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How to Answer “Are You Willing to Travel?” (Interview Question)

By Biron Clark

Published: December 5, 2023

If a job involves any travel, you’re likely to hear interview questions like, “Are you willing to travel?” “How much are you willing to travel?” etc.

So in this article, I’m going to walk you through how to answer all of these interview questions. And we’ll look at how to understand the meaning of “travel percentage,” so you’ll know what the job is really going to require before you say “yes” or “no.”

And finally, I’m going to share multiple word-for-word example answers to help you get confident and comfortable with this type of question.  So make sure you read until the end. 

Let’s get started…

Answers to “How Much Are You Willing to Travel?”

If they ask an open-ended interview question like this about your willingness to travel, you should state your answer as a percentage.

For example, you could say:

“I’m willing to travel up to 30% of the time. That’s what I did in my last job, and I know I’m comfortable with that amount.”

They may ask you directly for a percentage, with a question like, “what percentage are you willing to travel?” and you’d answer that in the same way. What does travel percentage mean, though? If you’re not sure, it’s essential to understand. So let’s discuss the meaning of “travel percentage.”

Travel percentage meaning: What is travel percentage?

So what does 70 percent travel mean? It means that the employer expects you to be traveling or in cities other than your home city for 70 percent of your working days. So you would expect to spend seven days traveling or away from home for every three days in your home town/office.

This is a very high amount of travel. In my experience working as a recruiter , most travel jobs are 50% or below, because this is less stressful and more sustainable for the worker. So, this is something to keep in mind when deciding how much you’re willing to travel, and whether you’ll take or decline the job offer . 

How to Answer, “Are You Willing to Travel X Amount?” – Examples

The hiring manager may also come out and tell you how much travel is involved, and then ask an interview question to determine if this is an acceptable travel amount. In this case, if it’s acceptable to you, then you can indicate that you are on-board with what they’re proposing. For example, you could say:

“That amount of travel will work for me. In my last company, I traveled that same amount, and it worked out fine.”

(It’s always good to show you’ve done something successfully in the past. This is the best way to improve to a new employer that you’ll be successful with them, too!)

No worries if you haven’t traveled for a job before, though…

Here’s an example of how you could still answer this question:

“That amount of travel sounds acceptable to me. I have no problem doing that for this role.”

Here’s another example:

“That sounds acceptable to me. I’d love to hear more about the role, and if it’s a good fit, then I am able to travel.”

Make Sure You Know What You’re Agreeing To

Another thing to keep in mind is the actual travel schedule. Two jobs could both have the same travel percentage – let’s say 50%. But one could have you spending two weeks away and then two weeks at home, while the other could have you traveling for 2-3 days at a time, returning, and doing it all again a few days later.

Depending on your family, children, etc., you may be able to handle one of these travel requirements but not the other. So the travel duration and schedule are two factors you should clarify before answering. You can say, “I would like to understand the company travel schedule a bit better. Can you give me an example of how long each trip would be, or what a typical month looks like?” This will help you get a clear picture of what your work schedule would look like before you answer the interview question. So don’t be afraid to ask questions of your own. You can’t answer interview questions like, “Are you willing to travel for this job?” without knowing what the company expects! For example, if they ask, “Can you travel if the job requires it?” you’d want to respond by saying, “How much travel is expected in the role?” You can’t give a good answer without knowing what they’re proposing or asking, so clarify that first. Once you know what the company expects, then it’s time to directly answer their question and indicate whether you can travel the amount they require.

You Can Also Try to Negotiate Your Travel Percentage/Willingness to Travel

If you’re interested in the job but can’t travel quite as much as they’re proposing, you can say:

“I don’t think I can travel quite that amount. The job and work sound interesting, and I’d love to consider the position if the travel requirements can be reduced to 30%”.

This may work, or it may not (depending on the role and company’s flexibility), but it’s worth asking! This way, you’ll find out the best they can do! You never know if they’re asking, “How much are you willing to travel?” because it’s a hard requirement, or if they’re just wondering how much you’re willing to do So give an honest answer and don’t be afraid to make a counter-proposal.

A lot of job seekers are afraid to set limits or “push back” in a job interview, but this can actually make you more attractive to the company. It shows confidence! However, you also don’t want to rule yourself out in an interview. So if you’re not quite sure, but think it’s possible to travel the amount that the company would like, just say “yes” for now. You’re not accepting the job or signing a contract. You’re just indicating whether this might be possible for you. And your goal in any interview is to get invited to the next step in the process… or get a job offer. So if you think it’s even remotely possible to travel the amount they want, then yes “Yes” and keep interviewing!

You can always go home and talk to friends and family and make a better decision about whether this is right for you! You do NOT need to decide this in the interview!

How to Answer, “Are You Willing to Travel or Relocate?” – Examples

This is a slightly different question. But just like with the questions and sample answers above, you should give an honest, upfront answer. There’s no sense in wasting their time if you absolutely cannot relocate. But if it’s even slightly possible, say “Yes” when an employer asks if you’re willing to relocate. Don’t rule yourself out. 

Remember: Your goal in the interview is to impress them and get invited back to the next round – so keep going with the job interview, and ask questions to learn more as you go! You’re NOT wasting the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s time by exploring the opportunity, as long as there’s a tiny chance you’d be willing to travel or relocate for the job. They want the opportunity to sell you on their position! I can’t stress this enough: You’re not wasting their time. I hear a lot of job seekers bring up concerns about this, so I just wanted to set the record straight!

You should now know what travel percentage is, and how to answer any time an employer asks about what percentage you’re willing to travel.

Remember – you’re not signing a contract or agreeing to anything in writing; you’re merely indicating whether this could potentially work (for the right opportunity). So stay calm, use the sample answers above, and be direct/concise when responding in a job interview.

This isn’t one of those interview questions where the hiring manager needs to hear a long-winded answer. So once you’ve answered the question, stop and let the interviewer move on!

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How To Answer “Are You Willing to Travel?” Interview Question (With Examples)

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Find a Job You Really Want In

Summary. To answer, “Are you willing to travel?” in an interview, give an example that demonstrates your willingness to travel and communicate any boundaries or limitations you may have. You should also clarify what the travel expectations would be before accepting the job.

When getting asked if you’re willing to travel for your job, the instinctive response would be to say yes. After all, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to explore a new place on your company’s dime?

Here are a few things to consider before accepting a traveling position:

Key Takeaways:

When answering this question it is important to talk about positive travel experiences, demonstrate a thorough understanding of the job, and talk about networking.

You should avoid lying about your availability, any negative travel experiences, and go overboard when talking about the good experiences.

Before taking the job, it is important to clarify travel percentages, any expenses you may have, and what type of travel it is.

How to Answer

How to Answer “Are You Willing to Travel?”: Dos and Don’ts

Example answers to “are you willing to travel”, what you should ask about travel during your interview, what does “willingness to travel” really mean, are you willing to travel faq, final thoughts.

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When it comes to actually answering the question when it’s posed to you by a hiring manager, there are a few things you ought to bring up — and some things you should just avoid entirely .

The DO’s:

Talk about positive travel experiences. They’re looking for someone who is comfortable with spending a lot of time away from friends, family, and the home office — you want to do as much as you can to assure them that traveling is something you find invigorating and fun.

So go ahead and bring up that study abroad trip, even if it’s a little out of date.

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the job. Whatever it is you’re doing, your company won’t just be sending you places so you can eat cool food in new places.

They want you to work, and understanding that you’ll be working regardless of whether you’re traveling is important to be considered for the job.

Bring up the unique job responsibilities of the position as you understand it and explain your commitment to fulfilling them.

Talk about networking . A lot of work in a traveling position requires talking to other human beings and making business connections that stick.

For this reason, it’s important to show hiring managers that you know how to make these kinds of connections by talking about networking experiences you’ve had in the past — and it wouldn’t hurt to engage in a little small talk during the interview itself, either.

The DONT’s:

Lie about your availability. If you can’t travel at all, don’t apply in the first place, but your employer needs to have a realistic understanding of your ability to travel if they’re going to hire you for the position .

So if you can’t do weekends or certain percentages of the week, let the hiring manager know up front.

Focus too heavily on your availability either. Giving a specific maximum amount of travel you’re able to do can look bad as well, especially if that maximum is below the company’s expectations. So tell them your availability, but don’t spend too much time on it.

Bring up negative travel experiences: These are fine to talk about once you have the job, but during the interview process it will just make you look like you associate these experiences with traveling and that you are even perhaps lying about how comfortable you are with traveling.

Go overboard talking about good experiences: As bad as it is to talk about bad experiences, it can be just as damaging if the only good experiences you talk about are vacations or day trips.

After all, they expect you to work while you’re on these trips, so if they think you associate traveling just with vacations and relaxing, they might not have the most faith in your dedication to work.

Yes, I’m absolutely willing to travel. I spent a year studying abroad before graduating last year, and I learned that I love experiencing new places and meeting new people regularly. During my internship at The Coastal Society, I regularly traveled to different coastal sites to meet with marine biologists and gather data. I really enjoyed that aspect of the job, so I’m definitely open to making travel a bigger part of my professional life.
I am certainly willing to travel for work. At my last job in sales, I spent about half my time on the road, so the roughly 25% travel time we discussed for this job sounds more than acceptable. I just have a few more questions about how frequently trips are taken for this position and the typical length of a business trip.
While I’m willing to travel (and love traveling), my spouse works on the weekends and we have three kids at home. As such, I need to keep my weekends free for childcare. But any travel during the workweek I can happily accommodate.

The reasons why the company needs you to travel can vary wildly, and as a result, the particular travel experiences you’ll have could vary even for two similar positions.

It’s important for this reason to figure out exactly what sort of travel the company expects you to undertake before you get too far into the interview process .

A few things you should clarify before you take the job:

Travel percentage. If a job is advertised as having a travel percentage of 20%, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re traveling every Friday, or alternatively that you’re only traveling one week of every month.

That 20% is an average , and what it represents can vary dramatically by career, so make sure you ask your hiring manager to tell you exactly what the travel percentage means for the position you’re applying for.

Expenses. Namely, are they paid? How much of your food is being covered? Gas? Other travel expenses?

It’s important to know this beforehand — while many places will reimburse you for every expense you incur while on the road, it’s important to know what the company’s official policy is for travel.

Type of travel. Will it mostly be flying? Will you be expected to drive to the locations you’re going to? Where will you usually be traveling to?

Where would the company prefer that you stay while you’re there? Will you be staying anywhere at all, or are the trips too short for this?

There are two major kinds of travel jobs :

Seasonal jobs. These exist only for a few months or even just a few weeks and may require you to travel for the entirety of the time you’re working the gig.

“Regular” job that require travel. For these kinds of jobs, the amount of traveling that occurs can vary dramatically depending on the position.

Here are a few things that might be expected of you if you enter a job like this, seasonal or not, and some things you should keep in mind before giving your final answer.

You might have to make day trips, but the company may not be willing to pay for you to stay overnight. This could mean long work days punctuated by large amounts of travel which could keep you awake for 16 hours or more.

Alternatively, you might be sent very far away and be expected to fend for yourself once you get there. You may not have much, if any, time to explore this place between takeoffs — you might just be working the entire time.

Relocation should NOT be expected of you unless it’s discussed at this time as well. It’s also important to note that there is a big difference between being willing to travel and being willing to relocate.

What does it mean when a job asks if you’re willing to travel?

When a job asks if you’re willing to travel, it usually means there is at least some travel required for the position. The exact amount will vary, but there will typically be enough for interviewers to find out how well your willingness to travel aligns with the job’s requirements.

How do you put willing to travel on your resume?

You can put willing to travel on your resume by noting how much you traveled at your last position. This will point out to recruiters that you’ve at least been willing to travel in the past and may be willing to again.

If you haven’t had a position that requires travel before, you can note your willingness to travel in your resume summary . This is usually only a best practice if you’re aplying for a job or are in an industry that typically requires travel. Otherwise, it could look out of place and come off as ignorant.

Traveling is often one of the most exciting parts of any job that includes it and, despite the huge amount of work that gets compressed during these trips, it can be very fun if you’re adequately prepared for it.

When it comes to working travel jobs, you really have to be ready to go all in. That’s why it’s so important to understand what a company is asking when they want to know if you can travel.

Not only will it make you look proactive and interested in the position, but it can help keep you from getting in over your head with a situation you’re not comfortable with or ready to undertake.

And whatever you do while you’re out exploring the world, make sure you don’t stray too far from the hiking trail. That’s how you get bear maulings, and those usually aren’t covered under company expenses.

Anyhow, best of luck to you! Here are some other links to help you on your way.

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How to say 'Willing to Relocate' on your CV

10 min read · Updated on May 17, 2022

Laura Slingo

Prepared to take your career international? Make these CV changes.

If you're willing to relocate internationally for a job, how should you include that in your CV? Well, there are several ways that you can state on your CV that you're willing to work anywhere in the world, but some methods allow you to be more concise, and therefore more professional.

You might like to phrase it as 'will relocate globally', 'willing to relocate worldwide' or 'open to relocation on a global level', for example. 

Where do I write that I'm willing to relocate on my CV?

An example of a CV that demonstrates a willingness to relocate or move for a job.

In this sample CV, the relevant line about relocation is underlined in blue and is included as part of the personal statement. You can view the full CV for this mid-level professional here.  

The best place to mention relocation on your CV is your personal statement, which sits just underneath your name and contact details. Your CV personal statement should discuss who you are, what you can bring to the role and your career goals. Add the details about being willing to relocate globally to the final part of your statement. 

For example, if you're looking for a software engineer role, you might write, 'Currently pursuing a software engineer role and am open to relocating globally'. 

Have a goal and a plan for your relocation

Food for thought: Perhaps spend some time thinking about where you really want to work on a geographical level. If you have your heart set on a certain country, perhaps look for jobs in that region, rather than hoping a new employer will send you there on a whim.

Alternatively, if you want the opportunity to work across the world, look at companies who have offices internationally. If you find a job you like, tailor your CV to that opportunity so you convince employers you're the talent they need. You can then bring up the fact that you are open to working anywhere in the world in your cover letter or interview, as opposed to your CV that includes your current location.

Understand the CV conventions for different countries

willing to travel for work resume

1. What do I call it?

The UK and most European countries refer to this job-application document as a 'CV', which is an abbreviation for the Latin term 'curriculum vitae', meaning 'course of (one's) life'. In contrast, you'll typically find companies asking for a 'resume' in the U.S, Australia, Germany and Asian countries, including China, Singapore and Japan.

In the U.S, you may see the term 'CV' attached to an academic CV (also known as an academic resume), which is used in the worlds of science and academia. Academic CVs are typically much longer documents that offer a deep dive into a candidate's education, work experience, appointments and publications. They should not be confused with the British and European CV.

2. Page length

Length conventions tend not to vary by country – most CVs around the world are typically kept at one or two pages. This generally breaks down to one page for entry-level positions and two pages for most professionals; a three-page CV format is uncommon and reserved for senior executives with extensive experience. The only exceptions are if you work in academia or a scientific field where you would use the aforementioned academic CV format, or if you are applying for a position within the U.S. federal government, which has specific requirements that often require more than three pages.

One minor thing to note, however, is that while page length conventions are not different, the page size is. In the U.S. and Canada, letter size is used, whereas the UK and most other countries use A4 paper. 

3. Personal information

In the UK, U.S. and Australia, the personal information you include will generally be limited to your town and postal code (or city and state), phone number, email and the link to your LinkedIn profile. Employers see the incorporation of more specific details as a potential opportunity for HR managers to discriminate ‒ whether implicitly or explicitly ‒ between certain candidates.

But for EU countries, including personal details is often expected. These may include your age, nationality, birth date, maiden name and often marital status.

4. CV photo

You'll generally find that including a photo on your CV is discouraged in the UK, Africa, Israel, India, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. Like some personal information, headshots can be seen as an opportunity for HR managers to discriminate between candidates. Actors and entertainers in these countries may include a separate photo with their CVs in these countries, but doing so outside of these professions is discouraged. 

However, there are some countries where including a photograph on your CV is expected. These areas include: 

EU member countries

Latin America (except Mexico)

Southeast Asia (e.g. Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines)

Middle East (particularly in the UAE) 

If you're applying to work in any of these countries, your image should be a passport-size colour photo of yourself in business attire on hand. You want a photo that is high resolution, preferably taken by a professional photographer ‒ selfies won't make the cut. Select a recent photo and make sure it's a clear headshot, as employers do not look favourably on group photos. 

5. Personal statement

Most countries expect the inclusion of a personal statement on a CV. This is a short paragraph at the head of the first page that gives an employer a summary of your career accomplishments and objectives. It can take the form of a bulleted list or short paragraph, though most professional writers use the latter. Click here to learn more about writing a strong personal statement .

6. Language skills

Multilingual skills are valuable in any workplace, especially when applying for jobs in countries that have multiple official languages. Therefore, it's crucial to include your language abilities on your CV if you have them.

In addition, if you're applying for jobs in a country where the language spoken is not your native language, it's important to provide a clear, accurate assessment of your abilities, unless the job description clearly states that language skills will not be needed. Also, even if you're applying for jobs in countries where the lingua franca is English, make sure to note differences between spelling conventions in the UK, U.S, Australia, Canada and other English-speaking countries.

Mentioning relocation on your cover letter

Is a cover letter necessary if you are relocating? Absolutely. Here is how you should handle relocation on your cover letter.

What is a relocation cover letter?

A relocation cover letter is almost identical to your typical cover letter , except it details why you are relocating and your plans.

Employers will always need to see the elements of a traditional cover letter which expand on your CV, such as your interest in the role and your relevant experience and skills. But if you have added that you are relocating on your CV, you must explain this further in your cover letter or a prospective employer may choose to proceed with someone more 'stable', as they already reside in the area.

By mentioning your plans to relocate upfront, you reduce the risk of doubt in the HR manager's mind so they can focus on the reasons you're suitable for the role and should be interviewed.

How to write a relocation cover letter

Learn how to write and address your relocation in a cover letter by following the steps below:

Write a concise introduction that conveys your enthusiasm

All cover letters should begin with your interest in the open position and why you are applying for the role. For example, if you're applying for a project management position, have you always been fond of organisation and executing projects and campaigns? Or, perhaps you have always wanted to work for this particular company and have admired it from afar your whole career.

Detail your reasons for relocating and what your plan looks like

In your relocation cover letter, the next section should highlight the fact that you are moving and why this is. If your reasons are convincing, your cover letter will be all the more persuasive.

Some genuine reasons include: Your spouse is moving jobs, you are moving to be closer to elderly parents or you are returning to your hometown after a few years in the city. 

Be careful of your phrasing when offering your explanation. For example, if you are moving to London because you have always wanted to, this is great, but a prospective employer may read this as 'could be a flight risk if London living doesn't work out'. However, if you plan to move to London permanently because you know it is a hotspot for jobs in your industry and have witnessed many friends find success in this decision, that's better.

In a couple of sentences then, detail your reason for relocating, your thought-out plan, the relocation's permanence and your ties to the area to convince the employer you're a risk worth taking on. If you can mention a timeframe or the exact date of your move, that will work in your favour.

Add examples of your relevant experience

The following paragraph should address why this position is important to you and the relevant experience you have to offer. Identify the critical requirements listed in the job advert and detail the experience that shows you align with the role. Make the outcomes and achievements of your experience a key focus too, as it will highlight the concrete value you bring to the table.

Emphasise key skills and qualifications

In this section, outline any additional skills and qualifications that the prospective employer deems valuable for this role. Again, refer to the job description and cite the most pertinent abilities in your skill set which mirror the role's requirements. You are essentially offering the HR manager plenty of reasons to invite you for an interview by proving that your arsenal of skills is exactly what they are looking for.

Finish your cover letter with a summary

End your cover letter with a conclusion that summarises your expertise, reasons for relocation and your enthusiasm for the role. Write that you're looking forward to meeting with them to discuss the exciting opportunity and your skills in more detail. Then sign off with 'Kind regards' (or something similar) and your name.

Sample of a relocation cover letter 

Offering the prospective employer genuine, persuasive reasons for your move is essential when writing a relocation cover letter.

outline of cover letter

There's no reason your career has to tie you down to one location for life. Whether you're simply willing to relocate globally or actively wanting to use work as an impetus to start somewhere new, you can. To be successful, you must be clear about your intentions and knowledgable about what is expected of you.

The rules of CV writing are complex. Let an expert guide you in the right direction. Learn more about working with our professional CV writers .

This article was updated in December 2020. It contains work written by Rikki Wimmer .

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How to include (and leverage) travel on your resume

How to add travel to your resume. Including tips like where to put travel on your resume, which skills to emphasize, and how to effectively list Worldpackers experiences on your resume.

willing to travel for work resume

Gabrielle Budget Travel With Gabby

Apr 01, 2023

leverage travel on your resume

With the competitive and intense atmosphere that sometimes accompanies finding a job in this day and age, young people can feel an insane amount of pressure while job-hunting. We want to create the perfect resume, nail the perfect interview and make the perfect impression on potential employers.

Some people may think that traveling is just a hobby, and therefore not a useful credential to include on a resume. But depending on the type of travel you have done, it may just be a special addition to an otherwise ordinary resume.

Traveling is one of the bravest, hardest and most eye-opening things a young person can do . 

Through traveling you can gain new knowledge of the world and its cultures, and you can gain valuable life experience. 

Research now shows what wanderlusters have known all along —  traveling changes you for the better . Especially if you travel using work exchange  experiences through Worldpackers , you can also gain international work experience , which always looks good on a resume .

Do you like? Read more about volunteer experience:  TOP 5 Reasons why you should volunteer abroad

Employers often look for people that are adaptable, well-rounded and confident. If traveling has made you more open-minded and helped shape you into a better person, chances are that will show in your future career.

So don't be afraid to add travel to your resume. Rarely does traveling detract from your list of skills; it supplements them. 

But you have to know how to add travel to your resume in a strategic manner so that it enhances your credentials in a professional way.

With this guide of how to add travel to a resume , I will explain how to include and leverage travel so it makes you look like a more valuable employee . 

I'll list 10 tips, including where to put travel on a resume, what types of experiences to share and which ones not to, types of travel skills to include, and how to effectively share  Worldpackers exchange experiences  on a resume. 

How to add travel to your resume

  • Share valuable travel experiences
  • Don't share travel experiences with no professional value
  • Where to put travel on a resume
  • Share special skills gained while traveling
  • Always include language skills on a resume
  • Share Worldpackers experiences effectively
  • Mention studying abroad on your resume
  • Include any digital media work experience
  • Account for gaps in your resume
  • Always keep the job you are applying for in mind

Representing travel on your resume

1. Share valuable travel experiences

Though all travel is valuable in some way, only list the travel experiences that have benefited you as a future employee in your career path. 

Sometimes we just travel for fun, and while that is an awesome life experience it isn’t useful to an employer. But traveling through eye-opening third world countries, volunteering abroad, and learning new languages and skills probably made you a more compassionate and culturally aware citizen of the world, so that is the type of thing you should highlight on a resume.

Maybe one trip you took opened your eyes to the field you are now trying to work in. Explain how traveling developed your passion and how you are now dedicated to that field of work. 

As long as your travel experience increases your value as a future employee, it can fit nicely into your resume .

2. Don't share travel experiences with no professional value

As I just mentioned, not all travel is beneficial to a career path. 

Traveling for fun without any sort of responsibility isn't appropriate for a professional resume. Don't write about trips where you just gallivanted around, partying and sunbathing. Employers don't care about your trip unless it gave you skills that will benefit their company.

So if you didn't learn anything new, gain any useful experience or feel like you matured or developed as a potential employee, don't write about it. Save that space on your resume for the valuable stuff.

3. Where to put travel on a resume

Where you include travel on your resume depends on the type of traveling you did .

If you actually worked, with set hours and a list of responsibilities and tasks, then include it in the " Work Experience " section. Even if it was volunteer work and you didn't get paid, but it is relevant to the job you are applying for, then include it under the " Work Experience " section of your resume. 

Employers want to see the most relevant information first, so if you volunteered somewhere that gave you similar experience to your potential new job, then list that at the top of your resume .

If you did international volunteer work that was very beneficial to you but still isn't relevant to the job, include it in a different section. 

You can always write a " Volunteer Work " section to list all your volunteer experience. Or if you did volunteer work that taught you a specific skill, you can include it under the " Special Skills " section of a resume.

4. Share special skills gained while traveling

Speaking of special skills, it is essential to note any skills that you gained while traveling the world . 

A huge part of learning how to add travel to a resume is learning how to showcase your skills in an attractive way to employers . 

To do this, you have to learn the difference between "hard skills" and "soft skills."

Hard skills are skills that can be taught , such as learning a sport, a craft or a language. They can usually be measured or graded and are very specific.

Soft skills are skills that you adapt throughout life , through interacting with other people and with certain life situations. Examples of soft skills include learning how to communicate, how to budget, how to organize a group, how to adapt, how to handle pressure or stress and how to negotiate.

Consider which skills are useful to the job and whether they should be mentioned on your resume . You should almost always mention hard skills, but sometimes soft skills aren't necessary .

For example, any leadership or organizational skills are usually valuable in any working environment, so you could mention those. Budgeting skills will only be useful if the job you're applying for has anything to do with money, otherwise it is irrelevant. Communication skills, like being a good speaker, negotiator, or writer, probably don’t need to be mentioned because they will become obvious through your interview and your resume itself.

Sometimes job listings have a list of skills or personality traits they look for in future employees. If traveling helped you develop any of these skills, you can mention them because the employer specifically asked for them.

5. Always include language skills on a resume

I included this tip as a separate point because language skills are incredibly valuable to any employer . The world is so international and multicultural these days, so you never know when language skills may come in handy.

Many businesses hire people specifically for foreign language skills, so any proficiency in a foreign tongue is a huge plus on your resume . 

When listing foreign language skills on your resume, include if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in speaking, reading and writing. Never exaggerate your language skills, just in case you have to prove your skills at work and can't live up to the high standard your resume set.

6. Share Worldpackers experiences effectively

Worldpackers exchange experiences are amazing ways to learn new skills and gain work experience. 

Because work exchanges are usually pretty laid back, you can often get accepted for a position with no prior experience, which rarely happens in the professional work world. Take advantage of this opportunity to work a new job with no experience and learn it all from open-minded people. 

A work exchange might just be the first step in a lifelong passion and career .

You can find work exchanges in hospitality, digital marketing, agriculture, permaculture, construction, sports instruction, teaching English and much more. These types of work can actually be followed as career paths, so it is easy to gain relevant work experience through Worldpackers.

As I mentioned earlier, volunteer positions that gave you experience in the same field as the job you are applying for should be listed early on in your resume. Highlight that your Worldpackers travel experience  taught you not only about different cultures, but gave you valuable work experience and skills. 

Emphasize the "work" part of your work exchange because work experience in a foreign country is just as impressive, if not more impressive than work experience at home .

7. Mention studying abroad on your resume

Studying abroad is often the first time young travelers leave home for a long period of time. Of course you should include education on your resume, but if you spent a semester or a year abroad make sure you highlight that.

Studying abroad shows that you were able to successfully continue your education in a foreign country with foreign professors . 

Adapting to a different culture and educational system can be challenging, so no doubt you learned some hard or soft skills from that experience.

All you need is one line detailing where and for how long you studied abroad, but make sure it is on your resume in the " Education " section.

8. Include any digital media work experience

If you are applying for any sort of job that includes communications, marketing, public relations, writing or journalism, make sure you include any blogging, photography or social media you may have done while abroad. 

I don't mean mentioning Instagram posts you shared while traveling; I mean sharing any time you did a work exchange involving digital marketing or photography, or any time your writing was published on a study abroad blog or travel website.

If you gained any digital skills through traveling and volunteering abroad, which can also be proved through published work or photos, put it on your resume . 

These days, every business needs social media and digital content if it wants to succeed in the modern world. So even if your job doesn't relate to communications, your business may need an extra hand with photography or social media.

9. Account for gaps in your resume

Even after these tips, if you are still struggling to decide which top Worldpackers travel experiences to include in your resume and which ones to leave out, ask yourself this: Does the traveling I did make me look like a better potential employer than the gap it leaves in my resume?

If you traveled for a few weeks and did lots of partying and sightseeing, that doesn't provide more value than a short gap in your resume. But if you took a few weeks off to do a Worldpackers work exchange in South America , practicing Spanish and learning new skills, that definitely looks better than the gap in your resume.

If you backpacked around the world for six months to a year, the soft skills you gained during that time add more value than a very long gap in your resume. Especially if you did a few Worldpackers experiences during that long gap, you can show the skills and experiences you gained in that time.

Basically, just use traveling to account for the gaps in your resume. Employers won’t mind if you took some time off from work to immerse in new cultures , gain valuable life skills, and experience travel as education .

You just have to explain how traveling benefited you just as much as working would have . 

And if you did work while traveling, then you definitely benefited from that gap in your resume.

10. Always keep the job you are applying for in mind

No matter what type of travel experience you had, long or short, working or relaxing, always keep the job description in mind. 

Employers use resumes to see how suited you are to their company. Will you benefit their business more than the other applicants? What can you contribute to their business?

Think of the role you are applying for, and explain how your travel experience makes you a good candidate for that role . 

What if you did a work exchange as a yoga teacher in Bali but you are now applying for an office job in business or finance? List your yoga teacher job under the " Volunteer Experience " section and explain how that role helped you learn how to organize large classes and lead with confidence. Explain how your yoga teacher position taught you about public speaking, about teaching and instructing others, and about working well with others.

Even the most random work exchanges and travel experiences can be shown as beneficial to employers if you highlight the relevant skills. 

Make sure you understand the job you are applying for and showcase your travels accordingly .

How to add travel experience on a resume

My final thought for readers is this: never be afraid to travel because you think you have to follow a career path instead. If you are intrigued by the thought of traveling, but nervous that taking time off will hurt your chances of finding a job in the future, you need to re-evaluate what you want in life. If you want a stable career more than anything else, pursue that. If you want to explore the world, do it. And do it now, while you're young.

If you do decide to travel, travel with Worldpackers . The diversity of hosts and experiences offered are unparalleled, and the many exclusive  benefits of Verified Membership  are more than worth the subscription cost. 

Yes, backpacking and partying around the world is fun but volunteering abroad is a unique and useful experience. While seeing the world, you can also save money by working and gain new skills that will probably benefit you in your future job searches. 

Work exchanges are in-depth cultural experiences that enrich your life and enhance your skill set more than breezing through the tourist attractions does.

So take a risk and choose travel. You never know, you might discover a new passion or career path, and you might gain some skills that impress your future employers.

Keep reading about personal development with Worldpackers: 

  •   What is a Staycation and why now is the best time to have one
  • 4 reasons why traveling can make you better

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Gabrielle Boucher

Budget Travel With Gabby

Hello! I am a 25 year old from the USA with a knack for traveling on a budget. I fell in love with traveling while studying in Europe, and that love grew even more when I started volunteering abroad in South America. Since then, I've worked odd jobs and volunteered all over the globe while cultivating passions for hiking, wildlife photography, food, wine, animals, permaculture, and more!

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willing to travel for work resume

How (and Why) to Include Travel on Your Resume

willing to travel for work resume

Some articles on Rachel Off Duty contain ads and affiliate links. If you plan on buying or booking something I’ve recommended, please consider using my links, which help power this site at no additional cost to you! To learn more, read our Privacy Policy .

Some articles on Rachel Off Duty may contain affiliate links. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Rachel Off Duty: Why to include travel on your resume

So, you recently took some time off from school or work. Or maybe you’re thinking about a gap year or personal sabbatical to embark on a worldwide adventure. Or maybe the way you travel has taught you a lot of skills that you take with you into your everyday life.

If any of these sound like you, you’re in the right place! You might want to include travel on your resume, which can be a valuable addition to round out your professional experience. 

Some people may think that taking a little break to travel the world could be damaging to your career, but in an increasingly globalized world, taking a travel gap is becoming quite the opposite, and accepted by many employers today.

Being a well-traveled professional has its merits. Employers nowadays value worldly and diverse experiences that have helped in personal development and gaining unique perspectives. 

Adding travel to your resume doesn’t have to be a scary or complicated thing. In fact, you might be surprised that it can be a valuable way to demonstrate your adaptability, cultural awareness, and personal growth.

Whether you’ve embarked on an international work assignment, taken a gap year to explore the world, volunteered abroad, or simply nurtured a deep passion for traveling to new cities, these experiences can enhance your resume and make you stand out as a well-rounded candidate.

Read on to learn why it’s so valuable to include travel on your resume, and how you can incorporate your own experiences into your professional brand and/or job search!

How and Where Do I Include Travel on My Resume?

Well, that depends. Is your travel experience relevant to the job you’re applying for? How long is the gap in your resume–a few months or over a year? 

If it’s a short amount of time and not very relevant to the jobs you’re applying to, you can list travel in a section like “Additional Information” or write about it in your cover letter, explaining how enriching the experience was and what you gained from exploring a new place and culture.

Remember, relevancy is key –  you want to make your travel experience as relevant to the role or company you are applying for as you can.

Now, if your travel was over several months to a year-long, you can include it in the main “Work Experience” section, which is typically in chronological order. Add it in as if it’s another entry in your work history, with dates and detailed notes on what you did and what you learned or accomplished. 

Pro tip: Remember to focus only on the skill-building and perspective-broadening experiences that pertain to your job or career.

Employers don’t need to know about all the fun parties and bars you went to. Make sure to highlight and present your travel story in a professional manner.

Even if you didn’t do anything professional or any sort of work experience or volunteering, it’s almost impossible to travel and not learn something new and valuable. Highlight what you learned or personally accomplished, and frame it in a way that’s applicable to whatever role you’re applying to.

Different Types of Travel You Can Add to Your Resume

Rachel Off Duty: How to include travel on your resume

There are different types of travel that each deserve their own, unique approach when adding them to your resume. Here are some important ones to note.

International Work Experience

Working abroad can be a transformative way to include travel on your resume. Doing so exposes you to new cultures, work environments, and challenges, and shows that you’re willing to take risks in the pursuit of new experiences.

Employers often appreciate candidates with international work experience, as it demonstrates adaptability, cross-cultural communication skills, and a willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone. 

Adding work experience to your resume is a little more straightforward than some of the other travel examples below, as it’s just like any other work experience on your list. You can add it to your resume the same way you would add work experience gained from jobs and internships in your home country.

Highlight your responsibilities, achievements, and projects you worked on. You can also emphasize working with people who are from a different culture or speak a different language, learning new communication styles, and personal lessons that can be applied to another role.

Maybe you had to do something differently than how you normally would in the U.S. because of cultural differences.

Talk about how that helped you learn to adapt to different cultures and improved your communication skills overall. Play up all the valuable skills that you gained specifically from working abroad that you may not have had to learn from working in your home country. 

Pro tip: If you have a good working relationship with a supervisor, they can be a great reference to put on your resume as well. 

Example: Adding International Work Experience To Your Resume

Marketing internship – [company] – tokyo, japan – [dates] .

Spent 6 months in Tokyo working for a national social media marketing firm, where I was responsible for overseeing cross-channel syndication scheduling and ideating to accompany different client campaigns and product launches. During this experience, I gained: 

  • Valuable exposure to cross-cultural marketing strategies and sensitivity 
  • Proficiency in multicultural and multilingual marketing, effectively tailoring campaigns to resonate with diverse audiences from various background
  • Advanced skills in Japanese business communication
  • Strong project management capabilities by leading and coordinating multiple multi-departmental social media projects from concept to execution
  • Contributed creative ideas during brainstorming sessions and actively participated in marketing strategy discussions, making valuable contributions to campaign ideation and execution.

Languages : 

  • English (Native) 
  • Japanese (Professional Proficiency)

Gap Years / Travel Sabbaticals

Gap years and travel sabbaticals have traditionally been seen as a break from working. However, you can experience, learn and gain many new perspectives that will increase your value as a future employee.

During your time off, you might have honed problem-solving skills, self-reliance, and the ability to navigate unfamiliar situations. These are skills that any and every company could use in their employees, no matter the industry. 

You can list on your resume “Gap Year” or the name of the program you traveled with if you went through an organization. If you went on a gap year on your own, that also takes an immense level of courage and demonstrates that you’re a go-getter.

Either way, you can list the experiences and skills you gained along the way.

Ensure you mention any relevant learning experiences, such as language courses, workshops, or volunteering opportunities during your gap year. You never know when basic knowledge of a different language or other soft skills you may have picked up can help you out.

Example: Adding Gap Years or Travel Sabbaticals To Your Resume

Travel and personal development – january 2022 – january 2023 .

Took a 12-month gap year (aka personal sabbatical) after my first tenure working as an associate following law school. During this gap, I engaged in personal growth, self-discovery, and volunteering while basing myself in Ecuador. This experience armed me with: 

  • Language Acquisition : Committed significant time and effort to learn Spanish, achieving [mention your proficiency level].
  • Volunteer Service : Volunteered in Ecuador, collaborating with local communities on [brief description of your volunteer activities].
  • Adventure and Skill Acquisition : Pursued a passion for scuba diving, completing [number] certifications and refining my ability to trust my problem-solving and decision-making intuition. 
  • Developed Essential Soft Skills : Including self-reliance, adaptability, problem-solving, and increased empathy toward diverse perspectives through cultural immersion.

Relevant Skills : 

  • Conversational fluency in Spanish, enhancing my ability to serve both English- and Spanish-speaking clients.

Rachel Off Duty: adventure skills on resume

Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering is technically gaining work experience, even if you’re not being paid.

It can teach you so many valuable skills that employers love to see, such as caring about others and being passionate about causes outside of yourself.

This experience not only demonstrates your empathy and compassion but also showcases your ability to work in diverse teams and adapt to challenging circumstances. It also demonstrates an excellent work ethic to be contributing your time to something you feel strongly about without being paid. 

On your resume, list specific projects you are working on, what you accomplished, the positive impacts you made on the organization or community, and who you worked with, similarly to what you’d list in your work experience summary.

List the time you spent there, and what duties you had, and frame them in a way that could also be applied to the company you’re applying to. 

If you have any close co-volunteers or a group leader, they can serve as a reference on your resume as well.

Example: Adding Volunteer Work To Your Resume

Medical volunteer – sight international – nepal, spring 2021 (3 months) .

Volunteered abroad supporting free eye exams to underserved communities across Nepal. In doing this, I gained real-world experience collaborating with local healthcare professionals and patients, assisting in more than 600 eye exams in a 3-month period. My focus was on serving children and families, a skill I am proud of and that I want to strengthen even further as I continue my career in pursuit of starting my own optometry practice.

General Passion for Travel

Even if you haven’t had the opportunity for extensive travel experiences, you can still include a section in your resume that reflects your passion for travel.

In the “Skills” section of your resume, you can list travel and describe how exploring new places and meeting people from different backgrounds has broadened your horizons and instilled in you a desire for continuous learning.

This passion can translate into a willingness to take on new challenges and adapt to dynamic work environments.

Example: Adding Travel Interest & Skills To Your Resume

Other skills and interests:.

  • Travel writing and photography – [Portfolio site link] 
  • Global communication skills – proficient in English, Spanish, and French language and writing 
  • Cultural competence – the ability to liaise with and respect clients and colleagues across various backgrounds, belief systems, and life experiences 

Rachel Off Duty: include travel on your resume

Add Travel to Your Resume with These Soft & Hard Skills

One of the great things about traveling is how much you learn and pick up without realizing it.

Soft skills, which are basic people and communication skills like leadership, problem-solving, and independence, are skills that you can’t help but pick up when traveling abroad.

