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The Complete Guide to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Your Trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands: The Complete Guide

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The U.S. Virgin Islands are famed as "America’s Paradise," and you will feel transported to a state of bliss from the moment you land at Cyril E. King International Airport and sip on a Painkiller at the Arrivals gate. While you may not need a passport, there are still other travel elements to consider when planning your visit to the U.S.V.I. —such as how to navigate between each island, when to book your flight, and how best to maximize your vacation budget while there. From logistical information about planning your trip to inter-island transit recommendations—and, of course, where to eat and drink—read on for your ultimate guide to traveling in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Planning Your Trip

  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands is between the months of mid-April and July—after the prices have dropped after the peak tourist season in the winter, and before the rains begin to fall more regularly in mid-summer with the arrival of the wet season. For more information on the islands’ weather, read our full-length article on hurricanes in the U.S. Virgin Islands .
  • Language: English. French Creole and Spanish are also commonly spoken on the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix.
  • Currency: U.S. Dollar
  • Getting Around: There are no ride-share apps like Uber or Lyft available on the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, or St. John, but taxis abound on the island (especially in the tourist areas). There is also public transportation via buses and ferries between the islands provided by the VITRAN . Rental cars are also available on all three islands (and many companies are located at the Cyril E. King International Airport on St. Thomas).
  • Travel Tip: The public bus service has limited scheduling later at night, however, and is known to be slightly unreliable in the evenings; so, travelers should plan to get around by taxi in the evening. Hotels can also arrange for drop-offs and pick-ups for guests dining out on the town.

Things to Do

The Virgin Islands are famous for sailing , thanks to both the archipelago’s ideal conditions (the ever-reliable trade winds), as well as the island chain’s mountainous tropical beauty (best observed aboard the bow of a boat, cocktail in hand). While we advocate a sunset sail, you could also opt for a day trip to one of the smaller islets in the U.S.V.I. or venture out to Water Island. Considered the fourth major island in the U.S.V.I., Water Island doesn’t offer much in tourism, as of yet—though it is a worthwhile option for a day trip from St. Thomas. Read below for more ideas on how best to spend your days in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Snorkeling, just like island-hopping above, is a must-do when visiting the U.S.V.I. We suggest swimming in the crystal-clear, tranquil waters off the coast of Waterlemon Cay , Buck Island Reef National Monument , or Jack’s and Isaac’s Bay beaches . But, luckily for travelers everywhere, there’s no bad place to go snorkeling off the coast of St. John, St. Thomas, or St. Croix—encountering rough conditions or murky visibility is quite rare. (Decidedly less rare? Seahorses, starfish, and sea turtles.) 
  • Spend a day exploring Virgin Islands National Park , a natural preserve that accounts for over 60 percent of the landmass on the island of St. John. The breathtakingly unspoiled National Park is among the very best in the West Indies—alongside Arikok National Park in Aruba, of course. Visit the gorgeous beaches of Trunk Bay and Cruz Bay. 
  • Explore the mountainous terrain with hikes leading travelers up to spectacular views of the surrounding islands (as well as the B.V.I.s and Puerto Rico, too, on a clear day). Some of our favorites include Ram Head Trail, the two-mile Bordeaux Mountain Trail , and Reef Bay Walking Trail in Virgin Islands National Park.

Discover more attractions with our full-length articles on the top things to do in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the best activities to do in St. Thomas on your honeymoon, as well as our visitor’s guide to  Virgin Islands National Park .

What to Eat and Drink

The U.S. Virgin Islands is quickly attaining world-renown as a foodie destination—thanks, in no small part, to the culinary revolution taking place on the island of St. Croix. For a delectable taste of the local flavors, visit the legendary kitchens of favored St. Croix establishments, such as Savant , balter , Zion Modern Kitchen , and Rumrunners . Though each restaurant cultivates its own distinct palette and ambiance, they all reflect modern-day Crucian cuisine's innovation and excellence. 

Head to Pie Whole Pizza in St. Thomas for some excellent pizza (the restaurant received a 2018 TripSavvy Editors’ Choice Award for best pizza restaurant) and even more excellent beer. From Trappist ales to Imperial Stouts, this place is a beer lover's paradise. But, if you’re more of a wine-lover than a beer-drinker, fear not: The eclectic wine menu at The Terrace in St. John is more than enough reason to extend your late-night dinner even later into the evening to enjoy some after-dinner refreshments. (The Terrace’s acclaimed wine menu has been recognized with a Wine Spectator Award). Plus, the restaurant’s romantic atmosphere overlooking Cruz Bay is more than enough reason to stay awhile. (Or at least another round). And, speaking of another round, the diversity of options on the extensive wine menu at Bella Blu in Frenchtown is more than deserving of a second look (or a third). Cheers!

Explore our full-length articles on the top restaurants in St. Thomas and the most romantic sites to visit in St. John , as well as our comprehensive guide to the best street food in the Caribbean.

Where to Stay

The first decision to make when deciding where to stay in the U.S. Virgin Islands is to choose which island is the right fit for your vacation desires. The U.S.V.I. is composed of three main islands, each of which is known for its unique allure: St. Croix (the culinary scene), St. John (pristine nature), and St. Thomas (exciting nightlife). In St. Croix, we recommend checking in at the Pink Fancy Hotel in Christiansted. The legendary Caribbean inn boasts a unique charm and is in the perfect location for travelers to check out St. Croix’s famous restaurants and cafes. If you’re opting for a vacation in St. Thomas—and looking for luxury and relaxation—then look no further than the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas (and book yourself a spa day). Finally, for total immersion in nature and the accompanying tropical bliss, rent one of the many spectacular villas available for weekenders in St. John.

Explore our articles on the best all-inclusive resorts in the U.S. Virgin Islands , as well as further information on accommodations in St. Croix and eco-lodging in St. John.

Getting There

Though there are two international airports located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Cyril E. King International Airport (STT) in St. Thomas offers the most options for international flights. It is also one of the busiest hubs in the Eastern Caribbean. Located just east of the island’s capital, Charlotte Amalie, STT offers direct flights for U.S. travelers arriving from eight cities in the U.S.: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dulles, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Newark, and New York. Additionally, there is another international airport in St. Croix, the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, a smaller operation that offers direct flights to Atlanta, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and New York, for U.S. travelers.

  • Cyril E. King International Airport: The largest international airport in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Cyril E. King International Airport (STT) is located on the southwest coast of St. Thomas and offers direct flights from the U.S. via American, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, and United. 
  • Henry E Rohlsen Airport: Located on the island of St. Croix, six miles southwest of Christiansted, the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (HERA) offers direct flights from the U.S. via domestic carriers such as American Airlines, Delta, and Spirit.

Explore our full-length guide on planning your arrival in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as further information on island-hopping by boat and by plane within the archipelago once you’ve arrived.

