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Exclusive first preview of 9-1-1 season 7: 'I'm on a cruise ship, there was an explosion'

We last saw Angela Bassett's Athena and Peter Krause's Bobby headed out on a cruise. Now the Fox-turned-ABC drama has one going down.

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ABC/ Youtube

"I can't believe we're doing this!"

Athena ( Angela Bassett ) and Bobby ( Peter Krause ) were quite excited to head out on their delayed honeymoon cruise in the 9-1-1 season 6 finale in May — but now, in a season 7 preview clip exclusive to EW, the middle of the ocean appears to be the last place you'd want to be.

"I'm on a cruise ship, there was an explosion," a passenger tells a 9-1-1 operator in the first peek at the upcoming season of the first-responder drama, which makes the move from Fox to ABC when it returns March 14.

It's not yet clear if this is the same cruise ship that Athena and Bobby headed out on, but it doesn't bode well that the show made a point to tell viewers that the couple didn't inform anyone about their last-minute trip. (Classic 9-1-1 mistake!)

This cruise ship disaster has been a long time coming, with showrunner Kristen Reidel teasing a honeymoon hazard way back at the end of season 5 .

"I mean, dinners don't go well on  9-1-1 . Proposals don't go well on  9-1-1 . So I would expect that yes, at some point next season, you will definitely see some portion of that vacation and it will be very  9-1-1, " she told EW in May 2022.

And Reidel wasn't alone in predicting a cruise mishap.

"Bobby feels like, 'Hey, maybe it's finally time for us to go on a honeymoon.' And he chooses to surprise Athena with an idea for a vacation — and what could possibly go wrong if they get on a cruise ship?" Krause told EW a few weeks prior to the season 5 finale .

It may have taken them a season longer than we'd expected, but it seems the high seas are finally set for high drama.

Courtesy ABC

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The 118 Family Shows Up For Bobby and Athena's Sinking Ship in '9-1-1' Season 7 Trailer

9-1-1 Season 7 premieres in two weeks on ABC.

The Big Picture

  • The 9-1-1 Season 7 trailer previews a major emergency at sea involving the 118 members.
  • The emergencies in the trailer mirror past high-stakes situations, putting beloved characters in mortal danger.
  • The trailer emphasizes the show's core elements of big swings and strong character bonds.

The full trailer for 9-1-1 Season 7 is here. It showcases the major emergency The 118 will deal with in the season premiere, involving two of their own. ABC has teased the emergency a lot , but now we see its full scale in the newly released footage. The emergency happens at sea, and it involves terrorists who board the cruise ship Athena ( Angela Bassett ) and Bobby's ( Peter Krause ) are on to celebrate their belated honeymoon, leading to a confrontation with the passengers. Things go from bad to worse as the ship starts sinking.

The emergency threatens to be one of the biggest 9-1-1 has ever dealt with. That's a tall order given that the events in Season 3 included a tsunami almost claiming Christopher ( Gavin McHugh ) and Buck's ( Oliver Stark ) lives. Both emergencies have a lot of similarities, from the ocean to the chaos that unfolds amidst the emergency. They also place the 118 directly in the line of fire by having beloved characters in the thick of it. While 9-1-1 is not known for needlessly killing off its main characters , one cannot ignore the fact that Athena and Bobby's lives are in mortal danger.

What We Learn From the '9-1-1' Season 7 Trailer


The trailer does not reveal much of what the season will entail apart from the inaugural emergency . Bobby and Athena finally go on the honeymoon they have been putting off, but even before they leave, Athena has reservations because she feels like something is wrong. Regardless, she and Bobby go on the cruise and appear to be having a good time until tragedy strikes. The trailer opens with them lounging on the ship and Bobby suggests the pool. Athena goes to their cabin to get her swimsuit, but before she returns, terrorists board the ship and hold everyone hostage. Chaos ensues as everyone goes into self-preservation mode, but Athena works to save the ship.

In L.A. Maddie ( Jennifer Love Hewitt ) notices that the cruise ship is not showing up on its proper course and tells Chimney ( Kenneth Choi ) that the ship might be missing. Things go from bad to worse when a bomb explodes on the ship's side and compromises it , and the boat starts taking on water. There, it begins to sink. The 118 team prepares itself to help when they learn of the predicament Bobby and Athena are in. As the 118 takes an L.A. Fire helicopter out, Athena and Bobby work to keep everyone safe, but will their efforts be futile when the water becomes too much and threatens to end their lives?

The trailer leans into what makes 9-1-1 the show it is by taking big swings while not forgetting the important element of the bond between these characters. From couples like Bathena and Madney to strong friendships akin to family, the trailer promises a return to the 9-1-1 we know and love.

9-1-1 Season 7 premieres on March 14 at 8 PM ET on ABC. Previous seasons are available to watch on Hulu. Watch the trailer below.

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When it comes to planning the ultimate getaway, there are so many reasons why cruise vacations rank among the most popular travel options. First of all, they’re completely stress-free. On a cruise vacation, all the planning is taken care of by the cruise line — from the  destinations  you sail to and the  shore excursions  available at each port, to a full range of  entertainment  and activities happening onboard every day. If you’re not a planner, or if the only things you’re looking to focus on during your getaway is savoring great food, relaxing, and soaking up the sights, cruise vacations are the way to go. A cruise vacation is also a great option if you’re traveling with the whole family, especially when you opt for a Royal Caribbean cruise. All of the ships in this cruise line’s fleet offer family-friendly experiences for guests of all ages. Even little ones will find plenty of ways to play with spaces and activities designed for tots to tweens. One of the top reasons savvy travelers love cruising, though, is because of the incredible value it offers. With Royal Caribbean, your cruise fare includes access to most of the ship’s attractions, select dining venues and all of the entertainment onboard. If you want to make your  experience  even more all-inclusive, you can opt for  beverage  and  specialty dining  packages that cover drinks and dinner at some of the most exclusive restaurants in the fleet. On top of all that, the cruise line presents frequent limited-time offers and seasonal sales, making it easy to score big savings when booking your vacation.


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Best Cruise Lines for the Money

With lodging, food and entertainment all included in one price, a vacation at sea is often a better value than a

With lodging, food and entertainment all included in one price, a vacation at sea is often a better value than a land-based getaway – if you choose wisely. To help you make the most of your travel budget, U.S. News ranked the following cruise lines based on a methodology that factors in itinerary affordability, amenities included in the base fare, health ratings and reputation among experts and travelers. Read on to learn more about this year's best cruise lines for the money, and be sure to check our latest cruise deals for an even more affordable vacation experience. 

