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Amazing Things to do in Naples, New York (Getaway Guide to the Grape Pie Capital)

aerial shot of Megan and Scott walking to Naples Memorial Town Hall in New York Finger Lakes region in the fall

Check out all the best things to do in Naples, New York, a great escape in the Finger Lakes region that offers ample outdoor activities, great dining and craft beverage options, waterfalls, scenic lakes, and more!

Naples, New York is a great stop for the day, if you plan ahead using our guide making sure to see everything there is to do, or this is a great base for exploring the region’s lakes, wine trails, museums, small towns , and outdoor activities.

It’s no secret we are huge fans of the Finger Lakes, we have been over a dozen times and keep finding incredible places we haven’t been to yet, just like when we discovered the charming town of Naples and everything there is to do nearby!

And if you’re still planning your trip, we also have great suggestions for what to do near Naples, New York, and where to stay!

Where is Naples, New York? 

Megan walking under the waterfall at Grimes Glen Park in Naples New York

Naples, New York is a quaint village located in Ontario County, New York, and is the beating heart of the iconic Finger Lakes Region between Honeoye Lake and Canandaigua Lake and one of our favorite charming small towns in New York !

This four-season sweet spot is a treasure trove for admirers of the arts and natural earth. Known for its grape growing and vineyards, artistic flair and culture, and picturesque scenery, a visit to Naples, New York is truly a great weekend getaway or gateway into exploring all the best things to do in the Finger Lakes region. 

Things to do in Naples, New York

Visit grimes glen park.

first waterfall at grimes glen in naples new york in the fall

This 1.1-mile-long creek walk rewards hikers with three 60-foot waterfalls, but newbies beware – the third may require a bit more strenuous climbing to reach.

Visitors can park at the end of Vine Street and begin their hike just before the gorge. The first tributary fall, French Hills Falls, is about a ½ mile into the trek.

The second waterfall is located approximately ¼ mile past the first, but hike with caution as the mainstream drops a deep 60 feet into a slippery amphitheater.

This part of the hike also tends to be pretty slick, so pay careful attention to where you step and be sure to hold on to the accompanying ropes. If you successfully master the second falls, you might just be daring enough to make it to the third.

Also, part of this hike requires you to walk in the creekbed, you will want to wear waterproof shoes or waders since you will be walking in the water. During our visit in the fall, I was able to walk around to more shallow areas where the water didn’t exceed over 2-5 inches. But expect higher levels of water during the wetter season.

Grimes Glen are not only some of the best waterfalls in the Finger Lakes region but also where you can find some of the best waterfalls in New York !

Try the Famous Grape Pie


A local specialty and an absolute favorite for any Naples, New York visitor is grabbing a slice from one of the town’s award-winning pies. Fun fact – the Grape Pie Capital of the World is located in Naples, New York and hosts the Naples Grape Festival. This splendid event features the World’s Greatest Grape Pie Contest, where the locals jive over their favorite competitors.

Grabbing some grape pie is one of the most quintessential things to do Naples, New York! Although it depends on who you ask, you can never go wrong with Monica’s Pies or Cindy’s Pies .

Of the various stores and farmer stands prepped for pie purchasing, you mustn’t miss your chance to chow on some grape pie from the Heart N’ Hand pie shop or Joseph’s Wayside Market.

Try the famous grape pie at local restaurants too! With an assortment of fruit pies, seasonal pies, savory pies, and other goodies, you’re sure to find a slice of sweetness to enjoy. 

Conklin Gulley 

Located in the High Tor Wildlife Management Area, the Conklin Gulley is home to a plethora of adventurous things to do in Naples, New York, many of which involve hiking to different waterfalls.

Prepare for wet feet because the first main trail, found just off the mouth of the gully on Parish Hill Road, is a creek bed. Keep following the creek path and you will see a series of smaller waterfalls between 15 to 20 feet in height before hitting a fork in the trail.

Once you do, take the right course (facing upstream) and you will reach more impressive falls of over 50 feet high. If you’d like to bypass climbing the smaller waterfalls, park in the designated area on Route 245 and take the less obvious trail up the hill to the Angel Falls and rim trails. The latter will give you access to the upper part of the gorge, where you may view the larger falls with less effort. Always be cautious of the weather, as gullies can be quite dangerous with rainfall.

West Hill Preserve

This beautifully forested landscape, located on the south side of Bristol Hills, gives visitors an unparalleled opportunity to witness ecological succession in action – one of the more unique things to do in Naples, New York.

For those who may be unfamiliar, ecological succession can be described as the gradual change in plant communities of a particular area. Typically, succession occurs when natural vegetation is disturbed and eventually reaches a stable condition, which could take over a century.

Over 125 years ago, field cultivation phased out and the abandoned fields now mature at their own pace, giving visitors a unique grassland experience as they engage in activities like hiking, nature-journaling, or bird watching during migration. This is also a fantastic way to spot some of the nearby wildlife.

Visitors should keep in mind that since this is a nature preserve, there are no available amenities, only nature for stimulation. However, this does make it a great way to get away from some of the typical hustle and bustle. This 4.7-mile back trail is rated as difficult and deemed best to take a trip in the months from March to October.

Farmer’s Markets & Roadside Stands


Grab a slice of berry pie before checking out their private wine shop and greenhouses. If you’re looking for a place to pick a pumpkin, head 2 miles south of the village to Jerome’s U-Pick Fruit Farm, featuring grapes, peas, and pumpkins – oh my !

Visitors are required to bring their own shears, while containers and wagons are available for use. If you’d like to skip the self-picking, baskets of grapes can be purchased at their retail stand. If at any point you’d like to inquire about what kind of pickings are currently going on, call 1-800-UPICKIT and a representative will be pleased to share their seasonal options.

Inspire Moore Winery

If you’re looking for some award-winning wines, you’ve got to try Inspire Moore Winery. They produce over 12 different varieties, including Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Zweigelt, and Blaufrankisch to name a few.

Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt were more recently introduced into their cool climate wine portfolio, while Riesling remains their dominant varietal in the cellar. Before shopping this prime selection of wines, consider visiting their tasting room for your choice of tiered tastings.

You can swirl, sniff, and sip to your heart’s content until you find the perfect wine to bring home. Although walk-ins are welcome, it is highly recommended that visitors make reservations in advance.

A party of 8 or more require an appointment, which can be seamlessly scheduled by visiting their website. Keep a look out on their site for listed events, typically offered in the summer months of June, July, and August – wine club gatherings and dinner celebrations galore!

One of the tastiest things to do in Naples, New York involves a trip to Roots Café for some mouth-watering bites and drinks. A community-driven restaurant, this café thrives by supporting local farmers who grow the café’s produce, provide their meats, and supply floral centerpieces for décor.

Celebration is the nature of this place and they welcome folks to enjoy food, drink, and live music by visiting for lunch or dinner any day between Thursday and Saturday, or during brunch on Sunday.

Regardless of party size, visitors are encouraged to make reservations in advance as this is a very popular spot not just for Naples, New York but also the surrounding Finger Lakes come here to dine.

Take a peek at their menu before making a reservation as it often changes with the seasons to reflect what the farmers have to currently offer. For those who enjoy crafty cocktails, regulars tout the Toasted Pecan Old Fashioned and Jalapeño Hot Chocolate Martini.

Canandaigua Lake 

Dubbed as “The Chosen Spot” by Seneca Native Americans, one of the most memorable things to do in Naples, New York is to visit Canandaigua Lake, one of the 11 lakes that make up the Finger Lakes region.

Northeast of the town of Naples, this serene lake casts a spell of reverential respect and wonder upon all visitors who bask in its expansive lakefront views. A mysterious ambiance fills the air as once operable ships now lay sunken beneath the waters and tales of a serpent bear markings on the trails.

This enchanting lake body of water offers endless views from a scenic car drive to a gentle stroll down the Canandaigua City Pier. From here, you’ll notice wildflowers paint the grasslands and historic boathouses line the waterfront – such a charming spot to snap a photo.

