Yasur Volcanic Safari

Traversing the rugged terrain in a 4-wheel drive, witness untamed horses, coffee plantations, and remote villages before ascending Mt. Loanialu at 522m. Behold captivating vistas of Tanna’s East coast, black sand surf beaches, and Sulphur Bay, offering a glimpse of the distant volcano. Journey across the moon-like SIWI ash plains, arriving at the Volcano entrance. Enjoy a traditional Custom dance and safety briefing before driving along the 4WD track to the Volcano car park. A short 10-minute walk leads you to the crater’s edge, where the mighty Mount Yasur Volcano reveals its awe-inspiring splendor.

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Mount Yasur Guide – Visiting Vanuatu’s spectacular active volcano in 2020

Mount yasur guide 2020.

When you think of Pacific islands you’re probably not picturing Vanuatu. Instead of world-class luxury spa hotels on pristine beaches, Vanuatu is a more rugged and natural place that rewards those with an adventurous spirit willing to work a little harder.

Instead of being transferred to your overwater villa by seaplane or speedboat, getting to the active volcano at Mount Yasur on the tiny island of Tanna requires riding in pick-up trucks on very rough terrain .

Then you’ll be hiking through the undisturbed rainforest , and spending a night in a basic hut with electricity only from a car battery recharged by solar panels. And maybe some rats to keep you company. Very

In this Mount Yasur guide we’ll give you all the facts for planning your trip.

mount yasur vanuatu eruption

Mount Yasur Facts

Discovered in 1774 by James Cook, at least as far as Europe was concerned, Mount Yasur is a 361 metre high volcanic cone on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. The crater is 300 metres wide and 100 metres deep.

It was the glow of the volcano that attracted Captain Cook’s attention when his ship brought Europeans to Vanuatu for the first time.

Vanuatu is a chain of volcanic islands in the South Pacific west of Fiji, a thousand miles from Australia.

Yasur means Old Man.

Mount Yasur is a stratovolcano, which means that it is made up of layers of hardened ash and lava from previous eruptions. The steepness of the slope indicates that the lava doesn’t flow far.

Mount Yasur has been erupting regularly for at least several hundred years, usually a few times every hour. Eruptions are typically small blasts of lava bombs a few tens of metres into the air and the volcano can usually be approached safely.

The lava bomb blasts are often accompanied by a cloud of volcanic ash and gas.

Here’s a video of the journey across Tanna Island and the nighttime eruptions at Mount Yasur:

Ways to visit Tanna Island and Mount Yasur

There are three ways to see Mount Yasur:

Do it yourself

Arrange your own flight in, get a ride across the island in a local car probably arranged by your accommodation, and stay overnight on the eastern side.

An overnight package tour

Another way is to book a package tour which will include flights from Efate, transfers to the volcano, and overnight accommodation. Some will return you to accommodation on the western side of the island where the facilities are better but prices are higher.

A daytime package tour

A third option is a package tour without an overnight stay. This will mean that you get to see into the crater from the air on your scenic flight, but you’ll miss seeing the volcano in darkness, which would be a real shame.

Either of the first two options should mean that you get to see the volcanic activity at the crater rim in the darkness, which is when it is the best sight.

A package trip has the advantage of a scenic flight over the volcano. allowing you to look down into the crater , and some tours allow you to explore the ash plain around the cone and climb up to the crater. The aircraft used on these tours give everyone a window seat.

The package tours are more expensive and may be fully booked, so booking your own flight and accommodation can be cheaper.

However, you won’t get to see the volcano from the air, and your experience on the ground will vary according to the knowledge and attitude of your host.

My driver was an awkward bugger and had made other arrangements with other people, so despite the fee I’d paid for the service, I did not get to explore the ash plain around the base of the volcano on foot and had to hurriedly snap photos from a moving pick-up truck.

When you go with a driver organised by your accommodation you’re just getting some local guy with a truck who only cares about getting you to your destination and getting paid.

When you go with an organised tour package, you’re accompanied by guides whose job is to give you a good experience. I did the self-organised option because it was low season, I had limited time due to flights in and out of Vanuatu, and there wasn’t a tour available on my dates.

I would recommend taking the organised package tour because of the chance to see the crater from above and to spend time down on the ash plain. The DIY option was significantly cheaper, but I think the tours end up giving you more for your money with a lot less effort.

tanna island market stall

How to get to Mount Yasur

You reach Tanna by flying from Port Vila airport on the main island of Efate, arriving into tiny Whitegrass Airport which is no more than a tin hut .

Whitegrass is on the western side of the island close to the island’s main town, Lenakel. From the airport you’ll need to arrange a driver to take you over the central hills to the eastern side of the island.

Your accommodation will usually be able to arrange transfers, or you can haggle a price at the airport.

It is possible to stop at the base of the volcano on the western ash plains and climb up. Officially, you’re only meant to access the volcano through the eastern side entrance at the visitor centre.

If your accommodation messes up your transport and you don’t get chance to explore the ash cone on foot then you’ll be missing out.

tanna volcano yasur black sand road

Visiting Mount Yasur

In order to preserve the natural environment of the volcano and to maintain visitor safety by controlling visits, entrance is now via a visitor centre where you will climb into the back of a pick-up truck for a ride up the trail through the jungle to just below the crater.

The  trail is being improved with concrete but it is still a very bumpy ride . The idea of a single defined vehicle route up through the jungle side is to prevent trucks damaging the scenic western side and to prevent accidents when people try to drive up the ash cone.

In reality there’s nobody there to stop anyone continuing to tackle the western slopes, but most organised tours will take you via the main entrance.

Restricting access via the official visitor centre is also an attempt to ensure safety.  When the volcanic activity is strong, you won’t be allowed in .

