I quit my day job at 29 by investing in real estate. I'm now a stay-at-home dad building generational wealth for my kids.

  • Matt Krueger quit his job at 29 to go full-time into real estate investing and Airbnb management.
  • The Iowa native and his wife have been buying and renovating houses as they lived in them since 2015.
  • Kruger said breaking into the short-term rental market was key to growing their rental income. 

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This as-told-to essay is based on a transcribed conversation with Matt Krueger, 30, about building income from rental properties in Des Moines, Iowa. Business Insider has verified his ownership of the properties with documentation. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

After getting married in 2014, my wife and I moved into an apartment together. We were renting but wanted to buy a house .

We weren't earning much. I was a cellphone rep on an hourly wage, making around $35,000 in 2014, and she was a veterinary technician who made $24,000 that year.

My in-laws inspired us in our real estate journey. My father-in-law worked as a meat cutter in a grocery store but was able to quit his job at 45 after becoming a real estate investor .

I was listening to a podcast and discovered house hacking : fixing up a property as you live in it so you can rent it out to tenants. We used this method several times and generated income from long-term rental properties.

In 2021, I decided to enter the short-term rental business, listing properties on Airbnb. It hugely increased our revenue from property investment and enabled me to quit my day job in 2022.

I feel blessed to have increased my earnings to the point where I could become a stay-at-home dad at 29.

We started our real-estate investment journey with long-term rentals

In 2015, we bought our first home in Des Moines, Iowa, for $92,000. At the time, we lived off my salary and saved all my wife's income, which we used for a 3% down payment minus $1,000 "first-time home buyers credit," around $3,700.

The house was a dive, but we started fixing it up. We couldn't afford to hire contractors, so my father-in-law helped us, and we used YouTube to learn how to renovate. We would do one project, save up my wife's income, and then start the next project, working on the house bit by bit. We spent around $5,000 on renovations.

It was like living in a construction zone, but we loved it. Painting and flooring the house connected us as a married couple. We made an ugly house into something we could call a home.

After 15 months, we moved out and straight into a second house, which we bought for $130,000 in 2016. We paid the $4,700 down payment with savings from my wife's salary.

We rented out our first property for $1,200 a month, and after paying the mortgage and expenses, we made $515 in net income monthly.

We continued to house hack fixer-upper properties using conventional loans. Because they were primary residences, we only had to put down 3% deposits and would slowly renovate the houses until they were ready to be rented. That year, we had our first kid and my wife stopped working.

In 2017, we sold our first property, which we purchased for $92,000, for $145,000, and bought another house for $130,000.

In 2018, we bought our fourth property for $195,000, which we live in now. It was a dump, but we liked that it came with land, so we decided to fix it up and stay put there.

To ensure we were renovating competently, I'd have my father-in-law and my father, who's done some woodworking, check through things. I also asked questions in Facebook groups, but overall, I felt it was relatively easy to learn basic plumbing and electrical stuff. At points, we did hire some professional help, like an electrician and someone to help us move a wall.

It took us about a year to renovate and move out of each of our first few properties and for them to become cash-flowing. We'd work on renovations in the evenings and weekends together.

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Between 2017 and 2021, our rental income averaged $1,200 to $1,500 monthly, taking into account money set aside for mortgage payments.

I was inspired to try short-term rentals and quit my day job in 2022

One day, I listened to a podcast about short-term rentals and Airbnb. It seemed different from what I knew about long-term rentals, but I was enticed by the crazy numbers they were earning.

I wasn't sure if it would be possible in Des Moines — the online data suggested it was a bad market for Airbnb — but I wanted to try.

We could take out a $150,000 home equity line of credit, or HELOC, on our primary home, which we'd been renovating for two years. In late 2021, we used it to buy a $160,000 family home as an Airbnb rental.

We used money from our HELOC to invest around $30,000 in renovations and furnishings. We tried to target families by adding amenities like a game room and getting professional photos taken. When we listed the house on Airbnb, the bookings rolled in pretty quickly. We made around $52,000 in revenue from that house in 2022.

I decided I wanted to go all in on real estate in 2022. I'd moved jobs a few times within the cellular sales field and was on a $68,000 salary, but I was making more from properties, so I called my boss and quit. I was 29 at the time.

In 2022, we bought and flipped a condo in Texas using money from our HELOC. We also bought a second short-term rental in 2022 using our HELOC to pay for the deposit, furnishings, and renovations. We sold the condo for nearly $100,000 profit and used that income to repay the line of credit.

Then, we used the HELOC again for the down payment on a fourplex and duplex in 2022.

At the end of 2023, we did a cash-out refinance on our second Airbnb property, which paid back half of our HELOC. Then, at the beginning of 2024, we sold our duplex to pay off the rest of the HELOC.

Lastly, in April 2024, we drew $80,000 of our HELOC for the down payment, renovations, and furnishings on our third and most recent Airbnb. We plan to do a cash-out refinance in a year to pay back any remaining balance on our HELOC, but we are also using the cash flow from the newest Airbnb to pay it back.

Taking out a line of credit on your primary home can be risky, but we always ensure we pay back the credit as quickly as possible. We have the cash flow, and in the worst-case scenario, we could sell one of our properties to make the payments.

One downside of short-term rentals is the increased admin

In 2023, we made around $97,000 in revenue from long-term rentals and around $143,000 from two short-term rentals. In May this year, we opened our third short-term rental, hoping to increase our revenue even further.

We've been successful with short-term rentals because we've focused on creating an experience for guests. We invested in hot tubs, barbecues, outdoor games, and arcade rooms. Last year, we hit around 70% occupancy.

Compared to long-term rentals, I do have to put more effort into maintenance. I wanted the income to be passive so I could spend as much time with my family as possible, but initially, we did the cleaning ourselves.

I now have a cleaner who goes in after each guest's visit. I've also started using software to automate certain processes. PriceLabs helps me update prices based on demand, and Hospitable automates some messaging with guests and notifies our cleaner about bookings that are happening. It's hugely reduced the amount of admin I need to do.

We set aside money from our revenue for maintenance and paying cleaners. We also cover all utilities and monthly restockables like shampoo and toilet paper.

I hope that real estate investment will support my family for the foreseeable future

I wanted real estate to give me financial freedom . Now that I've quit my job, I can provide more time and energy to my children. During the day, my wife does most of the homeschooling while I take care of the rental business and manage my social media accounts.

I also wanted to build generational wealth. I plan to leave the properties to my kids, and they can decide what to do with them.

We knew there was a chance this might not work, that we could lose money or not find a tenant, but by buying homes that needed cosmetic updates, we've built sweat equity into them, giving us a safety net from debt.

If something went wrong, I could sell all the properties and be left with a good chunk of change even after mortgage payments . If the market crashed and property values dropped, that doesn't necessarily mean rents will decrease. I think we'd still be able to land on our feet again.

I think it's riskier to rely on an employer to keep your paycheck coming than to bet on yourself. From making $35,000 a year at my day job to seeing over $258,000 in revenue in 2023, I'm making way more than I ever expected.

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DNC and Biden campaign prepare counter-message for Trump's convention

WASHINGTON — Democrats eager to turn the spotlight back on former President Donald Trump are planning a show of force in Milwaukee during the Republican National Convention, with an attack that’s as much about the party’s potential governing agenda as its nominee. 

It’s not unusual for the opposition party to seek a foothold in the city hosting the rival convention, but Democrats are eager to go on offense against the GOP after weeks of internal hand-wringing over President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance. 

The Democratic National Committee and the Biden campaign say they are planning a six-figure paid visibility effort in Milwaukee during the RNC, with daily news conferences featuring Democratic surrogates and advertising around the city blasting Trump and the governing blueprint put forward by conservative allies.

The Biden campaign has seized on Project 2025, a policy document produced by the Heritage Foundation, more intensely in the past week, with advisers insisting that as voters learn more, it will translate into support for Democrats up and down the ballot.

“If Trump thought Milwaukee was ‘horrible’ before, he won’t be happy when he’s met by a counter-convention from Democrats on the ground who will expose his extreme Project 2025 agenda and hold him accountable for shilling for the rich at the expense of working families, attacking reproductive freedom, and threatening to be a dictator on ‘day one,’” DNC communications director Rosemary Boeglin said in a statement. “Trump wants to sell the American people on a return to his reckless, chaotic extremism — but Americans know a fraud and a liar when they see one.”

Trump has distanced himself from Project 2025 , saying over the weekend: “I know nothing about Project 2025. I have no idea who is behind it.” But he has close ties to some involved in elements of it, including a key author, Ross Vought, former director of the Office of Management and Budget, and former senior adviser John McEntee, who has overseen a personnel database for potential employees in a second Trump administration. 

Trump himself will also be a major target of the DNC’s activities, with the party casting the convention as showcasing “the best that they have to offer the American people: a coup-attempting convicted felon.” The party says its counterprogramming will highlight “the grave danger that Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans pose to our democracy, our rights, and our livelihoods.”

The party says it will have pro-Biden and anti-Trump messages on billboards across Milwaukee, as well as mobile billboards and dozens of city buses. Each morning, Biden and DNC officials will host news conferences about specific parts of the Trump agenda, with surrogates who will include Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas and former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. 

A rapid response team will also be working to spotlight what the Trump and Republican teams are doing at and around the convention. 

Even as he faces growing calls from elected Democrats and allies to consider stepping aside, Biden plans to engage in his own counterprogramming schedule next week with a mix of official and campaign events, including commemorating the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act in Texas and addressing the NAACP and Unidos conventions in Las Vegas.