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Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages may not seem like the most affordable offering at a glance, but it presents cruisers with supreme value. Base fares include all onboard dining, gratuities, Wi-Fi access, group fitness classes and more. Add those benefits to Virgin's ongoing sales, and you're looking at a top-notch experience for less. 

  • 4.39 Overall Rating
  • 3 Ships in Fleet

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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises' vessels offer the endless amenities and buffets of its competitors' megaships but maintain the service standard of smaller lines. Rates on Bahamas and Caribbean itineraries run less than $200 per person, and all-inclusive add-on packages are available.

  • 4.36 Overall Rating
  • 13 Ships in Fleet

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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises targets more adult travelers (especially on longer voyages) than family-oriented lines like Royal Caribbean International, but at similar prices. Along with lodging and select dining, fares cover activities like cooking demonstrations and educational lectures.

  • 4.02 Overall Rating
  • 15 Ships in Fleet

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Royal Caribbean International

With more than 25 cruise ships, Royal Caribbean is one of the largest lines sailing the ocean today. Having the ability to accommodate thousands of guests per ship allows the company to keep rates low. In fact, travelers may find itineraries in popular destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas and the Pacific Coast for around $250 per person.

  • 4.17 Overall Rating
  • 25 Ships in Fleet

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Holland America Line

Cruisers will find this premium cruise line to be a pretty good bargain, with four-day Caribbean sailings often starting at less than $300 per person, and short voyages along the Pacific Coast coming in around $100 per person. But cutting costs doesn't mean skimping on service; Holland America ships offer individualized attention, free room service and all-inclusive package options.

  • 4.14 Overall Rating
  • 11 Ships in Fleet

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MSC Cruises

MSC offers sailings from North American ports like Miami, New York City and Orlando, Florida, though the majority of its voyages depart from international locales. But even if you have to fly to a foreign port, you'll save money over a typical land vacation abroad. Mediterranean sailings can start at around $100 per person, and the line offers several deals and money-saving packages.

  • 3.79 Overall Rating
  • 22 Ships in Fleet

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Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival specializes in budget-friendly fun, offering frequent, significant discounts on already low prices. In fact, itineraries for around $200 per person are the norm. Access to most of the ships' activities won't cost a penny, but keep in mind that some extras (like specialty restaurants, beverages and certain attractions) aren't covered in fares.

  • 3.90 Overall Rating

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Norwegian Cruise Line

With its popular, frequently running Free at Sea program, Norwegian offers travelers discounts on Wi-Fi, excursions, alcohol, airfare and more on top of its already low prices. And, similar to luxury lines, Norwegian ditches steadfast rules like assigned dining times, but costs a fraction of the price.

  • 3.97 Overall Rating
  • 19 Ships in Fleet

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Cunard Line

While you may not expect to find a more opulent line like Cunard on this list, the cruise provider has a surprising number of relatively reasonable fares for upcoming sailings. Travelers can fully enjoy the line's old-world elegance knowing that room service, onboard activities and most dining options are included in the base price.

  • 4.07 Overall Rating

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Costa Cruises

A member of the Carnival family, Costa Cruises is primarily based in Europe. The fleet offers lower rates than its competitors, particularly for its Mediterranean itineraries (think: fares starting at less than $100 per person). Although it offers family-friendly amenities, Costa's ships are also well-suited to adults, with various entertainment options like theater shows and casinos.

  • 3.50 Overall Rating
  • 8 Ships in Fleet

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How can i find a cheap cruise.

Cheap cruise deals are fairly easy to find in most cases, and you can begin by considering what kind of features and itinerary you want. The more simplistic the experience is, the cheaper it is in general. On, you can filter for specific features and sort your results by price. By mixing and matching certain features, unforgettable experiences may be available with discount cruises. For example, booking a cruise with stunning restaurants and live performances while opting for an inside cabin without an ocean view window or balcony could be ideal for a traveler who doesn't plan on spending much time in their cabin anyways

What is the cheapest month to take a cruise?

The cheapest month to take a cruise varies based on your destination and the cruise line company that runs the ship. A Caribbean cruise , for example, is generally cheapest in the late summer and early fall since it's the local hurricane season.

Can I cancel my cruise booking?

Yes, you can cancel, but there may be fees for canceling depending on how far in advance you cancel and what kind of booking you have. You can check the specific cruise lines’ cancellation policies in your itinerary on

Are river cruises worth the money?

River cruises are quite relaxing, with much more varied scenery than you'd experience on an ocean cruise. These ships often also feature several stops along the river, so passengers can enjoy a greater variety of destinations to explore. Viking river cruises are especially adept at providing this unforgettable experience.

What cruises are best for families?

The best family cruises in 2024 / 2025 tend to be Disney cruises with plenty of offerings for kids and adults alike, though MSC cruises are known for their iconic Children Cruise Free promotion. Disney cruises, specifically, are essentially a Disney theme park on a boat with live shows, rides, and attractions with your kids' favorite characters.

How much does a cruise ship cost?

Cruise prices can vary quite a bit, with cheap cruises and especially luxurious all-inclusive cruises available. Budget lines can offer cruise tickets as low as $50 per night in some cases, while the more high-end experiences can reach up to $1,000 per night and more.

What are some of the best cruise lines?

Several different cruise lines have a lot to offer, such as Viking cruises , which are known for traversing oceans and rivers with a style that blends outdoor and indoor splendor. Celebrity cruise line is more upscale with luxurious features like WiFi, included beverages, champagne, and suites with panoramic views. Other top cruise lines include Royal Caribbean International , Carnival Cruise , Disney Cruise , and Norwegian Cruise .

How far in advance do you need to book a cruise?

It's generally best to book a cruise about 6 to 12 months before your cruise departure. That's the safest way to balance availability and affordability. Technically, you can book earlier or later than that, with some last-minute cruise deals occasionally available up to a weekbefore cruise departure.

Are cruise trips affordable?

They can be, and it's especially simple to search for more affordable cruises with Not only can you filter by cruise length, cruise line, and cabin experience, but you may also sort your results by price to put the more affordable options first on your search results page.

What is it like to go on a cruise?

A cruise is generally designed to offer the most relaxing experience possible. Despite the size of the ship, it's possible to feel the wave. Many passengers report that the movements help them sleep. Additionally, many fun cruises offer live stage performances, several restaurants, and shopping opportunities. When the ship is in international waters, you may even be able to enjoy a bit of tax-free shopping.

Are cruises a good way to travel?

Cruise travel is great if you're looking for some varied fun. Compared to a plane or a train, cruises have their own attractions and can be considered an integral part of cruise vacations. Plus, a cruise can hit several different destinations as well, with plenty of time to enjoy the cruise and scenic locales. It's certainly worth it for a unique experience no other method of travel can match.

