Star Trek Fleet Command review: It’s not difficult to get into the game

Kirk, scotty, mccoy and other favourites make some appearances.

is star trek fleet command any good

Star Trek fan? Then Star Trek Fleet Command is the perfect way to invest several hours of your weekend. It is set in the Kelvin timeline, which means you'll see Chris Pine's James Kirk and Simon Pegg's version of Scotty popping up in the game. But for the most part, you are a unique character with your own starship, building your own station and slowly but surely gaining a name for yourself in the galaxy.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a loner. You’ll crew up your ship with a mix of unknowns and Star Trek favourites, and you can sign up to an alliance, which is handy for getting things done a little quicker. Buildings can be constructed in less time and you can upgrade your facilities on board your station much faster than alone.

It’s not difficult to get into the game. Although it’s a complex world, it has three things going for it: Star Trek is a well known brand, the user interface has been designed with mobile users in mind, and the initial tutorial gives you the basics quickly and cleanly.

But this game is also an investment of your time. It takes time to do everything – repair your ship, strengthen your defences, travel across space to engage hostiles in battle. Sure, you can buy your way into better ships and materials, but since the emphasis is on engaging with the game rather than flashing your cash, you still have to wait a while before you can get to the good stuff.

You can’t, for example, buy the Enterprise and start using it, you’ll need to earn the right to do it. That means putting in some playing time instead of going for the quick and easy option.

There is thousands of hours of play with STFC, but it is addictive. Once you start building, you need more - more resources, more expertise, more crew. But although it’s addictive, you can easily leave it down for 10 minutes to at least pretend to interact with your family and friends, because things will be as they are – or close enough – when you return.

The best things about the whole game? It’s supporting an Irish games studio. Published by Scopely, it was designed and built by Digit Games, which is located in Dublin. So not only are you entertaining yourself, but you are also doing your bit for the economy. It’s a win-win situation.

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist


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Star Trek: Starfleet Command Review

Starfleet Command is undoubtedly the best combat-oriented Trek game yet.

By Stephen Poole on April 12, 2000 at 10:05AM PDT

When Star Trek fans finally got their hands on Interplay's long-awaited Starfleet Academy a couple years back, a great many of them were disappointed to find that what they'd hoped would be a full-fledged starship simulation was, at its core, merely a run-of-the-mill space-combat game with Trek trappings. Interplay must have realized that Starfleet Academy just wasn't what Star Trek die-hards wanted, so it based its next Star Trek game on the board game Star Fleet Battles. The result is virtually a polar opposite of Starfleet Academy: Though its production values aren't nearly as slick, it's light-years ahead of its predecessor in terms of detail, strategy, tactics, and replay value. But while Starfleet Command is undoubtedly the best combat-oriented Trek game yet dished up for the PC, continued play reveals a slew of problems that keep it from achieving the "instant classic" status that some have hastily applied to it.

Just like the board game it's based on, Starfleet Command is almost staggering in its scope and, at least at first, in its complexity. In the single-player campaign and skirmish games, you can choose to represent one of six species. The familiar Federation, Romulans, and Klingons are here, as well as the lizard-like Gorn (featured in a single episode of the original series), the Lyrans (a derivative of the Kzinti, from the board game), and the Hydrans (three arms and three legs - too bad you never see one up close). With three different eras to choose from, that adds up to a whopping 18 different campaigns, featuring progressively faster and more sophisticated ships.

The prospect of 18 campaigns is pretty exciting in itself, but the manual claims that Starfleet Command goes much further with a "dynamic universe generator" called Dynaverse, designed to ensure that "every campaign game of Starfleet Command will be different." Unfortunately, that isn't exactly the case. Certain parameters of each campaign may vary - the Federation might be at war with the Gorn and the Hydrans one time, then fighting the Romulans if you restart. Some of these random variations can be inconsistent, with bitter enemies accusing you of breaking treaties that never even took place. Otherwise, certain campaign scripts remain identical every time, such as after you join the Federation Special Task Force or Klingon Black Staff sects.

If you elect not to join elite organizations such as these, the missions basically boil down to fighting pirates, escorting convoys, and defending bases. This can last for about an hour before you're handed a half-dozen heavy cruisers and told to destroy an enemy base. That takes about ten seconds, and then the campaign's over and you're told you're being hailed as a hero back home. Clearly, the only satisfying route in Starfleet Command is to join the Special Forces of a given race, whose scripted campaigns are more involving than the less linear ones.

There's still plenty of campaigning even if each of the 18 scenarios plays out similarly each time, and the process of acquiring new and better ships can be enough to keep you going for hours and hours. You buy new ships and equipment and recruit new officers by spending "prestige points" earned by completing missions successfully. The better you perform, the more prestige points you earn. The interface for buying and outfitting ships is clean and efficient, and an accessible Vessel Library makes it simple to determine if your prospective purchase is suitable for your next mission.

Though you nominally have officers assigned to all the usual posts - helm, security, science, tactical, repair, weapons, and so on - the bottom line is that it's up to you to control each of these ship functions. It sounds like a lot to do, especially when you toss in stuff like sending over "hit and run" teams of marines to capture an opposing vessel or to destroy enemy ship components (which you cannot target specifically with your onboard weapons). But the game's tutorials help you master the basics in very short order. It's also helpful that you can pause the game at any time and issue all the orders you like before resuming play. Yes it's complex, but it isn't overwhelming.

Once in combat, you'll be blown away by the richly detailed 3D starships, and the visual effects for weapons and explosions are equally impressive. But the decision to place these 3D models into what's essentially a 2D playing field may have you scratching your head: The only navigation options are for speed and turning right or left (there is no first-person view, by the way). The result is that battles often look like they're being fought on a galactic turntable, especially if you use the "padlock" view to keep the targeted ship in sight. It's troubling, as is the fact that ships appear to pass through one another - you can even see your missiles pass through friendly units on their way to a target. However, in the end you'll get used to it - but then you'll begin to run into other issues that are more difficult to accept.

The troubles begin with mission briefings, which give you so little information that you'll sometimes have no clue about your objective halfway through the mission. And for a game of fleet tactics, communications in Starfleet Command are extremely limited: About the only options you'll get after hailing someone are "taunt" and "surrender" - even when dealing with allies! And it's impossible to tell a ship in your fleet to attack a specific enemy unless it's the one you're targeting, which can be frustrating when you want a smaller ship to deal solely with smaller enemy ships while you tackle the big guys.

Meanwhile, the tactical map is almost worthless because you can't use it to order ship movement, and it doesn't identify the icons that are displayed - the only ship you can absolutely, positively identify from this map is your own since it's always in the middle. You can target an object by right-clicking on it in the tactical map, but to find out exactly what you've targeted you've got to eyeball it from the captain's chair - the same view you must use to send ships in your fleet to a specific location. Sure, this system works - you can zoom out a huge distance, select a friendly, then click at a point in space - but for ships as highly advanced as these, it seems pretty primitive.

Then there's the issue of ship identification. It seems almost obvious that hostiles should be highlighted in red for quick identification, but in Starfleet Command, they're bracketed in blue like everything else. You can supposedly use a target-enemy command to cut down on the confusion, but it sometimes winds up targeting planets and other nonhostile objects, possibly because some dangerous ships apparently aren't classified as enemies because you're not actually at war with them. You'll also begin to suspect the game's artificial intelligence routines after you lose enough times. These aren't what you'd call state of the art: Expect your security officer to speak nonsense from time to time, and beware while escorting convoys, for they're liable to run headlong into asteroids they've seen far in advance.

This is not to suggest that Starfleet Command isn't any fun. The huge array of options you're provided in battle - sending shuttles to attack enemies, reallocating power to meet the changing combat conditions, using tractors to hold incoming missiles at bay, and more - provide Starfleet Command with an unprecedented level of depth for a Star Trek game. Multiplayer Starfleet Command is also a real blast: Even with relatively high latencies on Mplayer, the action was smooth and satisfying. And the different multiplayer modes - base attack/defense, several variations on a "last man standing" theme, and a "pass the tribble" game where you attack enemies by beaming tribbles aboard their ships - meshed nicely with the game's complex tactics. But though you'll enjoy it for quite some time, you'll also realize that Starfleet Command could have spent more time in the dry dock before shipping to retail outlets.

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is star trek fleet command any good

Level Winner

Star Trek: Fleet Command Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Progress Faster in the Game

By: Author Philip Reyes

Posted on Last updated: April 27, 2019

Developed by Digit Games Studios and published by Scopely, that brought us several great games based on popular franchises like WWE Champions , The Walking Dead: Road to Survival , and Looney Tunes World of Mayhem just to name a few, Star Trek: Fleet Command boldly takes players where no game has ever taken them before… or at least not in the same way. Star Trek: Fleet Command is a free-roaming multiplayer online strategy game that lets you explore the vastness of space aboard your very own starship. Battles happen in real-time against a variety of enemy ships as well as hundreds of other players scattered across the galaxy. The RPG-style quests and story progressions provides a general direction of what players ought to do and where to go but at the same time everyone is free to roam and explore the galaxy as they please. There are upgrades to be done on your starbase as well as your starships and you get to choose the captains and crew for your ships from among a wide roster of characters from the Star Trek movie reboot franchise. Whether you are a fan of the popular franchise or very much into real-time strategy games, Star Trek: Fleet Command has plenty to offer and can provide hours after hours of fun and entertainment.

As the commander of your very own starbase, Star Trek: Fleet Command takes you on a journey of epic proportions as you beam up to your starship and explore the vast galaxy space-warping from one star system to the next. As you visit new and unique planets, you can take on a variety of missions that can take you across space. With each accomplished feat, you can earn resources to sustain your starbase’s development, acquire parts to upgrade your ship, and even recruit new officers and promote them to form the best crews for each of your ships. You can battle hostile enemies and other players in real-time as well for more resources and glory. You can join alliances to help you speed up development as well as earn additional bonuses for the seemingly never-ending needs of your base. There are hundreds of missions to and in several instances you will be free to choose which ones you want to take on next. As your multi-tasking and strategic skills are put to the ultimate test, you can take some time off and just explore across the galaxy to discover what more is in store for you and your crew.

Star Trek: Fleet Command provides a nifty tutorial that walks you through the initial phases of the game and properly introduces you to the basic concepts you need to understand to progress on your own later in the game. As much is presented through an introductory part of a developing story, following the missions associated with it will be your constant guide for the most part of the game. The way structures in your starbase are upgraded may seem unfamiliar, most of the other mechanics of the game can be easily grasped. The various on-screen icons, with the occasional highlights are very noticeable cues for you to check on items where an action may be required. All-in-all, understanding the game is really easy, but the strategy part may take some time for any player to master. If you recently started the game and are having difficulties understanding some concepts or perhaps you progressed far enough but want to know more about how to progress more efficiently, then our Star Trek: Fleet Command beginner’s guide can help you achieve that.

1. Focus On Completing The Main Missions

As your first few minutes in Star Trek: Fleet Command takes you through an introduction to its story and gameplay mechanics, you should continue on with the succeeding missions as indicated on the lower left hand side of the screen. You can also click on the exclamation mark, to view the list of pending missions you have to accomplish. Take note that story missions are always at the top and some of the missions just cannot be accomplished yet (potentially at the bottom) but are shown there as future targets anyway.

As you venture from one landmark to another and one star system to the next ones, you will notice exclamation marks that may not be a part of the missions you have activated. You can approach such planets and accept all missions available and see which ones you can accomplish along with the others. Just be sure to try and prioritize the story missions as these missions will unlock more features and even officers that will help you progress further faster in the game.

Additionally, be aware that some missions, even when highlighted will not give you helpful hints as to where you can instantly travel to for you to accomplish them. As such, you need to read through each one as some can be accomplished in multiple areas or star systems. Missions that involve destroying hostile enemies of or above a certain level and mining missions are good examples of these types of quests.

2. Multi-Task And Leave Nothing Idle

There are plenty of things to do in Star Trek: Fleet Command in that you will be very busy as you play and may forget about some of the basic necessities you need to keep an eye on while you are trying to accomplish one mission after another. Although building and upgrading structures in your starbase form part of these missions, a lot of the things you need to spend your time on are not.

star trek fleet command guide

As you progress further in the game, you will unlock a research facility and performing some research will greatly improve your productivity, as well as your base and starships’ overall performance. Be sure to try and continuously do research and try to look into the requisites for some you cannot accomplish yet. As some research items are dependent on certain levels attained by some of your structures, try and prioritize those so you can do some research while building or upgrading other structures that are needed.

Related: Star Trek Fleet Command Advanced Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks for PvP Battles and Guild Strategies

Depending on how much you play and how fast you progress, you can unlock and own a second ship already on your first day of playing. This will be a more powerful ship compared to your first one but more importantly, now you can do more things as you can send each one independently to finish more missions. As you may initially find it challenging to constantly shift control form one ship to another, you can always mentally assign objectives for each ship. Travelling to and from one star system to another takes time as well so while waiting for that, you can focus on the other ship. In case you want to just focus one ship for most of your missions, you can leave one to do some mining of resources to keep it productive on its own for an hour or more.

Don’t forget to also grab the resources that your starbase generates over time as the generators can only continue to produce as much as your warehouse can store. Check the details of each to more or less determine how often you have to pay your base a visit to claim resources. You can also make it a habit to collect resources every time your ships come in for the necessary repairs.

3. Spend Your Speed Ups Wisely

Like in most base-building strategy games, there are items you can use to speed up production and research. Similarly as well, these resources ought to be spent more discreetly as they are very limited and not that easy to acquire, especially the ones that offer a bigger boost. This is one of the reasons as well why you are in great need of being part of an active guild. As more members are consistently available and helpful, several minutes may be taken off your production time through alliance help and will enable you to spend less of the speed ups in your inventory. Therefore, after initiating an upgrade or research, be patient enough to wait for alliance members to help you out before you decide to use your speed ups.

star trek fleet command speed ups

Also remember that you can instantly finish a construction or research once the countdown drops down to less than five minutes. This means that using speed ups that take time down lower than five minutes is a waste of it. Your goal when using speed ups should instead lower the timer down close to being able to instantly finish the task for free.

Lastly, but equally important as well, be sure that you really need to speed things up before spending those boosters. It may happen that you sped production up but then had to go offline leaving everything idle. There may also be occasions when you sped up an upgrade but then realized you don’t have enough resources to proceed to the next one. So just to be sure, plan a little ahead and check your resources before deciding to spend your speed boosters as you will most definitely be needing a lot more of them later on in the game.

4. Join An Alliance Right After The Tutorial

As soon as you are free to choose what to do and where to go, you can already start looking for an alliance and apply to join one. Like in any MMO Strategy game, every player must be in an alliance or guild to progress faster in the game. Be sure to try for alliances with a lot of members and have a high enough level of power as these may serve as good indications of determining which ones are that active.

star trek fleet command alliance

Once you become a member of an alliance, be sure to help others out with their production and research as you will also be receiving plenty of helping hands to speed up your building and research. You can also receive additional gifts when any alliance member makes a purchase at the alliance store. Try to contribute more as well by donating some resources to boost the alliance’s growth.

5. Travel To Other Star Systems And Take Down Your Enemies

On your travels to various star systems in pursuit of accomplishing your current quests as well as searching to discover new ones, you will constantly see other ships travelling around. Blue Ships are other players like you and Purple Ships are your fellow alliance members. The Red Ships are enemies which you should always seek to destroy whenever you can. Each ship’s level are displayed beside its name and tapping on any ship will reveal its strength, potential rewards, and an option to scan or attack the said ship. Although there’s a cue on the upper right side of the details to know if taking on the ship will be an easy or a hard battle, you can choose to scan to see additional details as well as lootable cargo when available.

star trek fleet command tips

There will always come a time when the enemy ships in your area may become too easy for you and offer very little challenge, rewards, and experience. If that is the case, feel free to venture out to other star systems to hunt more power enemies that you can defeat. Your ships may have varying power levels so keep in mind that you can freely send them to different areas if you need to.