These skills are necessary, especially in the workplace, and traveling helps you practice and perfect them more than someone who doesn’t ever leave their comfort zone.

These are much harder to include on your resume without it sounding too vague or cheesy, but there are ways to show you have these skills by describing your reflections and experiences and including details on the interpersonal skills you learned through these accomplishments.  

And then, of course, you have hard skills, such as teaching, writing, learning a new language, or anything else that can be directly attributed to the profession you do (or seek). If you’ve acquired any experience learning skills that directly apply to your position, even better.

Here are some examples of soft and hard skills that travel can give you. You can use these and more on your resume or in your next interview to validate and expand on your travel experiences.

Soft Skills You Can Include on Your Resume

Adaptability: Traveling often involves dealing with unexpected situations, such as language barriers, cultural differences, and changing plans (and all without cell service, sometimes!). The ability to adapt quickly and stay composed in unfamiliar and challenging circumstances is highly valuable in the workplace.

Cross-Cultural Communication: Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds enhances your cross-cultural communication skills. This skill is crucial in this digital age where teams are often spread across different countries and cultures.

Problem-Solving: While traveling, you encounter various challenges that require creative problem-solving. Whether it’s finding your way in a new city or resolving travel logistics, these experiences develop your ability to think on your feet and find practical solutions.

Resilience: Traveling can be physically and emotionally demanding, but it also builds resilience and mental strength. Employers appreciate individuals who can handle stress and bounce back from setbacks.

Open-Mindedness: Exposure to different cultures and perspectives fosters open-mindedness, which is essential for fostering innovation and building inclusive work environments. Not to mention improve collaboration and conflict resolution.

Hard Skills You Can Include on Your Resume

Language Proficiency: If you’ve traveled to countries with different languages, you might have picked up some language skills. Proficiency in multiple languages can be a valuable asset, especially for companies with international operations.

Project Management: Planning and organizing trips require project management skills. Detailing your experience in coordinating itineraries, bookings, and budgets showcases your organizational abilities.

Customer Service: Interacting with people from various backgrounds during your travels can enhance your customer service skills. This is particularly beneficial for roles that involve client-facing responsibilities.

Crisis Management: Traveling involves assessing risks and handling unforeseen situations. These crisis management skills can be transferable to roles that require quick decision-making in high-pressure situations.

Cultural Competence: Exposure to different cultures fosters cultural competence, which is crucial in global business settings. Understanding and respecting cultural nuances can facilitate better collaboration with international colleagues and clients.

Incorporating travel experiences into your resume can provide a unique and compelling perspective that sets you apart from other candidates. Highlighting the different types of travel you’ve undertaken, whether it’s international work experience, gap years, volunteering, or a general passion for travel, can showcase your versatility and adaptability. 

Moreover, emphasizing the soft and hard skills acquired during your journeys demonstrates to potential employers the practical value of your travel experiences in a professional context.

So, don’t hesitate to take that next trip, and don’t worry that it’ll have a negative impact on your career.

Just make sure to include your valuable travel adventures on your resume, as they are as much a part of your unique story as the professional experience you bring to the table!

Do you plan to include travel on your resume? Let me know how you’ve done it in the comments below!

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Rachel Off Duty: Include travel on your resume

Hey there! I’m Rachel, a travel writer and a full-time advertising / marketing expert. In 2019, I traveled more than 25 times while working 9 to 5, and since then I’ve committed myself to living a more adventurous life, even if it means bringing my laptop along for the ride. Are you hungry to travel more, but overwhelmed with how to juggle work and play? You’ve come to the right place!

Recent Adventures:

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Los Angeles Staycation Idea: Two Days in Palos Verdes, California

willing to travel for work resume

20+ of The Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico

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Questions You'll Get at the End of an Interview

How to Answer: Are You Willing to Travel?

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing your answer.

Do your homework.

If the job description states that the position requires travel, apply only if you’re willing and able to do so. Do some research about how much travel is typically required for the position you’re applying for so when the interviewer follows up by asking how often you are able to travel, you can give an appropriate answer. For example, if you’re applying for a job as a campus recruiter for a particular company, you should know that you’ll be traveling quite a bit during the academic year when you attend college career fairs and major industry conferences.

Find out the details.

If the job description and interviewer don’t outline the travel requirements, you should be prepared to ask. In fact, asking questions will show your prospective employer that you’re really interested in the role and invested in making it work for both parties.

Tell the truth.

Be upfront about how much you’re able to travel during any given timeframe. Even if you’re willing to travel every week, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can take off for London at a moment’s notice. Be sure to frame your answer in terms of what you’re able to do, demonstrating flexibility and wrap up by asking the hiring manager to offer more details on the travel requirements.

Say something like: “I’m definitely willing to travel, and actually love traveling! I’ll admit that I have some prior commitments that prevent me from traveling every weekend, but I’m more than happy to travel every week if necessary. Do you know how much traveling would be expected of me?”

Above all, make sure to focus on what you can do for the company and not the other way around. By doing your homework beforehand, asking follow-up questions and being honest, you’re positioning yourself as a strong and memorable applicant.

Next, get more career tips for internships and entry-level jobs such as How to Deal with Multiple Internship Offers and find answers to common interview questions such as  How Have You Displayed Leadership?

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willing to travel for work resume

Nomadic Matt's Travel Site

Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer

How to Represent Travel on Your Résumé

A woman standing in nature taking photos with a professional camera

What do you do when you come back home? How do you explain the gap in your employment to the hiring person in front of you? How do you make travel seem like a win? Those are all valid questions people who take a career break have so I invited career break expert Sherry Ott to tell us when (and when not) to use travel to boost our resume.

You’ve just finished your life-changing travels and now you’re back home and considering how you are going to find work again. Whether you’re travels were a career break, gap year , or sabbatical, you will need to figure out how you account for the time and experiences on your résumé.

Normally you need to account in some way for the time spent away from work. If employers see a gap in your resume that isn’t explained, you may not make it through the first cut of résumés.

I often work with travelers who are re-entering the workforce and are faced with the following questions when trying to update their résumé.

Travel: Where should it go on my résumé?

It depends. Do you think the experiences you had traveling apply to you finding a new job in your field? If so, then place it in the main part of your résumé. If you don’t feel like it applies, then it probably belongs in a section reserved for “Additional Information” or “Hobbies.”

Kristin Zibell of Take Your Big Trip is a frequent career breaker and she keeps her résumé flexible, saying, “I found the recruiters and hiring managers were looking for the professional story in my résumé. Every statement on my résumé needed to support this story and show the situation, action, and results. If my travels and experiences had a direct relationship to the position, like my blogging or volunteering abroad, then I listed it like a position: ‘ Travel Blogger’  or ‘English Teacher.’ Most of the time, I found that travel was an interesting fact about me and explained the time gaps, but not directly related to the positions. In this case, I placed my travel experiences at the bottom in an ‘Additional Activities’ section that colored who I was and what I had done.”

Kristin’s résumé highlights her travels as international experience:

  • Ten months of travel to India, Nepal, Southeast Asia , the Middle East, and Europe , from October 2008 to May 2010.
  • Activities included volunteer work at Mother Teresa Mission Charities in Kolkata with disabled women and teaching English to street children in Jaipur.
  • Designed and authored three travel blogs during these multi-month solo trips. Currently editor of

What type of information should I share?

It’s probably not  a good idea to put that you were a beach bum for 12 months, or that you traveled the Full Moon Party circuit. Instead, think about what you did on your travels that had to do with education, skill building, volunteering, and business, and highlight them in a professional manner. But there are some other skills you might want to consider:

1. Volunteering One should always represent any volunteering done while traveling on a résumé. For me it demonstrated my commitment to education, giving back to other cultures, and global experience. You should always include where your volunteering took place, what your responsibilities were, and if there was any end result. The end results could be tangible things such as building a house, cleaning up after a natural disaster, or restoring wetlands. Example:

  • Extensive international travel background, comfortable working with and in different cultures.
  • Volunteered with Cross-Cultural Solutions in New Delhi, India, teaching computers, conversational English, and interview skills in order to assist young adults entering the workforce.

If not covered somewhere else in your résumé, also consider including any résumé-building, intangible results, such as improved leadership skills, proven ability to take initiative, and listening and communication skills. Finally, if your volunteering was for an extended period of time, such as six months to a year, then consider putting this experience in your work or education history.

Sherry Ott standing in front of picturesque mountains

I highlighted my various work experiences as international work experience:

ESL Instructor: ILA Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Teaching adults English as a Second Language (ESL)

Consultant: CAMENAE, Singapore

  • Delivered a usability analysis of the e-commerce site and led subsequent redesign
  • Conducted tests and created a regression test plan
  • Consulted with owners on their business vision and ensured that it can be supported on the site. Offered guidance on short- and long-term business plans and their technical implementation.

3. Blogging Did you blog , write for publications , or do photography ? All of these things illustrate that you took your travels seriously. Think about the new skills you learned when maintaining your blog. Did you increase your knowledge about search engine optimization, marketing or sales of affiliate programs, coding, or social media tools?

Laura Keller did a career break with her husband Ryan and blogged about it at Round We Go . She represented her blogging in the following way:

Digital Entrepreneur, Travel Blogger & World Explorer

  • Expanded economic and cultural views while exploring 20 countries in 14 months of extensive travel across six continents
  • Created, launched, and hosted the travel website, attracting 10,000 unique monthly visitors
  • Governed online traffic, social media, and SEO to create advertising and sponsorship revenue for
  • Contributed travel articles to leading lifestyle and travel websites and blogs

Be sure to talk about the soft skills

Even if all you did was lounge around a beach all day and drink beer, you picked up some business skills while traveling around the world. It’s hard to think about mundane day-to-day experiences as skill building, but they are.  There are a lot of business skills you can learn without actually having gone to business school. In fact, these “business skills” are simply important life skills that can give you an edge:

Negotiation skills – All that time spent in markets haggling over the cost of a magnet was beneficial. You were exposed to and employed various negotiation tactics that can be highlighted. Businesses want people who are sharp negotiators and can make deals, not people who are pushovers.

Budgeting and planning – You most likely had to plan and save for your career break. In addition, you continued to monitor your budget and assessed any financial risks.

Adaptability – When you travel, things go wrong, plans change, there are mudslides that you can’t predict. As a traveler, you are forced to change plans constantly. You handle the issues that hurdle your way quickly after a few months on the road. In the ever-changing world of business, the ability to adapt is important.

Communication skills – When trying to converse in foreign cultures, verbal and nonverbal communication is necessary to overcome language and cultural barriers. This skill is helps you deal with people, which is an important aspect of any job. Workers with good communication skills are the ones who rise fast.

All of these new skills belong on your résumé. And when you are asked about them in an interview, you’ll be able to share an amazing story about “that time in  Vietnam …” when a skill came in handy and how it can help you in your job. As Kristin Zibell says, “In an interview, I used travel stories to illustrate soft skills, like dealing with adversity or ambiguity. I shared my travel experience as a part of my professional story. This technique made me a more memorable and interesting candidate.”

Use your travel to make you stand out. Keep in mind that many of these experiences, if described in a professional manner, will make you stand out from other candidates.

Don’t hide your travel when searching for a job — embrace it!

Sherry Ott is a long term traveler, blogger, and photographer at Ottsworld . She’s also a co-founder of Meet, Plan, Go!, a website and national travel event teaching you how you can take your very own traveling career break or sabbatical.

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner . It’s my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is being left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld . If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as it consistently returns the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for everyone)
  • Insure My Trip (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Want to Travel for Free? Travel credit cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights and accommodation — all without any extra spending. Check out my guide to picking the right card and my current favorites to get started and see the latest best deals.

Need Help Finding Activities for Your Trip? Get Your Guide is a huge online marketplace where you can find cool walking tours, fun excursions, skip-the-line tickets, private guides, and more.

Ready to Book Your Trip? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use when I travel. They are the best in class and you can’t go wrong using them on your trip.  

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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StandOut CV

How to include travelling on your CV

Andrew Fennell photo

If you’ve been away travelling the world, you might be wondering if you can add any of these amazing experiences to your CV.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you definitely can.

In fact, travelling can be a great way to strengthen your CV and make yourself more attractive to employers.

So, this guide will show you everything you need to know about including travel on your CV and even has 7 examples of real-life CVs with travel sections added to them.

CV templates 

Should you add travel to your CV?

You might be concerned that adding travel to your CV will make employers think you’ve just been off work, having a nice time in the sun.

However, there are a number of reasons why adding your travels to your CV can help you get hired.

Traveling experience can actually help you to gain and strengthen a number of transferable skills that will appeal to hiring managers.

For example, if you’ve travelled across the world, it can show that you’re organised, confident, and adaptable. Not only this, but it proves you can immerse yourself in new groups and cultures, as well as communicate with people from across the globe – a great selling point for any CV.

If you worked or volunteered while you were abroad, this is even better! This can be a particularly great way for students or junior professionals to highlight their skills and experience despite being new to the working world.

5 examples of travel on a CV

Here are 4 examples of job seekers who have successfully added travel to their CVs.

Gap year in Asia

Travel in CV - Gap Year

Volunteering in Africa

Travel on CV - Volunteering

Backpacking through South America

Travel in CV - Backpacking

Working for a school in mainland Europe

Travel in CV - Working abroad

Studying for 6 months in Japan

Travel in CV - Studying abroad

What skills can travel demonstrate on a CV?

Traveling requires a range of skills and abilities that can be transferred to the workplace. Here are a some of the best ones to include in your CV.

  • Organisation – Planning a trip requires careful organisation , particularly if you’re going for a long time or to multiple locations. Skills like budgeting, packing, planning itineraries, and booking transport, can easily be helpful into the workplace.
  • Communication – Whether you’re making friends, chatting with the locals, or asking for help, communication is a vital skill while traveling. Showing you can communicate with people from all walks of life is a very desirable trait for employers.
  • Adaptability – Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan while you’re traveling, and the same applies to the workplace. So, if you can prove your ability to adapt accordingly to different situations, you’ll make yourself more attractive in the job market.
  • Confidence – It takes courage to travel to unknown places and experience new things, particularly when you’re far from home. Showing this courage can prove you’re confident in new situations and around new people – a great trait for starting a new job.
  • Social skills – Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, it’s likely that you’ll meet fellow travellers along the way, as well as locals. Being able to converse with a broad range of people proves you have the social skills require for the workplace.
  • Cultural understanding – Spending time with people from different backgrounds, races, religions, and experiences can help to boost your cultural understanding. You can show empathy, respect, and intrigue for cultures that differ from your own.
  • Languages – If you travelled to a country where the locals speak a different language to your own, and you’ve taken the time and effort to learn some key phrases, this can look great on your CV.
  • Resourcefulness – When you’re presented with tricky situations whilst thousands of miles from home, you have to learn to navigate them and solve problems as best you can – another excellent ability that can be used in any job.

What type of travel should you include in your CV?

Of course, when we talk about adding travel to your CV, we don’t just mean the week-long family holiday you went on last summer, where you sat by the pool all day.

CV-worthy travel needs to consist of meaningful experiences that contributes to your personal development and which have relevant applications to the working world.

So to ensure the travel experiences in your CV actually help to get you hired, include the following type of travel:

A gap year gives you a chance to take some time out after your studies to refresh, find out more about yourself, and gain some valuable life experiences.

With a whole year to travel, you can fully immerse yourself in new places and cultures, you can even take the opportunity to work or volunteer, and you’re bound to come away with a new perspective, as well as some new skills.

Therefore, a productive and interesting gap year can be a great addition to your CV and can give you lots of talking points during the interview stages.

CV builder


There are lots of different ways to travel, but backpacking, in particular, is one style of travel that can really boost your skills and give you lots of talking points for interviews.

Often, these trips will last for a few months at a time and will test skills like flexibility, organisation, budgeting, and compromise more than traditional travel will.

Being able to highlight how you implemented and strengthened your skill set whilst living out of a backpack can be great for your CV and is a testament to the type of person you are.

Working abroad

Highlighting valuable experience is always important on your CV, but if you’ve worked abroad, you could actually give yourself a competitive edge. This is particularly true if other candidates on similar footing have no such experience.

This is because working in another country can show your personal and professional growth, as well as showcase the different skills required to work in a country that isn’t your own. For example, being able to speak another language or even just having the confidence and drive to work internationally.

This is even better if the job you did abroad is related to your chosen field and gives you lots of relevant talking points.

Volunteering abroad

Volunteering looks great on your CV, as it proves that you’re proactive, caring, and you teaches you tons of valuable transferable skills. These are all desirable qualities in an employee and can boost your chances of getting hired.

So, if you’ve gone abroad to volunteer, this is a great way to show that you are kind and compassionate and you want to engage and help those from different cultures. It also shows you didn’t just travel for fun; you wanted to do something positive, and learnt some skills along the way.

Studying abroad

When you study abroad , you’re not just learning about your chosen subject but also about adapting to new surroundings and cultures. You’re expanding your knowledge, and you’ll also gain lots of other practical skills along the way. Of which, language skills are often some of the most beneficial.

Not only this, but you’ll meet lots of people from different walks of life and grow your personal and professional skills set as a result.

Proving you’ve got the skills needed to live and study away from home can be very desirable to employers.

What travel should you avoid putting in your CV?

  • Short holidays – Some types of travel won’t add any value to your CV, and a short trip is one of them. Although you might have gone to a lovely destination, it’s unlikely that this trip was designed to boost your skills or immerse yourself in the culture. After all, people take holidays all the time to unwind, and telling recruiters about your 2 weeks in the Canary Islands sipping Mojitos is unlikely to bag you an interview.
  • Stag/Hen party trips – Similarly, you might have gone on stag or hen trip to blow off some steam and hang out with friends, and that’s OK. But even if you did go somewhere interesting, this experience doesn’t really belong to your CV or present itself as a career gap that needs filling, so it’s best to leave this out.

Where should you add travel on your CV?

If you’ve got some exciting travel experiences to share on your CV, you need to make sure you present these effectively and put them in the right place.

In your CV profile

For any experiences that you’re particularly proud of or that you think show skills closely related to the job you’re applying for, you could lead with these in your CV profile . For example, if your travels allowed you to practice your language skills and these are going to be important in the role, add a few words about into your profile.

E.g “Conversational Spanish learnt from my year working in Barcelona”

CV profile

In the work experience section

There are several reasons you might want to include traveling in your work experience section;

Firstly, it explains any gap in your career, which is vital if you’ve been away travelling for 3 months or longer.

Secondly, if you had a job or did some volunteering during your travels, then it is perfectly suited to be included the work experience section as job. That way, you can then go into more detail about what you did and the skills involved.

Work experience CV

In the additional information section

If you’ve got other relevant experiences to talk about that feel more important, but you still believe your travels can boost your application, then you might wish to include them under the additional information section.

This way, you don’t take up valuable space in your employment history or CV profile, but you can still showcase your skills and experiences from your time abroad.

Hobbies and interests

How to include travel on your CV

Now you know where to include your travel experiences on your CV, here’s how to write about it in a way that will engage and impress recruiters.

Structure the experience like a job

When adding this to your work experience section, you should format this the same as you would a job. For example, put ‘traveling Asia’ or ‘gap year’ as your title and follow this with the dates you were away.

You can then add bullet points underneath that showcase your most important and relevant experiences and the skills you used.

Role descriptions

Draw out workplace skills

Never just list the places you went to or the cool things you did there. You need to make sure you’re always drawing out the workplace skills and making these relevant to the role.

An example of this could be ‘had to quickly adapt and arrange new travel plans after disruptions due to dangerous weather conditions’.

Show contributions and achievements

Showing and quantifying your achievements is always important in your CV, and this still applies when including your travel experiences. Wherever you can, you should provide figures that show your contribution and what you have achieved.

For example, if you volunteered to teach English in a local school, how many pupils did you teach? Or if you had to do three months on a tight budget, what money-saving hacks did you use, and how much did you save?

  • Travelled across South Asia for 3 months on a budget of £2,000, visiting a total of 9 countries.
  • Learned a good level of conversational German in 6 months of living in Berlin

Tailor toward your target jobs

Make sure that when you’re picking highlights, skills, and achievements to include on your CV, these are as relevant to the role as possible.

If the employer is looking for someone organised, explain how you planned your itinerary, or if they want someone confident, discuss how you travelled solo for two months before meeting a group of like-minded travellers and asking them to join you.


  • Topics    

Common Interview Questions

To help you prepare for your next job interview, here are 30 common interview questions and answer examples.

Common was updated by Rachelle Enns on October 26th, 2021. Learn more here.

Question 21 of 30

Are you willing to travel for work?

What to avoid, how to answer, answer example, admin example, manager example, marketing example, retail example, sales example, teacher example.

Community Answers

Depending on the role you're interviewing for, the hiring company may require you to travel for work. The interviewer wants to know your thoughts on work-related travel and how much travel you are comfortable performing. The goal of your response is to express that you understand any travel requirements for the role and that you can be relied on to meet these needs.

Avoid giving a basic yes or no response. Saying, 'Yes, I am willing to travel for work,' is too vague to help the interviewer accomplish their goal of gauging your availability and flexibility. Saying 'No, I cannot travel for work' sounds inflexible and will quickly close the conversation between you and the interviewer. - Instead of giving a flat yes, try offering a measurable answer such as, 'Yes, I am willing to travel for work up to 15% of the time.' Instead of giving a flat no, try saying something like, 'My overnight travel availability is limited; however, I am happy to be as flexible as possible with some notice.'

If you aren't entirely clear on the travel expectations for the role, it is okay to ask questions. The number of expected overnights and the overall travel schedule are essential factors for you to know before accepting a job offer. Most jobs that include overnight travel require 50% or less time away from home. If the position in question requires more than 50% travel time, be sure to consider if this expectation works with your personal life.

If overnight travel is an expectation in your current role, answer by expressing the amount of travel you currently perform and the amount of travel you are comfortable performing in your next opportunity. When you respond, consider providing a percentage or number of days. For instance, 'I currently travel 30% of the time and am comfortable with this level of travel in my next opportunity.' Or, 'I am comfortable with overnight travel up to 10 business days per month.'

"I understand that regular travel is not a requirement of this role; however, I am certainly willing to travel up to 20% of the time for trade shows, conferences, or client appointments as needed. Could you share with me a bit more about any travel requirements for this position?"

"Travel requirements are new to me, but I am certainly happy to accommodate the travel needs for this position. Could you share with me how much travel is involved in this position?"

"In my current position, I travel approximately six overnights per month, which is a comfortable pace for me. I am willing to discuss your travel schedule further and come up with a solution that works well for the company and my family responsibilities."

"Much of what I do as a marketing director can be done from remote work situations. For that reason, in my previous roles, I have not traveled more than 10-20% of the time. With that said, I am happy to discuss your travel requirements and accommodate the needs of this position."

"Traveling for work is something that has always interested me. Could you share more details with me regarding the travel opportunities in this position?"

"As a sales professional, I am accustomed to a great deal of travel. Currently, I spend half of my month on the road for overnight trips. Your job posting mentioned 40% travel time. I'd like to know more about your travel requirements and the preferred schedule."

"As an educator, travel is not something that I have truly considered; however, I am not opposed to the idea! If you could share more details of potential travel requirements for this position, I would appreciate that very much."

Anonymous Answer

willing to travel for work resume

Rachelle's Feedback

Kristine's Feedback

willing to travel for work resume

Lauren's Feedback

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How to Answer: Are you willing to travel for work?

21. are you willing to travel for work.

Written by Rachelle Enns on January 8th, 2022

Anonymous Interview Answers with Professional Feedback

Mapping Megan

With fierce competition for the same jobs these days, it’s very easy to get swept up in the mindset of “I’ll travel later”, not wanting to leave a gap in your resume.

It’s long been thought that a large gap in your resume will mean being treated unfavorably by a prospective employer – especially if your explanation for the gap is “I was traveling the world”.

Though here’s some news – travel may actually boost your employability . As long as you can explain the benefits of your travel experience to a potential employer it could actually help your resume stand out, and improve your chances of being shortlisted for an interview.

But travel isn’t as novel as it used to be, so how can you properly market your time abroad to make your skills and experiences look good?

You can use professional cv services , or you can put together your own based on these tips. Screenshot of my actual personal resume, after traveling for 7 years, is at the end of the post.

Pro tip: Some countries are now offering special visas to digital nomads, allowing them to work legally while exploring a new destination. If you’re interested in joining the growing community of digital nomads, it’s important to find the right remote work opportunities. One helpful resource for finding remote work is Lensa remote jobs , where you can browse through a variety of remote job listings and find the perfect job to support your digital nomad lifestyle.

5 Ways to Make Travel Look Good on Your Resume

Make it relevant to the job.

For travel to look good on your resume, your experiences and skills should have a direct relationship with the position you’re applying for. It needs to be relevant to the job.

Sit down with the job criteria, and identify which skills could be matched with the experiences you’ve gained abroad.

For instance, are they looking for a candidate who has excellent skills in communication, negotiation, or cross cultural understanding? Is self sufficiency and independent decision making required?

Your resume should create a professional story , and every statement you make needs to support this. If you don’t feel like your travel applies to the job description, put it in the section of your resume for additional information, or hobbies, as opposed to the main section.

Creating an eye-catching resume that fits the job position you are applying to may be overwhelming considering there are many ways to summarize your experience into one document. Sifting through good resume examples will empower you to find the most suitable resume for the industry you want to work in.

Tell a Professional Story

Putting together a resume is all about marketing yourself, so you should think about the type of information you share, and they way you share it. As we mentioned above, your resume needs to tell a professional story.

For instance, highlighting a gap in your resume as “International Experience” sounds a lot more noteworthy than calling yourself a world explorer.

You should always aim to keep the information you’re sharing as professional as possible, and use your travel experience to demonstrate situations, actions and results.

“Remember that 90% of your travels aren’t really “experience,” but soft skills you picked up on the road: people skills, confidence, and independence. Though you may be tempted to write that stuff on your resume , don’t. You’ll sound cheesy and as though you are just putting in useless filler.” – Matador Network.

International Experience

  • Ten months of travel to India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, from October 2008 to May 2010.
  • Activities included volunteer work at Mother Teresa Mission Charities in Kolkata with disabled women and teaching English to street children in Jaipur.
  • Designed and authored three travel blogs during these multi-month solo trips. Currently editor of .

Example:   Kristin Zibell

Know the Difference Between Hard and Soft Skills

So what’s the difference between hard and soft skills ?

Hard skills are teachable, like having learnt a language  ( definitely  highlight any language skills) .

Soft skills are subjective interpersonal skills, like communications, leadership, or motivational skills. These skills are important, but much harder to quantify.

People like students, who take a gap year after graduation, may find they have more soft skills than hard skills, so when you’re highlighting things like self growth, make sure that these experiences demonstrate situations, actions and results.

And do highlight them; studies have shown that employers do want to know about your soft skills, and that experiences like a gap year can have a positive effect on your CV and employability. For example:

Other Experience

Gap Year 2007-2008

  • Developed negotiation skills through daily contact with sellers in markets and vendors throughout Asia.
  • Learned how to adapt to unanticipated situations and improvise new plans due to periodic travel mishaps and unexpected events.
  • Developed budgeting and planning skills by financing, planning, organizing my year around the world. This involved using various spreadsheets and keeping a record of expenses.
  • Cultivated language and communication skills through contact with people from around the world. Learned to use non verbal and verbal communication to overcome communication and language barriers.

Example: Matt Kepnes

Work Experience and Volunteering

If you’re traveling for a long period of time, there may come a point where you need to work abroad to pick up extra cash . And many popular jobs, like working at a hostel reception, teaching English as a foreign language, or working as an au pair, often have skills that are directly transferable.

So include any and all relevant work experiences on your resume; even if it was an unpaid work exchange. It’s a good habit to get into to ask your boss to write you a reference before you leave the job.

Volunteer work will also earn favor from employers because it demonstrates your commitment to education, and shows that you have a strong motivation and work ethic to be contributing your time without pay.

If you’re not keen on volunteering, or jumping on a plane without work in place, many careers have opportunities for work exchange, which will allow you to continue your career in another country and give you the opportunity to travel at the same time.

Start Your Own Digital Business

Get Xolo

Another option if you’re traveling for a while, is to set up and start your own digital business. This has never been easier with the technology we have access to these days, and it won’t leave a gap on your resume. 

Digital Nomads are increasingly common, where you work for yourself, remotely. This allows you to freely travel the world, while working from your laptop, and there are remote business opportunities available for almost every skill set.

For instance, jobs that may allow for this lifestyle could be teaching English as a second language, content creation like social media or blogging, or publishing an ebook. If you have professional skills in accounting, design, etc you can set up a business in those fields.

This is so common that companies like Xolo will set up your remote business for you , handle all your paperwork, invoicing, accounting – you need zero experience to set up a business these days and everything is now done online.

Xolo is great for one-person-businesses like designers, copywriters, translators, software developers and consultants, and they take care of everything from business set up to accounting. But even if you want to develop your own brand and own a real company, they’ll get you set up with a real EU company registered in Estonia (no need to travel since company setup and management is done 100% online).

Xolo Go vs Xolo Leap

Get Xolo

Click here to read more about easy business set-up.

I’ve been blogging for 7 years now, while traveling, I’m registered as a sole trader business, and that space on my resume is filled as 7 years of ‘Digital Marketing and Content Creation’. You can view my actual resume here on my Linkedin page  (screenshot below).

Get Xolo

A Gap on Your Resume Looks Worse Than Travel…

When it comes down to it, you might still be apprehensive about listing your travel experiences on your resume. But don’t be. Many companies are quite happy to employ someone who has been traveling.

Use the above tips to make your international experience a positive part of your CV; ultimately, “it looks worse to have nothing shown for a long period of time than it does to say you were travelling the world.”

If you do list travel on your resume, some employers may ask you in your interview why you no longer want to travel. They will want security in knowing that you’re not planning on taking off on them anytime soon.

So have a good answer to this ready … because you will get that interview!

➡ Use Xolo for setting up a remote business while you’re traveling to avoid gaps in your resume.

➡ Feel free to check out my own resume on Linkedin . My resume (below) now only includes work experience from the time I’ve been traveling, being that I’ve been creating content while traveling full time for 7 years.

Should you put travel on a resume (1)



#Travel isn’t as novel as it used to be, so how can you properly market your time abroad to make your skills and experiences look good on your #resume?

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willing to travel for work resume

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind  Waking Up Wild ; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

If you enjoy getting social, you can follow their journey on  Facebook ,  Twitter ,  YouTube ,  Pinterest  and  Instagram .


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Awesome advice. I’m gearing up to take some time away from full time work, and one of the things that kept me from doing this for so long was my fear of a gap on my resume. Travel is relevant to what I do and so much of my travel is about having experiences that I will later bring into my professional life. It’s not just about going on an extended vacation!

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Glad the post was helpful for you! Yes, absolutely, don’t be put of from travel for fear of the dreaded gap on the resume, especially if the experience is relevant to what you do. There are so many situations where travel experiences can be beneficial to a career nowadays :)

Happy travels!

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thank you for the great tips! never thought about adding travels to my CV, but you are totally right, it looks better than gaps.

You’re welcome, I’m glad that the post was helpful! And absolutely, there are quite a lot of ways to list travel as a positive boost to a CV, so no reason to leave a gap :)

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Lovely employment tips for travelers, Megan! Although I have no plans to be employed again (at this time), I still get the importance of being marketable and ‘desirable’ for potential employers. You’ll never know if the corporate world will start calling you again. :D

This is so good to know, especially for people who are going through gap years or maybe taking a break from all the hustle and bustle a 9-5 work brings you. I think volunteering is such a great way to still be socially active and aware as well as picking up odd jobs now and then. This will make your CV more favourable as it will see how responsible you are.

Thanks Marvi, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I’m probably in the same boat as you – now that I’ve been working as a digital nomad for a couple of years I hope I don’t need to be filling out a resume anytime soon! But there are definitely ways to make them see your break from the traditional world of work as a positive thing :)

Volunteering really is such a fabulous experience to mix into your travels every now and then. And, bonus, it looks good on your CV :D

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This is a very relevant post for me. My day job is not related to travel or blogging, but I have been working as a freelance contractor (in IT) for over 15 years and have always tried to take anything from a few weeks to several months off between contracts, if I can afford to. Because of what I do, it’s unlikely I can paint the travel in such a way that it is relevant for my job, and thus far I’d not included it, but thinking it may well be worth adding it under a Hobbies area, to make it clear that the periods not working were not through lack of being able to find work but a deliberate decision to take time off for non-work projects and travel.

It can definitely be something you add to a hobbies section if it’s not directly relevant to your job. A lot of employers recognize that people have hobbies outside of their career, and if you can show that you’ve been working reliably for the past 15 years while maintaining travel as a hobby, I don’t see how that would be seen as a bad thing. If anything it makes you interesting! :D

And you’re right – it answers any possible questions about why there might be continued gaps there :)

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Although these are some really great tips Meg, and I completely agree that a gap in the resume looks worse than travelling and talking about the soft skills you’ve acquired, unfortunately in certain markets such as India, ‘travelling’ is still frowned upon as something that you do in your leisurely time and it does not really add to you in any way. I have struggled with some many hiring people to explain to them how key it is, for people to venture out of their routines and comfort zones, to explore new places, meet new people, open their minds but things are still not there where people in Indian companies can consider that as a positive thing. Basically, it’s as bad as a gap in your resume. I hope it can change soon though!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the working culture in India Medha. Sorry to hear that travel hasn’t become recognized as a positive experience yet. I guess cultural mindsets of a society will always differ, and perhaps I should have made mention to my experience coming from a US / Aus / Europe perspective.

I hope that mindsets in India towards travel will change soon too :)

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I have had the same experience in India, people have still looked at it negatively

I really hope this perception changes, unfortunately widespread societal attitudes like that never seem to change overnight though :(

I guess in that situation it would be making a decision as to whether you think travel or a gap in the resume would put you in a better position.

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It’s so great that you wrote this! When I first quit my job in marketing to travel, I was really worried about the gap in my resume. Especially since I was trying to break into freelancing and it was taking much longer than expected…but I’ve totally embraced it as part of my life experience. Totally agree with the last point especially!

Glad the post was helpful Sofia! And congrats on embracing your travel experiences as life experience – ultimately we only live once, and we’re not born to just pay bills and die! Two cliches there into one, but I live by both of them :D

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I’ve never really thought of adding travel to my resume, to be honest. I work as a translator and only now I realize that being able not only to translate literally but also to understand the slang and localize the stuff I’m translating, thanks to my international experience, can definitly boost my activity as well. I will be adding more soft skills to my resume, thank you!

As a translator I would think that travel experiences would be highly relevant to your job, especially if you can use it to demonstrate using your fluency. Obviously there’s a difference between being fluent in a language and as you said, being fluent enough to account for the local slang. So I would definitely list it on your resume :)

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A really educational and informative guide especially the part of the hard/soft skills and how to highlight them! It really helps when it comes to preparing a good Resume.

So glad that our tips are helpful for you Efthimis! Hope it helps you draft an awesome resume!

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Such a great set of ideas to combine travel into work experience…I guess it is all a matter of perspective! :D

Absolutely Rachael – glad the post was helpful for you!

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What an interesting topic! Things that can be included are 1) direct work experience in a private company, 2) volunteer work at an NGO, 3) stringent management of time and finances on a self-financed trip, 4) sponsored trip due to special skills and perspective, and/or 5) travel writing in a professional blog or freelancing. You are so right…better than an unexplained gap.

Thanks Carol! Glad the post was interesting for you :) And absolutely, all your points make for valid things to list on a resume. There’s always a positive spin!

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Meg, this is such a useful and practical post! I know when I was looking for a part-time job back in New Zealand a few years ago, I struggled to answer the questions about why they should hire someone who loves to travel so much. I wish I had your post back then. I know a lot of people struggle with this topic too. Great post!

Thanks Anita, so glad you enjoyed the post! The biggest thing is to be confident in your travel experience and not doubt that you don’t deserve the job because of it :) Definitely a positive life experience, and something employers do value!

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Being from a Marketing background, I can definitely vouch for this. Travel does look good on your resume. The interviewer will perceive you as a person with more exposure and hence this can tip the scales in your favour. The other important aspect is that gaps do look bad in a resume. If you can account for it with travel, then it not only plugs the gap but enhances the resume as well.

Awesome Sandy! Fabulous to hear from an employers perspective :)

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Amazing article!! actually now a days companies hiring those candidates who fits their work culture by checking hobbies and interests as key indicator on resume and i think you have enlisted some nice and interesting hobbies which will be very helpful for job seekers. Thank You. Going to bookmark this for sure.

Thanks Ritesh, glad you enjoyed the post! I agree, I think that now that the workplace has become so competitive, hobbies are actually what make you stand out from the crowd, and give you a personality.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions when drafting your resume :)

' src=

Thank you for the great advice.

You’re welcome – glad the post was helpful :)

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This is an interesting article.

I have been working for the last 3 years after graduating from my masters and have just qualified as a Chartered Surveyor. I am going to be taking a 12-month break from work to travel the world (14 countries in total) and am quitting my job with the intention of applying to another job in the same field when I return.

Admittedly, I am slightly concerned about how this will look on my resume after leaving my job having been qualified for less than a year, but in all honesty taking the time out and seeing / exploring the world will teach me so much more than just sitting at my desk for the next 12 months.

Hopefully any future employer will recognise this and understand that doing such a thing can only serve as a benefit in the long-run.

After all, I have the next 30 years to sit at a desk and become more experienced in the field!

Thanks for reading Jack, so glad you enjoyed the article.

Congrats on making the decision to take a career break! Ultimately traveling truly does teach you so much more about the world in general, and I do think that travelers come back more grounded, well educated people, ready to dive back into work and be more productive employees.

I think the employment culture is starting to move towards acknowledging that a work / life balance is necessary for a positive work environment, and with so many people nowadays taking career breaks it’s becoming a pretty normal thing to do.

Have an amazing time overseas! Thanks for sharing your story :)

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Answering “What Percentage Are You Willing To Travel?”

September 14, 2023 by Hannah Morgan

Talking about what percentage of time you’re willing to travel for work is something that trips up a lot of applicants. They often say what they think an interviewer wants to hear instead of an honest and well-prepared answer.

What percentage are you willing to travel

This guide will help you understand what interviewers are looking for when they ask this question, and how you can develop a response that works for everyone.

Table of contents

What does travel percentage mean, how to answer “are you willing to travel”, example answers.

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When a position requires travel, employers typically discuss how much time you’d have to spend in cities other than your own in terms of percentages. For example, a company may advertise a position as requiring “50 percent travel.”

In that case, it means that the employer wants the person hired for that position to spend half of their working days traveling. For every ten days of work, you’d spend five traveling between cities or working in an area outside your home city.

Most travel jobs have a percentage of 50 percent or lower. But you can easily find positions that require more. For example, some engineering, training. and sales jobs have workers traveling 70 percent of the time! Some companies even offer positions that require 100 percent travel time.

It all depends on the industry and the unique position you’re applying for.

Understanding what a company means by “travel percentage” is important to grasp what an employer wants from a new hire. Travel jobs can be fun, but they’re also demanding. You’ll need to spend time away from your family and friends, and the lifestyle is much different than a standard nine-to-five.

While not always the case, many travel percentage requirements are negotiable. A question like this opens the door to that, giving hiring managers a better idea of what you can realistically do if hired.

Many job seekers fear answering a question like this because they believe that interviewers have something specific they want to hear. However, you can still be honest and set limits without hurting your chances of getting further into the hiring process.

