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The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond

The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond

Table of Contents

“The Great Train Journey” by Ruskin Bond is a delightful collection of short stories that takes readers on a memorable ride through the enchanting world of Indian railways. Published in 2019, this anthology captures the essence of train travel, showcasing the unique experiences, fascinating encounters, and vivid landscapes that unfold within the rhythmic motion of the tracks. With his signature warmth, wit, and keen observation, Bond masterfully paints a tapestry of human emotions and evokes a sense of nostalgia, making “The Great Train Journey” a captivating read for train enthusiasts, admirers of Bond’s work, and those yearning for a literary escape.

Charming Characters

Protagonists and their journeys.

In “The Great Train Journey,” Bond introduces a cast of endearing protagonists who embark on memorable train journeys.

The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond

The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond From young children to seasoned travelers, each character embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery, encountering new experiences and forging connections along the way. Readers are invited to share in their joys, sorrows, and moments of reflection.

Quirky Co-passengers and Railway Personnel

Alongside the protagonists, Bond introduces a colorful array of co-passengers and railway personnel who add depth and charm to the stories.

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The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond From friendly strangers to eccentric characters, these interactions on the train provide moments of levity, wisdom, and unexpected connections, enhancing the richness of the narratives.

Evocative Descriptions and Sense of Place:

Bond’s vivid descriptions transport readers to the heart of train journeys across India. Whether it’s the majestic landscapes of the Himalayas, the bustling cityscapes of Delhi, or the serene beauty of rural countryside, Bond captures the essence of these settings with his evocative prose. The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond His attention to detail allows readers to visualize the passing scenery, hear the sounds of the train, and feel the rhythm of the tracks beneath their feet. The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond The sense of place created in “The Great Train Journey” is immersive and adds a layer of authenticity to the narratives, inviting readers to embark on their own literary voyage.

Nostalgia and Sentimental Reflections:

Bond’s writing often evokes a sense of nostalgia, and “The Great Train Journey” is no exception. The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond Through his heartfelt and sentimental reflections, he taps into the universal longing for simpler times and the yearning for a bygone era. The trains become a metaphor for the passage of time and the fleeting moments that make up our lives. Bond’s nostalgic undertones resonate with readers, evoking a longing for the romanticism and enchantment associated with train travel.

Humor and Wit: Bond infuses his stories with gentle humor and wit, adding a delightful touch to the collection. Through amusing anecdotes, playful banter, and unexpected twists, he creates a lighthearted atmosphere that balances the nostalgia and introspection. The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond The humor not only entertains but also serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and often humorous nature of human interactions, even within the confines of a train compartment.

Celebration of Indian Railways:

“The Great Train Journey” is a celebration of the iconic Indian Railways, which have become an integral part of the country’s cultural fabric. Bond’s love for trains and railways shines through his narratives, portraying them as more than just a mode of transportation. The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond The railways become a symbol of unity, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, fostering connections, and serving as a conduit for shared experiences and stories.

“The Great Train Journey” by Ruskin Bond is a charming collection of short stories that captures the magic, nostalgia, and human connections found within the world of Indian railways. Bond’s evocative descriptions, captivating narratives, and nostalgic reflections create an immersive reading experience that transports readers to the heart of train travel. The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond With its blend of sentiment, humor, and keen observations,

“The Great Train Journey” is a delightful homage to therich tapestry of train journeys and the indelible memories they create. Bond’s ability to capture the essence of human emotions, his appreciation for the beauty of the Indian landscape, and his skill in crafting engaging narratives make this collection a must-read for both train enthusiasts and lovers of literature alike. “The Great Train Journey” is a literary voyage that invites readers to embark on a captivating and unforgettable ride through the heart and soul of India’s railways.

Q1: Who is Ruskin Bond?

A: Ruskin Bond is a renowned Indian author known for his works in English literature. Born in 1934, Bond has written numerous novels, short stories, and books for children. His writing often reflects his deep connection to nature and his experiences growing up in the Indian Himalayas.

Q2: What is unique about “The Great Train Journey” compared to other works by Ruskin Bond?

A: “The Great Train Journey” stands out from Bond’s other works due to its focus on train travel as a central theme. While Bond’s writing often incorporates elements of nature and his personal experiences, this particular collection is dedicated to capturing the essence of train journeys in India, evoking a sense of nostalgia and celebrating the unique experiences and encounters that occur on trains.

Q3: What can readers expect from “The Great Train Journey” in terms of writing style and tone?

A: Ruskin Bond’s writing style is characterized by its simplicity, evocative descriptions, and gentle humor. In “The Great Train Journey,” readers can expect the same lyrical prose and keen observations that Bond is known for, as well as a nostalgic and reflective tone that creates an atmosphere of warmth and sentimentality.

Q4: Are the stories in “The Great Train Journey” interconnected or standalone?

A: The stories in “The Great Train Journey” are standalone narratives that revolve around the theme of train travel. Each story presents a unique scenario, set in different locations and featuring distinct characters. While they are not directly interconnected, the collection as a whole explores the diverse experiences and emotions evoked by train journeys.

Q5: What audience would enjoy “The Great Train Journey”?

A: “The Great Train Journey” appeals to a wide range of readers. Train enthusiasts, fans of Ruskin Bond’s works, and individuals with an appreciation for evocative storytelling and themes of nostalgia, human connection, and travel will find this collection particularly engaging. The book also offers an accessible introduction to Bond’s writing for those new to his work.

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The Train Journey

Authors Avatar

The Train Journey Mrs D Dalby

I chose the empty carriage hoping to be alone with my memories.

The guard waved his flag, then blew his whistle and the train began to move slowly away, Then with a rush the train door opened and a fat middle aged woman about my own age heaved herself into a seat opposite to myself.

Keeping my eyes lowered I pretended to be reading the newspaper on my lap, while I observed out of the corner of my eyes her thick set legs dangling inches from the floor. The train began to gather speed and at the same time her fat legs swung back and forth in time with the motion of the train.

I was as one hypnotised as I stared at the woman who was now humming a little tune that I remembered from my school days. The war had finally ended; The tune was 'Run rabbit run rabbit, run, run, run'

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Gertie Harris was somewhat of a bully, she always made us girls give up our sweets that was still on ration to her, or woe betide anyone who refused as I did myself one day. It was a gob stopper,a round hard ball of a sweet that changed colour at every suck, they would last for ages and for once I resolved Gertie Harris wasn`t getting this one. I ran hell for leather darting in and out to avoid her with the girls cheering me on and singing 'Run rabbit run rabb run, run, run' The gob stopper was getting smaller and small

To late Gertie Harris caught up with me and shook me, and to late I had swallowed the gob stopper.

Everyone cheered me except Gertie Harris who was livid with rage; Her horrible bulging eyes had peered into mine

'One day' she said between teeth clenched with rage 'I am going to kill you.' The woman's eyes had become vacant as if she was in another time and place. Her skirt had developed a concertina effect. I could see pink fleecy knickers reaching down below her knees; 'passion killers us girls used to call them. My eyes lingered for a while upwards, our eyes met, I lowered mine hastily, but as one hypnotised my eyes were drawn again to the woman struggling to discard her anorak'. One arm was partly freed waving about in the air. I could see a sweaty patch wet and dark against the pink cashmere jumper.

She half turned to me as the offending arm freed itself; her breathing was heavy and laboured The narrow slit eyes with yellow flecks are full of hatred and loathing as she gasped 'So we meet again' then like a rattle snake spitting its venom she leaned forward as if ready to strike, the lips curled above the buck teeth 'You are Meg Brent, am I right?'

I nodded, bewildered and frightened, my voice shook 'Who are you?' I whispered, as if I didn't know gaining time, hoping for I knew not what.

'Run rabbit run rabbit, run, run, run' I said I would kill you one day remember?'

Twenty five years to this very day, was the day when us sixth formers went our different ways.

Gertie Harris the bully had grown strong and fatter than ever, I was small compared to her and she was going to kill me I was sure.

The tunnel.....yes....thats what she was waiting for, she was watching my every move with gloating amusement. I closed my eyes and prayed.

I caught a glimpse of the fat legs coming to-wards me, I felt the fat podgy hands squeezing my throat. In desperation I screamed holy murder and clawed the air in an endeavour to free myself; my legs flayed wildly this way and thataway; I could feel myself suffocating, I gave one last almighty scream that echoed through the tunnel, the train screamed an encore.

'Wake up' shouted my husband, 'Its your school reunion today remember, twenty five years isn't it?' He looked at the bed clothes tumbled on the floor. 'What was you dreaming about? any body would think you was being murdered the way you screamed and threw yourself ~

I gave an audible sigh of relief 'I`ve been on a train journey'

'Where to' he asked.

'To hell and back' I replied.

The Train Journey

Document Details

  • Word Count 733
  • Page Count 2
  • Subject English

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Strangers on a train

Strangers on a train

Team Wanderlust | 21 April 2022

Wanderlust readers' tales: memorable train journeys.

Awe-inspiring scenery, childhood recollections and... fishy luggage. Here, our readers tell their most memorable stories form the track...

Wanderlust favourite!