Which cruise line is the cheapest?

The actual cheapest cruise available depends on a variety of different factors. Still, Carnival Cruise tends to be very affordable overall, most of the time with great options like the Carnival Sunrise and Carnival Horizon . Royal Caribbean is also another fantastic cruise line offering great deals if you are watching your budget.

How can I get the best cruise deals in 2024 / 2025?

If you're looking for some of the best cruise deals, booking through makes it easy since you can sort your cruise search results by price and have access to special deals. One Key members can earn  OneKeyCash  on all eligible bookings and get instant discounts with Member Prices. Sign up today!

What do I need to know when I book a cruise?

To book a cruise, you'll need to know where you'll be setting off from and where you'll be going, in addition to how many people will be with you and the features of the specific cruise you book. Keep in mind that you'll want to factor in spending money in your budget for the cruise's restaurants and shops in most cases.

Where should I go on a cruise in 2024 / 2025?

Plenty of incredible cruise destinations are accessible such as cruises to the Bahamas and cruises to Mexico . You may also be interested in cruises to Alaska or cruises to Europe for something outside of the Caribbean.

What countries are best to visit by cruise ship?

A lot of countries are accessible via a cruise, but the best include a cruise to Australia . However, a cruise to Australia is quite a long trip at sea and really allows you to take in everything the cruise ship has to offer.

Can I get last-minute cruise deals?

Yes, last-minute cruise deals are often available, and you can find them on by inputting your travel dates in your search and sorting your results by price. The deals will automatically be applied to the price estimates so that the cheapest estimates will show up first on your search results page.

Are cruises all-inclusive?

Cruises aren't always all-inclusive, but they can be. If you're interested in all-inclusive cruises, you can activate a search filter for it to ensure your search results only show cruises that meet your all-inclusive standard.

Is food free on a cruise?

Food is sometimes free on a cruise, but there are often specialty restaurants that aren't included with the general booking that you'll have to pay for separately. Check the details of each cruise before you book in the "What's included" section after clicking the cruise on your search results page.

What cruise lines are adults only?

Several lines offer adults-only cruise experiences, including Viking cruises , Carnival cruises , and Princess cruises . With an adults-only cruise, you can relax in a tranquil and laid-back setting without kids running around and enjoy all the cocktails you want.

What cruise lines are considered to be the most luxurious?

Viking cruises are considered exceptionally luxurious, with smaller ships and larger cabins that make them feel more exclusive, but Celebrity cruises offer luxury cruise lines too. Booking a luxury cruise means you can expect high-end amenities including gourmet restaurants, sizable suites, top-tier performances, massive pools, and much more.

What are the best cruises for couples?

Viking Cruises have much to offer for a more romantic experience. Holland America Line cruises can be quite refined and romantic as well, with an adult-oriented experience that's sophisticated rather than rowdy. Romantic cruises offer exceptional service as well as cozy suites for you and your partner to enjoy that's complemented by delicious food often themed around the cruise destination.

Why should I go on a cruise for my honeymoon?

Going on a cruise is a great way for you and your new spouse to be pampered with luxury while also being able to explore a new destination. Whether you're taking a cruise to Hawaii or a cruise to Bermuda , a particularly romantic experience is almost guaranteed thanks to the sheer number of things to do.

Are there any Christmas cruises?

Yes, quite a few cruise lines operate around Christmas, and you can find them easily by entering travel dates around Christmas into your 2024 cruise search. Some of the most popular Christmas cruises are available with Carnival and Disney.

Do I need a passport to go on a cruise?

Whether or not you need a passport depends on where you're going and the kind of cruise it is. Any US territory like Bermuda and Puerto Rico won't require a passport, of course, but you also don't need one if you're on a closed-loop cruise. This is a cruise that begins and ends at a US cruise terminal, even if there are stops in other countries on the way.

Why should I book a cruise with

Booking a cruise with makes it easy to find a cruise type that works best for you. You can use the cruise finder and sort by cruise line, type, destination, length, and itinerary. One Key members also earn OneKeyCash on all eligible bookings that can be used to save on future eligible trips.

What happens if a cruise is canceled?

Every cruise has a different cancellation policy, but generally, passengers are entitled to either a full refund or a credit for a future cruise at a later date. Remember that they may automatically change your booking to their rescheduled date, so you may have to contact them if that date doesn't work for your schedule.

*OneKeyCash is not redeemable for cash and can only be used on Expedia,  and Vrbo.

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We were the first exclusively online cruise travel agency. We have been online for over 20 years.  We do all types of cruise reservations, but we specialize in river cruises on the Mississippi and in Western Europe.  We would love to help you plan your next cruise whether it is for a wedding, an anniversary, a family get away, or a group event for 100 of your closest friends.

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Award-Winning Service, Decades of Experience and Exclusive Deals has been connecting travelers with the perfect cruise vacations since 1998. We pride ourselves in the best service possible, an accomplishment acknowledged by the most authoritative companies in the cruise industry. was named Agency of the Year by Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. As well as these major industry awards, MSC Cruises named Online Partner of the Year and many other cruise companies have celebrated our years of service to the cruise travel industry.

Cruises offer a great value and are an excellent way to see your favorite destinations around the globe. offers cruises on all cruise lines, including Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and a host of others. When booking a cruise on you can select your preferred cruise line, destination and many other search options to find the best cruise for your next vacation. Our agents are experts in cruising and are available 24/7 in case you prefer to book over the phone. As one of the largest cruise sellers is able to offer our clients exclusive discounts, onboard credits, upgrades and many other valuable amenities. Call now to get the best cruise deal on your next vacation.