Always remember to recall your ships and repair them after a few battles. Depending on how strong the enemy ships you are hunting are, you can clearly notice how much of your star ship’s armor has been peeled of and be able to assess how many more battle you can engage in before sending each of your ships home.

6. Upgrade Your Ships And Promote Crew Members

There are numerous in-game rewards from missions and milestones that give you the necessary materials you need to upgrade your starships and recruit and promote crew members. As both these sets of enhancements are aimed towards strengthening your ship, be sure to do the necessary upgrades whenever you can.

how to upgrade ships in star trek fleet command

Ship XP can be acquired from various missions throughout the game and although you can gain experience as well from hunting and destroying enemy ships, using these resources can speed up the process a lot faster. Depending on your starship’s tier number, levels are capped and the only way to progress further is to rank up your ship. To do that, you must fully upgrade your ship by using ship parts that you can mostly acquire from battles, as well as Tritanium, which is a fairly common resource that you can generate and mine. As your ship continues to level up, it can hold additional crew members which further boost its stats and abilities.

Progressing Star Trek: Fleet Command’s main story missions will often reward you with officer shards and you can always recruit more using Recruit Tokens that you can easily earn from a variety of missions and in-game rewards as well. You can level your officers up with Officer XP up to a certain level. Once you reach the maximum level of the first rank you must find more shards and promote the officer to the next rank to be able to continue levelling them up.

7. Follow A Strategic Approach To Managing Ships And Crew Members

As you progress through the game you will unlock more ships and recruit more officers to form part of each of your ships’ crew members. As the challenges of missions grow higher as well, you must begin to allocate your resources and manage your ships and officers more strategically. Doing so will be more beneficial for you the earlier you start with it. For starters, you should prioritize on strengthening the best starship you own more than the others. As far as Ship XP and parts go, make it a point that you should use it for your main ship and only do upgrades on other afterwards.

star trek fleet command crew members

This will be your ship that primarily focuses on battles or even mining resources from dangerous areas. The other ships can be used for exploration and not be left out of your sight too long in case some players decide to have fun with it. As there will be missions that only require you to travel across star systems and explore, your secondary ships can very much handle those tasks.

Related: Star Trek Fleet Command Guide: How to Unlock Khan and Build the Botany Bay

As far as officers go, RNG may make an impact on which ones you can promote faster. On top of levels and ranks though, be sure to check each officer’s abilities and choose the best ones to man your “battle” starship. Remember that you may receive a lot of Recruit Tokens and free officer shards from completing some missions in your journey. Be sure to check the list of officers you have from time to time as some may outclass others who were stronger than them before.

8. Check Your Daily Goals And Accomplish Them

star trek fleet command daily goals

While on the Missions Screen, you can press the Daily Goals Tab which enumerates some pretty easy goals for you to accomplish within the day. As some of these goals actually coincide with the regular tasks you do in pursuit of accomplishing your missions, you will be able to accomplish some of these tasks without actually even knowing the specific goals. Still, though, you should check it to see what objectives are still required so you can aim to accomplish those and earn the chest rewards. As you earn certain points for each objective that you accomplished, initially targeting to get 100 points is good enough to grab all 3 treasure chest rewards. Of course if you still want to accomplish the remaining tasks, feel free to do so as the rewards you can earn here are each important for you to progress faster since you can never have more than enough of any resource in Star Trek: Fleet Command.

9. Grab The Free Treasure Chests

star trek fleet command treasure chests

There are several free treasure chests that you can grab in Star Trek: Fleet Command from time to time and whether you are playing the game or not, these chests continue to become available. The most basic one you can grab becomes available once every 10 minutes and the next one is free every 4 hours. The last one, which contains more valuable rewards, can be obtained once every 24 hours. Be sure to grab these chests as they become available so the countdown towards the availability of the next one will begin. While the 10-minute chests are most common, they still contain very rare rewards like Latinum, which is the top premium currency in the game.

10. Participate In Limited Time Events

One of the best sources of great rewards is the time limited events that simultaneously happen in Star Trek: Fleet Command. Be sure to click on the Events Icon on the upper right hand side of the screen to view the objectives and duration of each of these events and focus on spending some time and effort to accomplish them. While resources and upgrade materials may be obtained from various other sources, some of the rewards you can obtain here are difficult to acquire anywhere else.

star trek fleet command events

That concludes our Star Trek: Fleet Command beginner’s guide. If you read through each item in our guide and play the game long enough, you will most definitely progress faster and reach new levels ahead of players who may have started out earlier. No need to worry though as you can always catch up to anyone by adhering enough to our tips and strategies and putting in a little more time and effort into the game. As Star Trek: Fleet Command promises to provide more updates and a global launch by the end of this month, now is the best opportunity for you test what you have learned here and progress your stories and levels in preparation for future updates and features. As this is first and foremost an exploration game, you may discover something we haven’t in the vastness of space as exhibited by the game. We will be happy to hear of additional tips and strategies you may have discovered so feel free to share those with us in the comment section below!

Wednesday 25th of October 2023

I accidentally deleted a mission and cannot proceed to other missions. How do I find a mission if I hit a button that erased it?

Monday 29th of May 2023

How can I get (1,000 Armada Tactical Cores) for FREE to build my Armada Control Center????

Wednesday 14th of December 2022

Hi, what happens all of a sudden when the group owner does not show up anymore, the starbase for the group cannot be built and he has not promoted anyone in the group. do i leave the group and lose my donated resources or what do i do?

Thursday 9th of July 2020

I started playing this recently on my phone. Realizing the screen is so small, I installed on my tablet but it set up a different player profile. How can I make the tablet log out/into the already established profile?

Thursday 1st of December 2022

@Tim, log into the Gmail you used for the other account on your tablet

Sunday 26th of December 2021

@Tim, I think you can't do that, I did the same: log in on phone then on laptop but no way to transfer

Sunday 12th of May 2019

I'm trying to complete "Flashpoint" mission but the final step asks me to "Check in on the colony on Kitop" but I can't find where it's located. Can anybody point me in the correct direction? Thank you!


Sunday 1st of August 2021

@Phil, It's most likely a planet name rather than a system but where at I don't know?

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

Same problem, there are no system named "kitop"

is star trek fleet command any good

Star Trek Fleet Command best crew combinations

Star Trek Fleet Command best crew combinations

Officers belong to factions, and based on that, they share some general characteristics and abilities as follows:

  • Federation:  Officers of this faction are defense-oriented.
  • Ability : Morale
  • Klingon : Klingon Officers are mainly focused on attack.
  • Ability : Hull Breach
  • Romulan:  This faction's Officers offer utility and health growth.
  • Ability : Burning

STFC officer classes

  • Engineering

In addition, they are also members of various groups .

Like ships, their rarity varies from 'Uncommon' to 'Epic'. Based on that, they have a set number of traits that can be used on ' Away Team Assignments ':

  • Uncommon : 0

Captain's Maneuver

Captain maneuvers

Crew Synergy

Crew synergy bonus

Deploying crew members of the same group , will provide a synergy bonus to the Captain's Maneuver ability, increasing its effectiveness.

Diverse experience provides the most benefit to the Captain. Putting an officer of each class (but of the same group) on the bridge, will grant the maximum synergy bonus.

Scan the enemy man

Best Crews in Star Trek Flee Command

For example, a crew that increases the mining rate of gas is great for mining gas, obviously, but it's not beneficial when it comes to battle.

Additionally, each faction complements the strengths of a certain ship type as follows:

  • Federation : Explorer
  • Klingon : Interceptor
  • Romulan : Battleship

Synergy bonus, as powerful as it is, it's not everything in some cases. There are Officers abilities that work extremely well against a certain type of enemy, or compliment another officer, regardless of their group.

So in that sense, we can't say that there's one crew that's the best at everything. For better or worst, that's not how Star Trek Fleet Command works.

Fighting Hostiles

Pike Moreau crew combination

If you have these two, even at lower levels, you are set, at least when it comes to farming hostiles. Pike and Moreau are the core, but the 3rd member of your crew can be either Chen or T'Laan depending on the enemies you are facing. 

is star trek fleet command any good

But of course, especially as a new player, it's more likely not to have Epic or even Rare officers. In that case, you can go with high level Cadet or Next Gen combinations. 

A Next Gen crew would look something like this:

  • Joachim 
  • Marla McGivers

Best mining crew combination

  • Barot 

These are just some examples of great crew combinations against certain game content. Hopefully, with the information we've provided here, you can figure out on your own which of your available officers are the best for the ships that you have.  

Discover more Sci-Fi games on our top 25 Sci-fi games list for iOS and Android devices! If the strategic aspect of Star Trek: Fleet Command is what you enjoy the most, better check our top 25 strategy games list for Android and iOS systems! 

Mihail Katsoris

is star trek fleet command any good

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Celebrating Black History Month

is star trek fleet command any good

Movies and TV Shows with Arab Leads

is star trek fleet command any good

Celebrate Hip-Hop's 50th Anniversary

Star trek fleet command, common sense media reviewers.

is star trek fleet command any good

Consistent yet unengaging action might satisfy some fans.

Star Trek Fleet Command Poster Image

A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this app.

Kids can learn about time management and working t

Instructions are shown that walk gamers through ho

Players blow up other ships, but no blood or gore'

Chat is uncensored, which could expose players to

Kids can buy items to speed up gameplay but don't

Parents need to know that Star Trek Fleet Command is an adventure game for iOS and Android devices. The storyline doesn't include any racy or improper content, but kids can chat with other players, who could potentially say things that aren't kid-appropriate. Although gamers can make in-app purchases, the game isn't…

Educational Value

Kids can learn about time management and working toward goals. They'll need to multitask, periodically pausing to balance things like construction work with missions. They're encouraged to help others, and while some interactions lead to face-offs, others involve negotiation. There's a subtle teamwork message involved in joining an alliance, and kids will need to strategize and use money management and basic math skills to decide when to spend currency to speed up task completion. Kids actually get a chance to utilize a few soft skills while playing, such as strategy and decision-making abilities.

Ease of Play

Instructions are shown that walk gamers through how to play, and some sections contain additional information about items, such as what various resources are used for. Not all aspects of the game are explained in detail, though.

Violence & Scariness

Players blow up other ships, but no blood or gore's shown.

Did you know you can flag iffy content? Adjust limits for Violence & Scariness in your kid's entertainment guide.

Chat is uncensored, which could expose players to inappropriate content.

Did you know you can flag iffy content? Adjust limits for Language in your kid's entertainment guide.

Products & Purchases

Kids can buy items to speed up gameplay but don't need to. This is based on the classic sci-fi franchise Star Trek , which has launched TV shows, movies, games, and more.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Star Trek Fleet Command is an adventure game for iOS and Android devices. The storyline doesn't include any racy or improper content, but kids can chat with other players, who could potentially say things that aren't kid-appropriate. Although gamers can make in-app purchases, the game isn't overly monetized, and you don't necessarily need to buy anything to play. Players won't see characters die or get a front row seat for any of the action, but the general theme involves a war, and ships are shown in battle exploding.

Where to Download

Videos and photos.

Star Trek Fleet Command Screen Shot #1

Community Reviews

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  • Kids say (1)

Based on 3 parent reviews

Just another money grab

Worsest game star trek fleet command.

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What’s It About?

Players complete missions and earn resources they can use to help upgrade their space station and get and build ships in STAR TREK FLEET COMMAND. As they recruit crew members, which include popular characters from the TV and movie series such as Sulu and Spock, they'll battle enemies as part of a larger storyline involving a war between three groups -- the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans. Kids will also join an alliance, which allows them to receive and provide help, working with and against other players in real-time.

Is It Any Good?

Featuring characters from the most recent film series, this game should keep players busy with different tasks, as long as you're not looking for a faster paced experience. While players have to wait out a clock before performing some actions in Star Trek Fleet Command, the countdowns are reasonably short, and there are typically other things to do in the meantime -- such as attacking a hostile ship while some generator construction finishes. You can also use in-game currency to speed things up.

The app doesn't require players to spend a ton of real-world money to keep playing, unless they find the wait times too frustrating. Even if they do spring for a package of items, the cost is relatively low compared to some apps -- generally around $5. The ongoing narrative and clear initial instructions also set the app apart from others with a similar structure. That said, there's a lot going on at any given time. Other players' ships move around, and a variety of screens display information, such as your officer upgrade and ship construction status, which can feel a bit overwhelming at times. The graphics also aren't overly impressive -- small-scale ships move somewhat slowly through space, and the main motion gamers make involves pressing buttons to initiate tasks. Battles would be more thrilling if the action differed significantly in each one, or if it could be viewed up close. Instead, players see a small ship shooting lines at another ship until it explodes. The option to help other players sends a nice message, and you'll get to utilize some positive skills, such as time management and multitasking. Hardcore Star Trek fans may enjoy being able to add popular characters to their roster and face off against Klingons and other familiar enemies, but gamers looking for a highly interactive, fast-paced experience might not feel Star Trek Fleet Command is out of this world.

Talk to Your Kids About ...

Families can talk about violence in video games. Is the impact of the violence in Star Trek Fleet Command affected by the lack of blood and gore shown during play? Would the deaths of characters seem more shocking if there was more visual blood or gore shown in play?

Do you find having more than one thing to do at a time challenging? What are some ways to tackle multiple responsibilities at once?

App Details

  • Devices : iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android
  • Subjects : Language & Reading : following directions, reading, Math : addition, money, subtraction
  • Skills : Thinking & Reasoning : decision-making, strategy, thinking critically, Self-Direction : time management, work to achieve goals
  • Pricing structure : Free
  • Release date : November 17, 2020
  • Category : Strategy Games
  • Topics : Adventures , Space and Aliens
  • Publisher : Scopely
  • Version : 10.1.1
  • Minimum software requirements : Requires iOS 10.0 or later or Android 4.4 and up.
  • Last updated : December 1, 2020

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Carnac's Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Guide

Enterprise crew, klingon patriots crew, nero’s crew, blood and honor crew.

blueprint calculator

Romulan Patriots

Section 31 crew, shakedown cruise crew, surveyors & miners, auxiliary controls, khan’s crew, starfleet academy crew, glory in the kill crew, another time crew, unimatrix twelve, discovery origins, discovery crew, terran empire, tos enterprise crew, khitomer’s revenge, pride of romulus, ferengi conglomerate, lower decks.

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is star trek fleet command any good

Star Trek Fleet Command Codes (June 2024)

Quick links, all star trek fleet command codes for june 2024, entering codes in star trek fleet command.

Codes are one way players can upgrade their game in Star Trek Fleet Command . This game is about collecting new commanders, upgrading your fleet, and growing a base that can dominate the rest of the galaxy with diplomacy or aggression - the choice is up to you! While the codes will not win the game for you, they will give your fleet an advantage over your foes.

There are multiple cameos and appearances from stars such as Wil Wheaton in Star Trek Fleet Command that add flair to the game overall. Often, these guest appearances come with new commanders in the game , and collecting them is a part of the overall gameplay loop. However, if you have your eye on Captain Kirk, not only will a code this month give you access to him, but a new version of him is on the way.

The 10 Best Star Trek Video Games, According To Ranker

The Star Trek franchise has produced several video games and Ranker has some thoughts on what are the best.

Active Codes Only

Spending money in Star Trek Fleet Command for more chests might help you level up your base faster, but the developers also put codes out there a few at a time that can allow you to grow your fleet for free. You may have to be more patient, but your wallet will thank you for using these codes later. Or it could also be a way to stretch your dollars a little further, and at least with this month's codes, you can get an Ultra Recruit commander for free .

Codes are free for your wallet but are not always available for certain players . Some codes come with an OPs level requirement, but luckily players usually have enough time to grind out the levels before the code expires. Each code has different rewards, but they are worth the time it will take to copy and enter the code.

