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Best Genie+ Choices at Walt Disney World (book these first!)

Best Genie+ Choices at Walt Disney World (book these first!)

With so many attractions available via Genie+ (around 47 total across all 4 theme parks), which ones should you make selections for? Which ones are priority?

We can help.

We have handy guides for each park, plus graphics that you can save to your phone.

If you’re new to Genie+, check out our Complete Guide to Genie+ for everything you need to know about using this service.

In this article

Priority Levels

Note: We used information from Thrill-Data.com to help put together the recommendations below.

To help you decide what to book first, second, third, and so on, we have divided the attractions at all 4 parks into 3 levels, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.

When making your selections, it is ideal to prioritize the Level 1 and Level 2 attractions.

Level 1 Priorities

  • Level 1 priorities are attractions that run out of Genie+ return times quickly. These are the attractions that are typically best booked first, right at 7 a.m.

Level 2 Priorities

  • Level 2 attractions tend to see their Genie+ spots last a bit longer into the afternoon or evening, making them good options if you are planning to try to stack multiple Genie+ reservations together later in the day.

Level 3 Priorities

  • Level 3 priorities are great attractions for churning, which simply means snagging return times close to the current time, so you can quickly make another as soon as you tap into it.

Magic Kingdom Genie+ Priorities

Magic Kingdom has the MOST Genie+ options out of all 4 theme parks, and if possible, we highly recommend you spring for Genie+ here.

  • Guide to Using Genie+ Lightning Lanes at Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom graphic teaser for G+

EPCOT Genie+ Priorities

While it is possible to have a successful day touring EPCOT without Genie+, you may want to buy it if you’re looking to minimize your time waiting in line.

  • Guide to Using Genie+ Lightning Lanes at EPCOT

Epcot graphic teaser for genie+

Hollywood Studios Genie+ Priorities

  • Guide to Using Genie+ Lightning Lanes at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios graphc teaser for G+

Animal Kingdom Genie+ Priorities

  • Guide to Using Genie+ Lightning Lanes at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom graphic teaser for G+


Unlike the old FastPass+ system, you cannot choose your return times with Genie+.

Instead, you can only select the next available spot.

That means when you are putting your day together, if you are concerned about grouping or stacking return times together and/or if you are trying to keep nearby attractions close together, you may need to spend a  bit   lot  more time on your phone checking those return times so that when your next booking window opens up, you can snag something that will work with your plans for the day.

There are lots of ways to stay organized in the park, and you’ll be able to see what you have planned inside the  My Disney Experience  app

We have also found it helpful to keep a note on our phone so that we can quickly see not only what we have scheduled, but also what we are personally looking for (and the times we’d like to get them).

For example:

timing screenshot for Genie+


Although Return Times are constantly being pushed later into the day (or disappearing entirely!), as people change their plans and cancel or miss return times, you can often times snag random  earlier  return times by refreshing the Tip Board inside the  My Disney Experience  app.

You may have to refresh for a while (like up to 5-15 minutes), but if you are persistent, earlier times can often pop up. Just make sure you snag them quick – because they will go  fast !


The  timeline of WHAT has to be booked WHEN is confusing and stressful.

This is especially true if you are staying onsite because onsite guests book Genie+ and purchase Individual Lightning Lanes at 7:00 am.  (Offsite guests have to wait to park opening to book their Individual Lightning Lanes, so they only have to worry about snagging 1 thing right at 7 am).

Which Genie+ to Book first graphic

If your traveling party has 2 people with their own My Disney Experience accounts  AND  you are linked as “ Friends and Family ,” splitting up the booking duties is your best option by having 1 person be in charge of purchasing the Individual Lightning Lanes and have the other person snagging the first Genie+ spot – both right at 7 am.

But, if you are staying onsite and only have 1 person that will be able to book at a time, work in this order:

Magic Kingdom

  • Day before: Confirm that everyone in your party has valid theme park admission AND a Park Pass Reservation (if required) for Magic Kingdom
  • 12 a.m.  — 6:45 a.m. Purchase Genie+
  • 7 a.m.  — Join the Virtual Queue for TRON: Lightcycle / Run (both onsite and offsite guests)
  • 7 a.m . — Purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for TRON: Lightcycle / Run (onsite guests only)
  • 7 a.m.  — Make your first Genie+ selection; we recommend either Peter Pan’s Flight or Jungle Cruise (both onsite and offsite guests)
  • 7 a.m.  — Purchase your 2nd Individual Lightning Lane Selection. It could be Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, or, if you are planning to park hop , you could book at one of the other parks for a return time after your planned park hop time. (onsite only)
  • Park opening  — Once a park officially opens, offsite guests can purchase Individual Lightning Lane Selections. (Note: You have to wait for park opening, but you don’t have to be inside the park.)
  • 2 hours AFTER park opening OR after you’ve tapped in for your first Genie+ (whichever comes first) – Make your 2nd Genie+ selection
  • Day before: Confirm that everyone in your party has valid theme park admission AND a Park Pass Reservation (if required) for Epcot
  • 7 a.m.  — Join the Virtual Queue for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (both onsite and offsite)
  • 7 a.m . — Purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (onsite only)
  • 7 a.m.  — Make your first Genie+ selection; we recommend Test Track, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, or Frozen Ever After
  • 7 a.m.  — If you are planning to park hop, purchase your 2nd Individual Lightning Lane Selection at one of the other parks for a return time after your planned park hop time. (onsite only)

Hollywood Studios

  • Day before: Confirm that everyone in your party has valid theme park admission AND a Park Pass Reservation (if required) for Hollywood Studios
  • 7 a.m.  — Make your first Genie+ selection; we recommend Slinky Dog Dash or Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run
  • 7 a.m . — Purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for Rise of the Resistance

Animal Kingdom

  • Day before: Confirm that everyone in your party has valid theme park admission AND a Park Pass Reservation (if required) for Animal Kingdom
  • 7 a.m . — Purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for Flight of Passage
  • 7 a.m.  — Make your first Genie+ selection; we recommend Kilimanjaro Safari or Na’vi River Journey

Video: Disney Genie Plus and Lightning Lanes Explained

Why It Makes Sense for Peter Pan’s Flight to Be Reimagined Next

in Disneyland Paris

peter pans flight

Disney Parks are continuing to move forward and adjust certain attractions to the current times.

For example, in June 2020, Disney Parks officials announced they would be retheming Splash Mountain (at both Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort and Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort) with a brand-new story based on the 2009 animated film  The Princess and The Frog.

Splash Mountain Concept Art

And, in late January 2021, Disney announced another theme park attraction would be getting a retheme, again at both Disneyland and Disney World — the opening day theme park attraction, Jungle Cruise .

Now, another Disney Parks attraction has become the “hot topic” of rethemes — Peter Pan’s Flight.

Related: Some Disney Fans Call For More Reimagined Rides, Others Say “Stop”

peter pans flight

Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland Paris

Peter Pan’s Flight is a popular Disney attraction located at several different Disney Parks worldwide. The official description of the Disneyland Paris version reads:

Peter Pan’s Flight: You Can Fly! Sail high into the moonlit sky with Peter Pan’s Flight. Board a colourful galleon and, with the help of some pixie dust and happy thoughts, embark on a high-flying adventure, passing many of the unforgettable settings and scenes made famous in Disney’s animated film, Peter Pan. Return to Never Land Journey to the Darling children’s nursery and behold the first meeting of Wendy, Michael, John and Peter Pan. Soar through the nighttime sky over London, where famous sites like Big Ben and Tower Bridge mingle with a confection of glittering lights. Then, descend into Never Land, home to volcanic peaks and sparkling waterfalls. Once there, glimpse the Lost Boys and Mermaid Lagoon and sail past Skull Rock. Swoop into Pirate’s Cove, home to an enormous pirate ship, and behold Peter Pan in a swashbuckling duel with Captain Hook. Finally, make your way back to London, leaving a defeated Captain Hook far behind.

peter pan's flight

Peter Pan’s Flight to be Reimagined?

In the Tweet below from DLP Report, you can see that Disneyland Paris recently digitally removed one scene, which features Tiger Lily and the Indian Village, in their “Ride and Learn: Peter Pan” video. However, DLP Report points out that the attraction will not  see any changes when the Resort reopens.