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Best Cruises

Caribbean, Alaska & Europe

  • Up to $1,700 Onboard Credits
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  • Healthy Sail Protocols

Norwegian Cruise Deals

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FREE Open Bar, Specialty Dining, FREE Shore Excursion Credit, FREE 3rd/4th Guest, FREE Wi-Fi + BOGO Airfare

  • Up to $1,700 Cash Back
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Royal Caribbean Cruise Deals

60% OFF 2nd Guest

+ 30% OFF 3rd/4th Guests + Instant Savings + Kids Sail FREE + Specialty Dining for 2

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  • Military, Police & Firefighter Rates
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  • AMEX Cardholder Benefits: Up to $300 Onboard Credit + Bottle of Premium Champagne

MSC Cruise Deals

Up to 50% OFF sailings from New York City

  • Limited Time: FREE Drinks + FREE Wi-Fi + Up to $200 Onboard Credit
  • Kids Sail FREE
  • ESCAPE TO SEA: Cruise Only Rates
  • Military, Civil & Interline Rates
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  • Explore MSC'S NEW Private Island - Ocean Cay Marine Reserve

Disney Cruise Deals

Up to 40% Savings

+ FREE Roundtrip Airfare + Airport Transfers + FREE Shore Excursions + FREE Champagne, Wine & Beer + FREE Gourmet Specialty Dining

Up to $1,700 Onboard Credit

  • Special Solo Fares
  • FREE Land Programs
  • Premium Economy Air Upgrade fr. $499
  • Past Guests: 10% Savings

Virgin Voyages - Paul Castronovo Cruise

Tauck Tours

Exclusive Experiences

  • Small Group Departures
  • Family Discovery Tours
  • Earth Journeys - Created by Tauck and BBC Earth
  • Ken Burns American Journeys
  • Worldwide Destinations
  • Airport Transfers
  • Gratuities included

Northern Europe Cruise Deals

Best Northern Europe Cruise Deals

FREE GRATUITIES + Up to $1,700 Onboard Credit

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  • Air Specials
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Popular Cruises:

  • Last Minute Cruise Deals
  • Caribbean Cruises
  • Holiday Cruises
  • Mediterranean Cruises
  • River Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • World Cruises

Cruise Webinars


New to cruising and want to learn about the cruise experience? Do you want to learn more about a destination or cruise line? Learn all about cruising from the comfort of your own home with our live complimentary Virtual Cruise Lectures.

Cruise Deals on All Major Cruise Lines

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Hotel search, resorts search.

Bahamas Cruise Deals

from $1,239

Panama Canal Cruise Deals

from $1,005

River Cruise Deals

from $2,479

Land Tours

from $1,519


Celebrity Cruises

4 Day Bahamas fr.


7 Day Bermuda fr.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

7 Day Alaska fr.

Holland America Line

11 Day Mexico - Baja fr.

Princess Cruises

12 Day Caribbean fr.

Norwegian Cruise Line

10 Day Europe fr.

Europe Land Tours

Exclusive Cruise Offers

+ 30% OFF 3rd/4th Guests + Kids Sail FREE + Instant Savings + Specialty Dining for 2

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  • AMEX Cardholders: Up to $300 Onboard Credit + Bottle of Champagne
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Up to 75% OFF 2nd Guest + 3rd-5th Guests Sail FREE --> + FREE AMENITIES: FREE Beverage Package + Basic Wi-Fi

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  • Galapagos: Save 20% + FREE Airfare
  • Back to Back Savings
  • Special Military Rates


Up to 35% OFF + 3rd & 4th Guest FREE PRIVATE SALE: Up to $1,800 Onboard Savings + Reduced Deposits

  • Exclusive: Up to $1,785 Onboard Credit
  • Solo Traveler Rates
  • Call in Sale: Save up to $500 per stateroom
  • Military Special
  • Military: FREE Onboard Spending up to $250
  • Solo Traverler Rates
  • Complimentary Wine

Carnival Cruise Line


Up to $50 Onboard Credit + 50% Reduced Deposit + FREE Upgrades

+ AUSTRALIA SALE: Great Guaranteed Rates + Reduced Deposit SPRING SAVINGS: Great Reduced Rates

  • Up to $1,600 Cash Back
  • Resident, Military & Senior Rates

FREE Upgrades + Up to $500 Onboard Credit + Up to 40% OFF + Kids FREE or Reduced + 50% Reduced Deposit + Shore Excursions + Wi-Fi

EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS: FREE Gratuities + 2% OFF + $499 Deposits

  • Resident Special Offer
  • Distinctive Voyages: Cocktail Reception + Exclusive Shore Event

50% OFF Cruises + Take All FREE: FREE Open Bar + FREE Specialty Dining + FREE Wi-Fi + Shore Excursion Credit + 3/4 Guest Sail FREE + BOGO Airfare

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TREAT YOURSELF ON US: Up to $800 Onboard Credit + Grill Suites: Drinks, Hotel & Dining service charges included

Up to $1,000 Onboard Credit + Fares fr. $799 MILITARY SALE: Up to $250 in FREE Onboard Spending

  • Solo Traveler Discount: Up to 25% OFF
  • Sailing Soon Savings: Fares from $1099
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Up to $2,000 Onboard Credit + Reduced Deposit + Past Guests: Up to $1,200 Discount + Grill Suite Guests: FREE Gratuities & Drinks

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FLASH SALE: FREE Balcony Upgrades on select cruises

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Up to 40% OFF Cruises + FREE Drinks & WiFi + Up to $400 Onboard Credit

  • LIMITED TIME: Up to 50% OFF Exotic Cruises
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Carnival Cruises

EARLY SAVER SALE: Up to $50 Onboard Credit + 50% Reduced Deposit + FREE Upgrades

AUSTRALIA SAVER SALE: Up to $50 AUD Onboard Credit + 50% Reduced Deposit

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SIMPLY MORE PERKS: 2 for 1 Cruise Fares + Roundtrip Air + FREE Shore Excursions + Specialty Dining + FREE Champagne, Wine & more + FREE Unlimited Wi-Fi + Airport Transfers

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Regent Seven Seas

UPGRADE & EXPLORE MORE: FREE 2-Category Suite Upgrade + $500 Shipboard Credit


  • Up to $250 Onboard Credit
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  • Kids Sail from $999
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Viking Ocean Cruises

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SAIL OF THE YEAR: Up to 25% OFF + Up to $1,000 Shipboard Credit SEABOURN CLUB SAVINGS: 5% Discount for all Suite Categories

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Azamara Cruises

GREAT SAVINGS: Save up to $2,000 OFF

EARLY BOOKING BONUS: 20% OFF + Premium Beverage Package, $300 Onboard Credit & Unlimited Wi-Fi

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Costa Cruises

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FREE DRINK PACKAGE: My Drinks Packages Included

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Disney Cruises


REDUCED DEPOSIT: 50% OFF Required Deposit

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  • Offers may be combinable with your Castaway Club Rewards Benefits - Call for details.

