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Ultimate Guide to Singapore’s Cruise to Nowhere on Royal Caribbean

If you have never been on a cruise or if the concept of cruising for a vacation doesn’t attract you, then this post is meant just for you. Even till a few weeks back, I would have never imagined going on a cruise for vacation. However, experiencing Singapore’s “Cruise to Nowhere” on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of Seas has completely changed my views about cruising. At first, the concept of cruising with “no destinations” felt absurd and the perfect hot-spot for breeding the pandemic. Travel-starved for 14 months, this was the only semblance of travel I could afford living in Singapore. With international borders still closed, I am happy to have experienced this mini-getaway that did wonders to my mental health. Also, thanks to Singapore’s exemplary management of the pandemic so far, I was never concerned about health and safety.

Quantum of the Seas Top deck view

Before going on Royal Caribbean’s Cruise to Nowhere, I had no idea what to expect from it. A few positive reviews from friends inspired me to book this cruise as I was desperate for some change. But little did I know, I needed to plan a few important things that would make this cruise experience better. Although spontaneous getaway is good, you definitely don’t want to miss these insider tips to make this cruise vacation even more amazing. So if you want to find the ultimate guide to planning the perfect “cruise to nowhere” vacation in Singapore, continue reading below.

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Things to know before booking the cruise to nowhere, 1. what is the itinerary of cruise to nowhere.

As the name suggests, Cruise to Nowhere sails with no fixed destinations. Typically the first day starts off from the Marina Bay Cruise Center in Singapore when the cruise departs at 8pm. Next few days it sails on the sea and finally returns back to Singapore on the last day. During our 4-nights cruise, we had sailed far away from Singapore, Malaysia, & Indonesia and for most parts there was no land in sight. The vast expanse of the endless ocean merging with the horizon and the sound of waves gently breaking against the hull of the ship will make you feel relaxed throughout the entire trip.

cruise to nowhere in singapore


This is entirely dependent on you. Currently Royal Caribbean Cruise to Nowhere in Singapore is having options of 2-3-4 nights cruises. Depending on your schedule as well as your mood, you can opt for either one of these options. The cruise to Nowhere has so many events that you will never feel bored even if you decide to go for the maximum 4 nights option.

Back in January when I had booked this cruise for March, only options available were 3-nights (starting on Mondays) and 4-nights (starting on Thursdays). Currently, Royal Caribbean has 2 nights options which is ideal for people who are seeking a cruise experience on a budget. Since our main purpose of the trip was to celebrate our wedding anniversary and go on a weekend trip to avoid extra leave days from work, we chose the 4-nights option.


I am not a cruise expert but while planning, the official site of Royal Caribbean was the best site for finding the best deals. They are currently running amazing promotions where kids sail free, 50% discount over regular rates to name a few. During our booking, we availed Chinese New Year sale promotions which was fabulous. Being flexible with dates will also help in saving a lot of money. So, to get the best deals, I will highly recommend to book from their official site.

Spacious and beautiful interior of the 2-bedroom stateroom in Royal Caribbean


There are 4 types of Staterooms (rooms in Cruise) one can choose during sailing.

  • Interior Room ($$) – Big & comfortable rooms for family with wide array of amenities with no external view.
  • Ocean View Room ($$) – An upgrade to Interior room with ocean view window.
  • Balcony Room ($$$) – As the name suggests, you get amazing views of the ocean from the comforts of your room’s balcony.
  • Suites Room ($$$$) – If you are in the mood to splurge, then suites is the ideal option for celebrating an occasion! There are two kinds of Suite available on board. Junior Suite (267 sq. ft. room with 81 sq. ft. balcony) and Grand Suite (543 sq. ft. room with 259 sq. ft. balcony). The Grand Suite is the most expensive splurge with a mezzanine level, a king sized bed, two bathrooms, a spacious living and dining area and a huge balcony. Some of the rooms even come with a private jacuzzi.

Spacious Bathroom with Shower in Stateroom of Royal Caribbean

Depending on your budget and number of members traveling together, you have to decide on the staterooms. If your sole purpose is to experience cruise life on a budget, the interior room is your best option. While those who wish to splurge, balcony or suite rooms are ideal. Since this was my first “cruise vacation” celebrating our wedding anniversary, I was looking for a junior suite. Unfortunately, suite rooms were completely sold out for our preferred dates. So we settled for balcony room and to my surprise it was big & perfect for a couple! I am extremely happy with the balcony room as I got to enjoy the lullaby of endless waves crashing!

Cruise Tip: If you have missed booking the room of your choice due to unavailability, fret not, as you will get another chance to try your luck. Just a week before sailing, Royal Caribbean will email you with the option of bidding. Provide your best bid and you can end up securing one of your dream rooms at a much cheaper price!

A girl watching Stunning ocean views from balcony on Royal Caribbean


Once you decide on the kind of staterooms, you will need to decide the location of the stateroom . There are 3 options; Aft (back of the ship), mid-ship (center of the ship) & forward (front of the ship)! Next, you will need to decide on the floor of the deck! If you are prone to seasickness and want to be at the center of all attractions, mid-ship will be your preferred choice. Usually lower decks close to the dining places tend to be more expensive while upper decks are cheaper in general. If you opt for balcony rooms , any deck from 10th & above in mid-ship will be best for views of the ocean While 13th deck may seem close to most attractions of the cruise, it can also get busy and noisy!

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Another great tip to decide your stateroom is looking at the options of rooms given on the cruise planner. If you look carefully, certain staterooms with specific symbol can accommodate more number of people. For example, a triangle can accommodate 3 people even though you are paying for 2 guests. This will ensure you are securing a bigger room. Make sure to avoid selecting the rooms which has obstructed views from the balcony if you are keen on that aspect. Finally the lower the numerical value against the stateroom, the better the room size will be. For instance, 1D option will be better than 2D in terms of size.

Girl Enjoying breakfast on balcony on Cruise to Nowhere on Royal Caribbean

While booking for balcony rooms, you can either select your own room or let the system automatically select best available rooms. If you are totally unsure of your choices, then latter may seem the best fit! Since I had done my research and was keen on certain aspect of the room, I chose the room of my choice looking at the cruise map of the room as mentioned above.

Cruise Tip: Since the cruise will be sailing North of Singapore in the first few days, select your balcony room facing west i.e. left of the cruise. This will ensure amazing views of the ocean from the balcony while avoiding the harsh sun during the daytime. In addition, you will get to experience amazing sunset views as well as breakfast views from the comforts of your balcony.


Since this was my first cruise experience, I was completely unaware of the things to expect inside the cruise. But since this was an all-inclusive cruise vacation, we did not have to worry about detailed planning. However, few of the things mentioned below will come very handy for a hassle-free experience during your cruising.


As travel is slowly restarting, PCR tests is the new norm. On Royal Caribbean “Cruise to Nowhere”, the cost of swab tests for PCR is included in the cruise package. One will need to test negative to be eligible for boarding.

Once you have booked the cruise, approximately 10 days before sailing, you will receive email with instructions for scheduling PCR test. The swab tests are done at Raffles Convention Center at Raffles City Shopping Center. You will need to create an account on TrustOne web or download the TrustOne App where you can view the test results within 24 hours of testing. Generally the PCR test opens 3 days before sailing date. We took our tests 2 days before sailing and received the negative test result the next day.

The PCR test can be a bit uncomfortable but definitely bearable and quick. The entire process takes less than a minute. Staying calm and relaxed will ease the process. Previously, they did another test after disembarking. However, this has been discontinued.

cruise to nowhere in singapore


For pre-boarding and planning, these are the 3 apps that you will need:

  • TustOne App – As mentioned before, you will need this app to schedule and view the PCR test result.
  • TraceTogether – You can either carry your TraceTogether token or if you are like me, you can use this app for contact tracing. Every guest on board also receives a “Tracelet” (bracelet for tracing) which you are to wear at all times.
  • Royal Caribbean App – The most used app before and during the cruise. With negative PCR-test result, one has to answer the health questionnaire before checking-in. This app has everything you need from checking-in to the day wise activity schedule as well as for monitoring any in-cruise expenditure. Once you link your booking, you will be able to start the check-in process and also select the boarding time.

Cruise Tip: Boarding time opens at 2 pm until 7pm at an interval of 30 mins to ensure safe distancing. Bear in mind, the sooner you get on board, the earlier you can connect to the ship’s wifi which will allow you to book the entertainment and dining options which tend to get filled up quickly. You can also start enjoying the cruise amenities immediately after boarding.

cruise to nowhere in singapore


Royal Caribbean app will be the most useful app during your cruise for booking entertainments, shows, dining and other activities. However once you have logged onto the app with your given confirmation dates, the events don’t show up until the very day of the sailing. If you are a planner like me, this may frustrate you.

To overcome this issue, all you need to do is change the date of sailing closer to your sailing time. Keep in mind to select the dates that correspond to the same nights of cruise for better planning. For instance, if you are sailing on 1st- 5th April, then under your account, “select a different sailing” as shown in the photo. On next page select “Get more details on ships we support” and select “Quantum of the Seas” under Supported Ships. Among the several dates shown, select the one matching most close to your itinerary. I opted for the 25-29th March (4-nights cruise) to have a detailed views of the events, categorized by days and time with full details.

This tip will come in very handy if you want to plan or know things in advance. Trust me, you will save plenty of time on board if you have this valuable information before hand. This will help you to know the exact timing of the shows that you may want to book and plan your trip better.

Cruise Tip: You can book all the shows staged on the venues of Royal Theatre, Two70 and Music Hall only after boarding. The shows are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, the earlier you book your check in, the higher the chances of your getting the preferred time slots.

cruise to nowhere in singapore


Royal Caribbean cruise package involves complimentary dining for over 11 different restaurants on board. Barring a couple, the food is delicious and good in most restaurants that one can save money on food & drinks package. If you are keen to trying some of the speciality restaurants, that I highly recommend, paying separately will be the best option.

On boarding, you will receive 2 bottles of drinking water. For the remaining days, it’s best to carry your own water bottles and fill them during your meals at restaurants. Alternatively Café Promenade and Sorrentos serve water upon request. Alcohol is not complimentary in the package. Although one can opt for drinks package to have alcohol any time of the day, I did not see the need. The alcohol pricing and quality is similar to that of USA. So for every meal you can have a very good wine at ~10$ while the package is ~65$ per person/day.

Cruise Tip: During room service, which is complimentary, request glasses of water for free. Avoid bottled water as it will cost you additional money. Also, they stop serving alcohol after 10:30 pm on board just like in Singapore. It’s best to carry your own alcohol and every person can carry two bottles of alcohol which you can consume in room even after 10:30pm. If you carrying your own alcohol (highly recommended), carry them in your hand luggage as you will not be allowed to carry them in check-in luggage.

View of the pools on top deck of Quantum of the Seas on Royal Caribbean


If you wish to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows or stream music nonstop or share your live stories with the world, you will require good internet. While the cruise has public wifi, the speed is really slow for seamless streaming. It is best to purchase the wifi on the cruise planner few days before the departure. Few weeks before sailing, you will receive email promotions about VOOM Surf+ Stream packages. You can avail 10-20% discount on packages that range from 1 to 4 devices. We booked the package for 2 devices, one for each.

Cruise Tip: The cut-off time for online booking on cruise planner for internet, dining, beverages packages is 3-days before the sailing. Once you miss this time frame, you cannot avail the discounts. Also if you wish to save money on internet packages, you can book just for 1 device and click the “forget wifi network” and toggle between your devices under the same internet package.


The number of activities and events that are available on this cruise is truly incredible. There are activities for all kind of travelers, be it adventure seekers or leisure travelers. The scale and extravaganza of everything will leave you in awe if you are cruising for the first time making you wonder how is it possible to have all these activities inside a huge moving vessel. You can choose to jam-pack your days with tons of activities or take it slow and easy. I have mentioned some of the activities that are worth trying and experiencing for an unforgettable experience.

Magnificent views of Cruise to Nowhere on Royal Caribbean from North Star


For the most incredible views on the cruise, get on the North Star! Seeing the cruise and ocean 300 feet high above the sea level simply feels amazing.

This ride takes about 7 mins and you can have 360 views of the incredible expanse. Each ride takes in six people at a time, with allocated standing spots one metre apart. Book the ride through the app as soon as you embark using the Royal Caribbean App.

Cost: US$20 per person Tip: After the ride, while getting off the stairs, the views are amazing for clicking some photos.

A man rock climbing on cruise to nowhere


For all those who want an adrenaline rush, rock climbing on a cruise may seem exciting. Although avid climbers may find it underwhelming, it is a very different experience to climb on top with the views of ocean all around. A fun and safe experience to give it a try if you have never tried rock climbing before, especially for kids over 6 years.

Adult-only-Indoor Pool-Solarium


There are 3 pools on the cruise but Solarium is the adults-only indoor pool (16+ years only)! With floors to ceilings glass windows, Solarium is located at the front of Royal Caribbean on the top deck. This place is perfect for couples and friends who want uninterrupted time soaking in the jacuzzis while gazing at the stunning ocean views.

The rules for these indoor pools are strict and you may have to wait in queue to get inside the pool due to safe distancing measures. There is also a bar and two jacuzzis at the front for magnificent views of the ocean. If you just want to chill, there are plenty deck chairs to lounge with drinks and views. Don’t forget to collect your pool towels before entering the Solarium!

Cost: Free Tip: Best time to soak in for views is around sunset. We saw some of the best sunsets from the Solarium. There are doors at the extreme end of the Solarium where you can go out to get a side view of the cruise and enjoy the evening breeze with a glass of wine.

Dodgem Cars on Quantum of the Seas


For all the thrill seekers out there, you can enjoy the fun of bumper cars on the cruise. It’s fun for both kids and adults to drive and bump into each other.