A visitor centre, safety monitoring, and a purpose built road up to the rim all comes at a cost, and that cost is the very high entrance fee of 10000VT, or about £65. That’s per person.

What time to visit Mount Yasur

The best time to see Mount Yasur is in darkness. Typically this means arriving at the visitor centre for 4pm.

yasur volcano tanna vanuatu crater panorama guided tour

Is it safe to visit Mount Yasur?

Perhaps the first thing many people want to know from a Mount Yasur Guide is whether it’s safe to vist.

If activity is too high, you won’t be allowed in, and that would suck. Activity was low enough that I was allowed in, but high enough that the higher viewing areas were off-limits, due to the risk of lava bombs landing there.

Despite the apparent risk, it is still immensely frustrating not to be allowed up to see into the crater.

From the lower side you can’t see over the crater rim, so you only get to witness the top part of the lava bombs arc into the sky and you miss all the steaming and exploding that’s going on lower down.

It’s still a fantastic experience when it gets dark and the red glow becomes apparent, but I still get jealous when I see other people’s photos from the better vantage point.

As frustrating as it is, you have to know that an active volcano is a risky place to be. When you’re there you would happily ignore any safety rules to get a better viewpoint, regardless of how logical and sensible you are.

Logic and sense goes out of the window and you just want to get a better view. You’re only there once, it’ll be fine.

This is why it’s a good thing that the operators strictly enforce the rules and don’t give in to all the people complaining and asking to be allowed to get closer. Go on, just once, just for me.

It must be hard for the staff to stand their ground and say no, and when you see what happened to the tourists in New Zealand recently you understand why this is necessary.

I urge you to read our full guide looking at Is Mount Yasur Safe? which gives you full details on the risks, the exclusion zone, activity levels, the eruption history, and all the other facts you should know before you visit.

Mount Yasur tour itinerary

A typical tour itinerary staying in the better resorts on the west of Tanna looks like this. Most will pick you up from your hotel on Efate for the outbound flight:

  • 1200: Depart Port Vila
  • 1300: Arrive in Tanna and transfer to accommodation
  • 1500: 4×4 Safari to Mt Yasur
  • 1600: Arrive at Mt Yasur visitor centre
  • 1700: Arrive Mt Yasur crater rim
  • 1900: Leave Mt Yasur
  • 2030 Arrive at accommodation
  • 0700: Breakfast
  • 0800: Depart Tanna
  • 0900: Arrive Port Vila

If you’re staying overnight near Yasur then you’ll go straight there from the airport. Your return flight will also be later because you’ll need to allow an hour and a half for the return journey over the mountain to get back to the airport.

Heading out of town is your only chance to visit the market and the small grocery stores to get supplies for your stay.

You will need to pick up plenty of bottled water because there will be no safe water for drinking or washing at your accommodation if you’re staying on the western side.

Late afternoon is the time to head to the volcano. At the visitor centre you’ll be “treated” to an annoying “cultural” show, which is just a waste of time and an attempt to justify the very high fee.

Jump into the back of a pick-up truck for a very bumpy ride up to just below the crater rim. There is a Vanuatu Post mailbox if you want to drop in a postcard , and then it’s a short walk to the rim.

There are no barriers or safety rails, but the guides will give strict instructions about where you are allowed to go, and threaten that if anyone ignores the rules then the whole group will be forcibly removed.

When activity is low, you’ll be allowed to walk up to the higher west side which gives a better view down into the crater and the three vents that take turns spitting out red lava. When the activity is higher, you won’t be allowed to go up there.

Some time after darkness you’ll be forced to leave. The route back down to the waiting pick-up trucks will now be in complete darkness , as will the rest of your journey back to your accommodation, so take a torch .

Back down at the visitor centre you’ll be offered a token refreshment but you’ll be better off heading out to find your driver in the darkness.

yasur volcano tanna vanuatu volcano post postal service

What to take to Mount Yasur

  • A tripod if you want any decent shots in the darkness, or to capture long-exposure shots of the lava bombs
  • A warm coat
  • Sturdy footwear
  • A postcard if you want to send one from the Volcano Postbox

Note that Mount Yasur is not suitable for young children. No drones are allowed. Some people say they were allowed to fly drones after paying a 10000VUV fee, but when I visited we were told that drones were banned. You should ask first down at the visitor centre.

Tips for visiting Mount Yasur

Here’s a few things I now know should be in a Mount Yasur guide having learned the hard way.

Prepare for cold and wet weather at the crater after dark.

Take a tripod, and a torch.

If staying in village bungalow accommodation, pick up supplies near the airport before you cross the island.

Wherever you’re staying on Tanna, make sure you pick up bottled water near the airport because there are no shops once you leave the area of Lenakel town.

It’s also a good idea to take hand sanitizer and wet wipes, and expect limited access to electricity and sanitation.

Be prepared for a bumpy and slow ride in pick-up trucks over poor roads. Also be prepared for travel difficulties after rain.

Be warned that if activity at the volcano is high, you won’t be allowed to close to the crater, or maybe not allowed in at all.

yasur volcano tanna vanuatu guided tour safety


It is possible to go ashboarding on the western side of the volcano where most of the ash falls. Arrange it with your accommodation provider. Apparently the ash is very soft. Expect to pay around 10000VT. 

Where to stay at Mount Yasur

If booking a package tour you will have a few choices, mainly the better quality and more expensive hotels on the west of the island near the airport. Choices close to Mount Yasur are very basic village bungalows with limited facilities but offering an authentic island life experience.

A good choice if you want a view of the volcano is Volcano Island Paradise .