My most memorable train journey was from Par in Cornwall to Penzance. Myself and my partner enjoyed some breathtaking views, but whilst looking out of the window we saw a man jumping on a trampoline completely naked and waving at us, everyone on the train was in shock but we couldn't stop laughing. It definitely made the journey more memorable.

Sharon Catterall, Blackburn

Family memories

Train journey in Italy (Shutterstock)

Train journey in Italy (Shutterstock)

When I was about 7 and my sister was 5 (late 70's) we had a family holiday to the West Coast of Scotland. To get there our parents booked the Motorail from London to Perth. This was incredibly exciting, we had never been on such long train journey. Once we were aboard, and our VW fastback secured, we settled in for the ride. I have vivid memories of being in a single compartment with books and toys to keep us occupied before we went to sleep. Unfortunately I have even more vivid memories of the fact that, the following morning, someone had obviously been taken unwell and left every single toilet on the train unusable. I don't remember how my parents dealt with two children of 7 and 5, but I doubt it was easy. To this day I cannot even sit near a toilet on a train, let along use one (the rest of the holiday was, to my memory, fantastic).

Joel Rawlings, London

I was 10 years old and we went to Italy by train, my first ever trip abroad, so excited I could burst! It was a sleeper car and in the middle of the night some French people boarded and tried to evict us from our sleeper bunks! It seems there was a double booking ! The sight of my dad in his pants and string vest with his hands raised ready for fistycuffs was hilarious and I remember him repelling all boarders! We made it safely and had a wonderful time on the Italian coast. My mum died sadly less than 2 years later but I have fond memories of her one and only experience abroad.

Judy Prescott, Torrington

My late mother & I were enjoying a wonderful holiday in Lake Bled (1992) when war broke out in the former Yugoslavia. Much happened during that 7 days holiday ending in a rescue mission to get all the British holiday makers safely out. As Llubijama airport had been bombed, a plan to get us (approx. 800) out was by train journey via Austria. The journey was very scenic but also scary when soldiers boarded our train to check our ID's etc. Eventually our train journey ended in Austria, but then taken by coach to Trieste in Italy where we then boarded boats which took us down the coastline to Pula airport where we boarded our plane back to the UK. It was certainly a memorable holiday in more ways than one.

Susan Shaw, Bridlington

As a child I went on a day trip via a privately chartered train from Chester-le-Street to Whitley Bay. This is not a long journey - about 10 miles - but as a young child this was an amazing adventure and I sat next to the window all the way just loving seeing all the farmers fields, people going about their day and the best was going across the bridge over the Tyne to continue down the track to the seaside. It was a day trip organised for families and we were all piled on with our buckets and spades, packed lunches, swimsuits, windbreakers - you get the idea! The noise was deafening with excitement! It was my first ever train journey and I remember every minute if it. At the end of our seaside adventure we did the train journey in reverse but this time it was much quieter as everyone was tired after such a wonderful day. I sat with my head against the window though and kept my eyes open all the way - I didn’t want to miss anything. I’ve loved train journeys ever since!

Dawn Gray, Chester

Wonderful scenery

View from Rocky Mountaineer (Shutterstock)

View from Rocky Mountaineer (Shutterstock)

On the Via Rail Canadian the first day waking up and looking out my window at what looked like Narnia, snowy trees and frozen lakes with beaver dams! My fellow travellers on the shoulder season were a mix of tourists and then locals, a couple returning home after a season playing ice hockey, youth going home to see family from college, a family moving to the west coast, grandparents going to see family the slow way because they could and musicians given a ride if they entertained us in the lounge car. Somewhere between Calgary and Winnipeg up early drinking tea in the observation car on my own I watched a family of coyotes play on the prairies in the sunrise. The next day of course whilst getting changed we stopped at a remote stop with my window in the direct eyeline of a trucker waiting at the crossing as my top was off..... I also saw Grizzly from the window on this trip, elk, prairie dogs, bighorn sheep, and that incredible sight as the Rocky Mountains rear up about of the prairie like they're on steroids. The downside, pulling over whilst 200 car grain trains passed as they had priority on the tracks. Multiple times. A day. There is nothing I would change about that trip from Toronto to Vancouver. In fact I would love to repeat it.

Kat Clifford, Bristol

We travelled on the Sri Lanka train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella and we were so lucky to be invited into the drivers cab (after running along the track to get into the cab!) The views were stunning and the driver even let us blow his whistle!! He even got us to stick our heads out of the windows to take photos of each other but did warn us of close vegetation or bridges approaching, was a great experience and must be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world and made even more special to get the drivers eye view too.

Carol Burgess, Winchester 

A train ride from Barrow in Furness to Whitehaven hardly sounds enticing, but what an eye opener it turned out to be, particularly once it started to hug the coast at Ravenglass. The western part of the Lake District tends to be overlooked/ignored by most visitors, it comes as a contract, but there's no better way of experiencing it than taking this train. You get to experience: magnificent views out over the Irish Sea, and out over the Solway Firth; on clear days, the sight of the Isle of Man, and also Scotland, in the distance; the surreal experience of stopping at Sellafield, reputedly England's most secure installation, with a golf course adjoining its perimeter fence; the slow, cautious navigating of the headland south of St Bees. An eye-opener.

Eamon Wright, Fleetwood

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Toronto and Vancover Island The beauty and vastness of an ever changing landscapes, forests, priaries and farmland with the evening harvesters in the distance. The elk wandering around the streets of Jasper and the wonder of Banff. Then, the unforgettable Lake Louis with its torquise reflections and the Rocky Mountaineer, views from the paneramic windows of the carriage, ball headed eagles, brown bears merandering down to the line for morsals of grain. The Frazer River with its bends and turns, high mountains, valleys, history not derailed, but, living and finally, Vancover Island, home for so many who love mountains, sea and the great adventure!

Colin Powell, Southbourne

Without hesitation I would recommend Kiwi Rails scenic trip from Auckland to Christchurch & beyond. This includes a memorable ferry excursion from Wellington through the Marlborough Sounds to Picton. From there the train follows the majestic Kaikoura coast to Christchurch.

Stuart Ikin, Leduc

While in Sri Lanka we travelled from Nuwara Eliya to Ella on what we believe one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Apart from all the cute little station stops where friendly locals wave to you in excitement as if they haven’t seen tourists before, the panoramic views along the way are sublime. The contrast in countryside from steep hills covered in tea bushes to palm like jungles and beautiful waterfalls, is truly magnificent. The locals all seem to enjoy it as much as the tourists. You can’t believe how beautiful it is until you experience it.

Jean Blewitt, Worthing

I was lucky to go to Vietnam with my best friend. She arranged everything including a train to take us to our next destination. I cannot remember where the train took us from but it went up the mountains, past beautiful rivers and countryside, had wooden benches that was super comfy and cheeky older passengers that teased us throughout. We brought local pears from the woman at the station and munched our way, contently staring out the window.

Cat Reynolds, London

The Sunday steam train from Bogota to Zipiquaria’s Salt Cathedral was a brilliant day out. We got to the station early, but a throng of noisy Colombians were already excitedly milling around. A guard shouted a long list of instructions in fast Spanish about what to expect. He caught us looking bemused, so when he’d finished, he sidled up to us and said in perfect English, “just follow me”. The carriages, as old as the puffing engine, had grand leather seats. Announcements flowed thick and fast but a young girl sitting behind, interpreted for us. The two hour, 20 km journey passed in a flash. We were entertained by lively, loud jazz and soul bands who strolled through the carriages and vendors offered plantain-wrapped tamales, Colombian tinto (coffee), the ubiquitous empanada and huge, creamy-white merengon. And the highlight was meant to be the Cathedral.

Helen Jackson, London

A long-held dream of travelling on Australia's Indian-Pacific 4-day railway journey from Perth to Sydney, finally achieved in 2019. Was it the superb food, the drinks and the fabulous crew that made this trip so memorable? Or was it the realisation the carriages have no suspension as you finally fall asleep at night on your bunk? Perhaps the race to be the first to spot a wild kangaroo in the middle of nowhere from the large carriage windows. More especially, the wonderful camaraderie between all the passengers in the cafe car? There were certainly no complaints about getting up early to have a snack breakfast as the sun rose in the desert plains, or the memorable meander through the Blue Mountains. With no Wi-Fi on board, it's so easy to just go off-grid for 4 days - and to truly appreciate the lands that make up the southern regions of the continent.

Richard Stevenson, Alford

I travelled by train from Cochin in Kerala to Nileshwar on the Kerala/Karnataka border. The train was completely full with even some people sitting on the roof at one point. Tea and food was brought round almost continuously and everyone talked to everyone else, it was a beautiful snapshot of India, with all the smells and noises that make India so special. I would have loved to have gone further.

Caroline Douglas, London

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On track for disaster.

Crowded train (Shutterstock)

Crowded train (Shutterstock)

In 1984 I was backpacking with my partner in Mainland China, we were on a tight budget & did a 21 hour train journey in "hard seat" ie. 3rd class from Kunming to Emei. We were the only non Chinese in the packed compartment so lots of stares ! There was no air conditioning or non smoking compartments so spent most of the time coughing as most people seemed to be chain smoking. Young children wore crotchless pants rather than nappies so just peed on the floor ,the urine splashing up my legs. There was also a lot of spitting on the floor, not just phlegm but gristle & bones from people eating their food. A tannoy played loud "music" continuously. The route also had 150 tunnels so every few seconds were plunged into darkness so difficult to read or look out the windows.