U.S. Virgin Islands Culture and History

The U.S. Virgin Islands celebrates its unique culture and history with a plethora of festivals and events held annually on the islands of St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix. Of all these festivities, however, none compare to the spectacle and exuberance of Carnival. Though Carnival was celebrated as early as 1912, it became an annual event in 1952. Expect dancing, amazing food, and spectacular costumes. Carnival begins in St. Thomas in April, St. John in late June, and St. Croix from December through January. There is a myriad of festivals and activities on St. Croix in conjunction with the holiday season: The Crucian Christmas Festival kicks off on the first Saturday in December and features parties until the first Saturday of the New Year. Events include the annual St. Croix Boat Parade , as well as New Year’s Eve fireworks. The biggest Christmas event in St. Thomas is the Miracle on Main Street , which features carolers, local crafts and artwork, and steel pan Christmas cheer.

Explore our articles on the history of Carnival in the Caribbean, as well as a comprehensive list of Carnival celebration dates by island.

Money-Saving Tips

  • Visit in the off-season. Despite what residents of northern climes might think, the summertime in the U.S. Virgin Islands actually isn’t too swelteringly hot—thanks to trade winds, the islands enjoy temperatures in the 70s to 80s throughout the year. Additionally, fall in the U.S. Virgin Islands offers remarkable deals on airfare and luxuriously crowd-free beaches and restaurants.
  • Whenever you travel to the Caribbean, you should consult our monthly event calendar , as well as our scheduling guide to Carnival on each island to see if your visit overlaps with any of the festivities. These annual street parades and live music are available to all guests and locals, free of charge.
  • Check to see if the service fee is included in your hotel or restaurant bill; otherwise, similar to the U.S., a 15 to 20 percent tip is customary.
  • Consider booking an all-inclusive resort to minimize the cost of food and drink during your Virgin Islands vacation for larger groups—and consult our guide on exploring the U.S. Virgin Islands on a budget.

Learn more about the cheapest ways to have fun by reading our comprehensive article on Caribbean budget travel tips and destinations.

National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. "Come explore America’s Paradise, and dive into 3,000 years of human history." February 2019

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Your journey begins here! We’ve been voted the best eco-tourism and kayak tour adventure company in the Caribbean. Operating tours out of the Mangrove Lagoon on St. Thomas, and concierge booking services out of St. John. The best day of your vacation awaits!

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Explore Cas Cay, a pristine and deserted island with multiple unique ecosystems! A hike around this site will take you to tidal pools, volcanic cliffs, and a geological blowhole.

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If you’re looking for an authentic Virgin Islands experience in America’s Paradise, then look no further. Our goal is to connect our guests with the natural wonders of St. Thomas and St. John – their beautiful waters, magnificent beaches, abundant tropical flora and fauna, and rare historic structures. Allow us to immerse you in our islands’ beauty and help you create memories to last a lifetime.


Cas cay st. thomas: kayak, hike, & snorkel tour.

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Sunset Kayak Tour

Paddle with your guide through the mangrove passageways to Bird Island and experience the stunning sunset and the birds flying to their evening roosts. The ultimate sunset tour!


Night Kayak Tour

Kayak through the beautiful mangroves and spot wildlife with your headlamp on this enchanting nighttime kayak tour. You’ll see fish in the lit-up water and enjoy stargazing.

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St James Snorkel and Pizza Party

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Join us for a morning snorkel and pizza lunch around Little and Great St James in the St Thomas East End Reserves marine sanctuary.

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Guided Eco Hike to Honeymoon Beach, St. John

Looking to pack a BIG experience into a short amount of time? Then we’ve got just the adventure for you! This tour is designed for groups of 6 or more.

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Join us for a half day kayaking and snorkel trip from Cruz Bay. Paddle along the north shore of St. John and stop at beautiful Honeymoon Beach & Henley Cay. Suitable for beginners.

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Explore the Best of the East End of St. John on easy to paddle sit-on-top kayaks, departing from Haulover Bay. Enjoy a guided snorkel at Pelican Rock looking for sea turtles! Finish with a short nature walk to see views of the British Virgins.

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Spending a day at Maho Beach? This discounted couples day pass includes all day use of one stand-up paddleboard or kayak, two floating noodles, 2 beach chairs, one umbrella or tent (weather dependent) and snorkel gear to snorkel with sea turtles at Maho Bay on the St. John’s iconic North Shore.

Snorkel with Sea Turtles and Kayak Watersports Day Pass

At Maho Bay, St. John. 9am to 4pm all day use of:  1 Stand Up Paddle Board or 1 single Kayak,  1 set of Snorkel equipment

The perfect pass to see and swim with turtles while exploring beautiful big and little Maho Bay and adjacent Francis Bay.


a screenshot of a cell phone

Awesome time. The Kayaks were in great condition. There were lockers for out belonging. The tour guide was fun and energetic. They even brought along water and candy. Started with about a mile kayak through the mangroves. Then we hiked about .25 mile to a blowhole area that was stunning. Then we hiked backed and snorkeled. The tour guide even point out fish, octopi, and barracudas. Then we kayaked the mile back. The water was gorgeous, the mangroves were cool and again, the tour guide was fun and full of great knowledge.

a close up of a map

“Can't even explain how amazing this adventure was!”

a screenshot of a cell phone

Wonderful experience. A must if you come to the island of St. Thomas!

These guys were great! And hilarious!...Impressive to say the least... do yourself a favor and book this.

Our family booked this excursion again! It is a fabulous way to spend a few hours exploring St Thomas, before or after shopping. The kayaking was just strenuous enough to work off some of those extra calories from the cruise. The hike was fun, and the guides were fabulous. Everyone in our group, from age 8 to 65, LOVED this excursion. The customer service department is AMAZING! Additionally, I scraped my shin on a rock, and the staff treated me as if I had a life threatening wound.

This activity was a highlight of our trip to Saint Thomas!! We kayaked, hiked, and snorkeled. We were so lucky and it was only our group of people on the tour - so it turned into a private tour. Our tour guide pointed out so many different fish/sea creatures while we were kayaking/hiking/snorkeling. It's so worth it to get the photo package because we didn't have to worry about bringing our phones with us and it was an underwater camera so we got some cool snorkeling photos. We'd definitely recommend this activity to anyone looking for an active adventure in Saint Thomas!!

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Our mission is to serve the 50+ traveler who's ready to cross a few items off their bucket list.

7 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting The U.S. Virgin Islands

us virgin islands tour

  • Destinations
  • Mexico and Caribbean
  • Virgin Islands (U.S.)

I finally had the chance to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands. Why it took so long? I have no excuse. Although the U.S. Virgin Islands are a U.S. territory, there are a few things that surprised me that I never knew before visiting. When you visit, and you should, here are a few handy things to know before you arrive so you can enjoy your stay.