Head on down to the water for some lakeside activities like swimming, boating, and fishing. Afterward, enjoy some ice cream from one of the pop-up stands or lay out a blanket for picnic on the lush lawn.

Tannery Creek 

Located on the south end of Canandaigua Lake, Tannery Creek offers explorers an easy-going voyage to waterfalls of varying heights. Perhaps not as well-known as its more famous companion, Grimes Glen, Tannery Creek Falls boasts several falls that often cascade into combinations of overhanging plunges.

Visitors beware – signage is lacking for this destination so be on the lookout for Tannery Creek Rd during your arrival. The best time to visit is during spring or fall, and newcomers are advised to explore during the weekends to avoid unnecessary interference with Naples’ highway department operations.

Allow for about an hour to make it through the creek walk but be sure to check the weather to ensure you visit when the waterfalls are flowing well.

Clark’s Gulley

Just a few short miles northeast of Naples, New York is Clark’s Gully, the most adventurous of the four glens and gullies. This wild ride begins with a short creek walk to a waterfall about 20-feet tall. Conquering the first fall is the easy part, as the rest of the hike involves quite a bit of climbing that may be trivial to some.

Hikers who often stop once they reach this lower side, describe this part of the adventure as more isolated and intimate. The presence of surrounding wildlife and crushed rock with pine needles underfoot will make you feel a heightened connection with nature.

Reaching the upper side is a greater accolade requiring much more effort. However, if you do claim this victory, you’ll be prized with two more waterfalls that drop from heights greater than 60 feet.

It is wise for visitors to know this is a moderate to difficult trail that may require 2 to 4 hours to complete in its entirety. Explorers can enjoy plenty of hiking, nature-gazing, and birdwatching along the journey.

Brews & Brats 

If you’re in need of a good pit stop, look no further than Brews & Brats at Arbor Hill, located on the southwest end of Canandaigua Lake. This carriage barn-turned-restaurant sports a rustic appeal and has been serving up homemade sausages since 2011.

Known as a hidden gem, visitors describe Brew & Brats as homey and quaint, and after our visit we will have to agree. The atmosphere is pleasant no matter the occasion – be it a relaxing early afternoon for lunch or a lively evening when local bands perform during dinner.

Speaking of dinner, Brews & Brats offers 6 different locally made brats, each with its own signature taste. If you’re having trouble deciding, opt for the Sherried Wine Sausage and pair it with their Winemaster’s Sauerkraut and German Potato Salad.

Craving something a bit heavier? Go for the Steak Wagon during their Steak Night on Friday and Saturday nights, featuring Certified Black Angus Beef, two sides, and a drink.

Of the many sites to see and bites to eat, Brews & Brats is sure to please as one of the best off the beaten path things to do in Naples, New York.

Also, you can bang out two of the best things to do in Naples, New York here! Brews & Brats is at Arbor Hill, so you can visit the winery while you’re here – mentioned next!

Arbor Hill Winery                                                                                                                                   

Situated a right next to Brews & Brats is the Arbor Hill Grapery & Winery, home to selection of wines, gourmet foods, and even its very own unique gift shop.

Proud producers of over 27 award-winning wines and over 55 food products, this is a go-to stop during any Naples, New York getaway.

Arbor Hill Winery, with its New England country setting, has its own country complex, with several buildings including their retail store, Brews & Brats, and then a barn each for the wine cellar and food production.

Keep in mind that reservations are required, and wine tasting is only available Friday through Sunday. Be sure to grab some of their jarred goodies from their retail store on your way out.

Nearby Naples, New York

Honeoye lake .

Honeoye Lake in the Finger Lakes New York

A fabulous stop near Naples, New York is at Honeoye Lake, also known as “Lying Finger” by the locals. The shores of this shallow body of water are favorable to bikers because they are about 19 miles around, relatively flat, and dotted with delightful cottages.

After wallowing in the beautiful scenery, head over to the Wizard of Clay in Bloomfield for some creative fun. Here you’ll find a unique variety of hand-thrown pottery pieces, many of which are adorned with the leaves of indigenous plants. After some play with clay, grab a beer from the neighbors at Noble Shepherd Craft Brewery.

Venture further north of the lake and into town, where you will find Sandy Bottom Park. Hang out here for some year-round picnicking and nature trail exploration. Some local Honeoye sweet spots include the Mill Creek Café and Birdhouse Brewing Company.

Directly across the street from Birdhouse Brewing you can access the trails that are around Honeoye Lake and worth exploring!


This is one of the first places we went to in this region that really blew us away and made us realize that the Finger Lakes is one of the most underrated destinations in the US .

Nicknamed the “Crooked Lake” – the body of water is “Y” shaped and offers exceptional sweeping views from just about any location around the lake including the vineyards and farms on the hills overlooking the lake and the bluff where the Y shape of the land meets.

If you’re up for some nature-viewing and wildlife-watching, be sure to take a stroll through the wooded and peaceful Keuka Outlet Trail, connecting the Keuka and Seneca Lakes passing by not one but three waterfalls near the village of Penn Yan.

Don’t miss all the best things to do in Penn Yan either, this is another charming small town in the region with great stops like the Penn Yan Diner and Amity Coffee Co plus the world’s largest pancake griddle.

Located on the southern tip of Keuka Lake is the quiet little town of Hammondsport , another charmer full of restaurants, shops, and beautiful homes on the shores of Keuka Lake. Don’t miss attractions like the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum and antique shops!

Keuka Lake is known as a world-class wine destination along the Keuka Lake Wine Trail. Fun fact, Pleasant Valley Wine Company is the first winery and where the first grapes in the region were planted in 1829 as well where the first winery in the region was founded in 1860. When the prohibition closed down most alcohol producers, Pleasant Valley continued to produce sacramental wines for religious reasons!

Enjoy the idyllic town and stop by Crooked Lake Ice Cream Company or Keuka Creamery for ice cream parlor for a sweet treat.

To complete the full circuit of Keuka Lake takes a little over an hour by car, leaving ample time to visit its member wineries including Heron Hill Winery, Hunt Country Vineyards, Keuka Spring Vineyards, Stever Hill Vineyards, and Vineyard View Winery.

Get more inspiration of what to do nearby in our guide of photos that will inspire you to visit the Finger Lakes .

Where to Stay Near Naples, New York


There are a few great options for where to stay in or near Naples, New York. If you’re just doing a day trip to check out the best things to do in Naples, New York, we recommend checking out our complete guide for where to stay in the Finger Lakes as if you’re hitting up many of the attractions in the region, you may want to strategically stay somewhere in the middle of everywhere you want to go.

Otherwise, here are a few accommodation options close to Naples, New York.

The Fox Den on Honeoye Lake

This adorable rustic cabin getaway in New York is where we stayed on our fall trip to Naples, New York. Located about a 15-minute drive to downtown Naples, this rustic cabin stay is more like a glamping experience. Located at Turtle Rock Hollow, this spot has a few individual cabins like this one and even teepees and yurts. 

There’s no running water or toilets inside these little cabins, but there is a shared kitchen, game room, and two complete bathrooms guests can use that are cleaned frequently. The homes do have fans for the hot days and heat for those chilly autumn days like during our visit.

This adorable cabin has a queen bed and a lofted sleeping area for small children. 

This is more of a glamping cabin as the bathroom is a shared facility between the other yurts and cabins at Turtle Rock Hollow. Don’t let that dissuade you, we stayed here in the fall and it was such a cozy stay with our own charcoal grill and fire pit. This simple, yet adorable stay is perfect for a weekend getaway! In the shared lounge space, there are also board games and books about the area to help you pick where to explore!

*this property is currently for sale and no longer bookable at this time.

18 Vine Inn & Carriage House Bed & Breakfast in Hammondsport

18 Vine Inn & Carriage House Bed and Breakfast Finger Lakes is an amazing option in Hammondsport, not a far drive from Naples, New York and right on Keuka Lake in this charming village.