Disneyland Paris has digitally removed Tiger Lily, and cut the Indian Village in their “Ride and Learn: Peter Pan” video. However, the attraction will not see any actual changes when the Resort reopens. Video comparison: @teamlooopings https://t.co/xp91I7AFYi pic.twitter.com/BvwesWn0AB — DLP Report (@DLPReport) February 24, 2021

Why  Peter Pan ?

Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the attractions Guests have called to get a bit of reimagining due to certain scenes being “outdated.” Peter Pan is one of the films recently removed from children’s profiles on Disney+ for “breaching content advisories .”

As for adult profiles, Peter Pan remains available, but it does display a content warning before the movie plays.

Related: Disney+ Subscribers Speak Out on Recently Removed Content

So, why exactly is Peter Pan  being targeted as “outdated” or “depicting/mistreating of people or cultures”? Well, one scene in particular in the film and the attraction at Disney Parks could be offensive to many.

peter pan

Tiger Lily and her tribe, though the portrayal may not have been considered controversial at the time, is now being looked at as outdated and offensive. USA Today   explained this in further detail, reporting:

The original text of “Peter Pan,” as J.M. Barrie wrote it more than a century ago, styles its Indigenous people with a word not used in polite company anymore — not even, someday soon, by Washington’s NFL team, which announced this week that it is “retiring” that name after 87 years. […] Isn’t it time for Disney Plus to do something similar with “Peter Pan”? As it stands, the only warning attached to the 1953 animated classic is for tobacco use. Never mind that the real problem with the scene in question isn’t its so-called peace pipe: it’s the openly racist portrayal of a band of Indigenous people. Disney depicts these tribesmen as comically stereotypical Native Americans, even though — Neverland being a fictional place — they can’t really be American at all. These whooping, drumming cartoon natives sing “What Made the Red Man Red?” Sample  lyrics : “Once the Injun didn’t know / All the things that he know now. / But the Injun he sure learn a lot / And it’s all from asking, ‘How?’”

peter pan and wendy

Related: OpEd: Peter Pan’s Flight Is NOT Worth a 70+ Minute Wait

At this time, Disney has not stated that Peter Pan’s Flight will get reimagined at any of the current Disney Parks, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, or Shanghai Disneyland.

Do you want to see Peter Pan’s Flight reimagined to remove Tiger Lily’s scene? Let us know in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: The opinions in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Inside the Magic overall.

I visited every attraction at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Here's how I'd rank them from worst to best.

  • I visited Disney World in August, and visited every open attraction at the park.
  • I loved rides like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Haunted Mansion, and Peter Pan's Flight.
  • I was less impressed by the Enchanted Tiki Room and Magic Carpets of Aladdin, among others.

I visited Disney World in August and visited every open attraction at the theme park. Here's how I'd rank them from worst to best.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

I ranked each attraction based on how fun I thought they were, and the amount of time each took during my vacation. I also considered each attraction's relevancy, whether both kids and adults can enjoy it, and my past memories of visiting the theme park when I was younger.

The only attraction I've never had a chance to visit — and therefore didn't include in this ranking — was the Enchanted Tales with Belle show. It's been closed since the start of the pandemic and won't reopen until 2022.

29. Tomorrowland Speedway

jungle cruise vs peter pan

This racetrack ride is one of the few attractions that's been at Magic Kingdom since its opening day in 1971. But aside from that history, there isn't much about this attraction that screams Disney World, in my opinion.

The ride is noisy, smells of gas, and takes up so much space that could be better used for something else. That's not to mention that the cars only reach a speed of approximately seven miles per hour — which I thought was slow even as a child.

28. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

jungle cruise vs peter pan

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is a fine children's ride aside from one glaring factor: Dumbo the Flying Elephant already exists at Magic Kingdom. The "Aladdin" version simply swaps the elephant cars for magic carpets and adds golden camels that spit water in your direction.

At the end of the day, there's no reason why Magic Kingdom would need two of the same ride, especially when "Aladdin" is a classic film that deserves a better spotlight in the theme park.

27. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

jungle cruise vs peter pan

It's a well-known fact among Disney fans that Walt Disney first became inspired to create a theme park while watching his children ride a merry-go-round . That being said, it's perfectly fitting that the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel has sat at the heart of Disney's Florida destination since opening day.

Still, it's just a standard carousel, and I wouldn't recommend taking much time out of your vacation to ride it.

26. Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Another one of Magic Kingdom's original attractions, the Enchanted Tiki Room  is a 15-minute long show featuring animatronic birds.

There are some positives to the attraction — mainly it being a pretty spot with tropical decor, good music, and air conditioning. Unfortunately, I still find the show to be a bit boring, and not worth watching unless you're in it for the nostalgia.

24. Country Bear Jamboree

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Despite visiting Disney World numerous times as a child, I only attended the Country Bear Jamboree once back then. I found myself dozing off during the show, and was admittedly a bit scared of the bears.

I do appreciate the attraction more as an adult, and I think it fits Frontierland perfectly. Still, the show lasts nearly 20 minutes, and I'd much rather spend that time doing something else.

21. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

jungle cruise vs peter pan

If I had to sit through one of my least-favorite shows at Magic Kingdom, it'd probably be this one. Some of the jokes are funny, and little kids seem to love it.

Still, I can't say I'm a fan of the 10-minute-long attraction . I find it a little cheesy, and it's really only enjoyable if the entire audience participates, which doesn't always happen.

25. Astro Orbiter

jungle cruise vs peter pan

The Astro Orbiter isn't a bad ride, in my opinion. Of course, it's not too different from Dumbo the Flying Elephant and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, but it is faster and built on top of another ride to give you great views of Magic Kingdom.

Unfortunately, there's often a long wait to board the rockets, and I don't love heights, so I tend to skip it altogether. 

23. Swiss Family Tree House

jungle cruise vs peter pan

I have really fond memories of running through the Swiss Family Treehouse with my sister when we were kids. We loved darting through the trees, looking into the scenes set up throughout the treehouse, and feeling completely immersed in the story of "Swiss Family Robinson."

I still enjoy the spot, but I recognize now that it takes a lot of energy to walk across the attraction — energy that's typically gone by the time I reach Adventureland.

22. Tom Sawyer Island

jungle cruise vs peter pan

I feel the same about Tom Sawyer Island as I do the Swiss Family Treehouse. I loved visiting as a child, and I still find it fun today. The log raft to the attraction is a really unique experience, and the "island" makes you feel as if you've really journeyed to a Mark Twain-era hideout.

Still, there isn't a ton to do aside from walking once you've arrived, so I don't go out of my way to visit.

20. The Barnstormer

jungle cruise vs peter pan

There are few things as thrilling as getting to ride a roller coaster for the first time as a child. I remember being young at Disney World and being so excited to finally ride a fast attraction — in my case, The Barnstormer .

As an adult, I can't say this coaster is as exciting. The ride lasts under two minutes, and it's not the most comfortable for tall passengers. Still, I remember how much I loved it as a kid, and for that, I still hold it pretty high.

19. The Hall of Presidents

jungle cruise vs peter pan

I can see why many people would want to skip The Hall of Presidents . The 25-minute-long film is a bit slow, and it's understandable that you wouldn't want to think about history or politics at the "Most Magical Place on Earth."

Still, I think the show is worth watching at least once, and the animatronics are pretty impressive.

18. Liberty Square Riverboat

jungle cruise vs peter pan

I wouldn't say the Liberty Square Riverboat is essential to a Disney World vacation. Still, I really love this attraction.

It's relaxing and scenic, in my opinion, lasting about 17 minutes across the waters of Frontierland. You get to see classic Disney rides like Splash Mountain in the distance, and listen to fun anecdotes from a narrator speaking as Mark Twain.

17. It's a Small World

jungle cruise vs peter pan

To be entirely honest, I think It's a Small World is a bit too long. The ride runs more than 10 minutes, and listening to the high-pitched, namesake song on a loop for that long is a bit irritating.

Still, the ride is a classic with a unifying message, and it wouldn't be a Disney World vacation without riding it at least once.

16. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

jungle cruise vs peter pan

This ride has a great concept: You have to shoot lasers throughout space — as if you're inside a video game — to defeat Buzz Lightyear's enemy Zurg. 

Unfortunately, the technology has become outdated over the years, and the laser guns aren't very comfortable to use. Still, it's a solid ride, and with a renovation, it could be great.

15. Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid

jungle cruise vs peter pan

As a huge "Little Mermaid" fan, I was a little disappointed when this ride first debuted. But over time, I've really grown to enjoy it.