This is inside the SeaPlex, an indoor entertainment center on the 15th floor. It hosts many activities like dance class, crossbar challenge, basketball, foosball, table tennis and an arcade.

Cost: Free Tip: Since there are limited spaces, it is best to book the activities at the opening time at 9AM.

Girl watching Sunrise from top deck of Quantum of the Seas


Never before this cruise, I had known how blissful it is to watch the sunrises and sunsets onboard the cruise. If your room is facing the East, don’t miss the sunrises! While we watched few sunsets from our west-facing room, our favorite was to watch rising or setting sun from the top deck or from the Solarium. The 360 degree uninhibited views of the ocean will ensure you will enjoy the surreal moments without fail.

Cost: Free Tip: If you are lucky enough, you may even spot few dolphins!

Indoor sky-diving on Cruise to Nowhere on Royal Caribbean


If you have always fancied to sky-dive but never mustered the courage yet, this is your chance! Ripcord by iFLY helps you to experience the indoor version of sky-diving providing all the thrill and excitement of free-falling.

Since I have already ski-dived before, I passed on this activity. But, definitely one of the coolest experiences on board that you may want to try out (kids over 3 can also experience this).

Cost: US$40 (Free for suite guests)

A man surfing on the quantum of the seas


Another amazing experience to try is surfing on the 12-meter simulator of waves! If you have always wished to surf but never had the opportunity, this FlowRider surf simulator is ideal activity. With 100,000 liters of gushing water, surf like a pro or balance to stay upright on the board! This activity is sure to pump-up all the adrenaline junkies.

This activity is open for 7 hours from 9:30AM-5PM and entrance is subject to capacity. The first and last half an hour is set aside for advanced surfers. I couldn’t get a chance to surf as the queue for this activity was long as it is a popular activity.

Cost: Free for group sessions, US$69 and above for private sessions. Tip: To secure a free spot, queue for this activity before they open in the morning.


The array of entertainment shows and live performances in this cruise is simply spectacular. The theatrical performances will make you wonder if you are watching on land or on a cruise. Been deprived of live performances for more than a year, watching every show on the cruise was a special delight. With cutting-edge high-tech acoustics and revolving, multi-functional stage shows, you will feel like watching shows in Las Vegas! Definitely book the shows first thing on board through the app and recommend watching them all.

Cost: Free Tip: Since seating is on first-come bases, arrive 15-20 mins before show to secure best seats!

Beatles Maniacs singing the evergreen classics of Beatles on stage in Cruise to Nowhere

The BeatleManiacs

If you are a fan of Beatles then this event is for you. Although I am not a big fan of Beatles, I loved watching this first live performance after more than a year. Some of the classics will make you swoon and singalong.

Sequins and Feathers performance on stage in Royal Caribbean Cruise

Sequins & Feathers

With extravagant costumes, sets and choreography, these performers will take your breath away. This particular performance made me feel I was watching one of the Las Vegas shows live on the cruise. Everything was so dazzling and amazing that you will be thoroughly entertained.

The singer floating in air and water effect all around in Starwater show

Starwater Show

This was my second favorite live performances because of the amazing songs and spectacular performances. The talented artists and every-changing stage will keep you enthralled throughout. A spell-binding visual treat, “Starwater explores the nature of human emotion through a fusion of live performance artistry and groundbreaking technology”. Definitely a must watch performance!

Spellbinding acrobatic magic of duo at Royal Caribbean

Gold Art Duo

The winner of Ukraine & America’s Got Talent, this duo will make you believe in the impossible. With body as flexible as a ribbon, they flawlessly creates a spellbinding performance of magic, comedy, aerial and complicated acrobatic. If you have time for watching only one performance, then this is your MUST-WATCH!


Apart from the above four live performances, the Royal Caribbean’s Cruise to Nowhere has several other musicals and dance shows that will keep your days busy and making the late nights excited. Honestly there were far too many options than that we could attend. One of the musical shows that we enjoyed a lot is Piano Bar Entertainment by Paul O’Shea late nights at Schooner Bar. Another one was Live Jazz with Orchestra at Boleros. The relaxing atmosphere with good music was perfect to wind down the busy eventful days.

Jogging Track of Royal Caribbean's Quantum of Seas


Although there is a fully functional gym on cruise, the joy of running on the jogging track of Quantum of Seas is unparalleled. If you are a fitness freak, you will absolutely love running on the amazing track on deck 15 either during sunrise or later in the evening.

The cold breeze sweeping you while running and the views of the vast endless ocean all around makes running a lot more fun. It’s also a perfect way to keep a check on the unlimited calories from all the gourmet food on cruise.

As soon as you’re out in international water, you can hit the casino. This is a pretty decent sized casino and entrance is based on the capacity. With cards being shuffled, stacked chips and poker machines paying out, this casino has all the feels of Las Vegas. There’s everything from the slots to blackjack, roulette to poker, all at a manageable minimum bet.

The stunning Shopping mall on Deck 4 of Royal Caribbean Cruise to Nowhere


Finally if you are in the mood to get pampered, then visit the onboard Vitality Spa. One of the largest spas at sea, you can avail medispa services to a full-service spa and beauty salon. I pampered myself with a manicure & pedicure and thoroughly enjoyed the experience overlooking the ocean views.

Also for all the shopaholics, Cruise to Nowhere has an array of international brands that will provide amazing retail therapy. Brands like Tiffany, BVLGARI, Coach, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo etc have retail stores as well as events that keep the shoppers engaged.

The beautiful dining hall that serves complimentary meals to guests in Royal Caribbean


Complimentary dining.

Royal Caribbean’s Cruise to Nowhere is an all inclusive package with a wide array of food options. The complimentary food options are plenty with variety of cuisines like Indian, Italian, Asian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese. There are many food options available for vegetarians as well as gluten-free.

We opted to have our most meals in Main Dining Room & My Time Dining Room . These served continental breakfast, and changing menu for lunch and dinner with amazing views of the ocean. Sorrento’s Pizza was perfect place for quick bites pizza while Solarium Bistro was ideal for munching some snacks in the late afternoon. You can reserve most of these places on the Royal Caribbean app or walk-in to get your seat.

The buffet options of food at Windjammer in Royal Caribbean

Windjammer is an all-you-can-eat buffet hall with a wide array of cuisines. It’s open during every meal times (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This particular restaurant was a hit-or-miss one for the food options for me but all the desserts that I tried was simply fabulous.

One thing you shouldn’t miss while cruising is having the complimentary Room Service . We opted to have Breakfast from our balcony overlooking the ocean and it was such a treat. If your room is facing the West, it’s best to have breakfast in the balcony as the harsh rays of the sun wont disturb you.

cruise to nowhere in singapore


Apart from all the complimentary restaurants, the cruise offers many speciality dining options. We treated ourselves with lunch at Jamie’s Italian and it was just amazing. The gourmet Italian lunch experience with wine was worth the extra splurge of US$30 per person, where we got to choose one dish from every category! It was so much food that we stuffed ourselves & spend the afternoon napping after the sumptuous meal.

Since we love sushi, we had our last dinner at Izumi Sushi and it was the perfect end to the cruising vacation. The wonderful maki rolls & sashimi paired with sake was a wonderful change to our palette. The food was amazing and the service was top notch to make this whole dining experience wonderful.

Although we had heard great reviews about Wonderland , we were not able to secure any reservation to this restaurant. With limited capacity and open only for dinner, this restaurant is hard to book onboard. If you are keen to dine in this creative themed restaurant, I would strongly advise to call (+65 6305 0033) and make reservation the moment you have booked your cruise.

Robots making cocktails in Bionic Bar at Royal Caribbean

There are many bars and lounges on the cruise that are ideal to get your favorite cocktails and drinks. Almost every main decks have bars with good options for drinks. I loved the  Sky Bar  by the pool and  Sunshine  in the adults only Solarium. If you are up for something fancy, don’t miss out the chance to get your drinks made by the robots at Bionic Bar . It’s just a wonderful experience to watch the robotic arms work in perfect synchronization and mixing the ingredients to get you the perfect cocktail!

Girl enjoying the views of Singapore skyline from Royal Caribbean Cruise


The day before disembarkation, each room will receive a luggage tag with a number on it! Based on the number on the tag, each room will have an allotted time for disembarkation. On the final day, the cruise arrives at the port at 6:30am and disembarkation begins as early as 7am until 10am to ensure safe distancing measures. Our luggage tag was 33 and hence we stayed on the ship till 9:30am.

Since we had a late departure, we were able to enjoy the breakfast at the cruise along with some time photographing the Singapore skyline from the top deck. There’s no fixed pattern how the numbers were allocated but we were glad to receive a late slot and enjoy some more time on the cruise.

Few weeks ago, after disembarking, every guests had to undergo an antigen testing. However, this test is no longer needed as more and more residents of Singapore are getting vaccinated.

Girl Enjoying Ocean views during Jacuzzi time in Solarium on Cruise to Nowhere on Royal Caribbean



Let’s be real… after 14 months of being stuck in Singapore, this was the closest semblance to vacation that I could have. Sailing far away from the lands and seeing the vast ocean with sounds of waves crashing against the ship helped me disconnect from the real world and feel completely relaxed.

Not once throughout the cruise I was worried about the pandemic as Singapore government and cruise management have demonstrated exemplary measures to ensure safety and public health. We had to do gazillion times temperature screenings and contact tracing but it was worth every bit for this wonderful holiday. The stress free enjoyment and relaxation that was possible on this “Cruise to Nowhere” was beyond words. The joy of watching live performances, movies on board, listening to musicals and get to eat amazing food and unwind at pools were far worth the fact of not having a destination.

Although I have never been on a cruise before, this sailing gave me the best experience of a cruising life minus the hop-off-destinations. I am glad I was introduced to cruise life in this manner as I got to explore and experience everything that was offered on board and I truly loved it. This was definitely once in a lifetime experience and Royal Caribbean’s Cruise to Nowhere is the only vacation we can have before the international borders open!

Planning to go on a cruise to nowhere? Comment any questions you have below & I will be happy to clarify!

I hope this detailed guide to Cruise to Nowhere in Singapore has inspired you!

For further reading on other Singapore inspirations, discover : 🏨 The Hotel with the Best View in Singapore – The Ritz Carlton Millenia 🌳 Best Photo Spots in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


Review of Cruise to Nowhere on Royal Caribbean's Quantum of Seas. Find all the insider tips for planning best cruise vacation in Singapore.

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I can see it. I love the days at sea, although really for me, I love the ports too. Great review, gives a real feel for what it is like.

So true! I love ports and those charming towns as well. Miss traveling to such places so much.

I have never done a cruise before, but now I feel like I have after this great post. I honestly never heard of a “cruise to nowhere,” but I can see how this was almost therapeutic, given the current situation in the world.

Thanks so much Shelley! I had never ever imagined before I would end up going for such a “vacation” but so glad this happened as this is the only “travel feel” we can avail given the current situations.

I’ll be honest in that I am not a cruise person at all. However, I would love the North Star view and the Many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets from the deck. The concept of a cruise to nowhere is interesting and certainly makes sense during these pandemic times.

I feel you Ildiko.. I was just like you too but past one year with no traveling, I had only this as an option & thoroughly enjoyed this little getaway.

Wow! I am impressed with this cruise. I honestly have never had a desire to go on a cruise, nor have I been on one, but after reading this article, you definitely have me wanting to book a Royal Caribbean cruise! That is so awesome they have the indoor skydiving and the pools look so beautiful. Great guide Sunetra! 🙂

Thank you so much Taylor. This cruise has changed my mindset and given the scenario, it was the best vacation I had in last 14 months!😅 Can’t wait to travel again once Singapore opens its borders.

I really enjoyed following your cruise adventure on Instagram and this is so nice to have everything break down in one post! Thank you Su! I would definitely like to do one one day *w*

Aww Thank you so much Marina and I hope this guide will help more people from Singapore to enjoy the only “vacation” we can have.

A cruise to nowhere sounds like such a bonkers idea! Like you, I’ve never really felt compelled to experience a cruise. However, the cruise to nowhere looks like such a relaxing escape! What a great way to relax and recharge while still feeling like you’re getting a vacation. The ship looks incredible! Maybe I’ll be tempted to try a cruise after all! Thanks for the great guide!

That’s so true Hannah!! Being traveled starved for more than a year, this escape was therapeutic and truly enjoyable!

This is such a fun concept! It’s a great idea to go on a cruise for a few days even though the international borders are not open!

Good to see that cruises ate happening, even if they are just at sea.

I’ve never actually been on a cruise before. Maybe a cruise to nowhere is a good way to experience the atmosphere on the boat and stop me from being worried that I’d get bored or feel claustrophobic on one. It looks amazing!

So true. This was the best way I could ever experience a cruise life 🙂

I didn’t even know this existed, how neat!!

What a cool experience! The views from the North Star look spectacular. Singapore is definitely on my travel list, post pandemic and I would love to do this! Thank you for the recommendations!

Your photos are always SO SO beautiful – and this looks utterly amazing, I never knew there was so much to do onboard a cruise ship!

Thank you so much Shafinah! Even I was pleasantly surprised and hence loved the experience so much.

This sounds like so much fun! I’ve only been on a cruise once and it was so much fun. I do like this ‘cruising nowhere’ I’ll definitely check it out.

This was my first and I enjoyed it so much! I’m also very glad there was no “destination” involved and hence could enjoy the cruise amenities and entertainment so well.

Great that you were able to go here during these times! Thanks for sharing your experience!

It’s my pleasure. I am indeed glad this opportunity came by for the residents of Singapore as the international borders continue to be closed for leisure travel.

Sounds like so much fun! I still haven’t cruised yet!

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The Boutiques

Splurge on international luxury brands at our boutiques and take your pick from some of the biggest names in fashion!

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Little Dreamers Club

At our kids-only club, we have exciting games, workshops and costume parties lined up just for them! For kids aged 2 to 12.