1. For U.S. Citizens, Passports Are Optional, But Highly Recommended

Being a U.S. territory means that U.S. citizens do not need a passport in order to travel to the islands. But I highly recommend you get a passport because it makes things so much easier. However, if you do not have one or do not want to get one, you can use your driver’s license as long as it is Real ID compliant.

You can read all about the TSA ID rules here . 

2. Flights To The Islands Can Be Expensive

Here’s how to save.

Flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands are the most common way to get there, and the prices vary a lot. In order to get a good deal on a flight, you really need to look at all your options. The main airports in the United States that fly to Saint Thomas, Cyril E. King (STT) airport are American, Spirit, and Frontier Airlines through

In addition, you can get flights on Delta, Jet Blue, American, and United through

Flights to Saint Croix are a little more limited. Airlines American and Delta as well as airports in the United States servicing Saint Croix are

You can also easily reach the Virgin Islands from Puerto Rico, which is only about 115 miles away. There are flights as well as ferries. The Virgin Islands are also easily reached from other Caribbean countries. 

Pro Tip: In order to find a good deal on a flight from the U.S., consider booking a flight to one of the main airports servicing the islands then getting round-trip tickets to your final USVI destination from there. A little planning can save you a lot.

Private safari taxi and our driver

3. Skip The Rental Car

Hire a private driver or try public transportation instead.

Once you arrive at the airport, you will need to take a taxi to your hotel. I did not see any hotel shuttles picking anyone up. You can rent a vehicle, but I would not advise it. First, vehicles drive on the left side of the road in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the vehicles have left-side driver’s seats. Second, the roads on Saint Thomas and Saint John are very narrow and the roads are very steep, both islands are not flat but very hilly with winding roads. 

The roads on Saint Croix are more generous and wider, but it is still best to hire a car and driver. It just isn’t worth the trouble and hassle of navigating narrow roads in an unfamiliar setting when you can sit back and enjoy the views. You will pay for each passenger and each bag. The rates are set by the government, and although there are options based on the type of transport you take, the drivers really don’t have any leeway as to fares.

There are shared taxis, private taxis, usually an SUV or van, and VITRAN public transports (dollar ride buses) where the fares are cheaper, but unless you have the time to wait at a stop and want to go to a stop on the route, riding probably isn’t worth your time.

There are also options called safaris. These are open-sided covered pickups with bench seating, and you will see them all over the islands. They are used for private hires and tours of the islands that can get you to all the best tourist sites.

Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas

4. The U.S. Virgin Islands Has Over 50 Islands, Islets, And Cays

Here’s how to pick your island.

The total area of the U.S. Virgin Islands is about 130 square miles. The temperature averages between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round and humidity varies with the seasons. The main islands are Saint Thomas, with the capital, Charlotte Amalie, Saint Croix, Saint John, and Water Island. Each has its own kind of vibe and although they’re close together, they’re very distinct. 

Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas has the largest airport on the island, and the majority of flights arrive here. Saint Thomas is also a major port of call for cruise ships. During my visit, I witnessed two to three cruise ships per day arriving. In fact, Porthole Cruise and Travel named the USVI the readers’ choice award winner for 2022 Best Caribbean Cruise Destination.

August, September, and October are the slowest times of the year for cruise ships given that it’s hurricane season. The rest of the time, the island of Saint Thomas is busy with tourists visiting all the sites and taking safari tours around the island.

Saint Thomas has a lot of things to do, from shopping in high-end stores for jewelry to great dining experiences, fantastic mountain-top lookouts where you can see the islands, and many venues where you can just hang out, relax, and have a drink.

Paradise Point And Skyride

One such place is Paradise Point . There are three ways to get to the top: Walk (I don’t recommend it!), take a car (this is easiest), or book a ride on the Skyride. The Skyride sits next to the Pirate Museum near the cruise port in Charlotte Amalie. The ride costs under $30 for adults, is less for children 6 to 12, and kids under 6 ride free.

You will get a breathtaking view of Saint Thomas as you take the leisurely 7-minute ride to the top of Paradise Point. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by some of the best views on the island, a great bar and restaurant where the signature drink is the Baileys Bushwacker, souvenir shops, and the Skywalk. Paradise Point also has live music in the evenings.

Water Island

Water Island sits right off the shore of Saint Thomas and was in private hands until 1996 when it was transferred to the government. At a little over 490 acres, it is mostly an exclusive residential area but also has some great beaches and old military fortifications and is a great place for kayaking, hiking, cycling, or renting a golf cart for a tour.

Getting There: The best way to get there is a 10-minute ferry ride that costs about $15 round trip per person. Spending the day on Water Island might just make you want to sell your house and contemplate moving. 

With the most beautiful views in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint John is worth the visit. It is only 4 miles west of Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands, and at times your cell phone might switch carriers. Saint John is 9 miles long and 3 miles wide and only 28 square miles in size with two-thirds of the island being a U.S. National Park.

Beaches And Virgin Islands National Park

With almost 40 beaches on the small island (it’s less than 20 square miles), visitors can find one that will suit their style. From small hideaway beaches to sprawling white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters, Saint John is a beach lover’s paradise.

In 1952, philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller was sailing the Caribbean and came upon Saint John. With no electricity, no roads, and no dock, he thought that Saint John was one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen. Without ever setting foot on the island, he decided to purchase 5,000 acres of the 12,500-acre island and turned it over to the Federal government to create a national park .

One unique thing about the park is that it is completely open. There is no fee to enter the park and there is a lot of private land within it.

Cruz Bay And Mongoose Junction

Arriving at Cruz Bay in Saint John, you will see a small town with shops, restaurants, and bars all surrounded by high-end villas where some of the rich and famous vacation.

One great place to visit is Mongoose Junction, named after the many wild mongooses on the island. Mongoose Junction is a shopping center with breweries, tap rooms, gift shops, restaurants, and much more.

Getting There: To get to Saint John from Saint Thomas, take a taxi to the Red Hook area and take the ferry, which costs around $6 and takes about 20 minutes.

Saint Croix

Saint Croix is about 45 miles from Saint Thomas and is the largest of the islands, measuring about 22 miles long and 6 miles wide. It’s best known for its historic and cultural vibe.

Fort Christiansted on St Croix

Frederiksted And Christiansted

The two main towns on Saint Croix are Frederiksted and Christiansted, and both still show heavy influence from Danish times. Frederiksted, known as Freedom Town by the locals, is home to a deep water port and is a cruise line port of call.

The town is home to Fort Frederiksted , an 18th-century Danish fort and U.S. National Park Site and historic landmark. There are several old historic buildings to explore that showcase the early history of Saint Croix as well as great shopping, boutique and high-end hotels, and superb restaurants.