New Methods For June 2024

To enter codes, you will first have to make it through at least a portion of the tutorial and begin building your Star Trek fleet . It will take about five to ten minutes, depending on how long you spend meandering through the menus, but it will sometimes ask you to open the menu. You can enter codes as soon as it gives you control and lets you explore that menu . This is then where the process gets a bit more complicated.

First, go to the upper right side of the screen and interact with the “ Claim ” button , which looks like a little Chest. It will take you to a menu where the daily Chests should be available next to a big box with a Chest that says " Redeem ."

You likely have a few other chests available , so go ahead and open as many as you have if you want before clicking Redeem. Previously, when you clicked on the Redeem button, it would take you to the game’s website and have you enter the code there. That is no longer the case.

If you do not see a "Claim" prompt, it may have a chest with a number under it . This would indicate you do not have any current chests to claim, but you can still click on them to reach the "Redeem" prompt.

Instead, it will now blank out most of the screen and drop down a new text field with a button labeled “Redeem” next to it, as shown in one of the images above. Then, it is finally time to enter the codes.

Enter them exactly as they appear in the table above , with any punctuation and capitalization. It will not recognize the code. If you, for say, type “ eviscerator ” instead of “ EVISCERATOR ,” you will not get the 24,000 currency. Once entered correctly, press Redeem, and the rewards will be added to your account.

If it says the code isnt valid, be sure you havent claimed that code previously and that you are the correct OPs level for that code. If none of those things are the problem, try entering it in again and recheck the formatting.

Once that is all done, the rewards should automatically be added to your account. If the reward is a chest, it should be back under that “Claim” button in the menu, and you can open it immediately. If it is another type of currency or character shards, they should be found in the relevant menus. If you are not at the proper OP level, it will simply tell you are not eligible for the rewards .

For the event store currency, you should spend it during the current event if possible. The currency sometimes changes between events, and there’s no guarantee it will be carried over. Artifact Shards are used to upgrade certain items that you can earn starting at Level 30 in Artifact Restoration bundles .

For the Kirk shards, it will automatically unlock Captain Kirk in Star Trek as a commander and give you a host of other Ultra Recruit shards. You can go to the “Recruit” section of the menu where you redeemed the codes and click on “Ultra Recruit” to redeem them. Each chest costs 800 shards, meaning you can now open five chests. There is an option to buy five at once, making it slightly easier for you.

With all that said and done, those are the rewards you can unlock for June 2024 . Each of these is helpful and should give you a nice boost. Being able to open 5 Ultra Chests at the beginning of your journey should help get you that much closer to some more elite commanders. That is why redeeming the codes in Star Trek Fleet Command is important before it is too late.

Created by Gene Roddenberry

First Film Star Trek: The Motion Picture

First TV Show Star Trek: The Original Series

First Episode Air Date September 8, 1966

Character(s) Nyota Uhura, Data, Jean-Luc Picard, Captain James Kirk, Spock, Captain Worf

Video Game(s) Star Trek: Resurgence, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Star Trek Online

Star Trek Fleet Command Codes (June 2024)

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Battlestar galactica's ron moore borrowed a big idea from star trek: ds9.


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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Cast & Character Guide

Star trek: ds9’s 2 forgotten dax hosts explained, smart bridgerton theory reveals the replacement for eloise's book husband was introduced in season 3.

  • Moore's experiences on DS9 influenced the darker tone of Battlestar Galactica, with similar storylines and character inspirations.
  • Connections between the two shows include shared actors, music mysteries, and thematic similarities in character development.
  • DS9's influence on Battlestar Galactica writers helped shape the morally ambiguous and darker themes of the rebooted series.

Ronald D. Moore's 2004 Battlestar Galactica reboot borrowed a story idea from his first season as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 's supervising producer. When Star Trek: The Next Generation ended in 1994, Ronald D. Moore joined the DS9 team as a writer and supervising producer. Together with Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, and the rest of the DS9 team, Moore was instrumental in shaping the Dominion War arc between seasons 3 and 7. Years later, when Ronald D. Moore rebooted Battlestar Galactica , it was clear that Moore's experiences on DS9 influenced his darker take on Glen A. Larson's space opera .

Arguably, Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica reboot owes more to his time on Star Trek than the original vision of creator Glen A. Larson. Multiple Star Trek actors appeared in Battlestar Galactica , including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 's Nana Visitor, and Star Trek: The Next Generation 's Michelle Forbes. The idea of the Humanoid Cylons resurrecting themselves was very similar to how multiple incarnations of Weyoun (Jeffrey Combs) and other Vorta would appear in DS9 . More directly, one episode of DS9 season 3 went on to play a major role in Battlestar Galactica 's final season.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had the biggest cast of characters of any Trek show, meaning that Captain Sisko had numerous allies in the Dominion War.

Ronald D Moore’s Battlestar Galactica Borrowed A Story Idea From DS9

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 3, episode 4, "Equilibrium", Lt. Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) is suddenly able to play a mysterious piece of music, despite never showing any musical ability . Neither of the previous Dax Trill hosts were musical either, creating a mystery as to how Jadzia is suddenly able to remember ther particular song. Eventually, it's discovered that she's remembering Joran Dax (Jeff Magnus McBride), whose existence was suppressed due to a scandal within the Trill Symbiosis Commision that ended in murder.

While "Equilibrium" is credited to René Echevarria and Christopher Teague, Ronald D. Moore is credited with the idea of centering the story on Dax and the Trills.

Ronald D. Moore expanded the core premise of "Equilibrium" when revealing the Final Five Cylons in Battlestar Galactica 's shocking season 3 finale. Each of the Final Five, who believed themselves to be human, began remembering a piece of music, "All Along the Watchtower". Moore built on this idea further in BSG season 4, episode 17, "Someone to Watch Over Me", in which Starbuck (Kara Thrace) also tried to crack the mystery of a half-remembered piece of music that ultimately contained the coordinates to bring the Colonial Fleet home to Earth in the finale.

Battlestar Galactica’s Other Links To DS9 Explained

In a talk at the Edinburgh Television Festival in 2016, Ronald D. Moore confirmed that Star Trek: DS9 's Kira influenced Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica . Wanting to create another " kick-ass " heroine in Kara "Starbuck" Thrace (Katee Sackhoff), Moore took inspiration from Major Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor) by swapping the letter I for the letter A. Nana Visitor later appeared in Battlestar Galactica in season 4, episode 6, "Faith", as a cancer patient who forms a friendship with President Roslin (Mary McDonnell). Nana Visitor's casting was suggested by Battlestar Galactica writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, who had also previously worked on DS9 .

David Weddle cameoed as a bar patron in the DS9 -influenced Battlestar Galactica episode "Someone to Watch Over Me".

Prior to joining Ronald D. Moore's writing team on Battlestar Galactica , David Weddle and Bradley Thompson worked on twelve episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . Some of the highlights of Weddle & Thompson's work include the "Inquisition", and "Extreme Measures", two of the best Doctor Bashir episodes of DS9. Both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes, featuring Starfleet's morally bankrupt intelligence agency Section 31, were clearly good training for writing the darker, more morally ambiguous science fiction that Ronald D. Moore's Battlestar Galactica reboot would be praised for.

All episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are available to stream on Paramount+.

Battlestar Galactica

The 2004 science fiction TV series Battlestar Galactica is a reimagining of the 1978 series of the same title. Created by Glen A. Larson, the original Battlestar Galactica features a fictional human civilization living in a distant star system called the Twelve Colonies. They are in constant battle against a cybernetic race called the Cylons, who want to exterminate the human race. A massive attack was launched, and only those who made it onboard the Battlestar Galactica and its fleet survived. They navigate space in search of the mythical 13th colony called Earth. Battlestar Galactica is under the command of President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) and Colonial Fleet Officer, Admiral William Adama (Edward James Olmos).

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, also known as DS9, is the fourth series in the long-running Sci-Fi franchise, Star Trek. DS9 was created by Rick Berman and Michael Piller, and stars Avery Brooks, René Auberjonois, Terry Farrell, and Cirroc Lofton. This particular series follows a group of individuals in a space station near a planet called Bajor.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)

  • May 31, 2024 | Podcast: All Access Says Farewell To ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ With “Life, Itself”
  • May 30, 2024 | Alex Kurtzman Explains Why ‘Star Trek: Starfleet Academy’ Is Set In The ‘Discovery’ Era
  • May 30, 2024 | Recap/Review: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Pulls It All Together For “Life, Itself”
  • May 29, 2024 | ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 4 Filming Set For 2025; Anson Mount Thanks Fans For Patience
  • May 29, 2024 | Watch: Saru Has A Daring Plan To Save The Federation In Clip From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Finale

Recap/Review: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Pulls It All Together For “Life, Itself”

is star trek fleet command any good

| May 30, 2024 | By: Anthony Pascale 199 comments so far

“Life, Itself”

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, Episode 10 – Debuted Thursday, May 30, 2024 Written by Kyle Jarrow & Michelle Paradise Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi

A solid season finale ties things for the season plot and the characters, with a bonus bringing the series to a satisfying conclusion.

is star trek fleet command any good

The Progenitors may be all-powerful, but would it have killed them to add some signage?

WARNING: Spoilers below!

“Let’s go get what we came for”

We are back at the binary black holes, the portal is out of reach of the Disco, there is no contact with the captain, the Breen dreadnaught is launching a swarm of fighters, and Primarch Tahal is one hour away from escalating things beyond any hope: just the kind of stakes and ticking clocks we expect for a finale. Inside the portal, Michael finds herself looking at a tunnel of seemingly infinite gateway windows she “cannot explain” to her tricorder, for posterity. She picks a bright light in the distance as her destination but when she notices an odd distortion, she is soon pulled through to a windswept desolate world and greeted by an angry Breen, who isn’t in a talking mood. After dispatching him and another Breen back in the tunnel, Moll shows up with some sarcastic praise, a bleeding wound, and a big gun. Michael offers a dermal regenerator as a peace offering. But soon enough they are at odds again, as Moll is willing to work with the Breen to use the tech to bring back L’ak and doesn’t trust the Feds. Michael has seen that dark future and isn’t going to let that happen, so cue the fight music and VFX as the pair punches and kicks their way through shifting gravities and multiple worlds like a TV-budget Christopher Nolan movie. Michael switches tactics, connecting emotionally over loss, giving Moll her personal promise to use the tech to bring back L’ak. (Remember Moll’s pattern buffer? Her heart is literally on her sleeve). Together the reluctant partnership heads off down the yellow brick road Progenitor tech tunnel.

is star trek fleet command any good

Off to see the wizard?

“I have kind of a crazy idea”

Things are hectic on the Disco as Rayner realizes he can’t get to the portal and fight off the Breen at the same time, so Book volunteers to take a shuttle to grab the portal. Cleveland is given a short ticking clock before the black hole radiation will fry him but Dr. Culber volunteers to join anyway, as he has a weird feeling he is going to be needed. As they head off, Tilly hatches a plan involving a plasma cloud and the power of science. Back at Federation HQ, they need to divert the approaching Breen fleet, so Saru and Nhan volunteer to confront Tahal with an unarmed shuttle because for these Disco vets— and as the great Vin Diesel says —it’s all about family. They catch up with Tahal, who isn’t in the mood to have a nice chat and is curious why the Feds don’t want her finding out what’s going on with Runh’s old dreadnaught. Suru makes his first move, offering Tahal a Federation trade route through the L’Tar Nebula, which would give her an advantage over other Primarchs, but she rejects it. Nhan is nervous but Saru remains calm, even after being given 30 seconds to leave. The offer is rescinded after he calls Tahal a coward, then escalates to telling her he is a predator, she is his prey, and if she doesn’t take his deal, she will never get the Imperium throne. He now knows she already has hidden bases in L’Tar and his friends in the region will attack, diverting her attention and keeping her from winning the Breen faction war. She thinks he is crazy and bluffing but Saru compels her to look into his eyes and ask if she doesn’t see resolve. It works. Nhan is impressed: That’s some cold Kelpien cowboy diplomacy.

is star trek fleet command any good

Sorry Commander Nhan, if one of us isn’t going to make it, I’m guessing it’s you.

“Every clue has prepared us for this”

To find their way through the endless tunnel of gateways, Michael starts thinking multidimensionally—like a Progenitor—and finds a new hidden vista, this time with flowers and a promising central dais. This whole place is the tech they have been looking for, and they are reminded of the danger as they pass a makeshift monument to the 24 th -century scientist who was killed trying to use it. The control interface is an unmarked scatter of triangles, and as the two debate how the “one between many” clue fits, when Michael can suddenly hear Book’s transmission. The distraction gives Moll a chance to knock the captain out before forming a pyramid on the interface, getting her zapped and pinned as the system wakes up with columns of energy. Outside, the portal draws matter from a black hole, impressive but not helpful to everyone out there. Tilly’s trick of blowing up the Breen fighters with a nearby plasma cloud works, and Book is ordered to grab the portal before the dreadnaught shows up, but he can’t get a tractor lock. Now Culber understands his mysterious drive to be there and relays the exact resonance frequency Book needs for the tractor beam… We’ll sort that out later. Michael wakes and pulls Moll off the pedestal, down but conscious. She works out the triangle puzzle (“one between many” means creating a larger triangle with the negative space, duh). She is rewarded by another transition and greeting from an actual extinct Progenitor, waiting to offer instructions… like Clippy , but with the power of creation. From what she heard from Book, Michael knows the portal is causing all sorts of dire problems, so the first thing is to shut it down. The Progenitor explains it is just powering up to perform its primary function: the creation of life, but it can’t bring back the dead, which is bad news for Moll and L’ak. Michael is concerned the tech can be used to create armies of destruction, but the Progenitor points to the evidence in the tunnel, all those gateways to worlds full of life. She then drops the big head-scratcher, the Progenitors didn’t create this thing, they found it. The Progenitors have progenitors? They are just part of a “cycle of creators and creations countless times over.” It’s progenitors all the way down. Mind Blown GIFs .

is star trek fleet command any good

Let’s see what happens when I touch this invisible thing.

“It’s the right thing to do”

Tahal may have turned around, but she has sent a cloaked scout to see what’s going on. The Discovery crew can’t let that or the dreadnaught have access to the Progenitor tech, so Rayner has the craziest idea yet: Just remove all the Breen… with the spore drive. This is Discovery, where they do five impossible things before breakfast, so he rallies the crew with a speech to make it happen. Inside the portal, Michael is told she has passed the tests so she is now the “steward” of the tech. During a montage of the raging battle outside Tilly and Stamets zap the Breen away to the galactic barrier thanks to a cool saucer separation manuever. The Progenitor talks about how her race found themselves alone, so they found meaning by creating all the varieties of life throughout the galaxy, and now it’s Michael’s turn to play god. What is most meaningful to you? No pressure. For now, the captain wants the whole thing shut down while she considers her options. The Progenitor says she can wait and gives Burnham a quick data download of a few billion years of the history of life in the galaxy. No big whoop. Michael grabs Moll, lets her know about L’ak (sorry) and they beam to Book’s shuttle. Everyone reunites and hugs (Saru too, of course) but they soon debate the use of the Progenitor tech. Rayner talks of orders and Stamets of science, but Burnham is determined. They already have infinite diversity in infinite combinations, they don’t need the tech, and she’s sure Rillak and Vance will back her up. The portal is placed beyond one of the black holes’ event horizon, but the captain figures whoever made it could always figure out how to get it out if they are still around. Back at HQ, Moll and Book share a moment and her icy attitude thaws a bit; also, it turns out she is being offered a job with Kovich if she wants it. Speaking of that enigma, Kovich tells Michael the Red Directive is over, everything is classified, and that’s that. He tells her he has lived many lives and she is top of the list of aggravations, but he’s still impressed. Thankfully, she doesn’t let this latest mysterious comment go, pressing him to reveal who he really is. He finally introduces himself: “ Agent Daniels .” Damn, and I already used up all my mind blown GIFs.

is star trek fleet command any good

Get ready for even more hugging.