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Zodiac Theatre

Catch one of our live production shows from our critically acclaimed production team in our opulent theatre.

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Zouk & Zouk Beach Club

If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s partying! Dive in at one of our famous pool parties or dance till dawn to the beat of our guest DJs at Zouk.

Our Staterooms

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Palace Villa

可容納人數6人 位於17層甲板 一張特大雙人床 + 一張雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床" }'>Approx. 224 sq.m Max Occupancy 6 Deck 17 1 King-sized Bed + 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Palace Penthouse

可容納人數4-6人* 位於13/16層甲板 一張特大雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床 / 一張雙人床 + 兩張雙人沙發床 / 一張雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床 (*如有特殊需求,指定皇宮行政套房的可容納人數可增加至6人,視預定情況而定)" }'>Approx. 56 - 115.4 sq.m Max Occupancy 4-6* Deck 13/16 1 King-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed / 1 Queen-size Bed + 2 Double Sofa Beds/ 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed (* The maximum occupancy of designated Palace Penthouss can be up to 6 guests upon request, subject to stateroom availability)

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Palace Deluxe Premium

可容納人數4人 位於9/10/11/12/13/15層甲板 一張特大雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 41 - 61 sq.m Max Occupancy 4 Deck 9/10/11/12/13/15 1 King-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Palace Deluxe Suite

可容納人數4人 位於15層甲板 一張雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 41 sq.m Max Occupancy 4 Deck 15 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Palace Suite

可容納人數4人 位於13/15/16/17層甲板 一張雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 37 - 40 sq.m Max Occupancy 4 Deck 13/15/16/17 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Balcony Deluxe Stateroom

可容納人數3-4人 位於8/9/10/11/12/13/15層甲板 一張雙人床 + 一張單人沙發床/一張單人沙發床 + 一張壁櫃床/一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 22 - 28 sq.m Max Occupancy 2-4 Deck 8/9/10/11/12/13/15 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Single Sofa Bed / 1 Single Sofa Bed + 1 Ceiling Pullman Bed / 1 Double Sofa Bed

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Balcony Stateroom

可容納人數2-4人 位於8/9/10/11/12/13/15層甲板 一張雙人床 + 一張單人沙發床 / 一張雙人床 + 一張單人沙發床 + 一張壁櫃床" }'>From 20 sq.m Max Occupancy 3-4 Deck 8/9/10/11/12/13/15 1 Queen-Size Bed + 1 Single Sofa Bed / 1 Queen-Size Bed + 1 Single Sofa Bed + 1 Pullman Bed

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Oceanview Stateroom

位於5/9/10/11/12/13層甲板 兩張單人床" }'>From 16 - 35 sq.m Max Occupancy 2 Deck 5/9/10/11/12/13 2 Single Beds

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Interior Stateroom

可容納人數2-4人^ 位於5/8/9/10/11/12/13/15層甲板 兩張單人床 / 兩張單人床+ 一張壁櫃床 / 一張單人床 + 一張壁櫃床 + 一張雙人沙發床 (^上圖為2人房佈局圖,另有3人及4人房可供選擇) " }'>From 13 - 14 sq.m Max Occupancy 2-4^ Deck 5/8/9/10/11/12/13/15 2 Single Beds / 2 Single Beds + 1 Ceiling Pullman Bed / 1 Single Bed + 1 Pullman Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed (^ The image shown is for a stateroom configuration for 2 persons - other stateroom configurations for 3 persons & 4 persons are also available)

At 335m end to end, we’re bigger than a skyscraper and way more fun.


cruise to nowhere in singapore

Gross Tonnage

cruise to nowhere in singapore

(下舖床位)" }'>Passenger Capacity (Lower Berth)

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Meyer Werft Germany

Ship Manufacturer

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Fresh Air Ventilation System

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Resorts Cruising At Sea

來最佳的度假體驗。在您探索東南亞的所有景點 時享受難忘的體驗。" }'>At Resorts World Cruises, we bring the classic resort experience to you even while at sea. Enjoy elevated experience while you explore all that Southeast Asia has to offer.

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Cruise to Nowhere: A first-timer’s booking guide

Aaron Wong

First time cruising? Here's all you need to know about booking a cruise to nowhere- room types, locations, travel insurance and more.

Back in October 2020, the STB gave Genting Cruises and Royal Caribbean the green light to sell cruises to nowhere. 

These sailings (only open to Singapore residents) take place under strict safety protocols, with mandatory COVID-19 testing and 50% capacity caps. It’ll take the cruise industry a long time to exorcise the memories of Diamond Princess, but barring that infamous false alarm in December, the cruises to nowhere have been rather uneventful thus far. 

Marina Bay Cruise Centre

While I must have flown more than half a million nautical miles in my lifetime, I’ve yet to clock any on water. It’s not that I dislike sailing; I just never found a rewards program that lets me do it for free. But with air travel suspended indefinitely, a cruise may be the only cure for cabin fever (yes, I have a lot of sea jokes- have you seen the pirate movie? It was rated arrrrr). 

And so I booked a Royal Caribbean cruise for the end of January, reasoning that capacity restrictions and enforced social distancing made this the best opportunity for a crowd-hating misanthrope like me. 

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Although I know my way around airlines and frequent flyer programs, cruising is a whole new ball game. Seasoned hands may scoff at this, but as a first-timer, I’ve found the booking and planning process to be less than intuitive. Believe me, there’s a lot of terms, procedures, and packages to get familiar with, and they don’t make it easy for newbies. 

So if you’re a cruise noob like me, I hope you’ll find the following series of guides and reports useful. 

Let’s start at the beginning: what do you need to know about booking a cruise?

What stateroom should I book?

After you’ve chosen your dates, the first order of business is to select a stateroom (this is the collective term used for rooms and suites). On Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, staterooms are divided into the following categories:

Which stateroom to book is a question of budget and preferences.

Interior Room with Virtual Balcony

Interior Rooms are the cheapest, but as the name suggests, lack a view of any kind (although on Quantum they’re equipped with virtual balconies , so that might be an interesting experience too). 

They’re best for those who intend to spend most of their time outside enjoying the various activities onboard, or for those who are really particular about sleep quality (since there’s no window, your stateroom can be completely black at night). They obviously aren’t a good choice for those with claustrophobia, or on longer voyages. 

Ocean View Room

Ocean View Rooms give you a (non-opening) window to look out of. This is great for those who need natural light, but don’t want to pay the premium for a balcony. 

Balcony Room

Balcony Rooms are the next step up, and provide guests with a private space for fresh air and ocean breeze. I’d wager a Balcony Room would be more important on a scenic cruise, so don’t feel too bad if you can’t get one on the cruise to nowhere- there isn’t much to see. 

cruise to nowhere in singapore

In case you’re worried that your balcony’s view will be obstructed by a lifeboat or some other piece of equipment, Royal Caribbean explicitly labels such rooms on the booking page. They’ll appear as a separate category, with a commensurate reduction in price. 

Grand Suite

Finally, we have suites, which Royal Caribbean further subdivides into three categories:

Suites are much more than just larger rooms; passengers also receive additional benefits as follows:

Given the way benefits are assigned, I don’t see much point in booking a Junior Suite unless you really want the extra space. Junior Suites are “suites lite”, and don’t get:

  • Lounge access (with free alcohol in the evenings)
  • Concierge service (which I’m told is important for securing reservations)
  • Free Wi-Fi (all other suites get access for two devices)
  • Access to Coastal Kitchen except at dinner (the special restaurant reserved for suites passengers)

Since it’s my first time cruising, I figured I might as well get the full fat experience. So I booked a Grand Suite, which cost S$2,257 nett for a four-night cruise. Royal Caribbean tells me that I’ve snagged a fantastic, limited time 50% off deal, but I’d take this with a pinch of salt. I still see the offer available on the website, with a countdown timer that gets suspiciously reset each time it expires. 

cruise to nowhere in singapore

A final point about pricing: I don’t find Royal Caribbean’s way of displaying prices to be very transparent, because they wait till the very last step to add on the mandatory gratuities. 

cruise to nowhere in singapore

These cost US$14.50 per person per night for guests in Junior Suites and below, and US$17.50 per person per night for guests in Grand Suites and above, so be sure to factor that into your costs too. 

Should I bid for a RoyalUp upgrade?

cruise to nowhere in singapore

If you find the price of your desired stateroom too steep, you can always book a lower category and try for an upgrade through the RoyalUp program. Emails about RoyalUp go out roughly 2.5 months before departure, but you can always visit this webpage at any point to check your eligibility. 

cruise to nowhere in singapore

The interface will be familiar to those of you who have bid for airline upgrades before (it’s run by Plusgrade, which Singapore Airlines also uses ). You drag a slider bar to adjust your bid, and the system tells you the strength of your offer (it’s obviously calibrated to nudge your bids higher).

All bids are priced on a “per guest” basis, based on two guests per stateroom for the entire length of the cruise. In other words, even if you have three or four people in the room, the amount you pay will be based on two guests. 

Minimum bids apply. For my particular cruise, the minimum bids to upgrade from a Grand Suite were:

If you’re looking to make the jump to a Star category suite, do remember that this category receives complimentary gratuities, specialty dining and deluxe beverage packages. Assuming you were going to buy a dining and beverage package (we’ll talk about that more in the next post), the minimum bid you should place for a Star suite is:

Gratuities + Specialty dining package + Deluxe beverage package + Whatever amount you’d otherwise pay for a bigger room

Some illustrative pricing from my four-night cruise (yours may be different):

  • Gratuities: S$95 per person
  • Specialty dining package: S$135 per person
  • Deluxe beverage package: S$55 per person*

*Based on sales price. Royal Caribbean holds frequent package sales, which I’ll cover in the next post

After you place your bid, you wait. RoyalUp bids may be accepted anytime up to 48 hours prior to departure , and once the bid is accepted, it cannot be cancelled (you can go back and cancel/modify it as many times as you want prior to acceptance, however). 

A few things to think about. 

First, just because the system lets you place a bid for a particular stateroom doesn’t mean there’s availability. RoyalUp is a way for the company to hedge against last minute cancellations, so if everything goes as planned, that stateroom may never become available. 

Second, there are situations where an upgrade may not be an upgrade, if you know what I mean. That’s because you have no control over the new stateroom’s location- your ocean view room may be upgraded to a balcony room, but it may be near the elevators (noisy), or on a higher level in the forward area (more movement and worse for those prone to seasickness), or have an obstructed view. 

Third, your check-in timing may change. You could have snagged the earliest available 2 p.m check-in slot (the earlier you board the better, because certain restaurants, entertainment and activities can only be reserved onboard), but your upgrade may cause you to be bumped to a later timing. 

What location should I choose?

Once you’ve selected your stateroom, you’ll be prompted to make three further choices:

  • Aft, Mid-ship or Forward
  • Specific stateroom

Ship location

Here’s the general rule: if you’re prone to sea sickness, pick the lowest level in the mid-ship area. It’s all about physics- the most stable part of the ship will be found here. While modern ships are remarkably stable, movement is more noticeable towards the forward areas and on higher decks. Being mid-ship also means you’re at the centre of everything, and don’t have to walk too far from your room to get to the pool or dining areas. 

If you’re a light sleeper, you may prefer to be way from the pool deck and entertainment areas. Look for a cabin that is both above and below other cabins (use the deck plan to find this), because the last thing you want is to be one floor above the theatre. Avoid rooms near elevators and service areas. And while the drone of the engine may provide soothing white noise for sleep, rooms located low and to the aft may get unwanted vibrations or noise when the anchor drops. 

If you value a view, then an aft stateroom will give you great views when pulling away from the port. They also tend to have larger balconies (I’m not sure if this applies to Quantum of the Seas specifically though).

The forward area is for those without who love the view on the way into port (keep in mind, the ship returns to Singapore in the wee hours of the morning), and don’t mind a bit more turbulence throughout. If you’re on a lower deck in the forward area, you may have to deal with the sound of water smacking against the front of the ship, and potential noise from bow thrusters. 

For what it’s worth, I don’t think it matters whether you’re on the port or starboard side of the ship (and before anyone asks, posh does not come from “ p ort o ut, s tarboard h ome”- that’s a debunked urban legend ).  It especially doesn’t matter on these cruises to nowhere. With all due respect to the Straits of Malacca, it’s not something I’d pay to see. 

Ultimately, the “best” cabin is a highly subjective thing. It really depends what you’re looking for: privacy vs access, great views vs stability, cost vs features.

What about travel insurance?

When cruises to nowhere were announced back in October, Royal Caribbean announced that it would offer up to  S$25,000 of medical coverage for COVID-19 related medical expenses on these sailings. 

More details were supposed to be found here , but I can’t find any reference to the S$25,000 coverage anymore. Instead, it simply says:

cruise to nowhere in singapore

This means you’ll be on the hook for any medical expenses incurred off the ship, so protect yourself accordingly. 

Does travel insurance cover cruises, much less cruises to nowhere? I sent this question to as many underwriters as I could, and here’s a summary from those which replied:

The good news is that the vast majority of travel insurance policies cover cruises to nowhere.

While only some of them (Sompo, NTUC Income) provide coverage for COVID-19, it’s less important in this case than if you were going overseas. Think about it: should you somehow test positive while on board, the ship will turn around and head back to Singapore immediately. 

Once you’re back in Singapore, your usual medical insurance will kick in, and in line with the MOH’s revised guidance in October 2020, government subsidies and insurance coverage will be applicable. 

In other words:

  • Cost of medical treatment onboard= Covered by Royal Caribbean
  • Cost of medical treatment while in Singapore= Covered by your own medical insurance

Travel insurance in this case is primarily needed for things like lost luggage (insofar as luggage can be lost on a cruise to nowhere), lost travel documents (maybe a seagull steals them), or if you fracture something or sustain some non-COVID malady while onboard. It will also cover scenarios where you can’t cruise because you fall sick (e.g food poisoning), or if there’s a bereavement in the family. 