Christiansted is home to Fort Christiansvaern , part of a National Park Site that covers 7+ acres of historic buildings. The fort commands a majestic presence overlooking the bay and was used by the Danish to control the island.

Christiansted has better shopping while Frederiksted has a lot of different accommodations to choose from. The two towns have different vibes with Frederiksted being artsier and Christiansted being better for shopping and nightlife. While you are there, visit Salt River Bay and Altona Lagoon at night to see their spectacular bioluminescence waters. 

Pro Tip: While you are on Saint Croix, get away from the main tourist area and meet the locals. They are welcoming and there is a lot to do, including

  • a delicious rotisserie chicken lunch at La Reine Chicken Shack , during which you might rub elbows with anyone from government ministers to laborers 
  • a rum distillery tour
  • hitting up the local farmers market

Getting There: To get to Saint Croix from Saint Thomas, take a 45-minute puddle jumper flight or seaplane. You can also take the 2.5-hour ferry ride; just know the waters might be a little choppy.

Fungi and shrimp entrée

5. Food And Drink: What To Expect

The U.S. Virgin Islands is a true melting pot of both people and food. People from all over the Caribbean have moved to the islands over the years and many people from the U.S. mainland have decided to make the move to the tropical paradise, too. With all the diversity, you have a wide selection of restaurants, both upscale and small local spots to choose from.

All of the islands have excellent restaurants, but don’t limit yourself to high-end establishments. While on the islands, check out some of the local spots to eat. On Saint John, I had a great time mingling with the locals at a place called Heading East Bar and Grill , a small place with outdoor seating and a bar where they served up some fantastic goat curry. 

Pro Tip: As far as the drinking goes, the water is safe to drink and tap water or mineral water can be had almost everywhere.

Caribbean rum in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Rum In The USVI

The drink of choice in the U.S. Virgin Islands is, of course, rum. Rum has a long history in the Caribbean and the islands are home to Cruzan and Captain Morgan rums with several other bottlers and craft distilleries opening up.

One of the best ways to sample some excellent Caribbean rum is to head over to the Bajo el Sol Gallery, Art Bar & Rum Room on Saint John. The Art Bar is a combination gift shop, art studio, and rum room. All of the items are produced by USVI locals with everything from books from local authors, to jewelry, pottery, paintings, and more.

For me, the star of the show was the rum. They have over 200 high-end rums from all over the Caribbean and can tailor a sampling flight that will have you thinking a lot differently about rum. While you are there, make sure you try the fungi (pronounced foon-gee ), a polenta-like dumpling prepared from salted cornmeal mixed with shortening and water, and the Jonny cakes, deep-fried flour-based bread often stuffed with savory meats or cheese.

There are also some great beer options with Saint John Brewers on the island of Saint John as well as a tap room on Saint Thomas and a few others.

Pro Tip: While out and about in the local eating and drinking areas, you might come across someone offering you a drink called MamaWanna, also called Mama Juana in the Dominican Republic. It is a bright-red sweet, syrupy liqueur made from rum, red wine, honey, and medicinal fruits, herbs and spices. All I can say is be careful; they will sneak up on you.

6. Getting Home From The USVI

You don’t get to skip immigration, customs, or taxes just because the islands are a territory.

Okay, here is a weird thing about the USVI: When returning to the U.S. from the islands, you must go through U.S. Immigration and Customs. Even though the USVI is a U.S. territory, it is outside what is called the “Customs Territory.”

While you do not need a U.S. passport in order to travel to or from the USVI, even as a U.S. citizen, you are restricted in what you can bring back to the mainland. I smoke cigars and travel with an abundant stash. I was told I could have brought in as many as I want but could only take back 100 cigars. I don’t travel with that many, so it didn’t matter.

You are also allowed up to five cartons of cigarettes, four liters of alcohol, and $1,600 worth of duty-free goods such as clothing, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, et cetera. Anything more and you need to declare or face penalties.

One benefit of shopping in the USVI is that there are no sales taxes collected. The price you see on goods is the price you pay.

Pro Tip: Almost everywhere that sells alcohol has boxes that will hold up to four bottles, and the salespeople are more than happy to box it up and get it ready to pick in your checked baggage. Just ask them.

7. A Bit Of Island History

The u.s. virgin islands used to belong to denmark.

The islands were acquired between 1672 and 1773 by the Danish West India Company, becoming the Danish West Indies. During that time, they were used primarily for sugar cane growing and processing. In the mid-1800s, a slave revolt against the Danish caused the plantation system to collapse and the Danish started looking to sell the islands.

During WWI, the German government was looking to get a foothold in the region. As a preventative measure, the United States purchased the islands in 1917 for $25 million and established them as a territory. Today, all citizens of the U.S. Virgin Islands are U.S. Citizens.

Pirate Painting in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Real-Life Pirates Called The Islands Home

Between the late 1600s and early 1700s, the area now known as the U.S. Virgin Islands was a pirate haven. Ships sailing under British privateer license used the Saint Thomas Charlotte Amalie Harbor as a shelter and lookout when not raiding Spanish ships. Many notorious pirates, including Captain Kidd, Jean Hamlin, Stede Bonnet, Tempest Rogers, Bartholomew Sharp, Black Sam Bellamy, and others called the area home at one time or another.

Blackbeard’s Castle, now closed due to hurricane damage, was built in 1679 by the Danes and named Skystborg Tower. Built as a watchtower to overlook Fort Christian, it later gained the name Blackbeard’s Castle after the notorious Captain Edward Teach was rumored to use the area as a safe haven. There is a fantastic little museum and shop in Charlotte Amalie called the Pirates Treasure Museum that tells the tales of pirates and found treasures. You can even purchase actual treasure from the shop. It is well worth your time if you are interested in pirate lore.

So, what is the best island to visit in the USVI? All of them! Don’t limit yourself to just one island; check them all out and have the time of your life.

Image of Bob Bales

Born with a passion for learning about the history of different cultures, Bob Bales (also known as the Traveling Fool) enjoys discovering people and places he finds off the beaten path. He has worked and traveled throughout Europe and Asia, from London to the Himalayas and the Islands of the Philippines, along with discovering interesting places throughout the U.S. Often found with a cigar in one hand and a good whiskey in the other, Bob likes to write about what makes those people and places he visits special.

THE 10 BEST St. Thomas Tours & Excursions

St. thomas tours.

