The 16 Best Product Tour Software to Support SaaS Onboarding | 2024 update

Summary points:.

This article is a list of the best product tour software designed to help you guide users through your digital product. You will find some popular tools like Intercom and Whatfix, as well as lesser-known ones like Chameleon. Read on to discover what they can do for your business.

How Important Are Product Tour Apps?

Any SaaS business runs the risk of losing potential customers because they can’t figure out how to use the product from the get-go. This is where product tour software comes into play. They introduce users to your product and help them navigate its features to discover its value.

Effective product tours can increase product activation, adoption, and user retention rates and loyalty . Product tour software can also be used to record and analyze customer feedback. If you’re on the hunt for a good product tour tool, check out our suggestions:

1. Userpilot

Cost : from $249/month

Best Features:

  • Growth Insights
  • Engagement Layer
  • User Sentiment
  • Reporting, Targeting & Customization
  • Integrations


With Userpilot you can create fully interactive product walkthroughs and tours. It offers many segmentation and personalization options, as well as advanced analytics. It is easy to use and install (by downloading a Chrome extension and adding a JavaScript snippet). Userpilot is Custify’s primary choice in product tour software and we often recommend it our customers. We also have an active partnership so, as a customer of Custify, you can benefit from a significative discount.

2. UserGuiding

Cost: from $69/month, billed yearly

  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Segmentation
  • Resource Centers
  • NPS surveys
  • Goal Tracking

website tour software

UserGuiding is a product tour and digital adoption platform that you can use to create fully customizable in-product experiences easily without any coding. You can also set up sophisticated onboarding flows, checklists for additional help, and resource centers to maximize efficiency and engagement. UserGuiding’s NPS surveys feature helps you gather customer input to measure customer satisfaction and improve customer experience. Keep in mind that, at the moment, UserGuiding elements show on mobile devices but can’t be used for mobile apps.

3. Intercom

Cost : from $59/month

  • Code-free builder
  • Audience targeting
  • Multipage tours
  • Click-to-advance


Intercom is a conversational relationship platform that has a product tour add-on. You can use it to create product tours for your customers and drive onboarding and adoption. With Intercom you can also create frameless video tours to make your customer feel closer to you. However, Intercom tours are linear, with no real interactivity.

Cost : free version, price quote for other plans

  • Mobile guides
  • Guide consumption analytics
  • Themes and styling
  • Pre-built layout library
  • Guide scheduling


Pendo helps you interact with customers by designing personalized onboarding and tutorials, and by sending in-app messages. You can tailor your messages for specific customer segments to make sure they all know how to use the features they need. In-app messages can also result in reduced customer support calls due to increased customer satisfaction. However, keep in mind Pendo’s interface is not friendly to inexperienced users.

Cost: custom price quote

  • Automatic, Precise Targeting
  • Condition-Based walkthroughs
  • Zero-Coding Content Creation
  • Multilingual

product walkthroughs

Whatfix offers interactive product tours and smart content creation. Like Userpilot, it can be installed via Chrome extension and JavaScript snippet. You can use it to easily create content, no coding skills required, and display it in various formats (video, PDF, etc). Whatfix’s installation process is a bit difficult and its customization options are limited.

Cost: from $249/month billed yearly or $299/month billed monthly

  • Onboarding tours
  • In-app surveys
  • In-app messaging

website tour software

Appcues is an easy-to-use product tour software that comes with a no-code design-builder and many design options. Its tracking features require no coding skills as well, so you don’t need any help from developers or analysts. Appcues also comes with custom dashboards for reporting and analysis. Nonetheless, its price range is very high compared to that of other software from this list.

7. CommandBar

Cost: free version, from $249/month for other plans

  • Universal search
  • Product tours
  • Onboarding checklists
  • Help hub/resource center

website tour software

Cost: price quote

  • Full Interface Control
  • Advanced API Support
  • Multi-language

product walkthroughs

WalkMe is one of the most popular product tour software on this list. You can use it to quickly build, test, and launch non-linear product walkthroughs. It has a wide variety of features like analytics, A/B testing, and task automation, which may seem overwhelming at first. Based on reviews, it’s price quotes are quite steep, and it’s more suitable for large businesses.

9. Chameleon

Cost: from $279/month

  • Microsurveys (including NPS)
  • Event Triggering
  • Audience Segments
  • A/B Testing

product walkthroughs

Chameleon is an onboarding and product tour software that you can use to record and analyze customer feedback. Although not as well-known as other tools such as Appcues or WalkMe, Chameleon provides many UX elements to use in product tours. It also offers custom CSS, allowing you to set specific styling or themes for your product walkthroughs. However, custom coding means Chameleon will take longer to deploy.

10. Userlane

  • Audience Targeting
  • Multi-Language
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Customer Segmentation

product walkthroughs

Userlane is a no-code product tour tool that allows you to offer tailored guidance and support to users. With Userlane you can collaborate with your team members to build step-by-step, on-screen interactive guides. It is easy to use and customize and it gets regular releases of new features. Based on online reviews, one of the downsides is that Userlanes’s analytics feature could use improvement.

11. Userflow

Cost: from $200/month, billed yearly

  • Launchers/Hotspots
  • Surveys/NPS
  • Flow/checklist views
  • Automatic, segmented flow triggering

With Userflow you can build in-app, highly customized, and dynamic flows with no code. Its drag and drop builder is visual and intuitive and it allows you to easily preview flows, directly in your own app. It is also a customer input software that you can use to collect user feedback via NPS, CSAT, and free-form text surveys. However, access to many of its features is restricted on the lower pricing plans.

  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Complex Flow Creation
  • Multiple Domains
  • Custom Validations

product walkthroughs

With Apty you can simplify the learning curve for users and help them get familiarized with your product. You can use walkthroughs and in-app messaging to onboard users or highlight newly launched features. Apty’s analytics tool analyzes user behavior and helps you create customized flows for various user groups. One possible drawback is that Apty’s deployment and integration can take some time.

13. Nickelled

Cost: from $99/month

  • Unlimited users and views
  • Easy page embedding
  • User Segmentation
  • Embed video or audio in guides

product walkthroughs

Nickelled is a 100% code-free product tour software. You can use it to drive product adoption with guided tours, website banners, and onsite widgets. Nickelled is cross-platform so it works on mobile, desktop, and tablet. It doesn’t require software downloads or browser extensions, and Javascript is optional. It is one of the less pricey options on this list, but note that it offers no customer segmentation at the moment.

14. Usetiful

Cost: free version, from €29.90/month for other plans

  • Product tour
  • Customizable themes for native look
  • Usage analytics

website tour software

Usetiful markets itself as an “affordable premium solution for digital adoption” which seems to be accurate. You can use it by pasting a snippet of code into your product, or by adding their browser extension. Their product tours and smart tips were designed to look native in your software product for good user experience. As is often the case, lower pricing plans don’t include access to many features.

Cost: Free for Basic Plan, $29 per user/month for Pro Plan, and customizable charge for Enterprise packages.

Best Features

  • Automatic guide creation for training employees and assisting customers
  • Instant documentation of best practices across teams
  • Document consistency and easy update
  • Automatically updated documents
  • Screenshot redaction
  • Embedded guides in any CMS

website tour software

Scribe is the first process documentation tool of its kind. It’s a browser extension or desktop app that automatically creates how-to guides.

Simply click “Record” and capture your process. Scribe will instantly create a step-by-step document, complete with written instructions and screenshots. Additional features enable you to edit and update your Scribe, effectively making those changes wherever it’s shared or embedded.

16. Intro.js

Cost : free open-source, lifetime commercial license starts at $9.99

  • Simple, lightweight API
  • Completely customizable
  • Free open-source
  • Easy install
  • 24/7 Priority support option

website tour software

Intro.js is a very smart tool that can be just what you need if you’re starting out in the SaaS world. While it doesn’t have all the flashy features of its competitors, Intro.js makes up for it through a highly customizable, 10kB API. The API is free and open-source for personal use. Commercial lifetime licenses start at $9.99 and can go up to $299 for 24/7 priority support, and unlimited projects. The biggest downside of Intro.js is that you need some knowledge of CSS and JavaScript to integrate it. However, that can also be a plus since it allows you to tailor everything to your needs.

Final Thoughts

It might seem difficult to decide – maybe one tool has a feature you like, but is missing another. Or maybe they’re all good. We recommend the following process:

  • Find out what you need from the product tour software (be as precise as possible)
  • Settle on a budget
  • Shortlist a few of the best options for you on this list
  • Do extensive research for each of them
  • Message them with any concerns or questions

Consider your needs and budget and do extensive research before deciding on one. Based on the high review count on websites like G2 or Capterra, Intercom, Pendo, and Whatfix seem to be the go-to product tour tools. Judging by what they offer, however, Appcues and WalkMe are very good choices as well. So here you have it, the next part is on you – good luck!

Victor Antiu

Written by Victor Antiu

Victor Antiu is the Marketing Manager at Custify. With nearly 10 years experience, his focus is SEO, product marketing, and B2B inbound strategy. When he’s not trying to fix websites and automate processes, he’s traveling and sailing around the world.

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Best Product Tour Software: 16 Tools for Better User Experience

User onboarding is your time to shine! Find a tool that works best for you among these sixteen top-notch software solutions, and use it to increase product adoption and drive growth.

Best Product Tour Software: 16 Tools for Better User Experience

Ever found yourself so frustrated with an app or product that you’ve exited and never returned? You’re not alone, 80% of users say they’ve deleted an app because they didn’t know how to use it.

It’s essential to ensure your users don’t become part of that 80%. But, how ?

Product tours are a good place to start.

We've listed the sixteen best product tour software solutions for ensuring you turn new users into power users that can't get enough of your product. Whether it's with in-app tutorials or product walkthroughs, these tools help you improve adoption rates, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Why build interactive product tours in the first place? #

A product tour enables you to guide users through a specific set of actions within your product. It guides users from A to B, and provides details on the steps they took to get there.

It’s an essential part of ensuring a great user experience, and a must for ensuring your users understand—and love—your product. Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Product tours help guide first-time users #

Imagine booking your dream vacation, but not being told which airport you fly from. You’d be pretty frustrated, right?

That’s why you need a product tour—in this case, an onboarding tour . It teaches new users about the potential of your product without forcing them through the stress of figuring it out for themselves.

Guiding users through your top features is an essential part of enabling user activation and ensuring customer retention. In fact, 86% of people say they’d be more likely to remain loyal to a business that invests in welcoming and educational onboarding content.

Product walkthroughs that onboard your users are a must—if they can’t use your solution they’ll look elsewhere.

Product tours help increase feature adoption #

Product tours aren’t just for new users, they’re also a great way to engage existing users around specific features they could find useful.

You can create a product tour to increase the adoption of any feature. It’s a great way of sharing useful features your users haven’t yet found, and is even better if it’s user-triggered.

Product tours enable you to personalize user experience #

Hyper-targeted tours enable you to target users and user segments to create a better in-product experience.

For example, let’s say you introduce a new feature developed for the marketers using your software. With the customer data you’ve gathered throughout their lifecycle, you can create an in-product tour for this feature that’ll only be shown to marketing teams and managers.

Product tours enable you to customize tours depending on your target users. They ensure all users know how best to use your product, considering their job to be done .

website tour software

🎬 Webinar: Using Jobs to be Done to Improve User Onboarding

Learn how to customize onboarding experiences at scale, and help steer users to key "aha!" moments.

How to find the right tool for your product tours #

Finding the right product tour software for you means knowing what to look out for. There are a number of key capabilities you should consider when evaluating tools.

Let’s run through what you should look for when making your decision.

Make sure the tool is easy to use #

There’s little point in a tool you don’t know how to use. 

You want to consider ease of implementation—you don’t want to wait weeks, or even months, to start using your product tour solution. You want a solution that’s easy to set up and configure. 

Consider how much coding knowledge you need to get started—if any. Product tour software should enable you to make changes quickly and easily without the need for development support, and not leave you confused about the next steps.

When it comes to using the solution, you want to find one that you and your team find easy to understand. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending more time learning to use the software than implementing it to improve your offerings.

