beauty Pro Team makeup artist Deney Adam prefers brushes with longer handles for applying eye makeup, for example, since they offer control and precision. “The same applies for powder-based products like blush , eye shadow, and setting power,” he says. “For creamy or liquid-based products, a short handle is the way to go.”

Bristle density

The nicer it feels on your skin , the better it works. “ The softness, density, and quality of the brush hairs is what determines how evenly a product will apply to the skin,” Black says. “It’s important that brushes feel soft and gentle, never prickly or irritating . You can test that quite easily by running the brush over the inside of your forearm in both directions.” The only real exception: Foundation brushes tend to be denser, but they should still feel smooth and comfortable.

Bristle material

Not all makeup-brush bristles are created equal. Natural bristles, made from animal furs or hairs, are known for being supersoft, which allows for better blending. Synthetic brushes are typically made from nylon or other vegan materials, and they’ve come a long way in terms of feel. As a result, it’s mostly a matter of personal preference. “I like using dual-fiber brushes for wet products, like liquid foundations and creams, and traditional ‘natural’ brushes for powder products like blushes and eye shadows,” says makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran .

Best overall makeup-brush set

Monika Blunder Beauty Hybrid Face Brush + Tulip Blending Brush + Call Your Buff Angled Brush

Usage: Full face | Bristle density: Miscellaneous | Bristle material: Synthetic

This trio of brushes is all you need for a full face since each one is super-versatile. “They’re hardworking, multitasking, and luxurious-feeling synthetic brushes that make seamless makeup application easy,” says Black, who particularly likes using the Tulip Blending Brush to create a soft-focus lip look. “I find myself throwing them into my bag for touch-ups as well as using them in the studio.” Personally, I started using the Hybrid Face Brush with Monika Blunder’s creamy foundation — a winner if you’re looking for buildable coverage with a lightweight feel — but I’ve since tried it with all sorts of foundations, including liquid. It’s soft, so it takes a little longer than my dense foundation brushes, but I’ve found that it’s worth the extra time. The angled brush is designed for buffing, so it works for both cream foundations and bronzer alike. And the Tulip Blending Brush can be used for everything from blending eye shadow to concealing zits or, to Black’s point, applying lip color.

Best (less expensive) makeup-brush set

EcoTools Fresh Face Everyday Makeup Brush Set

Full face | Miscellaneous | Synthetic

I’ve owned this set of EcoTools brushes for years and won’t ever toss them. (A 4.7-star rating and more than 400 reviews on don’t lie, either.) They’re cruelty free and vegan, they feel supersoft, and I love the little storage case that keeps them from getting lost in my drawers . The five brushes are versatile enough to cover a full face of makeup, and their long, generous handles are lightweight, making them easy to pack. Best of all, the bristle fallout is still minimal after what might be a decade of using them, which is impressive considering the price.

Best makeup brush for complexion

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Foundation Brush 2.5

Complexion | Very dense | Synthetic

Although it’s a relative splurge, three of our experts rave about Tom Ford’s foundation brushes, largely because you get what you pay for. “I love that they’re well made,” says makeup artist Nick Barose , who notes that the weighty handles are designed for comfort and control. Makeup artist Tobi Henney appreciates their ability to blend beautifully so you’re not left with any obvious streaks. And their bristles are synthetic, Black says, “but you would never know given their ultraluxurious feel.” And though the bristles are white, Black says they’re surprisingly easy to keep clean “even after hot-pink lipstick, electric-blue eye shadow , orange blush, and other pigments I’ve used them with.”

Best (less expensive) makeup brush for complexion

Lancôme Airbrush #2 Dual-Ended Foundation & Concealer Brush

Complexion | Dense | Synthetic

Whether you’re short on storage space or just don’t want to deal with swapping out multiple brushes every morning, this dual-ended tool comes in handy. “The big, wide side is perfect for blending and buffing foundation all over,” Barose says. “The smaller side is perfect for more detailed work like under the eyes and small spots .” It’s ideal if you find yourself using both foundation and concealer on a regular basis, and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold no matter how you’re wielding it.

Best makeup brush for eyes

Jones Road Eye Blending Brush

Eyes | Less dense | Synthetic

It’s not makeup artist Bobbi Brown ’s first rodeo — she sold her eponymous line to Estée Lauder before starting Jones Road Beauty — so it’s no surprise that her new line would feature great brushes. This one has enough density to blend eye shadow and eliminate any lines, but it’s still gentle and fluffy. “Because of its synthetic fibers, I can use both cream formulas and powder eye shadows with this brush,” says makeup artist Daniel Martin . Bonus: You can also use it for buffing out concealer around the eyes because it’s that soft, Martin says. (Just remember to clean it in between.)

As a more affordable alternative, we named the EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set one of the best-rated brush sets at Ulta in a previous version of this story. One reviewer calls the beginner-friendly duo “definitely the softest brushes I own,” while another says the double-sided brushes are “all you need to … blend, pack, smear shimmers, and put on some liner.”

Best makeup brush for brows and eyeliner

Princeton Select Synthetic Brush Angle Shader

Eyes | Very dense | Hybrid

Anytime you need to create fine, precise lines — for filling in brow hairs or achieving an ultrathin swoop of eyeliner — consider a painting brush. This small one isn’t a dedicated makeup brush, but Martin swears by it. “This has been my favorite angle brush for brows and eyeliner for almost 20 years, and you get it at the art store,” he says. “It’s the best!” Clocking in at $6, it’s also the most affordable option on our list.

Best makeup brush for blush

Kevyn Aucoin The Blush Brush

Complexion | Less dense | Natural

A good blush brush has to be able to shift between blush and bronzer with ease. It also shouldn’t leave streaks, which is a telltale sign your “natural flush” actually came from a cheek palette. That’s where this brush is especially helpful. “I love the slightly pointed oval shape that allows you to create seamless application on the cheeks without blotchiness,” Barose says. I use it to dust blush just below my eyes at the center of my cheeks, which (per a makeup artist) looks more realistic because that’s where the sun hits. Then I tap off excess product and dip it into bronzer , which I brush in a “3” shape around my forehead, down the side of my face and beneath my cheekbones, and just under my jawline.

Best makeup-brush set with sponge

Real Techniques Everyday Essentials + Sponge Kit

Jaikaran points to this set as being high quality with a relatively budget-friendly price. While it features a more basic lineup of brushes — a short-bristled foundation brush, a small crease brush for eye makeup , a fluffy powder brush, and a smaller setting brush — this configuration offers a ton of versatility. On top of that, “what’s great about this set is that you also get a beauty sponge, which also comes in handy for makeup application,” Jaikaran says. In fact, this very sponge was deemed “so much better than the original beauty blender” by Strategist beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton. Not surprisingly, it has nearly 1,000 five-star reviews at Ulta with customers calling out both the value and softness.

In a previous version of this story, a different set from the brand emerged as a reader favorite for applying foundation, bronzer, highlighter , and concealer. The Real Techniques Flawless Base Set , which features four brushes and a matching holder, also offers seamless application and versatility for the price.

Best makeup-brush travel set

Morphe Rosé Away 6-Piece Travel Brush Set

Morphe is known for its makeup brush sets, which offer a ton of value. “They are the best quality brush for their price point,” Adam says. Low-quality brushes tend to shed or break easily, but here the synthetic bristles are firmly anchored into the ferrule, the metal sleeve that joins the bristles and handle together. The shorter handles (and included carrying case ) make them a good option for travel. And with six different uses ranging from complexion to eye, this set guarantees you’ll be covered wherever your trip may take you.

Additional reporting by Deanna Pai

Some more makeup brushes and sets we’ve written about

E.L.F. Cosmetics Contouring Brush

Our experts

• Deney Adam , makeup artist and Ulta Beauty Pro Team member • Nick Barose , makeup artist • Robin Black , makeup artist and founder of Beauty Is Boring • Tobi Henney , makeup artist • Jaleesa Jaikaran , makeup artist • Daniel Martin , makeup artist • Rio Viera-Newton , Strategist beauty writer

The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best women’s jeans , rolling luggage , pillows for side sleepers , ultra-flattering pants , and bath towels . We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change.

Every editorial product is independently selected. If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission.

  • the strategist
  • best in class
  • beauty tools

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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20 Makeup Brush Sets That Will Level Up Your Beauty Game

Author image: purewow author

PureWow editors select every item that appears on this page, and the company may earn compensation through affiliate links within the story. All prices are accurate upon date of publish. You can learn more about the affiliate process here .

They say an artist is only as good as their tools, and that's certainly true of makeup brushes. Use the wrong blush brush, for instance, and you just might wind up with clown cheeks. Grab too wide of an eyeshadow brush, on the other hand, and your perfect " smoky eye " will quickly become a smoky mess. The easiest way to ensure you've got all the proper equipment on hand to create a masterpiece from your canvas is with a great set of makeup brushes .

Whether you're looking for your first grown-up makeup brush kit or you're getting an early birthday gift for a beauty-loving pal, the abundance of choices can be a little intimidating—which is exactly why we've "brushed up" on the 20 best makeup brush sets around. Before you skip ahead to our list, here are some handy tips and tricks to consider.

The Best Makeup Brush Sets at a Glance

  • Best Full Makeup Brush Set: Zoreya 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($25)
  • Splurge-Worthy Makeup Brush Set: Artis Elite Makeup Brush Set ($37o)
  • Classic Drugstore Makeup Brush Set: Sonia Kashuk 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($40)
  • Best Vegan Makeup Brush Set: Morphe Vegan Pro Series 8-Piece Face & Eye Brush Set ($70)
  • Best Value Makeup Brush Set: BS-MALL 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($10)
  • Best Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set: Docolor 15-Piece Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set ($12)
  • Best Travel Makeup Brush Set: Omaniac Professional 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($20)
  • Prettiest Makeup Brush Set: Jenny Patinkin Sustainable Luxury 6-Piece Dual-Ended Makeup Brush Set ($150)
  • Best Bamboo Makeup Brush Set: EmaxDesign 13-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($13)
  • Best Basic Makeup Brush Set : Sephora Collection Complete Brush Set ($49)
  • Best Holiday Makeup Brush Set: Artis Elite Gifting 8-Piece Holiday Makeup Brush Set ($225)
  • Best Makeup Brush Set for Minimalists: DUcare Makeup Brush Duo ($15)
  • Best Makeup Brush Set Selection: Nevsetpo Professional 18-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($18)
  • Most Colorful Makeup Brush Set: Docolor 15-Piece Rainbow Makeup Brush Set ($25)
  • Best Mini Makeup Brush Set: Morphe Rosé Away 6-Piece Travel Brush Set ($28)
  • Best Cruelty-Free Makeup Brush Set: EcoTools Start The Day Beautifully Makeup Brush Kit ($15)
  • Best Makeup Brush Set for Beginners: Real Techniques 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($19)
  • Best Large Makeup Brush Set: Shany Artisan’s Easel 18-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($22)
  • Most Eco-Friendly Makeup Brush Set: Eigshow Professional 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($32)
  • Best Makeup Brush Set for An Airbrushed Finish: IT Brushes For ULTA Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Makeup Brush Set ($59)
  • The Underrated Brush Set: Memebox Pony Effect Pro Touch Brush Set ($71)

What to Look for in Makeup Brush Materials:

  • Bristles: Makeup brushes are made with either natural bristles, which come from animal hair, or, far more commonly, synthetic bristles, which can be made of anything from nylon to taklon and polyester. While some believe natural bristles offer more even application due to their natural ability to spread out when pressure is applied, they can be difficult to clean and may shed more than synthetic materials. They also have a coating on the hairs called a " cuticle " that lifts and absorbs skin oil, which can be helpful for application with powder-based products. Manufactured bristles, on the flip side, are ideal for liquid or cream makeup and are also more animal-friendly. Regardless of which type you prefer, brush bristles should always feel soft and smooth.
  • Handles: Brush handles can be made of many different materials, from wood to bamboo or even metal. As long as they're balanced and comfortable, they should get the job done. You'll also want to consider the length of the brushes's handles , as short ones can provide better control and precision, while longer handles force a lighter touch for a more natural look.

How Many Different Makeup Brushes Do You Need?

The next thing to consider when shopping for a makeup brush set is the size. Are you seeking a few basic brushes that will do most of your daily heavy lifting for you or an all-encompassing 24-piece collection that will enable you to experiment with lots of different looks? While the latter will have everything you need to handle anything from lined lips to full-coverage foundation, the former can be useful if you're short on storage space (and take more of a minimalist approach to makeup).