What card should I use to book cruises?

Royal Caribbean cruise bookings are processed in SGD and code as MCC 4411 Cruise Lines , so you can use the following cards to earn the most miles on your booking:

If you use the DBS Woman’s World Card, do monitor your points balance as you may need to appeal for the bonus 9X points to be manually credited. If you hold an AMEX Platinum Charge card, you can use the S$400 lodging credit to offset the cost of the cruise, provided you book it through the American Express Travel Concierge. 

Once you’re onboard the ship, all charges are in USD, so you’ll want to use a card that gives you bonuses on foreign currency spending .

So there you go! Those are some of the things I learned while booking, and hopefully it helps you along the way too. 

Of course, booking is only the first step. There’s a whole lot of planning still to come, such as food, drinks and internet packages, and how to go about making reservations. I’ll touch on this in the next post. 

Once again, I’m hardly the expert on cruising. If you’ve done this before and have tips for newbies, do share them below- anything else first-timers should know when booking?

  • royal caribbean
  • trip planning
  • trip reports

Aaron Wong

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Am onboard now in Grand Suites and its really nice. WIFI is fast enough for Netflix. For booking, theres a price match so good to check prices periodically and contact RC if the prices drop for the difference to be converted to onboard credits or to upgrade if the spread to the desired class narrows.

Aaron Wong

Nice! Thanks for sharing. Is it a mad rush to book stuff once on-board?

Arnaud Fagniez

When you arrive on board, they will release the shows at 6pm for bookings. It is all sold out in minutes due to capacity management.

Also, for the unlimited dining package, it is better to book all the restaurants on the first day as some fill up very quick (chops grill and wonderland mostly)

All people are very nice and you should spend a nice holiday ! We are thinking to do it again 🙂 enjoy !

yup, my plan is to spend the first few hours booking things for the whole cruise. for show bookings, is it necessary to physically go down to the venue to book? or can you book via phone/concierge/app?

You can do all via the apps. Just be sure you well do it at the correct timing. If you are in a suite, you can get the help from the concierge and they will make sure you can have the shows and timing you really want. Also suite ppl get special timing for flow riders, climbing and bumping cars

With GS, the concierge will reach out a week before for reservations. You should book Coastal Kitchen lunch and dinner slots (taking into account your evening program 8 or 10pm shows). With Coastal Kitchen, for breakfast and lunch, you can pick stuff up from Windjammer buffet or order off the menu in an exclusive setting.

A day before, the show timings will be sent and you can make reservations. For the rest (bumper cars etc) you’ll need to board (2pm!), Complete the safety procedures and then use the app.

got it. i’m doing a separate post on planning and this will come in useful. i think i’ll have to learn a lot of stuff along the way though!

Yeah i basically read every cruisecritic, tripadvisor, HWZ post i could find to prep. Have fun and looking forward to your upcoming posts!

A good tip for all is that you can reprice your cabin if it goes lower at any point of time. For this only need to call the hotline and they will do it super fast.

I didn’t know this! Thanks for sharing


one thing is to add on insurance, do check that pre-existing illness are covered. my friend grandpa had to be heli evac out due to heart attack but the insurer did not covered then.


” If you hold an  AMEX Platinum Charge  card, you can use the S$400 lodging credit to offset the cost of the cruise, provided you book it through the American Express Travel Concierge. “ Does this apply for both cruises ?


btw Cruise to nowhere for Sompo is under Area A, not C

From Sompo customer service:

Thank you for your keen interest with Sompo Travel Insurance.

Our Travel Insurance does cover for cruise.

Please select Country/Area Code as Area C (worldwide) during the online quote/application.


Will you be enjoying alone? Or with the lioness?

of course with the Milelioness. someone has to do the hunting.


Book with HSBC card via email/phone and get additional 5% discount! The 5% discount is not applicable for online booking.


Hi Adrian your net cost of S$2,257 is it for 2 person ? I think Royal Caribbean has increased the price for Grand Suite by quite a bit, it cost around S$3.8k now for a four-night cruise for 2 person

2,257 was for 2 people. yes, prices have increased quite a bit already.

Thanks Aaron for the data point

Ed Teo

Hello Aaron! Thanks for this post! it was very helpful. May I ask if there are any safety protocols post cruise? i.e. are we free to leave once we disembark? or will we be subject to any quarantine/SHN notices?

when i sailed there was a post cruise ART test at the terminal before you leave. very fast, 5 mins only. but i hear from recent reports that they’ve done away with that.

so you basically go home.


Your guides on the cruises have been very helpful. For purposes of booking transport from the cruise terminal home, approximately what time should we expect to disembark, and in your experience, how flexible is that timing?


S$2257 is really a good price for 4 Nights. When I booked it costed S$2800+ for 3 Nights.

For Jan 2022 I’ve booked 4n at 1700!

Which cabin did you book? Grand Suite again? Are you writing another review?

$1,655 for 4n grand suite.


This is for the entire room and not per pax right ? I am trying to book now for 2 pax, and its $5,672 for 2 pax, 4 niite cruise…price almost double I guess


Thanks for this comprehensive guide ! Qn: How about Chef’s table on qots, any reviews…and is it true there is always discount if purchase on board ? Cheers.


 Assuming you were going to buy a dining and beverage package (we’ll talk about that more in the next post),

*where is the next post?*


cruise to nowhere in singapore

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cruise to nowhere in singapore

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The ultimate comparison guide for Singapore’s Cruises To Nowhere

cruise to nowhere in singapore

That travel itch isn’t going away anytime soon, and staycations , being literally just Netflix n’ Chill + atas amenities, barely helps to make it better. So, the idea of splurging on a cruise has probably crossed your mind. 

For now, the only companies offering Cruises To Nowhere are Royal Caribbean International and Genting Cruise Lines’ Dream Cruise . But with so many factors to consider, the thought of them may be enough to off-put you from your plans.

To make things easier, we’ve done the homework for you. From prices, room amenities to even activities onboard, we’ve broken down the details into bite-sized pieces for you. 

Price of Cruises to Nowhere

cruise to nowhere in singapore

For comparison purposes, we’ll use the lowest rate offered for June. However, take note that Royal Caribbean is offering 50% off cruise fares when you make your booking from now till 3 May 2021 . Kids who are under 12 years old will get to cruise for free.

The table below shows the price per person, non-inclusive of taxes, fees and port expenses. 

*Prices reflected for Royal Caribbean’s rooms are after discount.

Accommodation for Cruises to Nowhere

Finally travelling “out of the country” will be an exhilarating experience, but it fits no purpose if you’re stuck in an uncomfortable room. Here are what the rooms look like, so you’ll be able to find accommodation suited for you.

Quantum of the Seas

Interior stateroom.

Cruise to nowhere 1

For those who are leaning towards Royal Caribbean, you’ll be siked to know that you’ll be travelling on board their newest ship, the Quantum of the Seas .

Even if the basic Interior Stateroom is all you can afford, you’ll be glad to know that they come with a “Virtual Balcony” —  a high-definition 80-inch screen that’s connected to a live camera outside the ship, so you can enjoy the same sights and sounds like someone with a Balcony or Ocean View room.

There’s also an ensuite bathroom and a one-seater sofa. We reckon that this room is perfect for those who’ll be spending most of their time outside .

Cruise to nowhere 2

You’ll get to see the actual sea in the Ocean View Room. Besides getting an unobstructed view of the ocean, you’ll also have an extra sofa to laze on. The room also comes with an ensuite bathroom, toiletries and an in-built wardrobe.

Waking up to the smell of sea breeze with the wind gently caressing your face may be the stuff of dreams, but if you decide on the Balcony Room , it might just become reality.

The room features a private deck complete with a cinematic view of the ocean, and there’s a table and chairs to relax and enjoy a cuppa joe. In addition to the extra space, there’s a sofa which serves as an additional spot for snacking or playing games .

It’s go big or go home for some of us, and perhaps the Suite will be worth going big for. This luxurious two-storey room comes equipped with a living room, dining area and spacious bathroom, so you won’t have a chance to miss home. There’s also a recliner chair for those who want to bathe in the sun. 

On the second level, there’s a loft enclosed with privacy curtains. A vanity table is also provided so that you can be picture perfect for the ‘gram .

World Dream

Cruise to nowhere 3

Dream Cruise’s accommodation selection may be limited, but their rooms don’t fall short. The Balcony Room holds a private deck, along with lounge chairs for you to chill out and soak in the views. 

The place also comes with a queen-sized bed, sofa bed and an ensuite bathroom, so there’s ample space for everyone. 

Palace Suite

Cruise to nowhere 4

This space is titled the Palace Suite and it is truly fit for a king. Over here, the bed is cleverly positioned for you to enjoy the view of the sky, sea and horizon. Coupled with Italian luxury lines and downy duvets, you’ll definitely have a good night’s sleep. 

In the bathroom, you’ll find luxury bathrobes and slippers, along with premium towels and toiletries. To complete the package, there’s a personalised mini-bar with a Nespresso coffee machine and a complimentary red or white wine of your choice.

P.S, a 24-hour butler service is also available.

Activities onboard Singapore Cruises To Nowhere

Cruise to nowhere 5

The North Star is part amusement park ride, part viewing platform — think Singapore Flyer. This mechanical arm will elevate you high above the ship for an unrivalled 360-degree view, 90 metres above sea level. Currently, the Noth Star holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest viewing deck on a cruise ship.

Bumper cars

Cruise to nowhere 6

No matter your age, bumper cars will always unleash the kid in you . Besides this adrenaline-pumping activity, there are other family-friendly options such as ice-skating, rollerskating , laser tag, rock-climbing and even bungee jumping.

Skydiving simulator

Cruise to nowhere 7

Skydiving may be on some of our bucket lists, but if that dream seems too far-fetched, you can always try your hand at iFly, the skydiving simulator on board the Royal Caribbean. With no ground beneath your feet, you can float weightlessly in the air and experience freefalling. 

Cruise to nowhere 8

This one’s for the alcoholics. Though there are other places to get yourself a drink, it’s a once in a lifetime experience to head to the Bionic Bar and be served by actual robots. Simply type your order into the tablet and watch the robotic arms mix your libation of choice. 

16 entertainment decks

cruise to nowhere in singapore

It’ll be an irony if we’re on the waters but never in the waters. On Quantum of the Seas, there are 16 entertainment decks , including a top deck featuring a solarium for adults, an outdoor pool, a new indoor pool with a roof system and an H2O Zone kids’ aqua park. There’s also a surf simulator, a rock-climbing wall measuring 40ft above the deck, a spa, a casino, and an outdoor movie screen.

Waterslide Park

cruise to nowhere in singapore

For daredevils, you’ll have a whirl of a time at the Waterslide Park . The slides feature heart-racing steep inclines that will put bravehearts to the test, but if you’re more of a fraidy-cat, there are easy-going chutes as well.

Cosmic bowling

cruise to nowhere in singapore

We still can’t go to clubs, but with Genting Dream’s Cosmic Bowling alley, you’ll be surrounded by pulsating glow pins, neon balls and ultraviolet lights. Amped up music will play classic favourites, so you’ll also get to groove to the beat.

Rock-climbing wall

cruise to nowhere in singapore

There are gyms available on deck, but for some real action, challenge your family and friends at this energy-burning rock-climbing wall . This attraction scales 24ft, so once you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with views for dayyyys .

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Golfing is usually associated with a rich man’s sport, so what better way to live the high life than putting your way through a nine-hole course, while on a cruise? Not to worry even if you’ve never golfed before, the course is beginner-friendly, so you’ll have a ball of a time.

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Arcades were a great time for the people born in the 90’s. The Dance Dance Revolution and Para Para machines were always the crowd’s favourite. Over here, you’ll get to battle your friends and family and finally decide on who’s the best dancer of all.

Dining for Cruises to Nowhere

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Some of us live for food and may be apprehensive of the available food options. After all, you’re to live in a confined space for days. But on Quantum of the Seas, you’ll have 17 dining options to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt or choice.

The ones to note are Cafe Promenade , a 24-hour establishment that’ll satisfy your late-night cravings , Dog House , where you can pile your hotdog with your favourite toppings and Sorrento’s , an authentic New York-style pizzeria experience with traditional pizzas.

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Onboard the World Dream, there are three all-inclusive restaurants, one 24-hour snack bar and 15 other cafes and restaurants. Incessantly looking at the ocean waves may have gotten you thinking about HaiDiLao’s boiling soup, so when you find yourself craving for hotpot when onboard the Cruises to Nowhere, you can visit Hot Pot, a buffet situated on the outdoor deck.

Included in the cruise fare are meals at the Genting and Dream dining rooms, The Lido buffet and the World Grill, with the remaining being additional charge venues. 

Cruises to Nowhere comparison guide

cruise to nowhere in singapore

To wrap up this article, we’ve included a table of what is included in the cruise fare. That way, you’ll be able to do a fair comparison of what floats your boat better.

If reading this has convinced you enough to book a trip, you can start here: Royal Caribbean International | Genting Cruise Lines’ Dream Cruise

For more articles like this, subscribe to our Telegram channel at @confirmgood .

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Natalie Lim

I leave the office at 6PM on the . to rush home and play games. My boss has no control over me!!

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Singapore is launching 'cruises to nowhere'

Lauren Keith

Oct 9, 2020 • 2 min read

September 6, 2014: Royal Caribbean's ship, Majesty of the Seas, anchored in the waters off Nassau..

Royal Caribbean will participate in Singapore's 'cruise to nowhere' program © mariakraynova/Shutterstock

First Singapore had plans to launch ‘flights to nowhere’ , which departed and returned to Changi Airport but were later canceled because of environmental concerns. But now another new idea is moving forward: the country will start to allow ‘cruises to nowhere’ from November.