Windstar Cruises

WINTER IN THE MEDITERRANEAN: Extra overnight onboard Star Legend, pre- or post-cruise OR Up to $1,000 Shipboard Credit OR FREE Upgrade to All-Inclusive Fares for Premium Suites Guests

PICK YOUR PERK: FREE Hotel Night or Up to $400 Onboard Credit

  • Reduced Rates on ALL Destinations
  • Upgrade to All-Inclusive Fares: Unlimited Beer, Wine & cocktails, Wi-Fi & Gratuities from $79pp per day
  • Distinctive Voyages: Up to $300 Shipboard Credit + Private Welcome Reception + Host
  • Complimentary watersports (port/weather dependent)
  • Welcome Cocktails + 24 hour in room dining

Scenic Cruises

WAVE SALE: 2 for 1 Fares + Up to $13,000 Savings OR FREE Airfare

RIVER CRUISES: 2 for 1 Fares + Up to $4,250 Savings or FREE Airfare

  • EXCLUSIVE RATES: Book Now and Save
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  • Unlimited Drinks
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  • Complimentary Transfers
  • Personal Butler

Virgin Voyages

EXPLORATION SALE: 65% OFF 2nd Guest + Up to $500 in FREE Drinks

Florida Residents: 5% OFF

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Dining in All onboard Restaurants
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Water, Drip Coffee, Teas, Non-Pressed Juices & Soda

Silversea Cruises



  • Refer a Friend: Save up to $500
  • 25% Single Supplements Fares
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  • Welcome Bottle of Champagne


NORWAY SAVINGS: Save up to $4,000 on select Norwegian Coastal sailings

FLIGHT CREDIT: Up to $2000 Flight Credit + Reduced Deposit

  • Galápagos: BOGO Cruise Fare on select sailings
  • Limited Time: Save up to 40% on select 2024 & 2025
  • Single Travelers: Reduced or Waived Single Supplements
  • Northern Lights Promise

Celestyal Cruises

PLUS FARE: Wi-Fi, Specialty Dining & Premium Drink Package

Premium Drinks Package from US$19 per day

  • Unlimited Drink Package
  • Select Shore Excursions
  • Onboard Entertainment

SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises

SAIL AWAY EVENT: Up to $1,000 Savings per stateroom

  • Open Bar with select wines & premium spirits
  • 24 hour room service
  • Daily selection of Wines for lunch & dinner

Crystal Cruises


Save up to $5,400 per Suite

  • Expedition Cruises: Save up to $10,000 per Suite
  • Open bars throughout the ship

Adventures by Disney

Exclusive Adult Only Departures

  • Two Adventure Guides
  • Outstanding Accommodations
  • Most meals during trip
  • Gratuities Included

CIE Tours International

Save up to $150 per person

Travel With Friends:Save 5% on 5 - 9 People

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EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Up to $1600 Tour Credit

Small-Group Discovery

  • Guided Sightseeing Tours

G Adventures

Up to $1,700 Tour Credit

  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
  • Hotel Accommodations

Globus Tours

Independent City Stay

Choice Touring by Globus

  • Small Group Discovery Tour

Tauck Tours

  • TAUCK BRIDGES: Family Discovery Tours


EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Up to $1,600 Tour Credit

  • All Hotel tips, charges and local taxes
  • Airport Transfers on the first and last day of your guided holiday
  • An expert Travel Director and separate driver
  • VIP entry to many sights

AMAWaterways Cruises

SUMMER TRIPLE SAVINGS: Up to $4000 Savings + Complimentary Upgrade + Up to $100 Onboard Credit

BONUS SAVINGS: Additional 5% Savings

  • Mekong River: 2-For-1 Land
  • Christmas Markets: Save up to $2,000
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American Queen Voyages

SAIL AWAY & SAVE: Up to $3,500 Savings + $100 Shore Excursion & $100 Onboard Credit

EXCLUSIVE: Up tp $1,700 Onboard Credit

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Avalon Waterways

AIR & CRUISE SAVINGS: FREE Airfare + Save $500 per couple

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  • Galapagos: Save up to $1,500 per couple
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Crystal River Cruises


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  • Call for Rates TOO LOW to Advertise

Emerald Cruises

YACHT VOYAGES: 2 for 1 Fares + Up to $5,000 Savings OR FREE Airfare

RIVER CRUISES: 2 for 1 Fares + Up to $3,700 Savings or FREE Airfare

  • Exclusive Rates: Book Now & Save
  • FREE Drinks at Lunch & Dinner

Riviera River Cruises


  • FREE use of bicycles during port visits
  • FREE water, coffee and tea

Uniworld River Cruises

CRUISE SAVINGS EVENT: Save up to $3,000 per person

RIVER HERITAGE CLUB SAVINGS: Save up to $500 per person

  • Solo Traveler Savings: Waived Single Supplement
  • 205 Early Booking: Save 10%
  • Unlimited Beverages
  • Complimentary Internet & Wi-F
  • Complimentary Culinary Experiences

Viking Cruises

DISCOVER MORE SALE: FREE International Airfare + $25 Deposit

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: $100 Onboard Spending

  • FREE Unlimited Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks
  • Exclusive Rates

All offers are based on select sailings and categories and are subject to availability at time of booking. Not all offers are combinable with other offers.

Featured Cruise Deals

Celebrity Cruises

Featured Land Tours



Royal Caribbean

  • 30% OFF ALL Guests
  • FREE Spa Treatment

Holland America Line

  • Exclusive: Up to $1,700 Cash Back

Carnival Cruise Line

  • Great Reduced Rates
  • Military Early Saver Offer

Check back weekly to see the newest deals and visit our YouTube Channel to experience the latest in cruise innovations and unique destinations.

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This Family-Friendly Cruise Could Knock Disney Off Its Pedestal, But It Costs $1,000 a Night — Here's Why The line offers on-board activities and excursions that appeal to adults and kids alike.

By Amanda Breen • Mar 1, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Fares aboard the 922-passenger Explora I start at $1,000 per person per night.
  • Its complimentary, year-round staffed kids club, Nautilus Club, hosts children ages six to 17.
  • Families can enjoy off-ship activities like 41-foot super-raft rides around Kona.

Disney Cruise Line is the best cruise line for families, according to U.S. News and World Report .

But for families who want fewer character breakfasts and more fine dining , MSC Group Inc.'s 922-passenger Explora I is making waves, Bloomberg reported.

cruise 1 1

With fares starting at $1,000 per person per night, the cruise boasts Michelin-starred chefs and four swimming pools across its more than half acre deck, but its major selling point for those with young kids in tow is its complimentary, year-round staffed kids club, Nautilus Club.

Related: Four Seasons Is Launching a Cruise Ship With 95 Suites as Demand for Luxury Cruising Goes 'Off the Charts' — Take a Look at the New Ship

The club hosts children ages six to 17 and is open from 9 a.m. to midnight every day. The counselors, "who speak multiple languages for an international crowd," lead activities and run additional playtimes for kids 3 to 5.

The ship also helps arrange kid-friendly shore excursions enjoyable for parents too, including private tours of Mazatlán in an open-air car or 41-foot super-raft rides around Kona for the "ultimate blend of luxury and adventure," per the company's website .