Types of Makeup Brushes

  • Foundation brush: This brush is designed to apply your liquid or cream foundation evenly for a flawlessly smooth makeup base.
  • Stippling brush: For a more lightweight foundation application, you can try a stippling brush, which allows you to press the product into your skin instead of sweeping or buffing it.
  • Powder brush: Long and fluffy, this brush is ideal for loose powders.
  • Blush brush: As the name implies, you can use this one to get a more concentrated application of powder or cream blush, right where you want it.
  • Angled contour brush: For something like bronzer, which requires a more contoured application, you can try an angled brush, which is meant to deposit with minimal fallout.
  • Kabuki brush: With a flat top and tons of bristles, this versatile pick is great for blending everything from powder and blush to cream highlighter or bronzer—you name it!
  • Fan brush: This uniquely shaped design helps to distribute highlighter more evenly for an über-natural application.
  • Eyeshadow brush: There are different sizes and types of eyeshadow brushes, but for the most part, you'll want an all-over one for base hues and a blending eyeshadow brush for your crease.
  • Liner brush: For powder or gel liners, you can use this tool to get a finely defined line.
  • Concealer brush: Liquid or cream concealer will be applied with more pigment using one of these brushes than it would with your fingers alone.
  • Lip brush: When applying darker lipstick shades, a brush like this will help you get a more clearly defined line—and fill it in.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Taking good care of your makeup brushes will not only ensure that your cosmetic investment lasts longer, it will help to eliminate a natural build-up of dirt, germ and oils from your face that can cause irritated eyes or skin. Regular gentle cleaning (once a day for brushes that touch cream or liquid products, once a week for those that handle powders) with either hypoallergenic dish soap or facial cleanser and warm (not hot) water is all it takes to rid your tools of gunk and grime.

Make sure to hold them upside down as you wash them so as to avoid getting water on the handles (this is especially important if they're wood, since wood is porous and water can cause them to expand). In order to avoid shedding or thinning out of the soft bristles, you should also carefully squeeze out any excess water and let your brushes air dry overnight, so they'll be ready for their next use.

Every Type of Makeup Brush, Explained

makeup brushes z

1. Zoreya Makeup Brush Set

Best full makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 12 brushes, 1 sponge
  • What we like: includes a variety of brushes, comes with a holder
  • What we dislike: n/a

This 12-piece set from Zoreya has all the makeup brushes you'll need to do a full face, from its large powder brushes to its brow and lash tools—you'll even get a blending sponge. Its synthetic bristles are completely cruelty-free, and its wooden handles have an ergonomic design that makes them more comfortable to hold—just ask the more than 1,000 glowing reviewers who adore this set, which fits neatly inside its included cylinder holder.

best makeup brush set Artis Elite Makeup Brush Set: a set of makeup brushes

2.   Artis Elite Makeup Brush Set

Best expensive makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 10 brushes
  • What we like: brushes are sturdily made and the synthetic bristles are super soft
  • What we dislike: high price point

When you're looking for the best of the best, you can't go wrong with these luxe brushes from Artis , which are often used by makeup pros backstage at runway shows. This set can easily be used by amateurs as well, however, for top-notch results. It includes 10 synthetic CosmeFibre brushes for applying everything from liquid, cream and powder foundations to eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks. The brushes themselves are fine for precise, effortless application, and they’re long-lasting and won't fall apart.

makeup brushes s

3. Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Complete Makeup Brush Set

Best makeup brush set value.

  • What we like: brushes give an airbrushed finish, vegan
  • What we dislike: bristles shed occasionally

Not only does the two-tone design of these brushes give them an ultra-chic aesthetic, the nylon bristles allow for airbrush-quality blending for both liquid and powder products. The brushes themselves range from round, pointed, flat and fanned shapes, all of which have easy-grip metal handles. One reviewer also reported that this vegan set does a great job of not absorbing too much precious product.

makeup brushes bs mall

4. BS-Mall Makeup Brush Set

Best cheap makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 14 brushes
  • What we like: brushes are labeled, comes with a canister for easy storing when not in use
  • What we dislike: occasional shedding of bristles

This amazing kit is beloved by Amazon shoppers (seriously—it has more than 86,000 reviews !) for the name-brand quality at the affordable price point. There are 14 individually labeled brushes with wooden handles, and beginners will appreciate the included instruction book that details how to use all your new items. The bristles are synthetic, and there's also an included canister for storage.

amazon makeup brushes docolor2

5. Docolor Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set

Best eyeshadow makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 15 brushes
  • What we like: comes with every type of brush you'll need for creating any eye look, neon-colored brushes are fun
  • What we dislike: doesn't include any brushes for the rest of your face

In order to get the beautifully defined look you want for your eye area, you'll want to choose a makeup brush set with slender grips, so that you're not fumbling around. This sleek neon-colored set has wonderfully slim aluminum-wooden handles that will allow you to focus on your makeup rather than your grip. With multiple brushes for shadow, blending, shading, defining and more, you can get as detailed as you want to be, and the vegan bristles reportedly hold up well, too, making for a set you can use for years to come.

best makeup brush set Jenny Patinkin Sustainable Luxury 6 Piece Dual Ended Makeup Brush Set

6. Jenny Patinkin Sustainable Luxury Dual-Ended Makeup Brush Set

Prettiest makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 6 dual-ended brushes
  • What we like: brushes are very soft and dual-ended to take up less space, comes with a luxe carrying case
  • What we dislike: higher price point

Leave it to Jenny Patinkin to take an everyday makeup basic next level. The makeup guru's clever kit comes with a selection of six dual-ended brushes that we're loving, including a full coverage face brush, eyeshadow and eyeliner brush, so as to guide you through your application beginning to end. The real star of the show, however, just might be that buttery soft faux leather case, which is perfect for your next vacay.

amazon makeup brushes emax

7. Emaxdesign Makeup Brush Set

Best bamboo makeup brush set.

  • What we like: brushes are made with fluffy nylon bristles and a bamboo handle
  • What we dislike: doesn't come with a carrying case

This makeup brush set is made of super-soft nylon fibers with a high-quality bamboo grip, and that's good news, since bamboo is highly sustainable (it can reportedly grow up to 3 feet in 24 hours if the conditions are right!), strong and durable and has naturally antibacterial properties in the wild. The bristles, meanwhile, are reportedly silky and luxurious. As an added bonus, you'll get a latex- and allergen-free blender sponge that will be gentle on sensitive skin.

best makeup brush set SEPHORA COLLECTION Complete Brush Set

8. Sephora Collection Complete Brush Set

Best basic makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 7 brushes
  • What we like: brushes are synthetic and soft, streamlined set
  • What we dislike: doesn't include a lip brush

With this Sephora Collection set , the only brushes you'll need for a flawless face are the powder, foundation, crease, concealer and shadow ones found here. The bristles are wonderfully soft, say shoppers, and use synthetic materials that which won't irritate your skin.

best makeup brush set Real Perfection 16pcs Makeup Brushes Set: makeup brush set

9. Real Perfection Makeup Brush Set

Best wood makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 16 brushes
  • What we like: diverse set of brushes including wider, kabuki styles and fine-tipped precision brushes
  • What we dislike: not the longest lasting set on this list

This impressive 16-piece makeup brush set includes five big kabuki makeup brushes for blending to your heart's content and 11 precision brushes, all of which come in an attractive rose gold color—it even includes an eyebrow shaver. All in all, it's one of the more diverse collections on this list. We also love the sturdy wooden handles.

best makeup brush set Artis Elite Gifting 8 Piece Holiday Makeup Brush Set

10. Artis Elite Gifting Holiday Makeup Brush Set  

Best holiday makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 5 brushes, 2 brush cleansing foams, 2 zippered pouches
  • What we like: comes with two separate set of brushes, cleansers and pouches so you can gift one and keep one for yourself

This sleek and shareable collection from pro-favorite brand Artis is ideal for gifting. The set includes five brushes to help create controlled looks for the eyes and cheeks, making them ideal for even serious contouring and highlighting aficionados. The classy red leather case, meanwhile, makes it a perfect holiday gift for your friend (although there’s no shame in treating yourself either—especially seeing as how the set comes with a couple extra brushes, another case and a bottle of cleansing foam.)

makeup brushes ducare

11. Ducare Duo Makeup Brush Set

Best makeup brush set for minimalists.

  • Comes with: 2 brushes
  • What we like: brushes are super fluffy, very streamlined set
  • What we dislike: there aren't any brush options for creating detailed eye or lip looks

If simplicity is the name of your game, this dual-ended makeup brush duo might just be tailor-made for you. In this package, you'll get two double-sided brushes that will have you blending, buffing and contouring, all without the hassle of too many items overrunning your space.

makeup brush nevsetpro1

12. Nevsetpo Professional Makeup Brush Set

Best makeup brush selection.

  • Comes with: 15 brushes, 2 sponges, 1 sponge cleaning pad
  • What we like: set includes everything you'd need to create any makeup look, brushes are soft and sturdy
  • What we dislike: might be excessive for the average makeup user, not the most space-efficient pick

This quality collection comes with all that you would expect from a makeup brush kit but also has some bonuses that will be a welcome addition to your cosmetics routine. Along with five regular kabuki style brushes, you'll be treated to both a large and small fan brush, an eyelash and eyebrow spoolie and multiple smudge brushes to help create a your most detailed, eye-catching looks. They're made so as not to shed and have nice, solid wood handles. Bonus: It also comes with two makeup sponges and a cleaning pad for all of your tools.

makeup brushes docolor

13. Docolor Rainbow Makeup Brush Set

Most colorful makeup brush set.

  • What we like: brushes are vibrant and easy to spot in any makeup bag
  • What we dislike: bristles aren't as sturdy as some others on the list

For a colorful makeup set that's just as vivid as you, feast your eyes on this vibrant 15-piece kit from Docolor. Backed with durable handles and soft bristles, these come with bright, cheerful splashes of bold colors that Andy Warhol fans will no doubt appreciate. It's got aluminum ferrules (that's the part of the brush that connects the handle to the bristles) that won't easily deform, and a medium-sized handle that won't be too tough to grip.

best makeup brush set Morphe Rosé Away 6 Piece Travel Brush Set

14. Morphe Rosé Away Travel Brush Set  

Best mini makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 6 brushes
  • What we like: brushes are densely packed, mini handles are great for travel
  • What we dislike: there are fewer brush options for creating detailed eye or lip looks

You won’t want to miss out on the mini brush set from Morphe. Perfect for traveling, this set comes with six mini brushes. More specifically? One for powders, one for blush and bronzer, one for concealer, one for a supremely smooth eyeshadow application, a smudger brush with densely packed bristles for that sexy smoky eye and one for blending everything out. Even the case is made for easy packing, with snap enclosures and a flat bottom for standing up on any countertop.

91c6mejhb3l sl1500

15. Ecotools Makeup Brush Set

Best cruelty-free makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 5 brushes
  • What we like: brushes are cruelty-free and vegan, PETA approved

For a fantastic animal-friendly alternative to natural options on the market, there's this five-piece brush set that's made with 100 percent cruelty-free, vegan materials. The brand has been backed by even famous eco warriors, such as Alicia Silverstone , and every piece of this kit, from the angled foundation and blurring brush to the angled liner brush, has been PETA-approved .

makeup brush real technique

16. Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set

Best makeup brush set for beginners.

  • Comes with: 4 brushes, 1 sponge
  • What we like: brushes are streamlined and soft, also includes a makeup sponge for versatility and blending

With four brushes and one sponge, Real Techniques gives you a nice starter set that will be perfect for your basic makeup and blending needs without being overwhelming. You'll get a bronzer and highlighter brush, a blush brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow brush and a makeup sponge. Each one is labeled so that you know exactly what to use it for, and buyers say they're surprisingly sturdy, too.

makeup brushes shany

17. Shany Artisan’s Easel Makeup Brush Set

Best large makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 18 brushes
  • What we like: comes in a water- and dust- resistant case that has secure elastics for each brush

The next time you're in a rush to put on your makeup, you'll be thankful for the conveniently laid out design of this large professional kit . Each of its 18 brushes have their own designated spot in the carrying case and are held in place with specially designed elastics. More impressively, the water- and dust-resistant case can be made to stand upright like an artist's easel, so your brushes will be at the ready. The bristles are a blend of synthetic and natural materials, too, so you'll get the best of both worlds.

amazon makeup brushes eigshow2

18. Eigshow Professional Makeup Brush Set

Best eco-friendly makeup brush set.

  • Comes with: 12 brushes
  • What we like: made with eco-friendly materials, vegan, cruelty-free
  • What we dislike: the green packaging isn't at all subtle

If you want to turn out stunning looks without harming the environment, then this makeup brush set could be the ideal option. The handles are made from coffee and tea-based plant material that forms a delightful water-wave pattern, while the bristles have been created from soft, synthetic hairs that render the entire collection vegan and cruelty-free. Even the carrying case adds to its sustainability, as it's designed from recyclable materials.

best makeup brush sets IT Brushes For ULTA Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 5 Pc Makeup Brush Set: a makeup brush set

19. IT Brushes For ULTA Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Makeup Brush Set

Best makeup brush set for an airbrushed finish.