“Last dance”

Cut to weeks later: We find ourselves at a beach destination wedding. Yep, T’Rina and Saru get hitched and seal it with a kiss. Aww. Everyone is there having a good time. Suru sums up the season with Michael as he looks at the gathering of diverse friends and well wishers, nothing it would make the Progenitors proud to see how “we are all in the most fundamental ways, connected.” After hearing how Tilly has a mentorship plan tailor-made for a spinoff series about Starfleet Academy , Michael finds Book and the two dip out to have a chat on the beach. He has been busy and now he is a free man, full of hope again. Both are looking to the future and agree that future should be together. “You, me, and Grudge.” More aww, more kissing, but they are interrupted: It’s a call from Kovich. Another mission. And the season ends with just the right note. “What are we waiting for? Let’s see what the future holds.” Fade to black… but wait, there’s more.

is star trek fleet command any good

Marriage is logical.

Cut to an isolated cabin on Sanctuary Four (where Book planted that Kwejian world root, BTW). It’s Michael and Book, many years later, with gray hairs and fun banter over bad coffee. There is talk about it being a big day before a shuttle arrives, piloted by their son! He’s a Starfleet captain! She’s an admiral! New uniforms! They are not messing around. Mother and son head off, mentioning Tilly is still at the Academy, and she gives some advice for his first big speech in command. She reflects on her (classified) mission, talking of the question about what is most meaningful. Her answer, “Sometimes life, itself (title alert!) is meaning enough.” Channeling her own inner Diesel, she talks of their family, her Discovery family, and how her son will find family with his new crew. He drops her off at the USS Discovery in space dock, which is getting the -A removed from its registry as the ship is being reset to its original 23rd century design and parameters for its “final mission.” On board, the admiral greets Zora and informs the AI she will take the ship into deep space and then leave her, to await something to do with “ Craft .” Reflecting on how it’s been “a hell of a journey,” Michael sits in the captain’s chair and all the feels come back to her. We see her younger self on the bridge and she’s with her Disco family. Everyone is there, even Detmer, Owo, and Bryce. There is a lot of hugging and chatter and laughing and joy as we fade back to older Burnham coming out of the moment. The OG Discovery exits spacedock and all the ships and shuttles at HQ are lined up as an honor guard. Nice. For one last time, she orders “Let’s fly” as the classic music swells and we fade to black for the final curtain. Goodbye, Star Trek: Discovery . I really will miss you.

is star trek fleet command any good

Zora, if you are so smart, how come you didn’t predict we would get canceled?

All good things…

This was a solid season finale that nicely tied up plot and character stories amidst fast-paced action and philosophical questions—with a few answers. Packing so much in did perhaps bloat the episode, which got even heftier when the epilogue (shot later, after the series wasn’t renewed) was tacked on. But the themes of the season were woven throughout, which in true Disco style were made clear with all the talk of connection, diversity, and family. From the beginning, this show has always been about Michael Burnham, and her hero’s journey was certainly on full display here as she was deemed worthy to hold the power of the gods, with Sonequa Martin-Green delivering a fantastic performance covering the required range needed for all the plot, romance, and action. The rest of the ensemble had hero moments throughout too, notably Doug Jones’ Saru, who ended the season strong showing just how formidable he is, without having to fire a shot (or quill). Everyone was smart, clearly worthy of their positions, and the show doesn’t need to make the baddies dumb to keep the plot moving. Even the USS Discovery itself got a hero moment, one of the many spectacular visual effects moments they saved up for with the finale. Director and EP Olatunde Osunsanmi really understands this show and these characters and knows how to pace things so that extra time did fly, although he is definitely over-enamored with the spinning camera rig.

Inside all that action were big and little moments of character to pay off elements that had built up through the season. A great example of this was Rayner, a new character introduced in conflict with Burnham at the start of the season, and who we learned later is haunted by his past with the Breen. For the finale, he spots his own errors and pivots, he has the trust of the crew, and he even has a tiny bit of mercy for the Breen. Callum Keith Rennie was one of the standouts of the season and its sad that we won’t get to see where the character would have gone had there been another season. Wilson Cruz’s Culber also had a nice bit of closure here, as the doctor’s spiritual journey brought him onto the (almost suicide) mission with Book, where he took that leap of faith and learned to embrace the mystery of how “Jinaal” has changed him. Sadly, the same can’t be said of his husband Stamets, who got the short end of the stick this episode (and all season) with Anthony Rapp mostly relegated to technobabble and subbing in as chief engineer in the weeks Tig Notaro couldn’t make it to Toronto. Stamets has looked for meaning after the spore drive and that journey will continue now that the Progenitor tech has been taken away. Mary Wiseman’s Tilly had fun moments this episode but her backstory about struggles at the Academy and her solution (a mentorship program) seems more about setting her up for the new show than servicing the character.

is star trek fleet command any good

Did anyone see my dead husband? I seem to have lost him.

Meeting the makers

For the finale, the big bad Breen mostly took a back seat. We never got a glimpse into what was happening on the dreadnought with Moll gone. We got some FaceTime chat with Tahal, who was just as one-dimensional as Ruhn, but the various Breen ships did pose enough of a credible threat for there to be high stakes for our heroes. In the end, it was Moll who was the main adversary for the episode, as she stuck with her single-minded determination, resulting in probably too many fight scenes inside the Progenitor portal. Also, why did she fight the Breen who were supposedly working for her? The adversaries Moll and L’ak were certainly stronger than previous villains for the show, but the last few episodes didn’t really pay off some of the promise of earlier ones. Maybe her redemption was planned to come later as an agent for Kovich. Speaking of that enigmatic character, it was quite satisfying to finally address his backstory, and tying it into the Star Trek: Enterprise character of Daniels was clever and makes a lot of sense.

The biggest reveals for this episode were tying things up with the Progenitors as this season picked up the thread left by the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Chase” and really ran with it. The scenes with Burnham and the Progenitor (ably played by Somkele Iyamah-Idhalma) were strong, turning their mission of seeding the galaxy into Star Trek’s recurring theme of infinite diversity, as laid out nicely by Saru at the wedding (in case you missed it). The one thing that didn’t land was the “one between many” triangle thing, which turned out to be a basic IQ test and not something tied into the rest of the clues, tests, and cultural understandings Burnham has passed throughout the season.  Of course, Burnham was the one who was deemed worthy to become the steward, but it also fit with the character that she had the humility to reject the power and hide it away as the galaxy already had plenty of life and it was too dangerous to leave lying around. The twist that the Progenitors were only the latest in a line older than the universe itself is a very big idea straight out of classic sci-fi, and even scripture. It’s a nice touch to add a bit more mystery to all of it.

is star trek fleet command any good

Sometimes even in Star Trek, dead is dead.

Sometimes it’s okay to cry

As for fans of romance, you got a twofer with Michael and Book getting back together and Saru and T’Rina getting married. A wedding in a finale is a bit cliché, but it was nice and used well to wrap things up. The final moment on the beach with Michael and Book was sweet and did a decent job of hinting at more to come, and it could even have made for a reasonable series finale, with an optimistic and hopeful Star Trek look to the future and the next mission, together.

But then the producers were given the chance to shoot an epilogue to wrap up the series after they found out this season would be their last. This brings us to the extra bits that start at the cabin with older Book and Michael. Wrapping things up with this kind of leap forward into the future was a bit trite, but they didn’t have a lot of time to pull it together and what they did was pretty impressive, albeit with the focus on Michael Burnham. It was still well-earned and satisfying to see her happy ending as an admiral, shepherding her son to be the next generation of Starfleet. They didn’t have to, but continuity-lovers will appreciate how they used this coda to really tie a bow onto connecting the series to the Short Treks episode “Calypso,” right down to explaining away how the ship in that future didn’t have the 32 nd -century refit. The conversation with Michael and Zora was very sweet, all part of the right tone for this coda. Things got even more on brand for Michael’s memory sequence, bringing in the rest of the cast—her Discovery family. Only Saru (barely) got an audible line, which may disappoint fans who want to know what’s up with the other characters, but the emotion of it all was there and this leaves plenty of opportunities for those characters later if they show up on the Academy series. All in all, it was very Discovery , and what more could you want to tie things up?

is star trek fleet command any good

Did no one think to bring drinks for this party? Reno?

Final thoughts

This season had big ideas and “Life, Itself” answered the right questions and posed some more, which is a good thing. This is the best finale for the best season of Discovery , and sadly it will be their last. The show really hit its stride in season 5, delivering on the promise of a new adventurous tone while still servicing the characters and their many emotions.

is star trek fleet command any good

Where have you been?

  • At 1:25:35, the finale has the longest runtime of any episode of Discovery— or any single episode of Star Trek, not counting 2-part episodes.
  • The epilogue added 15:40 to the runtime.
  • Michael uses her Vulcan meditation technique to clear her head to solve the puzzle.
  • The L’Tar Nebula sounds like the Lantar Nebula mentioned by Vash in “Q-Less,” but probably something different.
  • After getting mentioned a lot over the last couple of seasons, we saw the Pathway Drive in action on Saru’s shuttle when it caught up to Tahal’s fleet.
  • A possible continuity error: The first shot of the triangle test shows 10 triangles, but both Michael and Moll used only 9 for their different solutions, with no extra triangle.
  • After Culber revealed the subspace frequency he said, “I’m a doctor, not a physicist,” classic Star Trek .
  • The EV suit computer voice Julianne Grossman, who did the computer voice for the USS Discovery for the first 3 seasons before Zora (Annabelle Wallis) became the ship’s voice.
  • When Kovich tells Michael that everything from the season will be classified, she says she was “familiar with how those things work now,” possibly referencing how the USS Discovery and spore drive were classified at the end of season 2 ; however, she was not present for that, as she had already jumped to the future.
  • Reacting to Saru’s gambit with Tahal, Nhan said she didn’t want to play him in Ferengi Rummy.
  • Book was late to the wedding because he ran into some Talaxian pirates.
  • It’s not mentioned in dialogue, but Burnham and Book’s son’s name is Leto. He’s played by Sawandi Wilson.
  • The registry on Leto Burnham’s shuttle was UFP 47 .
  • Michael talked to Leto about recently visiting Crepuscula .
  • Molly the trance worm had a baby. Aww.

is star trek fleet command any good

Michael thinks back to Voq… yeah, she married the right alien.

More to come

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is star trek fleet command any good

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“He finally introduces himself: “Agent Daniels”

See, you wouldn’t have gotten that from a series inspired by the Kelvin reboot — or maybe yes since Enterprise is the only series that is canonical in the Kelvinverse. Thought it likely wouldn’t have been as satisfying…

Enterprise is actually not quite as canonical as you think it is in the “Kelvin” verse The origins and outcomes in Kelvin are vastly different from the Prime Universe. SNW pretty much confirms that. Kelvin is not as “divergent” as we thought it was. I figured he was around for the Temporal Cold War given his knowledge about Time Travel. My only gripe with Kurtzman Trek is that they act like they did not do a somewhat soft reboot of the Original Series canon and timeline which they actually did.

Exactly. Just say it’s a reboot and you give yourself freedom from the canon lawers (like me). They should have done that from day 1 of Discovery honestly. It was the perfect chance to re-*discover* what Trek is for us in the 21st century. Alas. No vision or guts.

Yeah Discovery should’ve been a reboot on day one and it could’ve stayed in the 23rd century. But as someone who actually likes that it got to do its own thing and put us in a completely new time period, I’m not too bothered in the end. But of course they could’ve just had the show in the 32nd century from the beginning and just set Trek on a completely different course in the modern era away from everything we knew making this century the ‘present day’ going forward which many fans like me wanted anyway once we heard a new show was coming.

But all of that is clearly in hindsight now.

That’s all on Bryan Fuller. Though his original plan was to set the series in a different era for each season set in the timeline of TOS, Discovery should have had a visual aesthetic that fell somewhere between Enterprise and TOS. Instead he took it in a much different direction. Had he said “It’s a different timeline!” most would have just run with it.

It was telling that when Fuller launched Discovery he didn’t bring in anyone from the Berman era to work on the series. Ron Moore, by contrast, brought in people from the Berman era to work on Battlestar Galactica, Outlander and For All Mankind.

Fuller wanted a full series and visual reboot and should have just said, yeah, this is a reboot set in a different timeline.

Yeah 100% agree.

Discovery made a lot of errors in the first season but the biggest was putting a show that was clearly meant to be a reboot in a 50 year old universe but pretended like it wasn’t a reboot.

Despite all it’s issues starting out that will always be the biggest IMO.

Actually he did bring on Joe Menosky who has worked on all the Berman shows minus Enterprise but it seems like what happened with Nic Meyer and he didn’t gel very well with the new group because he left after the first season and never talked about his time on the show.

I got the impression that Menosky was a bit frustrated by the entire experience and that he was this lone and ignored voice. Given a chance, Menosky probably would have loved working on Picard or SNW where his input would have been appreciated and not ignored.

I rewatched part of DSC S1. Still compelling television.

Aside from that, requesting the visual aesthetics of 60s science fiction? Get real. Its a tv show, not retelling of a future to come. It doesnt matter, if they say its a reboot or not. Technology advanced. Look at scripture. 4 variants of Christs story, in one book. Star Trek is art. Television has no obligation to align with anyones fantasy. Media shouldnt deliver, what people want, but what they might need. I also have an opinion. Did I like it? Dont know. Was I entertained? Yes. If this enough? Yeah, for the moment.

People creating want to create something on their own, always redesigns always new ideas, sometimes they take old stuff and build ontop of it, but usually they go rather somewhere else, like Bajor, Delta Quadrant, Child Universe. Artists are not engineers in that matter, as engineers try to make something work. Artists express themselves. So every iteration of Star Trek is different. So many new uniform styles to keep track off. The costume designers are off the leash.

But I always come back to what Phlox said to Trip about his people having something similar to television until they realized, their lives were more interesting. Live by Phlox’ wisdom!

The Khan episode from SNW confirms the Prime universe rebooth. The idea they dropped around Time trying to re-insert itself is interesting. That is the freedom they needed to upend the Gorn story from TOS for example. I have no problem with the soft reboot but just say that is what you did and be done with it.

SNW has begun the process of reimagining TOS. Look as much as I love TOS, not everything about it translates into our modern era. I always thought for years that TOS needed a soft reboot. It is no accident that Time Travel was emphasized in DISCO and SNW. Kurtzman needs to just say it. JJ deicded to be coy about Khan and look how that turned out.

I had my issues with DISCO but I enjoyed seasons 1 and 2.

EXACTLY. And Discovery could have that done too with the Klingons.

If you go by that, go by the Borg. Stranded, frozen from the sphere from First contact. Found in the arctic, chased by Enterprise. Any time travel episode that left stuff in the past could upend what has been established before. Could also be an out for Pike not getting irradiated.

Not exactly.

When Beyond came out, Simon Pegg (who worked on the script) floated the idea that changes in the timeline causes ripples BOTH WAYS. So, within their creative intent, they interpret the Kelvin Universe existing in a place where there may be no continuity with anything, since there’s no guarantee any of it matches if the past has been changed too.

Well, I forgot that since Nero and Spock crossed into another quantum reality through the singularity, they were already in a different timeline even before Nero attacked the Kelvin. Just like it happened with Worf.

So, Nero’s attack need not have changed the timeline both ways since it was already different from the moment he arrived.

That whole thing was awfully silly. Since Kovich said he’s lived lifetimes it just made sense he be El-Aurian.

The statement would be applicable to a time traveler too. It’s misdirection.

I don’t think “living lifetimes” applies to time travelers. The term is meant to denote longevity. Not jumping to other eras.

Doctor Who does that whenever they do an episode in which one of his companions is left behind and grows old, then resets to their original age by the end of the episode.