Here are some tips on how to answer this question the right way.

1. Decide What You Want Ahead of Time

The most important thing you need to do is decide how much you’re willing to travel before you head into the interview. Nothing will ruin your chances faster than interviewing for a position that requires traveling, and saying you can’t travel at all (or aren’t sure how much you’re willing to travel). You likely won’t be in the running at all if that’s the case.

Do your research and read the job description closely. Employers are usually upfront about travel expectations. Travel percentages can be negotiable, but do note if the job posting mentions travel, some travel will be required. 

Know what you want before you head into the interview. Think about how much travel you can do and how that might affect your life moving forward. Then, have a general travel percentage in mind.

Deciding how much you’re willing to travel will give you everything you need to answer this question confidently.

Interviewers don’t want wishy-washy answers or the dreaded “I don’t know.” If you want to sound confident and serious about this position, know what you want before your meeting.

It’s also important to look into how travel is structured for each position. While companies discuss travel time in percentages, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll spend X amount of days on the road and X amount of days in an office in your home city.

Some positions require you to travel several weeks at a time before spending a few weeks off at home. Those trips could be regular or sporadic based on the company’s needs.

Understand what you’re getting into and what the job requires. Do your research to avoid any surprises!

2. Be Honest & Clear

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to say that you’ll do whatever the company wants in order to get a job.

Travel is a big commitment. Employers and hiring managers know that. They understand that considerable travel is not for everyone, so they appreciate the honesty.

Be clear about whether you’re willing to travel most of the time or can only be on the road a few days out of the month. Be honest and set your boundaries. 

The last thing any hiring manager wants to hear is a vague answer. Your response is important because it directly impacts your fit for the job. For example, some companies might have hard travel requirements that are non-negotiable. In those cases, they need a firm confirmation that you can or cannot meet their required travel percentage. Otherwise, you’d waste their time and yours moving forward. That’s why you should consider what you want from your job before the interview.

Be honest and clear. Don’t lie because you think it might increase your chances of getting a job. While lying might help you move further into the hiring process, it won’t do any good when you can’t hit the road once hired.

The best scenario is already knowing what travel percentage you can work. Discuss those limits during your interview. But you can also express interest in negotiations.

You can tell the interviewer you’re willing to travel but want to learn more about the other job expectations. While not as ideal as providing a percentage, that’s usually enough for interviewers to proceed. Interviews aren’t job offers, and you’re not signing contracts at that point.

So, there’s still room for further discussion. The most important thing is that you’re upfront and have some idea of what you can do going into the interview.

3. Show That You Understand How Travel Relates to the Job

Another important thing to do when answering this question is to demonstrate that you understand the job.

Travel jobs are appealing to many people. One concern that many hiring managers have is that applicants try to get the job because they simply think it’s a cool way to see new places. While that can be true for some jobs, you’re not getting hired to explore new cities and go on vacation!

It’s still a job, and you’ll have important responsibilities.

Show that you understand the job and are there for the right reasons. One way to do that is by talking about some of the unique responsibilities of the job or demonstrating that you know how important travel is for this position.

For example, you can connect the reason why this job requires travel to your work. If the job revolves around sales, you can mention that you understand that traveling is crucial to gaining more clients across the state. If it’s a consulting job, you can discuss how traveling to companies allows you to better assess the situation and build better connections inside companies. 

This seemingly small detail makes a difference. It shows that you’re seeking this job for the right reasons and are committed to doing a fantastic job.

4. Highlight the Positives

Finally, highlight some of the positive aspects of travel. That doesn’t mean you should lean too heavily on wanting to get out and explore. Remember: You still have a job and must demonstrate your commitment to doing it.

However, mentioning some of the things you love about jobs that require frequent travel can reassure hiring managers that you’re up for the challenge. An example of this could be networking and meeting new people in a professional setting.

Travel jobs can be overwhelming for some people. It can lead to burnout, and many employers struggle with low retention rates for these positions.

The ultimate goal for hiring managers is to find someone who thrives in a job that requires traveling. The best people are those who love getting on the road and don’t mind some of the common pitfalls of being in a new place and spending time away from friends and family.

If you show this job will be a positive experience, hiring managers may put your application at the top of the stack.

Connect your past experiences to what you hope to gain from this new job. For example, you can refer to how great previous travel jobs were for you. If you don’t have any related work experience, you can mention times when you studied abroad or spent significant time on the road.

Focus on your love of new experiences and highlight all the great things you’ll gain from this job.

There are many ways to answer “Are you willing to travel?” and how you respond depends on your needs. But these examples will give you a good idea of the type of answers that interviewers love to hear.

In the first example, we have a candidate with some experience traveling in a previous job. They leverage that work experience to reassure the interviewer that they can handle the responsibilities.

“I am willing to travel for work. I traveled about 40 percent of the time in my last job. I’m prepared to do the same here because I know I’m comfortable with that amount of time on the road. I’ve learned how to manage and succeed despite the time away from home. In my last job, I’d spend weeks traveling to cities across the eastern seaboard. I got to work with great people in cities I enjoyed plus I found time to explore many beautiful states. I’m excited at the chance to do the same here while working to fulfill your company’s objectives.”

Our next example is straightforward. The candidate demonstrates that they understand the company’s expectations and use their previous experience to reassure the interviewer that they’re up for the task.

“I’m definitely willing to travel. In my last sales job, I spent about half my time on the road while traveling to cities around the state. It was a great experience, and I had no trouble getting comfortable doing it. The roughly 30 percent travel percentage mentioned in the job posting sounds more than acceptable to me. I have questions about the frequency and the average length of business trips, but I’m certainly willing to spend time traveling.”

Our final example comes from a candidate who has no travel experience. However, they go into the interview knowing what they want and provide a confident answer, demonstrating their understanding and willingness to work hard.

“I’m more than willing to travel; I’m looking forward to it. Not only do I enjoy working with new people, I also like the excitement of traveling to new places. Your job posting mentioned that the position will require at least 50 percent travel time. I can travel as much as 75 percent if the job requires that. I know that your company has offices across the western United States. As a trainer, I understand that visiting those offices and working with people directly makes a big difference in their success. I’m eager to get my hands dirty and do what I can to help others while improving the collective expertise of this company’s employees.”

As you can see, spending some time thinking about the percentage of time you’re willing to travel is just part of the equation. You also need to be honest with the interviewer about what works for you!

If you practice your answer and follow these rules, this question won’t cause you any trouble.

Hannah Morgan Career Sherpa

Hannah Morgan speaks and writes about job search and career strategies. She founded to educate professionals on how to maneuver through today’s job search process. Hannah was nominated as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Job Search and Careers and is a regular contributor to US News & World Report. She has been quoted by media outlets, including  Forbes, USA Today, Money Magazine, Huffington Post, as well as many other publications. She is also author of The Infographic Resume and co-author of Social Networking for Business Success .

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  • Teaching patients how to use physical therapy equipment, assisting them through tasks and monitoring performance
  • Performing evaluations and develops effective resident treatment plans to restore, maintain or prevent decline of resident function
  • Assisting patients through their tasks and monitoring their performance
  • Performing evaluations and developing effective resident treatment plans to restore, maintain or prevent decline of resident function
  • Assisting patients through tasks and monitoring their performance
  • Helping Residents to improve their mobility
  • Supervising the activities of Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs)
  • Accurately and efficiently perform work tasks and processes to drive T&E process improvements/cost reduction initiatives
  • Monitor T&E policy compliance, communicate non-compliance issues to management, and address issues through training and process management
  • Assist T&E Owner with project work
  • Assist with reconciliation of system data Workday, Concur, and ERPs
  • Assist in driving KPI improvements through training and business support activities
  • Provide guidance to users for resolving corporate card reconciliation questions
  • Work closely with end users to ensure reports are filed timely
  • Participate and assists in driving the knowledge management process including the development of user manuals, knowledge bases, FAQs, etc
  • Provide analytics as requested by A/P manager and/or business, manage the daily Concur maintenance tasks
  • Prepare monthly spend reports; monitor and report on key performance metrics and make recommendations for program enhancements
  • Work with other organizations, such as AP, Master Data, HR, Internal Audit and General Ledger, to ensure end-to-end process efficiency
  • Manage credit card program activities, including card issuance and closure, user setup and maintenance, and issue resolution
  • Plan and coordinate the implementation of ongoing improvements to travel and card programs
  • Execute changes in processes, services and scope (team leader)
  • Knowledge of basic methods and procedures for research and statistical analysis and the ability to apply them
  • Strong Orthopedic knowledge
  • Strong clinical skills and knowledge
  • Strong orthopedic knowledge
  • Ability to analyze data and make accurate projections using business mathematics and basic statistical techniques
  • Ability to analyze data and make accurate projections using mathematics and basic statistical techniques
  • Strong travel industry knowledge and relationships
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • High attention to detail
  • Ability to make independent decisions and exercise sound judgment, to take initiative, anticipate problems, and address them proactively

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  • Manage business partnerships with regional payroll operations; Line of Business coordinators and all other regional partners responsible for processing the tax obligations for individual employees
  • Coordinate with local country representatives during implementation and the normal course of business to ensure requirements are included within the process and there is an active channel of communication between concerned parties
  • Review and confirm tax data received from the third party vendor is accurately calculated based on JPMC data transmitted to the vendor, including alerts received. Engage Corporate Tax or the vendor on exceptions dependent if there is an error or requires additional review
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  • Manage the tax obligation notifications received from the third party vendor to employees
  • Manage enforcement of the Short Term Travel policy and guidelines
  • Research and review any updates to global tax/domestic state tax changes at the Country and State levels through notifications from the third party vendor or other external related tax bulletins/updates or internal local contacts globally
  • Significant experience of regional individual income tax or payroll compliance, as well as global social security and immigration law for the region
  • ATT / CTA Qualification (or equivalent) an advantage
  • Demonstrate strong project implementation/process excellence expertise to effectively bring about change by incorporating system enhancements and constant process improvement
  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively communicate with all levels of management
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship management skills with strong client (employee) focus
  • Ability to multitask and meet multiple deadlines in a fast-paced environment with changing initiatives
  • Experience with advanced Excel functions

Short Term Travel Program Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist the Global Manager to oversee the end to end governance of the Short Term Travel Program objectives
  • Support the global and regional managers during implementation and the normal course of business to ensure requirements are included within the process and there is an active channel of communication between concerned parties
  • Coordinate information sharing, best practices and location specific updates across all teams and identify risks and opportunities for process improvement
  • Track all progress & project deliverables utilizing appropriate tools; document & report status regularly to Management; create & distribute Project Scorecards / Dashboards
  • Experience with regional individual income tax or payroll compliance required
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to follow through and resolve outstanding issues in a timely manner
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks & work independently as part of a small high impact team
  • Experience implementing standards & procedures
  • Proven track record of dealing with and managing expectations of multiple stakeholders
  • Ability to handle large amounts of confidential/sensitive information on a frequent basis
  • Strong PC skills with hands-on-experience in Excel, Word and Power Point. Knowledge of PitchPro a plus
  • Must be able to prioritize workload and adapt to changing demands
  • Able to work under strict deadlines with flexible working hours (US vs. Global Time zones)
  • Ability to establish rapport and relationships with internal and external partners

Expense & Travel Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Flexible approach to work in order to satisfy the needs of the business
  • Judgement and Decision Making
  • Ownership and responsibility for task completion
  • Excellent Team working skills

Travel Production Assistant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist the show’s Travel Department with staff and guest travel needs
  • Assist the show’s Travel Coordinator with the following
  • Book staff and guest travel
  • Work closely with travel agent to booking airfare
  • Handles administrative needs of the Travel Department
  • Must be willing to work overtime, nights, and weekends, often with short notice
  • At least one year prior experience working on a talk show format program
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize assignments under high pressure in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment

Travel Agency Sales Planning Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proven self-starter and ability to balance multiple priorities with minimal direction
  • Be a strategic thinker and an integrator, brining new and fresh ideas to the team
  • Demonstrated experience gathering, analyzing and interpreting data and reporting on the results
  • Disney College Program Alumni or Disney Company experience
  • Currently enrolled in an MBA program
  • Strong aptitude for research and analysis coupled with demonstrated problem solving and decision making skills
  • Currently earning a college/university degree as a Senior or higher in Business, Economics, Finance, Industrial Engineering, or equivalent
  • 0 GPA in major
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  • Select document type of “Other”

Travel Ops Planning Resume Examples & Samples

  • The individual will be working within the Planning and Analysis Team, located within the Travel Operations Shared Services group in Orlando, Florida, on a variety of constantly changing and emerging projects. In addition to individual and team projects, they will assist the forecasting process while using different methodologies to contribute to short and long term strategic forecasts
  • Progression during the program will enable the individual to learn about different teams, functions, and locations, which will help in understanding the operation and projects throughout the term. Projects may include working with other departments to acquire knowledge in eCommerce, including web-based contacts and bookings to assist in forecasting demand. In addition, performing business analysis and operational performance reports may also be required
  • The internship includes regular development, learning experiences, tours, and participation with other departments throughout the company to learn about the various operations and history of The Walt Disney Company
  • Junior, Senior or Graduate student status by arrival date
  • Currently earning or have recently earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering or Mathematics
  • Experience in quantitative analysis
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-paced work environment while working in a team environment
  • Experience with Microsoft Office and proficient with Microsoft Excel
  • Knowledge and application of statistical methods
  • Familiarity in Six Sigma concepts
  • Understanding of value stream mapping
  • Experience with one or more of the following software applications: Minitab, SPSS, SAS or R
  • Strong knowledge of Walt Disney World® Resort property and offerings
  • Successful completion of the Disney College Program or Disney Professional Internship
  • College transcripts (official or unofficial) - Please upload your transcript while completing the online application

Associate Travel Trade Sales Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • To achieve or exceed the target sales goals of park admissions, room nights and theatre tickets in other markets out of Shanghai and Eastern China
  • To maintain and enhance business relationship with key travel trade partners in other markets out of Shanghai and Eastern China by delivering quality products and solutions
  • To execute all scheduled business plan in other markets out of Shanghai and Eastern China to promote Shanghai Disney Resort products with proven efficiency and productivity
  • To lead, manager and motivate a sizeable sales team with proactive and effective skills to leverage individual abilities of team members for realizing sales goals
  • To align strategies and tactics with other sales teams to optimize sales resources in other markets out of Shanghai and Eastern China in a regular basis
  • To assist senior manager of Travel Trade Sales in necessary daily operations – prepare reports, update account information, and collect trade information and intelligence
  • Similar working experience in tourism industry for 7-9 years, expertise of Northern or Southern China market preferred
  • University degree or above
  • Excellent written and spoken English is mandatory
  • Computer literacy (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Opera & Delphi preferable)
  • Experience in leading and cooperation with a sizeable team
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Proven ability to translate strategies to action in scheduled time
  • Self-motivated to complete assignments and achieve sales goals
  • Be sensitive in business and technology development
  • Be willing to travel for business

Travel Agency & National Accounts Sales Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Demonstrated strong organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Demonstrated ability to share creative and new ideas
  • Strong business planning, problem solving, and analytical skills
  • Demonstrated computer proficiency with Microsoft Office tools, including Power Point and especially strong experience with Excel
  • Take initiative to work independently, as well as the ability to work well within a team environment
  • Currently a college senior
  • Background in Travel Industry Sales
  • Strong aptitude for analysis coupled with demonstrated problem solving and decision making skills
  • Currently enrolled, or graduated within 6 months of the start date of this internship, in a college/university earning a degree in Business, Marketing, Travel and Tourism or related major

Administrative Travel Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage calendars and schedule meetings. Use the "scheduler" feature for arranging group calls/meetings
  • Use firm travel and meeting tools. Follow policies and procedures to make travel/meeting arrangements. Confirm details and create itineraries
  • Apply Ernst & Young's branding and correspondence guidance, to format/edit letters, reports, and correspondence from draft to client-ready stage. Become knowledgeable of firm mailing/delivery processes
  • Maintain documents on appropriate file servers and repositories. Learn and adhere to Ernst & Young's records retention policies
  • Proactively develop relationships with key internal/external client contacts, gaining recognition as a team resource
  • Help with project plans for small project teams, in local and virtual team settings
  • With guidance, may manage certain administrative aspects of client engagements
  • Collaborate with colleagues to recommend most cost-effective ways to complete tasks. Apply and share knowledge gained about work processes, resources, and structure and business of the firm/service line/functional group
  • Develop and demonstrate solid knowledge of firm-wide and service line-specific tools, processes, and databases. These include the Standard Tracking and Reporting System (STARS), Global Tool for Acceptance (GTAC), Global Accounting and Auditing Information Tool (GAAIT), Tax Practice Guidance & Tool (TPG&T), eDocs, and internal accounting tools such as iClick and Global Financial Information System (GFIS)
  • Use Ernst & Young's core technology applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Lotus Notes. May act as a knowledge resource in one or more of these programs, and train others
  • Resolve straight-forward to moderately complex problems and issues, under general supervision
  • Use appropriate judgment and knowledge of firm policies, when sharing sensitive information
  • Handle administrative details and routine issues independently, and take responsibility for completing these on time, to a high quality
  • Proactively notify the appropriate individual on issues of quality, confidentiality, or risk
  • Collaborate with colleagues to understand client needs and requirements. This will include working with virtual teams
  • Proactively share knowledge with colleagues
  • Anticipate and respond to changing situations. Encourage and help others to do the same
  • Effectively manage conflicting priorities. This involves organizing your workflow, and teaming with colleagues to accomplish tasks and balance workloads
  • Develop and demonstrate a solid working knowledge of the firm's structure, service lines, key personnel, and policies and procedures
  • English language skills - excellent written and verbal communication
  • Effective interpersonal skills, with an ability to interface with personnel at all levels
  • Strong attention to detail, and a commitment to quality
  • Proficiency with automated calendar management tools, e.g., Lotus Notes and Blackberry
  • A minimum of 3 years of related experience

Project Manager, Travel Books Resume Examples & Samples

  • Engage freelance books teams and set up schedules: Work with production editor to create schedules; hire freelance authors, project editors, freelancers, and NG staff; work with authors to assess books and create an overall game plan. (20%)
  • Facilitate revision process: Review and accept manuscripts; coordinate with authors, freelancer editors, copyeditors, proofreaders, designers, photo editors, and NG staff; keep travel book staff updated on a weekly basis; head production meetings; keep everything on schedule; troubleshoot as necessary. (50%)
  • Oversee release of all titles. Review revisions after edit stage to ensure quality control; sign off on release of all books, including blue lines. (10%)
  • Oversee creation and release of new covers. For any books that need new covers, work with designer and photo editor and rest of travel books team to come up with new ideas. On all covers, make sure editorial production is on track, oversee back cover copy etc. (10%)
  • Oversee marketing needs, including writing Book Briefs and Title Information forms. (10%)

Travel Industry Marketing Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Leadership, motivation and personal development of the Travel Industry Marketing team, including an ongoing programme of mentoring and skill development, the setting of objectives and regular appraisal
  • Lead the trade annual planning process to develop and build all sales marketing initiatives and co-op plans to deliver travel trade campaigns and meet sales objectives across the 3 brands. Working closely with the Account managers and their Coordinators
  • Build & develop relationships with the commercial contacts of the retail travel trade, ensuring that these strong partnerships leverage support of our key strategies and objectives across the portfolio of brands
  • Work collaboratively with Consumer Marketing to ensure the above the line message is continually cohesive with trade activity across the 3 brands
  • With dotted reporting lines for Ireland, WDTC and EMEA for WDW & DCL, ensure there is sharing & synergies between the marketing teams across the trade, share best practice and maximize efficiencies where possible
  • Manage brochure development and approval (commercial and brand appearance) across all 3 brands & brochure templates when required for trade partners
  • Responsible for ensuring UK travel agent web site and portal conveys, the latest information, tips, tools and offer details to the UK travel trade
  • Overall management of the approval of marketing collateral (funded and unfunded) in a timely and accurate manner, for partners that generate a pre-determined level of room nights/tickets
  • Brief, drive and project manage the relevant internal and, if required, external agencies to provide
  • Travel Agency Web site
  • Trade Advertising
  • Trade Database
  • Coop Activity (50:50 funded)
  • Trade collateral, promotions, publicity
  • Disney Expert Programme
  • Photo shoots and Brochure Support
  • Work with Paris and USA to ensure that ‘creative briefs’ are in line with travel trade tactic objectives and that projects are completed on budget and on time
  • Project manage sales and TIM initiated Business Events e.g. Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Road Shows, TA Conferences, Merchandising, Hospitali

Travel Services Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assistant and main back up to Manager of Global Travel Services
  • Coordinates the Corporate Travel Expense card program globally with American Express
  • Issue credit cards, including maintenance and AMEX mailbox
  • Liaison with AMEX and Legal to obtain and coordinate documentation for credit cards in new markets. Provide necessary communication to employees
  • Responsible for running daily jobs from Concur to PeopleSoft
  • Responsible for American Express wire request to Treasury department
  • Reconcile AMEX and cash payments to Concur
  • Monitors overall outstanding items on Credit cards
  • Manages monthly compliance report and follow-up with employees
  • Increase credit limits and cash advances upon request
  • Inactivate EMEA corporate cards for terminated employees
  • Monitor employee transfers and card program
  • Handle AMEX refund checks
  • Reconcile American Express cash advance reconciliation
  • Back-up for Training of employees on Concur
  • Back-up for Expense Accounting reviews and Travel
  • Responsible for Corporate Web pages and communication distributions
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or related field or strong work related experience
  • Proven track record of establishing and maintaining business partnerships with internal and external customers
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both written and oral
  • Strong organizational/time management skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities
  • Ability to take ownership of problems and coordinate appropriate internal resources to help solve issues effectively and efficiently
  • Skilled in Excel for data manipulation
  • Skilled in Word for posting communication
  • Problem solving skills within the team as well as with external personnel
  • Embraces change
  • 5 years of experience in accounting/business process area

Travel & Entertainment Expense Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Audit employee expense reports online for accuracy and compliance with the T&E policy
  • Address all inquiries and/or complaints in a timely and professional manner
  • Investigate and resolve T&E related issues or queries
  • Mine and analyze data to develop management reports
  • Provide excellent customer service to employees and other parties
  • Recommend process improvements to create greater efficiency and productivity
  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent, preferably in a finance discipline
  • 2-3 years experience in accounting or payables is strongly preferred
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office software suite
  • High attention to detail and strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to provide superior customer service and quick responses to inquiries
  • Ability to interact well with diverse levels of employees
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects
  • Comfort functioning well in a high growth environment/rapidly changing organization
  • Clean personal credit record

Orvis Travel Department Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide direction and oversight for the growth of tour sales and the endorsement program
  • Develop annual budget for the business channel
  • Manage oversight of contracts involving advance payments, charter agreements, and customer deposits
  • Provide direction for an overall trip product assortment in line with the Orvis brand and quality
  • Monitor industry trends in outdoor travel
  • Provide oversight of quality control and customer satisfaction across all trip products
  • Direct marketing strategy across all channels, including email, web, and print
  • Develop, retain and recruit key talent for the Travel team to fuel the department’s success
  • Minimum 7 years of experience working in a professional travel environment involving international tours and individual travel sales with an emphasis on high-end products and exemplary customer service
  • Minimum of 5 years managing direct reports in a tour sales or operations setting
  • Deep understanding of the international tourism industry, including trends, marketing, and modern reservation technology
  • High level understanding of financial analysis, reporting and budgeting

Senior Specialist Travel Management Resume Examples & Samples

  • Administration & Development of LAM Travel Program
  • Assist in the implementation of a unified travel agency
  • Point of contact for country managers in travel related issues and customer service
  • Administer travel procurement program for LAM. Assist in procurement of air, hotel and ground transportation
  • Act as liaison for LAM travel agency
  • Administration of GTM travel data and reporting
  • Assist the GTM Reporting Specialist in the development of travel KPI’s and reporting format
  • Administer quarterly travel reports for North and South American adidas Group subsidiaries
  • Assist in the development and administration of travel demand reporting on a weekly basis
  • Administration of HR Data and Vendor Billing
  • Spot check vendor invoices for accuracy
  • Prepare vendor payments within SRM system
  • Manage internal billing processes
  • Administer HR data for Trondent approval system and GetThere booking tool
  • Technical and analytical skills are important
  • Proficient in MS Office, particularly Excel
  • Basic knowledge of database management
  • Be a team player
  • High level of initiative
  • Very good communication skills in Spanish and English, verbally and in writing
  • Ability to work independently
  • Highly organized: strong time management, organization and prioritization skills
  • Knowledge of the travel industry is preferred
  • University degree or 5 years working experience in similar position

Head of Corporate Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Oversee Corporate Travel and manage travel agency staff in region
  • Deliver high-quality travel services to MS travellers: airlines, hotels and ground transportation
  • Work in partnership with Sourcing on periodic contract negotiations
  • Ensure ‘white-glove’ handling for VIP travellers
  • Ensure delivery of metrics / management information on all travel services to measure performance
  • Extensive expertise in the travel industry
  • Vendor/supplier management skills
  • Policy development and administration
  • Travel technology
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office Tools (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Travel Senior Program Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Monitor day-to-day Designated Travel Agency (DTA) operations for EMEA markets including the Multinational Service Centre (MSC) operations, specifically the United Kingdom, with regard to productivity, accuracy, customer service issues, problem solving, and related areas
  • Support Travel Policy recommendations and operational impact for EMEA region with coordination and support from the EMEA Travel Operations Manager, including draft or review of operational guidance on Travel Policy (CEMP) adjustments to the Designated Travel Agencies (DTA)
  • Strong focus on operational efficiency management and operational cost savings to contribute to overall program cost savings
  • Support the Global lead in EMEA for the Ground Transportation Program
  • Perform the role of a subject-matter-expert (SME) for EMEA travel program operations and specified projects or initiatives
  • Responsible for proactively building strong relationships with key internal clients, contributing to and executing regional/local business plans, ensuring successful delivery and actively networking within the businesses to identify opportunities for Global Travel (GT) to deliver additional value
  • Participate in development of global/regional Global Travel (GT) objectives and strategic plan. Drive delivery to these targets within EMEA working closely with Country Managers (CCO), General Services and Operations heads and key GT users
  • Strong collaboration with the Designated Travel Agency (DTA) regional key account management on operations and to successfully implement new processes to enhance productivity and service quality as applicable
  • Work closely with the Regional Travel Managers from APAC, NAM and LATAM to collaborate on global initiatives and to share best practices
  • Continuous review of the EMEA travel services program, particularly from an operational perspective, to ensure it evolves and develops to meet changes in Citi requirements
  • Act as a key Citi point of contact with Designated Travel Agency’s (DTA) EMEA Regional Management
  • Led by GT EMEA Business Analyst and in conjunction with the EMEA Travel Operations Manager, assist to review DTA settlement statements for accuracy and completeness
  • Work closely with supplier leads for Airline, Hotel, Corporate Card, Travel Policy, Car Rental & Ground Transportation and provide local expertise for successful execution of initiatives in the EMEA region within these areas. Participate in meetings with suppliers identified by supplier leads
  • Lead special initiatives either regionally or globally as identified such as Designated Travel Agency (DTA) implementations, online booking tool implementations, etc
  • Coordinate Travel Policy recommendations and impact evaluations for EMEA region with input and support from other EMEA Travel Manager, including draft or review of communications on Travel Policy adjustments
  • Partner closely with GT EMEA Contracting Manager for Legal review of contracts and agreements related to RFPs and contract execution. Facilitate, when applicable, local or regional reviews and approvals
  • Higher degree
  • Strong command of English, both spoken and written
  • 8-10 years of experience in corporate travel management with specific in-depth experience in United Kingdom and other EMEA travel program operations
  • Proficient technical skills covering all Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Strong understanding and application of travel MIS information and reporting, ability to identify patterns and trends and present reporting to Business managers within Citi for use in Demand Management initiatives
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Strong client service and relationship management focus
  • Ability to build relationships with internal department users and external suppliers
  • Operational problem solving and decision making capabilities
  • In-depth knowledge of all aspects of travel related activity including airlines, hotels, credit card and travel agency processes and procedures
  • Experience in developing and implementing travel policies, operational procedures and Service Level Agreements
  • Excellent time management skills – ability to effectively multi-task
  • Tenacity in achieving results and driving initiatives through to completion
  • Must be flexible and able to cope with change as well as being confident working in a fast-paced environment

Travel Industry Sales Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Contribute to delivery of team revenue goals for WDW, DLR, and DCL
  • Report to Sales Manager for Brazil and work closely with Brazil RTO Sales Manager to implement the retail strategy to drive sales
  • Monitor market for competitive information and gather feedback from travel agents regarding their Disney product knowledge
  • Train travel agents in Brazil on the features and benefits of a Disney vacation, and how to best showcase the Disney product, including updates of new attractions and properties to consumers
  • Position based in Orlando with extensive travel (approximately 80%) required
  • Speak fluent Portuguese
  • 4-years experience in the Travel Industry
  • Experience traveling in Brazil
  • Enthusiastic and strong presenter
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Ability to travel extensively to Brazil
  • Ability to present information in a way that holds the interst of participants
  • Ability to facilitate learning dialog between participants in groups of various sizes
  • Ability to utilize MS PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and Word
  • Deep knowledge of the Disney Brand, products, and leadership philosophies
  • Proven knowledge and understanding of Walt Disney World policies and procedures
  • Demonstrated strong organizational skills
  • Work experience with the travel industry

Global Travel Operations Resume Examples & Samples

  • Relationship management for global outsourced service provider (Global Travel Management Company). Key focus on the following activities
  • Develop and adjust business plan accordingly to support and align firm-wide objectives
  • Oversight of global dedicated staff (22) provided by outsourced service provider; collaborate with staff conducting comprehensive review of firm initiatives and culture
  • Including management of two speciality staff members
  • Travel Technology: Responsible for the implementation and training of travel technology resulting in increased adoption, impact cost savings and process efficiencies
  • Group Travel Operations: Oversight of all operational components of group air reservation process
  • Evaluate travel technology opportunities in the global market place for potential adoption
  • Close coordination with internally stakeholders globally for collaboration on process improvement and continued enhancement of client experience
  • Monitor, ensure compliance and report metrics on the global service level agreement
  • Internal promotion on services provided through various communication initiatives
  • Commercial airline program manager with key focus on the following activities
  • Monitor contract performance
  • Opportunities for cost savings and program improvement
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Issue resolution when necessary
  • Reporting and controls
  • Support Global Head of Travel on dashboards and actionable metrics for Business COO consumption promoting cost savings and demand management
  • Monitor and support compliance to policy
  • Support of various special projects and ad hoc requests from Global Head of Travel Services as needed
  • ­Undergraduate Degree preferred
  • ­Minimum 5 years industry experience in Corporate Travel Management, Airline or Travel Management Company Experience
  • ­Knowledge of GDS systems (Sabre Systems, Apollo)
  • ­Must be proficient and have demonstrated experience working in all Microsoft Office applications, particularly Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
  • ­Proven ability to create concise reports based upon specifications requested by management
  • ­Must be able to work independently, with little or no supervision
  • ­Must have a demonstrated ability to exercise good business judgment
  • ­Analytical ability to synthesize information and summarize issues
  • ­Effective team player, able to work with people of all levels
  • ­Prior experience working with senior management a plus
  • ­Highly self-motivated, with strong integrity and ethics, and a high degree of professionalism
  • ­Must be able to effectively prioritize multiple tasks and have the willingness to take on additional responsibility
  • ­Superior interpersonal, organizational and communication skills with demonstrated attention to detail
  • ­Willingness to work flexible hours
  • ­Experience with Concur T&E a plus

Travel Industry Marketing Executive Month FTC Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primary TIM contact for specific key partners selling either one or all of the DDI brands. Responsible for developing and managing their annual marketing plans and implementing activity that brings optimal return against co-op budget, with attendance at marketing meetings as required. For partners selling multiple brands, ensure their plans are complementary to each brand and are in sync with key booking periods, with no clashes between brands
  • Channels, to support the allocated trade partners
  • Generate and implement creative initiatives for key partners and have overall ownership of the CTA & theme launch and corresponding ICP actions via an innovative B2B & BtoC marketing plan
  • With Sales Managers, responsible for developing web content to drive awareness and sales with key partners, and undertaking of regular website offer audits and full content audits
  • Responsible for approving marketing collateral (funded and unfunded) in a timely and accurate manner, for partners that generate a pre-determined level of room nights/ticket sales
  • Help manage the brochure development and approval (commercial and brand appearance) across all 3 brands & brochure templates when required for trade partners
  • Provide collateral for partner specific events e.g. Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Road Shows, TA Conferences, Hospitality events

Travel Industry Markierting Executive Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proactively explore, evaluate and implement new initiatives with both consumer direct (co-op) and trade
  • Ensure all campaigns are delivered to the maximum effectiveness, on time & on budget
  • Continual recording of in-market activity and associated results for partners responsible for, to provide both a historical account and tools to help formulate future plans. At the beginning of each quarter, appraise the forthcoming quarter’s activity to ensure optimal coverage especially when transitioning between FYs to eliminate campaign gaps
  • Assist the team to ensure that the UK Travel Trade are motivated and educated on DLP, WDW and DCL and possess the appropriate marketing tools to maximise sales
  • Partner with Travel Industry Marketing in Paris and USA to ensure ‘global projects’ are implemented effectively into the UK market place and to share ‘best practices’ and maximize travel trade budgets
  • Tracking and monitoring of the DLP trade marketing budgets, ensuring timely execution of EB’s and PO’s

Senior Travel Ops Solutions Program Mgr Resume Examples & Samples

  • Minimum 7-10 years of project management experience, directly leading multi-million dollar projects
  • Proven familiarity with project lifecycle methodologies and deliverables
  • Demonstrated ability to drive and track projects to budget, scope and schedule
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple short-term and long-term projects simultaneously, under changing and challenging constraints
  • Demonstrated strong technical and analytical skills
  • Demonstrated strong organizational, multi-tasking and time management skills
  • Proven track record for appropriate prioritization, follow through and attention to detail
  • Demonstrated problem solving and continuous improvement process skills
  • Demonstrated strong partnering skills and ability to build relationships
  • Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication
  • Demonstrated self-starter
  • Demonstrated computer proficiency with Microsoft Office suite of products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Travel Industry experience
  • Walt Disney Parks and Resorts experience
  • Proven knowledge of Disney Reservation Center/Call Center Operations, business practices and systems
  • Certified Travel Advisor (CTA) or Certified Travel Specialist (CTS)

Executive Travel Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Logistical and operational support for the private aviation program including but not limited to
  • Utilizing company scheduling software program, maintain General Aviation schedules for BLK executives
  • Vetting and scheduling of ad-hoc charter aircraft and helicopters as needed
  • Flight following in real time; flight scheduler program analyst is expected to be on call 24/7 as needed
  • Liaise with and update crew members as needed to ensure operational efficiency
  • Close coordination and monitoring of all other travel vendors including
  • Hotel vendors – reserving of all hotel accommodations and reconfirming all details prior to arrival ensuring VIP status and all other requirements are met
  • Ground transportation - initial scheduling of ground transportation and revalidate all details are correct and other requirements are met
  • Manage the data and reporting related to private aviation/exec travel activities which would include
  • Ensure all personal usage of private aviation is reported
  • Reconciliation process of corporate meeting card and other expense related activities
  • Ensure all executive travel is reported to corporate security for tracking purposes
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in private aviation or as a road show coordinator
  • Undergraduate degree is preferred
  • Knowledge of travel operations, data reporting and managing travel vendors would be extremely beneficial
  • Must be comfortable in working in a changing environment with ability to remain flexible, positive and productive as priorities may shift quickly and the ability to work with a sense of urgency
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Manage confidentiality without exception; demonstrate good judgment
  • Accessible and responsive at all times, including after business hours
  • Strong problem solving capabilities; must work efficiently and effectively
  • Computer skills - MS Office (e.g. Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Proactively seek ways to improve processes and services provided
  • Successfully manage expectations and exhibit excellent follow-through
  • Ability to maintain composure during stressful situations
  • Ability to partner with local, regional and global staff on a daily basis

Specialist Travel Management Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assistant to Senior Director Travel Management and Global Travel Management team
  • Provide internal and external communications in English and German language
  • Prepare and arrange meetings, presentations and travel
  • Perform administrative work
  • Analyze and observe Cost Center including budget codes
  • Control GTM cost center bookings
  • Intercompany recharges for Third Party Travel expenses
  • Provide monthly cost center reports to Head of Global Travel Management
  • Support Senior Director Global Travel during Budget and Forecast creation
  • Administration & Development of the Corporate Credit Card Program
  • Support Global Credit Card tender
  • Maintain the Global Corporate Credit Car program
  • Supplier Management (contracts, payments) of all contracted credit card companies
  • Manage the day to day credit card business for all adidas Group employees based in Herzogenaurach
  • Manage on-time payment administration for all card members globally to minimize program write offs securing incentive payment
  • Provide monthly management reports to the Senior Director Travel Management
  • Develop Program and drive further extension
  • Travel & Entertainment Policy (T&E)
  • Maintenance of the Global T&E Policy
  • Assist the implementation and approval of local T&E policy regulations
  • Develop the Global T&E Policy and update it according to changes at the business travel marketplace and legal and tax regulations
  • Internal Communication / Employee (Traveller/Travel Arranger) Training
  • Development and administration of the Global Travel Management intranet
  • Global & regional Travel Management newsletter
  • Creation, administration and analysis of traveler satisfaction surveys
  • Development and execution of travel arranger seminars (online & offline)
  • Visa Services
  • Negotiate and manage the external provider for visa applications
  • Development and optimization of processes
  • Consolidation of visa processes in existing workflows and booking tools
  • Basic knowledge of the business travel industry
  • Basic knowledge of Amadeus and Sabre GDS (Travel Agency Software)
  • Very good communication skills in German and English, verbally and in writing
  • Highly organized: Strong time management, organization and prioritization skills

Travel Physical Therapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1+ year of working experience within a Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Active OR Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Experience working in a Long-term Care setting
  • 1+ year of previous working experience within a Skilled Nursing Facility
  • VT Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Experience in a Rehab setting
  • Evaluating and treating patients in an effort to restore function
  • Helping patient improve their mobility
  • Relieving patient's pain using exercises, hands-on therapy, stretching, and physical therapy devices
  • Teaching patients how to use physical therapy equipment
  • Informing patients what they should anticipate in different stages of their recovery and how to handle each situation
  • Maintaining patients' confidence and protecting facility operations by keeping information confidential
  • 1+ year of Physical Therapy (PT) experience
  • Active RI Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Previous working experience within a Skilled Nursing Facility

Travel Operating Room Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3+ years of Operating Room (Circulating) experience
  • Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in related field
  • Graduate of accredited School of Nursing with diploma
  • Active NH Registered Nurse (RN) license
  • Evaluating assigned patients
  • The development of goal oriented treatment plans
  • Administration and implementation of the treatment program
  • Appropriate discharge planning
  • 1+ year of Acute Care experience
  • Active WA Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Previous experience in a Rehab and/or Inpatient Rehab setting

