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The Ultimate Bermuda Itinerary & Travel Guide |

Planning a trip to Bermuda soon and looking for a solid travel itinerary? Well, look no further, because I’ve got the ultimate Bermuda travel guide for one week (written by a local)! This will go over lots of helpful information like  where to stay, when to go, how to get around, best things to do, and hidden gems! Trust me, this Bermuda itinerary will answer all your questions!

Bermuda is probably best known for its association with the mysterious disappearances and strange storms that created the still-existing no-flyover zone! While the jury ’ s still out on the truth behind all this, what I do know about this tiny archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic is that it is unlike any other in terms of its beauty, people, and culture.

Whether you ’ ve got all seven days or just three to spend, this Bermuda itinerary has everything you need to make your trip the best it can possibly be. 

Bermuda Travel

Getting to Bermuda 

If you ’ re flying from the east coast of the United States and Canada, you ’ re in serious luck: flights to Bermuda are cheap and fast with Jetblue, American, United, Delta, and Air Canada; I ’ m talking under 100 dollar flights, round trip! Not to mention, direct flights from New York and Boston are a little less than one and a half hours. If you ’ re coming from somewhere else, it can really add up if you don ’ t book a bit far in advance, so be sure to watch out for deals.

My recommendation for finding cheap flights is to try to be flexible, and use sights like Skyscanner and Google Flights to find the best dates for you! You could also sign-up for a free email newsletter on site like Scott’s Cheap Flights  or Airfare Watch Dog

Beach - Bermuda Itinerary

How to get around Bermuda

Bermuda is small, which means everything is quite close to each other, but it also means there aren ’ t many options in the way of public transport. The bus and a ferry that are very easy to use, but it ’ s really special to see the island on your own time with personal transportation like mopeds or twizys.

  • Taxi : though this can be expensive, taxi drivers are the friendliest in the world and make incredible tour guides. Often, if you ’ d like to do an entire day tour with your driver, all you ’ d need to do is ask as soon as you get in, and they ’ ll clear their schedule for you.
  • Bus : If you ’ re looking to make local friends who will point you to their favorite spots on the island to visit, the bus might be for you. Busses take coins or bus tokens which you can purchase at the Ferry terminal on Front Street. One fare costs $3.50, whereas a day pass will cost you $19. Plus, bus tokens are the same as ferry tokens, so it might be a good idea to spring for the day pass if you ’ re planning to use both!
  • Ferry : the ride is gorgeous but it does mean you are less mobile, as the ferry only goes to certain well-trafficked areas of the island. I do recommend combining bus and ferry routes to see as much of the island as possible.
  • Rental Car:  You could definitely rent a car for your week in Bermuda, but it really just depends on what you plan on doing during that week. Financially, it might make more sense to only rent cars on specific days, since you really don’t need a car the whole week. 

Best Beaches in Bermuda

Where to Stay in Bermuda | Best Hotels & Resorts

There are so many options for places to stay in Bermuda, and at many different price points. Here ’ s a comprehensive list of my favorites: 

Airbnb in Bermuda :   This is (as always) a solid option if you ’ re going to get personal transport . This is also the cheapest option on the list: prices start as low as $85/night!

There are tons of incredible apartments, villas, and vacation homes you can rent out for a few days, and know it would be a fantastic way to experience the local island life of Bermuda! Plus, if you register a new Airbnb account , you can save up to $40 off your first night, which is always a nice little travel hack to save some money!

Rosedon Hotel

If you ’ re in the mood for a more classical Bermudian experience, look no further than Rosedon Hotel. With amenities like afternoon tea and evening live steel-drum performances, this boutique hotel knows how to preserve the heart of Bermuda ’ s history and culture in a way that feels authentic and even modern. Rosedon is a great option if you are looking to stay in the center of the island within its only municipal city. It can get a little expensive but check their specials page for deals like 30% off all rooms when you book for two or more nights in August, and free rides to and from the airport. 

Rooms start at $390/night. 

Guest review : “I loved this hotel staff was five star with hospitality and so friendly. The room was spotless and the beds was so comfortable. The hotel is a beautiful place for photos and the food is amazing and tasty. Great place to relax for family trips or if your traveling alone or for business.” – Rebecca, U.S.A

Read Reviews & Check Availability

Where to stay in Bermuda

Cambridge Beaches (LUXURY) – AMAZING VIEWS

Cambridge Beaches may be a bit expensive, but if you ’ re coming to Bermuda to experience the best of what it has to offer, I highly recommend at least one night ’ s stay. If you ’ d rather save your money for food or adventures, at least make sure you book one dinner reservation at Cambridge Beaches ’ beach-front restaurant ‘ Breezes ’ . 

Prices for this resort start at $449/night. 

Guest review: “ Relaxation at its finest. W e were in the ocean view room-Long Bay. Such a beautiful spot. Staff were extremely nice and helpful. The room was very clean and the food was excellent. Location is pretty convenient. Easy walk to grocery store/liquor store. Free shuttle to the dockyard for trips to Hamilton.” – Dan, U.S.A

Cambridge Beaches Resort, Bermuda

Bermuda Itinerary Day 1: Go to the Beach

You ’ ve arrived in Bermuda, finally, and the first thing you want to see is … the beach, of course! Bermuda is famous for its cerulean blue waters and unusually pink beaches. The only problem is, in the summer, some of Bermuda ’ s best beaches can be a bit over-crowded. If you want to skip the crowds of sun-burnt Americans, no fear: there is more than enough beach to go around. 

Things to do for the ultimate beach day: 

  • Take a long walk along Horseshoe Bay
  • Have a picnic in Jobson ’ s Cove
  • Relax on Warwick Long Bay
  • See the entire island from Gibb ’ s Hill Lighthouse
  • Have dinner at the Dining Room 

warwick Long bay - bermuda itinerary

Warwick Long Bay

Horseshoe Bay

If you ’ re looking for a top beach in the world as chosen by Conde Nast, look no further than Horseshoe Bay. If you head here too late in the day, though, prepare for hoards of tourists. This beach is on almost every westward bus line, so it ’ s the easy to get to for anyone without personal transport. I recommend taking the bus early in the morning to get there before crowds and walking all the way down the beach until you find a small path. This will lead you to a maze of lesser-known smaller beaches and cliff-top views of the ocean. If you go early enough, you might even get an entire beach to yourself. 

Horseshoe Bay - Bermuda Itinerary

Johnson’s Cove

Jobson ’ s Cove is a rather famous one, and is the perfect place to set yourself up for the day if you ’ ve brought your own picnic. If you ’ re staying in a hotel, have them prepare a little picnic for your trip; if you ’ re in an Airbnb, be sure to stop at the nearest grocery store, Supermart, for supplies before making your way to the beach. 

Cove - Bermuda Travel

Go Cliff Jumping and Exploring

In the summer, you ’ ll typically find locals climbing all over the unusual rocks that punctuate the shoreline here. Follow them if you ’ re feeling a little crazy and want to go cliff jumping. Once you ’ ve had your fill, take a walk through the sandy paths toward Warwick Long Bay, an often-forgotten stretch of beach arguably even more beautiful than Conde Nast ’ s preferred spot. 

Gibb ’ s Hill

By the end of the day, you ’ ll no doubt be feeling a little sun-tired. End the day by watching the sun go down at the top of Bermuda ’ s first and oldest lighthouse, Gibb ’ s Hill, just a stone ’ s throw away from Horseshoe Bay. Climb its 185 steps for the best panoramic view of Bermuda and then eat dinner just below in its adjoining restaurant, The Dining Room. 

Bermuda Itinerary Day 2: A Journey to the Past

To get the full experience this unique little archipelago provides, it ’ s important to make time for its still-existing first-ever town, St. George ’ s. This small town is known as the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the Western Hemisphere. Its history, churches, cobblestoned streets and quaint cottages make St. George a must-do for all visitors.

Things to do:

  • Watch a historical reenactment in the town square
  • Visit local art galleries and museums
  • Go shopping
  • Have lunch at the celebrated White Horse Tavern
  • Take a walk up to the unfinished church
  • Make your way to Fort St. Catherine ’ s and Tobacco Bay

st. george - bermuda

If you ’ re staying outside the eastern part of the island, the best way to get here is by ferry. Take the fast ferry from Hamilton in the morning and arrive right in the middle of town, in King ’ s square, in time for the famous historical reenactment that takes place at noon sharp every day. From there, wind your way through tiny alleyways and around UNESCO world heritage sights like St. Peter ’ s church, the oldest in the Western hemisphere. It ’ s best to get a little lost on these roads by yourself. You never know what you might come across.

Festivals in Bermuda

White Horse Tavern

When you ’ re tired of walking, stop in to White Horse Tavern for lunch. Right on the water, this old English-style pub is something of an institution in Bermuda. If you ’ re feeling hungry, try the Bermuda Island burger; it features some of the best local flavors this little island has to offer. 

Tobacco Bay

Now that you ’ ve explored the town, it ’ s time to get to the beach. Tobacco bay is just about a ten minute walk from the unfinished church, and a stone ’ s throw from impressive historic attractions and fortresses such as the landing site of Bermuda ’ s first settlers, Fort St. Catherine. Even if you ’ re not much of a history buff, this museum and fort is worth the visit, if only for the uninterrupted ocean views. Once you ’ ve finished it is also home to one of the most beautiful coves for snorkeling and paddle boarding, and happens to be a favourite among locals for its summer-time evening bonfire and happy hour specials. Don ’ t worry about bringing anything, either; kiosks on the beach provide everything you need, like standup paddleboards, kayaks and tons of snorkeling gear.

Bermuda OCean

Bermuda Itinerary Day 3: Adventure Time 

You can ’ t go to Bermuda without taking a snorkeling or scuba diving tour. Bermuda ’ s intricate reef system has not only protected its shores for thousands of years from eroding away entirely but has also managed to capture many ships – between 250 and 400, to be specific – in its jaws. This makes for some truly amazing snorkeling and scuba diving. 

KS Watersports offers snorkeling tours that pick up from Hamilton Princess marina at 10am, or from Fairmont Southampton dock at 10:15am. The snorkel tour stops at two different sights, one shipwreck and one of our famous coral reefs. See reviews here

Price : $89 per person for 2.5 – 3 hours. 

Once you ’ ve been safely returned to shore, hop on the bus or the ferry and make your way to Dockyard. If you ’ re on the bus, make sure you ask the driver to drop you off near sea glass beach. This little hideaway is famous on the island for being covered in – you guessed it – sea glass. It ’ s the perfect spot for little souvenirs, but it ’ s notoriously hard to find. Luckily, Bermudians are incredibly friendly, and will even walk you to the beach if you ’ re having a hard time locating it. 

Travel to Bermuda

Head to Dockyard 

Go by foot or by bus once you ’ ve collected all the sea glass you can carry. This historic maritime village is home to a major cruise ship port and serves as a hub for sightseeing, shopping, dining, entertainment and plenty of other great experiences. I recommend stopping into the Clocktower Mall to shop trinkets and have some Haagen Dasz ice cream. From there, wander over to attractions like Bermuda Glassblowers, where you ’ ll be able to witness artisans crafting amazing artworks in real time.

End the day on a high note: Dockyard ’ s best attraction, in my opinion, is the boozy mini-golf course, Fun Golf . Enjoy panoramic ocean views while the sun sets right in front of your eyes, and sip on island favorites like the Dark n ’ Stormy and Rum Swizzle while you swing and putt. It ’ s one of the best ways to end a great day on the island, especially if you ’ re traveling with a group. 

Open daily from 10am until Midnight.  

Prices: $15 per adult, $12 per child. Reservations not required. 

Reviews here

Bermuda Fun Golf

Bermuda Itinerary Day 4: Boating in Cambridge Beaches

If you ’ re on the western side of the island, I recommend renting a boat from Somerset Bridge Watersports . This is easiest to reach by bus or personal transport. See reviews here

Prices: 4 pp 6pp

  • 2 Hours $95 $105
  • 4 Hours $145 $165
  • 6 Hours $200 $230
  • 8 Hours $260 $280

Now that you ’ ve got your own boat to explore the island with, make it your mission to visit the caves that surround Cambridge Beaches Resort. This is one of the calmest, clearest stretches of water you ’ ll find on the island, and there are plenty of tiny beaches you can claim for yourself for the day. Keep an eye out for turtles; this area is well known for its healthy sea turtle population. 

Bermuda's Best Beaches

Lunch by Boat: Breezes

One of the best things to do when you have your own boat in Bermuda is have lunch at Breezes restaurant. This restaurant is on the back side of Cambridge Beaches resort, in a wide bay that is usually filled with locals on their boats laughing and enjoying the calm, blue waters. When you get hungry, just walk right up to the restaurant from the water: you ’ ll be seated immediately. If you ’ d rather go for dinner, just make a reservation and come back once you ’ ve returned your boat. It ’ s a sublime spot to watch the sunset: you can watch the sun literally dip into the ocean as you sip your cocktail.

See a Shipwreck

Once you ’ re ready to return to the water, jet westward toward the open ocean to see one of Bermuda ’ s only out-of-water ship wrecks, the Vixen. This boat serves as a sanctuary for fish today, but originally was purposefully sunk to protect Dockyard from any possible military attacks during the Revolutionary War. 

bermuda travel blogger

Bermuda Itinerary Day 5: Shopping in the City

By day five, no doubt you ’ ll be a bit tired of beaches and hot sun, so why not spend the day in Bermuda ’ s only city? Shop for gifts, explore local businesses, have some tea, or just drink and chill out in one of the many bars and restaurants along Front Street. Hamilton is easily accessible by all forms of transportation and has all the entertainment you need. Make sure you stop into Bermuda ’ s tourism hub and bar on Front Street for some other great adventure ideas and reasonable cocktails. 

Bird Cage is new and boasts fantastic views of the Hamilton harbor. Drinks are reasonably priced and the crowd is always positive. 

Harbor Nights

On Wednesdays in the summer, Front Street is shut down to cars and turned into one big block party called Harbor Nights. I highly recommend this if your trip coincides; it ’ s a peak behind the curtain of Bermuda ’ s vibrant culture and community. Watch Bermuda gombeys dance in the street while you snack on warm donuts; try a flight of Bermuda rum.

Gombeys are a huge fixture in Bermudian culture: when there were still slave owners, slaves were not allowed to dance unless they were instructed to do so in these costumes for the entertainment of their masters. It slowly became more about protesting than falling in line, though, and today the tradition stands as a reminder and celebration of the strength of Bermuda ’ s black population. 

Travel to Bermuda

Teatime and Happy Hour

Take a walk to the end of Front Street until you find yourself on Pitts Bay Road and see a sign for the Rosedon Hotel. Walk up the hill to the front porch just before 4.00pm to arrive in time for tea. Rosedon has been around since 1901 and has been serving tea almost as long. Its new restaurant and gardens have recently brought Rosedon into the modern age, though, so expect modern taste with a classic twist. 

Finish the evening just across the street at Hamilton Princess in their luxury over-water bar,1609. While the drinks are quite expensive, the views and ocean breeze make this a can ’ t-miss experience. 

Tea Time - Bermuda

Bermuda Itinerary Day 6: Go on an Adventure

You’re nearing the end of your trip! It’s the perfect time to go all out. Get wild on a jetski, drive the entire island in a day, or simply put your feet up and let someone take care of you on a luxury Catamaran cruise.

Jet Ski Tours – Somerset Bridge Watersports 

If you ’ re looking for a great adventure and love a good thrill, look no further than Somerset Bridge Watersports ’ jetski and snorkeling tours. It ’ s a little expensive, but worth every penny. You ’ ll spend two hours weaving through coral reef formations and then diving down into them, feeding fish at the shipwreck-turned-nature reserve The Vixen, anchoring and swimming at the famous Pompano Beach sand bar. See the best of Bermuda in the most fun way possible. Plus, if you don ’ t have your own transportation and take the ferry into Dockyard, Somerset Bridge tours pays for your taxi to their location. 

Price: $200

Duration: 2 hours 

Jet SKi Bermuda

Rent a Twizy – drive the entire island in a day

Twizys are tiny electric cars for two people. They are not only good for the environment and much safer than a moped, but also incredibly fun to drive and easy to maneauver. They also happen to be one of the cheaper options for transportation if you ’ ve only got a few days and want to see as much as you can. 

Current Vehicles Bermuda  

Price: $99 per day 

If you ’ re planning on making a day of your own with a Twizy (which I highly recommend), you should make time to visit Admiralty House. This strange landmark is made up of jagged cliffs that have become famous across the island for their adrenaline-inducing powers. It ’ s a rite of passage among locals and, if nothing else, one of the most beautiful look-out points on the island. 

Twizy Review - Bermuda

Explore Bermuda on a Catamaran

This is one of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation in Bermuda if you’re only visiting for a short time. The catamaran company will take care of absolutely everything for you, from meals and cocktails to all the water sports and activities you could possibly want. Just meet the cruise at the dock in Dockyard at your chosen time. They’ll drop you off back in Dockyard, where you can then head back into Hamilton by ferry for drinks or stay in the area and try out one of the more local bars. 

Restless Native

Prices: 74.99 per person for 3.5 hours 

Restless Native Catamaran Sail & Snorkel | Shore Excursion | NCL

Bermuda Itinerary Day 7: High Notes

There ’ s so much to do in Bermuda, and this itinerary barely scratches the surface. You ’ ll see everything that makes this island so special if you follow this itinerary, but there are plenty of things to do that I didn ’ t cover, too. Take a look at 50 things to do in Bermuda for a more comprehensive list. 

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

Cooper ’ s Island is one of the lesser-known and most beautiful natural sights in Bermuda. Until 1995, Cooper ’ s was a restricted base for the U.S Military and then later NASA. Today, you can wander among its pristine beauty in complete solitude; in less touristy months of the year, you might find yourself to be the only one on Cooper ’ s Island at all. I recommend taking a picnic and a great book or two and setting yourself up for the entire day. 

Getting there: Cooper’s Island is hard to reach without your own transportation. It’s completely isolated and you will not be able to get a taxi or bus once you are over there. I recommend doing this on a day when you rent your own transportation.


Crystal Caves

If you ’ re still in the mood to explore, make your way back to civilisation from Cooper ’ s Island westward toward Hamilton. Just across the causeway, you ’ ll find two of Bermuda ’ s biggest attractions: Swizzle Inn and Crystal Caves. 

I recommend checking out Crystal Caves first. This unique spot was actually found by accident by two teenagers. These hidden caves are host to intricate million-year-old formations called stalactites and stalagmites that take thousands of years to build and look exactly like icicles of crystal. The walk through is a truly ethereal experience.  

Crystal Caves are open from 9-5pm every day. 

Price: $22 per person.

Afterward, walk over to Swizzle Inn to have a taste of Bermuda ’ s original Rum Swizzle recipe. Grab yourself a pitcher and a plate of nachos. Top it off with Bailey ’ s ice cream from the parlour across the street; their flavors are all made in house weekly with Bermuda cow ’ s milk. 