This includes the ease of navigating through the platform, ease of building and customizing tours, ease of gathering feedback, and much more—anything that you may need to do in the app.

Look out for some key features #

There are some key features you need to identify in your product tour software. These features are must-haves for building and implementing product tours, such as:

  • Icons 300 Audience segmentation: Whether you want to create onboarding tours for new users or advanced feature tours for existing customers, you need a tool that enables you to build and customize step-by-step tours that fit the specific needs of different user segments.
  • Icons 300 Versatility : You need to be able to add various forms of in-app guides, whether it’s through in-line help, modals, banners, in-product widgets, or onboarding checklists. These help you provide additional guidance at key steps.
  • Icons 300 Continuity : Setting up a product tour isn’t a one-and-done task. You want a tool that enables you to continuously collect user feedback at any stage of their journey, and then iterate and improve.

These features enable you to build a comprehensive product experience for your users. If you’re looking for an advanced suite of features , look out for a tool to help with robust user segmentation, rate limiting, A/B testing , scheduling, and the likes. 

Pro tip: Consider how the tool integrates with your existing tech stack, and how it fits into your current workflow.

Ensure there are ample customization capabilities #

Another thing you want to look out for is customization and personalization options for onboarding UX/UI elements. This refers to how easily you’re able to modify the in-product experience as per your needs—think font, color, branding, placement, size, and more.

You want software that helps you build native-looking product tours to avoid a disconnect between your brand and the in-app support you offer. This is also known as a white-label tool. A good tool enables you to build product experiences that reflect your brand and company.

Find a tool with high-quality support #

Last, but by no means least—find a tool that offers comprehensive support, ideally in multiple languages. A vast majority of product tour tools will claim to have incredible support, but that can sometimes end up being far from the truth.

Make sure to check out user reviews before making your final decision—they’ll give you a more accurate understanding of a tools’ support team. If reviews are consistently negative, then consider looking into another option. You don’t want to be left in the dark after investing in a new product experience tool—you need a team looking out for your ongoing success.

Pro tip: On platforms like G2, you can also filter reviews by topic, meaning you can dig deeper into many aspects of the tool in question—from customer service capabilities to feature functionality. It’s a key step in your tool evaluation process.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s dive into the top sixteen tools you can consider for creating tours that will keep your users coming back for more.

Top 16 product tour software solutions for empowering your users #

Product tour software is key to taking your product tours to the next level—but, how do you ensure yours are top-tier? 

With a powerful tool, that’s how. 

We’ve evaluated the top tools so you don’t have to, and looked into the pros and cons of each to provide a comprehensive overview. Increase customer satisfaction and make creating product tours a breeze with these sixteen product tour software.

1. Chameleon #

Choose Chameleon if you're looking for broad styling options, advanced user segmentation, A/B testing, scheduling options, tour performance analytics, and integrations with your existing tools

Chameleon works with single-page apps and other browser-based web apps, but not with native mobile applications, so if you have a mobile app, Chameleon isn’t going to be the best choice for you

Chameleon is a no-code user onboarding software and a Product Adoption Platform that enables you to guide users through any step of their product journey. It’s one tool to manage all product engagements within your web app—from onboarding tours to highly-customizable in-product widgets and product surveys.

website tour software

Chameleon's features

Core product features include: 

  • Icons 300 Tours : Use banners, modals, hotspots, and more to announce changes or guide users with interactive walkthroughs.
  • Icons 300 Tooltips : Easily deploy in-app messages for guidance wherever you discover users need it, without pulling on your engineering or coding resources.
  • Icons 300 Launchers : These in-product widgets enable you to use checklists or help menus to deepen user engagement and feature discovery.
  • Icons 300 Microsurveys : Get continuous feedback on your user experience to build a better product and adoption process. Share this feedback across your other tools using Chameleon’s API .

Additional features include:

Chameleon Builder : Quickly build and update product tours with a WYSIWYG editor, point-and-click selection for exact tour placement, and instant deployment.

Customized styling : Advanced styling options and a custom CSS enables you to customize the attributes of your steps, and add up to the custom branding.

Chameleon Dashboard : Chameleon automatically collects tour performance data and creates Dashboard reports. You can also integrate Chameleon with product analytics tools for more comprehensive insights.

Best for: B2B SaaS, product-led companies, medium and larger organizations.

Chameleon pricing: 

Chameleon offers a  14-day free trial , plus three pricing plans:

Startup : starting at $279 /month

Growth : starting at $849 /month

Enterprise : get in touch for details

Chameleon is the ideal solution for creating fully interactive tours that engage your users with both core and advanced features. You can get a demo to learn more.

Choose Pendo for user onboarding behavioral analytics and user sentiment analysis, as well as for employee onboarding and productivity analysis

If you’re just starting out or you run a team in a small-sized company, Pendo might not be the best fit for you

Pendo is a product adoption platform that helps you deliver product experiences through a number of solutions.

website tour software

Pendo's features

Core product tour features include:

In-app guides : To deliver a personalized experience for your users.

Behavioral analytics : For finding out how different types of users engage with your product.

Feedback : In-app polls and surveys enable you to gather feedback from users.

Additional features include: 

Roadmapping : Coordinate your team around one central planning roadmap and create specific role-based roadmaps.

Sentiment analysis : Understand how users feel about your product.

Best for: Medium and enterprise companies.

Pendo pricing: 

Pendo offers a free plan with limited functionalities and three paid plans:

To find out more about the specifics—like total monthly cost—you’ll need to contact the team.

3. Appcues #

Choose Appcues if you need simple click tracking and data visualizations to understand how users interact with your product

If you’re looking for advanced product analytics and sophisticated behavior data insights Appcues might not be the best choice

Appcues enables you to build personalized product experiences that span from adoption to retention.

website tour software

Appcues features

Core features include:

User onboarding : Reduce time to value and guide users to their “aha!” moment.

Feature adoption : In-app announcements and guides to meet users where they are.

Insights : Simple click tracking and data visualizations to help understand how users interact with your product.

Custom surveys : Drag and drop images, videos, questions, and form fields to get key feedback.

Appcues studio : A dashboard for managing flows, events, and experiences.

Best for: Small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Appcues pricing: 

Appcues offers a 14-day free trial for users. Then you have a choice of three plans:

Essentials : starting at $299 /month

Growth : starting at $879 /month

Enterprise : get a custom quote

The price goes up with active users, meaning you’ll pay more as you grow .

4. WalkMe #

Choose WalkMe if you're a large company dealing with enterprise customers with low monthly active users.

If you want product tour software options for actually driving adoption among a growing number of end-users, WalkMe might not be the best fit for you.

WalkMe is one of the earliest digital adoption platforms, and while it does provide a comprehensive solution, it's also lacking in flexibility, customizability, as well as many other things needed in a modern product tour software such as deep integrations.

website tour software

WalkMe's features

Product tours : Your run-of-the-mill product tours for on-screen guidance.

Microsurveys : You can create in-product surveys to collect user feedback.

Checklists : You can offer onboarding checklists to your users.

Tooltips: You can use it to create tooltips for additional in-app guidance.

Additional features include : 

Product analytics : WalkMe also offers tools that could be considered as advanced analytics if you're a non-tech firm.

Best for: Enterprise-level businesses, non-tech companies.

WalkMe pricing: 

WalkMe requires you to contact the team to get a quote, but like many other tools that require a quote, you can get a free demo.

5. Userpilot #

Choose Userpilot if you want to track user engagement goals with goal completion analysis

If you run an enterprise-level company, Userpilot might not be the choice for you

Userpilot is a user engagement tool designed to facilitate every stage of the user journey. It offers no-code in-product experiences built to drive user activation, feature adoption, and customer retention.

website tour software

Userpilot's features

In-app experiences : Guide your users through your product and its features.

Engagement goals : Establish and track your user engagement goals with goal completion analysis.

User segmentation : Create role-specific tips for users based on their persona or in-app behavior.

Additional features include :

In-app growth experiments : Easily test your hypotheses with no developer support with simple A/B testing.

In-app surveys : Design your own or choose from a selection of templates for gathering contextual feedback.

Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses.

Userpilot pricing: 

Userpilot offers three pricing plans:

Traction: starting at $249 /month

Growth: starting at $499 /month

Enterprise: starting at $1,000 /month

Userpilot doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can sign-up for a demo to get a feel of the platform.

6. Product Fruits #

Choose Product Fruits if you’re looking for a cost-effective product tour solution with a knowledge base builder

If you need more sophisticated and advanced features for your onboarding flows, Product Fruits might not fit your needs

Product Fruits is a platform that provides the tools you need to solve your software adoption problems. From onboarding to providing contextual self-service, Product Fruits enables you to meet your users' needs.

website tour software

Product Fruits' features

Onboarding solutions : Create guided tours and onboarding checklists for new users.

Contextual support : Highlight new features, give tips and tricks, and deliver release notes in-product.

Feedback widget : Enable users to report bugs using videos and screenshots.

Additional features :

Help center : Page-specific support that you can customize for each page.

Knowledge base builder : Create a knowledge base to support onboarding.

Product Fruits pricing: 

Product Fruits offers two pricing options:

Growing : starting at $79 /month 

The platform also offers a 14-day free trial, so you can discover the product before making your final decision.

7. Lou Assist #

Choose Lou Assist if you’re looking for a tool with a free plan, and you want to track adoption metrics for behavior data insights 

If you run a bigger team or an enterprise, Lou Assist might not be your best choice

Lou Assist is a digital adoption platform that streamlines user onboarding and training through product tours and in-platform experiences. It’s a lesser-known tool than some other big names on our list, but it still packs the necessary punch to create comprehensive tours.

website tour software

Lou Assist's features

User onboarding : Create on-brand onboarding experiences with no code required.

Feature adoption : Use the platform to guide users through new features.

Announcements : Announce new features and provide additional information.

Analytics : Track your goals and understand user behavior with feature adoption metrics.

Lou Assist pricing: 

Lou Assist offers four different plans, including a free plan that offers limited capabilities. The other three plans are:

Startup : $99 /month

Growth : $199 /month

Enterprise : starting at $299 /month

You’d pay a fixed rate for a set amount of monthly active users. It’s only when you get to 10,000+ monthly active users that your costs increase per active user.

8. Userflow #

Choose Userflow if you’re looking for a feature-rich tool for your SMB

Userflow might not be the best choice for you if you need a tool on the lower side of costs

Userflow is a user onboarding software that lets you build customized and dynamic step-based flows. It offers insights and analytics to track users and how they progress through your onboarding process.

website tour software

Userflow's features

Element selection : Identify elements in your app based on simple text.

Automated triggers: Perform actions based on user clicks.

Onboarding checklists : Users can complete and check-off tasks during their onboarding.

Resource center : Enables users to access resources directly in your product.

Event tracking : Set up event trackers to analyze users’ experience on your site.

Userflow pricing: 

Userflow offers three pricing levels:

Startup : $250 /month

Pro : $750 /month

Enterprise : request a custom quote

It also offers a 14-day free trial, as well as a demo for those interested in learning more about the platform. 

Choose Apty if you run multiple applications, and you need a comprehensive enterprise software adoption tool 

If you work in a smaller team and you’re looking for a simpler solution, Apty might not be your best choice

Apty is an all-in-one enterprise transformation platform that gives you the tools for digital adoption.

website tour software

Apty's features

Guided workflows : A step-by-step on-screen guidance for your users.

Application analysis : Track user behavior and identify common issues with your application and processes.

Cross application support : Guide users through multi-app tasks involving internal applications and other software.

Data validations : Solve data accuracy and quality issues by prompting users to fix errors while they’re inputting data.

Best for: Enterprise-level businesses

Apty pricing: 

Apty offers a free evaluation period and a custom plan—you’re encouraged to contact the team for a custom plan and quote.

10. UserGuiding #

Choose UserGuiding if you’re on a budget. It is one of the most low cost user onboarding solutions currently available in the market.

If you need something more sophisticated, like event-based triggering and broad and deep integrations with other tools, UserGuiding may not cut it for you.

UserGuiding is a no-code digital adoption platform for creating a linear user onboarding process.