David Attenborough and the Tanna Island cargo cult

In a fascinating documentary from 1960, David Attenborough visits Tanna and encounters the John Frum cargo cult. Below is a video with some clips from the original programme, showing what Mount Yasur looked like in 1960.

The full episode is available at the  internet archive .

Best time to visit Mount Yasur

Like Fiji, proximity to Australia makes Vanuatu a very busy place during Australian school holidays. 

High season is May to July and best avoided if you want cheaper prices and less busy conditions. On the other hand if you want the best weather and minimal risk of disruption due to rain, then this is the time to go, but book well ahead.

August to October has decent weather and is less busy. Cheapest prices and quieter times come at the expense of increased cyclone risk in the wet season from November to March. Great for a bargain but be prepared to be flexible because rain can affect transport.

The journey across Tanna is improving every year as a proper sealed road is built, but most of the journey is on dirt roads which can be very difficult in wet conditions.

Volcano activity can be higher after rains. This means it would look more dramatic, but also means an increased risk of visits being cancelled if the geologists decide activity is too high.

yasur volcano tanna vanuatu crater danger sign

Best air tours to Mount Yasur

There are two main providers offering air tours from Efate to Tanna and Mount Yasur: Air Taxi Vanuatu, and Unity Airlines.

The best choice with Air Taxi Vanuatu is their overnight tour to Mount Yasur .

Our pick with Unity Airlines is also the  overnight tour .

All air tours get booked up well in advance. They’re all similar prices. The price varies according to your choice of hotel but expect to pay around £450 per person. Note that this includes your flights from Efate to Tanna, all transfers, accommodation, breakfast, and the entry fee for the volcano.

The volcano entry fee is around £65. Cheap accommodation in a village bungalow like Volcano Island Paradise would be around £40. Transfers between the airport and your bungalow, and your bungalow to the volcano, would total around £100.

Add around £100 for your flights from Efate to Tanna.

If you want to stay longer, or if your budget is tight, then the DIY option will save you £150, or more if you negotiate transfer prices for the whole vehicle instead of per person.

On the other hand, if air tours are available on your dates then the price is really very good considering the added volcano flypast, better accommodation, and ease of planning.

How much is a tour of Mount Yasur?

For an overnight air tour from Efate to Mount Yasur including transfers, entrance, and accommodation, expect to pay around £450 per person.

What is the Mount Yasur entry fee?

Around £65 per person.

What’s the best time to visit Mount Yasur?

Mount Yasur eruptions look most dramatic in darkness so visit in the evening. Go up to the crater before dark.

How do you get to Mount Yasur?

Fly from Port Vila on Efate, to Whitegrass airport on Tanna, about 40 minutes. Then take a four-wheel drive pick-up truck to Mount Yasur, about 90 minutes. At the visitor centre, trucks are provided to take you up to just below the crater rim.

Any active volcano carries risk, but Mount Yasur has been erupting at a low level for hundreds of years. Eruptions are usually small and the volcano crater can usually be approached safely. Activity is monitored and visits are not allowed when volcanic activity is higher than the lowest 2 levels.

Who flies to Mount Yasur?

Air Vanuatu have flights most days between Port Vila on Vanuatu’s main island, Efate, and Whitegrass airport on Tanna Island. Tour operators with air tours from Port Vila are Air Taxi Vanuatu and Unity Airlines.

Best Vanuatu and Mount Yasur tours

mount yasur active volcano view from volcano island paradise 2

Tanna: Mt Yasur Volcano Afternoon into Sunset Guided Tour 

mount yasur tanna vanuatu ash cone

Mt Yasur Volcano Afternoon Guided Tour – Tanna Island

mount yasur vanuatu eruption

3 Night Tanna Island Adventure Package Including Mount Yasur

mount yasur volcano safari

Discover Blue Lagoon, Cascades & Swim with Turtles in Vanuatu from Port Vila

mount yasur volcano safari

Full-Day Vanuatu Round Island Tour from Port Vila

mount yasur volcano safari

Full-Day Vanuatu Cultural, Blue Lagoon & Rarru Rentapao Tour from Port Vila

mount yasur volcano safari

Private Daily Mini Van Hire – Including Tour Guide

mount yasur volcano safari

Vanuatu: Blue Lagoon, Turtle Sanctuary, and Buggy Adventure

mount yasur volcano safari

Port Vila: Mele Cascades and Waterfall Tour

Best books and guides

The best and most comprehensive guide book for Vanuatu is the Lonely Planet Guide to Vanuatu and New Caledonia .

A better value option is the multi-country Lonely Planet South Pacific guide.

An interesting and very funny read before your trip is Getting Stoned with Savages by Maarten Troost who is most well-known for his best-selling and equally brilliant The Sex-lives of Cannibals .

Get more from your trip

About the author.

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Alistair Todd

Vanuatu Traveller |

Vanuatu Traveller

Authentic travel experiences..

mount yasur volcano safari

Classic Mt Yasur Tour

The Classic Mt Yasur Tour provides travellers with a glimpse of Tanna, with an early afternoon drive (approx 2.00pm), with visitors being guided to the crater rim about an hour before dusk, enabling great viewing of the Volcano as the night sets in. This is when the colour, vigour and energy of its eruptions are the most visible.

Tanna Island Views

Traverse the ash plain, being at the volcano rim, an evening spectacle, classic mt yasur tour - early afternoon to evening tour..

The definitive tour for those with limited time, and a burning desire to see Mt Yasur.

Magnificent views of Mt Yasur Volcano can be seen at dawn from Tanna-Adventure accomodation, with a sensational mix of colours from the sunlight mixing with the plumes of Volcanic Smoke in the crisp morning air that is forever changing colour.

Tour Features.