But in the Who case it for sure denotes longevity, too. I cannot think of a case where “lifetimes” refers to anything but a very long time.

Lifetimes can refer to multiple lives, not necessarily longevity.

Think of every time someone in Trek experienced an alternate timeline. Each one of those would be a lifetime.

That includes Jake Sisko in The Visitor, the Enterprise-D’s crew in All Good Things, and the Voyager crew in Endgame, and all other alternate timelines in between.

For instance, Harry Kim experienced at least five lifetimes that come to mind; Non Sequitur, Year of Hell, Timeless, Endgame, and his prime timeline lifetime.

Surely there were others as VOY did multiple alternate timelines.

Well they could have if they decided to focus the KT on the Temporal Wars in some way but obviously that was never in the cards.

But I get your basic point and probably why in the end fans will always gravitate to the Prime universe because this is where the now thousand year old history (wow) and all the cool and old characters most fans grew up with lives.

And it’s pretty crazy that Daniels was part of the 22nd and 32nd century. He has basically bookend the entire franchise. This is why I love this show so much because of how imaginative it is!!!

Whatever cements Enterprise further into canon makes me happy.

Although that’s always been the biggest irony that Enterprise is really the only show canon to both universes.

Yep, heh. Back in 2009 the thought that Enterprise was the only Trek series that was still part of canon made me laugh because of how much “real” fans hated it when it came out.

And now a lot of fans hate the Kelvin movies today so I guess it has come full circle lol.

(But for the record I’m NOT one of them)

How goes the white whale, Captain Ahab?

I actually liked what they did with the Kelvin films. How do you reboot a series without rebooting a series? Why, set it in an alternate universe, of course! Where they stumbled was allowing four years between the first and second films and then deciding to revisit Khan instead of trying something entirely new (something like “Beyond” should have been the next film). I was hoping for a new standalone, not a retread of a TOS and the feature film it inspired.

I’d still like to see another Kelvin film and with the cast being who they are now, I think it would do well.

Am I the only one who thought the big reveal was Kovich revealing themself to be Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan, especially given all the TNG-specific swag in his office?

Not saying I would have loved it, but it definitely felt like that’s where it was going as I watched the scene.

One of my Kovich theories was that he was EL Aurian. So close I guess.

My first thought, with the “many lives” snippet, was that he was going to reveal himself as Flint.

I thought that too, or, believe it or not, I considered he may have been Data or a Soong.

I thought a version of Data or a Soong relative at first too, there is beta cannon where Data gets an upgraded body and is able to change his appearance. But I wasn’t completely surprised with the Agent Daniels reveal as it’s been floating around as a theory for a while.

…just watched that episode an hour ago, actually. McCoy tells Spock at the end Flint is dying, will just live out a normal human lifespan.

True. Interestingly the novels (I know very much noncanon) had him fake his impending death.

Now that was not only an awesome episode of Trek but one of the best series finales in the franchise right up there with All Good Things and What We Leave Behind.

I will miss this show/cast and after 5 seasons it has earned its place as my 2nd favourite Trek show with DS9 still number 1.

Only a few episodes of Trek have made me cry tears of sadness like All Good Things, What We Leave Behind, The Visitor, Family, The Siege of AR-558 and now this episode Life, Itself joins the ranks. It was so well written, acted and directed it felt like a feature film and not just a series final of a TV Show. The Kovich reveal as Daniels from Enterprise was shocking as i never expected that but now thinking back at all the episodes of Discovery/Enterprise that Kovich/Daniels was in it makes sense to me.

Discovery separating the saucer section and using both it and the secondary hull to spore jump the Breen Dreadnought and the scoutship was amazing. One of the best CGI sequences in Trek.

Seeing one of the progenitors was cool though i would have loved it if it was Salome Jones but i understand she is in her 90s now. Also interesting to note that the ‘Progenitors’ didn’t invent the tech but found it and they themselves for creating by another race. Another mystery but maybe one that will probably best left unanswered.

As for Moll sadly she was the only thing i didn’t like about this episode. I understand her need/want to bring L’ak back but to be honest I’m not that interested in her story. But i do hope she and Book make amends with each other.

The epilogue was really nice though I wise we got a bit more of the rest of the cast. It does make sense that it featured Burnham as she is the show.

Also i loved the Calypso tie in and i do hope we find out someday exactly why Zora/Discovery has to wait in the Nebula for Craft and how did they know his name. Is it something to do with the Progenitor tech or perhaps Zora herself?.

Burnham told Zora it was a Red Directive, so perhaps Kovich/Daniels needed Craft to not die, and is no longer allowed to time travel due to the Temporal accords? An AI like Zora is timeless and can get to the future to save him in that Nebula. If Discovery still looked like a 32nd century upgraded ship, the Federation might be pinged for Temporal intervention?

Maybe we’ll get an answer, maybe it’ll always be people’s head canon?

The resolution of Moll’s arc was so frustrating. After everything she did to get to that point, all it takes is Burnham to tell her she can’t save L’ak and she’s just basically like, “Oh darn. That saddens me. Okie!”

The show should have had the guts to Toht her ass once she got her tangram puzzle wrong.

Wow! The finale episode was stunning! Lots to think about, but for now I will just rewatch and enjoy the spectacle and nice connecting of the Progenitors with IDIC and with the lives of the Disco crew.

I will miss Soniqua Martin Green. I loved this show.

I will miss Sonequa , too . But , I will follow her career. All of them, really. But Sonequa really spoke to me. Also, she was such a great Trek ambassador.

I adore her. Her grace, warmth, empathy, depth and thoughtfulness. I’m truly grateful to have had Discovery and her. What a great addition to the Trek family and herstory. From the very first episode, her complex performance really brought a depth and grounded reality to the Trek mythos for the first time in a way it hadn’t had before. Before Discovery, Trek was very stylized in its type of acting and character portrayal and SMG really made this universe we all love so much feel that more real.

Hugely underrated actress. Her performances have been richly compelling and, at least once her character initially relaxed a bit, full of warmth and humanity.

That Hope is You Part 1 is one of the show’s strongest episodes, largely due to the carefree performance she gives. I’d love to have seen more of that Burnham. SMG gave it her all to smooth over what was a fairly inconsistently written character amongst several inconsistently written characters. It reminded me of Kate Mulgrew and the shared burden they had of trying to steer a groundbreaking imperfect but semi-superhumanly capable woman through choppy waters with grace, charisma, and style. I’d be fascinated to watch a shared interview with them.

Agreed, greatly enjoyed Soniqua’s portrayal, and that of many of the Discovery crew.

Also, greatly enjoyed the poignant “Agent Daniels” moment and tie-in, thanks for that golden nugget, writers!

An enjoyable ending to a memorable show.

I will not miss her whispering during “dramatic” moments, nor her quivering lips. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Interesting how often people with little talent lash out at those that are in the public eye and celebrated for theirs. Basic people… shhh. Remember that trying to hide someone else’s light doesn’t make you shine. I’d love to see your audition for the role. Do you have a link to your acting reel?

“ It’s not mentioned in dialogue, but Burnham and Book’s son’s name is Leto. ”

Yes, it is. She says his name.

For a second I thought it was a Dune reference before I realized it was Book’s nephew’s name.

Yep, caught it too. I didn’t know exactly what she said, but as soon as I saw the “Leto” in the recap, I knew that’s what she said.

Very underwhelming. The journey was far more interesting than the destination, although inside the portal looked really cool. The payoff lacked imagination, and didn’t warrant revisiting the material… so yeah I was disappointed. The science and explanation of the past two episodes was questionable too. They should have gotten Salome Jens or at least tried to imitate that character specifically. Would have made more sense. But the conclusion of what to do with the tech.. how they unlocked it. how they found someone ‘worthy’.. it just makes the mystery of the rest of the season fall apart. So as a season finale.. it’s a fail. Even worse is the series finale coda. If you like these characters and get some of the emotion of all the hugging and stuff in the coda, cool. I never really loved these characters, so it did nothing for me. I thought seeing Book and Burnham together in old age was really nice, and I did like that. The Kovich reveal? Felt a little like the ‘My name is Khan’ reveal in STID. Why should that name mean anything? I had to go look It up. Lt. Daniels was a background character from two of the TNG moves. Whatever. More to explore with that character in Academy? I guess. At this point, I couldn’t care less about him. I guess it’s fitting that a show that has distorted canon so much, would choose to tie in its ending to an event in a small short trek show. A show that they easily just could have (and should have) declared apocryphal, and pretended it didn’t exist or exists in some alternate universe. Whatever plan Chabon had for it didn’t happen, so just let it go. Why they were retrofitting Discovery to its former look makes no sense. The reasons they were taking it there aren’t even presented clearly (or at all.. did I miss something?) It was a dumb way to end the show. I suppose that means it’s an appropriate ending for this series. The season was pretty good up to this point, though.. it was fun. But.. I’m sorry.. it wasn’t a very good season finale, and it was a terrible series finale.

“I had to go look It up. Lt. Daniels was a background character from two of the TNG moves”

Nope… Daniels was the time traveller on ENT, a very, very meaningful player in the TCW… The reveal was AWESOME. I was cheering out loud when it happened….

Ah. I’ll go back and look that one up. When I put Daniels in to memory alpha, that was the only option that populated in the search box, and I didn’t look beyond it, because he had all that TNG and DS9 stuff on his shelf so figured that was THE connection. I stopped watching ENT a year or two in, so if I did see that character, I don’t recall him at all.

I think you’re confusing him with Picard’s chief of security in FIRST CONTACT and INSURRECTION (remember, Worf was stationed on DS9 during those movies and happened to come along for the ride).

The revelation more or less worked, but I thought Daniels died in season four of ENT.

He did, but when Archer defeated the space nazi aliens he was shown alive again.

Space nazi aliens, those were the days.

Why can’t he be BOTH? He said starship enterprise ‘and others’… and TNG is way after ENT. So why can’t he be BOTH Daniels?

Also, he said “USS,” and NX-01 wasn’t a USS. :-)

“ I had to go look It up. Lt. Daniels was a background character from two of the TNG moves. Whatever. ”

Incorrect. He was a recurring character from four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise. He’s a time agent from the far future who was involved in the Temporal Cold War.

Garth Beat you to it.

Very underwhelming. The journey was far more interesting than the destination, although inside the portal looked really cool. The payoff lacked imagination, and didn’t warrant revisiting the material… so yeah I was disappointed… But the conclusion of what to do with the tech.. how they unlocked it. how they found someone ‘worthy’.. it just makes the mystery of the rest of the season fall apart. So as a season finale.. it’s a fail. Even worse is the series finale coda.

Pretty much exactly my thoughts (not for the first time, @heyberto seems to share my taste in Trek).

First off, on the epilogue — look, I didn’t *hate* it, but I found it…”superfluous” is the best word, I guess. The final beach wedding scene would have worked as a series finale just as well. I don’t see the point in revealing that Michael and Book had a son. The New Kwejian scenes looked gorgeous, but we’d seen Kwejian before; that wasn’t enough. Two minutes of hugging was *not* what we needed, and typically for the show, all the other characters were shunted aside. I also struggled to understand just why Starfleet was taking Discovery to meet Craft and how this was supposed to culminate in “Calypso.” Leaving it as Zora’s dream, as this season’s early episodes implied, would have sufficed.

The epilogue was So. Very. Discovery, in short.

As for the main act: lookit, it’s not terribly surprising that the takeaway was “the journey is more important than the treasure”; that’s almost par for the course in quest stories. Think back to “Sword of Kahless” or even “The Chase” itself, or any of the Indiana Jones movies (especially Raiders, Dial, and above all Crusade). Still, I think we needed a bit more ooph here beyond “humanity isn’t ready for this,” because it needed to be something “The Chase” was not. I would have been more impressed with the theories circulating that Discovery’s *were* the progenitors, a la PLANET OF THE TITANS. (Had they known this was to be a series finale, in fairness, perhaps they might have gone there.)

I somewhat enjoyed the revelation that the Progenitors didn’t create the technology, but I’m still left puzzled as to what, exactly, this great technology was and why it was so potentially galaxy-changing. The visuals were impressive, yes, but we’ve seen long-range, Stargate-style teleportation before: the Iconians, that Delta Quadrant tech that showed up in season one of PICARD, “All Our Yesterdays,” etc.

They spent too long dwelling on the Burnham-Moll fight scenes. One would have been enough.

I wanted to love this finale, because in the second half of the season, I actually found Discovery to be worthwhile — a word that, on the whole, I wouldn’t have applied to the series before. Moll turned out to be more than yet another courier. But they just didn’t *quite* stick the landing.

I should add that I binge-watched the last five episodes because I was out of the country and couldn’t get my VPN to work with P+. That may have favorably colored my impression of them; indeed, I suspect that a lot of NuTrek may improve with binge-watching.

of course it will because they are just too-long films. Not episodic television.

Agreed. I lot of what you said are my thoughts as well, as usual.. just stated much better. lol. I think the issue of payoff is a problem for me, not because It’s just a simple idea.. it’s that it’s not anything more than what we could come up with. Looking back, they should have not used the McGuffin of this story by getting it from a past Trek episode. If the goal is to simply tell this ‘kind’ of story, then just do that. I rewatched the Chase before this season, and I remember how I had no idea where they were going, and thinking ‘wow.. what a clever idea’. Granted it was over 30 years ago when I saw it, and I’m probably more cynical now, but I don’t think that’s it. They really needed to elevate the payoff, if they’re going to resurrect it. As you said, we’re in no different place after the episode ends, than when we were at the end of The Chase. Another case where the writer’s room just gets enamored with ideas from Trek’s past, without having a clear story to tell. The fact that they did it better in 9 out of 10 episodes this season than they have in the past is a pale consolation, now that we’re at the end. Just my take, though.

I have to say I was surprisingly satisfied with it all. The Chase had a baaad premise IMHO. Discovery corrects it by bringing mystery back to the origins of sentient life. So that “underwhelmingness” was a real, real plus to me. It´s a good resolution, with classic quest and classic Trek tropes (Michael is offered God status and turns it down).

The Daniels bit didn’t quite work for me (for a moment I thought it would be ole positronic Jean-Luc in a different golem), as didn´t the Calypso thing… but i did enjoy old Michael to my surprise, it was a good end point for her continuosly-restless-and-often-annoying-self and I found myself thinking I´ll miss her (and for a second there I thought Leto was getting the Enterprise-M or something).

Season 1 was the best for me, with 2 and 5 as close seconds. I reallly did enjoy the finale.

A good question is why waste time, effort & resources making the ship look like it’s former self? Obviously so it could tie in with that Short Trek. But man… Makes zero sense like a lot of what went down on this show.

I thought this was an absolute mess.

To have the entire Progenitor story basically amount to a “well no one can be responsible with this, so let’s blow it up” plot, meant all of the running around this season amounted to a waste.

And tacking on “Calypso” because … they “had to” was stupidity on top of stupidity.

Also, for all the people who complained about “memberberries” with Picard , this entire season was memberberries but done in an awful, hacky way. The “Daniels/Kovitch” reveal both felt unnecessary (“why can’t Kovitch just be Kovitch and you reveal something interesting about Kovitch as a character?) and had elements that made no absolute sense to me (e.g., no way do I believe he would have Sisko’s baseball, there’s no way the Bajorans would ever let a “holy relic” from the Emissary sit at Starfleet HQ instead of having it on Bajor).

In Star Trek Online, the baseball is STILL on his desk at DS9, so technically, the Bajorans don’t think of it as THAT holy.

It has been hundreds of years since DS9. In that time, Sisko might have returned from the Prophets and given the baseball Daniels.

Yeah there was a ton of memberberries this season…so it shouldn’t t a shock why so many people loved it lol.

I say it again and again people complain about fan service and yet every time it’s presented the fanbase goes nuts over it.