Vice President Kamala Harris seized on the Project 2025 agenda during her own stop in Las Vegas on Tuesday, saying that were it to be implemented it would “be the latest attack in Donald Trump’s full-on assault on reproductive freedom.”

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Mike Memoli is an NBC News correspondent. 

LAist is part of Southern California Public Radio, a member-supported public media network.


Paramount finds a new home and hope for the future

 The Paramount logo is displayed at Columbia Square along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Calif. on March 9, 2023.

Paramount has tentatively been sold to David Ellison and Skydance, which means drastic changes for the media conglomerate, including sharp cost reductions and a focus on embracing technology.

Why it matters: David Ellison is set to take the reins at Paramount after current controlling shareholder Shari Redstone agreed to a $2.4 billion pact as part of a complicated transaction. (The deal is slated to close in the third quarter of 2025.) Paramount, one of Hollywood’s oldest and most successful entertainment companies, has been in disarray after trying and failing to compete as entertainment shifted from the cable era, where it was strong, to the digital one, where it’s struggled. Ellison’s arrival could swing fortunes around, at least those within the company hope.

Where the cuts are coming: Ellison and new president Jeff Shell have mapped out $2 billion in cuts and cost savings, which includes an already pledged $500 million that current management intends to execute. Once Ellison takes over, the new Paramount leadership will implement an additional $1.2 billion in cost “efficiencies” starting in late 2025 and through 2026. In particular, layoffs will take effect, and Paramount’s cable networks — Comedy Central, MTV, Showtime and such — are going to be most significantly affected.

Renewed focus: One thing Ellison stressed constantly was his vision for Paramount to become a “tech hybrid,” which will involve things such as the “cloud,” AI and a rebuilt Paramount+ streaming service. In terms of specific areas of the company, CBS and Paramount+ — surprisingly — look like they’ll still have a future, while Ellison’s love of movies and the viability of generating revenue over time from theatrical films will contribute to Paramount Pictures remaining fully operational.

For more... read the full story on The Ankler .

This story is published in partnership with The Ankler , a paid subscription publication about the entertainment industry.

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JOURNEYS near and far Travel Agent specializing in honeymoons, romantic getaways..

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K for Kora Journeys

Symbol for Kora Journeys, a luxury travel company that designs high-end travels to exotic destinations.

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Maps & Memories Travel Co

Vintage sketch design for a classic feel for the company.

Journey logo with the title 'Vagabonds of Sweden'

Vagabonds of Sweden

Logo for a travel blog/website that reach and influence a Swedish as well as an international audience worldwide. It is about Sophia and Fredrik: Vagabonds of Sweden. A Swedish couple in love with traveling. Together they lives a travel lifestyle and have been to 34 countries around the world. The background picture (one of their amazing pictures) caught my attention. All I can see is true love, communion and how much they complete each other. And this picture inspired me to create this monoline logo. The V and the S, they look as if they're embraced, exactly like they are in this picture. And the monoline style is for suggesting communion and how they complete each other. Also the monoline can be seen a path, a journey, from place to place.

Journey logo with the title 'Kora Journeys'

Kora Journeys

Luxury travel company that designs high-end travels to exotic destinations.

Journey logo with the title 'MOTORISTA'

A brand that creates digital content around exotic cars, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin etc. The content includes articles, photos and videos, however mainly focusing on reviews, episodes that incorporate lifestyle and comedy on YouTube. The natural audience may be socialites and enthusiasts, content will be marketed to all genders and age groups by by incorporating lifestyle, scenic locations and comedy. The Logo will be animated, so think outside the box

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The RoAM CoALiTiON is an alliance of adventurers who dare to explore the universe, and the universe within. Their wild hearts pledge to support one another on their quests. The RoAM CoALiTiON can be joined by making a promise to oneself to trust intuition and honor the heart’s stirring, and to embark on journey after journey after journey. The RoAM CoALiTiON is poised to support the alliance through inspirational posts, events and products. The RoAM CoALiTiON will post stories, literature, poetry, quotes, and guides. The RoAM CoALiTiON will host gatherings, hikes, yoga, campouts, festivals and trips. The RoAM CoALiTiON will provide products that serve to inspire and outfit the journey.

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Adventures by C.J.

Playful and luxurious logo for a high-end agency.

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The Coach Journey

A podcast and group coaching programme aimed at supporting coaches (life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches) to grow their business and their impact with clients.

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Inventure Labs

InventureLabs is about designing ventures that give you a life, not just money. Your life is the ultimate venture. Your life includes the personal and private, the public and social and is inseparable from nature. Inventure Labs wants to bridge the gaps, remove the separation and develop a system to design ventures that serves everything that matters to you in your life. A holistic-life venture system inspired by nature = Bio-inspired venture design. 1. Bio = nature (a person - since this is about people). 2. Inspired = Inspiration, being uplifted or moved by something, (the heart is touched). 3. Venture = a daring undertaking, or journey (life is a journey). 4. Design = thoughtful creative structure with purpose (DNA). The logo combines all these elements and symbolizes a person getting out from the egg/his own world, getting out of his comfort zone and starting a new life.

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Route of Wander logo (travel the world)

Journey logo with the title 'Email Experts'

Email Experts

As the logo takes shape, it echoes the promise of Email Experts to online marketers — a promise of not merely delivering a service but orchestrating an experience. The intertwining of the email sign and crown becomes a visual representation of the seamless integration of technical proficiency with a touch of regal sophistication, tailored for the discerning audience of online email marketers. Picture a bustling digital marketplace, where Email Experts stand as the guides and mentors, offering a crown jewel of expertise to online marketers navigating the digital landscape. The crown symbolizes not only authority but a commitment to the highest standards of email marketing, where every campaign is treated with precision, creativity, and the regal touch expected from true industry leaders. This logo is available for sale.

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Bonsai blog logo design

Logo design for blog that guides bonsai beginners

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Logo for The Trip Collector

Journey logo with the title 'ItinerAnt'

A community of Italian people who live and travel in their van, campervan.

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Playful logo for travel experts website

Inspiring logo for very nice, cooperative and responsive client.

Journey logo with the title 'Hero's Journey'

Hero's Journey

Making Game Assets Characters / Tools / Animations for the game industry to make their journey on game development easier

Journey logo with the title 'Summer Camp logo for New York State Sheriffs Institute'

Summer Camp logo for New York State Sheriffs Institute

Logo for New York State Sheriffs Institute Summer Camp. The circular badge design incorporates a unique sheriff's star and outdoor setting, highlighting the beauty of nature and evoking a sense of adventure. The highlight is the silhouette of two children playing with six-pointed stars as a representation of the child-sheriff connection. Ready for a 1-1 project at any time if you love this style!

Journey logo with the title 'Inspirierendes Logo für Heldenreisen- Organisation'

Inspirierendes Logo für Heldenreisen- Organisation

Ich wünsche mir ein Logo, das für eine Organisation bestimmt ist, deren Ausrichtung und Arbeit dieser Organisation (http://herosjourneyfoundation.org/) sehr ähnlich ist.

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Winner of Odyssey Studio Contest

We're a game development studio, we make games that take you on a journey.

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Logo for a travel blog

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Bonsai Journey

Logo design for a blog documenting the journey of an absolute beginner who learns and discovers the art and world of bonsai.

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Logo for Privilege To Love Adoption Support Services

The brief: A service based website providing information, inspiration, encouragement and resources to support adoptive parents. The target audience is parents, primarily women 25-45 years old. The logo should feel full of possibility- calm, uplifting, graceful, grounded, reassuring, and capable. A map/globe. My solution: The heart making its way across the soft watercolour globe represents to journey that parents and children make together, both in the process of families/children being matched together, and then the journey of getting to know each other and living together. In the words of the client: Where there is love, there is a way. The hand drawn script gives the design a friendly, upbeat vibe. The simple, san serif keeps it relaxed and stable.

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The Logo is an iconic visual symbol that represents life’s path. The path is a significant metaphor for the quest of joy and contentment. Zellazoo supports this journey by offering accessible, unique products that bring joy and support quality of life for all.

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An educational platform that helps spas grow their essential oil business

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Logo Illustration about Down Valley Brewing

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Create Preppy-Classy logo - for Mini Mini Moose Travel Blog

Winning entry

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Elegant logo for Catholic church

I created this logo for a Catholic church looking to emphasize intentional discipleship. There slogan is "journey, disciple, welcome"

Journey logo with the title 'Fun concept for travel company '

Fun concept for travel company

A fun concept where a blue crab claw serves as a letter V

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The Journey Within

"We call our group of participants the Lions. A Lion represents them becoming their highest selves. We are open to incorporating a logo of a Lion with the words the journey within or possibly just TJW. We are available to other ideas or visuals like a winding road (journey at the front of the road, within or a "w" as the end of the road) as an example or any other creative ideas you can think of to represent the journey within." The owner, Mr. Luke, needs a lion design for a seminary event. I came up with an idea of a roaring icon for the lion. It is straightforward and clean yet easy to memorize for a company.

Journey logo with the title 'Journey Logo'

Journey Logo

Luxurious and modern design of a sun which is created by subtle letter "J" making a twirl from the middle to outside, representing sun rays and also refering to "Journey" with a twirl motion.