Views of tanna island landscapes..

A 4WD journey from the Whitegrass coast to Mt Yasur takes between one and a half to two hours over unsealed roads through the central Tanna highlands. Various stops are made to view spectacular outlooks of both Yasur Volcano and the eastern Tanna coastline. Getting to the mountain is an experience in itself offering plenty of insights surrounding life on the Island.

Mt Yasur Volcanic Ash Plain.

The Ash plain, once a lake at the base of the mountain, provides a surreal spectacle for visitors as the vehicles pass around the base of the mountain to the passage up the mountain.

At the Rim of Mt Yasur.

At the mountain , participants climb a set of steps to sweeping views over the full summit. Depending on the vigour and ferocity of the activity, good views are obtained of flying lava, debris and venting fumes, along with its matching booming sounds.

Explore the Volcanic Rim and surroundings with the Mountain Guides.

The Primary Focus is Mt Yasur Volcano.

A surreal display of sight and sound.

An afternoon and evening experience.

Classic Mt Yasur Tour Information.

The Classic Mt Yasur Tour is one of the premier natural attractions of the world and a must see for any visitor to Vanuatu, with a unique night-time volcano display.

Whitegrass | Middlebush | Lenakel Zones • Pick-up + Drop-off

Note: * No Deposit Required to make Booking. Full Payment to be made in Vatu at commencement of Tour/Trip/Accommodation. Forex Conversions based on Goodies Forex 21st August 2023

Let Us Help You.

See & Do Trips provide completely costed itineraries, which will take much of the planning worry out of your time on Tanna. Overall, they may also be a more economical proposition.

For See & Do Trips that include the Mt Yasur Tour take a look at:

  • Trip1 : Mt Yasur - Overnight Trip.
  • Trip3 : Mt Yasur - Kastom trip
  • Trip5 : Mt Yasur - Blue Cave

Approximate Timeframe.

Pickup generally occurs between 2.00-2.30 pm, with the duration of the tour being approximately 6 hours. The travel time to the mountain is generally 1.5 -2.00 hours each way. Time at the mountain does vary at the discretion of the Mountain Guides, the government appointed administrators of Mt Yasur who will also provide an initial presentation.

Pickup and Dropoff from Accommodation.

Costs includes pickup and dropoff from accommodation within Middlebush, Whitegrass or Lenakel Zones. A surcharge applies for pickups/dropoffs at other locations due to the high cost to run vehicles.


The Tour includes transport to and from accommodation (as above) including the driver/guide, and entrance fees to Mt Yasur. The Mountain Guides provide visitors with otherequipment while on the mountain itself.

What to Bring.

Firstly, given that the Tour is lengthy and visitors do not generally arrive back at their accommodation until about 8.00 pm, adequate water should be taken (generally available from accommodation) and snacks, especially for children). Visitors should ensure that they have suitably closed-in footwear for being on rough terrain (however specialised tramping boots are not generally required).

Depending on the time of year warm clothes may be needed (definitely between May through to November) including a windcheater or raincoat. While the Guides provide some torches it is recommended that visitors bring their own as it makes walking on the rim much more manageable, and a must for coming down off the mountain.

The Classic Mt Yasur Volcano tour on Tanna Island leaves at about 2.00-2.30pm in the afternoon so that visitors can experience the fantastic display of magma at dusk, and returns at around 8.00 pm

Minimum Numbers.

The Classic Mt Yasur Tour requires a minimum number of two (2) people for it to proceed.

Single travellers are able to be a part of tours that are proceeding, or where more than one single shows interest for a specific date, then we are able to make up minimum numbers accordingly. Single travellers should contact us directly through our inquiry form to organise.

Booking Cut-Off Period.

Online bookings are accepted up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled tour date under consideration. For example, a cut-off of online bookings occurs at 9.00am on Tuesday for a tour commencing at 9.00am on Friday.

Where bookings are wanted to be made closer than 72 hours to the scheduled tour, these should be requested through our inquiry form. Such late bookings may or may not be possible and are dependent on communications on the island amongst other factors.

Bookings : Deposits and Final Payments.

No Deposits are Required to make a booking. However, satisfactory contact details are required in the booking process including a contact email (We will confirm with you the booking through email). We reserve the right to cancel any booking where no response has been received regarding confirmation process, or were we have not received any pickup/drop-off information.

Tanna Island is a cash society, where banking is rudimentary. Full Payment is required in Vatu at time of pickup, and prior to commencement of Tour/Trip/Accommodation.

You are provided with the Cost of the Tour/Trip/Accommodation during the booking process and you are sent a formal copy of your Booking by email. You are also able to cancel your booking through the online process at any time (should your booking no longer suit).

Prices are Contingent on Entrance Fees at 1st April.

Our Prices are made up from a number of items, attraction entrance fees included.

In recent years, the Mt Yasur Volcano administration has taken to increase entrance fees at extremely short notice, effective at 1st April year to year. Other Kastom owned attractions have subsequently followed suit. Consequently, our costs are "Contingent", and any differential in entrance fees + boat trip, either side of 1st April are payable as an extra to the booking.

Increases due to "Contingent" entrance fees affect very few people, and are only relevant to bookings that are made prior to 1st April for a scheduled date occurring after 1st April. The majority of bookings are made after 1st April and are not affected in any way.

Full Terms and Conditions of Making a Booking.

Full Terms and Conditions regarding making a booking with Vanuatu Traveller are available here and all customers should take the time read and be comfortable with them. Should you have any questions please contact us via the contact form.

BOOK : Classic Mt Yasur Tour.

Trip 1 : Mt Yasur Overnight Trip.

Trip 1 : Mt Yasur Overnight Trip.