  • What we like: made with very soft, fluffy bristles for easy blending, comes with a carrying case
  • What we dislike: doesn't include any detail brushes for eyeliner, eyebrows or lips; not as sturdy as some other IT brushes we've tried in the past

Created in collaboration just for Ulta Beauty, this five-piece collection from IT Cosmetics features a powder, foundation, concealer, and two eyeshadow brushes. The bristles on these are so incredibly soft that they were described as "bunny butts" by one reviewer. One downside to them? Because of how tightly edited the collection is, you won't be getting any eye-or lip-lining brushes.

best makeup brush set Memebox Pony Effect Pro Touch Brush Set

20. Memebox Pony Effect Pro Touch Brush Set

The underrated brush set.

  • Comes with: 8 brushes
  • What we like: pro brushes are made with soft bristles for easy blending, comes with a zippered carrying case
  • What we dislike: limited edition (so you better snag one while it's still available)

IYKYK: This well-rounded set was curated by Pony aka Park Hye-Min , who is a famous Korean makeup artist, blogger and beauty YouTuber with over 8.7 million followers on Instagram alone. The set includes a powder brush for the face, as well as a highlighter and contour brush, and several eye brushes for smudging, lining and blending your shadows—plus, an eyebrow spoolie and coordinated pink carrying case.

How Often Should You Wash Your Makeup Brushes? (Psst It's More Than You Think)

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25 Best Makeup Brush Sets for a Flawless Application

Whether you're new to the makeup game or a seasoned pro, these best-selling kits will help you achieve gorgeous results.

best makeup brush sets

Every item on this page was chosen by a Town & Country editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Understandably, deciding on the right brushes can be confusing since there are options galore, in all different shapes and sizes, available on the market. Fortunately, we've got you covered with 25 of the best makeup sets for all your glam needs. Whether you're looking to upgrade your makeup set up or you want to pick up a sweet gift for the beauty lover in your life, these picks are the way to go for a foolproof flawless look.

Essential Kit

Best Overall

Sigma beauty essential kit.

19-Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll

e.l.f. 19-Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll

Eye Obsessed Brush Collection

Best for Eyes

Morphe eye obsessed brush collection.

Vegan Brush Collection

Hourglass Vegan Brush Collection

Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Makeup Brush Set

Best Travel Set

It brushes for ulta your superheroes full-size travel makeup brush set.

Real Techniques Everyday Essentials

Best Set With Sponge

Real techniques real techniques everyday essentials.

14 Piece Brush Set

Best on Amazon

Bs-mall 14 piece brush set.

The Brush Collection

Most Ethical

Westman atelier the brush collection.

EcoTools Makeup Brush Set

Best Eco-Conscious Set

Ecotools ecotools makeup brush set.

Ultimate Brush Roll

Best All-in-One

Colour pop ultimate brush roll.

This 12-piece set from Sigma has everything you need to create a stunning makeup look at home.

"These brushes are so buttery soft even after washing," raves a reviewer. "They apply and blend eyeshadow and powder like a dream, I’m highly impressed with how easy and seamlessly they work to blend. A great set with everyday brushes."

e.l.f. 19-Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll

Those new to the makeup game will love this bundle since it comes stocked with professional-quality tools at an affordable price.

"I am beyond satisfied with my choice in buying these," says a shopper. "The sheet that explains each brush and its use was perfect, and it encouraged me to experiment more. Another good thing, I regularly wash these brushes and the texture of them has not changed after a few washes."

Whether you love rocking a killer smokey eye or prefer a more natural-looking glam, these brushes won't disappoint. The bundle comes with a range of high-quality fluffy brushes for blending on the lids and creases, as well as angled options for defining brows.

"I love these eye brushes," writes a reviewer. "They make putting on my eye makeup a breeze! They are of very good quality... I'm so glad that I purchased this specific kit. It had all the brushes I need."

If you're willing to invest in high-quality makeup brushes, make sure it's this set. This Hourglass kit includes 17 brushes made of PETA-approved Taklon bristles that come enclosed in a chic vegan-leather case. Key tools include the brand's best-selling dual-ended brushes for effortless application and the versatile Ambient Lightening Edit that can be used with powder, cream, and liquid formulas.

"These were packaged so beautifully and work so beautifully," reports a reviewer. "They are not just some crappy brushes with a brand name stuck to them. They are amazing and you absolutely get what you pay for here."

Planning a fun getaway? Consider this compact bundle of oh-so-soft foundation, concealer, crease, eyeliner, and eyeshadow staples your new travel companion.

"I love this set," writes a reviewer, noting that it "replaced all my high end makeup brushes. Excellent quality and they clean well."

With this everyday bundle, you get the best of both worlds: four spectacular brushes and a sponge for a flawless, airbrushed finish.

"These are durable, lightweight and are good for most types of makeup," writes one fan. "Each item is a multi-tasker, which for me, is essential."

Coming in at just under $10 with over 108,000 Amazon reviews and nearly a five-star rating, this set is a no-brainer for novices and enthusiasts.

"If you are looking for a complete, everyday makeup brush set, I HIGHLY recommend this one, especially if you're a beginner wanting to learn all the little brush functions without spending a fortune to play around with techniques," says a reviewer. "I was pleased to receive the brushes in their own travel case and individually wrapped. The bristles are soft enough for a smooth application and firm enough not to leave streaks, which is always desirable."

Leave it to celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman to come up with a luxurious selection of sustainably made brushes that can be used with all formulas. A blender brush, a powder brush, and a lip brush are among the standouts in the set.

"I am very happy with the way the brushes perform and how aesthetically pleasing they are," raves a reviewer. "Also brushes are easy to clean/ maintain."

Want to simplify your makeup routine? These eco-friendly makeup brushes perform beautifully and are also densely packed with high-quality synthetic hairs that never shed.

One Amazon shopper also "loved that they are inexpensive but durable."

ColourPop's collection of face, cheek, and eye-defining staples will cover all your makeup bases. And the fact that it's priced at less than $40? That makes it all the more worth it.

"Perfect brush set all around!" raves a fan. "Ideal size, perfect weight/feel while working with them. Picks up the right amount of shadow/pigment. I'm also obsessed with the color of these brushes! So gorgeous!"

Otis Batterbee Precision Makeup Brush Set

Precision Makeup Brush Set

For those who like a "no makeup" makeup look, oval brushes are ideal. This kit with Art Deco-inspired handles works beautifully to blend foundation, concealer, blush, and highlighter for a radiant, natural appearance.

"I'm loving how quickly I can get my makeup done with this shape," raves one user, while another writes: "These brushes have made my makeup routine a breeze."

Rose Inc The Complexion Brush Gift Set

The Complexion Brush Gift Set

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is known for her stunning glam, and lucky for us, she has her own makeup line for emulating her looks. This set includes four uniquely-shaped, vegan brushes that deliver impeccable coverage to your face, cheekbones, and under eyes with each and every application.

"These are absolutely the most gorgeous brushes," writes a fan. "Light and glorious for any skin type!"

Spectrum Collections KJH 25 Piece Brush Set

KJH 25 Piece Brush Set

Want to take your glams up a notch? This full-face kit in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes includes 25 premium-quality brushes that sweep beautifully across your visage to create the most stunning makeup look. Plus, it comes with a sophisticated case that makes for a chic accent on your vanity.

"They do not disappoint," writes a fan. "A comprehensive set with a brush for any application. I love the small brushes for eye detail. Also love that there are brushes for powder and cream products. Highly recommended."


Complete Brush Set

For newbies, figuring out the right makeup brush to use can feel daunting at first. Sephora's set, however, takes the guesswork of selecting what to use. The seven-piece collection comes with everything you need for creating any look, including a foundation brush, blush brush, concealer brush, and eyeshadow brush.

"I am OBSESSED with these brushes!!!" raves a Sephora reviewer. "The bristles are sooo soft and apply my makeup so beautifully. Plus these brushes are vegan which I LOVE. This is a greater starter kit for beginners. Also very budget friendly!!"

Artis Elite 5 Brush Set in Mirror

Elite 5 Brush Set in Mirror

This oval brush set will instantly become a makeup bag staple for seasoned makeup pros. The collection includes a range of five different types of brushes that each deliver a flawless finish with all sorts of formulas.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic 4-Piece Mini Brush Set

Magic 4-Piece Mini Brush Set

When you're on the go, reach for this mini-sized Charlotte Tilbury kit, which features a foundation brush for flawless coverage, a powder brush for livening up the cheeks with her cult favorite glow formulas, an eye blender brush for brightening up the lids and creases, plus an eye smudger brush for creating the perfect smokey look.

"The brushes are super soft and blend very well," says a reviewer, noting that it's "perfect if you travel all the time."

Laura Mercier Tools of the Trade Brush Set (Limited Edition)

Tools of the Trade Brush Set (Limited Edition)

This limited-edition kit from Laura Mercier will no doubt delight the beauty lover in your life. Housed in a luxurious navy clutch, it includes five pro-quality tools for sculpting, highlighting, defining, and contouring.

MAC Cosmetics Brush with Greatness Mini Brush Travel Kit

Brush with Greatness Mini Brush Travel Kit

The key to nailing a gorgeous holiday glam lies in this chic bundle that includes a pro-quality powder brush, rounded slant brush, blended brush, and angled brow brush.

"Good quality brushes," writes a reviewer. "Perfect for purse or travel. Love the collectible case."

Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces Brush Set

Making Faces Brush Set

Just in time for the holiday season, Kevyn Aucoin dropped this trio of dual-ended brushes that delivers a snatched jawline and cheekbones.

JENNY PATINKIN Sustainable Luxury Dual-Ended Makeup Brush Set

Sustainable Luxury Dual-Ended Makeup Brush Set

Makeup artist and best-selling author Jenny Patinkin recently launched her own line of dual-ended makeup brushes that allow you to switch between different brush types without the fuss. Beyond its seamless capabilities, the luxury set is made from recycled material, making it a good purchase for the environment too.

Headshot of Sophie Dweck

Sophie Dweck is the associate shopping editor for Town & Country, where she covers beauty, fashion, home and décor, and more. 

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The 10 Best Makeup Brush Sets For An MUA-Worthy Look

makeup brushes

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links.

They may not be as eye-catching as creamy blushes or sparkling eyeshadows, but makeup brushes can make or break your look instantly. A subpar makeup brush can leave you with streaky, uneven coverage when blending your makeup . On the other hand, using high-quality makeup brushes can help prevent creasing and give a flawless, airbrushed effect to your face. If you're guilty of purchasing luxury makeup but skimping when it comes to your tools, this is your sign to upgrade your brush collection. Sure, cotton swabs and fingertips can get the job done — but using the proper brush is crucial for graphic eyeliner, perfectly blended eyeshadow, and natural-looking coverage.

Depending on your lifestyle and budget, you have plenty of options for selecting new brushes. Traditional makeup brushes can feature animal hair, prized for its softness, but these days, you're more likely to encounter brushes with synthetic bristles made from materials like nylon. Different shapes, materials, and even handles can make a huge difference in your overall makeup application, creating crisp lines or softening harsh edges with ease. So, are you ready to put down the sponge-tip applicators and breathe new life into your look? Let's take a glimpse at our guide to the best makeup brush sets available today.

How we selected the best makeup brush sets

Some consider full glam a daily affair, while others take a more minimalistic approach to makeup. A select few among us reach for the same brush shape over and over each time they get ready. The perfect makeup brush set may mean something different to everyone, so we've included a variety of options to suit just about anyone's needs.

To build our list of the best makeup brush sets you can buy, we began by choosing products we've personally used with great success. These brushes are soft, durable, and easy to use — plus, we're confident they can last you years with the correct care. You can enjoy them even longer by washing your brushes frequently and allowing them to dry thoroughly before each use.

After including some of our all-time favorite picks, we researched dozens of other brushes — and blenders — to cover the bases at any budget, making note of online reviews and product descriptions. Whether you're hunting for a compact collection or a fully-packed brush roll fit for a pro, you're sure to find your new favorite makeup brush set on our list. 

Best overall makeup brush set: Spectrum x Katie Jane Hughes 25 Piece Makeup Brush Set

It doesn't matter if you're revamping your makeup brush collection or buying for a friend — the Spectrum x Katie Jane Hughes 25 Piece Makeup Brush Set is sure to satisfy any beauty lover. This stunning olive green collection features brushes made with synthetic, cruelty-free bristles and even comes with a vegan leather case.