Located in a gorgeous, large house, the cozy rooms are perfect to make you feel right at home. This bed and breakfast have a pool and gardens to enjoy with 6 themed rooms to enjoy. Book Now

1840 Inn on Main in Canandaigua

Another great Bed and Breakfast pick in Canandaigua near Naples, New York is 1840 Inn on Main . This is a perfect pick for if you’re looking for an authentic bed and breakfast in a turn-of-the-century Victorian house.

You’re just steps away from restaurants and shops in downtown Canandaigua from your quaint and comfy room. There are 6 different themed rooms to choose from that all include continental breakfast.

Book Now | Compare Prices for Later | See More Options in Canandaigua

Luxury Cabin on Canandaigua Lake

This luxury cabin can sleep up to 6 adults and offers a gorgeous wrap-around patio and deck overlooking the scenic Canandaigua Lake near Naples, New York. This cabin is enormous and has a 28-foot cathedral ceiling and exposed wood beams with floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights offering great natural lighting with amazing views of the lake! Book Now

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Naples NY

Unsurpassed scenery of hills, glens, and Canandaigua Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region

News & announcements.

  • Notice of Adoption of Resolution for Phase II Sewer/Village of Naples  
  • DRAFT 2024 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update  
  • 2023 FINAL Assessment Roll 
  • 2022 FINAL Assessment Roll 
  • 2022 Annual Water Quality Report
  • Low Income Household Water Assistance Program!!

Upcoming Events & Meetings

Town & village planning board meeting.

7:00 PM Monthly on the third Monday

Village Board of Trustees Meeting

6:00 PM Monthly on the third Wednesday

Town Board Meeting

7:00 PM Monthly on the first Tuesday

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Village minutes & agendas, town minutes & agendas, town of naples on facebook.

Town of Naples

Village of Naples on Facebook

Village of Naples, New York


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Naples Community Park

Our Naples Community Park includes over 88 acres featuring hiking trails, a full 18-hole disc golf course, a pump track, athletics fields, running tracks, pavilions, and more.

Click Here to Learn More

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Naples Historical Society

The mission of the Naples Historical Society is to promote an interest in the history of Naples, New York and the surrounding area by maintaining and displaying historical collections and exhibits, and by providing educational programs.

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Explore Naples NY is a partnership-based group of local businesses that promotes Naples NY as a destination year round.

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Naples Community School District

The Naples Central School District (NCSD) serves the children and families of the region by providing Academic Excellence for ALL students K-12.

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Rambles with Rachel

September 22, 2023

The Best Things to Do in Naples, NY

“ Did nobody ever tell you grapes are better in September? “ -James Marriott

Are you looking for the best things to do in Naples, NY? You’re in for a treat…and not just the grape pies for which the town is known.

Naples is a quaint little town in New York’s Finger Lakes region. It’s a beautiful area full of wineries, rolling hills, and long stretches of lakeshore. My partner is from the Finger Lakes, and it’s a place I’ve grown rather fond of visiting over the past few years. Naples is located near the southern end of Canandaigua Lake.

For being a small town, there are lots of things to do in Naples, NY, especially if you like spending time outdoors. Whether you are passing through or making it your base camp, Naples is a great place to spend a day or two as you explore the Finger Lakes.

Note: This post contains affiliate links through which I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This small commission helps me to continue Rambling, so thanks for your support ! For more information, please see my full Affiliate Disclaimer .

Rachel leans against a wooden post, standing at the edge of a vineyard with green, leafy grape vines, in Naples, NY.

Getting There

The closest transportation hubs near Naples are the cities of Rochester and Syracuse, NY. From there, the drive to Naples is about an hour or an hour and a half, respectively.

  • By plane: Fly into Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport or Syracuse Hancock International Airport.
  • By train: There are Amtrak train stations in both Rochester (Louise M. Slaughter Rochester Station) and Syracuse (Regional Transportation Center).
  • By bus: Both Rochester and Syracuse have Greyhound Bus terminals.

Getting Around

The best way to get around Naples, NY is by car. It is a pretty rural area, so having a car makes it easier to reach things like trailheads and wineries.

However, once you are in Naples, you can walk to many places within the town.

Where to Stay in Naples, NY

  • During my first visit to Naples I stayed at the Maxfield Inn , a lovingly restored historic mansion.
  • The Naples Hotel has been recently renovated and offers an on-site restaurant and bar with outdoor seating.

An alley in downtown Naples, NY is strung with lights over tables and chairs set for outdoor dining.

Things to Do in Naples, NY

Take a hike.

One of the best things to do in Naples, NY, is go for a hike. Trails around Naples vary from easy to difficult. Its location in a valley offers fun hikes that include views and waterfalls! My two favorite hikes are:

Grimes Glen

Rachel stands looking at a softly cascading waterfall on a hike to Grimes Glen, one of the best things to do in Naples, NY.

The 1.1 mile hike through Grimes Glen is easy enough- as long as you’re wearing waterproof shoes. You’ll be walking along the stream bed, and some of the stepping stones will be a few inches underwater (depending on the season).

It’s worth it, though! The Grimes Glen hike features three cascading waterfalls. The third waterfall is a bit tricky to get to and requires some strenuous rope climbing.

If you enjoy waterfall hikes, check out these other trails to waterfalls in the Finger Lakes .

Conklin Gully

A valley covered in trees, looking out over Conklin Gully in Naples, NY on a summer day.

Another area that’s great for hiking in Naples, NY, is Conklin Gully. The trailhead is located just five minutes from downtown, but you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere (in a good way).

There are several trails to take around Conklin Gully. Most of them start with a steep climb but reward you with awesome views of the gorge. I enjoyed this 2.1-mile loop from All Trails , which is rated as “moderate” and took about an hour to complete.

Eat at a Local Cafe

Naples knows how to start the day off right! Most of the best places to eat in Naples, NY serve excellent breakfasts, brunches, and lunches. There are several cute cafes in town, and the food at each of them is so good.

A wooden sign for Old School Cafe, with its red school building in the background.

Old School Cafe

One of my favorite things to do in Naples is eat at Old School Cafe. They have everything from fresh pastries to chicken and waffles. With delicious coffee and a friendly staff, Old School is a great place to fuel up for the day’s adventures.

The building actually was a primary schoolhouse in the 1800s. You can either sit inside, where the decor includes things like the periodic table of elements, or outside at picnic tables. You might even get to enjoy live music!

Caruso’s Cafe

For a retro feeling (not quite as old school as Old School), step into Caruso’s Cafe on Main Street. This neighborhood spot is popular amongst tourists and locals alike. Enjoy a bagel sandwich or a smoothie as you sit in a colorful, friendly atmosphere.

Wander Downtown

A simple, but pleasant, thing to do in Naples is just to walk along the stretch of downtown. There are shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants to explore. It’s about a mile to walk from end to end of the main drag.

Celebrate Grapes

A large sign in the shape of a bunch of grapes advertises grape pies at an establishment in Naples, NY.

One of the most popular things to do in Naples is to attend the Naples Grape Festival . This annual festival occurs each September and, as the name suggests, celebrates grapes!

The Finger Lakes area is known for its fertile land that is perfect for vineyards. At the Naples Grape Festival, you can enjoy tasting wines and beverages from the region, along with live music.

The main event of the Naples Grape Festival is the Grape Pie Contest. This delicious baked good is specific to the Finger Lakes area and uses purple grapes. Similar to blueberry pie, a grape pie is both sweet and tart.

Even if you can’t make the festival, when you go to Naples, you should try a grape pie. You can purchase them from Cindy’s Pies or Monica’s Pies in town.

Visit a Local Winery

Flowers and an "open" flag outside the entrance to Hazlitt's Red Cat Cellars, one of the local wineries in Naples, NY.

If you prefer your grapes crushed, rather than baked, you should visit a local winery. Finger Lakes grapes are commonly used to make Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.

One of the most convenient wineries in Naples, NY is Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars , since they’re right in town! Enjoy a flight of wine samplings with a bowl of fresh popcorn in a chalet-inspired building.