  Island Volcanic Experience .

The Mt Yasur Overnight Trip provides for travellers whose focus surrounds viewing Mt Yasur during its night time splendour. The excursion centres around the Classic Mt Yasur Tour on the afternoon/evening of arrival, with airport drop-off the next morning. This trip is a "short & sharp" trip, spending the least amount time on Tanna Island. Features include:

   Classic Mt Yasur Tour.

Trip 3 : Mt Yasur Kastom Trip.

Trip 3 : Mt Yasur Kastom Trip.

  Volcanic encounter meets cultural adventure.

The Mt Yasur Kastom Trip commences around midday on the first day and centres on the afternoon/evening Mt Yasur volcanic display. The second day provides travellers with a stimulating two walk through traditional kastom trials, along with intriguing slices of Tannese rituals, before departure in the late afternoon.. Features include:

   Middlebush Kastom Walk & Black Magic.

Trip 5 : Mt Yasur  Blue-Cave Trip.

Trip 5 : Mt Yasur Blue-Cave Trip.

  Tanna Island Essential Highlights.

The Mt Yasur Blue-Cave Trip bestows visitors with the broadest travel experience with Mt Yasur Volcano and the aquatic Blue Cave being highlights. The trip is rounded out with a variety of cultural experiences and Tannese slices of life. Over three days travellers obtain an unique understanding of what makes Tanna Island so special. Features include:

   Giant Banyan, West Coast, Blackmantown.

   Blue Cave Tour.


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Mount Yasur Guide: Hiking An Active Volcano in Vanuatu!

April 27, 2023 | Views: 2,472

Green trees sit in front of smoke drifting from the top of a volcano.

Mysterious tropical islands, complete with their own captivating tribes and apocalyptic dangers, sound like something straight out of the pages of Indiana Jones. Yet deep within the south pacific, there lies the remote islands of Tanna, an adventure traveller’s dream.

A guide to hiking Mount Yasur, an active volcano in Vanuatu is definitely on the cards if you wish to itch your intrepid scratch while visiting this welcoming island nation.

Mount Yasur volcano, which is sacred to the indigenous Melanesians , Mount Yasur has been a focal point for generations of both locals and most recently, travellers who like to get off the well-beaten path.

While it may have erupted continuously for several hundred years, Yasur draws in a handful of willing hikers every year. Combining the thrill of climbing an active volcano in one of the often-cited happiest places on earth , whose country’s name translates as the chest-thumping; “our land forever,” what’s not to love about this idea?

So, how do you get to this fairly unknown island Tanna, and what does it take to hike the angry beautiful beast? Let’s get into it after taking a look at the natives who live there.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Table of Contents

Religion and Culture of Tanna People

The people of Tanna are mainly made up of Melanesians, indigenous peoples who are spread right across the western South Pacific. Adhering to a traditional way of life, many of the native islanders reject any form of modernisation, especially in the high-altitude villages, known as Kastom villages – a word taken from the Australian pronunciation of custom.

One of the most peculiar traits of the Tanna islanders is their adherence to religious movements known as ‘Cargo Cults’. Cargo cults came about after many of these Pacific Islands were occupied by military forces during the Second World War . The islands were quickly transformed from societies untouched by modern technology for thousands of years to military bases, filled with all kinds of modern cargo – often dropped by aeroplanes onto the island.

You can imagine the sheer shock felt by the indigenous population; seeing all this modern technology of the 20th century appear before them in an instant. To them, only the Gods could have created and bestowed such technology.

Once the US Navy and Army left the islands, the indigenous peoples created a religious cargo cult known as the John Frum Movement. This movement includes building ritualistic landing strips, mimicking the militaristic drill formations, and marches, and even raising the American flag.

All of this is done with pure religious zeal , hoping that the Gods that gave such modern technology to the outer world will return and bestow it on the indigenous Tanna islanders.

Apart from the John Frum Movement, the Tanna villages of Yaohnanen and Yakel follow another cargo cult known as the ‘Prince Philip Movement’. This follows the notion that Prince Phillip, the late husband of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth of the UK, is a divine being and embodies a strong spirit directly connected with Mount Yasur.

As out there as this might sound, Prince Phillip welcomed a select group of these islanders to visit Windsor in 2007 and a mourning ceremony was recently carried out by tribal leaders shortly after his death.

Where is Mount Yasur? (And How To Get There)

A small plane is grounded as a group of tourists chat around it.

Mount Yasur stands proud on the island of Tanna, one of the southernmost islands that make up the Vanuatu archipelago chain, which lies within the South Pacific Ocean, a thousand miles east of Australia and 700 miles west of Fiji. 

To get to Tanna and Mount Yasar you’ll need to fly to Port Vila (VLI), Vanuatu’s capital and only international entry point. Generally, this means flying via one of Australia’s eastern cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne. Your flight from here will take around four to five hours. 

Related Post: Unusual Things To Do in Sydney

The high-maintenance accessibility possibly explains why this gorgeous country is still one of the least visited nations on Earth . 

Once on the island of Efate, Vanuatu’s main island, it’s a case of getting a smaller inter-island flight to Tanna. Air Vanuatu runs two flights daily, departing early morning and early afternoon. The flight from Port Vila to the island of Tanna will take around forty minutes and will cost about VUV 12,000.

Is it Safe To Climb Mount Yasur?

Hiking one of the most active volcanoes in the South Pacific is never going to be without its obvious inherent dangers. This is no fairweather bubbling peak such as the Pacaya volcano hike in Guatemala, the Vanuatuan government have even developed a number system to ensure everyone is aware of Mount Yasur’s activity level. 

