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The term specialization might either refer to

  • Captain and Bridge Officer Specializations
  • Duty officer specializations
  • 1 Playable starship
  • 2 Event Campaign V Prize: Premium T6 Starship Choice
  • Infiltrating the Immaculates - Shrine Lever & Temple Switches
  • Another Crazed Mage Quest Guide
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Star Trek Online Bridge Officer Training Guide

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Bridge officers arrive standard with two skills, one for ground adventures and one for space encounters. This is helpful at first due the fact that players will fill up the slots for Tactical, Engineering and Science bridge officers and need to use those same officers for ground and space combat. As soon as the bridge officer page starts filling up though the officers can be tailored for one area (space or ground) and captains can start setting up different away teams (ground) from space officers.

Bridge Officer Roster

Right out of the Starfleet academy, Captains have four bridge officer slots. These slots can be filled with any combination of officer careers (science, tactical, or engineering). The away team can be made of any career-options (i.e. the away team can all be tactical). The ships have specific officer stations though. The first ship acquired has three stations (one of each career). Those stations allow for the bridge officers of those careers to occupy the stations. Those first stations are called Ensign stations that means officers in those slots can only use one skill (Torpedo Spread I). Second tier ships have an additional slot depending on the ship type (tactical escort ship has one additional tactical slot, engineering has one more engineer slot and so on).

If the bridge officer roster is full and another bridge officer is awarded/acquired, the new bridge officer will go into the Bridge Officer Candidate area. See below for how to use the officer candidates to train existing officers or hold on until achieving the rank of Lieutenant. Achieving the rank of Lieutenant will provide two more slots for bridge officers on the roster.  If there are still officers in the candidate category, they can be added to the roster.

star trek online bridge officer specialization

Bridge Officer Basics, Building a Better BO

star trek online bridge officer specialization

Acquiring Bridge Officers is not tough, but sometimes they don’t arrive quickly enough or pre-set with the right skills. Thankfully, everyone is for sale on the internet. Bridge Officers may be purchased for 100 Starfleet Merits from Elsa Mora in the Personnel area of the Earth Spacedock. The list is lengthy of available candidates, but they all cost the same so take your time, or heck, buy as many as you can fit in your assignments. Bridge officers can also be purchased on the player exchange, so watch for those rare officers on the “auction house.”

star trek online bridge officer specialization

Once the officer is a Lieutenant and is placed in a Lieutenant’s Station, two skills become available as attacks (Torpedo Spread as one, and maybe Rapid Fire as the other). Spending those Officer Skill Points is wise, but make sure to spend them on an officer worth the investment, or make that officer better with the methods described below. Saving up skill points isn’t really viable since bridge officers can’t skip to second tier skills without the first tier purchases.

star trek online bridge officer specialization

Changing Skills and Specialties

star trek online bridge officer specialization

When a new bridge officer candidate is provided, he/she/it (aliens) will show up in the Assignments area under Bridge Officer Candidates. As a candidate they can train your existing crew skills for a price. This can be helpful if you have a full complement of officers and can’t take on anymore, but want some of the skills a candidate may have.

The second way to gain new bridge officer skills is through purchase at the Earth Spacedock from Bridge Officer Trainer (he didn’t get a cool name like Elsa Mora I guess). For varying Starfleet Merit costs (Ensign 75, Lieutenant 150, etc.) most of the basic skills can be trained directly to existing bridge officers. This is an easy way to get the exact skills desired quickly. This will be very beneficial for leveling up alts later on.

The third way to gain new bridge officer skills is through player trainers. Every bridge officer can train the bridge officers of other captains (players). The catch is that bridge officers can only train other bridge officers up to the level below their current level – i.e. a Lieutenant ranked bridge officer could only train up through an Ensign-ranked skill. This is seen as both a social tool for the game and a secondary market for a “gathering” type profession. It reminds me of Enchanting in World of Warcraft in that the players have to be in proximity and the transactions are all completed outside of the game’s currency exchanges.

Playing Favorites

There are a couple of different schools of thought when it comes to managing the bridge officer teams. One school is to load up skills and gear on a select few officers versus the other philosophy of spreading points to all officers so that “all boats rise.” Both strategies can work, it’s more of a personal preference. The reality is that in the early stages of the game it won’t matter all that much. One of my captains didn’t spend an officer skill point until he became a Lieutenant and it didn’t matter too much. There really is no scarcity of bridge officers or points to spend on them for the most part. Take your time and try to make solid decisions, but don’t beat yourself up if you get down the road and see some mistakes in what you did. The game gives you opportunities to rectify most of those mistakes.

Source: TenTonHammer

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Star Trek Online Bridge Officer Abilities

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star trek online bridge officer specialization

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Changes to Pilot Bridge Officer Abilities

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 07 Feb 2023 10:00:00 AM PST

star trek online bridge officer specialization

Greetings, Captains! We’ve decided to make some changes to the Pilot Bridge Officer Abilities to bring them closer in effectiveness to some of our more popular Bridge Officer Abilities. Numerically, Pilot Specialization Bridge Officer Abilities are in a weak state. Most of them try to do cool things and fall short due to lack of raw power, and a couple need more intensive care. Help is on the way.