Sue Goodman, Tadworth

I was in the Eurostar to Rotterdam during storm Dudley. We had left London at 18.00 and we arrived in Brussels without any problems. When we entered The Netherlands everything changed. The train had slowed down and I noticed that it was swaying more than normally. Soon there was an announcement to say that we would be 30 minutes late, he train had to travel slowly due to the wind. The swaying increased as the speed of the train decreased and eventually we stopped. Another announcement, we were now 60 minutes late. I realised that we had arrived at the Moerdijk brug, a long, very exposed bridge over the Hollands Diep. The Western wind howled and battered the train, the carriage still swayed even when we were stationary. Eventually we inched forward over the bridge, which seemed to take an age. But we made it and arrived in Rotterdam late but safely.

Dineke Ten Hove, Leicester

We took a train from Hanoi to Hue in Vietnam it was a night train and at about 1am the train stopped and more people got on, we had 1 spare bunk in our carriage (4 Bunks) so this guy opens the door and puts his young child in the spare bunk then disappeared and came back with a polystyrene cool box which he put under the table which was where my head was as i let the missus have the top bunk and it smelt of fish, roll on 7 hours and we arrive in Hue to a massive puddle of fishy stinky water, our suitcases were under my bunk and everything was soaked. We went ballistic at this guy which was a pointless exercise as he spoke no English and we spoke no Vietnamese. When we got to our hotel we had to get both of the cases taken away by the staff and everything was laundered including the case, we had planned to train the whole country but after that we booked private hire taxis to go all the way to Ho Chi Min City which cost a fair few quid but we couldn't face the train again.

Kevin McGovern, London

We travelled from Washington DC to Charleston. Great train journey. Unfortunately our luggage travelled from Washington to Charlotte!

Yvonne Wilkinson, Llandudno Junction

My wife and i got the train from Bournemouth to Amsterdam and the family we were sharing with for the bulk of the journey were out of control. We ended up having to entertain the other couples children and they thanked us for our efforts just to get the kids to sit down. It was the longest train journey ever!!!

Keith Gould, Poole

Making new friends

Friends on train station platform (Shutterstock)

Friends on train station platform (Shutterstock)

Travelling the length of Thailand in the none tourist class carriage from Bangkok to Chang Mai we saw stunning tropical forests & of course incredible temples, even a humongous Buddha ! The best part we're getting to speak with a Thai couple who had taught themselves English! They worked for WD (the hard drive company) in Bangkok but were from a small village. They had to come to Bangkok for work leaving their son behind with family, all the money they earnt was sent back home. Ever since we meet I think of them every so often, they we're so kind, intelligent & their eye's were filled with enthusiasm. There were also incredibly grateful for absolutely everything they had. It was a heart warming experience. We laughed along together at what the other Thai passengers were saying about us & at the end the whole carriage we're chuckling along together. Such an amazing experience I'll remember forever.

Rachel Sadler, Nottingham

When we were in Italy on a packed train we were talking about a handsome man sitting near us - what we didn't realise was he could understand us completely... He said thank you for the compliments and wish us well. We felt super awkward!

Tarbs Gill, Woodhurst

An overnight train from Varanasi to Siliguri. Shared a cabin with 5 Indian guys. After advising me to use my backpack as a pillow, they then entertained and fed me for journey. Even ensuring I got a wake up call. They were all constructions workers working in Kashmir but living in north east India and their journey home was taking 5-7 days. Lovely, kind and humble guys who were wonderful company and gave me a look into their hard lives. A journey I won't forget.

David Harrington, Alton

In September 2018 I embarked on the rail trip of a lifetime on the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin with a dear friend. An amazing journey where we made new friends and won the bar quiz too! My dinner party story starts when a freight train derailed on the track ahead of us in the Outback before coming into Alice Springs. As the Ghan runs on a single track we just had to wait for the freight train to be removed and then the track repaired. We spent about 23 hours extra on the journey. Bar crawls were instigated for a change of scenery (there are many bars on the Ghan) and the crew organised a nighttime drinks and bonfire party off the train for us. Lucky the Ghan is well stocked with food and drink, we didn’t go without and it made the journey more memorable. Some unfortunate people did miss flights from Darwin though. As we were stopping in Alice Springs for a week en route we just missed a one day tour so not so bad for us and I am much more forgiving of U.K. train delays now!

Lynne Meredith, Charlton 

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train journey story

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A Journey by Train Paragraph - Check Samples for Various Word Limits

You have not enjoyed your life if you have not travelled by train. There is nothing that can be compared with a train journey. Nothing is more exciting than a train journey and when you are with your friends or family. It is the most exciting and stress-free journey for me. In our school life, we must have been asked to write a paragraph on a train journey experience. Check the samples provided below before you write.

A Journey by Train Paragraph in 100 Words

A journey by train paragraph in 150 words, a journey by train paragraph in 200 words, a journey by train paragraph in 250 words.

  • Frequently Asked Questions on A Journey by Train

Before you write a journey by train paragraph, you can check the samples provided below for your reference and get a better idea about the same.

A long journey by train is just an exciting experience. At times, it can be tiring, but we get a lot of pleasure. I remember when I was in Class 8th, I went to Bangalore with my whole family to spend the summer vacation. Flight journeys might take only a few hours, and train journeys are time-consuming, but I love to travel by train with them. We see a lot of vendors coming in to sell tea, ice cream, biscuits, peanuts, etc. Those are the most exciting parts of a train journey when we buy food and share it with everyone. We meet a lot of new people around us and spend some time with them.

A train journey is the most precious thing for me. It is even more exciting when I am travelling with my friends and family. I remember when I was travelling to Mumbai with my whole family for my cousin’s marriage. It was a great experience for me because it was the second time when I was travelling out of my hometown. It was beautiful to watch people crossing the train, which looked like a train and bike competition, and some kids waved their hands to say goodbye. Compared to a flight journey, sitting on the window seat and enjoying nature is so precious. It is even more beautiful to watch the sunset between the hills while enjoying the evening tea. Every time a tea vendor crossed, my mother would call him and buy us some snacks. Even if you are on a diet, it becomes hard for you to restrict yourself to rush to the food stall in every station. If you are bored, you can read a newspaper or a magazine, a story book, etc.

Train journey is the most exciting and most enjoyable experience of my life. I remember when I was travelling to Bangalore with my friends. My friends were the add ons to my excitement. We were seven friends travelling together and we enjoyed the most in those 24 hours. We were the attraction of all the passengers around us as we engaged them all with different games, music, and dance. We bought food and shared it with them. The beauty of nature can be enjoyed while travelling by train and it is more exciting when you are with your friends or family. When the train stops, we would rush to a food stall and eat different foods of our choice and they gave us immense satisfaction. When the vendors cross by us shouting and repeating all the foods, we would just look at each other and order the food without even a second thought. We would have eaten tummy full but still order the food just to satisfy our cravings. After we reached there, my friend’s family waited for us and treated us really well. But we were not so satisfied with those hours. We shared the contact numbers of our fellow passengers and are still in contact with them.

I have travelled many times with my family. I have travelled by flight, by train, etc. But the most exciting one was when I was travelling to Mumbai with my family. The plan to visit Mumbai was made just to have a great time by train. There was no specific reason to travel or visit Mumbai but the train journey is so fascinating for us that we decided to travel by train. We just spent three days in Mumbai and had a great time shopping but we spent 5 days travelling by train. A train journey can never be compared with any other journey or any other excitement. Travelling by flight would just take a few hours and it is the fastest means to travel and saves a lot of time. But at times, we just miss our train journeys, we miss the continuous calls of the stall vendors shouting biryani, chai… garam chai…, bread omelette, etc. When we miss the train journeys, this chorus would just bounce in our ears. The train would pass through the villages, forests, seas, rivers, etc. This makes the train journey so exciting because we meet nature closely.

While travelling from one place to the other by train, we get in contact with different people. We make new friends, the children enjoy the most, and there are a lot of memories. It is so hard to control our cravings while travelling by train. We would rush to a food stall and buy any food, and parents would not even stop us.

Frequently Asked Questions on A Journey by Train Paragraph

Why is a train journey so exciting.

A train journey is so exciting because we get a lot of time to travel and meet many new people around us. People from different places would be sharing food items and many conversations. We can enjoy the beauty of nature very closely.

How do we write a journey by train paragraph?

You can write a journey by train paragraph by explaining your own experience of travelling by train. You can explain about the kinds of food you had, people you met, etc. in the paragraph.

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train journey story

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train journey story

India Currents

Best Indian American Magazine | San Jose CA | India Currents

A Forgotten Love Story of Indian Train Travel

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train journey story

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to take our two children on the train to NYC. We always drove but I wanted our children to experience train travel; they struggled to understand why. It was deep-seated, you see. I wanted us to have a shared memory with my children that was reminiscent of my childhood in India.