The Katie Jane Hughes Makeup Brush Set has everything you need to create the looks of your dreams, and customers can't get over how well they perform. "The quality is incredible, they wash so well and are just as perfect today as the day I bought them! Super soft bristles, and the brushes are so beautiful too!" writes one Spectrum fan. Once you feel the silky touch of these cream-colored brushes, you won't ever want to reach for anything else.

Purchase the Katie Jane Hughes 25 Piece Makeup Brush Set from Spectrum for $178.

Best budget makeup brush set: e.l.f. 19 Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll

Not looking to spend a pretty penny, yet still want to feel your best? Not to worry — that's where the e.l.f. 19 Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll comes in. That's right, this budget brush set bears a whopping 19 pieces, and reviewers say the quality of the assortment is truly top-notch.

If the idea of a 19-piece brush set sounds intimidating, you can breathe easily with e.l.f.'s handy accompanying guide. "These brushes are amazing! They are soft, and I like how there is a description of what each does since I am not a professional," says one e.l.f. fanatic. From blurring powder brushes to detailed eyeshadow brushes, the e.l.f. Makeup Brush Set & Roll will help you tackle any makeup tutorial without dropping a fortune on expensive makeup brushes .

Purchase the 19 Piece Makeup Brush Set & Roll from e.l.f. for $40.

Best luxury makeup brush set: BK Beauty Luxury Makeup Brush Set

Maybe you want to really treat yourself — or a lucky loved one — with some of the best makeup brushes on the market. If so, opt for the BK Beauty Luxury Makeup Brush Set, a 16-piece collection of absolutely gorgeous, buttery-soft makeup brushes.

BK Beauty's Luxury Makeup Brush Set is rated five stars across the board, and it's easy to see why fans of the brand are so in love with this kit. These brushes are beautiful, replete with glossy red handles, and they can take your makeup application skills to new heights. According to scores of customers, this ultra-luxe release won't give you buyer's remorse. "Hands down the best brushes I have EVER used! Super soft and luxurious! I was hesitant at first because it is a splurge, but definitely worth it!" said one BK Beauty user.

Purchase the Luxury Makeup Brush Set from BK Beauty for $325.

Best travel makeup brush set: Sigma Beauty Essential Travel Brush Set

Want to look great without carrying extra weight on your next trip? Enter Sigma Beauty's Essential Travel Brush Set, a compact 7-piece collection perfect for globetrotting glamour. Forget about jamming your oversized brushes into too-small bags or grabbing flimsy tools from the drugstore during your next adventure — Sigma's sharp Travel Brush Set can help minimize stress while prepping for travels.

Travel-sized brushes can be iffy, but the brushes contained in this collection are of the highest quality. The brush fibers are also antimicrobial, so you don't have to worry if you get a little lazy with the brush washing on your next vacation. So, what do Sigma reviewers think about them? "I purchased this set almost 3 years ago, and I still use these brushes daily! This is a PERFECT set, especially for traveling," writes one.

Purchase the Sigma Beauty Essential Travel Brush Set from Target for $73.99.

Best essentials makeup brush set: Sephora Collection Essential Face Brush Set

If you find yourself reaching for the same handful of products each day to create your signature look, chances are you don't need a brush set with all the bells and whistles included. The Sephora Collection Essential Face Brush Set is our pared-down pick for those seeking quality over quantity.

This sleek, minimalistic brush set is considered a holy grail for many Sephora shoppers, who rave about the softness of the brand's brushes. "These sephora brushes with the grey handles are the BEST! Perfect to add to my collection!" raved a fan. Whether you just want a pop of blush or some full-face freshness, this modest brush set is bound to be your new best friend.

Purchase the Sephora Collection Essential Face Brush Set from Sephora for $39.

Best makeup brush set for face: Sonia G. Pro Face Set

Ask any seasoned beauty fan about their favorite brushes, and Sonia G. will likely come up in the conversation. When it comes to supersoft, elegant brushes crafted for the face, few sets can compare with the Sonia G. Pro Face Set. With just five brushes, Sonia G. has changed the game regarding priming, concealing, and covering.

These Japanese-made tools feature natural saikoho goat hair, lending an incredibly soft feel and allowing for the most precise makeup application. If you have any doubts about their ability to provide your complexion with a flawless finish, just look at their reviews. "I am a brush fanatic and own hundreds of handmade brushes from every brand ... and Sonia G's brushes are by far the best," notes one happy customer.

Purchase the Sonia G. Pro Face Set from Beautylish for $280.

Best makeup brush set for eyes: Morphe Vegan Pro 5-Piece Eye Brush Set

The eyes have it, and no one knows this better than Morphe. The celebrated beauty brand has done it again with the Morphe Vegan Pro 5-Piece Eye Brush Set. No matter how simple — or complex — your go-to eye makeup is, you can confidently rock it using this handy kit. The set has five chic brushes to help you build virtually any look, from an elaborate glitter cut crease to a smoky cat eye.

Beauty lovers everywhere know about Morphe's reputation for creating excellent brushes, and the 5-Piece Eye Brush Set is no exception. For further proof, glance at what this brush set's loyal users have to say. "There's a brush of every size and shape so you can create complete, detailed eye looks that are sure to turn heads! I also love how the brushes are different sizes and [thicknesses]," one writes.

Purchase the Vegan Pro 5-Piece Eye Brush Set from Morphe for $32.

Best makeup brush set for beginners: Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Complete Makeup Brush Set

Do you know someone just getting into makeup or practicing their skills? Consider picking up the Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Complete Makeup Brush Set, which will delight everyone from newbies to pros, thanks to its remarkable brushes that make blending makeup a breeze. Not only are they easy on the eyes, but each golden brush inside this set is also vegan and cruelty-free.

A brush set rarely receives a near-perfect rating with fans, but this 10-piece collection has done just that. Hundreds of customers are overjoyed with their Sonia Kashuk Brush Set, praising everything from its functionality to its value. "These brushes are high quality for a reasonable price. They are also beautiful. I have Chanel brushes, and I grab for these instead," remarks one.

Purchase the Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Complete Makeup Brush Set from Target for $40.

Best makeup brush set to gift: IT Cosmetics Beautiful Together Flawless Finish 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set + Case

You could just grab any old brush set to gift to your friends and family, or you could impress them with the IT Cosmetics Beautiful Together Flawless Finish 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set + Case. This festive assortment of brushes comes with its very own stylish brush case featuring vivid illustrations from artist Ana Jaks.

Yet this set's good looks aren't its only charming attribute — IT Cosmetics' brushes are known for being superb at what they do. That's because IT Cosmetics crafts its products with expert opinions in mind, from plastic surgeons to dermatologists. Judging by the reactions of those who've tried the brand's Makeup Brush Set, it's a winning strategy. "I highly recommend this brush set," wrote a fan. "The foundation brush is excellent, blends like a dream and I really like the little bag they come in too."

Purchase the Beautiful Together Flawless Finish 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set + Case from IT Cosmetics for $59.

Best beauty blender brush set: Beautyblender Enchanted Beauty Essentials Beauty Blender Set

Although not technically brushes, beauty sponges function similarly — and we would be remiss not to mention them. It's incredible what the original Beautyblender can do for your makeup, from blurring pesky lines and creases to smoothly applying concealer and foundation. The possibilities are endless, whether used alone or paired with your favorite brushes — and there's no better set than the Beautyblender Enchanted Beauty Essentials Beauty Blender Set to experiment with.

This colorful Beautyblender collection contains the classic Beautyblender makeup sponge in pink and cranberry red, as well as a green Bio Pure sponge made from renewable sugarcane. Each adorable blender is latex-free, ergonomically friendly, and reusable. And cleaning  your makeup sponges has never been easier since this merry set comes with two solid sponge cleansers and a silicone scrub mat to boot.

Purchase the Beautyblender Enchanted Beauty Essentials Beauty Blender Set from Sephora for $50.


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7 Best Travel Makeup Brushes Of 2024

Brush your way to flawless beauty and stay ever-ready anytime, anywhere.

Barbara Ritzman is a beauty and skin care specialist and the founder of Barbie's Beauty Bits. With over 16 years of hands-on experience as a beauty editor, she has collaborated with a multitude of makeup, skin care, and cosmetic brands. Bar... more

Srijani is an associate commerce editor with a master's degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Calcutta, West Bengal. She is certified in makeup techniques and is also a ce... more

Rajeshwari is a dedicated fitness and lifestyle enthusiast, deeply committed to enhancing our readers’ well-being and vitality. She has a master’s degree in Journalism & Mass Communication from th... more

Srijita De is a makeup and fashion enthusiast with a passion for empowering readers through practical tips and tricks to present their best selves with confidence. Armed with a postgraduate degree in ... more

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The best makeup brush set can revolutionize your makeup game. Building the perfect makeup look requires different sizes and shapes of brushes for each part of your face and item in your makeup kit. These brushes are your best friend whether you want a bridal look or an everyday no-makeup look. The right tools give you an edge to get the most natural-looking and smooth finish post makeup. A good set of brushes go a long way to prevent a cakey look by helping the makeup spread evenly with ease. So, for your next vacation and upcoming statement-making events, we have curated a list of some magical makeup brushes to bring you the look of your dreams. Check out our list of the 7 best travel makeup brushes that can fit in any bag. These travel brushes are carefully selected after going through several reviews they have received from users online.

In This Article

1. Best Professional Finish: Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set

The Real Technique makeup brush set is a set of versatile miniature makeup brushes suitable for different makeup strokes. These Real Technique brushes are highly recommended and used by professional makeup artists like Katie Jane Hughes. It comes with a travel sponge blender that complements the eyeshadow brush , powder brush, and concealer brush. This makeup artist-approved set has everything you need to achieve a professional makeup look and flawless application. The bristles are smooth and allow precise strokes to make your look flawless. The sponge is designed with a revolutionary latex-free foam technology that blends products evenly and gives you an enhanced finish. Check out this honest video review to understand the benefits and a tester’s experience of using this travel-friendly vegan brush set in detail.

  • Cruelty-free

2. Best Environment-Friendly: EcoTools Makeup Brush Set

The EcoTools makeup brush set is environmentally friendly and is made from high-quality materials. It has revolutionized sustainable beauty by adding a reusable makeup tray and completely avoiding cruelty towards animals. The product includes a set of five vegan makeup brushes that can be used to apply liquid, creams, foundation, blush, and eyeshadow powders . They are handcrafted and have beautiful bamboo handles . The bristles are made from synthetic Taklon material. The set also includes a unique and beautiful protective brush case that helps in better organization and reduces clutter while stylish. Take a look at this video review to learn more about this product and the reviewer’s experience with it.

  • Comes with a storage case
  • Reusable beauty tray
  • Handcrafted
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

With over 19,081 Amazon acclaimed reviews, this product is sure to find a place in everyone’s shopping bag.

3. Best Soft: Matto Makeup Brushes

The Matto makeup brush set has a unique design with cotton soft bristles. It feels incredibly amazing on the skin. The bristles are dense and 100% cruelty-free. Even after multiple uses and cleaning, it does not shed bristles which makes this product highly durable. The natural brushes have beautifully designed real bamboo handles with a touch of shiny golden color. The nine brushes that come with this set are perfect for all kinds of makeup applications, as each of these has bristles that are hand-cut to suit all your needs. These quality brushes can be used in different areas of application. The brush set has the best buffing brushes for travel that help you build a flattering, dreamy look that elevates your glamor on statement-making events. This video review will give you all the details you need to know about this product through a tester’s experience of using it.

  • Ultra-soft bristles
  • Free of chemical smell
  • No shedding
  • Hygienic bristles
  • Easy to clean

4. Best Ergonomic Design: DUcare Makeup Brushes

The DUcare makeup brush set has the ability to give you a natural-looking no-makeup look as it allows the makeup to blend evenly and perfectly. This budget-friendly set is ergonomically designed and is FSC-certified. It contains a flat angles foundation brush that is suitable to apply multiple makeup products to different facial features. The vegan brushes work well for all skin types and are handcrafted by the best artists.

  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • FSC-certified handles

5. Best All-In-One: Hiuzar Portable Makeup Brush Organizer

The Hiuzar portable makeup brush organizer is a marvelous set of brushes. The bristles of the brushes are made from good quality nylon fabric and are easy to clean. These multifunctional travel brushes can be used for makeup applications for different facial features, as they are designed to reach every corner of your face with ease. They look unique and beautiful. Moreover, the set comes with a great storage unit that is well structured to encapsulate all your brushes in a neat and organized manner , making it ideal for you to carry for your next vacation.