UserGuiding builder

UserGuiding's features

Resource center : This is a widget that makes all your resources accessible in one.

NPS surveys : An in-app survey that helps you measure your Net Promoter Score.

Onboarding checklist : An in-app widget that guides users through the onboarding experience with a checklist.

User segmentation: You can create segments of users for targeted onboarding.

Analytics : An analytics dashboard to show user behavior data.

Best for: Small to medium teams

UserGuiding pricing: 

UserGuiding offers a 14-day free trial for users. Then you have a choice of three plans:

Basic : starting at $69 /month

Professional : starting at $299 /month

Corporate : starting at $499 /month

11. Whatfix #

Choose Whatfix if you're a large company looking for digital adoption platforms that offer a wide variety of integrations.

If you want something that is much more customizable and gives a targeted experience such as user-based triggers, then look elsewhere.

Whatfix is a no-code tool that allows you to create interactive product tours, as well as employee training.

website tour software

Whatfix's features

Interactive walkthroughs : A no-code editor to create a step-by-step product walkthrough.

Knowledge bases: Self-serve resource centers for giving easy access to help resources.

Task lists : An onboarding checklist to guide the user through the process.

Analytics : A dashboard to view product analytics and user data.

Whatfix pricing: 

Whatfix requires you to talk to the sales team to get a quote. You can also request a demo.

12. Intro.js #

Choose Intro.js if you have coding skills or have dev resources available.

Intro.js is a good choice for tech-savvy teams that want a super-budget option that can be deployed quickly and only need very basic onboarding.

Intro.js is a JavaScript library for creating product tours. This is a DIY solution that costs only $9.99 for a lifetime commercial license, though coding skills are required.

A screenshot of Intro.js in action

Intro.js' features

Tours : Allows you to create basic step-by-step product tours.

Tooltips : You can create tooltips for giving guidance on specific features.

Best for: Individuals and small teams

Intro.js Pricing: 

Intro.js is open source, which means you can try it out for free. For commercial licenses, they have the following plans, depending on how many projects you want to create.

Starter : $9.99 /lifetime

Business : $49.99/ lifetime

Premium : $299.99/ lifetime

13. Intercom Product Tours #

Choose Intercom Product Tours if you already use Intercom and you want to try out a product tour software.

If you need something more robust outside of linear onboarding you're better off looking elsewhere.

Intercom Product Tours is a product tour add-on to Intercom's core offering. It's easy to use, but the depth of its features are still lacking.

website tour software

Intercom Product Tours' Features

Core features are:

Product walkthroughs : Your standard step-by-step interactive product tours.

Tooltips : In-product guidance that targets certain features.

User segmentation : Intercom allows you to do audience targeting.

Integration with other Intercom features : Intercom's product tours software integrates with Intercom's other tools such as its chatbot.

Best for: Users of Intercom.

Intercom Product Tours pricing:

On the cheaper side for a product tour tool, but you still need to get a quote. You can request for a demo.

14. Userlane #

Choose Userlane if your need is more towards employee onboarding and training.

If you're looking for customizable tools that are oriented towards end user onboarding, there are other options out there better for you.

Userlane is a product tour software that can be used for either internal onboarding, or user onboarding but it swings more towards training employees.

website tour software

Userlane's features

Guided onboarding : Userlane enables you to do a solid job of onboarding people to your product.

Audience targeting : To some degree, you can use it to tailor communication to user segments.

Process recording : You can record your process and create a guide based on that.

Content assistant : Userlane provides a search bar in the corner that helps you find the right resource.

Best for: Medium businesses , Enterprise-level businesses

Userlane pricing: 

Like many others, you need to ask Userlane for a quote.

15. Stonly #

Choose Stonly if you want a basic and less costly no-code design builder to get started on user education.

However, as many of these budget tools go, they aren't very good when it comes to contextual guidance and targeting. Also, it's not really for massive end-user adoption.

Stonly is a tool that helps you create an interactive guide for your product, as well as provide self-serve support.

website tour software

Stonly's features

Interactive guides : Create an interactive tour for employee onboarding or user onboarding.

Self-serve support : Build self-serve guides to reduce support tickets.

Knowledge bases: Create a knowledge base to accelerate employee education.

Best for: Small and medium companies.

Stonly pricing: 

Stonly offers a 14-day free trial for users. Then you have a choice of three plans:

Starter : starting at $99 /month

Business : starting at $199 /month

Enterprise: you need to contact the team for this.

16. Scribe #

Choose Scribe if you need an affordable tool to help your team onboard new hires quickly.

If you're looking for a product tour tool that actually helps with end-user engagement, look elsewhere.

Scribe is a step by step guide creator that records a process, and then automatically generates a guide.

website tour software

Scribe's features

Recording : First you record your process with Scribe's screen recorder.

Generate a guide : Scribe then automatically generates a guide by following the process.

Edit and customize : You can edit and customize the guide after it's been generated.

Best for: Individuals, small teams.

Scribe pricing:

Scribe offers a free option, which allows you to get a good taste of what to expect from its product tour software.

Business : starting at $23 /user/month

Enterprise: from here you need a quote.

What makes a successful product tour? #

These 16 product tour software solutions provide all the tools you need to create product tours that encourage adoption and reduce churn rates. Great product tours aren't just about tools, though—they are what you make of them.

So, what's the key to success? 

Here are a few tips to help you make incredible product tours:

Be clear and concise : Users don't need lines and lines of guidance—they just need a nudge in the right direction. Use to-the-point language to guide your users through your tour flow. We found that short, relevant copy of 25 words per step works best.

Present core value : Aid your users in reaching their “aha!” moment with personalized tours. This helps ensure users don't abandon your product before understanding its full potential.

Keep it short and sweet : Our latest Benchmark Report found that product tour length greatly impacts the completion rate. Tours with three steps receive the highest completion rate of 72%, while tours that include four steps or more drop to under a 45% completion rate.

Use visuals throughout : User onboarding doesn't need a wall of text—a picture is worth a thousand words, after all. Engage your new users with images throughout, and don't be afraid to explain steps using video. 

Following these tips will help ensure you're creating product tours that provide actual value, instead of a quick rundown of what your product offers. Product tours are a time to impress users and fight churn—not a time to bore them.

You also want to consider what tools you'll be using alongside product tour software to improve your onboarding experience. Tools for email onboarding, like the example below from Userlist , help you simplify the onboarding analytics and feedback processing. This will aid you in your efforts to deliver a better experience. 

website tour software

Wrapping up on product tour software solutions #

You've reached the end of our tour on product tour tools—thanks for tuning in.

Building great products involves more than just creating them. It also involves getting users onboard. You could have the most impressive product on the market, but if users can't get to grips with it, you're likely to encounter issues with customer retention and churn.

Guiding the user journey and supporting any learning curve is key to the success of your product. These sixteen product tour tools offer ample choice—consider the features to look out for and what's most important for your needs.

If you're curious to find out more about Chameleon's easy-to-use suite of digital adoption tools, get in touch and schedule your demo today , or get started for free and start exploring at your own pace.

website tour software

Build in-app guides to retain users

Chameleon makes it easy for product teams to create product tours, tooltips, onboarding checklists, and in-app surveys without code.

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Mobile user onboarding: the ultimate guide for 2023, the 3 key types of user onboarding.

Yoel Eilat

Boost product adoption and reduce churn

Get started free in our sandbox or book a personalized call with our product experts

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Kuula is the most popular , award winning software that makes it easy to create 3d 360 virtual tours for any business., kuula is the most popular virtual tour software to create 3d 360 tours for real estate, architecture, construction, art galleries, education and more..

It takes less than 30 seconds!

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Create engaging virtual tours

Create Virtual Tours that engage your audience

Our editor is simple but packed with powerful features. With the PRO and Business plans you can create unlimited tours, add labels, custom hotspots, nadir and zenith patches, background audio, interactive cards and floor plans. Create beautiful 3D 360 tours that your users won't easily forget!

The smoothest and most efficient 3D 360 Virtual Tour player on the web

Don't just show images to your clients - give them an experience! Kuula offers the smoothest and most efficient 3D 360 Virtual Tour player on the web. Perfect to the last detail.

Embed & share virtual tours

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Virtual Tours are a great way to increase user engagement. Thanks to Kuula, you can easily add 3D 360 content to your website. Our feature-rich Export Editor allows you to adjust the player settings the way you want. With Kuula PRO , you can add custom branding and with BUSINESS - you can use your own domain!

Browse virtual tours on mobile devices

Let your virtual tours shine on mobile

Over 50% of your users are on mobile. Give them the best experience! With Kuula, you get virtual tour experience optimized for mobile devices. Viewers will enjoy your 360 content on a small screen as much as they do on a large one.

Browse virtual tours in Virtual Reality

Enter the world of Virtual Reality

Letting clients view your content in VR has never been easier! Thanks to Kuula WebXR support, users can explore your 3D 360 tours on a variety of Virtual Reality headsets. No need to install any apps, no barriers.

Share virtual tours in listings and on social media

Reach anyone, anywhere

Easy sharing is at the core of Kuula. We want to help you share your Virtual Tours with everyone on the web. Whether you want to share a tour in a real estate listing, embed on a website or simply share a link via email - Kuula makes it easy to reach your audience, wherever they are.

Shoot virtual tours with any 360 camera

All cameras supported!

Kuula supports all panoramic images. Whether you shoot with a 360 camera such as Ricoh Theta, Labpano or Insta360, use a DSLR or render your images with 3D software - they can all be uploaded and shared on Kuula. Even non-panoramic images are supported!

Honolulu, HI by Island Imaging

A worldwide community

Kuula is used by companies and photographers all over the world. Our dedication to quality and usability has made Kuula the leading 3D 360 Virtual Tour platform. Join today and try it for free!

What users say about Kuula

Kuula stands head and shoulders above the rest. It’s a perfect mix of professional features, a super easy to use interface and the price is one of the best of all the paid platforms. It’s my software of choice! Ben Claremont VirtualTourPro

Ben Claremont | VirtualTourPro

Kuula is one of the most popular 360 photo sharing platforms. They have distinguished themselves from other photo sharing sites by constantly adding new features. Michael Ty 360rumors

Michael Ty | 360Rumors

Kuula provides high picture quality in user friendly interface for my 360 panoramas. It's improving in time - new features are added regularly. Sharing your 360 panoramas on Kuula will be a long term relationship! Martin Kulhavy

Martin Kulhavy

Kuula and our images have been featured on

website tour software

Are you ready to start building virtual tours?

About kuula.

Kuula is the most popular, award winning 3D 360 virtual tour software that makes it easy to create virtual tours for any business.

It is used by over 350,000 of professionals, artists and companies from all over the world. Our users have uploaded over 10,000,000 panoramic photos that were viewed over 1 billion times!

Kuula was founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, California ☀️

What's new?

Introduction to 360 Drone Photography

We're happy to announce that we partnered with Ricoh to offer you a great deal on the amazing Theta Z1 and X cameras! More info

PanoX V2 Camera - Kuula Review

PanoX V2 is a new 360 action camera from Labpano. It can shoot photos in 12K and has a large 3 inch touchscreen More info

Articles and tutorials

Recommanded 360 cameras

We distilled years of experience with 360 photography into a concise introduction. Read our guide

Virtual Tour tutorial

With Kuula simple and easy user interface, you can create engaging and fully interactive virtual tours in minutes! Here's how

Kuula PRO

Kuula Pro offers interactive hotspots, virtual tours, branded embeds, batch uploads, private posts and premium support. See features and pricing

Kuula: #1 Virtual Tour Software for any business

360 3d virtual tour software for real estate, architecture, construction, art galleries, education and more..

website tour software

Virtual Tours and 360/panoramic photos are highly interactive formats. They require Javascript and WebGL to run properly. Please enable Javascript in your browser or use another browser that supports Javascript.

Quality product content. In your inbox. Every week.

How to create effective product tours that users will love‍.

website tour software

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Product tours (or product walkthroughs) introduce new users to apps by giving them the lay of the land. You can think of them like interactive tutorials—they help users get comfy with your UI while guiding them to the core processes that bring value to your product. Great product tours set users up for long-term engagement and increase the odds of product activation , product adoption , and user retention .

