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moon safari blomljud review

Blomljud: “A Masterpiece” – Metal Review

Check out this fantastic 2008 review of Blomljud from Metal Review.

“Moon Safari’s music is a breath of fresh air on a sunny day”.

With thanks to Marty at Metal Review, who really gets what the band is about.

Moon Safari – [blomljud] (metalreviews.com)


Moon Safari


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Review: Moon Safari – Himlabacken Vol. 2

Published by andy on december 27, 2023 december 27, 2023.

moon safari blomljud review

Style: (neo) prog rock (clean vocals) Recommended for fans of: The Flower Kings, Neal Morse Band , The Tangent, IQ, Focus Country: Sweden Release date: 8 December, 2023

In the illustrious world of progressive music that brings us all together here, a very particular strand of neo-progressive rock exists, so happy as to make my skin crawl. When I was younger—never quite happy-go-lucky but slightly less burdened by existence than I am now—I could tolerate some joy in my music, inhaling Neal Morse , The Flower Kings , and even Cheeto’s Magazine as if they could cure my mental health. Nowadays, the fondue of happy neo-prog makes me physically recoil; I developed lactose intolerance in my advanced age (of twenty years old). So why the hell did I pick up Moon Safari , a band in a close second to The Flower Kings for most disgustingly happy in Sweden? Well, I liked their album Blomljud a lot and still hold it in high regard compared to the rest of the genre. A mere decade after Vol. 1 , Himlabacken Vol. 2 (from here on out just Himlabacken ) plays in the same jubilant register, and I want to see where exactly my current tolerance is.

Himlabacken begins absolutely covered in a sticky sweetness like syrup, drenched in the most 80s sounding synths I’ve ever heard—heck, they must have stolen the sound directly from Van Halen ’s “Jump.” Besides the outdated, albeit admittedly fun, synths, the intro track “198X (Heaven Hill)” continues with very tasteful vocal harmonies and pretty slick guitar tones. As much as I recoil from the major chords, I can’t truly roast Moon Safari because they’re damn good performers clearly having a jolly old time. The vocals in particular are excellent all across the album, several echelons above the prog singers of yore, and the vocal harmonies throughout scratch my brain in a pleasing way. The guitar and bass interact pleasantly on Himlabacken , too, with uplifting guitar solos aplenty and some necessary bass plodding underneath.

Despite my attempts to enjoy this album by virtue of the performances, the songwriting holds it back. Beyond the 80s sections jumping far into kitsch territory, tracks like “Between the Devil and Me” and “Forever, for You” meander without much to hold them together. The former goes on for over ten minutes without earning close to its length because of repetitive sections all over and a particularly dreary slow part, the track only picking up in the last thirty seconds or so with one of the heavier rock riffs on the album adding some much needed intensity to the sound—of course, thirty seconds can’t save a song on its own. The latter is simply bland, never breaking new ground, a mediocre reprisal of what came before on Himlabacken . Moreover, Himlabacken is so steeped in sappy, neo-prog cliches a là Neal Morse , it’s painful to a curmudgeon like me. The end of “A Lifetime to Learn How to Love” is a clear attempt at the grandiose, but it falls flat because of the predictable soaring guitar melodies. Even worse is that the track’s painfully slow pacing kills the album’s momentum completely. Himlabacken ’s length is already quite unwieldy, easily eclipsing the hour mark (when Vol. 1 was a prim forty-six minutes), and with several tracks being either too slow, bloated, or completely inessential, trim the fat and make this a stronger forty-six minute album, too.

Surprisingly, one track is bloat-free, the epic “Teen Angel Meets the Apocalypse.” From the get go, the added orchestration of the strings is lovely, making the songwriting feel much more inspired, too, replete with fleshed out transitions, a clear arc, and those sweet strings. The production on Himlabacken stands out on this track as superb, crystal clear with every instrument sounding rich and well-mixed; hats off to Moon Safari for that. Saving all of your inspiration for the long track is certainly a prog trope, and Moon Safari really did whip out all their guns for this. The lyrics still painfully cheesy, this song is a true standout prog rock epic (now known as the Nospūn approach) except for fumbling the bag a bit near the ending with another cliched outro solo I could’ve written in my sleep for the style. 

My tolerance for outrageously happy progressive rock is higher than anticipated, but I chalk it up to Moon Safari ’s wonderful, warm production and tasteful vocal performances—their harmonies are what D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings could only hope to be. Himlabacken suffers substantially in many of the ways anticipated with its meandering writing, cheesiness, and kitsch genre cliches, but it’s not a completely joyful trainwreck—maybe my little Grinch heart grew a size today, tis the season after all.