Journey logo with the title 'Rihala - Uncharted Aromas'

Rihala - Uncharted Aromas

Organic coffee from hard-to-reach farmers

Journey logo with the title 'Illustrative Logo Concept for Pre-Teen Ministry'

Illustrative Logo Concept for Pre-Teen Ministry

This design started out as a logo-type with minimal symbol incorporation. The text is a custom creation where I created it to have a slight slant considering the word "KICKSTART". The arrows that from the K's are to further illustrate movement along with the subtly widening gaps between the slanted lines. I gave the text bold outlines and small highlights to help it pop a bit more. The racer mascot was created to have a look of readiness and confidence. Although it tends toward the more masculine side, I created it to be gender neutral and without a specific skin color given the diversity of the community it should be representing. I also placed the mascot on the left side of the text to add further balance to the overall logo.

Journey logo with the title 'MSP Journey logo design'

MSP Journey logo design

Journey logo with the title 'Journey Mobile home logo concept'

Journey Mobile home logo concept

- read and study the brief - provide the logo design - accept input for logo improvement - logo enhancement - done

Journey logo with the title 'Logo for Travel Ready Vacations'

Logo for Travel Ready Vacations

Travel Ready is a travel agent aimed at those women who travel alone. Her goal is to create a travel group for women to get together, make friends and go on adventures together. The logo design had to speak to women, be elegant and refer to mountainous environments such as The Alps, The Rocky Mountains, The Smokies, Appalachian... That's why we created a really feminine and modern combined logo that women would like to wear on their travel bags and t-shirts. The logo shows mountains at night, a starry landscape surrounded by nature and trees. The typography is fluid and sophisticated. In this way we achieve an exclusive design that perfectly represents the values of the brand.

Journey logo with the title 'Dinosaurs Mascot Design'

Dinosaurs Mascot Design

The ancient traveler is still looking for a place to settle down... Contact me through 1-1 project ;)

Journey logo with the title 'Bourbon Podcast Journey Drinkers'

Bourbon Podcast Journey Drinkers

The purpose of Journey Drinkers is to unite like-minded folks to share pours, stories, bottle foraging, wins, losses, and everything in between. It’s the hang, the smack talk, and the fun-loving experiences we share that bring us all together over brown water. My journey started a lot like many others. Over shared pours.

Journey logo with the title 'Wine Event Logo'

Wine Event Logo

Here is a logo design that was created for a wine event, so I included a road, sun and mountains encapsulated in a wine glass. The client loved this wordmark and it worked well with the overall brand.

Journey logo with the title 'The combined concept of food and script in typography style for Travelling Foodologist logo'

The combined concept of food and script in typography style for Travelling Foodologist logo

Journey logo with the title 'Design the new industry disrupting Keto Donuts'

Design the new industry disrupting Keto Donuts

A simple yet Modern logo concept for Good Journey Donuts. Combining a Donut and Pin Location.

Journey logo with the title 'Logo design for a family blog'

Logo design for a family blog

Journey logo with the title 'Yoga Energy Healer Astrologer Needs a powerful logo'

Yoga Energy Healer Astrologer Needs a powerful logo

The client wants to have a powerful logo that conveys her strong passion on helping people with their soul-searching journey and path to their own enlightenment.

Journey logo with the title 'Minimalistic birdy logo concept'

Minimalistic birdy logo concept

Journey logo with the title 'France Journeys'

France Journeys

Travel company offering custom designed luxury tours specializing in France and focusing on unique experiences.

Journey logo with the title 'Camel Logo'


Outdoor sports information website for the citizens of the historical city of Prague in Czech Republic

Journey logo with the title 'Journey Brand logo'

Journey Brand logo

Journey logo with the title 'Bridge Podcast Logo'

Bridge Podcast Logo

The idea was to combine a bridge and a speech bubbles in negative space between two pillars. I decided to make a bridge from this point of view to imply that there is a journey ahead of you with this podcast. A simple serif font brings a bit of a tradition feel and ties it all in a simple, modern and memorable logo that can withstand the test of time.

Journey logo with the title 'The Evolution of The Journey Within Lion'

The Evolution of The Journey Within Lion

Journey logo with the title 'Sawtooth Business Advisors'

Sawtooth Business Advisors

Sawtooth Business Advisors, is a business guide. Helping Business owners and management teams with the journey to the top of the business peak!

Journey logo with the title 'beachfoot'

logo for a trip or traveler to enjoy the beauty of beaches around the world about travel, love and sunset

Journey logo with the title 'Logo for sale'

Logo for sale

Concept for a high quality travel logo. The logo creates a sense of adventure, the journey with the plane flying out of the circle represents the experience of unlimited travel. Black/gold is a perfect combo for a luxury and high end brand.

Journey logo with the title 'CourseBegin'


Journey logo with the title 'Event logo for Camp Souldust'

Event logo for Camp Souldust

This is a logo for a specific Souldust event, Camp Souldust. "Camp Souldust is a retreat experience for adults, where summer camp play + authentic soul work intersect." https://souldust.com/

Journey logo with the title 'CANOE TRIP #26'


Logo conveys a sense of adventure and serenity, inviting people to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities at Eagle’s Nest Lakehouse. It’s designed to evoke emotions of excitement for outdoor enthusiasts and peace for those seeking a getaway. The use of a circular shape and harmonious colors adds to the logo’s aesthetic appeal and memorability.

Journey logo with the title 'Prime Life Journeys'

Prime Life Journeys

Mature Audience, curated travel itineraries, for high net worth clientele. This luxury product is about authenticity, experience, quality, and exclusivity the characteristics that define luxury throughout the ages. a communication that breathes life into the brand, evoking perceptions of authenticity and timelessness.

Journey logo with the title 'Logo For Shaadi Channel'

Logo For Shaadi Channel

Designed for the contest: A logo for a company that makes wedding easy.

Journey logo with the title 'itagd logo design'

itagd logo design

The iTagd is a high tech solution using BLE to quickly tag and track luggage through it’s travel journey. It illuminates and sounds to indicate it’s status. Target markets: airlines, travel industries, the consumer/traveler. Logo Idea: 1 .Use the iGuy 2. iGuy holding luggage 3. Connection between the "i" and the "d" given they equate to "ID", identification Modern, high tech.

Journey logo with the title 'Vegan Traveling • logo '

Vegan Traveling • logo

This is a logo design for a vegan travel website, that offers customers hotels, events and tips about being vegan on tour. The idea was to design a compass that hints to the event as well as to the food aspect of the website

Journey logo with the title 'Journey's End'

Journey's End

Mount logo Concept

Journey logo with the title 'Authentic Journeys needs authentic logo - can you capture the essence of our company?'

Authentic Journeys needs authentic logo - can you capture the essence of our company?

cristinemp want a logo that represent The Travel Agency, and they focus will be on India, but also include Nepal, Bhutan, and other neighboring countries.

Journey logo with the title 'Branding for Portfolio of Education Businesses'

Branding for Portfolio of Education Businesses

A group of specialist educators that understands the journey of a student is a hard one, not unlike the journey of the hero. DESIGN BRIEF/CONCEPT: Letterform icon composed for EG, the bar above the 'G' means excel.

Journey logo with the title 'Adventure Rental Company Logo'

Adventure Rental Company Logo

Northern Soul Adventure Rentals is an RV and Camping Trailer rental company for families and customers to go camping and experience the great outdoors, music festivals, or cross country road trips.

Journey logo with the title 'Pictorial Mark'

Pictorial Mark

Road Trip Bucket List

Journey logo with the title 'Full Health Journey logo '

Full Health Journey logo

Journey logo with the title 'logo for journey company'

logo for journey company

Journey logo with the title 'Love Journey Logo'

Love Journey Logo

Meaning and Symbolism Shared Adventure: sailboats symbolize adventure, discovery, and the journey of life. They represent a couple facing the challenges and joys of the journey together. Independence and Unity: each boat is independent, but they travel side by side. This represents a balance between personal autonomy and collaboration. Movement and Progress: sails suggest movement and progress, symbolizing a couple growing together and moving toward common goals. They also represent hope and positive energy pushing the relationship forward. Harmony and Synchronization: sailing requires coordination and synchronization, which can represent the need for communication and cooperation in a relationship. Resilience and Flexibility: sails need to be robust to withstand the wind but also flexible to adapt to changing weather conditions. This symbolism can reflect a couple's ability to adapt and remain strong in the face of adversity.

Journey logo with the title 'Classy brand for a new travel insurance business'

Classy brand for a new travel insurance business

SUPPORT Ur DREAM. I didn't use "Plane" or "Shield“ to design this logo, cause we'll go everywhere by any traffic tools, and "travel insurance business" is not security guards , it should be a backer for every traveler, Let them just go & enjoy their journey.

Journey logo with the title 'Classic Logo Concept for motorcycle journey'

Classic Logo Concept for motorcycle journey

Concept: This logo encapsulates the essence of the open road and the freedom of riding. Its vintage style emphasizes simplicity and timelessness, evoking the spirit of classic motorcycle journeys. Design: Crafted in a stark black and red palette for a bold contrast, the logo features a robust and masculine depiction of a Harley Davidson motorcycle against the rugged backdrop of mountains. Its realistic portrayal and sharp lines convey strength and masculinity.

Journey logo with the title 'New Journey Health'

New Journey Health

The concept is for a Ketamine therapy clinic call New Journey Health. One of the stronger concepts presented in simplicity and dual meaning. It's a "J" but its also showing how ketamine can make you turn things around and get moving forward.

Journey logo with the title 'Let's Photograph'

Let's Photograph

This is a sign that you may take so much photos in the area. So, Let's Photograph!!!

