1. 2021 Trek Fuel EX 8 XT

    trek fuel ex 8 mino link

  2. Trek Unveils All-New Fuel EX Lineup

    trek fuel ex 8 mino link

  3. Test VTT Trek Fuel EX 8 29 2016 : vélo All Mountain

    trek fuel ex 8 mino link

  4. Test VTT Trek Fuel EX 8 27,5 2014 : vélo XC 100 mm

    trek fuel ex 8 mino link

  5. 2014 Trek Fuel EX 8 29

    trek fuel ex 8 mino link

  6. Característica de la Trek Top Fuel 9.8 SL: Mino Link, geometría ajustable.

    trek fuel ex 8 mino link


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  1. How to change Trek's Mino link from Low to High

    How to change Trek's Mino link from Low to High - 5 mm hex and torque wrench - Trek Fuel ExTorque wrench mm hex

  2. Fuel EX 8 Gen 6

    Fuel EX 8 Gen 6. 14 Reviews / Write a Review. $3,499.99 $4,299.99. Model 5272026. Retailer prices may vary depending on location and delivery method. The final price will be shown in your cart. Fuel EX 8 is a dialed trail bike for riders who chase down rowdy descents and want a bike that's happy to pedal back to the top and do it again.

  3. Fuel EX

    Our favorite Trek. Fuel EX proved itself a happy climber and descender. From slabs to roots and square-edge hits, the Fuel EX handled it masterfully. A damn fine trail bike right out of the box, no matter your riding style. ... Fuel EX is mullet-ready, just throw Mino Link in high, toss on a 160mm fork, and get ready to party. Adjustable ...

  4. 2022 Fuel Ex mino link, which mode do you use? : r/TrekBikes

    I like to lean the bike in corners, so a rounder tread profile works better for me. Some riders lean the bike less, so want a flatter profile. Etc. Mino link is set to low, 40mm riser bars and a 27.5 rear wheel. Plus a 150mm fork. Weighting and unweighting the front as needed comes with more saddle time, I think.

  5. Fuel EX 8 Gen 5

    Fuel EX 8 is the ideal trail bike for riders who want a versatile full suspension ripper that makes soul-crushing climbs less painful, but can also huck rowdy trails. It hits the sweet spot of value and performance in our mountain bike lineup by combining high-end parts with a stout but light alloy frame, and 130mm rear/140mm front suspension ...

  6. The 2023 Trek Fuel EX is a Poised, Do-it-all Trail Bike [Review]

    With the three head tube angle positions and two Mino Link spots, there are six different geometry options and users can play with the numbers on the Trek Fuel EX web page. ... I've had the Trek Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS, retailing for $7,700. It's a sweet build: carbon frame, SRAM GX AXS electronic shifting, Bontrager Line Elite 30 carbon wheels ...

  7. Trek Fuel EX 8 Review

    The 2020 Fuel EX 8 is built around Trek's Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame with 130mm of rear-wheel travel. Trek has used their Active Braking Pivot (ABP) rear suspension design for some time and that continues with the redesigned Fuel EX models. ... The geometry is also adjustable using the Mino-Link flip-chip. There is a 0.5-degree difference in ...

  8. Trek Fuel EX 8 review

    Trek Fuel EX 8 review - still one of the best trail MTBs? ... You also get the 0.5-degree geometry change 'Mino Link' flip chip at the seat stay/rocker pivot. That changes head angle from 65.5- to 65-degrees and effective seat angle from 75.5- to 75-degrees on the Large I tested. Reach also shifts from 475 to 470mm and BB height drops ...

  9. 2023 Trek Fuel EX

    Fit & Geometry. Again, there's a lot going on here — the new Fuel EX has a huge amount of geometry adjustability between the geometry flip chip (Trek calls it a "Mino Link"), optional offset headset (sold separately), and the option to run the bike with a 27.5'' rear wheel for a mullet setup (on frame versions designed around a 29'' front wheel).

  10. 2022 Fuel Ex Mino Link question

    2022 Fuel Ex Mino Link question. I have a 2022 FEX. It looks like for this year they redesigned the way the mino link bolt and nut go together. They got rid of the spacers that go into the rocker link in front of the bolt and nut. I'm guessing this is to make it easier to go from high to low out on the trail without having to worry about losing ...

  11. 2021 Fuel EX 8 MinoLink

    I just got the bike and wanted to switch the mino link to the high position and test it out, and while doing so the mino link spacer fell out ( number 8) and according to the owners manual the spacer goes in front of the mino link nut (10) which is impossible. I'm thinking it goes where the...