Travel Physical Therapy Assistant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Leading and inspiring a team focused on world class customer service while driving and achieving results and goals
  • Leading talent acquisition, associate development and retention
  • Managing visual presentation and ensuring sound operational practices
  • Managing complete merchandising flow
  • Generating sales and profits while managing expenses
  • Driving new ideas, communicating information with others and creating solutions to problems
  • Active CT Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Previous experience within a Rehab setting
  • Previous Outpatient experience
  • Active TX Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Previous experience in a Long-term Care and/or Rehab setting
  • Recent experience working within a Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Travel reimbursement and tax-free travel allowance to get you to and from your new therapy assignment
  • Lucrative completion & renewal bonus
  • Continuing education to help you enhance your credentials and stay current in technological and research advances in the healthcare field
  • 1+ year of experience in a Skilled Nursing Facility setting
  • Free private housing at leading rental communities across the country
  • A comprehensive insurance/health benefits package including medical, dental, and more, starting on day one of employment
  • 24-hour support and personalized service
  • Active NY Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) license
  • 2+ years of Physical Therapy (PT) experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in related field
  • Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Recent Outpatient Orthopedic experience (clinicals do NOT count)

Travel Pediatric Occupational Therapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • 6+ months of Occupational Therapy (OT) experience (New Grads welcome!)
  • Eligible for New York State Occupational Therapist (OT) License

Travel PA Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primary responsibility is to find new locations to recruit audience members for shows at Stamford Media Center
  • Travel to different locations to generate interest and participation
  • Network with local businesses and schools to advertise the shows
  • Partners with Producer to assess needs and target efforts effectively
  • Car/Driver’s License
  • Strong interpersonal skills and team skills, ability to communicate well with individuals, and in group settings, ability to communicate with diverse population and people from various backgrounds
  • Exceptional follow-through and attention to detail
  • Extremely flexible, highly organized, and able to easily shift priorities
  • "Customer service" minded professional
  • Exceptional communication skills, with the professional savvy of communicating at all levels
  • Possess a natural, yet professional ease at working with and relating to the needs of employees in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
  • Active CA Physical Therapy Assistant Licensure
  • ACP Training
  • SNF experience

Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Maintain and administer Global Travel Policy as it relates to the local market
  • Support Global Supplier RFP’s including program management, review, and analysis
  • Management of the India local hotel program, including negotiation of yearly contracts
  • Develop, implement and manage all travel vendor relationships and programs (agency, air, hotel, car rental, and other travel related services ensuring compliance to service level agreements
  • Must have strong ability to use various automated travel technology tools including travel management reporting tools and self- booking tools
  • Provide monthly and quarterly reports for corporate travel
  • Work with Risk Management on Duty of Care issues, and other incidents relating to business travel
  • Develop strong internal working relationships with LOB’s / Stakeholders
  • Design and implement travel training/seminars for travelers and travel arrangers
  • Management of the Visa BEP program and database
  • Management of one direct report and support of the APAC Travel manager where required and in their absence
  • Compelling and persuasive communicator with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Proficient with Excel, PowerPoint and other MS Office products
  • Accountable, takes responsibility
  • Experience giving presentations to senior executives
  • Strong influence/negotiation skills
  • Works well under pressure/stress
  • Results oriented
  • Ability to draw strategic insight from analysis, and to effectively summarize and present insight based on the needs of the audience
  • Bachelor's degree required
  • 10+ years of experience as a corporate travel manager with global travel experience
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain effective working relationships across functions, organizations and suppliers/vendors
  • Demonstrated project management skills, project planning, scheduling and tracking
  • 6+ months of Physical Therapy (PT) experience
  • Active FL Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) Training
  • Previous Rehab experience

International Travel Industry Sales Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Monitor the travel agent sites for Latin America, coordinate the approval process for agent complimentary ticket requests and provide weekly updates
  • Provide support for other international markets as may be required such as Canada, and EMEA - Europe/Middle East/South Africa
  • Monitor collateral and maintain local inventory, storage and distribution. Coordinate and arrange distribution as required by Sales Managers
  • Play a main role in the Winter and Summer International Tour Leader Programs for groups coming to WDW, assisting with the program preparation, processing requests by participating accounts, provide reports, as well as any other support required for this program
  • Assist the sales operations team with projects including review of the product website, utilize the team’s SharePoint site, and BOLT –the new online ticket store for contracted accounts
  • Demonstrate the ability to work within a culturally diverse team environment
  • Demonstrated written and verbal communications skills, as well as telephone etiquette skills
  • Demonstrated computer proficiency within a windows environment working at the intermediate level or above, including working with spreadsheets in excel and using pivot tables
  • Demonstrated problem solving and decision making skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment and be able to multi-task different projects for different managers
  • Proven ability to handle information in a confidential manner
  • Bilingual, preferably Spanish or Portuguese
  • Demonstrate the ability to share creative and new ideas
  • Must be able to multi-task
  • Must be able to take initiative and lead on projects
  • Currently enrolled, or graduated within 6 months of the start date of this internship, in an accredited college/university earning a degree in travel/hospitality management, marketing/sales, International business/business or a related major

Defense Travel System Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ability to display flexibility, initiative, and innovation to deal with ambiguous, fast-paced situations
  • Ability to take on multiple tasks beyond the key role
  • Ability to work daily on client site in Arlington, VA
  • Ability to obtain a security clearance
  • BA or BS degree
  • Experience with booking travel with the Defense Travel System, including travel orders and vouchers
  • Experience in working with US federal government or DoD
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Knowledge of the DoD Joint federal travel regulations
  • Possession of excellent data gathering, analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills
  • Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills

Client Partner, Travel Suppliers Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop vision, strategy and account plan(s) for long-term client partnerships
  • Build strong relationships with clients (including senior leadership), and with the agencies who support them, to facilitate collaboration on marketing strategies and initiatives so that Facebook is seen as a key strategic partner, and core to their marketing plans
  • Identify, lead and execute business opportunities that drive short and long term revenue, developing objectives, performing forecast management, and exceeding quotas while driving significant revenue
  • Partner with other vertical teams on structuring and executing operational and strategic initiatives - developing work plans, synthesizing market related data, leading analysis and defining the overall business approach to Facebook’s success in the Vertical
  • Provide strategic thought leadership to cross-functional partners and rally them on behalf of clients to develop the tools and products necessary to drive their businesses
  • Develop metrics to measure the growth and performance of the sales team, and provide reports as needed
  • Lead strategic, solution-based selling efforts by leveraging Travel expertise, Facebook knowledge, market trends and deep knowledge of your clients
  • Provide best-in-class customer service and partnership, including recommendations, analysis and proactive solutions

Client Partner, E Commerce & Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Define and drive Facebook's e-Commerce & Travel strategy roadmap to develop business and ultimately forge long term partnerships with the top e-Commerce & Travel groups in Southeast Asia
  • Develop and execute the vertical strategy to ensure growth and achievement of key accounts (regional/national) and revenue objectives
  • Provide timely and accurate forecasts and clear visibility on sales and revenue performance by actively managing the pipeline of opportunities and weekly sales forecasts
  • Build and maintain senior level clients by identifying incremental and business transformation opportunities
  • Actively participate as a key member in the Southeast Asia vertical team and collaborate with regional counterparts, global teams where appropriate, embracing company culture, mission, and strategy
  • Develop, retain and motivate 'pod' team, work closely with agency team counterparts to support on insight vision and development of new accounts
  • Act as the spokesperson for Facebook at relevant industry events

Industry Manager, Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Play the lead role in developing the holistic business of a Travel sub-vertical and/or book of business
  • Work cross-functionally with In-Market teams, Global Regions, Business Operations, Platform, Measurement/Metrics, and Product Marketing to optimize our client efforts
  • Consult with Product Marketing to help shape product development in support of client needs
  • Guide the creation of persuasive presentations and stories that demonstrate the value of Facebook to clients for both b2c and b2b marketing
  • Identify the winning strategies and scale the insights throughout the vertical
  • Increase the effectiveness of the team by recognizing opportunities for new approaches
  • Build, train and maintain a high performing team

Client Solutions Manager, Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Media Planning, Strategy & Measurement, and Optimization
  • Manages and consults on complex advertising solutions and integrations
  • Articulate and update clients on FB product and developments
  • Drives product innovation based upon client needs
  • Build and manage relationships with key clients and agency partners (media, creative, PMD, etc.)
  • Project Management Manage complex work streams to optimize marketing objectives for clients
  • Manage Analytics and dashboards to advise clients (e.g. daily client facing data/insights
  • Cross-functional collaboration of all projects
  • Relationship Management
  • Oversee delivery and revenue recognition for the businesses/accounts you are assigned to
  • Identify up-sell opportunities across your accounts and partner with the Client Partners to drive incremental revenue
  • Responsibilities Media Planning, Strategy & Measurement, and Optimization - Outlines measurement solutions and appropriate campaign structures based upon key KPI’s. Manages and consults on complex advertising solutions and integrations. Manages revenue delivery and budget spend, including daily optimization and providing real time targeting recommendations. Platform & Product Expert - Articulate and update clients on FB product and developments. Responsible for educating clients and agencies on best practices. Drives product innovation based upon client needs. Build and manage relationships with key clients and agency partners (media, creative, PMD, etc.)
  • Project Management - Manage complex work streams to optimize marketing objectives for clients. Manage Analytics and dashboards to advise clients (e.g. daily client facing data/insights reporting, understanding performance across hundreds of accounts used by client, setting up pipelines to pull conversion and impression data, etc.)Cross-functional collaboration of all projects
  • Relationship Management: Oversee delivery and revenue recognition for the businesses/accounts you are assigned to. Identify up-sell opportunities across your accounts and partner with the Client Partners to drive incremental revenue

Admin Assistant Travel Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Flight Booking ( Domestic & International )
  • Visa Process
  • C- Form Process
  • FRRO Process
  • Hotel & Cab Booking
  • Booking of Service Apartment
  • Travel Tracker
  • Making Invitation Letters for travelers
  • Leave and License Agreement Knowledge
  • Bill Checking
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Maintain all the reports related to travel
  • Knowledge of EPBAX System
  • Knowledge of MS Office
  • Generate Purchase Order in ERP System
  • Expat Support
  • Co-ordinating with Other Departments
  • Any Graduate –Preferably IATA Certified , Fresher’s can also apply
  • Preferably with 1 -2 years of experience in Admin or Travel Desk, Fresher’s can also apply

Travel Breast Cancer Navigator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Identifying patients barriers to care, reduce time to treatment and discuss services with clinicians, patients and their families
  • Using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of patients and follow up with their next plan of treatment
  • Consulting in reference to keeping on track with the Komen grant objectives and goals
  • Utilizing interventions and strategies that are appropriate for the Arab American population
  • Assisting in all outreach events related to the Komen grant
  • 2+ years of related Oncology experience
  • Bilingual (English and Arabic)
  • Previous Case Management experience
  • Fluent in Moroccan, Tunisian, and/or Algerian dialects

Travel & Project Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for coordinating travel and meeting itineraries, meeting planning, catering, vendor contracts, regular reports (weekly, quarterly, monthly)
  • Responsible for expensing finances, auditing expenses and managing expense report filing system
  • Responsible for coordinating individual ground transportation and group rides for events, meetings, etc, according to travel policy
  • Travel logistics for travelers to our Norwalk offices, and Mexico offices, including hotel/ground/meals/meetings
  • Responsible for managing corporate awards and spiffs
  • Responsible for ordering office supplies, Binders and filing, catering for in-house meetings and meeting arrangements at off-site locations
  • Special project work on various events – based on bandwidth, with mgr approval
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent business training or experience required
  • Must have strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and be able to handle multiple projects and meet aggressive deadlines
  • Must have the ability to develop and analyze budgets and contracts
  • Must be confident and professional with communicating with all levels of staff throughout the organization and with Clients/Vendors/Associations for our events
  • Outstanding administrative skills and Expertise in the Windows environment
  • No travel required

Travel Clinical Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Overseeing clinical staff for the practice
  • Promoting and restoring patients’ health through completion of the nursing process
  • Collaborating with physicians and multidisciplinary team
  • Providing physical and psychological support to patient, friends, families
  • Supervising assigned team members
  • 3+ years of Supervisory experience
  • CT Registered Nurse (RN) License
  • Strong team building and leadership skills
  • Supervising the activities of physical therapy assistants (PTAs)
  • Evaluating a Resident's condition and develop an appropriate rehabilitation plan
  • Relieving Resident's pain using exercises, hands-on therapy, stretching, and physical therapy devices
  • Teaching Residents how to use physical therapy equipment
  • Helping Residents through their tasks and monitor their performance
  • Informing Residents what they should anticipate in different stages of their recovery and how to handle each situation
  • Maintaining Resident confidence and protects facility operations by keeping information confidential
  • NJ Physical Therapist (PT) license

Services Account Sales Executive Travel & Hospitality Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create and maximize pipeline opportunities in multi-million/billion dollar transactions that involve BPO, Application Services, Consulting, and Infrastructure Services
  • Increase win rate, with a focus on both near term and long term opportunities
  • Establish criteria to qualify deals; conduct initial assessment if a deal is a "go/no go"; and perform periodic internal checkpoints to help mature deal content
  • Drive new business TCV of $10-20M plus
  • Build and maintain an effective partnership with C-suite customers, decision-makers and primary influencers in the client organization
  • Lead and/or Implement the deal governance process in strategy development, price-to-win, bid execution, and delivery excellence
  • Gather, lead, drive internal approvals for all deals as established by the deal governance board
  • 10+ years of solution sales experience at a Tier 1 IT Solutions Provider selling, multi-year, multi-service, or complex service contracts or on-going consulting services
  • Working knowledge / understanding of the Travel and Hospitality industry domains
  • Understand common applications, business process outsourcing, and/or infrastructure services within the Travel and Hospitality industry
  • Experience identifying, developing, and managing relationships at the senior executive and CXO levels. Need to demonstrate knowledge of both the business and personal factors that influence decisions at these levels
  • Possess the industry, technology, and client knowledge necessary to develop creative, differentiating solutions
  • Ability to challenge established practices diplomatically, and take necessary risks to achieve these differentiating solutions
  • Ability to navigate effectively in a large organization where alignment of many constituents will be required for his or her team’s success
  • Significant knowledge of industry pricing practices and tactics for project type services
  • Experience with global solution and service delivery models within the Travel and Hospitality Service delivery model

Senior Internal Auditor Chicago Northern Suburbs Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Carry out the vision and mission of Internal Audit to implement a systematic and disciplined
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance; with an MBA preferred and a CPA or tracking towards
  • Three to five years of related experience of which at least two years was in an audit role
  • Experience conducting SOX reviews, walk-throughs, documentation, and testing
  • Possess a high energy level and strong work ethic with a commitment to continuous
  • Have the drive to quickly gain a good knowledge and understanding of the policies and

Travel & Expenses Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Process manually submitted claims on a timely basis in SAP for weekly payment runs
  • Maintain accurate & timely records in relation to staff entertaining for submission by Shire’s Payroll Department to HMRC
  • Maintain employee master data on Concur to ensure users have access to the system and costs are recorded accurately in Shire’s accounting systems
  • Assist the T&E Supervisor in reconciling the weekly load from Concur with the SAP accounting system, resolving any issues as necessary
  • Assist the T&E Supervisor in providing timely details to Payroll of employees owing Shire money, so that this can be deducted from net pay as appropriate
  • Assist with the administration, issue and cancellation of Corporate T&E cards as required
  • Be a strong advocate and subject matter expert in relation to expense claim process and the use of Concur
  • Participate in the development of process and training materials, ensuring that they are in line with Concur and company policy. Provide help desk support to employees and assist in delivery of training to the business

Director Commercial Product Engagement Travel & Data Solutions Resume Examples & Samples

  • Present and influence Financial Institutions and/or end Corporate customers of the value of Visa’s commercial payment solutions
  • Work with Financial Institutions and/or end Corporate clients to propose specialized or customized offerings that results in profitable solutions (manage regular relationship activities as needed with key stakeholders)
  • Partner with Commercial Sales and Visa Account Executives to sell in products to clients and/or potential clients
  • Host product demonstrations and/or host presentations and speak to products with a depth of understanding and a high level of confidence in product features and benefits
  • Partner and work with Global Commercial Product to become a subject matter expert
  • Make appropriate recommendations to deliver or improve the product to external customers, vendor partners, as well as internal product and technical teams (platform, global systems)
  • Convey strong customer relationship management with the ability to simplify complex problems to support business needs
  • Plan and execute the go to market of products and services sold to key customers in order to accomplish goals or produce the products/results required within constraints such as time, cost and agreed quality standards; Appropriate use of project management methodologies and detail project documents to ensure project success and/or appropriate oversight / management of resources who do the project execution work to accomplish the tasks
  • Maintain effective communication with impacted parties and stakeholders. Continuously monitor progress, customer feedback, and provide status updates and project milestones to the project team, senior management, the client, and banking partners, via weekly or other progress reporting, and by managing status meetings
  • 10+ years of relevant experience with Commercial card payments
  • Understanding of commercial payment needs and solutions
  • Experience working with commercial travel data, TMC’s, data reconciliation or ERPs is a bonus
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills. Must be comfortable and engaging to lead product demonstrations and speak to technical material with ease
  • Effectiveness of communication/interactions with internal cross-functional teams, senior management, third party vendors and providers, and clients. Strong ability to work with both external business facing individuals as well as technically focused individuals to achieve results
  • Strong ability to multi-task, organize, manage, and implement complex projects with large budgets, whether directly or through supervision of a designated Product Manager
  • Direct experience with industry standard file formats & structures for credit card transactions (i.e. VCF, CDF, DEF, etc.) as well as managing projects to provide customized file solutions to clients
  • Direct experience with consulting on or positioning the value of Commercial Data and Enhanced Data
  • Bachelor’s degree required, MBA a plus
  • Must be able to travel up to 30% (mainly North America)

Travel & Expense Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Audit expense claims, invoices and travel requisitions
  • Responsible for keeping fully abreast of policy changes and being the subject matter expert for policies and queries
  • Responsible for balancing work load and prioritizing assignments
  • Check the accuracy of figures, calculations, and postings pertaining to transactions recorded by bankers and administrative assistants
  • Perform any combination of auditor's duties
  • Evaluate travel requests, approve travel exceptions and escalate out of policy requests as required
  • Evaluate and communicate out of policy requests as required
  • Compute, classify, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete
  • Return expense reports with out of policy requests to the submitter for adjustment
  • Resolve queries in a timely and professional manner; escalate to Team Leader where necessary
  • Demonstrate pro-activeness
  • Business acumen - Understanding the bigger picture both internally and externally
  • Professional, treating others fairly, displaying a positive outlook and high energy
  • Good Organisation Skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • MS Office skills

Purchase, Travel & General Services Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Identification of internal needs in collaboration with the various departments of the company
  • Centralization of all purchases negotiations with vendors in the purchasing department
  • Review of terms and conditions of purchases
  • Management of supplier relations (sourcing optimization)
  • General services
  • Company car fleet management: negotiation with providers, fleet tracking, orders, etc
  • Management and maintenance of real estate
  • Supervision of maintenance work in the office by third parties: counseling, designation and monitoring of the quality of work
  • Support all general services and projects necessary for the operation of the site (such as office moves, mailing, etc.)
  • Review and define company travel standards and policies
  • Ensure optimization of our costs

Global Head of Travel & Corporate Card Resume Examples & Samples

  • Developing detailed category strategy and plans and executing the sourcing strategy for Travel & Corporate Card
  • Providing high quality, up to date strategic sourcing advice and recommendations across the organisation as it relates to Travel & Corporate Card
  • Building key business relationships within and across the Macquarie Group businesses to gain an understanding of business requirements and needs
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative working relationships with suppliers, to align objectives and maximise value to Macquarie
  • Seeking out opportunities for continuous improvements, cost savings and efficiencies
  • Maintaining and tracking benefits/savings delivered through strategic sourcing initiatives
  • Working closely with key stakeholder groups such as Global Security, Event Management, Business Resilience to ensure Travel fulfils a range of Compliance, Business Continuity and other requirements
  • Global experience in Travel and Corporate Card category management
  • Strong people leadership skills, preferably having managed a global based team
  • A strategic and innovative approach to sourcing
  • A high level of drive and desire to deliver

Travel Surgical Open Heart PA Resume Examples & Samples

  • TX Physician Assistant Licensure
  • Minimum 3-5 years experience in open surgical assisting
  • Endoscopic vein harvesting skills

Senior Travel Operations Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • To ensure efficient internal and external communication
  • To maintain an accurate booking and filing system
  • To ensure Shanghai Disney Resort’s business policies and process are well followed
  • To accomplish daily booking, revising and cancellation accurately and efficiently
  • To work closely with operation team of 3rd party partners to execute the work plan
  • To input and collate agents accounts records as required
  • To collect relevant data as required
  • To provide administrative support to the Travel Operations Manager
  • Working experience in travel industry for at least 5 years, travel agents for MICE business or Travel Group experience is preferred
  • Call Center management skill is preferred
  • College degree or above
  • Computer literacy (Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook)
  • Good communication skills in both English and Chinese ; CET-4
  • Proven ability to act according to business plan in provided time
  • Detailed oriented

Client Solutions Manager, Travel Analytics Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provides strategic analytics expertise on a high-performing digital sales team focused on the Travel vertical
  • Works with select partners by developing a deep understanding of Facebook’s data resources to execute analytics based projects that will inform marketing decisions
  • Develops processes/analysis that unlock opportunities for our key partners that ultimately scale across the vertical
  • Participates in client meetings contributing data points and analysis to back key themes
  • Outlines measurement solutions and appropriate campaign structures based upon key KPI’s
  • Manages revenue delivery and budget spend, including daily optimization and providing real time targeting recommendations
  • Platform & Product Expert
  • Articulates and updates clients on FB product and developments
  • Responsible for educating clients and agencies on best practices
  • Manages complex work streams to optimize marketing objectives for clients
  • Manages Analytics and dashboards to advise clients (e.g. daily client facing data/insights reporting, understanding performance across hundreds of accounts used by client, setting up pipelines to pull conversion and impression data, etc.)

Category Lead-travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Professional Services
  • Assisting in developing and delivering sourcing & category strategies in the Corporate segment
  • Leading cross function project teams
  • Analysing internal requirements and external markets
  • Drafting of tender/contract/project documentation
  • Assisting and/or leading negotiations and stakeholder management
  • Reviewing and managing supplier performance
  • Preparing and delivering reports and presentations
  • Procurement professional with a minimum of 2-3 years Procurement background
  • Experience in managing competitive tenders and successfully negotiating outcomes
  • Developed influencing skills and stakeholder management skills
  • Proven ability working in a highly process driven environment
  • A high level of written and verbal communication and presentation skills

Online Merchandising Executive Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Knowledge of package holiday market and product
  • Clear understanding of key online marketing priorities
  • Proven track record of delivering results in an online environment
  • Excellent understanding of Excel and other analytical tools

Director, Travel Trade Sales Resume Examples & Samples

  • Plan and formulate key sales strategies across all indirect vacation and leisure channels for all markets; coach and motivate managers and their team to implement such strategies to consistently achieve or exceed annual admission and roomnight targets
  • Build and maintain business relationship with key leaders in travel and tourism industry, in order to keep abreast of relevant consumer and industry trends, identify new opportunities, and formulate appropriate strategic moves in response to such trends
  • Build close working relationship with executive leaders of partner lines of business (such as Marketing, Revenue Management and Analytics, Operations etc.) to i) formulate and align go-to-market strategies for meeting business goals; ii) ensure product strategies and promotional tactics are mutually beneficial to the Company and its clients; iii) resolve all high level operational issues related to pre-arrival admission and roomnight sales
  • Ensure fiscal management accountability for the team’s overall expenditure budget, especially the co-op budget that the team invest with contracted distribution partners in tactical channel promotions for driving business
  • Act as one of the executive spokespersons for the sales organization in sales events and media interviews, to generate positive media coverage and project a positive image for the Company
  • Bachelor degree holder
  • Proven leadership track record with at least 12 years of relevant experience; experience and connections in travel and tourism industry would be an advantage
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal qualities
  • Excellent written and verbal English and Chinese (including Cantonese and Putonghua)

Travel Intensive Care Unit Resume Examples & Samples

  • 2+ years of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Stepdown experience
  • Strong Vent experience
  • Experience with EPIC

Mgr, Travel, Expense, & AP Resume Examples & Samples

  • Select a function
  • Co-Ops/Interns
  • International Trade Compliance
  • Research/Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain Management

Administrative Assistant & Business Travel Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Able to work with limited supervision; manage multiple priorities; self-motivated; detail oriented; good interpersonal skills; and adaptable to change
  • Demonstrated competence and sensitive judgment with confidential or private information
  • Strong documentation and organizational skills
  • Experience with Windows and a working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2010 preferred)
  • Should be adaptable to changing needs in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment and beyond standard hours during busy periods to meet tight deadlines
  • 3 - 5 years of business/administrative experience in a professional environment
  • Experience in booking travel a plus

Client Partner, Travel / Financial Services Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create and deliver compelling sales presentations using industry knowledge, market trends, and case studies to clearly communicate the Facebook platform value proposition and inspire action
  • Prospect and gain penetration into large organizations to obtain advertising opportunities
  • Commit to growing the team's sales and new customer acquisition, improving customer satisfaction, and attaining pricing and yield goals

Travel Procurement Operations Manager Mature Markets Resume Examples & Samples

  • Build and manage relationships with executive assistants and travelers within areas, business units and service lines
  • Drive the standardization of regional and global processes and operations
  • Drive performance, by managing and reporting key performance indicators (KPIs) at a country level with particular focus on the relationship with our travel management company(TMC) HRG
  • Improve operational technology and processes, by increasing the effectiveness of the TMC and financial systems
  • Promote the vision and mission for the travel category
  • Present best practice initiatives to internal stakeholders to drive continuous improvement and a best in class travel program
  • NPI and CT License
  • Hospital acute care experience
  • 2+ years of travel experience

Client Partner, Travel Vertical Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop high-level collaborative relationships and close large deals with some of the largest Travel organizations
  • Leverage Facebook's extensive Direct Response solution set to the benefit of Travel advertisers
  • Serve as an industry thought leader in social media and digital advertising and adapt to Facebook’s ongoing product and technology developments
  • Create and present needs-based solutions and high quality answers to RFPs via telephone, webinar and customer meetings
  • Reach and exceed sales quotas while contributing to overall team goals
  • Accurately forecast and efficiently allocate resources to drive profitable business results
  • Work collaboratively with cross functional teams to drive revenue growth with new and existing customers
  • Analyze campaign statistics to recommend optimized solutions specific to each clients’ goals, metrics, and objectives
  • Always deliver the highest level of customer service and present Facebook solutions in a compelling, positive and professional way
  • Provide and share key learnings and best practices to your peers

Sox Manager Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Competitive salary
  • Excellent work/life balance
  • Planned global travel
  • Rapid Growth
  • Administer, coordinate and execute the Sarbanes-Oxley program activities
  • Preparation of the annual SOX audit plan by location/function based on internal risk assessment processes. This may require closely working with the Controllership office and Internal Control Manager to develop schedule/audit plans and review/develop control designs to address business and financial reporting risks
  • Directly manage one SOX analyst staff and co-sourced auditors to complete SOX program activities
  • Develop standardized SOX audit plans, test procedures and templates including the identification and implementation of a SOX tool to facilitate the automation of program activities and the retention of results. Maintain and update the plans and templates as necessary
  • Prepare/finalize SOX audit reports and memos for periodic reporting to divisional/upper management. Ensure control deficiencies are clearly defined and recommendations are sound and in accordance with Company policies and standards
  • Assist business units/operations in the development of remediation plans, monitor remedial action steps and perform remediation testing when necessary
  • Summarize and aggregate control deficiencies in order to meet documentation requirements including reporting to external auditors
  • Periodically report status of program related activities to designated stakeholders
  • Minimum 7 years of experience
  • Bachelors degree in accounting
  • CPA preferred
  • Manufacturing experience required or Big 4 with MFG clients
  • Willing to travel 30% globally – planned travel
  • Very energetic person

Travel Radiation Tech Resume Examples & Samples

  • Performs a variety of technical procedures that will require independent judgment with ingenuity and initiative to apply ionizing radiation for radiological diagnosis
  • Assumes responsibility for procedural and system controls, problem solving and teaching
  • Maintains all necessary documentation required by accreditation agencies
  • NJ State DEP license
  • Registered by ARRT
  • High School Graduate
  • Completion of approved Radiologic Technology program that meets requirements set by the ARRT and New Jersey Certification Board

Travel Case Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Connecticut RN license
  • Broad based Clinical background and Hospital experience
  • Excellent skills in assessing and analyzing the patient's clinical status
  • Case Management certification

Travel Registered Respiratory Therapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Current MA Board of Respiratory Care License
  • BLS Certification
  • Experience in PICU, PACU, NICU, Trauma Neonatal and/ or Recovery Room

Travel & Hospitality Executive Resume Examples & Samples

  • Streamline operations, introduce new process improvement ideas
  • Track day-to-day services, planning
  • Vendor management, data base maintenance, prepare reports & analysis on the cost effective mode
  • Attend to issues / concerns and resolve them
  • Derive vendor delivery expectations and monitor, accountable for vendor deliverables and
  • Request for quotes for travel and hospitality and compare prices
  • Manage approval process for the requests for travel and accommodation. Obtain the necessary approvals from Service Line heads and supervisors
  • Prepare payment approvals and management of same
  • Manage visa process; manage hotel accommodation for outboundtravel
  • Manage the rotation program and interaction with Global Mobility (travel department)
  • Manage invites, hotel accommodation for inbound travel (hospitality department )
  • Graduate in any discipline
  • 2-3 years in travel/hospitality department and involved with day to day process
  • Communication, thorough job knowledge, computer literate, supervision capabilities, and customer centric
  • Good presentation skills, team player, quick learner
  • CT PT License
  • Hospital experience
  • 1 year Post grad clinical experience
  • Strong critical thinkings skills
  • Recent academic hospital experience
  • CT RN license
  • Scrub / Circulate experience
  • Previous travel experience
  • CV experience

Travel & Expense Accountant Stage Resume Examples & Samples

  • Pre-system interface monitoring
  • Cash advance handling
  • Initiate payments of T&E claims
  • Position Qualifications
  • Ericsson-wide knowledge & skills (from other Functional Areas)
  • English Skills
  • Ericsson Business Process Knowledge
  • Ericsson Knowledge
  • Teamworking Skills
  • Behavioral Competences
  • Deciding & Initiating Action
  • Delivering Results & Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Planning & Organising
  • Relating & Networking
  • Working with People
  • Minimum Qualifications & Experience Requirements
  • [Bulleted list item]
  • Preferred Qualifications & Experience Requirements
  • Problem solving and trouble shooting skills
  • Cost awareness
  • Social skills and awareness
  • Additional Requirements, Physical Demands, Region/Local Specifications
  • [Relocation, certifications, travel requirements, immigration, and background checks, etc.]
  • [Local specifications, legal disclaimers, Conclusion, as applicable]
  • Primary country and city: China (CN) || Beijing || Beijing || SharedServ
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • College degree
  • Oracle background
  • Knowledge of Concur

Associate Sales Manager Travel Trade Sales Resume Examples & Samples

  • Build up relationship with all levels of travel trade in Hong Kong and update Hong Kong Disneyland product knowledge to operational staff through regular sales visits and entertainments
  • Work closely with Sales Managers and executives to develop sales strategies to achieve revenue and management objectives
  • Coordinate with Distribution Marketing team to ensure travel agents follow our IP and copyrights guidelines
  • Participate in selected local and overseas travel trade shows and sales missions
  • Collect and consolidate market intelligence
  • Maintain database of sales contacts and submit sales activity report
  • Conduct site inspection for potential clients and familiarization groups
  • 5-7 years of solid experience in travel industry related industry
  • Good relationship and networking with travel trade in Hong Kong and Asia
  • Be aggressive, analytical, independent, resulted oriented and initiative
  • Strong team player
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills as well as telephone etiquette skills
  • Fluent in written and spoken English, Cantonese and Putonghua

Director, Travel Prepaid Products Resume Examples & Samples

  • Execute on the medium and long term travel prepaid strategy for India/South Asia
  • Develop & drive the business plan with travel prepaid clients and partners like Money Changers to grow the programs, card numbers and volumes, to achieve the business revenue targets
  • Manage Travel Prepaid product portfolio and achieve TV growth targets by closely working with the Business Development team, issuers, and ensure market share growth and drive strategies to card the Corporate & retail segment
  • Manage and co-ordinate operating rules, guidelines, regulations and policy development for Visa Travel Prepaid products
  • Lead targeted business development efforts in collaboration with the Business Development team in accordance to the travel prepaid strategy. This includes identification of opportunity, working with partners, clients to develop appropriate solutions, pitch preparation and delivery, contract negotiation and regular reviews
  • Identify regulatory and competitive changes in the market to establish timely strategies and counter measures
  • Manage the travel prepaid budget, track programs and project progress, and ensure compliance with negotiated terms and conditions
  • Track and evaluate competitive product offering and pro-actively suggest innovations to keep the Visa product superior in the marketplace
  • Identify and progress potential strategic partnerships with high-value partners
  • Minimum of 10-12 years of experience with approximately 5 years of payment/financial industry experience, preferably issuing business at card companies / banks /Money changers
  • Experience in Product & Project management, Product Design, Strategy execution, Planning & Program Implementation
  • Solid understanding of the Payment, Forex & Travel industry
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business management
  • Strong Influencing and collaboration abilities
  • Excellent networking & communication skills
  • Superior strategic thinking, creative problem solving and analytical skills
  • Ability to think of innovative solutions to cater to the customer needs

Travel Emergency Room RN Resume Examples & Samples

  • 2+ years of prior experience in an Acute Care Emergency Room
  • ACLS and BLS
  • Planning and administering medically prescribed therapy treatments in accordance with federal, state and professional standards governing the facility
  • CA PT license
  • TX PT license
  • One full year of SNF experience
  • Experience w/ Rehab Optima
  • Conduct daily assessment for completion of picked cases for assigned room
  • Anticipate instrument needs for re-sterilization for proceeding surgical case and communicates with circulating RN, charge nurse and CPD
  • Assist circulating RN with room preparation, including obtaining necessary equipment and opening of surgical supplies for each surgical procedure
  • Actively participate and comply with appropriates policies and protocols
  • NY Certified Surgical Tech through the National Center for Competency Testing

Travel Rn Case Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Expediting discharge planning to ensure transition of care between patients and health care providers in order to confirm continuity and coordination of care for patients
  • Being directly involved in the process of assessment, planning, facilitating, monitoring, and evaluation of options and services to meet an individual patients health care needs
  • Working in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team
  • Participating in the promotion of quality outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost-effective care delivery
  • Experience as a Case Manager

Travel Telemetry Registered Nurses Resume Examples & Samples

  • Identifying a plan of care and implementing and evaluating the care given
  • Providing direct and indirect care to patients and leads the patient care team toward goal achievement
  • Coordinating and directing care given by other team members
  • Addressing system issues to facilitate the provision of quality efficient care

Junior Corporate Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor Degree or similar
  • 2/3 years of experience in the role
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent computer skills, proficient in MS Office
  • Fluent in English and Italian; knowledge of other languages is greatly appreciated
  • MA PT license
  • Experience in Home Health
  • Experience in Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Experience in Acute Care

Travel Sales Consultant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Hours worked are 35 per week, Monday to Friday 9 to 5 or 10 to 6 and Saturdays 9 to 5. Occasional Sunday working is required during peak booking periods, you will be expected to work one weekend every 2/3 weeks (either sat or sun)
  • Deal with all telephone enquiries post-sale/pre-departure, delivering exceptional service to resolve all enquiries / issues
  • Quote and book the following elements, Upgrades, Holiday Additions, Extended Stays, Tour Only and Late Bookings
  • Advise clients by telephone of any late changes to tours
  • To respond, in writing, to all client/agent letters within 28 days of receipt
  • To be able to deal with difficult client calls and to resolve to an amicable end
  • Achieve and exceed individual yearly-agreed Sales target
  • Supply all quotes within a 24/48-hour turn around period & follow up all outstanding quotes
  • Answer all client questions regarding their itinerary and pricing
  • Must have travel and sales/customer service experience
  • Excellent customer service skills and telephone manner
  • Good knowledge of Amadeus or alternative airline booking system (desirable)
  • Able to work well under pressure
  • Completes the admission assessment of the patient and providing a clear picture of his/her status
  • Documents detailed information incorporating the plan of care, interventions and outcomes reflecting the patient's physical, mental and emotional status
  • Completes transfer/discharge documentation including an assessment of the patient's needs to determine the preferred level of care
  • Assesses the patient prior to administering medications noting allergies, parameters, potential side effects, effectiveness and intervening as needed
  • Provides pain management based on the patient's reports and assessment findings
  • Reassesses and documents response according to hospital standards
  • Assesses patients for potential safety risks upon admission
  • Adheres to hospital policies and procedures regarding patient safety
  • Initiates interventions related to the risk factors identified
  • Coordinates and supervises the delivery of nursing care, including the delegation of tasks
  • Maintains accountability for care delegated
  • Adheres to Nursing Standards of Practice to include assessment, care planning, interventions and evaluation of the plan of care
  • Practices according to unit based standards
  • Experience in Emergency Department

Travel & Expense Practitioner Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assure claim compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as internal policies and procedures
  • Serve as primary contact for employees and resolve queries raised
  • Collaborate with other internal functions on as need basis
  • Prepare regular and ad hoc reports
  • Knowledge of relevant local legal regulations and practices with hands-on experience
  • Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent documentation and follow up skills
  • English: Intermediate
  • Polish: Fluent

Travel & Expense Practitioner / Team Leader Resume Examples & Samples

  • Process employee claims timely and with adequate quality / accuracy
  • Provide consultative support to ensure smooth process execution and resolution of queries
  • Oversee process delivery and lead improvements
  • Ensure communication of relevant information to the appropriate groups
  • Liaise with key customers, process owners (within and above the country) and internal support providers
  • Working knowledge of relevant local legal regulations and practices
  • Strong documentation and follow up skills
  • Self-initiative, planning and organizing
  • Ability to present ideas and recommend solutions
  • Team management proven track record
  • Experience working in international companies preferred

Travel Program Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Administrate program across UTAS to ensure cardholder satisfaction while maintaining minimal financial risk to the company
  • Day-to-day management of card program activities, including
  • Airline Pilot/Copilot/Flight Engineer
  • Business Development
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • General Management
  • Information Technology
  • Internal Audit
  • Procurement
  • Program Manager
  • Evaluate, provide and monitor therapeutic intervention
  • Discuss interventions and modifications to achieve patient outcomes and help patients function as independently as possible
  • NJ Occupational Therapy license
  • Pediatric Experience
  • Experience in an outpatient setting
  • 2+ years of experience

Accountant Analyst, Travel & Expense Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ensures that departmental standard operating procedures are accurate, thorough and up-to-date
  • Identifies and implements opportunities to automate and streamline accounting processes. Provides analysis and leadership in defining, designing, testing and documenting proposed changes
  • Provides management with information on general ledger account status, resolves issues and recommends solutions
  • Ensures that communication between accounting partners and customers is effective, timely and courteous
  • Supports implementation and monitors associated policies, programs and procedures that provide quality service to partners
  • Analyzes and reconciles central credit card accounts. Research and resolves any discrepancies with partner reimbursement general ledger or cash accounts. Reviews work for Company and government compliance. Monitors error and exception reports. Prepares journal entries
  • Conducts program compliance audits on all travel and expense programs to determine variations outside of guidelines
  • Project management 1 year
  • Analytical and problem-solving in a fast-paced environment
  • Business area specific accounting experience
  • Subject Matter Expert on small and large cross-functional project teams
  • Microsoft Office Suite and Enterprise Accounting system experience
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills
  • Ability to develop and implement process improvements
  • Ability to use online accounting systems
  • Knowledge of applicable accounting requirements
  • Ability to train and develop others