The design intent here is simple: raise the power level of Pilot BOFF Abilities such that they’re worth using alongside other more popular BOFF Abilities. Most Abilities got raw power in whatever area made them most special. Reroute Reserves to Weapons, Clean Getaway, and Deploy Countermeasures got more thorough rebuilds because they needed clearer jobs to do – situations where it’s obvious what the Ability can do for the Captain.

A couple of the changes are more experimental, in particular Reinforcements Squadron. We’re adding stat scaling to the fighters it calls as a special mechanic of the ability (details below). Watching how this interacts with gearing decisions will teach us a lot, and chart a course that could take us to more broadly supporting minionmancer playstyles in the future. Generally speaking, we expect these changes may need to shift slightly so they can settle comfortably.

Additionally, we’re making small tweaks to two Engineer Bridge Officer Abilities. Starship Shields are a core part of Trek and we feel they’re a bit squished by the elephantine cube in the room: the Borg are very good at what they do and it’s important they stay that way. Since they’re also severely warping the play space around the Shields mechanic, we’re giving Captains the tools they need to do some adaptation of their own. Emergency Power to Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity now grant conditional and unconditional immunity to Shield Drain during their respective effects.  

These changes are currently slated to go live in an update this week on PC, and then hit Console when we've had some time to see how they work on PC, and address any issues that arise from feedback or otherwise.. More details are listed below. Take a look, theorycrafters, and let us know what you think of these changes. Remember, the best place to get your feedback seen is on our official forums.

Improved Engineer Bridge Officer Abilities:

Numbers provided are preliminary and may be changed before release!

Emergency Power to Shields

  • Now also grants Immunity to Shield Drain when your Shields are reduced to 20/35/50% total Capacity

Reverse Shield Polarity

  • Now also grants Immunity to Shield Drain

Improved Pilot Specialization Bridge Officer Abilities:

Energy weapons: reroute reserves to weapons.

  • Haste improved from 20/40/60 to 75/150/225
  • Engine power drain normalized at 8, was 8/6/4
  • If Engine Power reaches 0, effect ends, the shared category cooldown is reset, and remaining duration is subtracted from other Energy Weapon Firing Mode recharge times

Clean Getaway

  • Duration improved from 4/6/8 to 8/10/12
  • After 3 sec, each sec your ship avoids damage recover 1 sec recharge of boff and cap abilities

Deploy Countermeasures

  • Ability now additionally deploys holo images of your starship which taunt Foes and vanish after being damaged
  • Number of images and duration scale with ability rank (3/4/6 images and 13/18/23 sec duration)
  • Chance to Confuse removed

Reinforcements Squadron

  • This is something we're going to watch and tune as we gather data about how it performs in the wild
  • Current tuning is that fighters receive Bonus Damage equal to (3 * extra Accuracy) + extra Crit Severity
  • Summoned fighters are immune to core breaches
  • Bonus Damage starts at max value, no longer ramps up over duration
  • Teleport range now 20 km for all ranks

Subspace Boom

  • Roughly speaking, base damage improved by 50% and Throttle scaling damage doubled
  • -50/-65/-80 for 5 sec

Lock Trajectory

  • 7.5/15/22.5
  • Now grants Immunity to Placate during the effect

Hold Together

  • Scaling from high Throttle doubled

Fly Her Apart

  • 3/3.75/4.5% per sec Fly Her Apart is active

Coolant Ignition

  • Currently 0.5% additional per Engine Power
  • Roughly 4.5x tick damage

Attack Pattern Lambda

  • Duration improved to 15 sec
  • Cooldown 60 sec per Foe
  • Now applies to all weapon types
  • 35/50/65 Acc
  • 250/500/750 Perception

Jonathan Herlache

Systems Designer

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    Higher ranks dramatically improve Acc and Perception. 35/50/65 Acc. 250/500/750 Perception. Jonathan Herlache. Systems Designer. Star Trek Online. sto-news, sto-launcher, sto-xbox, sto-playstation, star-trek-online. We're giving the Pilot Bridge Officer Abilities some much needed love. Take a look at the potential changes within.

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    You can get 1 Bridge Officer trained in the Command specialization and 1 Bridge Officer trained in the Intel specialization from missions. If you want to train other Bridge Officers in those specializations you will need to buy the manuals from the exchange.

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    You can also buy a officer from officer below admirals officer who already has the specialisation iirc. Eg science and command or tac and temporal. Will check when I'm next on for you 🙂. you will need to use a specialization qualification manual to train any of your boff. you can buy one off the exchange or craft one.

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    A Bridge Officer (or "BOff") in Star Trek Online is a commissioned member of the player's bridge crew. A Captain may maintain up to 54 Bridge Officers, which are listed on the left of the Character Status window (default key U ).

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