The 5 Best Copenhagen Canal Tours [2024 Reviews]

Copenhagen sits on two islands and is served by an extensive canal network. This means that a canal tour is a great way of seeing most of the main attractions around the city.

Also, many of the iconic buildings are designed to be viewed from the water, making a canal tour the best way to see these impressive structures.

There are many canal cruises in Copenhagen, but I’ve selected out 5 top-rated tours I think you’ll love. Think about what you want to see and do in this fascinating city and then decide which of these 5 feature-packed tours would be best for you.

Best Canal Tours In Copenhagen

Quick answer: the 5 best rated canal tours in copenhagen for 2024.

  • Best Sightseeing Tour: 2-Hour “Hidden Gems” Copenhagen Canal Tour
  • Best Combination Tour: Copenhagen City Highlights & Canal Cruise Private Tour
  • Best Budget Tour: 1-Hour Copenhagen Canal Cruise From Ved Stranden or Nyhaven
  • Best Guided Tour: Shore Excursion: Panorama Sightseeing By Land and Canal Cruise
  • Best Family Tour: Copenhagen Canal Tour & Skip-The-Line Tivoli Ticket

We have reviewed the top Copenhagen canal cruises providing overviews and highlighting the details of each.

Copenhagen Canal Tour Reviews

1. best sightseeing tour: copenhagen 2-hour “hidden gems” canal tour.

  • Departure Point : Kvæsthusbroen 1, Copenhagen
  • Departure Time: 12:50 PM
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Includes : Experienced tour guide, 2-hour canal cruise, and a complimentary drink

Are you an inquisitive person who likes to explore the hidden corners of your holiday destination and discover how the local people live away from the airbrushed tourist areas?

This voyage of discovery explores some of Copenhagen’s less-visited locations.

Enjoy your complimentary drink and chat with your neighbors on this intimate canal tour. The boat will transport you away from the city center and into the North or South Harbor.

Sailing past developing areas, your knowledgeable guide will explain the rich history of the city and how ecological and economic concerns are shaping the buildings of the future.

See how former industrial buildings are being transformed into modern homes and offices. Don’t worry if it rains. This little, cozy boat has a rain hood that can be pulled up to protect you from the elements.

And if it’s sunny, the hood is tucked away so that you can enjoy uninterrupted, panoramic views.

This is a great opportunity to see the real Copenhagen. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask your guide all the questions you want about everyday life in modern Denmark.

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience, 2. best combination tour: copenhagen city highlights & canal cruise private tour.

  • Departure Point : City Hall Square
  • Departure Time: 10:00 AM
  • Duration : 4 hours
  • Includes : Experienced guide, 3-hour guided walking tour, 1-hour canal cruise, and a complimentary drink

To truly understand the character of a city, it’s best to walk its streets yourself. If you want to benefit from in-depth cultural and historical commentary, this combined walking tour and cruise is best for you.

After meeting your guide in City Hall Square, you’ll set out to explore the city by foot. Because most of the attractions are so close together, you won’t find this comprehensive walking tour too demanding.

Your guide will guide you to many cultural and historical attractions, such as Christiansborg Castle, the Amalienborg Palace, and the square of Kongens Nytov.

On foot, you’ll be so close to the history that you can touch it as your knowledgeable guide brings it to life with facts, figures, and stories.

After admiring the colorful buildings of Nyhavn, you’ll transfer into an open-top boat for a 1-hour canal cruise. Now you’ll view the city from a fresh perspective.

One highlight is the new Circle Bridge, a unique structure completed in 2015 and designed to resemble a series of yachts floating across the canal.

The Royal Theater looks wonderful from the water. As you’re passing The Little Mermaid , enjoy your complimentary drink.

Once you’ve completed this tour, you’ll be an expert on the history of the world’s oldest royal family. Take along a good camera, because you’ll see many interesting structures that you’ll want to share with friends back home.

3. Best Budget Tour: Copenhagen 1-Hour Canal Cruise From Ved Stranden or Nyhaven

  • Departure Point : Nyhavn or Ved Stranden
  • Departure Times : 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Duration : 1 hour
  • Includes : Expert guide, 1-hour cruise, route map, and use of poncho in the event of rain

This is a great tour if you just want to see the main sights visible from the water. The cruise takes you around the main harbor and adjoining canals.

You’ll want to keep your camera ready as you cruise past Nyhavn waterfront.  The colorful houses you’ll recognize from postcards will put a smile on your face.

You’ll love the Amalienborg Palace, home to the royal family, and Christiansborg Palace, where the Danish parliament meets.

You may recognize the neighboring Børsen building—the former stock exchange which is admired by visitors for its distinctive dragon-tail spire.

However, the true highlight of the tour must be The Little Mermaid statue you’ll see in Langelinie.

Don’t worry if it rains because a poncho will be provided to protect you from the elements. You’ll be handed a handy map to help you keep track during the tour and to take away as a souvenir.

4. Best Guided Tour: Shore Excursion Panorama Sightseeing By Land and Canal Cruise

  • Departure Point : Oceankaj Cruise Terminal, Oceankaj, København
  • Departure Time: Contact tour operator
  • Duration : 3½ hours
  • Includes : Experienced tour guide, 2½-hour bus tour, and 1-hour canal cruise

If you want a comprehensive tour that enables you to view all the main attractions of Copenhagen from land and water, you’ll love this one.

First, you’ll be driven around the city for 2½ hours in a modern, air-conditioned bus specially designed to provide you with a panoramic view. The tour is timed so that you arrive at the palace in time to see the Changing of the Royal Guards.

During the bus tour, you’ll also see the Tivoli Gardens, Amalienborg Palace, Christiansborg Palace, the Copenhagen Opera House, and, most importantly, The Little Mermaid statue.

There will be two planned stops to take photographs at key locations: The Little Mermaid , and The Copenhagen Opera House.

Then you’ll transfer into a luxury boat for a 1-hour canal cruise. During the cruise, you’ll see some of the same attractions from a different perspective.

It’s fascinating how the Danish architects designed many of their iconic buildings to present a specific image when viewed from the water.

5. Best Family Tour:  Copenhagen Canal Tour & Skip-The-Line Tivoli Ticket

  • Departure Times: 9:30 AM – 3 PM
  • Includes : Experienced guide, 1-hour cruise, and skip-the-line entrance ticket to Tivoli Gardens

If you’re planning to visit Tivoli Gardens while visiting Copenhagen, you’ll love this deal. Not only do you get a guided cruise around the harbor, but you also get a skip-the-line entrance ticket to Tivoli Gardens.

The boat passes many of Copenhagen’s tourist hotspots, such as the Copenhagen Opera House.

Live commentary is provided by the knowledgeable guide, who will teach you about the beautiful houses, castles, and other important public buildings visible from the harbor and canals.

Once you’ve completed your 1-hour tour around the capital, you’re free to skip the queue to enter Tivoli Gardens for an enjoyable afternoon of fun.

Copenhagen Travel Guide

There are many reasons why Copenhagen was ranked 1 st among Lonely Planet ’s top 10 cities to visit in 2019. It’s a city filled with historic and cultural attractions as well as gastronomic delights. You can visit the home of the Danish royal family, spend a day in one of the world’s best-loved amusement parks, or take part in one of their popular organized festivals.

What you decide to do in this fascinating city is entirely your choice. However, because I want you to have a wonderful time, I’ve put together this brief travel guide to help you prepare for your visit.

Airports & Entry

Traveling to Copenhagen is simple because Denmark has a well-developed transport infrastructure. You can take a train from cities in Central Europe and Sweden or a ferry from Oslo. But most visitors arrive by airplane. Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is the largest airport in Scandinavia, handling 30 million passengers a year.

Copenhagen Kastrup has 2 terminals: Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The 2 terminals share a single airside passenger concourse. Note that most of the many stores and food outlets inside the airport are located airside. If you must spend some time in the airport, there are 4 first-class lounges airside and 1 landside, which you may pay to use. If you want to be really pampered, there’s even a spa at the Hilton Hotel, connected to Terminal 3.

You’ll find all the usual facilities at Copenhagen Kastrup , including multiple fast food outlets, duty frees stores, ATMs, currency exchange, mobile charging, and free Wi-Fi throughout the airport. The information desk is near the Transfer Center in the center hall. The food outlets open long hours, with Burger King landside and Mikkeller airside both open 24 hours.

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll be pleased to discover Copenhagen Kastrup is child-friendly. Stroller rentals can be found in the International Departures Hall. There’s a Children’s Play Area for children up to 10-years-old in Terminal 2 airside. And the restrooms in the same area provide baby care facilities, like a changing table and microwave for heating Baby’s bottle.

As I said, Denmark has a fantastic transport infrastructure, so getting into the city from the airport is simple. The railway station in Terminal 3 runs services to the city center every 10 minutes. Just outside level 2 of the same terminal, the Metro runs services every 4-6 minutes. Taxis are found at ranks outside the Arrivals area of both terminals.

If you prefer your independence, you’ll find 6 car rental companies in Terminal 3. But, given the great public transport system within the capital, I’d recommend you make use of the city’s buses and Metro.

Planning Tips

Although Copenhagen is relatively small for a capital city, there’s lots to see and do. To ensure you have a great time, here are 5 tips to help you plan your visit.

Tip #1: Think about what you want to see and do in Copenhagen before deciding when to visit

The best time to visit Copenhagen depends upon what you want to do when you get there. If you love music festivals and street carnivals, you’ll find lots to do between June and August. However, the rain is heavier in the summer, too. If you prefer fewer crowds and more affordable hotel rooms, then March through May is a great time to visit. October through February, except for December, you’ll find the city extremely quiet.

Tip #2: Get yourself a Copenhagen Card

A great budget choice is the Copenhagen Card. This card not only provides free and unlimited use of the bus, Metro, and S-tog services, but it also grants free entry to 73 city attractions as well as significant discounts on others. Copenhagen Cards come in 24, 48, 72, and 120-hour varieties.

Tip #3: Take your time to enjoy all the attractions of Copenhagen

You may be planning to visit Copenhagen specifically to see the historical sites or admire the architecture, but there are many more interesting things to do and see in this beautiful city. Check out the information provided below for ideas.

Tip #4: Book in advance

Copenhagen is an increasingly popular tourist destination, so hotel rooms and tours can get fully booked early. You’ll find most things fully-booked from June through August and during the month of December. Many tours offer free refunds within a reasonable time frame, so you’re not taking a risk when you book.

Tip #5: Take comfortable walking shoes

Don’t be tempted to buy new, smart shoes for your visit to Copenhagen. The chances are you’ll do a lot of walking because it’s the easiest way to get around the city center and main attractions. You can’t drive around Tivoli Gardens! What you need are comfortable walking shoes, preferably ones you’ve worn-in and that won’t chafe your feet.

Restaurants & Eating Out

Copenhagen has more restaurants per capita than most other cities in the world, so eating out won’t prove a problem. Not only does this city host many prestigious restaurants that boast Michelin Stars, but the rich ethnic diversity has led to a wealth of international food outlets.

In Copenhagen, you can eat any kind of food you want, from Italian pizza to Indian cuisine. But if you want a taste of traditional Danish food, there are several local dishes you should watch for.

Since Denmark has a vast coastline and a rich maritime history, of course, seafood is on the menu. Pickled and marinated herring have served as the Danes’ most popular meal since the Vikings. Often served with rye bread, you can find pickled herring in many traditional restaurants. But if you prefer fish that isn’t pickled, fiskefrikadeller are fish balls made from mixed white fish and onion.

If you want something that isn’t seafood-based, then frikadeller are meatballs fried in butter and served with boiled potatoes. And around the holiday season, Fl æskesteg is Danish roast pork prepared with cloves, bay leaves, and spices that’s especially popular during Christmas dinner.

For food on the go, the Danes have their own version of the sandwich using a single slice of rye bread with toppings. Sm ørrebr ød are found everywhere, with toppings like smoked salmon and boiled eggs. Restaurant Schønnemann has offered 110 different varieties of smørrebrød since 1877, including 21 with herring!

If you prefer the white variety of bread more popular outside of Scandinavia, you can always buy a hotdog. Hotdogs made using r ød p ølse (local recipe red sausages) are especially popular.

If you hunger for dessert, try hindbærsnitte. They look like a Pop-Tart—flat, short-crust pastries with a jam center—but taste so much better. And most bakeries sell this delicious treat freshly baked. And if you’re a dedicated foodie, you might like to know the last week in August every year features the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.

Nightlife & Entertainment

With so much of the wealth and culture in Copenhagen associated with the brewing industry, it’s little surprise to discover Danes love to drink. These modern-day Vikings know how to party, and the nightlife is lively. You’ll find that many bars stay open until 6 am or later.

You’ll find nightclubs all around the city, especially in Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Frederiksberg, and Indre By. Well-known clubs include Chateau Motel, At Delores, and ARCH. But for lively streets with live music venues, chilled out bars, and a buzzing atmosphere, check out Blågårdsgade, a street in the Nørrebro district.

Something Danes excel at is community festivals. Copenhagen hosts many popular festivals during the summer, including the Copenhagen Carnival , Copenhagen Distortion, Copenhell, and Copenhagen Pride.

The carnival takes place around the beginning of June and draws crowds of over 100,000. Copenhagen Distortion is similarly popular and celebrates dance music while Copenhall focuses on heavy metal music. Copenhagen Pride celebrates the LGBT community and human rights in August.

Getting Around

Copenhagen is not a huge city, and most of the popular attractions are within walking distance of one another. For that reason, it’s easy to walk wherever you want to go. But plan your sightseeing routes carefully so you go from place to place in a logical order, minimizing the overall distance walked.