Travel Outpatient Physicaltherapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Informing patients what they should anticipate in different stages of their recovery
  • 2 years of experience as a Physical Therapist
  • Acute Care experience
  • Conduct daily assessments
  • Anticipate instrument needs for resterilization for proceeding surgical case and communicate with other staff
  • Assist staff with room preparation, including obtaining necessary equipment and opening of surgical supplies for each surgical procedure
  • Actively participate and comply with appropriate policies and protocols
  • Nationally Certified Technologist
  • 5+ years of experience

Travel Respiratory Therapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Associate's Degree from an AMA accredited school for Respiratory Care
  • Current NYS Respiratory Therapist license
  • Certified or registered by National Board for Respiratory Care
  • 2+ years of Acute or Long Term Care experience, specifically with Pediatrics
  • Sleep study experience

Travel Utilization Management RN Resume Examples & Samples

  • PA RN license
  • 3+ years of Clinical experience
  • Strong interpersonal relationships
  • Case Management, Discharge Planning and Utilization Management experience
  • Midas Information Systems experience

Travel Interventional Radiology / Pacu RN Resume Examples & Samples

  • NYS RN license
  • Background in any of the following: Radiology/ Interventional Radiology/ ED/ PACU/ ICU
  • Assesses and evaluates patient needs for, and responses to, care rendered and applies sound nursing judgment in patient care management decisions
  • Coordinates patient care activities, based on established priorities, including teaching, rounding, counseling, and discharge planning, and directs/delegates appropriately to members of the healthcare team
  • Participates in performance improvement, nursing quality, nursing research activities and utilizes same in clinical practice
  • Experience in specialization
  • Great communication skills
  • Proficient writing skills

VP, Marketing NG Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead development of marketing and branding strategy, and oversee revenue and marketing expenses to meet or exceed annual budget for NG Travel/Expeditions group. (20%)
  • Oversee all digital marketing for NG Expeditions, including websites, email newsletters, paid search, online advertising, social media, content development, affiliate marketing, and marketing through other NGS channels. (25%)
  • Oversee all aspects of direct and print marketing, including catalogs, brochures, and ads. Lead marketing communications, including promotions, sweepstakes, and public relations for the NG Travel/Expeditions group. Spearhead overarching brand initiatives and ensure consistency of messaging across all platforms. (20%)
  • Oversee digital and print circulations, analysis and reporting. Leadcustomer contact strategy and travel loyalty program. (20%)
  • Develop new marketing distribution partnerships and other prospecting campaigns to build awareness and reach. (15%)

Travel Certified Resume Examples & Samples

  • Passing instruments to surgeons during surgery
  • AST Certification
  • AST Membership
  • Recent OR experience
  • Lead a small portfolio of Facebook’s top brand and agency partners through all advertising related aspects of their presence on the Facebook platform
  • Work within an account team to develop and grow deeper partnerships with clients
  • Leverage large and abstract datasets to provide easily understandable and actionable insights for advertising campaigns
  • Identify and manage internal projects to enhance productivity
  • Derive in-market research and insights to inform opportunities to improve products and processes
  • Work cross-functionally with product, measurement, marketing and engineering teams to build scalable solutions

Travel Process & Systems Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Global owner of travel operations externally hosted software as a service (SaaS) platform, responsible for the delivery and execution of day-to-day Travel booking and reimbursement services and all related reporting, specifically,
  • Ensuring systems functionality availability, effectiveness, response time and resolution of any systems issues arising
  • Review of relevant metrics, reports and controls to ensure service delivery and other objectives are met
  • Understand and provide input into end-user experiences and impact of process and systems and to other stakeholders
  • Development, update and delivery of end-user training, support and other communications
  • Resolution of complex process and system issues
  • Recommend systems and functionality enhancements
  • Responsible for maintaining a strong internal control environment, help drive T&E policy compliance and provide necessary reporting to drive savings and overall governance
  • Generate comprehensive and accurate reports and scorecards to drive savings
  • Generate audit reports to ensure compliance with policy, identify policy exceptions and fraud
  • Update end to end business process and controls documentation
  • Provide ad hoc reports to support business needs and requirements
  • Main contact point for all internal and external audits, code of business conduct and ethics investigations
  • Provides direction of global commercial (corporate and purchasing) card programs. Explore alternative solutions for T&E and P Card programs considering cost, risk level and best practices – presenting recommendations to management
  • Lead and develop team to
  • Deliver on service levels and satisfy user needs efficiently and effectively
  • Ensure efficient resource utilization, optimizing the use of offshore and onshore teams to drive process efficiency, speed and continuous improvement to reduce total cost of service and improve ease of use
  • Drive organizational capability, associate engagement and client (user) satisfaction
  • 6 direct reports , 2 in Buenos Aires, 2 in Atlanta and one each in Europe and Asia
  • Proficiency with Concur Travel and Expense system with administrator level experience and Cognos reporting professional author
  • Accounting and internal controls experience
  • 5+ years of people management experience
  • Strong verbal and written communication and relationship building skills
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills within a production driven environment
  • SAP is highly preferred
  • Ability to work in a fast paced team environment and meet deadlines
  • Advanced PC (Microsoft Office, Outlook, etc)
  • Previous work experience in fast pace, dynamic environment. Ability to multi-task (see above)
  • 7+ years accounting including 5+ years managerial experience
  • Min. 3+ years of Concur Travel and Expense, Administrator Level Experience

Travel & Expense Receipt Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Liaise with employees to ensure on-time and accurate submission of expense report related receipts
  • Collect receipts from approvers after expense report approval
  • Reconcile receipts received to approved expense report
  • Audit receipts to ensure compliance with all local country requirements
  • Provide status updates and deliver reports on missing receipts to EXPN, local book keeper and Geller statutory tax teams
  • Contact employees to retrieve missing receipts in order to increase receipts submission rate and ensure all receipts are collected and audited
  • Identify and report frequent offenders to HR and their manager
  • Submit completed reconciliation to local book keeper and resolve any questions or issues raised by local book keeper as required
  • Respond to employee receipt related enquiries, document frequent issues and recommend improvements to improve receipts collection and audit
  • Understand record retention requirements for the country
  • Oversee storage, archiving and destruction of receipts on expiry of record retention period
  • Organize retrieval of expense report related receipts for auditors as requested, monitor vendor progress and escalate as appropriate
  • Organize and provide internal training sessions on receipts as required
  • Deliver exceptional customer service at all times
  • Degree educated preferred
  • Fluent in English and Russian
  • Relevant administration / bookkeeping experience
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office, in particular, Excel (including creation and update of pivot tables), Word and PowerPoint
  • Experience in reconciliation of accounting records with articulate attention to detail and dealing with local book keepers or auditors is preferred but not essential
  • Knowledge of general accounting principles
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure
  • Communicates effectively and professionally with patients, significant others, and members of the healthcare team about the patient's plan of care
  • Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for nursing practice and the delivery of safe, competent patient care
  • Strong Ortho and Neuro experience
  • Expedites discharge planning to ensure transition of care between patients and health care providers in order to confirm continuity and coordination of care for patients
  • Is directly involved in the process of assessment, planning, facilitating, monitoring, and evaluation of options and services to meet an individual patients health care needs
  • Works in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team
  • Participates in the promotion of quality outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost-effective care delivery
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience

Coordinator, Senior Travel & Expense Resume Examples & Samples

  • Facilitate the preparation and submission of all travel expense reports and reimbursement requests from NGM, Digital Media and Traveler Magazine freelancers and conduct standard T&E audit according to the NGM Expense Guidelines and Society travel policy ensuring adherance to IRS T&E regulations. Maintain precise ducumentation for internal and external audit. (35%)
  • Assist Budget Manager with managing staff and freelance use of the NG Travel Purchase Card. Reconcile TPC accounts monthly and accurately via the T&E system and top up card accounts as needed for field work. Provide monthly cost analysis reports to editorial teams for story budgets and projections. (35%)
  • Issue travel advance requests based on budgeted spend, ensure proper account coding for processing, monitor and track account balances and initiate settlement of outstanding balances owed either to individuals. Code, process and deposit refund of unused travel advances to NG Treasury. (15%)
  • Track T&E activity and maintain a schedule of submission deadlines to ensure either processing or accrual of all story-related travel costs in advance of publish date. Email monthly reminders to submit expense reports and resolve any outstanding account balances. Coordinate with department business managers in pursuing delinquent accounts. (10%)
  • Maintain electronic files, update NGM financial forms as needed and assist staff with T&E inquiries and submissions. Facilitate travel arrangements through Orbitz for Business for staff and contractors. Perform other duties to include special projects or reports as assigned. (5%)

IT Supervisor, Finance Treasury & Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Managing all aspects of a project from requirements definition through implementation
  • Supervise internal and external resources
  • Strive to implement best in class IT Solutions
  • Provide leadership for large projects that cross multiple functional areas
  • Provide Resource planning and prioritization of several business initiatives at one time
  • Providing communication to various levels of management
  • Administration
  • Commerical and Industry Relations
  • Field Service Operations
  • Government Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Project Manager

Travel Rn-valve Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ordering valves in a timely manor before surgeries
  • Acting as navigator for patients
  • Assisting in development, implementation, and evaluation of standards of care and professional practice in collaboration with members of the health care team
  • Performs evaluations and develops effective resident treatment plans to restore, maintain or prevent decline of resident function
  • Plans and administers medically prescribed therapy treatments in accordance with federal, state and professional standards governing the facility
  • FL PT license

Category Manager, Travel Management Resume Examples & Samples

  • Collaborate with internal business units to collect, analyze and amalgamate business, technical, service and cost requirements and considerations
  • Develop procurement portfolio and category strategies and develop sourcing and supplier negotiation plans which target increased value for BCE at a lower cost. Evaluate and communicate internally next generation industry best practices and alternatives
  • Lead and take overall “end to end” accountability for supplier e-sourcing activities (eRFPs, eRFQs, eAuctions) including sourcing document creation, data collection, data analysis and comparative review, negotiation and vendor selection
  • Lead and take overall “end to end” accountability for supplier commercial negotiations including drafting commercial agreements with BCE Legal department, contract negotiations, completing internal approval processes, contract signing and archiving
  • Manage ongoing supplier relationships and commercial agreements including service level agreements to their maximum potential, identify problem areas and take corrective action
  • Track and communicate internally to internal business units and executives supplier spend, savings, performance and issues
  • Conduct supplier management review sessions with key suppliers to ensure continuous improvement and cost reductions
  • Counsel internal business units on procurement policies and processes and can manage partnering relationships
  • University degree in Business, Finance or Law
  • Minimum 3 years Business experience
  • Highly Motivated, Proactive and Positive
  • Strong Negotiating and Problem Solving skills
  • Ability to work with Autonomously
  • Expertise/Knowledge of the purchasing field (theoretical and practical)
  • Excellent Communication (written and verbal) skills (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint)
  • Advanced Analytical skills (Microsoft Excel)
  • Ability to create strong relationships with internal business units and suppliers
  • Ability to think creatively and strategically

Asia Head of Corporate Travel, VP Resume Examples & Samples

  • Business Continuity Management manages Work Area Recovery management, Crisis Management planning, testing and education/awareness
  • Corporate Information Management is comprised of Business Information Services, Creative Services, Reprographics and Printing, Mail and Distribution, and Records Management
  • Corporate Real Estate manages a flexible portfolio to align real estate assets with the Firm’s business plan
  • Corporate Security and Investigations is responsible for physical protection of employees/facilities, pre-employment screening, crisis management and preparedness, investigation of internal or external fraud
  • Global Workforce Strategy & Solutions supports internal clients in examining functions suitable for a move to non-core locations
  • Property Management consists of Project Management, Design/Engineering, and Property Services
  • Operations/Administration supports Corporate Services and the Firm through financial management, client engagement, risk management, communication protocol, staff training/development, and process/technology improvements
  • Regional Offices oversees CS functions within the regional branch offices
  • Travelresponsible for corporate jets and management of the Firm’s relationships with airlines, hotels, ground transportation vendors and the corporate card program
  • Manage the corporate card programme
  • Ensure business units are informed about most cost effective travel options
  • Staff management skills
  • Sound judgement, know when to escalate

Travel Med Surg / Telemetry RN Resume Examples & Samples

  • NJ Registered Nurse (RN) license
  • 3+ years of Medical-Surgical / Telemetry experience
  • Acute care experience

Travel Operations Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • 2+ years of analytics experience
  • Ability to excel in a fast-paced complex business environment
  • Demonstrated strong leadership and partnering skills
  • Demonstrated proactive problem-solving and decision making skills
  • Ability to develop clear and concise thoughts into proposals, recommendations, and findings
  • Experience with Linux, SAS, SQL, and/or Hive programming languages
  • Experience with reporting tools such as Excel, Tableau, Business Objects, SAS, etc
  • 4+ years of analytics experience
  • Experience translating complex problems and solutions to all levels of an organization
  • Proficient in Linux, SAS, SQL, and/or Hive programming languages

Financial Analyst, Travel & Expense Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with Preferred Travel Agency to ensure SHDR Travel policy is fully understood and under correct execution
  • Audit the monthly actual travel report submitted by Preferred Travel Agency regularly to ensure proper authorization Monitor and respond to routine T&E inquiries by employees
  • Ensure Travel Authorizations are being filled out timely and accurately
  • Check employee expense claims are in compliance with SHDR T&E policy
  • Conduct the travel policy, tools, and process training to new hires
  • Work with Cashier to make payment to employee on time per company schedule and for pre-approval expenses
  • Communicate and follow up on controversy items until resolve
  • Manage SAP T&E module implementation and work to resolve any issues on ongoing basis
  • File the expense reports and supporting documentation
  • Manage air ticket /apartment direct billing
  • Prepare monthly T&E report to provide management visibility of the T&E expenses spent
  • Support internal / external audits
  • Maintain and develop good working relationship with internal & external business partners, streamline processes and make suggestions to improve efficiency whenever necessary
  • Provide support to ad hoc projects, and also to the team to fulfill team tasks
  • Play back-up roll to Cashier job
  • Internal Controls - Perform appropriate internal control testing to protect Resort assets including ensuring the integrity and security of Resort revenue from Guest to Bank (Cash Transportation Activities)
  • Bachelor Degree , major in accounting or finance
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant professional work experience in treasury, accounting, or Finance Shared Service
  • Detail oriented, self-motivated
  • Strong organizational, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a project team-oriented environment in a complex and diverse business unit of a multi-national company
  • Proficiency in MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel
  • Fluent in spoken and written Chinese and English
  • Flexible to take on other financial tasks
  • Experience with SAP system
  • Familiarity with PRC GAAP and tax laws

Internal Auditor, Exciting Work & No Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review compliance methods, document processes and communicate areas of success and improvement
  • Support management to identify areas of risk
  • Sarbanes Oxley testing and audit review
  • Work with external auditors
  • Process and work-flow improvement projects
  • Act as business liaison for internal controls review
  • Cross-functional communication on special projects
  • Ad hoc Special projects as assigned
  • Bachelors degree in Accounting or Finance
  • CPA or CPA candidate required
  • Minimum 1 to 3 years of public accounting experience
  • Strong MS Office skills
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Ability to present findings to various functional teams
  • Must be able to work well both independently and with cross functional teams

Sporting Travel Planner Resume Examples & Samples

  • Engage in direct customer sales to groups and individual travelers by managing existing customer relationships as well as identifying new sales channels and developing new customer relationships
  • Provide extraordinary customer service as a representative of both Orvis Adventures and The Orvis Company throughout all stages of the trip planning process from the initial inquiry to the booking phase, trip planning, trip departure and even after the customer returns home
  • Maintain and update customer information and reservation details across multiple platforms including a customer relationship management database
  • Manage relationships with Orvis Endorsed partners including endorsement contracts and fees, negotiating contracts for net rates and group travel dates, and reviewing lodge invoices for accuracy and submitting invoices for payment
  • Effectively communicate trip details with lodges, vendors and other partners before, during and after the trip to ensure the success of each trip
  • Ensure accuracy of trip information on and submit updates to the Web team in a timely manner
  • Maintain and update itineraries and trip planning materials
  • Occasionally lead group trips to domestic and international destinations
  • BA/BS degree preferred
  • 4+ years working in a professional travel environment, preferably with a tour operator or similar travel-oriented business either in a sales, operations, or guest services capacity
  • Knowledge of fly-fishing destinations popular with Orvis customers, such as Patagonia, New Zealand, Central America, the United States and the Caribbean
  • A passion for the outdoors and a desire to share that love with Orvis customers through fly fishing, wingshooting, conservation and outdoor-oriented travel
  • Experience working in a sporting lodge or other outdoor adventure-oriented facility, with established responsibility for organizing guides and guest activities
  • Exceptional email and phone etiquette, with strong writing skills to communicate clearly through written correspondence
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • A high level of attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task while meeting deadlines

Travel Sourcing Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop and execute global sourcing strategies to include corporate travel services and technology, air, hotel, rail, car rental and ground transportation resulting in the achievement of increased traveler satisfaction, reduced travel security risk, cost savings and the promotion of an expanded preferred provider programs
  • Collaborate positively across procurement and with internal stakeholders to develop and implement sourcing programmes, and build procurement influence in the assigned categories
  • Lead cross functional internal teams that will improve Citi’s commercial arrangements with suppliers
  • Achieve specific category targets/ goals
  • Apply appropriate sourcing levers to programmes, such as benchmarking, tendering, process improvement, volume leverage, supplier consolidation and product substitution/ elimination to reduce cost and provide service improvements in the timely fulfilment of business needs
  • Ensure appropriate use is made of electronic tools such as eRFX, e-Auction and eSignature to enable efficient and effective sourcing process execution
  • Coordinate all procedural requirements including Citi’s approved supplier program, supplier diversity, contract management system, procure-to-pay system, related metrics and reporting
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Create an environment where talent thrives
  • Act with urgency, courage and conviction
  • Inspire excellence - be the standard
  • Be accountable - own the outcome
  • Be unselfish - empower others
  • Reward results - promote meritocracy
  • Act with integrity - do what is right
  • Collaborate - be a team Leadership – it begins with you
  • Experience in sourcing in related travel sub-categories on global level for fortune 500 company
  • Delivered medium scale and/ or complex sourcing programs
  • Demonstrated effective communications, project management and compliance management
  • Has undertaken value engineering of specifications within the applicable categories
  • Ability and experience to manage multiple projects / tenders with minimal direct supervision
  • Proven experience in managing cross-functional teams, obtaining consensus confidence to engage and influence a diverse stakeholder group
  • High level of commercial awareness and able to translate strategy into action
  • Ability to analyse value at stake then focus and prioritise on the big impact opportunities that deliver savings
  • Contracts administration and management knowledge
  • Fluent English, excellent verbal and written skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office products and ability to quickly learn other computer application
  • Knowledge of ERP systems and eProcurement tools such as Oracle, Procure-to-Pay, eAuction, eRFX tools
  • Capability to manage cross functional small team
  • Strong Project Management skills and ability to delivery projects within scope
  • Ability to deliver ambitious saves targets
  • Relevant degree qualification
  • Certified Procurement Professional such as CPM or CIPS is advantageous

Travel Sub-acute Occupational Therapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Discuss interventions and environment modifications with school-based team to achieve student outcomes and help students function as independently as possible
  • Document services to ensure accountability
  • Active NJ Occupational Therapist license

Corporate Travel Assistant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Coordinates flights, hotel, car service, and business meetings
  • Negotiate with travel vendors and related organizations to assure best pricing
  • Obtain appropriate approvals for all travel requests
  • Communicate travel itineraries with employees
  • Perform other duties as needed
  • Must be organized and detail oriented
  • Outstanding communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Must be available to work by phone outside of normal business hours, during evening and weekends for follow up calls and any problem resolution related to travel
  • To look after our clients from the first time they call to the point of travel - offering professional, efficient and polite service on every call
  • To listen to our clients' requirements and ensure we find exactly the right holiday for them - as well as personalising it with extensions and add-ons
  • To identify and up-sell any elements clients may have overlooked
  • To 'own' each booking end to end, ensuring that any pre-travel queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • To be the champion of the customer within the business, working with the Product and Operations departments to create a 'never say no' culture and ensure their specific and varied needs are met

Travel Interventional Radiology Technician Resume Examples & Samples

  • Performing radiographic procedures at a technical level not requiring constant supervision
  • Using an understanding of the principles of growth and development to assess each patient’s age specific needs
  • Providing age specific treatment and care
  • Graduate of an AMA approved School of Radiologic Technology
  • Registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology

Senior Travel & Expense Auditor Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ensures that departmental standard operating procedures are accurate, thorough, and up-to-date
  • Identifies and implements opportunities to automate and streamline accounting processes
  • Provides analysis and leadership in defining, designing, testing and documenting proposed changes
  • Identifies and implements key performance metrics and processes
  • Serves as the subject matter expert on cross-functional teams tasked with the design and implementation of enterprise initiatives that impact accounting processes
  • Trains partners on system and process changes. Provides ongoing support to process owners
  • Ensures that communication between accounting partners and customers is effective, timely, and courteous
  • Monitors and approves journal entries and general ledger account reconciliation
  • Supports implementation and monitoring of associated policies, programs and procedures that provide quality service to partners
  • Analyzes and reconciles central credit card accounts. Researches and resolves any discrepancies with partner reimbursement general ledger or cash accounts. Reviews work for A&F and government compliance. Monitors error and exception reports. Prepares journal entries
  • Ensures compliance with internal controls, procedures, policy and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • 4-year degree, preferably with a major or focus in Business/Accounting/Finance/Operations
  • 1-2 years of project management experience
  • 1-2 years of analytical work experience preferred; retail experience a plus
  • Highly organized and able to multi-task in a dynamic environment
  • Analytical and detail-oriented, with a focus on quality results
  • Self-motivated – focused on process improvement and job efficiency
  • Energetic, positive outlook
  • Articulate/good communication skills
  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills – Microsoft Excel, Concur
  • Periodic travel required

Mena Travel / M&E Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support key senior contacts/stakeholders within the MENA region
  • Have strong influencing skills to instigate change and support the Global Travel Strategy
  • Work by and promote the values of Travel Services/M&E and Vision 2020
  • Individual must be an effective communicator who is self-motivated and result oriented
  • Influence policy and standards for travel spend (including air, hotel, ground
  • Extensive knowledge of TMC operations for transient and M&E processes/systems
  • Due to the matrix reporting structure, the individual must be adept at managing cross-
  • Ability to drive change, by building strong, trusting relationships with key customers at all
  • Effective written and verbal English skills
  • Excellent technical skills on travel related technology such as GDS and online booking
  • Significant years of business experience, including experience in Travel Management
  • Individual must have 5 - 8 years of experience in the travel/hospitality industry including
  • Anticipate instrument needs for re-sterilization for proceeding surgical case and communicates with other staff
  • NYS Certified Surgical Tech
  • Substantial Orthopedic knowledge
  • Highly skilled in C-Section Scrub

Travel Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Measuring patient's basic motor functions
  • Collaborating with occupational therapy supervisors and other therapy team members to provide quality care
  • Active NJ Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) license

Travel / Local Occupational Therapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Evaluate, provide and monitor therapeutic intervention aimed at facilitating resident participation
  • Discuss interventions and environment modifications with team to achieve resident outcomes and help residents function as independently as possible
  • Monitor and reassess effects of occupational therapy intervention and determine need for continued intervention, modification, or discontinuation of services
  • Active FL Occupational Therapy license

Travel & Expense Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in a business function
  • 3+ years experience with expense reporting or equivalent audit role
  • Highly motivated, focused and dedicated
  • Polished and professional demeanor
  • Excellent PC skills

Travel Industry Marketing Executive Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primary TIM contact for selected key partners selling the Disney Destinations International (DDI) brands
  • Responsible for ensuring all partners creative is adhering to Disney brand guidelines
  • For partners selling multiple brands, ensure their plans are complementary to each brand and are in sync with
  • Key booking periods, with no clashes between brands
  • In conjunction with Sales Managers, responsible for developing web content to drive awareness and sales with
  • Key partners, and undertaking of regular website offer audits and full content audits
  • Work collaboratively with brand managers for WDW, DLP and DCL and Central teams to implement key Call to actions, key messaging and customer insights into partner marketing
  • Responsible for the sign off and launch to trade of the DCL brochure
  • Continual recording of in-market activity and associated results from partner activity managed, to provide both a historical account and tool to help formulate future plans. At the beginning of each quarter, appraise the forthcoming quarter’s activity to ensure optimal coverage especially when transitioning between financial years to eliminate campaign gaps
  • Responsible for approving marketing collateral (funded and unfunded) in a timely and accurate manner, for partners that generate a pre-determined level of room nights/ticket sales including the sign off of partner brochures
  • Responsible for monitoring and tracking TIM budget spend in conjunction with sales managers, reallocating funds as applicable and ensuring budget is spent as planned to enable effective forecasting by the Finance team
  • Manage day to day relationship with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and Association of Cruise
  • Experts (ACE) including key marketing updates and regular auditing of DCL information on their website
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating all content on DCL section of Magikit to ensure partners have latest assets to effectively market DCL, and fulfilling requests for new users
  • Responsible for running DCL trade campaigns including advertising and competitions
  • Manage relationships with external suppliers and creative agencies
  • Large matrix organisation experience preferable
  • Marketing experience in a major multi-national marketing environment desirable
  • Demonstrated tactical skills related to implementation of marketing plans and recommending resources necessary for success
  • Exceptional organizational, project management and communication skills to balance marketing programs across three brands for optimal execution and success
  • Highly motivated and positive ‘Can Do’ attitude
  • Proven interpersonal skills with internal and external partners
  • Strong commercial skills
  • Highly effective communication skills
  • Highly analytical and results orientated
  • Innovative and creative thinker
  • Flexible on working hours and travel
  • French language skills desirable
  • Computer literate (Word, Excel, e-mail and PowerPoint)
  • Exceptional partnering skills as success in role requires effective relationships in Paris
  • Administration of the Online Travel Booking Tool (OBT)
  • Advanced comprehensive knowledge of the business travel industry
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Knowledge of Amadeus and Sabre or other GDS&#8217
  • Basic project management skills
  • Certified Travel Agent or University degree in the travel business market or 5 years working experience in similar position
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience within the corporate travel industry (travel agency or travel management department)
  • Administration of European OBT (currently for 14 European countries)
  • User (2nd Level) support for travel agency and OBT user
  • Execution of global OBT strategies
  • Creation and reporting of OBT KPI’s
  • Control and forecast of OBT costs
  • Optimize OBT processes, performance and enhancements
  • Travel Booking / Travel Agency
  • Supervision of Travel Agency relationship in Europe
  • Set up & Management of the adidas Group European travel booking processes
  • Management of the external European business travel center servicing 17 European adidas Group countries by supporting the daily business as well as optimizing processes and reports on travel booking performance and travel agency financials
  • Integration of adidas Group countries into the Corporate Travel Program in Europe
  • Manage relationships with the travel representative of each adidas Group country and business unit in Europe, handling all customer service issues and assuring compliance with the overall corporate travel program and policies
  • Realization of special VIP, athlete or marketing related travel requests including aircraft chartering
  • Maintenance of Aircraft charter contracts, its payment and recharges
  • Traveler Training
  • Create, plan and perform travel arranger and traveler training for the booking process and Online Booking tool
  • Traveler Security Program
  • Management of the external global traveler tracking system and the travel risk information system
  • Monitor up-to-date incident alerts, evaluate affect to business travelers, track affected employees through the ETMS and communicate with parties concerned
  • Prepare decisions for travel alerts to the Senior Director Travel Management
  • Manage the external provider for visa applications
  • Primarily responsible for reporting on the Winter and Summer International Tour Leader Programs for groups coming to WDW, assisting with the program preparation, processing requests by participating accounts as well as any other support required for this program
  • Provide support on specific projects required by the sales manager including support of the Latin America accounts
  • Assist the sales team with projects including review of the product website, utilize the team’s SharePoint site, and the online ticket store for contracted accounts

Local & Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • BLS and ACLS certification
  • Previous working experience within an Operating Room setting

Reservations Travel Documents Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Process daily reports for ground, lift ticket, and season pass in LMS and Cognos
  • Fulfill lift tickets, ski school, and season passes for multiple VRI Reservation Centers in RPOS
  • Process Federal Express packages
  • Act as a liaison between VRI Reservation Centers, ground transportation vendors, ticket offices, and ski school in resolving guest issues
  • Assist in problem solving guest issues between VRI Reservation Centers, Vacation Coordinators, ticket offices, ski school, and ground transportation vendors
  • Provide assistance to Colorado Mountain Express with reservations during high call volume
  • Customer focused and able to solve problems effectively
  • A positive attitude, strong attention to detail and ability to multi-task - required
  • Knowledge of RPOS system -preferred

Travel Administrator, Dome Productions Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for all aspects of front desk duty including answering the phone, dispensing messages and greeting and directing visitors to their appropriate locations. Manage boardroom bookings, phone lists and client transportation
  • Obtain hotel folios and receipts from suppliers for expenses on corporate credit card. Investigate and resolve disputed charges with AMEX
  • Verify travel-related receipts against cost estimates and check for accuracy in accordance with DOME Travel Guidelines and the Travel Coordinators
  • Prepare journal entries to distribute costs from travel account to appropriate jobs or cost centers in the general ledger for approval by the Accountant
  • Responsible for maintaining the tidiness of the cappuccino bar area. Places food and beverage orders as needed and ensures that the cappuccino bar is fully stocked
  • Supports the Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President and General Manager however required. Provides backup/ replacement relief when Executive Assistant is on vacation and/or offsite. Assist on special projects when needed
  • Ability to multitask and manage multiple projects concurrently; able to prioritize and meet deadlines
  • College or University degree, with emphasis on Accounting or related field
  • Knowledge of journal entries and account reconciliation

Travel / Finance Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Handle the booking of all talent travel for the Communications and Media Relations teams, including the correspondence on travel preferences, booking the travel through the travel system and making changes as necessary with the Fox travel group
  • Code all invoices and expense authorizations for any incoming FX Communications finances
  • Compile, filter, track and consistently update all data necessary for accurate cost reporting of ongoing budgets
  • Gather necessary paperwork to onboard new vendors and be the point of contact for vendor payment inquiries

Travel CCU / ICU / Stepdown Registered Nurses Resume Examples & Samples

  • NYS Registered Nurse (RN) License
  • Critical Care experience
  • Previous experience within an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Critical Care Unit (CCU)
  • Assisting in the development, implementation, and evaluation of standards of care and professional practice in collaboration with members of the health care team
  • Previous Operating Room experience in Acute Care environment
  • Ortho, Neuro, Vascular, and Thoracic experience
  • Develop high-level collaborative relationships and close large deals with key partners in the sharing economy and disruptive travel and transportation space
  • Leverage Facebook's extensive Direct Response solution set to the benefit of our advertisers
  • Create and present needs-based solutions in a impactful and meaningful way that meet the clients objectives

Travel ED Registered Nurs Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assuming responsibility and accountability for a group of patients for a designated time frame
  • Rendering professional care in accordance with the physician/provider treatment plan and the nursing process of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Acting as a Clinical Practitioner who coordinates and implements patient care specific to the patient population served on the assigned units
  • Ensuring that compassionate, engaged care meets or exceeds quality standards
  • Observing patient progress, recording pertinent observations, implementing physician and nursing treatment plans, and evaluating outcomes
  • ACLS and BLS certification
  • PALS certification
  • Critical Care and Charge experience

Account Executive, Travel & Tourism Resume Examples & Samples

  • Maintain an awareness of revenue responsibilities and performance to goal
  • Communicate with clients on needs analysis, delivering proposals/campaigns and conflict resolution
  • Negotiate contracts/rates while keeping customer ROI and the Company’s rate integrity intact
  • Executes the 5-Step Sales process which includes: 1. Plan & Prepare, 2. Evaluate Needs, 3. Build the Solution, 4. Present and Close, and 5. Follow Through

Senior Sourcing Manager Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Stakeholder management. The incumbent will interact continuously with the business to identify needs and requirements, ensuring that our internal customers perceive Procurement as a valued partner that creates a competitive advantage by harnessing scale and optimizing the productivity of Citi’s supply chain. By communicating and working with the stakeholders the Sourcing Lead Analyst supports reducing the total cost of ownership of the dedicated commodity to Citi
  • Talent development and management. Contributes to the establishment of an elite sourcing management team that earns the trust, admiration and respect of those we partner with to attract, develop and retain world class Procurement talent with a Global / Regional wide focus
  • Provide thought leadership and execute operational excellence on the strategic sourcing process focusing on long-term, innovative, global strategic projects or initiatives; working across Procurement to ensure we become best in class
  • Identifies opportunities to leverage the sourcing of procurement commodities
  • Work with suppliers to measure and track performance and any reporting requirements
  • Manage the analysis, negotiation, drafting and implementation of contracts, and management of contracts and suppliers for contract compliance, deliverables and opportunities
  • Develop and maintain close business relationships with key internal and external stakeholders to identify needs, and ensuring business goals are met
  • Contribute towards achieving aggressive annual measurement goals (e.g., savings)
  • Contribute to and comply with corporate initiatives such as: Approved Supplier Program, Diversity Spend Program, Service Excellence, Procure-to-Pay program, etc. Manage suppliers in compliance with the Vendor Selection and Management Procedures
  • Liaise with Sourcing team, Legal, internal customers and suppliers in written communication, phone and via teleconference
  • Meet all audit guidelines and ensure adherence to Citi process and procedures
  • Any individual joining or working within O&T at Citi will also be expected to be an exemplar of the following Operating Principles and will be assessed and asked to demonstrate evidence against these principles where applicable during the selection process
  • Commercial awareness
  • Experience of Procurement applications (Oracle or SAP eSourcing an advantage)
  • Process improvement skills an advantage
  • Competency and success in Procurement Process
  • Demonstrated track record in negotiations and contracting
  • Experience with Access and Excel a plus
  • Strong administrative and analytical skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Good prioritization skills and time management
  • 3-5 plus years of previous business, Technology, Non Technology Sourcing and Procurement experience
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience preferred
  • Contract and Vendor Management experience is preferred
  • Able to speak, read and write English fluently

Travel & Expense Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • High school diploma
  • Proficiency with ERP computer systems
  • Strong Excel skills, Ability to compare data from various data sources and identify inconsistencies or variances
  • Salesforce, Concur Travel and Expense and Cognos Reporting helpful
  • Ability to work across multiple levels within the organization
  • Strong integrity and ability to handle sensitive situations discreetly
  • Concur experience, Experience with Card and Card Programs

Regnl Mgr, Rpc-reps-travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • A minimum of seven years’ experience in the field of retirement plans
  • Undergraduate degree required
  • Strong management skills with particular emphasis on team leadership, coaching, personal
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills necessary for group presentations and contact with client base
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills
  • Manage/develop and oversee employees for respective team
  • Train and certify all team members on conducting meetings and counseling sessions. Conduct periodic evaluations and identify development opportunities
  • Work closely with CE's in creating education campaigns for new and existing clients
  • Provide on-going training for team as new products/services are rolled out
  • Provide sales support for sales finals or site visits
  • Display commitment to employee growth and development by conducting fair and constructive performance appraisals, actively engaging in employee training and maintaining and monitoring quality indicators
  • Practice good business management by developing action plans to establish overall team level objectives as well as site level objectives
  • Identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and implement quality solutions
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills necessary for group presentations and daily contact with client employee base
  • Other duties as assigned based on divisional needs
  • Conforms with and abides by all regulations, policies, work procedures, instruction, and all safety rules
  • Exhibits regular, reliable, punctual and predictable attendance

Travel & Credit Card Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • At least 4 years experience working on established travel and card programs
  • Excellent customer service capabilities
  • Previous experience with Concur required (experience with Workday a plus)
  • Experience with vendor management a plus
  • Properly research and investigate cardholder technical or complex inquiries to quickly answer questions or resolve problems using discretion and judgment, selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem, and following up to ensure resolution
  • Accurately and efficiently perform work tasks and processes to drive T&E process improvements/cost reduction initiatives
  • Demonstrate diligence and resourcefulness around obtaining relevant information, data, and research to solve problems
  • Maintain positive and trusted relationships with customers, stakeholders and external clients
  • Establish strong working relationships with bank contacts and partner with them to serve customer base needs
  • Conduct card administration functions for all Disney card products
  • Safeguards employee information
  • Support the implementation of the global commercial card program
  • Support training updates and content on the Travel Services page of the intranet Hub
  • Perform functions associated with the p-card module
  • Develop and maintain process maps and standard operating procedures (SOP) for each process
  • 3-5 years related work experience
  • Ability to follow through on assignments/projects, track and communicate progress and meet deadlines with minimal direction
  • Outstanding business judgment predicated on a data driven mindset
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the business, processes, and the metrics used to measure progress
  • Ability to compose concise written descriptions of complex issues supported by detailed analysis
  • Prepare detailed organized project/work status reports and presentation packages
  • Numerical excellence, along with logical and observatory skills
  • Highly developed sense of integrity and commitment to internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Demonstrated positive, proactive, can-do attitude with a focus on creating and leading continuous process improvement initiatives
  • Demonstrated technical skills in a Windows environment, specifically using Microsoft Excel analytical tools, Outlook, Visio and PowerPoint
  • SAP experience
  • Audit and compliance experience
  • Commerical card and Purchase card program experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or Economics
  • NJ-PT License
  • Strong therapeutic skills
  • Experience in sub-acute, long-term care, skilled nursing

Global Head for Travel & Expense Audit Resume Examples & Samples

  • Employee expense Audit
  • Expense recovery from Credit Suisse employees
  • Consolidated reporting for Management
  • Corporate Card Administration incl
  • New Card Applications
  • Overdue Balance Reminders
  • Leavers Process
  • Inactive Cards Review
  • Helpdesk & End user Support and Escalation Management

Travel & Entertiment Audit Resume Examples & Samples

  • Processing all audit and card admin task in a timely and accurate manner as per defined SLA/KPI metrics
  • Adhering to SOX/Audit requirements, keeping all records of actions defined in the compliance audit process
  • External and internal Client relationship management for audit and admin task and processes
  • Management of generic mailbox and handling internal and external queries, related to audit and corporate cards processes
  • Adhere to listed practices
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills in English, German would be an advantage
  • Ability to gain clarity around process and documents and clearly explaining even complicated issues. Being able to resolve a complex problem
  • Excellent customer service skills (client focus approach directed towards helping clients achieve their goals) and attitude
  • Excellent team working skills (supporting colleagues, collaboration between operator and proof-reader, collaboration with clients, coaching and training)
  • Openness for continuous improvement (open to feedback, able to give constructive and respectful feedback)