It's the perfect spot for young princess fans to see a classic character in action, and adults can enjoy everything from the relaxing atmosphere to the festive music.

14. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

jungle cruise vs peter pan

There's a reason you see Dumbo the Flying Elephant on just about every Disney World commercial and brochure. It's a staple of the theme park, and has been since October 1, 1971.

Of course, it's best for young children, but it's also enjoyable at any age.

13. Mad Tea Party

jungle cruise vs peter pan

What I said about Dumbo the Flying Elephant applies to the Mad Tea Party as well.

However, I'd argue that the latter is just a little bit more fun — that is, if you can handle spinning around quickly in circles.

12. Mickey's PhilharMagic

jungle cruise vs peter pan

In my opinion, Mickey's PhilharMagic is everything you want in a theme-park show.

There's adorable animation, funny scenes, fan-favorite Disney songs, and special effects that make the show unlike others you might have seen before.

11. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

jungle cruise vs peter pan

The storybook-themed ride is one that toddlers are sure to love. But even at 25 years old, I enjoyed every minute of it.

You sit inside a giant Hunny Pot, travel through the Hundred-Acre Wood, and see all of the beloved A.A. Milne characters.

10. Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Some people might find Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress slow and outdated — and they're not wrong. The show runs more than 20 minutes long, and its final scene — which is meant to show contemporary life — is a bit behind today's technology.

Still, the attraction is special, in my opinion. Walt Disney worked on the show himself, and the ride's theme song — "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" — leaves all parkgoers with a hopeful feeling at the end of each showing.

9. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

jungle cruise vs peter pan

If you're a casual theme-park fan, you probably won't rush to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover . But as a lifelong Disney-goer, I can assure you that it's one of the best spots in Magic Kingdom.

Not only is the PeopleMover a relaxing ride that provides you some shady respite on hot and rainy days, but it also serves as the perfect spot to see Magic Kingdom from a new perspective.

And the best part is that there's rarely ever a wait to get on the ride.

8. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

jungle cruise vs peter pan

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most thrilling rides at Magic Kingdom. Not only does the roller coaster shoot through a "diamond mine" at a quick speed, but the actual cars sway back and forth as well.

There is typically a long wait for this one, so in my opinion, it's worth rushing to the attraction first thing when the park opens.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean

jungle cruise vs peter pan

What's not to love about Pirates of the Caribbean ? When you're on the ride, you feel as if you've truly been transported to another time and place.

Some scenes are eerie, while others will immediately get you singing and dancing to "Yo Ho, Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)," making the entire attraction a standout from start to finish.

5. Peter Pan's Flight

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Peter Pan's Flight is a really short ride designed for little kids. You hop onto a tiny pirate ship and fly over scenes from the 1953 movie. 

But whenever I'm at Disney World, I can't leave without riding it. The attraction is unlike any other at the park, with beautiful sets, vibrant colors, and a queue that keeps you entertained no matter how long you have to wait in line.

6. Jungle Cruise

jungle cruise vs peter pan

I've always enjoyed the Jungle Cruise , but Disney's recent renovations have made the ride one of my favorites. 

The boat ride is, in my opinion, the perfect place to experience the magic of Disney employees. After all, it's the skippers who really make this ride funny and enjoyable.

4. Splash Mountain

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Tons of theme parks have log-flume rides, but Splash Mountain is the ultimate one out there. There are thrilling drops, unexpected sprays of water, and sweet scenes that tie everything together.

In my opinion, Splash Mountain will only get better once it's transformed into a "Princess and the Frog"-themed ride.

3. Space Mountain

jungle cruise vs peter pan

If you're looking for a thrill at Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain is where you'll find it. The high-speed coaster takes you through "space," with neon lights surrounding you and galactic sounds whizzing by you.

2. Haunted Mansion

jungle cruise vs peter pan

I've been on the Haunted Mansion ride countless times in my life, and I've never once gotten tired of it. The preshow is captivating, the ride is both eerie and whimsical, and the Disney employees who guide you through can be genuinely creepy.

There's truly no other ride like it at Disney World, in my opinion.

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

jungle cruise vs peter pan

I love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for a few reasons. On one hand, it's nostalgic and reminds me of the Disney trip during my childhood where my dad, sister, and I rode it 11 times in a row.

But even as an adult, I truly think it's one of the most fun spots in Disney World. The coaster is fast and gripping, with twists and drops that take you by surprise no matter how many times you ride it.

The theming is also excellent, in my opinion, and captures both the spirit of Frontierland and Magic Kingdom as a whole.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

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Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan's Flight Magic Kingdom

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!  Indeed, on Peter Pan’s Flight, guests can fly over detailed dioramas in the company of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and the Darling children.

Ride Information   Restrictions   Accessibility   Location   Fun Facts   Top 5 Tips

Peter Pan’s Flight Information

Opening Day: October 1, 1971

Type of Ride: Mild adventure

Age Recommendation: All ages

Duration of Ride: 3 minutes

Typical Queue Time: Long; often upwards of one hour, even on slower days

Single Rider Line: No

Chicken Exit Available: No

Baby Swap Available: No

Type of Vehicle: Suspended pirate ship

Type of Restraint: Lap bar

Attraction Open During Extended Evening Hours: Yes. See our Extended Evening Hours page for more information.

Ride Photo Available For Purchase: No

Ride Restrictions

Height Requirements: None.

Flash Photography or Video Allowed: No

Safety, Accessibility, and Guest Policies


  • Must Be Ambulatory
  • Audio Description
  • Handheld Captioning
  • Service Animals Not Permitted

Guest Policies: Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.

Park Map of Magic Kingdom:


Other Rides/Attractions In the Area:

This attraction is located in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland .

Shopping: Located adjacent to Peter Pan’s Flight, “Fantasy Faire” offers a wide selection of souvenirs.

Dining/Refreshment: Several restaurants of varying styles and offerings are situated near Peter Pan’s Flight. Guests seeking a counter service lunch or dinner can dine at Columbia Harbour House in adjacent Liberty Square or at Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland. The former establishment specializes in seafood, while the latter serves Italian dishes. The extremely popular Be Our Guest Restaurant is a counter service establishment during lunch hours with upscale sandwiches, soups, and salads dominate the menu, a full service restaurant for dinner and a hybrid between the two at breakfast. If your party would rather have a full service meal in Fantasyland, be sure to make an ADR up to 180 days in advance for all meals at Be Our Guest Restaurant and Cinderella’s Royal Table .

Restroom: Facilities themed after Tangled (2010) are situated across from Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland.

Smoking Location: Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. Disney parks are smoke free.

Peter Pan’s Flight Fun Facts

  • Peter Pan’s Flight is one of 14 attractions remaining in some form from the Magic Kingdom’s opening day, October 1, 1971. The others are “Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel” (now Prince Charming Regal Carrousel ), Country Bear Jamboree , “ Dumbo the Flying Elephant ,” “Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade,” Hall of Presidents , Haunted Mansion , It’s a Small World , Jungle Cruise , “ Mad Tea Party ,”  Swiss Family Treehouse , Tropical Serenade (now Enchanted Tiki Room ), Grand Prix Raceway (now Tomorrowland Speedway ), and “Walt Disney World Railroad.”
  • Peter Pan’s Flight is among six current Magic Kingdom attractions to have debuted in corresponding designs with both Disneyland Park and the Magic Kingdom, on July 17, 1955 and October 1, 1971, respectively. The others are the Carrousel, the Speedway (Autopia at Disneyland), Jungle Cruise, Mad Tea Party, and the Railroad.
  • Peter Pan’s Flight is named and themed after Disney’s 1953 film Peter Pan .
  • On Peter Pan’s Flight, guests ride in suspended pirate ships over scenes from Peter Pan .
  • Though a mermaid in the attraction looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989), said mermaid was actually in Peter Pan .
  • Between late 2014 and early 2015, a new indoor, interactive queue for Peter Pan’s Flight opened in space previously occupied by the main Fantasyland restrooms. This queue is set in the Darling family’s home and incorporates shadow effects and lots of Pixie Dust from Tinker Bell.
  • A calendar in the queue has the date December 27, 1904 circled, a reference to the day when the original Peter Pan play by James Barrie commenced performances in London.
  • The volcano in the attraction creates its flow via aluminum foil. The effects are rudimentary, but they work.