Though we had taken the Metro Rail to Washington DC several times, the idea of inter-state train travel seemed appealing to me. We got to Union Station and after marveling at the structure and browsing through the stores were ready to board the train. The doors to the platform opened, we walked quietly, boarded a carriage, and sat down. As the train started, I began to think back to my childhood days and how different the train journey was. Here in the US, with everything so organized, there was none of the confusion or the loud excitement. People sat quietly in their seats with their laptops and devices. No looking out the window, no talking, walking, or eating. None of the joys that we experienced as children. It was actually boring. My children sat with their phones and I felt a pang. That is when I decided to translate my love of train travel in India into words, so as not to forget the memory. To share how absolutely thrilling it was to take an overnight train.

train journey story

Train journeys were an integral and an exciting part of our lives, especially for those of us who grew up in India in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

As the train turned at the bend, the child craned his neck against the bars of the window squealing in delight – “I see the engine, I see the engine”. I am sure that this is a mutual fond memory of my generation in India.

Growing up, summer vacation usually meant going to visit grandparents Back then, vacation was not visiting exotic places or expensive holidays. Rather, it was the simple joy of going back to the village, town, or city of your grand-parents. Invariably, the journey was by a train. 

In those days, trains were not as fast or as clean and comfortable as they are now. The seats/berths were hard, had no foam bedding, and you were not served meals. Traveling by train meant packing not only clothes, gifts, toys and books, but also carrying your own bedding in something called the ‘Hold All’. In the ‘hold all’ you stashed your pillows, blankets, sheets, shawls, etc. It was rolled up like a sleeping bag, and carried along with your other luggage which included two or three suitcases, handbags, and even at times, small furniture. Then of course, there was the multi-container steel tiffin carrier (lunch box), which contained idlis with chutney, sandwiches, chappatis & sabzi, and yogurt rice. There were packets of biscuits and other fried savories to snack on. 

A taxi would be hailed to get to the railway station. No sooner had it halted at the station, coolies (porters) would come rushing wanting to carry your luggage. After a bit of haggling, a price would be settled and on the poor Coolie’s head would go two or three suitcases, a bag on each arm, and anything else you had. But, before you entered the station your eyes would fall on the weight machine that was standing there minding its own business. After a tussle and some pleading, some of you would stand up on the machine, insert a coin, and wait for the tiny rectangular cardboard piece that said how much you weighed.  

With the platform located, the porter would unload the luggage at a place where your carriage was estimated to stop. While waiting for the train to arrive, children would run up and down the platform, plead for chocolates, toys, or cool drinks from the vendors who had set up stalls. Train delay announcements were greeted with dismay, and on time arrivals sparked excitement and a call to the coolie to get ready to load the luggage. 

train journey story

Chaos ensued when the train arrived at the platform. People scrambled to the coaches to check the lists posted on them for their seat/berth numbers! Then, there would be a hustle to get on the train, and locate your seat. 

Finally, we would begin the best part of the journey. After getting all settled in, luggage safely tucked under your seat (sometimes even chained to the berth to prevent it from being stolen), your parents would flip through magazines and newspapers and you would eye other passengers to see what interesting stuff they had. If your traveling companions were friendly, you would talk and play, and even share snacks and food with them. When it was time to sleep, the middle berth, which was your back rest till now, would be pulled up and secured to the upper one with an iron chain. A minor skirmish would follow for the upper and middle berths. With that settled, out came the ‘hold all’ and all of the bedding. Then came the hard part, trying to sleep amidst the smell of food and multiple snores heard through the carriage.

In the morning, with the middle berth back as the backrest, the ‘hold all’ packed and rolled up, everyone all cheery and bright, the excitement of arrival ensued. At the first station of the morning, you would hear the tea and coffee sellers, and vendors selling breakfast items like idlis, wadas, and upmavs. The “chai, garam chai and coffee, coffee, coffeeya….” still rings in my ears. A brief period of anxiety would pass if a loved one got off the train and the guard’s whistle went off. A sigh of relief, everyone aboard, but wait, some more tense moments, as some who had climbed into a different compartment so as not to miss the train, had to walk through the precarious gangway to get to the right compartment! The last leg of the journey continued with impatience and anticipation about what awaited at the destination!

Passing the green paddy fields, counting the green squares, waving back to the smiling village children who would stand in a row, watching stalled traffic, houses and trees zoom past, counting the number of stations, watching the steam coming out of the engine (getting soot in your eyes), and if you were brave, the walk on the precarious gangway connection, all made the train journey more interesting. 

When the train finally arrived at your destination, you would rush to the platform side of the train and wave your arms profusely while yelling out the names of your cousins or uncles who came to receive you. Once again surrounded by porters, your luggage unloaded from the train and loaded into a car or taxi, your fun vacation of a few weeks began.

As I was writing this, I began reliving my childhood and began feeling the same love and excitement as I did back then. A thought crossed my mind, my children would never be able to relate to this. Sadly, for the present generation, this would probably be a fictional read, something they would never fully comprehend. It will be a forgotten and unrequited love story between me and the Indian train. 

Anita R Mohan is a poet and freelancer from Fairfax, Virginia. She has a passion for writing and especially enjoys writing about Indian life and culture. 

Edited by Assistant Editor, Srishti Prabha.

Anita Mohan

Anita R Mohan is a poet and a freelance contributor who loves to write on various themes. She mainly writes about women, India, Indian life, and culture. More by Anita Mohan

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train journey story

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Essay on Train Journey for Students and Children

500+ words essay on train journey.

First of all, a journey refers to traveling from one place to another. When it comes to journeys, train journeys take the top spot. A train journey certainly is a wonderfully joyous occasion. Furthermore, train journeys fill individuals with a feeling of intense excitement. This mode of the journey is best when the travel distance is long. A train journey creates an aura that cannot be experienced with other types of journeys.

Essay on Train Journey

My Experience of Journey by Train

I have always been an avid supporter of train journeys. My involvement with train journeys began in childhood . I live in Lucknow and from here I have undertaken many train journeys. Furthermore, since childhood, I have paid several visits to the hill station of Almora to meet my relatives. Almora is a hill station located in the state of Uttarakhand. Most noteworthy, Almora is situated in the Himalayan mountain region. Due to this, trains cannot travel directly to Almora. Consequently, Kathgodam is the last town station accessible by trains before the mountain range begins.

The trip from Lucknow to kathgodam is quite a lively experience. I have always ensured the reservation of my seats beforehand. So, my train journey begins from Lucknow railway station. As the train undergoes motion and leaves the Lucknow railway station, my excitement begins to rise. Moreover, as the train gathers speed, a thrilling feeling overtakes me.

My train journey from Lucknow to Kathgodam is probably 8-10 hours duration. However, I enjoy every minute of it in spite of the journey being so long. Furthermore, all along the journey, one can purchase items of food and drinks. I almost always purchase meals and refreshments at least twice in the journey.

When slumber overtakes me, I make use of the sleeping berth. I personally find sleeping on the train berth very comfortable. When I wake after a deep sleep, mountains are visible from a distance. Moreover, as the train approaches Kathgodam with menacing speed, the view of mountains gets bigger and bigger. Also, my amusement greatly rises as I see the Himalayas draw closer. Finally, as the train stops at Kathgodam, my delightful train journey comes to an end.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Why Do I Like to Travel by Train?

Comfort is one of the biggest advantages of a train journey. Most noteworthy, one can move freely in a train cabin. Furthermore, in trains, there is a possibility of an ample foot room. Moreover, trains offer comfortable sleeping berths. All of this makes the train journey a relaxing experience.

Beautiful sightseeing is another noteworthy benefit of train journeys. As the train travels, one can enjoy the views of the countryside, farms, forests , factories, etc. This makes train journeys more comprehensive than journeys by air or road.

Train journeys offer a variety of opportunities to pass time. Furthermore, the train offers a sociable environment. In train journeys, conversations between passengers almost always take place. One can make new friends with traveling passengers on the train easily. Also, one can spend time in a handsome manner on a train journey. In a train journey, one can spend time reading something, listening to music, watching videos, sleeping/resting comfortably, etc.

To sum it up, train journeys are truly one of a kind. The train journey offers uniqueness like no other journey. Most noteworthy, the charm of such a journey is unmatchable. The train journey certainly offers an unforgettable rich experience.

Q1 Why does the writer sleeps so deeply in trains?

A1 The writer sleeps deeply in trains because he finds sleeping on the train berth very comfortable.

Q2 What makes train journeys so journeys so comfortable?

A2 Trains journeys certainly are very comfortable. First of all, one can move freely in a train cabin. Furthermore, there is ample foot room possibility and comfortable sleeping berths on the train.

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train journey story


train journey story

Chaitanyaa Dave

Children Stories Fantasy

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A Train Journey

train journey story

It was the perfect time to catch my train to reach my destination. It was a dark morning at 4:30. While I was in the train all the people were chitchating.

After 5-10 min of the journey the train stopped and the light flickered for sometime and then went off. When the light turned on there was no one on the train except me.I WAS SCARED TO DEATH. After a few hours of my train journey the train stopped AGAIN!!!!!! The train door opened so i went outside and saw grass everywhere around me.