The producers are just trying to give the fans what they want because it seems to work. Hence why Picard season 3 and SNW were partly so popular.

same thing happened in bond film ‘for your eyes only’ where after all the fighting, killing and chasing, bond destroys the McGuffin to stop falling into anyone’s hands.

I couldn’t agree more. I think the creatives behind this series wanted more to blow it all up, do it their way and comment on every contemporary social dilemma, than create great television and great Trek. The continual plot changes, character additions and deletions and never-ending changes in direction, made this a mess from episode 1. In contrast SNW’s is both classic and contemporary Trek rolled into one neat and tidy package. I sincerely hope the producers of Academy take a good long and hard look at this quagmire and learn what NOT to do. Trek can’t take too many more duds. They have gold sitting there on the table with “Legacy” – if that’s what it’s to be named) and the ongoing SNW iteration. Lets not pretend this was anything more than what many describe it as.

95% of the episode was awesome, really a great finale but I just don’t get the “Calypso” bit at the very end. It hardly makes any sense to me: erasing the “A” from the hull, downgrading the ship and dumping it somewhere… none of that made any sense for me, other than re-canonizing “Calypso” which had already been written off by most fans as non-canonical. No explanation given for any of that. Even if it’s a secret “red directive”, why then are they given a public send-off by the entire fleet???

It would have been so easy to write that off, and just give Discovery (the show) whatever finale would have been most satisfying. It’s an odd choice for a show that had abandoned the visual aspects of Trek’s canon from it’s very first episode.

I was on that page, too. Found it odd they went out of their way to change the ship back when originally they seemed to go out of their way to abandon anything that even evoked the feel of the era they were in. Just another thing where it feels like they want to supplant the old stuff with their own stuff.

“ which had already been written off by most fans as non-canonical ”

Fans don’t decide what is or isn’t canon, though. It was never non-canonical since it happened onscreen.

I preferred the theory that Discovery got duplicated during the jump to the future personally.

I like it too. There are a million explanations that would have worked better than what they did in this finale.

Yeah, this is where I’m getting hung up too. The episode was, to me, perfect until that moment. I thought the epilogue was supposed to bring it all together, not finish it all off with deep confusion. People keep saying the epilogue “set up” Calypso, but it literally didn’t. It introduced more questions, and if those questions don’t have answers, then it isn’t a mystery – it’s a lie.

I know I’ve been ragging on Disco lately, but that was a very good finale. Sure, Moll was a dull character from start to finish, and sure, SMG ramped up her whisper-acting to an annoying level (I will not miss Michael Burnham at all). But there was a lot to enjoy about this finale, and the two hours flew by before I’d even realized it. The Progenitor world was gorgeously shot, the scenes with the Progenitor were wonderful, and the Kovich/Daniels bombshell was far more satisfying than any theories I’d come up with. Just amazing. Also, I really got a kick out of seeing the ending set up Calypso. Despite my problems with this season (and they are legion), I do have to hand it to the writers for ending it well. The final puzzle was something a 10-year-old would have worked out in five seconds, so I wish the writers had come up with something more clever and non-obvious. Still, that’s a minor quibble, given how much I enjoyed the rest of it. To my surprise, it even made me look forward to Starfleet Academy, as I’m hoping the characters who were horribly short-changed this season (Stamets, Detmer, Owosekun, and Reno) might show up there with more to do. Plus, I’m relieved they didn’t decide to bring Gray Tal back for that hug-fest scene, because Gray never worked as a character. All in all, I’d give this one nine stars out of ten, and I’d rank it among the show’s best.

The big reveal has been a matter of speculation for quite some time so it was more of an, “Ah, OK” moment than a “Holy moly! Never saw that coming!” moment. For those entirely unfamiliar with the history behind that revelation, it won’t carry much weight.

As for the epilogue, it was an unnecessary choice, much like another, unrelated major franchise. That final scene would have been far more effective had it taken place within a year of the resolution of this seasons’ storyline, the other elements could have been left open to explore in the future.

I have never seen even a single person guess Kovich was Daniels.

My first thought was, GOOD ONE! “I never thought of that”.

It made the most sense, really.

Actually I saw a review of the finale on YouTube and they showed a post from Reddit that guessed Kovich was probably Daniels from 3 years ago. So someone certainly guessed right lol.

But yeah I’m guessing the overwhelming majority never thought he would be Daniels, certainly not me. I never thought he would be a legacy character at all, just someone part of a bigger organization Section 31 which many theorized. So it was a great reveal IMO.

I wonder if Discovery had continued we’d have seen a more extended Daniels reveal that brought in elements of the Temporal Cold War. It might seem less impactful simply because they ended up cutting straight to the reveal.

Give us a Daniels/Temporal War streaming movie! 😊

Not around here, no. Elsewhere, yes. We’re going back to season 3 on that one.

Also, they stupidly stated that Tilly was “the longest serving instructor in Academy history,” meaning they can’t place the character in jeopardy in ACADEMY.

And seriously, in 1000 years of history, no one has ever installed a mentorship program at Starfleet Academy? Even informally?

right – not great to write themselves into a box there. But – writing and plot has never really been the strength of this show

I don’t think putting canonical plot armor on the lead character of your new scifi show is as big a choice as you think. First, time travel/alternate futures, but also, I have never once assumed that Burnham or Sisko or Janeway were not going to make it to the final episodes of their series, yet every time they were put in jeopardy along the way I didn’t scoff at the implausibility. I went along and suspended my disbelief, because that’s what you do when you watch any TV.

That’s true of half the SNW characters and yet I don’t think dramatic tension is reduced.

Have watched it yet (spoilers don’t brother me), but if they tied it back to Calypso doesn’t that indicate the Federation goes to shit again? Wasn’t craft fight against the Fed?

And oddly… the vidraysh name apparently will come back into use.. so basically.. the universe is going to crap again, and Roddenberry’s optimistic future will not persevere…. again.

Yep. Federation will be at war.

Exactly my question. I supposed there are ways to square that particular circle (maybe Craft was in stasis and didn’t realize Covid^H^H^H The Burn was over), but the question is: why? What’s the point?

I’m fairly confident that in reality Calypso was based on an early draft of the ideas for the season 3 jump and that Craft was in fact a version of what became Book. But still, it was nice to find a way to acknowledge and incorporate that story, even with the possible holes.

I loved this episode. The final moments really threw me off though. Why was the ship reverted to its 23rd century appearance? Why was it abandoned? Why are they waiting for Craft, who merely shows up and leaves in 1,000 years? For me, the episode was perfect until the very end, and that ending so far is extremely distracting to me. I feel like I had to have missed something.

You didn’t miss anything. All of your questions are left to the imagination…or maybe to future Trek writers…

Clear writing and logical plot threads have never been a strength of Discovery. In this case it seems like they were doing their best to resolve a gaping plot hole that was created with the Short Trek about future Discovery abandoned in a nebula or whatever it was.

All of this is sadly very true. ;)

Yeah all of it is just a huge big question mark. Funny it was meant to tie in to Calypso to give us some answers but instead it just gave us even more questions lol.

But it is what it is I guess.

I got up early to view it. For what was supposed to be a season finale, and they morphed it into a series finale? It’s as close to a miracle as DSC will get. My nitpick issues with DSC won’t go away, so I won’t go into them here. I want to offer a few thoughts on S5. Firstly, I think DSC’s cancellation was planned at the end of season 4. I guess Par+ only agreed to make S5 with a lot of budget cuts. Look at Detmer and Owoshekun disappearing halfway through the season. They also needed to set up SFA. I hope I’m wrong, but if Tilly is a lead character in this show, it will struggle to succeed. Getting Holly Hunter was brilliant casting. I WILL watch SFA faithfully when it airs. The AR wall saved DSCs behind. Look at Federation HQ. It’s a plain white room. Very little was spent on new sets. I consider Michelle Paradise, the showrunner, the equivalent of Fred Freiberger, who produced season 3 of TOS. She got the job because she’s been described as a “details producer.” They hired her to get these eps in the can and within budgets. IMO, she’s just not that imaginative, and this is evident in some of her story choices. Maal and Laak were totally unnecessary this season as the bad guys. They were used as a lazy story idea to compete with the DSC crew for the coveted tech. The Breen were cool, and all that, but a competition with a Breen Fleet would have moved the plot along. Look at the ending- nothing happened with their characters. For all the DSC haters out there? This show wasn’t meant to cater to TOS or TNG fans. Once I accepted that, I could somewhat enjoy DSC and follow along. My issues were with (some) the writing and acting. DSC succeeded with inclusivity. My gay sibling and I cried together when we saw Culber reconcile with Stamets, and he went to the future with him. The non-binary and trans characters were a welcome addition. It’s a shame they didn’t do much with them, storywise. The lack of strong male characters from s3 onwards (until Rayner) hurt DSC’s storytelling. (Here come all the “butthurt” comments…) DSC brought new fans into the franchise. For a lot of them, DSC is THEIR Star Trek. They will measure past and future shows against that yardstick for comparison. I feel bad for those fans. Finally, a Trek series that marginalized members of the LGBTQ+ community could relate to. It was no different for us “nerdy kids” in the ’70s. We read sci-fi books, built models, and played Star Trek in the backyard. I had TWO friends growing up who liked Trek. We were the outcasts. It wasn’t until Star Wars that nerd culture started to take hold. I will rewatch DSC front to back to reevaluate my opinions on it. I AM grateful for DSC. It got Star Trek back on its best home, television. We have SNW, LDS and Prodigy. (with SFA and S31 to come.) Since 2017, we’ve had new Trek episodes to watch weekly. Just like TOS in 1969, DSC now belongs to the fans. I hope they rewatch it and share it with the people they love. If DSC fans nurture their show like we TOS fans have? There are always possibilities…

I consider Michelle Paradise, the showrunner, the equivalent of Fred Freiberger

That’s such a mean, mean thing to say, and wildly unfair. Paradise is an excellent writer who was given a very complex (perhaps convoluted) task when she took up the reins on Disco, and she did a fantastic job elevating it above a mere technical exercise.

The lack of strong male characters from s3 onwards

Dadmiral Vance, Cleveland Booker, and Agent Kovich would like a word. Plus, Culber’s role was really beefed up in seasons 3-5. Even Reese stepped up and became more than a background character in later seasons. Not to mention Saru being the ship’s captain in season 3. In season 4 you have the Tarka/Book plot, which I would describe as extremely male, and even the scientist Hirai played a major role in that season.

I know you anticipated this critique, but there really were lots of strong male characters in later seasons of Disco, they were coming out of its ears there were so many… it’s just that the main cast just wasn’t made up of a supermajority of traditional male archetypes like on previous Trek shows, so it feels like “less” somehow.

People praise Voyager and DS9 for their depictions of woman characters, but both those shows still had like an 80% male cast. DS9 had only 2 women as regulars, and Voyager had only 3.

Disco might seem very female-oriented, but trust me, it really only seems that way. I know that feels like I’m attacking your perception or accusing you of something, but I notice it, too, and have to remind myself sometimes that it’s my beloved older Trek shows that were wildly unbalanced, not Disco, and Disco wasn’t some corrective in the opposite direction, it’s just… actually balanced.

Re Paradise: Mean? Maybe so. Harsh? Yes. She has a (IMHO) dry, sterile form of storytelling. There was no actual coherent flow to this season. They took ideas from the writers’ room and plugged them in to tick a box. She was given the job of cleanup showrunner or backup QB. Her good organizational qualities hurt the passion of the show. A lot of the episode plot points felt contrived. When we compare how heroic Burnham, Georgiou, etc., were and are throughout the series? For myself, there were no male characters I either identified with or was rooting for until Rayner. I was looking for male characters that reminded me of Kirk, Pike, Scotty and the other male costars on TNG, DS9 and the others. For the record, I’m a fan of DSC. I was out there defending it and singing its praises. In S2, we got some of the best Star Trek, period. I stand by my opinion of Paradise as a showrunner, as mean as you think it is.

Wow you are so on the nose with Paradise. I still think she is an awful show runner but this season at least didn’t feel completely tedious with a lot of melodramatic schlock as the last two. But no I won’t miss her either.

She was absolutely the wrong person to leading the writers room, so your criticism is fair. They need sci-fi writers, and too few, if any, on staff. That’s the root of the problem.

For myself, there were no male characters I either identified with or was rooting for until Rayner. 

This post-2015-or-so idea that characters are legitimate only if a viewer can “identify” with them is bizarre.

If I can’t relate to a character, and the story is crap, then why should I watch?

To broaden your horizons. IDIC, and all that.

Yet I watched faithfully—each week. I applauded the strong female characters and DSC’s inclusivity. I didn’t dismiss DSC as crap or not “true” Trek.

I’m not sure I can speak to how being a “details producer” does or doesn’t help the show, but I think at this point it’s safe to say Paradise doesn’t have a ton of range. Problems are continually solved with variations on, “Trust ME! Feelings! It was CONNECTION all along!” She doesn’t have much of a defining stamp beyond that, and didn’t demonstrate a desire or ability to do any episodes that broke outside of a defined box. She peaked with her first season 3 episode IMO.

A “details producer” is usually very organized. Once a script is locked down, the showrunner is responsible for finishing the episodes on time and within the episode budget(s). Being organized is a good thing. As I mentioned, she took a checklist storywise and clicked the boxes. It didn’t matter that the plot points were out of order, didn’t make sense, or pay off at the end of the season. She got the episodes “in the can” on time and within the budget. Moll and Laak made ZERO sense to the plot besides someone to compete with to get the tech. At best, it’s the same retreading of ideas.

I know what a producer and a showrunner does. :) I just meant calling someone a “details producer” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not more than their organizational prowess. It can mean they are good at intricate long term plotting for instance. JMS while running Babylon 5 could be called one, for instance.

From what we’ve seen of her work, I think your assessment is fair, especially as we know she was sweating the detail of “Calypso” for years. She has a vision and overarching direction for the show, but Paradise comes across as a workmanlike producer and writer who has a lane and a certain box of tricks she prefers and sticks to. She brought calm and order to a show previously defined by BTS chaos (and during the pandemic, no less) and no doubt Kurtzman appreciated not having to put out fires while dealing with the headache that was Picard. There’s not much flair to anything but it was competently made and the cast and crew were happy.

I actually really enjoyed this and would have found it a fitting finale even without the additional twenty minute epilogue. Although it was beautiful to see, and, man, Admiral Burnham aged a lot more flatteringly than Admiral Janeway.

I would have preferred Kovich had remained his own character. Some mysteries don’t need explanation.

nice tie in to Calypso though. I need to rewatch that again now.

I’ll miss the show. Despite the vitriol it’s received from so many, I’ve always had a soft spot for it and have enjoyed every season to greater or lesser degrees.

Well Janeway had 25th century aging tech vs Burnham’s 33rd century aging tech. ;D

And I really want to say something about black rarely crack but I guess it’s not appropriate here lol.

I thought we were going to cut away just as he was telling her.

well, that was a waste of everyone time

Not in the least.

I thought it was an absolute mess.

It wasn’t a waste of my time.

So long DISCO! Wow what a ride it has been. THANK YOU to all that had a hand in it’s creation over the years. TREK has never looked better, or had loftier goals. Thanks for the inclusiveness…I will always ship CulMets! AND, root for Adira! :-) Now, time for a start to finish DISCO rewatch. Without DISCO there wouldn’t be a SNW or Lower Decks or all the TREK that WILL follow. If you are ready….LET’S FLY!

100% agree on all of it :)

So happy you enjoyed it! :)

Without DISCO there wouldn’t be a SNW or Lower Decks 

I’m not sure that’s quite the talking point you think it is.

Well, it was a little better than the TOS “finale” but wasn’t as satisfying as the TNG era finales.

Sorry, but the whole Progenitor reveal was a major letdown for me. A lot of stuff to look at, but nothing really happening. Also, the forced tie-in to Calypso at the end made no sense at all. Was it Kovich/Agent Daniels who told Michael about it off camera? Seemed unnecessary.