Caves in Bermuda

Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo  

If there’s only one other thing you do while you’re in Bermuda, make it the aquarium and zoo. This isn ’ t just for kids; Bermuda ’ s only zoo has two open air exhibits where you can walk among free-roaming monkeys, birds, and lizards. The zoo is seriously worth the visit. Finish the day with a walk over to Flatt ’ s Village on the other side of the bay, where you can find fresh food like poke bowls or flatbreads from the restaurant Village Pantry. 

Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo  

Prices: $10 per adult

$5 per child 

The Aquarium and Zoo is easily reachable by bus, predominantly, or by personal transportation. 

Am I Missing Anything from this Bermuda Itinerary?

If you think I need to add any specific tour, beach, attraction, bar, or whatever else you loved in Bermuda to my travel itinerary! Please, let me know!

What to do in Bermuda: Let's GO!

Thanks for reading my Bermuda Itinerary!

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15 Things to Know Before Visiting Bermuda (Bermuda Travel Tips)

pink sand at Water Rocks Beach near Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

Are you planning on visiting Bermuda? Or maybe you’re flirting with the idea of booking an unforgettable Bermuda trip? Whether you’re in the planning or inspiration phase of your travel in Bermuda, we’ve got you covered with the most important Bermuda information you need to know and travel tips to make your trip a success.

From important Bermuda information like the local currency, customs, and getting around to other fun historical facts, cultural sites, and important Bermuda information that’s helpful to know before your big Bermuda trip!

So sit back and relax, we’ve prepared a lot of great Bermuda tips for you along with supplementary guides to help you plan your dream Bermuda vacation! Be sure to also check out our guide for where to stay in Bermuda too to help you plan your trip!

Be sure to stay up to date on their current guidelines before your Bermuda trip to ensure you have everything.

Tips to Know Before Your Bermuda Trip

Don’t be scared of the bermuda triangle.

the rocks off of sinky bay in Bermuda

I don’t know about you, but before ever dreaming of visiting Bermuda as a kid I remember several tv shows and stories around the mysterious ‘Bermuda Triangle’ disappearances. So much in fact, that my first ever trip as a teenager was a cruise and  I was nervous because we were going to be close to the Bermuda Triangle zone.

While most people, including myself, have realized that those stories are nothing more than urban legends, anyone who hasn’t heard much about Bermuda since or tend to be a bit superstitious might actually believe those rumors of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle and the ‘victims’ of the triangle over the years.

Let me do the TL;DR version. The ships and planes that are said to have mysteriously disappeared without a trace within the Bermuda Triangle limits are no more than any other well-traveled areas of the ocean in the world.

There are actually several natural explanations for the Bermuda Triangle activity including the Gulf Stream currents which are unique to the area and can carry away planes trying to make a water landing or move boats along the current, tropical storms and hurricanes frequent the area, and a large presence of methane hydrates (natural gas) that forms on the continental shelves of the ocean which could cause a loss of buoyancy for ships meaning they could sink quickly without much warning.

Although, it must be noted that according to USGS, no large releases of methane hydrates have been believed to occur in the past 15,000 years in the area meaning that even this is unlikely.

One other explanation that some argue could be the cause of some of the occurrences that took place in this area are the possibility of compass problems and weird anomalies in magnetic fields in the area. Studies have been conducted and it should be noted that no magnetic anomalies have been found in the Bermuda Triangle.

Combine any single one of those possible natural occurrences with one human error and you’ve got yourself a maritime disaster that could happen anywhere.

So why did everyone hop on the Bermuda Triangle mania? That’s largely due to articles published during the mid 20th century focusing on ship and plane wrecks in the area which led to public interest and speculation of supernatural forces at work which became even more popularized in more stories and novels.

In addition, it wasn’t too difficult for people’s imaginations to go supernatural when the nickname of Bermuda was the “Isle of Devils” even back to colonization days centuries before. The Spanish and Portuguese explorers who rode along the Gulf Stream from the Caribbean to Europe were terrified of the area because the coral reefs surrounding Bermuda were treacherous for ships. 

Not to mention, it’s noted that there were terrifying howling winds and screeching birds, which were all terrible signs for superstitious sailors of that time. 

Save yourself the worry and know that you’re not at any more risk than anywhere else that’s frequently traveled to. So enjoy visiting Bermuda with your mind at peace knowing this is not more than a conspiracy theory made popular by a series of articles written about it through the 1950s and 1960s.

Bermuda Has British Influences

fun pink British phone booth at Princess Hamilton in Bermuda

When visiting Bermuda you might notice a few of the British influences from colonization. As a matter of fact, Bermuda was discovered first in the 1500s by the Spanish, by the explorer Juan de Bermúdez. Upon his arrival, there was no indigenous population on the island and the same goes nearly a century later when the English Virginia Company colonized and settled in Bermuda in St. George’s.

Bermuda is considered Britain’s oldest colony and you can still see many influences to this day even though it’s an independent country, it’s still a part of the British Overseas Territory and Britain’s oldest overseas territory.

You’ll notice people drive on the left-hand side of the road, if you were to see a judge in Hamilton they’d be wearing a powdered wig, cricket is a huge sport here, and even the famous ‘Bermuda shorts’ are an influence from the British military uniforms.

You’ll also spot those famous bright red telephone booths around the island (and even sometimes in other fun colors like pink at the Hamilton Princess), 17th and 18th-century architecture in the town of St. George’s and the Royal Naval Dockyard both have strong influences from the various houses, buildings, and even churches, and of course, you’ll notice English pubs with items on the menu like fish and chips, Sheppard’s pie, and bangers and mash.

Bermuda’s Time Zone 

Hamilton City Hall clocktower in Bermuda

Before visiting Bermuda be sure to know what time it will be when you’re there! Bermuda is on the Greenwich Mean Time minus four hours (GMT -4 hrs). 

If you’re visiting from the United States East Coast like we were (it’s just under a two-hour flight from NYC by the way!!), you’ll be one hour ahead of time EST in the United States or two hours ahead of Chicago, and four hours ahead of Los Angeles and PST.

If you’re coming from the UK, you’ll be four hours behind London and five hours behind Munich and Rome.

Bermuda’s Currency

hammock over the blue water at Sinky Bay Beach Princess Hamilton Beach Club in Bermuda

Do you need to take out a special currency before visiting Bermuda? It depends! The official currency of Bermuda is the Bermudian dollar. The Bermudian dollar is equivalent to one US Dollar. 

Even though there are so many influences in Bermuda from Britain, Bermuda actually accepts USD everywhere, but not the Great Britain Pound. 

Alternatively, you can use an ATM to pull out the local currency or if you have USD on you, that works too.

We never needed to pull out cash while visiting Bermuda, we actually had some US cash on us that we used and we’d get the Bermudian dollar in change.

You’ll want to always have some cash on you as you’ll find out later in this guide to important Bermuda information to know before you visit, taxis are cash only (unless you use the taxi app) and they are also not very cheap. 

Debit and credit cards, except for Discover cards, are accepted at almost all restaurants, shops, and hotels with the exception of a few local eateries.

One of our best travel tips of ALL time no matter where you’re traveling to is to have or open an account with Charles Schwab, you will get a debit card that allows you to take out cash from any ATM in the world without fees. They reimburse you for all ATM fees so you no longer have to worry about those adding up on your travels!

We only use this card specifically for this reason and it’s a serious travel hack whether you’re at home and can’t be bothered to find your bank ATM or across the world needing to pull out cash.

Bermuda is not in the Caribbean!

St Regis Hotel at St Catherine's Beach in Bermuda

One common misconception about visiting Bermuda is that you’re heading off to a gorgeous, Caribbean destination. But what many people don’t realize, even though Bermuda shares a similar beauty to Caribbean destinations like the insanely clear, blue water and gorgeous sandy beaches – Bermuda is NOT in the Caribbean!

Bermuda also often gets associated with the West Indies too, but even though there are influences of the West Indies here from the slave trade route that took place here.

Bermuda is actually an isolated archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, and the only atoll in the Atlantic Ocean! The nearest mainland is 651 miles to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and is actually 900 miles north of the Caribbean. (774 miles from NYC for us!)

Transportation in Bermuda is Different

small electric car rentals on Bermuda

As mentioned earlier in this important Bermuda information to know, you DRIVE on the left here! Which really doesn’t affect you at all if you don’t plan on driving yourself, which brings us to our next point and important information before visiting Bermuda.

Visitors can’t actually rent a car. Yep. Even locals who live on the island only have one car per household. While Bermuda isn’t large in size at just over 20 square miles, it’s also not walkable. So transportation and getting around and exploring all the best things to do in Bermuda looks a little different here and requires a little planning.

While you can’t rent a full-size car, there are small electric cars that you can rent along with motorbikes and classic pedal bicycles. So if you do use one of these rental options, you need to be ready and remind yourself to drive on the left hand side of the road if you’re not used to doing this.

If you’re traveling with a family, it might be a bit tricky to rent something as the small electric cars are only two-seaters and won’t fit your luggage, they are meant for exploring the island attractions, not moving all of your luggage around the island. 

But don’t worry, there are options that are family-friendly as well as an option for those who don’t want to drive themselves whether it be a budget issue or a fear of driving on the left hand side of the road. There are public buses and ferries that you can use to get around and explore the island.

For the ferry, you can buy single tickets which are very reasonable for adults at $5 a ticket ($2.75 for children) and day pass options if you find yourself riding the ferry a few times throughout the day to save some money. There are a few different ferry options, it’s best to check their official schedule and have it handy, They take you to some of Bermuda’s most famous attractions from Hamilton, Royal Naval Dockyard, to St. Georges.

Another option is to take the local bus which connects visitors (and locals) to just about anywhere you want to go on the island. There are 11 different bus routes perfect for anything you want to do on the island, which is also a convenient and affordable option.

Last but not least, it’s easy to travel in Bermuda via taxi cabs. Most hotels have taxis available and they are easy to come by in Hamilton . If you hail a cab or get in one at a hotel, keep in mind that you need to pay in cash. They accept USD or the local Bermudian dollar. 

Alternatively, you can download the local taxi app, Hitch , which you can order a cab and pay using the card you have on file when you set up your account so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash on you, especially since taxi rides aren’t exactly inexpensive, they are similar to taxi prices in New York City for a comparison. Getting from the west end of the island to the east end was around $75.

We have an easy-to-follow guide about how to get around Bermuda breaking down all of these options in more depth to help you plan your visit!

Keep in mind if you plan on renting an electric vehicle to book or secure your reservation in advance! These are limited and some rentals require at least 36 hours notice in advance to arrange your rental.

Plan Your Budget Ahead

pitcher of rum swizzles at The Swizzle Inn in Bermuda

Something to be aware of before visiting Bermuda and while planning your trip is that this isn’t exactly a budget-friendly destination and it can by quite expensive if you’re not prepared. It’s understandable as to why prices are a bit higher here as the physical location of the island is isolated in the Atlantic Ocean and everything needs to be imported on the island.

Transportation can be costly and add up. If you’re renting a motorbike/scooter or electric car, keep in mind that you get a discount if you book multiple days vs single-day rentals.

There are a few affordable eateries on the island, but we found the meals to be comparable to NYC prices if not a bit higher, it wasn’t uncommon to easily spend $100-$150 on a meal with two mains and two drinks. 

We don’t want that to be a deterrent to visiting, but more of a thing to plan for so there are no surprises on your trip and you’re able to budget accordingly and enjoy and unforgettable Bermuda trip without worry.

To budget dining out expenses, this website gives the average cost of meals and other things that might be helpful for you to plan your trip. 

Tips are Included at Restaurants

Exterior of Tom Moore's Tavern in Bermuda

Speaking of budget when visiting Bermuda, something to keep in mind is that almost every single restaurant already includes a 17% gratuity on your final bill unless otherwise stated. 

If you had exceptional service, it’s welcome to add more to your tip. Tips are not already included when you use a taxi for example and local customary practice is around a 10-15% tip for taxi drivers (closer to the latter) based on multiple resources I found online.

The only restaurant during our Bermuda trip that didn’t already include a tip was The Swizzle Inn, which is a very popular and delicious restaurant on the island. They had it clearly highlighted that they did not add the tip already, be sure to pay attention to this so you don’t overtip at other restaurants or not leave a tip at all at the few restaurants who don’t already automatically include the tip.

There are Portuguese Man-O-War

Portuguese Man of War jellyfish spotted on Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

This Bermuda information and tip isn’t meant to scare but to make you aware. Bermuda’s shores are no strangers to the Portuguese Man-O-War which is commonly mistaken as a jellyfish but is actually a siphonophore, a group of animals that are closely related to jellyfish.

These marine creatures float on the surface of the ocean and are just pushed where the wind blows them or the ocean takes them. Their tentacles are venomous and contain microscopic capsules loaded with coiled, barbed tubes that deliver venom capable of paralyzing and killing small fish. 

Their tentacles are also long, so sometimes people are stung by them which causes extremely painful welts without realizing there was one nearby. While the stings are not lethal to humans (or rarely so), it can be a bit of a vacation ruiner if you are stung by one as they are said to be very painful and the welts they create are nasty.

Also, if you see one on the shore do not touch it or step on it as they can still sting!

These are typically spotted on windy days and usually in the spring months. The wind blows them towards shore, we visited in mid-March and during our beach hopping day on the south side of the island we saw quite a few as it was a windy day washed up on the shore, we didn’t really see any others the rest of our trip. We were told it was because of the wind.

Again, don’t let this deter you, just watch out for them, especially on windy days typically in spring and early summer. We enjoyed several other swimming days and beaches during our Bermuda trip.

Know the Dress Code

Greetings from Bermuda mural in Hamilton

Another bit of important Bermuda information would be to know the local dress code so that you’re being a respectful visitor. 

Have you ever heard of Bermuda shorts? These are the local attire and shorts that usually have a length about one inch above the knee. This was an adaptation of British influence and appropriate dress attire for warm weather climate accompanied usually by tall socks. 

You’ll spot men wearing this around Bermuda, it’s considered appropriate business attire on the island.

In addition to the Bermuda shorts, the island nation does observe a more conservative dress code. While actual rules have been relaxed over the years, it is still considered inappropriate to wear bathing suits or bikinis if you’re not at the beach or pool. That means, no walking around with your shirt off or in your ‘bathing attire’ if you’re not at it.

It’s also inappropriate to not wear shoes, even if you’re near the beach. To be honest, the only place we’ve ever seen people just walk around and inside stores barefoot are at laid-back Southern California surf towns, but since Scott hails from one of those towns, we thought it was worth mentioning.

Keep in mind that wearing crop tops and more revealing clothing is also frowned upon and considered disrespectful to the local culture and dress code. 

We were even told that the police have stopped tourists who don’t adhere to the conservative dress code and ask them to cover up more.

Basically, have a cover-up for anywhere that’s not around the pool, make sure to wear clothing on the bus even if you’re taking it to the beach, and be aware that popular styles like crop tops might cause a bit of a stir.

The Electricity

Megan and Scott looking at the milky way galaxy enjoying Cambridge Beach Resort in Bermuda at night under the stars

On our way to our Bermuda trip, I had a quick panic because I realized we left the house and I didn’t even check what outlet Bermuda uses. Normally, I wouldn’t think much but knowing that there is a huge British influence here I wasn’t sure if they used the UK outlet or if our US electronics would work.

Bermuda uses 110 volts, 60Hz AC, which is the voltage supported by the United States and Canada. If you’re coming from somewhere else, you will need an adapter since two-prong plugs are what the island uses. I didn’t have a problem plugging in my computer either which has three prongs.

While we’re talking electricity. Well, sort of related! Being isolated in the Atlantic Ocean has its perks, there’s little light pollution (from electricity – haha), so the star viewing is INSANELY good. We really enjoyed stargazing and it was pretty incredible to see how many stars were visible even with a full moon like we had during our visit!

aerial shot of our cottage with pool at Camrbridge Beach Resort in Bermuda

Before visiting Bermuda you might wonder if you can drink the water. The answer varies depending on where you look online. 

Bermuda has no source of freshwater from springs, streams, rivers, or lakes. They actually have to collect rainwater and the design of the buildings in Bermuda, those cute layered stepped white roofs on the houses actually serve a very important purpose!

The way the roofs are designed are meant to slow down the heavy rainfall to collect the water and store it in a tank attached to the underside of the house, a method that has been pioneered and used for over four centuries!

Bermuda gets an annual average of rainfall of around 60 inches a year and is consistent year-round, so this method has provided the island with water consistently throughout the year. The white color of the roof also serves a purpose too, the color reflects UV light which helps purify the water as it’s being collected.

All buildings actually have to be built this way since water is such a precious resource and essential to life. Not to mention, this is a super sustainable way to collect water!

Another way that Bermuda also provides clean water, especially to support tourism, is through reverse osmosis plants on the island that desalinate water.

So that leaves us to our final bit of Bermuda information that you need to know, is the water safe to drink when visiting Bermuda?

Generally, yes. You’re safe in hotels or resorts and restaurants. We drank tap water the entire trip. If you’re worried, buy your water or invest in a SteriPen or a LifeStraw portable water filter. These are great gifts for travelers too by the way and are really easy to pack without taking up space.

There are Pink Sand Beaches!

Horseshoe Bay Beach the most famous pink sand beach in Bermuda

Maybe this is already one of the reasons you’re visiting Bermuda in the first place, but did you know that Bermuda has naturally pink sand beaches?!

That’s right, there are PINK sand beaches in Bermuda you can visit including the most famous beach here, Horseshoe Bay Beach . But, that’s not all though! Along the south side of Bermuda there are several pink sand beaches including many small beaches connected by the sand dunes at Horseshoe Bay Beach as well also Warwick Long Bay and Jobson’s Cove.

Now, most photos you’ll see online where the sand is hot pink or a much brighter pink than you will actually see in person. These people took a few creative liberties we must say, but there is a really pretty pink hue to the sand and if the light hits it right it’s very obvious with the naked eye.

It was so bright the day we were visiting that it was actually hard to see the pink sand unless you were hitting it at the right angle, but when you looked close you could see the pink and even when we got back to the hotel later you could see the pink hue in the photos we took.

How does Bermuda have pink sand you might wonder? The pink sand is due to the red foram, or red foraminifera, which are an invertebrate. Their shells get on the ocean floor and mixed in with the sand when the tiny particles wash up to shore leaving a rosy hue in the sand!

Be sure to read our full guide to the best beaches in Bermuda including the best pink sand beaches!

There’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site

St Peters Church in St George Bermuda

Looking to visit historic and cultural sites during your Bermuda trip? You’re in luck! Bermuda has its very own UNESCO World Heritage Site(s) . The Town of St. Geroge and its surrounding fortifications have been culturally landmarked by UNESCO since 2000.

Not only is St. George’s a great place to explore during your travels in Bermuda, but it’s also an area steeped in history as it’s the oldest continuously inhabited town of English settlement in the ‘New World’ that was settled in 1612 and the first capital of Bermuda.

If you want to split hairs, St. George’s is considered the third permanent British settlement in the Americas behind Jamestown in Virginia which was settled in 1607, and Cupids, Newfoundland which was settled in 1610. But because the other two settlements weren’t permanent, St. George’s Bermuda gets the title of ‘continuously inhabited.’

There are also several fortifications nearby that are associated within the UNESCO status that are a great example of 17th through 20th century English military development.