In my opinion, the best way to get around Copenhagen is by bicycle. It is one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world, with 250 miles of exclusive cycle paths. In fact, 36% of residents opt to cycle to work or school rather than use other forms of transportation.

If you’re comfortable cycling, you’ll love to hear there’s an affordable citywide bicycle sharing program called Bycyklen . This scheme provides access to over 2,000 bikes with built-in GPS systems for around $5 per hour. There are Bycyklen docking stations near all the attractions, main public buildings, and transport hubs.

Do note there are very strict laws that apply to cyclists within the capital, and fines will be issued for unsafe cycling. Most of the rules are common sense, like signaling when you turn, and include things like not cycling on pavements, not going through a red light, and not cycling the wrong way along a one-way street.

If you prefer to be driven around, Copenhagen has a great public transport system. There are comprehensive bus routes and two rapid transit systems—the S-tog and the Metro.

You can, of course, hire a car. However, I would strongly recommend that you don’t unless you plan to spend a lot of time exploring the countryside or visiting other cities. It is difficult to use a car within the main tourist areas of Copenhagen because many areas are pedestrianized, it’s difficult to park, and there are so many bicycles sharing the road. You’ll find public transport much more convenient.

The most expensive option is to take a taxi. They may get caught up in the city congestion, and be unable to enter pedestrianized areas, but at least they deliver you to the door.

And finally, the city is built on two islands riddled with canals. That means a great way to see the city is to take a canal cruise. This not only provides you with a different perspective on all the stunning buildings around Copenhagen but also allows you to look around without hurting your feet so much.


Over the past decade, Copenhagen has seen a huge increase in tourism. This means you’ll find a wide range of hotels and hostels that meet every budget, but you’ll have to book early to ensure a room.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter where in the city you base yourself because the transportation system is efficient and the attractions close together. However, each district of the city has its own flavor, which may influence where you prefer to stay.

The heart of Copenhagen is Indre By. Most of the historical attractions and the old city are found here, like Christiansborg Palace , Rosenborg Castle, and The Little Mermaid . If you want to step out of your hotel and be surrounded by history, this is where you need to be.

Indre By also boasts the main shopping street, the central railway station, and many of the top nightclubs. However, if you want to stay close to the center of everything, you must pay for the privilege.

If you prefer somewhere a little quieter and away from the city center, Nørrebro is a great place to stay. You’ll find high-end restaurants, antique stores, and theatres. And if you’re looking for the picture-postcard location, Nyhavn is the neighborhood with all those pastel-colored houses along a waterfront you see in many tourist brochures. Nyhaven has a reputation for being very family-friendly.

Vesterbro is historically Copenhagen’s meatpacking and red-light district. Strangely, it’s now more like the Village in Manhattan—a magnet for creative people, like photographers, filmmakers, artists, and designers. Here you’ll find the avant-garde restaurants and bars such a Bohemian crowd attracts.

If you’re counting your pennies, you’ll find affordable accommodation in the Latin Quarter. This is the original university area, so there are plenty of affordable options for students and budget travelers. You’ll also find the trendy bars and food outlets you’d expect where young people congregate.

Copenhagen experiences a considerable difference in day length from summer to winter, with a whole 17½ hours of daylight on midsummer’s day but a short 7 hours during the winter solstice. This is reflected in the temperature range, from an average daily high of 38 0 F and low of 30½ 0 F in January to a high of 72 0 F and low of 57½ 0 F in July.

Thankfully, due to its Oceanic climate, Copenhagen doesn’t experience especially extreme high and low temperatures. The city also benefits from moderate rainfall, though it receives markedly higher rainfall during the warmer months of July through September.

The sunniest month is June, which may be why so many of the major citywide festivals fall around that month. Conversely, February sees the least sunshine, but at least it’s also the driest month.

Whenever you go to Copenhagen, pack some warm clothes to protect you from the cold winds that occasionally sweep across from the Baltic. In winter, you’ll need a thick coat, hat, and gloves. In spite of the relatively mild temperatures compared to some countries, you’re still in Scandinavia. And in summer, bring an umbrella!


Copenhagen boasts a rich history dating back to 1043, and there are many fascinating attractions around the city. You’ll be happy to know that most of these are within walking distance of one another.

The most visited, photographed, and loved attraction is The Little Mermaid . Edvard Eriksen’s 4-feet high bronze statue is displayed upon a granite boulder beside the water at Langelinje Pier. You can’t visit Copenhagen and not see this iconic statue.

Once visitors have paid their respects to the mermaid, there’s somewhere else most go to let their hair down. Ever wonder where Walt Disney found the inspiration to build Disney World? He visited Tivoli Gardens, the amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843, but it hasn’t fallen behind the times. In fact, it’s modern adrenaline seeker’s ride The Vertigo was voted Europe’s Best Ride in 2014. The park boasts an eclectic mix of entertainments, from one of the world’s oldest rollercoasters, built in 1914, to the Tik Tak, a high-gravity spinner ride built in 2018.

But Tivoli Gardens isn’t only about high adrenaline rides. There are children’s rides and activities, theaters, cultural events, and beautiful gardens. Within the gardens, you’ll find lots of interesting buildings, like the Chinese Tower and the Glass Hall Theater. And when the sun goes down, thousands of fairy lights transform the gardens into a magical realm.

If history ticks your boxes, then you’ll love Copenhagen’s two palaces. Amalienborg Palace is the current royal residence in Copenhagen. Not only is this historical building easy on the eyes, but outside you can watch a Changing the Guards ceremony.

Christiansborg Palace is the older royal residence and currently houses the Danish parliament. The present building is relatively new due to repeated fires at this location that burned down the previous structures. History lovers can visit the excavated ruins of the older palaces beneath Christiansborg, dating back to Absalon’s Castle built in 1167.

If you’re a huge fan of literature, you must take the time to travel 30 miles north to Kronborg Castle. Not only is Kronborg a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the reputation of being one of Europe’s best Renaissance castles, but it is also the setting for Shakespeare’s longest play, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark .

If you visit Copenhagen in June, July, and August, you can Hamlet performed live in the castle. Every August, a Shakespeare Festival is held inside the castle.

Tour Guides

The 2-hour “Hidden Gems” is our Editor's Choice for the best Copenhagen canal tour with its sites seen, tour guide and value.

Robert Baker

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luxury boat tour copenhagen

Hey Captain

1 rated canal tour in Copenhagen

Social Sailing | Copenhagen canal tour

We do Social Sailing

Everybody gets involved and talks. It's the Hey Captain DNA. We are on a mission to spread social interaction.

We always try our best and our guests reward us as the top rated boat tour in Copenhagen based on guest reviews.

It's personal

As a relaxed dialogue your Captain will show you our favorite places and the gems of Copenhagen.

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Location Ofelia Open

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Public Tours

Like the classical canal tour but also completely different. We call it Social Sailing. This is our signature tour, where different groups come together with an open mind and you might walk away with a new friend. It's our recommended option and it also the cheapest. 🙂 The public tour is available in 2 versions - "Landmarks" 1 hour, "Hidden-gems" 2 hour (run all seasons).


Private Tours

Your group of up to 12 will be alone on the boat with our Captain. We will discuss your interests and tailor the route and tour depending on your wishes. Ideal for a team event or company outing. Can be booked online. If you have a special request leave us a message, e.g. like a special duration, multiple boat departure, special pickup or drop-off.

“Hidden gems”

Hidden gems is about showing our own favorite spots, which are off the beaten track from the standard path. These are the places we go and hang out in our spare time.


Get a taste for the beautiful inner part of the harbor where many of the historical sites and buildings are located. We will explore the main and iconic Copenhagen canals.

Buy a Giftcard

Hey Captain is a canal tour in Copenhagen founded by Casper and Joel, who sailed friends around in their own boat Diana. The original feeling was based on being personal, social and informative, which remain the anchor point for the boat tours we do at Hey Captain.

Expect to experience a homelike atmosphere where you can sit back and relax as we take you through our favorite canals in Copenhagen. In a relaxed pace you will get a sense of the city more than an overload of historical figures.

luxury boat tour copenhagen

Featured in - "A Weekend in Copenhagen"

Featured in condé nast traveler.

  • Our Experiences

Check out more info about the options we have for exploring the Copenhagen canals. We have both public and private boat tours available. Get more information and prices.

Meet your captain

We like to be social and get to know each other and this is a crucial part of our DNA and the canal tour experience you will get with us. Let’s get started – say Hey to your Captain.


  • Social Sailing

Go behind the scenes to understand how it all started, and how we work to keep improving the Copenhagen canal tour experience as well as our DNA of being friends on a boat.


Our boats are designed to create an intimate and personal atmosphere with max 12 passengers. The perfect setting for exploring the canals of Copenhagen. Take a look.


We are located on Ofelia Plads about 3 min from Nyhavn. Check out the exact departure location here, how to contact us, or maybe you are looking for a job.


If you have questions about Hey Captain and the DNA of our Copenhagen canal tour you can check here in the FAQ. Maybe we already answered them.

#1 on Tripadvisor for boat tours

96% excellent rating based on 2017 and 2018 season reviews

6.8 out of 7.0 Is the likelihood our guests will recommend us to their friends

"Forget the plastic seats...and cramped boats with corny guides! A HIDDEN-GEM ! Hey Captain is a " boutique " " professional " " hyggelig " tour with super nice guides!" - Friends from Texas

This was a real highlight of our trip to Copenhagen! Great boats, super nice people and a proper "feel good" vibe. Book a trip with these guys and you won't be disappointed!   -   Friends from the UK

Loved this boat tour!  A great relaxed way to see the sights as an alternative to the larger canal tours. Highly recommend! - Couple from Melbourne

Best Canal Tour in Copenhagen! Let me tell you, it was amazing!! So much nicer than the huge mass production boats 😛 - Friends from Canada

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Canal tours in Copenhagen are a great way of exploring the city

The harbor has always played a vital role for Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen or “København” in Danish directly translates to merchant harbor, indicating the harbors important role for city. Most of the canals in Copenhagen were artificially created as the city expanded. The strategic position of Copenhagen as the entrance point to the Baltic Sea also means that the Danish Navy for many years has had a strong presence in securing and controlling the in- and out-flows of the region. This historical role of the navy is very present in the formation of the buildings and homes along the piers of the harbor, where many of the historical buildings have been preserved and renovated to residential purposes as the navy slowly has been pushed out of the downtown area. Fortunately, often this development has happened with great respect for the history and spirit of the original buildings.

The role of the harbor for the Copenhagen way of life is still extremely important, but the way this comes across has changed from an industrial and military purpose to a more contemporary one. Many of the most important sites like Christiansborg, Amalienborg, the Opera, and the former Stock Exchange are located by the harbor. The mix of new buildings with the old and especially the beautiful scenic canals of Copenhagen is part of why we love our city. Many new restaurants, and residential areas are blossoming up all along the harbor area, giving “old and dead” areas a new sense of life. As this occurs there are also several great options for exploring the water ways of Copenhagen by boat – whether you choose to go for the classical bigger Copenhagen canal tour, a canal trip, renting your own Copenhagen boat, exploring it by Kayak, or maybe a Hey Captain boat tour. They are all great ways of seeing Copenhagen and we hope you will enjoy it with whatever option you choose to take. Exploring Copenhagen by boat is truly in our opinion the best way to see the city, and we really want to show what we believe are the best parts of this fantastic city.

Ofelia Plads where Hey Captain’s canal tour depart from is located right next to Nyhavn, which is a bar area and departure point for the traditional copenhagen canal tours. Ofelia Plads is a little more quiet and less touristic - a great place to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Our pier is an example of the development that has been going on all over the harbor, as this used to be the place where the Oslo ferry departed to Norway, but today is a place to enjoy an ice cream or a coffee before departure. If you do decide that our DNA of being friends on a boat and giving something personal, social, and informative matches what you are looking for you can see our departure times online. We don’t work with a fixed boat departure schedule, but you can always see next slot online, give us a call, or leave us a message. We hope you will come explore the Copenhagen canals with us.

Canal tours copenhagen

luxury boat tour copenhagen

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Copenhagen Canal Tour

Guided boat tour from nyhavn and ved stranden.

  • See Copenhagen's iconic sights
  • Classic and Grand canal tours available
  • Kids sail for half price

About this tour

Explore Copenhagen from the water on a canal tour. Our Classic Canal Tour passes by iconic sights and through narrow canals, while our Grand Canal Tour takes you by popular sights and hidden gems.

Select ticket

Classic canal tour - nyhavn.

Our popular canal tour with departure from Nyhavn, offering a classic one-hour experience with iconic sights. Departure point: Nyhavn (see map above) Highlights: Explore Copenhagen's iconic landmarks, such as the Little Mermaid and Amalienborg Palace. Good to know: Choose between live-guided and audio-guided tours. Open boats in warmer months and covered, heated boats in colder months.

Classic Canal Tour - Ved Stranden

Our popular canal tour with departure from Ved Stranden, offering a classic one-hour experience with iconic sights. Departure point: Ved Stranden (see map above) Highlights: Explore Copenhagen's iconic landmarks, such as the Little Mermaid and Amalienborg Palace. Good to know: Choose between live-guided and audio-guided tours. Open boats in warmer months and covered, heated boats in colder months.

Grand Canal Tour - Ved Stranden

Our Grand Canal Tour is the ultimate boat sightseeing experience, perfect for those who want to see it all. Departure point: Ved Stranden, pier 4 (see map above) Highlights: Enjoy both famous sight, hidden gems, and lesser-known areas. Good to know: Live guided in Danish and English, covered boats, you're welcome to bring snacks and drinks. 


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More information

Experience the beauty and history of Copenhagen on our classic one-hour canal tour! Learn about the beautiful and historic landmarks and all other sights of interest. This boat sightseeing tour departs from Nyhavn or Ved Stranden and passes some of Copenhagen's best sights and attractions. Looking for more history and additional sight? Choose our Grand Canal Tour.