I’m happy others liked it, but I never connected with the 32nd century version of the show. I watched and I tried to connect with it. It just never happened.

Seasons 1 and 2 will always be my preferred version Discovery.

Hard disagree. Nothing could be as dissatisfying and Voyager’s disastrous finale. Or, shudder, Enterprise.

At least the Voyager and Enterprise finales had an actual story to follow with characters I cared about. I enjoyed them more than what Discovery delivered in its finale. But again, glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t.

I’ve always liked Endgame but could’ve been stronger for sure. I always felt what was missing from it was its own epilogue. Yeah no comment on TATV lol. But I think most people feel Demons/Terra Prime is really that show’s true finale since TATV was Riker literally just in a holodeck reminiscing.

Sorry, but the whole Progenitor reveal was a major letdown for me. A lot of stuff to look at, but nothing really happening.

Exactly. This is what happens when you let the special effects, including that virtual reality wall, supplant solid writing.

I never connected with the 32nd century version of the show.

Agreed; I would have been content had they wrapped Discovery after season 2.

A pretty cool episode right up until the great reveal (even then it could’ve done without several minutes of Burnham-Fu that went absolutely nowhere), but everything after was oh so formulaic and therefore rather disappointing. Okay, at least the notion of “we don’t really NEED that super-powerful technology” added a tiny bit to the old “too powerful for any faction to own”-trope and yet it was that stale trope that drove Michael’s final decision… yeah and the rest was mostly nice, but really just padding. The Kovich-reveal? – Yeah, good old Daniels, so what? – Didn’t really tie into ENT’s Temporal Cold War-arc. Saru finally getting married? – Cute, but it would’ve been a real bummer if he wasn’t. Michael and Book getting back together? – So very predictable. And the epilogue? – Boy did they go to lengths only so a single Short Treks episode would finally make more sense. But at least we got to see Owo, Detmer and Bryce one last time.

So another site is reporting Saru was also promoted to Admiral? Did anyone hear this?

Apparently Admiral Vance calls Saru Admiral at the wedding.

It’s not mentioned in dialogue, but Burnham and Book’s son’s name is Leto.

It is mentioned. When I heard it, I wasn’t sure if I’d heard correctly (really, “Leto?” like from Dune?), but I did hear it.

Leto was thr name of Book’s nephew that was killed in S4.

Leto was Book nephew, tht died in the desctruction of the planet.

One last time. The shows problems have remained problems even after their move to the future. Bad writing and poor characters. The final few seasons relied heavily on the audience caring about the characters. Since I never really cared about any of them that just opened the door to the terrible writing and plotting. This season was pretty predictable all the way. The only thing I really didn’t see coming was Moll just believing Burnham when she told her resurrection wasn’t possible. Although Moll was pretty gullible thinking it was. Obviously it wasn’t. When Burnham told her Moll had bought into the idea so hard that there was no way she should have bought it. She gave up way too easily.

That tagged on coda really didn’t work either. Everyone showed up like the end of Titanic. I’m thinking “did everyone die?” That felt weird. And I guess they wanted to make that Sort Trek relevant but I honestly didn’t see the need to slavishly adhere to it. Still makes no sense, however.

Anyway, it’s unfortunate the Academy show remains in that time frame. All these shows made by Secret Hideout have built in uphill battles but I saw no reason to create more speed bumps by remaining in the 32nd century. Well, it is what it is. That’s one way to satisfy the fans who like Star Trek Discovery. Leaves it open for every actor to show up. And we all know they will.

It didn’t sound like you liked the ending at all but I can’t disagree with some of your issues. I am actually surprised they didn’t resurrect Lak by the end. This is Star Trek, it’s literally a given lol but nice to subvert expectations once in awhile. But overall I did really enjoy it although I was very mixed on the season as a whole.

But I know your thoughts on all the modern shows and they are not very positive lol. But maybe the Academy show will surprise you and others. If not, you will always have ENT, TOS and DS9 to watch.

I have TOS, Enterprise and the feature films on disc. If DS9 ever gets remastered I’ll pick that up. Until then those are the episodes and films I check in on from time to time for my Trek fix.

I did like Prodigy’s first half, however. Hoping their 2nd season can get back to that level.

Well, that’s done, then.

I truly loved the finale overall. Yeah, there were certainly questionable and unnecessary things in it to say the least but overall it worked for me. I just loved how Trek-y it all felt. I loved how everything looked inside the portal and we met a progenitor (I was hoping among hope we met the original from TNG but yes I know the actress is now 90) to ultimately deciding it was just too powerful to use and so they got rid of it. Yeah I think most people thought they would either destroy it or put it somewhere that no one could access it but it was a very Trek conclusion.

And the visuals and FX were very impressive and beautiful throughout the episode. It felt like a movie and very cinematic. All the money was on the screen for sure.

The best moment for me was when Kovich revealed he was Agent Daniels. That literally got a huge GASP out of me lol. I was truly surprised but a very welcomed one. It was a great twist in so many ways, mostly because we always knew he was involved with the Temporal Wars. I literally went back and watched a ton of Daniels clips on Youtube lol. It really makes you look at Kovich time on the show very differently now.

I thought Saru and T’rina’s wedding was a nice way to end the episode which was obviously the true ending of the episode. We saw it all coming but it was still nicely done.

And I loved the epilogue so much. It was sweet and very endearing. It was nice to see Michael and Book decades into the future happy with a family. And while the tie in to Calypso felt a bit clunky (and raises SO many questions lol) I still liked it as the final scene. It is a little sad Zora is basically out there just waiting for Craft until the 43rd century but I liked the existential feel to it.

While the season has been VERY mixed for me to say the least I thought it ended well enough and sadly the first finale I can truly say I loved on this show lol. I didn’t hate season’s four finale but I was so checked out on the show by then I just didn’t care by then. It’s certainly not All Good Things level but I will say it is better than Endgame and certainly better than TATV lol. But I give the finale an 8/10.

There are certainly things I didn’t like and had issues with which I will certainly talk about but I wanted to leave my overall thoughts on a more positive note. I have given Discovery a very hard time over the last five seasons, most of it well deserved in my book lol. But I have ALWAYS rooted for the show every season and maybe in time my feelings will change on a lot of it. It’s just a very hard show for me to love for sooooo many reasons and still remains my least favorite show in the franchise. But I can also say this was the best season for me by far and I hope everyone who has loved it from the beginning loved it just as much in the end.

Well now that it’s over with, it’s time to leave the 32nd century (for a little while at least ;)) and travel back to the 24th century. The only question is will it be LDS, PRO or Section 31 next? Whatever comes next, I’m excited for it!

Ok now that was awesome. It definitely was a fitting series finale, even if it wasn’t supposed to be originally! I also loved the epilogue, I almost cried as I knew this was the end for these characters. Let’s just hope Starfleet Academy lasts long enough for some of them to return.

Have to admit that while I found plenty to gripe about with regard to the resolution and outcome of the story, the journey and tone of the entire season (and especially the finale) felt pitch perfect Star Trek. Creative and contemplative with excellent character building through sharp writing. This season, more than any other Discovery season, has felt the most embedded in the franchise, I really felt at home and I loved spending every minute with this show. The tedium of recent seasons was gone and enjoyed every moment with this crew and setting. The real standout this season has been Michael Burnham, and that really is the true achievement of the season, she became a confident leader that I believed in and respected for the first time. This really is SMJ grand finale which is the perfect way to end the show.

I will admit to being a little confused by the Daniels revelation, mostly because Kovich didn’t resemble the Daniels I think of at all. I know it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, but the Calypso finale was such a beautiful way to end the story of Discovery. Not only does it give us some finality to the ship, but it also gives a chance to see the ship restored to bookend the show. It’s still insane that Starfleet would abandon its only Spore Drive ship, especially since it’s impossible to classify this thing at this point so people are going to be looking for it. But the Red Directive gives us plenty of head canon to work with to cover those gaps, I suppose.

Either way, I’m extremely happy with the finale and thankful for a season I truly enjoyed…for once! Bravo and farewell! Thanks for giving this TNG+ fan an unexpected gift!

I really enjoyed the finale and this was certainly Discovery’s strongest season since season 2. Loved how it tied into Calypso and the Kovich/Daniels reveal was great.

I would agree as well. This is certainly the strongest season since season 2 and it’s probably a tie for me between them.

I got emotional. I will be watching that again. They did a good job.

So did I man…so did I.

Usually when I’m crying after watching an episode of Discovery it’s for an entirely different reason lol.

LOL True. But this season I was not crying and yelling at the same time!

One of the poorest final episodes I have ever seen.

I have wanted each and every episode to be better, I have tried to justify to others to keep trying to watch this show.

There are great sci-fi stories and adventures but on the whole something keeps missing the spot.

This is the first final I have ever wanted to end and spent time watching the clock.

I felt no emotion to the characters, even though I wanted too and I really wanted a great last episode.

The show ended consistently with how it always was throughout the five seasons: Heavy on loooong, manufactured emotional beats; light on particular details of the plot actually making any sense whatsoever. Heavy on characters wrestling with emotional quandaries the audience has moved well past already; light on organic character development that feels earned. Random thoughts immediately after watching: This episode had about five endings. Quite over-written. I love how we’ve been primed all season for SaT’rinaru’s wedding… and then Burnham and Booker ditch the reception because more space adventures! That’s just cold. Kovich is revealed as “Agent Daniels”… my mouth drops open for 10 seconds… and all I can think to say is… “Who?” Because I haven’t watched most of Enterprise, and what I have seen of that series I’ve forgotten. (Ironically, I did just start watching from the beginning along with the Greatest Generation podcast so I suppose there’s a chance I might finally see the whole show with Archer and co.) I know the writers were going for a deep cut and I suppose this technically qualifies. I’m guessing many Disco watchers had the exact same reaction as me: nonplussed. How does it make sense for there to be TNG and DS9 memorabilia on Kovich’s wall, if he’s a character from Enterprise? For a moment I was thinking they were going to make him out to be Luther Sloane (Section 31, DS9) and as dumb as that would have been, at least I would have known that character. Oh, sure, they tossed in a cryptic line about “other places” so you can head-canon Daniels into the other shows, if you care to try. But sorry, that’s not how nostalgia and callbacks work at all. It was completely shoehorned fake canon stuffed into a deep cut reference. That really clanged. Speaking of shoehorned—I had thought the writers had given up on resolving the Calypso conundrum. Turns out, they should have left it alone. Completely whiffed on tying things up in a way that made sense. Stripping “A” off the paint job and flying it to the middle of nowhere secretly because something something Red Directive? That’s not an explanation. That’s the writers throwing their hands in the air and going, “I got nothin’.” I did speculate this is exactly how it would play out, though. So, no surprise here. What really matters is, Burnham was teary-eyed for a good, long while, feeling her feelings! They sure used the heck out of every square inch of the AR wall. I didn’t believe any of those locations were actual, real, physical places. But that’s become the norm in modern TV. The contemporary equivalent of TOS-style purple skies and painted cardboard rocks on every planet. Not the worst sin, just not nearly as effective as the VFX-obsessed producers probably believe it is. (See most of Andor for an example of how to make sci-fi locations look dense, interesting, and realistic.) Kinda bold move not to bring L’ak back in the episode, I suppose. I expected they would go for the easy, happy ending. They did leave the door open for Moll to find some miracle way to return him in the future, of course. Sadly, I just feel nothing for either of those characters. I’m already forgetting about them. Tilly’s going to be in the Academy show. We get it. We get it. (sigh) I couldn’t help myself, I had to laugh out loud at the nonstop camera shakes and spinning. It’s always been too much. But they cranked it to eleven for the finale. Really felt like a parody, but it was done in earnest. I got dizzy and disoriented, and not in a way that enhanced my enjoyment of the show. I literally said out loud, “stop moving the camera for no good reason!” Lock it down and let these people act, for crying out loud. Speaking of crying, the final final final end scene had me going, “yeah, I don’t really feel anything when it comes to saying goodbye to at least half of these characters, because we don’t know them.” Sad that in five seasons the writers couldn’t give any meaningful characterization to most of the bridge crew. I hope the actors get good residual paychecks or something, because they will get zero career benefits from appearing as a glorified background actor. A few of those people weren’t even in this season, right? But they show up at the end to hug and cry and say goodbye. I do remember there was a scene where that Saurian sneezed a lot of snot on Burnham one time. I think that’s about it, though. Farewell, Disco. You went out the same way you came in. Trying way too hard, yet not hard enough, completely unaware of how awkward you really …  Read more »

I loved some things about this episode and hated others, which is how  Discovery  usually stacks up for me. :-) Exploring the galaxy with Starfleet never gets old, and the Starfleet mandate to not only explore but also to help allied planets in trouble, to protect everyone the Prime Directive allows, and to just generally make the galaxy a better place never gets old for me.

I do wish that we hadn’t had a REALLY extensive fistfight between Burnham and Moll during the middle of the episode, though. We’re trying to bring a person back to life, to keep the Breen from destroying everything, and to discover how life was created, and it all comes down to a FISTFIGHT? Seriously? I know Kirk had to have a fistfight in nearly every episode because NBC demanded “action,” but  Discovery  is on a streaming service … is a fistfight really still necessary? I mean, the backgrounds during the fight were gorgeous, but that just made the whole idea of a fistfight seem even more incongruous to me.

I hate, hate hate Olatunde Osunsanmi’s direction. EVERY time he directs an episode, his direction calls attention to itself, as if the director can’t resist saying, “Look at me; look at meeeee!” The constant camera spinning feels weird and juvenile to me; the direction is supposed to SUPPORT the story, not get in the way of it.

While I agreed with Burnham’s decision to let the Progenitors’ tech fall into the black hole, I thought that spending 30 seconds on that decision vs. twenty minutes on Admiral Burnham and her son and the setup to  Calypso  was a rather imbalanced placement of priorities. I would have liked to have seen Burnham talk aloud about the GOOD that Progenitors’ tech might have enabled her to do and to balance that against the possible negative consequences, whereas she only talked about building an army.

Good bye,  Discovery!  Thank you for bringing us  Strange New Worlds  and  Lower Decks  and  Prodigy .

“I hate, hate hate Olatunde Osunsanmi’s direction. EVERY time he directs an episode, his direction calls attention to itself … the direction is supposed to SUPPORT the story, not get in the way of it.”

I’m not a fan of his directing either. His signature move gets used far too much.

Plus, even from the start it was obvious that the Maguffin would either be fake or destroyed. No way can that sort of power be lying around for just anyone to grab. Even for the awful writing crews at Secret Hideout.

By and large a great episode.. the ending was great.. EXCEPT the contrived ending that made no sense from an in-show perspective. Having them redo the ship back to her original look and parking her in a nebula is a great idea for fans who just MUST have a connection to “Calypso”, but in-universe, from the characters perspective, the best they could do to make it make sense is ‘a red directive’. It literally makes no sense that this ship gets parked in a nebula after being remade to look like she originally did, and not at the fleet museum, if you’re looking at it from in-universe, in-show, at that moment perspective and NOT from a fan who is hung up on the show connecting to a 15-minute short from six years ago. And it took me right out of the moment.

It would have made far more sense to have her restored to her original configuration for the Fleet Museum and putting her there in the series finale so that fans that simply MUST have that connection to “Calypso” can use their imagination to say that some time after the show the ship must get stolen, pulled out of mothballs, or whatever.

Oh, and what a crappy thing to do to Zora, to deliberately leave her aboard an abandoned ship for a thousand years by herself. I guess there are no AI rights in the 32nd century.

I’m going to try to rewatch.. but I go back to.. what is the why? There was a mention of Craft.. but the only thing I could figure was to go back to season 2 when Discovery protected itself.. so they couldn’t destroy it.. had to abandon it.. so it was there to protect the sphere data?.. maybe?