Journey logo with the title 'Logo for a travel blog'

Compas logo of Aging GPS

pieman by E-T

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Even in the darkest of days, community is our superpower

While we're worrying about the next political nightmare around the corner, it's easy to forget that we need to celebrate local stories of hope and unity.

A’Jon Jones, a songwriting instructor at Beyond the Bars, talks and teaches students during a songwriting session at Beyond the Bars’ summer student teacher program at the Community Education Center in West Philadelphia in 2023.

I know our summer schedules fill up quickly, but this is a late addition you’ll want to include.

On Saturday, young people from throughout Philadelphia are expected to come together for the first of what organizers hope will become an annual Philly Youth Music Festival . Aspiring artists from more than 15 city organizations are expected to gather to make music — from drummers and guitarists to singers and rappers across all genres.

In addition to scheduled performances from noon to 6 p.m. at the Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center in Manayunk , the festival is also welcoming young people (and their families and friends) to come, and if so moved, to showcase their own talents. So bring it, Philly!

“This is an opportunity for celebrating,” Matthew Kerr, director of Beyond the Bars, a music education program based in West Philadelphia, told me when we spoke this weekend. “Celebrating our young people’s art, but also celebrating them as people, and also having an opportunity for them to all meet each other and collaborate, gas each other up, and all of that good stuff.”

The more I heard, the more necessary “all that good stuff” sounded — especially in the wake of another bloody Fourth of July when a gunman opened fire into a crowd in Southwest Philly, killing 19-year-old Maurice White , a recent Bartram High School graduate, and wounding eight others, including five teenagers ranging in ages from 14 to 18.

Gun violence in our city may be down after three years of record numbers, but the daily drip still overwhelms.

Regular readers of my column may recognize Kerr and the organization he codirects with Christopher Thornton. I’ve written about them on a few occasions, including in January 2021, when the program won the prestigious Lewis Prize for Music : a game-changing $500,000 grant. It was, as I wrote, a big deal.

Except — and no journalist worth their salt likes to admit this — I was late to report that news back then because, like so many of my fellow reporters, I felt obligated to put local stories on hold to focus on the all-hands-on-deck national calamity at hand: the Twisted Trump roller coaster that was 45’s presidency, and its nauseating aftermath.

You know the ride — the one we thought had stopped when Donald Trump was finally exorcized from the White House, but that we’ve somehow been strapped into again.

So much feels familiar: The steep incline of fragile hope that Trump might be held accountable, the stomach-turning curves and dips filled with lies and enablers — I mean, have you read about Project 2025 ? — and, of course, that moment when, fearing for your life, you just want the ride to stop and get off.

But then, this isn’t 2020, and we’ve learned something — I hope — including the need to step out of the foxhole every once in a while and celebrate the power of community.

Community, I’m more convinced than ever, will show us the way. Hasn’t it always, even through the worst moments of our history? It’s one of the things that caused so many of us to be shocked at some people’s combative and self-centered reactions to COVID-19. A crisis is supposed to be when we come together. Community is where we have seen our greatest strengths.

“A lot of the heaviness, and the heavy things that happen in life, work to try to make you feel isolated. And when you feel isolated, you feel overwhelmed,” Kerr said. “The only way through is through community.”

Those aren’t just words. In 2023, I squeezed into a packed studio inside the organization’s Lancaster Avenue headquarters as the Beyond the Bars community dedicated the space to Khalia Robinson , a community advocate and a founding board member of the organization who was shot and killed earlier that year.

“We can create healthy things that our communities deserve,” Kerr said. “But the only way it happens is communally, and making sure that we all realize we’re not alone as we fight this fight together.”

Lucky for our city, he’s not alone in that belief.

“Community and collaboration really [are] the key to making sure that our young people are able to thrive even through the difficult times,” said Aisha Winfield, director of the Blues Babe Foundation , a Philly nonprofit founded by musician Jill Scott whose students will be manning a podcast station on Saturday. But, Winfield added, what excites her is the ripple effect a sense of community has on young people.

“I look at them as a catalyst,” she said.

None of us knows for sure where this latest chapter in our shared history will end. But unity is our superpower, and our superheroes have always consistently been those who never lose sight of that.

And if you, like me, need a periodic reminder of that power, grab a free ticket for the festival and, for an afternoon, shut off the noise of the world around us and enjoy the beautiful music we make right here in Philadelphia when we stand together.

An office full of computers and large monitors from the 80s with the DoIT History logo.

New website chronicles the history of UW–‍Madison’s Division of Information Technology

After more than a year of research and preparation, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) has launched a new website that explores the history of the division and information technology at the university. A partnership between DoIT and UW Archives, the new doithistory.it.wisc.edu takes visitors on an interactive journey through key moments and milestones that have shaped IT at UW–‍Madison from the 1960s to today.

The site’s centerpiece is an interactive timeline featuring archival photos, documents and firsthand accounts from DoIT staff. Visitors can scroll through the decades to discover the origins of university IT units in the 1960s and 1970s, the formation of the division in the 1990s, and the rapid acceleration of technology in the 2000s and 2010s. The timeline showcases important developments like:

  • The launch of the MyUW portal
  • The development and expansion of the campus wireless network
  • DoIT’s critical contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to the timeline, the site includes collections of key DoIT leaders and annual reports that provide additional historical context. You can also test your knowledge and have some fun by playing our DoIT trivia and Guess the Acronym games.

“Information technology services have become one of UW–‍Madison’s foundational pillars in the last few decades, enabling our mission to educate our students, search for new discoveries, and influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom,” said Lois Brooks, vice provost for information technology and chief information officer. “This new website provides an engaging way for the UW community to learn about the history of the people and technology that got us to where we are today and to see how IT has transformed teaching, learning and research at the university.”

A man in a yellow shirt works in a large room full of computers and printers.

To create the site, DoIT staff and a student researcher partnered with archivists at the UW Archives, combing through dozens of boxes of records containing hundreds of documents and photographs as well as digital and analog media files. The researchers methodically reviewed and organized the materials, flagging items that helped tell the story of the pivotal technologies and the people behind them—some well-known, others obscure or historically marginalized. 

“It’s been fascinating to look back at how technology has advanced and how DoIT has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the university,” said Mary Evansen, director of DoIT Communications. “We hope the DoIT History site provides the UW community with an opportunity to review the vital behind-the-scenes work IT has performed over the years in fulfilling the university’s mission.”

Explore the new DoIT History website at doithistory.it.wisc.edu and take a trip through time to see technology’s impact at the University of Wisconsin–‍Madison. We will continue to update the site with new content in the future. Please use our feedback form to share your comments or questions or to tell us if you run into an accessibility barrier on the site.

our journey of hope logo

Exclusive - The Kapil Sharma Show fame Surabhi and Samriddhi buy their first home; say 'We hope our story inspires others to follow their dreams'

S urabhi and Samriddhi, the talented and gorgeous twin sisters, have achieved a significant milestone by purchasing their first house in Mumbai. The sisters, known for their appearances on The Kapil Sharma Show, have named their new home "Sukoon," which means "peace" in Hindi.

In an exclusive interview, the twins shared their excitement: "We are thrilled to share that we have bought our very first house in Mumbai, which we have named Sukoon. Ghar me kadam rakhte hi Sukoon mil gaya toh ghar ka naam Sukoon kaise na rakhte?" They expressed how fulfilling it felt to step into their own home and experience the peace they had longed for.

Their journey began four years ago when they made their debut on The Kapil Sharma Show. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to reach this point. "It feels like a dream come true. Our journey started four years ago on The Kapil Sharma Show, and today, we are here, standing in our own home," the sisters said, reflecting on their incredible progress.

What makes their new home even more special is that Surabhi, Samriddhi, and their mother designed the interiors themselves. "We have put our hearts into every corner, making it a true reflection of our hard work and love," they shared, emphasizing the personal touch and effort invested in every detail of their house.

Before their breakthrough, Surabhi and Samriddhi worked in call centers at OLX and Just Dial while preparing for exams. They juggled night shifts to make ends meet, a testament to their dedication and resilience. "This journey hasn’t been easy, but with dedication and the constant support from our 'fanmily', we have achieved this milestone," they acknowledged.

Their story is a beacon of hope and inspiration. "We hope our story inspires others to follow their dreams and believe that with persistence and support, anything is possible. Kyunki agar humne kar liya toh aap bhi kar sakte ho," the twins encouraged, sending a powerful message to their fans.

Surabhi and Samriddhi’s journey from call centres to owning a home in Mumbai is a true testament to their hard work and determination. Their success story inspires everyone to pursue their dreams with unwavering commitment.

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Exclusive - The Kapil Sharma Show fame Surabhi and Samriddhi buy their first home; say 'We hope our story inspires others to follow their dreams'

Your favorite preaching resources have a brand-new look. Faithlife Sermons and Faithlife Media are now Logos Sermons.

This Journey of Hope

Dr. Ron Dunn

Micah 3:12-4:4

        I want you to open your Bibles to the Book of Micah, chapter 3.  I'm going to read beginning in the last verse...verse 12 of that third chapter and we'll read through the fourth verse of the fourth chapter.  Micah 3:12:

        Therefore because of you, Zion will be plowed like a field,

        Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble, the temple hill

        a mound overgrown with thickets.  In the last days the

        mountain of the LORD'S temple will be established as

        chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the

        hills, and peoples will stream to it.