If you want to keep new users as customers, your product has to work seamlessly from the start —and there’s no better retention mechanism than a stellar product tour.

What is a product tour?

A product tour is a guided walkthrough of a product or service, typically presented to users after they sign up or first log in. Product tours are used to onboard new users, introduce them to a product's key features and value, and help them get started using it. They’re different from product demos , which intend to show a custom solution to a specific user need.

Why use a product tour?

You should expect adopting any new software to come with a bit of a learning curve. A product tour helps users navigate this friction while promptly revealing an app’s important value-laden features. Good tours walk a tightrope between annoying users with over-engagement and frustrating users with under-assistance.

They act as a guided tour for new customers learning how to use your SaaS product for the first time. Product tours:

  • Compel users to take specific, meaningful actions in your app. Instead of leaving users to figure out your app on their own, product tours influence user behavior by explaining why each step is important and guiding users to take critical actions within your product.
  • Guide users toward their aha moment. An aha moment is when users first realize the value that your product provides. Users who stumble upon their aha moment understand how your product improves their work (or life). This isn't always something they'll discover on their own—but a product tour makes that discovery process a heck ton easier.
  • Can be simple to build and experiment with. ‍Tools like Appcues allow you to create or amend a product tour without making software changes within your app. This makes experimenting with your onboarding process a breeze and quickly uncovers what resonates with your users.


Ready to tour appcues' product tour software.

  • Use in-app guides to educate users
  • Increase activation with personalized flows
  • Drive feature adoption to improve stickiness

Charts and graphs

10 tips for building successful product tours

Every product has different features, and every user has different needs—that’s why effective product tours look different for every app. That being said, here are 5 best practices for designing a great product tour that moves users through your flywheel and onto the next stage in their journey.

  • Be sequential : Don't just show users a random collection of tooltips without any clear structure. Each step in your product tour should be clearly defined, and each step should move users further down the path to activation.
  • Focus on the core value : Explaining every little feature will only lead to frustrated and annoyed users. Make sure you're only highlighting necessary features users need to experience your product's core value to keep them truckin' along to their aha moment. (You can always introduce additional features later.)
  • Keep things short and sweet : New users are keen to get started using your app. Respect their time by making sure your tour is brief. Unnecessary steps add unnecessary friction to the onboarding process. Less is more—and three to five steps are usually plenty for an onboarding flow.
  • Provide clear next steps : The best product tours clearly explain the next step a user should take. How do they begin adding their data? Do they need to sign up for a paid subscription first? Users can’t take the next step without first knowing where to start, so show them!
  • Make sure to provide further help : A successful product tour will improve customer success. This means you must stay on top of users’ progress with your product features. Provide links to additional content, interactive guides, and access to real-time customer support as they continue to explore your app. And let them know where they can go to find the product tour if they need to walk through a step again.
  • Personalization is key: Think of your product tour as a personal guide tailored to each user's needs. It's not about one-size-fits-all—it's about fitting like a glove. Segment your tours based on user roles or behaviors. This way, a newbie gets the beginner's introduction, while the seasoned user gets the advanced tips. It’s like having a personal shopper—they know just what you need.
  • Keep your tours up-to-date: Your app evolves, and so should your product tours. Regularly review how your tours are performing. Are users dropping off at a certain point? Maybe that step is the equivalent of a party guest who overstays their welcome. Update and tweak your tours based on user feedback and engagement data. It's like keeping your playlist fresh—nobody wants to hear last year's hits at this year's party.
  • Monitor user engagement: Keep an eye on how users interact with your product tours. Use analytics to understand where they find value and where they don’t. Think of it as being a good host at a party—you want to make sure everyone's having a good time, and if they’re not, you change the music.
  • Constantly seek feedback: Encourage users to give feedback on your product tours. It's like asking your guests for their favorite dessert recipes—it helps you serve up exactly what they want next time. This input can be invaluable in refining and improving the user experience.
  • Offer a ‘skip’ option: Not everyone wants the grand tour. Some users might want to dive right in. Respect their familiarity and confidence with a ‘skip tour’ option. It’s like offering a self-service buffet alongside a sit-down meal. Everyone gets to enjoy their experience in their own way. Plus, this flexibility can prevent user frustration and keep the experience positive.

Andrew Capland , PLG Advisor and Growth Leader, gives us a bit of insight into how he's structured product tours:

"The main challenge with product tours is that most display 1x (usually when the page/feature loads for the first time) and then disappear forever. That's challenging because many users want to explore on their own first - then have guidance later. With that in mind, I've found the best tours can be minimized and then viewed when the user is ready. Ideally, combined with a checklist or "getting started" page. Something that provides help when they need it - on their terms."

While there's no one-size-fits-all best product tour format, there are best use cases for onboarding flow design patterns ; using UI patterns like tooltips, hotspots, and modal windows engages users and educates them on how to use your product.

Types of product tours

Crafting an engaging product tour is a bit like hosting a lively party—every element should spark interest, guide your guests, and make them feel right at home—and remember, variety is key. Here’s a roundup of the different UI patterns you can mix and match for your product tour. Think of these as your party essentials, each bringing its unique flair to the event!

  • Pop-ups: Pop-ups are like those friendly neighborhood billboards, popping up at the right moment to highlight the good stuff. They range from simple splash screens to modal windows demanding a bit of action. Think of them as your app's way of saying, "Hey, check this out!" They're quick, effective, and get the message across without much fuss.
  • Interactive walkthroughs: Imagine having a savvy friend guide you through a new city. That's what interactive walkthroughs do for your app. They're like personal tour guides for users, showing them the ropes step-by-step, making even the most complex processes feel like a walk in the park.
  • Hotspots: Hotspots are the subtle nudges in your app that say, "Psst, look here." These little beacons of wisdom draw users to specific points, perfect for highlighting updates or tucked-away features. They're like the hidden gems of your app, waiting to be discovered.
  • Tooltips: Tooltips are the whisperers of the app world. They hover around, offering nuggets of wisdom about features or elements, without pushing users to act. They're there to inform and enlighten, offering insights in bite-sized pieces.
  • Explainer videos: Combine the charm of a good story with the clarity of a demonstration, and you get explainer videos. They're like mini-movies for your app, greeting new users with a visual feast that walks them through your app's coolest features.
  • Task lists: These are your app's to-do lists, guiding users through tasks with a clear sense of direction and purpose. They're like breadcrumbs leading to the heart of your app, ensuring users don't miss out on anything important.
  • Progress bars: Like mile markers on a road trip, progress bars show users how far they've journeyed in your app and how much more adventure lies ahead. They're a visual pat on the back, encouraging users to keep going and explore all that your app offers.

No matter the mix, the aim is the same: engaging users in a journey of discovery through your app. It's about making learning interactive, fun, and effective for all types of users.

How to choose the right UI pattern for your product tour

Selecting the right UI pattern for your product tour is like picking the right music for your party—it sets the tone and keeps the vibe just right. Here’s how to ensure you’re making the best choice for your users:

Assess your app’s complexity

Just like a complex dish needs more detailed instructions, a complex app requires more comprehensive guidance. If your app is a multi-layered lasagna, packed with features and intricacies, you'll need a full-on guided tour to help users digest it all. But if it's more like a simple, yet elegant bruschetta, a few tooltips or hotspots might suffice. 

Below you’ll see how Zenefits uses a blend of modal windows and tooltips to smoothly guide users through its HR platform. It’s a perfect example of matching the tour complexity with the app's nature.

Know your audience

Just as a good host knows their guests' tastes, understand who your users are. Are they digital natives who navigate apps like a fish in water? Or are they folks who might need a bit more hand-holding? 

It's important to match the UI pattern you choose with the needs of your users and the requirements of your app. More complex apps might require more targeted onboarding guidance , while straightforward apps might only require basic tips.

You should also think about your users' motivation. How likely are they to complete a more extensive product tour? How tech-savvy are they? It's important to empathize with users as you choose which UI pattern to apply to your product tour.

These are the 3 most popular UI patterns for building product tours :

website tour software

If your users are like tech-savvy partygoers, a light touch with hotspots or brief tooltips, much like Asana's "Add New" button highlight, could be the way to go. 

website tour software

For those who are more like first-time guests in the digital world, consider a more structured approach with interactive walkthroughs or even explainer videos. Remember, it's all about making your guests feel at home.

Align UI patterns with user motivation

Think of this as choosing the right music for your party. How engaged are your users likely to be? Are they ready for a deep-dive tour, or would they prefer the highlights? This is where you gauge the room's mood. 

If your users are eager learners, ready to explore every nook and cranny of your app, then a detailed tour with progress bars or task lists might be the ticket. But if they're only popping in for a quick visit, a simple tooltip or a brief explainer video might be the better choice. It's about reading the room and adjusting the volume accordingly.

3 amazing product tour examples

There’s no better way to level up your product tour game than looking at great examples in action. Here are several of the best IRL product tour examples and product walkthroughs that set the bar for what you can achieve.

mint screen grab

Personal finance management app Mint built its product tour to guide users through a lengthy setup process that involves everyone’s favorite task: typing in sensitive personal information. Mint uses tooltips to make what would otherwise be a thorny starting process a cinch.

After entering their email address, Mint asks users to add all of their bank accounts. Mint knows that most people don’t enjoy tracking down all of their financial information and giving it to a private company, so they include a reassuring sidebar on the right side of the screen to build trust with users. The sidebar includes a checklist of the steps required to get started, while including blurbs highlighting its dedication to security and the trust of its millions of clients.

After that, Mint liberally uses tooltips to point out the most important features within the app. The tooltips employ bold colors to contrast against the rest of the UI. It also includes CTAs and options for more information for users who want to engage with the feature immediately. For everyone else, the “Next Tip” button stands out brightly against the dark gray tooltip.

mint investment tooltip screen grab

Mint’s tooltips also employ the use of gentle animations to further draw attention to its onboarding tips.

HR platform Zenefits uses a combination of modal windows and tooltips to acquaint users with its app. Its product tour funnels users to a demo version of its platform that allows them to learn about and engage with important features before venturing off on their own.

First, Zenefits uses modal windows for users to input the information required to get started.

zenefits onboarding modal screen grab

Another modal window then informs the user that they’ll be working inside a demo version of the software. It also uses this as an opportunity to have users review its Terms and Privacy policy.

zenefits demo account screen grab

From here, Zenefits guides users from function to function with the use of tooltips. The tooltips point directly to the features mentioned in the copy. The product walkthrough thoughtfully includes a “Back” button within each tooltip in the event a user accidentally hits the “Next” button.

zenefits demo center screen grab

Zenefits also grays out the area behind the tooltip and feature to emphasize the feature’s location within the UI.

zenefts demo center tasks tooltip screen grab

Product tours should stay short to retain users’ attention, but sometimes complex products require more guidance. Enterprise software company Zuora bills itself as an “all-in-one” solution. It offers a full stack of subscription management tools to stand out from competitors. Users must understand how to work every tool in its stack to see the full benefit of the product. This means its product tour runs long by most standards.

Zuora solves this problem through the smart use of modal windows. Early in the product tour, new users select whether their interest in the app concerns “Product & Growth” or “Finance & Accounting.” This allows Zuora to immediately introduce users with targeted in-app messaging to the features that brought them to the product in the first place.

zuora focus option modal

Zuora uses tooltips as the framework for most of its product tour. Too many tooltips will disengage readers and can lead to customers clicking “Next” without reading anything. Zuora throws in a few action-driven tooltips to prevent this from happening:

zuora tooltip screen grab

It wraps up its lengthy product tour with a modal window congratulating the user. This final modal contains a video that allows curious users to find more helpful information on how to use the product to get results. Users who’ve seen enough can click the “Done” button in the bottom right corner.

zuora congratulations modal screen grab

4 best product tour software to consider

There are plenty of free, paid, and open-source tools to build modal windows, tooltips, and more for your product tour or walkthrough. It's great to have options, but the reality for most SaaS companies is that building your own product tour from scratch isn't cost-effective . This rings especially true once you factor in the costs of maintenance and iteration. Instead, consider using dedicated tour-building software to build your product tours. Such platforms are usually more efficient, easier to use, and less expensive in the long run than their alternatives.There are many platforms out there that can help you build a user-friendly product tour, including:

Of course, we're biased! But Appcues has nearly a decade of experience in the product tour space. Companies like Amplitude, Heap, and Hotjar use Appcues to enhance their user onboarding and product experience. Its easy-to-use tour builder allows you to create pleasing walkthroughs without getting bogged down in coding. Tooltips, slideouts, hot tips, and modal windows can all be constructed in Appcues and implemented across tours and flows. It’s the premier tool for companies looking to enhance their product tours or build their first one from scratch.