Join our Classic Canal Tour - All the Must-See Sights

On this one-hour boat tour, you will discover the best of Copenhagen! You’ll experience all the famous sights and iconic landmarks, including the famous Little Mermaid, the majestic Amalienborg Castle – home of the royal family, and the beautiful Opera. Take in the beauty and history of the city as we sail through the historic harbor and narrow canals. During the late spring and all of summer, we sail in open boats. In the colder months, we sail in boats that are both covered and heated.

Most of our Classic Canal Tours are live guided. However, we also offer daily departures with audio guide.

Discover More of Copenhagen with Our Grand Canal Tour

Curious to see more of Copenhagen? Our Grand Canal Tour is the ultimate boat sightseeing experience, perfect for those who want to see it all. Sit back and enjoy stunning views of Copenhagen’s most famous attractions, including Christiansborg Palace, the Opera House, and the Little Mermaid.

But that’s not all—our tour takes you to the trendy neighborhood of Nordhavn, where you can admire remarkable architecture and encounter the unique sculpture, ‘The Genetically Modified Mermaid’.

The Grand Canal Tour is live-guided in Danish and English and departs from Ved Stranden. The tour lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, and you are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Find Our Ticket Houses

We have ticket houses at Nyhavn and Ved Stranden, where you can also purchase your tickets. Daily changes may occur. For more information on the day, please ask in our ticket house.

Are the boats covered when it rains?

We cannot guarantee that all our boats will be covered, we do our best to adjust the type of boat according to the weather conditions. Should it rain while you are on one of our open boats, we offer all our guests a complimentary poncho to keep dry. During the colder months, we exclusively sail with boats that are both covered and heated, ensuring your comfort and warmth.

Can I bring my dog on board the boat?

Dogs are welcome on our boats, provided they are small enough to fit into a bag, friendly, and accustomed to being around other people.

Can I bring my stroller, pram, or buggy on board the boat?

Due to limited space on the boats it is not possible to bring your stroller, pram, or buggy on the boat. You are welcome to park it at our departure points at Ved Stranden and Nyhavn, however this is at your own risk and we highly recommend that you bring a lock.

Can we bring a wheelchair on board?

Unfortunately, our boats can't accommodate non-foldable wheelchairs due to the layout of the boats. Wheelchair users with foldable models who can board and sit in regular seats may be permitted, subject to the captain's discretion based on space availability. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Are there any stops on the tour?

No, there are no stops along the way, the tour starts and ends at the same location.

At what age do children have to pay adult prices?

Adult ticket prices apply from the age of 16 and above.

Where do I find information about delayed or cancelled departures?

For information on specific delays or cancellations, please visit our ticket offices at Nyhavn or Ved Stranden, or contact our Customer Service at tel: +45 3296 3000.

Lost something?

Lost items can be recovered at our ticket office at Ved Stranden, or you can fill out our Lost & Found form

How many passengers can fit in one boat?

Our fleet includes open boats, which can accommodate up to 168 passengers, and covered boats with a capacity of up to 150 passengers, 104 of whom can be seated under the roof.

Are there life vests on board?

Life vests available on all our boats and in the unlikely event of an emergency, our trained staff will provide everyone with a life vest. For more information please see safety on board.

Should I book tickets in advance for the tour?

We recommend you booking your tickets in advance to secure a spot on the tour that best fits your schedule. This is particularly important during the spring and summer months, when our departures tend to sell out quickly.

Can I use my HT ticket/card on the boats?

No, the HT tickets and cards can only be used on the yellow harbor buses.

Can I buy my ticket on the boat?

Tickets cannot be purchased directly on the boat. To join us on a canal tour, please buy your tickets online, at our ticket houses, or from one of our street sellers.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card online, in our Ticket Houses, with our street sellers and on board our buses.

Can I pay with foreign currency?

We accept the following currencies in notes only: Euros and American Dollars. Please note, change will be given be in Danish kroner.

I need a receipt - how do I get one?

To obtain a receipt, please note that we issue tickets that also serve as receipts. Your ticket will be checked upon boarding, and you're welcome to keep it afterward for your records. Be aware that the majority of our tours are VAT exempt.

Can we bring our own drinks?

Feel free to bring your own drinks on board. However, we kindly ask that you take any bottles or cans with you upon departure.

Are there a toilet on board the boat?

Our boats do not have toilet facilities. However, public toilets are available close to our ticket houses at both Nyhavn and Ved Stranden. Please feel free to ask our staff for directions.

Are there a discount for schools and kindergartens?

We offer a special discount for Danish schools, kindergartens, and youth clubs on our canal tours. Additionally, international school with groups of 10 or more persons qualify for a 10% group discount.

Do you offer tours to Middelgrundsfortet or Flakfortet?

Our authorization restricts our operations to the boundaries of Copenhagen harbor. Consequently, we are unable to offer tours to Middelgrundsfortet and Flakfortet.

Colorful houses and wooden boats lining canal in Nyhavn in Copenhagen. eee

Discover the best things to see and do in Copenhagen

There are plenty of things to do in the city, and here you can find inspiration on what to do while you're here.

Rosenborg Castle surrounded by a moat. eee

Explore Copenhagen's popular attractions

Read more about the most iconic tourist attractions and must-visit landmarks in Copenhagen.

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Shore Excursions

Copenhagen, denmark.

Perched upon a rock in the harbor, the Little Mermaid welcomes all to this lively, fun-loving city of Danes, said to be some of the happiest people in the world. From the fabulous food and fresh water to free education, free healthcare and a 37-hour work week, this is a society firmly focused on the good life, and its capital is a joy to explore. From an outstanding assembly of modern architecture, world-class museums and charming canals to the lively streets of the Old Town that wind through the world’s oldest kingdom, Copenhagen has it all – not to mention 15 Michelin-starred restaurants and the Stroget, the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street offering the very best in Scandinavian design.  

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luxury boat tour copenhagen

The Best Canal Tours in Copenhagen | Unique & Fun Affairs

blog post about canal tours in copenhagen

If you’re wondering about the best way to check out Copenhagen, let me tell you—grabbing a canal tour is a good start.

I’ve been living here for 10 solid years, and honestly, taking a boat ride through the city’s canals is what we locals do for a bit of fun in the sun, a different spin on work hangouts, or to add some extra sparkle to special days like a friends bachelorette or treating your mum.

I’ve pretty much tried all the canal tours in town and let me be the first to say, it never gets old. It’s like you’re chilling on a floating couch with the city unfolding around you.

So, I’m here to give you the lowdown on the top spots for a canal cruise that’ll show you the best of Denmark from a whole new angle.

I just want to quickly add, that many tours in Copenhagen are included in the Copenhagen City Card . So I can recommend you get one if you plan on doing a few different activities!

Let’s dive into where you can kick back, relax, and sail through the best parts of the city. Ready to find out which boat to hop on?

Just keep reading below.

What is the Best Canal Tour in Copenhagen?

Alright, let’s ease into the juicy part.

So you’re strapped in and ready to glide through Copenhagen’s waterways, but you’re probably wondering, “What’s the best canal tour out there?”

Here’s the scoop: the top tours should not only swing by all the must-see spots but also be easy to get to because, let’s be honest, no one wants to spend their day figuring out a map when there’s so much to see.

The best picks are the ones that take you past the famous Little Mermaid statue, under the kiss of the sun at Nyhavn, and give you those postcard-perfect views of colorful townhouses and ancient castles.

Convenience is key; you want to hop on, chill out, and soak up the sights without a hassle.

So, let’s take a look at the tours that tick all these boxes and more.

The Classic Canal Tour

Jumping into the heart of Copenhagen’s beauty has never been easier than with the Classic Canal Tour .

In just an hour, you’ll be whisked away on a journey through the city’s most scenic waterways, catching sight of famous landmarks like the Little Mermaid, the regal Amalienborg Palace, and the modern marvel that is the Copenhagen Opera House.

Imagine this: you’re comfortably seated with a live guide sharing fascinating facts and stories, so you’re not just seeing Copenhagen, you’re getting to know it—no reading required, no risk of seasickness from looking down at your phone or guidebook.

Finally, this tour is covered by the Copenhagen City Card .

Here’s why this tour is a traveler’s dream:

Key Benefits:

  • See all major Copenhagen sights in a swift one-hour tour—perfect for those with a packed itinerary
  • The live guide provides insights, meaning you get the context behind the sights without getting dizzy from reading on a moving boat
  • Multiple departure times for flexibility, fitting into even the busiest schedule
  • Central starting point from Nyhavn, which is easy to get to and well-known
  • Option to hop off at different stops on the way back, adding convenience to your tour

Price: $18 per person

  • Quick and comprehensive—see the best attractions in one trip
  • Is included with the Copenhagen City Card
  • An informed guide eliminates the need for additional research
  • Covered and heated boats in winter for comfort in all seasons
  • Easy cancellation policy, with a full refund available if canceled 24 hours in advance
  • Only 1-hour long, which might be too brief for some
  • Not wheelchair accessible, which could be a limitation for some travelers
  • Food and drinks aren’t included, so plan to snack before or after your tour

Netto Bådene Boat Tour

If you’re nodding along to the perks of the Classic Canal Tour above but are on the lookout for something with a tad more old-school charm and a friendlier price tag, the Netto Bådene Boat Tour is your match.

It’s the original canal tour that set the scene for all others in Copenhagen, offering a similar route with a sprinkle of nostalgia.

Much like its counterpart, this 60-minute tour sails you by the city’s highlights while you kick back and listen to tales of yore.

A guide chatters away in Danish, English, and German, meaning you’ll get the lowdown in the language you’re most comfy with.

And let’s be real—having a live person spinning the city’s stories beats reading from a screen, especially when you’re trying to actually sightsee.

  • Historical tour route offering a blend of classic sights and insights
  • Live multi-language commentary, making it accessible for more tourists
  • Cheaper than some other options, giving you a bargain tour of Copenhagen
  • Heated boats with a clear roof in colder months for year-round enjoyment
  • Flexible departure points from Holmens Church and Nyhavn
  • Private tours can be arranged
  • Fits perfectly with your schedule thanks to multiple daily departures

Price: $9 per person

  • Steeped in history as the first canal tour in the city
  • More affordable, giving you sightseeing bang for your buck
  • Varied language options for the most common second or third language
  • If you’ve got the Copenhagen City Card , you’re cruising for free
  • Might be more crowded given its popularity and lower price
  • The older website could make booking slightly less straightforward

Hey Captain Tours

For those looking to get up close and personal with Copenhagen from its waters, Hey Captain Tours is like the cool friend who knows just the right spots.

This guided tour isn’t your standard large group tour; it’s an intimate get-together with just 12 people on board, where the sailor turns tour guide and shapes the journey around what you and your new mates want to see and know.

Sure, this tour is a bit pricier, but hey, you’re paying for an experience that’s tailored, intimate, and heaps more social than your standard fare.

If you’re someone who enjoys the finer things and doesn’t mind paying a little extra for a premium guided canal tour, Hey Captain is your go-to for exploring the canals.

Here’s the deal with this exclusive little adventure:

  • A small group means a more personalized tour, tailored to your interests
  • You get to mingle with the guide and other travelers, making it a social experience
  • A flexible route that can change based on what’s happening in the city that day
  • Beverages are up for grabs on board, so you can toast to the sights as you pass by
  • The starting point is Ofelia Plads, smack-dab in the center, so you can’t miss it

Price: $57 per person

  • The intimate setting with a maximum of 12 passengers fosters a cozy vibe
  • Personalized experience with the driver doubling as a local guide
  • The tour feels unique with the potential to catch special events and festivals
  • English language tour makes it accessible for many travelers
  • A social and fun atmosphere where you can chat and ask questions freely
  • Higher price point compared to larger group tours
  • Not wheelchair accessible, which may not be suitable for all
  • Weather conditions may affect the tour, so come dressed for the occasion

Go Boat Rental

GoBoat sailing in Copenhagen is the ultimate DIY adventure on the water.

Picture this: you, your friends, or colleagues, all together, taking in the city from the cozy confines of your very own picnic boat.

It’s an intimate setup where you’re the skipper, steering through the canals at your own pace, creating that special Danish “hygge” on the waves.

Whether you’re a local looking for a unique day out or a visitor wanting to see the city through a different lens, this is as personal and laid-back as canal tours get.

It’s a bit like the Hey Captain tours, but here you’re in charge, charting your own adventure.

Just remember, while you’re savoring the cityscape and the company, keep the swimming for the shore and the drinks for the dock.

  • Be the sailor of your own boat and navigate the waters
  • Private experience for up to 8 people
  • The starting point is Islands Brygge
  • The picnic table is perfect for a lunch or afternoon break
  • No boating license is needed, and you get a neat little map to chart your course
  • The chance to see over 20 bridges and other sights
  • Heated seats are available for those chillier Copenhagen days

Price: $80 per group up to 8 people

  • An electric boat means a quiet ride and no fuel smells
  • Fits up to 8 people, perfect for a small group outing
  • Flexible rental times, from 1 to 4 hours, to fit any schedule
  • You can bring a picnic, making it a moving feast with a view
  • The electric boats are eco-friendly
  • No guide to provide history or fun facts about the sights you’re seeing
  • You can’t take a dip from the boat
  • The sailor must abstain from alcohol, so you’ll need a designated captain
  • The starting location is not as convenient as other tours

Wooden Sailing Ship Tours

new harbor, boats, harbor-2662653.jpg

For those with a taste for the traditional and a love for the maritime, the Sejlture i København offers an enchanting sail through Copenhagen’s harbor aboard one of De Forenede Sejlskibes’s stunning schooners.