Recommended tracks: 198X (Heaven Hill), Teen Angel Meets the Apocalypse, Epilog You may also like: Echolyn; Kaipa; Transatlantic; Cheeto’s Magazine; D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings ; Ice Age ; Southern Empire ; Dry River Final verdict: 5/10

Related links: Bandcamp | Spotify | Official Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Label: Blomljud Records Moon Safari is: Petter Sandström – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica Simon Åkesson – lead vocals, lead keyboards Johan Westerlund – bass, backing vocals Pontus Åkesson – guitars, backing vocals Sebastian Åkesson – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals Mikael Israelsson – drums, percussion, backing vocals

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moon safari blomljud review

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moon safari blomljud review

  • Best of Moon Safari

Blomljud (Remastered 24​-​bit Audio)

By moon safari.

moon safari blomljud review

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Moon Safari Sweden

Himlabacken Vol. 2 out Dec 8. Moon Safari is a Swedish progressive rock group formed in Skellefteå, Sweden, in 2003. The band focuses on vocal arrangements in the style of Gene Puerling and they willingly surrender to the spirit of 60s rock, pop and progressive rock music, previously invoked by the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Yes. They have toured both Japan, North America and mainland Europe. ...   more

  • moonsafari.se
  • May 18 Scen 1, Sara Kulturhus Skellefteå, Sweden


moon safari blomljud review

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Moon Safari - Blomljud (English version)

12.05.2008 ,  Artur Chachlowski


It is what they do on their new double album entitled "Blomljud". This Swedish phrase, reportedly having no correspondent in any other language, could be translated as “sounds of the flowers”. Indeed, while listening to music from this album one gets the impression as if in Moon Safari’s music everything can sing: flowers, wind, air, trees… There’s so much elusiveness, delicacy, ethereal beauty, but at the same time you would find a great deal of vividness, energy and joy. Honestly, such magical and infinitely beautifully sounding music is indescribable.

There are two lead singers in the band (Simon Åkesson and Petter Sandstrom), but on "Blomljud" all musicians perform vocally. And as they really can sing and they do it in a really exquisite way, it is no wonder that on the album a number of superb vocal harmonies, which you just marvel at,  may be found. They make up an unprecedented – on such a scale – phenomena in contemporary prog rock circles. On each of 11 tracks which constitute "Blomljud" there is at least one vocal pearl, on hearing of which one feels the warmth at heart. I guess that the best example is the opening track “Constant Bloom”, lasting only 90 seconds, sung by the band a’capella. Not only is it a sensational beginning of an album but it is the true championship of the world in perfect use of polyphonic vocalise in rock music. Something beautiful and extraordinary.   

However Moon Safari are not only great vocalists but also equally great instrumentalists. They are the masters of melodies and unique cheerful atmosphere. When I say that the real ornament of the album is a 30-minute composition “Other Half Of The Sky”, the pessimists would probably bury their heads in their hands. But there is nothing to complain about. This composition, which in different era could be the only track on the LP, is the ultimate in art rock. It is what prog fans like most. There is so much magic, so many changes of tempo, so many ideas that they would suffice for a few separate albums. And what’s more, this composition has so much positive emotional charge, that after listening it is just impossible to easily get back into reality. But Moon Safari found a golden mean for this. Hardly does the monumental climax in the form of “Other Half Of The Sky”  end, when you may hear the last track of the album, “To Sail Beyond The Sunset”. It brings a wonderful quietening and in nice way gradually brings the shocked listeners from over the moon to earth.   

There are more such wonderful moments on this album. To progressive orthodoxes I recommend “The Ghost Of Flowers Past”, “Methuselah’s Children” and instrumental prog giant “Moonwalk” naturally fading into a captivating song “Bluebells”. They are all really great tracks. Apart from them, you might find a few nice lyrical miniatures. Placed on the second disc, “A Tale Of Three And Tree” is the best, but not the only, example of that.  

On "Blomljud" Moon Safari present a real affirmation of life. It is possible because of  the substantial amount of lightness, cheerfulness, flow and joy of creating. This music makes one believe that after long winter spring is on the point of coming, that sun is just knocking on the door, that flowers start blossoming, smelling and sing out of happiness. Thanks to the albums like "Blomljud" one wants to live and it is easier to have the zest of everyday life. It is the album filled with beautiful music. Exceptionally pleasant, with positive message. Suitable for every moment. However, it would be best to listen to it right now, just before the explosion of spring, which in a moment will surround us with its colours, smells and sounds.  

I have already mentioned that the members of Moon Safari are exceptionally talented people. They sing wonderfully, play wonderfully and compose wonderful music and write wise lyrics. What’s more, one of them, Petter Sandström, is a very gifted graphic designer. He is the author of the cover and the whole graphic design of "Blomljud" and he also sings and plays the guitars with a real flow. Who, apart from him, is in the group which recorded the album which I recommend to everyone who looks for originality, authentic beauty and many positive musical sensations? Simon Åkesson plays moogs, mellotrones and other keyboard instruments, Pontus Åkesson  the various guitars, Johan Westerlund is a bassist and Tobias Lundgren a drummer.

The phenomenal album. Ideal for the first day of spring.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie


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