  • Ports of Call Tours
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Historical & Heritage Tours
  • Private Tours
  • Up to 1 hour
  • 1 to 4 hours
  • 4 hours to 1 day
  • 5.0 of 5 bubbles
  • 4.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • 3.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • 2.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • Likely to Sell Out
  • Special Offers
  • The ranking of tours, activities, and experiences available on Tripadvisor is determined by several factors including the revenue generated by Tripadvisor from these bookings, the frequency of user clicks, and the volume and quality of customer reviews. Occasionally, newly listed offerings may be prioritized and appear higher in the list. The specific placement of these new listings may vary.

us virgin islands tour

1. Night Kayak Tour St. Thomas - Westin Frenchman's Reef

us virgin islands tour

2. Half Day Luxury Catamaran Turtle Snorkel And Beach

us virgin islands tour

3. Snorkel St. John Tour from Sapphire and Margaritaville

us virgin islands tour

4. Snorkel & Swim with Turtles. Semi Private Tour to Buck Island & Honeymoon Beach

us virgin islands tour

5. Key N Go -2 Hour Adventure UTV/ ATV in St. Thomas, USVI

us virgin islands tour

6. The Baths and White Bay

us virgin islands tour

7. Turtle Cove Catamaran Snorkel & Sail Adventure at Little Buck Island St. Thomas

us virgin islands tour

8. Flavors of St Thomas Walking Food Tour

us virgin islands tour

9. Private Fast Power Catamaran. Full or Half Day for Beach Hopping, Snorkel & Swim

us virgin islands tour

10. Private Half Day Tour in St. Thomas Virgin Islands with Guide

us virgin islands tour

11. Snorkel Cat All Inclusive Adventure

us virgin islands tour

12. Parasail Experience in St Thomas

us virgin islands tour

13. Tree Limin' Extreme Zipline

us virgin islands tour

14. St Thomas to St John Snorkel, Swim & Beach Experience Aboard Luxury MV Sea Wolf

us virgin islands tour

15. Champagne Sunset Sail from Margaritaville

us virgin islands tour

16. Circle the Island of St. John | Lunch stop at Lime Out (Taco Boat)

us virgin islands tour

17. Afternoon Snorkel, Pizza & Sunset Tour departing from St. Thomas & St. John

us virgin islands tour

18. St John & Surrounding Cays Full-Day Sail and Snorkel Experiences Semi-Private

us virgin islands tour

19. Catamaran Sail to Jost Van Dyke (Soggy Dollar Bar)

us virgin islands tour

20. Swim w/Turtles at St. John, Pizza Pi & Snorkel a shipwreck.

us virgin islands tour

21. Sail, Shop and Snorkel in St. John from Frenchman's Reef

us virgin islands tour

22. St John Island Sightseeing Tour

us virgin islands tour

23. 50' Luxury Yacht. Private Full or Half Day Catamaran Snorkel, & Beach Experience

us virgin islands tour

24. Discover The Baths of Virgin Gorda Full Day Adventure - Ritz Carlton St. Thomas

us virgin islands tour

25. St Thomas Mangrove Lagoon Kayak and Snorkel Tour in the US Virgin Islands

us virgin islands tour

26. Private Luxury Catamaran Yacht. Full or Half Day Charter - Sail, Beach, Snorkel.

us virgin islands tour

27. Sail/Snorkel Adventure from Sapphire Marina,STT NO CROWDS~ 6 GUEST MAX

us virgin islands tour

28. St. Thomas Island Tour with Mountain Top and Magens Bay Beach

us virgin islands tour

29. USVI Private Boat Charters - New, Fast Powerboats for Half and Full Day

us virgin islands tour

30. The Best of St Thomas Private Sightseeing Tour

What travelers are saying.

Maggie W

  • Hunter L 1 contribution 0 5.0 of 5 bubbles Such a great time! Highly recommend and will be back again! You can’t beat the experience for the price! All you can drink and 3 rounds of snacks! It’s kid and elderly friendly! The views were beautiful and the crew was unbeatable! They have a gang of interesting facts and they are very personable people! I’ve done this twice now and will definitely be back! Read more Review of: Champagne Sunset Sail from Margaritaville Written March 3, 2024 This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Night Kayak Tour St. Thomas - Westin Frenchman's Reef
  • Snorkel St. John Tour from Sapphire and Margaritaville
  • Half Day Luxury Catamaran Turtle Snorkel And Beach
  • Turtle Cove Catamaran Snorkel & Sail Adventure at Little Buck Island St. Thomas
  • Flavors of St Thomas Walking Food Tour
  • Aqua Marine Dive Center
  • Caribbean Alibi Boat Charters
  • Stormy Pirates Boat Charters
  • Over the Line Boat Charters of St Thomas
  • Someday Charters
  • Sonic Charters
  • Adventures of Saltwater Taffy
  • Beach Charters VI
  • Sail With Liberty
  • St.Thomas Scuba and Snorkel Adventures

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Explore the Virgins like a Pirate™ Boat Charters in St Thomas & St John USVI

Virgin islands public charters.


3, 6, 7, or 9 Hour Trips

USVI & BVI Options

Per Person Pricing, Perfect for Solo Travelers, Couples.

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Power Boats or Sailing  Catamarans

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2-3 Hour Trips

Perfect for guests looking for a couple hours on the water and not a full day.

a close up of a mountain

Family Owned & Operated Boat Charters in St. Thomas & St. John, USVI

  • Users 14 Guests Max
  • Hour Glass 7 Hours

Circle the Island of St. John (Lunch at Lime Out)

The best way to explore St. John is from the water! Spend your day with one of the world’s most picturesque islands always in view. This trip snorkels reefs only accessible by boat around St. John and inside the Virgin Islands National Park.

  • Users 12 Guests Max
  • Hour Glass 4–8 Hours

Luxury Sailing Catamaran Charter


SP1 & SP 2 are luxurious sailing catamarans that are very comfortable for groups of 12 or less. Our sister sailing catamarans are identical, luxurious Fountaine Pajot, Lipari’s. Enjoy a relaxing day being pampered while sailing through the Virgin Islands.

Available for USVI or BVI Charters.

( BVI is to Jost Van Dyke only)

  • Hour Glass 3 Hours

Sunset Sail & Pizza Pi

Family Friendly Happy Hour & Sunset Sail. Enjoy a quick snorkel at Christmas Cove, Pizza from Pizza Pi & a relaxing Sunset Sail on our luxury sailing catamaran. This is a very personalized experience with only a MAX of 12 guests.

  • New Itinerary!
  • Hour Glass 8 Hours

Food Boat Tour – Lime Out, Pizza Pi & Lovango Beach Club

Experience the beautiful scenery, as we Snorkel & Eat our way through the crystal clear waters of the US Virgin Islands.

Circle the Island of St. John and stop to eat at Lime Out, Pizza Pi and Lovango Beach Club

  • Hour Glass 6 Hours

Turtles, Pizza & Shipwreck Tour

Enjoy a beautiful sail on a Luxury Sailing Catamaran along the beautiful Northern shore of St. John. We will stop in Maho Bay to swim with the resident sea turtles and then we will snorkel a shipwreck and enjoy pizza from Pizza Pi in Christmas Cove, Great St. James Island.