The Hazlitt family (now in its seventh generation of wine-makers) has been growing grapes since 1852. They make red, white, and rosé wines right in Naples. They’re probably most known for their Red Cat Wines, which you can purchase throughout New York State.

Hazlitt also makes one of my favorite ciders, Cider Tree!

Other nearby wineries in Naples include Inspire Moore Winery and Arbor Hill Winery .

Try Some Craft Brews

Of course, you don’t only have to drink wine if you visit Naples. There are several local breweries as well!

Naples Brewing Company

Naples Brewing Company is located right on Main Street and offers small batch craft beers with local ingredients. Try the Grape Pie Sour in honor of the town’s specialty!

Engine 14 Brewing

Located on the Hazlitt property is Engine 14, named for the its fire house theme. (Founder Greg opened up the brewery after retiring from the Rochester Fire Department in 2019.) Try the oatmeal stout or the apricot wheat ale!

See a Show at Bristol Valley Theater

An old, brick building that was once a church is now a local theater in Naples, NY.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Bristol Valley Theater as one of the best things to do in Naples! The theater was what first brought my partner and me to Naples, since he was performing in a play there.

Bristol Valley Theater is Ontario County’s only professional theater! Each summer they produce plays, musicals, and new works of theater. Actors come from all over the country to perform in Naples, bringing all kinds of talent with them.

(The theater itself was previously a church, and the theater seats are still cushioned pews.)

The staff at Bristol Valley Theater is warm and welcoming. Once you see a show there, you’ll want to return!

Shop Farmers’ Markets

Sunflowers grow in front of an open air market in Naples, NY.

With so many farms around, it’s no wonder that Naples, NY has some fantastic open-air markets that offer fresh produce and homemade goods. (Seriously, I could eat my weight in breads, pastries, and fruit jams.)

In Naples you can find Joseph’s Wayside Market , which sells everything from flowers to fresh berries. They also have a local wine section, of course!

By purchasing goods from these kinds of markets, you’ll be supporting local farmers, bakers, and artisans.

Honorable Mentions

If you have several days in Naples, there are more fun things to explore in the area.

  • Canandaigua Lake : Have a lake day! There are beaches and boat rental spots along the lake if you want to get out on the water.
  • Hollerhorn Distilling: If neither wine nor beer is your thing, you’re in luck! You could try a local distillery, instead. Hollerhorn Distilling makes unique spirits using maple syrup, in addition to gin, whiskey, and a fruit brandy.

I hope you are able to enjoy the adorable town of Naples, NY! Naples has all of the best things that come to mind when one thinks of the Finger Lakes: wine and waterfalls. I look forward to visiting every summer; maybe one day you will, too.

Planning a trip to the Finger Lakes? Save this post for later!

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You should have stopped in at Artizanns, We support over 200 artists from the Finger Lakes. Everything is one-of-a-kind unless it is a book, food or prints. Next time. We welcome everyone.

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15 Best Things to Do in Naples, New York

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13 Best Things to Do in Naples, NY

  • 1. Grimes Glen

Grimes Glen

4703 Vine St, Naples, NY 14512, Phone: 585-396-4000

  • 2. Cumming Nature Center

Cumming Nature Center

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  • 3. Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill

Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill

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  • 4. Parish Glen - Conklin Gully,

Parish Glen - Conklin Gully,

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  • 5. Bristol Valley Theater

Bristol Valley Theater

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  • 6. Inspire Moore Winery & Vineyard

Inspire Moore Winery & Vineyard

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Arbor Hill Grapery & Winery

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  • 10. Brew And Brats At Arbor Hill

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  • 11. Lynnie Lou's Homemade Ice Cream and Custard

Lynnie Lou's Homemade Ice Cream and Custard

8665 NY-21, Naples, NY 14512, Phone: 585-374-5980

  • 12. Hollerhorn Distilling

Hollerhorn Distilling

8443 Spirit Run, Naples, NY 14512, Phone: 585-531-2448

  • 13. Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm

Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm

806+4 Coates Road, Naples, NY 14512, 585 775 7770

  • 14. Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars

Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars

1 Lake Niagara Lane, Naples, NY 14512, 585 531 3117

The top attractions to visit in Naples, New York & Fun things to do near me today:

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Population : 906 (2020) location: three miles south of the southern end of  canandaigua lake, nearby towns: penn yan  (23 miles),  canandaigua  (22 miles),  hammondsport  (22 miles), the village of naples, organized in 1789, is located in the beautiful naples valley, three miles south of the southern end of canandaigua lake in the finger lakes region of new york. it is located between the intersection of routes 21 and 245 and the intersection of routes 21 and 53. naples is known for its early 1800s main street, bristol valley theatre, hi tor wildlife management area, rainbow trout fishing in naples creek, the naples grape festival and widmer wine cellars of the canandaigua wine company. nearby is arbor hill grapery, bristol mountain ski resort, cumming nature center operated by the rochester museum and science center, and ontario county park with camping, hiking and picnicking facilities., things to do in naples.

Bristol Valley Theater

Bristol Valley Theater

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Finger Lakes Barn Quilt Trail

visit naples ny

Naples Historical Society Museums


visit naples ny

Naples Grape Festival

Celebrating the valley’s grape harvest, local artists, wine makers, and regional musicians has been a tradition since1961.The Naples Grape Festival is held at the Naples High School Grounds and across the street at Memorial Town Hall in September, rain or shine.The Naples Grape Festival is most known for the World’s Greatest Grape Pie Contest.

visit naples ny

Naples Open Studio Trail

A self-guided Art Tour where you can find artists and their studios all around Canandaigua Lake. 2022 Dates:  October 1st & 2nd Map

History of naples, the first settlers in naples valley were seneca indians, who moved into the valley around 1400 from the adirondack region. the senecas were looking for a peaceful place to settle to escape from the warlike massawomeck tribe. they called the valley koyendaga. the earliest seneca indian village in the valley, nundawao (“great hill”), was located two miles south of canandaigua lake. a second indian village in the valley was kiandaga (“corn planting ground”), located just east of the visitors’ entrance to widmer wine cellars. the third village, the smallest, was located near west river bridge. general sullivan’s army destroyed the seneca village at canandaigua in september, 1779, but it didn’t visit the southern end of the lake. in 1789, the first white men entered the naples valley to suvey the land after it was purchased from nathaniel gorham and oliver phelps. the first white settlers, from connecticut and massachusetts, purchased six square miles for $2,534.20 in april 1789. the 150 senecas who lived in the valley when the first white settlers arrived, were given 20 years to leave. the last seneca indian family left the village in 1815. in 1848, edward mckay planted 150 isabella grapevines at naples, at the southern end of the lake. the vines prospered and an industry grew. john jacob widmer and his wife, lisette, moved to naples from switzerland, planted a vineyard, and began to make wine. their early efforts grew into widmer winery, now part of constellation brands corporation., links & more, canandaigua lake canandaigua lake boating guide canandaigua lake fishing guide finger lakes swimming finger lakes events, naples,ny – official site naples vally visitors association – official site, things to do, food & drinks, lodging & real estate, cookie policy, privacy statement, about, is your complete guide to the entire finger lakes region of new york state--from wine trails to hiking trails and fishing to skiing..

[email protected]

1795 Acorn Inn Bed and Breakfast logo with green leaf and brown acorn

(585) 229-2834

Top 10 All Time Most Fun Things To Do In Naples, NY

Wondering what are the top 10 all time most fun things to do in Naples, NY? Naples is a quaint town on the South end of Canandaigua Lake. Just a 15 minute drive from the 1795 Acorn Inn and a town one would pass through to get to the Keuka Lake Wine Trail, Naples is filled with a variety of things to do.  Though small, there’s plenty to do in Naples…

1.  Tour the Wineries… one of my favorites, Inspire Moore.  The wines are great and I love their concept.  The wines are called Love, Joy, Peace, Serendipity…  Who wouldn’t want Moore?  And don’t forget to try their Framboise, if they have it.  It’s a dessert wine made from raspberries.  To die for with chocolate.  They have life music outside.  Check out their event schedule .  And a great restaurant, Roots Cafe, is located right in front of the winery.