Manager, Travel Rewards Resume Examples & Samples

  • Management of key strategic external partner relationships, focusing on maintaining and growing our best in class travel redemption program
  • Execute on key strategic initiatives to grow the RBC Rewards travel portfolio, including digital, online and HNW strategies
  • Conduct industry analysis to monitor competitive landscape and to identify/assess opportunities for the portfolio
  • Responsible for conducting ongoing analysis (KPIs in travel patterns, credit card and customer behaviour),providing insight and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement for the portfolio
  • Actively contribute to both internal and external quarterly and annual business reviews as well as building out strategic plans through the annual planning process
  • Work closely with the Client Engagement and Marketing teams on campaigns and initiatives to promote and grow the RBC Rewards business (digital, in-branch, direct mail, social media, 3rd party channels)
  • Work closely with Senior Management to lead new initiatives and explore partnership opportunities to expand the value proposition of the rewards program
  • Improve the client redemption experience by recommending initiatives to streamline processes, adding additional online functionality and improving call centre servicing
  • Work across business lines (Operations, IT, Marketing, Credit Cards, Procurement, Legal, Digital) to ensure that activities relating to the performance and management of the portfolio is operating in the most optimal way possible
  • Drive strategy to source new offers and travel content based on client needs and preferences
  • Partner with the Cards Product team to ensure alignment of Product Strategy with Loyalty Travel strategy
  • Minimum 5 years business management experience
  • Strong Interpersonal skills
  • Strong financial acumen and analytical skills
  • Partnership management experience
  • Prior experiences in the loyalty, travel or credit card industry an asset
  • Ability to create well-articulated presentations to support business decisions
  • Ability to use information and data to provide recommendations on the direction of the portfolio

Travel Data Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Management of the Global Data Warehouse, including a management of the daily feed into an internal SQL server
  • Automation, consolidation and distribution of ongoing reports including monthly CFO dashboards (Spotfire)
  • Reports to support key performance indicators (KPIs) and saving measurements at a country level
  • Creation of periodic ad hoc reports (Advanced Excel, including pivot tables and slicers)
  • Database management for RFP consolidation (SQL or MS Access)
  • The ideal candidate would have some Travel background and be a team player ready to accommodate any urgent requests
  • They should have excellent analytical and communication (verbal and written) skills, must be highly proficient in English; minimum 5 years of experience as an Analyst gathering data, creating reports, proving analysis, and being a problem solver; advanced SQL (minimum 2 years of experience); intermediate Spotfire skills; advanced Microsoft Office Suite, Visual Basic (for report automation), Excel (advanced pivot tables) and Access (advanced queries, reports and macros)

Head of Business Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • 15+ years of experience related to leadership of Business Travel, travel or accommodation related businesses, online marketplace businesses, or peer-to-peer businesses
  • Expertise with the operational aspects of an enterprise software business
  • Experience managing and building a stellar sales organization
  • Proven track record of effectively running and growing a multi-million dollar business or business unit, including P&L responsibility
  • Ability to lead, manage, grow strong teams and attract top talent
  • Strategic and analytical thinker who has charted areas of growth within organizations
  • Excellent internal and external communicator and strong interpersonal skills with an ability to communicate complex details simply
  • Comfort with a fast-paced environment and ambitious goals
  • Can do attitude and passion for new products and solutions
  • Willingness to roll up sleeves and work closely with teams

Rrt-travel & Expense Data Entry Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Enter data accurately in system based on received requests in a timely manner
  • Communicate with requestor, as needed
  • Accurately track data entry requests
  • Submit volume report of processed data entry requests on a monthly basis
  • Keen on details
  • Adaptable to business need
  • Good English communication skills
  • Computer literate
  • MS Excel literate

Co Seeks Auditor Less Than Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review financial, operational and technology policies and processes to assess internal controls and business risk
  • Prepare entity level risk assessment and annual audit plans
  • Document findings and issue recommendations for remediation, and perform follow up to determine the success of process improvements
  • Implement, plan and direct the company’s SOX engagements and compliance program in a co-sourced model with assistance from a professional service provider
  • Implement and drive audit methodologies, policies and procedures
  • Plan and execute company financial, operational and technology audits on a global scale
  • Make proposals to facilitate assurance for new business needs as they arise
  • Work with external auditors to ensure access to essential audit materials as well as diligently performing follow up on identified action items
  • Create detailed audit reports and articulate results and recommendations to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
  • CPA strongly desired with 3+ years of combined public accounting and public company experience
  • Experience performing financial, operational, and technology audits, as well as business process control assessments
  • Extensive knowledge of SOX and best practices
  • Experience with SAP strongly desired (not required)

Travel & Accommodations Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Coordinates travel and accommodation needs for over 850 remote productions for all assigned freelancers and staff who are pre-authorized to travel to a Pac-12 event
  • Maintains and updates flight, rental car, and hotel databases for all Pac-12 Networks remote travel
  • Must keep up with the latest developments in the travel software and industry rates as well as television job functions
  • Build and maintain relationships with vendors within the Pac-12 footprint
  • Communicates and coordinates the systems, protocols and procedures for remote production T&E policies to ensure efficiency and accountability for all remote event productions
  • Provide Production Managers with detailed crew travel arrangement costs for each remote event
  • Reconcile all travel cost invoices by coding each expense to the related event
  • Ability to work well with all departments within the company

Client Partner, Travel & Financial Services Resume Examples & Samples

  • Commit to driving business impact for your clients in the industry
  • Prospect and partner with agencies and organizations by building relationships with key decision makers
  • Create and deliver compelling sales presentations using industry knowledge, market trends and case studies to clearly communicate Facebook value proposition and inspire action
  • Up-sell existing customers with high potential
  • Prospect and penetrate large organizations to obtain branded advertising
  • Analyze campaign performance statistics and recommend optimized media solutions for new and existing clients
  • Prioritize and deliver timely, high quality work
  • Exceed sales expectation, new customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and overall vertical goals

Travel Documents Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Fulfill ground transportation for multiple VRI Reservation Centers through multiple vendors
  • Quality control reservations for all ground, lift tickets, season passes, and ski school for multiple VRI Reservation Centers
  • Maintain consistency in daily operating procedures
  • Assist management with special projects
  • Provide assistance to Colorado Sales and Services with reservations during high call volume
  • Ability to run reports and analyze data
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and computer proficiency - required
  • Must be willing to work weekends and holidays - required
  • Knowledge of LMS system - preferred
  • Knowledge of Tour Partner system - preferred
  • General Management -Oversee delivery and revenue recognition for the businesses/accounts you are assigned to. Identify up-sell opportunities across your accounts and partner with the Client Partners to drive incremental revenue
  • Relationship & Management - Build and manage relationships with key clients and agency partners (media, creative, PMD, etc.). Project manage complex work streams. Cross-functional collaboration of all projects
  • Media Planning, Strategy & Measurement - Manages and consults on complex advertising solutions and integrations. Outlines measurement solution based upon key KPI’s. Manages revenue delivery and budget spend
  • Platform & Product Expert - Articulate and update clients on FB product and developments. Responsible for educating clients and agencies on best practices. Drives product innovation based upon client needs

Travel & Expense Accounts Payable Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review and audit assigned employee T&E Expense reports to ensure adherence to company travel policy and guidelines and follow up on exceptions
  • Must have a minimum of a High School Degree
  • 1-2 years in Accounts Payable preferred
  • 2 years of T&E experience required, Concur experience preferred

Europe Travel Operations Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Program Initiatives:Work collaboratively with the Global Travel Director, Global Procurement and the Global Travel Team on strategic approaches to Hotel, Air and Agency negotiations, and support development of preferred supplier program. Manage all operational aspects of the travel program in the region ensuring all travel corporate agreements are implemented across the region enabling services provision in a cost-effective and timely manner to meet business needs, and ensuring rates are accurate and accessible. Work with Global Procurement and local assigned resource and suppliers on the implementation of new agency and online booking tools whenever relevant
  • Exposure to all levels of customers within the Company in a relationship driven role
  • Client Instruction and Support:Knowledge of procedures used and information required to educate and support clients
  • 25% - Oversee the day to day T&E operations. Ensure system is running properly and address issues promptly. Staff are dealing with business queries on a timely basis. New hires and terminations are handled correctly. Aged items are dealt with. KPIs are completed. Monthly reports are sent to Finance Operations and business. Handle business and management ah-hoc queries and requests
  • 15% - Lead and manage T&E staff. Accountable for managing lifecycle of all team members. Own Performance Reviews, Development Plans, and employee relations issues for direct reports. Provide ongoing coaching and feedback
  • 45% - Responsible for developing and managing the configuration of the Concur system globally – Concur is currently implemented in 19 countries with further rolls outs planned– approx. 5,000+ users
  • Bachelors degree required (Accounting or Finance preferred)
  • 3 years experience as a Manager required, Travel & Expense preferred
  • Knowledge of the Concur system and the reporting tool, Cognos. Knowledge of other Corporate T&E systems is helpful and would be considered
  • Knowledge of Oversight preferred
  • Knowledge of SAP preferred

Rrt-travel & Expense Subprocessor Resume Examples & Samples

  • Perform accurate data entries within the expected turn around time
  • Respond promptly to queries being investigated by Expense tier 2 case manager and team leader
  • Organize and file scanned documents
  • Perform BCA data entry
  • Perform other duties as required within employee payables process
  • Priority setting – able to identify critical requirements and prioritize tasks

Account Executive, Travel Centers Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3-7 years of progressive responsibility with National account management in large consumer goods organization
  • Complex selling knowledge with proven ability to create and sell-in customer specific promotional programs & key initiatives
  • Knowledge of bottler environment and systems and business development planning experience
  • Knowledge of trade fund and common business analytics
  • General management experience and skill set
  • Proven ability to manage needs and concerns of multiple stakeholders across various business systems
  • Travel 35-40%

Travel & Expense Resume Examples & Samples

  • Process ownership responsible for prioritizing improvement projects in the area of expense reporting and corporate cards for VMware
  • Define project scopes and supports global team deliverables including shared services for expense reporting and compliance
  • Responsible for managing the relationship with Concur and card providers
  • Responsible for defining global training strategy and participate in training to ensure consistent content and quality
  • SOX control documentation ownership and quarterly review for travel expense area
  • Responsible for travel expense reporting that is compliant with local tax and regulatory requirements
  • Manage merger and acquisition integration activities for expense reporting
  • Lead the global roll-out of Concur as the enterprise-wide T&E reporting standard, taking into account local, statutory and tax requirements (e.g., per diem where required). Develop and support end-to-end testing strategies, partner with key users and IT and providing metrics for testing to upper management
  • Liaison with BTA team on all enhancements and roll outs
  • Escalation point for T&E team queries: limit changes, policy, systems
  • The qualified candidate will possess excellent issue identification and resolution skills and partner with other cross-functional teams. This role will assist stakeholder groups through the process design and implementation processes
  • Lead requirements gathering sessions for new system requirements or enhancements to existing systems for self-service travel and expense reporting
  • Lead processes and audit procedures to ensure SOX controls compliance and maintenance of controls following program implementation
  • Lead the development of high-quality documentation, including capturing process objectives, design decisions, and processes/workflow requirements
  • Participate in the design and documentation of applicable training materials or user guides for projects. Assist in financial policy and procedure development
  • Support current finance business processes and cross train with team members in the Finance Systems Operations (IT) team, as appropriate
  • Participate in team/staff/project meetings as scheduled and assigned
  • B.S. degree in Business Administration and Accounting, or equivalent
  • 5-7 years of experience required in the areas of Finance – AP/GL or in Payroll and/or Stock systems – experience with SAAS solutions like Workday, Concur, Coupa is required. Additional experience with other systems such as Peoplesoft, ADP, and E*Trade EEO would be considered a significant differentiator. Experience in procurement / projects with large ERP systems like Oracle or SAP is required – knowledge of the overall architecture preferred
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving are critical. The qualified candidate would be able to think through issues and provide well-developed and workable solutions which contemplate the end-to-end process
  • Excellent organizational skills to be able to thrive in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment
  • Must be very comfortable engaging with business stakeholders globally and with internal IT partners, as well as with vendors and external project teams
  • Must have a positive, and energetic attitude and a strong desire to provide excellence in stakeholder engagement, and in change management activities
  • Knowledge/experience with some of the following – Advanced Excel, Microsoft Visio and PowerPoint
  • Must be able to work independently, be a team player, and show the ability to work well and accurately under pressure and time constraints

Travel Adult Psych RN Resume Examples & Samples

  • MA Registered Nurse (RN) license
  • Experience in Adult Psychiatric
  • Ability to pass Medical & EKG Test
  • Conducting daily assessment for completion of picked cases for assigned room
  • Anticipating instrument needs for re-sterilization for proceeding surgical case
  • Assisting the Circulating Nurse (RN) with room preparation, including obtaining necessary equipment and opening of surgical supplies for each surgical procedure
  • Actively participating and complying with appropriates policies and protocols
  • NYS Certified Surgical Technologist through the National Center for Competency Testing

Corporate Travel & Meetings & Events Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Travel and/or Meetings and Events program/project management experience
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment, set priorities, and work both independently and in a team environment
  • Professional oral and written communication skills; must be able to interact and communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization with tact and diplomacy, and with a high level of cultural sensitivity
  • Ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner
  • Must exhibit sound and accurate judgment
  • Must demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness
  • Proficiency in Microsoft - Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Good planning and organizational skills
  • Professional appearance and manner

Rrt-senior Travel & Expense Practitioner Resume Examples & Samples

  • Sets up of overpayment requests and handles recovery process which includes sending of aging notifications, setting up Payroll deduction and providing detailed instructions on overpayment clearing to employees
  • Monitors the overpayment ID and responds to overpayment inquiries/requests
  • Responsible in the investigation and clearing of variances for the Travel Account
  • Excellent administration and organizational skills
  • Acceptable Presentation skills
  • Strong thinking and problem solving skills - able to analyze errors/complex issues and identify appropriate solutions
  • Experience in working in a shared services environment
  • Developed computer skills – Excel, Word, Lotus Notes and Internet
  • Ability to understand and execute business controls
  • Ability to deal with confidential information.Key Responsibilities

Product Executive Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Understanding of the travel market with experience within the travel online environment and a knowledge of domestic and international travel trends
  • Experience within a travel product role with sufficient knowledge of destinations, resorts, hotels, and travel companies
  • Able to understand the commercial performance of marketing communications and be responsible for revenue contribution
  • Excellent understanding of Excel and PowerPoint

Agency Sales Manager Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Nurture and develop existing relationships, of top tier media agencies, maintaining strong relationships and ambitious growth objectives to drive repeat sales and meet revenue targets
  • Delivering excellent service to both direct clients and media agencies including delivering feedback on campaign performance; acting as a point of contact for any trouble shooting; delivering effective and creative sales proposals, presentations and negotiations
  • Be proficient in selling creative solutions to Agencies and Direct clients utilising our content, video capability and other assets which News UK have as a resource
  • Demonstrate very high levels of telephone and face to face sales activity and manage all business through your designated Agency portfolio, ensure all planners & Buyers are seen regularly
  • Meet and exceed individual and team revenue targets selling across all platforms and all News UK brands
  • Generate incremental revenues from existing agencies by up-selling additional advertising opportunities, multi-market, cross platform solutions and long term commitments
  • Create a deep understanding of client’s position re: strategy, planning and executing
  • Selling online, mobile and in-paper display and classified advertising
  • Experience in working within the travel industry and have existing key contacts/relationships
  • An excellent understanding of the digital advertising ecosystem, including knowledge of ad networks, ad exchanges, and audience re-targeting
  • Ability to build strong relationships with internal stakeholders and have excellent negotiating and influencing skills for external partners
  • Experience with online travel clients/campaigns
  • Proven success in selling media advertising
  • A passionate drive to get things done and build up a high potential business

Manager, Travel Operations Resume Examples & Samples

  • Managing 5 permanent staff, plus 3 seasonal employees
  • Researching and coordinating options for hotel programs for NFL, CFB, MLB, NASCAR and large events such as World Series, Super bowl and US OPEN
  • Reviewing and signing of hotel contracts for each event
  • Researching, booking and managing charter flights for post-season MLB games
  • Liaising with different departments within Fox Sports (e.g. finance, executives, in-house and on-site operations)
  • Strong Sabre GDS skills (booking, ticketing, scripts and profile updates), as well as a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the travel industry, are required
  • Travel will be required to be onsite during peak large Sports related events
  • Coordinating patient care activities, based on established priorities, including teaching, rounding, counseling, and discharge planning, and directs/delegates appropriately to members of the healthcare team
  • Communicating effectively and professionally with patients, significant others, and members of the healthcare team about the patient's plan of care
  • Participating in performance improvement, nursing quality, nursing research activities and utilizes same in clinical practice

Senior Mgr, Corp Events & Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Directly responsible for the management of Invesco’s Global Travel Program including Invesco’s Travel Managers, Assistant Managers and the American Express Travel Counselors
  • Manage the relationship between American Express and Invesco as well as Invesco’s travel vendors
  • Ability to analyze travel data to implement best practices and adjust policies accordingly
  • Effectively develop and implement policies and programs that realize savings while efficiently using Invesco resources
  • Report on travel trends, current states, future states, opportunities and pertinent information to senior executives
  • Directly responsible for all corporate meetings from inception to completion ensuring goals are attained and results are at high level of client satisfaction, site selection, contract negotiations, client communications, registration/on-site management
  • Supervise Senior Manager(s) of meetings and events including: setting clear goals, providing constructive feedback, developing talent and conduct helpful performance evaluations
  • Effectively, consistently, and seamlessly deliver innovative meetings and events that add to the success of the meeting’s objectives, maximize value for the firm and optimize the meeting’s budget
  • Work in collaboration with other business units to ensure overall planning success. Focus on clear planning and results communication
  • Works to a high sense of excellence through the execution of client needs including holding team members accountable
  • Use extensive professional knowledge and skills to negotiate rates and contract terms to obtain cost savings for the firm; review contracts to ensure terms and conditions are acceptable and meet firm guidelines
  • Prioritize and distribute tasks within the team for effective meetings management while balancing work loads and project deadlines
  • Establish and maintain professional relationships with vendors; leverage extensive vendor relationships for cost savings and added services
  • Able to provide support and guidance to team members based on experience or industry knowledge
  • Serves as an innovation and continuous improvement champion to improve group effectiveness
  • Ability to work under pressure and prioritize time
  • Ability to make ethical judgment calls /protect Invesco’s assets and resources
  • Extensive amounts of travel may be required /meeting support may require extended hours of work
  • Must have experience with travel contract negotiations, knowledge of travel industry best practices and relationships
  • Knowledge of meeting industry software / ability to analyze data and implement efficiencies
  • Has established and maintained vendor relationships
  • Experience or exposure to the investment or financial services industry an asset
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills at many different levels in the organization
  • Able to construct a compelling case and present it concisely to senior management
  • Able to motivate others and obtain buy-in
  • Previous work experience with travel, expense and meeting management systems
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills – in particular Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Project and Visio
  • Lead a global team and work with individuals across departments at all levels
  • Able to work well under pressure and to tight deadlines with competing priorities
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience with leading a travel team
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with managing corporate events
  • Exposure to working with a global team; within a matrix organization an asset
  • Proven leadership and management capabilities
  • Strategic thinker / visionary who is able to recognize and act on trends
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Decision maker / good at influencing others
  • Can manage difficult situations and difficult conversations
  • Experience managing a team / strong role model
  • Analyzes data to make decisions and to effectively communicate results up the chain
  • Able to motivate, engage team members and facilitate collaboration
  • Facilitates global collaboration within a team
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
  • Open minded, flexible, and willing to listen to and incorporate other people’s opinions
  • Customer focus and with a keen interest in providing superb services to clients
  • Very strong organization skills, detail oriented, with an ability to understand the big picture

Travel Focal Point Resume Examples & Samples

  • Coordinating whole travel reimbursement process
  • Ensuring proper approvals for travel costs are in place
  • Educating employees regarding spending guidance and tools
  • Respond to queries raised by the employees regarding their travel
  • Perform other duties as required within business travel process
  • Management of intercompany billings related to travel costs
  • Preparation different types of financial reports & analyses
  • Acting as Subject Matter Expert in the dedicated area of finance management
  • Forecast preparation in the dedicated area
  • Participation in yearly planning cycle in line with corporate processes and standards
  • Reconcile financial information originated from different systems to ensure data reliability
  • Daily cooperation with accounting, business operation team and company management on different levels of the organizational structure
  • Documentation and maintenance of internal financial and controlling procedures
  • Cooperation with different entities in the area of finance among the whole corporation and on different level of the worldwide finance and controlling hierarchy
  • Bachelor degree, preferred accounting / finance / administration
  • Good MS-Office
  • Attention to details while maintaining a "big picture" perspective
  • Motivated self-starter who works well individually and as part of a team
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Positive attitude and ability to work under pressure
  • Team working

Big Data Architect / Sme-travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Candidate needs to have hands-on experience with Hadoop applications (e.g. administration, configuration management, monitoring, debugging, and performance tuning)
  • 10-15 years of working experience in traditional solutions
  • Experience with Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Experience in Impala, Oozie, Mahout, Flume, ZooKeeper and/or Sqoop
  • Major programming/scripting languages like Java, Linux, PHP, Ruby, Phyton and/or R
  • Experience in working with ETL tools such as Informatica, Talend and/or Pentaho
  • Experience in designing solutions for multiple large data warehouses with a good understanding of cluster and parallel architecture as well as high-scale or distributed RDBMS and/or knowledge on NoSQL platforms
  • Experience with one of the large cloud-computing infrastructure solutions Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
  • Skilled architect with cross-industry, cross-functional and cross-domain know-how
  • Experience with data security and privacy
  • Must be able to benchmark systems, analyze system bottlenecks and propose solutions to eliminate them
  • Must be able to clearly articulate pros and cons of various technologies and platforms
  • Must be able to document use cases, solutions and recommendations
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be able to explain the work in plain language
  • Must be able to help program and project managers in the design, planning and governance of implementing projects of any kind
  • Must be able to perform detailed analysis of business problems and technical environments and use this in designing the solution
  • Must be able to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
  • Must be able to work in teams, as a big data environment is developed in a team of employees with different disciplines
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced agile development environment
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related degree from an accredited university
  • Deep understanding of SOA principles and Web Services technologies: REST & SOAP
  • Experience in relational database usage with commercial-grade databases
  • Working knowledge of NoSQL DBs considered a plus
  • Sterilizing instruments, gowns, surfaces and other supplies
  • Checking surgical machines and equipment
  • Transporting patients to and from surgery
  • Minor medical procedures
  • Orthopedic experience
  • Recent experience in an Operating Room setting
  • 1 year of long-term acute care experience
  • Experience with medically complex patients
  • Trach/vent experience

Travel Teller Resume Examples & Samples

  • Attract and retain customer relationships by extending a warm welcome and common courtesies to every customer and by providing accurate and timely service, which includes, but is not limited to, cashing checks, accepting deposits and withdrawals, handling loan and credit card payments, dispensing monetary instruments and bonds, within established guidelines to ensure an excellent customer experience at every point of contact
  • Balance and proves cash daily to maintain accurate transactions processed. Identifies payees and verifies signatures and endorsements, remains up-to-date on all security procedures
  • Answers telephone inquiries and provides information in accordance with company policies, while delivering a exceptional customer experience
  • Protect the Bank's financial interests by complying with internal and external policies, procedures, and regulations
  • Learn the bank’s products and services to retain and enhance customer account relationships. Identify opportunities to resolve customer needs and refer the customer to Bank Colleagues who can help meet their needs. Share product and service promotions and new opportunities with our customers
  • Support and service fellow colleagues within and outside of the banking office by adhering to the company’s vision and values
  • Perform office and administrative duties such as: requisitioning supplies
  • Service the ATM machines, safe deposit area, vault and night drop, as assigned
  • In offices with Safe Deposit functions: monitor access to safe deposit boxes, open new safe deposit accounts, maintain lease agreements, and answer any questions to ensure client satisfaction and safety

Travel Portal Program Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Leading strategy/development for the Travel Portal across all markets
  • Partner with global market leaders to facilitate the implementation & ongoing management of Travel Portal
  • Ongoing budget management
  • Partnering with internal and external stakeholders on call center servicing strategy for Travel Portal
  • Partnering with internal and external stakeholders to develop marketing strategy/offers
  • Tracking and managing key performance drivers across markets
  • Partnering with internal stakeholders such as Decision Management; Legal; Marketing to support program
  • Lead driving program enhancements, with a view to creating a best-in-class travel program
  • Drive exceptional customer experience leading to strong NPS (net promoter score) for travel
  • Manage team of 1-2 direct resources to support Travel Portal-related activities
  • Ensure market competiveness for travel offerings
  • Contract negotiations
  • 5+ years experience in financial services, preferably in cards/loyalty
  • Bachelors degree required, MBA preferred
  • Strategic, franchise thinkers; strong sense of accountability and decisiveness
  • Excellent communication; presentation and influencing skills
  • Extensive project management experience
  • Detailed and organized
  • Travel industry experience preferred

Vertical Measurement Lead, Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Conduct in-depth standard and custom research studies for Facebook partners, leveraging internal data collection and data analysis tools
  • Develop research to understand the relative impact of different marketing strategies on Facebook and help position us as a thought leader in the industry
  • Play a strategic role in developing the measurement approach and “learning agendas” for our ecommerce and travel advertiser partners to expand and grow the relationship

Director, Business Travel Services Resume Examples & Samples

  • Oversee all activities of Travel Management Company (TMC)
  • Superior project management and proven implementation skills
  • In depth knowledge of travel industry and strong contacts in air, hotel and car rental
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to customize reports
  • Experience with travel technologies; ability to evaluate different technology solutions and recommend best fit products
  • Expert level Microsoft Office skills including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Thorough understanding of travel data elements and metrics
  • Ability to travel with little lead time

Travel & Expense Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Daily administration of T&E expense reporting system and the corporate card programs
  • Audit and process the posting of expenses and monthly card statements to ensure all transactions are recorded timely & accurately and comply with company policies and procedures
  • Follow up with card holders and approvers to ensure timely expense submissions
  • Function as the key point person for the organization with regard to travel and credit card program; communicate to travelers about special programs, changes to policies and travel guidelines
  • Provide ongoing training to all travelers and card holders to onboard them as well as to ensure program compliance, best practices and systems
  • Maintain, identify and recommend opportunities for efficiencies and assist management with the revision of procedures, guidelines and policies that govern the corporate travel policy and credit card policy
  • Maintains the relationships for all travel programs and corporate card programs; participate in quarterly reviews of the travel program ensuring the desired level of service is provided
  • Perform other duties and projects as assigned
  • High School Degree or GED; Associates or Bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field preferred, but not required
  • 3+ years of experience in Accounts Payable, T&E administration, or combination of experience and education equivalent
  • ECommerce and retail industry knowledge preferred, willingness to learn required
  • Comprehensive understanding of the expenditure cycle and strong reasoning skills to use judgment in determining compliance to policies
  • Effective written and oral communication skills; ability to deliver clear communication to all levels of the organization
  • Strong attention to detail with emphasis on accuracy
  • Collaborative and customer-service work style with positive attitude and effective interpersonal skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and daily targets while working in a fast paced, high volume work environment
  • Great organizational skills with ability to multi-task and handle stress with changing priorities
  • Resourceful and solutions driven
  • Self supervising and able to engage with other teams proactively
  • Review expense reports to ensure compliance with company policies
  • Upload transactions to ERP system, and review and resolve discrepancies to ensure employee reimbursements and credit card payments are processed in a timely manner
  • Provide excellent customer service to the client community on a daily basis, including responding to inquiries from internal customers, providing training and enforcing company policies

Travel PA, Harry Resume Examples & Samples

  • Book staff and guest travel including but not limited to all ground transportation and hotel stays
  • Work closely with travel agent in booking airfare
  • Handles all administrative needs of the Travel Department
  • Assist the Travel Coordinator in processing and reporting all show travel expenditures to the Production Management Team
  • Must have Valid Driver’s license
  • At least one year prior experience working on a variety entertainment format program
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize assignments under high pressure in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • Ambitious and energetic applicants seeking a career in television production
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills
  • Excellent technical skills and ability to adapt easily to systems
  • Proven ability to gauge effectiveness of the organization’s travel and expense programs and translate data into solutions to continually improve programs and practices
  • Demonstrated experience in plan design and practices
  • Ability to think globally, strategically, and objectively. Effectively translates data into actionable insights, strategies, and financial plans
  • Project Management skills balanced with a willingness to play a ‘hands-on’ role with key projects
  • Strong verbal and written presentation skills, including the ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple way and to tailor key messages and presentation style to multiple audiences
  • Goal oriented and possesses the ability to prioritize on a consistent basis, in an ever-changing environment
  • Able to create partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent
  • 5+ years of relevant experience

Local / Travel Physical Therapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • 6+ months of Physical Therapy experience (New graduates are welcome!)
  • Permanent NJS Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • CPR / AED certification
  • Assistant to Head of Global Travel Management and GTM team
  • Commercial education and/or university degree; preferably Certified Travel Agent or University degree in the travel business market
  • Experience in related job areas, preferably 2 years or more

Travel Pediatric Physical Therapist Resume Examples & Samples

  • 6+ months of Physical Therapy experience
  • Permanent NYS Physical Therapist (PT) license
  • Solid assessment and documentation skills
  • Previous experience working with the Pediatric and MRDD population

Senior Category Lead-travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Procurement professional with a minimum 3+ years Procurement background at an enterprise level
  • Strong skills in managing competitive tenders and successfully negotiating outcomes
  • Highly developed influencing skills and stakeholder management skills
  • Demonstrated ability and experience managing commercial relationships with suppliers and driving performance
  • Excellent high level written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Strong customer service mentality
  • Highly driven self-starter with proficient time management, planning and organisation skills
  • The ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with client, peer groups, stakeholders will be the key to success in this role
  • Active New York State Physical Therapist license
  • CPR Certification
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced mindset
  • Collaborative mindset

Travel Expense Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • 2+ years of Business experience; 1+ year of experience within a Corporate Accounting Department (e.g. AP, AR, Travel Expense, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office/Suite proficient (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of AIMS
  • Solid analytical and mathematical skills
  • Associate's Degree in Business
  • Increase the sale of on-site room nights, theme park tickets for WDW and DLR and revenue for Disney Cruise Line driven from Brazil
  • Strategically manage, solicit and contract business through contracted in-market Wholesalers
  • Manage approved program and OE budgets for assigned region
  • Establish and maintain business relationships through sales calls with in-market Wholesalers
  • Develop and manage co-op initiatives with contracted key clients
  • Provide sales training to travel agents and accounts in-country and onsite
  • Travel to the region for client meetings and trainings seminars
  • Represent Disney Destinations at major trade shows and conferences
  • Partner with various areas of the company, including teams based in Orlando
  • Minimum 5 years of travel industry sales experience
  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal, negotiation, communication, and strategic planning skills with a proven ability to work independently and part of a team
  • Demonstrated strong organizational and time management skills
  • Demonstrated strong business planning skills
  • Demonstrated ability to manage co-op programs and budgets
  • Strong proficiency of Microsoft Window Applications
  • Demonstrated presentation skills
  • Demonstrated written and spoken fluency in Portuguese
  • Experience working in the Brazilian market
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Client Technical Sales Lead-travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Knowledge of enterprise Technical sales
  • At least 3 years’ experience in developing solution requirements and architectural decisions
  • At least 3 years’ experience in designing, architecting, and implementing solutions in the
  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology or similar discipline
  • At least 5 years’ experience in enterprise technical sales, sales engineering, or pre-sales
  • At least 5 years’ experience in developing solution requirements and architectural decisions
  • At least 5 years’ experience in leading architectural direction and cross-brand selling
  • At least 5 years’ experience in building and maintaining business relationships with IBM peers and customers
  • Possess a Bachelor degree
  • 7+ years of experience, with a minimum of 4 years of experience in digital media with demonstrated leadership experience
  • Online media experience in a sales/commission-based role
  • Ability to effectively manage time, reach decision-makers and quickly determine opportunity potential
  • Knowledge of social media, online advertising, and reseller channels and vertical markets a plus
  • Demonstrated ability to perform well in a highly dynamic, rapidly changing environment
  • Fluency in Mandarin and English required, Cantonese a plus
  • 2+ years of experience in a hospital-based NICU
  • Prior experience in a level 2 and 3 NICU

Travel Expense Pre-auditor Resume Examples & Samples

  • Travel expense pre audit
  • Travel expense analysis
  • Fake invoice/expense compliance checking
  • Expense data collection/generation
  • General support
  • Good English skills
  • Attention to details
  • Skillful use of Excel and Power point software and SQL preferred
  • Bachelor or above Degree, financial/audit related major preferred
  • Strong ownership, proactive and smart thinking and result driven attitude
  • 1+ year of experience
  • Student-oriented
  • Pediatric and MRDD experience
  • Exceptional communication skills

Global Business Travel Program Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop, improve, update and document Business Travel Tax processes and associated standard operating procedures involving Payroll, Tax, Accounting, Employee Servicing, Vendor Management Work by working with a diverse multi-disciplinary team of personnel and vendors
  • Develop and document process and service solutions to address needs and gaps as the project implementation continues over 2+ years
  • Analyzes potential changes for impact to services and project work, providing recommendations
  • Prepare and make presentations to teams involving work processes, procedures and service delivery; facilitates meetings and design sessions with cross-functional working teams
  • Maintain documentation on processes and standard operating procedures
  • Raise up opportunities for greater effectiveness and efficiency in the work
  • Above responsibilities are subject to change and additional responsibilities will be added as work and team evolve
  • 3+ years’ experience in project work and process re-engineering including involvement in project planning, project execution, requirements and solution development, process mapping and service improvement etc
  • Strong process-orientation; seeks to integrate work and processes across teams
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills; works easily with employees at different levels, vendors and across global team building relationships and creating buy-in
  • Strong organizational skills including effective prioritization, multi-tasking and ability to focus
  • Strong personal leadership skills, demonstrating proactivity and a bias for execution
  • Strength in documentation and attention to detail, but keeps in balance with overall objectives
  • Ability to digest technical information quickly, eager to learn
  • Experience in Tax, Accounting or Payroll as well as HR is a definite asset
  • Bachelor's degree and 5+ years of related experience; or equivalent combination of education and years of related experience
  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to work independently and manage conflicting demands and appropriately prioritize
  • Ability to solve problems and think creatively – capacity to provide pragmatic solutions and have the drive to implement ideas through to a successful conclusion
  • Demonstrate a strong customer service focus – have a good understanding of customer needs and show a desire to meet/exceed expectations
  • Ability to handle change effectively and deal with ambiguity
  • Administering evaluations and examinations to diagnose and develop treatment plans
  • Referring clients to additional medical or educational services if needed
  • Monitoring residents' progress and adjusting treatments accordingly
  • Recording information on the initial evaluation, treatment, progress, and discharge of clients
  • Observing and assessing progress & preparing detailed reports
  • Maintaining resident confidence by monitoring confidential information processing
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, or standards
  • FL Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) license
  • Active New York State permanent Physical Therapist license
  • 1+ year of experience working with geriatrics
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Dir., Corp Accounting, Budgets & Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Conducts special studies and analysis directed by CEO, Deputy Commander, COO or CFO
  • Drafts procedural instructions and guidance for use by field and headquarters budget administrators to ensure proper and timely submission of budget data input
  • Reviews system wide roll up of field activities budget submissions and headquarters departmental budget submissions for compliance with program goals. Is responsible for the preparation of background comments and recommends adjustments, where necessary
  • Is responsible for the promulgation of the approved fiscal year budget to headquarters and field level management
  • Responsible for analyzing the monthly Operating Statements to evaluate the profitability, efficiency and effectiveness of Exchange operations. Ascertain current status and detect and/or forecast adverse trends that may be developing
  • Active nonvoting member of the Contract Review Board
  • Prepares Power Point presentations for Executive Briefs
  • Participates as a member in the BoD Finance Committee Working Group as needed
  • Prepares periodic reports showing the financial status of the Navy Exchange to include monthly flash financial reports, final operating performance reports and other financial reports as necessary
  • Responsible for the annual MWR local dividends calculation in accordance with the authorized profits distribution plan
  • Creates, administers, and maintains the company's Financial Business Plan - 5 year forecast (Cornerstone Document)
  • As directed, makes presentations and briefings to all levels regarding the Navy Exchange System financial operating performance and budget development
  • Supervises a subordinate staff of Corporate Accountants, Financial Analysts, Budget Analysts, and Travel associates in Grade NF-2 to NF-4. When available, uses the talents of other Code F personnel to perform more frequent and/or expansive analyses of field/headquarters financial performance
  • Carries out EEO policies and communications support of these policies to subordinates
  • Works under the general supervision of the VP Controller, who outlines objectives, policy and overall project priorities

Travel & Expense Senior Professional Resume Examples & Samples

  • Good Microsoft Office skills
  • Exemplary accounting abilities
  • Proven analytical skills
  • Proficiency with computer platforms and applications

Travel Clerk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide program management support related to general travel, loans travel, and borrows travel
  • Utilize official government travel system
  • Apply government travel policies and procedures
  • Report and analyze metrics related to general, loans, and borrows travel

Travel Demand Modeling Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead and manage the modeling staff throughout Florida
  • Significant client interaction for on-going and potential projects
  • Responsible for marketing and proposal development
  • Participate in FDOT’s user group for modeling
  • Develop strategies for market expansion and innovation
  • Responsible for staff training and development
  • Master’s degree in Civil Engineering or Transportation Planning
  • Experience with FDOT travel demand modeling software
  • Experience with FTA New Starts modeling and the STOPS software
  • Experience with model estimation, calibration and statistical analysis
  • Registration or ability to be registered as a PE in Florida (if holds engineering degree) or ability to be AICP (if holds planning degree)
  • Theoretical understanding of Activity-based Modeling and Dynamic Traffic Assignment
  • Extensive knowledge of travel demand models and model development for both highways and transit
  • Coordinates travel and accommodation needs for over 850 remote productions for all assigned freelancers, on-air talent, and staff who are pre-authorized to travel to a Pac-12 event
  • Must keep up with the latest developments in the travel industry as well as television job functions
  • Communicates and coordinates the systems, protocols, and procedures for remote production T&E policies to ensure efficiency and accountability for all remote event productions
  • Provide Production Managers with detailed crew & talent travel arrangement costs for each remote event

AP Travel Management Leader Resume Examples & Samples

  • Take ownership relating to the management, implementation and maintenance of the Global Travel & Fleet Program in Asia Pacific based on the global strategy with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, cost optimization and compliance
  • Negotiating and/or implementing Global – Regional and Local preferred supplier contracts with Airlines & Hotels in line with the Global Strategy
  • Building relationships with suppliers and monitoring the performance of preferred supplier contracts including Agency, Airlines, Hotels, … based on a SLA and globally defined KPI’s
  • Create regional reporting based upon the Globally defined KPI’s and the needs of the customer (SBU’s) in the region
  • Management of the Service Level Agreement and complaints process with dedicated global travel agency within the Asia Pacific region
  • Develop a regional travel council to collect VOC
  • Listening and responding appropriately to customer needs by establishing and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders to understand and react to changing needs
  • Conduct regional surveys (aligned with the Global standard) and country review meetings to measure customer satisfaction and create action plan for improvement where needed and possible
  • Drive compliance to policy and best practices to improve the overall result of the program based on a set of KPI’s
  • Take ownership of the control processes relating to the safety and security of our travellers when a critical situation arises
  • Manage and improve the Travel Program payment processes in the Asia Pacific region. Simplify and improve existing processes or look for alternative processes that could improve the overall service delivery
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Fluent English is required for both verbal and in writing. Able to communicate in a professional, positive, courteous manner at all times with all levels of customers
  • Customer oriented mindset with the ability to manage the expectations of the customers
  • Complexity management and critical problem solving and valuable solution providing
  • Continuous improvement and drive for excellence, in terms of process efficiency and year over year productivity increase
  • Ability to manage and exercise independent judgment and discretion concerning confidential information
  • Ability to work with a broad, virtual team
  • Ability to build effective relationships across different language/cultural and organizational styles Extensive administrative experience with strong organization and administrative skills are essential
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite particularly Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Analytically minded with good numerical ability