  • Users 6 Guests Max

27′ Hydra Sport USVI Boat Charter

Our 27-foot Hydra Sport Center Console is super fast with twin 300HP engines, has a rocking bluetooth stereo system and is perfect for cruising around the **US Virgin Islands** in affordable style. Just bring your towels and we take care of the rest.

This boat is for US Virgin Islands trips only and can NOT visit the British Virgin Islands.

To book a BVI trip please view any of our other boat options.

51′ SeaRay Sundancer USVI /BVI Boat Charter


Pirate Girl is a well appointed SeaRay 460 Sundancer that comfortably accommodates up to 12 guests. Plenty of outdoor seating in both the sun or shade. You will be truly pampered in luxury when you choose a day trip on this vessel.

Available for USVI or BVI charters

  • Hour Glass 6–8 Hours

Stormy Petrel & Pirates Penny

Full day private trips on our power boat “Stormy Petrel or Pirates Penny” every day. Fully Customizable, Private charters go where  you want when you want to go. These classic style boats can hold a maximum of 12 guest in BVI waters and 14 pax in USVI waters.

  • Users 11 Guests Max

37′ Axopar USVI / BVI Boat Charter

Our 37-foot Axopars are super comfortable and fast with twin 300HP engines, have a rocking bluetooth stereo system and they are perfect for cruising around the Virgin Islands with your friends or family in style and comfort.

Available for USVI or BVI charters.

  • Hour Glass 2-3 Hours

Private – Sunset / Snorkel Cruises


This is the perfect “Private Experience” for guests who want to enjoy only few hours on a boat. Watch the sun set, with with a 360 degree view. Undeniably the most beautiful place to watch the sun set in the Virgin Islands.

  • Hour Glass 9 Hours

The Baths and White Bay BVI Tour

Spend the morning exploring The Baths on Virgin Gorda where we’ll take you on a guided tour, off the beaten path and to places and rock formations that most people don’t get to see. The Afternoon is spent sipping Painkillers at The Soggy Dollar Bar.

  • Users 49 Guests Max

Private Charter – Gorda Pirate

Enjoy the Virgin Islands on a private trip! We offer full day private trips on our our new 55′ Power Catamaran for up to 49 guests. Private charters are completely customizable.

Virgin Gorda – ALL DAY!

Ever wish you could spend the entire day exploring The Baths, or just relax at Devil Bay for hours. This trip allows our guests to spend the entire day Exploring the Island of Virgin Gorda on their own. Explore, Beach, Snorkel, Relax or take an island tour.

  • Hour Glass 8.5 hours

Jost Van Dyke – Funday

Do you want to spend the entire day on Jost Van Dyke? Then this is the PERFECT trip for you. Whether you want to spend the entire day relaxing on the beach at White Bay, or you want to explore the entire island. It’s your choice, without having to book a private trip.

Bar Hop Around the BVI

No Hiking – No Snorkeling – No Adulting. The BVI Bar Hop is for those who want to relax on the beach and bar hop their way through the BVI. We will be making stops at Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke, White Bay (home of the Soggy Dollar) and the world famous Willy-T.

Catamaran Sail to Jost Van Dyke - (Foxy's & Soggy Dollar Bar)

Maximum only 12 guests on this very personalized trip. Maximize your time exploring Jost Van Dyke! No Snorkel Stop. Add a stamp in your passport and enjoy over 6 hours on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.

a close up of a person

Explore the Virgins like a Pirate

A day spent boating will be the best day of your Virgin Islands vacation! Whether you are a solo traveler looking to join a scheduled St Thomas boat tour or a large group planning a fun event, Stormy Pirates has the perfect boat for your Virgin Islands boat day.

a small boat in a body of water

Check us out on Instagram!


us virgin islands tour

Top Rated Virgin Island Boat Charters & Tours on TripAdvisor and Google!

My wife and I have been in St. Thomas on our honeymoon and were recommended Stormy Pirates charters for a fun day on the water. We ended up taking the 7 hour sea turtle snorkel and sunset sail tour with Brandon and Amanda and had a freaking blast! The boat was beautiful, the trip was better than described and the crew showed us a fantastic time. 10/10 would recommend and we will absolutely be coming back! Thanks guys!

My husband and I had the best time on this excursion. This was by far the highlight of our trip!! We got to see different islands and learn so much history about St John and St Thomas. The crew also had snorkel gear so we could snorkel each island we stopped at, we saw a sunken ship, sea turtles, stingrays. The crew was OUTSTANDING, Kenny and Susanna went above and beyond and made the best cocktails. This was such a wonderful experience!! Highly recommend stormy pirates. (I even changed my pick up from st Thomas to St. John and they were so accommodating)

What a way to spend a day. Met the crew at the dock, jumped on the boat, and had the time of our lives for the day. A couple of snorkel stops, a little sightseeing of the beautiful island of St. John, and then lunch at Lime Out Taco Bar. Lime Out was an excellent experience floating in the clear water surrounded by a beautiful area and eating some great tacos. This was my second trip with Stormy Pirates, and I brought the entire family as my first trip with them was great. Thanks to the crew for making this a day to remember.

We had an amazing time on their Sale Pending 2 boat. Captain Rich was funny and a really good Captain, we knew we were in good hands and safe. Tara, the crew member was so authentically attentive and caring. We had drinks all day long, sodas, water, punch, cocktails. They had fruit and muffins waiting, a scheduled pizza delivery on the boat, snorkeling equipment and the knowledge the guests needed to find sea creatures. So many small detailed extras to make the day superb!

islandbuddy virgin island tours

IslandBuddy Tours

Hike. Snorkel. Explore.

us virgin islands tour

Private Island Tours & Charters

Hike. Snorkel. Explore

Why IslandBuddy?

Think of your IslandBuddy simply as your Buddy that lives on the Island!

From hiking tours , to private jeep tours , boat charters or UTV/ATV side by side buggys that you can drive yourself - we are available for hire with top of the line equipment to show you our beautiful back yard the same way we would show our Aunts, Uncles, in-laws or any other buddy when they come to visit us!

We believe the Virgin Islands is slam packed with adventure and beautiful sights to see on land, on the water above & below the surface and that every day should be spent exploring further.

Whether you are staying at a hotel, villa, or cruise ship we can line up a day of adventure for you in our private off road vehicles, power boats or hiking tours for the best experience on island!

Be sure to book in advance as cruise ship days are the first to fill up.

Virgin Islands tour St Thomas Tours

Available Tours & Charters

The original Off-road styled Private Island Jeep Tour since 2015! Private Boat Charters. Guided Hike & Snorkel Tours. We've got adventure by land & by sea!

Luxury Jeep Tours

Luxury Jeep Tours

Snorkel coral reefs, swim with turtles, visit the best views, explore Historic Ruins & hit secluded destinations!

Boat Charters

Boat Charters

Charter a Private Boat and explore places you cannot reach by land. BVI Charters available!