You won't find any kids menus at the restaurants serving food that's "largely European and indulgent," but they do provide highchairs, according to Bloomberg .

Related: Wealthy Travelers Are Flocking to a New Luxury Cruise Ship With a Rolex Store, Crystal-Infused Water, and a $190 Tasting Menu. See Inside.

"Other cruise lines cater to a wealthy segment of retirees from North America," Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman of the cruise division of MSC Group, told the outlet. "I want the busy guy in finance who says, 'Dammit, look at this: I can go with my family, I can take a week and enjoy Greece or the Caribbean.'"

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What is the best month to take a cruise? We broke it down by region.

Certain times of year may seem like no-brainers for travel, like spring break or summer vacation.

But the best times to take a cruise can vary depending on where you’re going.

Mike Harris, director of sales at online travel agency The Cruise Web , said there are “a lot of factors that go into any vacation, but especially one where you're traveling overseas, or if you're going to a destination that does have varying weather patterns.”

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Other aspects like wildlife activity and pricing can also change throughout the year. Some places even have set seasons when cruise ships visit. We break down the best times to visit some of the most popular cruise destinations below.

When is the best time to take an Alaska cruise?

The Alaska cruise season runs from May through September, but the optimal window depends on your priorities, according to Harris.

“So, if you really wanted to see wildlife, which is a big reason why people want to go to Alaska, usually July is going to be the best for that,” he said. “It's when the bears are really active.”

Late June and August can also make for good wildlife viewing, said Deborah Banks, a travel adviser and franchise owner at Cruise Planners with her husband Isaiah.

May and September feature lower prices and colder temperatures, in the 50 to 60-degree range compared to the mid-60s to low 70s Harris estimated (though it can vary depending on where in Alaska you are). September is also “fantastic” for viewing fall foliage. “(There’s) colder weather, but you're getting some really cool, unique scenery later in the year too,” he said.

Banks warned that there can be drawbacks to going on the early or late side. “(The) early season may see some icy conditions, and late season may increase the chance of rougher seas and less predictable weather,” she said in an email. Some tourist services may not be fully operational.

When is the best time to take a Caribbean cruise?

While the Caribbean is a year-round cruise destination , December through April is the best time to go, according to Banks. “This is the dry season with calmer seas and more comfortable weather,” she said.

Harris echoed that, noting that winter is a particularly good time to take those sailings. “Chances are where you're coming from, it's very cold, so it's a good change of temperature,” he said. 

The Caribbean is also popular with families, so going outside of the summer months can mean more availability and better fares – though ships are likely to be crowded during other school holidays like spring and winter breaks.

Banks also recommended avoiding hurricane season, which runs from June through November. 

But operators can monitor for bad weather in advance, and ships have stabilizers that reduce the impact of rough waters, Harris noted. And unlike resorts on land, ships can reroute as needed. “The nice thing about cruising is that they can sail somewhere else,” he said.

When is the best time to take a Mediterranean cruise?

Banks said May through September offers “warm weather, calm seas, and plenty of sunshine.” That said, some of those months may not be your best bet if you don’t like the heat.

“It can definitely be super hot,” Harris said. “Like, if you go to Venice in July, you're gonna be sweating.” If you’re looking for milder temperatures, consider visiting as early as April or in October after fall rolls around.

But if you have your heart set on a voyage outside those months, don’t worry: ships cruise the Mediterranean the whole year. The region may see less predictable weather and rougher seas from November through March, but that “can vary by exact location,” Banks added.

Cruise line guide: From family trips to adventure travel

When is the best time to take an Antarctica cruise?

Antarctica is an increasingly popular destination , but cruise ships only visit for about half the year.

The destination’s cruise season runs from October or November through March, encompassing its summer.

Even then, the weather can be highly unpredictable and the environment changes throughout the season. Travelers have a better shot at seeing penguin chicks starting in December.

“Outside of these months, the region is largely inaccessible to cruise ships because of extreme cold and ice buildup,” Banks said.

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Nashville. You can reach him at [email protected].