My headcanon retcon: Discovery is also going back in time to 2258 and hiding, not just in a nebula, but in time… That’s why it’s disguised into its older form.

Okay – I’ll confess – I teared up a bit when the camera panned over some of that Trek memorabilia in Kovaks office

For all my railin against this episode.. that was cool. Not emotional for me, because this show has lost me to the point that not even those artifacts are enough to get me emotional.

I understand – I’m older than Kovak so anything that creatively integrates TOS and TNG hits me – lol

I thought it was weird he would have them. And Burnham wouldn’t have known what any of them were anyway.

Oh, what an adventure. My thanks to the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery for a five-season voyage.

At the end of the day I’m glad Picard and Discovery had a beginning, middle, and end. Despite the fact sine may not consider it perfect, Star Trek, canon. I’m glad it was able to wrap up.

The final season was a lack luster excise of a Holy Grail quest. Agent Daniels reveal…I just didn’t care.

So basically, the whole season was reset to zero after chasing their tail. A lot like every Doctor Who story: everyone runs around concerned about universe ending consequences… and then nothing happens.

That’s not fair. Sometimes in Doctor Who the universe did actually end. Or at least part of it got wiped out.

I think the ending highlights that they had a great concept but watered it down concerning having a 23rd century starship crew end up in the future after something catastrophic had destroyed the Federation and having them having to completely rebuild it. You’d be back to starships being powerful capital ships in the middle of nowhere, no back up, the need to colonize and connect with alien races, threats being extremely dangerous, space the final frontier. The stakes would even be higher. In Balance of Terror the Captain had to make decisions on behalf of the Federation due to communication times, they could have had it where Michael was making decisions because she was all that was left of the Federation. Also a nice theme about the 23rd century frontier can-do boldly go spirit persevering, that today’s humanity still has a place in the 35th. You’d get to reboot Star Trek without having to reboot Star Trek! I think Discovery would have been much stronger had they gone all in vs. a watered down burn, the Federation isn’t destroyed or perverted, it’s just in hiding, the Burn is just a childs temper tantrum, etc. Ironically… I guess this means even this version of the Federation falls and only an old Discovery for some reason can save the day? What? Why? What happens? I actually want to watch that show, as long as they show and not just tell.

I think the ending highlights that they had a great concept but watered it down concerning having a 23rd century starship crew end up in the future after something catastrophic had destroyed the Federation (temporal war and all) and having them having to completely rebuild it. Outside that I think Discovery was a better show pre time jump. You’d be back to starships being powerful capital ships in the middle of nowhere, no back up, the need to colonize and connect with alien races, threats being extremely dangerous, space the final frontier. The stakes would even be higher. In Balance of Terror the Captain had to make decisions on behalf of the Federation due to communication times, they could have had it where Michael was making decisions because she was all that was left of the Federation. Also a nice theme about the 23rd century frontier can-do boldly go spirit persevering, that today’s humanity still has a place in the 35th. You’d get to reboot Star Trek without having to reboot Star Trek! I think Discovery would have been much stronger had they gone all in vs. a watered down burn, the Federation isn’t destroyed, it’s just in hiding, the Burn is just a tantrum, etc. There are still hundreds of Starships after all. Ironically… I guess this means even this version of the Federation falls and only an old Discovery for some reason can save the day? What? Why? What happens? I actually want to watch that show, as long as they show and not just tell.

It’s been a long road.

To me the final scene was a way to reintroduce the original discovery to the universe and delete the red directive on the time jump. Now they can say “oh look we found this long lost ship finally” Yeah it’s a stupid head canon but it could work.

I can’t stop thinking about Zora. Stuck out there, all on her own, for a thousand years.

Did Michael destroy/kill a Progenitor along with the tech?

Did this ending essentially rip off the ending of BSG?

The tech wasn’t destroyed, just moves inside the event horizon.

Thirty seconds of dialog by Kovich could have explained the Calypso situation. He could have said how remarkable Discovery was to history… and when it time jumped, a copy of the ship opened up a new alternate universe. One where they abandoned ship and history in that universe split. It would have tied his comments about the mirror and Kelvin universe he made earlier in the series to the Calypao short…. Plot hole solved … it also would have opened up future Trek storylines as Kovich leads research into this other universe…. Sigh ….

Umm who activated the spore drive at the end?

Burnham and a crew were aboard the Discovery as it departed. After travel to coordinates in deep space, Burnham and crew abandoned ship.

I thought the finale was very good, not great, but as others have said it felt very much like Star Trek. I am not sure what they ended up filming post production, but I assume it was much of the epilogue with Booker and Burnham and their son along with the final scene on board Discovery. Both scenes were filled with hope for the future (even if Zora has to wait for the 42nd century) and that is very Star Trek.

Regarding Agent Daniels, USS Enterprise – nice touch and connection with the much maligned Enterprise. Let’s hope we get to see what really happened to Archer and the rest of his crew sometime in the future (I choose to ignore that series finale as something that didn’t happen haha)

From a ranking standpoint, I would give this finale a solid 7.5 out of 10. Far better than the Enterprise and TOS finales which were simply terrible, but behind TNG and DS9. Maybe it slots in just behind Voyager’s Endgame.

As for legacy, yeah like many I hated the first half of S1 and the show did its best to slowly battle back from a terrible debut, with varying levels of success and failure. In retrospect I must admit Discovery did take some big chances, once again with varying levels of success and failure.

Ultimately, although alienating many legacy fans, Discovery was in many ways ground-breaking, in the last three seasons embracing IDIC more than any other series and targeting new demographics. The show did manage to attract an expanded audience as evidenced by the rather surprising ratings numbers – at least for S5. The show also helped spawn Short Treks, SNW, Picard, LDs and Prodigy and the upcoming S31 and SFA – and that is a worthy legacy by itself. Congrats to the cast and crew of Discovery.

Btw, even though it had just 5 seasons, the show did last 7 years (2018-2024). Let’s hope SNW will exceed that run. LLAP!

I will admit I found the “coda” a bit off-putting. All that to make Calypso canonical? But looking at it, I’m seeing more a bit of them using Calypso for the coda, not the other way around. But there was something else: The only people we really saw were Burnham and Book, and mentions of Tilly and Vance (still on duty? That’s a long time.) Everyone else was in Michael’s vision. Did they really have to do that? She said she had a crew, but there was no one else on the bridge. They had all the actors there- couldn’t the bridge doors have opened and they all would have come out, a little aged? (For that matter, why wouldn’t Book come along?) For all the criticisms that this was the Burnham show, that really sealed it.

Burnham’s Pointless Fisticuffs: Apparently, twenty minutes of gratuitous fighting is the best use of our protagonist’s time before she remembers that talking might be a more effective strategy.

Rayner and Nhan’s Non-Roles: Characters so crucial to the story that they could have been completely omitted without anyone noticing.

Culber’s Magical Connection: Culber’s metaphysical link to Jinaal conveniently giving him the knowledge of subspace frequencies. Because that’s how pseudoscience works, right?

Puzzle in Two Dimensions: Introducing the concept of extradimensional thinking only to present a mundane two-dimensional puzzle.

The Great Anti-Climax: Burnham’s profound encounter with ancient technology boils down to learning absolutely nothing new or exciting.

Unnecessary Epilogue: Adding a continuity fix for a short episode that no one really needed, because tying up loose ends from a Short Trek story is clearly a top priority in a series that utterly wrecked canon anyway.

Spore Drive Nonsense: The already ridiculous spore drive is taken to new heights with impossible feats of magic tech, defying all known laws of science and common sense.

Glad this series is over. Don’t know how anyone ever liked it, but if you did, sorry you’re losing a show you liked. But for me – don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Discovery!

I mostly agree with all points. Except that I think Rayner offer a lot to the season and that the climax was an anti-climax. Keeping the mystery was better drama, and better sci fi. It worked story-wise because Michael overcomes her God complex and makes a wise and reasoned choice that reflects the personal growth that she’s experienced in rumor with no evidence to support the rumor until this moment.

Star Trek finally realizes its potential in its finale. While remaining true to Discovery, the show finally feels like Star Trek. The writers managed to satisfy character arcs while subverting my expectations: Michael gets the opportunity to become a god, and refuses it, overcoming her messiah complex. Stamets doesn’t get his “legacy” but he learns to accept who he is and what he’s been a part of. The epilogue was mostly unnecessary. How fitting that the entire bridge crew would show up and have no dialogue and nothing to do.

And they didn’t even really show up! The actors did and the characters didn’t.

'Star Trek: Discovery' season 5 episode 9 offers a tense but questionable cliffhanger

It's the old enemy infiltration by way of cunning disguise chestnut, but once you've seen The Orville's take on this, it's hard to take seriously.

 a humanoid alien with pink skin and several deep clefts on its face, wearing a blue tunic

Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Star Trek: Discovery" season 5, episode 9

Here we are then, just two episodes away from the very end of "Star Trek: Discovery," but we'll save the nostalgic look back over the last six years, eight months, one week and two days for next week. And no doubt there will be some kind of emotional farewell at the end of next week's installment, but just how cringeworthy that will be remains to be seen. 

Best non-cancellation last episode of a TV sci-fi show ever, in the "Five Seasons or More" category? Well, it certainly isn't " Enterprise ," sadly, and let's face facts, it's got to be the " The Next Generation " episode "All Good Things" (S07, E25) with "Unending," the "Stargate SG1" episode (S10, E20) in second place. 

And as we've seen, the quality of writing on this fifth and final season of "Discovery" has picked up, arguably an improvement the last three seasons, but unquestionably over the last season, which was the switching off point for many who had given "Discovery" the benefit of the doubt for so very long. And, despite this installment, entitled "Lagrange Point," being directed by Jonathan Frakes, it's not terrible. 

Watch Star Trek on Paramount Plus: Get a one month free trial 

Watch Star Trek on Paramount Plus: Get a one month free trial  

Get all the Star Trek content you can possibly handle with this free trial of Paramount Plus. Watch new shows like Star Trek: Discovery and all the classic Trek movies and TV shows too. Plans start from $4.99/month after the trial ends.

two humanoid aliens wearing black armor and helmets hold laser rifles

While Frakes has some excellent examples of episodic television under his belt, including "Falling Skies," "The Orville" and even "V," plus both "The Next Generation" and "Deep Space Nine" and "First Contact" of course, he has also helmed a few episodes –— almost always of "Star Trek" — that are...well, the sci-fi TV franchise equivalent of the Roger Moore Bond movies. And let's leave it at that. 

Not knowing more about the writing and production procedure employed on "Discovery," it's hard to know if the writers know what director will be assigned to which episode and whether or not they therefore cater for that individual, or if the director just takes the script and alters it as much or as little as they like. That's ultimately what contributes to the often-seen inconsistency that we talked about a week or so ago.

This week, a few select members of the command crew of the USS Discovery attempt to infiltrate a Breen dreadnought. And to be perfectly honest, after having watched the epic "Orville" episode "Krill" (S01, E06) it's a little hard to take this somewhat clichéd tactical approach seriously. But, for the most part, it's carried off with too much of a hitch. 

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two people who appear to be white-skinned humanoid aliens with bony ridges on their faces stand in black armor

The Breen have successfully snuck in under the nose of the USS Discovery and half-inched the Progenitors Puzzle. You know, like Belloq in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and we get to see them attempting to open the final clue, a little like the wonderfully hilarious slaves-get-killed-horribly-first approach that was used to great affect in "The Mummy." Missed opportunity there for a couple of really creative and horrific sacrificial deaths Frakes. Being dragged into an unknown dimension just wasn't unpleasant enough. Also, Wilhelm Scream?!

That said, there is some nice, creative choices of edits and a Starfleet commendation should be awarded to whichever writer championed a line of dialogue where Captain Rayner (Keith Rennie Callum) finally tells Lt. Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) to shut up . Sure, some fans adore her innocent, bumbling, comedy relief-style appeal, but it's not always conducive to Every Single Scene. 

And finally, breaking news this week as, according to The Hollywood Reporter , longtime "X-Men" producer Simon Kinberg is in talks to produce a "Star Trek" movie franchise for Paramount. Toby Haynes, who directed episodes " Andor " is on board to direct the new feature, with Seth Grahame-Smith writing the script. The project is said to be set decades before the events of the dreadful 2009 movie that was directed JJ Abrams, likely around modern times.

a man in a red tunic stands at the helm of a starship

It is said to involve the creation of the Starfleet and humankind’s first contact with alien life. This is music to the ears of all fans who believe that keeping Trek ridiculously far flung into the future is an awful, awful idea. Also, someone other than Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman calling the shots is an excellent, excellent idea. 

And while this period in Trek history is so very interesting as we saw in the vastly underrated "Enterprise," it does feel like everyone either wants to fast forward into the future or slam the franchise into reverse and go all the way back...but always, always leapfrogging over the most underutilized period, which is "The Wrath of Khan" movie era: Monster Maroons, Admiral Kirk, the USS Excelsior ... and all of that unexplored wonder. 

The fifth and final season of "Star Trek: Discovery" and every other episode of every " Star Trek " show — with the exception of "Star Trek: Prodigy" — currently streams exclusively on Paramount Plus in the US, while "Prodigy" has found a new home  on Netflix.  

Internationally, the shows are available on  Paramount Plus  in Australia, Latin America, the UK and South Korea, as well as on Pluto TV in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland on the Pluto TV Sci-Fi channel. They also stream on Paramount Plus in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In Canada, they air on Bell Media's CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave.

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When Scott's application to the NASA astronaut training program was turned down, he was naturally any 6-year-old boy would be. He chose instead to write as much as he possibly could about science, technology and space exploration. He graduated from The University of Coventry and received his training on Fleet Street in London. He still hopes to be the first journalist in space.

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    SNW James T Kirk Takes The Captain's Chair. Commanders, we would like to introduce you to the newest version of the oldest Star Trek hero, Strange New Worlds James Kirk! First introduced in the finale of season 1, SNW James Kirk appears as a more brash and cavalier style of captain than Pike is comfortable with, but as Pike learns, sometimes ...

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    I hope @everyone is having a fantastic day! It's incursions day, but today we're talking about power in Star Trek Fleet Command. Does it matter and have any ...

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    Download Star Trek Fleet Command Today! PLAY FREE NOW - AVAILABLE FOR - Mac OS Windows OS iOS Android OS ATTENTION ON DECK . STAY INFORMED AND DON'T LOSE YOUR PROGRESS! Subscribe for exclusive updates on our launches & more! Sync your progress across platforms and devices. SIGN UP FOR SCOPELY ACCOUNT ...

  23. Star Trek Fleet Command Codes (June 2024)

    Artifact Shards. Must be OPs level 38 or higher. NX-01. Exclusive Rewards. Must be OPs level 40 or higher. The main screen showing a star station in Star Trek Fleet Command with an arrow pointing ...

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    Ronald D Moore's Battlestar Galactica Borrowed A Story Idea From DS9. In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 3, episode 4, "Equilibrium", Lt. Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) is suddenly able to play a mysterious piece of music, despite never showing any musical ability. Neither of the previous Dax Trill hosts were musical either, creating a mystery ...

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    We do have a community at r/StarTrekFleetCommand.. As a huge Star Trek nerd who has seen every episode a million times, I don't really like the game for any of the story except for a few random holodeck missions you only get to play once, and there's nothing much else but read text and click triangles to kill stuff and then mine for resources you'll never quite have enough of :) I wouldn't ...

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    Download Star Trek Fleet Command on the Amazon App store: what is sure to elicit strong conversation form @everyone ...

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    She reflects on her (classified) mission, talking of the question about what is most meaningful. Her answer, "Sometimes life, itself (title alert!) is meaning enough.". Channeling her own ...

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    Get all the Star Trek content you can possibly handle with this free trial of Paramount Plus. Watch new shows like Star Trek: Discovery and all the classic Trek movies and TV shows too. Plans ...