  12. Mino-Link,Who uses it?

    '16 Fuel EX 8 owner here... never tried the low setting. ... I said I would update on what I experienced flipping the mino link from low to high on my 2016 trek EX 8 (19.5). As I stated in a previous post, I was flipping it because the bike felt really stretched out and big under me. I have already shortened the stem to a 50mm from a 70mm.

  13. Trek's Mino Link of Doom

    The Trek Mino Link is a feature of the Fuel EX. It lets you raise or lower the bottom bracket depending on whether you prefer fewer pedal strikes or a lower center of gravity. Trek says: "Mino Link lets you quickly and easily make small geometry adjustments to suit your riding style or terrain." As of Sept 2021 Trek's Mino Link video claims you ...

  14. 2021 Trek Fuel EX8 Mino Link : r/TrekBikes

    2021 Trek Fuel EX8 Mino Link. I just got the bike and wanted to switch the mino link to the high position and test it out, and while doing so the mino link spacer fell out ( number 8) and according to the owners manual the spacer goes in front of the mino link nut (10) which is impossible.

  15. 2020 Fuel 9.7, what position do you ride the Mino link in?

    Posted: May 12, 2020 at 7:30. Quote. Just got my 2020 Fuel EX 9.7 and have been riding it with the Mino link in the lower (slacker ) setting. Just switched it to the higher position today and will ...

  16. Fuel EX 8 29

    Fuel EX 8 29; Specs; Frameset. Frame ... Frame Alpha Platinum Aluminum, ABP, Boost148, Knock Block steerer stop, Full Floater, EVO link, E2 tapered head tube, Mino Link, Control Freak internal routing, down tube guard, PF92, ISCG 05, G2 Geometry, 130mm ... aktiv 3-position damper, tuned by Trek Suspension Lab, 210x52.5mm; Wheels. Wheels ...

  17. Mino link Question : r/TrekBikes

    I have a 2021 Trek Fuel EX 9.8 and I want to change the low/high setting using the mino link. All of the videos I see online have the token on the outside of the frame. Inserting the allen key into the token from the outside, you counterintuitively turn it clockwise to remove the mino link. On my bike, the mino link is on the inside of the frame.

  18. Trek Fuel EX Mino Link

    Trek. REVIEWS DEALS BIKESHOPS TRAILS. Do You run Mino Link ... Do You run Mino Link High Votes: 4 30.8% Low Votes: 7 53.8% Both / depends on what I'm riding Votes: 2 15.4% Cant tell any change Votes: 0 0.0% Total voters 13; Trek Fuel EX Mino Link. Jump to Latest Follow 3507 Views 5 Replies 4 Participants Last post by Jayson44 , Jul 1, 2021 ...

  19. Trek Fuel

    Lone Rager. 9770 posts · Joined 2013. #5 · May 14, 2018. Some like it higher (slightly quicker steering good for flat and climbing maneuverability, and more pedal clearance) and some like it lower (slightly more stable better for descending, and less pedal clearance). Try it both ways to find which you prefer in which conditions.

  20. New dual suspension bike? Scott Spark 960 vs Trek Top Fuel 7

    ChrisF. Posted January 9, 2022. On 1/9/2022 at 3:10 AM, HenryS said: Trek does have a lifetime warranty on the frames for the first owner. Scott has a 5 year warranty. The dropper on a Trek XL also has 20mm more travel than the Scott - 170mm vs 150mm.

  21. SVO site not showing working taxi link?

    Sign in to get trip updates and message other travelers.. Moscow ; Hotels ; Things to Do ; Restaurants ; Flights ; Vacation Rentals ; Travel Stories

  22. The ultimate short-travel trail bike

    Top Fuel AL Gen 3 Frame Set. R 40 000.00. Items. 24. Sort by. Relevance. Rule the trail with Top Fuel -- a downcountry bike built to hammer up and rip down every trail. Light, playful and ready to party. Shop online and in-store!

  23. Trek fuel ex 5 vs. Scott spark 960

    Trek fuel ex 5 vs. Scott spark 960. Tried finding a comparison for these two bike, but not a lot out there for the Scott (mostly others in the spark line). Hoping to buy one of these within the next few days, but am not sure which is the better bet. The trek is $1800 while the Scott is listed at $1900, but up until this weekend is at $1600.