Program Director, Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Managing all aspects of a portfolio of trips, including itinerary planning and development; integrating National Geographic resources and elements into trips; managing tour operator relationships, including agreements; reviewing pre-trip materials; coordinating and participating in pre-trip planning and briefings; managing inventory; analyzing post-trip evaluations/trip quality and implementing enhancements; and managing P&L performance
  • Researching new program ideas, especially those tied to National Geographic initiatives. Review Tour Operator proposals and develop new itineraries in collaboration with partners
  • Identify and develop content from the operation of trips for use in NGE's catalogs, email, website, and social media and the creation of marketing materials specifically targeting North America and/or family programs
  • Work with National Geographic Expeditions team to enhance operational standards and branding for National Geographic Expeditions

Americas Travel Desk Team Leader Resume Examples & Samples

  • Recommend convenient hotels and routing options to travelers
  • Provide guidance related to Travel and Expense, MSCI Preferred vendors, visas and other travel related topics
  • Provide training to travelers and administrative assistants - MSCI Expense Policy, Concur Travel, Concur Expense, Mobile Applications, etc
  • Interact with MSCI Preferred Travel Agencies globally
  • Identify potential projects or opportunities for the business to make the Travel and Expense process more efficient for the traveler, improve travelers' safety and/or achieve savings
  • A Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Hospitality / Travel field of study
  • A couple of years’ experience in the travel industry, hospitality industry or in a similar corporate function
  • It is desired that the person has worked in a multi-national organization
  • Excellent team leader and team player
  • Excellent English communication skills , both written and verbal
  • Excellent communication and organization skills , reliable, service oriented, innovative, self-starter
  • Positive, results-focused attitude with strong work ethic; able to work with minimum supervision

Travel Sales Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create, change and cancel your own and other team members’ pre-travel reservations
  • Design and present tailored travel itineraries
  • Answer questions and address client’s concerns promptly
  • Reach and exceed new levels of service quality with little oversight
  • Recognize and effectively prioritize work to gain maximum efficiencies
  • Focus time and effort to increase sales and profitability

Corporate Travel Reservations Consultant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as a Reservations Agent. It is essential to have reservations experience
  • Minimum 3 years GDS experience, preferably Amadeus
  • An ability to work in a busy and demanding environment as part of a busy sales team
  • A positive customer friendly approach with a great telephone manner
  • Strong literacy and numeracy skills

Account Rep Travel Ads Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for building and developing a sales strategy for APAC markets, specifically Japan, and proactively selling online advertising programs to Expedia's hotel partners based across the region
  • Negotiate and sell online self-enrolment advertising campaigns to Expedia's hotel partners via a mixture of telephone/conference calls, presentations and event visits
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the TravelAds product and demonstrate its functionality to partners
  • Present to large audiences of both hotels and Expedia's LPS teams to communicate the benefits of TravelAds, develop markets and ultimately recruit advertisers
  • Collaborate with various parts of the Expedia business, particularly LPS, to develop leads in markets across the APAC region
  • Initiative strategic projects in collaboration with Media Solutions' Display advertising business
  • Requires the ability to overcome objections and close new business, manage a high volume of telephone/conference calls (both outbound and inbound) and qualify leads by exploring the opportunities with advertisers
  • Consultative sales and relationship building skills
  • Ability to collaborate and work cross-functionally within Media Solutions and external teams
  • Ability to deliver engaging presentations/proposals to potential hotel partners
  • University Degree
  • Excellent Japanese and English knowledge (written and spoken)
  • Additional languages would be an advantage
  • Previous online travel experience
  • Exemplary sales/prospecting experience and the ability to work in a non-defined role but play a key part in defining it
  • Proven track record of successfully selling media or travel. Ability to sell both direct and to media agency
  • Outstanding communication, sales and negotiation skills
  • Outstanding analytical, numerical and problems solving skills. Ability to learn quickly
  • Strong understanding of online advertising and e-commerce

Business Travel Lead, Barcelona Resume Examples & Samples

  • Deliver versus key functional OKR´s: i) Verified Users, ii) Nights and iii) Awareness of our BT program
  • Manage and track a growth pipeline with a good mix of SMB´s and enterprises
  • Advising on all aspects of deal execution, including prioritisation of partners and transaction structuring

Procurement Manager Travel & Professional Services Resume Examples & Samples

  • Identifies, develops, and implements broader category sourcing strategies and savings projects for travel and professional services to reduce total delivered cost. Leads a Total Delivered Cost (TDC) sourcing process including spend analytics, market analyses, team workshops, should cost models, sourcing strategy development and negotiation
  • Effectively communicates strategies, results, and metrics to leadership teams as required
  • Develops contract strategies and effectively negotiates key commercial and supply positions for to the benefit of Ecolab business requirements and goals
  • Stays abreast of industry trends for assigned categories. Provides guidance and recommendations to business units in order to support margin and top line growth
  • Effectively implements strategic supplier strategies and initiatives. Develops business relationships at multiple levels within supplier accounts to manage performance, quality improvement, productivity and service level
  • Leads, coaches and develops direct reports to ensure strong performance and build high performing teams
  • Develops, aligns and drives strategic projects to improve procurement processes, tools, and efficiencies
  • Manages procurement work streams associated with growth strategies and acquisitions in order to meet corporate objectives
  • Implements purchasing infrastructure in conjunction with functions and supply chain to assure availability at required quality & cost levels
  • Works closely on new product introductions & acquisitions to understand present & pending purchasing needs
  • Directly negotiates or oversees negotiations with key suppliers. Effectively implements strategic supplier strategies and initiatives
  • Development and execution of global sourcing strategy to include corporate travel services and technology, air, hotel, rail, and car rental resulting in the achievement of increased traveler satisfaction, reduced travel security risk, cost savings and the promotion of an expanded preferred provider programs
  • Benchmarking and development of global travel and business expense policy and procedures
  • Benchmarking of hospitality and industry trends
  • Deliver an enhanced traveler experience that balances Ecolab’s fiscal responsibilities with needs and positive travel experience
  • Collaboration and coordination with Corporate Sales and Marketing to optimize meeting and event management spend
  • Provide periodic detail and summary expenditure and activity reporting to senior level Division and Corporate management
  • Establish Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators for key suppliers (ex. Consulting Firms, Travel Management Companies) and measure performance via periodic business reviews
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Business, Finance or related field
  • 5+ years of experience in procurement, marketing, RDE, finance, or supply chain
  • Immigration Sponsorship is not offered for this role
  • Global Corporate Travel Experience (travel agency, airline, car rental, hotel) preferred
  • Advanced degree in, Business or Finance
  • Strong business acumen and leadership experience
  • Knowledge and experience in global project management, procurement category management
  • Excellent communication skills and strong personal drive for results
  • Entrepreneurial and creative mindset and analytic skills
  • Knowledge and experience in developing and managing global travel programs for fortune 500 companies, including: policy development, TMC performance management, negotiations, airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and corporate events
  • Demonstrated effective program communications, project management, and compliance management
  • Global leadership experience within a cross-functional environment
  • Strong experience with managing Travel procurement and expenses, or leadership experience within Indirect Procurement
  • Executive presence and communication capabilities
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Exceptional negotiating abilities
  • Strong background with budgeting, scheduling and vendor management
  • Current and valid RN license in the state where performing duties required
  • Graduate of an accredited nursing program required
  • Current CPR certification required
  • Medical/surgical, ICU, CCU, and ER experience (preferred)
  • Dialysis nursing experience preferred
  • CNN (preferred)
  • Experience assessing, trouble shooting and making sound recommendations in stressful situations
  • Flexibility like a gymnast - okay, not literally. What we mean is someone who thrives in an environment that is constantly changing and will face new challenges head-on
  • Excellent communication skills to listen and communicate with patients and teammates
  • Multi-tasking skills, with great time management and prioritizing capabilities
  • Basic computer skills and proficiency in MS Word and Outlook required

Banner Health Travel Nuclear Medicine Technologist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Performs nuclear medicine procedures by following and verifying referring providers orders. Uses independent judgment and applies learned methodologies according to established policy and procedures
  • Performs and evaluates equipment quality control measurements. Demonstrates the ability to trouble shoot and notifies appropriate personnel to maintain equipment performance. Maintains a safe environment for patients, personnel, and visitors. Adheres to safety policies. Ensures the safe receipt, administration, storage, and disposal of radioactive materials utilizing ALARA principles
  • Accountable for the ethical, legal, and professional responsibilities related to radiology practice. This includes maintaining confidentiality of all work information

Travel CT Technologist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Banner Desert is looking a CT for thrie busyCT department running 24/7 operation providing services for Inpatients, Outpatients, and ER patients for BDMC and CCMC. The department consists of 19 staff members; 15 CT Technologists and 4 Technical Assistants
  • The CT must current AART, two years’ experience as a CT preferably in an acute care/ hospital setting. Must have experience with GE and Toshiba Scanners. Pediatric experience a plus and must have flexible work schedule to fit busy needs of department. Position is based on Nights
  • Banner Thunderbird. The position will be Monday thru Thursday 1pm-1130pm
  • Educates patients/families regarding procedure and/or treatment to be performed. Demonstrates professional behavior/conduct in all interactions; fosters teamwork, efficient use of resources and quality patient outcomes
  • Accountable for the ethical, legal, and professional responsibilities related to the radiology practice. This includes maintaining confidentiality of all work information

Travel Special Procedures Tech-arizona Resume Examples & Samples

  • Performs radiographic diagnostic/interventional special procedures by following and verifying referring providers orders. Uses independent judgment and applies learned methodologies according to established policy and procedures
  • Demonstrates competence in performing prescribed invasive/interventional procedures if applicable in accordance with established policies. Demonstrates competence in the administration of radiopharmaceuticals and other approved medications
  • Performs and evaluates equipment quality control measurements. Demonstrates the ability to trouble shoot and notifies appropriate personnel to maintain equipment performance. Maintains a safe environment for patients, personnel, and visitors. Adheres to radiation safety policies
  • Assures the efficient operation of workflow of the department. Monitors and maintains an adequate inventory of supplies and material to ensure non-interruption of services

Banner Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Utilizes leadership skills to organize and perform patient testing and facilitate overall function of the lab. Ensures quality results through the use and evaluation of control materials, proper instrument maintenance, and collection and analysis of appropriate samples
  • Evaluates waived, moderately complex and highly complex test results and provides clinical expertise to patient care staff in interpretation of results and/or complex lab problems
  • Recognizes abnormal results or unusual circumstances and takes appropriate actions. Utilizes available resources to maintain and fix instruments and assist other laboratory personnel in resolving issues
  • Identifies current professional and technical issues and their impact on lab practices
  • Maintains appropriate accreditation as required by regulatory agencies. Provides input into developing new methods and instruments. Maintains current knowledge and skills applicable to job assignment through continuing education or professional organizations
  • Orders and maintains inventory of testing supplies in designated area. Recognizes and provides input for opportunities for improvements in financial performance
  • May provide input into hiring, orientation, educational needs, performance reviews and disciplinary functions of other laboratory personnel
  • Evaluates patient's functional abilities and limitations. Determines if intervention is needed. Establishes a plan of care and treatment goals. Completes comprehensive evaluation within the established time frame set by the department. Identifies and prioritizes key limiting factors. Establishes treatment goals that are functional, measurable, patient related and reflects the key limiting factors. Collaborates with patient and family/caregiver when setting goals. Initiates discharge planning. Recommends additions to or modifications of referring orders
  • Implements individualized treatment plan with consideration to the patient's physical, social, spiritual, cultural, educational and age specific needs. Provides skilled treatment in a safe manner. Assesses ongoing effectiveness of treatment and modifies plan of care as indicated. Involves patient and family/caregiver in the treatment and decision making process. Provides ongoing education to physician, nurse, patient, family/caregiver, and interdisciplinary team
  • Documents according to professional practice guidelines set by regulatory agencies. Documents legibly. Completes documentation within the established time frames of the department. Documents evidence based and individualized treatment techniques/plan. Documentation reflects skilled intervention and comprehensive assessment of the patient's progress or lack of progress. Treatment goals are reassessed according to department policies
  • Department operational activities. Attends department required meetings and/or follows up to obtain pertinent information. Participates in departmental/facility process improvement. Meets productivity standards set by the department
  • Review and research possible duplicate payment to employees or corporate card using monthly payment files from the card provider. Responsible for notification to cardholder and manager to resolve accordingly
  • Review and research unusual MCC(merchant category codes) from monthly card files to determine legitimate business expenses vs personal use of company issued card. Responsible for obtaining appropriate supporting documentation from cardholder to substantiate business expense for SOX
  • Review and research credit card transactions, both purchasing and corporate cards, utilizing multiple software and analyses tools to identify misuse of the card or fraud for compliance to SOX narratives-
  • Create communication and recommendation to Corporate Security and Compliance Dept and respective HR departments based on audit finding
  • Review and audit detail transactions from the monthly card provider file for purchasing card related to travel expenditures to ensure travel was not for cardholder
  • Prepare monthly recap reports for management based on audit with recommendations for cost savings related to the travel and PCard programs
  • Run monthly reports and analyze as needed
  • Business Experience: Minimum 2 years audit or internal audit experience within an accounting/financial environment
  • Candidates must have advanced MS Excel skills, strong research skills, analysis and fraud investigations experience. Prefer ACL software experience
  • Specialized Knowledge/Skills
  • Strong analytical/auditor background
  • Advanced user in Microsoft Office, especially Excel
  • Ability to work well in a fast pace environment
  • Strong verbal/written communications skills
  • Ability to analyze and comprehend data
  • Investigative/Inquisitive work style
  • Ability to exercise professional judgment
  • Perform all job responsibilities with integrity and confidence
  • This position requires a credit check**

Global Corporate Travel Senior Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop and in-depth understanding of Capital’s business travel needs
  • Lead the development and continuous improvement of the travel program, aiming to enhance associate satisfaction while meeting cost effective objectives
  • Establish and implement strategic travel program goals and objectives annually
  • Ensure internal client satisfaction with travel program and services
  • Superior communication and negotiation skills, as well as interpersonal abilities, including strategic influencing
  • Experienced in data creation and analysis to evaluate the travel program and services
  • Demonstrates ability to influence senior business leaders on strategic business travel matters
  • Demonstrates initiative by identifying issues and recommending solutions on complex and broad matters as they relate to the department and the broader organization
  • Demonstrates superior written and oral communication skills with a diverse group of associates, senior business leaders, and a diverse group of individuals outside the organization
  • Demonstrates sound judgment in resolving matters of high complexity, ambiguity and diversity
  • Demonstrates effective and professional service orientation and builds appropriate rapport with internal and external contacts
  • Demonstrates ability to provide leadership where direct lines of reporting do not exist
  • Demonstrates ability to respond to feedback, to identify trends and facilitate larger solutions to issues where appropriate
  • 1-2 years of Physical Therapy experience
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of diagnoses treatment plans
  • Experience with musculoskeletal conditions, total knee/hip replacement and back pain

Director of Business Travel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Achieving individual and team production goals/budget for assigned segments
  • Develop and execute an annual and quarterly strategic plan to positively impact segment
  • Prepare and communicate month end overview and documents for leadership/ownership meetings with use of tools such as STR, Demand 360, Rate360 and Agency360
  • Lead a weekly business travel strategy meeting with DOSM, DORM and BT manager
  • Maintain and grow relationships with existing business travel accounts
  • Target new customers through use of tools and strategic outbound sales efforts
  • Plan, execute, and attend industry tradeshows, events and sales trips to meet with key decision makers of key and target accounts
  • Conduct agency and corporate presentations (both local and out of town), site inspections, client events and on onsite entertaining with in-house guests in order to grow relationships and penetrate accounts
  • Work together with leadership team to develop and execute strategy for RFP season
  • Ensure RFPs are submitted on time and correctly
  • Conduct full audit of accounts to ensure rates and parameters are loaded correctly and are active/able to be booked by client
  • Investigate hotel availability, respond to customer requests, and reserve guest rooms as needed
  • Report on account production, key tentative/prospect account status and keep management abreast of future opportunities affecting the hotel
  • Handle account details so that all pertinent aspects of solicitation and closing are complete and documented. Coordinate various departments' participation in servicing accounts
  • Communicate both verbally and in writing to provide clear direction to all departments in the hotel to ensure high quality of service to customers
  • Participate in daily business review meeting, weekly sales meeting, ad hoc training and other sales related meetings as required
  • Comply with attendance rules and be available to work on a regular basis
  • At IHG we are committed to providing our employees with a safe, secure and healthy workplace. It is your responsibility to comply with all workplace health and safety requirements, including any department specific training regarding equipment and procedures
  • Perform other duties, tasks and special projects as assigned
  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management
  • 3-5 year previous sales experience in a 4-star hotel, preferably in Business Travel
  • Follow verbal and written instructions, ability to communicate with supervisors and co-workers
  • Microsoft Office, Delphi, Opera and Hoteligence 360 skills
  • Previous management experience a plus
  • Ability to work over 8 hours when business demands are high, flexible hours
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel PowerPoint) and other computer programs
  • Ability to perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy
  • Ability to prioritize and organize delegated work and follow through
  • Ability to be a clear thinker remains calm and resolves problems using sound judgment
  • Ability to work under pressure, meet guest / co-workers needs and be courteous at all times
  • Ability to comprehend instructions
  • Ability to work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team

Travel Agency Marketing Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support the data loading process, reporting and the relation between business units to achieve data alignment
  • Update and maintain the Global Commercial Intelligence commercial databases in order to run monthly reporting
  • Set-up of necessary tools and archives for all Markets and Business Units
  • To update existing Commercial databases
  • To run the monthly validation process of information
  • Team coordination and communication with stakeholders
  • Support the design and maintenance of the team site
  • Ensure timely delivery of reports
  • Documentation of Procedures
  • Business Objects
  • Knowledge of SharePoint
  • Abilities & Skills
  • Fluent in English both written and spoken. (Interviews will be held in English)
  • Intermediate knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Confident producing and analysing data tables/graphs/templates
  • Extremely detail-oriented
  • Resourcefulness
  • Keep supervisors informed of any and all potential problems so corrective action can be taken where needed
  • Maintain a professional appearance and conduct personal behaviour in a mature professional business manner where representing the hotel or company
  • Be a sound analyser and problem solver
  • Be a do-er and implementer
  • Be a team member and assist as needed within department or hotel
  • Develop and use good acumen and be a good business operator
  • Communicate industry trends or market data as needed to better understand our marketplace and business
  • Have a strong attention to detail, monitor quality and be obsessively service oriented
  • Be versatile and flexible and maintain composure during stressful times
  • Manage, coach and guide assistant
  • Receive and share constructive criticism
  • Have interpersonal sensitivity
  • Respond to hotel safety or emergency situations
  • Perform tasks as assigned by hotel management or staff
  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Sales & Marketing, Hotel Management, Business Administration, or related field preferred
  • 2 years of related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience in luxury hotel sales or related field preferred
  • Proficiency in Delphi computer system - all accounts, bookings and correspondence is generated from the computer

Specialized Travel Planner Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide corporate business travel arrangements for Senior Executive clients, including air, private jet charter, rail, hotel and car for domestic and International reservations around the world
  • Work in partnership with client’s internal travel team coordinating event planning in conjunction with individual reservation requests using client-based even software
  • Must have the ability to counsel clients on efficient routes, complicated International itineraries, lowest available fares, exchange rates, travel products and serviced while ensuring optimum customer service through the effective use of the Sabre GDS system
  • Travel Planner will own the Itinerary from beginning to ticketed PNR including any follow-up reservation processes
  • Positive telephone techniques are a must
  • Reconfirming car pick up and drop offs
  • Ordering presentation material
  • Ordering meals for meetings
  • Proficient in email communication directly with client and with client’s internal travel team on an ongoing basis throughout event
  • Work in an organized manner, utilizing established procedures to meet or exceed predetermined performance standards
  • Must possess the ability to work independently in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to use the Internet effectively to service customer needs
  • Maintain a positive and professional demeanor
  • Must be willing to accept change on a daily basis
  • Direct contact with client on a daily basis
  • Comfortable working in Queues, Excel Reports and Requisitions
  • Fast Paced, High Priority desk coordination that comprehends a level of urgency
  • Ability to interact with all layers within organization (both written & oral)
  • Must excel at being attentive to detail
  • Must be dependable & self managed
  • International faring, construction of complex itineraries and destination knowledge
  • Outstanding customer servicing skills
  • This position requires attention to detail, excellent verbal communication skills, an understanding of how to think through processes from an end to end perspective is strongly preferred
  • This position requires decisive and successful problem solving skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills in addition to strong organizational and prioritizing skills
  • The candidate must be self-motivated and demonstrate initiative with a strong commitment to personal goals, objectives, and work ethic
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint; ability to maintain and alter Executive Level reports
  • Ability to handle confidential information
  • Our client has core operating hours between 7am-5pm ET Monday through Friday. These hours may change in order to meet business demands. With appropriate notice, all of our employees must be flexible to work at any time between those hours regardless of their current schedule. Periodically, employees may be required to work at least one weekend day, or as business needs dictate. As business demands change, these hours could change and shifts will be altered to include a time slot within the 24x7 hour period. Our company abides by all Federal and Provincial laws to ensure employees are compensated appropriately

Regional Director Travel Products Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1) Provide leadership to a team of Travel Product Managers geographically dispersed in successfully partnering with and contracting travel suppliers, demonstrating skills in account management and new business development
  • 2) Owns the initiation of RFP processes to secure appropriate room blocks, logistical group needs, and pricing from hotels and other suppliers
  • 3) Oversees all negotiations with travel supplier(s) and reviews all supplier contracts prior to finalization, ensuring specific and generic terms and conditions are accurate and legally protective of the company, including attrition dates, cancellation policies, etc
  • 4) Manages the DreamTrips supply pipeline by working closely with Product Marketing for supply demand and forecasting consistency and to gain an understanding of cultural differences, travel patterns and traveler desires specific to the assigned market
  • 5) Receives direction from the Product Design team on the requirements of a DreamTrip experience and procures accordingly
  • 6) Works cross-functionally within the Travel Products team to drive trip utilization, minimize risks, and to deliver on a quality in-destination experience
  • 7) Manages a preferred supplier program by conducting quarterly reviews with the goal of maximizing revenue opportunities and maintaining the supplier relationship throughout the contract
  • 8) Consistently approach the business as an experienced consultant with the highest level of integrity
  • 9) Attends travel marts as a buyer and brand ambassador
  • Minimum of 10 years of supplier management experience preferably in the travel industry
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience leading a supplier management team
  • Experienced executive leadership
  • Advanced procurement, supply chain, distribution, and logistics competence
  • Advanced project management, negotiation, contractual skills and customer relationship management

Travel Products Development Professional Resume Examples & Samples

  • Accountable at the trip level for the end-to-end design of a DreamTrip to assure that DreamTrips meet requirements and quality expectations
  • Able to create a trip independently as well as project manage the co-creation of a trip’s design with Experience Development Professionals and Strategic Travel Partners to deliver upon a final design
  • With a proven track record of successfully partnering with and contracting travel vendors, the Development Professional demonstrates skill in account management and new business development. He/ She attends travel marts as a buyer and brand ambassador at least 2 times per year
  • 3+ years of travel industry experience in region/program focus and preferably group leisure travel experience
  • Ideally possesses existing network of hotel and travel vendor contacts in desired region
  • Strong interpersonal communication that shows an ability to build relationships and partner across teams
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Proactively able to prioritize business needs to meet deadlines
  • Able to act on instructions with minimal guidance, as well as lend leadership and direction to peers and Development Support Specialists
  • Able to think critically and creatively
  • Willing to travel up to 20%
  • Proficient in English; additional language skills are a plus

Business Travel Sales Director Resume Examples & Samples

  • College degree requested
  • Reading, writing, and oral proficiency in the English language
  • Proven sales drive
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Strong leadership and teamwork skills
  • The desire and tenacity to adhere to procedures
  • A flexible attitude to working hours and a willingness to cover other shifts as needed
  • Decision making skills
  • Problem solving ability
  • Assertiveness
  • Planning and Time Management awareness

Sales Travel Agent Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide our clients with the best travel package deals
  • Offer prompt, accurate and courteous service to our clients
  • Assist our clients with reservations, transfers and changes
  • Respond to client questions, concerns and billing inquiries with the highest degree of professionalism
  • Secure new client sales and retention by providing exceptional customer care
  • Contact Center Sales
  • Timeshare/Telemarketing Sales
  • Travel/Hospitality
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Customer Retention
  • Must demonstrate an enthusiastic, sales-oriented attitude
  • Flexible availability including mornings, evenings, and weekends as needed
  • GDS experience (Sabre and/or Amadeus) is highly desired
  • Be vocal with idea generation; speaking-up fuels discussion, ideation and group-think. 98% ideas may fly by the way side – but your impenetrable spirit allows the other 2% to soar! Your voice defines the value you bring to the organization
  • Have the maturity to work on goals at hand, but also the ability to consider overall strategies
  • Understand power of our ownership culture; built on principles and values that compel everyone at Fareportal to think and act like an owner of the business

Business Leader, Travel Services, Americas Resume Examples & Samples

  • Substantial (> 8 years) working experience in travel management or other relevant experience
  • Managerial experience required
  • Extensive knowledge of travel industry, corporate travel management and travel technology
  • Knowledge of regional geographies, cultures, and customs, as well as legal and tax requirements as they pertain to travel contracts and invoicing across the various countries in North and Latin America
  • Bachelor’s degree required with concentration in travel/hospitality management , business administration, procurement, finance
  • Travel can be required

Travel Accounting Supervisor Resume Examples & Samples

  • Process and pay business travel expense reports utilizing the Deltek T&E 9 Expense Reporting and Costpoint applications, to include oversight of monthly disbursement of foreign national payroll and expenses
  • Ensure expenses are in compliance with company travel policy/procedures, GAAP, FAR, JTR and IRS guidelines
  • Lead in investigating expense report discrepancies and Deltek T&E system errors
  • Respond to employee questions and inquiries and support and provide workforce training
  • Support the development and maintenance of policies and procedures to ensure adequate controls and efficient practices with a core objective to deliver outstanding & compliant services
  • Take initiative to streamline processes and seek opportunities for standardization and optimization
  • Act as functional leader to ensure successful integration for new programs and projects
  • Support key leading performance indicators and track progress vs. targets
  • Manage the performance of direct reports by defining responsibilities, establishing performance objectives and providing feedback and guidance
  • Create staff specialists with system and process expertise while fostering cross training
  • Support month and year end close
  • Support external and internal audit functions
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or business management
  • Two years Minimum travel accounting experience
  • Knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications with emphasis and high-level proficiency in Microsoft Excel required
  • Deltek Costpoint & Cognos reporting experience preferred
  • Must have excellent customer service skills and the ability to communicate effectively

Travel & Mobilisation Lead Resume Examples & Samples

  • Development, maintenance and administration of the Project Travel Policy
  • Stakeholder engagement – develop clear processes and policy documentation for mobilisation of personnel to the Oyu Tolgoi Underground project
  • Manage and coordination of internal and external clients for mobilisation and visa processes, immigration requirements, medical providers and air travel ticketing
  • Work closely with HR to ensure local labour laws and regulations are being adhered to
  • Work closely with Resourcing team to ensure mobility forecasts and manning plans are meeting project deadlines
  • Daily collaboration with Mongolian HR and Country Manager in respect to escalations or approvals
  • Monitor and drive policy compliance improvement
  • Weekly reporting of mobilisation forecasts to management teams
  • Negotiate, implement and manage vendor relationships to provide cost savings and enhanced service delivery
  • Manage the project travel budget
  • Lead, mentor and develop the travel administration team
  • Advise the leadership team on travel related issues and advise on recommendations
  • Flexibility to be on call when emergency requests occur

Big Data Architect / Lead-travel Position Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist solution and enterprise architects with identifying big data management approaches and strategies for managing and integrating data and information across the solution design
  • Provide information architecture leadership within the consultant team as well as to client or third-party resources
  • Evaluate, select and integrate any big data tools and frameworks required to provide requested capabilities, as well as comply with regulatory policies and architecture standards as necessary
  • Design and implement data integration and ETL processes from numerous, industry best-of-breed products
  • Monitoring performance and advising any necessary infrastructure changes
  • Work closely with client stakeholders, architects, analysts and SMEs to validate and/or elicit information requirements for new database designs
  • Create conceptual and logical models that represent business information requirements and business rules and that conform to the client’s architectural principles and standards
  • Create physical data models the from logical models using appropriate data modeling transformation methods to ensure alignment and then incorporating technical requirements and constraints
  • Analyze source data to assist in preparing data models, iterative design changes, database refactorings, and creating or modifying reference data
  • Generate and maintain scripts to create and update database schemas iteratively over the course of the development phase of the project
  • Prepare and maintain and publish data model diagrams, dictionaries, scripts and metadata files in accordance with project methodology and collaboration guidelines
  • Collect, analyze and prepare data volumetrics to support database sizing, tuning, capacity planning and data retention activities
  • Maintain knowledge of client’s business models, business processes and procedures, as well as applicable regulatory compliance requirements which impact data management requirements for the in-scope solution design
  • Effectively communicate data models to the customer, third parties and the project teams
  • Provide competency in problem solving, data analysis, business rule validation, model assessment, data integration, data quality, dependency analysis, stakeholder management, and estimation and delivery of complex models and information architectures
  • Mentor internal and external stakeholders on sound data modeling, database design, metadata management and data governance practices
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 10+ years IT experience across the domains of enterprise architecture, data or information architecture, solution architecture, and/or application development
  • Proficient understanding of distributed computing principles
  • Experience with integration of data from multiple data sources
  • Proficiency with managing Hadoop and the Hadoop ecosystem, including HDFS, MapReduce and YARN
  • Knowledge and/or experience with Spark big data management platform
  • Knowledge and/or experience with designing and implementing data lakes
  • Knowledge and/or experience with designing and implementing sensor-based data collection systems and other Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Experience with Cloudera/MapR/Hortonworks
  • Good knowledge of big data manipulation tools, such as Pig, Hive, and Impala, SparkML
  • Experience with building stream-processing systems, using solutions such as Storm or Spark-Streaming
  • Experience with NoSQL databases, such as HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j, OrientDb
  • Knowledge of various ETL techniques and frameworks, such as Flume, Informatica and other industry leaders
  • Experience working with self-service data preparation tools such as Alteryx, Trifacta, Tamr or Paxata
  • Experience with Big Data ML toolkits, such as Mahout, SparkML, or H2O
  • Good understanding of Lambda Architecture, along with its advantages and drawbacks
  • At least 5 years of experience in the following technologies: SQL, UML, IE/IDEF1X, Oracle RDBMS (11g preferred)
  • At least 5 years of experience using a major data modeling database tool: ER/Studio, ERwin, IBM RDA or Sybase Power Designer
  • At least 3 years’ experience leading and developing data warehousing / ODS schema designs
  • At least 3 years’ experience leading and developing data lake and data mart schema designs
  • At least 2 years’ experience leading and developing master data management schema designs
  • Experience with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, MS Office suite
  • Experience using project / workgroup collaboration tools (MS Sharepoint preferred)
  • Knowledge of SOA concepts and design principles
  • Knowledge of data quality, data profiling techniques
  • Excellent listening skills, interpersonal skills, ability to analyze data and test data against business rules
  • Ability to facilitate discussions and drive toward quick decisions
  • Willingness to travel 50-60% as required (Monday-Thursday typical)
  • General and broad understanding of most industries
  • 2+ years’ experience as an Information or Data Architect role in a consulting environment, including time supporting sales and managing technical staff and implementations
  • 3+ years’ experience performing conceptual and logical data modeling within an enterprise architecture framework
  • Experience working in multiple database environments (MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL,etc)
  • Experience designing reporting schemas for metadata driven reporting tools such as Oracle OBIEE or MicroStrategy
  • Experience working with data discovery tools such as Qlikview or Tableau
  • Experience working with data profiling and cleansing tools (Informatica DQ Analyst, Explorer, etc.)
  • Experience working with persistence management tools such as Hibernate
  • Experience working in a metadata repository environment
  • Experience working with model management tools
  • Experience with MDA-compliant UML tools, such as (Sparx Enterprise Architect, Eclipse UML2 tools, etc.)
  • Experience working with PL/SQL
  • Experience with Java and/or Python
  • Experience with various messaging systems, such as Kafka or RabbitMQ
  • Experience with AWS, Azure, EMR, Presto, Google Compute Engine or Amazon Redshift desired

VP Finance Travel Hospitality Resume Examples & Samples

  • Master’s Degree - preferred
  • Area of Study: Accounting/finance - preferred
  • Hospitality/Entertainment/Food and Beverage Industries - preferred
  • 10+ years accounting/finance combined technical and leadership experience
  • Public or Private Company at least $340 million in revenue
  • Experience conducting due diligence around acquisitions, mergers and consolidations
  • Shareholder relations experience
  • Operating and Business Development Acumen
  • Experience managing finance for multiple domestic locations and global operating environments
  • Provide excellent customer service to internal and external contacts related to T&E inquiries
  • Conduct timely audits of expense reports submitted
  • Communicate system-related issues and/or compliance issues to Global Travel & Expense Manager on a regular basis
  • Ensure timely submission of T&E and purchasing card transactions
  • Assist with tracking and reporting any vendor, travel, or system-related issues
  • Provide user training to all employees including new users and refresher trainings
  • Process all credit card related tasks including new applications, terminations, limit changes, fraudulent charges, compromised cards, assignment to Concur, and other inquiries
  • Liaise with legal department to research and audit for non-compliance to policies and regulations, notably with respect to the Sunshine Act
  • Conduct preferred vendor rate audits
  • Report Concur T&E configuration issues to Global Travel & Expense Manager
  • Assist with Concur configuration including, but not limited to, processing employee import files, list management, accounting administration, and audit rule review
  • Complete other duties as assigned
  • Working knowledge of global corporate travel programs a distinct plus
  • Familiarity with Concur Travel & Expense
  • Familiarity with audio and video conferencing systems
  • Good analytical skills to evaluate proposals, contracts, and meeting budget needs

Senior Manager Travel Product Management Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1) Travel Portfolio Profit and Loss (P&L) Oversight/Management
  • 2) Travel Portfolio Competitive Bench marking
  • Post-secondary education (marketing/business administration preferred)
  • 6+ years of Financial services experience, 3+ years of Cards Product Management and/or Strategy roles
  • Thorough knowledge of the Canadian financial services marketplace and solid understanding of the credit card market, products and services
  • Strong qualitative and quantitative financial analysis/research skills, especially creating and delivering strong business focused strategic plans, business cases, presentations, and driving new products to fruition
  • Detailed understanding of credit card financials with prior P&L management experience
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, especially creating and delivering strong business focused strategic plans
  • Strong partner management skills
  • People Leadership Experience or experience leading a cross-functional team or project (an asset but not required)
  • Act as Single Point Of Contact on Travel and Expense matters for Local Country Unit, Concur super-user
  • Troubleshoot Employee Expense problems and escalations, solution process issues, and interface with technical support to resolve systematic problems
  • Play an active role in the migration of Travel and Expense processes. Work closely with local and project team to successfully transition activities into the Center. Actively contribute to the process improvement and standardization initiatives
  • In a senior role would be expected to coach and support junior team members
  • College or university degree especially in the field of Economics, Finance
  • Proven or demonstrated experience (1-3 years) in accounting, experience in T&E processes and Concur is an advantage
  • Confident user skills in Microsoft Office applications, advanced MS Excel knowledge required
  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills
  • Ability to identify & implement industry best practices to improve existing processes
  • Proficiency in speaking, comprehending, reading, and writing English is required, any other European languages are also welcome

Travel Technology Consultant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Leads / contributes to moderately complex technical and client related projects / activities that are assigned
  • Responsible for delivery of outcome of assigned subprojects and contributes to milestones
  • Works independently and/or collaboratively within a given area of responsibility and within defined policies and processes
  • Consult with clients and partners to provide subject matter and technical expertise in areas including, software development, configuration, solution design, code reviews, project management, quality assurance and risk identification/mitigation
  • Develop solutions to address internal or external customer requirements using Concur products in combination with GDS provided or other approved 3rd party products as needed, highlighting basic problems and suggesting solutions, requires some peer / supervisory guidance
  • Ensure the codebase being developed to meet client requirements adheres to SDLC standards
  • Produce Requirements and Design Documents for assigned application features/enhancements
  • Determine that the interface being used to develop the solution has been leveraged for optimal system performance
  • Ensure configuration inquiries are promptly addressed and solutions are completed accurately and on time
  • Stay updated on new and upcoming technologies, including those developed by travel industry technology providers
  • Review projects to verify accuracy and effectiveness of coding
  • Collaborate with individual members of various teams to provide guidance and assistance with delivering solutions
  • Develop and document configuration best practices and contribute to team training and professional development efforts
  • Participates in cross-functional teams formed to advance product improvements and Team effectiveness
  • Maintain a current and thorough understanding of Concur agency automation products and services
  • Attend Concur sponsored training programs and industry-related conferences as needed based on budget availability
  • Complete other activities and duties as needed
  • Provides regular updates to manager and/or project manager on project status
  • Decisions / solution can essentially enhance existing systems and processes
  • Four-year degree or equivalent experience; Technical Degree Preferred
  • Up to 4 years as a Travel Agent or equivalent working in travel technology
  • 4+ years in Software Development, Consulting, Implementation, or related field; project management experience preferred
  • 3+ years of in depth client service experience supporting solutions
  • Sound working knowledge of at least one GDS
  • Proficient in understanding of programming concepts and experience with SQL preferred
  • Sound understanding of all MS Office packages… Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, Visio and currently supported Windows Operating Systems
  • Experience of Access advantageous with basic knowledge of tables, forms, queries, reports
  • Strong competence with various tools, procedures and programming languages used to accomplish the job
  • Strong problem resolution skills with proven ability to engage and interact with internal teams to resolve client issues
  • Experience with software as a service is preferred
  • SQL programming ability, including tasks such as inserts, updates, deletes, and writing SQL queries is preferred
  • Programming with JavaScript, VBscript, HTML, XML, and related technologies
  • .NET , Java, C# or similar programming ability recommended
  • Ability to work with web services, including a working knowledge of authentication mechanisms such as OAuth
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills, i.e. communicates clearly in a way that others can understand within defined processes and policies
  • Communicates relevant messages in a timely manner and with constructive feedback to colleagues and managers
  • Builds collaborative work relationships with similar functions across Concur/SAP
  • Ability to prioritize and manage workflow to meet deadlines
  • Ability to establish and maintain an effective follow up system to ensure timely and accurate handling of information requests
  • A second language is preferred

Product Owner Travel & Public Sector Accelerator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Build market leading, innovative software for Travel and Public Sector to maintain SAP Hybris’ status as leading B2B and B2C omnichannel platform and to open up new verticals for SAP Hybris
  • Work closely with other product managers, software architects, and UI designers to define the scope and the architecture of the Travel and Public Sector accelerators
  • Work closely with a development team / partner on developing the product in the role of the product owner (guide through the complete development cycle from requirements gathering to final release)
  • Perform competitive analysis in determining and prioritizing feature requirements for existing and new products
  • Act as subject matter expert and communicate product capabilities and plans to internal and external audiences
  • Working in agile and lean environment
  • Speak to a wider audience at technology related occasions
  • You are a geek at heart and even if you have stopped coding you are still have your hands in new technology trends
  • You have already proven yourself by defining and launching excellent products and now want a new challenge at the cutting edge of technology
  • Computer Science or Engineering degree
  • You can collaborate successfully with engineering teams in an agile software environment
  • A passion for defining and delivering technical excellence is what drive you ahead
  • You have very good verbal and written English communication skills
  • Minimum of 3 year of experience as a Product Manager or Product Owner
  • Ideally experience in Travel or Public Sector solutions
  • Ideally experience in e-commerce solutions
  • Ideally you have a development background in Java or web applications
  • Global owner of travel operations externally hosted software as a service (SaaS) platform, responsible for the delivery and execution of day-to-day Travel booking and reimbursement services and all related functionality, specifically
  • Configuration experience required
  • Proficiency with MS Excel
  • Experience with SAP (preferred)
  • High school diploma or GED; no work experience required
  • Utilizes applicable intranet for resources and information
  • Creates contracts as required

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willing to travel for work resume

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  • Career Planning
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  • Interview Strategies

How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Travel

willing to travel for work resume

Gary Burchell/Getty Images

If you're applying for a job that will require some regular travel, you should prepare for that question in your interview. When an interviewer asks this question, it’s to see if you’re willing and able to travel as much as the job requires. If you’ve  applied for a job  like this, it’s a good idea to think about how to answer questions about travel.