Consider Appcues for its:

  • Array of UI patterns
  • Easy installation
  • Code-free tracking and powerful analytics
  • Many integration options, including Salesforce, Slack, and Mixpanel
  • Mobile app support

Check out this step-by-step guide to creating interactive product tours in Appcues quickly and efficiently.

screen grab of appcues tool

Pendo allows you to create product tours across your website and mobile apps. Its UI pattern toolbox includes banners and lightboxes to add flavor to your walkthroughs. Its analytics functionality is powerful and works well for product managers whose interest in analytics capabilities exceeds their need to improve the user experience.

screen grab of pendo tool

Userpilot is another popular option for product tours. You can build tooltips, checklists, and more using its no-code builder. Userpilot backs its tour-building features with analytics tools to help segment users and test flows for optimized performance, though these features are not as robust as some of its competitors.

Level up your product tours

Remember that no one experience fits every customer’s needs. Just like your product, your tour should evolve based on user feedback and changing needs. Your returning customers, for example, will appreciate tours that recognize their familiarity, offering them new insights instead of a repetitive run-through.

The key to a successful product tour is continuous improvement. You’re in the unique position of knowing your product intimately, but stepping outside that familiarity is crucial, and seeing the tour through your users' eyes is even more crucial. 

Use tools like A/B testing, usability tests, microsurveys, and product metrics to fine-tune your approach. This isn’t only about making your tour better—it’s about making it the best it can be for every user, every time.

And if you’re hungry for more insights on crafting standout product experiences, we’ve got just the thing. Dive into our collection of wisdom with 20 Proven Strategies for Creating More Impactful Product Experiences . This guide is your next step towards mastering the art of engaging and effective product tours. 

Customers returning to your product after some time away won’t want to watch a full-fledged product tour again. It’s worth creating different product tours for unique user segments to provide more personalized and pleasing UX.

And one final piece of advice: test your product tours thoroughly. You and your team know your product inside and out, so your experiences with your product are inherently biased. Employ A/B testing, usability tests, micro surveys, and track product metrics to optimize your tour experience and balance between being helpful without being obtrusive.

How do I make a product tour?

Creating a product tour is like crafting a story—it needs a beginning, middle, and end. Start by identifying the key features and functionalities you want to showcase. Use a tool like Appcues to build the tour without heavy coding. Keep it interactive, simple, and focused on delivering value. Test it out, gather feedback, and don’t be afraid to iterate.

How effective are product tours?

Product tours can be incredibly effective if done right. They're like the friendly neighborhood guide who helps new residents settle in. A well-designed tour can boost user engagement, increase product adoption, and reduce time-to-value. However, their effectiveness hinges on their relevance, brevity, and clarity.

How do you improve a product tour?

Improving a product tour is like tuning a musical instrument—it requires attention and regular adjustments. Use analytics to understand where users drop off or engage the most. Personalize the tour for different user segments, and always allow for feedback. Keep the content updated, and ensure that the tour aligns with your product's new features.

What are product tour trends to watch?

Some product tour trends to keep an eye on include increased personalization, the use of AI and machine learning for more dynamic tours, integration of multimedia elements like videos and animations, and the rise of mobile-friendly tours. Also, watch for more immersive experiences, like augmented reality tours, as technology evolves.

What is a product walkthrough?

A product walkthrough is a step-by-step guided tour within an application, designed to familiarize users with its main features and functionalities. It's like having a knowledgeable friend walk you through a new device, ensuring you know all the cool things it can do and how to use them.

What is a feature tour?

A feature tour focuses specifically on showcasing the features of a product. It's more detailed and feature-centric than a general product tour. Think of it as a highlight reel for your app, spotlighting each feature with explanations and demonstrations, helping users understand and utilize your product’s capabilities to the fullest.

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First-time experiences can be scary. Create welcome messages and product tours to help users understand your value.

Reduce costs with Support

Answer common questions with interactive guides and tooltips. Ensure users can complete tasks without contacting your support team.

Improve Product Marketing

Publish popups, notifications, and banners without your IT team. Deliver the right message at the right time to improve conversions.

Speed up Staff Training

Traditional training no longer works. Teach employees how to use digital tools through onboarding tours and tutorial videos.

Helppier User Onboarding Software - Create Interactive User Guides and In-app Messages in Minutes

Perfect for SaaS, Software companies, and Product Specialists.

Whether you're part of a small or large team, Helppier is the user onboarding tool for you.

CEOs & Founders

Deliver a successful onboarding experience to increase retention rates, reduce churn, and grow your business.

Convert users into customers with beautiful onboarding tours and automated user onboarding flows. Gain customers and drive revenue on autopilot.

Product Managers & Marketers

Save time and focus on the most important thing: acquiring new users for your product.

Present in-app messages like popups, notifications, and banners to highlight features or announce updates. Track user engagement and improve product adoption.

Customer Success Managers

Automate your customer onboarding process and stop exchanging dozens of emails.

Keep users out of your inbox, and reduce response time with product tours and tutorial videos. Get more happy customers with a successful user onboarding experience.

Are you one of these? Helppier is the right user onboarding software for you.

Helppier was built for professionals with no coding experience. With our ready-to-use templates, customization options, and powerful analytics, you can create even the most complex product onboarding flows. Without bugging your dev team.

Saved monthly on support calls

Helppier Clients - Celfinet logo

Faster response to customers

Helppier Clients - Pestana logo

Our customers save time and resources.

We help free your team from monotonous customer service tasks and automate the way you engage online users.

Create engaging product experiences, in minutes. Not days.

Helppier User Onboarding Software - Product Tours and Tooltips

Onboard new users with product tours and in-app messages

Automate user onboarding and improve conversion rates. Create interactive user guides, and in-app messages to ensure users are on the right track.

Helppier User Onboarding Software - Tutorial Videos

Improve user experience with short tutorial videos

Answer common questions with video tours. Export user guides into tutorial videos, and share them with users online or offline.

Time to engage and assist users on auto-pilot.

With our user onboarding software, you can engage potential customers at every stage of the user journey. Start creating beautiful onboarding flows and automated in-app messaging campaigns for your product.

Helppier User Onboarding Software: In-app Messages and Interactive User Guides for the Web

Welcome Messages

Create short welcome messages for users on your website. Ensure a positive first impression right from the moment they enter a page for the first time.

Popup Messages

Use appealing marketing messages to increase conversions and encourage signups. Now it’s easy to announce features and special discounts to users.

Feedback Surveys

Use NPS surveys to understand what your customers feel about your company. Get real feedback from users so you can make improvements.

Alert users for possible errors and server updates. This way you avoid frustration and troubleshoot possible questions.

Product Tours

Publish onboarding tours to show users how to get started. Highlight the steps users need to take on your platform to achieve goals and extract value.

Highlight specific areas on your website or product images to provide further information. Without cluttering your website and damaging your design.

Contextual tooltips

Provide helpful information to assist users with complex features and form fields. Reduce frustration on registration forms and boost user autonomy.

Present banners at any position on the page to draw the user’s attention. Promote a new e-book or discount code.

Onboarding users has never been so simple.

Add Helppier's user onboarding tool to your product or website

Select from our collection of templates (tours, tooltips, popups, NPS)

Write content and customize the messages to match your design

Target, define the frequency and publish to users!

You'll be in great hands!

What our users say about us.

“ At Axeptio we started using Helppier and we are very happy with the experience and the added value. We have a large number of users and support questions and the implementation of the guides and the product tour will save us a lot of time and help our users. I really recommend all Saas publishers to try the solution. Guillaume Diep Sales Manager @ Axeptio
“ At we started using Helppier and we are very happy with the experience and the added value. The customization is more advanced compared to similar applications. I'm very happy to be a Helppier user. Great product! And great support! My sincere recommendation goes for Helppier. Esteban Chaves CEO @ Appy
“ I started using Helppier and building a guided tour was super easy! It even lets you create a tour from a Chrome Extension. Jorge Edel CEO @ Veeme Media
“ My experience with the Helppier team has been very positive. They have shown great commitment and teamwork. Also, concern about constantly improving and evolving the product towards customer needs. Neila Abubacar Business Process Analyst @ Cofidis
“ Helppier team was selected to collaborate with Telia to provide a more intuitive customer online journey. The team is dedicated and excellent to work with. Kristi Saarements Innovation @ Telia
“ Helppier solution helps with the training of our new applications, saving us a lot of time on documentation development. Vasco Marques HR IT Developer @ Ecolint
“ Helppier helped solve one of the biggest problems we had in our applications. Allowing users to get the information they needed, without having to contact our support lines. We were able to cut about 60 hours of support calls monthly. Nuno Guedes VP Of Sales @ Celfinet
“ Now, all our content can be shared internally, reviewed and updated in real-time, allowing our customer care team to promptly access accurate information, confidently reduce response time and increase guest satisfaction. With Helppier, we were able to reduce response time on 70% of our daily interactions. Manuel Quintella Reservations Supervisor @ Pestana Hotels

Automate your user onboarding process today.

Get in touch.

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11 Best Product Tour Software for SaaS [2024 Edition]

website tour software

Companies adopting product-led growth (PLG) strategies earn higher revenue due to shorter sales cycles, a larger investment return, and decreased customer acquisition costs.

Sending brochures and software mockups is not enough if you want to sell a SaaS product. B2B buyers want self-led purchasing experiences and are less likely to interact with a sales representative.

Here are some trends driving demand in the market for product tours across SaaS user segments:

1. Open-Source Product Tour

2. No-Code Product Tours Movement

3. Customization Option for Product Tours

4. Full-fledged Product Tour with Segmentation Features

In light of these trends, finding the right product tour software is essential for SaaS companies looking to stand out and engage prospects. The concept of product-led growth dominates the B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) conversation .

What is a Product Tour Software?

Product tour software is a platform designed for creating interactive product walkthroughs and guides to assist users during onboarding. It enables businesses to offer contextual in-app guidance, enhance the user experience, and convert new customers into active users. It comes with several benefits, particularly for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies.

With product tour software, you can:

  • Build easy guides even for complex product features without extensive coding, saving time and money on engineering resources.
  • Empower product teams, including product managers and marketers, to have more control over the design and appearance of the onboarding process.
  • Experiment with onboarding flows to optimize trial-to-paid conversion rates and free up engineering resources to focus on core product development and improvement.
  • Leverage built-in analytics capabilities, experimentation capabilities, version control, roles and permissions management, and code-free styling options.
  • Improve user adoption and increase customer satisfaction by creating personalized experiences even for first-time users. 
  • Step up employee onboarding for digital products and facilitate ongoing training for additional features that your product team releases. 
  • Embed interactive demos and basic product tours in your product knowledge base, thereby reducing the load of tickets on your customer support teams.

Developing these features from scratch would require significant investment and effort from a development team.

These built-in functionalities enable businesses to measure user engagement, conduct experiments, and quickly adjust the onboarding process if necessary.

Here are the 11 best product tour software for SaaS companies to create an interactive guide and product walkthrough.

1. Userpilot 

Userpilot Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

Userpilot aims to help product, UX, and customer success teams increase product feature adoption through behavior-driven product experiences.

With Userpilot, you can build beautiful, personalized, and highly customizable experiences on top of your product to pave the way for excellent user experience.

Let's elaborate on the primary features and benefits of Userpilot:

  • Improve onboarding for new signups quickly : Easily trigger interactive tips when relevant and help users understand the value of your product, all without writing any code.
  • Stimulate feature discovery as your product evolves: Continue to engage your users and show them the value of your product over time through app announcements, even as new features are added.
  • Guide users through your product: Userpilot's audio-visual and text bubble walkthroughs make it easy to guide Product Managers and CEOs through your product and show them exactly how to use it.
  • Pricing : The starter pack begins at $249 per month.