This tour isn’t just a trip; it’s a step into Denmark’s rich nautical heritage, perfect for families or anyone looking to switch up the pace and soak in the city’s vistas from a classic wooden ship.

Sejlture i København is for the sea romantics, the history buffs, and those looking to experience the charm of the Danish capital in the most timeless way possible.

Yes, it’s a bit pricier and takes a chunk of your day, but for those drawn to the creak of wood and the billow of sails, this is more than a tour—it’s a vivid page of history coming alive beneath your feet.

If you’re ready to slow down and have a unique experience, this is your call to sail.

  • A unique 2-hour sailing experience that’s a cut above the typical canal tour
  • A chance to see Copenhagen’s bridges majestically open just for you
  • Limited passenger numbers mean a more intimate and serene journey
  • Experience includes a complimentary beer, water, or soda to enjoy onboard
  • Immerse yourself in the tranquility of traditional sailing
  • Knowledgeable sailor and crew

Price: $60 per person

  • More than just sightseeing—it’s a historical adventure on the water
  • Offers a rare opportunity to engage with maritime traditions and even help set the sails
  • You’ll get picturesque views of the city without the hustle and bustle of the streets
  • Children’s discounts are available
  • A peaceful and slower-paced alternative to motor-powered boats
  • Higher costs and longer duration might not be ideal for all
  • Tickets should be bought in advance due to limited seating
  • Not as frequent as other tours, with set dates and times

Kayak Republic

Bars in copenhagen

Kayak Republic offers a fresh, active twist to sightseeing with their Copenhagen Kayak Tours.

Perfect for team-building or just a lively day out with friends, this tour has you paddling through the heart of Copenhagen, meshing adventure with iconic sights.

With two tours to choose from, the Copenhagen Tour offers a traditional sightseeing experience, while the Clean Up Tour adds an eco-conscious angle, allowing you to contribute to the city’s cleanliness and learn about its sustainable initiatives.

Both end with the option to chill at the Kayak Bar, sharing stories under palm trees.

So grab your sportswear, a towel, and your sense of adventure, and prepare to explore Copenhagen on a kayak tour.

Just remember, you’ve got to be sober, swim-ready, and set for some fun on the water.

  • An active and engaging way to see Copenhagen, blending sightseeing with exercise
  • Double sea kayaks for stability, making it suitable even for beginners
  • Experienced instructors guide you safely through the canals
  • Opportunity for an after-tour gathering at the Kayak Bar for food and drinks

Price: $50 per person

  • See the city from a unique, water-level perspective
  • Great for team bonding or making new friends
  • Located conveniently, across from Christiansborg Palace
  • No worries about capsizing thanks to stable kayaks and professional instructors
  • An eco-friendly tour option with the Clean Up Tour
  • Physical activity is required, which might not suit everyone
  • Weather-dependent to some extent
  • No alcohol allowed, so save the champagne toasts for the Kayak Bar afterward

Copenhot Sailing Hot Tubs

blog post about canal tours in Copenhagen

Imagine drifting through Copenhagen’s harbor, warm and bubbly in a hot tub, with the city’s skyline as your backdrop.

That’s what Copenhot brings to the table—an unparalleled sailing experience where you can soak in a hot tub while floating by the city’s sights.

This 2-hour guided sailing adventure isn’t just unique; it’s the definition of indulgence, Danish style.

Copenhot’s sailing hot tubs offer a slice of “hygge” that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Whether it’s a chill day or the skies are gracing you with snowflakes, there’s no cozier way to sail.

And if the hot tub boat is a stretch for your wallet, Copenhot’s still got you covered with their more wallet-friendly waterfront tubs and saunas.

It’s an experience designed for those special days when you want to treat yourself to a luxurious and different canal tour!

  • A private hot tub experience that sails you around Copenhagen’s harbor
  • Personal skipper to navigate and share stories about the city
  • Exclusive and intimate setting for up to 5 people—perfect for a small group

Price: $295 per group

  • Utterly unique way to experience the city, combining relaxation with sightseeing
  • Personal attention from the skipper, enriching your knowledge of Copenhagen
  • The cozy warmth of a hot tub makes it ideal for colder days or a romantic evening
  • At $295, it’s a luxury experience, but the cost can be shared
  • Only suitable for small groups due to space limitations
  • Requires child-free time, which might need some planning for parents

How Does a Canal Tour in Copenhagen Benefit You?

You might be wondering if doing a canal tour is worth it. I get it. For some, it might even sound a bit boring. But it is a great way to see the city. Here is how it benefits you as a traveler:

Cultural Immersion : Glide past centuries-old buildings and hear stories that textbooks can’t tell, providing a deeper connection to Copenhagen’s history.

Time Efficiency : With a comprehensive route, you cover more ground (or water) in less time, seeing the best of the city without foot fatigue.

Relaxation : There’s a soothing quality to being on the water. It’s a calm interlude in the hustle of travel, offering a moment to breathe and just be.

Social Interaction : Tours offer a chance to meet fellow travelers and locals, sharing experiences and recommendations.

Where do the Boat Tours Depart from?

nyhavn, copenaghen, denmark-4710491.jpg

Navigating your way to a canal tour in Copenhagen is as breezy as a Danish summer day.

While each tour has its unique charm, they all conveniently depart from central spots in the city.

To make it even simpler for you, I’ve whipped up a handy map that pinpoints exactly where you need to be for your maritime adventure.

Just scroll down a tad, and you’ll find a clear layout showing you where to embark on your chosen tour.

Map of Canal Tours Copenhagen

How to choose the best copenhagen canal tour for you.

Choosing the best Copenhagen canal tour is all about matching the experience to your vibe.

Want a classic, no-fuss tour? Go for a guided boat with a live narrator.

Fancy being your own pilot? A GoBoat might be your style.

If history’s your thing, opt for a traditional schooner.

For something more active, kayak your way through the idyllic canals.

And for sheer luxury, why not a hot tub boat?

Consider your group size, interests, and budget, and you’ll find the perfect fit.

Are the Canal Tours in Copenhagen Included in the Copenhagen Card?

Yes, some of the claasic canal tours in Copenhagen are indeed covered by the Copenhagen City Card . It’s a great perk that allows you to enjoy certain tours at no extra cost.

However, be sure to check the latest details on the Copenhagen Card’s official site or inquire when purchasing, as offerings can change.

This way, you can plan your sightseeing smoothly and maybe even save some Danish Krone for a delightful post-tour treat!

Buyers Guide: How I Conducted My Research

When it comes to selecting the best tours in Copenhagen , I’ve poured over the details with a fine-tooth comb to bring you recommendations you can trust.

Here’s how I did it:

Insider Knowledge:  Living in Copenhagen has its perks, including a deep understanding of the city’s pulse. This insider’s view guided my assessment of the tours’ entertainment value and authenticity.

Value Analysis:  I scrutinized the costs, comparing them against the local standard to ensure you get the most bang for your buck without compromising quality.

Route Scrutiny:  With a mental map of Copenhagen’s landmarks, I dissected the tour routes, targeting those that balance iconic sights with hidden corners of the city.

Unique Selling Points:  Every tour has its gems—I highlighted what sets each apart, from exclusive paths to the expertise of the guides.

Drawbacks:  Transparency is key, so I’ve also pointed out where tours may fall short, whether it’s in comprehensive coverage, price, or tour length.

Customer Assurance:  I considered the level of support these tours offer, from responsive customer service to fair refund policies, for peace of mind when booking.

So there you have it!

Whether you’re a history buff, a luxury seeker, an eco-warrior, or simply in for some good old-fashioned “hygge,” Copenhagen boat tours offer something for everyone.

Additionally, each tour has its unique flair and provides a different lens through which to view the city’s beauty and charm, making it a must for anyone spending a few days in Copenhagen .

So pick the canal tour that floats your boat, and get ready to see Copenhagen from its best angle—the water.

And don’t stop here; for more great things to do in and around this vibrant city, make sure to read my comprehensive city guide .


Frequently Asked Questions

Copenhagen canal tours vary in price, typically ranging from around 50 DKK for a basic tour to 1,950 DKK for luxury or private experiences.

Most Copenhagen boat tours last between 1 to 2 hours, providing a thorough exploration without taking up your whole day.

Yes, canal cruises in Copenhagen usually run rain or shine, with covered and heated boats available during inclement weather for a comfortable experience.

Yes, the boat trips in Copenhagen generally operate year-round, with some offering heated boats and cozy blankets during the colder months.


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Privacy Overview

Routes North - Nordic travel guide

The best canal tours and boat trips in Copenhagen

With the word harbour (havn) incorporated into its Danish name (København) , Copenhagen naturally has a strong connection with its waterways. 

There are lots of different boat tours to try in Copenhagen

Many of these lead right past some of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, including postcard-perfect Nyhavn and the famous Little Mermaid statue.

There are loads of guided canal tours and boat trips to enjoy, and you can even rent your own boat for a bit of self-guided exploration.

Seeing the city from the water can help you find your bearings before diving into the maze of historic streets on foot.

Options for boat trips in Copenhagen range wildly, from solar-powered picnic boats and classic canal cruises to sailing ship adventures and solo kayak trips.

Use this guide to choose the one that will leave you in ‘oar’ of the Danish capital!

Quick take: our top three Copenhagen boat tours

If you’re short of time, we recommend the classic boat trip from Nyhaven that takes in all the main sites in a comfortable boat with large glass windows.

We also really like this smaller electric boat trip that seats just seven people for a more personal, intimate experience – and it’s eco-friendly too. 

And for a chilled, relaxing trip, you can’t beat this tour of scenic Furesøen Lake on a lovely antique wooden boat.

Where do the boat tours depart from?

Copenhagen’s most popular type of boat tour is a trip along the canals. Most of these tours leave from the touristy Nyhavn area and from Gammel Strand, near Christiansborg Castle.

Others run from Ofelia Plads near Amalienborg Palace (it’s just around the corner from Nyhavn).

Canal and boat tours in Copenhagen

Havnebussen boats, which are part of the city’s public transport system, can be boarded at several stops between Refshaleøen and Teglholmen, giving you a cheap alternative to the organised tours.

Just bear in mind that these are very much ‘local’ boat services – you won’t get any info on what you’re sailing past.

Do the boat trips run all year?

Boat trips are popular and get booked up quickly, so it’s wise to book tickets online in advance, though some tours can also be booked on the spot. 

The Havnebussen (Harbour bus) public boats don’t need to be booked in advance, but you will need to have a ticket, travel card  or a  Copenhagen Card: Discover  to use them. You can also buy tickets onboard, but only with cash.

Tips for taking a Copenhagen boat tour

  • Check the weather forecast and always bring an extra layer – it can get chilly here, even in the summer.
  • Add sunscreen and a hat if you’re hitting the water during the summer months.
  • Consider renting your own boat for a bit more freedom – you can safely rent certain types of boats in Copenhagen, even if you have no previous experience.
  • Don’t forget to book in advance – especially in high season.
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy lunch on the water. Several of the tours we’ve listed below allow you to bring your own drinks and food.

What’s new for 2024?

Increasingly small electric boats are gaining popularity, such as this one .

They provide a more intimate experience as well as personal interaction with the captain. So you can ask questions on the way and really enjoy what you’re seeing.

There will always be a place for the large glass-windowed tour boats, where you can walk around the boat – and they do you great views of the city.

But increasingly people are opting for smaller, more personal electric boat trips that limit their impact on the environment.

Guided canal and harbour tours

Touring Copenhagen’s canals is so popular that a whole industry has built up around it, with several different providers offering a multitude of tours, each aimed at taking visitors to see different parts of the city. These are some of the best.

The classic harbour tour

This budget-friendly one-hour tour  takes you around the canals and the harbour to see the city’s best bits.

Guides speak Danish and English (other languages are also available on specific departures) and provide a bit of background about the city as you sail past famous landmarks.

Tours start from Nyhavn, and will take you past highlights like Christiansborg Palace, the opera house, the Little Mermaid statue and majestic Amalienborg Palace.

The tours run all year round and ponchos are included, just in case it rains!

The extended harbour tour

If you want a longer trip that takes in a few lesser-known sites, such as the up-and-coming area of area of Nordhavn, this extended harbour is a good bet.

The trip leaves from Ved Stranden and takes in all the main sites too, plus some of the newer trendy regenerated areas to the north and south of the centre.

It lasts one hour, 45 minutes and runs from June to mid-September.

The eco-friendly harbour tour

This electric boat trip leaves from Ved Stranden and takes in the city’s main sights on a small boat.

The boat seats just seven people, so it’s a more personal experience – and has heated seats and blankets for colder days.

The knowledgeable skipper gets top marks for the witty and fun commentary, plus the interesting facts about the sites you pass and their history.

Hey Captain boat trips

Putting the focus firmly on good-old Danish  hygge (you’ll get warm drinks and blankets to keep you cosy), this is a much more intimate boat tour with room for just 12 guests at a time.

It’s a sociable boat trip where you’re encourage to chat to fellow passengers and the captain, so ideal for solo travellers.

Running from mid-March to mid-December, this two-hour boat trip sets out from Ofelia Plads near Amalienborg Palace, sailing past all the harbour highlights, plus some hidden gems too.

It takes in all the harbour highlights, as well as some up-and-coming areas and a few hidden gems too.


Havnebussen, or ‘the Harbour Bus’ is part of Copenhagen’s public transport system, just like the regular buses on land. This means you can travel with the same kind of tickets you’d use on ordinary buses.

Riding the harbour bus isn’t really the same as a guided tour, but it does offer a cheap, alternative way to get from A to B around the harbour, while still enjoying some of its attractions along the way.

The best routes for sightseers are #991 and #992. They run in opposite directions, but both pass the opera house and Nyhavn.