  • Well-organized storage
  • Smart and unique design
  • High-quality nylon
  • Easy to maintain
  • Might retain excessive makeup residue

6. Best Long-Lasting: Zzihan Mini Makeup Brushes Set

The Zzihan mini makeup brush set comes with bristles that are made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials. They are soft to touch. But if you have sensitive skin, you might want to test it out before committing to it. The handles are made of highly durable material. The set also includes a bonus travel case. It is a smartly designed storage unit for all your brushes, with dual-ended makeup brushes, making it more travel-friendly than ever. It is a cost-effective set of makeup brushes that encompass all your makeup application needs.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Silky and soft bristles
  • Ergonomic design
  • May cause allergy if sensitive to animal hair

7. Best Cruelty-Free: SHANY I love Bamboo – 7pc Petite Pro Bamboo Brush Set

The SHANY I Love Bamboo brush set is an exceptionally well-designed set of makeup brushes that also includes a kabuki travel brush. The set includes brushes for foundations, including powder foundation, and are sleek and ergonomic and come along with a classy and elegant brush holder. The bristles are smooth as silk and are safe for sensitive skin. For all animal lovers and environmentalists, this PETA-certified set of makeup brushes is a great option as it is free from animal testing, so you can go guilt-free and environmentally-safe with this set.

  • Elegant design and brush holder
  • Soft bristles
  • Unpleasant smell

To buy the best makeup brushes that you can carry along with you as you travel, you will need to understand all the factors that make a good set of makeup brushes. The guide below will help you narrow down your perfect professional travel brush set. Read on!

What To Consider Before Buying Travel-Friendly Makeup Brushes

  • Quality : The materials that make the brushes must be of high quality. It should not retain dust or product and must be easy to clean. It should be soft and gentle on your skin but deliver precise strokes. Make sure to check reviews from users of the product online who have tested it.
  • Design : Consider the shape, size, texture, and density of its bristles. Ensure to see that the bristles are soft to touch, and yet, stay firm while applying makeup. A long, thick handle is usually more ergonomic.
  • Maintenance : The maintenance of the brushes is just as important as their performance. Only those brushes that are easy to clean and retain their shape for a long time can deliver precise application of a fine layer of makeup. Do read the care instructions carefully to keep your brushes viable longer.
  • Cruelty-Free : Products that are made cruelty-free are not just safe for the animals and the environment. They are made with gentle material that makes it safer for your skin as well.

Infographic: How To Clean Makeup Brushes The Right Way

Unclean makeup brushes are filled with bacteria and dirt that can cause skin infections, acne, and breakouts. Therefore, clean makeup brushes are a must for maintaining healthy skin. Check out the infographic below to learn about a few tips and tricks to clean your brushes the right way.

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The Bottom Line

With the best on-the-go makeup brushes, you can apply your makeup effortlessly and glam up your look flawlessly. The right type of brush will prevent a cakey finish, which won’t crack over time. It will ensure that your face looks glossy and less powdery by evenly spreading a refined layer of makeup. The Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set is perfect for beginners for different makeup applications. Those who seek an eco-friendly and sustainable option may consider the EcoTools Makeup Brush Set . This listicle contains some of the choicest sets of makeup brushes that will add immense value to your makeup drawer. The wholesome sets of makeup brushes are compact enough to carry them in your purses anywhere you go.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The writer of this post, Srijani Roy, is a makeup and fashion enthusiast. She ensures to deliver research-driven content after gaining information from reading several product reviews through e-commerce websites. She curated the list of best travel makeup brushes from expert-reviewed recommendations to make the application of makeup flawless and smooth for you. She has also suggested a buying guide that will help you understand the kind of product you need as per your requirements.

  • Fact-checker

Barbara Ritzman Beauty Specialist

Srijani roy chowdhury associate commerce editor, rajeshwari das associate commerce editor, srijita de commerce writer, related articles, 11 best drugstore makeup brushes, as per a makeup artist: 2023, 10 best makeup brushes roll bags of 2023, as per makeup artist, 9 best lip brushes of 2023, makeup artist-approved, 10 best morphe brushes, hand-picked by a makeup expert – 2023, makeup artist-approved: 19 best makeup brush cleaners of 2023, 10 best makeup brush sets for beginners – 2023, expert-approved, 10 best travel hair brushes – 2023, 11 best travel toothbrushes of 2023, according to a dentist, 14 best brushes for mineral powder foundations – 2023, latest articles, best moisturizers for winters: tried and tested, which is better - brinton uv doux face & body sunscreen gel with spf 50 pa+++ or aqualogica glow+dewy sunscreen.

A detailed comparison of the two sunscreens to help you select the right one for your needs.

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These medically-approved formulations ensure numerous skin care benefits.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Ultimate Makeup Brush Set & Travel Roll #1

Tab through the images or use the previous or next buttons to navigate each product image

e.l.f. Cosmetics Ultimate Makeup Brush Set & Travel Roll

Item 2612749

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Set & Travel Roll includes some of e.l.f. Cosmetics most iconic brushes to apply every step of your makeup, from primer to setting powder to complexion and even eyes for a wide range of gorgeous looks. The perfect set when your makeup brush travel case needs an overhaul.

  • The ultimate makeup brush collection includes 17 must-have brushes
  • Travel-friendly synthetic leather brush roll
  • Professional quality
  • FSC-certified wood brush handles
  • Synthetic bristles
  • Flawless Face Brush (1 ct): Face makeup brush to create a soft, natural finish
  • Putty Primer Brush & Applicator (1 ct): Dual-ended makeup tool & buffer makeup brush for easy putty primer application
  • Small Smudge Brush (1 ct): Small makeup brush ideal for creating smoky eyes
  • Fan Brush (1 ct): Use to lightly dust on powder or to contour
  • Blush Brush (1 ct): Can be used to apply blush or bronzer
  • Complexion Brush (1 ct): Soft, oversized face makeup brush
  • Powder Brush (1 ct): Soft & versatile face makeup brush for powders
  • Small Precision Brush (1 ct): Creates thin lines & precise coverage
  • Fluffy Eye Blender Brush (1 ct): Soft eye makeup brush for blending & blurring
  • Detail Crease Brush (1 ct): Applies eyeshadow precisely into the crease of the eyelid for an expertly blended look
  • Eyeshadow "C" Brush (1 ct): Curved eyeshadow brush for blending & diffusing
  • Flat Eyeshadow Brush (1 ct): Ideal for applying cream or liquid eyeshadows to the eye area
  • Concealer Brush (1 ct): Flat concealer brush to cover imperfections
  • Eyebrow Duo Brush (1 ct): Dual-sided brow brush includes a dense angled brush on one end to fill in & contour brows while the wand side combs and shapes hair into place
  • Small Angled Brush (1 ct): Perfect for precise color application & creates even, thin, and straight lines every time
  • Putty Bronzer Brush (1 ct): Angled makeup brush for use with Putty Bronzer
  • Blending Brush (1 ct): Loose, dome-shaped brush perfect for blending eyeshadoww
  • Travel Roll keeps all your brushes neat & tidy
  • Flawless Face Brush: Dip the brush into the powder and sweep over the face in broad strokes for even coverage. Use the contoured edges to apply blush and bronzer.
  • Putty Primer Brush and Applicator: With the spatula, scoop out Putty Primer. Then use the brush to apply and blend out the product on the face.
  • Small Smudge Brush: Dip the brush into eyeshadow or eyeliner and apply it to the desired location. Smudge color using small back-and-forth motions.
  • Fan Brush: Use to remove fallen eye makeup by "fanning" away the product. To add color to the face, dip into powder and dust on color to highlight cheekbones for a soft and natural look.
  • Blush Brush: Apply cream, powder, or liquid blush onto the apples of the cheeks with the pointed tip and blend out towards the ear using the contoured sides.
  • Complexion Brush: Swirl brush over setting or corrective powder and apply to the face with broad, sweeping motions.
  • Powder Brush: Swirl the powder brush over your face powder, blush, or bronzer. Tap off the excess and blend it onto the skin using large, circular motions.
  • Small Precision Brush: Dip the brush into eyeshadow or highlighter and apply to the desired location, then blend using gentle back-and-forth strokes.
  • Fluffy Eye Blender Brush: Blend eyeshadow using a back-and-forth motion. Sweep pressed or loose powders over concealer to set for a lasting finish.
  • Detail Crease Brush: Apply color to the crease of the eyelid using back-and-forth motions to blend.
  • Eyeshadow "C" Brush: Dip the brush into the eyeshadow and apply it to the eyelid starting from the inner corner. To create the smoky eye, apply the brush tip on the outward corner of the eye by pressing the color in a C shape from the lash line up. Flip the C on the right eye so it creates an outward curve. Blend color inward for definition.
  • Flat Eyeshadow Brush: Apply product to the eyelid using the flat side of the brush. To build color intensity, gently pat the eyeshadow onto the eyelid.
  • Concealer Brush: Dip the brush in concealer and apply it to targeted areas of the skin. Use soft short strokes to blend in.
  • Eyebrow Duo Brush: Use the spoolie end of the duo brow brush to brush hair into shape. Using a brow cream, fill in any sparse areas of the brow with the angled brush by using short feathery strokes that mimic hair.
  • Small Angled Brush: Dip the brush into the product and draw over the desired area in smooth, short strokes. Repeat for added definition.
  • Putty Bronzer Brush: Swirl the brush into the Putty Bronzer. Then stipple and blend onto the hollows of your cheeks.
  • Blending Brush: In a sweeping movement, glide the brush across the eyelid to blend color.
  • Brush Roll: Place brushes into the roll handle-side first. Roll up Brush Roll to keep brushes protected and organized.

Clean brushes regularly with e.l.f. Brush Shampoo (sold separately) and lay flat to dry.

best travel brush set

Packing for your next trip is a formidable challenge in and of itself. You don't need the added worry of stressing out over which makeup brushes should or shouldn't make the trip with you. That's why investing in the best travel makeup brushes can make packing your bags for your next getaway that much easier.

Travel-friendly makeup brushes need to be convenient, should come in easy-to-pack pouches and kits, and be durable enough that they won't get damaged en route. The key to picking the right travel makeup brushes for you is to find ones that will work with your specific needs. Do you need eye-makeup brushes for an ambitious night-out look you plan to try on your trip? Are you looking for a set that has the most brush options for professional-quality makeup application? Or, are you looking for something low-key that will fit in your already over-stuffed carry-on?

To help make your beauty packing process as streamlined as possible, you'll find the five best sets of travel makeup brushes on this list — ranging from five-piece starter sets for statement eyes to 18-piece hauls made to address every single spot you want it to. Regardless of which pieces you need to bring your vacay selfie to life, the best travel makeup brush sets are here to help make it happen.

UNIMEIX 12-Piece Premium Makeup Brush Set

Superior quality paired with a stylish design, these bestselling, professional-quality makeup brushes are perfect for travel. With 12-brushes all wrapped into one easy-to-pack rolling case, you'll be able to perfect your foundation, contour your cheekbones, accentuate your eyes, dust on finishing powder, and bring life to your lips without having to sacrifice tons of room in your carry-on. As if the travel-friendly design wasn't enough, these brushes are also friendly to animals, using cruelty-free bristles for a hygienic, gentle take on makeup application.

Outopest 4-in-1 Retractable Kabuki Cosmetic Makeup Brush

If you're looking for the most compact option on this list, look no further than this four-in-one makeup brush that gives you access to four brushes in one simple design. The metal brush handle houses two reversible brush heads on either end, including a lip, eyeshadow, eyebrow, and smokey-eye brush. With a sleek design that can be easily stored in even the smallest travel bags, you'll be able to take this brush with you anywhere. One reviewer praises the brush set, saying, "the brush quality is great and I love that the heads of it are reversible making it like I have four different brushes with me." And you won't have to worry about shedding with this brush: the synthetic fibers are soft to the touch and designed to mimic your fingertips for a simple application.

Real Techniques Eye Makeup Starter Set

Designed for anyone who's serious about their eye makeup, this travel-friendly makeup brush set includes five brushes to create your eyeshadow base, define your crease, highlight your brow bone, trace killer cat eyes, and sculpt snap-worthy arches. Every brush is patented for its ultra-plush synthetic bristles, streak-free application, and flawless results. Sold in a panoramic carrier, you can lay all of your brushes out flat so that you know what you're working with wherever you travel and can easily fold them up when it's time to go.

Andre Lorent 5-Piece Vegan Makeup Brush Set

Another five-piece travel makeup brush set , only this time it addresses your entire face. All the brushes in this set are 100 percent cruelty-free and feature the highest quality synthetic bristles. Equipped with a foundation brush, powder/blush brush, angled liner brush, eyeshadow brush, and lip brush, all tucked nicely inside of a sealed canister, this set will ensure that your makeup (and your brushes) are on point wherever you go, regardless of how tightly they're stuffed into your carry-on.