Userpilot can be incredibly useful for SaaS companies that want to increase user engagement and retention. It can also efficiently cater to complex products that require contextual guidance to get started.

2. Storylane 

Product adoption is a critical aspect of the success of any SaaS business. It's essential to ensure that users are fully aware of the features and functionalities of your product to maximize customer satisfaction and retention.

This is where Storylane comes in. It helps B2B marketing and sales engineering teams capture their product and create engaging, interactive product tours.

Let's look at some of its key features and benefits:

  • Build a guided product tour and embed it on your marketing website: Drive product-led growth and increase qualified leads in your funnel. Additionally, embed lead forms within your product tours and capture leads effectively.
  • Share product tours seamlessly: The platform allows you to send product tours in various forms:
  • Send them as email campaigns to announce new features
  • Create customized guided product demos and share them as a leave-behind to your prospects. This allows your buyer to internalize your product better and accelerate deals.
  • Show the product demo in discovery calls or at various POC (Proof of Concept) stages.
  • HTML product capture: The HTML recording feature allows you to edit tours quickly by capturing screens via Chrome extension and being able to personalize the demo. Storylane’s browser extension captures everything instantly and allows you to edit it in the editor later. An HTML screen capture creates a real-time product environment by capturing the entire product screen, including content, CSS, images, and fonts.
  • Pricing: Storylane starts with a free plan letting anyone build interactive product demos. No credit card is required. 

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Storylane is the perfect solution for streamlining your user onboarding process. If you want to try it out, sign up for a free trial to see how it can improve your product adoption.

💡 Also Read: How to Create a Guided Product Tour

3. Whatfix 

Whatfix Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

Whatfix is designed to help organizations maximize their technology investments and improve end-user productivity. This platform empowers individuals and ensures they can easily and effectively use software applications.

Let's elaborate on the primary features and benefits of Whatfix:

  • Data-driven product decisions: With Whatfix Analytics, organizations can analyze their software experiences and create data-driven plans to empower their end users. This allows companies to identify areas where their software is causing frustration or confusion for users and take targeted steps to improve the user experience.
  • In-app screen guidance: Whatfix empowers end-users to use your software more effectively and efficiently by providing in-app screen actions, guidance, and on-demand support.
  • Guided product walkthroughs: Product Managers commend its text bubble interactive walkthroughs.
  • Pricing : Available on request.

With Whatfix's robust analytics capabilities, you can ensure that your software delivers the results you need to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment.

4. Appcues 

Appcues Product Tour Software for SaaS- Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

Appcues is a no-code platform that enables non-technical teams to track and analyze product usage and improve adoption rates by creating in-app onboarding tours, announcements, and surveys.

Let's elaborate on the primary features and benefits of Appcues:

  • Ease of use: The platform requires no coding knowledge, so even non-technical teams can quickly create and publish beautiful in-app walkthroughs intuitively through a mobile app.
  • Customizable templates: The drag-and-drop functionality and customizable templates can be tailored to fit your branding and messaging.
  • Gather user insights: You can customize the onboarding experience for new and active users, create feature announcements for existing users, and even create surveys to gather customer feedback and insights from your users. Use these insights to improve your product adoption rates. 

Highly praised by product and customer success managers, Appcues enables users to create interactive, text-based walkthroughs that are simple and easy to understand, making it ideal for users who prefer a more straightforward approach to onboarding.

5. UserGuiding 

Userguiding Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

UserGuiding is a powerful no-code user onboarding platform that helps SaaS companies increase adoption and reduce churn . Its interactive walkthroughs guide users through the product and display helpful articles they can read without leaving the app.

With UserGuiding, you can create a personalized onboarding experience for your users that is engaging and informative. Let's elaborate on other primary features and benefits of UserGuiding:

  • No technical expertise: Its drag-and-drop user interface makes creating a user onboarding flow in just minutes easy.
  • Multiple user segmentation: UserGuiding's user segmentation is particularly useful if you have multiple user personas or offer different plans with varying features.
  • Highly intuitive: UserGuiding’s interface is intuitive, making creating and editing onboarding flows easy.
  • Powerful analytics capabilities: Its robust analytics dashboard allows you to track user engagement and make data-driven decisions.
  • Pricing : The starter pack begins at $89 per month.

UserGuiding allows you to tailor your onboarding flow to each user group easily. You can ensure that each user gets the information they need to succeed with your product.

6. ChurnZero 

Userguiding Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

ChurnZero offers features that help businesses increase revenue and provide an exceptional B2B user experience. Let's go through the primary features and benefits of ChurnZero:

  • Spot potential churn risks early: Customer success managers and directors can identify churn risks and take action to prevent them and increase customer retention.
  • Automation and personalization: ChurnZero also offers best-in-class automation and personalization features, making it easy for businesses to engage with their customers and lead them to value.
  • Wide range of analytics capabilities: The platform offers journeys, health scores, survey tools, segmentation, plays, reporting, real-time alerts, walkthroughs, collaboration centers, and more.
  • Integration options: ChurnZero can easily integrate with a business's CRM and tech stack.

So, ChurnZero is an exclusive onboarding product and a comprehensive customer success platform.

Pendo Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

With Pendo , product teams can easily ask and answer critical questions like what features their customers are using, which ones they are ignoring, and which ones are driving delight or frustration. This allows them to make informed decisions on improving their software products to enhance the user experience.

Let's elaborate on the primary features and benefits of Pendo:

  • No code in-app guides: These in-app guides help to drive software user adoption, provide support, and generate better leads inside the application.
  • Powerful analytics capabilities: Pendo's features with analytics tools enable product teams to better understand user behavior and preferences. With these insights, product teams can make data-driven decisions on improving their software products to meet their customers' needs.
  • Ease of use: Pendo is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for product teams to get up and running quickly.
  • Integrations: Pendo integrates with many other popular software and analytics tools, making it easy to incorporate into your existing software development workflows.
  • Pricing : The starter pack is free of charge.

With Pendo's in-app guides, users can quickly understand how to use new features, access relevant help articles quickly, and better understand the overall product.

8. CommandBar 

CommandBar Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

CommandBar is one of the easiest platforms to help improve your product adoption. This intelligent layer software wraps around your product to make it more accessible to prospects, new users, and power users.

With just one integration, you can add universal search, smart nudges, and timely help content to your product.

Let's elaborate on the primary features and benefits of CommandBar:

  • Ease of use : Its focus on ease of use sets CommandBar apart from other digital adoption platforms. It provides two user analysis features, such as, Survey Implementation and Data Analysis
  • Guided navigation: CommandBar's walkthroughs provide users with step-by-step instructions and screen guidance, making navigating your product and understanding its features easier. It offers two walkthrough types - Audio-visual Walkthroughs and Text Bubble Walkthroughs
  • Search: Two of its main features are its Questlist/Commands and search widget functionalities
  • Pricing : The starter pack is free of charge

CommandBar has been commended by CTOs and Co-Founders alike, who appreciate how easy it is to use and how quickly they can get started.

Walkme Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

WalkMe's cloud-based Digital Adoption Platform is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Let's go through some features and benefits of WalkMe:

  • No-code platform: This platform is code-free, so even non-technical users can use it to create interactive product tours.
  • Proprietary technology: The platform leverages proprietary technology to provide visibility to an organization's CIO and business leaders. This allows them to measure the success of their digital transformation initiatives and identify areas for improvement.
  • Guided walkthroughs: WalkMe's text bubble walkthroughs effectively deliver context-specific information to users, improving their user experience and reducing the learning curve.
  • Pricing : Get a quote on request.

Instructional designers and digital adoption specialists have commended WalkMe's text bubble walkthroughs for their simplicity and effectiveness.

10. Userflow

Userflow Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

Userflow is a powerful user onboarding software that offers a variety of tools to help you create successful product tours, user onboarding checklists, surveys, and resource centers tailored to your app and your users. With Userflow, you don't need coding skills to create effective user onboarding experiences.

Let's go through some features and benefits of Userflow:

  • Quick setup: One of the key features users love about Userflow is its fast flow builder, which allows you to create highly-sophisticated flows and checklists quickly and easily. This can be a huge time-saver for SaaS companies, allowing you to get your onboarding processes up and running in no time.
  • In-app guidance: Its audio-visual product walkthrough tools enable you to create interactive, engaging tours that guide users through your app's features and functionality.
  • Ease of use: The software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with a clean, modern interface that makes it easy to create and manage onboarding experiences.
  • Pricing : The starter pack begins at $200 per month.

Whether you're a seasoned SaaS pro or just getting started, Userflow is an excellent choice for building effective product tours and onboarding experiences.

Apty Product Tour Software for SaaS - Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

Apty is a powerful Digital Adoption Platform designed to help enterprises and mid-market businesses optimize their business processes. The platform is built to provide a combination of on-screen guidance and proactive process compliance automation, which is essential for successful digital adoption.

Here are some primary features and benefits of Apty:

  • User segmentation: This simple product tour feature allows businesses to segment their user base and deliver customized experiences to each segment.
  • Audio-visual walkthroughs: Apty also offers audio-visual product walkthrough tools, which help users understand how to use different software application features. Text bubble walkthroughs are also available, providing quick, contextual help to users when needed.
  • Ease of use: The platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy for businesses to get started and use to improve their digital adoption efforts.

Also check out: How to create product tour for customers

Choosing the Best Product Tour Software for Your Business

Choosing the best product tour software for your SaaS company needs careful consideration. After all, the perfect product tour tool can help you streamline your user onboarding process, boost user engagement, and increase retention. Ultimately, it will drive business success .

Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best product tour software for your SaaS:

website tour software

Ease of Use

The software should be user-friendly, both for you as the administrator and your users. Look for tools with intuitive interfaces, customizable templates, and easy-to-use authoring tools.


Look for software that handles the most intricate needs, such as customization of text, favicon, logo, and domain, to create a fully personalized product demo. For instance, Storylane offers personalising demo content at scale before sharing it with each prospect:

Check out how you can use tokens to customize your demos to your needs👇

Advanced Analytics

Choose software that provides detailed analytics features on user behavior. This may include which features are being used and which are being ignored. This data can help you optimize your onboarding process and identify areas for improvement.

Here is peak at Storylane's Analytics Dashboard: 👇


The product tour software should integrate seamlessly with your existing technology stack, including your CRM, marketing automation, and analytics tools. This will help you leverage your existing data and maximize the value of your investment in the software.

Considering these factors, you can choose the best product tour software for your SaaS company and unlock the full potential of your user onboarding process.

For instance, Storylane has over 3000 integrations, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, Marketo, and many more.

Wrapping Up

Product-led growth is becoming an essential strategy for SaaS companies to increase revenue, shorten sales cycles, and reduce customer acquisition costs. With B2B buyers preferring self-led purchasing experiences, the right product tour software solutions can help SaaS companies stand out and engage prospects effectively.

The 11 best product tour software for SaaS companies include Userpilot, Storylane, Whatfix, Intercom, and Appcues. These offer various features and benefits, such as improving user adoption, providing in-app guidance, personalizing communication, and empowering end-users.

If you're a SaaS company striving to achieve business success, choosing the right product tour software solutions can make a difference.

website tour software

What’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

website tour software

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

website tour software


website tour software

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The new standard in 360° virtual tour software


Create Interactive Engaging Content With CloudPano

360° virtual tours.

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To create your first 360º virtual tour click below:

360º Photography Services

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360º Virtual Tour Photography Services

Interactive 360° Spins

website tour software

To create a 360º spin click below:

Website Tour Software


Create And Display Virtual Tours In 360 and VR

CloudPano 360° virtual tour software empowers you to create 360° virtual tours. Quickly create interactive virtual tours hassle-free. With a few clicks, you can upload, connect and publish a 360° immersive experience. No coding required. Get started today, its free. Click here.

How CloudPano Works

Create a 360° virtual tour with our easy three-step process.