Located on the East End of the island, you’ll surely want to visit the town of St. George on your Bermuda trip not only for its historical and cultural value, but also because it’s beautiful both naturally and architecturally, there’s great food (try the catch of the day at Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio, if you have a choice of Rockfish try it!), and you can visit more beautiful beaches nearby plus cool sites like the Unfinished Church.

The Shipwrecks of Bermuda


Okay, so briefly revisiting Bermuda information I provided earlier in this guide but not for the reason you think! Bermuda is known for its shipwrecks, as a matter of fact, there are over 300 known shipwrecks around Bermuda making it the destination with the most shipwrecks per square mile. But, don’t get all superstitious on us this far into this post!

These shipwrecks are due to the treacherous coral reefs that surround the island which caused ships to sink when they crashed into these reefs surrounding Bermuda. Because the water is so clear, you can actually even see some shipwrecks from shore. Heck, our final days of our Bermuda trip we stayed at Grotto Bay Beach Resort which has a shipwreck you can see from their beach and restaurant and snorkel around!

The reason we bring this up is not to scare you – with today’s technology and Bermuda information ships know how to navigate and avoid crashing into these reefs. The reason we bring it up is that one of the most popular thing for visitors to do when they travel to Bermuda is to dive or snorkel the shipwrecks of Bermuda dating back all the way to the 1600s to 1997 worth of sunken treasures!

And if you don’t find yourself wanting to visit a shipwreck, they can be hauntingly beautiful but eerie to visit, you can also visit over 100 of Bermuda’s shipwrecks virtually  instead.

If you’re up for an adventure you can join a 3-hour shipwreck snorkel tour that visits the Constellation and the Montana shipwrecks with an expert guide. Or if you’re a scuba diver you can j oin a certified scuba dive adventure around the shipwrecks.

We hope you found this Bermuda information and guide full of Bermuda travel tips helpful for planning your dream vacation! Consider bookmarking for later or share the love below on Pinterest below! Happy travels visiting Bermuda!



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Trips With Tykes

First Timer’s Guide to Bermuda

By: Author Leslie Harvey

Posted on Published: December 27, 2022

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The island of Bermuda blends a tropical island vibe and a dapper British style. The result is a pretty unique vacation destination. Since Americans need at least a passport and a plane flight or cruise booking to visit, a trip to Bermuda definitely requires some planning. Luckily, the logistics on the ground are pretty easy for first timers if you’ve done even a bit of preparation.

First Timers Guide to Bermuda - Princess Beach Club Millennial Pink Beach Chair

My husband and I have had Bermuda on our bucket list ever since we were searching for where to go on our honeymoon. We finally were able to spending a glorious full week there this August. As we were celebrating both our 15th wedding anniversary and my 40th birthday this summer, we decided it was time for a rare child-free trip. After dropping the kids off in Charlotte, NC with grandma and grandpa (thanks mom and dad!), we jetted off for a week in a tropical paradise.

We explored a lot of the tiny island in the 7 nights we were there. Naturally, we made a few mistakes along the way, but also picked up a lot of tips and tricks, both for couples travelers like us as well as for families. I decided that a first time travelers guide might be helpful to others venturing to this destination for the first time too. Here is what other newbies to Bermuda – families as well as travelers without kids – need to know.

(Trips With Tykes uses affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase through links in this post. See our full disclosure policy linked in the menu at the bottom of this site.)

Visiting Bermuda for the first time? The ultimate guide to where to stay, transit and transportation, the best seasons to visit, and flight and cruise ship arrival. Tips for planning the perfect Bermuda vacation getaway for both couples and families! #bermuda #familytravel #couplestravel

Where is Bermuda?

As a child of the 1980s, the first thing that pops into my head when I think of Bermuda is the Beach Boys’ 1988 hit Kokomo. You know you know it… “Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama.” For many Americans, that song forever geographically misplaced Bermuda (and the Bahamas!) in our brains. Because it was named along with so many Caribbean destinations, many Americans erroneously assume Bermuda is somewhere in the Caribbean. 

But Bermuda is very much not in the Caribbean. It’s situated solidly in the Atlantic Ocean, roughly due east of Savannah, Georgia. The closest US landmass is actually around Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The geography is important because it definitely affects the climate and when you should be considering Bermuda as a vacation destination (more on that below!).

A lot of people are also confused as to what Bermuda is – country, protectorate, territory, etc.? Bermuda is actually one of a few British Overseas Territories, along with Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, the Falkland Islands and Turks & Caicos. It has some self-governing rights and elects its own parliament, but it recognizes the crown and is overseen by a crown-appointed governor.

Sub-Regions, Neighborhoods, & Layout of Bermuda

What many new visitors to Bermuda also don’t understand is just how tiny of an island Bermuda is. To drive it tip to stern takes only about an hour. It’s long and skinny, so there are places where you can easily walk the width of the island. The entire island is only 21 square miles, making it less than half the size of the already pretty small city of San Francisco.

The country is divided into 9 parishes, but most visitors will likely refer to three different regions. Those include:

St. George’s (East End) : Located near the eastern end of the island by the airport is the town of St. George’s, the original settlement of Bermuda. Full of historic buildings and churches, it’s a worthy cultural destination. Also on this end of the island are some amazing cave formations as well as the famous Tobacco Bay Beach.

St Georges Town in Bermuda

City of Hamilton & Central Bermuda : The center of the island is where Bermuda’s one “big” city is located. Hamilton is home to the government and major commerce centers (Bermuda has a thriving reinsurance industry that contributes to the wealth there).

Royal Naval Dockyard (West End) : At the far western tip is the cruise terminal, located at the Royal Naval Dockyard. Between Central Bermuda and the west end are a ton of gorgeous beaches and the village of Somerset.

Bermuda is small enough that you can pick a single home base and use it to tour the entire island. Some visitors, however, may prefer to split their stay between either end of the island to reduce transportation time and cost.

What is the Best Airport for Flying to Bermuda?

American Airlines Flight Landing at LF Wade Airport in Bermuda

Given its tiny size, it’s probably unsurprising that Bermuda has only a single airport. Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) is located on the far east end of the island, close to the town of St. George’s. Driving from the airport to Bermuda’s main commercial city of Hamilton takes about 30 minutes. And driving to the far other end of the island takes close to an hour.

BDA is served by a wide variety of U.S. airlines, including JetBlue, American, Delta, and United. Cities with non-stop airline service include:

  • Miami : American
  • New York-JFK : JetBlue, Delta or American
  • New York-LGA : American
  • Newark : United
  • Philadelphia : American
  • Boston : JetBlue or Delta
  • Atlanta : Delta
  • Charlotte : American
  • Washington-National : American

From Europe, the only carrier is British Airways from London-Gatwick. Canadian travelers can choose between service on Air Canada or WestJet from Toronto-Pearson.

Visitors flying to Bermuda need to know that its air service fluctuates with the seasons fairly significantly. Some destinations are served only in the peak June-August summer months. Flights from some places may only operate once or twice a week. That’s the major reason my husband and I were able to take a full week vacation. American only served our originating airport of CLT in August once a week on Saturdays!

As for flight time, it’s quick. Bermuda is a very short hop, skip and jump for most East Coast and southern travelers. Flights from Boston and New York City are under 2 hours. Atlanta and Charlotte flights are about 2.5 hours. It’s entirely possible to visit Bermuda on a long weekend from many US destinations, assuming the flights are available.

While cash prices can sometimes be very reasonable from New York and Boston, not all originating cities offer flight deals to Bermuda. We were able to find flights on the cheap using British Airways Avios to book flights on its partner airline, American . 

What Do I Need to Know about Visiting Bermuda by Cruise Ship?

Cruise Ship at Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

If you aren’t coming by air to Bermuda, you are almost definitely coming by boat! Bermuda is a very popular cruise ship port and with good reason. With its small size, it is an easy destination where visitors can see a lot in a single day’s visit.

Because of environmental damage to Bermuda’s reefs and harbors, the large cruise ships now dock exclusively at the Royal Naval Dockyard. So if you are coming in via ship, you need to plan for transportation from there. If you want to head to Hamilton quickly, there is a ferry located at the cruise terminal (see the transportation section below for even more information).

The cruise ship terminal area also has plenty to do within walking distance for visitors who don’t want to travel too far. The National Museum of Bermuda is located steps away, as are a number of restaurants and shops.

Even if you aren’t coming in via cruise ship, it’s smart to watch the cruise ship schedules into the Royal Naval Dockyard. When a mega-ship is in port or several ships are in town at one time, they can dramatically affect crowd levels all over the island. Tour operators book up more quickly on these dates as well. We purposefully timed our visit to the Royal Naval Dockyard for a day when one of Royal Caribbean’s biggest ships just left town. There is a Bermuda cruise calendar available several months in advance here .

What Are the Best Transportation Options for Getting Around Bermuda?

My husband and I tried pretty much every transportation option during our stay, so I definitely have some thoughts on this question!

First of all, only Bermudians are allowed to drive cars on the island. That means that visitors definitely need to do a bit of planning when it comes to transportation. Uber and Lyft don’t operate in Bermuda either, so don’t plan to rely on them. Here are the various transportation choices:

Taxis : Taxis are the quickest way to get around the island, but they are also pretty expensive and add up quickly. They also charge higher Sunday and holiday rates. Traveling just about half the distance of the island on Sunday cost us over $65 one way! Additionally, while it’s pretty easy to pick up a taxi at the airport, Royal Naval Dockyard, or in Hamilton, more remote locations are not quite so easily served, especially in the early morning or late night hours. My advice? Rely on taxis when you need door-to-door or very quick transportation solutions, but definitely try other options! (Editor’s Note: HITCH is an app that launched after our trip that allows visitors to hail taxis with their smartphones. Definitely give it a try!)

Ferries : The shape of the island of Bermuda makes ferries very useful and actually quite time-saving. For example, while it takes about 45 minutes to drive from Hamilton to the Royal Naval Dockyard, the ferry ride is just 20 minutes. There are 4 different ferry lines that criss-cross the island. Cash is not accepted, so be sure to pick up a transportation pass or token to ride at the ferry terminal building.

Bus and ferry tokens in Bermuda

Public Bus : Public buses in Bermuda are reliable, inexpensive, safe, and clean. They also travel within close walking distance of many of the major tourist attractions. Take a look at the official Bermuda bus map to plan your route. Bus fare is $5.00 for travel anywhere in the 14 zones (or just $3.50 if you are taking a 3 zone or less trip). Bermudian dollars or transportation tokens (available at a discount if purchased at visitors centers or bus/ferry terminals) are both accepted.

Hotel Shuttles : A lot of hotels offer shuttle services of some sort, so look into those when you book lodging. For example, we stayed at the Hamilton Princess Hotel which has a private beach club elsewhere on the island. The hotel offered a regular and free minibus back and forth to the beach club multiple times a day.

Mopeds & Electric Cars (Twizzy) : Although visitors can’t rent a real car in Bermuda, they are permitted to rent mopeds and a tiny two-seater electric vehicle called the Twizzy. We rented a Twizzy for a single day of exploring when we were going to multiple different stops, and found it was a pretty amazing experience. They would work for families of 4 as well – just rent two and have each parent drive one kid. The minimum age to ride in the back is 5. Just remember that Bermuda drives on the left!

Rent a Twizzy electric car to tour Bermuda

Is Bermuda a Good Destination to Visit with Kids?

Yes! Even though my husband and I took a couples trip, we were always on the lookout for family-friendly things to do. We remarked to each other several times a day how much one both of our kids would have enjoyed what we were experiencing. 

We also saw a ton of other families in Bermuda with kids of all ages. Since it is such a short trip and is a very safe destination, it really makes a lot of sense for families. I’d absolutely return with my kids.

What is the Best Season to Visit Bermuda?

First Timers Guide to Bermuda - Horseshoe Bay Beach

Unlike the Caribbean which stays warm all year, Bermuda is more affected by the seasons. Summer is most definitely the high season, with the island seeing most of its visitors between June and August. Hotel prices tend to surge during these months, but early planners can find deals. During summer months, the island is quite warm and humid. Plan accordingly for outdoor activities, as you don’t want to be exerting yourself too much during the heat of the day in these months unless you are in the water!

But Bermuda isn’t only a single season destination. It’s warm enough in a lot of the spring and fall to travel to the island too. Shoulder season offers more affordability and lower crowds, so I’d certainly consider it on not-so-obvious times. Winter is windy and chilly (but not cold), with temperatures in the mid-60s.

Of course, the one major weather factor travelers also have to consider is hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November, so it can throw a wrench into travel plans. Going the first week of August, we knew we were a bit at risk. Realistically though, peak hurricane season is in September and early October, so most high season visitors should be able dodge most of the riskiest times.

Where to Stay in Bermuda

Lodging in Bermuda doesn’t come cheap, and that is probably why many travelers on the East Coast and the South opt for Caribbean destinations instead. As a California-based traveler often, the prices didn’t shock my conscience. I found them to be roughly equivalent to Hawaii prices. The only difference is perhaps that there were not as many moderate hotels in Bermuda as there are a few places in Hawaii. More of the hotels on Bermuda are luxury level and priced accordingly.

Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda

We decided to stay at the Hamilton Princess , which is a Fairmont-managed property. My husband and I always love staying in a hotel with history, and the Hamilton Princess has that in spades. In fact, the history was quite personal for both of us. My mother stayed in the hotel about 50 years earlier with my grandparents when she was in high school, and my husband’s grandparents had visited as well many decades ago!

The Hamilton Princess is located within easy walking distance of Front Street in downtown Hamilton, which has a ton of shops and dining. We loved its urban location on the harbor. Look for a full review coming soon!

Other hotels we considered, visited, and/or researched:

  • Fairmont Southampton Princess (see a detailed Fairmont Southampton Princess review from Family Travel Magazine)
  • Rosewood Bermuda : Ultimately too pricey even for our splurge vacation, but this hotel definitely sets the luxury standard on the island.
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa : A somewhat more affordable and family-friendly hotel choice, within walking distance of the famed Swizzle Inn and with a swimmable volcanic cave on property.

There are not really many chain hotels on the island, meaning it’s a bit of a challenge to redeem hotel points in Bermuda to save. However, a St. Regis finally opened in 2021 on the east end of the island, putting Marriott points in play. We saw the construction during our visit and it definitely has a ways to go though!

What to Do in Bermuda

Although we spent a few days lounging on the beach, my husband and I were pretty active on this vacation and did a lot of the local activities and excursions. It’s amazing how efficient we could be again without kids in tow! But if you want to know about all that we did, you’ll have to wait for my things to do in Bermuda guide.

For even more in-depth recommendations of what to do in Bermuda, check out these guides from fellow family travel bloggers I personally know and trust (and that I used in my own planning and research!):

  • 25 Things to Do in Bermuda for Couples  from 365 Atlanta Traveler
  • 5 Reasons Bermuda Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway from We3Travel

Even More Bermuda Tips & Tricks for First Time Visitors

Need a few other tips and tricks as you plan your trip? 

Rainbow over Hamilton Harbor in Bermuda

1. Don’t worry about money : Bermuda uses the Bermudian dollar which is tied completely to the value of the US dollar. This means that you do not have worry about converting money. Bermudian dollars and US dollars are used interchangeably at cash registers too. Usually if you pay in US dollars, most cashiers will even make change in US dollars when available. We asked for some local currency as change though, so we could bring it home for our kids!

2. Check your cell coverage : We found the cell and data service in Bermuda to be quite good in most places. I guess with such a small island, it’s not too hard to get the infrastructure in place to cover it all. Plenty of restaurants and businesses also have free WiFi, so we were able to stay pretty connected for purposes of getting directions and doing research. Definitely check your cell phone data plan before you leave – we found Bermuda to be covered at such a reasonable rate with ours that we didn’t have to worry about using it as needed even when we could not get WiFi.

3. Pre-book excursions : Because Bermuda is so small, popular activities and excursions can sell out, especially during the high tourist season in the summer. Book early so you aren’t disappointed!

4. Build in extra time for airport departures for customs pre-clearance : Bermuda is one of several foreign airports where US travelers pre-clear immigration and customs before they board their flights. When you land in a US airport, that means your flight will arrive into a domestic gate because you’ve already “entered” the US. So what does this mean for your Bermuda departure? You’ll need to plan extra time at the airport before your flight for this step. Arriving about 2.5-3 hours before flight time should be more than sufficient. 

5. Don’t leave without trying a Dark & Stormy, Rum Swizzle, or fish sandwich : Bermuda has a few local food and drink specialities. No trip is complete without giving them a try! The fish sandwiches in Bermuda are made on raisin bread, making for a sweet and salty combination that is exceptionally tasty. If you drink alcohol, try the rum swizzle (kind of like Bermuda’s take on the mai tai) or a dark and stormy, a stronger mixed drink made with Gosling’s rum and ginger beer.

Have you been to Bermuda? Share your additional tips and tricks in the comments.

Planning a trip to Bermuda? Essential travel tips for first time visitors, from information about air travel and cruise ship arrivals, transportation options, where to stay, and more. #bermuda

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The Abroad Blog

How To Spend Your Time In Bermuda

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I haven’t been to Bermuda in years, but since this tropical island is right off the eastern coast of the United States, it’s an awesome trip to do! Today’s post is a Bermuda travel guide that will cover how to spend your time in Bermuda!

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean known for its pink sand beaches. The island has a unique blend of American and British culture, with an island flare of course. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton and one of the its most famous attractions is the Royal Naval Dockyard. If you cruise to Bermuda, which is extremely common from various regions in the US, you will most likely dock here!

Getting To Bermuda

As I mentioned above, cruising to Bermuda is really common. The only problem with cruising from the east coast of the United States is that it takes about 2.5 days to reach the island and then you only have 2 days in Bermuda to explore before sailing 2.5 days back. Although I love cruising, I recommend flying since it’s so convenient! From Boston, Bermuda is only a 2.5 hour plane ride away, and once you’re on the island there’s a ton to explore – including the infamous Bermuda Triangle shipwrecks.

Where To Stay In Bermuda

My family and I were in Bermuda for 4 nights, which I think is the perfect amount of time. We stayed across the harbor from Hamilton at a hotel called Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa . This place had a great infinity pool and was really nice, but we did have to take a ferry across the harbor to get to Hamilton.

Staying in Bermuda

What To Do In Bermuda

The first street facing the water in Hamilton is called Front Street (how creative), and this is where most shops and restaurants are located. I definitely recommend walking around this area! After exploring Hamilton, take a ferry to Royal Naval Dockyard (or vice versa if you’re starting in the Dockyard), and check out the wharf and museums located here. Also located in this area is Dolphin Quest Bermuda ! Dolphins are my favorite animals so getting to swim with them here was a highlight for sure.

The Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda

Another activity I recommend doing during your time in Bermuda is to take a cab to Horseshoe Bay Beach and explore. Horseshoe Bay is a famous beach in Bermuda and is the perfect place to swim. We went snorkeling here and also crawled through the various rock structures on the beach.

Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

My best recommendation in this Bermuda travel guide is to book a glass-bottom boat tour. This activity is perfect for exploring the shipwrecks of the Bermuda Triangle! This tour was awesome because we could see the shipwrecks and colorful fish below us. We even had the opportunity to jump off the boat and snorkel. Since the Bermuda Triangle is one of the world’s most mysterious phenomenons and is full of sunken aircrafts and ships, I highly recommend exploring a wreck before leaving the island.