Peter Pan's Flight Queue Walt Disney World

Hidden Mickeys:

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Top Tips for Peter Pan’s Flight

  • Enjoy the details in both the interactive queue and the attraction proper.
  • Consider riding earlier in the day to avoid long lines as this ride is very popular.
  • Disney Parks buffs should make sure to ride Peter Pan’s Flight and enjoy this historic ride.
  • Look for Hidden Mickeys.
  • Consider watching Peter Pan before your trip to enhance your appreciation of the attraction.

Walt Disney World Resort Free Quote

Start planning your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation with The Magic For Less Travel . Use the form below to request a free no-obligation quote, and one of their counselors will get in touch with you to begin planning. The Mouse For Less recommends the Walt Disney World vacation planning services provided by our sponsor, The Magic For Less Travel. Their expert planning advice will help you make the most of your vacation time and money. The Magic For Less Travel is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and provides service free of charge.

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Beware! These Rides Should Be a PRIORITY for Genie+ in Disney World

jungle cruise vs peter pan

If you’re heading to Disney World soon and you’re using Genie+ , there are a lot of things you need to know!

jungle cruise vs peter pan

First, you should know that the price fluctuates depending on the day you visit, so you could be spending anywhere upwards of $15 per person . You should also know that Genie+ availability drops every morning at 7AM , so you’ll want to hurry to get the first reservation of the day. But which attractions should you prioritize? Well, we’ve been tracking the data!

Magic Kingdom

Let’s start out at Magic Kingdom , where we’ve found that the most popular Genie+ is continuously Jungle Cruise . Many times, Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane times are backed up to 5PM or later before the park has even been open for an hour.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

After you book that Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane and use it (or two hours have passed — see our post on the 120-minute rule ), our second choice for booking at Magic Kingdom would be Peter Pan’s Flight . It’s not quite as popular as Jungle Cruise, but within the first hour of the day, we often see all the morning times “sold out” for this ride. And trust us, that wait time can be pretty brutal!

jungle cruise vs peter pan

The third most popular Lightning Lane at Magic Kingdom recently is probably one that will surprise you — Meet Ariel at Her Grotto ! This meet and greet returned to the park on January 22nd, 2023 and it has been a popular choice for Genie+ since. Of the princess meet and greets in the park, this one tends to have a slightly longer wait, so make sure to snag that Lightning Lane if you want to visit!

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Once you’ve prioritized those big three, other good options to choose would be Enchanted Tales with Belle, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, or the other princess meet and greets.

Moving on to EPCOT , we don’t have nearly as many rides as Magic Kingdom to choose from. That means that there’s a pretty clear divide between which ones are popular on Genie+ and which ones aren’t. First up, the far and away most popular choice is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure .

This ride opened in October 2021, so it’s one of the newer attractions, which means that it often has a 1-2 hour wait (or sometimes more). The Lightning Lanes “sell out” most days for Remy, so make sure to snag them early.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Our next choice is a bit of a surprise — Test Track . When compared to Frozen Ever After, Test Track just barely edges out the Norway Pavilion ride in demand for Genie+. Usually Test Track Lightning Lanes are already gone for the morning within the first hour of the day, so you can book this one second after doing Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

And third, we have Frozen Ever After ! This ride can get a long wait, but the queue is a bit more bearable since it’s mostly indoors. It’s a great ride for your little ones and  Frozen  fans, so make sure to snag the Lightning Lane if you don’t want to wait an hour.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

After those three rides, the choices are less obvious. For other rides in EPCOT, there are typically Lightning Lanes readily available. (Yes, even for Soarin’!)

Hollywood Studios

If there’s one park where Genie+ is its most challenging, it’s Hollywood Studios . The problem here is that the park has SO many big rides that it’s a challenge to book more than a few Lightning Lanes in one day. But if you’re attempting to get the big rides done, we recommend booking Slinky Dog Dash first.

Slinky Dog Dash is probably the most popular Genie+ selection in all of Disney World, largely because it often has a VERY long wait. (And believe us, that queue is hot and miserable!) Save yourself the trouble and book this first. If you don’t, it might be gone within the first two hours of the park being open.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

After you’ve got your Slinky Dog Dash Lightning Lane, we recommend booking Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway . It fills up pretty quickly for the morning slots, and while the wait time fluctuates throughout the day, you probably don’t want to spend too  long waiting for it since it’s not a thrill ride. Plus, it’s a super cute attraction that you won’t want to miss!

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Our third recommendation varies depending on the day that you’re in the park. At this point, we recommend that you either pick Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run or Tower of Terror , depending on which one has the longer wait time. Both are quite popular and both will probably “sell out” before the end of the day.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Once your first three selections are done, you can choose other options like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania, or whichever of the third selection you didn’t choose before.

Animal Kingdom

Finally, we come to Animal Kingdom ! Here, you’ll want to start your day by booking a Lightning Lane for Na’vi River Journey . It’s not nearly as popular as some of the options at the other parks, but it’ll be the hardest to snag in Animal Kingdom, and it may “sell out” later in the day.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Our second recommendation would be to book Kilimanjaro Safaris on Genie+. This ride is a must-do when you’re at Animal Kingdom, and the wait time gets long occasionally. Avoid that line and get to the lions and zebras and giraffes even faster!

jungle cruise vs peter pan

After that, the other rides in Animal Kingdom aren’t as much of a challenge. We’d recommend Expedition Everest or Festival of the Lion King as good options, and maybe DINOSAUR if the wait time is long.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

So those are our recommendations for your Genie+ Lightning Lane selections! If you want more tips for how to maximize your time in the park and have a great vacation, stay tuned to AllEars!

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Plan Your Dream Trip To Disney!

The 50th Castle viewing is perfect at the end of the street and is something you can spend more time staring at when you use Magic Kingdom Genie+ to help plan your lines and wait times!

20 Best (And Worst!) Magic Kingdom Genie+ And Lightning Lane Rides

July 17, 2023 //  by  Macey Sidlasky //   Leave a Comment

If you’re planning a trip to Magic Kingdom, you should absolutely know the ins and outs of the Magic Kingdom Genie+ and Lightning Lane Rides! Magic Kingdom has tons of fun rides and the Genie+ and Lighting Lanes will let you save on wait times so you can have more time for other things at Disney!

The changes that lead to Genie+ can be a bit overwhelming at first, but we’ve got you covered to make sure you know all there is to know about Magic Kingdom Genie+! Here we will go over some of the best (and worst!) rides that utilize this new tool!

This way you are prepared to conquer your Disney trip! By having all suggestions for Magic Kingdom Genie+ and Lightning Lane in your back pocket, you are sure to use your time wisely and enjoy every magical second here!!

You want to consider using Magic Kingdom Genie+, especially during the 50th anniversary, which is shown in this photo with the gorgeous newly updated pink Cinderella's Castle.

20 Best (And Worst!) Magic Kingdom Genie+ And Lighting Lane Rides

What is genie+ at magic kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Genie+ is a paid service that grants you access to most Lightning Lanes at Disney World. In particular, it grants you access to all Lightning Lanes except for TWO rides at each park.

Genie+ costs about $15 plus tax. This is per day! You can purchase this in advance as part of a vacation package. If you do this, please make sure to purchase it for every day of your ticket. If you don’t, you won’t have Magic Kingdom Genie+ or access to Lightning Lanes and will have to wait in standby lines.

And please note! Magic Kingdom Genie+ is not an “upgrade” Genie. It is a different service entirely! But to make it easy, it is in the Disney World app, in the Genie portion.

When you purchase Genie Plus, you are essentially paying for fast passes. You can skip the line for some attractions, book time slots for said attractions, and do more! Genie+ also offers “audio experiences” and augmented filters. So, it goes beyond just skipping the lines. It is much more interactive!

For more information on this, please don’t be afraid to learn more about Magic Kingdom Genie Plus through our article Disney Genie: Tips for Genie Plus, Lighting Lane and More ! The more you know about the basics, the easier it will be to learn about Magic Kingdom Genie+!

Magic Kingdom Genie+ can help you from the second you enter the park and see the famous Magic Kingdom flowers and train stop, as shown in this photo!

What is Lightning Lane at Magic Kingdom?

Now that we’ve talked about what Genie+ is, we have to talk about Lightning Lanes so you know the best Lightning Lane rides at Magic Kingdom! When you break it down, Lightning Lanes is just the new names for FastPass Lanes!