SHANY Artisan's Easel 18-Piece Elite Cosmetics Brush Collection

Who said you should have to scale back when going on vacation? If rocking your most done-up face is a top priority while out of town, be sure to add this 18-piece makeup brush set to your carry-on. Designed by makeup artists, these PETA-approved brushes feature synthetic and natural hair bristles that are curved for extra-soft color payoff and will ensure you can apply foundation, sculpt, highlight, and accent your cheeks, define your eyes, and so much more. While this brush set is the largest of any on this list, it packs easily with its bristle-protecting easel and pouch.

Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.

best travel brush set

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The 11 Best Travel Toothbrushes of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

These are the best travel toothbrushes worthy of space in your toiletry bag.

best travel brush set

In This Article

Jump to a Section

  • Our top picks
  • Other Toothbrushes We Liked

Our Testing Process

  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Alli Waataja

While there are many things you can go without on a trip, a toothbrush isn't one of them. But depending on where you're going and how long you'll be staying, you might want to use something other than what you have at home.

So, what toothbrush should you pack? "Deciding between an electric toothbrush and a manual brush for travel will depend on personal preference and brush design — not all electric and manual toothbrushes are convenient for travel," says board-certified orthodontist Marina Gonchar, DMD.

We tested more than 40 toothbrushes over a six-month period to help you narrow it down, evaluating each for ease of use, functionality, portability, quality, and value. With insight from Dr. Gonchar and other dental professionals in mind, we researched travel-friendly options to round out our list.

Best Overall, Electric

Oral-b genius 9600 electric toothbrush.

  • Ease of Use 4 /5
  • Design 5 /5
  • Functionality 5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5

The Genius 9600 goes above and beyond to clean your teeth and boasts ample features, like multiple modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and a charging travel case.

It's slightly heavier than other electric models we tested, and since it comes with several parts, there's more to store at home.

Our favorite electric toothbrush is the Oral-B Genius 9600. Though it took us a moment to figure out how it works, we were thoroughly impressed by the feature-rich design. And once we got started, it was very straightforward and user-friendly. This toothbrush has multiple cleaning modes (regular, light, whitening, and tongue) that you can toggle between by tapping the handle. Our teeth felt exceptionally clean and slick after brushing, thanks to the round head that helps you get into every nook and cranny of your mouth. It also has Bluetooth connectivity for dental hygiene lovers who want to get super into tracking and improving their teeth-cleaning habits.

The Genius 9600 comes with various parts, including a corded charging stand, a suction holder for the toothbrush or your phone (for real-time feedback through the Oral-B app), and a hard-sided USB travel case. Though the travel case is undoubtedly handy for trips, the rest is kind of a lot to store at home.

This toothbrush is slightly heavier than other electric options but certainly not too heavy to pack in a suitcase. When you're away from home, you can charge both the toothbrush and your phone with the USB case. The rechargeable battery lasts about two weeks, so if you're going on a shorter trip, you might not even need to charge it while you're away. All things considered, we think the price is reasonable.

The Details: Electric | Soft bristles | USB-charging travel case

Travel + Leisure / Vicky Wasik

Best Overall, Runner-Up

Oral-b genius x limited.

  • Ease of Use 5 /5
  • Design 4.8 /5
  • Value 4.8 /5

This advanced toothbrush makes your teeth feel professionally cleaned and comes with a charging travel case for on-the-go use.

The countertop charging stand tips over easily.

We were also big fans of the Oral-B Genius X Limited during our tests. The user-friendly design was easy to use right off the bat. It comes almost fully charged, so you could pack it in your suitcase without charging it first and start using it on your trip right away. This advanced toothbrush makes you feel like you just got your teeth professionally cleaned. It vibrates every 30 seconds to notify you when to switch to the next quadrant of your mouth, and a red light flashes if you brush too hard.

This toothbrush is also Bluetooth-enabled, so you can connect to Oral-B's app to track your habits. It lasts about two weeks on a full charge. Not only that, but it comes with a charging travel case that also charges your phone, plus a charging stand for at home. However, since it tips over easily when on the stand, you'll want to place it somewhat out of the way if possible. Beyond that, we have no complaints and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Genius X to travelers and, really, anyone else in the market for a new electric toothbrush.

The Details: Electric | Soft bristles | Travel charger case

Best Splurge

Philips sonicare prestige 9900 toothbrush.

The Sonicare 9900 Prestige looks, feels, and performs like a luxury product and comes with a sleek travel case that doubles as a charger.

It doesn't come with any replacement heads.

Want the Cadillac of toothbrushes? The Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige won't disappoint. This high-end electric toothbrush looks, feels, and performs like a luxury product. Out of the box, it's about 40 percent charged and lasts roughly two weeks on a full charge. Despite the advanced design, it's very easy to use — just turn it on and select your preferred intensity setting. You can also sync it with the app to get real-time guidance and track your brushing habits.

The 9900 Prestige comes with a sleek frosted charging stand for your bathroom counter, plus an attractive faux leather travel case that looks like a high-end sunglasses case and charges your toothbrush via USB. Unlike many other models, it only comes with one head, and the replacements are up to $30 a pair. You'll definitely be glad to have this toothbrush with you on your next trip, but since it's a bit of an investment, consider using it as your everyday at-home toothbrush as well.

The Details: Electric | Soft bristles | Charging travel case

Oral-B iO Series 9

  • Ease of Use 4.5 /5
  • Design 4.2 /5
  • Value 4.2 /5

This high-tech toothbrush gives you real-time guidance while brushing and makes your teeth feel as smooth as glass.

It needs to be charged weekly, whereas other electric models can last two or more weeks.

If you're interested in a smart toothbrush, the Oral-B iO Series 9 might be your best bet. Setup is a cinch — just download the Oral-B app and connect it through Bluetooth. The app tells you where you're brushing in real-time, how long you've been brushing, if you're using too much pressure, and when you miss a spot. (You can also use it without the app when you're short on time or once you feel like you've mastered your brushing habits.)

The iO Series 9 has seven modes, including daily clean, sensitive, super sensitive, intense, gum care, whitening, and tongue clean. After brushing, our teeth felt smooth as glass. It comes with a charging stand for at home and a magnetic charging case for travel. As with such a high-tech design, this toothbrush will need to be charged about once a week, whereas other models often last closer to two weeks. Still, it charges from zero to 100 percent in just three hours, and the remaining battery life is displayed right on the toothbrush, as well as on the app.

The Details: Electric | Soft bristles | Magnetic charging travel case

Best Features

Oral-b io series 8.

  • Ease of Use 3.5 /5
  • Design 3.8 /5
  • Functionality 4.5 /5

The iO Series shows key info right on the handle and syncs with the Oral-B app to track your habits and score each brushing session.

It takes a little time to set up before your first use, and the high-tech design could be overkill, depending on where you're traveling.

The Oral-B iO Series 8 was also a hit during our tests. Though it took us some time to read through the instructions and set up the app before the first use, it was overall easy to use. The handle is sturdy but not too heavy or thick, with a battery life display, a built-in timer, and a light that glows red if you press too hard. You can track your brushing on the app and receive a score for each session. While the gamified aspect makes brushing fun, it might be overkill when traveling — but you always have the option to use it without the app.

This electric toothbrush comes with a countertop magnetic charging stand and a travel case that doubles as a charger. It has six modes you can easily toggle between, including daily clean, sensitive, super sensitive, intense, gum care, and whitening. Our teeth were noticeably cleaner after using it, and we didn't experience any sensitivity or discomfort. The price is steep, but we think it's worth the investment.

Best for Sensitive Teeth

Oral-b io series 5.

  • Functionality 4.8 /5

This electric toothbrush has a soft-bristled head, multiple modes for sensitive teeth, and a light that tells you when you're brushing too hard.

It doesn't stop after two minutes like it's supposed to, and the travel case doesn't have a built-in charger.

Sensitive teeth? Go with the Oral-B iO Series 5. This electric toothbrush has a soft-bristle head that's gentle on the teeth and gums. It glows red when you press too hard, green when the pressure is just right, and white when you need a bit more elbow grease. We appreciate that it has multiple modes, including sensitive and extra sensitive, though you'll need to read through the instructions to know which one you've selected.

The iO Series 5 buzzes every 30 seconds, letting you know to switch quadrants, and according to the manual, it's supposed to stop after two minutes. However, while the light ring turns to a rainbow after two minutes, it doesn't actually shut off on its own. Still, we loved how easy it was to access all areas and angles of the mouth, and our teeth felt exceptionally clean after each brushing session. This toothbrush comes with a countertop charger and a travel case. Though the case doesn't have a built-in charger, the battery lasts up to two weeks, so you might not have to charge it while you're away.

The Details: Electric | Soft bristles | Travel case

Best Overall, Manual

Marvis soft toothbrush.

  • Comfort 4.7 /5
  • Value 4.5 /5

This Italian-made toothbrush boasts a lightweight handle, soft nylon bristles, and a handy head cover for travel.

The bristles aren't contoured like some other manual models.

If you prefer to keep it simple while traveling, a manual toothbrush will suffice. Our favorite packable option is the Marvis White Soft Toothbrush. From the popular luxury toothpaste brand, this Italian-made product features a slim, lightweight acrylic handle. It'll take up minimal space in your toiletry kit and add almost nothing to your luggage weight.

As for the head, you're looking at soft nylon bristles that gently polish your teeth clean. The bristles aren't contoured like some other models, but they definitely get the job done without irritating your gums. We also appreciate that it comes with a head cover to keep it clean and prevent the bristles from crushing in your suitcase.

The Details: Manual | Soft bristles | Lightweight handle, head cover

Curaprox 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush, 3 Pack

  • Comfort 5 /5

Each toothbrush has over 5,000 and densely packed, soft bristles that gently polish your teeth without irritating your gums.

They don't come with head covers or a travel case.

For the most bang for your buck, consider this three-pack from Curaprox. These Swiss toothbrushes feature over five thousand densely packed, ultra-soft bristles that promise to gently clean your teeth and protect your gums.

The handles are angled to help you reach every nook and cranny of your mouth. They're also lightweight, which is perfect for travel. Just a heads up, these toothbrushes don't come with head covers, so you'll have to buy those separately.

The Details: Manual | Soft bristles | Slim, lightweight handle

Best Foldable

Lingito folding travel toothbrush.

It folds into itself to become a more packable size while keeping the bristles clean and protected from smushing.

The bristles might not be soft enough for people with sensitive gums.

You might also consider a foldable design, like the Lingito Travel Toothbrush. It folds down into itself, decreasing its size by half. This makes it super travel-friendly while keeping the bristles clean and protecting them from getting smashed.

The grippy handle is easy to hold, and the bristles do an excellent job of cleaning your teeth. Though they might not be soft enough for people with sensitive teeth, the bristles aren't overly stiff or pokey.

The Details: Manual | Medium bristles | Built-in cover

Reach Ultraclean Travel Toothbrush Kit

This handy kit comes with a soft-bristled toothbrush with an antibacterial cap, plus TSA-approved travel-size toothpaste.

The bristles warp pretty quickly.

This on-the-go dental kit comes with a manual toothbrush and a travel-size tube of toothpaste. The toothbrush has soft angled bristles that get into all the contours of your teeth. It also has an antibacterial cap that keeps bacteria at bay while protecting the bristles from getting crushed.

The tiny toothpaste is well below the TSA limit for carry-on liquids, but it should still be enough to get you through about a week of twice-a-day brushing. And the included pouch helps you keep everything organized and accessible.

The Details: Manual | Soft bristles | Disposable with TSA-size toothpaste

Best Disposable

Patelai disposable toothbrushes.

Each toothbrush is individually wrapped, so you'll always have a fresh one to pack for a trip.

They're not as eco-friendly as longer-lasting toothbrushes.

Disposable toothbrushes can come in handy if you travel often. This set comes with 100 or 200 individually wrapped toothbrushes. It includes four colors, so you can differentiate whose is whose when traveling with family members.

Though the toothbrushes don't have caps, you don't really need them. You'll always have a fresh one ready to pack, and you don't have to bother with bringing it home. Of course, this isn't the most eco-friendly option, but it's certainly convenient.

The Details: Manual | Medium bristles | Individually wrapped

Other Travel Toothbrushes We Liked

Quip Electric Toothbrush : This electric toothbrush is lightweight, easy to hold, and about the size of a manual model. It runs on AAA batteries, so you never have to charge it, but taking it apart to replace the batteries is a bit of a struggle.

Oral-B Smart Limited Rechargeable Toothbrush : This high-tech electric toothbrush makes brushing a fun, enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, the motion sensor on the one we tried was pretty inaccurate, detecting the wrong areas of the mouth and continuously telling us we weren't brushing well enough.