Jumping off our glass-bottom boat during our time in Bermuda

I also recommend exploring the Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Bermuda! Legend says two boys were playing cricket when a ball fell into a small hole that was emitting warm air. One of the boys ventured into the hole with only a rope and a headlamp to discover Bermuda’s most beautiful attraction. Today, thousands of visitors visit the caves each year to see the crystal chandeliers.

Fun fact : Mark Twain was the first tourist to descend into the caves in 1908!

A crystal chandelier in Bermuda caves

The last recommendation I have is also on the east end of the island, and that is to walk around the quaint town of St. George’s. St. George’s is Bermuda’s first English settlement and has a lot of history. We explored the unfinished church here and shopped in the downtown. You can take a bus from Hamilton!

Where To Eat In Bermuda

For dinner, I recommend the Dining Room at Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. It’s a restaurant that sits at the base of a lighthouse on a hill overlooking the island! Go here at sunset for the best views of Bermuda!

View from the restaurant during our time in Bermuda

When To Visit Bermuda

Since Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, at the same latitude as the Carolina’s, it can actually get quite chilly during the winter months. For a tropical island feel, I recommend visiting Bermuda during the summer. My family and I went in June and felt this was the perfect time in Bermuda!

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Time in Bermuda travel guide

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One Week On the Pink Sands: A Bermuda Itinerary

Bermuda was so much more than I expected. Pink sands, crystal clear water, amazing food, and friendly locals. I’m already planning to go back.

West Whale Bay: Bermuda Itinerary

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya to Bermuda , Bahama, come on pretty mama.

For like a month before our trip, those words swirled through my head. We were finally going to Bermuda. Land of the pink beaches, turquoise clear water, rum swizzles, friendly locals, delicious seafood, and amazing scuba diving. And if that list feels long, it should. Because there is lots to do, and we only had 1 week. This was our Bermuda itinerary.

Now Bermuda has reputation for being expensive. Because, well, it is. So we traveled on a budget and my itinerary reflects that.

But I think my guide can still show you what the island has to offer. So feel free to use this step-by-step or simply as your starting point.

Our Bermuda itinerary starts with a few nights in Hamilton and then moves to the east coast. I loved splitting up our trip this way as it allowed us to have more time in St. George. But if you just want to stay in Hamilton, you definitely can.

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Table of contents, day 1: arrive & explore hamilton, day 2: beach day & the dockyard, day 3: snorkeling & rent a scooter, day 4: scuba diving, day 5: explore st. george’s island, day 6: st. george’s town & st. david’s beaches, day 7: go home, where to stay, where to eat, how to get around bermuda.

Bermuda’s airport is located on the eastern part of the island. And your options to get from the airport to your accommodation are limited.

The island does have an amazing bus system which I’ll get to later, but you can’t take suitcases on the bus so most people won’t be able to use it from the airport.

Flatts Village, Bermuda

Uber (or any uber-like alternatives) don’t exist either. And tourists can’t rent cars (only mopeds and electric cars which aren’t going to help you here). Which basically leaves one option.

Taxis. Which are hella expensive, but are a necessary evil for at least this part of the trip. During our week in Bermuda we took just two taxis. And the trip from the airport to our Airbnb was one of them.

Expect to pay like $40-$50 for a taxi across the island. If you’re going even further west (past Hamilton), this could be even more.

After arriving in the Hamilton area, spend some time shopping and exploring the city. It’s not overly large but I enjoyed strolling the streets near the harbor, grabbing a drink, and taking it in.

There are two exciting things to do in Hamilton though in my opinion.

The first is Bermuda Harbor Nights. It’s weekly on Wednesdays from about May to September. All the action can be found on Front Street from about 7pm-10pm.

Think of this as a street festival. There are food vendors (with both Bermudian and international bites), local artists and craftsmen selling their art, and then of course the music and Gombey dancers .

Hamilton: Bermuda Itinerary

The second (and my favorite) is Marina Nights at the Hamilton Princess. Every Friday night from (I think) May to September, you can find one of the best happy hour spots at the Hamilton Princess.

Below their 1609 restaurant, the area comes alive with live music and a full bar. And, very surprisingly, some of the most reasonable priced cocktails we had in Bermuda. (You know Bermuda’s expensive when $10 per rum swizzle is a “reasonably” priced cocktail.)

And it’s free to go for everyone, not just guests of the hotel. But the fun shouldn’t stop there because Hamilton actually has a pretty good nightlife on Friday night. If you’re up for a few drinks, definitely start at the Hamilton and then make your way towards Front Street.

Our lucky find was at Coconut Rock. This Asian restaurant was a bit hard to find (enter via Reid Street), but the bartenders were super friendly. And everyone there was a local.

bermuda travel blogger

I love beaches. Like a lot . Enough so that I usually plan at least one full beach day into any trip we take near a beach. So for me, this whole day was spent by the beaches.

Bermuda has several amazing, beautiful beaches. Some of the best ones are located along the south shore and are relatively close to each other.

Bermuda Beaches

One of the best things we did was start at Warwick Long Bay and beach hop down to the famous Horseshoe Bay. Since the whole area in between these two beaches is a park (South Shore Park ), there are trails that link them.

And the best part? There are several beaches along these trails with no one on them!

We took bus #7 to Warwick Long Bay first and walked down the hill to the beach. (More info on the buses can be found near the bottom of this article, but I just asked the bus driver to drop us off at that stop and he did!)

The beach was beautiful, we got a huge slice of sand to ourselves, and the water (though a bit cold) was wonderful.

Warwick Long Bay Beach, Bermuda

Right next door is Jobson’s Cove. And though it had a bit more people due to the sheltered beach and shallower water, it was still beautiful.

Be sure to go up on the rocks between the two to get one hell of a view!

After that head along the sandy paths. There will be lots of little beaches to check out along the way. We did go up and over a brief rise, but it wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t want to do the walk with chairs, but with two backpacks it was fine.

My favorite beach was after this rise and called Angle beach on Google. Though the park has a few different names for the beaches near it (Chaplin Bay and Stonehole).

Bermuda itinerary

We also skipped a bunch of beaches since we were getting hungry and wanted to get to to Horseshoe Bay. But anytime we saw a break in the trees, I just knew a little, beautiful beach lay right there.

The closer you get to Horseshoe Bay though, the more crowded the beaches get. So if you’re looking for solitude, you’ll definitely find it more towards Warwick.

And then there’s Horseshoe Bay.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

This is probably the most famous beach on the island. The sand looked the pinkest here (though it’s not really pink, more like a blush). The water was super clear, blue, and calm. There’s so much sand to a lay out on.

Oh and it’s crowded. If being around people stress you out, you may want to find another beach. I didn’t find it that bad, especially during the week. (It was significantly more crowded on the weekend.)

Plus it has beach rentals and a beach bar so you can refuel with some cheeseburgers and rum swizzles.

After getting plenty of sun at Horseshoe Bay, we headed out as it’s located at the end of South Shore Park and the next public beaches aren’t super close by.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

There’s a bus stop along South Road right by Horseshoe Bay so if you’re bussing it, just head up the hill and you’ll see it to the right.

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Now what if beaches aren’t your thing? Or if you beach hopped just in the morning and wanted to do something else in the afternoon?

The Dockyard is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bermuda. I didn’t love it but that’s also because the main thing I wanted to see, the National Museum of Bermuda, was closed when I went. (Friendly reminder to always look at opening and closing times, because sometimes places close at like 4pm.)

But the Royal Naval Dockyard is famous for a reason. There’s the museum I mentioned above I wanted to go to, Dolphin Quest, Snorkel Park, and several shopping areas and markets if you’re looking for some quality souvenirs (though they close early so be careful).

Bermuda Rum Cake: Bermuda Itinerary

I also got the famous rum cake at the Bermuda Rum Cake Company , grabbed a drink at Bermuda’s only brewery (available at the Frog and Onion Pub), and got some artisan, made-in-Bermuda ice cream at Alex + Pete’s.

Now confession, we actually went to the Dockyard on our first day since we got to Hamilton quite early, so you could go then. But I wanted to include it here for all those people who aren’t extremely obsessed with the beach.

(Like seriously, Ryan gets so bored at the beach he just takes naps while I practice being a mermaid.)

Bermuda’s Tourism Authority also has some very good information on things to do at the dockyard so I wanted to include a link to it as well since I know my information may not be all inclusive.

So you can’t rent a car in Bermuda. Well at least not in the traditional sense. Instead you have two options: scooters/mopeds or electric cars.

We went the scooter route because 1) I have experience driving one, and 2) I love it. It was one of my favorite things I did in Southeast Asia and I knew I needed to do it again in Bermuda.

If you don’t have experience with a scooter, then you can rent an electric car. Though they are like twice the cost of the scooter and you have to plug them in at night. And they aren’t like a real car. They’re more like a tiny smart car where the two passengers have to sit one in front of the other.

Renting a scooter in Bermuda

Also if you aren’t experienced driving a scooter, be really careful doubling up. Most accidents happen with two people on the bike (because the balance is all weird). We rented two because I don’t trust myself enough to drive with someone behind me.

So with all of that out of the way, we rented two scooters from Oleander Cycles for two days. It’s expensive (like $70 per bike per day). But it did allow us to explore a lot of the island and forgo like all taxi rides. And did I mention I love it?

Okay onto snorkeling! The west side of the island has (in my opinion) the best from-the-beach snorkeling on the island. Enter Church Bay.

Church Bay is located along the South Road. It’s also along a bus route (#7) if you decide against scooters.

Church Bay, Bermuda

It has a small parking lot and bathrooms, and then a long path down to the beach. I read that there are sometimes people there renting snorkel equipment, but there weren’t any on the day we went. But luckily we brought our own.

The beach itself is very small. So we basically just grabbed a spot of sand to spread our towel and then headed into the water. There were several families here snorkeling when we were there, but they were mostly sticking to the coral right by the beach.

Within just 5 minutes or so, we had left most of the others behind. Why? Because the coral at Church Bay like fills the bay.

We started by going up the left hand side of the bay and then turning inwards towards the big rock in the center of the bay following the coral spreading out below us.

And the sea life was incredible! Tons of parrot fish, angel fish, and more. I’m not a good fish identifier or else I’d provide more details, but there wasn’t a section that didn’t have something nearby.

Church Bay Beach, Bermuda

And the water? Beautifully clear. Like I may have mentioned above, this is the best snorkeling I’ve encountered in the Atlantic Ocean.

When you’re done with snorkeling you have several options on how to spend the rest of your day with your scooter.

Here’s what we did:

  • Headed further west to check out the more far flung beaches like Somerset Long Bay & Daniel’s Head Beach Park.
  • Grabbed lunch at a wonderful little local restaurant called Woodys .
  • Spread out a towel at Elbow Beach for a few hours (this was Ryan’s favorite beach)
  • Grabbed dinner at another local little restaurant that two people recommended to us, the Seaside Grill . Then we headed to Flatts Village and ate at a picnic table by the marina.

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Flatt's Village, Bermuda

Bermuda is like shipwreck capital of the world. Okay maybe not, but come on, everyone’s heard of the Bermuda Triangle.

Long story short, there are a lot of shipwrecks here. And when you pair that with the clear water and amazing coral, there’s no reason not to go scuba diving.

We did a 2 dive morning tour with Blue Water Divers and we loved it. Blue Water was a small outfit located on the western side of the island.

Diving in Bermuda

They were quick to respond to my questions before booking and eased any fears I had.

The dives themselves were incredible. The first dive site was at the Lartington site where a ship of the same name hit the reef and sank in 1879.

Now the second site actually had two shipwrecks at it. Yes, you read that right. One dive site had two wrecks. That just gives you an idea of how many shipwrecks there are scattered about the island.

This one was also interesting since one of the boats was made out of steel and parts of it could be seen. While the other was made from wood and had completely decomposed but left behind its cargo. Things like tea cups and bottles.

Diving in Bermuda

If you want the full details, definitely check out my full review of Blue Water Divers for details and more pictures.

After you finish up scuba diving, you’ll still have a lot of the day to explore Bermuda. And there are two things in particular I think should definitely be checked off your Bermuda list before you head east.

The first is Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. This 1800s lighthouse is located near Horseshoe Bay at the top of the hill. (Having that scooter can be real handy.)

And while the history part of it may not do it for you, my god the views will . They are incredibleI

Definitely climb to the top. Just be sure to hold on to your sunglasses. (The wind is fierce!)

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda

The second is catching the sunset at West Whale Bay. This beach is tucked away on the southwest part of the island. It’s not directly on a bus route so you’ll probably want a scooter. And the best part?

We were the only tourists at sunset.

We first headed down to the beach to swim in the water. (I’ve also read the snorkeling can be quite good too here if the water’s calm.)

The beach is small but super photogenic, and we only shared it with a few families.

As sunset neared, we headed back up the hill and took a seat to watch the show.

West Whale Bay: Bermuda Itinerary

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What if you want to go with a snorkeling tour instead of going scuba diving? Since we didn’t do this, I don’t have a company to recommend. But I found this article about boat excursions.

Spend your last morning in Hamilton doing whatever makes you happy. For me? That was grabbing coffee at Rock Island Coffee and doing some window shopping along Front Street and Reid Street.

We then checked out, grabbed a taxi, and headed over to our Airbnb on the eastern part of the island.

Now our Airbnb host was spectacular. Like, the best host we ever had. The apartment was nice too, but the hosts were incredible.

The next two days will quickly show you why. But you could still do the following via buses as well which is why I’ve included them in this itinerary.

Airbnb in Bermuda. Our suite was the ground floor accessed from the side.

Okay so after checking in, head into the Town of St. George. It’s quite small (cozy maybe). But I loved it. And for our first day, we headed north of town towards the three main attractions on the northeast part of the island.

First up is Fort St. Catherine. This huge fort dominates the northeast corner of the island. It sits perched on a small cliff guarding one of the only “safe passages” through the coral to Bermuda.

Our new Airbnb hosts graciously offered to give us a lift to Fort St. Catherine, but you can walk there from the main bus stop in town in about 20 minutes.

Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda

The fort was originally built in the 1600s and has been built up over the years through the 1800s. It’s got loads of history, canons, and views off the gun decks.

Plus we had the fort like all to ourselves which was super sweet.

After that we grabbed a slice of sand at St. Catherine’s Beach which literally sits below the fort. Plus the beach was a lot calmer than Tobacco Bay (coming up) so if you want more peace and quiet, head here.

(Though this peace may be disturbed since they were in the process of building a hotel on the beach when we were there.)

Fort St. Catherine Beach, Bermuda

Lastly, stroll on over to Tobacco Bay. This is the second best beach snorkeling to be found in Bermuda. It’s a lot smaller but that may make it more family friendly.

Plus it has a beach bar, chair rentals, and snorkel equipment for rent. So if you haven’t come prepared, Tobacco Bay has you covered.

After you’ve had your fill of forts and beaches it’s time to head into town for dinner and some evening strolls.

Tobacco Bay Beach, Bermuda

St. George is beautiful and we did some brief strolling through town in both the evening and the next morning. And I’d suggest to do both.

We were able to check out the unfinished church in the falling light as well as get a photo of St. Peter’s with no one else around.

Plus the sunsets from the marina aren’t too shabby either.

Finally we grabbed the best dinner of the entire trip at Wahoo’s and ate on their patio looking out over the water.

Most people don’t stay in or near St. George. They come for a day trip only. But I loved staying near the town. It allowed me to see it at times when there weren’t a bunch of tourists around (evenings and mornings). And it felt calmer, more peaceful.

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St. George's Bermuda

Spend your morning in St. George checking out anything you weren’t able to see the evening before.

For us this meant popping into a few places that were closed during our evening stroll.

First up was breakfast at Mama Angie’s . A little breakfast shop recommended by our Airbnb hosts. The offerings were basic but delicious. If you’re looking for a no frills breakfast kind of place, then Mama Angie’s is your spot in St. George.

We then strolled through the park across the street and then headed down the many small lanes surrounding it.

The town seemed calm that morning (most likely because the ferry from the cruise ship terminal hadn’t arrived yet), but I loved the Caribbean meet English countryside feel.

St. George's Bermuda

After wandering, I made my way towards Lili Bermuda Perfumery . They do tours here (11am and 3pm except Sundays and holidays) if you’d like to know about the history, but I came to shop.

When I take a big trip, I get some “standard” souvenirs. Ornaments, magnets, etc. But I also try to spend a bit more money on something nice. And in Bermuda I knew I wanted to get some perfume.

Okay so these perfumes are not cheap. Like they are expensive. I got a couple of soaps and a sampler with like 10 perfumes in it and spent over $50. A small bottle of perfume probably would be about the same.

But every time I use the soap or perfume, I’m always transported back to Bermuda. And that feeling is definitely worth it. (Plus they smell great too!)

Lili Bermuda Perfumery

Next up it was time to go inside St. Peter’s church. The church closes early so we weren’t able to check out the day before. The inside is definitely old and small. A few of the beams, pews, and one cedar alter were carved in 1615.

The church itself dates back to 1620 and is the oldest continuously operating Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere. However only parts of the existing church date back to that time period.

There’s a small donation of like $1-2 to get inside. You’ll also get a pamphlet detailing the history of the church as well.

After the church it was closing in on noon and that meant one thing – the ducking stool reenactment.

Now this may be a bit touristy, but who cares. This historical reenactment of a punishment from the town’s history is hilarious and informative.

Ducking Stool Reenactment, St. George's, Bermuda

Now what is a ducking stool? Well it’s a chair that’s pushed out over the water where then the victim gets dunked repeatedly into the harbor.

This reenactment involves a man, the town crier (dressed in historical garb) who entices the crowd by letting them know they’d be punishing a woman for being a gossip and a nag (real offenses back then).

He also gets several audience members to assist with the dunking as well (so definitely volunteer if that sounds like your jam).

Then once everything and ready, the woman comes out. Now the town crier and the gossip-y/nag-y woman are pretty great together. Their act is good. And as you can guess, she gets into the chair, it’s wheeled out of the water and  she’s dunked in the harbor. A lot.

Ducking Stool Reenactment, St. George's, Bermuda

Anyway, I think it’s just something you got to see if you’re in St. George. So head to King’s Square at noon (except Fridays and Sundays I think) to watch this 30 minute show.

Now the rest of the afternoon is yours. I’ll explain what we did as well as a few other possibilities we considered.

First up, our Airbnb hosts were fantastic and took us on a little tour of St. David’s island (island south of St. George, you know, the one with the airport). It’s less touristed and felt much more local.

We snorkeled at Clearwater Beach and Turtle Bay where we saw several sea turtles (which always makes my day).

Clearwater Beach, Bermuda

Then we strolled into Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve where there are several long, sandy beaches with hardly anyone on them.

It was a cloudy and windy day for us (so not the best beach day), but I definitely enjoyed feeling worlds away from the busier beaches on the other side of Bermuda.

If you’d like to head to these beaches, you can take bus #6 from St. George’s (though the routes alternate so be sure to get on the Clearwater one).