This means they are the shorter lines for attractions, but unlike the original FastPass, there is a fee to access these lanes. For those attractions that are most in-demand, there will be Lightning Lanes that having Genie Plus DOESN’T get you into.

To use the Lightning Lanes for these rides, the fee will be based on the ride, time of year, and day being used. You need to pay per person per ride fee. And you can use a max of 2 selections per day.

When using Magic Kingdom Genie+ you can hold ONE Lightning Lane reservation at ONE time. And always remember, not all attractions are included in Genie+, so be wise with your purchases and be aware of where Lightning Lanes are and are not!

Big Thunder Mountain Is The Best Fastpass For Kids At Magic Kingdom

When Can You Book Genie+ and Lightning Lane at Magic Kingdom?

Before purchasing Magic Kingdom Genie+ it’s important to know strategy about how to approach using them so you know if it is worth it for you and your trip! Magic Kingdom Genie+ (or just Genie+ in general) will be available for purchase at midnight the morning of your park visit.

You can also purchase it in advance as part of your vacation package if that is of interest to you! In any case, do purchase it by 7 AM at the latest. This is when Magic Kingdom Genie+ selections will open for all guests.

Now it is super important to know that there are two rides at each park that are not a part of Genie+. This means there will be two rides for Magic Kingdom Genie+ that you should consider purchasing Lightning Lanes for individually. At Magic Kingdom, those rides are Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Space Mountain, and TRON Lightcycle Run.

If you decide to purchase individual Lightning Lane access at Magic Kingdom, you’ll need to buy them at 7 AM if you’re a guest of a Disney Resort, or at the time the park opens if you’re not a guest of a Disney Resort!

Two kids stand by the hitchhiking ghosts of Haunted Mansion, which is a photo feature now on Magic Kingdom Genie+

Is it Worth It to Buy A Lightning Lane for Seven Dwarves Mine Train or Space Mountain?

This is up to you! Prices for individual Lightning Lanes can range depending on the time of year and day. So you can pay between$7-$15 per person per ride.

In general, guests who are visiting the parks and don’t have access to early entry or extended hours should consider a Lightning Lane Purchase. However, if you are torn between getting Lightning Lanes or Magic Kingdom Genie+ do really consider your options.

Magic Kingdom Genie+ is more expensive that individual Lightning Lanes for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train by a few dollars, so the time you make up with Magic Kingdom Genie+ may allow you more time to wait in the longer standby lines of Seven Dwarves or Space Mountain.

Again, this is up to you! Just remember that if you arrive around 45 minutes before Early Entry, you can be one of the first on Mine Train regardless. It all depends on how much you want to worry about hitting the best rides or more popular rides in the park! The Lightning Lanes and Magic Kingdom Genie+ give you a variety of opportunities to hit these in-demand rides, you just have to pick what order you want to ride them in and do your best to time it out for the day! And for more information on early entry and rope drop, check out our article on How to Do Disney Rope Drop!

*Note about TRON Lightcycle Run: right now, in order to ride Disney’s newest roller coaster, you have to either use the Virtual Queue or buy an Individual Lightning Lane. There isn’t a stand-by option yet, so you will have to buy an ILL if you must ride this ride.

The line entrance of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train reached over 120 minutes before Magic Kingdom Genie+ was implemented.

Genie+ Refresh Strategy

Planning your day with Magic Kingdom Genie+ can be a bit stressful! Especially if you are not seeing the attraction or time window you are looking for on the app. But that is okay! Just go ahead and keep refreshing the app!

To do this, drag your finger down the screen. This will reset the page and show additional options (but only if they are available!). Many people tend to overlook this, and it can save you stress! Take advantage of this Magic Kingdom Genie+ refresh strategy.

And don’t forget or assume that what is shown is the final offer! As individuals use Magic Kingdom Genie+ and bounce in and out of different times and attractions, what they were looking at goes back into a pool of choices so definitely refresh! Magic Kingdom Genie+ gives you the chance to always update and look for those updates so you can accommodate and be flexible during your day at the park. Refreshing is your best friend! And if you are only there for one day, check out our One Day in Magic Kingdom advice that you may want to use in addition to refreshing!

Guests walk down the main streets of Disney-- this could be you too, relaxed and stress free while using Magic Kingdom Genie+!

Rides at Magic Kingdom with Genie+

There are a total of seventeen attractions that are a part of Magic Kingdom Genie+. They are:

  • Barnstormer

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Buzz lightyear’s space ranger spin, haunted mansion.

  • It’s a Small World

Jungle Cruise

  • Mad Tea Party
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic
  • Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor

Peter Pan’s Flight

Pirates of the caribbean, splash mountain.

  • Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Under the Sea- Journey to the Little Mermaid

The line of Peter Pan's Flight wraps around outside ropes, but with the Magic Kingdom Genie+ you can shorten your weight time.

Rides at Magic Kingdom With Lightning Lanes

Now as explained already there are at least TWO rides at EACH park that are not included with Genie+. There are THREE rides that are not available with Magic Kingdom Genie+. For Magic Kingdom, this includes three popular rides that we’ve already touched on. They are:

  • Seven Dwarves Mine Train
  • Space Mountain
  • TRON Lightcycle Run

Space Mountain and its iconic indoor, high-speed coaster, is a part of the Lightning Lanes and cannot be used on Magic Kingdom Genie+.

Best Magic Kingdom Genie+ Rides

So when you are debating what rides are the best rides for Genie+ at Magic Kingdom, there is a lot to consider. The Magic Kingdom Genie+ rides that we recommend, or the ones we want you to be aware of when using Magic Kingdom Genie+ are listed below! This way you get the most bang for your buck and don’t waste time in line! Utilize Magic Kingdom Genie+ as much as you can on these popular rides with long wait times. We promise it is worth it because Magic Kingdom Genie+ can save you time, stress, and allow you to be more flexible throughout the day with refreshes and updates!

Disclaimer: Splash Mountain is down for refurbishment and will reopen as “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” in late 2024.

When considering Genie+ rides at Magic Kingdom, add Splash Mountain to your list! This is a classic ride as it follows the adventures of Briar Patch of Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox down a boat ride, along to the song Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da.

Most love this shockingly big drop and the log flume floats on the river leading up to it. This means the wait time is always long for this beloved water ride. This is why we suggest this is one of the best rides for Genie+ at Magic Kingdom.

The iconic tall drop of Splash Mountain leaves people soaked on this flume ride, which is why many skip long lines through the Magic Kingdom Genie+.

Peter Pan’s flight is a family attraction that is short in duration and great for small children. It is one of the most important rides to use Magic Kingdom Genie+ on because the line is always long! Wait times have always been known to exceed an hour or two.

This classic story unfolds as you take a flying pirate ship above Neverland with Peter and his crew. You may even spot some hidden Mickey’s on this ride! Nevertheless, with the long wait times, this is one of the best rides for Genie+ at Magic Kingdom.

The boats of Peter Pan's flight are family-friendly and look like a flying pirate ship in all different colors: it is  no wonder why many gather here and try to use their Magic Kingdom Genie+ to get here quicker.

Of all Magic Kingdom Genie+ rides, make sure to check out Jungle Cruise because you know it is worth it! This classic boat ride is an attraction that features top-notch humor. It is family-friendly, but the line is always long! Like 60-120 minutes long!

This riverboat ride takes you through the jungle and takes you back in time to the 1930s. Here you will explore hippos, planes, and of course, the iconic dad jokes and puns. So add this to your list of Magic Kingdom Genie+ rides so you won’t wait too long but can enjoy all the fun.

The Jungle Cruise wait time has been increasing lately as dad jokes are becoming more and more popular-- surpass your wait time with the Magic Kingdom Genie+

If you are a thrill seeker, make sure to use your Magic Kingdom Genie+ on one of the best rides in Magic Kingdom: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is one of the best rides for Genie+ at Magic Kingdom because of its popularity. This coaster has the best hills and turns, so we understand why many use Magic Kingdom Genie+ to secure a shorter wait for it.

But don’t let the term “coaster” scare you– Thunder Mountain is good for families and ranges in intensity between Seven Dwarves and Space Mountain. It is a fun introductory coaster that also offers wonderful views of Tom Sawyer Island the the back of Cinderella’s Castle. So make sure to hit this ride with your Magic Kingdom Genie+! And if you want to know more about the coasters at Disney in general, check out our article on the Best (and worst!) Coasters at Disney!