UTV Tours

Follow along on a Private Tour or take it out for yourself. The open air UTV buggy is the coolest way to ride around the island!

Hiking Tours

Hiking Tours

Non- Private Guided Hiking & Snorkeling Tours in the National Park

Why Book with Us

We've got our equipment set up to hit the places that others cannot and we're happy to get you out there! We always recommend travelers to spend their first day of vacation with us so that we can give you a great comprehensive tour and give you a good foundation so that you're comfortable to explore throughout the remaining duration of your stay on your own!

TripAdvisor Multiple Award winning company

We've received Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website in the years 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022.

100% Customizable & Private

Tell us about your trip goals and we'll get you there! We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact wants and needs so that you have the most memorable trip with us!

Local Experts

We're a local company that employs professional guides who love what they're doing. When you book with us, you get the best possible local experience. We want you to feel like you're out exploring the island for the day with an old friend.

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1300 Cruz Bay Creek St. John, VI 00830

340 776-6201 Headquarters/Visitor Center phone contact Information.

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U.S. Virgin Islands Vacations

Things to do in the u.s. virgin islands.

Made up of three unique islands, St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas, the U.S. Virgin Islands boast rich culture, breathtaking views and world-renowned beaches. The largest island, St. Croix, features a rich cultural heritage, world-class recreational activities, breathtaking natural wonders and a landscape that is surprisingly diverse. Its no-passport-required status, beautiful beaches, myriad activities and great food make the islands an inviting beach destination for all ages and interests.

Brace yourself for the most unique experience in St. Thomas. The island offers unbridled natural surroundings that you will quickly grow to appreciate. Just imagine the uncontained beauty of the Caribbean mixed with the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the United States. St. John is one of the world’s most exclusive island paradises that is only accessible by ferry and offers a retreat like no other.

From panoramic hilltops and beaches to 18th-century forts and sugar plantations, there is something for everyone within St. Croix’s diverse landscape.

Accessible only by ferry, St. John is one of the world’s most exclusive island paradises, providing a rich and relaxing retreat for any visitor.

St. Thomas boasts breathtaking beaches like Magens Bay Beach.

  • Picturesque St. Croix Slide 1 of 3: From panoramic hilltops and beaches to 18th-century forts and sugar plantations, there is something for everyone within St. Croix’s diverse landscape.
  • Exclusive St. John Slide 2 of 3: Accessible only by ferry, St. John is one of the world’s most exclusive island paradises, providing a rich and relaxing retreat for any visitor.
  • Serene St. Thomas Slide 3 of 3: St. Thomas boasts breathtaking beaches like Magens Bay Beach.

If you love the beach, St. Croix is the place for you. The island boasts several beautiful beaches in all shapes and sizes, including Cane Bay, Buck Island and The Buccaneer Hotel’s three beaches. Divers and snorkelers can disappear beneath the waves to discover underwater treasures, colorful fish and thriving coral reefs. The beauty of St. John’s beaches is legendary. From secluded Francis Bay and Honeymoon Beach to Cinnamon Bay Beach’s self-guided trails and Hawksnest Beach’s wide range of watersports, St. John is one of the most unforgettable places you'll visit in the Caribbean.

There’s no better way to spend the day than in the pristine waters of St. Thomas. Diving and snorkeling are big draws to this awe-inspiring island, and include voyages to wrecks like the Cartanser Sr., a beautifully encrusted World War II cargo ship sitting below 35 feet of water. Find even more adventure by hopping a charming ferry ride to Cruz Bay, the main port of St. John. Embark on an open-air national park safari, take a drive along the North Shore Coast, and visit the historic Danish Sugar Plantation at Anna-berg.

If you’re a golf aficionado, head to St. Thomas to tee off at the Tom and George Fazio-designed Mahogany Run Golf Course, which features the challenging 3-hole Devil’s Triangle, or at one of St. Croix’s 18-hole waterfront courses at resorts like The Buccaneer and Renaissance Carambola. 

If you’re more of a history buff, St. Croix’s many historical sites and monuments will thrill you. Explore the ruins of more than 100 sugar mills and great houses spread out over the island. Open a window to the past by walking the Heritage Trail, or by visiting any of the island’s colonial churches.

If you love to shop, the U.S. duty-free allowance is doubled in the U.S. Virgin Islands. You'll find it hard to resist the best duty-free shopping in the Caribbean. St. Croix’s historic towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted provide plenty of opportunities to buy perfume, jewelry, cameras, crystal and more. St. John’s quaint shops in Coral Bay feature silkscreened fabrics and works of art. In St. Thomas, take advantage of great duty-free prices on liquor and more in popular shopping areas that include the Havensight Mall, Crown Bay Center and Main Street.

St. Croix offers many diverse culinary experiences, with a variety of dining options sure to please every palate. Feast on fresh seafood and shellfish at beachside shacks, experience hearty cheeseburgers and milkshakes at American-style diners, or sample decadent French pastries at a patisserie. No matter what your craving is, St. Croix will satisfy it. In St. Thomas, savor an afternoon at open-air cafes, where the menus change each day. At night, chill out at hotel lounges, or check out one of the many local bars and clubs. And, in St. John, take time to savor the island’s indigenous Caribbean cuisine.

Delta Vacations vacation packages include round-trip airfare aboard Delta to St. Thomas Cyril E. King Airport (STT) or St. Croix Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX). Round-trip transfers are included with air and hotel vacation packages to St. Thomas and St. John. Optional round-trip transfers from the St. Croix airport to your hotel can be purchased. For the convenience of going wherever you want, add a car rental to your package.

Learn more about the official vacation provider of Delta Air Lines.

us virgin islands tour

Your elevated vacation experience starts here. Choose from flights, hotels, rides and activities all over the world, all in one place.

us virgin islands tour


As trusted experts, we’ll help with recommendations, booking and support — whenever and wherever you need it.

us virgin islands tour


We make it easier to  get more from your miles while also  earning bonus miles  and earning toward Medallion® Status.

us virgin islands tour


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Sea Thru Kayaks VI LLC


National park kayak tour.

Become immersed into the rich nature and history of Salt River Bay.  Enjoy a short beach stop while you learn about the different types of mangroves, while spying egrets, herons, pelicans, sunbathing iguanas and more.

  • Checkmark Ages 5+
  • User 500 lbs per Kayak
  • Users Single & Tandem Kayaks
  • Hour Glass 2 hours
  • User 385 lbs per kayak
  • Users 2 people per kayak

Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour

Experience the amazing glowing waters of the Salt River Bay with this nighttime bioluminescence tour! We have the largest fleet of see-through kayaks on the island!