2.  Grab your camera.  The photo opportunities are plentiful and free.

3.  Sample grape pie.

4. Enjoy an evening of live theater at the Bristol Valley Theater .

5.  Explore nature and relax (after a strenuous hike) to the soothing sound of waterfalls at Conklin Gulley or Grimes Glen.  We have great resources at the Inn on Hiking, Biking, Waterfalls, Kayaking and Snow Trails.

6.  Fish streams or the lake; even ice fishing in the winter.  Brrr.

7.  Taste Naples-made dippers, mustard, granola and sauces at Arbor Hill Grapery or Joseph’s Wayside market .

Josephs Wayside Market, Naples NY

8.  Escape for a romantic sunset.

9. Bring you bike or walking shoes and experience the natural beauty of the countryside.

10.  Marvel at the talent and creativity of the area’s art community.  One of my favorite art galleries is Artizanns .  There’s something for everyone and you don’t want to miss it.

Naples Grape Festival

The Naples Grape Festival is not to be missed and I will blog more about it as it approaches. But, if you want to learn more, visit .

There you have it.  Enjoy.

About The 1795 Acorn Inn

The 1795 Acorn Inn Bed and Breakfast is a luxurious, romantic AAA Four Diamond Lodging located in New York’s Finger Lakes. The Inn is the only Bed and Breakfast in New York to received this prestigious award for 22 consecutive years. According to AAA, “Four Diamond establishments are upscale in all areas. Accommodations are progressively more refined and stylish. The physical attributes reflect an obvious enhanced level of quality throughout. The fundamental hallmarks at this level include an extensive array of amenities combined with a high degree of hospitality, service, and attention to detail.”

Stay with us and don’t forget to schedule an  in-room massage in our Hotchkiss Room, Bristol or Barn Suites. Chair massages are now available in all rooms. We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon.

Check Out Our Recipes

broccoli & cheddar frittata with sausage, biscuit, veggies... breakfast at the 1795 Acorn Inn in Canandaigua is always included in your stay

Breakfast Frittata

nested eggs with sausage, biscuit and veggies... breakfast at the 1795 Acorn Inn in Canandaigua is always included in your stay

Nested Eggs

Broccoli and Cheddar Fritatta

THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Naples

Things to do in naples, tours in and around naples.

visit naples ny

Canandaigua Wine Trail Experience

visit naples ny

Luxury 2 Hour Sunset Tour Canandaigua Lake-Groups or Individuals

visit naples ny

Seneca Lake Wine Tasting & Tour

visit naples ny

Glenn H Curtiss Museum Admission Ticket

visit naples ny

Finger Lakes Guided Black Walnut Tour with Tasting and Hay Ride

visit naples ny

Keuka Lake Winery Tour

visit naples ny

Aerial Adventure Park Admission

visit naples ny

Seneca Lake South Wine Tastings Tour

visit naples ny

Canandaigua Lake Brewery Tour

visit naples ny

Farms, Flights: Finger Lakes Brewery Tour

Top attractions in naples.

visit naples ny

1. Arbor Hill Grapery & Winery

visit naples ny

2. Inspire Moore Winery & Vineyard

visit naples ny

3. Grimes Glen


4. Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars


5. Bristol Valley Theater

visit naples ny

6. Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple Farm

visit naples ny

7. Cumming Nature Center


8. Parish Glen / Conklin Gully


9. Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill


10. Naples Creek Antiques


11. Hunt Hollow


12. Clarks Gully


What travellers are saying

Paula J

  • Grimes Glen
  • Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars
  • Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple Farm
  • Cumming Nature Center
  • Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill
  • Parish Glen / Conklin Gully
  • Wesley Hill Nature Preserve

Naples Attractions Information

Where Are Those Morgans

How To Visit Grimes Glen Park In Naples New York

By: Author Mark and Kristen Morgan

Posted on Published: March 13, 2023  - Last updated: October 20, 2023

Categories North America Travel Blog

How To Visit Grimes Glen Park In Naples New York

Grimes Glen Park is a hidden gem featuring two stunning waterfalls located in the Village of Naples within the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

This is a great hike for the entire family because it’s a relatively easy trail with a few obstacles both the kids and dog will enjoy.

But how do you get here and what do you need to know about the area as this small Ontario Country Park is slightly off the beaten tourist path?

In our detailed guide, we will show you:

  • Waterfalls at Grimes Glen Park
  • Driving directions and parking info
  • Walkthrough of the Grimes Glen hiking trail
  • Nearby hotel and restaurant recommendations
  • Our personal Grimes Glen photos

Now, let’s explore Grimes Glen Park!

Our Grimes Glen Park Experience

Kristen is a Finger Lakes native , growing up in a small town nearby and we also  temporarily lived in the region  when Mark first moved to the US in 2019.

We have extensively hiked and photographed numerous finger lakes waterfalls including the falls within Grimes Glen Park so you can trust us with planning your trip to this stunning region.

While we no longer live in the area, Kristen’s family still lives in upstate New York and we always return to this beautiful area several times a year.

Planning to travel through the Finger Lakes? Don’t miss our popular things to do in the Finger Lakes guide featuring best places to visit.

Three people standing in front of the Grimes Glen waterfall

What Can You Expect From This Guide?

This comprehensive first time visitor guide covers  everything you need to plan the perfect trip  to Grimes Glen Park in upstate New York.

Our main focus is to provide you with  hiking and photography insights  for the Grimes Glen hike in Naples, NY.

We want you to be fully prepared so  you can make the most of your visit  to these gorgeous waterfalls in Naples New York.

What Is Grimes Glen Park?

Entrance sign to Grimes Glen Park

Grimes Glen is located in the Village of Naples, NY and officially became a public park within the Ontario County system in 2008.

The Glen is made of a long deep gorge that joins with Naples Creek cutting through layers of limestone and shale before it meets with the southern inlet of Canandaigua Lake.

The Grimes Creek originates near one of the highest points in Naples at Cleveland Hill and by the time the creek reaches the village, it has dropped over 1,000ft with most of this drop occurring in Grimes Glen Park.

While this smaller public park is not part of the New York State Park system , it is certainly still worth a visit because this Glen is known for its waterfalls and unique topography.

Grimes Glen is also famous because it’s home to the oldest fossilized tree ever found in New York which was discovered in 1882, by local D. Dana Luther.

The tree fossil was a Devonian era ancestor from more than 350 million years ago. The incomplete fossil can now be seen at the New York State Museum in Albany, and locally we often refer to it as the Naples tree.

Waterfalls At Grimes Glen

Person standing underneath large waterfall in Grime Glen Park

There are 2 main waterfalls along the hiking trail at Grimes Glen Park and the good news is both of these falls are easily accessible.

But it’s the second waterfall that often steals the show. Here are the statistics on the most popular waterfall at Grimes Glen:

  • Waterfall Height : 60 ft (18m)
  • Waterfall Crest : Varies
  • Waterway : Grimes Creek
  • Location : Ontario County
  • Nearest Major City : Rochester (about 45 miles)

We like visiting Grimes Glen because as you walk the hiking trail at the park, you will naturally pass by two of these gorgeous waterfalls.

This hike at Grimes Glen Park is a family and dog friendly trail that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

Where Is Grimes Glen Park?

Grimes Glen is nestled at the southern end of Canandaigua Lake next to the town of Naples about 70 miles northwest of Ithaca, New York.

Grimes Glen Park Google Maps Location .

The easiest way to access Grimes Glen Park is to look for Vine Street which is perpendicular to Main Street in downtown Naples. Keep an eye out for a sign that mentions Grimes Glen County Park .

Once you drive the short distance on Vine Street, the road will terminate in the parking lot for Grimes Glen Park.

Driving Distances And Airports

Let’s take a quick look at driving distances and times to Grimes Glen Park from nearby major cities as well as the closest airports for you to consider if visiting from further afield.