Coopers Island Nature Reserve, Bermuda

However if you’ve had enough beach time, there are a few other things you can do on the eastern side of Bermuda.

The Crystal Caves is a very popular tourist attraction. And I’ve seen pictures, it’s beautiful. We were saving it for a rainy day but really lucked out and didn’t have one.

Nearby the Crystal Caves is the original Swizzle Inn (only stop I was sad we missed) and Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlor.

You could definitely spend the afternoon checking out all three.

Plus Tom Moore’s Jungle and Blue Hole Park is also close. I didn’t go to these two but I’ve heard about them from others and they could be fun to check out.

Things to do in Bermuda: Elbow Beach

Alas it’s finally time to head home. Make sure to arrange your transportation the day before if you’re not actually in St. George where you can grab a cab. Our Airbnb hosts were fantastic and offered to give us a lift to the airport.

For this trip, I rented an Airbnb. Though lately I’ve started to feel a bit weird about it and I’ve tried to be more conscious of 1) if it’s legal, and 2) if it’s taking away an apartment option from the locals.

So I tend to now rent places that are a part of someone’s home (instead of standalone apartments). This is just my preference based on what I’ve read.

So for my trip to Bermuda, Ryan and I stayed in an extra bedroom in a guy’s apartment in Hamilton and a basement suite in a couple’s home outside of St. George’s. The apartment only had one bathroom and the bedroom was a bit small, but we made it work.

The St. George’s suite was amazing. The couple was fantastic in that they gave us a little tour around St. David’s island, dropped us off at Fort St. Catherine, and gave us a lift to the airport the morning we left.

It was my best Airbnb experience to date.

What about non-Airbnb options?

The island can be expensive so be aware of that. But it has some really fantastic resorts. Be sure to check if they’re on the water if that’s important to you. And definitely think about where you’d like to be stationed on the island since getting around can be kind of tricky.

Here were a few options I saw that seemed fantastic:

  • Hamilton Princess
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort
  • Fairmont Southampton
  • Aunt Nea’s Inn

Hamilton Princess: Bermuda Itinerary

We definitely went to Bermuda on a budget . And still spent a good bit of money. But one of the places we cut down the most was on our food. (Because it’s really freaking expensive there.)

Like two drinks and sandwiches at a takeout only roadside spot? Easily $40. With that being the case, we only ate out at two places where we had like an actual waitress. The rest were takeout spots.

So if you’re looking for fancy, you may want to think of these as lunch options.

Seaside Grill Sandwich, Bermuda

  • Jamaican Grill  – amazing Caribbean food; we got it to go and took it to the harbor.
  • City Cafe  – opposite the bus station; good picnic breakfast/lunch.
  • Rock Island Coffee – great local coffee shop in downtown Hamilton.
  • The Pickled Onion – we didn’t love this restaurant, but it was still very good. I would eat there again for the view alone. We got to sit right out on the balcony overlooking Front Street. (Our first “sit-down” meal in Bermuda.)

St. George’s

  • Mama Angie’s  – basic but very good breakfast in St. George’s.
  • Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio  – great view; best sit-down meal we had. Plus we got to sit out on the deck on the water.
  • Seaside Grill  – great takeout for fish sandwiches. Our taxi driver recommended this spot, and it did not disappoint. Located on the north shore.
  • Woodys  – amazing seaside bar for sandwiches. Located on the western coast. Someone in St. George’s told us to go here (luckily we had already been) for the best fish sandwiches on the island. She lived on the other side of the island and would still go here sometimes. It was that good.
  • Frog & Onion Pub & Restaurant – a bit touristy since it’s in the Dockyard. But it has the only brewery on the island (which is why we went).
  • Alex + Pete’s Artisan Ice Cream – again a bit touristy (Dockyard); but if you’re there and want some fancy ice cream, this place was good.
  • Rum Bum Beach Bar – this is super touristy as it’s the beach bar at Horseshoe Bay. But sometimes you just really need a rum swizzle and some wahoo nuggets.

bermuda travel blogger

Buses & Ferries

Bermuda has an amazing public transportation system. It may not be cheap but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than renting a scooter or taking a taxi. And it’s pretty easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

Once you get to Bermuda, definitely try to grab one of the bus schedule pamphlets as it will have all of the latest information on rates, routes, and more. I’ll try to summarize a bit below.

Ferry Bermuda

The buses run on set schedules between set times (important since they don’t run 24/7). But there are stops all over the island. There are 11 bus routes and 14 bus zones (important for fares).

The routes all run the same way though. Buses are either leaving Hamilton or coming back to Hamilton (the main bus station is located there).

And the bus stops coordinate with this. Bus stops on the inbound route have a pink pole next to them and bus stops on the outbound route have a blue pole. These poles are very obvious.

Sometimes the bus stops will have a little stand, but sometimes it’ll just be a pole.

The buses themselves all look the same (pink with blue stripes) and will have their destination and route number on the front.

In terms of fares, you have two zone options: 3 zone and 14 zone. The 3 zone means that fare is good for traveling up to 3 zones, and the 14 zone covers everywhere on the island.

You can buy your fare with cash (this was the most expensive option and exact change in coin is required), tokens, and booklet of tickets (15 in a book).

We used tokens to take the ferry to the dockyard and back. And the best option for the buses was the booklet of tickets. We went for a 3 zone booklet since it would cover all the trips we wanted to do.

The last option is a transportation pass. You buy this by the day and it’s good for all buses and ferries on that day for anywhere on the island. But they are expensive. We did this once and did not think it was worth it for our itinerary. If it makes sense for you though, go for it!

Check out the  Bus Schedule online  too for more information. And here’s a  helpful article  with information on how to get around.

Taxis are very expensive. However since you can’t take luggage onto the buses, you may have to use them for some of your trip. We took one taxi from the airport to Hamilton (over $40) and one taxi from Hamilton back to St. George’s (over $40).

For reference on price, a taxi from Hamilton to our Scuba Dive Center was over $50. Luckily we’d rented scooters that day and therefore didn’t need a taxi.

But definitely think about taking the buses if you can since your taxi fares could definitely start to stack up.

Scooter / Electric Cars

Tourists can’t rent a car in Bermuda, but they can rent a scooter or an electric car. These are definitely expensive to rent and it’s priced more like an excursion than a rental.

We decided to go for the scooter (cheaper option) and rented them for two days. I love driving a scooter and it was perfect in Bermuda. It allowed us to go to some more local takeout spots, visit some remote beaches, and save money on taxi fare.

However you’ll have to drive on the left, navigate small roads, make your way through roundabouts, and avoid getting run over by the locals who will fly past you. If this is your first time driving a scooter…definitely think about it before you go for it.

In terms of pricing, we paid $68 per scooter per day. You can see the updated pricing at  Oleander Cycles , which is where we rented from.

Scooter Rental in Bermuda: Bermuda Itinerary

That’s it!

And that’s our itinerary for Bermuda! We spent a week on this island and immediately talked about going back. The people, the food, the beaches…it was all wonderful. And it just felt different than the other Caribbean places I’d been. (I know it’s not in the Caribbean but you hopefully get my gist.)

See you in Bermuda!

Bermuda Beach: Bermuda Itinerary

Planning a trip to Bermuda?

Itineraries and guides:.

  • Bermuda Budget: Find Out How Much It Costs to Travel to Bermuda
  • One Week on the Pink Sands: A Bermuda Itinerary

Things to Do:

  • 11 Beaches to Visit During Your Trip
  • 5 Awesome Things to do in Bermuda
  • Scuba Diving in Bermuda
  • 4 Amazing Things to Do in St. George’s, Bermuda

Where to Stay:

Bermuda is expensive. And so most hotels and resorts are pricey as well. May people think the Hamilton Princess is marvelous. But it was out of our price range. Instead we went with Airbnb . We stayed in Hamilton for 4 nights and outside St. George’s for 2. And spent only about $100/night.

Where to Eat:

We didn’t eat fancy so if that’s what you’re after, you may want to look elsewhere.

  • Seaside Grill  – great takeout for fish sandwiches
  • Woodys  – amazing seaside bar for sandwiches
  • Jamaican Grill  – amazing food; takeout
  • City Cafe  – opposite the bus station; good takeout
  • Rock Island Coffee
  • Mama Angie’s – breakfast in St. George’s
  • Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio – great view; best sit-down meal we had

One week in Bermuda Itinerary. Includes things to do, where to stay, what to eat, and where to go. Snorkeling, scuba diving, scooter rental, lighthouse visiting, and more! See everything the island has to offer!

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4 Amazing Things To Do in St. George Bermuda

4 Amazing Things To Do in St. George Bermuda

Diving in Bermuda with Blue Water Divers [Review]

Diving in Bermuda with Blue Water Divers [Review]

5 Awesome Things to Do in Bermuda

5 Awesome Things to Do in Bermuda

2 thoughts on “ one week on the pink sands: a bermuda itinerary ”.

What time of year did you guys go? I love your itinerary!

We went to Bermuda in July! We used the 4th holiday to get some extra mileage out of our vacation days.

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The Complete Bermuda Travel Guide 🇧🇲

bermuda travel blogger

When I told people I had booked a trip to Bermuda, I was a bit surprised that every single time the reaction was a question about getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle! I don’t recall ever being scared of it as a kid, I must have missed the TV shows that showcased the supposed mysterious disappearances in the ocean span between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and

I was just excited to go on a trip, cross another destination off my list, and sneak in some scuba diving before summer was over.

bermuda travel blogger

Before You Go to Bermuda

These were the requirements as of August 2022, be sure to check the official Bermuda Tourism website for updates related to travel and COVID-19.

Step 1: Apply for a Bermuda Travel Authorization . It costs $40 and you can apply up to one month before your departure.

Step 2: Present a Negative COVID Test no more than 72 hours before your arrival.

Step 3: Print and save these documents to have on hand for once you arrive, and save your plane ticket as they asked me which seat I was in and thankfully I remembered but it caused some bottlenecks in the line.

bermuda travel blogger

Things to Know Before You Go

Bermuda is expensive. It is not a place to go if you’re hoping to rough it or backpack on a budget. I think trying to do it on the cheap would not be worth it, so if you’re low on travel funds, I’d save Bermuda for a later date when you can afford to splurge on yourself a bit.

People are incredibly friendly! Truly I had the best time as a solo traveler. When I was lost, lovely locals helped guide me to get me where I needed to be. Everyone was very nice and proud to chat about Bermuda’s history, culture, and what it was like to live there.

bermuda travel blogger

Bermuda Accommodation

Due to the high prices of hotels, and the solo traveler reality of having to foot the entire bill, I opted for a guesthouse on Airbnb for accommodation. It was really nice! I had my own space with a bed, full bathroom, and kitchenette, and pool access. It was about $80/night which is very cheap for Bermuda. The family was extremely friendly and helpful – they drove me to the rental place to pick up my scooter and gave me a lot of interesting insider recommendations and information about Bermuda.

bermuda travel blogger

Getting Around Bermuda

Tourists and visitors cannot rent cars in Bermuda, which is truly a good thing because the traffic would be unbearable. Anyone driving a car is a local resident, but there are several transportation options available to tourists who don’t want to pay for a taxi each time they want to go somewhere.

Bermuda’s Bus System

For being an island, Bermuda has a pretty great bus system. A lot of islands struggle when it comes to public transport (I’ve found, in my limited exploration of them) but Bermuda has a system of buses that run often and are very cheap. You must have the exact change for the fare, or purchase a bus card to pre-load it with credit before you go. For the bus stops, you’ll see they either have a blue pole or a pink pole – this indicates the direction the bus is going from that stop. Blue means you’re going away from Hamilton, while pink means you’re heading toward Hamilton.

bermuda travel blogger

Scooter Rental

I rented a scooter through Oleander Cycles and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Scootering around an island is such an excellent way to see more sights, it’s faster and more efficient than the bus, and gives you a lot more freedom than you would have otherwise. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than ordering a taxi each time you need to get anywhere. The team at Oleander were very friendly and helped me get everything I needed.

When riding your scooter in Bermuda, remember:

  • Drive on the left! Thankfully my scooter had a little reminder sticker and an arrow which was helpful. Always look both ways thoroughly before making any turns or pulling out into an intersection.
  • ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET. Not only because duh, but I do think this must be the legal requirement, as I never saw anyone not wearing one while on their scooter.
  • Be mindful of people who want to pass you. It’s likely that locals will want to scoot past at a faster pace than you as you enjoy the sights of Bermuda by scooter.

bermuda travel blogger

Things To See and Do in Bermuda

Scuba diving in bermuda.

The primary reason I wanted to visit Bermuda was to go diving. It had been a long time since my last scuba diving adventure and the crystal clear, warm waters of Bermuda seemed like the perfect place for my first tropical dive since 2019. I booked a two-tank morning dive with Blue Water Divers and had an amazing experience from start to finish. The captain and crew were very professional and kind, and made sure I had everything I needed for a great experience. We visited two dive sites, both were technically wreck dives but the wrecks were on incredible reefs. One was an b-29 airplane that had crashed in the 1960’s, which was eerie but very cool to explore underwater. Blue Water Divers is located at Somerset Bridge in the Robinson Marina.

bermuda travel blogger

Crystal Cave Tour

Located on the northeast side of the island in Hamilton Parish, the Crystal and Fantasy Caves of Bermuda are 100% worth a visit if you’re vacationing on the island. I got very lucky – there was only 3 other people in my tour group, making the whole experience a lot more pleasant like we had a private tour. The caves had been discovered by accident by two young boys who had lost their cricket ball and fell into the cave while searching for it. Now it’s a great site to visit to see clear pools of water with stalagmites and stalactites growing from the ground and the ceiling. It’s a relatively quick tour, about 30 minutes, and the caves also are a nice cool atmosphere, a shelter from the hot sun if you’re visiting in the summer. Definitely make your reservations in advance, I got very lucky and snagged the last spot on the tour! The tour cost $24 and I would say it’s well worth it.

bermuda travel blogger

Blue Hole Park

After touring the caves, I scootered over to Blue Hole Park, which is only about 3 minutes away. It’s a free park with a swimming hole, with only one other group swimming there when I visited. It was pretty but I think there is nicer water spots to swim in at the beaches – but I would definitely recommend coming here for a nature walk. It’s right next to Tom Moore’s Jungle, which has a lovely walk through dense jungle plants.

bermuda travel blogger

Bermuda Botanical Gardens

A great free place to visit in Bermuda are the Botanical Gardens . Located in Paget Parish which was right by my Airbnb, they were a lovely place to scooter over to and enjoy a walk to see amazing plants and flowers blooming. I wouldn’t say this is a “must-do” unless you’re a botany or plant nerd, but it was a beautiful place to take a walk and would be a great thing to do if you had a longer vacation on Bermuda and wanted to see more beyond the beaches.

bermuda travel blogger

Harbour Nights in Hamilton

Taking place on Front Street on Wednesday nights in the summer, from 7-10pm, this outdoor festival showcases live music, food vendors, and shopping vendors. It’s a fun atmosphere, buzzing with locals and tourists alike and a great place to get fun gifts and souvenirs. It was very crowded, however, so expect to wait in line for the food favorites. I got a drink at Dockyard Brewing and enjoyed people watching and listening to the music at the main stage.

bermuda travel blogger

Best Beaches to See in Bermuda

bermuda travel blogger

Tobacco Bay

This was my favorite beach experience in Bermuda. I think I got lucky and visited at a time where it just wasn’t busy – this place was gorgeous and I had a whole cove to myself. Tobacco Bay is located near the town of St. George and it offers beach lounge chairs (to rent, not cheap) and a beachfront bar with gorgeous views of the sandy beach and a rocky cove.

bermuda travel blogger

Horseshoe Beach

Horseshoe Beach is recognized as the most beautiful in Bermuda, and it’s easy to understand why upon seeing it, especially from above if you’re scootering down the cliff from the northern side of the island. Due to its beauty and popularity, however, it is a very busy beach, with locals enjoying everything from picnics to volleyball tournaments. Park your scooter and wander through the trees on the path to the beach. I liked Horseshoe Beach but I did not swim here, it was very busy the night I visited. My photos do not do it justice, definitely Google this beach to look at the amazing photos – or book a trip to Bermuda to see for yourself!

bermuda travel blogger

Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach was very close to my Airbnb which made it a great place to sneak off to catch the sunset. It’s a much less crowded and still stunning beach with blue waters on the south side of Bermuda. It’s a free, public beach that is easy to access in Paget Parish.

bermuda travel blogger

Restaurants & Bars in Bermuda

Swizzle inn.

The Swizzle Inn is noted on many travel blogs and in official articles as being an essential Bermuda Restaurant to visit, so of course I added it to my list. It’s located close to the Crystal Caves so I ventured here for lunch after my morning tour. I indulged in a Rum Swizzle and a Wahoo Sandwich, and both were delicious. It’s a cool establishment, with a tropical-yet-pub vibe and friendly service. The food and drinks were excellent, just be careful as the rum packed a sneaky punch.

bermuda travel blogger

Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour

Need ice cream after your meal at the Swizzle Inn? Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour is right across the street and is a delicious spot to get a cold treat for dessert. There were tons of flavors to choose from, I went with a salted caramel.

Bring cash as they do not accept cards for payment.

bermuda travel blogger

This Irish Pub in Hamilton is a decent stop for a drink and a meal. I had the wahoo fish served “Bermuda Style” which was with a grilled banana, a cream sauce and almonds. It was weird but good! The fish was slightly overcooked but the flavor profile was great. The bartender at Flanagan’s was also very fun and I could see this being a great spot to visit if you lived in Bermuda, there is an “Outback Sports Bar” attached to the main bar and restaurant too.

bermuda travel blogger

This dinner had the best view and the food was good too! Coconuts is located in the Reefs Resort, it overlooks a beautiful beach with stunning water. I had wine and fish tacos and the service was great. It’s a great little dinner spot, definitely pricy but I would say it’s worth a visit once for the ambiance.

bermuda travel blogger

This hidden lunch spot is a fantastic place to visit for a bite. It’s located in the Azura Bermuda hotel and guest apartments, right in the pool area. The sweeping views of the blue water are unreal, and while the pool and facilities are private for guests only, anyone can enjoy a meal and drink at the restaurant. My server was super friendly and the whole experience was great for lunch. I had their tropical chicken sandwich, which was tasty and a good way to break up the routine of eating a lot of fried fish.

bermuda travel blogger

The Hog Penny

I ate here my last night in Bermuda and it was delicious! To break off from the fried fish, I ordered their sizzling shrimp and sausage jambalaya bowl, which was spicy and delicious. This place doesn’t have the best view, as it’s tucked away on a side street off Front Street, but you can still see the harbor and the service was great.

bermuda travel blogger

Lost in the Triangle

This place is a gem in Paget Parish, an area of Bermuda that does not have much else going on food and drink-wise. It overlooks south road and is where I indulged in a fried fish sandwich, a Bermudian staple, on raisin bread. This sounds weird but try it – it’s the classic local way to eat it, and it is delicious!

bermuda travel blogger

While it’s definitely catered towards couples on romantic vacations, Bermuda was a beautiful destination for a solo trip. I had a great time scuba diving on a reef for the first time since 2019, I met a lot of lovely people, and enjoyed delicious seafood and plenty of sunshine. It’s a great spot for a short getaway, since you can see so much in just a few days. I’d love to go back to Bermuda some day and explore even more, finding hidden beaches and local spots to check out.