I am a curious girl, so I went deep, deep, deep to discover after some time I heard someone whispering my name CHAITASI !!!!!!!!! I turned back swiftly and saw no one. After walking for a while I got tired so I sat down by the stone,AGAIN the same voice came CHAITASI!!, I tried to communicate with the voice but no answer.After sometime of rest when I woke up I could see the sunraise of the sun which was reflecting the river nearby I ran towards it when i reached I felt the river was full with diamonds and was crystle clear.

I found a cottage so I decided to stay there for some time.Once I went to the cottage the voice again came CHAITASI!!!!!! and this time I got very scared and I asked" who.... are you, and how do you know my name " This time the voice started to communicate with me. I saw it was an alien.

We became friends and the alien used to get me food to eat and one day when we were playing everything disappeared and then I REALIZED IT WAS MY DREAMMMMM.........

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A Train Journey

A Train Journ...

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train journey story

Joseph Mubita

It was dark and Lucy barely saw where she was going. It was dark and Lucy barely saw where she was going.

train journey story

Poetry & Short Story Competitions

  • Short Story

Train Journey

  • Ashleigh Porter, Grade 12

I am boarding a train. I have to deliver a message to the man at the end of the journey. The train chugs along slowly and I sit back and sigh. The dreary black and whites of the city at night are my only view out the small, dirty window. Suddenly, the train swerves in another direction. It’s on a different path. It gathers speed and the engines chugging beat becomes a rapid thump, thump, thump. I feel the nausea rise up in my stomach as the train hurdles along. My blood trembles as I feel a sense of coming dread. I stumble to the front of the train. To my extreme astonishment and fear, the drivers’ cabin is empty. The engine thumps louder, faster. There is a bridge impending that looks rickety and feeble. My vision blurs when I see that there is a portion of the bridge that has rotted away. The end of the track is approaching far too quickly for my thoughts to catch up. I grab the wheel and swiftly turn onto a different path. The train puffs a sigh of relief and the engine calms. The train is now chugging along peacefully. I rub my sleeve over the windows and realize that they are so thick with grime that what I mistook for a city nighttime is actually dazzling sunlight in a lush countryside. I admire the view. Rolling the previous events around in my mind, I come to the epiphany that I do not want the trip to end. Now that I can view the picturesque scenery, I am enjoying myself. As the train nears the station, a heavy weight builds in my stomach, slowly dropping to my feet. The train slows, screeching and blowing steam. There’s nothing I can do to continue. The man is waiting for me. My feet like stone, I step onto the platform and advance towards the man. He asks me, “Where is the message?” I pat my pockets, nothing. I search my briefcase, empty. “I don’t know,” I reply. “How did you get here?” he inquires. I hesitate, thinking the answer is obvious, “By train, sir.” He looks at me with amusement, “What train?” I turn, and to my shock, instead of a platform we are standing on an empty surface. There is no train, no people, no platform. “Do you realize?” he weaves the words around my thoughts. The engine stirs inside of me, thump, thump, thump. “I am the train!” I exclaim. He nods, pleased. “And the message?” he requests. “The message…the message is my journey.”


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Short Adventure Stories from around the World – Machu Picchu to Sandboarding

The Adventurous Traveler is always seeking for the adrenalin-kick, the special experience to feel alive. Find real-life travel stories from adventurous traveler all over the world. These stories were contributed by the Hostelgeeks community.

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Feeling liberated in Norway!

My boyfriend and I spent last August in Norway.

Our first stop was Trolltunga, 22 km of walking through snow, mud, rain, wind and darkness. Two days later we hiked Pulpit Rock , almost half the distance, this second hike seemed like a breeze compared to the first one.

We spent the rest of the time relaxing and exploring the beautiful county of Ryfylke – from a 10 Euro/day spa overlooking the lake, gazing at the incredible and numerous waterfalls, to aimlessly driving by the fjords.

I have always been scared of heights.

It had been less than a year since my foot surgery, accomplishing these hikes made me feel excited and liberated.

On one of our drives along the fjords, we found ourselves alone on the road surrounded by endless beauty, I felt like this was my chance to do something else I’ve always wanted to do…

When visiting Norway, hop over to Bergen. It is a beautiful city to visit with so many amazing things to do.

Read our guide on fun things to do in Bergen, Norway . Here is our guide to best hostels in Bergen .

Find more exciting Short Travel Stories here .

Feeling liberated in Norway!

Catching the train with the police

After our Freedom Trail tour, we wandered around China Town in Boston in search of our next thing to do. We ended up reaching the train station and thought that maybe it’ll be cool to check out Gillette Stadium. We didn’t put much thought into it and next thing we knew, we’re on the train towards Walpole station.

It was quite a hassle getting to “Patriot Place” but we found it to be a cool spot to chill out. However, we failed to realize that there will be a back-to-back football match happening that late afternoon. We lingered around too long, and there were no means for us to get back to Walpole station. (Traffic was down, making it impossible for cabs to come in, and it was a long walk away).

When we saw a policeman down the street, we ran up to him, asking about other alternatives to rush back to Walpole for the last train leaving in 10 minutes. To our disbelief, he offered us a ride in the police car. So thanks to the Boston Police, we were back in Boston safe and sound, just in time to catch our bus to New York.

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Catching the train with the police

Danger and Fear Climbing the Italian Dolomites Mountain

Having experienced many exposed and challenging Via Ferrata, I thought my rational fear had subsided over time. That was until my friends and I had to cross an icy bridge that was completely open to the elements.

Without the usual pseudo protection of my carabiner clips and iron wire, I suddenly felt extremely at risk.

Either side of the foot-wide ice-crossing were drops that had no bottom and considering we were climbing on a mountain that stood over 2000 m tall, my guess is that if I had slipped, I would not be re-telling this story today. If I learned only one thing – do not underestimate the Dolomite Mountains!

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Danger and Fear Climbing the Italian Dolomites Mountain

Machu Picchu’s Gigantic Aura – Reminder Why I Travel

On day three of the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru , we reached the summit of Abra de Runkuracay, eager to take in the surrounding views. The day was unusually warm; wispy white clouds rolled in and out of the deep green valleys, aided by a gentle breeze. We scuttled up to the highest point we could find.

Even though the clouds obstructed much of the view, I could feel the enormity of the valley we were perched above. I searched for snowy peaks in the distance, searched for the river far below. At that moment, I could do no more than revere my surroundings and feel that I was a part of something important.

The history enveloped me, the sights burned themselves into my memory, the crisp mountain air filled my lungs.  My overwhelmed senses were reminding me: This is why I travel .

Machu Picchu's Gigantic Aura - Reminder Why I Travel

Sandboarding at 65k through Namibia’s Dunes

We left Swakopmund, Namibia early in the morning and drove out to the dunes with the sand boards. It was a difficult trudge to the top, and I gulped when I got there and looked down the slope we would be using. Too late to wimp out, though.

I smeared the bottom of the board with wax, clipped in my boots and performed the backwards somersault they had shown us how to do to get started. Then I was up on my feet and scudding diagonally across the dune, balancing better than I imagined, and picking up more speed than felt safe. I shifted my weight to try to slow, but the board dug in and flung me forward, and I landed face-down in the sand and rolled. “ Like a helicopter taking off sideways,” someone said when I got back to the top, spitting sand.

I graduated then to lie-down boarding: headfirst on a sheet of ply at the top of the dune, pulling up the corners and barreling down the slope. The guy measuring the speed shouted “ 65k ”. Then the board caught and stopped dead, and I buried myself in the sand some distance ahead.

When starting your Africa-Experience, Namibia is the perfect spot. We’ve visited Tsumeb Backpackers in Tsumeb, a remarkable home on the road. Find all hostels in Tsumeb here .

Sandboarding with 65k through Namibias Dunes

Sun Rise in the Desert of Morocco – Lasting Travel Memories

Travel Memories! We love to think back of our time in the Moroccan desert.

Back in 2013 we were staying in the wild city of Marrakesh.

It was loud, it was colorful, many different smells run through our noses. It was truly a wow-experience to get to know Marrakesh. One day we got the opportunity to hop on a bus to a desert adventure. It was a bus tour with local guides on their way to the far desert, stopping at a few small towns in the mountains.

On the way we crossed the majestic Atlas Mountains, and there are tons of tiny villages hidden in the middle of nowhere.

Really impressive!

We spent the night in a small group of tents. In a bigger tent, we all came together to have dinner. After enjoying a Tajine loaded with Cous Cous and Vegetables, our new friends started to play some music, and everybody started singing.

The most impressive part of the whole night, however, was something different.

Have you ever seen 1 Billion stars?

This is how we felt whilst watching the clear sky in the cold desert. We both have never seen so many stars.

We decided to wake up early. We wanted to watch the sun climbing up behind the mountain and feel the first shafts of sunlight. This is when we took the photo, trying to freeze those good travel memories.

You can download our secret guide to Marrakesh here .

Read : complete guide to best hostels in Marrakech . We also have a guide for the best hostels in nearby Essaouira  and the best hostels in Casablanca .

We share here the best desert tour from Marrakesh, a handmade souvenir, and a secret spot you will love us for.