Grimes Glen Park distance from nearby major cities :

  • Binghamton, NY – 120 miles (2h 15m)
  • Syracuse, NY – 90 miles (1h 40m)
  • Rochester, NY – 45 miles (1h)
  • Ithaca, NY – 70 miles (1h 30m)
  • Albany, NY – 230 miles (3h 45m)
  • NYC – 315 miles (5h 15m)

Search for your flights using the best search engine, Skyscanner . We love this platform because it compares prices on all flight platforms to find you the best deal.

The same goes for renting a car when you arrive to a nearby airport. Get a benchmark price using  Rental Cars  then see if you can beat it.

Here are the closest airports near Grimes Glen Park :

  • Ithaca Tompkins International Airport ( ITH ) – 70 miles (1h 30m)
  • Syracuse Hancock International Airport ( SYR ) – 90 miles (1h 40m)
  • Greater Rochester International Airport ( ROC ) – 45 miles (1h)

Grimes Glen Park Entry Fee And Parking

Small cascading waterfalls in upstate New York

Unlike many parks in New York State, you will not have to pay a vehicle fee to enter Grimes Glen. This small park is completely free for the public to use .

Once you arrive in the Grimes Glen parking lot, you will notice it is very small and does not accommodate vehicles with trailers or large RV’s.

Even though this park is considered a hidden gem, there are only about 20 parking spots and the lot fills up very quickly, especially in summer. Unfortunately, there is also no parking on Vine Street.

If you can not find a parking space in the lot directly next to the park, your next best option is to park in the additional lot found on Mill Street. This lot is about a half a mile from the Grimes Glen trailhead.

Is Grime Glen Park Open?

Yes, Grimes Glen Park is open year round and can be visited between the hours of 6:00 am and 9:00 pm daily. You can hike Grimes Glen trail all day, but there is no overnight camping allowed on the property.

Hiking Grimes Glen Park Trail

Sign indicating located of the oldest fossil tree found in the state of New York

There is only one hiking trail at Grimes Glen Park so it’s relatively easy to find your bearings once you have parked your vehicle.

Grimes Glen Trail distance : 1.10 miles roundtrip (out and back)

Hiking difficulty rating : Easy

According to AllTrails, hiking Grimes Glen takes an average of 25 minutes to complete, but if you want to admire the waterfalls and snap a few photos, we recommend planning for about 60 minutes.

This hike is short and relatively easy with minimal elevation change.

However, once you reach a certain point along the trail, you will have to wade through the creek or follow the path along the bottom of a steep bank which is often muddy and slippery.

We recommend you hit the trail with proper hiking shoes or boots. In the winter, you may also want to consider purchasing microspikes for your hiking boots.

Check out the recent comments on AllTrails to see what hikers have recently said about Grimes Glen hiking conditions.

You can also use our special link to receive 20% off a GAIA GPS subscription to stay safe on the trails.

Need a new hiking app? Don’t miss our round up featuring the best apps for hiking to make the most of every hike.

1. Start At The Grimes Glen Parking Lot

As you make your way to the only trailhead located next to the parking lot, you will notice a few large signs with information about the hiking trail as well as geology and history about the park.

This will be the only trail leading away from the parking lot and you will also find a few picnic tables scattered throughout the area which make for a great lunch spot.

2. Continue Across The Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian bridge located along a hiking trail

The first point of interest you will come to along the trail is the pedestrian bridge. It’s interesting to note this well-maintained bridge was created from reused highway bridge beams.

A local artist named Darryl Abraham created the artwork so be sure to check out the designs when you hike in or out of Grimes Glen Park.

After you pass the pedestrian bridge over Grimes Creek, the trail to the waterfalls is easy going as it winds upstream for about 0.2 miles.

3. The Trails Ends At A picnic Table

Two people walking along the Grimes Glen hiking trail in upstate New York

After walking on the path a short while, you will come across a picnic table where it looks like the trail ends. But this is where the best part of the trail begins!

The next section of the Grimes Glen Trail is meant to be a creek walk , but you can also use the creek beds to find some dry land. However, this section can be very muddy and slippery.

When we hiked in September, the water in the creek was very low, but the water was deep in a few sections so you definitely want to wear waterproof shoes with great traction.

Even if you opt to walk along the bank of the creek, it can be very muddy.

4. The First Waterfall At Grimes Glen

Woman standing underneath the first waterfall in Grimes Glen Park

Shortly after you hike through Grimes Creek, you will reach the first main waterfall. This is the taller waterfall of the two, but it’s skinner compared to the one further upstream.

We like this first waterfall at Grimes Glen because it flows directly down to the creek. There is no plunge pool underneath so you can walk right up to the face of the falls.

This first waterfall can get very busy so you might have to wait your turn to snap a photo. Be careful moving about on the rocks as you navigate close to this mossy cascading waterfall.

5. Second Grimes Glen Waterfall + Plunge Pool

Man standing in front of Grimes Glen waterfall

After you had your fill at the first waterfall, it’s time to continue hiking up Grimes Creek. Or if this first waterfall is busy when you first arrive, keep hiking and make it a stop on your return leg.

The second waterfall at Grimes Glen will be another 0.5 miles up the creek so you only have a short distance to go.

You will probably be able to hear the second waterfall before you see it along Grimes Creek, but when it finally comes into view, you will be rewarded with another 60 ft waterfall cascading directly in front of you.

The Grimes Glen Trail officially ends with a small plunge pool below the second waterfall. Just keep in mind there is no swimming in this plunge pool.

Next to the base of the second Grimes Glen waterfall, you will see the small plunge pool lead into a small cave known as Devil’s Bedroom .

The small cave isn’t much and it doesn’t go back very far, but we like it because you can take some cool perspective shots of the waterfall from the cave.

6. Skip The Ropes + Third Waterfall

Third waterfall located in the creek of Grimes Glen Park

To the immediate left of this second waterfall, you will notice a steep dirt path and several ropes hanging from a tree.

At the top of the second waterfall, you will find another small 50 ft waterfall known as Indian Falls or Third Falls. But the Ontario County Parks department have now labeled this section above this trail as private property.

You may see other visitors climbing this section of the trail, but it can be very dangerous because this will require rock scrambling on loose dirt.

We recommend you skip this section of the trail due to its hazardous nature and the fact it’s technically no longer part of the trail.

But the truth is people will be climbing this section of the trail as they always have for years. So just keep in mind, if you decide to climb up this section of the trail, you will do so at your own risk.

Visiting Grimes Glen Park is a privilege, but it carries risks and we should always leave no trace by sticking to the trails and not climbing on any of the waterfalls.

What Facilities Are Available Nearby?

There is a bathroom facility located next to the main parking lot at Grimes Glen Park. But keep in mind these restroom facilities are seasonal, usually opening around early May and closing in October.

If you need more facilities during your visit, head to the town of Naples for some food and wine after your hike.

Are Dogs Allowed At Grimes Glen Park?

Dog playing in Grimes Creek with other hikers nearby

Yes, dogs are allowed at Grimes Glen, but they must be kept on a leash. Be sure to keep a close eye on them because the trail can become very slippery.

We saw a few dogs during our hike and they sure loved dodging the obstacles in Grimes Creek!

Best Time To Visit Grimes Glen

Like most stunning places in the Finger Lakes, Grimes Glen will be extremely busy on weekends between April and October, particularly during holidays.

From experience, we recommend staying clear on these days unless it’s the only time you can make your visit.

Best Time Of Year

The last week of September and first week of October are the two best weeks of the year to hike through Grimes Glen Park. This is our favorite time of year to hike because the area is alive with vibrant fall foliage.

But if you want to see the Grimes Glen waterfalls at their fullest, visit in early spring when the snow is melting. Keep in mind it may be difficult to hike through the creek as the water will be flowing heavily.

Water running through a small creek in New York State

Best Time Of Day

Early morning is by far the best time of day to hike Grimes Glen Trail. You will beat the crowds and be able to take photos with no people around. Plus you will be able to score a parking spot in the adjacent lot.