Boat tour of Bagsværd Lake

Escape the city for a trip on the wooden Baadfarten boats, which sail along the scenic Bagsværd Lake, just outside Copenhagen (May to August).

The hour-long tour of the lake takes in lush lakeside scenery, including parkland, woods and fields.

Your ticket also allows you to stop off en-route, so you can spend as long as you like at the art exhibitions at Sophienholm, and continue your trip on a later boat.

Wooden sailing ship tours

Looking to explore the harbour in style? Then be sure to visit Copenhagen in high season (late June to the beginning of August), when you can book a harbour tour aboard a real wooden sailing ship.

Harbour bridges will open to let the tall ship pass as you sail through the harbour.  Or you can opt for a full two-hour sailing cruise aboard the beautiful wooden ship.

These tours aren’t cheap (expect to pay around 420 DKK per adult) and you’ll need to book in advance – check the   United Sailing Ships website for exact sailing times.

Lake tours on a wooden boat

And if you fancy cruising some of the waterways out of the city, this lovely wooden boat dating from the 1890s tours round Denmark’s deepest lake. 

Take a boat trip on Denmark's deepest lake, just outside Copenhagen

The boat makes the two-hour journey round Furesøen Lake several times a day, stopping at the lake beach at Furesøbad, the castle of Næsseslottet and the Old Mill en route.

So you can hop-off when you want to explore the sights along the way, then catch the next boat onwards.

The boats leave from Holte Havn, 20 minutes outside of the city, and run from early may to mid-September.

Boats for rent in Copenhagen

If you don’t like the idea of setting sail with other tourists and would rather hit the water on your own, renting a boat is a great option.

Goboats can be rented in Copenhagen, even if you have no sailing experience

There are a few different low-powered boats that you can captain yourself, and although there are age limits in place, no prior experience is necessary.

You can also rent a private boat with a captain from Refshaleøen, or jump in a kayak instead.

Some of the most popular boat rentals in Copenhagen are GoBoats . These dinky, solar-powered boats, based at Islands Brygge, let you go wherever you fancy along Copenhagen’s system of canals, with no experience or special licence needed.

You’ll be shown how to drive the boats before you set off and provided with life jackets and blankets (in case it’s cold out on the water!)

There’s a little bench table in the middle of these boats, and you’re free to bring along your own food and drink. So, pack a picnic basket for an enjoyable day on the water.

The boats hold up to 8 people and cost the same whether there are two of you or 8 (from 549 DKK) – so the larger the group the cheaper the cost per person.

Duffy boats

If you’re travelling with a group of friends or your family, then you might want hire your own boat and captain to take you comfortably around the harbour.

The eco-friendly, electric Duffy boats take up to 11 guests at a time, and are a great option if you want a bit more space and the freedom to explore a little more.

They run year-round with heaters in the winter, plus comfy sofas and tables so you can relax and enjoy the view.

The boats cost from 190 DKK for a one-hour trip, including the captain.


A good alternative to GoBoats (see above), FriendShips electric boats can be rented from Christianshavn, so you’re just around the corner from Christiania and the opera house.

Renting for two hours (around 900 DKK) will give you enough time to take in a few of the capital’s big sights while sailing quietly through the water.

Kayak Republic

Wanna keep those biceps in shape during your city break? Then you should consider skipping the boats altogether and jumping in a kayak.

Kayak Republic has stable, easy-to-use kayaks to rent for 195 DKK an hour, or 295 DKK for a double kayak (May to September).

Alternatively, you can join a two-hour city tour around the canals of Copenhagen, or an evening tour to watch the sunset (around 395 DKK).

Top tips for saving money on boat trips in Copenhagen

  • Kayak for free. Green Kayak has double sit-on kayaks that you can use for free. All you need to do is to pick up litter from the harbour while you paddle, weigh it and share it on social media!
  • Buy a Copenhagen Card. The Copenhagen Card: Discover includes unlimited use of the harbour buses, a classic harbour tour and the Baadfarten boat tours. So if you’re planning a lot of watery trips, it could save you a fortune. Check our guide to see if a Copenhagen Card could save you money.
  • Go with a group of friends. With trips like GoBoats, you pay for the boat no matter how many people are on it. So if you can take 7 other people, you’ll pay as little as £8 each for an hour’s trip.

Are Copenhagen boat trips environment-friendly?

Most boat trips have a negative effect on the environment, however in recent years boat companies in Copenhagen have made big efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

The old diesel Havnebussen, for example, have been replaced with electric boats, and all the harbour buses are now nitrogen oxide- and particle-neutral.

Both FriendShips and the Duffy Boats are electric, while the silent GoBoats are solar-powered. However, the most environmentally-friendly way to take to the water is, of course, is by kayak!

Are Copenhagen boat trips safe?

Yes, boat trips round Copenhagen Harbour are safe. All boat trips provide life jackets for passengers, though there’s no obligation to wear them.

Make sure you stay seated while the boat is moving, and be aware of the safety procedures and where the emergency exits are.

Are Copenhagen boat trips accessible?

Most boat trips are problematic for those with limited mobility, and the boats that do the classic Copenhagen harbour tours are not suitable for wheelchair users. 

The harbour buses, however, are wheelchair-accessible, with flat landing stages and ramp access to the boat. They can get very crowded though, and there’s limited space on board for wheelchairs. 

Can I get food and drink on board the boats?

There are no facilities for buying food and drink on board the classic harbour boats, but there’s no problem with taking your own.

Many of the tours start and end at Nyhavn, where there’s no shortage of places to eat and drink before or after your tour. For ideas on where to eat in Copenhagen on a budget, click here .

See also:  Where to go swimming in Copenhagen 50 free things to do in Copenhagen The best guided tours in Copenhagen Is the Copenhagen card worth buying?

Brian Schæfer Dreyer

10 of the best small towns to visit in Denmark

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Copenhagen vs Stockholm: which one should you visit?

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Renting a Christiania bike in Copenhagen

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Moose Bar in Copenhagen

Smoking in Copenhagen

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9 beautiful castles and palaces to visit near Copenhagen

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Copenhagen with a hangover

Where to eat Danish pastries in Copenhagen

Where to eat Danish pastries in Copenhagen

Eating cheaply at Copenhagen’s community kitchens

Eating cheaply at Copenhagen’s community kitchens


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Kayaking Copenhagen

Boat tours and boat rentals

Experience the city from the water side.

Copenhagen is an old harbour and maritime city, and one of the most beautiful and enjoyable ways to see it, is from a boat sailing down its charming canals. Take a traditional canal tour boat or a romantic gondola, be the captain of your own solar energy-driven boat , be adventurous in a kayak , or go fishing. The possibilities on water are endless.

If you're in the mood for more, check out this guide on 9 ways to conquer Copenhagen's waters . 

Kayak Republic

Kayak Republic

Explore Copenhagen from a new angle with kayak tours and kayak rental from Kayak Republic.

GoBoat Copenhagen

GoBoat Copenhagen

An eco-friendly and fun way to cruise Copenhagen's canals as the captain of your own ship.


Borrow a kayak for free and help keep Copenhagen’s waters clean, while you explore the harbour.



Be the captain for the day in an electric boat on the canals of Copenhagen.

Hey Captain Copenhagen Canal Tour

Hey Captain Copenhagen Canal Tour

Book your own captain for a small group tour of the canals.

Classic Canal Tour

Classic Canal Tour

Canal Tours Copenhagen is a wonderful way of seeing Copenhagen. Many Copenhageners take the tour to get an opportunity to see their capital from a different perspective.

The Netto Boats

The Netto Boats

Large group boat tour with multilingual commentary.

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out these guides.

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True Scandinavia

The 7 Best Copenhagen Cruises and Boat Tours

Copenhagen cruise ships

Looking for the best way to see Copenhagen from the water? Look no further than these top 7 Copenhagen cruises and boat tours! Whether you’re interested in day cruises from Copenhagen or shorter boat tours in the city, we’ve got you covered with the best prices and options based on glowing reviews. So get ready to experience the charm of Copenhagen from a new perspective and book your cruise or tour today!

Copenhagen 1-hour Canal Cruise

Discover Copenhagen’s charming canals on this 1-hour boat tour departing from Gammel Strand. See the city’s highlights and hidden gems from a different perspective while gliding through the waterways. This Copenhagen cruise is a perfect way to explore the city’s beauty and learn about its history.

Copenhagen 2-hour Canal Tour

Explore Copenhagen’s hidden gems and stunning architecture on a 2-hour canal tour. Cruise through picturesque canals while learning about the city’s history and culture from a knowledgeable guide.

2-night Cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo

Embark on a 2-night cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo and enjoy breathtaking views of the Scandinavian coastline. Relax in comfortable seating areas, indulge in onboard dining, and take advantage of tax-free shopping.

Copenhagen Electric Boat Tour

Explore Copenhagen’s beautiful canals on this guided tour by electric boat. Glide through the city and enjoy the stunning views while learning about Copenhagen’s fascinating history and landmarks. A unique and eco-friendly way to see the city from a different perspective.

Copenhagen Boat Trip through Lyngby Lake

Explore the idyllic countryside of Copenhagen on this 2.5-hour boat trip through Lyngby Lake and Millstream. Admire the charming Danish countryside and the impressive Frederiksdal Castle while learning about the local history from your knowledgeable guide.

Copenhagen Boat Rental

Explore the canals of Copenhagen at your own pace with a self-drive GoBoat. Enjoy a unique experience as you navigate your way through the city’s picturesque waterways and soak up the sights and sounds of the Danish capital. No boating experience necessary!

Top 10 reasons to take a Copenhagen cruise or boat tour

1. discover the city from a unique perspective.

Explore Copenhagen’s canals and waterways on a boat tour and see the city’s stunning architecture and iconic landmarks from a new perspective.

2. Enjoy a relaxing and scenic experience

Relax and take in the stunning scenery as you cruise through the waterways of Copenhagen. It’s a great way to unwind and take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle.

3. Learn about Copenhagen’s rich history and culture

Many boat tours offer knowledgeable guides who share fascinating stories about Copenhagen’s history, culture, and traditions.

4. Get up close to famous landmarks and attractions

Boat tours offer a unique opportunity to get up close to some of Copenhagen’s most famous landmarks, such as the Little Mermaid statue and Amalienborg Palace .

5. Explore hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations

Discover hidden corners of Copenhagen that are only accessible by boat and explore charming neighborhoods, picturesque canals, and beautiful parks.

6. Try delicious Danish cuisine

Many boat tours offer a chance to sample traditional Danish cuisine, such as smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) and delicious pastries , while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

7. Customize your experience

Whether you’re looking for a romantic sunset cruise or a family-friendly adventure, there are boat tours and cruises to suit all tastes and preferences.

8. Experience Copenhagen’s vibrant nightlife scene

Take a nighttime boat tour and experience Copenhagen’s vibrant nightlife scene from the water, with stunning views of the city’s illuminated buildings and bridges.

9. Meet new people and make friends

Boat tours and cruises are a great way to meet new people and make friends, whether you’re traveling solo or in a group.

10. Enjoy a great value for your money

Boat tours and cruises in Copenhagen offer great value for your money, with many affordable options available that include food, drinks, and entertainment.

Best Copenhagen cruises

5 disadvantages of Copenhagen cruises and boat tours

Copenhagen cruises and boat tours can get crowded, especially during peak season, which can make it difficult to enjoy the sights and experience.

2. Weather-dependent

Copenhagen’s weather can be unpredictable, which can impact the quality of the experience on a cruise or boat tour. Rain or high winds can make the trip uncomfortable or even dangerous.

3. Environmental impact

Large numbers of boats and ships in Copenhagen’s waterways can have an impact on the environment, including water pollution and noise disturbance for marine life.

4. Limited access

Some of the waterways and canals in Copenhagen are not accessible to large boats, meaning that some tours may not be able to cover certain areas.

5. Seasickness

If you’re prone to seasickness, a boat tour may not be the best choice, as the waters around Copenhagen can sometimes be choppy.

Is taking a Copenhagen cruise worth it?

Undoubtedly, taking a Copenhagen cruise is worth every penny! Firstly, with a city that’s built on the water, it’s no wonder that Copenhagen is considered one of the best cities in the world to take a cruise. Secondly, a Copenhagen cruise offers a unique perspective of the city’s top attractions such as the iconic Little Mermaid statue, the vibrant Nyhavn harbor, and the Opera House . Thirdly, the waterways in Copenhagen are clean, calm and provide for a serene and enjoyable ride.

Additionally, by taking a Copenhagen cruise you can explore the many parks and gardens that line the canals, which are perfect for a relaxing stroll or picnic. You can also spot some of the city’s wildlife, like swans and ducks, swimming alongside your boat.

Despite a few downsides, a Copenhagen cruise is still a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. While large crowds can be a concern, careful selection of the right cruise and planning ahead can help mitigate this issue. Although paying for a guided boat tour may not suit everyone’s budget, the city offers a range of free and affordable activities that can balance out the cost of a cruise. Ultimately, the unique perspective of Copenhagen’s attractions from the water and the calm and clean waterways can make a cruise a memorable and enjoyable way to explore the city.

In conclusion, Copenhagen cruises and boat tours are a must-do activity for any visitor to the capital of Denmark.

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Enjoy 75% off your second guest’s cruise fare and get bonus savings of up to $200.

Scandinavia Cruises

Discover Historic European Wonders on a Scandinavia Cruise

Tabs View Cruises

  • View Cruises

On a Scandinavia cruise, you’ll discover the towering fjords, fascinating Viking history, and opulent architectural wonders of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the Norwegian fjords, or visit the vibrant city of Oslo. See Copenhagen’s whimsical Tivoli Gardens and explore its decadent palaces.  Ride a gondola to the top of the world’s largest spherical building and stroll along the historic district’s narrow, cobblestone streets in Stockholm.