Morocco Desert - Our experience in the cold desert of Morocco

I believe I can fly – Tobogganing down a 3 km narrow piste

It was reassuring when, before trying out tobogganing for the first time, my friends admitted to being a little apprehensive. Staring down a 3 km narrow piste, with a flimsy wooden sled between me and the compact snow, I took a deep breath and pushed away. Before long, we were racing around bends and hitting speeds that sent the trees into a blur.

Suddenly it didn’t matter if we tumbled into the powder or got damp from the melt – we were once again 6 years old with absolutely no fear or a care in the world.

I believe I can fly - Tobogganing down a 3km narrow piste

The Dangerous Roads in Morocco Across the Atlas Mountain

Traveling through Morocco by car is a great way to see this diverse and beautiful country. But the roads in Morocco can be diabolical . We rent a car and take off from Marrakesh airport. Within 5 minutes, we were lost, having missed the signposted turn-off to our destination. On entering the highway, we were greeted with an overturned truck.

We journey over the High Atlas Mountains. A steep, winding and rugged road, the main danger is not the drop-offs, or the wandering sheep, or even the overloaded trucks. The greatest danger were the Mercedes taxis that come hurtling at you from around every corner, horn blaring, speed limits ignored.

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The Dangerous Roads in Morroco Across the Atlas Mountain

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The 10 most beautiful train journeys in the world

  • The 10 most beautiful train journeys in the world
  • < Travel inspiration

Travel inspiration

By David Szmidt April 5, 2023

By David Szmidt | April 5, 2023

Last update: May 19, 2023

What is the most scenic train journey in the world? We’ve chosen some of the most amazing routes in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia for an epic adventure by train

From one-day sightseeing trips to spectacular, week-long rides that cross entire continents, we’ve found ten train journeys that are crying out for a window seat. Castles, mountains, rivers, plains, and even rainforests can be seen on your way as you ride the rails on these ten beautiful routes.

North America

Rocky mountaineer’s first passage to the west, canada.

Set out on a journey through the mountain passes and vast canyons of Canada — Shutterstock

The Rocky Mountaineer company provides a number of trips and holidays by train, and the First Passage to the West is the most well-known. From Vancouver , the routes take you high into the Canadian Rockies, through mountain passes and vast canyons, and across the wilds of British Columbia. Into Alberta and onto Banff, you’ll see some of the most jaw-dropping scenery anywhere in the Americas.

There are curated packages depending on what you’re looking for. From the basic two-day trip from Vancouver to Banff, you can also opt for extra sightseeing tours, or to do a four to five-day round trip. Their Rainforest to Gold Rush route is even longer, again starting in Vancouver, but winding its way north and east for three days, traveling via Whistler and ending in the town of Jasper, surrounded by snow-capped alpine peaks.

Pacific Surfliner, US

Rail tracks over bridge by Gaviota Beach in California — Getty Images

A US road trip without having to do any driving? Sounds good, right? Well, that’s pretty much what’s going on here: 560 kilometers of Southern California coast between San Diego and San Luis Obispo, with Los Angeles being the rough halfway point.

It follows the coast almost continuously, the line being mere feet from the ocean at points. The inland sections cross farmland and wide open spaces, as well as wild contrasts such as industrial areas on the outskirts of the cities. It’s not the longest journey on this list — end-to-end is around eight and a half hours — but it’s a great way of traveling from place to place over a longer time at a scenic, relaxed pace.

Linha do Douro, Portugal

The Linha do Douro route takes its name from the Douro River — Shutterstock

The Linha do Douro takes its name from the Douro River which, for much of this route’s 160-kilometer length, runs alongside. The Douro Valley is one of Europe’s most well-known regions of vineyards , with thousands of acres covering the landscape all around.

The route connects two very different places: the village of Pocinho, high up in the Alto Douro, and the city of Porto on the Atlantic coast. The whole journey takes around three and a half hours, but the trains are nicely regular, so there are plenty of chances to hop off and explore some of the towns en route, or even do a part of the route by boat.

Flåmsbana, Norway

The higher the train climbs, the more spectacular the scenery of Norway becomes — Shutterstock

This isn’t much of an adventure, but it certainly is a pretty route. In 20 kilometers and about an hour, the train takes you from sea level at the Aurlandsfjord in Flåm to Myrdal mountain station. The Flåm Valley is home to beautiful villages, meadows and flowers; the higher the train climbs, the more spectacular the scenery becomes.

Following a sparkling blue river that crashes and flows down the valley, the line teeters on the edge of seemingly impassable cliffs, heading through 20 tunnels cut into the rock, and emerging at the Kjosfossen waterfall where the train stops for passengers to take photos.

Glacier Express, Switzerland

Interior of Glacier Express with view of hills in Switzerland — Getty Images

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe in terms of scenery, Switzerland is also famous for its railways, which are clean, punctual, and — through sheer luck of being in such a mountainous country — spectacular. Wandering for eight hours across the south of the country between St. Moritz and Zermatt, the line winds its way through dazzling Alpine scenery, across narrow bridges crossing heart-stopping ravines, through tunnels, and alongside burbling rivers.

It’s a thoroughly modern service, with excellent food available on board, and views enhanced by the fact that the carriages have huge windows and glass ceilings, meaning an even more panoramic experience. You’ll rarely have rolled into any destination more stylishly.

Trans-Siberian Railway

The grandfather of them all — almost 10,000 kilometers of railway stretching between Moscow and Vladivostok. Commissioned on the whim of Emperor Alexander III, it was already being written about in awed terms before it was even completed, as adventurers and railway enthusiasts rode sections of the journey in anticipation.

Time hasn’t dulled its appeal, although the current political situation has made things more difficult. What hasn’t changed is the sheer scale of it. The journey takes eight days and spans eight time zones , navigating mountain passes, crossing steppe, and skirting rivers and lakes. The ever-changing landscape is a different planet depending on the season as well, so a glorious, colorful summer journey is a completely different experience from a winter trip across ice fields and past frozen bodies of water. If you choose to do it, it remains one of the world’s great adventures.

Kandy — Ella, Sri Lanka

Girl leaning out of train window in Sri Lanka to take a photo of scenery on her phone — Shutterstock

Taking anywhere from eight and a half to 10 hours, Kandy to Ella is in fact just one section of a longer line that runs from Colombo to Badulla. Initially built by the colonial British to transport goods such as tea, the line is now a vital transport link for locals.

It’s dusty, it’s hot, it’s exhausting, but it’s also exhilarating as carriages fill with people singing songs, selling delicious homemade food and drinks, laughing and smiling. The train heads through the hills, and through the open windows, you can see dots of people in brightly-colored saris working on the tea farms. You can, if you want, ride this route in a first-class carriage, but why would you do that? This is one route where the stiff, stuffy world of first class goes against the whole point of the journey.


Kuranda scenic railway, australia.

Kuranda railway station sign against rainforest backdrop — Getty Images

Similar to the Flåmsbana above, this is a short pleasure trip more than a grand adventure, with a one-way trip taking just under two hours. It’s absolutely worth it, though, as the train winds its way from the city of Cairns on the coast up and across the Great Dividing Range to the rural town of Kuranda, situated deep in the Wet Tropics rainforest.

The sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest pour in through the train windows into the period carriages as you snake your way through lush forests, across precipitous bridges and past crashing waterfalls. There’s a commentary as the journey continues, letting you know what you’re seeing, and teaching you about the history of the rainforest and the railway.

TranzAlpine, New Zealand

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Great Journeys New Zealand (@greatjourneysnz)

Not only an example of New Zealand ’s love of a deliberately misplaced letter Z (see also: Split Enz ), the TranzAlpine is also one of the southern hemisphere’s most scenic train journeys. The route crosses the country’s South Island, between Christchurch and Greymouth, and takes around five hours to complete its 223 kilometers.

Beginning by crossing the patchwork fields of Canterbury Plains, the train rumbles towards Springfield, the gateway to the Southern Alps. Previously, the line had ended here, before planning, engineering and bravery constructed a track through the mighty mountains. Via the township of Arthur’s Pass, the train climbs along the cliffs of the Waimakariri River, through 15 tunnels and over four dizzying viaducts. Once over the mountains, the landscape turns lush and green as you pass rivers, lakes and forests before finally arriving at Greymouth.

South America

Serra verde express, brazil.

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Serra Verde Express (@serraverde_oficial)

Running from the city of Curitiba almost a kilometer above sea level, the Serra Verde is a route that began in the 19th century through the Belgian-French company Chemin de Fer Bresilien acquiring permission to build a railway to open up trade routes. It now exists as a train carrying tourists for three hours down to the town of Morretes.

It begins in the heavily-forested mountains and heads into the Pico do Marumbi State Park. A tropical wilderness of crashing waterfalls and cloud forests, make sure you get a seat by an open window to experience the full sensation of the breeze, the smells of vegetation and water, and the thrill of flying over viaducts with seemingly nothing beneath you. That, by the way, means getting a cheaper ticket — the only class that’s air-conditioned (and therefore has sealed windows) is the top Litorina de Luxo class, so get anything but that. What’s the point in being sealed in on a trip like this?!