But sometimes you can find breaks in the middle of the day with minimal people. We started our hike around 9:00 am on a Sunday in September and only saw a few others on the trail.

When To Avoid

Grimes Glen can be extremely busy on weekends between April and October, particularly holiday weekends. We recommend avoiding the rush between 11:30am – 2:00pm.

Not only will your photos have loads of people, but the trail can become overcrowded and the hike is no longer a fun experience.

Where To Eat And Stay Near Grimes Glen

Two cans of Jastaberry Cider in Naples New York

We visited Grimes Glen on an early sunday morning right before heading to the Naples Grape Festival in September.

This was a great way to spend a fall day in upstate NY. If you are making the effort to visit Grimes Glen, plan to check out a few of the local business in the area too!

Hotels Near Grimes Glen

  • Naples Hotel  – Less than 1 mile from Grimes Glen
  • Sutherland House Victorian B&B  – 20 miles from Grimes Glen
  • The Bella Ella B&B  – 25 miles from Grimes Glen

Restaurants Near Grimes Glen

  • Monica’s Pies – Delicious home baked pies in every flavor
  • Naples Hotel Restaurant – Lunch daily, dinner wed-sat
  • Naples Neapolitan – Brick oven neapolitan pizzas
  • Roots Cafe – Serving locally sourced meals all day

Travel Tip : If you are new to the area, stop by Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars for an afternoon of wine tasting.

Grimes Glen Park Photos

We loved visiting Grimes Glen in September and we took a lot of photos!

Here are a few of our favorite Grimes Glen photographs highlighting the natural beauty of the Glen:

Woman walking along Grimes Creek bed in Grimes Glen Park in upstate New York

Interested in photography? Don’t miss our Photography Guides from around the world.

Grimes Glen FAQ’s

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about visiting Grimes Glen in Naples New York.

Yes, Grimes Glen is worth visiting because this park features a short and easy hike along two stunning waterfalls.

There is a small parking lot with space for about 20 cars located right next to the park so we recommend you arrive early to find a spot. Otherwise, you will have to find additional parking in the Village of Naples.

After hiking to the waterfalls along Grimes Glen, you should find a bite to eat or visit the popular wineries in Naples.

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Want more New York content?  Head over to our  New York Travel Guides  to explore the Finger Lakes, Adirondacks and the best of NYC.

We hope this guide to hiking the Naples Waterfalls helps with planning your visit to upstate New York!

Please let us know if you have any questions planning your visit to Grimes Glen in the comments below.

Happy Hiking ,

Mark and Kristen

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All Rights Reserved © Where Are Those Morgans, LLC. Republishing this article and/or any of its contents (text, photography, maps, graphics, etc.) in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

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Mark and Kristen Morgan are travel, hiking and photography experts. Over the last 6 years traveling full time, they have explored more than 40 countries and 30 US states.

Where Are Those Morgans has been featured in USA Today, Gestalten, Get Your Guide, CityPASS and Condé Nast Traveler along with various other publications. Read more about us .

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Naples Wineries

Naples is the southern most point of the Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail .  Here, you will find three wineries, in addition to a Spirits tasting room. Not interested in wine? Head to one of the breweries instead! 

Arbor Hill Grapery & Winery

Arbor Hill Winery is located in South Bristol, NY, just north of Naples at the southern end of...

Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars

The 7th generation Hazlitt family continues its 165 plus years family tradition of award-winning...

Inspire Moore Winery

A boutique winery, vineyard and retail shop that is an eco-friendly business focusing on sustainable...

Champion Traveler

The Best Time to Visit Naples, NY, US for Weather, Safety, & Tourism

The best times to visit Naples for ideal weather are

May 7th to July 1st

based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Read below for more weather and travel details.

Naples Travel Guide


  • Perceived Temperature
  • Rain and snow
  • Humidity and wind
  • The busiest and least popular months
  • Overall travel experience by time of year

Other Naples Travel Info

Weather in naples.

Average temperatures in Naples vary drastically. Considering humidity, temperatures feel cold for about half of the year and otherwise nice with a chance of rain or snow throughout most of the year. The area is less temperate than some — in the 30th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide. Weeks with ideal weather are listed above . If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Naples, the hottest months are July, August, and then June. See average monthly temperatures below. The warmest time of year is generally mid July where highs are regularly around 85°F (29.4°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 62.8°F (17.1°C) at night.

Naples Temperatures (Fahrenheit)

Naples temperatures (celsius), “feels-like” temperatures.

The way we experience weather isn’t all about temperature. Higher temperatures affect us much more at higher humidity, and colder temperatures feel piercing with high winds. Our perceived temperatures factor in humidity and wind chill to better represent how hot or cold the day feels to a person.

Naples Perceived Temperature (F)

Naples perceived temperature (c), average naples temperatures by month.

Daily highs (averaged for the month) usually give the best indication of the weather. A significantly lower mean and low generally just means it gets colder at night.

Show Fahrenheit

Show celsius, precipitation (rain or snow).

If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in Naples are February, January, and then November. Note that we define “significant precipitation” as .1 inches or more in this section. The lowest chance of rain or snow occurs around late January. For example, on the week of January 22nd there are no days of precipitation on average. By contrast, it’s most likely to rain or snow in late July with an average of 3 days of significant precipitation the week of July 23rd.

Chance of Precipitation

The graph below shows the % chance of rainy and snowy days in Naples.

Snow on the Ground

The graph below shows the average snow on the ground in Naples (in).

Average Rain and Snow by Month

Show inches, show centimeters, humidity and wind.

Naples has some slightly muggy months, with moderately humid months on the other side of the year. The least humid month is April (49.2% relative humidity), and the most humid month is September (67%).

Wind in Naples is usually calm . The windiest month is April, followed by March and December. April’s average wind speed of around 6.8 knots (7.8 MPH or 12.5 KPH) is considered “a light breeze.” Maximum sustained winds (the highest speed for the day lasting more than a few moments) are at their highest in mid April where average top sustained speeds reach 14.3 knots, which is considered a moderate breeze.

Relative Humidity (%)

The graph below shows the average % humidity by month in Naples.

The graph below shows wind speed (max and average) in knots.

Average Wind Speeds

Show wind speeds.

All wind speeds are in knots. 1 knot = 1.15 MPH or 1.85 KPH.

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Is it safe to travel to naples.

Our best data indicates this area is generally safe. As of Dec 04, 2023 there are no travel advisories or warnings for the United States; exercise normal security precautions. Check this page for any recent changes or regions to avoid: Travel Advice and Advisories . This advisory was last updated on Dec 04, 2023.

The Busiest and Least Crowded Months

The busiest month for tourism in Naples, NY, US is July, followed by August and June. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Naples in November. Those willing to visit at these times will likely find it the least expensive month.

Estimated Tourism by Month

Most popular months to visit, overall naples travel experience by season, spring (march through may).

Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel moderately cold. Highs range from 79.8°F (26.6°C) and 36.4°F (2.4°C) with far warmer temperatures in the later months. Rain is somewhat common with 5 to 7 days of significant precipitation per month. Spring is the second busiest for tourism, which makes it a good time for those looking for things to do.

Summer (June through August)

The middle-year months have very comfortable weather with high temperatures that are comfortable. These months see the most precipitation with 7 to 9 days of precipitation per month. June – August is the busiest season for tourism in Naples, so lodging and other accommodations may cost more than usual.

Fall (September through November)

Fall daily highs range from 80.6°F (27°C) and 45.7°F (7.6°C), which will feel chilly given the humidity and wind. It rains or snows a significant amount: 4 to 8 days per month. Tourism is fairly slow during these months due to the weather, so hotels may be lower priced.

Winter (December through February)

Weather is far too cold this time of year in Naples to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. The average high during this season is between 42.2°F (5.7°C) and 31.1°F (-0.5°C). On average, it rains or snows a fair amount: 3 to 6 times per month. These times of year are the slowest with tourists.