The quick hills and dips and turns of Thunder Mountain Railroad, as seen in the photo of its track here, makes it a must ride when using Magic Kingdom Genie+.

If you are all about the spook but not about the wait, Haunted Mansion is one of the best rides for Genie+ at Magic Kingdom. The story that comes to life in this ride is so much fun: foolish mortals hop on board a “doom buggy” to take a tour of a mansion that has 999 ghostly residents. (And they have room for 1 more resident if you want to stay! But consider not staying– you don’t want to waste the rest of your Magic Kingdom Genie+!).

This is one of the longer rides at Disney– about 10 minutes– so we promise it is worth the use of your Magic Kingdom Genie+! This ride is unique, fun, and detailed. Plus it is inside and a great way to cool off! Enjoy some spooky time no matter when you visit the park with this ride!

The doom buggy and spooky stories of Haunted Mansion call many to this ride through Magic Kingdom Genie+

Pirates of the Caribbean is another of those indoor story-based rides. Here you will enjoy sailing on a boat and making your way around islands and while floating by a town under siege. There is a tiny splash and drop on this ride, but you won’t get soaked like on Splash Mountain. We love suggesting this ride for Magic Kingdom Genie+ because many people love this ride as it calls their attention back to the iconic movies!

Keep an eye out for the details, canons, and more on this ride! Wait times usually average around 45 minutes for Pirates, so it is one of those rides at Magic Kingdom that we suggest using your Magic Kingdom Genie+ on! Hop on a boat with the use of Magic Kingdom Genie+ and say hi to Jack Sparrow!

Pirates of the Caribbean has a long wait time for a familiar story, but skip the lines and go see Jack Sparrow through Magic Kingdom Genie+

Last but not least, definitely use your Magic Kingdom Genie+ on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin! This is a fun, interactive ride for the whole family. It is super popular, so make sure to use it when considering Genie+ rides at Magic Kingdom.

In this arcade style ride, you are helping Buzz and Star Command Headquarters take down Evil Emperor Zurg. Shoot lasers as you twirl through the galaxy, and don’t worry about waiting too long thanks to Magic Kingdom Genie+. We even have some tips on getting a high score on this ride. So bring your A-game and use your Magic Kingdom Genie+ to show off your skills and help buzz!

Shoot your shot with lasers and beat Zurg: the bright, lime green entrance of Buzz's ride holds along weight times that can be surpassed with Magic Kingdom's Genie+

Great Secondary or Bonus Genie+ Options

If you noticed, we didn’t list all of the rides Magic Kingdom Genie+ offers when talking about the best rides for Genie+ at Magic Kingdom. That is because there are a few rides that you can use for later in the day. This is because their wait times are usually shorter, and their popularity isn’t as demanding! But this doesn’t mean you should avoid these rides or not ride them at all! We just know that you can book these rides with Magic Kingdom Genie+ easier later in the day. These rides include:

  • Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid

Some rides, such as Pooh, are fun and cute when Pooh sticks his head out of a tree covered in honey, but these rides don't really need the Magic Kingdom Genie+

Worst Magic Kingdom Genie+ Options and What to Skip

If you are worried about wasting your time and money with Magic Kingdom Genie+, these are some rides you may want to avoid. These rides really do have shorter wait lines and aren’t worth the waste.

So, when you are planning and refreshing that app, here are some of the Genie+ rides at Magic Kingdom that you really don’t need to use Magic Kingdom Genie+ for or can skip all together! (Or, if you want, you can wait in the standby line!). These rides are:

  • Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

Other rides, like flying Dumbo, don't need the Magic Kingdom Genie+ at all!

Best Time to Make a Genie+ Reservation at Magic Kingdom

After talking some of the best Genie+ rides at Magic Kingdom (and some of the worst), it is important to talk about planning. You should know, going in, how to put together a day at the park when using Genie+.

First, consider what Magic Kingdom Genie+ Reservation you should grab first! Peter Pan’s Flight and Jungle Cruise typically run out of time slots SUPER fast. By the time you make your second pick, return times for these two rides can be more than two hours away. This may be the perfect opportunity to purchase a Lightning Lane though!

Remember that there are also Magic Kingdom Lightning Lane rides that you want to take advantage of! Try to fit Peter Pan in your morning schedule, and then consider adding a Lightning Lane or even booking a Magic Kingdom Genie+ for later in the day.

If you have Early Park Entry, do make sure to get on Seven Dwarves mine Train! Then you can head west with the rest of the park opens. After this, you’ll want to try to use Genie+ to book Thunder Mountain, Pirates, and Haunted Mansion. Even through Splash Mountain in there too!

Once you have done your first reservation, however, you may want to consider the dilemma you’ll face: pick something with a time slot that starts sooner or later. If you’ve got a few popular rides through we suggest being strategic. Keep your eyes on the return times of the most important rides. And don’t wait too long to book anything!

Merida walks in front of the 50th Anniversary Castle-- you'll have more time to see things like this if you take advantage of Magic Kingdom Genie+ and Lightning Lanes!

And there you have it, folks! Some of the best rides to ride using Magic Kingdom Genie+. We even mentioned some of the worst rides to avoid using with Genie+. There really is no right answer for approaching this system, especially because everyone wants to see and do different things at the park. (Speaking of, if you want some suggestions on shows while waiting for your Genie+ times, check out our article on the Best and Worst Disney Shows !).

Either way, we hope this has helped you determine how you want to approaching using Genie+ and the Lightning Lanes! We hope it makes your trip smoother, but no matter what, we know it will be magical.

view from Sunset Boulevard of the Tower of Terror Hotel Ride at night

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How Do Genie+ Return Times Shift Throughout the Day? Part 2

Yesterday we took our first big look at Genie+ return times and how they shift throughout the day at Animal Kingdom and EPCOT. Since that post was such a resounding success, lauded everywhere by everyone as the coolest thing ever (or the voices in our head said at around the 10th hour of looking at charts and graphs), we’re treating you to round 2 today. Animal Kingdom and EPCOT are interesting and all, but the real money-makers for Genie+ are Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. They have the biggest time-saving potential, and are therefore the parks that you, the savvy reader, should care the most about. Something tells me that today’s post is going to have more than enough words for us all to read, so let’s cut to the important stuff.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

Explain the Math

(Pat on the back if you read this yesterday. Proceed to the actual analysis if you want.)

I work all day every day with data, and I can tell you – data is always messy. And Disney data is no exception. No magical wand to wave to get clean Disney data. If you’re wondering why Lines doesn’t yet support suggestions for which Genie+ reservations to make and when, this is part of the reason why. We need data on these return times, and we also need data on wait time savings. That means you  can help by submitting your Genie+ and standby wait times if you’re in the parks.

But if we choose to simplify our math today down to the very basics, we’re looking at two data points:

  • Time  – This is what we’re calling the time that you scroll through MDE and decide which Genie+ reservation to make.
  • Return Time  – This is the return time window you’re given once you book your Genie+ reservation for an attraction. In this case, it’s the time at the beginning of the hour you have to arrive at the attraction to enter the Lightning Lane.

With just those two data points, we can make some cool little scatterplots of time that you make the reservation and time that you can return. But even with those plots, things start to get complicated. Each attraction has a different plot, and each day has a different plot. To get really predictive, we have to combine all the days together and extract some meaning out of them. On top of all of that, we have to deal with the messy, dirty data. Often, return times will follow a pretty nice curve or line of some sort, but any time that a guest cancels one of their return times, that one shows up as available and then the curve or line gets jagged and not as clean.

That means that for today’s post I’m doing some really awesome and not boring at all data cleanup to present a peek into some trends and what you might be able to expect. We’ll look through each park on three different days to see if the lines and curves change. Then we’ll be able to see if you can use this little preview to already help inform some strategies and expectations.

Genie+ Return Times at Hollywood Studios

October 27th – crowd level 1.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

A few tips on how to interpret these graphs – the X axis (horizontal) shows our Time variable – that’s when you’re opening up your app to make a Genie+ reservation. The Y axis (vertical) shows our Return Time – that’s the return time that the app was offering when you opened the app to make your reservation. The black dashed line shows when Time = Return Time. So if a dot appears on that line, you could immediately get and use a Genie+ reservation for that attraction. If the dots appear above the line, the attraction is booking out ahead of the current time (to be expected). If the dots appear significantly below the line … Genie must need a reset. You shouldn’t get a return time in the past. So what can we learn from this graph?

  • One very clearly popular attraction has a return time curve that looks like a rocket ship taking off. That’s good ole Slinky Dog Dash . And it makes sense – it’s easily the ride where Genie+ will save you the most time at Hollywood Studios under normal conditions. Even on the lowest crowd level day, it’s totally sold out for the day before 11 am.
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is the next obvious choice. Quite a few people chose to book it around 7 am, and it stays booked ahead by 4 or 5 hours throughout most of the day. It too eventually sells out, but not until between 7 and 8 pm.
  • Most other attractions stay booked up about an hour ahead (your return time will be ~1 hour away from when you make the reservation). The two exceptions are Muppet*Vision and Star Tours , which stay book now/ride now all day long.

November 22nd – Crowd Level 7

jungle cruise vs peter pan

  • Return times look incredibly different during holiday week crowd conditions. The first thing that jumps out to me is that Slinky Dog Dash has a single dot on this graph. There was a 6 pm return time that popped up just after 7 am. But effectively, Slinky Dog Dash sold out for the entire day almost immediately.
  • After Slinky sells out, people very quickly opt for Millennium Falcon instead. And then it sells out within half an hour of the park opening. So in these crowd levels, there is virtually no way to get Genie+ reservations for both Slinky and Falcon. You will be forced to choose. Or, actually, you should consider yourself lucky if Slinky hasn’t sold out and you get a choice.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster , Tower of Terror , and Toy Story Mania all follow similar return time curves, and they all start disappearing  very quickly at 11 am – which, incidentally, is 2 hours after park opening right when all of those Falcon and Slinky guests are eligible to pick their next attraction. All three sell out before 1, quickly followed by Alien Swirling Saucers .
  • Star Tours is obviously third-tier, and then Muppet*Vision is the bottom of the heap. Unfortunately, any time after 3 pm, Muppet*Vision will be the only thing that you can book.

December 3rd – Crowd Level 3

jungle cruise vs peter pan

  • Back down at crowd level 3, we see an interesting mix of behavior. Slinky Dog Dash still sells out very quickly – gone well before the park opens. Millennium Falcon also books out all the way to 5 pm before the park opens.
  • There is still a small smattering of late evening availability for Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania, and Alien Swirling Saucers around 3 pm. But because they’re all booking out around 4 hours in advance, that means that the 2-hour rule is going to be in place. So there’s very little chance of actually being able to book and use all four even on a crowd level 3 day. In reality, you’ll probably either get Slinky Dog Dash OR Millennium Falcon, and then perhaps 2 of that second tier.
  • Even with all of the other demand, Star Tours and Muppet*Vision still stay close to book now/ride now throughout the day, so that can be your consolation prize.

Genie+ Return Times at Magic Kingdom

Strap in folks. Prepare yourselves for many, many little colorful dots. It’s gonna be awesome.

jungle cruise vs peter pan

  • You get two graphs for each Magic Kingdom day so that everything isn’t just a  total jumble of dots.
  • On the lowest crowd level days at Magic Kingdom, the only two attractions that sell out before the park closes are Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan’s Flight . Peter Pan books out about 2-3 hours in advance, and Jungle Cruise hovers in the 3-4 hour range.
  • Otherwise, only 3 or 4 attractions pop up above their peers – Splash Mountain , Winnie the Pooh , Haunted Mansion , and it’s a small world all book between 30 and 90 minutes in advance during peak hours.
  • The rest of the pack is pretty solidly in the book now/ride now category. Which is great – you should technically be able to burn through a ton of Genie+ reservations at Magic Kingdom on the lowest crowd level days. The caveat is that standby waits are also likely very low at most of those same attractions.

November 22nd – Crowd Level 6

jungle cruise vs peter pan

  • Genie+ return time distribution at crowd level 6 is not anywhere near as nice as crowd level 1. Shocker. Even with these 17 different attractions for Genie+ users to choose from, every single option is sold out by around 5 pm. Not ideal when the park is open for 5 more hours after that.
  • In this more crowded world, there are four different attractions that see the most demand – Jungle Cruise (sells out ~1 pm), Big Thunder Mountain (sells out ~2 pm), Peter Pan’s Flight (sells out ~2:30 pm) and Haunted Mansion (sells out ~3 pm). It’s possible to get and use two or three of these in a day based on the 2 hour rule and them booking out so far in advance, but you couldn’t do all four.
  • Problems really start becoming apparent around 3 pm when the “big 4” have sold out and everyone starts considering other attractions. Most likely, no matter what attraction you pick (unless it’s PhilharMagic ), your return time that you get at 3 pm will be more than 2 hours away, which means you don’t get to pick again until 5 pm … when everything is sold out.

December 3rd – Crowd Level 5

jungle cruise vs peter pan

  • At these sort of mid-level crowd conditions is where savvy strategy can really come into play. Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan still fly above the rest, with Jungle Cruise selling out around noon, followed by Peter Pan at 3 pm.
  • If you book either of those two attractions first thing in the morning, you would be eligible for your second reservation at 10 am (two hours after park opening). At that point, Big Thunder Mountain is booking out two hours in advance, but almost everything else is book now/ride now. It’s a clever move to take advantage of that real-time availability and try to burn a few reservations before things pick up in the middle of the day.
  • By 1 pm, several attractions are booking 1 to 2 hours in advance, but Mad Tea Party , Mickey’s PhilharMagic, and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor stay close to book now/ride now.
  • Splash Mountain sees a very interesting distribution curve throughout the day, hovering around book now/ride now (I’ve written that so many times … should’ve just abbreviated it to BNRN–lesson learned) until 2 pm where it starts rocketing out to 3 hours in advance. Keep that in mind if you’re wanting to ride.

What Does This Mean For You?

  • Under most conditions, you are going to have to choose between Slinky Dog Dash and Millennium Falcon for Genie+ access at Hollywood Studios. On the very lowest crowd days you may be able to do both, but otherwise you will have to get lucky with a hard-to-find early morning Slinky Dog return time followed by an immediate booking for Millennium Falcon while you’re in line.
  • At Magic Kingdom, Jungle Cruise is in the highest demand. This makes sense – it regularly sees the longest standby waits of any Genie+ attraction in that park. It’s definitely worth booking, but will book out pretty far in advance.
  • Splash Mountain’s popularity depends a lot on temperature and weather. So if that’s important to you, do a little advance planning, look at when the sun is supposed to pop out and warm things up for the day, and book your return time before that happens and demand skyrockets.
  • If you’re using Genie+ at Magic Kingdom on a crowded day, start being really picky about which reservations you pick up around 1 and 3 pm. Those might very well be your last two selections of the day, so make them align to what you really want to do and what will save you time.
  • If you’re using Genie+ at Hollywood Studios on a crowded day, you’ll likely only be able to use Genie+ to skip standby at two attractions from the (Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania, Alien Swirling Saucers) group, so plan in advance for which two you want to aim for.

Did you use Genie+ during Thanksgiving week and run into issues with low availability of return times? Which choices would you make when you run into these situations where you have to decide between a few attractions, knowing that they tend to sell out around the same time? Let us know in the comments!

jungle cruise vs peter pan

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Becky Gandillon

Becky Gandillon was trained in biomedical engineering, but is now a full-time data and analytics nerd. She loves problem solving and travelling. She and her husband, Jeff, live in St. Louis with their two daughters and they have Disney family movie night every Saturday. You can follow her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/becky-gandillon/ or instagram @raisingminniemes

' src=

20 thoughts on “ How Do Genie+ Return Times Shift Throughout the Day? Part 2 ”

hey good work here thank you, consider doing a different graph, if you do a histogram with ‘time’ on the x axis and (‘return time’ – ‘time’) on the you axis and label the ‘wait time’ it will be a litter more interpretable! this way you can directly calculate the time to get in line based on what time you request a ride! since you have so many rides you dont want overlapping bars so dots would be perfectly good

Just did HS on 12/31, crowd level 9, using rope drop, Lines App, and G+. Went better than I thought given that RotR was our first ride and was down, requiring me to re-optimize everything. This article was very helpful as it gave me a good idea of what to expect and to plan accordingly.