 Many nations will come and say, "Come, let us

 go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house

 of the God of Jacob.  He will teach us his ways, so

 that we may walk in His paths."

        The law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD

from Jerusalem.  He will judge between many peoples

and will settle disputes for strong nations far and wide.

They will beat their swords into plowshares and their

spears into pruning hooks.  Nation will not take up sword

against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

        Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own

        vine and under his own fig tree, and no one will make them

        afraid, for the LORD Almighty has spoken."

        Welcome to Utopia.  They will beat their swords into plowshares and they will study war no more.  Every man will sit under his own vine, under his own fig tree and no one shall be afraid of anything. 

        That's what everybody is hoping for.  When they have these meetings of the heads of state, the summit conferences...that's what they're all aiming for...for the day when nation will no longer war against nation, and when the weapons of war will be turned into weapons of commerce or agriculture as Micah says they will be beaten into plowshares.  When every man will have security...he shall sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree...and there will be peace...they shall not be afraid of anything.

        That's what we all hope for, isn't it?  It is the hope of that kind of world that keeps people going.  I don't see how a man can live without hope.  It seems to me that hope...the expectation...the anticipation that in the future things are going to be right, or things are going to be better.  Hope is the spark that keeps the human spirit alive.  One of the saddest statements the Bible makes is found in Paul's epistle to the Ephesians, where he is describing those who do not have Christ... He says, "...they are without God and without hope in the world." 

One of my dearest friends in the ministry told me about his first wife who was in a very serious automobile accident and he was called to the hospital.  When he got there they were working on her in the emergency room and he spoke of standing outside the emergency room door, which were doors where he could watch through the windows, and he said that he watched in fascination as half a dozen or so medical personnel worked in a frenzied manner over the body of his wife and they were running here and there...getting this instrument and getting this hypodermic and there was a frenzy of activity as he watched that going on.  And it was that frenzy of activity that let him know she was still alive.  But, he said, "Suddenly all that activity ceased...just like that.  And everybody stopped moving around and running around and they began to remove their masks and they just stood there and did nothing..."  and he said he knew that she was dead.  And he said, "To me that has always been the picture of the despair that comes when all hope is gone.  I've never forgotten that scene.  While there was all that activity, they were hoping to keep her alive, but when it ceased and everybody stopped doing what they were doing, I knew then that there was no hope."

It is hope that keeps us going, isn't it?  Hope that things will get better...hope that God perhaps will heal us...hope perhaps that finances will straighten out...hope for the children...hope for your own life...that things will get better.  It's hope that keeps us going.  It seems to be that it's only when a person has lost all hope that he comes to the point where he would take his own life.  The airman that was shot down a few days ago over Bosnia...what do you think kept him going for six days?  Hope!  Hope of survival...hope of being rescued...hope of seeing his family again.  That's what keeps a man going in the jungles and when they picked up his survival signal there was hope given to the rescuers and his rescue has done what?  It means that any others who perhaps are shot down, there is hope for them.  Most of us had given him up.  We said, "Well, he's gone, he's dead."  But, when he came back and stepped down from that plane, why was everybody cheering so much?  It was because that meant that there was hope that even in the worse conditions a person can survive.

        And as Christians we are on a journey of hope.  That's what Micah is talking about.  We set out in our lives, especially in the Christian life...it is a journey of hope that ends in fulfillment.  But as Micah describes this journey, and as our own experience teaches...this journey is an up and down affair.  There are those times when you're riding high on the crest of hope and you have no doubt that that hope will turn to reality and suddenly around the bend you're plunged down to the deepest pits of despair because it seems that hope has gone into an eclipse and you can barely make out that it is there.

        And as Micah begins this fourth chapter and tailing off in the third chapter and moving into that fourth chapter...he is dealing with our journey of hope.  You know, there is a glaring contradiction between verse 12 of chapter 3 and verse 1 of chapter 4.  Did you notice it?  In verse 12 of chapter 3, he is describing the desolation of God's judgment.  He says, "Therefore, because of you, Zion will be ploweed like a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble, the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets."  It's as though he has taken away all hope from these people and I've had the feeling that sometimes after we've been going through the Book of Micah, we might say, "My goodness, this is the most depressing book I've read," because all he's been talking about so far is the sins of God's people and God's judgment upon them.  And so, that third chapter ends with this terrible picture of desolation!  And he said it's like it's overgrown with thickets!

        But notice verse 1 of chapter 4... "In the last days the mountain of the LORD'S temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and peoples will stream to it."  What a contrast!  What a contrast!  That same mountain which is destroyed in one moment is going to be raised up in another moment and chapter 4 will go on and chapter 5 and others...and you'll see that it all ends in great expectation and great hope. 

        So, I want to talk to you this morning about this journey that all of us are on...this journey of hope.  And there are several things that I think we need to be aware of.  It's always good to know what to look for on a trip...not to be surprised...not to be taken unawares...so there are some things along the way on this journey of hope that I think it would be helpful for us to know.

1) At times, God destroys in order to build up.  God Himself will destroy that which He has created, that which He has built in order to build it up again.

In that twelfth verse he is saying that it is God who is going to reduce Zion to rubble.  As a matter of fact, Jeremiah the prophet, in his Lamentations, describes this same situation and in Lamentations 5:18, he says, "Mt. Zion lies desolate and jackals prowl around it."  And it reminds me as I've seen through the years as you drive through the countryside, you sometimes will come to one of those little off roads and you'll come across a burned out house or a house that's still standing, but it has long since been abandoned.  It's always fascinated me.  And when I see one of those homes...maybe just a little clapboard home, and the chimney perhaps is hardly standing, and the porch has collapsed and the windows are all broken out and there are thickets and brush growing up around it and field mice and animals are living in it...I always wonder about the day that house was built.  I wonder what great expectations the people had who built that house...and with what hope they entered that house.  And I wonder about the times of joy that were there and the times of sorrow that were there...the children that were born in that house and grew up in that house and that house came to mean home to them and a place of joy.  I think about those things!  And I wonder what happened.   I look how sad it is now...this house falling down...long since abandoned...the echoes of any laughter long since lost.  It's a sad spectacle to me. 

        And that is the way the Bible portrays Zion...marvelous place of God's presence...marvelous temple...but now it lies in ruins and it's overgrown with thickets and the foxes and the jackals prowl around it.  Who has done this?  God!  We make a big mistake if we think Christian institutions and organizations and such as that are run by history or run by rules and regulations!  Their fate lies in the hands of God!  And sometimes He tears down in order that He might build up.  For instance, I quoted Jeremiah a moment ago, but let me quote him again and this is when God is commissioning and calling Jeremiah in chapter 1:9...

Then the Lord reached out His hand and touched my mouth

and said to me, "Now I have put My words in your mouth.

See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to

uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build

and to plant."

Now that's strange isn't it?  In the same sentence God is saying, "I'm uprooting, I'm tearing down, I'm destroying, I'm overthrowing, I'm building, I'm planting."  That's one of the characteristics of God.  In Hosea, where He's talking about the revival among the people, he says,

        Come, let us return to the LORD.  He has torn us to pieces

        but He will heal us; He has injured us but He will bind up

        our wounds.

And in chapter 10, verse 12, He says,

        ...break up the fallow ground and sow among yourselves..."

You see, before God can bring a harvest, He has to break up the fallow ground of our hearts. 

        We talk about revival and how we pray that God will bring revival to our nation and how God will bring revival to the church and how God will suddenly break through into the presence of this world and manifest Himself, but my dear friends, let me tell you that before God can ever sow seeds of righteousness He must break up the fallow ground of our hearts and brokenness always precedes renewal and revival.

        Of course, what we want is the revival...what we want is the renewal...what we want is the great harvest!  We're not necessarily interested in God breaking up the cold and unplowed ground of our hearts.  So, on our journey of hope we encounter such things that may contradict hope, but we must remember that it is God's way and nothing is out of the normal.  God is not acting unnatural, because God oftentimes destroys that which He Himself has built in order that He may build something better.

There's a second observation that I think we need to make, and it is this:

2) The place of disaster and the place of victory are identical.  They are the same.

Now, look at this.  This is what thrills me about this whole thing.  In chapter 3, verse 12 a mountain has been reduced to rubble, but in chapter 4, verse 1, that same place, that same mountain he says "will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and people will stream to it."  Isn't that amazing?  That same place where disaster struck...that same place where catastrophe fell...it is that same place that one day is overrun with rubble and grows with thickets and jackals run over it and that same place one day will tower again and become the chief peak and the most attractive point on the face of the earth and all the nations will rush like rivers to it.  It is another principle of God...another characteristic of the ways of God that He always brings victory out of defeat and that the places of defeat are the same places of victory...they are identical!  And some of God's greatest victories in your life have come out of the greatest catastrophes in your life.  That's the way God works.  And God works that way to the confusion of the nations!  And the confusion of us!

  Of course, the great example of this is Christ on the Cross!  There He is hanging on that Cross and the Pharisees go back and forth and they waggle their heads and they shake their fingers at Him and they say, "Ha...look at Him...others He could save but Himself He cannot save..." and they cry, "Come down from the Cross and then we will believe...we're not going to believe as long as You're hanging on a Cross because You're a failure up there...that's a catastrophe up there...that's disaster up there...we'll never put our trust in that kind of situation, but if you come down from the Cross and do something miraculous and sensational, then we will believe!"  Of course, the devil and all his minions thought that they had conquered because Paul that if the devil really knew what was going to happen he wouldn't have done it in the first place, but you can just see him as he gleefully say, "Yes sir, I've won the battle...I've crucified the Son of glory!"  And His disciples...they thought also that Jesus Christ had lost the battle and to them the Cross was the place of defeat and humiliation and frustration! 