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Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple Farm

visit naples ny

Top ways to experience nearby attractions

visit naples ny

Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple Farm - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Explore Naples NY

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February 2024

Thursday happy hours at naples brewing.

Visit Naples Brewing Company every Thursday for Happy Hour!

Saturday Drum Circle

⁣If you haven't brought your little one(s) down to the shop for a Saturday Drum Circle, you should consider it this week!  ⁣Mr. Rick keeps your kiddos actively engaged while exploring different drums and techniques.⁣ ⁣⁣  

Valentine Making and Blind Date Books!

Stop by the Naples Library on Main Street during Vintage Vines and Valentines to sip on some grape juice (courtesy of Arbor Hill), make a valentine for someone you love, and fall in love with a book!

Wild Walk: Winter Insects

Discover the amazing ways some arthropods are adapted to winter! Join CNC naturalist Angela Cannon to go on a cocoon hunt, identify bark beetles by their signature patterns, look for snow fleas and be fascinated by the wonders of winter bugs. This program is for all ages. BUY TICKETS Tickets available online and at the […]

Vintage Vines & Valentines

A TASTEFUL JOURNEY AROUND NAPLES Visit Naples this coming Valentine’s weekend and enjoy a tasteful journey with wines, brews, and spirits from in and around Naples! Join in on the many festive Valentine’s promotions, vendors, and live music throughout the village. THE SCHEDULE 12:00pm: Check-in begins at the Naples Hotel – get your glass and […]

Spencer Samolis Music @ Brew & Brats

Join Brew & Brats at Arbor Hill for music by Spencer Samolis

Sunday Social Happy Hour with Benny Bleu

Enjoy drinks & excellent live music! $5 cover 20% off all drinks Seating is limited, reservations are strongly recommended.

FLX Music Open Jams

All ages and skill levels welcome and encouraged! This is not your normal open jam, experimentation and education are the main ingredients making these jams a night to remember! Donations greatly appreciated but not required Jazz! Rock! Americana! You Name it! One of the areas best open Jams, and it's weekly!

Acoustic Open Jam Mondays

Join The Social in the Naples Hotel every Monday for a hosted open mic night with Matt Herrmann! Enjoy music and Monday specials!

Writers Group

Gather with other writers to discuss, get inspiration, and receive feedback on your writing - or simply use this space to carve out some writing time for yourself! Happening every Tuesday!

Taco & Trivia Tuesday

Join the dynamic duo Ethan Johnson and Savannah Leigh for an epic Trivia & Taco Tuesday at Lock Stock Bar and Grill! Every Tuesday at 7pm, challenge your mind with exciting trivia, savor mouthwatering taco specials, and enjoy drinks that'll elevate the fun! Bring your squad (max 4 people) and get ready for a night […]

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    The dramatic hills, thick forests, trout-rich streams, and hidden waterfalls surrounding this rural community draw hikers, mountain bikers, anglers, hunters, campers, bird watchers, skiers, and snowshoers. Artists have an inherent affinity for Naples's natural beauty.

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    Welcome to Naples, New York Sign up for our newsletter Unsurpassed scenery of hills, glens, and Canandaigua Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region Naples, NY News & Announcements Notice of Adoption of Resolution for Phase II Sewer/Village of Naples DRAFT 2024 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2023 FINAL Assessment Roll 2022 FINAL Assessment Roll

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    One of the best things to do in Naples, NY, is go for a hike. Trails around Naples vary from easy to difficult. Its location in a valley offers fun hikes that include views and waterfalls! My two favorite hikes are: Grimes Glen The 1.1 mile hike through Grimes Glen is easy enough- as long as you're wearing waterproof shoes.

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    Naples is a charming small village in Ontario County, New York, in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region known for grape-growing and some excellent wineries, including Arbor Hill and Inspire Moore. The entire area is incredibly picturesque.

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    NAPLES, NEW YORK. Population: 906 (2020) ... 1779, but it didn't visit the southern end of the Lake. In 1789, the first white men entered the Naples Valley to suvey the land after it was purchased from Nathaniel Gorham and Oliver Phelps. The first white settlers, from Connecticut and Massachusetts, purchased six square miles for $2,534.20 in ...

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    02 February Fri Beer Pairing Dinner @ The Social Date February 2 Time 6:00 pm Venue The Social at The Napes Hotel Category Food & Drink, tastings Website View Events Website 06 January Sat Saturday Drum Circle Date January 6 Time 9:30 am Venue FLX Music Supply Category classes, Family Friendly, music Load More Events Calendar today February 2024

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    Visit Naples NY. 4,557 likes · 2 talking about this. A Finger Lakes "must visit"! Voted #5 in Budget Travel's "Coolest Small Towns" contest.3 wineries, a...

  13. Top 10 All Time Most Fun Things To Do In Naples, NY

    7. Taste Naples-made dippers, mustard, granola and sauces at Arbor Hill Grapery or Joseph's Wayside market. Josephs Wayside Market, Naples NY 8. Escape for a romantic sunset. 9. Bring you bike or walking shoes and experience the natural beauty of the countryside. 10. Marvel at the talent and creativity of the area's art community.

  14. Naples Historic Shopping District

    Finger Lakes Visitors Connection. 19 Susan B. Anthony Lane, Canandaigua, NY 14424. (585) 394-3915. ® I Love New York is a registered trademark and service mark of the New York State Department of Economic Development; used with permission.

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    Top 10 Best Things to Do in Naples, NY 14512 - December 2023 - Yelp - Naples Grape Festival, Grime's Glen, Joseph's Wayside Market, Artizanns, Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars, Imaginarium, Hollerhorn Distilling, Painted Bar Stables, Conklin's Gully, Jerome's U-Pick Farms

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    THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Naples Things to Do in Naples Tours in and around Naples Book these experiences for a closer look at the region. See all Canandaigua Wine Trail Experience 66 Food & Drink from C$278 per adult 2023 Seneca Lake Wine Tasting & Tour 152 Food & Drink from C$286 per adult Seneca Lake South Wine Tastings Tour 25 Food & Drink

  17. How To Visit Grimes Glen Park In Naples New York

    Grimes Glen Park is a hidden gem featuring two stunning waterfalls located in the Village of Naples within the Finger Lakes region of New York State. This is a great hike for the entire family because it's a relatively easy trail with a few obstacles both the kids and dog will enjoy.

  18. Naples Wineries in the Finger Lakes

    For all your Finger Lakes information and deals. With three wineries within the town and Village of Naples in the Finger Lakes, Arbor Hill Grapery & Winery, Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars, and Inspire Moore Winery are also all on the Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail.

  19. Winter Wanderland

    120 S Main Street, Naples NY VISIT THEIR WEBSITE. Show More. The Sutton Company, is home to the worlf famous Sutton Spoons, is located on main street Naples, NY. The company has been family run for generations having been started by Scott R. Sutton in 1867. Sutton Spoons, especially the #44s, became legendary for trout fishing which is popular ...

  20. The Best Time to Visit Naples, NY, US for Weather, Safety, & Tourism

    The busiest month for tourism in Naples, NY, US is July, followed by August and June. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Naples in November. Those willing to visit at these times will likely find it the least expensive month.

  21. Naples NY Hotels & Lodging

    Places To Stay Find the perfect stay for your Naples getaway. There are over 100 places to stay in Naples Valley and the surrounding area. Click the links below for VRBO, AIRBNB, and private vacation rentals. Scroll to search through our featured listings for the perfect accommodation for your trip! Multiple Listings The Quiet Place

  22. Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple Farm

    About. Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple Farm & Store is nestled a-top the Naples hills in the heart of the Finger Lakes. Our working family run maple farm produces only the finest quality maple products for it's customers from our certified tree farm. Our glacial soils paired with our "state of the art" maple process provide a unique maple flavor.

  23. Events from February 2

    Naples Library 118 S Main St, Naples, NY, United States. (Teen Advisory Board) 1st Thursdays 4-5 pm Attend monthly meetings where Teens decide and plan their own programming, and how they would like to be active in the community (and beyond). Thu 1. Featured January 18 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm.