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Norwegian Fjords Cruises

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Experience Norway’s spectacular fjords with Norwegian Cruise Line.

On your cruise to Norway, explore a fairytale landscape of cascading waterfalls, lush forests and rugged mountains that seemingly slide into the sea. From fly fishing and kayaking to hiking and more, this country truly is an outdoor playground with a diverse lineup of activities. Tour picturesque villages, including Geiranger , and vibrant cities like Olso where you can dive into Viking history, savour local cuisine and enjoy a glimpse of local culture set against a spectacular natural backdrop - all on one unforgettable cruise holiday.


Norwegian Fjords Cruises with Norwegian

Unpack Once and Experience the Best of Norway

Enjoy front-row seats to incredible vistas whilst cruising Norway's dramatic fjords. Serene waters, rugged cliffs rising from the sea and unlimited outdoor adventures await your discovery. View Europe's largest mainland glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park, located outside Måløy. Enjoy a boating tour of Hardangerfjord - one of the world's longest fjords - and hike through lush forests to towering waterfalls.

Cruise from Bangkok , Hong Kong or Singapore and immerse yourself in the natural beauty, dramatic history and rich cultures of Southeast Asia on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. In Phuket , visit historic Buddhist temples or splash the day away on some of Thailand’s most spectacular beaches. At the Samui Elephant Sanctuary on the island of Ko Samui , learn about these incredible animals during close-up encounters. Explore traditional kampung  (villages) in Langkawi or journey inland and hike among waterfalls and hot springs.

Norwegian Fjords Cruises - Viking History & Culture

Dive Deeper into the Country's History and Culture

Famous for its stunning art nouveau architecture, Ålesund stretches across seven islands and is surrounded by natural beauty. Tour the city's historical churches and unique architecture or reel in a grand adventure in what is considered Norway's fishing capital. Then in Oslo, explore the city's historic roots with a visit to the Viking Ships Museum which includes three well-preserved Viking-era burial ships.

Enjoy front-row seats to incredible vistas while cruising Norway’s dramatic fjords. Serene waters, rugged cliffs rising from the sea, and unlimited outdoor adventures await your discovery. View Europe’s largest mainland glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park, located outside Måløy. Enjoy a boating tour of Hardangerfjord — one of the world’s longest fjords — and hike through lush forests to towering waterfalls.

Remarkable Port Cities Cruises to Norwegian Fjords

Cruises to Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand, Norway

Cruises to Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger, Norway

Cruises to Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

Cruises to Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Delightful shore excursions on norwegian fjords cruises.

Delightful Shore Excursions in Norway

Discover More of Norway with a Shore Excursion

Uncover the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Norway's fjords or journey into the region's dramatic past whilst exploring Viking history on a shore excursion with Norwegian.

Uncover Hidden Gems On A Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway

Cruise to Alesund, one of Norway's most beautiful towns, renowned for its Jugend-style architecture and art nouveau style.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

The ultimate European city, Brussels has tonnes of museums, fountains, gardens and great shopping.

Sail from Bangkok

Cruise to Norwegian Fjords FROM COPENHAGEN

Cruise to Norway from Copenhagen

Before embarking on your fjords cruise, experience all Copenhagen has to offer. With 250 miles of bike lanes, the city is ideal for touring and riding alongside its peaceful canals. Stroll along one of Europe's longest pedestrian-only shopping avenues, Strøget. Then visit some of Copenhagen’s historic sites including the 17th century Rosenborg Castle.

We’ve revamped everything from the carpets to the chandeliers and created brand new places and spaces in one of our most extensive ship renovation yet. Unwind in luxury and enjoy the breathtaking views from your spacious balcony in the new, exquisitely finished Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suites. The brand-new Pit Stop, a 1950’s American bar, takes you back to the era when classic cars sported chrome finishes. And dance the night away at Bliss Ultra Lounge, the newest hot spot on the club scene. Come aboard the newly polished Norwegian Jewel and see what makes her shine.

Cruise to South Pacific Norwegian Jewel

We’ve revamped everything from the carpets to the chandeliers and created brand new places and spaces in one of our most extensive ship renovations yet. Unwind in luxury and enjoy the breathtaking views from your spacious balcony in the new, magnificently refinished staterooms. Savor every bite at six new restaurants, including the addition of our fine Italian outlet, Onda by Scarpetta. And dance the night away at Bliss Ultra Lounge, the newest hot spot on the club scene. Come aboard the exquisitely updated Norwegian Spirit, completely reimagined from the outside in.

Cruise to the South Pacific on Norwegian Spirit

Explore Our Norwegian Fjords CRUISE ITINERARIES

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The Mindful Traveller

The Mindful Traveller

Eco Travel Blog & Photography

Norwegian Fjords Cruise: Complete Winter Guide

8 May 2023 · In: Cruise , Norway , Travel

norway fjords cruise map

Embark with me aboard the MS Lofoten for a magical cruise along the Norwegian Fjords! For 6 days, I joined the Hurtigruten fleet for an unforgettable winter journey along the west coast of Norway, and it was an experience like no other. This trip taught me so much about myself and slow travel, and I am excited to share more in this article.

So here is a complete guide to cruising Norway, including which boat to choose, the best time to sail, what to pack and my 6-day itinerary, perfect for any time of the year.

From breathtaking landscapes to fishing villages and meeting new cultures, discovering Norway from this point of view is something you will never forget! Enjoy 🙂

Disclosure : Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, we will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase. For more information, read our full affiliate disclosure  here .

Day 6 – Honningsvåg to Kirkenes

Overview: a magical winter cruise, day 1 – bodø, day 2 – bodø to lofoten islands, day 3 – lofoten islands, day 4 – lofoten islands to tromsø.

  • Day 5 – Tromsø to   Honningsvåg

Notes – we started this cruise from Bodø as it was the most convenient place to reach by plane from Manchester, and we wanted to focus on the north. 

Norwegian fjords cruise – Map

Click on the top left of the map to display the list of stops and locations.

Words to know before you go

  • Thank you = takk
  • Please = vær så snill
  • Excuse me = unnskyld meg 
  • Hello = hallo
  • Goodbye = ha det bra

norway fjords cruise map

Detailed itinerary: 6-day cruise in Norway

Please note that this Norwegian cruise is only a guide with recommendations. You are more than welcome to spend more days in one area or add other stops on your journey.

norway fjords cruise map

My first visit to Norway, and I could not be more excited!

We flew early in the morning from Manchester to Oslo and changed to Bodø. Everything was already covered with snow, and it was beautiful.

We arrived in Bodø (above the Arctic Circle) in the evening, and it was already dark. It was not snowing, but the wind was extremely strong and cold. We waited a while until we discovered our suitcase was not there but still in Oslo 😐 After filling out a few forms, we went to our first Airbnb, just a 15min walk from the airport.

I guess this day was not on our side! When we arrived at the guesthouse, one of the guests had locked the door from the inside, so we were stuck outside in the cold aha. 

After knocking for a few minutes and desperately trying to contact the host, the guest finally opened the door, and we headed straight to a store to buy and eat some food. 

Around 22:00, the airport contacted us to collect our suitcase, which was a relief, as we were taking the boat the next day. 

23:00, we could finally settle down and sleep! 

norway fjords cruise map

Notes – as we had some problems with our suitcase, we did not explore Bodø much that day but had the chance to wander the next. It was a charming city with a lovely harbour to stroll along.

First impression: I already loved the atmosphere of the country! The people were all so friendly and helpful. Plus, the houses were super cute, made of wood and in different colours. 

  • Temperature: -7°c (but the wind made it worse)
  • Sunrise: 09:00
  • Sunset: 14:30

Top experiences in Bodø

🚢 Bodø 15:00 – Stamsund 19:15 – Svolvær 21:00

We woke up early to get ready and wander around Bodø before starting our cruise. 

We first walked to the train station to put our suitcase in a locker (6 Nok) and headed to the harbour. We strolled around, took some photos and had a lovely lunch. 

norwegian fjords cruise

By that time (early afternoon), the sun was starting to set, and the colours of the sky were incredible, contrasting the turquoise blue of the water. We had a coffee at En Kopp to warm up with a beautiful view. We then returned to the locker to get our suitcase, ready for our adventure. 

Notes – be careful, the floor is incredibly slippery. My partner Matt struggled, and I admit it was funny. It was like watching Bambi walk for the first time. But if you have mobility issues or want to be on the safe side, you can buy crampons to clip under your shoes.

norwegian fjords cruise

Our boat finally arrived at the harbour, and we were ready to leave around 15:00. I was so excited. For this first journey, we were on the  MS Polarlys  from Hurtigruten, a big (and fancy) boat with different spaces and lounges to relax whilst enjoying the view. 

We stayed on the outside deck for the departure, and it was incredible. The sun was disappearing at the horizon, and the scenery was breathtaking, with cute villages and the surrounding mountains covered with snow.

Notes – as you can imagine, it was cold outside and extremely windy, so be prepared.

norwegian fjords cruise

After enjoying the view, we went inside to the bar to have a drink and relax. I was amazed by the hospitality of the Norwegian – always smiling and ready to help 🙂 

We arrived in Svolvær , the capital of the Lofoten Islands, around 21:00, and the cold was not too bad, but the road was super slippery. We headed to our Airbnb, 15min walk away from the harbour, where we had a lovely cosy room in an old building. As we were tired, and it was dark, we went to sleep.

🚢 Svolvær 22:00 – Stokmarknes 01:30 – Sortland 02:55 – Risøyhamn 04:35

We woke up early and got ready to explore Svolvær. Our host was very kind and agreed to keep our suitcase for the day, as our boat was arriving at 22:00.

We decided to wander around the city, and the scenery + colours were incredible. We walked over a bridge to reach Kuba Island, where we enjoyed a great view with a stunning reflection of the mountains in the sea. We explored the island for a bit and came back to the city centre to eat a pizza at Fellini Pizza – around 13 Nok for a calzone, which was very good.

We continued to stroll, but the sun started to set very quickly. We then went to a lovely bar called Bacalao to relax and play cards with a beautiful view of the harbour. 

Top experiences in the Lofoten Islands

Notes – the temperature was not cold on that day, around 3°c. Plus, here are a few things I noticed: the locals love to knit, they all wear reflective wristbands, and there are hand  sanitisers  at every entrance (and that was before Covid!).

I enjoyed my day in this city. It was quiet but had something special. Next time, I would love to stay a bit longer and explore more of the islands.

norwegian fjords cruise

We hopped on our boat around 22:00 and discovered our cabin, which would become our home for the next few nights. Our boat was the  MS Lofoten , the oldest from the Hurtigruten fleet (1964). However, note that this boat is no longer available for cruises. It is now a ship used for teaching, which is sad as it was a beautiful, small but traditional vessel which felt more intimate. Plus, as there were fewer people on board, it was easier to talk and connect. 

Our cabin, 105, was on the lower deck. We had two single beds, a sink and space for our suitcase and bags – a small but cosy room (also the cheapest as prices go high very quickly!).

Once settled in our cabin, we headed to the outside area at the back and enjoyed a traditional drink called Trollknert. We were not exactly sure what it was, but it was good.

We savoured our drink whilst looking for the Northern Lights (I had never seen any before). We did not see any that night, but I was not losing hope for the rest of the trip. 

We then arrived at a very narrow and deep fjord called Trollfjorden . It was nighttime, but we could still see the mountains so close to us. It was impressive! 

norwegian fjords cruise

We stayed awake on the outside deck until 01:30 to look for the lights, but still nothing. As it was late, we went to bed in our little cabin. I was afraid to be sick, but I felt ok the entire trip. However, I did not sleep well as the engine made a lot of noise, and we stopped several times at different ports. But that did not surprise me as I am a light sleeper. On the other hand, Matt enjoyed his night and was snoring – so I guess it will vary from one person to another! 

🚢 Harstad 07:10 – Finnsnes 11:00 – Tromsø 14:15 – Skjervøy 22:10

We enjoyed our tasty breakfast in the morning with a fantastic sunrise. The buffet was varied, with lots of local food, which was delicious (and included in our room). We then got ready to spend the day outside.

Our first stop was  Finnsnes  at 11:00 for 30min, a small fishing town. The colours were gorgeous, it was so peaceful, and the reflection in the water was perfect.

norway fjords cruise map

We continued our way to  Tromsø , and I stayed outside most of the time to watch the scenery and sunset at 13:30. Matt was in the front lounge, relaxing and enjoying a hot chocolate. I met him at one point to warm up with a coffee when suddenly, the captain announced the possibility of seeing Orquas. I jumped outside, but unfortunately, we did not see any.

We arrived in Tromsø around 14:15. The weather was cloudy, and the temperature dropped quickly. We explored the city for the afternoon, enjoyed a mocha at Solid (we even sat outside with heaters) and went shopping to buy a few souvenirs (mugs and coasters). We returned to the boat around 17:30 to relax and nap, as I was tired from the night before. 

norwegian fjords cruise

Tromsø was a charming city, busier than Svolvær, even a bit too touristy for me. But we still had a great time, and if you want, there are many activities you can do from there 🙂

Things to do & see in Tromsø

Here are some of the best things to do and see in Tromsø:

  • Admire the Arctic Cathedral
  • Look for the Northern Lights
  • Take a reindeer or husky sleigh ride
  • Go on a whale safari
  • Ride the Fjellheisen cable car
  • Explore Tromsø Ice Domes
  • Go shopping on Storgata Street

Top experiences in Tromsø

We spent some time in the lounge and went on the outside deck at the end of the day to watch the Northern Lights. The sky was cloudy, but I was still hoping. We saw tiny ones at one point, but they were hiding behind the clouds, so we decided to go to bed. I slept better that night – the boat was quieter.

Day 5 – Tromsø to Honningsvåg

🚢 Hammerfest 05:05 – Havøysund 08:30 – Honningsvåg 10:55 – Kjøllefjord 16:40

I woke up earlier that morning, as I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible, and the daylight was getting shorter (9:30 – 12:30). I had breakfast whilst watching the sunrise before spending time on the outside deck. 

We arrived in a small town called  Havøysund  around 08:45. The sun was still rising slowly, and the colours were gorgeous. As we headed towards the north, the temperature continued to drop. I still spent most of my time outside as I did not want to miss anything, and the scenery was too beautiful. 

We left the town at 09:15 in the direction of Honningsvåg. The journey there was my favourite – from the blue water to the pink sky and white mountains, it felt like a dream. I enjoyed a mocha in the front lounge before returning outside to watch some dolphins. 

norwegian fjords cruise

We arrived in Honningsvåg at 11:15, and I was already in love with this town – my favourite from this cruise! The houses were all so cute, and it was incredibly peaceful. 

You can also enjoy a trip to the North Cape, which we did not do, but it sounded like a great experience. Instead, we spent some time wandering through the town and strolling along its harbour. 

Notes – I would recommend booking the North Cape excursion in advance with Hurtigruten if it is something you want to try. 

The sun sat quickly, and it felt incredible. We walked around for a while, shopped and ordered a pizza for lunch (about 100 Nok a margarita). We then returned to the boat to eat and relax in the lounge. We left Honningsvåg at 14:45 and continued our cruise to Kirkenes, our last stop.

norway fjords cruise map

Notes – on your way there, you will also encounter the lovely village of Kjøllefjord, where you can join an optional excursion to meet local Sámi, learn about their reindeer herding and listen to folk songs.

We fell asleep for two hours and woke up around 17:00 when suddenly, the captain informed us that it was possible to see the Northern Lights. We ran outside, and there they were, shining in front of us! 

They were small at first, but I decided to stay outside for a while. As time passed, they became more powerful, dancing above us – and it was magical! I could not believe what I was witnessing. It felt surreal. The boat was moving a lot, so it was challenging to take photos, but I still managed to take a few good shots. I stayed outside until 22:00, and they never stopped dancing. 

norwegian fjords cruise

As the waves were getting stronger, we decided to go to sleep, but sadly, I did not sleep at all. The boat was moving too much that night, and I was very uncomfortable in our little cabin. On the other hand, Matt had a great night, which I will never understand aha! + Most people were sick and vomiting overboard.

At 05:00, I went to the lounge to relax before going back to bed.

Notes – the Northern Lights were incredible but slightly different from what I imagined. I always thought they were bright green lights, which is not fully accurate. The camera makes them green, but they look white to the naked eye, which was challenging to see when the sky was cloudy. But if they are strong enough, you will see them right away – and it is fantastic. 

🚢 Båtsfjord 00:00 – Vardø 03:30 – Vadsø 06:55 – Kirkenes 09:00

Our last day on this Norwegian fjord cruise! After a rough night, we woke up at 06:15 to shower, pack our suitcase and have breakfast. 

The time passed quickly, and we arrived in  Kirkenes  at 09:00 (15km from the Russian border). The temperature dropped again, around -12°c and the sea was frozen. It was also snowy and cloudy. 

Unfortunately, we did not have the time to explore the town as our plane was at 11:30. A bus was waiting for us outside (22 Nok) and took us to the airport, 20min away. I was sad to say goodbye to our beautiful boat. 

norwegian fjords cruise

We arrived at the smallest airport I had ever seen and took our first plane to Oslo. We changed in Copenhagen to finally reach Manchester, where our suitcase was NOT waiting for us, aha – it was still in Oslo…

We got back home at 23:00, and I was so tired. This trip was by far one of the best I had ever experienced. Travelling by boat was incredible and gave us a different perspective on the country. 

I would do it again, maybe in another season, to compare.

norway fjords cruise map

This trip taught me a lot about slow travel and simple things. We did not do much during the days, we were mostly sitting on the outside deck, watching the landscapes pass before our eyes or stopping at a harbour for 30min to 1h to wander around. It was easy, and it was great.

I felt so relaxed for the first time in a long time, enjoying the sunrise with my morning coffee, trying to see whales, writing my journal, watching the sunset and waiting for the Northern Lights. I savoured each of those moments.

I guess this is one thing I love the most about travelling, being able to observe the difference between before and after, reflecting on what I have learnt to come back better 💙

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Which boat & itinerary to choose

The boat and itinerary you choose will depend on your preferences, budget and preferred way of travelling. 

On this Norwegian Fjords cruise, we decided to go with  Hurtigruten  after hearing great reviews about them and loving their work towards sustainability (they just launched their  first hybrid cruise ship ).

Hurtigruten also proposes different types of ships and itineraries, and as I am not usually a cruise person, I wanted to find a small boat (which did not feel too touristy). That is why we decided to go with the  MS Lofoten , the oldest and smallest ship in the fleet (no longer available – he retired). The boat was lovely, traditional and felt so intimate. We did not regret our choice! 

But again, it will depend on what you prefer. If you want more space with various lounges and additional amenities or something all-inclusive, then a larger boat will be more suitable. We went with the smallest one as we wanted something that felt private, and we noticed the difference when we did a few hours on the MS Polarlys. It felt more spacious and luxurious, but it was not our thing.

You will find all the Hurtigruten ships  here .

Regarding the sailing route, we wanted to focus on the north and go through the Lofoten Islands, so we chose a cruising itinerary from Bodø to Kirkines for 5 days (we travelled for 6 days in total as we arrived in Bodø the day before). 

However, there are so many possibilities, and it will mainly depend on your budget and time. 

The good thing is that you can also tailor the route to you – and that is what we did. Hurtigruten offered a voyage from Svolvær to Kirkenes, but Svolvær was too difficult to reach by plane, so we opted to land in Bodø and start the cruise there. That is also why you will notice that we took a different boat from Bodø to Svolvær, the MS Polarlys (which suited our schedule better). Plus, it was only a short journey of a few hours – we did not sleep on this boat. 

You will find the sailing timetable  here . All ships follow identical schedules and go through the same ports (but they will stop at different times depending on which way they go – northbound/southbound). So if you want, you can make up your own route and stay in one place for a bit longer. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! I would be happy to help.

norway fjords cruise map

What are the possible excursions?

You will spend most of your time on the boat but might want to explore once on land. Here are some optional excursions you can do with Hurtigruten (do not forget to book in advance):

  • The North Cape : the northernmost point on the European continent, marked by the photogenic globe monument.
  • Birdwatching Safari : visit one of the largest and most impressive bird cliffs on the Gjesværstappan islands.
  • Sámi Culture : meet an indigenous Sámi family in their traditional tent to learn more about their lifestyle and culture.
  • Snowmobile Tour : drive your snowmobile through gorgeous winter scenery, possibly under the Northern Lights.
  • Fishing Village : visit two colourful fishing villages, whatever the time of year.

We did not do any on our Norwegian Fjords trip as we were on a tight budget. But we did not mind much and still had such a fantastic time!

We loved spending our days on the boat, exploring the fishing villages and relaxing in the lounge with a hot drink. I also spent time journalling, and it felt great. 

norwegian fjords cruise

Best time to do a cruise in Norway

That is a challenging question! But I would answer: at any time of the year.

If you prefer to discover Norway during warmer and sunnier months, prioritise  June, July and August . You will enjoy long days without getting too hot, making it perfect for outdoor activities. 

If you want to explore Norway under a beautiful white coat and experience the Arctic Circle at its best, head to the fjords in  winter . We chose  November  as we wanted to discover the Arctic with some daylight. 

Note that the days become incredibly short in December and January, and the weather can be cloudier (something to keep in mind if you want to see the Northern Lights, as despite what you might think, it is best to see them in September or April when the weather is clear. Although it is darker in December and January).

On our trip in November, we only had a few hours of daylight to enjoy, but it was perfect! Weirdly, the sun never fully rose but was always low and soft in the sky, creating stunning colours. 

The cold was not too bad either! We had temperatures from 3°c to -15°c, but the wind on the boat made the situation a little worse. The essential is to arrive prepared. 

READ MORE: 10 Best Northern Lights Holiday Tours in Norway

Top Northern Lights Experiences

What to pack & wear for a winter cruise.

As I mentioned earlier, the most important on a winter cruise along the Norwegian fjords is to arrive prepared so you can enjoy your trip without freezing. 

Here are some clothing items and gear you will need to pack to be comfortable on your trip to the Arctic: 

  • Boots : You will need waterproof boots with good grip to keep your feet warm and dry during outdoor activities and when exploring the fishing villages. I wore my  Sorel boots , and they were perfect. They are very comfortable, and my feet were never wet or cold.
  • Winter thermal socks : Wearing quality socks essential to keeping your feet warm. Mine were  thick thermal socks   that I used for this trip (and skiing in Lapland). They were not highly technical, but they did the job and were comfy.
  • Coat : One of the most necessary elements for a winter gateway! Choosing a coat that is right for you and can adapt to the types of activities you want to do is essential. I wore a  Fjällräven Nuuk parka , and once again, it was great. Buying a quality cold-weather jacket is expensive, but you will not regret it (I have owned mine for years, and I even wear it at home in the UK). This coat has kept me warm for all my winter trips.
  • Base layers and second layers : These layers are crucial if you want to stay warm. The base layers are usually long-sleeved thermal t-shirts, and the second layers can be thin thermal sweaters or thick jumpers, depending on the temperature and how many layers you want to wear. They do not need to be fancy, but I recommend having several to switch over the week. I bought mine in Decathlon.
  • Gloves and hats : Enjoying the cold weather on a boat in Norway without gloves or a hat sounds impossible (especially if you like taking photos)! As you might spend some time on the outside deck, you should not forget to protect your head and hands. I also recommend wearing waterproof gloves for extra protection and a padded hat. Again, I bought mine in Decathlon.
  • Scarf : The scarf will depend on your preferences, as many people do not enjoy feeling something around their neck. But because the wind can be strong on the boat, I wore a  Buff . It was one of my favourite items! The one I chose was lightweight, thermal and incredibly useful. Buff products are much easier to wear than long scarves and adapt to your activity level.
  • Pants : The type of pants you wear will most likely depend on your activity and your preferences. Most of the time, I wore my jeans with tights underneath. Matt did the same (without pantyhose, aha), but he was always warm enough. However, for some places or activities like dog sledding, having windproof/waterproof pants will be essential.

Here are other items you might want to bring along:

  • Gripes/crampons

Shop the editable travel packing list

Prepare for your perfect outdoor adventure and explore responsibly.

norway fjords cruise map

How to reduce your eco-impact on a cruise

The answer would be to avoid cruises altogether. Back when I went on this trip, I was unaware of the impact of tourist boats. It was only with time and education that I realised that cruises are environmental dinosaurs. Despite continuous improvements in the industry, most ships still have a large carbon footprint, pollute the sea and contribute directly to over-tourism. 

So what do you do if you care about the environment but are not ready to abandon cruises? Here are some tips:

  • Look carefully at the company website and learn more about their work towards sustainability .
  • Check out the Friends of the Earth website and their report cards that rank major operators against different environmental criteria.
  • Consider a smaller cruise (fewer passengers, less busy destinations) – encouraging you to connect with local communities.
  • Pack extra! (reduce waste & bring your own towels, food containers, reusable water bottle, etc).
  • Make responsible food choices and eat at local restaurants or markets on land.
  • Reduce your single-use plastic consumption and say no to plastic straws, cups and bottles (that is why mindful packing is essential!).
  • Be careful with your energy and water usage (unplug your electricals, take shorter showers, reuse towels and bedsheets).
  • Invest your money and time in local communities (swap organised tours for independent exploring, or use a local guide).

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips 🙂 

Want to know more?

  • The Complete Guide to Sustainable Travel
  • 10 Best Travel Apps for Exploring Sustainably
  • Best Ecotourism Activities Around the World
  • How to Plan an Epic (Eco-Friendly) Road Trip

Eco-friendly gear you might love:

  • 10 Best Sustainable Backpacks for Eco-Travel
  • 8 Best Filtered Water Bottles for Travel & Hiking
  • 10 Best Reusable & Eco-Friendly Travel Mugs

Check out  this page  for more inspiration on eco-friendly products & gear.

norway fjords cruise map

Norway travel planning guide

Yes, buying insurance is always valuable when travelling abroad. Enjoy your Norway trip stress-free with one of my favourite providers,  Nomad Insurance .

Yes, tap water is safe to drink all over Norway. However, I recommend travelling with the  UltraPress Purifier Bottle , a lightweight filtered water bottle perfect for reducing plastic and staying hydrated.

Yes, renting a car in Norway is easy and is a great way to explore the country freely. I recommend booking yours with  Rentalcars.com  – they offer a variety of operators for all budgets.

The best way to book your accommodation in Norway is with  Booking.com  – my favourite platform to compare and reserve places to stay each night, from affordable to luxury.

I recommend booking your plane with  Skyscanner . It has been my favourite platform for years, as it allows me to book the cheapest flights whilst lowering my carbon emissions.

Norwegian Fjords Cruise – FAQ

The best time to cruise the Norwegian Fjords is in June, July and August, when you can enjoy long days without getting too hot, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

Absolutely, yes! I saw my first Northern Lights on my cruise along the Norwegian Fjords in November, and it was a night I will never forget. And for the best chance of seeing them, travel in October/November or February/March.

I recommend spending at least 5 days when cruising in the Norwegian Fjords as it will allow you to see its best highlights and enjoy its natural attractions without rushing.

norwegian fjords cruise

Have you ever experienced a Norwegian Fjords cruise or would you like to try one day?  Let me know in the comments below!

With love ♡ Lucie

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norway fjords cruise map


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norway fjords cruise map

Tuscany Road Trip Guide: Perfect 3-Day Itinerary

Follow the journey.

The peaceful Lake Obersee, Bavaria 🌿

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Norwegian fjords and Europe’s largest glacier await you on a Norway cruise.

Tabs View Cruises

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Discover Awe-Inspiring Fjords on a Norway Cruise

Natural wonders and once-in-a-lifetime thrills await on a Norway cruise. From the towering mountains of Bergen to the dramatic waterfalls of Alesund, Norway is full of breathtaking surprises. Embark on one our Norwegian fjords cruises and marvel at the spectacular landscapes, verdant mountains, and gushing waterfalls that surround you. Watch as eagles soar in the blue skies above and whales and seals play in the deep waters.

Beyond the majestic fjords, Norway’s cities and villages provide bucket-list opportunities for history buffs, foodies, and adventure seekers. Soak up the magic of picturesque cities like Oslo. Photograph the colorful fishermen’s houses dotting the coast of Alesund. Sip local craft beer in Bergen. Climb the soaring heights of Pulpit Rock for one of the best views in the country.

With Celebrity, sail beyond the beaten path in Norway on a seven-night Norwegian fjords cruise, or embark on one of our European cruises that stops in Oslo. On board, experience total relaxation in your stylish suite or stateroom. Enjoy world-class dining and entertainment as you discover Norway in all its glory

Norway Cruise Highlights

Norwegian fjords.

Nature buffs and adventure seekers can’t miss seeing the stunning Norwegian fjords during their cruise. Bergen is a great jumping-off point to see fjords like Hardangerfjord, the country’s second-largest fjord. UNESCO World Heritage Site Geirangerfjord is known as the “crown jewel” of the country’s fjords, contrasting steep waterfalls with snow-peaked mountain caps. Go slightly off-the-beaten path to neighboring Hjørundfjord, where activities like fjord fishing and kayaking will captivate you.

Art & History

Explore Oslo’s famous Viking Ship Museum and see three expertly preserved vessels. Spend a while at the Munch Museum, dedicated to the painter Edvard Munch, known best for his painting “The Scream.” In Bergen, Bryggens Museum is a mighty testament to life in the town before a devastating fire in 1955, where excavations uncovered beautiful reminders of everyday Norwegian life. Bergen is also home to its own art museum that uniquely preserves the homes of famous composers throughout history. Time travel at Sunnmøre Museum in Alesund, an open-air exhibit featuring preserved homes and boats dating back to medieval times.

Craft Breweries

Norway’s distilleries and craft microbrewing scene is rapidly growing in cities like Bergen and Alesund. After decades of mostly serving lagers, microbrewers around the country wanted to offer more variety for beer drinkers, so they started to brew their own IPAs, pale ales, and stouts. Ever since, Norway’s cities have brewed hundreds of their own unique drafts. Unwind after a day’s hike and try something new on the menu.

Featured Ports

Bergen, norway.

Rows of deep red, burnt orange, and white houses near Bryggen Wharf is one of the top sights in the city. Enjoy a romantic wharfside meal or a cozy coffee there before you visit Bryggens Museum or St. Mary’s Church. Ride a funicular rail to the summit of Mt. Fløyen for incredible panoramic views of the city below. Explore the surrounding fjords on an unforgettable kayaking or hiking adventure.

Alesund, Norway

On a Norway cruise, you’ll visit the picturesque town of Alesund, frequently cited as one of the country’s most beautiful places to visit. Spend a leisurely day exploring the Art Nouveau District. Hike up nearly 500 steps to Aksla Viewpoint and admire the stunning vistas of the archipelago and breathtaking fjords beyond. The town is also the gateway to Geirangerfjord, one of Norway’s most famous natural wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, nestled between imposing cliffs on all sides.

Oslo, Norway

Let Oslo’s metropolitan atmosphere energize you as you explore its opulent palaces and incredible museums. The capital of Norway is teeming with Viking history, from ships dating back to the 9th century at the Viking Museum to 17th-century art at the National Museum. Art lovers won’t want to miss seeing Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” in person. When you move on from historic wonders, grab a craft beer or sample local salmon at any of Oslo’s trendy eateries.

Norway Cruise Itineraries

Embark on an unforgettable cruise to Norway aboard Celebrity Silhouette or Celebrity Reflection. Sailing from May to August, our Norwegian fjord cruises last anywhere from seven nights to nine nights. Longer itineraries give you the chance to see towns like the mountainous Flam or the remote Geiranger. On a Northern Europe cruise, you’ll overnight in Oslo on the way to cities like Copenhagen, Bruges, and Paris, or visit the capital before venturing to Sweden and Finland.


View all cruises to norway, europe is closer than ever with flights by celebrity.

Not only do we offer the best way to explore Europe, but we also make it easy to get there with Flights by Celebrity℠. Relax knowing you’re booking the lowest airfare and have a dedicated team helping you get to your ship—and back.

Why Sail on a Norway Cruise with Celebrity

On a Norway cruise with Celebrity Cruises, you’ll discover the best of Norway while enjoying the comforts of our luxury cruise ship. Celebrity’s impeccable service and world-class dining will elevate your vacation to new heights. Spend your days at sea exploring innovative onboard venues, splashing in the pool, or indulging in a relaxing spa treatment.

Stylish staterooms provide the ultimate place to unwind. When you book The Retreat, our luxury vacation experience, you’ll stay in unparalleled suites and enjoy exclusive access to a private restaurant, lounge, and more. Shore excursions are crafted to showcase the best of Norway, from private boat tours that take you deep into the fjords to guided hikes to see spectacular waterfalls.

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Holland America cruise ship sailing a Nordic fjord.

5 Best Fjords in Norway

Norway is known for its jagged coast, staggering cliffs and 1,190 glass-like fjords. Cut by glaciers during the ice age, these saltwater inlets are a cruising paradise with calm waters and fairytale landscapes. Like a diamond or a snowflake, each fjord is unique. Here are the best time to visit Norway fjords, the best tours of Norway fjords, along with what makes each fjord different.

Geirangerfjord  |  Sognefjord  |  Hardangerfjord  |  Trondheimsfjord  |  Liefdefd Fjord

If you’re ready to book a fjord cruise, check out  Northern Europe cruises  to explore your options.

Geirangerfjord, Norway.

1. Geirangerfjord - Most Beautiful  Fjord

Geirangerfjord has an impressive resume. Framed by forested mountains and plunging waterfalls, it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and claims to be “the world’s most beautiful fjord.” Geirangerfjord is so pretty, it could make a run for the world’s most beautiful place.

Known for its towering mountain peaks, striking blue waters, and abundant waterfalls, Geirangerfjord is the place to be to admire stunning scenery. After Norway's glaciers receded, they created deep valleys that were later filled with seawater. The Geirangerfjord has a depth of almost 500 meters (1,640 feet).

Geirangerfjord Location Hailed as one of the most picturesque places in Scandinavia, Geirangerfjord is located within Stranda Municipality. Geiranger, a quaint village nestles at the head of this shimmering inlet. Here, passengers can join in a cultural love of the outdoors and sea kayak right on the fjord, or hike and bike numerous trails. Cabins, old fishermen houses, and fjord farms dot this quintessential Nordic landscape. The Geiranger Skywalk offers the perfect perch for jaw-dropping panoramas.

Best Time to Visit Geirangerfjord A Norway summer tour is a great way to experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site at its most lush. If you plan to travel to Geirangerfjord between May and September, you’ll also benefit from the year’s best weather.

Mt Dalsnibba & The Eagle Road

Journey to one of Norway’s best-known resort spots and reach the summit of Mount Dalsnibba for a unique view of the breathtaking Geirangerfjord.

Kayak On Geirangerfjord

Take an aquatic adventure and paddle along the steep fjord walls to marvel at the reflection of the cliffs in the waters below. Geirangerfjord, one of nature’s masterpieces, is waiting for you.

An odd collection of houses at Sognejford

2. Sognefjord - The King 

Nicknamed King of the Fjords, Sognefjord is the longest and deepest of all the fjords in Norway. Any best tours of Norway fjords must include the King, which is celebrated for the magnitude and drama of its surroundings. It winds over 100 miles inland and has two smaller arms, Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. 

The end of Aurlandsfjord is marked by  Flåm  , a pastoral burg that’s like a step back in time. The town is so tiny that there aren’t traffic lights, but it is home to one of Norway’s greatest engineering feats—the Flåm railway, known for a steep gradient. Climb aboard to chug alongside narrow cliffsides to a waterfall where you might spot Hulder, a legendary forest creature.

Sognefjord Location If your desire is to explore the untamed terrain of Norway, then Sognefjord is among the premier places to visit in the country. Norway’s top destination is surrounded by two magnificent national parks, Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen, where you can trek alongside stunning glaciers, marvel at towering summits, and relish the experience of observing wildlife.

The Best Time to Visit Sognefjord If you’re looking for a classic fjord experience, plan to visit Sognefjord in the summertime. But autumn is the ideal time to enjoy clear air and admire scenic fall colors – the best time of the year for hiking and cycling. If you’d rather experience alpine ski touring, sled dog tours, fjord kayaking, the  Flåm railway, and guided tours to the magical blue ice caves under the glacier, winter is the best time to visit the Norway fjords. The spring breaks in with flowering and snow powdered mountain tops – maybe the best time of year to visit the Sognefjord.

Best of Flam

Experience one of the most spectacular railroad journeys in Norway and enjoy the stunning natural beauty the Aurlandsfjord region has to offer.

Kayak Nærøyfjord: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kayak Nærøyfjord: A UNESCO World Heritage Site Surrounded on both sides by mountains almost 6,000 feet tall, and laced with cascading waterfalls ancient landscapes, admire the stunning scenery along Nærøyfjord.

norway fjords cruise map

3. Hardangerfjord - Troll’s Tongue 

Stretching from the Atlantic through the verdant Vestlandet region, Hardangerfjord is the fifth-longest fjord in the world. Many visit in spring to explore fields filled with blossoming fruit trees.

Trolltunga or Troll’s Tongue, a flat rock formation that juts over Ringedal Lake and Folgefonna Glacier is one of Norway’s most well-known hiking spots. Look for reindeer herds, along with elk and mountain fox frolicking in forested groves and thickets. In the arm of the fjord, you can visit  Eidfjord , a beautiful town near the Vøringsfossen waterfall.

Hardangerfjord Location The Hardangerfjord is located in Vestland County in the Hardanger region. At 161 kilometers (100 miles) long, the fjord is one of the longest in the world and plunges down almost 914 meters (a half mile) at its deepest point. It extends inland northeastward for 113 kilometers from Stord Island, at its entrance in the North Sea, to the Hardanger Plateau.

The Best Time to Visit Hardangerfjord The best time to visit Hardangerfjord depends on your interests and activities.  If you enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowshoeing, then the winter season from December to February would be the best time to visit, as the Hardangervidda mountain plateau becomes a winter wonderland with ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

If you prefer milder temperatures and wish to experience the fruit orchards in full bloom, then the spring season from May to June would be the ideal time to visit the Hardangerfjord. The area is famous for its fruit blossoms, and the sight of the flowers in full bloom against the backdrop of the fjord is truly mesmerizing.

The summer season from July to August is the most popular time to visit the Hardangerfjord, as the weather is mild and ideal for hiking, cycling, and exploring the surrounding areas. The days are also longer, allowing for more time to enjoy the natural beauty of the fjord.

Hardangerfjord & Highlands of Scenic Norway

Marvel at the stunning beauty of the Queen of Fjords flanked by majestic mountains. On a clear day, admire the third-largest glacier in Norway. Brilliant colors, and scenic waterfalls await in Norway.

Fjords & Glaciers Seaplane Flightseeing

Relish in the beauty of stunning fjords of Bergen and its mountain scenery, soaring over snow-capped mountains and the wild landscapes of western Norway.

An island view of Port Trondeheimfjord in Norway

4. Trondheimsfjord - The Wake of Vikings 

Cruise in the path of Vikings along  Trondheimsfjord  . Though this fjord isn’t as mountainous as others on our best fjords in Norway list, it is a historic passageway that teems with fascinating bird and marine life-—even giant squid have been found in these waters. Artefacts from 3,000-year-old settlements were discovered in this region and it was the route of Vikings as they returned to their capital, Trondheim.

Trondheimsfjord Location Trondheimsfjord is in the west-central part of Norway in Trøndelag county, stretching from the municipality of Ørland in the west to the municipality of Steinkjer in the north, while traversing the city of Trondheim en route. Near the end of the fjord, the island of Ytterøya is known for its produce, idyllic summer cottages and for Stone Age burial mounds.

The Best Time to Visit Trondheimsfjord Each season has its own unique benefits. The best time to visit Trondheimsfjord depends on what you want to see and do. If you’re itching to go skiing, snow shoeing, or dog sledding, the winter season from December to February would be the best time to visit.

If you prefer milder temperatures activities such as hiking and cycling, then the summer season from June to August would be the ideal time to visit. The weather is mild, and the days are longer, allowing for more time to explore the surrounding areas.

The spring season from March to May and the autumn season from September to November are also good times to visit Trondheimsfjord, as the weather is cooler, and there are fewer tourists. During these seasons, you can enjoy hiking and fishing without the crowds.

Bymarka Hike

Explore an area of natural landscapes with contrasting scenery on a nature hike, and marvel at the spectacular views of the Trondheimsfjord. On a clear day, you can even spot the mountain chain linking Norway to Sweden.

Trondheim City Sightseeing

Explore all the rich history and architectural beauty Trondheim’s city center has to offer. Arrive at Sverresli for stunning views of Trondheimsfjord, the city, and the surrounding countryside.

A view of a mountain at Liefdeffjord

5. Liefdefd Fjord - Top of the World 

 The Liefde fjord is home to some of artic Norway’s most breathtaking backdrops. Rich in history, the fjord was named after the ship "Liefde" (meaning "Love" in Dutch) that was used by the Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz during his third voyage to the Arctic in 1596. In the early 20th century, coal mining operations began in the nearby town of Ny-Ålesund, and the fjord was used as a base for expeditions to explore the surrounding glaciers and mountains. Today, the Liefde Fjord is a popular destination for tourists visiting the Svalbard archipelago. The fjord is known for its stunning scenery, which includes towering glaciers, dramatic cliffs, and a variety of Arctic wildlife, such as polar bears, reindeer, and arctic foxes. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you cruise the Liefde Fjord. Because you are.

Liefde Fjord Location Cruising in Northern Europe’s isles is a bucket-list experience. On the north coast of Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago, the Liefdefd Fjord has some of artic Norway’s most breathtaking backdrops. Extinct volcanoes and hot springs draw many visitors to the Nordvest-Spitsbergen National Park, as well as the abandoned whaling stations and glimmering, arctic-blue glaciers.

The Best Time to Visit the Liefde Fjord The best time to visit Liefde Fjord depends on your interests and preferences. If you want to see the Northern Lights, winter may be the best time to visit. If you're interested in wildlife viewing, or outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and glacier walks, summer is the best time to visit when the weather is milder. The waters of the Liefde Fjord are always accessible during the summer, but ice can make navigation difficult at other times of the year .

A Holland America Line transatlantic cruise ship with text reading 'Sailing 150 years'

The best fjords in Norway list are just the beginning. Norway is full of cutting-edge museums, amazing islands, and thrilling excursions. Holland America Line has been guiding guests through the stunning waterways of Northern Europe for 150 years, including the majestic fjords of Norway. Our experienced staff is well-versed in the history and knowledge related to each Norway fjord, ensuring that our passengers get the most out of their visit. With Holland America Line, guests can expect to have just as enriching a conversation with our team members as they do from viewing the breathtaking fjords. So, whether you're looking to witness the wildlife, learn about the local history, or simply soak in the awe-inspiring beauty of the fjords, Holland America Line cruise is the perfect choice for your next adventure.

If you’re ready to book a fjord cruise, check out Holland America Line's   Northern Europe Cruises  to explore your options.

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Best Norwegian cruises

norway fjords cruise map

Jeannine Williamson

Cruise Expert

Thursday January 20 2022, 11:00am

Norway has the world’s largest concentration of fjords — as well some of the biggest and deepest. These natural marvels were carved out when Ice Age glaciers retreated and created an awe-inspiring contrast of snowy mountain peaks and sheer rock faces plunging into clear azure waters. Norway is also prime territory to  spy the northern lights  dancing across the polar sky and, come summer, experience the round-the-clock daylight of the midnight sun. Accommodation and food is pricey here, so a holiday afloat will keep costs down and you’ve got plenty of cruise lines to choose from. Here are some of the best.

Main photo: cruising on Geiranger Fjord (Alamy)

This article contains affiliate links.

Our travel journalism is written and edited by independent experts to inform, inspire and advise our readers about the best choices for your holidays. We also feature properties and itineraries from a specially selected list of trusted operators. These buttons and adverts are clearly signposted, and provide direct links through to external sites. If you click and buy a product, we may earn revenue.

Cruise Norwegian fjords

1. Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten is a pioneer of cruising the Norwegian fjords. Its history goes back to 1893 when the company was founded to provide a daily passenger service for locals and deliver freight to inaccessible towns and villages along the length of the coast. These days the 11-night original route, from Bergen to Kirkenes, is available on passenger vessels, with the voyage passing about 100 fjords with 34 stops along the way. Ships hug the coastline so there’s always something to see and, on selected sailings, Hurtigruten’s northern lights promise means you get another sailing for free if the aurora borealis don’t put on a show.

Best suited to  14+ Price  ££ Family-friendly  N


Saga's Spirit of Adventure

2. Saga Cruises

Saga’s two 999-passenger ships, Spirit of Adventure and Spirit of Discovery, get brownie points for their size; they’re small enough to dock at towns and quays that larger vessels simply can’t reach. The adult-only line’s fjords cruises include overnight stays in towns such as Flam and Geiranger, providing plenty of time for excursions — one being a trip on the Flamsbana Railway, which is one of the steepest in the world. Dedicated northern lights sailings visit at peak time and shore tours seek out viewing spots that provide the best chance of seeing them.

Best suited to  50+ Price  ££ Family-friendly  N


norway fjords cruise map

The all-inclusive line Scenic is launching its second ocean ship, Scenic Eclipse II, to join its original namesake vessel Scenic Eclipse. The 228-passenger vessels combine all the trappings of luxury with the thrill of expedition sailing in Norway. Soar above cascading waterfalls in one of the two onboard helicopters or dip underwater to get a different perspective of the fjords from the Scenic Neptune submarine, which can carry six passengers and dive to depths of nearly 300m (1,000ft). Back on the ship, chill out in the champagne bar or back in your spacious suite — some have private hot tubs.

Best suited to  18+ Price  £££ Family-friendly  N


Cruise Olden Norway

4. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

This line is a natural choice for a fjords itinerary just as it was in 1848 when the Olsen family started sailing commercial ships in their homeland. The Olsen Art Studio has been introduced on the latest ships in the fleet, Borealis and Bolette, and they’re used for classes such as painting the northern lights. Fred Olsen’s smaller ships are perfectly proportioned for navigating the narrow waterways, and passengers can get even closer to the scenery with an exhilarating ride on the inflatable RIB boats, now carried on all of its vessels.

Seven Sisters Geiranger Fjord

As its name suggests, this is another line with a Scandinavian pedigree. Viking’s carefully curated Norway cruises feature longer port calls and overnight stays that take advantage of the midnight sun in summertime and northern lights-spotting opportunities in winter. The fleet of near-identical adult-only ships all feature a Mamsen’s restaurant, named in honour of owner Tor Hagen’s mother. The 14-night Iceland & Norway’s Arctic Explorer itinerary crosses the Arctic Circle to visit the far north.

Best suited to  18+ Price  ££ Family-friendly  N



6. Holland America Line

The Unesco-listed landscape of Geirangerfjord is lined with dramatic waterfalls and it winds for nine miles, plunging to depths of 500m (1,640ft). You can see it in style from the decks or balconies on Holland America Line’s new music-themed, 2,668-passenger flagship Rotterdam — the seventh vessel to bear the historic name for Holland America — with itineraries that include midnight sun sailings. Shore trips include Eidfjord, with the chance to go kayaking or sit back and enjoy a scenic drive to a cider and apple brandy factory. 

Best suited to  16+ Price  ££ Family-friendly  Y


Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock in Lysefjord, Norway

7. Windstar Cruises

After a bow-to-stern renovation on Windstar’s all-suite 312-guest Star Legend, passengers can now glide through the fjords in refined comfort. Kayaking, biking, walking and small-boat excursions are among the options to fill your lungs with fresh Norwegian air. View one of the country’s most famous landmarks, Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock, on an RIB excursion along the Lysefjord. Look out for sea eagles, seals or porpoises before gazing at the vertiginous rock that projects out from the rock face 600m (1,969ft) above the fjord.

Best suited to  21+ Price  £££ Family-friendly  N


Nordnes Bergen

8. National Geographic Expeditions

This cruise line gives you the chance to join a  National Geographic  photographer and get tips on taking the best snaps on shore tours and in the onboard photo workshop. Begin by focusing on the Crayola-coloured wooden houses in Bergen — the starting point for sailings that follow the fjords to Tromso on the 126-passenger Endurance, the first polar-class new-build ship in the company’s history, or Resolution. Cruises are operated in partnership with the experienced small-ship specialist Lindblad Expeditions.

Best suited to  40+ Price  £££ Family-friendly  N


Troldsalen concert hall

Upmarket Cunard is renowned for cultural immersion. Expect shore excursions in Bergen to include a visit to the former home of the composer Edvard Grieg with a concert in the unusual, turf-covered Troldsalen concert hall. Sailings are available on Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2, including a week-long Southampton round-trip fjords itinerary. Cruises follow Viking trading routes along the 1,300m (4,300ft)-deep Sogneford — dubbed King of the Fjords because it’s the largest and deepest in Norway.

Best suited to  12+ Price  £££ Family-friendly  Y


10. P&O Cruises

Sail from Southampton on a choice of four P&O ships, including the 5,200-passenger  Iona which is one of the largest cruise ships built specifically for UK cruisers. Families and multi-generational groups can opt for a school holiday cruise and there are also sailings on the line’s adult-only vessels Arcadia and Aurora. Scenic sailing is combined with plenty of opportunities to go ashore with stops including pretty Stavanger, the gateway to the fjords.

Best suited to  six months+ Price  ££ Family-friendly  Y

A suite on Ambition, an Ambassador cruise ship on the Norwegian fjords

11. Ambassador Cruise Line

The newest British cruise line in more than a decade provides a great-value cruise experience on the 1,400-passenger Ambience with a second ship, the 1,200-passenger Ambition, joining the fleet in 2023. You can enjoy cruises to the Norwegian fjords with no-fly sailings from Tilbury. These cruises are primarily aimed at the mature market, though you can expect the addition of special multi-generational cruises to Norway during the summer holidays.

Best suited to  50+ Price  £ Family-friendly  N


Seabourn runs one of the best Norwegian fjords cruises

12. Seabourn

This is another line with a Norwegian heritage and specialises in ultra-luxury cruising on its fleet of small ships. The 600-passenger Seabourn Ovation offers a range of Norwegian itineraries including the epic 25-night Iceland, North Cape & Majestic Fjords sailing. The Ventures by Seabourn programme provides exciting excursions such as an exhilarating Zodiac boat trip to Storstappen Islands, home to thousands of puffins, snowshoeing, ice fishing, dog and reindeer sledding.

Best suited to  21+ Price  £££ Family-friendly  N seabourn.com

Princess Cruises run some of the best Norwegian fjords trips

13. Princess Cruises

Princess has round-trip sailings from Southampton on its cruise ships Sky Princess and Island Princess, with a range of quirky excursions. Our favourite? The chance to take a leisurely walk with llamas through fjord meadows. You’ll wander from the hamlet of Skjolden and follow trails set against a backdrop of some of the highest peaks in Europe. For something more conventional, there’s a stroll around Unesco-world heritage Bryggen, a medieval port founded by wealthy merchants and lined with paintbox-coloured wooden buildings.

Maloy, Norway

14. Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian’s latest vessel is a Prima Class ship carrying 3,215 passengers. Features include infinity pools and a glass-walled sauna in the outdoor spa — the perfect hot spot to watch the cool passing scenery. It will sail to Norway and its 2023 itineraries will also feature sailings from Southampton. Stops are set to include the coastal village of Maloy, a mile-long silver sand beach that’s considered one of the most stirring places in Norway to brave a bracing plunge.

Best suited to  6 months+ Price  ££ Family-friendly  Y


15. Celebrity Cruises

Get a unique panoramic view of the fjords from the 2,900-passenger Celebrity Apex. An innovative feature on this ship is the Magic Carpet, a glass-sided cantilevered platform projecting from the side of the vessel that can be raised up and down between different decks and is variously used as a bar and restaurant. Alternatively, sail out of Southampton on round-trip Norwegian cruises on Celebrity Silhouette. Both vessels feature The Retreat, an exclusive area for suite passengers, with its own sun deck, restaurant and lounge.

Best suited to  3+ Price  ££ Family-friendly  Y

Havila is one of the best cruise lines running trips to the Norwegian fjords

Havila mirrors Hurtigruten and carries cruise passengers and locals between Bergen and Kirkenes on eco-friendly ships that can sail for up to four hours on battery power. There is a big accent on Norwegian cuisine and dishes on the menu change every couple of days to reflect the destinations being visited — they even include tasting-sized plates so you can try a bit of everything. If you don’t see the northern lights on sailings from October 1 to March 31 you’ll get another cruise free of charge.


You’ll travel to this part of the world in style with the French line Ponant. Norwegian voyages feature a selection of no-fly cruises from Scotland and some sailings are run in partnership with Smithsonian Journeys, the travel offshoot of the renowned Smithsonian Institution. These cruises are specifically tailored for English-speaking passengers and include talks and discussions with world-class experts, plus a shore excursion or activity in each port of call that reflects the local environment and culture. New itineraries include the ten-night Nordic Discoveries & Traditions sailing and gastronomy-themed cruises.

Best suited to 3+ Price £££ Family-friendly Y


Cycling in Tromso is among the activities offered by MSC cruises as part of their Norwegian fjord trips

18. MSC Cruises

MSC’s bright and blingy cruise ships provide a perfect floating home for families, couples and friends looking for a fun-filled holiday while enjoying some of the world’s most striking natural landscapes. The wide age range of MSC passengers means there are plenty of shore tours to pick from which span leisurely walking tours to exciting activities such as e-biking in Tromso, exploring Bergen on a Segway and stand up paddle boarding in Alesund. MSC offers the flexibility of being able to join cruises at ports located across Norway or sailing from Southampton.

Best suited to 6 months+ Price £ Family-friendly Y

Explora Journeys run some of the best Norwegian cruises

19. Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys, which is a luxury offshoot of the MSC Group, makes its debut in July 2023. The maiden voyage of the 922-passenger Explora 1, which will be followed by second ship Explora II in 2024, is a sailing from Southampton to the Norwegian fjords with other trips to the region during the inaugural season. Itineraries feature longer stays and overnights in ports to provide passengers with more time to explore ashore. An extensive choice of excursions ranges from energetic hiking, kayaking and horse riding treks to thrilling helicopter rides over the fjords and coastline.

Best suited to 21+ Price £££ Family-friendly N


20. Swan Hellenic

The Swan Hellenic name was revived in 2020, marking the return of the 70-year-old discovery cruise brand under new ownership and with new ships. Launching in April 2023 is the line’s third boutique expedition vessel, SH Diana, which carries 192 passengers and has an ice-strengthened hull to explore some of the world’s most remote regions. Multiple observation points provide you with the best views of the Norwegian scenery. The ship has a hybrid engine to allow for silent sailing through the fjords such as the Trollfjorden with the chance to spot white-tailed eagles soaring overhead.

Best suited to 21+ Price ££ Family-friendly N


Take me there

Inspired to visit Norway but yet to book your trip? Here are the best cruise options from Fred Olsen and Imagine Cruising , as well as the best  Norway tours  from our trusted partners. 

norway fjords cruise map

Find your tour

Fjord Tours offers some of the best tours in Norway. On this page you can see maps to all our tours and find a tour that suits you!

norway fjords cruise map

Norway in a nutshell®

This legendary tour takes lets you experience Norway's most beautiful fjord scenery. You travel through  breathtaking UNESCO-protected fjord and mountain areas, as well as taking a trip on Europe’s top scenic rail journeys. 

Read more about the tour here

Sognefjord in a nutshell™

The Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, extends more than 200 km inland to the foot of the Jotunheimen mountains. This area is said to be one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.

norway fjords cruise map

Hardangerfjord in a nutshell™

If the Sognefjord is the king of the fjords of Western Norway, the Hardangerfjord is surely the queen. The 179 km long fjord offers scenery that will spellbind even the most seasoned traveller. Here, there are cultural and natural gems galore.

Loften Islands in a nutshell™

Lofoten is one of the most spectacular destinations in all of Norway. With idyllic fishing villages, a vibrant coastal landscape, exciting activities, and outdoor experiences in magnificent scenery, it is no wonder that Lofoten is a favorite destination for Norwegians! 

norway fjords cruise map

UNESCO Geirangerfjord in a nutshell™

This scenic tour combines spectacular views of famous fjords and dramatic mountain peaks. Experience the hairpin bends of the Trollstigen Mountain Road, cruise the emerald green Geirangerfjord, and enjoy the historic coastal town of Ålesund. Add activities and overnight stays along the way, or simply relax and enjoy the amazing views of mighty mountains, fantastic fjords, and captivating coastlines.

The Great Waterfall & Fjord Tour™

Travel through a landscape of majestic mountains, idyllic orchards, and spectacular waterfalls! Experience first-hand the power of Northern Europe’s largest waterfall Vøringsfossen and walk behind the gorgeous Steinsdalsfossen. Your waterfall adventure also includes a fjord cruise on the enchanting Hardangerfjord.

Combination Tours

norway fjords cruise map

Norway in a nutshell® & Hardangerfjord in a nutshell™

This round trip from Oslo combines two of our most popular tours; Norway in a nutshell® and the Hardangerfjord in a nutshell™ tour. This combination is ideal for those looking for a complete experience of Norway's best highlights. If you're looking for an adventure starting and ending in Oslo - this is definitely the tour for you!

Sognefjord in a nutshell™ & Hardangerfjord in a nutshell™

Combine two of our popular tours into one epic round trip from Oslo! Combining the Sognefjord in a nutshell™ and the Hardangerfjord in a nutshell™ tour provides an ideal experience of Norway's highlights. Maximize your fjord time and travel in comfort from Oslo to the best highlights of Western Norway!

Venture deep into the Arctic Circle

Inspired by our first sailing to Svalbard in 1968, a voyage on the Svalbard Express allows you to immerse yourself in exclusive excursions in 16 carefully chosen destinations. Time to watch for polar bears and bask in the Midnight Sun. Time to savour the peerless culinary experience and compelling onboard activities on the freshly refurbished MS Trollfjord.

MS Trollfjord sailing on The Svalbard Express route

Choose your experience

The original coastal express.

‘The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage’, loved since 1893

The North Cape Express

A magical voyage the length of Norway’s coast, into the realm of the Northern Lights

The Svalbard Express

An iconic voyage deep into the Arctic Circle and the land of the Midnight Sun

This is our signature route that has faithfully served the families and communities of the Norwegian coast for generations.  

  • A historic, authentic voyage at the heart of everyday life of 34 coastal communities. 
  • Choose to sail at any time of the year, in any of Norway’s four beautiful seasons. 
  • Travel side by side with local Norwegians aboard a fleet of elegant, iconic, informal ships.

Read more about The Original Coastal Express

Choose how you want to discover our home, the Norwegian coast.

Complete Norway – Arctic Winter & Northern Lights

Complete norway | fjords and midnight sun, roundtrip voyage from bergen | explore norway’s coastline.

Experience the ultimate immersion in Norwegian coast and culture, between the capital and capes.

  • For the first time, we sail to and from Oslo, journeying between Norway’s southern and northernmost points.
  • As the Northern Lights dance through the longer nights, immerse yourself in exclusive excursions at 16 incredible destinations.
  • Enjoy exceptional food and drink, personalised service and enhanced onboard activities on your freshly refurbished ship.

Read more about the North Cape Express

Choose how you want to discover our home, the Norwegian coast

The North Cape Express - Full Voyage from Bergen to Oslo (2024-25)

The north cape express – full voyage from oslo to bergen (2024-25), the north cape express – full voyage from oslo to bergen (2024).

Relive pioneering adventures on a magical sailing along the Norwegian coast and up to the edge of the world.

  • Experience the Midnight Sun as you travel to the Far North on a unique itinerary built on our original sailing to Svalbard.
  • Deepen your understanding of Norway’s coast and culture with ample time for exclusive excursions in 16 carefully chosen destinations.

Read more about the Svalbard Express

The Svalbard Express - Full Voyage

The svalbard express – northbound voyage from bergen to svalbard, the svalbard express – southbound voyage from svalbard to bergen, special offers, northern lights promise offer.

The beautiful Aurora Borealis is the ultimate light show and a must-see. We promise that if the Northern Lights do not appear on your voyage in Norway, we will give you another 6 or 7-day Classic Voyage free of charge.

Travel solo for no additional cost

Join us on a voyage along the Norwegian coast with no additional costs when travelling alone.

Discover Greenland with Arctic Umiaq Line

Experience the true side of Greenland’s west coast with our partner Arctic Umiaq Line. Like us, they have a long history of serv ing local passengers and communities , and sail to places that most visitors to Greenland never see.   

Visit Svalbard on MS Nordstjernen

Embark on a nostalgic voyage of the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago to experience a remote wilderness of fjords, glaciers, and polar wildlife.

Coming home for our 130-year anniversary

On 2 July, we celebrated our 130 years on the Norwegian coast in Stokmarknes - the home of the Hurtigruten Museum. 

Where it all began

When shipping pioneer Richard With founded The Original Coastal Express back in 1893, little did he know that it would forever change the future of the Norwegian coast.

Planning for the future 

To be able to sail for another 130 years, we need to change the way we do things. That’s why we’ve launched Sea Zero – a first-of-its-kind initiative to develop the world’s most energy-efficient cruise ship.  

Our Ambassaador Programme

1893 Ambassador is open for all travel enthusiasts, regardless of if you have travelled with us or not. And of course, it's free to join. As a member, we bring you exclusive offers, benefits, discounts, and newsletters packed with inspirational articles.


  • Norway Fjords Cruise
  • Northern Lights Cruise
  • HX Expeditions
  • Inspiration
  • HX Hurtigruten Expeditions

Don’t just visit Norway. Live it.

The beauty of the Norwegian coast is calling. Sail with us and become a part of who we are: the spirit of Norway since 1893. Experience our home: up to $4,000 off selected voyages when you book by March 31, 2024.

Our voyages

There’s more than one way to sail with us and discover the many wonders of the Norwegian coast.

norway lofoten hamnoy krcil shutterstock 2064790703

The Original Coastal Express

Mainland Norway

This is our signature route that has faithfully served the families and communities of the Norwegian coast for generations.

norway lofoten northern-lights giulio-ercolani alamy e7amh0-original-1

The North Cape Express

For the first time, we sail to or from the capital Oslo, journeying between Norway’s southernmost point and its northernmost.

svalbard prins-karls-forland posnov getty-images 1202485558-original extended

The Svalbard Express

Mainland Norway & Svalbard

Embark on a nostalgic summertime voyage along the Norwegian coast up to the Svalbard archipelago at the edge of the world.

MS Nordstjernen at Svalbard. Photo: Vegard Åsen

The Spitsbergen Adventurer

A nostalgic voyage of the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago to experience a remote wilderness of fjords, glaciers, and polar wildlife.

Explore the Northern Lights with us

Embark on a celestial journey during the anticipated Solar Maximum of 2024-25 , promising the most spectacular Northern Lights display in over a decade. Seize the opportunity to witness, learn , and photograph this extraordinary phenomenon now.

Book confidently with our Northern Lights Promise – get a free trip if the lights don't appear on select voyages ( Ts&Cs apply ).

Don't miss this celestial spectacle – book your journey and embrace the magic of the Northern Lights with us!

Northern lights on deck Norway HGR 122388 Photo Agurtxane Concellon-crop

Featured Voyages

Choose how you want to discover the Norwegian coast

Follow the Lights: Northbound | Oslo to Helsinki | 2024-2025

Oslo - Honningsvåg - Rovaniemi - Helsinki ( Northbound )

Follow the lights: northbound | oslo to helsinki | 2024-2025.

Departure Dates

November - March - 17 days

Follow the Lights: Southbound | Helsinki to Oslo | 2024 -2025

Helsinki - Rovaniemi - Honningsvåg - Oslo ( Southbound )

Follow the lights: southbound | helsinki to oslo | 2024 -2025.

October - March - 15 days

The North Cape Express: Full Voyage | Oslo to Bergen | 2024-2025

Oslo – Honningsvåg – Bergen ( Roundtrip )

The north cape express: full voyage | oslo to bergen | 2024-2025.

December - April - 14 days

Price from $3,388

MS Trollfjord

Scandinavian Touring Packages

Our Scandinavian tour packages offer a deeply immersive experience — the perfect Nordic adventure is waiting for you.

Escorted small groups of like-minded travelers (max 24 guests) with expert guides

Cruise-inclusive journeys with a choice of itineraries and great mix of included activities

Immerse yourself in Nordic culture and scenery

Ocean to plate dining experiences

Chances to see the Northern Lights

Man admiring green Northern Lights

Special Offers

9566-3567555-Photo Trym Ivar Bergsmo

Northern Lights Promise on Select Norwegian Coastal Voyages

For those who have your heart set on witnessing the swirling glow of the aurora borealis, we make you a promise no one can match.

Solo traveller - Norwegian Coast - Hurtigruten

Solo travelers: No single supplement cruises

We have a range of cruises in Norway for those who like to travel solo. And, unlike other cruise lines, we won't charge you extra!

Family in Geiranger photographed by Agurtxane Concellon

Save Up to 50% Off on Child Passengers

Family members of all generations can adventure with Hurtigruten. Save up to 50% off your child’s voyage and save on your next family cruise. Book today!

Discover Greenland with Arctic Umiaq Line

Experience the true side of Greenland’s west coast with our partner Arctic Umiaq Line. Like us, they have a long history of serving local passengers and communities, and sail to places that most visitors to Greenland never see.


The Midnight Sun

Every summer in Norway’s Arctic, a phenomenon occurs where the sun never sets below the horizon, even at midnight. Learn more about the Arctic’s endless sunshine and what causes it.

Sign up for our 1893 Ambassador Program

As a member of our 1893 Ambassador Loyalty Program, you'll receive exclusive offers, benefits, discounts, and newsletters packed with inspiration.

Colourful houses on the River Nid in the Norwegian port town of Trondheim

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Northern Fjords

Northern Fjords Cruises

Unesco-protected fjords, ancient viking routes & norwegian cities create magical journeys.

  • Explore Ports
  • Shore Excursions
  • Extend Your Cruise
  • Northern Fjord Experiences

Book an Oceania Cruise to see the Norwegian coastline while on vacation.

Awe-Inspiring Beauty

Mountaintops rising out of the sea, fairytale villages, waterfalls spilling down verdant cliffs – this classic fjord scenery was meant to be explored by sea. Behold the dramatic Geirangerfjord – soaring to heights over 5,000 feet - no view of this UNESCO-protected fjord is a bad one. Flåm’s jaw-dropping setting alongside Sognefjord is another envy-inducing fjord stop, while the 350-million-year-old Lysefjord is Stavanger’s beautiful claim to fame. Our Northern Fjord cruises bring you up close to the best fjords in the region, trace the routes of the Vikings and so much more.

Oceania Cruises Holiday Sale

From expertly led tours of famous fjords and outdoor adventures to insider experiences of the local culture, our Northern Fjord excursions bring you the best of the natural wonders and culture of this stunning region. More extended evening stays across the region give you the chance to immerse yourself in the region with in-depth explorations, adventures ashore and leisurely, meaningful touring.

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Dream. Plan. Discover.

Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye…it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.

Baltic & Scandinavia Ports

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Extend your stay before or after your Northern Fjords cruise at one of these luxurious hotels, carefully selected for their superb location, ambiance, world-class standards of service, cuisine and amenities. Our hotel packages include free air date changes up to 3 days before or after your cruise; free transfers between the airport, hotel and ship; and porterage. You’ll also enjoy the services of our exclusive Oceania Cruises hospitality desk at each hotel.

Featured Northern Fjord Hotels


Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to SKT. PETRI hotel in Copenhagen, located in the heart of the trendy Latin Quarter in the city center and only 20 minutes away from Copenhagen’s airport by metro. With 288 elegantly furnished hotel rooms and suites, the hotel offers modern comfort in a minimalist, yet cozy, Scandinavian-design setting. When you stay at SKT. PETRI, the staff will be your key to the city. They know the exciting attractions in Copenhagen and want you to know the capital as they do.


Grand Hotel Oslo

Oslo, norway.

The Grand Hotel in Oslo is Norway’s best known and most prestigious hotel. The luxury hotel first opened its doors in 1874 and for over 140 years, it has been host to the people of Norway, international guests, world leaders, celebrities and the Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Henrik Ibsen, the world-renowned Norwegian author, made the luxury hotel one of his favorite daily haunts. The guest experience is based on true Nordic luxury that is delivered by the hotel’s well-trained and enthusiastic international team. The Grand Hotel has 274 rooms, including 54 Suites that are a blend of historic design, a rooftop bar with magnificent views, a restaurant, lobby bar, 19 meeting rooms, Artesia Spa Grand Hotel, fitness room and parking.

Northern Fjords

Our Northern Fjords Pre- and Post-Cruise Land Programs invite you to immerse yourself in the culture and spectacular natural beauty of this region. These multi-day, in-depth Land Programs include exclusive tours, premium hotel stays, airport transfers when arriving and departing the day your program begins and ends, and often times locally inspired meals and porterage too.

Northern Fjord Land Programs

Oslo Norway

Norwegian Wonderlands

Marvel as nature flaunts its beauty in one unspoiled setting after another. Wind through precipitous mountains on the Flåm Railway. Ferry across an arm of cliff-walled Sognefjord, Norway’s longest sea inlet. And negotiate a road so circuitous its hairpin turns warrant descriptive names. Awe-inspiring landmarks along the way include 12th-century stave churches, the open-air museum Maihaugen and Hadelan Glassworks, where each work of art is still hand-blown. Not to be outdone, Oslo mesmerizes through its Viking Ship Museum and the artistic natural oasis Vigeland Sculpture Park.

  • 2 nights in Oslo
  • 1 night in Balestrand
  • 1 night in Geiranger
  • 1 night in Lillehammer
  • Train rides from Oslo, on the Flåm Railway and on the Rauma Railway to Lillehammer
  • Ferry rides across Sognefjord
  • Panoramic drives daily through dramatic Norwegian landscapes
  • Browsing 12th-century stave churches, Vigeland Sculpture Park and the Viking Ship Museum
  • Select meals

Oslo Norway

Relics & Landmarks of Oslo

Discover Oslo from every angle. Enjoy panoramic city views from atop the opera house and Holmenkollen ski jump. Admire Norwegian creativity while meandering through the green oasis Vigeland Sculpture Park and the Munch Museum, home to the iconic painting “The Scream.” Be awed by the bold Norwegian explorers depicted in the Kon Tiki Museum and Polar Museum. Develop a sense of the rich history at the Viking Ship Museum and then cruise island-dotted Oslofjord and delight in the natural beauty that surrounds the capital.

  • 3 nights in Oslo
  • Entrance to the Munch Museum, Polar Museum, Kon Tiki Museum, Viking Ship Museum and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History
  • A cruise through Oslofjord
  • Panoramic city views from atop the Oslo Opera House and Holmenkollen ski jump
  • A drink at the sub-zero-temperature Ice Bar

Today’s Featured Northern Fjords Cruises

  • View Pricing and Details

From the Oceania Cruises Blog

Northern Fjords


Follow us & share your experiences.

Northern Fjords

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Norway Fjords Cruise & Train Tours

Prepare to be awestruck by magnificent views of Norway! You will take a mix of cruise and train travel to see vibrant Norse cities and natural attractions, all while making unforgettable memories.

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10 days / 9 nights

Classic norway, 7 days / 6 nights, best of the norwegian fjords – express, geiranger & fjord cruise, norway in a nutshell® - classic, express norway, lofoten & the fjords, by cruise and rail, best of the norwegian fjords, 5 days / 4 nights, norway in a nutshell®- express, 13 days / 12 nights, complete norway, norway in a nutshell® classic - from bergen, best of northern norway classic - 71° north cape, norway in a nutshell® & northern lights express, fjords & tromsø, norway in a nutshell® classic - winter, northern lights by train and cruise, express norway - winter, lofoten & 71°north cape, norway in a nutshell® express - winter, norway in a nutshell® & best of northern norway classic, hurtigruten, snow hotel & auroras, norway in a nutshell® classic winter - from bergen, norway in a nutshell® express winter - from bergen, classic norway & pulpit rock, 12 days / 11 nights, classic norway at leisure, norway in a nutshell® & pulpit rock, norway in a nutshell® express - from bergen, capitals of scandinavia in winter, best of scandinavia classic - winter, train & cruise.

Countries Visited Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

Capitals of Scandinavia & Finland Cruise - Winter

Best of scandinavia classic, best of scandinavia & finland cruise - winter.

Countries Visited Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark

14 days / 13 nights

Best of scandinavia & iceland, train, cruise & minibus, 17 days / 16 nights, best of scandinavia - norway cruise & iceland - winter, best of scandinavia & finland cruise, capitals of scandinavia & norwegian fjords, best of scandinavia & iceland - winter, best of scandinavia at leisure.

Countries Visited Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia

Best of Scandinavia & Baltic Cruise

Train, cruise & ferry, best of scandinavia - norway cruise & iceland, best of scandinavia & norway cruise, capitals of scandinavia, capitals of scandinavia & finland cruise, capitals of scandinavia & baltic cruise, 21 days / 20 nights, the nordic countries classic, train, cruise & self-drive.

Countries Visited Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia

28 days / 27 nights

The nordic countries complete, need any help so far talk with our local experts.

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About Your Fjord Cruise & Rail Tour

Discover the beautiful land and seascapes of Norway on our self-guided fjord cruise and rail tours. These packages combine the priceless local knowledge of our travel experts with the freedom of independent travel. When you book a Nordic Visitor self-guided tour, you can expect:

•An authentic travel experience operated by an established and trusted agency •A dedicated travel consultant who will arrange your tour • All relevant bookings for your chosen itinerary/package •A detailed online personal itinerary and all of your tickets emailed at least a month in advance • Handpicked accommodation for a restful and comfortable stay • 24/7 phone support during your adventure for peace of mind

Nordic Visitor has made it as easy as possible to plan your tour. Start your journey by following these simple steps:

1. Pick your favourite Nordic Visitor tour 2. Confirm your package 3. Check your confirmation email 4. Book your flights 5. Get ready for your trip

Why choose Nordic Visitor

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Secure your trip your way with Nordic Visitor. Book a tour with as little as 10% deposit. With a 20% deposit or more, you will receive our cancellation insurance free of charge. You can also pay the full price right away to guarantee today’s exchange rate. Terms & conditions apply.

Book With Confidence

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Nordic Visitor has been creating unforgettable travel experiences in Norway since 2005. Our English-speaking consultants have all travelled extensively throughout the country, and use their in-depth knowledge of locations, train routes, fjord cruises and hidden gems to make your itinerary extra special.

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Nordic Visitor is dedicated to the best service quality, and this is reflected year after year when TripAdvisor awards us with their Certificate of Excellence . We also take great pride in our customer feedback: 97% of our travellers say they would recommend us to friends and family.

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Nordic Visitor is a travel agency with a trusted network of hotels, local guides and local suppliers, so when you book with us, you know that we’ve done the legwork and have extensively tested every aspect of a package. This also saves you time meaning you can focus on enjoying your epic Norwegian adventure.

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Your trip is planned before you arrive with trains booked, Hurtigruten tickets bought and cruise cabin and hotel room reservations made. Your travel consultant will have already organised any extra excursions or days, so when you touch down, you know that you will have a stress-free journey awaiting you.

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We’ve got many years of rail and cruise tour experience under our belts, so we’re well versed in customising an itinerary to suit your travel wish list. By choosing our packages, you can choose your prefered dates, add extra days and optional activities such as fjord kayaking or city walks.

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Enjoy the service of a dedicated travel consultant, before, during and after your trip. When you travel with us, you will have access to our 24/7 helpline in case of any urgent issues and if anything interrupts your travel plans, we will modify your itinerary as needed so you don’t miss a thing.

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With Nordic Visitor, you have peace of mind knowing your tour arrangements with us are 100% financially protected. Your payments are safeguarded as we comply with European Union laws on Package Travel regulations. This guarantees you a refund in the unlikely event of insolvency.


Dayna united states.

We were very impressed with the entire experience and feel it was also a good value.  It was a very stress-free... read more

We were very impressed with the entire experience and feel it was also a good value.  It was a very stress-free travel experience for us.

Greg United States

Excellent job is all I can say.  In planning my email questions were answered promptly and "with a... read more

Excellent job is all I can say.  In planning my email questions were answered promptly and "with a smile" by Gudmunda Palmadottir. What can I say, she is fantastic.

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Your Fjord Cruise and Train Highlights

Imagine a Nordic adventure of a lifetime, where you will sail through ancient fjords and see the mountainous lands where Vikings once lived. Book our tour, and soon you could …

  • Start the Norway in a Nutshell journey from the historical and cultural cities of Oslo and Bergen
  • Ride the famous trains of Norway and see the deep valleys and verdant mountains from the  Flåm , Dovre and Rauma railways
  • Sail on a fjord cruise through the Unesco World Heritage site Geirangerfjord , and see the Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil waterfalls
  • Marvel at Sognefjord , the ice age fjord that is the longest and deepest in Norway
  • Cross the arctic line, and visit North Cape where you’ll see breathtaking scenery of mainland Europe’s northernmost point
  • Feed your inner culture vulture and see a range of art nouveau works, sculpture and installations at the Kode Museum of Bergen
  • Hike to the 1982 ft high sheer cliff, Pulpit Rock and view the Lysefjord in all her glory
  • Go wildlife watching on the Lofoten Islands where you could see seals, puffins and if you’re in luck, a pod of orca whales
  • Engross yourself in the history, culture and customs of Northern Norway at its unofficial capital, Tromsø

Norway Travel Advice

Get ready for your Nordic adventure by reading our handy travel guides.

What to bring

Layers, layers, layers! Come prepared for all types of weather.

What‘s the weather like in Norway? You just might be surprised.

Flights to Norway

Find out here which airlines fly to Norway, and their frequency.

Northern Lights Guide

Learn about this fascinating natural light show and how to see it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fjord Cruise & Train Tours

You may have a few questions about your self-guided fjord and cruise tour, so we’ve gathered the important ones for your convenience. You can also find more information about Norway in our travel guide , or if you want information about payment details and processes, check out our FAQs .

1. How were Norway’s fjords formed?

A fjord is a narrow inlet connected to the sea with steep cliffs and is created when a glacier retreats from land, leaving behind a U-shaped valley that was “cut” or segregated by the ice.

Want some travel inspiration and photos of the fjords? Read our blog on the best Instagram locations in Norway.

2. What is a self-guided tour?

When you travel on a self-guided tour, you travel without a guide or a group. You’re certainly not alone though, as you’re provided with all of your itineraries, tickets, bookings and recommendations. We have a 24-hour emergency helpline as well, so should anything unexpected arise, we’re only a phone call away.

3. What is the best way to see the fjords in Norway?

The fjords were formed during the ice age. Each one is a natural phenomenon that brings travellers from across the world to view its clean waters, steep cliffs and natural wildlife. Named as one of the top places to visit in Northern Europe this year , the best way to discover the fjords really depends on how you like to travel.

Our rail and cruise tours offer you the best of both worlds. You have an expert guide to help you plan your route and bookings, but all of the perks of self-guided travel. These include choosing how much time you want in each area, and having the freedom to add dates and activities within the tour.

Each fjord cruise and train package features iconic rail journeys such as  Norway in a Nutshell® , as well as Norwegian cruise journeys on the equally famous Hurtigruten coastal ferry .

On the other hand, self-drive options are also popular due to the flexibility that comes with our packages. Our driving tours allow you to venture to restaurants and attractions that are further off the beaten path, all in your own time.

If you’d prefer a local guide to show you around, then a small group tour could be the right match for you. Our group tours are unique in that we keep numbers low so that you have more time to spend learning from your guide. We also use smaller minibuses that are more versatile when sightseeing.

However you prefer to see the fjords, you can rely on your travel consultant to help you plan out your Norway holiday and be there each step of the way.

4. What is the best time to cruise the fjords?

Each travel season has pros and cons so there’s no straight answer to this – however we can give you a good idea of what it will be like in Norway during different times, so that you can make the best decision for your trip.

Chasing the northern lights  is understandably on many people's bucket lists. Many travellers head to Northern Norway hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive “dancing” aurora borealis.

The best time to see them is in the autumn and winter seasons, between September and March. So be ready to wrap up warm as these months bring wintry conditions such as snowfall and chilly temperatures.

If you’re keener to experience Norway in milder weather, though, the spring and summer seasons are well-known for long days, " midnight sun ", and warm weather. Perfect if you want those summer snaps of the fjords and the opportunity to join bird watching and kayaking excursions.

Whichever you prefer, we have reliable departure dates and most of our packages can be booked in any month.

Learn more about seeing the northern lights in Norway on our blog on the best time and areas to see them.

5. What is the best fjord in Norway?

No two fjords in Norway are alike as they are naturally formed geological features. The sights from a fjord cruise along Sognefjord will differ greatly to those seen in Geirangerfjord. However, we can recommend the most popular choices that you could see on our rail and cruise packages:

  • Geirangerfjord
  • Nærøyfjord
  • Hardangerfjord
  • Romsdalsfjord

Check out our comprehensive blog article on the most beautiful fjords in Norway for detailed information on which ones may be best for you.

6. Can I choose the arrival date?

Yes, you can choose your preferred arrival date as most of our packages have daily departures. We recommend booking as soon as you can, though, as you will want to secure your ideal dates.

Also, please be aware that we need a few days to confirm bookings. Once we have organised all your travel plans in Norway, and confirmed this via email, then you can book your flight tickets with confidence.

7. Can we add extra nights in some areas?

Our travel consultants understand that you may want more time in the charming fjord villages and cities. You can add days before, during and after the tour. Simply add these on when booking online or if you’ve already booked and want to add dates then contact your dedicated travel consultant as soon possible.

8. How much can we customise a tour?

We appreciate that our customers have travel wishlists when they come to Norway, so we cram as many must-see attractions and insider recommendations as we can into our packages. But you can still add extra days to your trip.

If you have a particular must-do activity, or a must-see place, discuss it with your consultant. We’ll do our best to add it to your itinerary.

Also, our standard  Norway in a Nutshell® itineraries  go from Oslo to Bergen , but you can also travel in the opposite direction. Keep an eye out for links that say, "Looking to start your tour from Bergen instead?" if this is your preference.

9. Are hotels far away from train stations or cruise terminals?

We carefully choose accomodation that’s both comfortable and convenient for our guests. The majority of our hotels are based in the city centre and are within walking distance of the stations. However, your hotel can book a taxi for you to get to the station if that is your preference.

10. What should I pack and wear for a Norwegian fjord cruise?

You should always bring a variety of sensible layers to add or remove when travelling in Norway. The weather can be unpredictable, so don’t forget to pack:

  • A warm jumper or fleece
  • A waterproof jacket
  • Gloves, scarves and hats
  • Comfortable walking shoes/boots/trainers
  • Warm socks (specifically for winter travel)

An umbrella can also come in handy, and cruise passengers may wish to bring binoculars to see the fjords and the local wildlife better. To get ideas on how to dress well for the Nordic climate, check out our useful packing guide .

Our main phone number is +354 578 20 80

How about a live chat with one of our local travel experts

Blog Articles

7 best cruise journeys in norway, what to see and do in norway’s geirangerfjord, when is the best time to go and visit norway, the best and most beautiful fjords in norway, we are here to help.

Whether you have a single question or a special request, we're here for you.

here to help

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Aurora Borealis Activity, Norway


Norway cruises.

Explore Viking Age history and jaw-dropping fjords.

In Norway, you'll admire everything from the deep blue fjords to the snow-capped mountain peaks. Cruise to Norway and head to the inner end of the stunning Aurlandsfjorden to join a fairy tale ride along the Flam Railway, one of the steepest railway tracks in the world. In Honningsvag, situated above the Arctic Circle, admire the views across the sea to the Svalbard Islands and the North Pole, and watch the indigenous Sami people herd raucous reindeer through the area. Stroll through Bergen's Bryggen neighborhood, with its medieval cobblestone alleyways and colorfully painted houses, or go shopping in the small boutiques that offer handmade Sami crafts. Whether you're looking to feast on traditional Nordic king crab or hoping to see the massive glacial walls of the Svalbard Islands, you can do it all in this northern paradise.

Colorful Homes Architecture, Nassau, Bahamas

Find Your Nor-Way

Explore Viking Age History And Jaw-dropping Fjords.

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Beautiful Snow Covered Mountains, Norway


Set off for the north to see the sparsely populated, mountainous country of Norway. Among the thousands of pristine lakes, isolated islands and stunning fjords, you'll feel like you've stepped back into the Ice Age. 

Norway, Stavanger Majestic Cliff


Norway is famous for its fjords, the narrow, steep-sided inlets formed by retreating glaciers at the end of the Ice Age. Head to Geiranger to see Europe's highest fjord, or explore Molde's 12-mile fjord that winds through the archipelago. No matter how you choose to ford the fjords, you'll see why Norway is known for these natural wonders.

Norway, Bergen Local Fishmarket


Different parts of Norway offer unique specialties and tasty delicacies. Most dishes include fish and seafood straight from the sea, but you can head to Naboen Pub and Restaurant in Bergen or Dovrehallen in  Oslo  for meat dishes featuring mutton, beef or reindeer. Try pancakes stuffed with bacon, sour cream and lingonberry jam, or warm up with a creamy fish soup.

Norway Dalsnibba Mountain Plateau


In Norway, you're never far from the natural world. Cruise to Norway to hike or bike the many trails of  Mold e to see views of 222 mountain peaks, or trek along the  Geiranger Skywalk  to see aerial views of glaciers below. In Stavanger, hike up the well-marked paths to the impressive cliff of Prekestol, or simply enjoy the tranquility and quietness of  Flam Valley .

Norway, Bergen Historical Buildings


From the old city quarters to the modern architecture, Norwegian towns off wonderful sights. Take a stroll to Oslo's Opera House for a view of its striking design, or shop for trendy  Scandinavian  souvenirs in the streets of Bergen. You'll be in heaven no matter where you go with Norway cruises. 

Norway, Bergen Historical Town


Explore the remains of medieval Oslo in Gamlebyen (Old Town), and admire the charming wooden houses. In Bergen, wander alongside the wharf and through the narrow alleyways of Bryggen, the oldest part of Bergen founded in 1070. Here you'll walk amongst colorful UNESCO-listed wooden buildings, preserved or rebuilt in their original Medieval style.

Norway, Kristiansand Cannons at Fort Marina


Travel to the southern city of  Kristiansand  to visit the picturesque Christiansholm Fortress, built in the 17th century on the seaside promenade in the city center. Walk along five-meter-thick walls, built to protect the city from pirate assaults. In Oslo, don't miss the Akerhus Castle and Fortress built in 1299, which has also functioned as a royal residence and a prison. You'll find history everywhere you look during your Norway vacation.

Norwegian Rosemaling Flower Art


In Norway's larger cities, like Oslo and Bergen, you can go shopping in big malls and department stores, but there are also many small boutiques, antique shops and markets all throughout the country. The small trendy design stores are stocked with gifts and souvenirs like Norwegian brown cheese or knitted sweaters. In the smaller towns, you'll often find unique shops with handmade crafts like Viking drinking horns.

Norway Tromso Winter


Enjoy the impressive views of the steep mountainsides, flowing waterfalls and narrow valleys of the Norwegian countryside. Immerse yourself in the local culture by admiring the colorful wooden houses and medieval ruins and indulging in the fresh regional cuisine. When you visit Norway, you'll find like you've entered a whole new world.

Norway, Aurlands Fjorden


Originally a Norwegian word describing a narrow inlet formed within a glacial valley, the term "fjord" has since gone international. Norway is home to no less than 1,000 fjords, so be sure to check out the country via these winding waterways. Admire the Geirangerfjord in  Geiranger , the Aurlandsfjord in  Flam  or the Lustrafjord in  Skjolden  for a heavenly view.

Iceland Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa


While you're in the region, why not explore some other  Northern European  cities? Norway's neighboring countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and  Iceland , each have their unforgettably unique characteristics, so be sure to relax in  Reykjavik , Iceland's geothermal spa surrounded by volcanic vistas, or stroll through the stylish Swedish capital, built across 14 islands.

WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Prepare for Nordic Adventure

As an Arctic wonder, Norway offers adventure, attractions and charm all year round.

If you visit the country in the summer, you'll avoid the chilly temperatures, you'll be able to witness the Midnight Sun and will find that more attractions are open. In winter, however, you'll be able to see a northern wonderland covered in a magical layer of snow, which you can enjoy by snow shoeing, skiing or snowboarding. Between late September and late March, it's dark from early afternoon until late morning, and this is the best time to see the Northern Lights.

No matter what season you decide to visit, just remember the Norwegian saying, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes." While the climate between different areas of the country varies widely, the Norwegian winters are long and cold in general. If you wear the right clothes, though, you'll be just fine.

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Norway Mountain Landscape

Wildlife You'll See on Your Norway Vacation

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The Norwegian Krone (NOK) is the official currency of Norway. ATMs are widely available and credit cards are accepted in most restaurants, taxis and shops.

For rainy days, bring an umbrella or raincoat, or head indoors to one of the city's world-class museums.

At the local Tourist Office, you can usually rent a bicycle or pick up some helpful walking and cycling guides.


In Norway, you'll find many higher-end restaurants transforming local ingredients into refined, modern plates. But there's also no shortage of hearty traditional far in the smaller towns or hiparagraphCopy international cuisine in the bigger cities. If you're looking for delectable seafood dishes during your vacation, Norway is the place to go.

Norwegian Cinnamon Buns


Northern Europeans know a thing or two about pastry. If you're in the mood for a sweet treat for breakfast or with afternoon tea, pop into a traditional Norwegian bakery and try the norsk kanelboller, a cardamon-scented dough pastry, or skillingsboller, the Scandinavian cinnamon bun.

Norwegian Fresh Seafood


Throughout Norway, menus in both high-end eateries and humble, family-run spots reflect the long-held local fishing traditions. King crab risotto, creamy fish soup, mussels, poached salmon, tasty fish soups and crispy cod tongues are some of the regional favorites.

Swedish Meatball with Cream Cuisine


Kjottkaker, a popular dish of pan-fried meatballs with onions and spices, can be found nearly everywhere in Norway. It's typically served in a stick-to-your-ribs gravy or lingonberry jam and enjoyed alongside potatoes and vegetables.

Related Ports

Viking history, sky-high breathtaking fjords, the northern lights, and cozy costal towns all complete the vibrant picture of a Norway Cruise. Make your way to ports like Skjolden, Geiranger, Flam, and Bergen. 

Bergen, Norway Colorful Waterfront Homes

Bergen, Norway

Alesund, Norway Rocks and Seawall

Alesund, Norway

Multiple Pieces of Ice Floating through the Sea, Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle (Cruising), Norway

A Replica Viking Boat with Mountains in the Background, Flam, Norway

Flam, Norway

Geiranger, Norway, Snowcapped Fjord

Geiranger, Norway

Northern Lights Over Arctic Terrain in Norway, Honningsvag, Norway

Honningsvag, Norway

Kristiansand, Norway, Coastal Mountain

Kristiansand, Norway

Molde, Norway, Panoramic View

Molde, Norway

Olden, Norway, Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Olden, Norway

Oslo, Norway, Coastal Buildings

Oslo, Norway

Skjolden, Norway, Mountain Landscape

Skjolden, Norway

Tromso, Norway, Mountain landscape

Tromso, Norway

Stavanger, Norway, Cliff Preikestolen

Stavanger, Norway

Panorama of fjord in Norway

Maloy, Norway

Norway is beautiful in the summer.

Haugesund, Norway

Letters in Nordfjordeid on the shore of Nordfjord in Norway

Nordfjordeid, Norway

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A local's guide to the fjords in Western Norway.



In the fjords map you will find links to articles about the most popular areas in western norway..


In the articles which are linked to in the FJORDS MAP you will find information about that specific fjord and the specific area, with great information about what to see, what to do and where to stay.

Fjords map – western norwegian fjords.

Åndalsnes and the Romsdalsfjord from a bird's eye view.

The map below contains information and links to fjords.com’s articles. Links to articles in the certain areas are marked in red. That might be information about places, hikes or other activities. The links to the main fjords are marked in Blue Colour.

The map is a great tool that helps you to plan your visit to the Western Norwegian Fjords.

Note! This is a private and unofficial website with information about the fjords in Western Norway. It is recommended to use a guide on the hikes and tours described on this website.

Fjord Guide

View from Stegastein Viewpoint towards the Aurlandsfjord.

The landscape in Western Norway is considered to be among the most scenically outstanding fjord areas on the planet. Norway have some of the longest, deepest, narrowest and most beautiful fjords in the world.

In the Fjord Guide will find what you need to plan your fjord holiday. Read about the  most beautiful fjords in western Norway. Two of the fjords, the Geirangerfjord  and the  Nærøyfjord , are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The  Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway with its 204 kilometers.

The hope is that this fjord guide will inspire you to come and visit the fjords, and maybe help you to find places to go, places to stay and things to see and do.

From Bakka in the Nærøyfjord. Vestland, Norway.


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The Telegraph

The 12 best cruises in Norway – and which one is right for you

I t’s got the looks, it has the drama and, at 63,000 miles long, Norway has the second longest coastline in the world. From December’s glittering snowscapes to summer’s spectral midnight sun, the country is a year-round scenic sensation and its inlets, fjords, islands and coastal settlements are perfect for cruising.

A cruise will get you a long way in Norway – 2,500 nautical miles if you choose to sail from Bergen and around the top of Scandinavia to Kirkenes. The northern lights belt hits Norway above the Lofoten islands and follows the coast up to the North Cape (Nordkapp) – the landmark, northernmost point of mainland Europe . Beyond, halfway between Europe and the North Pole, lies the starkly beautiful Svalbard archipelago where expedition vessels enter the realm of the polar bear.

Free from light pollution the skies at sea are an inky canvas for the wispish greens and shimmering reddish purples of the Aurora Borealis. As the Arctic summer unfolds itineraries turn to family fun. The Norwegian coast is accessible from ports in the UK, making it ideal for those budgeting for a family holiday. 

Meals on board, entertainment and talks from astronomers, historians, and photography and wildlife experts are part of the holiday. Smaller ships also often include excursions, from guided hikes and ice fishing to kayaking and wildlife safaris. 

The west coast towns of Alesund and Bergen are gateways to the fjords, with Geirangerfjord, Sognefjord and Lysefjord included on many of the shorter cruise itineraries. Meanwhile a longer voyage to Tromso, Honningsvag or Kirkenes will visit many of the most famous fjords, weaving through the islands and islets of the magical Lofotens and giving a flavour of life in the salt-soaked fishing villages and Arctic cities that dot this stupendous coastline.

So what’s it to be? Winter’s dancing skies, summer’s emerald fjords or pack ice and puffins in Svalbard? Here we reveal some of Norway’s choicest cruises.

Norway top to toe

Hurtigruten, the line that began offering a transport, cargo and mail service for remote coastal communities along Norway’s scenic coast, now has several expedition ships, some with on-board science and research centres. 

To mark its 130th year, Hurtigruten has launched the North Cape Express; the first sailing will depart from Oslo – the country’s southernmost city and capital. The voyage crosses the Arctic Circle and finishes in Honningsvåg, the gateway to the North Cape. 