  • Level 0 is normal
  • Level 1 is signs of volcanic unrest
  • Level 2 is major unrest
  • Level 3 implies a minor eruption
  • Level 4 is a moderate eruption
  • Level 5 is a major eruption.

The volcano is prone to lava bombs, falling volcanic rock, landslides and sulphuric clouds. This may sound like a hellish landscape, but with the right care and precautions, there is no reason why you can’t complete a Mount Yasur hike. 

Mount Yasur is broken down into three zones; safety zone B, safety zone A and a permanent exclusion zone within 395 m of the eruptive vents. There have been around three deaths, all of which took place during the mid-1990s, but these have been as a result of tourists ignoring the exclusion zones.

With scorching volcanic rock being thrown out at hundreds of miles an hour, it would be foolish to venture any lower into the lip of Mount Yasar than the permanent exclusion zone.

There’s no getting away from the fact that hiking the slopes of an active volcano is going to come with some risks, but you’ll be fine. Following clear safety instructions will go a long way to keeping you out of harm’s way, and after all, a little risk is what makes hiking a volcano on a tropical island even more seductive.

Best Time To Climb Mount Yasur

Like most of the Pacific Islands, Vanuatu has two distinct seasons; a dry season and a wet one. 

Vanuatu’s wet season starts around November and continues right through until March. While showers are sporadic and rarely affect the ability to travel across the island, it does make the trek very hot and very humid – not something you really want when surrounded by molten hot rock.

Peak season in Vanuatu lasts from mid-December right through until the end of January. This is the time when Australians and New Zealanders tend to descend on the island in numbers.

I’d say that the best time to visit Vanuatu and climb Mount Yasur would be during its shoulder months, around May or September (which is what we did). The weather is pleasant, there is very little chance of a cyclone, and the tourist traffic is low – ideal conditions for climbing a volcano!

You can also choose whether to climb Mount Yasur during the day or in the evening. During the day, you can enjoy pretty amazing views across the island, but you’ll pay for it in sweat. Alternatively, climbing Mount Yasur in the evening is much cooler and you’ll have time to appreciate the hypnotic glow of the not-so-distant magma dancing above the volcano. 

Can You Volcano Board Down Mount Yasur?

volcano boarding in nicaragua leon

Sadly for me, it was not allowed at the time that I hiked Mount Yasur and was closed temporarily due to the volcano bubbling a little too much, which apparently affected visibility. 

However, volcano boarding down Mount Yasur is a done thing and seeing so there aren’t many places in the world where you can do this wild activity, I say you make it happen if the stars align.

After volcano boarding in Nicaragua , I was completely hooked on the idea, however, it just wasn’t meant to be for me. So if you can, go do it and make me jealous!

Fitness Level For Climbing Mount Yasur

Like most volcanic mountains, Mount Yasur is not a Sunday morning ramble around the park and will take some effort. This being said, you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete or even super fit to complete the climb. 

People of all ages and fitness levels complete the Mount Yasur climb; it’s all about patience. There’s no point rushing to the top without appreciating the nature around you. Stop regularly to catch your breath or even sit down on your way. 

Go slow as the ash will make you slip down if you go too fast. You’re not in a race, just slowly dig in and enjoy the beauty around you.

Where To Stay in Tanna To See Mount Yasur

Tanna is home to a variety of different accommodations, suiting a range of budgets and experiences. Much like other island nations in this part of the world – if you fancy experiencing island life in a more subtle and authentic way there are a number of traditional bungalows located on the east of the island, perfect for clear views of Mount Yasur.

You’ll also find endless bungalow-type accommodation peppered along the Loanengo road and this eastern region, offering a real down-to-earth feel to your stay on Tanna without spending the earth. 

If you’re looking for a more luxurious stay on the island, then the western edges are your best bet. Scattered along the beaches here are boutique hotels with a more refined resort-like feel. If you do stay on the western shores, you will need to organise transportation to the Mount Yasur centre before beginning your hike.  

We stayed in a lovely little traditional bungalow called ‘Hidden Treasures’ where we could see the furnace of smoke erupting from Mount Yasur, what a life.

Climbing Mount Yasur: My Experience

Bubbling smoke coming from Mount Yasur volcano in Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

I think this one speaks for itself. Taking a private jet to a remote paradise island, in an already isolated country and hiking up an incredibly active volcano, with some of the friendliest people in the world… never has there been a better time to use the term; “why not?”

The only thing that I didn’t love was the fact that I left my new camera up there! I did, however, manage to snap a few on my phone of the trip to Tanna Island, and of the bubbling furnace at the top.

It’s forever in my memory though and maybe the universe was telling me that I needed to slow down a bit and enjoy the moment.

Yasur volcano is definitely worth the time and effort required to get there and the prize of the foaming lava, once you get to the top is one of those that you’re best off being present and completely taking it all in, I hope this guide to hiking Mount Yasur convinced you to take the plunge and make this unique experience a chapter in your own life story.

' src=

Anthony Middleton

Ultra runner walking in desert

Hi, I'm Anthony!

In November of 2010, I took on a mammoth challenge against the clock in a quest to upgrade my miserable life. I went out of my comfort zone and turned it all around. Ten years later, I’m completely location independent…

How to start a lifestyle blog and make money

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Hiking in The Solomon Islands (Guide For All Fitness Levels)

Welcome to American Samoa

What’s The Difference Between Samoa & American Samoa?