If you’ve been to Bermuda and have some recommendations of places I didn’t mention in this post, please comment below so I can add to my future list!

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If you’ve ever wondered about the best things to do in Bermuda or are planning a trip to this little island, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much this island has to offer. Bermuda is a little island in the middle of the North Atlantic

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Nomadic Matt's Travel Site

Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer

Bermuda: The Impossible Budget Destination? Maybe Not!

resort homes along the coast in Bermuda

When I was 12, my father took my sister and me to Bermuda to surprise my mom, who was there on a cruise with my grandmother. We spent four days sweltering in the heat, swimming at the beach, and eating at Henry VIII, a medieval-themed restaurant. I’m sure it wasn’t a cheap trip, even back in the 1990s.

And now, older (and not that much wiser), I wondered: could the land of rich people, celebrities, bankers, and tax-avoiding corporations really be enjoyed on a budget? Bermuda isn’t known as a cheap destination. Being the frugal traveler I am , I didn’t want to spend much money, but what’s the absolute minimum one needs while there?

As it turns out, a lot.

Way more than the $50 a day I suggest .

Is it possible to travel around Bermuda on a budget? The answer is a stark no. I can tell you that it’s nearly impossible to visit Bermuda on a budget. Realistically, you need at least $175 USD per day.

Why do you need so much money? There are two main reasons:

A long stretch of sand and clear blue water in Bermuda

First, accommodation is stupidly expensive (there are no hostels on the island). The cheapest accommodation costs around 100 BMD for apartment rentals found via Airbnb , Vrbo , or Bermuda Rentals . If you book at least a month in advance or in the low season, or know someone, you might be able to find a room for as little as 80 BMD a night. (I booked last-minute, so ended up paying 125 BMD per night.)

Secondly, transportation around the island is difficult. The bus system, while cheap, is infrequent, and many routes stop around 7pm. If you aren’t staying in a central location, this can be problematic. Additionally, taxis are expensive: prices start at 7.90 BMD, and each subsequent mile costs 2.75 BMD (and there’s also a surcharge on Sundays). And if you’re visiting far-off beaches and attractions or coming back late at night, you’ll definitely need a taxi. You’re guaranteed to take at least one taxi ride a day.  

How to Visit Bermuda for Less

Rock in the clear blue ocean water of the Caribbean

Book early – If you want cheap accommodation, you’ll need to book rooms at least a month in advance. Avoid hotels and resorts and instead, stay at a bed and breakfast or home rental property. If you’re staying with a group, definitely rent a large apartment, as it’s far less per person than a hotel room.

Couchsurf – There are only 46 Couchsurfing hosts in Bermuda. Many of them have private rooms available, but again, if you want to succeed in reserving one, make sure you inquire really early in order to maximize your chances of success.

Rent a motorbike – Motorbikes are the most convenient and economical transportation on the island. Since buses are infrequent and taxis are expensive, having a motorcycle will give you more freedom to travel at a lower cost. Rentals begin at around $50 a day but get cheaper the longer you rent them. Two popular rental companies are Elbow Beach Cycles and Oleander Cycles . Mopeds are easy to rent; you can expect to pay around 50 BMD per day.

Stay central – While Hamilton is not set on a beautiful, pink-sand beach, it’s the center for all the buses and ferries leaving the city. If you rent an apartment and aren’t careful, you can end up somewhere far from a bus stop (which means more taxis). Staying in or near Hamilton will ensure you’re near all the bus lines and can avoid spending too much money on taxis.

Bermuda cove is very peaceful and warm spot to swim

Skip the fancy food – There’s good food on Bermuda, but it’s expensive. Avoid all the big, fancy restaurants and go for smaller stalls and local restaurants where prices, though still high, are more economical. My favorite place was Specialty Inn . Additionally, the café at Cambridge Resorts is reasonably priced despite being at a resort. Most meals cost 10–20 BMD. If you want a mid-range meal with drinks and dessert, you’re looking at closer to 75 BMD.

Cook – If you skipped the hotel and rented an apartment, you’ll have a kitchen. There’s an ever-growing local and organic foodie scene on the island. You can find a lot of cheap fruits, vegetables, and meats at markets and shops, which will help lower your costs dramatically.

Visit during the low season – Peak season in Bermuda is from May to October. The weather is perfect but prices are high. To save money, visit between March-April instead. Temperatures are pleasant, there are fewer crowds at all the attractions, and accommodation is cheaper.

Sandy entrance to the Caribbean beach flanked by two large grassy rocks

But those are pretty much your only options. If you find a Couchsurfing host, you can probably do Bermuda for around 70–80 BMD per day. Otherwise, you’re looking at around 125-175 BMD per day — or more. There’s really no way around it.

Despite the drain on my wallet, my trip to Bermuda was amazing. As you can tell from the photos, everything you’ve ever heard about the island is true. This is truly a paradise, with warm, clear water lapping pink-sand beaches.

Nomadic Matt looking out onto the clear blue water in Bermuda

And Bermudians were always helpful, friendly, and welcoming. Everywhere I went, people were talkative and sincere. The woman in charge of our rented room fed us dinner and breakfast while her family described life in Bermuda (apparently, it’s not just for the newly rich or nearly dead anymore!). We met a nice guy at the bus stop who randomly ended up giving us a ride into Hamilton, and then there was the waiter who kept telling us to have a “Bermudaful day.” (Plus, countless other little things that made me fall in love with the place.)

So visit Bermuda and know, that while it won’t be cheap to visit, it will be beautiful, relaxing, and fun!

Book Your Trip to Bermuda: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Use Skyscanner . It is my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe, so you always know no stone is being left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as it has the biggest inventory and best deals. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use , as it consistently returns the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancelations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything unexpected goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it, as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • Safety Wing (for everyone below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for additional repatriation coverage)

Looking for the Best Companies to Save Money With? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use to save money when I’m on the road. They will save you money too.

Want More Information on Bermuda? Be sure to visit our robust destination guide on Bermuda  for even more planning tips!

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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A palm tree on a white sand beach in a tropical island

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How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Bermuda

Your all-access guide to Bermuda.

bermuda travel blogger

Best Hotels and Resorts

Best things to do, best shopping, best restaurants, best time to visit, how to get there, neighborhoods to know, how to get around.

shunyufan/Getty Images

Named one of the best islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas by Travel + Leisure readers in 2022, Bermuda is a true island paradise. This British territory is famous for its  pink-sand beaches  and laid-back island vibe. A popular spot for tourists but fiercely protective of its strong sense of identity, Bermuda's vibe is upscale, artsy, and naturally wild.

T+L editors named the island as one of the best places to visit in 2023 due to its new $400-million airport terminal, hotel openings and renovations (see The St. Regis Bermuda Resort and Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa), and new airline routes to the island, including a direct flight from LaGuardia Airport in Queens . Make plans to come at the beginning of the year, when the island's film festival and restaurant weeks take place. Or, visit during the summer to enjoy the dancing and music of Bermuda's Carnival.

Despite its popularity with visitors, Bermuda is hardly touristy: tacky souvenir shops are few, and commercialized clutter like fast-food chains are banned (save for one pre-existing KFC that was grandfathered in). This North Atlantic island is about 900 miles north of the Caribbean islands and boasts glorious weather all year long.

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

Opened in 1923, Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa reopened in 2022 after a major renovation — and was voted as one of the best new hotels of 2023 by T+L editors . Much of its original architecture remains, including 100-year-old coral stone walls. The 86-room resort features four private beaches, indoor and outdoor pools, multiple sports courts, and a full-service spa. Sip classic island cocktails surrounded by sunken treasure (recovered by Bermudian diver Teddy Tucker) at The Sunken Harbor Club , a nautical-themed bar that also has an outpost in Brooklyn, New York.

The St. Regis Bermuda Resort

The Marriott brand returned to the island of Bermuda, where it has not had a presence since 1999, with the opening of The St. Regis Bermuda Resort in May 2021. Its "bespoke service, exquisite design, outstanding culinary venues, and historic Five Forts Golf Course" — as Jan Vanhaelewyn, the resort's general manager, previously told T+L — makes for a relaxing and luxurious retreat in a picturesque setting.

The Loren at Pink Beach

The Loren is located in Bermuda's East End. The hotel is right on the beach and is known for thoughtful amenities, including a custom soundtrack that plays throughout the day. "The Loren," Stephen King, the hotel's developer, said previously to T+L , "shows what Bermuda can be."

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

The five-star Hamilton Princess is a hotel, beach club, and marina all in one. Its pink exterior has been an iconic sight on the island for over a century. Plus, it's just a five-minute walk from downtown Hamilton.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa

Grotto Bay Beach Resort is the only hotel in Bermuda that offers an all-inclusive option. Jay Correia, the president of  Swizzle Ltd , said the resort has a welcoming family-friendly atmosphere and offers "a great beach and [options for] water sports." Stretching over 21 acres along beautiful Bailey's Bay, the real draw of Grotto Bay Beach Resort is its spa: the hotel is home to crystal caves coated in 500,000-year-old stalactites and stalagmites with crystal-clear water beneath, one of the most awe-inspiring settings in the world for a massage.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

One of the most awe-inspiring views in Bermuda, the Crystal Caves , are a must on any Bermuda vacation. Visitors descend underground to deep, super-clear pools surrounded on all sides by stalagmites and stalactites, an experience to be explored via floating bridges. Tours are given daily; reservations not required.

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse

After a string of shipwrecks on Bermuda's West End, where coral reefs extend 16 miles from shore, construction began on Gibb's Hill Lighthouse in 1844. Because steel was not a viable building material at the time, it was one of the few lighthouses in the world made of cast iron. Today, visitors can climb its 185 steps for unbeatable views of Bermuda's mind-blowing greens and blues.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Bermuda's beaches are among the main reasons to visit. There are many gorgeous beaches around the island , but the curved Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most popular in Bermuda, thanks to its iconic pink sands and azure water. Looking to dive in the magnificent water? Reach out to the folks at Dive Bermuda to schedule a tour.

African Diaspora Heritage Trail

The majority of Bermudians have African ancestry, with many descended from people captured and sold into slavery during the 1700s. Explore the African Diaspora Heritage Trail to learn their history and the legacies they forged in spite of intense persecution. Featured sites include the National Museum of Bermuda , the Bermuda Heritage Museum , Cobbs Hill Methodist Church , and various statues, sculptures, and historic homes.

Lili Bermuda Perfumery

The historic Lili Bermuda Perfumery was established in 1928 and has been sharing Bermuda's story through scent ever since. Complimentary tours of the perfumery, which cover techniques of perfume-making and reveal where and how they age their perfumes, are held daily (except Sundays and public holidays) at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. No reservation is required. Another fun activity at the perfumery, which provides a taste of the island's British roots, is traditional afternoon tea, held on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons ( reservation required ).

Read More : The Best Things to Do in Bermuda

Urban Cottage

Blending both classic and modern, new and vintage, this two-story boutique is one of the most beloved shops in Bermuda: you can find everything from locally made jewelry to items salvaged from shipwrecks to home goods, apparel, and accessories.

Long Story Short

Owned by Bermudian blogger and entrepreneur Kristin White, the gift shop and tour center — which she describes as "my dope emporium of wonderment" — is curated with a focus on social progress, the African Diaspora, women, and environmental sustainability. You'll find everything from books by women of color to planet-friendly home goods here. The store is also home to Salt Spray Soap Co ., a local artisan skincare line, which has an in-house workshop.

Bermuda Craft Market

Even locals can't resist the charm of the Royal Naval Dockyard Craft Market , where you can find local artisan crafts, jewelry, and souvenirs like cigars, rum cake, prints and paintings, and even rum swizzle mix. Situated on Bermuda's West End, the market is located inside a former warehouse and barrel workshop originally constructed in 1831.

Bolero Brasserie

Helmed by chef/owner Jonny Roberts, Bolero's dishes are deceptively simple and surprisingly delicious. The bistro's unassuming entrance down a narrow alley proves looks can be deceiving: it's extremely popular among tourists and locals. Treat yourself to more traditional or vegan tapas, specialty dishes, entrees, and of course, dessert. Outdoor dining is available.

Devil's Isle Cafe

Mingle with locals at Devil's Isle , both a specialty coffee shop with take-out options and a dine-in restaurant serving healthy, nutrition-conscious food. Try a slice of their house-made sourdough for breakfast or their house-made pasta for dinner. Outdoor terrace available; reservations welcome.

Flanagan's Irish Pub

The only traditional Irish pub in Bermuda, Flanagan's serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a variety of beers from around the world. Located near the Hamilton Ferry Terminal, it's a popular spot to kick back on the outdoor second-story patio and enjoy the view. Reservations accepted.

The Swizzle Inn Pub and Restaurant

Home of Bermuda's national cocktail, the rum swizzle, created here in the early 20th century, The Swizzle Inn is Bermuda's oldest pub. (Of course, you can try Bermuda's  unofficial  national drink, the dark 'n' stormy, here too.) Laid-back, casual, and rustic, it's a must-stop on any visit to Bermuda. Outdoor seating is available; no reservations required.

Art Mel's Spicy Dicy

Located off the beaten path near Hamilton, Art Mel's Spicy Dicy is worth the cab ride if you're seeking a Bermudian meal. It's also (arguably) the best place on the island to try Bermuda's famously unique take on the fish sandwich, which consists of a deep-fried fish filet with tartar sauce on raisin toast. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

The best time to visit Bermuda is in March and April when the weather is temperate and the crowds are less intense. Springtime in Bermuda brings one of the world's most beautiful Good Friday traditions, the Bermuda Kite Festival , which fills the skies over Horseshoe Bay Beach with kites in various colors and styles.

Tourist season stretches from May to October when the weather is most balmy and is perfect for those who are looking to hang out on the beach or try some water activities. "There are amazing sites to free dive or snorkel right from the shore," Rachel Sawden, a Bermuda native, free diver, and real estate agent , told T+L. "Elbow Beach has an amazing shipwreck on its eastern side and a stunning reef and cavern network to the west. On the northeastern side of the island, the rocky coastline of Baileys Bay has lots of nooks and crannies that hold an abundance of life, [including] octopi, squid, and some of the largest parrotfish you’ll ever see."

If you're planning on visiting from November to February, don't forget to pack a light sweater — the island can get surprisingly chilly in the fall and winter months.

January sees Bermuda Restaurant Weeks and the annual  Bermuda Triangle Challenge Weekend , where adventurous travelers can participate in events ranging from a mile run to a full marathon. In March, the  Bermuda International Film Festival  attracts some of the shining stars of the film industry.

Harbour Nights is another popular island tradition that begins in April and lasts through early September: on Wednesday nights, the city of Hamilton hosts a pedestrian-only block party with local vendors, artists, activities, and traditional Gombey dancers . Bermuda Carnival takes place each June.

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You can get to Bermuda by air or by sea . The L.F. Wade International Airport is located on the island's East End and services many major U.S. airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue Airways. This is the fastest and most direct way to reach the island.

Bermuda is an excellent cruise destination and has three ports of call you can roll into, including one in the island's capital, the city of Hamilton. Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruises all have itineraries that stop in Bermuda.

Three main regions comprise Bermuda's 21 square miles.

East End: Home to the historic town of St. George's, Bermuda's former capital and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the East End is beloved for its history, culture, photo-worthy brick streets, and British colonial architecture. "You can spend hours wandering through the historic alleys, along the winding coast, and walking the same cobble-stoned streets as iconic figures like pilot Jemmy Darrell, one of Bermuda's first King's pilots and one of the first Black property-owners on the island," White told T+L. There are also plenty of natural attractions in addition to the human-made treasures: be sure to check out the limestone formations of Tobacco Bay Beach, Tom Moore's Jungle , the Crystal Caves, Cooper's Island Nature Reserve, and Ferry Reach National Park, home to lush flora and rare birds.

Central Bermuda: Hamilton, the island's capital, lies in Central Bermuda and lends the area its more developed, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated global feel. If you're looking for dining, shopping, and nightlife in Bermuda, the island's more commercialized central section is where you'll find it, especially along Front Street downtown. “Visitors can't get enough of the walking tour of Hamilton that allows them to experience Bermuda beyond the beaches, including the marvelous shopping," Ed Christopher, Bermuda's town crier , told T+L. "They are able to walk through the vibrant and colorful streets of North Hamilton, embracing Bermuda’s history and changes through the years." There are also beaches, botanical gardens, parks, and oceanfront golf.

West End: Here, you'll find the Royal Naval Dockyard (home to a major cruise ship port and a craft market, museum, and restaurants) and attractions like the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse , the village of Somerset, and famous South Shore beaches. It's a hub for sightseeing, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Buses: Pink-and-blue striped buses connect most areas of interest across the island. Bermuda has 11 bus routes and 14 bus zones. A day pass to visit all bus zones costs $19. You can book transportation passes for one to seven consecutive days as well as a month or a three-month pass. You can also pay per ride in cash, tokens, or with tickets.

Ferries: Public ferry routes aboard the SeaExpress Ferry Service are a popular (and scenic) way to get around the island. All ferries depart from the Ferry Terminal on Front Street in Hamilton. Transportation passes, tickets, and tokens can all be used to pay for the ferry, with prices varying by route.

Taxis: Taxis in Bermuda can provide transportation directly from point A to point B, but some drivers also offer hourly sightseeing tours. All taxis are metered at set rates established by the government. Download Hitch to book a taxi anywhere on the island at any time of day, right from your smartphone.