On a luxury cruise to Scandinavia with Celebrity Cruises, you’ll discover why this incredible region is home to some of the happiest people on Earth—and experience some of that joy yourself.

Scandinavia Cruise Highlights

Art and design.

Minimalist Scandinavian design has swept the world, influencing cafes, shops, and our homes for decades. While you’re traveling through beautiful cities like Oslo and Copenhagen, you’ll quickly see the contrast between early Medieval opulence and the modernist, sleek style that dominates today. Stop in Oslo’s National Museum or the Designmuseum in Copenhagen, which both explore the origins of design and architecture in the region.

European History

Discover Viking stories and preserved ships at the Vasa Maritime Museum in Stockholm and the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Time travel to the Medieval period as you stroll the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen, and admire the statue of the Little Mermaid, based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. Castle-hop across Denmark’s capital, stopping at Amalienborg, Rosenborg Castle, or Christiansborg Palace.

Scenic Waterways

On a Scandinavian vacation, exploring the region’s incredible fjords and picturesque canals is a must. Journey through majestic landscapes and marvel at the breathtaking views on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords . In Copenhagen and Stockholm, boat down serene canals and admire the cities’ beauty from a unique vantage point.

Featured Ports

Stockholm, sweden.

Enjoy the colorful, cobblestone streets of Stockholm’s Gamla Stan, or Old Town, where you can discover centuries of Swedish history or shop in chic, modern boutiques. For an active adventure, go kayaking along the city’s canals and paddle through the city at your own pace.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The myths and lore of Copenhagen and its laidback ambiance have attracted international tourists for years. Visit the Little Mermaid statue commemorating Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale. Stroll alongside the Nyhavn Harbour, admiring the wooden ships floating in the calm waters. Relax and play at Tivoli Gardens, a perfect activity for all ages. Come see why Denmark is consistently rated one of the happiest places in the world.

Oslo, Norway

Viking history runs deep in Oslo. At the Viking Ship Museum, you can see preserved Viking ships on display. Art lovers, spend an afternoon surrounded by eccentric and classic sculptures at Vigeland Park. Museum hop from Oslo’s Natural Museum to the Edvard Munch Museum, which is home to the world-famous painting “The Scream.” During your day in port, visit the Ice Bar, made completely of ice.

Scandinavia Cruise Itineraries

Spend 7 to 13 nights at sea discovering the wonders of Scandinavia and beyond on a luxury cruise. Explore Norway’s fjords cruise to the region’s capital cities. Set sail from Rotterdam or Amsterdam, Netherlands, or Southampton, England aboard Celebrity Apex or Silhouette.


Why sail on a scandinavia cruise with celebrity.

On a cruise to Scandinavia with Celebrity Cruises, you’ll sail from one fascinating port of call to another aboard one of our luxury cruise ships, where world-class dining, luxuriously appointed accommodations, and exciting venues await. Order your favorite cocktail at an ice-covered bar in port, then at the dazzling Martini Bar on board. Saunter along the storied streets of Scandinavia’s capital cities, then relax in the comfort of your stateroom or suite. On one of our luxury cruises, everything is done for you, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride.

View All Scandinavia Cruises

Europe is closer than ever with flights by celebrity.

Not only do we offer the best way to explore Europe, but we also make it easy to get there with Flights by Celebrity℠. Relax knowing you’re booking the lowest airfare and have a dedicated team helping you get to your ship—and back.

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Gdansk’s Old Town: Best Things to See & Do

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Classic Boat Tours 


Experience the iconic Copenhagen canals in a beautiful wooden boat  from 1964 

Pickup location: havnegade 14, 1058, copenhagen.  .


Private Tour

2 hours - 4500 kr. , for up to 8 guests .

A Private Tour includes a complementary glass of wine and light snacks.


Classic Boat Tours

Experience Copenhagen like they did in the 1960's

Our goal is to provide all our guests with a unique boating experience in the Copenhagen canals.

You will cruise in style in a beautiful mahogany wooden boat from 1964 built in the famous Swedish shipyard "Storebro". It's up to you how long the cruise will take, and we will gladly arrange any extras you might require such as luxury snacks, flowers, champagne etc. We will do our best to accommodate any wishes you might have. 

Our adventures will always have a certified captain on board. 

We can't wait to welcome you on board. 

Best regards,

Mads & Christian 

Opening Hours


April 1st - November 1st 2021

Billede 4_edited.png

Get in Touch

Classic Boat Tours is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Tak for din indsendelse!

Your location

Islands Brygge, Copenhagen


Rent a boat at Islands Brygge, Copenhagen

Go on a sail trip in copenhagen harbor at islands brygge.

Experience Copenhagen Harbor from a whole new perspective - at your own pace. You are your own captain around the main channel, Frederiksholm Canal, behind the Opera House and Christianshavn Canal when you rent our electric boats. Enjoy a unique social boating experience with friends, family or colleagues from Islands Brygge. Buy drinks and snacks or bring your own.

Seats up to 8 people

No license required

"Hygge" - sails at a quiet pace

Silent, electric motor

GoBoat odense 2 boats on water in Odense -

Photo : Abdellah Ihadian

GoBoat Cruise

Photo : Eric Ziengs

New: Rent a private luxury boat with a captain included

With GoBoat Cruise, you can board our new luxury boats that offer style and elegance. Each boat accommodates up to 9 people in addition to the captain. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Our captains will sail you in and outside Copenhagen Harbor. We have 7 pick up and drop off locations in the harbor.

GoBoat in Copenhagen

Read more

Your GoBoat experience

Read more

How GoBoat works

Prepare for your GoBoat trip by watching our safety video and reading about the most important rules before you set sail.

GoBoat odense 2 boats with friends- Andrew Rogala

Photo : Andrew Rogala

Rent a boat in Copenhagen Harbor at Islands Brygge

It's easy to rent a boat in Copenhagen with GoBoat. Just book online and show up 15 minutes before the booked time at Islands Brygge. The person renting must be 18 years old.

You could try your luck going to our location at Islands Brygge to see if we have available boats. If so, we are happy to rent you a boat. However, we recommend to book online.

We'll teach you how to sail and instruct you about the rules. No license required. Have a look at how sailing a GoBoat works.

Rules and information about renting a GoBoat in Copenhagen:

  • We are open every day from 9.30 to sun down
  • In Copenhagen, you can rent heated seats for your sail during the cold months
  • 8 people per boat. No license or prior experience needed. 2 items of alcohol permitted per person.
  • A GoBoat's speed is about 3 knots (5-7 km/h) so you can focus on each other and the Copenhagen sights
  • Online rebooking or change to a voucher until 24 hours before departure. Refund available before 72 hours before departure.

Pricing for GoBoat Islands Brygge, Copenhagen

Choose the number of hours that suits your trip. Each boat can accommodate up to 8 people. At selected off-peak times, you can book boat trips as low as 349 dkk Keep an eye on the booking system to see the cheaper prices.

Short and Sweet

The sailing trip where several sights placed near Copenhagen Harbor can be seen.

Picnic and sightseeing

Our most sailed trip! Enjoy the unique harbor of Copenhagen. Bring your own food and drinks or buy them at GoBoat.

Good time for a great sailing trip

The perfect trip when you really want to enjoy a full experience with "hygge" on the water with plenty of time to explore hidden gems.

Sailing area in the harbor of Copenhagen

Navigate through the Harbor of Copenhagen with our map. Take a look at the sailing area to prepare yourself for a great trip on the water. You set sail from Islands Brygge and sail through the canals. You'll also find the map attached to the picnic table in the boat. Things to see in the harbor:

  • Christiansborg Castle
  • The Black Diamond Operaen
  • Amalienborg Castle
  • Agnete and the merman

Copenhagen map preview EN

Copenhagen from the water

GoBoat copenhagen friends børsen tower

Enjoy the beautiful and colorful Christianshavnskanal.

Photo : Erling Brodersen

GoBoat Islands Brygge

Sailing at sun set gives a whole new appreciation of Copenhagen.


Blox is agathering place for architecture, design and sustainable urban development.

luxury boat tour copenhagen

Take your four legged friends with you on the water for free.

Photo : Trine Dreisig


Sailing is a social experience. Bring your friends and enjoy Copenhagen.

luxury boat tour copenhagen

Lille Langebro is a bridge exclusively for biking and walking - and of course to sail under.

luxury boat tour copenhagen

Paddle boarding is well beloved all over the Copenhagen harbor.

Photo : Allan Kortbæk

GoBoat copenhagen friends børsen tower

Enjoy a picnic at sea

We recommend taking food and drinks with you on your trip. You can buy both drinks and snacks at GoBoat. If you book online, we'll have it ready for your when you arrive. Or add drinks and snacks at check in.

If you would like to order food on board, you can pre order food with your booking. You'll sail 5 min to Green Island, where you can pick up the food (we'll point you in the right direction). Food from Green Iland is available at selected times. The booking system will let you know.

Find inspiration at our social media

Find goboat at islands brygge, copenhagen.

  • Our adress is: Islands Brygge 10, 2300 Copenhagen S
  • We are every day from 9.30 to sunset. Check the booking system for specific opening hours.
  • Public transportation: Bus 5C and 68 stop nearby at Klakvigsgade. Metro station Islands Brygge is a 10-minute walk from GoBoat. Find us on Google Maps here .

GoBoat copenhagen friends børsen tower

Private canal tour with captain - new service

We're testing a new service! Try our larger, faster luxury electric boats with Captain. In a group of up to 9 people, you can get your own private captain to sail you around for 1, 2 or 3 hours. Book the whole boat for a wonderful luxury experience.

Perfect for a group of friends, colleagues, multi-generational families.

  • € EUR

Luxury Travel to Copenhagen

Travel+Leisure World's Best Awards 2023 logo in white

Denmark often tops the polls of the world’s happiest countries and its capital tends to put a smile on the faces of all who visit. What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in character, its compact centre a maze of cobbled streets easily navigated by foot or on the Danes’ favourite mode of transport, the bicycle.

Originally a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen has evolved into one of Europe’s most sophisticated cities. Spread across the two islands of Zealand and Amager and separated from Sweden by the Øresund Bridge, it is a city of contrasts, seamlessly blending classic architecture with cutting edge modern design. Home to the world’s oldest monarchy, the Danish capital has its fair share of palaces and castles with towering spires that punctuate the skyline. Sharing the limelight are modern masterpieces including the silver space age aquarium and the geometric opera house.

In the heart of the city is Tivoli, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks filled with a charming collection of wooden roller coasters, dragon boats and merry go rounds. Though on Danish soil, the self-governing province of Christiania declared itself a free state in 1971, its inhabitants living an alternative lifestyle and considering themselves very separate from the rest of Denmark.

Exploring Copenhagen’s waterways is one of the best ways to see the city. The quaint harbour of Nyhavn is one of the capital’s most picture perfect sights, flanked by colourful 18th century houses that look out over the boats bobbing on the water. Following the water will bring you to the statue of the Little Mermaid in homage to Hans Christian Anderson, one of the city’s most famous residents.

The capital packs a lot into a small space and there’s a lot to see, so it’s refreshing to know that the Danes take their food and drink very seriously. Coffee and pastries are eaten religiously every day and the streets are packed with cafes and restaurants. Scattered in between are trendy design stores that reflect the Danes’ enviable style and love for all things simple but sleek.

Copenhagen really deserves all the compliments it gets. An extremely livable city, it is the perfect entry point to Denmark or wider Scandinavia. There are some top-notch cultural venues in Copenhagen but it’s also the place to come and savour the best of New Nordic Cuisine.

luxury boat tour copenhagen

  • Hop on a bicycle and explore the city like a local
  • Visit the Little Mermaid, a homage to Hans Christian Anderson
  • Get the perfect photo of the colourful houses that line Nyhavn harbour
  • Take a boat trip and see the city from the water
  • Visit the free state of Christiania
  • Channel your inner child at the magical Tivoli theme park
  • Visit the beautiful Amalienborg royal palace

Most people visit Copenhagen in July and August, so if you're keen to avoid some of the crowds, aim for May, June or September to make the most of the warmer weather. Considering its other Scandinavian neighbours, Denmark's weather is often less extreme, so Copenhagen is generally a pleasant place to visit year round.

Itineraries including Copenhagen


Accommodation in Copenhagen

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luxury boat tour copenhagen

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Northern Europe & The British Isles Cruises

Copenhagen to Copenhagen

Copenhagen to Copenhagen

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The luxury of choice

Catering to individual travel preferences, we are pleased to offer our guests the luxury of choice when selecting the perfect fare.

Prices valid until August 31, 2024 but may increase on September 1, 2024 and are subject to availability.

  • 7 Countries

Come and enjoy a region that words can’t do justice. Beginning and ending in Copenhagen, this cruise moves through landscapes that have inspired poets for centuries. Beginning with four days in Sweden, including an overnight stay in the alluring capital, sail next to two days in Finland (Helsinki and Mariehamn). Two days in Tallinn promise one of the best-preserved UNESCO listed old towns in Northern Europe. Latvia’s Riga is quirky and artistic, and well off the tourist path! Gdansk, Ronne and Rostock complete the cruise.


The excursions are provided as a sample of what may be offered on this voyage and are subject to change. We are constantly updating our shore excursion programme with immersive and authentic experiences, so please do not hesitate to review your tour programme choice closer to your sail date. We invite guests to visit for the most updated information.

Silversea's oceanview suites are some of the most spacious in luxury cruising. All include the services of a butler thanks to the highest service ratio at sea and almost all have a private teak veranda so that you can breathe in the fresh sea air by merely stepping outside your door. Select your suite and Request a Quote - guests who book early are rewarded with the best fares and ability to select their desired suite.