Do you know what I believe was the most disappointing day in the life of Jesus?  I believe it was the Day of Resurrection.  Because when He arose there was nobody there to meet Him.  I told my wife the other morning when I got up and she was gone somewhere, and I said, "I feel like Jesus on the Resurrection.  I got up and there was nobody here."  But can you imagine what that must have felt like to Jesus?  These disciples whom He loved and who professed to love Him and whom He had tried to pound into their heads, "Listen, I'm going to rise on the third day!  I'm going to rise on the third day!"  And you would have thought that those disciples would have been waiting there outside the tomb for the appearance of Jesus, but when Jesus arose on that Sunday, that Easter morning, there was no one there to meet Him.  WHY?  Because they thought He'd failed!

All was lost!  And yet out of the place of disaster and catastrophe comes a fountain that flows from the veins of our Lord and washes us white as snow.  The place of defeat and the place of victory are identical!

Now, there's another thing as we travel this journey that we need to keep in mind.  And here we go through the roller coaster business again.   Look at verse 5...he's just been describing this glorious Utopia that He's going to bring about and in verse 5, He comes back from the future to the present reality and He says,

All nations may walk in the name of their gods; we will

        walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever.

        First of all, you see He is talking about what is going to happen in the destruction of Jerusalem, then He talks about that glorious future, building up our hope and then He switches and comes back to the gloomy present and He says, "All the nations will walk in the names of their gods..."   Right now, we have to face reality...what we've been talking about is in the future, in the last days when God says it's time, but right now, in the every day, we have to understand that all the nations will walk in the names of their gods but what must we do?  We must in our journey of hope cling to our trust in God no matter what else anybody does.  But we will trust in the Lord forever.  Because the only thing, you see, that is going to carry us through to the moment of hope is our faith.

        You know, it's interesting.  Paul says, "Faith, hope and love...there abideth these three...but the greatest of these love."  You know why that is?  Because some day faith will give way to sight, and hope will give way to reality, but there's nothing for love to give way to because there's nothing beyond that is greater than that.  But faith and hope go together and I know that one of these days my hope is going to turn into reality but in the meantime, it is that hope that enables me to trust in the name of the Lord and to walk in His name.  So, if I take my eyes off the future...if I take my eyes off what God is going to do, then I am liable to succumb to the gods of this world.  You see, that's always been one of Israel's main problems.  That was always the problem of God's people...they were always coming to the idols wherever they lived.  When they moved into the Promised Land God told them the to drive out all the Canaanites and the Hittites...to drive out all the pagans, but they didn't do it.  They left a few of them around and that's always a mistake because the few pollute the whole lot.  So, the people would say, "Listen, you Jews, listen...your God, Jehovah, was a good God in that other land, but you're not back home now.  You've come to the big city and that God may have served you well back yonder, but no, He won't work here...you've got to have our gods in order to succeed here.  That God may have worked well when you were a child, but now that you are a grownup, you're going to have walk in the names of other gods to succeed.

        Now, we hear that all the time...not put in those words, of course, but isn't that the way it works with us?  Oh yes, when we're young, I see this happening so much.  It is so discouraging!  I see it happen with children.  They love the Lord and they memorize verses and they just thrill in the things of the Lord but as they grow older and older and they get into the teenage years and older years, sometimes...so many times...too many times...their hearts grow cold toward the things of God and they begin to walk in the names of other gods.  Why?  Because they become persuaded that the God of their childhood is not going to serve them well in their adulthood.  They have to take up other gods...walk in other ways...and serve other gods if they're going to succeed, you see.

        This is why when God was giving the people the Ten Commandments, He said, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me..."  Now, He didn't mean, "I'm to be the number one god."  He didn't mean that at all.  What usually happened is that every home had its shelf or mantle of gods and there was the god of fertility, the god of the moon, the god of the sun, the god of stars, the god of rain, the god of fire and the God of Jehovah.  Oh, they didn't completely forget about God, but I mean, after all, you have to have all these other gods.  So, when He says, "Thou shalt have no gods before Me..." literally He's saying, "Thou shall have no other gods to My face."  That means when God looks into our lives He doesn't want to see Himself number one...He wants to see Himself the only God...period! 

        It's not enough to say, "Well, I put God first.  But, you know I've got these other gods that I serve."  He says, "Absolutely not!  When I look on your shelf I don't want to see any other god except Me!"   Being first is not enough!  It's being only that is sufficient.  And on our journey of hope you and I must walk in the name of the Lord regardless of how everybody else walks...we must cling to our trust in Him.

        But, there's another thing that we need to understand as we walk on our journey of faith and hope and it is this

3) Don't despise the weakness of God.  Remember that God's strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Don't despise things that are weak and remote.  Would you look at verse 6?  He says,

"In that day," declares the LORD, "I will gather the

 lame; I will assemble the exiles and those I have

brought to grief, I will make the lame a remnant, those

driven away a strong nation."

 There's no mention here of the priests and the leaders and the rulers of Israel...the elite...the big boys...the big shots.  But, He says, "I'm going to work through a limping remnant."  And He says, "I will be doing a new thing...this new beginning that I'm going to make...the old paradigm has been destroyed...Israel...the mountain of the Lord lies in ruins.  I'm going to do a new work.  I'm going to do a new work.  I'm going to restore the glory of God to the church."  But He said, "I'm going to do it in a different way...I'm not going to do it through strength and displays of power..."  He says, "I'm going to do it through those that are weak.  I'm not going to do it through the rulers of Jacob and the leaders of Israel and through all of the priests and the high and mighty," but He says, "I'm going to take those who limp, those who've been in exile, those pitiful creatures who have been brought to grief and I will make them My remnant." 

        And you know, the remnant, as we've already discussed it is that part of God's people that He always works through.  The remnant, oh the remnant...that's the church within the church...that's that small bunch that's scattered around sometime...but those are the ones who really love the Lord...those are the ones who reckon upon His Word and those are the ones who seek His face and pray...and God says, "I'm doing a new work and I'm doing a new way, and you had better watch out on your journey of hope and you have better not despise the weak and those who appear to be nothing."  He says, "That's where I'm working." 

        The Southern Baptist Convention meets next week and I have to tell you that I do not believe that God will bring revival next week through that great convocation.  I don't know how many people are expected there.  It starts today, as a matter of fact...I don't know...16,000 or 18,000 people.  I tell you, you know, that's not where God's going to do it.  It never has been in the history of the church.  You know where God always does it?  Some little old woman over here, a little old woman that nobody knows anything about and she seeks the Lord's face and prays...a group of people meeting over here...nobody knows anything about...they're kind of called "the fringe of the church", you know...but they meet together and they love and have a hunger for God and they're seeking God and their hearts have been broken and they've shed tears...that's where God's going to work.

        Don't despise that which is weak and that which is small.  We like to glory in the bigness of our church and we sometimes despise the small, out-of-the-way work.  Oh, friends, you make a great mistake if you do that.  God's strength is made perfect in our weakness.  What God uses today is weakness.  What the world and most of the time we cannot understand that is with God weakness is synonymous with power.  It is said of Uzziah that when he was weak then he was strong, but when he was lifted up he became weak.  So, we need to remember that on our journey.

        There's one last thing that I'd call your attention to and remember this is a roller coaster type of journey...it goes up and then goes down...and up and down...and along the way we're going to be encountering a lot of circumstances that contradict everything that God has said.  And there are going to be times when our own emotions abandon us and we keep saying in our head that God has said this and God has said this, but everything we feel  makes that a lie.  You've been there, haven't you?  When your whole life has been surrounded by circumstances that say, "God is lying...the Bible is not true!"

 So, the last thing that Micah suggests we remember on this journey of hope is this...

4) Do not let contradicting circumstances discourage you or dissuade you.

I guess the most effective weapon the devil has ever forged against the believer is the weapon of discouragement.  I tell you, folks, when I'm discouraged, I just don't care about anything.  You don't have any heart...there's just no heart to go on!  And yet, amazingly, Paul said this in 2 Corinthians while he's describing all of his trials, "...and yet, we faint not..."  We don't lose heart!  We don't get discouraged!  Why is that, Paul?  He goes on to tell us, "...because we look not things that are seen, they're too discouraging...but we look upon things that are not seen, because the things that are seen are temporal but the things that are not seen are eternal."      

        Now look at what Micah says in verse 9:

        Why do you now cry aloud – have you no king?  Has

        your counselor perished, that pain seizes you like that

        of a woman in labor?

        Writhe in agony, O Daughter of Zion, like a woman in

        labor, for now you must leave the city to camp in the

        open field.  You will go to Babylon; there the LORD

        will redeem you out of the hand of your enemies.

Do you see what he's saying?  He's saying that they can get their eyes off that Utopia that they've been glorying in and he's saying, "Listen, I know how it is...right now you're packing your bags to get on the boxcar to go to Babylon and you're having to leave your home.  Here I've been telling you about all the good things that are going to happen to you and in the midst of hearing this on the radio, it's like a weather forecast...you're watching TV and while he's predicting sunny weather it's pouring rain outside."  I remember watching the TV weather in Dallas one night and it had rained cats and dogs all day at our house, but they don't take the weather out at our house, they take it out at the airport.  It hadn't rained out at the airport, and so the report said that there had been no precipitation in Dallas and we were soaking. 