A beautiful sinkhole with a ladder leading to it in Samoa, To Sua Ocean Trench

How To Visit To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa (2024 Guide)

mount yasur volcano safari

  • ONE YEAR OF TRAVELS 2019/2020

mount yasur volcano safari

MT. YASUR VOLCANO, Vanuatu | climbing an active volcano on Tanna island


The ACTIVE VOLCANO Mt. YASUR on TANNA island was one of the main reasons why we eve considered visiting VANUATU . It is one of the most EASILY ACCESSIBLE active volcanoes in the world. And wouldn´t that be great if I could have this experience watching hot lava exploding from craters with Lu next to me? I was convinced. We had to go there during our longer South Pacific trip. And now that we did it, I can only say this really was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the whole trip.

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

first views on Mt.Yasur volcano

The active volcano is without a doubt the MAIN ATTRACTION on Tanna island and many visitors only fly in for a day or two, climb up to the top and fly back home or to other islands. We stayed on Tanna for 5 days and loved the WILDERNESS . I mean, ERUPTING VOLCANOES, TREEHOUSES, LOCAL VILLAGES, TRIBES, JUNGLE. Everything still very much unspoiled by mass tourism. You should give it more days than just a quick volcano tour.

Mt Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

at the foot of the volcano

Mt. Yasur volcano is a SACRED AREA for the local people and all visitors have to go through a SPECIAL CEREMONY in order to enter the grounds. Besides getting a go from the LOCAL CHIEF, you absolutely have to obey all the rules explained to you once you start going up there. We were each given a flower for good luck and after a RITUAL OF SINGING AND DANCING we were all set to continue.

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

during the ceremony we were each given a flower necklace

It was only 10 OF US GOING UP THERE THAT EVENING. That was just amazing. I honestly expected there would be more people. Not that I´m complaining, visiting in small groups makes a much more intimate experience. It is also impossible and illegal to try and go up on your own. So you have to do it on an ORGANISED TOUR. After about a 10 minute drive in 4×4 cars on a pretty bumpy “road” we reached the trail. From here, it was AN EASY HIKE, say about 20 minutes.

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

walking the rim of the Mt.Yasur volcano

The views were just SPECTACULAR . The sky looked like it might rain and around the volcano you really never know where the clouds turn, but we hoped for the best.

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

the views from the volcano

Hmmm a POST BOX on the Volcano? Well why not. There seemed to be lots of post poxes in the most strange locations all around South Pacific. Like underwater. Or on the volcano.

Mt Yasur Post office Tanna island Vanuatu

Mt Yasur Post box

On the top. And yes, we were wearing flip flops. We did have our proper shoes in the backpack but there was no need for those. We basically walked the rest of the train BAREFOOT , we had a much better grip on the sand without shoes.

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

Lu standing at the top of the volcano just before we started the walk to the other side

First sight of this 400m WIDE CRATER were already exciting, but we had to walk all the way AROUND TO THE OTHER SIDE to get the best VIEWS ON THE LAVA.

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

the start of the hike around the rim of the volcano

We made it all the way around and I have to say, even though this hike really does not require a high level of fitness, you do have to be careful how you walk. On this 361 high volcano THERE ARE NO SAFETY FENCES and the fall down the crater would be a rather steep one. There have been PEOPLE KILLED BY FLYING PIECES OF LAVA, so do not by any chance wonder off the trail and take care of your steps. We found our spot here, sat down and WAITED FOR THE SUN TO SET.

Mt.Yasur volcano Vanuatu Tanna island

first views down the craters

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

It is really hard to imagine the SMELLS and the LOUD SOUNDS of the ERUPTIONS if you had not seen this on your own. It is soooo loud. It was like we were in a war zone and there were bombs dropping all around us. I was a bit scared I have to admit. Lu was scared as well. Like, more than me haha. On one side it felt so incredible to see all this but then there were seconds when I wondered, is this REALLY SAFE? Hot rocks and pieces of glowing lava were landing really not far away from where we were. But we were there now, so we trusted the guides, they know what they are doing. They come up here every day probably. So all good.

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

first bigger lava explosion,  Mt.Yasur volcano

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

another loud lava explosion,  Mt.Yasur volcano

We were quite lucky to be able to visit the top anyway as sometimes the ACTIVITY IS SO STRONG that this is not possible. Sometimes the whole broader area is closed as well. There is a SCALE , going from LEVEL 0 TO LEVEL 4 . Zero being the low activity, 1 being normal activity, 2 moderate to high, 3 severe with loud explosions and 4 major eruption. AT THE TIME OF OUR VISIT   we were almost reaching LEVEL 3. At level 3 the top is closed and at level 4 ashes an affect other islands as well. So we had quite an experience!

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

once the sun set, the colours were just amazing

GOING UP WITH KIDS? The guides did warn me I am taking Lu with me at my own risk. There was a Chinese girl who was even a bit smaller and we all survived without consequences. I would personally not do it with a child younger than lets say 5 years old. And only if they really understand that running around is not an option. Might even taken earplugs for him, if I knew it will be that loud. So expect it to be LOUD and SMELLY .

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

There was a massive explosion about every 10 minutes

It was just ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING THINGS WE DID , Lu and me. We felt like winners once the sun set and we were up there in the middle of nowhere, on the top of a volcano. And we felt so damn small. Even if scared, it was totally worth it and unforgettable. THE WALK BACK DOWN was a bit tricky though. It was pitch dark. We had LAMPS but the path was really narrow at times. Good that Lu was scared enough to understand this is no place to make jokes and he held my hand while going back. Even told me he loved me like a thousand times that evening. And that he will behave and be a good boy as long as I don´t let him fall into the lava. So this turned out to be an overall educational experience haha.

Mt.Yasur volcano Tanna island Vanuatu

Mt.Yasur volcano at night, Tanna island Vanuatu

So, to sum it up. Was this worth it? Hell yeah. It was one of THE BEST THINGS WE DID ON THIS TRIP. Or ever. And we did it together and we were scared together and then we laughed about it together at dinner. While having a cold beer and ice cream thanking life for giving us such great opportunities.


climbing up an active volcano Mt Yasur Tanna island Vanuatu

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Wow! That is a once in a lifetime experience! So cool that you got to witness it.