Capture photos in 360

Upload to and create your tour


Share your tour with the world


Getting Started

What is a 360 virtual tour.

A 360 virtual tour on CloudPano is a real estate marketing tool to view and share a space in an immersive 360 environment. With a smartphone, the CloudPano viewer responds to your movement. This creates a responsive and immersive view of the property. Create your first 360 virtual tour in 5 minutes or less.

Add or Embed 360 Virtual Tours on any Website

(no app or plugin required).

When you publish a 360 virtual tour on, you will automatically receive a code based link. You can embed your tour right onto your website. We host the tour, you show it off to the world.

Check out a live example

Cloudpano 360 virtual tour examples.

Explore some of our featured 360 tours from the CloudPano community


Florida Luxury 360 Virtual Tour Click to view this demo


New York VR Nursing Home Click to view this demo


Auto Dealership Click to view this demo


Luxury Residential Click to view this demo


AirBnB Rental Click to view this demo


Commercial Construction Click to view this demo

Simple 3D Tour Creation

Create your first tour in under five minutes..

Upload photos using a drag-and-drop interface. Click a single button to set an initial view for each scene. Add hotspots to navigate your tour.

Popular Features

Customize your logo

Set initial view

Re-order scenes

website tour software

Share In Full 360 and VR

Share and display on any smart device out of the box - no app required.

Give meaningful experiences to your viewers. Built-in motion sensing capabilities and VR-goggle modes work right in the mobile browser. Reach your customer on any platform. Simply share your virtual tour with a single URL link.


Google Cardboard

No app to download

VR/Motion Navigation

Customize Your Tour Branding

Add logos, hotspot navigation and more.

Use linked hotspots to teleport between scenes. Add your logo and establish your brand.

Customize Your Logo

Contact Information

Share on social media

Keep Your Custom URL

website tour software

White-label your virtual tour

Use your own website domain.

Remove all references of Use your own logo and keep your website domain. Easily use your own URL. Add 360 virtual tours into your business and keep our name hidden.

Customize Your URL

Remove CloudPano Branding

The Perfect Software Toolkit For Virtual Tour Entrepreneurs

Start a local 360 virtual tour business, add virtual reality marketing to current business.


A Simple Software Solution To Power Your Virtual Tour Revenue

Private Label / White Label - Keep Your Website Domain Name and Protect Your Brand

Add or Embed Your Published 360 Virtual Tours Directly To Your Website or Blog (Wordpress Compatible)

Present Your 360 Tours In A Virtual Reality Headset

International Hosting On Local Server Networks (Speed Guaranteed) is a Virtual Tour Software built for entrepreneurs, photographers and real estate brokers. You will be empowered to create world class 360/VR virtual tours quickly, market real estate at a high level AND keep your brand on the front of tour. If you are looking for a 360 virtual tour software built for the business owner - you are in the right place.

Simple Pricing

Build a 360 virtual tour for free. Make the tour your own for a few dollars. One time fee, hosted tour for life.

  • Unlimited 360 Photos
  • Share Anywhere
  • Gyroscope-enabled Motion Control
  • Add Branding and Logo
  • Hotspots and Infospots
  • Three Free Tour Limit
  • Remove "Made by CloudPano" watermark
  • Embed On Your Website
  • Complete access to CloudPano's 360 tour creator
  • Unlimited tours
  • Life-time tours - no expiration
  • White-label/Bring your own URL
  • 8K/High-def premium photo uploads
  • Google Analytics
  • Embed HTML and Media
  • CloudPano Live Video Chat
  • MLS-Compliant Tour Cloning
  • Ambient Sounds and Music
  • Tour Privacy Settings
  • Lead Capture Tool


  • Enterprise Partnership Access
  • Custom Integrations
  • Unlock Team Work Flows
  • Industry Specific Feature Customization
  • Dedicated Account Managment
  • CloudPano Live For Sales Teams
  • Custom Training
  • Hardware Onboarding
  • Host Account Bundles
  • Branded Experience Management

CloudPano Pro User Testimonials

The technology is pretty amazing and the finished 3d tour is high definition. the tours played well on everything from a desktop to a cellphone. highly recommended., i just pitched a $2.5 million dollar fsbo with the vr headset and cloudpano software. i impressed the client, built rapport and added value with the vr presentation. it's marketing like that this that makes you stick out amongst your competition... and ultimately this moves property at a high level., this technology changes the game. my customers are very excited about it. and i know when my customers are excited about it, i am going to make some more money., 360 tours are an easy way to upsell my clients on location. plus, it only takes a few minutes to create a virtual tour on, cloudpano has a crisp and clean design. plus the platform hosts the 360 virtual tours for me, so i can create tours quickly and get back to shooting., being able to have a full 360 tour of my listings and show sellers how i can take marketing of their home to the next level is huge i appreciate you and your team helping me out along the way answering any and all questions that i have had so far and i am excited to continue to implement and grow my business with the help of you and your team., common questions.

360 tour software

We are passionate about changing the world through software. Call us or email us anytime.

1301 Fannin St #2440 Houston, TX 77002

+1 (281) 410-8727

Email us at

[email protected] >

website tour software


website tour software

No subscription. One time Payment. Unlimited Virtual Tours.

website tour software

Some Clients:

website tour software

website tour software

Panorama Excellence

website tour software

Virtual Tour Pro

The best for virtual tour creation.

website tour software

Hosting Service

Online with one click, 3dvista now supports.

Experience the power of virtual tours like never before with our advanced 3D models interactivity feature. Bring your pre-existing 3D models to life with our user-friendly 3D tour editor. Take complete control over camera angles, lighting, shadows, animations, textures and more to create truly unique and immersive experiences.

This powerful feature allows for endless possibilities in industries such as architecture, engineering, marketing and education, providing new perspectives and enhanced visualization capabilities.

& Training Tours

For more scalable training with content that sticks, introducing live guided tours, the new concept to communicate with your clients.

A virtual meeting room on top of a 360º tour, this feature can be best described as a marriage between a video call and 3DVista. Use your standard virtual tour on your website and allow your audience to dial in and have you talk and guide them through the virtual tour. They can look around on their own or follow your screen to have you point out details and give a personal (sales) presentation. They can also request to have their screens be mimicked on your and everybody else’s screen to ask questions on specific parts of the tour.

3DVista Software

Compatible with panoramas from all 360º & dslr cameras.

website tour software

Ricoh Theta C/S/V/Z1

Demos & Samples

3d model demo – orbital.

This demo aims to show how you can present a product using a configurable 3D model. For this, we took a classic car and added various customization options.


In this demo, we're connecting a 3d model of the historical complex of Uplistsikhe (Georgia) with a series of panoramic photos taken in the same place, allowing the user to navigate seamlessly between both media types.


Virtual paintball sample, animated panorama - parfum shop, virtual staging - 3d stereo virtual tour, live panorama of ny, real estate virtual tour, villa turquoise zanzibar, get the free 3dvista app, manage all your tours & show them on/offline.

website tour software

  • Links to your 3DVista Hosting and Vistazoo account
  • Sync all your tours and keep them updated
  • Read your tours directly from your SD card
  • Your tours always with you, offline and online
  • Find the best tours of other users

website tour software

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Update 2023.2: 3D Models in Dual Viewer, VR Apps publish option, and more…

Update 2023.2: 3D Models in Dual Viewer, VR Apps publish option, and more…

Dec 12, 2023

Support for two 3D Models in Dual Viewer component. (Development sponsored by R2DS) Allows viewing and comparing two different 3D models with dual viewers. With this feature, we can see in a split-screen...

How to View Your Virtual Tours on Specific VR Devices (Quest, Pico, HTC)

How to View Your Virtual Tours on Specific VR Devices (Quest, Pico, HTC)

Nov 10, 2023

Simplify and Optimize the Publication of your Virtual Tours for VR In response to the growing popularity of virtual reality devices, 3DVista has implemented significant improvements in tour publishing...

3DVista Notes (Tutorial)

3DVista Notes (Tutorial)

Nov 8, 2023

Boost Collaboration with 3DVista Notes in Your Virtual Tours Are you ready to take your virtual tours to the next level of interaction and collaboration? 3DVista introduces "Notes," an optional service...

Introducing 3DVista VR App for Meta Quest 3

Introducing 3DVista VR App for Meta Quest 3

Oct 31, 2023

Introducing the All-New 3DVista App for Meta Quest 3: Elevate Your VR Experience VR enthusiasts, the future of immersive virtual reality is here! We are thrilled to announce the release of the all-new 3DVista...


Upload and share your tours with one click. Once you finish creating your tour, simply click "Upload" and the tour will be stored on your personal hosting account. Within minutes, you'll see two buttons – one to copy and send a direct link to the tour and another one to embed the tour into your website.

This is an excellent option for all those who don't have their own servers or don't know how to upload files onto the internet using FTP programs.

*This service is optional. You can always upload your tours to your own or external servers .

Starting at 99 €/year



(Architect, NCARB)

360d, Look Around

Doug Baker Media

Entire Design


Milenium Gallery

10 reasons why to choose 3DVista:

1. because we offer high-quality solutions for any level of proficiency..

Whether you’re a beginner or a demanding professional, 3DVista Virtual Tour is the right solution for you. Easy for beginners but highly versatile for advanced users. 

2. Because we offer robust, multi platform solutions

3. because we offer you a full-feature 30-days trial version, 4. because we make uploading your tours to the internet a real piece of cake., 5. because our software’s customization possibilities, 6. because all parts of the software are coded and developed in house, by us., 7. because we are dedicated to customer service., 8. because we help you understand every step of the process., 9. because our constant drive for innovation will supply you with state-of-the-art technology and unique features., 10. because we make the creation of virtual tours possible for absolutely anyone., some of our clients:.

website tour software

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What is Tour Operator Software?

Related software category:, why is capterra free, i'm looking for tour operator software that is:.




Starboard Suite




The Flybook




Tour Operator Software

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Peek Pro

Peek Pro is a cloud-based solution for tour and activity operators of all sizes. The software helps activity operators by providing their websites with an online booking management engine and centrally manages online, offline... Read more about Peek Pro

4.7 ( 764 reviews )


Resmark offers a solution to book tours, activities, and rentals, which aims to help businesses understand customers and expand. This tool allows users to create/sign online waivers and release of liability forms using Waiver... Read more about RESMARK

4.8 ( 35 reviews )


Designed for small to large travel agencies, TripWorks is a cloud-based reservations solution. It enables travel agents to manage clients, their trips and reservations, as well as their profiles and preferences. This software is ... Read more about TripWorks

5.0 ( 35 reviews )


Rezdy is a cloud-based B2B solution that helps tour operators sell their products on websites and multiple distribution networks. The solution’s open platform helps users integrate internal systems and web applications with the of... Read more about Rezdy

4.6 ( 227 reviews )


Xola is a cloud-based booking solution that allows activity and tour companies to manage bookings from a variety of different sources including via the phone, websites or in person. The solution provides a mobile interface and can... Read more about Xola

4.7 ( 573 reviews )


Bokun is a cloud-based booking management system designed to help travel and tourism businesses create booking websites and handle reservations, pricing, payments and more. The platform comes with a centralized dashboard, which al... Read more about Bókun

4.7 ( 355 reviews )


Beyonk Group offers two booking platforms - Beyonk and BookingHound; both simple, powerful and easy to use booking software for the travel and leisure industry. Trusted to manage and expand their online business by thousands of ac... Read more about Beyonk

4.8 ( 77 reviews )


Pacific is a cloud-based tour operation software that helps travel businesses manage online payments, bookings, reservations and more. The platform includes an online booking engine that allows customers to book and pay for tours ... Read more about Pacific

No reviews yet


Rezometry provides tour operating software specifically designed for tour operators, travel wholesalers and transportation agencies. It provides the ability to manage front-end and back-end office processes including inventory, cu... Read more about Rezometry

4.8 ( 16 reviews )


ResLogic is a cloud-based travel and tour management software solution. It is suitable for mid and large-size tour operators, travel agencies and central reservations offices. Primary features of the solution include an online boo... Read more about ResLogic