Cruise ships have not been permitted to stop in Singapore since March 13 because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Singapore Tourism Board has now issued new guidelines for cruises through their mandatory CruiseSafe certification program, which requires that boats sail at 50% capacity or lower and embark on a round-trip journey with no ports of call . These cruises will be open to Singapore residents only.

Two companies with their home port in Singapore, Genting Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International, will participate in the pilot program. Genting Cruise Lines’ World Dream will set sail on 6 November, and Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas will launch in December.

Singapore Tourism Board launches home cruise program for residents only

‘The government will monitor the outcomes of the pilot sailings carefully in the coming months before deciding on the next steps for cruises," the Singapore Tourism Board said in a statement.

The CruiseSafe protocols include infection control measures at every stage of the passenger journey – including a mandatory COVID-19 test before boarding – and ensuring 100% fresh air throughout the ship. Masks and social distancing are also required, and random inspections will be carried out to ensure compliance.

‘This cruise pilot is a valuable opportunity for cruise operators to reinvent the entire cruise experience in order to regain the confidence of passengers’, Keith Tan, Chief Executive of Singapore Tourism Board, said in a statement. "Singapore remains committed to supporting and growing cruise tourism in the region. We will continue to work with cruise lines and our industry stakeholders to chart a new course for safe cruising."

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cruise to nowhere in singapore

Apr 24, 2024 • 11 min read

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cruise to nowhere in singapore

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cruise to nowhere in singapore

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TANJONG BEACH, SENTOSA, SINGAPORE, JANUARY 26, 2015: unidentified people at Australia national day party in Tanjong Beach club, Sentosa, Singapore; Shutterstock ID 651278020; your: Brian Healy; gl: 65050; netsuite: Lonely Planet Online Editorial; full: Best beaches in Singapore

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Cruise to Nowhere Singapore

Indulge in a cruise to nowhere Singapore experience aboard the majestic Royal Albatross and explore an unforgettable journey. Enjoy magnificent views of the sparkling ocean with its clear blue waters, experience outstanding customer service delivered by our professional crew and indulge in exciting activities onboard throughout your journey. From delicious 7-course meals to lazing on deck while taking in unparalleled sunsets or tasting divine cocktails whilst staring into starry skies – what more could you ask for? Come join us as we embark on this incredible voyage together!

Introducing Royal Albatross – the premier Cruise to Nowhere Singapore experience

cruise to nowhere in singapore

There’s nothing quite like a sunset dinner cruise , and the Royal Albatross takes the experience to a whole new level. This luxurious cruise offers an unforgettable cruise to nowhere Singapore experience, as guests unwind and take in the stunning city skyline while enjoying a sumptuous meal on board. From the moment you step on deck, you’ll feel like royalty, surrounded by gleaming polished wood and elegant furnishings. As you sail into the sunset, sipping a glass of champagne and enjoying delectable cuisine, you’ll know that this is a truly special way to experience the beauty of Singapore from a unique and unforgettable perspective.

Discover all that Singapore has to offer while onboard the Royal Albatross

Embark on an unparalleled adventure as you set sail to Singapore’s most beloved attractions onboard a cruise to nowhere Singapore experience with the Royal Albatross . We promise an unforgettable voyage with world-class entertainment and an exquisite dining experience as you marvel at the city skyline from the comfort of a luxurious ship. As you cruise along, get ready to explore the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Marina Bay Sands , Gardens by the Bay , and the Merlion. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind in style as you discover all that Singapore has to offer from a unique and unforgettable vantage point.

Explore exotic destinations with the comfort of a luxury cruise to nowhere

Experience the ultimate in luxury travel with a Royal Albatross Sunset Dinner Cruise to nowhere in Singapore. Leave your worries at the dock as you embark on a journey to explore exotic destinations in style. Enjoy the comfort of a top-notch cruise ship with all the amenities you need for an unforgettable vacation. From gourmet dining options to exciting onboard activities , there is something for everyone to enjoy. Cruise to the southern islands of Singapore and discover hidden gems that are sure to leave you in awe. Take in breathtaking views of crystal clear waters and sandy beaches as you relax and unwind. This is the perfect way to experience the beauty of Singapore like never before. So gather your loved ones and set sail for an adventure of a lifetime.

Enjoy fine dining, live entertainment, and plenty of activities for everyone

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Experience the ultimate cruise experience with the Royal Albatross – a luxury dining cruise that offers so much more than just a delicious meal. Set off on a cruise to nowhere in Singapore and enjoy an evening filled with live entertainment, fine dining , and exciting activities for everyone. As you embark on this majestic vessel, you’ll be transported to a world of elegance and luxury, where you’ll enjoy stunning views of the city skyline while indulging in a sumptuous dinner. So book your tickets now and get ready to set sail on one of Singapore’s most luxurious and exclusive cruise experiences .

Make wonderful memories with your partner

Spend quality time with your significant other and create unforgettable memories on a cruise to nowhere in Singapore aboard the stunning Royal Albatross . Get ready to embark on a romantic journey through the stunning Singapore waterways with your partner as you soak in the breathtaking views of the city’s skyline against the backdrop of a stunning sunset. The Royal Albatross Sunset Dinner Cruise is the perfect setting for a night of pure romance, with delectable cuisine, live entertainment and delightful cocktails. Get lost in the beauty of the city lights while you and your partner indulge in each other’s company on this enchanting journey.

Experience impeccable service from our knowledgeable crew members

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Step aboard the Royal Albatross and prepare to be treated like royalty. Our luxury dining cruise is an unforgettable experience that is made even more special by our knowledgeable and attentive crew members. Whether you are enjoying a romantic dinner for two or celebrating a special occasion with loved ones, our crew will ensure that every moment is memorable. From the moment you step onto the ship, you will be greeted by friendly faces who are dedicated to making your experience truly impeccable. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything – you won’t be disappointed.

The Royal Albatross is a unique experience that offers the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. From onboard activities to beautiful scenery, this luxury cruise to nowhere excursion will definitely make lasting memories with your partner. Explore exotic destinations while surrounded by luxury and comfort, make every moment count with an endless array of amenities that are sure to make your trip one for the books! Let Royal Albatross do the sailing as you relax and enjoy Singapore’s best Sunset Dinner Cruise experience! So don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your cruise into something more – book now and create a memory that will last a lifetime!

cruise to nowhere in singapore

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cruise to nowhere in singapore

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Dream Cruises | Resort World Cruises

Dream Cruises   World Dream Waterslide Park

Cruise To Nowhere From Singapore Promotion

Dream Cruises is one of the three distinct cruise lines owned by Genting Cruise Lines. Its award-winning premium cruise ships gather the world’s top entertainment and leisure facilities, taking you to experience the sincere and warm hospitality of Asia. Since its launch, Dream Cruises has been recognized as one of the “The Top 10 Large Resort Ships”. Experience inspirational journeys onboard Genting Dream for Cruise To Nowhere from Singapore. Grab with us its cruise from Singapore promotion offering 2 to 3 night cruise sail every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Meet the Dream Fleet, visit her sister ship Explorer Dream currently based in Keelung for a 2 to 4 nights fly-cruise package from Taiwan. Fulfil your existing dreams and discover new ones with Pinnacle Travel. Contact us now for Dream cruise promotion for a dream come true holiday on sea to nowhere.

Dream Cruises Logo

Tell us about your trip and we will call you back

Celebrity Summit color copy


cruise to nowhere in singapore

2bearbear Singapore Travel Blog: Travel | Stay | Food

The Top (few) Singapore Travel Blog: Guide to Things to do, Hotels, Attractions, Food & Travel Reviews from Around the World! (Since May 2011)

Cruise to Nowhere Review of Dream Cruises’ World Dream: Things to do Onboard!

Oktoberfest Culinary Workshop Apfel Strudel Making Demonstration

Cruise to Nowhere is still one of the easiest getaways from Singapore. While the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme picks up pace with the announcement of VTL to Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Britain and the United States without quarantine from 19 October onwards, there are still additional costs required for tests. This time, we went “overseas” with a 4D3N Cruise to Nowhere onboard the World Dream by Dream Cruises . Here’s what to expect…

Genting World Dream Cruise to Nowhere

Cruise to Nowhere Dream Cruises World Dream – Is it Safe?

As you can see from the safe cruising guide, there are many measures that Dream Cruise has put in place to ensure your safety onboard . These include

Preventive Measures (Part 1)—Embarkation & Disembarkation – Guests aged 7 & above are required to download the TraceTogether APP or bring along the TraceTogether Token. TRACEY will be issued to all guests upon embarkation. – Mandatory COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) prior to embarkation for all guests. – Mandatory temperature screening and pre-boarding health declarations for guests aged 7 & above. – Infrared fever screening system at the ship gangway. – Higher frequency with increased levels of sanitization and disinfection at the ship gangway and passenger walkways. – Stringent checks for all embarking individuals including crew travel documents. – Online check-in for guests: receive designated arrival time at the cruise terminal to minimize crowd congestion. – Additional waiting areas for cruise boarding & disembarkation (with staggered times.) – Compliance with all local port and health authorities’ regulations.

Preventive Measures (Part 2)—Guest Accommodations – Higher frequency with increased levels of sanitization and disinfection in guests’ cabins with hospital grade disinfectants, including: (1) Twice daily wipe-down of guest cabins and guests cabin corridors (2) Fogging of vacant guest cabins and guests cabin corridors – Clean and disinfect guest bathrooms with heavy duty alkaline bathroom cleaner and disinfectant. – Timely removal of food items from cabins to prevent spoilage and cultivation of microorganisms and bacteria. – Timely housekeeping cabin turnover; bedsheets and linens professionally cleaned and disinfected at high temperatures. – Injection of diluted cleaning solution into drains to avoid clogged pipes and preventing bacterial growth. – In case of sickness, thorough cleaning and disinfection with hospital grade disinfectant and fogging the cabin after.

Preventive Measures (Part 3)—Common Public Areas – All public areas on board will undergo a two-tier sanitization process with thorough cleansing, fogging and wiping using hospital grade disinfectant. On-board Ship Venues and Cleaning Frequency: Elevators: Every 2 hours Public areas and facilities: 2 – 10 times daily Spa and amenities: Min 2 times daily Other Public Areas: To adjust disinfection frequency accordingly – Common public areas will be sanitized from once daily to 2 – 4 times daily and frequent touchpoints such as handrails, lift buttons, table-tops, door handles etc. will be sterilized every hour or less during peak hours (Embarkation & Disembarkation time, returning from shore excursions, meal periods.) – Frequent usage of heavy-duty neutral PH floor-cleaning agent to disinfect all floor areas of the ship. – Sanitizer dispensers available at various public areas and crew members stationed at key onboard venues to provide hand sanitation. – Guests are to practice social distancing. – All guests are required to wear a face mask except when dining and engaging in sports activities.

Automated hand wash machine on Dream Cruise World Dream

Preventive Measures (Part 4)—Food Hygiene Practices & Standards – F&B restaurants / bar areas, including galleys, will be cleaned and sanitized 3 times daily, during and after service. – Guests are encouraged to wash hands before entry and use sanitizer dispensers available at F&B outlet entrances/exits. – Guest seating will ensure ample spacing; disposable cutlery will be provided, upon request. – Self-service at F&B buffet restaurants will be suspended. All food & beverages will be served to guests by crew members wearing face masks & disposable gloves. – Stringent procurement guidelines will be enforced and product sourcing from highly affected regions will be strictly prohibited.

Preventive Measures (Part 5)—Entertainment & Recreational Activities – The theatre will be sanitized before and after each show; 3D glasses disinfected before and after guest usage (if applicable.) – Cleaning and disinfection of all toys, games and Kids’ Club facilities twice daily and/or after every use. – All duty-free shops and entertainment venues will be disinfected twice daily before and after service. – All recreational equipment will be disinfected every 2 hours before guest usage. – On board venues operating at reduced capacity to provide ample space. – Sanitizer dispensers will be readily available at various venues including entertainment venue entrances/exits. – Spa & Gym facilities will be sanitized prior to and after usage by guests.

Preventive Measures (Part 6)—Fresh Air Ventilation Systems – 100% external fresh air is filtered and supplied to each guest & crew cabin, and onboard public areas. – No re-circulation of air between cabins or within the ship. – Air filters and cooling coils thoroughly checked, cleaned and replaced to ensure healthy air quality.

Preventive Measures (Part 7)—Medical Centre – Isolated wards available in the Medical Centre and cabins can be converted into quarantine rooms if required. – Contaminated items and medical waste will be properly sealed and disposed according to health and safety guidelines. – Used face masks and protective equipment disposed at designated central collection points. – Medical equipment and waste bins cleaned, disinfected and washed twice daily with hospital grade disinfectant. – 2 Doctors including an Infection Control Officer (ICO) will be present on every sailing.

Preventive Measures (Part 8)—Crew Members Practices & Standards – Daily temperature checks. – Reduction of crew movement. – Medical Centre Isolation Area staff related to suspected cases are required to: Adequate Personal Protective Equipment (face mask, eye protection, disposable gloves & disposal outer garment) follow proper hand washing practices before and after work duty update personal health information daily – All Frontline crew are required to wear face masks. – Housekeeping and F&B crew must wear disposable gloves. – Designated crew may also wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if required. – All crew to use anti-bacterial hand soap for at least 20 sec to sanitize hands. – Provide Training Workshops and pertinent information on health and safety preventive measures. – All crew had passed stringent health screening & quarantine protocols in accordance with local government requirements.

With so many preventive measures in place, we felt that it was thoroughly safe to do a Cruise To Nowhere with Dream Cruises ! For more details of all the measures by Genting Dream Cruise, click here .

Is it too “Troublesome” to do Tests for Cruise to Nowhere with Dream Cruises World Dream

With Dream Cruises, the ART test is simplified . Just follow the scheduled timing on your cruise ticket and take the ART on site at Marina Bay Cruise Terminal. The results will be out within 20 minutes and once cleared, you’ll be able to proceed with the check-in procedures.