        Sometimes while you're reading the Word of God and it talks about the fact that nothing can harm you and all the time people are beating up on you...and it's talking about the peace of God keeping your hearts and minds and your mind is confused and frustrated and bewildered and everything you feel and see and know says to you that it's not true...it's not true...but he says that you can't afford to let contradicting circumstances dissuade you and discourage you...   Look at verse 11...

        But now many nations are gathered against you.  They

        say, "Let her be defiled, let our eyes gloat over Zion.

Now, in the beginning of chapter 4 he said all the nations are going to stream to her.  Well, it's going to happen one of these days, but now at this present time, many nations are gathered against her and they said, "Let her be defiled, and let our eyes gloat over Zion."  But, look at verse 12...

        But they do not know the thoughts of the LORD; they

        do not understand His plan, He who gathers them like

        sheaves to the threshing floor.

        Rise and thresh, O Daughter of Zion, for I will give you

        horns of iron.  I will give you hoofs of bronze and you

        will break to pieces many nations.

        You will devote their ill-gotten gains to the LORD, their

        wealth to the Lord of all the earth.

Do you see how Micah goes back and forth.  He's not denying the present...he's not saying, "Oh well, what we're seeing now is just the symptoms...that's not real...you just need to confess that and it will go away."  He's not saying that.  He's saying, "It's real right now!  It is happening!  But there are those around about that are walking in the names of their gods and are trying to persuade you to walk with them and right now, your bags are being packed so you can get on the boxcar and go to that terrible place of captivity.  But, these people that are mocking and laughing, they do not know the thoughts of the Lord or His plans."  He said, "Don't let contradicting circumstances discourage you or dissuade you from trusting the Lord. 

        I don't see how a person can survive without hope.  I heard about a fellow once who was taking a cruise.  He was seasick all the time and he spent all his time leaning over the rail.  One of the sailors came up to him and trying to encourage him, patted him on the back and said, "Don't worry, brother, nobody's ever died of seasickness."  He said, "Oh, don't tell me that.  It's the hope of dying that keeps me going."  You can't live without hope...hope of some kind...hope in something!  I have the hope that I'll see my loved ones again.  I have the hope that I'll see my son again.  I have the hope that one day, well, one day the earth is going to be filled with the glory of God, as waters cover the sea.  I know that one of these days my hope will turn into reality and my faith will be sight.  A man can't live without hope! 

        But there are those in this world without hope and without God!  For true hope comes with God!  So I'm wondering this morning...do you have hope?  I mean, hope with a firm foundation...hope that is firmly based on the Word of God...hope that one day God will cleanse your life and make you the person He wants you to be...the hope that perhaps those that have gone before...the hope that you will see them again one day...the hope that the circle that is broken today will not remain broken, it will be a rejoining in the future!  What a hope!  For we look not upon things that are seen but we look beyond them to the things that are unseen.

        Would you bow your heads with me now for a moment as we pray. 

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  • Russia, Ukraine and Belarus


Moscow Hotel(s)

By Dashinka February 4, 2014 in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

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Recommended posts, dashinka   23,604.

I apologize for such a simple topic, but I am getting ready to go to Moscow (late March) to join my fiance for her interview. Now I have spent a lot of time in Krasnoyarsk, but I have yet to spend any time in Moscow. Does anyone have any hotel recommendations for a good and reasonable hotel in Moscow close (within 2 km) of the U.S. Embassy?

Visa Received : 2014-04-04 (K1 - see timeline for details)

US Entry : 2014-09-12

POE: Detroit

Marriage : 2014-09-27

I-765 Approved: 2015-01-09

I-485 Interview: 2015-03-11

I-485 Approved: 2015-03-13

Green Card Received: 2015-03-24 Yeah!!!

I-751 ROC Submitted: 2016-12-20

I-751 NOA Received:   2016-12-29

I-751 Biometrics Appt.:  2017-01-26

I-751 Interview:   2018-04-10

I-751 Approved:   2018-05-04

N400 Filed:   2018-01-13

N400 Biometrics:   2018-02-22

N400 Interview:   2018-04-10

N400 Approved:  2018-04-10

Oath Ceremony:  2018-06-11 - DONE!!!!!!!

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TheFoxxy   76

Hello and congrats on reaching the interview stage of the process!

I have been to Moscow a few times with Diana. We always stay in different hotels so that we can have a new experience each and every time. The way we go about picking a hotel is to first decide on an area, after that we go to tripadvisor.com and look for a hotel that has the accommodations and rating that we desire.

Since you want to stay in the area of the U.S. Consulate then I suggest Arbat. It is a nice area with a lot of liveliness and it is only 1 mile south of the consulate. It is actually on the same road. The Mercure Arbat hotel is a wonderful hotel, 1 mile south of the consulate, a metro is only a 1 minute walk south and a mcdonalds and grocery store are 1 minute walks away as well.


11/18/2013 - Filed I-129F 11/25/2013 - NOA1 text/email received 05/01/2014 - NOA2 text/Email received 06/18/2014 - Interview - Approved 07/31/2014 - Point of Entry 10/17/2014 - Married 10/23/2014 - Filed AOS/EAD/AP 11/07/2014 - 3x NOA1 text/emails received

12/05/2014 - Biometrics

12/22/2014 - EAD/AP Approved

01/02/2015 - EAD/AP Card Received


Misha'sgirl   44

If you're savvy with public transportation, you can book a hotel anywhere not just on the same street or district as the U.S. embassy.

I've been to Moscow a couple times. Once I spent the night in my rental car (not reccomended). The two other times I and my fiance spent in hotels.

The first hotel was called "Cosmos". (By car, from hotel to embassy is about 20 min usually) (By public transit, 40 min usually) It was priced decently and we got a room high up so the view was wonderful. The heating was great. The bathroom was clean as well as the bedding. The con for me was, the whole hotel stank of cigarrettes but we did get a non-smoking room and it only smelled slightly of cigs.

The second hotel was called "Best Western Vega Hotel and Convention Center". (By car, from hotel to embassy 25 min usually) (By public transit, 30 min usually) It was also priced fair. I think, maybe even cheaper. And in my opinion, better. Smaller, but better.

Those are my only two suggestions based on experience.

However, if my fiance and I hadn't been pinching pennies, we might have stayed at The Ritz Carlton located in the Red Square or Lotte Hotel right near the embassy.

mendeleev   68

Another option is to get a short term rental on an apartment. There's an American ex-pat, the guys name is Rick and the moniker is Moscow Rick, who runs a service called Moscow STAR that we've used a half dozen times over the years.

We've been happier with the flats we've rented from him in Tverskaya although he used to have less expensive ones too elsewhere in Moscow. His prices were competitive with hotels further out. The accomodations were fine and you couldn't beat the location.

5-15-2002 Met, by chance, while I traveled on business 3-15-2005 I-129F 9-18-2005 Visa in hand 11-23-2005 She arrives in USA 1-18-2006 She returns to Russia, engaged but not married 11-10-2006 We got married! 2-12-2007 I-130 sent by Express mail to NSC 2-26-2007 I-129F sent by Express mail to Chicago lock box 6-25-2007 Both NOA2s in hand; notice date 6-15-2007 9-17-2007 K3 visa in hand 11-12-2007 POE Atlanta 8-14-2008 AOS packet sent 9-13-2008 biometrics 1-30-2009 AOS interview 2-12-2009 10-yr Green Card arrives in mail

2-11-2014 US Citizenship ceremony


Turboguy   6

I have stayed at the Cosmos probably 6-8 times for a total of 6-8 weeks worth of nights. I is my favorite but is far from the Embassy. Of course the metro is right across the street and it is easy to get anywhere. The other hotel I stayed at a lot seems to be gone. That was the Ukraina which was within walking distance of the Embassy. If I do a search for Moscow hotels it no longer shows up. The Cosmos seems to run about $ 115.00 a night.

An apartment might be a good choice. Moscow Rick has a good reputation but I have never used him.

12/14/2006 Applied for K-1 with request for Waver for Multiple filings within 2 years. Waiting - Waiting - Waiting 3/6 Called NVC file sent to Washington for "Administrative Review" Told to call back every few weeks. 7/6 Called NVC, A/R is finished, case on way to Moscow. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/13 On Friday the 13th we see updated Moscow website with our interview on 9/11 (Hope we are not supersticious) 9/11 Visa Approved. Yahoo. 10/12 Tickets for her to America. I am flying to JFK to meet her there. 12/15/07 We are married. One year and a day after filling original K-1 12/27 Filed for AOS, EAD & AP 1/3 Received all three NOA-1's 1/22 Biometrics 2/27 EAD & AP received 4/12 Interview 5/19/08 RFE for physical that she should not have needed. 5/28 New physical ($ 250.00 wasted) 6/23 Green Card received 4/22/10 Filed for Removal of Contitions. 6/25 10 Year Green Card received Nov, 2014 Citizenship ceremony. Our journey is complete.


Neonred   3,471

The other hotel I stayed at a lot seems to be gone. That was the Ukraina which was within walking distance of the Embassy. If I do a search for Moscow hotels it no longer shows up. .
I also stayed there before the renovation. It is now the Radisson Royal Hotel.

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I hope they did a great job on the renovation. I think I paid around 80 bucks to stay there. Now that it is the Radisson they want $ 438.00 per night.