Car rentals: Car rentals are not available in Bermuda in an effort to curb air pollution, overcrowding, and car accidents. However, you can rent an electric two-seater . Just remember that in Bermuda, motorists drive on the left, and the maximum speed is 21 miles per hour. Scooters and Bicycles: Both scooters and bicycles can be rented from various outfitters around the island. Helmets are required for all riders, and motorized vehicles are only available to those age 18 or older. Rental costs start at around $30 per day. Check out Pedego Electric Bikes , Elbow Beach Cycles , and Oleander Cycles for bike and scooter rentals. Logo

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Bermuda Carnival

Carnival in Bermuda

Photo Akil Simmons Carnival in Bermuda The carnival spirit will return to Bermuda this summer with six days of events surrounding the National Heroes weekend. This summer’s celebrations, set to run from June 12

bermuda travel blogger

Family Fun in Bermuda

A Family vacation can easily become hard work when you have to think about accommodating everyone’s interests. But the following suggestions should silence the whining as you experience Family Fun in Bermuda!

bermuda travel blogger

Harbour Nights in Bermuda

Harbour Nights will run from May 15th to August 28th 2024 For just about 30 years Harbour Nights has invited locals and visitors alike to mingle along Front Street from 7pm until the stars

bermuda travel blogger

2024 Event Highlights

2024 Events - Save The Date Dates will be added as available, click here or on the event link provided for more information. February Spa Month - February 1st - 29th Just For Laughs

bermuda travel blogger

Just a treatment, an afternoon escape or a bring it on SPAcation…

Let's be honest, for most of us "Me time" gets pushed to the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the month and then vanishes. This month we challenge you to schedule in your "me time" with just a treatment, an afternoon escape or "bring it on" SpaCation at one of our 5 favourite Spas participating in Spa month!

bermuda travel blogger

Year Round Bermuda Climate, Hurricane Season and more

Year-round temperatures and hurricanes, cooler in winter than Caribbean 1,000 miles south By Keith Archibald Forbes The climate is sub-tropical, mild in the winter, spring and autumn (fall), but from late May to October,

caesars pharmacy

Caesar’s Pharmacy Bermuda

Caesar's Pharmacy

Dedicated to Your Health If you're looking for pharmacies in Bermuda, Look no further than Caesar’s Pharmacy. Caesar’s Pharmacy is a family run business in the West End Community of Somerset, Bermuda. Our motto

Bermuda Railway Trail

The Bermuda Railway Trail

The Bermuda Railway Trail With public transportation limited to a few ferries plying their trade between the islands, and horse-drawn carriages providing a rather uncomfortable and unreliable service along the twisting roads, Bermuda’s transportation

bermuda travel blogger

Five Galleries To Explore While Visiting Bermuda

Five Galleries To Explore While Visiting Bermuda Bermuda is known for its unique history and culture. When you’re visiting the island, why not spend some time checking out the galleries that make Bermuda such

Bermuda Longtail by Pierangelo Lanfranchi

The Bird of Bermuda – The Iconic Longtail

bermuda travel blogger

A Symbol of Bermuda - The Iconic Longtail The White-Tailed Tropic Bird, or Longtail, is Bermuda’s traditional harbinger of spring and a beautiful feature of our coastline during the summer months. Longtails first appear

Fish Sandwich White Horse Pub

Restaurants Weeks in Bermuda

Restaurants Weeks in Bermuda Restaurant Weeks is the perfect way to explore Bermuda's culinary excellence! Enjoy a great selection of restaurants participating in this great event island wide. January 18, 2024 - February 29,

bermuda travel blogger

Historic Forts

There are approximately 90 forts scattered across the island of Bermuda. Some are easy to find and in picturesque areas – and the best part? You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy them. Most have been restored, some are in parks, but all have gorgeous views.

bermuda travel blogger

Did You Know…that per mile, the Bermuda Railway was the most expensive railway ever built? – Part 1

Bermuda Calendar Highlights

View the full calendar here Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge Butterfield Mile Fri January 12th, 6:30pm - 9:30pm, Front Street more BF&M 10k Run and Walk Saturday January 13th, 9:00pm -11:30am, National Sports Centre more

bermuda travel blogger

Five Forts Golf Club

Five Forts Golf Club, A Reimagined Golfers Paradise Overlooking Bermuda's Shoreline

bermuda travel blogger

Christmas at The St. Regis Bermuda Resort

Recovery Brunch Monday, January 1, 2.00 PM – 3.00 PM, Lina Delight in a sumptuous buffet featuring brunch favorites, sushi, and carving stations, all designed to tantalize your taste buds and create a perfect

bermuda travel blogger

Christmas Events in Bermuda 2023

Christmas in Bermuda 2023 Bermuda at Christmas is a true holiday delight, as the island transforms into a jolly tropical paradise during this festive season. For full listings and more info on all events

swizzle inn

Tales of Rum Swizzle & The Queen of Bermuda

bermuda travel blogger

Swizzle has been around since the 18th Century. In the early days the popular cocktail was basically watered down rum, served one part rum and six parts water.  With time, swizzle sticks were introduced

bermuda travel blogger

6 Ways To Enjoy The Weekend In Bermuda

6 Ways to enjoy the weekend in Bermuda! Let's go! Take a glass-bottom boat tour Discover Bermuda's marine life and colorful coral reefs without getting wet. Glass-bottom boat tours allow you to observe

Favourite spots for a smoothie in Bermuda

Favourite spots for a smoothie in Bermuda

Favourite spots for a smoothie in Bermuda Bermudians love their smoothies. These days they’re a diet staple, perfect for breakfast or lunch on the run or with friends. They’re also a great pre- or

Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay Bermuda

Warwick Long Bay is a beautiful beach located in Warwick Parish, Bermuda. It is known for its stunning pink sand, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and picturesque surroundings. Warwick Long Bay is one of the most

St George's Club

St. George’s Club Hotel

bermuda travel blogger

Nestle into Life in the East End of Bermuda at St. George's Club. Located, in the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. George, St. George's Club is perched on Rose Hill overlooking St. George's

bermuda travel blogger

Bermuda’s Best Brunch Spots

Bermuda’s Best Brunch Spots Brunch is often considered the social highlight of the weekend. Served between breakfast and lunch, it means you can enjoy a sleep in, followed by a delicious, leisurely meal with

Diamonds International Bermuda

Diamonds International Bermuda

Diamonds International Bermuda

Welcome to Diamonds International No trip to Bermuda is complete without visiting the largest display of Diamonds and Watches on the island at Diamonds International. Located in King’s Wharf Dockyard, Diamonds International offers a

Fish Sandwich Wahoos Bistro

3 Must-Try Fish Sandwiches in the Town of St. George’s

Fish Sandwich Munchies By The Sea

3 Must-Try Fish Sandwiches in the Town of St. George’s In Bermuda, the fish sandwich is an iconic dish representing the island's unique blend of cultural influences and rich fishing heritage. In the historic

bermuda travel blogger

Historical Forts in St. George’s Bermuda

Discover Historical Forts in St. George's St. George's is home to several forts that played a crucial role in the island's defense throughout history. Fort St. Catherine: Located at the northern tip of St.

bermuda travel blogger

Adventure Family Travel - Wandering Wagars

Bermuda Family Travel Blog

From the best beaches to the best resorts, our Bermuda family travel blog guides you through everything you need to know to plan the perfect Bermuda family vacation.

A young boy wades into the waters of Horseshoe Bay Beach, the perfect place to visit in Bermuda with kids

Beautiful Beaches and Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda, contrary to popular belief, is not in the Caribbean. This small Atlantic island is actually much further north than the string of islands that branch between southern Florida and the northern tip of South America. But don’t let that stop you. There are plenty of fun things to do in Bermuda with kids. This beautiful British colony has its own deep and unique history, and some of the most stunning coastal landscapes we have ever seen.

And for family travel, the best of Bermuda activities include some of the world’s top-ranked beaches, magical cave systems, incredible golf courses, and some of the best seafood delicacies around. The country also boasts Bermuda family resorts that will please everyone from grandparents down to babies! So read on to discover our list of what to do in Bermuda with kids and discover our favorite family-friendly hotels as well!

How do you choose the best Bermuda beach to soak up the sun? From sea glass to pink sand beaches, we lay out our top choices for the best beaches in Bermuda

Tips For Family Travel in Bermuda

  • The Bermuda currency is called the Bermudian dollar. The Bermudian dollar is on par with the US dollar.
  • Both US and Bermudian dollars are accepted in most places. However, change is almost always given in Bermudian dollars.
  • The Bermudian electrical system is 110 Volts AC.
  • Cellular service is available throughout Bermuda. Sim cards can be purchased in most cities.
  • Visitors to Bermuda are not permitted to rent cars. The only exception to this is  Current Vehicles , a small rental company that rents two-person electric cars.
  • Scooters are commonly rented by visitors to the island. However, be aware that roads in Bermuda are very narrow and incredibly windy. Accidents are not uncommon.
  • Bermuda has an excellent and affordable public transit system that allows you to get nearly everywhere in the country.
  • Taxis are usually the easiest way to get around Bermuda. Most taxi drivers also pull double duty as tour guides, so hiring a taxi can also score you excellent information about the country.

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How do you choose the best Bermuda beach to soak up the sun? From sea glass to pink sand beaches, we lay out our top choices for the best beaches in Bermuda

The Best Bermuda Beaches: From Horseshoe Bay To Tobacco Bay

Continue Reading The Best Bermuda Beaches: From Horseshoe Bay To Tobacco Bay

A young boy wades into the waters of Horseshoe Bay Beach, the perfect place to visit in Bermuda with kids

10 Unforgettable Experiences in Bermuda with Kids

Continue Reading 10 Unforgettable Experiences in Bermuda with Kids

The colorful streets of St. George's Bermuda

What To See In St George, Bermuda: The Most Beautiful Town In The Country

Continue Reading What To See In St George, Bermuda: The Most Beautiful Town In The Country

bermuda travel blogger

Fairmont Southampton Hotel: Family Friendly Accommodation in Bermuda

Continue Reading Fairmont Southampton Hotel: Family Friendly Accommodation in Bermuda

Pink sand and turquoise water of Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

Why We Love Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

Continue Reading Why We Love Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

Looking at Bermuda's Royal Navy Dockyards from the water - Boating in Bermuda

Boating in Bermuda: How to Traumatize Your Children for $350

Continue Reading Boating in Bermuda: How to Traumatize Your Children for $350

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June 16, 2023

Bermuda Bucket List

Explore st. george’s.

Explore Bermuda’s first English settlement, full of charm, history, and landmarks.

Visit The Crystal and Fantasy Caves

A trip here is the perfect adventure for the whole family!

Have a Beach Day

Relax on Bermuda’s signature pink sand and take a dip in the breathtaking turquoise water. Pair your day with playing tennis, golf, or renting jet skis!

Sip on a Rum Swizzle

Enjoy Bermuda’s signature cocktail, made with Gosling’s rum only!

Where to Stay

Coral beach & tennis club.

While you’ll need a member to sponsor your stay here, this property exudes old-school elegance and is always a treat.

A seaside getaway where art and luxury meet, this hideaway is unique yet decidedly Bermudian. With the warmth and comfort of a private home, the elegant interiors and chic suites dazzle with endless ocean views, adorned with international contemporary art at every turn.

The St. Regis

Having just opened in May 2022, The St. Regis is set on a quiet beach on St. George’s Island, fitting for its laid-back and low-key feel. Upon arrival, this resort is all about R&R. Think languorous days around the infinity pool with a Dark & Stormy in hand, followed by slow dinners overlooking the ocean. 

Grotto Bay Beach Resort

A more informal beachfront resort, Grotto Bay is scattered over 21 acres, contains two private beaches, and 11 colorful cottages in traditional Bermudian architecture.

The Rosewood at Tucker’s Point

With almost every amenity available, The Rosewood is a true 5-star experience. Pink sand beaches, epic golf, a private beach, stunning pools, restaurants, an indulgent spa, decor reminiscent of an English manor …there’s truly everything at this stunning resort.  

Hamilton Princess

In a central location, The Princess offers next-level service, hip restaurants, a fun lobby bar, and stellar views of Hamilton Harbour. 

Where to Eat

Overlooking the iconic Belmont Hills Golf Course, Blu has an option for everyone, serving fine steak, fish, sushi, pasta and more.

Find classic Italian fare at this casual spot in Flatts Village. The menu features a flavorful selection of pastas, pizzas and other Italian specialties. Go for outdoor seating and a large wine list!

Little Venice

A lively, welcoming vibe and upscale Italian fare await at Little Venice, a popular fine dining spot in the City of Hamilton since 1971. This is the first and most famous italian restaurant in Bermuda. 

The Swizzle Inn

Bermuda's oldest pub and home to its national drink the Rum Swizzle, this pub is famous for its great atmosphere and menu alike. 

1609 takes its name from the year that the Sea Venture ship wrecked on Bermuda’s shores and the first colony was born. With a large sea-infused menu, this is a great spot for groups and has a harbour-front view.

The Coral Room and Longtail Terrace at the Coral Beach & Tennis Club

While this dining room is for members only, the sophisticated atmosphere offers an elegant experience and breathtaking views.

The Beach Club at The Rosewood

For members and hotel guests only, this casually sophisticated oceanfront setting overlooks the pink sands of Bermuda's largest private beach. From a curated sushi menu to beachy barbecue, this is the perfect lunch spot to attend in the middle of a lazy beach day. 

Frequency Cafe & Hub

Grab a coffee and a bite here to start your day! It’s the perfect location to explore the town of St. George’s, and the staff is so friendly and welcoming.

A trip here is the perfect adventure for the whole family. A natural wonder formed over millions of years, these not-to-be-missed caves feature stunning azure underground pools and lush subtropical gardens, plus a unique gift shop and popular café.

Rent a Boat and Go to Cambridge Beaches

Cambridge Beaches is home to four private beaches and two private coves. Lounge in the sun, swim with the sea turtles, or paddle to a private island.

Go Shopping

We love the stores at The Princess, and a favorite Bermuda boutique for gifts is The Island Shop, featuring hand-painted ceramics, linens and more by Bermudian artist Barbara Finsness. Also for guys, be sure to get a pair of the island's signature Bermuda shorts!

St. George’s is full of charm and history, plus it doesn’t feel too touristy. Known for being the territory's first English settlement, the town’s landmarks include the 18th-century town hall, St. Peter’s Church, and Fort St. Catherine. Fort St. Catherine exhibits 17th-century island life, and kids will enjoy exploring the tower’s drawbridge, tunnels, and towers. Nearby St. George’s is the Tucker House Museum, a typical home from the 1700s with displays of crystal, silver and period furniture.

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Bermuda Chevron

Bermuda Main Image Beauty Image CityScape

Bermuda Travel Guide

When we think of Bermuda, we tend to think of pink beaches and, well, more pink beaches. While the island’s beauty is a major draw, there’s plenty more to discover beyond your sun lounger. Not only is it home to spectacular reefs for diving and otherworldly caves for exploring, but there’s a buzzy nightlife scene, a rich historical patchwork, and charming villages dotted with pink houses and red pillar boxes (remember, it is a British overseas territory, after all). Plus, the Rosewood’s recent $25 million renovation has put the island firmly back on the hotel map. Of course, if you want to spend all your time on the beach, then that’s fine too—we'll hardly blame you for it.

Plan Your Bermuda Trip

Top 15 Resorts in the Atlantic Islands: Readers’ Choice Awards 2022

By Katherine Cusumano

A Local’s Guide to Bermuda

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25 Best Things to Do in Bermuda

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Editor Hotel Recommendations

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club - A Fairmont Managed Hotel

The Best Things to Do in Bermuda

Bermuda Snorkeling Guide: 9 Best Dive Sites On The Island

By David LaHuta

The 12 Best Places for Shopping in Bermuda

Editor Recommendations

Unfinished Church

By Sarah Firshein

The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Bermuda

20 Best Restaurants in Bermuda

By Jayna Maleri

Editor Restaurant and Bar Recommendations

Devil's Isle

More from Bermuda

After Loss, Helping My Mother-in-Law Find Joy Again on a Broadway Cruise

By Kathleen Squires

5 Best Hotels & Resorts in Bermuda: 2019 Readers' Choice Awards

By Meredith Carey

Deal of the Day: Fly to the Caribbean for Under $260

By Cynthia Drescher

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Homepage fallback image Bermuda cave

This is Bermuda.

Our country is pink-sand beaches and party boats, the smell of cedar and spice berries, the sound of gombey whistles, kiskadees, and clacks on a Crown and Anchor board. An island vibe unlike anywhere else.

Expect warm welcomes and big smiles. Natural wonders and exhilarating adventures. We are 21-square-miles of breathtaking beauty, blended cultures, and a hint of mystery.

A woman swimming in Bermuda

Culinary Celebrations

Celebrate the new year with delicious food and unforgettable experiences, starting with Bermuda Restaurant Weeks . Over 40 pre-fixe menus are available at various restaurants across the island to host every celebration. Don't miss the opportunity to savour the flavours of Bermuda and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

bermuda travel blogger

Rest, Rejuvenate, Relax...

Breathe in, breathe out, and open your eyes to up to 50% off spa treatments this February. Bermuda Spa Month is back with special treatments for your mind, body and soul at top spas across the island, at a price you can’t afford to miss. It’s the perfect ‘me-time’ escape or excuse to connect with friends and loved ones as you pamper together.

Runcation with Us

Participate in exciting running events, explore our endless running tracks and trails, meet local runners and take the time you deserve with wellness experiences and island activities. Book a package today and run away from the winter blues with us! All packages include hotel deals, all-inclusive meals, race entries and more.

An aerial view of Cooper's Island with various beaches and Non Such Island

An Island for Every Season

With blue skies, sun-splashed days, and mild weather nights, Bermuda offers a variety of enticing island experiences any time of year. On land or sea, in the realm of nature or culture, Bermuda promises unforgettable ways to relax, discover, and go adventuring in a distinct island style.

Find Yourself Off The Beaten Path

You've heard of our beautiful beaches. Dive a little deeper to the island's uncharted areas. Here's the side of Bermuda you might not know – but you're going to love uncovering.

Culture & Heritage

Culture & Heritage

Out here, the sights, sounds and tastes of Bermuda manifest in bright colours, rhythmic drums and unexpected flavours.

Spiny Lobster

With international roots and a rich natural bounty each season, Bermuda's cuisine is as unique as the island itself

Pilot James Jemmy Darrell House

African Diaspora Heritage Trail

We honour the island's African heritage through stories, museum exhibits and monuments spread across the island

Beach Retreats, Historic Hotels, and More.

  • Inns, Bed & Breakfasts, & Guest Houses
  • Member Only Clubs

Upcoming Events

Bermuda Restaurant Weeks

Bermuda Restaurant Weeks

Bermuda Spa Month

Bermuda Spa Month

Culinary Artistry In Paradise….An Evening With Michelin Star Chef Charlie Mitchell

Culinary Artistry in Paradise: An Evening with Michelin Star Chef Charlie Mitchell

Good Friday In Bermuda

Good Friday in Bermuda

USATF Bermuda Grand Prix

USATF Bermuda Grand Prix

Bermuda Sail Grand Prix (SailGP)

Bermuda Sail Grand Prix (SailGP)

Bermuda Day 2023

Bermuda Day 2024

Carnival In Bermuda

Carnival In Bermuda

Newport Bermuda Race 2024

Newport Bermuda Race 2024

Cup Match Cricket Classic

Cup Match Cricket Classic

Vegan Fest

Bermuda Celebrity Golf Invitational

Bermuda World Rugby Classic 2022

Bermuda World Rugby Classic 2024

Bermuda at its best.

A group of friends are walking down stairs to a beach.

Lost Yet Found: A Unique 3 Day Itinerary

Three friends are walking along the beach.

How to Experience Bermuda like the Real Housewives

A woman is looking out at the water from a grassy viewpoint.

21 Free or Affordable Things to do in Bermuda

A group are posing in front of the Bermuda sign.

24 Things to do in Bermuda in 2024

Two women are sitting eating dinner with a fort in the background.

Bermuda Restaurant Weeks: A 4-Day Itinerary for Foodies

An aerial view of St George's Parish

Insider Tips for Arriving in Bermuda

A group of friends are sitting on the St. Regis Bermuda hotel sign.

The Ultimate Five-Day Friends Trip: From A-Town to the Rock

A man is running on the beach smiling.

4 Day Itinerary for the Active Runner

Bermuda's 21 square miles are packed with hidden gems, nooks and crannies, and new-to-you discoveries. Let us show you around.

An umbrella and chair icon.