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train journey story

David Szmidt

David is a lead writer for, as well as a football-watcher, music-listener and beer-appreciater. @UtterBlether

Bank holiday dates and destinations for 2024 (UK)

Bank holiday dates and destinations for 2024 (UK)

Dublin on a budget: 10 ways to save money when you visit

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Visit Portugal: see the best of everything this spring

Visit Portugal: see the best of everything this spring

I spent $9,000 for just one night on Europe's leading luxury train. Here are 5 reasons it's worth the splurge — and one why it isn't.

  • The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is a famous luxury sleeper train in Europe. 
  • I recently booked a one-night ride in the lowest tier of accommodation, a $9,000 cabin.
  • Feeling like royalty in a swanky train was worth it, but the lack of some amenities was not.

Insider Today

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the epitome of luxury, overnight train travel .

The elegant train line operates 60 routes through 17 European cities from Amsterdam to Istanbul. It is comprised entirely of vintage cars that were once hitched onto the original, iconic Orient Express fleet that traversed Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. Back then, it was renowned for luxury and sophistication, drawing wealthy and celebrity clientele, according to Smithsonian Magazine .

Today, it still exudes a similar opulent air, and with starting prices to match. Overnight cabins range from $9,000 to $26,000 per night, depending on the tier of accommodation, according to the company's website .

I recently splurged on a $9,000 ticket to ride in the train's cheapest option, the historic cabin, from Paris to Venice, Italy, in 30 hours.

For the most part, I found that the experience was worth the splurge. I'd never felt so regal in my life, from the moment I stepped on board to the second I reluctantly disembarked at the end of my journey. But some standard amenities were missing for me, given the high price.

Here's a breakdown of why the overnight trip was — and wasn't —worth $9,000.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is one of the most luxurious trains on the planet.

train journey story

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is essentially a moving luxury hotel .

Inside the sleeper train's historic carriages, I found cabins and suites, as well as restaurants, a bar, and a boutique.

The vibe on board was as lavish as the train itself. During my ride, guests adhered to a dress code in communal cars forbidding sneakers, jeans, shorts, and T-shirts.

Instead, guests were required to dress in smart casual attire, such as a blazer, at all times, and I only spotted one guest in a T-shirt at one lunch service.

At night for dinner service, the train encouraged passengers to wear their most formal outfits, from suits and ties to evening gowns, according to a document I received outlining policies before my trip.

On board, I got the VIP treatment, from red-carpet entrances to in-cabin steward service.

train journey story

If I could put a price tag on feeling like a queen for 30 hours, it would be $9,000 because of this trip.

Train staff made guests like me feel like royalty from the moment I embarked. The stewards rolled out the red carpet every time a passenger entered or exited the train.

On board, every staff member pleasantly greeted me each time we crossed paths, which I typically find awkward in narrow train corridors. However, in this instance, I was delighted that they remembered my name after meeting me once and referred to me as "Joey" or "Ms. Hadden" throughout the trip.

In my cabin, a steward was available at the touch of a button to bring beverages and snacks like afternoon tea and pastries.

Extravagant artwork and furnishings thoughtfully decorated each carriage.

train journey story

As a passenger, no carriage on this train took me out of the luxury experience.

Each was thoughtfully decorated, and I felt transported back to the roaring 1920s. Intricately detailed artwork lined the walls of the train's three restaurants and the bar car, and all had velvet furnishings, lavish silverware, and vintage-inspired lighting.

Feeling wrapped in luxury from car to car while never running out of spectacular things to look at made the trip worth the price for me.

I experienced dining at its finest with Michelin-starred, three-course menus.

train journey story

On board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, I had some of the most amazing food I'd ever tasted.

Though the train had three dining cars, they all served the same prix fixe menus and á la carte offerings created by Michelin-starred chef Jean Imbert , which changed for each meal service.

I had elevated dishes with a variety of textures — scrambled eggs and caviar, scallops, lobster, sweet potato gnocchi, and scampi ravioli, to name a few.

Each course had a fantastic mix of ingredients that tasted so fresh. This is because produce and proteins are picked up from local grocers just before each ride, the train manager, Pascal Deyrolle, told Business Insider.

At night, the communal cars come to life with live music and an aura of specialness.

train journey story

Even just one night on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express felt like an extravagantly special event.

As guests dressed up in suits, ties, and sparkling gowns, musicians marched through each car to give an intimate performance, and I had a front-row seat as a trombone wailed in front of my table.

To me, it felt like being at a fancy wedding or a prom.

Ultimately, it felt like everyone was trying to make the most of the once-in-a-lifetime experience. And that brought forth an all-encompassing feeling of joy.

Passengers told me they were celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries, making it a special night for all.

At bedtime, I retired to a vintage cabin with a comfortable bed and luxe sheets.

train journey story

In my experience, no train bed is more comfortable than those on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. In the past, I've struggled to sleep in stiff train bunks on standard overnight routes in the US and Europe.

But this time on the luxury train, I booked a historic cabin , the lowest tier of accommodation where passengers get a 36-square-foot space with a pullout table with a stool, a vanity with a washbasin, and a plush couch that transforms into two beds.

Compared to other train bunks I've slept on that are typically stiff, this felt like a real mattress, thanks to a comfy pad placed on top of the couch.

The bedding was also top-tier. The sheets felt smooth against my skin, there were two thick, soft blankets, and the pillow was dense enough to keep my neck comfortable. You can't put a price on a good night's rest on a sleeper train , but I suppose it's $9,000.

But for $9,000, you won't get to take a shower.

train journey story

There was only one way the ride didn't impress me. I paid $9,000 and didn't have my own bathroom .

Going into the trip, I knew that my accommodation didn't include a private bathroom — those are reserved for the suites and grand suites, where starting prices range from $13,000 to $26,000 per night, according to the company's website.

But I didn't realize how much lacking one would take me out of the luxury experience.

Not having a toilet meant I had to use the shared restroom at the end of my sleeping car, which had just a toilet and a sink. This was especially inconvenient when I had to tiptoe through the narrow corridor in the middle of the night — and when I had to wait my turn, as the toilet was for everyone in the carriage.

I also didn't realize that I wouldn't have access to any shower on board the train at all, as the company's website only specified that there would be a shared toilet, and I incorrectly assumed it would be a full washroom.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express didn't respond to a request for comment from Business Insider about why some cabins and cars don't include showers.

However, I would guess it's because the cabins are preserved original models from the 1920s, according to a media fact sheet obtained by BI, and a shower wouldn't fit in the limited space.

While I can appreciate the history, there was nothing luxurious about sliding into clean sheets at night without washing up.

Aside from this hiccup, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is certainly worth the price of admission for those looking for a one-of-a-kind luxury experience . Just plan to upgrade to a suite for a proper rinse.

train journey story

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The best new European train journeys for 2024

Europe's expansive rail network is constantly evolving, and each year, early December sees new connections and services appear on schedules across the continent for the calendar year ahead. These new train journeys often reflect travel trends or technological advances, offering travelers more direct or frequent connections between European destinations.

The following are some of the noteworthy new routes that will shape European rail travel in 2024.


After a 10-year hiatus, there is once again a night train connecting the German and French capitals, and it's the only direct rail connection between the cities, period. Launched in early December by OBB (Austrian Railways) under their Nightjet range, this overnight service will initially run three times a week in both directions, with the expectation of graduating to a nightly service by the end of 2024.


The result of a massive infrastructure project that took nearly two decades, Spain has launched high-speed trains between the nation's capital and the gorgeous (and relatively undiscovered) Asturias region. The sleek trains will whisk travelers through scores of tunnels between the capital and the lovely cathedral city of Oviedo, a city famed for its atmospheric streets, gastronomic delights and tasty cider.


Last summer came the long-awaited debut of the startup night train company European Sleeper. Now, the brand has announced an extension of its Brussels to Berlin night train to Prague, which will start on March 25, 2024, and run three times a week.


These two cities are already well connected by smart, speedy trains that take travelers from Bavaria to the heart of Switzerland in just over 3 1/2 half hours. From April 2024, there will be added departures on the line on Fridays and Sundays.


Instead of going straight north, this night train will head from Munich into Austria before it curls up towards Poland. Along the way, it will make stops at A-list tourist destinations like Salzburg and Krakow, providing a key transport link for travelers exploring Central Europe.


A rail connection between the Dutch and German capitals has a long history, but the time it takes to get between them will get attention in 2024. That's because a half-hour has been shaved off the journey due to technological advances and creative route management. It will now take you 5 hours and 52 minutes instead of 6 hours and 20 minutes. When you factor in check-ins and transport from the city center to outlying airports, this compares very favorably to flying indeed.


Up north, these two beautiful Baltic capitals will soon be connected by rail for the first time since the pandemic. Scheduled to start in late December, the journey between Lithuania and Latvia will take just over 4 hours and will make it possible to explore the full length and breadth of this special corner of Europe by rail.