Originally built within Gate 1 Travel, Softrip offers one comprehensive and "source of truth" platform for multi-day tour operators. Our expansive suite of products includes Reservations, Product Management, Operations , CRM & Mar... Read more about Softrip

4.0 ( 2 reviews )


Lemax is an online software solution for tour operators that create, sell and operate multi-day tours and want to be more efficient and grow faster by digitalizing their business: 1) Get all products and calculations centralized,... Read more about Lemax

4.3 ( 14 reviews )

Starboard Suite

Starboard Suite

Starboard Suite is a tour operations management solution that helps passenger vessels and watersport businesses streamline processes related to reservations, event organization, employee scheduling and more. The booking functional... Read more about Starboard Suite

4.8 ( 185 reviews )

The Flybook

The Flybook

The Flybook is a comprehensive tourism and activity management solution that makes it easy for adventure parks, ziplines, guided tours, rentals and lodging providers to manage multiple locations and activities in one place. Our ... Read more about The Flybook

4.6 ( 64 reviews )



TicketingHub is an online ticketing platform designed to help can entertainment, travel and tourism and transport businesses manage any type of venue from a small comedy show to the London Eye. The platform enables organization... Read more about TicketingHub

4.9 ( 34 reviews )


Zaui Software is a web-based reservation system that helps transport, tour & activity, event planning and rental companies with online booking and travel management. Its key features include user access control, reseller managemen... Read more about Zaui

4.3 ( 52 reviews )


Checkfront is a cloud-based business management software designed for tour operators, rental companies and accommodation providers. It offers booking and activity management, reservations and payment processing. Checkfront fe... Read more about Checkfront

4.5 ( 313 reviews )


WebReserv is a cloud-based tour operator solution that helps rental companies, lodging merchants and travel agents streamline reservation processes and create business listings. The centralized platform comes with a customizable b... Read more about WebReserv

4.5 ( 22 reviews )


FareHarbor is a cloud-based tour and activity booking solution that enables tour operators to manage their day-to-day business operations. It offers online booking management and payment portals, and it integrates with user websit... Read more about FareHarbor

4.8 ( 1105 reviews )



Indexic is a Tour, Rental & Activity operator reservation solution allowing companies online reservations, manage resources & e-waiver/lease in one platform. The software features the ability to track equipment and view it on o... Read more about aReservation

4.9 ( 46 reviews )


As a tour operator, you’re already aware of the operational challenges you face. You need to manage customer bookings, schedule transportation and plan out daily activities, arrange entry to the sites your groups will visit, select the best local guides… and that’s only the beginning.

Now take a step back and ask yourself: What do many of these challenges have in common? They’re all, to some degree, challenges that require communication and organization. Thankfully, communication and organization are two things that software is very good at helping you manage. Tour operator software is software that helps you do just that.

In this Buyer’s Guide, we’ll cover the following questions and topics:

What Is Tour Operator Software?

Common features of tour operator software, what type of buyer are you, benefits of tour operator software.

Tour operator software is computer software that’s tailormade to assist with the bulk of operations required to run a successful tour operations business. While there other genres of software that can help with this— CRM software , for example—these solutions often require additional tools, or expensive customization, to do what tour operator software can do out of the box. 

Of course, no two tour companies are exactly the same, and that’s also true of tour operator software. To get the best return on your investment, it’s important to choose a solution that aligns with your specific needs.

Many tour operator software systems are deployed in the cloud and sold as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means companies pay for a subscription (monthly or yearly) to the software and can then access it from any device with an internet connection. This can be a huge benefit for on-the-go tour operators, as it lets them access software features directly on their mobile phones.

Businesses looking for more tools to manage lodging and flights might be interested in evaluating travel agency software .

The key to selecting software, regardless of your industry, is to begin the selection process by carefully considering the following questions:

How can software help us with our most common and repetitive tasks and workflow processes? The key here is to find software that will support and add efficiency to your existing operations. It’s rarely advisable to purchase software that will require drastic changes to your day-to-day operations, unless those changes are necessary for a new business strategy.

How can software help us meet our (forward-looking) strategy goals? If your company has plans to create a better online experience for guests, for example, then this should be kept in mind when weighing your many software options. Changing a company’s software infrastructure is often the most effective way of ensuring strategy goals are met.

After considering these questions, you can further narrow your list of options by asking the following:

What software do our business partners use? If you rely on third-party services for any aspect of your tour operations, consider how your software purchase could improve those relationships. For example, if a hotel that you work closely with has a particular hotel management system , you should consider how well your own new system might integrate with the hotel’s system.

At which locations will we need to access our tour operator software system? Some tour operators may only need to access the software from one workstation in their office. Others might need to access it from mobile devices, so guides can access and update information while out on a tour. This question will help determine which deployment model to opt for and help plan your budget for individual software licenses.

Increase customer satisfaction: When software handles some of the mundane tasks of running a tour operation, you and your staff will have more time to focus on the people that count: your customers. Many tour operator software systems also allow for customer and guest feedback, helping you stay on top of any complaints, compliments or suggestions for improvement.

Avoid double booking: Tour operator scheduling software can be a silver bullet for all of your scheduling woes, helping prevent double-bookings, among other things. The software is designed to track and manage multiple concurrent schedules, and some even do so in cooperation with your third-party business partners. It can even help prevent no-shows by sending well-timed reminders to customers with upcoming trips.

Increase sales of value-adding services: With payment portals and click-to-add purchasing capabilities, tour operator systems can improve your sales performance by increasing the value of individual transactions. For example, when a customer is about to book their beach tour, the software can ping them with an offer to add on a dive trip or snorkel equipment rental.

Improve insight into business operations: Ever wonder why some customers seem to love the special deals you offer online or through email marketing , while other customers only commit to purchases they discuss in person? Tour operator software supplies the data and insight needed to identify trends among your customers and answer questions like these.

Increase employee satisfaction: Tour operator software takes much of the busywork out of running a tour operation. With fewer repetitive tasks in the way, staff can spend more time focusing on customers and improving the business. It’s also worth mentioning that employees can become more engaged when they’re asked to do fewer repetitive mundane tasks.


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    A website tour, also known as a product tour or a guided tour, is a UX pattern that serves as an interactive walkthrough of your website, web product, or software. This can be a single tour that explains the core functions of your product through multiple interactive modals, or a collection of tours that each focus on different features of your product.

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    The best product tour software tools fall under digital adoption platforms. These tools integrate with your application to present users with the most important product tour UI patterns. Digital adoption platforms give you an all-in-one solution for creating product tours, distributing content, and analyzing its performance. ...

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    Capterra Review Rating: 4.9. Nickelled is an easy-to-use, code-free product tour software that allows users to create guided tours that are interactive, self-paced, and completely immersive. Top Features: Analytics — in-depth analytics and data visualization for showing product tour performance.

  6. The 16 Best Product Tour Software to Support SaaS Onboarding

    Effective product tours can increase product activation, adoption, and user retention rates and loyalty. Product tour software can also be used to record and analyze customer feedback. If you're on the hunt for a good product tour tool, check out our suggestions: 1. Userpilot. Cost: from $249/month. Best Features: Growth Insights; Engagement ...

  7. Website Tour Software: A Complete Guide to Improve User ...

    Learn how website tour software can revolutionize your website's user experience. This comprehensive tutorial covers the concept, functionality, and benefits of website tour software. Discover how it improves user engagement, reduces bounce rates, and enhances onboarding. Explore its advantages for visitors, including a better user experience and faster navigation. Find out which industries ...

  8. Best Product Tour Software: 16 Tools for Better User Experience

    Increase customer satisfaction and make creating product tours a breeze with these sixteen product tour software. 1. Chameleon. Choose Chameleon if you're looking for broad styling options, advanced user segmentation, A/B testing, scheduling options, tour performance analytics, and integrations with your existing tools.

  9. Top 18 Free and Paid Product Tour Software in 2024

    TL;DR. Product Tour Software, AKA walkthrough software help make the user journey smoother by providing onboarding elements such as interactive guides. Even though many companies hesitate to benefit from 3rd party tools, it is actually easier, faster, simpler, and more affordable.; The top 18 product tour software are:

  10. The 17 best product tour software options to consider

    3. Userpilot. (Source) Userpilot offers a robust product tour offering. It contains features essential to building a quality tour, including tooltips, slideouts, and even videos. Userpilot's analytics tools pack a punch, allowing product managers to set and track goals, segment users, and A/B test product tour flows.

  11. Kuula: #1 Virtual Tour Software for any business

    About Kuula. Kuula is the most popular, award winning 3D 360 virtual tour software that makes it easy to create virtual tours for any business. It is used by over 350,000 of professionals, artists and companies from all over the world. Our users have uploaded over 10,000,000 panoramic photos that were viewed over 1 billion times!

  12. How to create effective product tours that users will love‍

    4 best product tour software to consider. There are plenty of free, paid, and open-source tools to build modal windows, tooltips, and more for your product tour or walkthrough. It's great to have options, but the reality for most SaaS companies is that building your own product tour from scratch isn't cost-effective. This rings especially true ...

  13. Top Website Tour Examples To Learn From In 2023

    Website tour example #2: Tallyfy. Tallyfy is a project management tool. It has two main functionalities: documenting business processes, and then automating them. Tallyfy's tour consists of the following two tasks, both of which require action from the user: The first task is simple enough.

  14. Create Interactive User Guides & Product Tours in Minutes

    Helppier is the right user onboarding software for you. Helppier was built for professionals with no coding experience. With our ready-to-use templates, customization options, and powerful analytics, you can create even the most complex product onboarding flows. Without bugging your dev team.

  15. Product Tours For SaaS In 2023: The Ultimate Guide

    Product tours generally include a welcome screen, a survey to segment users, a checklist, and experience flows for each of the key activation points. It's very challenging to build a product tour from scratch. Using product tour software is a better decision. The best product tour software on the market is Userpilot.

  16. The Best 10 Free and Open-Source Virtual Tour Software Solutions

    The above-mentioned free and open source virtual tour software are well rated and widely used by many today. Interestingly, there is another software, Real Tour Vision which is gaining popularity. RTV Fusion (Popular) Enjoy the services of professional photography and virtual tour with Real Tour Vision (RTV). The local business owners and real ...

  17. Best Virtual Tour Software 2024

    TeliportMe. 4.8 (97) The best virtual tour software for real estate agents and photographers which is also considered a top alternative for Matterport. Learn more about TeliportMe. Virtual Tour features reviewers most value. 360-Site Stream. Drag & Drop. Floor Plans & Maps. Hotspot.

  18. 11 Best Product Tour Software for SaaS [2024 Edition]

    Product tour software is a platform designed for creating interactive product walkthroughs and guides to assist users during onboarding. It enables businesses to offer contextual in-app guidance, enhance the user experience, and convert new customers into active users. It comes with several benefits, particularly for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS ...

  19. Website Tour Software is a Virtual Tour Software built for entrepreneurs, photographers and real estate brokers. You will be empowered to create world class 360/VR virtual tours quickly, market real estate at a high level AND keep your brand on the front of tour. If you are looking for a 360 virtual tour software built for the business owner - you are in the right place.

  20. 3DVista

    3D Models. Experience the power of virtual tours like never before with our advanced 3D models interactivity feature. Bring your pre-existing 3D models to life with our user-friendly 3D tour editor. Take complete control over camera angles, lighting, shadows, animations, textures and more to create truly unique and immersive experiences.

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    Product Tours: Stop Making Terrible Ones and Start Making Great Ones. What are the best tools for building product tours? In this blog, we explain what software product tours need to be effective today, and who fits the bill.

  22. Best Tour Operator Software 2024

    Itinerary Creation. Payment Processing. Pricing Management. Reservations Management. Compare. 4.8 (352) Bókun is the only tour operator software you need to manage your tours and activities. Claim your 14 day free trial (no CC required) Learn more about Bókun. Tour Operator features reviewers most value.

  23. Best Tour Operator Software

    Peek Pro. FrontRunners 2023. Peek Pro is a cloud-based solution for tour and activity operators of all sizes. The software helps activity operators by providing their websites with an online booking management engine and centrally manages online, offline... Read more. 4.7 ( 762 reviews) Compare.