We consulted Marc Schlenoff, DDS, FAGD for tips on selecting travel toothbrushes and guidance for testing them out. Next, we chose upwards of 40 models to try firsthand for an ongoing, six-month testing period. After unboxing the toothbrushes, reading through the instructions, and connecting to the apps (if applicable), we tried them out on our own teeth.

We noted the size and feel of the handles, whether the controls were intuitive, what features were useful (or unnecessary), how the bristles felt on our teeth and gums, and how clean our teeth felt after each session. Each model was rated for ease of use, functionality, portability, quality, and overall value. We featured the highest-scoring toothbrushes here and researched additional travel-friendly options to round out our list.

Tips for Buying a Travel Toothbrush

Decide whether you want something manual or electric.

According to research, electric toothbrushes clean your teeth much better than the manual variety, efficiently polishing away plaque and helping prevent gum disease. Plus, most have built-in timers, which make it easier to brush for the full two minutes, as recommended by dentists. Those with a dedicated dental hygiene routine might want to bring an electric toothbrush on trips, but it's definitely okay to go the manual route for a few days if that makes more sense for packing.

"I've never seen a hotel toothbrush I actually liked," says board-certified endodontist Alexa Martin, DMD, who often travels with an electric model. "Treat yourself and put on a new toothbrush head before you go — it'll feel like a small luxury indulgence."

Choose the right brush head 

When buying a travel toothbrush, pay attention to the shape, size, and softness of the brush head. "The bristles should be soft to medium to avoid abrasion of the tooth enamel and gum recession," says Dr. Gonchar, adding that angled bristles help remove plaque around the gum line. "A smaller brush head will allow for easier maneuverability around the back molars and front lower teeth, which are challenging to reach."

Yes, you can take an electric toothbrush on an airplane. Though airlines don't allow spare lithium-ion batteries, it's okay when they're installed within a device — the same goes for things like laptops and massage guns. "Your electric toothbrush can be in your checked bag or your carry-on," says Dr. Martin.

It depends on the type. Manual travel toothbrushes are often just a few dollars, and disposable options can come out to pennies per piece. Electric toothbrushes, on the other hand, often cost $100 or more — sometimes even north of $200.

If you're partial to the electric variety, consider investing in a nice one you can use at home as well as on the go — preferably something with a charging travel case.

You can absolutely use your regular toothbrush on trips. If you have a committed brushing regimen with your electric toothbrush, by all means, bring it with you when you travel. "Make it easy for yourself, and stick to your normal routine," says Dr. Martin.

Most toothbrushes can be used for up to three months (the same goes for the replaceable heads on electric models). However, disposable toothbrushes and other relatively flimsy designs may not hold up as long. Beyond durability, it's important to make sure the bristles stay clean and dry to prevent bacteria growth. This can sometimes be hard when you have to pack your toothbrush right after using it.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

Theresa Holland is a freelance writer specializing in travel, lifestyle, and wellness. For this story, she consulted Marc Schlenoff , DDS, FAGD, for his expert insights and interviewed Alexa Martin , DMD, board-certified endodontist, and Marina Gonchar , DMD, board-certified orthodontist and owner of Skin to Smile. With their expertise in mind, she compiled our long-term testing insights to curate a comprehensive list of the best travel toothbrushes. 

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best travel brush set

Pitchika V, Pink C, Völzke H, Welk A, Kocher T, Holtfreter B. Long‐term impact of powered toothbrush on oral health: 11‐year cohort study .  J Clin Periodontol . Published online May 22, 2019:jcpe.13126. doi:10.1111/jcpe.13126

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The Best Travel Paintbrushes for Watercolor and Gouache

By The ARTnews Recommends Editors

The ARTnews Recommends Editors

Watercolor travel kit

If you use watercolor or gouache and sometimes paint outside your studio (be it en plein air or simply in another indoor location), travel paintbrushes are a great addition to your toolkit. Designed for safe carrying, they’re equipped with detachable handles that double as protective caps. Don’t think you have to sacrifice quality for convenience, however: There are many artist-grade travel paintbrushes that perform just as well as, or even better than, conventional ones. Ahead, find five that we especially like, for an array of budgets and skill levels.

1. da Vinci CosmoTop Spin Travel Watercolor Brush

No animals were harmed in the making of da Vinci ’ s CosmoTop Spin, our very favorite watercolor brush, which is also available as a round travel brush. Neither too stiff nor frustratingly floppy, CosmoTop Spins hold more water than other synthetics and feel almost as good as sable at a fraction of the price. This ingeniously designed portable version, with pieces that screw together for extra security, will fit in all travel watercolor sets.

2. Isabey Siberian Blue Squirrel Quill Mop

Highly capable and smartly designed for portability, this mop is the only brush you need if you’re painting small—which, if you’re traveling, is likely the case. Featuring Siberian blue squirrel hair that is soft and dense, it soaks up a tremendous amount of water so you can produce sweeping watercolor washes. Detailed lines are just as attainable since the hairs come to a precise point that doesn’t split. The cap fits onto the bottom to become a well-balanced, full-length handle, and the gold-tone brass finish makes this brush look extra sophisticated.

best travel brush set

3. Raphael Le Voyageur Wallet Set

If you feel you need more than one travel brush, we suggest this set by Raphael. You get three brushes made of synthetic fibers designed to emulate sable: two rounds of different sizes and a larger, pointed quill. This assortment allows you to paint broad strokes with ease as well as lines that require finesse. The brushes show excellent snap, don’t shed, and— like the Isabey mop—come with protective caps that double as handles. The trio also comes in a faux leather wallet-style carrying case—a stylish and convenient way to keep your tools in one place.

best travel brush set

4. Princeton Neptune Series Travel Brush Set

Another synthetic line of brushes, the Neptune series is designed to perform like squirrel hair. These brushes are softer than the Raphaels and less expensive for a set of four rounds. While they have less springiness, they carry a heavy load of water, are flexible, and hold their points beautifully. Handles made of wood make these brushes a pleasure to hold and move across the working surface. In short, this is a great high-grade option without the high price. Some, though, may find the bristles too floppy.

best travel brush set

5. Da Vinci Travel Series 1503 Brushes

These highly coveted brushes are the very best you can carry with you on the go. They are made with the finest Kolinsky sable—the hair of the tail from winter coats of male critters—resulting in full-bodied brush heads with impeccably sharp points. While pricey, the 1503s are seriously thirsty brushes with highly controlled pigment release, the tightest snap, and solid construction. Like our top pick, they’re smartly designed, featuring a cap that screws on to become a handle. This cap also features a hole for ventilation, so if you’re in a hurry, you can put the brush away without waiting for it to properly dry first.

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The Best Travel Watercolor Brushes for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown  / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

When you take delight in the breathtaking sceneries of the countryside or the hustle and bustle of the city, wouldn’t it be nice to capture every sight and paint them on the spot? In case you’re a watercolor artist who moves places and loves outdoor painting, you’re probably always on the hunt for the best travel watercolor brushes.

best travel watercolor brushes

Then, how should you choose the right travel paint brush? The key is to determine your preferences, techniques, and painting styles. And since you’ll need something quite handy and reliable wherever you go, you need to consider the size, shape, type, and brush bristles or hairs. Luckily, this article unravels reviews and guidelines that will help you find the perfect brush!


Escoda 1548-4

best travel brush set

Golden Maple Travel Watercolor Brushes

best travel brush set

 Ohuhu Water Coloring Brush

Table of Contents

1. Escoda 1548-4 Versatil Travel Brushes

2. golden maple travel watercolor brushes, 3. ohuhu water coloring brush pens set, 4. myartscape travel paint brush set, 5. silver brush limited velvet travel brush, 6. golden maple artist travel paint brush, 7. meeden portable artist paint brushes, 8. myartscape pocket paint brush set, 9. fuumuui kolinsky travel watercolor brushes, 10. eval travel artist painting brushes, what to look for when buying travel watercolor brushes, best travel watercolor brush reviews.

Given its popularity and expertise in artisanal brush making, this brand has been a treasure trove of wonderful Escoda travel watercolor brushes. This Versatile 1548 series does live up to its name, showcasing impeccable versatility that delivers exceptional snap, absorption, and fluid retention.

This product is labeled as #4 with a silver handle. It is a portable brush with a detachable 15mm handle that also functions as a cap. Thanks to this feature, the lid closes perfectly, thereby securing and sealing the brush while maintaining its original form. When you’re all done, you can simply remove the handle and cover your brush for messy-free storage. With its very compact size, you can easily slip it in your bag or even in your pocket and you’re all good to go.

Aside from its portability, this short handle travel brush takes its quality up a notch with a unique blend of synthetic bristles. Impressively, it mimics the feel and performance of a kolinsky sable brush.

This 2.82mm diameter brush lends a great spring that holds enough paint without losing its shape or edge. It is easy to control and the sleek and pointed shape allows you to create fine lines and delicate embellishments.

Although it is a synthetic brush, it renders a consistent flow and neat application whenever it hits the surface. Plus, it works excellently with watercolor.

Aside from that, it has a patented triple crimp ferrule that ensures durability, making it for many years to come.

  • Designed with a detachable cap for hassle-free transport
  • High-quality synthetic bristles for excellent versatility
  • Great alternative for kolinsky sable brushes
  • Superb absorption and fluid retention
  • Ideal for fine details
  • Portable and compact size

It is important to keep your watercolor travel brushes in secure and neat storage to maintain their shape and prevent damage.

With that in mind, these Golden Maple synthetic brushes come with a portable case that will keep your brushes handy no matter where you go. It can either be a sturdy bamboo brush roll or a faux leather case.

Whichever you receive, both types provide a convenient holder for your watercolor brushes , keeping them tidy and accessible at all times. I think this is quite useful, especially when you like to travel and paint outdoors.

While that seems to be a sweet treat for artists, the synthetic brushes are what makes this set worth buying. It includes 3 different sizes of professional quality brushes (4, 8, and 12) that you can use for varying line widths.

Each brush has pointed bristles that exhibit excellent spring and snap. With such features, the brushes can preserve their original shapes to render soft and controlled applications. In addition to that, these brushes stand out with their high-quality fibers that imitate the properties of sable brushes. Impressively, the hairs don’t splay but rather provide optimum liquid absorption and consistent flow rate.

  • Set of 3 sizes brushes for various purposes
  • Comes with a portable case for easy travel
  • Synthetic brushes with high-quality bristles that won’t fray quickly
  • Has stainless steel removable handles
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent absorption and smooth flow
  • Some caps feel a little loose sometimes

If you’re in search of a portable watercolor brush set that you can use for colorful washes, you’ll have all the essential brushes with this Ohuhu 6-piece brush pen set.

Contrary to the traditional painting brushes, these watercolor brushes highlight their nylon bristles that do not easily deform or fray despite frequent use. They’re sturdy yet versatile, allowing you to blend colors or create artistic embellishments without smears and messy paint overflowing.

Another advantage of nylon brush tips is their ability to hold paint well and release it nicely as soon as it touches the surface. Moreover, if you prefer synthetic alternatives over natural bristles that contain animal products, this material can be your ideal option.

Since the brushes vary from broad, flat, and pointed tips, you can have all the sizes you need for specific coloring or detailing tasks. You can choose which brush you need, whether you have to cover large areas or create delicate lines and details.

Aside from that, the innovative barrel design is one of its fascinating features that makes it an ideal travel brush. You can fill it with water and simply squeeze it to gently dampen the brush tip.

Then, you can dip it in your watercolor palette to produce solid hues or vibrant washes. You can also use this with water-soluble art media to achieve watercolor effects.

When it comes to cleaning, there’s no hassle doing it. You can just tidy them up with water and you’re all good. Plus, each of the brush pens comes with a cap that fits snugly for secure and neat storage while traveling.

  • Various tip sizes and brush types for versatile applications
  • Made of nylon brush tips for superb absorption
  • Innovative barrel design that holds and dispenses water
  • Able to create colorful washes and different detailing styles
  • Blends color seamlessly without smears
  • Comes with caps for secure storage
  • May leak if pressed firmly

best travel brush set

For a variety of brushes that can showcase your watercolor painting skills wherever you go, this MyArtscape travel brush set must be the one you’re looking for.

It consists of 7 different professional quality brushes that you can use to produce varied line widths and execute different painting techniques. The brushes range from flat, angle, rake, round, and liner types.

I find the variety of sizes a promising deal since you’ll have a particular type of brush for every painting job. In detail, each of them exhibits respective features that can add intricate details, render longer strokes, cover large areas, or accentuate artwork’s elements.

You’ll also find specialty brush designs such as Rake and Liner brushes are suitable for refining those delicate details like animal hair or grass. Other than that, the tapered brush tips deliver exceptional precision and sharpness. As a result, you can define without any smears or awful paint marks.

In terms of design, these synthetic brushes are beautifully crafted with Korean toklan hair. It effectively holds more paint for consistent flow rate and continuous applications.