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: What is the best month to take a cruise? We broke it down by region.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Viva ship near San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Antonio","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{}},"AUS":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Austin","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{}}},"defaultChecked":false,"multiCity":true,"multiIsland":false},"europe":{"mapOfRegionInfo":{"PAR":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Paris","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"AMS":{"region":"Netherlands","city":"Amsterdam","dropDownDisplayValue":"Amsterdam"},"JTR":{"region":"Greece","city":"Santorini","dropDownDisplayValue":"Santorini"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"EDI":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Edinburgh","dropDownDisplayValue":"Edinburgh"},"BCN":{"region":"Spain","city":"Barcelona","dropDownDisplayValue":"Barcelona"},"FLR":{"region":"Italy","city":"Florence","dropDownDisplayValue":"Florence"},"SVQ":{"region":"Spain","city":"Seville","dropDownDisplayValue":"Seville"},"DUB":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Dublin","dropDownDisplayValue":"Dublin"},"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"MAD":{"region":"Spain","city":"Madrid","dropDownDisplayValue":"Madrid"},"MIL":{"region":"Italy","city":"Milan","dropDownDisplayValue":"Milan"},"ATH":{"region":"Greece","city":"Athens","dropDownDisplayValue":"Athens"},"VCE":{"region":"Italy","city":"Venice","dropDownDisplayValue":"Venice"}}},"AMS":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Amsterdam","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"BCN":{"region":"Spain","city":"Barcelona","dropDownDisplayValue":"Barcelona"}}},"GWY":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Galway","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"DUB":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Dublin","dropDownDisplayValue":"Dublin"},"KIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Killarney","dropDownDisplayValue":"Killarney"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"EDI":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Edinburgh","dropDownDisplayValue":"Edinburgh"},"WSI":{"region":"Ireland","city":"West Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"West Ireland"},"EIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"East Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"East Ireland"}}},"JTR":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Santorini","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"HER":{"region":"Greece","city":"Central Crete","dropDownDisplayValue":"Central Crete"},"ATH":{"region":"Greece","city":"Athens","dropDownDisplayValue":"Athens"},"JMK":{"region":"Greece","city":"Mykonos","dropDownDisplayValue":"Mykonos"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"}}},"JMK":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Mykonos","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"HER":{"region":"Greece","city":"Central Crete","dropDownDisplayValue":"Central Crete"},"ATH":{"region":"Greece","city":"Athens","dropDownDisplayValue":"Athens"},"JTR":{"region":"Greece","city":"Santorini","dropDownDisplayValue":"Santorini"}}},"LON":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"London","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"AMS":{"region":"Netherlands","city":"Amsterdam","dropDownDisplayValue":"Amsterdam"},"GWY":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Galway","dropDownDisplayValue":"Galway"},"JTR":{"region":"Greece","city":"Santorini","dropDownDisplayValue":"Santorini"},"EDI":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Edinburgh","dropDownDisplayValue":"Edinburgh"},"WSI":{"region":"Ireland","city":"West Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"West Ireland"},"BCN":{"region":"Spain","city":"Barcelona","dropDownDisplayValue":"Barcelona"},"FLR":{"region":"Italy","city":"Florence","dropDownDisplayValue":"Florence"},"SVQ":{"region":"Spain","city":"Seville","dropDownDisplayValue":"Seville"},"DUB":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Dublin","dropDownDisplayValue":"Dublin"},"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"MIL":{"region":"Italy","city":"Milan","dropDownDisplayValue":"Milan"},"MAD":{"region":"Spain","city":"Madrid","dropDownDisplayValue":"Madrid"},"SCB":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Scottish Countryside","dropDownDisplayValue":"Scottish Countryside"},"KIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Killarney","dropDownDisplayValue":"Killarney"},"ATH":{"region":"Greece","city":"Athens","dropDownDisplayValue":"Athens"},"VCE":{"region":"Italy","city":"Venice","dropDownDisplayValue":"Venice"}}},"EDI":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Edinburgh","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"DUB":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Dublin","dropDownDisplayValue":"Dublin"},"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"SCB":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Scottish Countryside","dropDownDisplayValue":"Scottish Countryside"},"KIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Killarney","dropDownDisplayValue":"Killarney"},"GWY":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Galway","dropDownDisplayValue":"Galway"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"WSI":{"region":"Ireland","city":"West Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"West Ireland"}}},"BCN":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Barcelona","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"MAD":{"region":"Spain","city":"Madrid","dropDownDisplayValue":"Madrid"},"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"AMS":{"region":"Netherlands","city":"Amsterdam","dropDownDisplayValue":"Amsterdam"},"VCE":{"region":"Italy","city":"Venice","dropDownDisplayValue":"Venice"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"FLR":{"region":"Italy","city":"Florence","dropDownDisplayValue":"Florence"},"SVQ":{"region":"Spain","city":"Seville","dropDownDisplayValue":"Seville"}}},"WSI":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"West Ireland","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"DUB":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Dublin","dropDownDisplayValue":"Dublin"},"KIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Killarney","dropDownDisplayValue":"Killarney"},"GWY":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Galway","dropDownDisplayValue":"Galway"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"EDI":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Edinburgh","dropDownDisplayValue":"Edinburgh"},"EIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"East Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"East Ireland"}}},"FLR":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Florence","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"MAD":{"region":"Spain","city":"Madrid","dropDownDisplayValue":"Madrid"},"MIL":{"region":"Italy","city":"Milan","dropDownDisplayValue":"Milan"},"ATH":{"region":"Greece","city":"Athens","dropDownDisplayValue":"Athens"},"VCE":{"region":"Italy","city":"Venice","dropDownDisplayValue":"Venice"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"BCN":{"region":"Spain","city":"Barcelona","dropDownDisplayValue":"Barcelona"},"RRO":{"region":"Italy","city":"Sorrento","dropDownDisplayValue":"Sorrento"}}},"RRO":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Sorrento","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"VCE":{"region":"Italy","city":"Venice","dropDownDisplayValue":"Venice"},"FLR":{"region":"Italy","city":"Florence","dropDownDisplayValue":"Florence"}}},"EIR":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"East Ireland","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"DUB":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Dublin","dropDownDisplayValue":"Dublin"},"KIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Killarney","dropDownDisplayValue":"Killarney"},"GWY":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Galway","dropDownDisplayValue":"Galway"},"WSI":{"region":"Ireland","city":"West Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"West Ireland"}}},"SVQ":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Seville","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"MAD":{"region":"Spain","city":"Madrid","dropDownDisplayValue":"Madrid"},"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"BCN":{"region":"Spain","city":"Barcelona","dropDownDisplayValue":"Barcelona"}}},"DUB":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Dublin","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"SCB":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Scottish Countryside","dropDownDisplayValue":"Scottish Countryside"},"KIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Killarney","dropDownDisplayValue":"Killarney"},"GWY":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Galway","dropDownDisplayValue":"Galway"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"EDI":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Edinburgh","dropDownDisplayValue":"Edinburgh"},"WSI":{"region":"Ireland","city":"West Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"West Ireland"},"EIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"East Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"East Ireland"}}},"MAD":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Madrid","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"VCE":{"region":"Italy","city":"Venice","dropDownDisplayValue":"Venice"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"BCN":{"region":"Spain","city":"Barcelona","dropDownDisplayValue":"Barcelona"},"FLR":{"region":"Italy","city":"Florence","dropDownDisplayValue":"Florence"},"SVQ":{"region":"Spain","city":"Seville","dropDownDisplayValue":"Seville"}}},"MIL":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Milan","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"VCE":{"region":"Italy","city":"Venice","dropDownDisplayValue":"Venice"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"FLR":{"region":"Italy","city":"Florence","dropDownDisplayValue":"Florence"}}},"ROM":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Rome","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"MIL":{"region":"Italy","city":"Milan","dropDownDisplayValue":"Milan"},"MAD":{"region":"Spain","city":"Madrid","dropDownDisplayValue":"Madrid"},"ATH":{"region":"Greece","city":"Athens","dropDownDisplayValue":"Athens"},"VCE":{"region":"Italy","city":"Venice","dropDownDisplayValue":"Venice"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"BCN":{"region":"Spain","city":"Barcelona","dropDownDisplayValue":"Barcelona"},"FLR":{"region":"Italy","city":"Florence","dropDownDisplayValue":"Florence"},"RRO":{"region":"Italy","city":"Sorrento","dropDownDisplayValue":"Sorrento"},"SVQ":{"region":"Spain","city":"Seville","dropDownDisplayValue":"Seville"}}},"SCB":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Scottish Countryside","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"DUB":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Dublin","dropDownDisplayValue":"Dublin"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"EDI":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Edinburgh","dropDownDisplayValue":"Edinburgh"}}},"HER":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Central Crete","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"ATH":{"region":"Greece","city":"Athens","dropDownDisplayValue":"Athens"},"JMK":{"region":"Greece","city":"Mykonos","dropDownDisplayValue":"Mykonos"},"JTR":{"region":"Greece","city":"Santorini","dropDownDisplayValue":"Santorini"}}},"KIR":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Killarney","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"DUB":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Dublin","dropDownDisplayValue":"Dublin"},"GWY":{"region":"Ireland","city":"Galway","dropDownDisplayValue":"Galway"},"LON":{"region":"England","city":"London","dropDownDisplayValue":"London"},"EDI":{"region":"Scotland","city":"Edinburgh","dropDownDisplayValue":"Edinburgh"},"WSI":{"region":"Ireland","city":"West Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"West Ireland"},"EIR":{"region":"Ireland","city":"East Ireland","dropDownDisplayValue":"East Ireland"}}},"ATH":{"supportedBundleRegions":[],"regionDisplayName":"Athens","cityCodeToRegionAndCityWithDropDownDisplayValues":{"PAR":{"region":"France","city":"Paris","dropDownDisplayValue":"Paris"},"ROM":{"region":"Italy","city":"Rome","dropDownDisplayValue":"Rome"},"HER":{"region":"Greece","city":"Central Crete","dropDownDisplayValue":"Central 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High School Sports | Xaverian gets the early jump, cruises past St….