Unbelieveable, right? For many of my trips to Moscow we stayed at the old Rossiya hotel next to Red Square. Great location, and the first time I stayed there it cost me $69 a night. They had over 3000 rooms. They closed in 2006.

Yes, I stayed at the Rossiya as well for about the same price. My room at the most beautiful view of the Kremlin and Red Square. I liked that hotel and was sad to see it close.

  • 2 weeks later...

BastillaShan   30

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Lesnaya


It was a little pricey but not too terrible. It was good in that you can take the train into Moscow from the airport and walk from the train station to the hotel. Then metro to the embassy which is about two stops away as the metro was right there also.

There are also some creature comforts in that there is a Starbucks very close and my favorite Russian chain restaurant Elki Palki.

Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.

-Abraham Lincoln.

jft   12

We stayed at the Mercure Arbat hotel once when we took a side-trip to Moscow and it was excellent. Prices can be good if there is a sale and it's a weekend and can be eye-poppingly expensive on popular weekdays. For her interview my wife stayed at the Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya near the train station of the same name and loved it. She also liked it because while it was not close to the embassy it was right by her train station which means she didn't have to lug her luggage through the metro which she absolutely hates (something that anyone should think of in deciding where to stay as it really is a pain).

Or just pack light.

I want to thank everyone for the suggestions. My fiancé found an apartment on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street that seems reasonable. I will let everyone know the outcome when I get back. I am so looking forward to meeting her for her interview for a lot of reason, but mostly since I haven't seen her for several months.

  • 3 weeks later...

Just a quick update. The flats on Sadovya-Kurdrinskaya street are quite nice. We did not arrive until almost 9pm on Wednesday and a very nice lady met us. The cost for 3.5 days was 16k rubles which seemed reasonable. The flat was very modern, really a studio style, but with everything necessary except for curtains from the stairwell into our flat. Didn't realize this at first, so hopefully no one was scared off. Anyway, the flat was very close to the Embassy and not too far from the medical clinic either. I would definitely stay here again when I come back to Moscow.

Btw, my fiancé was approved for her K1 today!

Congratulations on being approved for the K-1. That is great news and thanks for the update about the apartment.

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    Our Journey of Hope ® is a biblically-based, comprehensive Cancer Care Leadership Training program designed and supported by City of Hope ®.. Any church-related individual or organization interested in participating in the Our Journey of Hope ® program and/or in creating a related cancer care ministry at their location are required to complete an Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership ...

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    Here are some materials from Our Journey of Hope to aide your local program and congregation. Image. Your Faith Your Health. Image. Feel Confident With a Second Opinion. Image. Screenings and Prevention. Image. ... Our Journey Of Hope/City of Hope Logo Guidelines; Terms and Conditions ...

  4. Our Journey of Hope

    Our Journey of Hope. 152,705 likes · 23 talking about this. We provide pastors and ministry leaders with the tools, training and support \u0003to raise up cancer care ministries in their churches and...

  5. Quit Day Job by Investing in Real Estate; House Hacking and HELOCs

    We started our real-estate investment journey with long-term rentals. In 2015, we bought our first home in Des Moines, Iowa, for $92,000. ... I hope that real estate investment will support my ...

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    Purple t-shirt with embroidered white Journey logo Order Now! Cocoa. 12.5 inches Soft and fluffy White t-shirt with embroidered purple Journey logo Order Now! Write with Journey. Hand drawn greeting cards for every occasion ... These sweet greeting cards were created by our Journey of Hope child participants. Both the General Greeting Cards and ...

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    Here, you will find a comprehensive collection of our official logo files, carefully curated and prepared for your use. Our logos are available in various formats, including high-resolution PNG, JPEG, and vector-based EPS files. These formats allow for flexibility in scaling, editing, and incorporating the logos seamlessly into your design ...

  8. U.S. runner Weini Kelati's Olympic journey from Eritrea to Paris is a

    Kelati, who sought asylum in the U.S. 10 years ago after traveling to Eugene, Oregon, to compete, will now represent the country in the Paris Games.

  9. 'Triple Sec' is one of romance's first polyamorous rom-coms. Its author

    T. J. Alexander wanted to write a "fun, flirty and funny" version of polyamory, not "an angsty portrayal of how difficult it is."

  10. DNC and Biden campaign prepare counter-message for Trump's convention

    Democrats hope to shift the focus away from Democratic turmoil as Republicans gather in Milwaukee. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.

  11. Journey of Hope

    Journey of Hope Overview. Journey of Hope (JoH) is an evidence-based psychosocial support program designed to build resilience for children. Many children endure the everyday stresses of living in communities impacted by natural disasters or poverty; witnessing significant changes to their homes, neighborhoods and schools. Journey of Hope ofers the opportunity to begin to normalize emotions ...

  12. An Honest Guide To HR Tech Marketing Success

    Understand The 4 Stages Of The Buyer's Journey. From the moment clients are aware of your brand to finally making a purchase, there are 4 stages HR tech marketing specialists should know. First, potential buyers realize they have an issue and do their research to find a solution. Maybe they have faulty onboarding processes and need to fix them.

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    A great logo shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your brand, and helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them. Logos communicate all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your hope logo tell your brand's story. by. ARCHIFEED.

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    Renewed focus: One thing Ellison stressed constantly was his vision for Paramount to become a "tech hybrid," which will involve things such as the "cloud," AI and a rebuilt Paramount+ ...

  15. About Us

    About Us. Our Journey of Hope ® is a compassionate provider of cancer care ministry resources and leadership training. Our mission is to care for those affected by cancer through building and supporting a network of church-based cancer care ministries. Cancer is different from many diseases; it attacks the body, the mind, and the spirit.

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    Join Journey of Hope or Gear Up Florida 2025! Apply for one of our 2025 teams! Schedule an interest meeting today. ... America's largest independent charity evaluator. We are proud to share this top distinction with you, our students, friends, volunteers, partners, and alumni. Learn More 10. Aug. Events View All Journey of Hope 2024 Arrival ...

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    A great logo shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your brand, and helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them. Logos communicate all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your journey logo tell your brand's story. by. R2™.

  18. Even in the darkest of days, community is our superpower

    "Community and collaboration really [are] the key to making sure that our young people are able to thrive even through the difficult times," said Aisha Winfield, director of the Blues Babe Foundation, a Philly nonprofit founded by musician Jill Scott whose students will be manning a podcast station on Saturday.But, Winfield added, what excites her is the ripple effect a sense of community ...

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    Shop high-quality unique Our Journey Of Hope T-Shirts designed and sold by independent artists. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone.

  20. A Journey of Hope

    HOOK Welcome to the first Sunday of Advent— What an amazing Season it is as we journey together toward Christmas! The word "Advent" is a version of a Latin term which means "coming"— We use these weeks leading up to Christmas as a chance to look forward to our celebration of the arrival of Jesus— the…

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    The new DoIT History website takes visitors on an interactive journey—introducing the key people, technologies and milestones that shaped IT at UW-‍Madison from the 1960s to today. ... "We hope the DoIT History site provides the UW community with an opportunity to review the vital behind-the-scenes work IT has performed over the years ...

  22. Exclusive

    "This journey hasn't been easy, but with dedication and the constant support from our 'fanmily', we have achieved this milestone," they acknowledged. Their story is a beacon of hope and inspiration.

  23. About Cancer Care Ministry

    About Cancer Care Ministry. Cancer care ministry is a hope ministry. While it involves prayer, counsel, visits and assistance, it is centered on bringing God's hope to patients and their caregivers, family and friends. This requires an understanding of the impact of cancer, how people react to it and how God has called His people to respond.

  24. This Journey of Hope

    This Journey of Hope Dr. Ron Dunn Micah 3:12-4:4 I want you to open your Bibles to the Book of Micah, chapter 3. I'm going to read beginning in the last verse...verse 12 of that third chapter and we'll read through the fourth verse of the fourth chapter. Micah 3:12: Therefore because of you, Zion will…


    We hope people see the love and detail that went into this collection, how meticulous our work was. Most fans of Studio Ghibli films—and maybe particularly of *Princess Mononoke*—have a huge appreciation for the artistry that goes into them. We hope people see it as a bit of a love letter, from Levi's® and Studio Ghibli.

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    Search: "JOURNEY OF HOPE" Logo PNG Vector JOURNEY OF HOPE logo png icon vector. We have 9221 free JOURNEY OF HOPE logo png, transparent logos, vector logos, logo templates and icons.

  27. Moscow Hotel(s)

    I apologize for such a simple topic, but I am getting ready to go to Moscow (late March) to join my fiance for her interview. Now I have spent a lot of time in Krasnoyarsk, but I have yet to spend any time in Moscow. Does anyone have any hotel recommendations for a good and reasonable hotel in Mo...

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    OUR JOURNEY OF HOPE LOGO PARTNER NAMES OPTIONS/TEXT ONLY with Grace Life Church Grace Life Church with Grace Life Church at GRACE LIFE CHURCH of GRACE LIFE CHURCH Grace Life Church of Grace Life Church at Grace ... OUR . Created Date: 12/2/2015 4:31:17 PM ...


    TrademarkElite is the U.S. #1 Trademark Search and Registration Service :: OUR JOURNEY OF HOPE is a trademark and brand of COH HOLDCO INC., DUARTE, CA . This trademark application was filed with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) under the trademark classification: Education and Entertainment Services; The OUR JOURNEY OF HOPE trademark application covers Providing training ...

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    110 Baker St. Moscow, ID 83843; 208.882.1226; Directions; A Classical & Christ-Centered Education