In this way, you’ll have more time painting and rendering longer strokes than constantly dipping into your paint. This brush material is also anti-shedding, perfect for smooth and hassle-free painting.

What also makes these brushes travel-friendly are their compact handles. Although they are short, the brushes are comfortable enough to hold.

Aside from that, it comes with a portable carry case that you can easily slip in your bag or take anywhere, especially when you fancy plein air painting.

  • Made of Korean toklan hair for versatile and efficient applications
  • Anti-shedding brush material
  • Tapered brush tips for precise detailing
  • Comes with a portable carry case
  • Compact handles to deliver comfortable grip
  • Some have wobbly ferrules

best travel brush set

If you need a watercolor brush to flourish your work with precision and produce colorful washes, you’re in for a treat with this Silver Brush Limited black velvet travel paint brush.

It highlights its sleek round brush tip that is soft enough to render smooth and accurate colors. This allows you to freely showcase your painting styles and achieve your preferred color palette and vivid washes.

If you also release the paint for consistent strokes, the brush performs efficiently because of its excellent spring. Although it is soft, it maintains its shape and is firm enough to lift color without leaving any messy smears.

Additionally, this size 8 watercolor brush boasts its elegant blend of squirrel hair and black synthetic bristles. It has a unique design that ensures durability and proper color retention. Apart from that, these sturdy fibers play a significant role in keeping the brush tip to a fine point.

It features an ergonomic shape and length that lends a comfortable grip, leaving a snug fit in your hand as you hold it.

Other than that, it boasts its black lacquer handle that adds a sophisticated touch to the brush. Since it is short, you can also keep it in your brush case or travel bag without any hassle.

  • Can deliver small and solid details and colors
  • Produces vivid washes and consistent strokes
  • Designed with synthetic bristles and natural squirrel hairs
  • Compact shape and size
  • Elegant design
  • Some hairs are sticking out

best travel brush set

This Golden Maple brush set highlights its portable and versatile design that ramps up the comfort of traveling and outdoor painting. You’ll have three different sizes for various applications – sizes 4, 8, and 12.

I’ve come across several compact brushes but a detachable handle saves space and promotes secure storage. Therefore, the unique design of these portable brushes makes them a worthwhile purchase.

All you need is to twist the handle to extend the length of the brush, giving you an ergonomic grip and balance in your hand.

When you’re done using it, you can simply remove the handle and cover the brush, leaving you with a portable and compact size that you can toss in your brush case or bag.

Besides the convenient design, these brushes display versatility with their premium nylon bristles that resemble sable hairs. Each of them lends a springy feel that delivers watercolor smoothly.

It’s nice that they aren’t overly soft but rather firm enough to create beautiful washes and gouache evenly. There aren’t any loose hairs, and each exhibits a pointed tip, perfect for rendering fine details and coloring narrow spaces.

Another great addition is the leatherette pouch where you can store your brushes for hassle-free transport. I like how you can keep the brushes tidy and secure in this case and carry it no matter where you go.

  • Made with premium quality nylon bristles for a smooth application
  • Designed with detachable nickel-plated copper handles
  • Comes with a handy leatherette case for tidy storage
  • Creates gouache and colorful washes evenly
  • Compact and portable sizes
  • They don’t hold water well

best travel brush set

One of the top options I’ve found for a collapsible watercolor brush set is this one from MEEDEN. Similar to Golden Maple artist brushes, these portable paint brushes feature innovative removable handles that can alter the brush length for a compact and convenient size.

On the other hand, this set includes five round watercolor paint brushes of sizes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6. With the diverse sizes, you’ll have an array of beautiful brushes for building and blending colors as well as producing glazing vibrant layers.

If you’re not a fan of animal hairs, you might love the delicate synthetic bristles of these brushes. As they are designed with premium quality materials, the bristles can hold color well and release it without any smears.

Amazingly, each brush can maintain its spring and snap. Thus, the brushes retain their shape for seamless and precise applications as well as optimum water retention.

Furthermore, since they have pointed tips, you can render delicate strokes and lines without disrupting previous colors.

It’s also impressive that synthetic hairs don’t wear out easily despite frequent use. Aside from that, they have sturdy handles and anti-rust nickel ferrules that ensure long-lasting quality.

Besides the fantastic craftsmanship and wonderful performance, these brushes are ideal sizes for travel and outdoor painting. They are compact, sleek, and lightweight. Plus, they come with a mini leather case for trouble-free transport!

  • Synthetic anti-shedding brushes that can hold color well
  • Delivers consistent flow and accurate applications
  • Able to maintain its spring and snap
  • Mini leather case included
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The caps are prone to rust

best travel brush set

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an experienced artist who loves plein air watercolor painting, you’ll enjoy this 7-piece brush set from MyArtscape.

The brush shapes and sizes vary from round, flat, rake, and liner types, which I find beneficial for achieving a vast array of colors. The assortment of brushes can also create varied consistencies whether you’re rendering fine strokes or producing thick and solid color washes.

If you look closely at the brush tips, they are all beautifully and neatly tapered for excellent precision. Furthermore, the bristles do not shed, allowing you to accentuate even the finest details on your work without a hitch.

I also want to highlight the quality of these brushes, especially their ability to maintain their shapes. They don’t quickly deform or fray even when used multiple times. Additionally, this lends an advantage to its performance as it holds colors and water efficiently.

When it comes to its flow rate, it picks up colors with excellent control and releases them steadily to the surface. The bristles don’t splay but rather keep their edges sharp and firm.

One more thing I love about this set is the portable brush carry case that has snug holders for the brushes. Apart from that, it converts into a brush stand for easy access. Since the fabric is made from an easy-wipe material, it can ward off stains and messy paint marks.

Aesthetically, these lightweight and compact pens look elegant with their gold ferrules and black handles.

  • Assorted sizes and shapes for diverse applications
  • Tapered bristles and pointed tips for enhanced precision
  • Releases paint steadily
  • Lightweight and compact brushes
  • Portable carry case included
  • The case has an unpleasant smell

best travel brush set

If you want to experience the remarkable snap and elasticity of natural kolinsky sable hair, you might find yourself an exquisite treat from these Fuumuui pocket watercolor brushes. It includes three different brush sizes – 4, 8, and 12.

Each brush boasts its natural kolinsky sable bristles that have an enormous capacity to hold color. This means that you’ll have more time painting and less time constantly dipping into water and color.

Aside from that, these natural hairs feature a springy structure and excellent shape retention that prevents the brush tips from deformation and fraying. The natural bristles also have a significant effect on its superb performance, allowing you to revel in effortless applications and a steady flow rate.

Like the Raphael watercolor brushes review I’ve read, these travel brushes have a similar feel and capacity of absorbing color to the aforementioned brand. They flaunt their sophisticated pointed tips that carry out precise coloring and detailing.

In terms of portability, these brushes take it up a notch with their detachable metal handles. They also serve as caps to keep the brushes compact as well as to secure them while you’re traveling.

The mini leather pouch is also a great bonus for hassle-free storage and keeping your brushes together at all times. With their portable sizes, you can easily slip them into your pocket or backpack and you’re all set for your next spot for outdoor painting!

  • Made of natural kolinsky sable hair
  • Removable handles for easy transport
  • Excellent spring and shape retention
  • Lends smooth flow for various applications
  • Includes a mini leather case for secure storage
  • Some caps don’t fit snugly

best travel brush set

You’re working painstakingly on your watercolor art pieces that exhibit delicate details, and I think you might need this 7-piece Eval travel brush set. It consists of high-quality compact artist brushes with sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Since the round brushes range from small to large, you can paint your favorite landscapes or stunning sights with various detailing styles. You can use the broad tips to paint solid colors and the narrow tips to apply intricate strokes and even the littlest details with awesome precision.

Aside from its amazing assortment, each brush boasts its flexible and durable synthetic bristles. Derived from high-quality and anti-shedding nylon wool, these brushes ensure smooth painting and steady color flow.

Thanks to their thin and conical-shaped hairs along with their thick bellies, each brush offers an optimum capacity that can hold water as well as provide consistent water flow.

To spruce up the portability when you move places, these brushes feature detachable nickel-plated copper handles that convert the brushes to compact sizes.

When you’re ready to paint, you can attach these handles to their ferrules and extend the brushes to convenient lengths. In this way, you can start immediately and paint flawlessly and comfortably.

Furthermore, you can use the removable handles as caps to cover the brushes and protect them from further damages as well as to provide neat storage. One more thing, the caps have small vents at the bottom to deter mold growth and moisture buildup due to wet bristles.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about storing your brushes since this set includes a small black leather case with a velcro closure.

Thanks to its design, this carry case secures the brushes whether you slip them in your bag or pocket. Therefore, you can always keep your brushes together and prevent them from falling wherever you go.

  • Features synthetic bristles designed with anti-shedding nylon wool
  • Offers superb color retention and consistent flow rate
  • Great for painting intricate details and precise applications
  • Has detachable handles for enhanced portability
  • Includes a black leather carry case
  • Feels wobbly sometimes


Brush Shapes

Watercolor brushes vary in shapes: round, flat, bright, angled, script, filbert, fan, and mop. Each of these shapes renders specific strokes, consistencies, and detailing styles that will complement your painting methods and artistic watercolor techniques. Therefore, determining the brush shape will help you choose the type of brush you’re looking for.

To help you understand the characteristics of each brush shape and its primary uses, consider the following comparison:

  • Round: The most versatile shape that can produce various consistencies, intricate details as well as solid lines and colors.
  • Flat: A flat brush has long and flat bristles that form a rectangular shape; it can create controlled strokes and define sharp edges.
  • Bright: It resembles a flat brush but with shorter bristles and forms a square shape instead of a rectangular. It is ideal for washes, controlled strokes, and linear designs.
  • Angled: It can produce flat strokes and varying line widths.
  • Filbert: You can consider this shape for remarkable absorption and fluid retention.
  • Mop or Oval: It is ideal for covering large areas and creating colorful washes.
  • Rigger or Script: It has a long, narrow, pointed tip that renders remarkable precision that is useful when making controlled lines, very fine details, and exhaustive detail work.
  • Fan: This shape is great to use for producing artistic effects, varying textures, and adding decorative details.

Synthetic vs Natural Bristles

The type of bristle or hair can make or break your brush. Whether you choose synthetic or natural bristles, both types offer remarkable merits in terms of fluid retention, absorption, and flow rate.

Natural bristles or animal hairs are typically obtained from sable, hog, squirrel, ox, pony, and goat. They all share pitfalls and advantages although sable is the most popular option among the others.

It is best known for its soft bristles and excellent spring and snap. Some of its examples are the Da Vinci travel watercolor brushes and Isabey travel brush, which are derived from pure red sable hair. However, natural hairs are usually more expensive than synthetic ones.

If you’re not a fan of animal hairs, synthetic bristles must be your best pick. Aside from their more affordable pricing, many premium quality synthetic bristles can mimic the properties and performance of natural bristles. This bristle type is usually made from nylon and polyester fibers that can provide full snap and spring as well as preserve their shapes.

The downside with synthetics is their longevity and durability. Contrary to natural hairs that can last a lifetime, synthetic bristles tend to wear out more quickly.

Size and Portability

Since you’ll be traveling most of the time to paint outdoors or someplace else, you should invest in a compact and lightweight watercolor brushes set. Fortunately, many brands offer an extensive lineup of portable brush sets that can fit even in your pocket. You may also consider those brushes with retractable or detachable handles and short handles for easy transport.

When looking for the best travel watercolor brushes , consider long-term use. Take note of the materials used, bristles, ferrules, and handles. You may also look for reputable and popular brands that are pioneers in manufacturing high-quality artist brushes. Some brands like Escoda watercolor brushes, Raphael, Isabey, and Da Vinci are known for their impeccable durability and performance.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should shy away from other brands. Many watercolor artist brush brands can provide superior performance like the ones mentioned in this guideline. In addition to that, customer reviews can help you compare the features and overall durability of the brushes.

Personal Preferences and Needs

The factors and guidelines will help narrow down your options, but the significant basis of your choices relies on your preferences and painting demands. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to determine your techniques, preferred medium, textures, and artistic effects you want to achieve.

With the plethora of choices out there, finding the best travel watercolor brushes can be crucial. If you often travel or go outdoors for plein air painting, you should go for a lightweight and compact brush.

Ultimately, the right brush depends greatly on your brushwork, preferences, and needs. That’s why you should look for the one that complements your painting styles, techniques, and preferred medium. But no matter what brand, shape, or size you choose, it all comes down to what you’re most comfortable with.

Robert S Brown

I am a former art teacher, so it is evident to me the importance of art in educating the new generation. We also want to help parents who plan to teach their children and desire the best tools and tips for them.


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