' src=

Yeah it really was, thanks 🙂

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Mt Etna is silhouetted a stream of smoke veering to the right of the slope, you can see several smoke circles rising from the smoke one floats further than the others.

Volcanoes blow smoke rings. Here's how they do it.

These ghostly hoops have been spotted above volcanic events around the world. But how they form has long been a mystery.

Volcanoes are famed for their furious fireworks—from thundering pyroclastic flows to scorching rivers of lava. They can, however, be just as awe-inspiring during their quieter moments, like when a simmering peak blows a lazy smoke ring into the sky.

Over the last few days, Italy’s vertiginous Mount Etna has been doing just that, exhaling myriad ephemeral hoops up into the azure.

A vent at the Yasur volcano blows smoke rings in this animation made from infrared images.

Naturally, everyone who has witnessed this party trick wants answers: how on Earth are volcanoes crafting smoke rings—and why are only some of these angry mountains capable of making them?

Such apparitions have long been spotted flitting above multiple volcanoes across the world, but it wasn’t always clear how they were being made. Although they can be hundreds of feet across, the rings are short-lived and unpredictable, making them difficult to study. But in 2019, a team of scientists led by Fabio Pulvirenti —then a senior fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and now at Henan Polytechnic University in China—decided to do the next best thing and simulate them on a computer.

( How volcanoes form—and why they erupt .)

Their results, published in the journal Scientific Reports in 2023, revealed that these smoke rings are made much in the same way that cigarette smokers blow rings—and how smoke cannon toys eject fog through a narrow circular opening. With all three, there needs to be a substantial amount of vapor collected and then expelled quickly to form a decent ring.

Introducing Nat Geo Kids Book Bundle!

It certainly looks impressive. But in the end, it all comes down to some pretty straightforward physics.

smoke rings

What is a volcanic smoke ring?

Despite the name, volcano smoke rings aren’t made of smoke, explains Boris Behncke , a volcanologist at Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology who was not involved with the 2019 research. Instead, the volcanic variants are largely made of condensed gases, predominantly water vapor, escaping from the magma and propelled from the volcano’s vent.

Strong winds can prevent rings from forming. But in their absence, gossamer circlets forged from a decent supply of volcanic vapor—which is warmer and less dense than the surrounding air—can drift toward the sky and start expanding. Eventually, when they shed most of their vapor, the rings vanish from sight.

But only some volcanoes seem able to make smoke rings, and only at certain times. Back when Pulvirenti first learned about them in 2013, he found that the scientific literature offered no substantive answers. So, when his curiosity became too much to bear, he recruited some colleagues and took a crack at solving the mystery.

( The world’s loneliest volcano may hold something truly rare .)

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The team perused plenty of observations of volcanic smoke rings, seeing how high they rose, how fast they moved, how quickly they cooled, how much their compositions varied, and how frequently they contained ash. The scientists also read up on how magmatic gases migrated through and escaped from volcanic conduits, and they dove into the complex physics of vortex formation in fluids, gleaned from laboratory experiments.

They then plugged all their findings into a computer model. By fiddling with the build-up of pressure within the conduit, as well as the geometry of the virtual volcano’s vent, the team worked out just what it takes to make smoke rings.

How do smoke rings form—and why don’t all volcanoes do it?

As magma rises through the conduit, the surrounding pressure drops, allowing dissolved gases to emerge as bubbles. If the magma is not too viscous, bubbles can merge into singular pockets of pressurized gas. When they approach the vent, these gas pockets can violently depressurize and explode, propelling hot vapor upward, sometimes at near-supersonic speeds.

Vapor ejected from the vent then drags on the volcano’s rocky sides, causing the ball of gas to roll up around the edges. (Slow-motion videos show the exact same thing happening with smoke cannon toys.) Then, as the rolled-up vapor ring meets the cold atmosphere, it chills, decelerates, condenses, and becomes visible, a bit like the contrails of airplanes.

Crucially, to make rings, a volcanic vent must be fairly circular, and the sides of the vents have to be the same height. If the vent is too irregularly shaped or broken up, the ring may be severely warped, unstable, or won’t form at all.  

( These crystal lava shards are a snapshot of a volcano’s underworld .)

Benjamin Simons (a volcanologist at the University of Auckland in New Zealand back when Pulvirenti presented his team’s results in 2019) has seen smoke rings at several persistently active volcanoes , including Mount Yasur in Vanuatu. Most of the rings he saw escaped from skylights, roughly circular natural openings perched above the level of volcanic vents that are open to the “beautiful night glow of magma” below, he says.

When small puffs of volcanic gas were forced through these narrow openings, smoke rings appeared. They rose ponderously, he explains, rarely having the power to leave the summit crater before fading away. The results of Pulvirenti’s computer model match with Simons’ own observations; the more circular the opening, “the more likely it is to produce a smoke ring,” he says.

Pulvirenti’s model explains why smoke rings aren’t seen at every volcano all the time, since the rings require such precise conditions to form. Even when these conditions are met, however, smoke rings don’t always appear, suggesting that there is more to the gassy pandemonium within volcanoes than we currently know.

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    It is signifacnt advice, as Mount Yasur explosions are so loud, it is very easy to panic. Mount Yasur Volcano activity is constantly monitored. Yasur activity level was 2 on the day of the tour. The scale is from 0-5 and tours are only allowed with 0,1 and 2 levels. The tour will not go ahead if the level is between 3-5.

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