Warwick Workmens Club

A cocktail from The Birdcage in Bermuda


Swizzle Inn – Swizzle Inn

Swizzle Inn



Woodys sports bar & restaurant sign



Munchies By The Sea


Blue Water Anglers Club

Mid atlantic boat club

Mid Atlantic Boat Club

Southampton Rangers Sports club logo

Southampton Rangers Club

Tobacco Bay Beach – Tobacco Bay

Tobacco Bay

John Smith's Bay – John Smith's

John Smith's Bay Beach

Beach - Elbow Bay

Elbow Beach

Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay

Jobson's Cove – Jobsons 2

Jobson's Cove

Beach - Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay

West whale bay

West Whale Bay

An aerial image of Shelly Bay Beach

Somerset Long Bay

Clearwater Beach & Turtle Bay – Clearwater

Clearwater Beach

Glass beach

Glass Beach

Crystal Caves of Bermuda – Crystal Caves

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Blue Hole Park – Blue Hole Park

Blue Hole Park

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve – Coopers

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve – Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Spittal Pond

Scaur Hill Fort and Park – Scaur

Admiralty House Park

Fort Hamilton in Bermuda

Fort Hamilton

Queen Elizabeth Par-La-Ville Sculpture Park in Bermuda

Queen Elizabeth Par-La-Ville Sculpture Park

St. David's Lighthouse in Bermuda

St. David's Lighthouse

Tom Moore's Jungle

Tom Moore's Jungle

Seymour's Pond Nature Trail

Seymour’s Pond Nature Trail

Southlands Park in Bermuda

Southlands Park

Fort St. Catherine – Fort St. Catherine

Fort St. Catherine

Belmont Hills Golf Course

Belmont Hills Golf Club

Ocean View Golf Course – Ocean View

Ocean View Golf Course

Port Royal Golf Course – Port Royal

Port Royal Golf Course

Turtle Hill Golf Club – Turtle Hill

Turtle Hill Golf Club at Fairmont Southampton

Five Forts Golf Course – Five Forts 3

Five Forts Golf Club

Mid Ocean Club Golf Course – Midocean Golf Course

The Mid Ocean Club

Bermuda Visitor Centre in St George's

Bermuda Visitor Services Centre - St George's

Bermuda Visitor Centre in Hamilton

Bermuda Visitor Services Centre - Hamilton

A waterfront event at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club while the sun goes down

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club - A Fairmont Managed Hotel

The Loren Hotel at sunset

The Loren at Pink Beach

Bermuda Bliss at Rosewood Bermuda – Exterior Rosewood

Rosewood Bermuda

The St. Regis Bermuda Resort – St. Regis Resort

The St. Regis Bermuda Resort

Coco Reef Resort – Coco Reef Pool

Coco Reef Resort Bermuda

Bermuda Bliss at Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa – Newstead Aerial

Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa

hotel overlooking the ocean

The Reefs Resort & Club

Pompano Beach Club – Pompano Pool

Pompano Beach Club

Willowbank Resort – Willowbank Hero

Willowbank Resort & Conference Center

Cambridge Beaches

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

Edgehill Manor

Edgehill Manor

Bermuda Bliss at Royal Palms Hotel – Hero Royal Palms

Royal Palms Hotel

Oxford House Bermuda

The Oxford House

Azura Bermuda

Azura Bermuda

Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa

Visitor Services Centre Royal Naval Dockyard – Royal Naval Dockyard VIC

Bermuda Visitor Services Centre Dockyard

An aerial view of Tuckers Point Golf Club on the edge of the ocean.

Tucker's Point Golf Club

A navy building sits on a hill overlooking the ocean.

Royal Naval Dockyard

Resort villas on a beach.

On a cliff along the ocean, this breezy resort is 4 km from Port Royal Golf Course, 14 km from the vibrant Royal Naval Dockyard and 22 km from L.F. Wade International Airport.

A shallow water area on a beach with a crowd of people swimming.

Snorkel Park

Admission-charged beach park offering snorkel gear rentals, water sports & a casual bar & grill.

Bermuda In Your Inbox

We want to make you excited to check your mail. Stay in the loop on events, offers and what’s happening in Bermuda.

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Hamilton Princess Bermuda

I recently had an opportunity this summer to explore the beautiful pink sand beaches of Bermuda with Lilly Pulitzer &  The Hamilton Princess Hotel . Lilly Pulitzer invited 4 bloggers to share our #resort365 at Hamilton Princess Bermuda for three days where we explored Bermuda’s pink sand beaches and ate at some of the best restaurants! Here’s a quick travel guide on where to stay, eat and best things to do!


The Hamilton Princess is located in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda and 20 minutes from the airport. It’s one of the most famous and oldest hotels in Bermuda and also known as “The Princess or Pink Palace”. I can definitely see why! It’s one of the most famous and oldest hotels dating back to 1885 and currently has millions of dollars worth of artwork around the property. The hotel is situated along the Hamilton Harbour and only a few steps from downtown Hamilton with excellent shops and restaurants.

Hamilton Princess Bermuda

The hotel has 400 modern guest rooms, 45 suites, and 13 junior suites. I stayed in one of the guest rooms and had a great view of the harbor. I was also greeted with gift bags from Lilly Pulitzer and loved everything!

Hamilton Princess Bermuda

  • Gold Lounge
  • Adult and Infinity Pool
  • Private events & weddings
  • Water Sports

Hamilton Princess Bermuda

The hotel has some of the top art collection displays throughout the hotel from Jeff Koons, Banksy, Andy Warhol and much more.

Hamilton Princess Bermuda

A total of 4 amazing restaurants includes Marcus, 1609 Bar & Restaurant, Crown & Anchor and Beach Club .

Hamilton Princess Bermuda


The hotel provides complimentary jitney’s to their beach club, 20 minutes away. The beach club has private cabanas, tennis courts, and hammocks.

Hamilton Princess Bermuda

@thecraftedlife @rclayton @ananewyork @tourdelust

Hamilton Princess Bermuda


  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
  • Crystal Cave
  • Sunset Cruise
  • St George’s
  • Jobson’s Cove
  • Dine at Harbour Front & Wahoo’s Bistro


Thank you, Lilly Pulitzer and The Hamilton Princess team for putting together such an incredible experience and styling me during the trip. If you have plans to visit Bermuda I highly recommend staying at The Hamilton Princess.

You can shop my look below and always remember Lilly Pulitzer pieces can be styled year round!

Shop this post:

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Travel guide to Bermuda

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August 5, 2017 at 4:38 pm

I love the Yayoi Kusama artwork and the hammock! Great views of the harbour too. Must have been a fun trip staying there and meeting the other influencers too

Tour de Lust

August 5, 2017 at 10:18 pm

Yes it was so much fun!

Michelle Joy

August 5, 2017 at 4:41 pm

What a fun experience! I loved all the Lilly looks!

August 5, 2017 at 6:49 pm

Thank you, Michelle! So happy you like the styles!

The Curious Creature

August 5, 2017 at 4:57 pm

I loved the islands sooo much! Had my babymoon there 🙂 And the hotel was fab. Marcus was soooo good.

August 5, 2017 at 10:19 pm

That’s a great place to celebrate a babymoon! So glad you loved it there!

August 5, 2017 at 6:40 pm

OMG I love all your photos!! What a fun trip and I loved all the outfits you wore!

Thanks, Julie! It was a great trip!

August 5, 2017 at 6:57 pm

Oh wow, these photos are so gorgeous! All pink everything 🙂 Bermuda wasn’t on my list before, but it is now! Thanks for sharing <3

August 7, 2017 at 10:21 am

Thanks Kenzie! Yes, you really should add it to your list and hope you can visit asap!

Savannah Ivy

August 5, 2017 at 9:08 pm

My very first trip out of the country was here and it was so special! I remember all these beautiful colors and I’ve been itching to go back!! Thanks for the great guide! Love your photos!

August 7, 2017 at 10:19 am

Hope you get to go back soon! It’s a beautiful country and a great destination.

Mimi’s Migration

August 5, 2017 at 10:29 pm

beautiful photos! what a great experience!

August 5, 2017 at 10:40 pm

Wow, looks like a beautiful place to visit! I love the hammock on the beach, great place to relax.. and take photos!

August 5, 2017 at 11:50 pm

Ahh these pictures are soo pretty! We are going on a cruise to Bermuda soon, so while we can’t stay at the Hamilton, I’d be sure to use these tips while we are there. So excited to visit now!

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Discover the wonders that await you on the beautiful island of Bermuda. We can’t wait to share it with you in real life, but until then, enjoy our inspirational Bermuda blog for all your travel planning.

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Discover THE BEST Nightlife in Bermuda

bermuda travel blogger

10 Unique Things To Do In Bermuda

Bermuda National Gallery

10 Best Cultural Attractions in Bermuda


Bermuda Essentials Packing List: What to Bring When Vacationing in Bermuda

rum swizzle

Bermuda’s Rum Swizzle: A National Treasure

bermuda travel blogger

Things To Do During The Off-Season In Bermuda

bermuda travel blogger

Hunter’s Hacks Series: Bermuda for Kids

bermuda travel blogger

Blu’s News Series: A Dog’s Report From Bermuda

bermuda travel blogger

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Norwegian Escape

2024 Cruises From Seattle: See Glaciers in Alaska

Norwegian Encore near downtown Seattle

With the year just beginning, it's time to start thinking about booking a cruise vacation for 2024. This can be the perfect way to unwind and explore new places, all while traveling in style and comfort with Norwegian Cruise Line. One of Norwegian's ports that offers a variety of exciting cruise options is Seattle, Washington , located in America's Pacific Northwest. Here's some awesome stuff to know about cruises you can take with Norwegian from Seattle in 2024.

Ready to start planning? Explore all 2024 Seattle cruises .

Norwegian Bliss, Ketchikan, Alaska

Explore Alaska in 2024

It's no secret that Alaska is home to some of the most spectacular views in the world. With Norwegian, you can explore some of the state's most breathtaking destinations, including glaciers, mountains, and bodies of water. There are also plenty of shore excursions to enjoy once you get off the ship, such as the Alaska Bears & Silver Bay Homestead experience and the Whale Watching & Seafood Fest. Norwegian offers cruises during various months throughout 2024, so you can cruise to Alaska for a summer or winter getaway.

Heaps of options are available, so you can be sure to find a cruise that fits your schedule. Here are a few of the ports you might check out when taking an Alaskan cruise with Norwegian in 2024:

  • Juneau, Alaska.
  • Skagway, Alaska.
  • Haines, Alaska.
  • Hubbard Glacier.
  • Icy Strait Point.
  • Sitka, Alaska.
  • Ketchikan (Ward Cove).
  • Victoria, British Columbia.

RELATED CRUISES: 7-Day Alaska Cruise: Glacier Bay, Skagway & Juneau 7-Day Alaska Cruise: Dawes Glacier, Juneau & Ketchikan 10-Day Alaska Cruise: Hubbard Glacier, Skagway & Juneau

Galaxy Pavilion on Norwegian Encore

Best of Seattle Excursions

If you have time before or after your cruise and want to spend more time in Seattle, Norwegian has excursions that can keep you busy on your family vacation. You can take two exciting jaunts right in the city, both of which end at the airport, making it an easy bonus to add to the end of your cruise.

The first excursion is the Best of Seattle tour, which allows you to visit Seattle's most notable attractions. This includes visiting the Space Needle, where you can get an overhead view of Seattle. You can check out Pike Place Market, which is the oldest farmers market on the West Coast.

Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

The second tour of Seattle that Norwegian offers as an excursion is the Best of Seattle With Observatory and Airport Transfers tour. This journey takes you to the same locations as the first tour but adds the exhilarating perk of ascending to the Sky View Observatory on the Columbia Center's 73rd floor. Here, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the city and take in its splendor from above. There's no better way to see the beauty all around.

Port of Seattle Highlights

While waiting to board your cruise, you can enjoy the comfort of the Port of Seattle. All cruises depart from this port, running on Pacific Standard Time. If you're interested in visiting the famous Pike Place Market or Pioneer Square nearby, you can book an excursion and get taken directly to your destination. Buses, taxis, bicycles, and ferries are also available if you want to get around on your own.

Seattle Skyline

These are just a few of the most riveting options for cruises in 2024. As you plan, remember to subscribe to Norwegian's emails to stay informed about the latest cruise deals and special offers sent directly to your inbox.


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    Best Places to Book Your Trip Related Blogs on Bermuda Top 5 Things to See and Do in Bermuda 1. Visit the Crystal and Fantasy Caves

  2. How to Spend a Long Weekend in Bermuda: 4 Days in Bermuda Itinerary

    Published: November 1, 2019 Bermuda, Blog, Travel Guides Justin and I spent four wonderful days on the gorgeous island of Bermuda. To say that we fell in love with Bermuda is an understatement. From the sights to the people to the food, we had an incredible getaway.

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    British Territory Bermuda Bermuda is the perfect place to get your sun, sand, and scuba diving fix. With its stunning crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and vibrant culture, Bermuda is a destination that should be on everyone's travel list.

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    Here's a comprehensive list of my favorites: Airbnb in Bermuda : This is (as always) a solid option if you're going to get personal transport. This is also the cheapest option on the list: prices start as low as $85/night!

  5. 15 Things to Know Before Visiting Bermuda (Bermuda Travel Tips)

    Bermuda is on the Greenwich Mean Time minus four hours (GMT -4 hrs). If you're visiting from the United States East Coast like we were (it's just under a two-hour flight from NYC by the way!!), you'll be one hour ahead of time EST in the United States or two hours ahead of Chicago, and four hours ahead of Los Angeles and PST.

  6. First Timer's Guide to Bermuda

    By: Leslie Harvey Published: December 27, 2022 The island of Bermuda blends a tropical island vibe and a dapper British style. The result is a pretty unique vacation destination. Since Americans need at least a passport and a plane flight or cruise booking to visit, a trip to Bermuda definitely requires some planning.

  7. How To Spend Your Time In Bermuda

    Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean known for its pink sand beaches. The island has a unique blend of American and British culture, with an island flare of course. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton and one of the its most famous attractions is the Royal Naval Dockyard.

  8. One Week On the Pink Sands: A Bermuda Itinerary

    Day 1: Arrive & Explore Hamilton Day 2: Beach Day & the Dockyard Day 3: Snorkeling & Rent a Scooter Day 4: Scuba Diving Day 5: Explore St. George's Island Day 6: St. George's Town & St. David's Beaches Day 7: Go Home Where to Stay Where to Eat How To Get Around Bermuda Day 1: Arrive & Explore Hamilton

  9. 7 Places To Visit in Bermuda: A Travel Guide

    Here are 7 incredible places to visit when you travel to Bermuda! Note: This post has been updated December, 2019. 1. Horseshoe Bay Beach If you hear a local tell you they are going to the beach, they are most likely referring to Horseshoe Bay Beach located in the Southampton Parish.

  10. The Complete Bermuda Travel Guide

    These were the requirements as of August 2022, be sure to check the official Bermuda Tourism website for updates related to travel and COVID-19. Step 1: Apply for a Bermuda Travel Authorization. It costs $40 and you can apply up to one month before your departure. Step 2: Present a Negative COVID Test no more than 72 hours before your arrival.

  11. Bermuda Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors

    Conveniently located in the mid-Atlantic, Bermuda is less than a two-hour flight from most east coast gateways, Bermuda is perfect for getaways year-round. Visiting Bermuda for the first time, the cost can be intimidating. As an isolated set of islets, Bermuda boasts itself as a luxury tourist destination.

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    Bermuda Travel Blog & Vacation Inspiration | Go To Bermuda Home Get Inspired Travel Ideas & Inspiration Whether you choose to travel to reconnect with loved ones, to disconnect from your daily life, or you have a deep desire to experience something new, Bermuda has got you covered.

  13. How to Visit Bermuda on a Budget in 2024

    Bermuda isn't known as a cheap destination. Being the frugal traveler I am, I didn't want to spend much money, but what's the absolute minimum one needs while there? As it turns out, a lot. Way more than the $50 a day I suggest. Is it possible to travel around Bermuda on a budget? The answer is a stark no.

  14. How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Bermuda

    Best Time to Visit Photo: shunyufan/Getty Images Named one of the best islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas by Travel + Leisure readers in 2022, Bermuda is a true island...

  15. The First Timer's Guide To Bermuda Travel

    6/10. Six million years in the making, Crystal Caves is one of Bermuda's most popular attractions, open since 1909. On an illuminating (and beautifully illuminated) guided tour, you'll descend 130 feet into the limestone cavern, where an underground lake and curtains of stunning stalagmites and stalactites beg to be immortalized on the 'gram.

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    Bermuda Travel Blog | Blog Home » Blog 3 01, 2024 2024 Event Highlights - Save The Date 2024 Events - Save The Date Dates will be added as available, click on the link provided for more information. January Restaurant Weeks, January 18th - February 29th Bermuda Triangle Challenge Marathon Weekend, January 3 01, 2024 Historic Forts

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    Bermuda Family Travel Blog From the best beaches to the best resorts, our Bermuda family travel blog guides you through everything you need to know to plan the perfect Bermuda family vacation. Beautiful Beaches and Bermuda Shorts Bermuda, contrary to popular belief, is not in the Caribbean.

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    June 16, 2023 Bermuda Bucket List Explore St. George's Explore Bermuda's first English settlement, full of charm, history, and landmarks. Visit The Crystal and Fantasy Caves A trip here is the perfect adventure for the whole family! Have a Beach Day Relax on Bermuda's signature pink sand and take a dip in the breathtaking turquoise water.

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    Bermuda, Devonshire, 169 South Rd. Originally founded in 1898 to protect the island's endemic trees and plants, the 36-acre Bermuda Botanical Gardens are now home to tropical plants and trees from ...

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    Published: November 21, 2019 Bermuda, Blog The two of us spent a wonderful four days in Bermuda, and it was the perfect amount of time to explore the island. Like most holidays, we could have easily extended our stay, exploring the country or simply soaking up the sun.

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    The official source for Bermuda travel planning. Explore island life and discover our beaches, attractions, events, restaurants, places to stay, and more. ... Celebrate the new year with delicious food and unforgettable experiences, starting with Bermuda Restaurant Weeks. Over 40 pre-fixe menus are available at various restaurants across the ...


    I recently had an opportunity this summer to explore the beautiful pink sand beaches of Bermuda with Lilly Pulitzer & The Hamilton Princess Hotel.Lilly Pulitzer invited 4 bloggers to share our #resort365 at Hamilton Princess Bermuda for three days where we explored Bermuda's pink sand beaches and ate at some of the best restaurants! Here's a quick travel guide on where to stay, eat and ...

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    Explore Bermudaful Island Tours' blog about Bermuda: tips, recommendations, & articles on Bermuda's culture, history, & natural wonders. Tours; Custom Trips; Bermuda Travel Guide ... I will share my adventures as I travel around Bermuda with my family. admin Blu's News. 8 August 2022. Hello Bermudaful. Welcome to Bermudaful! We are a tour bus ...

  24. 2024 Cruises From Seattle: See Glaciers in Alaska

    Here are a few of the ports you might check out when taking an Alaskan cruise with Norwegian in 2024: Juneau, Alaska. Skagway, Alaska. Haines, Alaska. Hubbard Glacier. Icy Strait Point. Sitka, Alaska. Ketchikan (Ward Cove). Victoria, British Columbia.