  • Checkmark 5 to 85
  • Users 2 people per kayak , Singles available

LED Moonlight Tour

Experience Salt River Bay in an entirely new way.  Join us for our LED Moonlight Tour!  We will paddle out to the Bioluminescent Bay.  If the cloud cover is sufficient, we will see our bioluminescence.  Then we will turn on LED lights to look for rays, turtles and jellyfish

Glass Bottom Kayak Tour of Salt River Bay

Go eco-kayaking into the depths of nature and history with a glass bottom kayak tour of Salt River Bay National Park and Ecological Preserve.

  • User Single Seater - 185 lbs , Tandem - 450 lbs
  • Hour Glass Full Day , Half Day

Kayak Rental – Glass Bottom Kayak

Grab a transparent glass bottom kayak for the day to explore and discover the rich and diverse Salt River Bay National Park and Ecological Preserve the moment your paddles touch the water.

Kayak Rental – Sit On Top Ocean Kayak

Grab a kayak for the day and explore and discover the rich and diverse Salt River Bay National Park and Ecological Preserve the moment your paddles touch the water.

SUP Rental – Stand Up Paddleboard

Jump on a stand up paddleboard (SUP) for the day to explore and discover the rich and diverse Salt River Bay National Park and Ecological Preserve the moment your paddle touches the water.

Why Choose Us? The Difference is Clear!

We offer the widest range of kayaks to suit your party.  Choose a fully transparent boat to see the full bioluminescent light show roll beneath your transparent kayak! Select our glass bottom boat for a similar experience with higher weight limits, or select executive class and ride in the comfort of our sit-on-top boats without worrying about a weight limit . 

Sit On Top Kayak

Sit on Top Kayaks

competitor's glass bottom kayak

Glass Bottom Kayaks

A Sea Thru Kayak on the shore

Our Transparent "Sea Thru" Kayaks

About sea thru kayaks vi.

Sea Thru Kayaks VI offers nighttime guided kayak tours of the bioluminescent bay on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Our tours launch from Salt River Marina at nightfall and utilize fully transparent “sea thru” kayaks to provide each guest with a uniquely unobstructed view of the waters around them, allowing each kayak to become fully immersed in the glowing bioluminescent wonder!

Come see for yourself why Sea Thru Kayaks is the only way to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the water below. After a trip with Sea Thru Kayaks VI, you’ll see St. Croix in a different light!

a person swimming in a pool of water

Read Our Glowing Reviews!

Words can’t even bring to describe this experience. Decided to go on a solo paddle to see the bioluminescent bay and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Insanely gorgeous, really cool history of the island and the waters. Craig and Brett are the best!!


Tour was well organized, kayaks were comfortable. Our group used both the see through kayaks and the sit on top. The guides did a good job of pacing our group based on our ability. The bioluminescent bay was absolutely magical, highly recommend! Also, the trivia game at the end was fun, so pay attention to your guides!

us virgin islands tour

Craig and his team greeted all the guests warmly and then explained what we were going to be doing in the bio-bay. Then we all boarded our kayak and paddled away through the waves to the bay. Jake , the lead guide, was super friendly and knowledgeable about our experience we were taking on. He is professional and passionate about the preservation of the bay. We all learned the why of maintaining the area as it provides purpose to our entire ecosystem.

Absolutely do this!!!! Such a magical experience! My kids (11 and 12) loved this! I was happy we went with the sea through kayaks. Favorite part of our trip to the Virgin Islands!

We took our friends on the bioluminescent tour last night. None of us had ever experienced anything like it. Brett and Jake, our guides, were fantastic. They were super chill and knowledgeable. They clearly love what they do and their passion for the bay makes the trip even more enjoyable. They had us play trivia at the end of the evening to see if people recalled what they taught us. Clearly people were listening as it was a competitive game and so much fun.... The bioluminescence of the bay was completely mind blowing. I can't explain how magical it is. This is an incredible planet we live on. It is hard to believe places like this exist. Sea Thru Kayaks is a great steward of the bay. We can't wait to go again!

Had a great time with Jake for both the daytime Eco-tour and nighttime bioluminescent bay tour. Definitely highlights of our trip!!

bioluminescent algae in the pitch black

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is the emission of light created by a living organism. In the Salt River Bio Bay, you will experience the light-emitting phenomenon of the single-celled microorganisms called dinoflagellates. As the water is agitated by the passing of your transparent kayak, it will seem as if your entire boat is surrounded by glowing light.  Depending upon conditions, the bioluminescence may appear as a cloud of pixie dust, or a starry galaxy racing beneath you!

Book Your Bioluminescent Kayaking Tour!

NBC News

Trump wins the U.S. Virgin Islands caucuses

F ormer President Donald Trump has won the Republican caucuses in the U.S. Virgin Islands , NBC News projects, continuing his dominant march toward the GOP presidential nomination.

The victory is Trump’s third in as many contests — following the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary — and it deals another loss to his last well-known challenger, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Trump is expected to net all four delegates that the Republican National Committee plans to allocate from the territory at this summer’s convention in Milwaukee.

Trump celebrated the news in a post to his Truth Social social media platform.

“Great news! As we are landing in Nevada, getting ready to go to Caucus, word just came that we overwhelmingly won the Virgin Islands Caucus, ALL Delegates, with almost 75% of the Vote," he wrote. "I have just called to thank those involved. They are celebrating, and having a great time — They deserve it! This has been a very Big Day for your Favorite President, the Republican Party, and Democracy!”

U.S. Virgin Islands GOP officials have claimed that they were wrongly docked five delegates because of how early they scheduled their ranked-choice, winner-take-all contest. But unless a vote at the convention changes things, the party will recognize only four delegates from the islands.

National party rules limit the ability of states and territories to run winner-take-all contests before mid-March. But party leaders in the U.S. Virgin Islands were eager to be at the front of the pack and worked hard to drum up publicity, even though Nevada's GOP caucuses later Thursday have drawn more attention.

“Going third-in-the-nation with an unrigged caucus using ranked-choice voting has given every candidate a fair and equal playing field and resulted in unprecedented attention for the Virgin Islands,” U.S. Virgin Islands GOP Chairman Gordon Ackley said Thursday morning in a statement previewing the caucuses. “The Virgin Islands will decide the trajectory of the Republican nomination.”

Unlike the first two contests, in which polling showed Trump significantly ahead, the outcome of the Virgin Islands caucuses was more uncertain.

Neither Trump nor Haley campaigned in the Virgin Islands, though Haley made several virtual appearances by video in the days and weeks leading up to the caucuses. Trump, who cut a video for voters there Thursday, deployed Republican surrogates to the islands, including Reps. Byron Donalds of Florida and Wesley Hunt of Texas.

This article was originally published on

Trump wins the U.S. Virgin Islands caucuses


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  24. Trump wins the U.S. Virgin Islands caucuses

    F ormer President Donald Trump has won the Republican caucuses in the U.S. Virgin Islands, NBC News projects, continuing his dominant march toward the GOP presidential nomination.. The victory is ...