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Breaking News

High school sports | nikki haley wins the district of columbia’s republican primary and gets her first 2024 victory, high school sports, high school sports | xaverian gets the early jump, cruises past st. john’s (shrewsbury), hawks win 4-1, face franklin next.


CANTON – Stellar depth, speed and goaltending have made the Xaverian boys hockey team dangerous this season – something Catholic Conference foe St. John’s of Shrewsbury was well-aware of after two matchups in the regular season.

Add rapid scoring bursts to the repertoire in their third meeting Sunday night in the Div. 1 state tournament second round, and the Hawks are one step closer to reaching TD Garden for a third straight year.

Jack Fitzpatrick’s goal in the opening 42 seconds was the first of four different scorers for No. 4 Xaverian (17-4-1) at a packed Canton Ice House, pairing with two more within an 11-second span later on to fuel a 4-1 win over the No. 13 Pioneers.

Colvin Callahan (goal, two assists) finished off the day with a third-period insurance goal, and Cole Pouliot-Porter’s 16 saves nixed a St. John’s comeback. The Hawks hope to get much of the same against a scary No. 12 Franklin in the state quarterfinals, while the Pioneers’ season ends at 11-9-2.

“We got fortunate to get one early, that is a super talented team (in St. John’s),” said Xaverian coach Dave Spinale. “Beating a team three times in one season in the league – I don’t want to say it’s unheard of, but it’s super difficult. So, I was really proud of our guys for staying focused and being able to finish on their chances.”

Senior goalie Dylan Fanale (23 saves) had moments he stood on his head for St. John’s in place of an injured Dante Sousa, including 12 saves in the first period. But Xaverian tallied a goal early, and it made a big difference.

Callahan ripped a shot from the right point in the opening minute that got to Fanale’s pads. Fitzpatrick got to the long rebound in front and finished it off for the 1-0 lead.

“That just gets the boys going, gets the whole arena going,” Fitzpatrick said. “We’re just playing ahead the whole game, and that’s huge, playing with a lead off the rip. … The goalie was kind of out of position, I just batted it out of the air and banged it in. It was kind of sick.”

St. John’s kept the deficit at 1-0 through the end of the first. Fanale withstood a bevy of golden opportunities Xaverian produced as it banged on the door, while the Pioneers’ potent attack pieced together seven shots on Pouliot-Porter.

After nearly 20 minutes of a one-goal game, Jesse Peck found sophomore Joe Von Handorf with one defender to beat at the left wing for the Hawks. He got around the edge before swooping in front of Fanale for a 2-0 lead with 9:19 left in the frame.

Only 11 seconds later, Callahan set up Jack O’Neil for a shot past the glove to build the big lead.

“It changes everything in terms of, like, the bench just kind of settles in,” Spinale said. “We’re not gripping our sticks as tight. We’re making sure we have F3, and it just really helps us get into what we want our flow of the game (to be), which is just high-pace, high-tempo, and getting pressure on pucks and defending.”

Callahan said the team never treated the three-goal lead as overly safe, and St. John’s showed why when Daniel Menyalkin buried a power-play goal a couple minutes later to cut the deficit to 3-1.

Much of what St. John’s head coach G. Michael Mead emphasized to the team was to force Pouliot-Porter to make saves. The Pioneers had stretches where it really threatened in front, but Pouliot-Porter stymied what got on him and several looks went wide of the net.

The Hawks’ defense otherwise delivered what it needed to, and Fitzpatrick capped off the effort with a steal at the blue line and a perfect touch pass ahead of Callahan. Callahan finished off the breakaway for the 4-1 lead with 4:56 to all but seal it.

“It’s definitely important (to get three points), but I feel like it’s a good team effort,” Colvin said. “I wouldn’t have had that goal without (Fitzpatrick), the assists kind of just come. I feel like the team effort is all you need in a game like this, especially after playing them two times.”

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  18. Find Cheap Cruises & Last Minute Cruise Deals (2024/2025)

    The best family cruises in 2024 / 2025 tend to be Disney cruises with plenty of offerings for kids and adults alike, though MSC cruises are known for their iconic Children Cruise Free promotion. Disney cruises, specifically, are essentially a Disney theme park on a boat with live shows, rides, and attractions with your kids' favorite characters.

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    Carnival cruise deals and cruise packages to the most popular destinations. Find great deals and specials on Caribbean, The Bahamas, Alaska, and Mexico cruises.


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  22. Is MSC's $1,000-a-Night Explora I Cruise Good For Families

    Related: Four Seasons Is Launching a Cruise Ship With 95 Suites as Demand for Luxury Cruising Goes 'Off the Charts' — Take a Look at the New Ship The club hosts children ages six to 17 and is ...

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  24. Bahrain F1 Grand Prix 2024 Results: Max Verstappen Cruises to Dominant

    The all-time F1 record for most points titles in a row is five by Michael Schumacher. Lewis Hamilton, Juan Manuel Fangio and Vettel are second on that list with four, and Verstappen is aiming to ...

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    Certain times of year may seem like no-brainers for travel, like spring break or summer vacation. But the best times to take a cruise can vary depending on where you're going. Mike Harris ...

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    Explore by Cruise Line. Find exciting cruise vacations and last-minute cruise deals with the help of Costco Travel. Our exclusive member values are available aboard popular cruise lines. Search today and set sail to exciting destinations like Alaska, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and so much more!

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    "The Cruise" follows crew and passengers on board the Regal Princess. As an 11-day voyage from Copenhagen to St Petersburg gets under way, some of the guests...

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    Jack Fitzpatrick's goal in the opening 42 seconds was the first of four different scorers for No. 4 Xaverian (17-4-1) at a packed Canton Ice House, pairing with two more within an 11-second span ...