ART result on TraceTogether App about 20 minutes after ART was taken

Remember to refresh your TraceTogether app to get the results as it will be about 5 to 10 minutes faster than the notification via SMS.

Cruise to Nowhere with Dream Cruises World Dream – Dining Options

Dining is one of the main features of a Cruise to Nowhere. Onboard the World Dream , there are 3 complimentary dining options :

1. Dream Dining Room (Upper) for Asian Cuisine 2. Dream Dining Room (Lower) for Western Cuisine 3. The Lido for International Buffet

World Dream – Dream Dining Room (Upper) (Deck 8)

Deep Fried Bean Curd Roll & Draft Heineken Beer- Dream Dining Room (Upper) Genting World Dream

Dream Dining Room (Upper) serves up Asian Cuisine onboard the World Dream. In general, Dream Cruises has one of the better complimentary asian food as compared to other most other cruises. Except for the one breakfast that was rather disappointing , we were rather satisfied with the rest of our meals here.

World Dream – Dream Dining Room (Lower) (Deck 7)

Breakfast at Dream Dining Room (Lower) for Western Breakfast

Although there were several comments online to say that the Western food at Dream Dining Room (Lower) is not that good, we thought it was still quite ok. Though, not as good as “the other” cruise line, it was still quite decent. The fish that we had were mostly quite fresh and we were impressed with the Oktoberfest menu that we had on the last day – the boiled pork knuckle was delish! Also, at DDR (Lower), you’ll be able to enjoy nice sea views, remember to request for it. Being there 15 minutes before opening hours will almost guarantee a seat of your preferred choice!

World Dream – The Lido (Deck 16)

Buffet rows at the Lido onboard World Dream

We preferred to dine at the Dream Dining Rooms because we’re served at the tables and are able to get refills on any dish that we like. However, for those who are die hard buffet fans, fret not, you still will be able to enjoy buffets at the Lido . We enjoyed the roast beef with loads of fatty bits on one of the evenings and if you head over for breakfasts, don’t forget the now-famous Nasi Lemak! The chili and curry chicken were sedap!

24 Hours Snack Outlet – Right outside the Lido at Deck 16

24 Hours Snack Venue Outside the Lido on Genting World Dream

Beside these 3 dining options, there is a 24 hours snack area right outside the Lido at Deck 16 . Here, you’ll be able to get snacks such as fries and drumlets. Also, after 10pm at night, you’ll get “mains” such as the vermicelli that you see in the picture above. You can choose to dine here or for those who are unvaccinated or prefer to have the snacks in the room, you can choose to take-away as well.

Book with Klook Here: Genting Dream by Resorts World Cruises

World Dream Specialty Dining Restaurants

Genting World Dream Hot Pot Restaurant - Enjoying the Sea Views

There are also several specialty dining options such as Seafood Grill, Prime Steakhouse, Silk Road Chinese Restaurant, Umi Uma and Blue Lagoon for various seafood, steak, Japanese and Singaporean fare. This time, we tried out the Hot Pot option. Why? Because of its al fresco hot pot dining experience that allows you to enjoy views of the vast oceans while gathering around a nice hot pot for beautiful conversations. These specialty dining restaurants come at additional costs but you can buy some F&B credits to help offset the overall bills :

Buy $50 and get $55 Buy $100 and get $120 Buy $150 and get $180 Buy $200 and get $250

What are the Complimentary Activities on Dream Cruises World Dream Cruise to Nowhere?

There are actually many complimentary activities onboard the World Dream . Let’s start from the Sports Activities Centre at Deck 18…

Sports Activities Centre (Deck 18)

Sports Activity Centre Deck 18 of World Dream Cruise to Nowhere

The most popular activities of Rock Climbing and Rope Course are on a first-come-first-serve basis while other activities such as basketball, table tennis and mini golf can be booked in advance. We’d strongly recommend the Rope Course. The course itself can be quite exciting and challenging. Best of all, it ends with a flying fox over the ocean – an exhilarating end to the activity!

Swimming and Water Slides

View of Swimming pool and slides from Deck 18 of World Dream Cruise to Nowhere

During the pandemic, you will need to make bookings for swimming pool slots. For details, do refer to our pre-cruise preparations post onboard the World Dream for all the tips to get ahead of the game. But what we really want to recommend are the water slides! They are on a first-come-first-served basis. Hence, even if you didn’t manage to book any swimming or jacuzzi slots, you’ll still be able to enjoy the thrills and spills of the water slides. There are 5 water slides in total. 2 of which have a sharp drop at the beginning – perfect for thrill seekers. As for the other 3 slides, they are more benign and we particularly enjoyed the one with a “bowl” in the middle where you’ll go round and round before wriggling into a tube in the centre to end off the slide. Probably one of the better water slides we’ve enjoyed at sea!

Jacuzzi at Zouk Beach Club

The jacuzzi experience is a “must-do” during your cruise to nowhere with Dream Cruises World Dream! To have the best experience, remember to check out our tips to booking in our pre-cruise preparations post . To have the best experience, book the jacuzzi at Beach Zouk Club. This is because, you’ll be able to enjoy privacy and a dedicated showering area. Most of all, you’ll be able to take in the sea views while soaking it up in the Jacuzzi. Only the jacuzzis at Zouk Beach Club offers this experience. Choose wisely!

Workshop and Classes at Sea

Genting World Dream Cruise to Nowhere Rose Making Workshop

Besides the more physical activities, you’ll also be able to enjoy complimentary workshops organised by the crew. There are dance classes, quiz and trivias as well as some DIY workshops for you to choose from. We enjoyed the rose-making, keychain making and fun graffiti classes. During some of these classes, you may be able to get complimentary ice cream from the staff as well. Enjoy!

Signature Performances on Dream Cruises World Dream

Select the show that you want to watch and the preferred timing on Dream Cruise App

There were also several comments online that the performances on World Dream is not as good. While there’s some elements of truth to it, we still pretty much enjoyed the shows. In particular, the magic show Vision , by French Magician Vincent Vignaud is not to be missed. We particularly enjoyed his humourous interactions with the audience – several times with Singlish accents as well!

Complimentary Themed Events

Oktoberfest Culinary Workshop Apfel Strudel Making Demonstration

As it was Oktoberfest at Sea during our Cruise to Nowhere with Dream Cruises, we were able to enjoy Oktoberfest-themed workshops and performances. There were Apfel Strudel making and a traditional Dirndl workshop to increase our awareness and cooking prowess. There was also a little Oktoberfest dance segment prior to the Faith show. Best of all, we enjoyed the Oktoberfest menu on the last evening where the boiled pork knuckle with the fatty parts were soooo goood!

VR Games at ESC Experience Lab on Dream Cruises Dream World Cruise to Nowhere

VR Motion Simulator Zombie Shooting Game on Dream Cruises World Dream

For paid activities, we tried out the VR Games at ESC Experience Lab at Deck 16 . During Happy Hour promotions (twice daily), you’ll be able to enjoy 2 games for the price of $22 (usual price $15 per game). The 2 must-try games are the VR motion simulator as well as the VR Maze. The VR motion simulator is not for the faint-hearted. The visuals are realistic and you actually control the movement of the avatar via the motion simulator. This means that if you walk, the avatar walks. If you run (away from zombies), the avatar runs as well. An unique experience. As for the VR Maze , the VR goggles are programmed according to the physical maze that you will be walking through. However, the VR environment is so immersive that you will feel as though you’re at the edge of the platform and can feel the elevator’s motion as it descends downwards. So while you’re not physically moving, the VR visuals make you feel as though you are. Definitely worth a try!

Cruise to Nowhere Dream Cruises Beverage Package on World Dream

World Dream Cruises Classic Beverage Package Menu - Soft drinks, Chilled Juices, Still and Sparkling Water

One thing that we’ll definitely recommend would be the Beverage Package on Dream Cruises . For only $142 per person, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited beers (including draft beers), red wines, white wines, sparkling wines (moscato!), premium coffee (latte, flat white, cappuccino) and water (pellegrino, acqua pannna). Not only that, it gives you the flexibility to check out the various venues around the ship and also have a drink to go along with your meals.

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the things to do onboard the World Dream by Genting Dream Cruises! If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments section below. Lastly, stay tuned for our final post for comparisons between the cruise to nowhere by Royal Caribbean Cruise (Quantum of the Sea) and the cruise to nowhere by Dream Cruises (World Dream)!

Check out our video review of Cruise to Nowhere on Dream Cruises

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Quantum of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise to Nowhere Day 1: Departing from Marina Bay Cruise Centre

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Quantum of the Seas Cruise to Nowhere (at Marina Bay Cruise Centre)

Would really like to see you compare Dream Cruise vs. Royal Caribbean! Thanks in advance!

How did you guess that we’re doing a Dream Cruise vs Royal Caribbean Cruise to Nowhere post?! :O

It will be available tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Tom & Kate,

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Cruises to nowhere: Genting Cruises gets more than 6,000 bookings in 5 days

cruise to nowhere in singapore

SINGAPORE - Phones have been ringing off the hooks at the offices of Genting Cruise Lines, with the company receiving more than 6,000 bookings for its "cruises to nowhere" in just five days.

Each of these bookings is likely for at least two people. A total of 23 Genting Cruise Lines sailings, each with a maximum capacity of 1,700 passengers, are scheduled for November and December.

The Singapore Tourism Board announced last Thursday (Oct 8) that round-trip cruises without ports of call will take place under a pilot programme.

Under it, only two cruise lines - Genting Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International - can take to the seas.

Without disclosing specific numbers, Royal Caribbean International also said that the demand has "exceeded expectations".

According to a spokesman, bookings are up 500 per cent compared to the past two weeks. Its first sailing on Dec 1, which is capped at about 1,000 guests, is almost sold out.

Cruises have been suspended since March due to the coronavirus outbreak, with the authorities recognising that the proximity of guests could turn the ships into infection clusters.

But with the number of local infections dwindling, companies have been working with the authorities to find ways to regain their revenue stream after the tourism industry took a massive hit from prolonged measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Mr Michael Goh, head of international sales at Genting Cruise Lines, said calls of inquiry began flooding in almost immediately after the STB made its announcement.

He told ST on Monday: "The response has been overwhelming. We call it a 'superstaycation', because we offer all three meals, outdoor activities like waterslides and rock climbing, and even a Christmas musical.

"It is a complete holiday experience. The ship itself is the destination."

After Covid-19 spread in migrant worker dormitories, two of Genting Cruise Lines' ships were used as dedicated quarantine facilities.

Mr Goh said this was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed the company to "gain a lot of knowledge" and use "what we have learnt and apply it to our operations".

Ms Angie Stephen, managing director of Royal Caribbean's operations in Asia Pacific, attributed the surge in bookings to the "pent-up desire to travel".

She said the four-night cruise sailing every Thursday evening is particularly attractive, as guests will only need to take a day off of work on Friday to enjoy a long weekend on the cruise.

Starting prices for both companies' offerings range between $359 and $599 per person, depending on the duration of the cruise.

On board, safe distancing measures will apply and face masks are to be worn at all times by those who are not dining. Passengers will have to take a mandatory swab test before they are allowed onto the ships.

Ms Margaret Chew, 66, who booked a Royal Caribbean cruise for her family, including her two-year-old grandson, said the stipulation that passengers will have to wear masks makes her feel confident about her safety.

The housewife, who visited Gardens by the Bay and the Sea aquarium during phase one and two of Singapore's reopening, said she has missed cruising.

Mr Johnny Pay, a 58-year-old head of sales, said the 50 per cent capacity the ships will run at means "less crowding and a shorter queueing time".

He made a booking with Genting Cruise Lines for his family of four, and said the price of the package is very reasonable.

On Monday, Singapore Airlines' Restaurant A380 @ Changi dining experience kicked off to acclaim, as its more than 900 available seats were snapped up within 30 minutes of bookings opening.

Diners paid between $50 and $600 to have a three-hour lunch on an aircraft.

cruise to nowhere in singapore

What you need to know about S'pore's new Covid-19 vaccination strategy

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Asia stepping up fight against more infectious Covid-19 variants

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Hong Kong cements Covid-19 tests with centres just a 15-minute walk

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Covid-19 wave looms in Europe amid vaccine fatigue and false sense of security

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Long Covid remains a mystery, though theories are emerging

cruise to nowhere in singapore

askST: What is excess death and what is Covid-19's true toll on the world?

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Biden says pandemic is over; survivors and doctors disagree

cruise to nowhere in singapore

No plans to include Covid-19 vaccinations in childhood immunisation schedule: Ong Ye Kung

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Human development set back 5 years by Covid-19, other crises: UN report

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Covid-19's harmful effects on the brain reverberate years later: Study

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Path to cease-fire deal possible, U.S. says, as Israel targets Rafah anew

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States was working “actively” to generate a path to a cease-fire deal following Hamas’s latest response.

The White House said it viewed the cease-fire deal for the Gaza Strip as still possible Thursday, based on Hamas ’s latest response to an American-backed plan, as Israel ramped up attacks around Rafah in southern Gaza.

“We are working actively to generate a path forward based on what Hamas has come in with,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters at the Group of Seven summit in Italy, referring to Hamas’s latest response with an amended proposal. “It gets us to a result that’s consistent with what the U.N. Security Council laid down and consistent with [what] President Biden laid out; we believe that is possible.”

At the same time, Sullivan urged Hamas to accept the U.S.-backed proposal that was “on the table.” Hamas “should take it and not try to push this thing in a direction where we just get to stalemate,” he said, calling on the international community to pressure Hamas to accept the deal on offer.

President Biden told reporters at the G-7 summit that the leaders discussed the cease-fire deal Thursday. When asked whether he was confident that they would reach a deal soon, he said “No,” adding, “I haven’t lost hope.” Biden said, “Hamas has to move.”