Here’s how the G+ day went:

7am – won the lottery and got SDD at a 10am return – saved 90 mins 9:30 – TSZm at 12:30 – saved 55 minutes 11:30 – ToT at 6:30 – saved 50 minutes 1:30 – Mickey/Minnie at 10:20 – 45 minutes 3:30 – Star Tours at 3:45 – no savings, was a walk-on Didn’t try for Smugglers Run as we did it at rope drop in lieu of RotR

So overall about 4 hours saved on a busy day. Sample size of one but I think that the combination of early hours rope drop, Lines optimization, fast walking, and Genie plus is a good strategy on a busy day.

Edit: TSZm = TSM Toy Story Mania. Fat fingered due to Fuzzy Tauntaun at Olga’s…….

Awesome data and analysis 🙂

We’re going at the end of Feb into March, and it looks like we’ll have 7/10 days in HS and MK, even trying to structure things efficiently. My current plan seems to be a pretty good one based on this data. We nap in the afternoons, and park hop, so once return times start getting into the afternoon, we’ll just have to grab an evening time when they pop up and see how many we can collect during the day. We seem to have good pairs too: AK AM, HS PM, and Epcot AM, HS PM, plus a full day at MK. So that should work. Seems like a string of BNRN likely won’t be a thing for us, unless crowds end up being lower than expected.

First off – thanks for the data, always helpful. I asked this in a previous genie+ post, as a family that park hops every day….does genie + even make sense? We will be going during the first week of April next year (so expected 2-6 crowd level days). Do we get it and simply start booking our evening/after nap park or should we just save the $68/day ($544 for the whole trip). Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hey Josh! Apologies if that comment was on one of my posts – I must have missed it. It’s hard to predict what “revenge travel” is going to make the Spring look like. If crowd levels stay in the low-to-moderate range, I highly doubt that you’ll need (or want) Genie+ for the length of your trip. If you don’t mind waking up a little early on a couple of days where Genie+ would actually be helpful, I’d say to not pay the $544. Instead, perhaps purchase just for the days where you’ll be visiting Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios as your second park, and to begin booking Genie+ reservations for those second parks starting at 7 am to have a bunch stacked and ready to use when you enter the park.

Thanks – that was my thought reading all the data, but wanted a fellow nerd confirmation. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

So back when Genie+ was starting, you made a post about reservation time ‘refills’ for rides. In that post, it appeared that Disney would release a few more ride reservation times roughly every ten minutes (7am, 7:10ish, etc). Does your data still show this?

I was at WDW during the week of Thanksgiving and at MK on the 22nd. It was awful! It was my first time using Genie+ and I was not impressed. Looking at your data, from my experience that day, it was spot on. It’s the only time rope drop failed us, too. We were back on Thanksgiving day and had a splendid day–choices were much better. But also got lucky with some “free lightning lane” returns after our G+LL was “cancelled” bc of the ride being down etc. I also struggled to optimize the T.Plan on the Lines app (bc it was still having me wait long times and criss-cross the park despite trying to limit walking). I found it easiest to look at the Lines list of attractions and see what was close that said ride now.

“Strap in folks. Prepare yourselves for many, many little colorful dots. It’s gonna be awesome.”

Made me laugh too much. I wanted to share it with someone, but there was no one around nerdy enough to appreciate it.

Thanks for the work and the write up

Oh, DC – you need more nerdy friends, coworkers and family! I’m glad someone appreciates my nerdy pseudo-humor 🙂

I did a Google search for this exact data (I knew some ‘geek’ out there would have it) and it was very informative. I need to search more but I was intending to use this data for park hopping strategy. Although I plan to resort guest rope drop all of the parks, I also intend to park hop. I was hoping to stack up LL for a non-Galaxy’s Edge afternoon/evening at HS. Our main goal will be Slinky Dog as we have yet to ride that at WDW (the Slinky Dog at DLP was pretty boring). Then anything else we can book, but Toy Story Mania will probably be #2 priority. Then we will go with the flow. We will be there from Dec 22-28.

Proud ‘geek’ here 🙂 I don’t know if you already have your park order set, but if you’re aiming to hop to HS for an afternoon, I’d recommend starting at a park that doesn’t require Genie (as much) like Animal Kingdom or EPCOT that day. Probably preferably Animal Kingdom. To get Slinky, especially on the week of Christmas, you’re going to have to have a quick clicking finger and probably some luck. Make sure you buy Genie about 10 minutes before 7 am (if you don’t have it for the length of the trip), and then be ready to go right at 7 am. Hover over Slinky and try to grab a reservation as quick as possible. Given that it’s Christmas week and you’ll be abiding by the 2-hour rule, you may only have the chance to reserve 1 or 2 other rides before everything sells out for the day. Sounds like you already have your strategy in mind for that, so that’s great!

Can I just say how much I love scatter graphs. (I know – unpopular decision.)

It’s odd how, for some of the attractions, Genie+ reservations just…stop.

On 22 November PhilHarmagic and Laugh Floor reservations become unavailable way before the end of the park’s operating hours. I’m assuming neither of them closed early.

How did all of this compare with FastPass+? Was it impossible, on a crowd level 6 day, to get a FastPass in MK at 5 p.m., even on the minor attractions?

Sometimes the problem just calls for a good scatter, right? And good catch on PhilHarmagic. It’s actually behaving really oddly, consistently. When it hits 5 pm for return times, it almost always just stops and doesn’t give out any more return times. But then, occasionally instead of stopping it just jumps to 9 pm and gives out 9 pm or 9:15 pm return times for the rest of the day until it decides it’s really done.

I LOVE the work you guys do!

I spent about 15 years doing Operations Research (Stochastic Simulation and Queuing theory) followed by 15 years doing Business Intelligence, and I really appreciate your data-based approach. I used to use The Unofficial Guide as an example of real world value when discussing the practical use of OR (and I now tell my friends to buy Lines).

I am looking forward to see how this years Lines planning pans out when we go for our first time in crowd level 9-10 days at the end of the month. Based on what your data is uncovering, I’m not sure whether G+ will be of much value during high crowd levels and park hopping. We may just stick with an optimized RD strategy along with buying a “fancy ride” or two.

MK crowd 10 day? I’m going Jan 2nd. Will Lines be updated by then?

Love it! Thanks for more stats with Becky!!!!

This sort of data collection and analysis may not be the coolest thing ever, but it’s so very much appreciated! This is all very helpful information.

It’s _not_ the coolest thing ever?! Just kidding. Thanks for the appreciative note!

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Rides in Morning vs. Night

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Earning my ears.

  • May 6, 2023

Hi all! I was wondering what rides at Disneyland tend to have lower wait times in the morning vs. evening? Basically, which rides should I rope drop and which should I save for the evening (in terms of wait times)? TYIA! Rides I go on: Peter Pan Alice Snow White Storybook Runaway Railway Jungle Cruise Pirates Haunted Mark Twain Pooh  


Dis veteran.


I rope drop Fantasyland rides, but my kids like to do Haunted mansion and Pirates first. Mark Twain and Pooh shouldn't have long lines all day, from my experience. Generally the lines will be shorter in the morning, except for Peter Pan, which always has a line. Sometimes at the very end of the night, 10:00/11:00 I've had really short waits in Fantasyland.  



I haven’t checked lately, but historically Peter Pan stays very long to the end of the night but some of the other dark ride lines tend to thin out. Because it’s new, I would expect MMRR to get longer as the day goes on also…but people seem to enjoy having time to look around in the queue.  



Out of those rides, Fantasyland is the clear rope drop destination. I’d go through the castle, ride Peter if it’s 20 - 25 minutes or less. If it’s more, check Alice, same basic time range. Fantasyland is so much nicer in the morning. Lower stress level and tons of happy kids. Since you aren’t planning to ride the biggest bads, (like Space, Rise, and Indy) Fantasyland attractions are the only lines that can’t really be monitored throughout the day and ridden when it’s a bargain. The other consideration would be MMRR. Bonus tip, with Fantasmic! down, some nights the Mark Twain has been running after dark. Check the app to see if this semi-unique experience is available.  

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    Peter Pan Alice Snow White Storybook Runaway Railway Jungle Cruise Pirates Haunted Mark Twain Pooh . N. NorCalFanatic DIS Veteran. Joined Apr 19, 2023. May 6, 2023 #2 . Last edited: Yesterday at 4:14 PM. Reactions: PiratePixiePark. Pluto468 DIS Veteran. Joined Mar 11, 2020.

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