Hamburg to Vienna & Innsbruck

Separate night trains have departed the northern port city of Hamburg headed for Austria for a while now (and vice-versa), but they got a glow-up in early December. This route is the first in Europe to see OBB's brand-new Nightjet trains that feature sleek modern interiors, tech comforts (think mood lighting & USD charging stations), mini-cabins for solo travelers and showers & bathrooms in every sleeping compartment. Eventually, they will roll out all over Europe, but in 2024, this route is your only chance to experience the "future" European night trains.

Universal Orlando Resort reveals first details on highly anticipated Epic Universe

train journey story

Universal Orlando Resort has been quietly building one of the world’s most immersive and most anticipated theme parks to date, Universal Epic Universe .

Plans have been tightly under wraps for years , but Universal Orlando released its first official details on the coming park on Tuesday.

“Universal Epic Universe marks a huge transformational moment for Universal Orlando Resort and it will change everything about our destination,” Universal Orlando’s President & Chief Operating Officer Karen Irwin said in a statement to USA TODAY. “This will be the exciting culmination of our amazing growth over the past 30-plus years and will transform Universal Orlando into a weeklong vacation destination filled with the most thrilling experiences imaginable!”

Here’s what fans can expect from Universal’s fourth Florida park.

What's the difference? Universal Studios Hollywood vs. Universal Orlando

What will Universal Epic Universe have?

Epic Universe will feature five new worlds with “more than 50 awe-inspiring attractions, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences,” according to a press release from the resort.

Celestial Park will be the first world guests enter at the park. It will feature relaxing gardens, a “wet play area,” a grand carousel and Starfall Racers, a dual-launch racing roller coaster with 5,000 feet of track and speeds up to 62 miles per hour. Celestial Park will also serve as the gateway to Epic Universe’s four other worlds, which will be accessed by themed portals.

Dark Universe will delight fans of Universal’s popular Halloween Horror Nights . Universal says guests can expect to “encounter everything from the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to the shadowy landscape where monsters roam in a world of myth and mystery.”

How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk will give fans of the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise a chance to finally soar with dragons like Hiccup, Astrid and their fellow Dragon Riders do on screen.

Super Nintendo World , which made its U.S. debut at Universal Studios Hollywood last year, will bring guests into the fan-favorite video game franchise for adventures with Mario, Princess Peach and more.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Ministry of Magic will be “an all-new land that blends 1920s wizarding Paris from Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Fantastic Beasts’ films with the iconic British Ministry of Magic from the Harry Potter series,” according to Universal Orlando, which is already home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley.

Will Epic Universe have a hotel?

A newly announced Universal Helios Grand Hotel will be located inside Epic Universe, at the end of Celestial Park. It will feature 500 rooms and its own access to the park. 

The hotel is in addition to the previously announced Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort , which are opening early next year.

What month will Epic Universe open?

Universal hasn’t yet announced an opening date for Epic Universe, only that it will open in 2025.

Is Epic Universe bigger than Universal Studios Florida?

With a 750-acre site, Universal Epic Universe will be the largest theme park at Universal Orlando Resort.

What are the four Universal parks?

Universal Orlando’s two existing theme parks are Universal Studios Florida and neighboring Universal Islands of Adventure. Universal’s Volcano Bay water park is its third park. 

Universal Epic Universe will be the fourth.

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Trump’s Voters vs. Haley’s Donors

A class war is playing out inside the republican party..

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Inside the Republican Party, a class war is playing out between the pro-Trump base, which is ready for the nomination fight to be over, and the anti-Trump donor class, which thinks it’s just getting started.

Astead Herndon, a political correspondent for The Times and the host of “The Run-Up,” explains the clash.

On today’s episode

train journey story

Astead W. Herndon , a political correspondent and host of The Run-Up for The New York Times.

Buttons with Nikki Haley’s face are displayed next to stickers that read “Trump 2024.”

Listen to “The Run-Up” on tensions between big Republican donors and the party base.

Former President Donald J. Trump said donors to Nikki Haley, his remaining Republican rival, would be “ barred from the MAGA camp .”

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An earlier version of this episode misstated Reid Hoffman’s title. He is the co-founder of LinkedIn, not the founder of Home Depot.

How we handle corrections

Astead W. Herndon is a national politics reporter and the host of the politics podcast “The Run-Up.” More about Astead W. Herndon


Middle East Chevron

Saudi Arabia Chevron

Saudi Arabia's First Luxury Train Service Is Coming in 2025

By Clare Dight

Rendering of Dream of the Desert a luxury train set to launch in KSA in 2025

Production has started on Dream of the Desert , the first luxury train service in Saudi Arabia , scheduled to cut a swathe across the kingdom's spectacular desert interior by the end of 2025.

Made in Italy, by hospitality company Arsenale Group, and commissioned by Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR), the 40-cabin train will run on 800 miles of existing railway lines from the capital Riyadh to Al Qurayyat in the northern province of Al Jawf, making stops along the way. The planned one- to two-day route takes in Al Qassim, Hail and Al Jouf, on the edge of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Nature Reserve, before it terminates some 20 miles from the border with Jordan.

SAR chief executive Bashar bin Khalid Al-Malik said the train service would enable Saudis and tourists to explore more of the Kingdom when he signed an agreement with Arsenale CEO, Paolo Barletta, on Tuesday. The railway carriages will be built in Italy , Barletta said, but would be “fully customized and inspired by Saudi style and tradition."

The Italian company is already working in collaboration with Orient Express on La Dolce Vita , a new luxury rail service with six itineraries criss-crossing Italy, set to launch this year. Arsenale has also signed an agreement with the UAE's national railway company, Etihad Railway, to develop a luxury train that will travel across the Middle Eastern peninsula. The ventures come as luxury train cruising is set to become a popular post-Covid travel trend.

The update on Dream of the Desert is one of many as Saudi Arabia fast-tracks its ambitions to become a leading tourist destination , with plans to attract 150m visitors by the end of the decade. Last year was marked by news of hotel and resort developments across the Kingdom, from AlUla, the ancient oasis city near the sandstone monuments of Hegra; to the Red Sea coast and its islands; Sindalah Island, part of the Neom gigaproject; and the historic settlement of Diriyah .

A version of this story originally appeared on Condé Nast Traveller Middle East .


Banyan Tree AlUla

Banyan Tree AlUla

Waldorf Astoria Jeddah - Qasr Al Sharq

Waldorf Astoria Jeddah - Qasr Al Sharq

Middle East Travel Guide

Middle East Travel Guide

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A TransPennine Express train at Huddersfield station.

North of England faces travel disruption amid train drivers’ strike

As all Northern and TransPennine Express services stop, passengers in the region have been warned not to try to travel by rail on Wednesday

Rail passengers in the north of England face major disruption on Wednesday as strikes by train drivers stop all Northern and TransPennine Express (TPE) services.

The 24-hour strike is the second in a series of rolling stoppages over a week by members of Aslef, the drivers’ union, in the long-running pay dispute.

It follows strikes that wiped out the biggest national rail commuter services in southeast England on Tuesday. Passenger numbers on the tube were down 10% from last Tuesday with many rail commuters unable to reach the capital, according to figures from Transport for London.

Both Northern and TPE have warned customers not to attempt to travel on Wednesday as no services will run, including on TPE’s routes into Scotland. An overtime ban that started on Monday across all the operators in England is also expected to bring more short-notice cancellations to services and potential disruption until next Tuesday.

While the government hoped that its recently passed anti-strike laws would push train operators to enforce minimum service levels (MSLs) this week, none have attempted to deploy the powers. LNER, one of the four state-run operators, was faced with five additional days of strikes after tentatively starting the process, until it withdrew plans to enforce the strike-busting law.

Unions have said that MSLs are unworkable. However, Downing Street piled on pressure this week by claiming that they were “a key tool that train operators themselves have asked for to reduce the impact of disruption on passengers. They should now use them”.

Train operators, however, told House of Commons hearings last year that they had no clarity over how they should be used. A senior rail industry source said it was not true that operators had lobbied for the anti-strike powers – a Conservative manifesto pledge – and instead had warned that they were likely to exacerbate industrial unrest.

Further strikes will follow at LNER, Greater Anglia and C2C on Friday. No trains will run across West Midlands Trains, Avanti West Coast and East Midlands Railway during strikes on Saturday.

The overtime ban’s impact is likely to peak on Sunday, reducing timetables at a number of operators which rely on voluntary rest day working. The last strikes will take place at Great Western, CrossCountry and Chiltern on Monday.

The pay dispute affects train operators in England contracted to the Department for Transport (DfT), although the industrial action will also affect some cross-border services to Scotland and Wales.

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents train operators, has advised passengers to check before they travel throughout the week.

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Aslef has warned it will continue strikes until there are further negotiations on a pay deal. It said some drivers were now approaching five years without a pay rise, after working through the pandemic.

The RDG said Aslef should stop calling “damaging industrial action” and work with them to resolve the dispute and make “the changes needed to make services more reliable”.

Huw Merriman, the rail minister, said: “Passengers are being targeted by Aslef’s decision to go on strike, despite union bosses having an offer on the table that would take train drivers’ average salary up to £65,000 for a four-day week.

“While the RMT [National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers], TSSA [Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association] and Unite have all agreed deals for their members, Aslef’s leadership isn’t even putting the fair offer on the table to a vote of their members.”

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