GET CAUGHT UP Stories to keep you informed

Louisiana requires Ten Commandments to be displayed in public classrooms

Louisiana requires Ten Commandments to be displayed in public classrooms

Stonehenge spray-painted orange by protesters calling for climate action

Stonehenge spray-painted orange by protesters calling for climate action

Family of black belts stops attempted sex assault next door, police say

Family of black belts stops attempted sex assault next door, police say

TikTok makes major play for ‘Eras’ of Taylor Swift fans

TikTok makes major play for ‘Eras’ of Taylor Swift fans

Water or electrolyte drinks: Which is better when it’s hot out?

Water or electrolyte drinks: Which is better when it’s hot out?

Later in the day, Biden said the “biggest hang-up so far” in negotiations is Hamas “refusing to sign” onto the deal, despite the group having already submitted a “similar” proposal. “Whether or not it comes to fruition remains to be seen,” he said.

Hamas had provided Egyptian and Qatari officials with its response to the U.S.-backed deal, framing it as “positive.” In a statement Thursday, the militant group said it was negotiating in good faith and urged the Israeli government to publicly signal its support for the deal.

While Biden has characterized it as an “Israeli” proposal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu subsequently distanced himself from it under pressure from his right flank.

Hamas’s statement disputed Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s suggestion that the group was responsible for the delay, countering that his bias toward Israel was “responsible for obstructing reaching an agreement.”

“The movement confirmed its readiness to cooperate with the mediators to enter into indirect negotiations on the implementation of these principles,” the statement read, repeating the group’s demands for Israeli forces to withdraw completely from the Strip, for an exchange of captives, humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, and permission for the displaced to return home.

Hamas’s statement came after Blinken accused the group of making unworkable demands during the negotiations by proposing “numerous changes” to the plan announced by Biden last month. The State Department did not offer an official response to Hamas’s criticism on Thursday.

“We’re not going to bother responding to a terrorist organization whose haggling has prevented a cease-fire from already being in effect,” said a State Department official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk about sensitive diplomatic discussions.

This week , the U.N. Security Council approved Biden’s plan for a cease-fire deal, marking a rare diplomatic victory on Gaza for the United States at the United Nations. The multistage plan would begin with a six-week cease-fire during which Israeli forces would withdraw from populated areas; Hamas would release all hostages who are women, children, elderly or wounded; Palestinians would be allowed to return to their homes across Gaza; and aid would flood into the enclave.

Israeli forces struck the Mawasi area in the southern Gaza coastline overnight as tanks attempted to push deeper into Gaza toward the Egyptian border, local Palestinian residents said, describing confusion and chaos among the displaced who had nowhere to flee.

Asad Zourub, 31, said in an interview that Israeli forces fired at targets throughout Mawasi from “land, sea and air,” starting at around 9 p.m. Wednesday evening and lasting throughout the night. “Random shooting occurred, creating a sense of fear among citizens,” he said. On Thursday, Zourub said people had returned to their tents after fleeing overnight.

The Israel Defense Forces said that it deployed drones, airstrikes and engaged in “close-quarters” combat in the Rafah area of southern Gaza, conducting what it described as “intelligence-based, targeted operations.” According to a statement, Israeli troops located weapons, struck a rocket launch site and killed an unspecified number of militants in the area. Throughout the Strip, the Israeli military said its air force hit over 45 targets in total on Wednesday.

Part of the coastal Mawasi region has been designated a humanitarian area, but the IDF denied it had struck there.

The Israeli advance pushed into areas in western Rafah that are not under evacuation orders, sowing confusion among residents. Many fled a day earlier amid rumors that the International Committee of the Red Cross had warned people to leave.

In a statement, the ICRC said Israel had informed it on Wednesday of “continued” military operations in western Rafah but the aid group said it had not publicly circulated any information. “Any information on military operations needs to come from the party conducting them,” the ICRC said.

Sirens also sounded in northern Israel amid reports of heavy rocket fire from Lebanon and “approximately 40 projectiles were launched toward the Galilee and Golan Heights area,” igniting a number of fires in northern Israel, according to the IDF, which said it intercepted many of them. At least two people were lightly injured with shrapnel in the Golan Heights, Israel’s Magen David Adom rescue service reported.

Videos published by Israeli outlets also showed a large fire in the area of Safed, a northern Israeli city home to a large military base.

The volley came a day after Hezbollah, the militant group in Lebanon, sent about 215 projectiles toward northern Israel in retaliation for an Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon that killed one of its senior commanders the previous day.

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported Thursday that a woman died from her wounds from a raid that targeted Lebanon’s southern Tyre district.

“Neither the world nor Hezbollah want Lebanon to burn, but that’s what’s going to happen if it [Hezbollah] doesn’t stop what’s going on there,” Benny Gantz, who resigned Sunday from Netanyahu’s war cabinet, told Channel 12.

Here’s what else to know

Nine heads of international nonprofit and U.N. organizations published a letter expressing concern about the Houthis’ recent detention of 17 members of civil society and nonprofit organizations. The leaders of affected organizations asked the Houthis to confirm the “exact whereabouts of those detained and the conditions in which they are being held” and sought immediate access to them. Among the signatories were heads of the World Health Organization, Oxfam International and World Food Program.

The Houthis in Yemen struck a Greek-owned cargo ship, causing severe flooding and damage to the engine room, U.S. Central Command said Wednesday. The Liberian-flagged bulk carrier, the MV Tutor, most recently docked in Russia. U.S. forces also destroyed three cruise missile launchers and a drone launched from an area of Yemen controlled by Houthi militants, who have been attacking vessels passing through the Red Sea for months.

More than 330,000 tons of waste have piled up alongside populated areas of the Gaza Strip, according to UNRWA . The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees said that the trash is posing “catastrophic” environmental and health risks, as children rummage through it daily.

A U.N. inquiry said Israel has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza. The report, which the U.N. human rights office said was the first in-depth U.N. investigation of events on and since Hamas’s attack Oct. 7, also found that Palestinian armed groups carried out war crimes in Israel.

At least ​​37,232 people have been killed and 85,037 injured in Gaza since the war started , according to the Gaza Health Ministry , which does not distinguish between civilians and combatants but says the majority of the dead are women and children. Israel estimates that about 1,200 people were killed in Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack, including more than 300 soldiers, and it says 298 soldiers have been killed since the launch of its military operations in Gaza.

John Hudson, Frances Vinall and Tyler Pager contributed to this report.

Israel-Gaza war

The Israel-Gaza war has gone on for months , and tensions have spilled into the surrounding Middle East region .

The war: On Oct. 7, Hamas militants launched an unprecedented cross-border attack on Israel that included the taking of civilian hostages at a music festival . (See photos and videos of how the deadly assault unfolded ). Israel declared war on Hamas in response, launching a ground invasion that fueled the biggest displacement in the region since Israel’s creation in 1948 .

Gaza crisis: In the Gaza Strip, Israel has waged one of this century’s most destructive wars , killing tens of thousands and plunging at least half of the population into “ famine-like conditions. ” For months, Israel has resisted pressure from Western allies to allow more humanitarian aid into the enclave .

U.S. involvement: Despite tensions between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and some U.S. politicians , including President Biden, the United States supports Israel with weapons , funds aid packages , and has vetoed or abstained from the United Nations’ cease-fire resolutions.

History: The roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and mistrust are deep and complex, predating the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 . Read more on the history of the Gaza Strip .

cruise to nowhere in singapore

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Singapore, Garden by the Bay at Night


Singapore cruises.

Revel in this republic's eclectic mix of historical tradition and modern charm with a cruise to Singapore.

One of the most forward-thinking destinations in Southeast Asia, Singapore is where billionaires go to blow off steam, the world's most brilliant minds gather to discuss the technology of the future, and multicultural history is embraced through art, architecture and stories. Cruise to Singapore to feel the gentle humidity of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, a rainforest that dominates the center of the country, or take a stroll down Haji Lane in the city center, an eclectic neighborhood with bold, colorful Malay murals on every wall. For a mix of history and modern culture, explore the Muslim roots at the proud gold and white Sultan Mosque. Don't miss the Gardens on the Bay, home to futuristic supertrees, and walk the connecting 22-meter high OCBC Skyway that overlooks the city. Discover the magic with a Singapore cruise.

cruise to nowhere in singapore

Save Big With These Singapore Cruise Deals

Explore more while spending less with Singapore cruise deals onboard our best cruise ships

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Get Royal Deals, Sign Up Today

Sign up to receive information about our special offers and deals. You can unsubscribe at any time. For more details about how we use your information, view our Privacy Policy .

Singapore, Singapore Aerial View


Mandarin, English, Tamil and Malay are all official languages of Singapore, creating a truly multicultural epicenter for the world. Get onboard the best Singapore cruises and head to the city center to see how many cultures live harmoniously in the tightly packed, themed neighborhoods. 

Singapore Masjid Sultan Mosque


Kampong Glam is the epicenter of Malay-speaking Singapore. You'll find a fascinating mix of architecture packed into a small space that draws from a complex cultural heritage. Shop along the trendsetting Haji street, lined with gigantic gorgeous murals, or stand in awe of the gold and white Sultan Mosque, a structure so big, North Bridge road was forced to bend around it.

Singapore, Little India Traditional Homes


If you hear Bollywood music drifting lazily between buildings and smell the complex fragrance of curry spice in the air, you must be in Little India. Cruise to Singapore and walk along the friendly neighborhood packed full of food stalls, Hindu temples and budget-friendly shopping centers. Head to Mustafa Shopping Center for retail therapy, or witness the wonders of the colorful Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, an opulent temple dedicated to the goddesses Kali and Parvati.

Singapore, Local Cuisine


You'll find delectable treats on every corner in Singapore during your vacation. Stroll along the bold red and gold streets of China Town to pick up some delicious Chinese street food. Head to the Street Market to dine on the best crispy duck over noodles, golden satay and freshly steamed dim sum. Before you leave, be sure to check out the Sri Mariamman Temple and its vivid sculpture work.

Singapore, Singapore Central Business District


Singapore is full of new money and Cinderella stories. From the natural landscapes to the modern architecture, see the glitz and glam up close and personal when you cruise to Singapore. 

Singapore Marina Bay Sands Hotel


Marina Bay Sands sits proudly above all other buildings, famously transforming the Singaporean skyline. Head to the top of the 55-story tower to catch an aerial glimpse of the city center, or book a room for the night to gain access to the rooftop bar and pool, where you can relax in luxury.

Singapore Street Food Skewers


Looking for a five-star dining experience to write home about? Head to the Newton Food Center where hawkers are heroes, gloriously feeding thousands of hungry locals every day. Order a feast of plates, grab a table and tuck in! You'll be begging for more chili crab marinated in a sweet and spicy tomato-based sauce, BBQ grilled stingray, taro carrot cake and fresh spring rolls.

Singapore Super Trees


Iconic for its grove of gigantic, glowing supertrees, Gardens on the Bay is a futuristic location meant to inspire the city. Start your vacation adventure at Cloud Forest, home to the world's tallest human-made waterfall, and make your way to the delightful Flower Grove to walk among brightly colored buds.

Singapore Aerial at Night

Best Singapore Cruises

A cruise to Singapore is filled with exciting destinations, each with its own style and vibe. Discover Singapore onboard the Best Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.

Penang, Malaysia Red Lanterns


As a gateway to Southeast Asia, Singapore rests on the coast of Malaysia. Head to the northern neighbor to see religious depth in  Penang  or to explore the diverse metropolis of  Kuala Lumpur . From humid rainforests to bustling cities, there's something for everyone in Malaysia.

Thailand, Phuket Islands


From Singapore, continue to  Thailand  to soak up the beach vibes in sunny  Phuket . Walk the Khaosan Road to pick up colorful souvenirs, or visit the Grand Palace for a taste of Thai opulence. In Thailand, you'll get a glimpse of the beauty of Southeast Asia.

WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Singapore Cruises Insider

From the active city streets to the dense rainforests, Singapore is a diverse area with something for everyone.

The city is connected by a fleet of budget-friendly trains, and public transport is easy, safe and fast. While renting a car can be expensive due to road taxes, you can find affordable taxis just about anywhere in Singapore. There's no bad time to visit the country, since it's warm and humid all year long.

When you visit Singapore, you'll hear different languages mingle together in the streets. English is one of the official languages, though, so you'll easily be able to communicate with vendors. Keep an open mind on your vacation adventures — learning a few words in Tamil, Malay or Mandarin is sure to impress the locals!

Chichen Itza, Kukulkan Pyramid, Mexico

7 Amazing World Heritage Sites You Can Get To On a Cruise

Family Sailing in Antigua, St. John's, Antigua

Why Your Next Group Vacation Should Be a Cruise

Spectrum of the Seas Flowrider Ripcord by iFly Man Flying

The World’s Most Over-the-Top Travel Experiences

Pick up a Singapore Tourist Pass for cheap, unlimited train travel for up to three days.

Public transport is excellent in Singapore, but if you prefer to use a taxi, use the Grab app for quick pickups.

Drinking alcohol after 10:30 p.m. is prohibited, so be sure to plan your night accordingly.


Singaporeans are united by one common love: good food. It's almost impossible to walk down a street without the delicious scents of cooking food making your belly rumble!

Singapore, Stir Fry Noodles


Hokkien mee is one of the most popular stir-fry dishes in Singapore. The combination of egg noodles, chopped rice noodles, seafood, veggies and some chili sauce will leave you full and happy.

Singapore, Fried Carrot Cake


Commonly known as carrot cake, chai tow kway is actually made with daikon radish and rice flour. Fried with eggs and pork fat, it's a greasy, salty, gooey and crispy adventure on a plate.

Singapore, Roast Duck Over Rice


Try tender slices of roast duck (expertly cooked with crispy skin) over a simple bowl of white rice. You'll definitely find the simple flavors and luxurious texture to be filling and delicious.