All inclusive onboard benefits

A new world of luxury is waiting aboard Silver Dawn. Elegant and modern, Silver Dawn is the natural evolution of our fleet. Large enough to offer eight dining options – including the superb Sea and Land Taste (S.A.L.T.) programme – yet small enough for the famed Silversea onboard ambience, Silver Dawn inherits the best features of her sister ships Silver Muse and Silver Moon , but is in a class all of her own. With sumptuous suites, outstanding itineraries, plus cutting-edge design and technology and the outstanding OTIVM wellness concept, Silver Dawn sets new standards of luxury. Wake up to a new dawn with Silversea.

Silver Dawn Dining Options : 8 Restaurants

S.A.L.T. Kitchen

S.A.L.T. Kitchen

La Dame

La Terrazza


Silver Note



Public areas.

S.A.L.T. Bar

S.A.L.T. Bar

S.A.L.T. Lab

S.A.L.T. Lab

Panorama Lounge

Panorama Lounge


Fitness Centre

Otium Spa

Observation Library

Connoisseur’s Corner

Connoisseur’s Corner

Arts Café

Pool Deck & Jacuzzi Area


Otium Beauty Salon

Venetian Lounge

Venetian Lounge

Pre & post cruise extensions and hotels.



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luxury boat tour copenhagen

Just Back From…Northern Europe on Silver Moon

luxury boat tour copenhagen

Explore the Norwegian Fjords and More on a Cruise to Northern Europe

luxury boat tour copenhagen

Seeking Things To Do in Scotland? See the Atlantic Puffins on the Isle of Lunga

luxury boat tour copenhagen

Why I Can’t Stay Away From London – and Wouldn’t Want to Anyway

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luxury boat tour copenhagen

What to Expect When Visiting Europe’s Hot Spots From a Luxury Cruise

Explora Journeys ship sailing in Europe

Photo: Explora Journeys 

Europe has always been well-positioned for travelers to visit more than one destination in a single trip, given the close proximity of its many countries and diversity of cultures. But today, there is a growing appreciation of exploring Europe from the home base of a luxury cruise ship rather than traipsing through multiple city breaks on a land-based package.

Many travelers, especially those in North America, may not know about the possibility of discovering Europe via a luxury voyage. And that is exactly where travel advisors come into play, by listening to their clients’ desires to journey across the pond and then suggesting a cruise whereby they will be immersed in the rich cultures of the continent, all from the comfort and convenience of pampered life onboard.

When selling luxury cruises in the Mediterranean, these are the aspects that travel advisors can describe to their clients as to what they can expect to experience …

Unpack once, visit multiple destinations For many, the most appealing feature is the need to unpack only once, and then to enjoy venturing to several destinations.

“Sailing through the Mediterranean on a luxury cruise ship is the perfect way to experience that part of the world. Once you’re onboard, you can unpack and relax as you sail to multiple ports during your voyage,” says Bridgett Quinn Webber, cruise consultant with Cruise Specialists. “While dining al fresco for breakfast, you can watch the sail into beautiful ports such as Venice, Monte Carlo, and Dubrovnik. In the evenings, watch the sunset as you sail off to your next destination.”

Luxurious accommodations Ocean-front suites or penthouses aboard a luxury vessel provide a spacious, serene, and elegant home at sea, with refined comfort and simplicity as the focus. They are the perfect place for seasoned travelers to relax, unwind, and entertain. Twenty-four-hour service is typically offered, and the upper categories provide butler services.

"Opting for a small ship, all-inclusive luxury Mediterranean cruise instead of a land-based trip is one of my top travel recommendations. Aboard a vessel that feels like a luxurious boutique hotel, you can reach the most coveted destinations in style, comfort, and with exceptional service,” relays Tesa Totengco, founder and CEO, of Travels with Tesa.

Superb culinary creations The culinary and beverage experts aboard luxury vessels bring together an abundance of experience and artistry to the curation of immersive dining experiences – and guest chefs are often among the world’s most illustrious. The food and wine reflect the regions where the ships sail, resulting in authentic and scrumptious creations sourced from local markets.

Guests can choose from any of several enticing restaurants, from formal to casual venues or in-suite private dining, offering a variety of flavors and ambiance from around the globe. Totengco notes that these types of sea journeys deliver “incredible value, featuring gourmet dining, fine wines, premium spirits, and top-notch entertainment.”

As Webber explains, “You unpack once and dine in an Italian restaurant under the stars one night and then do a sushi night the next. After dinner, head to the show lounge for some entertainment before heading to bed in anticipation of waking up in a new and exciting port the next morning.”

Enriching entertainment The entertainment program onboard often leans toward enriching and intimate experiences that are designed to connect the guests, host, and luminaries. Events might include seafaring storytelling under the stars, a photography or songwriting class, a destination-themed artisanal crafts experience, a Whisky mixology session, a local coffee tasting, a culinary class with a Master Chef, or an evening of classical music by candlelight on the deck or a Parisian jazz club experience.

Curated onboard shopping Catering to guests who are accustomed to a certain level of worldly refinement, luxury cruises deliver a curated shopping experience at sea, featuring the most coveted brands that are renowned for their unrivalled craftmanship. Artisanal brands celebrating the destinations visited may also be showcased.

Totengco points out that on one leading luxury cruise line “the onboard duty-free shopping is a highlight, especially for acquiring a world-renowned watch brand that isn’t available on land!"

Esteemed personal service As is the custom at the world’s finest hotels, the service style aboard a luxury voyage can best be described as respectful, intuitive, refined hospitality. The attentive and cultured hosts are well trained to meet the needs and wants of guests with a sense of effortless luxury.

As Scott Caddow, founder and luxury travel advisor, Legendary World, says: “There is nothing better than sailing the French and Italian Riviera on a luxury vessel. Every care is taken care of, no packing, fine dining, eclectic cocktails, and multiple destinations in one journey.”

FROM THE SPONSOR: Explora Journeys is a luxury lifestyle brand that is redefining the ocean experience for a new generation of discerning luxury travelers, drawing on the Aponte family’s 300 years of maritime heritage. The brand’s aspiration is to create a unique ‘Ocean State of Mind’ by connecting guests with the sea, with themselves, and with like-minded people, while remarkable itineraries will blend renowned destinations with lesser-traveled ports, for a journey that inspires discovery in all its forms.

EXPLORA I is now sailing, EXPLORA II will launch in August 2024 and four more confirmed ships will be launching by 2028. Equipped with the latest environmental and marine technologies, Explora Journeys introduces a new style of transformative ocean travel. EXPLORA I & EXPLORA II offer 461 oceanfront suites, penthouses, and residences designed to be ‘Homes at Sea’ for our guests, all with sweeping ocean views and private terrace, a choice of nine distinct culinary experiences, across six vibrant restaurants plus in-suite dining, 12 bars and lounges, (eight indoor and four outdoor) Chef`s Kitchen, four swimming pools, extensive outdoor decks with private cabanas, wellness facilities, refined entertainment and respectful and intuitive hospitality. Inspired by the company’s European heritage, Explora Journeys provides guests with an immersive ocean experience, respectful and intuitive hospitality. 

To learn more about Explora Journeys, visit the Explora Journeys website or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

luxury boat tour copenhagen


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Explora Journeys' Second Cruise Ship Delayed

Explora II was supposed to debut this August. 

luxury boat tour copenhagen

The 850-guest Seven Seas Prestige will launch in 2026.

Abercrombie & Kent Opens New DMC in Mexico

A&K will pair the DMC with a new property it plans to open in Mexico sometime “over the coming year.”

Four Seasons Hotel New York Sets Reopening Date

The hotel has been closed since the start of the pandemic. 

Oceania Cruises Expands Relaxed Dining Options Fleetwide

Oceania is adding more choices at Terrace Café and rolling out a revamped poolside lunch menu. 

Inside Villa Copenhagen: Luxury Meets History at the Heart of Denmark’s Capital

Once the Central Post Office, the Villa Copenhagen building is a captivating blend of past, present, and future. 

The Art of Luxury

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The 8 top alaska cruise lines of 2024.

Discover the best lines and itineraries for your type of travel style.

The Top Alaska Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas in Alaska.

Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

A cruise vacation to Alaska is a profound adventure. The spectacular natural beauty, rugged wilderness, massive glaciers and endless opportunities for wildlife viewing make a trip to the 49th state a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many travelers. As an added bonus, cruise ships can reach remote parts of the state, including Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve: one of the most significant (and picturesque) marine and wildlife sanctuaries in the world.

With the ever-growing popularity of the destination and an extended cruising season (some lines now travel to Alaska between April and October), more ships are heading north to the shores of The Great Land. With these expanded itineraries, there's more than ever to think about when booking your Alaska cruise.

To assist in your decision-making process, U.S. News listed the top cruise lines to consider across five categories, including the best options for families , luxury-seekers and adventurers. U.S. News consulted data provided by and the results of our 2024 Best Cruise Lines rankings to help develop this list of the top cruise lines sailing to Alaska.

  • Best Overall: Holland America Line; Princess Cruises
  • Best for Families: Norwegian Cruise Line; Royal Caribbean International

Best for Couples: Celebrity Cruises

  • Best Luxury: Regent Seven Seas Cruises; Silversea Cruises

Best Small-Ship Expedition Line: UnCruise Adventures

Find your perfect cruise

Best Overall: Holland America Line and Princess Cruises

Holland america line.

Holland America Line's Westerdam in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Courtesy of Holland America Line

Alaska cruise ships: Eurodam , Koningsdam , Nieuw Amsterdam , Noordam , Westerdam , Zaandam Departure cities (cruises and cruisetours): Anchorage , Fairbanks and Whittier, Alaska; Seattle; Vancouver, British Columbia Starting from: $379 per person for seven-night Alaska Inside Passage cruise on May 1, 2024, or Sept. 22, 2024. Round-trip from Vancouver.

Holland America Line has been cruising Alaska's pristine glacial waters for more than 75 years – longer than any other cruise line. On top of that, the line features more voyages to Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve than its competitors. Seven-night round-trip sailings depart from either Seattle or Vancouver, while cruisetours – Holland America Line 's sea- and land-based packages – leave from several cities and extend each trip to nine to 18 days.

If this will be your first visit to Alaska, consider booking the comprehensive 14-day Yukon + Denali cruisetour. This Alaska adventure includes a voyage aboard Koningsdam, plus a three-night stay at Holland America's exclusive lodge in Denali National Park, where you'll have the opportunity to see Alaska's big five: moose, caribou, grizzly bears, Dall sheep and wolves – and book bucket list activities like flightseeing over Denali. If it's a picture-perfect day, your pilot might even be able to land on the tallest mountain in North America, also known as "The Great One." Other excursions include meeting dog mushers from the Iditarod, landing on the Yanert Glacier, heli-hiking or embarking on a covered wagon adventure on the Alaska tundra. The Yukon Territory portion of this trip is exclusive to Holland America; while there, visit the mining town of Dawson City and learn about Northern Canada's Klondike Gold Rush of August 1896.

Another highlight of sailing Alaska with Holland America is the Alaska Up Close program, which immerses guests in an array of expert-led lectures and excursions on board and shore. When it comes to dining , Holland America is the only cruise line to achieve the Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) certification, which means cruisers will enjoy certified sustainable wild Alaska seafood on board (think: Alaskan king crab legs and fresh salmon). You may also have access to culinary excursions in partnership with Food & Wine magazine, as well as special offerings like Alaska salmon bakes.

Cruisers should also consider one of the Holland America's new itineraries for 2024: the 28-night Alaska Arctic Circle Solstice voyage aboard Westerdam, round-trip from Seattle. This sailing, which departs on June 9, 2024, features highlights like crossing the Arctic Circle; celebrating the summer solstice in Nome, Alaska; and watching Kodiak bears – the largest bears in the world – on Kodiak Island.

Insider tip: Sample Holland America Line's famous Dutch pea soup while glacier viewing on the outside decks. The crew passes around mugs of the warm soup in this Holland America tradition that gives a nod to the line's heritage – and keeps guests warm on chilly summer days in Alaska.

Princess Cruises

View from the deck of a Princess Cruises ship in Alaska.

Courtesy of Princess Cruises

Alaska cruise ships: Grand Princess , Sapphire Princess , Royal Princess , Ruby Princess , Majestic Princess , Discovery Princess , Crown Princess Departure cities (cruises and cruisetours): Seattle; Anchorage, Alaska; Vancouver, British Columbia; San Francisco ; Fairbanks, Alaska Starting from: $398 per person for seven-night cruise from Anchorage (Whittier, Alaska) to Vancouver on May 18, 2024

Princess Cruises has a long history in Alaska, boasting more than 50 years of sailing to the Great Land. Cruise itineraries last between seven and 14 nights, and many visit the Inside Passage. Princess Cruises also owns and operates five wilderness lodges for guests of its cruisetours, plus exclusive "Direct to the Wilderness" rail service to those properties. The line's wide selection of cruisetours includes independent adventures and off-the-beaten-path destinations, like Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, the largest national park in the U.S. For travelers seeking the highest level of service and the most time on land, the Connoisseur cruisetour is a good option, including up to 10 nights ashore following the seven-day Voyage of the Glaciers cruise. The Connoisseur trip is hosted by a tour director and includes select sightseeing outings and most meals in the fare.

Princess' special programming, North to Alaska, offers guests unique insights into the history and culture of the region with visits from local Alaskans, photography sessions, demonstrations on lumberjacking and excursions like Cook My Catch, where guests will go fishing (with a guide), then bring their fish back for chefs to prepare for dinner at one of the designated Princess lodges.