Among the 13 ports of call are Lødingen – a village used on one of the line’s earlier coastal routes – and the historic town of Stokmarknes in the Vesterålen archipelago. It was here, in 1893, that Hurtigruten’s 2,500 nautical mile Coastal Express route was founded by shipping pioneer Richard With. On the waterfront, the 1956-built MS Finnmarken has been restored and encased in glass – a “ship in a bottle” that tells the story of The Coastal Express.

How to do it : A 14-night North Cape Express cruise with Hurtigruten (020 3603 7112) on MS Trollfjord from Bergen to Oslo costs from £2,028pp; departures Oct–Apr. No single supplement for solo travellers.

Svalbard under sail

The three-masted schooner S/V Rembrandt Van Rijn was born in 1747 as a herring lugger. Next summer the refurbished sailing vessel will skirt glaciers and slide past pack ice in the pristine wilderness of Svalbard. Cruising at an average speed of 6.5 knots, there’s a good chance of spotting polar bears, minke whales, Atlantic walrus and birds including the Svalbard rock ptarmigan and little auk. 

Other highlights include a cruise in the Forlandsundet Strait, a walk to the seabird cliff at Alkhornet and a visit to the former mining town of Ny Ålesund. Now a polar research station, Ny Ålesund was the starting point for Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen’s intrepid expeditions to the North Pole. 

How to do it : An eight-day North Spitsbergen Voyage Longyearbyen roundtrip with Regent (0117 453 8299) costs from £2,960pp; departs May 15 and 22, 2024. The Van Rijn carries 12 crew and 33 passengers in mostly twin cabins.

Have a whale of a time

This itinerary on the sturdy icebreaker M/V Quest is packed with interest and includes a journey on the Arctic Train (Ofot Line) from the hiking hub of Narvik to Camp Tamok. There are whale-watching excursions, a husky safari and on-board talks and photography workshops hosted by the expedition team. 

Two nights are spent in Tromso, a riverside city known for its snug cafés, restaurant scene and startling Arctic Cathedral (Tromsdalen Church) inspired by the angular shapes of ice. In the evenings, with luck, there’ll be the chance to put photography tips into action under colourful skies. 

How to do it : A seven-night Northern Lights Arctic Fjord Whale Watching Cruise with Husky Safari holiday through Aurora Zone (01670; 785012) costs from £4,150pp; departs February 22 and March 12 2024. Includes activities and two hotel nights in Tromso. MV Quest carries five zodiacs and has 26 en-suite cabins. 

With ex-UK cruise departures that dovetail with school holidays, a modern, family friendly ship with four pools, 30 places to drink and eat, babysitting services and superb kids clubs, P&O Cruises’ newest ship, Iona, makes light work of multi-generational cruising. Choose from seven, 12 or 16-night durations with generous departure dates. Sailing from Southampton to Stavanger, the itinerary includes Nordfjord, Alesund and Olden, and cruises several of the scenic fjords.

Excursions include a RIB ride in Alesund Harbour, an aerial tramway ride, a hike to the iconic Pulpit Rock for panoramic views of Lysefjord and a bike ride along the scenic North Sea Cycle Route, taking in the lakes, beaches and mountains around Stavanger.

How to do it : A seven-night Norwegian Fjords holiday roundtrip from Southampton with P&O Cruises (0344 338 8003) costs from £799pp; departs March–October and December.

Explore in style

Ponant’s stylish “explorer yachts” pay homage to French explorers, and it’s the Arctic explorer Joseph René Bellot who gives his name to the eponymous Le Bellot. Each of the 92 rooms has a balcony and there is a pool with a counter-current and an underwater lounge with windows and a sound system to capture subterranean acoustics.

This itinerary includes a full day in Reine in the Lofoten islands and a sail along Bjørnøya (Bear Island) in the Barents Sea. According to Greenpeace, Bear Island has the biggest seabird colony in the northern hemisphere. In Hammerfest, 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle, there is an opportunity to explore the Unesco-listed Struve Geodetic Arc, a chain of 34 survey triangulations that stretch from Norway to the Black Sea. 

How to do it : An 11-night Nordic Discoveries and Traditions cruise with Mundy Adventures (020 7399 7630) costs from £9,292pp; departs March 10, 2024. Includes two nights at an airport hotel in Paris.

Something sweet

Master chocolatier Mark Tilling and experts from conservation charity ORCA will join separate Magic of the Northern Lights departures on Saga’s all-balcony ship, Spirit of Adventure, next spring. The cruise is a roundtrip from Portsmouth and visits Bergen, the fjord village of Flam, Tromso, Alta and Alesund. To increase the chances of seeing the Northern Lights, the itinerary features an extended stay in Alta, with an evening excursion to a fire-lit camp on the outskirts of the town.

Tilling will reveal tricks of the trade at a patisserie demonstration and chocolate-making classes. As you cruise, ORCA’S volunteer marine mammal surveyors, armed with binoculars, will be on deck looking for whales, dolphins and seabirds whilst offering passengers an insight into the migratory patterns of bird and marine wildlife. 

How to do it : A 15-night Magic of the Northern Lights cruise with Saga (0808 239 3408) costs from £4,349pp; departs March 2, 2024 with ORCA. Join Mark Tilling on the March 19 departure; from £3,999pp. Both include three excursions, tips, unlimited drinks and either a private or shared transfer to the port. 

A winning combination

Summer brings the opportunity for more adventurous itineraries, including a two-country trip from Viking which sails from Norway to Iceland via Svalbard, Longyearbyen and the Jan Mayen Islands. These remote landscapes can be explored on foot, or by zodiac or kayak. Just outside Longyearbyen, at Fuglefjella (“bird mountain”), there is a RIB (rigid inflatable) safari to see nesting seabirds. 

These include colonies of little auk, puffin, guillemot, Arctic tern, edier and kittiwakes. Once across the Norwegian Sea, Viking Mars, which sails with a resident historian onboard, meets land at ĺsafjördur on Iceland’s dramatic west coast, before dropping anchor in Reykjavik. 

Viking’s Nordic roots can be felt across the ship – on the menus warm, in the warm earthy décor with nods to the natural environment and in the Norwegian-inspired spa.

How to do it : A 15-day Iceland and Norway’s Arctic Explorer cruise with Viking (0800 298 97 00) costs from £6,390pp; departs May 25, 2024. Includes tips, Wi-Fi, and an excursion in each port.

See the stars

If you like to gaze at the heavens, Havila has introduced a number of astrology sailings for 2024. Join John Zarnecki, a distinguished English space scientist and former President of the Royal Astronomical Society, to feed your inner conspiracy theorist with talks on spacecraft, cosmic creatures and the potential for life on other planets (departs March 2).

Alternatively, Ian Ridpath, Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy, will join two departures (February 1 and October 30) to talk about the Northern Lights, Comets, the Stars and the Apollo space missions.

How to do it : An eleven-day Astronomy Adventure with Havila (03455 280 026) roundtrip from Bergen to Kirkenes costs from £1,058pp; excludes flights. 

A solstice sailing

A well-timed sailing from Southampton with Princess Cruises dovetails with the summer solstice on June 21. Emerald Princess will make nine ports of call including Tromso, Svolvaer (for the Lofoten Islands), and Honningsvag, the gateway to the North Cape. Excursions are varied and plentiful. 

Brave the 11 hairpin bends of the Trollstigen Highway (“trolls highway”) to see a waterfall that gushes down the Gudbrand Gorge, travel by boat to the Stappen Islands for birdwatching, hike the face of Briksdal Glacier, or ride one of the world’s steepest aerial trams, the Loen Skylift. On her return journey, Emerald Princess makes a bonus port of call at Edinburgh, before docking in Southampton.

How to do it : A 16-day Land of the Midnight Sun and Summer Solstice cruise with Princess Cruises (0344 338 8663) costs from £1,521pp; departs June 17, 2024. 

Live the dream

Disney cruises from Southampton to Norway sell out quickly so don’t delay if you’ve got next summer in your sights. With its impressive water parks, life-sized “characters” and clubs for kids, tweens and teens, boredom isn’t an option. 

During a cruise to Stavanger, Alesund, Olden and Haugesund, younger sailors can hurtle down Norway’s longest bobsleigh track and learn how to make chocolate at Freia’s Chocolate Factory. Meanwhile, adults can soak up the seaport panoramas from Mount Aksla, take in the pristine scenery at Briksdal Glacier and visit cosy cafés in Haugesand and Alesund. Back on board, there are character breakfasts, treatments at the Senses Spa, adult-exclusive activities and themed deck parties for all.

How to do it : A seven-night Northern Europe and Norwegian Fjords Cruise with Disney (0800 171 2317) costs from £8,048 based on two adults and two children; departs August 5, 2024. 

Wildlife sets the agenda on this expert-led photography expedition around the islands of Tromso. Days are spent cruising the fjords on the sturdy, 12-passenger MS Stockholm, and heading out on zodiac expeditions with wildlife photographer Sean Weekly. Budding photographers have a good chance of seeing pods of orca and humpback whales, white-tailed eagles and flocks of Common and King eider. In the evenings, Weekly will run informal workshops and share tips for capturing the dazzling greens and violet-reds of the elusive Aurora Borealis.

How to do it : A five-night Fjords, Orca and Aurora Photography Expedition with Wildlife Worldwide (01962 302086) costs from £4,995pp; departs November 8, 2024. Includes most meals, transfers and guided activities; excludes flights 

Queen of the fjords

Cunard’s hotly anticipated new ship, Queen Anne , makes her debut in May and will head to Norway in June as part of her maiden sailing season. The fourth ship in the legendary fleet will have a full-sized paddle court, a spa with nine treatment rooms, a top-deck wellness studio with a dedicated café, and a pavilion with a pool and retractable glass roof where passengers can slide from sunbed to gelateria, or settle in for a film at night. 

The Sky Bar is the perfect spot in which to unwind and enjoy views of plunging cliffs and glassy fjords. The itinerary includes scenic cruising in Aurlandsfjord, Sognefjord, Innvikfjorden and Nordfjord and visits to Bergen, the fjord village of Flam, and Haugesund (known as the home of the Viking kings). There’s a generous allocation of cabins for solo travellers, and singles are well looked after with hosted drinks, meals and excursions. 

How to do it : A nine-night Norwegian Fjords cruise with Cunard (0344 338 8641) on Queen Anne costs from £1,299pp; departs Southampton June 23, 2024. 

*Prices include flights unless stated

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Witness the northern lights during a winter cruise in Norway - Havila Kystruten/Marius Beck Dahle

Header image

Bergen: Private Roundtrip to Flam with Sognefjord cruise

Bergen, Norway


Taxes and fees will be calculated at checkout

Experience the best of the Norwegian fjords, mountains, and valleys on this private 11-hour tour to Sognefjord, Gudvangen, and Flåm from Bergen. Travel through the Norwegian countryside by road, rail, and water, and admire panoramic views over the Nærøydalen Valley’s UNESCO World Heritage–listed scenery. Discover a peaceful pace of life in pretty villages such as Gudvangen and Voss, and enjoy free time to explore at your own pace. This tour includes pickup and drop-off at your Bergen hotel or the cruise port.

Ticket Options

1 Option Available

2023 PB-Sognefjord: $406.9

Pickup included


Stalheimskleiva, vossevangen.

Following a morning pickup at your hotel in Bergen or the cruise port, take a seat in your private vehicle at 8:30 am and head towards Dale and Voss to begin your 11-hour tour.

Along the way, stop at the Tvindefossen waterfall and capture the scenery on camera.

Visit the Stalheim Hotel with your guide and enjoy fine views over the UNESCO–listed Nærøydalen Valley from the terrace. Probably the most beautiful view of the day - and you will continue - The Stalheimskleiva Road - Stalheimskleiva is the name of the 1.5-km-long stretch of road that winds its way up the mountainside from the end of the Nærøydalen valley to the top at Stalheim. It is one of Northern Europe's steepest roads and offers beautiful views.The Stalheimskleiva road runs up a ridge between two cascading waterfalls that can both be seen from the road. To the north, you can see the Sivlefossen waterfall, which has a fall of about 140 metres. To the south, the Stalheimsfossen waterfall with a fall of 126 metres. Please note possible to visit only from May - End of September.

Then, follow the winding road through the valley to the ancient village of Gudvangen — nestled at the end of the Nærøyfjord. Here, take a sightseeing cruise by passenger ferry (motor yacht, or RIB are available on request and additional price) over the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord to Flåm.

On arrival to Flam, enjoy lunch in a local restaurant (own expense), then enjoy free time to browse the souvenir shops, the museum of Flåmsbana railway or the local microbrewery at your leisure.

Straight after, get ready to board the famous Flåmsbana railway to Myrdal to admire fine views over the canyons, valleys, and waterfalls for which the region is famous. Stop for photos at the Kjøsfossen waterfall.then in Myrdal switch trains for your onward journey to Voss.

On arrival in Voss, discover top attractions such as the town’s medieval church and gain insight into centuries of Norwegian history. Lastly, take the 1.5-hour return journey by car to your hotel in Bergen to conclude your tour.

Ticket Information

  • Mobile or paper ticket accepted
  • One per booking

What's Included

  • Private tour
  • Hotel or port pickup and drop-off
  • Driver/guide
  • Flam railway and train to Voss (if booking the option with cruise & Flam train)
  • Fjordcruise on the two branches of Sognefjord (if booking the option with cruise & Flam train)

What's not Included

Cancellation policy.

  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Additional Info

  • Infants and small children can ride in a pram or stroller
  • Public transportation options are available nearby
  • Specialized infant seats are available
  • Suitable for all physical fitness levels
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • At time of booking, Cruise ship passengers must provide the following information at time of booking: ship name, docking time, disembarkation time and re-boarding time

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