Related Ports

Singapore cruise ports will let you explore the wonderous world of Southeast Asia. Travel to Thailand for breathtaking sights in Phuket, immerse yourself into the cultural exploration of Bangkok, and dive into the crystal blue waters of Koh Tao. Cruise through the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea to explore destinations like Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Or voyage north to explore the bustling streets of China and Taiwan or tranquil visions of Japan.

Kobe, Japan Noruko Gorge

Kobe, Japan

Beppu, Japan Hot Spring

Beppu, Japan

Busan, South Korea Aerial Temple

Busan, South Korea

Sanya, China, Beach

Sanya, China

Shenzhen, China, Town square

Shenzhen, China

Shimonoseki, Japan, Aerial view

Shimonoseki, Japan

Japan Chureito Red Pagoda Mt. Fuji Fujiyoshida

Tokyo, Japan

Phuket, Thailand Boat Sea

Phuket, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand Palace Reflections Water

Bangkok (Laemchabang), Thailand

Beijing, China Forbidden City

Beijing (Tianjin), China

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia White Sand Beaches

Benoa, Bali

Boracay, Phillippines Rock On Beach

Boracay, Philippines

Cochin, India Waterfall

Cochin, India

Cam Ranh, Vietnam Sea View Coast

Nha Trang (Cam Ranh), Vietnam

Fukuoka, Japan Red Bridge Shrine

Fukuoka, Japan

Goa, India Basilica

Goa (Mormugao), India

Hiroshima, Japan Atomic Bomb Dome

Hiroshima, Japan

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Aerial View of Notre Dame

Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My), Vietnam

Hong Kong, China Harbor

Hong Kong, China

Hualien, Taiwan Cliff

Hualien, Taiwan, China

Hue, Danang, Chan May, Vietnam Old Building

Hue / Danang (Chan May), Vietnam

Jeju, South Korea, Sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong

Jeju (Hwasun Bay), South Korea

Kagoshima, Japan Japanese Garden

Kagoshima, Japan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan Lotus Pond Dragon Tower

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China

Kitakyushu, Japan Cherry Blossoms

Kitakyushu, Japan

Kochi, Japan Kochi Castle

Kochi, Japan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Skyline

Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang), Malaysia

Kumamoto, Japan Garden Japanese Tree

Kumamoto, Japan

Kyoto, Maizuru, Japan Bamboo Forest

Kyoto (Maizuru), Japan

Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Mount Fuji Cherry Blossoms

Kyoto (Osaka), Japan

Langkawi, Malaysia Mangroves

Langkawi, Malaysia

Manila, Philippines Modern Buildings Architecture

Manila, Philippines

Miyazaki (aburatsu), Japan Coastline Beach

Miyazaki (Aburatsu), Japan

Mt. Fuji, Shimuzi, Japan Green Tea Fields

Mt. Fuji (Shimizu), Japan

Nagasaki, Japan Rice Fields

Nagasaki, Japan

Nagoya, Japan Castle Flowers Wall

Nagoya, Japan

Okinawa, Japan Sea Bridge

Okinawa (Naha), Japan

Penang, Malaysia Red Lanterns

Penang, Malaysia

Sakaiminato, Japan Mount Daisen

Sakaiminato, Japan

Sasebo, Japan Cosmos Flowers

Sasebo (Miura), Japan

Seoul, South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace Pond

Seoul (Incheon), South Korea

Shanghai, China Skyscrapers

Shanghai (Baoshan), China

Singapore City Landscape at Sunset

Singapore, Singapore

Subic Bay, Philippines Volcano

Subic Bay, Philippines

Taichung, Taiwan, Skyline

Taichung, Taiwan, China

Taipei, Taiwan, Hope Valley

Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan, China

Nha Trang, Vietnam Fishing Boats

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Hakodate, Japan Mt. Hakodate Skyline

Hakodate, Japan

Mumbai (Bombay), India Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Mumbai (Bombay), India

Niigata, Japan Winter Mountain Range

Niigata, Japan

Okinawa (Nakagusuku), Japan Manzamo Cape

Okinawa (Nakagusuku), Japan

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines Blue Lagoon

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines

Malacca, Malaysia Historical River Landscape

Malacca, Malaysia

Ishigaki, Japan Kabira Bay Clear Water

Ishigaki, Japan

Hanoi (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam Huc Bridge

Hanoi (Halong Bay), Vietnam

Sapporo (Muroran), Japan, TV Tower

Sapporo (Muroran), Japan

Bintan Indonesia Clear Waters

Bintan Island, Indonesia

Aomori Japan Hirosaki Castle

Aomori, Japan

Japan Huis Ten Bosch Palace Sasebo Kyushu Garden

Sasebo (Uragashira), Japan

Japan Miyako Okiwana Ocean

Miyako Island (Hirara), Japan

Tokyo, Japan, Chureito Red Pagoda and Mount Fuji

Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan

Japan Akita Sakura Tree Cherry Blossom

Akita, Japan

Japan Kanazawa Kenrokuen Gardens Sunset

Kanazawa, Japan

Karst Landforms Sea World Natural Heritage

Halong Bay, Vietnam

An aerial view of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka city has so much to offer.

Hambantota, Sri Lanka

The natural beauty of Lombok is otherworldly.

Lombok, Indonesia

Stone columns make up the unique Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff on Jeju Island.

Jeju Island, South Korea

a view of mountains and sea in Al Mughsail Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

Salalah, Oman

Pura Ulun Danu temple on a lake Beratan on Bali Indonesia

Celukan Bawang, Bali

Jeju, South Korea, Sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong

Jeju (Seogwipo), South Korea

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Japan, Himei Castle

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  1. Ultimate Guide to Singapore's Cruise to Nowhere on Royal Caribbean

    cruise to nowhere in singapore

  2. All aboard: Singapore 'cruise to nowhere' sets sail

    cruise to nowhere in singapore

  3. Singapore launches cruises to nowhere

    cruise to nowhere in singapore

  4. Singapore Is Launching Luxury Cruises to Nowhere

    cruise to nowhere in singapore

  5. Singapore's Cruise to Nowhere, Er, Sets Sail

    cruise to nowhere in singapore

  6. "Cruise To Nowhere" Sets Sail in Singapore

    cruise to nowhere in singapore



  2. Bumper Cars Royal Caribbean Quantum Of The Seas Cruise To Nowhere Singapore

  3. World Dream Vs Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas Cruise to Nowhere



    Cruise to Nowhere, started November 2020 and have been approved to offer cruises from Singapore designed to restrain cross-boundary covid 19 transmissions. Go on an intriguing and extravagant cruise to nowhere and set forth ready for the honor-winning and widely-praised cruise ship boat of Royal Caribbean Cruise. Experience deck-defying experiences like…

  2. S'pore cruises to nowhere 2-night trips from S$334 & S$359

    Royal Caribbean Cruise. Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas sailings will start from Dec. 1, 2020. One can either choose to spend two, three or four-night packages aboard the Quantum of the Seas.

  3. Ultimate Guide to Singapore's Cruise to Nowhere on Royal Caribbean

    However, experiencing Singapore's "Cruise to Nowhere" on Royal Caribbean's Quantum of Seas has completely changed my views about cruising. At first, the concept of cruising with "no destinations" felt absurd and the perfect hot-spot for breeding the pandemic. Travel-starved for 14 months, this was the only semblance of travel I ...

  4. Cruises from Singapore, Singapore

    Departs From Singapore, Singapore. Onboard Ovation of the Seas. From SGD*. view 1 date. 3 NIGHT PENANG CRUISE. Departs From Singapore, Singapore. Onboard Ovation of the Seas. From SGD*. $ 370.

  5. Singapore introduces 'cruises to nowhere' for travel-starved locals

    The World Dream's first "cruise to nowhere" will begin on November 6, while Quantum of the Seas will set sail in December. Prices and onboard amenities for Singapore's two cruises have not ...

  6. Royal Caribbean Singapore: Cruises and Ocean Getaways

    Even when you are tight on time, there's a perfect option to fit your schedule, such as a 3 day-2 night cruise from Singapore On an ocean cruise you have unlimited opportunities to dive deep into the wonders on your ship. Like landing bragging rights on the high-flying skydiving simulator, Sky Pad®. Catching a wave on FlowRider® and ...

  7. Cruise To Nowhere: Is It Worth Your Money And Time?

    Learn about the safety, restrictions and options of cruises-to-nowhere from Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic. Compare the packages and prices of Dream Cruises and Royal Caribbean International.

  8. Genting Dream Cruise Ship

    with the Genting Dream. Welcome aboard the Genting Dream, the flagship of Resorts World Cruises. We've been a pioneer and a trendsetter in hospitality for 50 years and we know luxury cruising like no other. We'll be bringing you fresh, novel experiences and an array of cuisine, entertainment and themes from across the globe for a cruise ...

  9. Cruise to Nowhere: A first-timer's booking guide

    Here's all you need to know about booking a cruise to nowhere- room types, locations, travel insurance and more. Back in October 2020, the STB gave Genting Cruises and Royal Caribbean the green light to sell cruises to nowhere. These sailings (only open to Singapore residents) take place under strict safety protocols, with mandatory COVID-19 ...

  10. The ultimate comparison guide for Singapore's Cruises To Nowhere

    Activities onboard Singapore Cruises To Nowhere Quantum of the Seas North Star Photo: The Star. The North Star is part amusement park ride, part viewing platform — think Singapore Flyer. This mechanical arm will elevate you high above the ship for an unrivalled 360-degree view, 90 metres above sea level. Currently, the Noth Star holds the ...

  11. Genting Dream by Resorts World Cruises

    The cruise line offering this Singapore cruise trip is Resort World Cruises. You will be boarding the Genting Dream cruise ship for an ultimate seacation. The Unique Southeast Asia Cruise Trip. There are multiple 3-4 days unique itineraries to choose from, the cruise trips set sail in Marina Bay Cruise Centre or Port Klang and dock at different ...

  12. Singapore to resume cruises to nowhere for residents from November

    Oct 08, 2020, 10:29 AM. SINGAPORE - Two cruise lines have been given the green light to offer "cruises to nowhere" from Singapore starting in November, following the development of a set of safety ...

  13. Cruise to Nowhere: 2 or 3-Night Cruise Getaway Cruise by Dream Cruises

    Enjoy a 2 or 3-night getaway cruise with Dream Cruises, featuring Asian and international dining, entertainment, and facilities. Learn about the COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements, and the special events for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.

  14. Cruise to Nowhere 2022 Review: Royal Caribbean Spectrum of ...

    Previously, Royal Caribbean used to run two different cruise liners out of Singapore's port — Spectrum of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas. As of now, however, Royal Caribbean is withholding the latter from any outbound voyages from Singapore for reasons unknown. ... SingSaver's Starr Cruise to Nowhere Travel Insurance Exclusive Promotion ...

  15. 3 Night Penang Cruise

    The 3 Night Penang Cruise visits Singapore, Singapore; Penang, Malaysia; Singapore, Singapore. Explore our cruise itineraries and choose from a variety of rooms depending on your needs and budget. Start planning your next cruise vacation by selecting a destination and departure port.

  16. Cruises to nowhere: Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas is 2nd ship

    It follows Genting Cruise Line's World Dream, which launched Singapore's first pandemic cruises to nowhere on Nov 6. These round-trip cruises without ports of call are taking place under a pilot ...

  17. Singapore launches 'cruises to nowhere'

    A 136-day cruise around the world is set to depart in late 2021. The CDC has extended its "no sail order" for cruise ships. The Singapore Tourism Board has launched 'cruises to nowhere'. The cruises will begin in November and will only be available to Singapore residents.

  18. Cruise to Nowhere Singapore

    Cruise to Nowhere Singapore. Indulge in a cruise to nowhere Singapore experience aboard the majestic Royal Albatross and explore an unforgettable journey. Enjoy magnificent views of the sparkling ocean with its clear blue waters, experience outstanding customer service delivered by our professional crew and indulge in exciting activities onboard throughout your journey.

  19. Cruise From Singapore

    Experience inspirational journeys onboard Genting Dream for Cruise To Nowhere from Singapore. Grab with us its cruise from Singapore promotion offering 2 to 3 night cruise sail every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Meet the Dream Fleet, visit her sister ship Explorer Dream currently based in Keelung for a 2 to 4 nights fly-cruise package from Taiwan.

  20. Cruise to Nowhere Review of Dream Cruises' World Dream ...

    Cruise to Nowhere is still one of the easiest getaways from Singapore. While the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme picks up pace with the announcement of VTL to Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Britain and the United States without quarantine from 19 October onwards, there are still additional costs required for tests. This time, we went "overseas" with a 4D3N ...

  21. Cruise Deals: Best Discount Cruises & Packages

    We offer multiple choices of destinations and cruise lengths, beginning with two night getaways from Singapore for a quick reset and refresh. Summer cruises make a big splash with the kiddos, while our far-flung escapes to such destinations as Europe, Australia and the South Pacific will have you exploring the world's best.

  22. Cruises to nowhere: Genting Cruises gets more than 6,000 bookings in 5

    Oct 12, 2020, 08:57 PM. SINGAPORE - Phones have been ringing off the hooks at the offices of Genting Cruise Lines, with the company receiving more than 6,000 bookings for its "cruises to nowhere ...

  23. White House says ceasefire deal 'possible'; Israel attacks Rafah

    White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States was working "actively" to generate a path to a cease-fire deal following Hamas's latest response.

  24. Singapore Cruises: Cruise to Singapore

    1. Pick up a Singapore Tourist Pass for cheap, unlimited train travel for up to three days. 2. Public transport is excellent in Singapore, but if you prefer to use a taxi, use the Grab app for quick pickups. 3. Drinking alcohol after 10:30 p.m. is prohibited, so be sure to plan your night accordingly.