There are two new Princess cruisetours to consider for 2024. The 15-night National Parks Tour includes a seven-day cruise, visits to five national parks, scenic rail travel and a total of eight evenings across four Princess wilderness lodges. Meanwhile, the Katmai National Park Tour is a nine-day adventure that takes guests to the famed Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park & Preserve to see bears feasting on wild salmon in Alaska's wilderness.

Insider tip: While visiting Denali National Park, be sure to check out the Princess Treehouse at the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge. Built by Pete Nelson of Animal Planet's "Treehouse Masters," the treehouse offers a different perspective of Denali and features "Sappy Hour" and other fun activities.  

Best for Families: Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International

Norwegian cruise line.

Race track atop the Norwegian Bliss in Alaska.

Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Alaska cruise ships: Norwegian Encore , Norwegian Bliss , Norwegian Jewel , Norwegian Sun , Norwegian Spirit Departure cities (cruises and cruisetours): Seattle ; Vancouver, British Columbia; Seward, Alaska Starting from: $349 per person for seven-night sailing between Seward and Vancouver (itineraries visit Hubbard Glacier and Skagway, or Glacier Bay, Skagway and Juneau). Available on Norwegian Jewel in April, May and June 2024.

Norwegian Cruise Line has one of the longest seasons in Alaska, extending from April through October. The line operates two of its larger ships in Alaska: Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Encore. These ships feature a plethora of onboard activities to keep kids and adults entertained, like racetracks, laser tag, mini-golf, complimentary kids and teen clubs, video arcades, themed parties, live performances and more. Families will also enjoy entertainment by Nickelodeon, character breakfasts, salmon bakes and sessions with a park ranger who comes on board to narrate the Glacier Bay passage. You'll find many spacious room options on board perfectly suited to larger families – especially in The Haven, the line's exclusive ship-within-a-ship concept. In addition, Norwegian Cruise Line offers select cruise deals where third and fourth guests sail free .

There are two new Alaska shore excursions for 2024: the Mendenhall Glacier Canoe Paddle & Trek and the Fly-In Norris Glacier Hike and Packraft. The first outing takes place in Juneau , where you'll paddle a 12-person canoe across Mendenhall Lake to reach the towering glacier. Prepare to be surrounded by the spectacular setting of Tongass National Park, a 400-foot waterfall and an Arctic tern nesting ground. The second excursion, also in Juneau, takes participants on a flight into the Alaska wilderness via floatplane; you'll then paddle across a pristine glacial lake and hike the surface of Norris Glacier. Unforgettable sights along the way include densely forested mountains; the mouth of the Taku Inlet, a waterway that offers access to Juneau Icefield; and plenty of wildlife, including sea lions and bald eagles.

Also new for 2024 is the option to take the Denali Talkeetna Explorer tour after your cruise. (This cruisetour previously only took place prior to the voyage.) The 13-day sea and land package, Denali Talkeetna Explorer – Northbound Cruisetour, is available on three dates in 2024 in combination with a Norwegian Jewel sailing. The package includes a seven-night cruise; a total of six nights in Fairbanks, Denali and Talkeetna; a stop at the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline; a riverboat cruise in Fairbanks; a visit to an Iditarod dog musher's kennel; a deluxe glass-domed Alaska Railroad journey between Fairbanks and Denali; and more. You'll also have free time to book optional shore excursions like whitewater rafting, park tours, helicopter flightseeing and other outdoor adventures.

Insider tip: If you're sailing on Norwegian Bliss or Norwegian Encore, be sure to grab a front-row seat in the Observation Lounge when sailing in Glacier Bay Park & Preserve. This expansive space on Deck 15 at the bow of the ship offers breathtaking panoramic views from the comfort of inside the ship. 

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas at the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska.

Alaska cruise ships: Radiance of the Seas , Quantum of the Seas , Brilliance of the Seas , Ovation of the Seas Departure cities (cruises and cruisetours): Seward, Alaska; Vancouver, British Columbia; Seattle Starting from: $439 per person for seven-night cruise on Radiance of the Seas, Seward to Vancouver on May 24, 2024

Royal Caribbean International offers seven-night cruise-only Alaska options (some featuring the Inside Passage) and extended cruisetours (lasting nine to 13 days) with land portions before or after the voyage. Cruisetours may visit Denali National Park & Preserve, among other highlights. The line also offers select "kids sail free" itineraries, which will appeal to families.

If you want nonstop entertainment while on board, choose one of Royal Caribbean International 's two larger Quantum Class vessels: Quantum of the Seas or Ovation of the Seas. Both megaships accommodate approximately 4,900 passengers. If you prefer a smaller ship, consider booking one of the Radiance Class vessels, which hold a maximum of around 2,500 guests.

Quantum Class ships have multiple outdoor attractions that provide panoramic views of the scenery. For example, the surf simulator, FlowRider, affords views of magnificent snow-capped mountains and glaciers all around the ship. If you're adept at rock climbing, this is another chance for optimal scenic viewing – at 40 feet above the deck. Additional entertainment includes free-fall skydiving at RipCord by iFly, outdoor movie nights, live performances and musical entertainment, bumper cars, an escape room, a sports court and indoor pools for those cool Alaska summer days.

Insider tip: For more awe-inspiring vistas, take a ride on North Star. Exclusive to Royal Caribbean (on Quantum and Ovation of the Seas), the glass-enclosed capsule rises 300 feet above sea level while suspended over the ocean.

Read: The Most Affordable Alaska Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

View from the Magic Carpet on the Celebrity Edge.

Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Alaska cruise ships: Celebrity Summit , Celebrity Edge , Celebrity Solstice Departure cities (cruises and cruisetours): Seward, Alaska; Vancouver, British Columbia; Seattle Starting from: $397 per person for seven-night voyage on Celebrity Summit, Seward to Vancouver on May 17, 2024

Adventure-seeking couples will have many options to choose from during Celebrity Cruises ' 2024 Alaska season. The line's six- and seven-night cruise-only itineraries include up-close views of the Dawes Glacier in the Endicott Arm Fjord and the Hubbard Glacier, the world's longest tidewater glacier at 76 miles long. For an in-depth exploration of Alaska's interior, Celebrity's cruisetours extend the trip to a maximum of 13 nights and feature small-town destinations like Talkeetna, Alaska – the quirky village that inspired the 1990s television show "Northern Exposure." There are also themed tours centered on wildlife viewing and national parks, as well as culinary tours highlighting the flavors of Alaska.

Couples will also find plenty of adult-focused activities and entertainment on board, no matter which vessel they choose. Each ship offers a spa, multiple bars and lounges, and an excellent selection of complimentary and specialty restaurants. Celebrity's three Alaska-bound ships carry between 2,158 guests (Celebrity Summit) and 2,908 passengers (Celebrity Edge). Celebrity Edge, the newest of the ships, offers immersive entertainment and especially beautiful public spaces – like Grand Plaza, a three-story venue at the heart of the vessel.

For extra privacy during your couples' vacation, consider splurging on a suite or villa in The Retreat. This all-inclusive space features luxurious accommodations; a private lounge; a sundeck (unavailable on Celebrity Solstice); and a private restaurant, Luminae at The Retreat. The swanky culinary venue serves dishes curated by renowned French chef Daniel Boulud. In addition, you'll have a team of attendants, butlers and concierges to indulge every whim.

Insider tip: Book your Alaska cruise on Celebrity Edge. The outward-facing design of the ship and expansive outdoor spaces, including the Magic Carpet, offer guests excellent viewing opportunities of Alaska's vast landscapes, calving glaciers and wildlife, including humpback whales in the Inside Passage and around Juneau and Sitka.

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Best Luxury: Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Silversea Cruises

Regent seven seas cruises.

Alaska cruise ships: Seven Seas Explorer Departure cities: Vancouver, British Columbia; Seward, Alaska Starting from: $4,699 per person (all-inclusive) for seven-night cruise, Vancouver to Seward on May 1, 2024

Regent's Seven Seas Explorer will spend the 2024 season in Alaska, with the first sailing embarking from Vancouver, British Columbia, on May 1, 2024. The line offers 20 seven-night voyages and two 14-night sailings between May and September. The 746-passenger ship provides an in-depth exploration of Alaska's wilderness, thanks to the vessel's smaller size and all-balcony suites. Regent Seven Seas Cruises ' all-inclusive fares include free unlimited shore excursions (though select tours come with a fee); complimentary fine wines and spirits; dining at specialty restaurants; 24-hour room service; unlimited Wi-Fi access; prepaid gratuities; free valet laundry service; and more. Depending on the suite category, guests may also receive a pre- and post-cruise hotel stay with their voyage.

Complimentary shore excursions are available in a number of Alaska ports. In Ketchikan, sign up for the Tongass Rainforest Expedition, the Great Alaska Lumberjack Show or the Alaskan Lodge Adventure & Seafest. (Note: Some excursions in Ketchikan, such as the Alaska Fishing & Wilderness Dining option, come with an additional fee.) In Juneau, guests can take the complimentary hiking adventure through the Mendenhall Glacier National Recreation Area, home to black bears, mountain goats and other wildlife. Cruisers can also dine on wild Alaska salmon grilled over a fire at the Gold Creek Salmon Bake.

Insider tip: Take advantage of the complimentary shore excursions during your cruise. These are tours you'd normally have to pay for on a ship that's not all-inclusive – and that can add up quickly.

Silversea Cruises

Pool bar on the Silver Nova.

Courtesy of Silversea Cruises

Alaska cruise ships: Silver Nova , Silver Muse , Silver Shadow Departure cities: Seward, Alaska; Vancouver, British Columbia Starting from: $3,450 per person for seven-night cruise, Vancouver to Seward on Silver Muse on Aug. 1, 2024

Debuted in August 2023, Silversea's latest addition, Silver Nova, is the newest luxury vessel sailing Alaska for the 2024 season. Silver Nova features an asymmetrical design and advanced technologies that make it Silversea Cruises ' most environmentally friendly vessel yet. With just 728 guests, spacious suites (some affording 270-degree views) and outdoor spaces showcasing The Great Land's pristine wilderness, Silver Nova is an excellent luxury option for an Alaska adventure. Silversea offers seven-night itineraries on its three Alaska ships, plus longer voyages on Silver Muse and Silver Shadow.

Silversea's all-inclusive fares include pre- and post-cruise hotel stays; complimentary nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages; in-room minibars; gourmet dining; all gratuities; at least one excursion per port; butler service in every suite; and other upscale amenities. Complimentary Alaska excursions include a scenic railway tour aboard the White Pass and Yukon Railway in Skagway, the Sea Otter & Wildlife Quest in Sitka Sound and more. You can also visit the Iditarod dogs' summer camp in Juneau. For an additional cost, Silversea offers more exclusive experiences, like a helicopter ride to Mendenhall Glacier followed by a dogsledding adventure with a team of Alaskan huskies in Juneau, or a remote fly-fishing trip in Sitka.

Insider tip: Spend some time on Deck 10; you'll enjoy unobstructed views of the spectacular scenery from the comfort of the heated pool, thanks to the asymmetrical design of the pool deck.

UnCruise Adventures

Alaska cruise ships: Wilderness Discoverer, Wilderness Legacy, Safari Endeavor, Safari Explorer, Safari Quest Departure cities: Ketchikan, Juneau, Whittier, Dutch Harbor and Sitka, Alaska; Seattle Starting from: $3,600 per person for seven-night cruise, Juneau to Ketchikan (or reverse itinerary) on Wilderness Discoverer; various dates between April and September 2024

UnCruise's expedition-style small ships call on ports and remote areas in Alaska that larger ships can't access, taking guests to locales that the line coins, "UnAlaska." The five ships operating in The Great Land accommodate between 22 passengers (Safari Quest) and 86 guests (Wilderness Legacy), and there are seven-, 12- and 14-night itineraries to choose from. You can also book optional land tours, including a Denali & Talkeetna Wilderness Rail Adventure. Expedition teams take guests on kayaking, skiffing, paddleboarding, bushwhacking, waterfall walks and hiking excursions close to the glaciers and visit secluded areas and waterway passages known for optimal wildlife viewing.

Cruise fares include group transfers to and from the ship; all meals; premium wine, beer and liquor; all nonalcoholic beverages; daily activities; wellness amenities; onboard heritage and expedition guides; and access to guest experts. You'll need to disconnect from your devices in remote areas, as there is no Wi-Fi access on UnCruise vessels.

For a once-in-a-lifetime trip, book the 14-night Alaska's Fjords & Glaciers Bay Adventure Cruise on Wilderness Discoverer, a 76-passenger ship. This voyage includes birding in the South Marble Islands, where you'll see puffins, cormorants, oystercatchers and other bird species. You can also search for brown bears in Corner Bay, bushwhack in old-growth forests, visit the town of Haines to sample local brews and spirits, and more.

UnCruise has introduced a few new cruises for 2024 with a renewed focus on The Great Land. One of these is the Kids in Nature, Wild Woolly & Wow with Glacier Bay cruise. The seven-night, family-focused voyage departs round-trip from Juneau aboard Wilderness Legacy and is available on three dates between June and July. One highlight of the voyage is exploring off-the-grid in Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve's "Outback."

A second new option is the seven-night Prince William Sound Explorer with Cordova cruise. This adventure visits dozens of glaciers; the small fishing village of Cordova; the Harriman and College glacial fjords; the islands of Knight and Montague; and multiple places where you can see orcas, humpback whales, sea otters, seals, sea lions, puffins and other wildlife. The itinerary is offered round-trip from Whittier, Alaska, on Safari Explorer throughout the summer.

Insider tip: Depending on your itinerary, you may be able to hop in a skiff directly off the ship to watch bears along the shore hunt for salmon just 100 feet away. This is an Alaska experience you can only have when sailing on a small ship.

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