How to Answer Interview Questions About Travel

When answering this or any other  interview question , you need to be honest with your answer. Think about how much you can travel, whether or not you can be flexible, or if you have family ties or other obligations that require you to plan ahead when it comes to making travel plans. 

Know the travel requirements beforehand.  Ideally, you should know if the job requires travel before you apply. If you know you absolutely cannot travel for work, simply don't apply for those sorts of jobs.

There is nothing to be gained by saying you’re willing to travel if you know you are not.

State any travel limitations you may have.  If you have any limitations that might restrict travel, be sure to state them clearly. For example, if you have to be home with your family on weekends, you’ll have to explain that you can only travel Monday through Friday. Again, you should be as forthright as possible in your answer, so you don’t get hired for a job you ultimately have to turn down.

Ask the interviewer clarifying questions.  Questions about your willingness to travel give you the chance to ask questions about the type of travel required. Even if you’re willing to travel, you can ask follow-up questions to learn more about the travel that may be required. For example, you might ask how much travel is involved (if the job listing didn’t state this).

You can also ask how the travel is broken up: for example, will you travel one day every week, or for one month every year? You might also ask where you’ll have to travel, or whether or not weekends are included. With this information, you can provide a more honest answer to the question. This will also keep you from being surprised about the amount of travel later on.

Explain how you’ve traveled in the past.  When answering questions about traveling, explain how and where you traveled for previous jobs. Answers like this show that you have experience with work-related travel, which will place you ahead of other candidates who lack this experience.

Focus on how you can help the company.  When answering questions about travel, avoid answers that explain how you enjoy the benefits of travel. For example, don’t say that you love free hotel rooms or the chance to travel the world on the company’s dime. Instead, emphasize why you think travel is important for the job.

Examples of the Best Answers

Here are a few examples of how to answer questions about your willingness and availability to travel.

I’m very willing to travel. I have worked as a sales representative in the past, and that work required 50% travel time. I know this job requires 25% travel time, and I’m willing and able to travel when needed for this company.

Why It Works:  This candidate uses percentages effectively to quantify her experience and to demonstrate that she is well-versed in travelling for her job.

I’m definitely willing to travel. I believe it’s extremely important to meet regularly with my clients face-to-face to develop our working relationship. However, could I have a bit more information on the type of travel required for this job, to get a better sense of the job schedule? Would this travel be weekly, or once every few weeks or months?

Why It Works:  This is a good example of to ask clarifying questions to ensure that you have enough knowledge about the company’s travel requirements to provide an honest response.

While childcare commitments require me to stay in town on the weekends, I’m very flexible with my schedule on weekdays. I traveled extensively for my previous job and am comfortable with a high percentage of travel days. Would the travel for this job be on weekdays only, or on weekends as well?

Why It Works:  While this answer is honest about the candidate’s limited availability on weekends, it also shows that he can be flexible and is willing to travel during the normal work week – a mark in his favor.

More Job Interview Questions and Answers

While questions about travel are important to answer appropriately, there will be many more questions to answer. Familiarize yourself with these potential  interview questions and answers  so you’ll feel more comfortable and confident during your interview.

Your interviewer will also expect you to have several questions about the job or the company in general. If you’re not good at coming up with questions, take a look at this guide about  interview questions to ask  your interviewer.

Key Takeaways

BE HONEST: Don’t be tempted to misrepresent your availability to travel, thinking that this requirement might be negotiable. If an interviewer asks this question, that’s a sure sign that some travel is expected.

BE FLEXIBLE: Even if there are times, like the weekends, when you cannot leave home, emphasize your willingness to travel on those days you are free to do so.

CAPITALIZE UPON YOUR EXPERIENCE: If you have travelled as a regular part of a previous job, describe this experience to your interviewer. If this has involved international travel and you are proficient in a foreign language, this would also be a good thing to mention.  

Careers in Government

How to Include Your Travels on Your Résumé

willing to travel for work resume

Assistant Director, Building Operations - Revised

Los angeles, california.

Job No: 530117; 2/16/2024 - RevisedASSISTANT DIRECTOR - BUILDING OPERATIONSCalifornia State University, Los Angeles, invites applications...

Asst/Assoc Professor-General Palliative Care and Hospice Physician

Asst/Assoc Professor-General Palliative Care and Hospice Physician

Lubbock, texas.

Asst/Assoc Professor-General Palliative Care and Hospice PhysicianLubbock31014BRPosition DescriptionThe Texas Tech Physicians Family Medicine Clinic is committed...

Resource Interpreter

Resource Interpreter

De soto, missouri.

Minimum Salary: $1,777.36 - $1, 812.91 (semi-monthly) * Salary may be based on education and/or experience....

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Interview Question: Are You Willing To Travel for Work?

Travel for work

  • Updated January 24, 2024
  • Published January 18, 2020

If you’re interviewing for a job that requires you to travel for work, you should prepare commonly asked interview questions about your willingness to travel. The interviewer is interested to hear from you if you are ready to travel as much as the position requires. When you have applied for a job that requires traveling, you need to make sure you have a solid answer ready.

When traveling requirements have not specifically been mentioned before or described in the job description , you should still prepare for this question. This is to make sure that when the interviewers do ask you this question, it won’t catch you off guard.

Related questions to assess your willingness to travel for work are:

  • Did you have to travel a lot during your previous positions? Did you enjoy it?
  • Do you own a car? Are you willing to use it for business travel purposes?
  • How many nights are you willing to spend on the road for work?

Why interviewers ask about your willingness to travel for work

The main reason for interviewers to ask you this question is to assess if you’re willing and able to travel as much as the position requires you to do. Also, they want to know the extent to which you are willing to travel for work. For example, some jobs could even require you to relocate for a certain amount of time.

In most cases, the interviewer will explain the requirements in more detail during the interview. However, it’s possible that they ask you the question ‘ are you willing to travel for work? ‘ first, to see what your answer is.

Usually, the job description already mentions the traveling requirements for the job. If this is the case, the question should catch you off guard during the interview. Furthermore, it should already get you thinking about the fact if you’re willing to do the required travel.

How to prepare for interview questions about your willingness to travel for work

The best way to answer questions about traveling is by giving an honest answer. You want to emphasize specific experiences with traveling that lead you to the conclusion that you’re willing to travel for work. There are several steps that you can take to make sure that you give the interviewer a solid answer to demonstrate your suitability for the job.

Understand the travel requirements for the job

Every preparation for a specific interview question starts with doing your research. In this case, research the company, position, and job description . This way, you make sure that before you apply, you get a good understand of the traveling requirements for the position.

Also, if you already found out that you’re not able to do the required amount of traveling, don’t apply. Either the interviewer will figure out your possible travel limitations, or you will get hired for a job that will not make you happy. Such situations are a waste of time and your career, and should, therefore, be avoided.

Think about your willingness and ability to travel for work

Once you found out the requirements with regard to traveling, you can think about your ability and willingness to travel. It’s important that you’re honest about this. It makes no sense to say that you’re willing to travel when you’re actually not or when you’re not able to for whatever reason.

If you are able and willing to travel, but you have any limitations, state this. For instance, if a personal situation restricts you to travel, make sure you explain this to the interviewer. Try to be as honest as possible in your answers to avoid getting hired for a job you might have to quit in the near future again.

Come up with questions to ask the interviewer for clarification

Asking the interviewer questions back , in general, is a good idea during a job interview. This will make you look interested and engaged. Is this case, when the interviewer asks you if you’re willing to travel for work, you can discuss this and also ask clarifying questions back.

If you are willing and ready to travel, you can still ask follow-up questions to get more information about the required traveling. For example, if the job description only states that traveling is required, you can ask how much traveling is actually involved in the position.

Another question you can ask is how the travel is broken up. In other words, are you away for days, weeks, or months? Other questions that you can ask are:

  • Where will I be traveling?
  • Are weekend travels included?
  • How long do I have to travel on average?
  • Are there different purposes for each trip?

Of course, you should tailor your questions to the position that you’re applying to. Doing so will not only make you seem interested and motivated, but it will also keep you from any future surprises about the amount of travel you will have to do later on.

Explain how you have traveled for work in the past

To give your answer more weight, you can explain to the interviewer how you have traveled for work in the past. Furthermore, this shows that you’re comfortable and experienced with traveling for work. If applicable, include details in your answer that align previous travels for work to the position that you’re currently interviewing for.

Focus your answers on how you can add value to the company

Besides the fact that the interviewer is looking for you give a positive answer to the question ‘are you willing to travel for work?’, they also want to hear from you how you can help the company. In other words, don’t only focus on what it can bring to you, but also focus on that you understand why travel is important and needed for the job.

Red flags for the interviewer

There are several elements that interviewers consider warning signs. Below we walk you through a couple of the most commonly made mistakes.

Not providing enough detail

Traveling might be an important part of a specific job that you’re interviewing for. The interviewer wants to know from you what attracted you to this job, why you applied, and how you feel about traveling. It’s important that you can provide the interviewer with a strong answer to all these questions.

For example, if you claim that you do not have trouble with being away for longer periods but you have never experienced this before, this might be considered a warning sign. The interviewer is trying to make the right hiring decision. This means that they are looking for someone who will stay with the company for a longer period.

Failing to respond effectively

Your answers should be short and concise. Avoid rambling and give the interviewer a to-the-point answer to demonstrate your suitability for the job. The same goes for follow-up questions. If you make certain claims about your work experience and you fail to answer follow-up questions the right way, this might come across weak.

Proper preparation will help you avoid such a situation. Thoroughly research the job description and company so that you’re able to explain why you can take on the day to day tasks. In this case, don’t just say that you’re willing to travel but explain why the job suits you and how you successfully traveled for work in the past.

For example, if the interviewer asks you ‘ tell him about a time you had to travel for work ,’ you can expect follow-up questions such as ‘ what was the purposes of your travel? ‘ and ‘ what was the outcome? ‘ Make sure you have answers ready to questions that you expect based on your research.

A positive tone of voice comes a long way. Negativity, on the other hand, is considered a warning sign. If you had negative travel experiences for work, this is not the moment to share them.

Focus your answer on the positive aspects and how you’re motivated to perform the job to the best of your ability.

Sample answers to questions about your willingness to travel

Below we discuss a couple of sample answers to the interview questions ‘ are you willing to travel for work? ‘. However, these are just ‘general’ examples. Make sure that you tailor your answers to your specific situation and the job that you’re interviewing for.

Example Answer 1:

‘Yes, I’m certainly willing to travel for the job. In my current position, I travel approximately one week per month. For me, this is a perfect balance, and I’m comfortable with traveling.

I’m curious to learn more about the position and travel schedule it includes. This way, we can come up with a solution that works well for the company and my personal responsibilities.’

Example Answer 2:

‘I’m definitely willing to travel for work. As a sales representative, I understand very well that meeting regularly with clients is essential to maintain and develop a professional relationship. 

The job description states that traveling is required, and I was wondering if you could give me a bit more detailed information about the type of traveling required. This way, I get a better idea of the traveling schedules.’

Example Answer 3:

‘I have worked in sales for most of my career, and I am accustomed to traveling a lot for work. At the moment I spent anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks per month on the road.

The job description mentioned that, on average, approximately 25% to 50% of travel is required for the position. Is this correct? I would like to learn more about the traveling schedules and further requirements. Could you please explain these in more detail?’

Job Interview Topics – Common Job Interview Questions & Answers

Below you can find a list of common job interview topics. Each link will direct you to an article regarding the specific topics that discuss commonly asked interview questions. Furthermore, each article discusses why the interviewer asks these questions and how you answer them!

  • Accomplishments
  • Adaptability
  • Career Change
  • Career Goals
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creative Thinking
  • Cultural Fit
  • Customer Service
  • Growth Potential
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Inappropriate
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Entry-Level & No experience
  • Performance-Based
  • Prioritization & Time Management
  • Problem-solving
  • Situational & Scenario-based
  • Stress Management
  • Telephone Interview
  • Uncomfortable

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The Best Way to Add Travel to Your Resume

Published: Jan 10, 2020

As more and more companies globalize to enter new markets and the digital nomad trend solidifies as part of our modern work culture, we see a rise in demand by employers for certain types of skills. These include being able to adapt to different work environments, cultures and settings, effectively leading teams abroad, and understanding the importance of good cross-cultural communication.

Many of these skills can be acquired by meaningful travel experiences including study abroad, volunteer work, teaching in a foreign country or simply taking a gap year to immerse yourself in another culture. Whether you’re considering travel, are currently abroad, or getting ready dive into a new job search after taking a gap year, knowing how to list your experiences, skills, and accomplishments acquired will help turn your travels into an asset for your potential employer.

To help, we thought we’d share this comprehensive guide on how to categorize travel and best highlight the skills relevant to your career. In addition to expert advice and best practices, this guide includes tips and examples on how to word your experiences.

By following these tips, you’ll not only be able to explain a career gap without raising any red flags, but also help your resumé stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.

willing to travel for work resume

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Are You Willing to Travel? Sample Interview Answers

We live in a global world. And while virus pandemic has made us rethink the necessity of business travels and face to face meetings, personal contact is irreplaceable in almost every human endeavor.

What’s more, traveling is an integral part of many jobs , for example sales representative, tour guide, consultant, flight attendant, or international aid worker. This question definitely makes sense in many job interviews.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers you can use in your interview, because a simple YES or NO won’t do it for any hiring manager . Below the answers you will find a few suggestions and a further explanation that should help you come up with an original answer in your job interview.

Sample answers to “Are you willing to travel?” interview question

  • I read the job description carefully and know that regular business travels belong to this work. But I am willing to travel, and even eager to do so. It was actually one of the reasons why I applied for a job with you , because I enjoy traveling, meeting people from different cultures , learning new things. And since I do not have a family yet, nothing holds me back.
  • I am ready to do anything to achieve good results in this sales position . This is a niche market and I know that we won’t find many new clients in a local area. One has to travel and meet with representatives of potential customers all over the country. That’s the only way to build a bigger portfolio of recurring clients, and to be successful. So definitely I am willing to travel.
  • Speaking honestly, if I had a choice, I would prefer not to travel . I have two children and prefer to stay in the city and enjoy some quality family time during the week. But each job has some downsides, and other than traveling I like everything about this position –my duties, responsibilities, what we can achieve here, what I can learn. To get this job and to enjoy all the good things it can bring to my life, I am definitely ready to sacrifice something, and willing to travel. I am sure that the amount of time spent on the road will be reasonable.
  • Travel is my greatest passion . I cannot imagine anything better than traveling to interesting destinations and earning money while doing that. It’s the reason why I applied for a job with your airlines. And while I know that we travel for work and not for holiday , there will certainly be some time in between the flights to explore the cities.
  • I am willing to, and I must say that I quite enjoy it . I traveled a lot in my last job, and never find the routine with airports and hotels boring. Surely it can be tiring at times, and one can miss their family, but for each good job one has to sacrifice something. At least that’s my opinion, and a philosophy I try to follow when working anywhere.
  • I am willing to, and definitely I am not scared of the virus or of flying or of anything else. At the same time, however, I try to think and act ecologically . Because it’s important for our future. Online conferences can never replace face to face contact, but in my opinion it’s about finding the right balance between the two. We do not need to meet our business partners personally each month. Once in a time, however, we should travel and meet them in person…
  • So far I haven’t had any experience with traveling , and therefor I do not know what to expect, what impact it will have on me and my schedule. But if one has to travel to be successful in this job, I am definitely ready to step out of my comfort zone and hit the road for the first time in my life.

When they ask about traveling, you likely will travel

Many times you can find the right answer directly in the question of the interviewers . Just think about ti for a moment. If traveling wasn’t necessary in the job, they would not ask about your willingness to travel. It would make no sense to ask such a question.

Therefor you should always ensure the interviewers that you s tudied the job description carefully and know what will be expected from you in the job. You can say that you’d prefer not to travel often , but you should never say that you aren’t willing to travel. At least if you want to get the job…

female business traveler sits in an airport hall, waiting for her flight

Try to explain your reasons

Whether you prefer traveling or the contrary, you should always explain your reasons. Just compare the following two answers:

  • I do not like to travel and prefer not to, unless absolutely necessary for the work.
  • To be honest, I prefer not to travel often. I have a daughter and try to spend some quality time with her. But if I have to go for a business trip, if it is important for my job, I will definitely do it.

You should also elaborate on a positive affirmation. Tell them why you love traveling- -you enjoy the lifestyle of a business traveler, or perhaps discovering new places and meeting new people, or learning languages makes you happy :). They shouldn’t get an impression that you replied positively only because you knew they expected such an answer from a good job candidate.

* May also interest you: How flexible are you?

Be ready to sacrifice something for your employer

Cause and effect, action and reaction . That’s the basic principle of the Universe. Your new employer will pay you a nice salary each month , and you will certainly enjoy some corporate benefits. Think company car, mobile phone, maybe a holiday voucher or a season ticket to a fitness center.

But they also expect you to sacrifice something for them . And that’s not only your time . Because you would work 5 or 6 days a week even as a janitor or as a cashier in Burger King. But you would not earn or learn much in these two jobs…

For most good things in our life we have to sacrifice something. We need to step out of our comfort zone. In this case it may be a necessity to go for a short business trip each month. Ensure your employer that you are ready to make the sacrifice for them.

Check also sample answers to other tough interview questions :

  • What is the most difficult situation you’ve ever faced at work?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
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Middle East latest: US demands 'immediate ceasefire' and tells Israel to let more aid into Gaza - as number of Palestinians killed 'grows to 30,534'

The US vice president is meeting with a top political rival of Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington today after urging Hamas to agree to the terms of a hostage deal and calling on Israel to do more to increase the flow of aid into Gaza.

Monday 4 March 2024 14:18, UK

  • Israel-Hamas war

People mourn a Palestinian killed in Israeli strike in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip. Pic: Reuters

  • US vice president meeting Netanyahu rival after calling for 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza
  • More than 30,500 Palestinians now killed by Israeli strikes, Gaza health ministry says
  • Anguish over story of woman who had twin babies after 10 years trying to conceive - then saw them killed in Israeli strike
  • Mark Stone analysis : Kamala Harris's comments only a subtle shift in tone - but White House cannot ignore Gaza crisis
  • Alistair Bunkall: How close is a hostage deal?
  • Live updates by Andy Hayes and  Katie Williams   

An influential member of the Israeli war cabinet is in Washington for talks with US officials - apparently without the approval of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benny Gantz's visit is taking place while ceasefire discussions are underway in Egypt.

It is hoped a pause in the fighting can be implemented before the start of Ramadan on Sunday.

Mr Gantz, a centrist political rival of Mr Netanyahu, is apparently talking to several senior officials from the Biden administration.

An official from Mr Netanyahu's Likud party said Mr Gantz's meetings in the US capital did not have the prime minister's approval.

Mr Netanyahu gave the cabinet member a "tough talk", the official added.

It is a development that may indicate a rift in the Israeli leadership almost five months into the war.

Israel is not represented at the ceasefire talks in Cairo because it is waiting for an answer from Hamas on how many hostages seized by the group in the 7 October attacks are still alive, an Israeli official said.

It is also waiting to find out how many Palestinian prisoners Hamas will be seeking in exchange for each hostage, they added.

A war across Lebanon's southern border - initially intended to be limited - would not be containable, US special envoy Amos Hochstein has said.

As diplomatic efforts to stop exchanges of fire between Hezbollah and Israel continue, Mr Hochstein is visiting Beirut.

"A temporary ceasefire is not enough. A limited war is not containable," he said. 

Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah have been in conflict for months, mirroring the war in Gaza which began with Hamas's attacks in Israel on 7 October.

It is widely reported that Hamas is also supported by Iran.

Almost daily clashes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces have led to the deaths of more than 200 Hezbollah fighters and at least 37 civilians in Lebanon, according to the AP news agency.

About 20 people are said to have been killed on the Israeli side - both soldiers and civilians. 

As we have been reporting, one person was killed and others injured in an anti-tank missile attack near the Israel-Lebanon border on Monday, according to Israeli medics.

Emergency services have now said the dead person was a  foreign worker, while two workers from India were seriously wounded.

As we reported in the post below, the IDF has said it struck a "Hezbollah military site" following a "launch".

The Israel Defence Forces has issued a statement about what it claims was "a launch" it identified crossing from Lebanon into the area of Margaliot in northern Israel.

The statement, posted on the military's official Telegram channel, claimed a "number of civilians were injured and evacuated" as a result of the launch.

"The IDF struck the source of the launch," it added.

"Additionally, a short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck a Hezbollah military site in the area of Shikhin, in which Hezbollah terrorists were identified.

"Earlier today, IDF fighter jets struck a Hezbollah military compound in the area of Ayta ash Shab, in southern Lebanon."

It has not been possible to verify the claims.

A story that emerged from Gaza yesterday has received significant attention and offers a glimpse into the continuing human cost of the violence being suffered by families in the territory.

Rania Abu Anza lost her infant twins in a reported Israeli airstrike on her extended family's home in Rafah on Saturday.

It had taken Ms Abu Anza 10 years and three rounds of IVF to become pregnant with her twins, a boy and a girl, who died aged five months old.

After waking at 10pm on Saturday to feed Naeim, her son, she fell back to sleep with him in one arm and Wissam, her daughter, in the other, with her husband beside her. An hour and a half later, there was an explosion which caused the house to collapse.

"Who is going to call me Mama?" she said, speaking to our US partner network NBC News after the death of her family. "After all this... who is going to call me Mama?"

News of the twins' deaths has received widespread reaction on social media.

UNICEF spokesperson Joe English said the pair were born exactly a month after his twins - also a girl and a boy.

"I cannot begin to imagine the utter anguish," he said in a post to X.

"How many more families must be torn apart?"

Meanwhile, Ziya Meral, a senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute thinktank, said it was time to "stop this madness".

Rishi Sunak's spokesperson says there is no difference between the UK and US positions on the conflict after US vice president Kamala Harris called for an "immediate ceasefire"  in Gaza.

Rishi Sunak's spokesman said both countries were agreed that "we want to see a sustained humanitarian pause agreed as quickly as possible to allow the safe release of hostages and a significant increase in aid to Gaza".

He said the UK's position was "entirely aligned with the US".

"We have been clear, as has the US, that the right conditions, however, must be in place for a permanent lasting ceasefire, and that includes the release of all hostages, Hamas no longer in charge in Gaza and a bolstered Palestinian Authority."

The UK would "certainly support" a six-week pause in fighting if both sides agreed, the spokesman said.

Our military analyst  Sean Bell  has this analysis after the US carried out its first airdrop of aid into Gaza on Saturday... 

There is no shortage of international aid available to give to Palestinians trapped in Gaza; the issue is getting the aid across the border and distributing it to those in need.

Before the 7 October attacks by Hamas, 500 aid trucks per day moved across the border. Since that fateful day, the highest total of aid trucks into Gaza was around 200 - or 40% of the daily need - and some days fewer than 10 trucks successfully deliver aid.

Aid can be delivered by air, land or sea, and with a ready supply available, why is aid not getting to those in such desperate need?

The most effective way to deliver aid in bulk is via sea. 

However, Gaza does not have any significant port facilities, and the nearest major port is Port Ashdod 20 miles north of Gaza, which is not available. The only viable option for movement of aid by sea is via Egypt, when it has to be then loaded onto trucks for the final leg of its journey.

Bulk movement of aid by air needs to be conducted through an airport. However, Gaza's international airport was closed down in 2001, two years after it was opened, and now lies in ruins.   

That leaves land as the only viable option for the flow of aid - and that means accessing Gaza via crossing points controlled by Israel.

The main access points for aid into Gaza are the Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings, which are both located in the south of Gaza. Israel has restricted - significantly - the flow of aid into Gaza, claiming that any aid finds its way into the hands of Hamas and thus perpetuates the war.

Watch our report on US airdrops in Gaza from our Middle East correspondent Alistair Bunkall ...

Will we see more airdrops?

Airdrops are very effective at getting aid to those in need swiftly, particularly when the requirement is a long way away from established aid facilities - such as in remote locations. 

In Gaza, airdrops are dangerous - not only for the aircrew involved, but also for those on the ground, as it has one of the highest population densities in the world.

Airdrops are also indiscriminate - supplies drop over a wide area, so it is very difficult to ensure the aid gets to those who need it most, and it is almost impossible to provide a secure environment in which to ensure equitable distribution of aid.

Most importantly, each C-130 Hercules (US transport aircraft) can only deliver about one truck of aid on each mission - just 0.2% of the daily need. Therefore, airdrops will be unable to make a significant impact to the humanitarian crisis on the ground, and does carry significant risks.

But, as a political statement of intent, they do attract the world's media attention.

What is the answer?

Movement of aid via land is the only credible option to alleviate the suffering on the ground. 

Although the delivery of aid is currently focused on the south of Gaza, there are still hundreds of thousands of Palestinians starving in the north of the strip. Opening the Erez border crossing in the north would enable an increased rate of humanitarian aid, and the IDF could provide the security environment to enable the aid to be distributed effectively.  

However, the Erez crossing was closed by Israel following the Hamas attacks and has remained closed ever since. 

There is no shortage of aid, and there is a desperate need. But until Israel enables the aid to flow, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza will continue to escalate.

Palestinians in Gaza City are fleeing south in the hopes of finding food and shelter as the region's north remains largely cut off from aid supplies.

Some people in the devastated area - which was first targeted by Israel in the wake of the 7 October attacks - are having to leave as they cannot provide for their families.

Husein Abu Hassan said food in Gaza City "is now mixed with blood". "Aid comes in small drops," he said.

Omar Ahmad said it had become almost impossible to find food for his daughter.

"We have reached a stage of hunger like never before," he said.

"When my daughter wants to eat in the morning, I can't provide her with food or drink. Where am I going to get it from?"

One person has been killed and seven injured in an anti-tank missile attack near the Israel-Lebanon border, Israeli medics have said.

The Times of Israel reports that a missile launched from Lebanon struck an orchard near the border community of Margaliot.

According to the Magen David Adom ambulance service, one person has been killed, while two are in a serious condition, four have "moderate" injuries and one person is "mildly" wounded.

Casualties are being evacuated by MDA and Israeli air force helicopters, it said.

Palestinian officials have accused Israeli forces of killing a 16-year-old in their latest sweep of Ramallah city in the occupied West Bank overnight.

The raid was the biggest seen in years, the officials said.

Witnesses said Israeli troops drove dozens of vehicles into the city, while Palestinian news agency WAFA said there were clashes as soldiers stormed Am'ari refugee camp.

According to the Palestinian health agency, 16-year-old Mustafa Abu Shalbak was shot and killed in the early-morning raid.

Israel's military did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

There has been a surge in violence across the West Bank since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, with Israeli forces carrying out regular raids of Palestinian areas. 

WAFA also reported that Israeli troops entered the West Bank city of Nablus and destroyed the home of a man previously accused of carrying out an attack that killed a British-Israeli mother and her two daughters.

For context:  Hamas, which carried out the 7 October attacks, is not in charge in the West Bank and no hostages are being held there.

There are regular clashes and riots in the West Bank aggravated by Israeli settlers both threatening and inflicting violence on Palestinians if they do not give up their land - which has been condemned by even the strongest international supporters of Israel, like the US.

Emergency services were working to rescue people buried beneath rubble this morning after two buildings in Rafah were hit by strikes overnight.

At least people including a child were rescued from underneath the debris in Gaza's southernmost city.

The exact number of casualties is unclear.

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Our goal is to keep Michigan's motorists safe, informed, and mobile. That is why MDOT offers many ways to help ease the stress of commuting by providing information that commuters want and need as they make daily travel decisions.

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I-96 work in Lansing resumes Friday

February 29, 2024

LANSING, Mich. - The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will begin multiple lane closures on I-96 between Cedar Street and Waverly Road in Ingham and Eaton counties in Lansing:

  • Billwood Highway under I-96 ,
  • The northbound Lansing Road entrance ramp to eastbound I-96 ,
  • Eastbound I-96 between Billwood Highway and M-99 ,
  • I-96 in each direction between M-99 and Washington Avenue ,
  • M-99 intermittent lane closures in each direction under I-96 , and
  • Washington Avenue under I-96 .

This work is part of a three-year, $44 million investment on I-96. The project includes rebuilding the eastbound and westbound I-96 bridges over Billwood Highway, the Grand River, M-99, and Washington Avenue. Most of the work will be completed in 2023 and 2024, with road work and crossover removal taking place in 2025.

This project is part of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Rebuilding Michigan program  to rebuild the state highways and bridges that are critical to the state's economy and carry the most traffic. The investment strategy is aimed at fixes that result in longer useful lives and improves the condition of the state's infrastructure.

County: Ingham Eaton

Highways: I-96

Closest city: Lansing

Start date: 6 a.m. Friday, March 1, 2024

Estimated end date: 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024

Traffic restrictions: This project will require single-lane closures during the work at each intersection. Motorists should expect delays.

Jobs numbers: Based on economic modeling, this $44 million investment is expected to directly and indirectly support 532 jobs.

Safety benefit: These improvements will provide increased safety and mobility in this area of I-96, which is a significant local and national trade corridor. Closing lanes during this type of work is necessary to provide the safest work area possible for crews and motorists.

Media Contact:

Aaron Jenkins

MDOT University Region Media Representative

[email protected]


Related News

M-51 traffic shift in niles begins monday.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. - With bridge demolition now complete, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is set to move to the next phase of the $27 million investment to rebuild the US-12/M-51 interchange in Niles, Berrien County.

Transportation grant will support redevelopment efforts at site of former Palace of Auburn Hills

LANSING, Mich. - Today, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced the award of a state Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF) grant that will support critical redevelopment efforts at the site of the former Palace of Auburn Hills with the potential to create up to 963 new jobs and spark $278 million private investment in the city of Auburn Hills.

US-24 (Telegraph Road) project near Eureka Road begins with the closure of the I-75/US-24 connector

TAYLOR, Mich. ¬- The Michigan Department of Transportation is investing $18.5 million to replace two bridges and improve four bridges on US-24 (Telegraph Road) from the US-24/I-75 connector to Mercier Avenue, north of Eureka Road, along with repairs to the US-24 connector between I-75 and Eureka Road.

I-75 BL (Square Lake Road) project planned between I-75 and M-1 (Woodward Avenue) in Oakland County

Bloomfield Twp./Pontiac, Mich. ­- The Michigan Department of Transportation will be investing $15 million to rebuild the section of the I-75 Business Loop (BL) (Square Lake Road) between I-75 and M-1 (Woodward Avenue).

I-696 Restore the Reuther update: Bridge work closing a portion of Inkster Road, US-24 ramp to M-10

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. ­- The I-696 Restore the Reuther project continues with needed bridge work closing Inkster Road between 11 Mile and 12 Mile roads and the closure of the southbound US-24 (Telegraph Road) ramp to southbound M-10 (Lodge/Northwestern Highway).

Traffic shift work begins tomorrow for I-75 project in northern Oakland County

VILLAGE OF CLARKSTON, Mich. - Bridge and road work continues along the I-75 project between M-15 (Ortonville Road) and the Oakland/Genesee county line, with crews working on resurfacing northbound I-75 from M-15 to the north Oakland County line.

MDOT online survey seeks public input on I-94 BL detour in Port Huron

PORT HURON, Mich. - The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) invites the public to participate in an online survey as part of the I-94 Business Loop (BL) rebuilding project in downtown Port Huron.

Reminder: Public meeting for US-24 (Telegraph Road) bridge project near Eureka Road in Wayne County

TAYLOR, Mich. - The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is hosting a public meeting to discuss the upcoming two-year project on US-24 (Telegraph Road) near Eureka Road in Taylor, which will involve closing the US-24/I-75 connector.

MDOT public open house March 7 for M-46, M-19 improvements in Sanilac County

SAGINAW, Mich. - The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) invites the public to attend an open house to learn more about an upcoming $26.4 million investment to rebuild and improve M-46 and M-19 in Sanilac County.


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    willing to travel for work resume


  1. How to Answer "Are You Willing to Travel?" (Interview Question)

    The hiring manager may also come out and tell you how much travel is involved, and then ask an interview question to determine if this is an acceptable travel amount. In this case, if it's acceptable to you, then you can indicate that you are on-board with what they're proposing. For example, you could say: "That amount of travel will ...

  2. How To Answer "Are You Willing to Travel?"

    How to Answer What Percentage Are You Willing to Travel Example. I am certainly willing to travel for work. At my last job in sales, I spent about half my time on the road, so the roughly 25% travel time we discussed for this job sounds more than acceptable. I just have a few more questions about how frequently trips are taken for this position ...

  3. How to say 'Willing to Relocate' on your CV

    The best place to mention relocation on your CV is your personal statement, which sits just underneath your name and contact details. Your CV personal statement should discuss who you are, what you can bring to the role and your career goals. Add the details about being willing to relocate globally to the final part of your statement.

  4. 5 ways you can put travel on your resume & get hired

    In the work experience section. In the additional information section. How to include travel on your resume. Structure the experience like a job. Draw out workplace skills. Show contributions and achievements. Tailor toward your target jobs.

  5. How to include (and leverage) travel on your resume

    Save that space on your resume for the valuable stuff. 3. Where to put travel on a resume. Where you include travel on your resume depends on the type of traveling you did. If you actually worked, with set hours and a list of responsibilities and tasks, then include it in the " Work Experience " section.

  6. Willing to Travel For Job?

    Build a resume. "Are you willing to travel?" is a common question, one you may encounter on your next job interview. If a hiring manager asks you if you are willing to travel for the job, it may set off alarm bells. You could worry that you'll be overburdened with extensive travel responsibilities that take you away from home.

  7. How (and Why) to Include Travel on Your Resume

    Working abroad can be a transformative way to include travel on your resume. Doing so exposes you to new cultures, work environments, and challenges, and shows that you're willing to take risks in the pursuit of new experiences. Employers often appreciate candidates with international work experience, as it demonstrates adaptability, cross ...

  8. How to Answer: Are You Willing to Travel?

    Be sure to frame your answer in terms of what you're able to do, demonstrating flexibility and wrap up by asking the hiring manager to offer more details on the travel requirements. Say something like: "I'm definitely willing to travel, and actually love traveling! I'll admit that I have some prior commitments that prevent me from ...

  9. How to Answer 'Are You Willing to Travel?' (with Examples)

    During the job interview, the answer to the question "are you willing to travel" should definitely be "yes." Don't waste the employer's time if you're not willing to travel. If the employer offers you the job, use the information you've gathered at the bargaining table. You might even be able to negotiate for a higher salary, for ...

  10. How to Include Travel on Your Job Résumé

    1. Volunteering. One should always represent any volunteering done while traveling on a résumé. For me it demonstrated my commitment to education, giving back to other cultures, and global experience. You should always include where your volunteering took place, what your responsibilities were, and if there was any end result.

  11. Traveling Resume Samples

    Traveling Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. ... Must be willing to travel and work away from home when required. This work is for a portable asphalt constrction crew Be willing to work nights and weekends when necessary

  12. 5 ways to include travel on your CV & get hired + xamples

    In your CV profile. In the work experience section. In the additional information section. How to include travel on your CV. Structure the experience like a job. Draw out workplace skills. Show contributions and achievements. Tailor toward your target jobs.

  13. Are you willing to travel for work? (+10 Examples)

    Manager Example. "In my current position, I travel approximately six overnights per month, which is a comfortable pace for me. I am willing to discuss your travel schedule further and come up with a solution that works well for the company and my family responsibilities." Written by Rachelle Enns on January 8th, 2022.

  14. 5 Ways to Make Travel Look Good on Your Resume

    Tell a Professional Story. Putting together a resume is all about marketing yourself, so you should think about the type of information you share, and they way you share it. As we mentioned above, your resume needs to tell a professional story. For instance, highlighting a gap in your resume as "International Experience" sounds a lot more ...

  15. Answering "What Percentage Are You Willing To Travel?"

    Most travel jobs have a percentage of 50 percent or lower. But you can easily find positions that require more. For example, some engineering, training. and sales jobs have workers traveling 70 percent of the time! Some companies even offer positions that require 100 percent travel time.

  16. Travel Resume Samples

    Travel Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. ... Handles administrative needs of the Travel Department Must be willing to work overtime, nights, and weekends, often with short notice ... Willing to travel 30% globally - planned travel ...

  17. The Best Answers to "Are You Willing to Relocate?"

    You have to weigh if this risk or opportunity is best for you. It could be advantageous to your career trajectory to be willing to be flexible.". When you have little experience to make yourself stand out, it's harder to make the case that you shouldn't have to relocate. Realistically, that's often something you earn later on in your ...

  18. How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Travel

    Here are a few examples of how to answer questions about your willingness and availability to travel. I'm very willing to travel. I have worked as a sales representative in the past, and that work required 50% travel time. I know this job requires 25% travel time, and I'm willing and able to travel when needed for this company.

  19. How to Include Your Travels on Your Resume

    Highlight Your Achievements. If you helped a non-profit organization reach their outreach goals, did some freelance editing for a publication or sharpened your photography skills by capturing your travels, be sure to add it to your résumé. If possible, add specific details such as, "volunteered accounting services for 15 hours a week at a ...

  20. Interview Question: Are You Willing To Travel for Work?

    Example Answer 3: 'I have worked in sales for most of my career, and I am accustomed to traveling a lot for work. At the moment I spent anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks per month on the road. The job description mentioned that, on average, approximately 25% to 50% of travel is required for the position.

  21. The Best Way to Add Travel to Your Resume

    The Best Way to Add Travel to Your Resume. As more and more companies globalize to enter new markets and the digital nomad trend solidifies as part of our modern work culture, we see a rise in demand by employers for certain types of skills. These include being able to adapt to different work environments, cultures and settings, effectively ...

  22. Are You Willing to Travel? Sample Interview Answers

    Just compare the following two answers: I do not like to travel and prefer not to, unless absolutely necessary for the work. To be honest, I prefer not to travel often. I have a daughter and try to spend some quality time with her. But if I have to go for a business trip, if it is important for my job, I will definitely do it.

  23. Interview Question: Do You Have the Ability To Travel ...

    Make a list of anything specific you want to know about international travel for the organization, so you can ask during the interview. 4. Detail your travel history. Consider any travel you've done for work in the past. If you have traveled internationally for a job in the past, it's best to refer to professional travel exclusively during your ...

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